The Awakening

When Finnish nationalists get together every year to socialize and organize, they call their event The Awakening. It is a great term for them to use as it has multiple meanings in this context. One is the obvious awakening among Finns of their long dormant nation pride and identity. The other is the growing awareness of what globalism and multiculturalism means to them as a people. It can also mean the growing awareness of liberal democracy and what it is doing to the people.

The image of a man waking up or snapping out of a daze is a good one to use for all Western people, especially Americans. In the provinces of the Empire, there has always been a bit of skepticism about America, so they never fully succumbed to the narcotic effects of the American empire. In the heart of the empire, the combination of American mythology, civic nationalism and patriotic nostalgia have kept most Americans in a narcotic fog, unable to fully grasp what is happening to them.

There’s also a very American aspect to this concept. The Great Awakening is a cycle in American culture that dates to the founding. A mostly northern phenomenon, these periodic spasms of moral and civic reform have defined our politics. The ruling class may have abandoned Christianity generations ago, but the people are still controlled by those same biorhythms. Therefore, Americans are still prone to periods of excessive moralizing about the fallen state of society.

Amusingly, the current ruling class has bastardized the term to use it in their current anti-white pogroms. The “woke” people waging jihad against white people claim to be suddenly aware of white supremacy, white privilege and male privilege. In reality, they just gobbled down the latest batch of hallucinogenics issued from the global human resource departments. The full expression of false consciousness is middle-aged childless women claiming to be woke on the patriarchy.

As an aside, it is rather symbolic that the ruling class would embrace the concept of an awakening to decorate their latest enforcement efforts. It is the hallmark of the global ruling class to take naturally occurring phenomenon and destroy them in an effort to squeeze a few dollars from them. It is appropriate for a parasitic class of rapacious vermin to try to monetize and politicize the awakening concept as they try to prevent people from waking up to the reality of that parasitic class.

All that aside, there is an awakening going on outside the big stages and production houses of America popular culture. No one in corporate media is allowed to mention it and most are happy to comply with that edict, but it is a real thing that will define the near future, possibly the election. Like most social change, it is happening slowly in many little ways, so it is not obvious. Even for people on the edge of the awakening, the changes can be frustratingly subtle, but it is happening.

People are waking up to the reality of race in American politics and culture. You see that with the collapse in sports viewership. Before the Left unleashed the latest anti-white pogrom, white people loved their sports. Then it went away and then it came back decorated with the latest political slogans. Suddenly, what it was, what it always was, was clear to many people and they have abandoned it. It’s not just the politics in the games, but the politics around all of us.

Another area where people are becoming more aware of the reality behind the illusion is in the mass media. The “fake news” stuff is a nice partisan chant, but even the most partisan Trump people have been clinging to the belief that the media going woke would cause them to go broke. The Biden corruption story is waking many up to the reality of our mass media. It’s not a business at all, but one of the many tentacles of the ruling class, used to keep certain people in power.

The thing that the people behind this story probably don’t get is how this puzzle piece suddenly brings into focus a picture that was not all that clear for many. The media claiming this Hunter Biden story is Russian propaganda is like a bucket of ice water on the heads of many people. The outlandish dishonesty at work here cannot be explained as mere partisanship. The whole Biden story, his dementia and now his corruption, is a stunning eye opener for many Americans.

Again, it is easy for even the most cynical to miss it. “Oh, normie will go right back to his sports ball” was what we heard months ago from the most cynical. That did not happen and now seems unlikely to happen. The spell has been broken. The same is happening with mass media. The center of gravity for normal people moved from the assumption of bias to an assumption that what is in the news is a lie. There is a palpable breakdown in trust between the people and the ruling class.

This Hunter Biden story may be another inflection point. Many people are looking at this and wondering just how deep the corruption goes. After all, the FBI has had this material for months and never followed up on it. In fact, they appear to have been actively concealing it from Congress. Were they planning to blackmail Biden with it if he won the election? When people can plausibly start to wonder such things, they have lost all confidence and trust in their ruling class.

Like most things, cultural awakenings are not neat and tidy. The pedantic cannot appreciate that these things happen in fits and starts. Often the real action is happening in private conversations between friends and family. A catalyzing event brings those private conversations into the public, but it was a series of minor little things that nudged people along in the private deliberations. In the fullness of time, 2020 may be known as the year of the American Awakening.

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386 thoughts on “The Awakening

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  2. I think there are both White and Black pills aplenty.
    White: the Corona Chan torpedo may sink Trump, but like #METOO circling around and sinking half the producers and directors of Hollywood, it has totally devastated Hollywood. Not only are all movies and TV series now in serious content deficit and way behind production, but the whole business model is destroyed.
    The FT some years ago noted that movie studios were essentially amusement parks and merchandise stores with production facilities. Disneyland will NEVER re-open, Newsom has mandated equal outcomes in health for black and Hispanic to Whites so that’s that. Same for Knotts, Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, etc. Speculation is that some developer has a deal with Newsom to get the land cheap. [Newsom is like Biden, immune from any press curiosity into his affairs despite owing hundreds of thousands in back property taxes.]
    Moreover the big even model like the Avengers movies are dead. Without $1 billion global revenue plus in admissions, plus marketing deals with fast food and other companies, those big tentpole movies that make most of the money in the movie division are dead. Everything is streaming and that’s low margin.
    Even better, the supplanting of talented White men by lowest common denominator black Lesbian writers/producers/directors etc. means the stuff Hollywood makes is not even competent propaganda. The latest Star Wars stuff is not even Red Detachment of Women good. [The Mandalorian excepted based on clips I’ve seen as they hired a competent White guy, John Favreau from the Iron Man movies not the Obama speechwriter to hit the basic story beats with new characters which is all the fans wanted]
    More White pills: all the competent White guys in law enforcement are retiring. This is very very good (think about it).
    More White pills: there are a TON of White dudes rediscovering and attempting to preserve traditional Western martial arts, archery, woodcraft, etc.
    Even more: the Digital TV transition has tons of low cost / low margin operators running eternal re-runs, even of one season shows like “Brett Maverick” on GET-TV. Even not very popular stuff like that with a star like the late James Garner makes the dudes pushed by today’s Hollywood look like a French power bottom like Macron. And the lack of “All White men are evil keeeellll them!” stuff in the old shows will show up the new stuff as the garbage as it is.
    But the Black pills are: Hollywood does not care about making money, ATT/Time-Warner gave $400 million to the co-founder of BLM to oversee streaming and broadcast TV development and production. Every TV show and movie is all black all the time. Amazon and other publishers are shutting down any White male appealing book or project (I’d get a Kobo now and convert all your stuff with Calibre if I were you). Even JK Rowling is getting canceled, heck even Joe Rogan is getting canceled. Chris Pratt is getting canceled. If that can happen to a best selling author will billions and hundreds of millions of fans what can happen to you?
    Even more, EVERY outlet of authority and control is the hands of people who really, really hate us and want us dead for religious reasons (worship of blacks as holy redeemers, hatred of White men as the very embodiment of evil). EVERY part. I don’t think victory is possible against these people.
    I do think that some of us will survive: the White pill is that these people are very, very stupid and roundly disliked. Not a person can respect the pedophile Hunter Biden or Lubin Jeffrey Tubin.

  3. The New World Order jewflu is what woke whitey the fuck up. Small business and working people got fucked. Big corporate behemoths raked in the cash and printed trillions. Nothing like a bat to the head to wake a motherfucker up….and get angry as hell if he can get back up. Agenda 1776, fuck this commie dystopia.

  4. “A catalyzing event brings those private conversations into the public, but it was a series of minor little things that nudged people along in the private deliberations. In the fullness of time, 2020 may be known as the year of the American Awakening.”

    Speaking of an awakening, here’s 2 short videos by the Academic Agent that work togather to tell a story of how (A) the Frankfurt School,the CIA and the US Military worked togather to denazify the minds of the german people after WWII. And (B) how the current American Liberal liftist elites plan to do the same thing to everybody who has supported Pres. Trump. If this doesn’t wake normie up, I don’t know what will.

    “Demoralization: What Yuri Bezmenov Didn’t Tell You”

    If Biden Wins Will We See “De-Trumpification” or “De-Republicanification”?

  5. My observation is our relatively young country is going through a rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood. Some will make it, some won’t. Antifa rages on even when the hormones no longer do. No one can stay stuck on twenty-seven forever.

  6. I certainly want Z to be right, that there is an Awakening to some of the truths we talk about here. But, pessimist that I am, I thought I’d run down a list — from memory, probably imperfect — of many other opportunities our people had to “wake up” and they just hit the snooze button:
    1950s: Civil Blights begins: loss of segregated housing (ok, 1948), segregated schools (1952). Trend continues through 1960s.
    1963 JFK assassinated; officially a lone nut, but plenty of reasonable doubt remains. A more sober reading of the evidence would say “conspiracy” (I subscribe to the traditional Mob- military-industrial-deep-state view).
    1964 Civil Rights Act: probably the biggest single disruptor of White America of all the laws/court decisions.
    1972 Watergate break-in: a once-respectable sittting President resigns in disgrace because he was guility of dirty tricks.
    1980s: Iran-Contra
    1990s: Elective wars: Iraq, Afghanistan. Clinton regime serves two terms, popular despite much evidence of dirt.
    2000s: Islamic Terrorism, USA responds by massively increasing immigration from Islamic countries as well as other non-White lands.
    2008: America’s first black (by skin color) president.
    2013: Snowden defects, reveals widespread (and illegal) NSA and other agency spying on US citizens. Demonstrable cases of NSA director and other high government officials perjuring themselves in testimony. No charges brought.
    2016-2020: Trump era. Demonstrable case(s) of FBI, other high officials producing fraudulent documents, suborning court orders, surveiling Trump and associates. Few charges/convictions to date, despite glaring proof of serious criminal activity.
    2020: Widespread rioting and civil disturbances financed by shadowy and well-organized entities. Ostensibly for “woke” civil rights claims: black rights, stop police brutality, etc. Clearly radical/Bolshevik in tactics and in many demands.
    Now, call me a black pill, but I see a lot of wake up calls and just repeated hittings of the snooze button.

      • That was like a drill sergeant banging a metal trash can with a soup ladle right in my ear drum at 4 in the morning

    • Most people suck — for better or worse

      Waiting for them to “wake up” might be a waste of our time on this planet. I know we need more people to strengthen our political position, we need to hit a certain threshold, and I am somewhat optimistic we can reach that 20% or so. But otherwise, yeah, not expecting much. And we shouldn’t. Seems somewhat naive. Even in 90% white America there were a lot of middle class strivers who were willing to ditch their roots and the people they grew up with for a chance of moving up into the next social stratum. This accelerated significantly with the boomers.

      People bemoan the loss of manufacturing, but most white kids back in the day wanted nothing to do with a factory job, and remember all the movies that mocked those jobs. “I need to get out of here. I can’t spend the rest of my life on an assembly line. I’m better than this.”

      Getting out of this mess is going to take a lot of hard work. Anything worth something is never easy.

      • We only need a dedicated core to attack the establishment as vigorously as the JJJs attacked the former WASP establishment. We need to paint the establishment incessantly as a corpse of an institution and mock it mercilessly.

    • Hart-Celler Act-1965:
       “Though proponents of the bill had argued that it would not have a major effect on the total level of immigration or the demographic mix of the United States, the act greatly increased the total number of immigrants coming to the United States, as well as the share of immigrants coming to the United States from Asia and Africa. (Wikipedia)

  7. Do remember that the FBI was lead by J. Edger Hoover for 40 years. Perhaps the FBI is going back to their traditional ways,

  8. When they jfk good ol’ Joe, our grieving new Lady President will deliver a righteous buttload of moral and civic reform…

  9. The awakening is greater than it was before Trump exposed the left wing media and the inept republicans.
    Will the awakening be helped or hurt when a Trump leaves the stage?
    I am torn on that question?
    I worry that the awakening will be hijacked by grifters should Trump win and we will get a version of JaredGraham saying all the right things like Lindsay Graham but doing little to actually do anything about the oppression.
    But Kamala’s gulags planned for us could be far worse.
    Either way we got a future as long as somehow our own “ wokeness” to our enemies increases.

    • The mild white-pill for me is that the inner party will inevitably bite off more than they can chew. Whether it’s a foreign or domestic foe they’ll go back to the “American Nation” ATM to make a withdraw and find it empty. Don’t think it can’t happen, they almost stepped right in it with their Iran war plan.

      • Half the country will cheer even now if foreigners bomb the other half. Not a good thing from our perspective, since there are our people in both halves, but a real thing.

    • I think we have to look more locally

      Example, every white person and family who has had to leave CA b/c of illegals and cultural change is “awake” in their new homes in Idaho, AZ, TX, etc. They took it seriously where they changed their whole lifestyle just to get away. As this stuff creeps across the country, white people are going to start feeling the same. Why immigration is still such a hot button issue.

      At some point it reaches critical mass.

      Will it be hijacked? To some degree. If normie gets his immigration reform and moratorium, which is not a farfetched possibility, for all it will take is say a terrors attack originating from Mexico or perhaps among the cartels, then he will be content with the state of things. But that is also a pretty significant development and one that would even make many on the DR into normies. The natural state of things is to the middle, and normie represents the middle, and many of us here are going to drift that way as we get older — providing we get things like a massive change in immigration policy.

      But if the left keeps pushing and pushing? All bets off

        • But until whites start feeling it (large numbers of immigrants) they don’t move. There were millions of illegals who ended up “waking up” millions of white people who simply left. And this was their home with family, memories, etc. So bad they said to hell with it, let’s start new somewhere else. I think that is starting to happen across the country now.

      • Leaving CA is priority one for me. There is no future here. Even if I stayed to bear the taxes, Do I want to spend the back half of my life in a failing state as a sub-minority? It’s just a matter of picking my community in the NW and biting the bullet. As they get more and more desperate no business will be able to function properly, even a stand alone shingle. I just refuse to go to heat and humidity. That’s brown people weather. If your AC is running at 3am, you know that white people don’t belong there.

        • These foreigners are boring. Such conformist shitheads. Ruining the state.

