What We Learned

Elections are one of those windows into the nature of a society, like the roads or public transport systems. It is a manifestation of the real nature of society. In the case of elections, it is not about the results, but about how the election is run. Orderly, well run societies have orderly, well run elections. The results are known soon after the votes are cast and no one questions them. In disorderly, low-trust societies, the vote is messy and chaotic and no one takes the results at face value.

You see that with yesterday’s election. Most people voting remember when you stopped off to vote on the way home from work or maybe before work. Office people could vote at their lunch break, because it only took a half hour at most. In most of the country, even big urban areas, it was rare to run into long lines or delays. Today, the opposite is now true. It is rare to experience an orderly, well run polling station. Instead it is long lines, broken equipment and lots of shenanigans.

Of course, those chaotic voting stations are not able to tally the votes in a timely manner, so the count carries on for days in some areas. Back in the days of mechanical voting machines and paper ballots, the vote was counted in hours. If the polls in a state closed at seven, the vote was known by nine. Again, there were exceptions, as nothing is perfect, but they were exceptions. Yesterday’s vote will not be known for weeks and much of it will be decided in the courts.

Now, one big reason for the delay is the people counting the votes need time to rig the results in such a way that makes it hard for the courts to see it. Pennsylvania, for example, is furiously printing up new ballots for people who did not vote. These will be filled out for Biden and other party candidates, then dropped off at post offices around the state so they can be added to the real votes. They now have nine days to make up enough fake ballots to tip the state to Mumbly Joe.

In states like California, general incompetence rules the day. Since most of the voters now are foreign born, the results are known in advance. It’s why no one bothers to campaign in the state. Still, in order to maintain the fiction of democracy they run elections, but it takes them weeks to produce a result. Like everything else about the state, their elections are very third world, which is no surprise as the majority of the population is from primitive societies. Demographics are destiny.

It used to be that America would send international observers to a country to make sure their elections were free and fair. The claim was the government was either too crooked or too inept to manage an election, even if they wanted to do it. A gaggle of experts from the West would be sent in to help organize the voting and make sure everything was done properly. These international observers would supervise the counting so that everyone could trust the result.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot. The UN should probably step in and start supervising American elections, because the government is so corrupt and incompetent, no one can trust them to run an election. Iraq now has more orderly and honest elections than most states in America. Iraq actually requires voters to present an ID and they make voters do the purple finger thing to prevent ballot stuffing. Maybe the Iraqi government can send supervisors to Pennsylvania.

In the coming weeks, as this circus drags on in the courts, lots of people will compare it to the so-called banana republics. That is not fair, as those banana republics did not ask for democracy. It was imposed on them. Left to their own devices, they would have been happy with some form of big-man government. It was Western business that demanded democracy, so they could more easily exploit these countries. It is easier to bribe parliamentary mediocrities than an oligarch or despot.

The United States does not have that excuse. If the people were free of their depots, tyrants and lunatics, they would revert back to moderate self-government. The problems faced today are the result of a crooked and disgusting ruling class. In many cases, the people in charge are genuinely insane. Gretchen Whitmer is becoming a modern day Christian VII of Denmark. Our increasingly bizarre and corrupt elections reflect the nature of the American ruling class, not the people.

It is an axiom of the dissident right that democracies always end in despotism, but that is not really true. After Athens lost the Peloponnesian War and democracy was suspended in favor of the “Thirty Tyrants“, the people still wanted to return to their natural way of governing themselves. Eventually those tyrants were overturned and democracy was restored. The institutions of a people are the product of their biology and their culture. That is the chain of causality.

In 1787, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the son-in-law of John Adams in which he stated, “The people can not be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty.” Later he asked, “What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion?” This is a question for us now.

If those words sound familiar, they should. In that same letter Jefferson wrote the famous words, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” That is the real lesson of yesterday’s election charade. The time is soon coming when our petty tyrants will be trembling in their homes or slithering across the border. These disgusting piggish buffoons must meet the fate of all tyrants. That’s what we learned yesterday.

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548 thoughts on “What We Learned

  1. I was asking myself this morning, after having read countless posts over the years of how we need to peaceably do this, or non violently assert that; will intelligent and awakened men accustomed to a life of violence(ie ex military), start to play a more prominent role in what comes next?

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  3. Keep in mind that Jefferson was an armchair patriot – he never actually put his body on the line. Easy to talk about blood, if you are never in danger of shedding yours.

    • That’s true. He really didn’t do us any favors with the “all men are created equal” line in the DOI.

  4. What happened at last night election was white men become state certified loser
    Candidate of suppress the white people beat the glorified Israel candidate
    None of those candidates are white men’s side

    But media keep making trump as racial supremacist
    Therefore, the enemy will use election results to another excuse to gas lighting white people

    Good news is controlled opposition GOP officially finished
    GOP can’t win with new Demographic of united state
    Bad news is now we learned too many of collaborator, race traitor within fellow white people
    Now stop whining about rigging, it just place have too many traitor and brownie 

  5. Z-man, you are far, far too optimistic about what is going to happen.
    Biden is not Obama, or Clinton. And the Dems are not what they were. The bad thing about Trump is that he stirred them up like crazy, and they can’t come down from the anti-White hatred, the Save the Planet Utopianism, the BLM Nirvana. They don’t NEED Whites anymore. That’s the reality. They can just CHEAT.
    So, Robert Reich is once again yapping about Show Trials and forced labor camps. He’s not kidding. Biden’s people are talking about gas taxes to raise a gallon to $20. Beto O’Rourke is now going to be in charge of house to house searches using the military to seize any and every gun. And if they find one, the house is seized and everyone in the household goes off to a Uighur Labor camp. That’s openly discussed. Meat consumption will be banned by ultra high taxes. To save the planet.
    And we will have a year plus lockdown that Biden already promised. To end all small and medium sized businesses so that only Amazon and Wal Mart remain.
    Remember, Biden and his people (the Chinese) don’t need us, don’t need our cooperation, don’t need anything but FORCE against us (which is their entire desire anyway).
    So no, there will be no coming back because there will be no people. Just a Chinese continent packed with mega cities.
    I would advise any who can leave the country to do so. Leave and never look back.

