Might As Well Nudge

Everyone is familiar with psychological warfare, in which information is used to breakdown the moral of an enemy in wartime. It can also be used on individuals within a community in order to get them to act in a specific way. There’s also propaganda, which is an information campaign used by government to change public opinion or reinforce codes of conduct. This is no different from a marketing campaign, except the people doing it can also use force to get the attention of the audience.

Less known is the use of behavior techniques to subtly encourage or discourage behavior within a population. The idea is to change the environment so that the desired behavior feels like a natural choice. Humans are not fully rational and will make choices that are not entirely in their interests, because of things like peer pressure or assumptions about what everyone else is doing. The Chinese social credit system works on these principles to encourage compliance.

One way this is being done in English speaking countries is through the anathematizing of ideas and concepts the managerial elite wants to discourage. The coordinated and often theatrical banning of people from social media, for example. The people targeted often seem random and nonsensical, but it is not about the people, but about reinforcing an environmental variable. That is, you can be cut off from your in-line community for saying the wrong thing, so you best be careful.

The managerial class has used this tool to great effect. The number of people actually banned from these platforms is quite small, relative to the overall numbers, but the effect has been enormous. Corporate censorship and self-censorship are becoming normalized in America. Note how the term “free speech” is no longer used by anyone but those treated as subversives and trouble makers. They have changed the environment regarding speech and the people are complying.

This is what lies behind the rather weird war on white supremacy the government has been waging since the Charlottesville debacle. We have black mobs, supported by far-left radicals, rioting in cities and the government is telling us white supremacy is our greatest enemy. They are running around arresting alleged white supremacists on spurious charges. The distinguishing feature of these arrests is the pettiness of the campaign against them.

The people being targeted by law enforcement are not posing a threat to the public in the conventional sense. They are not sowing discord in the public or building a huge following of believers. Instead, they are being used by the managerial class to reinforce the concept that there is a hard limit on what one can say and do in politics by normalizing the criminalization of politics. Once this idea gets normalized, the only questions are what is allowed and who decides.

Obviously, the managerial class is working hard to get the evil Donald Trump voted out of office next month. Note that there is very little in the way of a propaganda campaign in favor of Biden and Harris. The former is mostly in hiding and the latter has been completely forgotten, despite the fact she is the actual candidate. The goal of the information campaign is to play a form of three-card Monte, in which the public never actually sees the option placed in front of them.

Instead of a conventional campaign on behalf of the candidate, we have a social proof heuristic through the use of polling and media coverage. Everywhere you turn there are polls telling us how everyone hates Trump. Polling, we’re told, says he is facing a historic defeat next month. The media is full of stories about how this group or that group is angry or disappointed in Trump. They have created an environment in which people are ashamed to say they are voting for Trump.

Another technique being used is to make voting against Trump the default option if you wish to escape the insanity of 2020. Many states, for example, have promised to end the Covid restrictions after the election. The media is injecting the term “return to normalcy” when discussing a Biden victory. In other words, having created a highly unpleasant environment for the public, they are now talking about the one door through which people can escape the madness of the current year.

The people behind this are not particularly adept at using force to maintain their position and compel compliance. This has been clear in the response to the riot campaign waged by the Soros organization this summer. The politicians all the way up to the President were too timid to take on the rioters. Instead, their instinct was to out-clever them until they tired of the violence. These are people uncomfortable with confrontation, so they went with the indirect approach.

This is the nature of the managerial class. These are not the sorts of people who relish the big confrontation. They are not lions. They are foxes. This means that their nature is to use deceit, cunning and now manipulation through the use of sophisticated behavior techniques arising from business and economics. Rather than be faster than the fastest lion, they have removed the lions altogether. They get to rule by being cleverer and more manipulative than any potential rival.

This is why Trump is so hated in Washington. He is a lion, at least in how he presents himself in any competition. He is loud and brash, just like a lion, because it scares off most competitors. The lion is the baddest animal on the savanna because it does not have to fight to prove it. The foxes in Washington fear the very idea of such a person, so they instinctively work to get him removed from their environment. It is not about ideology or policy. The clever naturally hate the bold.

Psychological warfare and propaganda have had mixed results, owing to the nature of the environment and the quality of the people on either end. What works in theory does not always work in practice. The same is true for the new behavioral techniques used by the managerial class. There is also the fact that the evidence supporting their effectiveness is spotty. Manipulating the environment of a grocery store is possible, but applying that to a country is questionable.

There’s also the fact that these techniques are largely the product of the analog age, updated for the digital age. The internet is a force multiplier that the managerial class can exploit, but it is also an obstacle. The massive flow of information appears to be making people less trusting and more skeptical of what comes from the official organs of the managerial class. Every official lie and half-truth is met with a correction or a different lie, creating a low trust information environment.

Put another way, the managerial class maybe extremely clever and adept at accumulating and manipulating information, but in so doing they are annihilating the information by degrading the trust environment in which it is most useful. The more they nudge, the more people resist in unpredictable ways. They generate polling that says Trump will lose in a landslide, but the polling also says most people think Trump will win re-election despite it all.

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274 thoughts on “Might As Well Nudge

  1. As a Fox I resent being compared to the weasels and Stoats of our managerial class. This is most offensive. My friend and attorney Mr Badger will be in touch.

    In related matters, Trump is Toad.

    Given the right nudges, and the right friends Toad Hall could be ours again.

  2. Late to the party I know, but I live and work on the West Coast.
    I would say that there is a lion lurking about in the weeds. Unlikely given that Biden is rolling to a 50 state victory, based on polling, to emerge now, but likely to emerge sooner rather than later. Likely in Year 2 of the Harris Presidency. That’s the military. True they have 30 years or so of pozzing the General Staff, but compared to the geriatric clown show that is Biden/Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff/Nadler; and the people of non-White color clown show that is AOC and Harris the Whore, they can find their behinds all day long with a map and a flashlight. And sooner rather than later they will remember Mao’s Dictum and decide that they will the ones who decide who lives and dies.
    They are highly likely to be Reverse Pinochets, giving Straight White Men free helicopter rides and going after Christians, Married White people, etc. And quite likely to spark a mutiny/split between the General Staff and various non White support troops and actual combat troops nearly all lily White.
    The other thing is conformity. It pays off for White women, who love it — movies like “the Help” and other female garbage are full of this conformity rebellion against a long ago order that ceased existing in 1910.
    But from Bogart, to John Wayne, James Dean, Marlon Brando (“what are you rebelling against? Whatya got?”), Clint Eastwood, James Garner, Gene Hackman, Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone, Don Johnson, George Peppard, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Robert Downey Jr, Hollywood has been promoting male independence, rebellion, non conformity, violent action in defense of individuality, and lonerdom forever.
    These stories have resonance because of genetics — Western Men are genetically hard-wired to want stories of loner heroes acting along, often in defiance of authority, to do what is right and save the day. Even Beowulf fits this mold.
    Trump is likely to go down in massive defeat as White women embrace a total, never ending lockdown where they can be Mask-Karens forever, lecturing strangers (I’ve seen this with my own eyes — they enjoy it). But White men — the Democratic Party offers nothing for them. Conformity and obedience is literally sexual death. Women like nothing more than the bad boy rebel. As Hollywood has reminded us for nearly a century.
    The loner rebel hero is also a good storytelling template. Conformity is boring.

    • The military is definitely the Sleeping Giant that doesn’t seem to get talked about enough. Politics Shmolitics. The U. S. is the Defense/Surveillance tech state. No way they are just withering away depending on the political/social/economic winds. You are right that they will play a major role somehow. I don’t see how it could be any other way.

    • The Dems are making hay on that stupid tweet. It was a stupid one. Liberate Michigan? How about living with the consequences of electing a nit wit.

    • Some optics needed to be constructed to mesh with the DHS warning about white supremacists being a huge threat.

    • Correct, and I’ll bet that several of the gang were covert Feds or snitches. Easy peasy take-down. This is the flaw in all group actions. Cops love to catch hordes of idiot criminals just by advertising that they won the lottery, just come pick up your check. Stupid is as stupid does . . . said Forrest’s mom.

        • One CI, one non C but I(got cold feet and turned informant, probably at behest of other CI or Undercover), they’re now calling these people CHI-Confidential Human Informants, as an umbrella term for criminal and non criminals,and probably because CI doesn’t have a very dignified ring to it, and two UCE’s- Undercover Employee, lol.


