Fighting Reality

From time to time it is useful to pick up the spyglasses and take a look at some of the smaller gatherings on the other side of the great divide. The establishment Left is easy to see, as it takes up so much space and makes so much noise. The same is true to a lesser extent with the professional Right. The smaller subcultures are not as easy to see, but they can be more useful in understanding the nature of the divide and why there is a great divide in the first place.

This conversation between someone calling himself Brendan O’Neil and someone calling himself Bret Weinstein is a good example. It appears this is a regular show hosted by Weinstein, where he invites on guests of “diverse opinion” to discuss issues he thinks are important. The topic of this show, according to the copy, was what he calls the woke war on the Enlightenment. Not much was revealed in that regard, but it is useful in understanding why there is a dissident right.

Now, Brendan O’Neil bills himself as a man of the Left. He is the editor of something called Spiked, which is the successor of something called Living Marxism, the journal of the Revolutionary Communist Party. According to his Wikipedia page, he is a former Trotskyist and communist, but now he self identifies as a Libertarian Marxist. That last bit only makes sense when you know that Spiked is funded by the Charles Koch Foundation, the guys who bankroll Reason Magazine.

Bret Weinstein is a bit more familiar to Americans. He is a member of the gratuitously self-described “intellectual dark web.” This a group of mostly Jewish writers who churn out conventional opinions for various mainstream sites. Weinstein got famous because he was attacked by a mob on lunatics on his college campus because he lacked enthusiasm for their latest fashions. He became a symbol of mob action on campus. He describes himself as a progressive and left-libertarian.

The first interesting thing to note in this is that both describe themselves as left-libertarian in their own way. No one describes themselves as right-libertarian, as that is something which no longer exists. The so-called conservatives would claim they are now the home of right-libertarians, but that is just another self-serving lie. They pose no opposition to the Left on anything. Conservatism is nothing more than a polite fiction now, a holding place for something yet to come.

Putting that aside, this conversation provides a good example of what happens when you eliminate the right answer. You are left trying to mold the wrong answer into something useful. Here, they refuse to consider biology plays any role in culture and politics. In particular, they refuse to accept that the people toppling statues and running Jewish professors off campus are motivated by race. It can’t be race, so they conjure strained explanations for what is happening.

At about the six-minute mark they get into identity politics. The claim by the British guy is the lock downs broke the British collective identity and that’s what caused mobs of people to go out and tear down statues. He terms it a retreat into group identity, rather than collective identity. The fact that the people doing the rioting were non-white and their targets were white people and culture, seems to be lost on him. It is a good example of what happens when you eliminate the obvious.

The response from Weinstein is amusing. He makes the obvious point that technology has made the world smaller. No matter how narrow your interests, you can find people who share your interests on-line. In the case of politics, it means on-line community around shared identity. He suggests this is a problem, as people falling into these “echo chambers” on-line eventually succumb to identity politics. It looked like he wanted to use the term “false consciousness” at that point.

Later on, they refer to the “murder of George Floyd” which gives the game away, but the show is still worth a listen. These tribes of the old Left are struggling for the same reason that the so-called conservatives and libertarians struggle. They cling to the notion that countries are built around ideas. They think that ideology can replace biology as the building block of human organization. The new man will completely submit to the prevailing orthodoxy of the new society.

The creedal nation was always a left-wing idea and it was always wrong. Like the Soviet Union, creedal America had a good run through the Cold War. For a half a century, most Americans were happy to put aside their natural identity in favor of patriotism, for the good of the country. It was a useful way for the ruling class to organize the public in the great game against communism. The Cold War is over and the reason to put aside those natural identities is gone with it.

It should be no surprise that blacks in America and the new arrivals in the West are the first to embrace this new reality. American blacks never embraced the creedal nation stuff. They have always been the least patriotic group. The new arrivals were never encouraged to drop their natural identity. In fact, they were encouraged to embrace it as they were told diversity is our strength. It is the occidentals that are the last to catch on, but that is changing.

That is what you see in that video. Both men are clinging to the old modes of thought, hoping to find a way to keep white people from embracing identity politics. Nowhere in their discussion do they condemn blacks or immigrants, even though they are the people rioting in the streets. The long post-war period was, in fact, a break from human reality, but now reality is roaring back. Yesterday men like those two in the video cling to their creedal notions, while reality returns with a vengeance.

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251 thoughts on “Fighting Reality

  1. But the rioters were mostly white people – Antifa. That breaks the argument that it’s all about race

  2. “Putting that aside, this conversation provides a good example of what happens when you eliminate the right answer.”

    It’s as if we all have a little shoebox and before each discussion we silently place inside the handful of simple explanatory conclusions that we all tacitly agree we will not come to, no material what the evidence or logical processes tell us.

    if your opponent decides which ideas, tactics and strategies you are not even allowed to speak of, much less deploy, you are doomed.

    We are doomed.

  3. One of the dismaying things about growing up is that the adults are never as perceptive as you thought they were.

  4. Just watched part of the debate. Hilarious to watch Kamala act like the black woman down at the DMV

    • Kamala said Tupac was her favorite living rapper. Trump campaign obviously making fun of her. Tupac was killed like 20 years ago. Any real black woman would know that. All she had to do was say she’s not into rap. But then she super fake. You don’t have to talk to blacks J.R. Just read the very article you linked. It’s all in there.

  5. Nowhere in their discussion do they condemn blacks or immigrants, even though they are the people rioting in the streets.
    Not sure I agree with that observation. Looting aside, all video I’ve seen show lots of white people. Among them a wildly disproportionate number of womyn, given the violent nature of the gatherings.

    • Even if there were no whites, they would still say nothing. That’s the point, it doesn’t actually matter. That is the new emasculated but pretending to be something nobler, smarter and more virtuous, left. That’s how they roll. They won’t make any connections between bad behavior and race unless it’s white people. They flat out refuse to critique their mascots, let alone spank them. They think it’s old hat, doesn’t work that well at effecting change, is patriarchal and authoritarian and toxically white/masculine thinking. It isn’t yin and yang enough. It isn’t Gaia. It doesn’t honor the feminine or the Mama Africa perception of reality. It is their brain wiring. If they were able to make that mental leap, we wouldn’t have gotten to this place where we are. Anyone who makes that leap at this point is closer to us then the left. Old articles from the Atlantic for some perspective on 19th century progressive thinking are good reads. The honesty about what they were dealing with was quite astonishing. The Negro Problem by Nathaniel Shaler is really interesting . They haven’t purged it from their website yet. That was before these fools went completely off the rails. I mean, the primary delusion, that we could live with these people, and that putting in the effort to make the whole of them into humans would be worth it, or that they were honor bound with the burden of doing so, was still there. But if you could travel back in time, you could actually reason with that guy, and even convince him his lofty ideal was a folly, and if you were able to show him some Colin Flaherty videos on your smartphone, lol, then you’d really have him worked up into a state of action, but that can’t be done for their modern counterparts, unless and until some different neural pathways are forged.

      I don’t personally think it’s just a failure of their(The Cloud People) personal biology, as some here may, or of the power, nuance or intelligence of our arguments or persuasive abilities, I think it’s both, and we have more work to do, till there’s nothing to do but fight.

  6. “Libertarian Marxist”? That makes about as much sense as “Pro-Life Abortionist.” Thanks for the forewarning about the interview, but based on its apparent lack of coherence, I think I’ll pass.
    I recall Harry Browne’s dictum “Reality always triumphs over politics.” Yes it does, but sadly, sometimes the death toll is in the millions before it wins.
    We are, so to speak, in a “creedal to grave” situation here. Still to be determined if “grave” is the adjective or the hole where our nation will end up. Both, perhaps. 🙁
    Today’s howler is this item from Bulgarian-funded front for Russian propaganda 😀 ideological ally Zero Hedge.
    It shows (and I put in comments) what I learnt here: that there’s a war in the Democratic party between the old guard and the militant communists the young ones. The background of the woman in the article is illuminating, given much of the JQ consipracy conjecture we do here…

  7. Z – I braced for that obnoxious clown horn when I read the term “Reason Magazine”. I hate you.

  8. Weinstein has a podcast with eight conservative to neutral blackish intellectuals. He showed a relentless need to create agreement and conformity to his deepest beliefs, already described here. Glenn Loury wasn’t having any of it, nor was his pal McWhorter. Loury is a Walter Williams type. One of the young intellectuals was impressively unmoved, if only one. What separates right from left is the ability and willingness to update information for what it is and not what you want it to be. Completely alone, if need be.

    • J. Wilson: “He showed a relentless need to create agreement and conformity to his deepest beliefs.” Funny, well said. I hate that kind of manipulation from hosts, especially from intellectuals who should know better. I remember Sam Harris was hosting a public interview at some university, and instead of simply asking his interviewee “What do you make of virtue signalling?” He spent about 2 minutes low-key prepping everyone about how “right-minded” people ought to think about it.

