Klepto Joe

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One of the more famous political dirty tricks is attributed to Lyndon Johnson, who allegedly spread false rumors about an opponent’s life-long habit of enjoying sexual relations with his barnyard animals. When told by one of his campaign aides that no one would believe such a crazy rumor, Johnson allegedly said, “I know, but let’s make the sonofabitch deny it.” That’s the key to a good political trick. It forces the other guy to select between two bad options.

That comes to mind with the Biden scandal. Joe Biden is famously on tape bragging about how he bullied the government of Ukraine. He threatened to withhold a billion in aid money unless they fired a prosecutor Biden did not like. It was the classic bullshitter moment, in which the story is supposed to make the person telling it look like a tough guy who really knows how to handle his business. The audience was supposed to come away thinking that Biden was a man of action that other men feared.

The problem at the time was that there was never any context to the story. Why did the administration think this prosecutor was such a problem that Rambo Joe had to be choppered into to deal with it? Because Biden only appears in front of slobbering sycophants, no one bothered asking any questions at the time. No one in the press looked into the background to see if the story was true. Instead, the media promoted it thinking it helped their guy in some way.

Now we get the leaks from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Those e-mails answer the question that no one bothered asking back when Rambo Joe was bragging about his bullying the Ukrainian government. That prosecutor was investigating Biden’s son, who was in a no-show job paying fifty grand a month. Suddenly, that video of Biden bragging about his prowess takes on a new meaning. He’s not Rambo Joe, righting wrongs around the globe, but Klepto Joe, shaking down foreign governments.

That’s what makes this October Surprise so good. Like the LBJ opponent forced to talk about bestiality rumors, there is no way for the Biden campaign to engage this story that does not look bad. They can say Biden’s bragging about getting the prosecutor was just Joe bullshitting people about his prowess. Or, they can say Biden was just helping his drug addict son avoid jail, but Joe Biden did not get paid to do it. The other thing they can do is go underground and try to avoid the story.

There is another angle to it that shows real skill. The story was teased with the salacious images of Hunter Biden high on drugs. People love seeing famous people in a bad way, so it was sure to get a lot of attention. Then you get the details about the Ukrainian shake-down scheme and the juxtaposition of the guy we see in the media and the guy getting the $50,000 per month contract becomes stark. Joe Biden’s motives suddenly become obvious to everyone.

The organized effort to bury the story by social media made it something more than just the typical political scandal. People naturally assume the effort to cover it up is proof that there is some truth to it. It reveals once again that the woke army is not populated with great minds. Within living memory the left-wing media would have known how to knock this down without looking like vinegar drinking scolds. Instead, the response reminded lots of people of what is really at stake.

It also reminded people why they rolled the dice with Donald Trump back in 2016, when all the best people said otherwise. The FBI has had this material for months. They were asked by the House and Senate about it and stonewalled them. In other words, the reason it is coming out now and through the tabloids is the best people tried to hide it, rather than do their job. It reinforces the underlying narrative of this election. It is us against them and they are not good people.

Perhaps the best part of this caper is that Bannon had this material for a long time, but held onto it for just the right moment. The best dirty tricks are done when people are ready to pay attention. Before a big debate or in the final days of the campaign is when it is best to do it. Not only are people paying attention, the other side does not have to time to create an alternate reality. Unleashing this stuff now means the story the rest of the way is about the air of scandal around the Biden family.

A bit of true genius or maybe just dumb luck is that the Bannon was the guy behind this, according to his own testimony. Giuliani, on the other hand, was the surrogate sent out to discuss it with the media initially. The Left then pounced and claimed that anything that comes from Giuliani is invalid by default. Now we see it is Bannon behind this caper, so the original denouncing looks extra stupid. Again, it could be dumb luck, but the way this has ben rolled out is looking brilliant.

That’s another indication that the Inner Party is short of talent. They had the Trump tax returns, which had some salacious stuff in them. Nothing really all that bad, but they required a response. They also had the Melania recordings. Instead of dumping this stuff in the summer when no one cares, it should be coming out now. They could have exaggerated the contents and forced Trump to shift gears to address it. Instead, it has all been forgotten as old news.

The question about these capers is whether they change minds. After all, if you are sure Trump is a punishment sent by the gods, then you don’t care about this. If you are a Trump fan, then maybe it makes you a bit more enthusiastic and a bit more confident, but it did not change your vote. That said, voter enthusiasm is a very strong undercurrent in every election, which is why campaigns work so hard to get their side super-excited for their guy. See for yourself.

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323 thoughts on “Klepto Joe

  1. Politics is violence as Tolstoy wrote in The Law of Love and The Law of Violence. Manmade political governments are the bane and pain of mankind; they are not Christian; they are diabolical. Revelation teaches us that the troika of evil, that wicked consort of politics, commerce and “false religion,” will be destroyed in the end. We would be wise to terminate/abandon political governments and shed the myths that have infected Christianity. Oh, and Islam is an example of “false religion.” Amerikan politicians have imposed all 10 Planks of the Commie Manifesto.
    Commie/socialism is Satan’s wickedness. The Democratic Party was infected with commie/socialism way back in the latter half of the 19th Century and became thoroughly infested with it in the 1920s and ’30s.
    So, voting sanctions politics and thus the voter facilitates violence. If one doesn’t approve of aggression/force/violence then why is he voting? Étienne de La Boétie said that people choose their tyrants because it is traditional. How is that for a sad commentary on mankind? Long ago I choose to mitigate participation in organize crime by ceasing to vote. Jehovah God gave us free will, freedom to choose, God did not anoint the politicians with power to override His gifts to mankind. But we have been propagandized, indoctrinated and brainwashed in government schools and by the MainStream Media (MSM) and by politicians to worship politics and reject Jehovah God. Politics is a “false religion” and it is idolatry; clearly it is not Christian.

    I recommend Ted R. Weiland’s messages.


    The Christian Perspective

    Chapter 3

    The Preamble: WE THE PEOPLE vs. YAHWEH

    The Preamble






    WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    A New God [god-politics supplanted Jehovah God’s law – JW]

    Constitutionalists often claim the United States Constitution was divinely inspired, and it was – by the new god known as WE THE PEOPLE. Yahweh1 was formally abandoned when the constitutional framers penned the first three words of the Preamble and put their signatures to the social compact. WE THE PEOPLE became the national replacement for Yahweh:
    Article VI, Clause 3 of the Constitution [“no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust”] closed the door judicially to any transcendent god beyond the political order itself. The Constitution is therefore an apostate covenant; a wholly new god is ordained in it, a god acknowledged by the Framers in order to ordain it and ratify it: the American People.2
    The idea that WE THE PEOPLE represents a new god will prove difficult for many readers. Let me defer to the inescapable truths of government and religion as presented by R.J. Rushdoony. Note his second point particularly:

    1. Law is in every culture religious in origin.
    2. The source of law is the god of that society.
    3. In any society, any change of law is an explicit or implicit change of religion.
    4. No disestablishment of religion as such is possible in any society.
    5. There can be no tolerance in a law-system for another religion.3

    Let me elaborate upon these points one at a time. …..
    Once man lost his perfection in the Garden of Eden, the defects were then inherited. We are not perfect and manmade “laws” cannot improve on God’s laws. Manmade “law” supplants God’s law and thus it is corruption of God’s perfect laws. Manmade “law” is mans way of skirting the penalties that would be imposed under Christian rule. BTW, as an aside, the story about stoning the woman caught in adultery is not supported by the evidence, the ancient scrolls.
    And then there is the taxation issue. Taxes are theft. The Bible is quite clear that rulers only tax strangers, not their own people. So, Amerika is not ruled by Christians else Christians would not be taxes. Christians are mere “strangers” in the nation state of America (see Matthew 17-24-27).
    The first casualties of emotions are reason/logic and morality. The hate campaign waged by the commie/socialist Democrats over the pas 5-6 years is evidence of this simple truth. Sadly, over half the “voters” have bought the lies and emotional pleas and jumped aboard the “hate train” from hell. This train don’t carry no Christians, this train (remember the song?).
    Where have all the freedoms (flowers) gone, long time passing?
    Where have all the freedoms (flowers) gone, long time ago?
    Where have all the freedoms (flowers) gone?
    Voters trashed (Young girls have picked) them everyone.
    Oh, when will they ever learn?
    Oh, when will they ever learn? (remember the song?)
    The time has come,’ the Walrus said,
    To talk of many things:       
    Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —
    Of cabbages — and kings —
    And why the sea is boiling hot —
    And whether pigs have wings.’ (remember the poem: The Walrus and The Carpenter?)
    As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man —
    There are only four things certain since Social Progress began —
    That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
    And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the Fire —
    And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
    When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins
    As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn
    The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return! (Do you remember the Kipling poem: The Gods of The Copybook Headings?)
    And I am two and twenty and Oh ‘tis true, ‘tis true. (remember the poem?)
    “The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get and to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten that promise is worth nothing. The tenth time is made good by looting A to satisfy B. In other words, government is a broker in pillage, and every election is sort of an advance auction sale of stolen goods.” ~ H.L. Mencken
    Franz Oppenheimer identified the two basic means by which people can acquire wealth in the world: [1] the “economic means,” and [2] the “political means.” The “economic means” consists of relationships in which individuals voluntarily engage in transactions for the exchange of goods and services. The “political means” involve the forced taking of wealth belonging to one person and bestowing it upon another. [People make the mistake of assuming that without taxation we would not have education or services that are currently provided by political government. This assumption is simply ludicrous as people always find a way to acquire that which they need or want. – JW]
    Also, listen to Hal Mason as he explains why the fed budget will not be corralled or balanced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0ZMVNBxCKg
    And lo’ those many years ago the colonists thought they had won their freedoms and preserved them for the future generations. Little did they know. Did they know they were condemning us to live as slaves on the plantation state? Did they intend for us to be stinkin’ slaves to the masters/politicians and their overseers/judges/enforcers? The colonists rejected Jehovah God in favor of manmade “god-politics” and the new god, We The People.
    “America does not need to see the tax returns of a billionaire who became a public servant. America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants” — Jaeson Lubell [Better yet, we need to terminate the compelled at the point of a gun income tax. Even better, we need a return to Christian rulers and terminate/abandon diabolical, manmade political government. – JW]
    So, one of the root causes of the decline in Amerika, aside from rejection of Jehovah God, is the Federal Reserve Bank and its fiat currency/credits. And in the September 1895 American Federationist, Stephen T. Byington assailed the money monopoly: “No legal tender law is ever needed to make men take good money; its only use is to make them take bad money. Kick it out!” BTW, Byington died on October 12, 1957. His life’s work, “The Bible in Living English,” was completed but not yet published. After his death the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (Jehovah’s Witnesses) turned over the publication rights to the same society of New York for a first printing of 100,000 copies made in 1972.
    Gresham’s Law: Bad “money” drives out good “money” [when the two exchange equally]. If you have two boxes of tools, one used and one new, which do you use? Which do you preserve?
    Econ 101, price, supply and demand, still operates. The consumers look for the best quality for the least cost and the entrepreneurs/businessmen must then find or make products/goods/services that the customers desire and at which a profit can be achieved. Commie/socialist, economics dishonest Democrats do not understand or conceal or deny this simple truth; basically, commie/socialist Democrats are liars, not that other politicians aren’t! I recommend James E. Ewart’s book, “Money.” I also recommend Ralph T. Foster’s book, “Fiat Paper Money” The History and Evolution of Our Currency.
    Say’s Law: production creates its own demand is axiomatic. Too much product drives prices down and thus production will decline. If production is insufficient to meet demand then prices rise and smart entrepreneurs increase production to profit by the higher prices. Say’s Law is just another way of saying Econ 101, price, supply and demand, operate. Imagine that.
    Triffin’s Dilemma, “Industry is destroyed at the source of “money” creation,” is a simple truth.
    Look at the “Rust Belt” of Amerika for supporting evidence of Triffin’s Dilemma (the collapse of heavy manufacturing industry especially in the Midwest Amerika).
    Commie/socialist Democrats are not Christian; they believe in looting A to satisfy B, which is stealing of course. Ask any Democrat if he knows the 10 Planks of the Commie Manifesto and if he approves of them. Amerikan politicians, mostly Democrats, have imposed all 10 Planks of the Commie Manifesto. http://www.criminalgovernment.com/docs/planks.html
    Why do people vote for tyrants, politicians? Read: Discourse on Voluntary Servitude by Étienne de la Boétie, 1548 http://www.constitution.org/la_boetie/serv_vol.htm Voters believe in “tradition” and omit logic/reason/morality. How many people vote the way their ancestors/relatives/grandparents voted? (see Murray Rothbard’s fine missive)
    Before the commie/socialists get their snoots in the air, they should read Frederic Bastiat’s collection of essays: That Which is Seen and That Which is not Seen (BTW this is in the Bible at 2 Corinthians 4:18). And read Bastiat’s “The Law” as well. The Parable of the Broken Window is very clear.
    BTW, the 1928 US Army Training Manual on Citizenship clearly states that the colonists knew that democracy leads to mobocracy. Then along come Wilson and FDR/Truman. Wilson said that the US would make the world safe for democracy and FDR/Truman said that the US would be the arsenal of democracy. Now substitute mobocracy for democracy in those assertions and you see the truth. The US manmade, not God approved, political government has facilitated mobocracy; it is the agent of mobocracy.
    Oh, and then ask: Who can make one a citizen? Can citizenship be forced upon someone in “the land of the free and home of the brave?” Absolutely NOT! Forced citizenship would be blatant evidence of duplicity and immorality and rejection of logic. If one is forced to be a citizen then he is a slave! Can one rescind his citizenship status in the “land of the free?” Well, he better be able to do so else he is a stinkin’ slave. And can any political appointee or bureaucrat prevent one from rescinding his designation as a “citizen?” Did Jehovah God anoint some bureaucrats with the power to override your God given free will, freedom to choose? None of whom I have ever heard! Certainly not commie/socialist, acolytes of Satan, dominantly Democrats!
    “Naturally the common people don’t want war. … But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. … All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.” – Hermann Göring (Goering) [can we say Corona Virus/COVID-19 Pandemic?  How about how Lincoln, Wilson and FDR coerced Americans with their inflammatory hate speeches? – JW]
    “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel [The profound evil of Rahm Emanuel is manifest. – JW]
    Eric Holder reminds me of history, Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. “Coronavirus gives us an opportunity to revamp our electoral system so that it permanently becomes more inclusive and becomes easier for the American people to access,” [Eric Holder Translation: power to make people ever more stinkin’ slaves on the plantation state. – JW]
    Words uttered by a former Nazi, a Jew and a Black. The first was truth and the latter two were evidence of tyrannical wickedness and prejudice of commie/socialist, supercilious Democrats.
    Now let that irony sink in.
    This coronavirus pandemic is the ideal opportunity for all the politicians and their hirelings and fawning, sycophantic boot lickers to propagandize, indoctrinate and brainwash the masses so as to believe that they are totally dependent on government and can’t possibly survive without being treated as stinkin’ naggar slaves by the politicians on the plantation state.
    It would be a great day if the politicians held an election and no one showed up to vote.
    Argumentum ad baculum or resort to force or the cudgel is simply immoral, i.e. politics is immoral; it is violence!

