A Peaceful End

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The Feds announced to great fanfare that they foiled a plot by far-right extremists to kidnap the daffy governor of Michigan. They coordinated this with the governor so she could try to gain some sympathy. Of course, this being the age of lies, the extremists were mostly anarchists and random goofballs talked into this by the Feds. Putting aside the absurdity of this case, it does raise a good question. That is, why has there been so little organized violence in America?

Now, people will point to the left-wing riots over the summer, but that was always intended to be theater. Those people in the streets are not resisting anything or trying to topple the system. They are creatures of the system. As soon as official sanction is withdrawn, they melt away, as we saw in 2016 and now 2020. What we have not seen is violence from people who genuinely wish to topple the prevailing order or strike a blow against it for political reasons.

This is not just a current year issue. The 9/11 attacks were a spectacular example of how an open society is vulnerable to attack. There are plenty of Muslims in America and some portion of them hate the government. The 9/11 attacks should have inspired some of them to do similar attacks. Instead, a few misfits were caught in lone-wolf style efforts, but otherwise, not much. As with the fictional right-wing militias, the FBI was left to arresting on-line losers pretending to be Al-Qaeda.

It’s easy to miss the lack of organized violence, as the media floods the zone with agit-prop about invisible Nazis and peaceful riots. These are campfire stories they tell the true believers so they will remain vigilant. In reality, there has been precious little push-back of any kind, much less the violent sort. They had to turn Gavin McInnes’s goofy fan club into a terrorist group, because they were so desperate for material. The demand for extremists of any type far exceeds the supply.

Consider this. When was the last time someone fired a shot at a president? Despite how hated Trump is by the Left, there has been no Squeaky Fromme. According to Wikipedia, the threats to Obama were humorously ridiculous. The worst thing to happen to Bush was that some Iraqi tossed a shoe at him. Like Obama, the threats to Clinton were random goofballs. The last President to get shot at was Reagan. Assassination has become a thing of the past in our politics.

Going back to the Muslim stuff, the thing no one ever asked is why were these guys so bad at violence? Timothy McVeigh showed how easy it is to make a big bomb from common materials. Instead of hijacking airplanes, they could have had suicide bombers in rental trucks popping up all over the country. Think about how many soft targets there are in a typical city. Think about how many vulnerable choke points there are, like bridges and tunnels. Yet, nothing ever happens.

Now, the Feds will claim that their vigilance is what keeps us safe from this sort of stuff, but that is obviously not true. Their effort to subvert the 2016 elections has revealed that the brain-drain in the FBI reached a critical stage long ago. Like the Michigan incident, their big collars are goofballs they talk into saying dumb things on-line. A real terrorist plot would have nothing to fear from the FBI. The lack of such incidents is due to factors outside of the law enforcement operations.

One possible answer for this is that people engaged in politics are not the sort that see force as a political tool. It is the foxes versus the lions phenomenon. Modern politics is about abstract concepts, not group interests. Union guys a century ago were willing to blow up the company offices because both sides were lions, engaged in a battle for physical stuff. Today, political combatants are foxes, engaged in a battle of wits over complex theories about how best to run society.

Another possible reason is people are becoming more docile and stupid. The latter is fairly well established. Not only is the demographic mix lowering overall intelligence, but the smart fraction is getting dumber as well. Organized political violence needs smart motivated people. Since the Industrial Revolution, western culture has selected against violence and force, in favor of cooperation. The result is a more docile population that is getting dumber with each generation.

Of course, political violence may be a lagging indicator or even knock-on effect of political turmoil at the upper reaches of society. The West is middle-class and peaceful, but in a steady decline. At some point, like a failing business, the impending collapse becomes obvious to enough people that they abandon orderly politics. This rush to the exits of conventional politics leads to an explosion of political violence. Perhaps that is what lies ahead for the West.

Perhaps Steven Pinker was right and the arc of human evolution leads away from violence and humanity is headed to a peaceful demise. Occidentals have become the panda bears of our species, happy to eat and sleep, but too disinterested in their own survival to reproduce or defend themselves. The rest of the world, which seems more violent and aggressive, is simply a few steps behind, as they have always been, on the evolutionary timeline, but they too will go gently into the night.

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306 thoughts on “A Peaceful End

  1. Z, I’ve thought for years that most of the human species are evolutionary failures. The big brain has allowed us to dominate the planet, but the cost appears to me to outweigh the benefit. We constantly have to feed those big brains. A stone age society, with primitive weapons and a low IQ, is still sufficient to occupy one of the top positions in the food chain. American Indians were more of less static in technological development, yet they rocked along just fine for thousands of years before the Prometheans showed up.

    • Every species is a evolutionary failure, no? What is evolutionary success, and where is it? How do you measure evolutionary success? Survival? Happiness? If a species is smart enough to make the wheel and fire and tools then he is smart enough to know that he will one day die, his mother will die, and that to live is to suffer and to enjoy, in vastly disproportionate measures.

  2. I enjoyed listening to you and Greg Johnson converse on the linked site @dlive,tv.com . You both melded well and made insightful points. Thank you for putting yourself out there on all the various platforms.

  3. A podcast with GregvJohnson?
    The leader of pagan LARPers, selfish-old people pro mask, and zillions of articles about Evola, Guenon, Mishima (you bet!) and the laughable Alain de Benoist, this french “intellectual” which had confessed voting for Melenchon, the french Bernie?

    Disappointing …

  4. Well Mr. Doloff disagrees with you.

    The reasonable man from Denver.

    He shot a Patriot Prayer guy.

    Some of you may now snicker that the PP deserved it for daring to act up in public.

    Doloff is charged with 1st degree murder. Doloff will I think walk.

    It is true the PP guy pepper sprayed him when Doloff pointed a gun at him. > therein his defense.

    Silly Patriot. He should have had a reasonable conversation.

    He also should have gone home and Bred children. More slaves is how we win. Right?

    • I don’t understand you guys who supposedly think the white race is excellent but then think when whites make lots of babies they are merely breeding “slaves” or “meat sticks” or whatever else terms you use.

      Can’t have it both ways

      • Psy-op shill.

        Find a girl and bang without birth control until you are too old or she can’t put out anymore babies.

        Priority number one for wn is to have as many white children as possible and raise them well.

        • No, yes, maybe. A young white guy should be strategic in his breeding. Sow your oats if you find yourself somewhere with weak child support laws. This will anger the racist here.. but whatever. If one find a 150 iq chinky girl that is willing i would personally go for it. One of my biggest regrets is not pursuing a unattractive girl (white, but plain) that i suspect was 140+ that showed interest in high school.If you want to settle down and protect a brood latch onto a smart practical girl if you lucky enuf to find one. I did. It has paid multiple dividends to me.

          • if white people are as amazing as we say they are, they will succeed in the breeding game like anything else. Have faith in you people lol

    • Yeah, that scumbag will probably walk. Beth McCann, Soros puppet in charge of prosecuting. Denver police have already been instructed not to call him Antifa.

        • Maybe. I have to walk back my previous comment however. Since it didn’t involve a minority, I predict DA will choose to prosecute. Use of pepper spray is not a reason to believe serious bodily injury or fear of life will result. Especially since several cops were within feet of this going down. Was use of a firearm his only option? No, watching the video the cloud of spray mostly missed the shooter. He could have retreated. I think the guy will be prosecuted and convicted of murder.

    • The things you need to do to produce lots of healthy and based white children are substantially the same things you do to form effective resistance groups with solid core values. Grounding in science, the classic literature of the West, physical training, survival skills, marksmanship, mental training in critical thinking…

      Now if you mean just having lots of kids and turning them over to the public schools and other aspects of Big Poz, well yes, you’re going to need to produce huge numbers of kids to have a chance at getting 1 or 2 to avoid becoming just more drug and media addled carbon blobs.

    • The victim died for nothing. Trump will throw people like him under the bus all day. Trump basically hates his base to a large degree and will turn on them in a NY second if we give him any trouble.
      We have to understand there is no one in D.C. to help us.
      this is why Z has been so adamant against open violence at this point in time.
      We are at best limited to intel gathering and running Grey operations(which our side has failed miserably in)

      • Z is against anything but chat.

        Your time will never come, this is just a mastubatory Honeypot.
        > The Time is never…ever.
        I don’t advocate for violence, I say organize for self defense.

        one man in a fight is nothing, no matter how many guns he possesses he has only 2 hands.

        Mind you this page routinely has people posting remarks about decorating lampposts, line them up against a wall, etc.
        That is exactly what the white guy anarchists went down for in risible Governor Wretched kidnap plot.

        Somehow atomized individuals are ok, organizing for mere effective self defense is Fledposting and beyond the Pale.

        This is all a mere vehicle to keep us useless, while the next WFB presents the next alternative to conservatism.

        In this the man deserves congratulations; it worked.

  5. What time is the Counter Currents Livestream?

    Thought I saw 1 pm EST somewhere but now can’t find it

  6. perhaps we’ve just stopped believing in anything. Say what you will about men who believe (like sayyid qutb or any of our Muslim antagonists) these men are willing to out-escalate their adversaries through sheer force of conviction

  7. Z – The Muslims in the USA are winning the breeding game by an order of magnitude, so they collectively feel no need to use violence.

  8. An off topic comment, but I read the article on the Nazi IQ tests. I find it ironic that though their leadership scored excellently on these tests, Nazi ideologues actually denied the validity of IQ testing, as Jews have the highest average IQ (second only to Far-East Asiatics).

    • jewish 115 iq is based on a study from 1957 of a wealthy private school. A similar study of a non-Jewish private school by the same author measured an IQ of 119.

      • The “Jews are not really smart” is probably the dumbest trope to come from the anti-Semite subculture.

        • i do believe jews are smart, but the jewish elites aren’t smarter than the non-jewish white elites, probably slightly lower on the spectrum.

          • Which is exactly the wrong way to look at it. Jews on average are smarter than everyone else, which is one main reason they are over represented in cognitive fields.

