The Rhythms Of Revolution

People who work with large complex systems understand that you don’t always know what will result from even the smallest change in the system. Usually this lesson is learned the hard way, by making some small change that seems simple, only to find out it caused serious downstream problems. Large complex systems are often highly dependent on initial conditions. Those small changes to the initial state, after they branch through the system, can have a huge impact.

This was a point wiser heads made about the Covid panic. The American economy is a wildly complex nonlinear system. The people in charge of it, the Federal Reserve, have mastered just one small set of inputs. This is why they are so cautious about tinkering with the money supply. They understand that beyond small changes in interest rates, they really don’t know what will happen. Through necessity they have figured out how to buy up distressed assets to keep the asset bubble inflated.

Otherwise, no one understands what is happening in the American economy, outside of their very narrow focus. It’s why the lock downs were an insane idea. What local governments have done is not dissimilar to what the Bolsheviks did to the Russian economy after they gained power. This massive reorganization will not fully play-out for years, maybe decades. Even at this point, no one seems to know how many people are out of work or how many businesses survived.

Something similar may be happening with the culture. Up until this year, the sports entertainment complex was the great distraction. Every type of sporting event enjoyed wide following on television and on-line. It’s always hard to know, given how our ruling class lies about everything, but television ratings for the professional sports leagues were strong enough to keep raising ad rates. The revenues of the sports leagues kept growing, despite decades of growth.

That brings us to now, when the ratings for sports entertainment have suddenly collapsed, even for the marquee events. The NBA, which is the blackest of black sports, cannot draw flies. Keep in mind that the television industry routinely inflates their ratings in their press releases used by the media. The endless celebration of all things black for the last five months seems to not have had the effect they expected. All of the other sports have also seen their ratings collapse.

It is tempting to blame this on the anti-white pogrom that has been foolishly embraced by all the sports leagues. There is certainly part of it. That said, the NFL has tried very hard to minimize this in their presentation. Even the players have realized that it is bad for business. The NHL made the required gestures, but otherwise just operated their business as usual and their ratings were immeasurably small. In other words, it’s not just the anti-white pogrom killing the circus.

The problems facing sports entertainment all of a sudden are an example of the large complex system problem. It turns out that the audience for sport is not just about interest in the product and the quality of the performance. Sports operates within the larger culture, which is a highly complex system. There are rhythms to the culture, which carry things like entertainment through the culture. The lock downs and resulting insanity have broken those rhythms.

It is not just sports entertainment that have seen their model upended by the sudden change in the social rhythms. The first debate show also saw a ratings dip. It was not as big as with sports, but given the amount of pre-game hype, the gap between reality and expectations is every bit as large. For six months the people in charge have been blasting us with anti-Trump agit-prop. Of course, everyone knows Biden is suffering from the early stages of dementia. Yet, not a lot of interest.

The American culture had evolved since the Cold War ended to provide the public with lots of things to keep them busy. For example, the entertainment rackets grew like a weed starting in the 1990’s. People forget that sellouts for sporting events were rare into the 1980’s, then all of a sudden, they were common. There was a time, within living memory, when people had three television channels. Of course, the internet of mass entertainment evolved in this time.

Easily forgotten is that politics as entertainment also grew in this period. In the 1980’s, for example, political junkies had to get by with magazines, the opinion section of the newspaper and the Sunday talk shows. People struggled with the idea of an actor running for political office. Imagine that. The political entertainment complex that evolved since the Cold War has probably been a bigger distraction for the American public than sports or Hollywood.

What seems to have happened is the Covid panic and now the color revolution has broken that system. People are not paying as much attention to these things as they did just a year ago. That means they are not being pulled along by the rhythms of that old system. Think about how many apolitical people that have suddenly been made aware of the reality of race and ethnicity. Put another way, the revolution of 2020 has changed the initial state of the American system.

How this ripples through the system is unknown. The current chaos may not be random at all, but determined by the evolving initial state of white America. In other words, this pogrom we are experiencing may, in fact, be a reaction to the changing attitudes sensed by the ruling class. The woke revolution is about restoring the old initial state, but has instead accelerated the evolution of it. The lock downs provided a better medium in which this evolution can occur.

At this point, the one safe conclusion we can draw is we have passed through a strange chaotic barrier on our way to a new normal. The old order, those old rhythms, are gone for good. That means the social controls that nudged people along toward the results desired by the ruling class are no longer working. All the make-believe excitement the media can generate is not getting people to watch the NBA finals, because it was never about the hype. It was the social structures, those rhythms.

In a complex system like a large human society, when the initial conditions change sufficiently, a new dynamic ensues. The unexpected downstream effects loop back and inform the evolution of those initial conditions. The feedback loop between downstream effects and those evolving initial conditions becomes fuel for the changing state of those initial conditions. This is the revolutionary dynamic. Change fuels more change, until the system collapses in on itself.

When the rulers broke the old rhythms with their lock downs, they started a revolution in the minds of the people over whom they rule. As those minds now evolve, seeing the reality of the world created by their betters, the ruling class is desperately trying to contain the process. Like all radicals, they remain supremely confident they will be the vanguard of this revolution. Like all revolutionaries, they will end up swinging from trees as that is the rhythm of every revolution.

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326 thoughts on “The Rhythms Of Revolution

  1. Sad I’m probably late to the party…

    Young people are not watching athletic sports anymore. They’re watching esports. More people watched the 2019 League of Legends world championship than watched the Super Bowl that year:

    That explains the general trend. The specific cataclysm of NBA ratings this year is some combination of lack of fans in the stadium and the toxic politics.

  2. I have to admit that I like sportsball. I’m a big hockey and lacrosse fan, and had been a big baseball fan up until the last few years, until the game has slid into unwatchability.
    (notice the common thread there?)
    I think a lot of the dissatisfaction with sportsball, especially as seen on threads like this are tied into:

    1. Negro worship, particularly in the media. Anyone seen a copy of ESPN magazine lately? Fortunately for me I don’t watch much football and NO basketball.
    2. The cost. Going to a game used to be a game day decision. As many have pointed out baseball was cheap- a grandstand seat for under 5 bucks where I grew up.
    3. The mixing of politics and sport, and not just the liberal BLM/George Floyd stuff. I’m with Z, I don’t love the flyovers and the cult of the military either.
    4. I do think the omnipresent media is a factor, especially as our national attention span diminishes, I think it ties in, too, with our national tendency to make a big deal out of everything. Remember when Halloween was a pleasant little diversion between the end of summer and Thanksgiving? Now look at it. Maybe Corona-chan will kill it.

    Perhaps something good that will come out of the covid madness is a dialing back of sports- a part of life, but not at the insane levels we’ve seen recently.
    Oh, and as an aside, I’m amused at the coverage the WNBA gets. It’s a pro sport that has NO natural market, (unless one counts the what, 1% of the population who are lesbians) and is propped up by the media and the NBA. If left to its own devices it would fold tomorrow. The players would then have to find jobs as women’s studies professors.

  3. Perfect example of normie. In the first video, he warns people about getting out of town for election night because “they” will riot no matter what. So far so good. But second video is him flabergasted that he is called a racist. He spends 8 minutes trying to convince everyone he is not a racist! I don’t think normie is getting ANYTHING!

    And this is a professional gun fighter, tats, and cussin’ and pushups the whole 9 years, and he is totally incapacitated by the accusation of racism. Fascinating

    • “Please! I’m not a racist, don’t hunt me down like cattle, Mr Jews, Mr Blackie, Mr. Karen, or wait Even you, Brutus?”
      We can see the man is panicking and condemning self why he ever uploaded damn video

      Rabbi talk about biology not a religion, The enemy is following efficient social strategy to reform a biological reality
      but white men think about Bigfoot riding unicorn
      No wonder white men are losing every battle when the entire social strategy is based upon imaginary reality, an ideology and religion

  4. Indeed. The apostates will end up hung on their own rope, to the delight of the crowds that used to cheer their circuses. Only Christ is eternal, the traditions of men can twist and revolve, except when he accepts there is nothing new under the Lord.

  5. Brilliant work as usual Sir Mr. Z!!
    What I am seeing is a tiny tiny minority of the population is being financed and pushed to destroy the society with riots, looting and pillaging for a political agenda to change the ownership of the stealing rights trumpeting that their destructive actions are due to RACISM and White Supremacy of the MAJORITY of the population.
    Problem is all this destruction has been confined pretty much to the lefty loon mega liberal states, cities and towns who have been not just allowing it but encouraging it. Until it got to the controlling pollies, like the Mayor of Seattle who said enough when the new free state residents were killing their own, but then went to her house. OOPS.
    The “Normal’s” know this has got to stop and get the country back to work, sort of with the massive demand destruction of not only sports and other critical industries, airlines,and city centers, and stop all the destruction. Manhattan, San Fran and Minenapois city centers, and others may not recover from being ghost towns for many many years. Landlords for high rise offices and rentals are probably not going to recover except through bankruptcy court. Massive flights out of these places is still ongoing.
    Cruise ships being cut up and airlines laying off tens of thousands and parking planes by the thousands. This is just starting.
    The Normal’s of all political persuasions, and skin colors, are the mega majority, so the back lash in about a month, Nov. 3, I predict will be huge.
    The Swedish model to deal with the virus, is the same as the South Dakota state response, and life went on pretty much as normal.
    All those NBA & NFL salaries are paid from selling mostly beer and chips, and the ticket sales money they have mostly collected in advance so they can stumble along without customers maybe for the rest of the season until the big hit comes. Stadiums financed with huge bonds will have payments due no matter what!!
    Buckle up, this is just beginning. Time for an adult beverage to watch the Circus.

  6. Zman have you ever though of plugging some of your readers to Patrick Casey’s subscribestar? So far he only has 56 of them and I feel he from what you say is one of the best young men with organizing and maturity. I wish he could get up to 70 or 75 subscribestars at least. Casey is a star in my view.

  7. Sunday Share Time: My dad is still in love with Obama. Email from him yesterday to all his sons:

    Obama, was a special man. Extraordinary intellect and social grace.
    I should send all of you a dramatic documentary by FRONTLINE about the emergency meeting to solve the ’08 financial disaster. All senators, and experts came to the meeting. McCain was the senior senator and the Republican party candidate, and Obama for the the Dem. party.
    The story is that the subject was so complex (it really was), and McCain became tongue tied and was lost. The story goes that Obama was so fantastically articulate and knowledgeable, that at the end of the meeting , MANY Rep. senators said: “Well, hell, I think we should vote for THIS guy.”

    • Hey Papa Frip, if Obama is so great, please explain to me why he couldn’t do better than Michelle

    • Yeah quite the crisis and they obviously chose they easiest fix: “Hey, maybe we should print a bunch of money?”-> “Yeah, sounds good!”

  8. Just in case nobody has said it before the only thing holding the US together is our prosperity. Our prosperity was driven by opportunity. When the prosperity goes this thing will dry up and blow away. E Pluribus Unum was a nice fantasy. But a fantasy only

  9. When I was in mainframe system support, after a problem the management would always want to know what caused it and what can we do to make sure it never happens again. My guru would say that our reply should be, “It’s a complex environment and we may never know what happened.” Of course, one could never actually say that. My experience was that often the fix seemed to be logically unrelated to the problem. My philosophy became, “If there’s anything not right, let’s fix that and see what’s left.’

