Election Reset

We are a little over three weeks from the most consequential election in the history of the republic, according to the media. In reality, this election will probably not be all that interesting or consequential. Few elections make much of a difference, when viewed in the grand scheme of things. The great fear of democracy was that it would lead to wild swings in public policy. In reality, democracy results in a shadow elite maintaining their preferred course, regardless of the election results.

There are some exceptions. In 1960, the Illinois Democrat Party rigged their election in favor of Kennedy. If Nixon had won, there is a good chance Vietnam would not have happened as it did, which would have changed the arc of the 60’s. The anti-war movement was the energy of the cultural revolution. It also means Johnson’s Great Society would not have happened. Probably something else would have been passed, but it would not have been that program.

Another consequential election was 1976. Ford could have beat Carter, as it was a very close election. The map of that election is very interesting in comparison to what we are looking at in this coming election. If Ford had won, he would have run in 1980, instead of Reagan, and he may have run again in 1984. If not, Reagan would have been viewed as too old at that point and too much of a yesterday man. The conservative movement would never have gotten off the ground.

One possible significance of this election is that a Trump loss puts the near-dead Biden in the White House until they kill him and install Harris. Let’s be honest with ourselves about this. The people who killed Epstein and Seth Rich are not going to flinch at snuffing out Joe Biden. Harris is so obnoxious that she will be voted out in the following election, regardless of who the GOP nominates. Biden/Harris will end up being the Jimmy Carter in this replay of history.

In that regard, the Left should probably hope Trump wins. They got rid of Nixon with the Watergate frame-up and the ’76 election, but that was their high point. What followed was a long decline of post-war liberalism. From the perspective of the Left, the mid-70’s through the mid-2000’s was a long winter. Thanks to the neoconservatives in the Bush years, the conservative consensus shattered and the Left emerged from its long hibernation, but that was never a given.

As far as this election, when you strip away the massive psychological warfare campaign being waged on us, it is rather conventional. Everyone forgets that it was conventional wisdom four years ago that Trump would lose in a blowout. It’s like remembering how you felt about something long after the event. You can remember that you felt a certain way, but you cannot remember the actual feeling. The same is true for elections, it seems. We can recall the facts, but not the sense of it.

When you examine the facts of this election, it is looking a lot like the last election, but maybe more so, with regards to the polling. Look at the final polls from four years ago and the miss in key states was quite shocking. No one but Rasmussen has bothered to think much about why that happened. Odds are, the “shy Trump voter” is more of an issue this time. Four years of Trump voters being assaulted on the streets will make people much less willing to reveal themselves.

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  • 02:00: Election Or Referendum
  • 12:00: History
  • 22:00: The Media (Link)
  • 32:00: Polling
  • 42:00: The Battleground
  • 57:00: Closing

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365 thoughts on “Election Reset

  1. Z, I respectfully disagree. The left will go on a full scale immigration and citizenship effort and will do what Obola was doing. Throw them all in Red States.

    Forget the time frame for waiting for citizenship. They will minimize down to a year, and have all the votes they need.

    There will never be another R in the White House. The senate and house will be subsumed. The US will become what California has become. As an East Coaster, this is not easy for you to intuitively feel, but as a lifelong Californian i saw it happen here.

    The end result will be CW.

  2. Ask yourselves; what does the Right or the DR – anything right – offer young men?

    We know what the Left offers; EVERYTHING and you kick ass to get it; violence is a draw for young men. It also gets you the Tang if you win. Doing violence to take what you want; What’s YOURS is a big incentive for young men. Its primal, it sells.

    Now what does the Right or the DR offer?

    Nothing. Indeed you must “be passive” and just sit round having a reasonable conversation, with other reasonable, middle aged folks. In exchange for which you get to see your entire civilization die in the most degraded fashion.

    Islam won because it had the best offer. It offered everything, including and especially the opportunity to prove yourself.

    What does the DR have to offer young men? Plug that into your calculations.

    I’m a max whitepiller BTW, don’t get me wrong. But that’s long term, and in general.

    What did Badger offer Toad?

    It was manhood, pistols and cudgels. Not a reasonable conversation about the Stoats.

  3. im of the opinion that this election comes down to whether or not you want war abroad or war at home.
    you want war in the streets…? vote Biden
    you want war in iran….? vote trump

    • Trump has had years to go to war with Iran. Instead he whacked out Solemani- the “war” with Iran is over. Basically we quit on a high note.

  4. Since I mentioned an ethnic group that must not be named and am waiting for approval, I will say in summary the election IS a referendum. On a broader policy question: Are Whites (White men really) guilty of blood guilt for racism and thus worthy of endless punishment until eliminated. And conversely are blacks sacred and spiritual and are our natural rules and aristocracy.
    So far, Biden is winning hugely on that question. And Trump losing massively.

  5. I disagree completely. This election is and always has been a referendum. A true one. On the dual questions: Are Whites blood-guilty of “racism” and thus due only endless punishment until they can be eliminated by direct action; and the flip side of are black people our natural rulers, repositories of infinite spiritual, moral, intellectual, and physical wisdom and authority, and able to deal out to Whitey whatever and whenever they want without hindrance from petty things like Law.
    The answer resoundingly to both questions is YES! And it is a majority of White women who are pushing this to victory. Biden is a nothing figure, but he’s the figurehead of the anti-Whites. Which includes about 90% of White women. Trump is a nothing showman, but he’s the figurehead of White men. Trump has most all of White men, save the cucked husbands who try to hide from their cheating wives furies (think Jerry Falwell Jr — nothing more cucked sorry to say than a Christian, Christianity is the very model of cuckdom in many ways).
    Riots and looting HELP Biden. They bring home the point that blacks are the rulers, and White men must grovel and kneel. White women instinctively prefer the strong horse, and at any rate have their myriad grudges against White men: the beta males who asked for dates, insultingly. The Alphas who pumped and dumped. The boss who screwed them but did not dump their wives for them.
    America has been worshiping blacks since the 1950s, arguably even earlier. blacks have replaced Christianity as the default religion for White people. Its why the idea of getting rid of all Whites gains popularity every year, particularly among White women who know they will largely be exempt. The most average White woman is ten times hotter than that of the average black women.
    And in many ways black people ARE the master race: low IQ, high fertility (the two go together naturally, and the converse as well); high aggressiveness, loudness, extraversion, dark skin, above all violence. In say 1820s America quite apart from slavery that would be a negative. In 2020 all those traits in the welfare state corporation driven managerial state they are plusses.
    I see MASSIVE amounts of Biden signs. White women everywhere backing Biden as the anti-White candidate. This can’t be said enough, White is basically just White men. White women are largely exempt from the violence, the discrimination, the second tier at best status in law and employment.
    Under President Harris serious consideration to eliminating the White Man problem will take place, on the Uighur model. Chinese assistance will be happily accepted. This is likely touch off a hot civil war as the US military ranks mutiny with the non White support troops against the Generals and war fighters.
    But bottom line, eliminating the police is very popular. In Portland the woman who promises to do just that is winning big and that’s a lily White city. White women just see it as sexy times with a Rapper/Warlord. Who will “solve” their icky beta male orbiter problem.
    Trump is on track to lose all fifty states in a wipeout. I pray to God I am wrong, but White women are all onboard the anti-White train and have been for generations: they are not White, only White men are.
    So prepare now. Understand that the state and corporations hate you and want you DEAD. And so do when you get down to it, most of the White women around you. I don’t see victory possible but I do see survival possible. It would be good to speak Spanish and have a passport. The very few Jews who got off in the Dominican Republic on the SS St. Louis survived, safe from Hitler.

  6. Elections can have dramatic consequences: what if Lincoln had lost in 1860(no Civil War) or 1864(CSA Independence), or what if Wilson had lost in 1916(Germany wins WWI and therefore no WWII and no Hitler).

    • Maybe a smidge optimistic on the last one, I don’t see those aging medieval empires of Europe surviving against a Soviet onslaught.

      • No US in WW1; and no Soviet Empire to be built by …America.
        oh yes, before WW2. Instead the USSR would have been under Imperial German control ~ which is how they got it in the first place.

    • Yeah I’m still at a little bit of a loss as to the logic of the left’s plan of burning down their cities and trashing their own economies to get at Trump.

      • The law of unintended consequences. Unless you’ve seen evidence the leftists are deep thinkers?

      • My theory

        The gentrifiers are tomorrow’s conservatives. Liberal today, conservative when they get older. Think everyone kind of gets that at that age level. They’re getting older. There was a cohort of the boomers who also played the hippy game but then did a 180 when they got to be 30 something’s. I see something similar playing out with millennials. These gentrifiers are the successful ones of their generation.

        In Los Angeles, the beauty of downtown was how cheap it was. You could rent an old industrial space for next to nothing. It was a mecca for artists. Then it gentrified. Artists (I liken them to antifa in spirit) have pissed over it since it started. They resent the pretenders invading their turf. Same with blacks and browns. So smoke them out.

      • It is called the Curley effect.
        Curley was the Mayor of Boston who pioneered the 1960s decades earlier than Cloward-Piven, turning the Boston Irish into project living welfare sponsored criminals.
        Its not even collateral damage, its all part of the plan.
        The usual suspects get rich too, putting up 3d world housing, then they get rich again generations later “gentrifying” the wreckage. I’m Irish, but sorry this was quite pioneered in Boston. Mind you the genocidal aspect is all JJJ,


    • All the more hilarious when you look at NYC’s Wuflu numbers. They’ve been nonexistent since late spring. Covid is over in the city but TPTB are determined to continue the beatings.

  7. The people who killed Epstein and Seth Rich are not going to flinch at snuffing out Joe Biden.” Epstein probably isn’t dead. He was running a Mossad operation and was rescued by same. The body taken out wasn’t Epstein (and may not have even been a human body; might have been a Madame Tussad wax stand-in). No DNA test was ever done on “the body” (which was only “identified” by Jeffrey’s brother). He’ll never be seen again, but that’s because plastic surgery has made him invisible. Crazy conspiracy, right?

  8. “Harris is so obnoxious that she will be voted out in the following election, regardless of who the GOP nominates.”

    Wishful thinking. The demographics aren’t there anymore for a republican victory. Claiming otherwise is either a cope or a deliberate attempt to lure conservatives into a lull until the demographic clock runs out. All the experts in this country thought there was no way Venezuela would re-elect Chavez. They did and those “experts” were wrong. The demographics had shifted permanently to his side by the time of the election. That’s why all those rich Venezuelans fled. They saw the writing on the wall and got out while they could.

    The same is happening here in this country if you look closely. There is a huge exodus out of San Francisco. Whites are fleeing California to the point where U Haul rentals are four times more expensive for those renting to leave than to enter the state. Since the 1980s, millions of Whites have either fled that state or failed to enter and replace those who died. Numerous celebrities are getting citizenship in foreign countries. White men are fleeing Hollywood because they can’t get jobs anymore due to racial discrimination. And the democrat party is signalling South American style banana republic suggestions like packing the Supreme Court.

    The same was true with Chavez’s successor Maduro, which is why the West has to embrace copes like he cheated (probably not); thus, the guy is a “dictator” when in reality he does have the largest support in that country among possible successors. It’s also the same for the country of Turkey. Erdogan is probably unbeatable due to a long term demographic trend where religious Muslims had more children than secularized Western-style leftists. It’s obvious to us that the guy should be replaced, but he won’t be. He’s so powerful now he can demand (and get) revotes when things don’t go his way.

    Demographics will not ignore the Western world. We are not special. There is no magic dirt here. What you see in Venezuela, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and Turkey will happen here. Soon. That means an unbeatable coalition of ignorant and fanatical people motivated by envy (minorities) and greed (the rich) running the show for their benefit and to our detriment. The democrat party’s coalition may not be exactly the same as with those countries, but the logic which motivates its existence is very similar.

    In the future, racial strife will soar as the democrats divert their poor voter base onto Whites and away from themselves. That means more fringe politics, more wokeness, more mining for infinite diversity. The economy will tank as eventually they’ll have enough power to push through disastrous legislation, just as Chavez did in Venezuela. Electric rates will soar as they institute the Green New Deal; the deficit will soar along with it. We may also get wars against Russia and China. There will be more anti-White pogroms. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tore down Mount Rushmore and banned old movies like Gone With The Wind and maybe even classical music. … I’ll stop there. Just game out the future and you’ll know it will be bad.

    That coalition has enough institutional inertia and control of the media to last at least a couple of decades. They aren’t going anywhere. 2020 was the last gasp of boomer America. Trump will lose in a landslide, thanks in no small part to some of the horrible advice he got from some people on this side of the political spectrum, and that will be the end of it. Lots of bad things are coming in the future.

