The Working Class Joe Story

According to Aristotle, the elements of good story telling, in order of importance, are plot, character, theme, dialogue, melody, decor and spectacle. You can be a great story teller, really ham it up for your listeners, but if the story makes no sense and the people are incomprehensible, the story will fall flat. This is also true of campaigns. The candidate has to make sense to people and his story arc has to give the sense that his victory is the culmination of the events leading to the election.

We saw this in 2016 where we were given two competing stories. Clinton was supposed to be a strong woman, the modern heroine. In modern storytelling, these gals always beat the evil white man without much effort. She was the embodiment of the feminist ideal and her election was supposed to be the culmination of the story that began with the suffragettes. That plot made no sense, given her actual story, but that did not matter to the media, dramatically selling her campaign.

The trouble was, her show was out at the same time as a low-budget indie production that was familiar to everyone. Trump was the picaresque every-man, motivated by a sense of duty to transcend his own limitations and do the right thing. He was the voice of the audience, criticizing the other characters and the system they inhabited, not for personal gain, but for the benefit of the audience. He was David and Clinton was Goliath and everyone expects David to win.

In 2020, it appears the official story tellers may have another problem on their hands with the Biden campaign. The story they are selling this time is the public is tired of the tyrant Trump and ready to lift-up world-weary old white man, and his super-smart diverse sidekick, and carry them to the White House. You see, world-weary old white man had a nice run, but now it is time for him to go. His last act will be to vanquish mean old white man and then hand the baton over to diverse sidekick.

It’s a familiar story, one that is the center of so many bad movies it is amazing that they keep trying to sell it. In this case, world-weary old white man is a vegetable that has been in hiding for most of the year, because he has shark eyes and says wacky things suggesting he is not all there. Super-smart diverse sidekick is pretty dumb and reminds everyone of getting their license renewed. It’s a bad story that no one wants to think about and the characters don’t work for the audience.

Compounding it is the world-weary old white man has a son that likes to smoke crack and film himself banging hookers. Fair or foul, people judge people by their children and Hunter Biden is a vulgar degenerate. He lies, cheats, steals and does not seem to have anything resembling a conscience. Worse yet, he seems to be an uncommonly stupid person, getting jammed up over stupid things like leaving his laptop with a repair shop, so the contents can be sold to the tabloids.

If the contents were just an unusual amount of cat pictures, people could possibly generate some sympathy for his parents. They gave it their best shot, but the boy was never right in the head. Instead, it’s videos of him smoking crack with hookers and having them perform unnatural acts upon him. Then there are the e-mails from foreign potentates suggesting he was the facilitator in a bribery scheme involving his father, who was vice president at the time, emphasis on the vice.

That’s a pretty big hole in the plot, so the script writers have responded with plot devices so stupid it suggests they may have learning disabilities. The most ridiculous might be the claim that the shop owner who recovered the laptop in question is really just a cleverly disguised Russian agent. Nothing adds credibility to the story like reminding people that the people telling this story are crazy. Then you have the effort to suppress the story, which doesn’t seem fishy at all.

We’ve come a long way since The Boy From Hope, The Bill Clinton Story. Sure, the hero in that tale was a bit of a degenerate, but his vices were understandable, and given his marriage situation, forgivable. His sidekick was the perfect foil, a stiff block of wood who obsessed over the rules. It was a familiar and natural pairing that tapped into familiar American themes. It was not a perfect story, but it was good enough to carry people along and let them bond with the protagonist.

The Working Class Joe Story is everything that is wrong with modern America, in that it is a constant reminder that the people in charge are not very good at this. The actor playing the main role got the part because the other options were too demanding, so he got the role by default. The character playing the diverse sidekick got the role because the casting director took a bribe. This story is a daily reminder that our ruling class is a cynical blend of incompetence and corruption.

A sad truth of modern story telling is that with a big enough budget, even the worst film can attract an audience. Ghostbusters 2016 was hot garbage, but it made close to $300 million worldwide. The Hillary Clinton Story, which came out the same year, also did a big box office. In both cases, it was not enough to break even, bit it shows you just how easily the audience can be manipulated. Maybe this time the boys from marketing can make The Working Class Joe Story a hit for the ages.

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316 thoughts on “The Working Class Joe Story

  1. How much is the middle of the road voter aware of the censorship of the Biden story? (I am constantly amazed by how little most people know about what is happening and how seldom the connect dots.)

    Also, how much will Biden not drooling and not wandering around because he forgot where he was at, enable swing voters to vote for him because they either don’t like the orange man or want to tell people they genuinely didn’t vote for him?

    Any thoughts anyone based on your interactions with normies?

    • Elections are a lagging indicator. The media points us in their preferred direction and we follow. It’s too hard, too time consuming to search for a good signal for all the noise – you need a FM radio that can decode the AM broadcast. So we take the easy way out. What does Taylor Swift and Bruce Springstein think? Hard to have heterodox opinions when all you hear is orthodoxy.

  2. If 2016 was the Indie movie for Republicans, 2020 is “Independence Day.” The world’s gone mad, but the president and the government are still fighting back, and he’s the one that’s going to carry us to victory.

  3. Short version as I wait for approval. This is all about Wakanda vs. America. And why Trump is losing. America only appeals to a certain segment and Wakanda has broad appeal. It has not been and never was about Biden vs. Trump.
    But Wakanda vs. America.

  4. Sorry, disagree completely. The story has never been Lunchpail Joe. It has not been Biden at all, never was. The story since April and certainly May has been the Summer of George … Floyd.
    And essentially, America has to be destroyed along with White men so Wakanda can be born.
    That’s what its all about. Defund the police, bail reform, BLM, systemic racism, Reparations, all are about destroying America, as a fundamentally EVIL nation, and creating Wakanda. Destroy all those White men monuments, and put up Woke Wakanda. With total lockdown but only for White people. The Virus knows social justice and won’t infect rioters and those burning stuff down. Experts told us!
    And its why Trump is losing, bigly. South Carolina he’s down a percentage point. There is a huge surge in early voting, by Dems, turnout massive.
    This feeds into our Calvinist past, our Puritan frenzy of moral superiority. There is something hard-wired for these sorts of things: the anti-slavery movement, Temperance, Prohibition, Civil Rights. White women particularly are as more religious, far greater participants to the number of at least 10 X in BLM rallies than White men. Its why Trump’s White vote has collapsed — White men are not on a binge of moral superiority and being disgusted by their parents but White women certainly are.
    Joe Biden and family running a markedly even by DC standards corrupt bag man operation? With the cokehead son giving half to his Dad? White women don’t care. They want Wakanda.
    And in this, the natural advantages of black people in these times come out: greater extraversion, greater impulsiveness, greater violence, greater thuggery. All of these are chick crack when female corporate jobs doing nothing but Zoom meetings and marketing plans matter, on the high end, and welfare on the low end. Beta male provision value being approximately zero.
    All Trump is offering is America. What Dems offer is the dream of Wakanda. Where black people are the natural rulers and White men are inferior, evil, and defeated. The attraction of this dream and story to White women is as obvious as Vichy France. Or Occupied Netherlands. Paul Verhooeven has made a career noting how dominant bad guys get the girls. [Flesh + Blood, Black Book, etc.]
    What non-White would not want Wakanda? Sure they won’t be on top if not black but Whites will definitely be on the bottom of society. What White woman would not want Wakanda? I see in my OC Neighborhood tons of BLM and Biden signs, various Karens preaching total lockdowns.
    America? Sure that’s most every White man who has not been neutered or gone gay. Your forefathers and family and genetics are all EVIL is not exactly a great sell there but Dems neither want nor need White men’s votes. White women (most) + Blacks + (most) Hispanics + everything else means a large victory around 60% or so.
    Twitter and Facebook face a real threat from Trump if he is re-elected, he can via executive order classify them as publishers and allow lawsuits a-plenty to proceed with the cheers of the trial lawyers looking at that sweet, sweet money. They also have private big data cruching and did what they did with no real upside if Biden wins and big downsides (asymmetric) if Trump wins. This tells me that Trump is going to lose, large and big, otherwise why would someone like Zuck or Dorsey who only care about money make those calls? They MUST know privately from big data analysis of trillions of data points moving through their system who is going to win.

    • I agree that Dorsey and Zuckenberg think Biden will win. Whether that is true or not is a whole other matter. What we learned in 2016 was how little opinion actually can be measured; things have gotten worse due to justified fear. Opinion can be manipulated to an extraordinary degree, so I don’t discount there may be a Great Awokening over St. Floyd of Fentanyl that results in a Biden blow-out. I tend to think it won’t happen but would not be shocked by it.

    • Dorsey comes across to me as junkie jonesing for his next fix. Zuck as a spergy geek that’s just the front man for an IC op.

      Id say that there’s about a 90% chance that anything the two of them believe is completely wrong.

  5. Funny watching the baby boomers in my family going ape-sht over this Hunter censorship. Like kittens opening their eyes for the first time (which I’ve never seen because I’m not a cat person). Just livid. Big red pills today. I’m like “where have you been? You’re not in Kansas anymore.”

    • LOL

      Always fun to watch normie family memebers in action over this stuff

      “HELLO. Uh,YEAH. He’s a crook.”

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  7. A corollary to your opening statement is this. The human mind is especially attracted to a story that has a meaning or a moral. stories should “make sense,” be entertaining, the downside is that the mind intuitively rejects things that don’t seem logical or apealing, even if those are precisely the theories are factors borne out by observation and science. Exhibit A: Idealism.