          CA was fun when it mostly Americans and white people. Now it’s like living in an international bus depot

          Can’t wait to get out

          • Same in Toronto

            They’re not all bad people but they really have no agency, they’re just robots.

            At least there are places for you to move. We only have a few major cities, where all the jobs are, and they’re all nice and “diverse”.

          • I know, they’re just drones. How anyone can equate them with “vibrancy” is beyond me. In my life, it has always been the different walks of life among white people that were most interesting. Be it the cajuns in New Orleans, or the truckers in Kentucky, or the beach bums like me in Florida. We ALWAYS had interesting tings to say and lives we led.

        • Like your sarcasm. As a resident of the East Coast all my life and FL for 17 years, I identify. I’m not in a hurry to move, but well to the West would be possible. Probably not quite as far as Californicate, however.

  10. This era reminds me of the movie The Truman Show, where everyone in the background is wearing little buttons that say “How is it going to end?” I have both Trump friends and Biden friends. I migrate between circles but never let the circles touch. Not even for a quick lunch. It would be like making nitroglycerin. It’s easy for me because I hate them both and I think they’re both the problem in some way. The Biden ones are confident in the polls but unsure. The Trump ones have absolute confidence in victory because “fake news” is lying about the polls, and of course, the crowds! Biden can’t attract flies. But neither could Hillary and she still got the popular vote. My question is, what’s the best ending for the dissident? I believe the best answer on that is one in which normie feels the most mugged at the end of the process. One in which Biden wins through nefarious balloting in places like PN. As Americans we tend to be brainwashed to want “the Hollywood ending” to something. Movies with French new wave endings never sold here. But an ending like that would be rocket fuel for the movement. A French new-wave jump-cut to Biden taking the oath of office, with that climbing whore next to him….. and then……Fin…….fade to black……….. You want normie to be screaming “What the fu k was that????!!!!”

    • My question is, what’s the best ending for the dissident? I believe the best answer on that is one in which normie feels the most mugged at the end of the process. One in which Biden wins through nefarious balloting in places like PN. 

      I think this is the ending we will get. It certainly is the one planned.

    • Biden can’t attract flies. But neither could Hillary and she still got the popular vote.” Wrong. They want you to believe that, but it’s not true. Trump himself has noted that he probably won the popular vote in 2016 but it was obscured by massive (and normal) vote fraud in the deep blue states (e.g. CA, NY, NJ, IL) as well as in their corrupt big-city enclaves. Subtract the fraudulent numbers and you find that Trump won the popular vote in 2016, as he will will it now.

      • Take away CA alone and he won the popular vote

        And I know the numbers in CA were bogus. And look at some places like Philly where there were more votes than registered voters

  11. Perhaps President Trump should issue an Executive Order to remove the plaque at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty – since it desecrated the beautiful gift given by the French. After all, it is the ‘Statue of Liberty’ not the ‘Statue of Immigration.’
    Pass the popcorn (er, Corn Pop) whatever.

  12. A nice summary.
    For several years those on the DR have agonized over the “What will it take for Normie to wake up?” question.
    We’ve now found out I believe, probably too late.

  13. The “woke” people waging jihad against white people claim to be suddenly aware of white supremacy, white privilege and male privilege.”

    When I heard the term “woke” a few years ago I had a very negative reaction as if they had stolen something from our side. Racial nationalists have been using phrases like “wake up white people!” for a very long time.

  14. Zman is another sign of the awakening happening the traffic to your site? I heard during the Greg Johnson podcast you did you had 300,000 unique visitors in March here, over the summer and heading into this month October have you had even more? I would guess over the Protests due to George Floyd and BLM protests the unique visitors could have reached 400,000. Anyway it always encourages me to hear your site reaching more traffic.

    • What’s funny is our enemies (for that is what they are, label accordingly) would mock this number as insignificant while at the same time insisting the even fewer deaths from COVID in the US merit shutting down the entire society.

      • Oh damn. Score, solid score, that hit sunk the whole fleet.

        I’m listening to local radio here, New Mexico has just announced they’ve lost their effing minds.

        These covidities are working so well that Albuquerque will now be known as Stalag 17.

        Total lockdown, everbody cower in place, right before the election.

        • Sorry, correction, the governor will still allow 25% occupancy until the 10pm curfew!

          Meanwhile, any business caught in any violation by any customer will be closed for 14 days. The danger, you see.

    • I also note the new commenters and their added insight. To me, that’s just as important as increased viewership. It means Z-man is having an affect, building his touted “community”—not just attracting fleeting attention.

    • I would guess over the Protests due to George Floyd


      I would guess over the Mostly Peaceful Protests due to George Floyd

      What are you? Some kind of Bigot?

  15. If you go based on the book The Fourth Turning, a full human lifespan is a big social loop and awakenings are countercyclical in that loop, the last one happening in the 60’s and 70’s. What that book predicted at this time was the actual end of a cycle where old institutions burn down and new ones are built, more comparable to the late 1930’s and early 40s. This book was written in the 90’s. As the author put it, these are great gateways in history where a country is either reborn through crisis or shattered to pieces.

  16. “Trump people have been clinging to the belief that the media going woke would cause them to go broke.”

    I always thought the media would straighten out because they would go broke without 50% of their audience. But when Bezos bought the Washington Post, you could see that ratings no longer matter. They will subsidize the losing media outlets even if they have no audience (see National Review). As Zman says, “It’s not a business at all, but one of the many tentacles of the ruling class, used to keep certain people in power.”

    • Wapo is a drop in the bucket for Bezos at this point.

      Hell, Bezos could fund Wapo indefinitely selling put options on a tiny sliver of his Amazon shares.

    • Perhaps there is still some money to be made in legacy media, but perhaps not if The New Yorker sold for $1 or whatever, and I think it wasn’t the sole example of such a fire sale. Z (I think it was) made the case quite persuasively, that Journalism is a major and a career for the not-so-brilliant in the affluent family. I probably am painting with too broad a brush here, but it’s quite possible that legacy media (WaPo et al) are little different than many Non-Profits (Lobbyist, etc.): A primary purpose for their existence is that they provide secure, comfortable employment for the dimmer bulbs and useful idiots, relatives and friends of The Elite. Of course good writers still exist, but they sure seem to be crowded out by hacks turning out material that it might be generous to even call “mediocre.”

  17. The whole Biden story, his dementia and now his corruption, is a stunning eye opener for many Americans.

    i wouldn’t count too much on that.
    TDS is a hell of a drug – that leads otherwise sane people to Make common cause with literal violent communists.

    • So true. Even as black-pilled as I tend to be, I still managed to be surprised by people I thought I respected talking themselves into pretzels about how Ol’Joe really isn’t compromised mentally, but Donald Trump is JUST SO MEAN so he clearly is unstable.

  18. I recently had a little talk with my dad about demographics, and about what kind of world he wants his grandkids to grow up in.

    He’s very smart, but a “good liberal” who never strays outside of Cathedral news sources.

    He had literally never heard the kinds of things I was saying in a non-strawmanned form from somebody he knew.

    He looked very thoughtful and quiet.

    • I am as guilty as anyone else, but far too often we assume people know things we do such as demographic realities, when every effort is made to keep them ignorant. I have noticed that many if not most, once they grok what is at stake, realize the gravity.. A few even begin the journey to changing the trajectory. Compared to years past, that percentage is so much higher.

    • Gosh, how I wish my son was having such a conversation with me. I’d happily die tomorrow as I would be certain of my legacy.

  19. One way to help Joe Normie break the conditioning is simply to get him to stop watching the left-wing media.

    Just do personal attacks on the media. Go on and on about what scumbags they are. This line is (A) true and (B) has the benefit that you don’t necessarily have to do the Bad Optics Hard Truths right away.

    You might have to offer him something to fill the void. Revolver, the new Drudge substitute, is pretty good–a fair amount of normie-right stuff but dangles a few toes outside the Overton Window. Tucker, of course. Even Paul Joseph Watson takes people a few steps in our direction.

    • Stop watching the left-wing media. Just do personal attacks on the media. Go on and on about what scumbags they are.” Trump has been doing exactly that for the past four years; I remember him referring to them as “scum” during the 2016 campaign (and everyone has heard him, whether they choose to believe or not).

    • Perhaps throw in some big corporation bashing as well. I used to defend them, but they hate me now so F them.

    • “Just do personal attacks on the media. Go on and on about what scumbags they are. “

      Oh man, that is good, good stuff.

      Personalize the living dickens out of it- not attacks on the king (Obama, Biden, Hillary, et al.), but on their minions.

      On the people Joe Normie can reach.

      The ones that remind him of those azzholes, her of those obnoxious b*tches. Of the idiots they have to put up with.

  20. Outstanding post by Zman. Many insights, each worth extensive discussion:

    • The growing awareness of the harm liberal democracy is doing to the people.
    • People moving to an assumption that “the news” is a lie.
    • People clearly no longer trusting the ruling class.
    • The “real action” is occurring in private conversations among friends and family.
    • 2020 may be the year of the American Awakening.

    YES to every observation above. And Trump is playing a big part in the entire astonishing process, for better or for worse.

  21. Nice sentiments, but I guess my black-pill dosage is too strong. I don’t see much to be hopeful about at all.

    • A lot of worldviews, even here on the Dissident Right’s best comment section, are going to be absolutely shattered two weeks from tonight.

      • I’m not sure that a majority of the DR believe that Trump will win. My guess is that he’ll lose. The Senate also has a good chance of going Democrat.

        It’s not really important long term. It might even be a good thing, but who knows. Our future is no longer tied to the entity known as the United States of America. We win or lose based on what we do.

        • From what I’ve seen, an enormous percentage (probably a majority) think Trump will win reelection. Even on websites like this one you have people insisting he’ll win and downvoting anyone who says otherwise, calling them names like “black piller”. YouTube channels like Tim Pool, Liberal Hivemind, Styxx, and Steve Turely have churned out countless videos claiming the polls are wrong and Trump is about to win or Biden is faltering. Combined, they have probably 15 – 20 million views.

          There are a lot of people who genuinely think Donald Trump is going to “Trumpslide” into a second term. It feels a bit like before the 2012 election. I knew Fox News viewers who were upbeat and talkative the morning of the election only to become quiet by that evening. This includes a bus driver in my area — White guy who listened to Rush Limbaugh. He happily greeted everyone who got on the bus in the morning while listening to his talk radio, but then was uncommunicative that evening.

          • The idea of a Trumpslide is pretty stupid, but yesterday someone quoted bookmakers odds of 3:2 against Trump, which seems both on the money, and a very hopeful sign.

            Because frankly, Trump’s odds of election should be zero considering the advantages the other side has. Trump is up against the whole set of propaganda organs, the intelligence apparatus, a hostile judiciary, and millions of stark raving mad SJWs in all kinds of troublesome places, and somehow the people who make their livings setting odds view it as a toss up.

            It really does show what Zman is always writing about, the people running things on the other side really are a bunch of inbred clowns. Any competent leader with control of all the assets the Left has should have buried Trump a long time ago.

            Personally, I think the best case scenario for the dissident right is probably for Trump to win narrowly then have it overturned by the courts, that would really be cranking the frog’s stove from 1 to 10.

            If you guys want to play the role of the enlightened Eeyore cynics and do the Left’s work for them, have at it, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t come off as the “realism” you think it does.

      • You can say THAT again, Meme. The results two weeks from now should make many of us change our outlook. Let’s promise to have some friendly score-settling. I’m game, no matter which way it turns out.

      • Styxx has downgraded Trump’s likelihood to win from 90 — 95% a few months ago to 75% now. He just put out a video with the title (paraphrasing) “If Biden wins it will prove …”. Some are starting to wake up to the possibility Trump will lose.

    • Despair is the one unforgivable sin because it is the deliberate denial of all that makes us possible. Even in the darkest moments, one must have hope, because one is alive and can therefore act. As long as you can act, you can choose, which me all of those around you can choose as well.

      • despair is only a sin if it’s regarding God’s ability to fulfill his promises concerning salvation through Christ.

        Any argument otherwise is Catholic School gibberish.

        • Zman isn’t talking about Christian doctrine, Meme, he’s talking about the reality we live in and should be living. There are sins other than those specifically defined in the Bible.

        • Meme, I sense in your black-pilling this group for some time now a sense of despair. How that improves the situation and promotes the group’s primary interest in beyond me. Perhaps you can elaborate as to why anyone here should continue to read your postings and their intended contribution to the group’s goals? Here-to-fore I never sensed such from you.

          • Don’t worry, Compsci, Meme will be better after the election. He’ll be greatly buoyed by the result! Greatly! And his black-pillism will recede. (You with me, Meme old buddy?)

          • To have one member voicing our darkest fears, is to get them out there that we might face them, and prepare.

        • When it doubt, look to animals or wolves for guidance. They never give up. Sounds silly, but I have always found solace and wisdom in it. Nature leaves us her clues on how to live

          In fact, I tell people I am 1/4 wolf, 1/4 hawk, 1/4 dolphin, and 1/4 gator he he

        • Ain’t that at all doomster. It means even if life throws you a shit sandwich stuffed with cyanide you don’t roll over. You find a reason to keep going.
          It’s funny though the people who did go through hell in life and made it did have faith in God, but not the twisted one you have.
          The fact you have no emotional resiliency even now is rather sad,

        • Despair all you like. I couldn’t care less. But do not try to crush our movement by spreading your cancerous melancholy.

      • Despair is escapism. Sure, sometimes we need some time to deal with a blow that life hits you with. That’s fine. But you pick yourself up, assess the situation and move forward.

        This idea that Whites are done for is, frankly, ridiculous. The US has 200 million Whites. Whites remain the overwhelming majority in Europe.

        There’s literally no group on this planet as capable as Whites. If just a fraction of Whites pull together, it’s game over. We win. Our future always was, is now and will be in our hands.

        That’s not a pep talk. That’s reality. Those who feel despair in this situation aren’t worth keeping around.

        • Thank you for making this point much better than I could.

          Our side has way too many doomers, and as I’m sure all of us can recall from projects with a poison pill team member, the person with the outlook that the team will fail before even trying ruins morale and typically the project too.