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  7. Yawn. Hey, guys. I just woke up from a medically-induced coma after drinking some covid-cure medicine I found on the internet. So, uh … how’d the Trumpslide go? How much did we win the black vote by? A lot I bet. Probably 40 or 50%. Yeah, I bet Donald Trump is raring up to jail Hillary Clinton right about now thanks to the secret 4chan messages of Qanon. Trust the plan. Thank God I didn’t listen to all those Blackpillers who tried telling me Trump was in serious trouble. Now that we have lil pump and Kanye West on our side, we’re unbeatable. Bye facediapers and lockdowns. Thank God, too. Millions of people were on the verge of starving to death. It’s good that old people came out in masse to vote against the Covid hysteria. I’m only 25, so I don’t have anything to worry about. How am I supposed to live my life under these circumstances?

  8. “What We Learned”, if we didn’t already know it, is YT is as soft as puppy shit. We will be getting royally screwed, and in the end, it is deserved. I’m reading graphs that show 9 of the most contested states have more votes cast than registered voters. And what’s going to be done about it? Nothing. Just a shoulder shrug.
    These were the good times that make weak men. The dark times ahead will forge strong men. That’s the way of the world. I wish it wasn’t so.

    • If you follow the link in the image, none of the numbers of registered voters in those states listed at the link match what’s in the chart.

  9. The data in this article alone should be sufficient to force a recount in WI.


    Apparently the voter count numbers in WI necessitated that between 700,000 and 900,000 WI voters registered to vote on election day, and that statewide turnout was approximately 90%. Both of these numbers are completely implausible. This is voter fraud on a massive scale.

  10. What We Learned

    What the Dems learned – never leave an election up to chance or voters. They made that mistake in 2016, never to be repeated.

  11. Win or lose, the rampant voter fraud the democrats have gotten away with for decades is going to jump up and bite them. The fraudsters were and are likely being surveilled and will be prosecuted.

  12. “The time is soon coming when our petty tyrants will be trembling in their homes or slithering across the border. These disgusting piggish buffoons must meet the fate of all tyrants. That’s what we learned yesterday.”
    Where is Z man and what have you done with him?
    That Chagra must be some powerful stuff!

  13. Well on Gab Z you said drop out of the system.
    Sir – the system is interested in dropping us out of existence.
    Passivism -of course it is- in the face of genocide may not be an effective response.

    Has anyone else noticed that ‘White’ is no longer a category for race on our many, many questionnaires and forms government or otherwise? It’s Black, Asian, Pacific Islander,
    Hispanic or not Hispanic.
    I guess White is Non-Hispanic.

    I was telling someone today the Hispanics for Trump vote means nothing, it’s Hispanics against that Black Chick as VP.

    That avails us nothing.

      • Mr.Frip- when it comes to an appreciable estimate of sucking on anything, I’ll take your word for it. You learned your trade from the Best; Your Mother.

    • I guess White is Non-Hispanic.

      So if you’re White Hispanic, you both exist and don’t exist??? You can probably time travel too.

  14. Here’s a must-watch. Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bemenov lecturing around 1984. He sounds like he was watching us through a time machine, and he tells the people then how they can prevent us from getting to where we are.

    Understanding the Modern Political Scenario

    At least every minute in the video there is an insight that makes me want to pound my head on the desk because it’s 40 years too late, but here’s one I thought was particularly apropos about reversing the process of demoralization:

    At that point, at the point of destabilization, also this could be reversed, again, easier than this [crisis stage]. No CIA involvement at this point. You know what it takes here? Restriction of some liberties for small groups which are self-declared enemies of the society. Simple as that.

    ‘Oh, no,’ the media and liberals will tell you. ‘This is against the American Constitution. How can we by force deny the civil rights to criminals?’ for example. ‘Not good!’ So, okay, you allow the criminals to have civil rights. Go on, bring the country to the crisis. This is the bloodless way to do it. Curb the rights. I’m not to put them in prison. No, no, I’m not talking about putting all the gays from San Francisco into the concentration camp. Do not allow them to take political force. Do not elect them to the seats of power, whether it is municipality level, state level, federal level. It has to be bitten in the heads of American voters: a person like that in the seats of power is an enemy. Do not be afraid of this word. It is an enemy. If he is not an enemy here [points to chart of subversion stages on board, of screen], he will be here [points to another spot on off-screen board]. Later on, he will be shot, of course [call back to earlier point in the talk where he says the early destabilization agents are always eliminated after their purpose is fulfilled]. But at this point he is an enemy.

    You are doing him a great service by denying him a right to capitalize on his own crazy ideas and become a powerful man, a man who uses the seat of power.

  15. Disobeying national mask mandate, or wearing racist masks is going to be especially delicious to my petty heathen soul, under Prez Kamala. I mean, i get that it may be stupid to mark yourself, but i will choose when and where i do, and I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it when i do. Just trying to look on the bright side. I’m a simple man.

  16. Just remember, almost half the country voted for a candidate that was endorsed by the American Communist Party, wants to give free stuff and citizenship to those who are not here legally, wants to destroy the petroleum/petrochemical industry, raise taxes on gasoline/diesel, raise federal and business income taxes, impose more destructive regulations. And this is the short list.

    What is sad the number who allegedly have a university education voting for these policies, so it’s hard for me to think of these people as folks I want to be around on a daily basis. 

    • The people you mention do not, in fact, have “education.” What they do have is schooling, which is not at all the same thing.

  17. I feel sick — just as Z-man says, we are watching the election being stolen right before our eyes. I see a lot of people are feeling beyond sad, feeling hopeless, black-pilled, ready to quit. There is a part of me which feels the same way — but that is exactly what our enemies want and count on. We have to stay strong in the face of this treachery, this outrageous affront to our traditions. We have to find ways to fight back effectively. It may take years, it may take decades, but we can never, ever give up. This is going to take a lot of mutual encouragement and support in the times to come. We just have to find it within ourselves to carry on. The words of Martin Luther are an inspiration to me at this time — “Here I stand. I can do no other.”

      • Actually, bubba, it is fraud. Maybe that also serves as a cope, but the fraud is off the charts this time. Much of it is in broad daylight.

          • It started with changing election rules 30 days out so as not to require postmarks as to when mail-in ballots were received. Whether you want to hear it or not, there was massive fraud, probably unprecedented in Western history, and that assumes you can call the United States a Western nation at this point.

            That’s upside, though, because a substantial slice of Joe Normie World realizes what a grubby police state this is now.

            Just to be clear: you think this election is legitimate? Because that is an interesting take.

          • The great philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe once said there is a certain type of person who won’t listen to reason no matter what. With those, all you can do is punch them in the nose.

            You don’t want to hear evidence, period. F*ck you.

    • Well said. Spoken like a man. The enemy will oppress us for a number of years but will ultimately fail.

      • Why does the enemy fail?
        The enemy is unchallenged except for Trump’s lawyers.

