Conspiratorial Rule

It is hard to know, but most likely the conspiracy theory is one of the oldest parts of human society. In fact, the popularity of conspiracy theories is probably a good measure of social trust. Low-trust societies, like you find in the Middle East, tend to be shot through with conspiracy theories. High trust societies in Northwest Europe tend to have less of it, but even they are prone to bouts of conspiracy mongering. The Great Fear that swept through rural France is a good example.

In modern times, the conspiracy theory has been formalized. The assassination of John Kennedy is probably when this formalization process began. For example, a conspiracy theory needs a series of hard to accept coincidences. In the case of Kennedy, we have the amazing marksmanship of the shooter and then his unlikely assassination at the hands of a Jewish gangster, while he was in police custody. The Jack Ruby part is what made the whole thing perfect for the conspiracy theorists.

The first step in a conspiracy theory is that the obvious answer or the official answer must be eliminated as a lie or implausible. In the case of the Kennedy assassination, the start of the conspiracy dynamic was the dismissal of Oswald as the lone actor. It is a variation on the old Sherlock Holmes line. Once you eliminate the parsimonious explanation, then the more complex and convoluted explanations become more plausible. That opens the door to endless speculation.

We see this with the QAnon cult on-line. All of it starts with the assumption that the obvious answer is wrong. For example, it is plainly obvious that Bill Barr is covering up the FBI spying scandal. He’s had years to do what should have taken a few months. Instead of accepting that rather obvious and plausible explanation, the QAnon people reject it and instead weave wildly complex theories about how half of Washington is about to be charged with crimes.

Another aspect of the formal conspiracy theory is the liberal use of the associative property to connect unrelated events. Person A knows Person B and Person B once had lunch at the same place as Person C. If any of these three people can be tied to the event in question, then it is assumed the other two are connected. The weakest associations are enough to assume a conspiracy. The associative property is an essential element of the modern conspiracy theory.

In the case of Kennedy, for example, organized crime is a popular player, because Jack Ruby was a minor criminal. His tenuous association with organized crime opens the door for linking any number of underworld characters with the assassination. It also opens the door for all sorts of theories about the Kennedy administration’s connections to organized crime. The associative property then ties communism, organized crime and the Cuba situation to the assassination.

Probably the most overlooked aspect of the formal conspiracy theory is the personalizing of complex events. The conspiracy theorist assumes there is a small group of people behind the events in question. These super-intelligent, shadowy figures pull the strings from the shadows. Even when a government agency is at the core of the conspiracy, it is really a core of individuals within that core that is secretly manipulating the organization.

This turns up with the spying scandal. The reality is, the Washington-based intel community is horribly corrupt. The spying and subsequent cover-up is a product of a culture of corruption in these institutions. For the conspiracy theorist, that does not work, so they focus on a few “shot callers.” Of course, it was not just mere partisan zeal that led them to spy on Trump people. They are part of some shadowy organization that is secretly doing all sorts of bad things.

Probably the most important part of the modern conspiracy theory is that it must flatter the person obsessed with it. For the conspiracy buff, the thrill is in feeling that they have figured it all out. Those super-intelligent people working in the shadows were not smart enough to outwit the conspiracy hunter. Everyone else falls for the official story, but the conspiracy theorist knows the real truth. Paradoxically, the conspiracy theory makes the world a much simpler and safer place for them.

The best example right now is the Left’s obsession with white supremacy. They cannot accept that their vision of Utopia is not very popular. That’s the first step in a conspiracy theory, the rejection of the most plausible reason. That allows them to spin wild tales of secret Nazis and spectral supremacists. Rather than confront reality, which is frightening and disconcerting, they have created a series of conspiracy theories to explain why the world is not as they imagine it.

This is why conspiracy theories are a useful metric to gauge social trust. When order begins to break down, people naturally look for reasons. That opens the door to speculation and then conspiracy theories. This, in turn, erodes social trust, which is the foundation upon which every ruling class rests. As that foundation falters, the ruling class looks for reasons. Since blaming themselves is always off the table, they naturally begin to speculate, which opens the door to conspiracy theories.

America is now ruled by conspiracy theorists. That is clear in the debate surrounding the first Trump-Biden debate show. The Left is obsessing over white supremacists and the old Gavin McInnes fan club, the Proud Boys. They have any number of conspiracies involving those things, but now they are cooking up conspiracies as to why Trump did not properly denounce them. It must mean something! For the people in charge, it is conspiracy theories all the way down.

None of this is to say there are no conspiracies. The FBI spying scandal, for example, is a good example of a conspiracy. It was corrupt and self-important mediocrities playing at spymaster. In a functioning society, they would be in jail now and that would be the end of it. In a conspiratorial state, they remain free as one side conspires to defeat the white supremacy conspiracy, while the other conspires to cover it all up. The QAnon people strap on their aluminum foil hats to sort it all out.

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333 thoughts on “Conspiratorial Rule

  1. there is always an inner circle within orgs, or perhaps big fish setting tone to the smaller. cephalization is real… until/unless the neck grows so long it breaks.
    thus it’s better to keep orgs local and decentralized as possible, accountability distributism and all that. doesn’t have to be the shire, clerical fascism had some interesting applications in then interwar.

  2. That’s the problem. Half of Washington should be charged with crimes. It’s the old joke about banks, and debt: when you owe the bank 10,000 dollars you’re in trouble, but when you owe the bank 10 million dollars the bank is in trouble. You can’t charge half of Washington with a crime because half of Washington should be charged with a crime, and don’t forget it would probably start a real civil war. The “evidence” will be used to force people out of their positions, and that’s as far as it’s going to go. It’s basically going to be slapping some lipstick on the pig and calling it a day.

  3. I agree mostly. However, a “good” conspiracy theory does not reject the most plausbile reason. (I suspect you are using this as an example of the Let’s irrationality.) Indeed, rational critique of the offical explanation “ideally” begins with finding holes in the official explanations, such as the problems with the so-called “Magic bullet theory” in JFK. Occam’s Razor is an excellent analysis tool. If you’re not familiar with the term, please look it up.
    I have no way to prove it, but I suspect the intel community, indeed, the entire government has always been “corrupt.” The only questions are your definition of “corruption” and to what degree. They probably got away with it better in the very old days when most of the government was of higher average competence. Hoover did not remain in power nearly half a century because of his uncompromising integrity; give me a break.
    If it weren’t for the dire knock-on effects of hysteria in high places, we could laugh at some of these conspiracy theories. When the Left bleats about racial inequality, we could point to decades of statistics that show that the races are, in fact, unequal, in ways that have little to do with politics or in ways that any government program is likely to remedy. It’s easier to blame “white supremacy” or “systemic racism.” Those get your more votes.
    Finally, don’t neglect to look in the mirror. It is all to easy, even at the individual level, to blame outside agencies for one’s own misfortunes or worse, failings.

  4. Debate Conspiracy; The point of debates was for anyone watching to despair of voting. Biden is senile and talking like its 1999; Global Warming, Paris Accord, Green Houses (again). Trump allowed himself to be baited by Wallace and Biden; results intended achieved ; the people will not care who wins, loses, steals, riots. Mission accomplished- neither appears “Presidential.”

  5. The US being rife with conspiracies should surprise no one.
    Its part and parcel of Imperial societies and making thinsg worse ours was founded by conspirators.

  6. there is always an inner circle within orgs, or perhaps big fish setting tone to the smaller. cephalization is real… until/unless the neck grows so long it breaks.

    thus it’s better to keep orgs local and decentralized as possible, accountability distributism and all that. doesn’t have to be the shire, clerical fascism had some interesting applications in then interwar.

  7. JFK was pissed the jews were stealing our nuclear secrets. How ironic they used mini nukes to pulverize the Trade centers.. They killed a war hero president who actually gave a fuck about Americans. The last one, jew tools ever since, bought and paid for by the same fuckers who killed him, the Liberty sailors, and 3000 plus Americans in Jew York.. Worship Satan, destroy America, eviserate Whitey, that’s their gig. Fuck them.

  8. Until recently being massively ‘black pilled’, I would habitually roll my eyes upon hearing (any) conspiracy theory. Now, in our rapidly evolving Brave New World, I have a new appreciation for the lies and orchestrations of those in (covert) power.
    I recently watched the censored Europa: The Last Battle ‘documentary’ for example. It’s a 15 hour tour de force of history starting with the Bolshevik Revolution, WWI, WWII and leading to the modern day of degeneracy.
    Being a natural skeptic, I fact checked the movie every few minutes, pausing the film, to verify claims and quotes. On average, I could validate about 75% of them. And that’s astounding, considering the mind blowing ground the movie covers.
    This thread seems like a good place to discuss it. Has anybody else here seen it? If so, what did you think?
    That tin foil hat isn’t looking so bad these days.

  9. Fun fact: Bill Barr’s father Donald Barr gave (2x dropout) Jeffrey Epstein his start in “elite” circles at the Dalton School. While Headmaster of the Dalton School, Donald wrote an SF novel ( where space pirates sell their captives to oligarchs who enslave them. What happens to the girls is more than a bit rape-y. The male slaves are sent to the mines where they mine “Weinsteinite.” WTF? The Simulation is just toying with us now. 😉

  10. Fun fact – for those who may not know it, Biden is a German word which means “both”.

  11. It’s far from obvious that Bill Barr is covering up the FBI scandal. He has not had “years” to address the FBI scandal. He was confirmed as AG on February 14, 2019, so he’s been in office less than twenty months.

    An investigation of this size and scope takes time to staff up and conduct, especially when it implicates high-level officials in the FBI, CIA, NSA, and even the White House. He’s already signaled that more criminal charges are coming, but probably not until after the election. If Trump wins the DoJ will pursue the charges. If Biden wins I am sure the DoJ will drop them, which is less than ideal but at least it will expose the blatant corruption in the Democratic party.

    Barr is doing an exemplary job given the absolute sh!t show he inherited from Sessions.

    • Former Bush crony and CIA attorney will come through. Just like he cooperated with the Church committee.

    • Stop. This is Barr’s second rodeo as AG. The first time he managed to get the Ruby Ridge murderer and Iran-Contra conspirators off/pardoned. Between then and now he worked for the law firm that represented Epstein and got Acosta to cut the infamous non-prosecution deal.

      • His dad was the principal at the fancy prep school where Epstein got his first job as a math teacher (despite being only a high school graduate), and presumably interviewed and hired the guy. Not alleging anything, only pointing out just how tightly the top class of our society, especially in the big Northeast cities, knits together.

    • Barr is doing an exemplary job of proving how useless and hollow our institutions are – but he does baritone pomposity well.

  12. The term “conspiracy theory” was coined by our enemies (the CIA). I’m use they had no bad motives, just the objective search for an appropriate term for people doubting the Warren Commission.
    Like “racist’ (coined by Trotsky) it has no content other than “bad think.” It’s just silly to try and parse it like this; your first point, about the “self-satisfaction” of those who figure things out, is just as applicable to any “real” scientist. The backwoods Creationist sneers at “pride” of the supposedly smart scientists. “God has given them a reprobate mind, and given them lies to believe in.”
    We need to stop using it, along with the rest of our enemies’ terms.

  13. Speaking of conspiracy.
    Just how spontaneous were the BLM riots, CHAZ, Portland, and everything else that followed Saint Fentanyl’s timely overdose? How can we not escape the conclusion that this stuff was planned and coordinated well in advance, and was waiting only for the right incident to act as the the spark that lit it all up. If it hadn’t been Floyd in Minnesota, it would have been another ghetto rat chimping out, and getting a police bullet as his prize in the Darwin Award sweepstakes.


  14. Anyone having trouble getting on gab lately? I put free Kyle Rittenhouse tee-shirt in the Google machine yesterday, crickets.

    • Gab just switched over to a private server, so there were some glitches in the transition. I’m about to nuke my facebarf account and switch over. It’s just inertia keeping me from getting off my lazy butt to do it.

  15. It isn’t that the conspiracy theorist sees what the “super smart” officials can’t, it is that the higher ups in government or business cover up their corrupt, greedy and venal behaviour and then push lies about it ever after. Some people, used to be “reporters” or perhaps family members of victims don’t accept the official version. Modern phones, instant communications etc are making it harder to lie, that is all. Also, the vast right wing conspiracy that Hilary pointed at was the start of a giant patch of squid ink to hide some awful shenanigans. It is a virtue signal to decry conspiracy theories now and coincidentally very useful to those squirt ink.

    • True. It’s harder for them to lie because so much is recorded now. A recorded lie is a dangerous lie. Hillary knew this which is why she wanted her own server. Smart woman. But she went to jail for that……oh…wait….

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  17. Ah, yes, Conspiracies.

