The Day After Tomorrow

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The general consensus regarding the future of the American Empire is that it is headed for demise like all empires. The rapidly declining quality of the ruling elite in general and the political class in particular is the biggest sign. Then there is the changing demographics, which will reach a point where the human capital of the empire can no longer support empire. Then there is the life cycle of all empires. This one, while short lived, seems to be in the late phase of that cycle.

Most people focus on the question of when the empire will collapse, as that provides the most thrilling scenarios. The truth is though, empires collapse in slow motion, rather than in a bang. It is like a fall down a long flight of stairs, in which the empire hits some long landings where it seems to right itself for a period. Then it is another tumble down the stairs until it hits another landing. It is only in the fullness of time that the decline and fall of the empire looks like the familiar arc.

A different question worth pondering is what will the decline and fall look like for the average person living in the empire? For the people living in the provinces, it will look like the past, in that Europe and Asia will simply gain their independence. France may become a vassal of Germany or Russia, but that is just the same condition with a different management team at the top. Europe will get poorer and more violent, but that will mostly be due to massive migration from Africa.

In North America, we have some hints as to what post-empire America will look like for the typical person. This post on American Greatness goes into the third world nature of large swaths of current year America. California now looks more like Sinaloa Mexico than the old America of the young empire. There are nice modern parts for sure, but there are backward primitive parts, as well. Just like the Roman Empire, it is the infrastructure that is the leading edge of decline.

Empires that can no longer maintain their borders tend to attract large peasant classes, because long after the empire’s peak, it remains a better place to be poor than outside the empire. America lost control of its borders a generation ago, so something like fifty million people have relocated to America. There may be that many more operating inside the country illegally. The fact that no one knows or cares about the illegal population is one of those signs of collapse.

Another vision for post-empire America, is post-empire Spain. One of the interesting aspects of that period is how power devolved to local power centers. The Visigothic Kingdom ruled over what is now Spain. They were central Europeans who had moved west from the Danube Valley, first under the protection of the Western Roman Empire, but then by conquest after the fall of Rome. The kingdom maintained independence for about three centuries.

The thing is though, the kingdom was a polite fiction in many ways as the Gothic rulers had limited control of their territory. They were dependent on those local power centers that evolved in the late Roman empire. The emerging Catholic Church was one power center, but so were local ruling elites located in cities like Seville and Toledo. This is the root of antisemitism, by the way. Jews were powerful players in Gothic politics, a rival to the Church for influence over the secular authorities.

That’s probably the future of North America. The federal government will carry on long after it can exert control over the whole of the country. We see that today with the inability of the political class to do the obvious with the tech oligarchs. Today, global enterprise, finance and technology are outside the scope of government authority and often the whip hand in the relationship. We’re seeing states and cities in open revolt now, refusing to abide by federal laws.

One question no one in power thinks about is whether or not these new oligarchs can survive without the national government. The oligarchs that emerged from the Soviet empire were rooted in practical things like oil and gas. American oligarchs have power over abstract concepts that exist only because the state protects them. Both finance and technology are able to siphon off the wealth of the middle-class, because the middle-class supports the state, which protects this racket.

Put another way, Bolshevism made the Soviet empire artificially poorer, as it compelled inefficiency in the economy. It also proved to be a costly form of rule. Collapse freed the economy of the empire, allowing the new oligarchs to emerge. Liberal democracy makes the empire artificially richer, as it relies upon financial legerdemain to pull forward the proceeds of labor and capital. The cost of rule is subsidized by the social capital it consumes to perpetuate itself.

Is it possible for local power centers to emerge in North America, when the regions no longer have an identity of their own? Is it possible for local rule, when the local elites are just as inept and corrupt as the national elites? It is hard to imagine California lasting very long as an independent state. Its ruling class is clownish and stupid, a collection of petulant children. How hard would it be for the drug cartels to push them aside and turn the state into another narco-state?

The Soviet system rewarded cleverness and intrigue but it was founded on force, so there was always a role for those willing to act. The American system rewards guile, but increasingly has no role for assertiveness and force. It is why America has become so bad at waging war. It is possible that we now lack the required lions to push aside the foxes, even when the foxes die. It means a long period of chaos in which a new generation of lions can emerge to seize control.

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326 thoughts on “The Day After Tomorrow

  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but.

    The American Empire is not nearing death. It’s not even in decline. No matter how fervently people may wish otherwise.

    The reality is that America today is stronger in absolute and in relative terms than it has been at any point in the past and that any previous empire has ever been. Not least because there is no rival capable of dealing a serious, let alone fatal, defeat. There isn’t even any rival in the same class. The closest today is China, which is at least an order of magnitude weaker than the US in all ways.

    What is in terminal decline is our republican form of government. It won’t survive the century. Maybe not even another couple of generations. But it will be replaced by a more centralizing authoritarian state. That will be freed from the civnat pseudo religious nonsense that restrains America from acting as every previous Empire has.

        • That “debt” is a fiction. No global sharif is going to come a collectin’. Federal debt is a fig leaf hiding money creation. The risk and threat of it is inflation – which may threaten the system at some point in the future – but that point is very far off.

          • It’s not a fiction when an adversary like China expects to be paid. This is what wars get fought over.

      • I’m sympathetic. I really am. But your electric connectivity doesn’t have anything to do with the power of the American state.

    • You seem to want it both ways

      On one hand you say the “Empire” has nothing to worry about but that the Republican form of democracy won’t last

      Fine, but that’s a pretty big deal and a main concern of dissident politics. The Empire staggering on in some form of authoritarianism is just as bad if not worse than its utter collapse of the sort imagined around here

      But your point is well taken, and I won’t say it’s without merit, but that is for the historians to debate imo. Our job here is to figure how do we live in this place and thrive and continue on with our bloodlines intact. Our concerns are more immediate and basic.

      • The Republic is what’s gotten us into this mess.

        CivNattery is a hell of a drug, or cult. Even people that hate what it has wrought can’t let go of the dream – or delusion.

        We’ll all be a lot better off when it’s gone.

      • Hah.
        Im the opposite of the neocon trash.

        They believe that the nation was created to serve the government (the constitution). I know the opposite is true, the constitution was written and it’s government created to serve the nation. When that counstiturion no longer works, as is now the case. It’s time to create a new one that will.

        • A population that is filled with low IQ non-Americans and a great many communists can’t be fixed with a new Constitution.

  2. I’ve just had it, guys. I know I touched on this yesterday a little bit, but I have to repeat: this is getting to be too much for me.

    I don’t mean life, or work, or the typical pursuits of a man. I mean this whole suburban living thing. The technological invasions of privacy; the wokery of my neighborhood; the groups of young men slinking toward downtown at dusk — and sometimes pretty large groups at that. I have a son to think about now, and it’s time to leave this all behind. For his sake.

    Many members of my family insist on lifelong subscription to this cancerous facade. “Look at all of the great restaurants!” “Oh, the university is right down the street!” “Ooh, and we’re close to aunt Meg’s, too!” You know what? With all due respect, fuck aunt Meg. We’re living near a powder keg. There might come a day when having more people around (and that includes people, too) will be a liability rather than an asset. Maybe even a threat.

    I was thinking about how when most Americans up here talk about property, they’re referencing a house/personal belongings. Never land. That blows my mind! You could have all of this land and you opt to live on the equivalent of a shitty Dennys, at best?

    But they look at me like I’m nuts. Me! I’m the crazy one for not enjoying all that’s transpired and all that continues to unfurl. That’s right, you’d better enjoy all of this because really, these changes are conveniences; don’t cha see? So what if it’s castrating your soul with a butter knife? You’ve got rewards at Dunkin!

    • You sound like me. For me, owning a bunch of land is the dream. Well, let me rephrase, owning acres with a spring with a swimming hole is the dream 😉

      Imagine owning your own swimming hole !!!!

      Add in a few horses. I’d even raise cattle. I used to take care of the pigs at a family farm growing up. Wasn’t very glamorous by I do miss it.

      I just have to break my city habits. Not easy. Aargh.

  3. I have to say, what you’re describing sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than current year globohomo.

    A couple years ago I couldn’t see how things like an enthostate could develop. Now, I can definitely see potential trajectories for these things coming to pass. It’s a little trippy, a little scary, but men will finally have a reason to exist again. What a relief.

  4. I think you being a starry eyed optimist again . for all intents and purposes , we are already a colony of china . they own our corporations, politicians,media,universities, and the international organizations that set policy we follow, like the WHO. there is another article in American greatness that gives this a quick look. . What will they do with us? I have no idea , but if you look at tibet or outer Mongolia, it may not be good. They will not be able to get too Hands on because issues they have at home . But clearly in the long term they are in the drivers seat.
    the only real opponent they have is the international bankers who are miffed that china has no central bank for them to…uhm… partner with. they are based in the EU and England. the real conflict is those two entities. they are even the organizing force behind our riots , . that is why our rioters use so many cultural revolution .

    • The one billion Americans thing may be an earnest attempt by the globalist financiers to “compete” with China. Obviously it won’t work.

      As a people, whites are just too soft. We need some poverty and hard times again to get our energy back, apparently.

      Our Chinese masters will either be indifferent, make use of the smart tier whites and leave the rest alone, so long as they don’t threaten the Party. Or, they will punish all us Yt’s for the opium wars and humiliating them in the past. I know it’s not logical. Feelings > Logic.

      Fob Chinese don”t understand distinctions between white people groups. They don’t get Italian vs english vs american. We are all just white to them. So I guess there’s your answer

  5. From the American Greatness article by Christopher Roach,

    Political normality, compromise, and restraint are other features of first world societies. These habits of self-limitation are the products of a common culture, where the goal of preserving and strengthening an existing society is taken for granted. This is the inheritance of George Washington, who stepped down after two terms. It is reflected in Richard Nixon taking advice from LBJ, and the whole country mourning the murder of JFK.

    I was watching the first Kennedy/Nixon debate of 1960 a few nights back on Youtube. Much has been made of how poorly Nixon came off in terms of his composure compared to Kennedy, his sweating, shifty eyes, rapid blinking and so on. And this is all true.

    But what struck me was how gracious Nixon was to Kennedy. He deferred to him so many times, saying how he agreed with him on this or that issue, it made me cringe to watch it. Kennedy did not return the favor. 

    Even back then the Dems were the party of minority and ethnic interests, Sailer’s ‘coalition of the fringes’ (Kennedy being an Irish Catholic.) I realize Irish catholics have been largely assimilated now as far as I’m aware, but that generation of Kennedys wasn’t far removed from the Olde Country, and it was obvious that Kennedy was going for the jugular whereas Nixon still was going on the old WASP standards of gentlemanly discourse.

    This dissolution of our culture has been going on for a long time.

  6. Zman, could you recommend a book on the Visigoth empire of Spain that covers the issues you mentioned?

  7. Your falling down a flight of stairs metaphor brings to mind one of the gags from The Pink Panther cartoon of the 1960s. I don’t have the specific episode name, but suffice it to say they take MC Escher like liberties with physics. The hapless Clouseau character is falling down a flight of stairs more than is reasonable. The Pink Panther adjusts a painting of a flight of stairs and that causes everything to go topsy-turvy and Clouseau to fall all the further. My point? Simply that we may well be flopping down the stairs, but we don’t know how far down or what disruptions we will have on the way.

    It is true that communism whether Soviet or Chinese impoverished, no, impaired those nations. But it also indirectly enriched the West. If they’d been capitalist countries they would have been fierce economic competition.

    Perversely both the Soviet militarization and the US response greatly stimulated the economy, with the usual disclaimer that military spending is at best morally neutral and doesn’t supply the highest and best for what mankind really needs.

