Us And Them

A striking feature of American liberal democracy is the great gap between the reality of the political class and the people. The Cloud People are not just floating above the Dirt People, living different lives, like aristocrats of old. They no longer have a clear vision of the Dirt People below them. Instead, they conceive of the people over whom they rule based on inputs from the managerial class. To the political class, the general public is an abstraction, not a physical reality.

One example of this is in how the political class understands hierarchy. Every Washington politician and appointee lives in a world where hierarchy is well understood and respected. The appointed class have an array of titles that indicate their position in the hierarchy. Elected officials, of course, have their office and their committee assignments, along with their seniority. This is a world every one of them inherited when they entered politics. It is how it has always been.

In this world, a senator tells his staff to do something and he just assumes they will do it, assuming it can be done. If it cannot be done, then he is going to have them find out why it cannot be done and report back to him. An appointee works the same way within the bureaucracy. They have a staff, usually of appointees, and that staff carries out the orders of the director or secretary. Even though nothing of public good is done in Washington, the petty tasks are carried out with precision.

In this regard, the political class is a petty aristocracy. Senator Lindsey Graham, for example, commands absolute loyalty from his staff. Not only does his staff do what they are told, they faithfully keep his secrets. He has been in the Imperial Capital for a quarter century, without a hint of scandal, despite the obvious. Congress operates a private slush fund to settle sexual harassment claims. Over 260 claims have been paid, without a word about the details. That’s loyalty.

Scan the biographies of the political class and the thing you will be hard pressed to find is anything resembling real world experience. Few have ever worked in the dreaded private sector. Those that have, worked in the law or maybe finance. These careers were just alternative paths to the place they wanted to be all along. There are no sons of the soil in Washington. The exception is President Trump, which is why he is hated by the entire political class. He is not one of them.

If any of these people had spent time in the world of the Dirt People, they would know that the reality of the petty aristocracy is nothing like reality. In the dreaded private sector, a manager at any level must be conscious of his subordinates. If that manager is going to make his bosses happy, he has to keep his people happy. Otherwise, they will not do what he asks and they will undermine his authority. This is the reason every middle manager sounds like a psychotherapist.

In the military, every officer is trained to know this. There is a strict hierarchy and ethos that says you respect the rank, not the man. Humans are human, so that theory gives way to the reality that men follow men. A good officer is one who commands the respect of his men. Bad officers think they can just issue orders and they will be carried out, no matter how stupid or ridiculous. The officer who acts like a petty aristocrat can find himself with a live grenade in his bunk.

Everywhere in the dreaded private sector, hierarchy relies about a dynamic that is not all that different from a pirate ship. Everyone understands that someone has to be in charge and that there has to be order. The question as to who is in charge and who gives the orders, however, is not written in stone. You earn your position and you keep earning it in the execution of your duties. Unlike in Washington, failure has consequences and people get fired and demoted.

This great gap between the Cloud People and the Dirt People in the nature of human organization and hierarchy is the great source of friction. We see that with the response to the Covid virus. The petty tyrants in the lowest level of the petty aristocracy just assumed the rest of us would happily follow their orders. The striking feature of this pandemic is how the political class is resentful that the public has not celebrated them in song and story for their heroism during these times.

The ruling class sees no danger in their social engineering schemes, because everyone they know thinks they are great ideas. Spend time in the Imperial Capital and it is like visiting a foreign planet. They live in a world that is divorced from the reality of the human condition. It has evolved into something closer to a college campus, where good times or bad, it is always the best of times. It is why critic race theory sounds like a grand idea to them. All of their ideas are grand ideas.

For those old enough to remember, there is a Ceausescu’s last speech quality to what we hear from our political elites and their organs. The gap between us and them has reached such a point it is impossible for us to think of them as us. This reality is slowly creeping into the minds of the dirty people like the fog. The Cloud People, however, remain locked in their old mode of thought. Nancy Pelosi truly thinks she is a beloved and respected figure to the Dirt People.

In such situations, there is always a moment when the people suddenly realize that they are not alone in their thoughts about us and them. That is what happened during Ceausescu’s last speech. The people suddenly realized that everyone else had the same thoughts about their ruler. On that day, that reality was made clear to Ceausescu’s as he gave his speech. The next day he fled the capital and a few days later he was tried and executed.

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373 thoughts on “Us And Them

  1. A musical note (pardon the pun.) Today’s essay’s title is the same as a Pink Floyd song from their morose (and one of the best-selling rock albums of all time) 1973 Dark Side of the Moon.
    More or less, the song is about the conflicts that divide man. Applicable to politics, but of course not to our illustrious Z, is the verse:
    “Haven’t you heard? It’s a battle of words, and most of them are lies.”

  2. The petty tyrants in the lowest level of the petty aristocracy just assumed the rest of us would follow their orders.

    The sad fact is that they were right – at least for a while. I don’t know about other places but in Texas failure to obey carried a possible FINE of up to $1,000 and/or imprisonment in county lockup for up to A YEAR.

    What the aforementioned petty tyrants failed (and continue to fail) to realize is that all compliance – be to laws, military orders, constitutions or the bylaws of the Tuesday Afternoon Quilting And Literary Society – is voluntary. Said compliance may be coerced but ultimately it is voluntary. No matter the cost of non-compliance, ultimately all compliance is voluntary. This is a.foundational principle of all human groups.

    There are three other foundational principles of human groups:
    1) All governments derive ALL their power – not merely their just power – from the consent of the governed. Said compliance may be willing, tacit or coerced but, as in the case of compliance, it is volitional. As such it is subject to being withdrawn.
    2) The ratio of “Indians” to “Chiefs” (governed to governors) will ALWAYS favor the “Indians”. The same is true for Dirt People and Cloud Peop!e.
    3) As.Stalin put it, ” Quantity has a quality all its own.” A sufficiently large group of sufficiently motivated unarmed serfs CAN take down a fully armed and armored knight. They will not do so easily or cheaply, but they CAN do it.

    • A sufficiently large group of sufficiently motivated unarmed serfs CAN take down a fully armed and armored knight.

      Speaking of our Russian friends, the Vampir RPG-29 is more than capable of taking out an Abrams or Leopard 2 main battle tank.

      The Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict is proving how effective armed drones are versus vehicles and armor.

      • If a man and his wife can’t defend their home from an angry mob without repercussion we don’t have a society.

        We have Mad Max.

  3. We’re ruled by pussy pretend gangsters and criminals, they know they won’t be held accountable because they write the rules. Real leaders rule from the front. They don’t ask the people to do something they, themselves, would’nt do.. Leading by example, with integrity and honesty, builds morale. No one in DC fits that bill. Whores, pieces of shit , who deserve no respect.

    • When I was a teen, one of my older buddies got his license and his dad gave him an old Datsun. The car was more body filler than car at that point, but it was freedom. We drove around blasting Van Halen. We thought we were the coolest guys on earth.

      • driving around in a convertible blasting Panama down the sunny boulevards of Tampa was pretty cool

        Not the greatest song but it was about the experience

        I think we also thought we were the coolest guys on earth or at least Tampa

      • Summer of 1986, my cousin bought a 1970 Chevelle with an 8 track player in it. It was still very easy back then to pick up an 8-track to cassette converter and one of the albums we listened to incessantly that summer was 1984.

    • I usually post here as another handle but this story would dox me, so new nom de guerre.

      Already out front. I worked as a stage builder during college – when minimum wage was $2.40 or so, they paid $16.00 an hour PLUS threw a party at the venue when we were all done AND you were backstage for any show you worked.

      One show was Van Halen, early 1980s. We built the stage, scaffolding. One level at a time. Climb, next pipe handed up. Hammer it in. Climb. I asked to be a top man, as only top guys did not have to wear a hardhat (hey I was a kid). Eventually, you had all these people on the scaf, always swaying a bit.

      Then in come the sound and light guys, two separate crews. When the show was over, they took down their stuff, then you and your crew took down the stage. It was basically an ‘on’ weekend of work with a rock concert in the middle. The work was so taxing, about 8-10 hours setup, then takedown same —- that you pretty much looked out at the crowd, headphones on, with less interest than you’d think. Maybe catch a nap against some rolled up floor pads during the show. Check out some of the women lifting their shirts near the front row.

      What I do remember is that the Van Halen roadies gave us locals no respect. They yelled shit at the two girls on our crew, we yelled shit back. After the show, Valerie Bertanelli came out of their party shitfaced. But she was friendly to our crew, just gawking for a look. The whole Van Halen M&M thing is true, BTW.

      The Van Halen guys would come out and check out the stage. We were there for their sound checks. They had these long ego ramps. I mean WE BUILT these long ego ramps. It was fun.

      I only got the job because I happended to see a guy, Kenny (his name) coming out of a show with this crew. I had moved around, and remembered him from elementary school. When I had moved into this new town, wrestling in gym was a way to get at the guys that had status. Kick some ass like a wild animal, change your status as a new kid. But at this works, even in elementary school, go that route and earn respect. Make friends.

      So I get Kenny to tell me who to talk to. I go to his boss, first thing guys asks me, “are you crazy?” Hell yes. Hired. I ask if he needs another crazy guys, run and get one of my buddies. He is also hired.

      The rest of the story, ca$h in pocket, good times. Broke my ass but I was already used to that from working construction in high school.

      Eddie Van Halen, thump-thump (sound through headphones). Now did I mention the beach trip in my buddy’s Jeep CJ with two chicks, with a fresh out of the wrapper Van Halen II?

    • Wasn’t that band sort of superficial and overrated? There’s a cheapness to their music. Like a musical version of a drinking helmet. Not really good music, just a reminder of a place and time for some people. “Remember that time when we took the van to the lake that summer?….Remember that girl in the halter top that showed her titties?….What was her name?….and remember that Van Halen song that was playing?” It’s still better than a lot of 90’s music, like Smash Mouth or Hootie, the most overrated bands of that decade.

      • The music was good, the frontman was limited vocally, the songs were juvenile

        In my experience, it was music the long haired public school kids listened to, speaking as a prep schooler. But it was fun to blast it loud when driving to the beach. It was more about the experience.

      • I kind of put them in the same category as Thin Lizzy, KISS, Foghat. Basically drinking and getting stoned music.

    • anyone surprised that he was the first to go. Sammy Hagar I think is like 6-7 years older than everyone else in the band.

  4. I would argue the gap between the Ruling Elite and ordinary people and reality is the lack of War. Western societies much like forests seem to need “fire” to clear away choking underbrush. It seems to be why all Western societies are just choked with awful parasitical ruling elites.
    War, and I don’t mean the current Special Forces Olympics, exposes weakness, creates urgency, mobilizes great forces, and brings to the top leadership that would have otherwise been rejected. Lee was always the leader among the South, but no one would have thought Nathan Bedford Forrest worthy of anything but being a mule driver. Nor Grant anything but a storekeeper. Or Sherman an obscure military college instructor, all things they were doing before the War bore them up by necessity to command.
    Ike observed in “Crusade in Europe” that Kasserine Pass and the defeat there, and it was a massive defeat, exposed the utter incompetence of many generals and required their retirement and promotion of those who combat showed were able and gifted.
    The industrial warfare along the Eastern Front devastated the leadership class after WWII among the Soviets and satellites the way it had in the Western Front in WWI. BUT … both WWI and WWII pushed up all sorts of people in the US and UK who otherwise would have been obscure and meaningless people.
    The long, long peace of Europe after Napoleon was in retrospect, disastrous. As it led to complacency, inbred leadership, that were far removed from any understanding of reality: the Czar, the Kaiser, the court at Vienna, the French and the British.
    Thought experiment: with half the US fleet at the bottom of the Pacific, and Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, and Hawaii plus parts of Alaska under Chinese control, would any of the super-woke young White women running the country under President Harris (seemingly a slam dunk given polling — even Sailer figures Trumps toast) be allowed anywhere near power?
    Sheer survival would guarantee the elite would turn to competence no matter how gauche to keep their status and not be overturned by foreign elites who’d run everything.
    The proliferation of young White women all over the place in the ruling elite, particularly in the media, Hollywood, and politics (most of Biden’s staffers are young White women who literally know nothing and resemble Monica Lewinsky) are alone evidence of too long a peace. Western peoples seem to need the requirements of War, real war, war that threatens elites, to create reforms and turmoil enough to clear out the deadwood of the ruling class.

