Peaceful Separation

“Familiarity breeds contempt” is an old expression that like many others, remains true even though it is widely ignored. Proof of this is all round us, as Americans know more about one another than at any time in history. The more we know, the less we like about one another. The reason for this is we have never been one people or anything close to a nation. For most of our history, we have barely been a country. Now we get to see this reality every day on our media platforms.

From the very beginning, from the first settlement, America was a land with people, rather than a people with a land. The people who settled New England were very different from those that settled the South. In fact, those were groups of Englishmen with a long history of not liking one another. The Puritan settlers were on one side of the English Civil War, while the people of the South were on the other. To this day, that animosity shows up in a million little ways.

Even within states there is not a lot of unity. Pennsylvania is a big state with at least three distinct cultures. The people that populated the western part of the state are different from those in the east. That was true from the beginning. It turns up today in cultural habits and especially in voting habits. You could break the state into three smaller states and the people would not care. The fact is, they have never been a unified people loyal to one another.

The colonies and then the new country were a dumping ground from the very beginning for people not all that interested in nation and country. People did not leave the old world for the new because they felt a need to be part of a unified people. Either they were indifferent to it or hostile to it. The original settlers left the Old World to live in the woods with savages because they were done with the Old World. This has remained true, for the most part, to this very day.

The Founders understood this, which is why they tried to avoid creating a strong central government fit for a unified nation. Their first go at it was a loose confederation of states that were free to operate as they thought best. The next go at it was the constitutional framework we pretend to have today. The chief feature of this new structure was that the national government was sharply limited in its powers, outside of a few areas that served the needs of all of the sovereign states.

Much of what vexes modern America is rooted in the fact that the ruling class is oblivious to this reality. They endlessly blather on about the need to unify the country around this or that issue. Their propaganda is drenched in saccharine messages about the need to be unified. The defining characteristic of the modern plutocrat is the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, is thinking for himself. They are hellbent on uniting a people with no interested in being united.

The quickest way to social peace is to unplug the internet and shutter the public affairs shows on television. If all of a sudden people had to go across town to tell someone that they did not like their politics, they would not do it. In a flash, a disunited and disagreeable people would be minding their own business. The liquored-up harpies on social media would have to join the church or a local civic association if they wanted to gossip about people they barely know.

Obviously, that would not be the end of it, but there is no denying that the increasing social friction is rooted in our increasing familiarity. America has always been a land of many people, a house with many mansions. The reason most of the people are here is they did not want to be around the people over there. Even in America, that mentality has held since the beginning. The migration west was as much about getting away from the people back east as starting new on the frontier.

The great patriotic struggle in the first part of the last century convinced the American ruling class they could and must unite the country. After all, if they could unite the nation to beat the Depression and Fascism, why not poverty and inequality? Why not unite around defeating racism and being mean to people? Not only are they hell bent on uniting a disunited people, they now strive to unite the world. Their new unitarian creed has them as the one true god of us all.

What they are is a lid on a boiling pot of water. The more the water boils, the more the lid is pressed down. America is a pressure cooker right now because the ruling class keeps the lid firmly on, while cranking up the heat. They are under the delusion that if they can just keep it all locked inside, that lid firmly on the top, the whole will suddenly become one. They have been convinced that “E pluribus unum” is their calling, rather than a cheap slogan on our money.

Conservatives get grief for always saying that the solution for our troubles is to get back to our constitutional principles. They should get grief as what we need is to get back to the reason America exists at all. It is a land of people, lots of different people, not a people with a land. There can be local community and regional unity, but this is not a nation and it can never be a unified country. What will bring peace, is what always kept the peace. That is peaceful separation.

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340 thoughts on “Peaceful Separation

  1. Pennsylvania has no fewer than 5 different accents – the most of any state.

    But to act like we aren’t unified is ridiculous. 3 states? Just stop it. It’s, at most, 2. Pennsylvania white ethnography is also such that most of the state’s white population is pretty unified, which is why, with the notable exception of the Scranton area, most of the state’s white accents are perfectly intelligible and part of a continuum.

    I live in south-central Pennsylvania, but wherever I go in Pennslyvania, I hear similar – not identical but very, very similar – accents and find very similar customs and mores, with one exception: the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have been completely taken over by the hostile elite, who then spread their tentacles into other cities. A Yinzer and a PA Dutchman have a lot more in common thank you imply. I have zero interest in seeing my state ripped apart; my interest is in seeing the kebabs removed.

  2. Peaceful Separation not possible when you are the one who hold capital and have the most desirable woman on earth 
    The enemy had blood oath and determined to kill all white men and sexually enslaved all white women at least centuries ago
    War between European and non-European Jew is inevitable 

    Just to be clear that everybody on the planet, literally everybody thinks self-preservation justified everything since dawn of mankind
    The savages have already crossed the border and near at your doors, what you gonna to do? Reason with them about how working is a much easier way to earn than looting?

    • Peaceful Separation not possible when you are the one who hold capital and have the most desirable woman on earth  

      Patently untrue when the ideas of immigration control and border enforcement exist.

      • America doesn’t have national border
        American don’t have personal border
        Immigration control and border enforcement don’t exist

        Again, I repeat myself a lot that white men don’t have an ally in Washington DC

  3. For government to work, it must be extremely local. Federalizing everything is just tyranny. Localism allows communities to control who lives there and to pay for the services they want.

  4. Life’s Tribal. Always was. is now, always will be. They teach you the opposite in jewschool so you hate yourself, give up and abandon your ancestors. Your overlords are evil., but also weak and lazy. Overconfident….the Liberty, JFK, 911, Covid. You reap what you sow. A reckoning is comeing to the bankers, the lawyers, the jerkoff mandarins in service to the jews.

  5. Ah well you may not be a person with a land but many millions are, and we have to live somewhere.

    As it happens were only fit to live here, and its the only place with room. There’s probably not going to be peace, there certainly will be winners. As far as separation – we’re an island. The same facetious arguments could be made for Australia or England, certainly New Zealand. They’re not going to have many takers offline, in meatspace. Certainly not enough to take separate lands.

    Which would only then square off in long wars of reunification.

    • My thought has been that if the separation gets underway here in The States, an offer of citizenship is made to willing and well-vetted peoples from the white Anglosphere: Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. A brief period of 2-3 years should suffice. It would increase our white stock with people who would be almost surely committed to the same ideals that drive us. No one’s going to pack up and move halfway around the world unless they’re serious about the reasons why.

    • Call it a “long war of reunification”, a purge, ethnic cleansing, whatever you want to name shooting people, advocating for violence just isn’t going to work.

  6. anyone heard of the song “We Just Disagree” by Dave Mason (who was once in Traffic)? The refrain is:

    So just leave it alone
    Cuz we can’t see eye to eye
    There ain’t no good guys
    There ain’t no bad guys
    there’s only you and me and we just disagree

    I feel like that was the “liberal” take on things circa mid 70s

  7. War and a common enemy are historically the threads that tie a disparate country together. Mexican War, Civil War, WWI , WWII and Cold War were major unifying events for the country (or the dominant section of it, in the case of the Civil War). Look for America’s ruling class to force a war in Iran and then bill it as a great national undertaking and unifying cause. It’s what they did in the Gulf War, which pretty clearly a coming out party for the American security state post-Soviet Union, and a mulligan on Vietnam.

    • What I’m saying is, I think Z-Man is right in the *very,very* long term. But the American government and elite have a lot of tricks up their sleeve, a lot of cards yet to play before the endgame.

    • I generally agree with the commentators, though, that such a war would be the deaths knell for the Republic. No one is buying that crap anymore, right or left. Note: not that they won’t try.

  8. Does anyone know whether the topic of secession is currently being seriously discussed, if only informally, by any red state legislatures?

    • I think the hope is that the other will decide to secede first – that is, Red States hope Blue States secede, and that the door kicks them . . . on their way out. Perhaps we can goad California into leaving.

  9. “The reason most of the people are here is they did not want to be around the people over there“. I’ve been thinking about that lately,On a personal level. My in-laws are from the old country. And man they can’t get enough of over there. Food, culture, politics, etc. they weren’t treated so well over there, nobody was. When the lady from Canada showed up with a bible and a plane ticket in 65 they were all in.yet it’s almost like they never left. Growing up in NYC I noticed that when new non English speaking Northern Europeans showed up in the neighborhood they were shunned if they didn’t get on the learn English ASAP train. This was for their own good and the good of the community. Act one was over, time to move on and build something better. I don’t see that anymore. We’ve gone from a melting pot to a mosaic, I don’t live in NYC any more. I haven’t had a good slice of pizza in over 30 years, I eat with sticks now. Not that big a deal. I make it work without having to talk about it all the time or go back east for Christmas. I left for a reason ,and don’t seek Out NYC themed establishments. Fuck em. ( as they say in ny)

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    • Pittsburgh’s insanity is far more localized than Philly’s, though. I was in a rural area not far at all from Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago and it was Trump signs as far as the eye could see.

  11. Familiarity breeds contempt. The More one learns about the
    (((Chosen))), the more one wants to deport them.
    (Works for Joggers, as well.)

  12. The original immigrants to the Northeast were the Puritans, repelled and disgusted by the Stuart monarchy and the loss of Cromwell’s Commonwealth. They brought their hatred and piety to the New World, co-opted or murdered the natives and eventually were the impetus for the American Revolution, a revival of the War of the Three Kingdoms. The Puritans evolved into the Congregationalists and other Catholic hating sects and while being the group that carried the slaves to the New World became the abolitionists that demanded their freedom through the War Between the States, another late battle in the War of the Three Kingdoms. After that victory they assembled the newly freed slaves into military units, the Buffalo Soldiers, whose task was to assist in the genocide of the native Americans further west.

    The descendants of the Puritans were the engineers of the temperance movement, Prohibition, drug interdiction and a host of blue laws, many of which survive to this day. In many ways, the US is simply a vestige of the United Kingdom’s battle for survival against the Commonwealth.

    • don’t forget that the New England puritans often didn’t stay in New England. A lot of them eventually ended up in Ohio, upstate NY, Michigan or further west. Meanwhile you have a lot of ethnics (Irish, Italian, Portuguese, even some tribesmen) who weren’t even living in MA at the time of the civil war.

  13. I think that the ruling class is fully aware of the differences, it’s that to make their system work they have to try to suppress it. To get those vast sums of money into DC you have to put everyone in the same bucket and then skim the total. If you let states or regions keep the money for the purposes stated then there goes all that lovely largesse.

    The difference is that they believe they will be able to ride the tiger and not fall off.

  14. The quickest way to social peace is to unplug the internet and shutter the public affairs shows on television.

    If God deals his hand it will be in the form of a natural EMP. Otherwise, Satan will continue to rule. And we all know that’s not going to happen.

  15. “The reason most of the people are here is they did not want to be around the people over there”
    Is probably not true. For a long time the motivation has been that they get lo loot a wealthier class of people.

