The Church Of Covid

Depending upon when you mark the beginning, the world is anywhere between six and eight months into the Covid panic. While some parts of the world have slowly climbed back down from the ledge, other parts of the world seem committed to another round of lock downs and public hysteria. In fact, the great and the good are telling us that the public rituals may be a permanent condition. The question, though, is why has the world gone crazy over this particular pandemic?

Strangely forgotten in all of this is the fact that every generation or so has a nasty virus get loose that results in a very bad flu season. The last one was Swine flu, which was about a decade ago. There was a worldwide outbreak of H1N1 called the Soviet flu in the 1970’s and before that the Hong Kong flu. There are localized outbreaks of even scarier things like MERS and SARS. In other words, Covid is neither unusual or particular harmful compared to the regularly occurring pandemics.

In fairness, the initial concern over the virus was justified. It could have been another Spanish flu or it could have been an engineered super-bug. Given the origin and the behavior of China, it was a safe bet that this virus came from a lab. That means it could have been much worse for many obvious reasons. While it most certainly originated in a Chinese lab, we know it is not a super-bug that will plunge the world into darkness or become an extinction event.

One reason for the panic is the ongoing crisis in the West. Most of the world has not only come off the ledge, but is back to normal. China, where this thing started, is completely back to their version of normal. It is Europe and the Anglosphere that continue to struggle with the panic. Europe seems to be determined to go back into some form of lock down, despite the evidence. The great and good in America are praying to their gods for a second wave of infections.

The Covid pandemic has been the best thing to happen to minor politicians and celebrities at all levels since the invention of Twitter. In America, few people have any reason to know the names of their local politicians, but now everyone knows the name of the people behind the lock downs. The same is true of the silly drama queens who fill in the blanks of public entertainment. Every day one of them pops off about the virus in a way that gets them unwarranted public attention.

In the West, public trust and trust in authority have declined to the point where all politics, all social behavior, is built around the gesture. The new social capital is public displays of caring. Everyone feels the need to tell the world how much they care, so anything that can enable that spreads like a virus. The real pandemic this year has been the plague of people and companies telling us how much they care and that we’re all in this together. After all, it is about being safe.

This plague of caring is not all that different from the last plague of caring that is still with us to some degree. The global warming panic operated along the same lines as this Covid panic. Instead of the great and good decorating themselves with masks and face shields, they toted piles of grimy canvas sacks to the supermarket. They imposed silly regulations on everyday items like gas cans and drinking straws. Caring about Gaia is the Eleusinian Mysteries of the managerial class.

There is also a punitive aspect to this. That sense of communal salvation is still very strong among the great and good. One manifestation of this is that all of us must suffer for the sins of the few. Only through suffering can we find salvation. In order to please Gaia, we have to put up with drinking straws made of paper and obnoxious lectures from demented plutocrats. The people behind the climate change stuff admit that there is nothing to be done, but they apply the lash anyway.

In this regard, Covid has been manna from heaven. Just as everyone with an IQ above room temperature has realized climate change is a scam, here comes a scourge of the gods sent to punish the wicked for voting for Donald Trump and Brexit. The vengeful, malicious technocrats that run the West suddenly have a reason to torment the people over whom the rule. Note that they casually exempt themselves from the ridiculous rules they impose on the rest of society.

Then there is the fact that Covid actually exists. Unlike climate change, the great and the good can point to real people who are genuinely sick. They have pumped up the death counts and are now scouring the land for people who can test positive for the virus, but Covid is a real thing. Climate change does not exist in any way that impacts the lives of people. Covid is a bogeyman that does not require mountains of graphs and charts based on cooked data. Everyone can understand it.

This is why the Covid restrictions may be with us for a long time. With these new tools of torment, the Torquemadas of the managerial class get to take out their anger on the rest of us whenever they like. The busybodies and overly officious flunkies of the system get to nose around in your business and push you around. The Church of Covid has made the worst elements of human society into high priests. These loathsome freeloaders will never voluntarily let go of their new power.

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330 thoughts on “The Church Of Covid

  1. Sweden stands out as the sore thumb of normalcy with no lockdown. The mask is the mark of the true believer. Not wearing one has led to altercations culminating in death (unfortunate Dollar Store security guard who tried to enforce rules in the land of anarchy). This cat was never meant to be let out of the bag, reinforcing the theory this was an accidental release. What other phantoms lurk in the lab freezers of Wuhan.

  2. Drove across New York State on the Thruway on Sunday- all the electronic road signs were pro-panic.
    Where I live here in “Northeast College Town”-ville, it’s nuts. Most colleges and K-12 schools are remote, facemask mandates are omnipresent. The local school district is postponing in person schooling due to a rise in “cases” at the local BSU. You see people biking, walking, driving by THEMSELVES wearing the mask of submission to the great god Corona Chan. Madness.I’ll wear the face diaper if I’m at a local business as I don’t wish to jam them up, but otherwise I do not. However, I’m pretty much a pussy- I talk a good game but mostly think of what I should have said after the fact. Perhaps it’s my polite Scandinavian heritage. Yesterday, however, as I walked the dog through town some guy angrily chided me for not having a mask. I told him to fuck off, literally! I know that doesn’t make me Audie Murphy, but it’s a start. I think we (I) need to do more of that sort of thing.

    • The electronic traffic signs exhorting people to be afraid, be very very afraid, grind my gears like nothing else. In your face Orwellian.

  3. Serious Q.
    Why has the western world gone so mad?
    Look around you. Madness, stupidity at every turn. Are we really going to turn over our government to the Marxists, headed by a dementia patient? 
    A virus. Another gift from China? A brain virus. How else to explain this collapse of the once glorious Western Civilization? Why are we submitting to black supremacy, all the while blaming white supremacy? 
    We had better find a vaccine soon before it’s too late!

    • Are we really going to turn over our government to the Marxists, headed by a dementia patient?

      Between epic voting fraud and the masses of brainwashed progtards, I believe we will.

  4. It is actually some of the highest iq people who have most wholeheartedly bought into the Covid hoax just like they are more invested in climate change and BLM than the medium iq non believers.

    “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

    George Orwell

  5. “Climate change does not exist in any way that impacts the lives of people.” Of course you are right in the everyday, practical sense. But, as I like to beat the subject to death provide background detail, the statement is “trivially” true as philosphers would say. Climate change is measured in centuries and millenia (usually). It most certainly impacts our lives. Humans have had, and likely will again, have to adapt to ice ages and other perverse climates. The good news is we’ll have plenty of time to adapt, barring a volcano, big meteor impact, or other chaotic event. World temperatures have been considerably cooler and warmer, including during humans’ residency. If you want something to worry about, the last two ice ages were about 13,000 years apart. Our most recent ice age was about 13,000 years ago.

  6. Zman do you still subscribe to the Stoic philosophy? I remember Ramzpaul mentioning in a video once he follows the stoic philosophy which is to just do the right thing. It meant you had to control emotions of anger or sadness and just remain stoic. Do you adhere to this philosophy??

  7. >Climate change does not exist in any way that impacts the lives of people.

    Come on, man. This is Reason-tier. The sort of thing that helped the usual suspects seize control of the conservation movement and turn it into the open borders Gaia cult.

    Below the Equator, the warming and drying trends of the past three decades have already reduced the amount of land capable of supporting the population currently there. These same trends are also reducing the amount of land capable of supporting the population that the emerging Beck-Yglesias axis wants to see here in North America.

    As we move further along the most important graph in the world, current out-migration patterns from south to north are going to increase. Some part of this increase is going to be caused by climate-caused food scarcity.

    We can argue about what proportion that will be. But to pretend that warming is a non-factor is silly.

    Maybe scarcity has been solved in late-imperial Lagos. It has not been solved in the Lagos that actually matters, and never will be.

    Ecology > Biology > Culture

    If you want people to think seriously about demographics, get them thinking seriously about the ecological context. If you meet a Gaia-worshipper on the road, agree and amplify. Then frame a binary: Wolves or Wakandans?

    Unfortunately, the right’s surrender to magical thinking on the question concerning ecology has created a dialectic between two kinds of crazy: denial of reality on the one hand, and the belief that we can appease reality with paper straws on the other.

    • Big black pill for me that Climate Change and Covid Crap are treated so credibly so as to be big issues in a presidential debate. Appears most are ready for the great reset.

    • “Come on, man. This is Reason-tier. The sort of thing that helped the usual suspects seize control of the conservation movement and turn it into a open borders Gaia cult.”
      Nope. The conservation movement was subverted the exact same way all the other institutions were and for all the same reasons. The usual suspects promoted and funded status-seeking syncophants to muscle out the founders of those movements, so that they could sell their own hollow brand of conservation, wrapped in the skin-suits of those once authentic organizations. Once that was achieved, they were free to use “conservationism” as yet another avenue for grift and influence.
      “Below the Equator, the warming and drying trends of the past three decades…”
      “Some part of this increase [in migration] is going to be caused by climate-caused food scarcity.”
      So we accept the lousy, intentionally opaque science of politically motivated global NGO’s about some climate data variation, along their terrible policy prescriptions, or we get infinity immigrants from parts of the world were the people there had never built functioning societies to begin with. Sure.
      Scarcity is a function of the human condition. Immigrants aren’t streaming northward for any other reason than self-serving NGO’s and global activist are enabling it. The fact that NONE of vocal environmental groups are considering serious funding of GEN IV fission and SMRs means they really don’t care about carbon. Anthropogenic Climate Change is a stale meme, occasionally refreshed with a new name and quickly forgotten chicken-little predictions, expressly for the purpose of selling western people on funding renewable energy boondoggles and conditioning them to accept a life of poverty and disenfranchisement common to the crapholes these “migrants” are coming from.

    • Whether warming causes Big Ag or fkking, or not, they’re still fkking like mad-

      So yes, valid premise and approach, we’ve outstripped our larder. Speak in a language that grabs ’em.

      Wolves or Wakandans?

  8. I still think abortion is a major factor here

    There is no way nature doesn’t respond/react to a woman who keeps snuffing out life every time it tries to take root and blossom

    There is something going on. My theory, spitballing here, is that nature makes these women crazy so this way no guy wants to breed with them and this way the infanticide gene or whatever it is doesn’t pass to the next generation

    But even so, there is no way abortions don’t have deleterious effects on the mind/psyche of women. Their reason to exist is to make babies, and it’s not just choosing not to have kids but to kill them. How can nature, the force of which is unstoppable, tolerate this? It’s won’t

    • I’ve always believed that we have fewer serial killers than in the 70s and 80s because the same dysfunction that allows people to do that was probably a trait in their mothers who we’re probably women who are most likely to abort and actually enjoy the experience (see Hillary Clinton as usual).