          • that’s debatable, that over over representation has a lot to do with their immense influence.
            i look at the chart below and i see countries like bulgaria(7 mill) and hungary(9.7 mill), but there is no israel(8.8 mill) in sight, i find that rather strange

          • This kind of thing can be heavily influenced by what the national government prioritizes. Take a reasonably smart population and spend a lot of money on building an excellent math team and there you are. The really impressive thing on that chart is Russia and Hungary. Russia has 2/3 of the population of the US and does 3 times better. Hungary matches us with only about 10,000,000 people!

            Z is just talking about the way the curve shifts if you move the mean/mode a bit. You really notice the effect if you look at how many people there are at +/- 2 standard deviations from the mean. Your basic point is correct though. Jews use nepotism and politicking to much better advantage than whites to control admissions to elite schools and institutions.

          • Hate to trouble you, Z, but will you please publish your evidence for the notion that Jews are smarter on average? This way we can parse through the raw data and determine whether we agree or disagree with your conclusion.
            I am willing to post my evaluation of the data here if you will assist me.

          • even the paper admits sephardic and other oriental jews are not smart, yet they’re very successful people for some reason, which is strange.
            point is it’s unfair to compare average european to ashkenazi cause ashkenazi represent upper echelon of jewish tribe, study should take elite whites(from each country) and compare them to ashkenazi, otherwise include all groups of jews in study. Sorry to disappoint researchers but not all spanish, italians, ukrainians etc share the share dna features, yet they’re all put in one group, while smart jews get separated from dumb jews, not to mention eastern europe is filled with dumb gypsies.
            paper also says jews are better than everyone at math, don’t see the proof, international prizes are not proof, we all know how those work.

          • i’d say there are plenty non ashkenazi jews who live in brooklyn and other such areas that are wealthy.
            then there’s also the brahmin who apparently have  110-122 iqs, very easy to get these big iqs when smart people separate themselves from the plebs of their own nation.

          • Funny because Jewish supreme intellect will be the very reason why racial integration is stupid
            And the very reason for Jewish success is they are a closed society
            No one knows actually who they are

            But I will push other idea that colonial white people have superior intellect than any others
            Since we still ride cars, trains, planes
            As a biologically term that most important thing of Reproduction is recipe of quality

          • Yeah, that was a hilariously stupid analysis, but that’s what you get from someone with no math or science.

          • As a scientist will disagree gently. Think 115 is probably optimistic- and it is based on one small study. 75%, if not more, of being a big-wig science stud is political; and attracting resources. Getting grants, or rich benefactors in the old days, is a major factor in moving science forward. Politics. On the other hand, part of americas genius, lies in the fact when we needed the moon, and the soviets were breathing down our necks we had a bunch of nazi rocket scientists (with german accents) heading our programs. Not to mention a german jew sociopath (kissinger) running foreign policy.

        • To be precise the Jews are SMART, TRIBAL, NEPOTISTIC and AGGRESSIVE.
          This is a very powerful combo. The fact is they don’t even have to be top dog intellectually when you factor in the other attributes. For example look at the Gypsies and Irish Travelers. They aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed but they do very well for themselves thanks to their tribal loyalties.

        • But their soaring architecture!

          The art, the music, the machinery!

          That armor, those weapons!

          The astronomy, the early medicine, the profound cosmological speculation! The endless chain of basic inventions!

          Second raters, since forever.

          Piggybackers and highjackers.

          Focused, adept, and relentless in a narrow ecological niche, true- but we were gods to them. Their copying is but a poor caricature.

  9. Men living in the West have seen their sperm counts drop by almost half in the last 40 years.
    Testosterone counts have also dropped almost as much. We are now producing a generation of males with the T counts of old women aka: Soy Boys.
    These are bad signs as men with low T counts are generally p***ies.with stick like physiques.like the guys at Buzzfeed.
    The military for example has a very hard time finding recruits that are physically fit enough to even join. Most fail or worse recruiters let in recruits that are going to fail no matter what.
    It’s clear physiologically most white males are not of the same caliber as those from WWII who worked in the factories and fought on the battlefield or those of Athens Georgia.
    A lot can be attributed to bad diet and no supplementation, stress, lack of exercise, etc.
    Intellectually males today are probably not as smart as the previous generations. But I suspect a lot of that can be attributed to our over reliance on computers and the crippling effects of social media. We don’t have to think or remember anymore. And worse kids grow up with these machines.Destroys their attention span, memory, thinking ability – lateral, inductive and deductive reasoning are shot to hell.

    • Well said, and if I might add: boys aren’t simply allowed to develop any more, either. They’re treated like defective girls from the beginning.

    • Men living in the West have seen their sperm counts drop by almost half in the last 40 years.
      pandering to skinny white women creates wimpy whites

      slapping white women’s asses into shape creates virile whites

  10. “Another possible reason is people are becoming more docile and stupid. The latter is fairly well established. Not only is the demographic mix lowering overall intelligence, but the smart fraction is getting dumber as well. Organized political violence needs smart motivated people. Since the Industrial Revolution, western culture has selected against violence and force, in favor of cooperation. The result is a more docile population that is getting dumber with each generation.”

    All of which consistent with the pussification of our institutions from government to academia to the corporate world and even to religious bodies. What else would you expect from women’s infantile belief in a world where life is all bliss all the time, with no risk involved.

  11. It does seem to be true that the FBI and the rest of the enforcement agencies are very dumb. It seems they never solve anything except someone tells them who done it. McVeigh was caught because he didn’t bother to put a license plate on his getaway car and rented a truck in his own name, iirc. Similar thing with one of these Portland rioters whose mom left a review of the vest she bought him for the riot. I watched the miniseries about the FBI solving the McDonalds Monopoly game being fixed – they solved it simply because someone gave them a tip. The FBI got so desperate 25 years ago that they started believing their Behavioral Science auguries were really doing something useful. Imagine!

    Or, maybe they don’t much care. It seems there are techniques for lifting fingerprints off of fired cartridge cases, yet many gang shootings remain unsolved despite the fact that everyone involved has fingerprints on record. That’s odd.

    • A RAND corporation study of physical evidence gathered vs processed showed most simply isn’t processed. They would need to vastly increase the lab techs.
      Not just the FBI- all of them.

      Why bother? The prisons are bursting with diversity now?

      If I were a lab tech I’m damned if I’d convict a diverse felon, why get sued?

      Truth is most crimes most places are committed by a tiny number of career offenders, usually from same families. Its their trade.

      The police just need to step back and let nature take its course.

      As far as the politicization of the Feds – politics is power. Freaks or not the Left is stronger. FBI et al just follow orders.

  12. Occidentals have become the panda bears of our species, happy to eat and sleep, but too disinterested in their own survival to reproduce or defend themselves.
    because there’s a plot to destroy european christian societies, there is one white nation, which isn’t christian and european that ain’t panda like
    israel 3.11 births per woman
    israel protects its border

  13. I disagree with your premise and Pinker, and the idea that material comfort of Whites precludes violence.
    Off the top of my head, recent Muslim violence in the West includes the Boston Marathon Bombing, the 2015 Christmas Party slaughter at San Bernadino, the Fort Hood Massacre, and various near-misses in Times Square and other places. In Europe, Charlie Hebdo, Manchester, Nice, etc. come to mind. There was last I looked an ongoing gun battle between Chechens and Algerians in Alpine France over who would control White prostitutes and the drug trade.
    Meanwhile, there was James T. Hodgstin (spelling?) the Bernie Bro who shot the Congressional Republicans, the guy in Vegas who murdered what 50 something Trump voters, the Anti-Fa who murdered the Trump guy in Seattle, etc. There’s plenty of violence, the media just memory holes it.
    Why there has not been a massive wave of Muslim violence (there is still plenty) is that the catastrophic violent upheavals in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. draw in Jihadis like flies. They come back to the US and Europe, where the latter lack the money resources to pay them off and the manpower to make them informants. In the US this is not so, but occasionally they slip the leash in Boston, and the wrap-up by the FBI resulted in one of their buddies suddenly getting shot in an interview. Likely to prevent him testifying he was an FBI informant all the way. See Whitey Bulger.
    The FBI has been reasonably competent in getting lots and lots of people who tend to violence to be their paid informants — that’s Hoover’s legacy and how he crushed the Klan. They are joined at the hip by the big Tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. which is why they run amok. In Europe the partnership is half-hearted which is another reason Muslims run amok there more, besides their being more of them and better concentrated. The Suburbs are atomizing and that happens even with Muslims.
    However, Mohammed Atta, Osama bin Laden, the San Bernadino shooters (husband and wife, newly delivered of child), the Boston Bombers did not lack for money, resources, or status. They decided to kill people they did not know and had done them no harm out of moral and religious reasons. The same motivation for the 1960s radicals who almost all came from money. Bill Ayers, Berandine Dohrn, etc. Only cultish Charles Manson and People’s Temple Jim Jones bucked that mold.
    I think violence has, and will increase radically. Diversity + Proximity = War is the universal (Roissy/Heartiste) formula throughout the ages.
    Governments now deal with likely half their working population permanently unemployed due to Covid panic shutdowns. Increasing third world immigration for gibs. And racial preferences. They are not making any more White women, and they themselves are a scarce commodity. Advances in personal weaponry are coming, including home-built mini drones, energy weapons (seemingly on the cusp of both man portable lasers and particle beams) and conversely the situation is likely to be far more violent than ever. While the ability to buy off would-be violence and make them informants and well paid ones is now severely limited.
    If we follow the bin Laden / Atta model, or that of the San Bernadino shooter, or the Fort Hood Shooter, the following suggests itself: 1. Violent actors are likely to be lone wolves, immune from FBI/Facebook/Google surveillance and pressure to become informers/plants. 2. The motivation will be middle and upper class people seeing a catastrophic drop in status / prestige while maintaining some material wealth. Atta and the San Bernadino shooter went from big cheese fawned over big shot to just another greasy foreigner with icky ways in the West. 3. There will be obvious signs missed out of political correctness. 4. This suggests that the anti-White jihad will lead to toleration and encouragement of Attas to go kill White people. 5. Suggestions by White men in particular that maybe non-Whites should not kill them will be treated as functionally equivalent to mass murder. Leading inevitably to counter-lone wolfs of which we have seen more than a few.
    My argument with Pinker is that he cherry picks his time frame: 1950-1990, and his geography: Western Europe. Certainly Western Europe has gotten MORE, not less violent since then. The US is getting more violent, and the police having been effectively defunded and eliminated nationwide are not coming back for generations, leading to an explosion of black violence that everyone saw coming. Gun purchases are up and have been since the virus stuff started in March to historic highs — people believe they MUST have a gun to prevent against their murders by black criminals. To be honest about what is going on. They are likely right.
    We have not seen Stalingrad levels of violence in the West since Hiroshima and Nagasaki put an end to that sort of thing; but that was the high level of industrial street fighting violence. Gun ownership in the US is vastly more than what it was in 1960, and even 1990. Simply put the ability of the State to enforce peace and prevent personal violence has evaporated in the face of Dr. King’s Dream.
    The whole point of the Civil Rights movement is a series of home invasions that never end. And that is why we are headed to vastly more not less violence.