  16. I agree with most of what Z says here, and he says it very well. (The pressure cooker metaphor is especially well executed.) However, while it is undeniably true that “America” is not an organic, unitary nation, it is equally true that America worked until roughly 1964, at which point fissiparous forces, generated in no small measure by multiculti, began to throw the entire system wildly out of kilter. And in this connexion, note that all peoples are not equally antipathetic to one another. The Pennsylvania Dutch are far more compatible with Slavs than Icelanders are with the Matabele. Diversity itself isn’t necessarily destructive, but certain types of diversity are lethal. And it is the latter that began polluting America back in the mid-60s.

    • The thing is, we got along well enough, and this is evident in the fact that so many people from one part of the country moved to another and there was never a big deal or friction. I travelled the country for a few years because of work, along with many others like me, and America was just a big playpen for white people, and you never had to worry about much of anything. Except black neighborhoods — of course. Even if I ended up in a biker bar, there was never a big problem. We all got along well enough. That’s all been taken away. I guess we were too happy and the TPTB can’t have that. God forbid people be happy.

    • The ruiner here again is the Supreme Court who steps in with their High Dictates and plowing over whatever long-evolved compromises had been put in place.

  17. Albion’s Seed by David Fischer explains a great deal about influence of England, Scotland and Ireland upon the US and why things are as they are in your country. For example, sod huts iare not an American invention as I’m sure many were taught in your US History classes. But were brought over from Scotland.

    Much about your present situation can be traced right back to how things were 150 years ago. As the Zman implies in this blog post, most of what you’re going through now is nothing more than a repeat of your past.

    A Nation Without Borders by Steven Hahn is quite good as it covers the years between 1830-1910. Also very revealing how America tried it’s hand at imperial expansion, capitalist development and greater government influence and control over it’s exploding immigrant population..

    To be honest, European history is quite dull compared to what your country has gone through as the “new kid on the block” of the world’s stage. But I wouldn’t worry too much. No matter how bad things get, America always seems to land on it’s feet.Despite a lot of bad press, there’s no other country on earth where people still believe in the American Dream even if your entitled and privileged snowflake liberals refuse to.

    • Thanks, Herr Horst, it sure would be nice if we were just going through a stage.

      To think we used to laugh at those silly Victorians.

    • My ancestors arrived in 1623 and eventually helped establish Beverly MA. The house he built is still there. Our family name is mentioned in the last chapter of Hackett’s book as one of the families that fell outside of the pattern. My ancestor was from southwest England where most of the New England settlers were from east England. My ancestor was part of a purely commercial company rather than religious fanatics. At one time members of the company stayed at Plymouth Colony and had to leave because the Pilgrims were assholes.
      Despite this, on of his descendants was a chaplain in the continental navy and took up arms when the ship was under attack.

  18. Good essay, and one that covers too many topics for even a blabbering idiot such as myself to be able to comment upon succinctlly. But here’s a few:
    It is true that familiarity breeds contempt.
    Also true that familiarity breeds. “Breeding” in the sense of producing additional humans. Doing so in an irresponsbile manner is both an effect and a cause of perpetuating many of civilization’s miseries.
    Another problem, worse I’d argue, are the implications of the opposite of “familiarity breeds contempt.” By simple negation, the implied statement is “Lack of familiarity breeds approval (or friendliness).”
    One common example of this is the the universal (so far as I know) human tendancy to assume that other people, other societies, other things in general, will largely match those experiences with which one is familiar. In some cases unversals are useful: all humans eat, drink, sleep, and do various other things. But obviously we run into extreme problems if we assume that everybody’s morals, laws and norms of behavior will match our assumptions. Any walk through major metro areas, taking of public transit, spending time around people that are quite different from you, should disabuse you of such notions. The risk and dangers come when people blithely wander into such situations without considering the risks, secure in their errant belieft that everybody is just like me! Even today, most of us assume probably that we can walk down the street, take the metro, or even drive through a city without risk to our property, health or lives. This is still generally true, but especially in 2020, we are presented with abundant evidence to the contrary. Alas, there are an increasing number of poeple and places best avoided, more precisely stated, places to be avoided because of the people there, because there is credible danger to ones property, health and life.
    Let’s examine the implications of the “lack of familiarity breeds trust”. This implies unquestioning trust or approbation. Needless to say, that is a risky bet. At best, one should be neutral, cautious, seeking proof one way or the other. The standard “familiarity breeds contempt” itself is not fully accurate: a more honest statement would allow the chances that familiarity would breed trust or approbation as the situation warranted.
    The important point is that in either statement’s case, the conclusion is potentially wrong. It is always necessary to apprise oneself of the details of a person, place or thing before one can possibly make any kind of informed judgement of its strengths or faults, whether good or bad, and thus whether it should be held in contempt or esteem.

    • The commonality and friendliness of all people worldwide were proven by the bicyclists who set out to show how it worked a couple of years ago. Until they got their heads chopped off in Uzbekistan or somewhere.

    • But that’s because of who lives in those cities, not b/c Albion’s Seed no longer matters.

    • The old sectional divisions are certainly still there, but they’re largely aesthetic and cultural. In terms of political and philosophical outlook, I think it’s all explainable by money and by the rural/urban split.

  19. Stephen Douglas was brilliant in pointing all of this out before the Civil War. He predicted exactly this path and advised that it was futile as we are a different people living in different regions. The place was set up for decentralization because it only works with decentralization. Today the states may as well be Federal counties. The seeds of all of this were planted by corrupt railroad lawyer (the first generation of modern corporate whore lawyers in the White House) Abraham Lincoln. He’s deified though so that’s taboo to say.

    • I’ve never understood how a guy that got 655k Americans killed to ostensibly achieve an objective that every other slave-owning nation in the West managed peacefully (If you buy the “War to end slavery” narrative. I don’t.) can be called a great president.

      • Odd. Almost as if it were a first step to a global empire. A potential made real by railroads, a new technology.

      • Thats easy: they hate you and want you dead. Lincoln the spiteful mutant is great BECAUSE he killed so many whites, not despite it.

    • Not their best effort, but they were some kind of wonderful 🙂 And, if censorship is ever imposed, everyone here will be an American Banned.

  20. Re: The discussion in the previous post about Americans being noticeably dumber.
    I’ve been studying autobiographies and books written by the scientists and engineers of the early 20th century. There is something there: Everyone today seems far less accomplished, and the crap they focus on seems far more trivial and poorly executed.
    But this can’t be genetic. It’s only been one or two generations: Unless there was some genetic-bottleneck mass-murder of the intelligent that no one talks about, something else had to have changed.
    I’ve also been noticing what I can only term morphological differences in people today, pretty widespread. Obesity taking off at a sharp inflection point in 1970 is just one aspect. There’s also a sort of babyfacedness, neoteny that seems pretty common also.
    One somewhat amusing hypothesis is that we’ve stopped smoking all of a sudden: One of our most potent nootropics driven from high society.
    I dunno: Throwing it out there.

    • Everyone today seems far less accomplished, and the crap they focus on seems far more trivial and poorly executed.

      I think one aspect to consider is the way that language has been allowed to erode, along with many other things, learning to speak well and write well appear to be in sharp decline. If a language declines, and fewer people are able lay out complex ideas, I do not think it bodes well for any attempt at making new discoveries.

      Today, I have been skim reading some chap’s PhD thesis, the use of language in it was awful. This is a bad start because one begins to think ‘why should I trust what a person is saying when they can hardly say it’. Furthermore, many popular history books have been released that seemed to be aimed at ‘the layman’, with whittled down arguments and language. If something is worth understanding, then surely it is worth understanding. In comparison, I own a number of books for the layman on a variety of subjects from 50 years ago… the writing is beautiful.

      I am not sure what the American version would be, but Jonathan Rose’s book The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes gives an insight into what such people read and how the information was presented. It does not seem to be an exaggeration to say that people nowadays are most certainly less interested in bettering themselves and in tandem with this, do not want to spend the time to master something. Too many distractions, perhaps…

      As an interesting exercise, one could compare J.E Gordon’s Structures with Brian Cox’s The Quantum Universe; consider the difference in writing, the words used, and the breadth of knowledge of each man.

      • When Tocqueville decribed Americans as the best educated people on earth in 1831 most attended school for six or eight years, if at all. They continued their education at work and in civic life. We are not more highly educated but rather more highly indoctrinated and stupified.

        • I was shocked in the late 80s when the young, at the end of or fresh out of high school, were obsessively piercing themselves with pins, over and over, out of sheer, bloody boredom.

          We have simply GOT to get the kids working again, bringing them into the adult world. They’re dying for jobs and experience.

          Instead, we’re subsidizing foreign labor.

    • Unless there was some genetic-bottleneck mass-murder of the intelligent that no one talks about

      The Civil War (655k dead, 1 million+ casualties), World War 1 (204k dead, 320k casualties), World War 2 (670k dead, 1 million+ casualties), and to a lesser extent the Korean War (92k dead, 128k casualties) and Vietnam (153k dead, 211k casualties).

      Mass murder, you say?

      • Re bottleneck, I was just going to say, “see, Battles of Ypres.” Or the sunken road at Antietam.

    • Look at the breadth of knowledge and experience a man like Teddy Roosevelt had compared to the men who have run our country for the past several decades.

    • As to those nootropics, the Z noted that drugs from the New World- tobacco and coffee (and Eastern tea)- gave us the ability of extended sitting, listening, writing, reading, and debate.

    • Changes in reproductive rates in the important slices of the bell curve happen within years, sometimes as long as decades. With generational lengths of 20-25 years, the last 140 (200?) years of dysgenics has had ample time to come to fruition. This is compounded by the bottlenecks of industrial war, which overwhemlimgly killed white males from the middle and right hand of the bell curve. The intro segment to Idiocracy is funny because it is very and literally true.

      • Your points on dysgenics is right of course. I blame the apparent loss of intellectual sharpness due to changes in education methods. It’s not like successful people suddenly started seeking out the stupidest, laziest spouse to breed with (in majority of cases.) But we did water down our education systems, big time.

    • You’ve got to keep in mind that the audience has gotten dumber. So, while the author may be supremely intelligent, the editor and publisher are telling him to dumb it down. There is some statistic that claims a book will lose a certain percentage of the audience for each mathematical equation.

    • Because there wasn’t as much money. So if you had aspirations, you really had to be kick ass to make a name for yourself, push and push and push yourself, but if you did make it the reward was that much sweeter and better. The payoff was you go into the history books and become wealthy or you die hungry and forgotten.

      If you have all of these excess dollars sloshing about, their value is less and hence the value of who can get hold of them is less. We used to, I think, see something similar in English pop music, where it was a lot harder to make it, and the ones who did had to be truly exceptional — hence the very high quality of the British invasion. There was also the invaluable treat of possibly becoming a knight; America doesn’t have any title worth anything close to becoming a knight, but if you’re a poor lad from wherever, Liverpool say, that’s like Charlie winning the ticket to the chocolate factory where his life is forever changed. American bands, yes we had some great ones, but also far more mediocrity. But also, modern America is all about rewarding average-ness and demonizing greatness. It’s a twisted society.