  10. Speaking personally, I am an avid Michigan fan, but for some reason Covid was sapping my interest in college football even before the BLM nonsense. I do think Covid has caused huge disruptions in the daily and seasonal rhythm of life. I do believe this has caused some depression among people which may also account for diminishing interest in the things we love, a societal anhedonia.

  11. After locking us down and bankrupting us, while their gooberment checks keep rollin in… now they’re raising taxes. Unforgivable.

  12. Late to this thread (time zone difference), but I wonder how the TV ratings are for college football. If I could choose whether to eliminate big time college football or any of the pros, I’d chose college football. The pros are at least not pretending to be anything but professional athletes and are paid for their playing. College football, on the other hand, perpetuate the charade that the players are students instead of minor league players; It still gets under my skin that the two highest-paid state employees in Iowa are the head football coaches at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. I’d like to see the entire staff lose their jobs and have to find honest workk!

    • The whole “student athlete” thing is a joke. There’s a great DocuSeries called “Last Chance U” that is great for redpilling normies on the topic.

      • Lived in the environment. Wife and I “taught” football *stars*. No better turn off to college “amateur” athletics that such direct contact with the beast. Luckily, early in career, I moved into the College of Science and contact with such folk stopped.

  13. White suburbanites used sports to escape from politics. They used sports to avoid their dismal marriages. We started seeing ratings drop because of the “chickification” of sports and now is spiraling down because of the racialization. It doesn’t matter what the reality is, sports is now known to be where agitprop gets pushed the hardest. Since these guys don’t want to get lectured, the TV stays off.

    The sports leagues don’t mind that because they believe the future is China and eventually India. They’re fine with stale pale males tuning out because they’re betting on ascendant brown and yellow people being a cash cow. Sports teams are a perfect microcosm of what they think will play out with globalism: white people can just be phased out with a brown, more compliant consumerist class. They’re irritated that they still have to pay attention to what whites think.

  14. The social controls that nudged people along toward the results desired by the ruling class are no longer working.” Oh they’re working all right, it’s just that the results are the opposite of what was intended. In a country that’s still 60%-70% white, where the elites mandate a show of concentrated hatred toward white people, what did they expect? Samuel Johnson comes to mind: “When white people are reminded that they are to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates their minds wonderfully.” Kudos to the wise leaders of our ruling classes! They’re really SMART!

  15. Z said:

    this pogrom we are experiencing may, in fact, be a reaction to the changing attitudes sensed by the ruling class. 

    this is certainly reasonable. However, the flip side could be true as well. They sense they’re winning, and now they’re flexing on us. This is the classic black thing to do as well, become more vicious if they smell blood in the water.

    what do you think, Z? (And others)

    • The US was already falling apart before the clowns took charge.
      Now the the place especially the Liberal parts are literally on fire , militias are forming and any chance of controlling guns is gone with the wind.
      On top of all that nearly every control institution (sports, TV, movies, music, news) is on the express train to hell. I would not call that a victory
      And yes the PTB’s were able to scare/force people into wearing masks and able to wreck President Trump’s bubble economy in their madness to get him out of office.
      Its at best a Pyrrhic victory for them.

  16. Fredo is always the smartest guy in the kakistocracy, that’s why he gets to make all the decisions, but he always does it better when wearing his lucky mask. We should all feel better because of it. If not, it’s better if you don’t tell anybody.

  17. “There was a time, within living memory, when people had three television channels.”

    Plus the local indepenent UHF Channel that used to show dirty movies like Porky’s uncut late at night.
    For you young uns this is how it was back in the early 1980s.

    • Detroit had several UHF channels, one in particular, Ch 62, specialized in “French symbolist cop dramas and Italian neo-realist sex comedies” as a local wag had it.” Actually, lots of giallo and other mildly or not so mildly perverse stuff, like Jess Franco would churn out.

      • Here we had a UHF channel that highlighted profession bullfighting from all around Latin America and Spain. I actually grew to like the spectacle—not a sport.

      • When I was a teen (mid-70s) I really liked how PBS would show Monty Python’s Flying Circus with the very occasional bit of nudity. They must have done some censoring: If you ever get a chance to watch “Life of Python,” one memorable skit: At a news stand, an inattentive customer buys a paper and doesn’t notice that the sales girl is topless. And let’s just say that Carol Cleveland’s cleavage is remarkable 🙂

  18. I’ve always thought that in the office work environment that a substantial number of people followed sports because it was expected and facilitated office conversation. I checked out many years ago, and became comfortable saying that the last time I watched sports was the Michael Jordan era. I suspect many many more will make the transition away from sportsball and never go back. I’m out of the office environment now, but I wonder what will they talk about? Politics, religion, race issues, all are verboten.

  19. I agree that the sportsball decline was accelerated by lockdowns and the like, but it started earlier. I wonder how much of it is boomers aging and realizing there is more to life than swigging beer and watching sports. Many of my friends are like that now, once fans, now oblivious to the leagues.

    • I’m not over the swigging beer with folks part yet. Then again I enjoy lowly PBR on a hot day.

  20. be afraid, be very afraid. watch hotel rowanda if you have any delusions about how horrific the breakdown f order can be .

    • I’ve mentioned to friends and family all black people need for a good old fashioned genocide is a bunch of machetes. If White people don’t start their own community organizing, we could be in a lot of trouble.

  21. The wife has the UT/TCU game on (she’s the sports fan in the house, not me) and I happened to look up. They had a shot of the Texas sidelines. ALL THE STAFF were wearing face diapers but at least they weren’t expecting the players to wear them. There they are out in the bright sunshine with easily enough UV radiation from the sun to get a sunburn (it’s 76 degrees under bright, sunny skies).

    Oh! Oh! They just showed a shot up in the Texas booth and NOBODY visible was wearing a diaper. Things could be looking up!

  22. some black thug sucker punched rick moranis(jew) in manhattan
    you hated racist whitey, who’s gonna protect you now, jewbois?

      • I’ve don’t recall hearing a peep of anything political from Moranis. Since he gave up a good career to take care of his kids after his wife died of cancer, I’m inclined to give Moranis the benefit of the doubt and assume he one of the few decent humans in Hellyweird.
        Its a pretty short list mind you but a few decent people are in that place.

        • The quote from the article was that he wanted the guy to go to jail and be off the streets, which is another good sign. SJWs and pedowood stars usually will prattle on about feeling sorry for the person and wanting to understand them.

        • That was going to be my comment as well. Forget the Jew stuff for a moment. His devotion to family was exceptional for a person of his success and notoriety.

    • This has been covered many times, but non-whites view Jews as super-whites. And they have no sympathy for them.

      I’ve seen a Jew get upset because non-whites kept teasing him as white. Shape shifter. Ofc the non-whites just kind of scratched their head, and didn’t seem to comprehend how he wasn’t white. 🙂

      • I remember watching Mike Wallace interview, I believe,Morgan Freeman, where Wallace vehemently denied that he was white. Obviously they will identify as white when it helps them criticize whites.

      • I have an old friend where the exact opposite was true. We used to banter a lot and the one thing that could really get under his skin and bother him was to say he is not white.

      • Given the condition of our neglected infrastructure, I’m not confident they’ll hold. I appreciate the suggestion and will investigate after I round up some elevator cable and elephant tumbril.

        • In Franco-era Spain it was considered sport to throw your enemy off the bridge and, if he survived the fall, to use him for target practice in the water. (At least that appears in one historical fiction we studied in university.)

      • I really hate that anal wart. I had to interface with it at the local business incubator. Truly astonished the people elected the pilonidal cyst but after a quarter century of living here I shouldn’t be.

  23. Ben Shapiro moving to Nashville tells me the Tribe has decided that Tennessee is where you want to be if your goal is separate white people from their money

    • Shapiro loves brown people so much. He even said he would be happy about a majority brown America. Yet here in CA white people are now going on sub-minority status. Running to TN? Doesn’t like the tax code? Hmmm. I wonder if the demographic situation had anything to do with that. I wonder if millions of mamacitas look at the white guy up the hill and want to nail him hard por leche por los ninos y ninas? Goodbye hypocrite clown. Go live next door to the Jesus grifter Dave Ramsey.

      • Benny’s replaying RamZPaul’s satirical old video about moving to a new school system and deciding it needs diversity.

        “Whew. Glad I got out of California. That place was going to crap. Now, Nashville is great, but what it really needs is more diversity….”

    • It shows that they can only operate in a white-host society.

      Mexicans just think “who is this short annoying gringo with a funny hat! I want him to go away!”.

      So hes left California for the much whiter Tennessee. I’m sure the evangelicals will worship him. And he can blend in again.

      • until the host in TN develops the necessary awareness antibody. used to be countries, now states…

  24. Revolution
    Fantasy : Jefferson, Washington, Adams
    Reality : Mao, Robespierre, Stalin

    Franco and Pinochet weren’t very useful either. They were merely brief interludes in the steady march of leftward progress.

    The kinds of people pushing revolution today are the kinds of people who would make Mao and Stalin blush. The rivers of blood would get so large the Gulf of Mexico would become the Red Sea. Thank God they are probably nowhere near as competent as they are bloodthirsty.

    • The French Revolution is interesting because it happened so quickly and was so compressed. In a way you could say that all of US history in the last 120 years was a very slow motion version of it. Of course the next part would be the terrors. It’ll more likely end with a breakup though rather than a Napoleon. It’s not a Napoleon kind of place.

      • It’s also interesting because the end result of killing king Louis and getting rid of the monarchy was… putting a Bourbon on the throne, after Napoleon of course. Revolutions tend to not accomplish much beyond the violent death of revolutionaries.

    • RE: Competence- it’s important to remember that France was full of French, Russia full of Russians, and China full of Chinese.

      There’s plenty of examples of 3rd World detritus revolutions, but no one talks about them and they just result in unresolvable bloodbaths.

    • Franco? 1936-1975 is more than a brief interlude, (other than in the Big Picture, of course). More attention should be paid to Franco and his Iberian buddy, Salazar, another long lived “fascist dictator” who made it work, rather than the Little Colonel who failed miserably and made everything worse forever.

    • A good read on this subject: “Drop Your Weapons—When And Why Civil Resistance Works” by Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephens

      Their data set contained 323 campaigns from 1919 to 2016. Covered all known violent and nonviolent campaigns with >1000 participants.

      • 2x likely to succeed.
      • Increased chances of democratic rule.
      • Attracts a larger group of participants.
      • 50% chance of success during a violent crackdown. Violent campaigns have a 20% chance.
      • 4x more likely to transition to democracy, even if the movement fails, than movements using violence at the outset.
      • Require less outside help.

      • Reinforce military power and usually result in mass atrocities.
      • Result in democracy in 5 years only 4% of the time.
      • Result in civil war in 10 years 50% of the time.