  9. Two points. First, creed only works when biology is aligned. When America was overwhelmingly white it could rally to a creed because the creed itself was an epiphenomenon of biology. Once America began diversifying in the mid-60s, and the New Left began pushing its own anti-white racist creed, the country fractured and is now collapsing.
    Second, the two yokels Z-man mentions fail totally to grasp the obvious fact that identity politics didn’t commence with the woke mudslide. It took root in the US decades ago with Adorno’s transfiguration of “difference,” Marcuse’s search for revolutionary agents such as blacks, and Foucault’s lionization of subaltern “victims,” all of whom were minorities of one sort or another.

  10. I saw that O’neill ‘n Weinstein interview a few weeks ago. Typical of these “dark-webbers” and “classic liberals” to walk to the waters edge but never dip in. It’s interesting from a rhetorical angle, to observe how they skirt reality. One could make a drinking game out of it. Predicting what sanctioned euphemisms they’ll employ. Ultimately its infuriating because you know these worldly and intelligent fence sitters KNOW the truth. I’ve been reading Brenden for years. I know he knows.

    Below is a similar discussion between two English public intellectuals, Niall Ferguson “Right” and Will Self, Left. A public discussion at someplace like Oxford. Skip to 10:30 when Self gets down to the brass tacks of why the Left should hate Ferguson. Essentially asking, “What’chu got against foreigners? You racist? Yeaaahh you is. U a racist mother*fucker ain’t ya.” (Except in Brit-speak).

    It’s pathetic how Ferguson pleads for acceptance within a Left framework. He can’t even say Brexiters/Leavers are passionate about their country. Nationalism. Patriotism. No, Leavers are denied all noble hallmarks. (Especially in public discussions with a suspicious Lefty audience). In such Classic Liberal discussions all that patriots are allowed to be is “anti immigrant”, at best. And “racist” at worst.

    The thing is, Niall Ferguson being one of the most verbally gifted men in existence, could have gone far, within civilized rhetoric, in defence of nationalism…of keeping England ENGLISH. But no, he pretty much grovelled within the framework. Men of the “Classical Left” like him are little better than Goldberg types.
    Skip to 10:25

  11. Tonight we get a perfect picture of the new reality: Kamala Harris debating Mike Pence!

    A titanic battle between Future and Past.

    With, no doubt, a solid defense of Conservative values by… D’nesh D’Souza!

    • Haha gonna be great. Can’t want to see zion Pence and his white male smirk vs the eternally aggrieved strong woman of colour. They don’t usually do well when debating white men who are not cucks.

      I’d love to see a Kamala meltdown.

      Gotta enjoy the little things in clown world.

      • I’d love to see a Kamala meltdown.

        We need a meltdown to buy time.

        Pence is not a dumb guy, he has executive experience, and he was on talk radio many years ago.

        That said, I’m not sure that he is the type of guy that understands tonight’s debate will not be about facts and reason, but about rhetoric and emotion.

        He had also better be prepared for the kind of 2 v 1 situation we saw at the first Presidential debate.

  12. No one describes themselves as right-libertarian, as that is something which no longer exists.” I used to identify as a right-libertarian. No longer. Now moderate-DR. But wait: Is it even POSSIBLE to be “moderate” DR? (Partly defined as NAXALT-remembering, Trump-supporting-as-best-current-alternative, remaking-the-GOP, Eastern-European-nationalism-liking type. Gulp.)

  13. Is there anybody with money on the DR? We really need a propaganda machine more than anything. Billboards and internet news networks. I have what I think are great ideas for billboards RE: Environmental types/Immigration, but I am a terrible organizer, and very inert atm. We need some sort of escrow fund, headed by some level headed incorruptible trustworthy people, to divert funds to different propaganda efforts in my opinion.

    • I understand many/most billboards are owned by media conglomerates, who would most likely want to vet any message/advertisement. But I see independent ones, as well as lots of highway real estate owned by good ol boy farmers, many of whom i’m confident would be sympathetic to our thing, meaning we create our own advertising mediums at the grass root. But we need capital, minds and bodies.

  14. It’s always interesting to note what people fear, it gives some insight into what drives them. I have noticed that most of these people have absolutely no concern over black people or other races engaging in biological politics. However, they have the absolute screaming fits over the idea of white people engaging in it. Perhaps they fear whites may be more successful at it than other races, and that worries them.

    Pandora’s Box should have been left closed.

    • Yep, once you notice, you notice. There is no going back.

      It’s a slow process of unlearning for older folks especially.

      We will be more successful at it, just like we are more successful at everything else. I agree that they should have just left us alone, and we may not have noticed anything.

      The elites are *terrified* of whites.

      • Why Wray says we are the biggest threat. I think he means the biggest threat to government, not to society.

        He fancies himself the modern day Paul Revere for the establishment class: the white supremacists are coming, the white supremacists are coming

  15. I visited New Mexico recently and had a white Karen chase me around on a sidewalk for not wearing a mask properly meanwhile all around were Hispanic men not wearing masks or wearing them improperly. She ignored them and came after me.
    There is psychology going on here. The old left and it’s cat ladies goes after the white male for violating rules but ignores the people of color rule violating.
    Interesting to experience.
    We can also see the future in Joe Biden’s speech about the threat of “ white supremacy”. Which in reality is normal white people now in the mind of the radical left.
    The somewhat traditional leftists are stuck in a world of make believe. The radicals and the vibrants will look at their skin color first and eventually also make them “ white supremists” they just don’t know it yet. They are too stupid.

    • Always that way

      Black guy can be walking by them with his pants around his knees playing with his wiener and cussing to a rap song and they will say nothing. But if you have your shirt untucked Karen will give you stink eye

      There is in fact psychology here. And it’s very informative. White women simply don’t consider non-whites to be people in the same way she sees her own and has a whole different set of standards for them. If any at all. They simply do not exist in her mind in the same way, they might as well be bicycles or squirrels.

      • Observe the way a nice white lady speaks to an Arab taxi driver.

        She speaks to him as if he’s a child. Or a pet. They see themselves as mother theresa, savior over the brown hordes. We rescued this poor dog from the shelter! We rescued this poor Arab from iraq!

        Women are too dumb to realize – it’s men’s job to keep them in line.

      • It may also be a simple as “Karen” knows she may be in for a beating if she upsets a non-White. Cucks that we now all too often are.

        • More often, seems to me that white Karens simply don’t derive the same pleasures in dealing with black guys as with white guys

          In a similar way, victory over a white guy is much sweeter than victory over a black guy which leaves us feeling unsatisfied.

    • Santa Fe, I presume?

      It’s where the artsy-fartsy crowd that can’t cut it in California or New York go to preen.

      That, and look dower when you mention that Georgia O’Keefe, really, really liked vaginas.

      (feel like there is an O’Queef joke to be made in there somewhere)

  16. The CivNat and Lefty obsession with E Pluribus Unum and a “Nation of Immigrants” reminds me of those Japanese soldiers hiding in the jungles of Guam and other islands, still in their minds fighting WWII even though the war was over.
    The war here on the truth is clearly over. No one can deny that it’s black folks and their lunatic crazy cat lady allies burning down buildings and ransacking stores in some of the cities (with Portland being an obvious exception). No one can deny what these people want and that is for us and our culture to be erased. It’s obvious to anyone who turns on a TV and sees the commercials that would make folks think America is the kingdom of Zamunda, which was Wakanda with a funnier prince and less tech.
    Anyone who has any gray matter upstairs knows the real reason why Detroit, Birmingham, Baltimore and other majority black cities are inner zones of conflict surrounded by peaceful suburbs. In the case of Atlanta, some whites are moving inside the perimeter and the vibrancy is moving out in the ‘burbs thanks to Section 8, bringing with it crime and rot.
    Ultimately, it’s a war on objective truth that anyone with two functioning brain cells can observe.

    • And of course, this is one of the reasons for the current CRT hysteria – all of the alternatives between it and race realism are slowly evaporating, and the Left knows it. I mean, you literally have to be on Social Security to remember a time when American society wasn’t agonizing about blacks. Over the last sixty-five years, our country has literally been turned upside-down in an effort to accommodate blacks; the right to freedom of association has been destroyed, reverse-discrimination has been instituted, the constitution has been abrogated – and blacks are STILL underperforming, at about the same levels as before. So either there is racism so deeply embedded in American society that over half a century of the greatest social engineering program in human history couldn’t root it out, or, blacks are different than white people. And given that blacks ARE different than white people, right down to DNA, it’s not hard to see which is more likely true, and more and more people are seeing it. And just as Mao had to double-down on Communism in the Cultural Revolution when it became clear that it wasn’t working, our own Maoists must do the same. But reality will not be denied, although the US probably will not be one unified country when reality asserts itself.

      • And of course, this is one of the reasons for the current CRT hysteria – all of the alternatives between it and race realism are slowly evaporating, and the Left knows it.

        That’s it. And when those alternatives have finally been exhausted, I can imagine things will – to put it mildly – jump up a notch.

      • America is a “unified country” in name only now, so bring on recognition of this reality—sooner the better.