  8. Was just in SoCal. Watched a support carrier leave from Coronado, then heard more than saw the F-18s fly from Pendleton to the deck (they don’t land while in port for obvious reasons). CVN 74 was in port, radar still operating (probably better than any ground-based radar, but what do I know?). Then drove up the coast, La Jolla, Carlsbad, Laguna, Newport, finally to LA.
    There’s a tremendous amount of wealth stored in that area. Also, in San Diego and Pendleton, a lot of firepower. And despite the Blade Runner aspects of LA, it somehow works, I’d bet better than Baltimore. Most hispanics just want to work and have families. There’s a reason this cadre left Mexico. Until Covid, LA was responsible for majority of new small business starts in the US, something like 40% of total. Yeah, it seems like the whole city is yoga salons (closed), tequiara (open for parking lot dining), and weed shops, but despite the shambolic aspects it motors on. Lakers win and Venice area I heard some fireworks for 2 minutes and then ‘okay let’s move on.’ Sure, I wanted to see flags at half staff for Eddie Van Halen but at least the skies were clear and the Pacific blue. Every few minutes a container ship left or entered Long Beach, headed to China.
    Not trying to echo Fred Reed, but LA works. People get by. It’s young people looking for community and love. One thing it’s not, is the end of the world.
    Of course, if you’d said to a Roman in 360 AD, “you do realize the Empire is collapsing?” they’d have no idea what you were talking about. It’s almost impossible to know precisely where on the timeline one dwells. But, as the Church used to teach, sub specie aeternitatas (in light of eternity), it doesn’t really matter to ones own salvation.
    Or, as they say through their masks in Cali, “no worries.”

    • L.A. works because it went through the great shake out. Whites who could not tolerate POC have already left. The whites who remain, like me, live in zip codes with 70%+ white and have found ways to deal with “others,” and the same can be said of everyone else. You can’t be a Mexican in L.A. and totally hate whites or Asians or blacks or Armenians, because you would have already left. Those people leave for other states or go home.

      But it also “works” because it is still operating on pre-existing ideas and principles left behind by the white settlers. IOW it’s running purely on inertia. That will not last forever

      • I did quip that next year all the donut and yoga shops in LA would be “Blackrock Donuts” and “Blackrock Yoga.”
        After the first incredible burst of energy, all empires run on inertia. The US juggernaut has been running on monopoly money, ie. Fedbux, for 90 years, or at least since Breton Woods. Nice when you can print your own supply. But until the lights are turned out on the last yacht in Newport, I don’t see the plug being pulled any time soon.
        Did get to see a sicario at LAX. Probably the hardest looking dude I’d ever layed eyes on, tats up to the eyeballs, eyes that signaled doom. Even Jocko W would hesitate before tangling with this guy. I snapped a surreptitious pic from behind as I boarded, he was facetiming someone whose visage was literally a Santa Muerte death mask, and I heard the sicario say “if you don’t like the way I handled this job…”
        Hispanics don’t bother me as much as the Culture of Death emanating from north of Wilshire Blvd, poisoning the minds of a generation, and doing more to foment the demise of Christendom than some guys named Juan and Diego with the Virgin of Guadalupe emblazoned on their Hondas.
        Nothing lasts forever. John Wayne ain’t coming back, and anyway, his name was actually Leslie and he was from Philly. Retired to Newport, lived next to the Veg-o-matic king or something. America!

        • Jocko is yet another grifting fraud using his military service for his “hard” Tony Robbins personae.

        • Whites are in a different situation right now. My Mexican friend returned from Alabama recently, and this was the first time he’d seen the country and was shocked by how nice it was, I guess having assumed all the negative stereotypes of the south were true, etc. His sister bought a house in Alabama for $35,000 a few years ago and has horses, which for him is like a dream. It is his country now in the sense that it’s nothing but a bright future for an immigrant like himself. White people have moved beyond that dreaminess. We’ve done it already, but we are still here. So where do we go, what do we do to keep OUR spirit alive? I think we simply have to team up and form our own communities where we can foster that same love of the land. True, we are getting kicked out of many places, which is what is to be expected with an invasion. We have ceded much land, cities and so forth that are no longer spaces we can set up in and be comfortable and have a future. America has shrunk for us. So time to pick a place and make it all ours.

          BTW I wouldn’t use Wilshire as the north-south dividing line. Koreatown expands for blocks north of Wilshire. I would say maybe Beverly or Melrose is a better dividing line today for white enclaves, excepting WeHo and Beverly Hills west to the coast and south to Olympic or maybe even Venice. It’s patchwork iow. And those areas have lots of Persians and people in little hats.

          Yes, Los Angeles still has a lot going for it. I have put my heart and soul into “making it” here and love our house. If it were up to me I would keep my house here, which is basically paid off, and buy a little farm in westerly Virginia and just keep the house here as a pied-a-terre as they say. We will see. But glad you had a good time. The city does have its charms.

          • Interesting about the dividing line in LA. I was going to say north of Santa Monica Blvd, but nudged it to Wilshire. Malibu will be the last stand of implicit whiteness. Charlie Sheen will lead the resistance!
            Was way WAY misremembering about the Duke. His given name was Marion, and he was from Iowa. So apologies for that.
            I’m from Trumpland, and was astonished to see people smoking joints on the street. All our hotels were redolent of weed. Maybe that’s why things seemed so chill.
            Of course, I could never live there, because things are so bad I couldn’t afford a house. (joke) Wife and I were amusing ourselves checking Zillow for prices of non-descript places, and each time being shocked.
            Me, I’d pick a double-wide near the Salton Sea.

      • ^^^. True. It takes a lot of cabbage to live in the good zips. And unfortunately you can be a Mexican in LA and totally hate whites. Lots of La Raza who went to community college classes on hate whitey 101. As embittered and miserable as anything you’ve seen. It works because the welfare/food stamp/Medicaid system still works. And all that money on the coast increasingly has to hide it. Out of state LLCs etc.

        • “those” Mexicans, the haters, are never going to be happy and/or prosperous. Bottom line, if you want a future in this city, you have to learn to deal with people of all races and kinds. The Mexicans capable of that are the ones living around white areas and actually making an effort to get to know us. I am pleasantly surprised by how many young Mexicans (2nd gen and older) are simply enamored with 1980s music (i.e. white music when whites still had confidence in themselves and could even produce the best dance music). I can have a beer with them and talk about an America they don’t see on TV and they just listen in amazement. And they can’t believe that white guys are actually talking to them because they have been filled with bullshit propaganda. They seem to get it. But no denying there are haters galore, but as with any race they are typically found in their own racial ghettos.

          There are just enough good things happening in Los Angeles, believe it or not, that making a decision on leaving it not easy. I have been struggling with it. It’s my wife and daughter who want the hell out.

          • It’s strange we notice the same things. Basically what you wrote about LA could be said for Toronto, too. But with indians/chinese/arabs more so than Mexicans. There are some haters, but they don’t hate whites as much as you might think based on the media and twitter.

            You are right, when I talk to POC sometimes it’s like I have 3 heads, the way they look confused. White liberals are cringey and pretty much ignore them, despite the virtue signalling. The more racist white people fled long ago.

            Alot of the young POC are desperate for an identity; they are not old world and yet white identity is looked down upon and only remains in redneck/rural white people. They are stuck, without a culture. I am not deceived, however, eventually everything will fail due to simple hbd.

          • The 2nd and 3rd ben Asians around me are the ones who are most fukkkked up in terms of not knowing who they are and having no real identity. I was laughing how the “Crazy Rich Asian” thing was something they felt they could rally around. Kinda sad if you ask me, but they lack the creativity and the confidence to forge their own identity. And their parents essentially whipped them to learn Bach and Beethoven. How is that for your racial confidence lol?

            That said, my bet is that the Asian community produces a lot of crazy school shooter incel types in the years ahead. It seems already to have started.

          • Yep

            But the Spanish phenotype ones tend to stay. All the little squat ones selling oranges next to the onramp don’t seem to last long here and hoof it back mama land or perhaps deep deep into the barrio never to be seen again by the white man. But even there, they don’t exactly fit in.

            Racial caste system from Mexico is in place here.

            Funny you bring that up. But pretty much every successful Mexican around here is probably 75%+ white.

          • But they identify as Mexican not white. For obvious reasons. I’m not as enamored with them. I don’t find charm in chickens sitting on old couches thrown onto the sidewalk in their colorful vibrant barrios. It’s another tribe. Far, far from the worst ones, but another tribe. My gardener looks at me through the window as he’s blowing leaves. He sees me pouring a Chardonnay or working at my desk. I can tell he would loot my house if he knew I was gone and the city was in turmoil. “Okay boss.” “Got it boss.” I know they laugh at the gringos when they drive away. They think we’re entitled and soft even if we earned every penny. They’ll tax the F out of us until we’re all gone.

          • I hear ya

            I have friendly attitudes toward Mexicans maybe 10% of the time. And 10% of the time I can’t stand them. Then the remainder they just bother me because they do the stupidest things and have no concept of quality. That’s really what irks me the most, they just suck at things whites can do with their eyes closed. Be it construction, or anything really. They just suck at it. I am mad more at the country for letting them in than I am at them, I suppose, but like you say they’re just another tribe, not the best, not the worst. They are a step up from blacks purely on civilizational terms, but is that really saying a lot lol?

          • I was going to Atlanta on business several years ago. I would have taken Mexicans all day long. Any time I’m east of the rockies it usually hits me in the face. I made a wrong turn in Cleveland a few years ago. Wow. Just wow. I rarely drive out of a Mexican neighborhood feeling lucky to be alive.

          • Just like Miami and Ybor City (local reference for you there, Falcone). Same in Brazil. HBD wins out.
            Culturally, I have a lot more in common with my Cuban friends than pozzed whites. I’ll take a classy mestizo beauty over a face-metal green-haired shrieking harpie any day.

          • Woo Hoo Ybor !!!!

            We used to haunt that place in the 80s

            I grew up on Davis Island. Man I miss that place. Can’t believe how expensive it’s gotten, like L.A. Edited out my alma mater, to be safe.

            But in high school I had a lot of Cuban girlfriends, mainly from Jefferson (slutty ones) and from Academy of Holy Names (a little tougher nut to crack). Cuban chicks are gorgeous. I definitely never had ANY problem welcoming them into my fold.

          • Yeah, the music thing. I remember that Morrisey of the Smiths was shocked when his agent booked a gig in LA because he had a huge fan base amongst Mexicans there.
            Go figure.

          • Morrisey’s popularity among the beaners is one of the more incongruous things I’ve ever witnessed.

          • It’s the emotionality of it

            Mexicans like the songs of crying from the heart or the soul. It’s basically I guess a more refined version of what they’re parents listen to with some guy crying over love

    • I left LA in ’94. They had a Republican Governor and Mayor at the time and it was obvious they were screwed. I’ve been back a few times since and am amazed I used to live there.

      • For me, leaving is the hard part. But I fully expect that when I do come back to visit in the future I will be asking myself “Why was this decision so hard? This place is nasty”

        First step is the tough one for me

        • Everyone I know that left says it was the best decision they ever made. For me the tax situation is huge. But it’s all the little things too. It just no longer feels like….home…

          • I think the taxes are what will be the final consideration. I am not going to be stuck here carrying the bag when the pensions come due, etc. They leave me no choice but to pack up and leave. It bothers me that a politician can have such an effect on my life that it dictates where I live, that’s power they shouldn’t have, but they do.

            And it feels less and less like home when so many friends leave. Of the say 50 closest friends and associates I have had in my 30 years here, maybe 5 to 10 are still here.

          • Many think Prop 13 is sacrosanct. BS. We have two props on the ballot that are already chipping away at it and they’ll take it all in the end. Really the only little break we get.

    • “We pay for a single fighter plane with a half-million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. This is not a way of life at all. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”


  9. Rome collapsed because its economy depended almost entirely on agriculture. Once they lost their bread basket of North Africa they could no longer raise enough taxes to pay their soldiers.

    Could a similar scenario play out in the US? What is the most likely mechanism?