    I’m honestly beside myself. How could Z type such obvious balderdash? Kamala Harris may very well be president. She sure as hell won’t lose to Marco Rubio or Nimrata Haley. How could anyone think otherwise? Didn’t Trump just do the minority outreach thing more than any other republican in history and get nothing for it? $500 billion won’t be enough to get more than 2 or 3% more of the black vote, which is negligible, while losing suburban whites.

    The is the end of the GOP nationally, and all the signs are there. Thus, the inability of that sick man of American politics to push back against this summers BLM riots. That weakness shocked a lot of the rank-in-file boomer rebellion types, but it didn’t surprise me at all. This has been a long time coming.

    • We may also get wars against Russia and China.

      Watching the woke US military try to face down Russia or China in a real war is going to be hilarious.

      Just look at how effective the small Russian expeditionary force was in Syria in 2015 and extrapolate from that.

      Recall the Donald Cook incident where one Russian aircraft shut down the entire ship with its electronic warfare package.

      On top of that, expensive tanks, fighters, and ships are already useless against swarms of cheap kamikaze drones.

      Then, you have man-portable weapons like the RPG-29 Vampir that are capable of defeating the M1 Abrams and other Western main battle tanks.

    • 2020 is the last gasp.

      By 2024 it will be over, demographically, for whites at the federal level.

      Do you have links to demographic change in VZ? Did the Indians outbreed the Europeans over time? How about Colombia and the rest of South America. I’d be interested to find out.

  9. “Let’s be honest with ourselves about this. The people who killed Epstein and Seth Rich are not going to flinch at snuffing out Joe Biden.”
    If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone.” — M. Corleone

  10. This election – for Democrats – is about trying to stop the bleeding. If Sanders had won, Trump would be facing a true Marxist candidate, and Democrats would have been wiped out when they’re still trying to recover from the Obamacare defeats.
    Biden’s candidacy is not about winning the White House. Trump will most likely win re-election. Biden’s candidacy is about stopping, or at least mitigating, the down-ballot losses. That’s why Democrats are talking about their nutty 25th Amendment bill this week. They are in desperate need of an “issue” to get their base out to vote for Congressional seats…but they can’t say that the House is in jeopardy…even though talking about 25A is an admission that they’re expecting to lose.
    Trump’s reelection is going to serve another very useful purpose. His election in 2016 decloaked the GOP ruling class as utter frauds. So much so that Paul Ryan quit in a huff and took 40 seats with him specifically to open the door to impeachment. I always said Trump would force the GOP’s “put up or shut up” moment. They quit and fled rather than keep their b.s. promises.
    The other useful purpose? The DOJ is stalling on prosecutions of the coup conspirators. As the President rightly points out, there is ample evidence of a seditious conspiracy. It’s reached a point where the disclosures to Judge Sullivan about Mike Flynn are now showing that he was 100% framed and that this framing was done to support the overthrow of the Presidency. We’re going to find out when Trump wins if the Government Party possesses the ability to prosecute and hang #resistance members in good standing.
    Betting money is “no”. But a Trump landslide will give them no choice. They’re going to have to put up or shut up. Either way, we win, because either way – hanging or surrendering – reveals the despicable nature of our political elites.

  11. OT: As if restaurants didn’t have enough troubles right now, Yelp is going to flag restaurants as racist in their app.


    So when a coven of cackling rude loud demanding non-tipping black witches are not treated with the proper deference by a barely-getting-by white waitress with good hair, the establishment will receive the Scarlet R.

    I intend to seek out and patronize the offending restaurants, since there likely will be less vibrancy about.

    • I said the same thing about Google Maps’ recent roll out of a “jogger-owned business,” tag.

      So, I would immediately know where to never spend money.

      Thanks guys!

    • I’m thinking this will not be the great idea they imagined. I can see lawsuits coming from this. Those 230 protections have not been thoroughly tested in court.

  12. Kayleigh McEnany, possibly Trump’s best hire, just went on the offensive and said Pelosi should be removed for abuse of power.

    She’s absolutely correct.

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  14. The blackpilling is insufferable and defeatist. Young men are affected by this defeatism. We need them motivated and fighting the good fight, regardless of the prospects. Blackpillers don’t care about white people. Not really. It’s just a parade of narcissistic losers.
    I have noticed a whole lotta late boomers through mid X are taking Eddie Van Halen’s death a lot harder than might have been expected. Maybe that has something to do with it.

    • Absolutely. Black pillers are a scourge. You can be blackpilled at heart and not try to bring everyone else down.
      Low morale is a killer in a fight.

      • Blackpillers can go to Hell.

        Just miserable people blaming noggers and JJJ for their own bad choices (or bad parents).

        We’re going to make it and be much stronger for it, may God have mercy on our enemies-
        because we can’t afford mercy.
        Maybe God can.

    • This 53 year old has already gone through his fear of death phase. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for maybe two years, and this ended a few yers ago. So now I’m back to feeling young and the world ahead of me. I will pay attention to politics just as much as it doesn’t interfere with my own life. And if I have to relocate, then so be it. I am 100% done with these pieces of shit.

      • consider taking a look at a faith life if you don’t have one . I am trad catholic and derive great comfort from it.I am a decade older than you , so I’ve been there

        • I hear ya. I have faith deep deep down, which has always carried me through. But much of it was because my son — this is only between us friends — is stuck with a girl who is in her 40s, and I don’t see them making me any grandkids. He is young 30s. He knows how I feel. Probably why I sometimes get on young guys’ collective ass about not making babies, because it’s personal to me. So I would feel a lot better knowing my name doesn’t die with him. It’s a point of deep frustration and angst. I have faith in my daughter, though, and she is younger and has let me know she wants babies in next few years with her boyfriend and husband to be. Huge relief, but that won’ be my family name, but it’s still — thank God — not the death of our line.

          • Bribe her to keep family name or at least pass it on to the child. They doing that nowadays. I’m a little grumpy that I produced the only boy in extended family set to carry on family name (riches of girls) and they haven’t chipped in or shown him inordinate interest. They have begun to sniff about now that he looking good (national merit chad i keep bragging about). to little too late boomers.

  15. One difference this year from 2016 is that I have not heard a single person talk about the 3rd parties. The super-cucks in the libertardian party have not made any of their usual noises, or at least it hasn’t gotten to me. But I have been absolutely bombarded with democrat commercials and a PA ringing liberty bell ringing for democracy and early voting before every YT video, my blocking software mysteriously not working anymore.
    I would guess that there are a lot of people in greater Philadelphia area that would normally vote Democrat who are either not going to vote at all or will vote Republican. Crime has gone through the roof. While this has always been a high crime area for my while life, with people like Krasner heading the DA’s office, crime is getting ever more brazen and violent. Somehow Philly ended up with a DA who doesn’t believe in the criminal justice system and thinks criminals are held to way too high a standard. Bail was already totally screwed up in Philadelphia (no bail bondsmen), but now virtually everyone gets bail.

    This spills out into the surrounding counties. In PA alone, Philadelphia county shares a border with Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties. It also spills into Jersey, just as not as much because there is a physical border (Delaware river) between Philadelphia and New Jersey.

  16. PA is a large state and I live in only one corner of it, but the corner I occupy was LOADED with “unrest” and not just in the ghetto and not just in center city. There were dozens of riots all over the city. A cop was deliberately run over with a car. Entire neighborhoods were burned down. Crime has skyrocketed here. Our jails are empty. People out on double non-bail are committing serious crimes.
    We were one of the first places locked down and we are still under lockdown. The schools are still closed. A lot of the colleges are still closed.

    • Folks, “Tarsville” is coming to a city near you if it hasn’t already arrived. Here, in my small portion of the West, the situation is similar—except few riots. However, everyday the noose tightens. Economy declines, more general crime, more weird shenanigans by the minority controlled City, County, and School district. It seems you can’t be too stupid to run and win election, just too light a shade of color.

      • In the city, only Democrats win. But, this is a state wide election and so my vote will actually count and it’s a swing state so it will count even more.
        But I think the surrounding suburbs will go for Trump. As you move away from the large cities, with the exception of college towns, it’s a vast sea of red.

  17. For what it worth, here is a vid making normicons happy. It is liberal white woman that has walked away from dems because reality intruded upon her little bubble. She has a long way to go but she did say that she would like nothing better than to find good guy, marry, and move to texas (cali, currently). I suspect that a young handsome dissident guy (with good job) could have her doing roman salutes inside a month. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flp7gKg5G4E&feature=emb_logo

    • There is a huge market for normal white men with a normal career.

      Put on a little muscle, do the bare minimum for fashion and grooming, and you’ll do well, at least in the LTR game.

      The sad part is that increased obesity, drugging, and soyification of white men means that there is a shortage of us.

      Watch how fast white women would want to start settling down if all white men started following Bronze Age Pervert.

      Tips for manly white men: a) don’t fall into despair/drug abuse b) don’t let a caramel coloured beauty seduce you. They move faster on you than white women but your kids will be mixed up and brown..

      • lol, you sound like a hyper-practical guy. Besides avoiding the killing pitfalls; I would only add to get a game plan. I see too many of these guys floating along. It worked for me 20 yrs ago. These days have lower tolerances for error and fucking around than I faced.
        Even a bad plan that is vigorously pursued is better than no plan at all.

          • B, Well therein lies the problem. I lack confidence in my practical knowledge to suggest specifics. But with that caveat will anyways. 1 son: national merit scholar 130+ iq, have encouraged phd level training. He currently in middle-road physics program on full scholarship (no debt) will go to top graduate program in something. A trade, especially specializing. I met a guy that did specialty welding on nuclear facilities. Roofing, learning to repair or install slate? Underwater welding (fucking dangerous). A plan could involve living like monk and working ass off as welder to get the grub stake to buy farm to run a business off. Chrismas trees, i don’t know, lol. The point is if you meet girl and tell her plan she won’t see loser living in his van and wearing grubbing clothing, but a guy going places (or at least if she smart- which you can’t count upon).

  18. Does anyone think that they chose Biden to serve as the ultimate humiliation should Trump lose? The idea has entered my head more than once. Because Trump was mocking so many establishment people, Romney for example who “lost like a dog.” Calling Hillary crooked. Etc. Because if Biden wins, the media will quickly start their whispering campaign that Trump lost to a dementia patient. ha ha ha !!! He will go down in history as the Ultimate Loser.

    • They chose Biden as one last sop to the good-Whites before completely abandoning them in the party. That and there was no good replacement White. All had too much baggage for their largest demographic cohort.

      • But you don’t think if Trump loses that people won’t be mocking him for losing to a dementia patient? Ok, maybe it wasn’t planned out to that extent, but that will be a lingering joke for years.

    • Actually it may well be Mr Buffet through his fetching son’s trust fund.,, of course this is from Tablet Mag. It is written in the language of the enemy, so I will not utter it here.

      In the common tongue it says… Tablet Mag, “Is Warren Buffet behind BLM”?

      Also an interesting aside on an org called Bend The Arc; a JJJ organization that is bending all the JJJ congregations to the will of Obama. Sure. Sure.

  19. -For the Future; a Pre-History of the 2020 Elections.

    For the benefit of future archeologists; While all non leftists were dixing around with tax codes, UBI, theory etc The Left built a prison. But the prisoners were unhappy, so they elected a carny barker as Tribune.

    A coup was then attempted against the carny barker, it failed but the carny barker revealed he was all bark, no bite.

    Presently we are now one month from the legitimacy ritual called “ elections” and the Coup plotters-academics and lawyers all-have published their scheme for Full On Color Revolution, this too is unlikely to succeed or be punished.

    There is a possibility this will then become a sort of Continental sized Syrian Civil War (the next step in failed color revolutions) but this too is both unlikely to succeed or be punished.

    The actual Dire Problem being no one seems to give a fux about anything as long as the checks keep coming – and all the checks Dear Hearts come from Uncle Sugar now.

    • It really took everything they had to run interference for this long. Could they do it for another four years? They could try, but as we see with the Feds new found zeal for busting child-trafficking gangs the frozen molasses in the Fed bureaucrat container would still slowly flow towards our side.

  20. you don’t think this election pits one generation (white traditional America) versus the ascendant?

  21. In 2024, it won’t matter who the Dems nominate or who the Repubs nominate. The influx of Latin Americans and Asians during the Biden/Harris administration will be so large that it will permanently tip presidential elections to the Dems.

    • Come to Toronto, and that is the plan for the USA. We are on pace for 100 million “Canadians”, and under Biden you will be on pace for 1 billion “Americans”.

      Standard of living is dropping like a rock here, but the Asians Indians and Arabs don’t care. Chinese students are increasingly GTFOing unless they land a good job here. They don’t like our diversity.

      As long as it also hurts whitey, they don’t care if the country becomes a shit hole.

  22. The “left” is now going after right wing boogeymen that don’t exist – Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys, etc.

    I think this is a good thing.