        • One CI, one non C but I(got cold feet and turned informant, probably at behest of other CI or Undercover), they’re now calling these people CHI-Confidential Human Informants, as an umbrella term for criminal and non criminals,and probably because CI doesn’t have a very dignified ring to it, and two UCE’s- Undercover Employee, lol.


  3. Perhaps the jackal is more appropriate for the managerial class.
    Scavengers of carrion that the apex predators leave behind.

  4. A practical note on confrontation:

    If a Black is in your face, do not look away. They know this is a thing White people do, and are waiting for it.


    Or turn aside.

    That’s when they’ll clock you aside the head.

    A direct, steady stare until they back off. Square shoulders, chin up, ready to step forward, a dominant posture.

    Doesn’t matter if you’re a five-foot tall woman, either. It’s if it’ll cost ’em.

    • PS- this is true of dogs, too, waiting to bite.

      T’aint the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog

  5. There’s a tremendously fun game on Hate Twitter right now:

    Ask Goggle “is (any_word) racist?”

    Some favorites:



    ceiling fans



    My Little Pony

  6. Trump is like a lion? Awful analogy. A lion is not loud, it is quiet and only fights and roars when needed. Nobody messes with it because of its fearsome reputation.

    Trump talks too damn much and is a paper tiger, and everyone in DC knows it.

  7. Lefty is going to lose credibility by accusing black people of being white supremacists, gay people of being homophobic, and immigrants of being xenophobic.

  8. White Supremacists and correspondingly militias will be the next thing to keep the population roiled up, we’ve been hearing this rubbish for some months and there was just this this article about some alleged plot to kidnap Gov. Whitner.
    Stupid, illegal things don’t do them.
    The problem for them is that message not very effective for a lot of reasons, Latinos could care less (and they actually outnumber Blacks now ) and many see themsleves as and are seen as White Asians act the same way and frankly while the memes are lame and not aimed at us, Woke and Racist are basically very similar.
    Most of this is would be to prevent a White and Friends identity from forming since unlike BLM/Antifa its a real threat to the existing power structure.
    Ultimately until the DR and other Right groups care more for ideology power and vengeance than money and comfort you’ll only see occasional idiots like the above and self defense.
    Those days are coming though so get hard, get good or end up dead.

    • If they refuse to publish names and faces of all the alleged kidnappers that is a dead giveaway most of the plotters are all FBI agents and informants.

      In turn, that means this is another psyop hoax to try and generate votes for Biden in a swing state, courtesy of the agency that just can’t figure out who is running and paying for Antifa antics.

      Also, recall that Whitmer recently refused to accept the Michigan Supreme Court striking down her edicts and threatened to enforce them via, “other channels of authority.”

      Of course, the sheeple will swallow the official story hook, line, and sinker.

      • “If they refuse to publish names and faces of all the alleged kidnappers…”

        Not so quick. This just in:

        Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters35 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20535

        Head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Efram Zimbalist, Jr. announced indictments for a plot to kidnap popular Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The head of the conspiracy has been identified as Marinus von der Lubbe.

        • WGH made a great point, worth keeping in mind for those who organize. The takeaway is that there could be 1 or 2 indiscreet , easily mislead, misguided individuals these spooks target, the undercovers create the criminal plan of action, then they send in their criminal informants to befriend them/pad their numbers to create the illusion of support, the first one or two guys are roped in at this point, and bada boom- Swarm! Swarm! PR news wire: White Supremacist Terrorist Group Busted

          • Total no brainer, of course you are correct. Funny thing, a couple of the most Normie normie women in my midst scoffed, that this Whitmer thing was a “setup” upon first hearing about it.

            The Eff Bee Aye has zero credibility now. Less than zero.

            Look, the cavalcade of lies that poured forth from the face slit of the slattern Harris last night proves that Stalin-esque false accusations, show trials, are coming for Normie and his/her children and grandchildren. Sooner rather than later.

        • Owlman-

          Early reports state the main suspect had an Anarchist flag in his house and made FB posts about, “hating the police.”


          C’mon guys, you can do better than that!

          The other reason we know this is fake is that no one is dumb enough to kidnap the biggest Karen on Earth. Life is too short to experience that level of pain.

          Basically what we have here is a LARP between Antifa, the FBI, Governor of Michigan, and news media. I bet plenty of folks at the DNC are aware of the shot as well.

          The only thing scary about this is that it demonstrates how deep the rot goes.

          • While most of the people who “took down” this outfit are indeed corrupt and evil, don’t discount many are stupid enough to believe their own propaganda. This is the lead up to the raid on the Boogaloo Boys, soon to be followed by FBI promotions and cable news documentaries. What a time to be alive. Meanwhile, the State’s communist pets burn down cities and assault White people ’cause White. I haven’t even bothered to click on the links to the story because the absurdity reeks through the screen.

          • OK, clicked and read. I feel all the more stupid for it. Literally no one involved in any aspect of that story, either side, should be near sharp objects. Good to know some people can still be arrested for threatening the lives of cops.

            Also, you are right about the world’s biggest Karen. These dudes should be sentenced to have to spend a week with her in close quarters.

        • Efrem Zimbalist Jr. starred in TV show “77 Sunset Strip” a million years ago. Efram vs Efrem, but not a common name, so it seems they are related. Just strange one is FBI and other was a TV private detective.
          Oh forget it, you guys are too young to remember anyway.

  9. From an accelerationist perspective, there would be nothing better than President Harris at the podium as the country descends into madness. The Alzheimers patient will be sequestered at Camp David (he just loves Camp David so much, he just doesn’t want to leave). We saw her last night. Oh yes, that sour mulatto with do just fine when all the chips are down. There’s nothing about her, literally nothing, that would bring the country together. Whomever is elected will be seen, decades from now, as the one where it all went down. The next term isn’t so much a prize as.a tar baby. This is only year one of the worst set of years in our lifetime. The ownership class (employers of the press) are making a catastrophic mistake thinking that after everything they’ve done, especially with the Covid shutdowns, that we can “return to normal.” Bill Gates just used that quote two days ago. The hubris. You don’t stop an old machine like this and then just restart it. The people who knew how to fix it died years ago. Like some old turbine from the 1930s with original parts.

    • I was using similar analogy this morning. I was telling my wife it reminds me of when my dad used to turn the boat engine off in the middle of the gulf of mexico, and you just bob and bounce and drift around hearing nothing but water against the hull. What this economic shutdown feels like. Now they are trying to restart the engine but’s it flooded. So they wait. Try again. Same thing.

      • I despise the establishment in DC. Despise them. But I think this is the year to give them exactly what they want. Hand them all the sand bags for the next few years. To have a solidly Dem Congress, with JoeHoe, in charge. Let’s hope Mis Lindsey gets it too. They think it’ll be like Term 1 Clinton or Term 1 Obama. A rebounding economy with Dems in charge who happened to be in the right place at the right time. They literally think that Clinton and Obama had something to do with the upswings of their first terms instead of just plain luck and getting in at the right part of the cycle. Instead they’ll be doubling, then tripling down on failure as a currency crisis comes due. Jimmy Carter will be seen as downright beloved when all this starts washing out. JoeHoe won’t be winning anyone over. Failure from day one.

        • I don’t think it will faze blacks and mexicans if the country turns to crap. Blacks are used to living in dystopia. Mexicans come from it and will feel back at home.

          Why I think I need to get to white area and fast and be around likeminded people who have the same ideas of what a nice town and neighborhood is supposed to be.

          • That’s true. Very important for whites to consolidate what’s left regionally. Picking the correct state and county over the coming years is vital. However keep in mind that while both groups are living in crap, neither is used to living in crap with a buckling welfare system (except the first gen brown ones who came over). It’ll practically be like turning off oxygen. And they won’t like it one bit.

          • You’re right. I forgot about the welfare. Yeah, they ain’t going to like that.

            Not. Tat. All.

            Another reason to RUN !!!!

    • The next term isn’t so much a prize as.a tar baby.

      That’d explain why nobody seems interested in winning the election.

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  11. ‘They generate polling that says Trump will lose in a landslide, but the polling also says most people think Trump will win re-election despite it all.’ Funny.

  12. A warrant for Ray’s arrest was issued in June 2018 after a grand jury indicted him on a felony charge that he illegally used pepper spray on counterprotesters during the march, according to Phillips.

    Only “White Supremacists” get hounded across state lines with this much fervor for illegal use of pepper spray.