    • Roman Bread = American welfare

      I do not want to be anywhere near a major city when the welfare checks start to bounce

    • I’m glad you stated why Rome collapsed in 4 sentences. It took Gibbon 3 000 pages, and twenty years of hard work. Thankfully, because of your work, I won’t have to go through the chore of actually studying him.

    • Many scenarios have a weak government and a suddenly worsening economy, such as hyperinflation. In such a Circumstance the military the general public and civilian government employees and many other factions would be suddenly very angry and with very little to lose.

  10. Welp, I implored Lord Cthulu as to what we should do

    He simply roared, “SQWEEK EEG ACK G’NARL SHOGGOTH ZHAAARGH!!” and then subjected me to unspeakable horrors

    So that’s out

    • And here I was told that he would teach us new ways to kill and that there’d by a Holocaust of ecstasy and murder…

  11. From the AmGrt article:

    The classic symbol of third world corruption is the shakedown for bribes by border officials and police officers. For the most part, this has been absent from American public life.

    Guess he never heard of asset forfeiture laws.

  12. One of the things that intrigues me about America’s coming collapse – and that nobody has talked about – is what will happen to the nukes?

    Seriously, could there be a catastrophe? The US is armed to the teeth with nukes all over its and other people’s territory. And at sea too. What happens if there is a sudden loss of central control? Could somebody fire off a nuke? Will there be local battles to get control of them?

    Why should we expect America’s collapse to be ‘conventionally violent’? Might it not be apocalyptic?

  13. The central government will not lose control anytime soon. Rome’s control of the far-flung provinces became a polite fiction because they were so far away. If Rome got word of an uprising it would take months to raise an army and send it there. DC can have a drone over your house within hours.

    They aren’t losing control. They could shut down the black riots if they wanted to, or kill any cartel guys coming across the border. They just don’t give a shit. They could infiltrate antifa with thousands of informants, as they do with white nationalist groups. The group that was plotting to kidnap governor Whitmer was six guys. Two were literal FBI agents and two more were on the payroll as federal informants. FedGov could set up antifa the same way, they just don’t WANT to.

    But I promise you that if White people start an Orania out there in the boonies someplace, they WILL suddenly care.

  14. California is an interesting example for other reasons. Without an extensive building and maintenance program for it’s infrastructure California will collapse as a population nexus. Importing third world people, narcotics cartels, while demeaning your skilled people is a sure fire means to collapse. Everything successful about California is about human artifice. Prior to the arrival of settlers from the eastern parts of the US, California could barely support the small human population it did have.
    The first real indicator is when low skill people move out of California. When the state can no longer support high levels of low skill people, they’ll leave.

    • California represents the white man. Manifest destiny completed. Taming the wild elements and turning it into a paradise. Beautiful scenery. Beautiful women. It really was a paradise.

      It’s finished now. 3rd world status within 30 years.

  15. I’d be interested in reading a Zman analysis of the breakdown of the country by regions (New England, Upper Midwest, “El Norte”, etc.) and how they coalesce (or not) into something else completely.

  16. The American Empire is already dead as a doornail. It has definitively morphed into something post-American while still passing itself off as America. 2020 is the Empire’s terminal year. However, the formal dissolution of the Empire will occur when it no longer has the ability to collect taxes. If various constituencies simply balk at paying taxes and suffer no significant repercussions, the Empire will no longer be able to sustain the fiction that it exists.

    As for local power centers, I think we need to think in terms of regions rather than states. California is farcical, but there are rural areas in northern California that could function well as separate polities if they could break free from the smothering embrace of Excremento. Should power in D.C. and state capitals weaken sufficiently, I think most states will Balkanize. Urban/rural will be the salient for these divisions.

    • I was hoping to hear more normies questioning paying taxes since the FedGov can print Beer Flu money at will.

      I’ve been disappointed.

  17. The Chinese are watching patiently as diversity and social engineering disable America. Queen Kamila will rule at the pleasure of Xi. No Belesarius will be found among the lesbian ranks.

  18. The life of the average peasant got better after the Empire fell. They ate better and lived longer. Life in a Roman city sucked. They couldn’t travel past their hometown but thats normal.

    The same is true now. Life in a modern city is a dead end. Its where humanity goes to die. As the infrastructure goes, so will the modern toxic cocktail that has turned the average American into an androgynous locust.

    • Yep. The cities until the 20th century were sops for excess population. Given any turmoil which stops the “grain ships”, they will be death camps again.

  19. Croatia, I can only recommend it. Just spent 23 days there and it is the right time to visit thanks to corona; eg, Dubrovnik, usually overcrowded, has now 10% of the visitors it normally has. You can also visit Montenegro from there (Kotor and the surrounding ‘fjord’ are totally worth it). I suggest Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir (a few hours is enough) and Krka natural park (you won’t be able to swim in the waterfalls after 2021 starts) + at least one island, they are a beaut. Zagreb I did not visit. Incredibly tall people, and good looking ladies. English VERY widely (and well) spoken.

  20. How hard would it be for the drug cartels to push them aside and turn [California] into another narco-state?

    That hasn’t happened already?

  21. I argue to you that there is and has not ever been any such thing as the “American Empire.”
    We are just participating in the slow decline of the British Empire. We’re a colony that broke up and had a brief flash-in-the-pan success but couldn’t maintain it because… we’re just a colony that broke off.
    The British Empire’s decline timeline is matching the slow roll decline of empires like Rome. We’re not “50 years into decline” we’re 250+ years into the decline now (might as well start measuring when the Britsh Empire had declined enough for one of its podunk colonies to actually defeat everything the motherland could throw at it).

    • The White race reached its highpoint in the 1960s. The rot was there yes, but we stretched from the Zambezi in Southern Africa to the Cape. We had strong majorities in Europe, Northern North America and Southern South America. White elites ruled every other part of the Americas. There was no other race to oppose us, China and India were just finding their feet.

      50 years later, we have lost Southern Africa completely. The Southern Cone is getting Swarthmore as us North America. Even Europe has a growing brown underclass. Chinese and Indian elite are competing for North America.

      Things will get much worse.

        • doesn’t india have cannibals? There are so many crazy religious groups there, a trip to india is like a journey to the crazy pagan past, but with feminism added to it that’s even more imbecilic than western feminism, plus the street feces, but you can find that in california as well. What a joke of a society.

      • White Venezuelans/Argentinians/Brazilians seem to prefer to come to Canada and end their bloodlines through low birth rates, abortion, and leftism rather than stay and fight for control down South.

        We Euros have a mind virus.

    • I generally agree that the ‘American Empire’ is the remnants of the British, but disagree that America is just a colony that broke off. We should’ve stuck with the Monroe Doctrine. Maybe the mistake we made was shuttering the Bank of the United States and not having our own independent financial system.

      • >We should’ve stuck with the Monroe Doctrine.

        Right– but we didn’t because we are only a colony that broke off. Having not created an empire via blood, sweat, and tears like the Brits did, we assumed empire-creation was simple, so it was easy to drop all the “unfriendly meanie rules” that are involved in actual creation.
        We didn’t work for it like Britain did. Britons died of malaria and a hundred other things getting the treasury up big enough to keep colonies alive. And then we said, pshaw, we’ll just break off.
        So we broke off, and all those little rules that a struggling empire learns, those were just the nasty old rules that the grumpy old man nation made up randomly for no reason except to be stuffy and mean. And thus we collapse.

    • “actually defeat everything the motherland could throw at it” 18th century warfare wasn’t like that.
      Didn’t France have 2.5 to 3 times the poulation of Britain?
      I’d say peak for Britain was the 1860s.

  22. Whatever Biden-Harris will do, I don’t see a landing coming in the near future as we fall down the stairs. They’re party hacks for sure and will do the bidding of the inner Democratic Party, but that bidding is completely visionless and sclerotic. If there is a landing coming it would be after them. When you look at the current leadership of California, it’s still driven by coastal whites and financed by coastal white tech/Hollywood oligarchs. This is the reason for their craziness. They’re out of touch. It won’t be long before El Jeffes start running the show, with their massive urban power centers. It’ll be the Latino version of the Haitians overrunning the French. The dominant ethnicity will make the place much poorer and even more malfunctioning. A lot of the tech companies will move their HQs at that point, because there would be just too much money at stake in a poor tax/legal environment for them. It already is for the average resident. I expect a lot of De-camping for Singapore in the future. I see no reason why cartels wouldn’t flourish here, they already do in some cases. And Latino politicians are VERY bribable.

  23. “How hard would it be for the drug cartels to push them aside and turn the state into another narco-state?”

    Intersting. I always pictured an independent California, as a inept liberal dystopia. Sure, a ruling class of whites, tribe, punjabis, and a few hispanics on top, ruling over a largely non-white horde to which the rulers pay lip service and leftie whites continuing to foot the bill.

    I never considered that cartels would replace the ruling elite. With whites no longer making up the bulk of police forces… minority police forces would be substandard and largely corrupt. Why wouldn’t cartels replace, or at least harness the brainy folks in silicon valley as just another resource and start calling the shots. They’d have the muscle and the ethnic numbers. Huh. Interesting.

    • You’re pretty much describing the present. There’s a total disconnect between the coastal areas and the inland areas. There is an upper class white aristocracy on the coast, many of whom are trust fund babies. Then you have the latinos who drive in to serve them. Then you have the Asians in their enclaves and as tech minions. I see Newsom as the last coke head vestige of this. The interesting thing about a CA political map is that the wealthiest areas are just as blue and the poorest urban areas. This is an aberration that won’t last. The Democrats can’t be all things to all people and the environmental agenda alone is diametrically opposed to Maria wanting cheap gas and groceries for her anchor babies. The demographics tell the story of what will happen. The Asians will be mostly NPCs who cheat on their taxes anyway and remain politically aloof. The latinos will want to see their own faces in leadership. Expect future CA governors to looks like Hugo Chavez. They’ll still need that coastal money but they’ll be in a bind as the coastal money wants to make the place more expensive not less. It makes the coasts more exclusive. Thousands of Section 8 apartments near their enclaves would be a disaster. Eventually El Jeffes will say “do we really need these people?” and pass draconian income/wealth taxes to suck them dry. They may even tax trusts, who knows. At that point the link will be severed and the coastal whites will be outgunned by the force of the state with a new anchor demographic in charge. The wealth tax will be the one that does it. They fear that more than the income tax.

      • Nice summation. And where do the hw cartels fit in? They are essentially the erratic puppet master of Mexico now. Same-same in future Alta California?

        • I see CA as being a more developed Mexico, but not by much. Even as it’s run into the ground it’ll have more going for it. But the future isn’t here. People will still come the same way they go to Portugal or Southern Italy but you don’t go there to make a living or prosper, or to see the future. Any wealthy here will be de-facto politically connected, or have their primary residence somewhere else. An example of our decline is this article from today:

          “pioneered in the Netherlands.” It should be saying “pioneered Palo Alto or Santa Clara.” You’ll see many more articles like this as Silicon Valley is past its prime and really only overpays for things around the world already invented.

        • Yup. The HW’s know how to amp up the old mafia tactics, with the cultural innovation of including the entire extended family in the bloody retribution. No one else has the staying power, in the face of that kind of thing.
          “Breaking Bad” ran with the conceit that Walter White, aka ”Heisenberg”, could outwit the cartels. Dream on.

        • Nope. Can’t do it.

          Just deleted an innocuous statement about a detail re the collusion of China, Cartel, gangs of any color, and our State/Feds.

          Simply put, they’re all in on it, they all know, it’s established part-and-parcel accepted as normal business.

    • California will take the Mexico route because it is full of Mexicans. One gets a ruthless cartelized group of people actually in charge, while politicians, the media, the law and LEOs, corporations, and local leaders, all serve as their minions, upon pain of grisly death to them and theirs. Everyone else goes quiet and lays low to get by, as the cartels scoop all of the wealth, throwing some thin economic meat to their cooperating minions, and the entire place goes to economic seed over time. “Plata o plomo”, “silver or lead”. Industrious people exit over the border, to escape the Hobson’s Choice. Black and white Californians will come to understand this, over time…Elon Musk is moving his operations to Nevada and Texas, as he knows the score. It’s not all about his taxes.

