The Ash Heap Of History

In the fullness of time, the most important development in the Trump era will be the collapse of conservatism as a political movement. The official Right had been in crisis for a long time, but the old political dynamic had locked it in place. If you opposed the Left, the only alternative was conservatism. Trump did not usher in a new era, so much as discredit the old. The Left quickly redesigned to self as a defender of the status quo and institutional power, while the Right has collapsed.

Even at this early date, it has become a bit trite to note that American conservatism has collapsed over the last five years. Not only has it collapsed, in terms of its intellectual influence, but it has become a ridiculous joke. Even the jokes about it have started to sound a bit hackneyed, as the absurdity moves beyond satire. When a site calling itself The American Conservative is making “the conservative case” for explicitly anti-white pogroms, the jokes stop being funny.

Even so, it is worth looking at why the American Right has collapsed. The majority of white people in America have at one time or another considered themselves conservative or at least were open to it. There’s never been a majority in favor of Progressive reforms, yet those reformers have always carried the day, despite the opposition of the professional Right. It takes a special skill to lose so much despite having a numerical advantage in a democracy.

One obvious reason for the collapse of conservatism is that it lost all of its intellectual vigor decades ago. We live in an age of pygmies, but nowhere is that more obvious than with the professional Right. Half a century ago, the Right was teaming with serious thinkers. A couple of decades ago, National Review had a half a dozen or more quality thinkers and polemicists. Today, no one can think of a single writer or thinker on the Right that is worth a minute’s time.

That really is the striking thing about what has happened to America in general, but the Right in particular. It is as if anyone with the least bit of curiosity about the world has been driven off and replaced by former postal workers. The distinguishing feature of the American intellectual class is its doctrinaire dreariness. Everyone with anything on the ball and a curiosity about the world operates out on the fringes. The American intellectual class is a as vibrant as the surface of the moon.

Another facet of this, a byproduct of the suffocating dullness, is an inability of conservatives to examine how they came to this dead end. This piece in the American Mind, which is supposed to be the free-thinking outlet for conservatives looking to break free of the old modes of thought, is a good example. On the surface, it is supposed to be an analysis of the administrative state, which should mean the managerial state, but instead it means “big government” in the old hackneyed way.

Note that the writer takes as a given the basic assumptions of the Left. His opposition to what he describes as the administrative state, is that it is anti-democratic, prejudiced and discriminatory. This is the sort of complaint that was popular on the Left a generation ago, when they would attack corporate America. In the hands of conservatives, it becomes a complaint about having to deal with a thicket of bureaucrats down at the local motor vehicle department.

Even more ridiculous, their critique of the administrative state tries to use guilt by association to win over their enemies on the Left. You see, the roots of the administrative state are in the Confederacy! You see that my woke brothers? The thing you now control is every bit as racist and cis-gendered as those statues you are toppling all over the country. It is not just a rhetorical devise. Conservatives truly believe that current crisis is rooted in human preference.

The weird logic of modern conservative thinking is worth noting. Professor Hamburger seems to think the great obstacle to the Progressive dream of an egalitarian paradise are the tools the Left has been using to create that paradise. Not only will they agree to throw down their weapons, they will suddenly stop their aggression. It is a bizarre form of utopian thinking. It is even more bizarre, given that the greatest threat to individual liberty is woke capital, not the government.

What is even more striking about this is just how obtuse this line of thought is, given that within conservative intellectual traditions there are far better critiques. Within living memory, Samuel T. Francis and Paul Gottfried wrote extensively about the managerial state, building off the analysis of James Burnham. Perhaps it is understandable that Francis has been forgotten in conservative circles, but Gottfried is still around and active at publications like the American Conservative.

This gets back to the barren intellectual landscape in general, but the aridity of conservatism in particular. Modern conservatives operate in the lowest tier of intellectual discourse, which is the practical. This is where they debate where to move commas around the tax code and how to tinker with existing structures. The Left operates at the next tier, which focuses on the process. For them, the administrative state is one item in the toolkit they have in the war on the general culture.

What has been lost in this age is anyone that can look down about this dynamic between strategy and tactics and understand the ideas and historical forces that are carrying these combatants along. This should be the role of conservatism. It should be the engine producing a new moral and political paradigm to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy, but instead it is just an obstacle in the way of that process. This is why it has collapsed and is headed to the ash heap of history.

While Trump and the people around him are oblivious to his role in this historical period, their anti-intellectualism is the necessary agent to break the old dynamic. Conservatives have no answer for his blunt observations and the Left has had its skin peeled back to reveal its reptilian interior. Trump has been a clarifying event, one that will usher conservatism off the intellectual and political stage. What replaces it is something suited for the demographic age.

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331 thoughts on “The Ash Heap Of History

  1. As to TAC being a conservative magazine, I heard Dr. Gottfried say he seems to be the only Conservative writing there. I think they’re mostly Libertarians. Some good some way out there. We are in bad need of some more folks like Bradford, I look forward to talking to that man at the end of time. If anybody knows of someone that took up his mantle, I’d sure be grateful if you’d point me in that direction.

  2. What’s particularly disturbing is that The American Conservative was started by Pat Buchanan and others of paleocon bent in order to keep the conservative movement from veering from its moorings as they felt it had done under neocon leadership represented by The Weekly Standard and other similar outlets. If TAC has folded, there ain’t too many places left to go.

  3. I really, really wish the guys in wigs hadn’t added that whole “all men are created equal” bit. I don’t read anything poetic or stylistic in that line; I read it as it is. It’s an outright falsehood and contrary to nature, and besides that, it’s been the rallying cry of every utopian reformer and leftist arsonist for the last seventy years.

  4. First of all, I am very impressed with the knowledge and creativity of not only this site, but other writers that I had never heard before. So, I’m excited to be discovering this wonderful new world where people think that tradition and societal consistency are more important than pallets of green paper traded for stuff from China (to paraphrase someone)

    I think the main problem is Liberalism, the idea that I can believe anything I want, and that society is a playing field of ideas, economics and religions where the state/government/leaders keep these ideas in the field and make sure no one hurts themselves.

    This never existed before. Things were known, the true religion was know (True religion, what? That’s crazy! Away with you, heretic!) the family was know. Things were true. The state was OBLIGED to not side with unleashed freedom, but truth.

    A great book by a Spaniard from the late 19th century is “Liberalism is a Sin”.

  5. Think of what we don’t hear from cucks:

    1. Giving 18 year olds the right to vote was a mistake. When you are living with your mom, . . .
    2. Giving women the right to vote leads to noisiness and gossip.
    3. Gays should not be encouraged
    4. Why can’t blacks clean up their own mess and stop blaming whites?
    5. Why can’t we round up the illegals and a) give the six months of hard labor building walls along the border (or other public works) and b) ship them back to their own country?
    6. Why should anyone have to sell to anyone or hire anyone they don’t want to sell to or hire?
    • Why? Because it’s not our country

      I hate that fact as much as anyone else, but it’s a bitter medicine we all have to take.

  6. The upside of a Conservative outlook is that it preserves things that work. The downside is that its downright sclerotic when it comes to needed change.
    Of course our so called Conservatives are money junkies and have more in common with meth-heads than with any movement that would preserve American culture. Anything for that next fix.

    • Preserving what works shouldn’t even be politicized, but the Left has made it so. They have made every facet of human endeavor political. Why we have to refuse playing their stupid game.

  7. Trump tweets that he’ll leave Walter Reed at 6:30. Sometimes his team gets it exactly right. What will the network news do tonight? They’re essentially forced to cover his triumphant return to the White House. His message was also spot on, “Don’t fear Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.” He’s making the case to dial this madness back without coming off as pushy. It’s going to take some serious negotiation to get the left, and much of America, down from the ledge. We have to win that battle first before we start taking retribution on the Cuomos and Whitners.

    • I think he hit a home run with this thing. Give credit were credit is due. The guy is a brilliant tactician

  8. Trump will either be succeeded by the equivalent of Modi or by the equivalent of Pol Pot or Trotsky, either of which is likely to break up the sacred Union….

  9. I think the big problem with conservatives and conservatism is they’ve allowed themselves to be incrementally steamrolled (if that’s possible) over the decades by a long term thinking (((left))), who gradually shifted academia, politics, courts & culture in their direction. Typically, not enough outrageousness at any one time (except now where they’re balls to the wall) to get most of the alarm bells ringing, but enough to keep things moving in that direction – you know, we’re all adults, it’s the right thing to do, it’s a woman’s right to choose, what’s one little cuss word here and there? Some on the right might protest, but they were always marginalized & pushed aside. Even if the general public looked askance at some the antics, they eventually got used to it, more or less and things moved on. It should have been the big wig cons to raise the hue and cry and rally the troops, but by the time they looked around, they were left in the dust. I’m sure many saw the s*** that was building, but were powerless or gutless to try and do anything about it. And the (((left))) has always framed their deal in moral terms for which the right has rarely had a good answer or alternative other than to nibble around the edges, and thus, as observed by Z, are all but on the top of the ash heap of history and good riddance.
    There’s a pretty good (and long) article by Unz that kind of parallels what Z has written here.

    • In addition to thinking the JJJs had enormous desire to impose their will on others. Yes, whites were defenseless and agreeable b/c of Muh Holocaust but the JJJs were on fire

      Thinking alone will never cut it

      My guess is that the road out of this rut will take 10% planning and organization and 90% passion and desire

  10. I basically agree with Z Man, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say there aren’t ANY mainstream conservative of any worth anymore. *Some* worth is exactly what I would attribute to Victor Davis Hanson, while Heather MacDonald would be a somewhat finer example.

    • They aren’t any smarter than any of us here. In fact, they are lesser minds than most of us here.

      VDH is just a regular guy with regular thoughts who sees his state going to hell. He says the same stuff every farmer around here is going to say. Heather sounds like your typical suburban mom but who uses stats.

      No offense, but these people are solid but not exceptional. Neither is saying anything remotely original or insightful. Same as with that black economist normiecons always bring up. Sowell? Lol. That guy just repeats the same stuff I heard in Economics 101, and he’s supposed to be some genius? Egad.

      Let’s raise our standards people !!!!

      • Falcone, VDH just a regular guy, with regular thoughts? Huh? Obviously you know zero about him, and not have read any of his work. Sowell, ditto. Please do so before putting these people you mention down. You really make yourself appear to be an arrogant know nothing.

        Perhaps you’d enlighten us on your qualifications to past judgement on these folks?

        • All I am saying is this, and I’ll be honest. VDH or Sowell have never said ANYTHING that I hand’t already thought of myself or heard before.

          But full disclosure. I was a lib arts major. I know it gets a bad rap, especially from STEM guys, but for people like me who took it seriously and were voracious readers of literature, philosophy, and history, and so forth, you would have been exposed not to the VDHs of the world but to the people he learned from and the peel they learned from. The entire spectrum of thought of which they were a byproduct. And I can tell you, all he does is repeat what others have said before him. Same with Sowell. There is nothing original there. Trust me. Now if you were a STEM guy or studied finance and thought the lib arts guys were weird, then chances are very high that your first exposure to these kinds of ideas is going to be from the magazines they write for. I get that. But they are just average intellects whose political bent is shared with mine so I see them as brothers politically, but that’s about it.

          • lol. We share the same attitude regarding “troglodytes”, it seems (History at a somewhat well-regarded Central European Uni here). I imagine how you must find Moldbug and the rest of the IT-playing-at-humanities crowd; but honestly, I thought Hanson’s takes on WW2 were pretty original when listening to his speeches some years back.

          • I have never read his takes on WWII. So I don’t mean to take away from talents he may have shown there. But as far as his everyday writing on California and current events, you know what I think.

            Yes, it is a little humorous watching STEM guys who all of a sudden went Lib Arts playing with toys they don’t really understand or act like they’re new. I mean come on, INXS in 1984, a little rock band we lib arts guys liked, was telegraphing how racism was going to become the Original Sin in America. And now we’re supposed to act like it’s an original thought? But hey, they make of me, how our degrees are worthless, blah blah blah, how STEM is next to God, and so I get to poke fun at them in kind 😉

        • Compsci, let me also add that PC was being talked about in right wing journals at the time. The guys on the business and engineering side of campus only had a taste of it in required coursework and rightfully dismissed it as nonsense but mistakenly thought it would fade away because it was illogical. But the lib arts side of campus won. A naturally conservative person like myself who liked the same things the libs did back then but not the politics, I was in the belly of the beat for years. I was a huge reader of the New Criterion. It is what helped keep me sane. Check out old editions. Late 1980s and early 1990s. It will sound like it was written yesterday.