          I doubt anyone reading this blog doesn’t realize hard times are ahead, but ruminating on it to the point of inaction is completely useless.

        • No one follows a leader that wallows in despair, nor is it being Pollyanna-ish to reject such in favor of optimism.
          One sees despairing leadership in some suicidal cults, but basically nowhere else I can remember. Imagine Winston Churchill addressing the British people after Dunkirk saying, “Well folks, we’re fucked…”

      • Despair is a cheap cope for too many people. Men of the West never should surrender to it and I think never will.

        • Snorri Sturluson: “Valiant men who exert a good influence are called drengr.” A drengr possessed bravery, nobility, magnanimity, a sense of fair play, respect for others, the strength to do what is right, and a sense of personal honor. Physical bravery was taken for granted. More important was self-control. A drengr showed equanimity in the face of danger, not because of insensitivity or stupidity, but because the danger and the possible risk to life and limb was unimportant compared to the need to maintain self-respect and the respect of the community. There was a practical side to such imperturbability, because not only was it unmanly to show concern or fear in the face of danger, but also useless.”

      • Despair may or not be a sin, but succumbing to it removes your ability to have agency, or the moral right to opine.

        “Momento Mori” – Remember that you have to die.

        A famous stoic once wrote that “you can leave life right now”. That is the logical conclusion to despair..

        • I like Woody Allen’s take: “I’m not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

      • When it comes to despair, I think of the Russians in mid-late 1942. They had suffered staggering defeat after staggering defeat: millions and millions dead and captured. Whole army groups surrounded and destroyed, again and again and again. If any people ever had rational cause to despair and accept destruction, it was them. They CHOSE to keep fighting and won. WILL matters.

        The best thing the globalists have going for them is our giving them consent to govern over us, the legitimacy of which they have cultivated over generations with total (((media))) control. This most powerful weapon in their arsenal has taken enormous damage over the last four years.

        • running joke:

          Q: How do you catch Covid?

          A: By watching TV

          There is so much truth in that. Covid is a media creation. If one simply turns off the TV and disengages, his life improves immensely — physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually even.

          This is the biggest weapon in their arsenal, as you say. And yet so easy for us to defeat by simply pushing the OFF button on the remote. Amazingly simple.

          • Haven’t watched TV for many years (with few exceptions, ususally to binge a show occasionally.) For current events, main stream media is a poor joke (see my tirade immediately above 🙂 ) . LIterally, an average reader could probably learn more from just reading one day’s comments here, or even just one person’s, than they could from an evening news show.

        • The best thing the globalists have going for them is our giving them consent to govern over us, the legitimacy of which they have cultivated over generations with total (((media))) control. This most powerful weapon in their arsenal has taken enormous damage over the last four years.” I’d like to upvote you 8 or 10 times here, Horace.

        • A side note, yet one of the oddest puzzles of all: the Russians fought to remain the slaves of demons.

          They fought those would free them. Why?

          • The Germans did not invade Russia to be liberators. While the vast majority of German soldiers including the officer corps were not exterminationist, those designing the political and economic architecture of their post-war vision for the Ost lands definitely were. If the Russians had lost their fate would have been to be ruthlessly culled into a vastly smaller compliant slave population to provide manual labor for German farm colonies. The Poles did have some of these colonies planted on their lands during the war. The German civilians in them did not fair well at the end of the war.

            The Germans were welcomed as liberators in the early days by the Ukrainians who mistook the Maltese cross on German vehicles to mean that they were Christian. German behavior soon corrected that mistake and the partisan movement bloomed.

            I remember reading many years ago an excerpt from a letter found on the corpse of a Russian soldier who died fighting the Germans west of Moscow during the Fall of 1941, when they were desperately trying to delay the Germans until winter would hopefully halt their operations. I can’t remember the exact words now, but it was something like “We know the communism we have now is not all we hoped for, but the Germans are here to kill and enslave us so we will fight and die in the hope that the ideals of communism may come to flower for future generations.”

            While the dead man was a communist exhibiting the same implicit cognitive failing of “next time we’ll do communism right!” it was also clear that his perception of the ideals of communism was something he wanted for his people. The people came first, not the communism. He died for his people, not for communism.

          • Well, Alzeabo is not alone. Hell, an entire army of Russian prisoners was formed by the NAZI’s to fight the communists. In other words, Russians against Russians. BTW, they didn’t do too well either when captured by their fellow countrymen.

        • Your last sentence is best: The Establishment powers (here, the media) often does a better job of exposing its inner contradictions, flaws, real agendas (Is there one?), etc. than any dissident right (or non-MSM) media could ever hope to do.

      • No need to despair at all.

        Chemo is rough on the body but it purges the cancer. I have faith in white people, especially those who will stick around in the coming years.

        The most important thing is to have white babies, at this stage it’s the most concrete action we can take.

        • Despair is an effect of an easy life, a luxury in a sense

          People who have had their hard knocks in life tend to be the least prone to it. So it stands to reason that once the S really hits the fan, and people are put in a position where they truly have to take life head on they will feel that inner fight — I call my inner dog or wolf — and those glimmers of optimism return.

      • Indeed. Ask Viktor Frankl about that and how kept hope in a Death Camp and was able to escape while others just laid down and died.
        The same with my mother who was a slave to the Nazis for 5 years. She never lost hope even though she saw the most horrible side of humanity imaginable,.

    • Depends on where you look.

      Is the USA dying? Yep.

      Will American Whites be severely brought down over the next century? Yep.

      Will a core of American Whites find their way back and form a safe haven? I believe so.

      I’m a glass a third full kind of guy.

      • Will American Whites be severely brought down over the next century? 

        Within this century, all people of European descend will learn to work together, to finally put behind us ten centuries of enmity and petty strife.

        With half a billion whites united, we will purge our countries and put to right what the Communist Century has wrecked, we will clean up Africa and the Middle East and we will build our civilization to such dizzying heights that our ancestors will look back at the pre-internet era as a dark age.

        By the year 2100, whitey will land a man on a planet orbiting another star.

          • the natural cycle of things

            They feast on us and tie our fur in braids and paint us with lipstick and mock us while we sleep, but we always wake up and swat them off like the parasitic little freaks they are

          • I bow before such glory.

            And Truth! It is all true, and only we can do this. None other, our people are the Creator’s greatest success.

        • Agreed. There will be Herculean efforts to stop the progress, but it is ongoing and cannot be stopped.

          • are you just atheist?

            No. I only learned the word “atheist” in college. Where I come from, not being superstitious isn’t an -ism.

          • YHWH is not the Creator, sentry.

            And “he” is not above the Christ, but a second-rater, aping a higher form.

            The force of Creation is above all the gods. We, the embodied, create them- physically, not as a story or fantasy, but literally create a secondary immaterial layer- they do not create us.

            You are not wrong.

            All you feel in your bones to be true, is true. It is all real.

            What we did not know- how could we?-is that it is local. The Heaven, gods, souls, the demonic, our bodies- consciousness and intelligence too- these are local expressions, a precious node in a dizzying cosmic landscape.

            You are a soldier in the battlefield.

            The cavalry will not arrive- because you and your people are the cavalry. You have already arrived.

            Why? To fight demons- the Infection that seeks to possess the living, that it might feed on pain.

          • i was actually trying to understand why would anyone who has sam harris worldview(subverter with israelite genes) believe in white meat purging black meat from the world?
            if it’s just chemicals affecting meat then why does meat color matter?
            from where does he draw meaning?
            why care about the meat that existed before or after him?
            i genuinely can’t make the connection, one’s conviction about his race’s importance must come from something, right? Otherwise it makes no sense.
            if most scandinavians are atheists(not superstitious like he put it) it makes sense why they let their countries get overrun by orcs like that.

          • Ah. I did not answer your deeper question.

            Simply, it is this:

            We create the gods, and the Heaven- that they might one day create us.

            This, here, is the Egg.

            The Embodied are the Seeds.

            The Spirit we generate is the spermatozoa, the pollen, the transmission layer. The divine Spark to ignite new seeds, far, far from here, on another egg awaiting fertilization.

            The Seeding of other worlds, as we were seeded: the Song of Life, sung in multiple harmonies by the suns. We teach the Suns to sing.

          • To portray the vast forces as a Father, or Family, or a King of a People is the most natural thing in the world. Many do not, and theirs is natural too, only a differing skillset and function.

            This is how we primates, all animals, organize their world. We feel this in our flesh, we learn it’s structure before we can talk. Kin is the most important thing we know.

            Such a view gives us a handle we can grasp, to pull the Increate within, and let it work its magic.

            Who is right? Why, both are.

          • based on my readings from vedic texts and my understanding of some greek philosophies we live in iron age/kali yuga, wolf age right now.

            state of humanity is very low during kali youga, our spiritual power is trash, just look at how many people can’t even help themselves from watching porn, meaning we can’t achieve shit by ourselves, we need help, that’s why Jesus had come for us.

            When you die you are as helpless as a baby, you won’t be creating your own heavens and gods, what will really happen is you will have demons torture you and steal your soul.

            Christianity is the only religion worth anything during this era we live in, the fact that in the golden age of humanity men were able to save themselves means those people were way more spiritual than we are.
            Many religions(worth a shit) state this fact btw, that humans degraded more and more as time went by

          • you may not believe in a deity, but you have faith in us as a people. So maybe you are really just a good old fashioned pagan 😉

            In fact, I am certainly leaning that direction and finding my faith splitting into two aspects. I trust Christ for my salvation. That is the eternal question.

            But for day to day living, I find the pagan sense of life far more fitting and applicable, that there may in fact be multiple little deities or forces rather than one huge one. I think anyone who spends time in nature and among it will know what I mean. hard to explain

          • But for day to day living, I find the pagan sense of life far more fitting and applicable,
            if we were to be honest with ourselves there’s nothing about old testament that’s more realistic than greek legends
            samson-hercules parallels, noah/Deucalion flood myth parallels, many jewish legends have sumerian origin, later they were inspired by persians
            a sage priest(holy man) that I once knew even told me not to bother with the old testament, it’s all about the new testament.
            I respect leonidas ten times more than any jewish figure from old testment.

          • Same here

            I find much more valuable meaning in the pagan myths than in the Bible, which presumes a single Creator. For example, makes much more sense to say “It’s up to the fates now what happens next to me”. We all know that is exactly how life works. It is out of our hands but patterns do emerge. And there are hundreds of daily examples of this that you realize someone, a distant ancestor, felt the same thing thousands of years ago and found meaning in putting a human face on the phenomena and giving a story to it. It just comes naturally. And it is testament to our great imaginations and creativity as white people.

            I remember in Sunday School (CCD) my teacher said the greatness of Christianity is in monotheism. LOL I remember asking “Why is one God better than several?” She had no answer. I also remember asking an evangelical Christian which is supreme, the sun or Jesus? Could Jesus have existed if not for the sun bringing life to earth? No answer.

          • I find much more valuable meaning in the pagan myths than in the Bible, which presumes a single Creator. 
            the ancient jews were not monotheistic, they believed in Elohim, which sometimes referred to multiple gods.
            I found lots of wisdom in vedic myths, which applies to current state of our civilization, more than in the bible, but only Jesus spiritual camp gives a shit about us and He is the only One who can handle any sort of demon. When you die you better have Jesus at your side. I’ve heard in even rabbis(some of them) tell jews at their death bed to accept Jesus otherwise demons get their souls.
            I also remember asking an evangelical Christian which is supreme, the sun or Jesus? Could Jesus have existed if not for the sun bringing life to earth? No answer.
            Jesus the Man would have not existed if not for the sun, but Jesus the God would not have been affected by it.
            Basically Jesus Christ, the historical figure was just a body inhabited by a deity that was part of the Trinity.

          • When I was active in an Atheist club (university), one of the brainwashing indoctinations more clever arguments for being an atheist was for the Atheist to ask the Theist something along these lines: “You believe in the God of the Christians, right? But you don’t believe in the gods of Greece or Rome, or the many gods of the Hindus and other relgions. Well, I just believe in one less god than you do.”

          • I regret taking sentry’s bait, but since it’s took, no. The paganism fad is an embarrassment to our side, we might as well embrace wiccanism or aura reading.

            The Christian church has been the most powerful political and cultural institution in European history and by and large a force for good.

            I consider myself a Lutheran in all but faith – I’m against burning witches, but the option is on the table.

    • I ask this question sincerely: are we worse or better off than even two years ago? Circumstances would indicate we are worse off, but I disagree. Understanding we are in a Manichean struggle, which we are, is the first step to getting better. Many more have taken that first step in the last few years. Despair is understandable, surrender is not since it isn’t futile yet or even close to it. Gloomy days ahead at times, yes, but many more people understand what must be done to get past them. Maybe that isn’t cause for optimism yet, but it is cause not to surrender to despair.

    • depends on what type of worldview you have

      i have faith in christianity/white race on long term

      but 21st century is a low point in white man’s history, I am actually ashamed of my ancestors, both for myself and my kin

  22. The full expression of false consciousness is middle-aged childless women claiming to be woke on the patriarchy.

    Beautiful. She is the avatar of 2020 America, the psychologically damaged Millennial White woman, childless and unmarried, weeping and screaming in the streets, vacillating between despair and lust for the black man..

      • Go to where teenagers hang out locally and sit on a bench for 30 minutes. You’ll find out pretty quickly that it’s not a myth.

        • I bet you watch too.

          OKCupid did a study about this. White women overwhelmingly date white men and dislike blacks.

          • Throwing out a stupid insult is not an argument.

            I challenge anyone who doesn’t believe me to go down to wherever teens hang out in your town. A black boyfriend is the new woke totem.

          • Throwing out a stupid insult is not an argument.

            It’s not worse than your claim backed by nothing but your feelings.
            There is also the OKCupid study, which you are ignoring. It’s literally one quick search away for you to see it.

          • I literally said “verify for yourself.”

            This is why I increasingly have no sympathy for Whites who refuse to accept reality.

          • I guess it depends on how you look at it:

            Some 12% of newlywed intermarried couples include one white and one multiracial spouse, and 11% include one white and one black spouse.


