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In the English speaking world, it has become common to “blackwash” movies and television shows. This is the process of removing white characters and replacing them with non-white characters. The stated claim is that popular entertainment needs to reflect the changing nature of the audience. Of course, the reason the audience is changing is that the same people blackwashing films and television shows are ethnically cleansing white societies with mass immigration.

For a long time now, Hollywood has been taking great care to make the good characters black and the bad ones white. For a short while, the bad guys could be Arab terrorists, but now bad guys are white again. If they need to be foreign baddies, then they are neo-Nazis from eastern Europe or Russian gangsters. Of course, the smartest characters are black or female. If we’re lucky, the brainiac is a black lesbian. Every computer hacker is now non-white or female.

On occasion the blackwashing gets ridiculous. Some figure from white history is played by a black actor. A black guy in a show about medieval Europe could be amusing, but that’s not how it is done. Instead, we get black cowboys saving a white town or a black playing King Lear. It will not be long before we have historical dramas in which well-known figures from white history are played by black actors as black people. Imagine Ben Franklin played by Morgan Freeman.

The most recent absurdity in this process is the TV series Fargo. The series kicked off six years ago as an extension of the movie with the same name. As the name suggests, the show is primarily set in North Dakota, but it has scenes and plots that range out into the rest of the region. The first season was primarily set in Bemidji Minnesota. In fact, only the second season is located in North Dakota. The idea is to root the story lines in the sorts of people who settled that part of America.

Of course, that part of America, up until fairly recent, was all white people, with a population of Native Americans. Until the people fond of blackwashing started dumping Africans into Minneapolis, for example, Minnesota was known for being one of the whitest places in the country. It was the Scandinavia of North America. In fact, North Dakota was almost all Scandinavian people. It was settled by Norwegians and Icelanders, who migrated out of Canada, along with some Germans.

That’s what made the first season enjoyable. It was a good plot with good characters set in a place that is a bit quirky. Of course, it had no black characters, because there are no black Norwegians. This being the high point of the colored revolution, the fourth season of the show is now entirely black. Since setting a black crime story in North Dakota is ridiculous, even for the people behind the blackwashing, they located the story in 1950 Kansas City, Missouri.

The point of blackwashing is to erase white history and culture. The world condemns China, for example, when they do this to Tibet or now the Uighurs, but when it is done to white people the great and good celebrate. As Joe Sobran pointed out many years ago, the motivation here is envy. The very existence of white people is a daily reminder of the failure of all others to accomplish much of anything, despite being blessed with the best the earth has to offer.

We will soon reach the point where no characters in movies or television are white, unless they are criminals. The ad makers are far down that path. The ads that are about a product or service, which is rare these days, always have a racial makeup that represents the fantasy of the ad maker, rather than reality. The ads about how much the company cares about us, most ads now, are multicultural orgies of diversity that exist nowhere on earth.

Popular entertainment is a leading edge. It tells us what is in store for us as soon as the great and good think the time is right. The bellowing about white supremacy after the debate show is another clue. It was not enough for Trump to dismiss bigotry or racism during and after the show, They demanded he denounce white people. That’s because the mere existence of white people is a reminder of the great achievements of white people relative to the other races. Therefore, whitey has to go.

The blackwashing has been normalized in entertainment and sports. It will next move into other aspects of life. Whether or not that can be normalized is an open question, as someone has to keep the plates spinning. More important, will white people keep letting themselves be pushed off the stage of life? The pessimist says yes, whites would rather be dead than rude. The optimists say that eventually, whites wake up and take back their lands from the blackwashers.

Either way, the reality of this age is we have moved beyond the quest for diversity into the beginnings of the vengeance phase. The daily attacks on whites going about their business and the evolution of Jim Snow laws are parts of it. The blackwashing is another part of it. Ethnic cleansing is not just about removing the people, but also about removing their culture. It takes a special hatred to erase a people from the book of life and that is the point of the blackwashing.

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384 thoughts on “Blackwashing

  1. Saw a YouTube commercial for a Hulu movie called Bad Hair. Plot involves young negro woman acquiring a weave to assist her career. The weave turns out to be cursed and, I guess, turns her into an angry Black woman with supernatural powers.
    you just would not have seen this kind of entertainment back in the old days.
    Also, I have not seen a commercial; print, video, audio or skywriting, that does not feature a negro in a long time. Is every Black person not working for the federal government employed in the advertising field?

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  3. I recall a show/movie on UK television where one of William of Normandy’s key advisors was black. Given that the Normans were originally Viking settlers I can’t see how that was true.
    The idea that London in Victorian times was liberally sprinkled with black people (modern TV adaptations of Austen and Dickens, etc, have them aplenty in most shots) is curious because I wonder what happened to them all between then and now. When I was a teenager in the early ’60s living just outside London we had 750 kids in the school and only one was mixed race. Somehow the numerous blacks in the Home Counties area had melted away from Victorian times. How odd.
    Happily they are back now.

  4. In all fairness, there were many Black cowboys. I knew a man whose family settled OK in the land rush. He used to tell his kids (he was a science teacher) about growing up riding horses and managing his family’s ranch. They looked at him as though he had 2 heads.
    So, yeah, a Western story with Blacks in it would be both realistic and interesting.
    But, not MN, before the Somalis migrated.

  5. Remember when entertainment was about entertainment, and not a platform for partisan politics? Here’s a news item from 10/4:
    I’m surprised the term “Uncle Tom” doesn’t appear in the article. I think a case can be made that more serious charges should have been brought against the cop(s) in the Breonna killing. You may not agree, and that is fine. But the point here is that a Black government worker is hated by his own people, when he is (apparently) just trying to do his job.
    Like many, perhaps most here, I don’t think that Blacks want to, and probably couldn’t if they wanted to, live under White man’s laws. I don’t think there is any solution to such a problem unless we have separate countries, or at the least, rigid segregation a la Apartheid or Jim Crow.

  6. “…whites would rather be dead than rude.”

    Racism is essentially being rude. But everyone thinks its worse than sodomy.

    My dad, born in ‘45, saw a meme in his facebook scroll that said white bread is a “privileged loaf”. He chuckled. I didnt’. He and my mom lived in a white dominated society. To him, thats the way it still is. He thinks we are being nice when we don’t advocate for ourselves, and fight for ourselves.

    I think his attitude is the dominant one for whites

  7. The BBC just played a short piece on ‘black history month’. They actually said, “and it’s our opportunity to rewrite history, so that future generations can look back upon our shared history.”
    He who controls the present controls the past and he… – well you all know the rest.

  8. Slightly adjacent to “black washing”.
    I have been an Amazon customer for nearly 20 years and a Prime subscriber since it was first offered. Somewhere in a computer, Amazon knows every physical and Kindle book I have bought from them and every TV show and movie I have watched on streaming Prime Video. One of the “features” of Amazon products is that they make recommendations based on your past reading/viewing/purchasing/reviewing habits.
    Since June of this year, every time I go to Amazon sites, the first page is full of blackety-black recommendations for me – blackety-black books, blackety-black shows, blackety-black movies.
    These people know (or at least their computers do) I have no history of interest in blackety-black stuff. I read mostly history, philosophy and literature – none by black authors; I watch pre-1960 Westerns and Classic films – nothing blackety-black.
    They are no longer recommending what I might enjoy based on the products I have previously enjoyed and rated, but rather what I SHOULD enjoy, what’s GOOD-FOR-ME. It’s tedious and insulting.

    • I noticed too that Apple TV no longer offers the “Classic” genre in its search feature. It was there up til maybe a month ago but I guess it was too white.

      • The NBA highlight film showing the hapless white defender trammelled & pummeled by his bigger stronger black superior.

  9. Who’s behind the blackwashing/brainwashing? Africans who bounce balls and burn down cities? Icelanders? Mongolians? Aliens from outer space or little hat pant shitters who pump decadence and misery into the blood of their host?

  10. Everything I get from Kaiser Permanente indicates that negroes occupy the cutting edge of medical science. Who knew?


  11. Saw a YouTube commercial for a Hulu movie called Bad Hair. Plot involves young negro woman acquiring a weave to assist her career. The weave turns out to be cursed and, I guess, turns her into an angry Black woman with supernatural powers.
    you just would not have seen this kind of entertainment back in the old days.
    Also, I have not seen a commercial; print, video, audio or skywriting, that does not feature a negro in a long time. Is every Black person not working for the federal government employed in the advertising field?

  12. Short list of race & gender swapped movies and television shows:
    Cursed. Upcoming Netflix series (post 2020) featuring race-swapped King Arthur characters.
    The Greatest American Hero. Pilot ordered. Race and gender swapped the white male lead role. The original is a television show from the early 80s staring a white male teacher, a white male police officer, and a white female.
    Cliffhanger. Planned remake of the 1993 movie with a female lead replacing the white male Sylvester Stallone.
    Bond: No Time to Die. Originally intended to have James Bond die and be replaced by a black woman as 007.
    Hamilton. Play staring black actors in white face.
    Achilles. BBC production staring an African as a Greek man (white face).
    King Arthur. BBC production staring an African as the European King Arthur (white face).
    The Golden Girls. Planned remake feature all-black cast.
    The Rocketeer. Canceled remake staring a black woman in the lead role.
    Charmed. Show staring three white females swapped for a remake.
    Spider-man (Miles Morales Sony game). Replaces the white Peter Parker with a black character in the role of Spider-man.
    The Honeymooners. All black modern remake.
    Beverly Hills 90210. Formerly all white cast race swapped. I believe they may be Hispanic or illegal aliens.
    A wrinkle in Time. Oprah Winfrey production that race swapped the white main characters for an African girl. Crashed in theaters.
    Captain Hook. Disney live action movie. Just cast a black actress as Tinker Bell, race-swapping that role.
    Disney’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, The Rise of Skywalker. Removed the white protagonists characters from the originals and employed diversity checklists & “strong female characters” (i.e. women are all generals now, no princesses anymore) The lead is an androgynous female, and there are virtually no protagonist heterosexual white males in any of these movies (Poe is Hispanic).
    Fant4stick. Race-swapped the white Human Torch with a black male who is now leading the charge for even more diversity in Hollywood. Failed at the box office.
    Ghostbusters 2016. Gender swapped a male comedy with all female cast. Crashed at the box office.
    Ocean’s 8. All female remake / sequel to Ocean’s Eleven.
    Spider-Man (one of the post 2012 movies). Race-swapped Mary Jane, a white female, for an African. Actor Tom Holland later said Spider-man should be changed to gay because the world is too “straight white male”. The Spider-Man character was created by a straight white male.
    The Dark Tower. Made black male Idris Elba the white cowboy. Crashed at the box office.
    Terminator: Dark Fate. Race & gender-swapped the lead white male protagonist John Connor with a short illegal alien Mexican. Race & gender-swapped the protagonist protector role from a white male to an androgynous, non-binary white female. Race-swapped the antagonist with a Hispanic man who later when on to demand whites acknowledge their “white privilege” during the 2020 BLM riots.Crashed at the box office.
    The Avengers. Replaced the white Nick Furry with the African Samuel L. Jackson. The later movies show a multicultural Asgard from Norse Mythology. Wakanda, by contrast, was all black.
    The Little Mermaid (2021). Live action adaptation. Disney race-swapped the main character Ariel, based on a Dutch fairy tale, with a black girl.
    The Shawshank Redemption. African actor Morgan Freeman took a role written for a European of Irish decent.
    Black Atom. Marvel movie. Race-swapped the white male Hawkman character with a black male.
    Sandman. Upcoming Netflix series. Creator promises race and gender swaps.
    High Fidelity. Disney gender swapped show. Canceled after one season.
    Marvel’s Eternals. Television show. Race & gender-swaps multiple white characters with non-white.
    Fargo. [already covered]
    The Equalizer. Gender-swapped television series featuring Queen Latifah.
    Wheel of Time. Amazon series that race-swaps numerous roles.
    Batwoman. CW television show that race-swapped a white female character (in the comics, the role is filled by two white females IIRC). The CW version has cast two different black women.
    Gotham High. Comic book that race-swaps the white Bruce Wayne with an Asian male. Catwoman is race-swapped from white to black. The Joker, the villain, retains his status as a white male.
    Doctor Who. BBC television production. Gender-swapped the white male doctor for a white female. Before that, they race-swapped the traditionally white female companion character with a black female. The ratings have crashed since that point.
    Birds of Prey. Marvel 2020 movie. Race-swapped several white female roles. In the comics, those female characters were all athletic and attractive; one has blonde hair. In the movie adaptation, they are all deliberately cast to be unattractive to the male gaze; one is overweight.
    Birth of a Nation. Race-swapped, inflammatory, version of the 1915. Blaxploitation, racist film.
    Charlies Angels: Full Throttle. 2019 film. Race-swapped multiple white female roles. Did poorly at the box office.
    Cinderella. Disney live action adaption that seriously considered casting a black trans character as the Fairy Godmother. Disney only bailed on the concept because it would have been banned in China.
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Remake of a television show originally sporting an all-white cast. The concept originally revolved around a remake with an all-black cast. I believe the project is in development holdup.
    Doogie Howser. Reboot of a television show. The former white lead is now played by an Asian female.
    Thor: Love & Thunder. Actress Natalie Portman will be taking over for white male Thor.
    Lost In Space. Netflix reboot of the classic television show. Race-swaps a black female character into the family.
    What About Bob? Planned ABC television reboot with a gender-swapped cast.
    The Lord of the Rings. Upcoming streaming series that will likely feature racial diversity, essentially race-swapping the property when that wasn’t intended.
    Dune. Upcoming movie that race / gender-swaps at least one white male character.
    Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. Race-swaps an Asian male role with a black male.
    The Magnificent Seven. Diversified remake of the all-white male original.
    The Witcher. Netflix live action adaptation of an all-white European fantasy. The original production specifically set out to race-swap key roles. However, they slightly dialed it back by casting non-whites that weren’t as obvious.

