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Over the last five years I have kept circling back to something the neoliberal pundit Mickey Kaus observed during the 2016 GOP primary. He said they could easily have co-opted much of the Trump vote if the candidates had moved just a little bit in his direction on immigration and trade. Instead, their reaction to his rather mild observations and proposals was to race in the other direction. It made the gap between Trump and the rest of the field much more obvious to the voters.

The question he had then, one that still resonates today, is why did they do the exact opposite of what politics demands? The spergs come in at this point and provide charts and graphs on the cheap labor lobbies or how immigrants are turning states like Texas into California. There’s that old right-wing need to believe that all people are rational, so there must be a practical explanation for all behavior. In the case of the 2016 primary, it means the donors made the candidates go the wrong way.

That’s just wishful thinking. A defect of the conventional Right is that is deeply believes they will one day find the combination of words that unlocks the secret of the Progressive mind, making it amenable to reason. One day, some bright conservative will say something so profound that the Left will stop, throw down their weapons and twirl their mustaches in astonishment. Then they will embrace their conservative brothers in a fellowship of reason and republican virtue.

The current year should put that to rest. Look around and it is hard to find any evidence of rational self-interest at work. We have a legitimate drug crisis in America and the people in charge refuse to even discuss it. It’s not because they have good reason to ignore it or they are afraid to address it. Trump mentioned the subject and they began to hiss like demons being shown a crucifix. It was if he violated some sacred taboo by pointing out the very obvious problems we have with drugs.

It is not just the drug issue, which certainly has some uncomfortable facets to it for a society steeped in multicultural oogily-boogily. Free speech used to be one issue that all sides of the political debate would defend unconditionally. Even those who thought adult material should be restricted to adults opposed bans on speech. Today, it is hard to find anyone in any corner of the political debate defending speech. The free-speech champions are the people called Nazis by the beautiful people.

You can go around the wheel of practical politics and issue after issue reveals that our ruling class and a big chunk the public has gone insane. The Biden scandal is a great example of the lunacy. Major news outlets are now weaving conspiracy theories in which Russians are behind this laptop. Within living memory the defense would have been, “What can you do? His kid turned out to be a loser.” Today, the defense is a bizarre conspiracy that reads like a movie script.

It is possible that this is just what societal breakdown looks like from the inside when you are experiencing in real-time. Maybe Russians looked around at each other at the end, wondering if their rulers had lost their minds. Maybe French peasants begin to wonder if their lord was possessed by the devil. No one records the thoughts and ruminations of the Dirt People. History is the story of Cloud People. This could just be what it is like to be a peasant at the end of days.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: What About The Opioid Crisis?
  • 17:00: Why Do We Need Immigrants?
  • 32:00: What’s Wrong With The Left
  • 47:00: What In The Hell Happened?
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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  2. Last thing is that I understand that Paul Singer owns a controlling share of Twitter. So, maybe Jack Dorsey is beholden to him, as is probably the case with many CEOs & Execs. Just food for thot.

  3. Do people know that Antifa was alive and well in pre-WWII Germany?? Don’t want to say “the bad word”, but you know who was associated with Antifa way back then. Even “The Forward” admitted it.

  4. They don’t care because they want the society to collapse to the point where they can completely throw out the constitution, and transition to communism, or something akin to that. Everybody’s wearing a stupid mask, right??

  5. Great stuff. A few thoughts:

    1. What we call the “drug problem” isn’t seen as a problem at all by the ruling class. It is a feature and not a bug to kill and addict the White working class. The elite profit directly from the sales. Hell, Biden’s son is an addict who makes millions from public corruption. No reason to think the Biden family itself hasn’t profited from the drugs trade. Medical costs are the only related concern, so look for Whites to be denied health insurance if they are addicts. Also note Narcan programs largely are funded by states and municipalities. Over time, these programs will be eliminated to ensure less costly fatal overdoses.
    2. Needless immigration, which is basically all of it? It is directly related to the first issue. The end game is White genocide. If Hispanics break toward Trump in a few weeks, which is hardly improbable, look for a preference for other Third Worlders. “Why do they hate us so much?” People with higher IQ’s tend to be independent and demand higher wages, the latter of which you noted. Watch. The use of “foreigners” will be declared a hate crime soon enough.
    3. The Democrats’ previous support of working class Whites also was fake to some degree. Its leadership always came from the elite and upper class and when it was numerically beneficial they praised the working class and sometimes showered it with gifts. They always despised the Whites who worked for a living, of course. You are one hundred percent correct about what is now corporate propagandists. A generation ago they were the working class and now circle the wagons to defend the rich and powerful.
    4. The shift from media bias to rank propaganda has been sudden and, most importantly, not disguised. While perhaps a majority of people now discount what is reported as news, over time the propaganda is likely to be believed. The transition from republican government to oligarchy/totalitarianism required no media opposition, and it largely has been eliminated. The worst delusion in this country is the one held by the upper class and the elite. They honestly believe there will be NO repercussions for the oppression they impose. Over time they will be taken out one by one from every possible direction, sometimes violently. The rise of the low trust society looms large and is very dangerous. “Weird fire sale” is a very good description of what is underway. Whether those who are behind it realize they also will be made to care seems dubious.

    Again, brilliant podcast.

  6. Isn’t like 70% of Afghanistan’s poppies used to make pain relief for hospital patients like buprenorphine and codeine? I used some of this stuff when I had 4 wisdom teeth out and it was fantastic. A lot of people have way more severe pain than me and they need relief. Nothing works as well as poppy juice.

      • Tom, always a hard call. How much is too much? Not to mention we all seem to react differently to pain. Now that I’m getting older, pain (aches?) is a constant companion. Is it normal? Too much? Doctor says take “two aspirin (Tylenol) and forget about it”. But then the bottle says all sorts of things—especially liver damage from prolonged use. Don’t know, don’t care. I simply stay away from use—but it’s hard for me to judge others in this matter.

        • Aunt’s husband said, “mumble, mumble, something” then went in the bedroom and shot himself in the head. Couldn’t take the pain anymore, not for one more second.

          Good call on the legal supply, Walt.
          Priceless, that supply is priceless.
          Opiates (and heroin, as a doctor told me) are still the best painkiller God ever made.

  7. Somewhat related, VDARE has an article going through the coup probabilities if Trump wins. Summary: very likely, not sure if it would succeed.
    I think it is also highly likely, and very likely to succeed. Our rulers are not foxes, they are not lions, they are steers. But absent lions they tend to just bull through everything. I can very well see a Reverse Pinochet, with soldiers snatching up straight normal men, Christians particularly for free helicopter rides, and the like.
    The military dislikes Trump intensely, and that goes down to the rank and file. Only the tip of the spear warfighters like Trump but they will follow orders as they always do. For one thing their families are hostage. I do think it highly likely that the tools used against Yemeni jihadis and Afghan warriors will be widely used against us, that is non Woke normal people.
    Foxes would at least see traps. Lions would be warriors of virtue. We have castrated bulls blindly lashing out.

    • This is highly probable. Chris Wallace gave away the game when he demanded Trump not declare victory even if he is ahead election night. While the ruling class wants to maintain the mirage of American democracy to lecture the world, the IC, FBI and military knows they will suffer immensely if Trump is re-elected and is allowed to take office. As these are the elites’ bagmen, they will be allowed to do whatever is necessary to prevent Trump from taking office.

      • Suffer how? He hasn’t done squat in 4 years and he won’t do squat in the next four. I think he suits the ruling class just fine. They hate him because he isn’t one of them, but that’s about it.

        • Helter skelter is going to be mass murder. Trump buys us additional time and simmering. The slow-cook will get another million or so armed and somewhat prepped. Time will tell.

        • Financially, in part. One substantive thing Trump has done is not get the United States enmeshed in another endless war, which Hillary was supposed to deliver for her financiers, most likely in Syria. War profits those in the imperial bureaucracy, too, both directly and indirectly.
          The most consequential aspects of the Trump Administration have been inadvertent: exposure of the Empire as utterly corrupt and totalitarian. That is the main way those groups have suffered. It also is why I think the State will further discredit itself to prevent Trump from taking office even if it is glaringly obvious he won.
          That last is why you should vote for him, too. It is the main reason any of us should vote for him, and it is a damned good one. Shatter the illusion the Empire is a republic once and for all.

  8. Diversity is spreading.

    Diverse Flying

    If you live long enough you’ll see TSA ritually screening travelers for airplanes that increasingly will not fly. Eventually flight will cease altogether and pass into myth, legend, religion.  

    A cult of goddess Tsa (t-sah) will arise performing the rituals of unshoeing, of inspecting to see if the traveler is worthy, they shall then pass through the ritual gates.

    Smart mouthed boys will mock the notion man ever flew.

  9. We’re in the Middle East cuz Israel wants us doing their dirty work. The Media, ran by the Jews, is fine with our meddling in the ME. Everyone blames the USA while we do the job for Israel.

    • Perhaps the only benefit of Trump’s big mouth is sometimes he unwittingly says the truth. The other day, at one of his rallies, he actually admitted that we’re only in the ME because of Israel.

  10. Yes, the Crazy is upon us. Is it just a passing fad associated with the upcoming election, or one more big step downward into the inevitable abyss? Either way, ancient wisdom can help you remain vertical as the storm approaches. Get out of the city now for at least new few weeks. Find a safe haven with some serious buffer zone. Be prepared to feed and defend yourself for a minimum of 30 days. Your primary obligation is to remain alive.

    • Sounds a little counter-intuitive, but people asking “Why is the Left destroying the inner cities? What’s the end game?”

      I think I get it, living in a major leftist city. I think it is the white leadership (and JJJs) using antifa to keep the blacks a little off balance and scared. “See, here’s what WE can do. Here is what crazy white boy is capable of”

      I say this because a lot of blacks are talking about it. “Dayum, see those crazy white boys in Portland? I ain’t fucking with them. Them bitches be CRAZY”

      Or, if not scared, at least knowing their place in the pecking order lest they be on the receiving end of antifa.

      “We are still in charge BLM, don’t kid yourself” IOW

  11. In your segment “What’s Wrong With the Left”, you alluded to the shift of the Dems from being the party of the working folks to being the party of upper class people running big corporations, tech companies, etc., with a shift in the party’s controlling ideology. This was noticed about 5 years ago by Thomas Frank in his book “Listen Liberal, or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?”.
    Frank was and perhaps still is a man of the Left. Interestingly, he published this book in the spring of 2016. Looking back, it was a portent of the election of Donald Trump.

  12. Low tier effort this week. Felt like I was listening to a more mellow Limbaugh show from 15 years ago

    • I disagree on the low tier thing, but brings to mind that early Limbaugh had an agent

      Zman may think about getting one, or teaming up with G Johnson in getting one to represent a few of the bigger names on the DR. Because this stuff is about to go mainstream. Make no mistake. You already see normie Right trending this direction and may try to ride the wave and/or “co-opt” the message. Getting Z Man or Greg Johnson on Tucker’s show is not all that farfetched.

      • You will see al-Qaeda representatives on Tucker before someone as relatively mainstream as Zman let alone someone as committed to ethnostates as Johnson. Fox management barely can stomach Tucker as it is.

        • The dam is going to break. We all know it. our ideas are hardly controversial in the larger scheme of things, they were common discourse not very long ago, and they are commonly held in some form or another the world over.

          Except among the elites in the west. That’s it

          How do we square, for example, notions that western civilization is on its deathbed with the reality is that it is only the machinery of western civilization that is enforcing these strict codes of thought on its people?

          If it’s dying, then how come it is still so immensely powerful that every one if it s citizen is cowed into submission by a simple heretical thought ?

          Every day my mind experiences a flash of light as if the cobwebs are being removed and things are becoming clearer and clearer. I am hardly alone. This is about to go mainstream.

    • I remember as a teenager sitting on the back porch having iced tea on a hot summer day with dad and mom and my older brothers. Brother X was always being a smartass to dad. Sometimes he’d cross the line from being a smartass to being an outright dick. My dad tossed his glass of iced tea in X’s face. And not like a woman. Casual, like an easy “fuck you, now what?” X was bigger than dad by then, but dad was still low-key fearsome. We all just sat there and didn’t move or say anything. Just watched X dripping in tea. Me and my other brother stifling our grins. I’ve lost my train of thought. Oh yeah. That’s what I’d do to you right now. Mind your manners.

      • Tall, leggy, morose and moribund, wears a strap-on. With enough meth you can be satisfied temporarily. Same with Keith Olbermann. After all, small hats are our future.

        BTW eff the FBI. They are totally highest bidder.

  13. I’m sure I‘m not the first to mention that somebody on Tucker Carlson’s writing staff is reading you, Z. Tucker posed several of your fentanyl and China questions pretty much word-for-word tonight. You could sue for plagiarism, it was that blatant — even the theme: “Why isn’t anyone in Washington asking about this?”

  14. Comments on Zero Hedge:
    From Bubette Salam:
    The good news is that if Biden wins we’ll all finally get to meet each other in a FEMA camp.
    From Thalamus:
    And have our organs harvested by the CCP

  15. The Zman’s piece on the poppy crop in Afghanistan somehow failed to mention that the Taliban had eradicated Opium production in the country

    It was resumed as a big fuck you to the US after it attacked the country. Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11 and the 3,000 killed then pale into insignificance compared to the hundreds of thousands killed by OD’s after the US’s deranged blood-lost stupidity.

    • Poppy production was allowed to flourish again by “our” military. The proceeds go to “our” allies now, not the Taliban. Remember the Northern Alliance? Its remnants now control the opium trade.

