Insurrection Then Revolution

A popular fantasy among the more edgy conservatives is that one day, the Left will get the civil war they claim they want and then they’ll get it good and hard. In this fantasy, those gun-toting, constitution-loving conservatives will show Lefty why the right to bear arms was enshrined in the Constitution. It is a popular fantasy on-line, because revenge fantasies are fun and they provide relief for well-founded frustration. In reality, the great conflagration will never look like the fantasy.

Civil wars are when two sides in the ruling class cannot find a middle ground and refuse to give into the other side. The English Civil War, for example, was a fight between those elites who supported the King and those who supported Parliament. Sure, commoners were in the mix and rose in status, but it was largely a war between two factions within the elite. The same was true of the American Civil War. Slavery was the pretext, but it was largely an extension of the English Civil War.

Revolutions, on the other hand, are when a new elite overthrows the old elite, because the old system offers no way for the new elite to join the elite. The French Revolution is often framed as a peasant rebellion, but the Jacobins who led the revolt were educated and capable men, a new elite for a new age. The Bolshevik Revolution was similar, except there was competition for who would be the new elite. The communists won, so they got to name the revolution after themselves.

In modern America the ruling class is as unified as it has ever been. Look around at the high ground of Imperial life and it is hard to find any dissenters. The revolt within Washington against Trump is a good example. Factions that have claimed to be opponents work naturally together to thwart the people’s choice. In fact, genuine dissidents are presented with a shield wall guarding the high ground of the empire, a sign of elite unity that is deliberately intimidating.

That said, no ruling elite is as unified as what is being presented. In fact, these histrionic demands for unity are a sign they fear a lack of will and unity. The tech oligarchs censuring a mainstream media site is one of those signs that maybe all is not well on the other side of the walls. The elite media may be focused on defeating the evil orange man right now, but they see the danger in what is happening. There are frictions on the other side that could one day be fissures.

No matter how unified a ruling elite may be, they have certain duties they must perform in order to remain in power. The reason people allow themselves to be pushed around is the order provided by even the worst rulers ensures they have shelter, food and a predictable amount of safety. Freedom ain’t worth a damn if you cannot attain the essentials to sustain your life. The big talk about preferring liberty to safety is just that, as people always choose safety over freedom, if those are the choices.

When people begin to sense that the invisible bargain between the people and the ruler is breaking down, that the ruler is not holding up his end of the bargain, that is the beginning of an insurrection. After all, if the ruler cannot provide the basics, like food and safety, what’s the point of having a ruler? Those rooftop Koreans during the Rodney King riots were the stirrings of insurrection. The militias guarding property in Kenosha were the flicker of insurrection among the middle-class.

Every ruling elite relies on legitimacy. The people over whom they rule must accept them as the sovereign. Otherwise, the ruling elite must rely on force and that is the most expensive form of rule, draining both the elite and the subjects from whom they extract that which sustains them. Rule by force is unsustainable. It is why the ruling class must maintain its legitimacy. The crisis we see today is a crisis of legitimacy, where a growing portion of the public questions the legitimacy of the system.

If we are ever to get to anything close to that fantasy of those gun-toting, constitution-loving conservatives, it will first start as an insurrection. Here and there, people will look around and realize the state cannot or will not perform its basic functions. If the cops, for example, refuse to do their job, then people take up arms. If the state cannot run the schools properly, people pull their kids from them. Individually these acts are trivial, but collectively they change the public consciousness.

It is not just among the Dirt People that we are seeing signs of insurrection. We see states refusing to abide by federal law. We see cities in open revolt against the national and state government over policing. Federal judges are refusing to abide by the rules of the court, over ruling legitimate actions by the President. This revolt of the elites is more like an insurrection within the elite. They no longer accept the legitimacy of the system that allows them to be an elite.

This is the soil of revolution. On the one hand, you have the people seeing a breakdown of that invisible bargain between themselves and their rulers. Basic things like road maintenance, policing and public order are not being done. On the other hand, you have members of the elite who no longer accept the authority of the system in which they function, causing that system to further breakdown. American is a machine that is breaking down and no one wants to repair it.

There is a small caveat to that. There is a core of heritage Americans who do want to fix the machine, but they are now treated as an enemy by the elites. The civic nationalists calling for reform are treated as subversives, enemies of the state, by the people controlling the apparatus of the state. Increasingly, the people are viewing them as fools for thinking there is any way back to the old normal. The civic nationalist is quickly becoming the royalist of this age.

Not all insurrections result in revolution. Insurrections are quelled either by the firm smack of authority from a unified and confident ruling class or through the careful reform of that ruling elite in response to the insurrection. This is the crossroads in which America now stands. Will the elite unify and crack down on the people or will they begin the process of imposing long overdue reforms on themselves? Or, has that ship already sailed and we headed for insurrection then a revolution?

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325 thoughts on “Insurrection Then Revolution

  1. Women simply should not be voting. They’ll always vote for a Nanny-state to give them the right to have illegitimate children, or to abort the unborn. They don’t give a sh&t about politics … how many women even talk about politics like we do, non-stop?? If women lost the right to vote, they would quit caring about it before they had their next period!

  2. I just want to know how did we ever let women vote. I haven’t researched the history yet, and I know that I’ll have to wade through a million liberal BS websites before I find one single nugget of truth, but I’m sure that the “small hatters” had a large part in it. But, that aside, how did White men get duped into voting to allow women to vote! I know that Z touched on it during a podcast … always expanding the voting franchise … but the rationale didn’t make sense to me.

      • Haha, actually, I am … twice now. Some people never learn!
        But seriously, as “sexist” as men were waaaay back then, didn’t many of them know that this isn’t a good idea. There had to be a “vigorous” debate about it … I’ve got to find out how this happened … I’m completely flummoxed about the whole thing.

  3. We are not France.
    If you look back in American history, you see the labor battles that largely created the middle-class were all led by working class whites who were not afraid to fight and die to achieve what they wanted nor did they care about “optics”
    It took serious brass balls to go against Carnegie, Rockefeller and Big Coal., These men had no qualms outright murdering their workers if they got uppity. And it the Pinkerton men couldn’t do it, they had the NG roll in with planes and machine guns to kill their fellow Americans.

  4. A bit off topic for the day: I read that the Pope now endorses same-sex “civil unions.” This is worth a little bit of discussion. I was only briefly a Catholic (mid 40s), before “converting” to Atheism. But I do have some idea of the church’s recent (our lifetimes) history. Many Catholics split after Vatican II. No biggie, you want to hear mass in Latin, go to the traditional church. But approval of homosexuality? This seems rather hard to square with either Tradition or Scripture. At this rate, Catholic churches will be splintering like Baptists; perhaps they can add “Schism of 2020 sect” or something to differentiate themselves.
    Perchance the Holy Father is cleverly sidestepping the issue, perhaps only “blessing a union” but not going so far as to call it a marriage, a sacrament of the church which (perhaps) is still held sacred? This would be deft propaganda: in one stroke, your church gains “Woke” credit, yet you can justly claim to uphold the traditional marriage concept.
    Now, I’m also aware that for years, decades maybe, there have been schismatic priests who advocated similar (e.g. officiating a homosexual union.) Whatever your opinion on such matters, I bring this up today because, yes, it is an official indication of how deep the Poz has gone. What’s next? A Planned Parenthood office in the rectory basement? Allowing married priests? (both sexes?) At least the latter would be a practical move, given the paucity of prospects for pederasty priesthood.
    Boy howdy*, what a demonstration of the “march through the institutions” we hear so much of here. I guess this example wasn’t so OT after all.
    *Perhaps that seems like a cheeky pun. I’d gladly take credit, but in fact I used that before I added the priest jab right before it.

  5. This site, and possibly Unz, are by far the best comment sections I know of on the web today. Thanks to all of you.

    • For sure, there are some sharp cookies here, but I quit reading Unz after I discovered “his background”. I don’t care to read more “controlled opposition” … get enough of that from Fox and other “small hatters”. I have to tread lightly here because my comment will be filtered out.

  6. Coincidentally, I happened upon a doc on the English Civil war last night on youtube. I watched about half of it, & will finish it tonight. The emphasis in the beginning was on how prosperous and peaceful England was at the time of the outbreak of the conflict. No economic stressors. It was all about ideology, religious in nature.

    If “wokeness” is a secular religion, then you add that to the economic stress with Covid but really stretching back 4 decades, and we’re sitting on a tinderbox involving deep hatreds on both sides. All of this is obvious but many normies just cannot believe this is going to happen. One part of me doesn’t believe it’s going to happen. The rational part of me gives it about a 10% chance of not happening.

    • The Personal Rule era of Charles I was an eerily quiet period in English history to that point. We’re not in the midst of anything like that. Still, of the two civil war precedents that we have in our history, the next one is more likely to resemble the English Civil War than the War of Northern Aggression. There will be no well-defined borders. Yes, there will be areas clearly on one side or the other, just as London and the south were generally partial to Parliament, but there will be many, many people living behind enemy lines and that’s going to make it very difficult to understand just who’s winning.

      Our side is 0-2 in the previous wars; we really need to get this next one right. It may hinge on an unknown benefactor emerging from the shadows to provide material aid to dissidents.

      • Maybe our impeccable logic & rapier wit will convert some leftist billionaire lurking here over to our side.


    • Yes, antiracism is a religion, and it’s adherents are just as zealous as the Roundheads. Religious wars are the most brutal and terrible types of war. Nothing about our basic nature has changed enough to rule out something like the English Civil War, or, God forbid, the Thirty Years War.

      • That’s just it: there’s nothing changed in our basic nature. Third-wave feminism and soy boys are legion but such behavior is only possible in the comfortable absence of strife and struggle. It’s a veneer that masks the true, fallen soul underneath. Take away their toys and treats and they’ll revert very quickly to types who people our history.

        Religious wars may be brutal and terrible but it’s what we’re facing, and frankly it may be our only hope.

  7. Emotional responses tend to be unproductive and least empowering. Drone operators would vaporize any tactical units in short order. The quantum jump from fantasy to reality would require a top-down covert operation, with no stone unturned regarding potential outcomes. The X factor on this one is huge.

  8. Off topic but here’s my latest update on Google’s shadowbanning of Zman. I periodically type in “zman” on my search bar (Windows 10/Chrome/Google) instead of going straight here. I get a fishing lure company instead, page after page, and don’t get to this blog until the fourth or fifth page. Today I didn’t get to–ever! (went through 20 pages)

    • I seem to get a search through on the IPad, but I have to search through the same browser as I read.

    • I’ve noted similar with Firefox* default search window (also using Google.) It serves me icons for “Top Sites,” ones I’ve recently used. NEVER have I seen links for here, even though I visit daily or more. Curiously, they have no problem with ZeroHedge…
      *This is an organization that has expunged such technical terms as “blacklist” or “master” [password] because they are now WrongThink.

    • yippy search engine found zman, 2nd result. I like the way yippy gives a list of categories to refine which results you get.

      Fiddling with “edit search engines” (rt click address bar, chrome browser) made it easier to switch search engines, since I can easily revert to google (or other) if I want different results

  9. Guys, as an aside, I will admit that comments are getting so smart here im afraid to comment on this blog. No sarc.

    • If I may criticize Z on any one thing , it’s that he’s a little too cerebral, and so are many of the comments on this blog. I think we’re in danger of getting high on our own supply. Normie isn’t convinced by over-intellectualism.

      • There are times, once a week or so, where I simply fail to comprehend Z-man’s lesson. It’s like I’m punching way above my weight to even get through it.

        Tomorrow’s another day.

  10. I read all of your stuff but I think this is my favorite. I don’t think any of your regular readers would be surprised by anything here but its a clean and clear assessment of the precipice on which we stand.

  11. I predict that the Hunter Biden laptop will be catalyst that finally causes the DOJ and FBI to return to the straight and narrow path of justice, punishing the evil doers. America can return to an idyllic 1950s like state where everything is malt shops and sock hops…and then I woke up.

    • Lifestyles like that are in fact happening, just that it’s not prevalent among middle income white people — at least not out by me.

      Example, there is an old pedestrian district to the south of downtown Los Angeles in the city of Huntington Park. This was something out of a 1950’s postcard of white suburban America, think American Graffiti. Malt shops, an old movie theater, rows of shops (lots of bridal stores !!), fabric stores, bike shops, etc. But it’s all Mexican. There is a segment of the Mexican population that essentially is reliving our past.

      For whites to get something like that you have to go to pricey communities and college towns in California, such as San Luis Obispo. Or a place like Petaluma. But too expensive for middle class folk. But if you have money, it’s pretty idyllic.