    Now, remember this is a short list. It misses many instances where single characters in larger productions have been race or gender-swapped. For example, in one of the GI Joe movies they race-swapped the white male character of Snake Eyes. Also, I believe one of the Sherlock Holmes adaptations features a race and gender-swapped Watson.

    This removing of white male characters seems to be a pattern. Funny how this regime has been simultaneously tearing down statues of white men while museums are also selling off classic Jackson Pollack paintings to make room for non-whites. Is there a connection here?

    Many of these projects have failed dramatically. So, why does Hollywood keep this up?

    My theory: profit is no longer a motive. The far-left now controls so much of society, including the media that critiques this stuff and the finance sectors that fund it, that one MUST tow the line to get anything made. With so many people and so few positions, the best way to do that is by proving your loyalty to the ruling dogma whenever you get the chance, namely by race and gender-swapping roles and making a big deal about it. Those who want to make a name for themselves have to promote the narrative in order to be noticed and get promoted.

    This same thing happened in the old Soviet Union. Those who wished to advanced had to prove their loyalty to the party and their doctrine. Results (a good economy, efficient manufacturing, public approval) was secondary. The same is now true of Hollywood. The big media companies know the democrat party, now synonymous with the government, will never let them go bankrupt because they are valuable propaganda outlets. So, there is no longer any motive to be truthful to the property; they figure the will race and gender-swap things, bank on the name recognition and then make up for any shortfall with marketing and CGI. Thus, wokeness in everything.

    • When they redo Cliffhanger you know it’s all over. Toned bicep of female lead quivers trying to hold onto grown man….lol.

    • Am I alone in seeing James Bond as very effective multi-cultural agitprop? Although I love the movies, they were important in selling Americans on the idea of you can find allies and friends in every race and creed the world over. It was a soft sell but a sell nonetheless.

      • That was true of a lot of television shows and movies. Star Trek tricked impressionable white men into thinking they’d still have a place in a diverse society, not banned from applying for positions with the new shows. Alien Nation led white males into believing it was cool and virtuous to defend aliens, often racist in their own attitudes, against the provocations of stereotyped white supremacists. John Grisham led Southerners to think their society deserved to be destroyed because it was racist and immoral. Robocop led white men into thinking Detroit’s real problem was evil white male corporate executives. Countless other films showed the white man being friends and partners of non-whites: Predator, Commando, Aliens, The Matrix, Die Hard, and countless others. Countless movies like Crimson Tide and The Shawshank Redemption led white men into thinking black men were repositories of superior wisdom.

        Now that the Left has won, there is no longer any reason to keep up pretenses. The ruling class simply takes from them and rubs their faces in it knowing they are powerless to fight back.

        “Nana nana boo boo, tricked you. I can’t believe you were dumb enough to fall for that.” — The Far Left

  13. I just read a column in Takimag by Ann Coulter. She said,
    Who thinks white supremacists are a major force in America? There haven’t been any two people in 50 years who’ve gotten together and said, “Aren’t whites way better? Shouldn’t we rule over other people?”’
    uh, yes. And yes, whites are way better.
    how about we stop acting like all people are equal. I will grant that black jump higher as a group than whites do. Why can’t we also acknowledge we are more law abiding, learned, intelligent, etc., than blacks?

    • She’s an idiot

      I say it all the time. It’s simply a fact of life like the sky is blue that whites are immensely talented and make the best societies, art, and music, among much else.

      Supremacy, at its root, simply means “better than”

      If the white man’s language, in this case English, weren’t “better than” then the whole world wouldn’t be speaking it and if our music isn’t better than then Asians wouldn’t be strapping their kids into chair’s to master Bach and Beethoven.

      Coulter is trash. And childless.

      • I dont get it. Someone preaching the good word and moving mountains for our people and you trash her because she either refuses to see jews under every rock or declare for wignattery? Makes no sense. We all know what “white supremacy” means in common parlance, it means ethnocentric apartheid, and that is a moral nonstarter for 96% of people. May as well go complaining Zman wont call for putting jews in ovens, when even if he wanted that it would be self defeating and stupid to do so.
        Tldr: stop punching right.

        • Put simply, I’m not one for words and preaching. I’m one for results

          She’s just a pundit, an entertainer. One minute she’s telling us how we can’t live without Mitt Romney, then Chris Christie, then one minute she’s kissing Trump’s ass then another trashing him. Is that the kind of person you follow? That’s a confused girl in a woman’s body going from schoolyard crush to schoolyard crush. She’s got mental problems.

          And as much as I like Rush Limbaugh — or used to listen to him quite a bit — there is no denying that his popularity coincided with this country becoming more and more of what he preached against. The more he screamed “socialism,” the more it became socialist. The more Coulter screamed “immigration,” the worse it got. Not saying it’s deliberate, but there’s no denying the phenomena. There’s also no denying she got rich because of it. So does she really want it to stop?

          Lastly, it’s a pet peeve of mine living out here in California where we have been fighting against illegal immigration for decades on a grass roots level. The pet peeve is that the ones always screaming the loudest were/are the ones with no children, or no “skin in the game” as they say. I have always been a little untrusting of them. They just don’t pass the smell test.

        • One other thing, No I don’t see “white supremacy” as you do. That negative connotation you associate with it and presume others do too is simply a mistake on your part. Pardon me, but I know enough Latin and Italian that when I see a Latin word like supremacy I see it as it was meant to be seen. And I know I am not alone. Not all of us let the American media dictate to us our language. Remember also that some of us older guys are actually educated in the classics, many of us shun TV, and we are going to use words differently.

  14. Maybe the positive beer flu test is cover for Trump to enter hiding while direct action teams are dispatched to work on his accountability list.

    At least Cocaine Mitch said, “full steam ahead!” on ACB.

    Yeah, I got nothin’

  15. At least 30 years ago Hollywood made an effort to explain the presence of the token ahistorical Negro in a way that made sense to the story.

    I’m thinking of Morgan Freeman’s character as Kevin Costner’s sidekick in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” They needed to add a black, so they start the story out with Robin in the Holy Land, fighting the Crusades, and he picks up a Magic Negro in the form of a traitorous (to the Muslims) Mohammedan. Seems like a lot of extra work just add a black to Robin’s band of Merry Men, but I appreciate the effort and I’ll allow it. He’s a completely new character and he’s not taking anything away from the other, established Merry Men.

    Nowadays they’d just cast Terry Crews as Little John with no explanation and you’d be the jerk for noticing.

    • Oh, come on Based. Terry Crews as Little John? Get real…he’ll be cast as Robin Hood in a few years. Think of those steamy love scenes with (White) Maid Marian!

      • He was just the largest sized black actor I could think of off the type of my head. Besides, they’ll either be gender- swapping the lead role of Robin or making Robin a homosexual or (probably) both.

  16. All this proto-genocidal action against whites, and commentators on the Trump-Wallace debate argue about whether Trump was firm enough in condemning “white supremacy.”

    Now that most whites have meekly submitted to being bashed and culturally erased in the media, will they draw the line anywhere? So far, it doesn’t look like it. Another brick in the wall. Sorry I can’t offer any hopeful observation.

  17. Here’s the Sobran piece that, I think,best elucidates his views.
    Keep a copy- Come the revolution, this may be the Shibboleth of the movement.

    “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.
    Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.
    The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
    The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
    And, superiority excites envy.
    Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”
    Joseph Sobran, April 1997

  18. White males are overwhelmingly the best creators of anything considered “art” in the West. A few years back, I read somewhere that around 83% of best selling new, non-romance, novels were written by white men. The same is true of everything from movies to videogames to stage plays. When there is an exception to that, it’s almost always a white female, although there are occasional exceptions (but that’s mostly just Jordan Peele-eque race hate).

    Creators create for themselves as much as their audience. Thus, the old saying “you write what you know.” If white males cannot write for themselves (i.e. create white characters and white situations), then they cannot create. Thus, this creative dead end the book industry, comic books and Hollywood finds themselves in. Increasingly (shockingly), this is true of even much narratively simpler video games. Only remakes can be made in this environment because nothing new can be created.

    Think about it, if you’re a gifted script writer would you really waste years of your time, and that’s how long it takes to make some of this stuff, only to have your work 1) never see the light of day because it’s not woke enough … and yes, that happens 2) attacked on social media for one of countless reasons that merely mask the fact that you are being attacked for being a white male 3) stolen from you and altered to include race / gender swaps because too many of the wrong demographic was included originally?

    Artists reflect the culture they live in. The coming Darkest Age doesn’t allow creative demographics to be creative, for multiple reasons. So, nothing gets made. It’ll be interesting to see where this all goes. My predictions: 1) slowly, white males will begin creating subversive things 2) the Chinese will fund and / or start their own global entertainment industry that surpasses Hollywood. I think the latter is a distinct possibility considering the enormous size and growing technical sophistication of that market.

    • I’d rather watch a movie with all Chinese characters – by the chinese, for the chinese – than a Hollywood movie full of blaqs, made by Jews to attack whites.

      • That’s one of the reasons for the popularity of Japanese anime in the West, especially North America. All of the characters are either Asian or vaguely White. It’s comforting not to see so much odious black and brown fake diversity because there is now a Pavlovian-like association with anti-White hate whenever you see that stuff on American television.

      • Or option 3, dont consume their media. Our people got on fine for millenia without watching movies. Continue that great tradition until we have our own.

  19. One rarely sees mixed marriages in Germany unless it’s the pseudo-intellectual, nouveau riche crowd who are trying to make a human fashion statement. Any ethnic German male who’s seen with a Black, Asian or non-white woman is considered the lowest of the low. And is generally considered to be of such poor character that he has been rejected by all white females. The ultimate outcast of German society.

    The only people in German society who are one step lower on the social ladder are the “do-gooders” who travel abroad and bring home orphaned non-white children. These children are often so disturbed both physically or mentally they cause nothing but trouble for everyone. These are the marriages that also have the highest rate of divorce due to the problems these children cause in the relationship. Especially since these relationships almost always include a sub-beta-male who’s only there to look cool or hip until things get uncomfortable.

    However you will see mixed couples in France or Belgium especially in the larger cities. But almost always the lower “white trash” levels of society in the poorer “high-rise” areas. Unlike Germans, at least the French elites have some lines even they won’t cross.

    One could argue this growing mix-race trend is just another symptom of Oikophobia. A trend we see not only being forced upon us, but widely promoted, encouraged and accepted in political and academic circles.

    I find the whole topic of Oikophobia quite interesting as it explains a great deal about what we are seeing in the West, and especially in America.

    • I was talking with the father of childhood friend recently and we got on the subject of mixed-race couples in the media. He talked about being stationed in Georgia in the mid ’60s and if any white girl tried that she’d have been an outcast, while the guy would have received a short, sharp, shock.

  20. Ordered a pizza last night and there was a black woman on the box. My pizza box was blackwashed. Pizza boxes do not have people on them. Why is there a black woman on my pizza. Everyone knows that pizza and beer are the last refuge…the great reward for the week’s noise and nonsense. But here she is again. I can’t get away from them. What the fuck is happening?!

      • By the way I was at Barney’s Beanery 2 weeks ago for 2 nights. Then at The State Social House on Sunset & Holloway on Sept 15th. You ever go there? Someone got run over by a car 50 yards away as I was having dinner on their porch. Cops, ambulance, commotion. Prior to that, as I was eating I thought, man cars really fly around this curve. Then she got hit minutes later. Tower Records across the street. Made me happy to see it. I used to drive out to Hollywood decades ago to search their underground record bins. Then when I took a closer look during dinner, I could see that the store was empty inside. Like, abandoned. Ready to be sold. It was once the most famous record store in the world.

        • Yeah, remember it was me who told you about State

          But they changed the layout a few weeks go. It used to be more of an indoor-outdoor setup where you could smoke inside. I was pretty wasted when I was there a few weeks ago but I remember the indoor thing wasn’t around and we sat on the patio out front

          • Yeah, Tower is bye bye. I think Amoeba is still around although the building they are in sold and they are supposed to go hi-rise there

          • I remember you told me about some place. I didn’t recall it being State. Cool. I’d been there about 8 years ago. Yeah, no indoor seating dude, it’s covid season. Everyone was eating in the back parking lot under a tent. There were a few tables on the front porch.

          • It used to be Red Rock

            When they first reopened during Covid, you could sit inside and smoke. All the windows were opened and I guess it passed for being “outside”. My guess is they had to stop doing that because of orders from Pope Fauci dictating to Archbishop Newsome

            Yeah, now I remember the people sitting in back. We parked there but walked up and sat in front on the patio. What you make of the Bullwinkle statue lol? Should we tear it down?

          • Ahh, yes, I remember you saying Red Rock, etc. Interesting, I didn’t realize I was eating at the old Red Rock. I don’t make it out to Hollywood as much as I used to. Maybe next year we’ll meet up. Frip88…a t…proton…

          • You got it. I am likely moving out of here next spring/summer but that should give us enough time to figure how to tear down the Bullwinkle statue

          • Sorry, don’t know anything about the Bullwinkle statue. I’m from freaking Toledo dude.

            Where you moving. Like, another town, or out of state?

          • Right outside of State is a statue of Bullwinkle. You haven’t seen it? Where Holloway branches from Sunset is a tiny park, and it’s there. I say we tear that shit down.

            Where moving to? Not sure. My daughter is moving to Florida, where I’m originally from, so wife and I want to see how we deal with being empty nesters finally. Depending on how that goes, we could move to Florida ourselves but I want to move to Blue Ridge Mountains and/or Italy. My brother lives in Italy, and I may go there for a few years then come back. Just got a hankering to do something fun and interesting. So we shall see.