    Equality under the law. *scoff*

  13. But there are two realities

    In real life, walking around, people are openly talking good things about Trump, and no one is shouting back at them, and this in Los Angeles.

    Then there is the internet, and that’s where all this is happening. Another reason why I can’t wait to get to the country and drop out for a time.

  14. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, to all of this. The Elites are cowards who only fight dirty, or through surrogates; but never a stand up, one-on-one, best man wins, duke it out contest. And that is their greatest weakness. Knock out a few of these pretenders, and the rest will scatter like a billiard rack on a power break. Focus, hit them hard when and where they least expect it. And they will leave fast and go torment some other part of the planet.

    • The “authorities” are all paper tigers. It’s why I welcome the acceleration. Once things get real, they will be sorted out very quickly.

    • in asoiaf books littlefinger represented the fox/trickster archetype, too bad martin will never finish them, i’d sure love to read how his plan to subvert the realms fails and blows up in his face.
      Littlefinger was also a pedophile, ran brothels and had dealings with foreign banks. Perfect stand in for jews.

    • I still think the greatest mind fuck we can give them is for, say, a good 20 or 30 thousand of us move to Virginia and pile up around DC. Just our presence, the mood around us, flowing like smoke into DC where they start feeling uneasy. The enemy at their gates lying in wait.

      • I prefer the fog analogy. It surrounds and blinds, and can be source of anxiety for the cowards hiding within the castle, and a protective shroud for the warriors-in-wait that one day will rid the land of its tyrants. Focus, find safe haven, go dark, survive, and then be opportunistic and spontaneous when the need to act arises.

  15. trump’s ascendant – leo(lion)
    trump’s constellation – maga(make america great again)
    can’t make this stuff up
    I know most people think astrology is trash, but i like finding weird synchronicities

  16. When I try to explain to my boomer parents that we are currently at war, it’s just blank stares and disbelief. They cannot comprehend psychological warfare. They feel the daily pressure coming from the TV screen and the authorities, and feel the fear and disfunction. But to acknowledge that this is being done to them purposely is inconceivable.

    • Please, when my inlaws buy a house for under $20k, then sell it for over $500k, what makes you think they give a damn what happens to you or yours?

      • Owlman, is there a remedy for deracinated Darwinism that enables survival of the fittest individualists, except for a giant authoritarian state or an apocalypse? Can we have ethnostates co-existing alongside multiculti city state metropolises?

        • I don’t really get the question Still at my desk working, so maybe late day lame brain.

          On the subject of “individualists”, though, referring to some Normie normie women in my midst. They have noticed these “toxic” attributes, including “Individualism”, and mock the people that decry said values.

          I will gather that you ask about there being any “middle path” between a Stasi State and the Law of the Jungle. All I can say is that for me and my house, it is all about being the fittest, come what may. From auto maintenence to plumbing, to splitting firewood. To remaining calm, planning for all eventualities. There are forces way to massive for us to effect as individuals, yet one can remain the master of one’s own ship, help guide one’s group, family, by example and dint of effort.

          The Left is coming for our children and grandchildren and are remorseless, cruel and have been at this Comintern thing for generations. It is not a time to be morally, physically nor spiritually weak.

          • It was worded clumsily. Being able to fight, split wood, hunt, grow a garden, work on engines, build and plumb, be good at physical labor etc etc, is one thing, being great at capitalism, especially the kind that doesn’t actually produce anything, and ends up having myopic effects down the line, the example you mentioned, good for the individuals bad for the group, seem like completely different things to me. Humans are social animals so this freakish system of profiteering without regard to community that is more normalized in the States than elsewhere, is what I ask about, since you brought up that people will do what serves their interests regardless of the effects. Not picking on your in laws, I read your other comment. There are obviously people that do this exclusively, and obviously huge groups of investors who do this. Going forward, I don’t see how it’s compatible with our thing, unless people want to relegate that kind of thing to multicultural metropolises that co-exist, separately, from ethnostates. Not allowing such ‘rent seeking’ behavior seems like it will be necessary to maintain societies with more longevity/longer flatter cycles. Of course, that’s super leftist.

      • That’s not really their fault though, is it? That was Hart-Celler (1965) and the Immigration Act of 1990 (which doubled legal immigration and doesn’t get the blame it deserves). Mass immigration drives up housing prices, drives down wages, and increases GDP: the ruling classes’ dream. (And just wait until the eviction moratoriums expire. You’ll see the Mnuchins (and the rest of his class) buying up housing stock at a discount in anticipation of the next great wave of immigrants.

        • “That’s not really their fault though, is it?”

          I am not really speaking on whose fault it is, including the in laws. They ended up seeing most of the monies expended on “medical bills” as it is and did not end up affluent at all. Reverse mortgage, Medicaid, the usual. One of the reasons I have little time to “clap for” the medical establishment. Too many examples right under my nose of end of life care draining the life earnings, so the next generation has to: get a mortgage; go ass over teakettle in college loan debt; and so on.

          When I was last in Newport, RI, touring “mansion row”, I reminded my wife about how those fine folks bought up farms, land, businesses on the cheap during the “Great Depression”. Yes, great for them.

          What I might agree was “their fault” is going along to get along. Whatever made people happy was somehow acceptable. Honorable. No stand made to defend their way of life. Just the bottom dollar and some cruises. And now they blame their own flesh and blood, grandchildren, for being “lazy” and so on.

    • Me and my uncle convinced my mom of this. My uncle, her brother, is Mr Handsome and she thinks he’s the greatest to the point my dad sometimes goes off the handle, but uncle was always positive, always the optimist, but he has done a 180. His change of behavior alone rattled my mom. So it must be serious. So he’s red pilling her over the phone in one ear, and me her beloved son in the other. We woke her up.

  17. The politicians all the way up to the President were too timid to take on the rioters.” Not exactly. The riots were designed to elicit a violent reaction from Trump that would repel middle-class voters. He didn’t fall for it; he also correctly perceived that every riot, every torched building, every invasion of a suburb, every televised beating earns him votes. Cumulatively, millions of votes. Napoleon’s dictum about not interrupting a blundering enemy comes to mind.

    • The riots were designed to elicit a violent reaction from Trump that would repel middle-class voters.


      The Leftist media was having wet dreams of Kent State v2, with middle-aged white cops gunning down po’ black youfs in full 1080p HD that they could play in an endless loop, interspersed with their big black mammies wailing about, “muh babiez!!!” 24/7 into the elections.

    • Except Trump interrupted a blundering idiot during his debate. I want to think Trump is smart and he thought through not stopping the riots. Na, I have my doubts. Actually he would have looked better stopping the riots by force.
      It kinda tells us about Trump. He doesn’t actually want to fight physical battles he wants to talk shit when he should just shut up.
      But I will still vote for the idiot. He is our idiot.

  18. “and the latter has been completely forgotten, despite the fact she is the actual candidate.”

    Achievement unlocked!!!

    • The real issue is who selects the party’s candidates. There was no interest in KH after Tulsi took her to the woodshed on live TV. After that the DNC changed the rules repeatedly to keep TG out of the debates. Then they brought in Bloomberg and he failed to catch on. The astonishing thing (to me) is that they even bother going through the charades that are the primaries. And the voters continue to buy-in to the process.

  19. We keep learning more and more. Tablet, on-line, explains how the NoVo Foundation, which used to do microfunding of Guatemalan farmers and battered women programs, quietly ditched all that a few years ago, hired a Weather Underground alumna to run the joint, and now runs hundreds of millions of Warren Buffet money out to BLM, all shrouded and hidden. Buffet’s son, Peter Buffet, is the point man for all of this. Warren Buffet is paying for little people’s houses and businesses to be burned down.

  20. It only seems appropriate the monkeys behnd the scenes which were revealed by ZMan in yesteday’s installment would make mention of lions and foxes today.
    And, somehow all that typewriter banging produced another bang up essay today.

    • Jocks stuffing nerds in lockers was not mindless bullying, it was the establishment of the natural order. Nerds are not meant to rule. That is why the Western World is collapsing today.

      • Nerds are kind of a post industrial phenomenon. Brilliant men used to be tough too, I mean, imagine that dueling was a relatively normal thing. If they weren’t naturally so, they at least acted like being a pussy was a shameful thing, instead of spending a life indulging in such attitudes. The only way to help make nerds more integrated men is for unapologetic, white Men, with a culture rooted in adaptive behavior, not virtuous behavior, to be in charge again. That means creating a society where representation amongst anything else, is effectively eliminated, or strongly controlled. To even get there requires normalization of our thing, which is a war with many fronts.