  17. “American blacks never embraced the creedal nation stuff. They have always been the least patriotic group.” – This is true and ironic, as they have by far the most to lose is everyone slips into their mindset (and they will). The creedal nation did more for them than any other group…well…(((almost))).

  18. I would bet a lot of younger people’s journey to this side will include a stop in Weinsteinland. I actually like him. I have a feeling he would have a panic attack if he knew how many people he helped to this side though. The fascinating thing to me about him, as an evolutionary biologist, is how he doesn’t seem to have the self awareness to address how much his own biological temperament colors his Utopianism. His douchey brother doesn’t have this problem, although he seems to have a similar lack of self awareness regarding his ethnic affiliation.

    • Do you think a person who lacks self-awareness has the capacity, ability to come up with ideas that are worth anything? I don’t see how it’s possible and would be wary about following them down any road.

      • I would say that for those inclined to follow others that is a sound perspective. For those just collecting data, any and everywhere, and parsing it on their own time with discretion, I’m not sure it is so absolute. It’s a deep question, possibly more than you meant it to be, and my disorganized brain wants to go on a million tangents with it. Maybe you could be more specific?

        • That’s along my thinking. Seems we have a tendency to denigrate these folk as potential leaders. Fine, not sure they are positioning themselves that way. But they are often stepping stones to get to any number of points in discussion here. In that lies their value.

        • My larger view is that men who lack self awareness are not going to have penetrative insights but rather tend to if not err on the superficial, more like women.

          A man needs to be able to size people up accurately and honestly because there are times where your life can literally depend on it. If you cannot see through the masks people wear or the diversions and distractions they create about themselves like a sort of plumage, and cannot see wherein lies their true weakness, their achilles heel, you could end up dead. Or taken advantage of.

          And I think that a man who doesn’t fear looking as deep as possible into his own soul, into his mind, leaving no stone unturned, is the kind of guy who is going to be able to provide someone with lasting and valuable insights not just on people but on life in general. In short, we are better to listen to guy who is able to cut through all the bullshit and has no fear or illusions as to what it might mean.

          • I’m onboard and agree with all you’ve said. For me, these kind of guys are all at the very least useful for our side for understanding how the enemy thinks, and for those of us who care to bother, no matter how futile, to formulate strategies to break through their defenses, in terms of rhetorical devices for propaganda and such. I don’t care what this turns into, white people’s strength is the alliance of mind body and spirit, the barbarian genius monk, beats the barbarian.

          • Very well said. I will not stop your reconnaissance efforts.

            And we have to embrace all facets of ourselves. Why I sometimes come off sounding harsh at the “intellectuals” around here who seem not indifferent but repulsed by their inner “animal” as it were. That animal is what keeps us alive through instinct and sometimes more outward behaviors. Not that it should be all a person is, like you say, we need to get to know our inner monk too.

  19. What is the way out of this cycle? Not theoretically or ideally, but practically? For around 500 years we have been dealing with endless revolution and war and death and almost no one even has the language to understand what the problem is, let alone the imperative to choose something better. Poland is a great example, they gained a weak temporary immunity after the excess of communism, but they are back on the knife’s edge. What could it possibly take to turn humanity back around again? Imo this is the question we will have to have a real answer for, because just surviving the latest revolution is only good enough to put up a very temporary speed bump. And increasingly it looks like our glorious ideology is making sure there will be no surviving to the other side, whatever that may mean at this rate.

    • Make babies, white people

      I don’t think it gets really any more complicated than that, at least in our current situation

      • Well, without some other stuff you will be merely producing serfs for the overlords. Keep going you on right track.

        • Would you be happier or feel better off if there were hundreds of young white people around you instead of 10?
          In our current year 2020 with an American population of 350 million, would you feel better and more confident for our future, would you simply feel more at ease, if there were 300 million whites an 50 million others instead of the actual 200 to 150 million?

          Do you think the childhood of a young boy is going to be different if his dad is 25 or 50? Knowing kids mimic their parents, do you think it is preferable that teenage girls consider getting face lifts because their 50 year old mom gets one or instead worrying about looking young and pretty in a short dress like their 25 year old mom does?

          Do you think that waiting to have a child at 45, say, waiting because you feel you must have a solid income before your first kid, do you think that kid is going to grow up with a fixation on money and career rather than having a big family and preservation of his race?

          Do you think that the sperm and egg of two 23 year olds has a much higher likelihood of producing a healthy child versus those of 50 year olds?

          My point is we don’t know really what will happen because no one except older people has lived in a world where parents were generally younger. And as it turns out, the kids had much greater vitality and fighting spirit. And there were more of them. And they weren’t serfs. rather, I believe would be much better at fighting the situation we are in now than our current society of white people comprised of aging parents with their designer babies from one-child households.

          • You preaching to choir. Early and often i say. Genetics are amazingly potent. But there is a nature nurture equation. I’m just saying you better have a plan to mold young Leonidas.

          • I get your point. Ultimately what it takes is a larger community working in harmony. It’s net to impossible for young people to raise kids without parents and people around to help out and provide guidance and inspiration

        • Yup. I would also add, instill them with anglo-spartan values (minus the pedo stuff). We going to need it going forward.

          • That’s a fancy way of saying I quit

            Edit: and let me add, HAVE FAITH in our people to produce more than just meat sticks

          • We need youth, Sid. Bottom line. And lots of them. Kids fight. We need them. See my post above. I know you get it.

          • Yeah i’m not really arguing and could well be wrong in the particulars. To clarify my perspective, I believe that if the whites of south africa got down to business and used the ancient european ways- the US would probably have to deploy airpower to contain them to the sub Sahara. We have enough numbers right now. You get more bang for your buck (1000x) convincing whites to get sensible and defend their interests than worrying about the de novo production of more whites. Luckily we can do both.

      • Im tending to agree. Probably would have to be coupled with some seperation from modernity tho, otherwise we are just producing more liberalized zombies.

        • I think if we get back to basics we will be surprised. I could be wrong, and I mean no offense, but I do believe much of the problems we see among whites is because the parents waited too long to have kids and the kids didn’t learn life from lively and youthful parents but instead learned from their older parents their own neuroses and fears that come with getting older. And maybe it’s simply tat the quality of the sperm and egg is much better with the young, and so you get better kids. Seems reasonable.

          Yes, young parents make a lot of mistakes and learn on the job, and dad may get drunk and crash the car into the house, and mom may flash her tits at the beach, but that’s how it is supposed to be. And why we also need grandparents and extended family around for those times dad doesn’t come home from a night of poker with the boys. And not to mention how taxing it is mentally and emotionally to deal with children’s illnesses or if they have to go to the hospital, and being able to rebound and having that resilience to get through. I’m 53. There is no way in hell I could endure the trials and tribulations of being a new or young dad. Looking back, I don’t know how I did it. Some guys can, but most can’t be dads at older ages. But we can be grandfathers.

          Anyway, my 2 cents

      • Sorry, it is more complicated than that. Turning whites into breeding stock represents the mentality of treating people as game pieces, not as humans.

    • As I’ve said many times, the only utopia I can imagine is one where the egalitarian utopian impulse is itself finally purged. That alone will finally end the cycle of revolutions based on some notion of equality. Like all ideology though I suspect this one has a biological basis and will probably not die out until its core genetic basis does.

      I sometimes speculate that the Fermi Paradox may be due to most other civilizations falling into a sort of global communism that becomes a kind of energy sink they never climb back out of. It might also be that just the strife caused by the ideology leads to global nuclear war before they get there. I suspect it was actually rather unlikely that the Cold War didn’t go hot at one of the many flashpoints that might have set it off.

  20. Bret Weinstein has an interesting docudrama out about his experience of getting thrown out of Evergreen college in Washington state, even though with tenure that was supposed to be impossible.

    His real bugaboo is about Critical Race Theory; how the President used it to expand his bureaucracy at Evergreen with worthless teachers/admin who would support him because their jobs depended on his patronage. (Bio-Leninism, by any other name)

    Good teachers were shut down out of pure fear.

    After watching it, you’re not surprised that Evergreen was the epicenter of what would happen in Seattle and Portland a few years later.

    Some common ground among all who call themselves classical liberals or defenders of enlightenment values, then: Critical Race Theory is a terminal cancer that is spreading, and so far, has no effective defense. It’s a virus tailor made to corrupt language and destroy debate. Totalitarianism, by any other name.

    • Of course, the problem is for Weinstein is that, as Z-Man points out, the only real defense against CRT is Race Realism, and Weinstein is utterly allergic to this. Interestingly, a few cancelled academics have actually realized this – Bo Weingard has become a (grudging) race realist, and while he still make little mooing noises about equal opportunity and the like, he has realized that, if CRT isn’t true (and it obviously isn’t), then race realism must be – there really is no other answer. He’s a much more interesting person than Weinstein, who is really just a typical “I didn’t think that the leopard would eat MY face!” moderate liberal.