    You would be amazed how many human miseries are the direct result of human wishes trying to overcome what reality imposes.

  8. I’ve been bitching about the deliberate destruction of the West for at least three decades but I’ve always assumed that I’d be dead before it was reduced to Pee-Pad Joe and his Knee-Pad Ho versus The Orange Man.

      • But of course. Why not? The first bannings were in the run-up to 2016. And the GOP defended it as “muh private company.” The same with payment processors. Even Trump could only muster “just be good” as his supporters were attacked in real life as well as on the internet.

    • Although I wouldn’t be dead, I too figured they’d wait another five to ten years before they made their “big move”, but I guess they’re growing frustrated as the “long game” is not short enough.

      • You think Biden, Nancy, Schumer, et al think they will be around in 10 years? Hah. They will be back in the fires of their ticketmaster by then, and they know it.

        • Generally a religious person at that age will fight to preserve something for posterity. Generally irreligious people, like Biden, Pelosi, Schumer or even Trump will deep down, feel an anger over contemplating a world without moi. They take huge risks at that age as their hearts want to watch it all burn without them. This is their heaven after all and they would rather end it than be carried out the gates.

  9. IMPORTANT NOTE: The FBI had this information ALL ALONG. This never would have seen the light of day had the hard drive not been cloned. At the end of this both Giuliani and the computer repair guy will get no knock warrants and long prison sentences over some evidence crime. They’ll cook one up. Law books are just cook books these days. Tampering with an investigation…that was already pigeon holed. Security guards for the techno-slave state. Now we know why Trump was mad at Barr lately. That’s what happens when you appoint deep state Bush people to your cabinet you dumb-Fuk. Don’t feel sorry for Trump, he was just too stupid for the role. Like a bull in the bull ring. He got his pokes in, and that was it.

    • That’s on him. As was Bolton, Pompeo, Mattis, Wray, Wolf, etc., etc. And every time some MAGA appointee has their lives financially and otherwise ruined without so much as a gesture of support only ensures the appointment of more Swampies.

  10. The establishment had this perfect orange lightening rod that can take all the heat while they still act with impunity. He was great for them. He passed nearly all of what they wanted. He made the state behemoth even bigger. All he wanted was acceptance from them as he SOLD US OUT on everything that mattered. But no. They couldn’t get past the personality and his roughing them up in 2016. They’re that thin skinned. So now, against their interests, they’re pushing the Alzheimer’s patient and the Ho as a vassal of sorts. But we’re in an era that will need far more than that. The country is on auto-pilot into a mountain, both economically and socially. The tech giants will be seen as having installed Alzheimer’s laden malware in Nov 2020. This election is about who wins the tar baby. The President of 2020-2024 will be seen as infamous, whomever wins. The middle class is about to be eviscerated in the debt bomb. And all involved with the tar-baby and his ascendance will have a rough time. Even better when the Ho takes the reins.

  11. lol, Joe and Hunter Biden…the gifts that keep on giving. I think this is where Joe jumps the shark. He is despised on the left. It’s taken every inch of willpower in AOC’s body to keep from issuing the fatwa against him. At some point they’re going to cut their losses and the insurrection will be back on.

    • Is that part of it then, the Dems desperately need Biden to win because otherwise a loss by lefty-white-guy will prove the brown horde correct that one of their own (I don’t think they honestly consider Harris that) should have been the one running? OTOH, a Biden win would validate the strategy of keeping the ascendant locked up in the closet a little bit longer.

    • Looks like virtue signaling. What I note is that they think their cases listed in the these books are the same as that posed to Barrett. Not really. What was posed to Barrett were basically “gotcha” questions, designed to solicit negative opinion wrt the candidate for the office. Barrett wisely avoided such. And to my knowledge, was not hesitant wrt how she would approach decision making when allowed to elaborate.

  12. “Super-smart diverse sidekick is pretty dumb and reminds everyone of getting their license renewed.” First time the Zman made me laugh. Guess he is gearing up for his new role at Taki’s.

      • I laughed during his segment on polling.

        “Biden is up by 87 points in Pennsylvania!” “Trump is the first candidate to get Zero!”

        He has a good yet understated sense of humour.

  13. The people in charge are definitely not very good at being in charge. This would be fatal if the populace were even pretty good at being a nation. But the populace are no better at being a nation than the people in charge are at being in charge. So Weary Old Joe and his Diverse Sidekick are about to lead the charge in destroying Western civilization in the former United States. Buckle up.

  14. To a dissident like me it looks like the Wizard of Oz story. On November 3rd it will be a choice between the great Wizard with all his mirrors and levers and the Wicked Witch Kamala.
    Problem is I don’t know whether the wicked witch will melt if I throw water on her or whether she has real power over me?
    The Wizard is too damn busy playing Wizard and looking for attention while putting the real problems back on Dorothy and handing out trinkets to the Scare Crow, the Tin Man, and the Lion while the Wizard keeps saying I don’t have the power to stop the violence, unless you ask the Wizard, but don’t ask. The Wizard can’t seem to fire the generals and deep state working against him, or get tough with the tech giants.
    Eventually we are gonna need more than the Wizard leading us.

    • A bit of trivia. The Wizard of Oz was written as a allegory or a satire of the the monetary debate back a century or more ago the gold vs. Silver factions, the New York bankers versus the Farmland factions who wanted Easy Money. 

      Speaking on my own account, I am hoping to find out why the ocean is near the shore 😀

  15. “Super-smart diverse sidekick is pretty dumb and reminds everyone of getting their license renewed.”
    Damn, you’re funny.
    “That’s a pretty big hole in the plot, so the script writers have responded with plot devices so stupid it suggests they may have learning disabilities.”

    The average voter is pretty stupid and the below average voter is barely a vegetable. So the story can be pretty stupid and still work.

    • Wasn’t that George Carlin’s old line: “When you think how stupid the average person is, remember, half the people are stupider than that.”

  16. Query: How many nanoseconds would it take the FBI to deploy a ‘Roger Stone Raid’ against any ONE of Trump’s kids if they had dirt like this on him?
    This seems to be the fundamental problem. There is literal smoking gun evidence of both FBI malfeasance against a sitting president as well as the very same crime from Biden they tried to pin on Trump. ‘Pay for Play’ access to government. And so with this mountain of evidence we get… crickets.

    What the f-ck is that? Are conservatives truly THIS afraid? Because if so we may as well wrap this up now. Lefties deploy terror squads on 80 year old men for process crimes. Here you have actual insurgency within one of the most trusted agencies (FBI) as well as public officials taking bribes and nothing f-cking happens?
    Let’s release the Durham report so we can watch all the hand wringing, “Dems are the real traitors!11!!” and some strongly worded letters to go along with it. Have you ever seen a bigger group of sissies in your life? They are terrified of causing even a minor ripple in the status quo. It is pathetic and tiresome and blackpilling because it is clear Dems are 100% in control of all of it. Otherwise there would be lots of people cuffed up already.

    • Have you seen the YouTube video claiming proof that Obama, Biden, and Clinton ordered the death of Seal Team Six to cover up the botched handling of Bin Laden?

      • What was botched? No, I’m not watching a YouTube vid on this. YT is literally easier to fake than mainline news.

        • Supposedly the initial raid was a big fraud and OBL had been shuttled to Iran, still breathing.

          Iran realized that they had big leverage on Obama, so they made him pay up for concealing the fact OBL was still alive.

          Since the Seals on the raid knew the raid was a LARP, they had to go.

          Supposedly there are all kinds of documents and audio.

          The lead whistle-blower looks like an enormous kook.

    • one of the most trusted agencies

      Formerly so. I would like to see how the FBI polls now.

      Yes, conservatives are that afraid. It is why they are utterly worthless. Cuckery is based in no small part in fear. Fortunately Buckley Conservatism is three weeks away from death.

      • Been talking to BoomerCons lately.

        “I just don’t understand how people could vote for this!”

        “What’s wrong with people these days? Can’t they see Biden is senile and Kamala is evil?”

        Sorry, grandpa, there are people supporting it but they’re not your people. Race is real and it matters. Time for a reality check.

    • Win or lose, the Trump presidency proves Z’s observation that “we’re not voting our way out of this.” The DC bureaucracy is effectively a fourth branch of government, functionally independent of the executive. 92% of people in DC voted for HRC in 2016 … every one of them in government feels comfortable using his position to inhibit policies he doesn’t agree with, and those politics preferences uniformly align with the Party of Government. Absent a *massive* electoral landslide and national consensus, the DC bureaucracy is not going to cooperate with elected officials it doesn’t agree with.

  17. “According to Aristotle…”
    Evil white guy, remember? Millennials are not allowed to know about these sorts of hateful people, let alone actually read their writings.

    • How many people rely on these legacy sites for news? Sure, the very old still watch the evening news. Boomers rely on Facebook and this story was white hot on there yesterday, especially after they tried to suppress it.

      • I wish I knew. My Dad passed away 4 years ago and my Mom now seems to watch that crap. They have her scared out her mind with the covid stuff (my sister-in-laws are paraniod too which doesn’t help). So much so, we probably won’t bother visiting at Thanksgiving.

          • Murphy tells us we should avoid having a “tradtional” Thanksgiving, yet he just gave the green light for hockey games. There are your priorities.

            It’s not hate that’s ruining this country. It’s fear. A man’s strength and familial love is a good place to start.

        • My elderly mother is a news junkie and her only sources are the newspaper and MSM. Totally brainwashed. She voted for Biden today by mail while wearing her mask. Nothing will cure that mental illness.