        • I think bringing back the draft would do wonders

          on so many levels. One, it would make rich twerps from NYC have to bunk with their beloved negro and chicano. Let’s see how much they love them after that.

          • Agree completely, although I’d make one minor change-Drafts require wars, which are probably being orchestrated by bad actors. I believe compulsory service is the way to go.

            I also think believe we should have compulsory political office for all white male non felons with families, but then of course we are veering into right wing socialist Utopianism territory, but…. in a perfect world.

        • I was a nerd. Still am in a lot of ways. But I had the good fortune of growing up in a culture that forced me to get tough.

          • I am somewhere in between and never fit in with either nerds or meatheads, feeling a pull toward both types. The confusion is my burden.

          • I can relate. On the one hand I played varsity football and had some jock friends. On the other, I did mathematical proofs for fun and hung with the geeks. Always saw myself as a nerd though, not knowing where I fit in. That and the periodic bullying people would attempt. Happily adulthood did away with most of that.

      • Nerds, women, and outcasts. Being ruled by the unfit is a luxury of modern life, apparently.

      • Jocks/nerds is a false dichotomy. Nerds helped build things like engineering. Think of movies like “the right stuff”

        • I think the dichotomy is real enough, it’s just that, in a low trust society that caters to women and minorities naturally nerdy types just want to retreat to their rooms and not even deal with the chaos. I don’t blame them, I can relate. A civil society with white men running the economy, businesses and government for the benefit of men and their families, one which is hard on crime, creates a more homeostatic environment, less social retardation, where the nerd mustn’t isolate himself, or something like that, in my opinion.

          In our kind of society, Nerds and Barbarians should be in symbiosis, not hating each other.

      • I was h.s. track captain. I mindlessly administered pink bellies to an underling in the same manner I had received them (I wrestled, so the order was public takedown, guillotine and then pink belly).

        Two years later and the kid beat my discus record, my name replaced on our school’s prominently-displayed record board, my trophies supplanted in the awards case and sent to the dust closet.

        Pink bellies are a relic belonging to the past. Lamp posting however is timeless and Bill Gates’ neck size well-known.

  21. Yup. The foxes don’t have the stomach for fierce force, and it shows.
    Saw a video where police tried to disperse some Jews celebrating in New York because Covid. Direct confrontation got them nowhere and they started to just block street and other subtle control methods.
    If you can make yourself even mildly sympathetic and have a block of solidarity with your fellow people, the arm of the State with all their fancy weapons seem helpless.

  22. The foxes are devious and deceive the white women. That is our largest danger. No, I am not talking about the traditional woman whom is a strength to us I am talking about what has happened in the last 60 years at least, the destruction of womanhood. I think the fox has succeeded with the suburban white woman’s mindset and until we can correct that weak point our civilization will continue into its collapse.
    We shall see in less than a month.

    • That’s it. If the white women voted anything like white men, we’d be firmly in the saddle. But they don’t, and the result will be the destruction of the republic that our ancestors built. It will be interesting to see how they like the consequences of their actions.

      • Assuming they tie the consequences to their actions. The line in “As Good As It Gets” comes to mind, where Jack Nicholson’s character is asked how he understands women so well in the novels he writes. He says, “I think of a man. And I take away reason and accountability.”

      • It’s not that stark of a contrast between married men and women.
        Problem is there are fewer and fewer married women, and women without children or a guiding man will just follow the strong horse, even to their own obvious detriment.

      • It will be interesting to see how they like the consequences of their actions.

        Women are just fine being war brides.

  23. Homeland security has decided white supremacy is as dangerous as China and Russia, two hostile nuclear superpowers. I cannot believe how super duper awesome white men talking on social media are!! Who knew that they were that powerful!

    I am going to start inserting Freddy Krueger anytime anyone says or writes white supremacy because that’s what it is, a boogeyman that inhabits your nightmares

    • It probably is. Leftie has been goading the chit out of whites, and it’s never enough for their approved victim groups. These riots and fake pandemics are pushing many to their breaking point. When that fag governor in Pennsylvania was trying to grab guns, the 2A guys all showed up on his front lawn and told him to shove it – or else. For some strange reason, sportzball isn’t keeping uppity whites on the couch anymore.
      Lefty is scared shitless…and he damned well should be.

      • All they had to do was keep the sportsball soma flowing and they could put a pillow on the face of old white America, but they just couldn’t let things be.

        • They never can.

          Diverse group at work getting along fine?

          Oops here comes white lady with her diversity training.

    • They (TPTB) certainly seem to have all the finesse and discernment of two year olds, dont they? White separatists, white advocates, western culture supporters, white ethnocentrists…. gah!!!! Supremacists all!

      Can’t have the workhorses that keep the whole thing afloat look around and realize they alone are keeping the farm going while the rest of the animals are either lazing about or are actively tearing the barns down and burning the silos.

    • What branch of government does Homeland Security fall under? Remind me. And if not one single person from any branch denounced that obvious lie, what does that imply?

    • Yes, and everyone knows the military is just teeming with White Supremacists too, so that potentially makes them a nuclear power too [roll eyes]

  24. They generate polling that says Trump will lose in a landslide, but the polling also says most people think Trump will win re-election despite it all.

    True. But how long will the dismissal of obvious lies and propaganda continue? One thing we see with this election is how a lie can continue and become believed without any counter from a mass media outlet and with politicians willing to repeat the lie. Think the Charlottesville “fine people” lie. The FBI/DOJ blatantly and subtly reinforce this meme with warnings about White supremacist terrorists being the nation’s greatest threat while communists burn down our cities. If the State prevails next fall, anyone who dissents will be labeled a White supremacist and hounded. This strategy will become SOP.

    Most people now reject the State’s propaganda and look past it but it still sometimes works. Over time, though, can disbelief hold? As those who can discern what is true and what is a lie die off and tune out, will propaganda begin to work? I’m afraid the answer will be “yes” unless the equivalent of Radio Free America becomes available.

    • The biased polling serves two purposes. First, it demoralizes Trump supporters. Second, it gives support to their post election claims that Trump must have cheated (Russia, voter suppression, etc.).

      • Does it actually demoralize Trump supporters? Do you think it works?

        Nationally, Trump is doing worse than at this time in 2016, however in swing states he is actually outperforming the polls at this time in 2016.

        But I see so blackpilled people on twitter, and even Amren. Maybe it does work.

        • I can only speak for myself, that yes it is demoralizing to see a dementia patient and a looney, hindu whore with more than 30% support in the country. If Harris (oh, and Biden too, lol) wins, the last ounce of my civ-natery will be extinguished.

          • “…the last ounce of civ-natery (omission mine) will be extinguished.”

            From your lips to God’s ear.

        • It sows seeds of doubt in some Trump supporters, but I doubt the doubt will prevent them from voting.

  25. I know most people are prone to believing the lies, propaganda and deflections the media feed them, but there has to be a tipping point where it’s all widely considered to be fake. (and gay) Are they overreaching with the latest war against white supremacy? I think even most normies know it’s antifa and BLM doing the rioting and looting, although maybe I’m wrong.

  26. “The politicians all the way up to the President were too timid to take on the rioters.l
    Trump was faced with the usual histrionic bullchit women employ when they don’t get their way: emotional blackmail. “Do what I want – or I’ll hurt myself and everyone around me!!” That fish faced noggered idiot mayor in Chicago. That screeching cankle in Seattle. That crazy eyed harpy governor in Michigan. There’s a time to intervene, and a time to keep quiet and let your enemies make their mistake. Trump is forcing the people that elected these morons to confront the consequences of their voting habits good and hard. Ironically, forcing them to do that creates more support for him. Letting the noggers and commies loot and burn their own cities is cold and heartless… but sometimes there’s no other way.
    I’m just splitting a gut laughing right now. De Blasio is rounding up the Joos for violating the lockdowns and shutting down their synagogues. 😆👍 serves those hymie bastards right! Vote for shitlibs, live in their cities – and reap the benefits!

    • The Jews De Blasio and Cuomo are going after are the Orthodox, who are quite conservative in their voting. It’s a clever strategy because everyone on the left, including the liberal reform Jews, hate them.