      • Both Sowell and Hanson came up with very innovative theories in their respective fields (I don’t care much about libertarian economics, but I actually disagree with most of what Hanson has to say on military history, go figure)
        If Heather MacDonald is your “typical suburban mom”, intellect-wise, how come we aren’t colonizing the Solar system yet? On our front, she does a brilliant job by criticizing the academe from a position of respectability. Her opinions are basically the same as ours, only that they wouldn’t hold a fraction of the weight they do with normies when coming from us. She’s also beautifully articulate and to the point in her writing.
        Speaking of which, I forgot to mention Johnathan Heidt, but this is not a name that typically comes to mind under the section of “conservative commentators”. On the other hand, I reckon Ann Coulter and Malkin weren’t brought up because people already associate them with the Dissident Right, or maybe some recent cucking, in Coulter’s case.

        • I get that. She has worked herself into a position of authority where her opinions obviously carry way more weight than mine. But I don’t care. Is it fear people have? Anyone who needs stats to know that blacks are criminal minded, yes it makes it more socially acceptable to have that opinion, which is really the only point of citing someone like her. Or Steve Sailer. Or Kevin MacDonald. Our society today, in my view, call it bourgeoise in the classical sense, the sort of conventional play-it-safe mentality of the middle class, are a bunch of scaredy cats intellectually. I have more in common with a trucker who just sees blacks doing stupid shit and forms his own opinions than I do with someone like MacDonald who needs 400 pounds of textbooks and computer print outs of data on her desk before she can muster the courage to utter anything remotely “provocative.”

          Fear of not appearing educated is what’s driving this. It’s purely class consciousness. It’s everywhere, moreso on the left but also on the right. This academic approach to life is sucking the life out of our people and culture. The point of education is to “bring out” one’s views, what the word means, not a system or tool of intellectual oppression or conformity, which is what it has become.

          Paraphrasing Schopenhauer: an idea that a person comes to on his own is infinitely more valuable than one a person has been taught by someone else. A credo I live by for better or worse. At least it makes life interesting, and I’d rather err on the side of life being fun and interesting than on the side of having it be academically valuable. But that’s just little ole Falcone.

  11. A new religion, A new crop of writers and thinkers, A ‘based’ political party, an Awakening of (how should I put it) Demographic awareness… All well and and good, and all futile so long as the left has a total lock on mass media, public K-> PHD education, half the courts, Google, social media, the on-line marketplace, and Woke capitol.
    The right may have the equivalent of JS Bach writing the music, William Shakespeare on lyrics, and the finest musicians that Julliard has to offer for performers.
    The left has illiterate rappers, and some clown scratching a turntable blasting through outdoor rock festival sound systems on the same stage.
    How many of the regular readers here have had any success in getting someone to “check out this Zman guy on the internet?” Had any luck getting anyone to switch from facebarf to GAB? My count hovers between zero and none. Vox Day keeps preaching “build our own platforms”. Tell the string quartet to play louder. Is there some magic bullet that can take down Leviathan? I wish I had an answer.


  12. I love the heritage USA.

    I’ve been all over. I remember stopping at a Chick-Fil A in rural Indiana. It was packed, with all white people. Every family had at least 2 kids, everyone was well dressed with a shirt. Most likely all Christians.

    It was just so amazing. I wished I could have been one of them. An energy I’ve never found anywhere else in the world.

    I was also furious, because that’s who they are trying to destroy. Never give in.

    • We’re not giving in, hence the hysteria on the left

      Even in Los Angeles were I live, I see POCs looking at me scornfully like “Why aren’t you dead yet, we were told you would be, yet you are out having a good time, dressed well, WTF???!!!!”

      POC believe the crap they hear about on TV. Our advantage is we know it’s lies. They’re too dumb

    • We don’t have Chick-Fil-A in my neck of the woods but stopped in one in WV on a trip to Myrtle Beach a few years ago. It was dinner time and the same ethos permeated. White people, no tax, and a geniality amongst all the patrons that is instinctively familiar to anyone Gen X or older. In the playroom, I got into a conversation with a father and 7-8 year old son with thick Appalachian accents, who’d been in the woods all day. The kid was glowing because he’d shot his first ever squirrel that day. I actually felt sad walking out, knowing that for the time being I couldn’t make that kind of place my home, among my people.

  13. zman, it seems that a lot of what is deemed a race issue or problem, is really about class conflicts. i made reference to the working class as plebes, and the usual nimrods squawked about it. but the term is apropos for that group.

    going further, i think people are born a certain class, irrespective of their actual position in society. going further, i believe there is actually a subtle ‘caste’ aspect to human biology.

    how do you see class operating in current day America?

    • There is certainly a natural “caste” system but the issue is that if may skip a generation or two or perhaps four or five before the good stuff reappears in the person.

      I think for whites, the issue is we have all had enough time to sort ourselves out, education is available to all of us, and so if you haven’t made it in this environment, where everything is pretty much handed to you, it’s all your fault and you’re an idiot. I did it, why can’t you?

      I get that sentiment, and a lot of truth in it. But you never know. Some of these “plebes” somewhere along the line are going to give us an exceptional talent. It ALWAYS happens, and the point of America was to be the one society that organized itself along those lines. At same time, today’s wealth and elites are going to give us lots of antifa. Oops, they already have.

      • a good point, re: skipping a generation. i made a comment earlier, about a person being of a higher class biologically, than their position in the social hierarchy. and it can work the other direction as well. of course the working class produces many good people – in absolute numbers. but as a proportion of the target population? i.e. what proportion of the working class is in fact not as i describe? Pareto tell us it is at most 20%; I put it at 5%, tops.

        also, things are relative. working class plebes will fuck with each other just as a way of passing time. to them it is ok normal behavior. to anyone of a higher class, they look like…assholes and idiots.

        • You just make the same arguments our elites make, which are largely what got us where we are. You seem to have no real overarching sense of tribe, which I guess can be understandable in these strange times. I feel like you need to spend time with some homies to realize just how much more eugenic potential lower caste whites have than blacks/Browns when given the right opportunities, investments and strong direction. Europeans have evolutionary milestones under their belt tropical races simply don’t have. You probably have more life experience than me, but I have been observing the races across classes for a few decades now, and I see unique and definite patterns of flattering qualities consistently emerge across whites of different ethnicities, castes, and economic statuses, despite the numerous examples to the contrary: Fair play, a naive predilection for honesty, a subconscious drive for truth, empathy, objectivity, courage(bravery’s white descendant)…, that’s enough for now- my point being, I am convinced these are genuine racial qualities that unite us, even if they skip some whites. Anyone who thinks douchey blue collar working whites are dumb assholes, hasn’t spent enough time in the presence of what America’s ghettos have to offer. It gives perspective that is an antidote to in-group cynicism and apathy. I also suspect, this may simply be a question of projection, I mean, obviously all whites aren’t saints, but I’m curious what your more specific gripes are? Being an open and agreeable type, I find that a lot of the rough exterior of much of our “asshole class” is broken through with some patience, and perhaps a beer. Any one (of the gripes), could be answered with Exhibit B. The loser/junkie caste of modern whites just need purpose, religion, tradition, and jobs that pay a wage that make working more enticing in order to again have a functional and dignified role in their own tribe.

          • unlike the elites, i don’t harbor any ill will towards the working class, or any other group. just don’t want to live near them, or be around them. regardless of their color. as far as tribe loyalty, i do what i can…

          • I harbor lots of ill will towards lots of people; namely ghetto scum and their woke wakanda uptown cousins, the Latino movement, and this new phenomenon of uber liberal brown and yellow entitled h1b immigrant/2nd gen class the goofy white progressives have spawned.

            I still haven’t figured out exactly the type of white you’re talking about. The working whites i have experience with never bothered me much. And I don’t really want to live near anyone, which is why I prefer country living. But in my limited experience, I’ve preferred rednecks as neighbors to uptight suburban white types. I don’t have experience with inner city blue collar whites, a shrinking demo indeed. My sister lives in some little town in a big town metro area that hipsters gentrified from blue collar whites(they were too scared to do this in the ghetto that abuts it I guess) and all she does is bitch about the whitetrash neighbors, I don’t get it, but then, she’s a never trumper- you remind me of her.

            Do you mean the urban working whites who are basically wiggers, they act just like blacks but they’re r not as good at it? Because I don’t like them either, but I feel like they can be reformed.

  14. The reason the right always loses boils down to this: politics is a religion for the left but a hobby for the right. Consequently, the right has never really analyzed, written about, or participated in politics in moral terms.

    The right still misunderstands the left, not realizing that the left believes the equality is the moral driver of human society and that we as a society have a moral imperative to impose equality no matter the cost. The left is not irrational, per se, nor delusional but profoundly and piously religious. The drive for imposing equality with no consideration for temporal consequences or costs is a rational thing, per Pascal’s wager.

    As such, the right always fails to rebut the left because it never offers an alternative morality. The left believes that all people are equal and that no preference should be given to one over another (e.g. a man who wants to have gay sex with lots of men should not be looked on as any worse than a man who wishes to be faithful to one woman). Therefore, anytime someone is treated worse than someone else, there is de facto oppression that must be stamped out. The only real counter to this is that some people and behaviors are preferable to others, and that oppression of degenerate behaviors is morally good. Unsurprisingly, soft, doughy midwits like Jonah Goldberg are capable of neither identifying moral issues or defending their moral preferences. They are as morally degenerate as the people they so frequently lose to.

    The way forward, then, is to drop the pretense of right versus left and fight the battle of righteous versus degenerate. The sides are easier to identify, and dogmatism is much easier to adhere to. And the arguments are easier, too. Burning down businesses is morally repugnant. Homosexuality is morally degenerate. Theft is evil. Fraud is evil. Abortion is repulsive. Honesty is good. Life is good. Respect for other people’s hard work and thrift is good. Equality is false God. This battle is a lot more straightforward than the one the right has so pathetically lost for the past six decades.

  15. The ‘respectable right’ lost because the only way to be ‘respectable’ is to toady to Jewish money. Every Jew in the ‘conservative’ movement was (as is always the case) an agent of subversion of White interests.

    The essence of American ‘conservatism’ is what is today called ‘Whiteness’. There was no difference between ‘What White people prefer’ and what counts as ‘conservatism’ until the Jews came along and started making about about ‘universal principles’ and ‘markets’. There was never a Jew in the ‘conservative movement’ who supported Whites as Whites maintaining their power.

    And you might say, ‘Well that makes sense, why should a Jew support White interests?’. But, then, I ask you, ‘Why should Whites support Jewish interests?’

    Mike Enoch is right. The purpose of ‘conservatism’ was to destroy White racial consciousness and White racial organizing. The primary beneficiaries of this effort: Jews.

  16. When the Democrats sweep in November, and suddenly the “Medicare for All’ movement gets up to full steam, you’ll have “conservatives” defending Obamacare. Today they’re stone silent on it, mostly because they removed the part that penalizes people for not having insurance. In reality, our health care system is great example of a system/process that no longer works for anyone except the paper pushers. It neither provides “insurance” nor “healthcare.” For the average American having partial coverage of something after the first $6k in copays is not insurance. It’s a racket. So when conservatives blow the “socialized medicine” dog whistle, it no longer works on the population. You’ll never hear them say “we spend 18% of our GDP on healthcare and have nothing to show for it.” The Humana and Blue Cross lobbyists wouldn’t like that. Our society, by a huge margin, considers healthcare to be a “right.” They know that. But any “right” to such a thing would result in some for of socialized medicine. When was the last time “conservatives” talked about illegal aliens plopping into the hospitals? The 90’s? The Tyson Chicken executives wouldn’t like that. Perhaps “conservatives” are nothing more than hired guns for lobbyists and always have been. A media/legislative version of Pinkertons. What this era shows is that the current interests of the lobbyists are diametrically opposed to the white middle class.