      Strange times

      • Markham, Brampton, and parts of Mississauga, in the Toronto area, are idyllic 50s style suburbia. Wide, well-paved streets, parks, sprawling single family home neighborhoods.

        However, go to said park, or the mall, and you’ll see that it’s nearly 100% Indians, or Chinese, kids laughing, families walking around. Instead of english, they babble in hindi or mandarin. Instead of going to church, they go to the mosque or the temple.

        I thought many times, I want this, but with European-descended people. Something changed within us. And I can already see the next generation of coloured people changing too; listening to rap, selling drugs, and being a general nuisance.

        • The pretty brown daughters go on the carousel and start banging Chad and Tyrone while advancing their strong wahmen career; the brown sons become fuckboys, uber drivers, drug dealers, and aspiring rappers. The Chinese / east asian people seem to not have any kids at all so it’s hard to say what the next gen will be like. modern Western culture really is degenerate.

        • I think it’s why my brother moved to Italy

          Not perfect, but the small towns are all Italian, picturesque, reminders of times past. Every other week it seems is a festival or a fish fry at the local park.

          Anglo countries are run better, but it seems to me like the difference between a wife who takes care of all the credit cards, pays all the bills, gets the kids to school, organizes all the parties, but you aren’t really happy as her husband. Italy is more like the girl who isn’t perfect, is something of a screw up, but you love being with her and find her irresistible.

          I guess we can’t have it all lol

        • Count your blessings. In many older American cities, and many not-so-old suburbs, our “colored” people are the highly dangerous ones originating from that continent south of Europe. I speculate your Indians and Chinese ethncis are not swilling malt liquor and dealing drugs in the park, nor carrying 9mm automatics in their waistbands, nor… well, you get the picture. Large swathes of once-middle-class America are all but uninhabitable by anything resembling a civilized person. This has been true since at least the 1960s and is still spreading.

  12. “This is the crossroads in which America now stands. Will the elite unify and crack down on the people or will they begin the process of imposing long overdue reforms on themselves? Or, has that ship already sailed and we headed for insurrection then a revolution?”

    Like I said yesterday. We’re the ones the elites intend to reform, not themselves.

    Watch this video. It’s 7 minutes long and tells you exactly what they have in mind.

    If Biden Wins Will We See “De-Trumpification” or “De-Republicanification”?

    • Interesting. First, just about all the slander against Trump and his supporters could be easily turned around and used against the current crop of Dem’s and their supporters. Second, it looks like their primary concern is to turn the Rep’s into a permanent “Washington Generals” whose sole purpose is to lose to the Democrat Left’s “Harlem Globetrotters” in perpetuity. Third, I also think their comparison to de-NAZI-fication seems a bit off, with the exception of outlawing the ability to speak out for anything NAZI, which was done. If anything, what they seem to suggest is becoming NAZI’s themselves in order to defeat the Right.

      • “Third, I also think their comparison to de-NAZI-fication seems a bit off, with the exception of outlawing the ability to speak out for anything NAZI, which was done. If anything, what they seem to suggest is becoming NAZI’s themselves in order to defeat the Right.”

        They couldn’t care less in how you see there plans. What everybody needs to understand is, that they see all Trump supporters as irredeemably evil. This kind of crap has happened many times down through history. Here’s an artical by Angelo M. Codevilla intitled:

        Millenarian Mobs: An old and dangerous story. I urge everyone on this website to read it. It will let you know what to expect in the not too distant future.

  13. I see a crack down on whitey coming even if Trump wins. Trump does not control the DOJ, DHS and FBI and those organs have made it clear they see the Dirt People as enemy #1.
    Couple this with Big Tech(Big Bagel) having a raging mad on towards whites in general, things won’t get better for us.
    The local police have shown no hesitation turning on law abiding whites for their liberal masters. They will be the hammer of the elites.
    Our side will not play any role in what’s coming in terms of resisting..That will come from small cells and lone wolves,

  14. I’m not going to respond with a yeah but…as Z, grounded in history as he is, is most likely right. However I think in some circles the Left is surprised by the lack of response, violent response by the Right. I think they assume all the civil war fantasy bullshit that the Alt/right – far right has preached or discussed for years was/is just that ..fantasy discussion. The ones pulling the strings and supporting the riots with funds can afford to burn things down but they have been careful where they do it. They have done it friendly cities where Soros DA’s won’t press charges. The useful idiots get rolled up and then let go…except by the Feds. They act kind of surprised, watch the videos. They have not tried to spill into red suburbs.
    I know for guys like me, combat vet, retired …we have no real desire to slap on a uniform again. I have far to much to loose. houses, boat, vehicles etc. etc. If folks here want to equate any possible action to the Yugo civil war, I spent time there in the late 90’s. It was bloody. Those people on both sides were tough and brutal. The sides here, at least on the left aren’t. They are organized, they have trained people, they are not to be underestimated if your end game is riots and civil disturbances. If it gets worse and we are forced to do this, I spent far to much time amongst are Muslim brothers, I took notes and I want to get back to bourbon and cigars so making it quick and brutal is in my best interest.
    We had Trump train rallies here and I went twice. I mentioned it to a buddy who’s still on active with a special mission unit. He was quick to say don’t go, you’re being collected on. The second one they held was a static flag waving thing in the center of our town. ANTIFA got wind and the police let it be known that there could be issues. They put 90% of the department on that night. Nothing happened but we saw several folks who did not belong, taking pictures of people and plates. I have not been back. I mentioned this to the organizers who fluffed it off. People still don’t see this this thing for what it could be. I’m prepared either way.

  15. Whether future historians will call it a civil war or a revolution, something ominous is happening. I completely lost faith in the system when Obergefell vs Hodges was decided in 2015. I’m sure that was a shock for many even among the “elite.” Then a lot of people start to think, ‘how did this happen, where did it come from?’

    That’s when the realization hits, “BLACKMAIL.” You don’t rise to the highest ranks unless the Deep State or the Security state or whatever you want to call it has kompromat on you (thinking John Roberts). That’s what Epstein was all about.

    Exactly where this locus of power that causes this destruction of trust resides and what their goals are (cough*NWO) is beside the point. There is now at present a massive disillusionment with the system in place. To the point where cooperation between the different factions of government are breaking down all over. Trust has been destroyed and it cannot be regained through normal means. Our chances of righting the foundering ship of state are Slim, Fat and None and Slim and Fat have left town.

      • Well, everybody (not everybody) said “What’s wrong with civil unions?” “Shouldn’t they have the same rights in civil law as married couples?” But that was just a coping mechanism. It was always about marriage.

        I’m not one to necessarily explain things through the agency of Satan or even the objective reality of Satan (but I don’t disparage that outlook either), but there are certainly people in this world who fervently worship the dark powers, and who want nothing more than destruction and chaos to engulf our world. Either that or they are fools.

        But this is a false dichotomy. Why not fool and scoundrel in the same person? I do think however that Bergoglio is more of the latter than the former.

        It’s going to be interesting to see how lay Catholics handle this. I assume 100% buy-in by the clergy “top to bottom” (sorry).

        • Of course it’s about marriage. A civil union elevates the relationship to the same status as marriage and you can be sure that whatever you eventually call such, when established, it will eventually have all the same rights as pertains to a “marriage” between a man and woman. However, the relationship does not and can not have the same value to a sane functioning society. Not worth talking about within the USA and perhaps most other Western countries as we jumped the shark and simply allowed all such relationships to be called marriage.

          • Calling it marriage was the final straw for many, that and what followed, the exemplary justice the sickos meted out to the specialty bakers. But the final straw should have been reached long before when they were calling it ‘civil union.’ I was one who was leery but rationalized it because ‘muh Constitution’ as they say. No more.

            The only good thing is that this is going to come to a head before they have a chance to usher in the normalization of pederasty and bestiality. The furtherest they are getting is the transsexual mania sweeping the Munchausen syndrome sickies who mutilate their children, and their medical care enablers.

  16. The Bolsheviks simply came out on top and went on liquidate the other communists. Namely the SR’s and Mensheviks.

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  18. “That said, no ruling elite is as unified as what is being presented. In fact, these histrionic demands for unity are a sign they fear a lack of will and unity.”

    I offer a slightly different interpretation (more of a qualification), which follows up on a post about China the other day: the American ruling elite is afraid that it’s about to be displaced as the global ruling elite by a superior one, so they’re trying to rally their various coalition forces to oppose the coming Han onslaught, but they will fail … and they know it. Thus, the desperation.

    The signs are all there: Turkey disrespects Uncle Sam in Libya; the European Union is moving forward with its own army; US allies have abandoned it over Iran and 5G; the imperium has suffered setbacks in Syria and now Bolivia.

    Domestically, White males are demoralized in having to be the constant target of racial assault, and as pointed out previously, other (non-Asian) groups lack the cognitive ability to compete with the Chinese. Also, infinite legal immigration will not allow for this country to compete with China on even terms because the rest of the world combined barely has the same amount of cognitive ability as China does.

    With the backbone of the police, the creative class (seen in Hollywood no longer being able to make an original movie anymore), and everything that is good about this country taken out the picture, it will be trivially easy for the Chinese to take over the world. Of course, the American regime could try Asian immigration to keep up with China, but polls show that Asians are the single most supportive group of the PRC no matter what that government does. Too many Asians immigrants in a “democracy” stands to turn the United States into a vassal of China – seen this year when Chinese Democrat party candidate Andrew Yang deflected away from his kin in China to preposterously claim Russia is the greatest threat to this country. Luckily for the ruling class, Asians (although smart) lack social skills; the guy got traction by being edgy and talking about White issues but then threw it all away in the first debate. Also, too many Asians admitted would mean the displacement of the current ruling class domestically as Asians out compete their kids in elite college admissions.

    Here’s why the ruling class is scared they’re about to be displaced:

    Semiconductor Shortfall: America Is Willingly Ceding The Technology Race To Asia

    Intel, of course, is America’s largest producer of semiconductors, and one of the world’s biggest microchip manufacturers. In fact, it’s the only major U.S.-owned producer that still manufactures state-of-the-art logic chips domestically

    It’s easy to understand then why alarm bells have gone off on Wall Street and in the American national security community: Intel not only announced that it had bungled its effort to mass manufacture a new family of chips incorporating the latest generation of performance-improving technology, but raised the prospect of exiting semiconductor manufacturing altogether. Worse, this was Intel’s second straight failure to introduce such next-generation processors. In an industry where product cycles keep getting shorter, such a setback can significantly magnify the longer-term cost of a company lagging behind technologically.

    First Boeing, now Intel. Who’s next? Even the pharmaceutical industry:

    All Our Drugs to Treat the Coronavirus Depend on Chinese Suppliers

    There’s a laundry list of articles I could provide. For example, the US has been discarded by several major allies over China’s 5G technology – which the US is barely able to keep up with. A major diplomatic victory in these times involves getting the UK to partially reject Huawei. In short, China is besting the democrat ruling class in nearly all spheres now with no sign that things will change soon. The ruling class is scared:

    House Votes To Start Cold War 2 With China

    “When did Cold War II begin? Future historians will say it was in 2019. …

    And they are right to be scared:

    China Is Now the World’s Largest Economy. We Shouldn’t Be Shocked.

    In sum, while the yardstick most Americans are accustomed to still shows that the Chinese economy is one-third smaller than the U.S., when one recognizes the fact that $1 buys nearly twice as much in China than in the U.S., the Chinese economy today is one-sixth larger than the U.S. economy.

    Over the past generation, as China has created the largest economy in the world, it has displaced the U.S. as the largest trading partner of nearly every major nation (just last year adding Germany to that list). It has become the manufacturing workshop of the world, including for face masks and other protective equipment as we are now seeing in the coronavirus crisis. Thanks to double-digit growth in its defense budget, its military forces have steadily shifted the seesaw of power in potential regional conflicts, in particular over Taiwan. And this year, China will surpass the U.S. in R&D spending, leading the U.S. to a “tipping point in R&D” and future competitiveness.

    [*Note: translation —> Once China establishes a technological lead, their R&D spending will be such that they can permanently outclass their American competition and establish near-total dominance. It’s the same reason why countries like Russia don’t have companies like Intel. They could, but by the time they equaled the competition in any product, they’d be so far behind the next product that their current one is not marketable. In the future, nearly all American tech companies will be put out of business by superior Chinese completion. This extends to basically every American field of business. Huawei already almost surpassed Samsung and Apple in global smart phone marketshare, and they did so in less than 10 years; only Trump banning chip export to them has slowed their progress. The same can be said for their 5G tech. Apple struggled to get a non-Chinese 5G chip into their phones. What happens when the Chinese are the first to get to 6G, and years before anyone else? Bye Apple. Bye Samsung. Well, they’ll still be here, but they’ll be at the mercy of China who can destroy them at any instant for offense.]