    “The Official Version of 9/11 goes something exactly like this…

    Directed by a beardy-guy from a cave in Afghanistan, nineteen hard-drinking, coke-snorting, devout Muslims enjoy lap dances before their mission to meet Allah…

    Using nothing more than craft knifes, they overpower cabin crew, passengers and pilots on four planes…

    And hangover or not, they manage to give the world’s most sophisticated air defense system the slip…

    Un-phased by leaving their “How to Fly a Passenger Jet” guide in the car at the airport, they master the controls in no-time and score direct hits on two towers, causing THREE to collapse completely…

    Our masterminds even manage to overpower the odd law of physics or two… and the world watches in awe as steel-framed buildings fall symmetrically – through their own mass – at free-fall speed, for the first time in history.

    Despite all their dastardly cunning, they stupidly give their identity away by using explosion-proof passports, which survive the fireball undamaged and fall to the ground… only to be discovered by the incredible crime-fighting sleuths at the FBI…

    …Meanwhile down in Washington…

    Hani Hanjour, having previously flunked 2-man Cessna flying school, gets carried away with all the success of the day and suddenly finds incredible abilities behind the controls of a Boeing…
    Instead of flying straight down into the large roof area of the Pentagon, he decides to show off a little…
    Executing an incredible 270 degree downward spiral, he levels off to hit the low facade of the world’s most heavily defended building…
    …all without a single shot being fired…. or ruining the nicely mowed lawn… and all at a speed just too fast to capture on video…

    …Later, in the skies above Pennsylvania…

    So desperate to talk to loved ones before their death, some passengers use sheer willpower to connect mobile calls that otherwise would not be possible until several years later…

    And following a heroic attempt by some to retake control of Flight 93, it crashes into a Shankesville field leaving no trace of engines, fuselage or occupants… except for the standard issue Muslim terrorists bandana…

    …Further south in Florida…

    President Bush, our brave Commander-in-Chief continues to read “My Pet Goat” to a class full of primary school children… shrugging off the obvious possibility that his life could be in imminent danger…

    …In New York…

    World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein blesses his own foresight in insuring the buildings against terrorist attack only six weeks previously…

    While back in Washington, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz shake their heads in disbelief at their own luck in getting the ‘New Pearl Harbor’ catalyzing event they so desired to pursue their agenda of world domination…

    And finally, not to be disturbed too much by reports of their own deaths, at least seven of our nineteen suicide hijackers turn up alive and kicking in mainstream media reports…

    And if you don’t believe that, you’re a “conspiracy theorist”

    • “The World’s Most Heavily Defended Building”. I love it when truthers trot out that line, as if there’s an AP/UPI poll that ranks such things. So much of what you wrote is disprovable. What’s worse is that in your attempt to make the whole thing sound ridiculous you posit an series of events that are an order of magnitude more implausible to pull off. From dealing with the passengers to planting the explosives at the WTC, your theory would involve a massive amount of planning and coordination. Yet no heroes have stepped out of the shadows to shed light on this, eh?

      Everything you wrote about American Flight 77 is explained in great depth here:

      • Everything I wrote was part of the Govt/MSM story.
        If the 911 Commission heads don’t believe the Govt story, why do you?

        • Yes, and it was framed in a way to make it sound ludicrous when in fact it’s all quite plausible and mountains of evidence support it. If nothing else, the ATC recordings for that day confirm everything we were told. For example, a private pilot flying near Shanksville was contacted by ATC for confirmation that a commercial flight (which they had on primary radar) was visible to him. He reported in real time that he saw a commercial plane at low altitude, described accurately the type of craft it was, and said it was rocking its wings. And for the record, yes, plane parts and remains were found at the crash sight of Flight 93. As for the lack of a debris field, Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 that crashed last year with a steep angle of attack, similarly “disappeared” into the ground.

          • “…in fact it’s all quite plausible and mountains of evidence support it…”

            You seem to have it all figured out. Maybe you can explain how building 7, not hit by a plane, and with fire only on four floors or so fell with no support. The speed of fall was the same as if only air held it up, for roughly 108 feet. Please explain.

      • The irony of someone with the handle “KGB” negging on “conspiracy theories” just cracks me up. That is all, carry on with the flaming.

    • Off topic but airline related, I was looking at a professional pilots’ message board this morning and there was a thread about South African Airways being put into receivership after a promised government bailout failed to materialize. About 5 comments in was this from someone based in the UK:

      We all know why it’s gone out of business but can’t say why.”

      • There’s so much of this now. It’s everywhere. We’ve all seen it in food service, retail and telephone help for years. The problem is that it’s now in things like airplanes. And financial services. And law enforcement, etc.

        • Funny enough, in my experience, it’s actually the Asians who don’t have a filter when speaking up on this sort of thing.

    • The real conspiracy is a coverup of just how stupid they are. The answer is yes, they are that stupid. It’s mind boggling for most people to understand the vastness of their incompetence. It even self selects for incompetence, forever distilling the purest essence of failure.

  18. conspiracy means nothing more than a group of people acting in concert , with planning and forethought to accomplish some event of goal, without being open to the outside and trying to avoid responsibility for their involvements .
    there are open conspiracies , like the world economic forum, Davos, and lobbying firms . Then there are covert conspiracies, cia operations, color revolutions and drug cartels.
    They may be legal or illegal, depending on what they are trying to do. lobbying is legal , drug cartels are not
    To say that all “conspiracies theories” are false is to say everything that happens is random and unconnected. Some Theories are completely false or partially false . Some are true and correct.
    Dismissing the idea that events of policies might not be transparent because a description of the planning to accomplish them is a “conspiracy Theory ” is to be manipulated .
    Often things are exactly as they are presented, and seem to be. Not always. Consider the Epstein case. Law enforcement raided his island compound and talked about all the evidence they found . yet not a single person implicated in the evidence has been arrested. Only Epstein and Maxwell who ran it. It took month to bring maxwell in, Why?
    If they were running underage girls, where are the prosecutions of the people using those girls when they visited there? if not why were they arrested?
    Was there an intelligence organization using is tape for their own ends and purposes? Who has decide that there will be no prosecutions of the people who were “serviced ” there ? Some of the girls have named names, so why not?
    Most importantly , does asking any of these questions make you a tin foil wearing conspiracy nut?

  19. At one point I had made peace with the Posner/Bugliosi thing that maybe Oswald did act alone. It wasn’t until Enoch mentioned the Michael Collins Piper theory that I started to put the tin foil hat back on. Here’s a tweet of his from earlier this year:

    Oswald was shot by a Jew, Jacob Rubenstein, who was in Dallas involved in smuggling military aircraft parts to Israel. He was connected to the Dallas Citizens Commission, a majority Jewish businessman’s group headed by the Jew Sam Bloom, that had invited Kennedy to Dallas. Bloom planned Kennedy’s motorcade, and against the wishes of the Secret Service, put Kennedy in a convertible and published the motorcade route in the paper’s the day before. The Jew Abraham Zapruder, also a member of the DCC, made millions from his tape of the shooing.I could go on, there is a ton of circumstantial evidence that points to Jews and Israel. More than any other theoretical culprit parroted in the mainstream like the mob or Cuba or whatever. “Masons” have been a dumb red herring planted by Jews to fascinate goyim for decades.IMO all the absurd and contradictory conspiracy narratives thrown out there to explain the JFK shooting are a smokescreen to hide Jewish involvement. Same goes for 9/11. The purpose is to distract spergs and make normal people roll their eyes when someone starts talking about it. 

  20. One of the positives about conspiracy theories is the underlying assumption that there’s a group of people who don’t have YOU in mind. They may not even like you. They could even want you dead. This is the truth that animates them. How can anyone not see that human interests are self serving? It’s the naive who think organizations are altruistic that are the problem. Mostly academics that happen to be rewarded by the system that’s failing everyone else.

  21. It’s part of the human psyche. A distinct parallel to the conspiracy theory is utopian thinking. In fact that’s a conspiracy theory in and of itself. “If it weren’t for those saboteurs and wreckers we would have the perfect society.” Wrapped up with that is always the anger. No one likes to be told the world doesn’t work the way they think it does.

  22. I ran into a Q Anon woman a few years ago. I didn’t even know they really existed but she was an intent follower of what was being put out. If she was like the rest of them it comes down to this need for a “Hollywood Ending” to all this madness. The villain goes to jail, the “good actors” are vindicated and society is set right. It’s all very wishful. As someone who sees the world as a movie with a French ending I was baffled. These may be the angriest people on earth when their illusion comes crashing down. There isn’t one good actor in any of this. That’s the real conspiracy. A world that doesn’t give a F about you.

    • Great points. It will be interesting to watch their reactions when it turns out, yeah, the federal government is totally corrupt and illegitimate and there’s no one coming to your rescue, suck it up, prole.

    • Or maybe, just maybe, they will “be the change they seek.” Propaganda for our side need not be literally true to still be effective and a positive benefit. How do you think the left inculcated such hatred of our civilization into their coalition? By absurd conspiracy theories about white supremacists riding the nighttime roads, hunting down darkies to torture and rape; and white man-boys prowling the campuses in groups looking for innocent young whammen to torture and rape; and horrible white families refusing to pay usurious loan interest to finance renting fleabag tenements. Etc etc etc.

  23. I don’t know if it rises to the level of conspiracy but it seems clear to me that these antifa riots are financed and organized at some level. The failure of the feds to shut them down after the first week indicates to me a level of corruption that hitherfore I would have thought unimaginable. Makes me wonder what Nixon would have done if he found himself in Trump’s shoes. The unseriousness of the presidential debates and the governor’s with their ridiculous sign language clowns has really blackpilled me. At least in the past are able to maintain a thin veneer of respectability or seriousness.

    • There’s little doubt about that. Wray deliberately lied to Congress about Antifa recently. He didn’t do that for no reason. We need to remember just as there are conspiracy theories, there are actual conspiracies. It was long-rumored throughout Europe the Black Bloc there coordinated with governments. I think based on here they can put paid to that.

      • To anyone who ever dismisses conspiracy theories, I propose the following: “What does ‘et tu, Brute’ mean to you?” The term is purely an ad hominem to stop any rational thought and shut down any reasonable discussion.

      • That was an interesting interview for sure. One important lesson is to NEVER cooperate with law enforcement to “go after” Antifa or other radicals.

        Kessler pointed out how every person who has tried to cooperate with the FBI to infiltrate Antifa has only ever been betrayed by the FBI. That’s how deep Antifa sympathies run within the FBI; they’ve even been caught giving Antifa and BLM intelligence.

        So NEVER work with FBI or other law enforcement under any circumstances. If someone from these orgs expresses interest in going after Antifa or BLM, well they can do the hard work themselves. They have lots of resources to do it themselves if they’re genuine, certainly more so than any rightist dissident.

        We have to start understanding FBI and other law enforcement as on the same level of evil as the secret police behind the former Iron Curtain. Yes, they are that bad.

  24. Many, if not most conspiracy theories involve the following:
    – Disavowal of the theory by responsible officials is taken as proof of the veracity of the theory by its advocates
    – The statements of conspiracy theorists are taken as unquestionably true regardless of the demonstrated mental illness of the theorist.
    – Freemasons, Templars, and other secret societies
    – The Jooooooos

  25. In addition to “white supremacy,” “white privilege” and “black lives matter” are also conspiracy theories. All the observational evidence out there shows that whites have no privileges or benefits in society, and that black lives don’t matter.

    • To judge from homicide statistics: Actually, black lives do matter, just not to other blacks.

  26. One of the first if not the first use of the term “conspiracy theory” was an internal CIA memo on how do deflect negative political consequence arising from skepticism regarding the official version.

  27. May I mention the story regarding our old Austrian chancellor who actually died peacefully in his sleep as an old man in South America?

    Perhaps not. Sorry. Let’s stick with Kennedy. At least JFK’s wife was still beloved by the American people years after his death.

    With Eva Braun, not so much.

  28. Good take. Fat ass Barr could have brought charges long ago, Lindsay Graham is forever ready to romp, as is Shaun Hannity forever telling us charges are just around the corner. Chris Wallace and Joe Biden tell us white supremists are behind the violence and by the way Antifa is just an idea.
    Meanwhile Trump has the attention span of a knat and keeps the never Trumpers like FBI Director Chris Wray comfortably in a job stabbing him in the back.
    Its not a conspiracy theory, it’s a clown show.

  29. Conspiracy theory aficionados, like fantasy football participants, are largely in it in order to alleviate boredom in their lives. IOW, it’s a fun pastime that involves some mental exercise and creates an illusion of control over one’s environment. In our modern world devoid of real hardship, it’s a surrogate means of testing one’s mettle. Rioting is the LARPing version of this same need.