    • They are trying to blame the busted Michigan Governor kidnapping caper on “right-wing-extremists”. It took about 5 minutes to find the Twitter feed of one of them sitting in front of an anarchist flag.

      • And that “kidnap plot”!

        That was a piece of fiction, a short story I read on the Internet a few months ago.

  23. I may have to disagree with Z a little bit on the senior vote. The percentages of seniors that voted for Trump in the swing states in 2016 I think was much higher than Hillary. Therefore I think more of them have passed away. I do not think Trump will gain any significant percentage of the 2016 Hillary voters and if anything the young people of college age are more likely to register and vote this time around. So the question becomes how will the new immigrants and younger people vote?
    I see Trump losing. Maybe not in a landslide but losing those important swing states excluding perhaps Florida.
    Thats my educated guess at this point in time. We shall see.

    • Z’s analysis of Trump getting MN, Florida and New Hampshire while losing MI and PA to fraud (if nothing else) seems well reasoned. I suppose a wild card there is that the left goes all-in on fraud thus invalidating the election process in those areas, while still losing the national election; that could be amusing.

      • The fraud operation in Minnesota is on par with Michigan and Pennsylvania. He would have to hit over 52% of legit vote in Minnesota to win.

        • There’s no reason to think WI or MI don’t have the same fraud mechanisms in place. Blue govs, blue ghetto inner cities.

          Minnesota is a great example of weaponized demographic changes – without the direct importation of somalians it would now be a red state. Dems were way ahead of the curve on this, as it started years ago.

          I say it’s 50/50 in a fair election. Unless Trump has an ace up his sleeve, he will lose the rust belt due to fraud while carrying Florida.

        • That’s the thing: Trump will win in a large enough landslide to overpower most Dem vote fraud operations. Perhaps not in California or New York, but certainly in the swing-states where it will count.

  24. Don’t recall an election where the lineup on the left consisted of so many CCP proxies. Sooner or later, that’s going to bite them. Who doesn’t wonder who He Jinli screwed to get the nomination.

  25. Like MLK, I have a dream. Trump wins and goes full Pinochet / Sulla on the Deep State. The 82nd Airborne and 2nd Marine Division are moved up to DC, surround the FBI, CIA, ATF, Pentagon, and other deep state headquarters, apprehends everyone in charge and takes them for helicopter rides.
    I know it’s a silly dream, that’s why I’m working on moving out to the country and buying even more ammo.

    • My thinking on that is that if Trump were serious in going after the Deep State then Wray would have been canned already. Which tells me they may have something on him. He does seem somewhat detached as of late, muzzled.

      • Eh, if they really have something on Trump why is lunatic Pelosi grandstanding about a 25th Amendment process that will never get past the Senate or VP’s approval this close to the election?

        Would she be crowing about this if internal polling showed an easy Biden win?

        • Good question, very good in fact

          All I know is Trump hasn’t been “pro active” in dealing with the Deep State, and that guy Wray. I don’t know why e hasn’t and so makes me wonder and speculate as to what is going on up there.

      • They have Trump on Trump.
        Trump is not a warrior, he’s not a killer. If a war starts it will be because the Dems overreach, or lose control of their pets; AND we miraculously find our balls.

        If Trump was going to do anything other than tweet, talk, and refer it to his lawyers he would have by now.

        We have no Commander, we have a Carny Barker. All Bark, no Bite.

        We need a Biter.

  26. How hard would it be to learn Hungarian? Or to teach a toddler Hungarian? Like the Anglo Saxons that fled Cunte and ended up at the Hungarian court, it seems like eastern europe might be it.

    • I stink at languages. Russian, Slovakian, Polish all seem like hard languages to learn, but I should probably pick one.

      • Paul Ramsey looked into a few years ago. I don’t know exactly what he found out, but they do not want Americans with no connection to the country moving into Hungary. I can’t blame them.

      • I’ve met Magyar! Big, dirty blonde and very light brown hair, light, light green eyes, similar to true Roma Gypsies (small, duskier, with curly hair).

        They made me guess, and it took a while, but I got it. I was carrying a phrasebook of 26 EE languages, I hope I won’t need it soon.

      • I mean if you can pay your own way, and willing to completely learn the language and culture- I don’t know how big of a problem it is. If you are German or Anglo Saxon like most white Americans, you probably even share a similar halogroup/ancestry to many Hungarians. The second biggest group in Hungry is I1-M253, which is what I am. I’m guessing the fact that Habsburgs ruled the area from Charles V/Ferdinand I to 1918 means Germanic genetics left a legacy.

        Plus anyone moving is likely to deeply reactionary, and probably have the genetics for right wing political attitudes- as Edward Dutton talks about it. I would be surprised if my kids are any less reactionary than my wife and I.

        But even after saying this- they have no obligation to take us in.

    • Eastern European languages are hard. I studied Russian (in Moscow) for about 14 months before throwing up my hands in despair. (But I’m in my sixties and middling in my ability to learn languages.) Hungarian is even harder. But a young person with sufficient motivation could probably learn enough to get by. If there is hope, it lies in the east.

      • Hungarian is the toughest European language to learn, even for travel. You can get by in most places without learning too much grammar, but Hungarian is one of those exceptions, according to people who study these things.

        • Hungarian is not in the Indo-European language family, unlike the Slavic languages, so it’s going to be more difficult for English speakers.

      • Noun conjugations like in Germanic languages are what kill for me: just too much info to keep in the noggin without going all-in on the language and half-forgetting English.

      • I tried picking up a little Bulgarian prior to visiting…I didn’t find it too terrible.

        Romanian isn’t bad either since it is a Romance language that shares some things with the other Romance languages.

    • Like the Anglo Saxons that fled Cunte

      Was this intentional? Either way, I had a chuckle.

      With regards to your other point, and I suspect other commenters may have beaten me to it: why would these people want us over there? Sure, in small numbers and with mastery of the language we may fit in – but in droves? Not so sure.

    • My grandfather is from Bologna Italy but his family tree includes Hungarians from way back. They settled in parts of that area. I guess I could always use my family tree as a way to escape to Hungary, a beautiful place. If not, Italy it is.

      • Budapest really is one of the world’s great cities. Highly recommend people visit if the chance arises.

        • I love that area. All the green, the rivers. Austria is beautiful too. As is the northeast of Italy. Oh man. Just thinking about makes me homesick. I guess love of that land is baked into my DNA and it feels like a home I’ve never had but calling me back.

          • Agree on Austria, the skiing just over the border from Garmisch and around Innsbruck is great.

            Even better is Northwestern Italy, in the Valle d’Aosta, which has been far and away my all-time best skiing experience.

          • You guys are making me drool.

            The dream is two months out making money, then, whatever city I’m in, throw a dart, buy a ticket- and go.

            Reykjavik, here I come!

            Antwerp, I hear ya!

            And Austria- omg, Austria at Christmas. I heard those Alpine towns look exactly like the Christmas cards. Except they hang their trees upside down from the rafters, so the boughs spread and the scent fills the haus.

          • I have family in Milan area (by Legnano) and we would drive from Como over the alps into Zurich, which is surprisingly heavily Turkish.

            But in those alps are scenes of beauty better than any postcard. Almost criminally beautiful.

          • And Austria- omg, Austria at Christmas.

            I was in Innsbruck around that time of year. The Xmas markets were great, you could buy a huge bread bowl of soup for 7 or 8 euro after a long day skiing.

      • My delightful friend Tom in the Beltway was “an Irishman from Hungary”. His ancestors had been taken there as slaves 400 years before. Maybe that’s our ticket?

        • I think the Celts originated from that area near Bolzano and Austria. And Hungary just down the road really a few hours.

    • Hungarian tends to be one of the most difficult languages simply because it shares very little with any other language.

      • So much meaning packed into that little bit of entymology. An entire history, unknown, yet- hope beyond hope- they survived, a living record.

      • There are theories tying it (and Basque) to Neanderthal languages – that’s how different they are, even from each other. The other thousands of languages all have obvious relatives.

  27. Trump’s best election strategy would be run against Harris and just ignore Joe Biden. Make the following points:

    1. Harris is barely even an American. Neither of her parents were citizens when she was born. Perhaps she isn’t even a natural-born citizen, as the Constitution requires the president to be. She was raised in Berkely, California and Montreal, Canada before returning to California. She has no understanding of, nor interest in, the people in flyover country.
    2. Harris is not “black” at all. She is an arrogant Indian brahmin and her arrogance shows through even in the campaign. Her presidential campaign collapsed before Iowa and she generally polled at about 2%. Her arrogance will increase by an order of magnitude once she’s in officce. Hint that she might force Biden out by fair means or foul. (He really should have procedures to have his food and water tested regularly for poison.)
    3. Kamela Harris got her start in politics as Willie Brown’s mistress (assuming various positions under Willie Brown, as Steve Sailer puts it). There was no secret about it. She performed her best political services on her back or on her knees.
    4. Harris is an emotional wreck. Her father deserted the family when she was two (what did he that he didn’t like?). She has no children and didn’t get married until she was in her 50s. And add in the emotional roller coaster of a mistress’s status.
    5. If Harry Truman was the “senator from Prendergast” (the political boss from Kansas City), Harris is the senator from Silicon Valley.

    Add to those points a campaign warning against massive electoral fraud, coupled with an aggressive litigation strategy to contest election results in key states and enough people might conclude that Biden/Harris will be a disaster and Trump has finally resolved to win.
    But I’m skeptical; not a likely strategy from a guy who planned a “Morning in America” campaign rerun a year ago.

    • I don’t understand why Trump isn’t running more hard-hitting ads showing creepy Joe fondling little girls, his mental decline, and yes, how Harris would be the de facto president on day one. With DVRing, maybe I just don’t watch as many ads as I used to.

  28. This is a rare time I completely disagree with you, not in the narrow sense the election results are meaningless as to policy–they have not meant jack shit for decades–but as to what they will represent. This will mark the end of free and fair elections in the United States. The 2016 contest would have (and kind of did) but the Left had no inkling they would lose. Here are the most likely results in order of probability.

    1. Results are not know election night, and possibly never are known. The Left engages in massive fraud and everything is dragged into courts. The Left ultimately prevails due to judicial complicity and fear from massive riots.
    2. Trump loses the popular vote and narrowly wins the electoral college after weeks of litigation. Essentially, the same as 2016 with massive rioting and feints at secession in West Coast states. Congress remains in Democrat hands and tension rises with impeachments, 24/7 hearings, and administrative opposition and refusal to follow orders. Trump hands off the presidency to Pence the third year into his term.
    3. An outright Biden win. Riots ensue as he fails to enact left-wing policy preferences rapidly enough. Out of fear, a Democrat-dominated House and Senate begin to pack the court, eliminate the filibuster, and start the process to dissolve the electoral college. Admission of new states hit too many snags, including opposition of voters in Puerto Rico. This scenario is just narrowly less likely the second one.
    4. An outright Trump re-elect with results known that night. This one is almost inconceivable.
    • Sixty years ago the presidential election was rigged. How many others were rigged in some way? I think what changes is more people realize that the last half century of civic nationalist mythology was all a lie. The people in charge have been lying to us for a very long time.

      • I’m surprised that you didn’t make more of the voter fraud peril as to how will affect Trump’s chances. Did I miss that?

      • Good points. But there have been elections since the JFK theft where the fingers weren’t on the scale or at didn’t seem to be. Rigged elections are about to become a permanent feature. Civic nationalist mythology indeed is dying rapidly. People will be cool with a police state as long as they have some wealth and aren’t oppressed outright. Not certain either of those things will last, though.

        • I think the police state will have more of a depressive effect.

          It goes unsaid, but the reality of life is that the reward America offers is not worth the effort to obtain it if you have any self-respect. So say you get rich, well that means you have to intertwine your existence with Jewry and political correctness and black worship. That’s a big disincentive. Who is going to want to bust their asses if that is the prize? Similarly, who is going to want to bust their ass if it means you make money but have minimal freedom and constantly living in fear of stepping on the wrong toes? Better off just dropping out and keeping your self-respect intact.

        • Get ready for the Left to implement, “the Mark of the Beast,” via social credit, financial incentives, and biosecurity tyranny.

          • If they can cut off your bank account a la Mark Collett-

            In a cashless world, you starve in a battered car with no gas.

            Been there. I lived in that car, and was banned from banks for seven years. You really don’t want to be waving your arms in the fog at the truck gate yelling, “hey! Lump your load for 30 bucks!”, along with a dozen other bums.

            (Three months before, I’d practically been sleeping in 3-piece suits. My world was brass, glass, and marble.)

          • When I first moved to L.A. I did something similar, with a meth head before I even knew what meth was, but we’d scrape money together and go from cheap hooker motel to cheap hooker motel on Sepulveda. This was for maybe one year. I don’t see how I did it looking back, but don’t want to be back in that place. Great stories though.