  18. Hollywood loves to obsess about the “overseas markets.”

    From an electoral perspective, the same people who run Hollywood brought the overseas market here.

  19. I still think normie-cons are delusional in thinking this changes much of anything, even if the story were to be widely disseminated. To continue your analogy, the moviegoing public has been getting dumber for a long time. The Americans that sat in rapt silence watching Michael Corleone negotiate in a dark, wood-paneled office are now greatly outnumbered, thanks to Soros style “field trips” bringing busloads of moviegoers from far-flung lands with very low expectations of their entertainment fare. I’ve seen Mexican adults laugh at sub-Howdy Doody ventriloquism shows, and sub-Saharan Africans find killing goats with stones to be the height of culture. Besides which, there is still a large cohort of whites (especially among Boomers, but also among Xers) who are motivated by nothing other than visceral, unhinged hatred for Trump. If Biden were to go on TV tomorrow and say “I want to slit the throats of white babies and drink their blood,” the only result might be a slightly more motivated minority turnout next month.
    * Biden publicly saying he would slit white babies’ throats would also help him with the feminists still reeling from the death of Ginsberg, since it would show his commitment to fourth term abortions, and with the anti-racists, since killing a colonizer in the crib may be the fastest way to immanentize the Wakandian eschaton.

    • Never thought we’d be nearing Idiocracy territory in anyone’s living memory but here we are. The dysgenic de-evolution of the US IQ has been terrifyingly fast & efficient for all the reasons you listed. And no wonder given the amount of money & resources that have been relentlessly thrown at it for 6+ decades now.
      I use to consider myself of above average intelligence. Now? In any room full of randos off the street I’m somewhere between a genius and an entirely different species and not because I’ve gotten smarter. And for this reason, I go to the back of the line for employment or advancement. Clown World has no place for us.
      Are we there yet? Not far now!

      • You can be smarter and more aware than 90% of the population just by avoiding drugs/alcohol (both pharmaceutical and illegal), and social media status signalling.

        You are already in the top 35% of men just by not being fat.

        Standards are so shockingly low.

    • That’s pretty damn hilarious. You’re a pretty good writer, and have a colorful use of language, kind of reminiscent of Jim Goad. Good on you.

  20. Ha – yes! I can picture Harris sitting behind the plexiglass at the DMV. Every time I try to speak and expidite the process she says “don’t interrupt me” in her bitchy condescending voice, then goes back to ignoring me.

    • Was funny watching her try to punch way, way above her weight class with Barrett. Got her ass handed to her. And hiding in her office down the hall was a really bad look. At least Klobuchar had the courage to take her beating in the hearing room.

      • The arrogance of these mediocre people to think that they can get one better on someone who is obviously smarter and Superior to them.

      • Notre Dame has been a top 25 law school for quite a while.

        Unlike Harvard or Yale, where you get As for getting out of bed, you actually have to study and apply yourself under the Golden Dome.

        Hastings Law seems vastly overrated, probably because it’s in California.

        You see this with other Cali schools, especially in the Asian rankings.

        Sorry, but UCSD and UCSF are not top 25 global universities just because rich Chinese like to send their kids there to party for four years.

        • Don’t misjudge Hastings’ caliber through the lens of Kamala. In 1989, when she managed to “earn” her J.D., Hastings was a T20 school. It had ranked higher than Notre Dame for years and was renowned for its 65 Club, a cohort of professors who’d been manditorily retired from Yale, Harvard, etc. Kamala was an affirmative action admit. Her time at Hastings, and at Alameda D.A. immediately thereafter, were unremarkable. She was a non-entity then. Over the following decades, Hastings became the UC trash heap for affirmative action admits and cutting edge “law plus ___” mediocrities as professors. It once had a stellar reputation and coasted too long on those fumes.

        • Notre Dame is notable to be sure, but Harvard and Yale consistently outrank ND Law and have for some time (forever?). Not sure it’s that way because of “easy” A’s—at least not in their Law School.

          • You don’t go to top tier law schools to learn law – you go for connections. The caliber of student is better at taking tests (or connected already) but you are not there to really learn anything you can’t learn at just about any other law school.

          • No disagreement there. Good folk can come from average schools. Try to even get an interview from a top law firm if you have not graduated from the “top ten” or so law schools.

            But in order to judge whether those in such top tier schools deserve their “A’s”, we’d need to judge their caliber as opposed to other schools. AA BS aside, I’m betting we have the cream of the cream getting into these schools wrt ability. Earning high marks would be expected therefore and not necessarily a product of weak rigor of the program.

        • Unless it has changed policies, admission to Yale Law is a guaranteed B average at worst and class attendance is discretionary. While true in general, Ivies in particular fail to produce law students capable of such relatively simple tasks as writing standard documents such as wills and basic leases. An Ivy degree is purely to obtain connections, which are valuable. It is no indication whatsoever of skills or talent.

      • Who thought putting Harris on a TV link for this hearing was good optics in any way?

      • She is utterly repellant, especially to black and Hispanic men. Unfortunately many bluepilled deadbedroom white men are accustomed to serving this kind of attitude.

    • I was fooled. We were all fooled.

      The Haitian kids are camouflage.

      This one’s an operator, knows the Game, knows the rules. Smart and ambitious enough to play:

      The Unflappable ACB.

      • ACB is definitely sharp as a tack.

        The blank notepad is the greatest confirmation moment since, “high-tech lynching.”

        Enjoy the show while it lasts because I think the adoptees are a sign she will squish on immigration.

        • Her adoptees are probably a sign of believing in human equality and not HBD science. Therefore her decisions regarding “discrimination” and affirmative action (to correct such discrimination) will continue in the current vane. After all, the secondary purpose of the court system is to confer remedy when possible.

          • Long time lurker who loves regulars’ comments as much as the wisdom of senor Zed:

            I had AmyB as a prof at NDLS about 8 years ago and she IS whip smart, fearless despite mild demeanor and meticulously organized. Definitely one of the favorite professors I had. Is she with us on issues like immigration or foreign policy? Don’t know for sure but despite my misgivings about another college professor on the court I feel confident she’ll be socially conservative and ableto argue her side persuasively in session or in chambers. I think she’s a stellar pick for whatever my opinion is worth.

            BTW she is also a really nice person to deal with and husband was (still is?) a conservative AUSA

  21. “Then you have the effort to suppress the story, which doesn’t seem fishy at all.”

    Just did. A quick scan of CNN and MSNBC sites. Not one mention of Hunter Biden’s computer or Joe’s complacency. Top stories include white nazis from something called “The Base” are gonna get you if covid superspreaders don’t.

    I guess Twitter and FB have to actively suppress because content is user generated. How inconvenient.

  22. Did Working Class Joe ever have a blue-collar job? (Life-guarding doesn’t qualify)
    Trump had to work construction in his dad’s company before he was given any responsibility.

    • He used to have to collect rent rolls in Queens while in school. Fred was a tough taskmaster. One of the guys that did the same job gave him the advice that when knocking always stay to the side of the door. And sure as shit on one collection effort the resident shot through the door. Have had drinks with a guy that worked for Trump in very personal capacity. He stayed in the four corners of his NDA but was clear that Trump was VERY involved with the first three kids, all worked from early age..and when Jr. (who was the rebellious one) started to go astray (drinking) Sr. crawled into his life and straightened things out. Very different guy privately than public persona.

      •  Very different guy privately than public persona.

        This is another point the Left misses. Trump can and does play up/mug for the camera. They seem to think that is genuinely who he is.

        Trump was VERY involved with the first three kids

        Look at how Trump’s children turned out versus Biden’s. I think that speaks volumes about the quality of the two candidates.

        • They don’t understand many things.

          They don’t understand tough love. They don’t understand that a guy like trump can still have tender love for his kids.

          They have no concept of masculinity, and their physiognomy proves it. Hence their resentment for alphas. “Boo hoo I’m a RESPECTED JOURNALIST and women still won’t sleep with me”.

          Alot of the modern world is based on sex and resentment.

    • Not a fan of Biden by any stretch, but I must say the hagiography of Trump on the right is getting a bit ridiculous.

  23. They all blended together.

    There was that wolverine movie where the white redneck was terrorizing the poor black corn farming family in iowa. At the end of the movie all the white characters were gone and the young kids “taking their place” were mystery meat coloureds.

    Then that other movie where captain America dies and the black one takes his place.

    It took me long enough but I finally figured out that the movie needs to be iSteve (or D-right twitter) approved before i pay money to see it.

    • Enemy at the Gates.

      The Nazis are the bad guys, no surprise, but the cast is 99% white, the Jewish guy is portrayed as a cowardly sleazeball and the goy gets the girl.

        • Yes, but there’s that insufferable cholo b*tch to contend with; I liked her when I first saw the movie, because she’s sorta believably a badass, what with the shoulder and biceps. But in 2020, I only see the propaganda, the gender and race.

          Thanks a lot, Commie Swine! You ruined a good movie for me.

      • I throughly enjoyed that film, but was baffled as to why they discarded the real life ending of the Zaitsev/Konig standoff, which was inherently cinematic.

        • What would that be? To my knowledge, König was fictional – there was no expert SS sniper sent from Zossen to eliminate Zaitsev.

          EatG gets a lot of things right, in my opinion it’s up there with Saving Private Ryan – another excellent white guy movie.

          Having König hang the boy was a bit cheap and off-tone, but I guess that’s the kow-tow you have to make to be allowed a sleazy Jew in your movie.