    • To keep costs down, it’s inevitable that medical facilities will be appearing in industrial district warehouses and so forth. There is no money for anything better unless you are wealthy or rich. It will merely be a human farm. It’s despicable, but these people cannot see how dehumanizing “free healthcare” must become to achieve its 100% utility. Yeah I know, some guy will figure out how to make a warehouse look neat like a shopping malls and it will be all the rage for the professional class, and the poor will be shoved into steel warehouses and provide yet more incentive for normie to make money and move up in the world so he can avoid the same fate and mock it when he’s feeling a little financially safe.

    • This election will be the last hurrah of the white geezer that has decided every election in my lifetime of more than four decades; after this there won’t be enough white geezers and certainly not enough that care about them. So with that being said: Medicare is pretty good to them, and they don’t want any Medicare boats rocked (though I’m not sure what the implications are then for the election).

      • Dems will buy some more Covid from the ChiComs and do the “Oops, how did that nasty bug get out of that test tube and kill all those poor white senriors in nursing homes. Oh my. We will form a commission so it never happens again. So tragic. Not who we are. For the children. We are a nation of immigrants. Give us your tired and wretched””

        • Yup.

          Cuomo and Whitmer have already run a small-scale prototype of the Left’s plan to fix Social Security and Medicare.

  17. The replacement is Leftism.

    For the Future; a Pre-History of the 2020 Elections.

    For the benefit of future archeologists; While all non leftists were dixing around with tax codes, UBI, theory etc The Left built a prison. But the prisoners were unhappy, so they elected a carny barker as Tribune.
    A coup was then attempted against the carny barker, it failed but the carny barker revealed he was all bark, no bite.
    Presently we are now one month from the legitimacy ritual called “ elections” and the Coup plotters-academics and lawyers all-have published their scheme for Full On Color Revolution, this too is unlikely to succeed or be punished.
    There is a possibility this will then become a sort of Continental sized Syrian Civil War (the next step in failed color revolutions) but this too is both unlikely to succeed or be punished.
    The actual Dire Problem being no one seems to give a fux about anything as long as the checks keep coming – and all the checks Dear Hearts come from Uncle Sugar now.

    • Pre-History 2030 – It turned out that none of this was ever scalable given its level and degree of centralization. No one under 50 really cared about the illustrious history of a country that threw their future overboard long before they were even born. Since the population was unwilling to give up its welfare state, the only solution was three or four countries emerging in the wreckage of crisis. Countries in which Vermonters were no longer tied at the hip with Texans and Californians were no longer tied at the hip with Mississippians or Mass-holes. Each region was free to tune its welfare state according to its peculiar demographics and ethos. Long after the dust settled, it will have been a natural result of population movement, economic changes and having a reserve currency that made exports uncompetitive over decades, which hollowed out the industrial core of the country. An accident of history that bumbled along until it couldn’t. In the end, it could be said, that this country lost WW2 after all.

      • I see what you desire as outcome, I see no path to stable separate nations on this Continent – other than its what some desire to automagically happen. If it did this would merely be a transition to wars of reunification, as the geography dictates sea to sea.

        There is a path to separatism mind you, but its the follow on to Color Revolution – Syria. In Syria we backed every faction and let the Russians save Assad. The same Color Revolutionists who currently plot in the Open took many sided war as the follow on – as they ply their trade there they ply it here now, with same likely outcome. However in the end they’ll be one nation on this Continent (plus Canada of course). The geography dictates “Union” – look at a map.

        That’s why this destiny was “manifest” that is obvious – as soon as Lewis and Clark reported their findings. This will never change, geography is bedrock destiny.

        So its us and ours, or them and their’s.

    • Yeah it’s been mentioned before: the reserve currency status is covering A LOT of sins. Ordinarily a nation has to resort to gulags and/or starvation to pull off what the inner party is doing, but so far the open-ended credit card hasn’t gotten turned down.

  18. The conservatives used to be the lead ball around the ankles of the left. Today though it’s more like a helium balloon.

    In that sense, the collapse of the right is the final unification of all political power with the forces of the left.

    Leaving behind (on the right) a landscape scattered with proto rightwing thoughts.

  19. OT:

    In Beer Flu news, the people in charge think we’re really dumb:

    Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Top 35 Million, But WHO Warns ‘10% Of Humanity’ May Already Be Infected

    If the WHO’s moronic scare statement is true, we’re well on our way to developing herd immunity.

    If it isn’t, then it proves the WHO are morons not worth listening to.

    • the people in charge think we’re really dumb

      Unfortunately, not exactly the worst bet in the world.
      I have a loose acquaintance on FB that, whenever he posts something ideological, it lines up pretty well with Trump’s stated goals, but he’s still voting Biden because, well, I’m not sure, but probably because the TeeVee told him to and he’s stuck in Red versus Blue land.

  20. From the link to anti white pogroms the Conservative Inc author defends the new national anthem LIft Every Voice thus:
    “This anthem, in other words, is less part of the 1619 narrative—one which sees the country as based in racism and forever stained by it—than that of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, in which he envisioned “a nation [that] will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’” Johnson, like King, was fully aware of the “dark past” but hopeful for an America that would be inclusive (to use today’s jargon), unified in honoring its ideals”. 
    If indeed that’s what the O-fishul Conservative Inc mind has to offer – they need to pass by the ash heap and head straight for the dung heap.

  21. Sam Francis saw the death of conservatism back in 1992. Advice he gave to his close friend Pat Buchanan when Pat was running for the GOP nomination:
    ‘These people are defunct,’ I told him. ‘You don’t need them, and you’re better off without them. Go to New Hampshire and call yourself a patriot, a nationalist, an America Firster, but don’t even use the word ‘conservative.’ It doesn’t mean anything any more.’”

  22. “In the fullness of time, the most important development in the Trump era will be the collapse of conservatism as a political movement.”

    As I have not yet experienced this future fullness, no way to gauge the accuracy of this statement. I agree that will be one of the notable developments.

    To me, the #1 development resulting from Donald Trump entering politics, noting that he was in public life long before, is that of ripping the curtains, plural, away. Trust in the media, godding-up professional athletes, things of a quaint past.

    Joe Dimaggio says you should smoke Camels? Doctors say Lucky Strikes sooth the throat? And you thought liberals perfected the art of cupidity-projection… on that latter.

    Walter Cronkite with his “that’s the way it is” sign off? So said a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, owning the trust of the American people and serving as State media’s darling.

    • That Trump laid it all bare can never be taken from him.

      He’s still sort of an upbeat Denethor on the solution side, “all is well!!” “It’s morning in Gondor”
      “I have bought peace between the Easterlings and The Dwarves.!!”

      Lord Denethor we still have the Orc Army at the gates….

      ”Not to worry! My friend Q Anon has this Palantir and he says…”

      Trump on solutions is sort of Pollyanna as Denethor.

      Oh well, no shortage of miserable grumps,

  23. “Suited for the demographic age”
    This could be a game changer. I’ve been skirting around the edges with a few conservatives I know and they are almost there but they have a few handy excuses for why the pendulum could swing back. That is where I have to back off some without pushing them too hard, but if Trump loses this November, or after a second term, there won’t be much holding them back.

    When the pendulum fails to swing back without a serious appeal to reality then what is left to deny? The only problem is the repression will be as hard as it can be out of necessity. Given how wide the gulf is between normie and reality now, it will be unbridgeable at that point.

    I wont lie and say that Im optimistic, but if any meaningful change is possible perhaps the first opportunity will happen in the next five years or less.

      • The “R” team held both houses and the presidency for nearly two years. If that didn’t wake people up to the reality, nothing will. It’s theater. Kamala probably meets with Javanka for drinks. $500B is a lot of enslavement.

      • Kamala is half dot-head Indian and half Haitian … and zero percent American. She and the rest of the diversities will never feel a sense of belonging in a European civilization which is why they are trying to destroy it and remake it as something else.

        Our mere existence, no matter how many knees we bend or how loud is our condemnation of our ancestors, is an existential challenge to their vision of the future and to the root of their personal identities. They are not going to stop until we are dead and gone.

        “The concept of envy — the hatred of the superior — has dropped out of our moral vocabulary. The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea. Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of western power long after colonialism, imperialism and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. Superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call ‘minorities.’” — Joseph Sobran (April 1997)

  24. The failure of conservatism is a recurring theme here; it is essentially “a corpse”. Thus, “whatever replaces conservatism as the alternative to the Progressive orthodoxy has to free of conservatism. It must be a clean break with that failed tradition of accommodation and obedience.” Most of us probably came from conservatism in one form or another, so it’s an important point worth hammering home (more’s the pity). Fortunately Zman has noted an alternative.

  25. Two paragraphs into “Administrative Discrimination”, by Professor “Hamburger”, I felt the equivalent of 20 mg of melatonin stifle my interest. Conservatism makes people feel they’ve been taken advantage of, but eventually puts them to sleep.
    Trump has injected some energy and offense in a slightly new direction, but it can never fix all the topics of concern. The system is too compromised. Large doses of truth and reality are needed.

  26. I’m no mental giant but sometimes when yo writ a piece like this I feel so lost on what you’re talking about I’m like Biden in the Bunker.

    • I can be the same way. I am good at a few things, but some of the guys here should be professors they are so learned. I’m often lost. So let me try to paraphrase it in ways I understand and you may too.

      Pre Trump, conservatism still had appeal and was perceived as being pro Troops and red white and blue. The never Trumpers revealed a darkness in the movement that was all about fighting foreign wars with no concern for people back home. Hence, they wanted to destroy Trump for America First policies. The media always had a liberal bias, but it was better concealed; now they don’t even try to hide it and are actively trying to destroy Trump in league with the Democrat party — thus the “peeling away the skin to reveal their reptilian nature.”

      The establishment is naked now. Thanks to Trump. We can see who they really are and there is no denying what they are all about. We are their enemy.

  27. Ironically enough, Max Horkheimer also elucidated and condemned the managerial state. He argued that in–inevitably–capitalist society, human beings were turned into commodities to be administered rather than being autonomous citizens with basic rights vis-a-vis the state. The Frankfurters were, of course, hard-shell Leftist radicals, but they actually created some ideas with which the DR would agree.

    And, BTW, Z-man, it’s teeming, not teaming. I’m sure you know that.

    • capitalism is revolutionary doctrine, it has no basis in tradition and nationalism, capitalism is simply oligarchical rule masked as freedom & good ol’ american values, only idiots think oligarchs won’t subvert society for their own purposes.
      even google agrees:
      an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

      • To use E. Michael Jones’ vocabulary, it’s labor vs. usury. It’s clear after centuries that capitalism directs peoples’ energy towards unproductive things. Fewer babies, less industry, but lots of finance! What a scam.

        Still I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Private property is good. What’s bad is thinking value is created by scheming and not the sweat of your brow.

    • That’s the thing with the left. They had many brilliant and insightful thinkers, but they worked for Evil.

      Not so much for a while. Chomsky had his moments imo, but nothing very pernicious. Foucault was something but he’s long gone. Maybe there’s somebody important working today, but I haven’t come across his work.

      If you want to feel encouraged read Capitalism and Schizophrenia. I had to study that incoherent mess back in college, and it convinced me that the left was intellectually barren. Granted that was 17 years ago but all the same…

      • Most people don’t know that, later in life, Horkheimer got religion and moved rightward, although he was hardly a Goldwater clone. He was, however, concerned with protecting Western civilization from the “technicized barbarians from the East,” and came to disdain egalitarianism because it blurred distinctions between “decent people” and “scum.”

  28. <i>Today, no one can think of a single writer or thinker on the Right that is worth a minute’s time</i>

    That’s because rightism isn’t a thinking thing. There are no grand theories, it’s about a loose collection of ethical dogma which are instinctively understood, rather than arrived at by an intellectual route.

    Also, that’s why I don’t believe in the Big Brain-approach, it only creates internal fractioning and personal drama. I see our thing as a motte with a multitude of baileys, the motte being the ethnostate and the baileys stuff like pro life, religion, guns and such. I don’t care what goes on in your bailey, as long as you help defend the motte when the barbarians come.

    Hm, that got a bit metaphorical, but there you have it.

    • “I see our thing as a motte with a multitude of baileys…”

      Ah,an Engrish lesson. So on that motte, will it matter how high the bailey is if looking out, one realizes one is looking into the eyes of those that are using Motti tactics?