      • Wherever there is power, or money, or prestige, people will cheat in proportion of how much there is to gain to get it. The Presidency is the ultimate confluence of all three.

        The US Federal annual budget is literally TRILLIONS.

        Sure, they’ll be rigging/cheating on a massive scale. But team R wants to get it’s beak wet at that massive well just as badly as team D. They’ll fight just as hard for it.

    • Personal hypothesis is they are pumping the public polls to create a “Biden is inevitable” sentiment–though the internal polling is likely much different. So, should they lose, the color revolution gets turned on under the guise that “election fraud must have stolen the election”, but unlike 2016 they are prepared this time. The tech tyrants are ready to shut down any counter argument in social and regular media, the lawyers are in place and the mobs have been running dress rehearsals for months. “It puts the Biden in or else it gets the riots again”

      • Look at RealClearPolitics, 2020 Trump is outperforming 2016 Trump in the polls in swing states.

        The national polls are BS. Trump -16 nationally but just -2 in Florida?

        Trump is doing just fine. But he is still the underdog, even in 2016 it was highly improbable that he would win.

      • This is definitely happening already. “Bad” results won’t be acknowledged. This actually is the best result for those who want national dissolution to accelerate.

      • “It puts the Biden in or else it gets the riots again”

        I’m appropriating this quote. You’ll receive proper attribution but no bro-yalties.

      • Trump wins popular and electoral votes. Left sets hair on fire. Streets, fed and state governments, and courts resemble something between killing fields and WWE.
        Stock up now on food, water, and tp, at least

      • Spot on. While we were hoping for more time to prepare, the pros had more time to actually prepare.

  29. Dang Z. This take is discouraging – what’s it gonna take to get the revolution going? I want to see deep state heads rolling.

    • Not going to happen. Eventually things will come apart, but it won’t be because of us, it will be because what the Left are trying to do can’t be done.

  30. Great section on the media.

    There’s a variant of the Gell-Mann effect: today, thanks to the internet, we see and understand how fake media is, but we automatically assume that the media worked largely as advertised, back in the day, when the internet didn’t look over their shoulders. Nope, sorry, it was ALWAYS bullshit. All of it.

    Call it the Gell-Mann-Krull effect – if for no other reason than the cool name.

    • I interacted with the DC media back in the day.

      The media folk back then were your classic White liberal type. They didn’t like the Dirt people and wanted to rub their nose in diversity, but they didn’t want to completely overhaul the country, even if they were too stupid to realize that what they were pushing was going to lead to that result.

      They like living in a White country and wanted to rule that country. The wanted to run 1985 America.

      The new crop of media folk want to do more than rub our noses in diversity; they want vengeance. They hate 1985 America. They want something completely new.

      • The new crop of media folk want to do more than rub our noses in diversity; they want vengeance. They hate 1985 America. They want something completely new.

        Good point.

    • One thing my professor, a very wise Dutchman, told me that always stuck with me. Basically, all countries use propaganda but America is just better at it. The students were aghast (this was Reagan era and they didn’t want to believe it could be true).

    • I couldn’t agree more. The number one thing to keep in mind when looking at any historical event is to keep in mind the lying media was always lying.
      Take the lesson of Charlottesville and apply it backwards. Emmit Till was the Michael Brown and Travon Martin of his day. The “non-violent” “freedom riders” were as non-violent as the non-violent anti-racist Antifa.
      Charlottesville is a pretty amazing example of this. Every single person who attended Charlottesville had a high definition video camera with them and scores if not hundreds of those people had sizeable social media followers . Despite Charlottesville being the most videoed protest event of all time, the lying press has a large portion of Americans thinking a bunch of white supremacists went to Charlottesville to oppress the good people of color and attacked them for no reason whatsoever and that a white supremacist deliberately ran over a bunch of peaceful protestors. If the press has this kind of influence in 2017, just imagine how much they had when nobody but them had the ability to reach anyone, consumer video cameras did not exist (just 8mm film) and even still cameras were expensive to purchase and operate.

      I recently read the first few chapters of White Power by G.L. Rockwell and they are filled with headlines that could have been written today. The lying press was always an activist left-wing organization at least for the last century.

      • My gosh, that made the past bloom and bloom again in my mind.

        In many ways, the times were shockingly savage- yet it was all ignored, or made to seem normal, fringe eddies in the Long Grill of the postwar peace.

        (I mean, Samoan surfers in San Bernadino carrying pliers to pull out a tooth after doing a “curbie”, breaking an arm or fingers against a curb with a 2×4– we don’t even remember those guys against the union Mob assaults, black pimps and streetwalkers, Cuban bloody hits, Lefty bombings and United Slaves…and riots every where MLK appeared!)

        • LOL. I sometimes will be sitting having a beer at a pub and with old friends, and the shit that used to be a daily occurrence just boggles the mind. The violence, the savagery of everything. But it seemed normal. And then I talk to these millennials, and it’s like their lives have been so sheltered. That may explain the appeal of busting up the city as antifa.

          • A good portion of them just use it as an excuse to do antisocial stuff without any of the usual consequences.

  31. The “Biden up by 16” opinion “poll” reminds me of the great quote by Peter Hitchens:

    “Opinion polls are a device for influencing public opinion, not a device for measuring it. Crack that, and it all makes sense.”

    • “The polls are over sampling Democrats!” Was Mitt Romney’s favorite cope circa October 2012

      • They were. He was just to weak to stand up to media pressure, and he hated anyone to his right. GOP liberals do not know how to defeat Democrat liberals. But the media knows how to neuter the Stupid Party cucks.

        • And the polls today continue oversampling, possibly even more so than 2016, as part of the ongoing Marxist psychological warfare campaign against America.

      • Maybe I’m harping on you too much, but you’re just dead wrong here. Perhaps it’s merely a signifier of advanced age, but pretty much no one above the age of 30 considered Romney a serious contender. Whatever copes he spouted forth we’re just what he had to say to play the game.

      • Romney and McCain both made a point to pull their punches against Barry O’Bama; McCain in particular is a guy who should have lost every state.

      • Nobody wanted to vote for that asshole Romney, least of all GOP voters. Ditto for the previous corrupt asshole McCain. Then came Trump. Think on that.

        • I’d recommend separating your preferred outcome from the most likely one.

          Its a lesson I learned the hard way in 2012z

  32. I do recall getting up the morning after the election in 2016 and pulling out my phone to see how badly Trump lost and if he maybe carried Ohio and then thinking “Wuh?!?”

    • Not me. I stayed up until 3 a.m. I couldn’t sleep until the wooden stake was driven into the witch’s heart.

        • You bet. We had a little party, even, and I fell asleep on the couch.

          My dear, wonderful oldest sister lived long enough to see it- we were at her place- it meant the world to her, a lifelong FDR Democrat (born in 1935).

      • I believed the polls so I didn’t even pretend to hope.
        Something else forgotten is the number of conservatives who either didn’t vote, or voted while holding their nose the last time. Just listened to some Trump on Rush, I had forgotten how much of a verbal bomb-thrower that dude is (Trump, not Rush). He didn’t even wait for one bomb to go off before he started chucking more out the side. He’s good for entertainment if nothing else.

  33. Even factoring in the lock down, the energy level of this election is dramatically lower than 2016. Trump supporters are a bit disappointed in him and don’t feel the same animosity toward Biden (though they would toward Harris if they paid attention). Biden supporters still hate Trump but are lukewarm about their candidate at be best.

    There’s also the sense that not much is really going to change regardless of who wins. Trump isn’t going to build the wall. Biden’s a leftover Dem who won’t rock the boat much.

    I also think that the country is coming to grips with the fact that we’re never going to “overcome our differences.” The troubled married couple is slowly beginning to realize that all the counseling in the world isn’t going to make them like each other again. They don’t want to face what that means, but it’s becoming less and less avoidable.

    • People forget that turnout in the Dem primaries was not great. Trump got 130K votes running unopposed in NH, while the Dem field drew 250K. In 2016, the Dems drew about the same, while the Republicans drew 250K. Given that NH is an open system, those numbers suggest inherent weakness in the Dem numbers. This pattern turned up all over until they shut it down and installed Biden.

      There is a John Dean vibe to the Biden campaign. His biggest fans are in the mass media.

      • I have been assuming there is no way Trump can win due to the ballot harvesting the Biden campaign will do. He doesn’t seem to be outperfoming his support in 2016 either. His margins in key states were so thin in 2016 Trump needed to perform better there to make up for increased fraud and demographic changes.

        • He spent 4 years talking about “lowest black, Hispanic, asian, and women” unemployment at his rallies filled with angry white men. How humiliating.

          Now that the election is near, he goes anti-anti white again, banning CRT. Just like he talked about ending anchor babies before 2018.

          Now, in term of facts, he has been good for white people- changes to refugee admissions, lowering immigration, lowering opioid overdoses.

          He may win through the courts, around the mail in ballots. Probably not. If he loses it will be because he listened to Kushner and not Bannon.

          • “If he loses it will be because he listened to Kushner and not Bannon”

            Save some of the blame for all the Covid cultists on this side of the aisle. They told seniors their lives didn’t matter, so now grandma is voting for Biden. After the election, you’ll still have to wear those masks and you’ll still have lockdowns, only the entire weight of the federal government will be enforcing them. Nice going there geniuses. Maybe you should have prioritized winning over fake machismo and “owning the libs.”

          • I have bad news for you. The only category of immigration that’s been reduced is refugee resettlement. Oddly enough, the “FY19 immigration yearbook” statistics should be out by now, given that we’re in FY21 but for some reason that’s not the case.

          • Trump has been as good to us as he was capable of being.
            The problem being he was completely incapable of defending us or our gains.
            We lost freedom of religion, assembly, public safety, free speech – under Trump.
            I will vote for him again, but expect no reversals of the fortunes of 2020. The man cannot fight.

            He never learned how.

      • Absolutely. Biden is nobody’s first choice among Dems, except maybe those very aging working-class White guys who pay zero attention to what politicians actually say and continue to act like it’s 1965. (I’m related to one of them.)

        I’d even argue that the hatred for Trump doesn’t glow as hot for many White Dems. (Not sure blacks or Hispanics ever did hate Trump.) They still hate him personally – especially, liberal Upper Midwesterns who truly can’t stand his NYC personality – but Trump simply hasn’t been the dictator they predicted as much as they try to convince themselves.

        Assuming a lack of voter fraud (a big “if”), this election, even more than most, will be about turnout, as in, which side’s turnout will fall more.

      • The Real Clear Politics aggregate has Trump performing 0.6 points better in the top battleground states now compared with 2016. This probably predicts a similar Electoral College scenario to 2016. I could see an EC total anywhere from 330 or so for Trump to the same total for Biden. Biden will win the popular vote, of course, but that doesn’t matter.

        • Hillary didn’t win the popular vote in 2016. Think vote fraud in the dark-blue states (and others, come to think of it).

          • Again, Cook County (Chicago) claimed 3M for Her, while the NSA- yes, that NSA, the National Security Agency- counted 12M for Him.

            Obama’s friends in the media remember the key to any Big Lie is repetition, repetition, repetition.

            (Plus there’s that little matter of 5M fraudulent votes in California alone, so factcheck Jim Smith: true

        • “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact”

          Learn to love it, because if Trump pulls up another Electoral college upset, I can guarantee you enough states will sign onto this end-run around the electoral college to where small states never need to bother voting again.

          (“Small states” = all states not TX, CA, or NY)

          • I know its the age of LARPING so working the system is what is in vogue and the right choice now.
            Heck a Trump victory might put an end to that at the supreme court level.
            However the US is already in an economic collapse spiral we won’t pull out of and way too many people are think Civil War is inevitable to put much a stop to that.
            Get yourself ready and make some dangerous friends because we are a few years out from the time when everybody on all sizes spontaneously realizes the Hutu were behaving sensibly given their circumstances and that only one people can live in one polity.

  34. Quote:

    ” In reality, this election will probably not be all that interesting or consequential.”

    Couldn’t agree less with that statement.

    • I don’t think it’s as consequential as it’s made out to be, but it may be the last time we genuinely get to vote for a president rather than a slate of party-approved apparatchiks.

      • The Swamp will still be in place, the Anti-White Racism will still be in place.

        I found it comforting that he said that, a sober assessment.

        But then, I’m always dialed to “Eleventy! Extinction Level Event!!”, so I could use a bit of sobering.