    • History is replete with examples where a ruling elite did not rise to the challenge presented by an existential foreign threat.

  5. This is one of your better posts recently. I agree wholeheartedly except that I think our elite overlords know that they flushed our economy down the toilet with debt, trade “deals”, shipping jobs overseas, mass uncontrolled immigration, and the opioid crisis. They know they did this to us… and intentionally. So, I think people like Schumer and Pelosi know full well that they have provoked and insulted (again, intentionally) easily 150 million Americans. They want us to react so that they can vilify us in the media and in political life. Our elites run our government like a wife who openly flirts with other men in front of you because she wants you to lose it emotionally so that she can call the police on you. Sure, we might ask who and why but here we are. Now what? I don’t think I am alone in saying that I do not want to be a part of this at all. Our country was driven off a cliff. Someone is getting paid big time. I doubt we are ever going to know the full truth.

    • Great take.

      I think the Western governments and media are using Beer Flu as cover to implement MMT and UBI for the masses.

      Eventually the equity markets will be closed to individual retail traders. They will wake up one morning to find the trading platforms shut and their brokerage accounts set to zero.

      The equity markets will continue on as a money printer for governments, central banks, and large institutions.

       Someone is getting paid big time.

      It should be very clear that there are many Leftists drawing pay from the CCP and Soros.

      I’m sure the FBI could figure it out if they weren’t so busy fighting white supremacists. /s

      • Well said. I sure hope the FBI is able to find those dastardly White Supremacists that ran our debt up to 20 trillion bucks, turned every school into Drag Queen Story hour + 1619 history, and then looted the Macy’s downtown because they are literally running buck wild these days. Hopefully the FBI doesn’t get so tired fighting White Supremacists that the Russians are able to sneak right in a snatch democracy from our hands too. It would be awful to be ruled by a foreign elite that wants to mine our wealth and leave us destitute and demoralized. Thank you, FBI. You are all heroes.

      • Some people are saying it’s the Joos who are at fault. Others, like you, are more often saying CCP.

        Either way, the CCP would have had to have stepped in well after the process had begun; they were eating dogs and sticks in the 80s.

        Either way, I’m blackpilled, yes they will get away with all of this and they will also win the election… people are sheep and even if they lose the “mail votes” will bury Trump. Only invasion, or total economic collapse will save us.

        • Either way, the CCP would have had to have stepped in well after the process had begun;


          The US shipped 80% of its industrial base and intellectual property to China.

          A pot of gold like that is more than enough for them to catch up and have cash to throw around.

          Plus, they’ve had infiltrators in academia since the 50s.

        • the Chinese are wealthier than we are if you look at NET value. we have mountainous debt, and they have none. they have the properties worldwide that they have bought with the money they made on the huge trade surpluses with the use and Europe . they own everything everywhere.

      • I was just saying that there will be a new permanent “Covid Economy” with plenty of government assistance.

  6. Both parties were working to for immigration into the country. The Senate Team Republicucks wanted to hand out a half million greencards since corporate America simply can not find any skilled people to fill these open IT positions. Both parties in the house wanted to allow more H2B workers because god forbid if an American cost them $2 more per hour. Yeah, clueless hardly begins to describe it. Sure wish I could have a $25k freezer with dozens of $10/pint organic ice cream selection in it.

  7. The difference between Ceausescu’s downfall and what’s going on in the west today is that there’s no “West” to back dissidents up as there was against communism. Governments? Corporations? Media? They’re all on board with globalism. Live in the pod and eat bugs.

    • One important thing Beer Flu has revealed is that the state governors are currently far too powerful versus the state legislatures and judiciaires.

      Other than the Michigan Supreme Court striking down Whitmer’s orders, the legislatures and judiciaries have been MIA.

      On the other hand, Cuomo has an approval rating of 70%, which tells us the population of NYS are fearful, easily-led morons.

        • I wonder about that too. He’s none too popular in the Southern Tier. Certainly not approaching 70% popular.

      • The Ohio legislature tried but couldn’t carry a veto-proof majority (and then DeWine’s main obstacle in the Ohio House was mysteriously arrested for, what I think are, dubious corruption charges).

        • strange iesn’t it , that both party’s governors did exactly the same things.. almost like they were getiting instruction from the same place isn’t it.

  8. For generations the cloud has been kept aloft by the productivity of the US economy. Since the early 80’s the cloud has been kept aloft by a debt bubble. Over the last 10 years only debt has kept the cloud from crashing to the earth.

  9. Well that is all very romantic, but a bit out of context vis Rumania and the Fall of the Soviet Empire. We didn’t make much headway in Rumania, but we certainly had bankrupted the Soviets, by extension their clients, and spent decades undermining the Soviet Empire successfully in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, even the USSR itself. We also had Team Catholic and a Polish Pope, Margaret Thatcher, NATO. But above all when we stopped paying for the USSR they didn’t have bread for the winter, so they let the Berlin Wall collapse. These contexts are not small matters.

    In this case we cannot stop paying the USSA, as it pays US. Regardless of what you think, if your “productive” private company were cut off from banking (which is centrally controlled) your employer can’t pay you, no matter how “productive” you are, or think yourself. So the private sector …well…its not so much a pirate crew as “naval augumentees.”

    Sure it can happen, but not without organization. Or risk.

    What you want is mere wish without organization.

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  11. I am a fly on the wall to my wife’s teleconferences with the c-levels and boards of Fortune 100 companies and a few top banks.

    You have no idea how badly they hate you. The traditional operational aspects of their businesses comprise 10% of discussion. The other 90% is literally how to elimate people like you from their lives by replacement and winnowing cuts and gates. And, of course, how to increase their already ridiculously oversized compensation packages.

    It’s all derivative of status-seeking where enough can never be enough. These visible leaders live and breath to continually increase the distance between themselves with their clans and everybody else until the universe becomes only them. It’s why they buy mega yachts, hidden retreats and the r&d for space vehicles to colonize other planets.

    They need to look in a mirror someday and see no vestige of you in the reflection of them. You are revulsion, never to be admitted.

    • Nothing like being told by the all white senior leadership that you’re evil for being white and need to be replaced.

      They are selfish cowards – but the anti white wave is coming for them too – and if not them, their children. Being eaten last still means being eaten.

      • The religion of Diversity! furthers their true objectives. Social Justice is their mantra and the hypocracy at these meetings the invisible spectre hovering unperceived by any on the call.

    • Sometimes why I think we should bring back the draft

      It would bring the cloud and dirt people together and perhaps forge some kind of bonds and empathy. But that assumes anyone actually wants a harmonious country

      But I also believe that the draft would force a lot of illegals to run home so they didn’t have fight and maybe to die in a gringo war

    • I don’t suppose you could “accidentally” leave your phone out with a recorder app running during some of these conferences? Strictly for “historical purposes” of course.

  12. “He has been in the Imperial Capital for a quarter century, without a hint of scandal, despite the obvious.” – Great line. A reminder that sometimes writing can be even more impactful and humorous just by letting “the obvious” hang in the air, without getting into the weeds.

  13. Part of the reason behind the widening chasm between the cloud people and the dirt people is that the cloud people are never told ‘no.’ And people who are never told ‘no’ only become more spoiled, entitled and arrogant:

    In politics, for example, everyone hates politicians in the abstract, but when election time comes around everyone predictably rallies around their congressmen because “the other side is even worse.” That’s how anti-white mediocrities like Dan Crenshaw and Matt Gaetz stay in power. As long as they’re rewarded for their mediocrity because “the other side is even worse,” these cloud people will only grow more distant from the dirt people. While their dirt constituents wonder if they’ll ever get any covid relief checks due to all the shutdowns and job losses, all the Crenshaws out there will preoccupy themselves with shit like this:

    We keep rewarding “our” cloud people for their bad behavior, so the first step to narrowing the chasm is to just stop supporting them because “the other side is even worse.” Otherwise they’ll keep taking us for granted and become ever more distant. We’ll see if the first signs of rejection occur this November if Lindsey Graham loses, or if his constantly-betrayed dirt constituents will rally around him once more because “the other side is even worse.”

    • I think Graham may have saved himself when he ripped into the Democrats during the Kavanaugh hearings. The funniest thing about it, was that was genuine outrage, he really thought they were his friends and would never stoop that low. His campaign handlers have had to notice how much voter roll off there has been in his previous elections. Graham runs well behind other Republicans in the state. He is good example of politics being someone’s entire life. In the event he ever loses or retires, it will be straight into lobbying until he dies.

  14. It’s bad enough when the leaders issue difficult orders. “Difficult” may be possible. The real problems arise when the orders are literally impossible, even when the subordinate is willing. The Hebrew slaves in Egypt, says the story, were ordered by Pharoh to make bricks without straw. Might as well have said to not use mud either. In more modern times, Stalin wanted his New Soviet Man, but didn’t like what his geneticists said, so off to Siberia they went. In place came Lysenko, whose ideology pleased the Politburo, but set back their science by decades. In our lifetimes, perhaps not the silliest, but surely among the most disrupting of civil society, was the idea that merely by passing laws we could make the races equal, or make sex differences irrelevant. It’s possible to be a vicious tyrant, but so far evidence of even the most powerful mortal being able to defy basic aspects of Reality ar sorely lacking.
    Perhaps slightly off topic, here’s a pithy example of what Z often notes; the Left accuses the Right of the very things the Left has been doing! The Guardian is a far-left mouthpiece. I expect partisan views, but the utter lack of a coherent argument baffles me. Voltaire’s cheeky comment “unintelligible…contradicts common sense in every page…” surely applies. A good case can be made that The Guardian should have a guardian appointed for it!
    I confess I only skimmed the article, such reading tending to turn one’s brains to scrambled eggs. But you’d note that the, er, entity interviewed, makes all sorts of claims that sound just a tad fishy. Xe’d have us believe that the Proud Boys and their ilk, Neo-Nazis all, are perpetrating all manner of violence and mayhem, wih the tacit if not actual approval of the authorities up to and including the President. I’m surprised Xe doesn’t claim they’re burning crosses, hanging Negroes from any convenient branch or lamp-post and re-segregating schools and neighborhoods. I’ll admit I don’t research every news item, but my impression is that BLM and Antifa have done most of the crime this year. I’ve yet to hear of a “far right” individual or group that has: Harrassed passers-by on the street or in restaurants, marched into quiet neighborhoods to threaten people in their homes, rioted, attacked innocent civilians, destroyed property, occupied government buildings, barricade entire neighborhoods, burned down buildings, etc. This article is also typical in that it blames the enemy (that’s us, folks) for all sorts of supposedly evil machinations, all of which are perfectly legal (save any actual law-breaking, etc.) Someone should tell Mx. Gorcenski that, at least right now, it’s not illegal to hold unpopular political views, to organize, to communicate, and (Heaven forbid) to even protest or demonstrate publicly.
    It should be noted of course, that to do any of those legal activities or to harbor WrongThink is an imminent risk to one’s social standing, one’s job or entire career as well as, sometimes, one’s safety or life. We have people like Mx. Gorcenski to thank for much of that.
    I mean, these Lefties screech “Racist!” or “White supremacist!” like it’s a bad thing 😀

  15. The biggest gap between us and the cloud people, and also between progs and conservatives, is morality. They see the ultimate in high moral being as helping out the other – those not like them, those from afar. Whereas, our people see morality attained by helping ourselves, our neighbors and co-ethics, to prosper.