    • You fail to mention that immigrants-of-color are eligible for long-term, low-interest, diversity loans that the working-class white guy laid off from the paper mill is not. That’s why the Corner Grocery is no longer owned and run by retirees named “Marge and Chet.”

      • Increased loan availability on favorable terms is how Chobani’s Muslim CEO was able to start up and promise to hire as many immigrants as possible.

        Buy Fage yogurt if you can find it. They are run by a Greek family for almost 100 years, use non-GMO milk, and they leave the fat in rather than flooding their product with sugar.

    • Hispanics are very entrepreneurial, they just do it via black market channels, and subsequently smaller scales, and often between themselves. I actually admire that, in the sense that it’s localism and it’s a great way to throw a monkey wrench in globalism.(Of course it’s also part of third world culture, so brings all of those negatives) Then they send all the profits back home- Our economy see’s very little of it.

  16. I’ll add in that vein that Wolfgang Munchau of EU Intelligencer announced his last column for the FT and not so subtly denounced their group think. I notice most of the older White guys being replaced by young, mostly White women who look like they slept with the boss to move up. Munchau noted that entrenched monopolies are very, very good at defending their rents, through lobbying and political influence and revolving doors in/out of government, but very bad at adapting to new models and that Tesla’s market value reflects that no other car company can tackle the engineering issues that Tesla does.
    Tesla asks its customers to be essentially beta testers on cars costing around $100k or so. And gets it. A good part of which is that Tesla for now is not “corporate” which means it is not sclerotic, HR driven, ponderous, and run day to day by clueless young women.
    What is absolutely striking is how much influence young women drive solely through their sexual marketplace value in organization after organization where they form the majority of staffers. In publishing, JK Rowling is likely to be dropped by her publisher because the young women there hate her for her tranny comments. Spotify is going to have to renege on its contractural commitments with Joe Rogan and censor the hell out of his podcast because the young women there are in an uproar over his tranny comments. Nearly all the Biden staffers are young White women. For President Harris, its mostly thirty something mulatta women. Seemingly all the Democratic staff is young White women. And it certainly describes the media, corporations, Hollywood, publishing etc. suffering a collapse of trust and respect.
    Think about young women, they’ve had guys coming around since puberty and don’t get the hard knocks of experience that teaches avoidance of stupidity. Personnel is policy. If young White women or young women are running most operations, they are literally too stupid and full of themselves like Marie Antoinette to be cautious when they should be cautious. It explains a lot.

    • Whenever I’m forced to deal with young women, which is unfortunately most every time I interact with business or government, I apply a simple rule. The hotness of the girl will be inversely proportional to the amount of concern she has for doing her job right or at all. For instance, I have an interview coming up that I’m pretty hopeful about. Part of the reason – the recruiter is a chubby Asian girl, maybe a 4 or 5 on the 1-10 scale. She seems to actually care about helping me get the job. When I get a recruiter who looks like her last job was in “indy films” (wink, wink) I know I’ll need to remind her constantly to keep me informed about what’s going on and prod her to do the paperwork.

      Just another reminder, as if I needed one, that feminism was always about women gaining access to powerful men and whoring their way up the job ladder. I’ll bet this is the secret appeal of Heels-up Harris to a lot of these girls. They know all about how she got to being on the VP ticket and they think of her as a role model.

  17. Excellent, excellent show Z-Man. However, I would have thought it obvious why media and corporations and Congress and all other big institutions don’t care about being hated and distrusted.
    They have it, as either monopoly or at most duopolies, and thus just make money through economic rents.
    Take Hollywood. Spielberg has warned for years that at least one major studio would go bankrupt as its model for making money was totally dependent on big budget blockbusters and when one was a giant flop they’d be on the hook. The FT noted in response that Hollywood was basically giant amusement parks with production facilities; that the bulk of the money came from rides, and toys etc. Hollywood still has say, Frozen merchandise but that’s about it. The amusement parks in California are permanently shut down, at fractional capacity elsewhere, and big budget movies in theaters are dead. Streaming? Why would someone pay $40 a month when there’s a Chinese person at a swap meet who will sell you a serviceable bootleg of what you want for $3? Incomes are not rising.
    But Hollywood had that power, with decade after decade of not really needing to care, as they made money through rents: Video Tape, then DVD, then Blu-Ray releases of old stuff, amusement parks, corporate cross sponsorship like Nissan with Star Wars movies. Disney just picked up lots of money for that, none of it depending on making things people wanted to see.
    I assume its the same in corporations, congress, the media etc. No real competition so no fear. Of course an agile competitor with a new model can break that assumption like Tesla with the big automakers. Tesla being small and hungry can do things Ford and GM cannot.

  18. ABSCAM was in Washington state, i was a kid but remember it well, it was fairly small compared to many of the other corruption sandals in the states history. we may not have invented ballot stuffing but it sure as hell was perfected here.
    As far as Trump droning Sullimoni, great the bastard was responsible for at least half of the IED deaths in the forever wars.
    See what an EFP does to a nineteen year old. A little of my seething hate & desire for revenge was satisfied.

    • Still pushing the crazed neocon bullshit I see.
      Here’s a clue: If an IED has “Made in Iran” written in English on it, It probably wasn’t.

      Grow up.

  19. Right Wing/DR/Nationalist potential philanthropists need to create their own STEM schools where admission is based almost entirely on an IQ test, and not based on trait conscientiousness, that anyone, of any age or education level can take, to potentially be admitted tuition free to create the next wave of right wing white innovators and creators and original thinkers, that fell through the cracks, to help save Western Civ..

    • I think even starting local private schools would be great

      They may seem “controversial” today but in time they will be well respected and prestigious

      • Private schools have sprung up around the country in the wake of public schools remaining closed. One long-term benefit of the insane shutdowns may be the decline and fall of public education.

  20. Why did they stop caring?

    Reminds me of a relationship that one day you wake and realize you don’t love the person anymore

    That said, people break up for a reason. And most of the time it boils down to a few key differences, and the religion of the other person is a key and that applies in our current situation. So therein may lie a clue. The other is physical compatibility, which may trace back to ethnicity. And that one also applies.

    Things like this

  21. Why does no one notice fentanyl production in China, poppy fields in Afghanistan or narco terrorism south of the border? Follow the artfully laundered money lining the pockets of politicians. Godfather Biden is the rule, not the exception.

    The template for giving the criminal infiltration of our political system a pious face in a dowdy suit.

    “Jeffrey Peterson: What is the Arizona Mafia?” https://www.bitchute.com/video/arsOGDzUN8U/

  22. Z’s today brings to mind two memorable gems from yesterday:

    “I’ve given up trying to understand…”

    “These people are terrifyingly stupid.”

  23. Much of the behaviour of the white left can be understood in terms of status, identity and fear of class contamination. The white eloi do not have much of an identity. So they construct one. For most of them, this identity is based on their social status, and is signalled through consumer choices and support for causes.
    The main component of this identity is a notion of superiority to the deplorables. There is nothing these people fear more than 1) being mistaken for a deplorable or 2) the idea of deplorables rising in status above them. So they signal very very hard against the working class white population and its cultural preferences.
    That is why cannot budge on things like immigration. This is a concern of deplorables, and therefore the eloi must take the opposite stance. They would sooner thier cities burn, thier children be raped and the entire sociaty overturned before allowing the deplorables to rise in status or see themselves siding with deplorables. Too much of thier very identity is tied into the notion that they are superior to working class whites.

  24. There is a strong reason why Congress could give a shit about their 17% approval rating. If you look up the approval rating of each individual congressman, for the most part the constituency loves them, hence they are reelected over, and over and over.
    The congress everyone hates is the OTHER persons congressman.
    The fact of the matter is the average America is as dumb as shit, dumber than shit, when it comes to politics, and the rulers know it.

    • in similar vein, I think their hatred is borne of contempt and complete lack of respect

      If you lied to a person all the time, make him all kinds of promises, never keep to your word, and yet that person always keeps coming back for more and keeps voting for you, are you going to respect him?

      It’s human nature. In our lives, if someone treated you like shit day in and day out but you keep coming back, will that person respect you?

    • Still, there’s a difference between loving your own high priest in the respected temple and having a high level of tolerance for your own homeless dude in a bum fight. If there was an occasion where people got to vote to gulag all of Congress, but including their congresscritter, that supposedly beloved congressman would find out just how much “love” he actually had.

      • and increasingly they are foreign entities

        Put bluntly, they don’t need us, and it has been this way since foreigners have been able to donate huge amounts — starting, I guess, with Clinton

  25. Regarding the poppy production in Afghanistan, the explanation I have heard for its continued operation is two-fold:
    A. Fairly innocuous, that the Afghan farmers scratching a living will make several times more in profit growing poppies than they will growing something like wheat, rice or nuts. Plus the climate of Afghanistan is perfect for growing poppies, which cannot be grown just anywhere with dirt. They don’t call Afghanistan the “Golden Crescent” for nothing.

    B. More sinister, the rumor goes that the CIA (and other such organizations) runs the poppy plantations and makes a killing in untraceable cash profits to the tune of billions USD a year; which is then used to fund black ops, secret bases and facilities or simply slush funds for those involved. And further still, this practice has been ongoing since the Vietnam War, where one of the other places known for poppy production is the Golden Triangle (Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam) and the CIA was shipping drugs back to the US by the cargo plane load. When you have billions and billions of dollars in cash on the line and the backing of the CIA, you aren’t going to stop that flow without an Act of God.
    There is a book called “Crossing the Rubicon” by Mike Ruppert that explains this in great detail.

    • FWIW I used to skydive. My first dz was run by “Wild Bill” Hasenfus, who was a former CIA pilot during the Vietnam war. Bill got his brother Eugene a job as a CIA aerial cargo handler ostensibly running guns to Nicaraguan “contras.” Eugen was shot down by the sandanistas but survived – I’ve stood on the CIA-financed airstrip in Costa Rica where Eugene’s aircraft took off and was supposed to land and I’ve also hiked the crash site in Nicaragua. According to Bill, the gun running was pretext and the true purpose of the CIA aircraft there was flying cocaine into the US and Mexico during the crack epidemic. I believe him.
      My home dz was run by Roger Nelson. Roger, an imperfect friend and the former cellmate of Jim Bakker of Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker, was convicted of tax evasion but widely celebrated for having run drugs, mostly marijuana bales, with his fleet of skydiving aircraft through Oaxaca, MX into the US. Roger was never convicted of any drugs offense. We used to have an Oaxaca “boogie” to ridicule the feds and enjoy ourselves under the sun down there with margueritas after the last swoop of the day. On information and belief, Roger was working on profit splits with the CIA, which kept him off the radar so-to-speak and literally. Once the CIA was able to free resources to service the Oaxaca drug flights directly, it pushed out Roger and sent the FBI after him to terminate his future drug dealings.
      My personal belief is the CIA has been directly running various illicit drugs since at least the advent of LSD and widespread use of marijuana. The field commanders just saw way too much profit and appreciated the off-books aspect of the trade to let the business remain with “amateurs.” I have no doubt the CIA and elements of the ops community are knee deep in global drugs trade. 0.02

    • I garden. Poppies can be grown anywhere with dirt, full-sun, and drainage. You can’t grow them in the shade or in bogs. That’s about it.

      • I didn’t know that, I was under the impression they had to be grown at high altitudes; way high up in the mountains. Learn something new every day.

  26. “We live in the world where robots are taking over labor.”

    Yeah, in some areas, sure. But in other areas, robots just aren’t flexible enough. AI is this generations “flying cars”: always just around the corner.

  27. Excellent column. “Twirling their mustaches”–ROFL.

    Regarding irrationality, it seems the postmodernists have gotten their wish. They–with Foucault in the van–have long argued that the rational subject (the ego) is innately authoritarian and oppressive. The id, on the other hand, is the ego’s irrational and good Other. Therefore, irrational acts and perversion are benevolent transgressions against hegemonic rationality. Those on the right who cavalierly dismiss the intentional madness of the postmodernists are overlooking a primary key to the destruction of the West. The Intellectuals of Insanity took over the humanities/social sciences some time in the 80s, and their deranged views are now commonplace throughout all spheres of society, including the military.

    PS–Not all history is about the Cloud People. Social history and mentalites history endeavor to uncover the Dirt People.

    • When one combines an elite/political/media operation to incessantly implant certain deviant attitudes and behaviors into the population, along with a population who has been intellectually put to sleep by the current zeitgeist, pharmacological, and environmental inputs, along with a breakdown and destruction of all of the historical and cultural tethers, is it any wonder that the wheels are coming off? I’m surprised it isn’t worse than it is, though we are getting worse quickly now.

    • The sun rises in south east corner of things
      To look on the tall house of the Shin
      For they have a daughter named Rafu,
      (pretty girl)
      She made the name for herself: ‘Gauze Veil,’
      For she feeds mulberries to silkworms.
      She gets them by the south wall of the town.
      With green strings she makes the warp of her basket,
      She makes the shoulder-straps of her basket
      from the boughs of Katsura,
      And she piles her hair up on the left side of her headpiece.

      Her earrings are made of pearl,
      Her underskirt is of green pattern-silk,
      Her overskirt is the same silk dyed in purple,
      And when men going by look on Rafu
      They set down their burdens,
      They stand and twirl their moustaches.

      A Ballad Of The Mulberry Road, Ezra Pound

      • That public men publish falsehoods
        Is nothing new. That America must accept
        Like the historical republics corruption and empire
        Has been known for years.