    • So much of what we have to put up with is because some useless tool is bored. I have been convinced that boredom has been the reason behind almost all activism since I have been alive. I suspect many people innately know that their lives are meaningless and do not have the mental strength to do something half decent about it. The result is rioting, protesting and actively seeking to crush the old order.

      For those doing the ‘protesting’ at this moment, and indeed for all activists in general, if we could give them what they wanted right away, tomorrow they’d be back on the streets railing against the system they were once for. Curses to the lot of them.

      a fun pastime that involves some mental exercise and creates an illusion of control over one’s environment.

      Good point. The feeling of control is very important for these people. But, instead of say; getting out of debt, increasing their skill base or helping others close to them, we’ll find them waiting at Dover draped in a rainbow flag holding a sign saying ‘Refugees welcome’.

    • Fantasy football participants — and gamblers as well — are almost exclusively conspiracy theorists in that they’ll swear up and down that every time they lose it’s due to the game being fixed.

  30. Regarding the Proud Boys, I would urge them to recognize just how much in danger they are: It doesn’t matter if Trump or other e-celebrities throw you some verbal support. “Law enforcement” is out for your blood:

    It’s hard to come to terms with the reality that rule of law is gone and that you’re on your own. But that’s where we are and if anything, Trump just painted a huge target on your back, just like when he tweet-encouraged his supporters to go to Portland and then Danielson was shot later that day. Stay home, stay alive, and stay out of the prisons to which Trump’s Justice Department is sending all his supporters.

    • This is a major problem even for the broad approved right. The normie-con thinks the cops are on their side. They actually do really think this.

      • Reinoehl’s accomplices still haven’t been arrested. He wasn’t a lone wolf, yet he was framed as one to make us forget about the rest of the mob that hunted Danielson down.

        • It can’t happen soon enough. The cops, that is the guys who eventually show up when you call 911, are extremely vulnerable to a hostile public. A sophisticated resistance could utterly crush them, especially if they have to play by the rules. They would eventually change the rules, but they are outnumbered and outgunned. The real problem is getting them to see the cops are the frontline of the enemy. They would load (our) old women onto cattle cars if they were ordered to do so.

  31. Just in case anyone is wondering, Qanon has been conclusively debunked for years. Lists have been generated of failed predictions, but like all cults, its members rationalize away failure.

    Here’s another example from someone most of us are familiar with:

    Remember this?

    the first to be arrested will be McCabe & Strzok. maybe as early as Monday or Tuesday next week.

    — Greg Rubini (@GregRubini)

    Apparently Mr. Rubini’s source is unreliable.

    He rationalizes away the obvious hoax and disproof as the source merely being “unreliable.” He’s still posting Q nonsense on his website. Conspiracy theories like this one serve as a powerful weapon the left can use against the right. When you embrace this nonsense and it gets debunked, and especially if you continue promoting the stuff after, it makes people call your worthiness into question. There are real conspiracies out there, but this is not one of them.

    • I’m on record as having no use for the Q-tards. One thing I’ll give them credit for is highlighting (for those willing to see) the issue that no government agency is interested in prosecuting criminals within their own ranks.

  32. We need a better term to describe what are derisively called “Conspiracy Theories” today. The zealous partisan shenanigans over at the FBI is what you would call a conspiracy and charges against them would include conspiracy to commit whatever crime they committed. The official 9/11 story is an international conspiracy theory.
    The real problem with conspiracy theories isn’t the unlikelihood that the paragons of virtue in various government agencies would never conspire to do illegal stuff, it’s that the conspiracy theorists could not possibly know the stuff they say they know. They find or make up little inconsistencies in the official story and then fill in the holes with the wildest speculation their fevered minds can dream up and that’s the conspiracy.
    We live in a society and culture saturated with obvious untruths. Men in sundresses are actually women, Islam is a religion of peace, diversity is our greatest strength, the Clintons are not corrupt, Joe Biden is a humble public servant whose son has a legitimate job, where black men who dindu nuffin are hunted and shot down by the police for no reason whatsoever and where white supremacists hunt down black men in the South side of Chicago with their MAGA hats. The lies are endless. Many are so ridiculous and so self-evidently false that people don’t know what to believe and they certainly don’t trust the press to be honest and thorough.

    In a world of lies, is it really so unbelievable that the elite are raping children?

  33. Conspiracy is how the minority rules the majority. It’s a fact. Unfortunately many find it too entertaining to root out.

    • Unfortunately many find it too entertaining to root out.
      I would say most are too lazy or self involved to root it out rather than being entertained by it…

      • That’s certainly possible. I don’t know how else to comprehend the Q phenomenon, except entertainment. Or hopium, which is just a kind of escapism.

    • Root it out how, exactly? This goes back to DB’s assertion that we’d be better off owning a media outlet and the blackmail tapes than winning rigged elections.

  34. Not all conspiracy theories are equal. When I hear someone talking about governments covering up alien encounters or about secret Nazi organizations preparing for revolution, I know that the person is either crazy or a shill.
    On the other hand, it is obvious that the chances of 9/11 having happened as the government claims are zero. Same with the chances that idiotic Covid measures are only due to incompetence and little local despots.

    • <i>Not all conspiracy theories are equal.</i>


      The term is problematic, a catch-all for anything outside the mainstream interpretation of events. By lumping everything in with David Icke and Alex Jones, the usual suspect can always point to them and say: “You don’t believe in government? Then you’re just like them, space lizards and moon hoaxers.”

      If I were an evil, globalist overlord, I’d persecute anyone who spoke the truth in a serious and well-reasoned manner, and only allow cooks and snake oil salesmen to tell the truth, so that truth-telling became associated with crazies and grifters.

      • “Conspiracy theory,” is a rhetorical tool used to shut down legitimate debate and discussion.

      • Yes, the term is terrible.
        Frankly, it is more likely we are ruled by shape shifting lizards than men in sundresses are actually women or that some men menstruate.

    • When the government sanctions a conspiracy theory it is known as, “the official story.”

      Or, in the case of Beer flu, it is called “the settled science.”

    • What happened with the virus is we saw Draconian Measures (people dragged off and/or locked into their apartments in China.) The solution here was more money printing–and give the proles who already live paycheck-to-paycheck a couple of $600 checks.

  35. The lifeblood of conspiracy theories is fear. The power distillery depends on it for existence. It is how our overlords take the pulse of the dirt people. Be the beast that starves the machine.

    • No it isn’t. It’s when people find out–often by FOIA decades after an event–that it was manufactured. Sometimes the truth was denied and some times false events were manufactured. And good people made life-altering decisions based upon the false information the government promoted. “Operation Mockingbird” (look it up) is alive and well.

  36. Much has been discussed here about the enstupidation of American education. Logic (and debate, and Euclidian geometry) used to be taught from middle-school onward … now it’s confined to classical homeschools and other small, unenlightened corners of non-government education. That said, a classical grasp of logic would undermine 90% of conspiracy theories. But alas, our dumbed-down culture is vulnerable to every logical fallacy under the sun.

    Then there are the other 10% that are true criminal conspiracies but we’re too bombarded by fallacy and trivia to notice.

    • In a system where 90% of kids graduate, schooling will change dramatically over time. Back before the 1970s, possibly before that, a much lower proportion of people graduated, but at least the drop-out had an education corresponding to the last completed grade. If you dropped out of the 8th grade, you at least had a 7th grade education. Today, kids are graduating from high school who can barely read, cannot write at all and functionally have a 5th or 6th grade education. These kids have to sit in a physical classroom, they have teachers and books and all of the trappings of schooling. Yet, they are doing school work which is functionally multiple grades behind their nominal grade. They have to be accommodated. Entire tracts exist in our schools to teach and reteach 5th of 6th grade over and over to kids getting older and older until they can be aged out of school. Their diplomas are just as good as yours. On paper, they are just as smart and hard working as you are. So now you have to go to college to be better on paper.

      • All too true, but that is not the crux of the problem. The crux of the problem is that, in order to accommodate the least and the lost, all curriculum is “dumbed down”. The more substandard, low intellect, behaviorally impaired students, the less strenuous the curriculum—such that students of higher ability are educated less and less to the limits of their ability. We all suffer for this.

        As a parent, I was most afraid that my children were not being pressed to their limits. When a found this to be true, I had to transfer my children from public school to private. Who knows what would have happened if they had remained captive to an institutional entity that strove for equality of mediocrity.

        • The desire for every kid to graduate high school caused that. The whole reason they dumb stuff down is so everyone can get a diploma. If it were just accepted that in order for anything to mean something, a lot of people won’t be able to do it, we would accept the outcome. All we have really done is substitute middle school with high school and high school with college.
          I’m not sure about the earlier years though. But I have no problem believing that this mentality has drifted downward into the lower grades.

          Our standards are so low that literal retarded children go to school today. WHY? I would have no real problem with “special” schools for very dumb or even retarded children. They need to learn very basic skills. But they shouldn’t be in a regular public school building and it shouldn’t be even called school.

  37. Re: the Kennedy assasination – There’s a bunch of cheap Carcano rifles (what Oswald used) on the market right now – surplus from Italian police.

    • What about ammunition availability? The 6.5mm Mannlicher should be a decent deer cartridge.

      • All calibers seem to be in short supply – searching wikiarms I can’t find 6.5 x 52mm Carcano in stock. I’m sure it would work against whitetail just fine.

  38. I used to dismiss the Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories as tinfoil hat stuff until about a year ago, when I read a book about, of all things, the moon program during the presidency of John F. Kennedy. In October 1963 Arthur Krock, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist (back when the prize meant something) wrote an article on the CIA that included the following quote:
    If the United States ever experiences an attempt at a coup to overthrow the Government, it will come from the CIA and not the Pentagon. The Agency represents a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone.
    The assumption of the Oliver Stone movie is that the CIA was unhappy over a planned withdrawal from Vietnam. But, based on the portrayal of Kennedy in the moon program book, another possibility is that the CIA was nervous over Kennedy’s efforts to defuse tensions with the USSR in the aftermath of the Cuban missile crisis (e.g., the Partial Test Ban Treaty and even proposals to involve the Soviets in the moon program.) Add to this was the fact that Kennedy was being heavily medicated and his behavior was increasingly erratic. His doctor accompanied him to an address at the UN and he visibly limped to the lecturn. Perhaps the CIA knew about Oswald, but just didn’t reveal their information, or perhaps Oswald was being manipulated by the CIA and the agency just let him go ahead with his plan, instead of informing law enforcement authorities who could have picked him up during Kennedy’s Dallas trip.
    I certainly don’t believe every conspiracy theory that I hear, but I admit that the Kennedy assassination might have deeper roots than an angry communist.

  39.  For example, it is plainly obvious that Bill Barr is covering up the FBI spying scandal. He’s had years to do what should have taken a few months…
    This turns up with the spying scandal. The reality is, the Washington-based intel community is horribly corrupt. The spying and subsequent cover-up is a product of a culture of corruption in these institutions. 

    There is another dimension to conspiracy theories, and the FBI corruption scandal is a perfect embodiment of it. People do not want to come to terms with very unpleasant aspects of figures and institutions they once respected. The FBI once was a highly respected institution. If one goes through its history, the trust always was wildly misplaced. Even before this scandalous dumpster fire, there was Waco, before that wiretapping anti-segregationists, before that the Palmer raids and attacks on German-Americans via the US equivalents of THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION. The FBI has been rotten to its core since its inception, and any nation that resembled a liberal democracy would has disbanded it and opened files on its agents and management. But…

    Americans, not just Normie Cons but even old school liberals, do not want to think a government they support and embrace is corrupted beyond repair. So instead of going with the obvious conclusion, i.e., that the FBI and the Department of Justice are as rotten as a week-old salmon in a crack whore’s vagina, Q and even more mainstream conservatives like Sundance claim it isn’t the FBI per se but dark, rogue forces within it. People such as Barr and Durham are pure and want to straighten things out but the corrupt command will not allow it. Sean Hannity claims it is “one percent” of this sterling law enforcement outfit that causes all the problems, to cite one example. It is doubtful one percent is clean.

    This blind faith thrives against all contrary evidence. Items widely and recently reported, such as field agents selling confidential information to the media in exchange for sports tickets, to cite one trashy example, has to be disregarded. The FBI is headquartered in a left-wing, government-reliant city and naturally it serves those interests, and those in the agency get even more gibs when they are very sleazy to satisfy their patrons.

    We find this everywhere. Even I at one point believed the intelligence community just got information wrong about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Nope. They deliberately lied. People believe Bush murdered Saddam to avenge his father, Israel duped the world into the war, yadda, yadda, all more palatable than what actually happened, especially for people who want to believe the IC is super clean and honest.