    This played out recently with a female in-law. “Why would you vote for Trump, he is crazy,” the zhirl contended. I responded by saying “Trump has a lot of issues but he is the closest thing in DC that represents my interests and the interests of my family.”

    A strange, confused look appeared on her face. It was as though she never considered that white people would vote for what was best for them. Self-interest, national interest, cultural interest, appeared foreign ideas she long ago forgotten.

    This is the demarcation point at which we are reaching. To the dirt people, morality is not some abstraction of aiding the downtrodden POCs or whatever flavor of LBGTQWERTY that is important at the moment. Rather, it’s about ”Ourselves and Our Posterity.”

    • It’s normal and healthy to put the interests of yourself and your family first, followed by your neighbors, community, county, state, nation, in that order. Not leaping over all of that to help out Haitians or Africans or some other faraway place containing people completely unlike yourself in terms of relatedness. Now that people in our own neighborhoods and communities are increasingly full of people not like us, that disrupts what’s normal and healthy.

      • You should see the pro-trans, “New American Families” feature in the Guardian.

        You know things are messed up when plain old gays like Andy Ngo poke fun by calling the piece, “World Salad: The Article.”

    • If by morality you mean something that is chosen, requiring agency, I would disagree. I definitely follow the theory it’s much more biologically rooted- as in temperament, which is largely inherited. Overcoming this requires making them more self aware that our differences are not so much about choice, which is painful for them because they feel they are choosing virtue, when in reality it’s often weakness combined with openness and sometimes agreeableness(not always, there are many disagreeable progs). This can be unpleasant for them to face for obvious reasons. Realizing you are just a prog humanoid who has much less say in your ‘morality’ than you think isn’t quite the utopia you wanted to believe in.

    • The point of helping “those who are far away” is refusing to help “those who are near” without taking a hit for hating one’s own people.

      “Of course I wish you the best. But sorry, I’m busy being kind to this newly discovered tribe of Polynesian midgets that I’ll never actually meet!”

      • It is the abstraction that appeals because it is easier. Much easier to love mankind than any particular person. Those far away exotics are more of an abstraction that the people in your own town.

    • When talking to these people I use the airplane analogy:
      You put your own seatbelt on first. Then you put your children’s seatbelts on. Then you can help any neighbors who look like they need it.

      Why do we put our own on first? Sustainability … If we are so busy looking after others far away, we may ourselves pass out and be unable to help ourselves, our children, or anyone else. It is also clear at this point that absolutely no one is going to help us.

    • It’s nothing to do about morality
      It’s how to please current plutocratic authority and reward petty consumerism soup
      If you really focus on the every day news and social media, it’s about how to get money 

      In liberal democracy, only values are money because the real value of mankind such as race, gender, tribal heritage erased
      Morality, equality, peace is an imaginary reality that middlemen put in your head and want you to believe
      People enslaved without noticing for this Bigfoot riding unicorn story is their biggest achievement

  16. Way back in the mid 90s as a freshly graduated youngster with a Poli Sci degree, I thought I wanted to work in politics so I spent a week doing interviews with people on the Hill and some lobbying firms. I recall vividly Senator Strom Thurmond getting out of his car, disheveled like he slept in his suit, with his necktie undone and barking at his (of course) colored driver “Where’s my tie?!”, and hearing his long suffering driver point out it was around his neck. At this time he was the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services committee and he couldn’t even dress himself. After meeting with a bunch of people, I realized these people were nuts. Their lives were all about their career, where they were, who was ahead of them and how to move up the ladder. I went back home and never gave another thought to living out there.

    • Same. I was involved in campus political groups a few years ago. I learned that:

      – conservatives have no principles, politics is just a fun game to them
      – conservatives are losers
      – homosexuals and grifters are highly over represented in conservative groups
      – conservatives hate racism more than the left
      – conservatives view themselves as the wise, old, intellectually superior man with a pipe

      Without that blackpilling experience i might not be a dissident.

      • Fruits are hugely overrepresented in the diplomatic corps which leans far left in every country.

        I have to wonder if fruits are overrepresented in politics because people in the modern representative system benefit from focusing on the job over all else, especially distractions like raising a family in a stable marriage.

        I’m sure it helps that our current insane society promotes, rather than suppresses fruits.

        • Homosexual males have the social awareness of women, but the rationality of men. It makes them unusually adept at thing like diplomacy and palace intrigue.

          • Agreed. Rick Grinnell was one of the few Trump appointments who proved worth a damn, and that dude floats. He played the Deep State like the foolish abomination it is.

          • I see you are new at this. Hint hint, it has something to do with ‘race’(which is just a social construct as we know). End result= double negative.

          • Yeah, I’m hardly convinced the heaumeaux are up there with the pros when it comes to rationality.

        • I think the reason there is a lot of gay men in politics is because they derive sadistic sexual pleasure from bossing other men around.

          The last thing a normal straight guy wants to do is tell other guys how to act.

          Noticed too that gay guys when they are hitting on men, they get real nasty and mentally or sometimes verbally try to beat the other guy up to soften him. I liken it to kneading dough. I guess this is their mating dance for who is pitcher and who is catcher

    • Amen. When I finished my degree in the Imperial Capital, with the requisite time on Capitol Hill and among the future darlings of Foggy Bottom, I ran for the exits. I wasn’t even close to being DR at that time, but such was the repulsiveness of that city’s denizens.

    • Pompey, Crassus, Cleopatra, Caesar… what did any of them believe in other than their own career and personal power? We have arrived at that same end-point of a republic turning into an empire.

    • When I studied PolSci, I discovered, to my amazement, that Danish politicians were surprisingly easy to approach with interview requests if you were a student. I suspect they hungered for some more considered appreciation than what they got from the journos.

      I interviewed a lot of interesting people – about fifty former and acting ministers plus some permanent secretaries; the latter being much harder to get interviews with than politicians.

      There were some interesting people among them – most of them were nonentities – but one of them, acting finance minister Mogens Lykketoft, stuck out to me. He was cagey and ironical and had this smirk as if I was not in on the joke, and he had this twenty-something personal assistant or whatever, attend the interview, sitting beside him in the sofa. He didn’t grab her by the pussy or anything, but by body language and the imperious way he spoke to her, it was obvious he wanted to say: “See boy, that girls spreads her legs for my power!” – putting her on display for me.

    • Henry Adams, grandson of John Quincy, worked with his father at the American legation in London representing the Union during the Civil War. His job was to learn all the English players and their interest, which he found to be nearly impossible to sort. After forty years of experiencing them he realized his evaluations had been wrong in every case, that the entire class were explained simply by insanity, and he did not mean philosophically insane. Our ruling class is not so inbred, yet, but is philosophically and morally insane. A person not in tune with this class would be turned away like a bad smell.

  17. Having spent time in my youth around the folks who inhabit the Imperial Capitol (at least, the young ones at the time), I can attest to their feelings (if any) about the Dirt People.

    The Hill staffers, media folk, NGO workers and think tankers almost universally fell into the three groups.

    Gentile Cloud Dwellers

    This group typically grew up on the East Coast or LA/San Francisco, went to either prep schools or very high level public schools (think Langley or McLean in the DC area), had very bright parents, belonged to country clubs, etc. You know the type.

    These people simply had no personal experience with Dirt People, particularly White Dirt people, outside of maybe a Swedish au pair. Sure, dusky types mowed their lawns, fixed their cars and made their food at restaurants, but their interactions with the plebs were no more substantial than their interaction with an ATM. Nothing personal.

    These Gentile Cloud Dwellers had never known a regular White guy and never would. Their knowledge of them came from books, movies and TV. There was no hatred (except, of course, for Southerners), just indifference.


    The Jews had a lot in common with the Gentile Cloud Dwellers – grew up in similar neighborhoods, went to similar schools, etc. – but the Jews were a more aggressive bunch, more political and almost always with a bit of chip on their shoulder, which was confusing for me at the time because it was pretty obvious that Jews ran the show, so I wasn’t sure what they were mad about. (I’ve since learned that it’s just the way Jews operate.)

    There was a very clear dislike for White Dirt People. The Jews talked a surprising amount about the mistreatment of Native Americans (naturally, never seeing the parallel with Israel and the Palestinians) by mean Whites and, of course, about blacks and slavery.

    Despite their dislike of White Dirt People, the Jews definitely like White Cloud People. Intermarriage and dating was very high. Will be interesting to see if their half- (or even quarter-) Jew kids will maintain the anger level.

    Flyover Country Traitors

    This was the smallest group but not insignificant. These were people who did grow up in flyover country and went to reasonably normal suburban high schools.

    Now, you’d think that coming from the hinterland and having actually known a few Dirt People, that these Flyover representatives might have our back. But the opposite was the case. These people hated us. Every damn one of them had a terrible high school experience and were out for vengeance.

    If you want to know what these types were like, watch the movie Election. The Flyover Country Traitors were a lot like the girl running for student body president. The movie got that type perfectly correct, even having her end up in DC.

    These are the kinds of people in DC. We don’t just lack representation; we are openly hated. Indeed, hatred of us is part of the culture and has been for decades.

    • There was a very clear dislike for White Dirt People.

      For the usual suspects, it seems only natural. These individuals seem to have been the whipping boys throughout history – particularly in Europe. It is difficult to find one European country where at some point the native peoples have not had to face that well known question. No wonder they hate us, and it has always been obvious to me that this is so. That collective memory goes a long way back and is reinforced at all times in literature, film, even in personal gatherings.

      I cannot remember the time period, perhaps it was in the early 2000s, but Hollywood released many a picture about ‘wot the Nazis done’, and many, many books were published about it and of course still are. The successful grafting of Jewish history onto our own people is one of the greatest propaganda coups of all time.

      Good list. It is a very good summary of the sorts of people who operate in the world of politics.

      • Regardless of how much of it is true, that side story of WWII has become a THE event for the tribe. It dominates them and influences their thinking on everything. They’ve been sucked in by the propaganda as much as the rest of us.

        • I do think a small percentage of particularly naive and weak Jews probably are so self indulgent that they allow a vulnerability to overtake them when conceptualizing that event but I think at least half of them willfully employ it as a deliberate rhetorical warfare/ 4d chess move to take advantage of white people’s genetic empathy and obsession’s with truth and honesty. Blacks do virtually the same thing RE: Their past, or simply by playing innocent/out and out lying after they’ve done something bad, but in their case, only conservatives and racists aren’t fooled.

      • I don’t know, EMJ gets some stuff wrong, like “there is no such thing as race” but if little hats were going to undermine Christian society through heresy (I know, I know, you may not beleive in that), usury, sexual deviance, consorting with enemies, etc, then they kinda deserved what they got.

    • I tended to run into the third group a bit more during my time in the Imperial Capital. They’re like mulattos, in that they’re often the angriest of the bunch. They hate hate the fact that when networking they have to overcompensate by disparaging their place of birth and their kith and kin. They always have something to prove.

      • Ha, you’re right. They did have that anger that you see in mulattos. They were also like mulattos in the sense that they didn’t really belong in any group. The Gentile Cloud types and Jews had a social bond from their similar backgrounds that would be hard to penetrate if someone was wont to try. It wasn’t so much snobbery just those millions of tiny ties and experiences that make you comfortable with someone.

        The traitors didn’t have that background, nor did I. I didn’t care; in fact, I was quickly growing to despise these people. But the traitors wanted into the club.

