The Great Stagger

One of the curious things about the Roman Empire is how it managed to stagger on for so long after the second century. The third century is actually called The Crisis of the Third Century, because the empire was in chaos. Yet, the empire managed to get through that period and carry on for roughly two more centuries. In time, Historians will probably puzzle over the same question regarding America. How is that it staggers on despite the obvious problems?

A popular theme in science fiction is one where the human explorers stumble upon alien technology and they are baffled as to what it does. It’s not that they know the purpose but cannot figure out how to make it work. It’s that they don’t understand the purpose of the technology. The implication is that the aliens were so advanced that they were creating tools to solve problems humans have yet to contemplate. The gap between the aliens and humans is so great that it cannot be bridged.

It is a useful thing to keep in mind when thinking about the modern world. The evidence is pretty good that Western man is dumber than his ancestors. We have more overall knowledge than our ancestors, but our ability to add to it is in sharp decline along with our ability to use it. The people in charge now struggle to do the basics of government, like maintain order and the infrastructure. In America, streets are crumbling and there are regular power failures in parts of the country.

A good small-scale example is the city of Baltimore. All of the machinery that was put in place back when it was an important city is still in place. The people running that machinery today are not doing so well. They clearly lack the intellectual firepower to operate that machinery. Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in the world and it is suffering from a steady population decline. The political class is so incompetent they can’t even run the graft system properly.

This was all true before the Covid panic. One thing that kept Baltimore afloat was the tourist and sports industry. In the summer, tourists would come to the well-guarded inner harbor. People from the surrounding areas would come in for sports games and the surrounding restaurants. All of that was shuttered by the panic, which means the tens of millions in tax dollars never arrived. Then there is the cost of the Covid panic itself, which has further crippled the city administration.

When you look at many American cities like Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Newark and so on, the question is not “How did they get to this point?” The question is, “How have they not collapsed by now?” Part of it, of course, is the surrounding infrastructure that keeps them propped up. In the case of Baltimore, the rest of the state is taxed to keep Baltimore City government going. Federal dollars pour in to keep the cops on the streets and the schools open for business.

That’s fine for cities, but that cannot work for the country as a whole. Like those cities, the national government is increasing incompetent. Both official political parties are in such steep decline that the next election will offer a choice between a carny barker and a dementia patient. The sober minded will always feels as if the current age sits on the shoulder’s of giants, but the gap between the best we have today and just a few generations ago is breathtaking.

The only thing the political elite is good at doing is keeping the public at one another’s throat over trivia. This is why Trump in President. His main skill as a politician is to stir the pot and cause outrage. He’s a terribly inflamed hemorrhoid on the political ass of the establishment. The upcoming circus over the Supreme Court nominee promises six weeks of television mayhem. The shouting and shrieking, of course, will be from the political class itself, not an outraged public.

One can dismiss that as “bread and circuses” but that does not explain how the country staggers on despite it all. For six months the government at all levels has been sabotaging the economy and civic life with the Covid panic. Tens of millions have been thrown out of work. No one knows how many businesses have closed for good due to the Covid lock downs. Food lines are popping up in the suburbs. How is it that none of this has resulted in civil unrest or at least a few protests?

Of course, no one can really know what is happening. The media told us over 50 million people were thrown out of work due to the panic. The empty streets seem to confirm it, but they also tell us unemployment is below 10%. The stock market has returned to the levels it was at before the panic. The media also tells us that the riots we saw over the summer were a figment of our imagination. How can anything work when no one can be sure of anything being told to them by the rulers?

Like Rome for close to three centuries, America staggers on, despite the problems and the decline of the ruling class. In the case of Rome, there was no organized force capable of toppling her. In the case of America, the global order assumes America will be the pivot point, the fulcrum on which order balances. As long as people are being fed and have shelter, they will not rise up to challenge the rulers. Like Rome, the great stagger will continue until the corpse of the empire collapses.

The thing to keep in mind, though, is that when Rome was finally sacked by the Visogoths, the rest of the known world was stunned. St. Jerome wrote in grief, “If Rome can perish, what can be safe?” In other words, for a very long time people knew the empire was a shell of its former glory and Rome itself was no longer what it was. People just got used to the permanent state of decline. It was their normal. Most likely, American decline will become the new normal too.

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420 thoughts on “The Great Stagger

  1. Yet the Roman Empire, which had been centered in Constantinople for over 100 years, continued to rule for another thousand years. Rome was a backwater when the Visigoths sacked it. An even after the sacking, the Roman Empire almost reconquered Italy.

    If the US is so unlucky as the Roman Empire, it will be the world hegemon into 4,000 AD.

  2. When I went to grammar school we were taught to laugh at the scholastics in the middle ages because they were, allegedly, counting angels on a pin. Here is contemporary scholarship from the University of Colorado, Boulder, see details
    “…I am a DJ, Musician, and Producer. My current work as a race scholar in the department of ethnic studies is the progression of my own social science theory deemed “Audio Intersectionality.” Defined as: Conjoining intersectional contexts i.e. race, gender, sexuality, and class, with sound, music, and performance studies to determine, demarcate, and evaluate the methods in which sound and music has been used operationally as a method of subjugation and normalization, or as strategies of resistance and platforms of activism (survival) (for the purpose of my research)aimed at African American and Queer African American communities in the United States, however can be applied to diasporic communities of Africana, Asian, Latinx, Chicanx, MiddleEastern, and Indigenous descent globally…

    • Maybe in his studies, he will stumble on the intersectionality of rap music and it’s impressive ability to corrupt and poison the brains and ambitions of millions of white youths (and everyone else as well) like the oppressive racist mind virus that it is.

  3. Great post. The empire may be declining but the elite are doing better than ever and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Thus, they have no incentive to try to resurrect it.

    Then you have half the populace thinking that the only problem is that the empire hasn’t quadruple downed on all the disastrous policies

  4. Our ship is going to go down faster than the Roman Empire. Even now, corporate oligarchs are preparing to lay-off right after the election huge number of their employees. Corporate America will do so if Biden wins and the Democrats win the house and the senate. Why? Because the Left will saddle corporations into being even more of a shadow welfare state.
    it is not an endorsement of Trump. It is fear of the left.

  5. I don’t think you give Trump enough credit. He’s literally the only person in Washington actually trying to slow the decline. There’s no possible way he loses this election, and once he does there’s a good chance he’s going to invoke the Insurrection act against the ensuing riots and media frenzy.

    • Um, he could do that right now if he wanted to. If he’s done bupkis the last 4 years, what’s he going to be like as a lame duck president?

      I’m really angry with how he treats his supporters like cannon fodder. They’ve been deplatformed, fired, denied public and private services, beaten, shot, run over, and killed, and sometimes he might flippantly tweet about—and promptly forget—an incident but otherwise he doesn’t seem to care. None of the people who were attacked for supporting him in 2016 and 2017 ever got recognition, comfort or protection from his campaign either.

      Trump supporters, you’re on your own. I can understand voting for him simply to keep the system gummed up, but don’t ever look to him for any kind of support or solace.

  6. The country staggers on because the checks keep coming. Nothing is going to happen as long as they can maintain that. It’s the glue. As long as people can stitch together a little bit of normal life for themselves they aren’t going to rise up. They’re going to keep their head down and create their own little terrarium world they can retreat to. Nothing happens as long as they can sustain terrarium.

  7. Your comments on Baltimore are spot-on. And you didn’t even need to mention the R word. As bad as Balmer or a similar blighted American city may be, it will look like Switzerland compared to nearly any place in Sub-Saharan Africa. That continent “boasts” the majority of the world’s poorest countries, as well as highest total fertility rates. It’s not a coincidence that the standards of living peaked in those African countries while they were still under colonial control. Broadly speaking, the decolonization of Africa (and other former colonies) occurred at the same time as America’s civil rights movements, part and parcel of the mid-20th century liberalization of attitudes of the West. For some unfathomable reason, in both the countries and the cities, the quality of life has dropped precipitously after most of the Whites left. A further salient [tm] point is that just like Baltimore, dysfunctional Africa will collapse into even worse state if/when outside Western government and NGO “aid” is ever reduced or withdrawn. I don’t offer any magical solutions to the above issues, other than to absent yourself as much as possible from these areas.

  8. A couple of days ago, the great Whiskey commented, late, about a come-to-jesus moment for the antisemites: most of the evil players are us, jewish media is just tagging along.

    But, my dear Whiskey, this Great Stagger seems a bit…rushed.

    Four generations to Whatever.

    The difference tween then and now?

    If either side had won, society would have stayed pretty much the same.

    Roman or Goth?

    Arianus or Athanasius?

    Catholic or Protestant?

    Union or Confederate?

    Kaiser or Czar?

    Not much change for mister and missus.

    But when the Bolsheviks scored their first great victory, Empire USSR was… insane.

  9. Antifa to BLM:

    Here’s one billion dollars, run interference

    Trump to BLM:

    Here’s 500, I’ll have them nigras voting Republican for 200 years

    Haim Saban, Gyorgy Soros:

    Hey, we’re trying to get that property at a steep discount

    Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer:

    We’ll take the readily disposable cash

    Sean Hannity:

    Stupid enough to think the nigras are getting the money

    Tantrum Karen:

    Bad Daddy is bringing in Mean Mommy, muh-muh-muh a-BORTIONS*

    *(tears, screeching, kicking, gushers of snot, smudged makeup, tangled hair)

    Benny Shapiro:

    Win-win, crackers

  10. O/T but Wayne Allyn Root has got to be the face of Conservative, Inc grift

    What a sleaze lol

    And the “Y” in “Allyn” stands for “Yes, I’m a total douchebag poser”

  11. Frederick Rolfe (aka “Baron Corvo”) in his History of the Borgias (like Nietzsche, he thought they were the good guys) said something like the appeal of living in the Renaissance was that people had decided they have everything pretty well figured out, and devoted their time to improving and inventing new ways to present it (How to be a Prince. How to be a Courtier, etc.) Today, as Zman points out, we devote ourselves to “expanding knowledge” and consequently it all thins out, with more and more “knowledge” spread among more and more people, each of whom “knows” very little and acts accordingly.

    • You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

      You can fill a man with knowledge, but you cannot make him think.

      Maybe we are getting dumber, I don’t know. But it certainly seems to be the case that the more knowledge stuffed into heads, the less room there is for thinking. Also, acquiring knowledge seems easier than actually thinking – a decent memory and intense effort (voluntary or imposed) can make many people knowledgeable. The ability to think, however appears to be more innate.

  12. I think Rome was able to hang on for so long was because the original Romans were very adaptable and relentless. Consider that they had no significant naval warfare experience but used a Carthaginian trireme as a pattern to make a naval fleet, modify the triremes with a corvus to aid in boarding enemy vessels to take advantage of the hand to hand combat skills and then went on to defeat the Carthaginian navy, the best in the world at the time.
    As the original founding stock got diluted by recruits from the conquered provinces, that drive was lost.

    • The biggest problem I see is one of motivation

      I know for a fact, in dealing with younger people all the time, that they are capable of great things. The problem is the race thing. A good white guy can get them all motivated and so forth, hitting on all cylinders, but then that leaves out blacks and browns — hence discrimination.

      • If it’s not a business, perhaps the group could be incorporated as part of a religious group or part of something similar, that is legally exempt? That would (I think) legally, and peraphs morally “insulate” the group against descrimination charges.

    • I’ve always thought that there was a correlation between how diverse the Roman legions became and their decline as a military power. Certainly, we see some of the same in our military today.

      • Some perhaps – the Goths, Celts, and Germans they enlisted were fierce, but not fighting for their home. More importantly, the diversity in the Empire sapped the spirit of the citizens to keep fighting.
        When your neighborhood is full of strangers, what are you fighting for? Why care who lives in the palace?

      • To get people to fight, to REALLY fight, you have to attack their home. I think Iraq is testament to that, where we go through the motions but don’t show the killer instinct; versus, say, the response to Japan after Pearl Harbor. I doubt anyone would feel justified in nuking Iraq b/c of Saddam Hussein.

  13. One other thing. The ACLU and ADL did a lot of damage via lawfare by getting rid of Christianity in the public life and making it verboten..Secularizing society as had a truly evil and ugly effect on the public. Instead of mangers on Christmas we get PissChrist and similar crap from degenerates who think they are artists.
    Believe it or not it was actually nice to have blue laws and such since it put a damper on the mindiless consumerism than permeates our society today. Sunday was still a day of rest.
    Put another way the country as it is today bears no resembalance to the country it was back in 1975. None. Today;s society is alien and hostile to humanity by comparison.

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  15. We’re not dumber but what you see is a direct result of hiring minorities, Jews and women in the public service sector. Furthermore we had Wall Street gutting our industrial sector like a fish since Michael Milkin figured out how to legally loot that vital piece of Americana that kept the white middle-class vital.
    The came “Free Trade” that further hollowed out our cities and towns killing even more of the middle-class and increasing social stratification.
    The rest of the damage was done by academica poisoning yoing peoples minds with Marxism and Nihilism turning them against traditional values and family structure. That spread the poison of social destruction far and wide.
    The reason whites haven’t rebelled is simple. We can’t one thing the police are really good at is making sure good whites don’t step out of line or else. We know who they serve and its not us.

    • I would argue your schools and universities have intentionally made American’s dumber year after year.

      • Schools + computers

        Even today, I always stress how important it is to teach a person to write longhand, pencil to paper. Only way to create lasting effect. If you write into a computer, it’s like cotton candy, disappears i the cyber ether, not meant to last but a few seconds

        As Nabokov said, and I agree wholeheartedly, art is what lasts. What is durable. And if anyone here is going to create something lasting and durable, you have to use the proper tools.

    • Another factor I forgot in one of my history lectures above 🙂 is also a factor: after WWII, Japan and a large swath of Europe was in ruins. America (ex-casualties) herself was virtually undamaged, and with a huge head start from her war industry, was the world leading industrial power until maybe 1960s or 1970s. This doesn’t mean we were wrong to help our onetime enemies rebuild, but rebuil.d they did, eventually to become equal or better producers than we were. And even they have lost out to the newer (mostly Asia/China) competition.

  16. Pardon me while I play Devil’s Advocate. This could go on almost indefinitely. There are over 5 million millionaires and billionaires in America, more than any other country. In the U.S., they’ve created the perfect model for taxation infrastructure, perceived freedom and rights, and access to an ever increasing dumbed down consumer cow class to tap into for the socially/materially upwardly mobile of any ethnic or racial group with the agency and ambition who cares to do so. The pesky white people who forever throw a monkey wrench into things with their genetic predisposition toward rebellion decrease and age exponentially, the criminal black and Hispanic classes are fairly easy to keep in check or use for different purposes, and millions of agreeable and conscientious Asian/Indians are on standby to replace the declining whites. We are the hub for globalism, the most advanced form of social organization to have ever existed. Why should it end? Because a few million whites are fed up?? They will make this the Western Singapore, but bigger and much grosser and we will be the odd men out if we don’t figure out how to rise above this existential conundrum.