    Conspiracy theories are counter-productive in that we are distracted from what actually is happening, which quite often is far worse than space aliens controlling our leaders. But conspiracy theories are a crutch for those who don’t want to come to terms with how decadent and corrupt the people and institutions they respect often reflect the worst of humanity.

  40. No mention of Roswell suggests you are not serious on conspiracies 🙂

    Russian influence is not a conspiracy just a planned and planted lie to disrupt any real conspiracies done by the left. Hillary is Dr. Evil.

    • It is to continue a grift when all is said and done. Fortunes are made to “counter” Russia, and its purported influence in our elections causes more funds to flow to the right coffers. It was hilarious to find that Hunter Biden received $3.5 million from the mayor of Moscow’s wife, and illustrative of what is happening there.

    • Somebody had to plan and plant the lie. Unless it was done by a lone “genius” then that was a conspiracy.

    • It seems like UFO conspiracies had their heyday in the 90’s and aren’t really a thing anymore.

  41. The thing is, conspiracy theories from the right often have some basis in fact or observable reality or the interpretation there of, whereas on the left it’s just made up crap or willful disregard for reality. For example White supremecists lurking behind every bush or the fact that joggers aren’t THE criminal problem in this former country.

  42. The best example right now is the Left’s obsession with white supremacy. They cannot accept that their vision of Utopia is not very popular.

    I wish they bloody well would! Good essay.

  43. I don’t follow QAnon, all the theories about Trump being god-emperor who fights secret cabal of pedos sound trashy.
    But Epstein, Nxivm & John of God were caught during Trump mandate. There is some truth to QAnon, meaning Trump doesn’t cover for pedos.

    • The known and documented facts about Epstein are far worse than any conspiracy theory about a pizza shop fronting for a pedo ring.

      • Just ponder this: Dennis Hastert the boy-raper was two heartbeats from having the nuclear launch codes.

  44. They have any number of conspiracies involving those things, but now they are cooking up conspiracies as to why Trump did not properly denounce them. It must mean something! For the people in charge, it is conspiracy theories all the way down.

    About the time that the Berlin Wall came down and the Warsaw Pact dissolved (or maybe a few years later when the SU fell apart) the Soviet Unions foreign minister publicly stated to a group of Western diplomats that “We’re going to gravely injure you – we’re going to stop being your enemy”. The statement stuck with me. At first I thought it was a losers rationalization – and to some extent it was. But over the years it’s wisdom has become more and more evident. The federal government and the west has to have some enemy to rally against to maintain internal cohesion and will invent those enemies if they don’t otherwise exist.

  45. Multikult will fail, because of human biodiversity. Boomercons and civnats can’t understand this. Our even crazier leftist elites certainly can’t.

    White supremacy is a cope for the fact that you cannot replace people group A with people group B and have the same results. It’s white supremacists stopping Somalis from dominating the doctor and lawyer trades.

    They are in denial, just like the civnats who “don’t see race”. The narratives are a reflection of our insane elites and AWFLs. Black men will never be the middle class Subaru drivers in large numbers. Their entire worldview is false.

    • Their entire worldview is false.

      Blank slatism and the perfectability of man are two of the most egregious lies going.

    • Or…Brazil. “The country of the future…and it always will be.”

      No thanks. Not that I have any choice.

      • No thanks. Not that I have any choice.
        You know if everyone of you that thought that way actually banded together with others who thought that way then you would have a choice to determine your future instead of letting it be determined for you…

        • I am completely on board with your strategy, Lineman. Go to an area of the country where the “elites” would never venture and live your life as a free man.

          The problem for most on our side is they have too much invested in their current locations. I am sympathetic to that line of thinking, especially when it involves leaving behind family. But in the end, I think your strategy is the only viable solution.

          The first step has to be regaining confidence in who we are by associating with like minded people. Only then can we think about recovering what we have lost due to our lack of pride in who we are and our unwillingness to defend our own interests.

    • Progressivism failed when they forced affirmative action on us. They’ve been gaslighting us ever since. Brainwashing children is still not enough for these people.

  46. One of my neighbors in the southern college town where I grew up turned his garage into a Kennedy assassination library.

    After work, he’d be in there for hours poring over some of his literally hundreds of humidity-browned books and magazines, hoping to find that one undiscovered piece of evidence, or connection, that would be the magic bullet.

    I’m not actually sure what this says about society or politics, ha, it’s just a vivid memory. He certainly enjoyed it.

    • As an Englishman, I must ask what the fascination with Kennedy was? Fair enough, he was assassinated, which always elevates the victim to sainthood, but from the (admittedly few) reports I have heard and documentaries I have seen, people loved him very much before this. Have I been had by pro-Kennedy propaganda? He seemed to me like a very slick con-artist, but then I suppose he was a politician.

      Apologies for ignorance, generally interested in Americans thoughts of the man.

      • Kennedy became president after a fraudulent election widely recognized as such. He very well could have lost re-election, and the country was quite divided over him prior to his assassination. What you see and read abroad is part of a highly coordinated propaganda effort by Kennedy sycophants. It is starting to sputter. Many people loved Kennedy and about as many hated him.

        • That reminds me of going home on the school bus on the day he was assassinated. I was in 8th grade. It was a Friday, we got out of school early, not because of the assassination, but because there were tornado warnings. I was struck by the number of kids crying and the equal number of kids laughing & joking about it. This was the deep South. Most of us were just lost in our thoughts I guess, but I was observing the reactions. I stayed glued to the TV the entire weekend which I didn’t normally do, and saw Ruby kill Oswald on live TV as it happened.

      • It seems mostly they were not run of the mill ugly like most politicians, especially the first ladies.

      • the fascination with Kennedy was?

        A lot of it was JFK’s youthful nature as compared to the outgoing Eisenhower, who, by 1960,had come to be perceived as a square fuddy duddy rather than the Supreme Commander of Allied European Forces.

        JFK also initiated several visionary peacetime programs during his term in office, some for better, some for worse. The main ones are the Apollo moon program, the Peace Corps, and the Navy SEALs.

        Those, along with JFK’s glamorous young wife and family helped create the whole, “Camelot,” mystique in DC.

        I’ve never understood why JFK picked LBJ as a running mate. I can only assume he was told to pick LBJ, because voluntarily choosing him would be as dumb as Biden choosing Hillary.

        • it’s interesting how the left has become more nihilistic since JFK. I think part of it was Vietnam which became a thing after he died. The antiwar movement became the breeding ground for people who would go into politics later on (like Bill Clinton)

        • I never questioned it before, but why was LBJ JFK’s running mate. Surely Kennedy wasn’t blind to the fact Lyndon was a grenade in the unicorn punchbowl. Was he Kennedy’s Kamala?

        • I’ve never understood why JFK picked LBJ as a running mate. I can only assume he was told to pick LBJ, because voluntarily choosing him would be as dumb as Biden choosing Hillary.

          It was critical for JFK to choose a Southerner (or at least a Texan) to get support in the South. Not sure why it had to be LBJ. LBJ was a leader in the House, maybe his ambition demanded it. LBJ and the Kennedys despised each other.

          • Tom,

            Thanks, I forgot JFK needed Southern support.

            That said, LBJ was well-known for playing dirtier than dirt even when he was coming up in Texas politics.

            Maybe JFK thought it was best to keep LBJ close so he could keep an eye on him.

        • Johnson on the ticket was to reassure the anti-Catholics who were worried about having the first Papist in the White House. LBJ was the big gator in the Senatorial swamp at the time. When JFK got shot I recall numerous adults saying he deserved it. I lived in Alabama at the time.

        • Getting shot was JFK’s best career move, straight into the Pantheon for doing nothing but getting shot. Obama did him one better: into the Pantheon for doing nothing whatsoever, for being ‘who he was’ – or rather, what shade of human he was.

      • It works similar to imprinting, a phenomenon by which “rapid learning occurs during a brief receptive period, typically soon after birth or hatching, establishes a long-lasting behavioral response to a specific individual or object, as attachment to parent, offspring, or site.”

        Older Boomers came of age post Kennedy Assassination, in the latter half of the 1960s when social unrest was very high. Part of Kennedy’s admiration comes from the nostalgia that generation has for simpler, more unified and peaceful times before their teenage years in the violent Civil Rights Era. You see this in Boomer affection for movies like Back to the Future and Forrest Gump, both of which are heavy on 1950s/60s nostalgia.

        That combined with endless Hollywood propaganda from interested parties has sealed the man’s legacy. By interested parties I mean two groups:

        1. People who identified with the man as a co-ethnic or coreligionist. Irish Catholics, for example. Kennedy was the first openly Catholic president in an overwhelmingly Protestant nation. The fact that the nation’s media is located in NYC and the North East, where Irish Catholics congregated, even moreso in the past, meant that demographic could effectively promote their ethnic champion nationwide.
        2. People who identified with Kennedy as an outsider in the contemporary Anglo-Protestant order because they viewed themselves as outsiders themselves in an alien land. Namely, I’m referring to Jews. Thus, the Hollywood propaganda.

        As someone outside these demographics, I have no special admiration for the man. I often get annoyed when he’s needlessly promoted by the controlled media as some kind of saint. But people like me don’t control our media, so you don’t ever hear that.

        • Thanks for that. Your points 1 and 2 are very good rules generally for reasoning about the popularity of famous people.

      • JFK flew in to Idaho, and was greeted by signs saying “Less profile, more courage”. My sentiments exactly, at the time.

      • It was the biggest news in the world, to us. Is there a shock or event as stunning in British history, something you hold in similar regard?

        • It was the biggest news in the world, to us.

          Are you referring to his assassination? If so, in my lifetime I cannot think of anything that would come close to such an event. I was not born when Kennedy met his maker, in fact I was not born even fifteen years after, so my only knowledge of how momentous events are has been books and words from my elders.

          Oddly enough, the thing that stands out the most in my life, where people were calling everyone they knew, listening to the radio and transfixed by the TV… was 9/11. I remember everything about that day, still nothing has surpassed it.

          My grandfather would tell you that the sinking of ‘The Mighty Hood’ by either Bismarck or Prinz Eugen was something that shook the pride of the British immensely. People remembered where they were that day – the immediate loss of life was also massive and caused huge amounts of anger. According to him, it was the sort of event that gave leaders license to do what they wanted for revenge.

      • Not that I recall. He was a Kennedy monomaniac.

        My main impression at the time was amazement at how much material there was, not just on the Kennedy presidency, but just on the assassination specifically.

        Unfortunately, I was just a kid. It would probably be interesting to interact with someone like this as an adult, and see what lessons you could learn from such an extreme example of the “conspiracy theory type.”

  47. In the case of Kennedy, for example, organized crime is a popular player, because Jack Ruby was a minor criminal. 

    And because Joe Kennedy was a notorious gangster, whose mob connections secured his son’s presidency.

    • And because Richard Daley rigged the Chicago vote, swinging the winning margin of Illinois electoral votes to Kennedy.

    • And then the kids decided to go AFTER the mob his dad’s friends. Old Joe suffered a debilitating stroke during JFK’s first year. History might have been different otherwise.

    • That’s white man’s biggest crime.
      turkey and azeribaijan(muslims) are currently attacking armenia(christians), no one gives a shit, outside of Russia, the eternal enemy of the globalists.

      • The more time passes, the more I am convinced Edgar Cayce was 100% correct that Russia will be the savior of the world.

        • Even five years ago I would not believe that but now do. And let’s face it, the greatest threat to White Americans isn’t foreign, as we all know now. Part of me cringes at the thought, but we could be liberated by a foreign power if and when White genocide goes to the next level. That power could be Russia for all we know. The likelihood, of course, is that we will be on our own.

          • There may be alot of white human capital to take, but as a whole we have demonstrated that we are destructive to a society.

            If you let us in, how do you know who is a goodwhite and who is a badwhite? They’ll just say fuck it, not worth the risk.

    • Yeah. Then we could secretly wear those great uniforms and sing those rousing songs together.

    • I’ve been saying the. Same thing!!!! I WISH there were powerful. Groups of white supremisists!

  48. Q Anon is rooted in the great conservative fantasy of a democratically elected politician riding into Washington on a stallion and liberating us from the clutches of the left. The reality is that we are on our own and no one will be coming to our aid, least of all some cadre inside the beltway or posting on an internet message board. Hedge accordingly.

      • That’s reality but most still live in the delusion that someone else will save or do something for them instead of getting off their ass and doing something themselves…Most just want to post online so they feel like they are doing something…Kind of like the left virtue signalling about equality but live in an all white neighborhood…

    • Not rooting for Trump to lose, but if he does, the destruction of “Q” would be the greatest benefit to us.

      • The left-wing runs hundreds of versions of Q, many under the guise of “news.” The few right-leaning propaganda outlets have their versions, too. Nothing on that front will change regardless of who wins. These are all State-sanctioned, and don’t discount Q is as well.