      • Our security and tracking mechanisms are improved versus the 70s and 80s. Some of the things Ted Bundy did are no longer possible.


    Did I just hear a replay of that azzwipe JERK (((Wallace))) say, “white supremacist attacks like in Kenosha”

    Oh fkk. Having some very, very bad thoughts right now.

    (This, on a backwoods gospel station in Tennessee)

  10. As we discuss The Debate, as we roar about the power grab under the guise of WuFlu, be aware these are distractions from the next shoes about to drop. The coup already happened this last spring, the Great Reset is rolling out as planned. Niggle about the details but miss the great plan of Control. As here, so goes Hungary; check out this picture:

    Having Commie parents, I learned the most profound way to control people is by controlling the food supply. Look to Commie past history, i.e. Ukraine and China, as examples of mass starvation. The ruling overlords want this with a ferociousness so with the chaos of the election looming, they’ll sneak a tightening of the food supply under the following methods: see Ice Age Farmer

    Pay attention to whenever a meme starts up and flows around endlessly repeated by the mainstream news. One meme…..Pigs are Sick…is rumbling around. Also the meme…All meat is bad so Eat Your Veggies…Fat is Bad….is clearly rumbling around. Young folks are being swept up in the cow catcher of Religious Vegan en masse, including young elementary school kids. Right here in meat producing Utah. This bores in as an ideology that morphs into an identity.

    Some of you know I eat only beef… now for 1 year. The wretched Lyme disease is gone, within the first 2 weeks of beef all body pain vanished, my weight is what it was at age 25, I’m working out with a trainer today, feel decades better, No Pain, great deep beef keto sleep, am walking-hiking and have stamina, and no getting flu bugs. Check out Kevin Stock for further info on living on beef, and the evolution of the human brain eating the great Beringian megafaunal humongous critters.

    “Yet today, 90% of our calories come from what our ancestors domesticated less than 10,000 years ago. Wheat, corn, rice – which now make up over 50% of all calories – were basically never eaten until this time. Not only have our bodies become weak and ill since the agricultural revolution, our brains have shrunk close to 10% or down 150-200 cc from the height of our big brain.”

    They are coming for your food and leave you with the crapped up sugared up junk and salad bars. Utahans are shedding their pants for a larger size rapidly by eating the state dessert of green jello and coolwhip. Watch the attack on western ranching increase and the enforcement of new Fed regulations increase to drive ranchers out of business. I have laid in a year supply of beef (canned-frozen-freeze dried-jerky) and am going for 2 years. If you don’t own an expensive freeze dryer, do you know your County Extension office probably has one! Here in Cedar City, I just make an appointment, bring in my beef and for $5 use their freeze dryer and leave with bags of freeze dried beef. Then I “can” them by placing the FD meat in canning jars with an oxygen absorber then using my Mueler sealer to suck out the air from the jar. Now I have meat to last for years. Freeze dried salted ground beef is a great snack and handy for your bug-out bag. Kraal up with like-mindeds in community, and grow/protect and increase your food supply.

    • I can vouch for meat, albeit not a beef eater of large amounts. But every once in a while, I’ll enjoy a large steak off the grill, and by golly, the next day feel great. Sleep better that night as well. Something is missing in normal diet.

      • Also electricity:

        Granma stopped dumping the wood ashes in the garden, we have nutrient impoverished soils now, thus, foods.

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  12. People in the past were more religious and do to limitations of medicine and such accepted death as a part of life. Not so much now.
    Modern people are often as not, not religious, only 25% of people attend regular services and in the case of many Boomers so self absorbed that the idea that they to will die is unfathomable.
    This and the atomized culture of people without real families leads to a very timid people.

    • AB, no disagreement, just a modification perhaps. What if the amount of “religiousness is an unchanging constant? And we’ve simply switched gods/religions e.g., “scientism” for Christianity?

      • I don’t know. No deities exists seems to have become a lot more common than before, up to 10% or more.
        However most people are at most agnostic or often deist rather than actually religious.
        And note this is common all over the place, even in Islamic nations.
        I think we may be entering a so called axial age where the old religions simply no longer provide adequate meaning for a lot of the population.
        Until new ones do, people will revert to very basic beliefs, household deities, spirits ghosts and for Whites parts of nature are sacred ideology.
        UFO’s and such will end up part of the myth cycle as well.
        Soc Jus is more a short term cult phenomenon like a Maenad dedicated to Bacchus mixed with Puritanism
        Over time new faiths will arise of course as religion is generally as Falcone noted an evolutionary advantage.
        Assuming we are not overrun with immigrants during a collapse , the wildcards are the anti modernist Christian sects like the Amish. Assuming they aren’t genocided could become the main power in the US in a couple of years leaving it a Christian nation but Europe something else.

        • AB, I think you’ve summarized exactly what I wanted to say. The old religions, god centered if you like, no longer provide satisfactory meaning and answers. We require meaning/answers—it’s hardwired—so we move on to different religions, e.g., scientism—who’s worship/sacramental practice for discovery/knowledge is the “scientific method”.

    • I have always found in interesting that the people who believe in evolution / atheists don’t live as long and as hardily as believers and that they don’t see that evolution, their own belief system, has selected them for early demise. Not sure if the word irony fits but it’s close

  13. It’s just the extra layers of bullshit we’re smelling. Once the virus made it to this country our choices were limited. Let it run and deal with the consequences, or reduce it’s spreading rate and deal with those consequences. For the latter, one of those is when you reduce the spreading rate you prolong the period of infectious people.

    Of course no one is going to mention that. “Oh, by the way while we have you locked down we’re also going to prolong the disease period.” Who wants to be the bearer of those tidings, so they bullshit people. Of course our glorious truthtellers in the media either don’t know or don’t care and they weren’t saying anything either.

    So now, they need that extra layer of bullshit, and so on, and so on.

  14.  They have pumped up the death counts and are now scouring the land for people who can test positive for the virus, but Covid is a real thing.

    Up in the great white north of Ontario, my gracious premier decided to mandate masks when in a province of 17M, we had less than 50 “cases” a day. Mere weeks later we are cruising between 500-700/day. thanks for the mask, Doug

    • Look, when they put the COVID ‘death toll’ numbers out there in a microcosm, without any comparable “death” data, my annoyingly discerning mind signals, “someone trying to job me” and I do not buy it.


      the data shows that Black people account for 21 per cent of reported cases in the city, while making up only nine per cent of the overall population.

      Similarly, Arab, Middle Eastern and West Asian people represent 11 per cent of the city’s COVID-19 cases, while only making up 4 per cent of the total population, de Villa said. 

      Black people and other people of colour make up 83 per cent of reported cases while only making up half of the city’s population. 

      East Asians only make up 4% of cases in Toronto. So, 79% of cases are from our “strength” diverse people. I’m sure Peel region is even more lopsided. In Leamington the Mexicans were spreading it. It’s a non white disease and we’re all locking down for them.

  15. The real pandemic this year has been the plague of people and companies telling us how much they care and that we’re all in this together. After all, it is about being safe.

    I don’t know about yoos but I kinda like that people care enough about me to the point that they are willing to take my rights away…for my own good.

    I’d ask them to stop but I don’t want to take away that good feeling they get from feeling so superior.

    maybe it’s just me though.

  16. These restrictions will be in place until the debt implosion. Whenever that is. As the economic crisis bites the last thing people will care about is plexiglas barriers. When we face a real crisis the others will fade away. Environmentalism is also in this camp. These are religions for people with disposable income. We’re going to have a decade of zero disposable income for 95% of the population. Perspective is going to be a bitch for some.

  17. Never let a crisis go to waste. That’s the mantra of the parasite elites and their bureaucrat functionaries. And there is no end the amount of harm they will do if left unchecked. But what is the best way to fight back against this cancer of diffuse tyranny? Answer . . . play their game back at them. Bleed them relentlessly via billions of small cuts. Flood the bureaucracy with endless demands, and be sure to behave as a First Class asshole every single time you get to interact with them. They want sheeple, give them shite-from-Hell.

  18. Haha. From the link to Breitbart. “People who refuse to wear masks — or wear them improperly, or “who don’t wear it over their nose” — should be “in stocks, in prison, or hanging in the streets,” according to Star Trek Discover star Jason Isaacs.

    This is my small rebellious gesture, to keep it down low. So some people would like to see me hanged for it. That warms my soul. My prepared line is to mumble “health issue.” I have had to use it but not often.

    Why is this Covid panic being blown all out of proportion? My theory is it’s the Boomers last big whoop before they get their ticket punched for good. Some of these assholes really think they’re going to dodge the Reaper. I’m a boomer myself but I have never been able to identify with all the crap.

    • “…Star Trek Discover star Jason Isaacs…”

      Well, great. He’s some cunty euro trash Brit and they have already surrendered over there. And they used to deride the French as surrender monkeys.

      I am just sure this ‘thespian’ is going to put me in “stocks”. No, like a vindictive woman, he’ll call the cops to do it for him.

    • Yes.

      I was just watching a video about light degradation in solar cells.

      They make a huge deal about the fact that solar cells drop from 20% efficiency to 18% after being illuminated.

      What about the fact that the solar cells are only 20% efficient in the first place?

      • Wild Geese. Damn I’m getting old. Just read your posting a third time and now I get it. Clever analogy, and subtle.

      • And their manufacture? Hyper-toxic.

        Whole factories were being abandoned in L.A., leaving giants vats of bubbling goo.

        When ethanol collapsed, more abandoned factories, 100,000 jobs lost.

        Big Green is a toxic boondoggle, good only as long as the skim lasts- leaving behind swaths of poison.

    • if scares the crap out of me that they may be. “the great reset” from the world economic forum has a section called “resetting the table where we are to be done with traditional farming and eat synthetic meat and insect protein instead. the ominous parallels are glaring. BTW , the great reset is supposed to begin in 2021.

  19. The reason TPTB have been able to inflict this moronic Kovid Krackdown on us is because Westerners are, in the main, pathetic cowards. As a society we have become increasingly safety- and health-conscious over the last several decades. Examples of this are legion, but the fact that grown men pad up like they’re scaling the south face of Dhaulagiri when tooling around their peaceful nabes on their Schwinns is indicative. Likewise, rodeo bull-riders wearing crash helmets instead of Resistols, and the constant injunctions to “be safe” rather than “have a good time.” Our contemptible fearfulness and the creeping notion that if you don’t live to the age of 90, you’re some sort of a tragic victim has allowed TPTB to treat us like mindless cattle. When Westerners still had their courage and their pride, a Kovid Krackdown would have been stonewalled cold. In point of fact, it would never have even been contemplated.