      • That’s the diff between BadJ and GoodJ- they have and like their own ways, but don’t want to enslave the neighbors.

    • He played it about as well as it could be played. BLM riots are a local problem, so it is up to the locals to fix it. The cities where it happens were never going to go Trump anyway, and it provides a strong visual for anyone outside those areas to not fall into the same voting trap.

      • Orthodox Jews make up ~10% of US Jews and Jews are ~2% of the population. That’s 10% of 2% of the US population. That’s not enough to make their votes matter – maybe in FL, but everywhere else they’re concentrated votes solid “blue.” (Now if you want to go into the donor side of things. . .)

        • They are also rapidly outbreding non-orthodox jews, who have insanely low TFR as the most liberal people on earth. In Israel, there lots of fears orthodox jews became a overt majority.

    • There is a certain satisfaction on our side when the mobs came to harrass even their supporters in their own homes (Seattle? Portland? I forget.) Trump was smart to (mostly) keep hands off and let the cities burn and riot. It’s great optics for law and order. Regardless of how the election goes, but especially if he wins, it’ll be interesting to see what Trump does in response to civil disorder. As long as I am creating a wish list, how about Federal indictments against high officials in the Russia dossier hoax or whatever it’s called? Treason might be a possible charge.

    • Glenfilthie,

      Nothing to add to your rant of any substance.

      Your alliteration is boss. That’s all.

    • Man, I am liking the dickens out of the new Based G!

      Alpha chad energy

      No mercy for the weak

      “Are King Cuomo and Vilhelm deBlasio White Supremacists?”

      Flip ‘Em an Stick ‘Em Technique

  27. I believe the term is planted axiom. The news reports, polling and all are full of them. Make them think by matter of factly stating certain lies in a report or news article as a given truth while following with more obvious lies. (to us anyways).

    The country can’t be as idiotic and stupid as it appears to me everyday. Some big long term mind f*** has done it’s work on the weak minded and distracted people.

    • It’s largely affected our females, I wouldn’t call them women. They weren’t happy with being mothers and now they aren’t happy playing at roles in the workforce. Females have no where else to go and thus are believe they can create an alternative world. This makes them incredibly useful pawns and consumers.

      • Excellent.

        Unhappy with their weak bodies, we need to find a way to give them strength.

        Win the women, win the War- they make all our futures happen, at great trial and cost.

        (From “men make the present, so women can make the future”)

  28. Like many others, the managerial class is living off the social trust created by past generations of heritage Americans. They can’t exist without, but, ironically, they are the cause of its demise.

    A multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural country will not run by foxes, at least not by one group’s foxes.

    You can see that already. Indians and Muslims (and Asians, to a degree) don’t believe the fox propaganda. Heck, even blacks don’t believe. They all go along with it because it helps their tribes, but they don’t believe it.

    Gullible Whites are the only thing holding this country together. How long they remain gullible or enough of the population to keep up the veneer of a first world society is anyone’s guess.

  29. This is exactly what I was thinking about yesterday. Ways to let people know our ideas are not only normal and sensible, and, not evil and not taboo, but that the rest of us are thinking them, and, pardon the phrase, we are coming out of the closet. If we can’t use their channels to normalize or rather make it acceptable to admit and talk about(because everyone already has these thoughts) group adaptive ideas, like ethnocentrism, freedom of association and anti-immigration, surely we must create our own.

    • Every time I see a billboard, I can’t help but think what a stupid use of that space whatever particular ad happens to be on it is, despite the fact that it is one of the great advertising mediums that there are at a local level, which is really what our thing is about anyway, community and localization. People are doing what white people do, going to work en masse, it’s the perfect way to put something profound into their subconscious, or simply to show them it’s normal, like holding up a mirror. Being out in the open like that makes it all the more normal and acceptable.

    • Ways to let people know our ideas are not only normal and sensible

      I tried to do this yesterday with a right-of-center normie.

      They totally shut down and redirected the conversation when I brought up the epic voter fraud, lawfare, and possible military coup that are coming.

      • Lol. That level of complexity may have overwhelmed them. Maybe start smaller, with meta ideas, by convincing them anti-immigration is a good thing, because it is a lie about the pie getting bigger and it benefits everyone, it only benefits corporations, the ultra rich, and whites who don’t like other whites, or simply have no understanding how their greed destroys social cohesion, or that disliking thugs and brown/black anti western globalist marxist(thugs law abiding cousins) is what racism is, therefore=racism is not evil, it’s actually good.

      • Howard, you just happened to be the next guy along the line who got the buffering treatment. Social control 101. It represents an emergent phenomenon but so far it hasn’t had the strength to get a runaway chain reaction going. The social engineering foxes are running around frantically trying to finagle the control rods but the ground is trembling.

      • So hard to keep a lid on it.

        Start small
        Go for agreement
        Make them feel smart
        Don’t expect instant results

        The way to blow the sale is to keep talking

        So I tell myself, and fail
        Wish I could keep a lid on it
        Need practice with the mirror

    • “Ways to let people know our ideas are not only normal and sensible, and, not evil and not taboo, but that the rest of us are thinking them”

      People think with emotion, not reason. If you want to hurt the left, use emotionalism against them: associate their symbols with evill, demonize them the way they have Trump, call them names (including “racist” against whites). You see how it worked with the NBA, right? Well, scale it up. No more debates over fake philosophies. The left is evil and deserves to be destroyed no different from Soviet Bolshevism. That kid of rhetoric hardens feelings, reduces chances of cucking (who wants to surrender before evil?), and galvanizes the masses to make sacrifices to destroy the enemy. That’s where antifa’s energy comes from.

      • I don’t really care about hurting the left per say, I mean, don’t get me wrong, they are the enemy in the present context, but I feel we must address meta narratives to avoid repeating mistakes and short term cycles spurned by collective amnesia. In terms of political ideology, many of us here are fully aware that plenty of things, in a functional white society, can be implemented from the left political spectrum, it is merely a means of protecting tribal cohesion/strength. Race and gender are what matter to me-unapologetic white masculine leadership. Not catering to a strictly individualist society means implementing a sustainable degree of collectivism, which is politically left. To me this is about racial consciousness and gender consciousness. What I’m getting at in this particular post isn’t about debate, it’s about hacking the matrix like perception of reality the elite/political class have constructed by affirming or provoking ideas that are good for group identity. I do see your point, and I think at the political level, it’s a great strategy. It is much more effective to shame them, and play on their fears and weaknesses, than to engage them in tit for tat, reasoned debate.

        • Like a bar fight or bachelor party:

          Assume the dominant position, people are operating on instinct, they’ll follow.

          Not because of weakness, but because primate hierarchy depends on an anchor point.

          Our groups sort themselves with a flagpole.

          Speech signals position 80% of the time; information 20% of the time.

  30. Four years into the Trump presidency and anyone who believes a fraction of the propaganda coming out of DC and/or the reporting of by the utterly compromised media is a brain dead, drooling idiot npc. If Trump was a fraction of the despot he’s made out to be, there’d be imprisonments in gulags and executions across the board. The lies, fabrications and filthy utterances these dirty rotten bastards on the left get away with on a daily basis is something to behold. They’re frantically digging their own mass graves.

    • Quote:

      They’re frantically digging their own mass graves.”

      I love it when you talk dirty.

    • Like the boy that called wolf too much the left will someday face a real fascist possibly with berserker tendencies.

    • Republicans disgust me because they lie about what they will do once in office. Democrats disgust me because they tell the truth about what they will do once in office.

    • But, institutional racism! Intersectionality! Structural racism! Police brutality! COVID-19 disproportionately attacking communities of color proves government complicity in the pandemic! Etc.

  31. Biology is reality. The CCP algorithms won’t work on us, so this regime change deluxe will face-plant. Human instinct can’t be indoctrinated. The Caucasauruses are annhilators, so the extinction event they wish for is not the extinction event they’re going to get.

    • Sorry but this is copium lol.

      60% of American whites are overweight or obese, 45% are anti-white leftists. We ain’t annihilating anything, atm.

      CCP would just give the few remaining intelligent, fit, white men good positions doing something productive and well paid to keep them busy and happy.

      Our elites are too stupid and hateful to even do that. Their overreach could be their downfall.