    • You are right about genetics. Virtually nothing can change in just a few generations (exceptions: selective breeding, but even in these cases the genome itself of the animals doesn’t change much; you are just selecting for desired alleles (traits)). Surely a lot of the changes in a century or so are due to the benefits (and non-benefits) of technology. People today are fatter, lazier and not mentally exercised as they were in Great Grandpa’s day. Virtually all of the first two are explained by diet and reduced exertion. Environmental toxins can affect all three. The ignorance part is highly explained by the deterioration of the education systems, perhaps also rise of TV and social media. Just the same, a lot of the damage is self-inflicted (especially excluding education). I certainly would not willingly trade 2020’s quality of life for 1920’s. I doubt you would either.

  21. I would argue that the problem is even deeper than the mixing pot conundrum. At the root, the Elites need to establish firm control over the masses because the peasants are well armed and will likely revolt when the Ponzi scheme collapses. Then, OH BOY, there will be hell to pay (think French Revolution redux). So they either manufacture docile sheeple or set them to fight among themselves as diversion. But there is an effective Plan B.

  22. Has there ever been a country with a unified people? Here in GB there are parts of the country that have looked down on each other for centuries. Northerners consider southerners to be effete, snobbish,pretentious,insincere and obsessed with money. While southerners endlessly mock the North for its endemic poverty and it’s relentless terrible grimness. Both groups like to laugh at people from the West Country who are thought of as gurning bucolic peasants with thick almost impenetrable accents.
    Here in Scotland we look down on the people and culture of other parts of Scotland and the whole of Britain looks down on Ireland.
    Zman is correct that familiarity breeds contempt. Let the Internet go the way of CB radio and also let 24/7 rolling news and those snarky shows,which seem to be largely confined to America,wither on the vine.

    • America inherited many of the English divisions. We don’t have a Welsh problem, but we have an Irish problem. We also inherited quarrelsome people form the Continent and we have a lot of Africans. America has been multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multicultural from the beginning. It works if everyone minds their own business, but the people in charge are that lone exception. They cannot mind their own business.

        • Let’s put it this way – my Irish grandmother, several generations removed from the old sod, died in 1995 still hating the British she’d never actually lived under.

          To this day, you’ll notice a lot of Irish still working to undermine the WASP elite, despite that elite being largely defunct.

          Ethnic hatred accounts for a lot more of our politics than you might suspect with a casual glance. Even before we started celebrating diversity. I suspect that even a lot of the participants don’t realize the roots of their conflicts as ethnic, but here we are.

          • I see it the same way. And I see the Civil War as mainly an ethnic feud of English vs Scots Irish with others mixed in. In fact, growing up in the south this was apparent in attitudes and so forth, for me merely an observer whose family was from Italy of all places.

            Incidentally, I have always thought an instructive bit of history for Americans, anybody really, would be the Guelph and Ghibelline wars. Many parallels with what we are experiencing today. Worth checking out.

          • I’m surprised that “European” ethnic enmity would last that many generations, especially removed from the mother countries. Ah, for the good old days, when a “mixed marriage” in many parts of America meant, for instance, a Lutheran and an Episcopalean 🙂

      • My new litmus test for SCOTUS appointees is a Freedom of Association absolutist. We need to get some one out there asking political candidates where they stand on FOA.

        • I’m not optimistic about ACB. Women who use both parents’ surnames are usually going to be a problem. White women do it to defy the patriarchy. Black women do it because their parents rarely get married.

          • It remains unclear how much a wife who’s had seven children defies the patriarchy. If naught else, it proves she’s a good Catholic 🙂

          • When I was married 10 years ago, I made sure my wife said “love, honor, and obey.” None of this “cherish” or “respect” bilge. The surname gambit is a huge tell regarding a woman’s presumptions regarding her place.

      • It also worked when there was a lot more space. One can still find space in this country, in theory. But any economically dynamic area now is a traffic-choked mess, with a rapidly expanding multicultural underclass.

      • Biologically multicultural but not ideologically so. The latter is an invention of the 20th century.

        • 19th century, when all the Euro immigration finally came to a stop. The 20th century was when the adaptation actually happened. Largely worked, too.

    • Has there ever been a country with a unified people?
      maybe if the country is very small like luxembourg or something

      • This is a good point; I think it’s because countries like Luxembourg are essentially city-states.

        When coupled with krustykurmudgeon’s map of Pennsylvania…
        …I think this observation shows us the way forward for peaceful separation: self-governing city-states surrounded by Autonomous Territories.

        The problem is how to get the rootless cosmopolitan elite in the city-states to relinquish their obsession with “converting the heathens” and their control over the Autonomous Territories.

        For example, the Electoral College might be one of the few things holding this dying country together. Without it, the New York metro, the Chicago metro, the LA metro and the Bay Area would set the tone for the entire country. Already, representatives from the Autonomous Territories that are elected to Washington end up converted by the elite anyway.

        These elite are determined to get rid of the Electoral College so their control over the Autonomous Territories is absolute, which rules out the “peaceful” part in separation. But if they can stop obsessing over the outlands and just let them go, maybe some kind of peaceful detente could be found.

        In the case of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg would no longer have to force one-size-fits-all laws and judicial decrees on the entire state, and the city-states of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia could do their own thing, while the Autonomous Territories in the rest of the state could do their own things. There’d still be trade and commerce between the territories and city-states, but the city-states could go all-out on mandatory integration and child sodomy while the territories practiced restrictive covenants and arranged heterosexual-only marriages.

        Unfortunately the history of empire suggests that the elite in the ruling city-states will never willingly let the Autonomous Territories go.

        • Depends if the center collapses, then, like in the dying U.S.S.R., every potential local potentate will try to form up his own country that he can be ruler of.

          • But that didn’t happen in the USSR. It was already a collection of countries that simply broke apart from the Union.

        • well the problem is that the urban people FEEL victimized. If you’re in California – do you want senators from Wyoming to pick judges to determine what YOUR gun laws should be?
          Maybe RBG is there King Hamlet or Steve Biko.

        • What you describe (Electoral College obsoleted) is quite possible. Removing the Electoral College and (might as well) get rid of two Senators from each State. Of course, these would require amending (or rewriting) the Constitution. Absent a more sudden collapse (civil war, revolution, partition, etc.) in fact, that is a logical and predictable change over many decades. As a liberal democracy grows more powerful, there is a natural urge to remove checks to its power, two of which are cited above. The logical outcome is a purely proportional representative parliament. Of course, whatever remaining shreds of State autonomy or rights will be long gone by then.
          I’m not aware of how individual States set up their governments, but the same principles apply.

  23. Codevilla wrote on this topic from a different direction a couple days back, and it’s useful to read that also. Thinking through the implications of a Trump loss in a couple months, he suggests our side will have to focus thus:

    To avoid having the left’s priorities forced on them and eschewing desire to force anything on the Left, to avoid a civil war of which the armed forces must be the arbiter, they would ask their voters to support plans for so de-centralizing government—that is, for a much-expanded federalism—as to guarantee their right to live the kinds of lives that other Americans are no longer willing or able to live.

    And, if Trump wins,

    They neither want nor are any longer able to live as Americans had lived until so recently. Loudly, they declare that the rest of us are racists, etc., unworthy of self-government. No one can undo that. Chances are against the undoing happening on its own. The longer we pretend to live under precisely the same laws, the likelier we will end up killing one another. We must not do that. 

    So, in either case, a vast expansion of the idea of federalism, which amounts to maybe a half-separation.

    Codevilla is right. Z is right. It’s the only way. But the ruling class will never allow it. There will be blood, and lots of it. Hope I’m wrong.

  24. David Hackett Fischer’s “Albion’s Seed” discusses the four distinct cultural groups of English settlers. And that’s just from England.

    • I thought about the same point. People visiting the British colonies in North America before independence remarked that the regions (New England Puritans, Pennsylvania Quakers, Virginia Cavaliers, and Scots-Irish frontiersmen) differed more than did countries in Europe. There was significant secessionist sentiment in New England as late as the War of 1812.
      Unfortunately, the geography of separation is going to be agonizing and may be anything but peaceful–there are blue pockets in red America and vice-versa. It may prove as bloody as the partition of British India into mostly-Hindu India and mostly-Muslim Pakistan and (presently) Bangladesh. A couple of days ago Azerbaidjan and Armenia began fighting over an enclave of Armenians in Azerbaidjan. There are tensions among ethnic Hungarians in the Transylvania region of Romania. Ethnic Russians in Ukraine want to be part of Russia; the people in the Crimea got their wish and the question in Donbass is undecided. The breakup of the (formerly) United States will, in the event, probably be messy.
      I sometimes wonder if a genuinely United States might have been possible if the disastrous policy choices of the 1960s had not been made. It’s possible that in 1960 that the United States was on its way to becoming a genuinely united people, in two to three generations (50-75 years). Unfortunately, the basis for immigration was changed dramatically and there was an attempt to bring the blacks into the American people. Both have failed miserably. Perhaps, however, the bases for the failed policies were already “baked into the cake” by 1960.
      Another top-notch commentary by the Z-man!

      • I think in the future there will in fact be at least two countries. The first that most people will want to remain in is the Land of the Living. The second option is…. 😈

  25. They talk about unifying the country. Then they bring up issues particular to very small minorities, constantly harangue us about it in their media and rub our noses in it.

  26. We should go back to that loose confederation of states with some modifications like they were SUPPOSED to do in Philadelphia in 1787.

  27. I find myself on both sides of this topic. There are certainly deep regional differences that continue to make coexistence difficult, and yet I recognize ‘American-ness’ in people from all over the country. There is a half-formed nation, I think, but neglected, the project of nation building halfheartedly pursued or abandoned.

    Which is probably why I’m still a fan of federalism, because Americans will come together to defend each other, yet it’s still better to let people govern themselves and avoid the civil warring.

    • The Zman himself noted that French provinces spoke different dialects.

      Felix Krull added that no one could speak or understand Jutland.

      Their past, our future?
      That would accept the ‘melting pot’ premise. Except with ladyboy trannies.

      • I see my mistake. Accepting unConstitutional federal powers.

        Speaking as a 1910 libertarian, the best tradeoff in most of our issues still seems to be the original:
        the 10th Amendment.

        But, that’s useless nostalgia, with the Hordes arriving. Things have changed.

    • PaitnerofForms, I agree with you. “Conservatism” as presently defined is not going to solve all our problems, but the Constitution and federalism were in fact conceived to address some of the exact problems we are now facing. They are good concepts, and not exhausted, in my view.

    • One can dream. Maybe that would be the one good thing about a Trump win, that the left, the nominal rulers, would tire of the bother of ruling of people they despise.