            One-in-seven U.S. infants (14%) are multiracial or multiethnic. This share is nearly triple the share (5%) in 1980 .. 10% (of that number) have one white and one black parent.

            That comes out to just over 1% of total births in the US being to black-white couples.

          • “Overwhelming” =/= all. I’ve personally seen lots of mix race children and overweight white girls with black boyfriends — some girls are even attractive. It happens. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or needs to get out more.

          • I go out every day and I don’t see it. I see hot Mexican chicks doing everything they can to land a white guy. I see Asian chicks doing the same. I see white girls pissed off when either of the above takes a good white guy from the mix. The only black/white couples I see are among the homeless– no joke.

          • Forget it man, tons of cope in here.

            I think it stems from a denial that the enemy propaganda is having an effect.

          • If I didn’t know Whiskey always uses that handle everywhere, I would think this guy was deep cover Whiskey with the dooming and black guy fetishization.

          • I can say that advertisers push this stuff all the time and it works like gangbusters.
            White women are not men. I can only say among the professional credential class if White women I know personally, a non trivial amount are married to Black men and all have expressed interest in black dudes by dating behavior. They still mostly marry White.
            I do note nearly all the black mass shooters if White men had attractive White girlfriends. Omar Thornton comes to mind.
            You are in denial about marketplace reality. White dudes are not the lowest, thats Asian men. But next level up. Blacks are highest among men. Lowest among women.
            Blacks are optimized for make sexiness. Like the knockout game. Asians are optimized for female sexiness.
            Make sexiness = high birthrate

          • I always feel like asking them if they saw the pictures of those ugly yellow babies. Prince Harry’s kid literally looks like the mulatto baby troll used on 4Chan

          • This thread makes me feel like a teenager!
            There are always girls/women that go for the “bad boys”, black or white. From what I see, it’s the black guys wanting to put another white notch in the pistol and easily led white attention seekers falling for it.

          • Yes, but how much arsenic will you allow in your ice cream before tossing it out? So is 5% miscegenation acceptable? 15% too much? I’ve literally had discussions with folk who think Whites should freely encourage breeding with Blacks to solve the “problem” of their genotypical proclivities.

        • I rarely see it in Canada. I do see a 30 something white woman occasionally dating a black man. Usually he’s well dressed and clean.

          As far as I can tell the vast majority of relationships remain same-race. The USA might be different though.

        • they’re hanging out

          Most of those relationships are platonic, and many of those black guys are gay

          White girls will hang around blacks solely because blacks give them lots of attention. Doesn’t mean they are going to marry and are fucking

          The world is full of black guys whose hearts were shattered by a situation like this. In fact pretty much every black guy I know laments how he was dumped by some chick he dreamed about being with forever, and you ask him about her and invariably she was a white chick who ended up marrying a white guy. Black men resent us for a reason, and THAT is probably the main one. Give it some thought, and keep it in mind next time you are out and about intermingling, and let me know what you find. I bet you will find that I am right. In fact, white girls better watch out because these hostilities and resentments are coming for them next.

      • Observation, more than anything else. While it is true that White women as a whole date and marry within the in-group more than any other race on the mainland United States, these Millennials I have described, while outliers, are easy to find. Also, what Meme described is a phenomenon, too. A minority, albeit a disturbing one because the teen girls at the mall are not yet full-blown psychopaths. We are not far from the Left demanding Whites marry out-groups and if you think that also is myth just Google.

        • While we have not watched any television for quite some time, there is one form of advertising that is being relentlessly pushed: miscegenated couples and/or families for just about any product. When the reality is comparatively minimal, the immediate question is: why?

          Several years ago, we read a portion of an article about how a “foreigner,” visiting the US for the first time, thought that half of our population was black. Why? Because of the advertising.

          While we are all observing the interesting times that we are privileged to live in, we thought it would also be prudent and charitable to point out that “Madison Avenue” is an integral part of the MSM and promotes the same agenda but with the added ingredient of miscegenation. The purpose and intent was not to sell more Cheerios. It was something else.

          Parenthetically, the intent and purpose of the 1965 Immigration Act, promulagted and sponsored by Emanuel Celler, was not “diversity.” It was something else.

        • My Chicago neighborhood has myriad pubs and patios that I stroll through daily when I’m in town. At least a quarter of the young couples I see out and about are well-dressed black males paired with trim, pretty, monied white girls age 22-32ish. It’s inescapable and vile.

          • I know a white American girl who only sleeps with black guys, and she’s been with at least 15 (I think she’s only 21 or 22).

            These field reports are depressing lol. As I’ve said, the overwhelming majority of couples in Toronto are same-race, and we are a very diverse and liberal city.

          • You’ve got BartlebyTheScrivener and other fellow denizens here to debunk, confirm or say ‘meh’ if they care to post about local conditions.

            I take no pleasure, and I do not wish to introduce fiction, when I state my observations. But my eyes inform. Imperfect as they are.

            I grew up on the opposite side of the lake and I am hearing from my “peeps” (vomit) there that interracial, miscegenation relationships are increasing, and when I was being raised by muh communitah in the 80’s practically everybody was “racist.” Black-white intimate relationships simply did not occur.

          • I’m in a mid-sized city and see similar numbers out and about.

            Sad to see the propaganda working.

          • makes sense, a third of women are psychotics who desire bad boys or thugs, i assume chicago does not have white gangs, thus those women will jump shit. Black men have thug like culture, women love fucking them if they dress well and are smooth.
            Unless whites start developing a more violent culture, with white gangs, psychotic white women will fuck other races, it’s a no brainer.
            If white men bother understanding female/non-white patterns and get their act together, no more pandering to needy bitches and filthy races, they’ll be able to fuck any female that’s in their sight.

          • Years ago it was the white biker gangs that had the hottest slut babes. There were a few bars where we’d all hang out playing pool and getting hammered. And if the girl liked you, the bikers would let it go. Like one big family. I never had problems with any of them.

            Black thugs NEVER ever get anything close to that level of quality. In fact, if hot white girls were off with black guys I would get pissed, and since I never get pissed it can only be said they take the bottom of the white barrel.

          • This won’t get by the miscegnation objections, but consider that of your sample, the black men are probably the cream of the crop: degreed professionals enjoying spending time with a woman who doesn’t display the worst features of the Cryptkeeper’s sister and the Goodyear Blimp. Fairly good chance he’s not a 9mm-toting crack-dealing malt-liquor-swilling Rap-blasting ho-dissing hood rat. The relationship might be purely platonic. In fact, as noted above, if he’s clean-cut there’s a good chance he’s as queer as a three dollar bill 🙂

      • Please help us with some data. How many black men (per million) marry white women, versus how many white men (per million) marry black women. It might help support your case.

        • Must be a regional thing then

          Because in Los Angeles white guys rule the scene. I’m 53 and married and even I get women hanging on me.

          I only see very trashy girls with blacks. In fact, like I said above, nearly every interracial couple I see is homeless.

          With Mexican gangbanger types, it’s more of a cultural thing that a hot Mexican chick will be with an alpha Mexican guy, but it’s more like she is racially off limits to white guys but it’s accepted b/c it just looks right that the two of them would be together. And they’re happy, and that makes you happy for them.

    • You generally only see it with white trailer trash girls whom no white guy would want or the girl from a lefty upper class family who does to show everyone how woke she is.
      Either way its no great loss for our side given they are damaged goods.

  23. I’m figuring the election has to be the inflection point for any great American awakening, regardless of which way it goes. Trump wins, the left goes more berserk, especially when deep state turds start going down like dominos. Trump loses and the junta goes turbo against legacy America. Either way, the s*** is likely to splatter all over the fan.

    • The one hope we have is that the stupid bastards would boil the frog too quickly, out of pure hatred for normie whites, and it looks like this might be happening. It may be a slow process, but it’s indivisible – once you’ve seen the truth, you can’t un-see it, and you begin to see it everywhere. As noted by some above, if Trump has done nothing but speed up the process, he’s been successful.

      • The one hope we have is that the stupid bastards would boil the frog too quickly, out of pure hatred for normie whites.” NO! It’s out of pure hatred for green frogs. Especially Pepe.

  24. I witnessed my normie brother-in-law get redpilled recently to corporate media propaganda, but he viewed it as driven by well-meaning morons. I said “No, it’s malicious intent; you’re being manipulated on purpose.” He’s a retired doc with a sharp head on his shoulders, so not prone to extremes of thought. But then he paused and said “you might be right about that.”

    • Yesterday my normie brother-in-law asked me if I knew that in 20 years Whites would be a minority in the US. I said it’s worse than that – under the age of 20 we already are. He’s a recently retired engineer so also an intelligent and cautious person. My husband said he brought it up a couple weeks ago when they were backpacking. It appears the last year has made people either go further into madness or begin to rub the scales from their eyes.

    • I try to correct people as much as possible who tend to use “good intent” as a justification for committing wrong. It grates me when I hear, “He meant well”. On the other hand, I don’t automatically ascribe malicious intent. I simply don’t care, I’m screwed either way—and those people need to go.

  25. Covid and BLM were a wonderful one-two punch to the face of Joe Normie, waking up many a White from their slumber.

    However, I’d argue that something as important, if not more important, happened this year: Joe Normie can no longer hide behind his CivNat platitudes.

    In the past, Joe Normie could recite (probably really believe) his “all people should be treated equally under the law” or “we should all have the same opportunities” in conversations or diversity training sessions. But that’s over.

    Progressive and their POC minions now demand that Joe Normie admit his racism and White privilege, and proclaim that Black Lives Matter more than other lives, especially White lives. Even when Joe Normie is home and turns on the TV, he’s getting blasted by the same thing.

    Whites can’t hide from their degradation. Progressives and POC pit bulls demand that Whites stand up and publicly admit their original sin, beg for atonement and take whatever punishment they so rightfully deserve.

    You will no longer be able to avoid this admission by saying that you are “colorblind.” Not seeing color is just another way to perpetuate the systemic racism that Whites have imposed on the world and, particularly, on blacks, they say.

    Joe Normie is being forced to either wake up or embrace his new status. Some Whites will mumble what they need to get by, a few will truly accept their new status (assuming, naturally, that it’s me specifically that’s evil, just Whites in general), but some – maybe many – Whites will wake up to this new reality and what it means for their future and the future of their children. And, maybe, just maybe, for the first time in their lives, they’ll think about what their reality means for the future of their people.

    • “Joe Normie … embrace his new status.”

      Joe Normie’s new status is that he is a member of the most numerous (by FAR) people on this Earth not to have their own country. Every other large people, and very many small ones, have their own countries. Not only do we not have our own country with a ruling class consisting only of our own people, we don’t even have a single country-level institution representing our collective interests.

      Congressmen are rented whores paid and directed by those who have seized control of the more powerful institution: the financial system whose managers print themselves unending sheets of money and distribute it as bribes and payoffs to induce compliance in those who work in the more optically visible institutions.

    • Any guesses as to why they did this?

      It seems like they pretty much had us asleep at the wheel, in about 4 years they’ll have total demographic control over us. No need to upset joe six pack.

      It just seems counterproductive from the elites. Either we’re worse off than we think and they’re just flexing, or something is going badly wrong and they’re panicking.

    • Sorry, but I still think “all people should be treated equally under the law”. The difference is that while laws should be very minimal in number, those that exist should be enforced very rigorously in order to maintain a civilization. Whatever it takes, if it gets to that. There was a reason, for instance, for Jim Crow laws. Do I contradict myself? No. White people were subject to Jim Crow laws too. Think about it.

      • Laws don’t create civilization. People do. Culture is downstream from biology.

        CivNat beliefs in the rule of law and equal opportunity got us to the point we’re at today. Those beliefs were twisted to change the demographics of the country and since the “rule of law” is pretty much a White guy thing, the rule of law will fall as we become a minority.

        The Ideological Age – with its debates about the rule of law – is giving way to the Demographic Age where one rule applies: Your people’s interest trump all laws.

        • Laws don’t create civilization. People do. Culture is downstream from biology.” True on both counts, Citizen. But I didn’t say laws “create” civilization, I said that laws need to be enforced in order to “maintain” a civilization. I’m sympathetic to your point of view, but since, as you say, “the rule of law is a White guy thing”, it follows that the laws maintaining our civilization must be “White guy laws” (our current laws are destroying our civilization, as we all know). IOW, White Guy laws conform with our biology.

          • And they should be enforced on White people. Trying to force blacks into being White through the rule of law is both wrong and unworkable.

            Separation first. Rule of law that fits your people, second. (Btw, separation can mean many things. The Amish are separate with their own rules as are other groups, even if technically, they are part of a larger society.)

      • Jefferson and many other wise and not so much people believed that the White and the Negro were fundamentally different races and could not even live under the same laws. I’d have to say that, up to the present, the best intentioned efforts of Egalitarians have proven such pessimism to be correct.

  26. Hopefully you’re right. The “frontlash,” as Steve Sailer calls the efforts of the ruling class, do sort of have the feel now of the great and powerful Oz trembling behind his curtain. I thought this the first time I saw Adam Schiff on his dais, looking like a demented two year-old girl sitting on a high chair and barking orders at her court of stuffed animals during a pretend time tea party. I’ve mixed it up with other commentators here about whether or not normie would eventually snap or stay asleep (even I don’t honestly know) but the truth is this is not going to stop because some guy with good cheekbones and a swoop haircut writes the ultimate Nietzschean call to the Supermen on the Alt Right to throw off their shackles. This is going to stop (if it stops), when people who would prefer not to think about this have no choice, when the Murricans stop complaining about communism or whatever red herring Trump’s got them coursing after, and they start thinking about their grandchildren, and how rich people are not worth admiring when they’re pouring their resources into permanently destroying you and silencing you, a la Big Tech.

  27. In the heart of the empire, the combination of American mythology, civic nationalism and patriotic nostalgia have kept most Americans in a narcotic fog, unable to fully grasp what is happening to them.

    What finally brought this home to me was when the idea of free speech became controversial.