        Be angry at the sun for setting
        If these things anger you. Watch the wheel slope and turn,
        They are all bound on the wheel, these people, those warriors.
        This republic, Europe, Asia.

        Observe them gesticulating,
        Observe them going down. The gang serves lies, the passionate
        Man plays his part; the cold passion for truth
        Hunts in no pack.

        You are not Catullus, you know,
        To lampoon these crude sketches of Caesar. You are far
        From Dante’s feet, but even farther from his dirty
        Political hatreds.

        Let boys want pleasure, and men
        Struggle for power, and women perhaps for fame,
        And the servile to serve a Leader and the dupes to be duped.
        Yours is not theirs.

        Be Angry At The Sun, Robinson Jeffers

        • Robinson Jeffers, writing from the stone house he built on the bluff overlooking Carmel, was the true American prophet.
          Thanks for that. I think I was first exposed to Jeffers by Chronicles magazine, or maybe one of Chilton Williamson’s final pieces for National Review, when he was still book editor.
          excerpts from Shine, Perishing Republic.

          While this America settles in the mould of its vulgarity,
              heavily thickening to empire,
          And protest, only a bubble in the molten mass, pops
              and sighs out, and the mass hardens,

          But for my children, I would have them keep their distance from
              the thickening center; corruption
          Never has been compulsory, when the cities lie at the monster’s
              feet there are left the mountains.

  28. When our media elites set up a question from a woman last night on ABC to a man running for President, Mr Joe Biden and the woman asks him about eight year old rights to be a transgender and the candidate for the Presidency supports the eight year old and his transgender transition.
    We have lost it. Western Civilization in the United States, its gone.
    Only a matter of either floating bodies down the Potomac to change this or waiting for an internal collapse.

      • I’m actually now finding the exact ammo in large quantities (thousands) that I seek. Northwestern Indiana. It’s rather nice spending time there, too.

        The rounds I’ve sought are soft-nosed rifle and “law enforcement-tactical” pistol ones, e.g., 147 +p Federal HST blah blah, are now abundant apparently.

        Plenty of AR-pattern rifle kits available. Get outside the metro areas and I believe you can find your product. Good luck.

        edited to add: prices in N’west Indiana, pre-tax and post-tax, are back to normal unless you are seeking specialty/low demand items such as blackout, glaser etc.

  29. Why is Fentanyl production not on the table in China?
    Fair question, OK, but why are the makers of Oxycontin and Roxycontin not sitting in prison? If Mexicans and Afghanis should be on the table, why not Americans?

    There is a huge section of my city where heroin and Fentanyl are easier to get than a soda. They give out free samples of the crap! There are El stops you can go to where the steps and the streets around the steps are loaded with empty wax paper baggies about a 1/2 square.

    I know 3 guys that didn’t see their 50th birthday (2 didn’t see their 40th) because of this stuff. One of whom was a lifelong friend who I actually shared a place with at one point. All 3 of them started with prescriptions.

    • That’s of course tragic. But there is another side as has been mentioned, legitimate use restriction culminating in pain, suffering, and disability.

      Here’s my anecdote: Years ago, I used to shoot at the range with a fellow with degenerative back disease. Could not walk without a cane, and without OxyContin, could not walk at all—nor sit, nor lie down, nor do anything but writher in agony (this I was told, but observed most of the rest myself). At any particular shooting session, he was pretty sharp and articulate as near as I could observe, but boy he was chewing those OxyContin like chiclets.

      I asked him, “How much of that shit can you take and still stand up to hold a gun?” 😉 He remarked, “I don’t get high from this. It no longer gets me high. It just keeps me from putting this gun in my mouth and pulling the trigger!”

      • Purdu was pushing the drug as non-addictive and absolutely flooded the market with these drugs. There are only so many people with debilitating pain. Remember that there have been other highly potent painkillers on the market for decades that never became a public problem the way oxy did. A lot of the people who need it can’t work and so they sell it. Who do they sell it to? Their friends.
        There is basically no upper limit to how much a pain patient or an addict can take with opiates. A dose that might kill you or I might not do anything to an habituated person. A big cause of ODs is relapse after trying to quit. This is supposedly how one of these 3 guys died. I had lost contact with these guys. Because they never just die. They deteriorate, they get arrested, they borrow money they can’t pay back. They steal off of their families.

        • No argument here. My point was to differentiate between drug use for pleasure vs *real* pain. You can tell me 80% of use is for pleasure, or now just addiction, I won’t argue. But I’ve seen the effect the new crack downs are having on decent doctors’ attempts to treat pain.

          My doctor for example, will not write any prescriptions for such class pain med’s, nor will he prescribe any psychotropics for depression, anxiety, and what have you. He’s been scared out of the business by the Fed’s. That was fine with me, I don’t use the stuff, nor do I feel it’s politically wise for me to get on a list of such users.

          Hell, last I was in a hospital, I had to sign a form that I acknowledged that under no circumstance would they prescribe these class of pain relievers for longer than ten days—nor could you receive them outside of their hospital! This was a major US cancer treatment center. There are a whole hell of a lot of folk suffering in there. I was embarrassed to be waiting in line with frail, bald people literally pushing their IV’s on a pole ahead of themselves.

          It’s getting so the only place—outside of the illegal market—you can get unlimited pain medication is in Hospice. And they are happy to drug you into a coma to get rid of you. Seen too many relatives go out this way.

  30. No one records the thoughts and ruminations of the Dirt People.

    Good news – the internet may have changed that. Bad news – have you seen the thoughts of some of the Dirt People?

  31. There’s that old right-wing need to believe that all people are rational, so there must be a practical explanation for all behavior.” Yes; there is no rational explanation. Libertarians take this foolish false assumption and put it on steroids. Still foolish. Still false. Something else is at work. My guess: There’s a defect in human beings at the biological level. Everything else defaults to biology, right? Why not this type of punctuated, wheel-like, ever-repeating historical insanity?

  32. Here’s a thought, would China as it is today, exist at all if America had not been available to steal ideas from or to be competed with as a source of shaming China for being so backward?

  33. Perhaps part of the answer is what seems to be a shift away from preserving your national heritage. By that I mean we used to plant trees so our grandchildren would have shade. Today’s generation plants trees to virtue signal how much they care about the earth mother.

    Generations in the not so distance past accepted that life was both hard and difficult. Their sacrifices, doing without and only spending what they earned, were to ensure a future that would be better, safer, and hopefully more comfortable for their children.

    American politics might have been about what was best for the country once upon a time. But now it’s all about “me” or “my people” across all socioeconomic and demographic groups. America’s national politics has more in common with a high school student body election (vote for the cool kid) that seems to have started with Obama.

    It’s not that Trump has all the answers to all the nation’s problems. No candidate does. But Biden certainly seems out of both questions and answers and is incapable of remembering either.

    • Voting for the “cool” candidate started with Clinton and his saxophone. That family has been a scourge in this country more ways that can be calculated. Kind of like the body count that mysteriously follows in their wake.

        • I thought about that but then look who followed in their wake – nobody was less cool than Nixon, Ford, and the Peanut farmer. Reagan was only cool to people who watched the Dean Martin Variety Hour. Pappy Bush was the opposite of cool. People hadn’t yet been consumed by the vulgar pop culture mentality that thinks a former bartender cavorting on a rooftop in a tight shirt is good strategy for high office attention seeking.

        • JFK was the last president to challenge us ala “…ask what you can do for your country.” Well, they shot him.
          We then went full throttle into foreign wars and empire and finished this evil cocktail with a full plunge into the “civil rights” mire—which eventually turned into a “right” for every delusional lunatic to come out of the closet.

          I could go on, but the story is all too familiar to anyone born in the 50’s.

    • Probably why the government keeps pushing “mobility” as some civic virtue.

      And they make it almost impossible for someone to stay in the same town or place for more than a generation. They will flip the city over with immigrants just when you are starting to get comfortable — or something with similar effect — to make you so uncomfortable you have to leave.

      I also think Social Security has been a major factor in fraying the social fabric. Grandma gets sent off, SS will pay for it, she doesn’t need her children. She’s the government’s problem now. Families break apart in turn. Young kids don’t have grandma nearby, probably ever hardly see her, and that makes for a less fulfilling life for everyone.

      Live in Michigan? Take that job in Arizona. That’s being an American. Leave your family behind, your town, your friends. That’s what you are SUPPOSED to do. We encourage it. Trust us.

  34. I’ve never heard a coherent argument for why it helps matters to burden a drug addict with not only a horrible addiction, which he already has, but also with the risk of multiple years in prison. Simiarly, you never hear discussed how draconian drug laws impede the legal users of these drugs. I hope you never have need of a powerful opioid. The drugs are so demonized that many doctors will rightly be leery of prescibing them, even if their use were clinically indicated. It’s not only “addicts” at risk of civil and criminal penalties. I hope you never have to regularly refill a Rx for a “controlled substance.” If you do, expect many visits to pharmacies (very limited refill sizes) as well as the third degree every time you transact. Now don’t get me wrong, of course drugs (and alcohol too, it’s a drug in every sense of the term) being misused impose enormous social costs. I think sales of dangerous drugs should be restricted — at least as much as alcohol and (where legal) marijuana aleady is. People shouln’t shoot up on the streets (but they do). In the “old days” these people would have done it well out of sight — or end up in jail for vagrancy. In a freer world, people would be free to use drugs, yes with all the sorrows that entails, but regular people would be freer to keep their lives clear of such wreckage. I’m one of those old-timey people who ask if the social costs of keeping drugs illegal isn’t worse. I think it is. People rarely ask: “Why didn’t our country collapse the year before X was outlawed?”

    • There is a lot going on and I’m not the one to unpack it all.
      There is a big pharma side of it – they gladly push narcotic pain killers and mood-altering happy pills – which often become addictive and are a gateway to heroin. Most the state mental hospitals have been closed, so crazy people are on the street or at home medicating themselves. And now rehab and drug testing labs have become yet another industry that profits off of the “opioid crisis”. Bottom line – lots of people make money on it and don’t really want it to end.

      • My brother in law had an addiction problem. There is an entire cottage industry built around it. And these recovery centers are tied in with the government so it means guaranteed money for them when the court forces you to go. And they don’t cure the person, and they know their practices can’t cure the person, but if you listen to the government and the media, the rehab center is like magic and the answer to all that ails

    • Portugal wound up legalizing everything and emphasizing education and rehab.

      It’s worked out pretty well for them. I think removing the taboo aspect shuts down a lot of interest in and demand for the harder drugs.

      I don’t think you could mimic that in the US because Portugal is a geographically tiny country with a small, fairly homogeneous population.

      • I would look closer to home

        In Los Angeles, drugs are all pretty much legal. Cocaine is just a misdemeanor. I think heroin is too (in small amounts).Pot is totally legal.

        And I can tell you, I am not seeing my life improve. There are drug addicts everywhere like zombies. It was better before when there were tough restrictions. What apparently works in Portugal does not work here.

        • Ditto in Colorado. Legalizing MJ in Colorado resulted in a massive increase in the use of other drugs and a correspondingly massive increase in the homeless population. There’s now at least one homeless junkie panhandling at every major intersection in the Denver metro area, including most of the suburbs. Downtown Denver smells like one giant urinal.

    • The problem may be (IMO, but from some readings) that perhaps the addict has fundamentally damaged his brain via the prolonged use of some or our serious, new, and heavy duty drugs. This damage is irreparable. Therefore, we are faced with some terrible options.

      One of course, is to leave the addict roam the streets, stealing, robbing, or in the case of many—degrading oneself sexually and morally. Or two, imprisonment (confinement) in an institution for longer and longer periods of time until the problem “sorts itself out”.

      Due to our own morale debasement, we as a society basically choose the former due to cost, which I believe is a false one as the cost is simply spread around to those who unfortunately fall victim to the addict’s compulsion, friends, family, neighbors—whose homes are burgled, etc.

    • Keep it simple. Incarceration costs < medical costs. It really is surprising Narcam hasn’t been outlawed just yet.

  35. The answers to these questions are basically NRx 101. Briefly stated, the loons are in charge of the asylum. Their ‘purity spiral’ covers most of it. Jews figure prominently.
    At first I wanted to take exception to our esteemed blog host; in my days of dwelling within The Hive, asking Normie and Leftie these questions invariably produced anger and cognitive dissonance.
    Scoff as you will: I personally see a slow tectonic shift in public perception and awareness. I remember when you didn’t talk about this stuff unless you wanted a fight. My family fell apart 6 or 7 years ago because of this SJW bullchit. People notice that. Maybe they shrugged it off…but now, my elderly Normie father is getting his nose rubbed in nauseating nogger politics when he turns on The Big Game, and my shitlib mother has to be careful about what she gossips about on Fecesbook. They have to be bordering on the crime of “Noticing” too. Now is an excellent time to bring this stuff up.
    Good show as usual, Z. You guys have a great weekend.

  36. Immigration – Who asked for it. Perhaps the very definition of a rhetorical question FFS. Better phrased who demanded and orchestrated the invasion of ALL white countries.
    I could litter the comments with a dozen clips of various chosenites telling us why white nations cannot remain white. While there are certainly many traitors among our own people (cheap labor exploiters), this video exemplifies the primary drivers of importing low IQ, violent, culturally hostile third world garbage.

    Politicians and the two parties are completely controlled by these parasites.

    • that’s a low iq nazi conspiracy theory, the truth is obvious, white people begged non-whites to come cause young whites are too lazy

      • Not completely true, only partial. Lazy in the sense that young Whites want it all now without the work involved to obtain the mastery of study to enable the high wages they require. Hence we saw a dearth of STEM majors and a great influx of business majors.