    • Qanon is there to run out the clock as America is transformed demographically. Patriots are distracted from the immigration issue while being reassured that Dems will be arrested for their crimes. There’s a youtube channel called X22 Report that announces every day, that soon, real soon, the arrests are going to happen. That can keeps getting kicked down the road…

      • X22 Report sounds similar to the Conservative Treehouse, who are just sure that mass indictments and arrests are coming….any day now…any day….

        • The greatest achievements of the Trump Administration were totally inadvertent. Chief among them was the revelation of just how corrupt the DOJ/FBI is. Trump didn’t cause it to be exposed. The scandal unraveled on its own. The Deep State will stay entrenched regardless, but no one trusts its constituent parts now. They probably could have sucked up to Trump and kept a lid on it. Thank God they didn’t. Citizens distrusting their government, which is rampant now, is a huge plus.

        • If you think the purpose of Q is indictments, then you say “king me” a lot when you try to play chess.

        • Upvoted for the sarcasm.

          Bibi’s being thumping that drum literally every year since 1979.

          Khomeini and crew were indeed another psyop to keep Aryan Persia from reclaiming her historic influence. Puppet government.

  49. Q is just tardfeed. Its main purpose is to make conservatives passive: to get people to wait for that sweet, sweet retribution that will magically come from…somewhere.

    If the Qtards had spend the same amount of time on some sort of real-world organization building, campaigning, messaging, etc. they might have gotten something.

    I guarantee you Q is created by very clever shitlibs. The fact that shitlibs are scoring extra political points by “denouncing” Q is just an extra brilliancy by their propagandists.

    • Q is just tardfeed. Its main purpose is to make conservatives passive

      That’s a conspiracy theory.

      Probably correct, though.

    • The Q stuff seems like just another example of “spectatorism” which bedevils the Right in many different ways. You see it obviously in the addiction to sportsball on TV but it’s a persistent theme of Our People. Perhaps this comes from Christian passivism too. Just “let go, let God” as they like to say. The idea that unseen forces, whether of a spectral or physical nature, are just moments away from riding into town and rounding up the bad guys, is very tempting. If we could take even 15% of the time people spend hoping, watching, praying, and frankly posting in online forums like this, and redirect it to local, in person, community building efforts, I think we could still turn our civilization around.

      I’ve made some efforts to do this but since I’m totally isolated it’s all been online and not very successful so far. I’ve suggested things like reloading parties when people bring up ammo shortages, I’ve tried to start meetups, joined Republican groups in some of the rural counties near here. Now I’m onto prepper forums. What I usually do when joining a forum is try to suggest that they set up sub-forums by region and plan actual real-life events. So far it’s all “we’re waiting for the Covid Gnomes to tell us it’s safe to come out.” Very discouraging.

      To avoid despair I try to tell myself that, after all, I’m trying to wrench people loose from 50+ years of (((television))), apathy and easy comfort, and the above mentioned spectatorism. The coin-op society is obviously broken but people are still in that stage of shoving more coins in, hoping the lights will come back on and the little motor will start turning the wire coils and deliver the candy.

      • Biggest problems I see w/ going from online forums to IRL organizing is fed infiltration concerns – how do you ID potential comrades from online life without drawing los federales? This comment alone gives me concerns.

        • At some point people need to get over the fear and just admit that, no, there’s no way to make sure everyone who joins something isn’t a phony or a fed. The Left has this problem too though and it doesn’t stop them. Yes, they may have some level of official support but the Deep State itself has divisions within it. Also, there’s nothing illegal about any of what I’m talking about except perhaps trivial violations of the unenforceable mask and social distancing orders. People getting together to share prepping ideas or doing reloading together? Even getting an armed block watch group together isn’t something they can do much about. It’s still not illegal to defend your property or life from mobs and we should be doing it now to make sure it stays that way.

          • I’ve said it many times before but I’ll say it again: the Lone Wolf never fears one of his comrades turning him in.

      • Welp, I made a foolish statement yesterday, saying moderate secularists were on the amoral spectrum.

        Amoral? We’re not the ones witch hunting and jailing people absent harm, mass murdering other people in their own lands, or inverting our own philosophies to defend criminal scams by our betters.

        What’s worse is the doubling down on ruinous policies while shunning all responsibility for the social consequences.

        Trust? Conservatives honored a homosexual pedophile like Denny Hastert.

        I’d say both sides have too damn much trust, and mistake it for morality.

    • There are two utilities being served by Q, so I welcome (but dont believe) them. One is, you dont get mass support for drastic action via dialectic. “They have the wrong policy” gets zero pitchfork wielding mobs to through the bastards out. “They are raping and sacrificing children” gets you a galvanized support base willing to do what is necessary.
      It is also social counter-proof. Our enemies wear BLM or rainbow flag shirts to show their side; now we have Q shirts. They are all goofy, but is having a Q shirt really more stupid than rooting for something juvenile like “the Cowboys” or inane like a little red bird?

  50. The best example right now is the Left’s obsession with white supremacy. They cannot accept that their vision of Utopia is not very popular. That’s the first step in a conspiracy theory, the rejection of the most plausible reason. That allows them to spin wild tales of secret Nazis and spectral supremacists. Rather than confront reality, which is frightening and disconcerting, they have created a series of conspiracy theories to explain why the world is not as they imagine it.

    Disagree on this entirely.

    The radical left in America today draws its foot soldiers from bored middle and upper class white people. Life is good for them. Too good on the one hand and meaningless on the other. What they need at a deep level is some reason to exist, a movement larger than themselves. Religion and community and family – even career would have scratched that itch for people in the better past. But now technology and modernism have destroyed all of those leaving a thoroughly atomized and unneeded flotsam. So they create monsters to fight, a reason to exist.

    They’re not mad that their Utopia failed. They’re fleeing the unbearable lightness of being in a utopia.

    • No, it’s their guilt that they still have a utopia while their pet minorities still live in squalor. They’ve been working for 60 years to get blacks & browns into the white-picket fence suburbs, and so far only a trickle have arrived. Even Asians, who like suburbs too, tend to live amongst themselves and not with their fellow paleskins. And Lefty is still convinced that whitey is somehow keeping the brown down. Thus the spectral presence of “white supremacy”. They really do want a thoroughly mixed utopia where everyone has an IQ of 110, but it’s never going to happen.

      • I agree. They’re obsessed with equality, and consider the greatest evil to be discrimination. Race is merely skin color to them and nothing else, so of course in the absence of racism and discrimination we’d have equal outcomes.

          • Uh, did you just wake up after falling asleep in the 1950’s? Explicot institutional anti-white racism has been baked into the cake for 4 generations now.

        • Just saw a car in VA suburbs that had a bumper sticker with three skeletons dancing with the quote, “we are all the same underneath, be kind”
          A white woman about 50 was driving. These are the real merciless types.

          • I’m not a bumper sticker fan. Unless the bumper sticker is there to conceal *cough* Bondo cosmetic deficiencies in an old beater.

      • I’m sure guilt plays a role in the Far-Left’s behavior, but it’s not quite a simple as that. If the far-left really believed their dogma, they’d invite blacks and browns to live in their neighborhoods along with them, not flee from them at the first sign of diversity. I think humans naturally need an external aggressor to organize around. White normies in the heartland are an approved target by the regime, so upper middle class antifa types find reasons to attack them as immoral and deserving of punishment, despite their own obvious hypocrisy; thus, the conservative right are the real racists (CR3).
        Notice how the left goes out of its way to simultaneously champion minorities while also staying away from them in their personal lives: separate schools, political organizations, sports association (tennis over basketball), neighborhoods, etc. They’re not totally serious, even though there are many true believers, and even though most believe at least some small part of what they say. There is still a grain of disingenuous to it all.
        That also explains the Left’s hypocrisy on figures such as Richard Dawkins — loved back when he was attacking Christians (code for white person outside metropolitan areas) but suddenly the guy gets unpersoned when he attacks Muslims, a group that votes overwhelmingly democrat but has even greater levels of everything Dawkins lambasted Christians for.
        Democrats are sympathetic to Jews & Muslims but not to Christians; this applies even to foreign countries like China (sympathetic to the Muslims there but not to oppressed Middle Eastern Christians). Democrats are sympathetic to Mexican illegals but not to Russian birth tourism; Russians are white and conservative while Mexicans vote democrat overwhelmingly. Democrats are sympathetic to women but to not men; there is a huge gender gap in party affiliation, especially among Whites. Democrats love college students but increasingly ignore working class unions. Etc.
        Not coincidentally, all of the groups the Far-Left champions are also ones that overwhelmingly vote for their side. Notice how gays have fallen off the radar over the last four years; they were once the toast of the town. Why? Part of it is simply old news … but not all of it. Some if it is due to the fact that increasing numbers of them vote republican or voice some tepid support for the right. Thus, now we have to move onto other groups like trans that supposedly the right is hunting down and oppressing.

        This is pure tribal politics. The left needs an approved enemy — that’s you. The white left uses these groups as a battering ram to attack their approved White enemies elsewhere so as to give meaning to their lives. Every professed good guy needs a bad guy to oppose. The Left gets to do evil things and justify them as good because their victims had it coming. It’s been the same in countless religious conflicts throughout history.

        Here’s an article that gives some details on the subject:

        ‘Oikophobia’: Our Western Self-Hatred

        How can it have come to such cultural self-hatred? The answer lies in an oft-repeated historical process that takes a society from naïve and self-promoting beginnings to self-contempt and decline.

        This is where oikophobia sets in. Diverse interests are created that view each other as greater enemies than they do foreign threats. Since the common civilizational enemy has been successfully repulsed, it can no longer serve as an effective target for and outlet of people’s sense of superiority, and human psychology generally requires an adversary for the purpose of self-identification, and so a new adversary is crafted: other people in the same civilization.

        This “domestic” competition means that by rejecting one’s culture as backward, one automatically sets oneself above all the other interests that are parts of that culture.

        If we are going to make any progress, we have to work to dispel self-hatred among our own kind. It’s the left’s number one tool.

        • It’s cognitive dissonance. Their real world experience (staying far away from minorities) doesn’t line up with their worldview. They feel guilty about their wealth and privilege.

          Because they’re so virtuous, it can’t be *their* fault that blacks are still poor. So it *must* be Badwhites’ fault.

          White liberals are just morons who are out of touch with nature and reality. When things collapse, the libs are getting it first, as we saw in Minneapolis.

          •  it can’t be *their* fault that blacks are still poor. So it *must* be Badwhites’ fault.

            There’s door number three: it’s the blacks own fault.

          • Oh, I do hope so. The self righteous white female scold is the class I’d like to see walk the plank first…. Popcorn!

        • Its white men… White men created this problem,,, its white men that will need to fix it. First by waking up

      • Anglo guilt is the worst.

        The whites in Brazil never gave a shit about the blacks and browns living in squalor.

      • Did anyone get Biden’s line in the debate, “The suburbs are largely integrated?”

        I laughed at that. What a complete lie. But Trump was smart to not address it, as the truth is something even normiecons can’t stand to hear.

          • Persians and Chinese are still fortunately a very small percentage of the US population. All Asians total are about 5-6%.

            Asians tend to clump. Most suburbs in the US have very few Asians.

      • Trump’s pandering isn’t going to help. And it could be fatal to his election chances. The “Platinum Plan” May help depress vibrancy turnout, but it may also depress working class white turnout. Kushner is quoted as saying that the “trailer parks” aren’t going anywhere, they have no other choice. They are the ones who have to live next to the violent and dangerous, and they do have a choice, which is to say, F*** it, why vote?

      • I just left NOVA, and had a business with customers from our “melting pot”. Iranians, Chinese, mixed Chinese and americans, French Africans via Europe, a German, Cubans and, some Americans. When the whole bunch got together, they were not comfortabe with eachother, and stuck with their own.

        But they all fired me when BLM found some comments I made about the riots. That I’m a white supremecist they could all agree on!

        Ungrateful degenerates. What kind of culture do they want? They all had their kids in Farsi, Chinese, Spanish, and German language and culture classes. What do they want with us?

      • This.
        Also, left out of Zman’s analysis (though inferred and stated in the past) is the IQ issue: dumber people are more likely to believe in odd mysticisms than smarter people. This isn’t to say the smart people don’t believe in stupid things, but that a dumber person will see a gap in either “cause” or “effect” and instead of filling it with facts and reason, they will fill it in with whatever the shaman down the street saw in the chicken entrails. With thoroughly dumber elites it’s entirely possible for them to both despise white people, and believe that said white people are the masterminds behind black failure.

        • I don’t know – it takes some high IQ sophistry to explain away the obvious (see, e.g., gender studies).