    • It is 15,000,000 billionaire and millionaire Americans. The lower ranges of that impressive number will be stripped of their wealth in a generation or two, and despite furious efforts to avoid it, the upper ranges will be milked dry, too, over the next thirty or so years. What you described cannot continue in a massive welfare state and the movement is all in that direction. In fact, the biggest consumers of public tax dollars eventually will be the Indians and Asians you mentioned. Those with wealth in those groups are outliers, too, and will milk their co-ethnics along with everyone else.

      • We’ve seen it with AOC, the squad, and now Kennedy. As long as there is a democracy, poor Latinos will vote for other latino socialists. They will confiscate all the money. Maybe the ultra elite Gates-Bezos-Buffet types will keep their money, but Joe with a 1.5M house will not.

      • If there is interest, one can find a summary here:

        A million dollars is not what it used to be, but of course if you are broke, it seems immense. Depends on how they compute such wealth. One description includes real estate as well as liquid assets. That would make a lot more millionaires in expensive States like CA, NY, CN, etc.

        The real issue in my perspective is the percentage of wealth in the hands of the upper percentile of the population and the rest of the country, you know, the slobs like us. Last I read, the top 10 percent had about 80 of the nation’s wealth. That leaves 20% for the peasants to squabble over. That bodes ill for social stability.

      • The figure I referred to was from 2016, and didn’t include real estate(Compsci), so if that’s the case, it makes my point even better. That is nuts. There is no way 10 million millionaires were created in 2 years so, if that figure doesn’t include real estate, that means they are auctioning off citizenship to the world’s rich at an alarming rate. Which would be a very interesting number to know. We are probably all pretty familiar with rates of illegal and legal immigration, but I wonder if rich people who keep dual citizenship and maintain primary residence in their home country are even included in those figures? Maybe not. Anybody know?

        Anyway, I think you guys may be missing my point. That is, the blueprint for this type of civilizational model seems what’s most important by my thinking. The human capital is expendable. Think of the rest of the world as an incubator for a small percentage of a spectrum of mid to high quality genetic material. It doesn’t really matter the rise and fall generationally of the genetic quality, because of soft or harder times, because there is enough space here to marginalize , disenfranchise, or kill off through indirect means via promotion of certain lifestyles, the expendable, and then import new capital from the globe’s incubator. It works well for the elites of other nations because they export those who would become their competitors and they retain a lower genetic quality underclass to bully and exploit. It works well for our elites because they keep the American Dream alive.

        I’m pretty familiar with Michael Woodley’s Social Epistasis Amplification Model, and he and Dutton’s predictions about the future and the coming dumb age, but I feel like some of this thinking doesn’t fully address the upper limits of potential disproportion between upper and underclasses. It doesn’t take many wizards behind the curtain to keep the show going. Meanwhile, our military and defense industry acts like they are going to reveal some tidbit about possible Aliens with this tic-tac bullshit, but what seems more likely to me is that ‘Aliens’ are a psyop actually representative of a unification of a lot of the surveillance technologies they’ve been perfecting for the last half century or so, to replace the evolutionary stick/carrot that God/Gods once fulfilled, among the increasingly irreligious post industrial populations.

        Meanwhile, we’ve got a lot of what seems like, Useful Idiot, advice on the far right, telling the 40’s and under crowd who missed the boat, to become plumbers and tradesmen etc, but call me crazy, now seems like never a more important time for both the aimless and high functioning productive, far right sympathetic, of both middling and high IQ range, to get into bio/medical/science fields like genomics, neuropsychology, law and politics, god knows, there are plenty of quasi and full retard black and brown diversity quotas entering the ranks in almost all of those fields, why should we relegate our not best and brightest to be just plumbers, after all, we know the left’s perspective and playbook, it’s about representation and influence, and their affirmative action and discrimination laws may serve us well in the coming white minority future.

        • there are plenty of quasi and full retard black and brown diversity quotas entering the ranks in almost all of those fields, why should we relegate our not best and brightest to be just plumbers, after all, we know the left’s perspective and playbook, it’s about representation and influence, and their affirmative action and discrimination laws may serve us well in the coming white minority future

          I understood you but do not agree. You answered your own question. Recall the old Soviet joke about whether a farmer would prefer two mules or a life of abundance, and the farmer chose the former because it was possible? The fully retarded diverse professionals are permanent features and serve both to patronize and to promote anarchotyranny via their incompetence. That’s the future of law, medicine, and soon enough engineering and science. It will collapse and eventually Indians and Chinese will find their homes preferable than here. Low IQ pools will be the only IQ pools initially allowed and eventually available.

          It is more than just being plumbers or farmers or whatever to earn a living, although that is a central part of it. It is about divorce from the shitshow. I don’t believe for a nanosecond ethnostates are in the near term, but parallel systems are happening even now. Embrace them. They won’t need doctors, engineers, lawyers and chemists initially, but eventually they will.

          • Right, WGTOW. BUT, just like MGTOW and it’s inherent evolutionary maladaptiveness, and the need to overcome and pairbond and procreate, the same can be said of WGTOW. I believe diversifying strategies to cover all bases is a good idea. Farmers, plumbers, beekeepers warriors and home builders, yes, but the shit show is part of us, as a species, and if it’s all going to shit anyway, let’s at least have a controlled demolition on our own terms, by having our guys in places that count too, to at least attempt self determination beyond just survival. The way agency works in connection with reward centers in the brain, strategically it becomes hard to convince people, which is an integral part of motivation-belief, for white people anyway, if our story is that the end of the cycle is nigh, and there is little to be done but hunkering down. It doesn’t mean we go delude ourselves a la Normie Con, but this is where I disagree with Zman’s argument about rejecting all but high quality types into the DR. We already believe people are getting dumber, we’ll that won’t exclude future conservatives. Unless you think we only have a few years left, conservatives need to be part of STM, not just the E in STEM; as well as law and politics, because the system has figured out a way to effectively filter out that genetic temperament type, and it seems dumb to aid them in their goals. This almost approaches time travel in that the surrender of white men from the forces of the world’s evolution is like a rise of the machines agent visiting us to seal our existential demise, if we go along with it. I know that kind of degree of abstraction isn’t popular among many of the rational masculine brained right/far right/DR, but I think it can be helpful if you let it.

          • Survival is the prerequisite to sovereignty. Even at this late hour, many with rational masculine brains do not grok how difficult it is about to become to survive let alone to thrive. Hunkering down in dangerously Woke surroundings already is a luxury or a death wish, perhaps both. It would be desirable to have some control over the terms and timing of the coming demolition but the costs have to outweigh the benefits. To quote someone, the future belongs to those who show up. We need to make certain ours are there. A physician who has graduated from a Midwestern medical school and tends patients in Fargo has great worth, but if he can produce many White children in the heartland he has greater worth. We need to think in those terms.

      • At the end of the day, humans and quasi-human subspecies without souls, represent both a biomass, and energy-potential and realized. I am an uneducated man, so I don’t want to speak above my pay grade, biological or literal and I could be doing that, but I suspect that we on the DR may need to also inform our strategy by taking a more physics based perspective- when looking at the picture and how to go about hacking the program to advance our interests. Because i’m pretty sure the people who run the show already do.

        • I’m all for throwing sand into the gears of the machine, and do hope some have access to do it. But most will not have such access and need to make successful lives for themselves and help us make as peaceful and successful of a divorce as possible.

          • I understand and agree. I also understand that what I’m suggesting may be a level of deliberate behavior more akin to our small hatted friends or other alien races, that may not be in keeping with who we are as people who have ideals of truth and honesty literally baked into our racial DNA as far as I’m concerned. But this may be where more oriental influenced eastern and southern Euro stocks, with more instinctual and biologically imperative(barbarian) driven tendencies, save the day, by working themselves into the more idealistic and utilitarian northwestern euro and Teutonic founding stocks in the white racial milieu of America, in a possibly much needed injection of new fresh genetic material and therefore viewpoint diversity (the only level of diversity whites should have ever stood for:Intra-European. We have basically have all the diversity we need from the small amount of non Euro DNA that was diluted, tempered and filtered up and over through the tribes of the buffer zones) needed to prevent our Anglo-Nordic sides from martyrdom, our Celtic/Viking sides from going berserker and being annihilated by the machine or simply disengaging in caves/forests while the world continues without them. I am the product of such a mix, and I can literally look to each of my ancestors and see how the different genetic contributions map onto the different overall national characters/ethnic perceptions/world views. Every one feels viscerally different. Perhaps we can beat the faggots and small hats and their multi-cultural Voltron at their own game.

    • Not sure that will be possible. Singapore had a declining population for the first time ever. East Asians have an incredibly low birth rate. In 20 or 30 years, they won’t have any outward population pressure, unless your goal was to build a giant retirement home.

      Indians, outside the Brahmins and cognitive elites of that country, are nowhere near as smart or competent as whites or east asians. The wealthier and smarter Indians also have low fertility already. The time for singapore west was 50 years ago.

      • The way I’m seeing it, that shouldn’t be that much of an issue, unless we follow the gloom and doom apocalyptic implosion model. With billions of people to potentially tap into, regardless of merely replacement or worse shrinking individual national populations, a small percentage of semi and desirable phenotypes will be able to be siphoned off to supply the U.S. with fresh meat for at least a lifetime or two or three more. Enough to possibly fuel the Earth ship long enough for them to make some evolutionarily even more revolutionary technological advancements so as to possibly become interplanetary.

        I am no technophile, nor an optimist, I’m just trying to contemplate all the possibilities.

    • But the money and wealth are make believe in 90% of these rich people

      If they all decided to cash out tomorrow, their et worth would be a tiny fraction of their paper worth

      Which is why there has been a movement among certain elites, like Ted Turner, to convert that monopoly money into hard assets and he is buying up lands like crazy. We should all do the same, to the extent we can.

      I know I am. What I can sell my Los Angeles house for and what that money can get me in Appalachia or in the south is next to astounding. A total disconnect. I still can’t get my head around it and I am in the real estate business.

      • Yup, probably nothing more important than land, from a Conservative perspective. Of course the cosmopolitanauts are on a whole nother level, they think up ways of not even owning shit, and still renting it to you, but yeah, land- God only made so much of it right.

  17. More knowledge, dumber people pretty much sums it up. I read this Wired article: and it made me question this Millenial woman’s sanity. I may be a yesterday man; but how in God’s name can anyone find purpose in the nihilistic abyss she describes? Before #metoo kicked into high gear, there used to be a meme “tits or it didn’t happen.” It’s a crude reminder to focus on meatspace and not the illusory world of social media. I have decided to prioritize IRL and take a hiatus I’m calling Offline October. Depending on results, I may extend it to a No-Net November. Peace out.

    • That woman’s problems are of her own making. Not a drop of sympathy from me. They’re not even generational problems, but affect only a subset of the millennial generation: the woke leftist woman. If you’re not a woke leftist woman, you have none of the problems she complained about. Even woke leftist soyboys aren’t as badly afflicted.

      In the real world, people don’t burn out because they don’t care about covid numbers, push notification headlines, npr, alexa, linkedin, buzzfeed or tiktok. That bitch is projecting her singular neuroses and addictions on everyone else as if she is the epitome of some kind of generational problem when she’s just an anomalous kook.

      • The Neurosis Projection Repeater (NPR) specializes in this. Which is why these bishes only consume from those sources; it validates their self-inflicted histrionics as “our” most pressing issues. TDS is pretty much just one big neurotic tantrum(p) seized upon by the media hive.

    1. Geographic isolation.
    2. Densely Federated Political administration, which doesn’t look like Baltimore, nor does the nation. The dense Federation limits damage.
    3. These aren’t major challenges. The Left, the foe, the common enemy are trifling opponents. The most formidable are the Jews, and there are too few of them. Our opponent’s aren’t a serious threat, they’re small people we in our even more trifling laziness and complacency let grow large. Like HIV, its really only a problem if you live near them or intercourse with them.

    This isn’t the end of Rome, it’s the end of a degenerate period of the Anglo Saxons. We’re a large island as well, even more distant from enemies. We just have no leadership, although that is changing. I’ll think you’ll find that as on Left and Right the old guard and (((these gypsies))) pass from the stage the worst will be the young from this side. The other side is an open air mental institution. Its quite possible we’ll next see as successors to Boomers National Socialism in one country: the best features of Stalin and the other Bad Uncle.

    Fine by me.

    America is like China; it may suffer but it’s not going anywhere. Too large, too many of us, too long a bloodline going back to the Germans, Romans, Greeks. We’re going to suffer a while longer, we’re not going to perish.

  18. I’m no longer surprised or outraged at the elites’ hypocrisy, but I still wonder why they expect us to care about what’s happening halfway around the world when they’re doing the same thing to us?

    I’m preoccupied with our own elite trying to wipe out our history, culture and heritage; why would I have the time to care about what China is doing? If anything, good for the Chinese elite for not abandoning their historic founding stock and instead choosing to assimilate everyone into their history, values and culture.

    • One recurring feature of late-stage empires seems to be their preoccupation with the “other” (both militarily and charitably) at the expense of the homeland and its native peoples.

      The American left has always acted like Mrs. Jellyby, but even the American right is distracted with the “other”. The American right does nothing about their daughters getting gang-raped by black footballers in college while they rail about those ebil ChiComs influencing the NFL. How about turning off the NFL and tending to their own daughters first?

      • their daughters getting gang-raped by black footballers in college

        The “hostess” programs that are widespread among major football schools are another reason those places need to be done.

    • NYT: “China is razing major Uighur shrines, mosques, and holy sites across Xinjiang in a campaign of demolition and erasure.”

      Also NYT:

      The only silver lining to this is that the American Empire is slowly losing the ability to gin up enthusiasm for warmongering and other psyops by claiming itself as the shining beacon on the hill. Unlike during the Iraq War era, these days whenever the Empire shrieks about some supposed atrocity, outrage or injustice abroad, most people just go “meh”. When the home front starts to feel like Iraq, it’s hard to care about what’s going on in the other Iraq anymore.

      That’s why the #freehongkong and #freebelarus psyops were flops. No one in the west cares, not when we have our own real oppression to deal with.

      • Remember the outrage at Trump’s “betrayal” of the Kurds in Syria? Whatever happened? Did they get massacred? Go home? Find ne paymasters?

  19. “We’ll get used to it”. The Keri Russell character in “The Americans” on two Russian spies going back to the Motherland leaving a plush American lifestyle behind.
    We’ll get used to it. Too bad for you young folks.

    • To any enemies paying attention, the West’s reaction to the Plandemic will be informative. Strengths and the more numerous weaknesses have been exposed.

    • “Teardown phase” indeed. We’re also entering into a climactic decade in a Fourth Turning. The outcome, as always, is in doubt. Few here see Trump as a positive transformative figure, but he is at the helm of the Presidency and will remain so for the next 4 years (his overwhelming win will make stealing the election through vote fraud impossible). He may also be a “Grey Champion” as elucidated in Strauss and Howe’s “Fourth Turning“. In my foolish optimism I’m betting on Trump and a relatively positive outcome for the time being (sorry). In the long term? Not so much.