    • Yes too much of the right is revenge of the nerds where the nerds never actually get revenge – or the girl. You know, because the time isn’t right or there is that physics test in the morning. Meet back here next week.
      They will invent all matters of problems to be solved to avoid the “problem” of Whiteness- or the honest but unfair natural order of life. Like a javelin with dynamics optimized for the limp wristed gay black thrower they are so smart they can ignore that the world is not ordered around weakness even if physics can be mastered enough to temporarily compensate.
      Meanwhile what remains of the natural state of man is further subjugated by animals who dominate and mate with abandon, the future slouching closer to smart heads on pikes.

      • When intelligence becomes a liability, as it clearly is with many whites. Smart enough to engineer a hole in the ground but not smart enough to find their way out of it.

        Why a large problem with the DR was always the obsession with IQ scores. Black man on Disqus: “I got big dick” White boy: “I got big IQ, so there”

        On and on and on

        As if IQ was ever going to mean anything when blacks are hitting them over the head with rocks. Use your IQ to your advantage or learn another trick to keep yourself alive and thriving.

      • Any “movement” that consists of acolytes of Eff Glee Barely is going to be filled with the limp wristed.

  29. The demise of the Conservative mental addiction is a triviality compared to the rise of the parasite whiner cohort. Political and cultural failure will pale in significance when the gravy train derails and the hungry mouths demand a tyranny to feed them anew. Rhetoric has never vanquished a Jackboot Corp. Give me the man who can swing a long-handled axe rather than the poser who smirks a clever quip.

  30. In an ideal world, instead of being paid to terrorize small white towns, the NFAC could be paid to round up all the conservative think tanks in Washington and deport them to Liberia. Once they got settled in, conservatives could use Liberia as an immersive case study to resume writing about how it’s IDEAS and IDEALs that make great societies and that race has nothing, nothing, NOTHING to do with it.

    In return for their help, the NFAC could be given Washington for their black supremacist ethnostate. Proportionally it’s about as much land as they’re owed, it’s not one of the 50 states so disposing of it would be easy logistically, it’s already half black, and the self-hating white people who live there would be only too happy to give up their homes, capital and other assets to give the NFAC a leg up in creating their ethnostate.

    • It’s their “cope” that’s the problem: “Money Printer go Brrr.” Money goes to Companies and Banks without oversight or conditions that would protect THE ACTUAL AMERICAN CITIZENS/WORKERS THEY’RE FOISTING THE DEBT UPON. Sorry, I got a bit shouty there. Continue.

  31. Besides the lack of intellectual heft, the defensive mentality of the Establishment Right is also a fatal flaw. Say what you will about our enemies, but they use the “moral struggle” to force us to fight battles on a field of their choosing every time.
    One of the things I learned from my college basketball coach is when you stop attacking, you’re back on your heels and your enemy can dictate the engagement. We played a brutal, full court man defense mixed in with some trapping that forced you to beat us with crisp passes and patience. Most teams wilted in the face of our depth (we ran a 9-man rotation where most teams used 7 or 8 players per game) and our ferocity. Easy buckets off steals, blocks and long rebounds only fueled our bloodlust. The Left has been doing something similar to the establishment Right for years.

    • The right (to use the broadest spectrum, including those in “our thing”) lacks religious conviction.

      The right mocks the BLM and Antifa rioters in the streets, but these are people with ferocious religious conviction that are willing to die for their beliefs.

      When an unlucky innocent driver gets caught in a “protest”, is attacked, and has to force their way out, only fanatical religious fervor can describe the rioters that chase after the car, dedicated to using their own flesh to stop tons of moving steel.

      When an unlucky business owner is forced to use a weapon to defend themselves and their property from rioters, yet those rioters are willing to use their own flesh to try to attack the armed person, only fanatical religious fervor can describe that dedication. Anthony Huber believed in his “cause” more fervently than any rightist believes in anything.

      The left is as devoted and fanatical as the suicide bombers in the middle east, or like those mythical Polish cavalry that attacked Nazi tanks with swords. The right is lost in a fog of principles, backstabbing, infighting, paranoia and girlish debate. The right, including “our thing”, is guaranteed to lose.

      • Why I think that the only way out of this is a rebirth of Christianity as specifically a white man’s religion with a white man’s God. The universalism has to be killed off. And this makes sense since a white person worshipping God, quietly, personally, is way different than the hooting and hollering you see with black people in the pews, for instance. There is no way we are celebrating the same God. It’s impossible and at the same time ridiculous to even entertain the notion that we are trying to spiritually connect with the same deity. It was always a white man’s faith, just that we thought it was our duty to evangelize non whites. Big mistake is an understatement.

      • Agree the ‘right’ – as Zman defines it – is lost in a fog of principes, etc.
        The verdict may still be out as to how much religious fervor the Left has – IF and when someone punches (or shoots) back, and IF instead of catch & release arrests the melanin deproived cool their heels in the pokey for 30 days or more with the D’ontavious’ and La’Keshisas’ of the world, and IF there are actual convictions for felonies. Then we’ll see who gots the true religion.

      • Not sure I buy the fanaticism analogy in a large group setting such as our current riots…I mean protests. There is something that goes on in such settings that allows the individuals in the crowd to do irrational things that they’d never do alone. That’s what makes such settings extremely dangerous. It’s almost as if, as a cell in a body, or a bee in a hive, or a soldier leaving the trench, they ignore/lose their sense of individuality and vulnerability. Perhaps a distinction without a difference.

    • My 2 cents.

      Even playing 9-deep, you’d need athletes in amazing condition to keep up a press the entire game. A good offense beats a man press easily as they get duped in the front court and the offensive player will always know where he or she is going before the defensive player. I for one like a zone press, with its sideline traps better as finding 9 amazingly conditioned athletes is not happening beneath the highest levels of the game in my experience. You have to work with what you have, but teaching the thinking part of the game is the most rewarding part.

      My bet is many readers here, being bow tie or former bow tie men, never spent much time understanding help defense, taking part in the shell drill in practice and applying it in game settings, let alone teaching these concepts in Dr. Naismith’s fine sport. How spending time in the gym gives you the energy to remain thinking, and executing, in the final moments, when many contests are decided.

      • To continue, and this absence of time spent in sweat weakens the so-called DR, as it, like the so-called Conservative movement, contains too many deep thinkers and talkers.

  32. The new political paradigm is no country for passive aggressive invertebrates. The walk away movement is producing some interesting hybrids. Not sure the Republican banner can draw enough lightening to support the emerging ideology. We live in interesting times.

  33. Zman I remember hearing you disliked this guy, but the 1 guy considered the intellectual and political leader of the 1990’s was Newt Gingrich. I wonder how you found his intelligence? The other mentioned was George Will. Now we obviously see Gingrich is pro trump and George Will is a Never Trumper.

      • Newt Gingrich was also a member of the globalist CFR during the 90s, along with Bill Clinton and George Soros.

    • Gingrich once called Bob Dole the tax collector for the welfare state. Gingrich wanted to be the Albert Speer of the managerial state.

      George Will was always a sheep in sheep’s clothing

      • Gingrich should get an award for daring to mention George Soros during the recent interview, which resulted in the icy Silence with his interviewers.

    • I’d once heard someone say that Newt was so smart that he could convince himself of anything, which is about the best description of him I ever heard. A very well reasoned man, but also given to flights of fancy since his intellectualism has no grounding.

  34. The Bronze Age Pervert (a mysterious figure who, interestingly, figures little in /our/ circles) has argued very plausibly that the editor of The American Conservative, Arthur Bloom (out of respect for the delicate sensibilites here I shall not point out his ethnic background) is running a dox operation against the race-realist right, which is of course the real right.

    I think that Bloom, and a lot of these “conservative case for…” guys, are just straight-up left-wing infiltrators now.

    Another reason not to trust institutions–their infiltratability (if that’s a word.) You’re probably better off now just reading bloggers you trust, such as the Zman, a la carte.

    • That’s the problem with the Open Society–that it’s open. Open to infiltration. Open to bad people.

      I hate to say it, because it sounds so leftoid, but a fundamental motto of our guys at the present time has to be, Distrust All the Institutions. Especially in light of the fact that infiltration (entryism, subversion, whatever you want to call it) is a fundamental left tactic.

      People need to “look through the frame” of the institution, and its specious authority, and see the people inside, and what they’re doing. Are they their people or our people? That’s the only real question.

    • Sperg—- As with everything, follow the money. The line from this silly messaging: “big government is Racist,” “public schools are Racist,” “prohibiting cattle hormones in food is Racist,” runs straight back to the Koch network. They think that if they try hard enough, they can bring lefties and non-whites on board with their weird libertarian agenda. In sum, it’s not left-wing infiltration you’re seeing, rather it’s libertarian messaging from powerful donors. The link between T.A.C. magazine and Koch is foreign affairs: T.A.C were founded in the 2000s to give an anti-war perspective. Also, Koch and the left-wing foundations are on the same side of the immigration debate. Very few well meaning regular people who donate to Koch-connected “conservative” organizations or vote for their pet Republicans (e.g. the pre-2016 Ted Cruz) understand this.

  35. We are moving from the Ideological Age to the Demographic Age. The big battles both within countries and among countries will surround race and nationalism.

    The Dems live and breath racial politics and thus are equipped to operate in this environment. The GOP refuses to leave the Ideological Age and abhors the thought of the Demographic Age. As a result, the GOP – as constituted – will die, like an animal unable to adapt to a new environment or a company that refuses to alter its product in face of a changing marketplace.

    The question is what comes next. Does a party representing Whites emerge? Maybe. The GOP is attempting to be the “color-blind” party and is failing miserably, so that’s not option.

    The last option is Whites just puss out like they seem to be doing in California and just quietly fade away as the Dems create a one-party state. Basically, we slide into a corrupt, oligarchy rule like we see in Mexico and South America. That’s certainly a possibility.

    For us, the best path is forming connection and building a community so don’t need to rely on others to protect us. No one is coming. We have to do this ourselves.

    • The question is what comes next. Does a party representing Whites emerge?

      Where would such a party perform, or be permitted to perform? I am not too familiar with the system in the US, but from what other commenters write here it seems reasonable that a few states would be the ‘hold outs’ for said disaffected whites. Could a new party, even if it dominated in a few states resist the federal onslaught? Guess it depends on how far the cancer spreads down to county/town level.

      Furthermore, if the GOP does die then what would this look like? If it means a hastening removal of GOP persons from all government bodies to the point of insignificance, how could any other party get a foothold again? We know leftists a fantastic rule breakers, so perhaps there would be myriad ways in which any other rival party could ever gain a foothold.

      For us, the best path is forming connection and building a community so don’t need to rely on others to protect us. No one is coming. We have to do this ourselves.

      True. I also suspect that highly skilled men will always have a function to play in any future Anglosphere, no matter how screwed. A highly diverse government body, along with highly diverse corporations, slow to respond to demand could well be in need of competent contractors – software engineering, circuit design, craftsmen, hydraulics engineers, security experts, and so on. I would stress the emphasis on practical engineering skills above all else.

      • I don’t see how a pro white party can exist within the current moral and political framework. I think this is why we have to “drop out” and just live our lives, I guess something akin to the Amish. I don’t mind it. I hate politics anyway, so if I can insulate myself from it in a community of like-minded folk who have my back and vice versa, I’ll take it. Pretty much all I can seek to attain and hope for at this juncture.

        • This is pretty much where I’m at. Drop out, hang with the like-minded, throw sand in the gears whenever possible, take care of yourself and those you care about, don’t feed the beast whenever possible.

        • Yes, I don’t see a “White” part either explicitly or implicitly. TPTB would never allow it and 80% of Whites have been too conditioned to accept it.

          • Old joke, crude but telling:
            What do you call the one black guy sitting in a bar when in walk 10 other blacks?

            A n—-er

            Something similar happens with whites. Get them alone in a room together, or a community, etc. and what they really think and feel comes out. All we need to do is get ourselves into these communities and reach a critical mass where people aren’t afraid to let their hair down. Everything will naturally follow.

        • Problem is that the Amish are allowed by the majority of Whites to “drop out” and their smallish numbers don’t (at this time) present a particular threat. Doubtful any significant number of DR-type Whites can do this and not attract attention.