    • I too have to disagree with that assessment. I’ve seen too many twatter clips on line both from activists and from members of the last administration who have worked in various departments and this time around there is a “something” in the air, so to speak. Too many of them are not only openly calling for “something to be done” with their political opposition once they have control back, but several of these people – almost exclusively non-white of course – are laying the groundwork for how to actually accomplish it. That and we all know that this crowd has a very bloodthirsty streak and it’s obvious they smell blood in the water. Should Biden win, they’ll slip the choke chain and not only will they not be able to help themselves, people such as Biden, Pelosi and Hoyer, will not be able to stop them.
      What’s worse is that a fairly large number of those under the age of 40 don’t seem to have a problem with this, especially when you factor in the idea of taking everything their opposition has and redistributing it to them. Add to that the fact that Biden has said that he will “integrate” the suburbs with Booker’s ghettoid invasion plan and it spells a living hell every single friggen day for what’s left of the average white, working-class American.

      • Those millions of guns and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo were purchased for just this contingency.

        • My Dear Sir absprosper,
          as regards the contingency-

          We may only hope so.
          Because with zero organization hope is all we have.

          I have some contingent experience, I assure you its not a day at the range.

          In truth I think you’ll find we’re the enemies weapons depot, common enough in war. The Taliban, Stonewall Jackson, Micheal Collins, Mao all profited greatly from their well stocked, ill led opponents, as did ISIS.

          In our case we’re not led at all.
          Nor are we “well regulated” ~ most people miss that part. That meant well organized, trained, supplied. A unit in other words. We have zero of all, this will cost us dearly.
          We idiotically in our radical individualism focused on the individual right to keep and bear arms _ missing the point entirely.

          You really think if us being armed was a threat we’d have anything? If we were a real problem we couldn’t own baseball bats.

          Better pray that enough of the police and military defect or go pirate to make up the difference. War ain’t baseball, the individual is NOTHING.

          • If it happens it won’t be Army vs Army but 4th Gen stuff , Asymmetrical warfare where on man lie Kyle or a few men can make a huge difference. Aufgstaktiks all the way down.
            In any case our ability to organize isn’t that bad, Even a tiny town like Klamath Falls Oregon was able to put 2000 men on the ground , that was nearly 10% of its population, maybe more depending on how many minors.
            There have been others too.
            What there isn’t is a national ideology. That means a lack of clear victory conditions beyond “we each get our own homogeneous polity.”
            The last outcome is ugly is preserving the nation in some form is essential but baring that ideology, its the best victory condition.

  35. >>Harris is so obnoxious that she will be voted out in the following election, regardless of who the GOP nominates. <<

    In a sane, White county, yes. We no longer live in that place.

    • Once Florida or Texas flip – or maybe even Georgia or Arizona – the Dems will be able to run a chicken sandwich and win. Whether that’s 2024, I don’t know, but it’s likely not later than 2028 or 2032.

      But it’ll take White Republicans a decade or two to figure out that they have no chance. They’ll keep acting the same well into the 2030s by which time, we’ll truly be screwed, and that’s when it get interesting.

          • In my visits to MA I wonder if the GOP ever thought to run as the anti-corporate party that would rail against turning the state into an even more crowded hell-hole where what’s left of the nature there continues to fall to the developer’s plow. My thinking is “no”.

          • MA rates 47th among the states in fiscal health. Public sector pension liabilities are hopelessly underfunded and MassHealth (medicare) eats up close to half of the present budget. The unsustainable growth is just their way of delaying the inevitable.

          • Give more of NE to R, SW and mountain W to D. Something like that.

            Goodwhites are fleeing the coasts, blacks will follow them, hispanics won’t be monolithically D as expected.

          • Instead of voting 90/10 for Democrats like blacks do, Hispanics will break 70/30, maybe 60/40 on a really exceptional day.

          • Yep. Given their numbers, that’s a huge break for Republicans. They’ll own depressed white/hispanic states in the wake of this new great migration. That might be temporary unless demographic trends change, but it buys a little time. Or hispanics shift towards Republicans. I see evidence of it every day, but I have no idea if it’ll last.

            Of course I’d rather whites get their heads out of their asses, but the End of the World isn’t guaranteed. New day, new battles.

          • we will have to fight.
            We likely will, facing extinction.
            We will suffer far worse than was necessary had we organized as our enemies did.

            As for the Hispanics they came here to be white. Like the Italians did.

            Neither you know wants to be Black. Lol.

          • Blacks are going to historically break 20/80 against trump, and possibly 25/75 (you heard it here first). Hispanics will break close to 50/50, and possibly majority-Trump (you heard that here first too). We’ll see in 3 weeks.

          • That is some first rate hopium, my friend. Not happening.

            Also funny to see supposed “white nationalists” getting on the based Hispanics and based blacks wagon after a few polls showed that they increased their support for Republicans by 5%.

            I’ll give you a shout out after the election if you’re right, admitting my mistake.

          • It may be part of the element Hopium, B, but I don’t think it’s in any part Unobtainium. 😉

          • Agree.

            Trump will win.
            And then we see what the other side will do ~ and we’d better have our own counters at least mentally. This guy Trump will.not.fight. Would that it were different. Of course I’m going to vote for him, but don’t delude yourselves that elections decide anything.

          • I went on 270towin.com and tried to game out a rust belt/sun belt realignment.

            The overwhelming takeaway was that when Texas goes, it’s over, period.

            GOP could pull off losing AZ, GA, and NC if they replace them with PA, MI, WI, NH, and MN. But when TX goes, see ya.

          • this is all up in the air now because of the great covid migration. unfortunately the new Yorkers fleeing caumo’s police state will destabilize a lot of formerly red states. They never learn, and always take their voting habits with them . they are like locusts , ruing one state with leftists voting , them move to a nice red state and vote for all the things they just left

        • Um, California going for the GOP? I could maybe see Whites in Washington and Oregon waking up as the brown horde invades their neighborhoods, but California.

          I suspect that future presidential electoral maps will resemble this but on a national scale.


          And then this:


          Finishing here:


        • Interesting! Maybe cleave off coastal California from the Bay Area south and southern Arizona and New Mexico over to west Texas. What is left in the West looks like a pretty good Great White Homeland. Some, ahem population transfers may be necessary in a few areas like western Washington state and Oregon, Denver/Boulder, etc.

          New England is weird and should have been a separate nation from the beginning.

          • Present day New England bears no demographic resemblance to colonial New England. Only ~10% have English ancestry. The largest ethnic groups are the Irish and Italians.

      • Sailer Strategy + Dem=black party means the Republians could keep winning.

        Sailer is a genius, SS was 2016 and dem=BP is coming true in 2020. By accident.

        Unfortunately the GOP’s goal is to pacify whites until we are too small to count.

          • Sailer actually has a two-pronged attack.

            First, the GOP should focus on increasing the % of Whites voting Republican rather than pandering to POC.

            Second, brand the Democratic Party as the “Black” Party to drive a wedge into the Coalition of the Fringes and reduce turnout among Hispanics and Asians and maybe even turn a few to the GOP.

            It’s a good strategy IF it was used to get enough support in Congress to pass an immigration moratorium.

            Unfortunately, the GOP would 1) never follow the Sailer Strategy out of fear of being called a racist by the media and 2) never push for immigration restrictions if they did have power.

          • I could see that happening in the coming years if today’s millennial commies feel betrayed by the cause. I maintain they’re not ideologues, just angry. That anger would make them ardent fascists.

          • I read a book once where these SA guys were showing their communist badges to the interviewer from the year before. They laughed about it.

          • the white leftists becoming white fascists is totally in keeping with historical norms.
            We should welcome them; they’re fighters.

          • Not sure I’d want to go down that road, but it’s a possible future that has to be considered and planned for, certainly.

          • If getting called raciss by sniveling media dorks is what stops the GOP every time, the obvious thing to do is what Trump does. Attack the media directly, first with rhetoric and then legislation once you gain power. There are all kinds of legal shenanigans that could be done to essentially cripple the mass media. At this point the media is a 4th branch of government and the most powerful one in terms of its ability to mobilize mobs to support or oppose things. It needs to be destroyed, not argued with.

            The Left is composed of a few smart people choreographing the movements of numerous factions of angry, stupid people who don’t much like each other. The latest episode of this whole sorry screenplay is read out every night by those media dorks in 5th grade English and the muppets take up their positions as they’re told.

            Then again for this you would need a GOP that actually wanted to win and achieve something and that’s not going to happen until the Trumpist wing of the party takes over and purges the loser-cons.

          • “The GOP should focus on increasing the % of Whites voting Republican rather than pandering to POC.” Why not do both? Wait. Trump IS doing both.

          • That the Republican party needs to become the party of the white working class in order to win.

            It was always just a theory but Trump actually pulled it off in 2016, perhaps inadvertently.

          • He definitely intended it. In fact, it was the basis of his campaign. Then they hit him with white supremacy and he buckled.

            ’White Supremacy’ is a dog whistle for white working class interests.

        • That’s not going to happen. The democrat party controls so much of the media and the institutions they can just demonize Whites and keep all minorities voting Dem, which is what they do anyway. It’s very effective. Further, the polls are showing Trump losing White support as he courts minorities, especially in the ‘burbs and among educated Whites. This probably indicates that it’s not possible for the Republicans to pick up appreciable amounts of working class White and Hispanic votes without also losing snobby Whites to the other side, which will more than offset whatever marginal gains they make among those groups. Thus, the GOP is doomed for decades to come.

          • Good grief, who cares what happens to the GOP?
            They never cared what happened to us.
            At least our enemies openly hate us, the GOP betrays us.
            Betraying whites is the GOPs core business. The rest is just enrichment.

    • >>Harris is so obnoxious that she will be voted out in the following election, regardless of who the GOP nominates. <<

      In a sane, White county, yes. We no longer live in that place.

      Agreed. This is all based on the premise that America elected a creepy guy that fondles and sniffs children and who is obviously suffering from dementia. If America can elect Biden, there’s no reason that it can’t elect an obnoxious bitch. Hell, a majority voted for Hillary Clinton.

      • People see what they want to see. We see a psychopathic whore; AWFLs see the first woman president. Nothing is more important to a narcissist than validation.

          • Did Trump not get a majority of of the white woman vote ?

            Normal married white women worry about a future for their children, well most of them do

    • Such pessimism is unnecessary. The Donks have lost the common working man, regardless of colour, creed, ethnicity, blah blah blah.
      You can’t run a business or raise a family in a CHAZ zone. Nor can you do that with endless lockdowns. If you are black with an IQ > 85, you know the ghetto needs more cops, not less. The left is not nudging us, they are flogging us. They have a stick, but no carrot. The result of that is usually dead horses.
      As our host says, Sportzball got a steel toed boot up the arse. ESPN is on the ropes and is preparing to hand out pink slips. Guys… that’s huge. Normie has Begun To Notice. I strongly suspect Lefty has to. Maybe all this will finally force him to change his ways?

      • I hope that you are right about normie, but I see little evidence of it. You are certainly correct that the Left will eventually kill the horse. They will have a dead horse on their hands. So will the rest of us.

        • Given that Whites allowed “free markets” to cut their effective wages in half over 40 years or so, who is the stupid one again?
          For many people no amount of work they do will get you anything but behind , its understandable they go for State solutions.

      • If the Left whites change their ways get ready for Swastikas.
        No you won’t enjoy it, but there are worse things.

    • The refusal of Biden and Harris to answer the Supreme Court packing question makes it clear they intend to pack the Court if they win the presidency and both houses of Congress. This will also require doing away with the filibuster, which they have also indicated they will do. Try voting your way out of that once it happens.

  36. I’m not a shy Trump voter. I’ve had a large Trump sign on my property for several weeks. Plus I get to annoy my liberal neighbors.

    If Biden wins, the FBI/CIA/KGB types will double down on their skullduggery. Those dissidents who want acceleration may get more of it than they bargained for.

    • There will be acceleration regardless of who wins. With a Trump victory, the gas pedal will just go down harder.

      • My problem with Trump is he talks tough, acts clever.
        The tough talk excites his voters, which terrified PTB.
        So when they couldn’t get him, they went after all of us – and he went right along, destroying the work of decades economically with the COVID scam. Then when the Riots began he barked ~ then did nothing.

        He’s a barker; but now we’re in a fight that he was and is the frontman for – and we’re left to face the music. Leaderless.
        There is no worse crime than to summon your army to the field then abandon them ~ and folks that is what Trump did. We are leaderless and so powerless _ and worse we think we have a leader.

        The man did good things for us, then he failed us and has opened the door to Hell – while he ran for the Exit.

        This is why we need a Biter, not a Barker.

        • Any member of the DR who relies on a politician or a party is a fool. Ultimately, we are all that matters. Pols and parties provide us only with oblique help or hindrance.

  37. Ford would not have been able to run in 1980. The 22nd Amendment limits a president to two full terms or one term and two years. Ford served about two years and five months of Nixon’s second term.

    • This is why TPTB will wait until January 2023 before sending Biden out to pasture.

      My understanding is that, if necessary, Heels-Up could serve as a type of regent under the 25th Amendment without actually taking the office prior to that.