        However, businesses, particularly high tech, were happy to hire on Asians for 1/3 the wages needed to hire an American technician. Hell, at that rate they could hire two and come out ahead (as they saw it).

        And finally, all this could not be accomplished without the connivance of the Federal government via corrupt politicians—both parties.

      • Lazy or just realizing that working 24/7 is not how life is supposed to be despite the country pushing that idea on us and demonizing us if we disagree

        Work is only meant to be a facet of life. The country wants it to be everything, and if we dare challenge them they simply replace you

        We are treated worse than zoo animals. Think about it. If a zookeeper treated animals like the government treats us he’d be in jail.

        • I think there’s also an awareness of the fact that if the society is telling you to study something difficult and possibly go into debt doing it there’s also a high likelihood that it will soon be doing all it can to import a billion foreigners to do that same thing for shit wages. This happened to computer science recently enough that people see the game for what it is.

          It’s become obvious that the real road to wealth is connections and crooked deals that are only available to the insiders. Biden and his crackhead son are exemplars of this too. You can’t imagine more mediocre people and yet they’re worth billions now. Biden should be living in a trailer park on SS after being a vacuum cleaner salesman and his son should be doing time as a small time dealer. There’s another aspect here which is that you can study and work hard and maybe get into a good school but frankly, unless you picked your parents well, you ain’t getting a piece of any of Biden/Clinton/Obama’s crooked deals.

  37. I tell people, “If you had lost as much money over the course of your career to the H1B program as I have, you’d be hunting Indians with dogs.”

    • I’ve noticed the vast majority of normies simply seem to perceive Indians who speak fluent English and have decent hygiene as fellow whites who happen to be brown.

      • Well, if they have high IQ’s and have assimilated, is that so bad? There are many good Jews, and despite them being semitic people, many (including Jared Taylor) see them as “white”.

          • True Sandmich, but they’re also not consumed with burning hatred toward whites, combined with ever-expanding demands for entitlements, “reparations” and free shit in general. Nor do they commit crime out of all proportion to their percentage in the population. Nor are they aggressive. They work. They learn. They self-support. They maintain familial structures. They are not us. But they’re not consumed with hatred toward us either.

        • Jared Taylor like Rush Limbaugh is very intelligent and has devoted his life to making sense of American society and decline — yet neither can see how the JJJs factor into it?

          I find a hard to believe tbh

          You can’t be that intelligent and not connect the dots

          • Limbaugh is somewhat a grifter. Taylor is an exceptional person. Just to hazard a guess, Taylor has seen the OTT antics of anti-Semites and bent over backwards, too far in my estimation, to forgive the Tribe of its many sins.

            I once was closer to Z and Taylor in my feelings about Jews. While nowhere near as anti-Semitic/Jew Aware as many others here, the obvious complicity of Jews in mass migration and the Anti-Racism cult has become so blatant that intellectual honesty has forced me to become more and more jaded about the Tribe and hostile to many if not the majority of its members. I still find people who believe Jews responsible for all our manifold problems to be tedious, but totally understand the reasons behind the dislike and share many of these feelings.

            There are dots to be connected. But not all and likely most of them.

        • I’m interested in your definition of “assimilated.” Do tell. Be sure to cover marriage patterns and remittances.

          • Well, Jews do out-marry at a very high rate. That in itself suggests a good deal of assimilation, although I would argue that Jews are already so similar to whites in terms of culture that they don’t even really need to assimilate. Assimilate to what?

          • At the risk of becoming a civnat, I’d say “assimilated” means learning English, obeying the law, supporting oneself and one’s family, paying taxes, upholding and revering the U.S. Constitution, being socially cooperative, getting along with others, no lying-cheating-scamming. Hmmm. I’m not sounding very DR here, am I. Recalling the solution of Zman, a passive ethno-nationalism organized around group identity and rights, I guess it boils down to how expansive the “group” in “group identity” can or should be.

      • Thete is a certain energy and understanding between south asian and European people. Maybe our common Aryan ancestors.

        I generally have had good relations with Indians. In fact I have no problem with them on the individual level.

        On the societal level though they will destroy us.

        • I generally have had good relations with Indians

          Stapling young brown Hindoo ladies to the matress is most certainly one of life’s great pleasures.

      • Of all the PoC, I’m convinced Indians are far and away the most similar to whites. Hell, the northern Indians have significant quantities of Indo-European genetic material.

        • Idk about the USA, but in Canada whites and Indians (and Asians) are getting screwed over by black affirmative action hires, and Karen white middle managers. I don’t know since when we have so many blacks here.

  38. Re: Your question if there is anyone in the media who has figured out it might not be advisable to endlessly court the hatred, rage, and distrust of the public: there is an interesting interview making the rounds in mainstream conservative circles wherein Wolf Blitzer is interviewing Pelosi that’s worth a look. Pelosi is wide-eyed and out of her mind, looking like Mommy Dearest when she had her breakdown about wire hangers, and though Blitzer keeps a poker face, you can tell it’s dawning on him that these people he’s been running interference for are basically psychotic, stupid, and corrupt beyond repair. Sure, Blitzer’s a POS but he was smoldering, watching Pelosi basically say in so many words that she would rather the American people starve than let Trump get a relief bill associated with his name. It reminded me of in “Return of the Jedi” where Vader picked up the emperor and threw him down that shaft. I could always sense some vestigial humanity in Chris Matthews, too. People like him should be allowed to select an honorable death when the revolution comes, slit their wrists in baths of warm water to atone.

    • Yes as for vestigial humanity in Wolf Blitzer, no as to Chris Matthews; he’s just too much of an asshole. Always has been.

      • He is an asshole but self-aware enough to recognize that he used to be a normal working-class, Irish-Catholic kid from Holy Cross, middle-of-the road JFK worshiping moderate Democrat. He must look around once in a while and wonder what the hell happened.

    • Some are corrupt, some are true believes.

      Anglo-Saxon / heritage Americans are just corrupt and self serving. Jewish, Indian and other anchors actually hate us.

  39. I will listen to the podcast over lunch, but, wow, very thought-provoking introduction. I never considered the role hubris played in the Buckleyites’ belief they could change left-wing minds. You made particularly good observations about mass migration and drug abuse.

    So ‘grats. Very seldom do I read pieces that change how I think about an issue. This one did on several points. Look forward to the podcast.

    • Another corollary to his observation about Buckleyites is that when people do change their minds about something, they don’t tend to make a public proclamation about it, or even confess it to the first that pointed out flaws in their thinking, which makes the Buckley dream even more laughable.

  40. The thing about Kaus’ observation on 2016 politics is that he was at least one, probably three election cycles out of date. Had someone risen to challenge McCain in 2008, or Bush II four years prior, they would, and in fact were, easily co-opted by the GOP power center.

    That’s precisely what happened to the Tea Party.

    But Trump had a base because those who formed it understood that that particular ship had long sailed. The GOP had lied and would continue to lie on immigration, and because Trump was utterly unique in his utterances on that topic that year, he swept the field easily.

  41. Progressivism is a fundamentalist religion.

    That’s why I’m wondering if the original videos from Wuhan- people tottering, then dropping dead in the street, surrounded by corpses like a scene from “The Stand”- wasn’t a big holocaust production, the entry ticket into the Great Reset club.

    Climate change theology just didn’t grab ’em by the nads. NY, LA, and Honolulu were supposed to be gone by… 2002… so no immanentization.

    We’re getting skewed messages from above because an entirely different ecology and economy is at work above borders. Modernity, fueled mechanization, is moving a little bit too fast, confusing the monkeys.

    • >>That’s why I’m wondering if the original videos from Wuhan- people tottering, then dropping dead in the street, surrounded by corpses like a scene from “The Stand”- wasn’t a big holocaust production, the entry ticket into the Great Reset club.<<

      I’m of the opinion that it was a Chinese PsyOp; propaganda designed to create a Western overreaction.

      If so, it’s the single most successful piece of psychological warfare in human history.

      • I’m of the opinion that it was a Chinese PsyOp; propaganda designed to create a Western overreaction.

        so you think gates, obama and fauci are chinese agents?(they are in wuhan here)
        But just last year, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the organization led by Dr. Fauci, funded scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other institutions for work on gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses.
        In 2019, with the backing of NIAID, the National Institutes of Health committed $3.7 million over six years for research that included some gain-of-function work. The program followed another $3.7 million, 5-year project for collecting and studying bat coronaviruses, which ended in 2019, bringing the total to $7.4 million.

        • “Willful dupe” is not the same as “actively working for.”

          The whole history of the American Left during the Cold War is a great example.

          • so fauci and gates fearing for our well being closed the businesses because commies tricked them?
            basically the commies devised a plan that took into consideration the love and care the western elites had for their own people, chinese generals visualized fauci not sleeping at night thinking how he can remedy the health crisis, they planned ahead knowing usa will cripple its own economy.
            Makes perfect sense, such evil masterminds they are.

        • so you think gates, obama and fauci are chinese agents?

          They may not be Chinese spies, but I bet they stand to make millions, possibly billions on vaccine patents and pharmaceutical equity investments they hold.

          • did you know there was an article in a kennedy magazine(1997) claiming there will be a problematic airborne virus in 2020 affecting mostly old people. Gates gave an interview in that issue as well, coincidentally.
            Apparently those writers were able to decipher the communist intention of the future chinese elites.

        • The pre-pandemic funding and collaborations are not secret at all. What’s more interesting is to speculate whether and to what degree these people are aligned with the Chinese or with various “plots” or organizations with one goal or another. I still hold to the opinion that the virus accidentally got out of a lab, probably WIV. Of course, more nefarious conjectures are also possible.

      • I’m of the opinion that it was a Chinese PsyOp

        Totally agree.

        It was a very low-risk, high-potential reward op.

        If it didn’t work, just play it off as an overreaction, sweep it under the rug, wait a few years for people to forget, then try again.

        It did work, spectacularly, so here we are.

        Also note life in Wuhan has been back to normal for months.

        Interesting Western media does not report that fact at all.

        • “Also note life in Wuhan has been back to normal for months.”

          yes! Thanks, that’s what I was thinking.

    • I guess the underlying idea is that big religions are based on a framework of political fraud.

      The old polytheists must’ve looked at the monotheist supremacists and said, “who da f*** you think you are?!!”

      Well, heck, anybody would say that to any invading army. The invaders, without doubt, would have whatever vindication at hand.

    • people tottering, then dropping dead in the street,

      I believe many of those are fakes.

      To me, the dead giveaway are the drop-dead videos where the hazmat suit guys immediately appear.

      If the person who dropped dead simply had minor cold symptoms, how did hazmat suits know they should have been near that person at that precise moment?

      Even better are the ones where they are equipped with stretchers and ambulances.

    • Yes, the religious element is the main element of progressivism. Antiracism now fills the void left by Global Warming/Climate Change. The big difference between now and twenty years ago was the upper class/elite cynically knew what a fraud these things were and cynically used them to manipulate the Left. As it now stands, not a small number–perhaps a majority–of the elite worship the gods they promote right along with the hoi polloi. It actually is the scariest part of contemporary America, the rise of Social Justice Warriorism among the upper classes, who used to know it was all bullshit.

      • Thanks, I blundered off a bit, but that was the idea: they come to believe their own bullskype.

        For their kids, acting if it’s true faith becomes the kids’ ticket up, their foot on the ladder, their internship.

        The kids don’t know the backstory, the deal behind the curtain- it doesn’t matter that their parents were lying. Only results matter.

  42. I think Zman sometimes forgets that normies don’t know even a 10th of what he knows about what’s going on, so they can’t ask those questions. They get their info from FB, Twitter and the MSM, and all those topics are verboten.

    The story isn’t that Biden (or say, McConnell, as the case may be) is corrupt, even the normies know that, but those normies could never guess just how insanely corrupt all of Washington is if the MSM says Putin is the source of all evil and its just his agents in Washington that are the problem.

    • The AWR hatred of Russia is fascinating. Prior to the collapse of the USSR, Leftists were, at most, ambivalent about Russia, and many not so secretly cheered for it. (I knew an AWR who cheered for the USSR in the Olympics in ’84, especially when it competed against the US.) After the Soviet Union imploded, Leftists basically ignored Russia until Putin took over, at which point it became the global archvillain. It has gotten so bad that Russian historians in the West now deny that Russia suffered under a “Tatar Yoke.” When I completed grad school in 2005, nobody in the field of Russian history was making this absurdly counterfactual argument. Now, just 15 years later, it is an item of faith.

      What has happened is that Putin’s Russia came to be seen as a threat to AWR global hegemony, and, in fits of vengeful rage, Leftist “scholars” have attempted to destroy Russia history by portraying Russia as a perpetual villain and never a sympathetic victim.

  43. Half a dozen explanations from other commenters and many of them are still, in some way, doing what Z is talking about above. They are going into paragraph long ‘deep-thinker’ explanations attempting to unravel the Gordian Knot of the Insanity of the Masses.
    Let’s review- “Can’t take responsibility”, “Environmental Factors”, “Deep State”, “Big Pharma”, “Only Rhetoric”, etc.
    So still lots of complex theorizing and hand-wringing. There may even be some truth to some of it but it is only tangentially relevant.
    Allow me to play Alexander in front of this Gordian Knot that people are, once again, attempting to think there way through. Even the DR cannot help but fall into this trap apparently, what chance then, does a Conservatard have really?