        The enemy moves from success to success no matter how blatant and absurd because there is nothing and none in their path.

        And why do you accept being oppressed for years?

        • The enemy will fail because it only succeeds through destruction of its own foundation (e.g., elections, “fairness”, a functioning economy/polity, etc.). While it will temporarily gain, it will ultimately lose. It can take a while – the USSR staggered on for 60 yrs or so, Rome a couple centuries. This a marathon, not a sprint. The enemy is sprinting.

  18. The existential question is : Does one buy Nike stock?
    The reparations will be spent somewhere but the joggers may be well supplied due to the recent undocumented shopping opportunities. Peaceful protests.

    Decisions, decisions,.

    • “Within ten years, you will own nothing, and you will be happy about it.” Klausz Schwab, PRes. World Economic Forum.

      In other words, don’t bother making any investments. Nike or anything else just yet.

  19. And yet, with those 55 votes it gets, California is the heavy-weight state in every election. Think if that result could be changed by the GOP in the future.

    • They are slowly losing population. The exodus is accelerating and even immigration can’t make up for it, particularly if the economy goes down the toilet. I made sure NOT to answer the census and hope to establish residency elsewhere by the end of next year. My once solidly red city in once reliably red Orange County has elected a bunch of SJWs to the city council, mayor, state senate. CA is toast.

      • What they’re losing are taxpayers. Because the rich and middle class can move on, you end up with a thousand Flints.

  20. I’ve been ranking the possible outcomes of the election in my head for a couple weeks now, focusing on what was going to be best for my long term goal of the National Divorce. The best outcome for that project is the result we appear to be getting: Trump loses narrowly with a credible argument that it was due to fraud.

    If Trump had won by a landslide, the extreme lunatics on the left might have become convinced that they needed to start pushing for dissolution since the country is so full of deplorables and haters. The problem would be that a decisive Trump victory would empower the Civnats. They’d want to fight to keep the union instead of just letting the leftists go.

    The same dynamic, but in reverse, would have applied if Biden had won decisively enough that the blatant cheating we’re seeing now had been unnecessary. Ned Normie and Chuckie Civnat would be ready to accept that outcome. It’s the idea that Biden will have not won fair and square that will stick with (some) of them and push them to our side.

    Even now my normiecon friends are holding out hope that the courts will be able to fix this. I hope they don’t. Other than I would have liked another four years to prep some more, there’s no point in continuing to put off the inevitable. The sooner Ned and Chuckie understand how broken the system is, the sooner they’ll look to repair it.

    • Laura Ingraham and the fox cucks are now saying that a diverse latino party is the future for the GOP. They don’t understand Latinos, they don’t want pandering and low tax they want a big man they respect like Trump.

      Leftist secession would be more dems are the real racists, confederacy 2.0!

      I think the best outcome for our side is for trump to miraculously win in court. Normies see what happened but still have 4 more years to prep and radicalize.

        • No one in the continental US is “prepped”. Some people are LARPing more and some less and some not at all. If you’re chilling in an apartment in Bangkok or have a dacha outside Moscow then yeah, maybe you’re set to survive a civil war in the US without unimaginable risk and hardship. Otherwise you’re swimming in the same toilet as everyone else if it comes down to it.

        • Sorry Brother your just a resupply point for the Mexican Gangs so they can have great hardware and food to be able to get them to the outer rural areas…

          • If you think a panic room is going to mean anything in a civil war you’re in a world of surprise.
            My country went through a civil war a century ago (Finland), and the policy of both White and Red armies went like this:
            a) Anyone outside of the White/Red army found in possession of a firearm is to be executed on the spot
            b) Any house that doesn’t agree to be searched for firearms, enemy literature is going to be lit on fire or reduced to rubble with explosives
            Individual prepping is worse than useless. The more you prep, the more you get treated as a threat by all sides that you refuse to join
            You’re going to come out of that panic room or you’ll die in there.

        • To clarify: Prep more. Was hoping that a Trump win would put the brakes on the ammo panic, bring the supply up and these panic prices down.

    • will probably turn out that losing those four years to prep is the kick in the ass we all need

      another four years would probably bring on lethargy if not apathy

      • No. The immediate future is unimaginable to most in the country, including the commentariat here. BTW, I recommend Madison (Madison County) Florida for you. IT has everything you mentioned a few weeks back when you were talking about real estate in Florida. Or Live Oak (Suwanee County).

        • Actually was looking in those areas. Looks like I will be getting a place in western Alachua County, perhaps near High Springs, which is mainly for my daughter. I may get myself a little Blue Ridge Mountain place and if the wife doesn’t like it tough doo doo 😉

    • “The bright side of it is,” said Puddleglum, “that if we break our necks getting down the cliff, then we’re safe from being drowned in the river.” – CS Lewis in The Silver Chair

      Great line, but not sure it’s a winning geopolitical strategy

    • Based, this is exactly where I have been for months. Trump’s greatest achievements were inadvertent but profound. His election and the Empire’s reaction to it revealed what a grubby Third World shithole the nation had become. Even so, NormieCons never would have acknowledged it until…they voted for his re-election, he apparently won it, and then had the victory stolen from him (this appears to be where this lands). I’m certain the Left will try to move as far and as quickly as possible to dilute this nation further with foreigners, but a big slice of the Muh Constitution types now know there is no reason to keep alive the fantasy of their freedom and rights, which have been stolen from them.

      • I don’t think “they” mean to fill the country with more foreigners. More likely is total lockdowns and NO TRAVEL for anybody from anywhere to anywhere. It’s part of the Great Reset. The travel restrictions are already in place in most of Europe. ANd the cashless economy is a done deal there, too, and the date for that to take effect here is still 1 January. The legislation was introduced in September, although they might not bother with niceties like legislation. The European governments didn’t.

        • They will keep flying in foreigners and also restrict whitey from traveling internally and externally. Anarcho tyranny.

          Canada announced that it will import the biggest number of immigrants in history, 400,000 per year (equivalent to 4 million to the usa).

          Joe will unleash a flood of 3rd worlders so vast that it will wash everything away.

        • More likely is total lockdowns and NO TRAVEL for anybody from anywhere to anywhere. It’s part of the Great Reset.

          Neo-feudalism for Dirt People, globalism for Cloud People.

          Of course, European Dirt People areas will be flooded with Third World flotsam and jetsam, courtesy of how the Cloud People spend Dirt People tax dollars.

  21. What we have learned is nothing I haven’t known for decades. The white man is f—– in this country, and when Biden rolls in they really gonna turn the screws. Your head is gonna pop right off.