    •  if you don’t live to the age of 90, you’re some sort of a tragic victim

      I like how the flunatics act like the 90 year olds have all these amazing things to do with their lives.

      Look, if you’re 90 and still have a yard long bucket list, you’re better off accepting that you f’d up your life a few decades ago.

      Flunatics really are a death cult, just like the Muslims.

    • Heritage Americans are older than before. Ever jumped off a FM radio mast near the blinky light on top? I have. At night. But now I’ve entered my 50’s and the prospect of living a more genteel life into my 90’s doesn’t seem so cowardly anymore. Although I won’t wear a mask when at all possible.

  20. If I hear one more harpy tell me, “If it can save lives, why wouldn’t you just wear a mask. It’s not hard and it’s not about protecting you; it’s about protecting other people”, I’m going to lose it.

    Shut your fuc$ing, sanctimonious mouth lady! You don’t know shi%! You’re just mindlessly regurgitating what you hear on PBS or the Today Show.

    I could show you stat after stat proving how God damn stupid this entire this is, but you’ll never look at them, will you. Instead, you just point and sputter. I’ve met cult members who are thoughtful about their beliefs than you.

    And yet you have the gall – born of stupidity and laziness – to preach to me. And, yes, it’s preaching because you have nothing, nothing, to back up what you saying.

    Prove me wrong. Please, I’m here all day. Prove me wrong. Let’s get into the numbers.

    (This is when they just look at you like the devil and walk away – and their pussy husband just shrugs.)

    • “If I hear one more harpy tell me, “If it can save lives…”

      The despotic leader of the State of New York would then qualify as a harpy. He crashed the State on the basis of ‘if I can save just one life…’ … while taking steps to eliminate thousands of useless, Medicaid costs, aka helpless elderly.

      So even if said harpies are middle aged, busybody women, they are part of a cruel agenda, albeit as useful idiots.

      They are annoying as fuck, but instead of letting them get under your skin, may I suggest, “thank you, and you know, you are having a great hair day!”

      They did not make a woman that is not susceptible to that one. But pause, and finish with, “it’s just too bad you have to wear a mask to cover it.” Laugh and walk away.

      • The worst part is that the lives allegedly being saved are 97 year old dementia patients who have three weeks to live.

        Meanwhile destroying the future of society’s children and murdering babies in the womb is A-okay.

        These people really are sick and evil.

        • First off, The Wild Geese, we should all have a mission at that age as portrayed in the movie.

          Unless of course, you are in the business of driving off Canadian Geese, via dogs or other means. Then never mind above comment.

          I have had qualms with this “live forever” trend as it seems the following trajectory is common:

          1. Extend lifespan via various means, pharma, “medicine”.
          2. Drain estate during “end of life” and care of the elderly.
          3. Said estate does not pass down to next generation, leading to them needing college loans, home mortgages.

          Rinse and repeat. I have seen it happen to family members, often because in early senior years the older folks cannot countenance death, so proper planning is not made.

          I have personally seen, up close and personal, how our medical “heroes” treat the old and dying. Needless to say, I didn’t spend one second on my ‘balcony’ applauding them.

          Let’s take the much touted Sloan Kettering in NYC. Sorry, but the TV commercials are BS. They have humans there, reduced to whimpering hulks, parked on gurneys in the hallways, shaved heads. They send you one foreign born (and perhaps trained) doctor after another with zero bedside manner — that looks at white patients (my experience being bedside) as if they are insects.

          And that last is an understatement. It’s as if no one ever died — failure to communicate end stage, terminal, options “assumed”.

          Those there are the heroes.

          As for the children, I shudder to think of what the masked, fear-filled offspring in the “schools” are going to be like when they come of age. I am still leaning Eloi, not Lord of the Flies.

          • you already have eternal life. your relationship with christ will determine where most of it will be spent. choose wisely

          • Believe it or not, that’s true.

            Nope, I won’t ever be a Bible Christian, not in a million years- but that still doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

          • I chose long ago for Christ, and understand since this is an eternal life, it is already ON. Now. Today.

            Eternity does not start when one dies, from my understanding.

    • Citizen, you use a rational argument to counter an emotional one. Most always such fails. My current retort is to ask, “What gives you the right to demand I sacrifice myself for you?” Yep, Randian—but she was right!

  21.  The global warming panic operated along the same lines as this Covid panic. Instead of the great and good decorating themselves with masks and face shields, they toted piles of grimy canvas sacks to the supermarket. They imposed silly regulations on everyday items like gas cans and drinking straws. Caring about Gaia is the Eleusinian Mysteries of the managerial class.
    There is also a punitive aspect to this. That sense of communal salvation is still very strong among the great and good. One manifestation of this is that all of us must suffer for the sins of the few. Only through suffering can we find salvation. In order to please Gaia, we have to put up with drinking straws made of paper and obnoxious lectures from demented plutocrats. The people behind the climate change stuff admit that there is nothing to be done, but they apply the lash anyway.

    Some of the best observations to date on these substitute religions.

    Global Warming was the John the Baptist for the new Jesus Christ, Covid-19. It takes much to shock me now and the ululating, speaking in tongues, and prayers to the Almighty Virus have been able to manage to do so.

    How long until Whites are told to slaughter their first born to atone for their sins against Gaia? Not long. In fact, we have the slow motion version even now with Karens casting their lot with the primitives and communists burning and looting their home towns.

    By civilizational collapse standards, this is ludicrously pathetic.

    • “…the great and good…”

      Orwell already described these people years ago: the Eloi.

      In “Planet of the Apes”, there is: Nova.

      Whether humans reach such states as described in science fiction via virtue signaling, self-genocide via birth rate, as one honorable stateswoman once blurted, “what difference does it make!”

  22. What is missing in this analysis is the pivotal role women play in enabling and maintaining this hysteria.

    Without female emotionality and herd mentality the COVID-19 craze would have long since blown over with cooler (male) minds prevailing.

    It is logic itself that finds itself increasingly outlawed and demonized. Man is no longer allowed free usage of his full cognitive functions.

    Instead he is forced to corrupt and warp himself, to join the braying mob of harlots and shrews and to participate in its madness, wherever it may lead and however harmful it might be.

    The (((powers that be))) are using millions of Karen-cows to suppress civilization and to force us downwards into a state of feverish, instinctual frenzy. It is unleashed feral female nature *and* 1984 going hand in hand.

    This is, then, why we need White Sharia.
    Embrace monstrosity!

    • No. No. No.

      Viking women gonna viking.
      The Arab way is NOT OUR Way.

      And no Triumph Of The Will, either.
      Homogenous white nations are a thing of the past, we must find a new Way.
      We are the explorers.

  23. “These loathsome freeloaders will never voluntarily let go of their new power.” And they’re overplaying their hand, big time, like they always do. As you’ve written many times, feminism and other “intersectional” nonsense ends the minute someone starts laughing out loud in one of the struggle sessions. The Left ostentatiously don’t follow their own stupid rules; they’re begging to be laughed at, and once that happens, it’s over. Not everyone can see Leonardo DiCaprio flying around on his private jet to lecture us about climate change, but everyone can see Pelosi and Feinstein gallivanting around maskless. And in these situations, laughter always turns very quickly into righteous anger, which often ends up with some freelance redecoration of municipal lamp posts.

  24. As a member in good standing in the Church of Sciencyness, I rather enjoyed Chris Wallace at the debate, barking over and over:

    “Do ye, sinner, be-LIEVE that the Holy Climate Change will save your soul and grant you eternal life?!!”

    I was waiting for him to get up, point his bony finger at the congregation, and begin preaching hellfire and damnation.

    A chorus of robed Gospel Negroes singing “Get Yo Bidniss Right” would’ve been perfect.

      • (Got it mixed up with knotty physical aspects of the afterlife. Things seem to work a bit differently than what some pitchmen promised. A true/not-quite-true situation. So close to valid diagrams!

        I curse myself for being so stupid and uneducated. I am no Fourier or Mendel, that’s for sure.)

  25. I denounce the gay white supremest proud boys!
    The proud boys really stepped in it they got Trump and Chris Wallace to mention their names.
    Might as well change their names to the David Duke boys now.
    The media will crucify them.

    • After last night “white supremacists” have to update their motto: “We must secure the existence of a certain people and a future for the children of certain people.”

    • They thought that by glorifying homosexuals and marrying black women it would buy them immunity and respectability, but how wrong they were as they will be forever hated for who they are.

      • Depends on the target. I dont think they are doing that for the far left and their media mouthpieces, they are doing it for boomercons and the center. Old white Clinton-era “centrist democrats” buy that stuff, and we all know the orgasmic joy boomer conservatives feel at being approved of by a biracial couple and/or homosexual.

  26. will never voluntarily let go of their new power.
    here is a summary of the great and good’s role's involvement

    I have been warning people of this since they first proposed it . trump was foolish to be stampeded into this by the images coming out of the Chinese media. they were welding the doors shut on home there. but if you looked at the video, they had not blocked the windows at all. that was a dead giveaway that it was propaganda on their part.

  27. I live in France and the hysteria level is being whipped up again, on the basis of more detected exposures (i refuse to use the word “cases,” which implies symptoms) and increased numbers of hospializations (a number of which I’m suspicious. There are color-coded risk areas; with Paris now “super-red.” But there are no excess deaths, and that’s the best measure of whether there is a genuine public health problem. There is talk of additional confinements this fall and some schools have closed, but a nationwide confinement would be so economically devastating that it probably won’t happen. There is some pushback. The government ordered bars and restaurants in Marseille to close at 10:00, without even consulting the mayor of Marseille. People in Marseille have historically disliked being told what to do by Paris, and the mayor has hinted that she will instruct the local police not to enforce the 10:00 pm curfew. The restaurant and bar owners are hopping made as teh restaurant/bar curfew is based on some U.S. study. They have taken the matter to an administrative tribunal, which is supposed to rule today.
    There have been demonstrations against mask requirements in Berlin, Munich and London. The measures in the U.K. and their enforcement seem particularly onerous and nonsensical.

  28. We’ve reached the stage now where everyone is pointing out that

    1. our rulers are sadistic and illegitimate
    2. the institutions designed to limit 1 are complicit/corrupt
    3. thus there are no limits to point 1
    4. we are facing unending humiliation and physical abuse

    We are seeing this type of analysis everywhere.