      As long as ‘Mala does not officially assume the office until 1/2 the term is done, she can run again in 2024 and 2028. 10 whole years of her!

      • Not sure why this was down-voted as that’s the exact sort of scheme the left would pull: they don’t have to take Biden out since they can just permanently sideline him and pretend someone else is in charge. It might not even me Kamala, it might be whoever the Chief of Staff is. The challenge for them will probably be in keeping Biden alive.

        • No, they have to take him out. The President still has the role of being head of government and interfacing with the rest of the world. Memewar isn’t wrong is saying they can’t work through that, but the conclusion is wedded in the usual “Jews run da world and we must name” schtick that never makes much sense in he scale of governance referred to.

      • I can’t really see her winning an election in 2024, I don’t know much about her but I watched the “debate” with Pence. she seems strange to me, no matter what Pence said she had this strange fake smile, and her voice was annoying, to my Irish ears most American accents sound ok, but Kamala for some reason sounded terrible, I don’t know why
        she seems like a psychopath to me, (most politicians are) but she’s not good at hiding it. she got 3% in the Dem primary and could be President in 2022, crazy

        She’s only in the Senate because California is the land of fruits and nuts

        Rat boy Ted Cruz and a long line of Republicans must be praying Biden wins so they can beat Kamala in 2024

        • Demographics are why she can win.

          See California and the second governorship of Jerry Brown for a perfect example.

        • Well she’s in the Senate because she shagged Willie Brown White.

          Had Monica Lewinsky STFU and not blabbed to Jonah Goldberg’s Mom she’d be Senator Lewinsky.

          Willie Brown is a CA democratic power broker, Kamala his cast off mistress. Kamala married JJJ, she’s Bindy enough for google, Black enough to fool the others for a time, here we are.

  38. I remember somebody saying that in 2016 Trump was really running against the media. And while not the whole truth, it was certainly a big part of it.

    I think he should do that again. Enemy of the people and all that. He should attack them directly every time. “Oh, so I’m debating you now” vs Chris Wallace was a good start.

    It’s a good political move, because even “conservatives” hate the “mainstream” (i.e., left-wing) media.

    But it’s a political win and also a metapolitical win, because completely discrediting the scumbags in the media is important for /our/ thing.

    • I just can’t believe anything, ANYTHING the US media peddles anymore. Even the whole “FBI stops Right Wingers/Antifa in Michigan” story….I can’t help but wonder how much of it is just straight up made from whole cloths Goebbels levels propaganda?

      • I know it’s fake when it’s a caricature of “the right”

        Rednecks in chicago yelling “this is maga country!” And throwing a noose at jussie.

        Kavanaugh laughing maniacally as he proceeded to force his penis into Blasey Ford’s hand.

        A dumb redneck in the woods, with a Confederate flag on his pickup truck, part of the Wolverine Warriors militia.

        Just too perfect. I don’t buy it, but maybe the nice white ladies will. Whitmer is evil and stirs up revulsion from my inner core.

        • Though suspect if their little caper were successful the plotters would quickly find they wandered into a real life version of “The Ransom of Red Chief”.

        • All they need to see is White.

          He could be dressed as Stalin, he’s White male.
          Case closed.

      • It was set up, another stupid gentile didn’t notice that its frame job at the beginning when an informant recorded the whole thing and paid by you guess it Bureau
        Those guys talking about stereotype conservative stuff such as lock down that hurting economy, there’s no hint to some sort of racial supremacy
        And have no actual evidence these anarchists capabilities to perform terrorist things

        But our media said they are white therefore white supremacist anyway
        Apparently political meeting of six white looking guys is deadly enough as ISIS beheaded journalist
        I know its all another false flag and Psy-op, but the point is TPTB planning to white-Hunting season wide open

      • Just watching them bend over backward to avoid mentioning the juvie miscreant that was shot was carrying an illegal handgun and shot at the officer first. Have read several MSM articles over the past few days that don’t even mention that *little* detail.

  39. I’m still trying to understand what the hell is going on in the minds of whites who are voting democrat at this point. Take out the accelerationists, the muh vagina/nasty woman vote, and the “fellow white people” like Tim Wise, and you’re still left with a solid number of well-meaning but delusional people. I just have to assume they’ve had no experience of what diversity really means. People talk about “cucks” but those are the David French types who get off on losing; these whites remind me less of cuckoos and more of the Seabirds of Gough Islands, the birds who lived without predators for so long that when a ship finally introduced rats, the birds would literally just sit there and let the rats eat the brains out of their heads. I’ve seen these retarded “We Believe” signs all over my white suburb and all I can think is “Christ, just slit your children’s throats; at least it will be faster.”

    • This is evolutionary. I see several types as well- The ones who aren’t kumbayah universalist Christians, who genuinely believe all humans are God’s Children, are smarter secular types who have an understanding of biology- those types genuinely think their position on diversity makes them better than us in every way. They see themselves as riding the top of the wave of diversity, and therefore evolution, because they think that not only is it inevitable, but it’s also morally superior, and that moral superiority correlates highly with evolutionary superiority, in a world they are creating and have created, and clearly agency is another sign of evolutionary superiority, and they see their increasing influence throughout society as proof of their agency and therefore evolutionary superiority. We are static heathens to them, to be left on the evolutionary trash heap, yesterday men as the Zman says. The other group is naither the naive do-gooder Christian type white nor the biologically “self aware” type, but the mimetic humanoid useful idiots. That’s my take anyway.

      • The left doesn’t hate instinct in service to the drive to survive so much as they hate to see this in white people. They’ve been celebrating the “Natural Man” in non-whites since Josephine Baker was dancing in a banana skirt in cabarets. It’s hard for people who haven’t been “educated” in Europe to understand how much post-War(s) Continental philosophy is driven by this logic: “World War I destroyed every belief system that came before it, and World War II destroyed any chance for belief or meaning. Therefore anyone who is happy, shows interest in the future, a drive to survive, cannot be trusted and is somehow immoral.” I think this explains how they can call Trump an “anti-Semite” despite the fact that he loves Jews (I remember an “Apprentice” episode where he fired someone for anti-Semitism). Trump likes life, food, women, etc. and has kids and grandkids, which would be endearing if he were non-white but makes him suspect because he’s European. One is supposed to always be in a morose fog. If you’re happy you’re obviously not thinking about the Holocaust. Thus, Trump is an anti-Semite by this logic.

        • This comports rather well with Evan Sayet’s thoughts about the liberal mind; that because no system of morality has ever eliminated poverty, strife and war, the only answer is: the problem lies in trying to be right or moral at all. The very attempt to apply standards to people results in different outcomes, and is therefore discriminatory. So if someone somewhere is happy and prosperous while someone else is not, is taken as de facto evidence of injustice. If whites are more successful than another group it can only mean they have cheated.

        • They only hate seeing it in white people if whites aren’t pozzed/globohomo.

          Of course anything goes in non whites- they are either noble savages quaintly reminding them of the evolutionary path of all hominids, and therefore our shared humanity, or beings so different, yet with so much potential, as to give leftists a sense of purpose in the ‘blank canvas’ they present, as long as your optimistic, which is another evolutionary mark of a good leftist. Speaking of which, who you spoke of are just one subgroup of the left. It’s true, I forgot to mention them; I left out a lot of the different subgroups to focus on a few that figure prominently in my brain- the depressed, anhedonic, guilt ridden nihilist cat ladies and their male counterparts. The other group though are the smart cosmopolitans winning at life who assume it’s we who are in the morose fog because we can’t adapt, are losers, or even worse, can’t get over our racism, the price for which sin(maladaptation) being that we shall be made evolutionarily redundant as they see it. They rule over and use their morose left subgroup as a tool. We have both groups on the right too. Guilt free, winning capitalists who have more old school tendencies RE: race and don’t try hard enough at inclusion, and angry people. Angry at being unsuccessful in capitalism, angry at moral decadence /degeneracy, chaos and social upheaval. The idea these people are all just neurotic, anhedonic nihilists in a depressed fog I think is a mistake.

          My mind see’s a couple ways of analyzing things here, as well as outcomes. 1. Globalist capitalism/diversity is an early stage anthropocene evolutionary model that must be scrapped as it is epigenetically triggering whites on both sides- the depressed and angry of the left(who need to have their inner racists awakened) who actually had functional roles in traditional societies despite not being leaders, and the depressed and angry of the right(it’s a myth that conservative masculine men don’t suffer depression or that if they do this signifies some sort of genetic brokenness) and they need to join forces against it. Our conceptualization of existence must be reordered to a group model that is racially aware, instead of the opportunist individualist model that is globalist/capitalism, in order to even preserve individualist values, which are inherently European as I think we all know.

          2. Globalist capitalism is destiny and evolution and it needs to make redundant the depressed, the angry, those that can’t hack it, by it’s less inclusive right wing and more inclusive left wing, joining forces and casting aside the losers at life, precipitating an evolutionary extinction event, at least as far as it concerns whites.

          3.High functioning knuckle draggers kill everyone else/make them their bitches to be king of the mountain in a post apocalypse.

          4.High functioning leftists kick off the global orgy and we all die of Super AID’s or reversion into semi retarded mongrel Turd World Idiocracy.

          There are lots more possibilities. Feel free to add you guys or just give me your thoughts…

        • Wrote a response I would have loved to have heard feedback on and poof, into the ether it has gone. Bloody hell. I’ll try again later, because I think I made some important points.

          • Nevermind, there it is. My apologies to Zman, I don’t know what it is about this site or the device I am using or my internet connection, but I find myself having to double and triple tap the post comment button to even get any indication the comment has posted, and of course it then informs I’ve already posted or am posting too fast. I notice these piling up in the total comments number tally even though we can’t see them, so I know I am making you work harder to deal with these boomer tech hiccups- I don’t know how to make this device function more normally and I don’t trust the posting system so I will probably continue hitting the button until it shows me the comment posted. Apologies in advance. It also does something similar when upvoting a comment. I’ll click one time and it will give 3 or 4 or 5 ticks up. I usually attempt to then downvote till it is where I meant it to be, but sometimes I’m too lazy.

          • Sometimes if board active the apparent multiple upvotes are other people voting up at same time. Just a refresh function.

          •  I concur that there is I concur that there is something I concur that there is something goofy I concur that there is something goofy as as you can see from this example 😠

            (Not a joke, the above is straight voice typing. Almost impossible to edit on my Android.)

          • Lmao. God, I’ve been typing all this stupid shit out on my phone. What a sucker!

            When I reread some of it, i go back and forth between ideas with such crappy punctuation and run on sentences, it’s not much more coherent than your above post. May as well switch to voice!

        • “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!” Well, I am outraged, but not at the targets they demand.

      • Except:
        1) They have a TFR of nothing, and therefore have no evolutionary future of any kind.
        2) They tend to live very far away from diversity and interact with it little beyond maybe a maid service or the lawn mower. Whites that live around diversity, especially the black kind, is actually a huge factor in predicting whether you are a trump voter or not. Preach like MLK, live like the KKK.
        It is far more predictive and valuable to just conceptualize it as a religion for bored and spoiled white cat ladies. This isn’t a mad genius four-d chess move. It’s the ramblings of the apocalyptic cult.

        • They have enough TFR to wipe us out. We’re so passive we’re not even fish, whites are plankton. Plankton absolutely have higher TFR than whales.
          It doesn’t save the plankton.

          You chose to avoid organizing because of risk as certain doom approached, live and die with the choice.

          No one is coming to save you, they shouldn’t either; you refuse to save yourselves.

          1. You may be addressing a substantial portion of the more rank and file, but how many of these cloud people do there really need to be to rule from above, especially the more automation is introduced? The most successful, happy ones, pairbond and procreate, even if they aren’t having a dozen kids and it’s only replacement rate.
          2. That’s why they are globalists/multikult- they bring the approved diversity in highly filtered quality and limited quantity, to them- They don’t subject themselves to the pandemonium of the plebes. It’s a biological given the diversity in the elite circles will continue to be minorities, and their neighborhoods(if they even live in a ‘neighborhood’, more likely a sprawling rural manor you can’t even see the Indian tech billionaire neighbor from) until the age of their children or grandchildren in which full deracination has been achieved-their hope anyway . They love having a Henry Louis Gates in their neighborhood.

          It may be more satisfying to conceptualize them as crazy depressed cat ladies but I don’t want to underestimate the enemy, this way, all my bases are covered. I prefer to steel man them so that we can be more thorough in formulating strategies.

        • TFR changes. Food becomes scarce women stop menstruating. These things fluctuate. Similarly, I stopped worrying about dysgenic breeding and lower IQ. Impossible to know what it will look like 50yrs out. Although i will hazard a guess that africa is looking at a huge die off within 50 yrs.

          • When external aid ends. Not from a deliberate choice, rather the West will have more pressing issues at home.