    In doing away with the bad old Orange Man, the ruling class may have also done away with America. You can’t walk back some of the things these people said and did. We won’t forget. And China is coming.

    • Excellent comment. I have been posting similar comments about the inevitability of China achieving global domination. The USA has spent the last 30 years fighting imperial wars largely on behalf of Israel. In the same time period China has constructed a global trade network that puts China at the center of global manufacturing and distribution.

      I have done significant amounts of high-level technical work for multiple of the companies mentioned in your comment. Their US operations are so significantly converged with SJW nonsense that entire departments simply lack the knowledge and skills required to perform their respective functions. They are FUBAR.

      Trump’s efforts to resurrect American engineering and manufacturing to compete with China are well intentioned, but doomed to failure. Biden is in China’s pocket and if he wins in November then it will be back to business as usual with offshoring to China. Even if Trump wins, you can’t keep the Democrats out of office forever, and they will continue to tax and regulate manufacturing businesses out of existence in the US.

      The failure of the Foxconn factory in Wisconsin is an illustrative case-in-point. Trump and Scott Walker negotiated an incentive package to entice Foxconn to build a megafactory in Wisconsin. Then in 2018 the idiot voters in Wisconsin elected Tony Evers, a far-left Democrat who ran on platform to “bring accountability to” the Foxconn project. By the end of 2019 the project was dead.

      • The failure of the Foxconn factory in Wisconsin is an illustrative case-in-point. Trump and Scott Walker negotiated an incentive package to entice Foxconn to build a megafactory in Wisconsin. Then in 2018 the idiot voters in Wisconsin elected Tony Evers, a far-left Democrat who ran on platform to “bring accountability to” the Foxconn project. By the end of 2019 the project was dead.

        I did some initial research on this topic and was shocked to see how much the regime’s media have lied about this failure and shifted the blame. Search “Foxconn + Wisconsin” and you’ll come up with dozens of stories about “The Trumpian Failure” of this deal. Not mentioned: the far-left governor elected to replace Scott Walker chased them off by making threats to “revoke permits” and “renegotiate” the deal. Almost as soon as he was elected, Foxconn started trying to weasel out of the agreement. That’s not Donald Trump’s fault.

        I guess this illustrates the power of propaganda on the rube masses. Countless stories with identical “Trumpian Failure” headlines (no collusion there) detail how the company started to weasel out of the agreement but none mention why they would do so in the first place. Far-left outfits like “The Verge” — another one of these financially unprofitable leftist financed propaganda outlets — write detailed articles filled with facts about the deal going bad but never stop to ask why it went bad in the first place. They want you flood you with information so you draw the conclusion they want you to — Orange Man Bad. Ask yourself this, “If you’re Foxconn, why would you ever do business with this country after what happened in Wisconsin, after the stupid public put in a guy like Evers and their party’s media savaged company board members and employees?” In short, you probably wouldn’t.

      • Nothing new. In the Cold War era, there was a joke, I think among American engineers, that the leading Soviet inventor was named Regus Patoff 🙂

      • Cope. They’re stealing because they started out from behind. Now, they’re ahead. If the US is really so dynamic, they why is Huawei ahead of them in 5G?

    • I have no doubt China will pull ahead of the West.

      But if the western leaders are terrified of this, why are they actively suppressing and demoralizing their greatest talent, white men? If I wanted to compete with China I would encourage white men to have many babies and be strong as possible. Mass importation of 3rd worlders is worse than a stagnant or slightly declining white ethno state population in terms of competitiveness.

      • The rootless globalist elite aren’t terrified at all.

        They want one-world government under China-style authoritarianism.

        • I saw a photo of the billionaire founder of Pinterest yesterday, he sent out a communique about how nobody will be able to put up pics of Halloween costumes unless they are ‘cultural appropriation’ free.

          The guy is physically hideous, a walking Halloween mask himself, a half-breed “fellow white” (lower case w) and Han chinese. His name is Ben Silberman. These two ethnicities don’t mix well together in terms of facial features.

        • But their world order, not one that rejects far-left Modernism in favor of ethnic nationalism masquerading as “Communism”.

      • “why are they actively suppressing and demoralizing their greatest talent, white men?”

        Because those White men are their domestic competitors. A large majority vote republican, so empowering them means empowering their competition. It’s the same reason why they keep Asians out of elite schools even though it would make economic sense not to. Also, the ruling class has bought the diversity narrative hook, line, and sinker. They think that immigration will replace Whites with an equally competent (and pliant) pool of talent because that’s what they’ve been taught since grade school; intelligence is entirely environmental and differences are the result of racism. But it has been pointed out here that the rest of the world combined — if you subscribe to genetics playing a role in cognitive ability — barely equals China in genius-level intellect, so infinite immigration cannot allow the United States to compete on even terms.

  19. The problem isn’t that no one is fixing the machine, it’s that no one can fix the machine. At least not in the next five years. By then the insurrection, whatever form it takes, will have happened. The people who could have fixed the machine would have to lathe special parts for the machine that are out of production, and no one knows how to lathe the broken parts. It’s a machine that both protects the ruling cabals and enriches petty operators and politicians. The fact that every congressman doesn’t have a blind trust watching his or her assets should tell everyone something. These are petty, cruel, thin skinned sociopaths who enjoy others’ pain. It would be like asking Caligula to go on a budget and cool it with the indiscriminate murder. Before anything positive can happen history requires that they run us into a wall, which I believe will be a currency crisis.

    • The line in the sand is the bread line. Before that its just posturing as the dune shifts ever leftward.

  20. Evolution demands that you play to win, and not just pitch a fit because you’re pissed off. And we now live in an artificial environment in which change is happening at hyperspeed. The old pitchfork mob paradigm is no longer viable and a new approach is necessary that maximizes strengths and minimized weaknesses. It’s not about hurling fodder into the maelstrom, but rather about focus, stealth, and surprise. And remember, the disease is confined to relatively small numbers.

  21. Unusually good essay today, Z. You touch on three core issues that are already important, and likely to be crucial, to the posited insurrection or revolution. Those are: firearms in private hands, the Elites imposing (or trying to impose) their whims on the unwilling, and Slavery, or more precisely, the many legal contortions that have been done in most of two centuries in attempts to help “The Negro.” We in the DR often think that race is the issue, but I’d say it’s only a side issue, much as slavery was in the Civil War times. Boiled down, it all devolves to whose authority? In most of our nation’s history, especially so after the Civil War, is the growth of Federal authority over State rights. This continued well into the mid-20th century, of course, mainly by Supreme Court decisions and Federal laws.
    Are we already at a point where Federal Judges interpret the law as they see fit? If so, we are already well down the slippery slope to insurrection. Are we already past the point where once-trusted government entities no longer are worthy of much trust? Given the FBI and other scandals of recent years, I’d have to say “yes.”
    Sadly, yes I think further breakdown of our society is in our future, no matter what we do. It’d probably be a blessing if the slide is slow and thus relatively easy to manage. About the only safe bet (?) is that our government will become more authoritarian. Whether of the left or right I cannot say. Also, nationally, we are likely to become more like the third world as far as local security goes. Expect “real” gated communities, not with some old retired fart at a wooden gate, rather one or more guards with live weapons and authority to use them. Similarly, you will have roadblocks and checkpoints manned by military, local militia, the neighborhood gang, or all three. Life is going to get interesting!

  22. Hitler walked in on a severe need for a leader. It may happen again. The outcome of the next 50 days is impossible to know. The possibilities are infinitely variable. Expect the worst, prepare for that. If it’s any better, be relieved

    • My hunch is Biden loses and walks away with his tail between his legs and it’s all quiet for about a year as Trump pushes through some reforms or policies of modest to moderate scope and then the left ramps up again in a year or so

      • you are quite the optimist… I could not envision that in my wildest dreams . if biden loses , I think they will go full coup

        • Maybe. I disagree on the minutia with you. 10% chance the leftists’ Things Go Down in November; 90% chance this is a dry run to feel out who will back them, who will stay out of their way, and what works when they actually try it in 2024 or later. This semi-finals, they are checking air fuel mixes and tunes before the big day.

        • In another age, like 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have thought that, but I’ve been mildly surprised at how far down the hole the left has gone for what is a child molester with dementia, a man who wasn’t even their first, second, or third choice for the job but for the fact that the inner party elites greased the skids for him. Anyone who can sink that low over so little has no “basement”.

        • Well, the thought came to me on the idea that the laptop would be a total humiliation for Biden that precedes an electoral defeat

          So for my vision to materialize, the laptop must do its damage

    • As I get older I’ve become more sympathetic for autocratic rule. Also, the media MUST be brought under state control. I now understand why guys like Putin and Lukashenko have made that a priority when they seized power.

      • Putin is a giant among current world leaders and has played his lousy starting hand masterfully.

        • The globalists raped Russia so badly that the average age of death for Russian men dropped to 55. They hate him because he turfed their asses out of the Russian Federation WITHOUT massacring them.

          They deserved it. They KNEW they deserved it. They expected it. They were looking forward to the easy demonization of white Christians from the safety of New York City and Washington, DC. But he didn’t give them anything. He looked out for his people in the most optimal way possible. Like you said: masterfully.

  23. Not all of us who tote .357s and look forward to hammering the AWRs are in love with the Constitution. Indeed, I would say that such people make up the core of the DR.

    • The Constitution is only the starting framework or outline on how things are to be run
      I don’t get why people treat it like it’s a religious document
      It’s there to be amended

        • Inalienable does not appear in the Constitution, it was in the Declaration which was just flowery words.

        • Unfortunately, no “rights” can be asserted against Nature. What does that mean? To me at least, it means that rights are purely a human invention. As such, it is completely arbitrary, subject to not only amendment, but outright termination. Rights are only as good as the government (or other entity) that respects them. Somewhere right now, somebody’s “inaleinable” right is, in fact, being taken away, denied, or ignored.

          • Some elemental thing in us humans insists on sovereignty. Even babies express a striving for autonomy. This and our necessary dependence during our long childhoods creates a tension that cannot be easily resolved. It’s a serious problem when most of the adult population becomes infantilized though.

    • Perhaps the original Constitution and concept, more so than the mess we now have to be sure. However, the Constitution is pretty much dead—interpreted out of existence by clever lawyers. Since devious men will always be with us, the return to the original document and intent can not be a solution, only a dream. New thinking must be applied to create a new founding document, and it’s hard for me to even imagine how such might come about.

  24. If right wingers lined up every single leader in the media and government and business and shot them in the head, the replacements would be every bit as bad. They would believe all the same things and therefor support all the same things, even if the system were nominally different. The schools would simply produce the same exact people with different faces and names.
    Nobody on the dissident right wants to change the schools. Running a school and teaching children, teens and young adults is hard work with little reward. The schools are the engines of clownworld. The elite is heavily guarded by the schools. The schools are much worse today than 40 years ago. Stuff that was only in graduate schools 40 years ago is in elementary schools today (adjusted for age). Black Anality and other xirl science from graduate schools today will be age-adjusted into elementary schools 50 years from now.

    The only hope we have is that the school system absolutely implodes.

    • That’s why it was only a temporary fix when Pinochet and Sulla did the equivalent. You would need to replace a lot of institutions that have been skin-masked.

    • Nobody on the dissident right wants to change the schools. Running a school and teaching children, teens and young adults is hard work with little reward.

      There is a lot of noisy talk about homeschooling that is just hot air because properly teaching children is hard work.

      That said, ending lockdowns to reopen schools is an appealing campaign issue to the suburban mom demographic.

      Of course, the proper instructors and curriculum is lacking even if the schools do reopen.

      • In a sane world 1/2 of the teachers would be in prison and all of the educational bureaucracy would be in prison.
        Since virtual school started there have been a lot of articles showing stuff that is outrageous even to my ears already expecting such things.

      • Always amused me, I guess is the word, when people say “If we didn’t beat Hitler we’d all be speaking German !!!!”

        OMG !!!!! The horror

        God forbid we who already speak a Germanic language be asked to pick up the tempo and speak the German language

        • how dare you! hitler invaded commie russia, that’s pure evil, we were lucky america preventing commie russia from falling

          also, free hong kong, they need more african diversity

        • There is a great Stonetoss comic strip in this vein where one Londoner is telling another, “At least we aren’t speaking German.”