      • Trump is a catalyst for ripping the brakes out of the mechanics of corruption, in my estimation. The mail-in vote a massive sting operation deplatforming leftist strongholds.

      • I wish I could agree.

        I’d like to see Trump win.

        However, between all the brainwashed out there, the ballot harvesting, the lawfare, and a possible military coup we are looking at a Biden puppet regime with Kamala and her handlers in charge.

        • Be not afraid, Howard. Trump just received his THIRD nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize, and is touted as already one of the greatest Presidents in U.S. history in “The Trump Century” by Lou Dobbs. Most people here scoff at the notion, but Trump’s first four years have been extraordinary, both for what he has done and for what he has faced and defeated from the globalist Swamp. As I said, he may be our Grey Champion in this Fourth Turning.

          • Belief or non-belief of Lou Dobbs is irrelevant, Bill. The point is that Dobbs has a huge platform and a huge following that shapes and reflects a not-insignificant portion of American political opinion. Not unlike Trump himself.

  20. How is that [America] staggers on despite the obvious problems?

    I believe that living systems experience something akin to inertia. The answer to your question, as I see it, is “inertia”. The flywheel continues to spin long after torque stops being applied to it.

    Western man is dumber than his ancestors.

    That is because civilization effectively stops evolution dead in its tracks. Look around you. Look at all the individuals who, in a less civilized environment, would have stood little likelihood of living to sexual maturity much less having an opportunity to find a willing mate and produce progeny. If any genetic defective can live to produce progeny then evolution is not operative.

    How can anything work when no one can be sure of anything being told to them by the rulers?

    Got a whole lot of bosses running around in their skivvies. That’s how.

    Never forget even for an instant that entropy rules. Nothing is forever. Over time even protons – the MOST STABLE particles known to our science – decay. All WE are is walking worm shit – obviously with delusions of grandeur.

  21. The evidence is pretty good that Western man is dumber than his ancestors. We have more overall knowledge than our ancestors, but our ability to add to it is in sharp decline along with our ability to use it.

    A small example of this is that when I was a young adult in the 70s and 80s – pretty much everyone memorized dozens of telephone numbers and could recall them as needed. Now – people can barely remember their own.

    • I think it’s also because we hold ourselves and our peers to lower standards. I remember when I graduated college and my mom wanted to make a big deal of the ceremony. I was like “just don’t worry about, so I graduated, big deal, I have yet to do anything in life so don’t celebrate THIS”

      That kind of thing is prevalent in our society. We have greatly lowered the standards for what constitutes success. And capitalism does it too; you can be a half wit but make some money and be put on a pedestal.

      • Sad, but true. How many here can relate news story after news story of personal “heroism” for doing things that simply were the norm when we were young with nary a word spoken of. It’s like we are being given participation trophies for breathing. Cheapens things.

  22. …”It’s not that they know the purpose but cannot figure out how to make it work. It’s that they don’t understand the purpose of the technology. The implication is that the aliens were so advanced that they were creating tools to solve problems humans have yet to contemplate…”
    This reminded me of a movie circa 1980 – The Gods Must Be Crazy. Note to self to watch it again. 

  23. I once lived in a Communist African country that has been circling the bowl for three decades but stubbornly refuses to sink. No economy, no jobs, no hope but on it plods like a zombie.

    The USSR did the same.

    If you think about it, many countries are deeply troubled but few actually collapse. Only Somalia, Syria, a couple of others.

    Perhaps the US will decline terribly and that’s all, like most old empires do.

    Mad Max outcomes are rare.

    • Hmmm. Maybe someone from outside will come in and throw a “color revolution” and kick over the USA house of cards.

      What are the odds?

      • Things could get spicy in the (likely) event of a Harris administration. She’s likely to favor India in every conflict which won’t sit well with the Chinese backed Oligarchs.

        • Will White males die on the orders of Kamala Harris in a conflict fought on behalf of her ~Indian half/co-ethnics? Now that’s an interesting question.

    • I guess what it is is that the people who might be able to conquer you are still living in the same mindset of their elders, and they of their elders. Even though you have declined, your aura of invincibility lingers on and creates some trepidation among outsiders.

      I don’t know if there are any tennis fans here, but what is going on today fits that to a tee when you consider that the young guys haven’t been able to topple the Federer-Novak-Nadal axis in over 10 years. The young guys, in the back of their minds still see these guys as gods and wilt when the pressure is on. Slowly slowly changing. This French Open will be a good test.

  24. America has yet to prove itself worthy of the comparison to Rome

    As it stands, we are more on par with Portugal in its heyday. We haven’t even reached the 100-year milestone of being a world leader. And Anglos do not have the same stuff as Romans that would make for their creation to have similar longevity. They are a step below, at least, whether we care to admit it or not.

    • A closer equivalent that is always pointed out was the Soviet Empire. The only issue there is that, post-Stalin, the Russians made sure to stay “sane” where it mattered while there is no indication of that happening in the U.S.

      • Sure lol

        That’s why they absorbed Latin into their language

        I’m noticing the Anglos around here are very thin skinned

        Toughen the F up. My God. If a little friendly hazing sets you off, then you don’t have what it takes to run a country or lead the world. And that’s my point. You fell right into the most obvious trap.

  25. White Strike/Atlas Shoah’d works because it accelerates Imperial decline through building a stable alternative.

    Every functional White person we remove from the Imperial machinery and incorporate into ours makes our society more functional and theirs worse.

    The reason The Matrix has persisted so long in the White dissident meme-verse is that its themes have such deep resonance – the use of White human capital as literal energy for a dehumanized machine, unplugging Whites, detoxing them from tech soma and making them deal with painful realities, the existential struggle of man vs. machine, Rohan & Gondor vs. Isengard & Mordor.

    We’re overdue for an update of those memes but the themes will remain consistent.

    Awaken, unplug, re-purpose and fight the subversive machine.

    The history of later Rome is one of dismal mediocrity or outright madness occasionally invigorated by functional or even outstanding rulers or powers behind the throne who kept things going another few decades. Emperors like Vespasian, Trajan, Severus, Diocletian & Constantine and generals and administrators like Stilicho and Aetius.

    We need today’s Stilichos and Aetii to be on our side when troubled times befall the Empire of Greater Israel.

    • Very true. We owe it to ourselves, to each other, our parents, future offspring, our people to save our best for them. If you have to give something to the machine, “mail it in” as they say. But save your A game for us.

    • “In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed. They producedd Michaelangelo, da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock.”
      Harry Lime (played by Orson Wells) in “The Third Man”

  26. A more nuanced view was that Rome did not collapse because it’s ascendant culture and society were revered by the barbarians. What happened was that the barbarians, who were mostly highly capable Germans and other similar ethnic groups, took up the mantle of running the empire and manning its army. It persisted because it was infused with new, capable blood that cared about its future.

    in contrast, we are being filled with newcomers who are at best indifferent and at worst outright hostile to traditional America. Further, they are much less capable than traditional Americans and substantially more tribal. And worse of all, TPB are hell bent on handing power and responsibilities to the dummies both domestic and foreign.

    America would collapse much faster if it had any competent foes on our continent. Because it does not, it will likely persist for centuries absent a civil war. If that happens, the chinese will step in through the UN and do “peace keeping.”

    • yeah, rome had competent new blood to keep empire running(visigoths), but it had capable enemies as well(ostrogoths)
      usa has shitty useless brown citizens which are not helpful, but its enemies/neighbours are incompetent(Canada & Mexico), China & Russia are too far away.

      • If China conquers the USA, don’t be surprised if it goes mining the DR for talent to keep the shitshow going

        • There was a Murdoch Murdoch that went along those lines. They decided being second-class citizens was superior to the current regime making them third-class citizens.
          Already considering Chinese censorship being, at a practical level, easier to navigate than our tech giants.

    • TPB are hell bent on handing power and responsibilities to the dummies both domestic and foreign.

      They think the Third World hordes will be their puppets and loyal servants 4evah. Of course, that won’t last the first time money gets tight. Look at how much the pump has been primed just to finance the Color Revolution. That cannot and will not go on forever but even, if not especially, elites can delude themselves to believe anything.

      • At this point, I don’t see how the money spigot shuts off until the US loses reserve status. But even then, places like japan keep on keeping on despite crushing demographics and zero natural resources. Then again, they have Japanese and we have Central Americans.

        But the key understanding is that the elites really believe this nonsense. They really think that importing outsiders will result in an equally great society/economy but with more neat, public cattle slaughter religious festivals and tastier bat soup. The joys of vibrancy are myriad!

        I often interact with these types (midwits at best) and I LOVE to ask them to ponder, that if diversity was a strength, how did Britain, undiverse, manage to conquer the most diverse area on earth, a sub-continent of 300 million people, india, with a few thousands men. Always greeted by perplexing looks or scoffs.

        Religious zealots cannot be reasoned with.

    • Fascinating! I thought the Ashkenazi weren’t until about a millenium later 😏
      Seriously, good points. Given just demographic trends, I don’t see how a civil war, or at least a partitioning into smaller countries, or some other drastic governmental changes, can be avoided.

    • “A more nuanced view was that Rome did not collapse because it’s ascendant culture and society were revered by the barbarians”

      That’s historical revisionism. You say that because you think it flatters those of North European ancestry, but it’s totally wrong. Bryan Ward-Perkins debunks this narrative his book The Fall of Rome. Barbarians didn’t keep up Rome or her culture. Whole cities were abandoned and left to rot, the population crashed, animals were poorly fed, and technology in many areas reverted to a level more primitive than before the Romans had conquered them.

  27. The problem with comparing Rome to America is the fact America is not the “light in the darkness” Rome was to the rest of the world.
    Rome developed indoor heating, indoor plumbing, aqueducts the length of France and Italy. It had an army that actually won wars and conquered nations. It had art, science, literature and culture the rest of the world came to envy.
    Europe was built on the shoulders of what was once Rome. No nation will be built on the shoulders of America. Europe, not America, provided the enlightenment. Europe, not America, kicked off the Industrial Revolution. Europe, not America, lead the world in science and medicine. Europe, not America, lead the world in music, art and culture. Europe, not America, spread Christianity to the world.
    Europe still has old Roman settlements that have become major cities. What cities has America established outside of it’s borders that can make a similar claim? Guam and Puerto Rico? Nice try.
    What has America given to the rest of world on the scale Rome gave to the world in it’s day? The answer is nothing.
    I know this will fire up some hateful responses, but America is, and always has been a dumping ground for Euro-trash and illiterate foreigners. Need proof? Read the motto under the Statue of Liberty.

    • pretty sure many ancient greeks considered romans to be trash who stole their culture

      i actually do believe nations will get built on the shoulders of usa, it’s too early to tell

          • history rhymes
            europe – cognitive civilization
            usa – pragmatic civilization
            non-whites – exploiters of european civilization

          • Curiosity beckons – were the Romans responsible for any engineering feats whose explanation was lost until modern times (last century or so)?

          • Concrete, you mean. The two words are use to mean to same thing, but aren’t. Interesting read, though.

          • Yes, busy here at Cemex, lol.
            You can still see the square hole over the main door of the Pantheon that Michelangelo cut to see exactly how they did it.
            But mixing volcanic ash was the secret, especially in strengthening their mix against seawater.

          • Sort of a side note, but it’s amazing Rome accomplished what it did without the zero. Their mathematics system didn’t have it. It’s remarkable what they built (aqueducts, bridges, etc.) that must require calculus-like figuring. I’m sure they had other methods.
            Another thing that is lost. At least during part of Rome’s golden age, they had accountability. If you designed one of those bridges, you literally stood under it as the supports were removed. You hoped your work was good enough. If it wasn’t you found out really quick.

          • The Greeks, the theoretical physicists.

            The Romans the engineers.

            The barbarians the users.

            What happens when you run out of Greeks n Romans, and a oversupply of users? Monkeys flying airplanes.

    • You are right, there will be some hate coming your way for this comment…..but you are right. While USA is undoubtedly a great nation, calling it an empire is a stretch.

      • No hate here. It’s a poor analogy. America has a long way to go before it can be considered in the same sentence as Rome or Greece. It’s almost laughable.

      • In many ways we are an empire. In the first place, a lot of stuff we assumed after overtaking Great Britain as a worldwide military hegemon (or nearly so) post- WWII. It’s only a slight exaggeration to call the USA the extension of the Pax Brittanica. For much of 20th century, indeed up to present time arguably, the Dollar is still the world reserve currency, albeit nowhere near as good as gold as it was until about fifty years ago. We have military stationed all over the globe. Some of these have been in place for at least 75 years. English is one of the world’s most widely spoken langauges. Yeah, we’re an empire. I’ve said all this just trying to be factual. I’m also well aware that empire rarely lasts, as the last few empires have amply proven. England, France, Spain, Portugal, etc. are all fine places to live, but they are not what they were at their peak in history’s “game of thrones.”

    • What’s going on your life there Karl? Nobody paying attention to you or is your Deutschland decline getting the best of you?

      I hate to be the one but really, no acknowledgement at all for the contributions in two great wars from America and the subsequent saving of asses in Europe from immigrant eurotrash..

      Don’t hide behind achievements of Europe, a lot of individual countries some way better than others.

      • What is there to discuss? Europeans had been obliterating themselves long before Americans showed up. And why you did is still in question as it wasn’t your war. When you did decide to participate, it was late as usual and poorly equipped.

        In wars of attrition, numbers count and American soldiers simply outnumbered Germans who had been fighting long before American’s decided to get involved. Of course you out manned and out produced us at least 10:1 but there’s credit to the Russians, Brits, etc. so you can’t take all the credit since it was an Allied effort.

        I’m not saying that wasn’t a good thing and I am not taking anything away from what that incredible generation did – thank you from freeing us from ourselves.

        But if two-years involvement in WW1 and four years in WW2 is America’s only claim to fame out of 244 years of your country’s existence, that’s not exactly bragging rights.

        So please stop sitting on your 75-year old laurels and feel free to describe everything America has contributed to the world in the last 20-years that’s made a real difference.

        I suppose you could start with how America outsourced all its industry and jobs to China. I’ll give you credit for that one. If you hadn’t, China would still be a 3rd world country and look at them now. Well done!