      We Americans got lucky during the Revolutionary War and transitioned to a Republic. And now we think that violent revolution automatically leads to freedom. Usually that’s not the case.

  25. A switch has been flipped on the zeitgeist. A new zeitgeist emerges. The center cannot hold, and a rough beast stalks toward Jericho. Sports is just one casualty. The French revolution started on a tennis court. As the oligarchs feel their grip loosening, what will they do, that’s the question. Watching their trained monkeys in the streets and in their stadiums won’t be enough perhaps.

    • Yep

      This is the fin de siecle

      This is the pivot point where the direction of this century is going to be decided. The first 16 years of this century were just the afterglow of the prior century

      Whole new world now. Enjoy the ride.

    • I can feel it in the air. The tension is going up, up, up. The break is coming and I don’t think anyone can truly predict the results. My only prediction is that the future will not be comfortable for most.

  26. Agree with much of this, but I’ll add a twist.

    Part of the enjoyment of sports is the event and the community around it. For example, I love playoff hockey. When it came back, I did watch a bit of it (though less than I otherwise would have once they cucked for Jacob Blake). However, I couldn’t bring myself to watch any of the Conference Finals or Stanley Cup Finals. Why? The entire concept of a team skating the Stanley Cup around an empty arena is absurd and saddens me. Much of the joy of sports is the emotion of a connected crowd (dare I say community) celebrating their team. On the surface it seems immature and weird, but in reality it brings great joy to many people.

    For years, the major sports leagues (and college sports) have been packaging their product more for TV presentation than for the spectators in the stands. I think they figured they could continue this with empty arenas and people would just watch as they did before. But now there’s no connection to the event. It is and feels fake.

    As I think about it, if I tried to rank the top 10-20 memories of my life, a significant number of them would be days spent in and around a major sporting event. The first time I got to sit in Notre Dame Stadium with my Dad, to watch #1 ND take on a top 10 Southern Cal team, and come from behind to win. The first time I saw a live major league baseball game at Tiger Stadium, again with my Dad and older brother, seeing George Brett and the Royals take on Sparky, Gibby, Tram, and the boys. As a high school kid using my entire paycheck with a friend to scalp tickets to Game 2 of the 98 Stanley Cup Finals, and then seeing the Red Wings come from behind and win in OT. The entire day of the first ND game I attended as a student, the tailgating, the win over Michigan in Tom Brady’s 1st ever start, the partying that ensued all night. All of these great memories I love to relive. These are good things, and brought me and many others great joy.

    What they are doing is stripping these events from us. Some of the things you look forward to and look back on as you soldier on through the monotony of daily life. Now we just have this monotony, since we can’t have events like sports or weddings or other gatherings.

    • I remember boaters from Detroit at the docks at Put-in-Bay OH (Lake Erie) on a rainy weekend, June 1997, with the flaps down on the sides of their boats watching the finals on tiny tvs in the cabins! Each boat had a little Red Wings flag flying from the bridge;-) I was a dockmaster there that year. Met lots of nice Michiganders that summer.

  27. I’m in England and regularly went to the pub to watch football with friends. These friends were not football fans but came along just to have a pint. Since the fake plague struck and they have imposed all kinds of bollocks to restrict people having a good time at the pub, we no longer go. The final nail in the coffin was when the players took the knee for some dead black US criminal. I’ll never go to the pub again to watch football. I’m not the only one to have got out of the habit.

    • The mask-er-rade is also a discouragement or dissuasion where if you want to go out you first contemplate and calculate is it worth going through the whole mask routine? I know personally a lot of things I used to do I don’t now because they aren’t worth the hassle. I think most people are the same. I only go out now if I have to.

      • Yep. Before the pandemic I usually shopped regularly at a dozen different stores, now it’s down to three, and I don’t make special trips if I forget something.

        This might be part of what is killing sports viewing. When I worked in retail, I could tell what time the local college football game was on because our store would be packed with ladies whose husbands were watching it. I would guess that lots of women don’t like the rigamarole of wearing a mask to go window shopping, and are starting home on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. As such husbands are probably finding stuff they can both watch or do together. Factor in all the telecommuting and the lack of water cooler talk, and lots of guys no longer have a need to discuss (and thus watch) sports.

      • I guess I’m a compliant sheep with mask-wearing, but the near-uselessness of it doesn’t escape me. Today I ate lunch at a local bar-restaurant. Yes, you must wear a mask to enter. Once inside, I was seated near the bar/TV area. The place was pretty full. At least here in FL, white men still watch the Sunday game*. Clearly, one can’t wear a mask when drinking or eating. I was sitting less than six feet away from the crowd of unmasked patrons.
        *As Drew notes below, that would also explain why the nearby grocery store was busy on a mid-Sunday afternoon!

  28. Large complex systems are often highly dependent on initial conditions. Those small changes to the initial state, after they branch through the system, can have a huge impact.

    I believe that this is the reason why miracles are so rare. A miracle, by definition, is an occurrence outside of and in violation of natural law and process. Not even The Creator is immune from the effects of interfering with natural processes. We puny humans – even (especially?) the self-anointed elites – have no choice but to endure the effects of our actions. Mike Vanderboegh was always writing about the “iron law of unintended consequences”.

    It’s sad but I do not believe that the elites even considered the possible consequences before instituting the world-wide lockdown. If they had they would have modeled their response on the way the world handled the devastating 1918 Influenza pandemic. I remain convinced that here in the U.S. the lockdown was initially conceived as a way to strike at the President. How many times since the 11th of March (when the President made his address regarding the coronavirus) have they blamed all the deaths and the ills of the lockdown on Mr. Trump?

    In their overweening hubris and megalomaniacal pride they, relying on the diktats of 3rd rate scientists employing easily and utterly discredited models, SHUT DOWN THE WORLD! Anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together should have known that the results of such a move would be dire. The ZMan wrote

    Even at this point, no one seems to know how many people are out of work or how many businesses survived.

    Even so it is already apparent that the number of business which will NOT survive is legion. I read something in the “Houston Chronicle” recently which estimated a 50% MORTALITY RATE among restaurants! FIFTY PERCENT! And it MUST be worse for bar owners since (at least around here) they are still not allowed to operate! Now I’m not much for going to bars but they are a legitimate business and if I were a bar owner I would be pulling my hair out.

    • Our “elites” are not elite is the other thing. If winning a political campaign makes you elite, that’s not saying much. That doesn’t take a special person.

      • That’s a cope. Of course being in the power structure these people inhabit makes you elite. Not everyone can be in the club. It’s like saying they’re not special because everyone puts on their pants the same way. True, but also ignores the blatant reality that…these people aren’t like you in any way else you can identify with.

        • I get that point. Their positions give them power and hence elite status. But my point is they are not worthy of the position and in turn only cheapen the position. Is a Harvard education really worth what it was a generation ago? Does being Senator carry the prestige it used to? No. At some point reality is going to catch up, and these people aren’t all that gifted or bright as stewards of the machinery, so expect things to crumble rather quickly.

          • At some point reality is going to catch up, and these people aren’t all that gifted or bright as stewards of the machinery” –

            We inhabit a kakistocracy.

          • Looting is seemingly the preferred new way to acquire wealth. Poor blacks do it with a baseball bat and rich people through trade deals and shady ponzi schemes. We may have simply entered the catabolic phase of our society. Overall theme: producing wealth is for saps. Grab what you can before somebody else does.

      • No kidding. At one time “elite” meant someone who achieved excellence in their craft or profession. Now it means someone who wields political power due to their insider status as someone who benefitted from family connections and multi-generationally inherited wealth.

    • I remain convinced that here in the U.S. the lockdown was initially conceived as a way to strike at the President.

      I can recall Trump stating we’d re-open the country on Easter, which would have been a political and symbolic masterstroke, and the entire Establishment absolutely FREAKED.

      In any case, it appears we are going to have to settle for an October, Night of the Living Beer Flu Dead-style resurrection.

      Anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together should have known that the results of such a move would be dire.

      Sadly, most of the US populace appears to have one brain cell. This is probably the result of years of junk science education and Marxist-Leninist brainwashing.

    • If anyone here is a vulture investor, here’s an idea: many States have bar/restaurant liquor licenses that are worth (say) $200,000 and are bought and sold on the open market. Perhaps their value is temporarily depressed and buying one would be a good speculative opportunity. The plague isn’t going to last forever, and no matter how bad things get, even the most dictatorial countries still have bars (ex- Muslim world).

      • Potential weakness in this idea: speakeasies don’t need a licence. I’m sure there’s money to be made building the contraption that makes all the liquor bottles vanish down a shute and rotates the bar into the hidden room while replacing it with a row of candy machines.

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  30. There appears to be a mania among the ruling class. They’re not as smart or grounded as their parents. They never would have wildly gripped the controls the way these people do. There’s definitely something going on in the transmission system of power. Real power means affecting the plebes. They need pliant worker bees. They don’t want one thought in the heads of these world bees that they haven’t put there. Especially political thoughts. Since the country has no more moral framework, the social framework is deteriorating. That’s what they rest on.

    • The ruling class is fighting a war on two fronts.On one side are the working-class whites who increasingly reject being the victims of racial hate. On the other side are all the woke Millennial upstarts like AOC and her Squad of hip Bolsheviks. When that latter group gets power, they will institute draconian polices that will lead to economic disaster, things like reparations and the Green New Deal. The ruling class is concerned their purple haired kids might be left out in the cold in a future America (they will be).

      • Agreed. And, more relevant with Horace’s comment below: Californicate will probably be the dying canary in the coal mine. Just get a load of the just-passed law that mandates (more?) diversity in private corporations. How can this do anything but hamper at best, destroy at worst, the corporations that are subject to such laws? I thought that racial quotas were illegal, but apparently not. Even thought they are/will be upheld, I wish those firms good luck in finding qualified people. They won’t. So they’ll find unqualified people. I wish there was an easy way to “short” publicly-traded CA corporations (better: the state government!)

        • For California and really the whole Wrong Coast here all the way to Canada I’m really only bullish on organized crime as a growth industry. If only they sold shares…

    • Our ruling elites are no longer homogeneous and are rapidly becoming less so (Ivy league 50% non-white with whites overwhelmingly shitlib). Empires (a ruling class ruling over a multicultural ruled or working class comprised of at least two distinct national peoples) can be stable for a long time if they have a homogeneous ruling class imposing a unified vision.

      However, when the ruling class goes multicultural they inevitably will conflict over civilizational mission. Right now they are barely united by hatred of trad Americans and love of the wealth they are looting from trad America. ALL of human history suggests it will not last.

      • Much we are witnessing is the last gasp of White neoliberalism. As despicable and flawed as that philosophy was, it will be supplanted by something much more unstable and disgusting. You are right. It will not have a long shelf life.

  31. As my dad would say, the party’s over.

    “Think about how many apolitical people that have suddenly been made aware of the reality of race and ethnicity. ”

    My take is that the awareness was always there but just became dormant, people didn’t want to be party poopers and just wanted to have fun. The 1990s-Obama were just people on vacation from reality, with perhaps a jolt of reality on 9/11. But that didn’t last. I think the Great Recession and now the lockdowns were the final straw.