            Meanwhile, Bullwinkle must DIE

      • So that’s why some black people name their kids Pizza

        I didn’t know the history behind it

  21. It must be very confusing for the young and the innocent. On the one hand, White Supremacy has crushed the negro race for countless generations into lives of hopelessness and unendurable misery. The American revolution was fought to enshrine slavery for all time. Emmitt Till (and his father) get lynched every day in America in the continuing legacy of White privilege.

    On the other hand, King Lear was a black dude, so was Robin Hood and his merry men and the whole cast of medieval Europe right down to Ned the bell ringer. And today blacks live charming gracious suburban lives in $2 million mansions with new Lexi tied in a bow waiting in the drive every Christmas. Whew! Even I’m confused.

  22. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Blackwashing

  23. Multiculturalism was always just a precursor to black supremacy. In making white civilization just one of many cultures, the multiculturalists derogated civilization. This was hardly an act of kindness to whites. Now the multiculti have dispensed with any nice-guy charades, and actively seek to subjugate whites, divest us of all power, and transfer it to blacks. Herein lies a lesson: never trusts Leftists, even when their claims are apparently benign. There is always an evil arriere pensee.

    • Says all you need to know about JJJs that they self-identify with blacks, the most unproductive criminal minded species on earth

      Gonna laugh when someone brings this up to their faces

    • Asking civilization to survive when separated from whites is like asking a rose to survive when separated from the stem. You can’t divest something that you’re incapable of keeping alive. You’re not going to have a bunch of Kamalas holding anything together. They only exist in their places because they’re allowed to exist in a system that hasn’t yet failed. And it’s dying every day.

      • Blacks can’t even run a household

        And yet “good” white people think they have what it takes to run a country?

        How does one get from that to there?

  24. Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat (1957) features a pair of siblings, a boy (the story’s unnamed narrator) and his sister Sally, who are unsettled by the Cat’s antics. 
    We finally find out the name of the boy in the spinoff show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (2010-) which you can see on PBS Kids. No, actually, we never find out his name. We never see him at all. He has been replaced by Nick, Sally’s neighbor. 
    According to Wikipedia: Nick is “a seven-year-old boy. He is Sally’s next door neighbor and best friend, though he is not the same boy seen in the book. He appears to be a replacement for Sally’s brother.” 
    My addition “for reasons of diversity (Nick is non-white)” lasted less than a day, as being “unsourced.” 
    I don’t know why this saddens me more – the imperative to insert Diversity into everything, even at the price of messing with Dr. Seuss’s original work, or the “nothing to see here, move along” imperative to deny that it’s happening.

  25. “The very existence of white people is a daily reminder of the failure of all others to accomplish much of anything”

    Take up the White Man’s burden –
    And reap his old reward,
    The blame of those ye better,
    The hate of those ye guard

  26. On some level, the JJJ push of homosexuality gives them an easy way to make money. They don’t have to change the format of sitcoms, for example, just use the same time proven formula but insert homosexuals or blacks into the roles. No thinking needed. No creativity needed. Just switch around the actors and voila. Money for Heim and Berg

    • Am I the only ones who is seeing an explosion of gay Latinos in the last few years? I guess while papa was working his ass off cutting trees for 12 hours hijo was fully indoctrinated in Disney Espaniol or whatever they watch and was captured just like whitie. Dad must be proud as his herniated disks ache from all that labor for his kids.

      • I think it’s far more normalized in their culture. Maybe not Mexicans but Puerto Ricans have no shortage of fey men. Their pillow biters tend to go all-out with it.

  27. The same people blackwashing films and television shows are ethnically cleansing white societies with mass immigration.

    The white pill is that they often overshoot and the golem gets out of control:

    Shame that they lack the self-reflection and introspection to avoid setting golems all over the place in the first place, though. For example, they’re shocked, shocked that they’re getting chased out of France by Muslims!

  28. Yeah, we are in a vengeance phase, but I think we are further along than just the beginning. It’s become more visible because the optics have been stretched beyond reality in order to keep moving the envelope. To me affirmative action was more vengeance than quest, since it was a legal dictate. It all seems like a quest for vengeance.

    • vengeance on the part of blacks and self flagellation on the part of whites

      What a strange religion these good whites have cooked up, though it does bear traces of old fashioned christian suffering

  29. Yep. One of the most overplayed commercials in recent year [Jake from State Farm] has now been transformed via black magic into a newer darker Jake.They didn’t even explain how he magically transformed. A black tennis player, Sloane Stephens, did this ad for chocolate milk a year ago (isn’t that racist by today’s standards?) and they could have showed Jake chug one of those to transform, because I’m still confused what happened to lighter skinned Jake.

    Funny how blackface has been verboten this year from any light skinned people (i.e. late night show hosts) but the media/corporate power can now make whiteface a blackface.

    • For some reason, the Jake from State Farm series really sticks in my craw. Of course, he’s an “aw, shucks” magic negro who gets worshiped by whites because he’s saved them enough money to renew their Netflix for another month. The whole thing is disgusting in the extreme.

  30. I happened to be driving with the radio on yesterday (the only time I hear talk radio now) and heard Mark Levin screaming about how mass immigration is causing a wave of antisemitism. It’s always about you isn’t it Mark.

  31. Who are the whites that reject this? Who are the ones most likely to reject what’s going on? They’re the ones the system left behind. They’re not the ones with the stuffed 401ks and medical insurance that actually still pays for health care. They’re whites trapped in the machine that has turned on them. This is why not “buying product” is so important. This includes entertainment product. All the good movies have been made already anyway. It’s not just the ones the system left behind though. It’s the ones who rejected it outright. Who make their money outside of corporate/university/government hellscape, which is for the most part insolvent and doesn’t know it yet. The best thing a white person can do is find a career where he’s not owned by this monstrosity.

    • Yep

      We owe to ourselves to “drop out” as much as we are able

      Why the idea is so giddying that when I sell my house I can buy something cheap all cash in a 95% white county and live off the fat and contribute absolutely ZERO tax dollars to the federal machine

      My bet is they will be infuriated and come after in some way. They are not going to take me not paying taxes lying down.

  32. I am waiting for the Dikes of Hazzard TV show starring Megan and Latisha and with a special appearance by Jamal as Cooter.

  33. We’re at the point we’re having white babies is promoting white supremacy. This is a bad place that I only fear it’s going to get worse

  34. I think a lot of TV shows have a multi-season bait-and-switch strategy. The early seasons are built on solid dramatic principles, and so lure in lots of viewers. Then they intentionally pile in the pozz once people are hooked.

    The Walking Dead in its later years, for example, “celebrated” the fact that all of the relationships were gay or interracial.

    • Amazon Prime “The Boyz” just did this in the second season, last week installment. Turns out, instead of having superheros who have normal human struggles with power, they are reallly…..


      NAZIS! Literal Nazis. Whoa. White guys as Nazis. Never could’ve predicted that! His bold.

      • The black super heroes are evil, too, at least, although one of the super-gals is an obvious racist, just to punch home the notion that we are supposed to hate her.

  35. Dinosaurs like Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi are still calling the shots within the Democrat Party, and the Elites running Hollywood, the MSM, and social media are still trying desperately to re-wire the masses as woke sheeple. This will continue unabated until they encounter tangible opposition or sustain losses. If, or when, things go hot, they can only survive by commanding a ruthless Jackboot corp. Human history 101.

    • Gee, i wonder why law enforcement and the military have such aggressive recruiting for nonwhites that they then force-feed anti-white oogabooga propaganda?

  36. the motivation here is envy. The very existence of white people is a daily reminder of the failure of all others to accomplish much of anything, despite being blessed with the best the earth has to offer.

    important point here, Z. The envy and inferiority complex (as well as identity issues) that non-whites have is so large most whites can’t comprehend. It may manifest itself as white worship, or white hatred. 2 sides of the same coin.

    they hate / envy whites more than they love themselves (see black support for mass immigration). Theyll gladly suffer as long as they make whites suffer too. As their numbers grow in our society, they feel more alienated, not less.

    • Since Zman referenced this from Sobran on envy, here is the actual:

      “The concept of envy — the hatred of the superior — has dropped out of our moral vocabulary. The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea. Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of western power long after colonialism, imperialism and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. Superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call ‘minorities.’” — Joseph Sobran (April 1997)

      • Say what you will about Ayn Rand’s other foibles but her explication of “hatred of the good for being good” was a big red pill for me. Outside of Christianity, it is very hard to convince people that evil is real.

        • Have not read all her fiction, but Rand did portray the delusions, dogma and dictatorship of Leftist ideology well, especially in Atlas Shrugged. Exceptionally well, in the contrast between the hard-working capitalist vs. the slimy, go-along-get-along socialist. Not much about race back in the 1950s, although one of her heroes is a dago Argentine of Italian ancestry. 🙂

  37. No tv, no movies, skip over vibrant commercials online. The oversaturation has to be intentional. My money is erased from said blackwashing. Interestingly, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben and other iconic figures are erased from product packaging. Pancake mix, cream of wheat and butter will survive. Not sure about the other stuff.

      • Checking it out now. Burger Kangz recently had an incident where the service was too slow, so the death penalty was applied. Staying away from fast food places now, too. (I live in So MD, not the good part).

  38. Unplug from the matrix. Cancel your TV. Cancel your Netflix. don’t go to movies. If you *have* to see something there are so many pirated options out there for free.

    Whenever i end up watching TV commercials at someone else’s house, the aggression and volume of the anti-white sentiment is massive. All blacks or mystery meats. Single and strong white woman. Mixed race couple (always a white woman). They never show white families. They have even taken out the dorky white man role, even this was too much representation.

    I guess normies just don’t notice? Some normies do notice but they don’t care. In their case the brainwashing works too. Turn this shit off, you’ll develop a stronger sense of reality.

    • It’s been years since there was even anything worth pirating. The last time I checked the torrents the only thing I ended up downloading was a couple of “how to make bread” cookbooks.

      • Same here. As DVD’s became cheaper and cheaper 2 decades ago, I started to stock up. But now I haven’t purchased one in a few years. I already own anything I care to watch.

    • The dorky emasculated white guy is the only kind I see in commercials. He’s usually being taught some valuable lesson by a BIPOC(learn the proper terminology you racists) or the butt of some humor direct or indirect.

  39. Since I moved to your neck of the woods—Maryland—from the inland west, I am still in total shock at the number of interracial couples there are here. The other thing I noticed, having grown up in Detroit in the 1970s in proximity to black folk, is that many of the blacks I encounter no longer speak in “jive” and actually speak like whitey.

    • Interracial couples remain a trivial reality. What you see around here is bottom of the barrel white women with black men. The hard sell on it by the media is having the desired effect. Just another part of the pogrom against whites.

      • I always thought the miscegenation was where the most normies are on our side. I remember my dad who is a boomer GOP type totally Fox News Watcher and rarely brings up race but even he would mention I just think a White woman marrying a Black man brings up all of these problems and is not desirable.

        • It just doesn’t happen that much, even in Toronto which is like 30% white in the dating age category.

          You see an occasional white guy with an Asian or Indian woman, or a white woman with a black man. I’m also seeing an increase of post-wall white women with a nice-guy brown beta.

          But race mixing just doesn’t happen on a mass scale, outside of college dorms. Actions > words.

        • We have the opposite in our family — my Ivy League grad brother-in-law’s oldest son married a black girl, Nigerian dad and Trinidadian mom. Guess where they had met? At a posh, now co-ed Connecticut prep school from which the boy’s father AND grandfather had graduated. Grandfather is long dead so he never got to meet the “new” inlaws! I have to say that she’s a cool and very smart girl, avoiding the bums from her race. Interesting how she culled her future hubby from the pack as he was/is a geek. They do love each other and have a cafe-au-lait baby girl, twenty times lighter skinned than Mom, which I’m sure secretly pleases her.

        • How my normie mom frames it too

          “It’s not fair to the children not knowing who they are”

      • Wish I could regard the phenomenon as trivial in Chicago. Here, what I see are at least a quarter of couples clearly dating or in a relationship are interracial. I’m even bumping into white male-black female commonly and that was extremely rare even five years ago. And I’m witnessing beautiful, wealthy young white women paired with well-dressed, smoove talkin’ black dudes. It’s a real thang here sadly.

        • Farther east in the rust belt, it’s certainly common, but the white women are almost exclusively fatted and tatted. It’s always the grandparents I pity. I don’t feel sorry for them as they should have cut their daughters off or dragged them away, but you watch them carting around their mystery meat grandkids and you can see in their eyes that this isn’t what they planned.

          • I know a case like that. The black kid knocked her up and they married. Two weeks afterwards and he ran off with a bridesmaid and got her pregnant. Today, a solo mother of one with no good prospects. Her kid’s black fambly shows up at the grandparents’ home demanding money so they can show the child a good time. A lot of money. The grandparents are trapped.

          • I know I’m going to be accused of being heartless and cruel, but the grandparents let themselves be trapped. They are more genetically related to any White stranger on the street than to their own presumed Mulatto grandchildren. I would cut them off – financially, emotionally, and physically. You don’t enable evil, you crush it and banish it.

          • To be fair the quality of lower class white men in the rust belt is also abysmal.

            A younger white girl of lower class has few options, unless she wants to marry a fat fuck, or a drug addict. Part of the family breakdown.

      • It exists, but rarely – top of the line White men with equally attractive black women. But the majority is as you describe.

      • Gillian Tett? Editor of the FT is not bottom of the barrel.Neither is Heidi Klum.
        in So cal i see more, a lot more, top end couples than lower class ones. Losers can’t afford Mercedes SUVs or Range Rover.
        i did see mostly ugly enlisted couples in Northern VA.