          The gag is the fellow’s statement is written in Arabic, with the translation below the comic.

      • but, but commie china tricked bill gates into coming up with crazy vaccine
        china also has muslim re-education camps, that’s bad for some reason

      • I think the last thing China wants is using its people to keep the lid on black neighborhoods and bunches of white people with guns

        What they need is a surrogate to handle those tasks for them, farm them out iow. I believe that is indeed their thinking and hence the buying of our politicians and tech masters to handle the work for them. These are jobs Americans will do, if the price is right.

  25. the only thing that the ruling class can agree on is how much they hate us dirt people. the only thing that keeps them from dispensing with us is their lack of competence in running the sophisticated program that would be required to accomplish that.
    So they are united, but not effective. let us all pray that they are never able to hire truly competent consultants to get that done .
    exhibit A: the lockdowns that were designed to destroy private sector businesses and orange mans supporters is destroying the blue cities because it enabled work from home. I could see this effect as soon as they announced the policy,and I’,m just a midwit.
    but it clearly caught the rulers off guard. google even threatened to cut the pay of employees moving out of the county by 15%, until it caused a minor revolt and they had to roll it back.

    • Their hatred is their biggest obstacle to obtaining what they think they want

      If there were 100 million people between me and my holy grail, I would think I’d find a better way to getting around or through or perhaps with them than by hectoring them and being petty in my total disrespect

      Even our “elites” suck at being elites

      Does anyone around here know what they’re doing?

  26. Reading this on Wilshire Blvd smack dab in the heart of Korea town where I might mention there weren’t any “peaceful protest “over the summer. I might also mention there are plenty of high end sneaker shops here.There are some great archived a.m. radio information bulletins from back in the the day giving MR Kim the ok to pick up arms and protect all the things he broke his ass to get ( using illegal workers of course). It’s worth a listen .it’s on YouTube and there are English subtitles. That was a long time ago and no one has forgot about it. The. Koreans don’t like ,as Zman says “to get pushed around.“ I think it comes down to how desperate you are. Doesn’t seem like enough of us have gotten there yet. Dropped Off the old ballet yesterday. Voted for some guy named Rocky and his friend Kanye for Pres and vp. A man has to sleep at night.. fuck em.

    • “Elite” is too fine a term for the worms currently running this shitshow. Cloud People is too lofty. I used to use Overlords but that still infers more status than these interlopers deserve. How about archons? They are described as malevolent, sadistic beings who ruled the Earth by controlling the thoughts, feelings, and actions of humans. How can anyone look around and think this is only myth? It’s a much better descriptor than elite. It’s a word, maybe a small thing, but we’ve not gotten into our current predicament through arms (yet) but mostly through words.

  27. The situation is rather more complicated in the formerly developed countries. The elites no longer need the proles. They have Asians and Latinos to do the work. (The Europeans are in a bit dicier of a situation because they have MENAs instead of Latinos.) They don’t much care if we starve to death in the streets, so long as we don’t do it in their little enclaves. They’d much rather that we die of opiate overdose, and they’re working hard to bring that about. I imagine that they’d rather keep the facade of democracy in place indefinitely, but that might not be possible. However, they’re managing to put Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over on the American people quite handily, so they might keep the con going for a while. But if they have to, they’ll resort to force. Force is expensive, but they have trillions to burn.

  28. One key to this age is what happens to the FBI corruption.
    I had a black friend tell me back when I was a civ nat that the FBI killed Malcolm X.
    I wrote him off as a prejudiced black guy who did not know that the FBI was an honorable institution.
    No more, now all the Normies and their normie friends are beginning to see all the corruption in the FBI.
    It’s all gonna be interesting to watch play out.

  29. Perhaps the Left is giving us a roadmap to follow. Several lefty cities are in open revolt. The lefty governors allow this to happen. Half the feds in the swamp support them, and the other half say: it’s their city, let them burn it down if they want. So what happens if not just a city, but a state like Texas gets a true governor who tells the feds to go to hell?
    The effete jellyfish in the federal government might try to take action, but they will be more worried about their poll numbers than keeping the country together. The sentiment that could easily take hold is: it’s their state, let them go. And if other states join in, you have Civil War II without the shooting. Keep in mind, with a president other than Lincoln, this very easily could have been the result the first time.
    Now look at that photo of Obama hiding in the corner of the war room during the Bin Laden raid. He was scared to death. These people are not Lincoln.

    • Actually, I’d love to have what you describe come to pass. Preferably with little bloodshed. In effect, it would be just a taking back of what were once considered State’s Rights. If CA wants to tax and regulate its businesses into flight or bankruptcy, have at. If UT wants to host an odd religion, so be it. Etc. Of course, the Feds still have a lot of power, but increasingly seem to lack the will to project it. It’s been a long time since the military was sent in to make sure that Negro children could go to Whitey’s schools. Sure, the Guard has been sent in to quell rioting on several occsions, but how widespread? Even in the 1960s, there were relatively few cases where the military killed civilians. We all remember Kent State because of the CSNY song, but only four died. That is trivial (in historical terms). Even if you have a trigger happy mob and regiment to match, slaughter only accomplishes so much.
      Probably the biggest carrot/stick the Feds have is revenue sharing or federal programs. It’s hard to turn down Federal money. Still, just imagine the possibilities if in lieu of outright secession or rebellion, a Red state finally got the guts to tell Washington to take their Education money and stick it where the sun don’t shine, “We’ll run our schools the way we want to, thank you very much.” Many States already do this de-facto with liberal favorite issues like illegal immigration or legalized pot, so why not let us conservatives take a turn?

  30. Put the crooks and creeps in jail. Basic stuff here. Not only that, it would solve most of the problems over time. It might be too late though.

  31. This is the crossroads in which America now stands. Will the elite unify and crack down on the people or will they begin the process of imposing long overdue reforms on themselves? Or, has that ship already sailed and we headed for insurrection then a revolution?

    IMO. There’s a third, more likely possibility.
    An authoritarian figure emerges to impose order on the elite by force. Call it the Caesar or Pinochet option.

    We’re probably a couple decades from that solidifying – but that’s where we are headed.

    • We will be saved by a Latino dictator – mark my words. Anglos just don’t have the chops, but Latinos do. Eventually they will be so large in numbers, and be tired of Globohomo telling them what to do.

      He will probably not be anti-white. And will thus gain the support of the white dirt people.

      “Hispanics are natural conservatives” has some truth – they are natural populists and can sometimes go fascist.

      • Latino culture is definitely a lot more hierarchical and “feudal” than Anglo-America’s – which is fundamentally a “leveling” culture.

      • Your prediction is a good one.Latino’s still have a solid foundation of God,family,work. They do not long suffer fools that are not with the program. Learning a little spanish and showing a little respect can go a long way. Bud Light and Clamato is actually quite refreshing. Those that swim against the tide long enough, soon tire and drown.

      • you bring up something I have long kept close to my vest but have rarely voiced out loud

        I grew up in Tampa which after Batista fell to Castro was flooded with the upper class from Cuba, doctors, professors, businessmen, etc. These are basically Spanish people from the upper classes if not minor nobility. Many of them ended up taking positions of power in Tampa. Getting to the point, these are people who know how to rule over others and know how to earn your respect. They are elegant, intelligent, classy, fair but firm. They know how to dress. They value life and family. They are born to rule. And they love the people.

        If they ended up taking over the national political establishment I would be jumping up and down in the streets.

        But instead we get people like Hillary and Schumer. Makes me want to puke

        • Thanks for a bit of local (for me) history.
          Alas, such good old country habits often wither away after a couple generations in the new country. And all we’ve got to show for it are the chickens in Ybor City 🙂 Hopefully I’m being overly dramatic and pessimistic…

      • Yes, but, somewhere in the military ranks is a guy whose name ends in ‘z’ and knows that if he grabs power and starts handing out one-way helicopter trips to swamp creatures that both his fellow hispanics and estranged whites will cheer him on. That’s way more than some gay Ukraine could ever hope for.

  32. “Will the elite unify and crack down on the people or will they begin the process of imposing long overdue reforms on themselves?”

    We saw their answer earlier in the year. These people are evil. They are willing to injure or kill thousands of people with their phony scamdemic. I think the elite will make a concerted effort to destroy the economy before they let go of power. I also think Trump’s life is in danger.

    One other thing. The Hunter Biden Laptop bombshell is now viral. CBS news has now confirmed the veracity of the material and that it is not a Russian plot. Strap your seat belts on, boys.

    • Covid and the riots are straight up domestic terrorism used to cow the populace. I cannot imagine the elites are not happy with the results thus far.

      • Here in Canada, most white people are begging for more lockdowns, and more restrictions. They are terrified of the China Flu. “Luckily” most young men just sit in the basement and game. Boomers are terrified of death.

        • Boomers are terrified of death.

          I wouldn’t limit it to the Boomers.

          As a result of our pussified, narcissistic, gynocentric society there are plenty of teens and 20-somethings walking around alone outside with their face diapers strapped on.

          My favorites are the muscle Mary football players and gym rats that are all diapered up.

  33. You could make the case that their “reforms” have now escaped their control. Seattle is a good example. Nice town,ok weather, the only real negative was a crappy commute. That is changing at a rapid rate. They have already gone from reform the police to where is the damn police. They have not reached the bottom yet, and have no way arrest the fall. We have had decades of indoctrination to embrace the drugs and felons of some groups. They are not as cuddly as they were told, now they are in their neighborhood. That big violent chicken has come home to roost.

  34. The hope that the rulers begin reforming themselves was the amusing hope contained in Rusty Reno’s Return of the Strong Gods, wherein he explains just how debauched and greedy our rulers are. Of course, there is no hope they will reform themselves as everyone with a shred of decency has been boiled out of the ruling class at least a decade ago. This is true across all our institutions, which is why every institution is in a legitimacy crisis.

    As for the new elite overthrowing the old one: sure. The thing we have to realize is that the old elite have set the bar pretty low. They’re just not very impressive; brutal, sure, but not very impressive. The more they parade pudgy Colonels, tranny-freak health officials, weird FBI agents, and all the rest, the more a rational person begins to think the misfits who run his local HOA are just about as competent.

    The civnats are the Carlists in our little fight: flamboyant and indispensable elements of the revolt.

    • The more they parade pudgy Colonels, tranny-freak health officials, weird FBI agents, and all the rest, the more a rational person begins to think the misfits who run his local HOA are just about as competent.
      you’re right, it’s their achilles heel, when they reject competent men from any position of power, state weakens.

      • Yep, meritocracy is dead. Political correctness will determine who’s at the top more and more. We first saw it in education, then politics & local government, then the military, now increasingly corporations. Those areas are vital for a 1st world technological country to thrive.

    • > The more they parade pudgy Colonels, tranny-freak health officials, weird FBI agents, and all the rest, the more a rational person begins to think the misfits who run his local HOA are just about as competent.
      Remember the Mattis hype? The tough-guy warrior monk who took no shit from anybody? Remember how he turned out to be just as much of a sniveling, sanctimonious bullshitter as the rest of them?
      If Trump wins a second term, here’s hoping he stops being so trusting of his inner circle, hires some people who actually support him, gives them all the metaphorical locker room swirlie they all deserve.

      • He should just go to rural Missouri or something, and pick out a bunch of locals on the town council to work for him. They can even work from home.

      • I have a bunch of chickens on my farm. I keep them safe by have electric mesh netting around their pen, so they can range freely. All of the chickens stays away from the netting because they know it will shock them. Except for one; she is constantly getting zapped because she hasn’t realized, after several weeks of experience, that touching the fence causes pain. Trump is like that dumb chicken. If he could learn to hire people he can trust, he would have learned it three years ago. Instead, he’s going to keep to keep touching the analogous electrical fence, because he’s just not smart enough to do otherwise.

        • Trump’s main problem was not cleaning house on day one.

          I still can’t understand how a guy who spent that long in NYC real-estate, around NYC politics didn’t realize that loyalty is the most precious commodity in politics.

          • I’m not sold on it, but I have an alternative explanation. I suggest Trump was deliberately using establishment figures because he was trying to change the culture of the establishment rather than going head-on in an attempt to destroy it by replacing them all. If this is true, hopefully he has realized that while however laudable such a goal might have been in 2016, it clearly has not worked and it’s time for a more aggressive approach.

          • Howard, it’s the difference between “you’re fired” and “fuck you, I’m an elected Congressman”.