  29. I looked though some older debates on “Cotto-Gottfried” and there was one with Chris Hedges. Hedges comes with the claim that the murder rate is record high while Paul Gottfried says it was much higher historically. Hedges then looks it up and comes with figures from the late sixties with was slightly lower than today. I found that Hedges was very manipulative because he avoided the murderrate around the period of the crack cocaine epidemic in the eighties and nineties where it was close to twice of number today. I came across Hedges some years ago and found he an interesting leftist to begin with but then he started to turn me off with his almost morally preaching style.

    • Check out the book “American Homicide.” It very convincingly lays out that homicide rates are the same today as they were at the end of the 19th Century with little to no change over that time. The author attempts to also answer the question why (answer is usually lack of political power and distrust in government). The only difference between late 19th C and today is *who* is doing the killing.

      • I liked the content of the one I watched, but yeah the quality of their broadcast was underwhelming. And it’s not a cost factor, my impoverished adjunct professor buddy puts on a better presentation with the gear he has.

  30. The disjuncture between what is presented in the “official” newspapers–PANDEMIC!!!–and the experience of daily life, where I don’t know a single person infected with the virus (let alone sick or dead) is astounding.

    Unfortunately, “reality” for the NPCs is not what they see with their own eyes, but what they read or see on “official” news outlets which, as everyone in our thing knows, are building up a portrait of things so fictional, so totally made up of lies, that’s it’s more like the “world building” of the Marvel or DC fictional universes than anything approaching actual descriptive journalism.

    • their universes will probably intersect at some point
      I wouldn’t be surprised is spidey gets saved by a black lesbian nurse that twerks

    • I have made this argument several times to acquaintances and it’s like talking to a stump. When did the average person start believing strangers on a screen more than their own experience?

      • When did the average person start believing strangers on a screen

        Strangers that are paid millions to deliver the editorial edicts of the six major media corporations that control over 95% of the US media.

  31. We are in this situation because Trump unnecessarily trivialized the situation early on and then later caved.

    The left dug in its heals and went extreme, when Trumps cave came, it was the extreme liberal reaction that won out.

    This is what you get with a “chaos” president who stirs up the hornets nest and then runs away.

    It is why I hope he looses in a month.

    • It is why I hope he looses in a month.

      Good call, hopefully Biden and team will fix this mess of a country for you. Btw, it is loses, not looses.

      • Had Hillary won, we would not be in this mess becuase the Democrat governors wouldn’t have crashed the economy.

        The restrictions would have been minimal as they would want her to get re-elected.

        Most of the restrictions were to deliberately hurt Trump and prevent his re-election. The problem is that Trum never fought back after he caved.

        You like to get your chuckles from triggering the left, but then the left pulls out a gun and shoots the economy.

    • Blumpf was based last night.

      I’m supporting him because he makes the left go insane and expose their anti white agenda. Millions of whites have woken up in the past 4 years alone. Nobody trusts the FBI now.

      Ending critical race theory is amazing. So it reducing legal immigration and cutting refugees. I appreciated his refusal to denounce dissidents last night too. Joe will just flood you with so many immigrants you will never change anything.

      • When “the Left goes insane and exposes their anti-White agenda,” all that means is that their revenge will be carried out upon average badwhites like us.

        ”Triggering the Libs” just means they get to lay a harder, state-sanctioned beating on us that we get thrown in a cage for resisting.

        • So you would rather die a slow painful, but relatively peaceful death. Personally I want to force the lefts’ hand now while White people still have a fighting chance.

          • As Z likes to say, when your options are doing something stupid, or doing nothing, doing nothing is a viable option.

            We are not capable of defeating ZOG, period. However, if we lay low and don’t get ourselves killed, it may collapse on its own.

          • This is where I disagree with Z. We are running out of time. I’m not saying charge the barricades, but by the time the left has the ability to arbitrarily gulag us Soviet style, it will be to late. We need to force them to act now while we still have numbers. Preferably using Alt-lite morons who still believe this is America as human shields.

            And I’m not talking open warfare, but political concessions, such as relative freedom of association.

          • In the words of Saruman, “the hour grows later than you think.”

            I hate to keep going back to the Ancien Regime for my analogies, but I will here because it’s applicable:

            When the Bastille happened, King Louis was urged to flee to the Castle of Mainz, which was heavily fortified and only 10 miles from the Austrian Netherlands. He remained at Versailles, and 3 months later an armed mob dragged the whole royal family into the heart of Paris.

            A much harder, riskier escape attempt from Paris would fail 2 years later, and Louis found himself headless 2 years after that. Louis’ later correspondence rues the day he did not flee to Mainz.

            In this analogy we, the badwhites, are already prisoners at the Tuileries Palace. Had Louis not attempted to escape (your proposed resistance) he keeps his head and his son becomes a constitutional monarch. Pat Buchanan was our Mainz moment, that chicken has flown the coop.

            There is no effective resistance, other than riding this out and waiting for the terror to pass. Keep your head on your shoulders, literally.

          • Why are we settling for being the Kulaks when we could just be like Kuomintang, instead? Where’s our Taiwan? Chinese nationalists lost, but that place is doing fine these days. You know, we could follow their example of fleeing to a point of refuge and rebuilding there, living in freedom and all that jazz. Oh, sorry. That might interrupt grilling season.

          • I feel that way sometimes also. But where we are at the result of decades of inaction. If your analogy is right, we will find out whose right much sooner than I would like.

          • “However, if we lay low and don’t get ourselves killed, it may collapse on its own”

            That’s just pathetic. A perfect encapsulation of the dissident right. There are viable options like secession that could work, but the middle-class boomer cowards who frequent this side of the political divide are lazy and don’t want their hamburger supply threatened. Be honest, that’s the real reason for the seemingly endless complaints about Covid and “face diapers.” Many of you are greedy materialists who just want to get your grill on.

            BTW, this thing isn’t collapsing any time soon. That’s a delusional cope on your part. South Africa is still here. This disgusting nightmare will still be here 50 years from now, but you know that don’t you? Boomers are cowards looking for an excuse to lay low. That’s why you lose. You don’t deserve to win.

          • Nope. I want to fight.

            However if you take a shot at the king, you had better kill the king.

            Living under a tyrant is bad, but fighting him without being prepared to win is worse than doing nothing.

            Trump is a carny Barker who just wants to throw pie in the king’s face.

            ”Hurr Durr, libtards triggered!”

            Then his supporters laugh like retards as the king retaliates and jail/executes his enemies in post assasination-attempt purges.

      • Trump did not end CRT. They’re still going ahead with it in every institution, completely ignoring his orders. Nor did he create a “space force”. Or build a wall. Or lock anyone up. Or scale back troops (he simply moved them around).

        There’s an enormous discrepancy between what he says and what he DOES. The man has no idea what he’s doing and he’s the laughingstock of DC.

    • I understand the downvotes — most of them were earned merely for writing “looses” — but there’s more than a kernel of truth here. Trump has handled this abysmally. Yes, he was just a bit too flippant about it early on. Yes, he then let the Covidians run wild when anyone with a brain knew that the emergency powers they appropriated for themselves would be guarded with a violent tenacity. Yes, he’s spent the summer with seemingly no game plan to end the tyranny.

      The guy’s instincts are often correct and I think he understood what was going on back in March and April (remember, he wanted to open things back up by Easter) but then he pisses it away. Fauci should have been very publicly shown the door at that time. Instead, he’s got more sway than ever before. In the beginning of the summer we knew that this wasn’t anything more than a bad flu; at that time he should have very loudly denounced the mass testing that has produced the casedemic we see today. Instead, he seems more paralyzed than ever. Bringing on Scott Atlas is a good step but he’s got to get away from talking about, much less promising, a vaccine. There has never existed a safe, effective vaccine for any corona virus. Maybe we’ll get lucky this time but that’s like your retirement plans revolving around hitting the lottery.

      He can still save this, and his presidency, by saying that if reelected, we end all this on the spot. “Vote for me and I’ll do everything I can to override the tyrants in your county and state. It’s time for life to return to normal.” We open up completely, ditch the masks, protect grandma and grandpa, and Bob’s your uncle. That’s the plan he needs to stress. If too many drones have subscribed to Coronadoom for this to work, then we’re no worse off than we are now.

      • I agree that the strategy of stirring a hornets nest for saying something that needed to be said and then doing nothing is counterproductive. Trump is a showman.

      • Vaccines: The media is obviously already ginning up the next phase(s) of the narrative.

        We can’t open up until there’s a vaccine! becomes…

        We can’t open up until (insert arbitrary percentage) are vaccinated! becomes…

        We can’t open up until EVERYONE is vaccinated or there’s a vaccine mandate.

        Bonus side narratives are available too. Those people in Red State aren’t requiring vaccines like we are over here in Blue State. They’re bringing Beer Flu across state lines on their high capacity AR-15000 super-magazines. Commerce Clause! Commerce Clause! and Santa Clause too!

        I guarantee this is basically the whole 4 year plan for the Harris/Biden administration. I know many people here are skeptical of Blumpf. I am too but seriously, unless you want 4 years of masks, social distancing, and other virus fetish poopy talk, just fucking vote for Blumpf.

  32. They imposed silly regulations on everyday items like gas cans and drinking straws.

    I know that should there be a revolution that the mob will have a big queue for the guillotine, but if we’re lucky they’ll not forget to put the people who have cursed us with the horrid gas cans of today somewhere into that line.

    • The guillotine operator will be having trouble, though, because he can’t get the mandatory guillotine blade safety latch to disengage. It will cause long lines and people will post Twitter memes: “Dude, don’t you even guillotine?”

  33. The overall intelligence in western societies has degraded in the past few decades while meek compliance has “upgraded”. There don’t seem to be any men among men who will stand and call bullshit to all this feminized crap. In general, we’re like the wicked witch melting away after getting doused.

  34. Chris Wallace blamed the Western wildfires on climate change last night like it was the gospel and allowed Biden to transition to blaming every hurricane and tornado in the United States on it as well. What can’t climate change do?
    In regards to Covid, for the first few months the elites were genuinely terrified of it. Some seem to have wised up, but many are still hiding in their apartments only leaving for essentials. After six months, you would think it would dawn on them, “I only have X amount time left on earth anyway, I can’t waste most of it in shelter in place mode.” Some of these fools really seem to think they can live forever. Why would they want to in the hell they have turned our world into?