    What a sudden seriousness of attitude portends is something calamitous — as if instinctively people know something ugly is brewing on the horizon and they are simply getting themselves game-ready.

    • Re: 9/11— interesting how the media are now reinventing the baddies of the moment not as tribesmen in caves far away (2001-2016), but as non-compliant white people here at home (2016-).

      • I guess 9/11 was just practice for the elites to use the skills and ideas perfected then to use against white people later on

        • Could be. I think you’ll wait a long while till the military is openly conducting pacification operations in the cities and Delta/SEAL Team Six is rendering citizens.The private contracting world has gone through serious changes in the last 20 years, to the point of being an unofficial branch of the military. Good possibility you’ll see them first.

          • Perhaps, but those guys are getting old as well and now relatively comfortable with lots to lose. War is different when the kids are taken hostage, wives raped, houses set on fire. These guys are not going to be ready for it and are not going to want to partake. It was all fun and games in the Mid East with their families safe at home

  32. Like all revolutionaries, they will end up swinging from trees as that is the rhythm of every revolution.
    Hustle up. I’m in my eighties.

  33. When I was a kid, there were 3 channels. When supper time came Pop loved to watch game shows over dinner. We were at the edgiest front of culture when The Gong Show came on. (Think Of it as the paleo version of Gab).

    Our CFL home team still had many local players. Things started to change when the CFL discovered it could buy negro players cheap. A good portion of The Edmonton Eskimo’s are now imported Edmonton Jungle Monkeys. I think the NFL sends the worst ones up here to punish them. I lost all connection with the sport when it became apparent that the team with the most money would win. When they started fixing games I just laughed. My eyes glazed over with boredom when the normies started prattling about ‘the big game last night’.

    Our economy’s future is written on n the wall: “Dead man walking!”

  34. I suspect that a big reason ‘entertainment’ is dying is that plots have been used and reused so much that they are worn out. Now, hundreds of thousands of hours of content are needed to fill dozens of around-the-clock entertainment platforms. This has resulted in every plot device, every story line being beaten to death. Additionally, this is such a socially bland and emasculated age that many of the interesting elements of old the old entertainment are no long present. I remember years ago reading an interview of the late Cary Grant. He said that he quit making movies, not only because of his age, but because “they aren’t making Cary Grant movies anymore.”


      I suspect that a big reason ‘entertainment’ is dying is that plots have been used and reused so much that they are worn out.

      This is why I laugh when rumors of remaking/rebooting the Marvel movies with black/gay/femnazi-washed casts and plots return to prominence in the news cycle.

      It is as if they failed to notice the reaction to Captain Marvel, which should have told them that Progged up reboots were not going to make them much money.

      Now, hundreds of thousands of hours of content are needed to fill dozens of around-the-clock entertainment platforms. This has resulted in every plot device, every story line being beaten to death.

      The other issue with all this content on all those platforms is audience fragmentation. All these shows are competing against each other for a semi-limited pool of viewer attention. So we wind up with all these smaller niche audiences attached to the various shows, thus reducing the societal bonding effect of any individual show.

      Put another way, imagine we had this volume of content and myriad of platforms back in the ’80s when Miami Vice was on the air. Having to compete in that media environment, would Miami Vice still be recognized as one of the greatest TV shows of all time, or would it have been just another good show among many?

      • I’ve noticed that some of my more watched and enjoyed entertainment has been foreign TV series. I just tell the wife each week, I’m learning a new language in my quarantine.

      • Those re-boots aren’t produced for people who saw the originals. They’re for “emerging global markets.”

    • That was a point I wanted to make the other day

      They use the same sitcom formula but replace the characters with gays or blacks. This way they don’t have to create or imagine anything new. Just recycle the same stuff but swap out the actors and use the media to convince people that this is all new and cutting edge and “important” socially.

      The reality, however, is that Hollywood and the media are a spent force. A lot of real opportunities out there for people in the movie business if they just take a few chances and risks and start dealing with America as it is.

        • Nope! Got TONS yet to burn, problem is Hollywood is so”woke” the programs we would watch are not on their radar.

          However, that is going to change: this lockdown is “culling the herd”, as it were. Opportunities are going to open up more now for the independent crowd.

          Stay tuned. Working on a documentary series now. The channels are desperate for content. ;<)

          • Totally agree

            Some serious opportunities out there right now for any artist with the guts to buck the trend

        • I disagree. The “golden age of TV” that happened with shows like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, etc. were going to keep improving quality of content after people got sick of The Cosby Show version 23568 or syndication friendly “criminal of the week” shows. This age ended because the diversity disease took root and the creators got tired of having to take flack for their show not being anti-white enough. Diversity killed plot lines, which were just starting to go in very interesting directions.

        • No. It’s an economic/business problem. Blockbuster movies are expensive, so studios are loath to take chances on original stories, so they recycle tried and true plots, just changing the veneers, to ensure success. Originality is risky so it’s best suited to small and cheap efforts to minimize risk of loss.

          Re: television shows, the reason why shows become retreads or zany (jumping the shark) is because a) there is no predetermined endpoint for a show and b) production schedules are tight. Consequently, shows are allowed to stagger on as long as they can sell ads, and churning out 22 episodes a year means taking lots of writing shortcuts to meet the production schedules. Most shows have multiple writers who wrote individual episodes each, sometimes with minimal overlap which is why episodes can seem incongruous at times. In contrast, British shows have one writer and 4 to 8 episodes per season, which makes for more consistency and originality because they aren’t as rushed, and the writer usually had more of an endpoint in mind.

          The biggest problem is intrinsic to the nature of open-ended serialization. No one plans to end the story, let alone end it well, so the end of a serial is basically when the consumers get bored, not when the writers feel the time is right.

          • Your comment and the ones above offer good insights. I think they lend a more nuance insight into the problem than my rather limited one. I stand corrected.

    • That’s part of it. But it goes deeper. Whites, the primary creative group in this country, are no longer really able to write things for their own demographic. Thus, nothing new can be created. There are just too many restrictions, too much risk. Imagine the content, for example, if whites could speak honestly about race in this country. But no, you can’t do that.

      Anything you create must fit the narrative. Anything you make also cannot have too many whites (promoted as diversity) or non-whites will get envious and then angry. Nothing you make can promote certain values or historical figures. Men can’t draw sexy women anymore; thus comic book and video game women increasingly look like men (literally). Even women are shamed out of writing innocuous romantic comedies (Netflix denounced “chick flicks” a few years ago in a public post). High IQ White male sci-fi shows have to be dumbed down for prole minorities with cgi and simplistic writing they can follow along with, and Whites increasingly won’t even be hired to make them anymore, which is what happened on Star Trek: Discovery. Men aren’t allowed to be cool spies like James Bond anymore (the term “Bond Girl” was banned on the set of the newest film by its feminist writer). Whites are not allowed to use Kung Fu or Karate in movies (that was a real objection to the Netflix show Ironfist, IIRC, which prompted them to bring in an Asian character); one of the GI Joe ninjas was race-swapped from White to Asian recently. There are countless other examples. Whites cannot create anything special in that environment.

      • all true, but therein lies the fatal flaw. there is no need to watch the new versions, so people don’t.

        yes the left took over lots of institutions, all of which are now wrecked. leaving a clean field for new artists, not infected with left rage.

      • Imagine what the Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia movies would look like if they were being made now, rather than 10 years ago!

    • I hear ya. At my age, it’s hard to get enthused over a “new” movie, because the plot line is old, very old. It is a rarity for me to get interested in what is basically a remake of something from the 40’s or 50’s. Seems every producer thinks he can do it better. How many times can one remake “A Star Is Born”?

    • My wife was complaining about the lack of shows and movies and I said most movies are written for 15-year-olds, and you’ve watched everything worth watching. Read a book: they’ve been making movies for only a hundred years; they’ve been writing books for several thousand years.

  35. The flight into the past is one of the main things linking the legacy right and progressives, who claim to hate each other (or pretend to on TV). Mainstream conservatives peered into the abyss and decided they wanted to hop into the DeLorean and fly back to 1985 again (even Ben Shapiro, their standard bearer, seems like the pipsqueak sidekick for the alpha in every 80s teen sex comedy, the nerd who builds the bra bomb or whatever device gets unleashed at the big dance). Progs had decided to promote Muslims, trannies, Hispanics, and everyone else to the exclusion of their old black pets after the orgy they all had over Obama, but then, for no good reason except nostalgia, they decided to make everything a morality play about how white people are mean to black people again, as if this were 1965. This has worked out well for Biden since even with dementia he can sing these songs from memory, as his style of politicking is very much Great Society shtick. This is what screenwriters call The Flight into the Familiar, which is a point in a movie where the character who underwent some kind of transformation tries to return to the world of the past, fearing his future, and notices that he no longer fits into that old world to which he returned in hopes of finding solace. But it’s not working and he finally realizes that his old set of friends/job/girlfriend cannot hold him, and that his obligations lie elsewhere. Something has changed. The people in his old hometown haven’t changed. He is the one who changed, which is why the familiar looks so weird to him now. Everyone on our side bemoaning that normie was never going to wake up are wrong. I’m starting to think normiecons are more pissed than even we are, they just haven’t gotten in touch with their feelings yet, as the therapists like to say.

    • Progs had decided to promote Muslims, trannies, Hispanics, and everyone else to the exclusion of their old black pets…they decided to make everything a morality play about how white people are mean to black people again, as if this were 1965.

      The near total disappearance of other Prog grievance groups has been one of the oddest aspects of the past several months. Other than the Antifa trannies that have been arrested at the riots these other groups have largely fallen off the radar.

      Supposedly the lack of attention has seriously hurt Biden with Hispanics, though I have yet to see quality polling that confirms this idea.

      The gays have been almost completely shut down. The St. Floyd riots and Corona-chan conspired to make international gay month a near non-event. Since that community thrives on attention-seeking and orgies, one has to wonder if that has shifted their political outlook.

      • They’re forcing everyone onto Team White. Arabs, Chinese, Indians, may dislike us. But they certainly didn’t come to the USA to live in a country full of rioting jungle Africans.

        Only the most deranged and hateful non-black minorities are on Team Black.

    • On a related note, I notice how Will Ferrell movies are just nostalgia for suburban 1970s and 1980s.

      • i live next to the jr h.s. he went to, as did my kids. he gave the graduation speech at their HS one year. another time he came back to the old neighborhood, where one of his HS friends still lived, and my son got to meet him and talk to him. pretty cool. sad he went off the prog deep end.

        • His progressivism has a “I’ve got a gun to my head” quality about it

          Seems forced or he’s been held hostage IOW

          • Vox Day would say he “took the ticket” that is sold out the Devil.
            At times I’m not sure if he is correct or if he just watched American Satan a few too many times.
            Either way, being part of the that elite takes away all your freedom

    • Normies are asleep, and they aren’t waking up. Most woke up racially years ago, then decided they wanted to ride it out the best they could, going back into a coma in the process. This is the reason for all the civil war fantasies and boomer rebellion stuff on the right: “We have all the guns, so we’ll win the coming conflict libtards.” In reality, they are simply making excuses for doing nothing. They just want to keep their heads down and continue getting their grill on, moving goal posts with every far-left provocation: “Next time libtards! I really mean it, too!” It’s a rationalization for doing nothing and a hope that maybe someone else will “do something” one day. But it’s not happening.