      • Texas and Nevada are not far behind in Latinization. Elon is gonna have to make a new move in another 10 years. Eventually we will all run of places to run. I think more people are starting to notice the demographic realities. We shall see.

        Who will be the first to mention anti-white demographic shifts? Elon?

  24. You paint a picture of warring states of the USA reminiscent of the world of Ralph Bakshi’s movie ‘Fritz the Cat’ (1972).

  25. Control ultimately flows from the barrel of a you-know-what.

    Oligarchs used to controlling things with money are going to learn the hard way that their own praetorians carry swords and they only carry wallets. I think Z’s said before (M20 pod IIRC) that in a chaotic society sooner or later people will realize Bezos is just a nerd and take his stuff.

    California is a very good bet to evolve from anarcho-tyranny to a narco tyranny.

    The oligarchs who currently have a core of hard men with guns around them whose loyalty they can somehow still command may make it but most of these guys are going to get Caligula’d.

    Competition red in tooth and claw sounds very macho in elite media, boardrooms and bedrooms but the real deal is going to eat most of these soft power tyrants for lunch.

    • Yeah I marvel at how obedient people are. Granted a lot of it is restraint but we support these people as they squat on us because… we think we owe it to them?

    • Exile, you’re not taking into account the growth of private security forces (ex Special Forces, Mossad, etc.)

    • That’s why the CA Chinese Belt and Road Coast will split off and most of CA East will be a narco state. Who better than I to know that power flows from the barrel of a gun. My parents played Weekend Commie then shit thier collective pants when Uncle Joe and the FBI stared them down.

  26. We’re seeing states and cities in open revolt now, refusing to abide by federal laws.

    One thing the Beer Flu hoax has revealed is that state governors are far too powerful and while state legislatures and judiciairies are far too weak.

    • “Beer Flu”. Ugh. Can you give it a rest already? Nobody is picking up on what you appear to believe is your clever moniker. It’s getting tiresome in the extreme, and I skip your comments when I catch your name beforehand so as to avoid another exposure. Get some new material.

  27. California is the microcosm that bears observing, being the extreme left swing of the pendulum. With the tax base fleeing, benefits will be reduced or cut off to third worlders here illegally. As for the cartel, politicians never met a bribe they didn’t like, but eventually consequences catch up to the mechanics of corruption. Left wing social engineering is the wrecking ball that destroyed the state. If nature pitches in with a massive earthquake, everything old will be new again.

    • Appears you answered the question as to “How hard would it be for the drug cartels to push them aside and turn the state into another narco-state”?
      To wit: not hard at all for cartels – or Chicoms for that matter. The carcass shoud be big enough for both to get a share.
      Afterall, “them” being the Schiff’s, Pelosi’s, Finestein’s, Newsom’s, and assorted other human detritus posing as leadership – how hard could be?

      • A skeptic would have to assume that there is already a degree of drug money and active agents  in US law enforcement. To what degree, I have no way of knowing. Optimistically we could hope rather less than occurs South of the Border.

    • CA is worth observing with the following caveat: Not all minorities are equal wrt destructive effect. The overwhelming of Whites by Hispanics in CA will never be the equivalent of Whites being overwhelmed by Blacks. One is a certain existential threat.

    • I think California can still surprise you: the government there would be more than happy to continue shoveling money into supporting illegals living there even while cutting off ‘citizens’. (If you answer to ‘citizen’ anymore you might as well wear ruffled collars and powdered wigs).
      One of the things I saw in California on my way out was how many illegals were getting free gastric-bypass surgery in the public hospital where my wife worked. That and the prisoners from the three-strikes prison getting gender-transition surgery, either so they can be more popular or so they can be reassigned to a women’s prison. There was an entire ward for these patients (10-12 beds).
      Illegals living in California draining the public fisc are sacramental objects. Borne-and-bred traditional Americans are the new Helots. Your state is on the spectrum leading to this one.
      Think training your replacement at work is cruel? We labor to pay taxes to support all of our replacements’ expenses.

  28. All good points. What I see in a lot of the white young men is a lack of lionhood brought upon them by a weak fatherhood and feminized women.
    It may take some real deterioration in civilization and a few bloody attacks upon them by joggers and white communists to bring some Lions to the front again.
    In other words several years down the road.

  29. So where are we all on whether or not Trump is re- elected?

    I ask in the context of “will he,” not “should he?”

    • Looks to me like he should cruise, but who knows what shenanigans are in store. Dems are publicly doing everything they can to delegitimize the election. Democracy might be the latest victim in the quest to get Orange Man.

      At any rate I think he prevails and then it’s on to the big job of cleaning up and starting over.

      • We’ll never know if Trump won/lost legit.

        All the noise on the left (and not a small bit on the right) is to make him completely illegitimate if he “wins”; a cathartic moment for the ruling class if he “loses”.

        It was game over with the 1965 Immigration Act (and follow up acts). We’re just living in the end stages.

        • This is the most probable outcome, and works most to our favor. The sooner people accept their vote doesn’t matter (it hasn’t for some time but still most want to cling to the democracy fantasy), the less hard the landing will be.

    • Maybe a “Year of 4 Emperors”. Trump initially wins. Counting of manufactured last minute ballots shifts the win to Biden. Trump refuses to yield and is impeached by the Democrat/Republican machine. Pence reigns in interim until proceedings are done. Biden take the helm briefly, resigning due to diminishing faculties. Harris finishes out the year and his term.

      Nah. Just going with the Roman decline theme. Most likely Trump victory and four more years of wailing and theatrics.

    • Trump will win in a landslide so overwhelming that the parasites won’t be able to overturn it with vote fraud. GOP Senate candidates will win across the board where they’re said to be “in trouble” and “can’t win”, including in Arizona, South Carolina, North Carolina and even Michigan. Similarly, the House will go GOP. At that point it all up to Trump: He’ll either try or not try to tear down and replace the entire collapsing system. If he does, he will either succeed or not succeed. Either way, we don’t have much choice. Three weeks from today.

      • Trump will win in a landslide so overwhelming that the parasites won’t be able to overturn it with vote fraud.
        i agree

    • I’m not even sure it matters. My criticisms of Trump have always been regarding what was within his remit to do (immigration and the military,) and what wasn’t. We all (I think) wanted what Candidate Trump was selling. Why we didn’t get it is a good question (and I don’t believe it was all because of the Kushners.)

  30. One of your best future analysis and quite thought provoking. Coincidentally, I’m finishing off Ward-Perkins “The Fall of Rome” and yes the collapse was fall down the stairs…hit a landing….stagger along awhile….fall down more stairs. And Congratulations…..your hard work pays off….on landing at Taki. And an excellent interview over at Counter Currents. Your star is clearly rising! Happy for you!
    As for the declining empire, The Transition Integrity Project Podesta cabal is preparing us by planting seeds for California succession. Part of their strategy for getting what they want at election time if Decaying Joe isn’t promptly coronated is to threaten a California succession. Of course here in the Range household we cheered and shouted Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!
    Maybe the Cal elites have some latent instinct that they don’t have enough human capital nor brain power to sustain their separate empire chicanery plans. Consider that CA already has a chunk of CalPers invested in China….their military, technology and the Chinese companies that support the Belt and Road Initiative.
    California’s longer game is they have already approached China to allow California to be part of China’s Belt and Road infrastructure under the guise of saving the climate. Think of this. This is treason and no one gives a rat’s ass. One way to play this out is California says screw off to the old empire, lines up with China and begins a reciprocal relationship in which they become part of Belt and Road, bring in way more Chinese money to allow the The People’s Republic of CA to be reorganized and running eventually as a vassal state, i.e. develop physical infrastructure in CA, bring in big brained Han Chinese to be the brain power and organizing bureaucrats that include the coastal high tech weedy lads and wahmyn, the elite in California clearly is in decline and on some level they know it. The CA elites will look to China as their center of power that keeps the local satellite of CA running. Who knew Kurt Schlichter was on to something.
    What do you think?

    • Yes!! From Vancouver to the Panama Canal. Brilliant. CALPERS led the way investing in Red Chips, the beginning of the great wave of offshoring.

      China’s becoming a naval, ie, a world power, and is mercantilizing all the great ports of the Pacific Coast.

      Also, planned Road infrastructure- from duty-free Mexican ports up thru Laredo to Kansas City have been talking about this and selling bonds on it for years.

      See also Oz and NZ, as China molds them into Green police states.
      China’s Rising Sun will include La Califa.

    • In Australia, the State of Victoria has signed up for China’s OBOR inititive. Despite being forbiden by the Central Government who have signed up for the US’s response which seems to consist of “Let a thousand Lily Pad’s Bloom”.
      The US is apparently displeased

    • I think a Rome-paced collapse, even adjusting for scale, is wishful thinking. Personally that would work out for me, but I don’t think that will be the case.
      I would imagine it will be closer to the Soviet Union.
      At what point can we say the Soviets hit the first landing?
      Let’s take Hungary, 1956.
      Landing 2, 1962: Backdown over Cuba/Sino-Soviet split.
      Landing 3, 1968: Prague Spring.
      Landing 4, 1972: Wheat crop failure.
      Landing 5, mid-80s: failure in Afghanistan.
      Landing 6, 1989: fall of Berlin Wall
      End: 1992.
      There could be other events that qualified as “landings.” And Soviet-inspired Marxism, at least as manifested in anti-colonial movements, remained on the rise until the late 1970s.
      But even starting at 1956, just a decade after their triumph over Hitler, they only lasted 36 years.
      When did we hit our first landing? Some would say 1965. Others 1971-72. Or 74-75. Etc.
      But even if you start as late as 2006 (failure in Iraq, housing bubble, rise of Obama) we are by now in 2020 well on our way.
      Put another way: if you remember those pictures of babushkas holding their portraits of Stalin in the early 90s, consider that in 2036 (or 32, or 44) it will be Z out there, in his red bowtie, holding a Buckley portrait…

      • The first landing was the Civil War despite ]\the unparalleled prosperity and triumph that followed; the American republic became the Puritan empire for the remainder of its history. The second landing was the early failure of the New Deal in ’38, and the decisive blow was Brown in ’54 because all that followed flowed directly from that particularly hard and violent landing, which was Soviet-style agitprop disguised as social engineering disguised as freedom. The Civil Rights Act was the first elimination of an enumerated right ten years afterwards and the inevitable consequence of the bleeding the decade before. The landings you cite certainly qualify, particularly ’65, where the damage became irreversible. All has sped up since then. So the United States is long past barbarian invasions and is about to enter barbarian rule although it will more resemble space alien rule. Harris is more Vader than Visigoth.

        And it is an even grimmer future than I envision if Z is holding up a Buckley portrait in the immediate aftermath of the formalized collapse.

    • The Transition Integrity Project Podesta cabal is preparing us by planting seeds for California succession.

      That was a deflection, actually. California would not be viable by itself as they depend too much on other states for natural resources, much of which could be physically blockaded by Red States. California probably also couldn’t import enough by sea to maintain their standard of living, which would result in mass chaos — $10 / gallon gas, x 2-3 higher food prices, 2-3 x higher electric bills, the collapse of Hollywood as Red States no longer honor their copyrights, mass White exodus from the state (already occurring), POC violence, China seizing the global tech industry, etc.

      In reality, the TIP (Transition Integrity Project) was a means to game out the infrastructure to quell a Red State secession in the event of the democrat party’s military removing Donald Trump from office after the election … even if he won. That was basically the scenario, IIRC. Biden refuses to concede and the left implores the military to resolve the conflict in the Left’s favor. Obviously, red states would retaliate. The TIP couldn’t come out and directly game that scenario as it would give them away, so they pretended California was the party leaving the Union (unlikely for the reason listed above). This is evidenced by the wealth of ex-military talent they used in the war game (and their heinous statements about Trump) along with important players in the civilian infrastructure. This was all about preparing a far-left coup. They were gaming out their options and building contacts and infrastructure to get it done.