        • You can stay on the same theme and do a better job, Karl. Instead of saying the US bailed out Europeans from two disasters one should note that without the birth of the Fed in 1913 there is war but no First World War and therefore no continuation of WW1 in 1939. Without the magical money loaned to the Allies the Great War is a stalemate in six months followed by an eventual negotiated truce. This does not end European wars but Lenin stays a crank in Switzerland. Eastern Europe, always dependent on Germany economically, does not fall to Stalin, there is no Stalin.
          Second, immigrants historically are more intellegent than those who stay put. As dreadful as those Africans that are popping up in Europe today are, they are the ones with the resourse to leave. That is true in America. Only Somalis are stuck at the African IQ of 70, but they were deliberately trucked here in mass by USG to fuck up the country. So no, people are actually just being born stupider, ten poiints since Victorian times. Check out Ed Dutton, the Jolly Heritic. It’s jolly tragic.
          What America provided Eurpean civilizations was a template to begin anew without the tremendous accumulated baggage of the old world to hold it back. But as Rochefocauld wrote, the defects of the mind, like defects of the face, grow with age. Ours are finally apparent to the sober mind, and minds that do not grasp them are left only with fear of that they do not understand, or rage, for those who only think they do. In a large republic, uniformity is death by strangulation.
          The Chinese civilizations rose and fell many times, each time contained by the limits of it’s own baked in civilizational resevoir. The European civilizations rose to where none others ever had–most cerainly includiding Rome–because they were a similar people divided by peculiar and distinct differences baked into language and custom, forcing progress through means both good and ugly. True diversity is not the mangled definition of sameness it has become. Ironically what every power in Europe hoped to do was make the entire world in it’s own image. That is baked into the DNA of man. European diversity prevented that, until now. America became the engine of uniformity. That is your beef with America.

          • What you’ve over looked is how similar America is to it’s parent country England. The class system was established in the early colonies and despite becoming “American” much of the ruling elite have continues to maintain power and have kept the lower classes where they belong. Look up how much land George Washington acquired in his lifetime for starters and it wasn’t all bought and paid for.

            In the 1800’s, men like Andrew Carnegie, came to the US and exploited American workers exactly like aristocracy had back home. Others followed suite and just like the elite influenced Lords in Parliament, American Robber Barons bought and paid for elected officials. The history of US railroads is legend for how it managed to become a corporation with the same rights as a person.

            And I would disagree that the best and brightest came to America. Those who came in during the mass migrations from Ireland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland or China were poor and starving. Even the early colonists were poor, unskilled workers mixed in with religious outcasts.

          • I did not realize your understanding of history was to badly informed. There was never a place in the world less consumed with class than America. Tocqueville notes it many times in his opus. And Virginia was not America, it was Virginia, Cavilier country. The North was the egalitarian region that would eventurally conquer the world, unfortunatley.
            Carnegie did not exploit workers, he exponentially increased employment, so much so that the demand for labor became insatiable.
            n 1841 Charles Dickens wrote that the girls of the textile factory he visited in Lowell Mass. were unimaginably well treated. He did not even think to mention that the hours were twelve, the days six. Those were the times everywhere.
            The problem with history is not that so many people ignore it but that it is so eagerly misunderstood.

        • Karl, best read the stat’s again wrt who supplied what in WWII. What Russia contributed was millions of bodies to be slaughtered. Their heavy industry was pretty good at tank production, but we shipped them over 800k trucks to haul their asses to Germany. Ditto wrt aircraft. Before our entry in WWII, we “lent” the British massive amounts of war material, such as 50 destroyers. Hell, there was even a drive here for civilian donations of rifles for “our valiant cousins”. We did so enthusiastically. All with Roosevelt turning a blind eye to this blatant violation of neutrality.

          You’re right, it wasn’t our war. Hell the second largest nationality in this country at the time was German! Amazing how two German haters, Churchill and Roosevelt could connive to get us into that war.

    • That’s a bit unfair, don’t you think? We gave the world Cuties, the gay pride flag, negrophilia, obesity and rabid transgenderism. The American military inspires hope: wherever it goes, miscegenation can’t be far behind!

      America is, and always has been a dumping ground for Euro-trash and illiterate foreigners. Need proof? Read the motto under the Statue of Liberty.

      As harsh as that is, it is the truth. Knut Hamsun was right way back in 1889 when he called America “a mulatto stud farm.”

    • I agree

      It’s a flawed analogy

      Comparing America to Rome is like a one-team Super Bowl champ comparing itself to the Patriots

      Also, and very important I think from purely a psychological standpoint, Rome used a mother tongue. Latin was the mother that gave birth to other tongues. The language of the Romand was supreme.

      English is an amalgamation of other languages, a reflection of its people being conquered and invaded repeatedly over centuries. Kind of crude in a vulgar Italian way, but I remember as a kid in Italy, and this was years ago while visiting my grandfather’s family, that the reason for there being so many effete homosexuals in English society is because they’ve been fucked by so many they have grown to enjoy it.

      • England has been invaded less than Italy or pretty much any European country.. Italy’s military record against Anglo countries is terrible so on the basis of your logic you would appear to be effete deviants who are primarily known for being brave on the page but not on the battlefield. One of your kings described Italian martial prowess:”you can dress them in red, green or blue but they will run away all the same”. Latin is not the mother tongue of Europe and itself was a bastard child of various tongues especially Etruscan. Italian is an amalgamation of other languages,increasingly English.Italian is not the language of science, diplomacy or economics but English is. The prevalence of AIDS in the UK is 0.20% in Italy it is 0.30%- you are 50% more likely to have AIDS if you are Italian.
        Terrible at fighting,prone to diseases associated with certain lifestyles and you call other people effete!?

        • Of course all European languages are based on Latin! Do they not teach you anything in your dreadful American schools?.
          Why do you think Europeans all have masculine, feminine and neutral, Die, Der, Das in German, Le, La, Les in French.

          Meanwhile, the English language only has “the” because it is a bastard language made of everyone else who invaded them. In fact, the English are lucky they’re not speaking Danish. Why to you think so many English have Danish last names; like Johnson or Thompson or live in English villages and towns with names like Norfolk.

      • I’ll just point out that your comment isn’t written in Latin or Italian but in English. Your snide but clever explanation for the outsized English lexicon is a tell. The sad fact is that Italians certaintly didn’t inherit the mantle of Rome, but the genes of barbarians and north Africans. The predominate language of the globe may be a mutt, but the people of Italy certainly are. And newsflash, if any Chinese kid is learning Italian instead of English it’s because the PRC thinks he’ll be a second-rate spy at best. Though they do tend to like playing those violins your ancestors invented.

        • First off, the comment about Brits and homosexuality is a joke used throughout Europe. Just so happens I first heard it in Italy. Even Americans look at Brits as homosexuals. I don’t see what’s so controversial about it, even the Brits THEMSELVES mock their buggery history and boys schools. Maybe you’ve been living under a rock.

          And it’s not a clever or snide remark. It’s the truth. It’s a hodgepodge of different tongues. And why is that? Why isn’t it more pure? I’ll wait for an answer.

    • You, sir, are an ingrate. America doesn’t build; it fights. Your precious Deutschland would be a smoking hole in the ground thanks to the Soviets if my grandfather and father hadn’t taken a little green vacation with thousands of their buddies to crush Hitler and tidy up the Russian rape-machine. Not to mention that we saved France and England from those of your Abstammung. So, when we want Europe’s opinion, we’ll let you know. Meanwhile, shut yer yap and go play make believe with the other Old World Losers.

      • Walter Sobchak:
        Those rich f***s! This whole f***ing thing… I did not watch my buddies die face down in the muck so that this f***ing strumpet…
        The Dude:
        I don’t see any connection to Vietnam, Walter.
        Walter Sobchak:
        Well, there isn’t a literal connection, Dude.
        The Dude:
        Walter, face it, there isn’t any connection.

      • An ingrate is someone who fails to appreciate something or someone. I am neither when it comes to appreciation for things American. Again, more 70-year old rhetoric about history. History you didn’t participate in and unlikely have contributed to since.
        France capitulated because they preferred to fornicate than fight, and we pushed the English to Dunkirk with ease. Yes, rolling into Russia in winter was a lesson we failed to learn from Napoleon. Fair comment.
        But please explain why Toyota and VW, and not Ford or GM, are the largest car manufacturer in the world after you did such a great job 70-years ago?

      • you do realize america handed over half of europe to stalin cause why not, there were eastern europeans dissidents waiting for americans to save them from communist regime, what a joke.
        i think hitler would have managed soviets if americans wouldn’t bomb germans & if they wouldn’t arm russians, it’s debatable.
        reality is if hitler would not have attacked soviets, stalin would have conquered all europe, that was his intention all along.

      • That’s history. Meanwhile America is swirling and we’re thinking we’re still saving the Germans from themselves

        Learn to take punches better. Don’t get so personal and angry. I used to be the same way. But you have to mature if we are going to make it through this crap.

      • I’m not so sure Germany wouldn’t have beaten the Soviets were it not for lend-lease which we started providing several months before Pearl Harbor. One if the reasons Germany attacked when it did was that the Soviets were dragging their feet on delivering the raw materials to the Germans under the auspices of the Hitler Stalin Pact. They had a contentious meeting about this in November 1940. Lends support to the thesis that the Soviets were eventually planning to strike but got beaten to the punch.

    • Way too much, “Europe kicked off, not America” stuff. None of that matters. Point is, on most of your claims, America brought the phenomenon to new heights never imagined by Europe.

      For example, the Industrial Revolution. You may have started it, but by the 1900’s American had perfected it and was the most productive country in the world. The “China” of the time. By the beginning of WWII we had more *idle* industrial capacity than all of the axis and allied powers. We turned it back on, fielded 16M soldiers, supplied much of the allied war partners equipment, and was in Berlin and Tokyo in four years.

      Not sure about Euro-trash as you put it (was Steinmetz Euro-trash, Carnegie and the like?). Europe was a bright shining light that self immolated through 100+ years of pointless wars during the IR and the so-called enlightenment age.

      But hey, we’re right behind you, so the above is not a put down. We should have learned, but didn’t. That’s on us. However, the “Europe kicked off”, but hasn’t done much since trope is on you.

    • Ancient Rome had great engineering accomplishments but I can’t think of many scientific advancements they made. And they killed Archimedes.

    • All, or virtually all, of America’s positive contributions to the world are best, and not inaccurately, thought of being created by people originally from (mostly) North or West Europe, if not as a first genertion immigrant, then a descendant who kept most of his parent culture’s values.
      Some of the famous “Americans” were born elsewhere. Just a few that come to mind: Tesla, Einstein, Ilhan Omar (ok, kidding on that last item)…

    • The problem with comparing Rome to America is the fact America is not the “light in the darkness” Rome was to the rest of the world.

      That’s not really true. For generations the United States has been the top destination of choice for countless artists and scientists looking to make a name for themselves — certainly within the lifetime of nearly everyone living today. No one travels to Germany to make the next big movie. If the Americans hadn’t screwed up the SSC in the 90s, they wouldn’t even be at CERN. American culture is nearly ubiquitous globally. American movies and celebrities are well-known. Europeans often know a surprising amount about what goes on in this country because they are so focused on it (you’re here on this obscure blog). English is the global language due to the United State’s position in the world; it would have faded as French did with the decline of the British Empire. And for decades after the Second World War, America was indeed a “light in the darkness” to countless Europeans under the Soviet threat.

      Honestly, could all spergs out there drop the “America isn’t like Rome because [minor or irrelevant distinction]”? Beige isn’t brown, but it’s closer to it than blue.

    • I can’t believe how many comments were devoted to this topic. You sound so Breitbart-esque with this blue team/red team type of debate.

  28. > When you look at many American cities like Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Newark and so on, the question is not “How did they get to this point?” The question is, “How have they not collapsed by now?”
    A couple of the higher up blacks in my company live in downtown Detroit, in one of the few nice areas. Walk a few blocks in any direction and it’s a war-zone. The one I work with closely has a 120 lb guard-dog and his neighborhood is patrolled by a military grade vehicle. The only thing the city does for them is keep the water running and the lights on.
    There’s also an influx of crunchy white folks who are slowly encroaching and gentrifying some neighborhoods from the ruins and bringing in some taxes.
    After our infamous jailed mayor(Kwame?) the city knows how to manage the dysfunction. It’s still largely third-world, but can somewhat work.
    Interesting part of Detroit is the cops were the most ruthless in any city I saw regarding BLM riots. They smashed some heads and the protests shut down within days.

    • Detroit has a white guy mayor that used work as a prosecutor. Their police chief is an old school law and order black guy.

      • Detroit is like Zimbabwe: after decades of black rule collapses in on itself, the exhausted blacks end up welcoming white masters back into their cheering arms.

        I would never accept such an offer, though: the white masters will improve things such that the black wards will eventually get uppity and jealous again, start destroying things, and the process of decline will resume.

        • A very wry, but accurate summation. We gave them freedom. We gave them rights. But I think the one thing no one can give them is true equality of outcome. On a slightly more humorous note, the majority of us do, in fact, find them revolting.

  29. I’ve noticed the general decline as well especially in new smartphone technology, what we get now are just variations on a theme, there hasn’t been a real innovation since Steve Jobs died. Just try finding an antique radio repairman, or someone to rewire a lamp or your old American made toaster. The few older (white) skilled craftsmen are retiring at an alarming rate with no one to replace them and they are taking that accumulated knowledge with them.

    • All the low and mid-hanging technological fruit was picked long ago.

      There is no new transistor or Internet on the horizon.

      We’re reaching the physical limits of what is possible with existing semiconductor technology.

      • For that reason and the push for diversity in the sciences, I think we are going to have a prolonged pause in scientific advancement. Maybe we need a breather.

  30. The Wuhan hysteria has revealed much about us to each other.
    Talking to care giver nurse and she thought the virus cure among other cures was coming soon since we are all much smarter than previous generations. Yeah, this dimwit said that.

    Out of curiosity I looked up images of J.R.R. Tolkien. Perusing all of that and seeing and reading about his contemporaries it gave me such despair to what we lost. Lots of bigger brains than mine have conjectured on why the decline, just a cycle doesn’t explain much. Original sin helps. Diversity too, but that may be more of a symptom than a cause.

  31. When you look at many American cities like Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Newark and so on, the question is not “How did they get to this point?” The question is, “How have they not collapsed by now?” 

    In the case of Newark, at least, it collapsed in the aftermath of the 1967 race riots, reanimated, and teeters once again on the brink, this time the collapse likely to be permanent. Newark reanimated and staggered along because eventually the airport and port serviced nearby NYC, which was at its zenith just a year back. The upper middle class suburbs to Newark’s immediate north provided ample tax revenues to support baby mammas and the grifters who dole out their welfare. At its former bottom, Newark gave the world carjacking. The crime never went away but got low enough to allow some marginal gentrification, which is now ending. NYC is a husk compared to eight months ago, business travel is down and tourism has collapsed. The shipyards receive fewer containers of plastic garbage from China. Residents of NYC are fleeing to the suburbs of Essex and adjacent Bergen counties and are replacing some of the long-time residents; these wealthy commuter populations also depended on the Decaying Apple. The problem is many of the newly arrived tax cows are there only temporarily and in short order Orange and Montclair will resemble Newark circa 1990.

    In sum, Newark is a microcosm of America.

    • Not here we don’t 😈 . Actually, I just watched the Kenneth Clark Civilsation part 1. (above) and changing demographics is not required for a civilzaton to deteriorate. “Boredom” was one cause he cited, if I heard it correctly.

  32. The African colonies are a good example of what happens when savages gain control of government. The Congo once had a splendid rail system, complete with beautiful stations and sophisticated repair sheds. After only a generation of self-rule the engines were beyond repair because few knew how to use the tools left behind. The trains stopped and the jungle reclaimed the tracks.