          • I looked it up after reading your post and it seems that Konig’s existence may have been Soviet propaganda – there was a great History Channel doc in the 90’s that told the story as a tense cat/mouse game in which Zaitzev prevailed by tricking Konig into revealing his position. Might be on YouTube if anyone is interested.

    • Master and Commander. Not a single POC in sight, and get this: no empowered females, no females at all in fact, it’s stern to bow chads except for a faggot who kills himself.

      The guys responsible for not making a sequel get the bullet too.

        • The books come highly recommended too. The storytelling is a bit uneven, but the author was autistically obsessed with Napoleonic era naval warfare and the authentic feel is in a league of its own, even if (or especially because) you need to google obscure terms and naval cant every other page.

          All the battles in his books are from Royal Navy records, as are most of the named vessels, O’Brian just appropriated them for his hero.

      • That sounds awesome I think I’m going to have to watch it. I’ve been on an 80s action kick. Saw both aliens,predator and the thing recently

        • OMG. John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ with Kurt Russell.

          The cherry on top? There’s a prequel: what happened at the Danish camp… it ends as they take off in the helicopter to chase the daag…!!

          (Colonel Krull! How do we say ‘dog’ in Danish?)

          • Ok, apologies for ‘cloghopper’.
            I fear the Dane. Please don’t send the dragonships to the Green Isle.

          • The beauty of the thing was it was an all-male cast and the prequel, of course, has a woman in charge.

            I also watch the miniseries Battlestar Galactica recently. I’m not going to watch all four seasons because I’m not really in the mood for over the top angst and mysticism but I am going to watch the last couple episodes because I seem to remember that its the most racist series ever. They literally have Superior white people landing from outer space on primitive Earth only inhabited by naked Africans with Spears. Wow!

          • “They literally have Superior white people landing from outer space on primitive Earth only inhabited by naked Africans with Spears. Wow!”

            Holy Schmidt! Now I can’t wait to see it, still haven’t.

            Edit: Ha ha! I just realized who Adama and Eve were! “…the most racist series ever”

          • The end of the movie made no sense. Two survivors, both suspecting the other? Seems to me, there should then only be one—if the other is really using some deductive reasoning wrt eliminating the threat posed to mankind.

      • Good movie. I kept waiting for the moment when the movie would let me know who to hate. Never happened. Just great and good men doing what they have always done.

        • And there were no dark past secrets about the Commander! That movie could not possibly have been made by Hollywood.

      • Everything wrong with modern film is illustrated by their being 4 Pirates of the Caribbean sequels but no M&C sequel.

      • Rong. There was one POC in Master and Commander. A crewman. He appeared for several seconds. In fact, as O’Brien tells it the Royal Navy recuited many Africans to fill out their crews, which beats the use of press gangs.

      • Yes. This film is amazing. When it came out – perhaps 2003 or so – I thought it brilliant because it seemed accurate. The film put me onto the books, which although hard at first due to the naval terminology, I enjoyed.

        I hear that because it came out at the same time as Pirates of the Caribbean, which was deemed far more ‘fun’, it was decided that no effort would be made with making any more of O’Brian’s novels into film. They just could not compete ‘with what the audience wanted’.

        But I’ll say again, it is a bloody good film.

  24. According to Aristotle, the elements of good story telling, in order of importance, are plot, character, theme, dialogue, melody, decor and spectacle.

    Judging by the blockbusting Marvel Cinematic Universe, I would say that character and maybe theme is more important for a movie today than plot but good storytelling obviously has nothing to do it those money making caped fantasies.

  25.  vice president at the time, emphasis on the vice

    True. Biden’s well-known corruption had been kept to the sidelines before yesterday. Oops. How much this matters won’t be known until November 4th or some time in the next few months as new ballots are discovered in the trunks of Cadillacs.

    Where this gets very, very interesting is with the obvious FBI cover-up of possible felonies as Trump was impeached over issues directly related to the laptop evidence the Bureau kept hidden. Again, FBI corruption is well-known, but, oops. Social media’s well-known corruption already has it primed for nationalization. Again, oops.

    It really doesn’t matter that likely nothing will be done to address any of the corrupt elements here. The main benefit will be the further delegitimization of the Empire’s hapless praetorian guards. More shoes will drop, and with any luck public disgust with the Inner Party will be so off the charts no one ever against will listen to a word they say, truth or lie.

    • Deep State sounds like a spy novel, invoking the shades of Conspiracy Theory and Hollywood Messages.

      Inner Party? That needs to be spread, and widely.

      • Yeah, I try to avoid “Deep State” due to the conspiratorial overtones but it is deadly accurate. So is “Inner Party,” which doesn’t have that baggage, so it is a better choice.

    • If it weren’t for the FBI sitting on this Biden stuff since the first of the year, Slow Joe wouldn’t have been the candidate. It’s also better that if the Dems win, it is Slow Joe in there, who will demonstrate the bankruptcy of our status-quo politics on a daily basis. Thanks, FBI!

      • As Emerald Robinson tweeted today:
        “AG Bill Barr’s current score:
        Peter Strozk: on a book tour
        James Baker: deputy counsel at Facebook
        Lisa Page: working at NBC News
        Jim Comey: 2nd book tour
        Bruce Ohr: retired with pension
        Andy MCabe: working at CNN”

  26. Richard Spencer likens Joe biden to comfort food and thinks he’ll win in a landslide. Lol. Considering the turnout for a couple of his recent rallies, I double that.

      • Mitt Romney apparently was so convinced by the size of his rallies just before the election in 2012 that he never bothered to write a concession speech.

        With that said, do you know *anyone* who is pro-Biden? Is anti-Trump sentiment enough to sufficiently drive enough turnout for Biden to win?

    • The first thing to know about Spencer is that he’s a contrarian in order to get attention. As for the lack of attendance at Biden rallies, it’s puzzling since there’s so much hate for the Orange Man. Maybe Biden voters are that terrified by the virus. On second thought, Biden voters haven’t worried about catching the virus when there’s looting and rioting on the agenda.

      • It’s puzzling. One suspects a lot of gaslighting. Otoh if Joe gets a legitimate win society is broken— sadly I can’t dismiss that possibility.

      •  Maybe Biden voters are that terrified by the virus.

        They are.

        These are the granola-eating Subaru and Volvo drivers that wear masks in the park when it’s sunny and 80F and there is not a soul within 100 yards.

        • Correct. And their vote (which they’ll mail in) counts the same as ours.

          The over-confidence on the MAGA side is astounding.

          • I’ve talked to a couple of people recently who are concerned. They think something isn’t right, and that could be. It’s a strange election because of covid, much is hidden.

            As for me, I don’t have the bad feeling I had in ‘18. It could be that I’m not as engaged this time around, but I also don’t have the sense of genuine enthusiasm on the left that I had back then. Just astroturf rage like the Occupy protests. I keep asking myself if I’m missing something, and if I am, I can’t figure out what it is. Maybe the decisive moment hasn’t arrived.

          • Introspection requires a degree of intelligence, so you’re doing the right thing.

            Related: here’s a worthwhile Twitter thread I found-

            Carl Allen (@RealCarlAllen) Tweeted:

            Who’s ready for an election thread and a (statistically literate) poll analysis & update?

            There’s an OBSESSION with “what the polls missed” in 2016. If you follow me, you’d know: the polls weren’t wrong – people just read them wrong.


          • The Crats have been signalling for some time that vote rigging of every sort is going to be legendary. The illegals, the dead, the imaginary, and finally misplaced and lost ballots.
            Trump failed to instill fear in the vote harvesters any more that he did in the seditious deep state operatives, so this is what we get. What was five million becomes ten.

        • The all-time greatest:

          Two AWFLs swimming in the ocean… wearing their masks.

          Runner up: We Bare All dancers in Hawaii, wearing only… you guessed it. Not even g-strings or pasties.

          • My favorites are the ones that leap to the other side of the path and turn their backs to you in their performative worship of Corona-chan.

    • Spencer has a half a point. But no one is voting for Biden. They are voting against Trump. Normally you can’t beat something with nothing, but none of this is normal. And if Biden wins, at least some of it is on Trump.
      There is a widespread feeling out there that if Trump goes away, so will everything else. This is not some deep calculated political analysis. It is a primitive attempt to stop the volcano’s rumbling.
      And if Biden wins, it will seem like the volcano has been pacified. The media will dial it back on the 24/7 gloom and doom. The sun will come out. Covid will be cured. And this will feel good to people who are in front of screens 24/7.
      The question is, what happens when the ground begins to shake again? What happens when people wake up to the fact that all the problems that were there before Trump are still there after Trump?
      Most importantly: what do *we* do?
      Dissident has a nice ring to it but I don’t really see this thing as a dissident movement. I see it as an insurgency aimed at ejecting a globalist occupation regime and bringing domestic traitors to justice. If it is anything, it is a struggle for national liberation.
      This Q thing has got a ton of normal people near to understanding that they are ruled by an alien group. They are about a degree or two away from being redpilled. Some of these people have blood in their eyes over this pedophilia stuff. We cannot ignore them just because the Alt Right stupidly purity spiraled with these folks and rejected any outreach to them. 
      So how do we approach them? The Q thing seems to have reached the point where any development confirms the narrative.
      With this in mind I say pursue individual direct action that will provoke the already insane to act crazier, drive the sane ones crazy, and prevent any return to normalcy. This goes for both sides of the divide.
      People will want a breather after all this and I say they must not get one.