    For over 200 years, there was one characteristic that distinguished America and Americans from every other people on earth. We were the country where everyone had an uncontested right to say whatever they damn well pleased.

    Yes, in practice there have always been restrictions, but still, the assumption of every American was that he had the right to speak his piece.

    If even that is on the table, then clearly the country I was born into has ceased to exist. How the various legal challenges play out is irrelevant. The point is that the underlying cultural assumptions that made us a distinct people are vanishing. Regardless of how the question is answered, the point is that in America, this wouldn’t have even been a question.

    • Excellent point. As totalitarian as much of Europe is at times, it still have vestiges of free speech here and there. My guess is the United States, once alone in true free speech, will become much more of a police state than is found on the other side of the Atlantic. In time, Americans will have no collective memory of free speech and memories about it will be derided as nostalgia.

    • Free speech was important to the left because they were the radical speakers. Now that it has flipped, they have no use for it.

      • I still like the bait and switch they’re still trying to pull since they need even their own normies to buy into the system. If there is no “system” but an inner-party graft machine then all people will begin to realize that the milk carton with the American flag on it is way past it’s sell-by date.

      • Free speech is inherently a Leftist idea since it invariably leads to erosion of values, blasphemy and pornography.

    • In the quintessential modern American practice of outsourcing, the American government has outsourced censorship to private industry.

  28. >The “fake news” stuff is a nice partisan chant, but even the most partisan Trump people have been clinging to the belief that the media going woke would cause them to go broke.
    This is an essential reframing. Instead of people thinking that the people in the media are just poor businessman whose product will fail, they are beginning to understand how much these people hate us and want us hurt, regardless of price.
    It’s the difference between a restaurant that makes lousy food nobody wants and a restaurant that is actively trying to poison their own customers and trying to destroy the lives of people dining at the restaurant down the street.

    • As many have put it, the media is not there to make money. They are the propaganda organs of the oligarchy. They are intended as “loss leaders” to get the conditioning out.

  29. The older I get, the less stock i put into “waking up” claims

    I have observed over the decades, that during periods of rightist failure, a common coping strategy is to claim that people are “waking up” to our point of view. Presumably this will bring about some future victory despite present defeats.

    Both losers and winners wake up everyday. They both go back to sleep too.

    • This will be the knock our grandchildren have on us, similar to how we knock the Buckleyites today

    • I classify what is currently happening as ‘preconditioning the battlefield’. You are right that normie would go back to sleep, if the ruling class returned conditions to the 1990’s or 2000’s. But they can’t, even if they wanted to.

      They have raped our civilization and it can’t be unraped. The open race hatred is not going to go away. Economic hardship beyond our worst imaginings is what awaits whites as the ruling class attempts to stabilize the sinking ship of the United Socialist States Ship Murka on our backs. Secede in your heads and contribute nothing outside of family and tribe.

      • How can you go back to sleep when, every time you go outside, you’re swarmed with 3rd worlders who hate you, babbling in their own language. And there is nowhere to run, the entire city is like this. (This is basically the Toronto area).

        It’s not the 90s anymore. They’ve taken away everything we like and pumped hostile aliens into every corner of our country. You can’t just go back to sleep because it’s just always there; you can’t move out because the white flight areas are also getting (((developped))).

        We will see though, whites often impress me with how cucked they are.

      • I honestly think the ruling class may try some sort of black flag terror op in the White heartland to try to get folks to rally ’round the flag. Many will, but many more now will know it came straight from D.C. and will react accordingly. This cannot be put back in the bottle.

          • Its what they want but its not what they’ll get. The conditions of that or “super race tax” will end with “What I saw at the Coup.”

    • Well, look at the American South. Many more blacks than the North, but also much more conservative. As Robert Conquest said, “Everyone is conservative about what he knows best.”

    • I tend towards your bleak perspective. The rare hopium I consume grants me visions that show the new means of disseminating information will somehow achieve breakthrough and we will experience a lasting positive correction. Thirty years ago we didn’t have widely distributed communities like the Z Blog. With hope there is possibility, with faith a real chance.

      • Look, I’m not advocating despair here. Just saying that “waking up” isn’t what some are making it to be.
        Waking up isn’t even a first step in the path to victory. Its a simple function of being alive, even the biggest failure wakes up every day. Its what you do between waking up and going to sleep that counts.
        Action and victory is what matters.

  30. I was walking around at dusk the other night and I could see in people’s houses at their TV screens and most of them were watching football, some were watching baseball.

    • I see the same when I walk my dogs…

      Let’s see where we are in 2025 with this whole “sports is over” narrative

    • I don’t own a TV, but a lot of my neighbors leave them on all day for background noise. Some do so in order to mask an annoying tinnitus affliction and others do it because they live alone and miss having company. I don’t know anyone that actually enjoys watching TV anymore. It truly is a mind killer.

      • This is me. I’ll still watch a little sportsball, but most times I stop paying attention and do other things, but leave it on anyway. The thing is, there is nothing immoral about enjoying a ball game or a movie. Our side makes the mistake of dealing only in absolutes. What matters is degree. In the BC (Before Covid) most whites were obsessed with sports and movies. This hiatus seems to have broken that spell. They watch a little, but not as much and not with the same enthusiasm. It is a return to normalcy, in a way.

        • For me, the decline in sportsball viewing is mostly tied to COVID at this point. I can probably forgive MLB and NHL for some of their earlier cucking (certainly not the NFL). But turning on a game just reminds me of all the COVID bullshit and makes me angry and/or sad. It takes away my enjoyment and puts me in a more sour mood. Contemplating a World Series played in a mostly empty neutral site with people in the dugout wearing face diapers is depressing to me. I won’t watch.

          The one thing I have been able to watch with some satisfaction is ND Football. Something about those gold helmets and blue uniforms still elicits that feeling in my heart I’ve had since childhood.

        • Exactly. I will tune in a game get bored fast by either watching the blacks do their antics or get annoyed with blacks in every other television commercial.
          13% of the population but in 80% of the commercials.
          I don’t watch it much. Sometimes yes it’s cool to see a good touchdown pass but I am no longer sitting around watching football all Sunday afternoon.

          • The commercials are the killer for me. There’s so many of them and now they are obnoxiously diverse. Why is Jake from State Farm black all of a sudden?

      • I have the tinnitus – thanks Ronnie James Dio and the U.S. Army.
        The challenge these days is finding background noise TV that doesn’t infuriate me.

        • The ‘nitus is a bitch at times. I had since childhood and thought everyone heard the same hum of power lines all the time. It’s one reason I like listening to violins; sort of the same “resonance” or tone and neutralizes it during the annoyingly loud times.

      • TV is even more black-pilling than some of the posts in this group. 😉

        Case in point, last night wife was in the mood for TV and switched to “Hallmark” channel to watch “The Walton’s”. I sat down to reminisce with her. John-boy was going off to college, first in family. Hoaky, but hell, I’m an old White guy—cut me some slack.

        Then commercial time, Hallmark advertising their new Christmas specials. Two new specials coming next month or something. Both love stories around a Christmas setting. First one, White guy finds and falls in love with Black girl. Second one, Black guy and White girl playing house. I could only stomach it for 15 seconds or so. Wife was oblivious. No sense making a scene between us. I got up and left.

        Yep, whoever said “shoot your TV” was prescient.

          • Yep, multiply that commercial by the thousands and the current hourly showtime fair and it’s no wonder foreign viewers when questioned think America is 50% Black.

            I also note that these shows/commercials almost never pick normal, representative Blacks. As with the Hallmark ad’s, the Black women are very White featured and light skinned and the Black males are fairly non-threatening as well, albeit darker. Pretty much Whites in Black face. All deliberate, and really racist in my opinion.

        • Don’t look too hard behind the scenes of The Waltons. Grandpa was a gay communist. Grandma was a radical lesbian feminist. Ma was an alcoholic.

          • I have no memory of such. Perhaps your memory is better than mine or you read too much into the characters.

      • The problem in NYC was the exhibitionists. People get off on doing freaky shit. Almost included an anecdote, but suffice to say you have to be careful where you glance.

      • LOL. I grew up in a family that drew the curtains at dusk. My next door neighbors are the opposite, and have a TV that would have qualified as a “Drive In” just a few years ago.

  31. Interesting survey from Marist on people no longer watching sports. I was surprised to see “the amount of free time you have” as getting 27% of the respondents reason for not watching as much. That should terrify the leagues as it is an indication people have already replaced sports viewing with other activities and aren’t coming back. It will take time for this to impact the leagues financially, but it will happen. I would like to see data on what people are doing with their time instead. If it is just watching Hollywood garbage or going on Twitter that isn’t much of an improvement.

    • As for data, I have not been polled. In fact, I never respond to any poll, because: Who knows what is on the other end and what are they up to?
      Nevertheless, for just me, I can report that since giving up sportsball, I have explored many nearby parks and wildlife areas previously unseen by me in the 30+ years I’ve lived here. I have rebuilt a stone wall in front of my house that I just never got around to with a game on. Looks great!
      And my garage has never looked better. It’s actually useful, now. When I retire, I’m going to restore my 67 camaro. I now have a place to do it that’s good to go.
      Most of all, I feel better. Physically & mentally. More excercise plus not caring about games anymore = happier.

  32. I appropriated this from a 4chan meme, so no attribution, alas:

    The reason white racism is increasing is because this generation of young, white men were raised to be the least racist generation of whites to ever exist in the history of this planet. We grew up being taught that racism was bad, that we were ALL going to move past it and work together towards a better future. Even here in the most traditionally racist part of the country, nearly every young white boy in my generation grew up watching black athletes, black actors, listening to black musicians, etc. It was all normal. We were 95% post-racial.

    So as we got older, we stuck our hand out in friendship to EVERYONE, like we’d been taught to… and then every non-white group on the planet came and sucker-punched us from behind, called us evil white devils and told us we deserved to die. We were ready and willing to move on from the past, the rest of you weren’t. Instead of shaking our hands and marching off together, you chose revenge against the only white people who’ve ever let their guards down.

    So now yous can’t be our friends, and we’re reforging the identity we were taught to shed.

    • and then every non-white group on the planet came and sucker-punched us from behind

      A particularly poignant line, it conjures up images of ‘the knockout game’; and we all know who excels at that. Masterful.

      Perhaps the same inscription could be put underneath bases of our statues, so that when they’re toppled, the reason is obvious to those still in denial. A toppled statue always reminds me of a sucker-punched victim.

      • I feel like having a slew of artisan craftsmen, or even a small production facility, that stamped out relatively cheap and easily manufactured confederate statues, or any statues of new White heroes and Icons we pick, speedily installed where they were torn down, or even well selected guerrilla installations, could be good propaganda. Yeah yeah, I’m LARPing. We need organizers.

        I’m envisioning Nathan Bedford Forrest on a steed, with a dreadlocked head hanging from his hand, and perhaps a necklace of ears and lips. Lol. I suppose that might be a bit too much. That could be kept in the factory, as a morale booster, saved for the final guerrilla installation….

        • Blacks are such a pathetic race. In RVA they erected a huge statue of a “nameless black urban youth” complete with dreadlocks, Nike’s atop a horse. All the statues on monument are gone, but this idiotic qlack stands.

          When has anyone seen a black on a fargin’ horse?

          • Well, we all know the Buffalo Soldiers won the West, just as the Tuskegee Airmen singlehandedly licked der Fuhrer.

          • And the all Black divisions in Korea distinguished themselves so highly, they needed to be broken apart and spread across the rest of the army. Limited of course to no more than 10% per division.

          • God, that’s enough to make me puke. I saw a news story where they did something similar somewhere in England with some black chick.

            We we should have murals of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom next to St. George’s Mural. We also need a giant field of white crosses in a strategic location to represent all the victims of these monsters, like the SA farmers have on that hillside.

            Everybody still on social media, please share gunmemorialdotorg with your friends and acquaintances. Thousands of pictures there worth millions of words.

          • We also need a giant field of white crosses in a strategic location to represent all the victims of these monsters”
            A superb idea.

        • “We need organizers.”

          I do not agree. So-called “leaders” only make for decapitation strikes by law(less) enforcement entities.

          In a spiritual sense, each man, his home, is a church. Get it?

          • I disagree. I do understand where you are coming from, but I think we can both be right. I get from a right wing optics POV, “organizers” conjures up images of Obama and gay Marxists, etc, but we need to, forgive the term, diversify our strategies. My suggestion is a projection based on people like myself, with little to lose, being part of the organizing. Guys with families and much to lose will do as they see fit. But I’m not talking about treason/inciting riots/terrorism,kidnapping or any other high crimes or illegal activities. I’m talking about taking a lead in creating perception instead of sitting back and letting it be created for us. We should be smart. Legal. Have lawyers who are sympathetic to our thing advising every move to avoid entanglements. This all takes organization.

            I don’t think hunker in your bunker is the only way forward but I respect and pledge allegiance to those who do. Strategically, I don’t think a certain degree of engagement can be taken off the table. We are not so delusional as to presume that we can reverse the trajectory of things, or undo the cycle, but to forgo all agency except at an individual level, that is why the Right always loses. Screw leaders. I’m not talking about leaders. We need hydras. There is more than one path in this thing of ours.

    • From the looks of Gen Z here in the states, the woke are far more woke, and the dissidents are far more dissident. The center has been destroyed in the youth. The number of total dissidents will likely be less than the woke, but those who battle through the poz are going to be of far better quality.

      • From the lips of my millennial nephew this weekend, “what else have they been lying about”. Iron in that young man. Worth a dozen soy-boys.

      • It’s interesting to see the kind of ppl that participate in martial arts/boxing. To place yourself in a position where you’re taking hits requires a certain disposition. In my experience these are mostly, but not all right-wing types. A salient characteristic is that most of these guys are not extremely political and can get along with ppl of different stripes w/o shunting aside their own convictions or being grovelingly friendly. Most of the keyboard warrior types avoid this.

    • I’ve seen this with White guys in their 20s. They were tricked by literally everyone – parents, teachers, media, government, corporations, etc. – and when they figure it out, they’re pissed. They also don’t trust any authority figure. And they sure as hell don’t have any loyalty to this country.