    Take a look at this video of Kenneth Clarke describing what happens when an advanced society loses self-confidence. Move the time hack to 7:00…

      • I worked with a civil engineer who after retirement took his lefty self to Costa Rica with the Peace Corps to help the locals with management of the water treatment system. While not admitting it outright, he came back with a newfound appreciation of biodiversity. The reason they couldn’t keep the system functional was any piece of metal that could be ripped up and sold would go missing almost as soon as it was installed. Advanced civilization is the exclusive domain of people who are capable of understanding consequences and delaying gratification.

    • The African colonies are a good example of what happens when savages gain control of government.

      In general these colonies are the best way to win any argument concerning why the savages just don’t do well with civilization.

      Africa really demonstrates the fact that a country needs a large number of competent people to make sure the trains run on time, make sure that your mines are functioning, make sure that taxes are collected etc.. In the books I have read on Africa’s history (more accurately, the history of western civilization in Africa), there was always an interview with a smart, well educated African lamenting the fact that his countrymen just didn’t care. I really got a feel for the problem of being a smart man in The Dark Continent… You really are all alone!

      On the subject of railways, both Stanley and Lord Kitchener were responsible for the construction of them in very trying conditions. These feats today no doubt will be called ‘white supremacy’.

    • There was a documentary produced about ten years ago called “Empire of Dust”. It is about the challenges a Chinese engineer faces in the Congo when trying to restore a neglected highway built by the Belgians earlier in the 20th century using local labor and supplies. After being frustrated by Africans who don’t show up on time, don’t deliver contracted materials, drink their pay away, disappear after getting paid he sighed “it’s all so tiresome” which later became an internet meme.
      I think the documentary was intended to impart sympathy for the Congolese and antipathy for the Chinese presence in Africa. It ends up substantiating every stereotype about why Africa is a basket case and always will be.

      Here’s a short excerpt:

  33. For the readers out there, I recommend Eileen Powers’ Medieval People. In fact just the first chapter (“The Precursors”), about the end of the Roman Empire, will suffice.

    It was written in 1924, and is about the end of the Roman Empire, but you’ll swear it was written about 2020 America.

    It’s all there:

    (1) The declining birth rate, especially among the best people.

    (2) Bringing in “barbarians” as a substitute population.

    (3) Pursuing obscure interests and hobbies instead of raising families.

    (4) Not really believing that the barbarians filling their cities would ever really assert themselves and finish the Romans off; that things could just “go on” indefinitely.

    An absolute must-read for anyone interested in the Roman analogy.

      • No, they don’t. Do you really think that people who ride to the top are particularly intelligent or well-educated? Do you think any of them read ancient history? Or even relatively recent history? Most of the people in charge are dullards with a list for power or money, and refuse to think of their actions or consequences in any terms other than immediate personal benefit. They aren’t out to get you; you just aren’t important to them.

      • Bryan Ward-Perkins has another, The Fall of Rome. It debunks the attempt by modernist historians to avoid the consequences of multiculturalism and mass immigration by claiming the Roman Empire never really fell, that everything continued along fine with all happy little groups getting along in peace. Reality: archeological evidence show this not to be the case; areas under Roman rule reverted technologically after the fall, and the barbarians ended up assimilating the Romans, which showed in their coin depictions. His conclusion: the barbarians destroyed Rome.

  34. St. Louis had been staggering on because of hipster & gay gentrification and Cardinal baseball. Beginning in the 1990s certain neighborhoods were seeded by urban-living types (i.e. white people from the County) as well as a heaping dose of Bosnian-Serbian immigration, which kept the City fairly functional and promised to have a Cleveland-like rebirth. Though crime is so bad, third-world bad, and constantly seeping into gentrified areas, it’s been dawning on people that city life isn’t worth it. When Bosnians are getting the f**k out, you know it’s bad.

    • Neighborhoods can’t be protected with ethnics (say, Bosnians) irregularly “helping the cops” in the age of cameras everywhere.

      Should be the opposite, right? Cameras everywhere should be a law-and-order wet dream. Anarcho-tyranny rears it’s ugly head though.

      • The problem isn’t the cameras, it’s the cops’ minders. The proper order is not us “helping the cops.” It ought to be the cops helping us, the taxpayers who “hire” them. There should be fewer laws and the discretion to enforce them or not should rest with the community, not the gendarmerie. Cui custodiet custodies?

        • If an area isn’t populated with the right demographics, no amount of policing will make it a worthwhile place to live. Police make only a marginal difference in crime. Usually, improvements in one are just mean crime has been moved elsewhere.

        • The recent video of the white man driving the Prius in California, who escaped not one but two mob attacks apparently unharmed, and ended up getting arrested for his gauntlet, should be illustrative. I haven’t checked for what, if any charges were. I would guess something like “Failure to stop at the scene of an accident involving a large group of people who were obviously intent on robbing or killing you.”

    • My upstate NY hometown discovered refugee resettlement as the answer to a declining population. Numerically, it worked. Now they have a bunch of welfare cases and had to respond to a lawsuit claiming the public schools were not providing fair educational opportunities to non-English speakers.

  35. As long as people are being fed and have shelter, they will not rise up to challenge the rulers.

    I suggest that there is a difference between being well-fed an being obese–a difference in degree so big that it become a difference in kind. A major category of degeneracy in and of itself.

    One difference between America and earlier analogies is that America is the first Obese Empire. People are just staggering under the weight of their stupendous bulk. I went to my father’s little hometown in Wisconsin, and almost every single person over the age of 30 is enormously fat. In pictures of the same place from the 1950s, people look radiantly fit and healthy.

    It’s starting to become like opium to the 19th-century Chinese, or alcohol to the American indians. A self-induced (self-consumed), civilization-threatening health crisis.

    I’m not saying it’s the only thing–far from it. But it’s a major factor. Perhaps it offends the dignity of the would-be historian–their civililzation fell because…they ate too much, WTF???–but it is a major element that an honest analysis must include.

    • Indians and alcohol are an interesting comparison. Used to think Americans were fat because of cheap carbs; now I wonder if the ready access to cheap alcohol isn’t also a contributing factor. Hooch is everywhere.

      Lifestyle wise…the Amish seem to have cracked the code for healthy living. Except the genetic inbreeding issues. No one is perfect.

      • Whites and Indians also have depressive tendencies. The amount of whites boozing up, doing drugs, or eating themselves to death is huge.

        I understand the despair, but my reaction to it is anger, so I lift, go to the range, etc. I guess other whites would rather just die dishonorably as an obese alcoholic.

      • Inbreeding is relative, no pun intended. If you look at fixation index data for humans, you will see that basically the entire freaking human race are inbred cousin fuckers EXCEPT for Christian-heritage European people. One reason why is the Catholic Church’s breaking of tribal kinship structures.

        I always get a laugh when Ashkenazi Jews make fun of hillbillies as being inbred. Sure, Appalachian people are *slightly* more inbred than the rest of us, but compared to the entire rest of the world they are UTTER paragons of heterozygosity. Jews, on the other hand, have over the last 2000 years turned cousin fucking into high art. Jewish genetic disease from excess homozygosity is a field of study all by itself. I haven’t bothered to look at any of this data for years now, so the massive outmarriage the diaspora is engaged in may be diminishing that signal.

        • Pakistani inbreeding in the UK is causing huge clusters of genetic defects and diseases that are overwhelming the health care system there.

        • That’s it! The rest are breeder-brained, snarled in the smothering web of soap opera and social hysteria.

          They can’t build squat.

          Our mason minds were lightened enough from the mire to proliferate and begin building and exploring our way to physical modernity in earnest.

        • If you can get away with that, let me try this 😀 Back in 80s-90s, Washington DC had a DJ named Greaseman. Among his many skits, he’d make fun of West Virginia. Also, he’d do parody songs (like a Weird Al or Bob Rivers). Once he used the “Green Acres” song thusly (incompletely from memory)
          West Virginia is the place for me,
          Where folks are closer than genetically,
          Find a cousin and you’ve found a bride,
          Keep Manhattan, give me that double-wide!
          Inbred is the way we’d like to stay,
          Grab a sister and roll in the hay,
          Entire towns with only one last name,
          Cross-eyed, slack-jawed, we all look the same!

          We don’t believe in virgin wool*, goats are nice, but sheep are beatiful!

          *If bestiality is morally wrong, why do they call it “animal husbandry”?

      • I still think it is about cheap carbs – cheap food in general. Look at history. For thousands of years only the wealthy got fat because only the wealthy could AFFORD to get fat. The poor – even the working poor – barely could afford to keep body and soul together. Look in a store in well-to-do area. You’ll see very few fat people. Now go walk through the projects. You’ll see damned few thin people! Millenia of history turned upside down. I think it’s only because only the well-to-do can afford to eat healthy.

          • Ok, then explain the disparity? Damned few fat people in well-to-do areas while shitloads of fat people in the projects. What do YOU postulate as the underlying operating principle. I’ve offered my hypothesis with supporting (admittedly anecdotal) evidence. Offer an alternative or STFU. It isn’t enough simply to say someone else’s hypothesis is wrong, you must offer a counter argument or be exposed for the unintelligent know-nothing crank you are.

          • People who are well to do are generally financially self-disciplined. Self-disciplined people often tend to be in good shape because they have the ability to deny themselves unnecessary food. Eating healthy is extremely cheap, which means the obese poor aren’t actually all that poor.

          • Eating healthy is extremely cheap

            Oh yeah? Ever shopped at one of those trendy health food stores? I did once when I was working for Favor. $120 worth of food fit in a single medium sized cardboard box (the store did not provide bags). I damned sure couldn’t afford to shop there!

      •  Hooch is everywhere.

        I’m continually wondering when the vinyard and microbrewery markets are going to hit saturation.

        I can’t figure out how these places make money, especially with the tiny volume some of them do. I once met a vintner doing 2k of $20 bottles per year is only $40k/year before any expenses or taxes.

        That’s a hobby, not a way to make a living.

        • I will say that just about any microbrewery puts out a better product than the horse piss bottled by Budweiser, Miller, Coors etc. Plus, they are so small that even if they are flaming libtards, any contributions they make to the left are inconsequential. If they publicly support BLM or LTGBQ there’s always another microbrew. Not so with the big guys.

          • Agree with your categorization of mass-produced beers. While it’s not for the same economic reasons, actually the reappearance of tiny breweries and vintners is a good thing, hearkens back to the old times. Europe never really lost theirs, but America did exceptional damage by Prohibition, and lingering traces remain nearly a century later. Just consider that the microbrews didn’t begin to appear until 1980s (?). So if we really can create a better world, I request we add local brews, wines, baked goods, as well as blonde, blue-eyed dirndl-wearing women named Inge or Heidi to the wish list.

          • PBR hot summers and Spaten Optimator now. Various reds 15-5000 usd, farmers jug wine being amongst the best.

      • To be honest, the Amish aren’t much healthier than the average American. They are just as likely to be overweight, and quite a few are obese. Their diet is similar to normal Americans, and while their work is more labor intensive, they still have plenty of sedentary time.

        • In my neck of the woods, Amish women can tend toward being slightly overweight, but that’s often the result of multiple cycles of pregnancy. The young women are rarely overweight and the men of all ages are generally fit. In other words, they resemble non-Amish Americans of a century ago.

    • To quote Will Durant “A civilization is born stoic and dies epicurean”. Although epicurean is a bit fanciful of a term to describe the garbage dump consumption in the US.

      • Fanciful and inaccurate. Epicurus counseled moderation, and considering what we would call “long term” effects. His idea of pleasure was sitting in his garden, talking with friends, drinking crisp, cool water. “My heart is full of fun when I have bread and water”.

    • Solid observations, but I look at obesity along with the other addiction issues as symptoms, not causes. The Empire doesn’t piss test its troops as it once did, for example, and even its cannon fodder training camps are chunkier than in the past.
      One of the very, very few positive things about the riots has been to show how mentally ill and psychologically damaged so many childless, single Millennial women have become. Again, it is a symptom.
      You cannot change nature no matter how much you wishcast about it. Human beings always fall short of utopian dreams. Society cannot be socially engineered. It is why communism always fails. It is why globalism has failed. They can clink their glasses all they want at Davos, but a huge chunk of those folks and their families will be dead in a generation if they cannot automate every aspect of their lives.

      • I used to frequently fly into the Columbia SC airport on business. This is where new army recruits arrive for basic training at Fort Jackson. The recruits I saw looked like they were in the glee club in HS. I was in my late 50s at the time and I think I would have done better in basic than a lot of those kids.

        • Most would have washed out before you. The average recruit looks like Richard Simmons between gigs now.

    • We ruled the world so we could eat it up; but have instead been eaten by it. Metabolism is the story of life. Ironically, metabolism (eating the forbidden fruit) is also the ur-myth of human sin and death. Science has no insight that wasn’t grasped first by religion; and we neglect that truth to our peril.

    • I agree with your point, but opium was hardly a self-induced crisis. The Chinese govt tried to ban it, and the result was the Opium Wars which, having won, allowed Britain to force opium down their throats. Wonder why the Chinese hate Anglos and still love Mao?

  36. well, constantine moved rome’s capital in 330 AD
    fall of rome began in 395 AD
    Coincidence? I don’t think so
    when elites start a new project some place else and leave united states, that’s when usa falls, cause they’ll take country’s wealth with them.
    globalists wanted to move to china, but their plan failed apparently, they’re searching for a new place to begin a new shit show, some location that has/could have imperial aspirations, where population is easy to control.

    • Maybe that explains the insanity in the UK and Australia. I was wondering why all the Anglo countries seemed to be competing for the “most submissive sheep” prize.

      • I think with the riots and the fact that the US always seems to be groud zero for every new idiot idea means the US is the current winner.
        Maybe you are more aware of Anglo submissiveness because of the language issue. There’s some great(or depressing) youtube documentaries about France and its ZUS problems.Specifically Marseilles and its slums with their heavily armed gangs make for interesting viewing. If you think everything is rosy in Belgium and Moelenbeek then do I have a bridge to sell you.
        Widespread physical bullying of German children in schools by “new Germans” is a public concern and yet nothing is done.
        Each Western country is broken but in varying degrees on different aspects of their culture. The collapse is not uniform in terms of what is broken first but the rate seems to be similar.

  37. I think there is starting to be some sense of foreboding at least among some of us. I was talking to a man yesterday who lived in a McMansion and he was complaining about his taxes and insurance being $1,000 a month. I looked around at his kids he had with him, one was a 20 year old lesbian the other had purple hair.
    Products of modernism and our public education now days.
    I could sense his unease about the future.
    i am sure the lesbian and the purple hair will work hard and build a stable civilization behind him. Yea right.

    • The odds that the lesbian and purple-haired one live at homes are tremendous. The fact we refer to them to “kids” (I do as well, so that’s not snark) indicates how unserious of a society we have become. That the dude pays $1k monthly for taxes and insurance shows how unserious society has become. The fact he discusses such things shows how unserious we are.
      Unserious behavior is a luxury. Those who engage in it had better enjoy it while they can.