  2. The cabal of bottom feeders has reached a state of entropy that can’t be reversed. Hopefully, they will cling to the coattails of their bosses as they fall. China has captured it all on the virtual dunce cap Zoom.

  3. Warroom EP 446 for the shot. Bannon and posobiec. Trust me on this. Its huge. FBI and twitter won’t survive. Bannon a genuis.

  4. A Chinese-compromised crook like Biden and his invisible string pullers cannot be president. He will have to be arrested. Biden will never be president.

  5. 2 great truths that work together:

    • To learn who rules over you, find out who you can’t criticize (attributed to Voltaire)
    • If you can’t name the enemy, then you can’t defeat them (anonymous, but nonetheless true)
  6. I see that the blog “American Digest” was removed the A-List Fans blog list on the sidebar.
    Any particular reason, or did you just need to make room for another?

  7. Here’s the problem that I have … would Hunter Biden just drop-off his laptop, which he knows has all kinds of bad stuff on it … at some 2-bit computer repair store?? Don’t the Bidens have people to handle this … some IT people who can re-install Windows so that said 2-bit computer store won’t do a Wikileaks-esque hard-drive dump??? These stories make me think that it’s all theater … its good for ratings … its salacious and gets people to watch CNN & Fox.

    • I read a comment somewhere recently that this incident is a good object lesson in why smoking crack cocaine is not a good thing. To me that idea helps give credence to Hunter making a bad decision as to where to drop off his laptop, and then forgetting about it.

    • Hunter Biden is a prime example of why a father in the public sphere should keep his troubled children at arms length at all times.

  8. To boost morale, here are a study and a poll that have great track records of predicting who will win the presidency and both state OMB will win.

    The primary model has called accurately 25 out of 27 presidential elections since the first primary in 1912. It gives Orange Man a 99% chance of winning


    Democracy Institute accurately predicted both Brexit and OMB’s electoral college win in 2016. He predicts a Trump win in both the electoral college and popular vote. His overview of why the mainstream polls are bogus is interesting. Best to start at the 15 minute mark


  9. Scary times. They are pushing the white supremist stuff. I hope they are as dumb as Z says, or else they are getting the pop ready for a move on us deplorable.

  10. In the narrative the media’s created, Trump is Hitler. The script says that Democracy must be saved; the past four years were the Dark Days, but Biden is the Rising Hero that will put them to an end.
    When Trump wins, the script can’t end on that note. No one’s satisfied with the bad guy winning. If Trump is Hitler, what’s the next step? What happened after Hitler permanently overthrew Democracy and made himself absolute dictator?
    The D-Day Invasion. The Democrats’ plan after Trump wins is violent revolt. It will be interesting to see how the media will cover such a war; naturally, they will try to portray every engagement as a victory and every crushing defeat as a minor setback.
    Or, more likely, the revolt will end quickly and the media won’t have so much power any more. We will see.

  11. Here’s Cum-ala in Florida waving to no one and proving she can’t even dress properly:


    I thought they had all this DNC money. I guess they couldn’t even pay people to show up?

    The oversized, baggy jacket, shapeless blouse, skinny jeans, and Chuck Taylors are a terrible look in every way. It doesn’t look hip, and it isn’t professional at all.

  12. I read that the computer repair guy is mostly blind and has a monocle for close up vision. At least a few of those images must have been so bad that they seared a blind man’s retinas. He went to law enforcement for some reason. I think we probably know.

  13. We should be realistic. When I lived in Louisiana, I always prayed hurricanes would miss us but I had a plan to evacuate if it looked bad. This was before Katrina, I left long before then.
    I would say its pretty much a slam dunk that Biden wins. Likely in a landslide. Trump will be lucky to crack 40% if that.
    In June 2016 Brexit won. That was a harbinger of things to come. Now, in New Zealand Jacinda Ardern has won a huge victory on the platform of submission to Islam and a total lockdown that will never, ever end. Pretty much every Woman in New Zealand voted for her, and very few White men. That’s how that works. This is the dynamic I sadly expect to play out here.
    Trump is toast, because while no one cares about Biden, White women care very, very much about BLM (in reality fantasy sexy times with violent thugs) and total corona lockdowns. The vast majority of White women do very well in lockdowns, very few are service workers unemployed. Teachers, government workers, remote marketing corporate types, nurses etc. all have it very good. Making Tik Tok videos portraying themselves as heroes. Enforcing social rules as Karens. Seeking out unbelievers and heretics and punishing them in the feedback loop that Prohibition and witch finding would envy.
    Meanwhile, thought experiment. Every black person in America was turned into a White vampire twenty years ago. Would there be any difference in White women’s views on them? Anyone watching nearly every White women go beserk for bad Twilight fanfiction (literally) with a bondage billionaire can see that White women: A. Carry a huge grudge against their men for not being sexy dangerous enough, B. Can’t get enough dangerous dominance from other sources.
    Hunter Biden could be caught on video forcibly doing something awful to a pre-teen girl, and it would not matter. [Women have … elastic standards in male behavior: Bob from accounting looks at them too long, its sexual harassment fire him! Big Shot acclaimed by the media like Roman Polanski, no big deal]
    I think we should prepare. Robert Reich wants show trials for every Trump supporter and lengthy prison terms. Imagine what President Harris will do. Or Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, our new leaders.
    BLM and anti-fa were masterstrokes. The thuggery was a feature not a bug meant to excite White women over the new Wakanda dawning, destroying bad old America filled with icky beta males (the real complaint about it).
    Van life? Being mobile and hard to find? Internal exile off the grid? Escape and evasion like an Eric Ambler character?

    • I cannot discount this out of hand although my guess is Trump is on the cusp of winning and the counts gummed up because of “late ballots” in either Michigan or Pennsylvania (or Nevada, if necessary). Short version, we never know the actual tallies in key states and there either is massive fraud or a coup; Trump only wins if he has a blow-out and that, too, can not be counted out. That out of the way, the reason I don’t discount your analysis is the determining factor here is Antifa/BLM and the riots. My guess is it backfired horribly on the Left, but your analysis of White women has a good deal of merit. The fact the Left thought the riots would work, whether false or true, speaks volumes about the pitiful condition of the Empire’s denizens.

    • This is all very true, and I agree, especially with white woman jobs actually benefitting from the lockdown. They can paint their toenails off the zoom camera as they “teach” the anchor baby kids over the internet. And don’t even have to smell the taco grease in their clothes. This has worked out well for them, except for one little thing. The budget deficit came in at $3.3 Trillion this year, and will be even more next year, and that’s just Federal. Their jobs consume far more than they produce and have been since the 70’s. Eventually, a re-work of the debt will have to send millions of these white women to the unemployment line, where they’ll have to get real jobs doing real things.
      The thing about white women, is that they like lots of little luxuries and conveniences that add up. The Calphelon cookware, the Whole Foods salad bar, the makeup alone. Paying hundreds for a little bottle of repackaged axel grease. No BLM or Antifa has the credit score for that, so the fantasy will soon fade. And New Zealand will hit that wall too. They already did in the early 80’s and will again.

    • You’re overly blackpilled. Married white women vote with hubs. Single white women are nutcases. There are still many “good” badwhite women in the USA, the goodwhite streak has been held down better there, for whatever reason.

      The issue is more voter fraud and the absolute tyranny that will be unleashed on white America afterwards.

      • There are fewer married White women every year and more single White women. The issue is not voter fraud. That’s a cope. The dems don’t need to cheat when they have the demographics on their side.

      • Can confirm. Married women don’t give a crap about politics beyond the marital kind. They’ll vote like their husbands for a variety of reasons.

    • “Robert Reich wants show trials for every Trump supporter and lengthy prison terms.”

      And what exactly are those Trump supporters going to do about it? My guess: probably nothing, like always — and whatever ever they might do will be as dumb, easily co-opted and unproductive as the Tea Party was. It’s hard to feel sorry for people that dumb, that closed minded, that unable to organize, that blindly loyal to a system that oppresses them (the USA), and that unwilling to protect themselves. Right now they think a Trumpslide is coming. How embarrassing. They are like the peasant Kulaks. They will be put down soon enough. I’m just glad I saw the writing on the wall and didn’t back him publicly. The guy has spent the last few years letting his supporters get censored, doxxed, and attacked. Trump brought this on his supporters as much as they did for being dumb enough to not prepare. That’s what grill and chill will get you.

  14. Another theory about the Dems pushing so hard for early voting.

    They know this Biden stuff is going to leak. So they need their voters to show up before that, and once they’ve mailed off their ballot it’s too late to change their minds.

    • Except that emerging news indicates early voting is going Trump’s way. If that is true, a landslide is brewing (as I have been tiresomely predicting).

  15. Here’s an interesting analysis of early voting, take it with a grain of salt:


    Some positives

    1) The % of 18-29 year old voters is down, even in liberal enclaves.

    2) Texas appears to have shifted right for this election.

    3) The map of Michigan at the end. It is huge if it is accurate that Kent, Oakland, and Macomb counties have moved that far right.

    Oakland and Macomb, along with Wayne, are two of the counties that traditionally help outvote the rest of the state.

    • The thing with early voting is we have little to go as far as historical analysis. You can tell if the voter is of one party or the other, but that does not mean much in most states. Otherwise, we don’t have a lot to model those voters. New registrations are a good proxy for enthusiasm and those are way up for the GOP in battleground states, but it is just one small data point.

      I keep coming back to that five point miss for Trump in the last election. That seems to be happening again. The number of shy voters seems to be going up, as the racket from the Left grows louder. That’s going to make it hard for pollsters to get a good gauge of voter sentiment.

      • If Trump wins this time, polling is done. We have such a low trust society people know, correctly, not to give out personal information.

        • Polling has long been a tool for shifting public opinion, only in the final poll before the election does it become a tool for measuring it when the pollsters need to establish credibility for the next one. You’re right that no sane person will ever reply honestly to a pollster.

          • The fear is jarring and palpable. Had dinner Saturday with some Normie Cons, and one of them raised the fraud and coup possibility without a prompt.

          • I’ve heard normie boomercons worrying about the race riots in the cities and the (using other words) leftist death squads… This aint the 90’s, folks.

      • Robert Reich is calling for show trials for Trump supporters, and prison terms. That’s awfully confident. He’s an insider. Presumably he sees internal polling. Reich is the definition of the cautious insider as Obama’s Labor Secretary IIRC. The guy likely never did anything without a focus group and internal polling.
        Notice he’s calling for prison for big shots who backed Trump, not just dirt people. That’s a bold move Cotton if Trump wins and his allied big shots spend the next four years settling scores. Some dudes with serious money and resources are backing Trump.
        Reich is signaling there is no downside for him.
        My guess is their Plan B is a military coup. IF Trump wins (don’t think its likely) I would say a military coup would be a slam dunk certainty and would very likely succeed. Reich as insider almost certainly knows these things — coups have been wishcasted so much by the Left that I figure its going to happen.
        Nobody in the Saudi Royal family thought 70 plus years of consensus and familial rule would be violated. But there it was, 90% of them upside down getting electrocuted and beaten in the Riyadh Hilton. So they hand over the money.

  16. I just watched the video. I think Biden will give a great “Ceausecu from the balcony” speech as his presidency implodes. It’s more likely that his Ho sidekick will be giving it though as he wanders through the halls of the WH half naked.

  17. A corrupt act takes two parties. You have to know whether the other guy is going to pay out. When they were going through the impeachment business I was always wondering where all this Ukraine this, Ukraine that, was coming from. Now I know. Of course the democrats already knew about corruption there, because their guy was in on it. That’s the really weird part of this. They made such a big deal about it when their backsides were the ones exposed. It truly is Wile E. Coyote stuff.