      • My parents never talked about race, the trickery from them came in the form of bluepill/dating stuff: be yourself, be a nice guy, happy wife happy life, be self deprecating, etc. All lies.

        I’ve swung hard to the right on gender relations, mostly through first hand experience, as I have with everything else.

        • The last domino is churchianity. When Christians can stop turning the other cheek, things will get interesting.

          • I’m going to look up the commentary to. That in the Haydock bible. I am NOT convinced “turn the other cheek” means allowing your culture and future and prodigy to be engulfed in slow genocide

          • The cheek thing deserves to be taken more literally. Apparently, Jesus presumes a guy who has gotten a slap on the cheek to counterintuively offer the other (so as to allow the hitter to come to his senses and realize his overreaction in a personal quarrel).
            He does NOT speak of offering your jugular to a guy with a knife who has already once stabbed you in the belly with the clear intention to kill.

          • To build on this, back when our rulers and their public health nazi minions instituted lockdowns and I was furloughed for a time, I decided to spend time reading the Gospels start to finish, as opposed to just reading random passages as you would in church.

            I had forgotten how much of a no-nonsense hard-ass Jesus was, a man who suffered no fools. Regularly spoke truth to power and was not just a happy rule-follower. The caricature presented by church ladies as some smiling rule follower is quite inaccurate.

          • Falcone, I wondered why Jesus always had long hair in any paintings. After a long, detailed personal study over years, I came to the conclusion that the explanation lay in Judges 13:5 “…You shall conceive and bear a son. And no razor shall come upon his head, for the child shall be a Nazarite to God from the womb, and he shall begin to deliver Israel……”.This is about Samson, whom I believe to be a foreshadowing of the Deliverer Jesus in N.T.
            The book of Numbers Chapter 6 gives us the explanation of the Nazarite. I believe in the N.T. this word has been transliterated as Nazarene. Something else to consider:Sons of Heth may be Hittites, town of Migdol in O.T. could very well be Magdala in N.T. Well, that’s enough on that for now.

          • Interesting take, and it makes sense. I always took it to be an admonition not to get caught up in petty quarrels.

            There’s also the incident with the money changers, telling the disciples to buy swords, saying he didn’t bring peace but a sword, etc.

            Too many Christians get hung up on the crucifixion, imo. The Son of God rose again, we wouldn’t, and suicide is a sin.

          • I think too many Christians get caught up in Jesus to the point where they replace God the Creator with Jesus.

            No, Jesus is NOT God. He is NOT the end all and be all. He cannot be. There is a reason the Trinity was deemed so important. Because no Creator of the heavens and sun and earth then no Jesus. He’d have no earth to come to. Wouldn’t exist.

            The worst is the people look at Jesus as their “friend” or shoulder to cry on. What is he, a teddy bear?


            But that’s a popular movement in Christianity today. For me, it’s a heresy.

          • I’ve never bought into the trinity, so I guess that makes me a heretic 🙂 “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” Seems pretty clear.

            And yes the whole ‘relationship’ approach rubs me the wrong way too. I was taught ‘here are the rules, here are bible stories explaining why they’re the rules, keep them and God will bless you, break them and you’ll suffer.’ Keep it simple.

          • I’m not big on the trinity either. Seems to me it was shoehorned to fit into the phenomena of threes recurring in the natural world and perhaps ties into what were preexisting religious concepts where the trinity or threes were already established. I could be wrong, but does not change the feeling it was shoehorned in.

            I think there are really two, God and Jesus. Creator and earthly Messenger. But then you can see how there would need to be some linkage between Heaven and Earth, which is where the Holy Ghost comes in. Interesting either way.

            Ultimately, my complaint is the negation or sidelining of the Creator in favor of the primacy of Jesus. That’s what I find heretical, not so much a poo pooing of the third element of the trinity.

          • That seems to be me to be an unnatural response. If someone hits you and it hurts, the natural — or reflexive really — response is to hurt him back. Even if it’s just a quick slap. I think if you try to suppress that it’s a mistake with unintended downstream effects. IOW it could deaden you in other facets of your being.

          • Christians fought the Muzzies for a 1000 years without having to do any navel gazing or Biblical contortions.
            It’s not the book, it’s the people not willing to step up.

        • Like you, I started getting red pilled through trying to succeed in the dating scene. I started to learn what works and what does not. Working through this I discovered that EVERYTHING I was told about males, females, and their relationships was completely incorrect.
          From there, you start to ask yourself “what else have I been lied to about?”, and down the rabbit hole you go. It turns out the hole is very deep.

        • MRA stuff seems to be a significant but minor tributary to this side of the Great Divide.

      • In my 40s before I completely wised up, didn’t help that my parents believed 90% of woke lies, despite being fiercely conservative, which is all the more interesting seeing my dad wake up from the lies he was fed for the better part of a century.

      • Yep, but these White guys in their 20’s get out of bed every morning—like you and I—and put their feet down on American soil. It will be a short journey to convince them to fight for their rightful place within it.

        I can live with that—and them.

        • Sounds like you are trying to say something about a place for yt people? Maybe a future for yt children, too? Lol. But seriously, a pox on Spencer for screwing that up.

          • Yep, but more importantly, I see those lost and confused and angry 20 somethings as half-way there—more so than perhaps their fat and complacent parents who can not give up their “good life”.

            Give me an angry person over a content person any day to convert to the cause. An angry person you point in the right direction. A complacent person you have to convince to take risk, then point.

      • This really brings to mind a profound scene in Fight Club. It seems almost quaint now watching it, seeing how the late 90s were like a Golden Era compared to the hellscape of 2020.
        But the writing was already on the wall that far back if you were attuned to it. But this speech /scene today resonates with 100x the impact because the bad of 1999 is the horrorific nightmare of 2020.

      • In short, they become cynical. I’d say their distrust of most authority figures is justified. Our government doesn’t deserve any loyalty. I’m reminded of the old bumper sticker that said “I love my country, but fear my government.” How this all sorts out is anyone’s guess.

        • I noticed a big problem too among white guys when they started calling other men “bitch”

          In fact, this marked a serious turning point in American culture because it absorbed the black jailhouse mentality and ethos into white society.

          Rather, when I was young, a guy above you was a mentor. He was not fucking you and you were not his bitch. Or in military hierarchy; if a superior told you to do something, you were not his bitch. And you aimed to do the best you could for the guy above you, and it felt right and normal. It was a rearing and a teaching of the young. I guess for blacks with their lack of family structure and no dads around, they see it as getting fucked and you don’t want to be the bitch getting fucked. No, you instead shoot that mofo and make him YOUR bitch. Blah blah blah. But that’s how their minds and culture work. Not ours.

          Another way that integration has totally turned white society inside out.

    • You are very correct. By the late 90’s the vast majority of whites had very little, if any, animus against the other race/races. Nobody spoke much about race any longer. Up until the election of Barack Obama, anyway.
      The decline in race relations began with him. Ironic since his was the ultimate “post racism” election. I know many conservative whites who voted for him believing it would finally put an end to whatever remained of the race-baiting industry. Sadly, that turned out to be untrue. We have now reached a point where the ultimate forms of racism are being practiced by the very people who should know better.

      • I realize that this is a contentious point but different groups pushing for their interests over the interests of other groups in a society isn’t a bad thing. Indeed, it’s a very good thing.

        A race or ethnicity is simply an extended family. Putting the interests of your family members above strangers is natural and good. It’s also not racism.

        I may have misinterpreted some of your comment, but if your definition of racism extended to what I’ve just written, I have to disagree with you.

        My point is that for many people “post racism” means that people should never consider race. I find that as abhorrent as someone saying we should never consider family. Again, not sure if that’s what you were getting at or not. If not, no worries.

        • Your argument is generally correct. This is covered in Erectus Walks Amongst Us. In Nature there is (usually) a natural preference for one’s relatives, directly proportional to the number of genes in common. From closest to more distant, it is: immediate family, extended family (cousins), tribe, ethny (small nation), entire race. Arguably, even extends to other species.
          Exceptions exist: witness the Cuckoo. Actually not an exception, but a clever deception. The “host” thinks the baby cuckoo is one of her own, while it is actually offing her offspring, so to speak.
          There are arguments, places where favoritism could be bad: Nepotism in an organization. In fact, extended family is very strong in more backward countries, such as Africa’s. Taken too far, every relation, no matter how worthless a human being, has a claim on your time and property, essentially a small-scale form of communism. Is it any wonder that these are by far the world’s poorest countries?
          In marked contrast, consider just how rare infrequent, both in history and the present world, are more advanced economies or societies where individual worth and qualifications are more important than whose son or daughter you are.
          Pure meritocracies are rarer still, but they do promote the best and brightest, and they often stand out as exceptional pinnacles of success.

          • Again folks, as Ben pointed us to, read Erectus Walks Among Us. If you are up to speed, 80% is review work. If not, then you’ll learn much. Only regret is that there needs to be an updated version. 10 years is a long time for a book on HBD matters to remain current.

        • Not to be too pedantic, but isnt the goal to have a land for every people such that society is one, unified group? Why should society be a mix of struggling groups? One large family, in your metaphor, maybe with some squabbles about the right methods, but all pushing forward for the family’s common weal?

        • Having a lack of animus against other races doesn’t mean we don’t prefer our own kind. We, of course, do in most cases.Both can exist simultaneously.

      • It’s as if Obama and his crowd couldn’t let racism go off into the cold, dark night, but had to be reinvigorated and rejuvenated. To let racism go away would have desiccated so many little tropes and valuable grifting nitches, well, they couldn’t let that happen, could it? On top of that, the ongoing Marxist march through the institutions requires a lot of racism to feed the flames, so, by all means, keep the racist fires burning, comrade.

        • The AWRs no more want to eliminate white racism than al Qaeda wants peace in the Middle East.

        • Obama really woke me. He could have been second (or first) to Abraham Lincoln—but he just couldn’t drop his innate race issues. That was the eye opener for me, i.e., there could never be a peaceful co-existence. The issue of race was never one of compromise and good will—it was existential. Learn that and survive.

      • All the other races had plenty of animus for whites before Obama. Pre-Obama was basically just whites pretending having their children be second class citizens was okay as long as it meant we didn’t have to hear about race. It’s frankly embarrassing that our people were so willing to do this.

      • Yes, the point I make (too often probably), that our opponents, by acting the ways they want, getting their programs, promotions and so on, probably do more to entagle themselves in their own web of lies and distortions than a thousand Zmen or ten Sobrans ever could by logical and reasoned argument, none of which would work on the Left as we all know. That is OK, because it is the undecided who need to see the truth. You can’t do anything for the true believer, he is a lost cause.
        I think things have already gotten siller than the Emporer having no clothes. By now, the little boy is going to notice that there’s not even an Emporer 🙂

    • This is exactly me. Raised by goodwhites in an all white area. Thought all races are equal.

      Then I started being exposed to 3rd worlders and I realized *very* fast that this is not the case.

      This is why they’re rampling up brainwashing in schools though. They’re horrifically anti-white and I feel terrible for white boys currently going through the school system.

      • Don’t raise your kids in an all-white shitlib area. Expose them to diversity or raise them around more traditional whites. My red pilling began at age 6, first day on the school bus as I was trying to decipher what the black kid in the seat behind me was saying. Might as well have been a different language.

        • Please do not send your kids to schools in “diverse” areas. I was a military brat who was sent to schools that were majority negro. Yeah, your kids will get red pilled in a hurry, but they also may end up seriously injured.

          I saw several of my white classmates taken away in ambulances after being attacked by angry negroes. I was a scrawny kid, so I was targeted many times. I learned to fight back, but I usually got my ass kicked because negroes always attack when they have a size or numerical advantage. Fortunately, I never suffered any serious injuries.

          That said, the toughest guys I have ever known were some of the white kids in those schools. The negroes were were scared to death of them. They were military kids or kids whose fathers worked in the shipyards.

          So I was red pilled at an early age. But I hate the idea of young white kids having to go through that. I imagine it is even worse today.

          I don’t know what the best way to red pill your kids on race is. But forcing them to deal with “diversity” up close and personal is not the answer.

          • That said, the toughest guys I have ever known were some of the white kids in those schools. The negroes were were scared to death of them.

            This reads almost like an endorsement. We need tough men.

            Parents will have to judge what’s best for their kids, but while I’m in favor of sheltering your kids from electronics & poz for as long as possible, I believe early exposure to diversity benefits the child.

          • I have to agree. Don’t put your kids in a “diverse school”. Take me for example I went to HS in the early 80’s in the high desert of Los Angeles county. There I was exposed to race riots in HS, blacks terrorizing weaker whites(like myself). It got so bad by the time I left HS in my 3rd year I HATED Blacks. But the price was 3 years of psychological scarring and developing a hair trigger violent temper.
            Here’s the thing, most white parents have no idea of how much hatred blacks have towards whites even at a young age. And they won’t hesitate to hurt you either.because they think it’s funny.
            This has led to white children being crippled and even murdered by them.

          • Lol, I think we can agree we don’t want the kids to be murdered. Read my recommendation again:

            Don’t raise your kids in an all-white shitlib area. Expose them to diversity or raise them around more traditional whites.

          • Always demonstrate rather than subject them to teach. Youtube can show in 30 minutes all the lessons he or she could learn in 4 years in a mixed-race high school, without any ER trips.

          • Very well put. 1) your kids will not get the appropriate level of education with the baggage of race mixing, 2) they will be traumatized, which may lead to a fear of formal schooling

          • You don’t expose tiny seedlings to the vagaries of the weather; you don’t expose young White children to the unpredictable viciousness of blacks. Teach them early and often about our differences and absolute incompatibility, but do not subject them to close contact while they are young.

        • Well, give them some credit at least: they were able to turn a dirty word into two pronouns (she, it) 🙂

    • The only disagreement I have with that is that the young kids think they were the “first” generation raised to worship anti-racism and they are more like the third or fourth, at least.