    • $1000 a month in taxes and insurance would be low here in northern NJ, but one reason is that we are subsidizing cities such as Newark which can’t pay their own bills.
      Drove through Upper Montclair, a wealthy suburb of Newark, on Saturday and saw several Biden/Harris and a BLM sign on the large lawns of the very large mansions.

      • Yes – I crossed the $1k a month line for just property taxes a few years ago. But out here in Warren County there are Trump signs everywhere. I’ve seen exactly one Biden sign. Won’t matter, the cities will out vote us and our Congressional District is safely gerrymandered.

        • Funny thing here in Limo Leftist land is I’ve found exactly 7 Biden signs so far in my AO. It was a forest of Hillary signs in 16. Almost like they are embarrassed.

          • In my neck of the woods I’m seeing more Biden signs than I’d expect, which is disquieting. Otoh, our lefties are bitterly strident, being surrounded, and I suspect just about every Biden voter has a sign.

            Trump swag is dominant, as are American flags. The flag people are almost certainly Trump voters.

          • There are several reports of Trump supporters being personally threatened and having property damaged for displaying any indication of support for Trump. The unwritten rule is to just fly an American flag.
            I’m in CA so even if I voted for Trump, it wouldn’t matter. My only real reason for a Trump win is to watch the bloodletting of the left.
            My guess is that on election night, Trump will be ahead of Biden. Whether that holds as the mail in votes “trickle in” remains to be seen.

      • I live adjacent to an incredibly wealthy neighborhood and they’re quite a few Biden signs. It’s really shocking to me. I can understand if you don’t like Trump and are just going to vote for the other guy but to proudly proclaim your voting for a dementia patient for president of the United States is embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for them. There are actually a surprising number of trump signs also and those people I just think of as brave. And now I’m embarrassed for myself that I think someone putting a sign in their yard is brave. What a petty world we live in.

        • Wealth is no indication of intelligence.

          Driving to trail run last Friday in the 80F sunny weather, I had a Ferrari convertible fall in behind me.

          Of course, the solo 50ish driver had his face diaper on, like a good little flunatic.

          • This phenomenon persists here in the windy city and our north shore communities. The wealthy driving expensive cars and solo or riding pricey carbon fiber bikes all with their face diapers loosely fluttering in the wind. I’ve chatted up a few of them and consensus appears to be “well it doesn’t hurt anything.” I point out the rising increase in lung and sinus infections but receive vaccuous stares in return. Imbeciles.

          • Just look at the online advertising for face diapers. Customizable to infinity and like as not worn by a gorgeous model. I am particularly amused by the ones with clear plastic inserts; so that you can see the full, smiling lips. These thinks are marketed as fashion accessories. And the people who wear them when it’s clearly unnecessary are raging narcissists. I am weary of the staggering. Let’s get to the cataclysm and associated die-off.

          • Graphic I’d like to see. Photo of someone like that driver, clearly outside wearing a face diaper. Below the photo would be the caption:

            Land of the free

            Home of the brave.

            What do you think?

          • Ugh. I had to a wear a face diaper for the first time in months on Saturday. Do a lot of my lumber/hardware buying a rural lumber yards were nobody gives a crap about enforcing the mask mandate, but today I realized I needed three extra boards for a deck repair I was working on so had to go to a local place in the city.

            Door jogger was dutifully forcing everyone to put one on. I didn’t even have one, so had to take one of their freebies — I needed the lumber too much to cause a scene and get kicked out.

            When you’re walking around breathing in the damn things, you can feel the breath whooshing out around the edges, and your glasses fog, which is incontrovertible evidence that they’re not doing a damn thing to keep me from breathing a big fog of sweet, sweet virus out all around me.

        • I live inside Imperial Capital beltway. I’m certain that if I put a Trump sign in my yard, I’d find my car key’d. And I’m confident that if I called the cops, I’d get some version of “what did you expect?” My neighbors cannot even fathom the idea of someone voting for Trump – they just take it for granted that everyone here is a co-religionist.

        • The ruling class and its foot soldiers do not care at all about Biden’s mental state because they correctly perceive that it does not matter. Our oligarchy runs itself, friend, it does not need a president at all.

          I think lawn signs are a charming and sad reminder of what is going away. A guy in the French high command was traveling through Poland on his way home from Russia, where he tried to get them to ally with France against the Germans in 1939. He noted the people going on with their lives, unaware of the wrath that was preparing to fall on them. Same energy.

          • Our oligarchy runs itself, friend, it does not need a president at all.

            The most important lesson of the last four years has been the continual object lessons that the Executive is the weakest and the Judiciary is by far the most powerful branch of the US system.

            This is why the Left will set out to impede Barrett’s confirmation in any way possible and why Cocaine Mitch may go straight for a vote based on her prior vetting.

        • A surprising number of the wealthy lean left. Most of the Billionaires are strongly left wing even non-jews. Can you think of one billionaire that underwrites any consistent, nationalist causes? You might get them to fund an organization that aligns with their personal interests like the Koch brothers funding efforts to counter climate change fanatics but then they fund open borders groups.

          • Those billionaires are all deeply dependent upon a federal government, banking system, professional class, and media all controlled by the left. If they want to keep their money, they know who not to offend. They got their money by being shrewd and disingenuous. In their private lives, they act just the same as any white person here would act if they had the same amount of money: white neighborhood, white hobbies, white friends, white spouse (or Asian).

            The left seized the institutions and everything fell into place after, reinforcing their power. The next time we have a country, let’s not fall for the “muh private corporation” or “it’s unChristian to seek power” or “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” or “free speech for all” nonsense. All of those things were parroted by the left to advantage themselves. They believed in them only so much as it empowered them. You see now that they care nothing for your speech, your dissent don’t you?

        • Chances are, these wealthy Biden supporters are part of the establishment oppressing the deplorables, work for that establishment at the middle-upper echelons, or want to be part of that establishment. Why wouldn’t they proudly fly their banner of oppression?

      • > Drove through Upper Montclair, a wealthy suburb of Newark, on Saturday and saw several Biden/Harris and a BLM sign on the large lawns of the very large mansions.
        In St Louis I noticed almost every house had either a statue of Mary on their lawn or a BLM sign, and never both.
        BLM is the ascendant religion of our age, and it won’t change until every one of these neighborhoods gets Section 8 housing in their neighborhood, and there’s no escape. They’ll still say the platitudes, but their actions will stop being destructive as survival mode kicks in.

        • Oh, I completely agree with that. My Chevy Chase co-religionists’ public policy is all virtue signalling, but their *private* policy is all white supremacists. They’re all for BLM, but when school re-zoning is preposed to open up seats in their Magic Dirt schools for the Diverse, they’re suddenly screaming about local control and home values. I truly loathe these people, but am wholly convinced they won’t change their views until they *feel* the consequences of their choices. Hopefully, I can sell this house and move back south before then.

          • That’s a problem with the Goodwhites. When their back is to the wall, their true values will probably align mostly with ours after all. The only problem is our backs will be to the wall too, and we’ll be lucky to have blindfolds and a last cigarette.

          • and a last cigarette.

            “No, of course you can’t have a cigarette before your firing squad. Those things can kill you!”

      • For those who don’t know, in Jersey your taxes darn near equal your mortgage payment. It’s like you’re paying two mortgages.

        When California repeals Prop 13 (real estate taxes capped at 1 percent)- then is when the S hits the F.

    • Just wait 10 years, when those who never had any functional memory of a pre-Covid world reach adulthood.

      • I have little doubt that at lest some people will be wearing face diapers even then.

        Land o’ the free an’ home o’ the brave. Says so right here on the label.

        • I’m of the belief that large swaths of the country will never return to in-classroom “learning”, ever.

          • For those that usually attend our public “schools”—especially inner city—it won’t make much of a difference, they don’t learn anything now.

            For those lucky enough to home school or attend private or charter schools, it won’t make much difference either. They will learn despite their environment.

          • That would actually be good thing. Those that would never learn anyway will just tune out of the zoom session; those with an interest won’t get distracted by the former.

      • And none of it ever goes away.

        Affirmative action

        Dept of Education

        Desegregation (renamed Section 8)

        Drug testing (aka “fire the natives”)


        Hiring for Equality

        Face burkas

    • Individualism and materialism works… until it doesn’t.

      While this guy was out riding his motorcycle (or whatever boomers do) the education system was turning his daughter into a purple haired lesbian.

      Boomers went for a long nap, of good times. The good times are ending and they’re suddenly being slapped awake, and have woken in a much different world than they remember.

      • Hey, B! I suspect your generation would’ve screwed the pooch just as badly as mine did. You’re just pissed you didn’t get the chance to do so.
        Suck it up, Princess.

    • Working hard and producing vs. seeking leisure and consuming.

      A big problem is that there’s not a debate about economics. I was listening to E. Michael Jones recently and he said that late last century the left bargained to cede economics to the right in exchange for sexual liberation. That sounds right.

      In other words, both sides abandoned morality. It’s damning that people are only now beginning to doubt the wisdom of it.

    • Thank you. You make a good case for people living modestly, in my case here in East Butt Plug™, Florida, where my taxes and insurance are about 1/10 your grumpy friend’s figure.

  38. I think of Baltimore as an abandoned outpost like the Antonine Wall. We built it, but it was too much effort to maintain with all the hostile locals, so we abandoned it. Today the big news is that Somalis imported to Minnesota still act like Somalis. We are becoming the third world.

    • We are becoming worse than the 3rd world actually. Somalia is full of Somalis, with all that entails, but it is still full of Somalis who know the land, the customs, and the surroundings.

      What happens when you have Mexicans, Somalians, Indians, Eritreans, Congolese, Burmese, Chinese, and of course white all mixed together?

      Tptb are building a hell of a powder keg, and what makes it worse is that they are trying to destroy the only people who made it possible in the first place, high trust middle class whites.

      • Funny example is at my local burger store. All the staff are Indians who can barely speak english.

        Then there’s always some African or Chinese person yelling at them in their own broken english. Start off at a normal voice then speak louder and louder because nobody can understand. Through masks and the plexiglass interface, of course.

        Clown world.

      • Mexicans, Somalians, Indians, Eritreans, Congolese, Burmese, Chinese, and of course white all mixed together

        Rode my bike along the lakefront this weekend. Mexicans occupied inordinate space, loud, drunk, left massive trash strewn about. Somalis had their women covered in “tents,” the men jabbering animatedly and the kids playing chicken with the cyclists. Indians just males hanging out in squads standing in the cycling lanes shouting out comments at pretty white girls. Blacks doing their jogger vibrancy thang in the cycling paths, they kidz and sheboons trying to win the litigation lottery or impose disarray by meandering in front of cyclists. The chinese marching in pods on the clearly marked cycle paths, struggling to enforce conformity against their rebellious youngsters who clearly did not want to wear face diapers outdoors under beautiful conditions, thus making unnecessary spectacles on the bicycle lanes. The bicycle riders, overwhelmingly white, unable to sustain bicycle rides on the bicycle paths we paid for through outrageous taxes so we can ride freely except the others have repurposed our ways and means to suit themselves and obstruct us.

        • They’re the new Americans

          Something similar dawned on me when a mexican guy I know from here in Los Angeles went “east” to meet his family in Alabama. Much of his family has settled in Alabama and Tennessee and Georgia, and he brought back pictures and was all happy and smiling like it was his country now. They have homes there, horses, etc. and bought houses for $35,000. And he was telling me how great Alabama is and he is going to move there. Basically, the same mindset and enthusiasm WWII generation and boomers had when they dreamed of leaving somewhere in the east for California.

          • Stick a fork in CA; it’s done. All my friends are pulling out -industry types – for greener pastures & less totalitarian Dem control. Time for me to do the same.
            Going to be interesting watching the real estate values crash.

          • When I walk through the canyons at the nearby county park in OC CA, I hear at least 5 languages. The elderly asians are polite and don’t seem to litter. But the Hindi, hispanics, Persians and whatever are usually hiking in larger groups yelling at each other, playing loud music, talking on phones and just being pigs.

          • I’m out of here too. I have been whining and moaning to my wife because I love my house and have lived here for 21 years. But we have to go. CA has been good to me, yes, but it also took a lot out of me mentally and physically to maintain the high intensity work ethic needed to prosper here. But bottom line, I am NOT going to work my ass off anymore unless it’s for something I love. I don’t care if I can’t play the rich guy anymore. So bye bye California.

          • The wife and I are looking at Ponte Vedra and Nocatee FL. Low percentage (2%) of negroes, very White, no large universities or corporations, close to the ocean, easier evac in case of hurricane, no state income tax.
            We used to live in FL in the 80s and 90s. But that was in the Israeli/Cuban occupied part in the south.

          • Get out as fast as you possibly can. Visas out of Wakandafornia into the US will be very scarce and dear.

          • Good point. On a sort-of positive note, such Mexican-American success should be applauded. This culture is a lot closer in values to WASP or other White America: they value family, most of them work, etc. They have, or will, assimilate much better than various other ethnic/racial groups here.

          • F their success. They have a big country of their own to be successful in, it’s called Mexico. They wouldn’t suffer millions of us sidling into their countries and then feeling entitled to representation of our culture and values. And that goes for the rest of this demographic terrorist polity, LatinX. They have a whole fucking continent to muck about, the nerve of these entitled assholes, and their retarded liberal patrons.

        • I used to ride my bike along the Chicago lakefront (north, not south) and it used to be mostly white and pleasant. Bicycle rides along Lake Michigan are just another of the nice things we can’t have anymore.

          • No-go in the sense they’ll obstruct your bike or blading there and so you’ll need to stop and wait. Generally safe during the day, however, flash gangs of vibrants will form at or near Castaways, the oceanliner-appearing bar, rentals and restrooms from time to time. Then the violence begins and you need to leave asap. The entire lakefront is pretty safe during daylight hours, all 18+miles of it, provided you are a decent-sized male but you need to be on the lookout in the dodgey pockets if you see a glump of vibrancy forming up. In packs, they’ll kill you just because. The east aspect of Chicago is acceptably safe if you know how to spot vibrancy and maintain distance. I carry a gun depending on conditions just to be prepared and almost always when my wife is with me.

        • Was camping in a state park this weekend and it was brilliantly free of vibrancy. A large group of Caucasians a few cabins down had an all-day whiffle ball game. People offered friendly greetings as they passed each other. And when 10PM rolled around, everyone respected the admonition to avoid disturbing your neighbors. The weather was gorgeous, the fall foliage beginning to peek out. To be reminded of what could and should be…

        • Serves you right for riding a road bike. And lakeshore was a dmz more than a decade ago, southside cabbies would warn you that lakeshore was full of sketchy people up to no good.

          Road biking is making a hobby of antisocial behaviour and being a public menace. Put some knobbies on and hit a trail if you want to be a real man.

          • I bow ;>) I like to pedal tens of miles to small spaces and explore them. When I hit the trail it’s with a backpack somewhere in the world and I’m out for a week to months and every now and then with airdrops for resupply.