  14. Revolution requires a certain amount of trust. Trust requires a certain amount of familiarity. Hey Zman, want to go blow up some government stuff?…………

    Didn’t think so.

    • Yes – that’s the point of this blog, and the online Right; do nothing.

      The Left us just simply less Bitch than the Right, winner by default.

      Ask Doloff. Now there walks more man than thee, all 145lbs of him.

  15. Have you ever noticed how common the term “far-right” is used by MSM, while they never describe groups sporting the Hammer-and-Sickle as their logo and calling for “no USA at all” as hard-left. To say that there’s no organizing behind this beggars belief. As does the emergence of “bail funds” in the places where the mostly peaceful protests riots occur. As did the out-of-state money that flowed into the coffers to elect leftist DAs.

    • It’s Soros and the CCP.

      Millie Weaver is putting out a documentary about one of these NGOs that she and her team Infiltrated.

      The level of organization they found is frankly a bit terrifying.

  16. When Chris Wallace brought up the Proud Boys during the debate I said “check please.” Nothing screams “we are no longer a serious country” like that question. At no point, of course, was the debt bomb addressed. This isn’t just a Gavin MacInness fan club. It’s one he abandoned as soon as the first allegation of white supremacy was made. It was like some Andy Kaufman like routine that got out of control. He may as well have been playing some based version of Tony Clifton. These poor atomized guys go to a bar to belong to something, get the tattoo, and their leader slips out the back door. I actually feel sorry for them. No one needs and ass beating more that MacInness. As he laughs and laughs and continues to make money with some BS pay-TV channel. If you see him an an entertainer thats fine, but its sad to see a society of whites so lonely and atomized that they hitched their wagon to his star.

  17. I haven’t seen this reported anywhere but this exact same kidnap/trial/execute scenario was posited by Aesop of Raconteur Report fame.
    He said that he took about twenty minutes to cobble it together and it was just one scenario which may be plausible in a theoretical sort of way.
    I am no fan of Aesop, but this just seems a tad too convenient and therefore this whole fuster cluck is probably a fedgov concoction which entrapped some gullible “right wing white supremecists” who were stupid enough to fall for it.
    Just my two cents worth but smarter minds than I could perhaps do a little further digging into this.

    • That was my first reaction also (a Fed operation, ultimately derived from on-line speculations).

  18. There is a certain truth to the world, and that truth is that man is a born killer with a murderous propensity. There is no evolving away from it. This propensity can take on different forms depending upon the people and culture. A tropical people will emotively wield machetes as they run through a village. The Japanese school boy can go off after forgetting to add a decimal to his math test, killing the teacher and all the students who scored high than he did. Civilization exists at its heart to contain and or channel violence. The Antifa violence will continue until it’s met with violence from the state. Politicians have to be willing to defend several deaths in the street as necessary to do this. I don’t see that happening in our current environment. The average citizen has to be much more exhausted, demanding that something be done. The Democrat machine may have let the dog off the chain, but now the dogs will want a place at the table, and will eventually have to be told no. It won’t go over well. Right wing violence will be as it has always been. Reactionary. A lashing out after being provoked. Only after wars or the breaking out of anarchy do people understand just how thin the veneer of civilization is, and what happens when this veneer is ripped away. Very few people in the west have seen this personally, having been born in calm times. We will.

    • Forget the exact line, but there was a Updike book where he described a man biting into a hamburger. The glee in the man’s eyes biting into animal muscle revealed what we really are.

      • As a pauper backpacker who was running out of money, I once found myself in a far-off land, and very hungry. When I saw a flock of chickens… my mouth instantly began watering.

  19. Many years ago I found myself sitting in my truck waiting for a pedestrian to pass by on the sidewalk in front of me as I was entering a close-in suburban parking garage. This pedestrian was instantly recognizable. She was a feminist U.S. Congresswoman of a famously liberal district in this state. She seemed a little tentative as she walked along, looking around as though she didn’t quite have her bearings, but never once did she look at me. 

    This woman was a very high-profile politician not only in this state but across the country at that time. As you may imagine, a thousand crazy thoughts flashed through my head. I thought of my father-in-law’s comments about her and her litigious husband (both lawyers by training) and of his unpleasant dealings with the two of them. I thought of her casual unawareness in her protected bubble of the seething hostility of someone not seven feet from her who could easily do her harm for the few seconds she passed in front of my truck. And I thought of the consequences of doing her harm. That’s what I thought of more than anything. But it also occurred to me that I don’t like to inflict pain, even in small ways. So the moment passed and that was that.

    Anyway, I don’t know if you read the recent article at Counter-Currents by Jeff Costello, “Yes We are Headed for Violent Civil War” 10/08/20, wherein there is a time-series bar chart graph of openness to political violence of Republicans vs Democrats, going from tied at 8% in Nov 2017, to 36% Republican versus 33% Democrats in September 2020, the first time the Republicans have pulled ahead in this field. Huge increase, especially significant bump up for both parties starting in 2020. 

    So means, motive and opportunity, what do you think? It was said of the decline of the Spanish empire, “Those who could, would not, and those who would, could not.” An occasional adventitious opportunity, such as I had with that Congresswoman, wouldn’t have changed anything, and that also flashed through my head.

    The misfits who plotted to kidnap Michigan governor Whitmer could not because they weren’t gifted with especially high executive function. But as more and more people embrace violence, there are bound to be a few of them who are capable. Spain finally did have a Civil War, after an escalation by a Communist/Anarchist alliance, but only after it lost its empire.

    • Well, I was lying. I realize now upon further reflection that none of that was going through my head. What I was really thinking was ‘Don’t do it, don’t even gun your engine!’ All of that other stuff I made up later as rationalization. But still, it was sound intuition. I probably would have landed in a world of hurt if I had just rolled down my window and heckled her. Just doing that could have got me a lengthy jail sentence. She could have claimed anything and it would have been her word, a woman member of Congress, against mine.

  20. There’s definitely a farming operation going on, and the mass of western humanity has definitely been domesticated. You could argue industrialization built the farm and bred the herd.

    Like a farm boy who goes to college and becomes an engineer, tptb are moving up the economic ladder. They can auction off the farm and herd, because they make a living playing with machines now. Their progress is disaster for the herd.

    Of course there are people who weren’t domesticated, who’ve largely carved out their niche or gotten run over by the operation. Now that the herd is being driven to the chute and realizes something is wrong, those outsiders are a potential threat to tptb, because a frightened herd is a dangerous thing. They might start listening to the outsiders.

    The present is a rough patch in tptb’s progress, or a collapse. How you see it comes down to which side of the great divide you’re on. Interesting times.

    • I think we were farmed to be the shock troops of anti-communism during the cold war and now that the left has taken over the reigns of American power, they don’t need us anymore. We were raised on faith to be self-sufficient and resilient mainly because, had the cold war turned out in the worst case scenario, they would have needed millions of young men who could survive the nuclear holocaust and still invade Russia with nothing but duct tape and pocket knife fanatically committed to the Republic. We were the people who would have done that enthusiastically. But the war never came. Now we are being tossed aside for the party fun city sales tax on weed and beer to prop up every US city desperate for money.

      • Faith— that’s a good point. But there was also Nixon and Khrushchev and consumerism as the answer to communism, which was a big part of our demise, imo.

  21. A lot of the commentators on this post fall back on cliches the way Leftists with TDS do. As we have seen with this Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping story, which would make for an hilarious Netflix series a la Tiger King really, it’s Trump’s fault. The Leftists will always have an explanation that ends in Trump for anything. For a lot of people on this board, the default explanation for the decline of America, or anything really, is low quality immigrants and non-white people who lack the mental capacity to plan complex activities. More traffic accidents: non-white morons. Salmonella in the food supply: non-white morons. Lack of assassination attempts in politics: non-white morons.
    For both sides, their mental life is like they are always at an arena show being put on by their favorite band and they are waiting for that one hit that made the band HUGE in the 1980s, like being at a Van Halen concert and everyone goes nuts when “Panama” comes on… for one side, the title of that song is “TDS” whereas for the other side the song is called “Non-white Morons”.
    Luckily if you listen to the metaphorical radio all day, they have both “TDS” and “Non-white Morons” in constant rotation all day long because those are the two songs that the audience keeps calling in to the station to request.

    We need to evolve and grow beyond merely observing non-white people are morons all the time and actually come up with some new material. This is getting to be a tired oldies station playing the same song you loved in high school over and over and over and over….

    • There’s a third narrative which is probably the dumbest of all: both arguments are equally valid.
      You’ve created a rule that TDS and HBD are equally delusional , but I see no evidence to support your view.When you’re comparing conceptual models remember that you are grading on a curve, you aren’t comparing them to some platonic ideal.
      Whose ideas are less imperfect? Who can best articulate their premise referencing factual examples?
      Another bad habit of yours is that you think in analogies and metaphors. Positions should be developed and understood with reasoned argument and then employ analogies,metaphors,allegories etc. to better illustrate the point.If you substitute reason with poetic thinking you end up creating imaginary rules like all arguments are equally valid!