    • In truth, interracial marriages remain rare in the United States (<16%) and the West. Many of the American couplings involve minority with minority or Whites with White-Hispanic. I cannot put my hands on an exact breakdown, but if black-White marriages constitute even half of the 16 percent in the States it would be a shock. The only state where it is common, and for obvious reasons, is Hawaii and that generally involves Asians with islanders and Whites. The Japanese and Koreans there, though, seldom marry outside their ethnicities.

      Due to this, I expect to see the heat turned up on Whites to marry other races. There was some stupid NYT columnist recently who encouraged White males to date and mate with blacks females. The best I could disentangle from her demand was it would serve as some whacked out form of reparations. It will get serious when White couples on campuses begin to be ostracized, and if it hasn’t happened yet it will soon. That will be a hot button.

      • “Hispanic” is better understood as a spectrum, rather than a race.

        All you need to qualify are a few drops of indigenous blood from below the Rio Grande.

        • Correct, you run the gambit from Oaxacan Indian at 5 foot tall with hat size of 5… to blond cremo/a Guadalajaran with green eyes and Irish pale skin. A lot of folks in middle America see their local illegal alien encampment near a meat packing plant and think they understand Mexico. If you think black folks have a ridiculous status ranking for their shades… Mexico wrote the book on it.

          • Yep. I’m Italian but I guess to Mexicans I look like a Spaniard Conquistador and he women treat me like a member of the royal family. My wife gets so ticked of by it lol

          • Yes, very true of Hispanic culture. In Spanish LIt we studied “Parece Blanca” (“She Looks White”) by (uh…googling…) a play by Cuban Abelardo Estorino. If I recall, part of the plot is to marry a white, to “whiten” the children. This actually is (was) part of the culture. Also, these cultures didn’t just have a “one drop rule” like America. Oh no. You were white, mulatto, quadroon, octaroon, etc. I’ve been told, and wouldn’t dare to try it, that one of the worst insults against a (White) Latino would be to imply he had Negro ancestry. Right up there with insulting Mom.

      • How is 16% or so trivial? That could produce a cohort of half breeds that will in turn intermarry (miscegenation) and have children. The cancer spreads. One can only hope that they identify with their non-White race and merge back in. We don’t need more Megan Markles.

        • Compsci – a thousand upvotes. Far too many trivialize these things, but the slippery slope is real. Even those fat and tatted White women ought not to be breeding with other races. White women have treated White men abominably, but only a White mother can have a White child. That should not ever be compromised.

          • On the bright side, the chances of interbreds reproducing further (other than sinking back into the nonwhite milieu) seems very low, and seems to normally be a “one and done” genetic branch.

          • In addition to a thousand other topics, Fuerle (Erectus Walks Amongst Us) covered this. Of course he’s writing from a pro-white perspective. His claim is that hybrids (race mixing) typically produces bad results, not just disapproving parents 🙂 . Even if there is “hybrid vigor”, this is just the first generation, and subsequent ones have much less chance of having “good” pairs of alleles (genes) matching up. If this is true, then the Afro-American is at a distinct disadvantage, being roughly 20-25% caucasian and other races thrown in with the probably several native African ones.

    • Negroes in MD probably overwhelmingly work for the federal government. So they are probably more familiar with standard American English. They probably speak differently when no whites are around. I remember getting supplies out of the supply room at work when two negroes who I knew to speak normal English entered (unaware of my presence) and broke into Ebonics.

  40. The blackwashing has been normalized in entertainment and sports. It will next move into other aspects of life. Whether or not that can be normalized is an open question, as someone has to keep the plates spinning. More important, will white people keep letting themselves be pushed off the stage of life? The pessimist says yes, whites would rather be dead than rude. The optimists say that eventually, whites wake up and take back their lands from the blackwashers…
    As despicable as blackwashing is in sports and entertainment, it gets even more insidious when it happens in academia and history is rewritten to reflect lies. In the United Kingdom, the Guardian and other purported “news” organizations have started to push myths as historical “facts,” such as claiming there were numerous blacks among the Norman conquest, to cite one ridiculous example I came across recently; historians soon will teach it as fact. It will happen here soon enough. “Hamilton” will transition from a stupid Broadway musical to historical “fact.”

    Either way, the reality of this age is we have moved beyond the quest for diversity into the beginnings of the vengeance phase. The daily attacks on whites going about their business and the evolution of Jim Snow laws are parts of it. The blackwashing is another part of it. Ethnic cleansing is not just about removing the people, but also about removing their culture. It takes a special hatred to erase a people from the book of life and that is the point of the blackwashing.

    The next to final stage of genocide is removing vestiges of a racial group’s history. Get ready, this is happening already.

  41. The very existence of white people is a daily reminder of the failure of all others to accomplish much of anything, despite being blessed with the best the earth has to offer.

    I think this will be good when used in casual conversations with normie.

  42. If you watch the series Yellowstone, you may find it amusing to learn the actress who who plays the Native American character Monica Dutton is actually Chinese (Kelsey Chow). Did they suddenly run out of Native Americans to play Native Americans?

    • That’s not so far off. In prehistoric times North America was colonized by Asiatics. But yeah, you’d think they’d be able to find a sober suitable Native American…

  43. Defund Hollywood, boycott the movies and ignore the crappy dramas of propaganda that are presented as entertainment these days. Peaceful separation begins at home.

    • I grew up in a small W. Michigan town which was largely dutch or german. The parents spoke either language at home and lived their cultures whereas the kids did not. This was 70’s and 80’s. We used to poke fun of them a la “valter, du you vant to play volleyball mit de vebelos avter you finish das tvinkie?”

  44. “…we get black cowboys saving a white town…”
    Why did Blazing Saddles immediately come to mind when I read this?

  45. Field report here from a relatively new reader and commenter. I’m in my early 30s and attend a trade school. By stroke of luck or of some dissident in the HR department, my entire class is working-class white guys my age or younger and we’re all 100% aware of what’s going on out there. This is in the northeast, too, lest you think that geography might affect our political views.

    I listened to Z lament the end of freedom of association with Cotto and Gottfried a few days ago on the RBG podcast. We don’t have that problem. The ability to crack racial jokes, talk about our wives/girlfriends and just generally hang out with the fellas without being listened to or harangued has really been fun.

    • Be careful. There’s always an informer in a crowd. It’d be a shame for one of them to come back one day and tell everyone how you made insensitive racial jokes. We live in an authoritarian regime. My advice: act that way at all times.

    • Thanks. Field reports are very valuable and appreciated. I don’t think most appreciate how easy it is to get out of touch with the way people of different ages and classes are thinking. I ‘m a prof at a professional school. I used to be able to talk to students but they are increasingly clamming up and keeping traps shut. I’m afraid that frank uninhibited conversations are a casualty of the current age.

    • That’s why I’ve advocated trades for our guys for quite awhile now…It’s a breath of fresh isn’t it…

  46. Now we’re going to witness “Coronalash.” The President and Melania have the China Flu. Turn on your TV and watch the insanity.

    • I’m optimistic this could be the moment that makes the whole thing crumble – like when the Governor’s wife was accused of Witchcraft in Salem.

      10 days from now, if he says “see, I’m fine, nothing happened,” that would be pretty powerful.

    • Some are saying this is terrible timing for him. I disagree. November 2nd would have been terrible timing for him as it would have dissuaded some from voting for him; the true believers thinking to themselves, “I can’t vote for him, he’s going to be dead in a week!”

      This, on the other hand, is very good timing. It’s going to suck all the air out of the room, burying the Proud Boys theater. Reports are he’s asymptomatic. In mid-October he’ll be pronounced healthy, he can promote HCQ/Z-pack, and give a big Nelson laugh to all the ghouls who are busy this morning wishing him dead.

      • Im sure it is also doing some good in the soccermom demographic. If they take it seriously and see the Satan Party bashing Trump for getting this Swuuuper Ceral Dangerous Disease, a lot of wouldbe D voterettes will stay home.

  47. You would think some irreverent Jewish producer of comedy films would produce a parody film of blackwashing. Or a film about MLK done as a musical with an all asian cast called “Kangz!”

  48. In Bemidji, a Norwegian would be the good guy with a hapless Swede as his sidekick, and the bad guy would be a Finn or an Estonian. Hey, it’s diverse, just Scandi diverse.

    You know for all their so called enlightenment, people who do the sort of thing like blackwashing indulge themselves in what used to be considered an egregious fashion. Like thinking all white people are the same. That’s the thing about “progressives” they are some of the most backwards people I have ever come across.

    • Heh! “Scandi Diverse”
      You got that right. I have family near Red Lake (Keliher).
      Uncle is full-blood swede, son of immigrants. Aunt is 1/2 norwegian.
      It’s considered a mixed marriage.
      Uncle’s dad would say stuff like:
      “Vell in Sveeden, ve did things sooo much better. And I can proooove it”

      • Ya- you tink tat’s bad- my mormor married an Irishman from Wabasha County. She was the farmer’s daughter, he was the traveling salesman. My Aunt Lucy was born 2 month early- at nine pounds! Hmm…

    • A guy up in Todd County goes to the exterminator and says “I’ve got rats under my porch”. The exterminator says, “Simple, just put some lutefisk down there”. The gentleman comes back a week later and the exterminator says “How’d the lutefisk work?” The guy say “Great! Now what do I do about the Norwegians under my porch?”

  49. I actually had to go check if the Zman was joking about an all black Fargo. I never watched the series because I thought the film was nihilistic crap.

    He wasn’t joking. SMDH

      • I just got back from north of there. We drove and the entire experience, even the rain, was enjoyed. I can appreciate why you visit.

    • Since we only have Prime and no other sources of television streaming we got the netflix code from my daughter so my wife could watch some movie based on an autopsy. Figured I fool about the menu to see what else is available.NOTHING! Of course the usual poz.
      Just a reminder why I dumped the service years ago.

      • I think it is on Netflix, about the only decent show was Last Kingdom. Surprisingly, depicted Viking ravaged Britain with no blacks (at least, none of note that I could remember).

        Stopped watching Britannia (I think that was the one) after 10 minutes when the opening scenes had two Roman soldiers, one white, one black, caught deserting or something. One tried to cowardly get out of doing his duty; the other “manfully” stepping up to his responsibility. Guess which one was the black Roman?

        • I’ve started watching Anime because it’s not “vibrant.”

          Theres a great Viking series called “Vinland Saga” that’s well worth your time.

      • Netflix has so much money that they accidently produce something good by accident on occasion. Wanna get ruffled – watch filthy rich (epstein doc). The pharmacist documentary about the opioid epidemic was good too. I speculate that future historians will call the coming war america’s opium war. Although i would only watch if you can steal it.

    • I trust Z enough not to check…but just barely so.

      This is the most ridiculous entertainment thing yet.

    • They’ve proposed 100% chocolate remakes of Friends, The Golden Girls and other shows too. Part of this might be the budget savings aspect: for a lot of the remade shows they’ll be able to splice together footage of shootings at black funerals.

      Besides the erasure of White Uighurs, Hollywood’s decline into endless remakes and redos is also telling: civilization has decayed to the point where there is no longer any innovation or investment in the future, just the strip mining of ancient accomplishments, as in Africa.

      • I’m outraged that there are plans afoot to remake Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with black leads. The movie is nearly perfect as is, why remake it at all unless it’s to shove more vibrancy in our faces?

        • Presumably the main difference between the original and the remake is that all the titular vehicles will have been stolen?

          • Remember the scene in the first National Lampoon “Vacation” where Clark Griswold is asking for directions in a vibrant neighborhood in St. Louis and his tires are getting stolen? That scene could not be filmed today.

        • That is as close to cultural blasphemy as is possible. PT&A was one of the funniest movies of the 1980s. What negro is as “uptight” as Neil Page? I hope your info is wrong.

        • They’ve already done that with the Honeymooners and The Twilight Zone, in large part. There are lots of other examples. A full list of them would shock you. The ruling class is buying off the barbarians at their gates with cheap knock off remakes of things whites made in order to close the difference between the demographics that can create and those that have not. Envy plays a role, but so does self preservation. This will grow worse in the future.

          • You know, we could get back at them by recasting all the black classics with whites.

            Oh…oh yeah. Never mind.

    • Agreed. Other than Marge’s wonderfully childlike lecturing of how it is wrong to put people in a wood chopper, the film was nihilistic buffoonery. The Big Lebowski was similar in that regard though the humor wasn’t bad. The only Cohen brothers movies I can actually say I love is Oh Brother, Where Art Thou and Raising Arizona.

    • I will say this–the Coens give rural whites a better shake, by far, than anybody else in Hollyweird.

  50. Afrikaners are often the villains in Hollywood productions. It’s been a good living for Arnold Vosloo, although they typically don’t cast someone as hot as Charlize Theron as the baddie. Although I think she once played a serial killer, although not a Boer serial killer.
    I watched the first two episodes of Fargo- didn’t draw me in- don’t buy Chris Rock as a gangster, the stupid “exchange of sons to keep the peace thing”, meh.
    Also I just get so tired of the “blacks are superior in every way“ meme that runs through so much that comes out of the entertainment industry.
    I remember a quote from Mordecai Richler ffrom memory) to the effect that he would never want to be prohibited from having a Jewish character that was cheap, a black character who was lazy, a Scandinavian character who was cold and distant… ok, I threw the last one in! Well, good thing you’ve passed on, Mordecai, cuz here we are.

    Coen brothers movies are awfully white, no? I know they only have producer credit here.