  27. I swear, if that corrupt, lying, senile old fool with his phony negress sidekick are actually elected, this dump of a land mass is truly doomed. Look, I realize the average demoncrap would vote for a stump before pulling the lever for Trump, but this whole farce so so far beyond the pale it’s ludicrous. In a sane country, with the data on that laptop, a stinkbag like Biden would be toast. The corruption of the political class and big tech are incredible, and the (apparent) fact that this is even a close race further highlights what a complete idiocracy this place has become.

    • Remember the days when people would be caught doing something scandalous they would make abject apologies and then disappear forever. Those were good days

      • Yeah, I remember Gary Hart disappeared after his affair in the late 80’s. I honestly thought Dementia Joe was done for after he was forced to drop out of the primaries in 1988 for stealing Neal Kinnock’s speech about being a poor coal miner’s son almost word for word.

        Now it is like it never happened.

        • Truly – there is no shame anymore, particularly on the demoncrap side. Doesn’t matter they’ve been recorded on audio or visual, it’s still like it never happened. How can people (or a people) be so completely divorced from reality? It makes one question his/her own sanity.

      • I’ve been around for a long time and I don’t remember that happening to a democrat, ever.

      • I remember serious discussion of whether Reagan could/should run for the presidency as he was divorced and remarried to then second wife, Nancy.

        Patrick Moynihan was right a couple generations ago when he lectured us on “defining deviancy down”. What Moynihan did not foresee is that we would quickly pass that stage, fully accept deviancy, and even elevate it. Our candidates for positions of leadership and office now tout such deviancy in their resumes.

      • After the Profumo Scandal, John Profumo spent the rest of his life working with the poor in London’s East End. Imagine a US–or any present day–politician doing that!

      • That was before the DC a**holes perfected ‘honest graft.’ Now the entire stinkin town is taking graft and gettin rich. Even congressional aids wives take bribes from lobbyists. Washington DC is united in maintaining the status quo and President Trump is the existential threat to their good life.

      • Jeez, that close-up where he’s not merely nuzzling that mexican toddler’s face, but gently biting her cheek (and her baby look of contempt).

    • The former United States ceased to be a sane country at least fifty years ago. The final bill is about to become due.

  28. Joe will be just fine. If he doesn’t win the presidency, the day after the election he will be down at the hall with his union brothers in his denim overalls, lunch bucket in hand, waiting for that call out to the construction site.

  29. At this point in time, given de obvious problems with the democrats, I would forgive Trump any machinations/manipulation and even outright fraud to stay POTUS for 4 more years.

  30. Don’t worry, the GOP are on it! They’re giddily posting screenshots of their sternly-worded letters to Twitter. They’re on the case!

    I wouldn’t get too excited about this drama. It’ll be memory holed by next week. Someone pointed out that this year, instead of just one October Surprise, we’re likely to see a new surprise every other day. No one, including conservatives, will care about Hunter or Twitter censorship next week.

    • GOP politicians will raise the price of the protection money they extort from social media, so there will be some consequences.

      • LOL the GOP will punish Big Tech by either reducing the size of the tax cut they were going to give them by 2%, or maybe by reducing the amount of guest worker visas they were going to give them from, say, 1 million to 995,000.

        Actually I doubt it will even come to that. The most we’ll see are those angry letters or mayyybe some toothless congressional or senate hearings where all sides say their pieces and go home and nothing changes.

    • I chuckled at the various Senator’s letters going to various tech oligarchs last night. Stern finger wagging that will simply be ignored, thus very publicly demonstrating who’s really in charge.

  31. I can still respect a guy who owns his vices (classic vices like womanizing, not weird shit like getting pegged) and faces the music. Hunter Biden is clearly not that kind of man. In pictures of you can see the insecurity in his eyes – the man is desperate to be liked. He’s also got some serious problems aside from banging crack whores; he divorced his own wife to pursue his dead brother’s wife…

    • As much as many justifiably hate Trump’s moral failings, there’s a big difference between a confident alpha male banging hot women and bullying enemies and insecure boy of privilege smoking crack and banging prostitutes.

      • Still remember Trumps bachelorhood days–half the fury simply comes from dweeby intel journalists that have to wait until 1am to try in close a deal with the Irish 10s that are still available at the bar. Trump, meanwhile was pursued rather than pursuer.

        • Trump is a true alpha.

          The dynamic is interesting: the right looks up to trump for being alpha. The left resents trump for being alpha.

          Its partly a reality thing: most conservatives generally accept that they’re average, and make due with what they have. Leftists often stay bitter for their entire lives that they didn’t get laid at prom.

  32. I have given up trying to figure out why we are immersed in so many millions of dead headed dopes willing to buy incredulous garbage put before them. They won’t or don’t care what visual evidence is put before their eyes.

    Biden is a midwit crook and lifetime grifter (aren’t most of them).
    maybe that a lot of people viscerally hate Trump and will just vote for mayonnaise brains for that reason alone. Then you have union and government workers protecting their gibs.

    • Always held that if Biden did not come from a state so small you can fire a .22 across it, his political apogee would have been sitting in an alderman’s seat grifting paving and waste disposal contracts and getting his extended family jobs with the city.

      • I’ve always said that Biden should have been selling Cadilacs in Boca or retirement properties in Arizona. He’s not too bright, but in a role that requires a shameless bullshitter, that’s not a liability. He can do the grip and grin and make the mark feel special, but too much time around him and you notice he is full of crap and perhaps a little brain damaged.

        There is a reason Biden has been a massive flop as a national candidate. They literally had to clear the field for him to win this time. He’s a guy you don’t want to hate, so you avoid being around him.

        • You are on a roll today, pal. That description of Biden is spot on. Romney had some of that salesman quality, too, mixed with the boss everyone hated.

          • Romney’s campaign essentially boiled down to: appreciate your boss. Watch the Netflix documentary “Mitt” and this comes out loud and clear. Mitt’s fundamental political philosophy is “I’m smarter than you, so you should let me run things.” That may be true (I’m skeptical) but as a campaign platform, well … look how well that worked out.

        • Seen him up close a few times since we spend Thanksgiving in the same place and that is spot on. Shake a hand smile, say a few things, handlers move him on. Though a guy I know on the island ran into him once on Main street with Hunter and a couple SS. Went to say hello, Biden started to turn to him, Hunter stepped in and said “the Vice President doesn’t have time for this”. A real asshole. Probably had some bag money to pick up and were in a hurry.

      • Another spot on description of Biden. In truth, he does just what you described at an international level. Pretty good for a natural born Amway salesman.

    • You should be ashamed of yourself! What has anyone with mayonnaise for brains ever done to you? 😉

  33. Just to pile on: Biden ads are all over the streaming music services in my neck of the woods. Almost all of them show him in a mask. People, this is Marketing 101 — a challenger must differentiate himself. If there is such a thing as an “undecided voter,” in the Media age the bare minimum for that voter, when he reaches the voting booth, is to be able to recall the candidate’s face. Joe is deliberately making himself “generic white-haired white man in a suit.” I’m sure it sounded great to the consultants, though, and their crack, hand-picked focus group of other consultants. Build Back Better! (to be fair, a decent slogan for what they’re trying to do). So put him in a mask and bang on corona all day…

    … except Joe’s already got Karen’s vote locked up, and there’s all kinds of evidence that “being Not-The-Incumbent” doesn’t work (I don’t think it has ever worked). I’ve seen sharper runs for junior high student council president. These are not intelligent people.

    • When an overweight orange guy who is 74 years old gets the Corona-doom and recovers from the equivalent of a summer cold three days later, the Covid narrative loses considerable force. Trump is energetic and mask-free. Biden is hidin’…behind a mask. Not good optics.

      • But… the Coronadoom madness continues, indeed we are ramping up for Lockdown II. I would have thought that Bad Orange Man’s ‘recovery’ (how sick was he, really?) would be the beginning of the end of all this insanity, but it seems to have made the Branch Covidians even more determined.

        • Remember when Boris Johnson got CV and recovered back in March?
          The UK media tried to convince everyone when that happened the entire British island was in danger of flipping over like a melting iceberg.

        • we are ramping up for Lockdown II.

          Yup. The media has done a great job brainwashing the sheeple into believing “cases = deaths.”

          Idiot Cuomo just added four states to the NY quarantine list and continues to tweet mental diarrhea about masks that easily get 50k likes.

          • Slightly OT… SSPX Priest, Father Trevor Burfitt brought suit against California for prohibiting assembly of congregations. There are still some good priests. Few in main line Catholicism, but many among the SSPX.

          • Well, if you want to go to schismatic heretics! But, in the liberal, religious-freedom of the US, I guess you have a point…

          • Fuhrer De Blasio has declared sidewalk tents and space heaters for wintertime outdoor dining.

            We’re not even going to get a pod, we’ll have to eat our bugs in a tent like alien refugees in “District 9”.

          • Don’t eat out. Problem solved.
            Stop protecting the economy is cities like a good money obsessed Republican stooge. it only helps the enemy. Take care of yourself and your friends and get away if you can.
            The less income people have, the angrier they get, the more they suffer and with a little luck, the Feds won’t gave them anything either.
            No money made means lower taxes paid and less power and legitimacy since they have to buy that.
            We are supposed to be dissidents but if we can’t skip something like TV, movies ansd eating out for a while, we are screwed,

        • I was wrong about corona. I thought the inconvenience (you know, like lots of people losing their jobs) would end it, but the Left has made corona part of their lunatic religion now. They could get the damn thing themselves, and recover fully from nothing worse than a summer cold, and they’d still be shrieking about how we’re gonna die. Apparently the neo-Nazis that are literally everywhere must be spreading it. If they can conjure a vast army of skinheads out of thin air, the virus is nothing to them.