  28. reminds me of these lyrics from “Jesus was a Capricorn” by Kris Kristofferson:
    Eggheads cursin’, rednecks cussin’
    Hippies for their hair
    Others laugh at straights who laugh at
    Freaks who laugh at squares
    Some folks hate the Whites
    Who hate the Blacks who hate the Klan
    Most of us hate anything that
    We don’t understand

  29. (“The great patriotic struggle…” Ha! Stalin salutes you!)

    “The Puritan settlers were on one side of the English Civil War, while the people of the South were on the other.”

    Now there is an interesting thought experiment.

    What if the Colonies had not become one country, but two?

    (And then, what about Canada?)

    • An interesting thought experiment is what if North America had evolved along the lines of South America with some large powers and a number of small ones.

      • Balance-of-power theory is basically two large states balanced by three small.

        Yours is an interesting proposition indeed; when we were all British or French citizens, I think the powers had a Europe of the Americas in mind, with sovereign Indian nations as confederations, a League.

  30. An additional problem with social media and the internet is these people think they are experts on everything, but know almost nothing. The Trump tax return leak is another good example. We now have thousands of blue check liberals on Twitter, most of whom couldn’t pass accounting 101 claiming Trump cheated on his taxes. All they have done is demonstrate their total ignorance of tax law and real estate investing. People on the right who venerate the Founders should understand how few Americans today the Founders would have wanted to have the franchise.

    • these people think they are experts on everything, but know almost nothing.

      I think this applies to the last several decades of Liberal Arts and Humanities grads as well.

    • Well put. On that very topic this morning, I posted on ZH more or less: “It was not without reason that the Founders of this country only let educated, property-owning males vote, or that States had their legislatures choose the President and Vice President.”

  31. There can be no peaceful separation. This is clear to any student of history. The decaying corpse of Weimerica will attract swarms of buzzards and we will fight over whatever scraps remain till there is nothing left.

    It will get ugly, dark and horrible. But from incredible pain and suffering – maybe – something new and beautiful will be forged:
    The Aryan Reich!

    Imagine it: a white ethnostate inspired by the one country that was able to effectively (if temporarily) contain the degenerate, perverse sickness of j*wish modernity. And they died as martyrs for the cause.

    For *your* cause…and mine.

      • I guess you guys aren’t ready for this kind of straight talk yet.

        The time will come when you will be. It is the inevitable conclusion of where we’re headed now.

        • I’m a tad puzzled by the negative responses I’m getting. I get it on the one hand….it’s kind of a Pavlovian reflex to lash out whenever someone voices forbidden thoughts.

          But I assumed – perhaps naively – here in this particular corner of the Internet people would be able to see the writing on the wall more clearly.

          I mean what really is the alternative? Do you guys honestly believe there is even the slightest chance of America in its current form surviving the coming darkness? Or any other occidental country for that matter? Or democracy?

          We’re *all* going back into the fire to be forged anew. The republic is dead. The rule of law is dead. We’re right back to where we’ve always been: “Homo homini lupus est.

          Embrace monstrosity!

          • “Do you guys honestly believe there is even the slightest chance of America in its current form surviving the coming darkness?”

            Perhaps not. But there is no chance that pinheads such as yourself could lead a successful effort in holding back the darkness you decry. Your ramblings betray you and the group here is too smart to mistake such for thoughtful commentary and potential leadership.

            I’m sure there’s a place for your “thoughts” in other venues, seek them out, and exchange them with the other bottom feeders.

          • Perhaps not. But there is no chance that pinheads such as yourself could lead a successful effort in holding back the darkness you decry.

            Why not? I’m honestly curious. I’m a pragmatist at heart. I care about effective and viable solutions above all else. I’d appreciate it if you could tell me precisely why you think this way.

            Your ramblings betray you and the group here is too smart to mistake such for thoughtful commentary and potential leadership.

            In what way do my ramblings betray me? Again, I get the paranoia and I’m not saying it doesn’t make sense to be cautious because, clearly, it does.

            But on the off chance I’m not actually an FBI spook don’t you think it might be a mistake to shoot the messenger here, so to speak?

            And I’m not looking for any leadership role. I’m simply looking to get involved in this struggle. All I want is to do my part in whatever capacity I’ll be permitted to.

      • “Weimarica”! Funny! As for FBI, possible but I doubt they have anyone on the payroll literate enough to write such a post, sadly.

  32. I’m not sure how you peacefully separate on a planet that’s run out of real estate to separate to. It’s not like any of the countries currently holding the land are going to surrender it without a fight.

    There’s no more American frontier for disgruntled Europeans, not even a wild west for disgruntled Easterners to escape to.

    Mars, maybe? I can see some advantages. First, it’ll be expensive to get there, which pretty much rules out any Section 8 transplants. Then, staying alive would be difficult enough that any Affirmative Action imports would probably Darwin themselves out of the picture in short order.

    Unfortunately, that’s probably a pipe dream for the foreseeable future. What we need is a frontier to escape to, and there’s no more frontiers available.

    • When there’s no frontier to escape to, that’s when diversity + proximity = war (Chateau Heartiste) makes an appearance.

    • That’s how I see it. In the Christ’s time, the human race totalled 200 million.

      In 1960, it was 3 billion. Now?

      What I suspect is tptb intend to force a new, wide open frontier. (We kill each other.) Of course, after they have ridden that wave to the top, an insanely dangerous gambit.

      In the long stretch of time, it will be seen as all for the best.

      The civilized world was already responding to Nature’s demand, slowing growth– but no, the powers did not get to the top by being civilized.

      • Re last statement. True enough. The problem is the less-civilized parts of the Globe are breeding like rabbits. Virtually all of their “success” was initiated (Western medicine, food, tech) and is sustained by flows (gov’t, NGO) from richer countries (primarily the West.) Large fractions of the surplus population has been moving into Europe, and the USA to a lesser extent. None of those trends are sustainable, and it’s hard to imagine anything that is not a disaster for all parties concerned, when the music finally stops.

        • Every developed nation and most under developed nations have below replacement fertility if not actual population decline.
          Even Brazil is there, going from like 4 to 1.8 which is where we are at.
          . The exceptions are Africa and a few parts of the Middle East, the later is also slowing.
          Its self correcting if short sighted cheap labor/big business types can have be kept from having immigration and if we are willing to get nasty.

    • Every livable place on Earth was settled a long time ago. The American West was not taken without a fight. Roman North Africa was the frontier for the Arabs long ago. Central Asia and parts of Africa is the frontier for Chinese people today.
      Frontier is a state of mind, not a place. No frontier can exist for a people who value peace over strength.

    • There could be. Vast tracts of public lands in the west could be reopened for homesteading.

      The amount of “public” lands west of the Rockies vs. the fully settled lands to the east are staggering. (CGP Grey has a good presentation on why this is…”conservation”, mostly)

      Reauthorize the Homestead Act. Maybe, just maybe, there are men among us who have the stomach for true homesteading (not the, “I bought a quarter acre in a planned development and planted a tomato plant variety”).

      • There’s plenty of land available for homesteading in Appalachia. The land is too hilly to be prime farmland, but it’s still decent farmland or ranchland, properly husbanded, and there’s nothing much attracting people to the area so you can often get a good piece of acreage very cheap.

        • I like having the Internet and stores dislike farming(I’ve done it) and the people there are as foreign to me as Mexicans in some ways.
          I think a lot of , maybe the majority of people hold similar views adjusted for every culture.
          Calls to move back to villages will fall on deaf ears for most. Caveat a collapse of course.
          What we have to do is fix urban life , manage costs and demography and accept that if we are to keep , life will be more urban and the Dissident Right will have to deal with that kind of population.
          No running to Monticello 2.0 and hiding from the reality of an urban population but instead we become the big city mayors. After we clean the place up of course.

      • It’s a common saying among historians that “the story of the West is the story of water,” namely because in most of it, there isn’t any

        • We could employ a lot of strong backs digging big, honking canals to Canada. A strong back is a terrible thing to waste.

          • Tractors do a better job and make work is degrading. No one digging that hole is dumb enough to not know you are only doing it to keep them busy because you think idle hands are the devils playground
            Honestly sometimes I think the Dissident Right needs 40K style Commissars with Shock Prods and every time they try to use outdated “last centuries” solutions they get a zap in the nuts and a “current year is 2020 maggot!” reminder

        • I’ll concede that. “Whiskey’s for drinkin’, water is for fightn'”.

          Ylegeasis ridiculous book “One Billion Americans” made the rounds on twatter yesterday. His crowning argument was a sattelite picture of the very richest agricultural lands of the Midwest lamenting that “they’re not very crowded”.

          Left out of the crop…the other half of the country this is bone dry desert.

          • The main regional aquifer there is also bone dry. Not that many years if we don’t figure a fix , that place will be Saudi Arabia.

      • People do not want to homestead else they’d be doing it.
        There is a reason rural villages everywhere are hemorrhaging population and contributing to the fertility correction. Most people do not wish to farm, are happy with a couple of kids and want a pleasant comfy life not a hardscrabble one.
        This is natural and healthy.

    • Its fundamentally impossible to go to Mars. The tech doesn’t exist, the planet doesn’t have an atmosphere, the soil is made of basially rocket fuel and we aren’t sure there any usable water there.
      In any case cutting and running is the problem. You have to get your mind in the game to win.
      The first thing you have to ask yourself is what do my kids and grandkids get? When you can answer that you can get ready for the real deal.

  33. Of course the big issue here is: black people.
    By extension, the powers-that-be need a black conclave in every square mile of the nation in an attempt to head off any break-up, while all it does is make whatever future break-up that happens extra bloody.

    • Blacks aren’t the only social ill (although, admittedly, they’re high on the list, here in the USA). At least twice in Twentieth Century, Europe managed to kill tens of millions of their own, with nary a Black, indeed, scarcely any non-Caucasian, involved (excluding the US military when it arrived upon the scene.)

      • True, but looking back on 200 years of “brother wars” it’s hard to see one that wasn’t, in retrospect, a really bad idea.
        To an extent, from the American Civil War onwards it was pretty much the same white tribal warfare that had been around for thousands of years, but with none of the sides taking the industrialization of warfare into account.

      • Perhaps you’d consider the outre’ possibility that we’re being enticed to do it again. A 20th, and now a 21st C. replay of the Catholic-Protestant wars.

  34. There will never be peaceful separation. Land and rights are earned, not given away.

    The antifas are highly armed and insane. The FBI also controls MS13, and various other gangs who will come after you.

    Tptb have decided that whites need to be killed, since they’ve realized they will fight back rather than submit. I can’t tell if the current insanity is a sign of them winning or a sign of them losing.

    They hate us and want us dead – take it at face value – no peaceful separation will happen.

      • We are fighting back just by existing, by reproducing, by not giving in spiritually. We are under immense pressure and yet a good chunk of us do not bow.

        Everything tptb have done to us is psychological, so far.

        Fighting back in a hot war though? We will see.

        • A big part of the problem is that these MAGA types think that they’re winning.

          They’re going to be in for a big surprise (and it won’t be the Teddy Bear’s Picnic)

        • So true. When I am out and about laughing and bouncing, black people look at me like “didn’t he get the memo??”