          • I think a great strategy for us would be to move en masse to Virginia, pile up around DC. Imagine that if all of a sudden there are hundred thousands of DRs sitting right outside their gates. Talk about a game changer. They wouldn’t know what hit them. We become both an intellectual and a direct physical threat and/or counterbalance.

        • Maybe not pro-white, but maybe not too keen on the Jew-Black-Wasp alliance. The only people with any love for the people in that grouping are the people inside of it…and for whatever reason normie-cons.

    • Does a party representing Whites emerge?

      It doesn’t matter. If it did, it would be subverted by the usual suspects long before it got to be a real threat, and then we’d have to start over with a new party until they got subverted and so forth.

      Due to proportional representation, parties representing white Europeans have been in parliament all over the continent for more than twenty years now – thirty years in Denmark’s case – and one by one they go globalist as they’re getting within striking range of actual power.

      • one by one they go globalist as they’re getting within striking range of actual power.

        Felix, I am sure I read about a resurgence of ‘populism’ and ‘anti-immigrant sentiment’ in some Danish political party over the last couple of years. I cannot remember the party’s name, but assume they suffered the same fate?

        • I cannot remember the party’s name, but assume they suffered the same fate?

          The Danish People’s Party and yes, they did exactly that: once they were voted up to become the next-largest party in parliament in 2015, they stabbed their voters in the back. As of this day, there is not one single nationalist member of the Danish parliament.

          The same happened with UKIP: when the Brits actually voted to leave the EU, Farage jumped ship right before the finishing line and immediately started pissing into the party, and very effectively so. When UKIP finally found their feet again under Gerard Batten, Farage started a competing party to sap his voter base, another successful globalist ploy.

          The Norwegian Progress Party has been in Government for almost a decade and they’ve long forgotten why they were elected and Sweden Democrats have been making globalist noises for some time now.

          I have my suspicions of Marine Le Pen too: I’m not really au fait with French politics, but she’s been making some remarkably strange choices for a nationalist.

      • You’re right, and it worries me. I’ve always held out hope that Europe could turn this around. The feeling of being French or English or Danish is much stronger than American Whites have. White Southerners used to think that way, but I’m not sure if even they still feel it.

        Regardless, I still hope that you guys can push back. You have much stronger feelings of tribe and, speaking of tribes, a certain tribe doesn’t seem to have quite the stranglehold on things over there (Britain excluded) as here, which also gives you a chance.

        • It’s still there, but the reality is is that some of the best and brightest went to the cities and left behind the completely average and the non-risk-takers. I see it in Los Angeles. There are probably more confederates and sympathizers out here than in the south now. That’s just one example. Yes, we are outnumbered, but we are pretty fierce. We haven’t been run out of town yet despite their best efforts. Every decent size city in the country has people like this. If you can get them concentrated, watch out.

        •  I’ve always held out hope that Europe could turn this around. 

          It’s (almost) as easy to buy five parties as to buy two. The voting base is there, but it never translates into actual influence.

          Besides, Danish parliamentarians don’t have much real influence to begin with, not when it comes to the important stuff. They take their marching orders from Berlin, Brussels and Washington.

          For a lot of reasons (that we’ve discussed before) I do believe Continetal Europe is in better shape to resist globohomo, but we’ve not even begun to feel the pressure yet. At the moment, the globalists are focusing their efforts on the Anglosphere, but if you guys fall, they’ll turn all their attention to mopping up us.

          • I know Italy well, not much else in Europe except maybe France. But I think the same thing there is a problem as is here, and that is the like-minded are scattered, often because their talents have brought them to the cities. And the same “solution” holds, they need to congregate in a certain region and build locally, then regionally. It’s our only real hope at this point.

            That said, America is one brilliant preacher away from turning this country on its head. One preacher who can make Christianity meaningful to white people, for white people, with passion, with reason, go full animal, and new ball game.

          • That’s been the problem for a long time. The talented leave for opportunities instead of creating them where they grew up (and sacrificing earnings/reputation). Call it selfishness, shortsightedness, lack of tribal feelings, whatever.

          • Continental Europe excluding France and Sweden
            France and Sweden ae the most post Western countries I’ve visited.

        • We should work with anyone willing to uphold civilized values and individual liberty. We should oppose anyone who does not.

        • Yes, and of policies rather than political programs. Be a multiple issue voter: I vote on immigration, (duh), energy policy and on getting Commies off the public payroll.

          That’s why I favor Krullocracy as a political system; for Europe at least – it wouldn’t work as well in the USA.

          Krullocracy is basically a combination of direct and indirect democracy. It works like this:

          You put every issue on the legislative agenda to a referendum, letting people vote from their smartphone. Then, because people can’t be arsed to do it themselves, you let them appoint representatives to do the voting for them, giving you essentially ordinary, representative democracy, with ordinary political parties.

          But here comes the magic: at any point can you override your chosen representative if he decides, against his promises, to vote for open borders or more wind turbines. And if you’re really pissed off with him, well, you can choose another representative by swiping left.

          Also, I could elect more than one representative: one to vote for me on defense issues, one to vote for me on energy and so forth. Whenever their votes were in conflict, I’d get a text message.

          This would greatly diminish the value of bribing a politician: you pay him to vote for your pork, and suddenly all his Facebook friends are gone, and he commands a voting block of himself, his mother and a few of the usual suspects.

          Of course, it would probably take a sovereign bankruptcy or two before the voters learned that money doesn’t grow on trees, but we’ve weathered plenty of those before and it’s a small price to get the borders sealed.

          • Of course, it would probably take a sovereign bankruptcy or two before the voters learned that money doesn’t grow on trees, but we’ve weathered plenty of those before and it’s a small price to get the borders sealed.

            Heh. I don’t mind trading in Monopoly money or Zimbabwean Dollars… Just keep me away from diversity and its hateful commissars.

          • Damn, I forgot the clincher: you don’t need any institutional changes to get started with Krullocracy, you just get elected and let party members vote on your website. Then the result would be proportionally transferred to the vote in the legislature: if the vote on your website is 70% yea and 30% nay, 70% of your parliamentarians vote yes, and the other 30% no.

            You don’t need anywhere near 50% of the seats in the legislature to seriously disrupt the criminal enterprise that is modern politics, because the other parties could never be sure what the Krullocrats would vote.

      • A race is just an extended family. Racism is as natural and good as loving one’s own family and putting their interests ahead of strangers.

        • Heretical thoughts for the Left, but Godly thoughts

          We stand with God (or nature, or however people choose to see it) and we win because truth is on our side

          God = Truth

        • Since I am the one who has a propensity to say true things that result in negative votes, here is today’s contribution. What you say is true, the genetic preference for people who are closer kin to oneself. However this has a downside. it is commonly called nepotism. This is why in many Enterprises, there is a Prohibition on having a relative in the same organization. I can’t prove it, but I suspect there is a direct correlation between how enforced the prohibition against nepotism is and the success of said organization. A further downer is the regression to the mean problem. Even if you and your spouse are both geniuses, the vagaries of the laws of genetics guarantees that your children will be much closer to average. That alone would justify an anti-nepotism rule, but the inevitable problems of favoritism for a relative are much more relevant.

    • There is no replacement GOP. They ran out the clock on whites. They’re disappearing now as they no longer have any use.

      I’ve said before, keep in mind that California still has many high-value old white people running just about everything. The lights are (kind of) still on. California also has a small number of blacks. White people are relatively comfortable in California despite one party leftist rule… for now. But in Mississippi? Michigan? Would be a disaster.

      Whites also just puss out in Canada, the kinda-racist ones just move to smaller towns and commute, the rest signal non-racism even harder. But it is also in a similar stage as California – old whites in charge and low number of blacks.

      • You’re right. California survives by having Hispanics and Asians rather than blacks. Canada has Asians and Indians instead of blacks. Those places can function. However, are they great for Whites? Not really.

        But, yeah, they can sort of function.

    • The GOP died after Reagan. It has operated as the right arm of the Democratic party ever since. It will not collapse as we think of it. It will just become more and more liberal so our rulers can keep 40% of the population sedated by fooling them into thinking they have an alternative. We will get more Romney’s, McCain’s, Haley’s, Rubio’s etc. I’m not sure anything else comes next.

      • Yes – I hadn’t been paying attention back then and was absolutely shocked when I watched McCain debate Obama. He basically agreed with everything Obama said, he just wanted to do it slower and a little less. He had completely dropped the Reagan philosophical opposition to the left.

  36. One thing that the Zman has argued very well is the importance of moral arguements instead of ridiculous economic or statistical ones.

    In the era of social media, you’ve got to boil it down to something simple and repetitive. Things like you have a moral duty to stick up for your own people. And remind them that people who don’t are traitors. And always, always point out that our opponents are bad people. Hammer these relentlessly.

    If memes are the break-the-conditioning entry point of /our thing/, then clear moral dictums are the reinforce-the-new-conditioning follow-up step.

    • If I may add: Moral duty = marriage and children. It’s not a lifestyle choice. It’s your duty and for something bigger than yourself.

      A tough sell? I don’t think so. Once young men and women see coupling as something required of them, all those current complications of dating and finding the right one disappear. These young people are hungry for it, the men especially are. Women will fall in line. They always do.

  37. Before the imprimator of an Official Publication lent an article authority; now the only result is to make people doubt its veracity at the outset!

    The amazing thing is that in the internet ecosystem, ideas bubble up from the tiniest platforms–this blog, for instance.

    Maybe I’m just flattering /us/ and myself, but not only do Z’s ideas, but also top-rated comments including my own, start appearing in the alt-light and alt-light adjacent conservatives (such as the newly-redpilled Matt Walsh.) And then on to people like Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter (tragedy that she got cut out of the loop) and into official circles.

    So like it or not, gentlemen, /we/ are the banned book that more “respectable” types read under the covers at night. So post big lads, post well!

    • Matt Walsh: It’s astonishing to see his red-pilled transformation. Not very long ago, Walsh was one of the targets of the Groypers, along with Charlie Kirk and Dan Crenshaw.

      • Maybe the Groypers actually got to him.

        Like, they are objectively correct. And Walsh is also not one of (them).

        Or, he’s just a grifter trying to subvert us again.

  38. People like Gottfried got pushed out of polite society. Gottfried could not be labeled a anti semite as they labeled Pat Buchanan since he is a Jew but the term “racist” and “ white nationalist” was easily tagged to Gottfried since he is a white man.
    The left has a very powerful weapon in that they define the words in our society, which makes it risky for us to raise up thought leaders.
    Which is why we should be thankful for your work here if only it was more we’ll known.
    Hopefully it will be in time.

  39. Or maybe it’s just that conservatism has exhausted itself. Maybe the idea of conserving those olden ways was always, itself, flawed.

    I’m a reactionary, not a conservative. I see modernity itself as the great beast, the enemy that has blighted our world and destroyed most of its beauty and splendor.

    I don’t want to conserve anything. I want to systematically demolish this horrible, ugly present order and replace it with something grand, natural and organic.

    I base my aspirations on natural law, on those tried and tested methods of auld. In that fashion, perhaps, I am a conservative after all. But what I seek is not a return to the 1950s so much as a synthesis of 17th century mores and National Socialism.

    I believe we need a new religion for this great awakening, too. I also believe we need to restrain our women make sure they can never again run roughshod over society.

    I believe we need to embrace monstrosity. Because we are surrounded by monsters. Because we have no choice.

    • I believe we need a new religion for this great awakening, too.

      I suspect that anything touting to be a new religion would just be seen by many as a modern cult and be promptly discarded. If one had to select a religion, would you not want to start out with something that had at least stood the test of time? Regardless of what people may say about Christianity’s beginnings, it still has an awful lot of clout.

      We probably need to stop naming things right off the bat before having any experience with using them. Rather, practical things that are not ‘in your face’ declarations of unfashionable ideas ought to be done – people then see it leads to a respectable life and hopefully come over to be part of it.

    • Going back to the 50s would literally just set the clock back 70 years. We’d wind up right here again.

      Unfortunately, we are surrounded by monsters, who want us dead. When I read that the white leftists and POC want to kill us all, I fully believe them. They want to weaken, disarm, and then slaughter us.

      Yes, we will need to waken our inner savage to survive. It will he epic.

  40. Quote:

    “Today, no one can think of a single writer or thinker on the Right that is worth a minute’s time.”

    Victor Davis Hanson. Other than him there is indeed no one.