    Drug Epidemic- White People
    Free Speech- White People
    Immigration- White People
    Societal Breakdown- White People
    *slices knot deftly in two*— More Clear Now?
    These are white people problems, and white people most of all are highly susceptible to 60+ years of (((propaganda))) that is relentless and unending. So they actively work towards their own disenfranchisement and eventual eradication whether consciously or subconsciously. It really isn’t more complex than:
    (propaganda + purposeful lowering of IQ ) x (purposeful shredding of family unit + removal of faith) = Full Retard Neurotic Lunatic Mode.
    There is your Golden Equation you’ve been looking for above. I’ll be happy to pick up my Nobel Prize for solving this 60 year long mystery, I’ll put it on the shelf next to Obama’s…

    • Apex:
      All true, but you might want to add another item to your list. It is something that Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey recently noted about 2nd generation Asians. Their parents were against affirmative action but their children support it, even though it may superficially work against them. The crux of the matter is that supporting BLM and the like helps one enter upper class society. Wokeness is the new luxury good, just like fancy cars and exotic vacations were. Being Woke shows that one is hip and “with it”. I hate to say it, but upper-class white people may be the big problem here.

    • I see what you’re saying.

      However, I find it impressive that white people are still standing after such historic brainwashing measures. No other people would last this long. South Korea has succumbed to Globohomo in 10 years.

      The death cult is real, though. Many white people want to die, and bring everyone else down with them. A common theme for leftists is hatred of themselves, and by extension a hatred of white people and our societies.

    • If we crack open metaphysical possibilities it’s worth considering that mankind simply falls far short of Divine perfection. Not trying to proselytize but it seems Calvin sliced through this Gordian knot a few centuries back. Humans are selfish, lazy, and prideful. (Don’t agree? Have children.)
      Usually most of these conversations get back to one’s metaphysical view of man – is he inherently good and perfectible or inherently flawed? The Gordian knot is secure until that question is addressed.

        • This seems to be. The only part of the convo I can intelligently comment on! Eve eating the fruit was only consequential for her personally. Since Adam was the father of mankind, it was his disobedience that created the fall of all man, the inheritance of this moral/spiritual disease.

          Mankind could have been fine if only eve at of the fruit.

          Which is interesting because I blame white men for our problems. WE gave women the powers they have

          • Eve was also ashamed of her nakedness, which is to say she too lost her innocence and knew of good and evil.

            So yes absolutely blame men for letting women tempt them, but also blame women for listening to the serpent.

            (Eve wanted knowledge and Adam couldn’t resist her. There’s a thought!)

          • Believe me I’m not letting women off the hook, I’m just saying Eves fall did not sink man into inherited original sin and death, the father of mankind, Adam, and his fall did that.

            At least that’s Catholic teaching. Protestants make up whatever they want

  44. “No one records the thoughts and ruminations of the Dirt People.”

    But that’s an effort you’re helping to correct Z-man. Thanks for the daily posts, and keep compiling that book!

  45. “The Biden scandal is a great example of the lunacy.” Politicians wallowing in corruption is the norm. The lunacy is that a dementia sufferer is considered by a large part of the population as a legitimate choice to become the titular ruler of the most important country on earth. The Preatorian Guards’ selection of Caligula and Caracalla as emperors couldn’t be any more ridiculous than the US elites’ choice of Biden as interim head of state.

    When Rome finally became irrelevant western civilization hibernated within the other major institution, the Catholic church. As the US culture, based on the phony values of the Enlightenment intellectual fad, begins to self-destruct, a similarly bogus fad, faux democracy, doesn’t have the power to maintain itself. Perhaps it won’t happen tomorrow or even next year but the days of the Yankees are numbered.

    • The Preatorian Guards’ selection of Caligula and Caracalla as emperors couldn’t be any more ridiculous than the US elites’ choice of Biden as interim head of state.

      South Asian tech CEOs paid the DNC-CCP-media a lot of money to install Harris in the WH.

      That’s 1*10^-8 % of the population.

      If the rest of the populace allows this installation, we didn’t deserve to keep the country.

      Grill n’ chill, it’ll come back, it always does…

      • You raise an excellent point tha tis commonly neglected except for the small hats element. Namely, the effects of overwhelming foreign influence in the matters of America. I interact frequently with European executives. To a one they express belief that America is too important to be left to the governance of the American people. It’s no wonder they literally buy our politicians and prearrange our executive suites and second-career defense industry leadership through stock and other fundings. America ain’t been American at the top for decades.

        • Namely, the effects of overwhelming foreign influence in the matters of America.

          I’ve thought the river of foreign money flowing into DC via K-street lobbyists is one of America’s most critical problems for quite a while.

          It’s sickening to realize that almost all foreign governments have more, ‘representation,’ in DC than Joe and Jane Average.

  46. Z, Is there a way to listen to a replay of your Killstream appearance? On DLive, it just says it is offline.

    • I’ll admit I haven’t read the articles, but they’re all lies anyway 🙂 Actually that is what I’m commenting upon: the laptop just seems to pop up at a convenient time. We learn that the FBI got a copy of the files back in December. So how long has somebody been sitting on this data? Not saying the laptop and its incriminating data isn’t authentic. But things like this can be faked. More relevant, though: I haven’t seen any claims (yet) the data have been faked.

      • It’s called the “October surprise” and it’s not just a Democrat thing. I used to get upset at this tactic, now I am happy “we” are using it.

        (I apologize for the term “we”. Just can’t think of a better phrasing at the moment. DR folk here are anything but to be described as Rep’s or Dem’s.)

  47. One explanation I’ve settled on to explain to others goes thus: Historically, societal consensus has occurred where the competing spheres of government, economy and religion/moral systems intersect. Think a Venn chart. Each might have more or less sway at a particular moment, but there is some degree of long term equilibrium and balance as each system competes and checks the others. Leftism is a closed system that combines all three in one package. So you end up with feedback loops that amplify each other. Thus, as Z has pointed out, it has no limiting factor built in and you see inanities like ‘a carbon free economy”, “celebrate 8 year old trannies’ or “if a little diversity is good, more it better”. It can’t self correct until a lot of people are dead. Never has.

  48. It seams to me that some combination of environmental factors are causing insanity on a massive scale.

    Plastics? Hormonal birth control? Pharmaceuticals? Social Media? Perhaps a combination of all and more.

    There’s definitely something beyond ideology happening here.

    • Don’t forget the now omnipresent electromagnetic radiation from cellphone towers, Wi-Fi routers, and all the devices attached to them.

      None of that existed prior to the mid-to-late 80s.

      Now, even people in small cities and towns are continuously awash in high frequency electromagnetic radiation.

    • No doubt that environmental factors influence mental health and cognition. But don’t discount the massive influence of ideology. I used to wonder why my math students were so dense, with the attention span of a fruit fly. Then, open-house – i.e. I got to meet the parents. To categorize their ideology, I would have to call it the “doctrine of amusement.” If they didn’t have to think – it was good; if they had to apply cognitive powers – it was troubling. The ideology of ease & comfort is so pervasive and ubiquitous across social classes and geography that it can’t be explained by environmental factors. The doctrine of amusement certainly leads to “environmental factors” like gaming, social media, drugs, etc … but those environmental factors are driven by the ideology of ease & comfort.

      • Yeah Capt, this is what I see as well. “I learned it by watching you, mom”. Facebook wine moms on fones with instawhore daughters on xanny in tow. Gelded dads on sportsball and booze with basement boys on warcraft and pot.

        The combo I see is this: the almost complete decoupling of biology from truth followed by the propagation of avoidance of discomfort at all costs.

        The first ensures that the negative feedback loops that reinforce biological reality are buffered and redirected into pozzitive feedback loops.

        The second ensures that the natural signaling of the dangers of those pozz loops is buffered and redirected into ever increasing creature comforts, distractions, and psychological coping.

        The psych outputs we see is the classic over-socialized hivemind of leftism: first its avoidance, then rationalizations, and finally projection. Ego defense: Anger and aggression toward those who would dare challenge their cloud world.

        The truth is often uncomfortable, but if accepted and lived as such gives way to strength of character and mind as well as spiritual harmony.

        Like fatties trying to get “fit” they must accept and move thru that discomfort. In a land of donuts and wifi and no continuity of parental and community investment, most can’t muster.

        • Something like 1/4 to 1/3 of our population is on some sort of mind-altering drug prescription. Zoloft alone (a dangerous drug treating dangerous behaviors) is prescribed to 37 million people, and it is just one of many. Chicken and egg as to the needs and the prescriptions, but here we are. Is it any surprise that our culture appears largely immune to rational thinking and reasonable behavior?

          • Chicken and egg indeed, I have a friend who has to keep their border collie on metal meds because they don’t have a pasture for him to run around in, i.e., he is in an unnatural state and is ill-equipped to mentally deal with, what is basically, torture.

          • I am not the first to suggest this, but I definitely think this applies to a significant portion of humans on mental medication as well. We’re mostly in unnatural states in some way, shape or form, either professionally or in our home life.

      • You’re on to something. I’m pretty sure if I was born a generation or so later, I’d be living in a trailer park somewhere. Even at my age, I suffer from much of the “social media disease” you elaborate upon.

    • No” to both Dino above and Wild in this thread. Every advanced civilization since the emergence of homo sapiens sapiens has catastrophically collapsed. Every. Single. One. There’s no reason to suspect that the process we’re experiencing now is the result of something-new-under-the-sun. There appears to be some kind of fundamental defect in the species. More’s the pity.

    • The two most obvious causes of the current insanity are industrial production and democracy. With the former, you have a lot of people who can eat and receive medical care while remaining completely ignorant of the factors that make such a thing possible. With the latter, you get a bunch of people who believe their thoughts and opinions are useful and important, and thus become quite narcissistic. Thus, we have a society that is literally hell-bent on indulging every person’s tendencies towards ignorance and self-importance, which a recipe for social insanity and the collapse of public trust.

    • The number of children has been in a slow decline for a couple of centuries mainly do to lower infant mortality and societies becoming increasingly urban.
      The US went below replacement for about a decade during the depression and an argument could be made that this was the new normal and that the baby boom was an anomaly caused by a sudden vast increase in personal wealth along with remaining social and religious capital.
      That capital has been pretty well exhausted for at least a decade, maybe a bit more as even the Evangelicals can’t maintain high fertility.
      These days its mostly urban life meets bad marriage conditions meets a dead economy but its not a new problem.
      Sometimes life just leads to its own population decline or collapse. Augustus back in 9AD imposed a bachelor tax to get lagging fertility up. It failed.
      There were also taxes in 1695 Europe, 1919 South Africa , 1821 Missouri , 1921 Montana and other places.
      People sometimes want to stay single or have smaller families and government and religion needs more human capital.
      This creates conflict and attempts to resolve it through immigration create collapse.
      Its just a problem you have to wait out.

  49. The smart/not-insane response by the Biden people would have been to keep going with the “Hunter, like many Americans, is struggling with addiction issues.” It’s the politer variant of “My kid’s a screwup.” That would not only have not hurt Biden but maybe helped him. Blacks who remember the crack wave of the 80s would have sympathized, as would have Boomers who gave their kids their hedonistic hippie outlook without the affluence to go with it (Taking LSD in an alpine retreat on doctoral sabbatical’s a bit different than dropping it while living with your mom in a shabby apartment in a “vibrant” neighborhood). Still, John Walker Lindh’s father has the ultimate boomer bragging rights, re: screwup sons. Imagine him at the bar with friends. Guy one: “My son’s a pothead, won’t move out, won’t even mow the lawn or put in an application. How’s your boy, Frank?” Frank Lindh: “My boy? …He joined the fuggin Taliban.”

    • I think that would have worked to a point. Carter pretty much got a bye on Billy, who was acknowledged to be an alcoholic. Problem with Hunter is it’s increasingly clear that Sr. needed him as the family bag man to keep the cash flowing in and actively enabled the behavior. Carter let Billy have a beer brand and promote Subaru vehicles…but he didn’t let him run his own foreign policy.

      • A Biden win also means nobody goes to jail. As long as der Trumpenfuhrer reigns, there’s still a chance.

      • Hunter was the family bagman but I’ve begun to wonder if he was being directed towards the opportunities. People have tried to give Biden Sr. A pass on Hunters corruption, but what if the dad was pointing the kid in the direction of where to get the money?

        • Apparently one of Hunter’s former partners, currently in jail for that Indian bond scheme has flipped over and turned his Gmail account info over to a couple journalists. If true should be interesting.

      • Began in ‘Nam. Air America and all that. Continued in Columbia. Mena, Arkansas, guns for drugs. Now in Afghanistan. Nice work. Nice profits.

      • “In August 1996, when the San Jose Mercury News published an in-depth series about the CIA-contra crack shipments that were flooding East Los Angeles, the major media held true to form and suppressed the story. But after the series was circulated around the world on the Web, the story became too difficult to ignore, and the media began its assault. Articles in the Washington Post and The New York Times and reports on network television and PBS announced that there was “no evidence” of CIA involvement, that the Mercury News series was “bad journalism,” and that the public’s interest in this subject was the real problem, a matter of gullibility, hysteria, and conspiracy mania. In fact, the Mercury News series, drawing from a year-long investigation, cited specific agents and dealer. When placed on the Web, the series was copiously supplemented with pertinent documents and depositions that supported the charge. The mainstream media simply ignored that evidence and repeatedly lied by saying it did not exist.” – introduction pg. 29

        20 Years of Censored News (1996)
        Carl Jensen and Project Censored
        Seven Stories Press. Copyright 1997. ISBN 1888363517

        • If I recall corerectly, the Author Gary Webb committed suicide bt shooting himself in the gead, Twice.