          • Much of the left is supported by the suburban AWFL/Cuck who Works From Home. All this has done has made it even *easier* for her to spread gossip and do the mean girl crap with her neighbors and neighbors’ kids. I talk to these people, all I hear is “It will end when they have a vaccine” repeated like a mantra.
            Her pocketbook hasn’t been hurt by this.

        • There’s a lot of evidence that apocalypse cults actually benefit from the failure of their predictions. The Jehovah’s Witnesses repeatedly gave precise dates for the end of the world and gained members after each date. The Cult of Covid is now sufficiently well entrenched that it will need to be actively suppressed to get normal life back in many places. Trump could kick off his 2nd term by doing a lot of things in this direction ranging from executive orders to denial of funding to the Masked States. I’m cautiously hopeful that he will.

          We can all do little things ourselves too ranging from just not wearing masks to making “no masks allowed” rules for any place or event we control. Just wearing a t-shirt with a mask in a circle with a line through it could help influence people subconsciously.

      • As cynical as I’ve been at times about Trump, the covid diagnosis was the best moment of his presidency so far imo. Him coming out and saying ‘don’t let this dominate you, I beat it, you can too’ was brilliant. Then he put the cherry on top by saying he had to put himself out there and take experimental treatments, take risk, because that’s what leaders do. It was very impressive stuff, and you know that because the media already forgot it.

        • I think you are right. Osama bin Laden was right. When presented with a strong horse and weak horse, people naturally choose the strong horse.

      • Don’t know bout the rest of you but I, for one, will be glad to see the day come when we will no longer – LITERALLY – be afraid to show our face in public.

        • I refused to wear one from the start. I won’t go into any business that requires you to wear a mask.

          • Yep, same here. Interestingly however, since there is practically nowhere for me to go, you could as easily board up my front door and seal me into the house (medieval like). I’m perhaps the safest (from COVID-19) guy in the neighborhood. 😉

          • Worst part of air travel. One practices the art of making that tiny bag of pretzels last 2 hours. “Actively eating.”
            The best was Southwest’s announcement: “Your cooperation is mandatory.”

          • The Indian casino here has reopened.

            Ad’s on the TV showing casino customers behind plexiglass with masks. They are allowed to smoke but are shown/instructed to pull their mask down to take a puff, then replace it. When drinking their complementary booze, they must do the same.

            Indian attendants are shown tapping the “customers” (all White) on the shoulder to remind them to place their masks on “properly” or to replace them more quickly after a sip of their drink. A voice looms in the background stating that customers who repeatedly fail to do these things will be asked to leave.

            I look over to the wife incredulously…I remark, “How can these folk think this ad will attract any customers? Who in the hell would go there to have “fun” gambling? Wife remarks, “Oh, they are just saying that. No one’s going to pay attention!”

            I doubt it. The Indian casino is on Indian land, there is no controlling authority of the State there. And yet…they’ve been poz’d.

          • I saw that ad. I thought it was just that whack job newsome who had proposed such a thing – now the injuns? Those casinos are grubby enough as it is and now this? Jeebus.

          • Most businesses don’t end up challenging you on it. Sometimes a security guard with his nose uncovered might object.

          • Even if they require a Karen Kloth, I go in anyway and force them to confront me. It has happened three times in seven months.

          • Problem is here, they are closing down these places when you break their (local gov) rules and the store/restaurant does not take action.

            This creates a stress point between myself and those owners I’ve come to know and do business with. OK, so screw Walmart. But I try to do business with smaller folk when possible so relations.

            One interesting exception, here in this State a law was passed after Katrina—you can’t screw with gun shops! No closure, no restrictions, no nothing! They operate as normal, or as their employees feel they need for *their* personal safety. It’s a breath of fresh air.

      • Given the choice between a powerful Clydesdale and a puny nag, people will choose the Clydesdale. That’s the conventional wisdom, anyway. But in Insane Clown World, people seem to be attracted to the pitiful and the pathetic, while loathing the bold and the robust.

    • … except Joe’s already got Karen’s vote locked up

      Is anyone else worried there are enough moronic Karens out there to toss this country to the Bolshevik?

      • If Trump can’t take the lion’s share of the white vote, he is doomed. And middle-class white women are a significant share of the white vote. White women can definitely take Trump down.

      • It’s insane, I see pretty, wealthy young white girls spamming “DEFUND THE POLICE” “STAND WITH INDIGENOUS LAND DEFENDERS” etc.

        They would literally be sex slaves for the blacks in this society they are advocating for.

        They’re either insanely stupid, or it’s a blackpilling insight into what women actually want – ie, they hate liberation.

        • They’re either insanely stupid, or it’s a blackpilling insight into what women actually want 

          Sorry, but it’s neither. They’re simply brainwashed – between the education (indoctrination) establishment and the media no other result is to be expected.

        • The SJW white women will be ecstatic to send Trump packing. They seem to want more of treatment like this for themselves and their daughters.
          17 year old teenage white girl nearly beaten to death for spurning the advances of a 37 year old jogger in a Naples, Florida mall as she was having lunch with her grandmother. Did anyone see this in the national news because I sure didn’t.

          • A very few mental cases do but healthy women want men of their own culture who are stronger than they are.
            This does not make John Norman a gender expert nor Gor a model planet.
            The reason we have so many troubles is that we have to conflate status for strength do to technology and that higher status people with exceptions are usually weaker than lower status men in these conditions.
            Ideally yo get higher status than the women and stronger but the number of men who meet that is only slightly higher than Vampire Playboys with a mild S&M fetish.

        • It is somewhat disheartening that an attractive, affluent white woman I know, who is reasonably intelligent when it comes to almost any other topic, seems to be totally blind when it comes to this. What’s worse, she has two kids who will face the double whammy – 3/4 white, 1/4 chinese. Not even a “disadvantaged” back-up minority status to fall back on. What does she think the future will hold for them? Yale will only discriminate against them TWICE as hard.

      • The “Karen instinct” lies dormant, a latent Puritanism always eager to volunteer for the Stasi. Was walking the beach last week, maskless, and some crone rasped “cover your face.” The last gasp of feminism.
        Extremism in the defense of immunity is no vice, paraphrasing Goldwater.

        • Good on you. America was built on a very flimsy premise, one unable to cope with being a developed nation.
          Its our job to build a nation for the post frontier, post industrial age, preferably one that can handle a catabolic collapse when that happens.

    • That “build back better” slogan is also being used by the Davos WEF elites. It being used by the UN, Boris Johnson in the UK, Australia, and by the EU leadership. It’s part of “The Great Reset” that they’re trying to pull off. Their symbolism will be their downfall. A small b looks like a 6, so think 666.

      • This Covid Show?
        I’m wondering if the whole thing is a world-ending disaster movie a la ‘climate change’.

        China rolled out a big-budget production at the beginning as the price paid for inclusion in the WTO, forex, and SWIFT settlements- for joining the world banking system, in other words.

        Their banks are as toxic as their rivers, yet like Reserve Notes, their “assets” are accepted.

        Was Covid just another player being given a seat with the other crooks at the poker table?

    • I read somewhere in college that for a challenger to defeat an incumbent, especially an incumbent President, he must pass a two tier test. Fail either one, and the incumbent wins. First, you have to convince the voters that the incumbent needs to go. Mondale in 1984, Dole in 1996 failed to do this so the election results were never in doubt. The second test is convincing the public that you’re a suitable substitute. I think you can make the case that Kerry in 2004 might have succeeded in the first test, but the Bush campaign successfully managed to raise enough questions about Kerry that he failed the second. I think it’s possible that Romney’s failure in 2012 was closer to the second test than the first. Regardless, fail either test and the result was the re-election of the incumbent. But, does that apply to 2020? That is, are passions so high right now in the anti-Trump world that they’ll literally vote for anyone regardless of his qualifications/limitations to end the Orange scourge? Could Biden emerge from his basement screaming Hail Satan! without consequence? GWB won in 2004 by disqualifying his opponent. I live inside the Beltway so my local view is nothing but anti-Trump loons. I’d like to think there are a few people somewhere in the country who would be moved by Biden’s obvious disqualifications, though I can think of no one who has even bothered to offer a pro-Biden argument. Under normal circumstances, I’d think voting for negative reasons is not enough to drive turnout, but passions regarding Trump are so hot, normal rules probably don’t apply.

      • In my neck of the woods, we’ve got a senator and a congressman up for reelection. Signs for the Democratic candidates for both offices are all over the place, but it’s funny — they’re not accompanied by Biden signs. There are, in fact, vanishingly few Biden signs, though there were signs all over the place for the other loons in primary season. Even stranger: In the few places they appear, Biden signs are solo acts, unaccompanied by signs for the Dems running for the other offices.

        My take is that the signs for the congresscritters are from the Democratic faithful, who will go vote for them and probably, but not certainly, pull the lever for Joe as well. The solo Biden signs are just virtue signals – they’ll vote mail-in if they can be arsed to vote at all, which I doubt.

        (There are no Trump signs, but that’s to be expected, what with your kind and tolerant neighbors with the “hate has no home here” signs threatening to beat up your children and vandalize your car if you show open support for Der Trumpenfuhrer. But there are suddenly a LOT of American flags flying, which must be code for “Trump voter”].

        • Got that same scenario – lots of signs for local races, but not many Biden or Trump signs. A smattering here or there, but nothing like 2016.