      Further, I believe they may have also used the tried-and-true useful tool strategy of bringing on a republican to make it look non-partisan. Check out the book “The Radio Right.” It details how the thuggish Kennedy Administration hatched a secret plot to silence conservative talk radio using phony justifications, biased legal enforcement, and useful tools on the right to make the project look non-partisan. It worked. Hundreds of conservative radio programs were shut down. The same tactic was also just used by the TIP, which makes me think I’m right in my analysis of its motives more than any other thing.

  31. The strange thing is that a lot of our problems are solvable and are not even especially complex. Taking control of the border is a good example of this. What is really lacking is not the technology or organizational skills, it is the will, but the desire to take control.
    Even in that linked article from American Greatness, the author points to people being the problem, but hasn’t got the guts to mention the demographic of the root cause of the utter collapse of Baltimore.
    Yesterday I saw a video from Steven Crowder from like 2009 showcasing the utter collapse of Detroit. Unions and Democrats did it, apparently.

    • The horrific part of this slow-motion nightmare is how avoidable it is and how easy it would be to stop it. As for the will to stop it, the will of the people is still reflected in polls despite several generations of heavy-handed propaganda about the wonders of open borders. Therefore, we can conclude that what’s being done is intentional and the result of someone else’s will. Our rulers (not their court jesters, our politicians or celebrities) have decided they’ve extracted what they can from America and now it’s time to bust out, burn it and collect on the policy. They’re using Antifa and BLM the way a businessman hires the Mob to give his failing business the “Jewish Lightning” treatment. The danger of having a foreign/alien ruling class is made manifest. Unlike someone like Henry Ford (or even a small fish like Donald Trump) there’s no check on their greed because they have no intention of living here long-term. The shopping on Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue was good but they have the same shops in the United Arab Emirates and governments that don’t tolerate desecrating statues of their forefathers, even if they owned slaves (as if that were somehow unusual for the powerful throughout history).

      • I see it as almost a middle finger. Either they extracted all the wealth they could (but they haven’t, really), but maybe white people just simply couldn’t be manipulated and twisted into the new world order that they had planned for us.

        Now they said “fuck you” and flooded our countries with billions of 3rd world aliens. Remember that multiculturalism/melting pot was actually a serious ideology 30 years ago, whereas it’s now a total farce.

  32. Neal Stephenson wrote two interesting sci-fi books about the post American empire world. The basic shape he describes seems somewhat plausible to me. Average citizens form or join defense “philes” which are based around race, ethnicity, interests, or capabilities. It’s like anarcho capitalism and strongman politics blended together

  33. It’s important that as the night descends over us (and I think it’s coming) that we not lose sight of the fact that, as bad as the underclass and Third World elements are, they are the tool wielded and not the ones responsible for this. In the last four months, as businesses that have been in operation for sometimes 200 years or more go under, and people are forcibly retired, the net worth of the billionaire class rose by 25 percent in those same four months. Maybe they’ll flee, go abroad with their wealth or exercise right of return for the Chosen element, but I think a lot of them are delusional enough to believe they’ll be received gratefully as rulers by the new majority. There isn’t much left to loot in SoHo, and the journey from Manhattan to Martha’s Vineyard is much shorter than the one from Cuba to Miami.

    • They aren’t that wealthy anyway. A bunch of numbers on paper, not vaults of gold. If things get bad they won’t be much better off. All it would take is a repudiation of debt to wipe a lot of ‘wealth’ out.

      • Yep. Monopoly money won’t cut it. However, any gazillionnaire worth his salt will have converted some portion of their “wealth” into real assets—land, commodities, etc. However, they need stability and rule of law to maintain them. That is what puzzles me. Where do they expect to find them? If America goes after their assets, why would any other country protect them?

        • they are not thinking that far ahead. My guess is they can’t

          They are new to money and wealth, the large majority of them, and don’t have that long-term planning gene or those ideas bred into them that you see with families with generational wealth.

          Their riches will go as fast as they came — not unlike the black sports ball star.

        • That’s always a puzzler, it’s like they’ve never heard the phrase “land reform” as they go about buying half the acreage in Montana.

    • It’s part of the Great Reset.

      Total freedom and wealth for the Davos elite, Green New Deal neo-feudalism for us serfs.

      • +100!! Yes, their plans for us are quite public. Read World Economic Forum documents and listen to their spokesman Klaus Schwab: THE GREAT RESET & AGENDA 21 & AGENDA 2030 They plan on a cashless society, a social credit system and everybody chipped(and “vaccinated”) for total surveillance. They plan on the serfs living in pods in smart cities, eating insects and lab grown meat.

      • So the question is are you going to accept that or band together and do what is necessary so that doesn’t happen to you…

        • The people here are still in shock but are getting organized.
          That said the great planners at Davos may find that the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray and that the pod life they envision for everyone just isn’t doable. Its also won’t help as the human fertility rate becomes below replacement forever which is what happens when you go urban.
          Part of the COVID panic is because each person that dies, young or old, from neglect, despair or any other cause means one less citizen .
          While no doubt the Malthusians are rejoicing, ruling over no one except hostile, violent non cooperative types and drop out religious zealots is not something the elite want. They need bugmen and bugmen are dying.
          Ultimately though our greatest strength, the desire for a calm orderly peaceful society that works is also our greatest weakness.
          Its damned difficult for us to understand the madness of our foes or to respond with the spite required. For us to be left in peace we need to be willing and able to end it all and to fight without mercy, pity or let.
          The less said about Piers Anthony’s personal habits the better but there is a very good bit in Wielding a Red Sword in which Mym (who had become Mars the Incarnation of War) is forced to face off against Satan (the Incarnation of Evil obviously ) The jist of it is that Mym was willing to end all life on Earth to win to achieve his total goal and was not bluffing simply because at that time, there was more good than evil and so heaven who he was allied with would win the eternal victory.
          This was an unacceptable loss to evil and so he was able to win.
          That unyielding attitude is something Israel with its Samson Option and Russia with its Dead Hand has and is something the DR should have.
          If we can get there without letting the madness consume us and we can corral the cheap labor and grifter elements we can have a good society no matter what the elite want.
          It won’t be easy but far better death for everyone than slavery to another.

          • It won’t be easy but far better death for everyone than slavery to another.
            I’m beginning to think that most would rather have slavery than to put in the work to be free even if it means death as long as it’s comfortable slavery… Everyone is in a holding pattern right now it seems until the election happens thing is there will always be something that will keep you in a holding pattern unless you decide that you want to change your outcome…

        • I just don’t think it will work out. Are they going to try that stunt with the Pakistanis in the U.K.? With the drug cartels in Mexico, with the dirt farmers eating rats in the Chinese hinterlands? Their plans start fall apart beyond their pliant white tools.

    • Yeah, as I’ve always said, I have no hatred for non-white people. They didn’t create, nor do they enforce enforce globohomo. They are just pawns, given all the first worth wealth in exchange for diluting the share of the white vote, and white social trust.

      It’s clear that white people are the new jihadists, the next “war on terror” will be against our own people.

      The elites are delusional and see themselves as great saviour of the poor 3rd world underclass. THe 3rd worlders resent being treated like children and have no interest in being a part of the liberal world order, other than gaining material wealth.

  34. A breakup on the North American continent is a formula for the Syrian War- if it happens. Very unlikely in any case, just a wish list. Breakup would simply mean in the end wars of reunification, no strong government would settle for less than Atlantic to Pacific.

    But no one is seriously proposing it, no serious person or movement exists to break us up.

    However: If the Dems win they’ll be unable to govern. If Trump wins the Left will go crazy, and we’ll have it confirmed again that Trump is all Bark, no Bite.

    If a Biter steps up to speak for Flyover country and the Whites; new game entirely. Anyone can see we again have a vacuum, someone will fill it.

  35. There are now hundreds (perhaps thousands) of computer-based simulation models for the socio-economic dynamics of the US. Most of these attempt to predict the most probable outcomes, and oft times are used for contingency planning. The existence of these models gives bureaucrats and managers a false sense of control over the masses, which emboldens them to implement new methods of coercion. This viscous cycle will hasten our decline as never before.

    • There is a bit of that; we know we’re keyboard warriors and are fairly ineffective to our cause in that pursuit, but our rulers are, themselves, keyboard warriors and Twitter, etc. gives them a feel for power, but it’s a virtual, cardboard version of the real thing. They’re just a few “Nasim” incidents away from having that all collapse into an ash heap.

  36. “France may become a vassal of Germany or Russia,”
    history doesn’t repeat itself, there was never a second hannibal, next hitler will be born some place else where the globalists aren’t expecting.

  37. Hmmmmmmm. A narcostate might actually be an improvement for California? Maybe it already is? There’s no way that collection of idiots could be anything else but paid shills…

    • You know how your local DMV or BMV attracts idiots? Well, it doesn’t get much better the higher up the public ladder you go.

    • I think it’s clear that the leftist politicians are being paid off by somebody, maybe different groups. I hope so, anyways, because it would be sad if they’re actually this retarded.

      Anyway, the narcos don’t need to be violent in California, they already have open borders. Let the gringos think Latinos are peaceful, then in 2040 when it’s a 90% Latino state they can just take over.

      • And nothing much will change.You’ll have a bunch more light skinned people named Vasquez or something but that is about it.

    • Iran-Contra was how long ago? Before that it was the “Golden Triangle.” Now it’s the poppy fields in Afghanistan. Drug-running is how the “intelligence services” fund their off-the-books operations. Although after the passage of FASAB 56 during the Kavanaugh hearings, I don’t know why they bothered.

  38. > Is it possible for local power centers to emerge in North America, when the regions no longer have an identity of their own? Is it possible for local rule, when the local elites are just as inept and corrupt as the national elites? 
    Portland and Seattle are classic cases on the side of the left, but we’re seeing it on the right too. There was a Michigan sheriff who basically said that maybe the Whitmer kidnapping conspirators had a good point.

  39. One clear simple message to normies: leave the city.

    ”Peaceful separation” will result in the power hungry wackos ruling city states.
    It’s either that or stockpile ammo and body armor and a shitload of small arms and train your children in 3g warfare tactics.

  40. It looks at me like the entire white world, or the remains to be more accurate, is going to end up looking like Lebanon except for Australia and New Zealand which are going to be police States like China.

    • Eh, there is already more than enough vibrancy in Australia to permanently muddy the gene pool.

      • Australia has put a lid on it. They intercept and dump their refugees (IA’s) onto a remote island for processing. We could do the same, but instead have released them into the country where the vanish.

    • Perhaps. The hopeful bit about Zman’s post is the underscoring of “incompetence.” Incompetence at both the ruling level and the basic societal functions level. Once Our People have eaten enough oppression AND realize the forces arrayed against them are inept and impotent… Kattie bar the door. Patience, faith, fortitude, and cunning. All is not lost.

  41. Europe will get poorer and more violent, but that will mostly be due to massive migration from Africa.
    europe will look like venezuela, whites will get stabbed if they’re poor, if they’re rich they’ll get kidnaped.
    This needs to happen though, otherwise europeans will never let go of their low iq “vibrancy is a virtue” ideology.
    The only solution for europe are african heads on the walls, boat sinking & stop giving food & money to africa & israel.

    • Europe has repelled invaders before. Those countries that wish to survive will do so again in very efficient European fashion.

      • never an immigration wave so big, there’s A LOT of africans & arabs to kill, white race won’t die though, it will revive like the phoenix. Point being europeans aren’t tied to dirt, even if Europe gets filled with a billion filth, europeans’ll migrate, regroup, renounce the weak egalitarian ideologies and start wrecking havok on the demonic races.