        • Black people’s entire LIVES are just a daily series of one conspiracy theory on top of another conspiracy theory. If you’ve never been around a number of them, it would stun the average white, as to their child-like magical thinking and gullibility.

    • Agree with Dinothedoxie. I refer back to The True Believer by Eric Hoffer on a daily basis because it explains so much of what passes today for normal behaviour.

    • Like the various flavors of Right, any and all of these reasons exist on the Left. To varying degrees, some or all apply (lack of life meaning/purpose, false superiority complex, pathological exo-altruism, just plain bat-shit crazy, seeing leftism as an easy means to power, etc.).

  51. Put the whole Spygate to a bunch of mediocrities (just watch any of them in live testimony) trying to score brownie points with what they thought would be the incoming administration. Then the “oh shit” moment. But more a school fish or flocking birds than a bunch of people playing 4D chess. The only thing that is saving them was the mediocrities are being investigated by other mediocrities–all with eyes focused on getting the pension.

    • I don’t think Barr is a mediocrity. He is covering it up for some reason. My only guesses are that he thinks it will harm the country to expose everything, or he is a phony swamp creature play acting as a patriot. Maybe both.

      • Barr has always been proponent of the strong unitary executive theory. I think he sees the FBI scandal as a threat to the unitary executive, so he is keeping this out of the courts and Congress. It’s a cover-up, for sure, but his motives are about the integrity of the executive branch, not partisan politics. I suspect he hates Trump as much as he hates everyone in Congress.

        • Possibly, but the FBI corruption is so obvious. If executive branch integrity is his concern, cleaning up the FBI would be the logical step. I grew up thinking the FBI was very professional and ethical. But anyone with a brain now knows to never talk to them without a lawyer and recording device, and to assume if they target you, they will cheat and lie to get you.

          • Richard Jewel is as important to Current Year America as Bernie Goetz was to Juliani NYC.

          • I had a similar upbringing. Despite being a “mostly” law abiding citizen (no questions about my teens, please), I broaden your suggestion: beyond perhaps identifying yourself, I would never make any statement to any law enforcement agent without at least careful thought, and perhaps only when my own counsel was present. While I’ve never had to, I have never seen anyone claim that you should consent to a search of your person, vehicle, home etc. (if you have a choice.)

        • So basically he’s stuck in the 1980s, trying to protect the “integrity” of the system and country. If that’s the case, it’s honourable, but naive.

      • Barr either is protecting the institution or, as I suspect, his role in burying Lon Horiuchi’s outright murder of Randy Weaver’s wife could be used against him. He’s covering up once again, obviously.

        • Bingo to your bingo.

          Barr is protecting the Swamp.

          Of course he’ll dress it up in fancy lingo, he is fluent in Beltway.

      • No. Barr isn’t, but institution he runs is. Two observations:
        With no special knowledge, I think Barr has the proverbial “wolf by ears” problem. This was a coup attempt, but fully disclosing that comes with all sorts of problems for public confidence and the institutions he loves. Doing nothing has the same effect. So I suspect he is desperately trying to find a middle way.
        Second, have done turnaround work for years. Even if you and a small team are installed with the sort of authority the private sector has, it can be amazingly hard to root out organizational sedition and entropy. One reason why the most popular approach is to just come in slash expenses and sell the asset before the underlying business craters. It’s easy. Problem is, hard to do that with government.

        • There’s nothing the FBI does that is useful that could not be handed off to the marshals, DHS, or secret service.

        • I don’t think he has to root out all the traitors. He just has to hang Comey, Brennan, Clapper and Strzok. That would be easy, it would serve as a warning to all the smaller moles, and it would restore enough institutional confidence for the normies to bury their heads back in the sand.

    • Bingo. D.C. is a left-wing, government town, too, and serving those interests boosts salaries and perks. Yes, their idiocy not only is palpable but likely how they screwed up and got caught, as is the case with most criminals.

  52. Another wrench in the works is how shitlibs put the label of “conspiracy theory” on entirely true descriptions of their behavior.

    The whole shitlib propaganda effort can, in fact, be boiled down to two words: dishonest labelling.

    But I’m not “owning” them by pointing this out. It’s a very powerful tool, and they’re very good at it. We’ve got to get into the labelling business one way or another, even if that will be fighting on enemy turf, so to speak.

    • Dishonest labeling, and its variant – saying every criticism of them is a lie. Biden can simply waive away every truth thrown at him by simply saying it isn’t true. The media agrees, and low information voters assume they are right.

    • Clever labeling is one of the commie lefts (read: Democrats) best tools. That and putting “justice” behind every unjust unequal policy they can devise. They just love their descriptive meaning changing words not realizing that putting “democratic” in front of “socialist” changes it about as much as putting “national” there.
      They also love to blame everything from Ft Sumpter to the Cali fires on white supremacy and/or Christian bigotry or as they call it theocracy.
      There are probably fewer actual white supremacists in America than abortion clinics and if we Christians wanted a theocracy we would have created one when we wrote our constitution.

    • The powers to Label, and to declare Alarms too.
      The power of Alarm used to reside properly in parliaments, or at least be answerable to them, but now the power to cry “Wolf” rests in feral social media rage mobs, college campus humanities departments and the MSM, with urban politicians coming along for the ride. You cannot run a self-governing Republic like this: heaving and pitching and whiplash-ing the citizenry every time some loser equates his small-world problem with a national crisis.
      To paraphrase the ex-Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanual, “Whoever can declare the crisis, will win in its wake.” Given the attitude on the Left towards honesty, and the trillions of dollars of economic losses at stake, is it really “racist” to ask that we vet our nation’s alarmists before handing them the mike?

    • Dishonest labelling works if you have an ignorant (or simply willing) populace and you don’t overplay it. While there are plenty of ignorant and/or willing members of the populace, they have also far overplayed the labelling (“fiery, but mostly peaceful” being the most humorous thus far). A big reason censorship of the internet is the major objective presently. It does remind one of late stage USSR propaganda and the response of its citizenry.

  53. The most disgusting thing about the debate is that Wallace had clearly coordinated ahead of time with the Cathedral to launch the “white supremacy” narrative.

    When people read “historical fiction,” they know that the author has taken liberties, often big ones. But the strange thing is that the world presented by contemporary “journalism” takes even greater liberties with things that living people can see with their own eyes–if they have eyes to see.

    If you picture a venn diagram with “reality” as one circle, and “portrait of reality fed to you by the Cathedral” as the other, then the two circles are drifting so far apart that pretty soon they will have no overlap. Their reports and narratives are increasingly just pure fiction.

    • That piece of Jewish garbage was pushing other shitlib fairy tales too. F*** Wallace. California’s forest fires are the result of global warming? Pull my other finger you neolib fart sucker, it has bells on it.
      The mass media had no place anymore. The debates are obsolete too. These fuggin morons are still guarding the gate while the walls around it have collapsed.
      I hope Biden and Wallace die is a fire…

      • Who knew that Fire causing Global Warming stops at the Canadian Border?
        Maybe it’ll make it that far north for their next election.

        • Your observation is very much like the observation that, during their tenure, the Soviet Union would have “droughts” and “bad harvests” yet just on the other side of a border, a free country would have normal to good harvests. 🙂

      • Wallace parroted a shitload of deranged left-wing conspiracy theories the other night–a resurgent Klan, Antifa is an illusion, global warming caused the fires, and so on. On top of his blatant election interference on behalf of Biden, he should be shitcanned just for that. Fox is under enormous pressure to fire him but the Murdochs are part of the Cathedral so they may spare Wallace. Either way he’s ruined.

        • Hmpfffff. I never used to be an antisemite, but I am now. I am seeing a pattern, and I don’t care who calls me a conspiracy nut or other slurs. The joos might want to have a care because I consider myself something of a Yesterday Man and I used to be firmly on their side. The way things are right now, I wouldn’t pish on one if he was on fire.
          For me the JQ is now settled. Another question arises: are these Jew media slobs doing what they do because they are Jewish, or because they are just rich people guarding their interests and agenda the same way any other similar group would?
          I suppose it doesn’t matter or change things. Those guys are going down a very dangerous road, they’ve done it before, and they never seem to learn from it…

          • Somewhat the same. I used to be closer to Z’s position on Jews but their anti-White hatred and their raw power are obvious and the evidence of its destructive effect is too overwhelming to discount. Like Z, though, I still think most people who go further than me on the issue take it to an extreme that really isn’t plausible. For instance, few of them will acknowledge that Jewish power actually is on the decline and much of the frenzy we see out of their federal protectors reflects that. This runs counter to the all-powerful belief.

            It’s a generalization, and of course there are many exceptions, but it seems the following abbreviation is true. Jews became the Other after their Roman expulsion to Europe, and had to adapt to a hostile environment because of it (I don’t know whether evolutionary psychology is a thing, per se, but MacDonald makes a compelling case). They therefore had to engage in nepotism and scuzzy means to exist, such as usury. This enriched them, and they got the ears of kings and dictators and presidents as a result, and crafted policies to favor them. They also had a deep reserve of hatred for Whites, particularly Christians, due to past conflicts, and suddenly had the wealth and power to extract revenge.

            An example. Antifa is for the most part a Jewish-sponsored revolution. As others have pointed out, you can’t shoot into a crowd of Antifa and not hit Jews. The reality also is has been more than a handful of Jewish businesses burned and looted by Antifa and BLM. Is this the exception to the rule? Dunno, maybe. But I try to keep an even keel even as I drift closer to what others think as I gather more information.

            And, yes, groups like Antifa, ADL, SPLC and the ACLU may cause Jews as a whole, including those innocents who just go about their lives, to suffer the same fate as others before them. The group’s self-destructive impulses have been obvious throughout history.

          • I view jews the same way I view blacks. There are certainly many individual blacks who are good people. I’ve known a few in my life. But overall it is good for whites to have blacks living in our society? The answer is clearly no.

            The same analysis applies to jews. While there are undoubtedly many fine jewish people, overall jews have been a disaster for white society. I would argue that they have been much more destructive to our heritage than blacks. We must separate ourselves from both groups if we are to survive.

            The only question for me is how to accomplish the separation.

          • You think those who revere Masada have any problem with a couple shops getting burned and looted?
            Like all nations, they deserve and belong in their own space; which is not our space.

        • The Critical Race Theory is the same as Racial “Sensitivity” line, the mess about the PB’s were the two that set me off the most.

    • Wallace kind of reminds me of Cronkite. Sort of has a grandfatherly demeanor and an old timey presentation style.

      The next generation of journos, like Brian Stelter, are pretty bad.

        • he was a lefty – but it seems like everyone liked and respected him. As long as he doesn’t hate the population he’s broadcasting to, I don’t care what his politics are.

          • You should. Tolerating leftists in the media makes their usual modus operandi of subversion much easier.

  54. And another thing is the propaganda convincing normies that to believe in any conspiracy is to be a crazy person. This even goes for some educated people who have a working knowledge of history and understand conspiracies are the norm not the exception. I have shaken one or two out of that by pointing that out. You don’t even have to be specific because if they know history they have their own favorite conspiracy from past they can pull up. The thing is I don’t think any of it sticks. They’re like seals, popping up from beneath the surface, looking around and then sinking right back down again.

    • The official 9/11 story is a conspiracy as is Watergate, Iran-Contra and the Lincoln assassination.

  55. I never got that deep into the Kennedy stuff because the marksmanship was not that amazing. The kill-shot was from 70 feet (not yards) with a military rifle on a target moving directly away from him. Now Jack Ruby – that was weird.

    • Though the best take on the “conspiracy” was by Mr. Rate. “Them boys on the grassy knoll were dead within two hours. Buried in unmarked graves out past Terlingua”. “How do you know?” “Still got the shovel”
      Carcanos are uneven in quality–but the good ones are very accurate. And the 6.5×55 is effective and low recoil. Easy shot.

      • Forgotten Weapons has a good series on the Carcanos. Some of them were good rifles, contrary to what a lot of people believe.

    • Funny, but I always assumed it was a 200-yard shot. Then again, the topic never held much interest for me. Yeah, at 70 feet I could make that shot with iron sites.

      • Visited there once on a trip to Dallas. Yep, all the photos create much more impression of distance than in person. I’ve snap shot deer at longer distances offhand and hit with the first shot.

        • And I have no doubt you could have killed the Secret Service agent who’s head was supposed to be in the way.

          • Using top-secret technology, the CIA spatially shrunk Deally Plaza so that the conventional explanation would be more credible 🙂

        • I don’t think the grassy knoll shot would have been that easy and don’t see how the people only a few feet away wouldn’t have been able to pinpoint it or how such a shooter could get away. Further, what if he missed and the bullet hit the limo from and angle incompatible with the book depository?
          Ironically (?) the autopsies of Tippett, Oswald and Ruby were competently performed by the local medical examiner who legally would also have done JFK’s. But JFK’s body was illegally removed from Texas and a totally botched autopsy was performed at the premier US military medical facility.