        • BS to the CIA selling drugs in the USA. Dont get me wrong – the CIA is a pos that has committed atrocities all over the world but the “crack in S Central LA” fantasy is something cooked up by the crazed minds of the black leadership , Sharpton, Farrakan,etc. The same people that think the CIA invented AIDS to kill black people also believe this drug fantasy.

    • ‘Spengler’ (David Goldman) had a classic piece in Asia Times about how the ‘spice’ trade fueled some 400 years of naval exploration and commercial wars between the empires.

      The CIA and MI6 are East India Companies. Same owners, same trades- ‘spices’, weapons, and human trafficking (slaves). An old, established merchant tradition.

      Edit: Dang, forgot the oil. A whole ‘nuther kind of spice. It must flow!

      • No mention of the Dutch,french ,Venetians,Portuguese,Spanish etc.
        Are you some sort of continental European?
        Blame Les Anglo-Saxons.

  50. Pretty sure that the US special forces are in Chad supporting the French-led Operation Barkhane.

    I think the US is also providing transport and signals intelligence to support that operation as well.


  51. the combination of words that unlocks the secret of the Progressive mind

    Vox Day, for all his issues, has helpfully pointed out that Progs are never affected by dialectic, only rhetoric.

  52. “We have a legitimate drug crisis in America and the people in charge refuse to even discuss it.”

    This reminds me of my brother, back when he worked for me. I’d tell him about a problem with his work and his response was either excuses or denial. Not once did he acknowledge that there was a problem and that he would take responsibility for fixing it. It later occurred to me that the reason he never offered to fix his mistakes is because he didn’t know how, and he was deeply embarrassed by his inabilities.

    I suspect the same dynamic is at play with our “leaders.” They have to deny the existence of problems plaguing our country because they’re embarrassed that they can’t deal with them and they don’t want to lose their income or social prestige. Of course, voters bear some blame for this state because they’ve elected people on the basis of rhetoric instead of a track record of solving major problems. Put another way, our politicians aren’t the only frivolous people I’m American society.

    • Part of the lack of ability to focus on solving problems is diversity. We have many different national and tribal peoples living inside what used to be our country. Different peoples have different preferences for how to socially, economically, and politically organize themselves and these preferences are deeply rooted in biology. Not only is there no consensus among our multicultural post-WASP elites on how to solve problems, there is no consensus on what constitutes a problem.

      Our biggest drug problem is opiate use among the (pre-Trump ignored) working class whites who were the first victims of globalism. Only a thin slice of our ruling class classify their deaths as a problem. You may recall the initial reaction when the ‘White Death’ story first broke into the mainstream media: amusement. One of them, I think it was Fareed Zakaria, even laughed.

      • They’ll pay the price for their hatred of and neglect towards American Whites when China blows past the United States and establishes an enduring, unbeatable empire. For fun, I did a back-of-the-envelope calculation last night trying to answer the following question, “is it possible to immigrate enough people to the United States to compete cognitively with a future developed China?” TL;DR: Nope.

        Here’s my rough draft answer. Keep in might that it’s only a broad answer. Unless I made a mistake in the math, this is a scary result —>

        Population: 1.1 billion Han Chinese (no effort made to include non-Chinese minorities)
        Mean IQ: 100
        # of individuals above 140: 4 180 000
        United States
        Population: 199 000 000 Whites
        Mean IQ: 100
        # of individuals above 140: 756 200
        Population: 56 100 000 Hispanics
        Mean IQ: 90
         # of individuals above 140: 22 440
        Population: 47 850 000 Blacks
        Mean IQ: 85
        # of individuals above 140: 4 785
        Population: 17 800 000 Asians
        Mean IQ: 105
        # of individuals above 140: 174 440
        Immigrant (other)
        Wild guess, # of individuals above 140: 100 000
        Total # of individuals above 140: 1 057 865
        Central and South America
        Population: 418 000 000 (South America) + 45 000 000 (Central America) = 463 000 000
        Mean IQ: 90
        # of individuals above 140: 185 200
        Africa (Sub Saharan)
        Population: 1 038 000 000
        Mean IQ: 85
        # of individuals above 140: 103 800
        Africa (North Africa)
        Population: 183 681 000
        Mean IQ: 90
        # of individuals above 140: 73 472
        Middle East
        Population: 411 000 000
        Mean IQ: 90
        # of individuals above 140: 164 400
        Population: 1 380 000 000
        Mean IQ: 90
        # of individuals above 140: 552 000
        Africa, India, Middle East, Central & South America
        # of individuals above 140: 1 078 872
        USA + Africa, India, Middle East, Central & South America
        # of individuals above 140: 2 136 737
        Difference with China
        2 043 263 + China
        Population: 747 000 000
        Mean IQ: 95 (average between east and west)
        # of individuals above 140: 971 100
        USA + Africa, India, Middle East, Central & South America + Europe
        # of individuals above 140: 3 107 837
        Difference with China
        1 072 163 + China

        Conclusion: It is probably not possible for the United States to ever import enough people to compete with China, even if nearly all the world’s geniuses outside the United States are imported en masse, which obviously is not going to happen. The talent pool likely does not exist in the rest of the world combined. Also, note that China’s mean IQ may still increase a point or two over the next couple of decades. At mean IQ 102, China would add an additional 2 million people with 140 IQ and higher. Incredible.
        A United States with a population of 1 billion people the way Matt Yglesias imagines (mostly minority) is likely to be vastly inferior cognitively to China, poor, and chaotic. If the United States does want to compete to any degree with China, it must HEAVILY focus on European immigration, perhaps supplemented with Asian immigration alongside, but tilted towards Europe such that the country does not lurch towards becoming a Chinese vassal in the future. It should also pursue policies aimed at increasing its White birth rate to replacement level. It may be possible to wait China out if their TFR dips below 1.0 for an extended period.

        • To be honest, I’m not all that convinced China is as solid as people believe. There has yet to be an East Asian country that didn’t nearly suffer economic collapse when all the skeletons finally started bursting out. The Chinese outright lie, cheat, steal, and occasionally murder to get ahead. Given history, there is no reason to believe the country’s projected image of immense stability.

          • I’m also bearish on China. There are a lot of hidden problems in her economy. She also has a demographic problem. For a society built on the assumption of unlimited young people, getting old is a big problem.

          • China’s demographic problem likely isn’t as severe as America’s. First, the available talent pool in China greatly exceeds the entire talent pool of much of the rest of the world combined. Second, despite the popular misconception, China’s mean age is actually younger than America’s currently. Meanwhile, America’s valuable White demographic is aging rapidly, even shrinking in some states while its White TFR is converging to European levels. As was pointed out above, the quality of Hispanic immigrants is very low, so having young brown people come in from Central and South America won’t allow the United States to compete globally in the future tech economy to any real degree.

            Based on what I’ve seen of China’s development since 1990, I see virtually no reason why China won’t easily defeat the United States. I’ve been hearing counterarguments for decades, but they’re almost always wrong and usually based on a fairly poor understanding of the relative differences between China and the US (ex: “China is growing old” … yes, but the US is already older and getting older while practically worthless Hispanics pour in, bankrupting the country).

          • Demographics parts is what scares me. Japan has an dying population and is the go-to example, but that problem is at least approachable. But for the Chinese mainland population, a young minority of pissed off Han boggles my mind.

          • There is a triple whammy with the consequences of china’s one child policy besides frustrated men who can create an unstable society:

            1. Now that Chinese are living longer a family may well end up supporting and taking care of 2 sets of parents and grandparents. In most families children are the retirement plan

            2. Children often live a long way from their parents unless the parents live in major job centers.

            3. Then of course there is the staggering percent of the population who will be out of the main workforce and both draining tax dollars and reducing taxes paid. Companies rarely hire people over mid thirties making it worse. I taught Chinese uni grads who were early thirties and they said they were worried because they were the oldest in their company.

          • It’s good to remind oneself that China was supposed to collapse every year at least since the end of the 1990s.

          • It’s also good to remind oneself that it’s easy to get the timing wrong but still nail the trend.

          • Something that can’t go on forever, won’t. Promises that can’t be kept will be broken. Debt that can’t be repaid, won’t be. Plan accordingly. – Glen Reynolds

          • China is also one or two good rain storms away from no longer being a super power.
            The Three Gorges Dam story is not be covered much but its barely holding and if it goes, 10 million dead and vast property destruction almost entirely in China’s industrial heartland.
            Also China is on the verge of a famine right at a time when they are low on US dollars and other non Yuan currency.
            They probably can get through the famine but the mandate of leadership and China’s growth are tied to a rising standard of living which is in great danger.

          • There is a lot of corruption … things like having to bribe doctors because they are paid so little … but they are racially homogeneous and fiercely nationalistic, plus hard-working. Also, as someone pointed out, our White demographic is older than our national demographic, which doesn’t bode well. China will catch us.

          • Sometimes I think the best analog for china is new spain in the late 18th century. Once the spanish empire went down the tunes, new spain became independent south america. Relative wealth increased, but absolute wealth never really recovered.

          • China is interested in China.
            The notion of China warring farther than her near abroad is ahistorical, and absurd. They’ll compete small scale ops perhaps in Africa, which they are wisely buying Africa, good thing for us too. They would probably fight for access to markets and raw materials, but that’s at worst a problem for the near abroad, and those on the sea lanes. In any case they’d rather buy it and its for sale.

            China may be great again, but it will look like the past great Empires of China, not America or Europe.

          • Just to double-down on my previous post … according to polls, we’re about to elect a near-term dementia patient for President. Say what you will about polls, but this country is in serious decline if we’re even considering Biden for prez. China will be eating our lunch and popping the bag in 30 years.

          • China’s economic and technological advancement since the 1990s has been beyond anything the world has ever seen previously, even during the Industrial Revolution. They already have the world’s most sophisticated telecommunications company, Huawei. They went from less than 1% of global smart phone sales to being on the cusp of overtaking both Apple and Samsung before Trump banned chip export to them; Apple struggled to get a non-Chinese 5G chip into their last phone. I could cite many other examples, such as China having most of the world’s best high-speed rail tech.

            Categorizing workers as either high- or low-skill has always been misleading. Human capital is not a spectrum, but instead displays as much heterogeneity as the goods and services it produces. An electrician cannot do the job of a plumber or vice versa. Likewise, Chinese manufacturing workers are highly skilled in their own right, just not in things that will be found in any American college curriculum. Apple CEO Tim Cook made this point well in a 2017 interview at the Fortune Global Forum in China:

            “The popular conception is that companies come to China because of low labor cost. I’m not sure what part of China they go to, but the truth is China stopped being the low labor cost country many years ago. And that is not the reason to come to China from a supply point of view. The reason is because of the skill, and the quantity of skill in one location, and the type of skill it is. The products we do require really advanced tooling…and the tooling skill is very deep here. In the U.S. you could have a meeting of tooling engineers, and I’m not sure we could fill the room. In China you could fill multiple football fields.”


            As to the “lie, cheat …” claim, US companies do that all the time. If anything, this multicultural country is more unstable than China. It’s been a fantasy among the right for decades that — somehow — China, a country they know very little of, will collapse any day. Well, it hasn’t, and there are no signs that it ever will. One benefit of having a supermajority population, I guess. The US, on the other hand …

          • to be fair to him, he did not compare usa to china, probably most would agree usa is in a very low point right now
            i’m curious why anyone would prefer apple over huawei at this point?

          • When America transfers its capital, manufacturing capacity, and IP to China, when America trains a generation of Chinese scientists and engineers… I guess you could call that advancement. Either that or affirmative action.

            Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame China for taking that deal, and I know the Chinese are capable people, but I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s been a long time since the invention of gunpowder and fireworks.

          • A lot of America’s problems are self-inflicted. It might have been possible to contain China effectively if we had started on this decades ago. I remember back in the 1990s globalists telling me how outsourcing to China was great and how even talking about Chinese competition was fear mongering: “they said the same thing about Japan and they were wrong.”

            What got me is how I could point out how China had many times the population of Japan but this never changed their minds. America’s ruling class is dangerously myopic. Sad. After the Cold War ended, we could have brain drained Eastern Europe and, perhaps, selectively immigrated Chinese females over males, forcing them to interbreed with the local population while hurting China demographically. Combined with efforts to limit Hispanic and African immigration and to maintain White birthrates, the US might have been in good shape to stand up to China.

            Now, with this trash ruling class and after decades of misrule, I don’t see how we don’t get dominated. I don’t look forward to living in that world, but there may be no way to avoid it.

          • Yep, it looks dire. And the thing is it was according to plan from what I gather. Seems like somebody thought to use the spirit of the Marshall Plan to dominate the world, i.e., sacrificing American strength to create globalist economic zones.

            Then again, I think if America’s nationalist turn goes permanent, and if we stop weighing ourselves down with diversity and social engineering, we could turn the tide sooner than anyone expects.

          • China and Russia are well ahead of the US in key areas like integrated air defense and hypersonic missiles.

          • Which is stupid. How is that allowed to happen? Elon Musk has rockets that land themselves. Hypersonic missiles should be a cakewalk.

          • Hypersonic missiles should be a cakewalk.

            Professionally, I’ve dealt with a team working on one of US’ projects.

            They were nowhere close to the caliber of folks who designed the SR-71 or Saturn V.