  18. The organized effort to bury the story by social media made it something more than just the typical political scandal. People naturally assume the effort to cover it up is proof that there is some truth to it. 

    For once, the Devil doesn’t have all the good tunes. How refreshing! But tell me this, please, as I don’t use social media — and for that matter, haven’t a lot of time for the debased mainstream media. How much exposure do the normies have to this scandal?

    If the MSM and Twitter, Facebook, Google etc. are determined to ignore or counter-program against the Biden revelations, how much gets through their checkpoints? Or is this story the thin end of the wedge that will begin to crack open the media thought control machine?

    • I don’t think the story per se mattered that much to the final result, but the ham-handed shenanigans to suppress has it made it dangerous for Biden.

    it’s been four years since i watched yt, can’t wait to catch up during election night, i’ll laugh my ass off

  20. Good piece. It reminds me of the House Bank Scandal of 1992. Something that the Average Joe can relate to.
    Imagine! The Right teeing up an October Surprise at just the right time! Who woulda thunk it.

  21. It’s not a “dirty trick,” it’s just telling the truth about the man and his entire family. Telling the truth isn’t a “dirty trick.”

  22. One short story that everyone should read or re-read is Matt Bracken’s, “What I Saw at the Coup.”

    I feel like that got the general plot arc for what we are seeing correct and

    hit some specific points too.

      • Don’t forget the CIA, DIA, NRO, NSA, ATF etc.

        DHS is mixed because Chad Wolf, one Trump’s rare good appointments, hasn’t been there long.

        Trump also seems very comfortable with the US Marshals. They are led by a Talented Tenth type with the very heritage surname of, ‘Washington.’

        Can’t really speak to CBP/ICE, they’ve been quiet lately.

      • You mean raids on Trump supporters, right? Because those characters involved in “Russiagate” have all been promoted or gone on to lucrative new gigs. And “Swampy Bill Barr” is A-OK with that.

      • I think you give the FBI too much credit for competence. Now, if you were specuating they would dispatch a team to investigate a garage door opener rope in a NASCAR driver’s garage, I would be more apt to believe it 🙂

  23. There’s a hidden context to the Hunter text messages. He secretly loathes his father. Sort of like “you did this to me dad.” Hunter, sadly, is every guy I went to high school with who was spoiled, overindulged and given no moral base by their car dealership owning fathers. There are a lot of Hunters out their and their carelessness is actually a passive aggression. Like blowing off a laptop you left at some strip mall shop. And let’s not forget that Hunter wasn’t selling access. “Pops” was granting it. It was his show. And as Hunter would probably say “it always was, wasn’t it dad.” This sins of the father are lived upon the son as the old bible quote goes.

    • The reason I think this “scandal” might move the needle is because among the non-political class who might still be persuadable, complicated bribery schemes just get processed as “they’re all crooks” but good-deal hookups for the family drug user is obviously fraudulent in a way that exposes Biden’s affable, lunch-pail personality as an obvious fraud. That is, among the non-political working class, they know intuitively that drug issues ruin lives. They know that being kicked out of the Navy with an OTH discharge is, for normal people, something that ruins their life. They certainly know that among normal people that you don’t go from having a major drug problem to scoring a $50k/month no-show job in *Ukraine*, especially when you neither speak the language nor have any industry experience. So the utility of this scandal is not so much to label Biden as corrupt, but to destroy his “average guy” persona among the last few persuadable voters.

  24. Of course all this “ lock him up” applied to Biden or “ lock her up” that was applied to Hillary will never happen.
    In the meantime the nut jobs really will lock us dirt people up and given the chance they will lock Trump up.
    Assuming Trump wins and that is not a certain assumption we have a limited window, maybe a very limited window, to actually do anything to help the legacy American nation to survive.
    Its gonna be more Jared and Ivanka ideas to the forefront I am afraid. But I suppose that beats the Kamala gulags.

  25. Biden isn’t going anywhere for the same reason Hillary is a dud: Black’s will not turn out to vote for him, just like they buckled over Hillary. Not only will most blacks stay home, but so will the far left. Also, from what I understand, the Republicans have been very successful with new voter registration, picking up thousands of new supporters. Enthusiasm, like Z says is key and it’s painfully obvious, it’s just not there for Biden. A useful analogy is to think back to the Obama-Romney election. This was during the Ron Paul Revolution, and I can tell you, none of us on the right, who supported Ron Paul, cared one iota for Romney and the retarded Bush, Neo-Con, Glenn Back brand of Conservatism that was foisted on us. Consequently, do you really think the far left, the Bernie Bros, will turn out for Joe Biden? I don’t think there’s enough S*** eating grins out there to make it come true.

    • I can’t figure out how the Dems figure Biden has any youth appeal at all, other than empty statements about loan forgiveness and the Green New Deal hoax.

      Speaking of the Green New Deal, Trump really needs to tie that to the rolling blackouts and wildfires in California and make it clear that’s a preview for the entire country.

      • You raise an excellent point: Joe has zero youth appeal.
        Now the Antifa/BLM/Green captains will turn out to vote and maybe some of the more zealous will organize the troops to turn out, but more than likely, there’s just not enough there to get them to put down the bong and vote. “Literally Hitler” isn’t going to motivate them just like Barrack Obama is the anti-Christ didn’t get the far right to turn out for Romney.
        Contrast that to Joe’s feelings about blacks. He’s constantly spouting anti black, “racist” tropes and stereotypes. Thugs don’t vote anyways, and the more intelligent Blacks are more than likely put off by what they’ve heard
        Marijuana legalization is insanely popular right now and what’s Joe’s reaction: decriminalization, not legalization. It’s a gateway drug! With one promise to make Cannabis legal on day one of the Harris-Biden administration Joe could mobilize an army of support yet the anti drug zealot just cant bring himself to get elected so he balks.
        I’m not sure if Obama really said this or not but its something like never underestimate Joe’s ability to F*** things up.

        • Above, I should have added that, “Ok Boomer,” justified or not, is a common refrain for many, many Millennials and Z’s.

          Biden is about as Boomer as it gets.

    • To late. They have already voted for Biden whether they wanted to or not. My hook or by crook Biden may be elected.
      Mostly by crook.

      • President Trump isn’t a standard Republican and won’t roll over for fraud if only because if he loses power his family will be ruined out of Deep State Spite.

          • There was no reasonable way for him to know the response would be so crazy. After all he is roughly as Conservative as Clinton was and was at various times friends with them.
            However the “ruling class” is completely consumed by status competition and an assumption they know better than the rest of us and this outcome wasn’t something anyone had thought about until a few years ago.And yes that includes people in Our Thing.
            In any case voting is only kabuki at this point
            The only way out is through. We need a new country , 90% homogeneous ethnically, culturally and politically and there are only two ways that will happen. War or Collapse.
            Eventually you will have to chose, do I fight and possibly die or do I go the Truth and Reconciliation camps to be broken.
            That time is coming very fast and while its good to hope and good to vote and of course to avoid doing stupid an illegal things its also very important to harden your heart and prepare for either collapse or civil war at a very near point.

  26. Zman’s post today has justified praise for the consummate skill with which Trump’s October Surprises are being deployed (helped even more by the heavy-handed stupidity of the MSM and tech oligarchs). This may turn out to be the most brilliantly-run national political campaign in modern American history. Maybe in ALL of American history.

    • consummate skill

      When it happened, I had some thoughts Bannon’s ‘firing’ was actually a 4-D chess move based on Trump’s realization he needed an effective political operative outside the Cathedral’s spotlight.

      The cover story about Bannon moving to Europe to advise populist movements there never really made sense to me.

  27. Hunter is the Fredo of the Biden Crime Family; and a life of playing third fiddle bagman wore on him, ultimately leading to his low self esteem, drug abuse, and debauchery. The whole clan is a soap opera of tragic familial dysfunction and ruined lives. It would be sad if not for the fact that Dementia Joe could be holding the nuclear trigger in a few months. How far we have fallen as a nation.

    • Here is Margot Cleveland’s excellent take on the Hunter hard drive story. First, she cautions against focusing on the salacious stuff about Hunter. That’s what the Biden camp would like us to do. Easily brushed off with a sob story about a horribly addicted son. She rightly focuses this as Joe’s addiction to power with Hunter as a tool, a means to Joe’s own ends.

      • Yes, Joe has always been the evil genius that spawned the crime family business. And yes, sacrificing his sons as tools of the business is especially evil. But Joe is now at Stage 2 Alzheimer’s and declining fast, so pitching him as a viable presidential candidate is evil on steroids. And never forget that Joe is a piker compared to Obama or the Clinton’s criminality.

  28. The Dissident mag guys have a great post up about a speech given in 2012 that contains unbelievable levels of shot-confirmation.

      • Same guys with different branding.

        They manage to belabor their points about the speech when they could really let the audio itself speak to the idea that there are people out there intentionally playing both sides.

    • My Stepdad would notice that as my Mom’s dementia progressed, she would be able to get herself “up” for certain things, but at the cost of doing worse later. He noticed that when she knew I was coming and during my visits she’d be more alert and more on top of things, but doing so would exhaust her and she’d be worse afterward. They’re having Joe conserve his strength for the debate.

  29. I can’t help noticing the whole Trump is a pedo narrative that just exploded recently. Proving your point again that the left accuses the enemy of what they do themselves. I mean, I guess it’s supposed to deflect from creepy Joe but if Trump were a pedo that would have come out because they’ve been trying to bring him down for 5 years now. It’s beginning to look like he is cleaner than Calvin Coolidge

    • Proving your point again that the left accuses the enemy of what they do themselves.

      I like to think of this as Alinsky’s unwritten 13th rule.

    • That’s some weird stuff there. I’d expect any NYC real estate developer to be a little dirty, at least technically. Comes with the territory.

      Trump may have an alpha libido and busy hands, but he’s surprisingly clean.

  30. The other thing they can do is go underground and try to avoid the story.

    This was attempted, but as you point out, the Inner Party has gotten lazy and stupid. They became totalitarians before the gulags were built and the FBI completed its transition into the KGB of the Mentally Retarded.

    Perhaps the best part of this caper is that Bannon had this material for a long time, but held onto it for just the right moment. The best dirty tricks are done when people are ready to pay attention. Before a big debate or in the final days of the campaign is when it is best to do it. Not only are people paying attention, the other side does not have to time to create an alternate reality. Unleashing this stuff now means the story the rest of the way is about the air of scandal around the Biden family.

    It adds a new dimension to the strange federal charges against Bannon, doesn’t it?

    The organized effort to bury the story by social media made it something more than just the typical political scandal. People naturally assume the effort to cover it up is proof that there is some truth to it. It reveals once again that the woke army is not populated with great minds. Within living memory the left-wing media would have known how to knock this down without looking like vinegar drinking scolds. Instead, the response reminded lots of people of what is really at stake.

    This is the sweetest part. After years of increasing censorship, the heavy hand of Dorsey and Zuckerberg really has damaged their dirty little boy toady.

    • Greetings,
      In time, the attempt to frame Steve Bannon in such a dastardly and untimely way may prove to be the Progressives’ major blunder.
      To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste. (Deuteronomy 32:35, KJV)
      I do not know Bannon, but of the following I’m quite sure:

      • He is a superiorly intelligent man.
      • I would rather fight along with him than against him.
      • Two takes I’ve heard on Bannon, and they couldn’t be more divergent:

        1. He’s a self-interested grifter.
        2. He’s a visionary.

        Both could be true, or neither, but those who know him claim one or the other. I always have been skeptical of the leaking claims that led to his firing, and the recent charges against him came at a good time for the Deep State. His opposition to Chinese supremacy certainly was against powerful interests that had every motive to push him off the stage.

        • Bannon never really went away.
          Some of our friends who supposedly had political experience have shown how out of it they are by pushing #1 for the past two years.
          Bannon isn’t a genius. But he’s a very sharp operator and knows our enemy, having worked with and for them in various jobs at various times throughout his life.
          Being from a white working ethnic background he understood ten years ago that Obama had put the entire white working class in play. He has been hammering that point for a decade. GOP idiots couldn’t see it, but Trump did, married it to Adios America, and here we are.   
          Early voters are the least likely to change their minds or stay at home. This hit is timed to swing the last 2% of supposedly undecideds towards Trump and depress uninspired Dems – whose ranks include a lot of very pissed off Bernie people who are now suffering some serious Déjà vu.
          Had the FBI not sat on this stuff, Sanders might have been unstoppable. People let disappointment with the GOP and zerosum thinking blind them to what is to be done regarding dividing the left.   
          Even if this Bannon’s gambit fails, it does four things. It puts a cloud over Biden from the get-go, opens his administration up to Senate investigations (assuming the GOP holds there), brings an unelected prostitute much closer to the Oval Office, and will serve as a sore point every time he disappoints the progleft (which will commence as soon as he begins announcing a cabinet).

          • Nixon/Agnew/Ford/Rockefeller
            replays as:
            Elections are so passe, obviously.
            20 more years!

  31. If Trump wins, it is likely to be a very close thing. All the enthusiasm readers are seeing is White enthusiasm, and most people here hang around White people. As another poster mentioned, demographics are destiny. Enough of the US is non-White that Trump can win the White vote handily and still lose.

    The White traitors and idiots plus 90%+ Blacks plus 70%+ Hispanics plus 80%+ Asians and other can still overwhelm 60% of the White vote, depending on how the electoral college shakes out. Fortunately a lot of the non-White vote is packed into a few states.

    • It will be close, but I will not be shocked if Trump breaks 50% nationally. If you tune out the media, Biden is Dole in 1996. An old man playing to empty events, barely able to get through the day.