          I think they get bothered by it. In fact, I am sure they do by their reactions and facial expressions. A happy white person upsets them immensely.

          • I’ve noticed the same thing. So don’t give it to them.

            Didn’t he see the commercials, where white men are weak beta cucks?

            Didn’t he learn on Pornhub that all white women crave the stronger BBC?

            Didn’t Netflix tell him that his daughters should be pimped out to pedophiles?

            It’s spiritual and psychological warfare on whites, Christianity, and family. They hate happy, healthy, normal, white people, especially white families.

          • “I’ve noticed the same thing. So don’t give it to them.”
            This. My reaction to the last year of chaos is to laugh at nonsense more, to stand straighter, to be actively optimistic. We are in a moral battle even more than a physical battle. Be aggressively optimistic.

          • Employees at my company (thousands and thousands of employees in the States, countless more around the world) got our glossy brochure in the mail yesterday that outlined our health care choices for next year. The cover had a smiling jogger with his tar baby sprog in his arms; the photos inside were an array of mystery meats. Not a single photo of a white person, which is par for the course these days. It’s not an attempt to appear balanced, it’s a full-on assault on the existence of whites.

            We were just given surveys to fill regarding our views on management. One of the first questions was along the lines of “Do you think (the company) is doing a good job in its commitment to DIE?” Now, my answer was that it’s not. It is clearly hostile to me and my people. But answering that it’s not doing a good job would surely be interpreted as a need to ram more anti-white propaganda down our throats. So your choices are to say, “Yes, the DIE program is wonderful!” or “Give us more DIE!”

            We’re told the surveys are anonymous…

          • I can remember getting that brochure one year. The cover featured a dark chocolate jogger leading a yoga session with two very blonde white women in a park setting. All were clad in form-fitting clothing.

            Opening the brochure revealed an image of the jogger with his arms around the shoulders of both white women, beaming with an ear-to-ear smile.

            Into the circular file it went.

            I am certain the hand rubber responsible for the brochure was able to travel backwards through time.

        • It’s true. To be hated and disenfranchised in your own country, to be made to give up a big chunk of your earnings to subsidize and advance the people who hate you— and to carry on working, voting, paying taxes, obeying the law, starting families— it’s remarkable.

          I’m proud to be a (white) American. In spite of our flaws and goodwhites and endless tolerance of indignity, I’m proud. I don’t care what anyone says, we’re the best humanity has.

          (When I’m not criticizing those flaws 🙂 )

          • to be made to give up a big chunk of your earnings to subsidize and advance the people who hate you

            This is why I get super pissed off when the Cloud People start making moralizing noise about, “patronizing jogger-owned businesses.”

            Having half my yearly earnings stolen and passed on by the government isn’t enough?

        • As a race, Whites are far too civil. As a group, we are too forgiving. But we (and our enemies) forget that, pushed into a corner, we are fully capable of being as savage and barbarous as is necessary to our survival. We also tend to be more competent than other races, and this will extend into brutality should it become necessary. As an old Star Trek episode said, a civilized man can pretend to be a savage (or, behave like one if necessary), but it’s impossible for the barbarian to pretend he’s civilized.

        • Rittenhouse fought back. Whites in Texas, Idaho and Michigan have also fought back. The notion that all whites have lain down is a red herring, and a very rotten one, too.

      • The last few months have been eye-opening. I think there will be a point where Whites do fight back, but that is based more on spidey sense than actual proof thus far.

      • Maybe. But think of what smart people see so far: any attempt to defend ourselves as men results in ruined lives. Consider the possibility that our guys understand the futility of getting in a fist fight with Antifa (the absurd Proud Boys) or daring to defend yourself with a mere show of force (the St. Louis couple). It’s possible we are cowed. It’s also possible we are not.

          • That’s the thing though. Is it ever really over as long as some survive? No doubt Khrushchev thought it was over, as did many others. It ain’t over until it’s over. Then it’s over.

            Victory is more likely if you can choose the time and place of your battles.

          • Most of us are still reeling from the realization that we are in an existential war inside our own land, something that very few thought remotely possible. Psychologically, it is December 8, 1941. Don’t count us out. Most still hope that we can vote our way out. When (not if) it becomes clear that we cannot, then we shall see.

          • Probably the best answer I’ve seen to this question.

            Its amazing how dissidents will turn into “Muh #2A” NormieCons when you embark on this line of questioning.

          • Most of us are still reeling from the realization that we are in an existential war inside our own land”

            Yes, it is the best. Kudos to Horace.

          • Another difference is that on Dec 7th, 1941 we had a more or less unified ruling class that stepped up to the plate to lead the nation, physically too, on the front lines (ex JFK, GHWB). There was no crisis of lack of leadership to organize the people in collective self defense.

            We have Trump in the year 2020 with all his civnat flaws, and no deep ruling class leadership cadres behind him. We are more like the Sunni Lebanese at the beginning of the Israeli 1982 invasion and occupation of Lebanon.

            The Lebanese were not entirely unhappy to see the Israelis at the start. The Palestinians who had been raiding south from Lebanon into Israel were guests who had long since worn out their welcome. Once it became clear both that the Israelis had no intention of ever leaving and that they treated the Lebanese like Palestinians, the rural Sunni Lebanese had to get organized.

            Their people had not faced an existential threat in many hundreds of years so they started with nothing, the men of a family, then a few cooperating families. Local family/village nodes of resistance, simultaneously self-organizing all over their country, coalesced over time agreeing on higher levels of leadership. Eventually Hezbollah was formed and they are no longer under foreign occupation. It was a bottom-up rather than a top-down organizational process.

            The take-home message is that just because we don’t have a pre-made leadership class ready to lead us into battle against our enemies doesn’t mean that the war is over and lost. It is just beginning. Others have been victorious against longer odds. The ‘leadership’ in the establishment Republican Party will eventually discredit itself and American self-organizing will begin in earnest.

      • The media is gaslighting you into submission in a very clever way.
        What they do is not report on the things that show White fighting back to create a false sense of helplessness.
        Even so I have seen multi thousand man militias show up in places like Klamath and elsewhere and Antifa getting shot in Austin and of course Kenosha.
        Trump rallies are a push back and we have huge informal ones even here in California.
        What you don’t see is offensive action. Its all defense.
        This is frustrating but there isn’t a Right Wing movement with common goals as of yet and “lets end this thing” is too much to ask for Conservatives at this point.
        We also can’t until we rebuild some of our industry otherwise we risk too much.
        So we vote and that’s all right for the short time.
        I council patience and understanding that just because we don’t want pointless street clashes in Left Wing cities doesn’t mean we aren’t fighting.

      • No on on the Right is really ready for a campaign of conquest and genocide if its even possible to be ready for such a thing.
        The last time we took land was 75 years ago and we put down bases not conquered in the direct sense. The last true conquest was the Indian Wars and that was probably a a century and a half ago.
        Also it helps to have both a need and an ideology to conquer things. We don’t have an ideology, a surplus population and truth to tell don’t really need the resources.
        Worse if we did take resources instead of shoring up gains we’d have to keep all the grifters from just selling our inheritance to China for a mess of pottage.

  35. You used to be able to be a lone wolf in this country. You could be by yourself but knowing there were others around to keep the place safe for you to roam

    And it worked vice versa

    But of course desegregation and now mass brown immigration ruined it

    The America I love is the America I got to know on those moonlit walks in the south getting to know the land. And everybody was the same in that way and would go out and smell the honeysuckles in the night air. It was beautiful.

    Take that away from me, and you can keep this over populated shithole

    • The Homestead Act officially ended in 1976 (1986 for Alaska). It was a fantastic “safety valve”; the cranks among us (many, esp. here!) were able to trade hard work over time for a real piece of land to live on.

      More importantly, any land not claimed by the states or private ownership was officially federalized. In western states (Alaska, especially), the actual amount of private land is comparatively very, very small. Governments (state/feds) are quite jealous of their privileges.

      Homestead Act repealed for many reasons, but mostly…the government grabbed what was left of the “good stuff”. They might regret not having that “safety valve”, however.

      • I am looking for land back where I’m from in Florida, and anywhere really with green hills and rivers. Planning to move. But anyway, can you imagine owning your own swim hole. I wonder if any are left or if they have all been taken by the various city, county, state, etc governments. I’d pay a good amount to own my own swim hole or a small spring. I can’t think of anything better. I doubt any are left for private ownership.

        • My gosh, west Wisconsin for you then. Eau Claire. Buy hunting acreage if you don’t want to stay the winter, (and you won’t).

          The prop taxes are not cheap, but I was talking to guys with 100 acre parcels for hunting. Sparkling rivers and lots of ’em with the sweetest folk in the USA.

          For southern humidity, south Missouri. Abandoned hay farms all over, fishing and hunting galore.

          Every little town simply closes down the first week of deer season because nobody will show up for work.

          Come to think- Lake of the Ozarks.

          Huge. No bottom. All redneck.

  36. Reminds me, from yesterday, of commenter Karl Horst (Germany) that America is a dumping ground for eurotrash. Foolish and inaccurate indeed. You say they were indifferent or hostile with the old world. More accurate and I understand more than ever their motivation.

    Social media and the other ways we are exposed to constantly the inane opinions and lifestyles of others is our undoing for sure. Covid sure didn’t help with all the docile compliant members of my extended family. Really has driven a wedge and I find withdrawal the only choice. I wish there was a workable way for many of us to have peaceful separation from the poz.

    • Maybe that’s why Freedom of Association (which is derived from Freedom of Assembly) was such a big deal in the document formerly known as The Constitution. To bad they did not list Freedom of Association expressly.

    • Horst’s criticisms were not entirely invalid. A large fraction of the early immigrants to America were hardly the cream of European society. Let’s see, we have oddball religions, on our side of the Atlantic we called it “freedom of religion,” but in Europe it was more a case of “You can leave, or we can kill you.” Now just having unconventional faith should not be a crime, nor should it necessarily be an impediment to building a civlization (although sometimes it is — witness Islam). But we also got a large supply of indentured servants, little better than slaves. Also a helping of criminals, often in that same category. Other countries were similarly populated. Australia comes to mind. That such riff-raff would not have affected a country’s development is inconceivable. And what are two of the looniest English-speaking governments at present? The USA and Australia? Tie?
      Alas, the next time there is a push to rid oneself of the trash, I don’t think there are any new lands to be colonized. So that leaves only the concentration camps or a similar solution 🙁

      • Sorry, but Germany can’t take credit for concentration camps. British concentration camps were operated in South Africa during the Second Anglo-Boer War which lasted from 1900–1902.
        We just took a good idea and made it more efficient. It’s what we do.

        • Andersonville was a American Civil War prison camp. 45,000 Union soldiers were held in captivity at Andersonville. Of these, nearly 13,000 died.