    • I am unfortunately acquainted with a recruiter for Evergreen. A degenerate and obnoxious specimen. I’ve read that after the “no Whites on campus day” debacle enrollment declined by 30%. Haven’t heard whether xer still has a job or maybe now just has to do some actual work.

      • They really should have just let them have their silly little holiday, then said, make it into a whole month while you’re at it, then watched everything crumble into feeble disrepair and chaos, and said, “See how that works Zoomer??”

      • Evergreen accepts 97% of applicants and issues no grades but instead “evaluations”. Students pursue “Interdisciplinary” studies they invent themselves. It was a joke long before it was woke. These places need to be defunded and left to underwrite themselves.

        The activist retards these places churn out are a massive liability that the rest of us pay for in perpetuity.

        That “professor” Whinestein in his ivory tower is part of the problem. Like Jordan Pedersen, insufficient leftist holiness is hardly an admirable qualifier for expertise on the human condition.

        He became problematic and got tossed. He didn’t give in to the mob because he is part of the long game.

        His convoluted “philosophy” is just as anti-white as the crazies. The difference is intellectual aesthetics and timelines. Perhaps he gateways some men our way but we’ve got plenty of ivory tower egg heads on our side already. The low T chess club is full up. The hour of plainspeaking knuckle draggers is upon us.

        Let these puffs huff each others ass vapors until the dusky reapers of biological reality come for them. Which as their models predict, will be white mans fault.

        • You and I are on the same page

          We need more guys willing to get their hands dirty and do some hard work.

          “Low T Chess Club is filled up”

          Ha ha. Brilliantly put. And so true.

        • Nicely said. Maybe you need your own blog.

          The problem is is the internet has disrupted a lot of the old channels for organizing people by type. Now you have meatheads trying to be more intellectual, being introduced to the likes of Weinstein through Rogaine and low T nerds getting their man up fix from Jocko Willink. Not to mention the multikult propaganda arm has convinced many decisive masculine white guys that being an anti racist who fights for the multikult and against white interests is the manly thing to be.

          Everything is a clusterfuck at this point. And the thing is, once you you make it to this side, the mental work you’ve gone through, the dots connected, it’s impossible to ignore biology, including your own. So even if you are a genetic dead end, you have decided to not be a spiteful mutant once you’ve made it over here, and want to help any way you can.

          • Not to mention the multikult propaganda arm has convinced many decisive masculine white guys that being an anti racist who fights for the multikult and against white interests is the manly thing to be.

            I believe there are many more, “PC Bro,” types out there than is commonly believed among the dissident crowd.

            Hedge accordingly.

          • So true, AD. The walter mitty syndrome is a real factor. Two things sort this out. Meatspace and Truth. The sooner our guys accept the discomforts of both the sooner they will actually find the liberty they supposedly value. The redpill comes with many a man on a wagon selling bottled up dreams. But as you say, until you accept the truth – especially about yourself and your own condition, you are but a free radical, subject to coercion and cooption by the very same forces you wish to destroy.

        • Knowing this, what sane employer would ever hire an Evergreen graduate?

          If the purpose of college is to get a degree, leading to a job, Evergreen is the exact opposite.

          Musk said something about a college degree shows that you can show up on time and turn in papers on command for 4 years.

          This was not a compliment.

          • Evergreen is just a leading indicator of institutional education. A progressive among progressives. Graduates enter the gig economy. Uber, dog walkers, instacart shoppers. Basement activism for some NGO/non-profit. Community “werk”. Government cheddar factories where they churn out communist curds for older fatter versions of themselves.

            A few matriculate into normal careers. Enough to cover for the rest. Many likely remain in “academia” where they can continue to mine the vein of chocolate discontent until they credential up or write important books about queer lobster oppression.

            My niece goes to a more respectable college but her courses are all pozz, a total joke, full of angry well-off white kids trying to grind the white off their skin against zinn’s blaque wheel of injustice. Hiring out of any college these days must be a hot mess.

        • It’s saying a lot that the college accreditation agencies aren’t revoking said accreditation for these “woke” schools. How can such “degrees” pass for any education worthy of the name? Of course, they are probably “Woke” they own selfs 🙂

      • I’ve been watching this race with both horror and amusement. Thankfully, I don’t live inside the, um “camp perimeter”, wherein xe will rule. At this point I’m not sure what to think here. On the one hand this seems to a case of Portlanders getting exactly what they want and “good and hard” as Mencken would have said. On the other, it could make my few trips into town even more interesting in a bad way.

    • Weinstein is just a revolutionary who got eaten by his own revolution. He’s just extraordinarily lucky that it hasn’t come to an actual guillotine yet.

      He’s an enemy of truth and beauty and never forget it.

  21. Weinstein shelters inside the rainbow walls of his Overton bubble and thinks pretty thoughts. I like pretty thoughts.

  22. Weinstein is an interesting guy – he did a phenomenal appearance with Joe Rogan earlier this Summer.

    He is essentially a Girondin in an age of Jacobins and knows what happened to the original members of his group.

    • Brendan O’Neil is kind of a British Michael Tracey – he’s too smart and too honest to ignore what’s right in front of him, but he just can’t give up on that old -time lefty religion. They are both entertaining, and they both are brave and honest according to their own lights (Tracey was actually attacked by Antifa while reporting on the riots) but they and the ideas they represent, have no future, and at some level they know it. Anna Khachiyan also falls into this category – she’s basically Michael Tracey with a slavic accent and better legs. These folks are basically interesting anachronisms, like finding a batch of triceratops living on an island somewhere – but most certainly not cut out for today’s political ecosystem

      • Brendan has said many things that would normally draw attacks from the left. Like many, I don’t see him moving on his own as much as being forced out of the club.

    • Both of the Weinstein brothers have been on Rogan’s show; both make for interesting interviews.

  23. The creedal ideal and biological reality are aligned, inasmuch as societies based on abstractions like principles are a Western, re: white thing. In other words, a creedal, non-race oriented society can work just fine, provided it’s filled with white people. It can kind of work with a white European core and a lot of other people pretending to contribute (think of a father pushing his son’s bike the first time he has the training wheels off; the kid falls without the dad, but the important thing is to make sure the kid doesn’t figure that out so you don’t hurt his feelings). A multicultural empire can work, but you need someone like Saddam Hussein at the top to tell the various tribes that if you don’t behave you’re going to get dunked in a vat of acid. It would take something much more vicious than Trump to hold the current configuration together. So either it won’t hold together, or someone more vicious will come along.

      • I think they know it deep down and want a Hussein figure

        I think it gets lost on some that there is a good chunk of the population who prefers and longs for being ruled over by someone whom they can then essentially worship or willingly be led by. They have to keep quiet in today’s democracy, but they are there, and their deep desires manifest themselves in ways we are seeing. A lot of people are basically begging for a monarchy or variation thereof.

          • That’s the point, we are all “waiting for Superman”, our Superman. Trump comes along and half the population has conniptions. So it seems it will be for any strongman.

        • Heck, there are plenty of posters here (not me) dreaming of a monarchy. Of course, their monarchy will be great because “the right people will be in charge.”

          • They ought to be careful what they wish for… I have heard that (formerly) Prince Harry and his mongrel woman are somewhere on your continent…

      • Heh. It says something about the state of affairs of my country when I begin to feel sympathetic for all these people I was told were ‘nasty despots’ way back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

    • There was (is?) a mini-series on Netflix called “Trotsky,” produced by Russians. I started it months ago but got bored and/or easily frustrated by the subtitles so I quit watching after the first episode. Then I noticed it was condemned by the ADL as anti-semitic so of course I had to go back and watch the whole thing. The only thing I could identify as anti-semitic about it was one scene where Trotsky tries to pay back his benefactor(?) a few rubles for a small loan and the guy says ‘no keep it,’ and Trotsky puts it back in his wallet, LOL.

  24. Biology is reality. The all-consuming lack of gratitude on the part of the evolutionary dead ends is never ending. The firebringers know it. They live close to archetype, without regard for consequences as they artfully sculpt the demographics, chipping away bronze age and neolithic residue. No one notices.

  25. Here, they refuse to consider biology plays any role in culture and politics. In particular, they refuse to accept that the people toppling statues and running Jewish professors off campus are motivated by race.
    Jews are cult members, their minds are brainwashed by demonic propaganda, they’ll never go against diversity, they’re the ones that promote globalism the most.
    I’ve seen enough kabbalah videos where rabbis obsessively keep repeating that uniting the world is important, that jews will play major role in fulfillng that goal.
    rabbis even mention that it does not matter if jews are blamed for all of this, cause they receive light from the source(help from demons is what they really mean).

  26. Group concious or not, but white people were rioting and tearing down monuments. Black people were looting. At least in Chicago and Minneapolis. There is a difference.

      • It isn’t just modern education. Over a century and a half ago the great Massachusetts statesman and orator, Daniel Webster, advised two of his Senate colleagues from the South to get to their home states and beat their ploughshares into swords and their pruning-hooks into spears, since Yankee school marms had raised a generation to go to war with the South.