    • their interactions with the plebs were no more substantial than their interaction with an ATM

      Well put.
      How’s that go? ‘If there is nothing wrong with where they came from then there is nothing special about them’, i.e., their dirt origins must be abhorrent in order for them to prove that they’ve “grown past” it.

    • And don’t forget Brahmins, the new players in town.

      My guess is that the Jewish power is intertwined with the white power… as we decline they too will decline.

      Half-Jews are still arrogant and self-righteous and full of chutzpah… but not as much. They pick up many of the Anglos undesirable traits like depression too.

      • Much of what we see now is the Tribe losing its grip on American power. This election, even if they win, is the White Left’s last hoorah, and no matter what they or we think, Jews are seen as White and thus hated by the Newer Left.

        • Jews are riding a tiger of their own creation. They will try to do to POC coalition what they did with Whites, i.e. pretend to be one of them.

          That might have worked somewhat with Hispanics, but it won’t work with Indians.

          But it’ll never work as well as it did with Whites. Jews’ fate is tied to gentile Whites. Forgetting that was their big mistake.

        • I’d say more so. Most of the time when TurbanTina or AOC complain about “whites” it seems like cover for who they’re actually complaining about.

      • Weren’t any Brahmins (or not enough to notice) at the time. But they’ve come on strong. They’re all over the DC area.

        I’ve mentioned this before many times. Jews were stupid to allow Indians and Chinese into the country. Indians act a lot like Jews, but there are a lot more of them.

        Granted, pound for pound, Jews, when they give the effort, can out-Jew a Brahmin, but Jews have gotten a bit soft. They’ve been playing against the Washington Generals for too long. Also, Indians don’t have to be better than Jews to beat them. They just need some extra numbers, and they had that in spades.

        Jews are a bit like con man. Once they’re exposed, they lose most of the power. Indians will never view a Jew as one of their own, will never let Jews tell them how the Indian community should act and think. There will be no “My fellow Indians.” Jews aren’t hard to beat when you don’t let them infiltrate your ranks.

        • Easier for Indians to pass as minority (for the moment). Harder for Jews. Hence, harder for Jews to get a pass on the nepotism. Once the Indians infiltrate the admissions bureaucracy of top tier academia, it’s game over.

    • There’s a fourth group I think too – The Exiled Aristocrats. I see a lot of them in Portland (OR). These are people who grew up in the DC/NY/LA/SF elite culture but ended up in the provinces for some reason. I think a lot of the reason they diffuse out of the metropoles is simply that there are now too many of them and even all the NGOs and useless government and media jobs in DC still couldn’t employ them all, at least not in the types of positions that matched their gigantic egos. There’s also the chance that a lot of them are the among the stupider and crazier of their brood and they had to be “sent away” to someplace where they couldn’t tarnish the reputation of their elite family and class. This may even account for the fact that Portland, for its small size, has accounted for a surprising amount of the violence and insanity this year.

      • Jim Goad had a 2-hour video chat on Counter Currents the other day. Highly recommend watching it. He discusses how and why Takimag went to the dogs, confirming my suspicions

        More to the point are his experiences in Portland and its leftist anti-racist history. Seems what is happening there today has been decades in the making

        • Oh yeah, The PNW actually still has long had a reputation for old-timey Southron style racism and having “sundown towns”. Of course, this attracted Yankee carpetbagger do-goodniks from back East to enlighten the savage mountain folk about equality, I-have-a-dream, and all that. The hippies showed up in Portland around 1970 and account for the area’s enviro-fascism and then in the early 2000s the city’s lefty reputation and (at the time) low rents attracted a lot of the ironic facial hair and lumberjack shirt crowd. At about the same time homeless people and drug addicts drifted in to take advantage of the area’s abundant free everything and mild weather. We also have a LOT of Californians of the type who fled but failed to learn a damn thing from the experience.

          So it’s basically several layers of Lefty dipshits who now form the area’s geological strata of delusion and dysfunction.

          • Thank you for the great summary

            My wife’s family is from Oregon but south of Portland in Williamatte Valley I guess it’s called (scattered from Cottage Grove in south up to Salem area and east over mountains to Bend). And she wants to move there (we live in So Cal).

            The more I hear about Oregon the more I resist calls to move there.

          • Totally NOT worth the effort. One problem Oregon has that even most Blue states don’t is the Democrat supermajority. This means the D-rats get everything they want all the time. The rents and housing costs are now close to CA too. Our D-rat governor is an evil witch named Kate Brown who will basically keep the mask and SD rules going as long as she can. She recently narrowly survived a recall attempt but most of the state is cuckwhites who absolutely loves them some gyno-tyranny.

            Finally, the weather really is terrible. It’s about 8 months of overcast with this intermittent cold fog, mist, and light rain. The further east you go in the state the more sun you get but the coastal zone to about Mt. Hood is abysmal. My wife and I are probably headed for the interior Western states.

    • “Every damn one of them had a terrible high school experience and were out for vengeance.”

      AOC has a guy like that on her staff. He grew up in a trailer park in Tennessee. Now, he’s out to screw his people over considering that’s he’s just moved up in the world. Shameful.

  18. The officer who acts like a petty aristocrat can find himself with a live grenade in his bunk.

    Every fragging I’ve heard about there were systemic problems, really rot, within a unit and beyond. Drugs, whites STDs, you name it. Senior officers acted like they were surprised it was going on. And their demeanor usually suggested they genuinely kept their head in the ground. Food, alcohol, and distraction. Pick two to satisfy and you’re 85% there to being a decent officer.

    • In training, you can ignore and avoid the idiot officers. In combat you cannot. In the Gulf War my battalion had an arrogant incompetent Operations Officer who got the battalion lost shortly after crossing into Kuwait on D-day. At one point in the middle of the night we stopped because we could see round-topped tanks on the move silhouetted by burning oil-fields. To this day I have no idea if they were the First Marine Division’s M60A3s or T-62s. I do know that if we had ended up in a firefight, that Major wouldn’t have survived.

  19. Everywhere in the dreaded private sector, hierarchy relies about a dynamic that is not all that different from a pirate ship. Everyone understands that someone has to be in charge and that there has to be order. The question as to who is in charge and who gives the orders, however, is not written in stone. You earn your position and you keep earning it in the execution of your duties. Unlike in Washington, failure has consequences and people get fired and demoted.

  20. What if the science people are having the same thought as the dirt people. The mathematics of countering the science people is more difficult than the mathematics of countering the dirt people.

    • Especially if the science people are in the nuclear weapons labs. See the engineer from Sandia who exposed the “critical race theory” bullshit that mgmt was shoving down their throats. Good presentation on YouTube a few weeks ago.

  21. “We looked around and realized there were more of us than there were of them”
    Lech Walesa

    • You’d think the folks on the beach in Melbourne, Australia would have realized this as they watched the police beat and arrest a pregnant woman for failing to wear a face diaper last weekend.

      You’d be wrong.

      • Sometimes it takes a very special man, like Walesa, to notice the obvious. Solzhenitsyn speaks poignantly about the failure of his countrymen to realize the same thing.

      • That wasn’t Chescescu’s first speech. But it was his last. You only find that out after they write the history books, though.
        Fwiw, you couldn’t pay me enough to join those Aussie pigs. Good chance they end up the way Il Duce did. Nasty way to go. Eventually, the commies down under will stumble upon their Bernie Goetz.

      • Australia had a pretty active communist party and movement in the immediate aftermath of World War I, and the epicenter of Down Under Marxism was the State of Victoria (Melbourne and smaller cities such as Geelong). People there remain radically Left, and expect the police to beat and arrest a pregnant woman who doesn’t obey the State. That’s the thing about totalitarianism, it tends to have quite a bit of support and doesn’t have to rely exclusively on secret police thugs. It would shock me if this happened in some place like the Northern Territories or Queensland. Victoria? Not so much.

  22. > This is the reason every middle manager sounds like a psychotherapist.
    This is not a good thing.
    One of my buddies went to his manager to argue that his pay did not equal his responsibilities, he was hamstrung by bureaucracy that has nothing to do with quality, and he was not given enough leverage in doing what was necessary. Basically a boilerplate complaint that any competent engineer has had at one point or another.
    The manager just looked at him and asked “And how does that make you feel?”

  23. Lindsey Graham not being outed as a homosexual predator after years in Washington is proof that he is protected by powerful interests, likely Israel, military industrial complex, foreign policy lobbies and stuff like that.

    • You claim to know Graham is a fag but he hasn’t been outed? Then how do you know? Just asking for a friend.

    • It’s almost more telling that in those 260+ taxpayer-funded settlements (1997-2017) that Z mentions not one of the pervs names leaked out?

      • Very few names around Epstein have leaked out, too. Lends credence to the Ron Unz theory on how the elite move up in society.

        • I’m not familiar with Unz’s theory. But, like the Clintons (with whom Epstein had more than a passing aquaintance) there’s a statistical anomaly of associates’ deaths.

    • There’s a point here that Z missed: it did come out, but it was covered up. Remember all that Lady G stuff a few months ago? Yeah, betting there are a lot of dead bodies in the Potomac waiting to be found.

    • Grahamesty could be asexual and not a practicing homosexual. On the other hand, he promised hearings to investigate the Russia collusion plot to overthrow Trump and never followed through. Blackmail may be the reason why he gave up the opportunity to be a conservative hero (which he was briefly when he stood up for Kavanaugh).

  24. Re: Ceausescu. The Romanian dictator was overthrown after people started flooding the streets and public squares. These protesters were mostly Christians who wanted godless Communism to end. Chuck Colson discusses this revolution in his book “Loving God”.

    Those of you who are Christ followers need to pray for Trump and the coming election. Pray that people wake up like they did in Romania and other Communist countries. Pray for a third great awakening. Don’t count on so called Christian leaders. Although there are a few courageous ones (e.g. Franklin Graham), most are sympathetic to woke politics and/or are anxious to virtue signal. Finding a church where masks aren’t required is strong evidence that the leadership there is sound on the other issues.

    • By their fruit you shall know them.

      Was roped into attending a friend’s daughter’s birthday party for their first grandchild, very young. Lots of kids 3 or 4 yo. Not my thing, but while standing around noticed a couple of older children 10 yo or so, both boys, who were playing and leading the little ones in activities. They were dressed well, clean cut and very attentive to the youngsters. In short, the stood out and gave the parents in attendance respite from their own little ones. Unusual.

      Not knowing anyone except a couple of oldsters, I struck up a conversation with a stranger standing next to me. I remarked on the boys handling the children so much younger than they and how well they acting. The gentlemen said they were his sons. Turns out he was a part-time minister and his “congregation” met in his home every Sunday. We discussed current events, some scripture addressing such, and the economics of such a small congregation. Most enjoyable outing I’ve had in awhile.

  25. The guy I worked for the most over the years at the telephone company said that a good boss was a good subordinate. He also was known to say, “If you look out that window long enough you can see the unemployment line.”

  26. The starkest example of this delusion is Joe Biden’s “tough guy” act. I keep waiting for him to try his “working-class Joe” spiel on the wrong guy, roll up his sleeves and talk about kicking ass and then to subsequently get his dentures shattered like fine china. Sure, he has a security detail, but he is dumb and has already gotten in the faces of several people not inclined to play in his pretend realm. Who is the last “Swamp Creature” to burnish working class bona fides who wasn’t completely full of it? Tim Russert, maybe. Michael Moore’s everyman b.s. kind of worked because he was fat, but even his backstory has holes in it you could drive a semi through.

    • Biden can experience a little Charles Sumner if he gets too close tot he wrong sniffing victim or her father/husband.

      • Every time I sit in traffic in the Sumner Tunnel I regret that members of Congress no longer fear being caned.

    • Nothing worse than a phony tough guy.