      • No, I am all-in on HBD. I wasn’t trying to suggest we don’t all agree on that. But we have for years and years and years. Reading news stories on right wing oriented websites (even Fox News will poke that sleeping bear every once in a while when they want a bump in viewers) and always seeing the predicable “Muh HDB”, which I will admit I fell back on for years too because I was shocked that “climate science” is a thing but HBD is verboten, just isn’t heading anywhere productive. We know it’s true but now what.

        • Agree that the ad campaign could use a refresh. Lord knows I bore people to tears with a one-note song, because I honestly have so little of value to add.

    • Except for that little detailed called Objective Reality you should visit some time.
      We -are- being invaded by low IQ morons. They are objectively more stupid than Europeans and do cause all manner of problems from this lack of IQ / future time orientation / etc. Go spin the globe and point to a brown country. Find one that functions as efficiently as a white nation.
      But Trump causes more hurricanes, and is a Nazi, and caused (insert leftist idea here), etc. is a bit more ‘subjective’.

      You false equivalency smacks of sh1tlib false equivalency. Thanks for playing though…

    • Leave aside for a moment the “ourselves and our posterity” intent of the Founders, you only have to look at the various studies of welfare use by immigrants; attitudes towards the 1st and 2nd amendments, crime, etc., to understand that we ought to have been and be a lot more choosy about who we let in.

  22. Re soft targets and choke points.When I lived in NYC I was struck how, post 9/11, companies would still have people on street corners handing out free promotional samples of candies, mints, etc. A terrorist group could easily have killed more than the 3k who died on 9/11. I wonder if they still do that now that the coof has emptied out the sidewalks.
    Speaking of coof, the police/military guarding subway stations and conducting random searches were the masks and distancing of their day. It immediately occurred to me that a suicide bomber confronted by a cops “randomly” blocking the entrance could just set off his knapsack right there, and have the same effect: shut down the whole system. If I’m not mistaken they’ve never found or prevented anything with their random searches. They have, however, exerted control and obedience, which was always the point.
    Even if 9/11 wasn’t an “inside job” the reaction — from invading Iraq to random searches to requiring photo ids etc. — was all about using it as an excuse to implement a well-planned crackdown. Same as coof.

  23. There is a large underground cavern lake in Tennessee that has harbored a blind, albino trout for thousands of years, if memory serves. Losing sight and pigmentation is not at all uncommon with such animals that are trapped inside of an isolated ecosystem where skin pigments and eyesight are useless wastes of biological energy.

    This is essentially what has happened to western men, white men, trapped within the confines of our modern abundance, technology, and democratic diversity. Use it or lose it.

  24. Africans are 500,000 years behind, evolutionarily speaking. That’s somewhat more than “a few steps behind.”

    • What’s more, I don’t think Africans were evolving in any meaningful sense. Give Africans another million years and they still wouldn’t have put a man on the moon. Heck, I’m not sure they would have even invented an internal combustion engine. Probably not.

      • Nonsense. Give me totalitarian control of an african nation and i could get the average iq up to 120 in 150-200 years. Would require a lot of culling or forced sterilizations. Look at the dog breeds that have arisen in the last 400 yrs.

  25. ” Occidentals have become the panda bears of our species, happy to eat and sleep, but too disinterested in their own survival to reproduce or defend themselves.”

    The quickening turnaround time between the invention of and the product launch of new Progressive identity groups guarantees a drop in reproduction of the species. As the pool of marriagable age persons shrinks, so does the number of children it is possible for functional persons to turn out. Those persons deeply ensconced in newly-minted identities have a tough road ahead finding suitable partners with decreasing prospects of being able to produce children at all, let alone functional happy children who themselves can successfully mate and procreate.
    Basically, every freak who leaves society’s normal fold forever extinguishes his line on a family tree.

    Progressivism leads to a dead end; we are almost there.

    • Wish we were “almost there”. Trouble seems to be recruitment of foreign replacements for the progressives that die out to the exclusion of conservative replacements (if any even be found).

  26. Once upon a time, there were a people that found floodplanes and river valleys so they settled and live was good. This meant that the more restless among them became, well, restless and probably started “mucking about”. Luckily the masters assumed control and have domesticated them ever since. Today they are called “Chinese”.

    History it seems is about to repeat itself… only this time the river valleys have been replaced with technology.

    • Sadly this man has a point, but so does the guy who says whites are still resisting. Lets understand that European dislike of tyranny goes back a long time, even our most despotic regimes are a light yoke compared to the East.

  27. You really don’t need to look farther than the US Army to see proof of this. They’re more worried about diversity and sexual harassment prevention than they are about training decent soldiers. There are so many officers and NCOs who don’t do anything BUT that. If they knew my political opinions, I would get a UCMJ.

    • You’re not alone. Thirty years ago when I was in the army there was a Ranger and an SF qualified guy in my PLDC class who were two of the most-squared-away soldiers I ever met. The “Student for the cycle” award went to some female in the class, for no other reason than she was a female. Both of the aforementioned soldiers were constantly working with the rest of the class during the course, helping us with various tasks and sharing their knowledge of various subjects, while no one remembered ever seeing the female except at graduation.
      The shit the instructors let the females get away with at Airborne School while I was there was a huge eye-opener for me. Up until that point, everywhere I went in the army, there were no women soldiers to be found, although I did encounter one in basic training. She was a corporal and black (you all know where this is going), her name was Hayes and she was assigned to the admin section of my company and she took every opportunity to rub our faces in shit. Towards the end of basic, one of our Sgt’s did make mention of the fact that said corporal really had no idea what she was doing and that sent our 1st Sgt off the deep end. He also went on to add that she had been bounced around a few companies prior to landing in ours, but that since our 1st Sgt, just recently got promoted to that rank, he was forced to put up with her and couldn’t ship her off somewhere else.
      Like I stated earlier, this was thirty years ago, I can only imagine how bad it is now.

      • My son got out 6 years ago. He was Airborne. Most of the fighting he did was to get out. He fought promotions, you name it. Once he sets his mind to a task, he stays focused, I’ll give him that. He didn’t think it had a future.

  28. There were legit attempts by Muslims to assassinate both Dick Cheney and George HW Bush while they were in the Middle East. No one fired a shot a Clinton, but there was the guy who crashed a small plane on the White House lawn trying to take him out.

    This crazy guy also murdered a woman in South Dakota with plans to keep killing people as he drove across the country until he got to D.C. where he planned to kill Obama on a golf course. I assume it isn’t included on the “threats to Obama” page because he never made it past Madison, Wisconsin, not realizing the vehicle he stole could have its location tracked.


  29. One of the most interesting cases of the effectiveness of terrorist violence was the Washington “sniper,” John Mohammed (if I recall correctly) and his younger sidekick, whose name I have forgotten, Two guys with a specially-modified automobile and a scope-sighted AR-15 kept the Washington DC metropolitan area in a state of near-panic for a few weeks; I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a copycat incident.

    • The interesting thing about that, which was quickly forgotten, was how hung up law enforcement, and the Feds in particular, were that they were looking for their “lone nut ex-military white guy” suspect in those shootings. From what I read that guy was even stopped several times in the middle of the night, with expired tags and a kid who wasn’t his, but was always let go when he stated some lame excuse of some sort. Were it not for some third party from Oregon who somehow knew the perp he’d probably still be shooting people in the DC area.

      • The interesting thing about that, which was quickly forgotten, was how hung up law enforcement, and the Feds in particular, were that they were looking for their “lone nut ex-military white guy”

        That was the peak of the, “profiling,” era where the FBI insisted they could locate suspects via the construction of psychological profiles.

        It was so widespread it made it into the movies and TV shows of the day.

        This was the technique that was used to haul Richard Jewell in for the Olympic bombing. They decided to destroy him rather than admit their techniques were crap after it was obvious the guy was innocent.

        The reason these techniques are crap is that they operate on fantasy rather reality, and they lock the investigator into a fixed, limited perspective, rather than following the actual evidence trail.

    • I was just thinking about that. One interesting this is that the cops had no idea about solving the case, except that he got his manifesto published. The manifesto linked a murder in Alabama and the case unraveled from there. I grew up in the area and followed it closely – most of the shots seem to have been less than 150 yards. Pretty simple, and the police were busy chasing the wrong car the whole time.

  30. The rest of the world, which seems more violent and aggressive, is simply a few steps behind,

    this is true. Non-whites come to canada/usa and get pozzed. My Asian acquaintance the other day was telling me how him and his gf plan to never have kids, because it is too much effort. A Muslim acquaintance (Indian) was saying how it’s important that we confront and challenge homophobia. South Korea and increasingly all of Asia has even lower fertility rates than whites.

    to me, it’s clear that white people are the only group with a significant % of people who have any desire or resistance against Globohomo. ~55% of whites STILL support Trump after decades of conditioning. We always attack white people for being cucks, but we provide the most resistance. non-whites can, and will be Globohomo-ized at the drop of a hat – and therefore are of no concern to the elites.

    • There was an article I read quite some time ago that made a persuasive case that the Japanese people could go extinct in a couple hundred years, and without any outside influence. I think the idea of the piece was that once a society becomes “top heavy” in age it puts downward pressure of fertility rates which means that the top-heavy-age issue is never resolved. Add in modern sloth, and rinse lather repeat for a couple generations and pretty soon there’s nobody left.

      • Sandmich: This is terrible news for the sushi industry, and great news for tuna.
        Seriously, though, the possibility that a homogeneous population could collapes, due to increase age and reduced fertility seems real.

        • It could collapse. I’m not sure it’s a bad thing. Gotta figure out something else that works. These are problems, among others, that humans haven’t had to deal with before. Similar ones existed in the past, sure, but it’s not 1:1 parallel.

          • These are problems, among others, that humans haven’t had to deal with before.”

            Boy howdy, you can sure say that again!