  22. The in your face voter fraud by the Dems shows they are willing to to burn down the house so to speak in order to win.
    Won’t work, the people I’ve talked and the ones my brother talked to in UT, ID and MT all said the same thing before the election that they expected the Dems to cheat on a massive scale. And these folks are mostly normies. .
    IOW the Dems are fooling no one on this and a lot of Trump supporters are seething.
    That said FoxNews destroyed it’s credibility with a lot conservatives with being so in the tank for Biden. Really putting Wallace and Brazile to analyze election results? No one was buying that.

  23. What We Learned. If this is boring as fuzzy winter dog poop and you have no time for reading, skip to the last line!
    A Biden Presidency Will Mean a Faster US Collapse. Note the term Faster. Under Trump, somewhat controlled collapse. Plausible arguments for the globalists guiding the strings attached to the puppets.
    “Biden is a full blown globalist and is proud of it; Trump is surrounded by globalists and banking elites in his own cabinet. Regardless of who loses the election, the elites win. The only question I am here to ask is, which candidate serves the globalist agenda most effectively right now?
    Trump would preside over America’s rapid decline and that conservative ideals and principles would be blamed by extension.
    And behold, in 2020 this is exactly what is happening, with a pandemic and the implosion of the “Everything Bubble” now in full swing and the media placing it all in the lap of Trump and conservatives.
    With Biden in office the time frame changes completely and the crash must move faster. Why? Because the globalists cannot allow a Biden Administration (and by extension the globalists themselves) to be labeled as the culprits behind the crash. They would have to expedite the downturn in the early months of Biden’s first term so that the media can claim the crisis is an aftereffect of Trump’s presidency.If Biden does enter the White House in 2021, expect a hard plunge in economic fundamentals almost immediately.
    Another factor of a Biden presidency would be the near certainty of federally enforced pandemic lockdowns similar to those now being implemented in countries like France and Germany. Forget about the current state-by-state lockdown orders and nuances; Biden will go for broke, attempt a national lockdown, and the economy will take another massive hit as more businesses go into bankruptcy at breakneck speed. And again, this would have to be implemented quickly so that Trump and conservatives can be blamed. They will claim harsh lockdowns “have to be pursued” because conservatives refused to accept them during the early stages of the pandemic.
    In light of a Trump “win”, it is obvious that a second term would be used as an invitation for mass demonstrations and riots by extreme leftists, but, this threat doesn’t go away with Biden in office. Actually, the riots may become worse under Biden. The social justice cult will see Biden as a “malleable” and easily controlled political figure who will do anything to appease them. Biden will placate the hard left; not because he fears them, but because he has a role to play in this great Kabuki theater and it serves the interests of the globalist agenda at the moment.
    Finally, if the establishment puts Biden in the White House it means they want national gun restrictions or outright confiscation within the first couple years of his term. With Trump, the chances of a gun grab are much slimmer (though he has voiced support for Red Flag laws in the past). Under Biden, the gun grab attempt will be swift. This threat along with Level 4 lockdowns on a national level would elicit the only logical response for conservatives – armed rebellion.
    I do not think this is what the globalists want at this point in time. I do not think they have the capacity to handle it, and I do not think they would be able to get a majority of law enforcement and the military to go along with such policies. This is why I continue to believe they prefer Trump in office and that they will use economic decline and the “failure” of conservative policies as a false rationale for the “global reset” the elites seem to be so excited about.”
    Be warned, however, that if Biden ends up in office, this should be treated as a sign that a high speed collapse is on the way.

    • As I’ve said in previous posts, the next term 2021-2025 will be a tar baby term. Many, Many chickens coming home to roost, and especially debt chickens. Personal..corporate…date…local..Federal…. The next President, whomever it is, will be the most hated in US history. Guaranteed. So why not an Alzheimer’s patient who won with nefarious 3:30am ballots? The owners of society should have been thrilled that Trump would be re-elected. Instead they own this tar baby. Trump is a used condom who sold out the white man by 2017. It’s sickening to go through, but there’s no way, with this outcome, that either can govern legitimately. The civ-nats are being mugged by reality right now, and they should be. We should all be relieved that the talking heads like Sean Hannity are no longer parroting “record black employment.” As if they want to be employed.

      • Trump is a used condom who sold out the white man by 2017.

        Hey there friendo, that’s not exactly the most respectful way to talk about a guy who volunteered to go from a well liked retired billionaire celeb be the most hated person on the planet with the most powerful enemies on the planet…

        But hey, I’m sure you’ve given up a lot more than he has and accomplished a lot more. So I can see why you have the moral authority to hold him in total contempt for not having achieved single handed total victory.

        Oh by the way, would you please go ahead and save the white race… maybe after lunch tomorrow? Since Trump was a “used condom” for failing at something so obvious that anyone could do it. I’m sure a brave pseudonymous hero like you can get er done no sweat. Thanks a million!

        • I know the truth hurts. Put some ice on it. Do you think Trump has done anything in his life that’s not 99% about himself or 1% for Ivanka? He’s a fraud and a talker. But don’t look at his words, look at his accomplishments. When he had the court victories to pull the trigger on sanctuary cities, he didn’t. He has had court victories (thanks to Sessions) and never applied them. Immigration is the 1st, 2nd and 3rd most important issue in this country. I could go on, but it would be lost on you anyway.

          • I’d be interested to know how making your name the most poisonous epithet known to the global power elite gives you and your family a big leg up.

            Because I was thinking a little and it seems to me that if I was in it for personal gain and was a famous billionaire already… well MAYBE instead of doing THAT I might…

            simply buy my kid a cushy no show corporate job, media career, a bottomless slush fund in the form of an eponymous “foundation”, maybe a nice mansion or two, ala Chelsea Clinton and Hunter Biden…

            But I’m probably missing something here. Like I think having my own successful TV show and a chain of luxury hotels would be pretty cool. Become internationally hated for expressing public sympathy with working white christians though? Not really seeing the big additional dividends there so far.

          • He’s paid in ego and power. He loves being the center of attention. He really doesn’t care if its negative.

          • I’m plussing both of your comments, and I’m not meaning to virtue signal by saying that but to point out that i see things from both sides and agree with both of you. At the end of the day, as much as I like Trump for pissing off all of the world’s most annoying and insufferable maggots, JR Wirth is right, in the sense that, when you are a billionaire contrarian, you are in the sweetest of spots. Trump is a rebel heathen driven by ego. I can relate. He is not taking on our enemies because he is a white knight. In the end though, it’s all the same! God bless him!