    • IIRC, the guy who wrote the first three seasons quit, so they probably brought a team from Diversity Camp to make the black version. That would explain why it is hackey. The first season was quite good for TV. The Malvo character was well drawn.

      The general rule with these high-end dramas is they should never go more than three seasons.

      • There are some exceptions but they are few. The sopranos had a strong 6-season run. It never let up in quality, writing, or acting, which is remarkable considerable each episode was nearly an hour long and there was 86 of them.

      • Something like this happened to the show Westworld. The first season was excellent. It played into many traditional tropes of the genre. Then Donald Trump got elected, and they brought in different writers; they wokefied it. The strong wahmen POC don’t need no man to rescue them now. The female characters are strong and empowered sociopaths with poor motivations. The male villain from the first season is suddenly incompetent, and it’s not even about the old West anymore but Japan. Pathetic.

        Same thing happened to Star Trek: Discovery. You know, the one with a strong empowered black female lead who’s the best at everything, puts down the male characters and was named “Michael.” Seriously, a man’s name. There are multiple YouTube videos taking this thing apart, so I’ll spare the details. Just know this stuff has to be coordinated propaganda because the audience has rejected it. They put it on CBS network television recently and it got a 0.2 share among the core demographic. Laughable. When it first premiered, it got over ten million viewers.

        “so they probably brought a team from Diversity Camp to make the black version. That would explain why it is hackey.”

        They did the same thing for Star Trek: Discovery. The target audience for that franchise is overwhelmingly white male, so of course they brought in as many white women in the writing room and as many diversity hires in the director position as they could find. They even told a previous white male director they wouldn’t hire him because he’s white. He went to work for The Orville.

      • Jackie Gleason was asked why he cancelled the Honeymooners after one great season (39 episodes in those days). He said he saw that the writers were struggling at the end and he couldn’t expect to wring more out of them.

        • If you are Gen X from the north east, you grew up watching The Odd Couple and The Honeymooners back to back on WPIX every night. Two great shows.

          Is it fair, though, to criticize Gleason for the fact that his show promoted the stereotype of the shiftless, slovenly, incurious man who is married to a much wiser (and beautiful) woman? He didn’t invent the dynamic, it was a staple of the radio era too, in shows like Fibber McGee and Molly for example, but TV sitcoms have gone back to that premise over and over. And today, anything with a whiff of humor to it uses men as the butt of its jokes. How much of that is The Great One’s fault?

          • None. Men were men, Gleason especially so, and could afford to volunteer to be the butt of a joke.

  51. Simon Webb just posted a video to YouTube about blackwashing (he didn’t use the term) in British TV and movies. There was a new British production of David Copperfield that just featured an Indian named Patel in the lead role. He had another example of a show set in a boarding school in the 40s where half the characters were non white. A couple of years ago, I watched a show on Smithsonian that had originally aired in Britain about the Norman invasion of England. The lead advisor to William the Conqueror was black. This was one of the great things about the movie Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan didn’t do any of this.

    • Black men (in the British Army) in the trenches in 1917. In addition there was a Sikh soldier in an otherwise all English unit- there were presumably Sikhs on the Western Front, but in their own units, no?

      • How about the negro with his white female companion on the tube in “Darkest Hour” – “They’ll never take Picadilly!”

        • That subway scene was an outrage, lol. My family will not watch movies with me now. I admit my eyerolling and gagging sounds grow tiresome but when that scene came on i was triggered. Becoming a regular crank. Will admit to some pleasure when i get a speculative sidewise glance from my older kids when the sassy, yet wise, black lesbian archetype invariable appears in some drama. Sometimes i regret educating my kids to what a ridiculous clown show we live within. Increasingly i find myself incredulous how surreal and odds with reality everything is. It is like the entire society is undergoing a delusional psychic break. Dislocating as hell.

          • OT but figure you guys might like this: Oldest daughter (20yrs) called last night. She going to school in Knoxville. Some youngish homeless guy was bugging her outside a restaurant. Ended up grabbing her butt and she started yelling at the guy. She tells me that some big dude who had been apparently watching the goings on came out of the restaurant at a trot. He asked her the somewhat classic , “is there a problem here?” She “yeah, this guy just grabbed my butt” She incredulously- ” dad, the guy didn’t even stop, he just walked up the bum and punched him in the face” At which point she got scared and hauled ass to her car. Good girl, although i sorta wish she had thanked the guy. She said that she could hear the bum apologizing as a she was bookin it. Two points 1. I love TN 2. No woman should be out alone these days without a guy (preferably one that can handle themselves). What a shame. It wasn’t like that not so long ago.

      • I am not sure about blacks; but Hindoos, Sikhs and Moslems of the Indian Army were sent to the front in 1916. Furthermore, they were also used in Mesopotamia… under white officers.

      • Coloured soldiers were recruited from the various European colonies. They were assigned to white officers and served in their own units. There were few integrated coloured, mostly in the French Army. Some gave a good account of themselves, for example the Gurkhas.

        • Gurkhas and Sikhs have century old traditions of being warriors. No shame to lead such folk. British made good use of them in Indian and thereafter. I believe they still have a Sikh or Gurkha battalion in England, at least I’ve seen them in parades.

      • In defense of the Sikhs, they were all over the place–but yes in their own units. Were the primary troops used by Allenby in the Levant. To their credit the Sikh Regiment may have been the most decorated unit in the Colonial Army. Excellent soldiers and martial tradition. The current British army considered creating a domestic Sikh regiment recently (with their support) but was shot down by the “woke”. If I’m picking teams and have a lot of choices, one would be some Sikhs.

        • How about you pick Anglo-Saxons. Sikhs are just another aggrieved minority community, over represented in gangs and drug dealings.

          Sick of people trying to bring non-whites to their side. Stop coping, whitey, you’re all alone and the whole world hates you. Stand up for yourself. You can respect other groups without wanting them on your team.

          • Since I don’t have the patience to scroll through 200 pages of results, I will have to cite from memory an article about a small English village utterly taken over by Sikhs. And quote from a different article referring to the half a million Sikhs in England who don’t feel ‘represented’ because there are no Sikhs in parliament. They may have been good colonial soldiers, but they are not and never will be English and they should not be living in England. They are like every other ethnic group and I don’t choose to ally with any of them.

      • It’s not totally inaccurate. The French and British used “colonial” troops almost right from the outset of the war. Whether there would be a Sikh in the same unit that is otherwise all English might be debateable – but the fact that there were black troops being used is not.

        Good article with some of the background :

        I found the part about Lothrup Stoddard’s opinion of the war (he was head of the Massachusetts chapter of the KKK – and a Harvard graduate) – particularly interesting.

        They didn’t HAVE TO throw black troops in there – but it’s also not blackwashing on the level of making historical characters who were white – into blacks.

    • Someone recommended I watch a “British comedy” I think called “Yesterday”. The plot was a guy named Patel (or just played by a guy named Patel) gets hit by lightening and when he comes to he realizes he’s the only one on earth who remembers the Beatles and their catalog. He becomes rich and famous pretending he is the genius behind the work as he can sing and play guitar. There is an older British couple who also must have been lighteninged since they too remember, but when they confront Patel about his theft and deceit instead of threatening to expose him they are just happy he brought the songs back so others could enjoy them. Sort of like a good curry. I found this movie perverse and such a slap in the face to Brits. They’re getting it worse than Americans at the moment.

      • I thought the setting for “Yesterday” was Australia, with a visit to England to pay homage to the Beatles inspirational landmarks. In any event, it was a clever story-line. I admit, it put me off wrt the lead character’s love story (White girl, Indian boy), but it was much less in your face and the primary focus than most.

        My impression is that it started from the assumption that all race differences are behind us and any two people can get together. The families of the two love interests were identical in social function, behavior, and SES level—just like you and me, only different races. Utopia achieved. That struck me. Completely the opposite of what we usually see in American produced crap—where minority disfunction is celebrated and normalized and the Whites on top are in some manner disfunctional.

        • The love interest, etc. was irritating but not the main offense. The thing was done to have an Indian appropriate something iconically British and nobody cares. The not noticing is the offense. Not even by the actual Brits who know the secret! Because it was cute and lighthearted made it all the more contemptible.

          • True, but the entire world (in the movie) did not know that any of the music was purloined from the Beatles. The Beatles were unknown to the general public—except the other two or three British folks who “remembered”. Actually, remembered can’t be the proper description as all trace of the Beatles in the human record was missing. Had to be some sort of parallel universe sci-fi stuff.

            As to the movie itself and the music played—as remembered by the Indian costar—it was also interesting. I had never really heard, or got into the lyrics before, as a younger Beatles fan. It was like hearing it once again for the first time and having an increased appreciation for the group.

  52. No need to wait for Morgan Freeman playing Ben Franklin.
    In The Hollow Crown (2016) Henry VI’s wife Margaret was played by Nigerian Sophie Okonedo.
    Now I’m looking forward to Brad Pitt cast as Martin Luther King.

  53. We’re going to see a lot of evolutionary pressure amongst Europeans in the next couple of generations. The Scandinavian groups that are historically high-trust to authority and foreigners are going to go all in with hate-whitey, to the point of their own extinction.
    Other whites of ethnicities with historically better abilities in fog of war environments and better ethnic cohesion will learn to survive through methods of duplicity and fogging their enemies. Their survival boils down to whether the propaganda networks can sufficiently override their innate tendencies.
    The historic frontiersmen will learn how to create de-facto white communities, just because no minority will want to live in the harsh environment they call home.

    • This is not to blackpill – but looking around me, I’m convinced that at least 80% of white people just don’t have the tools for survival in our new multikult society.

      It requires a combination of traits: tribal, low openness, most likely at least moderate physical ability and propensity for violence, low altruism, low respect for authority (willing to break rules).

      Right now neither liberals or conservatives have this combination in large numbers. If you’re here, the solution is to have as many kids as possible. If you’re too old for that, consider donating sperm.

      • Better than donating sperm as an older man and not being there to guide your offspring… please consider this.

        Be there to help Our People’s youth in building their lives. Guidance, encouragement in having large families and economically if you can spare it.

        Find a young white family that is trying to do the right thing and help them. A church is a good place to find them. Offer them your old car if you can. Give them marriage advice. If you own rental property, rent to them at a reduced rate. Whatever you can do.

        Better than tossing some baby batter in a jar and hoping your offspring won’t turn into some sad solitary woke man-child without a father to guide him

        • Adopt a family—White family—good idea. If you can’t have your own, or had your own, adopt one. Now that is building community.

          • Compsci,

            I’ve got one, though I wouldn’t call it adopted. More like, mutually nurturing. I lucked into (Deus vult) finding a family of seven (5th and final child arrived a few months ago) for my rental out of state. Mom and Dad in their 30s. Dad is blue collar worker and mom home schools. Very religious and active in their church (not co-religionists with me but within God’s familial spectrum). They are on a tight budget and scraping to get their own land and house.

            This summer I was speaking with the father and he was profoundly expressive in his gratitude that we lowered the rent so they could get in and still have some money to save for their future. He told me the six (number 7 was just a bump at the time) had been living in a 500 sq. ft. converted garage. I know folks have pride so I extended my equal thanks at having good renters and someone who “can do small repairs so I dont have to bring in a handyman constantly.” We both know it’s a financial loss but pproprieties must be maintained.

            I did the math when the family first came to my attention. They were forthright about what they could afford on the top end and thought we would refuse. Impeccable recommendations from respected members of the community. The math said if I picked up 6 overtime and/or holiday shifts per year I could nearly make the money back that I would lose by not renting to strangers at market rate.

            What is there to think about? The math works and more importantly God’s abacus reads even. I work those six extra days annually to cover the loss. That’s the thing. It isn’t a loss. I’ve been at the same profession for over 20 years and it can be a drag. But those extra days… I absolutely love working them. I get to help a young white traditional Christian family stay in a good home and actually get ahead?! Are you kidding? How absolutely blessed am I?

            So, call it adoption but I get more out of the deal than they do. Purpose, lightness of load, and something for Our People. God’s kindness to me makes me want to weep at times. Truly.

            You are correct Compsci. Community is Our only way to victory.

          • We tried to keep one grandfather, but he wouldn’t kick his addiction. Most of us on This Side with young families have next to no supergenerational role models or family friend figures. Big whole on our community?

          • Redneck,

            Then tag Brother, you’re it. If there aren’t any “supergenerational models or family friends” available or worthy then you will have to be that font of wisdom and strength for you and yours. It’ll be harder but more is the glory for you when you succeed with so few/none to help. I pray some will come along to help lighten the load, but if not you will still succeed. And you and all the young families will be the pioneer generation to begin that building process and hopefully y’all will build that supergenerational tradition that will be ongoing. You will deserve an honored place as a valued elder when you are in your final years.

        • It’s funny i’ve gotten the chance to talk with alot of young guys lately (my kid’s friends and i work at a university). I have long made it a point to tell them to have kids early and often. It’s one of the few deep pleasures afforded a man. they are often shocked but I can tell they like it. Its never an optimal time to start having kids but if you wait for the perfect circumstances… .. It’s clear they never hear this advice. I’ve made my share of parenting mistakes but i am proud (perhaps inordinately) that i got my kids mostly grown and no tattoos. Except for nicotine, no addictions. Strangely for a slub like me they are all athletic health nuts. My smartest move was to push my nerdy son into a serious wrestling program in high school which he continued into college. Expanded his stable of friends and i am increasing convinced that a combat sport is extremely valuable for young men. Getting my girls through puberty probably took 15 years off my life. My experience has been that parenting in this environment requires equal parts raging maniac, intelligence agent, and manipulative Svengali. I was a sneaky wild kid so my kids were disadvantaged with a dad that knew all the tricks. My naïve deeply-decent wife would have been rolled without me. Guess we complement each others attributes. The societal rot is widespread. Even at my youngest daughters very good school, interracial dating is fashionable as is gender non binary and trans stuff. Maybe i will write a guerrilla parenting book. To navigate this clown show requires crafty unconventional methods. I’ve seen too many of the kids of the extremely decent church crowd go sideways.