      • Who can say? My pet theory (go ahead, have at me) has to do with population density and the “too many rats in the maze” phenomena. Asians are better at this than Westerners, who seem to need breathing room.

      • They won’t go extinct, Instead a replacement population will take over the land and build a lower tech agrarian society same as baring genoicde the Amish and Ortho types will here.

        • AB, yeah, looks like it. After we go back to subsistence farming, we will then obtain population balance by having more children—also known as farm hands—and dying at the ripe old age of 45. Sigh.

          • It sucks but the amount of energy we use is not sustainable. The only reason we aren’t in worse shape is a combination of fracking and ironically the new depression.

      • Isn’t it simply a “collapse” to a more sustainable level?

        A deflation, really, as the ever-breeding South will see a true Collapse. They’ve outstripped their food and water.

    • “We always attack white people for being cucks, but we provide the most resistance.”

      White women have withstood the most intensive pervasive agitprop campaign in human history designed to get them to erase their own civilization better than the women of any race would have.

      • Yep, and white women are the least likely group to marry outside their race. Even white men inter-racially marry more often.

        Makes me sick to see the white woman hating going on in some altright circles.

  31. “Occidentals have become the panda bears of our species, happy to eat and sleep, but too disinterested in their own survival to reproduce or defend themselves”

    I see this all the time in people walking down neighborhood streets. They walk with their back to the traffic and don’t turn around to even look at the car that’s approaching them it is absolutely bizarre to me this lack of interest in their own Survival

    • My theory is there are simply too many people that the value of the individual has decreased significantly

      If there are only 500 people, each death is a big deal

      Keep increasing the number and people seem pretty much disposable. And people start to manifest their worthlessness by behaving in non-survivalist ways, like they are simply waiting to die or become a statistic.

      The NPC effect is real. I was driving around with my son in San Diego and we were just noticing that people are not exactly people but types. There’s the “white guy” — they all dress and behave the same. The black guy, they’re all the same. Mexicans, etc etc. And in video games, there is the “default” character before you customize it to look like you. Lots of default characters out there too. Unremarkable nondescript people.

  32. You’ve got Westerners down pretty well. However, I doubt that the Chinese will be going peacefully.

    • I have often joked that after a nuclear war, there would only be cockroaches and Chinamen left. The Chinese simply possess the will to do whatever it takes to survive.

      • Don’t be surprised when the Chinese wind up just as soft and unwilling to rock the boat as anyone else. Look how easily the CCP bought them off for the transgressions at Tiananmen.

        • Chinese people have very few children and what boys that have in the middle and upper classes are so soft they are commonly called Little Emperors.
          The rat utopia gets everyone

          • Yes, but China now has about 1B “useless” people to boil off. These folk live by subsistence farming and retain pretty much a lifestyle folks in the West abandoned 200 years ago.

            I’m no expert here, but I fail to see how it is problematic if the Chinese version of Ma and Pa Kettle have one child who grows up and leaves the half acre farm for a job in the city. Mom and dad grow old, die, and their farm is merged into something larger and more productive.

            I think of this as something along the lines of “right-sizing”. We did the same 100 or so years ago. And automation coupled with AI promises another go at it in our current society in the coming decades.

          • The idea that 1 billion Chinese are living a lifestyle akin to that of a century or two ago isn’t true. I was in Western China, and the backwaters therein, 20 years ago, and material comfort was widespread even then. The East is considerably further along. It’s not grinding poverty that sends the kids to the city; it’s ennui and the promise of a brave, new world.

      • Fertility rate is 0.8 in South Korea lol. That’s literally extinction. European natives (1.5) is almost double. South India is below replacement now almost at European levels. Japan has always been low. Thailand is as low as Italy.

      • Outside of a few parts of the less developed world no one has high fertility. Parts of India even have low TFR
        Gradually as the remaining societies get TV, Internet and a basic comfortable living, they’ll join in too.
        This will leave the only fertile groups being religious zealots and a few nationalist/racialists who treat their views with religious fervor
        The other outcome is a mega die back from war, famine and thirst all of which are on the horizon now.
        Either way there will be many less people in a few centuries or less The trick therefore is to keep the ratio of our people solid.
        Its normally around 25% and so long as we stay there, we’ll be fine.

        • The hapas and the asians, with their long conditioning in 3D thinking by ideograms, are latching on to machine-mind thinking fast.

          Their joy and proficiency in tech is stunning. Can’t keep ’em down on the rice paddy now.

          We are seeing rapid plateau evolution occurring here. Don’t count on an Amish level reversion. I mean, scythes against warbots?

          • China is one or two rainstorms away from no longer being a technological power. C.F Three Gorges Dam
            Also historically unless you share a border with them, the Chinese are perfectly happy to let savages be savages. Its highly unlikely they would care what West does if they becomes the predominate tech power. They’ve been like this before and basically left Gweilo -Laowai be savages.
            Regardless , no developed nation roughly tech at the level of regular TV and above for any length of time has above replacement fertility in the general population and no nation is able to get it back up once it falls.
            We’ve has 47 years of low fertility in the US and any immigranst get swallowed up. Chinese tech excellence not withstanding they are as effected as we are if not a bit more.

  33. Assassination has become a thing of the past in our politics.

    If you don’t limit it to presidents, James Hodgkinson recently tried to assassinate a bunch of Republican congressmen.

  34. Ease and comfort. No real significant middle class neighborhoods have been torched. I don’t even think the retards of the radical left have the intelligence to do anything but throw a temper tantrum.
    And the idiocy of the progressives was shown last night in the conversation between the two progressive Bill Maher and Adam Schiff.
    Maher was bitching to Schiff about the exodus from California and the pot holes in the streets.
    Neither one are self aware enough to maybe think the problem is progressive policies where elites live like monarchs and millions of third worlders drain the budgets.
    Of course both of them come from the usual suspect tribe which has problems with self awareness.

  35. After 9/11 I had wondered why there weren’t more terrorist attacks. Why would one just go for the big stuff? Plant a bomb at an Omaha mall one week; shoot up a bus in Nashville the next week. That’s terrorism. And Allah knows there were enough animated Muzzies to do so.

    That aside, despite all the anger online, I’m not surprised the only violence has come from lone wolves. Could it be enough people are “enslaved” to debt and job benefits that no one dares organize actual resistance? In 1900, the only real concern was finding food and water that wouldn’t upset your stomach. Otherwise self-reliance was a given. Nobody except preppers are self-reliant these days. There’s too much risk to bucking the system for most people.

    • Interestingly, we haven’t even begun to see the downstream effects of the shuttering of the US economy. All the CARES act gibs are expiring right now.

      So if I’m already really pissed off from years of being grinded down mentally told I’m inherently evil, etc. plus I no longer have my sh1t tier wage slave job, and no hope of getting one again, and I’m now being evicted because of no job, etc. Get it?
      You take away the bread & circuses and inflict enough pain on a group of people who are already pushed up against the wall you may see some interesting things occur. Either lots of bridge jumping or that same end of your rope violence will be spread outwardly. I think we are on the first page of that since nobody in Congress seems to care enough to stop the political stalemate to actually, you know, help the people in need.

      • As Gerald Celente is fond of saying, “When people have nothing to lose they lose it!”

        • I thought the phrase went “When people have nothing to lose, they act like they have nothing to lose”.

      • Apex Predator: The blowback of the CARES Act “financial assistance programs” is really going to hit people when they discover that the IRS will not allow deduction of expenses paid for with CARES Act funds, such as PPP loans. So much for “loan forgiveness.” People are going to be hit with higher tax bills then they might otherwise have expected. As for the loan forgiveness, we’ll just have to see, because the Feds keep changing the rules.

      • 600,000 white people have already killed themselves quietly and peacefully through opioid overdoses. Nothing is more cucked than going out like that. It’s all I will say to avoid fedposting.

        • These people were targeted by Perdue Pharma who went out their way to addict Americans. The Chinese followed suit by dumping Fentanyl into our country by the metric ton though our mail system.
          Congress went out of it’s way to protect both.
          Do you know you can order Fentanyl and Carfentanyl directly from China as well as any kind of designer opiate or steroid?
          Do you know that Amazon and Ebay also launder money back to China and Mexico as well?
          Most Americans have no idea how much the executive class hates the white American worker.

          • The chinese think it fair play for the opium war business. Read that 10% of chinese males were opium addicts at the height of their problems. Interesting the same tribe was involved in those events as of today.

        • I’m a little surprised no one has made a run at the sacklers. Scum knew what they were doing with the safe if taken as directed scam. Must say i think you are a bit harsh on the victims. Broke my collar bone a while back and was give a prescription of Roxy’s for a month. Used them up in 2 weeks. Best two weeks of my life. Ground one down and mixed it with a jack and coke. wow.
          Harumph. wasn’t stupid enough to refill prescription but i can appreciate that they insidiously easy to get addicted to. Course i’m a smoker and drink too much so maybe it just me.

      • I see two possible endgames for the lockdown gibs. 1) The gibs are made permanent when people realize the economy isn’t going to recover. This means hyperinflation and the dollar becoming (more) worthless. 2) The gibs end and people get thrown out of their homes, can’t buy food, and massively default on their debt. I’m guessing the ruling class probably thinks option 1 is some sort of “controlled descent” into third world status for us while 2 is more of a sudden push.

        The problem with option 1 is that it devalues all the debt held by our banks. This is great for all those people with mountains of student loans who can now pay off graduate school with a single $100 trillion bill. It’s not so great for the banking system though as all those “assets” are seen to be worthless. In scenario 2 the banks also fail when people default on loans and credit cards though.

        I fully expect that our elite is sufficiently stupid that they will find a way to combine the most disastrous features of both approaches.

        • I see lockdown gibs as a test run for implementing Universal Basic Income (UBI) and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

          I actually think they can kick this can for a few years before a dollar collapse.

          If Harris is frauded into the White House I actually expect markets to pop on the idea that all Chinese trade restrictions get dropped and the Cloud People can resume the business of selling America out from under the Dirt People.