          • I wouldn’t disagree. But you have people on this side who might argue that is just called winning at evolution. We need a manifesto. There are so many different fucking opinions about who and what we are and what our thing actually is, it’s a giant clusterfuck. I find extreme individualism in the form of carpetbagging capitalism that yields a society where people can accrue billions repugnant, not because I‘m a hater or jealous of another man’s achievement or potential, but because the myopia of such pathological individualism, as someone quoted here a few days ago, is so god damned retarded to me. Many in our thing would look at me as genetic garbage low energy commie fag for feeling that way, and yet, here I am, and I will share a foxhole with that person to preserve ‘white’ people, because i’ve connected the dots, even if I am a weary dumbass.

        • The handwriting was on the wall when he groveled at an AIPAC convention before he won the nomination. Hillary Clinton did the exact same thing the very next evening. I think both speeches were televised live.

          • Sure, Trump was disappointing and frustrating in a lot of ways… but let’s go ahead and acknowledge that he was miles ahead of anyone else we had or were likely to have.

            I don’t know about you, but I have available degrees of opinion between utter perfection and “used condom”. The man went through a lot that he didn’t have to, and took some hard knocks that VERY FEW would and he deserves some respect from our side at least

            I’m also not fond of our tendency to shoot our own side for any deviation or qualified success. One of the reasons we have trouble finding leaders… you get to be slaughtered by everyone. The left on the other hand is very supportive of their folks so long as they don’t what? publicly sodomize kids I guess? And even then… eh well there’s Roman Polanski and Bryan Singer and…

            I think we could find a middle ground where we just try not to fling feces at one another for the slightest pretext.

          • Trump, cucky civnat he is, has become an American hero. There literally is no one else who would have withstood such intense opposition. Out of office he will be vilified and damned, but to the Historic American Nation he will be an icon.

          • Trump’s issue is that the perfect candidate is the enemy of the good candidate.

            Trump is the good candidate.

            The hardcore WN set really seemed to think General Franco was going to show up or that Pinochet’s ghost was coming to fire up the Hueys.

          • I guessing that what you mean by hardcore WN set are the TRS clan. And that is not what they believed. Their basic analysis was that Trump was doing worse than nothing and keeping White people asleep by just tweeting that he was their guy. I don’t agree with their belief that Trump losing was better, but I disagree even more with your characterization of their opinion.

          • They all grovel when it comes to AIPAC. Odd, if you think about it. The one thing that unites the Uniparty.

      • If Biden is installed, the debt you mention simply won’t matter. We ae going to be forced into a cashless economy. And that might very well happen even if Trump is installed.

        “It’s sickening to go through, but there’s no way, with this outcome, that either can govern legitimately.”

        The operative word being, “legitimately.” And “govern” should probably be “rule.” It’s already a done deal in Europe: travel restrictions, lockdowns, cashless economy, universal basic income (at 80% of your current income), all of it. Only Trump and the US stand in the globalists’ triumph, which, happily, will ultimately fail b/c there will be revolutions and civil wars. And famines. But between now and their ultimate failure to sustain their Global State there will be a lot of unpleasantness.

        • That’s what Mr. Armstrong and Socrates foresee.
          Socialism will eventually collapse in the 2030s.

  24. Yesterday, I saw the long line at our polling place and I wanted to leave. My wife talked me into staying and we waited the hour and a half to cast our ballots.
    I knew in my heart that that my ballot would be invalidated because some Democrat hack election officials in deep blue areas would stop the counting of legitimate ballots so they could wait for the results from other parts of the state so they could insert just enough “ballots” that were waiting in the trunk of someone’s car to swing the race in their candidate’s favor.
    It’s already happened in Michigan. Wisconsin too.
    They have no problem delegitimizing the system because they never believed in our system of government anyhow. The anti-white pogroms and the PC nonsense, coupled with all of the energy-related stuff and the destruction of the Second Amendment are going to make this a LONG four years with no chance of redemption since elections are now meaningless. They’re as useful as the Soviet ones.
    It’s hard to believe in a country with this level of technology that we can’t have a better voting system to eliminate fraud. Oh, that’s right, that isn’t wanted by our betters.
    Thanks to demographic change from the influx of foreigners and blue state goodwhite numbnuts, Georgia is starting to turn purplish much as Virginia and North Carolina did. These goodwhite dickheads in their Subarus who shop at Whole Foods, worry about trannies and their precious carbon footprint are slowly turning the South into a battleground area, which doesn’t bode well for Republicans and white folks going forward.
    They flee their miserable Blue states and come south for lower taxes and a lower cost of living, yet take their idiotic voting habits with them. They’re like locusts, destroying everything in one area and moving on to pillage another district.
    I’m sick of it. I think Trump would stave off the nonsense for the next four years, but the accelerationists are going to get what they want and I don’t think it’ll be a good thing, save that a lot more people will join us on our side of the great divide.

  25. Biden as President will lock the US down for a year. Will ban fracking and tax gas heavily so it’s unaffordable. Same with meat.
    I do not want to eat beans and bugs for the rest of my life. Nor do I want a White tax. I like being employed and driving my car.
    Warren Zevon was right. Send lawyers guns and money.

    • I think the fracking ban was a sop to the left. The permanent US foreign policy establishment is depending on natural gas exports to wean countries away from energy dependence on Russia and to kill Russian export earnings. Reagan used a similar technique in the 1980s with oil exports from the friendly Gulf states (to the point where Gulf overproduction caused a depression in the US oil industry). Plus, renewables don’t work without natural gas.
      The other factor is that most of the fracking companies were unprofitable and relied heavily on easy credit from the financial sector (ie. the fed).
      There will be some “restrictions” on fracking that political bribes can easily get around.

      • Agree, but the longer term is that China gets to use all the coal, oil, and nuclear electricity it wants to surpass us.

        How do you big-scale anything? Big, lovely machines, that use fuel.

        As for Whiskey’s dilemna, well, there will be juicy rewards for citizens loyal to Panem.

        • Agree, but the longer term is that China gets to use all the coal, oil, and nuclear electricity it wants to surpass us.

          Well, if the US grid is unstable and the electricity is too expensive we simply must move all our remaining production to a stable grid with cheap electricity….

          ….like China…

      • The problem with eliminating fossil fuels is that it destroys the basis for the petro-dollar, and therefore US D reserve currency status, and ergo our supremacy. Maybe that is the plan?