          • Sid, how true. As I reflect in later life, most of us are just so-so. We are not destined for great accomplishments or undertakings—three generations and forgotten at most.

            But most of us can form family units, have children and raise them properly (with great effort). Perhaps that is our one lasting accomplishment.

          • Compsci,

            We are bigger than that. More than just our blood family. We have to start looking at Our People as family. Sure, a lot are lost and some are traitors, but we save who we can and build from there. I dont care if nobody remembers me in three generations. I’ll be in God’s embrace hopefully. But if I can look from the other side of the thin veil and see that my People are surviving and thriving, I’ll be a content ghost. And if any of my actions in the here and now, no matter how small, help that along, I’ll be a happy one.

          • Sidvic,

            Thank you for your story. And you are right, not just in riding herd over your brood, but in extending that advice to your kid’s friends. We are a people and we have to start building each other up… particularly Our children in light of the hostility this wicked world is heaping on them.

            I’ve given my kids good advice though I didn’t always show them by example.

            Yes sir. Combat sports are great for them. After years of women schooling them physicality and force is like manna to them.

            Here is one thing I have found invaluable. I have a few trusted old friends, brothers more than friends really, and I asked them this past year to help mentor my youngest son. One takes him shooting and tree harvesting in the summer, the other is a weight lifter and teaches him combatives. He loves it and I’ve watched my boy respond well to the additional support. It’s hard realizing that you can’t be the everything guru to your teen son but Lord it’s paid dividends. He’s also learned to healthy “shit talk” with other men because you can only go so far with dad on that before he jerks a knot in your tail.

            Nobody is coming to set the ship right. It has to be us. We build the community or we lose everything.

          • Homeschool or die for, especially for those who didnt catch the tailend of semi-normality like SidVic.

        • Absolutely. Just advice and help build community would be an amazing boon. Take a young father shooting or hunting, offer to help show him how to mainyain his car, etc.

      • B123, I thought about the donation thing; i am sure many here would meet high drmand criteria, we could spread our genes, do some bioleninist subversion. Then I thought about who would use those donations, and the deceptions, mind poisoning, and abuse that are inflicted on children in same sex households. I cannot possibly condone what you propose there, but right idea.

        • Ed. Redneck,

          Exactly. You dont get a say or an influence. When the boy that should have been raised by you is parceled out to a lesbian couple that hates men, or the girl you should have treasured is injected into a single about-to-hit-the-wall feminist hussy that will turn her into a stripper with absent daddy issues… what do Our People profit and what becomes of your poor children?

          Intersting off the cuff idea… but simply immoral upon further examination.

    • Long term affluence, and the concomitant lethargy and soft living, inevitably leads to DNA pollution because there is nothing to cull the herd. At some critical juncture, this can only be cured by colony collapse or an artificial return to hardship and a survival-of-the-fittest regime. Yes, the strongest and smartest among us will likely retreat (self-select) to havens of rebirth. And the best among these will be those that survive the interregnum of marauding raiders.

      • The eternal cycle,
        “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”
        ― G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain

      • A rekindling of the interests of high quality Our People in literal family planning (selecting spouses for genetics) is the cure. When the next crop of marriageable white women are as concerned with potential suitors’ family history of communism and other cancers as they are with “career prospects” and tingles, we’ll be the way to winning.

      • [These ideas aren’t orginal.] You are right. If civilization is a rebellion against Nature, and it is, then the only thing that will “purfiy” the gene pool* is acute or chronic “selection pressure” which means a very nasty environment that will weed out the less fit. Since there is little to no chance that humans will do it, Nature will force it upon us with (probably) the Biblical war, famine, pestilence.
        *In this context, to purify the gene pool means that the most successful will survive. I wouldn’t make any bets on what race(s) will be best adapted, since we can’t know what the future crisis situation(s) will be. Alas, Eugenics is even less likely than mankind voluntarily limiting his numbers.

    • I’ve done my best to impose a “blackout” on my household. Anything relating to vibrancy is avoided or removed with exception of self-defense. If an acquaintance socializes with a vibrant, I remove that person from my life. Music is the sole aspect where I have difficulty. You should try it, the practice can help your mental framework unless you’re a hopeless sportsball addict, in which case there is hockey.

        • In this deranged epoch, anything white is morally foul and must be cleansed, which is another way of saying polluted with vibrants. I’m sure the AWRs feel this way about classical music, and if concerts are ever allowed again, will protest them and attack the patrons.

      • Just curious, what music do you have difficulty eliminating, if you’re not too embarrassed to share? I literally can’t listen to any music made by them myself, after having been the exact opposite most of my life. I am allergic to any of their ‘cultural expressions’ at this point, even if not performed by them.

        • I’m eclectic so on some days a bit of mud bone or jazz or ska or motown or trumpet solos or Ray Charles or … I’m hopeless. I haven’t watched TV in twenty years so music is the stimulation in the background. I have quite the collection.

          • Don’t be so hard on yourself. There’s a world of difference between Kind Of Blue and today’s jungle music.

          • Ah yes, I understand. Different times. It’s understandable. I am a bit younger so all the newer stuff is just ear/brain poison to me. If whitey keeps his thumb over the culture, they can create some pleasant stuff, I’m just soured on all of it at this point.

        • I’m not CR, but I will not eliminate jazz from my musical rotation. Not that jazz is entirely a black thang, but it certainly has one foot in that camp.

      • I ditched the nba decades ago & the nfl a few years back prior to all the slavering negrophilia and monkey shines that have made them unwatchable. It’s still a shame those sports many of us grew up playing have been utterly ruined.

        • It’s really not that bad. I gave up the NBA in high school (mid 80s) and football by the end of the 90s. Although still a fan of baseball and hockey, I haven’t watching a second of either sport this summer, due to their servility towards joggers. I’ve also spent 25 years passionately following Liverpool FC in England and when I saw the kneeling rituals before each game this summer, I tuned out, despite the club winning its first top flight title in 30 years.

          And you know what, it just gets easier and easier every day. Even 6 months ago I’d have never imagined my interest could die out so quickly.

          • Yeah. I never cared much for any sports except hockey. I’ve totally cut out the nhl and I don’t miss it at all.

            I’ve been spending extra spare time by working out, going for walks, or trying new recipes in the kitchen. Sometimes i even make ethnic food, no mass immigration required.

          • Growing up, I played everything at some level. As an adult, I followed most sports to some degree. I’ve been slowly losing interest and now I don’t follow any of it. The weird thing is, once you stop, going back to watch is impossible. The silliness of it is glaring. Hockey is probably the one exception as the broadcasts are not ridiculous. Listening to baseball is still normal, but I have not listened to a game this year.

          • I watch a fair amount of rugby now, none of the nonsense. I’ll always love hockey, but the broadcasts have in fact gotten ridiculous. At least up here in the north, our silly “sports journos” gush all over this woke nonsense. Perhaps worse than anywhere else in the world.

          • I live within earshot of Toronto media and their sports talk radio has been a cauldron of Poz for many years now. Even when you leave out the Don Cherry firing, HNIC has also been a joke for years now.

          • When did he leave? I thought I remembered him taking some cucked stances from time to time but I could be wrong.

          • Last summer. Not quite cucked, but it was getting there. Then there was some vague disagreement at rogers and he walked.

          • I found something similar years ago when I stopped watching the NFL. Granted, I was never a big fan, would watch a game or two over the seasons while checking out part of a few games.

            Anyway, I had kids and got a bit busy so drifted away without thinking about it much. Then, years later, I saw a game on, had some time to kill so I sat down to watch.

            I lasted about 15 minutes. It was all ridiculous and juvenile. Grown men dressed like 12-year-olds cheering on black guys they’d be terrified to see at night on the street. Women screaming “C’mon boys” as though they knew these people or that these hired thugs represented their city.

            It was just really strange to me – and it still is.

            I grabbed my clubs and went to play golf on a near empty course. It was great.

          • “Hockey is probably the one exception as the broadcasts are not ridiculous.”
            Well, it sure helped when Don Cherry was doing commentary, but even he’s been canned now.

          • I too was Joe Sports Fan until I outgrew peer pressure thirty-plus years ago. But baseball still holds a place in my summer memories. Last night I was in a taqueria – nobody wearing a mask, me the only Anglo-Saxon – and while I was waiting for my food I watched a baseball game. It was tied, playoff game, you used to know he situation and the feeling. The Dodgers rallied to get a couple on with one out.
            Then my food was ready and I left. It really is that easy.

          • The main problem I have with mlb is games just take soooo damn long these days – constant pitching changes, in and out of batters box, etc. I think the last time seriously watched any games was when the cubs won the World Series a few years back.

  54. For a long while now I had scorn heaped upon me among former friend groups for noticing the earliest stages of blackwashing. As you mention, the loan black in some period drama is amusing and could – even in the case of England – have been at a stretch plausible. But when significant figures from history, as well as popular fictional characters turn black, you know something’s up.

    Imagine Ben Franklin played by Morgan Freeman.

    This would not surprise me. I am eagerly awaiting the first WW2 film that will feature a prominent political or military figure that has had the ‘black’ treatment. It is indeed cultural destruction and this is why the first step for people who realize something dodgy is going on, is to verse themselves in the history of their people.

    I noticed an article on The Guardian the other day lamenting the success of the Boer settlement, Orania. If it can be said that something is going right in SA for community minded whites who are aware of the dangers, then I have hope of a greater number of ‘awakenings’.

    • I remember there was some discussion of blackwashing James Bond. I’m Canadian, white and still fairly young; so I’ve been told my whole life by predominately female teachers that I will we replaced by a more tolerable hue before long. But even normie begins to notice when they start gunning for the few roles young white men can relate or aspire to.
      These days, if there’s a ridiculous female character (the kind played by Scar Jo or Charlize Theron), an outrageously cast vibrant, or any excessive anti-white/anti-male overtones, I reflexively turn it off.
      The atmosphere of everything anti ME has become exhausting. Pretending like I enjoy it, or that it is somehow for the greater good? Not possible.
      I like to think there are enough of us badthinkers out there, creative and talented, to fill the void of creative and cultural content sacrificed on the alter of diversity.

      • Sure, they may blackwash Bond but none of this is really important to me anymore. I know the history of the character and enjoyed the films, but that was then. Now, I’ll happily discard this poison. What it has become does not destroy what it once was.

        I reflexively turn it off.

        Absolutely. Take a walk, read a book. Think about what comes next. If we accept that government will not be reformed then it is a safe bet that all mainstream movies are off the cards.

        • Blackwashing Bond, if and when it happens, is simply a case of cultural imperialism. James Bond is the ultimate white man, for all sorts of reasons. And that is why, in the eyes of the AWRs, he must be destroyed and replaced by a Hutu. It is a symbolic dethroning of the white man. Maybe the last white man.

      • Toronto, checking in.

        We have to be the role models ourselves. Be in good shape, and muscular. Be confident, not apologetic. If somebody has a question don’t be afraid to answer it. I personally get alot of stares just because I don’t scurry along like a good little cuck. If you’re a member in a youth sports league, or a church, or whatever, don’t be afraid to step in and mentor. Our boys need it.

        Canadian whites (75% goodwhites) are the worst, they would rather see their daughter raped by blacks than be called “racist”.

        • I don’t know what you mean by “Canadian whites are the worst”.
          Worst what? And why would you say that?
          If you’re not Canadian, thanks for the further polarization, and if you are, you are on the way to cucking yourself, no?

          • Blackwashing has been totally normalized in Canada for sometime now. Diversity laws discourage casting white men in any Canadian made content (see comedian Ryan Longs take on this). The people writing the ‘diversity laws’ are the same people importing the vibrants. As B123 points out, 80% of whites see this as totally normal, especially the youth.
            Noticing this doesn’t make you a cuck, just clear headed.

          • I just see the entire white western demog under attack, regardless of country. Are Canucks “worse” than Brits? Or Australians? Americans?
            I see plenty of it going on everywhere.

          • When Southern girls show up in public with mulatto children in their arms, you know there is a problem. Stick your head in the sand if you wish. The problem is here.

          • You’re right, I’m just going off about where I live. Although I have spent a considerable amount of time in all four countries.

        • Sad but true. The somewhat exception is Quebec, where there is still a sense of a local culture worth preserving.

        • I actually knew a girl who grew up in a liberal family in which racism was the greatest of crimes. She had a black bf in college.
          She was subsequently robbed and raped by blacks.
          The black BF may have been behind it, after telling his homies what a sucka dat white bitch was.
          It was a shame, she was a real cutie. She learned how to deal with it stoically and didn’t come unglued over it, but even after that she never got redpilled on race.

    • I’ve seen Guardian interviews with historians where the “journalist” attempts to insert black people into Norman and Elizabethan England.

      • Who knows. Perhaps there was a jogger or two in the time of Alfred of Wessex… maybe even in William’s time. Certainly, Queen Elizabeth I is said to have remarked disapprovingly about the dusky sailors down by the dockside. In those days, all colours could probably have been pressed into naval service as the fledgling Navy struck across the seas.

        The key point, as always, is that England is a white entity. It’s founding people were white. It’s great persons were all white. For most of it’s thousand year history, it has been almost entirely white. I have no issue with people making legitimate claims that certain races may have been present, but as with your remark about the ‘journalist’, you get the feeling these people desperately want to be included. First it’ll be one jogger, then before you know it King John was black and so were his advisors – with no evidence given.