        • Some of the damage is already done, just not apparent. Example, folks not thrown out of their homes/apartments does nothing for the landlord who has to pay the mortgage to the bank. Thousands upon thousands of such “real estate tycoons” are leveraged to the hilt, and the string of non-payment of rent has in effect bankrupted them. Banks have been patient so far on foreclosures—assuming (falsely) that the tenants in arrears will pay up when the economy reopens. But as the arrears start to approach 6 months, who the hell is going to pay, or can pay such an amount? It becomes ever more tempting to skip out.

          Much of the PPP is a shell game, a Ponzi scheme that has not yet become revealed to a public waaay too concerned over who’s wearing face diapers. The government is the three card Monty dealer and the public is about to pick the wrong card again. Some people never crack wise.

          • Few, if any politicians gave serious thought to the downstream consequences of their actions – those that are apparent or becoming so and those yet to manifest themselves. In my opinion, the economy has been wrecked and now we’re all just along for the ride to see how it plays out.

      • But the 1% are so much richer, and they buy the politicians, so isn’t the system working as designed?

        • It works until it can’t work any longer. At that point, the rich become targets of opportunity for the masses. That’s the great dilemma in my mind. How could these folk be so blind as to let it deteriorate to that point?

          • If the Infotainment ‘n’ Freebies State falters, TPTB are confident that the military and police, and massive propaganda, will keep a lid on 98% of the population. The outliers can be dealt with via legal or extra-legal force.
            They don’t call it a “police state” for nothing.

    • Agreed. I kept think about how simple it would be to implement these sorts of attacks. On the other hand, there were some. San Bernardino, Orlando, Ft. Hood, some others. France had plenty. Maybe there aren’t that many suicidal types out there.

    • Frankly I think the Muslims only need to establish themselves as a protected class, and their leaders will not transfer to the “medina” or more aggressively violent phase – which is inevitable – when they are demographically situated to do so.
      This strategy has been very explicit if you listen to leaders like Ergodan of Turkey.

  36. So we don’t go out with a bang but with a whimper.

    Maybe allowing us to vent in comment sections is a good release valve. That and opiates, alcohol, mass entertainment, social media.

    • DissRight social media allows us to make less of an effort to connect IRL. If I couldn’t talk to you here, I would probably be much more active seeking people out.

      Same way that people are having less sex in the post-Tinder era than in the pre-Tinder one. People are lazy.

      If tptb were actually concerned about D-right they would just shut us all down, like they did to alex jones.

      • Richard Spencer, despite being “the next Hitler,” still freely posting his Vote Biden memes. Hmmmm.
        His pals at Arktos still selling books at Amazon. Makes ya wonder.

    • Or maybe not at all. If a fire is raging, are you more likely to survive if you a) put as much distance as possible between you and the fire or b) stand close to the fire with a bucket full of accelerant waiting for the perfect moment to pour it on? All fires consume themselves eventually, so why be nearby with flammable material? Letting nature take it’s course may not be sexy or heroic, but it’s a really wise way to live.

    • We’ll see if its Bang or Whimper in about a month. I’m betting on Whimper, but would quite welcome Bang.

      • At least, in the event of a Biden win, National Review will still be available to organize a principled opposition.

  37. Alternate non-fake version would be a few soros district attorneys would have been hung out to dry, avoiding the security issues of a high profile target. Whitmer would have spent the rest of her days orbiting her panic room. Mission accomplished.
    On the other hand, perhaps the fake attempt was the threat. She could be made to disappear if the overlords tasked their henchmen with the chore.

    • In the age of conspiracies, that actually makes a great deal of sense. “Yeah we got ’em this time, but the next time our band of secret police make a plot like this we might be too slow to get to the phone”.

  38. Soup is the last stand of implicit White identity. 

    It is the final bulwark against the forces of darkness. Throughout the ages, soup has aided the white race in our endeavors of conquest and exploration. Across every frontier, soup has been by our side. From the coldest tundras to the hottest deserts and the muddiest of trenches, soup has been our saving grace in the great racial struggle. Its nutrients have provided us with the energy needed to stand at the apex of mankind. 

    But because we’ve turned our back on her, we’ve become as ordinary and weak as any other race. If we are to stand once again at the forefront of human progress, strength and conquest, we must once again make soup the cornerstone of our diets. 

  39. Well, let me throw a (metaphorical) stinkbomb into your breakfast cereal: I think that the west’s universalist religion, which might have been an asset in the past, has become a crippling, deadly burden.

    Take China as a contrast. I’ve worked there for extended periods of time. They’re not exactly devout in their religion any more. Just accompanying mom to the temple, stuff like that.

    But their “religion,” such as it is, doesn’t have any universalist bullshit that obscures their racial solidarity. And many of their gods are just deified real people from centuries past–their people, making their religion a kind of ancestor worship. Their religion helps their racial solidarity–or at least, in contrast to Christianity, doesn’t hurt it.

    And Communism, which is a universalist neo-religion, didn’t really take root there. The “Communist” party is now just an “ordinary” kleptocratic authoritarian regime.

    • But our churches are empty! And as the Boomers die off, even more empty. I don’t deny that people are looking for a new organizing principle, just that we are not sure what it will be and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the universalist religion of the past you decry.

      • I’m pretty sure it won’t be the universalist religion of the past you decry.

        You are right, it will be far far worse than even that.
        We are 100% sure what it will be because it is already being adopted by the masses of the stupid. Woke is your new religion, you -have- been paying attention the last 4 months right? Z himself (among many others) has written manifold articles about how this is clearly the new secular cult of the west.

        • Woke is your new religion

          This is exactly correct.

          Woke is a heretical evolution of Christianity without all the hokey Jesus and Mary stuff.

          Instead, Woke worships cool black criminals like Fentanyl Floyd and anime babes like Corona-chan.

        • Woke is a derivative of Christianity

          A caricature of it in some ways, the primary colors version for the stupid

        • I’m not talking about the lost idiots we discuss with great frequency. I’m only concerned with the salvageable folk who have not yet crossed over to the DR.

          • Its a chaotic function with far too much of a shifting hierarchy and far too many mentally ill and highly dysfunctional adherents to dominate.
            Its more akin to a cult albeit a dangerous one.
            Early Chritians had some real lulu’s in their midst but most were basically a lot like us, often low rankers ,smart and more than capable of action or subversion as needed.

    • Why the Romans hated Christianity

      Only reason it survived is when it incorporated the necessity of violence into its teachings

      • That is the one thing that struck me – Christianity has many good teachings but is a little too soft. Were I to write my own religious book it would basically copy the Bible but sometimes violence from men is required too, we can’t just sit around and wait for God to deal with it.

        • They kept the Muslims at bay for a 1000 years. And what did our Pagan-secularists do? Undid all that work in a couple generations.

          • Very true. Christianity has a robust martial history. Only during modernity and postmodernity was Christianity emasculated, and, in turn, became an emasculating agent.

        • Christianity is exclusively for the next life. Trying to make it a societal project in the present is civilizational suicide. The meek may inherit the earth, but not this time around.

          • Meek, as used in the Gospels, means “power under control”. In other words, not just random, wanton violence, but wielding authority when necessary to maintain the common good. Wield it for nefarious purposes, you will eventually fall; fail to wield it when and to the extent necessary, same result.
            St. Paul explicitly states this. What has happened to Christianity is that, like every other institution, it has become poisoned with modernism.

      • “Romans hated Christianity”

        A few emperors, the worst and most corrupt in Roman history, were listening to neocon rumors about a vast right wing conspiracy, backed up with large political donations, loans, and ‘property development’.

        Plus, of course, expanded immigration, foreign trade, taxes, welfare, and slaves.

        • In addition, the animal trainers and traders, the gambling houses and brothels, built upon the entertainment complex of the circuses. A long history of overrepresentation in Rome.

          Yet, one God was cast down, and Another raised. They are not one and the same, nor is the descendent subservient to the prior, but to a higher Power still.

    • Their religion is materialism. But since their own government caused tens of millions of deaths with living memory, I can’t say I blame them. (See: Great Leap Forward, 5 year plans, and the Cultural Revolution)

    • Yeah I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that christians are overwhelmingly on the right and atheists are overwhelmingly LGBT dogmoms. Certainly abandoning our foundational cultural heritage is the way to reestablish our civilization… that also very coincidentally became garbage when it abandoned christianity in the first place

      • Christianity gave us the works of Michaelangelo and Atheism gave us PissChrist and Annie Sprinkle. Not to mention Marxism and all of it’s evils.

  40. Not only are people stupid, but they’re very credulous. As you’ve pointed out before, if the media firehose is going 24/7 even the cynical assimilate some of what they try to reject. Everyone has been hammered with this “Violence never solves anything” trope so long that it’s been internalized, despite the fact that violence solves pretty much everything. It’s pretty much magic. Kids used to learn this in the schoolyard. You’re agonizing about getting picked on by some bully, you dread it all day at home and school, then finally you snap and one day instead of telling him to stop, you hit him…and usually it stops. And afterwards you feel better and are almost grateful to the bully. This seems not to happen anymore, which explains why the men of the ruling class are basically like mouthy women who know that no matter how much they cross the line they can’t get hit. It’s why Biden can threaten a steel worker thirty years younger than him (even a seventy year-old mobster knows not to start something with a young man without a gun). The prog girls used to have this quote all over their social media: “War doesn’t determine who’s right. It determines who’s left.” Cute, but if you’re the only one remaining then you don’t have to worry about being “right.” The person you were arguing with is dead.

    • I remember how Tucker Carlson made a clip criticizing Antifa, saying that the lesson Antifa takes from their actions is that “violence works, that’s the message.”

      He meant that as a criticism, but lacked the self-awareness (or perhaps needed to appear to lack it on a normie-right mainstream outlet) to point out that if it works, and your enemy is doing it, then you have to do it, too, just to survive.

      Of course the lads on the socials turned it into a half-ironic meme recontexualizing it into our point of view.