            Trump came into office with a CEO mentality. In his former world, he was dictator and doled out the candy. In the political realm, such was not the case. That was my primary worry wrt Trump—he was a political neophyte. He had little to no idea of the corrupt jungle he ostensibly was put in “charge” of, or at least he thought he was in charge of.

            No excuses, but he tried and simply failed more often than he could afford to before he got it right.

  35. I think there is a chance that the Dems stumble into a civil war by doing something really stupid like gun confiscation. But it has been my working assumption that a real collapse of the economy and parts of society will precede insurrection and revolution. As you say, I believe the basic functions of government break down fairly quickly over the next 5 years or so.

    • The Fed is the tent pole holding up the current elite. They don’t seem to be aware of it, so we have this marching moron thing, but the Fed is not beyond error. Can we make it through a hard recession like the 1970’s? I’m not sure.

      • We don’t seem to be able to go a fiscal quarter without a $trillion in stimulus these days. That simply can’t continue.

      • The profligate spending and multi-trillion dollar stimulus packages indicated the Fed has some clue society is highly unstable. If we do get an oil shock-type recession, all bets are off.

      • When the Chinese figure out how to break the US monopoly on the dollar as a reserve currency, we’re fook-ed.

        I could see our elites “D” and “R” signing onto some kind of 21st Century Brenton-Woods-Xi merged renminbi/dollar agreement if it lined their pockets enough.

        (but the common man will still be fook-ed)

      • Yep, between the repo market and then the entire corporate bond market nearly seizing up, the Fed has been plugging a lot of holes.

        But it’s very possible that the Fed is creating a very nasty loop in the system. By suppressing rates and providing liquidity, it’s simultaneously lowering rates and increasing investor confidence, both of which push investors to move toward more risky investments.

        Whether that’s by simply buying stocks (almost always through index funds which have NO pricing mechanism and thus push up demand – and thus reduce liquidity – for whatever stocks are in the index) or more complicated investments like insurance companies writing put options for the premium income stream (thus driving down the costs of puts which leads to more risk taking), the Fed is increasing the overall risk in the system and setting everyone up for very serious liquidity crunches during periods of stress.

        Those liquidity crunches then put the entire system at risk, which leads, of course, to . . . Fed intervention via providing liquidity which suppresses rates which leads to lower rates and increasing investor confidence and cycle starts over again.

        The problem is that each cycle, everything gets bigger and the Fed needs to do more until the whole thing comes crashing down. Or maybe the Fed can extract itself as the economy and the underlying mechanisms heal. We’ll see.

        • A long time ago when I did more economics stuff, I pointed out that the Fed can never dig out from the ultra-low interests hole they dug for themselves. It has gone on so long that much of the financial system now depends on it. It’s why negative rates are inevitable until even that no longer works.

          • Just look at what happened when the Fed tried to raise rates in 2018. And that was with an economy about as seemingly strong as it could be.

            The Fed is trapped, and it knows it. TIPs rates are already negative and real interest rates are all that matter.

            As you said, the system now relies on low rates and will buckle if they’re raised. But there are consequences to those low rates. Increase volatility and lower returns on all assets (all risk premia eventually work off the risk free rate) will stress the system.

            Besides your average retiree being screwed, the most obvious source of more systemic risk growing out of the low rates are pensions and insurance companies, both of which require now laughable returns to stay afloat. A pension fund with 40% to 60% of its money in the treasuries and corporate bonds expecting a 7% to 8% annual return is truly mad, but that’s the numbers that they’re using.

            Btw, pension funds were a very big part of why the Fed jumped into the corporate bond market the way that it did. Pension funds are loaded up with BBB corporate bonds – one grade above junk – in a quest for yield. The Covid crisis was about to downgrade a large portion of those BBB bonds into junk bond status, forcing pension funds to sell those bonds because they’re not allowed to own junk bonds. That would have simultaneously crushed pension fund returns and overwhelmed the junk bond markets, creating, yep, a massive liquidity crisis.

            People forget that the Fed didn’t just backstop the investment grade bond market but promised to buy any “fallen angel” bonds, i.e. investment grade bonds downgraded to junk bond status. The Fed knew that the junk bond market couldn’t handle that volume. The Fed had no choice.

            My point is that the Fed is creating these types of potential crises throughout the system. So far, it’s all worked out, but it’s playing with fire.

          • The marching orders from their bosses is to print as much as it takes, so that’s what they’ll do. If Powell suddenly “found religion” and decided not to inflate the currency away to nothing Congress would have him switched out by the afternoon.

          • I believe this amazing market recovery has been totally engineered by the Fed. Back in March, I started cutting back on bond funds that had overweight holdings in BBB type bonds figuring the beginning shutdowns were going to hose the ratings. You were starting to see it along with munis cratering (hello, loss of tax revenue), then the Fed steps in and starts buying literally everything. Now the only liquid game in town is stocks – the chairs are thinned out, but the music is still playing. I can’t imagine there’s going to be a happy ending, but hey, I’ve been wrong before – I better turn on Cramer to get my dose of market red pill…

          • that is for sure . a rise in intrest rates of 2 points would make the current level of debt unserviceable .

          • True. But those low rates have consequences, even if they’re more hidden and take longer to show up.

            It’s a bad situation all around. Expect lower returns on assets, more volatility in all markets and slower economic growth.

    • We are only starting to enter the mass decline in competence across the board. Boomers are starting their retirement en masse. Every year, millions of competent white execs, business people and managers retire, replaced with either POCs or soys.

      Utilities, manufacturing, rail, etc. are literally all run by white gentile boomers at the top. Slowly but surely they will stop running reliably. Remember India and Congo used to have decent train systems…

      • If you have ever tried working with a Mexican on just doing odd jobs around the house or basic construction, you know what is coming

        It is not incompetence, because they cannot learn how to do things properly. It’s just pure inability.

        Everything will start falling apart — literally speaking

        Hold on to your hat !

        • I hear ya. That’s about all we have in my area. However, the worse they do is take an hour siesta break after lunch, then finish up. Also they are pretty friendly when I break out the beer on a Friday afternoon. Funny how after a few we both seemed to be speaking the same language.
          Never have I felt afraid they’d rob me blind or waylay me in my home. As I’ve said, all minorities are not at the same threat level.

      • Everything in our society is based on credentials. The woke elite have decided applying standards for receiving these credentials is racist, so they are no longer applying the standards to certain groups. The only possible result is decline and decay.

        • Barnard: Indeed. Credentials (specifically, academic credentials) used to work because they were a decent predictor of future performance. Now, credentials have been undermined to the point where the credential itself is a less reliable indicator of future performance; unless, that is, “performance” means ability to comply rather than ability to think and act independently.

          • There used to be an imperfect but significant correlation between intelligence, education, and credentials. Those who went to college mostly had well-above-average intelligence and mostly actually learned something useful in their chosen fields.

          • It used to be challenging to fake electrical engineering. And then one day fairly recently it wasn’t and behold the womyn received degrees.

          • Employers turned to credential screening after they were prevented from using intelligence/competency tests to screen applicants. This was a boon for credentialling institutions and the student loan industry, but bad for students and taxpayers.

          • Griggs vs. Duke Power (1971) … and I’m just a layman 🙂 Following on what you’ve said, consider that it took about 40 more years until the Egalitarians decided they had to water down the degrees as well. I’m not sure how widespread, but many universities, even some (formerly) prestigious ones, are discounting or doing away with SAT/ACT type admissions tests. And grades themself have been very subjective lately…
            I find a sliver of hope in that some court decisions have allowed, grudgingly perhaps, exceptions when proof of real skills is needed, even if (horrors!) it reduced the pool of eligible female/Black/Native American/Latino/Cephalopod/Whatever minority candidates.

          • That’s another good point. For instance, the present-day dumbed down GRE is nothing compared to the intellectual beast I confronted back in 1994.

        • Spot on. The university where I earn my daily crust of bread has just ceased requiring ACT or SAT scores for admission. I’m sure this has nothing whatsoever to do with the filthy federal lucre inflowing from the uni’s status as an “Hispanic serving institution,” nor with the moral frisson academic AWRs feel from sticking it to YT and replacing him with PoC.

      • You mention in one of your comments above that they may go straight ‘for the concentration camps’, but your comment here may be cause for hope. I have witnessed the diversity decline in many areas I have worked. Holding together a large camp infrastructure and managing the logistics is tough.

        It is true that these people should not be underestimated, but how can large scale persecution really occur without the aid of an immense number of GoodWhites – maybe that’s how it’ll happen.

        For the time being, as usual, skill-up. Get hard skills in the areas that are critical to holding together a 21st century infrastructure – you may still be needed inside the diversity machine: the highly efficient but well remunerated white guy holding the fort.

        Perhaps in the end, what will save many a man is his own skill and trade. Dumb people seem to want our society but fortunately it takes a reasonably high level IQ to keep it functioning. I am reminded of a commenter over at AmRen the other day, who was making the point that even doing simple things in our modern world – just to get by – requires more and more sophistication.

        • Being in engineering and manufacturing, I assume that since I am pretty good at what I do, I will always have some role to play. But this is how normal people think. Over the last few years, what I am seeing is certainly not normal.
          I wish is wasn’t true, but I am starting to believe that the people making the decisions either don’t know, or don’t care about the results of what they are doing. Their main goal is to put a girl/POC in a visible position of power. There is no secondary goal. There are no effects from their cause.

          • There are always effects of PC over competence, it’s just that in a large company—or nation—the effects are slow to accrue and take time to notice. What I hear told by some still in the field is how such folk are being “worked around” and the few competent folks left are pulling more weight or conversely, departments are overly staffed to make deadlines.

            But it seems even worse than simple AA shenanigans, as new hires are receiving weakened/cheapened degrees. Story I heard last week from a department manager was of two “White” hires, just out of school. Both hired with same degrees out of similar schools.

            After several months, one has shown little knowledge or ability, the other seems to have the knowledge, but no motivation to do the work. Both are unproductive in their own ways.

            So here’s the kicker, both these guys are like the weak, small student we all had in PE who is never chosen for the team until last. They have both been given nicknames: “Can’t do” & “Won’t do”.

            The story told was one of how these two are talked about—some folks don’t even know their real names. When a project comes up, that’s how they are mentioned when assignments are discussed! Barnacles on a ship.

        • It will likely be both.

          In the t. diaries, the tyrannical yet diverse ruling class is taken advantage of by the resistance. They are easily bribed and stolen from.

          Agreed about gaining skills, I have no intentions of “dropping out”. Its becoming increasingly clear that our company would simply fall apart without white men + some talented tenth minorities. In fact it’s so bad that even talented tenthers are being pushed aside in the quest for diversity.

        • It takes very, very little skill and intelligence for them to swing a baseball bat – or a machete – at your head.

      • Rail, like copper wire and pipes, also tends to walk way in the night much like the white boomers taking their leave to golf. The decay from within also invites the decay from without. One more thing that third worlding the workforce gets all amnesiac about.

        • Accelerating decay of the modern world doesn’t seem to come up during the CW2 or Revolution discussions.
          The men on our side appear to be the Doers and the Glue that are keeping this spitball moving. Even if they are fat, couch-talkers, when they stop showing up for work (forced, voluntary or too risky) real life breaks.
          It’s tough to coordinate your Jogger Mob when no one can charge their phone and the tower generators run out of diesel (or NG). But a $.25 round is good for decades…

    • Question: Will a $200 per year tax on semi-auto weapons and magazines be considered “confiscation”? Seems to have passed prior scrutiny by SCOTUS for Class 3 weapons.

  36. You begin with an allusion to Machiavelli and “force being the most expensive form of rule”, but your ending of “will the elite crack down” sadly becomes the Democratic go-to option. Gun and ammo regulation will lead to confiscation in all but name.

    The Australians and Kiwis were a strong, independent people (frankly, Americans, if we could have kept moving west of California). Now? Scolded, defenseless man children ruled by harridans.

    • You pick on one metric to determine who is best and ,not surprisingly ,it’s the one metric you are good at. If you judge the US versus Australia on demography, suicide rates, drug problems, bastardy, pretty much any other useful social metric the US is worse.

      • No disrespect intended to the ANZ. The US never had a better ally or friend. I truly hope the Chinese don’t go to hard on them.

      • Break out those metrics by race and US whites wont be so different from y’all. Besides, I take it his point was that any people who allow their rulers to disarm them is a people who are destined to be ruled by strong wamens who will quickly repopulate with mass immigration. Thus bastardy and drug use metrics are nice and all, but so was the upholstery on the Titanic.