        • One of my alltime favorite movies: “The Devil and Daniel Webster” explains all we need to know about the price of selling one’s soul.
          Except, for the modern-day Jabez, there will be no trial.

      • Educating the next generation of our leaders, for sure. Grads of Seattle, class of ’91, who themselves were the children of the Laurel Canyon kids.

        Not ‘protestors’.

  27. Weinstein blames ‘social media’ because he cannot bear to say that his fellow Jews dominate the media and they spew anti-White hatred 24/7. Like a good Jew, he attacks the least Semitified institution as the source of the problem.

    • Relocate Israel 200 miles west-southwest and we could then say that JJJs literally live in Da Nile

  28. It’s just amazing how Whites can’t, won’t, aren’t allowed to defend ourselves, our ideas, our culture, our history – nothing. A couple of generations ago, the greatnesses of the Caucasian race was self evident and seemingly few of any importance thought different. Now, that’s been totally flipped on it’s head and us bad Whites and probably (more than we think) “good” Whites are looking around and thinking WTF happened?

    • christianity & greco-roman values(associated with whites) have a lot to do with this cause it goes against occult practices.
      Whites are being humiliated on mass scale to make this race easy to control.

      • “White values” are the components of success. Occult practices (((transmute))) them into failure. A recognizable foreign body will be ejected by its host that has a properly-functioning immune system.

        • Related question: Are “White values” the same as Christian values? Christianity seems like a weird graft on White culture if you start to raise this kind of question. Jesus of Nazareth said he would use as a cornerstone the stone that the builder had rejected. But this is clearly bio-Leninism. Which has been very successful btw.

          • Christianity is a doctrine of improvement for individuals and cultures. Islam is a low-IQ version of Christianity, and had fierce and noble aspects in its original conception.

            Having been grounded in Christianity for the greater part of two millennia white cultural moral values are basically synonymous with Christian values. But there are amoral cultural values as well. Ex: whites value personal space and quiet.

    • That will change as race realities begin to reassert themselves.
      It already is, as a matter of fact. Look at how paranoid they are about the rise of white supremacy. According to them, that is the biggest threat America faces right now. They know the lie of their positions on race, they know they are unsustainable and that when the lid blows off of white identity – the whites and their various (((friends))) responsible for suppressing it will probably be fighting for their lives.
      Remember that this game is dynamic and not static. If you can muster the objectivity and view it dispassionately from a distance… we are seeing history being made here. And – if certain parties don’t wake up – a possible repeat of history…

    • > It should be no surprise that blacks in America and the new arrivals in the West are the first to embrace this new reality. American blacks never embraced the creedal nation stuff. 
      Remember that blacks reacted to the moon landing with “Whitey on the Moon”.

      • I do remember that! It kind of made me sick that on a day we should be rejoicing for our country’s accomplishment, that some sour pusses had to throw cold water on it. So needy of attention ALL the time! My mother used to say “They are children,” and give examples of what that entailed! The other nasty thing that happened that weekend was Ted Kennedy’s dive/drive off the bridge at Chapaquidick with Mary Jo left to drown in the car. That might have been the mother of all cover-ups leading to today’s situation.

    • What’s stopping us from doing and thinking what we want?

      It’s an invisible barrier in most cases and it simply comes down to an incessant need to be polite

      My thinking is we will know when white people are serious about self preservation the moment it’s no longer taboo to repress true feelings of JJJs. When whites throw off those invisible chains. Instead, whites use blacks and others disproportionately as the locus of our problems. As it stands, most whites are slaves to JJJs, and can you blame JJJs therefore for holding whites in contempt ? Same with politicians who have taken the same lead; they lie to us all the time but we keep crawling back and voting for them and letting them poop all over us. Would you respect a person like that in your own life? Rhetorical questions, not directed at you.

    • A couple of generations ago, the greatnesses of the Caucasian race was self evident…

      That is at the root of our current predicament: for 200 years, white civilisation has towered so far above the rest of the world, that we need a telescope to see them scurrying around at our feet. This has fostered something beyond complacency: an inability to even entertain the notion that white supremacy could in any way be threatened by them. It simply doesn’t compute.

      That’s why liberals speak of BIPOC as if they were special needs children and why nobody seems to even gag on the double-standards in the race conversation – of course special needs kids need special rules. It would be inhumane (racist) to subject them to the same standards as we do normal kids.

      • I think whites are waiting for the last minute to take a stand

        Part of the romantic white mythos that may be bred into us, for better or worse: “With their backs against the wall, the odds stacked again them, at the very last second did they choose to fight their way to glorious victory” etc etc

      • Yeah, I’ve been arguing for years that NW Europeans – and, hell, even other Europeans to a lessor degree – have been an almost unstoppable force for 500 years, particularly since ~1700.

        That’s around twenty generations. Even the Romans couldn’t have dreamed of what we’ve done. We didn’t just dominate in every aspect of life – culture, science, art, military, etc. – we didn’t even have a rival after around 1700.

        We’re talking at least twelve generations of Europeans and their diaspora that have never felt a threat from non-Europeans. That level of success will warp your mind.

        We simply have no concept of being defeated, of being at the mercy of another tribe. But we will.

        You see the very early signs of it now. A tiny few of us have awaken. Many are in the confused state, not understanding why their Civic Nationalism, i.e. everybody turns White because we’re so great, doesn’t seem to be working.

        The White Progressives remain stuck in the past. They still can’t imagine a world where non-Whites have their hand on the whip, so they continue to focus their energy and hatred on other Whites. It’s still 1914 to them.

        It’s ironic that Progressives cling to the past while we who are ostensibly Conservatives live the present and are moving toward the future.

        • I have often found myself lamenting that the benevolence of the West has led to the industrialization of countries that have turned out to be our rivals – and soon our enemies. Of course, at the time, probably back in the late 1800s, it would have seemed like a great idea. The whites of that day could never have foreseen what we would have become.

          We simply have no concept of being defeated, of being at the mercy of another tribe. But we will.

          Yes indeed. Perhaps this is why the few of us that have a solid grasp of history and the current reality are now so concerned. We see it. We know it. We know this arrogance that we’ve carried with us for the best part of half a millennium. Leftists have no idea, and as you mention, consequently don’t realize how close to the precipice we are.

          During the period 1815-1914, The British Empire had the most direct extent of any great regime that has ever existed. She could strike and not be struck. She maintained a 2-power standard navy during all this time. But when I think of all this, I am saddened by the fact that one of our legacies was nationalism – for other countries. The most obvious one is India; now a threat and doubly so when our lands are ruled by GoodWhites.

          • Whites – if we survive – are about to go through one of the great evolutionary bottlenecks of all time.

            There is no future for GoodWhites. None. They simply will not exist in a century, at least not as full Whites.

            BadWhites are another story. We may or may not survive, but if we do, we won’t resemble the current White population psychologically. The people on this board likely would be considered quite moderate, indeed, by a future White community.

  29. “The new arrivals were never encouraged to drop their natural identity. In fact, they were encouraged to embrace it as they were told diversity is our strength. It is the occidentals that are the last to catch on, but that is changing.”

    The reason the Left encouraged illegal immigration and opposed any assimilation was to make certain new arrivals never were part of the system and always were on standby to topple the state. The conservative buffoons and Koch-type libertarians overlooked much to profit from this timebomb.

    • Incidentally, i’m starting to get suspicious of ZMAN. Who the hell puts out what is normally a weekly column of newspaper quality, Daily? All the while holding down a day job? This better not be some glow-in-the-dark front, lol. Which reminds me to chastise you cheapskates to donate to the cause. I finally became ashamed at consuming all the free content and chipped in. Even bought some Chaga. Not certain but i think it increased my sex drive (am i the only person in this joint that understand marketing). Counter currents is also on a tear. They just hired Jim goad because Taki’s daughter was crushing his soul (Balls too, but i repeat myself). Also check out jan lamprecht at history reviewed and the southern dingo at Southern AF podcast. Two exemplars of the their work below.
      I particularly get a kick out of dingo. He is as hillbilly as it comes but i would hazard his IQ is well north of 130. He got fired from his delivery job for raging on facebook about two adult black woman beating a white teenage girl at the local fair. He took out his first credit card (still paying it off) to attend Charlottesville. Got a full color photo in a national newspaper for his trouble. Lost another job. Has become cagey. If you want to track a naïve dummy to increasingly sophisticated activist; he is the story. Worth a book.

      • I’ll be sending him some cash. Like my grandmother used to do,I will even wrap it in aluminum foil. She said it kept people from seeing it was money so they wouldn’t steal it. Sure as shit not using a credit card to donate to the cause.

        • Sometimes the old ways are best. I remember the PO box adverts on comic books when i was a kid. We have come full circle.

      • Jim Goad is kind of a jerk. And not helpful. I remember reading several comments here a while back saying the same and I thought to myself, ‘well, yeah’. He trashes people based on appearance but I could justify that since they were leftists, and his writing is funny to boot.