          • OrangeFrog-

            There was a mixture of both your points topped off by a mechanical engineer leading a project that was largely electrical in nature.

          • Not in my esteemed fellow poster TWGH’s position but my understanding is that in addition to all those issues the knowledge chain that makes for excellent engineering was broken over the last few decades.
            A lot of people who wold l normally peruse a career in engineering looked at the poor prospects for a good job and went into software or finance.
            Worse the mentorship that helps make for great engineers wasn’t there do to so many layoffs and outsourcing in the 80’s and 90’s and a realization that if you train up the guy below you, you’ll be fired so like most 3rd world nations knowledge gets hoarded and has to be relearned from basics techniques. Knowledge is easily lost
            Good engineering of any kind is also expensive and the US is unwilling and unable to spend the money on basic infrastructure much less training.
            There is also the problem of how we finance companies both software and the rarer engineering startup
            Instead of funding a startup for a long term business plan, we build them to be sold to established large companies who then not wanting the competition, shut them down or just don’t use the knowledge.
            Its not something that can be fixed very easily BTW, its too hard to change a short term thinking mindset in a financialized society and any attempt at change gets hit with a flood of money. Until we get rid of the legality of money as speech, our society can’t change for the better.

          • COIN. We wasted the 00s droning brown guys in bedsheets while our competition pooled all their resources into certain key technologies. Now, we have to race to keep up. We were so busy fighting the last war our leaders didn’t stop to consider the next one.This is a common theme across much of the military these days. Russia and China have also raced head with long range anti-ship missiles while we were building the trash LCS, which in its first iteration is basically unsurvivable in a modern naval clash.

          • I groan whenever I hear “high speed rail.” Have you ever read an account of a “normal” railroad derailment? Are you aware that a rail bed is easily sabotaged? The New York subway provided a recent example. Now, just imagine that if a homeless lunatic can throw debris onto a track causing close to a million dollars in damage, what could a determined vandal do to a track that hosts a train going 200 or 300 MPH?
            There’s probably a name for these general vulnerabilities. There are many such examples of ideas that sound good in principle, but alas are susceptible to easy sabotage or just the perennial problem of “one bad apple.” Most successful groups require moderate to severe punishment of screw-ups, in order to assure the overall system works correctly. Our society has largely lost this corretive feedback mechanism.

          • High speed rail already works quite well in most of the advanced Asian countries like Japan and China, so I fail to see how anything you wrote matters. We are not talking a hypothetical technology, but one that already exists in Asia.

            Example: “are you aware that a rail bed is easily sabotaged?”

            So what? Are they? Very rarely. The same criticism could be made of American oil pipelines.

          • The US is not Asia and no one in the US other than Leftist Centralizers even wants this tech.
            Its entirely stupid and wasteful to build technology that no one wants and than try to coerce people to use it. There will be bad consequences.
            Eventually we may need it or want it when oil runs out or becomes too expensive but at the risk of excess pessimism, our diversity and corruption will probably end this society long before that.
            The various nations of future USA if wise will be disconnection from other nations as even a absic low speed is a national security threat.

          • Its entirely stupid and wasteful to build technology that no one wants

            That’s a deflection. I never said we should, so you’re putting words into my mouth. The US couldn’t build affordable high speed rail here even if we wanted to, which was the point.

          • The biggest issue is economics. There’s just very little market for high speed rail, because the population density just isn’t there to support it.

          • Have you ever read an account of a “normal” railroad derailment? Are you aware that a rail bed is easily sabotaged? The New York subway provided a recent example. Now, just imagine that if a homeless lunatic can throw debris onto a track causing close to a million dollars in damage, what could a determined vandal do to a track that hosts a train going 200 or 300 MPH?

            These are third world problems. Is the US that bad already? In normal countries, these kind problems are extremely rare.

          • Its not a severe issue yet but in a few decades at current rates, much our infrastructure will be too eroded to work.
            We are becoming less developed by the day and any projects that are meant for highly developed nations ought not be considered. C.F California’s failed high speed rail and routine power outages
            We can barely tech people to read there days

          • Have to agree with Ben, sabotage is a concern. Japan has a homogeneous society where lawlessness is nearly unheard of and China keeps their more violent ethnic minorities ruthlessly suppressed and isolated.

            High speed rail in the U.S. would be highly vulnerable. Aircraft are relatively well protected post 9/11 and are contained in hubs. Rail lines will be almost impossible to protect as they will stretch thousands of miles.

            With so many hostile groups and ethnicities imported to our shores post 9/11, an increasingly politically polarized society, an enormous number of mentally ill citizens, and a communist cold insurgency that places ends before means… I dont think contemporary America gets to have a high speed rail system that is secure or even securable.

          • I think our freight rail is pretty good, but passenger rail hasn’t been a thing here since air travel became affordable and interstate highways were built. Amtrak only exists because Dems are romantic about it.

          • I have the same reservations regarding the Chinese, particularly militarily. Someone mentioned on here the other day Chinese military strength, causing me to look at their Aircraft carrier fleet…

            The fleet appeared to consist of one old Russian carrier whose journey over to China in the first place was haphazard and hamstrung. It was then refitted. They appear to have built a carrier themselves after extensive research of existing ones to compete with the west.

            Meanwhile, even the crummy former empire of the UK has The Queen Elizabeth class carriers and the States I believe has a program for Gerald R.Ford carriers – don’t know how many.

            Added to this is Chinese experience with modern naval warfare. How much do they have? Quite frankly, the Chinese seemed to have performed as any intelligent people who were given the tools for rapid industrialization would have…

          • causing me to look at their Aircraft carrier fleet

            That’s a pretty poor way to look at things. China has just started to field aircraft carries, and it’s not clear if those ships won’t be obsolete by the time the next war gets here. Further, they are building them at a rate to match the United States sometime before 2045. Technologically, China is rapidly closing the gap, as US defense analysts have already admitted.

            China has a deep ability to manufacture ships, an enormous number of sophisticated missiles, and a huge airforce that’s rapidly closing the gap with their American rivals. They also have sophisticated S2A missile systems thanks to the Russians (S-400), and they are now only the second country on earth to field an actual stealth aircraft. They are also building up their nuclear deterrent and have ballistic missile systems capable of sinking American carriers in one shot. The navy is so desperate they’ve initiated a “Manhattan Project” to counter China’s surprise military advancement.

            Did China Just Announce the End of U.S. Primacy in the Pacific?

            The DF-100 is a vehicle-mounted supersonic cruise missile “characterized by a long range, high precision and quick responsiveness,” according to the Chinese press. When combined with the DF-21/DF-26 threat, the DF-100 is intended to overwhelm any existing U.S. missile defense capability, turning the Navy into a virtual sitting duck. As impressive as the DF-100 is, however, it was overshadowed by the DF-17, a long-range cruise missile equipped with a hypersonic glide warhead, which maneuvers at over seven times the speed of sound—faster than any of the missiles the U.S. possesses to intercept it. Nothing in the current U.S. arsenal can defeat the DF-17—not the upgraded anti-missile ships, THAAD, or even the Ground Based Interceptors (GBI) currently based in Alaska. 

            In short, in the event of a naval clash between China and the U.S., the likelihood of America’s fleet being sent to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean is very high.


            It’s obvious they are gaining on the US. I could even cite Pentagon analysts stating China is already ahead in the development of certain technologies. Aircraft carriers, by comparison, may end up like battleships — obsolete.

            The US, on the other hand, has practically no ability to quickly replace lost naval ships (or even stealth aircraft like the F-22); it’s stuck at building just two per year, and it takes multiple years to make a single carrier. Also, many of the components used in missiles and electronics are sourced from China with no alternatives, meaning China could simply strangle the US in a conflict.

            The US also has a severe manpower shortage, which is why they are struggling to get the navy to a measly 300 ships. While China is on track to have more than 600 ships by 2050, and their destroyers are already practically as advanced as ours.

            For the most part, China denial on the right is just wishful thinking. China is rapidly closing the gap with the United States, and it’s not too hard to imagine them being top dog in Asia after the year 2035. I’ve seen absolutely nothing over the decades to make me think otherwise.

          • Informative answer, thanks for that.

            Do you suspect that, if India are also up and coming, then China’s dominance in that region, and the world, could be checked?

            I recall reading a book called Prisoners of Geography, in which the author identified numerous future flashpoints between countries. And he had rather a lot to say about Chinese/Indian relations. Of course, you’ve then got Russia thrown into the mix – although I am not sure how much of a game changer that’ll be.

          • India can’t oppose China alone. The PLA, in terms of relative military strength, is about three times as powerful as India.To put that into perspective, that’s nearly the same gulf between India and Pakistan currently. China would probably now mop the floor with India in a conventional conflict. Although, not without significant casualties if India tries to counter in the one area they might be able to compete: ground forces. That would be a huge disaster on all sides. India might attempt an invasion of China thinking the Chinese don’t have enough stuff to shoot them with as long as they are willing to take enormous casualties in the process.

            Also, it has already been mentioned on this thread elsewhere, but India is cognitively very dull compared to China. India, despite having far more than a billion people, has fewer people with IQs over 140 than American Whites at a fraction of their population. India is large, but China is both large and smart and the future of war will involve technological innovation, which India is hopelessly outclassed in. The best they can do is form an alliance with Russia, Japan, and the United States to contain China rather than to defeat them. Unfortunately for India, the US is unreliable due to its ethnic infighting and anti-White animus against Russia.

            India needs Russia for technology, geography, and natural resources. But Uncle Sam hates the Russians because they are White conservatives, so that will hamper their ability to form an effective coalition to oppose China. With all of those nations on board, it wouldn’t be necessary to outright defeat a future China as they could simply deter them, instead.

            Sure, maybe in the year 2060 China is so powerful they can beat everyone in Asia combined, but would they really do so if they had to sacrifice half their country’s population to get it done? I don’t think so. Future Chinese won’t sacrifice their standard of living to fight low-value conflicts.

            But unfortunately, that ideal scenario is looking less likely. The US may collapse and India can’t get too buddy buddy with Russia on account of US elite hatred of them along ethnic lines (unstated but probably true).

            US: “Yes, India. You do seem to have a China problem. This is very severe, but before we talk about selling you weapons, let me ask you this: do you denounce White Supremacy?

          • I think COVID-19 has demonstrated just how easy it is to beach a US Carrier task force non-kinetically.

          • Carriers are overrated.

            Fleet air defenses are easily overwhelmed by drone or missile swarms.

            China and Russia both have extremely quiet subs that can penetrate the fleet ASW defenses and killshot a carrier.

            If China or Russia have developed any sorts of underwater kamikaze drones, entire battlegroups would be at risk.

          • A self piloted plastic stealth sub loaded with tsunami bomb a munition the Russians claim to have is a fleet or city killer.
            That said the US won’t be going to war with peer powers. Our military hits harder but cannot be replenished as we lack shipyards among other things.
            Also our human capital is terrible. Most people lack the ability to qualify, many other won’t serve and the US lacks the legitimacy for conscription.

          • The Chinese have some pretty unsinkable carriers—known as islands—in the South China Sea. Aside from that, they don’t need them if they don’t intend to build and maintain empire across the world. That’s an American thing.

          • And, everyplace else. One memory that stuck with me from a visit was walking through the palace that is the Beijing airport and having Chinese gurgle their throat to spit an extra sticky one into the corner of a walkway. From what I’ve heard though it’s not nearly as bad as it once was, but still.

          • In China? Have you been to any of the numerous Chinatowns in the U.S.? Hawking phlegm onto public walkways is alive and well here.

          • There is an interesting story behind the Chinese habit of hocking up and spitting lungers with abandon. It has to do with their history of coexistence with the giant roundworm (Ascaris Lumbricoides).
            A giant roundworm ensconced in a human small intestine will lay up to 200,000 eggs in a day. These pass through the remainder of the digestive tract and, after evacuation, depending on the hygiene of the Next individual to come in contact with them, may be ingested by that individual.
            Upon ingestion, the roundworm egg passes through the esophagus and stomach into the small intestine. Acid in the stomach assists in its maturation, and it develops into a larva in the small intestine.
            The larva then burrows through the wall of the small intestine and into one of the lungs of the host. This causes pneumonia/tuberculosis-like symptoms including a cough and lots of green and yellow phlegm.
            Coughing up the phlegm (and larva) into the mouth is a major break point in the life cycle. If the individual swallows the phlegm and a round worm larvae the larva will mature into a worm which can reach up to 18 Inches in length and as large around as a small finger. It will Deplete its host of nutrients during its up to 24-month lifetime and produce millions of eggs.
            If, on the other hand, the host, after hiking up the longer, spits it out, it interrupts the round worm lifecycle and reduces the potential parasitic burden on the host.
            Apparently this is the way the habit of spitting virtually anywhere evolved Among the Chinese Of a certain social class. Makes sense to me.

          • That’s the odd difference. The Asians stay in place, get crowded, and have a mass paroxysm of either plague or murder, as if Nature’s purge.

            Whites leave. We spread all over the world to reach similar population numbers. That’s some pretty epic numbers right there, Toriador.

          • Yeah China’s success is 100% contingent upon our US navy protecting the international supply chains and oil tanker deliveries. Once we stop that, all of china’s enemies will choke them out. Geography is a bitch.

        • You are overly generous with the iq levels of third world peoples. Africans average around 70. By White standards, that’s retarded. Many Indians in the US are medical professionals, but the average iq in India is 82. Perhaps they would score higher if they ate a steak occasionally.