        • What problem is there. There are at least a million original thinking white creatives that fell through the cracks of our materialistic capitalist society, losers in other words, that could easily invent our way into a new technological reality that isn’t a net detriment to the white tribe, that simply need resources and support, to reinvigorate American capitalism towards non myopic technologies. By not shitting on our warrior class, we will reinforce our creative hegemony and punish intellectual property theft. Dissident philanthropists need to create IQ based schools to harvest these dormant white losers.

    • His decline in white male support lines up almost exactly with the supposed alt-right numbers. He did better with Latinos but his margins were lower in the rural upper midwest – fraud or not.

      Trump is finished and ACB wont do anything.

      • “His decline in white male support lines up almost exactly with the supposed alt-right numbers.”

        Which set of poll numbers are you chosing to believe, and why?

      • “All that pandering, kissing rapper ass and Platinum Plan gave Blompf a 0.6% increase in the vote while losing a full 5% of the white male vote. This was by far the stupidest campaign in Banana Republic of America history!”

        For months there was a meme/warning going around that Trump would lose the white nationalist vote. Coupled with the studies showing how a significant minority of white men have white nationalist views, it looks like that meme came true.

        Trump ignored white men, and it cost him the election. Kushner miscalculated that the increase in nonwhite votes would make up for white men.

        • Yep. Pretend all you want that 4 states all have people forging ballots and “cheating” under the noses of hundreds of volunteer judges and civil servants…

          Or accept that 75+ million Americans rejected him, and Trump couldnt turnout enough rural whites…


    • The funny thing is that despite the uptick in support from minorities (are they even minorities at this point, or are we?), there was no Blexit. Yet the Kirk/Shapiro/Walsh/Owens wing of the GOP keeps panting over a Blexit…any day now.

      You can bet in 2024 they’ll be desperately searching for another Blexit.

      • The good thing about the election is that it’s now completely clear republicans can never get appreciable amounts of black votes no matter what they do. If sucking up to blacks for years and promising $500 billion in free money when the other guy absolutely won’t do anything other than token gestures won’t do it, nothing ever will. That demographic is a lost cause and republicans should move away from any attempt to court them. Their vote is solely about racial loyalty — to their side — and nothing else.

  26. My concern now is that a lot of white people who were completely invested in a Trump victory will end up killing themselves because of this.

    • Did the white lefties actually move to Canada let alone commit suicide when She failed to win? They just cried, drank boxed wine and wore their vagina hats. Bubba Trump will just cry, drink beer and wear their baseball cap with their favorite negro felon league logo. He’ll only kill himself if he loses his job due to “the pandemic.”

      • Apples and oranges.

        Despair at ‘losing their country’ will lead to more alcoholism and drug-use. MAGA firearm ownership will do the rest

        Melodramatic women are 5X more likely to attempt suicide, but quiet men are 5X more likely to succeed.  Why?  Guns.  

        We might want them to train their fire on their enemies but most will train it on themselves.

        • Ugh why? So sad.
          I see that I’ve lost my country too. But I’m not depressed about it. I’m angry, pumping the iron, finding stuff that interests me. Slowly killing yourself just seems like a cowardly way out. Check out of society but not out of life. They seem to not be able to separate the 2 things.

          I’m still optimistic in the long term horizon.

          • Judas fookin’ priest, the lights are still on, the tweets tweeting…

            Wait. A-ha.

            Normie, in mass. just took the red pill.

          • Good on you. But be aware that many aren’t where you are and you need to be working on getting them there.

          • For me, it is not a loss per se that is so disappointing, but knowing what could have been. If 2016 Campaign Trump had been the reality of First Term Trump, we would be well on the way to fixing this place. There was a glimmer of hope with 2020 Campaign Trump, particularly given his opposition, that maybe 2nd Term Trump might have been better.

            What might have been hurts more. Although I am more frustrated than depressed.

        • Guns and sincerity. Men are, in general, more sincere.
          I have severe depression. I have a job I like, an attractive wife, an intelligent and healthy 4-month-old son, hobbies, friends, and I am still fucked up. (The election hasn’t worsened it.)
          That said, I think I understand why: screens, bad meals, and life in the squalor of my woke city. It’s killing me. But everything else that I need to live is here.
          I feel overmatched.

          • Damn sorry to hear that

            Modern life is unhealthy for us. You’re not the only one for sure.

            I have been depressed before, due to external circumstances, so I get it.

            Stay strong!

          • Congratulations on the baby! Clinical depression is no joke. Your GP will probably want to put you on SRIs. Before you do that, insist on a complete endocrine panel (which will tell you if you have out-of-wack hormones.)

          • Nice to see you didn’t get a lot of “man up” comments like I suspect you would for admitting that. Too many people on this side think its just “being soy” or whatever. The question about those committing suicide on our side is valid. When your “homeland” repudiates you, some are too far gone that this will be backbreaker. No idea how much or if notable, but it will happen. Especially given the hallowing out of the country further re: Covid. Stay strong, brother.

          • Food is a huge factor in feeling well.

            For me personally, if I’m crushed for time I look for healthy grab and go options at the grocery store like a soup, salad, or other somewhat balanced meal.

            If you’re really pressed, the big cans of Progresso soup are decent and cheap. Maybe a little high in sodium. 2 minutes in the microwave and you’ve got breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

            Any of it is better for you than a McWoke gut bomb.

          • “There, peeping among the cloud-wrack above a dark tor high up in the mountains, Sam saw a white star twinkle for a while. The beauty of it smote his heart, as he looked up out of the forsaken land, and hope returned to him. For like a shaft, clear and cold, the thought pierced him that in the end the Shadow was only a small and passing thing: there was light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach.”

            J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

            [God bless you man, I know it’s hard]

          • Most people here have something wrong with them: the vanguard is always a little off.

            You take care of that boy by any means necessary. He’s more important than a million of these comments.

    • Last night on DailyKos, there were more than a few that were admitting contemplating suicide. I haven’t checked in today, but I suppose their mood has improved.

    • My TrumpMustDie best friend, quietly observing lockdown til now, flew into a frothing fit this morn like it was 2017.

      I think we’re being set up. The Left media must be portraying us as hysteric and deranged, bereaved domestic terrorists ready for mayhem.

    • They go from Fluffy Bunnies and Unicorns to Suicide in an earthquake moment!? This does sound heartless…And…if we have descended to the level of no inner resources or resilience, no common sense or ability to deal with reality, then this is the beginning of the great culling. Not much can save them. I’ve seen people make a lifetime series of choices that leaves them a hollowed out shell. That with the first wind topples them over. You can lead a man to water….., etc etc.
      How many psychiatrists does it take to change a lightbulb?
      One….but the lightbulb must want to change.
      Tend to yourself, and find someone you love, just Be with them, love them up a tish. Find gratitude in even one someone or something. You/we are not responsible for a chunk of humanity. Thinking you are responsible for Humanity can suck the life force from your bones. Or give you a Messiah complex. Which will suck the life force from your bones.