        But then I read his last column at Taki “97 acres and a Mulignan.” and I’m thinking, WTF? I’d like to see blacks start their own communities. I’d like to see them self-segregate from us totally. But his column is full of contempt for them telling them it’s impossible to break away from us? Sorry, Goad, but you are a fucking idiot.

        • Go watch the vice documentary on liberia and get back with me. I find both goad and vox off putting at times. I try to have patience with them because they have a original take occasionally. It’s a rare quality, to be treasured, and provided succor. No getting around we are a warty bunch. You don’t find yourself in these politics very often if you pretty.

          • I’ve seen it, so no illusions here. Kid chewing on a severed foot. Yeh. It just struck me as not helpful to rub their noses in it. I might say it but Goad has an audience. But whatever, they know we have contempt. That’s why it reaches psycho levels with them on occasion, like that recent airline incident with the black woman not letting the flight attendant pass by.

        • A big part of the problem with that is that the cloud people loot the right-side IQ blacks to serve as talismans, leaving what could be a functional community completely shorthanded in the resources to pull it off. Not sure of the resolution as most of those blacks have a similar hatred for their “dirt people” as cloud-whites.

      • Arrrgh…..I didn’t want my credit card associated with with this…this wrong-think blasphemy ….I read daily! F’ it, the ‘ol boy does put a lot of time into this so I’m gonna subscribe. If further inquisition reveals me….I’ll say the cc was hacked.

  30. America pre-1965: Whites 87%, blacks 10%, other races 3% Race not that important.
    America now: Whites 60%, blacks 13% other races 27% Race important.
    As the white proportion of the population shrinks, and other races expand, race and identity politics will become everything.

      • If I may disagree… Not so, Z. We are seeing the end of “relative truth” or, as the punditry puts it, “moral relativism”. Reason is not a construct; it is part and parcel of the white identity. The only reason it’s faltering is that we live in an age of unprecedented wealth and plenty.
        Leftie has made it clear that he is not going to stop, and has made it clear he is not the least bit concerned about justice or morals at all. Normie is beginning to see this despite his best efforts not to. When he turns on the basketball game, and gets subjected to nogger politics and ghetto soap operas… the jig is up.
        Normie is still trying to find a peaceable way out but since that is not on the table… what follows is inevitable. Reason will reassert itself. Much more painfully for some than others.

        • Right Glenf: we are moving to an age where we are divided into groups with completely different world views, and each group’s world views are ethnically and demographicly driven if not outright determined. So, the demographic age.

          • What our current age is revealing is that ideas and beliefs are not universal but baked into DNA. A black for example is simply not wired to believe in the same God as a white person; this would have been considered ridiculous not very long ago as ideas of universalism still held sway. People who remain locked into that mindset STILL cannot accept it as possible much less plausible. But there it is for all to see who want to see it. Same thing for logic. You would think logic is one of those things that is almost tangible it is so real, but logic is nothing more than voodoo or magic for certain people. And it is if you mind is not wired to follow its patterns.

          • In my other post today I brought up the seemingly odd alliance between global corporatists and collectivists. In my view it’s not that odd. The globalists have “boots on the ground” in hundreds of countries. They have first hand knowledge and field reports of a lot of what we know from based books and websites.

            One of the things they probably know from that is that the bulk of humanity does not and perhaps cannot have an economic understanding that goes beyond a zero-sum game. Rather than waste their time trying to get the swarthier populations to read Adam Smith or Ayn Rand they just accept the awkward football of reality and run with it. Why try to convince anyone of anything? Just form alliances with people who are useful idiots to get your agenda pushed through. Mass democracy makes it possible to pay off most of the malcontents with other people’s money anyway while importing even more zero-sum believers.

      • That’s what I was talking about the other day. We’re moving from the Ideological Age to the Demographic Age – something I completely ripped off from Z, btw.

        Ideological debates – the Age of Reason, so to speak – are a luxury purchased by previous generations ruthlessly purging the land of other races/ethnicities/cultures without little to no regard for such high-minded principles.

        Like the trust fund kid running out of money, we are losing our ability to ignore reality.

      • The Age of Reason was our age. No other demographic is capable of reason. More like the Age or Reason becoming the Age of People who Cannot Reason

      • Elites will have us at each other’s throats, fighting for the scraps that fall from the trillionare oligarch’s table.

        By design.

      • Seams to me that the age of reason ended some time ago and that we are now well into an age of faith.

    • As the white proportion of the population shrinks”

      When I contemplate that direction, I always arrive at the conclusion that this *must* end in a two tier system: rulers and ruled-over. It is the only quasi stable configuration. Democracy is then totally impossible.

      • Democracy as manifest in “universal suffrage” is impossible. That may be the same as what you are thinking, but to me a bit more nuanced.

    • Ahhh, it is all beginning to come into focus. Something J Petersen said a while back stuck with me. “The identity politics are Dangerous; The White guys will say Fine… Thems the rules of the game… LET US WIN IT.” He was worried. This is exactly what is happening, and fairly accurately describes where I am. We are often frustrated with how dull the normies are on the pickup but the general awareness of the game afoot is increasing rapidly (light speed). I had the occasion to go back to 2015 and read some of my comments from 2015. Lol i was a civnat, perplexed why the Jews seemed to hate trump. Most interesting was the more sophisticated commentators sorta trying to lead me to their version of the truth.

      • In 2016 I had the thought that Trump might have been able to pull off Civic Nationalism, though I should have taken a clue from the fact that the man I had learned about CivNat from, Steve Sailer, had well given up on it by that point.
        It’s interesting perhaps in that Trump has tired at that, but it probably would have been better for all involved if he didn’t.

      • Civnat is a stage one passes through to reach this point. Even now, I find myself often reverting subtlety—falling off the wagon if you will.

        • CivNat was the dominant American worldview. Of course when Lincoln was cobbling it together he was doing it to get germans, english and Irish to pull together. He worried about the black problem but I don’t think he envisioned tribal revolutionary east european small hats arriving on the scene in large numbers. Worse I fear the pajeets may well make the Js look scrupulous.

      • Something J Petersen said a while back stuck with me.

        Was that before or after he “took his damn pills” all the way into some crazy Russian rehab?

        Sorry, I can’t take anything Peterson says seriously. He was a grifter of the first order and his messy implosion was inevitable.

        Notice what he was trying to do there: trying to keep young White men from noticing and playing the game the way way all other identity groups play it. He wanted Whites to continue to be principled losers.

        • Petersen falls into the B Weinstein mold in my mind. Liberal completely onboard with the judeo-puritan ethic that recoiled from the excesses of the new breed (zir are quite insane). I speculate but it appears to me that two groups (call them optics jews and the woke) are fighting for primacy currently. Their goals may not be that divergent but the former think that later are insane. Must say i agree with the optics cucks on that one. In any case, Petersen introduced some good phycological research to me> He also laid out the racial iq data forthrightly. He called it horrifying but he didn’t lie about it. Nigeria 200 million ppl with an ave 67 iq. It is horrifying.*Shrug* meth is easy to get hooked on. So are the opioids and benzos.

      • We’ve been placed in a multi-way fight with other ethnicities. The fight promoters fucked up though. They rang the bell way too early while the other tribes are still weaklings in training. This is why I am less hopeless than many here. The big deathmatch they accidentally started this year should have been put off to 2040 at least. We still have the numbers, weapons, and, in spite of what (((certain people))) might tell you, most of the brainpower.

        As to the latter point, it’s crucial for us to realize that most of our smart guys are spread throughout the trades, engineering and hard sciences, the military, and business. Most don’t have advanced degrees or teach classes at universities. This is a strength: we have a wide variety of skills and are not concentrated in a few professions or geographical areas. It is also a weakness: for exactly the same reasons. It’s still an open question as to whether we can use the internet and good old fashioned in-person meetings to pool our skills across large geographical areas.

    • In 1965, I was attending Northeastern University and living in Dorchester and commuting to school. Race was a BFD then and there. Mostly because Dorchester was rapidly losing Jews and getting negrified. You were white or Jewish or Negro, and that was who your were.

      • Mattapan (Dorchester) got “dejudaised” by 1970. The City Fathers of Boston wished to avoid any trouble that might ensue if the projects were to be built in Southie; Mattapan (Dorchester) was a much safer location …

      • Since the Dissident Right is largely an attempt to clarify identity politics, we need to separate BadJews from GoodJews as well.

        Or any other allies, for that matter, since ain’t nobody going nowhere.

        • No, we don’t.

          We simply need to create our own communities. At first, we create them within the larger society but over time, we can gain more and more independence.

          Jews just won’t be a part of those communities, just as we are not a part of their community. It’s not about Good Jews vs Bad Jews. That’s their issue. I wish them all the best . . . in their own community. They don’t get a say in my community just as I don’t get a say in their community.

          The beauty of creating your own community is that you need to care less and less about the behaviors of other communities.

          • What the jews do is come in and purchase your community, buy it up with dirty money, rent your houses out to section 8 beaners and turn it into a shithole. Then when you’re all gone they kick out the section 8 and bring in furry hat motherfuckers.