      • I tend to agree

        I think we’re it. Wait all you want for more to show up, but I’m not counting on it. We’re the cavalry. Fate chose us, as unlikely as that might seem.

        • We’ve got militia all over the place armed trained and able to fight, many waiting for “the Call” .
          The hunger is so great , huge numbers were willing to throw in with that Mormon kook Bundy and that was years ago
          One guy up in Shasta said roughly “people are so eager I could probably get a hundred thousand here if I asked.” it was rhetoric but there is a core of truth.
          The militia range from individuals like Kyle to small brigades like the ones at Klamath and maybe bigger.
          What we don’t have is an ideology to fight for or the will to power.
          It goes hot and ? Its like underpants gnome logic
          1 Boog
          2 ?
          3 Profit

          • This isn’t really true, the NC will fight but thus far they have nothing to fight for.
            The hardest thing for Our Guys to get is that its about going forward to something new since going back is no longer a thing.
            Its understandable, Our Thing is fundamentally Conservative but as Heraclitus noted “You can’t cross the same river twice.”

      • Conservatives look for the easy way out that has them expending the least amount of effort possible. My teeth have been set on edge way too many times when seeing “the best thing we can do right now is nothing” with a smug smirk on their face. Ownin’ da libs have become the ends, not the means. That or big brained centrists who reflexively kick the can down the road or think one more concession to the left and that’s it!

        This really annoyed me recently due to the replacement of RBG. The left would put in the biggest far left loon just to give the bird to White America yet I heard conservatives yammer on about tactical decisions and muh principles talk. ACB is going to be another John Roberts and we can all see it but conservatives always snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They know of nothing else.

        • Most of the conservatards are simply grifters who have no real principles. Look at CFR slimeball Newt Gingrinch who expended political capital on whether a rapist president was getting BJ’s in the Oval Office instead passing tax cuts, reigning in some regulatory aspects, and finally abolishing the Dept of Education.

  36. What amazes me is the firm resistance to restoring normalcy: all they have to do is make the mask rules a little more flexible, or moderate the liability laws so that businesses don’t have to have so many creepy restrictions (plexiglass, etc) and a lot of the mass psychological stress would moderate. I have to believe they see how things are breaking. And yet they still talk like we’re going to be covering our faces and hiding in our houses two years from now, and they may believe that. In general I think most government action is explicable by official incompetence, not by conspiracy. But it truly does feel, in this case, like the normal population are being intentionally dominated and punished.

      • I can’t believe no one helped her either I think thats when things will break is when people seeing an injustice done by those who are supposed protect get up and stop the injustice even though it means risk themselves…

        • One report I read said she yelled out “But we’re going to stick together, right guys?” as she was dragged out. Which would seem to indicate others claimed they’d join in making a stand against masks, and when the cops showed up they backed out and left her hanging. That’s been my experience more than once, and why I reluctantly conclude the uprising we’d all like to see just won’t happen.

          • I think I heard the man with her was her ex-husband. Being her ex, he was probably sick of her shit a long time ago and wasn’t about to go to jail for her even if he thought she was right.

            “Don’t worry, honey. The support check will still be on time.”

        • I’ll spare you the details, but the only time in my life I’ve ever been arrested was precisely standing up for something I thought was right. I ended up with an arrest record (albeit misdemeanor) and about $2000 in legal bills. My incident didn’t involve safety of property or life, and I realize it pales in comparison to some of the horrors we’ve seen this year (e.g. Kyle Rittenhouse). Still, as the Jewish carpenter said, count the cost.
          It’s one thing to take a stand, but quite another to risk injury/death for soemthing, that especially in the mask case (or mine) was a very minor infraction and in her case probably not even a jailable offense. America is still rioting and burning largely over cases where if the perps had simply not resisted arrest, they would not have faced very serious charges. As a wise man once noted, there is a big difference between brave and stupid.

    • As I’ve stated previously, the Karens are enjoying this way too much to ever allow us to return to normal.

    • But..the old “normal” lead into what we have now. Why would you want to restore that on a 1:1 basis?

    • They are. Nothing gives the elite a bigger dopamine rush and status boost than oppression and terror especially if people will cooperate.
      And yes this does accelerate the destruction of the system , our elite oscillate between moronic and satanic and making steadily good decisions is no more possible for them than a flatworm doing tensor calculus.

  37. The guys I know with jobs are working extra hours, even second jobs, to make as much money as they can for their families before whatever comes next. No time for sports nonsense.

  38. Things change slowly until they change very fast. We are now equally split between self-reliant producers and parasitic malcontents. That ratio cannot persist much longer. Something will give, and history teaches that tyranny is the most probable outcome. A major war is No. 2 on the list. Move someplace rural, get to know your neighbors, learn to hunt and grow food. Survive, go dark, be patient, and hone your focus. The clock is ticking faster.

    • We are now equally split between self-reliant producers and parasitic malcontents.

      If the US and Europe could simply find the will to turn off the giveaways, handouts, quotas, and set asides for illegals a significant portion of the immigration issue would simply cease to exist.

    • when you consider that government employees are actually parasites too, then your ratio is already past 1:1.

      • Blame technology for that. Our society demand constant consumption and churn but is so efficient at making goods, too few people are paid enough to consume them. Its an efficiency trap or in Commie, a crisis of production.
        This leaves State as the buyer of last resort.
        And note while it seems like low fertility with closed borders till the population stabilizes is a good idea, how many people do you know want population shrinkage?
        More importantly, the industrial/urban society is a meat grinder and that constant decline creates feedback issue. More decline, less jobs, even faster decline till the whole edifice falls apart.
        That is an undesirable, almost heretical notion in modernity so the only thing we do is grow the government to compensate till we can.

        • Actually, dramatic population shrinkage is a highly desirable thing long term. Unless you think overpopulation is not a real thing. This is one thing that the doom sayers are right about, but the timetable is uncertain. This problem transcends all races and partisan politics (including ours). As I have often stated before, this problem doesn’t have the remotest chance of being solved proactively by humans*, so it’ll be solved by Nature with a dramatic, indiscrimiante culling of the species. Whether the biosphere survives, to what extent, and how many humans remain, is anyone’s guess. I shouldn’t have said “highly desirable.” “Absolutely inevtiable” would be more accurate 🙁
          *The only scenario I can imagine where, trvially, it was human initiated would be a deliberate act by a rogue individual or small group causing, for example, a worldwide plague a la The Stand or some other equally apocalyptic sci-fi calaminty.

          • The biosphere will survive anything we do to it. Humanity might not.
            Now I happen to agree with you that a population decline long term is a very good thing, at least so long as the ratio is correct (25-33% European origin) but a lot of people do not including a huge chunk of the people on our side.

  39. Zman has already made this point, but the experience of watching televised sportsball sans audience is unsatisfying.

    Without an audience, I may as well be watching a bunch of guys at the gym or the local park.

    For me, the cardboard cutout audiences are so unsettling that the experience starts sliding into, “uncanny valley,” territory.

    • I have really only enjoyed most sports when either I was playing, or a friend or family member was playing. When you have kids in high school sports, they’re more fun than anything on TV, bad playing and all. On the other hand, the craziness of some sports parents, coaches and school admin was a real turn-off. They were crazily invested in it, and the whole lot seemed perfectly willing to let the kids’ academics and/or sleep suffer: we were a rural district which means long drives to games and sometimes the kids wouldn’t get back until after midnight. For basketball and volleyball that could be several times a week. I didn’t appreciate my daughter’s sleep deprivation. She dealt with it, OK, so I guess she learned something about dealing with long hours and stress, but I remain ambivalent.

      • Unless my son is exceptionally tall and strong, he’ll be steered by me toward golf. Maybe track for general health purposes. When it comes to sports, parents are not realistic about their kids potential, or the benefits of all these expensive leagues and camps.

        • In high school, I played football instead of golf. And I never put on the shoulder pads and helmet again. Meanwhile golf is a game you can play the rest of your life.

          • High school gym teacher wanted me on the football and wrestling teams. Played intramural FB for the fun, but said no to the “too much like work” for the actual team.
            He then dragged me to watch a wrestling meet. First match had one of my neighbors in it. He won, but threw up right after he left the mat. Told the coach, “no thanks”.
            Fast forward in life to when some buddies took me to a driving range. I thought, no way will I like this, but was immediately hooked! Wished I would have started earlier, like in high school! Same hs coach had the golf team also. Why the hell didn’t he get me to try that?

          • I think it’s telling that there are no recreational American football leagues, except for a couple rare flag football ones.

            After high school you can find recreational softball, soccer, hockey, golf, tennis, even rugby, martial arts and so on, but full contact American football seems right out.

        • How about him being steered towards doing stuff with you like hunting, fishing, camping, shooting, going to the gym, martial arts/combatives, etc etc…

          • Everybody in the fam should probably learn how to garden a little. Soon. Start with potatoes and yams as they are easy to grow and nutritious. Raising chickens for eggs and meat is a good idea, too.

          • Really, golf just sucks. It’s just an excuse for a guy to get away from his wife for a few hours so he can group kavetch with other guys about their own wives. And they pay a crap load of money to do it and seemingly not enjoy actual golfing. I don’t get it.

          • I’m not a big golfer, but I “get away with the guys” sometimes doing other stuff and we don’t kvetch about our wives. Maybe you need to see a marriage counselor?

            It’s the “getting out with the guys” part that’s fun. The few times I have played golf, that’s been the main appeal. Nothing wrong with that.

            I do it at the shooting range, or trail riding, various other stuff.

            As long as you’re not busting your budget, one overpriced hobby is as good as another!

        • At least push him something like long-distance running. Every old, long-time golfer I’ve met has had poor posture and a gut.

        • to-tech. golf is good, try to teach him chess, some kind of competitive shooting like skeet or match. Archery is also fun and relaxing. it is good to have several options . also fishing , and actually eating part gf the catch is an ages old father and child experience.

        • If your kid has aspirations that require a college credential (medicine, etc.) and you can’t afford it, have them study a “niche” sport or instrument. Squash. Basoon. That sort of thing.

          • Title IX has made niche sport scholarships for men hard to come by. They cut the hell out of men’s niche sports so the football and basketball team can be balanced out by all the women’s niche sports.

            When I fenced for OSU, only the women got scholarships. The men were lucky to even have a school-supported team.

            Might be better for music scholarships if your kid has the talent, but kids with real talent go to the specialized music/arts schools like Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, etc.

        • Professional golfers have the highest lifetime earnings of any pro sport because you can keep playing on a pro level until you’re 70. I was on a dive boat off West Palm Beach and in the distance was a super yacht with a helicopter on the stern. And it wasn’t a piddly piston engine copter, it was a turbine chopper where just flipping the master switch to ON cost $100. It belonged to a pro golfer in town.