      • he won in 2016 by narrowly winning three states. You don’t think a worse economy in 2020 will bring him down?

        • Depends on who is blamed for the current economic situation and who is seen as the best agent to correct such.

      • And then Dole went on to sell his soul by doing Viagra ads.
        Maybe Biden will do Alzheimer’s ads. Obama can do lead-in: “Remember my Vice President? I certainly do. But the sad thing, folks, is Joe doesn’t remember me.” Outro shot of Hunter hugging his vapidly grinning dad, glass pipe falls from his pocket.
        BTW, fantastic piece at Taki, Z.

    • Trump, as leader and re-maker of the new GOP, is going to get historically large percentages (for a Republican) of the black vote, the asian vote, the hispanic vote, and the jewish vote. Two weeks and we find out.

      • Ultra Orthodox Jews, maybe. Not the regular Jews though…they hate Trump.

        Jews are smart survivors, but aren’t known for “reading the room” very well in their host countries.

    • Without fraud, Trump probably cruises to a bigger win than last time. Know any Trump voters who are voting for Joe this time? I don’t. I know some Hillary voters who have had the scales fall from their eyes and are voting Trump this time.

      • No, but I know some Trump voters who are dead now, and a bunch of children of immigrant kids that are now voting age.

        • True. It is hard for Whites to grasp this is happening at an accelerated rate. But/for massive cheating, I could see a comfortable Trump win this time. He will have to win the swing states, which he will, and survive the post-election court challenges and outright fraud, which I think will win the day for the Left. I’m actually a little less certain of that now, but still tend to think it will happen.

          Either way, this is the last time the GOP is nationally competitive beyond a rare congressional check now and then. We are post-electoral politics now, and were supposed to be in 2016.

  32. > If you are a Trump fan, then maybe it makes you a bit more enthusiastic and a bit more confident, but it did not change your vote. That said, voter enthusiasm is a very strong undercurrent in every election, which is why campaigns work so hard to get their side super-excited for their guy. See for yourself.
    The left seems to have completely blown their wad with BLM/Antifa in the summer. Progressive enthusiasm is now dead as a doornail and Trump is blasting high energy rallies non-stop, seemingly even more successful than the 2016 run.
    Maybe some other viral video of a black guy getting shot by a cop will reinvigorate them, but even that feels forced and yesterday’s news.

    • Maybe some other viral video of a black guy getting shot by a cop will reinvigorate them

      Yes, that really does seem to be the left’s Gatorade. I suspect we’ll be due another round of it before long. But you’re correct, I believe, in that this summer’s overreach has been a hindrance for them.

      • I’m a little surprised that some rightwinger didn’t something stupid (kidnapping lol). Doesn’t look like anyone takes the white supremacy narrative serious. Kyle R appears to be too sympathetic. Grannys love him. Maybe Bismarck was right about god protecting the usa and drunks. You might want to check this out it is a begazi whistleblower. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koJkVsTK7hk

        • I’ll give old Kyle his dues, that image of him as a pudgy lad with socks ‘n crocs (I think) does not juxtapose well with the white supremacy narrative. He looks a decent chap – not at all what the media want us to think. You’re spot on, no doubt grannies do love him.

          I’m a little surprised that some rightwinger didn’t something stupid (kidnapping lol).

          This harks back a week or so ago to Z man’s piece asking why there has been so little violence. It is interesting to note that a serious and disciplined outfit can cause immense turmoil. See the OAS. Although on the subject of kidnapping, was that Whitmer who was the target? Wasn’t it a giant put on job?

          At this point, and perhaps many may disagree, but the wheels are starting to fall off of the leftist cart. A Trump victory – I don’t know how likely – must surely be the trigger for another round of epic overreach.

          Thanks for the link. I’ll have a gander later.

          • The Wicked Witch of Michigan caper (lol, Operation Dorothy House) was the same as it ever was: 5 FBI agents, 3 ATF agents, and 4 local PD convinced one massively online dupe with an IQ below room temperature to repost too-spicy memes that his fedgov handlers fed to him. That whole thing is as fake as a three dollar bill.

    • Somewhere in mid-to-late August Biden had a chance for a Sistah Soldier moment. He could have denounced the violence and denounced the anti-white rhetoric. Then framed his campaign as a return to normalcy. “Four years of Trump and we have riots in the streets and everyone is at each other’s throats.”

      That would have required a candidate in full control of his faculties and a staff with some skill to find the right moment.

      • How much input do you think he has into what goes on the teleprompter, 10%? 20%? Isn’t it a lot like Mark Kelly in Arizona, who is so beholden to the left he can’t even fire a campaign staffer who was posting that cops are “worthless f*cking pigs” on social media. They are afraid of the woke left. At some level they have to know they are going to get pushed aside so these jobs can go to non white men, but they still won’t do anything to stop the madness.

        • I’d say about a third of pols are roughly equivalent to an actor hired to be a pitchman in an ad campaign. The woman playing Flo from the Progressive Insurance ads is never getting a better gig. She used to make a living doing comedy as a low-budget comedy troupe. She had some bit roles as an extra in movies and TV. Being the mascot for an insurance company pays very well and requires relatively little work. She will do what she is told. That’s true of a lot of politicians too.

          In Biden’s case, my bet is he is mostly a vegetable at this point. They can give him drugs to be on for a debate or a public appearance, but otherwise, he’s not really there. It’s why he takes so many days off and is never seen after mid-afternoon. Trump meanwhile is crisscrossing the country giving speeches at rallies.

          • Alternatively, Biden truly is in a bone crushing lead, and Biden’s handlers don’t want him to go out and gaffe so badly that he blows it.

            If he’s truly ahead, there’s no point in blowing it just to reach for a “landslide”. This time, team D will be happy to win by a single electoral vote.

            And why not? They’re going to be the uniparty forever after they reclaim the Presidency. “The Mule” is a once in a hundred years sort of character (who still fails).

          • Then why not debate Trump and rub it in? The dueling town halls was a farce. Biden sent a woman out to fight for him. I don’t care how cucked normie is, many people noticed.

        • Biden knows he will transition to Harris in about two years. He has accepted that, and has no balls left to oppose anything they put into his teleprompter. He didn’t do a Sista Souljah because his puppet masters know enthusiasm is already low, and they think they are up 10 points in the polls.

      • Even his surrogates failed on this point. Instead of framing this as you described, they have been “vote for us or you may be attacked by our thugs and killed.” Now, that might work–Americans have become soft and cowardly–but isn’t nearly as effective. The only reason Trump is still in the running really is the riots. They may scare people into voting Biden, which was the intent, but the more likely effect is a combination of anger and liberal apathy.
        This is one election where the only bet I would place would be on massive cheating. I think Trump likely prevails and is cheated out of re-election after several weeks of “new ballots” being found.

        • The cowards are probably voting Biden anyhow. The threats are most likely to increase enthusiasm for Trump among the non-cowards.

      • Conversely: If you don’t Sister Souljah, and you still win, then the public has ratified your endorsement of the position in question.

      • staff with some skill to find the right moment.

        Biden’s publicly visible campaign manager is an obnoxious Millennial AWFUL. She is sure to have hired clones of herself all the way down.

      • But, lord above, can you imagine the shrieks and the howls from the anti-white Taliban wing of the Democratic party? Anti-white racism is where the Left lives. I’m not sure denaturing his own party and its ideology could have succeeded.

  33. I don’t think it’s going to change anyone’s vote. How can anyone be a swing voter between two choices that are diametrically opposed? Everyone knew Biden was a crook anyway.

    However, he should be prosecuted. That is the point. I’m not an American and I don’t live in the US so maybe my next question is ignorant – but why does it have to be the FBI that would arrest Biden? Couldn’t some patriotic senior police officer just decide to get a team of 50 cops together and simply go out and collar Biden? In front of the world’s media?

    I guess they would all be taking their lives in their hands, but is it possible? Everyone knows the FBI won’t do it, so it’s up to someone else brave enough.

    • Everyone knew Biden was a crook anyway.” Not so Bob. You overestimate Normie. But it’s hard to ignore when your face is being masterfully rubbed in it, as noted by Zman’s post today.

      • My brother observed that he thinks Trump really screwed up by not letting Biden run his mouth in the first debate. His point is that unless you’re a rabid Fox News viewer, you don’t realize that Biden is a stumbling feeb, b/c Big Media isn’t covering it.
        Similarly, I don’t think the average consumer (vice citizen) really appreciates Biden’s long-term scams, since all they have absorbed in the general feeling that Biden is genial. That’s why I think the NY Post article might be a bigger deal than some realize, since crack-pipe Biden Jr. illustrates the power of nepotism, which is something that nice-guy’s have any experience with.

    •  but why does it have to be the FBI that would arrest Biden? Couldn’t some patriotic senior police officer just decide to get a team of 50 cops together and simply go out and collar Biden? In front of the world’s media?”

      If only… no we have painted ourselves into a corner with the concept of jurisdictional powers. Federal police supersede State supersede Local, etc.
      So eventually the case would winds its way up the food chain to where the Swamp Creatures have total dominion and the charges would magically vanish into thin air. Our most powerful law enforcement agency is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the democratic party basically. The only way Trump can solve this is to literally clean house from top to bottom. Assign a new FBI director and hand curate every single division chief who then hand curates every single regional chief, etc. on down the line to the local offices.
      Normies have been asleep for several decades. You aren’t walking out of a situation that took that long to create in a few weeks or months. It would take years of intense oversight to unf-ck these corrupt institutions and they would fight you the whole way down.

    • It’s not quite diplomatic immunity, but our high government officials, especially elected, have great protections against arrest. I don’t agree with the concept, but our Founders put it into the Constitution so it must serve a purpose. To me, a bigger scandal is the sheer number of laws were Congress exempts itself (or another agency) from the rules imposed on the rest of the country. Many of these exceptions no doubt make sense, for example, the government should have monopoly powers to enforce contracts, use of force, and so on. On the other hand, it’s not clear (to me at least) why Congress needs to be exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act and countless other laws.
      It’s a sad fact that, short of Treason or capital crimes, the high officals are all but untouchable. Consider that in the past twenty-five years, two sitting Presidents were impeached. For trivialities. The first, for lying about a young woman’s sexual favors. The second, apparently for a phone call to a foreign ruler. Yet actual or highly probable cases of serious crimes can be found. Just perjury to Congress alone would net a couple offenders. Add in the FISA and other spying on Trump and you would have more. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that these people can get away with murder. In fact, it’s likely that some of them have, from time to time.

      • Ben said: ” In fact, its likely that dome of them have…”
        Her name was Mary Joe Kopechne.
        His name was Seth Rich.
        Hello new boss, same as the old boss.

  34. I’m sensing a lot more optimism in this post, and I’ve been feeling the same way myself after being down for most of the election season. For good reason too, the Democrats are definitely playing defense at this point in things.

    I actually put a little bit of money on Trump last week after that Pelosi Blitzer clip came out, the look on Blitzer’s face when he was accused of being a Republican stooge was priceless. For as seasoned a politician as Pelosi to do somwthing like that told me that Trump’s odds must be looking reasonable on the insider info.

    Of course the next day revealed why ol’ botox was in a tizzy, and it looks like it is just going to keep getting worse. The media might try and bury this thing, but you can be sure it comes up in the debate in front of tens of millions.

    Keep your spirits up dissidents, while nothing is certain as long as the dead can vote, it looks like we may get 4 more years to prepare yet.

    • “…four more years to prepare “.

      That’s really all I want. What a sad commentary on a once great nation.

      • As a man who is not yet 30, I am in this boat. It might be nonsense to those who have had more of a shot to build their equity, but for young families, this is a squeeze like you wouldn’t believe. You seen the rental market lately? Sending an application for a townhouse is like petitioning to suck the Dalai Lama’s dick. They want your credit score from back when you were a dung beetle 19 lives ago.

        • Lanky: All the seemingly excessive demands for credit and financial info indicate that the people who want your money (the landlords and lenders) do not trust their own metrics and their own judgement and are too stupid to know the difference between a decent credit risk and a deadbeat. Plus, the landlords and lenders are forced to comply with regulations (especially with regard to make-believe civil rights) that remove common sense from the decision making process.

          • The Fair Housing Act of 1968 and all its demon kin did indeed take away many of those common sense rules. With some probable exceptions, verifying a mark’s potential tenant’s (employee’s, etc.) financial and criminal history is about the only screening criteria still legally allowed. It does have the blessed side effect of filtering out a lot of the losers just the same.
            Given this country’s multi-generational leftward drift, it’s amazing that such hasn’t been outlawed under the heading “disparate impact.” Just imagine a world where it was recognized that a person has a right to an apartment or house, ability to pay or to conduct himself like a civilized man rather than a Great Ape be damned. Oh wait, we do have such programs, they are called “subsidized housing.” 🙁

          • And the prices are outrageous! We can almost afford our own home, though, so we’re moving into her dad’s basement (ugh), which is actually really nice. It’ll three months before we can save enough the down payment.

            I’d normally find living with Daddy repulsive, but honestly, his house is in the mountains. And we live in a vibrant neighborhood right now. So, yeah. Any port in a storm.