        • Truly, what happened to the ANZACS that caused them to roll over, piss themselves and say, “please take our guns, they’re far more scary than our beloved/benevolent government?” That was the last thing I’d ever have expected out of that crew.

      • Yes, but are those statistics driven by a group comprising 13% of the US which has no analogue to the commonwealth islands?

      • Ned, I love Australia and NZ. But you also are being fooled by statistics. You don’t have the percentages of minorities that we have. Always attempt to separate out Blacks and Hispanics where possible and you’ll get a much closer representation to your country—not necessarily the same, but not as bad as you rightfully decry.

  37. You’d think in a normal modern world there’d be more of an inclination to institute long overdue reforms – if for no other reason than an attempt to keep the drifting ship off the rocks. You’d think. But as Z has mentioned a number of times, a peculiar type of madness seems to have taken root, and not just with the “elite”. It’s spread far and wide, including a large chunk of so called dirt people – though those afflicted certainly wouldn’t consider themselves as dirty. Unfortunately, it would appear reform isn’t in the cards and something more “entertaining” is just over the horizon.

    • Individuals and groups rarely will modify their behavior to stop a bad habit…until the cost of continuing it is more than the travails of quitting. Many of us have first-hand experience with this, if we’ve ever given up, or tried to give up, smoking, drinking or some other bad habit.
      Further muddying this concept: many “bad” habits are healthy if not taken to excess. Obviously, you will die if you don’t eat enough. Alas, eating too much is a common failing, inviting all manner of bad health and other outcomes, not just having to buy three adjacent seats on the plane 🙂 . I’m sure similar group/social examples could be found. As a wise man once said, there is no idea so good that someone won’t take it to an illogical extreme.
      To use what you allude to, just consider this: How often does a government say: “Hey, this program was really a stupid idea that completely failed to achieve its stated goals, is causing unintended consequences, is costing a mint, and is hurting the economy, we’re going to repeal the law and disband the agencies involved.” Almost never.
      Sadly, reform rarely comes until after damage, sometimes a great amount, has resulted. And sometimes it’s too late…

      • We don’t get rid of unsuccessful programs for two main reasons (IMO): 1) we don’t often have agreed upon metrics established by which to measure success, just feel-good BS. 2) most programs are really give-aways and beneficial effect quickly becomes secondary to the filling of rice-bowls.

  38. It seems to me the best case scenario on the short term level is state and local authorities resisting the federal. This summer we took a trip to South Dakota. Its a different society and culture in part because of the isolation but also their governor has had a very different approach to covid, almost a mini Sweden experiment. Life is better there IMO. For that to succeed long term, they are going to have to figure out a way to keep the riff raff out from neighboring states, while still having a vital economy. I doubt the rulers in DC would ever let it happen.

    • SD is beautiful in the summer, plenty of rivers and lakes, hiking, scenic vistas, man I could go on. The winters can be harsh, but manageable. What part did you visit?

      • No one talks of the beauty of eastern SD, so he must have been in the Black Hills.

        • I’ve done some bike riding through that region. I can understand why people don’t talk about it – it’s a beauty that can’t be adequately described.

      • Yes the west is beautiful, but the entire state stands out as its own culture. Sadly, the finest governor in the union is Xena warrior princess on a quarter horse.

    • Western SD is the U.S. version of Brigadoon. But it’s as vulnerable as any other Whitetopia. Wouldn’t take too many people from Colorado plus some Hispanic immigration to turn Rapid City into a mini Denver.

      But, yes, they have a better attitude out there.

      • Its depressing as hell to see my home state referenced like this, as just another leftist shithole that needs to be walled off from the good parts of the country, even if it’s completely true.

        Hard to believe it was less than 30 years ago that CO almost passed a constitutional amendment that would have effectively blocked Denver from turning into another sodomite haven like SF.

        • Yeah, those western cities and towns are as vulnerable as anywhere else. Maybe even more vulnerable since they generally have smaller populations and insanely trusting people.

          • Cities in general are vulnerable. And those “trusting people” you reference are growing more cynical and suspicious with every passing day. If that trend continues, they will eventually create salubriously hostile climates for impinging Bug Man populations.

        • Colorado is a totally beautiful state and other than Denver or CS, pretty much rural. Sad to see it now mostly controlled by libshit asswipes. Spent a lot of time up there as a kid and young man.

      • It also wouldn’t take too many of us relocating there to make it impervious to an AWR invasion.

  39. In modern America the ruling class is as unified as it has ever been.
    i’d actually want to point out this completely unified elite is international, not just american.
    Christianity and white nationalism has been completely abandoned by the upper class of white people.
    The white elites lumped us(white folk) together with other races of people to fight each other over the same resources, while elites get to arbitrate in favour of non-whites every time we clash.


    • Evil is real, and it’s all human-based. I think people fail to grasp how divisive human kind is. A unified, monolithic enemy? Perhaps in certain times, certain places, but only for limited periods. There is no human institution run by more than one individual that is not at risk of one person or group trying to gain advantages at the expense of the other person or groups. All life is a struggle. We cannot eliminate bad behavior. At best we can make it very expensive for bad actors to risk the attempt.

  40. I doubt the Civil War scenario will come to pass. Most of the gun-toting Constitutional conservatives are too old and obese. Their leftist opponents have little exposure or competence in firearms or any of the mundane skills required for extensive combat. Further, each side is concentrated in distinct geographical regions; The Left in the larger urban areas, the Right in the suburbs and rural areas. There will probably be some skirmishes in suburbs directly adjacent to large urban areas but that’s about it. If there was such a conflict, all that would have to be done is disrupt the food and electricity supplies to the urban areas.

    • I agree that a hot civil war is unlikely, but I would expect lots and of urban violence. There’s a lot of diversity in the cities, and very little production of essential things, like food and shelter. Any disruptions to supplies lines or power and com grids would set off a lot of problems in a city.

      • 50% of an urban populace with no brains and nothing to do = recipe for disaster

        I just hope I can escape in time and intact

        • Yeah, get out now. I continue to be amazed that people such as you and Chicago Rodent know what they know, and yet remain in the middle of the Congo, sure that the savages will arrive just after they finally decide to evacuate. Dont wait, get out now. And Now means NOW.

          • Respectfully, I would leave if my wife elected to go. I am an urban survivalist, aviation and maritime freak, and global trekker. I prefer the outdoors with exceptions like the experiences my former ridiculous prime season tickets to Lyric Opera and Symphony had provided.
            But my wife still wants the money, it’s a source of pride for her that she’s in the top scintilla and holds a position of leadership despite having been raised by two orphans who never “rose above” janitor. (They had Christmas two weeks later than most here because they fished their Christmas tree and repairable gifts from trash pick up dumped by lower economic class families after the formal holiday had passed.)
            I don’t want to die. But I will die eventually and, now age 50+, my physical demise will only accelerate. I have acquired the means to stick it out here for a time provided we are not outflanked, which will be a quick end. I have set up everything to discourage attackers and sustain us for months. I have led an extraordinary life, I was born centuries too late because I am an innate explorer, but then again curiosity killed the cat. (Well not the Zman’s don gato.)
            We have our reasons. Although this can change, however, you should question whether to admit somebody into your community if they have succeeded personally and professionally in places like Chicago. Admission against interest, regardless, vetted white community and willingness to banish are key to persisting as a race going forward. Two people are not that important.

          • Well good luck. We live in a blue city in what used to be a reliable red state, which may or may not get violent (low jogger %), but we did pick up a 2nd place in a rural area where we plan to sit out the election timeframe for a couple weeks just in case.

          • The wife knows and is trained as follows: we intend to fight. To the end, yet with some fairly compelling Plan Bs. Me, there is a side that can handle death for me so long as I murder the bastard. Next.

          • Working on it !!

            I have a lot of business things to take care of before I can leave, but the wife and daughter are outta here in a few weeks. Then I tie up the loose ends and say adios hopefully by spring/early summer 2021.

      • If I were a terrorist and I wanted to cause such a disruption I would target power lines, highway chokepoints and perhaps other infrastructure. This is hardly an innovative idea. There have been isolated incidents of our systems’ vulnerabilities, many of them from chance accidents (regional power failures, etc.) A tanker truck taking out a bridge abutment is quite dramatic and not quickly repaired. I’m not saying that evil groups exist capable of doing even on of these, but it shows the system has weaknesses and I suspect most of these are not easily protected. Best case may well be a gradual slide into the pit, a la South Africa with the gradual loss of comptence to run a high-tech civilization.
        “As things fell apart, nobody paid much attention.” — Talking Heads

        • You know, one of the weirdest things about the last 50 years has been the big push to centralize industrial production and have lots of just in time logistics. America is huge and has low population density, which is it’s main strength, so it makes way more sense to have lots of decentralized production and little interstate shipping. Even in a system without malicious actors, it’s a minor miracle that supply chains aren’t more disrupted simply from weather or other issues.

    • I don’t think middle class people, which are antifa and the “muh guns” crowd, are capable of starting a civil war

      Seems beyond their skill levels and competence

      • I hear ya. But then I think of Angola and Congo and Laos and Cambodia and Columbia; if those people can manage large scale successful revolutions…?

  41. What heritage Americans still have not gotten through their thick skulls is power is no longer about firepower, but informational and financial control.
    Oh, you have a local city that refuses to follow the mandates of the feds? Sorry, big tech is cutting your social media and other abilities to organize and the banks are locking your accounts. Have fun starving, bigot. Nice guns you have though.
    The only way around this is a figure like Thiel going full dissident and taking operations out of leftist strongholds, embracing decentralized blockchain technologies, or hoping for a self-implosion that would make basic units of survival, such as food, now an unknown.

    • Force is still power but the world has become so interconnected and fragile everybody is scared to use it. Force has more power than ever, now that I think of it.

      • I agree with this. During our revolution the vast majority of the population grew most of their own food, and those who didn’t still lived in close proximity to those who did. That is no longer the case and a cursory look at geographic distribution of the various sides in this conflict reveals that the anti-Americans are FAR more vulnerable to systems disruption, including interdependent water and electrical power.

        I don’t think the old ‘urban always beats rural’ paradigm is valid anymore. Back then (example, French revolution) urban populations were smaller as a fraction of total population and consequently needed to loot the countryside less and were not completely dependent upon electrical power for maintenance of urban life support systems.

        Legitimacy is not optional if a ruling class plans on ruling anything but a monstrous totalitarian state. Hope’s not a plan, but I hope that there is a large enough fraction of the ruling class who are not willing to take that path. If they do, everyone will lose, but some will lose more than others.

        • Yes. Remember when NYC lost power for a few hours? Imagine that stretching on for a few days. Road Warrior and 8 million refugees like *that*.

        • One would think a determined resistance could fairly easily cut off highway access to major urban centers as well as water and electricity – how those jack offs deal with that reality would be interesting to see.

    • I made this comment some time ago that all the guns and flag waving won’t do anyone much good if one can’t turn on the lights, access water, get money from an ATM, put gas in the car or feed their family.

      Corporate America has the authority and power, thanks to HR, to toss you out of your job for a single misspoken word or statement for any PC infraction they feel violates corporate policy. Fail to tow the corporate line, and out you go!

      People don’t talk so big, even conservatives, when they’re unemployed, broke, have been evicted our of their house or apartment and living in their car with their kids.

      Facebook, Twitter and YouTube make STASI look like the Girl Scouts. And of course, people freely post all their personal information and opinions with no regard to the consequences. And as we know, nothing posted on the internet ever goes away no matter how much you wish it would.

      • They haven’t started turfing people out just because they’re white yet, but if that’s what they need to do to maintain their power, that is what they will do.

    • You’re probably overstating your case a bit, given that humans have plotted and traded quite successful for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years without using electricity-based communication and money transfer networks. My opinion is that it probably isn’t totally impossible to revert to using hard currency and talking face to face within a small community, so I don’t see much reason to worry about getting cut off from the internet or banking sector. There’s plenty of examples available for learning how to live without those things. FFS, there are still millions in America who don’t use e-communication or credit issued by big banks (and I would know since I live next to some of those people).

      • A bunch of angry white guys would be homeless or go out into the woods to survive. A return to our initial condition upon arriving in north America. It’s a brutal life but you can survive.

        The elites really don’t want hundreds of thousands or millions of angry white guys with nothing to lose, roaming free outside the system.

        No, they are going to skip right to concentration camps. I’m not so much worried about credit card companies, eventually they will just roll tanks into your non-compliant town, and you can either die or be shipped off to a camp.