  32. Nudging is all wel and good, but is there a “nudge too far”?
    I wonder if there is a snap back effect. People deciding that enough is enough, and they fall back to their old behaviour, regardless of the environment.
    I feel this myself, if they are going to call me racist no matter what simply because I am a white male, then to heck with it. I am going to say what I want to say. (I do not hold any accounts with the major social sites, hence they cannot ban me)
    And yes, I have already “shocked” some people because of the terminology I use. Noting “serious”, I just call a spade a spade. Like in the old times. But still it’s outside the “norm”.
    Oh, and if they call me racist, I simply admit: Under the current definition of the word, yes I am racist – because I am a white male.

    • Agree. One disadvantage of the DC/NY/CA troika existing in a bubble is most really have no feel for what is going on in the areas between. I’m in the middle bubble and people here are truly shocked at Trump boat and car parades–more so when they happen in “blue” areas. Their feedback loop has removed any realization that such things could exist. However, in stark contrast to 2016, been able to spot exactly 9 Biden signs so far in my limo leftist AO. One feature of revolutions is that the ruling class was blissfully unaware of where the “line” was–generally resulting in their literal demise.

      • I’ve actually seen exactly 0 Harris/Biden signs or stickers and and yet a handful of Trump bumper stickers and lots of flags flying on vehicles too. This a democrat area too. These are very good signs.

    • Agreed.
      When the NBA ratings dive by 68%? That’s not the lions roaring at the foxes… that’s the farmers loading their shotguns.

      • And generally those advertising contracts are pegged to a ratings benchmark when priced. Fall too far below that and the NBA has to rebate some of the revenue. And my hunch is when the scale was set nobody was contemplating a “cliff”.

      • Caught five minutes of a center-right normie show this morning and they genuinely seemed puzzled as to why ratings were down so much. Some people will never open their eyes even when its obvious they need to.

    • I have come to the conclusion that the word “racist” is simply an ethnic slur that refers to white people. The intent of it’s use is to demean and possibly enrage you. I don’t take the term seriously anymore. Like being called a cracker or a honky….it just sounds funny to me.

    • Fortune 500 Company Drone Report: I’ve never, EVER seen a push from a company to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!! like this. Internal company website is covered with get out the vote rhetoric.

      It’s unreal, and creepy as all get out. Company has a government affairs office that is really going all out on this stuff; very clear who everyone is supposed to vote for.

      Hope there’s a backlash. It’s extremely heavy handed.

      • Oh, they are all in. Got treated to a virtual “fireside chat” with that Kendi guy a couple weeks ago. It was awful.

        • Yes, even non-USA corporations (SoundCloud) assault you with a “Vote” pop-up. I was going to send a nasty message saying “inappropriate” but apparently there is no way to send them a message. At least they weren’t saying whom or what to vote for — it’s likely they’d have lost at least one paying customer (me) if they did. It’s really intrusive how politics has infested things that in happeir times had no relation to partisanship.

        • Did you denounce your white supremacy?

          (Yes, i done stole it and use it every day- thank you Z audience champs!)

      • Internal company website is covered with get out the vote rhetoric.

        What is your company doing about the arrival of flu seasons?

        We have wall-to-wall #FightFlu signs posted.

        I’m wondering when vaccination at gunpoint commences.

      • They’re advertising their loyalties to the regime because they expect Biden to win. It’s like when Stalin punished the first guy to stop clapping for one of his speeches. Nobody wants attention on them because the boss is evil and always needs to make an example out of someone. All these people scurrying for cover are desperately trying to divert attention from the mob least they get cancelled next: “I’m loyal, I tell you! Please, no!”

    • I can sympathize. I’ve been banned from a few conservative sites, not for my views but for admittedly poor choice of language (these places have a zero tolerance policy.) I have “voluntarily” resigned from Facebook, NextDoor and Medium because they either have outright censored my posts or those of conversations I was involved in. As private platforms they have that right, but I refuse to participate in any forum where ThoughtCrime is punished. Fortunately, here, so far that is not the case.
      Although it rarely crops up in my private life, if someone accuses me of being racist, I smile and say “Why yes, I am, so is reality!”

      • Lately if I am called a racist I just tell them “You’re projecting” and they get jittery and shut up because they know it’s true

      • Thank the Christ and all the gods for the Zman (and Tucker)-

        I’d be raving starkers by now, gone totally postal

        Stealing that “I smile and say “Why yes, I am, so is reality!””

    • The nudge is what all those “The Conservative Case For” planted articles in The National Review and The American Conservative are all about. These are bits of propaganda inserted (probably by a mole within ranks) to influence your opinion on behalf of the democrat party.

  33. I don’t think the election win by Biden will end the Covid madness. Many liberals are genuinely terrified of the virus and the religious trust in “science” leads them to believe they will die or face degraded quality of life if they get the virus. They love having this kind of power, the ability to call authorities when they see someone in public without a mask gives them more of a thrill than sex. The madness won’t end until the case count goes off a cliff at which point they will declare the Biden/Harris admin cured us of the virus. The incoming administration also needs at least a few months of ongoing panic so they can implement their “never let a crisis go to waste” agenda.

    • I think you’re correct that the election win won’t change things regarding Covid. It is too great a tool, and in their echo chambers the elites are quite convinced they are doing the right thing. Can’t speak for the States, but here in the UK most rural areas do not appear to be taking this thing seriously; so there are still many sane people but they are not given the media spotlight.

      In the end, we will all split into the ‘Lion’ or the ‘Fox’ category. Perhaps in the future a Lion will be a man who can cross the road without filling out a risk assessment and have it checked by government officials. So brave.

      • I have been thinking of asking one of our mask wearing friends. How long they are willing to wear. It. Another month? 6. Months??? A year? Forever?

    • I agree with your sentiment, but I believe the Covid crisis will be replaced with something else shortly after the election. First, you assume the case counts are real. Maybe the infections are somewhat accurate, but the deaths are greatly exaggerated. It’s only the death rate that counts. This will suddenly drop on November 4. Second, the liberal pussies will feel safe again when their mommies and daddies in “the science fields” tell them everything is okay. Third, their thrill of mask shaming will be transferred to whatever other form of control their overlords shift to.

      • There will be a lot of MAGA hats and Trump 2020 flags to confiscate and burn. That should keep the crazies occupied for a while.

      • One of the story lines I am seeing this morning is anger at Karen Pence for not wearing a mask when she went up to greet her husband after last night’s debate. This has become a religion, even when their priests tell them it is ok to resume normal life, some of these loons will resist it. You are right, the elite are going to have to find a new outlet for them to channel their aggression.

        • So Mrs Pence then is assumed to wear a mask at home with her husband. Go to bed with him with mask as well? Direct family members in same household all wear masks? I really don’t think so. Hell, I don’t even allow masks for anybody in my home, period. Don’t care who they are.

      • Third, their thrill of mask shaming will be transferred to whatever other form of control their overlords shift to.

        Absolutely… Next year’s Chinese Virus.

      • If the Democrats win, the Covid crisis will be replaced with the climate change crisis. Under the guise of fighting climate change, any and all means of control can and will be justified. Forced to junk ICE vehicles and buy EV’s, restrictions on house sizes, destruction of the suburbs, limits on energy consumption, etc. People will be longing for the good old days of Covid.

        • No doubt they will try. That’s the whole point of the climate nonsense to begin with. It’s a tougher sell, though. People were genuinely afraid of Covid, and even now that we know it’s not a big deal, no one wants to get it. Nobody outside of the liberal echo chamber give two chits about global warming, and people love their cars.

      • Deaths from COVID-19 are endlessly hyped. It’s a problem yes, but almost exclusively for the at-risk (e.g. old, frail, comorbidities). It’s all too easy even for exceptionally intelligent people like us 😀 to recall that nearly all “news” is more accurately termed entertainment in search of advertising dollars, so the news is sliced, diced and seasoned with an eye to maximizing eyeballs, not accurate reporting. Here’s an offical gov’t. graph (scroll about halfway down) and you’ll see that the excess deaths from (assumed!) COVID are very nearly back to a normal year’s death rates…

      • On YouTube I see some “news” segments now about an outbreak of bubonic plague in China with the implied notion that it’s just waiting to break out and kill 1/3 of Europe again. OMG, OMG, the plague, save us Fauci Jesus! I don’t know if they’ll be able to make that one fly but I think it’s just going to be a game of Maxwell Smart (wouldja believe…) until they find something that the gullible rubes will panic over next.

    • This exactly. They enjoy it way too much.

      Branch Covidianism gives the Karens an animating purpose in life.