    • The miracle of the dead being able to vote — Democrats at least — is almost, but not quite sufficient, evidence to convince this athiest of the existence of life after death 😀

  35. I’ll vote for Trump, obviously, and am sanguine enough about his chances not to be black-pilled, but the “silent majority” is now a terrified plurality. There’s a difference between people keeping quiet because they don’t want to look uncouth or start an argument at the dinner table, versus people keeping quiet because they don’t want the most powerful businesses and intelligence gathering agencies and media organs and marauding underclass elements to destroy their careers, burn their homes and cars and harm their families. Whites in America have basically been reduced to living like first generation Italian immigrants vending fruit in mafia-controlled neighborhoods. At least Giuliani has experience dealing with the Mob, but there’s a difference between a comparatively innocuous organization like the Gambino Crime Family vs. something like the Clinton Foundation.

    • The terrified plurality is actually pretty loud right now. Look at all the people at Trump rallies etc.

      Biden has dementia and is a potato. Trump has alot of enthusiasm.

      However, demographics are destiny. Muh increased Hispanic support only goes so far. 2020 is the last year the GOP can win nationally, and only due to Trump kind of using the Sailer Strategy. In 2024 the GOP just won’t be able to win. Demographics are destiny.

      • Correct. The Left thought their moment had arrived in 2016 so they openly bashed White women. They have not done it this time for obvious reasons.

        • I remember following the 2018 elections on DailyKos because I was skeptical of the blue wave they were hoping for and I wanted to see the meltdown if it didn’t happen. The early returns were very favorable to republicans and despair set in. Several posters were actually saying “Fuck white women!” because they were apparently not voting the right way. Not one person was called out on this. Eventually, the “trickle in vote” turned many races blue.

          • If (a) Trump wins outright and (b) the election cannot be stolen or a coup pulled off, White women will become the demons du juor permanently. It is about the only reason I think that Biden could win outright. White women can be shamed into action. The riots also had the goal of shaming as well as terrifying them. I don’t think that one worked at all.

          • “White women will become the demons du juor permanently.”

            We can only hope. Alienating white women would be the coup de grace for the left. Hell hath no fury, etc.

          • That + COVID has turned white women insane, except those with redpilled husbands.

            Married white women will vote R, but the single, lunatic white woman demographic might just tip the race for Biden. Maybe if they are good they can go back to the Sex and the City life!

            Otoh the influx of Indians and arabs has kind of redpilled white women; they hate being constantly bothered by them.

      • People forget that what gave democrats their Stalinist supermajority in California (and what will give them Colorado and Texas soon enough forever) was not just demographic gerrymandering from the Third World, but that combined with white professionals and public sector unions. You need the white logistics and money (as well as “white” logistics and money) in order to keep the various factions from killing each other when they pile into the busses to pull the lever (and also to read a map so they don’t get lost on the way to the polling station). Yes, people like Pelosi or Feinstein are shadows of the previous generation, and the white kids riding their coattails are also pygmies, but they still tower over the vibrants whose energy they direct and whose strings they pull. Without NGOs and media, someone like Ilhan Omar is sharpening a stick with a flint rock so she can stab a locust in the Guban desert for lunch (and if she doesn’t learn how to start a fire, she’ll have to eat that locust uncooked).

        • If the country hasn’t effectively broken up by then, the fact that the country is locked into the whims of democrats will surely break up the country.

      • Disagree, B124. The Plan is for the new GOP (still in the process of being remade by Trump) to dramatically increase white support whilst peeling off those hispanics (up to a max of 50%) and blacks (up to a max of about 20%) who want to live in a civilized, functioning white polity.

        • I think you give Trump and the republicans too much credit for sympathy to Whites and also overestimate their intelligence.
          I don’t think Trump has any deeply held convictions. Really, you will have a better appreciation of how our government works if you watch “The Godfather”.

          • It’s true. I believe Trump may be a bona fide political genius, come-out-of-nowhere (and not a moment too soon). The fact that he has managed to survive the past 4 years gives credence to the notion.

          • Actually, he’s kinda of an idiot. Think about it, he had it all prior to his candidacy. Now he’s put his entire family in danger because he wanted the glory and status of POTUS.

        • Won’t happen. The republican coalition contains an appreciable amount of snobby suburban types who’ll bolt if the GOP goes too working class or too minority. That’s why snobby Whites like Mitt Romney opposed Donald Trump; they want the GOP to be a vehicle for free trade and other economic idiocies that benefit the rich and upper middle class. The moment Trump went populist, they turned on him. Don’t believe anything to the contrary. This was never about “rhetoric” for NeverTrump types. They are rich snobs scared Trump was serious about delivering for his voters. That only faded somewhat when Trump started selling out.

          That’s also why Donald Trump is losing the election to Joe Biden: he’s been pegged as the champion of the lower orders by the media and by his own actions (Blackxit / Kanye West). Thus, he’s lost support among Whites. He probably won’t get as much White support as Mitt Romney did in 2012.

          The upper middle class neighborhood down my street (in a heavily red state) is an example of this phenomenon. I see several nice homes with Biden Harris signs but not a single Trump Pence one. Likely, it is not possible considering how widely these demographics are separated, to build a coalition that allows a normie republican victory anymore. Blacks vote as a monolith, so there’s really no chance of getting 20% of that vote. It’s all or nothing. And Hispanics can only be reached through ethnic appeals and promises of amnesty and mass immigration, which is suicide for White working class people.

      • This doesn’t matter. The US will no remain a functional Republic as we knew it no matter who wins. President Trump 2.0 buys us a little time for prepping
        We should not sorrow, the US was unstable from the start, built on false pretenses mixed with wide eyed idealism and greed.
        The recent pseudo comity was not the historical norm anyway, only an aberration caused by industrial society, mass communication and the cold war.
        If CONUS stays intact it probably joins the rest of the Americas in poverty and instability over the next decades, A hollow state is quite possible as well which is good for us as we can become more autonomous.
        Otherwise it falls apart through neglect or violence.
        All of these scenarios are good for us if we learn to prepare and stop being so antisocial and individualistic.

    • If it were on the Clinton Foundation, we’d have better than a fighting chance. But it’s the whole of global capital and every government in the world.

    • White Americans are, in the main, pathetic cowards. See our ritualistic masketeering for proof.

      • Whites have much to lose and have been fat and happy for what 70+ years?
        Its hard to change from a happy suburban man to a barbarian overnight.
        Ultimtely they will change or they will die in either case the survivors will be hard as nails.
        What slows this is a lack of an idea of who or what to change into. We lack ideology and the fake ideas we have, residual rugged individualism, free-dumb, Neo Liberalism Murika!, and so on are unfit for purpose.
        The sad reality is we need essentially an authoritarian Right Wing state that takes away freedom and is patriarchal but a hell fo a lot of men, me included have zero desire to take those responsibilities since now that we are aware, the costs always outweigh the benefits.
        Until some ideology either provides the missing emotional context or solves the cost benefit analysis problem, movement will be difficult and the highest probable outcome stays at collapse to a lower state with people just trying to avoid getting squashed and fleeing from problems.

  36. I remember reading something by Mencius Moldbug on the subject of how to bring down a government. The first prerequisite, he wrote, would be to estrange the public from the authorities ruling over them. Once that bond of trust and respect is broken, it would only be a matter of time before open revolt surfaced. Whether Trump wins or not, I believe the benchmark for rebellion has been reached.

    BTW, Zman, your TakiMag article is both fascinating and excellent.

    • I think that Covid has also helped. Many around me who used to take the government medical advice seriously now realise it has been a sham. Not only that, but most importantly as the charade continues into the outright ridiculous any future trust in government is lost for them. Certainly, whenever I propose to someone in the future that the government may not know what it is doing, I can just remark ‘Remember Covid?’. Current politics is giving me succinct and handy slogans galore.

      Sure, the ‘pandemic’ was a curse regarding the emergence of spasms of harridans and leftists eager to dictate; but it’s most important legacy has been the eroding of current and future trust in government. At least from what I have seen. The way the media carries on incessantly about President Trump has also been another eye opener.

      • I know a few smart medical professionals who are now downright embarrassed by the CDC, and are actively trying to bury their unwavering support and hectoring of dissidents in March.
        But just to be real, we all know in the next crisis, they’ll be right there again, parroting the propaganda. Next time, we don’t hit hit them with facts, but just ridicule.

        • In my trade, I have learnt many things over the years. But I have forgotten a whole lot more. The only scenarios I can remember how to deal with efficiently are the most common – and rightly so. I have lost count of ‘argument from authority’ types who just responded “I’m a doctor” to any questioning. I expect most doctors I have met to be up to muster on things they deal with regularly. Not rare things that they have not had the time to reason about.

          In short, whenever you asked a probing (by no means rude) question, and the questioned respond with “I’m a XXX, so there” – you have to start to wonder. I have seen this line of reasoning all too often.

          Next time, we don’t hit hit them with facts, but just ridicule.

          We really need to have learnt that lesson 60 years ago.

          • I don’t need to be a musician to know that a guitar solo sucks.

            I don’t need to be a doctor to know that there is some serious bullshit going down.

          • I’ve had this problem with modern art. I remember lamenting how bad it was, how easy it was to reproduce as it requires little skill. Default responses were ‘Why don’t you do it then’ or ‘Well, they’re artists… so…’.

            Whack any piece of modern art next to a work by Vermeer and prepare to laugh in the face of anyone who claims that the former requires ‘skill’.

          • Generally, I agree. However, much abstract painting requires an insanely high degree of creativity and imagination. It is not so easy to paint the unknown.

    • Indeed. No matter who “wins” in November, the American people will continue to lose. Fedgov is going to keep on decaying; and the biggest impact on white men will continue to be the annual shakedown on April 15. Wake up! Your states and cities are where the true battle is. If nothing changes, you too will suffer the insanity that we in California have seen accelerate in the last decade to cement an irreversible brown dystopia. Act now to get your mayors and city councils squared away. If you can still back govenors and state legislators who care more about their constituents than about corporate donors and reelection, knock yourself out backing them. But COVID and the racial bullshit have shown just how megalomaniacal politicians with a free hand at executive authority can be. I am frankly amazed that there haven’t been any assassinations because TINVOWOOT.

      • Poeticially stated. As I’ll often comment here (from Rolf Dobelli’s The Art of Clear Thinking) man’s preference for the charming story is often at the expense of objectivity, facts and other inconvenient stumbling blocks. It’s not for nothing that most entertainment is fantasy, fiction, make-believe, a child’s bedtime story just as much as that Woke garbage on Netflix or Lifetime last night. The human brain likes its entertainment, for things to “make sense” according to pre-existing desires. Cold, calculating science and math are unwlecome. The primitive brain of the Savage fears — rightly — the stake that Cold Harsh Reality will drive into the vampire of wishful thinking.

  37. Aside from extremely obvious election-rigging or cheating, does anyone think that Biden is going to win? My impression is that libs aren’t all that enthused about the guy, and that Trump supporters are straight up stoked to stick it to the swamp for four more years. Does anyone living in swing state see anything different?

    • Sure, I think that Biden could win; in fact, I’d say it’s a distinct possibility. To people who aren’t critical thinkers — and that’s a lot of people — the pressure of OMB has swayed their psyches toward a Lovecraftian fanaticism. They will absolutely tow party line. God sees all, after all. (I’m just waiting for the day when our voting records go public. We wouldn’t want any counter-revolutionaries in our midst, would we?)

    • In my swing state, I see a lot of Pro-Trump energy, and nearly no enthusiasm for Biden. The thing about the polls right now is that there likely to keep Biden higher than Hillary was in them on election day just so they can make the fraud attempts seem more plausible.
      He really can’t win short of outright theft, there’s just nowhere near the energy they’d need. It would be poking through somewhere if it existed at all.

      • I still think that Trump will win, but I wouldn’t count out the treachery of the left. There isn’t a lot of pro-biden energy, but there *is* a lot of antiTrump energy. Like, a lot. How much is authentic? Dunno.

        • I have these people in my immediate family. Trump is just a totem to them. Their real hatred is for white Christian civilization.

          We whites aren’t the smartest of the peoples in the world, nor the dumbest, nor the most violent, nor the least violent. What makes us unique is that when we are left alone without diversity we make NICE places to live that are the envy of everyone else, a property that the complete failure of the 1960’s social engineering project has shown to 100% non-transferable and non-shareable. That the white leftist cannot abide. They see it as a deep existential unfairness that must be erased from reality.

          Their hatred of Trump is an extension and emblem of their hatred for us. It is not going to go away until their ability to attack us is destroyed. We cannot share a polity with these people.

          “The concept of envy — the hatred of the superior — has dropped out of our moral vocabulary. The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea. Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of western power long after colonialism, imperialism and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. Superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call ‘minorities.’” — Joseph Sobran (April 1997)

          • Yep. Leftists also hate themselves and want to die as well, but instead of going quietly they want to bring us all down with them. Non-whites are jealous and leeches, happy to go along for the ride.

            They hate us and want us dead. As I’ve said before, I believe them 100% and the radical left is no joke.

          • The NPCs have some pretty disturbing anti-White hate art up on the supportblackart Instagram as well.

          • When the election is over, does Trump get the Charles I treatment, the Louis XVI treatment, or the Nicholas II treatment?

          • We are close. One benefit of the lockdown is that it’s a good opportunity to get closer with your family.

            I think it’s finally getting through to my boomercon family. As well as my brothers and extended family. They aren’t as redpilled as me but we all know what’s coming.

            When they come for us we will defend ourselves appropriately. The price to take us down will be big. Reach down and find those balls, calmness, and rock solid devotion.

          • They’re certainly insane. (Imagine believing MA is in play.) In the primary Sec’y Galvin–who refused to count overseas military ballots in ’04–allowed double voting: by mail AND in person. Turnout has been record setting.