          As for the 2 part test, I think voting for negative reasons has overtaken it. Most people, it seems, vote against a candidate rather than for one. That’s why negative campaigning works so well. I suppose it’s a function of the deteriorating quality of the candidates, and the ruling class in general. No one really has that many great ideas on how to fix the sh*tsh*w, so it’s hard to campaign on that.

      • I read somewhere in college that for a challenger to defeat an incumbent, especially an incumbent President, he must pass a two tier test. Fail either one, and the incumbent wins. 

        That’s how Uncle Ronald beat Mr. Peanut. He passed both tests with flying colors. Same for Willy Jeff vs Bush père.

        I can think of no one who has even bothered to offer a pro-Biden argument.

        I don’t recall seeing any pro-Biden ads here. All I’ve seen are anti-Trump ads. Course I don’t watch just a hell of a lot of TV so I may just not be watching when they’re on.

        • Giant Trump billboards, signs, sides of barns, and American flags as big as the Giants stadium- that’s what I see from Los Angeles to New York.

          One Biden billboard in the Nations- some Navajo sellout on the council’s gonna get a visit from the skinwalkers on that one.

          (Unexplained murders in the Indian reservations are blamed on shapeshifters, the redskin equivalent of werewolves.)

    • I’ve looked over every slogan since 1840 and Build Back Better wins the stupid prize. It’s only real rival is the incredibly pompous and narcissistic “We are the ones we have been waiting for” which might need its own category.

    • Biden in the mask is Dukakis in the tank.
      As I noted upstream, Biden is the designated loser.

  34. > Then there are the e-mails from foreign potentates suggesting he was the facilitator in a bribery scheme involving his father, who was vice president at the time, emphasis on the vice.
    It’s amazing anyone thinks these lucrative board jobs that always seem to fall on the laps of the children of the powerful are anything but bribes and favor seeking. It’s been done since time began, though in the past it usually involved marrying off a daughter (though that also still happens today).
    The Hunter Biden story is a story of a particularly stupid and degenerate man who didn’t have the common sense to do the little required to pretend his appointment was legitimate.
    In the end, I don’t think the average voter cares other than a funny story for the pundits to laugh at, but that’s not the story anymore. The ruthless big-tech suppression is now the main story having people in arms.

    • The Trump narrative is the underdog against the system. Big Tech just made the point. It’s why Trump was on fire at his Iowa rally and so was the crowd. The villain returns to the screen and now the Trump narrative makes sense again.

      • Adding to your point that these people are terrifyingly stupid. Trump’s 2016 was entirely against the Media – ol’ Whatzerface was just the dumb bint who kept walking into punches. It would be the easiest thing in the world to run a conventional anti-incumbent campaign against Trump, but no, the Media — self important little douches that they are — just can’t resist making themselves the center of attention again, letting Trump do exactly what he did last time. One begins to suspect they like being slapped around by an alpha male… you know, sexually.

        • The Media and Big Tech are stupid, but a lot of their mistakes are driven by their worldview. In their minds, Trump really is Hitler. Therefore, anything that helps him, even a little, is seen as a lie or distorted almost to the point of being a lie.

          Therefore, they do what they think is right – in their minds – which is suppress it.

          This is why they’ll make mistake after mistake after mistake in the future. When you start with false assumptions about how the world works, you’re going to make stunning errors.

          • The DeepState-Corporate-Techno-Media are making stupid little deceitful mistakes that help them tell what they think is the big story.

            In the real world, the lies of the DeepState-Corporate-Techno-Media is a much bigger story.

          • It is a truism that perception IS reality. Locked as it is in a vault of bone, the seat of our consciousness has – AND CAN HAVE – no reality aside from that which it experiences via the senses. Add in various perceptual filters and you have the makings for such errors. I have said for years that those on the left inhabit a different perceptual universe than do we. It is for this reason that I contend that those on the left are not crazy; merely otherly sane.

          • The postmodernists on the Left would argue that the senses tell us nothing at all about “reality” (their scare quotes). In fact, according to them, we cannot know exterior reality because language is the only reality, and signs and texts do not engage with exterior reality but only with other signs and texts. Now this is the sort of philosophy very few on the right adhere to. And the fact that Leftists alone adhere to postmodern theory adds credence to your notion that they are otherly sane. And if you are right, one must then wonder if those on the Left and right can even really understand one another any more than can Icelanders and Micronesians.

        • When I was watching an old Star Trek I was struck by the utter self-absorption and arrogance it must take to pull off an acting career. “Put this rubber suit on and pretend to be a space monster”, really? Hardly any of us could pull that off since there’s a voice in the back of our head telling us it’s all just a load of bunk.
          However, Hollywood, the press, politicians, etc. have no such voice, they exist in a world that consists solely of themselves.

          • Much like the utter arrogance & self absorption to commit to being the androgynous SJW flipping on her phone to scream about fascism because RGB is dead. Same thing. Its a sick mindset ultimately where you’re just playing a role for your peers.

        • Everything you say is true – but no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. In a land of reasonably, nay – even marginally sane people, Trump would be a shoo-in. This is not such a land.

        • Guess even the left succumbs to the temptation of putting on the Hitler suit.

          The thing is, they do not see it as such. Never forget for an instant that those who Uncle Ronald called “our friends on the left” consider all the ills of modern society to proceed from a surfeit of liberty. It is for THIS reason that they seek ever to reduce our liberties to the absolute minimum.

        • Yes, Trump is doing to the media what the media does to wignats, and what Braer Rabbit does to Braer Fox. Convince them to lead with their chin and step right into the trap.

          • Sure. Those involved in the Russian Collusion Hoax are making out like bandits. Gen. Flynn and other supporters were ruined fiancially and otherwise but Barr says no problem! So when do you think this trap is going to be sprung?

      • Yep. The censorship is the story. Nobody cares about Biden’s son and Biden’s own corruption. It’s Big Tech pushing people around, and Trump fighting against them for us.

        Biden’s narrative never made sense, but Trump wasn’t living up to his narrative enough to get his side energized. This is a big boost to Trump.

        • Everybody is simply playing his role. Any surprise about the facts of the Biden family’s scumbaggyness? That Twitter and Facebook would block reporting of it and the mainstream media would ignore it? That Trump would play off of all of it to his home team, and would put this stuff out there at critical moments? That the FBI/CIA had seized the evidence and were sitting on it all this time? Everyone is just playing to expectations, and any one of these entities doing something different than what he did would have been the “man-bites-dog” story. Trump simply has a more compelling story, better told.

          • True. Everything now is gaslighting, scripted. It’s all a show, but not in the way Q indicated: it’s just theater for normie; some gentle rocking of boats, but not too much. The Owners have too much invested. Hunter in bed with a crack pipe fits perfectly with the mise-en-scene, it’s the beautiful MacGuffin, although this time saved for the late innings.
            It’s pretty clear that Biden is the appointed Mike Dukakis, the hapless nitwit whose job it is to lose. Trump is the personification of Sinclair Lewis’s “Buzz” Windrip, the charismatic pretender who will rally the aging Minute Men to shake their fists at AOC during the 2-minute hate.2nd term Trump will usher in the reality Frank Zappa foresaw: “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
            That brick wall is going to have a BlackRock logo on it, after Larry Fink buys up all the distressed real estate in the country. 2008 redux, and this time, thanks to Covid Monster, the people are begging for the bailout.
            That’s what the Owners call winning.
            The best possible result would be if no one–as in zero people–voted. But that’s also part of the purpose of the stage production, isn’t it–enough sop to Cerberus to fire up the base, and get them interested enough to lick that stamp or pull that switch.

        • Nobody cares about Biden’s son and Biden’s own corruption.

          Clearly somebody does else they would not go to such lengths to suppress the story.

          • It is more meta: the Trumpenrecht knows the left will squelch this story just as part of their defensive reflexes; so they put up the decoy story (who cares if it is true) and document the censorship, which was the real goal.

          • Exactly right, the new twist is the censorship. But that, too, is exactly what is expected of FB/Twitter. So it is still “non-news news”. Somewhere, Normie has to go into Network movie Howard Beale “I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take it any more” mode. But I think a lot of Normies are going to continue to take it, good and hard.

        • And shockingly Dorsey actually got subpoenaed by the Republicans . President Trump gave them a bit of spine transplant. How much remains to be seen and I suspect they probably won’t charge him with election interference for it but stripping them of 230 protections might be a good option.

      • TheZman’s piece yesterday nailed it, however: Washington leaders and regulators are incapable of reigning in Big Tech and Big social media.

        Blackmail, fear, opportunism…who knows why? But FB and Twitter have real power that should be ridiculously easy to reign in. Yet…they’re not.

        • FB and Twitter have real power that should be ridiculously easy to reign in.

          Only if we had a judiciary that even approached being impartial. Unfortunately for those of who follow the ZMan and folks like us, the majority of judges are as far left as the media and the deep state. Face facts, friends. In a very literal sense progressives rule. They do not reign but in today’s world they most definitely rule.

        • The gubmint lacks the will and desire to rein in the oligarchs being as they are on the payroll. However the feds still have police and military power. The sudden accidental death of Jack Twitter would do miracles to rejigger to correlation of forces back into the hands of the People.

      • That’s spot on. This sleazy story qua story is irrelevant to most people, but the heavy-handed censorship and what it represents is not. This is one of those cases where he a brief press conference and non-apology apology would have been news about three hours, but the cover-up and moronic social media censorship have caused tremendous grief to Goliath. Now as other things drop, as they most assuredly will, it will be harder and harder to put a lid (no pun intended) on them.