        • You can take all the credit, Horst. Concentration camps were first used in the Spanish-Cuban war-the Prussian military adviser came up with the idea.
          To be fair he claimed he was inspired by the treatment of native Americans in reservations by the US government.
          The German death camps were not concentration camps: they were designed to exterminate the people in them, the Boers survived the war even though they lost, the unlucky tribes herded into your camps fared poorly even though you lost. The Germans named them concentration camps as a useful piece of propaganda and to imply that there would be survivors after the war.

    • @ David Wright
      Actually it’s a very accurate statement. 
      It was German noblemen who encouraged German peasants to immigrate to Texas with the intention of colonization. The Black Forrest was almost completely de-forrested in order to provide fuel for the growing industrial revolution and the underclass in Germany were getting out of hand as farms began to collapse.

      Unfortunately, malaria and the Comanches took their toll as they got off the boats. But those Germans who did survive left their mark all over the Texas map in towns you can find today such as New Braunfels, Fredericksburg, or Lukenbach. I read that a 1990 US census estimated 17 of Americans were of German descent.

      The history of thousands of Irish immigrants who fled the potato famine is legendary and they made up large numbers of the dead and wounded during the Civil War on both sides. Look up Irish Rebels, Confederate Tigers: A History of the 6th Louisiana Volunteers.

      But unlike the Italians who came later, at least they didn’t bring the mafia with them.

      The Swiss government literally gave their poor a one way ticket to America to get rid of undesirables: paupers who did not have citizens’ rights and members of the Baptist, Anabaptist and Mennonite dissident religious sects.

      Chinese provided the labor for the Union Pacific and filled the Sierras with their graves. 

      Impoverished Poles, Russians and Latvians made their way to the slaughterhouses of Chicago. Read The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair.

      As I said, Euro-trash and foreigners. All well documented. You only need read it.

      • There are interesting videos on Youtube of current Germans traveling to Texas to compare their modern language with the fossilized German still spoken in the backwaters of the Lone Star State.

        The German dialect spoken by our local Amish is even less mutually intelligible.

  37. If this was true 200 years ago, it’s exponentially worse today. As for any kind of peaceful separation, I can’t see it. The powers that be won’t allow it, while they continue to pour gas on the flames.

    • I wold suggest that the principal utility of a post like Z’s is how it outlines a solution that is at once obviously necessary, the only possible peaceful result, completely reasonable, and also utterly impossible.

      They will never let us go.

      • BTP and usNthem, that was exactly what the ruling apparatchiks of the Soviet Union thought: They would never let the captive nations (peoples) go. Until it happened.

      • If white men woke up, we could do it. When it comes down to it, all of our problems are white men having allowed them to happen. The 19th amendment, the war between the states, protestantism…etc hehe.

  38. Several nuggets of wisdom in this essay, beginning with…”America was a land with people, rather than a people with a land”…and ends much the same way…”It is a land of people, lots of different people, not a people with a land”….
    ZMan concludes “What will bring peace, is what always kept the peace. That is peaceful separation”.
    Depending on how one might define ‘peace’ and ‘separation’, likely it will be a choice – peace, or separation. Pick one.

    • I think it could happen. If we worked out a separation, even one like the original constituion implied, we could do it. We would have to let people be with their people and socially discourage mixing. I’d give up a few states to blacks or latins or Indians, for peace.

      But its going to take a huge disaster like a major war. We can’t get their through persuasion. People minds are too liberal.

  39. Uncharacteristic of you to engage in such optimism, which is that removing the lid would be effective or even possible. The Ruling Class wants a boiling pot, a devil for their religion, and social unrest. I’m really not sure as to why–I have thoughts, but can’t even explain why they decided to go Khmer Rogue on the cities.

    I don’t know what the end game is. But peaceful unification and tolerance sure ain’t it. White genocide seems to be part of it but not all of it. We may soon learn. The divisions are welcomed, though, and exploited, and the current manipulation of the husk of government demonstrate this daily.

    • A one world Marxist government over IQ – 1 to – 2 SD, Coudenhove-Kalergi mongrels governed by a tiny, hand-rubbing elite, enforced via a networked tyranny of social credit and vaccination hoops to jump through.

    • I think the attack on the cities is the first attack on white gentiles or libs. I saw this with white women; I remember telling them last year or maybe the year before, that the hordes were coming for them next. I could start to see the shift in advertisements where white women — in scattered commercials, not quite heavy yet — were being portrayed and mocked gently for the time being as fools or foolish.

      This is an attack on white people. The people who gentrify will not be spared. They have just been saved for last. The JJJs and blacks are out for blood.

    • “Boiling pot” is an incomplete analogy. Instead, how about a pressure cooker filled with water, with its weight and safety release both welded shut, over a high flame? What could possibly go wrong? Google “boiler explosion” for a sobering learning experience.

      • Respectfully disagree Ben. For those who accept the boiling-pot metaphor, our present condition is very similar to the last decade or two of the USSR. Gorbachev came along and recognized the problem. He tried to vent some steam, which usually causes the explosion. In that respect Trump may be our Gorbachev. Have to wait and see; it may not be long now.

        • Sharp insight. I’d add what happened here, USA in the late 60’s, with the jogger riots across the nation. We had a 100 years of suppression since the CW, then came the second great “emancipation”.

          All Jim Crow laws removed, voting rights act, programs galore started to uplift the “negro”. Result…almost immediate riots from said folk. Cities burned. The reaction…more groveling, apologies, AA and welfare. And it hasn’t stopped since.

    • The ruling class will never allow freedom of association within this country, or at least they’ll never let you have it. The far-left’s coalition is only stabilized by pitting various fringe groups against normal whites. They must always promise to vanquish the white demon on behalf of the POC, establishing their leadership over them and preserving their wealth and status in the process. Thus, the endless humiliations our side has to endure. That’s what they mean by “unity.” They want you to sit back and take it for their sake.

      Allowing middle-class whites to associate among themselves would imply exclusion of their pet demographics, thus insulting them. The ruling class can’t allow that. They will never let you separate within this system. They can’t or they’ll be overthrown by the tiger they have by the ears. Your best bet is peaceful separation in the sense of a national breakup.

  40. It’s true that the people in New England were different than the white people in the South, and that New Yorkers were different than people in California or Texas, etc, but they were all like siblings when comparing them to “New Americans”, such as the Somalis, Hondurans, and Pakistanis today.

    • I recognize that they’re not my people – but white liberals can be really insufferable. Hondurans are quite predictable with hbd, as are Pakistanis.

      I prefer them to white libs (who are the ones causing all the problems) but they should be in Honduras and Pakistan. Let’s be honest, the liberals who control things give them everything, and why wouldn’t they take it? It’s like blaming a dog for getting fat.

      3rd worlders in the community are a symptom not the root problem.

      • Exactly. I think we can all agree, even with our dusky hued neighbors, we are united in our loathing of white liberals. Their dystopia is a functioning society to us, and their utopia is a myopic slow burning dystopia for us. Liberals are or can be useful members of the human family, but they must be skillfully lorded over.

        • Alzaebo: Its almost like they literally formed two countries, but the satanic puritans could not stand being rejected and so genocided their “brothers” and terror-raped their “sisters” into accepting their “union.” Almost like “unification” has always meant subjugation to the puritan yankee.

      • The Damnyankee is the enemy of Western Civilization, Christendom, and White culture, either in his new world form as lincoln and then the sjw, or their satanic predecessors the puritans and roundheads. The world cannot suffer waiting to eject the Damnyankee 109 times; fool me three times, you’re off to a camp.

      • Quite right. Hondurans and Pakis didn’t create multiculti, anti-white ideology. That was a product of the Frankfurt School and postmodernism, which, in turn, were created by whites and Jews.

    • It’s the same here. Most Germans consider Bavarian’s to be right wing conservative hillbillies. Despite the fact they are one of the most wealthy and politically influential states. 
      Most Americans associate Oktoberfest with Munich or Karneval in Köln, For us, neither is considered a cultural highlight of Germany but it is who we are like it or not.

      • Well, now we associate muslim rape gangs with Koeln. Bet you guys miss the old stereotypes now, thanks to Frau Merkel.

        • True. France and the UK have seen it too. But unlike Germany, their foreign flood was from the old colonial days. Merkel may have done a lot of good for Germany, but no one will forgive or forget that mistake. And you know Germans, forgive and forget is not in our DNA.

          • “The old colonial days”-UK’s migration history is not like that of France. Blair and New Labour invited in the majority of these people,and the Tories conserved this new tradition.
            France was importing people into Europe before WW2.

      • Well, maybe not quite up there with Beethoven, Goethe and Mainz Cathedral, but still pretty dam’ good!

    • The other day a poster (sorry, I forget who) listed all the legislation of the mid-60s: Civil Rights Act, Hart-Celler, etc. Every sponsor was a 1st-gen child of an immigrant from outside the culture and sphere of founding America (Hajnal Line.)

  41. The only way to make a peaceful, truly tolerant society is to only allow solid social foundations to operate in the daylight and to maintain harsh social stigmas that keep degeneracy in the shadows.
    Contrary to popular opinion, gays had their orgies as long as they were discreet, minorities could live in peace in their crime ridden hellholes as long as they kept it in their neighborhood, and men could pay for a lady’s night services as long as they kept it in the seedy district.
    As can be easily discerned from reading Age of Entitlement, attempts at compromise and appeasement just makes these people more evil and their demands more ridiculous. Your so-called compassion is throwing pearls before swine.
    When freaks and degenerates try to push their crap on respectable people, the first response needs to be ruthless suppression until the freaks decide that the previous state of affairs was far superior to trying to worm their way into polite society.

    • When freaks and degenerates try to push their crap on respectable people, the first response needs to be ruthless suppression until the freaks decide that the previous state of affairs was far superior to trying to worm their way into polite society.

      Exactly. Judgement is absolutely necessary, in all societies; yet we find our leaders exercising their judgement, but toward the wrong thing. For example, the case of women who have slept with many men being celebrated, this seems to encourage further bad behaviour because ’empowerment’. The judgement will be extended to the responsible female seeking a family, because ‘its the 21st century’.

      I have always found observing random strangers in their interactions with the various grifters of society to be telling. Where I used to live there was a drug addicted lady who would walk up and down the high street giving her sob story to strangers. She seemed to pick women as marks far more frequently than men. As I sat in the pub opposite, I’d watch the faces of the women she engaged: at first fear, and then a sympathy came over their features… They bought the ruse and would hand over cash.

      This gets back to what you were saying about ‘freaks and degenerates’ needing to be ruthlessly rebutted – most of the people this lady approached didn’t have it in them, they probably wanted to be seen as ‘good and virtuous’ so they could tell their friends. In this daft way, our modern society helps to encourage these swine.

      • The degenerates and swine are useful tools for the destruction of the middle classes. Most of these incorrigible perverts inhabit the amazingly wealthy Media Class. Never take your eye off the ball. Even the elites get caught up and foolishly begin to believe their own drivel. And when that happens, you know the endgame approaches.