      • I had a blast watching my kids play in high school. Enjoyed every minute of it more than any pro sport.

    • and how do you know it’s real and/or live? These games could be pre-recorded, deep fakes, etc for all we know.

      • the nigged up sports are no longer really sports; they are more like the WWE. and getting more so.

        • they are more like the WWE.

          For sure. There is far, far too much money involved in big time sports for there NOT to be some level of scripting and fixing going on.

          And the big-time guys are all on some level of PED routine.

  40. You’ve got that plus the ruling class had an original model for the culture that worked fairly well but they changed the conditions without adjusting the model. The original model assumed homogeneity, amongst other things, but oops. That has been one of the funnier things, watching them change the conditions and then running around wondering why their model doesn’t work.

    Thus, the whole civnat thing. They’re trying to force people back into the old model after making changes to the culture. It’s not going to happen. I personally would not like to be on the Fed these days. What if your whole model is nonsense?

    • In the past, when whites were the overwhelming majority, it was possible to attack them and have them run for cover professing their love for the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But now that tactic is becoming increasingly difficult as whites being the long journey to thinking like any other minority group. You see this in how no matter what the regime does to Donald Trump, he never really falls below 40% approval. If this were the 1970s or the early 00s, his approval rating would be in the 20s. The ruling class is beside themselves and unable to explain this phenomenon. It’s easy though. Trump is increasingly the white ethnic champion, so they cannot abandon him because that would mean surrender to the hated other. This partly explains how highly ethnocentric groups like blacks always vote back in their corrupt mayor (Ray Nagin, Marion Barry) rather than vote republican.

      • Like that Singapore guy said, when you have a multi-ethnic society, democracy means voting for your ethnic group.

        • I can’t remember who to give proper credit, but someone on this site said “ideology is a luxury afforded by tribes that have secured their lands against other tribes.” Democracy and republics in the era of mass media can only work in small ethnostates.

          • We all to often forget that a republic, or its bastard cousin the (liberal) democracy, are the exception rather than the rule in world history. I don’t know world history well, but I agree with Horace’s statement(s). It is further true — so far as I( know — that multi-ethnic (or religious) or otherwise “diverse” peoples only live in relative peace when under a powerful ruler, usually authoritarian. In our lifetimes, perhaps Yugoslavia or the ex-Soviet Union might be good examples. Even though many of us here cherish the USA of the past, yes it was very but not completely racially homogenous, but it was quite diverse ideologically as Z sometimes mentions. The only reason it lasted as long as it did, maybe, was it being a (relativley) weak confederation of largely autonomous States. While we clearly have an increasingly powerful Federal government, it may not be powerful enough to keep the simmering tribes from boiling over.

  41. “changed the initial state of the American system” don’t you mean “changed the current state”?
    you really don’t ever want positive feedback in a system. for example, when a microphone is put in front of a speaker (being fed by the mic) you get that howling sound that increases rapidly in volume.

    i have worked on man systems where there are “layers” of old code that you literally did not change, ever. instead, you added a new layer — like rings on a tree.

    maybe the elites aren’t behind all the mayhem and chaos; they don’t really benefit from it. maybe there is a new player emerging.

      • Maybe but Red China has major issues going on.
        IMO simple catabolic collapse seems likely.
        The TL;DR version of that is “society gets too complex and expensive to keep together so it collapses to a sustainable level.”

        • oh for sure china is going to implode soon. they have some biblical level bad things going on there. and i think it has them panicked and making rash moves.

    • “maybe there is a new player emerging.”

      Consider your car. You have brake pedal, accelerator, wiper knobs, key ignition switch, trunk release, etc. These are all control nodes in a control network that is used to operate the vehicle. 

      Door locks and key ignition switches can be viewed as the master controls of your car, possession and power over which is the prerequisite to operating all the rest of the control nodes, especially the steering wheel. A would-be thief can have fun moving the steering wheel all they want, but if they don’t have a key to trip the ignition switch, they aren’t going anywhere. (keeping it simple to motivate the notion, neglecting steering wheel locks and hotwiring) Some nodes are more important than others. 

      Civilizations can be viewed the same way. Civilizational control nodes include but are not limited to the financial system especially the manufacture of currency (who gets to inject fiat money into the global system and how much do they get to keep), the manufacture of cultural products (media/news complex [people won’t act on information they don’t have], TV, movies, video games) that lead to personal identity formation (stealing of children is a time-honored way to erase another people, ex janissaries), the educational systems from which unapproved ideas (like constitutionalism or nationalism) are excluded, and the courts who handle dispute mediation (the globalist house always wins).

      I assert that the master control node is the manufacture of currency. (media/news second) It is like the door lock in your car. If you don’t have possession of that control node, then it is much more difficult to successfully compete for control over any of the others, including the secondary nodes like the legislative and even executive branches. Our enemies simply print more money for themselves, laundering it through layers of institutions until it is seen as legitimate, and use it as leverage over the other nodes.

      There was a time before I was born in which every single civilizational control node was substantively in the hands of real-Americans and our elites were White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. They, like every ruling class in human history, made plenty of mistakes, but they never wanted to actually to erase their own people. There are WASPs in some of our control nodes, but they are not AS AN ORGANIZED GROUP WITH THEIR OWN INSTITUTIONS in possession of any nodes much less either of the two master nodes: currency and media/news. Those have for the last several decades at least, been overwhelmingly under Jewish control, although their dominance is now being aggressively challenged by Indians and Chinese.

      The new player is not new in the sense of emerging into existence, but is merely an old player newly emerging from the shadows, forced out into the open to defend their imperial possessions amidst the chaos and turmoil that Donald Trump has entrained in his wake. They built a house of cards and he kicked it over. We are not being ruled over by our own people and have not been for decades. We are under hostile foreign occupation. Our natural aristocracy is not even on the field of battle for possession of the crucial nodes. This doesn’t mean we have lost, but that now with more widespread realization that we are in an existential civilizational war, the next phase begins.

  42. Btw owning sports team is not genuine business, at best it’s a side business.
    Never heard any jew say owning san antonio spurs(pick your team) helped them reach new heights of wealth.

    • Owning a sports franchise is like any other real estate venture. It is about asset appreciation. You buy the asset with borrowed money. The cash flow the asset generates covers the debt costs and operating costs. On paper, you make no money on it. Then the debt burden falls below the asset value through a combination of debt payments and asset inflation. You then take out a loan against the asset and that is your profit. Rinse. Repeat.

      • Funny how I enjoyed watching the New England Patriots far more when they were owned by a guy who ran a few tire garages.

      • some teams, like the yankees have very profitable broadcast networks they own. most teams do not, however. one of the nfl teams is owned by a family/person that made their money in the restaurant business. oops.

        there are owners, that depend on the team for their income, so those teams tend to be run on the cheap.

      • 20ish years ago, some guy who make like 50K a year almost bought the New York Islanders with nothing but bravado.

        The same league also had to gift a franchise to a star player in lieu of unpaid wages.

        • Rush Limbaugh tried to buy the majority shares of the St. Louis football Cardinals many years ago and the NFL shot it down because they didn’t like his politics.

      • Is it just me or does that seem like an insane business practice to allow? I’m genuinely asking, I have no idea. If you ever do more economic posts, I’d be interested in your take.

  43. Sports entertainment is the most useless of luxury items. At least a luxury home still provides shelter and a luxury car gets you places you need to go. Televised sports do nothing but consume your time. As soon as that spell is broken – because they can’t stand the athletes they are paying to watch, people find other ways to spend time. I can watch more entertaining games with people I like at the local high school.

  44. i think watching sports is a boomer thing, it happened during a transitional period in history when people had tv, but internet was missing.
    There’s a reason nba kisses chinese asses.
    Most people who are interested in sports nowadays watch game highlights on youtube(doesn’t last long, you can skip boring parts), bet some money, maybe leave some comments on skip bayless videos and move on with their life.

    • Sports is an Anglo-Saxon thing. The popularity of it will ebb and flow with the population of Anglos, and by extension whites, but all major sportsball variants were developed by Anglos. (As opposed to Olympics or other simple recreational activities performed by half-naked men or men on horseback, which were not Anglo.)

      • Soccer and baseball started out as working-class pastimes in UK and America respectively. Football was created after the Civil War to give elite college men the experience of something approximating battle.

        • Soccer and baseball started out as working-class pastimes in UK and America

          That’s interesting because with the rise of advanced stats and analysis, one could argue that baseball has become one of the most intellectually high-end sportsball pastimes.

        • And the retreat of White men from participating in sports has created a huge dysgenic effect while doing the opposite for blacks. I’ve often wondered how wise it would be to throw huge numbers of scary roided up black men out of jobs where their main activity was beating the hell out of each other. Where do you think they will take that aggression. I bet Rick Moranis has an answer for you.

    • The leagues going full-on “Black” was the last straw (at least for me) but the collapse of sports has been setting up for a while.Two points: (1) Leagues shot themselves in the foot by ending the “specialness” or “scarcity” effect. Baseball was what you switched on when you got home from work in the evenings. Football was for weekend gatherings. Effect is ruined when you can get the highlights on your phone any time. (2) They made it too expensive to be a fan. You can’t walk up and buy tickets anymore for cheap: they pre-sell the whole arena to season ticketholders. And if you want to watch non-featured games you’ve got to buy the special cable packages for hundreds per month. Dumb greedy leagues really harmed themselves.

      • Chicago Cubs games at Wrigley Field have been extremely popular and the ticket prices reflect that. In the seventies, maybe even the early eighties, the upper deck would sometimes be closed for weekday games, since attendance was so low. My buddies and I would regularly attend games in the bleachers, where ticket prices were about $1.50. As recently as the mid-80’s, prices were $5.00, about the same price as a movie then. Maybe the recent era of bloated prices and corporate season tickets will pass. I hope so.

      • You can’t walk up and buy tickets anymore for cheap

        You got that shit right. Even the seats in the nosebleed section cost a good portion of a day’s wages. Add in parking and even a single drink (soda, beer is way too expensive) and you’re well into a couple of day’s wages.

        • Mets game in Shea stadium in 60’s. Old man gave me $5. Got me on the subway to Shea, ticket, pizza and soda, subway home—still had change enough for the neighborhood movie theater the next day.

        • Prior to 9/11 they’d let you into Fenway after the 7th inning. It used to be you could buy “standing room,” move down, sit in the posh seats until the seasons’ ticket owners showed up. Now you’re supposed to stand in the painted box up under the grandstands-which not only destroys a tradition-but the point.

          • In the 50’s and 60’s, Fenway was usually empty. You could get into the bleacher section for 50¢. The right field seats were usually filled by nuns in habits, there gratis.

        • Went to a diamondbacks game years ago and couldn’t believe the prices for everything – one and done.

      • Very true, but don’t forget that, at least with the NFL, most games stopped being entertaining. Between bad coaching from a lot of bottom tier teams and legalistic refereeing and review, there’s tended to be a lot of frankly unwatchable games over the past 10 years especially.