      • When you find yourself in downtown Minneapolis surrounded by a large group of Somalians remember the the old saying “there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met”.

      •  They see themselves as riding the top of the wave of … evolution,”

        Quite possible, and ironically completely failing to see that they are going against evolution.

        • There’s no such thing as “going against evolution,” because evolution has no goals.

          We’re all taught in school that evolution relies on “natural selection” also described as “survival of the fittest.”

          Well, let’s break down “survival of the fittest.” “Survival” is obvious — what goes on to reproduce in the next generation.

          But what about “fittest?” There is no more concise definition for “fittest” in evolutionary terms than “that which survives.” An animal might look like hell on wheels, an unstoppable planet-dominating force by an observer’s estimation, but if it doesn’t actually survive — say due to a sudden change in conditions — then it wasn’t actually fittest. So, “fittest” means nothing other than “that which survives.”

          Now lets do a little word replacement.

          “Survival of that which survives.”

          Oops. That is a tautology. It has no information content. Yet that is a fundamental “idea” upon which the entire theory of evolution is based. It has no predictive or descriptive power.

          Back to what Edward Dutton calls the “spiteful mutants” of the left. For many millennia, being hardier, smarter and saner than the next guy was seemingly a recipe for survival. Yet today, that’s no longer true. Modern technology hasn’t short-circuited “Survival of that which survives” because you can’t short-circuit a tautology, but it has caused people who would not have survived in previous generations to survive. Being smart, hardy and sane is no longer a requirement, it’s no longer even necessarily beneficial in a world where the loudest shrieking harpies and lunatics set the bounds of our culture of victim worship.

          Now, this situation doesn’t have to last very long. If you believe the meteor impact theory of the end of the Cretaceous era, the environmental changes from that didn’t last very long in a geological sense. But they didn’t have to, to kill the dinosaurs. Survival of what survived still worked (of course it’s impossible for a tautology not to work), the immensely fit dinosaurs suddenly weren’t. And then they were gone. If things had shaken out just a little different, if they had been able to hold out, they could have continued to dominate the planet.

          Our technological environment doesn’t have to continue indefinitely to wipe out the human race. Just “long enough.” One thing that was universally true in Calhoun’s “Mouse Utopia” experiments is that once the colonies reached the point where the perverse behaviors took over, none of them ever recovered, not even when the population pressure went away. All the Mouse Utopia colonies completely died out, despite existing in an utterly post-scarcity environment.

          And that’s not “going against evolution.” Evolution doesn’t give a shit what any observer thinks is fittest, because tautologies don’t think.

          • Fitness is whatever works in a particular environment, hence it persists and eventually becomes a trait.

          • So what you’re saying is what survives is what survives. Conveniently unfalsifiable, as tautologies are.

          • What I’m saying is that something cannot become a trait unless it persists, and for that to happen, you must live long enough to reproduce. That isn’t a tautology, it’s an observed feature of all life forms.

          • Yes, it certainly is a feature of all life forms that they descend from an unbroken string of ancestors that reproduced.

            It seems really hard for you to understand why the fact that they survived to reproduce makes them the fittest renders survival of the fittest a tautology.

            Something being a tautology does not mean it is not an observable fact. Quite the opposite. A tautology cannot be anything other than observable fact, because it is saying, in effect, that a thing is itself.

            The problem lies in that saying that a thing is itself is no great revelation. You can’t make predictions based upon that. You can’t draw inferences from it.

          • Agreed. There’s no direction to evolution. Intelligence might convey no lasting advantage. Technology could turn out to be characteristic of any intelligent species at the very end of its evolutionary span.

      • Tom Wolfe wrote that all political disputes are competition over status. The tribe is the only group that can convey status on people. Men might rebel against that but women won’t

    • Had conversation with one a few weeks ago. Boomer, retired union worker. Said Biden’s experience in govt will ensure he brings in correct personnel to get govt functioning again. Attempts to get deeper than that with him were failures; he literally was incapable of discussing the issue in any depth, or breadth.

      • They’re the “blues” in blue team versus red team. I ran into a couple of those too, it’s…”quaint”. I feel like telling them “you do know that Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill have been dead for decades, right?” It’s a variation of my late grandmother voting for Team Blue because “muh FDR”

      • Said Biden’s experience in govt will ensure he brings in correct personnel to get govt functioning again

        This is one of the key hallmarks of those who are on the other side of the divide. The complete belief that we ought to ‘get government functioning again’ tells me that these people would indeed be lost without it. I suppose for a former union man it is understandable he is stuck in this mindset. All former union men I knew had a deep belief in organization and centralization… unsurprisingly.

        To my mind, it is evident that vast swathes of the government could be made redundant tomorrow and we’d never know; never see a difference. Your point about ‘getting deeper’ with people resonates, I have had some successes but I can now immediately tell when a person is neither interesting nor interested. The saddest thing is that often they are nice people, so when the bad times really ramp up, they’ll still be in that mental mindset of ‘how did this happen? Why us?’.

        This is why a keen, fully aware mind is so vital. In short, let’s not bullshit ourselves.

      • I’d have more respect if he said “Biden will pack the Supreme Court, and the Democrats will have uniparty rule for the next 100 years”.

    • Never underestimate the power of peer pressure and social reward to nullify the middle in public. For the limo leftists around here, none of the consequences of their “faith” have actually touched them in any material way. Funny thing though, in a place that was forested with Hillary signs in ’16 (though only a handful of Biden signs today-I keep count) 42% of the votes were cast for Trump in ’16. Yet I never find anyone that I don’t know well that will admit voting for him.

    • I live inside the DC Beltway, in the nicest part. These people truly do not believe that they can be negatively affected by the chaos they create. As in, they truly believe that their virtue or good-intentions or just good fortune will shield them from riots/looting/bad schools, etc. As long as Good Whites/Cloud People don’t *feel* the consequences of their beliefs, then they will happily conclude that their virtue signals will continue to protect them.

      • Happened to be in Bethesda a couple of times during the final quarter of the ’16 election. While always a different world, even compared to NY, the air of unreality was at new heights. Always found cocktail parties and social gatherings there fascinating. With the exception of the occasional real estate developer or someone of that ilk, often can never figure out what the other people actually do for a living.

        • This place is truly a fantasy land. I’d guess the majority of my neighbors have graduate degrees. Their world is wholly detached from normal America. Just the way they like it.

      • >>These people truly do not believe that they can be negatively affected by the chaos they create<<

        Put yourself in their shoes. What evidence exists that they are not correct?

          • the fact is that they have suffered no ill consequences, and there is little reason to suspect they ever shall.

          • History judges otherwise, Meme: Think the French aristocracy in the late 1700’s; think the Romanovs in the early 1900’s; think all those well-meaning people in Cuba who supported Castro in the mid-1900’s. There’s plenty of reason to suggest eventual ill-consequences for those inside the DC Beltway. History teaches.

          • The French aristocracy created the revolution. See Bally, Talleyrand, Phillipe Egalitie, etc.

          • And the American “aristocracy” has played a large role in creating the current revolution.

        • Their avoidance of evolutionary dead ends confirms their awareness of the inherent violence. Roe v Wade is their hedge against encroachment of “The wrong kind of people.” as R Buzzi G used to say.

        • Well … there are some cracks forming in the edifice. My Montgomery County inside the beltway neighbors freaked out a bit over the summer when the Lefty true-believers on the school board moved to reinstitute bussing, so that the diversity kids can learn in Magic Dirt schools, with their little geniuses being farmed out to the Tragic Dirt schools, all in the name of fairness. I might have quipped to my neighbor when she sheepishly lobbied me to vote for a (gasp!) republican school board candidate that she had brought this on herself and that she now deserved the full measure of her voting patterns.
          But, my comment stands, and it’s not because of anything they *do* … it’s just beyond their experience to imagine anyone upsetting their (our?) suburban bliss. My 80-year old neighbor, retired from the World Bank, just cannot fathom rioters in his neighborhood. It’s not an ideology issue … he just can’t summon an imagine of his bucolic environment affected by the dusky other, mostly b/c it’s always been that way.

          • My default has always been that if I see peace, prosperity, and low crime rates I think “what went wrong?” What I mean is that I understand the human default is violent barbarism. When you find a place that’s not filthy, violent, and chaotic, something has gone “wrong”. People have taken a break from their usual behavior. It takes some very peculiar circumstances for them to do this.

            Having grown up back East in a series of shitty neighborhoods made me aware of this very early. Now I live outside Portland, OR and am surrounded by these Goodwhite types. I sense the same thing from them. Somehow they avoided learning what humans were really like either directly or through their many years of schooling.

            Montgomery County, heh. I know the place well. I guess it’s still the same way – nobody ever drives a dozen miles south to see the Hood in person or if they do they come back and somebody “explains” it to them (white racism, not enough money for the schools, legacy of slavery, etc…)

          • Neither could the people in a very nice little suburb of Milwaukee. They are now only one optically bad police encounter in their neighborhood from a riot. And from what I’ve seen of the Montgomery county exec, he could give Ted Wheeler a run for his money.

        • Well, now, things have gotten a mite hot in blue urban enclaves over the last several months, and the smell of smoke surely can be detected in those toney neighborhoods. There is a reason for a renewed white exodus from the cities.

        • Unfortunately the adherents of the Kadet Party in late Czarist Russia are unavailable for comment. They thought “radical chic” was a cool thing to embrace. Until they ended up shot in a basement.

      • That’s right. They don’t see themselves the same as us, they see themselves as separate.

        They are sheep walking to the slaughter. However, they really do believe that they are different, and the “good ones”.

        Non-whites, Jews, and elites don’t see us as separate at all. We are all to be crushed.

        • Well no, they run the slaughterhouse.
          We’re the Sheep.

          Whites are sheep, we’re weak.
          We deserve what we got, we deserve what we’ll get, we’re the weak ones and the others are wiping us out. < That’s Evolution. That’s real evolution.
          Tell me if the sight of our elites including yes the JJJ (we encouraged their rise) doesn’t evoke a basic, primal urge to eradicate. Why shouldn’t we perish? By the laws of nature, the precepts of evolutionary selection and by the very sight of our gentle sons; We really do deserve extinction.

          Sorry. We became sick, time to die.

          Or we could fight, But No Fedpossting!!

          Better Deadpost than Fedpost, right?

      • It’s a simple mater of survival. If Trump truly “drains the swamp” their plan of further enrichment through a career of parasitism is dead.

        • Speaking of living in the past, why do you think Trump will drain the swamp?

          The swamp that just killed the economy for non Blue, non govt? The swamp that made tens of trillions doing so?

          Trump is a carny barker.
          His bluff been called.
          Oh he did us a lot of good, but it was all taken away by a few deep state doctors and Blue governors. That and some well financed nogs and brats in the street. We’re worse off than before Trump, and we would have been better off with Jeb, or yes even Her. It would have been slow decline, not over the cliff.

          Its just a bad idea to threaten people (the Swamp for instance) then not follow through. Neither we nor Trump followed through.

          Let diversity run wild, let the banksters loot. Its their world now, let them destroy it.

          • Yet according to last weeks Gallup poll, 56% of Americans think they’re “better off ” than they were 4 years ago.

            Trump may be a carny barker, but the US economy is a confidence engine. Obama and Carter were peas of the same pod saying “America’s best years are gone forever”…then watched the malaise take place.

            I’ll take a cheerleader like Trump, thanks.

          • I guess your economy is doing fine, so screw the rest?

            I got some down votes for saying we would have been better off with Jeb, or her.

            Simply put; No Trump, no COVID, no shutdown, no masks. The police could police. The Chaos we see, the COVID crackdown; none of that would have happened without Trump. OH AND THE CHURCHES WOULD BE OPEN.

            US economy is a “confidence engine.” Getting a strong godless Boomer vibe here.

            Understand; I can’t stand to set foot in a Catholic church now, but that’s because I think I believe more than they do.

            Confidence Engine; lol.
            It’s a Confidence Game actually.

            My own personal economy is great BTW, but there’s more to life than money..OK Boomer?

          • Obama and Carter were peas of the same pod saying “America’s best years are gone forever”…then watched the malaise take place. I’ll take a cheerleader like Trump, thanks.

            That right there is why conservatives lost. They are a fundamentally lazy people who prefer to embrace fanciful copes rather than embrace the truth and work hard to build the future. They’d rather grill and chill while the orchestra plays as the Titanic goes down.

      • These people truly do not believe that they can be negatively affected by the chaos they create.

        The removal of man from an environment that exposes him to the consequences of his poor choices is one of the most catastrophic things a people can face.

        By God, let it come to them. Bring that massive bird back home to roost.

    • There are a lot of legacy Democrats who believe that Joe Biden is an updated Harry Truman.

      • i can see why they harken back to the last century for a reference since he does look like a reanimated corpse.

      • Those people are beyond dumb.