        • Exactly. I also visited on a trip to Dallas. I was stunned at how small the area was. All the photos I’d seen all my life gave the impression of a large area. Standing on the grassy knoll was so close to the picket fence it would have been impossible not to hear a shot coming from behind you. That’s why all those photos of people who threw themselves on the ground on the grassy knoll make perfect sense. And all the photos of people running up the grassy knoll after the shooting make perfect sense. The place was so small, there wouldn’t be any mistake about shots coming from the picket fence.

          • A cop was directed to go up to the railroad bridge to see what happened and had to run up the knoll to do so. The spectators were following him. I think the grassy knoll shooter is unlikely. If there was another shooter, it was from one of the other buildings or from a cluster of trees across the plaza near the railroad bridge.

      • Oswald had a scope. But I submit that no shot is “easy” when the target is the president of the United States. And strangely, the Warren Commission found that his first shot was a complete miss–missed not only Kennedy but the entire limousine; Then the next two shots, which had to have been more hurried were hits. One theory that I read years ago is that the first shot was a hit, but a glancing blow to Kennedy’s head that somehow ricocheted off his skull. But the marksmanship was a little strange under the circumstances.

        • I saw a realistic reenactment of the shooting on TV (can’t find it now). They had a cart dragging watermelons past an elevated shooter on a similar path as Kennedy’s car with a Carcano 6.5mm rifle at the appropriate distance. They repeated the exercise a few times. Usually the first couple of shots were misses of glancing hits because they are moving laterally to the shooter. Then the car takes a turn and is moving in a direct line away from the shooter – that’s the easy shot that blasted the watermelon every time.

          • All the shots were more or less in line relative to the (presumed) shooter location in the Texas School Book Depository.
            I really don’t see how the first shot could have missed the entire limousine. That was one of the reasons Warren Commission member Sen. Richard Russell was skeptical of his own report.

        • Actually it isn’t really all that exiting. A few months ago- I believe it was on the Discovery Channel- took up this topic yet again and the final conclusion was that the shot that hit Kennedy in the head was actually fired by accident by a secret service agent in the follow-on car, who was holding an M-16 at the time. According to the agent, other SS in the same car and witnesses on the street, the agent holding the rifle heard the shots from above and behind and picked up the rifle and flicked off the safety. As he did, the driver of the follow-on car hit the gas and according to eyewitnesses on the ground, that was when everyone in that car lurched backwards and the shot that hit Kennedy in the head was heard.
          Forensic evidence revealed that the shot that hit Kennedy in the head entered behind and just under his ear and that the round that hit him had fragmented and large portions of the round were in the wound at the time of the autopsy. Enough of the fragments were left to determine that it was a 5.56 caliber round like the one fired by the M-16. Furthermore, one of Texas’s two senators who was riding in the car behind the follow-up car stated that he heard a shot come from in front of him. That he and everyone else in that car stated that they smelled gunpowder after they heard the shot. When challenged on his assertion, Said senator went on to say that he spent 25 years in the military and had been around firearms all his life and that he knew what gunpowder smelled like. The agent who carried the M-16 that day was not available for comment, as he died of cancer – I believe – in 2006. During the Warren Commission, the Chief Justice discovered that the director of the SS did not state on the inventory sheet of the weapons that his team were carrying that an M-16 was among them. When asked why, he stated, “We’re not in the habit of disclosing what type of weapons we carry to the public.” The Chief Justice told him, “I’m not Joe public, I’m the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court and I’m the one chairing this investigation.” The director of the SS stated that they would submit the rifle for forensic analysis, which they never did. Invariably, the question of the conspiracy comes up and the guy who did the rock turning on this stated something along the lines of, “Look it isn’t like to day where all of this information is available on a database at the touch of a button. The information collected back then took up almost an entire warehouse worth of space and it is possible that enough bits fell through the cracks, so to speak, for them to miss this connection.”
          Is this ultimately true? Possibly. Once the hype is stripped away and one entertains the possibility that a massive cover up operation was put into effect to make sure that the American public never found out that the agency charged with protecting it’s president accidentally fired the fatal shot that killed him? Given what we know about our institutions now, that makes a great deal more sense. I say the hype because my parents and other older relatives were very close to that incident in terms of age, much like most of us were with 9-11. I mention this theory to my parents who really didn’t like Kennedy all that much and the response is, “Well, it is possible. Who knows.” I mention the same thing to two of my aunts who believed Kennedy walked on water and the reaction is almost violent. I was told, “We thought you were a well-educated, reasonable individual and you buy into that garbage line? You don’t know who paid that guy to say all of that!”

          • That a Service Service agent inadvertently killed his principle with an accidental discharge would explain a lot. Hickey was carrying an AR-15 and those preceded the M-16 by a year or so. They were both notorious for “slam fire” discharges, which I can actually attest to – there were still some of those old A1’s floating around when I was in the military. It’s didn’t take much of a drop, some times just a few inches from the ground, to let loose a round.

          • That assumes you are cocking the weapon, which goes against a prior statement made wrt switching off the safety (safety can not be engaged on an uncocked weapon). Regardless, we need to know if Secret Service requires such weapons to be carried with no round in chamber. That certainly is not the case with sidearms.
            My first rifle was an A1. Still have it Never had an unintended discharge, albeit there is a lot of different non-milspec ammo out there to get in trouble with.

            Every round dumped unfired has a dimple on the primer. This seems the case for even the modern versions like the A4. So were the firing pins changed? Or milspec ammo primers hardened?

          • Read the book, “Mortal Error” by Bonar Menninger. It lays out a very convincing case that an accidental discharge by the SS agent was the headshot that killed Kennedy.

            It’s very convincing from the ballistics angle, and it explains the cover-up as well, just as you mention. But the improbability of it occurring during the actual assassination attempt, well… the history of America is full of such improbabilities however.

          • Improbable, or more like sad if true. I was never a Kennedy guy, but Jesus, imagine being the guy who accidentally killed him, like you said, during an actual external attempt. Talk about a mind job an excuse to hit the bottle.

      • Oswald was also trained by the Marines and qualified as Sharpshooter. He could have made the shot at a greater distance easily.

      • If you want a real JFK conspiracy theory, how come the only footage came from a Jewish citizen, Abraham Zapruder?
        No one ever talks about that, lol.

    • Kennedy got shot when most Boomers were young and impressionable. Thus the continuing obsession. It was Israel by the way.

      • I always go with the jews when any conspiracy comes up, one because I’m intellectually lazy, and two because it seems like 99% of the time that is usually correct.

      • JFK was not to keen on Israel getting nuclear weapons. The jews would have seen that as an existential threat. CIA chief of counterintelligence James Angleton was the CIA point of contact with Israel and in a perfect position to cooperate.
        After JFKs death, Israel stole bomb grade uranium from a plant in Pennsylvania. This was used to make two nuclear bombs in time for the Six-Day war. I think the Israelis knew or suspected that the USS Liberty heard transmissions about the deployment of these bombs in the Sinai and that this is the reason the USS Liberty was attacked. None of the other reasons make sense.
        JFK was killed because someone didn’t like the way they were treated by him and thought they would get a better deal under Johnson. I would say Israel qualifies.

        • Israel quite likely had nuclear weapons as early as 1960, at the time of the first French test in Algeria. There was close cooperation between the French nuclear weapons program and Israel, probably in exchange for Mossad information about the FLN in Algeria. Kennedy was, as you note, very anti-proliferation.

          • For any state actor with anything on the ball nuclear weapons are not that hard, unless you’re Iran and you have a low watt elite and an intelligence service that is half Mossad.

          • Persians are not Arabs. Most of the intellectual achievements of the Islamic Golden Age were from Persians.

          • DeGaulle cut off nuclear cooperation with Israel. Perhaps that had something to do with the assassination attempt.
            Israel did not have a uranium enrichment capacity in 1960. I don’r believe their reactors at Dimona would have produced enough plutonium for a bomb in 1960. Further, if they already had a bomb in 1960, they would not have needed to steal bomb grade uranium from the US in the mid-1960s.

          • Israel got their fissionable uranium or plutonium by stealing it from the USA. You can learn that much by reading Tom Clancy novels.

        • It’s widely thought Israel achieved nuclear capability well before Kennedy’s demise, and if true, they likely got the fissile materials needed from America. There wasn’t much need to knock off JFK. The story behind the nuclear escapade is kind of amusing; it was the equivalent of a jogger ripping off a 70-inch 4K television from the display at Walmart and trotting off.

          • No. It’s pretty well established that Israel stole highly enriched uranium from a US plant that made fuel for US Navy ships/subs in the mid 1960s. The company that owned the plant was run by a dedicated Zionist. There would be no need to do this if they had the materials earlier.

        • Kennedy knew about Dimona and also wanted AIPAC (& similar) to register as foreign agents. LBJ, by contrast, had a longstanding affair with Irgun and Stern gang supporter Mathilde Krim (who apparently was in the WH when the Liberty was attacked.)

    • Just a quick look on google to a few sites mentions over 200ft. I assume you have looked into this more than I have.

    • If there was any conspiracy behind the assassination, and it’s a stretch to call it a conspiracy, it was due to acts of omission. The short version is Oswald was a known whack job and his communist ties and meetings with Castro and Moscow were documented extensively. Robert Littell in a great fictional account of this, SISTERS, made a good case the FBI and IC knew Oswald was a Soviet sleeper who had been activated and the information was withheld because they were pissed because of the Bay of Pigs. Whether true or not it seems more plausible than other theories.

      Similarly, there have been numerous rumors the assassination of Trump has been discussed among IC, FBI, and other Deep State elements, usually in the context of how it would be a good thing rather than actively setting it into motion. I really doubt the State outside some elements such as the Secret Service would lift a finger to stop such an assassination, which is what is claimed happened with Kennedy. Not giving credence to these reports, but it would not be shocking at this point.

      • Oswald was almost certainly a Soviet agent. He was an actual defector to the Soviet Union who had returned to the US with his Soviet wife. You know how many returned defectors there were in the entire US at the time of the JFK assassination? Three. One of whom was some crazy cat lady the Soviets didn’t even want. Oswald was part of an extremely elite club. Combine that with his communications to Cuba and I don’t know why you’d look anywhere else.

        • Why was Oswald readmitted to the US so easily? If he was a genuine defector, he would have been thrown in jail as he told the US embassy he was going to give classified info to the Soviets. Alternatively, why wasn’t he used for propaganda purposes as someone who actually lived in the USSR and didn’t like it? Is there any record of an interrogation of Oswald by the CIA or FBI before the assassination?

          • The other two defectors weren’t in jail (I believe the woman spent time in a mental hospital, though) and over the years most returning defectors have not been jailed. Your assertion is at odds with established reality. Oswald had virtually no access to classified intelligence no matter what he told the embassy, and they probably knew it. He was a 20-year-old former marine with a poor disciplinary record who liked to spout pro-soviet propaganda and who got a hardship discharge to care for his mother — he was a know-nothing grunt.

            Him not being interviewed by intelligence is pretty thin gruel to base any further claims on.

      • If JFK was shot by nutjob Oswald, all Oswald would have had to do was take his pistol and go out to the curb and shoot JFK when he came by, as happened in 1914 archduke Ferdinand. Why bother with sneaking a disassembled rifle, reassembling it, shooting, leaving the building, getting on and off a bus, taking a taxi after offering it to another person and all the rest of Mr. Oswald’s wild ride?

          • If he was a nutjob, why would he care about getting caught? Even according to the official story, he left all his money behind for his wife that morning. Doesn’t sound like someone who cared about escaping. In fact, why didn’t he bring his pistol to work that day?

          • Even nutjobs sometimes care about getting caught. Serial killers try to avoid getting caught, but they are still nutjobs.

      • Just like our pissed left wing media in 2020 does. Ignore stories they don’t like.
        If the administrative state was pissed at Kennedy they did not have to pull the trigger or set it up. Just ignore Oswald even though they know he wants to kill the President.
        Same with 911. Chances are Israeli and American intelligence knew about the dirt bags. Just ignore them. Let them come our way.
        Same with Lenin. Let him pass through Europe into Russia.
        Evil knows what it is doing. By just doing nothing they are doing something.

        • Yes, strong analogy there re today’s press.

          While nothing would surprise me at this point, as is the case with increasingly large numbers of Americans, the 9/11 inside job conspiracy theory has one flaw I think is fatal. That easily could have led to an uprising against Bush or a demand that one happen. As for what you suggest, though, yes. We already know some of the hijackers were on the FBI’s radar screen. I won’t discount there were intentional omissions there, along with a shitload of incompetence and a lot of PC-compliant nonsense. IIRC, CAIR had input into federal law enforcement and it only stopped under Trump, and that was well after it was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation prosecution.