        • In the recent adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hollow Crown about the Wars of the Roses, at least one “English” lord is black, as well as Margaret of Anjou. It is beyond ridiculous.

          • Have you seen what the opera world has been up to lately? Black Don Giovanni’s are not unusual.

        • The classic example of this is Martin Bernal’s “Black Athena,” which argued that the ancient Greeks got their great ideas from black Egypt. Farcical on all sorts of levels, but many people believed it because they desperately wanted to, and because they wanted to sock it to YT.

          • Ancient greeks originated from mix of minoans(ancient egyptians) and mycenaeans(pelasgians)
            DNA testing shows that minoans(exiled from ancient egypt) were 100% white.
            My guess is ancient egypt got colored over time, white flight caused the civilization to fall.

      • “It is the primary right of of men to die and kill for the land they live in, and to punish with exceptional severity all members of their own race who have warmed their hands at the invader’s hearth.” Churchill.

      • BBC History Extra Podcast. Used to enjoy it. A few months ago they had a piece on some aspect of Anglo-Saxon history. The chief editor, a twat named Rob Attar, interrupted the guest historian in mid broadcast, to remind him that “there is a growing movement to stop calling these people Anglo-Saxons because some modern groups use the term with pride and hate.”

        The Anglo-Saxon historian immediately cucked and agreed. He spent the rest of his segment stumbling over himself saying things like “the uh, um medieval people from that area, uh um, that were in that particular, um linguistic and cultural uh.. group.. ” and “these uh, um people that we are talking about, um, formerly known as the um… Anglo-Saxons.. um, for lack of a better term ” “Um, they would often refer to themselves as um.. the Saxons, but well, errr… ”

        Damn the whole erasing particular figures from history. They are now seeking to erase the names of whole groups of Our People. Pure evil. Maybe hate shouldn’t be eschewed. Maybe it is better donned like righteous armor.

        • It is erasing actual figures and inserting imagined ones.

          The professor you described exemplifies exactly how this has happened so easily. Rather than a “whatever” and moving on he just bowed down.

        • Had to have a look at this Attar fellow. His Twitter is of course littered with references to Anglo-Saxon England… but in the context of a North African chap who saved it, apparently.

          Regarding the professor’s behaviour, I’ll echo Jack Dobson’s comments below – just bowed down indeed. Coward.

          • Yes, apparently Attar is okay with the Anglo-Saxon terminology if it is an abstract in a foreign context but not if used by the actual descendants of the Anglo-Saxons.

            Maybe there has been some pushback on BBC History Podcast. Couldn’t say, the bile it engendered in me that night has kept me from revisiting the site. Plenty of other sources.

          • Yes. The BBC is a thoroughly compromised source. That is not to say it is all lies, but there are certain things they’ll skirt around or fabricate.

            Your example is a very good indication of how shame around a term can catch on. If this is left unchecked, Anglo-Saxon is something that will go by the wayside in years to come.

            On the plus side, words can still be used privately, and censorship always leads to new words being created to describe the same things. My favourite of the past year has been ‘jogger’.

    • I recently watched the movie Knives Out. It was one those murder mysteries set in a mansion on a sprawling estate where the wealthy family patriarch is murdered and an internationally famous private detective (played by Daniel Craig) shows up to solve the crime. Initially, I thought it was cliched but watchable. As the movie goes on you find out that the old man’s young private nurse is an anchor baby of illegal immigrants from Central America. Also, this nurse is not just a good person, she is an unbelievably saintly good person. In the course of time, the mystery is solved and all the family gathers for the reading of the will and it is revealed that the old man left his entire fortune to his anchor baby nurse because she was the only one that was kind to him. The old man’s daughter exclaims something like “but this is our ancient family home” to which someone replies, paraphrasing, “come on Doris, you know Dad bought the house in 1997”. The movie portrayed illegals as industrious, kind, and deserving and the White family as rotten, evil, and having no more claim on America than any Third World immigrant that showed up yesterday. Bonus – the young nephew was a pro MAGA character which allowed a whole scene with family members taking shots at Trump.

      • Likewise, the new Netflix production Young Wallander, one of the now-faddish “prequels” to popular earlier movies and TV. Two previous Wallander series, one starring Krister Henriksson and the other Kenneth Branagh, were actually about crime fighting (as well as personal issues). The Netflix prequel revolves around race and migrants.

        To look at it you would think it’s set in New York. Premature Wallander does his work amid black gangs, one prominent member with a new-fashioned flowerpot hairdo. His girlfriend, whom he wins over to his side by telling her he’s protecting migrants, works at a “refugee” rescue agency occupying a ruined church — presumably ruined by migrants.

        The story line, of course, casts minorities as oppressed good people fighting for their lives in a wicked white country. We see “anti-immigrant” marches with the white participants kitted out like Nazis.

        Oddly, despite Netflix’s backing, the series has a low-budget look; some exteriors and establishing shots seem to be used repeatedly. Why waste money on quality production values when the only aim is political propaganda?

    • Someone once said back in 18th century England about the gallows “sharpening the mind”. So it is with Orania, SA. They have no other place to go. The preparations are for a last stand against the Orc’s. It is “going right” because it can’t go wrong. However, as an example of “community mindedness”, it leaves me saddened. It is a last stand, not a new beginning.

      • Someone once said back in 18th century England about the gallows “sharpening the mind”. 
        Samuel Johnson: “Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

  55. Couldn’t say. I turned off the TV years ago. Culture where you make it. In my world, blacks are slaves, servants or criminals. Jews are untrustworthy and there are only two genders.
    The world can go straight to hell, I am not going with it.

    • Ditto. And I think this is the most succinct article Zman has ever written. No punches pulled. No feelings left unhurt.

    • Any concern for you grandchildren? I’m guessing that isn’t a consideration. Here’s hoping you see hell first. Shame on Z’s readers for their upvotes on this comment.

      • Tranna, eh? A city of Sodomites, whores, and diverse human trash… You and I may very well continue this conversation in the underworld at that!
        👍 😆

      • I’m not trying to be a dick Z. We don’t have to agree on every issue for me to still love your takes and content. I was legitimately asking.

        • Hollywood is run by Jews? Wow, thanks for redpilling us!

           I was legitimately asking.

          Oh, I’m sorry.

          If that is so, let me legitimately reply: Everybody in here is J-aware – and if you read a few of Z-mans columns, you’d know he is too – so I suggest you up your game and try to go beyond entry-level bagel baiting.

          • This site has the more sychophants-by far, than any other site I’ve ever seen.

            As far as the Zman and the JQ, he mentions ‘anti-semites’ an awful lot for someone who accepts the reality of what they are doing.

            Not naming them in this day and age is one thing, but going out of your way to badmouth people who are aware of them??

          • Not as aware we are when reviewing Jewish websites. We’ve become aware thanks to your candor and massive blind spots.

        • Not to speak for Z, but since this situation comes up ad nauseum (and I’ve made plenty of comments just like your’s), let me give you my reasons that I converted to Z’s use of discretion at times.

          First, everyone who’s been here more than a week knows who generally runs the show, whether media, politics, finance, etc. Z harping on it isn’t necessary.

          We also know how much a certain extremely influential portion of said group hates us and wants our people turned to Helots at best and dissolved away at worst. Again, Z doesn’t need to beat that issue to death. We get it.

          Second, Z is talking to two different audiences so he needs to straddle that line. Think of some slowly awakening Joe Normie who found his way to this site. He’s still in the CivNat, color-blind society mode – though doubts are creeping in.

          This guy isn’t ready for the full truth. He needs time to process what’s going on. It took me years to reach this point. You don’t deprogram to cult member in an article. You start showing cracks in their belief system and let me work it out on their own. Push too hard or too fast, and they’ll block you out.

          And if there’s one thing that will make Joe Normie run faster than anything, it’s a feeling that he’s around a bunch of Neo-Nazis. Stupid? Sure. But it’s true.

          If we want to grow our numbers and, particularly, if we want to grow our numbers of “normal” people, the kinds of people you need to create something worthwhile, we have appear “normal” in their eyes. Ranting about some ethnic group controlling the world doesn’t fit that bill.

          Finally, we can win this thing playing our own game. Don’t get me wrong. Even when you play your own game, you still need to think about your opponents. But if we just do the things that we need to do, i.e. build communities, we can win.

          Will a certain group do everything that they can to stop us from doing that? Sure. But we know who they are and what tools they have. We’ve figured that out. If we just focus on what we need to do, we’ll get to where we need to go.

          Z likes to take about positive identity vs negative identity. Positive identity will allow us to grow. Negative identity is a dead end.

          Focusing on community and heritage are positive identity. Focusing on some other group and how they’re keeping you down – even if it’s true – is negative identity.

          That’s not to say that you can’t have a bit of negative identity thrown in with a heaping of positive identity.

          I like to use the bully example. Say a bully is pushing you around at school. You hate that guy, i.e. negative identity. But if the bully gets you to go to the gym and take Krav Maga lessons, which, in turn, make you a healthier, more confident person who’s made new friends, well, you’re now on the positive identity path, even to the point that you don’t really care or worry about the bully anymore.

          White gentiles need to stop worry about the bully and start hitting the gym. We’re dramatically stronger and more athletic than the bully. He doesn’t stand a chance if we just do what we need to do.

          Anyway, that’s my 2 cents on the subject.

          • Great post — well said! The positive identlty and community aspects of the struggle can’t be overemphasized.

          • I’m so glad you said this. I was about to make the same point. Making everything about Jews is the reason the early WN’s got nowhere and ended up as the proverbial angry, bitter loners. It also plays into a strong point of the Jews themselves which is their understanding of psychology and ability to manipulate people through it.

            The martial arts point is one I don’t think I would have made though but it’s apt on many levels. If an opponent can get you to focus your attention on some one thing he does, maybe a “signature move”, he can then attack you in lots of other ways while you prepare to defend against that one thing.

            I’d like to say that one thing we need in our people is some kind of specific training in the mental side of this game too. Too many of us have too little control over our reactions to things and are not mindful of our thoughts. For me, for instance, it’s the masks. They REALLY, REALLY piss me off to the point where I can’t help but feel disgusted and oppressed even when I don’t wear one myself but I see people around me wearing them. I’m sure this is part of the intended effect of course. The masks are partly to mask whatever else the bastards in charge are cooking up. I’d really like to see us develop a simple program of mental focus and self control to avoid obsessive thought patterns and redirect our attentions to those things that are in our sphere of control rather than the ones that aren’t. Everyone’s sphere of control is a little nation of its own that has a long, sinuous border with the enemy’s territory. Once secured, this nation can be expanded – at the enemy’s expense.

          • Your comment was very informative for me. Furthermore, you are one of the few commenters who can build this community. Unfortunately, others who post here wouldn’t know the first thing about winning people over. You are correct when you say we Normies are trying to see the truth without being labeled as a neo Nazi. It’s a tough one and I have been battling it and I keep coming back for more when I read this blog every day.

          • Positive identity will allow us to grow. Negative identity is a dead end.
            Focusing on community and heritage are positive identity. Focusing on some other group and how they’re keeping you down – even if it’s true – is negative identity.

            Well said

      • I was actually wondering if they would treat the little hat people the same as whites. Sorry.

      • You know Z we aren’t all antisemitic or running with the TRS crowd when we have legitimate questions about Jewish power?

        • No, what makes antisemite so goddamn tiring is the same thing with the weed lobby and libertarians – they never STFU about it. Even TRS talks about other shit.

          • So someone talking too much about people who hate you and want to obliterate you And your descendents, offends you.

            Maybe you are just too cowardly to face reality. It’s a common phenomenon these days..

        • What is wrong with you? How many times do you have to comment to get your point across (whatever it is)?

        • Well. Look at the positive side. Adolph left us some job to do and go to the history as heroes…:D. For general information. Thuggish Eastern European Nazis seen in movies are pretty popular down here. Such we are and proud of this. You can`t win communism with intellectual arguments. Also comfort lies do not work, especially myth about evil Nazis and good war.

          • I know this, I know a lot of Germans and they never struck me as the kind of people who would burn 6 million people in ovens. At the same time, I know a lot of JJJs and they definitely are the kind of people who would lie their asses off if it meant hurting white people and making money, and they are also highly prone to paranoia and think everyone is out to get them. Knowing this and this alone is why I have never bought into their versions of events. And for centuries they were whining about if they only had land of their own they would move to it and let the white man be. Well, it’s sitting right there for them and they still don’t go. Another big fat fucking lie.

        • I tend to agree. If our masters are judeo-puritan, we have to ask why they’re doing this. What’s the psychology of it?

          Take the puritan side of it. If they’re motivated by hatred, that sounds like an echo of Reconstruction, yet the South wasn’t ethnically or culturally cleansed in the end, when it could’ve been, and the radical Republicans were suppressed. I think puritans are more motivated by pain and discipline than anything else. Self denial purifies the soul, or something like that. Seems like they can be pretty severe about it, but not ultimately genocidal.

          So you have to ask where the hatred comes from, the ethnic cleansing hatred, and that doesn’t leave many options.

          • The failure of reconstruction to obliterate the badwhites did not fail for lack of earnest efforts r intent. They wanted to instigate a race war and see the Southern Nation suffer the Haitian fate. Their inability to organize and arm the blacks, entropy, and competing forces seeking economic gain from the South’s carcas, and military control seeking peace and order stymied most of their worst intentions. But if the damnyankee sjw had the way, they have always had the will.

          • The Thaddeus Stevens were a minority then too. I think unleashing them was a desperate move at the low ebb of Union fortune. But yeah they’re a nasty bunch full of ill will.

        • I understand your sentiments to a degree, but our host has been fairly explicit on this subject before. Be a good guest and respect his desires to speak how he wants and when he wants on whatever subjects, but especially one so fraught.