      • Even here in semi-rural* East Butt Plug™ there is the occasional panhandler, usually in store parking lots. However, manning a corner or median at an intersection is popular too. I rarely donate, in fact that is just reinforcing bad behavior. But, if your cirucmstances allow, a great gambit is when a bum asks for cash, instead offer to buy him food or whatever. Sometimes they accept, but it’s telling when they get a look of disgust and go away in search of a softer touch 🙂
        *Various definitions exist. However, a luxury subdivision bordered by a hog farm, pastures and a mobile home park probably qualifies 😀

      • Grifters like that lady have existed always. But as you wrote, never before was society actually set up to humor them.

    • My thinking has always been that sexual weirdness or some perhaps dark desires or just plain everyday lust, these things are inevitable — for better or for worse.

      And knowing this, a mature and reasonable society would try to accommodate these things but also do well to keep them under wraps as much as possible. Which is why I think if we are going to have vice and licentiousness, keep it contained; put all the whores and gambling and drugs in a red light district and keep it there.

      But putting strip bars in regular neighborhoods where kids can see them, or advertising sex toys in a storefront next to a pizza parlor, how can normal people let this happen.

      • In Toronto, even way outside the gay district, couldn’t seem to walk a block without seeing adverts and stores with two half-naked men kissing alongside innocuous restaurants.
        Explains the distinct lack of children in the city. Even the most clueless lib knows something is wrong about an environment like that for children.

        • The joke is on them, lol. The “developers” flush with Chinese cash are buying up every block and putting up glass monster condos. Including on Church Street (the Gay District street).

          Anyways, the city is 45% white and dropping. Peel Region next door is 30% white. These 2 areas have the lowest fertility rate in Canada (around 1.2). The lower the better in this case.

      • Even compromising to the extent that the red light district has a “right” to exist will empower degeneracy. Uw will spread from there, as it has

        No, you can’t wipe it all out because new degenerates are born every day and most of the old ones aren’t worth bothering with. But you periodically raze the red light district and roust the pimps and whores to let them know where they stand.

        • Leaving the legality or illegality aside, I side with the earlier poster who said (or I’ll make up he said) that the old way was better: a society tolerated, not to say approved of, troublesome minorities, the drug culture, the gays, or the whores. But you confined them to certain areas with tacit understandings they remain there, they could do their thing.

        • I want to make a distinction between degeneracy and desperation. A couple of weeks ago I told you about that junkie that was pimping out her little girls to pay for her habit after her dealer boyfriend was sent away. If that woman doesn’t get it together her kids will age out of foster care with no prospects. (She should be serving life, etc. but she’s not.)

          • I’m not seeing the distinction in your story. Not every desperate person resorts to degeneracy. If you’re pimping out your girls, your kids should be taken away from you yesterday. Aging out of foster care doesn’t mean you have “no prospects.”

      • Not to pile on, but your list could also include tranny story time for children.
        There’s a severe dearth of shame: that painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.

        • Absolutely but shame requires a moral foundation which is something we don’t have.
          As part of a personal project I’ve been researching religiosity in the US and its decline was astonishingly fast. In two decades from like 2000 to 2008 the number of “none” religious selection went from 10% to 35% and regular church attendance is down to less than 25% of the population.
          Its no wonder Chritians get ignored and Churches get shut down. Very few people are using them.
          Now various relgious apologists claim there is a great hunger for religion and that may be true but its not showing in attendence numbers and it does no good if the new religion lacks modesty and dignity.
          If everyone became Wiccan it wouldn’t help even though Wicca is not in an of itself a bad religion.
          It gets worse if woke becomes a religion since its actually a bad one.
          This is why any social planning that includes a religious component is dubious. Essentially even if there was a DR takeover they might be leading a nation of people with no interest in religion and that won’t see serious growth for a century or more (till the Amish and other anti modernists become the majority)

      • Agreed. Weirdos and degenerates have always been part of human cultures. Sane societies will either brutally stamp them out, or shuffle them off to the side and isolate them so they can harm only themselves. In neither case do you attempt to say that degeneracy is normal and acceptable.

    • When freaks and degenerates try to push their crap on respectable people,

      The fact that the Internet and social media serve as a huge force multiplier for this crowd are a major downside to those technologies.

    • I think you’re right, Chet. Consider the possibility that bigotry and narrow-mindedness are signs of a healthy society.

      • None of these people are “open minded!” They simply push degeneracy. They are never “open minded” about anything we want. Open mindedness is a lie designed to neuter your objection to their degeneracy and evil.

        • Exactly. Much as tolerance is no longer about live-and-let-live, but instead is an injunction to embrace what normal people find repugnant.

      • Absolutely. The “anything goes” society/culture is circling the bowl – rapidly. Which is more or less where we are now.

    • Appeasing freaks and degenerates just creates more demands. They can’t help themselves. They will never stop until sex with babies and human sacrifices are human rights.

      • Late term abortion is already human sacrifice with the obligatory magic chants of female empowerment surrounding it.

    • Yes, people forget the value of clear, enforced boundaries. In the (very) old days, a black could come into the White neighborhood. But it damned well had better be Mr. Washington the milkman, or Mrs. Avery, the maid, or similar. A bunch of loafers hanging out on a street corner, or a hobo sleeping on a park bench, were subject to dispersal or arrest. Need a place to stay? Fine, thirty days in the county jail or picking your supper at the county prison farm.
      Nowadays public loitering, camping in parks, and such are constitutionally-protected freedoms. The vagrant’s gain in freedom is a loss to the livability and safety to all the city’s other citizens, apparently forgotten by the law.
      Communities were tighter. People knew each other much better. Any stranger, even one of the same race, was regarded, rightly, with distrust and suspicon until he was vetted.

      • The community was destroyed and now nobody cares about the geographical zip-code that was formerly a community. Everyone is living there temporarily and are only there for work and all of this was done for the alleged economic efficiency.
        This is the kind of intangible Z-Man is talking about, I think, when he says they have monetized social capital. Hundreds of communities from around the country were robbed of talent so these kids could go to silicone valley. Nobody in silicone valley cares about Silicone Valley and all of the local areas these guys come from have been robbed of some of their brightest. Men who have led in the local community get turned into cubiclites with some xir yelling at them all day.
        But hey, we get cheap shitty phones that spy on us 24/7 and all those “free” apps that suck our time we could be spending with our children.

        • I must take exception to “Nobody in silicone valley cares about Silicone Valley”… I was born, raised and still live in what is now known as Silicon Valley. I still care very much, as do my wife, daughter and parents who are in their 70s and have been here since their own Junior High days. We’ve all done our share to try and make it a better place- volunteerism, coaching, mentoring, CERT participation, etc. Do I resent what its become? Hell yes, but Im not ceding the place to invaders either. People are already leaving in droves and I couldnt be more thrilled. This is an amazing place, its the influx of people and the garbage heap of pandering politicians for the last 30 years that turned it into the disaster area it is now.

          That being said, I completely agree with the negative effects of the “brain drain” you mention.

    • One aspect of immorality that never gets mentioned is state involvement in gambling. If the local mafioso is able to run a numbers game in the dark, so be it. Same goes for a bingo game at the church hall. But why on earth do we allow the collective to operate and promote games of chance? The sight of the poorest amongst us dully staring at yet another scratch-off ticket they can’t really afford is enraging.

      • That question is all too easy to answer…politicians are whores who will do anything for money. Their aiders and abettors are mostly us, who buy the line that such public immorality in pursuit of tax dollars in some manner cancels such immorality.

      • Mr KGB, sometimes it really is just about the money. Casino companies have a lot of lobbying money to spread around. And states are broke, so they need to earn money by selling gaming licenses.

      • To promote gambling among the poor and have the proceeds distributed among the rich suburbs by the political class in the name of “better schools” is one of the most repulsive public policy I have ever seen; and here it is in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts home to the highest density of BLM signs per square mile…

    • I blame the Social Gospel movement. The idea (at least in America) that we can *stamp out* all vices and make people better is a defect of New England Protestantism (and now the country as a whole). And our modern woke masters come from the same stock as the Social Gospel folks, with an added injection of tribal grifters, we now have a Social Gospel to sell us on the very vices that were originally fought against.

      • Only applicable in a type of society which we do not have.
        Also guilt was as important if not more so as the West is far more guilt than shame driven
        To be frank in a anxiety that eschews anything collective and celebrates industrialism, its nearly impossible to have shame.
        Just do your own thing is poison in a society where many harmful things are available and worse, you can’t control supplies very easily if at all as the war on some drugs has taught is.

    • America used to be both agrarian and constrained by geography. Prior to the railways and WWI average people didn’t stray too far from home. That would have limited numerically marginal populations from believing they were anything other than marginal.

    • And with that cat out of the bag for as long as it’s been, ruthless suppression is absolutely going to be required to put those degenerates back where they belong.

  42. Separation would be great, but we’d have to deal with all the punch-holes where cities are. It would be like so many West Berlins.

    • I think there would have to be populations transfers along the lines of what happened between Greece and Turkey. It would be too complicated any other way.

    • I’m guessing that most large urban areas would not exist at their present scale without massive influxes of federal cash. Any work done there is largely paper pushing which can be done anywhere and the services to support it. NYC might be an exception with the large financial industry but even this is mobile as New Jersey is about to find out.
      Many of these large urban areas might morph into holding pens or reservations for the underclass. Even hipsters wouldn’t try to gentrify such a forbidding place

      • “Escape to New York!”

        A travel adventure! Quaint, charming, with it’s own exotic thrill.

        Our experienced safari guides will safely make an unforgettable tour!

        (Liability waiver required)

        • That is not impossible. On my one trip to Panama, which is a pleasant country, one city I visited is Colon. I’ll spare you the details, but it has history value. Alas, it also has third-world class poverty and violence.
          My guide book said basically “Don’t walk down the city streets, not even in broad daylight.”
          On my visit, with another American, we were met at the station by our English-speaking tour guide. He showed us his concealed handgun permit (in English and Spanish), as well as his firearm. He drove us around the city. We had lunch in an ordinary restaurant…with a shotgun-wielding man just inside the front door.
          To me, who has travelled extensively in Latin America, this was the most dangerous area I’d visited. It was eye-opening, and pessimistically perhaps, I think this is a vision of what life in many parts of the USA will be in the future.

          • Panama benefited for a time from the monied interests who themselves benefited from the shell corporations, fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, etc. services provided by that particular firm exposed in the Panama Papers.

          • It’s a vision of what life is here, in many ways, now. The bulk of which we avoid daily contact with.

            I was once in Chicago to attend a meeting at the University. Before attending, I was faxed a map of the University and immediate surrounds. The map was literally red-lined as to where I might walk and to where such was “stupidly dangerous”. One could not walk from the University as it was surrounded by stupidly dangerous. 😉

            The map was somewhat superfluous as I was picked up by a chartered bus at my hotel and escorted to the meeting rooms directly. Upon leaving, the same bus picked me up (with others staying at the hotel) and drove off campus. The driver however was new and got lost a block or two off of campus.