      I have no issue with real, rough and tough blue collar guys.

      But joe is fake and I want to knock him out every time he pulls his BS act.

    • Who’s buying all the ammo? The State? Mr. Normie-Con/Prepper? Or the fascist Left? I suspect the State and the fascist Left are winning this contest too.

          “Cuomo: Forget 30 Rounds, No One Needs 10 Rounds in a Gun”From the piece, No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer…”

          Now I might speak to the “shootings” compared to the “deaths” in the shitlibistan Utopias where both activities take place in the dozens every weekend. And where people apparently go to “haunted houses” in the wee hours of the morning, on nights when others have to work the next day … only to be shot and killed.

          So in terms of the “10 bullets”, looking at the data, one might need that quantity to kill an inner city man. Or more, extrapolating the body count, quantity of inner city men, women and children shot, and the quantity of rounds expended in said shootings.

          If indeed, after being encouraged by the Fresh Air Fund, years ago when a young man named “Leroy” was asked if he had ‘ever seen a chicken’, and answered in the affirmative, “on tee vee”, other inner city men might have been encouraged to explore the countryside. To hunt these plentiful chickens, taking the place of the “deer’ in the Italian Fascist Il Duce of Albany. Indeed, these hunters might need more than ten rounds to hit said chickens. After all, they are quick, they dart to and fro and one might assume they are more difficult a target to hit, than say a human being, or two cops sitting in their car.

          • Further, many inner city people in places like Jersey City, New Jersy, keep chickens on hand. So one might not need to travel to the countryside to hunt them. Then, perhaps, being penned in alleys, one might be plugged with lead with a mere 10 rounds, as they would be unable to exit their compounds and head to safety.

            All that said, the Post this is in reply to mentions something “tacticool”. Whatever that means, suspect poster owns a sex doll as its sole companion. There is a certain tone.

            We know leftist mobs usually show up at a residence in some numbers. So if they come hunting something besides “deer”, or chickens, and instead the prey is you…. it stands to reason that one would sleep easier having as many rounds on hand as one requires for said peace of mind.

          • I keep seeing these video segments on YT with headlines that begin like “26 people shot to death…” They always make sure the headline is long enough so you have to click on the video to see the part that says “…in Chicago this weekend.” Then you can relax again.

          • I’ve always wondered if the normal people still stuck there have weekend dachas in the cornfields of Indiana just to escape the now predictable “festivities” in Chicongo.

          • Some do, we do not although it has been explored. In our case, we have two Plan B’s. An older but dear friend, a gazillionaire, lives three days a week in one of Chicago’s premier buildings to remain near her elderly mother here. She also acquired an enormous spread near my home town in Michigan and the home there is the size of a mid-sized city hotel complete with lagoons, ponds, swan boats and orchards leased out to local farmers. Another good friend owns as a second home a large family-owned farm in Wisconsin that has several coach houses on the land. We are formally, in writing, invited to live in either place, the former uncomfortable with my firearms until recent vibrant behavior episodes. We have plans C and D, too, and a plan to steal – sorry – a local watercraft or airplane and head to a familiar spot in Colorado. Time will tell.
            BTW in some elections nearly 40% of Chicago may vote Republican. It’s the gerrymandering and fraud by the D party that stacks our political outcomes. We’ve been castrated for generations with gerrymandering sealing the deal.

          • They have terrible aims there in Chitcongo. Very low kill rates per shot fired. Somebody needs to start showing those fools how to shoot a gun. Although maybe not.

        • Everyone is buying guns and ammo.Men, Women, White, Non White.
          Everyone knows trouble is coming.
          But as for lack of action, don’t expect other to do what you won’t do.
          Oh yes let us not forget the mandatory disclaimer, don’t do stupid illegal things.

      • Mostly the right, but essentially everyone. All the rodents know the ship is sinking. And unless the left has taken to hard core gun culture, it is mostly the right. Reloading, hunting,and black powder supplies are “sold out – no backorder” these days. I dont see Antifa setting up a communal Dillon progressive and churning out hot 38 special loads being the reason you cannot buy bullets, primers, or powder for love nor money.

      • No. I live in a deep red area where BLM/Antifa is nonexistent, yet ammo is plenty scarce. The guns and the ammo are being stockpiled by the right, such that it is.

        • I suspect “normie” overload due to riots and publicity there of. Gunnies and preppers have bought beforehand, albeit often again after a national shooting incident.

          I suspect our perceived constant state of lawlessness and the inaction of political leadership is bringing those on the sidelines into the buying spree. As a 2nd Amendment person, I say the more, the merrier.

          I’m actually divesting wrt the “armory”. Whenever I see a good candidate for “enlightenment”, I issue him out of stock. 😉

          • Frankly speaking and off topic, most defense ammo isn’t really any better than basic ammo. Sure its a little higher performance but even in times of plenty, the juice often isn’t worth the squeeze.
            As long as it shoots, its all good practice ammo or fighting ammo.
            The caveat being precision rifle ammo which is at very long range better than the basic stuff.

  27. It has been said often about in the before times, most executives, government leaders etc knew some people or were themselves from poor or working class background.

    Robert Macnamara when he became ceo of Ford in the early sixties and saw all the management class derived from those backgrounds, who worked their way up through merit and hard work. He decided they needed ivy league graduates with pedigrees.Everything improved after that , right?

    • It was called “The Best And The Brightest.” After “PT 109” the first of many Big Lies from the Deep State.

    • When I started at my current place of work, the production manager was a local guy who’d started on the floor and worked his way to the top. He had a connection with his employees because he lived among them and always would. He had their respect because he’d done the same things he was asking him to do. He’d been in that position for a couple decades, too, so we knew he had experience in his position.

      Since he hung it up a decade ago, we’ve had 9 people rotate through that position. They were all wunderkinds who went through a management trainee program from their first day of employment. They come in, remake the world in order to show how decisive and innovative they are (despite the fact that they’re only doing the bidding of their faceless superiors in corporate), and then get rotated out to a different facility a year or so later. And if their policies affect employees, what do they care? They’ll never see these people again.

      The caliber of people in these positions is exactly what I saw when I was living in the Imperial Capital. They’re often confused about what it is they actually want to conquer, but they’re filled with a sense of their own superiority, coupled to a rapaciousness born of having everything handed to them on a silver platter.

  28. Oh boy, Z. I dunno if you missed or hit with this one.
    There is no doubt the ruling class has lost touch with US. But… there are a million blogs, pundits, and normies within a stone’s throw of here that think our leadership – with the exception of Trump – is just grand. California thinks Nancy walks on water. Their cities are dumps and they’re proud of it. Seattle, Chicago, and other shitlib bastions are doing their level best to turn their cities into the same kind of dump!

    • Glenf, I know exactly what you mean. Unless you have met and spent time around this kind of person, you just don’t understand how deluded they are. How impervious to objective reality. They really aren’t fully human any longer; they are infected.

    • It is an open question how many of them think the leadership is grand and how many have doubts about the leadership but think they are the only think stopping the wicked people on the other side. A fair number of people of the left most prone to violence would gladly turn their wrath on the average elected Democrat as well.

    • Because of Trump’s debate comment, some entrepreneur started selling “Philadelphia is a Bad Place” T shirts. Homicides up 40% over last year, and they are proud of it.

      • Homicides up 40% over last year, and they are proud of it.

        Steve Sailer kind of poked at this idea with the idea that the homicide rate could serve as a substitute for sportsball – i.e. “our joggers are tougher than yours.”

        • Yes, and James LaFond has been keeping running tabs on the different cities’ gladiator sacrifice numbers for years.

      • I’dseen cops in the Inland Empire which is Red State California sporting Homicide, Suicide, Riverside T-Shorts

    • Their cities are dumps and they’re proud of it.

      I keep saying the liberal ideal for the US is an amalgam of Third World slums.

      They keep proving me right.

        • I mean, white communities will always be nicer than black and brown ones.

          On this course, eventually we will just be Brazil, with a more diverse elite. It will be shitty for everyone but slightly less shitty for whites / light skinned mystery meats because of the genetics.

          Of course things will go bad long before we hit that point, imo.

          • at some point , the CCP will call the game and send their settlers in . this geography will be used by the strongest global player once we are neutered. iit is pretty close , look how little anger there is a the fact that they continued to allow international flights out of wuhan after they had locked down domestic travel from there.

    • Yes, they seem to like to live amidst offal. Their self-perceived virtue endorphin boost must be greater than anything that might enter their brains via sight and smell.

      Note, I did not include “thought”, only the senses of the eye and nostrils.

      They want the entire country to live like they do.

      • “If we import enough 3rd World savages, everybody will have a fancy apartment, great shoes, and drive a Subaru!”

    • I know plenty of this type. The blind rule follower, the plan truster. Let’s say the building is on fire, they are seated in a waiting room full of people and it starts to get smoky. The plan truster will sit there nervously waiting for the fire alarm to sound, or for someone to direct him to evacuate before getting out of his seat.

  29. Nancy Pelosi truly thinks she is a beloved and respected figure to the Dirt People.

    And not just the white Dirt People. They fancy themselves as the savior of the poor brown masses, who they imagine will be on their knees thanking the generous Cloud People for refugee status.

    • It boggles the mind. All of these diversities have national and tribal ruling elites of their own and replace the stupid white leftists who brought them into our country the very first chance they get. Again and again and again …. THIS time it will be different, said ever leftist ever.

      • just like how communist sympathizers claim no country out there was ever truly communistic and that the nth attempt is the charm.

    • Pelosi is 80 years old. Statistically speaking, any day could be her last. Instead of being with her family and spending her ill gotten gains on more $15000 freezers and gourmet ice cream she insists on continuing to stir the pot. Any money she leaves her grandkids is not going to protect them for long from the tyranny she is helping to create.

      • I think she is trying to hold it back.

        When she is gone, it’ll be yet another brick in the dam that has fallen out. It’s getting pretty close to bursting…

      • Gourmet ice cream. I found that part odd. A conspiracy theory friend of mine thought that is their route to importing adreonchrome – hence she was showing that the route was back open. Crazy I know, but one for the memory vault.

  30. I happened on youtube to see the opening scene in Designated Survivor, the Keifer Sutherland tv show where he is the only one of the president’s cabinet to survive a terroist attack when the state of the union speech was given. Honestly, seeing the aftermath of the explosion in the distance on the capital was quite satisfying.

    • Tom Clancy ran with this plot line in Debt of Honor to get the Jack Ryan character installed as President.

    • Audiences famously cheered when the White House was destroyed in the movie Independence Day. The studio was surprised at first, then featured the shot in all their advertising. The press blamed Newt Gingrich and “angry white men.”

      In some ways the world has changed a lot since then. Some.

      • Ah sorry I missed you post before laying down mine, . Let us just say its true, I was there, have an up-vote.

      • Same stuff, different decade. In the 90s, Gingrich and Clinton were members of the CFR, while Soros and Cheney were CFR directors. The globalists intend for us to tear down the old order so they can replace it with something more to their liking.

    • This has been the national mood for along time. When I went to see Independence day in theater way back in 1996 the entire audience cheered when the aliens blew up Congress.

  31. “The petty tyrants in the lowest level of the petty aristocracy just assumed the rest of us would happily follow their orders.”

    Judging by what I see around me the majority of the people are quite happily obedient to the petty tyrants in charge. No one has had to hire mask enforcement officers, or social distancing comisars. The people get their marching orders from the TV and smartphones. They bleat right along, and enforce the tyranny on one another.


    • I live in a blue City but a red state so we don’t have a mask mandate but I have witnessed people I know wearing a mask while walking through the park. They are literally less than 1% of the people doing it. I was absolutely shocked and cannot look at them the same way again. I actually already knew both of them were fools but now it’s even worse

      • I saw that they shut down a high school football game because someone in the crowd refused to wear a mask.