    • Our people commit homicide-suicides, usually involving a spouse/loved ones. Look at gun memorial. It is a biologically white way of checking out. Almost all of the white people on that site who didn’t die from a jogger, died that way. It’s really something. That is what to watch out for. It is sad indeed. I’ve never understood the mentality of those that check out who kill the innocent or those closest to them. Makes no damn sense to me.

  27. Why not let Marxism seize the moment, and they roll out reparations, green deal, more++, and it collapses the world back to the 1800s, in a way that all people’s see who and what is responsible for destroying the modern era. You want those people in charge when it all collapses.

    Simply let it be.

    Your peace comes from the Inexpressible Mystery. Find this deeply to your core, and rest there, untill the moment is right.

      • I think you misunderstood “simply let it be”. Kipling would say it something like this “keep your head when all about you are losing theirs”.

        Don’t let runaway thought trains pull you away from your stand as a man, capable of action when the moment arrives

        • No I get it brother. Just a bad joke about having to go back to the 1800’s to see the (((people))) responsible without ending up on the wrong side of history. Plus a bit of skepticism whether the collapse will indict the right people in the minds of those who “voted” them in. But I do appreciate the stoicism and spiritual hardening you recommend, true words I do take to heart.

  28. The Left are really good at rigging.

    There are multiple reports across the country that polling stations only had Sharpies available to mark ballots.

    Sharpies that bleed through the ballot paper and render it invalid/uncountable.

    AP will call the election this afternoon and Biden will declare victory tonight.

    The GOP will let Trump twist in the wind.

    • I voted using a sharpie that bled through to the reverse side. The unwanted ink did not affect the scanned column, they were staggered adequately, and the reader threw no fits. Sharpies are a non-issue.

      • Too many people from Arizona are complaining on Twitter for it to be nothing.

        It’s very possible they had different machines, scanners, or validation criteria at their polling sites.

        • Arizona graduated to shithole status. This shouldn’t be surprising given the never trumper presence from mccains ghost, the influx of mexicans and california degenerates, and the libertarian goodwhites who never see any of it coming. I say this from CO which is now full retard like Oregon and blue prog from top to bottom. I should have left when the frogs started turning gay.

          Lots of big Trump caravans in these states but the goodwhites voted against Trump and not for Biden; no need for a parade when that is your motivation.

          • “should have left when the frogs started turning gay.” Frogs are turning gay here in southern Utah. Love your neighbor as yourself! Love everyone! Make no judgment!
            Half the households here have a gay kid or a kid who thinks he’s a female dragon. The LDS church is, like water on rocks, pushing beyond loving the gay kids to eventually festooning the chapel with Rainbows.  

          • But it is still just the Denver-Boulder corridor swinging it, the rest of the state is red. CO is a victim of the conplete ineptitude of the ball-less GOPe and the Blue Billionaires, nothing more.

    • The left all but came out and promised they would rig this election. So the question is, what did the right do to respond? I’m not talking about putting steps in place to ensure a proper counting of the votes, either.

      Ace reports that a thumb drive with 128,000 votes — all of them for Joe Biden — appeared in Michigan in the middle of the night. I have no idea if that’s true, but let’s say it is. Why, then, didn’t the GOP show up a half hour later with a thumb drive containing 129,000 votes for Trump? How could they not have plans in place to counteract every bit of leftist chicanery that Stevie Wonder could have seen coming months ago?

      • If lots of convenient trump votes showed up at a key time media would instantly call fraud, the three letter agencies would be out in force the same night, the votes would be thrown out, and a whole bunch of people would be going to jail.

        I understand it emotionally but we’ve got to get over the double standard meme. It’s obvious enough by now that they don’t care and aren’t bothered about appearances. They want you dead or a slave, anything that helps make you dead or a slave is legal, anything that impedes that is illegal. This is the essence and internal logic of the system.

        • I’m not concerned about the appearance of a double standard. I’m talking about our guys learning that they have to kick, scratch, and claw better than the opposition. So what if people “go to jail”? Tear down the walls and free them. Give judges an offer they can’t refuse. This is what’s eventually going to have to happen and I don’t see the point in putting it off any longer.

        • We saw four young white boys playing on their bicycles in the desert the other day. I can no longer ride in the sand, not having the requisite leg strength. My wife said, “I’ll bet you envy them.”
          I said I do not, that they will be white males trying to get jobs ten years from now.

  29. My Civ-Nat boomer family members are beside themselves. I’m actually afraid they’re going to give themselves heart attacks. Handing out red pills like candy. But only gentle small ones this week. They’ve had a hard night.

  30. We also had further confirmation that politics as a replacement for religion for the average Democrat voter. They had multiple Senate races where they wasted over $100 million or close to it and didn’t come close to winning. The middle class Democrats who donate to these races are the equivalent of Christians who give money to TV evangelists like Jimmy Bakker and Kenneth Copeland. That campaign consultants make huge money on these races is not even a secret anymore, there is just no excuse for giving money.

    • That’s a bit part of what happened to Trump, why his message changed.

      The Republicans steamrolled him into hiring their campaign managers.

    • You can’t build a community that we’re thinking of as long as the DA in the community is a Kamala Harris and the Governor is a Gavin Newsom or any derivative thereof.

      • Well that’s pretty obvious isn’t it which is why I’ve always said that if it’s not feasible to do it where you are at move to somewhere you can…But I think you knew that before you even posed that question…

        • They control the federal government. There is nowhere to go. Obama spent years flooding republican districts across the country with refugees and immigrants .There is nowhere you can go when they control the government, increasingly at all levels, including state governments. What’s the point of moving to a red state that’s quickly turning blue? Where can you go that they can’t follow? Where isn’t susceptible to demographic change? Where is it impossible for the Biden administration to amnesty illegals or sue your community for not being diverse enough or import refugees or build section 8 housing or bus in members of other communities to your schools or deny loans and federal aid until you embrace diversity? Answer: nowhere. But I’m sure you knew that.

    • Please stop with that scam Agent Mulder. It’s obvious nonsense meant to dox posters along with diverting attention to ultimately unproductive endeavors. Do not exchange contact information with this poster or meet up with him in the real world, as he’s often tried to set up. You’re NOT building any communites in this country under mass immigration, when the secret police are everywhere, when the other side controls a government that could easily break up your community any time they want just as Zimbabwe stole White communities in that country. Any claim to the contrary is based on either incompetence or delusion — or both. Stop with this nonsense. It’s a fruitless scam to sucker simpletons.