          • I agree with your thoughts that Whites, left to themselves, generally create nice communities. I would add, however, that Civil Rights and related disasters were not necessarily some vile plan hatched by crypto-Communist Jews intent on overthrowing the WASP establishment, although that is often a theme. Couldn’t it be as simple as this? Western civilization, or at least the USA version, was at or near its peak in the mid 20th century. We’d just won a great war. The Dollar was the unquestioned world currency. Everything looked like it could be solved. Hell, we were going to the Moon (and did). We would bring the Black man up to the equal of the White man. Well, maybe not. Let’s pass another law, a nip here, a tuck there. We’ll get this thing right, it can’t possibly be any harder than splitting the atom or putting a satellite in orbit, can it?
            Not quite as romantic as the dark conspracy theories of Frankfurt School etc., but doesn’t misplaced idealism of Whites trying to rectify a perceived imbalance, explain most, if not all, of the ongoing train wreck that is Egalitarianism?

          • You make a good point (thank you for playing devil’s advocate; constructive criticism is always welcome) however I think “crypto-Communist Jews intent on overthrowing the WASP establishment” leveraged our optimism and good will rather than having any of the latter themselves. It’s how they got the necessary buy-in from people who should have been more skeptical of what is in 20/20 hindsight a lunatic endeavor. I suggest the proof is in what came after.

            The original 1960’s social engineering project essentially had the goal of making Africans into Europeans. When it became clear that it failed, their next move was not thoughtful recalibration. Instead, they blamed us and started a new project to make Europeans into Africans. It is a lot easier to erase disparity through destruction than creation. They could not uplift them, so they are downpushing us through cultural destruction and systemic discrimination.

            We hear nothing concrete or specific from leftists anymore about how to improve Africans. (Making us their slaves by taxing us and throwing the money at the Africans doesn’t count.) All their focus is on what is ‘wrong’ with Europeans.

            The different peoples of the world have different preferences for how to organize themselves socially, politically, and economically that are deeply rooted in our varying biology. There is no one size fits all system for happily living together inside the same polity.

          • People on this site,,, as. Intelligent and well read as they are,,, rarely. Bring up religion . laugh if you want, but there just may be a true religion, which has been usurped and buried, and we are simply dealing with what mankind becomes without a guide.

            The Catholic Church condemns Religious Freedom and freedom of conscience and the press and speech.. The US has imported what ”Liberalism” for 200 years. Vague protestantism is NOT better than nothing! Its heresy. 1st commandment deals with heresy!
            Just says all…

        • Biden does the “cars in the drive-in” speeches because he gets about 3 people to come out to a traditional speech. His handlers go rent cars and then honk on cue to his speech. Fake, fake, fake. Short of cheating, the old Dems are toast and the AOC faction is due to take over the party. That’s why Wolf Blitzer is standing up to Nancy Pelosi now, because the word is out to take these old school Dem failures down, for the new Proggie Vanguard. Elite money has spoken.

          • The people wearing purple ties, dresses, and pantsuits signalflagging the Revolution in Nov. 2016 are going to start being erased from the Party pictures?

            My gosh. We didn’t think it was actually going to happen, but it is, right on cue. Hillary’s ambitious underling, Obama, is going to overthrow his former boss once and for all.

        • the entire dem platform when distilled to a “vote”is “you do know that not voting for Biden is a vote for Trump!!!.” Thats exactly how it was phrased to me after I trolled a campaign slut over text.

          Its Orange Man Bad 24/7. All of the conversations I have had with goodwhites I know are just chewing the fat on that bone. TDS may have been just a funny meme last time around but it is as real as china flu now.

          CO is full of it. Now whether the BLM/Antifa maneuver was a bridge too far for the dems is another matter. Plenty of people are “awake” now that weren’t in ‘16. But how many translate to net votes?

          What will be revealing here and other occupied purple states is how the downballots go. The corona has cut a swath and local offices are in the spotlight. If they go dem/soros/blm rainbow, its a good sign that the death cult convergence is complete.

          • As a fellow resident of California East, I have seen a couple things here that are really weird with regards to the election this year.

            One was a poll done by 9NewsKills in Denver about how Biden and Hickenpooper have commanding leads, but prop 115 was neck and neck. Prop 115 is a ballot initiative to put a ban on any non-medical necessity abortions at 22 weeks. It’s really hard for me to imagine the average Biden supporter favoring any restrictions on abortion, so I don’t really know how to reconcile that poll sensibly.

            The other weird thing has been our idiot millenials SoS trumpeting how there is a 6 gorillion % increase in early voting. I looked into it and the spread of early voter heavily favored Democrats, when most years the early voting favors the Republicans. The democrats lead didn’t really surprise me with all the dipshits from CA, IL, and NY that have moved here and ruined the state, but I have to wonder if Trumps messaging on mail in voting has led to what base he has here holding on to their votes until the last minute to make it harder to find the right number of ballots in trunks.

            Should be an interesting year anyway.

          • You mean the Antifa Daily Crier has “polls” that dont make sense and seem intended to demotivate right wing voters? Shocked, SHOCKED to hear that. If you believe anything that rag prints, then ive got some ocean front development property up in Summit County that I’ll sell you real cheap…

          • It’s more that I don’t understand why they would present an image of landslide in terms of the POTUS/Senate races, but then portray the abortion thing as so close. I want to believe it means all the leftists initiatives are going down in flames, but I don’t know if that’s just wishful thinking.

          • The channel 9 News antifa hitman’s public execution of the minister/vet/grandfather isnt going over well in the metro front range area.

          • It’s pretty crazy that the story didn’t get national legs with conservative media. I have a feeling that discovery is going to reveal that Doloff and antifag buttboy Kyle Clark have ties

    • Democrats may not be enthusiastic to vote for Biden but they are hyped by their burning hatred of him to vote against Trump.

      • Negative enthusiasm does not work as well as positive enthusiasm. Think about how much more difficult it is to persuade someone to vote for your mediocre candidate based on your hatred for the opposition. That’s a steep hill to climb. If your candidate is an empty suit, you’ve got a huge problem with the undecided voters. Watch what happens.

        • I’m not so sure. Negative campaigning seems to work. But then, maybe that’s just because we’ve had so many bad candidates.

        • Yes. It’s a lot easier to convince people to vote for a party as in ‘18 than a candidate. That strategy will be less effective this time.

          • Dems got historically smoked in both Clinton’s and Obama’s first midterms but both won re-election.

            Midterms are more about the party because the candidates are less scrutinized. Presidential elections are almost completely about the candidates. Would you rather vote for a Democrat against Trump, or Chuck Schumer?

          • Meme, you mean you want hard data for predictions of future voting behavior? Maybe some regression analysis of the reliability of sources for Chloe the Fortune-teller too?

        • You’re correct about the psychology. That’s why in the big cities the Dems have precinct captains—and black revruns in the black ghettoes with plenty of Party money—to make sure that the not-very-enthused get out and pull the D lever. So far as undecided voters are concerned, I’m skeptical that there are very many of them. Most people made up their minds about Trump a long time ago. It doesn’t matter what Biden is or is not. The election is a referendum on. Trump.

          • Getting all the voters in the Ghetto may backfire: “The #1 predictor of voting Republican is owning a handgun,” Basham told Forbes. “Black female gun ownership has skyrocketed. Forty percent of new handgun owners are female; 60 percent are African-American.” Had a friend who recently went to a gun show and he said he had never seen so many blacks at a gun show.

          • Well, they’re probably buying those guns to shoot Republicans. Not that they’ll hit any, mark you…

          • I was just at a gun show, and it was black black. Blackity black. Couple in. BLM shirts. Too Freaked out this cracker

        • Positive visions typically work better. (See..MAGA, build the wall, going to get tired of winning so much)

          Problem is neither candidate has a readily identifiable positive vision easily articulated this time around, except the standard boilerplate.

          So that leaves fear; advantage Biden (and his million mouthpieces)

      • Exactly. My true-believer Inside-the-beltway neighbors couldn’t care less about Biden. He’s just the vehicle to send away the Bad Orange Man! I mentioned to one neighbor that Biden and Son(s) are obviously corrupt … he meekly responded with some bromide about “they’re all corrupt to some extent” and then conceded that he doesn’t really care as long as Trump is expelled from office.
        Under normal circumstances, I would agree that positive enthusiasm outweighs negative enthusiasm. But I suppose it remains to be seen whether Lefty’s Trump hatred burns so hot to overcome the normal formulations. I’m not old enough to remember Nixon, but I vaguely remember Lefty’s resentment of Reagan. But this is an entirely different level of hatred … I cannot think of a politician so hated as Trump. Which is largely why I’m so eager to vote for him again!

        • Something to keep in mind is that the demographic wave does sometimes cut both ways. Sure the mentally ill whites we know might be fired up to vote for the aging child molester, but OMB isn’t enough to get non-ideological non-whites to the polls.

        • We loved Nixon.

          He brought the boys home.

          He wanted the best for America, in all ways. I met Nixon’s best friend, the man who made 7-Up a global brand, and he was just the greatest joe, just a completely normal, stand-up guy. So was Nixon.

          • There’s a story that Nixon was taken to the rites at Bohemian Grove, and sat in mute disgust, saying only, “not me, not in a million years”, and that’s when the WaPo’s rabid weasels were set upon him.

            Of course, winning full concessions from Hanoi- winning the war, victory in other words- and ending the Vietnam money machine probably had a great deal to do with it.

            (Until the Democrats overturned that victory in ’74-75, leading to the evacuation, that is.)

          • Oh, and for the vets, a boat person, a woman, said she was that little girl you let sleep on some rice bags in the corner, safe and protected for two nights after years of Cong nightmare.

            She, her dying father, her whole family thank you, thank you forever, men who held back the darkness that some might survive.

            You don’t remember her, but she- they all of them- she and they remember you, and thank the gods you came.

        • Well, let’s not forget fear motivates a lot of Trump voters as well. A lot of people are not just voting FOR Trump out of enthusiasm. Having Trump in office means a chance to hold down the fort, so to speak, for four more years, rather than seeing even more widespread ethnic vengeance unleased on white people.

        • Trump has been a nationally known figure for 4 decades. Just prior to becoming President he had a top rated television show. He has multiple Hollywood TV show and movie appearances. Every single celebrity, politician, and MSM person who has been bashing him nonstop for 4 years would have given their left nut to be invited to one of his events prior to 2016. The over the top hatred makes no sense other than they fear YT waking up.

    • I think it’s 50/50. VBM and EV numbers are bad in Florida and North Carolina. At the end of the day, I don’t see Trump losing those.

      Basically he just needs one rust belt state, basically a coin toss. I hope he has plans in place to deal with fraud. If he doesn’t, he will lose.

      Most heritage Americans are realizing that they have lost and that this is no longer their country. Voting Trump is just one last middle finger. At least future civilizations will read about some kind of resistance (unlike in Canada).

      • Agreed. It looks like Michigan or more likely Pennsylvania will be where the election is stolen outright.

          • I think the battle ground state Trump most likely wins is Florida. That’s huge obviously. I suspect Wisconsin is the next best state for him. Michigan and Pennsylvania are tough to say, because of he mail in vote stuff. Ho hard is it to manufacture 50,000 fake votes?

          • I doubt that means anything. New York is Trump’s home state, and he lost it big — Manhattan, the borough where he owns a skyscraper, voted 86% for Hillary.

            Western PA is sure as hell not Biden country… his adopted “home state” of Delaware is practically a suburb of Philly, so I’m sure it’s different there.

          • In PA mail in voting involves 2 envelopes which seems to be too complicated for a lot of people. That could really gum up the works.

          • It is interesting to see that Biden is now a 3 to 2 favorite on the gambling markets vs. 2 to 1 just a few days ago. We will know better after Thursday’s debate.

          • The Dems can manufacture 50,000 votes in Philadelphia, Detroit, Flint, Milwaukee before breakfast. They’ve been doing this for more than a century and a half.

          • The thing is that Clinton wasn’t leading the RCP averages by this much at this point. The polls were wrong in 2016, but they weren’t as wrong in 2018.

          • There weren’t right either as they predicted a Blue Wave that didn’t happen and the Republicans kept the Senate
            This was unusual in that the opposition party almost always has hefty gains but instead only had modest ones,
            Ultimately though even a Trump landslide is just a delaying action .
            The US won’t return to normal, our problems can’t be solved and the Republic itself, Democracy if you like is part of the problem.
            We need one or more completely homogeneous polities with no more than small amount of deviance permitted.

          • They have all those “Hurricane Maria” PRs that can now vote. It’s just hard for me to imagine PRs voting “R.”

          • However a lot of Cuban vote Republican and even ones that recently haven’t been seem pretty into President Trump.

          • PA will probably be stolen as Roberts as usual stabbed Conservatives in the back. This subject to a small enough margin or error.
            The rest I’m not as sure about.

    • I’ll be the one to come out and say it: Biden is going to win and he’s going to win by a lot.

      No one goes to his rallies? So what! Rallies aren’t votes. Hillary had tiny rallies and Romney had huge ones.

      No one wants to vote for him? So what! People just want things to go back to normal, and there’s an underlying sense that if Orange Man is exorcised, normalcy can return.

      Don’t believe the polls? Here’s the truth: the polls in 2016 were not wrong, the forecasting models (save Nate Silver’s) were. The polls were completely consistent with late deciders breaking heavily for Trump. The deficit in the polls now is about twice what it was four years ago.