    • I’ll go further. 80% of ‘Board Members’ are idiots that are not capable of actually executing on anything. They’re there to sign off on whatever management tells them to sign off on, collect a nice paycheck, and ‘facilitate’ the continuous transfer of power to the oligarchs (who are the other 20% of Board Members when they deign to be involved at all).

      • It’s a sinecure for past services rendered. Kelly Ayotte never broke 5 figures as a NH prosecutor. Ran for Senate as a Tea Party candidate but the minute she landed in DC she aligned herself w/ the McCain wing of the party. Even though she only served one term before she was tossed out she serves on multiple boards, raking in hundreds of thousands of $ a year for attending a few meetings.

    • Joe operated in such a small political system in DE that he could get away with this for years. All he had to do was keep the banks and DuPont happy and his reelection was guaranteed. But the grift simply failed to scale to the international scene, where the players are a lot tougher. Putting your idiot kid on Capital One’s payroll and the Amtrak board was one thing…playing with international criminals another.

      • This is a very interesting point that will definitely not make it to the main stream. Hunter was very much cut out for statewide and interstate grifting. In some sense the miracle is a guy who is clearly this reckless wasn’t disappeared by someone internationally.

    • The emails should be a big deal. However, the media will either ignore the story or come up with a bs story about how it is Trump making a big deal about nothing.

      If there is another debate, the moderator will either not bring it at all or spin it in a way that makes Biden kook like the victim.

      I don’t think it will have any negative repercussions for Dementia Joe.

  35. I DO find it odd, the timing of it. Of course the Biden’s are fuggin crooks and degenerates and everyone knows it. It’s almost a prerequisite for eligibility in the Donk party.
    Part of good story telling is also timing… and this smoking gun popped up at an awfully convenient time.
    I am a Trump fanboy… but I’m just sayin’..

    • haha it was very predictable that all of this would be unloaded when it has. Trump aint Romney or Bush, sitting back and taking it in the face. Dems can’t play dirty if they are on defense, and that is where they will be the rest of the campaign.

      • I do love the timing. I expected something like this from Trump and it’s awesome! He does know how to take the gloves off and fight dirty. Hopefully there’s a whole gym locker full of other shoes to drop on Biden. I wonder what kind of dirt they’ve got on Heels-up Harris.

    • It’s the right wing deep state. Yes, it exists.

      Remember in the Canadian election how the Trudeau “brownface” scandal came out suddenly.

      They are not nearly as powerful as the CIA-Globalist deep state but they do exist, mainly old money families who prefer not to be hung and have to live in a communist country.

      • The Canadian political scene is a mess. The Progressive Conservatives would not pull a stunt like this. They don’t have the guts.

        • OMFG. If I had a nuke – I’d drop that sucker on Pariament Hill! I hear Turdo La Doo is going to try for a handgun ban now. F*** him, and every last cuck out there.

    • The New York Times’ expose of Trump’s taxes was also suspiciously well timed. I suspect both the Times and the Post sat on their information until the moment when they felt it would do the most good/harm.

        • It is too easy to spin it as sympathetic. If the fact that Caramela got her start by assuming a number of positions under Mayor Brown, itll end up spun as a daytime docudrama from The Oprah Channel about muh female oppression and Me Too. Philandering males are slime, cheating wives are victims. Sad but true; solution is repeal the 19th.

          • Repeal of the 19th is a necessary step, but far from a solution. The individual States would then decide on suffrage. Prior to the 19th passage any number of States had at least partial suffrage for women. Most of the Western States had full suffrage. Given the current liberal nature of most Eastern States, hard to imagine more than a handful of Southern States removing/restricting voting rights for women.

            What might be a better (only?) solution is some sort of “earned suffrage”. In other words, you earn the right to vote depending upon your contribution to society. This could for example, preclude voting rights for those receiving government welfare benefits—perhaps even extending to those employed by the government.

          • Black Pigeon puts forward a similar idea in this video. Eventually, I think people will see that democracy, like government itself, must be limited and provisional. I seem to recall that Heinlein’s fictional universe of Starship Troopers had a similar structure. In that case it was service in the military of a sort of spoof-fascist government that got you a vote as I recall. It’s amazing how, when it comes to anything other than voting, people seem to understand intuitively that not everyone’s opinion matters equally.

      • The NY Post didn’t sit on it, Rudy Giuliani fed it to them according to Trump’s script. Expect a ton more on Biden and Harris in the next few weeks, then more on Hillary and Obama after the election. Trump has truckloads of this stuff.

        The problem is that none of it actually breaks any new ground. It confirms what everyone already knew about all of them, and the political/media complex is able to position it as “yesterday’s news”, making it not worthy of consideration in the little narratives going on in Normie’s head.

        The fact that the FBI and the CIA, as well as the tech/media complex, are all Deep State, is also completely understood and already processed. Because the trains run on time and the checks still arrive as they should, Normie doesn’t care.

        • Agreed, except that last.

          Normie can’t stick his head in the sand anymore. He’s getting feminism shoved up his ass at work, vibrant shitlib politics rammed down his throat when all he wants is a sportzball game, his son has just come out of the closet, and the Donks are trying to bankrupt him with lockdowns because of a fake pandemic. If he’s white, reparations for noggers must be discussed, and he knows damned well who is going to pay who. Even the classically liberal Donk powerbases are begining to turn:

          The other night, Wolf Blitzer, of all the bloody people, unloaded his guns on Stretch Pelosi. This would have been unheard of and unthinkable only a week ago.
          Are we seeing a tectonic shift in politics? It’s too early to say… but I suspect the answer could be ‘yes’. I know the skeptics will give me the hell of it and tell me nothing ever changes… but by the same token… this shit can’t continue. At some point it will end badly. Just how bad all depends on how long it goes on.

          • All I wanted to do was put in my 40 hours and watch football… why did you do this to me, WHYYYY (primal white male rage ensues).

            2020 = sportsball gamergate

          • Its really getting on even middle of the road peoples nerves.
            Tim Pool , a rare actual journalist if a bit of a centrist fence sitter was paraphrasing here “well if its true those guys that tried to kidnap that governer shouldn’t have done it only because its supposed to be done lawfully by like the police.”
            That a seriously big step and while “that person” is an obvious edge case its also a huge step in the Right direction.
            Two , three years ago this dude was center left Obama voter too.

          • Pool’s coverage of the riots has been exceptional. Was never a fan. But have been watching him slowly pivot over into sanity

          • He’s publicly said he’s voting Trump and is a gun owner now. It won’t be much longer before he becomes a moderate populist Republican.
            Pool has done really well for a guy who left home at 14 and is from Chicago. Actual American dream stuff
            I’m also pretty sure he is on the President radar in a good way. A shoutout video made for him on that American dream stuff was liked on President Trump’s twitter at one point.

          • A lot of the Dem bigshots have huge weaknesses that come out at random times and just need a bit of the right kind of pressure to manifest. Even Blitzer and the rest of the media tools don’t always know when one of their little darlings will blow a fuse. Pelosi’s problem is that she’s old, entitled, drunk, easily enraged, and suffers from the worst case of EPS (estrogen psychosis syndrome) I’ve ever seen. Biden’s weakness is obviously that the last person to know what Joe Biden will say at any given time is Joe Biden. The best Trump TV ads are just putting these baboons in front of a camera and letting them talk.

        • The release of current “dirt” is certainly showing the extremes (and bias) of the MSM in suppressing such adverse PR for Biden. Tech giants have simply tossed aside the facade of impartial publishers. They are all in to remove Trump—who, if he wins—will undoubtedly go “Roman” on the social media oligarchs in a second term.

          • WSJ reported years ago that 11 Silicon Valley bubble billionaires pulled in Senator Obama in for a meet in Palo Alto in 2006, and told him they’d make him President.

            They got rich building the surveillance state. Loads of cable and mainframe casings poured into DC- and surrounding burbs like Sterling, Virginia sprouted new housing on those horse farms like mushrooms in manure.

          • When I moved into Sterling, VA, it was a sleepy little place with a lot of dear. Shortly after I left the area, Loudoun was the wealthiest county in America.

        • This is true, but you’ve got to admit that the image of Biden with a crack/meth pipe in his mouth will stick with voters in a way tranches of documents will not.

      • The NYT even waited a few days so they could publish the story at the end of September and not have anyone make the obvious connection to an “October Surprise.” I’m sure it was deliberate, straight to the New York officials who obtained the taxes, which was almost certainly with the intent of leaking them.

    • Many decades of MSM softball questions to democrats has made the candidates both weak and corrupt.

      Witness Pelosi’s meltdown when ever-so-slightly pushed by Blitzer.

      MSM is not doing their team any favors by going easy on them 100% of the time.

      • That was huge.
        Was it a random tectonic political shift? Or was it a glimpse at the shape of things yet to come?
        Consider: The media can’t keep shilling for the Donks forever. The NYT went from a trusted news source to a laughing stock and the layoffs are still ongoing. CNN staffers get egged and heckled when they show up at major events. Even the noggers of BLM hate them and will accost them if circumstances permit.
        We live in truly interesting times.

        • Nah, CNN attacking Pelosi is just the Politburo denouncing the Trotskyist sabotage plotters. Making way for the new (brown) Stalin.

          • Problem is that the last non White President Obama had questionable legitimacy but was still legitimate enough and in a still somewhat sane era.
            Hypothetical President Pocpoc now in nutterland will have none.
            I now the Donks want President Harris but problem is she is a machine creature and a strategy of creating fake legitimacy by here habit of locking up half your voting base isn’t going to work, nor is I am woman, here me roar.

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