      • Neither do burning cities!

        We need China to provide all that clean energy, just look at their fantastic pollution controls!

        • PS- sarcasm aside, I heard a good conjecture on why beneficient, beautiful, flora-friendly carbon is experiencing a slight rise, while the sunspot Maunder minimum is taking us into a mini-Ice Age circa 1600-1850:

          The dams.

          Dams, the original green energy, are cutting off the mineral nutrient flow of river silt to the oceans.

          90% of the carbon-to-oxygen cycle is ocean plankton, not the land plants.

          We’re getting algae blooms and ocean dieoff because the seas are starving, unable to feed the surface plankton. Thus, less carbon recycling.

          Damned electricity!
          It is killing the planet!

    • “Some of these fools really seem to think they can live forever. Why would they want to in the hell they have turned our world into?”

      They made the Faustian bargain, and they know where they’re going when they die.

  35. The most horrifying aspect of this plandemic is the sheep like compliance with the masking orders. Every day I see a young family out walking on my street. Mom, Dad, two children, and one in a stroller are out in the hot sun, or alone on the street at night, all muzzled up like farm animals. Yesterday I saw Dad, and one of the grade-school kids jogging in ninety degree weather,and slurping up their oxygen through the sweat and mucous in the filters. I can understand a high level of fear in the elderly. But most of the maskatroons are young. I hate to play the Boomer card here, but we would not have rolled over for this when I was younger. These kids do not question. They do not rip the face diaper off as soon as Mom isn’t looking. Indeed, they wear it with pride.
    Anyone can spend ten minutes on the internet, and learn how deep this hoax runs. William Briggs posts the cold, hard numbers, the graphs tapering out close to zero.
    But nobody reads this stuff. They listen to what the television people tell them, and they obey. The mask has become a fifty thousand watt virtue signal, a talisman of the anti-religion of compliance.
    This to me, is in many ways the most frightening thing I have seen. It’s like the end of the old “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Everyone around me has slept with the pod, and they WILL NOT HEAR, any argument. Believe me, I’ve tried.


    • Looks like they still have caught the masked arsonists who torched that Senegalese family in Colorado. It won’t take too many incidents like that before masks are re-outlawed. Some lessons are only re-learned the hard way I suppose.

      • And can you prove they weren’t white supremacists?

        Sandmich, you may not realize it, but you’ve just guaranteed that masks will be here forever.

        • Actually given the multiple conspirators, the brutality of the attack, and the difficulty in tracking them down I figured it was some hit put out by their own people.

    • “But most of the maskatroons are young. I hate to play the Boomer card here, but we would not have rolled over for this when I was younger. These kids do not question. They do not rip the face diaper off as soon as Mom isn’t looking. Indeed, they wear it with pride.”

      Last time I posted some gamma wall-of-texted me and “okay Boomhauer” was its reply, likely, but admirably typed with one hand as the other one was rooting around his nose for his favorite tasty, self-administered treat.

      But you drew me out with this. When I was a kid, it was common for us to ditch coats in the bushes on the way to school. Sure, we might “catch a cold”, right. Riiiiigt mommy Right.

      Now, the young are happily muzzled.Compliant weaklings.

    • A couple of things. Young people are the east experienced with physical threat. By the time you reach you 50’s, you have a enough close calls or know enough people who have had close calls that you become a bit fatalistic. Young people naturally feel bulletproof to known dangers, but the unknowns spook them. They make horror movies for 20-something for a reason.

      That said, each generation has been softer and weaker than the prior. My generation was certainly softer than my dad’s or granddad’s. I suppose we reach a point when boys wear dresses and act like girls. Wait. We’re already there.

      • Modern teenagers are hilariously, sadly conformist.

        God help them, modern white teenagers remind me of Minnesotans, a special brand of whites that I’ve studied over the years. They are fairly conservative in their own lives, but it’s less about valuing the past or Chesterton’s Fence and more about fear. They also will follow whatever is told to them. And, oh, how they worry about what other people think of them.

        A whole generation of Minnesotans. Actually, God help us.

        Modern white teenagers have a bizarre lack of rebelliousness. Yes, they have usual cockiness and sanctimoniousness of all young people, but they have no desire to “fight the power.” They frickin’ love the power.

        However, I will say this. There’s a decent percentage of young white men who are seething with anger and have no love for what this country has become. They’ve been ripped on since birth and they know that they’re getting a raw deal. Sure, there’s a bunch of soy boys and the girls are generally hopeless, but there are a lot white guys who want nothing to do with this society nor are they excited about spending the next 40 years serving it.

        It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out.

        • It’s a mixed bag. What’s important is the growing percentage of angry young white guys. The regular cucks are really no different than Boomers/Gen X.

          In particular guys who get isolated. Somehow, people slip through the cracks at times. When you do, and you start to look around for friends, is when you actually notice that you’re surrounded by people who have no interest in being your friend, and who hate you.

          It’s basically: normie life –> period of isolation –> period of introspection and noticing –> either depression/withdrawal, or anger + devotion.

          Most umc white kids with decent social lives never experience the isolation phase, and can ignore the real world. But as you said, more and more are.

        • Heck, I’m late Gen X and I totally identify with those young white men.

          I didn’t leave America, America left me.

          • Son, I don’t mean to be condescending, but coming from the generation prior to yours – believe me, you never had America. In a lot of ways, I feel the most sympathy for X’ers simply for the reason you guys damn near had to pay the ultimate toll numerous times. People laugh now, despite being ever closer to it, but the threat a nuke war was a scary thing up until the ‘80s, man.

          • you never had America.

            I think I understand the point you’re making.

            The ’80s were when things really began to change, as much fun as that decade was. I have seen the video of Bronx joggers disrespecting candidate Reagan on YouTube.

            I knew GenX was in for a rough time when the mass media began running stories how collectively useless we are.

      • IQ 70 Joggers are also spooked by the unknown.

        This is why we see all the Beer flu virtue signaling from the muscle Mary pro athletes.

        • The sportsball jocks who’ve quivered in their panties over this are surely the most pathetic. Healthy young men who are almost guaranteed to have nothing worse than the mildest of symptoms. And I can’t imagine a demographic that has better health care at its disposal — at no cost. The state of these people!

    • My five year in all his childhood innocence is unafraid to declare “Chinese virus is over.” I get a kick out of the reaction of the Covid Sheep.

    • We were hiking on a wooded trail this weekend and came across a youngish couple with 2 quite young kids, the type you carry in one of those faggoty backpacks. Twice we passed them and twice they retreated off the trail and lurked behind a tree until we had reached the appropriate distance. I really wanted to just drill the husband right in the face for allowing his family to engage in such uninformed, cowardly, feminine behavior.

      • I had a similar experience a few months ago, hiking in the hills near my house. I went up there early in the morning with a special mission in mind, one that involved a handful of mushrooms, and a final goodbye to a lately departed friend. All the neighborhoods bordering the wildlife preserve have been totally colonized by Asians, and they are the absolute worst about masking. Much to my dismay, the trails were crowded with the Faceless Ones, muzzled up, yammering loudly, and paying more attention to their cell phones than the beautiful spring morning. Families cowered at the trailside at my approach. Needless to say they utterly trashed what was to have been a morning of deep contemplation, and communion with nature, and departed sprit.


    • Post debate, that’s what it’s all about today. So many obviously White people are all over Media and call-in talk shows this morning screeching about Trump’s “refusal to denounce White Supremacy!” Whites are their own worst enemy.

      • White supremacy – what a freaking joke. As if Whites want lord it all over everyone else. Christ, I wish we’d just stand up for ourselves.

        • The fact that they’re pointing to the Proud Boys as a white supremacy group confirms that Zman is correct about not giving the media an easy target to depict as the face of evil. The Proud Boys are explicitly NOT pro-white, yet our enemies need to find someone to fill the role as a bad group, so that’s the best they can come up with.

          • You’re not going to win this fight by hiding under tables. Hunter Wallace had an excellent retort to Z’s assertion this is about optics. It’s not. It’s about power. If you have the power, you have the optics. You want to get the power to have good optics? Then stand up for yourselves and make this regime your enemy. Delegitimize it. Overthrow it. Secede. Once we have separate countries, we can do as we please.

            Let me ask you guys a couple of questions: did the Eastern Europeans resist communism by … not resisting it or did they eventually succeed by having the implicit goal of overthrowing their oppressive regimes? How is that different from this place?

          • HW disappointed me by going full tilt fir the coronavirus, but he’s correct that power controls the optics.

          • Hate to disappoint you, but the regime in Eastern Europe wasn’t overthrown by the people fighting oppression.
            The regime ended because the young future Communist leaders, privileged children of the old leaders, who all studied Political science in Moscow wanted to be rich and cool like their western counterparts. So they pulled the plug at the first opportunity. Now, thanks to their old communist contacts – mostly KGB, Stasi, AVO, StB etc., they are all millionaires or billionaires.

          • I don’t quite agree. The patriot-right can’t help but get out there and be a strong but naive presence. And bless them for that; we need their moxie. The Proud Boys could be the last alt-right/alt-lite org from 2016 that hasn’t been destroyed by the establishment. And they’ve actually been growing in number. The left hates them because they are anti-PC and insubordinate, pro-Trump, and haven’t folded. Also unlike the dissident right, they don’t give an F about what the left or media thinks about them. They’ll go out there anyway. If you want a revolution, this is how you get it.

          • There’s also an organization called the Patriot Front that seems to be making a bit of noise. I know little about it, though.

      • I was looking for this comment. That sniveling coward Rod Dreher is in a hissy fit over “Trump’s refusal to denounce white supremacy.” Apparently, Trump is helping the left by not being sufficiently differential towards them. Please. He refused to let them make him look guilty by association and his supporters racist through that false association..

        Meanwhile, Biden lied about antifa — claimed it didn’t exist. Uh, Joe. They have a flag and a name and they coordinate over social media. In what way does the Proud Boys exist that can’t also be associated with Antifa?

        “White supremacists” didn’t destroy hundreds of statues and murder two people in Chaz, or blind cops with lasers, or blockade highways, or shoot into vehicles …. or countless other offenses.

        “White supremacy” is a racist dog whistle and a deflection from the far-left. It doesn’t exist. And I’m getting sick of hearing it. This vile regime would never tolerate anyone saying “Asian Supremacy” or “Black Supremacy” .. even though there are tons of video of black supremacists assaulting (even killing) people in public for refusing to say “black lives matter.”