        Truman was a shoe salesman living paycheck to paycheck.

        China Joe’s dad ran a huge Chevy dealership and gave him a new Corvette as a wedding present.

        • Damn, I thought Biden’s old man was a coal miner from a poor part of England. And that he overcame his poor background to graduate at the top of his law class.

          Oh wait, never mind. That was Neil Kinnock whose father was the coal miner. And Joe actually graduated at the bottom of his law class.

          Crazy Joe was a fraud long before the dementia kicked in and he started telling people that he started college at an all negro school, Delaware State.

          Maybe I’m a bit cynical, but I believe Chris Wallace would have mentioned these delusions statements if Trump had made them.

          • If he didn’t live in a state so small you can fire a .22 across it, his career apogee would have been as an alderman grifting paving and waste disposal contracts.

    • People still think that the Dems are the party of the working man. They’ve always voted Dem. Their parents always voted Dem. Their grandparents always voted Dem. Almost everyone in my lower-middle-class, upper-working-class neighborhood will vote Dem in November.

    • It’s the complete isolation caused by our society. I makes them vulnerable to the Media , that does the rest. I know many people who believe MSNBC

    • They suffer from the “Comfort First” imperative. Most are living the good life and do not want to rock the boat. However, when the bubble bursts and hard times return, it will be a different story entirely.

    • I find the BLM signs (now, available in Halloween colors!) less offensive, less controlling, and less naive than the “We Believe” catechism.

    • The Left are selfish individualists who lack in-group preference. They are materialists who are perfectly fine with anything as long as they get to keep their possessions, their wealth, and their social status. All of that matters more to them than their country or their group’s welfare because they have little investment in either as they don’t have children and live apart from you. They are nasty bigots who get a kick out of attacking you in the same way a kid might laugh at roasting ants under a magnifying glass. What’s so hard to understand about the left?

    • The power of the modern, consolidated media to create a virtual alternate world.

      Something that is largely ignored.

  40. Well, for us, there is little difference in who wins. But for the clintons and their associates (incl obama) there is a lot riding on this election. A biden win will mean that they get away scot free… hence the commotion (so I believe)

    • They were always going to get away scot free. With all the “bombshell” revelations regarding Comey, Brennan et al, there is nary a peep regarding anyone losing a job, pension or going to jail.
      i wish what you say was true, but I don’t think there’s any chance that if Trump wins, heads will roll.
      but then again, I guess we can dream.

      • Even in the very unlikely event of a Trump victory, there will be no indictments. There were never going to be any indictments.

        • right now we should be thinking survival , the hope for justice is laughably naïve at this point.

          • I hate to be rude about this, but the right showed itself to be monstrously incompetent at winning the future. So, what makes anyone think they’ll do the survival thing any better? Take a look at South Africa. That’s your future White males — living in extreme poverty, behind walls, or in fringe (near destitute) communities that could be destroyed at any moment by the national government. Of course, it didn’t have to be that way, but the right was too stupid and too lazy to have it any other, so that’s what they’ll get.

          • I said Nothing about the right. the GOPe has fought trump as much as the democrats have. Trump is not part of their big club and they find him a huge disruption to their planning. The rest of the GOPe is subservient to the dems. hence the “uni-party” that is often mentioned

          • Another telling point: Unless I’m mistaken, In 20th Century Africa, most handovers of power from European-white-dominated governments to the er, natives, were done voluntarily and peacefully.

    • I think a Trump win matters. With Trump… at least the Dissidents will be heard. With Biden?
      As our host so eloquently put it – this may be the wake up call the establishment needs to let them know the Dirt People ain’t happy… and they can do something about it.

      • We will be allowed to vote, that we will do anything beyond that is risible. Your plan is not unsound – the Ruling Class may indeed increase our welfare.

        That’s it.

      • Ok, after listening to the podcast, I get why Z is calling this to be a relatively “normal” election, from the standpoint of where Trump more of less stands in the more credible polling – about where he should be – which I suppose is good news. The question in my mind is if he does win another close one, or it gets tied up in the courts for some length of time, how much more insane are the establishment and leftards in general going to get? Could this be the spark that ignites….something.

    • Trump will hang on maybe if he wins. But he has no cards to play beyond elections, and lawyers.

      Trump was always counterflooding. Its time, not rescue.

      Truth is we’re too passive to be saved, too busy smack talking on line (a privilege that will remain, its a brilliant release valve. Online is political masturbation. Relief, but nothing will come of it).

      The hardest truth is that yes they’re coming for us all, and we remain a vast horde of heavily armed cowards. We just can only pray the Dems make a mistake.

      All the real decisions, all the real power is with the Dems. As is desperation, fear, incompetence and madness. We just have to hope they make a mistake, and that somewhere a non leftist stands up and leads a band of men, to any success no matter how small. We can then only hope others follow.

      • I beg to differ. The passivity you perceive is not acquiescence, but wise restraint. When the tyranny arises, there will be a ruthless Jackboot reaction that targets the population broadly, not just the propagandized enemies. Read your history. And when the time to act arrives, the Jackboot corp will be bypassed and the fight must be directed at the top of the power pyramid. The elites want the plebs to fight among themselves. Do not play along. Smarter is better.

        • Delusional cope. There is no boomer rebellion coming. Read your history. Revolutions are fought by the young, and the left has captured that entire generation, along with the institutions. Thus, the massive street activism of BLM and antifa which dwarfs your own. That means several generations of leftist rule, at best with current demographic trends. The right are always waiting for Superman to come and save them rather than do the work themselves, but he’s not coming.

          • Conventional wars and rebellions are fought by young men because that is what works in that type of scenario. And that is the road to failure in this modern era. It simply pits plebs against each other in pseudo red vs blue conflict that decimates both sides. One man with focus can do far more than a battalion cast into the meat grinder. And it doesn’t have to be Superman. Look up Simo “Simuna” Häyhä.

          • You are right that revolutions are fought by the young. It is amusing to read older commenters pretending that the same people who let the left win every cultural battle are going to suddenly become Rambo. Ain’t going to happen

    • this could not be further from the truth. The EXTREMES they have gone to to try to prevent another trump term are a tell. they have completely dropped the mask , destroyed the economy , and exposed the controlled opposition of the GOP for what they really are. that’s not something they would do if they didn’t have to . as ineffective as he is , they greatly fear him . I don’t know why, but they Clearly do.

      • One of the more sensible theories about why the Establishment hates Trump is that he might be threatening their entire corrupt revenue stream.

        • No, they don’t fear him. They hate him as a stand if for those whom they imagine vote for him: normal Whites and men. In the past, they could pretend they were championing equality or what not. But it was always a means to signal their superiority over those whom they secretly hate along identity lines. Trump is just the whipping boy in this dynamic. But now it has grown to the point where the mask is slipping and the Left is revealing their true motives: hatred of you for being you.

          Thus, Kamala Harris’s racism in that VP debate and the left’s bizarre focus on “White Supremacy.” The latter is a racist dog whistle. It’s like an actual anti-Semite being able to run for president and get away with slamming Jews for “owning all the banks and starting all the wars” … it’s a shield for attacking the other while appearing virtuous at the same time. That’s what the democrat party is doing when they slam Trump. They hate you, but they are being smart enough not to say it directly, so they go after him instead. But increasingly, they just can’t help themselves in revealing their motives when they do it.

          That’s what BLM attacking “whiteness” is all about — everything you saw this summer from riots to statue destruction. They were targeting you along identity lines. They were indiscriminately attacking anything White, from physical depictions to your culture and history. That’s the unifying element behind all of this madness. Self-hating whites are attacking you, not themselves, when they use these hateful phrases like “White Supremacy”. Envious minorities go along with it. By “whiteness” they mean you cis White male normie. They want you gone.

          Think about it. Who votes republican? Well, it’s disproportionately White men, married White women, families, religious Christians, rural people, Southerners, and heterosexuals. You don’t really think it’s a coincidence that only those groups are open to attack, do you?

          Can I treat a Muslim in the same way Richard Dawkins treated Christians 15 years ago? Absolutely not. In fact, he’s been canceled over in the UK, or very nearly so, for using the same tactics against religious Muslims as he did religious Christians. TYT, a far-left YouTube channel with an ethnic Turk Muslim host, spent years mocking Christians and promoting Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins but now their employees refer to Dawkins as a racist who hates brown people because he did the same to their religion as he did to Christians. They were fine with him attacking the other group, just not any group in their coalition. Their promotion of Richard Dawkins was NEVER about attacking religion. Rather, he was promoted as a shield for them to bash other people’s identity, even if they like to promote themselves as atheists themselves.

          Can I insult feminists in the same way they have spent years insulting men? No. That would be mansplaining. Women’s issues are always, bizarrely, front and center with the democrat party. This despite the myriad issues men are facing from suicide to job loss.

          Think of the bizarre number of anti-Southern movies from this year’s Antebellum back to Django Unchained, Lincoln, and The Hateful 8 … which is a short list. How exactly does that kind of hate make sense considering that demographic’s limited political and cultural influence? Well, it doesn’t. The left are disgusting bigots, and they hate them. Period. There’s your explanation.

          The same reason explains the push for female inclusion into male spaces like Star Wars but not the reverse for female franchises like Twilight: the target demo for Star Wars has always been majority White male, the demographic which votes against the ruling democrat party regime. Thus, they want to hurt you by invading your space while helping members of their own coalition by proving jobs and cultural influence with the thing you made.

          This is about identity. Those on board with the democrat party, those who vote for them, are protected while their enemies are mercilessly attacked. This includes their perceived leaders like Donald Trump. That’s the reason for the left’s seeming lack of consistency — defending some groups but not others (Muslims vs Christians). But they are completely consistent. They hate you, and they do whatever it takes and say whatever it takes to hurt you.

          The left were all for gays back when they could use that demographic to attack you, but now that gays aren’t as big of a deal on the right, they have to move onto other wedges. First, it was fourth wave feminists, but that got old fast. Now, it’s trans. The left is always in search of a new weapon to demonstrate their virtue over you because that’s how they form their identity. Humans naturally need an enemy to struggle against, and you are their enemy. The rest of what the left says is just cover for that fact.

          American Mind has had a couple of articles published that briefly touch on this:

          Our Revolution’s Logic

          Revolution 2020https://americanmind.org/essays/revolution-2020/

    • You can tell Trump is going to lose by the fact that his supporters are already making excuses for why Biden won’t be that bad for them, or at least not any different from Trump. This is why there isn’t going to be a civil war. The right is beaten, and they know it. Sad, but true.

      • How about those of you downvoting Tablet Finder try providing a coherent explanation as to why he is wrong?

        • It’s alright. They can’t handle the truth, so they deflect. I understand, so I’m not offended. It’s all a cope to make life a bit easier to process, as uncomfortable as it might be for some here to admit that.
          It’s common for defeated people to imagine a savior is on the horizon. Early Christians who suffered under Roman oppression had the return of Christ to warm the spirits. Jews had the Golem. Various native tribes thought magic would protect them.
          These are the same people who’ve been fantasizing about Qanon for years. But Qanon just got banned from Facebook and Trump is going down in a landslide while Hillary still walks the streets, so obviously that was all nonsense. Admitting that means calling into question their competence and their place in the future (which will obviously be very bad now, and that’s partly their fault for wasting their time with such nonsense). Obviously, they aren’t going to do that because facing that reality is too painful.
          You should expect the next few weeks to be frantic around here as some posters slowly come to that realization. On election night, a lot of people will need to be talked off the ledge because there isn’t going to be any kind of Trumpslide, which is yet another cope.
          The American right is coming to an end. Whatever replaces it will be born in the fires of conservative failure. Times will have to get much worse before they get better. Part of that process involves telling the truth, not embracing fanciful delusions that the future is going to be roses because some Superman is coming to rescue the day. Hard times and hard work lie ahead of us.

        • Charlottesville was the turning point…sure we ‘lost’ but did we really? We were ready to die that day and alot of white men saw it. But time will tell

    • No love for banning critical race theory, 300 miles of wall, reducing H1b visas and even legal and illegal immigration, hundreds of federal judges and maybe 3 supreme court picks? All of this is certainly better than nothing for us. A second trump term id expect to be more aggressive.

      • Everything the poster said here was true, and Trump does deserve credit for these things. However, none of it will save us in the end. The democrats are already signalling they will pack the courts. With permanent control of the government, due to demographic change, there will be nothing to stop them, so Trump’s accomplishment here won’t count for much in the long run. In regards to the wall, that’s a very small fraction of the total border while this president simultaneously bragged that he wanted “record numbers of legal immigrants.” If anything, that demographic is even less likely to vote republican than even illegal aliens should they be given amnesty. Everything positive Trump did will soon be reversed because he didn’t change any of the underlying demographic factors. He wasn’t our Superman, and it was wrong of us to think he could have been.

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