      • What you say is true. The flip side of that coin is to look at who has been targeted for prosecution: mostly people defending themselves and/or their property. Also who has taken a public a stand for the people defending themselves and their property? (AFAIK it’s Malkin, the guy who’s defending the Covington kids, and a few others w/o influence. No elected officials or institutions that I know of.)

      • I actually hope the Karen plot up in Michigan really was executed by our guys rather than being a false flag op. I mean, we’re always talking about elites swinging form lamp posts, are we not?

    • Joey, all too true. But the great unknown is, “When clown world stops, can such pacifist tendencies be unlearned?” There is reason to believe that it can. Certainly, the military thinks so, or it would go out of business. On the other hand, they specialize is taking on teenagers not so poz’d yet by society.

    • if you’re the only one remaining then you don’t have to worry about being “right.” The person you were arguing with is dead.”

      The wisdom of Max Stirner. Abstract “rights” mean nothing unless you have the power to enforce them, and if you do, you don’t need “rights” anyway.

      • Ding Ding Ding We have a winner…If people just understood that simple truth then they would be doing more than just posting online they would be gathering together so they would have the power to determine their future…

    • Times have changed

      For one, if you used to get in a fight you knew you could trust the guy not to try and kill you. There was a code. When one guy was down, you stopped. It was understood.

      I may of course stir the hornet’s nest here with this next comment, but I knew things were going deeper into shit when things like UFC and MMA became popular and it became okay for guys to kick. That fucked up everything. Men NEVER kicked each other. That’s not a white thing. Probably comes from Asia.

      • That’s an American and maybe Anglo conceit.
        Kicking when fighting is permitted is A-OK in France do the prevalence of Savate

      • Watch your average jogger hyena attack. Once the victim is on the ground, the head stomping and kicking commence.

        • I would expect that is an outgrowth, to an extent, of the culture of criminality in the black community. (Rap, drug culture etc.)

      • You seem hopelessly confused about what a “fight” even IS. Queensbury rules slappy slap hands pretend to box for a minute behind the gym is not a fight.

        Forget kicking for a moment – if you can’t GRAPPLE, you can’t fight because anyone who CAN will easily dump you on your head in seconds and do whatever they like to you after that.

        Like in that exotic ancient asian art of wrestling for example.

        • Grappling works when it’s one on one.. Do it when your oppo has his homies with him and you will get your head stomped into the ground even if you’re Gracie BB.

          • There’s no way to fight a group successfully without going full Kyle Rittenhouse and there’s no way to go Kyle Rittenhouse without being dogpiled by (((lawyers))) much more bloodthirsty and remorseless than jogger mobs. This is why the best self defense is to avoid joggers, particularly in groups.

            But if you ever NEED to fight one person, life or death style, grappling is for that. Striking is great and you should absolutely do it too, but if you can only have one, learn to grapple.

            In any event none of this has anything to do with the “face the bully behind the school house, give him a good sock right in the nose, shake his hand when he falls and everyone will respect you!” That’s right up there with “go up to the CEO and ask for the job you want” in terms of boomer advice.

            It’s a different world now and it calls for different measures. I’ll take low leg kicks and blood chokes if Tyrone thinks maybe it would be funny instagram material if my family never saw me again.

            Get your kids in a combat sport. Boxing, wrestling, BJJ or Muy Thai. Will keep them healthy, teach confidence, physical bravery, and may just save their life.

          • You need a bit of both but if things go to hell, a gun and ammo with skill and a gunfighter mentality will serve you better.

    • You’re agonizing about getting picked on by some bully, you dread it all day at home and school, then finally you snap and one day instead of telling him to stop, you hit him…and usually it stops. And afterwards you feel better and are almost grateful to the bully.”

      Okay grandpa maybe that was how things functioned among well socialized christian white kids. Kids today know if they hit a bully back, he’s probably named Jamal and instead of learning to respect your gumption… turns up with a pack of other joggers the next day that may actually kill you. That’s if your school doesn’t expel you under “zero tolerance” or put you on the news as a racist for your unprovoked hateful attack on an honor roll student.

      We need to quit blaming our own kids for the absolute shit cultural situation they’ve been plopped into. An awful lot of white kids today have to navigate multiculti hellscapes and the boomer behavioral norms from a sane country don’t even apply.

  41. The “Comfort First Imperative” is born of the extreme affluence that has dominated our society for nearly half a century now. Most folks are living a very comfortable life of leisure; and the status quo is pretty doggone good. Hell, even our poor are obese and have cell phones. Real hardship has become extinct, as has natural culling of the herd. DNA pollution is accelerating, and colony collapse is the natural remedy. Not a trivial thing, that.

  42. Yeah, we just got soft.

    The million-dollar question is: when we see the real endgame coming, can we un-soft in time?

    • “can we un-soft in time?”

      It took me about 10 years to learn basic life-skills that my great-grandparents knew as children … e.g. how to extract food from dirt; how to develop water systems. And those old-timers lived in a community-intensive, high trust society. I think the answer to the million-dollar question is a big fat NO.

      • Question it seems to your comment is “How did you learns such ‘skills’?” Did you need to discover them yourself, or simply become motivated/lucky enough to find others to teach you such?

        I’ve always retained the belief that if there remains a nucleus of those with such survival skills, then in short order—if motivated—we can learn from them. Certainly we see examples of such in daily life—the military takes a recruit and in boot camp creates a soldier with some ability to stay alive in conflict in a matter of a few weeks. Obviously, future training needed that involves higher levels of military technology and specialty, but I believe the example is still holds.

        • People who teach those skills strike me as dubious sorts, like those “ex Seals” who teach survival at camps. Always an “ex” something or other, but like musclebound guys who work out in a gym but can’t pick up and carry a sofa, there is something manufactured about them

          Men we can trust, just because they have our best interest at heart and not making a buck off us, where did they go?

          • I hear ya. Lot of grifters out there. I’ve had contact with such myself. But I’ve also had contact with others not of that ilk. Such as discharged Marines/Rangers and such in groups I’ve been in. They are happy and willing to teach tactics in the field—and why not—if you can’t keep their back, you are a danger to them and the entire group.

        • It was a combination of book-learning and talking with like-minded folk; heavy emphasis on the former. This minimizes failure but doesn’t eliminate it. Life-skills require experimentation and occasional deviation from orthodoxy; i.e. you just have to get the hands dirty and never stop learning.

          I’ve tried teaching a few people who came to me with questions. Most didn’t have the patience; i.e. they quickly defaulted back to buying “Great Value” milk vice learning how to care for a milk cow. To each his own … until crisis hits.

          • Necessity is based on the NOW. Today there’s no necessity for gardening because we have supermarkets and a wonderful distribution network. Disrupt that paradigm and within 72-hrs there will be a crisis of necessities. At that point the pithy cliches are worthless … you’re just f’ing hungry. Learning about food cultivating takes a lot of homework, topped by a LOT of labor, and if you’ve got your act together, should produce food in 3-4 months. And depending on CONUS location, much of it has to happen between March and Oct. And that’s just the food piece of the equation. Power? Heating? Water? We need these things NOW – today – and “necessity” isn’t patient with human learning curves.

      • I grew up with chickens, geese and alot of neighbors had cows. I was constantly shanghaied into loading hay etc. We all hunted and dad had dogs. Buy foxfire books and watch youtube instruction videos. Any idiot can keep a goat or chicken population. Barring a catastrophic collapse one can ease into it. I can perform some vet skills and wife is a doctor. Those skills good if shtf. Physical gold or making spirits would also be useful. Mechanical/welding ditto. Catastrophic collapse more dicey. I have guns and rough buddies. If the flag went up i would not be above looting a supermarket. Guess my point is that you don’t want to be stashing back canned zucchinis for some animal like me to roll in and take em off your hands. Having a gun and the knowledge (muscle memory) and will to use it is probably best asset if collapse is rapid.

    • I know some preppers who are fat, if you can wrap your head around that. You can have all the high-speed gear you want, but going from 3500 calories per day to closer to 1200 might be the best place to start preparing for the future.

      • Prepping is LARP for probably 75% of those people for one of the main reasons you mentioned. It is also why you see these ‘militia’ guys coming out in their tacti-cool gear with their big beer guts bulging out from under the tac-vest and their hamhock legs & arms blubbering out.
        It is literally the worst optics possible and it almost feels staged except I’m pretty sure it is real because I’ve met a few of those guys over the years and they are pretty much like that.

        Fat + well supplied + immobile because you are defending your ‘stash’ in a true SHTF scenario = target. You will be hit day & night by people who are more agile and hungrier and you will be overwhelmed. Some prepping is good but the ability to move around is better. There are a few A tier people who have actual wide area preps with ‘depots’ hidden about over large areas. Most of the rest are simply waiting to be raided.

        • A lot of these tactic-cool guys, with their “muh guns” , what they going to do to protect those guns if someone comes and takes them? Or sets their place on fire? They don’t have n real armory. Just a ranch house. There has to be more to fighting that just the tools of war. You have to have brains and fitness too

          • Yep. I’ve said repeatedly here, “If you have ‘tits’ you’re worthless!”—but I was never talking about women.

          • Little baby fat is nothing. Fuck you guys, Kyle is a stud. He has almost made me believe in divine providence. I get a kick out of watching “naked and afraid”. As a guy that has been wet and cold when camping; will maintain that it is brutal. Fat melts off the chubbies. Have also marveled how tough some of them are and that you really can’t predict which ones will be tough. Some of the women in particular have greatly surprised me. That said only 2-3 have done more than limp across the 21-40 day mark. i.e only 5% would still be alive 3 months out. One guy was catching rats with deadfall traps. I think he actually gained weight. In another, this princess killed a cayman and then caught a pig in a snare. Conversely and ex-mil sf guy had to tap out because of sunburn.

          • I watched that show a couple of times. Kind of wondered why the people didn’t first thing rig up some shoes or sandals. And yes I know its not telegenic and carries some risk but unless it wasn’t allowed, wouldn’t you cake yourself in dirt or mud as this lowers sun burn risk.
            I never see that either.