      • You are right, the Karens have never before been so stimulated. This is a high that they will need more of.

          • Karens circa 1820 gave us overwhelmingly chaste women, schoolhouses for our children, strong churches and civilized frontier towns. We gave them prosperity, freedom from fear, and latitude.

            They ran out of real challenges and went mad

          • In 1820 a serious mistake could result in death.
            This tends to force better behavior on everyone well or fatalism.

          • And to whit, it was the Karens of old that channeled their energy into maintaining public descency and decorum largely amongst other women.

            They made sure women behaved and could thus find suitable husbands. Male and female worlds were separate but adjacent. Karens of yore kept their scolding of men to only those areas where the two worlds met and directly affected the gentile world wherein women were expected to dwell:

            Men could/were expected to go to war and duel but not brawl in the streets. A man could indulge alcohol with his male friends in clubs or his cigar room but public drunkenness brought shame. Quiet indiscretions were frowned upon but openly flaunting mistresses again brought familial shame and the Karens would go into action.

            Other than these areas of adjacency, Karen was concerned almost solely with the propriety of women and small children.

            Fast forward to the modern era. The crassness of modern times leaves Karen without the natural outlet of controlling women’s society. You can’t fuss about women’s hem lengths when modern women are wearing see-through yoga pants and the Kardashian whores are setting the fashion. What use is it to urge young women to keep their knees together before marriage when the world tells girls they need to be riding the carousel on tinder.

            Lacking these feminine (and once useful roles) Karen is adrift and trying to stage some sort of use for her natural control inclinations. She is told she is an equal in the once male-dominated world even though she is inadequately suited for the consequences of it. Her natural need to civilize and restrain the roughness of society is being harnessed and channeled by Leftists into “making the world a better place.” Instead of waging a campaign against vulgar language in public she is now tasked with helping the poor oppressed Africa-Americans, and migrants, and making sure we don’t all immediately die because you forgot to wear your mask in the market.

            She has no ability to see the dangers of all these things because, for now, shes been sheltered from consequences by men. She hasn’t suffered violence from the mass of violent blacks kept at bay by the police. Her suburb hasn’t been flooded by hordes of Haitians because Border Patrol Agents hold the flood back. She’s frightened by the Covid because Orange Man Bad and with a women’s heart she cannot stomach losing even one old person… nor can she understand that the massive economy built by men can and will come crashing down with endless shut-downs.

            To sum up, she is a child adrift and desperate in a rough sea she’s been told is a placid lake. Feminism informs her that she can swim just as well as any man can (you go girl!). She is worried about making sure all the people afloat with her are swimming in the approved strokes and in an organized manner (a Karen has to Karen after all). Meanwhile sharks swarm beneath her furiously paddling feet.

          • I’m not entirely into the Whig theory of history or Pinkerton’ Angels of our Better Nature’s bushwa but this is more myth than truth . People in the past were extremely violent , often drunk and destructive.
            There was somewhat less adultery do to the risk if dying in childbirth but the past was not actually more demure, only faking it.
            In the Victorian era prostitution was endemic with legal prostitutes as young as 13 and possibly as many prostitutes as 1 per 12 men.
            The closer to modernity with its ubiquitous policing and yes social services the lower the crime gets until leftists screw up the equilibrium or the economy implodes.
            There is a caveat here, Our marriage and reproduction rates are absolutely terrible and contributing to the dysfunction.
            if we can fix that and eliminate the roughly 10% of men who cause most of the violence, our society can be very peaceful.
            Of course this leads to weaker men and a bigger state so there is a downside to safety.

          • I’ve read articles estimating that roughly 1/5 of women in Victorian London were or had engaged in prostitution. Also frontier towns and bowries of large cities were rife with prostitution. Drunkenness and wife beating were epidemic in the large cities and even rural towns, particularly close to the frontier.

            I’m not saying that there was a golden age of virtue and propriety. But in general, before the masses began moving to the cities of the industrial age, the general crassness of society in as far as infidelity and general havoc were much lower and to extrapolate from occurrences of these in the urban rapidly expanding and chaotic cities and hardscrabble frontier is an error I believe.

            Even within the cities women (Karens) began to carve out areas of improvement and crusaded against drunkenness and debauchery. Is it any surprise that the first universal movement after achievement (or allowance depending on how you look at it) for women’s suffrage was prohibition?

            Most of the advocates (with the exception of Carrie Nation) were from erudite backgrounds and intended their efforts to help the women of the lower classes to help abate the loss of family income and spousal abuse caused from drinking. Being Karen’s of course, and just entering into a man’s world, their naive solution created greater violence and disorder with the maturation of formal cartels to deal with the desire for vice.

            There was a time however, in most of the western world when demure behavior was the expectation, public crassness was considered abhorrent, vulgarity not permitted, and vice was actively discouraged.

            As to your other point, until men and women (and I’m referring to whites as they are my only real concern) find a way to detach from the endless filth and depraved society urging them to dead end lives… we will continue to have a reproductive deficit. Men and women have to be worth marrying for the large families to occur. I’m not saying angels, but some semblance of morality has to return.

            Sorry for the length of response and I’m pretty sure I missed some of your other points.

          • No apology needed. That was a good and an interesting reply.
            I will say re: reproduction I think its less socially related as economically and structurally.
            When you study global fertility rates the correlate nicely with developed world urbanism, television and economic decline. The US is now 80% urban BTW so any actual solutions must be urban focused even if they use rural moral values as a basis.
            The US hit below replacement well before all states had adopted no fault divorce and its unlikely the culture would have shifted that dramatically in two years.
            However the recession and stagflation of the late 60’s early 70’s track nicely with the gradual decline in fertility and with the presence of color TV in every home.
            As for the most recent horrific decline to the lowest recorded level the US is collapsing economically and culturally before peoples eyes, No sane person would have children now and thus they don’t.
            And note if the DR gets power and do to internal conflicts in the movement doesn’t go HAM on fixing economic and social issue they’ll just end up like Russia. better but still sick.
            Anyone who thinks they can get fertility up just by tweaking divorce or somehow everyone will become a good Christian, well that’s magical thinking,
            Its a multi pronge, urban focused, jobs driven slog to even nudge it up and will cost a bloody fortune.
            Worse do to over reliance on “social programming.” by the media to preserve the current system, a DR system won’t have much effect with that tool.

          • I’ll one up you, Sir. I dont necessarily think even a concentrated DR effort with some aspect of power behind it will do the trick to rescue Western Civ and civility. I think the only thing that arrests the societal rot is massive upheaval and dissolution. Essentially a reset. I am not looking forward to that for Our People.

            At this point my hopes are small but fervent. Rescue who we can. Give them alternatives. Set up what we can. Recruit. Fight back with a righteous vengeance against those seeking to destroy us as a people. That includes (particularly) traitors within our own. It’s a small but hopeful thing.

          • Severely minimizing competition for resources-real estate and jobs, by either deporting large swaths of people or cutting them off from our society by creating geographic areas where we alone freely associate, solves so many of these problems. Completely deregulating small business and providing low interest loans so that entrepreneurship is opened up to the underclasses after globalist corporate monopolies are either shown the door, or are severely regulated with protectionist measures, solves a lot of the rest. Public executions to eliminate the worst felonious types from the gene pool, and scare straight/serve as evolutionary stick to under-performers who were tempted to try such antics.

          • I don’t find fault in any of these suggestions though I suspect it will require a lot of executions to break the FIRE sector and the globalists as America has been the land of milk and honey for grifters for a long time.
            Even if you win there are consequences for that.
            Automation too may need to be dealt with. The easiest way is to lower the work week a few hours, to say 30 or so.
            With Real estate reform and some kind\of national health care system we should be able to make sure all workers who are willing to work and not vice ridden will be able to get by.

            Public executions are fine with me but they don’t make a difference except that the offender or victim of misfortune /bad justice is dead.

            As a juror though I’ll never vote to execute , someone who surrenders or is captured should be granted his or her life.

        • Looking at pics of those coronatard virus shapes, I’ll bet a pretty knarly vibrator could be fashioned allowing for constant stimulation – we’ll call it a covgasm.

    • No, COVID won’t continue. A new crisi will replace it.

      The energy will be directed towards “white supremacists” aka normal white people and former Trump supporters.

      Bill Kristol and others are already talking about re-education and “reconciliation” for Trumpers. Better hope Trump wins.