        Honestly, I’m really starting to hate this ****ing country and these loser conservative gatekeepers. This coward wrote a book on how to combat the left by telling his readers to hide under tables and let them win everything. I can see why he’s hated.

    • Lol. After the fact (I didn’t watch the debate, sorry) I thought that Trump could have found a way to defang that accusation, perhaps something along the line of “not sure what you jackasses mean about ‘white supremacy’, I’m white and think white people are pretty cool, but that doesn’t make me, or anyone else who likes their own people, any kind of ‘supremacist'”, etc.

    • Things are getting really confusing… if we have to refer to ourselves as “certain people” from now on, it’ll become even more important to use the ((( ))) to distinguish ourselves from certain other people.

      Good things blacks don’t have to speak in code but can baldly proclaim their supremacy while certain people have no choice but to grovel.

    • White supremacy is an idea, not an organization. That’s the retort I’m using on lefties that are freaking out.

      Anyway, it’s interesting how some ideas scare the Judeo-Puritan elite a lot more than others. The idea of white supremacy (really just white self determination) terrifies them, but the “idea” of Antifa is just fine.

      I’m glad the mainstream right is attacking Antifa, but they’re low-hanging fruit and an easy target for the right because they’re mostly white/white-presenting. I’d like the idea of BLM to be attacked and discredited instead. It was possible for the right to dismiss BLM in 2016, but oddly the more murder and terrorism BLM has committed since then, the more legitimate and above-criticism they’ve become.

      • BLM is without doubt the premiere anti-white terrorist organization in America. I’d love to hear Trump acknowledge that fact.

  36. Yesterday:
    Lansing — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Tuesday extended Michigan’s state of emergency through Oct. 27 as officials continue to voice concern about the threat of COVID-19.

    • The DA here also trying to press criminal charges against Unlock Michigan in their ballot open up the state.
      Like Z said, they aren’t going to let go easily.

    • In Hawaii, they’ve already determined that schools will not reopen until September…

      September next year, that is.

      In 2021.

        • Sowell’s autobiography has a memorable sentence in it to effect (I paraphrase here):

          “Thank god I made my reputation/career *before* affirmative action.”

          A stark admission from a Black man that I’ve rarely/never heard before (from a Black man).

          • I thank God I earned my graduate degrees before the GRE and graduate study in my field were dumbed down catastrophically.

          • Good quote. I like some things Charles Barkley has said (see above post). For a fascinating combination of truth and showmanship, look up some of the YouTube videos of Rev. Manning and his Atlah church 🙂

      • Ack! Hawaii. The wife still dreams about going there on a trip. I’ve tried to explain to her that it was never really America to begin with and is now basically North Korea with palm trees.

        • Go to Bali if you can.

          The USD goes a long way there, there is plenty to do, the food is good, and the people are friendly.

        • Tahiti used to be a very popular Polynesian vacation spot back in the 60s and 70s, but you don’t hear about it too much these days. Might be worth checking out.

  37. Bad government is one thing – a people that goes along with it is another. Let’s be honest the majority of white people support insane restrictions. Non-whites just ignore the government and do whatever they want, as usual.

    Why are millions of whites, particularly women, begging to be shut down? The pro lockdown people are really nasty too, now calling for jail time for people who aren’t social distancing. Projecting their misery onto others maybe? Only badwhites still meet in large groups (church, car rallies, gun clubs, etc.) anyways.

    It’s clear to me that a significant portion of whites are insane, and it’s genetic.

    • “…a significant portion of whites are insane…”

      That has been my own observation in my small community. I had no idea there were so many people who were either terrified, silly, or filled with ideological vitriol. I have publicly mocked people I knew to be very conservative Trump supporters because they went about shopping wearing a mask when it is not required. These are people who used to complain about the fake news, but now they suddenly believe the crap they are seeing and hearing on TV.

      • Perhaps it’s just becoming apparent how stupid the population is. It takes a bit of smarts to separate the disinformation from the facts—and of course, courage to act upon such.

        We often call this “critical thinking”, but I’m thinking it’s inseparable from IQ—and don’t confuse IQ with “credentialism”. Lot of dumb people with degrees these days. Such is the state of higher education.

        • Critical thinking and how to write (or beware of!) cleverly (not to say clearly). Consider this Atlantic article (You don’t have to read the whole thing, but it’s short.)
          Here’s the money quote:
          It’s worth noting that there isn’t much difference between Barkley’s claim that “there are a lot black people who are unintelligent” and the claims of a garden-variety racist.
          See what the author (Tarnishes-easily Coates) did? He casts doubt on Barkley’s claim, implying his words are untrue, because surely any morally upright Atlantic reader knows a racist must be a liar. Nowhere in the article is any refutation offered to Barkley’s statement. I’m sure there is a name for such rhetorical skill. I call it “deception” but that is allowable in opinion or persuasion. Now that I’m sensitized to it, I have seen it in similar writing. I’m sure there are clever deceptions I’ve not yet learned.
          We here can put numbers on Barkley’s “thugs and idiots”. Thugs? 1/3 of Black males are convicted felons. I’d say that qualifies as “thug.” Slightly more, roughly 39% are too dumb to enlist in any military branch, nearly three times the white rate. So yes, they have a greater share of dim bulbs. To be fair, there is some overlap in the sample of thugs and idiots.

      • White people have three interlocking pathologies that have been and will continue to be their downfall. Those are:

        Pathological altruism.
        Pathological honest.
        Pathological deference to authority.

        Whites that know the media lies about any number of topics will reflexively trust them on some other topic. They literally can’t help themselves from doing so.

        • Perfect example of the Gell-Mann effect:

          Named after famous physicist Murray GellMann, the Amnesia Effect was coined by Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton to describe the act of feeling skeptical as you read a magazine or newspaper article about an area in which you have expertise and then completely forgetting that skepticism as you turn the page and…”

        • I think it is pathological empathy, not deference to authority. There was a huge and fast juggling of phrasing for the directives, as “do what I say” was failing hard. They switched to “keep others safe,” which seems to have stuck and worked.

      • Covid-19 is a real pathology with real negative consequences, so it’s not intrinsically unreasonable to take precautions. The problem most people have is not they are gullible, per se, but that they like training and cognitive skills to properly evaluate the risk this disease entails. As such, it’s quite understandable that someone would just wear a mask instead of spending hours doing complex research and risk analysis. People are cognitive misers, and frankly, wearing a mask so you can spend more time thinking about more enjoyable things is a pretty good use of time.

        • Drew, you miss the essence of the problem. The mask wearing was initially voluntary, then made mandatory. Once that happens, we are beyond taking “reasonable” precautions for one’s own health—we are requiring, under penalty, that others sacrifice themselves for our (supposed) good. This concept, now accepted by the sheeple opens the door for all sorts of pernicious undertakings by our rulers.

          We are seeing such outside of simple mask-up requirements. Bars are closed, but restaurants with bars and table service are free to serve alcohol. Restaurants have mandatory closing hours and limited seating to 25-50% capacity—regardless of “social distancing” ability. Schools closed, or on dual schedules like 2 days with student on campus, 3 days student home—while private schools do what the want (all here open as normal). Church attendance is limited to 10 people.

          Total arbitrary exercise of power in these ordinances with no recourse of the people as there is no limit to our local authority’s declaration of emergency. The more removed from logic and reason, the better. The people are being humiliated *and* conditioned to the arbitrary exercise of power.

        • You don’t have to have a Ph.D. in Dravidian philology to understand Covid is an overblown crock of bullcaca, and that, unless you’re an octogenarian with a couple of comorbidities, this virus is not much of a threat. Likewise, one needn’t do extensive research to conclude that masks are a totally ineffective defense against what little threat Covid does present.

      • Sadly, I’ve always known my neighbors were “terrified, silly, or filled with ideological vitriol”. I used to be able to ignore them though. Their crazy stayed bottled up in their little chipmunk brains. Now it’s all over the place everyday.

    • Yes, it’s seems that they have gone insane, but I think it’s deeper and more sinister than that. Consider: civilization, true culture, is a burden that can only be built and maintained by a masculine and intelligent people who have a unifying belief. Because of luxury and peace, we have become an effeminate and soft people, and in doing so have replaced patriarchy with its opposite. Was it Heidegger that said matriarchy is the death drive manifested? Indo-European man is not only going crazy, he seems largely suicidal. Now,the reasons of how we got here are multifarious. But it seems we are here. As Revilo Oliver said it is painful to watch our “insane and disastrous retreat from the world that so rightly belonged to us.” But watch it we are, and covid is a symptom of that insanity, in my opinion.

    • The pro lockdown people are really nasty too, now calling for jail time for people who aren’t social distancing

      The actor Jason Isaacs recently publicly called for the death of anti-maskers.

      • I do enjoy finding out about new celebrities to boycott, not that I was ever a big media consumer. In this case I didn’t even know who Isaacs was until he opened his head-hole about this. Turns out the Rock has TDS too. So sad. Have Malkovitch and James Woods cucked?

    • Perhaps there’s a predisposition towards fanaticism or religious madness. Perhaps this explains much unexplicable history.

      Such ideas as personality traits like ‘inheritable altruism’ doesn’t doesn’t hold much water with the Zman, true.

      I think it may not be a vague trait that is inheritable, but the wiring: our spectrum of perception and response to social cues, rather, making it hard to pin down as a specific set of chromosomes.

      For instance, we still haven’t found a “gay gene”; we’re forbidden now from looking at queerness as a birth defect in the delicate wiring, a difference in what one sees and responds to.

      Gays are invisible to us yet they can see each other in a crowd without a word being said.

      Religion is often a call-and-response, a seeking of like minds.

      For example, I was in a line when the Christian said to me, “have you heard the gospel of Jesus Christ?”

      The foreign Japanese couple behind me looked spooked and uncertain, but further back, another voice called, “Yea, brother, I have!”

      The High Church of Sciencyness is seeing and responding to different signals than we blind, stubborn heretics, for sure.

      How to live with them?

      Well, that’s for you fine minds.

      The Zman is determined to find something beyond democracy, thus we have this, the college of Z.

      • Perhaps there’s a predisposition towards fanaticism or religious madness.

        A large portion of the current problem is that most of the West had turned its back on God.

        Most humans have deep, inherent spiritual needs, despite what the Progtards claim.

        Nature abhors a vacuum, and Corona-chan has filled it beautifully, with some help from Sts. Floyd and Faux-ci

        • The Karens at any evangelical church are the exact same as the urban ones putting up “hate has no home here” signs on their lawns.