          • Yes, that’s what makes it scary. I did that deliberately under the assumption that those scores were max values under perfect conditions. Even under the best of circumstances, the most optimistic, it’s not possible to do what guys like Matt Ysglesias imagine.

          • The high IQ caste in India, the Brahmin, are what many of us here encounter. They are somewhat less than 5% of the population. They have often been called the “Jews of India”. If not for them, India would be toward the bottom of the barrel technologically.

        • IQ is very important but when you’re talking about innovation it’s obviously not the deciding factor. If it was, Asia would’ve blown past the rest of the world and never looked back.

          It takes imagination and freedom to make the most of intelligence, neither of which are fostered by rigidly bureaucratic and hierarchical societies.

          • Intelligence is composed of what I call the Four Cs of Intelligence: Creativity, Computation, Capacity and Curiosity. The extent to which all four of these characteristics manifest in IQ scores is somewhat unknown. Creativity, in particular, may or may not boost the score. Presumably though, those who are creative will have greater intelligence than those who are not, and this theoretically should be reflected in IQ scores.

          • This is why I remain skeptical of China. Toriador’s calculations are probably roughly correct but fail to take into account the huge handicap imposed by lack of freedom and just crowding. It’s hard to start an innovative company tinkering in your garage when you don’t have a garage and the government sends agents around because they don’t like that you just bought a welding rig or lathe. An innovative society needs broad creativity and freedom. China has neither.

            Meanwhile, our own elite, in destroying small business with lockdowns, is trying (perhaps inadvertently) to create a society where everyone is forced to become a cubicle drone in a big corporation, starve, go on the dole permanently, or go into crime. The plan to destroy suburbia and pack everyone into tower blocks is going to be another innovation killer. These are all huge blunders.

            The future may simply end up being a contest for dominance among a few large, authoritarian, and sclerotic powers. China will be doing their typical Asian tyranny thing while the US completes its transformation into Venezuela-write-large. This would essentially be a typical Latin nation with a small white and (((white))) elite, no real innovation, and yet still a giant military. The “strategy” here is not really to compete with China or any other power but simply to make conquest of US territory pointless and costly. A potential conqueror would face a huge mestizo peasant army, backed by nukes and all to secure control of a vast crime ridden and corrupt multi-ethnic cesspool. It’s not worth it. The Chinese won’t need to invade. They’ll buy or steal everything of value and avoid the complete PITA of actually trying to rule a disintegrating America. Best of both worlds.

          • You’re touching upon the problem in your concept—what is the correlation between your four C’s? Not that I don’t like the conceptualization. But it seems we often break aspects/measures of “intelligence” falsely apart when all are related aspects of “g”.

          • Do you mean, how do the four Cs relate to one another, or how do they relate to overall IQ score?

          • It should not matter, but I am referring to how they (4-C’s) intercorrelate with each other. You have defined them as components of intelligence, typically termed “g”.

            The IQ score is not directly what I refer to as it is only considered a representative measure/approximation of the concept—“g”.

            That concept, “g”, was used to explain all the intercorrelations between measures/definitions of intelligence previously proposed, which I associate with your proposed “4 -C’s”.

            If your 4 C’s are not intercorrelated, then what you’ve produced/proposed is a definition of intelligence which breaks it down into separable and distinct pieces. And of course, that implies the possibility that a person might be a genius in three of the four C’s, but considered a moron in the other.

            So far, no one else seems to have been able to do such, albeit we typically still often see talk of “verbal” vs “spacial” reasoning in some groupings of IQ sub tests—but those are intercorrelated.

            I won’t discuss the older theories proposed of even more “intelligences”, now typically used as a PC excuse for the shortcomings of minorities in society.

            If I have stumbled over some concepts in my above explanation, feel free to correct.

        • The 85 IQ for Sub Saharan Africa is probably high. American blacks, most of whom have some European admixture, have an average IQ of 85. The average for SSA is closer to 70.

          I thought the average IQ for Han Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese was 105.

          Good post. To maintain an advanced society, you also need an average IQ above 90-95. If you factor in all of the low IQ illegal aliens, we are probably closer to 95 than 100. This will be another factor in the inevitable collapse of the US.

        • I stopped reading at “China Mean IQ 100”. There is no mainstream HBD researcher who has ever stated this number. Lowest I’ve seen is 105 for China as a whole. Also (minor quibble), 1B Chinese are basically peasants. Whether the genius IQ ability of a peasant is recognized and brought into use is not established in my mind—but I know zero about their educational process.

          • The other thing is what does their IQ get used for. Both Thomas Sowell and Steve Sailer have alluded to the fact that their IQ is higher since the facets of their society demand it. IOW, by the time they use their mental acuity to figure out their written language, the arcane rules for their daily societal interactions where everyone is trying to scam each other, etc. what’s left in the tank can barely be used to interpret the rules of professional basketball.

          • Damn, another concept/idea I’ve failed to come across—and I’m a Sowell fan. Appreciated, thanks.

          • Lowest I’ve seen is 105 for China as a whole

            That’s nonsense. 105 is Japan’s score and China’s mean is clearly less than that. You can only get higher in China if you’re considering individual, high-scoring cities, which isn’t the correct way to look at it. ~100 +/- 1 is the accepted mean value for China as of five years ago or so. Please don’t pretend to be an expert when it’s clear you don’t know what you’re talking about. 105 as the lowest mean value for the whole country? I’m laughing.

          • Laugh all you want, but when you finish, take time to educate yourself. Never hurts.

            Try and read, “The Intelligence of Nations”, by Lynn & Becker. Lot’s of ref’s to prior work as well. Tatu Vanhanen is another good author who has worked with Lynn in prior ground breaking work.

            A table in Lynn’s older work, “Race Differences in Intelligence”, pg 82, table 10.1, cites numerous studies of IQ in China and Hong Kong by Lynn and others. Low IQ measure I see is 103, high 107.

            Now of course, you are welcome to present your own citations and authorities, if you can find them, as rebuttal, but all I’ve heard from you so far are gratuitous assertions to fit your preconceived narrative. That would be my definition of as you put it:
            “… pretend(ing) to be an expert when it’s clear you don’t know what you’re talking about…”

        • Nice post. I like to do these kind of analyses too. A couple thoughts(Forgive me if anyone beat me to the punch, I haven’t refreshed page in a while) :

          • These are quantitative points, not qualitative. An admittedly cursory inspection shows similar disproportionate Chinese to European populations in past centuries, but recent history tells us who lead in productivity, creative genius and certain standards of social well being/civic culture, despite being vastly outnumbered. Which begets the next point…
          • The difference between Asians/Chinese and White’s isn’t merely one of IQ, it’s styles of civilization that create different per capita creative genius that create world altering innovation. Creative genius seems to be one of the qualitative differences that have given whites something of an edge in the past, and this is related to individualism as an ideal compared to Asians hive minded collectivism. Different styles of running society, different results. You could make the argument that Euros have more peaks and troughs, and shorter less gradual curves, which might be true, but that brings me to the next point
          • China isn’t immune to the post industrial environmental and biological malfunctions that in part spurn these cycles of abundance, mismanagement, chaos and collapse.

          Does anyone have reliable studies on actual Chinese IQ at national level? I’m not convinced their hundreds of millions of country bumpkins(no offense to country bumpkins, I think most of us prefer our own country bumpkins to modern city slickers) are as bright as the high mean IQ Asian argument makes them out to be.

          I think this is liberal growth growth model thinking, which is basically the Chinese perspective, which as an admittedly uneducated person, I’ve always wondered that it seems like a very uncreative way of dealing with these situations but maybe I’m totally wrong and it’s just some inescapable law of physics? Why do we insist on throwing as much at the wall for the benefit of the planter class/plantation model as possible when we can be reinvesting in the genomic capital of the race by making it about quality, not quantity, by modifying the environment, which we are finally in a position to do?

          I know this gets into dangerous territory, don’t get me wrong, but if either method ends in apocalypse anyway, what do we have to fear but fear itself??

          • I’m being lazy here, so I leave you to look up the specific books/studies by Richard Lynn. He and a Finish coauthor have been measuring and publishing the average IQ’s nations for some time now. Yes, some measures are pretty much guesstimates or subject to sampling problems. But in 1st world nations they seem pretty solid.

          • Yes, 1st world nations. Aren’t most of the data on Chinese IQ derived from immigrants and not natives? Are proportionate rural populations measured in Lynn’s studies and do they come from the CCP or were they done by Westerners? Don’t get me wrong, I suspect just by virtue of the Chinese language, with dozens of thousands of just characters alone(even if the average rural type only knows a fraction of them), a literate person will probably have to have a reasonably high IQ by African standards, and supposedly the literacy rate is developed nation high there, according to the CCP anyway.

          • Al, the answer is, I don’t know. Those are reasonable concerns, but there seem to be many cited studies ref’d by Lynn and he is not a devious person to my understanding. Nor have I seen even one study estimating typical Chinese IQ as average, or below average.

            I suspect Lynn’s national estimate will hold up, however I’m not going to review 20+ citations and analyze each and every one for selection bias. But if you’ve a citation for such a review, I’ll look it over.

        • All our problems stem from High IQ people in the New Deal and the Best and The Brightest in the 1960s. Why still the worship of intelligence?
          The Greeks were more “intelligent” than the Romans.
          They were the Top Slaves.

          our problem isn’t too little brainpower, its no Balls.
          Cowardice, psychosis, psychopathy, sociopathy all correlate directly with intelligence.

          Its really only the cowardice I can’t stand.

          Want to know who’s smart?
          The COVID laid off teacher and Barber I met at PMC school.
          We’re restructuring ourselves for the new economy. If your’re lucky people like us are the replacements for the elites.

          If you’re not at best your going to live in White ghettoes, if you live at all.

          Its impossible to feel pity for heavily armed cowards, who vastly outnumber their foes, indeed outclass them in all respects – its just that you’re too afraid to defend yourselves.

          Making it you know impossible to defend you.

      • That’s the thing – the victims are white, so the elites ignore it, or even endorse it. Essentially opioids are a quiet and peaceful way for “obsolete” (from an elite perspective) whites to kill themselves and not cause too many problems.

        We also have alot of class stratification. I’m upper middle class; I literally do not know one person with an opioid addiction. My peers got hooked on coke or booze in college, then sobered up and joined their dad’s firm.

        Even for a sympathetic person like me, there’s nothing I can do because i just don’t come into contact with these people.

        • The inhumane part- well, everything progressives achieve is inhumane, but- the inhumane part is that legitimate chronic pain sufferers are the ones being punished.

          The deaths are from illegal production.

          Even having met or known a lot of junkies, still, their network is a deep dive. How the heck these people connect is a mystery, even to me.

        • The sad truth is that it is very difficult to quit an opioid habit. It may seem unfair to those unfamiliar with hard drug addiction, but it is for good reason that serious drug habits are grounds for losing security clearances, jobs, trust, etc. This is especially difficult counsel when the addict is friend or family: there is very little you can do to help the addict. While he’s active, at best you are going to protect your property from being stolen or the smaller chance of assault, at worst you will be enabling his self-destructive behavior if you provide money, room or board. You even risk criminal or civil penalities if you are shown to enable the drug abuse. If you have a choice, the simplest best course of action is indeed “do’t come into contact with these people,” because they are largely beyond help.

          • Ben, harsh, but more correct than wrong.

            Most sad thing is that all over they country, and here in my State as well, we are joining the chorus of liberalizing drug laws. More low IQ people move in, more drug use exasperates the problem, and the downward spiral continues.

        • You must be old. I grew up in a very upper class community. We had three deaths just in my mid 2000s class in the probably one of the top ten wealthiest towns in the US. One of them was a kid from another wealthy suburb who brought his habits he learned there. I have a few former friends seriously hooked on opioids whose lives are ruined. It’s bad. The pills are everywhere.

    • Our leaders embarrassed by something? They have no shame and hate us. They probably hope the opioid crisis takes us all out.

      • No, they don’t. Political power is defined largely by the quantity and quality of people you can reasonably expect to follow your orders. Killing your subordinates weakens, not strengthens you. Inspiring disloyalty is also a problem, in that you put yourself in a position to be completely without followers. This may come as a shock to you, but you are not important to anyone, which means our political leaders aren’t out to get you, and don’t wish the opioid crisis on anyone. Analyzing political leaders is really easy if you remember two things: 1) you are not the center of the universe and 2) political leaders are human beings.

    • >>This reminds me of my brother, back when he worked for me.<<

      This brother, was he an older brother by any chance?

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  54. Saw the cover page of today’s NY Daily News and it’s accusing Mayor Giuliani of being Putin’s puppet. Literally.

    • One of the other commentators said best the other day when he said that there are no real surprises here. All this hoopla does is confirm what we already know.
      But, we have to be careful and go through the motions and do our due diligence. It is entirely possible to fake something like this, given enough money, time and talent. We need to go over it with a fine tooth comb too. And – once we’ve done so, we can at least say, “There you go, Leftie. We gave you the benefit of a doubt that you would never have given us…and guess what??? Your leaders are degenerate liars and cheats and thieves – so go **** yourselves…”
      I have another question: why isn’t little Biden locked up? Or at least in custody?

      • Biden will not be locked up as any number of the cloud people are never locked up—professional courtesy.

          • Intelligence is their game.
            No contrary minded foxes need apply.

            To think otherwise is Chickening out.

          • All throughout our evolutionary history, high intelligence has proven to be an asset. And yes, eventually it becomes a survival of the fittest contest. But that’s not the point. WWII was largely won by NCOs. You don’t have to be genius to be effective. Numbers matter too.

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