        • Blackpill much? If the elites can’t get control of violent criminals in urban areas, to the point where they are trying to appease criminals by refunding police, then pray tell how they will control violent dissidents in rural areas? The cost of prosecuting a campaign increases as population density decreases. Plus, it hard to maintain moral authority when you’re persecuting people who make lives better to appease people who make lives worse. Did you not read what Z-man wrote? Violence is expensive…

          • It depends. If a household pet misbehaves, you spend time and energy correcting and training it. If a farm animal is incorrigible, you just kill it. The cost of control goes down with how vicious you are willing to be. Just because the urban lapdogs are very difficult and expensive to police does not mean the rural roosters will be treated the same.
            Now ask yourself: do you feel like the trusted lapdog of the elite, or the barnyard rooster?

          • I feel like a human being with agency that exists in the real world, not a choice on a stupid and irrelevant metaphor.

          • Good points. However, criminals are appeased because they’re black. If whites begin criminal activity on a large scale there will be no appeasement. That doesn’t mean the AWRs could effectively suppress us, but it wouldn’t be from an excess of scruples or a lack of effort.

          • This isn’t an original thought, but the elites are masquerading a weakness as a virtue . They compliment themselves for allowing “oppressed” minorities to air their grievances in public, an expression of freedom of speech. In reality, they just don’t have balls to oppress them to keep moral order

    • The current system will persist as long as the dollar maintains its reserve currency status. Once that is no longer the case, all bets are off.

  42. A population produces stuff, and in todays world they produce (in the industrialised nations) much more than they need.

    The marginal value of the excess production is low, closing in on zero.

    This opens the possibility for nature to introduce a new class of humans that siphon off this excess.

    Inside this new class there will be fights over who gets to do the siphoning.

    Trump wants to do away with a lot of this siphoning (at least in part) and thus the high resistance against him.

    But since this siphoning is now clearly visible, there will be others who want in on the action and may use the pretext set by Trump to gain access.

    Any insurrection will be seen as an instrument by them to grab and direct the hose of the siphon to themselves.
    Even if that means secession.

    • The US alone consumes far, far more than it produces. The balance of payments deficit is worse than ever. Our lives are vendor financed by overseas.

    • Missing in your analysis is this: Human beings themselves are a “product,” in many ways. This means that, like goods and services, and judged by some standard, they may have a negative, zero, or positive net value. Consider the implications of this statement: A large fraction of the world’s (or the USA’s) population is of marginal value. Entire classes of people could vanish in an instant and the world would literally be a better place without them. We would almost certainly never agree on the exact types of people that are expendible, but isn’t my core argument valid?
      Of course, real-world means of disposing of, um, “surplus merchandise” are never as painless or pretty as that.
      By no means do I deny the moral and ethical horrors that lurk in the above statements, but does that revulsion we normally feel make any of the statements untrue? I don’t think so.

      • There is no way to up vote that comment, but, as someone who belongs in some sets to the people the world would be better off without (richer, less friction, etc.), yes, what you write makes sense. Too few people are aware of both the claim you are making and their own position relative to it.

        The human race wants both justice and mercy.

  43. [The elites] no longer accept the legitimacy of the system that allows them to be an elite.

    That more than anything affirms their cluelessness to me. The U.S. more so than just about any other nation, is a country built around faith and theory. For the elites to invalidate that faith and theory is to invalidate the whole project: there’s nothing left. “Listen to us because the vaulted papers that we ourselves ignore say so” doesn’t have quite the authoritative ring to it.

    • The U.S. more so than just about any other nation, is a country built around faith and theory.

      A system such as the one we had depends on trust. That is gone, and the ruling elite knows it is gone. They will act accordingly.

        • Pray upon that. As a non-religious man I grow skeptical. However, I must admit that religion is looking better and better.

          • I think I am starting to see what the early Christians saw

            I guess the wickedness of a person like Hunter Biden is the ultimate default position of people with too much wealth and power. Christianity becomes its natural enemy and the only defense against it. If all of this keeps up, Christianity is going to have real world meaning for lots of people again.

    • What they cannot abide is any nation in which whites wield a strong preponderance of power. Thus, what the elites are doing is transferring as much power as possible to blacks, but it’s not happening fast enough to satisfy them, and blacks are not intelligent to grasp that power and use it effectively. Even should blacks undeniably gain supreme power, the moment suppression of YT slackens, whites regain power and blacks regress to their natural subaltern state. The only true solution for the elites is to eliminate whites altogether.

      • What doesn’t make sense here is that most of these elites are white people with white children, and many of them are not small-hat-wearers. I can’t square that stated goal with their actions, even if said actions are incredibly detrimental to people like us.

        • They labor under the illusion that they will be untouchable once the artillery begins zinging. Additionally, do not forget the significant role irrationality plays in the human condition. Otherwise fairly rational people often do insane things.

        • Socialism has always been a death cult. Remember that it led the Chinese government to murder tens of millions of Chinese… Cambodians to empty their own cities… Russia to kill their own farmers… and so on.

          Our fate is not unique.

    • Traditional American elite legitimacy is adherence to constitutionalism. Part of the Marxist-globalist project is to change the American civilizational mission (and that of the rest of the West) and rebrand the source of their legitimacy as an internationalist aristocracy who are defenders of a new moral order, but in doing so they have to violate the constitutional source of their existing legitimacy.

      That is why they are so unhappy that Ruth Buzzard Ginsberg kicked off to hell to get replaced on Trump’s watch. Even a weaksauce ‘conservative’ is not going to give them the rubberstamping they need to force unconstitutional civilizational changes down our throats while maintaining the necessary fig leaf of legitimacy. We used to be bound together by constitutionalism and Christianity. Now all we share is an economy and they are busy wrecking that, too.

  44. Our side doesn’t seem to have much impact yet. Where is the push back that is having an effect on the ruling class. Right now they are slapping away many of us from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. All online stuff that is still marginal for a real revolution.

    Like the Fremen in Dune, I hope our numbers are larger than anyone could possibly imagine and our strength and wrath is way underestimated. We actually don’t need the numbers as much as the influence and commitment. If normy sees our kind as a solution worth getting behind, it will seriously begin. The election may be the inflection point.

      • Only violence has an impact?


        There are many ways of increasing the cost of occupation short of violence. And that is what we need to be doing: increasing the cost of occupation.

        That said, I do think it will come to violence. But violence must come, and be seen by the masses to come, first from the globalists. And it must be inflicted on actually peaceful non-cooperators.

        • The violence against peaceful non-cooperators is happening now. Joggers and other miscreants accosting peaceful citizens at restaurants and on the street. BLM was in a suburb lately and the police cracked down hard; they know where this goes if the naggers start burning and looting the homes of citizens.

        • That already happened at Charlottesville. And millions of us saw the violence done unto us and learned valuable lessons

    • Where is the push back that is having an effect on the ruling class. Right now they are slapping away many of us from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook

      The mass censorship IS a sign of the effect we’re having on the ruling class; Twitbook is burning down its own business model in panic, literally kicking their customer out the door.

      I am not surprised in the least that the Cloud People consider Muh White Supremacy the greatest threat to “national security”, as they call it. Antifa and BLM will dissolve as soon as their handlers cut them loose, but once whites start organizing for race-political purposes, the game is up.

      • Yeah I agree, as Z says rule by force is costly. How many billions are being spent (or lost) suppressing us online, promoting money-losing propaganda films, rioting, presidential advertising. Basically everything is designed to keep white middle class and working class identity down, and our interests at bay.

        This is expensive and it is also costing them legitimacy. Maybe they have unlimited money and this is just a drop in the bucket. But they certainly seem to be sweating now. If they’re sweating now when we’re only online, they will be terrified as we start to organize IRL.

        • They’re richer than Croesus. It might take a bit more than petty cash, but whatever it takes, they have the resources.

          • They’re richer than Croesus.

            Exponentially so.

            Bezos could easily make tens, possibly hundreds of millions a year selling call and put options against his Amazon shares.

        •  If they’re sweating now when we’re only online, they will be terrified as we start to organize IRL.

          They love it when we organize IRL because they have a century of experience in handling IRL opposition.

          The internet is the political battlefield of the 21th C., this is where the playing field is as level as it gets and online, we’re creaming all comers. If not for the frantic block-botting, we’d be owning Twitface by now. As the saying goes: “All uncensored talk boards turn hard right over time.”

          And when you keep the oppo online and anonymous, you empower the Nazi-under-every-bed-narrative: the libs feel there are secret Nazis all around them and this pushes their paranoia into overdrive, making them lash out at Normie.

          • The Internet is the high ground.

            The enemy has taken territory, has taken the high ground, but now the villagers below can see his colors.

            He flies the globalist Deep State flag.

            We begin to realize that this may be a fight larger than a nation.

          • Have you heard any South African white podcast lately?
            They practically cry with relief when they receive any European or American Support.

          • If the Feds and Big Tech wants they can track down any anonymous poster. The net will not protect your privacy. Not to mention that your new car and cell phone can listen in and track your every movement.
            You want privacy? Go off grid.

          • If the Feds and Big Tech wants they can track down any anonymous poster.

            It’s not the Feds I’m worried about, it’s my neighbor being able to buy a computer generated, 500 page dossier of me for $1.99.

            I never post personal information under my Felix moniker, so if you want to dox me, you’ll need a subpoena.

          • What ARE you toking, boy? Ain’t no right ever conceived that cannot be circumvented, abridged or violated. Hell! Every G.I. who ever raised his/her right hand and swore the oath of enlistment/commission instantly lost every alleged “right” enshrined/enumerated/implied in the “bill of rights”! VOLUNTARILY! Rights are just gentle fictions – i.e. fairy tales – some adults tell other adults and their offspring to make them feel better.

            Likewise the mythical “rule of law”. The “rule of law” is just a myth promulgated by the elites to provide legitimacy; much like the alleged “divine right of kings” so popular afore times.

          • Don’t be so sure they can’t mine your personal information by your internet habits. For instance I’m pretty sure you’re a white guy.

          • Lots of white guys in this world. As Sidvic says, it’s a numbers game. If they come for me, that means they’re coming for everyone.

            And sure, they can build a profile on me, but without a court order but they can’t put a name to it. I even bowdlerize personal anecdotes so that people who know me are thrown off.

          • I never post personal information under my Felix moniker

            I am FAR from the only guy calling himself “Bill Mullins” in Texas, much less the world. Hell, back in the day I wasn’t even the only guy with my real first and last name on McConnell Air Force Patch. They’ll have to figure out which one I come after me and if TPTB start coming after the likes of me, the world will be so far past FUBAR it will have dropped below the horizon. “Security by obscurity” is my plan. Don’t make yourself a big enough target to make it worthwhile to come after you. There’re lots bigger fish in the sea; I’m not even a minnow. Now when I see the likes of the Z Man suddenly going silent I will figure it’s just about head-between-my-knees time. I’m old and sick and don’t expect to live long enough to see that happen. ay I figure it, it’s you younger bucks – you know, the ones doing all the hating on boomers – who’ll have to worry about FEMA camps and suchlike. I’ll long have moved in down the way from my folks at Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery.

          • Only protection is the herd. To many of us. Oh sure, we are on list. But how many FBI agents they actually have.

          • That is one overlooked problem with their diversity hiring: they hired so many women and people of color, they forgot that someday they might need a white male to infiltrate an organization 😀 The FBI is inept and dragged down by mediocrity sure, but hopefully not that badly…

          • FBI is inept and dragged down by mediocrity sure, but hopefully not that badly…

            What!? You WANT the feebs to be competent?

        • They have unlimited credit, but not unlimited money. No one has ever figured out a way to manufacture purchasing power via credit infusions, it can only be spread around and redirected. It will take another year or two to see their limitations.

          • Thanks, that was smart comment. BTW yesterday I tried to buy Bitcoin and found it it was extremely glitchy. I’m paranoid crackpot but has anyone else experienced this?

          • I prefer energy companies this year. buy when there’s blood in the streets as Rothschild once said, and those companies have been beaten like Grand Canyon mules.

          • What the real economy is doing can be seen easily by the low velocity of money.
            Despite minting a trillion a year for Feds and who knows how much stimulus, the economy is moribund and growth is gone.
            Its not like clothing sales which dropped 75% have rebounded. Nothing really has.
            And yes food is inflating as is ammo, these things have genuine scarcity.
            Worse far too many countries are still on extreme lock-down acting as if Covid 19 is the black death. Ireland is a great example, it has 35 cases and is complete lock-down with no real path out.
            This is making the various Nations and States hemorrhage money.
            Sure the online businesses are hurting less as they can pick up some of the sales that would otherwise go to retailers its only a short term gain. All those people laid off won’t be buying much no matter what stimulus you give them.
            A last example, Disney is starting to fall apart and its a huge propaganda mouthpiece for the current system.
            Its being killed by its own side, an inablity for its money making theme parks to open and frankly the rest of the damaged economy to put money in their pockets.
            All that deflation the elite have been striving to reverse is now guaranteed and no “digital dollar” or “digital punt” can solve the problem.
            I think that history if there are historians in the near future will say that modestly dangerous virus caused the collapse of an entire world order.