      Trump is D.O.N.E. Downvote this post and share your anecdotal evidence all you like, it won’t change the reality on the ground. If you can provide a data-driven refutation to what I’ve said, then I welcome your feedback.

      • As your friend, Meme, I just down-voted your post as requested. Reality on the ground? Elections are normally won at the margins, i.e. the so-called “middle” 5% or 10%; landslides are made when the “middle” voters experience wholesale shifts. That is happening now, even moreso than in 2016; data comes from the otherwise-cooked polls showing Trump doing not-as-bad now as in 2016. As for anecdotal evidence, I offer three wonderful words: Hidden (or “shy”) Trump voters.

        • Jim, I appreciate that you have a pair and can bring your argument to the table like a man. Here’s why I don’t buy it:

          What evidence do you present that the middle is shifting towards Trump? Polling crosstabs suggest the opposite.

          As to “shy” Trump voters, that was absolutely a real thing four years ago. Now? These people won’t shut up about how much they love the Orange Man. Remember- when you see one of these boat parades or truck caravans – every single one of those people voted for him in 2016. If anything, there’s probably more shy Biden voters out there; they’ll just shut their mouths and mail in their ballot (which counts the same as yours and mine.)

          Romney’s cope in 2012 was that the polls were over sampling Democrats. No one on our side complained when the polls showed a GOP landslide in 2014, and the usual copes came back out in 2018 when it was positive news for the D’s.

          November 3, 2020 is going to shatter a lot of NormieCons’ worldviews the way November 9, 1918 shattered German’s worldviews.

          • Meme and I disagree on the amplitude of Shy Trump Voters ™ in this election cycle. To bolster my side of the argument I ask this question: Have the hatred and malice displayed by the ruling class elites (and their ubiquitous megaphones) toward normal Americans intensified or abated since 2016?

          • While that is true, I’d suggest that the average Normie thinks that eliminating Orange Man will allow the elites to go back to their prior pattern of benign neglect.

            Are they better off than they were four years ago?

          • Have at it, lads!
            They were better off. Trump did deliver both prosperity and peace, yet I see no gratitude, none, not one iota, from the haters.

          • They are spiteful mutants with broken minds and can’t feel genuine gratitude or even have loyalty to their own group.
            Don’t expect these R selected people to behave in any way that would seem rational to us, they cannot and its genetic.
            They will continue to be trouble until population collapse (they tend to not survive) , they are killed in numbers in a civil conflict or some kind state stepped in spiteful mutant theory and eugenics arises and deals them out.

      • There is a lot of truth in this. Biden’s rallies are only threadbare because poor minorities live in large urban areas and don’t tend to gather for conventional political rallies unless they are held in black churches. It’s not as significant as some make it out to be. The enthusiasm gap is less than one might think; the other side hates Trump with a passion. And the demographics just aren’t there anymore for a republican victory. Plus, covid will sap some senior support from Trump. If he does win, it will only be in the electoral college — and barely at that (probably by as single state). Most likely, he’ll lose both the electoral vote and the popular vote by a wide margin.

        Conservatives are in denial like they were in 2012. I see it everywhere. It will be a rude, but necessary, awakening for deluded conservatives when Trump goes down. That side of the political aisle is prone to that kind of thinking, which is why they lose. Many American conservatives are fundamentally lazy, intellectually dull people who tend to one-and-done politics before going back to grilling and chilling, thinking everything will be fine once “their guy” gets into office. That’s not how you win the future.

        • 8 years from now, the same NormieCons who were at Romney’s rallies then will be telling us how awful Trump was all along and how great nominee Dan Crenshaw is.

          • Regardless of the election outcome, this is guaranteed. The NormieCons never will acknowledge their votes no longer matter. The only question is how many NormieCons will there be in four years? I suspect much fewer, and not totally due to death.

            And just out of interest: were there Romney rallies? I honestly do not recall any and the idea seems ludicrous. I voted Third Party–even Green in 2000 just to stir up shit–from 1996 until Trump, so didn’t even pay attention beyond Obama’s essentially vacuous movement, which was hilarious as well as a portent of things to come.

          • In the Netflix documentary “Mitt” it becomes apparent that Romney goes into Election Day convinced by the size and eagerness of his recent rallies that he is going to win. So convinced that I’ve heard he didn’t write a concession speech. In retrospect, it seem ludicrous to think Romney could have won, but there were plenty of people vocally supportive, though in my estimation for negative reasons (they wanted Black Jesus to lose).

          • OUCH, Meme! Now knock that shit off, would ya? 🙂 For one thing, it’s not consistent with the emerging reality: The old corrupt GOP of Romney and Crenshaw (and Ryan and McCain and Flake and Scarborough and Kasich and Alexander and Corker and the Bushes and countless others) is being dispatched by Trump and his powerful new (old) idea of America-first nationalist-populism. But it takes time, dude, and it’s still in process, so bear with us!

          • I went to a Romney rally. Unlike many other politicians he actually doesn’t do a very good job of lying about stuff that he professes to believe in (it was like he switched to some robot voiceover when he talked about firearms rights and abortion). My favorite part though was before he came out on the stage and the Big Screen was cycling through his endorsements. Lots of cheering, even for people like John Kasich, but then the crowd went dead silent when Marco Rubio came on the screen. It was about that time I figured Romney was cooked, even if he campaigned well, which he didn’t.

          • After he loses in landslide to Kamala Harris, the GOP will rush to double immigration and amnesty illegals. They’ll vote to pass reparations in congress, claiming democrats are the real racists.The National Review will publish an article with the title, “The Conservative Case for Confiscating White Property Without Compensation.” In 2036, they’ll nominate Ben Shapiro who’ll then lose all 50 states to AOC.

      • Bannon and Guiliana claim more bombshells on laptop that they will continue to roll out. Not sure of timing with early voting? But i think they got the goods on biden. And i think it is revolting. Epstein sorta set the stage for the public to be able to believe that a pedo cult is running this sh*tshow. Alex Jones gave a convincing presentation in last couple of days if you want to check it out. The computer guy (very credible) clearly feared for his life. Pictures of Hunter with a crack pipe would not do that.

        • Yeah, they’ve got the goods on Biden. It nothing that most of us didn’t know last autumn. But it doesn’t matter. Normies don’t know anything about it, and the Dems will steal the election in any case.

        • Good point about Epstein’s strange demise setting the stage by heightening public awareness of sexual blackmail by foreign intelligence agencies. Could be true. But there a big disconnect between what is happening in Q-land and normieville. Virtually complete radio silence in MSM, except to trot Clapper out to call it all Russian interference. Anything else that comes out at this point will simply be called Russian interfence, that’s the narrative going forward. Biden will likely use that in the debate: “everyone knows your in the pocket of Russia, Donald.” After Trump says Joe is owned by China.
          Trump should switch to “China Joe,” much more direct.
          Polls are garbage, and only intended to create, not reflect public opinion (remember the morning of election day, 2016? NYT putting Hillary over 90%?). Polls indicating Biden winning are being used to frame the narrative for the expected Color Revolution attempt we’re about to see. Hillary told them over a month ago not to concede. If early election night the MSM is all sounding the “every vote must be counted/mail-in ballots won’t be in for a week” refrain, plus some outright lies for good measure, such as “Trump vote fraud is expected and we’re already seeing signs of it in Florida/Pennsylvania/Michigan,” you’ll know that THEY know they’ve lost the EC, and are going to Plan B. You’ll see the Floyd riot roll-out x 10. They will know after the election exactly how many votes they need to “find” to swing key states.
          Whether we go full Ukraine, with FF snipers shooting some antifa to be blamed on Trump supporters, I doubt it, but desperate people do desperate things.
          West Coast Florida report: Trump rallies at intersections, boat parades, ushers in church wearing Trump gear. A handful of Biden bumper stickers on VW beetles. I’ve seen one tiny Biden sign on a neighbor’s lawn, but plenty of Trump signs, and the surrogate, big US flags. I also think the “hidden Trump support voter” will be huge.

          • desperate people do desperate things.

            True – but i just don’t get that TPTB are all that desperate. What has really happened to them under Trump? Hildebeast is still prowling around the East Coast to her frozen heart’s content; her spawn is a member of the CFR (along with the Bush twins); Obama is still golfing at Martha’s Vineyard waiting for the oceans to rise. The banksters are still bankstering.

            TPTB are not TPTB for no reason. They have been extremely skillful at manipulating the masses for at least a century. I just can’t shake the feeling this is all part of a three card monte, and we are missing the slight of hand.

          • Understood but they have video and intend to roll it out. Roll something out. If as bad as speculated. normies will be shocked, but maybe believe. Time will tell.

        • It’s possible some of those bombshells are deemed too hot to release. Granted, I’m basing that on rumors and taking it taking it with the requisite grain of salt, but Biden has done some creepy things on camera, and it doesn’t look like the fruit fell far from the tree in other ways.

          IN MY OPINION 🙂

        • I’ll believe it when I see it.

          Hunter is a degenerate retard, Biden is shady, MSM ignores it.

          I learned to stop getting excited for these “exposés” 4 years ago.

          • I know. We saw an obviously unwell Hillary being dragged around by her staff numerous times and it didn’t make a bit of difference to the Party Faithful.

      • If Biden does win, it will be a narrow EC win. I’m wondering if Biden is the designated loser. Picking Harris who is more of an anchor? Not campaigning? The sudden rejuvenation of Biden’s fortunes in SC is strange.

        As I’ve said before, if the powers behind the throne really want to get rid of Trump, just have the fed cut off the cash to the financial markets.

        • Trump wins, the Uniparty stops up the government teat, the economic decline continues for the man in the street, and the radical Dems roll in 2024. Biden wins, the Uniparty sends him away, Kamala runs the joint, and the two party system is done, other than for looks. They have it covered, either way. And the Dem party of Hillary, Nancy, and Slow Joe is finished. AOC and the “squad” is their future, and ours. Plan accordingly.

      • If I were betting, I’d certainly bet on Biden. Trump will get the same 63 million or so votes that he got in 2016. Biden will get 2 to 5 million more votes that Clinton got in 2016, and he will get them in the right places in FL, PA, MI, and WI. Sure, a lot of those votes will be fraudulent, but they will count nonetheless. His EC victory will be substantial.

      • As much of a douche as Vox Day is, comments like this make me appreciate why he bans posters that black pill on his site, and why wartime commanders were so hard on defeatism.

        I think everyone here recognizes that Trump is not a shoe in, but what does trumpeting that fact do except demoralize our side and embolden the NPCs? There so currently a war going on, albeit a culture war and not a shooting war, so what can each od us do to make our side more likely to win? It very well could be that the values we hold dear are about to be rolled under by a mass of insanity, but fuck the idea of rolling over and taking it lying down. If the West is about to face a major defeat at least let us hurt those fuckers as much as we can on the way out.

        • z and others here have black pilled, but because the election is soon and given the Biden scandal, the pendulum has swung. In 1-2 years, if Trump wins, and nothing has changed from where they were 5-6 years ago (albeit with some new justices) what will the excuse be then? The black pill people are correct about the lack of follow-though on any of Trump’s initiatives. What good does it to to propose stuff and then drop it?

          • An elder I highly respected once told me; “Never make a threat you don’t intend to carry out.” Sounds like pretty good advice. If only a variant could work in politics: “Never make a promise you aren’t able to carry out.” A man can dream!

          • The best that can be said about Trump so far is that we have lost a little ground in some areas, and maybe gained a bit here or there. That is better than losing a lot of ground and gaining nothing. I would expect a second Trump term to be more of the same. Again, that would be better than Harris/Biden. For me, at least it is enough to motivate me to vote. Call it a blackpill, whitepill, or greypill if you want. It’s just how I sees it.

          • What a crock of shit

            You’re the one gnashing and wailing about a defeat that hasn’t even occurred yet, not me. It may be that the Dem vote machine produce a million corpses to vote and we get the Harris presidency we all fear, but the mouthpieces on that side certainly aren’t acting like they expect a shoe-in.

            If anything, the mouthpieces for that side of political philosophy are acting like it’s DEFCON1, so I don’t understand why the pussy’s on our side are acting like we’ve already lost the war. You don’t panic from a position of strength, so if the brown wave and fraud are such a lock, why are the Pelosi’s of the world accusing CNN of all places of being hostile territory, and why are they trying to get a mic cutoff put into the last debate?

            You sound like the pussies at the Spearhead back when I read that drek, quivering in their boots about an imaginary divorce. Something tells me you’re a genetic deadend like those fucks and you want everyone else to join you in your cowardice rather than face the fact that you’re the bitch who is afraid to face even the potential of negative outcomes.

            Giving up before the fight is even joined, fucking pathetic.

          • Did you come here from Breitbart?

            You came here from Breitbart, didn’t you? The ad hominems are a dead giveaway.

        • And here I thought facing reality head on and dealing with things as they are, not as we want them to be, was supposed to be a hallmark of the dissident right. Of course, read any comment at Amren or Sailer and be promptly disabused of that notion, but it’s getting pretty thick even here.

          • Reality is what is, not the frightened imaginings of pussies afraid to even try and fight against it. We may be destined for a shitty third world future, but fuck just rolling over for it like a betacuck bitch.

        • He bans posters who disagree with him and make him look dumb in the process. That guy is going to have egg on his face on election night when that Trumpslide of his fails to materialize. At that point, it’s clear those he banned were right and he was wrong — consistently. Delusional copes and wishful thinking isn’t how you win the future. But of course, intellectually dull normie conservatives who want to be told comforting (but wrong) fairy tales don’t get this. Banning people who tell the truth won’t get you anywhere. The Freerepublic website banned people who said New Gingrich would lose the 2012 primary to Mitt Romney using similar “blackpill” logic. Were they wrong? Did Romney later go on to win the 2012 election despite all the “polls are wrong” copes?