    • Race was always important. We were living in a bubble created by our much tougher forbearers.

      • And in that bubble, the result was that race wasn’t that important and allowed us to live nice lives and focus on other things. I lived in a suburban town of around 5,000 with no blacks, one Japanese family, one Indian-dot family and a couple of Mexican families. The minority kids fit in with us because they had to or they’d be isolated. Nobody talked about race because it was almost all white. Like a fish isn’t aware of water. The blacks mostly lived in the big city ghetto, so they weren’t a part of our everyday life.

        • I grew up in a larger city out west and that was my experience as well. Probably pretty heavenly compared to what some here had to deal with.

  31. He suggests this is a problem, as people falling into these “echo chambers” on-line eventually succumb to identity politics.

    Now, now. I am sure Mr Weinstein would not want us using such a perfectly crafted weapon for the demographic age against him and his ilk.

    • People were “succumbing” to identity politics decades before the advent of the Internet. What bothers him is that the “wrong” people may now be getting into the identity game, and that the Internet could facilitate that outcome. I certainly hope it does.

    • He adapted; whether you think it’s opportunism, heartfelt, or he just got sick of wearing the bowtie is another story. I think, as he pointed out in his book, he took a look around America and realized the free market/low tax/offshore everything stuff was not working. The example he used was to look at what happened to motels in America over the course of the last half-century. The motel used to be where the working class family pulled up the station wagon to spend the night while heading to their summer vacation home. The biggest problem you might face was a bug zapper outside your window that was too loud; motels now are where people go to cook meth and shoot pornos. Large swaths of America that used to be charming are now terrifying or tragic. You can recreate an America working-class circa 1950 environment today, but you need to be earning at least a quarter-million a year. This is why the kinds of douchebags who work at think tanks are mystified by Trump’s speeches, which sound apocalyptic and out-of-touch to them. They don’t live in America.

      • Solid stuff there.

        I think Carlson actually did have an epiphany AND is an opportunist. Good for him on both counts.

    • Who knows what Tucker believes, as opposed to what he is allowed to say on TV. I have always admired the Marxist willingness to be whatever they had to be in order to get thier hands on the levers of power.

      • That’s a good point. I’m as guilty as anyone else for thinking Carlson doesn’t go far enough, but how is he any different than the scores of leftists in the media who hide their radicalism behind a veneer of respectability? They’re very successful in spreading their beliefs to the masses while obscuring their true nature, so why shouldn’t we have at least one person doing the same. Maybe Tucker’s not really there yet, but of everyone with their own TV show, and a popular one at that, he’s as close as it gets.

        • That’s why I don’t join the dogpile on Carlson. I am stunned he’s survived to this point and could care less he took the ticket because it helps our people..

    • Tucker is an old school paleo-conservative like Pat Buchanan but a bit more socially liberal as befitting a TV host in modernity.

  32. but now he self identifies as a Libertarian Marxist.

    Huh? I am afraid I am not quite sure what this is. It seems rather oxymoronic.

    The first interesting thing to note in this is that both describe themselves as left-libertarian in their own way.

    I always thought that O’Neil was rather conservative – dare I say it; in his early years in the UK he was often defending political incorrectness. Then I found out more about him. I will have to wait until next year to see the next stage of renaming as people push themselves further and further leftward to satisfy the ‘mainstream’.

    • Taken to its logical extreme, libertarianism is anarchism. The anarchists always have aligned with Marxists. Libertarians never let facts interfere with theories, so the withering of the state the Marxists proclaim will happen surely must be right around the corner.

      Libertarians are fools, straight up. There is no sugar-coating it now.

      • I recently met a libertarian guy who was LARPing as a militia organizer. The interesting thing is that his little group turns out to be a BLM/Antifa front. Nonetheless, he’s got all these links to Von Mises and Ayn Rand on his webpage and likes to quote the Constitution and various 18th century documents opposing tyranny and big government. Yet, his friends are a bunch of blackity-black Negro communists and feminists. It’s really quite a study in ideological compartmentalization. Essentially he’s managed to wear the tri-cornered hat of traditional white freedoms and also the black jumpsuit and bandanna of Leftist barbarians. It’s fascinating and disturbing that so much contradiction can exist in one person. Fools? yes, but also often just crazy I think.

      • Left-libertarians are crypto-communists. Right-libertarians are genuine anarchists. The latter are, I believe, rather scarce.

        • Most Right Libertarians I’ve met are minarchist that is they only want the government to enforce contracts, have a small defensive only military and enforce the non aggression principle.
          I was a non conventional Left Libertarian in the American vein for a while but this was more socially liberal and economically nationalist than they neo Leftist clap trap of the more conventional use of the term.
          I’ve always been anti immigration though.
          I’m now back to where I started, a paleocon since I’ve seen the insanity of excess tolerance and where that leads.

    • Libertarian Marxist is an example of what John Derbyshire described as “elaborate, plausible, and intellectually very challenging systems that do not, in fact, have any truth content.” My impression of Libertarian Marxism is that it is way to avoid the bloody reality of communism as applied theory, while avoiding the plunge into anarchism.

      • A libertarian Marxist wants just enough government to run a small gulag with free market efficiency.

        • Heh. I’ve always defined a libertarian as someone who wants just enough government to prevent the angry mob from giving him exactly what he deserves.

        • The only thing for certain is Ayn Rand would approve, had she ended up in a Gulag 🙂
          In happier times my personal definition of a little-L libertarian was “You should be free to do what you want, but everyone else is free to avoid having to bail you out of the consequences of your stupid decisions/behaviors.”

      • I think it harkens back to the grand old “Hitler was a lefty/righty…” argument. It all depends on who defines the terms, and which turd they are polishing.

  33. Reality can’t arrive fast enough for me. And when it does, I shall positively and unashamedly GLOAT.

    • Do it loudly when the time comes, E. It’s hard to hear people over the sound of gunfire….

        • I’ve had a diagnosed-with-pancreatic-cancer list for something time now. Maybe I need to make a complete-collapse-of-Law & Order list? Or would it be the same list? I will contemplate that.

      • Why is it always just assumed that we can play the violence game better than they can?
        All the things that made us lose the war of words apply to the war of shots only bigger and higher stakes.
        We lose, we lose, we lose, things turn violent, <a miracle occurs>, we win.

        If we do not become a LOT better, we aren’t going to hear those gunshots and if we do, it will be the last sound we ever hear. Any dissident secretly or even not so secretly longing for violence really hasn’t thought things through.

        • I disagree. Running the sociology department at Brown is one thing. Conducting guerilla warfare in the badlands of the northern Rockies is something else altogether. The AWRs, in their own perverse way, are good at the former. They will fare poorly indeed at the latter.

        • Pull up the roster of a Seal Team or Special Forces Squad. Even in this age of affirmative action and Jewish power, note the paucity of negroes and Jews. We are the warrior class. Only the Japanese, man for man, gave us a run for our money.

        • Its best to meditate on the fact that not only is the society you wanted to get old in dead but every breath you take puts you closer to death. It frees the mind quite a bit.
          This truth means If things go hot and if you lose and die, it no longer matters since the society is already dead, you are dead and there are others to carry on the mission.
          What ails you and all of us is lack of purpose. Conservatives always try to defend the festering corpse of our society, to preserve the dead thing rather than to actual embrace dissent and say “we need something new.”

          If we had a uniform goal, say to make sure it was a great place to have a family and raise kids, we could make progress but they can’t even agree on the goal and God help us if we try to get people to cooperate.
          This is a baseline problem with Conservatives of all stripes, they can’t adapt and constantly look for old solutions to new problems. Worse, Americans won’t cooperate.
          This is not the Lefts doing, only the fact that US society is inherently leftist in its makeup.
          Sometimes old time solutions are simply not possible and “current year” to borrow a Leftist term requires new thinking applied to traditional goals.
          No “muh Christendom” that is at least a century and a half off.
          No avoiding business regulation and taxes, no free trade, no grifting , no mega billionaires. None of that stuff.
          Instead a society that understand the future is urban, urban in expensive and babies in an urban society not only cost money but require stable work and stable families.
          If we can’t do this, well nature abhors a vacuum and whoever cna orgainze for a common goal, corporate slave state, Leftists, gangs,whatever wins the prize.

        • They do not have the human capital to fight a sustained civil war. I can put the run on an entire street of rioting noggers with one shot. They don’t have the discipline or the intelligence or the commitment or motivation.

      • I knew someone like that growing up. He was a real sociopath. When I heard he had joined the marines, my first thought was that they were going to unleash a psychopathic killing machine. He was eventually discharged for striking an officer. He returned home and became a local nuisance and was eventually kicked out of the county and told never to return on pain of jail.

        • He was very lucky. that is a court martial offense. In the old days, it was grounds for death penalty. Maybe still is, even under UCMJ. In the old days the military wasn’t a bunch of sissies. Rape? Firing squad. Sleep on guard duty in war time? death. etc. Maybe it’s time to bring those days back. and equivalent harshness in civilian law too.