    • except he just writes the same thing, over, and over, and over. like any other academic…

    • Agreed. Unlike his “conservative” peers, VDH actually appears to THINK on issues. Plus, he does not have to fake gravitas.

      • Victor Davis Hanson is a good writer. His book Mexifornia was a major part of my own awakening to race realism. But he remains a foreign policy neocon who seems spoiling for a fight with the whole world on behalf of Israel.

        • I won’t dispute that opinion as I am not that deeply read into VDH. I do like his sober take during interviews, as regards leftists.

          Also, find me a Conservative that does NOT want to play modern-day Lawrence of Arabia.

          • Lawrence’s nephew created the IDF.

            No, he wasn’t Tribal, but part of the Great Game- the Oil Spy wars.

    • Michael Anton. Bronze Age Pervert. Pat Buchanan. Zman. Curtis Yarvin. Spandrell. Paul Gottfried. Steve Sailer. Peter Brimelow. John Derbyshire.

      • BAP, Moldbug, and Spandrell are cringe crackpots who for the most part just reiterate Conservative Revolution ideas (without crediting their authors, either because of narcissism or simple ignorance, not yet sure which) mixed with inanities common to intelligent 16 year-olds. (I’m not kidding, I though of the same “state being run like a corporation idea” as Moldbug back when I was in hs.) I’m surprised you didn’t mention Kurt Doolittle in the same breath as Paul Gottfried and Brimelow tbqh

    • Mark Steyn got the demographics angle right along time ago. He is a gifted, funny writer as well. Unfortunately, he has had a lot of success on the talking head shows, which is a much shallower format, and he has no time for writing.

    • Rod Dreher is beginning to figure out that the coming tsunami is unstoppable. “The Benedict Option” and “Live Not By Lies” may be right wing grifting, but do attempt to propose how to preserve oneself and one’s loved ones for the coming darkness.

  41. “You see, the roots of the administrative state are in the Confederacy! You see that my woke brothers?”
    A friend (libertarian leaning) at work has suggested that the origins of modern woke/leftist “group rights” is in the Founders’ (Calhoun in particular) use of group rights to justify slavery. Apparently, this is a popular argument with an entire book written on it.

      • You’ll get no argument from me. They’re desperate for liberal arguments to use against leftists – heaven forbid they come over to the dark side.

        • The best and unassailable argument is simply “I want something better and different and what you have to offer stinks and you can keep it. Bye now. Nice knowing ya.”

          Libs derive their power by the sense they have us trapped in their morality. Once we tell them, Nope, they go ballistic and don’t know what to do.

        • That’s a concern I share. Everyone else appears eager to ‘convert the normies,’ but I would really doubt the legitimacy and commitment of someone who has waited this late to accept reality. And even if they accept some degree of race realism, they won’t truly be able to jettison that poisonous belief in the supposed virtue of equality. Any sort of White community of the future will have to be extremely selective about its leadership.

          • Yes.

            I dont know know how to convince others, because nobody ever convinced me.

            I have had a visceral opposition to mass migration since childhood.

            I went out seeking older thinkers who helped me fill in the gaps, but they didn’t convince me of anything.

          • The boys when I grew up (in the 1980s) were anti-immigration and, arguably, race-nationalist. Boys used to sing (to the tune of “Marching Along”):
            “Fire two!, Fire three!
            As we bomb the refugees!
            Those Haitians keep marchin’ along!”
            South Florida had a lot of Haitians coming over.
            People have been heavily propagandized.

    • That is a level of stupid that simply won’t survive the period of punctuated evolution we are entering into

    • That is precisely Kendi’s argument. Had to sit through a mandatory corporate struggle session with him as the featured speaker. Kept trying to picture him in a high collared shirt, cravat, and claw hammer coat expounding in the 1840s Senate.

    • Yeah – I just came across something along those lines. Calhoun was advancing the idea of a “concurrent majority.” Basically the idea that a minority should have the ability to prevent legislation – a sort of Tribune’s veto – because these minorities are vital parts of the nation and the nation can’t make important moves without broad consensus from all these elements. Simple majorities can’t maintain legitimacy.

      Calhoun was arguing that the numerically smaller southern states could not be coerced to go against their interests no matter what the majority said simply for this reason. That he was self-evidently correct is no defense against the fact that it was used to defend slavery, I guess.

      But such is the conservatives that the stick they reach for is a more sophisticated version of D3: identity politics is the real racism because Calhoun used it.

      • Calhoun was a fascinating guy – was in office a LONG time and steadily watched the South’s power slip away in the House. He knew what was coming and tried hard to get his fellow Southrons prepared to meet it.

  42. As fun as it is to pile dirt on Conservative Inc’s corpse, the most important question for us is: what comes next?

      • We’d like that to be the case, but will it?

        I have a very hard time seeing large numbers of Whites older than 25 ever accepting any form of ethnonationalism; even if it means their own extermination.

        • That remains to be seen, Meme. The imminent possibility of being wiped out, not to mention being targeted by the government if you’re white, might wonderfully concentrate some minds.

    • If Ben Shapiro is going to Nashville, tells you where this is all heading: whites regrouping into the south and hills and he follows hoping to make a buck

      • Nashville, which used to be the home of “country” music, is more like Hollywood east nowdays. Also, Democrat run and nearly 50% POC.

    • Yeah, the same question came to my mind. As long as the upper middle class and the elites continue to live comfortable lives, I don’t think much will change.

      The pain is currently being felt by working class whites. Who will step up and defend their interests? The powerful on the left and right see them as the only group that is fair game to attack these days. Just a bunch of “white trash.”

      Until I see “intellectuals” on the right defending their white brothers who may not have as many iq points as they do, I will remain very pessimistic about the future of the white race.

      • ever spent any time around working class any-color? they are assholes and idiots. now of course i am talking about actual people,and not the romanticized version of this group. plebes gotta plebe, i guess…

        • Oh Karl you are definitely the senile old uncle of the party who has lucid moments and then some straight up crazy ones…

          • no, just lots of experience around plebes. if you could afford to move out of plebe areas, you would too.

          • haha then you are in for some good news, life is sweet for me 🙂 the best part? you are paying for it!

          • So you’re a liar as well as a thief because I remember you saying you were to broke and old to move…That doesn’t surprise me…

          • I don’t know why you are getting slammed for this. Anyone who has had to manage white working class employees knows they are, on average, a train wreck. Sure there are some bright ones and some who do get drug down by others, but the majority suffer from self inflicted problems. Unless these people are completely denying that men have agency in their lives. The Founders didn’t want them voting for a reason.

          • None-the-less, the group you talk about is where the future recruits for the cause come from. In any population grouping, those on the left side of the curve are 50%. One discounts that number at one’s peril.

          • i agree with your point; just calling a spade a spade. historically, the working class has been prone to radicalization and support for tyrants. so take that into consideration.

            the trouble with Don Zuixote’s quest for a new political party, is his failure to define it coherently. just who is it going to appeal to, and why? how about a manifesto, as some kind of a map? my view is that 60+% of the electorate is open to a new party/ maybe Trump starts and leads it, maybe someone else. but the gop and dems are going to be reduced to rump status, and will no longer be competitive at the national level.

          • The history of totalitarianism is the upper middle class supporting it more than the general population. In the 20th century if you wanted to know if a movement was genocidal you just had to check if it had more support from the elite than the plebes. Paul Johnson in “Modern Times” notes that academics intellectuals and wealthy students in particula rloved exterminatory ideologies. The Khmer Rouge was the classicexample of spoilt rich kids destroying their country for a lark.

        • Yeah whatever. ‘Plebs’ don’t take pains to hide their flaws. Cocaine flows on Wall St, Silicon Valley is hooked on adderall, Washington is full of lawyers, and I’d bet a shocking number of doctors are serial killers. There’s scum at all levels of society.

          • well, tell us about it. show why i am an asshole for pointing out an objective observable fact?

        • Yes, I have. In fact, those are my roots.

          And even though I have been an attorney for 30 plus years, I am still far more comfortable roasting a pig and drinking beer with rednecks than I am being around superficial jerks who think their high iq’s make them special.

          • once a plebe, always a plebe. do you by any chance still live with these noble people? do you keep a car up on blocks, on our front lawn, too? like all attorneys, you are completely full of shit.

      • The pain is being felt much wider than that

        The “upper class” disdain for working class whites was always personal and a coping mechanism for their own fragile status. Most “upper class” whites come from the working and middle class. Their attitude is “life is about making the right choices, and I made the choices to put myself in a position to make money. You didn’t, so no sympathy from me. You were out getting high when I was working my way through school” Etc etc

        If I hear normie say “Life is about choices” one more time I may blow a gasket. Not on the merits of the idea, but the self-righteousness and cocksureness they imbue it with. I digress.

        But that’s where the personal comes in. They all have family members they are trying to get away from who are drug addicts or screw ups. People know — deep down — they are no all that far removed and insulated from a similar fate. So they make it personal because that gives them the fire to plug on. Hating on white “losers” becomes a byproduct of that.

        This explains someone like Hillary Clinton who did everything humanly possible to break away from her middle class roots, because she is ashamed of them. The upper class and elites are replete with these kinds. And with their children inexorably gravitating toward the mean, they are fighting like crazy to keep them in elite circles with make-work jobs from donors or by letting them rampage the cities as antifa.

        Moral of the story: the program has failed. Scouring the country for poor and middle class talent via assessment of their IQ an SAT scores and putting them into top universities worked for the first bunch of kids in the 1960s-70s, but there was never a filter in place for quality of character that the WASPs had in place. Nothing mattered but their scores. And we see where this led us. The most corrupt and venal generation in charge in probably over a century. And their kids now, stupid asses, have nowhere to go. The white kids in middle America, the ones who actually have the brains and the talent to make the country better, are being systematically destroyed as potential competition. A sick society we live in.

        • Best take of the day. I am surprised you didn’t mention Kevin Williamson as some one who is ashamed of his working class roots. They are the worst.

  43. Deep thoughts? Latter man. We’re in survival mode. Stop thinking, start doing. Western Civilization is under attack and we need to fight back. Eggheads step aside. Secession? Pockets of resistance, exercise your gun rights, form communities, allies, white enclaves, prepping. There will be time enough latter for political philosophizing once we make sure we have a latter.

    • As I wrote in my comment, we’re moving from the Ideological Age to the Demographic Age. Conservative Inc. and these writers either don’t understand this or refuse to accept it because they’ve been conditioned to fear being called a racist more than anything.

      The Demographic Age, both within countries and between countries, will be about race and nationalism. These authors write about a world that is dying quickly and thus are comically superfluous.

      • “…. we’re moving from the Ideological Age to the Demographic Age.”

        Ideology is a luxury afforded by tribes that have secured their lands against other tribes.

      • From Ideological age to Demographic age. Nicely put. High brow, low brow. Ideology, stage 2. Ideas and Logic. Demographics, stage 1. Demos. People. No ideas, no logic, pure survival. We are primitives fighting for survival so that we can afterwards define an ideology.

    • *later.
      Why not both? All successful movement in history started with political philosophizing. Arguably, it makes the difference between a political movement and a bunch of fringe weirdos.

      You know, I get the feeling that all this flack the intellectual part of our movement sometimes gets is engendered by a type of resentment so common on the left. “If I can’t be a thinker, then thinking is bad and no one should be doing it” isn’t all that different to fat acceptance or complaining about “slut shaming”. I actually saw all-out “fat acceptance” — right down to demonizing people who don’t look like puffy pieces of shit — on Stormfront, of all places.

  44. I’m surprised the movie is not as big, but when pealing back their skin to reveal their reptilian interior, brings to mind scenes in Devil’s Advocate

  45. The movement went comatose when Buckley perpetrated his final purge in 1997, appointing henchman Rich Lowry the Dull in his place to exile Sailer, Brimelow and all immigration patriots. This year the movement’s coma has ended with death.

    • National Review has so systematically purged all of its brilliant writers that it raises questions about your intellect and integrity if you haven’t been purged.

  46. “Trump has been a clarifying event, one that will usher conservatism off the intellectual and political stage.”