        • Spain was ruled by North African Muslims and administered by their Jewish clerks for 770 years. Both the Muslims and Jews were expelled shortly after their defeat at Granada in 1492.

          • Because the Vikings were converted to Christianity and took Spain, Sicily and the Holy land within 300 years.

            Who will be the Normans?

          • …with incalculable cultural loss to the newly-minted nation of Spain. The next one or two hundred years was the peak of their empire which began a long slow decline around 1700 AD that hasn’t stopped yet.

          • Spain bled itself white in a numerous, incessant wars in Europe and had a series of idiot kings who could not leverage their wealth into useful programs.

        • Maybe this is all a long game to turn Europe into Africa, and Africa into Europe by switching populations. Imagine!

          • time will tell, I was thinking more of northern asia and maybe even central asia.
            Russia will never get the white population up by pandering to women, they’ll invite whites in, americans could move to russia’s east coast, western europeans could move to other eastern european countries.
            After europeans get their heads straight, they take women rights away, in the meantime non whites starve like the braindead zombies they are, then whites go back and reclaim what was initially theirs, no more corporations and jewish clowns this time.

          • Russia continues to impress as shown here. They are actually doing something to help South African whites. This is Dr. Steve Turley again. Another reason I like his channel is that he keeps an eye on relevant international events. He’s not part of /our thing/ yet but he seems more based than the typical MAGA guy.

      • Europe–at least Western Europe and a great deal of SE Asia–has been garrisoned at the expense of the American taxpayer since WWII. Many of these countries don’t want us there. Some have repeated plebiscites where they vote for us to leave. Many of us are tired of “Team America World Police” and would like to spend that money here on our own people and our own infrastructure, but those with real power say no. One thing should be clear to all but the cognitively impaired: our “elected” officials do not answer to the American Voter of any party.

    • Europe embraces the multi-cult nonsense because America forces them to and would chastise them and deprive them economically and militarily if they didn’t

      America is the biggest problem for western civ right now, strange as it may seem

      • A weird copy-cat thing that happened in Western Europe. They went out of their way to import strangers just so they could harangue the natives about tolerance and diversity while building up their welfare programs. I visited the UK in 1986 and did not see a non-white person after leaving the airport.

        • I visited Italy in 2016. The airport was full of hijabs. Coming out of the central train station in Milan, I was blinded by masses of Africans loitering about the main square. Italy is BLACKED. I saw Filipinos and Arabs everywhere in the poorer suburbs. Blacks begging for money and Bangladeshis selling trinkets and scams everywhere.

          It’s just a museum at this point, cool architecture built by some old white guys in the past. And with a fertility rate of 1.2 I don’t see how Italians will recover.

          It’s tragic. Millenia of work destroyed in a few decades.

          • Italians will go back to what they’re good at, low level warfare and street fighting, gangs, etc.

            I know a lot of normie Americans typically mock the French as wimps, but there are two groups of people I advise American tourists never to get into a street fight with, and that be French and Italians. Everything is mapped out, they hide weapons where only they know, they will use the environment to incredible advantage, etc.

            That kind of fighting, however, is what will be needed to clear out the streets along with the local forces. Italians know this, they know what’s coming and how it is going to shake out. As for the French, but I can only hope they are equally ready. I now they have it in them. And will be up to Germans and Brits to bring the heavy artillery.

          • Visited Venice in 2002 and saw black Africans loitering along the Grand Canal. Never have I seen anything as aesthetically jarring as that. They simply don’t belong there.

          • When I visited Rome for the first time about 16 years ago there were already dozens of brown people of indeterminate origin hawking knock-off handbags and sunglasses around the Colosseum. They’d lay their wares out on a blanket and a lookout would watch for the Polizia. When they’d occasionally show up the junk peddlers would roll up their contraband, run away, and a few minutes later return and start the farce all over again. Haven’t been back since the great invasion started in earnest. It’s probably like that everywhere now except they no longer pretend to fear being punished.

        • I don’t think they “went out of their way.” After WWII Britain let in many from former colonies, the Gemans imported Turks, and France had to let the Algerians in. It was only after HRC’s disastrous murder of Gaddafi (who was complying w/ weapons inspectors) that the flotillas began and have not ceased.

      • The American ambassador to Poland was just scolding them for not embracing the homosexual movement. Good diplomacy that. Real diplomatic. We used to worry about our ambassadors “going native.” Maybe we should worry we are sending out school marms in the diplomatic corps.

        • The State department is the most poz’d organ of government and has been for decades. Until (if) a President or Congress truly attempts to dismantle and reorganize, nothing will change.

      • I tend to agree. Average Europeans don’t really seem that cucked. They are more leftist and socially progressive than Americans but they still seem to like their countries, like their people, and the pure bugman we see in the USA is absent.

        They are under massive pressure to be obedient to globohomo but we will see how they are in the future. European nationalist movements seem much more promising than American ones.

        • All south and catholic Europe needs is a Pope to paint the Muslims as the problem, and northern Europe will need, perhaps, the vestiges of monarchy to do the same. Once that switch is flipped, new ball game. And it will happen, only a matter of when. People just need to know who the enemy is. It will revert back to an ethno-religious battle. Always does.

          • well said, i’m 99% certain vatican ain’t even christian, some are pagans or satanists, most are gay atheists.
            Christianity is a front for them, if Europe gets occupied by muslims, the pope will jump ship first.

          • Yes, you are 100% correct about the RC Church looking at it from a snapshot of today. But in time, it is going to get back to its roots. Same with the monarchy. It is going to take a generation or two if I had to hazard a guess, but it will happen. Like I say, it always does.

          • This current fraud of a Pope will be hanging from a lamppost

            He is an imposter

            A lot of people feel that way. As in any organization, there are a number of “dissidents” who are like us. Don’t be surprised if the “coup” happens in our lifetimes.

        • Part of that is the multi-party system where they get a percentage of seats based upon percentage of votes, rather than the winner-take-all system we have. I am sure such a system has drawbacks, but it also allows smaller factions some political power.

      • Like the man said: “I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused.” When Charlie Kirk was celebrating the legalization of teh ghey sex in Botswana all the Groypers were “reminding” him that Israel still doesn’t have ghey marriage and when was TPUSA going to take up that cause? LoL.

    • This needs to happen though, otherwise europeans will never let go of their low iq “vibrancy is a virtue” ideology.

      Populist-nationalist parties have been skyrocketing in the polls for the last decade at least, and in Europe, “nationalist” implicitly means “white nationalist”.

      In Sweden, the nationalist party polls just shy of 25%, and Sweden is nowhere near as diversified as the US. How many white nationalists are there in Congress?

      • i don’t care about the brexit/italexit/etc parties or the “immigrants need to find jobs or go home” type of nationalist parties, I want the nazi type parties, that’s our only salvation.

  42. The American system used include assertiveness and force, but the will to utilize them has pretty much withered away. I blame the ‘60’s, which marked the beginning of the end. “Make love, not war” and all the other hippy type bullshit. Even though I’m technically part of that generation, I hated those f******, and still do. Even with all our supposed technological superiority, we can’t clearly beat a bunch of illiterate goat herders. We don’t have the will, and haven’t for decades – they do. A sad ending for what was a pretty cool country at one time.

    • It was a pretty cool country at one time. Sadly, we all realize it won’t be a pretty cool country in the future.

        • Whites need to band together. In a way, it’s already happening whether consciously or not. When beach bums like me start thinking of a move to the hollers of Appalachia, you know something is going on.

          • I am taking a few weeks off in a few months and will be touring places I have taken an interest in merely from looking at topo maps and street views. Something about the westerly areas of Virginia are calling my name. I know the politics suck, but as long as there is a decent castle doctrine I feel ok.

          • If by “westerly Virginia counties,” you actually mean the state of West Virginia, you’re probably okay. I don’t know that I’d count on the castle doctrine lasting too much longer in regular Virginia. They’ve gone full- retard against the 2nd Amendment as of late.

          • Hehe.

            Leftist onlyfans ethot I know: I just, ugh, hate the city so much, I can’t wait to move away. I wonder why. She doesn’t know why. But it’s pushing us together anyways.

    • Not all of that “hippy type” stuff was “bullshit.” For example, a Canadian epileptic with serious genetic defects and who is a major Hero of The Left wrote these prophetic words in 1967:

      Stick around while the clown who is sick does the trick of disaster

      For once the Canadian was right. And the vast majority of us are merely watching the sick Clown – and doing nothing.

        • Neil Young, apparently. Who also wrote Cortez the Killer:

          On the shore lay Montezuma
          With his coca leaves and pearls
          In his halls he often wandered
          With the secrets of the worlds

          And his subjects
          Gathered ’round him
          Like the leaves around a tree
          In their clothes of many colors
          For the angry gods to see

          And the women all were beautiful
          And the men stood
          Straight and strong
          They offered life in sacrifice
          So that others could go on

          Hate was just a legend
          And war was never known
          The people worked together
          And they lifted many stones

          Some of his lyrics you can disregard.

    • You can’t win without a valid goal and “more money for defense contractors.” while good and fine if you are a defense contractor, does not a victory condition make.

    • Until the Boomers pass we shall suffer. Once they pass much easier. Work to do, always was, always will be. Probably war.
      Always was, always will be.

  43. USN warships run by women who can’t sail.

    A Chinese military that doesn’t sink them because they don’t want to.

    Soma popping elite who only want to “Get Trump!”.

    Nero and his fiddle.

      • Dunno about that attitude. Words matter.

        I was one of THOUSANDS of people at the Trump truck rally that ran from Irvington to Pawling — as in NEW YORK.

        Thousands. Bikers, every kind of heavy machinery. Peaceful. Fun.

        Yet, go ahead and try and find coverage in what passes for the “media” these days. The ‘local’ Patch? Nope, young leftists there. The Journal News, the local paper of record (that doxxed all registered gun owners in New York’s Westchester County during the ghey mulatto era). Nope, nothing.

        A couple of mentions in local online rags, the one in Irvington leads with a post about how ‘those people don’t care about others … no masks…’

        People outside the State of New York are unaware that 65 out of 72 counties voted AGAINST the current leftist criminal in Albany… for a nobody run by a Republican Party that cannot deign to spend any time or money in the State. The surrender monkeys.

        The rally was formed mostly via word of mouth.It begs the question of what else the media is hiding, “memory holing”? My guess is this kind of malfeasance is all about being able to steal the election —- there is NO WAY they can let people across the country know about grass roots support in leftist strongholds like New York.

        Keep typing. Keep talking to your friends and neighbors. What, do you think if our side loses and the entire country becomes occupied by the leftists, that word of mouth will not be THE ONLY WAY to communicate? Post while you can, before only whispers remain.

        • I heard about a large pro-Trump caravan, running along Merrick Blvd in Nassau & Suffolk (Long Island, east of NYC). Heard about it word of mouth, nary a mention on the TeeVee news or local rags

          • This one was separate from the Long Island one and had two caravans, one moving north from Irvington, NY and another moving south, from Pawling, NY.

            This event was the biggest thing to take place in multiple towns, and two counties to boot. The only term to describe it would be “information suppression”.

            Active suppression, making the suppressors Oppressors.

            The energy was just amazing. You could not miss the mix of demographics, including many, many young people in their 20’s.

            What really stood out is that seemingly every single form of blue collar worker was represented by their vehicles. From 18 wheelers, including a flatbed hauling a vintage car (a yellow sedan 1940ish vintage), to riggers, well drillers, oil tankers …. all the people that keep the lights on. Water flowing from the taps.

            There was a long wait to process onto the highway, yet no short tempers. And I repeat, this took place in NEW YORK… a state with a criminal, elderly murdering Governor that, upon POTUS becoming President, declared that his supporters were not … well let the headline speak for the shyster:
            “Gov. Cuomo: Pro-life, pro-gun conservatives ‘have no place’ in New York”

            Memo to second generation despotic, lying granny murderer: We will be here long after the maggots empty your eye sockets and then some.