      • A Russian general wanted to defect, but only if he could bring his niece with him, as she was his last living relative.

        Oswald got them both out. How?

        He married the niece.

        He was a deep cover mole for our side, not a Soviet sleeper. In the end, a patsy, expendable.

    • Yea, I stood in that window in Dallas and looked at the shot.
      Any average marksman could have made the shot. It was amazing how close the shot was actually. That building should never have been left open to access.
      But how Oswald got there? Very strange. And Ruby? Even stranger.
      I can see why conspiracies remain about the Kennedy assassination.

      • When government isn’t forthcoming or truthful they actively encourage conspiracy movements.

    • Discovery Channel did a recreation of the “Magic Bullet” shot. They created mannequins of JFK and Connolly with materials equivalent to bone and tissue. They took pains to locate the entrance wounds and set up the shooter at the right height, distance and angle. The shot using the same rifle type and ammunition was a little bit more damaged than the actual magic bullet. But the odd part is that they traced the path with an animated overlay and the bullet clearly exits JFK’s chest even though the narrator says “Kennedy’s neck”. So, either the re-creators missed some detail (downward slope of the street) or the shot was fired from a lower elevation.

      • Once a bullet hits bone, you can’t reliably predict its subsequent trajectory. In real life it’s going to be different every single time.

        • That still doesn’t change the fact that the narrator said something completely opposite to what their own trajectory showed.

      • IIRC, the Discovery Channel code was turned into a game and was sold for a brief period before OUTRAGE! carried the day. The Canadian journalist Colby Cosh played it to see if he could generate a constitutional crisis (sadly I don’t recall how his game turned out.)

    • Some of the most compelling evidence pointing to a conspiracy is the fact that all but one of the physicians involved in the treatment of Kennedy stated that he had an exit wound in the back of his head. It is not difficult to tell the difference between an entrance and exit wound, and the physicians involved in his care had, combined, decades of experience treating gunshot victims. Parkland was the main trauma center in Dallas.

      • Kennedy’s morgue photo is available online. He’s definitely missing the back of his noggin in the photo.

    • Wow, I didn’t know it was only 70 ft! I think I could still make that, and I wear a trifocal lens and am super rusty.
      Some conspiracies I tend to just shrug off and find pretty benign, (who cares if some people think Jesus rode dinosaurs or that the Earth is flat, lol?), but the Qtards and the lefty loonies are out of control and downright dangerous.
      The postal service isn’t removing mailboxes so you can’t vote, the Proud Boy Puerto Rican tee shirt salesmen aren’t cooking up a RaHoWa, and Tom Hanks isn’t eating babies for their adrenochrome.
      No one is going to prison. Especially, celebrities, government officials and high ranking officials. Not gonna happen. Period.

    • Er, and how do you explain the “magic bullet” then? Pretty amazing trajectory to hit two separate men.

  56. > This turns up with the spying scandal. The reality is, the Washington-based intel community is horribly corrupt. The spying and subsequent cover-up is a product of a culture of corruption in these institutions. 
    Indeed. When was the last time the FBI foiled an actual terrorist plot they didn’t cook up themselves?

    • The FBI has been a corrupt institution for generations now. Back in the 60’s the FBI framed four men for a murder. Two died in jail and two spent 30 years in jail before exonerated.

    • The portrayal of the FBI and CIA that comes out of Hollywood helps these organizations. Even the ones that seem negative make them look like they recruit the best people and are capable of pulling off incredible missions. The reality was Aldrich Ames. Now it is a small hippo waiting to go to a diversity seminar.

      • In the late Fifties/early Sixties government money was funneled to Hollywood to promote the FBI in film and on television.

        • There was always close collaboration between Hollywood and the national security agencies. LA has a facility called Lookout Mountain which was a state of the art film studio that provided motion picture services to the military. Most of tge atomic testing footage was processed their. They also made classified training films. Numerous Hollywood personalities would narrate, act in them.

          • It wasn’t just Uncle Addie and his German Superfriends making enormous amounts of celluloid propaganda, that’s for sure.
            Every time I get into a marathon of really old movies, I’m shocked at just how much I pick up. I guess I shouldn’t be, but it is what it is.
            The movies made from the 70s on, that I grew up with, sometimes catch me off guard, as well, because there’s nuanced bits of propaganda that is subliminal.
            Go watch the Lethal Weapon movies and notice the Anti-Apartheid messaging you may have missed upon first or subsequent viewings.
            Or, maybe not. Maybe you all were hip to it, way back then. You also have the obvious pro-gmen and pro-military stuff out the wazoo, but that was in your face overt.

      • Another was the definitely unhinged FBI Agent Robert Hanssen. He spied for the Soviet Union and then Russia off and on for over 20 years despite tipoffs. At one point, the FBI suspected a CIA agent and at another they realized they had a mole inside their organization and Hanssen investigated himself.

      • And this is no accident. The collaboration between those agencies as well as the DOD and Hollywood is well documented.

      • Given their corruption, it is a good thing they are incompetent. Imagine the damage a corrupt and competent agency could do.

    • “In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and the next place, oblige it to control itself” – J. Madison

      Computing power and electronic surveillance has become so easy, so untraceable, and so ubiquitous that the chances of getting “caught” are almost nil. Snowden tried to warn us, and the whole country yawned.

      When the “Patriot Act” was passed authorizing the public part of this “temporary” expansion of government surveillance the smart money knew it was only going to get worse.

      20 years passed and now it’s just assumed that everything done on a computer or phone is tracked, Presidents can order drone strikes on Americans in foreign countries, FISA warrants are approved at a rate of 99.9999% (the very definition of a kangaroo court)…and even when flunkies are caught openly engaged in sedition no one cares.

      • ”Snowden tried to warn us, and the whole country yawned.”

        And why not? When you collect that much data, your problem is not having enough analysts and enforcement officers. The government might know everything about the citizens, but it still can’t do a whole lot about it.

        • Notable “chilling effect”, for one. Only sociopaths who just don’t GAF run for office anymore.

          Ever want to run for office? What about your teenage browsing history? Or much worse, your teenager’s browsing history? Better tow the party line….

          Ever want to go to an Academy or work for a 3 letter agency? Well, you’d best think long and hard before saying “no” on your recreational drug use questionnaire. Tell the’re not admitted. Lie, and some photo from your past may doom you.

          Ever had one very strong opinion at 18 that is embarrassing beyond belief (and possibly illegal) when you’re 50? Etc. etc. etc.

          Human life and human institutions cannot survive the panopticon of the modern surveillance state.

          • Human life cannot survive modernity period.
            If you doubt me, note that save Israel no country has a fertility rate at or above replacement.
            Its not hopeless but in the modern world only non participating highly religious people like the Amish and Orthodox Jews and some nationalists here and in Europe are having children these days.
            People do need to understand that voting and working within the system cannot solve existential problems like we face.
            These are problems of deep rooted social and political corruption and would have to be dealt with by an authoritarian outsider movement.
            Ultimately it means new institutions built ground up with an understanding that they too will soon be corrupt, only a few decades after sanity and property are restored

            Hard times create strong men.

            Strong men create good times.

            Good times create weak men.

            Weak men create hard times.

            Its you job to make your children into the strong men and their job to create the good times.
            You grandchildren (if you are young) or maybe great grandchildren will not be the men you were and the cycle will be begin anew.
            That cannot be avoided either but you can create some peace and a future if you can find a path.

          • “…These are problems of deep rooted social and political corruption and would have to be dealt with by an authoritarian outsider movement…”

            Why do people say these sort of things? I expect it’s some sort of deep seated catharsis of burning the whole thing to the ground like the BLM. It’s not necessary. As much as I really, really hate what the Jews have done to my country they have the right idea about changing it. Find the weak points and steadily chip away at them. It’s been very successful for them, they own the damn country. Well we can do the same with no “burn it to the ground” needed.

            Here’s two rulings that completely destroyed the country. If you listen to the news or the chans we have only one choice, civil war or giving in. Not so! I wonder if the people know they are being played? Once again you are given bad stupid choices to make while completely ignoring things we have ALREADY TRIED that worked better. I didn’t say perfectly but better. This is just more of the same. Like the debate over whether we should have a King or not. What stupidity. We don’t need a King and we don’t need to break the country up and we don’t need a civil war. We just need to implement that which we already had and was destroyed by those in power.

            We don’t need a new Constitution. The one we have is just fine. What we do need is some politicians that will work what we have in our favor. We could totally change the power structure in the country in a few months. If the Republicans were willing we could take control of the out of control Judiciary. It only takes a majority in Congress to do so. The Judges may decide case law but Congress decides what cases the Judges can rule on in the first place. Don’t want Judges to decide any laws that have to do with treaties, immigration, national security as relating to foreigners, etc. Then Congress can just tell them to butt out. It’s written right into the Constitution in plain English.


            “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

            “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…” The important part. The earlier part declares what powers they have but it ends with control of these functions by Congress. Congress could tell them to butt out of any GloboHomo, Statist rulings. They could do that with with lots of stuff they keep ramming down our throats. The Judiciary could be stuck with only deciding water rights cases between States if they push too hard to SJW the Constitution to death.

            This only takes will power and the ability to to just ignore the point and shriek of the press which would go to stratospheric levels if Congress actually limited the Judges to deciding only cases that are delegated to the Federal government by the Constitution. There’s a whole massive amount of POZZ that could be cleared up if the Judiciary was brought to heel and States would be allowed to decide for themselves. The total lock down Blue States would carry on as before but as we have seen their quality of life would eventually become so bad as to destroy their power base. The Left could be allowed to destroy themselves while limiting their ability to impose the pozz on the rest of us WITHOUT breaking up the country, civil war or any other such drastic nonsense.

            What could we change that would vastly increase the power of Whites and guarantee out rights would not be run over?

            1. First we make sure all voters have some qualifications, high school diploma or equivalent, maybe pay a certain amount of property taxes, the actual numbers are not so important. The idea is that the voter have some skin in the game. Be a taxpayer or retired taxpayer who has put into the system instead of just receiving. This was ruled against by the Supreme court but this ruling can be tossed in the trash by a 51% vote in the House and Senate. Federal judges can be told what their jurisdiction is. It’s written right into the Constitution.

            2. Federal judges, once again, have ruled that in the States there can only be representatives based on proportional representation of the population. This court ruling gave more power to urban areas. Before they had representation in the Senates of most States based on regions and population based in the House. Just like the Federal government structure. It too can be thrown out. This would vastly curtail the power of the cities to tyrannize the rural areas. Think if Upper New York State and the rural areas of California had regional representation in the Senate of the States of California and New York. It would make a huge difference. A really big societal shift. The recent gun grab in Virginia would not even be a thing. It would have never even been brought up much less almost become law. Many laws and rules the left are pushing would never even be voiced as an option because there would be zero ability for them to pass.

            3. Make sure all votes are by real registered and documented voters. Voter fraud is at extreme levels in the cities. They have more people voting than there are even voters in many districts. With the other two rules in place we would have the power to just call all their votes illegal and ignore them. We could have an electronic voting system that is foolproof against fraud, (this can be done I’m 100% positive and I even have a simple cheap way to implement). The votes could NOT be changed and each person and organization could 100% check each vote for themselves. Details here and end of the comment:


            The only problem with any of these systems is you must control who gets to vote in the first place and who is authorized to vote. With the two other powers in place this could be assured. We could have open voters list and only those preregistered could vote. No more showing on the day of the vote and registering. I would add that no one that immigrated could vote until the 2nd generation. If they don’t like it they can leave.

            If most States changed to the older method designed to protect minority rights, rural areas, then it would vastly improve our position. These two changes would insure that we could not be rolled over legislatively. Now some States may be lost already like California but they will lose power anyways because of the complete stupidity and incompetence of their Representatives. Detroit and other minority run cites have the same problems.

            All it would take is willpower to do this. The Republicans by party line vote have the power to do this right now and so do most States. I would say the majority. If pushed we could force the same on the other States with Constitutional amendments after power is consolidated.

            Starting from the civil war there has been nothing but one big fight between rural and urban areas. So far the cities won but it doesn’t have to stay this way. We don’t need to break up and we don’t need a civil war we just need to work the system that we already have and have had before that worked reasonably well.

        • Don’t cower too soon. Yes, Big Brother is watching. But it’s an unavoidable fact that, the more data you gather, the more irrelevant data you gather as well! Sure, there are sifting and sorting mechanisms but they are only as good as the people who program or operate them. Finally, consider the ever-more “diverse” workforce doing so, and you have a very handicapped Big Brother.

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