      • Here in Brooklyn NY, at least 95% of the people wear masks, even when driving alone in their cars, or walking alone inthe park.
        I’ve been maskless (even in the supermarkets) for the past 4 months, and occasionally get told to put one on by various store keepers. Last week a Mexican stock boy told me to put one on, and I just left my cart in the aisle and walked out.
        At the medical center, I’m required to put one on and get my temperautre checked at the entrance, but I usually take it off in the doctor’s office.
        So, no need for enforcers, the sheep are compliant.

        BTW, Cuomo & DeBlasio just shut down 300 schools (25 of the total), mostly in orthodox jewish neighborhoods; it’s only the third week of the school year.


          This has been an ongoing situation in NYC, and the surrounding Jewish communities. The link is to the influence peddling Killary did to steal her seat when she ran as the carpetbagger Senator ‘from New York’.

          The article states, “In two other nearby all-Hasidic villages – Kiryas Joel and Kaser – residents overwhelmingly voted against Clinton. Election results indicate Lazio picked up 3,480 votes in the two villages, while the then-first lady received only 152 votes.”

          So, doubtful is the ne’er do well Cuomo, and his even dumber Lurch sidekick, Wilhelm II, are going to drive the Kiryas Joel Jews into the Biden camp. The question is whether this is some punitive action, or shall I say for Wilhelm II, “aktion”, against the Right-leaning Jewish population.

          A double sin – Right-leaning AND not compliant to every daily whim of goobermint.

          Hey, maybe the “real white sue-preemi-cysts” are this holdover from the Italian Fascists and German notsies, Cuomo and Wilhelm II?!? Setting upon the Jews of New York, to crush their religious freedom.

          See, the Hasidim don’t roll over and show their bellies like the State’s Christians.

          On a more serious note, I have yet to meet an Orthodox Jew in my NY travels that is not a man of the Right.

          • I’m not observant, but i grew up surrounded by liberal jewish family and friends; all are anti Trump, and as far as I remember they didn’t like him even ten or twenty years ago,before he got into politics. There is a deep seated visceral hatred of him, and I’m not sure why.
            I worked briefly for some Hasids last year, and they are very right-wing, pro-Trump, anti-democrat.

            blasio is da Nazi-o.

          • as a side note, the last election for mayor featured the Repub candidate Joe Lhota (former head of the subway system) ; Turnout was very light, less than half of the turnout back in the day when Guiliani ran against Dinkins. DeBlasio got 75% of the votes cast vs Lhota who got 25%.
            (Lhota got 250k votes, Guliani had gotten over a million votes when he ran. )
            Ho Hum, people stayed home.

          • That might have applied to a small, monolithic tribe 2500 years ago. America gets its “leaders” selected by a small, inbred clique of urban billionaires who don’t give a sh*t about the Torah or the goyim.

          • “There is a deep seated visceral hatred of him, and I’m not sure why.”

            From my experience, agree.

            Reform Jews I know, even ones that spent time as Unitarians, have a spitting, frothing Trump Derangement Syndrome.

            Orthodox Jews I know, including one NYPD cop, Right, not left.

          • There are any number of Orthodox rabbis posting YouTube videos as part of their teachings/ministry. Never saw one criticize Trump. Indeed, they proclaim him to be Israel’s and the Jew’s best friend. (Which of course is correct by any standard)

            Makes me wonder just what the split is between them and the other flavors of Jewish faith. Must be the bend towards modernism and leftism.

          • That’s what nobody sees, the split.

            Their societies have been riven by fratricidal civil war since the beginning.

          • When I worked corporate, the company head and a number of people were Jewish, all secular, and their hatred for the Orthodox was pretty intense.

        • From the occasional news headlines, Australia’s enforcement makes most of USA look like an anarchist utopia.

        • Yet another reason our tyrants will fight to keep the mask and shutdown fraud going. It becomes another tool to punish disobedient parts of their fiefdoms. At this point I think the only thing that will free the bluest parts of the country from this stuff is an executive order or some ruling from the Supreme Court.

      • The other day I saw a girl playing tennis while wearing a Karen Kloth. People that stupid are fit only for slavery. Alas, that’s a pretty high percentage of “Americans.”

    • But that is what you want to see. Actual compliance has been spotty and there has been lots of enforcement. The reason our betters are moaning and groaning about people not complying is people are not complying.

      • Can confirm the 3rd worlders (“brown”) people are doing the bare minimum in public to keep the mask Karens off their back – and privately still meeting in large groups, eating from communal pots with their hands, and wiping their ass with their hands (ok maybe not the last one).

        I wish the same could be said for the goodwhites in my family, who are terrified of the virus and isolating themselves to the point of depression.

        The new recommendation in Toronto is to not celebrate Thanksgiving – whitey celebrations no longer permitted – and sadly many whiteys are following this.

      • True. Traveled from a blue hellhole state out west to the South for vacation this summer. With the notable exception of New Mexico mask compliance dropped exponentially the further I traveled southeasternly vacation. By the time I reached the buckle of the Bible belt the only people I saw wearing them were people who should probably be wearing them (elderly and fragile, already on oxygen, morbidly obese, etc.)

        • Same experience. The gov of NM is a walking example # 8,000 why women should not hold executive positions

      • I don’t know, very few people rebel. They complain, but I assume it’s just to placate me. I was refused dental service last week. I got screamed out of a library. Thank Darwin for wegmans…

  32. Scan the biographies of the political class and the thing you will be hard pressed to find is anything resembling real world experience.

    Did this a couple of months ago with our Members of Parliament. I managed to go through six names – starting with the Labour party – the similarity in backgrounds was so striking after even this small sample set, I thought that there was no point in going on:

    MP X was born in Hampstead to Mr X, a teacher and Mrs X, a social justice organizer.

    MP Y was born in Telford to Mr Y, a lecturer in sociology and Mrs Y, a librarian. MP Y credits her early political awakenings to her parent’s communist leanings…

    Rinse and repeat.

    • I would change the clausal opener to “scan the biographies of the careerist class …”

      E.g. – Scan the biographies of admirals and generals. They have a smattering of operational, point-of-the-spear tours of duty, but they’re usually of very short duration, and preceded and followed by tours in the Pentagon or “congressional affairs.” I was once an assignment officer, frequently receiving tasking to carefully assign a supporting cast of warriors to prop up the upwardly mobile (and feebly qualified) careerist. But in the arena of crisis & conflict, these feeble parasites were worse than useless. Then I became a senior officer and began to understand. You want to see flag officers squirm? Put them in a room full of warriors … they’re manifestly uncomfortable around capable, decisive, action-oriented men.

      The above example extrapolates. Want to see corporate leaders squirm? Put them in a room full of production guys. Want to see tenured professors squirm? Put them in a room full of people practicing the profession in which they teach.

      This is how I delineate cloud people from dirt people. And its why cloud people despise dirt people.

      • And its why cloud people despise dirt people.


        As to your wider point about careerists, and with particular focus on the military, every time I see one of their higher-ups, particularly in the Anglosphere, I think: How does this person square up to Erwin Rommel?

        It just all seems so false these days. Quite how many of these men can claim any authority or speak confidently of battle when they’ve not even – and correct me if I am wrong – seen it for any extended period of time is beyond me.

        But yes, you’re correct that this applies to higher-ups in most arenas. The age of the theorist.

      • During my year or so assignment to the Pentagram (Army), I enjoyed a “war story” from a fellow junior enlisted in a technical field. He was repairing an electronic gizmo is some General’s office and, when the General asked him if he wanted some coffee, the subrdinate (LTC? Captain?) unhappily brought it to the E-4 🙂

        • “Repairing an electronic gizmo.” Had to laugh at that one. Serious experience with that as well – when a General gets exasperated with an electronic casualty it’s often because he couldn’t figure out the on-off switch.

      • A friend once conducted a review of Flag Officer biographies over many years to determine any patterns that might lead to flag selection. Turns out, the most common billet among Flag Officer … Flag Aide!

    • If you read my comment somewhere on here, you’ll see that I lived around Imperial Capitol folk (US version). While there are slight variations, they’re amazingly similar people with very similar backgrounds. The best you can hope for with these people is indifference toward Dirt People, but it’s usually hatred.

  33. The people suddenly realized that everyone else had the same thoughts about their ruler.

    Indeed. It is this simultaneous realization that drives any actual revolution or at least push back against the Cloud People. Perhaps this is why keeping your enemies distributed and fragmented is such a powerful weapon to wield. As always, the importance of communities cannot be stressed enough. Oddly enough, these ‘mass awakenings’ are very hard to predict, but are always game changers; the US must surely be due one in the next half a decade.

    Even on the small scale, it is fascinating to watch how a crowd can turn against an orator who they suspect is talking bollocks. I am reminded of various instances in England in the 1890s-1900s where socialists were knocked off there soapboxes because the working classes to whom they were trying to appeal found what they said disrespectful.

    • One hopes so, but I ain’t holding my breath. The Soviets put up with a whole lot more than we have to put up with.

      • Watching the first few minutes of “The Chekist” (to the point where men and women are disrobing in a rat-ridden cellar, preparing to be dutifully shot), I realized everyone in the scene were white people from a Christian, conservative, patriarchal civilization.

        How? How did this happen?

        Why didn’t the soldiers simply shoot the functionaries issuing the 10-second “judgements”?

        I don’t get people, they make no damn sense. The simplest, most direct solution is usually the best- and it eliminates all kinds of future problems. Weed that garden!

        • that is an amazing movie. made in the early 90’s just after the fall of the ussr. it is a brutal, unflinching , but accurate view of what happened after the Bolsheviks took over . remembering that ANTIFA is bolshevik , it casts the current runctions in a much more severe light.

    • “Perhaps this is why keeping your enemies distributed and fragmented is such a powerful weapon to wield.”

      Yes, but it only works for a short while. The powers that be are trying to stave off an insurrection, and there are two ways to do it: keep your citizens divided against each other, or pursue a unified vision of material improvement for everyone. The former is easier, but it has the nasty side effect of diminishing the polity which is being ruled, making it susceptible to invasion and conquest, or of destroying it altogether. The latter is more difficult, but leads to unity and stability. Ultimately, division among society is proof of bad management, and that always ends in pain.

        • “Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded, not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering a high morale and community
          propose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

          — David Rockefeller, CFR chairman, New York Times, 1973-08-10

  34. many people nowadays miss ceausescu and the real reason ceausescu died was cause Silviu Brucan(jew) orchestrated his assassination, but I agree with the article’s message.
    Romania is being ruled by jews right now, they control secret services, they control media, they caused election fraud, Ceasuescu was romanian nationalist, despite his many faults.

      • information about brucan comes from actual historian, I just parroted the guy.
        I don’t know if jews control secret services in Pakistan, but SRI chief is Eduard Raul Hellvig(he’s a jew, google him), he received soros scholarship, 1997-1998 he was Soros foundation coordinator.

      • Always makes me think what would be different with no Jews in America: probably not as much as people would think, and probably even for the worse. The best example that’s pointed out is Sweden: a country with (nearly) no Jews, no “legacy of slavery” and no colonialism and yet has no issues sucking on the PC crack pipe even harder than the most ardent left-wing Jew. There’s more going on there than some well thought out maniacal scheme by Netanyahu.
        And yeah The Merchant doesn’t have our best interests at heart (quite the contrary), but they wouldn’t be selling if we weren’t buying.

        • Yeah, but a lot of their policy is just a mimesis of/cow towing to globalist progressive Jewry, but whites effectively create their own Jewish like class and the thinking ends up being basically the same as the chosen tribe so I get your point. The difference is, the Jews protect/weaponize themselves with the very same multicult/civil rights legislation that dismantles Euro majority’s, by being part of an untouchable outgroup/tribe. The white elites don’t have that luxury.