          • Sleeping on guard duty almost never got the death penalty since the soldier you just ordered killed likely had friends any of whom might arrange for you to be killed by “enemy fire.” that is the order would be obeyed. Even cowardice was almost never punished by death. Far far too much risk to morale and unit integrity. warfare especially modern warfare requires cooperation on an massive scale, screw that up in a Western military and you lose the war.
            Also some states tried extremely harsh laws even in recent times, one state Mississippi or Louisiana I can’t remember which made child molestation a capital crime. This seems sound but the net effect was mass jury nullification, refusal to cooperate (no one is giving creepy uncle whoever life for mauling a 13 year old) and often as has been seen in many states, the child is simply killed to reduce the risk.
            The risk reward ratio does not pan out especially in a heavily armed society.
            Harsh laws assume that people fear celestial punishment and we live in a non religious society for the most part.
            Also they tend to lead to violent encounters with police which is well and good till whole neighborhoods become no go zones, its your door they kick in and your baby that gets flash banged or your fifteen year old daughter that’s executed without trial for “resisting” a weed arrest by cops with impunity.
            Much of this rioting is a put up job but a core of truth is there, American is a mass incarceration state with some of the most violent police in the developed world.
            Sure we compare really well to Armenia or Africa or the like but that isn’t the model we are aiming for.
            We can do better and if we can’t we sure as hell can avoid doing worse.

      • Epaminondas:

        That’s Hollywood (or Oliver Stone). In reality, Sgt Barnes would be two people, the one who would never have pulled the knife and the one who would have pulled the knife quicker than the eye could see and never hesitated to hear the speech.

        • My grandfather won the Silver Star fighting in the Pacific. He was a super tight-ass white man. Would make his Squad fire their rifles into the sand every morning to make sure the guns worked. The Silver Star was derived from an incident where his squad beat a hasty “retreat”. When they regrouped he noted that one member of the squad was absent; they had left him behind. Panicked my grandfather belly crawled four hundred yards under fire to drag his ass out. I suspect most of our white Heroes fall under my grandfather’s category.

  34. It white people rioting in the street. The whitest cities in the country are the ones burning. This is a white Civil War

    • When I see BLM/Antifa rioting they seem to be led by a large amount of white leftist women. Maybe that’s just fodder for if the shootin’ starts but the is a load of whites in Portland, etc.

    • The ‘whites’ you see are mostly Jewish, as can be seen from the results of the shoot-out with the Kenosha Kid. This is why not being an antisemite makes you say stupid things about White people. Portland and Seattle are very White. They are also very affluent. Does that mean this is a civil war between the rich?

      • I don’t think so, HA. Coming from a shitlib family, I can say that Hoagie above is bang on the money. The women are very political and loud, and think and vote with their emotions. They insist on their politics to the point of fascism, so their otherwise apolitical men are often dragged along for the ride. Or they take an active role in leftist politics to impress the women.
        I challenge you – have an intelligent political discussion with a liberal. Very seldom you will find a leftist man you can talk with – and easily refute in a reasoned debate.
        Try to find a woman that will do that…?
        Until we bring our women under control we are pretty much screwed.

      • Eh, I’m sure Jews are over represented but there are many, many, radical left white gentiles who want to destroy everything white. As GF points out.

        Let’s be aware of the role other groups play, but we can’t just say it’s all the Joos when it’s just not true.

    • It started out as blacks rioting. Then the left started sending out their minions to continue the unrest. Without black people the left would have one less potent trigger for this sort of unrest.
      Also he was specifically referring to Britain.

      • That’s fair. But this is a problem with the white world. The entire white world is imploding right now and it’s going to become a battle between those that want to survive and those that don’t care. That’s the Civil War.

        • A lot of it is simply kids seeing the opportunity to get away with doing something bad. Who didn’t want to do that at that age?

          • Not just that, it’s a generation that was promised the world, but is now in massive debt and downwardly mobile. While h1-b scoop up the good jobs. (The kids are too stupid to realize this is why they are actually angry).

            The effects of globalization and anti-white policies are now hitting the middle class. They don’t like it much.

            Finally, lockdowns don’t help. And they are organized by paid influencers.

          • Few on the right are offering a solution. Much millennial bashing, but that might be changing. Unforced error at any rate.

          • The “left” and “right” are both correct on certain issues. However the only choices we get are economically right and socially left. Tax breaks for Bezos AND tranny bathrooms.

            Economically left and socially right, a combination of nationalism and socialism would be the solution.

            Instead the ruling class has channeled their anger towards the powerless kulaks, the white middle class.

          • Yeah. I’m fairly disenchanted with capitalism but I can’t get on the socialism train either. I favor fairly stringent regulation of corporations, but without redistributive economics.

          • Capitalism of some sort is basically as old as money itself. A guy makes some money making shoes, then hires an apprentice and then another, uses the money he made from his earlier sales to expand the shop…

            Starting around 1600 you have the creation of the first “joint stock companies” in Europe with legal recognition of their rights to own property, sign contracts, and do other things that became the legal doctrine of “corporate personhood”. Eventually you get the legal framework of global corporatism which has gradually allowed large corporations to become trans-national states of their own. In countries with weak governments they often even have their own militaries and police.

            What seems to have happened is that capitalism has slowly evolved back into a new kind of global feudalism. The vicious anti-nationalism of the corporate elite makes perfect sense in this light since they naturally view national and local governments as competing power structures.

            Redistributive economics seems like something the corporatists would oppose but this is only because their power is not yet total. They cleverly support noisy and disruptive minorities who want more handouts from government because these groups are always incorporated into neo-liberal political parties that offer the corporations free trade deals and allow them to import masses of cheap labor into rich nations. In any case, government gibs are always structured such that they mainly steal from white middle class productive men and pay minorities, wammen, and other non-productive elements of society. In short, it’s easy to vote to steal from Peter to pay Pauline and Quintavious when you’re name is Dick.

          • Sweden and Norway are relentlessly capitalist societies with a strong regulatory and social welfare framework.
            It seems to work alright for them since it seems White Swedes have decent fertility, higher than American Whites and if rumors are true do to nationalists, maybe above replacement by a margin.
            Of course both these societies are also honest and with very low corruption so they can actually make such a system work.
            The US however is corrupt to its bones and incapable of maintaining any kind of complex society that is low corruption without massive government intervention even when its almost entirely White.
            If we can’t find a solution for that, the US will grow increasingly impoverished and up like the Ukraine or Moldova if it makes it through at all.
            Also so long as people are living in modernity and/or cities , you can kiss high fertility goodbye for the most part. Maybe with a lot of regulation so that there are steady jobs, maybe we can get to replacement or a tiny bit above. Maybe.
            A ban on abortion won’t help and Ceausescu apologists that want to turn the US into Romania before the fall in hopes of some more Huwhte Babees will meet the same fate their idol did.
            Don’t count on a religious revival either, we are having one. Its called BLM.
            Money in pockets, diviorce fix, repatriation, regulation, maybe more fertility. Maybe.

          • “Economically right and socially left.” That describes today’s corporate-shlomohomo power alliance perfectly.

            The “America is an idea” notion is only one stop along the way to complete globalist dominance. First, the understanding that America (like many other countries) is people with roots, traditions, and a history was wiped out. Fait accompli.

            Conceptual America is the next flag to be unfurled on Mt. Ideopolis. Non-whites and third world migrants can be folded neatly into it. That too has been mostly achieved, with some mopping up remaining against stubborn resistance in a few corners.

            Next and perhaps final stop is America as a marketing territory, with the personal realm directed by the social engineers of the left. The perfect machine, from Fed to Antifa, with academics churning out ideological justification.

          • Not sure if it is stupidity or being indoctrinated from age zero that you are not allowed to complain about other races doing bad things to you.

          • Los Comprachicos. You boomers sent your kids for 18(22?) years of spoonfed self-loathing anti-West propaganda designed to break their minds, then complain when they come out broken and confused.

          • No, rationalizing them is a red herring. The simple and true answer is they hate you and want to destroy you, your culture, your civilization, your morality, and your people’s very existence.

        • To the extent this is a white problem, the problem is that close to 1/3 of whites are anti-white racists and black supremacists. But without the willingness of blacks to play the ur-victims and to act out violently, the race traitors wouldn’t have an ideological fulcrum and would be missing a huge cohort of shock troops.

    • White civil war. Yes. Oddly enough, both white factions are fighting under the same banner of deracination. Right paradigm: we are soooo close to utopia if only we’d just quite being hyphenated Americans. Left paradigm: we are soooo close to utopia if only hyphenated Americans could just ban together and undo white dominated culture.

      They are both in total lockstep that whites must not become self-aware and self-promoting. A pox on both their houses.

    • Its true, its “in the name of qlacks” but, as Jarrett points out, the riots differ from the 60s in that whites are actively participating. Well, and bowing and kneeling too, I guess.

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