    And this raises the question: where will all these Romney reptiles end up? When you suggest they join the Democrat party because they already share that philosophy, they splutter and call you a nazi. Which gives you an idea of who they are. Liz Cheney is actually the current Chairman of the GOP and was the catalyst for getting the GOP to denounce Q Anon and white supremacists, thereby linking all dissident voices to the far right. Naturally, the GOP pols cucked and went along. When this Republican party crashes, it will be a great day in US history.

    • The fact that Liz Cheney, the closeted dyke daughter of a legacy war criminal, is in public life is on its face laughable. I will celebrate the day the GOP is erased from the face of the Earth, which probably will come when they run a Nikki Haley type in 2024 and carry only a handful of states.

      • I wonder if by 2028 the Republican Party will carry as many states as did George Wallace in 1968. There have been blowout presidential elections before (1964, 1972, 1980 and 1984) but the demographics ensured that if the losing party changed leadership and modified its position it could come back. I don’t think that that will be true of the Republican Party and it will likely go the way of the Whig Party in the 1850s. It would be ideal if it were to be replaced by a core white/white identitarian party, but I think whites will still be too intimidated to organize for theri own interests for another 20 years, if ever. A South African/Haitian resolution seems the most probable.

        • It will have to start out regionally. You’ll know something good is happening when someone from a “red” area gets voted in under a party other than the GOP for something even minor like small-town mayor.

      • Jack, the Democrat Party has been taken over by America-hating communists. The GOP is changing as well. Let’s wait to see what it becomes before gleefully dancing on its grave.

        • Due to the 2 party system it seems that taking over a party is the only real way things can change radically. This does happen though. Witness the ideological swap that occurred in the parties around 1970-1980. Personally, I consider myself a Trumpist more than a Republican.

          What needs to happen is for Trumpists to start taking over the party and give the country-club traitors and globalists the boot. I was too optimistic after 2016 because I thought that Trumpers would understand that the party apparatus had to be destroyed and replaced. There were still too many Civnats who did not understand how factionalism works.

          Fortunately, our lunatic friends on the Left have driven this point home to many of those people with a steam hammer this year.

          I’d like to mention that none of this means I’m any less skeptical about electoral solutions to the current mess. I simply view this as a multi-front war. You can create alternative communities AND takeover the national Republican Party. You can homeschool AND take over the school board. The idea is to make trouble for the Left in every direction at once. Participate in conventional conservative civnat or 2A organizations AND DR ones.

          Finally, when it comes to the whites you meet in these more conventional organizations, take a page from Heartiste’s manual on seduction and “assume the sale”. Yes, a lot of these people are still brainwashed. Over the next few years though, we can work on slipping red pills into their beers as we interact with them. The tragedy of South Africa is heartbreaking but the world is very different now than it was even in 1994 when the SA whites made the suicidal decision to hand the country over to the ANC. The internet allows us to get the truth out about what happened there and in places like Rhodesia much more easily today than then. Examples like SA, Rhodesia, Detroit, Baltimore, and countless others should always be our tools to open people’s eyes to what inevitably happens when a society goes from white to black control. You can move from there to examples like Venezuela for examples of what happens with a white-to-brown transition. All the things civnat whites think are universal human preferences can be shown to them, gradually, to be really just white things. That libertardian who goes on about free markets can eventually learn that muh free market is also a “white thing”.

          All of this, combined with the Left’s obvious anti-white racism, violence, and insanity, will drive most sane whites to our thing over the next few years.

    • “…the GOP to denounce Q Anon…”

      Ooops, I thought they denounced Qbert.

      And thought they denounced the little orange critter because either he was:

      1. Orange, which makes him “bad” in current paradigm.
      2. Had no arms, so he would be unable to embrace peoples of all races, colors and creeds, seeing as arms are a requirement for this act of unity*.

      *In modern COVID era, hugging without arms may be the state supported method.

      So, yeah like whew! Qbert is apparently in the clear although I hear whispering that he is an Orange Supremicist.

    • Getting the GOP to denounce Q Anon and white supremacists, thereby linking all dissident voices to the far right. Naturally, the GOP pols cucked and went along.” Not quite, Epaminondas: Trump did not.

        • Should we not conflate “the GOP” with Trump, its leader and highest elected official? (I’m not attacking you, E, just pointing out that Trump is not one of the teeming GOP cucks; it gives my always-creeping-optimism some hope.)

          • Trump calls himself a Republican. But the pols do not consider him one of the club. He still stands outside it.

          • True. That’s why I’m pulling for Trump to prevail over “the club” (corrupt as it is) and thereby remake the Republican Party.

          • All one has to do to discern Trump’s politics is look at his donation history. It’s public record.

    • The “parties” exist to distract the proles. Liz Cheney is a member of the CFR and Dick Cheney is a former CFR director. The CFR and its interlocking affiliates have dominated US policy since WW2. Most of the Fed chairmen and secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense and CIA have been CFR members. Also presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush, and Clinton.

  47. The moral framework of “that’s racist!” is ingrained deeply. Over the weekend I saw a tweet from Andy Ngo, the little fellow who seems to be everywhere reporting on the riots, showing video of the No F— Around Coalition, armed and marching and demanding a black separate nation. Many of the responses said things like “go back to Africa,” although a lot of the responses show how stuck inside today’s approved morality they are by pointing out how racist this group is. They would shriek “reverse racism!” or “they want to go back to segregation!” First thing I thought was, “this is great, let’s give blacks part of the Southeast and let them live apart from us.

      • That should be prime real estate, but leave it to those glorified cavemen to do nothing with it (actually negative nothing). It’s kind of like how Haiti should do better than Dominican Republic since they have the clear blue Caribbean on their side while DR does not, and yet…

    • “they want to go back to segregation!”


      And let’s not just stop with Africans, while we’re at it.

    • Yeah, aceeding to their demands is a little fantasy of mine. “Here is ticket and 15k cash reparations. Enjoy Liberia, they have agreed to grant you citizenship. Good luck!”

      • When James Madison wished to free his slaves to Liberia, they petitioned to be sold. (Which he did. To a relation.)

    • Give ’em Mississippi and Alabama or Georgia and South Carolina. The whites in those states are so consumed with college football that they might even be willing to live under the thumb of the nuggras.

  48. People kept laughing at me when I pointed out that the Whigs were still seriously contending for the Presidency in 1856, but totally gone by 1860. And they died for the same reason the Republican Party is dying now — refusal to confront the only issue that matters, while the Democrats make that their only issue (in the exact wrong way). Also, just for giggles, I skimmed that piece about the “Confederate roots of the administrative state.” There’s actually the germ of a correct argument in there — political historian Richard Bensel wrote a book back in the days called Yankee Leviathan which makes something like that case fairly well, and Stephen Skowronek … oh, I get it now, the first term Google auto-fills when you type in “Skowronek” is “Trump.” Apparently Skowronek thinks Trump is something like the Last Man, so, you know, the National Review writer, who I must assume is some twerp just out of college, called up some other twerp who’s still in grad school for five minutes and got a hold of a first year poly sci syllabus. Now it makes sense.

    • Here’s the kicker: the writer, Dan McLaughlin, is considered one of the superior legal minds among the Buckleyite conservatives. Here’s the worst part: he is.

    • The more I learn about the history of the Republican party and its psychotic abolitionists, the more I want nothing to do with them and find myself increasingly giddy at its spiraling down the drain

      • so i guess the choice is between psychotic abolitionists and psychotic abortionists? 😛

      • Times change and parties change Falcone. Today’s Republican Party isn’t the GOP of yesterday, and the Democrat Party today is no longer the party of the Solid South as it was in the (distant) past.

      • They would’ve put up a good fight in 1852, as well, if not for a terrible incumbent and third party(-ish) shenanigans. Not that the Dems were much better, finally nominating Franklin Pierce on the 32nd ballot at their convention. (The joke at the time: the choice was between General Scott and General Pierce, but the winner was General Apathy). The only issue that mattered was slavery, and that was the one issue both parties refused to discuss, though everybody knew the Dems were all in on it, and the Whigs… kinda… weren’t…sorta… or something…. because the economy…. hey, does this sound familiar?

  49. Mr. Bloom, the editor of the American Conservative, has been busy lately with doxing BAP. One benefit of the latest lunacy has been to reveal that people like Ben Shapiro and Bloom are controlled opposition, gatekeepers rather than gateways.

    • Now that Shapiro is in Nashville, $5 he starts pushing JJJ “conservative” political candidates in Tennessee.

  50.  My God, man, you have been on fire lately as we slouch toward the gulags. Excellent analysis.

    There’s never been a majority in favor of Progressive reforms, yet those reformers have always carried the day, despite the opposition of the professional Right. 

    Strong horse/weak horse, amirite? Generals who prematurely announce surrender tend to lose. Shocking, that. These leaders tend to lose foot soldiers first. Why would anyone stick out their necks for a Paul Ryan or John Cornyn? Answer: they mostly won’t any longer.

    The last “thought leaders” were of the paleo persuasion. Some of them actually are still around (Buchanan, Gottfried). The mainstream types are as you describe, bereft of original ideas and open to any and all left-wing premises.

    The Dissident Right is the last opposition to Progressivism, and God knows we run the gamut to the rational thoughts expressed here to people who think violently obtained ethnostates are just around the corner. The short-term strategy is just to survive and set up our own communities, but we need to be realistic that the Left will go into any hill or valley looking for Bad Thought, and likely violently in the near term. Electoral politics are no longer an avenue to success, although when possible they should be used as an available tool with a goal in mind, not as a way to victory.

    Again, good piece.

    • The short-term strategy is just to survive and set up our own communities, but we need to be realistic that the Left will go into any hill or valley looking for Bad Thought, and likely violently in the near term.
      Setting up our own Communities is a strategy for long term survival because when the left comes looking do you want to be by yourself with maybe just your family or in a Community of like-minded people…

        • Yea exactly right we can pick up the pieces one by one as they fail if we have our own AO squared away to fight from…

          • Lol “conquer” sounds cooler. But of course you’re correct. If one can roll in and feed em, probably sufficient. Suppose it would be necessary to round up and massacre the criminal gangs of too low quality to deputize.

    • Why would anyone stick out their necks for a Paul Ryan (gone) or John Cornyn?” INDEED. Not to mention a John Kasich (gone), or John McCain (gone), or Bob Corker (gone), or Jeff Flake (gone), or Mitt Romney or Lisa Murkowski (both to be gone over the next few years). We can go on like this all day. The GOP is being remade, and longtime pols like Mitch McConnell (2.0), Lindsay Graham (2.0) and Kevin McCarthy (2.0) have the brains to see which way the wind is blowing.

      • Never hurts to keep it in perspective. I remember when Tom DeLay, John Boehner, and Glenn Beck were the boogeymen of the left. Today they’d be laughed off of the stage at a Charlie Kirk rally. The right is doing a slow purge but it’s going too slow as we race against the clock of demographic change.

      • Sometimes it is easy to overlook how much has shifted politically, but the question has to be if it is too late. I think it is too late if the silver bullet has to be electoral politics alone. They are useful as one of many tools but not an end unto themselves.

  51. From the American Conservative:
    This anthem, in other words, is less part of the 1619 narrative—one which sees the country as based in racism and forever stained by it—than that of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, in which he envisioned “a nation [that] will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’” Johnson, like King, was fully aware of the “dark past” but hopeful for an America that would be inclusive (to use today’s jargon), unified in honoring its ideals. 
    It takes a special kind of white fool to still, in 2020, cling to the original lies of the Civil Rights movement- to seek inclusion rather than vengeance, equal opportunity rather than equal outcomes.

    • A few years after his I Have a Dream speech he was colluding with violent black gangs (but be nonviolent, wink-wink), and marching in ethnic neighborhoods to intimidate the locals.
      If he would have lived, he’d be saying the same race hustling poison the right attacks Jesse Jackson for.
      The FBI tapes can’t come soon enough.

      • The Haitian template is ALWAYS going to be the foundation for any pro-black movement, they will just be better at concealing it

      • Depending on who is in power then, I would say there’s a very good chance those tapes will never be released.

      • The best thing that ever happened to King was that bullet. Without it, he would have devolved into something like Al Sharpton crossed with ‘ol Mayor Marion Barry of D.C. I’m sure his coke fueled sex parties would have been a running gag for years. Hell, he might have ended up as mayor of D.C. or Detroit himself!