          Location, culture, and most importantly, the availability of alpha/non cucked beta men. The main difference is that Christian men are not as cucked as the leftist WASP Karens’.

          Humans will never progress past the need for religion and spirituality.

          • “most importantly, the availability of alpha/non cucked beta men.”

            You’re onto something there, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

            For what it’s worth, common-sense secularists like Krull, Compsci, and me will hang with you guys. That bunch over there would sell their own mother.

          • And, totally o/t, I apologize for over-commenting again. I CAN NOT sleep.

            I was only able to resist the Z for two days this time. (By law, I have to sit in one spot for a 10-hour stretch. Yes, satellite tracking, also by federal law.)

          • That’s fine. For the people with the right mindset and upbringing, religion might not be important.

            However, 1. The vast majority are dumb and the Bible is a great way to fill that void and 2. The practical benefits of religion, like community, a shared bond with strangers and neighbors, hierarchy, and limits on degeneracy, is very necessary regardless on whether there is an all knowing Sky Man or not.

        • Just so. I’m one of that large minority who’s mental framework can’t imagine some God or Source, or even imagine the need for such a thing.

          Yet, the majority of our kind do, so it must be natural. My kind of thinking, to them, seems utterly illogical, and will never make sense.

          Perhaps there’s a third type, awaiting only the loss of the formal majority structure?

          While we atheists were quite visible, perhaps the neither-nor were not?

          My type of atheist has no interest in tearing up the rules or attacking others, but maybe that’s why we are usually conflated?

          • Ah. Sorry for thinking out loud.

            A spectrum of amorality:

            From ‘don’t bug me’ to ‘at war’.

            I’d say ‘anti-morality’ but they have their own severe moral strictures.

    • Bad government is one thing – a people that goes along with it is another. 

      You are exactly right. and our faithless, fearful countrymen accepted orders right away and show no sign of letting up I am ASHAMED to be an american

  38. “These loathsome freeloaders will never voluntarily let go of their new power.”

    No, they will not. And if Trump loses, these masks are going to be with us indefinitely. I heard an ex-ceo of a big airline on TV recently blathering about how he expects the airlines to be requiring masks for several more years. Personally, I will never voluntarily put on a mask to fly again. If you want to feel the lash, try sitting in a plane for four hours with Stewardess Ratched continually demanding you pull your mask over your nose. And don’t think first class will make it any less stressful. Box lunches in first class basically means no class. I never thought I would have to look around for alternate means of travel, but will now consider private jet travel. Or I’ll just drive if going private is too expensive…or if (God forbid!) the private jet requires masks.

    • The homo soy attendant and the old butch with the smokers voice attendant will be ensuring that you comply.

      Turkish Airlines attendants are much better. Apparently the Muslims can still appreciate beauty.

      • Argentine airlines still have young, beautiful stewardesses. And soft, stress-free space music when you board.

      • The major Asian carriers have slowly abandoned the “young and beautiful” requirements in the past couple decades to the detriment of their service. I flew Cathay Pacific from Newark to Hong Kong a couple years ago, a 15+ hour flight, and had to suffer through not just typically Asian behavior but bitter Karens trying to contain it all. The low point came when a late-middle aged stewardess announced in a very loud voice to her co-workers that “someone just shit all over the bathroom!” Classy.

        Sometimes I get to fly tiny regional carriers in that part of the world and they still employ gorgeous, attentive young females. That’s what competition gets you.

    • The masks will stay for most of us just like the exploding underwear and smoldering shoes of Allah have left us with an army of dimwit vibrants accruing retirement at 5x the rest of us to scream in our faces about toothpaste tubes, shoes, and laptops as we queue up to get irradiated by a $3T pork barrel as we hands up dont shoot. The good news for you is that as the new normal grows stale on the collective, the free market will step in to provide relief for a price to those who have managed to exact a bit more fiat from the carnival. Just as they have with with clear, tsa pre, departure lounges, etc. incremental comforts will be priced back in like the rest of our gated community we are in this together. As for the faggot stewardesses being faggy, thats on the house.

      • The fruit stewards are just another GlobHom recruiting vector, most certainly a feature rather than a bug.

        • Remember when AIDS was blamed on one gay steward who’d had HIV sex with 11,000 happy folks?

          Suddenly we were all conscripts in the Caring Army.

          We can save them!

    • FWIW, bring a bag of chips. Pretend to eat one every time a FA walks by. Masks aren’t required when eating/drinking.

      If some sky hag calls you out on it, mask up, or don’t. Worse case scenario is you get “banned” from the airline. But tickets are cheap, and there’s a very good chance some, or most, legacy carriers are going to disappear anyway.

        • I wouldn’t mind it if Coronadoom lasts long enough to kill off the legacy carriers, so long as we then get a complete reopening followed by the birthing of new, consumer-friendly airlines.

        • a lot of things are going away for us dirt people, air travel , retirement , and according to ice age farmers youtube channel, real meat .

        • Cheeze-its! Not for eating, but for grinding into the carpet of the plane with your foot, for some reason.

      • Masks aren’t required when eating/drinking.”

        They’re on to that and watch you like a hawk. This worked in July. It no longer works now.

        • God, you guys are getting sophisticated. I genuinely worry that I won’t be able to operate when I get out among you guys again. Man, I wish I could just retire. Any female out there want to Homestead. I could probably bring 200k to the table, lol.

    • Here in Ontariostan, the one thing we hoped the conservative might defend us from was tyranny… and they did (to a degree) when it was the left attempting to do so. There will be no stopping the left the next time they are given power, “it’s okay when we do it”.
      That is not to say that they would not have been so emboldened the next time they were elected, given the new global paradigm.

      • They’re just waiting for Trump to fall, after that it’s game on. All the other pieces are in place. Germany will invade Poland and Russia again.

        Doug Ford is a cuck and will be out next election.

    • I stopped flying years ago after I was required to take my shoes off before going through the metal detector and after being frisked by a 250 pound negress. Standing in line for these privileges for 45 minutes didn’t dissuade me, either. 30 hour road trips are the norm for my family and me now.

      • Same. Didn’t endure the frisking by a negress, but I stopped flying due to the ridiculous faux-security measures. Add in routine chimpouts and all the flaming stewards and bitchy old stewardesses, and now face diapers, and it’s just not worth the presumed time saved to me. I will drive or I won’t go. Today’s airlines are like the Trailways bus lines in the late’60s -’70s. I hope they all go broke.

      • Dandy, you could be my doppelgänger. I made one exception on flights in 2002 for an elderly family member (96). Her wish was to see all her (extensive) family one more time.

        There are priorities in life (family) that are hard to avoid—but the flight was distasteful. I watched my mother-in-law humiliated by being removed from her wheel chair and having—in public—her artificial leg removed and taken away while her chair was broken down and examined. Some things are never forgotten.

  39. 2 things.

    1. The governor of VA has asymptomatic Covid, so after his return I can only imagine his harrowing experience will further fuel the bonfire of rights in the Cavalier state.

    2. You are absolutely right about those new gas cans. I had to buy a new one recently for a uniquely fuel oil mixed tool, and getting it to work was maddening. On top of that, it spills more fuel than the pre-EPA mandated cans.

    • Get a conversion kit from amazon. Drill an air hole, apply the air-hole plug, attach a nozzle not designed by sadists.

      • There are also those low-flow shower heads. Whenever I got one I would rip out the little restrictor gasket so it would work normally. I’ve also heard there’s a thriving trade in old toilets that actually flush properly. Perhaps this is the Green New Deal that Joe of the Dead and President Camacho were talking about last night. The idea is that we’ll all have jobs restoring everyday things to proper functioning after the government regulations make them useless.

        By the way, I don’t usually watch these things but I thought Pres. Camacho was brilliant last night. Can I get an amen?

        • The low flush toilet was a legacy of Bush the Elder. Remember he was the environmental president? Or was it the education president? Anyways, every time I flush the toilet, I think of ole George.

    • asymptomatic Covid”

      I thought you said Couvade-
      where a husband mimics his wife’s symptoms of pregnancy.

      King Cuomo or his brother had that, sympathetic covid, remember?

      • Two stroke engine. A two cycle engine has four distinct stroke functions, and is what most people think of when they see a gasoline engine.

        • Two-stroke == two cycle.

          The typical gasoline engine people think of (car engines, your typical lawn mower engine) is a 4-stroke or 4-cycle engine.

          Almost all chainsaws and weedeaters are 2 stroke/cycle. Back in the day a lot of dirt bikes, mopeds and even some street bikes were 2 cycle. I used to own a ’72 Suzuki 500cc street bike that had a separate resevoir for 2 cycle oil (eliminating the need for you to mix 2 cycle oil with the gas whenever you filled it up).

      • Yeah but instead of 50/1 or 25/1, which I have, it is 40/1. I should have chosen my wording more carefully.

        • That’s interesting. I’ve gotten spoiled by being able to have just one mixture for all my chainsaws/weedeaters. But they’re all the same brand.

    • Agree on the gas cans. The last time I used one was in the 1970s for the lawn mower. Recently, I bought one just as part of my emergency preps. I used it to put gas in my son’s car and I couldn’t believe how complicated they made it. I thought it was me.

  40. I live in NJ unfortunately. If it was a country, we’d have the highest covid death rate in the world, yet the left continues to kiss the heroic ass of Gov. Murphy. He’s encourage to retain his dictator powers and continue destroying small business.
    Meanwhile Sweden has a million more people than NJ and less than half the deaths despite never shutting down or engaging in most of this nonsense.

    • It’s pretty clear that the Covid death count is more a function of sensitivity (the US tests has ones set to a ludicrous level), mass testing, and good old fashioned obesity.

        • I think Sweden actually did push patients into nursing homes and that is where a good chunk of their death count comes from.

          • Yes, they did, to their open regret.
            Old folks and “immigrant centers” hit hardest.

            They did have 1000% rise in deaths in one month, too.

            From 43 to… to… 435!!!

        • The Swedes absolutely slaughtered their geezers. You might not think that’s how the world’s welfare state number one would operate, but that’s what it did. The staff were instructed to put an inmate on palliative care upon a C-19 diagnosis, which is to say cease all medical treatment and give them morphine. The government specifically prohibited giving them oxygen.

          They need the retirement homes for the Mohammadans, see? This was an issue long before Corona Chan, Swedish authorities evicting pensioners to make room for invaders.

          • Actually, that’s exactly how I would expect a welfare state to act. Kill off the users in favor of the contributors or the ethnic pets.