      • Elite whites and jews are trying to dilute the concentration of whites to make the population more docile and easier to buy off. Whites are too independent and they are smart enough to organize a revolt.
        I don’t think most of TPTB want complete white genocide. They still need enough whites to run things that AI can’t as well as invent new gadgets for corporations and the MIC.

    • Beautiful city in a beautiful location. Probably would’ve been the Chicago of the east coast if the Susquehanna was navigable. It’s a crime what’s happened to the place.

    • Minnesota is under foreign occupation. These people are not even pretending to be Americans. Their hostility to the American people is not only transparent but celebrated. We have no moral obligation before judgement by God to accept the permanent presence of enemies of our people inside our land.

      • They did it to themselves. Lutheran Charities and the Papists jumped on the immigration scam.
        Unfortunately they are free to move around the rest of the country,

    • Most major US cities are little if any better than Bawlmer. Whites have physically abandoned them all, but remain tethered to them financially.

      • The riots and covid lockdowns have done much to sever those tethers. More remote work and more companies avoiding big cities.

  39. It’s interesting to view time-lapse graphs of historical collapses; i.e. they’re not bell-shaped curves, particularly at the end. Towards the end most civilizations decline somewhat and then plateau – or stagger – almost as if by habit. And then – cataclysm. It seems for civilizations there’s always a straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    Another interesting area to pursue is the default position of man – are we inherently civilized or congenital barbarians? It seems that once a civilization assumes man’s default is perpetual enlightenment, then cataclysm is nigh.

    • Collapse is a fall down a staircase. Society drops quickly down the steps with short treads, then hits a landing where it seems to stabilize for a while. Then another tumble down to the next landing.

    • Here’s your cataclysm, courtesy of two white female “journalists” at Politico:

      Esper promised more diversity at the Pentagon. The White House had other ideas.”

      Brooks urged Esper to push back on the appointments of white men to senior positions at DoD, noting “his role as a civilian is to look out for the interests of the department and he is not safeguarding those interests.”

      Pray that war with China never comes.

      • The Chinese have no capacity to project force more than a few miles beyond their own borders. ICBMs are nice for wreaking mayhem but to take and hold ground requires boots on the ground. Said boots have first to be transported and then supported. That would be a real chore with a logistical chain reaching clear across the Pacific. Even if China did invade, they would still face the gauntlet of Yamamoto’s (possibly apocryphal) “rifle behind each blade of grass”. Hell! You’d have Skinheads and gang bangers standing shoulder to shoulder fighting them. And don’t forget how many – heavily armed and combat experienced – veterans are out there.

        Also China is even more vulnerable to nuclear attack than the U.S. is. A single ground burst in the lake behind the Three Gorges dam would wipe out 10s of MILLIONS! And their cities are huge and densely populated. Just a few nukes would make a dent even in China’s vast population. Add in that a small number of nukes could also make a huge dent in their food supply (both stores and crops in the field) and make feeding their population a nightmare.

        • The bottom line is the Empire’s mandarins are not going to risk their own dying in a nuclear exchange. It is one thing to send young Southern and Midwestern Whites to fight for Greater Judea and Samaria. It is quite another to have actual skin in the game. This is an even greater consideration than the outright graft the PRC funnels to the same people. It would be darkly amusing if we did come to the brink of a nuclear exchange for these reasons, though.

        • Well Bill, the idea is the ChiComs just need to tip the hive over, then we will defeat ourselves via civil war. The left is already plotting a military coup for November, exactly how much (more) destabilization would it take to turn DC into Mogadishu?

        • This is true. Given the US news wouldn’t cover the news if Cthulhu was eating Delaware I’ve ended up looking elsewhere.
          This ends up with various South Asian sources many of whom are thinly described Indian propaganda.
          One takeaway though that things in that region are not good. India is moving large number so troops to its border (50K is big even for that nation) do to skirmishing with China. Also Russia is having piss poor relations with China these days and rumor has it and its only rumor that China would like to make a run at Vladivostok.
          There are also big problem with the food supply in China, a messed up “market” farmers leaving the fields for the city , rain losses and such to a degree the government is quite close to rationing.
          Combined with the real chance that the rains could destroy the Three Gorges dam, its creaking now and now there is a risk for a hell of a catastrophe.
          It could end up being no one’s century once the US goes kablooey, the US century as we limp into oblivion or if they can manage the upcoming doomsday as Egypt (starved of water by foreign dams) and the middle east collapse, and the water wars the European one.If either of the later two happen happens, basically instead of the rush to space or even a cyberpunk dystopia, you’ll just a slower collapse .

          • This is actually what I see as the most likely scenario too. The Chinese are a paper tiger barely able to hold their own grimy, overpopulated, totalitarian shithole together. They are NOT overrunning Kansas anytime soon. The US and China are now so entwined economically and politically that when one blows up the other will too. This leaves basically Russia, India, and Europe to work things out.

            By the way, YouTube has decided that I like those Indian propaganda videos you mention. They’re hilarious, every other day, India and China have a war it seems. Then again, every reality is virtual now so why not pick that one?

            Your opener is great, by the way –

            Given the US news wouldn’t cover the news if Cthulhu was eating Delaware I’ve ended up looking elsewhere

          • The Elder Things, they of the massive Antarctic cities, fought Cthulhu to enough of a draw that he left them alone.

            It was something else that they dared not speak of that forced the plant-men under the seas permanently…that and letting the Shoggoths get uppity.

        • China now has a world-class navy with destroyers on par with our own. They can likely already defeat the United States around Taiwan and from that point they’ll be able to defeat the navy ever farther out. This is why the United States dropped the INF treaty under false pretenses: the balance of power has changed so dramatically that if a war happened right now between the United States and China, the Chinese would probably end up successfully invading Taiwan, South Korea, and maybe even Japan.

          At the rate they are building ships and aircraft carriers, they can probably defeat the U.S. Navy everywhere in Asia up to Hawaii by 2040. It’s the United States that’s vulnerable in that theater — limited ship building ability, stealth aircraft inadequate for the theater, and inability to project power over ever larger areas due to China’s sophisticated A2/AD program.

          The U.S. has practically no ability to replace the few F-22s it has. The F-35 isn’t suited to this theater as it doesn’t have the range and doesn’t have an accompanying longer range bomber variant (the F-22 did). China has an enormous air force and ability to repair and maintain aircraft and naval ships that the U.S.does not. It would take decades to replace the loss of a handful of American aircraft carriers.

          The U.S. is situated far away from Asia, so it cannot get reinforcements there soon enough to prevent China from mopping up. Also, the quality gap between American and Chinese soldiers is much less than with any other nation on earth this country has fought since WWII.

          …. and on and on and on.

          Add in that a small number of nukes could also make a huge dent in their food supply (both stores and crops in the field) and make feeding their population a nightmare.

          China has hundreds of nuclear weapons capable of hitting any U.S. city … or agricultural center. So, exactly the same logic applies to this country. China will survive in some form after their agriculture gets nuked. When America’s great EBT card in the sky gets turned off, it’s Mad Max.

          A single ground burst in the lake behind the Three Gorges dam would wipe out 10s of MILLIONS!

          The Chinese would just nuke LA or NYC in response.

          Even if China did invade, they would still face the gauntlet of Yamamoto’s (possibly apocryphal) “rifle behind each blade of grass”. Hell! You’d have Skinheads and gang bangers standing shoulder to shoulder fighting them.

          What an embarrassing thing to say after all the violence that has gone on in this country. American conservatives can’t even have a demonstration without being scared off by antifa; they then rationalize their defeat and cowardice by claiming they tricked the other side into showing up (no, you’re just cowards who ran away). They’re going to fight off millions Chinese? A professional army would absolutely mow down granny boomer and her .38 special army of two dozen half-wits.

          Note: the U.S. doesn’t have to be invaded to be utterly humilated in a way that wrecks its economy and ends the country as a superpower.

        • Another problem with being a aging, too reliant on technology superpower is this: those billion-dollar planes, not much cheaper tanks, floating cities called ships, and so on, are all wonderful and very expensive toys for our service members to play with, and very profitable for the military-industrial complex as well. [Next, please forgive my obvious lack of technical detail, but consdier the argument instead.] A further problem is the solider of the West. He or she comes from relative affluence, has a relatively nice civilian life to return to, and as a rule, is not highly motivated to risk health and limb. Now, compare this with the many possible sitautions we’d deploy our “superior” forces. How well will that M-1 Abrams stand up against a dozen pickup-mounted anti-tank weapons, each driven by a small crew of militia men? That air craft carrier may have the latest weaponry, but how will it fare against a half-dozen boats on suicide runs at its hull? There are sobering lessons that were offered in theaters such as Vietnam, probably also in our later mideast wars, that might suggest limitations of high-tech, high expense weapons controlled by people who have a lot to lose, against people who have little to lose.

        • The US military are not planning on fighting the last war, or the one before that, they’re going back three quarters of a century to a war they can legitimately claim to have won.

        we lost the war with china in march. their wuhan attack drove us all mad . instead of sending bombers to destroy our businesses , productive infrastructure and productive capacity, we destroyed it for them with lockdowns . We placed our population on house arrest for them . and we granted their representative unlimited power to rule as they pleased . no “constitutional challenge” to the eleminatation of religion, the courts were on board.
        those who were stubborn enough to try to continue to go to religious services had to make reservations to attend. they will be dealt with at a more convenient time .

        so no need to worry about the military . we surrendered already.

    • Done turnaround work for years. Every single time the problems that crashed the business were readily apparent (not just in hindsight) but the effort to fix was far more than the effort required to just coast. Never underestimate the inertia caused by people just trying to score a few more bonuses and retire. Always argued that the larger an organization gets the greater the proportion of resources devoted to merely trying to stave off entropy.

      • Hospitals are a great example of the inertia of people just trying to get to retirement, carrying the hospitals along until then(I work at a hospital). Gonna be a fall off, because the nurses I’m seeing hired as replacements are mostly Vibrants.

          • My daughter worked as a traveling surgical technician for several years, so she saw a lot of different hospitals.

            Diversity was a curse, not only for the social conflicts but because with immigrant nurses and doctors, there were frequent communications errors that threatened patients lives. Three different primary languages being spoken in the operating room is not a good thing.

      • The other reason large organizations fail is they are terrible at creating new products beyond their current line. The perfect example is when engineers at Xerox created windows and the mouse, and management had no idea what to do with it. So they allowed Bill Gates to steal it and take it to a market they couldn’t conceive of.

          • Gate bought dos, Jobs stole the mouse. But stole is disputable. There was no patent on such an idea as a mouse and iconic displays.

          • They were pretty close in timing. Here is the history:
            By 1982, the Xerox 8010 was probably the best-known computer with a mouse. The Sun-1 also came with a mouse, and the forthcoming Apple Lisa was rumored to use one, but the peripheral remained obscure; Jack Hawley of The Mouse House reported that one buyer for a large organization believed at first that his company sold lab mice. Hawley, who manufactured mice for Xerox, stated that “Practically, I have the market all to myself right now”; a Hawley mouse cost $415.[33] In 1982, Logitech introduced the P4 Mouse at the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas, its first hardware mouse.[34] That same year Microsoft made the decision to make the MS-DOS program Microsoft Word mouse-compatible, and developed the first PC-compatible mouse. Microsoft’s mouse shipped in 1983, thus beginning the Microsoft Hardware division of the company.[35] However, the mouse remained relatively obscure until the appearance of the Macintosh 128K (which included an updated version of the single-button[36] Lisa Mouse) in 1984,[37] and of the Amiga 1000 and the Atari ST in 1985.

        • Xerox also pioneered: the network (Ethernet), the graphical user interface (Smalltalk). Probably other stuff I’m unaware of. I don’t know if it’s fair to claim Jobs of (future) Apple “stole” these technologies. You have to consider that the compters Xerox used in research were probably 10-100x costlier than the MacIntosh that would appear in about ten years. In other words, they probably could not have conceived of a broad market for these inventions.

          • Something about Rochester NY based companies that are innovative but fail to exploit their innovations. Kodak invented tge digital camera. But they were afraid of killing their film business. Is Xerox still around?

    • Ask 95% of the US population about the Austrian Empire succeeded by the Austria-Hungarian Empire. MASSIVE European land power. Amazing art, music, culture;existed about 120 years.

      Now dust, and now most Americans don’t know anything about it. Gone as it it never existed.

      • The Empire is gone because of Americans.
        But it’s not dust. The people and the history have been preserved. I don’t think the same will be possible for the US.

      • Exactly. Interesting to contrast the fan base of Handel to that of Cardi B.

        Francis Schaeffer is great reading on this issue if you don’t mind the Christian worldview. He analyzed the descending staircase of civilizational collapse. Degredation is a trickle-down beginning with philosophy and academia, then the arts, then the general culture … and then interestingly – theological collapse. (Rather evident in 95% of American churches – an effeminate male or female pastor, coupled with liberal theology, blended with milquetoast pew-warmers. Result? Disaster.) Theological ridiculousness made way for the new progressive religion. As a Christian I blame most of our cultural problems on the church – its weakness, its obsequiousness, its cowardice.

        Not to go all philosophical but the beginnings of progressivism can be traced to the Hegelian dialectic … objective truth and reality replaced by thesis in tension with antithesis, the root-stock of Marxist dialectics. And then the great philosophical find of the 20th century, best captured by Hemingway – “life’s a bitch and then you die.” Is there any wonder our civilization staggers to the cliff when that’s the prevailing philosophy?

        Sorry – got long-winded. Abbreviated version: Ideas Have Consequences.

      • I am reading Sean McMeekin’s “July 1914”. What a clusterfuck the Austrian-Hungarian empire was.
        Takeaways so far:
        Multiethnic polities don’t work.
        Alliances don’t deter war but expand them once they start.
        Never give your ally a blank check.
        Alliance almost always work to the detriment of the stronger power.

        • “Cataclysm – The First World War as Political Tragedy” by David Stevenon another gread book on the subject; sounds like much the same by way of conclusions.

          Wonder if the future of the American Empire will do something similar to the Austrians allying with the Hungarians, only to regret it? US and Mexico, perhaps?

          • Austrians didn’t “ally” with Hungarians. the Kingdom Hungary was part of the Habsburg monarchy and later Austrian Empire until the compromise of 1867 which turned the same lands into Austria-Hungary.

          • European history is…complicated, no? Technically a constitutional dual monarchy; the Habsburgs did a terrible job keeping the Hungarian side pulling their weight for the entire doomed mess.

            End of empire, end of aristocracy, rise of nationalism fed by mass media and a multi-ethnic population, religious strife, border pressures from the “Great Game”….lots of interesting fodder to be had.

            Eye glazing-ly dull for most people. are correct.

          • I was referring to the German alliance with AH. They said do what you must with Serbia but do it quickly. We don’t think Russia will mobilize.

        • Wasn’t it Washington who warned against foreign entanglements? Name one major domenstic problem today that isn’t at least partially related to treaties, alliances, prior wars, our “imperialism,” etc.

          • Yes. If you’ve ever watched the HBO miniseries “John Adams” Washington tells the French ambassador that “The United States is a new and independent nation and can’t allow ourselves to get involved in your dispute with Great Britain.”