    • Its a good point. Over the decades, i have tried to live the “color-is-only-skin-deep” life. Little things like affirmative action when my brother was applying to med school, OJ, and some personal experiences would dissuade me of that. But this summer? Blacks have lost all credibility to me, and the idea of some multi racial “poeple” is not only a bad idea, its evil

    • Well said. Perhaps the Blacks and their enablers, the ascendant powers if you will, have the impression that it’s their turn to give Whitey the real or perceived mistreatments that minorities suffered generations ago. While this form of revenge or retribution must be enjoyable (never mind that the actual white oppressors or non-white victims are, mostly, long dead), they seem to forget that whites are still about five times more prevalent in the population than the Blacks. In a way, the non-Whites are doing a service to wake up sleeping Whites, by championing the less competent, or indeed, the utterly incompetent, into positions of authority. This zeal to promote Wokeness over traditional values, even at the expense of efficiency, justice, sometimes even public safety, actually helps promote our side’s thing by exposing for all to see the sham that most (all?) of their schemes are.

  33. Indeed, if there is an American “Civil War 2.0”, it may take the form of the Vapaussota, instead of the ACW. There will be no delineated Mason-Dixon Line. There will be remorseless hatred expressed as it was there when Finland declared independence, following the Bolshevik Revolution.

    Instead of becoming part of the impending U.S.S.R., Finland emerged after the bloodshed as an independent nation. What many are not aware of is that the Kaiser, in the midst of the late stated of World War I, sent the elite Von der Goltz Division to Helsinki to help put down the Communists.

    One might say that without the support of the Kaiser, Finland’s freedom would have not occurred and the nation may have joined the fate of the other Baltic States, eventually behind the Iron Curtain.

    • The Germans provoked the revolution by sending the sealed train with Lenin and his pals to Finland station in Leningrad.
      So what you describe is a little bit of mitigation for the misery they inflicted on everone.

        • The Americans had a lot more to do with the attacks against Iraq,Vietnam etc. than anybody else.
          Germans dindu nuffin.
          By your logic historical events emerged from the ground or ,even more absurdly, events involving millions of people were the product of one human being who had no cultural agenda.

          What was the ethnicity of the people who arranged the sealed train and which country did they think would profit from their egregious actions?
          In your other posts you have no trouble laying the blame at other nations’ doors so what’s so special about Doucheland?

          • Hmm, I am not here to go all “Frogs in an Icebound Pond” and if you don’t know the reference, we’ve read differently by a long shot.

            Survey says we all have to be dead, and another 75 years will pass before the objective histories can be written. They are still prosecuting old concentration camp potato peelers. But that effort has a definite half-life now, counted in years. A few more.

            Like journalists are supposed to, historians should think and write without the passion of the day. No Derangement Syndromes. Man’s lack of ability along those lines is why the 150+ year rule of thumb applies.

            Then again, if they Orwell it all, more so than already, there won’t be anything to research except the latest proclamation about the standing of East Asia. And Eurasia. Assuming we are not already there.

            Where some are haunting wholesale clubs for toilet paper, might I suggest used book stores?

      • You can throw as many lighted matches into a pond as you like, it just won’t catch fire. Stack of straw, different story.

        • The person who throws a lit match into a stack of straw in order to burn down the barn or a civilization is not an innocent actor.

          • You’re right, and my analogy is certainly imperfect, has only limited reach. Still, you’re being disingenious and willfully misconstruing its point.
            At the time, could anybody foresee with sufficient certainty how events would unfold? Engaged in mortal combat, you throw a wrench into the other side’s machinery. But how the other side then deal with the wrench is within their purview, and depends on their societal makeup.

      • Your point is indisputable. I doubt that when the Germans sent the weaponized Lenin into the heart of the Tsar’s Russia that they had given much thought to the Finns.

        However, there is evidence that the Finnish/German sentiment continued, warm. When Stalin made sure to punish the Finns during 1944, Operation Bagration, another German leader in his cups remembered the small nation to the north. Perhaps it was a strategic aim, keep Russian divisions tied up. Perhaps not. But the result was the delivery of Panzerfausts, Panzerschrecks, SP-guns with 75mm guns that could handle Russian armor when expertly sited and manned by Finnish crews.

        So an argument can be made that one again, Finland’s freedom was preserved by a German head of state in extremis. The result was avoiding the fate of other small nations, trapped behind the Iron Curtain, so-called. That said, in light of the silly experiment, handing the Finnish people over to a group of young women, perhaps the post World War II campaign of total Soviet appeasement didn’t quite work out in the long run for the Finns.

        I was just having this conversation with my mailman today … hahahaha.

    • The problem is that the radical leftist whites are a minority. And I’m not sure that non-whites would fight for them. It’s all an illusion of power. As we’ve seen with the Muslims in the UK, they are terrified of strength. Strong whites; they are afraid of x1000

      • What’s the old maxim? Talk is cheap?

        Voting is talking, so it’s easy to form coalitions of convenience. Fighting, however, is way more expensive, so once that starts you’ll really find out who supports you and who was just using you to advance their own interests.

        • In a crisis (or even normal times), why wouldn’t you want to ally yourself with someone who was advancing his own interests — of course, with the assumption that you also had the same interests.

          • Well, there’s a bit of difference between saying, “vote for me and I’ll make sure you can exploit my opponents supporters” and “if you survive this violent conflict, you can exploit the defeated opponents.” Voting generally doesn’t carry the risk of death and harm that violence does, so it’s generally easier to form a coalition of course than of fighters. Of course, if you’re already willing to fight, then this analysis is moot. In the particular context of this discussion thread, however, the point is that there are a non-negligible number of people who would vote Democrat but not fight Democrat, if that makes sense.

      • Indeed radical whites are a distinct minority so much so they rely on brownskins to win elections. Hence their perpetual pandering to minorities.
        Their strength if you can call it that is their hold over all the major cities in the country as well as select counties along with their cronies in the court system.
        And they are very, very afraid of a direct tussle with angry whites.And is why the police and Feds go out of their way to suppress any white movement or organized resistance.

      • Most non-whites seem to be barely aware that Leftist whites even exist and certainly wouldn’t fight for them. There are many hilarious videos of BLM thugs and white Antifa thugs attacking each other. Whitey is still whitey after all… Maybe some of the hysterics we associate with white lefties is due to their growing realization that outside the few square miles they control in places like Portland or Austin or SF, white America despises them and their black “comrades” in the hood don’t think too well of them either.

    • yeah but a civil war is two factions trying to take political control of one country. That wasnt the case in 1861, it was one country invading another. The Confederacy wanted nothing to do with Washington

      • Your observation is very insightful, especially if you consider “Civil War” is a term used by the winning side (who writes history, after all.) Here are some other terms that were used in the old days:
        The War between the States.
        The War of Northern Aggression.

      • And thus we agree. Finland’s model is more likely what will happen in the good old USA.

        The leftists will hold the major cities. No question on that score. They are currently spreading around the country, perhaps a feature, not a bug, due to the bug?

        Where the military throws its weight is a point. However, while they are important in a Banana Republic sense and history, look at what the response of the Wehrmacht was during a certain parade from a certain drinking establishment. They stood by and it was the police that had to try and deal with the situation.

        The military is spread all over he world. Yes, they can contain in a major city, we see how the leftists already oppress their own in the confines of the concrete jungles. But there are millions of square miles that no force like the current US military could suppress. And their leaders are soft, bureaucrats. Odds are they stand on the sidelines.

  34. Often the real action is happening in private conversations between friends and family. A catalyzing event brings those private conversations into the public, but it was a series of minor little things that nudged people along in the private deliberations.

    I think this is the most succinct take on how we reach the point of ‘The Awakening’. I have seen this happen with friends and family. After Covid and the BLM overreach, the conversations went up a notch. Even just suggesting that, say Covid is something the government ought not to be trusted over prods people a little. The comment that sparked a conversation that prompted a blog visit that changed an opinion etc..

    This is the central problem with large distributed systems of people – until one such ‘cataclysmic’ event brings something into the public eye, nothing much happens. We must also remember that it is too easy to be conned into believing that something isn’t so because the MSM is omnipresent. As I said to people during the ‘pandemic’: If you want to know what’s going on, get your head out of The Guardian and go outside.

    I remain optimistic on a personal and familial level, but daily more so on a national level.

    • Correct.
      Once you realize that a certain set of people hate you and mean you harm – you start to hate them back.

      • As a Christian, I don’t want to hate anyone. But I don’t know how you fight a war without hating the enemy.

          • Maybe it’s not hatred then, but self defense. You don’t have to hate the mugger to use violence to stop him.

          • Hatred is all-consuming. The crazed harpies that hate Trump and his supporters are in processing of ruining their own lives with bitterness. You can have contempt for someone w/o allowing it to become the raison d’etre for your existence.

          • I view Christianity as a comprehensive self-improvement doctrine, although the term “self-improvement” doesn’t really capture the essence of the process. Attributes like patience, diligence, and humility make a more formidable man and a lovelier, more dependable woman.

          • Discussions like this and the thoughtful comments are the reason I come here. Kudos, guys.

            One last comment then I’ll shut up. Hatred, like anger, isn’t very useful. Athletes know that getting angry and upset throws off your timing and your ability to concentrate, which is why they try to provoke their opponent before and during a match. Hatred and anger weaken you.

          • That is very true. If you remember the advice from Bruce Lee, he said to use what he called “emotional content”, NOT anger. By emotional content, I guess he meant focus and concentration.

        • I was walking in my neighborhood when a full-grown pit bull dog ran at me. I knocked it out with a single front kick. I love animals but if it’s me or you…it will be you.

        • Hate and love are not opposites. Indifference and love are opposites.

          Also, love in its correct Christian sense means willing the best for the other. Allowing others to pursue policies and actions destructive to all is hardly willing the best for them. If your actions are not out of spite for them, but because you want to prevent the destruction of all that is good and holy, then you are within the “love your enemies” injunction.

        • It seems to me that you have a too mainstream-shaped understanding of Christianity.
          “Love you enemy” and all that — is it a dogmatic, situation-independent doctrine to be applied mechanically in all circumstances, unchanging over time even in the face of systematized and unwavering hatred (plus ensuing actions) from the enemy?
          Or is it perhaps something more akin to a Zen koan, a counterintuitive and situational wakeup call against unthinkingly digging yourself in in mental trenches of enmity? A sort of ‘give peace and reconciliation a chance’ — but not necessarily hundreds upon hundreds of chances after the enduring enmity of your enemy has been overabundantly demonstrated?

          • As a general rule “turn the other cheek” leads to fewer vendettas and revenge killings and promotes a stable society. Turn the other cheek should be your default setting, the first item in your decision flowchart but not the only item.

          • Even a Christian has only one cheek to turn. To turn it twice is not Christian but cowardice.

          • Yes, and to translate that into how the law views “stand your ground”, in a fight or flight situation, you should try to get away first, since you are only justified in shooting if cornered or unable to leave.
            Of course that does not apply when you are home, where you are not required to leave before shooting.

        • Dad used to say that hating someone is like drinking poison and hoping the other guy dies. It doesn’t do you any good and doesn’t hurt them. But recognizing that they wish you and yours harm, and acting accordingly, is just wisdom.

        • A thousand years of Catholic Europe has shown that we dont need to hate our enemies to destroy them in war, or execute traitors. Or torture people, out of love and concern, for that matter.

          Love and just war certainly exists. Its only when you wander into Protestantism that things get murky.

        • God wants you to hate the wicked just as he does.
          The Bible is full of advice and admonitions to this effect.
          While the New Testament does call on us to Love Our Neighbor as Our Self “Neighbor” means those who live directly bear you and do not harm you, not Enemies of the Lord.

          • Pray tell, how does that work for the Old Testament where God’s chosen people were viciously slaughtering innocents in the “promised land,” in effect killing them for the mere crime of living somewhere. The only thing that excuses such genocidal stories is their utter impossibility. Alas, man’s inhumanity to man is not a fiction.

          • Depends on your interpretation of innocent. To my knowledge, the folks replaced were not believers in the one true God, hence not “chosen”. Are we making the same mistake as we so often decry here, of judging ancient behavior through a modern ethical lens?

            It’s one thing to say, we should not behave that way in this day and age. Another to say that those folk should not have behaved in that way in their day and age.

          • The Old Resentment is very much the story of the Hebrew people and has to be understood in that context.
            If you are a Christian and I am not, it requires simply that you have faith that even horrible things are ordered or done by Him directly that God knows best.
            Its part and parcel of what being a Christian is.

          • My opinion, Old Testament, old covenant. Christians need not own it or take it too seriously. New Testament is what matters.

          • That’s Churchianity not Christianity.
            Like it or not, the Old Testament is the word of the Christian God and needs to be read, understood and heeded.
            The ongoing failure to do this get , because its not nice and maybe its hard to understand gets you the Protestant “niceness” nonsense and is a qucik road to collapse.
            If you aren’t willing to pay the toll for you faith, do as ordered and follow the hard road than skip it. Its 2020 in the West and its fine.

          • Jesus fulfilled the Law and prophecy. The crucifixion was the end of the old, the resurrection a new beginning. We westerners, consciously or not, acknowledge as much by counting the years from His birth. Let the dead bury the dead, as He said.

            The churchianity problem I think comes from a selective literal reading of Jesus’ teachings, but it seems to me ambiguity was key to His method, in that he wanted us to follow the spirit not the letter. He often taught by parable, of course.

            One example: who really believes we should pluck out our eyes? Yet turning the other cheek is taken literally. Why? When I read the sermon on the mount, it strikes me as boot camp for the soul. Breaking you down so you can be reshaped.

            Following the letter is legalistic, which is OT, which is Jewish. Pharisees were Jews, churchians are often put down as pharisees. Judeo-Christian you might say. They’re of the same spirit, and given time I’d bet the churchians convert.

        • Reminds me of Chesterton’s poem “Lepanto”….the call for “…swords about the Cross..”. We are in a similar time I fear.

        • A Christian who does not hate the Devil (and his servants) is taking the Lord’s name in vain. You cannot love truth and goodness without hating lies and evil; to do any less is to be fundamentally unjust, and is a rejection of the law of God.
          Just because you cannot judge the salvation of another’s soul does not mean you cannot judge their observed acts here on Earth. A true Christian will beat his plowshare into a sword with which to drive the moneychangers from our Father’s temple.