    • Probably true. Also, literally no sports, including the nba & nfl were nigrified they way they are now. I was a big cowboys fan in the 70’s/80’s and the team was 60-70% White. Now it’s the exact opposite, if not worse.

  45. I read the whole thing in Z’s “right wing NPR” voice and made the boooom! sound at the end, just to get my fix.

  46. Obvious point, but the internet has been key in fracturing, and in many cases losing, the “audience” for the Manipulators of the Cultural Rhythm.

    A lot of people have simply retreated to their own social media bubbles and niche hobbies.

    That could be a good thing for us. I loved an old motto I used to see on the Identity Dixie website: secede in your mind. A lot of people have done that unconsciously (in addition to /our/ guys, who have done it consciously.)

    Psychological separation can help move towards formal separation.

    • And once you’ve “seceded,” as you say, you never see the people in the Offical Lie World the same way again.

      In addition to sports looking ridiculous when you’re finally “on the outside,” how about the shitlib news anchors and opinion hosts? With their phony Serious Face, you can see them for the slimy second-rate actors they really are.

      Once you can see that, you never unsee it. But there are a lot of normies who still don’t see it, and our job is to help get them out of the Matrix.

      • Watching mainstream television is the equivalent of rubbing shit in your eyes routinely. Disease and blindness are sure to follow. TV is a tonic for boredom, but also an insidious mind killer. Get out the 12 gauge and shoot your television set today. It’s the only way to be sure.

        • We just got a new big screen. Had the old one 10 years. My wife would invoke the red flag law on my ass if I did that. But seriously, I don’t watch regular tv on it, mostly you tube videos. Couple of nights ago I watched a vid on how to land a 737 jet airliner in twelve easy steps in case the pilots suddenly vanished. You can download it on your smartphone, hint hint.

        • Watching mainstream television is the equivalent of rubbing shit in your eyes routinely. 

          I knew there was a reason I don’t watch TV any more (haven’t for years). Never was a big fan of sitcoms anyhow and the dramas just got so far gone into what the ZMan called “Blackwashing” that I just got fed up. Haven’t watched the news since I woke up politically back around ’16 (Okay, so I was a late bloomer. Sue me.) and realized what a load of leftist crap the network news were putting out.

      • But there are a lot of normies who still don’t see it, and our job is to help get them out of the Matrix.
        Taking your analogy of Normies being in the Matrix I would just say what happened after they got people out? They didn’t leave them on their own and say good luck they actually brought them into the tribe and physically helped them…That’s why I’ve been advocating for Building Community for so long because we need to be helping those who are awake as well as being ready to help those who have just awakened…We have to be doing more than just waking people up online we have to be doing just as much or more in the physical realm…

        • I’ve always agreed that MPAI (most people are idiots), but I was still shocked when my husband mentioned that when he used the terms “knockout game” and “polar bear hunting” to two guys who heard about Rick Moranis getting sucker punched, neither had ever heard of either. Both are somewhat race realist normies, and both looked them up after my husband mentioned them, and both were shocked it was a thing. We can’t truly comprehend the incredible blindness/ignorance of the normie who gets all his news from standard sources. He’s literally living in a different world.

          • The problem with MSM news is that it’s meant to distract not to inform. You could watch a months worth and know no more than when you started(Tucker is the only exception). it’s that bad.
            Think of the movie “They Live” and that is the world we live in.

      • you can see them for the slimy second-rate actors they really are.

        2nd rate? I think you have just offered mortal insult to 2nd rate actors everywhere. Best apologize – profusely and often.

      • Vlacek Havel wrote “live as if you are free” in the midst of living in communist tyranny. I never grokked until recently how brilliant that advice was.

    • Psychological separation, seceding in your mind, will grow worse in the future. I’m an example. I reduced my sports watching habit years ago, primarily due to sports commentary shows. As racism against Whites increased, a Pavlovian-like response activated in my mind, so whenever something racially uncomfortable presented itself, seen first through sports commentary shows on places like ESPN, I turned off. You know, “cuck white male pitted against stereotypical angry black man” shows.

      Increasingly, I find this is true among basically everything I watch nowadays. In the 90s, I watched lots of multicultural shows, things like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine which had a black captain; but now I cannot stomach the newer Discovery show which also has a black lead. Mostly, that’s due to the unconscious association I’ve built over the years, due mainly to the left and not the right, between those demographics and their behavior against my group. Pretty much anything with a whiff of diversity in it is an instant pass for me, unless it (perhaps ironically) is something that’s all diverse like an Asian movie or a black television series from the 90s.

      This phenomenon may kill sports among key demos in the future, white males with money. Some hispanics and blacks will watch, millions, but it won’t be what it used to be.

      • Now that you mention it, a little bit is bearable, but too much retcons the past into trash too. The movie Die Hard is a great example; loved the movie but I have a hard time sitting through it anymore since the black hacker, the noble black cabbie/cop-savage and (of course) the “evil Germans” is so grating it’s like fingernails on chalkboard.

    • Actually no, other than secede in the mind it never goes anywhere.

      And by God, no Con_FED poasting here! If there’s no Fedpoasting, then no Con-Fed posting.

  47. Is it possible that sports was a uniting feature of the American cultural landscape?
    Now that division has reached record levels, maybe people can no longer believe in this (fake) unity. And hence feel less inclined to participate?
    Of course the politicalization of sports does not help either.

    • I think there’s something to that. Before modern media, radio, television we were all separate peoples living separate lives in separate and distinct communities. The television actually brought us together and made us one people, we were all watching the same three channels and identifying with the same stories, and then a giant hammer of the internet came down on it and splintered it into a million fragments. It does seems like sports with the last bastion of that. Now we have to find new community. New meaning.

      • The combination of VHS tapes and Cable TV was the first hammer blow. The internet finished it off.

        • This is a very good point, Epa. The first blows came nearly 40 years ago and the digital age completed the atomization of the people. The pathetic attempts to corral thought via Netflix and other new and improved old media has failed because there are too many outlets and other avenues.

      • You already have the New Community, and new meaninglessness; its here.
        This is Moldbug’s solution to The Dire Problem- have people live online, virtually. Give all the minorities but above all the Whites a LARP existence, including DR, online politics, online “work”, etc.

        What happened this year was the implementation of Moldbug’s Dire Problem solution. Its good for the JJJJs, bad for the rest.

        But it worked.

        • When Then and Whitney,

          I see what you are saying and we’ve all witnessed it. I do have a question, and I’m being sincere because I dont know where to place it in my paradigm yet. I keep seeing story after story, and statistics to back it up, that Americans are moving throughout the US in massive numbers. Yes there is some element of seeking economic opportunity, and certainly an uptick from the cities burning… but it seems many Americans are almost self-sorting by what appears to be politics and somewhat by ethnicity.

          My question is, where does that move the needle from online “communities” to actual meat space ones? Are we about to see large segments rejecting the internet atomization of our society? I mean, to move states away from your current one is a massive undertaking for most folks. It isn’t like jumping from one internet community to another or finding a new online club because you’ve picked up a new hobbie.

          Anyone have any ideas what these means?

          • to answer Penitent man; it’s difficult to see any positive action in flight, we whites fled before and apparently aren’t ready to make a stand. Its difficult to see anyone doing more than run or grumble and I see nothing definite coming from the right- in truth I think the Left will have to make some horrible, overreaching mistake that is possible but unlikely – or an actual full out revolution or coup by Leftist elements in the Capital finally forces the hands of those not leftist. The non leftist part of America has tremendous potential going to waste – and with zero indeed negative organization (the Right actively discourages organization by calling people names and casting suspicions- that is what I mean by negative organization) it would take months or years to organize an effective counterforce to the left.

            In summary; all the decisions that matter are in the enemies hands; it will take colossal chains of mistakes for them to lose their enormous advantages of organization and position long enough for an effective (victory) counterforce against them to organize and succeed.

            Pray that someone in the military stands up and leads.
            Trump is not a fighter, he’s a vacuum when it comes to action. Trump is very, very normie in his politics. He calls the lawyers and the police. No one seems to have convinced Trump that the lawyers and police, military are looking to the President for orders…

            …orders that are never coming.
            Our orders will be to standby in place. The entire nation will fold ala Covid.

            No it won’t break up. It will just continue on the current path …

            And my quarrel here is that our thought leaders and influencers are enforcing the very entropy that prevents our salvation – and doubt it not the survival of many here and from sea to sea.

            No one is coming to save you, and those that would are checked.

          • So, you see it as people fleeing? Nothing more than a repeat of the expansion/exaggeration of the white flight to suburbia of the late 60s-80s?

            That feels correct in part, and yet incomplete as well. You may not be far off on your future predictions, God knows. I’m more concerned with this contemporary volkenwanderungen and understanding it more intimately.

          • The crazy part is until this year, intrastate movement was at all-time lows. People were escaping from California, of course, but the percentage staying put was otherwise nearly universal.

          • As I mentioned in my post above, I’ve been trying to do some organizing online with a deliberate focus on meeting in meatspace. I think this is how the Great American Sortation could work out. Go and find people who are ideological kin in your local area. Most will be Civnat or 2A types but that’s how most of us got here too. As you get to know these people, find those you trust who want to move to a whiter area and orchestrate a collective move with them. Americans did this all the time in the past. Remember wagon trains? Of course our whole country was initially the same kind of thing but done by those wretched Puritans, whose descendants still plague us today.

            My analysis of the dichotomy between Left and Right in terms of organizing is that the two groups are simply different types of people, with some overlap in the upper middle class.

            The Left: A variety of people ranging from wealthy cynical manipulators who don’t believe any of it, to those whose professions are essentially manufactured by Leftism (government workers, schoolteachers, college faculty and staff), to minorities, sexual degenerates, drug addicts, and petty criminals. The latter groups are what Marx called the lumpenproletariat. They are a reliable ready made army for Leftist causes. They have little to lose, are highly risk tolerant and even thrill seeking, and are not afraid of the criminal justice system.

            The Right: This is primary the productive or, in the case of displaced and impoverished workers, formerly productive class. There are also large elements of independent professionals in things like law, accounting, IT, and even medicine. This is essentially all small businessmen. Even the ones who start out liberal move Right as they struggle with red tape, entitled employees and customers, AA, and other bullshit inflicted by the Left. The chief problem here is that these people often (still) have much to lose. They own homes and businesses, have positive net worth, and usually a clean criminal record that they would like to keep that way.

            The pessimism of many here though is unwarranted. Leftist movements ALWAYS have the lumpenproletariat as a tool for example. That doesn’t mean they always win nor does it mean that will win even where they have won before. The key advantage we have is that there are huge numbers of us, we are resourceful, skilled and well armed, and the political tide actually does seem to be turning our way nationally and even globally. IT makes sense to be wary of going out and doing things that are illegal or engaging the lumpenproles in street battles in places like Portland. I’m pretty sure this year’s “festivities” in fact were pretty much designed to draw us out to do just that and end up jailed and broke. It’s a credit to our side’s higher average IQ that we didn’t take this bait. That doesn’t mean that we can or should stay hidden from each other or shun organization in real life.