        • Thus England’s promise to defend Belgian neutrality. Only cost them empire, nearly 1mm dead and millions more wounded. That war was doomsday for them, among others.

      • ProZ, that hits like a hammer.

        We can’t imagine America being forgotten… but what if we are simply, steadily written out of the record?

    • Advances in transportation and communication mean things move a lot faster these days. I’d guess the empire might stagger on for a couple of decades instead of a couple of centuries.

      Also it seems forgotten how much violence and blood went into building society. If we remembered that we would be more conservative in our attitude.

      • Well, to my mind America is already dead. What we’re living in right now is a shambling–or staggering–corpse that continues to call itself America. And, if you doubt that America is dead, ask yourself this–would America, the genuine America, ever suffer the twin tyrannies of Covid oppression and black, urban mayhem? I think not.

    • Some groups of people are capable of creating and maintaining civilization. Others are not. Alas, it seems to be the case that when savages are introduced into civilization, civilization decays to a barbaric level.

      • Civilization has been called a war against nature. this is true enough, certainly in the sense that Man seeks to control (which really means to understand and obey) Nature for his benefit. Looked at another way, over very long periods of time, civilization is the exception, rather than the rule. I don’t think Whites are fragile, but I’m quite sure civilization is.

        • Interestingly, once civilization appeared, it never completely collapsed. Sure, there have been severe reversals (the Dark Age in the West, for instance), but civilization carried on. I dare say early Islam, informed by the knowledge of the ancient Greeks and Persians, carried the torch of civilization for a while. I’m not sure what was going in in China at that time.

  40. I’m convinced inertia is by far the strongest force in human affairs. You can boil the whole Enlightenment down to “the fight against social inertia” and not lose anything important. Why do the peasants keep doing X? Wouldn’t it be so much more rational to do Y? (Modernity, by contrast, is the dogged refusal to acknowledge that the peasants were doing the right thing, because they were doing it for the wrong reasons).

    • There is also a psychological type, we’ll call it the Hate Reformer, whose attitude is, their ways are bad because they are their ways, therefore the ways must be changed.

      Which will probably hurt the people being “reformed” anyway, a benefit if they’re not your people (in class and/or race) to begin with. Doing harm to your enemies while thinking of yourself doing good–a nice little psychological trick!

      Of course, this is also a nice little trick to scoop up power: in order to change their ways, I shall need power.

    • Great summary. But I have to wonder, wasn’t the Enlightenment more concerned about what the rulers were doing, rather than the peasants? I’m much more familiar with the American side of things than what the Scots like Locke were saying. The book A Struggle For Power really made the case that the freedom movement was all about gaining autonomy from the Crown foremost, and then filling in whatever political philosophy was necessary to maintain a moral high ground.

    • It turns out the fat dancing nurses were causing the flying cars to crash, so for the safety of everyone, Tiktok was decided for us.

    • TikTok…gateway drug for the future ruined women of OnlyFans.

      Carny Barker T is right to try and ban it, but probably not for the reasons he’s stated.

    • Oh I dunno, SA. We have telescopes that can see back to the beginning of time, and planets in other star systems. In addition to Tik Tok, you have the sum of all mankind’s knowledge on your cell phone. Your cars are beginning to drive themselves and will soon be doing a better job of it than you will. Were we not flushing billions of dollars on negroes, we could seriously discuss a manned Mars mission and possibly mining the asteroid belt.
      Our blog host may be entirely correct but I might disagree. We are not getting stupid – we are getting lazy. We are sitting back and letting women run our affairs. Our boys hide in the basement and play video games rather than going out to get a job and facing the world. We grit our teeth and take it when our gubbimint shuts down small business and tells us all to wear face diapers. Yes, I realize that there are valid reasons that keep us from taking these problems on – but inevitably, the biggest one is laziness. The answers to all this are easily stated but incredibly hard to implement. We will have to organize and work together to get our women under control. We will have to deprogram our soyboys, and mentor and rebuild them. The noggers will have to be whipped into submission and used as serfs and slaves if they can’t be made to behave. The more feral and rabid ones will have to be destroyed or contained. It wouldn’t hurt to reconnect with your Maker too.
      Things are easy right now, and it’s easy to say the hell with it and let somebody else worry about it. So what if the noggers are kneeling at the beginning of the game? I have beer and potato chips! So what if they burned down my neighbour’s business and destroyed his store? I have beer, chips, a couch and the NBA!
      We could stop all this BS tomorrow. It would take incredible will power and effort to do it – but our ancestors in the 50’s did it without a second thought. Their parents faced a war and a depression that make our circumstances ludicrous by comparison.
      The coming storm will do much to chase our cultural lethargy away. Going hungry and cold will do that to you…

      • And who, exactly, made the decision to dump so much money and resources and time into ‘diversity?’ You might as well be saying ‘if things were different, then things would be different’
        We were promised flying cars. That’s what we were promised! Flying cars, not Teslas.
        Of course, flying cars was always a lie. It was a promise of magic. It was just a product of extrapolating the recent past far into the future.
        Asteroid belt mining? More magic. A Mars colony? More magic still. A solid gold asteroid would still cost more money to mine and trasport than what the asteroid would be worth.

        • Good point. All the above is just smoke and mirrors. Stunts designed to distract us from real issues. Outer space is doable, but not with 50 yo technology—yet where is the effort to build and test the new technology? Here I’m siding with Z-man (and Dutton) and the concept of creeping stupidity. Part due to dysgenic and part due to diversity and AA.

          • Guys like Musk are on the edge doing it with new rockets, fuels, and engines (and white men), but our side won’t get out to defend him even if he is a bit of an idiot sometimes (Grimes? Seriously?)

          • I see Musk the way I see Trump. He’s a smart guy who occasionally thinks with his dick. Historically, this is not a new problem and if we refused to support men who have this problem who would be left? To me his biggest sin is actually giving in (presumably) to his ho in naming their kid a bunch of line noise and promising to raise him “gender neutral”. Then again who knows how much of that is even true?

          • Prophet Elon has seven sons, is there anyone here who could make the same claim?

            With Starship development moving at a rapid pace, Prophet Elon is dead serious about making Mankind multiplanetary.

            There’s a lot of ignorance about spaceflight over here (but that’s true of any forum outside of Nasaspaceflight forums). Anyone who makes assumptions about space travel, but intentionally leaves the Falcon 9 and SpaceX Starship out of those assumptions must not be taken seriously.

            I confronted one such person on Jim’s Blog, “Gedeon.”

          • Multi-planetary mankind has some serious biological limitations that likely doom the project. Humans arriving on new planets would be weak, low IQ, and have lousy eyesight. That is assuming we could survive the journey without too much damage to our DNA. In our present biological form, we are inextricably bound to earth.

          • Musks dad is a badass- he killed 3 (or something like that) SA joggers who came in his house to appreciate the architecture. Musk hates him, although perhaps for other reasons.

          • Seemingly everything is degraded in the never ending effort to make joggers feel important and good about themselves while at the same time making Whites feel good about themselves for making joggers feel good – that’s all that matters anymore. It’s such a quasi virtuous, yet utterly worthless circle (jerk).

        • Not trying to be a dink, T. I don’t defend this or like any of it either. But, the dissidents must keep things in historical perspective if they hope to succeed.
          I get where you’re going with the flying cars, jet packs and golfing on the moon. My grandad was born in 1898. He saw the Wright brothers fly and men land on the moon. He fought in the first world war and was a camp cook in the second. He and his older boys rode with the bums on top of trains during the 30’s looking for work. When he did find work it often involved shovelling coal or digging ditches for 10 hours a day or more. Every cent he had went to his kids. Do you want to seriously whine about your circumstances in that light?
          I am saying exactly what I said. As long as we always take the path of least resistance, as long as we look to others to do the heavy lifting, as long as we take the shit shovelled and hurled at us…things will not change.

        • A lot of these ideas look like magic because there’s never been a coherent development plan. If you want to get humans out into the solar system you start in 1969. You build a very small, simple moon base and start prospecting for metals near impact craters. The moon’s lower gravity and far lower escape velocity make it possible to build out from there instead of earth. Of course, to make up for lost time we should be looking at space elevators or, as Musk is doing, just really gigantic rockets to overcome the Earth’s deep gravity well by brute force.

          The overall meta-problem, if you will, is that people cannot tell the difference between tractable and intractable problems. The “problem” of racial bias, income inequality, unequal representation by race and gender? Totally intractable unless you’re going to start by replacing humans with some imaginary species that somehow has no evolutionary history or physical substrate i.e. – “If only men were angels…” The problem of building a Moon colony? – totally tractable with known physics and materials (including human material).

          The basic problems are social and political, not technology, and the Age of Solar Expansion can only really begin when the Age of Equality ends on Earth.

          Does Musk understand this? Hard to tell since he wisely stays away from saying much. I admit that I don’t much care for relying on oligarchs to lead us anywhere because so many of them are stupid and evil (i.e. Soros). I wonder, though, if our political system is now completely paralyzed by mass democracy with an unlimited franchise. I think you’ll know when things might be starting to break loose when a few other rich guys start projects that make the SJWs uneasy. There’s Peter Theil of course who seems to be a bit of a Moldbuggerer. Perhaps these guys could form a sort of Not-so-secret society. Buy up some land in a country with a weak government and start offering people “vacation from democracy” packages.

          • Moldbuggerer.

            You, Sir, win the Internet today.

            Thiel has got his head mostly screwed on the right way. Can’t stand much of his sidekick Weinstein though.

            Just for the record: I for one welcome our incoming Palantir Drone Missiles.

        • If Aunt Martha had balls, she’d be Uncle Bob.

          This isn’t the future we were promised. It’s the future we were warned about.

      • Glenfilthie, why can’t we have supersonic international jet travel anymore, if the question is just money? It is bc the answer is intelligence, IQ, and the decline of the western intellect due to disgenic societal trends.

        • It’s because the Concorde was loud — breaking the sound barrier is loud — finicky and constrained by basic physics.

          Supersonic transports and Musk’s rockets all come up against the same basic physics equations: as you increase the mass and the velocity of whatever you are trying to move linearly, the energy required to move it at a particular speed increases geometrically.

          The Concorde or any supersonic jet uses so much more fuel to reach supersonic speeds than a much bigger jet traveling slower that it is always a vanity project.

          Also, the stresses that the airframe is under at those speeds require much more intensive maintenance.

          There isn’t any decline in intelligence involved.

        • Apart from the Duttonesque secular IQ decline arguments I think it’s also that the oligarchs don’t *need* supersonic travel that much. They can get wherever they need to go in as much time as they feel like taking in their Gulfstreams. When you wait for nobody but everybody waits for you, why hurry?

          Late Stage Concorde was for socialites and Managerialist Bugmen in a hurry to serve their Oligarch Overlords.

        • Dna has just been confirmed be the hereditary material and it’s code broken in just the last hundred years. Forget flying cars. Imagine a population of fecund designer humans with an average 180 IQ. Maybe an AI interface. Maybe a horror show, neurotic bulb headed weirdos that will preclude natural childbirth. But I suspect not. if some billionaire doesn’t pull the trigger the Chinese will. It’s a foregone conclusion. Farmers keep farming and the nignogs keep nignoging. Discussions of the collapse of civilization are probaly academic and to be superseded by technology. we might get lucky that way.

      • Overall you’re correct, but you have cause and effect reversed (at least if Fuerle is correct.) We aren’t getting lazier because we’re stupider, just the opposite in fact. I’m well qualified to comment on sloth; intelligence we can leave open to debate 🙂
        According to the theory of evolution, the brain “needed” to get bigger for man to cope in more challenging environments. Thus brain size (and IQ) peaks with the European and Asian humans. Derbyshire calls these the “Ice People.” And so they are. You need more smarts to survive in a climate with four seasons, especially if a long, cold winter is one of them. Life is much easier in the tropics; food and water are (relatively) easy to find year-round. You don’t need a well-planned social structure (for group efforts that aid survival).
        That’s why humans who live(d) in the ‘easy’ areas did not develop large brains. In evolution terms, a brain is “expensive” and, counter-intuitively, there’s a point beyond which intelligence actually becomes a liability! Now, returning to civilization. The demands on man’s intelligence were at a peak in the most challenging environment, let’s say Ice Age Europe where you hunted wooly mammoths and other game, and perhaps gathered plants during the summers. Civilization, ironically was what started us down the road to stupid-dom. Agriculture made life more predictable, reducing the intelligence premium. The industrial revolution ditto. We are well down the chute to whatever the bottom may be. Clearly, the present world system can only be sustained as long as the ever-increasing (so it appears to me) portion of the population that is basically useless is supported by the productive or more likely, the mortgaging of our collective future.
        I have no evidence to support the following, but there is probably a correlation with a civilization reaching its peak of prosperity and achievement, with a resulting erosion of “traditional” values that helped them reach such a pinnacle. I’d include collapsing birth rates into that. Let’s face it, raising a child, at least “Western style”, requires a significant investment by the parents. If your present, and likely all future, needs are well provided for, what benefit are kids? I’m not claiming this a strategy for success, but perhaps an explaination for senescence.
        “When I was just a little young boy, Papa said ‘Son you’ll never get far, I’ll tell you the reason, if you want to know, cause child of mine, there really isn’t very far to go.'” — Grateful Dead, “Dupree’s Diamond Blues.”

    • Mostly because TikTok was a WHOLE lot easier to implement than flying cars. From an engineering standpoint a “flying car” is almost an oxymoron. Absent controlled gravity, about the best you can hope for is a roadable aircraft. Even then you face the whole problem of the vehicle’s operators being dumber than a fence post and having the situational awareness of granite. That combination is bad enough when you’re only talking about movement in 2 dimensions along certain well-defined corridors. Add in the 3rd dimension and you’ve got a recipe for a whole lot of funerals. The only reason more people do not die in air crashes is because operating pretty much any air machine is heavily regulated – AND RIGHTFULLY SO!!!!

      • The best comparison I’ve seen along these lines is the amphibious ship: drives like a boat, sails like a car. And anyway, who wants to be a mile off the ground in a multipurpose vehicle?

        • I wouldn’t mind. It’s been a while, but I have 1600 logged skydives. I’d jump that thing just to be enabled to say, “first!”

        • Not me

          I hate flying as it is

          There is a flight from Sardinia to Florence. It goes up, then goes down. But doesn’t feel like flying. I swear to God it feels like you are being suspended by a thread in the sky. And it could snap any time. Creepiest thing.

      • Right. If you have a major mechanical failure in your car, you coast over to the side of the road and call AAA. If you have a major mechanical failure in your aircraft, you have a problem. “Um, AAA? I’m 20 miles west of Philadelphia at 8000, um, no, 7000 feet. Can you hurry?”

    • You were never, ever going to have flying cars. Anybody that has ever flew a plane knows this. There is no triple A in the sky and so there was never going to be flying cars available to the masses, at least not until they are completely automated. And it’s not because we can’t make a flying car. It’s because the general population is too stupid to use one.

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