      • I don’t know about that. The media love to play the ‘white supremacist’ card, but if absolute control is what you’re after then ‘public health’ is the ideal vector. I doubt they’ll let their foot off the pedal with ‘white supremacy’ but it will form a pincer movement with ‘public health’ on the other flank. Of course, it may not be Covid but any other virus will do.

          • I had forgotten all about the climate change saga. Great, a trio of causes about which I care little; all coming to pinch more money from my pocket. And the kicker of it is: they are almost phantom like in their appearance. Take climate change for instance, much like Covid, if I am seeing this much panic over it, I am going to have to imminently feel our planet getting much hotter. Or colder. Or changing in some other painfully obvious way. The sun still rises each day and we still have seasons, I cannot say I am concerned.

            In fact, I’d be willing to bet that nothing much will even have changed in 40 years.

          • It sounds like a sardonic joke you’d read in Onion or Babylon Bee, but yes, if you google, several states and lesser entities have in fact declared racism as a public health “crisis” or “emergency.” Of course, this is as ludicrous as Feds claiming white supremacists are a terrorist or national security threat.

    • I don’t think the election win by Biden will end the Covid madness.

      Agreed. Biden’s latest moronic tweet about a national mask mandate has something like 150k likes.

      I’d love to see them try and enforce this.

      If people think the police are retiring at a high rate now, just wait!

    • Thank God covid isn’t what they say they thought it was. Can you imagine these morons trying to manage a true pandemic?

          • Maybe they achieved herd immunity…Maybe it killed off all the high-risk people in Wuhan.

          • Curious, why do you think blacks in America are more impacted than Africans in Africa? Wouldn’t the presence of genes from Europeans import some greater immunity within the African diaspora folks here?

            I understand that the bad habits of blacks here increase the co-morbidity factors (high rates of smoking, diabetes, drug use, obesity, etc.). The Africans I’ve encountered tend to be much more lean and smaller in stature.

            How does the neanderthal gene theory work into this? Genuinely asking. I always did poorly in the sciences.

          • I’m not an expert at this. I saw the article on ScienceAlert and thought I’d share it.

          • An answer to your question regarding African blacks doing better than U S blacks; I heard/read that due to the anti malaria drugs consumed in great numbers on the dark continent, (Chloroquine) the colorless over there do better. I could be wrong.

          • I was wondering if that’s why Trump didn’t panic, he knew it was a marketing scam.


            People coughing and dropping dead in the streets, no one to pick up their corpses

            Street foggers (disinfectant)
            Doctors with rifles on patrol
            Welding doors shut
            100,000,000 locked down

            That pricey analyst report stating that China wanted to seize another niche market, PPE manufacturing…

            Did Han Li learn to Holocaust?

          • The tell in the people dropping dead videos are the guys in hazmat suits that immediately rush into the frame.

            Somehow they knew that random person was going to drop dead?

            Come on.

  34. As a good example of the kind of weasels we are up against, Trump just announced about an hour ago that the Biden camp wanted the third debate to be “virtual”. Trump flatly rejected the idea, and said he would not participate in such a venue because it would not be an authentic debate. These bastards are lower than worm shit. I think Trump will trample them during his second term.

          • No…!!! You fuggin neonazi haters!!!
            She won because a fly landed on Pence’s head!!!
            So there!!!
            Dont believe me? It’s in the media, dontchya know… so it just HAS to be true!
            👍 😆

          • I saw this story. It popped up in the margin. How ridiculous – I believe the headline was ‘Fly steals the show in debate’.

            As usual, these small events tell us more about the state of politics than any scholarly tome ever could.

          • How quickly they forget. The fly landing on Clinton’s face made for one of the more amusing and enduring gifs of the 2016 debates. Face bests head in the battle of gross insect moorings.
            I’d be interested in overall impressions from anyone with the patience to watch. Between the vocal fry, unearned arrogance, barely concealed hatred of Whites, and what appears to be a goiter taking up residence on her neck, I find Harris unwatchable.

          • Peabody,

            barely concealed hatred of Whites”

            Her quip about he and Trump packing the Supreme Court with whites…

            In my subconscious I thought I heard Pense respond, “About that, we put the best qualified people forward that we could find, and those happened to be people who are white. Which makes me wonder Kamela, for the TV viewers here… isn’t it about time we discuss you and your party’s racist promotion of hate against white people?You know, that isn’t who we are as Americans.”

            But my subconscious was just playing tricks on me again, and the opportunity passed and I realized I was just looking at a cuck and a cuckholster.

          • Just once I’d love to hear Trump, Pence, etc. ask any of these bigots exactly what’s wrong with White men and Whites advocating for their interests like every other group. Make them express their hatred directly. Make them talk explicitly, not in platitudes, about how things will be different once we are neutralized. They wouldn’t answer, of course, but at least it would put some disturbing thoughts into the average normies head.

          • I think you’ve gotten two steps ahead of yourself there Peabody. When was the last time you heard anyone refer to white people in anything less than a negative connotation? Start there.

          • I guess I did get a little carried away considering they can’t even bring themselves to refer to us except euphemistically.

          • No worries Brother. At least we can feel good that Trump mentions black unemployment is at record historic lows! And Hannity mentions that hispanics are likely to oppose Trump by only a small majority this time!

            They are getting around to showing some concern for us. Hell, I imagine we should probably even get a couple honorable mentions by… oh, I dunno… say… 2043?

          • Well, you need to put this challenge a bit more cleverly. Ask them what they have against white gentiles.
            That telegraphs quite clearly (((who))) is piping the tune.

            And maybe puts the thought into the heads of their non-white gentile pets that what was done to white gentiles can, and will, be done to them. This would be a clear illustration of how this policy of who/whom is being applied against white gentiles, and make the non-whites who think that they are getting a leg over, think about how later they will discover how flexible a tool that it is, and how it will be deployed against them, the unruly pets.

            Heh, (((they))) will have to hope it would work since (((they))) will have removed white gentiles as their enforcement golems. Then (((their))) worst nightmare might begin; people who cannot be manipulated through the accustomed holocaustianity, large in numbers and uncontrollable, telling (((them))) to STFU. The stick with which they have beaten YT turns and says, “Why should we listen to you anymore, chumps?”

          • They also want you to forget the fly that landed on Obama’s lip.
            Beelzebub incarnate.

          • Her job is to attack attack attack, while he was busy playing patty cake.

            Frickin’ Doc Savage.
            Cucks gotta cuck.

        • I just down-voted Meme’s posting above. Not because I oppose what he said, or even think he’s wrong. It’s just that what he suggests might happen is so gruesome and horrifying to contemplate. 🙂

  35. The metaphor that I’ve been thinking of is the petty martinet, something like Himmelstoß in “All Quiet on the Western Front.” They’ve been beating us so hard over the head with the baton that their truncheon might break. My fantasy is that after this current order is replaced, all the neocons are rounded up, forcibly enlisted, and sent in full battle rattle to bake, march and drill somewhere nice and humid like Fort Benning in the summer. Imagine Bill Kristol blubbering with an M-16 A2 held in the crook of his arms while belly-crawling through mud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz96u4h6424

    • in grade 3, my teacher was a Nun. There was one kid that got the ruler across the hand pretty much daily, he just could not pay attention. One day, the Nun had run out of patience, then she ran out of rulers, then she broke the yardstick on his hand…all with nary a whelp from my young friend. She lost most of her power that day.

      • Seems to me there comes a time to stop using the ruler and just tell the kid (his parents, more likely) that he is “not a good fit” for the school and please look elsewhere. Consider that the discipline problem you’ve described is a relatively mild one in today’s world, at least in public education. Given what I read and see videos of in our “urban” public schools, seems like no education would be better than expensive day care that most schools are. If I had children, I’d sooner send my child to a Catholic school, and I’m an atheist!

        • Step 1:

          Step 2:
          Woke teachers drilling at Ft. Benning

        • Problem always is, public money. As long as the Parochial schools refuse Fed/local money, you have a chance of retaining a school that will remain un-poz’d. But when they take public funds, they dance to the tune chosen by others.
          Efforts against non-public schools take two approaches, seemingly at odds: Changing the rules of the private school to comply with public policy (like lax discipline), and Removing/preventing any public funding or aid.

          In other words, close them or make them clones. Either way solves the “problem” for the NEA.

    • Your dream is entertainment, not solution. Some people are like a horse with a broken leg. The merciful win-win is to simply put them down.

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