          • Yes, it does look funny to see fatties in all that gear. But compared to what? Fatties with no guns? I have no problem with any person getting some basic competency in protecting themselves. Maybe they wont be very effective, but so what? Again what is the alternative? isn’t their a quote of Solzhenitsyn onthis topic? If only the police thought they were taking their life into theirs hands when they went to arrest people?

          • Spot on. They will be better than the DR nerd smoking a swisher and who gets off throwing other whites under the proverbial bus.
            Yeah the fatties have their issues but if they step up when the time comes, that’s all you can ask of a man.
            And if they take out a couple of goons each before going down they will have done more than a ten thousand smug DR types will ever do with a keyboard.

          •  From the authorities’ point of view it is easier to write reports for a living, with the emphasis on living. 😀 (Credit to Gary North)

          • In a real crisis its pretty easy to get fit and can be done with no supplies.
            Try fighting without weapons. Its not easy.

          • Perhaps most important, you have to have the will. I believe the will is there, but it’s buried pretty deeply below the surface. At some point, however, it will come wriggling to the surface. Then, look out…

        • “a true SHTF scenario”

          this entire idea is an absolute LARP. Even African joggers instantly band together pool resources and form defacto local governments. This hobbesian dream of a protracted house to house subsistence free for all is crazy. Literally never obtained in human history, basically a theory of social disorder formed entirely by zombie movies.

          It’s another sign of our crazy atomized society that people envisioning disaster actually think in this ludicrous way

      • If by that you mean a common purpose, aye.
        Ideology matters and while everyone in Our Thing is rightly down on Stalin and Communism and some are down on the Austrian also rightly , both of those men accomplished a hell of a lot, led nations and gave people purpose.
        That is more than our “Republic of Consumers” is doing.
        There are better ways that International or National Socialism to be sure but its up to use to make that clear.

  43. Whites probably won’t act violently until their comfortable lives are made very uncomfortable. It’s just to easy for the vast majority of whites to ignore the abuse and demographic replacement while they have full bellies and unlimited entertainment and vices.

    • We’ve become like the Land of the Lotus Eaters.

      Or perhaps the Eloi from The Time Machine?

      Or the bread-and-circuses late Romans?

      Or the panda bear, as the Zman says?

      Or the Kakopo? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGso1H7ZACU)

      Many such analogies. Jeez, I’m blackpilling myself here, I think I’ll cook myself a big breakfast steak and think on how to help with /our/ thing.

    • I think that’s exactly right.

      Who wants to go out and risk getting killed or imprisoned when the government will send send you $600 per week to watch porn and football and eat yourself into obesity in an air-conditioned home?

      People are not violent because they are domesticated animals, getting fat eating from the government’s hand.

      For now.

      • That, and avoidance is an easy strategy. It’s extremely easy for citizens to avoid direct contact and conflict with the federal government (taxes excepted). I haven’t interacted directly with the federal government at all at any point in my life, and I live in a rural area that has no surveillance or any sort of LEO presence. If the federal government disappeared tomorrow, the only thing I’d notice is having more spending money. The main dynamic between government and the people is that direct conflict with the government favors the government, avoidance favors the people. It would be stupid to play to your enemy’s strengths when you can just retreat and wait for them to ruin themselves.

        • That money would be wothless within a day or two, because only thing that guarantees its dubious value is force of the Federal Government. So, my good man, you have been interacting with the said government on the everyday basis, since your birth. You can avoid nothing, even if you would be living in Somalian tribal lands – because they too use dollars. Please dont kid yourself.

          • With all due respect to your comment on Drew’s comment; are you saying/implying that people would just lay down and die if Fed Guv wasn’t around to back money as a means of exchange? I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that barter and other such forms would spring up immediately out of necessity. The G adds no value. To anything.

          • I’d recommend you read a book called Debt: the first 5000 years. There are a couple places where the author discusses how people continue to use a currency after the government that issues it no longer exists, and how some places use it after the imperial forces that imposed it’s use withdraw. Your assertion has no basis in reality, and is predicated on a theory that doesn’t track with reality. You clearly do not know the history of money and currency as used by humans and are operating bon theories that have little to do with reality. I recommend you educate yourself.

          • In a couple instances. Other times hard currency that had been debased. There was also another instance of people exchanging tokens from a store that went bankrupt. The point was that old currency would be used for exchange after the issuing government (or other entity) went down mostly as a matter of custom and habit. It’s a very interesting read because it uses documented history to disprove a lot of economic theory. Really, it’s a true eye-opener.

          • Who uses federal reserves notes nowadays? Most transactions are carried out through electronic blips among non-government entities. When you buy your plastic gizmo at Target, it is a series of electronic blips among you, Visa and Target. “US Dollars” are simply a counting/valuing convention.

      • Hard to explain, but even when I was a young man, violence just seemed right. Referring to physical violence with guys getting into fights and so on. It just seemed right. What happened I don’t know.

        • Prior to 1970 when easy divorce/broken homes/latchkey kids and such began, almost everyone even Black folks had a father at home for at least a decade.
          As time went on the culture got more feminized and brittle.
          Also people live inside mostly, use computers all the time and to such a degree vitamin d deficiency is an issue for many people. This leads to a weaker population.
          Lastly, after 1973 families got drastically smaller. The TFR hit 1.8 or so in that year and that meant that many families had at most one sibling and it wasn’t that rate to have “a kid” .
          This also meant less cousins as well. Over time the value of each child was thought to be higher and the more feminized culture was less willing to tolerate risk and rowdiness to the point of drugging boys into compliance.
          This is also why so few roughly only a quarter youngsters can meet the basic qualifications for military service and why I think Generation Single Mom will finish what the NFL Kneelers started and kill football off.

          • Someone here, today, criticized the group a bit for chattering back and forth rather than taking action—in other words talking solves nothing. AB, your post reaffirms why I post and read. Concise synopsis and deductive conclusions. All serve to direct focus and harden resolve.

        • Mostly empty-Nester women run things now. Men in the west are PW. Just my low IQ maybe. Great insight as always Z. Thanks.

      • Seriously, when was the last time someone starved to death in this country?

        That’s not nothing, but there appear to be hidden costs. Like liberty, for one.

      • As the piece says, smart and motivated. The lower IQ influx has probably reduced scores on average, but if IQ is largely hereditary, the dumbing down is more due to lack of motivation/despair/frustration plus the larger inclusion of the above mentioned influx in the sample.

    • Genetics and Darwin theory. Those in the West who wanted to fight and die, died. Those who avoided the conflict, obeyed and, survived reproduced.

      • Think of all the high quality Western white men that were lost and degraded in WW1 and WW2.

        For the US you can add in Korea, Vietnam, and the Endless ME wars.

        Russia lost quite a few guys in Afghanistan.

        Meanwhile, the brown and black parts of the world were largely untouched.

        • I’ve often thought the same. The two world wars in particular, were a disaster for the White race and western civilization. And now here we are, evidently going gentle into that good night.

        • Probably less than you think. Armies tend to promote the best and brightest, and let the duller ones have the front lines. While it’s true that many good men died in the world wars, it’s also true that those who lead the armed forces also do their best to manage human resources such that their best people can fight more than one battle, and in fact can see the end of fighting. More to the point, the US lost less than 300k in WWII, and lost less than 700k men to all wars in it’s history, total. Given that front line fighters are not generally the cream of the crop, and given that plenty of those who died were survived by widows and children, the argument that American wars have prevented our best men from passing on their genes is, frankly, rather dubious.

          • Men who are willing to fight and die are quite rare as opposed to nerds who can debate. One only has to see how few white males will resist being bullied by Lefty thugs which goes farther back than you think. For example the Tea Party where some Lefty punk would intimidate a couple of dozen conservative males who let themselves be punked. It was a common occurrence.
            The men who do fight are not generally officer class(Academy types) but generally come from rural and factory worker class who are used to harsh environments.
            BTW those men have to be smart as well. Who in the fuck you think maintains weapons and aircraft to nuclear reactors and does tactics, etc Enlisted men that’s who.
            For example when newly butter bar takes over a platoon or company he is dependent on his NCO’s for guidance because he has no experience with managing soldiers or Marines.

          • Look, my point was in reply to someone else who said, ” Think of all the high quality Western white men that were lost and degraded in WW1 and WW2.” While the numbers might be large for Europeans, that can’t be for America. America’s casualty rate in both those wars was vastly lower than any European nation’s casualty rate, yet America is more fucked. QED, our involvement in the world wars is a small or non factor in explaining the lack of quality men in this day and age in America. Whatever problems modern American men have, it has precious little to with the world wars.

          • Prior to the Vietnam War, the families of most intellekshuals sharing their intellekshaulism on this blog would not have had the money to qualify as “cream of the crop.”
            Others forget that military deaths during the American Civil War was approximately 650,000, having a more detrimental effect on the South than the North.

      • Evolution occurs over a thousands and tens of thousands of years. I suspect we still have a large reservoir of killers. Time will tell

      • You could also say however that more aggressive or crazy people tend to have more children. So over time you could get more aggression with war as the outlet. The less risk adverse you are the less likely you are to wrap it up or take the pill. War could be the Darwinian reaction to the natural build up of crazies.

        • No, war is a result of the ruling class going insane(WWI and WWII).or getting greedy(Rome’s Patrician class)
          Look at our wars from the Spanish-American to Afghanistan. Most were elective aimed at building a empire or commercial gain. The people in general had to be goaded into supporting thesese operations.

      • Idk, at least in Canada there was the conscription draft. You had no choice. So a whole range of men were fighting and dying, not just high quality alpha men.

        • Perhaps, perhaps not. Who are the first to leave the trench and go over the top? Who are the first in the line of fire? For that matter, who are those men whose modern MOA is ground pounder, rather than supply personnel? But I have no studies to back the above up. Your conclusion is as likely I guess.

          • With the caveat that I don’t recall where I read it, my understanding that in WWI the British officers who lead the charges had a much higher attrition rate, as well as being significantly more intelligent than average. They had to lead.
            Take that for what it’s worth, but I would tend to this world wars inflicted untold damage in the long run .

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