            The “lost” driver pulled over on the corner to ask a group of loitering “vibrants” directions. As the door opened, there was a loud scream from our University liaison. “…Don’t stop! Close the door! Keep driving!” A split second later a frantic women ran past me to grab the driver’s door opening handle. She, and then he were now frantically closing the (partially open) door.

            She kept screaming, “Drive, drive…” Driver let her finish closing the door and with his now free hand, put the bus into gear and drove. Much commotion/confusion from the passengers—any number of whom were visitors to Chicago, and even the USA. But I knew the score, since I was born and raised in another shining example of diversity, NYC.

            Hell, I think we’d have felt more secure with your South American gun toting doorman riding “shotgun” next to the driver.

          • Very late 70’s I attempted to visit the Bronx as a little kid from Western Michigan just having earned a modest scholarship. Our awards bus was barred entry because a gang purportedly had a “live rocket launcher” interpreted as a “bazooka.” Ultimately, a big nothing burger.

            In Chicago back in your day, the Hegewisch to Bronzeville gangs would have politely given the bus driver accurate directions and no trouble unless they spied a pretty white girl, then just aggressive catcalls and bustin’ some moves. Today, they would take the bus and everything in between. Not for the cash necessarily but for the neighborhood “prestige.”

            You were not in mortal danger then, today, you might be a statistic. It’s gotten really nasty here if you are caught out from the ordinary flow.

          • No, but I have to admit for the first time I felt sort of ashamed. I had to go back with any number of non-citizens who (some) came from countries I had once decried—smug in my “Americanism”. The path to this group has been long.

          • I lived in Panama when I was young (as a military brat). Colon is far and away the biggest shithole in Panama.

            It has been a long time since I’ve been there, but overall Panama was a pretty pleasant place in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

  43. They endlessly blather on about the need to unify the country around this or that issue.

    I see this all the time over here, the ‘need for unity’ filters down from TPTB and infects all corners of life. You’ll hear it in corporate meeting rooms, you’ll hear it from a group of acquaintances in the pub and so on and so forth. Even on the small scale, friendship groups often are flooded with people who want to be liked by everyone, and who think if we’re not best friends then something is wrong.

    A good question for these people (government chaps) to answer would be ‘How much unity can we realistically expect for a functioning country?’. Furthermore, what are good metrics to measure unity? If I invite a person to my house for dinner, the following habits will ensure considerable unity to the extent I may consider inviting him again:

    1. Eats with his mouth closed.
    2. Does not interrupt.
    3. Is not overly loud and obnoxious.
    4. Interesting and interested.

    The list, of course, goes on. The general understanding being that the more in common I have with the person, the greater the unity, the trust, the bond or whatever you wish to call it. At least that is how it seems to me on the micro-scale – dealing with individuals.

    Our leaders, whether they believe in this stuff or not, probably want unity. They do not want small scale disagreements as these translate into larger scale disagreements and this pesters the government. And when the government is busy creating ‘Utopia’, it does not want to be pestered. That is life on the macro-scale, dealing with people who represent huge groups of people.

    Perhaps the simple answer is just to accept the reality that a vastly diverse populace – and I mean diverse across all modes of thought as well as races – generally makes unity much harder. But, TPTB persist, and as a result we must watch out for ejaculates of leftists on the streets keen to harangue and perhaps beat us… The show goes on.

    • Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be the focal point of your comment, but you bring up something that means a lot to me, and probably others. And that is simply manners. I know they get a bad rap. But to me they are important. People without them bug the living hell out of me, and don’t expect me to get along with them and be unified.

      • Manners are the first thing I notice about a person. You can’t not, really. I think it is entirely reasonable to infer many other characteristics from your first impression of a persons manners.

        Indeed it was not the focal point, but the concept of manners is a subset of the point I was trying to make. Agreement is necessary, to a large degree, in order for all of us to get along and make a functioning community. Some cultures coming over to our lands have manners that are frankly disgusting, even if it is the norm for them. You put it well:

        People without them [manners] bug the living hell out of me, and don’t expect me to get along with them and be unified.

      • I know they get a bad rap. But to me they are important.

        Our Wise and Beloved Queen Margrethe II noted on the utility of protocol, that it relieves you social anxiety: if you always know precisely how to behave, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself, and you’re free to enjoy the socializing.

    • Good manners is a minimal requirement for me as well.

      To your larger point, “unity” almost always means rallying around a central tenet of the Ruling Class’s program. It never works in reverse, does it?

      • Their very difficult compromise is allowing you to exist. Come on, we aren’t killing you… just play along…

      • I think you’re correct. I have always associated the word ‘unity’ with voluntary action. If group X has unity, I consider it to be something not forced upon it by a greater power. Once again, these people speak about valid ends but use the most unnatural of means to get there… i.e coercion.

      • And is there anything that screams submission more shrilly than 98% of the population wearing a pointless and humiliating face diaper in order to ward off an illusory threat?

        • I was denied dental care yesterday because I refuse to wear one. I feel like I’m carrying more than my fair share by not wearing a mask. If more people would not wear one, opened businesses, the state could hold no power on this issue

          • Yes, the power is with the people, if they would only use it. But, alas, they’re mostly dumb cattle.

          • As soon as the mask/SD nonsense started here in Oregon I knew that the only hope we had of getting rid of it in less than a geological timeframe was if people simply “forgot” about it and kept everything open.

            I’m now thinking that if the virus mandates were all ruled unconstitutional tomorrow, many of the local businesses would continue their mask policies for virtue signalling reasons.

    • Their definition of unity is seamlessly putting a Walmart a Chase Bank and chain fast food options on every corner with no local opposition. They will allow a local to own the spray tanning salon and the Vietnamese owned nail salon. A unity of uniform, humorless blandness.

    • In principle, unity is a worthy goal. The problems arise because in practice, the “unity” is, of course, what the powerful seeks to impose upon the weak. In a more rational world, there would be the acceptance that not everybody wants to (or even possibly can) be the same. With certain exceptions perhaps, groups should be voluntary and have the right to include — or exclude — strictly as they see fit. Freedom of association, in so many words.

      • Why are you accepting that “unity” is a good thing per se? I”‘m sure Jaquarius D’indu would love to be unified with your bank account; would you enjoy that unity? Or maybe you and Jose the Cracker-buggerer can enjoy some unity in the local jail shower. “Unity” is not a good thing in and of itself.
        Unity is only good amongst those who want to be and benefit from being unified, at which point pushing unity is carrying coal to newcastle.

    • Great article. I have told many immigrants (I had lots of contacts thru work) that this country was populated by loners, adventurers, and malcontents. This very fact explains much of what has been referred to as American exceptionalism. We are exceptional because we are, largely, the exceptions.

      One of my former coworkers, after having visited my “compound”, asked me “Why do you hate?” in response to my desire to be separate and unmolested. I explained: I don’t hate; I just don’t like. Big difference. Being hive-minded east-Asian, I don’t think he ever got the concept. The last I heard, he was living in New York city with some bit-tittied white woman. That boy had a huge respect for titties.

    • Check out this story from TAC:

      Professor Recants Love Of College Football

      “I gathered information from Eastern bloc émigrés to the US, trying to see what they meant when they said that America today was starting to remind them of life under communism. One of the things I heard over and over from academics had to do with the compulsion to confess one’s supposed sins against woke ideology, and to abase oneself for having violated ideological purity. Czechs talked about the show trials of the early 1950s, in particular.”

      “Today, Inside Higher Ed publishes a spectacular example of this in American academia. A sad and broken man named Matthew J. Mayhew, a professor at Ohio State, denounces himself …”

      “Matthew Mayhew does not think college football is racist. He has been psychologically brutalized by bullies into thinking that something innocent that he loved is somehow counterrevolutionary poison.”

      Here’s the link to his original article.

      This man’s article is about as milquetoast as you can get. His detractors are straight up authoritarian Bolsheviks, and although this may not be the correct word for them I’ll happily use it anyway because they like to use it themselves: fascists. These people are fascists, and I refuse to go quietly. We need to separate. Secede. EVERY person who opposes that option supports this regime. Period. Because you’re part of the problem. Your silence on the topic IS violence. By saying nothing, you’re condoning and allowing it to happen. Every life destroyed, every person ruined, every freedom lost, every home burned, every person assaulted, every innocent person jailed is partly your responsibility.

      You owe no loyalty to bad people, and no piece of paper signed by men long dead by centuries obligates you to live in tyranny in the present. The constitution is not a religious document. It was not divinely inspired. That constitution presumed certain things which are no longer true. Thus, it is no longer valid. That’s why the left has gone off the rails. They have no intention of obeying anything in it when they get total power, which could be as soon as January of next year. Don’t cry when they establish a dictatorship. It didn’t have to be that way, but you were too lazy or too cowardly or too closed minded or too deluded to do anything about it.

      What can you do? It’s easy to get the ball rolling. No acts of violence are required. Just secede in your heart. “I am not an American. This is not my country.” Say it proudly, and one day we can have our own country where we are in charge of everything, run all the institutions, and live in freedom forever. No left-wing (deported). No mass immigration (unconstitutional). A home for our people. Don’t you want to live in peace with your own people, or is the prospect of losing your fast food too much to handle?

      Think of having your own nation. Think of all the rancor in this one. Now imagine it’s all gone. Imagine you control your own destiny. Imagine you live with people who are like you, who don’t hate you. Everything wrong with this country, and much that is wrong with your life, all gone. A new life ahead. Isn’t that a dream worth fighting for?

      Having a community of your own where you can contribute without being attacked for who you are does wonders for the psyche. I bet you anything you’d feel better about yourself if you had one.

      Here’s the follow up and the first line:

      Why America Needs College Football — Part 2

      Matthew J. Mayhew apologizes for an article that he recently wrote for Inside Higher Ed and describes beginning a long process of antiracist learning.

      “It doesn’t. I was wrong. And even worse, I was uninformed, ignorant and harm inducing.”

        • Don’t be pedantic. The word was obviously used as a pejorative and was stated as such in the post. Even the reason was given.

        • Associating enemies with negative symbolism is a FED technique. They used it at Charlottesville when one of their guys took a Nazi flag and flamboyantly waved it around. Same here when this guy praises fascism (out of context with the comment). Don’t fall for it. They’re scared of the freedom option. That’s why they make comments like that one. If they’re scared of it, maybe there is something to it?

          • Associating enemies with negative symbolism is a FED technique

            It is a classic communist maneuver. Step three, if I recall correctly. Of course, being a communist maneuver and a FED maneuver are not mutually exclusive.

      • Democrats possibly plotting a coup:

        Note: The Transition Integrity Project (TIP) is a means by which the left can organize and game a coup against our government should Donald Trump win re-election. Of course, they can’t come out and say that, so they pretend they are merely responding to other parties. In reality, the left merely accuses others of what they want to do in order to justify doing it themselves. They’ve always done that. Remember when they said they were afraid of violence? Well, the radical left just caused billions in damage from months-long violent riots. The left always advertises what they are going to do next.

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