        • Good thing the Swedes own their media and banks.

          And Pakistan? Who could possibly have an interest in the British Raj? Opium played no part- zip, zero, none- in world affairs.

        • Things would be very different

          Anyone who grew up in a white area without a lot of Jewish people and influence knows it well

          Night and day difference

          Not saying Jewish people don’t have their talents, but they don’t have what it takes to run a society. They stink at it. Not much better than blacks, actually.

          On some level they have to know it, and their “hate whitey” stance is probably a coping mechanism and distraction from their complete and utter failure. If you fancy yourself chosen by the creator of the universe yet some “hick” in muddy boots in small town America runs a better society than you do, it’s got to sting. Really sting.

      • That’s classic, and, yes, it is the same as putting the demise on Ceausescu on the Tribe’s shoulders.
        My personal favorite, not original by me but still, was the Muslim claim 9/11 was both a Mossad op and a major Arab victory.

    • i was going to down vote this comment, but it really made me laugh out loud, so i left it alone 😛

      that video of Ceausescu (and his wife) running around like headless chickens, is funny AF!

      • Ceausescu was nationalist in the purest sense, meaning he wanted total independence from any outside force, including the russians.
        Ceausescu was the precursor of Gaddafi(they were allies actually), Gadaffi had similar polices to Ceausescu’s, meaning paying external debt and zero dependence on western banking system. Both figures ended up the same way and their countries got ruined.
        Tito was much closer to russians than Causescu was, yugoslavians and soviets were good pals, yougoslavians had it easy during communism, not like the romanians, who were too ambitious for their weight class.

        • In his first decade of rule, Ceausescu was a very mild tyrant by the standards of communism. He publicly opposed the crackdowns in Prague and allowed for some freedom in Romania. That changed and his rule became a cult of personality. He was not the monster the West claimed, but he was not a benevolent dictator either.

          • i actually agree about the narrative that Ceausescu was a cloud person, the romanian secret services lied to him, they told Ceausescu that he was universally loved by the people, he really believed that crap, he never saw his death coming.
            The secret police in romania were bad, the people around ceausescu were the worst.
            His wife was an awful Hillary type woman, but Ceausescu himself as a person wasn’t that bad, he was an uneducated man, he was basically the equivalent of an american redneck with street smarts, who loved his country. You can’t really expect too much from such a man, it’s hard to hate him, he tried his best to uplift his country, he didn’t deserve to die imo.

          • The story regarding ceausecu’s regime going downhill during 80s has a lot to do with the west. Westerners used Ceausescu during 70s for political reasons, so their banks offered him loans, some occidental countries even bought some of the stuff romanians exported(as favours), but no one really wanted to buy cheap, trashy romanian products, the romanian economy was doomed from the start imo.
            In early 80s romanian debt grew so he took 4 loans from IMF, despite that economy still wasn’t strong enough to pay back the initial debt. Creditors suffocated him, demanding money in return so Ceausescu did the typical thing a dictator does, he starved population and the secret police brutality increased in order to control the resltess population, the rest is history.

          • That is true. Virginia Pruden (she’s on Facebook) was a Christian attorney in Romania. She won quite a few religious liberty cases showing that there was some independence within the judiciary. Ceausescu kicked her out eventually, but most Communist tyrants would have imprisoned her or arranged an accident.

        • Libya was attacked to prevent formation of an alternate currency.

          BLUF: “This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French.franc (CFA)…this quantity of gold and silver is valued at more than $7 billion. French intelligence officers discovered this plan shortly after the current rebellion began, and this was one of the factors that influenced President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya.”

          NOTE: edited by me for clarity (lots of fwd:fwd:fwd). Not the entire email. 

          From: Sidney Blumenthal 
          To: Hillary Clinton 
          Date: 2011-04-01 15:44 
          Subject: H: FRANCE’S CLIENT & Q’S GOLD. SID 

          UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05779612 Date: 12/31/2015 

          A high ranking official on the National Libyan Council states that factions have developed within it. In part this reflects the cultivation by France in particular of clients among the rebels. General Abdelfateh Younis is the leading figure closest to the French, who are believed to have made payments of an unknown amount to him. Younis has told others on the NLC that the French have promised they will provide military trainers and arms. So far the men and materiel have not made an appearance. Instead, a few “risk assessment analysts” wielding clipboards have come and gone. Jabril, Jalil and others are impatient. It is understood that France has clear economic interests at stake. Sarkozy’s occasional emissary, the intellectual self-promoter Bernard Henri-Levy, is considered by those in the NLC who have dealt with him as a semi-useful, semi-joke figure. 2. Rumors swept the NLC upper. echelon this week that Qaddafi may be dead or maybe not. 3. Qaddafi has nearly bottomless financial resources to continue indefinitely, according to the latest report we have received: 

          On April 2, 2011 sources with access to advisors to Salt al-Islam Qaddafi stated in strictest confidence that while the freezing of Libya’s foreign bank accounts presents Muammar Qaddafi with serious challenges, his ability to equip and maintain his armed forces and intelligence services remains intact. According to sensitive information available to this these individuals, Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver. During late March, 2011 these stocks were moved to SABHA (south west in the direction of the Libyan border with Niger and Chad); taken from the vaults of the Libyan Central Bank in Tripoli. 

          This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French.franc (CFA). 

          (Source Comment: According to knowledgeable individuals this quantity of gold and silver is valued at more than $7 billion. French intelligence officers discovered this plan shortly after the current rebellion began, and this was one of the factors that influenced President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya….

        • O, and Ceasescu was so independent of outside world that he charged Israel thousands of dollars for every Jew he allowed to leave.
          Till my last days in the Soviet Union in the 70s there was always a positive coverage of Ceausescu and negative of Yugoslav Iosif Tito.

          • After the collapse of the Soviet Union, just about every Jew in Romania left for Israel. A few came to America, but the Jewish population of Romania collapsed. I recall reading somewhere that it went from 30,000 to 3,000. During the communist reign, the population went from 150,000 to 30,000, mostly due to emigration to Israel. It was a profit center for the regime.

          • I have to say, having a Ceausescu apologist in the comments is an unexpected event. Perhaps I should arrange a reader meet-up in Transylvania.

          • many people that lived during ceausescu regime saw it as better than present day romania, each has his own reasons i guess, but it’s a fact, which I am stating, not judging either way.
            I am not an ideological guy, i simply have a tendency of defending dictators cause i like strong men, i like white alphas(but not the jewish owned stalin types), whites should learn to respect their alphas, instead of bashing them all the time, that’s why west is filled with weaklings.
            Doesn’t mean that i promote or like old communist regimes.

          • Not unexpected: every anti-semite is a socialist at heart, as Jews’ wealth must be redistributed, hopefully to him.

          • Jevvs 101: How to make yourself disliked and unwanted everywhere with both a massive paranoia complex and an utter lack of self awareness.

          • Not trying to be mean, but it’s a never ending cycle where they do everything they can to make people dislike them just so they can complain that people dislike them

          • Keep a low profile if it’s in Transylvania–there’s a large ethnic Hungarian minority that thinks that part of Romania should be in Hungary. I have heard, however, that the Transylvanian Alps are breathtakingly beautiful.

          • I have a friend with a small dacha on the Black Sea, six rooms.

            (He was showing me, with great pride, pictures of Vlad’s childhood home- with the Castle high up above town.)

            Remember, though, that Romanians aren’t like us. They think 3 station wagons packed with 25 family members is a small picnic.

          • When King Billy, King of All the Roma, when his daughter turned 15, it was time for her to be married.

            King Billy doesn’t wear shoes, and none of his guests may either.

            Limos, luxury cars parked all over the place, even sultans came- and nobody wore shoes to the wedding.

          • Empire of Dacia, baby!

            Romania is named after a lost colony of Roman legionnaires who didn’t go back home, but stayed to carve out a Kingdom of their own.

            Our Future, perhaps, repeated an hundred times until we grow mighty once more?

          • “i’ve no clue what selling jews is supposed to prove…”

            That an agreeable and just kind of reparations exists?

          • Once we stop abortion on demand, we’ll need to sell The Juice to harvest their body parts. They secretly fear this.

    • Yea, Ceasuescu was such a romanian nationalist that romanian babies turned to the state by hungry parents were kept for years in their cribs without seeing outside or ever holding a toy or having human interaction.

      • romanian population grew a lot during ceausescu regime, that’s sounds like white nationalism to me, how many white babies are being born/killed nowadays during feminist regime?

        • If anyone has ever wondered what the “whites only Communism” espoused by the likes of Erik Striker and Mike Enoch would look like, see the system Sentry is praising above.

          • da heck are you on, i don’t give a flying fuck about communism, i just present some historical facts.

          • No. Communism is their “gift” to the world. Tikkun Olam. There is no making the best of that poison seed.

          • Not for nothing, my parish at the time sponsored missionaries to Romania. Frightening stuff. Babies need moms or a surrogate. Romania provided neither.

          • Peopel who see babies as a resource for the race or nation stop seeing the value of people very quickly.

        • But of course it did. There was NO birth control and abortions forbidden. That excess population ended in orphanages with no care or fresh air ever.

          • I’m sure, and your sober assessment is well appreciated, but her melodrama and hyperbole is what I am hoping to draw attention to

            Gets old.

        • The TFR in Romania at the time came at a horrible cost
          Most importantly White is also a set of cultural assumptions and Communism is not part of that.
          Say we go to theoretical maximum Communist, force growing clones to adulthood and implant an ideology chip into them so there is only a complaint population of ideological perfect European stock.
          That isn’t White Nationalism at all even if you were to have a population doubling every 20 years.
          Its not even White even if 100% Euro stock.
          Its totalitarian bullcrap
          Quoting Kaiser Wilhelm on Hitler but it could have been any of these socialist A-Holes
          There’s a man alone, without family, without children, without God… He builds legions, but he doesn’t build a nation. A nation is created by families, a religion, traditions: it is made up out of the hearts of mothers, the wisdom of fathers, the joy and the exuberance of children… For a few months I was inclined to believe in National Socialism. I thought of it as a necessary fever. And I was gratified to see that there were, associated with it for a time, some of the wisest and most outstanding Germans. But these, one by one, he has got rid of or even killed… He has left nothing but a bunch of shirted gangsters! This man could bring home victories to our people each year, without bringing them either glory or danger. But of our Germany, which was a nation of poets and musicians, of artists and soldiers, he has made a nation of hysterics and hermits, engulfed in a mob and led by a thousand liars or fanatics.”
          Don’t do that.
          Seriously its not all about pumping out babies otherwise every meth head mom with six illegitimate but White kids would be a national hero.
          Don’t get me wrong, I want the global White population percentage to increase compared to other groups. Its needs to be 25% or more vs maybe 10% now but not at the cost of destroying society or having anything to do with Communism or with any totalitarian ideology.

          • that regime did a great deal of good in regards to birth rates, it forced high iq people to reproduce.
            western society is dysgenic in this regards, many smart people, especially high iq women do not reproduce.
            Romania would be filled with gypsies if not for the state forcing population to reproduce.
            I have a question, if whites don’t want to use force in order to raise white population, and if they do not want to use force in order to reduce black fertility, then i really see no outcome other than total collapse of industrial world, the end of the european nations.
            I look at russia, Putin is trying his best to raise the population, he pandered to russian women a lot, but bitches are bitches.
            russia’s fertility rate is 1.76 births per woman
            sub-replacement fertility is anything below 2.1 children
            i wish someone would explain to me how whites come out on top using cuckservative morals.