          • Bingo! What I sense is that most all these States with “free” health care wind up eventually unable to afford it, so they inevitably ration care in some form.

            Common rationing techniques I see are long waits for certain services and denial for services depending on “payback”. The old never really win out in these cases.

            Not that these techniques for cost reduction are any worse than simple denial based on ability to pay—but it’s not any more moral either.

          • Morality is a factor, but it all boils down to economics, supply and demand. Someone defined economics as “who gets what.” Also politics is “who decides who gets what.”

          • I’ll say it again, for all her faults, Sarah Palin probably scored the most direct hit on leftist this century with her simple “death panels” phrase. It was easy to digest for people on both sides of the aisle and it truly sent the left into paroxysms of rage. And deep down everyone knew that it was inarguable.

          • The holocaust started with killing geezers, kids with birth defects, and invalids. Treating the body politic instead of individual bodies. Have to conserve resources for the war machine dontcha know.

      • I’ve basically stopped looking at test results and just look at deaths. Those have tailed off nearly everywhere which is why the fake news focuses on tests. There’s also the fact that if the false positive rate is high (as it is for Covid) and they are reporting raw test results, it’s likely that virtually ALL the positives are fake. How often they do this, I don’t know. The problem is that there are many ways to lie about all this and you can “stack” your lie techniques – i.e. That guy with 14 bullet wounds just died and he tested positive for Covid, hello new Covid death and positive test result.

        The closest thing to a real metric is to look at the background death rate and compare with the recent ones. This tells you the “excess deaths” during a period. This, in itself, needs to be evaluated carefully. How many excess deaths are from other causes? How many people have died FROM the lockdowns rather than Covid? Puzzling this all out requires a combination of great probity, level-headedness, rationality, and some mathematical acumen. You know, all those stereotypically masculine qualities. As we all know, these traits are found in abundance in our media and professional class…

        The question of “why this?” will always haunt us. I feel that our whole society was basically a school shooter ready to snap. She (it’s a she at this point) had the guns and ammo in the trunk of the car, had finally finished reading The Catcher in the Rye, had the pentagram tattoo on her forehead, and then some kid called her a fatty and IT WAS ON LIKE RED DAWN!

        Here are some links with graphs you can play with.

        • I saw the false positive rate at 2%. At 1 million daily tests in the US and 40 thousand new “cases” every day, about half of them would be false.

    • I imagine New Jersey’s death toll is similar to Bangladesh’s given that New Jersey is the Bangladesh of the US. I know because I lived there two years.

    • hes the guy who said that he consutlted with “additction” experts who told him that the liquor stores must be kept open for some reason.

  41. We just hit that scary 1 million death globally number. And if you go with six months that averages five to six thousand a day and of course all that was in the beginning when a lot of people actually died though it is questionable from what seeing that our ruling class lies with impunity now. 5 to 6000 a day is chump change. 3rd Century Rome had a plague that killed 5000 a day in the city. That’s a plague.. This is a scam or Madness maybe both but it’s not a pandemic.

    But it definitely has been a way to get back at Trump voters. They’re most likely to have small businesses that are being destroyed. This has been a huge transfer of wealth from individuals to mass corporations. But the worst part is as bad as everything has been I think we all know it’s about to get worse even if we’re unclear of exactly what it’s going to look like.

    • Ironically, the goodwhites are far more miserable from the lockdowns than badwhites. The goodwhites who are strictly following the lockdowns appear to be entering episodes of hysteria, paranoia, and depression. “To end COVID!” They were already atomized and on SSRIs to begin with.

      The badwhites are annoyed because churches and other places we like to go are closed. But nobody cares, we are still visiting each other, visiting family, taking reasonable precautions like sitting outside if we’re visiting elderly people. It’s a slightly worse reality for us. Longterm may be worse, yes, due to small business shutdowns.

      Goodwhites are cutting off their nose to spite their face. Then again, the elites hate all whites, good or not, but the Good People who are taking the restrictions seriously are a disaster.

    • Ah, the magically significant 1 Million dead globally! I would love to hear the journos explain why going from 999,999 to 1 Mil is a significant milestone. Anyone….Anyone….Innumeracy and madness go hand in hand.

      • Ah, the magically significant 1 Million dead globally! I would love to hear the journos explain why going from 999,999 to 1 Mil is a significant milestone.

        They better not say 6 Million. That number is already taken.

        • Rachel Maddow recently presented a “calculation” that indicated a strategy to attain herd immunity would result in 6 million deaths. A bunch of Karens on Nextdoor were clutching their pearls over this until I pointed out she was trivializing the Holocau$t.

      • Yes. And I suspect the actual death toll from Covid itself, as opposed to a comorbidity, is much less than 1 mill.

      • I am amazed that that there is no comparison of the Covid death propaganda numbers with the actual 2019 US death rate:
        2019 death rate – 8.782 deaths per 1000
        US population (2019) – 327,200,000
        So, if we divide the US population by one thousand (327,200,000 / 1000 = 327,200) and then times that by the death rate (8.782 x 327,200) we had 2,873,470 deaths per year in US (2019). Divide that by 52 weeks and we had (2,873,470 / 52) 55,259 deaths per WEEK in the US. Yes, peopled died in large numbers every week BEFORE Covid.
        So if we count the number of weeks since the Covid death count started in the news (I’ll say April 2020) that is approximately 6 months and 210,000 “reported” deaths. If we compare the same time frame in 2019 – 1,436.735 people died. So the real question is how many of the 210,000 that died with Covid would have normally died in 2020 but their demise was accelerated by Covid, not the sole cause.
        It is amazing how many people think no one died until Covid.

        • For many of us this is old news, but here is a recent book summarizing the great scamdemic:

          “…Lockdowns on trial…” by Betrus.

          Just got done reading. It’s dry, but full of interesting graphs and stat’s as well as a breakdown among US States and other countries.

          It is really a tremendous source for history of this farce. Some good analysis on teasing out real Covid deaths from made up shit. Also has evidence for initial *underestimation* of Covid cases in NYC and elsewhere—a concept unknown to me, but reasonable in initial infection stages.

          Some talk here on “geezercide” among the Swedes. He has stat’s on that as well. Most countries and States did a pretty poor job wrt to their elderly in care facilities—not just the Swedes.

        • The “Hail to You”, “William Briggs, Statistician to the Stars”, Kevin Roche, Howie Carr, Tony Heller, and 3 of the 4 main authors over at Powerline have travelled over this ground extensively.

          Their arguments have had no effect. The political class is doubling down, “VACCINES!” “CASES”, SECOND (third, fourth, fifth…) WAVE…

    • In the first place, that 1 million number, like all COVID numbers, is highly suspect. But let’s pretend it’s accurate. 1 million deaths over about 9 months (say pandemic began in Jan.) annualizes to about 1.25 Million. You can choose a slightly higher figure and it won’t change the calculations much.
      There are about 56 million deaths yearly, worldwide. That means that 1.25/56 = about 2.2% of deaths MAY have been due to COVID. I just can’t get very excited about that, especially knowing the vast majority of those were frail people who would have been “checking out” soon anyway.

  42. The High Priests of COVID could not carry this out without the active support of the Karens and Cucks in the pews.

    • i mostly blame doctors, an old distant relative of mine had lung problems for years, doctors claimed covid was responsible for his death.
      They claim any minor or major respiratory virus is covid, covid does not exist. Hospitals get funds if doctors claim their hospitals are filled with covid patients.

    • That’s not entirely fair. Most people don’t care about politics, and I can’t blame them. So if all they see is Spanish Flu on TV, who are they going to believe? All the experts, or Crazy Uncle Felix?

        • No, thats the point of the inverted quarantine. If you have most people greatly limiting their socialization, shopping, going to work: who is to say there aren’t 100s of thousands of dead in the streets? How would you know, everyone is supposed to “stay safe, stay home!”

      • Care about politics? I think it causes most people serious psychic pain to think and analyze the world around them – even a little bit -political or not. Most of the world are walking-talking rutabagas. Outside not crapping their pant, chewing their food, only using a 5K word vocabulary, doing what needs to be done to have sexual relations with another rutabaga and using whatever brain cells are left to do that thing called a job — people don’t want to think more than is necessary.

    • Bam. The most enlightening aspect of this insanity is how many people are, in fact, insane. The Karens literally should be made into Hand Maidens but given their looks it will take ultra horny Incels to do the nasty, which probably is another element of their madness.

      • Thats what turkey basters are for. Nah, they probably shouldn’t be reproducing anyway. If nature cannot remove our mutants anymore, we should let them self-deselect.

    • “The High Priests of COVID could not carry this out without the active support of the Karens and Cucks in the pews.”

      I hate to sound rude, but … why are you complaining? Seriously. Aren’t you the guy who compared us to the Kulaks and said we should basically give up and do nothing — just let the left have their way? They carried this out because guys like you made excuses for doing nothing; thus, the Karens and Cucks predominate. Painful truth, but it is true none-the-less. There were options, but you didn’t like those options. So suck it up. This is your new reality. Wear that mask with pride. You might as well get with the program and at least pretend to like it. At least then you’ll feel better about yourself.

    • I’ve said this from the beginning. They can’t shut us all down. they cant make all of us wear a mask. I know, most people reading this blog wear their mask.

      The mask is the face (snuffle!) of covid. Stop wearing masks, and we will stop this nonsense!

        • If I’m asked to put a mask on when entering a store, I calmly ask what their ADA options are for people with heart conditions. I can’t wear a mask, so the ADA says they have to have reasonable options to allow me to shop at their establishment. If they hem and haw I then ask for a managers name to be listed as a codefendant on any future litigation. The key is to be calm and respectful. The smoke usually comes out of their ears or their hair is on fire.
          use their system against them. I carry a copy of the ADA basics in my back pocket.

          and what do you know,HIPPA says we don’t have to prove anything regarding health conditions because of PRIVACY!

          Finally, my advice is if someone informs you that you need to wear a mask to enter, just ignore them and continue on your way.

          • I was at a small-ish zoo and safari place in PA recently and posted on the entrance to the gift shop/admission building was a sign that said, “Our governor has mandated the use of masks indoors. If you do not wear one, we will assume you have a medical reason and you will not be asked any questions.” Perfect. I’ve not seen anyplace here in upstate NY with the gumption to similarly defy Marshal Cuomo’s dictates.

          • Our local Strongmen dictate that masks must be worn unless you have a medical condition that is exacerbated by wearing a mask. I simply make that claim. If asked, which I have not been, what condition that is, I would say that it raises my blood pressure to be told to wear a mask.

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