      • Twitbook is burning down its own business model in panic, literally kicking their customer out the door.

        Not really, because the users aren’t twitter’s customers. It’s hard to know who is their customer as they are not a real business organization.

        • Users aren’t the customer, they’re the product. Destroying your product line to save your business is, frankly, pretty stupid, and a sign that doesn’t bode well for Twitter.

        • Not really, because the users aren’t twitter’s customers. 

          Fair point – as Drew points out below, it’s like them burning their product as it comes off the assembly line.

          • Monopoly and subsidy. Sometimes burning your crops makes better long term economic sense than investing the capital to take it to market.

            After all, the “product”’s biggest complaint is partisan censorship, not that the farmer lies and manipulates them into thinking they are the customer while actually being the product.

            They want pretty lies. Not these vulgar half-assed lies. Come on man, make me feel good again.

            As long as people are willing to dehumanize themselves for a few hits of goodfeelz, they are chattel. Their power as chattel is limited to the accoutrements of the feedlots.

            We shall see but I suspect these empires in the ether will just build back better and the products will come to them because technology.

          • But is it really? To the interests buying their “product,” an independent thinking “product” is likely a defect. The buyers want easily manipulated “products” and twitter is simply “improving” the product their customers want.

          • twitter is simply “improving” the product their customers want.

            But decreasing the quantity. The less people they reach and manipulate, the lower the value of their service.

          • twitter is simply “improving” the product their customers want.

            Their product is mind control and you don’t improve that by deciding to just preach to the choir.

          • Depends.

            This could be akin to a fast food chain deciding that they don’t want to sell chicken bits any longer and instead concentrate on hamburgers.

            Which is to say that smart businesses refine the products or services that they sell all the time. Dumping unprofitable ones, or ones with low growth potential for higher margin higher growing ones.

            Could be like that. Which is not to say that their assessment is correct.

            It’s hard to say because no one knows who twitters paying customers actually are. I suspect that they’re funded by the IC – in which case all bets are off.

          • They are leaving money on the table, not selling chicken bits.

            This is getting way to metaphorical, but whatever the reason, the effect empowers us and weakens them, it forces fence-sitters into our camp, exposes them to the alternative universe outside the Faceborg.

        • i would love to see studies on just how effective those ads are. I believe there was a big Facebook study that concluded that there is no real benefit to ads on that site. I do know that google ad words tend to work. But in that case the customer is already reaching out for a solution.

        • Their two biggest customers are the Feds and advertisers.FB hosts one of the biggest facial recognition databases in the world. Something every LEO and spook group would love to have and the Feds pay serious money to access it.
          Google is no different. it is in bed with spooks as well.

      • Twitbook is burning down its own business model in panic, literally kicking their customer out the door.

        We’re not their customers. Even if we were, profit is not the point. The influence they have is worth much more to them than any profit they could get by losing their influence.
        The press is in a long term decline. Every year gets worse and every year they do new things to drive away more customers. After 30 plus years of steady contraction, at some point we have to accept that profit/loss are not driving their decisions.

        • The influence they have is worth much more to them than any profit they could get by losing their influence.

          And for each punter they kick off their site, that influence is diminishing and the influence of the competition is strengthened. Just take a look at Gab’s “Welcome To Gab”-group; all the noobs have the same story: “I posted some Normie-tier shit and got banned, so here I am.”

          Of course, it’s just a matter of time before Gab caves in, but then there are other platforms. Once people are getting used to not having an online home, but casually skip between platforms as the censorship clamps down, we will have won.

          • At the end of the day they have to pay the lease and the electric bill. But in this environment that’s not relevant…yet.

      • I think you underestimate the radical Left (or communists, if you like). Their numbers are small but they aren’t going to magically disappear just if BLM or Antifa is disbanded. Consider that the latter is, so far as I know, not an official group. In my opinion, the very fact that there has not been a major roll-up of these lawless organizatins to date, shows the implicit approval of most, if not all levels of government. It was/is/would be easily within the powers of governments, especially national, to have found all manner of serious criminal charges. I’m no expert, but how about: Financing terrorist activities, conspiracy to commit vandalism, robbery, theft, murder, felony riot. Probably many more. Sure, there have been some arrests but most of the rioters are released without charges. Meanwhile, at least from our side, the most serious charges seem to befall people who were defending their own lives or property (or police who were acting in good faith.) None of the above, to the extent it’s true (and I admit a lot of assumptions right now), gives the least bit of confidence in our governments at any level. Mind you, this is during Trump’s reign. It will only get worse if the Democrats win.
        Secondly, I think you underestimate the “Scarlet Letter” of many (most?) Whites being labeled a “racist” or a “white supremacist.” Z and others have amply documented the risks to job, career, access to media or banking services, social standing and, sometimes, personal safety that being the target of the Radicals can bring down upon one. I do agree, though, that at some point the Left will push too far, too hard, and then look out below.

        • Meanwhile, at least from our side, the most serious charges seem to befall people who were defending their own lives or property (or police who were acting in good faith.) 

          As I said, these are the people our rulers are afraid of, not Antifa or BLM or Al Qaeda.

          Hollywood is burning, MSM is burning, sportsball is burning, the laptop from hell is going to incinerate the DNC and now Twitter, Youtube and Facebook is starting to smolder as well.

          It may not feel like winning, but our enemies are haemorrhaging explosively, and that’s the next best thing to winning.

        • Soros did his prep work. Buying the DA’s is the cheapest and most effective way to keep the mobs going. DA is the first node that decides who flies and who fries.

          • A ‘mexican’ alien criminal (since 1989) shot two black police officers killing one after being previously arrested 2 days earlier. Our Soros lesbian DA Kim Ogg does not detain bad guys only flaunters of the fauxi mask.

      • Most whites lack the innate aggressiveness and hard assery to make it personal to the ruling class let alone resist their thuggery.
        Look at Lee Keltner, shot dead in the street like a rabid dog and not a peep from the DR or the so-called thought leaders, etc.
        No protests, no nothing., G-d what a bunch of dweebs.
        This is why they can walk all over us.

        • The only thing the right of the divide does is make a few angry tweets and posts complaining about the situation then calling for people to buy guns. The left would turn his death into a national crisis. The right is a consumer movement. We deal with things by retail therapy. In this case guns

    • Elections seem to be the rally point for a lot of these things. Color Revolutions happen in their aftermath and it’s worth remembering the Spanish Civil War got cooking after that critical election. Everybody who complains that our side is just a bunch of laydowns should review the history of that conflict & how bad things got before Franco got irritated.

      • BTP: I have been schooling myself, lately, on the Spanish Civil War and it really does provide insights and lessons for our current situation. Several learnings stand out: (1) The Spanish and foreign press all lied and propagandized for their own purposes; (2) Many of the volunteer combatants who came from outside Spain (including, by the way, George Orwell), were naive and misinformed about what they were actually fighting for, and whose side they were actually joining. Orwell joined to fight the facists and it turned out he was in graver danger from the Soviets and their supporters.

        • The other thing I had not realized was the level of violence in the years & particularly in the months preceding the war, directed at Catholic priests, religious, and lay. Murders on the street, desecration of many churches, violent threats against people just going to mass. Imagine coming out of the church to find a man with a bunch of skinned frogs on a stick who tells you, “This is what your daughters will look like when we’re finished with them.”

          Just like in Spain, the Left gets all the good press. That it’s nothing but lies is another similarity.

        • Yes, his Homage to Catalonia is a good read. I thought it remarkably well-balanced, given he was ostensibly there as a freedom fighter, delivered with that classic British dry wit. His eyes are opened to the conflicts (communist vs. anarchist mostly) on the Republican side (evil communists in Spain’s case!!!)

      • Just finished Mine Were of Trouble by Peter Kemp, British volunteer for the Nationalists. Excellent read. The level of violence in Spain was hard nosed. Prisoners often shot out of hand.

    • The hoi polloi are a lagging indicator. It is ironic that the people with the least to lose are always the most cautious during times of societal crisis.

      • If you have very little you fervently guard it lest you lose everything. If you have more you don’t envision losing everything.

      • If you’ve got a lot to lose, chances are you can survive even the worst of scenarios. If you don’t have much to lose, losing what little you have means death, destitution or imprisonment. Bill Gates can weather the Great Reckoning far better than Caleb Peabody stocking shelves down at the Home Depot.

        • That’s why the ever increasing “income gap” and the number of people living paycheck-to-paycheck through no fault of their own is so troubling.

    • We actually don’t need the numbers as much as the influence and commitment”

      This gets to what I’ve been harping on recently, about the importance of winning the fight in the cultural space.

      Let me present 3 scenarios:

      1) We present an image of strength(even if it is total bullshit) to the point that some people who wouldn’t have voted for our side go out and vote, which means the Shareblue shills have to fake extra ballots to counter it, depleting the time and money of the “elites” which could be better used for other things.

      2) We stay out of it, not increasing the workload for the NPCs but not lessening it either.

      3) We play the “woe is me, demographics, blah blah blah” game that so many of us enjoy, and discourage people who would have voted for OMB from voting, which frees up the shills from ballot harvesting to do something else that the Left views as valuable.

      Obviously, my view is that we should always be pushing option 1 solely for the purpose of wasting resources on the Left, even if we know that the odds are against us. As dissidents, we need to be pouring as much sand in the gears of the machine as we can, forcing the “elites” to go heavy handed in response which subverts their legitimacy.

      Keyboard warrioring is easy, and it actually does have some value in that it forces our philosophical enemies to spend resources in places where they don’t want to.

      I understand the pessimism, truly I do, as contemplating the future my kids and I have ahead of is bleak as he’ll, but I will never accept that giving into that self-pity is anything but a time wasting cope.

      • Option 1 reminds me of a tactic my dad once mentioned. When receiving solicitations in the mail to fund an opponent with a prepaid return envelope, they would attach it to a brick and mail it back, increasing their costs.

    • The Fremen were tightly knit, well trained, and habituated to rigid discipline (environment required it) and close combat. They were universally and fanatically obsessed with a single goal.

      Contrast: most of America went out in the last six months, bought a gun, shot it once at the range safety course, and said “Well, now what?”

      (Then bought a six pack, cashed their government check, ordered a pizza with breadsticks, and turned on Netflix)

      Hasten to add: short of a nuclear war, I can’t imagine anything worse than a civil war or a Yugoslav-style breakup happening here.

      • The Fremen were also fictional, with magical powers to boot. This is not to undermine the entertainment value of fiction. It is worth noting that many beliefs people hold about how the real world works, and not excepting many here who should know better, are poorly grounded in reality and are only slightly less ludicrous than the supernatural powers of the Fremen.
        I agree that probably a major nuke war would be the worst event. I’d gladly take a Yugoslavia type break-up over a civil war. If you scale the 1860s American civil war deaths to today’s poopulation (that was a typo, but I’m keeping it 🙂 ) you’d easily arrive att 6 million dead, alone, not counting other casualities. That’s a rather large toll for political change, but it may be inevitable.

      • Ben noted the causalities so I won’t repeat it but as for “now what” well that kind of is our job. We aren’t exactly providing an ideology or policy plans now are we?
        Far too often we end up acting like the Bow Tie Looter Cucks and act as if Conservatism was “way of living” or worse ‘an attitude” when it reality its a series of policy choices designed for civic preservation.
        I don’t blame anyone for eschewing it but a win condition for our side is being able to enforce our ideology on our population. If they are almost entirely with us? Easy Peasey. If not? Than its an authoritarian state or we punish or drive non conformists out.
        Our goal isn’t to give peopel freedom, they have that or did till COVID but to be big Daddy, kick the reprobates of all stripes in the ass and get them back on the straight and narrow so we can have a future.

      • Did they? I know a number of young men who spent a week training with their rifles, learning some basics of fire at different distances, presentation of the rifle, shooting from the main positions, coordinating basic movement while firing, and so on.

        You don’t need many of them before various forms of local autonomy become possible.

    • My plan is if the internet goes off for a week. I grab my gun throw it in the back of the Subaru and head to Washington. Spread the word.

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