          • I don’t care what good that regime might have done It was Communist and thus I will brook no apologies for it.
            Even if I was so willing , do note this society failed to accomplish its goals in the end and ended up with more than generation of broken children and adults.
            maybe if they hadn’t starved people for austerity and you know made a decent economy for people to live in people might have wanted kids but nope, had to brutalize people. Frankly the F*ck*R got what was coming to him.
            And sure sometimes brutal social means can force women to give birth, they can’t make them parent.
            In any case the US Black TFR is below replacement .So long as trade is cut off and borders are contained so the African diaspora stays in Africa (same for other groups) and troublesome foreigners can be repatriated, things will be fine.
            I’ll also note that celibacy is becoming very common. According to some studies half of all people have no partner and half of those never want one.
            This in a word awash in porn.
            Do you have a plan for that?
            Neither you nor any other movement are entitled to any woman’s fertility other than your own wife if she so agrees.
            Its not a crisis and even if it was no one is going to let you use that as an excuse march down the totalitarian road again.
            Do the basics, make sure wealth is created and well distributed, fix divorce and be patient.
            Do that and worse case scenario, in a couple of centuries, the US will be majority Amish at current rates which should be White enough for anyone.

          • So your answer is to put faith in the amish people, basically you are in denial, cause that’s not a serios answer.
            You do realize huge country like America Will get invaded if population is too small to protect it.
            Porn matters not if men can control their women.

            Why is White man not entitled to fertility of the parasite women who live in his society though? What’s the logic behind that?

          • By who? Latin America is already here in mass numbers . Even so it is entering low fertility. Brazil is already there and Mexico is near if not at it.
            The people with high fertility in the MENA region mostly can’t even get here unless brought in and the idea of enough boats from Africa entering US harbors is ridiculous.
            China possibly could invade the US but they could do it right now if they so wished
            By y the time the US enters the “mostly highly religious, maybe Amish” period no one will be doing that kind of thing.
            In any case China has never historically been that kind of power and frankly everyone will have a smaller population by than as they implode anyway.
            There are nearly a billion people right now with serious food issues including 30 million or more in the USA.
            Your lets adopt failed Romanian ideas magic plan is going to feed them how? Those ideas didn’t work there and were the cause of the Romanian decline in the first place.
            You want to fix the US there are things that you can do but turning into a Communist hellhole is Antifa’s job not ours.

          • Force is neither moral, nor required.
            Positive media campaign to glamorize heterosex, same-race relationships. Financial incentives, infrastructure support, and social rewards for parenting.
            Negative media campaign to discredit sexual perversion and hedonism. Financial penalties and social shunning for sterile “queer life” choices.
            Of course, this would require re-capturing media control then political control from the degenerate “progressive” class and their financiers.

          • Jokes on you Pal. I DID read it.

            LOL, they should charge people to use the internet. I get so much entertainment from it for free. Not from trolling, the only person who thinks I’m funny is me and even then. But everyone else? Wow. I mean, who’d have thought that Zoomers could get trolled into getting Nazi tattoos? See? Now I can’t stop laughing again

            Have a great week

        • It grew, despite increasing poverty, because Ceausescu wanted bigger families. He reined in abortion and penalized childless couples. Hence the growth of the abandoned children institutions so notorious in the news of that time after the fall. I was able to see such first hand with a couple of children adopted by a “good-White” family. Physically normal, psychologically screwed up, but I guess they pass your criteria—they were indeed, White!

          • There was also talk of organized rape gangs when people stopped having sex because they could not afford a child or didn’t want them living in that hell.

  35. There isn’t a person on this board who would not be giddy with excitement to see the Imperial Capital invaded by hordes of Dirt People and burned to the ground…with their bureaucrat toadies and aristocrat pols inside.

    • Burn it to the ground, put the inhabitants to the sword and leave it as a reminder to the next ruling class.

        • Eastern block revolutions had some distinct flavor to them in that they were smoke and mirror for the most part.
          After high profile figures were disposed of, these movements were hijacked and owned by military and spooks, who were big part, if not the real enablers, of the old system.
          In this place and time I’d wager that big tech will take their shot, and that is something to beware of.

        • Wood-chippers.
          At an average weight of 170 lbs, 10 people = 1 cubic yard (specific gravity about 1.)
          Three twenty yard dumpsters = 600 people.
          All the Congress, Cabinet and Supremes.
          Even allowing for Nadlers.

          • If the results were composted and used to grow crops this would indeed be the first time most of these people had done anything useful at all for anyone else.

          • Did you watch the recent C-SPAN video of Nadler literally crapping his pants while standing during a Pelosi event and then shuffling off to the side, trying not to look down for stains, and leaving little to the imagination?

            Under stress, Nadler could instantly get down to 170 lbs given he’s so full of crap. Oy.

        • I’m more a fan of lining I-95 all along the East Coast leading north and south from DC with heads on pikes. One every 50′ on both sides of the road gives you 200 per mile. Hell even just a few congress critters and their bloated staffs gets you all the way to Baltimore…

      • Why have their murder on your hands? Just force them to live with their pets. They’ll get sorted soon enough.

      • a reminder to the next ruling class
        This is what we’ve been missing. We’re still operating under our first true ruling class.

      • As gratifying as that strategy would be, it is not the optimum solution. Much smarter to focus on a few “example cases” and then faux mourn their tragic accidental demise. Think like a lighting bolt. Sudden, unexpected, and natural.

      • Only thing burning to the ground is what Whites built. Families, Businesses, Cities, Nation, Civilization. There is nothing in the Lefts way but varieties of other Leftists.

        Why anyone thinks this revolution or whatever happens magically, without a shred of organization simply means a Romantic view of War. There have been zero spontaneous revolutions; none. Even the closest in France had the Duc of Orleans and his helpful agents. The American one took a generation, that was building on the militias built for the French and Indian Wars.
        The Bolsheviks had Ludendorff.
        Mao had the Russians, Japanese Arms, and the State Dept. As for Ireland – you must be kidding.

        I’m going to say to our host you either a Honeypot or a fool.
        The fool would rouse a rabble but actively work to prevent organization. The Honeypot, well thats no fool – if his side wins.

        As to raising the costs…the costs are irrelevant to a genocidal opponent. To take a small example – the extermination of 300,000 in the Vendee was of trifling costs to the Jacobins. Costs can be raised in occupation, in nation building; but in extermination the costs are cheap. Its actually the cheapest option.

        And they can quite write a justifiable order to do so- your own words about hanging them all make such a course just.

        Ta, for now.

        • Zman said: “Burn it to the ground, put the inhabitants to the sword and leave it as a reminder to the next ruling class.”
          The author is certainly no fool, as his essays prove. Perhaps this was simply an historic metaphor for how such problems have been dealt with in the past.
          However, the responses fantasizing about feeding people into wood chippers or putting heads on pikes sound more like the irresponsible, uncivilized drivel from the “Antifa” crowd.

      • It would do no good. The good news is political Karen is made, not born. To get rid of the modern Karen, you have to get rid of feminism. Sure, you might still have proto-Karens, but they will be enforcing good social standards and not clownworld. ‘Church ladies’ are a lot better than ‘progressive ladies.’

        • Church Karens are organizing the roast beef dinners and scolding young girls for wearing slutty clothing.

          A big improvement.

          • Yep. Women are the enforcers of social norms on both men and women, but especially young women and girls. The church lady is infinitely preferable to the progressive cat ladies.

    • Anyone who thinks a repeat of 9/11 would not be met with wild domestic applause is too isolated from reality to live a meaningful life. Bin Laden just struck a generation too early. A sane society would start to dissolve such a collection of enemies who literally hate one another. This portends to make the old Yugoslavia’s breakup look like a child’s birthday party.

    • I pray, I pray that when those hurricanes manages up the coast it takes out DC

      God, I beg you

      And it would be a nice touch if the Hurricane is named after a black woman.

  36. We shouldn’t forget that the Capitol has many acolytes in the Districts: the Corona hoax could not have gone on this long without the generous assistance of the Karens & Cucks.

    • It’s nice in a way how the mask marks a certain type. You used to have to figure it out, now they advertise.

      • Alas, given the ubiquity of the Maskatards, NOT wearing a mask is what marks one out as a certain type. I.e. somebody with a triple-digit IQ and at least one testicle.

      • Ostei, caveat: if they’re wearing a mask and they don’t give me a dirty look, they aren’t one of THEM 🙂

    • Women don’t understand hierarchy the way men do. They think it’s the biggest and the strongest “alpha male” rises to the top and orders everyone around.

      Not exactly. The pope doesn’t get to be the pope by beating up all the other cardinals. Hierarchy is real, extremely efficient (business, military), and allows lines of authority to have weight in large organizations where personal ties with everyone involved are numerically impossible.

      But respect flows both ways – any martinet who relies solely on a title will fail. The Karens understand “the rules issued by authority”; they fail to understand they, individually, are outside the hierarchy and no obedience or respect is owed to them, personally.

      Maybe this is why modern women are depressed and crazy? Their maternal drive to intimately understand inter-generational relationships in their extended family clans (which is good) is limited by the Dunbar number…as they try to understand the motivations and backstory of huge groups (political parties, large corporations) their ability to track it all just breaks many of them.

      It’s a compartmentalization problem – which men are generally good at, and necessary for large hierarchies. Women’s ability to remember thousands of little details for generations is a fantastic gift for long term family management…but terrible for large hierarchies.

      • The Karens understand “the rules issued by authority”; they fail to understand they, individually, are outside the hierarchy and no obedience or respect is owed to them, personally.

        I think this is why so many Karens (male or female) are such nasty and angry creatures. They do all this PC stuff like wearing their goofy little masks everywhere, even when driving or outside, and yet their bank account doesn’t get any bigger and they get no medals or celebrations in their honor. In fact, in the case of masks, it leads to them becoming even more of a non-person than their vapid, conformist personality justifies. I now have trouble telling exactly who the hell people around me are and of course it’s even easier now to ignore what they say since they’re mumbling everything through cloth. The ones who jump off the sidewalk when they see me coming are even more contemptible and ignoreable.

        The “alphas” who put them up to all this stupid shit live far away, don’t see them, and wouldn’t care if they did. As a result their real and perceived status is actually reduced by their antics.

    • There has been a ramp-up of the black Karens in my area. Usually store clerks that want to feel superior.

        • Lol, I like your transliteration, but I believe these hoes have been long known as Felicias

        • In Chicago they’re Latrina’s or Shanequa’s depending on whether you are a Cubs or Sox fan.

          • Ha ha, I clicked on the link and thought maybe I was on a spoof site. Perhaps that Satan(a) should re-think that tagline.

          • Looking at the picture my first thought was “Was that born a female or did it” transition”? My 2nd thought, after reading the individual’s campaign slogan – “Citizens of Durham County deserve better” – was, “Damned skippy they do but you ain’t it.”

      • Our stores had scowling African or Indian security guards in work boots guarding every entrance.

        A couple months ago, they got rid of the guards and just use smiling store clerks to direct us now.

        The dark people love having power over us, even if it’s small and insignificant. Don’t forget.

        • Yeah, the relish it a bit too much. Their accusations of oppression is just pure projection of their fantasies. I have no desire to even be around them let alone oppress them!

  37. Gotta say, before even reading today’s post, I do like the title. It’s got to be a winner!

  38. Think of the press repeatedly lying and then acting like it never happened: Russia hoax, Jussie Smollett, Kavanaugh. If any of us behaved like this in the private sector we’d be fired. Yet they keep doing it with no consequence. In a month they’ll move on from the lockdown hoax, and memory-hole that one too.

    • Doubt it.

      The Cloud People believe lockdowns are part of the new normal and World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.”

      The WEF has the videos right on their YouTube channel.

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