            Now the leftists may steal another election via their old-fashioned method of harvesting “votes” from the poor in NYC. But events like this make it clear: every night they lay their greasy, lying heads on their expensive silk pillow cases (not from the My Pillow® Guy, most likely) they will KNOW there are millions. Right in their State. Right in their midst.

            Waiting to oust them and see them prosecuted and incarcerated.

            Cuomo has a long list of NY politician-criminals in stir to warm a cell for him.

          • I’ve kept track of these massive Trump rallies on various YouTube channels. Steve Turley is a good source for this news. He also does good analysis work as in the video I linked where he shows exactly how the polls are wrong and offers good data-driven counter evidence. Yes, he’s quite the MAGAtard but just look at the evidence he posts. I think he shows a “Biden Rally” in that video too with a tiny group of sad looking people seated in high chairs inside circles on the ground 6′ apart. It looks like a bunch of naughty children being punished with some sort of time-out.

          • The Arizona Biden rally a couple of days ago had literally zero attendees.
            The news anchor was like “Its kind of boring here” and “the only people I see are campaign workers.” all the while looking perplexed.
            As for the news not covering stories, Its not a surprise though its going to cost them if things go hot. Since Clinton reporters are now considered valid targets.
            Given this is too the knife, knife to hilt. its going to be very ugly if we can’t find some way to prevent it.

          • They had one in Lexington over the weekend. There was some local coverage, although they made sure to get plenty of shots of the handful of anti- Trump protestors standing along the road.

            One of the co- bloggers over at Ace of Spades brought up something yesterday: If it weren’t for the polls, what metrics could you point to that would “prove” Biden was ahead? You’ve got Trump parades (boat, cars, golfcarts) all over the place. Trump has well- attended rallies when Biden can’t draw a dozen people who aren’t employees of his campaign. There are stories all over the place about how the GOP has made great strides in voter registration compared to the Democrats.
            I’m becoming cautiously optomistic that Trump may receive sufficient votes by election day to “beat the cheat” that the Democrats will be attempting with mail-in ballots.

  44. Very good analysis. But our actual decline may be rapid, as it was in Once-Great Britain. Consider that the British (and French) actually thought they had won a great victory after the Treaty of Versailles had been signed. The events of the following 25 years ripped the cover off that conceit. We could well be in a position that suddenly reveals to the rest of the planet that we are fragile, that our leadership is corrupt, and that our population is largely atomized, feckless, and demoralized. That is not a combination that faces down a national crisis.

    • As I recall, it was Ike’s response to the Suez Crisis that taught Britain and France they were no longer major powers.

      Shame, because they, with the Israelis, easily had Nasser on the ropes. Nasser was not a guy worth throwing our WW2 allies under the bus for.

      • What I find interesting is that Bretton Woods,the Vietnam defeat did not teach Americans that the US was a broken power.
        I mean the writ of the US government does not run in large areas of the country and yet people unironically talk of a superpower.

      • Nasser, the Soviet asset?
        Ike, who opposed Britain/France at the Suez- and who refused to advance past the Elba River?

        My goodness. One might think the butcher of Rhineland Meadows wanted to protect the USSR.

    • The collapse of empire in Britain was a good thing though. The kind of empire they had is very expensive to run. Now the British have extracted themselves from yet another empire.

    • The biggest problem (and what will hasten our demise) is the lack of confidence in our system due to rampant corruption. That will cause the flight of any investment that still desires a safe place as well as loss of reserve currency status. If we had a solid domestic manufacturing base, we could possibly weather such a storm until the ship of state was put aright. Perhaps refining capabilities and oil production might still allow us to survive. But when your economy is heavily financialized, even the perception, much more the reality, that there are other, less corrupt places to protect your wealth, will cause a crash that makes 1929 look like a mere blip.

    • Not true- the British opposed the main terms of Versailles. The Belgians and then the French pushed for reparations and a mutual defense treaty The British went along but changed their mind, sadly the Americans went the other way.France was well aware of the threat of a resurgent Germany, the US promised a defence treaty but congress reneged.France tried to split off the Rhineland from Germany and occupied it at one point.Britain was aware of the threat of Japan in the Pacific and the rise of the US hence their agreement to the 1930 London naval treaty limiting the size of their navy. France and Britain were aware of their predicament.
      I don’t think you know much about that era or Britain and France!
      Say what you like about Britain or France but they had the nuts to declare war on Germany( unlike the US); I don’t see the US even standing up to Mexico or Canada. Or California. I think America’s position is exceptional and to a large extent it already has ceased to exist at the street level.

  45. I do not think the government has an inability to defend against the foxes. They have shown they can quickly stop the white fox from claiming any area for power. What will become of the military an organization I spent 20 years in? It is already subverted by the Left at the top positions. It is actively pursuing even more diversity and perversity. It will join the Left in suppression of the white foxes.

    • I agree – but as it does so it will rapidly become less effective and respected. The gender-neutral woke military will be utterly useless in foriegn conflicts and probably ineffective at domestic oppression – hastening the demise of the empire.

      • Yes. I tend to agree with that analysis. Certainly, in every other field diversity has proven destructive and has led to reduced efficiency. At the very least, as long as soldiers are needed to conduct proper warfare (no drones, tech stuff) I can imagine diversity to be crippling to that end.

      • This is true. It places our military in a position of relying too much on nuclear deterrents. Our opponents know this and will attempt to draw us into conflicts that will continue to demoralize and divide us. They will play to our weaknesses. Girl soldiers will never win wars.

        • That’s interesting because I think most of the nukes are based in Red territory at siloes and airbases.

          There is the submarine force, but that is one of the few remaining meritocracies staffed by mostly white guys.

          If locals in Montana and the Dakotas could sever the kill circuits tied to DC and Cheyenne Mountain, the balance of power changes overnight.

        • Excellent point. The nukes that deter Iran can’t deter Virginia or Indiana, because nuking your next door neighbor is worse for you than him. The decline of martial tactical abilities is a real problem when nukes and bombs are a bluff.

        • Very good point. When the elite know the deaths will not be limited to White boys from the South and Midwest, they will back off (and have). China knows this. Russia knows this. Iran knows this. When it becomes obvious nuclear exchanges are on the table, the Empire will be forced to retreat. When people list the import of Trump, chief among the reasons should be waking up the Right to the evils of militarism..

      • This system could hang on for decades, or one single push from the outside could collapse the whole thing. We shall see.

        • A push from the outside could be a good thing. It might wake up the “normies”. I still remember the Sputnik stunt as a child. It caused a nationwide push to increase our emphasis on science and technology in our school systems. We were now in a “brain” race with the russkies.

          • A push from the outside might also cause temporary unification, and therefore push the fissures under the surface only to re-emerge after the outside threat is gone. Not sure how desirable that is.

          • I think it depends on the conflict. WWI destroyed Austria-Hungary. An unjust war waged against a powerful opponent like China or perhaps Europe might be the catalyst that brings down the whole enterprise. Imagine a war initiated by racist non-Whites in a future multi-cult United States against Europe. Would Whites fight for this country or against it?

            You already saw the potential for this during the Democrat party primary debates of 2020. Andrew Yang, ethnic Chinese, deflected from his tribe when asked what the number one threat to American primacy was. He preposterously claimed “Russia.” Regardless of your feelings towards China, it is clear that country is the greatest single threat this nation has ever faced, outside only the Civil War conflict. Many Chinese agree with this.

            Yang attempted to form a coalition of non-Whites to protect his group by scapegoating White Russians. I could easily see that morphing into general anti-European hate at some point. Imagine this multi-cult, anti-White racist empire, led by someone like Kamala Harris, waging war on our homeland one day under the guise of fighting racist governments who want to racistly keep out poor African immigrants.

            The far-left has been coalition building around its ethnic hatred of White American conservatives for decades. What happens when that foe is vanquished and they suddenly need a new enemy to keep the fringes together?

            Kamala Harris, address to the nation in 2026: “Anti-immigrant sentiment is against American values. That’s not who we are. We will not permit kids in cages. We will fight against the legacy of European colonialism and we will destroy Whiteness wherever it is found. Which is why I’ve declared war on the EU. A blockade is to be enacted until such time as Europe throws down its racist walls and allows poor Africans to move to Europe by the hundreds of millions.”

            Human psychology is built around competition with others. That’s how we motivate ourselves. It’s why we always need some enemy to oppose. Question: which group becomes the Empire’s new enemy once White Conservative Americans are vanquished in the next election?

            It could happen. We were only on Britain’s side in the First World War because we were an English-speaking nation whose primary demographic was of Anglo heritage. It’s as simple as that. German Americans supported the Germans before entry into the war. Before WWII, German-Americans marched in huge rallies in support of the Germans. Demography is destiny.

        • Didn’t we get a little biological push in march? it destroyed the rule of law and the constitution in a couple of weeks and installed many local absolute rulers in their place

          • Yes and its speeding up the classic collapse cycle as well. The larger cities NYC Portland Oregon (19th largest MSA) and probably Seattle among others have no recovery plan and will gradually fall into even worse disrepair.
            I’ve seen regular NYC people who love their city saying NYC won’t come back and its so bad in Seattle (and this pre COVID) the local news KOMO ran a piece called Seattle is Dying.
            Meanwhile smaller communities still function well enough. Klamath Falls OTOH can drop 2k guys on the ground.
            All of us are witnessing collapse in a very short period, almost real time. It will be a while before Fed Gov goes belly up.
            Like all Western governments it has cancer but its still the toughest guy in the terminal ward.
            How long this will take will depend President Trump will buy us time , President Harris will kill it off

      • Think about all the enormously complex, high-maintenance military gear the Pentagon has.

        Then realize that women and non-whites are incapable of preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, fabricating replacement parts, managing obsolescence, or jerry-rigging workarounds.

        This is why all that fancy gear is irrelevant in any prolonged conflict involving a Woke US military.

        • The most likely fate of a woke military is that quality whites will avoid it**. This will force recruiters to increase their efforts to target hispanics and less capable whites. Overlooking felonies will be routine. Since the drug cartels have deep reach in the US this will eventually mean the cartels using their presence in the military to get weapons and training. Low class whites organize around WN principles, and blacks with rally around black separatist ideology. In short, just imagine a typical prison where the inmates are all heavily armed. Of course I’m aware that this stuff is already happening. I’m just imagining a military where it has moved from the fringe to the mainstream.

          I imagine that whatever part of the military remains loyal to DC rather than Sinaloa and retains somewhat competent officers will realize that the fancy tanks and planes don’t really work anymore and will switch to small arms and slightly heavier weapons mounted on technicals. All the more reason to preserve the 2nd Amendment.

          ** I imagine some of those firearm training schools could provide a way for young men with a love of soldiering to get training in the kind of stuff you get from the military minus the poz and diversity and the oath of loyalty to Tel Aviv D.C.

          • Agreed … I think that the same issues will impact police recruitment … what White guy would want to be a cop in a metropolitan area?

      • The American military will be backed up by myriad secret police (ATF, FBI, CIA, ADL, SPLC, various NGOs), the media, the finance sector, and the tech industry. I expect them to be quite effective at suppressing domestic disturbance for some time, absent only a natural disaster or large war with China or Russia. Of course, in the far future diversity and racial envy will change things (the US will end up like Zimbabwe: self-inflicted economic basket case), but over the next few decades an authoritarian regime can be maintained.

        In the case of antifa violence, that’s only tolerated because the regime lacks the will; they seem them as kindred spirits fighting against the hated ethnic other. But you see how the regime put down the alt-right, don’t you? And they didn’t even need to resort to using the military in that case.

    • It looks like you are correct as they are now closing Parris Island basic training due to cost to implement “integrated training”. I am sure this foretells bad things for the USMC and the country. Maybe China won’t notice.

      • That’s a horrible sign.

        I saw a clip of Jocko Willink (ex Navy SEAL) discussing the difference between his force and Green Berets with an ex-Green Beret, and both of them gave huge praise to the Marines for being extremely squared away and doing more with less.