            The first things we need to do are simple and still totally legal. Getting together to plan to shoot so-and-so-lefty-tyrant, not OK. Getting together to plan and organize the defense of your neighborhood if BLM thugs show up. Totally legal and now absolutely necessary.

    • Yes. Back when I was listening to some sports talk radio, it was commented more than a few times that sports is the only thing keeping a community, city, or state together. For example you’d hear this as a talking point for funding a new stadium, so that City Name Sports Team wouldn’t leave.

      • CNST? Any chance you’re a former SA Goon?

        More seriously, Seinfeld was correct that, in this day and age of free agency and the players all being pals off-court, you may as well be rooting for laundry.

        Back in the 40s and 50s, in the NHL, there was real, visceral hatred between Detroit, Toronto, and Montreal. Heck, even as late as the 90s there was great hate between Detroit and Colorado that people in those regions could bond around.

        • Back in the 40s and 50s, in the NHL, there was real, visceral hatred between Detroit, Toronto, and Montreal.”

          Remember that in Detroit in 60s and 70s. Good times. Speaking of that, same thing with music; Detroit, Cleveland, etc. had local music scenes that people were quite happy with, no need for some NYC or LA band to come to town.

        • There was the same thing in the NFL in the 70s between Dallas and Washington, and, to a lesser extent, Dallas and Philadelphia. Of course, Philly hated everybody.

      • I can attest to that as a guy living in Los Angeles when the Kobe/Shaq era was the glue keeping the city together

      • For Low IQ boomers maybe. To watch america’s past times with rules and strategy devolve into roid raging, full contact hunter gatherer brawls and not be appalled is nothing short of cursing your children. The day i learned my favorite batter couldnt speak english, i quit sports forever. Its lead to the africanization of every european art form, and now politics and legislation. Boomer relatives call me racist for saying “their” behavior is genetic. We just spent 50 years and trillions of dollars trying to help them. It was easier to put a man on the moon. Now future generations will have to live in a black fetishized society thanks to boomers’ worship of bllack athletes and oprah winfrey.

      • Marko: I don’t believe that professional sports has any cosmic meaning. It’s athletes playing ball, and fans buying beer and hotdogs and cheering for a few hours.

    • Up until the last several months I’ve followed sportsball very closely. I was a regular listener of WSCR (the Score) in Chicago. There are two hosts in particular, Dan Bernstein and Hub Arkush (yes, they both echo) on that station who started injecting politics into sports a few years ago. Occasionally at first, then rapidly increasing after 2016. Listeners would plead to “keep politics out of sports,” yet they were ignored and even ridiculed at times, as not caring about social justice and race issues. And now, those berated sports fans have added another thing they don’t care about: Sports.

      • I stopped listening to Bernstein when Terry Boers left because Berstein on his own was becoming more political. He was already an unctuous turd before that. I remember when Obama was elected in ’08 he wondered what it would be like to have a president who played basketball. Of course the answer to that as the answer to all questions regarding wakandans is…. wait for it….. more crime.

      • There used to be a morning drive-time sport chat show on WEEI in Boston hosted by two Irish guys who leaned normie/libertarian. It was consistently #1 in the ratings. The station (due to various organized Bolshie protests) fired those hosts and their replacements have yet to crack the top-ten in that time slot. Go figure.

    • My theory is that “talking sports” was common currency. The content was always trivial: silly stats, a good hit, whatever. But rich, poor, black, white could all converse about it with equal expertise and the topic was not contentious. This was a good thing. And it is now totally gone…like everything it has become specialized, politicized, tribalized.

      • Indeed, sports was always a safe topic. Like ‘the weather” but more interesting. Now you cannot mention sports without fear of losing your job.

    • In keeping with this vein, last Wednesday – I believe it was – a woman called in to one of the major daytime radio talk shows and said the following, “When you come right down to it, what do we have in common anymore?” She gave a couple of examples of why she posed that question and the host actually said, “Is there any type of overlap that we can say constitutes a common heritage now? From my perspective, most of us do not.” Said woman caller then said, “I think it’s time to start partitioning up the country, let’s have an amicable divorce while we haven’t started killing each other yet.”
      So it was nice to finally hear that on a national radio program and not have it met with cries of, “Oh come on, really!”. Maybe that bar got moved a little further down the field.

    • Not sure about sports, but at least with the debate ratings drop, it could be that (1) most everyone’s minds are made up, (2) the debates are pretty much fake and biased, and/or (3) nothing really of substance gets discussed. Just a waste of time, and a not very entertaining one at that.

  48. The following weeks, months and years are probably going to be very exciting and more than likely scary and possibly bloody.

        • What I’m speculating about could make the past few months look like a boy scout campout. You’re thinking to small.

          • “Sup fellow white Supremacists. I’ve got this cool new group called Stormwaffen that I want to tell you about.We’re all badass cis white males here, and we hate them Jews and Blacks (but not whites). We’ve got guns, knives, sharp sticks, sonic electronic vaporizers. Oh, and we’ve got this merch store which includes mugs and t-shirts. Just put in your credit card and personal information at our website. You can also link your social media to us. We’re going to march on Portland in the next couple of weeks to ‘own the libs.’ Tell all your friends. Join today.”


          • Well, I can say one thing. I casually mentioned a couple weeks ago, that in addition to my sidearm, I was gonna toss a long gun into the truck and that I need to get to the range to get it sighted in. Everybody around looked at me. Basically saying, “I did that awhile ago.”
            Folks, this is the city, not the rurals. There ain’t no four legged varmints begging to be shot.

          • I think we can probably all agree that we are building towards something very unpleasant. I speculate that what has occurred recently is just a very tiny warm up. It’s just speculation though but history has shown that build ups like we are witnessing now can be very, very unpleasant.

          • when then, your energies should be directed at raising independent healthy resourceful and brave children , and getting them through the chaos that could happen if things really go south. best of luck. faith family friends all need to be supported in these unstable times. godspeed, friend

          • miforest- that is a woman’s answer, not a man’s. Women win by having children. If you are a woman congratulations.

            If you are a man….

          • you could ask my children which I am. but there may be others here that would give your assessment a glowing recommendation

          • You do know how babies are made right? Including white babies.

            That said, I agree that one day we will have to stop hunkering down, and that for now, at least some strong yet peaceful visibility is needed; so normies see there’s an alternative to the system on one hand, and that the alternative supporters look more like Kyle (or Mark Collett) than like Dylann. even Christians came out of the catacombs once in a while, and had soldiers in their ranks before and after taking over.

          • Yes and no. Leftist disruption of society, sure. The stage is different. 60s-70s: majority white populace, the general tenor and hue of society was much more civil, the Democrats of that time period would be indistinguish able from today’s right wingers in almost every metric.

            Today: opposite of most of the above with the added coarseness of society and a business and media complex that is funding and openly agitating for the chaotic rabble.

          • They brought the old south to ruin, then the rust belt, they’re finishing up on the west coast and moving into the new south currently. The locust system.

    • Russia’s October Revolution was facilitated by a harsh winter that kept malcontents in their homes. As soon as the weather warmed and people entered the streets in masse, revolution and violence occurred; the Czar abdicated in a matter of weeks. That’s why these lockdowns are going to be hard to relinquish. The ruling class is scared. They think if they let too many people out too quickly, the kinds of protests we’ve seen so far might just be the tip of the iceberg.

      • I know people in Alabama, where Chinese Flu is a sideshow to the bearded lady sideshow. The Ancient Governor, who previously had extended the Mask Mandate until the end of September, emerged from her hole in the ground this week and, upon being startled by her shadow, declared five more weeks of Mask Mandate!

      • Pardon my pedantry, but…
        It was the February/March Revolution (depending on what calendar one uses) of which the spark was the terrible winter, the horrible casualties of the war so far, and the simple inability of the regime to stock the Petrograd bakeries with bread. The 300 year old Romanov dynasty and the even older Russian monarchy collapsed in a couple of days. The moderates, “constitutionals”, etc formed a government under Kerensky.
        What happened in October/November was a Bolshevik coup capitalizing on war weariness and the lack of an actual program other liberal democratic talk by the provisional elite.
        As ever a determined minority with a program, ruthlessness, and guns can have quite an impact.

        • The determined minority already won. The Bolshevik revolution was impossible without the Soldiers Soviets (councils) defecting, without German Gold, without German Troops sparing the Russian Troops who chose Lenin, and above all without a revolutionary party organized and disciplined enough to take power – given the advantages above. No such apparatus exists in America except on the Left, and the online Right Wing enforces “no Fedpoasting” to make sure it never comes into existence. The Future belonged to who showed up, had meetings, organized. That was the Left and they won. A victory the DR helped consolidate. > that is all that happened on the DR.

          • I gave you an upvote though some of your other comments have been a bit inflammatory. I agree with you though that the problem with the Right is that it is huge on the internet and can’t be found IRL. I think this originates from the talk radio culture of the 90s actually. Back then many people liked that they could call Rush Limbaugh or one of his imitators and rant about all the things going wrong in the country. It was semi-anonymous and the fact that the show was national kept the focus on Presidential elections, big legislation and other national level stuff. When the Right moved online in the late 90s this continued and the internet blog and forum culture of today remains focused on national level issues and politics. At the same time globalists like Soros and corporatists in Silicon Valley were buying up DAs, governors, and city councils. This is why, in a lot of jurisdictions, you can’t just shoot the bastards when they act up unless you do it stealthily or are prepared for a legal fight.

            All of this absolutely needs to change. I’ve been doing some things myself to get people refocused on the local with the most immediate concern, given the proximity of the election, being neighborhood and community self defense. I’m not a charismatic gay black man of dubious nationality though so maybe I’m not cut out for the role of “community organizer” but history foists these things on us sometimes.

            At some point, if we’re serious about our bullshit we will need to take the off the silly masks (both physically and metaphorically), tell each other our real names or at least our old school gang handles (call me Mr. White from Reservoir Dogs), and meet somewhere in old fashioned real space and time. I have more to say but I need to get back to work. I’ll post it later.

          • You stepped some corns. The thing is the DR isn’t even a movement, it has no manifesto, no agenda, no nothing. Just some guys with blogs.
            I can’t even point any whites to what the DR is it’s so bad. Tucker is about the only guy we have who we can’t disaffected to.

            And what is worse, he’s hated by many DR types.

    • The lockdowns brought to mind the feeling of a hurricane approaching. Empty streets. People huddled up. Same vibe. If anyone here has lived through hurricanes, did you sense the same?

      • Agree, but when the storm hit all we got was a stiff breeze and some roof tiles knocked off.

        Then, we woke up to a world which our betters insisted had been flattened, 9th Ward style, but we could see with our own eyes was fully intact.

        • Problem of storm metaphor is it breaks down compared with Covid-19. The disease—being invisible—does not go away and demonstrably ends. It is claimed to be lurking, ready to spring upon the unwary, a wolf hidden in the shadows. No amount of pointing to an observable world untouched will placate the fears of the masses.

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