          Telling the truth isn’t a blackpill. Only those who lack the intellectual talent to do something about it consider the truth to be threatening. That’s what this really about. Normie conservatives aren’t very smart, have poor organizing abilities, show practically no in-group ethnic loyalty. They are thoroughly outclassed and would have to admit it if they ever stopped to consider for themselves what to do with the information they’ve been given. That’s why conservatives are always waiting for a big man like Donald Trump to come along and save them. It spares them the embarrassment of admitting they don’t have the ability to save themselves.

          If the West is about to face a major defeat at least let us hurt those fuckers as much as we can on the way out.

          How? Nothing normies have proposed will hurt them in the slightest. And that’s not what guys like VD are doing anyway. They are feeding copes to their impressionable audience. That’s fundamentally unproductive. Instead of foolishly embracing the big man, you could have spent the last four year building your own alternative using every available tool at your disposal from state legislatures to local and regional small businesses. You might have worked on a partition plan that would have spared your side the coming future of living under a woke dictatorship. But, of course, that was all rejected or ignored by the same people who think there’s a Trumpslide coming. You can lead them to water but you can’t make them drink.

          Conservatives are responsible for their own demise. They lack the ethnocentrism it takes to organize. They aren’t very smart — so much so a guy like VD can feed them nonsense about Qanon and Trumpslides and get away with it. They are embarassingly quick to ban “blackpillers” who threaten their carefully constructed (but wrong) copes. They are lazy about deplatforming traitors like Ben Sasse at the ballot box.

      • Meme – I’ve been commenting very little of late since I’m not voting and not particularly interested in the great show of ‘democracy uber alles.’ However, I upvoted you. No hard data nor anecdotes to be had – merely the strong sense that a lot of commenters here are secure in their own bubbles. The sheer degree of demographic change in the past four years (the number of Whites dead, the number of new brown voters) plus traditional dem cheating leads me to believe that my best bet is to prepare for a period of chaos. FWIW, the grocery store shelves are emptying of certain products once again. How much is due to the flu hysteria and how much is due to just the sense that something is coming, I couldn’t say. My husband, not a one for ‘conspiracy theories,’ is already expecting a need to have a great deal of cash on hand rather than as numbers in the ether – make of it what you will.

        • Your husband is correct, and everyone should also have plenty of food and water on hand. Unless Biden wins outright election night, and I do not anticipate that outcome, there will massive civil unrest in much of the country.

    • Biden is the odds-on favorite to win. He’ll certainly take the majority of the total vote, probably by something like 3 to 5 million. Where the Dems failed in 2016 was by losing FL, PA, MI, and WI by small margins. Do not expect them to make that mistake again. They could probably re-take those states honestly, by making sure that every last Dem voter gets to the polls. But they will not take any chances. They will manufacture votes where they need them by the tens and hundreds of thousands. Voter enthusiasm (quality) matters for nothing. Zero. Nada, Nichts, Rien. All that counts is quantity. And the Dems know how to get their voters to the polls. And they know how to cheat.

    • Biden will win. Republicans vastly underestimate the insane, raw, primal fear that Democrats have about COVID. It’s off the charts..they truly believe it’s the second coming of the Justinian plague.

      Nonstop corporate agitprop is relentless as well. Facebooks ad ending with “voting is the most important thing you’ll ever do” should be a national embarrassment. Somehow your 1 out of the approx 200 million votes cast is more important than choosing whom to marry, reconciling with a dying parent, acing the interview that makes your career, or even just deciding what’s for dinner? It’s nuts.

      Fear has always been the best way to get people to vote. Team R is afraid for the future; team D is terrified right now.

      • Republicans vastly underestimate the insane, raw, primal fear that Democrats have about COVID EVERYTHING

        You are correct except for one part, fixed that for ya…
        This is a very old trick that works really well on the stupid and superstitious. We have a rather large back catalog of historical evidence of how well it works actually.
        I’ve said it before many times there are 2 raw primal drivers for immediately changing human behavior. Fear & pain. Nothing else comes close. Pain is harder to maintain because the slaves will eventually get tired of the beatings. But fear being the mental equivalent can go on a very very long time and remain quite effective.
        The radical left elite are not stupid and not to be underestimated. They are looking at the old playbooks and seeing what worked best. Constant state of fear works wonders on the low IQ browns and women for obvious reasons in both cases.
        Covid!1!! Orange man bad! Literally hitler! Won’t be able to murder your baby anymore! No more gibs! White supremacist sorcerors & wizards! Climate change!
        The dysgenic IQ lowering program of the last 6 decades is paying yuuuuge dividends now. That is why even a Trump win is only a 4 year reprieve at best. If you don’t have a -strategy-, a real actionable plan by 2024 for your life? As the Joker says “You get what you f-cking deserve”.

      • Somehow your 1 out of the approx 200 million votes cast is more important than choosing whom to marry, reconciling with a dying parent, acing the interview that makes your career, or even just deciding what’s for dinner? It’s nuts.
        The fake Black Plague and its widespread embrace by normie, especially shitlib normie, can possibly be explained by the fact that the last four years of Mango Hitler has in fact not been hell on earth. It has been rather good in many ways. This is what drove the shitlib running ecstatically into the arms of mask voodoo totalitarianism.
        From the shitlib point of view, after November 2016, the world should have become a post-apocalyptic nightmare for everyone. The fact that it didn’t, the fact that Hitler in the White House didn’t turn the world into misery for everyone else, enrages the shitlib mind beyond rationality. Because in their version of a rational world, Trump as president must produce agony and terror in every heart. When it clearly didn’t, the only possible shitlib coping strategy was to go mad, almost literally insane.
        The flu Manchu hysteria was tailor-made to redress the anger of the shitlib; “finally, something to make absolutely everyone miserable, impoverished, threatened, uncertain of the future… and we get to force everyone to be as miserably uncomfortable as we are by mandating itchy face diapers! At last, the world makes sense, where everyone else has to act like angry, hysterical children. Fucking orange man.”

        • An insightful and accurate post.

          The question it begs is: how is Normie to respond, when 2020 has, for most of them, been the worst year of their lives?

          Do they double down on Orange Man, or go back to the top lieutenant of a guy most of them have pretty warm feelings about?

      • The dems know that Biden has a real possibility of losing.

        True. They are planning to steal the election if Biden doesn’t win outright election night–which he won’t. Z nailed it when he wrote recently this is a pretty garden variety election in that it is tight and in the places you would expect. These last minute election changes reflect the uncertainty. We are about to experience weeks of things this nation never has suffered.

        • I can already see the copes from normie right excusing Trump’s impending loss. Trump will lose by millions of votes but normie conservatives will insist the election was stolen. But why would the dems need to steal anything when it’s apparent they have the demographics to win forever? Let’s face it, demographics have changed to the point where Trump cannot win. In the process, all that nonsense about minorities being “natural conservatives” and “blackxit” and “most legal immigrants in history” has proved to be the death knell of the right. Checking my local election ballot, I still see deluded libertarian wackos supporting both mass immigration AND small government, not realizing the former negates the latter according to every available metric. A nation of imbeciles. What did I do in a previous life to deserve this nightmare?

    • I officially stick my neck out. I am seeing signs of tectonic shifts in politics. Normie has put his boot up the arse of Conservative Inc. He’s talking seriously about civil war and shooting noggers involved in “peaceful protests”. He’s turning off Sportzball. Leftie is either a nutter, or a pervert, or a flat out criminal that hates Normie, and takes pains to make sure he knows it.
      Maybe not a landslide for Trump… but definitely a decisive win.

      • There are a lot of “Bill Clinton Democrats,” centrists boomer types, who will be firmly abstaining from voting this year. The polarization of Current Year Politics turns them off.

      • “I am seeing signs of tectonic shifts in politics. Normie has put his boot up the arse of Conservative Inc.”

        I don’t see that. They voted out Steve King and Jeff Sessions. They sat on their a$$es and let the dems win a senate seat in Alabama over voting in Roy Moore and then removing him, thereby keeping the seat (cuz conservatives can’t do basic strategy). They refuse to remove that cuck traitor Ben Sasse; he’ll get re-elected. They’ll never remove Lindsey Graham; he’ll vote for amnesty and more mass immigration. They voted in Mitt Romney who then voted to impeach Donald Trump for revealing Joe Biden’s corruption in Ukraine (let’s fact it, that’s the real reason they tried to remove Trump and these emails basically prove it).

        Mostly, civil war talk is nonsense. Normie conservatives are imbeciles who lack any ability to organize or think two feet ahead. Even antifa has repeatedly embarrassed these patriot losers, killing at least two of them and running a bunch of ex-soldiers out of Portland when they dared to enter.

    • Can the Dems win?
      Yes: if Trump loses Florida/Arizona because he lost too many old people, the election can be stolen in Detroit and Philadelphia.

  38. If you had to put a percentage on it, what are the odds that you’ll eventually piss off someone powerful to the extent that they’ll have you murdered?

    • I noted that many of the actors are obviously on fear for their lives. The interview for the computer repair shop owner was most remarkable. Imagine a elite cabal with the price for admission the murder of your pet( or something more perverse, more vile). Who would it attract? What would those people do to protect their power. What happened to G Maxwell anyways?

    • It’s not just the two bit actors. I will bet plans for a crack at Trump are on the table now too. Why not? With law enforcement in on it… what could they possibly find afterward?

      • The elite find themselves in a perilous situation. If they feel that power is slipping away, they are capable of ANYTHING.

        • I can’t see it. Maybe they’re desperate enough to give it a try, but I don’t see how they’d get away with it. Everyone would pretty much know it was a deep state hit and all hell would break loose – especially days before the election. Unless that’s what they want…

          • …but I don’t see how they’d get away with it. Everyone would pretty much know it was a deep state hit and all hell would break loose… 

            I don’t know. Seth Rich. Jeffry Epstein. They get away with a lot of shit.

          • I was around to see Lee Harvey Oswald shot dead on live teevee by a small time crook who just happened to show up with a pistol when the cops were transporting the most interesting person on the planet.

            Since then, I have believed that whoever runs things can arrange to have done whatever they want.

          • Don’t forget to add MLK to the list. Whether one likes him or not, the fall guy who was convicted of shooting MLK, was a bit player. However, no one else was ever investigated nor indicted.

          • Get the Roger Stone (with Mike Colapietro) book, put out in 2013 — the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination. Lots of stuff I’ve never seen re: Lee Harvey Oswald. His assassin, Jack Ruby, and all his gangland connections, are discussed at length. The Vice President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, was just as greedy and malevolent as the Bidens. Get the book: $9.00 at B & N remainder bin! WANTED: Lyndon Baines Johnson (updated). Reading this made me think that Stone’s arrest and incarceration, finally commuted by the president, might have been instigated by this book. There’s a lot in here that applies to the current situation. Extensive footnotes and bibliography.

          • They provide the proof of their existence, and the extent of their criminality, by all that they get away with. We are all taking notes of that…
            Now we know they are all just an organized crime syndicate.

          • Rich & to a lesser extent, Epstein are small fry relative to Trump. After four years of non stop attacks, lies and pretty much anything else these swamp turds could conjure up, anything bad happens and everyone knows who metaphorically pulled the trigger, doctored the meds, poisoned the chow. I think a large part of this (admittedly) former country would explode – and a large percentage of that explosion has lots of other stuff that can further explode.

          • but I don’t see how they’d get away with it.

            I think that one of the gifts of large scale democracy and large scale bureaucracies, is that whilst there may be a paper trail, it leads nowhere… Blame would just diffuse in the ether and at worst poor old Bob, the Data Entry Clerk may be in line for the framing of the century.

          • This is the reality of it, OF. Bureaucratic corruption is easy as long as there are enough potential suspects and fall guys. Among the reasons the IC and FBI always were going to go unpunished was there were so many intermediaries between Obama/Biden and the top brass who could have been blamed and taken the fall. Note that absolutely none of them came forward as whistleblowers precisely because they knew it wouldn’t be the FBI director or CIA director who took the fall.

          • I still think bumping off Trump would be a bridge too far and/or crossing the rubicon. No one would believe for a second it wasn’t swamp creatures behind it. The dam would burst and their White nationalists fantasies would come true bigger and badder than even they could imagine.

          • I wish White Nat fantasies would come true. Hell, I wish there were white supremists groups. Would Feel safer

          • Seems to me, if you are the stereotypically evil Secret Cabal that Runs Everything Behind the Scenes, the worst time to kill someone is after he has spilled the beans. Yes, this is cold revenge and does happen, but it also lends credence to whatever beans were spilled. In contrast, any fool who’s ever read a spy novel knows that the best time to “tie up loose ends” is before word has gotten out and “make it look like an accident.” As a pirate is supposed to have said, “Dead men tell no tales.” By all means, if you’re ever in a position to have a really hot piece of dirt fall into your lap, make several copies and distribute them. Wikileaks? I haven’t followed this case at all, but I’ve heard no mention of the entire contents having been released to any media outlet. That in itself is very telling.

      • President Trump is well known to be more than a bit paranoid and has his own well vetted security ex Mossad among others
        These guys are there to keep the secret service under watch among other things.
        Downside is he owes Israel for it but its a known problem and given the deep states shift to Antisemitism , its in the best interest for Israel help him out.

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