        • Do try to lay off Durendal, Ya’ll. Yes, there is a subtext on Zman’s site to not call out the obvious elephant in the room. I understand it is there for a reason.

          It is however a tough row to hoe and not let slip the mask of outrage at the eponymous and virulent nature of the tribe in the dissolution of Our People.

          We are guilty of weakness but this past five years it seems that all but a handful of them have laid bare their intentions and at every level of government, business, and society have bared their fangs against us.

          I find myself noticing so much that I have to question if I’m not just seeing boogymanbergs at every turn. The Russia hearings, the myriad of woke business leaders, the outrageous judicial decisions, the political bigwigs, the antifa bosses… it seems like a full court press and I keep blinking and looking around wondering why everyone else doesn’t see it.

          I don’t have the time or wherewithal to go into any of the facshisty websites y’all sometimes mention so I’m not coming from there.

          But seriously, a commenter on a rather innocuous website I was looking at mentioned that Chris Wallace was tribe intersectional. I thought b.s…. a turd yes but he’s at least a good scots descendant like myself. With a name like Wallace?! Yeah, about that…

          Anyway. Go easy on Durendal. Yes, it’s better to engage your targets in a deliberate methodical manner. Smooth and steady gets the job done. It’s also human nature to see you are surrounded and just start spraying rounds down range as fast as you can. It happens.

          • Of course. You are correct in your observations, naturally. Their obvious duplicity and animosity, coupled with my Scots temper and Catholic lack of inhibition to call a Pharisee snake what he is… often gets ahead of me as well. We must both remember Chesterton’s fence and why Zman sets the tone for his site the way he does. Be well, Sir.

          • What gets the job done?
            what job done?
            This hasn’t even been a slow, methodical retreat, just total passive surrender- and Shouting Down anyone who does anything but bitch and moan.

            What job? When the time comes you’ll be silent and passive during your own executions, your rifles silent, the only thing “done” is shooting your mouths off on the safety of the Internet. > The function of the online right is the same as Q- keep people passive, while convincing them an invisible (non existent) army will appear to save them.

            Keep Larping, keep criticizing the impolite and the impolitic.
            That’s the “job” done here.

          • Job,

            The analogy of slow and steady is in reference to what many here are trying to do, find community and build someplace to gateway other whites into becoming self-aware… without going full out Kattie bar the door on them off the bat. Zman has set a reasonable tone for that endeavor, and it is HIS site.

            I’ll make no assumptions about you since I dont know you. What should we be doing?

      • All the assholes downvoting my comment might want to read this quote:

        “The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either– but right through every human heart — and through all human hearts.”

        But what does a Commie know, right? You’ll all make good concentration camp guards. Mating call of the idiots indeed.

        • Concentration camp guards? How gauche. I’ll settle for deportation officer. “Repatriation facilitator” if you’d rather.

          Israel for the Israelites I always say. Or Palestine for the Palestinians, whichever. I guess who ever wins the tussle of the heretics gets to name it over there. As long as they aren’t here, and we can work out a visitation schedule for the holy sites with the victor… couldn’t care less.

        • Whites are being genocided out of existance and you are attacking them for mentioning it..

          Go back to Cucksville, you bottom-feeder.

    • Bishop: Do you renounce Racism, and all his works and empty promises?
      Candidates: I do.
      Bishop: Do you believe in Gaia, the Mother almighty, Creator of heaven and earth?
      Candidates: I do.
      Bishop: Do you believe in Emmett Till, who suffered death and was buried, rose again from the dead, and is seated at the right hand of the New York Times editors?
      Candidates: I do.
      Bishop: Do you believe in Diversity, the Lord, the giver of life, who today through the Sacrament of Critical Race Theory is given to you in a special way just as it was given to the management team of every global corporation?
      Candidates: I do.
      Bishop: Do you believe in the holy Progressive Church, the communion of saints, the unforgiveness of whiteness, the toppling of statues, and Black Lives Matter?
      Candidates: I do.
      Bishop: This is our faith. This is the faith of the Church. We are proud to profess it in George Floyd our Lord.
      All: Amen.

      • Well as a Catholic who hasn’t attended since the masking, I hope the renewal of baptismal and confirmation vows hasn’t changed to that.

        I do love the empty promises part though. What better definition of what pro government and commies give us. I renounce them.

        • A good litmus test of a Parish right now is how many parishioners eschew the masking nonsense. Go to a rural parish or a trad parish downtown and most don’t care.

          • I was at a funeral mass a few days ago and I was the only one that I could see, besides the priest and the deacon, who wasn’t masked. I’ve got my nephew’s confirmation this Sunday so we’ll see how that goes.

          • I was at a Lutheran funeral a couple of weeks ago, and I’d guess only 1/3 of the attendees were masked. And many of the attendees were elderly.

          • I just left a lunch with four coworkers.

            I was the only one who took their mask off outside in the parking lot.

            I hate this timeline.

          • We’ve got to start laughing at and mocking them. It’s been long enough for them to catch on that this is a farce. No more excuses.

            Ace just linked to this video of Governor Wolf and a PA state rep laughing about how they’ll take their masks off on camera at a presser so that they can engage in some “political theater”.


          • I successfully wore lace panties/thong, BVDs purchased especially to taunt, and a net mask albeit holes not quiet basketball net large.

            And I was just banned for life from my favorite restaurant by the owner’s son for wearing the net mask, even though everybody had their masks off while drinking and dining, while I waited for my table.

            We routinely spent $1k/mo. there with groups and tips and we grew close and personal with the elderly wait staff who had worked there for life. The daughter saw me on the street, told me to wait, and ran out with a free dessert and apologies while crying.

            So now we’ll eat at the competitor down the street. It’s pretty good.

          • Good for you! I’’’m all for making these small businesses pay. THey could. Stand up. To the. Government but they would rather bully their customers. I was just kicked out of my dentist I have got to for 20 years.

          • Mockery is the best weapon. Nothing deflates a moral posture like laughing at it. Hence my term: Maskatroons. (masquerade + poltroon) It deliberately has a goofy sound, and can’t be flipped into sounding cool.


          • I was denied dental care because I don’t wear a mask. I. Called a civil. Rights atty. He mocked me. Said I could pay him 10K and lose. I’m not optimistic

          • Is this sarcastic? Just like dining out, it is kind of required to have your mouth open and accessible. And yes, at my dentist, masks are required, but they were kind enough to let me remove mine during the cleaning. As for restaurants, I imagine IV feeding tubes are in the works… 🙂

          • Americans. Love their masks. Where is going. On with Trump will solidify mask conformity. I think its here to stay

        • As a Catholic I’ve tried to eschew hate. As a Christian I’ve tried to wish the other tribes well, while still keeping the fundamental belief that there is really no living together in any realistic or productive way. I’ve not attended any pseudo masses since the pandemic scare because they smack of heresy and cowardice to me.

          If the Church won’t defend itself and its God-given right (no, requirement) to gather, while gyms and gay bars open their doors, then they are damned and good riddance. Bolt their doors, God no longer resides there amongst the fay and frightened clerics.

          I dont have television so I miss a lot. YouTube though, while watching videos on log cabin production or how-to videos on bee keeping, has been kind enough to include a new spate of commercials which indicate that my country is now apparently 85% black and most of the white men like me are idiots to be rescued by strong, smart and brave women… particularly women of color.

          The few historical(ish) movies or series I catch, as per Zman’s observation, also inform me that most of the major historical events in the story of my people were rife with Africans and warrior women. I never knew. Or that we were such an awful race.

          Sarcasm aside. I’ve never been much of a hater. But with every fallen statue, every rewritten lie, every demand I see to be obsequious before my darker-skinned betters and screeds of ovary-entitled harpies… I am learning. To hate, that is.

          • yeah, that was an impressive rant. I keep waiting for the beleaguered trad caths to erupt. Have been disappointed so far. Pulling for you guys tho.

          • SidVic,

            Both of us. Where else to go?The Eastern Orthodox? Tempting. Their denial of Papal Supremacy isn’t a problem. Most thinking Catholics know Bergoglio serves the Prince of this world. Their refusal of the filioque is a bit more problematic spiritually. Protestantism? Just cause and righteous anger at abuse and coruption… taken too far in the theological sense, imho. As long as SSPX holds the line, I will too and pray for a new inquisition.

          • “orthodox” are not orthodox . Thats just what they call. Themselves… Francis. Can’t be a pope. Because he is clearly not a catholic… If there is a pope out. There, he has not showed. Himself.

            I Read. The. Old mass at home on sundays and try to live a catholic life.
            Vatican II contains contradictions to what previews oouncils and popes have written. And there are outright denials of Catholic Dogma, like no salvation outside the church, the church of christ is not solely identified with the Catholic Church , and that everyone can chose their own religion and that the state need not identify and promote the true religion, the catholic faith.

            God never said that we HAVE to go somewhere every Sunday. Thats spoiled western thinking.

          • >I am learning. To hate, that is.
            Exactly so. Given that the effects of the progressives’ behavior is counter to their stated aims, it’s clear that their true aims are revenge and generating hate. And hate they’ll get.

          • If someone tells you not to hate those deserving hate, he is not Jesus Christ. Take up your sword and cast the moneychangers from you Father’s temple and your grandfather’s ancestral lands.

          • Oh, we can kill them to protect ourselves, even pre-emptively! We just can’t WISH them evil.

          • Very hard not to hate. When I feel hate, I just have to pray for them right away.

            Because of the new view of the definition of the church at Vatican II (the church of christ is NOT solely identified with the Catholic Church), I’ve concluded that what passes for the Catholic Church is counterfeit.
            I don’t believe the new “mass” is Catholic, so I read the old mass at home on sundays, and try to live a Catholic life.

            I can’t imagine going to that new service cooked up in the 1970s. “Work of human hands” indeed it is!

      • If I see this litany next to all the “We believe love is love….” posters in my neighborhood, I’m going to f’ing loose it.

        Half the country would see no irony in that creed.

      • Thanks Z, for all the years of plugging away. I read ‘most every day (comments too) and plug in the buds every Fri.
        Today’s comments certainly are fun so far.

        • Forgot to say that I also don’t agree with everything you say but I am always lead to think on things I may not have considered.
          My wife enjoys the ones I send her as well and she sometimes shares them with our 6 kids so keep it up, your word is reaching farther than the usual 300 or so that chime in

      • Funny you put it quite that way. One of my neighbors kids attend a local Catholic School, only it’s a parish school and not part of the Archdiocese and as such the administration has a bit of a free hand in what makes up the curriculum.
        Having said that, my neighbor was telling me that at a recent meeting of their PTA one of the parents brought up what Francis The Red spoke about regarding adding the environment to the canonical of what makes a sin. The Monsignor was a bit squishy about speaking ill of what Francis said, beginning with, “Well our Holy Father says.” and that prompted my neighbor to say, “Excuse me, he isn’t our Holy Father, he’s your boss, that’s a big difference.” The Monsignor got a bit agitated and mentioned something about showing respect for the faith, to which my neighbor told him, “When we get another Urban II on the Throne of Saint Peter, then I’ll show more respect. The enemies of the church are on the march and this guy wants to placate them, not defend the faith. He refuses to do anything about the enemies within as well.”
        He told me that a number of the other parents nodded their approval and some said things like, “Now you’re talking.” and “it’s about time!” I know this is a bit off topic, but what you wrote above brought it to mind. It showed me that not all is lost among the flock. Sticking with topic, my kids have begun complaining about this blackwashing as well. The other day my oldest daughter was watching TV and suddenly said out loud, “Why is Jake from State Farm black all of a sudden?” She’s only nine, so I tried to put it in terms she would understand. She gets it though. One point I do disagree with you on is your assertion that “whites would rather be dead, than rude.” as most whites I know are more worried about losing their jobs, or having their kids kicked out of school that offending blacks.
        Most of those people I just mentioned know some one who has fallen afoul of the negro worshipers and have suffered for it. Most of these people have been red-pilled on this issue.

        • Steve,

          Wish I could have been a fly on the wall at that PTA meeting. Good for him and blessed be Urban II.

          • Thank you. I too would have liked to have been there. I keep reading from different places on line that there is a conservative faction within The Vatican that is laying the groundwork to have Bergoglio deposed. If such a claim is true, I wonder what these people are waiting for?
            As for Urban II, a man of his time and from what I’ve read about him, he agreed to The First Crusade reluctantly. Or it at least appears that way.

          • That will happen the day after Hillary is perp walked out of Chappaqua for having unsecured documents on her server.

      • Communists killed an estimated 100 million people. We are told now that you are racist if you just aren’t racist. To not be racist you have to actively fight racism.

        Z find out for us David Wright’s program for fighting communism. If he doesn’t have one he actively puts into play, he should be banned for wanting to kill another one hundred million

        • Logic lies wounded when it comes to the Woke. I like (for amusement) the boast that “Blacks can’t be racist.” Oh really? Assuming they also claim that others are racist, these claims is the very definition of racism: to believe that one race is better than another.

      • Neither.
        The leader of that group is Afro-Cuban and 20% of the membership is POC.
        Its not a White Supremacist group but more like Civ Nat Brown Shirts sort of thing.
        Ultimately our elite will resort to near anything to keep the system running even trying to weaken the people who make the system possible.
        The reason is simple, when not if it comes down, all of modernity and prosperity comes with it.
        Considering what our reaction to Covid 19 did , nearly collapsing the economy and its not over yet I can’t imagine when serious violence become a thing.
        Society as we know it will not get up again either. To the knife, knife to the hilt means it will probably be a new dark age or the very least a serious collapse and while its inevitable, people accustomed to power, comfort and such won’t know how to live without it.

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