          • Educated.Redneck, thank you for saying that far better than I could have. Hatred of evil and evildoers is a Christian virtue. By today’s churchian tenets, however, most self-described ‘Christians’ would angrily denounce Jesus for being mean and intolerant.

        • The genetic imperative for survival predates Christianity (and all other religions and philosophies) by approximately 3.5 billion years. You and I are only here because our ancestors survived long enough to reproduce, not because of how well they prayed.

          • And therefore in that day and age, one might expect one people to conquer another and put the conquered population to the sword.

          • Prayer and faith are eugenic and improve reproduction. Of the religions thus far none are better than Christianity for the masses,
            Baring us taking up sacrifices to Huitzilopochtli or Moloch basically every religion is better than secularism.

        • You do it because it has to be done. Hatred is counterproductive. One can be efficient, implacable, and remorseless without hatred. Take any emotional energy that may otherwise go toward hatred and direct it toward love for our people, your family, and your posterity.

        • Hatred is like pain, a warning signal that there is a threat to which attention needs to be paid. Hatred is no more immoral than pain, in and of itself. God’s test comes after: how you handle the response to the warning signal.

          Holding on to the hatred (rage, fury) is like keeping your hand on a red hot stove long after your pain receptors have been triggered. I find the concept of cold anger (learned from Conservative Treehouse) a useful device with which to channel and ‘bank’ the emotional energy.
          I’m not saying we should store it then ignore it. God does not call us to bare our throats to the exterminators of Christendom. Turn the other cheek is for personal interactions, not civilizational ones.

          I as a Christian am obligated before judgement by God to seek the least uncivilized solution to the war we find ourselves in. However, they are attacking us in our land so we are also obligated to carry out the least uncivilized solution, no matter how uncivilized it turns out to be.

          This conflict is 100% self-defense and the degree of incivility is completely up to them. We have been compromising and surrendering to these people much longer than I have been alive. There are many pathways out of this that do not require war. It is the mammon-worshiping godless rootless cosmopolitans who are deliberately and consciously blocking all of them, because they hate us more than they love their own children.

        • Highly recommend “On Resistance to Evil by Force” by Ivan Illych. As a white Russian and a Christian he wasn’t talking theoretical patty cake but was engaged in the same struggle we are. Should become much better known in our circles…

          Christianity never implied pacifism, that’s just the liberal corruption sneaking in like it tries to everywhere else. We need to look back for older and purer sources for our philosophical and intellectual resources. Get and read this stuff while you still can.

    • I have seen this as well.

      My dad is as much a civnat traditional boomercon as you could find, and yet over the weekend I was discussing the very real possibility of civil conflict after the election with him and he agreed with me.

      I find it telling that even the group that normally would be most sure that “much constitution will protect us” are waking up tue fact that the longtime civic structure of America is dead.

      Even though Trump has mostly failed at producing the policies I would like to see, we all owe him a debt for pulling the veil off the corrupt structure that rules us.

      • Trump’s biggest, perhaps sole, triumphs have been the inadvertent exposure of the United States as a corrupt, grubby, Third World shithole with lots of money and printers to make an endless supply. All my snark aside, we do owe him for that because it took either enormous courage or utter cluelessness or a combination thereof to endure the blowback.

        • I’m voting for Trump for the same reason I voted for him the last time, spite. No candidate in my life time has made the ruling class so crazy with anger. Not even Nixon elicited this type of hatred. Maybe him winning leads to mass suicides. Fingers crossed.

          • There’s no question that the rest of this year would be pure ecstasy watching this happen. But the ruling class would then have an outlet for their failure. I want to watch them manically flip switches like the Chernobyl technicians as the country goes down. Even better if they win by cheating.

          • The outlet for “their failure” is not what’s important. Indeed, it will only delay the necessary.

            It’s the antics they go through to obtain/maintain power that is important. Four more years of Trump will drive them further over the edge.

            A Trump re-election will make clear we are not “one” people, simply going through a predictable transition. It will be clear beyond doubt, we are in a civil war with irreconcilable differences. Lines now blurred will be made clear.

          • Bingo! Trump has done more to waken “normie” than anyone I can name. Four more years will accelerate the process more than any other event I can conceive. Side benefit is time to prepare for what inevitably must come.

          • I’m now cautiously optimistic and hopeful that we will indeed get 4 more years to prepare. Early voting tallies were supposed to have Biden ahead but they’re all coming in with big leads for Trump. Given that early voting was supposed to be Biden’s strength it’s really not looking good for Corn Pops and DMV Bitch.

            The more I see of how the ruling class has played this whole thing the more I lean toward regarding them as spoiled and incompetent children who just have no idea what to do to counter Trump. In some ways it makes them more dangerous though because they probably lack the restraints that more mature and intelligent enemies would have. I can easily see some of the more lunatic lefties starting a nuclear war with Russia as a doomsday option out of frustration and rage.

          • Biden literally cannot lose. Supreme Court led by Cuck Roberts held all states must allow mail in voting five days after the election.
            Five days.
            Biden can’t lose. It’s why Reich is talking punishment and others camps for White men. They literally have no downside. They are not going to even tolerate White men, Christians, etc. White tax is coming.
            My guess is Gates and Buffett plan a Manzanar solution to the White problem with them getting most if the property and forced labor profits. Think of the money they will make. Probably also seize Theil and the Tesla guys billions, a few others

          • The opinion was limited to Pennsylvania, as I read it. That is where I think the theft, if it happens, will occur.

          • I agree with all who acknowledge that one of the things that Trump has brought to the table is that he has (unknown as to advertent or inadvertent on his part) exposed the ossified corruption of the federal government at all levels, but downstream as well into state and local governing bodies. I would add also, that he has done the same on the world stage, with many world leaders opposed or certainly startled at his policies and positions. One is reminded of the picture of Trump sitting at a table with arms folded, a look of mild disdain on his face, as Markle, Macron, Trudeau standing leaning over the table with looks of disbelief written all over their countenance! John Bolton was standing beside him with a somewhat similar look on his face!
            Another facet of this awakening is the internet, which has been used over the last decades to impose a suffocating and evil control over the people outside the oligarchy. Irony of all ironies, this power is being used to effect by numerous people to alert and awaken the public. Case in point, the present blog site! I, personally, submit writings, etc. to family members and they are waking up. Unfortunately, a few, I don’t believe, in my inner circle are persuadable.

          • Absolutely. If a Trump victory hastens a passel of Pit Fiends into the sepulcher, then his victory will be momentous enough for me.

          • We’ve got an opening at

            Limbaugh has never engaged with twitter except to repeatedly misunderstand it, but is now actively promoting a new handle.

            The man’s days are numbered. When he is gone, there will be a huge hole in the conservative noise machine. My sense is that this new account will be used to tweet out quotes and merchandise promos after he’s dead, sort of a What Would Rush Do?-type thing.

            But right now it is a great place to start bringing people our way by slipping into the threads with discreet quotes and links to our most presentable thoughtcriminals. Not the place to troll or start arguments or be autistic about Charlottesville. That should go without saying but it never does.

            Use accounts festooned with MAGA stuff, God, guns, apple pie, dogs.  Stolen valor with regard to war-fighting and child-bearing is licit in this effort. Think of it as redneck taqiyya if you need to. Avatars of racked-out blondes in ballcaps never fail. Cowboy stuff works on most white women.

      • we all owe him a debt for pulling the veil off the corrupt structure that rules us.

        The sight of President Trump looking in the direction of CNN reporters and letting off his trademark broadside of “You are fake news!” never ceases to amuse. And it performs an important function.

      • Yep, Trump brought to the surface the depth of hatred that the Left has for dirt people and, just as importantly, the indifference the GOP has for us.

        For that, he will be a historic figure. Trump marks a turning point for this country.

        • It’s been a while since I’ve lived in the DC area. What are the cloud ppl saying about the possibility of violence post election?

          • They’re worried about imaginary brown shirts descending upon Arlington and Bethesda. The idea the Antifa might cause any problems never crosses their mind.

    • Froggie-good observations, one nit I would pick- you say “after…covid overreach…” If anything, covid madness is not only not going away (do I have the proper number of ‘nots’ there?), and maybe I’m reading that into your post when it wasn’t there, the panic seems to be intensifying; Vermont and New Hampshire have just banned youth hockey, and according to my sketchy reports from someone at Trinity College in Dublin, is that Ireland is going into total lockdown. Heard the same about Holland, the UK, France, etc..
      Our eighth month of “two weeks to flatten the curve”.
      On another note, the Frau and I have been watching Schitt’s Creek (and please, no one yell at me for watching TV in the first place, I’ve been a fan of both Catherine O’Hara and (((Eugene Levy)))-since their SCTV days. BTW I put the parentheses in to make all of you for whom the JQ is paramount happy. My own position is close to the Z man’s )
      I find the program amusing, and the show doesn’t seem to hate the people of the town, and does lampoon the rich liberals that the Rose family undoubtedly are.
      But, I’m stunned at the incredible level of wokeness- a small Canadian town completely integrated, blacks, East Indians, (no feather Indians, though, which would seem more likely). Perhaps the smartest, hippest person in town is the wise-cracking black woman (Uh HUH!) and the portrayal of David and Patrick’s relationship as being just like a heterosexual relationship- on their first date the two ‘mos don’t “sleep” together- highly unlikely. I’m sure a same-sex wedding’s down the road. I will say, though that the writers do have a lot of fun with the incredible homosity of the David character, but his boyfriend seems not to be gay at all.
      Overall, though it got me thinking about how saturated with wokeness our media is- if one watched only network (or streaming service TV) and watched basketball and football, which are shot through with negro worship, what % of the population would one think is black? Gay? How common would one think interracial couples were? And it has all just sort of happened.

      • If anything, covid madness is not only not going away (do I have the proper number of ‘nots’ there?), and maybe I’m reading that into your post when it wasn’t there, the panic seems to be intensifying;

        I do agree with you on this. The MSM are pushing it fanatically. The government is pushing it manically also, and we see how adverts of all forms shove it down our throats. But these entities are doing exactly what we expect them to do. It is also true that many people embrace the mask wearing; again we expected this. In short, I see the MSM telling me panic is increasing but out on the street people don’t seem to be having it.

        However, from my conversations I have seen people – even enthusiasts for lockdowns – do complete about-turns. Covid has also acted as a ‘bridge’ subject into discussions about government incompetence and corruption. As mentioned, in my personal circle and ‘on the grapevine’ many people are seriously pissed off. Of course, when we’re all wearing masks in the grocery store it is hard to tell who is. But these conversations are happening and I would wager (in the UK at least) they are becoming far more frequent.

        As a pleasant aside, on my drive to work now, I notice a lot of anti Covid graffiti. It has intensified, maybe the work of a lone oddball, but it is there and I believe that national sentiment is much in line with aforementioned oddball. A chain of pubs I used to visit went into administration. Many people will not even go out now. So many businesses have collapsed or are now struggling that the damage cannot be hidden. Sure, the pound is still strong and the mickey mouse measurement of GDP might still mean something – but I know about 30 people who are now in dire straits. I know none with Covid. And I reckon Joe Bloggs down the road can say the same.

        How common would one think interracial couples were? And it has all just sort of happened.

        The wokeness of Big Media is too much for me to bear. I only watch films I have on DVD, and got my woman to sit through The Train with Burt Lancaster – she liked it, but said it was really ‘a film for boys’… But zero diversity. Re diversity: It sort of happened – but didn’t. I have no doubt that some of the people who make these programs take great delight in recasting a historically white character as a black man. But I think their are many who just need work and will put up with it. Either way, we’re here now.

        • I have seen more White/Asian couples than any other mix, except for White/Non-White Hispanic. I would not necessarily count a White/Hispanic White couple a “mix,” so even more of them if you would include that. White/black is pretty rare.

          • Any number of “Hispanics” consider themselves White. That’s why the Census established a check box for White-Hispanic—to reduce census White numbers, and it worked!

            Now I know any number of you will not consider Hispanics, White. But that’s not important. What’s important is that they consider themselves White, or rather are not up to their eyeballs in “Chicano” identity. That makes them much less problematic than Blacks. Never lose sight of that.

            Not all races are of the same threat level.

    • I find that unless people are feeling personally impacted by something, their inertia overrules their curiosity. We are now in a time period when those 2 things are switching sides for some and we need to seize the day.
      Being a boomer, it’s comical but frustrating to have to spoon feed hints of information to younger people and family members that don’t seem to know their *** from their elbow. Small doses of things on Covid, government corruption, BLM, UN, WEF, connecting dots, are starting to yield results. Large doses would run the risk of tin-foil.
      As you say, getting them to start looking at alternate sources for news and information is a huge step. Habits are hard to break.

      • As you say, getting them to start looking at alternate sources for news and information is a huge step. Habits are hard to break.

        I think a good ‘in’ here is to simply point out how compromised ‘journalists’ for MSM outlets. I would ask a person to think of something they know to be true – and then ask if they’d put it in print if it meant they’d lose their job and possibly even the right to earn a living – that’s basically what most journalists will eventually have to deal with.

        The more you’re paid and the more deeply embedded in the network you are, the less likely you are to tell certain truths that will backfire on you. Unless those truths please the system, which they rarely do.

        I find that unless people are feeling personally impacted by something, their inertia overrules their curiosity.

        I like that. Conveys the point and concise. Unlike most of my posts!

      • One thing that kind of amazes me is the amount of rather well done “conspiracy” documentaries on Prime, focusing on government corruption, oligarch control, etc. Kind of surprised they allow those – maybe it’s just their way of tracking me (yet again) to win my one way ticket to the gulag. At this point, I should have earned first class.

    • Yes, that is all very true. To that end, I have been thinking like a farmer. I plant seeds of truth every time I get a chance, hoping that they were planted in fertile ground, and will sprout and multiply. I try to avoid confrontation in every comment or reply I make, and instead plant a seed of truth, or sometimes a truth bomb, depending on the situation…
      Those seeds of truth are pieces of the puzzle that helped me to awaken, so I hope they help others awaken too.

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