        • I kind of wonder if his handler – that being stanley levinson – was behind his assassination. He clearly had outlived his usefulness

    • What’s so funny is is that INXS was basically singing a song about this racial crap and even calling it the Original Sin in early 1980s and dopey professors and academics and “intellectuals” are just getting around to it

      Took INXS 3 minutes to size up the situation in a pop song but has taken these dim bulbs decades

        • Isn’t it ironic that when “All men are created equal” was penned, it was understood to mean “under law”, rather than of ability. Today, however, we treat men “unequally” under law, e.g., AA, and assume/understand men to be “equal” in ability.

          We stand the Declaration on its head, yet not a word of the original Declaration has been changed.

        • Nope, I won’t even go for that one. If one is a citizen and the other is an illegal squatter, then they do not have the same rights and responsibilities and the law ought not treat them the same. If one man (even a White) has a 90 IQ and the other 140, again they have differing abilities and understanding and ought not be treated the same.

        • How about this? All men should be judged by their own laws in their own distinct countries.

  52. Note that the writer takes as a given the basic assumptions of the Left.

    This occurred to me yesterday, as I was reading Robert Tomb’s The English and Their History. The basic ideas of equality for all, of the terrors of racism and sexism are all considered by Tomb’s to be legitimate things that should be promoted in a healthy society. So it is with other ‘right wing’ thinkers. It is the old premises that require demolishing, and the best way to do this is to ensure they are never baked into a juvenile’s skull in the first place.

    For fathers of young children and future fathers, whilst the concept of home schooling is still permitted, how to bake in such ‘conservative’ premises are of fundamental importance. One wants to be able to move through society fluidly, but to always grasp the basic truths – people who do are much more prepared, it seems to me, for the disappointments of life.

    It is a great shame that we have no titanic mainstream intellects on the right within public view. But that is why work such as found in this blog is very, very important. Hopefully, the ideas gain traction and before you know it you’ve moved someone in the right direction – a comment at a gathering leads to a website link shared etc..

    • It’s impossible to have the society they want with a sizable black population

      How is this complicated? ….boggles the mind

      • Everyone used to now this fundamental truth. And when this truth was spoken about it was often not in a hateful way – at least not from my readings of the history of the British Empire. I dare say this approach was true in the US as well.

        The solution is so simple, yet so far away that I may never see it applied on a national level in my lifetime: proud whites who understand that civilization is their own. Here in the UK, it is ‘Black History Month’ apparently, a joyous event where one can see all manner of trivial black historical figures dredged up and thrust upon pillars on par with Sir Isaac Newton. But these people never built one meaningful and lasting civilization – but the history re-write goes on.

        How is this complicated? ….boggles the mind

        Many whites are simply too afraid to come to terms with this most golden of rules.

        • Yes, for all the chaff and obfuscation it is rather simple: think before the era of decolonization and after decolonization. Rhodesia then, Zimbabwe now. Congo then, Congo now. South Africa then; South Africa spiraling now. With all that said, NAXALT too.

          • Rhodes started out with his pioneering force in 1890. He had with him just 500 members of the Chartered Company Police in addition to a collection of farmers and miners looking to make a buck. And of course the obligatory caravan of Africans doing the hauling work. In a couple of years they had built up Salisbury and taken Bulawayo.

            The period 1890-1970 (or whenever UDI was declared, I cannot recall) is testament to what a group of men can build in only a short time. Of course, these men were not hated by their own mother country. Also, they were expanding into land that was not recognized as sovereign in the national sense, so the Great Powers didn’t really care too much.

        • Same psychology as two people wanting to keep a marriage together for what it could have been when love was in the air and the future was bright

          I get it. Very hard to let go. But other white people are at some point going to have to face life and accept that the dream never came true and won’t be coming true so time to move on.

          • I get it. Very hard to let go. But other white people are at some point going to have to face life and accept that the dream never came true and won’t be coming true so time to move on.
            More like the dream was a sugar coated nightmare and if they don’t wake up to that fact and fight against it then they will be eliminated by it…

      • The power and the reach of the modern fake media has created an alter world.

        Virtually no-one talks about how this power towers above all else.

        Also, no-one knows yet what the limits are in terms of the level of mind control that can be achieved..

        • The power and the reach of the modern fake media has created an alter world.

          This is very true. And for any person coming to realize that it is all a bit fishy, an important first step is to memorize and understand the history of your people.

          The period 1800-2000 has seen an unprecedented amount of high quality scholarship that is easy to access. Even now, I believe that there is plenty of excellent scholarship that is suppressed but still available. But then again, most people seem to like their current state of ignorance.

          Also, no-one knows yet what the limits are in terms of the level of mind control that can be achieved..

          I think we can see it now. Almost everyone has been conditioned to believe one thing or another. Of course, there are things that work and run parallel with reality and then there are the teachings that contradict all aspects of reality.

          This is why after you’ve realized the issue, and it is a big issue, the next step is to find a community of receptive ears, move there and spread the word. Also, it’ll be a good idea to keep many thoughts to yourself in certain places.

      • Actually putting the US to rights if it survives at all means putting ideology ahead of everything else and probably means upwards of 50 million dead and a permanent end to the current world order
        Its too damned scary to consider for a lot of people.
        That future would be a far better place to have a family and bring up kids as well as having a superficial resemblance to the America of yore but to the current elite, its a new country entirely hostile to their ilk, brutally nationalist, socially authoritarian and more than a little paranoid.
        Worst of all it expects people to make an honest living in the private sector as much as possible. No National Review grifting, no Diversity Consultants, No Foreign Policy Experts none of that.

        You’ll barely be allowed to trade with other countries and while food and good and the niceties of life will be plentiful after a time, you’ll have to earn them or if we go that way life in a welfare box.
        The the parasitic status obsessed ruling classes, that honest nationalist nation is Hell on Earth and they’ll fight it tooth and nail , stooping to nay loss of pride or honor to keep the current system alive a bit longer.

    • I would submit to you several Brits worth their weight currently in the public square; Peter Hitchins, Douglas Murray,Ed Dutton, and the short well-known conservative historian known for BBC docs whose name escapes me now. They are all clear bright lights on our side, swimming against the tide.

      • Good point. To be honest, I am surprised that Hitchens is still allowed to write for The Mail on Sunday. His column is really too decent for most others that are his colleagues. He was dis-invited from the debate lightweight talk show Question Time, almost certainly for his views – frequently he’d refer to ‘the calamity of mass immigration’ which I always liked.

        Perhaps the best thing about Hitchens is that he has been and remains a thoroughly decent man. I am not sure he would venture into the waters here, but in his youth he was a communist and after extensive experience with such people did a massive U-turn. No mean feat. I am expecting him to be silenced within the next three years; given the way things are going.

        I had forgotten about Murray. He is an interesting one, a very scholarly man indeed. But he too rarely gets much airtime. These people cut serious figures, and in our world obsessed with fun and fame, they don’t cut the mustard with the average person.

        the short well-known conservative historian known for BBC docs whose name escapes me now.

        Could you be referring to David Starkey? This man is very flamboyant, funny and quite nasty to all the usual suspects. I would submit he is very based on the question of race, but won’t stray too far publicly.

        • Yes indeed twas Prof. Starkey, witty and irreverent enough that I can overlook his queer affliction.

          • Yes, both Murray and Starkey ‘bat for the other side’ which doesn’t sit well with me. But, and particularly in Murray’s case, it is a very effective tool when debating some types. I am sure this also gets them past Level 1 gatekeepers.

            Also, it helps that both men are not vulgar or in your face about said opposition batting.

          • I’ve never minded dignified queers, particularly the ones on our side. Of course part of that dignity has to come from opposing nonsense like gay marriage and gay adoption. Still there always were plenty of such men. The Left didn’t find them useful enough though and so went with the leather-and-buttplug crowd since they were interested in people they could use as a battering ram against traditional institutions.

      • Peter Hitchens and Douglas Murray are nowhere near the level of Dutton. The guy was hosting a podcast with Richard Spencer, after all. The two are closer to Theodor Dalrymple.

    • The need to get into education and influence children is probably the number one thing we need to ‘win’ and that is precisely why they so jealously guard key positions within education. “We need to homeschool” is very typically conservative where we give ground to the left while trying to work around what the left does rather than take them on headfirst. Homeschooling may be of monumental importance as a tactic, it is a terrible strategy. A strategic retreat is still a retreat and only extends the day the white flags go up.

      It’s not like the homeschooling isn’t already leftist converged anyway. The ENTIRE educational system is SJW converged. ALL OF IT. The only real difference is homeschooling might be y2k progressive instead of 2020 progressive. Look at any homeschooling curriculum and MLK and the “civil rights movement” will be front and center. The textbooks are converged. The associations are converged. The national standards are converged. The homeschoolers think they are so clever teaching race-blindness and blind equality.

      As much as we like to think otherwise, we cannot put blinders on our children. At best, we can give them the answers to why the SJWs are wrong and prepare them for the avalanche of propaganda they will experience, even as, (especially as) children. Most homeschoolers are simply unprepared to that. It will absolutely require exposing children to things we do not want to expose them to and at an earlier age than we would like.

      • First off do you even have kids? Second putting them in public schools is child abuse because of their developing brains…We homeschool until enough parents wake up to the one room schoolhouse option which we are in the process of getting together…

        • I am not disagreeing with the concept. We do need to do it, but it is a temporary measure at best. Most cannot homeschool and we are funding the schools. As usual, we take on extra responsibility costing us time and effort and they get paid damn good money to thwart us. Homeschooling is a temporary measure, not a strategy. It must happen in concert with taking back all things children.
          I think you underestimate how converged everything aimed at children really is. You cannot even put your children in the Boy Scouts. Even the Boy Scouts will steadily erode everything you instill in your boys.

          I am the last person in America you have to explain how evil public school is. Depending on where you live, public schools have been evil since at least the 1960s. But there is also no doubt that they have gotten exponentially worse since then. People who home schooled then accomplished nothing in the larger scheme of things. They did not even arrest, let alone reverse the destruction of our public schools.

        • Lord, I wish you were in my area. Not for my kids,(they’re 30), but for my sisters’ kids. Two little boys and a girl. I told them I would pay anything necessary for them to home school their kids. I would even get whatever credentials were needed to teach. Alas, they are in a “good school district”.
          You can lead a horse to water…

      • Depends on the homeschool curriculum my friend. 2 hrs counter currents social studies and ftn deepdives daily would be salubrious. Maybe some myth20 to make sure they well-rounded.

  53. > . This piece in the American Mind, which is supposed to be the free-thinking outlet for conservatives looking to break free of the old modes of thought, is a good example. 
    American Mind is a strange conglomeration of boring old Conservative platitudes and serious discussions of dissident right thought. You get some major intellectual whiplash reading a vapid article like the above after just reading several debates about BAP on the same site.

    • I wonder if perhaps we are not seeing things in the rear view mirror correctly. You are correct that most of Conservative Inc. doesn’t really think.
      For years, diversity was the political kill-shot for Leftie. We conservatives weren’t multicultural. We did not tolerate the ways of vibrants or respect them. That made us evil nazis that had to be cast aside, and in some cases abused, beaten, and even killed. Every single time the race card was played, we were effectively trumped, if you’ll pardon the pun. I think what you are seeing is less ‘cucking’ than some half wit conservative trying to usurp the race card and play it against Leftie. They aren’t smart enough to understand that playing that card plays you into Leftie’s game, and nobody wins in that game – not even lefty.
      “Trump has been a clarifying event, one that will usher conservatism off the intellectual and political stage. What replaces it is something suited for the demographic age…”
      The same is happening on the other side of the Great Divide. Creepy Joe effectively vapour locked a couple times during the presidential debates because if he answered Trump, or engaged with him – he’d pish off one or more competing demographics of his power base. Vibrant loons are poised to take over the Donk Party – and creepy old Joe is their last shot at keeping them under control. The tactics and tools the Left have used to such great effect are now not working at all. That there are conservatives now trying to use those same tools is just mind boggling. They will reap the same consequences the Donks do from it – only harder and faster.

      • Not to mention a foreign group cannot conserve anything. “Conservatism” doesn’t exactly have a good track record anywhere, let alone where the group trying to conserve anything is made up of immigrants and the sons of immigrants. How can a bunch of Semites ‘conserve’ an English society? It is as foreign to them as clownworld is to us.

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