        • Well now they can do even less, no tanks, no armor, just all arty and grunts take a back seat to high tech. What could go wrong?

          Its only the most infantry intensive fsking culture in modern human fsking history, possibly since the Spartan Hoplites. 90% of USMC is 0311R or whatever they call Infantry these days.

          Sure, lets close Parris Island too.

          • It really is just amazing that seemingly every institution from top to bottom has been infected with woketardism. The idea that everything must reflect our society and its makeup and “diversity”. And of course, we must include and respect the ideas and perspectives of that awesome diversity – what could we possibly accomplish w/o them? Jesus H. Christ! Nothing matters anymore except checking off the GD boxes! Merit and ability are purely secondary or tertiary qualifications. Bring on the collapse – I’m figuring the Roman disintegration took so long because they couldn’t have possibly been this moronic. We, or should I say our “betters” are, so acceleration could be in our future.

          • The same was true of the Soviet Union. One reason their economy was so terrible derived from the fact that those who managed it were promoted in accordance to their loyalty to party doctrine, not merit or results. The same is coming to the United States. In fact, it’s already here.

      • As a former Recon Marine it pains me to say this but the current Commandant pushing this nonsense seems to have gone around the Woke Bend. I wouldn’t be surprised if he identified as “Coast Guard” after all is said and done.

      • What is the name of that new Commandant of the USMC?

        Oh yes – General David Berger..
        lets have a look…hmm, other than the schnoz nothing too obvious. He ordered the removal of all Confederate symbols from USMC bases too.
        He also got rid of the Tanks and armor, and his doctrine is rocket artillery not grunts. Bit of a debate on some of these points.

        I’m sure he won’t be taking a job with Goldman or Kushner whenever his tour of ruin is up.

        Very popular I’m sure.
        Nothing to see here.

    • A defeat at the hands of a ruthless China in the South China Sea will begin the death spiral for the woke military. Of course, the woketards will shriek that any defeat is the fault of racists and white supremacists who must be ripped out of the military root and branch.

      • We aren’t going to war with China. Its too risky for us to be seen as a paper tiger.
        That said if the three gorges damn bites it and its not in great shape now, all bets are off. We might try for a kill shot since most of China’s domestic production would go away and on top the food crisis they already have.

    • Agreed … I just saw an Air Force commercial that proudly displayed only female pilots and at the end of it had them all (30 or 40) standing in front of some fighter jets with their game-faces on, ready for combat … disgusting

    • This is a great point. Just as not all empires are created equal, not all are guaranteed a “stairstep decline” either. We tend to project the American Experiment onto the Roman Empire, but what if we’re more like those many empires that have vanished quickly without leaving much of a trace?

      Someone pointed out the other day that the Mongol Empire fell apart quickly and didn’t leave much behind them. No significant works of art, little architecture, no infrastructure, no science. What if we turn out to be more like the Mongols, leaving little more than some unsold copies of White Fragility, some unemployed NFL felons, and a smear of anal lube and glitter in our wake?

      • No need to pick on San Francisco lol.

        We are not so much like the mongols as we are inviting the mongols to ride and pillage among us; the savage among the eloi.

        The dance of the makers and the takers can go on for a long while. Running off of the energy trapped in the creations of yesterday men; burning the great works to heat ones hut.

        Speaking of SFO. The golden gate bridge is no work of savages. The salt air will return it to the sea eventually, if not for a never-ending paint job by daring and hard-working men scrubbing and painting around the 600,000 rivets lining each tower. It is something left behind. But also something that must be perpetually remade by some iteration of its original builders.

        It is not the creation or the maintenance of a people of mongols. But when the mongols finally take over and are tasked with the paint job they will likely take a pass, preferring to take the long way around.

        After all, a culture of plunder does not plant many seeds. Like so many locusts, the long way around is not quite the same thing to them.

        So in that vein, an hourglass tips when the builders give way to the savages who will turn it all to lamp oil. What is left behind is a matter for the timeline to sort out.

        • Go back and read Earth Abides for a description of the GG Bridge as Ish witnesses its deterioration.

        • Turn out the lights the Parties Over and then the fun begins… Better have your Community built by then guys because your chance of survival will be pretty low without it…

      • Not too many people will come here to admire the architecture when it’s all gone. A pile of cinderblocks where the Costco used to be, a pile of cinderblocks where the McDonalds used to be etc… History books will read “As it was a disposable society that lived in the moment, so did its architecture.”

        • Good point.
          After all, past known empires were eco-friendly; the American Empire (and elsewhere) is chock-full of very long-term biodegradable weaponry and energy sources.

      • Yes. I think Z is projecting the long, slow gradual decline of Rome onto the U.S.

        It’s understandable, as the U.S. was modeled upon the Roman Republic at its founding.

        But we would be wise to remember that in 1914 neither the Kaiser, the Tsar, the Ottomans, or the Dual Monarchy believed that their empires would be gone in four years. Neither did the Soviets in 1987. And I don’t think the Bourbons of 1785 saw what was coming in 1789, either.

        A fast collapse is a lot more likely than Z seems to believe…

    • It should also be noted that no past empire was so awash in information as is “America,” and no previous empire resided in such a technologically sophisticated setting. I consider these two elements to be hastening agents for “America’s” decline and fall.

      • With all the intricate electronics and infrastructure that we totally rely on, we could be one emp blast from returning to an agrarian/ hunter gatherer type society or multiple societies, ala “One Second After”.

        • One EMP blasts or a myriad of little things going wrong at the same time which leads to a nation wide catastrophic failure…

          • video about the 2012 “carrington class” solar flare. It looks like a 1 out of 4 chance of it hitting the earth, and happened twice in 160 years. The video also discusses what could happen to our modern systems. OMG
            Might be a good idea to back up your bitcoins on a laptop kept in a sheilded box, maybe in a few years the network will be fixed enough to TRY to sell them. A penny on the dollar, maybe?

        • Or another Carrington event, as in 1859.
          This solar flare damaged the only existing electric network, the telegraph system, which is way sturdier than modern electronics, though perhaps more exposed because of long wires and lack of circuit protection.
          No telling how often that happens, there was no way to notice such an event before that, because nothing electrical.
          Less severe storms occurred in 1921 and 1960, when widespread radio disruption was reported. The March 1989 geomagnetic storm knocked out power across large sections of QuebecOn July 23, 2012 a “Carrington-class” solar superstorm (solar flarecoronal mass ejectionsolar EMP) was observed; its trajectory narrowly missed Earth.[4][31]
          It IS going to happen again, maybe soon.

    • Wonder how well the US foreign policy crowd would react to a swift sinking of a couple of supercarriers in the Straights of Taiwan?

      (To clarify: Sunk by enemy action, not by 2 US carriers running into each other. Because that’s the kind of elite Navy we now possess)

      • Depends who is in charge. If it’s Trump, the U.S. attack sub fleet becomes the noose that strangles China to death. If it’s Biden or Harris, they don’t do crap.

        • Those nuclear subs won’t do a whole lot of good with a 300-lb face-tattooed purple hair at the helm

        • I wish that were the case, but there are several limitations on the use of American nuclear subs in a war with China: 1) they are practically useless in the Straight of Taiwan because the area is more shallow than some might imagine 2) the Chinese would utilize their superior ground forces to overwhelm the Americans through a retaliatory invasion of South Korea, and perhaps even Japan after that. There aren’t enough nuclear subs in the fleet to prevent that. The Americans would be forced to drop their blockade in short order.

          Also, those sub aren’t available in large enough numbers to prevent the PLA Navy from doing significant damage to our airforce and surface fleet, most of which is practically irreplaceable due to limited shipbuilding capability.

          Imagine thousands and thousands of boats ranging in size from personal fishing boats to naval vessels heading en masse through the relatively short distance to S. Korea protected by that massive Chinese airforce and quite competent navy. The most likely scenario is that the PLA quickly overwhelms the American positions, negating their — already declining — advantages elsewhere.

          Something similar was seen during the Libyan conflict when Obama was president: the French need American support even though their capabilities were far more advanced than their counterparts because … well, they ran low on armament and had limited ability to manufacture more.

          The same would happen in any Sino-American war. The US has just one tank factor left in Ohio, the ability to make only two new destroyers per year, and some chemcials used in missile production come exclusively from China, and they’d turn off that supply in a hurry during any conflict.

          With little to no ability to replenish American armament stocks, they’d quickly run out of things to shoot the Chinese with. That country, being far larger and more patriotic, will overwhelm American defenses no matter how superior they are and embarrass the US in front of the world. The American military knows this. That’s why they abandoned the INF Treaty, falsely blaming everything on the Russians. They will be so badly outclassed by the year 2030 that they’ll need nukes to scare off attack.

          Maybe the ruling class should have thought about that before industrializing that country? Remember back when they told everyone China would end up like Japan and the right-wing was scaremongering just like they did with them in 1980s? Har har. Imbeciles.

      • My opinion has long been that the American public would immediately break and demand their government sue for peace. I say this based on current trends of falling patriotism and loss of national cohesion. America could barely take a fraction of the causalities in Vietnam as it did WWII and barely a fraction of that in Iraq. Increasingly, it relies on outspending its opposition and browbeating them into submission using the threat of force, but the gap with China is closing rapidly.

        In the future, people will be thinking in terms of what’s good for their identity group, not what’s good for the whole — patriotism no longer being a worthy call to sacrifice. I can’t imagine too many more White males want to die for this place after they way they’ve been treated. Tear down our statues? Yeah, when the time comes we’ll make up an excuse not to fight and tear down your empire in the process. I’m sure the Pentagon knows this; thus, the hurried diversity and automation push.

        But it won’t work. It’s like that scene from Independence Day: “They’re just as frail as we are. We just have to get through their technology. Which I’m sorry to say, is far more advanced.” The military brass is depending on all kinds of tech doohickeys to make up for falling morale and diversity, but will that work when the Chinese are even more technologically capable than we are and can get through our defenses? When it comes down to a contest of wills, who wins: Chicom or Cha’niqua?

        • …but the gap with China is closing rapidly. 

          If you say so. The Chinese have yet to demonstrate their military capabilities beyond show. Say what you will, but the constant war fighting the Americans have involved themselves in has proven beyond a doubt the United States has no near-peer military competitor. Sure, the gaps might “close”, but beyond the magical technology amateurs like to obsess over, it isn’t everything. You still have humans fighting the wars. Again, the Chinese have yet to prove their ground forces are capable beyond huge numbers.

          • And when the communist Democrats change the US militar mission from external threats to internal patriot resistance, that military might will be used on us. Law enforcement will already be federalized, so no local sheriff/deputies to overrule the state/feds edicts. In addition, too many communists graduating out of the high schools will be more than willing to use every weapon against rural patriots, so they will have no need for a door-to-door gun confiscation of the hardcores. In fact, I wouldn’t put it past the Democrat communists to INVITE China/Russian troops to HELP administer this American holocaust.
            Think it can’t happen? We saw the beginning of it with the kneeling of law enforcement at BLM rallies; the stand down of LE at various cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and New York, the arrest of normal citizens defending themselves with normally slam-dunk constitutional defenses (McCloskeys, Rittenhouse), the encroachment of BLM/Antifa on residences in Portland/Seattle with no police protection, and finally, the denouncement of Trump by the military brass when he did his Bible thump last June.
            I predict BLM will commit mass murder after blocking an interstate in a state with limited gun laws like California, including outright rape and point-blank executions, on Election night or shortly thereafter. They may even do it at a polling station and justify Dem governors to shut down all in-person voting places on Election Day, essentially shutting out the vast Republican voters who do it on Election Day.

  46. “The American system rewards guile, but increasingly has no role for assertiveness and force.”
    This is absolutely true, with the sole exception of diplomacy and statecraft – the one field where guile and subtlety should be rewarded instead encourages cartoonish intimidation and non-stop sword rattling.

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