      Move where that can’t be flooded with diversity? Didn’t you say Montana the other day? Well, that state is well on its way to becoming another Colorado, so that’s a waste of time. Same with every other suggestion you’ve made. There is nowhere to go in this system that they can’t take from you. There are hundreds of prior examples. Just how stupid is the right to fall for this? The NFW was famous for being an FBI honeypot and NOTHING ever came of it. Duh. Waste. Of. Time. Yet I still see this stuff floating around. You want a true community that can’t be taken away from you except at gunpoint? Get your own country. Secede. Otherwise, get used to it.

  31. If Trump ultimately does lose, I wish to thank all of you on behalf of Illinois, the most corrupt state in the, ahem, union. Your gracious personal wealth will be transferred to bail us out from generations of our public theft and gross mismanagement. We shall be enabled to bleed you dry with clever, punitive taxes even past the point you believe you could possibly bear. Please smile when your new overlords JB Pritzker, his sister who formerly was his brother, and Lori Lightfoot issue their many edicts for your swift compliance. Remember to pay on time!

    • McConnell already signaled this morning that he will cave on state and local aid in a Coronavirus aid package to be passed this year. Here come the bailouts for CA, NY, NJ, IL, and KY. Time to fire up the money printer.

      I was all in on holding the line for another four years of Trump to buy some time for planning, but with Trump out I’m jumping back on the acceleration wagon. Let’s turn the Senate blue in ’22 and give Americans what they deserve, good and hard.

      Still interested in touching bases with you if you are planning an exit from Chicago. Post an email address if you’d like to touch base.

  32. I think it’s kind of telling that the Democrats aren’t trying to steal any Congressional seats. They appear to be willing to let Republicans win Senate and House seats without “harvesting” the votes they need to overturn results like they did in 2018. I think they are well aware that the nutless wonders in the GOP will start elbowing one another aside to be the first to call on Trump to step aside once the MSM has declared Groping Joe the winner.

  33. Hell no with the UN. “International observers” are on the same payroll as the election riggers.

  34. I’m sure he meant it in jest, but the only thing I disagree with today is the idea that the United Nations 😮 would be more effective rigging supervising an election than we already are.

    • The point he was making is that it couldn’t possibly be more corrupt. At this point I honestly believe the UN would show more integrity. That’s not praise for the UN, but condemnation of what a circus our nation has become.
      Democracy in a low trust society is impossible.

    • No entity could supervise, and therefore assure, a fair US election. The current mishmash of rules preclude such observation. And conversely, simply changing those rules back to common sense standards, typically in use 50 years or so ago would eliminate the need for such observation.

      • That’s true but thinking rules could be changed for a fix Conservatism thinking and it is the problem.
        The only rules that matter are “Do as I say.” now and anything that doesn’t build power for “Do as I say.” is useless.
        Power is all that matters now and if Trump loses in the end you can bless the Democrats every night for teaching you this valuable lesson.

        • Yup, when the rules and institutions providing limits and restraint are ripped away, all that is left is the will to power. Those with the strongest will to power are not pleasant people to be around or to live under, at all.

          • For people like us a Pinochet type nation is pretty pleasant, better still if you are the guys in charge.
            Our fear of will to power is understandable , the destruction of WW2 , the risk of nukes and the endless numbers of fathers carrying war wounds and PTSD is enough to sour anyone on that.
            Problem is we got so gun-shy we don’t even want to handle our own wives.
            That we must fix.

  35. I think it was the death knell of heritage America. Yeah you could put a silver lining on it as you could anything. But the thing that brought it home to me was that Texas was hanging in the balance for so long. Texas used to be the counterweight to California. Now it’s becoming the second California. Demographics really is destiny. And that means America is not America anymore. Was this a 4 yr reprieve?? Maybe, who knows how this chaos ends. But on the longer trends it just showed that the time is up for heritage America. In four years heritage Americans won’t stand a chance.

    Whites WILL become a minority in America, the real question is how to deal with that. Splitting up the country seems the least bad choice, and that is coming from a Lincoln admirer…

    • I’ve been saying this since I was 12 (which was weird for a 12 year old to say). But everyone was happy grilling steaks with illegals mowing their yards and while their perfectly good teenage labor was out smoking pot and playing video games. Chickens coming home.

      • I feel jaded, I kinda knew this could happen. But to actually see the cr*p going on in Wisconsin rght now….

    • I don’t know, there are still a fair number of normies out there who think the “cheating” is all a conspiracy theory (as the MSM has informed them). That silver lining is pretty damn thin.

  36. Zman didn’t you say the best result was Biden wins in what looks like a rigged election to awaken millions of Americans? Right now I would say it is looking exactly like that is happening.

  37. We ALL knew the left was going to cheat…on a biblical scale. Even MY DOG knew it. The problem is the system is SO CORRUPT that the left no longer even TRIES to hide the fact they are cheating. They have only one rule. WIN! And ANYTHING they do to achieve that goal is acceptable. The notion of “rule of law” is a convenient fiction to the left. A tool to use when it serves them, an archaic pointless notion to ignore when it doesn’t serve them. And normal, honest conservatives are too polite, too honest, too enslaved by the loyalty to the idea of “rule of law” to realize that no matter what we do the left always wins…..because we follow rules and they only follow the one rule…..WIN! If NOW is not the time to “pop P Mags”, “step off the porch”, begin the “Boogaloo” then the time is never going to arrive. And being polite, honest and lawful will be the epitaphs that end up on our graves and the slogans the left puts up above the gates to the camps they are planning for all of us who dared oppose their divine (satanic) right to rule.

    • Somewhere in time a white kid with a freshly minted black eye courtesy of diversity’s greatest strength is yelling back at the dusky vibrant hoard running off with his new hightops that his dad is gonna sue their dads into poverty.

    • The Left’s cheating is not hidden, in part because revealing it further divides our nation and turns our people against each other. It’s part of the psyops going on here, to break us down. The genius of it is there really isn’t a good response to it, unless all sides agree to drop the arguments—which the Lefties will never do, as they have been too intensely indoctrinated into their side of the game.

  38. The big news is the collapse in Trump support among white men: Trump enjoyed a 31 point advantage in 2016, but this fell to only 18 points in 2020 and may keep falling as the battleground states wrap up counting.

    Trump did better than 2016 with every other demographic except white men. And honestly, bravo to white men for not blindly throwing their support to someone who never reciprocated.

    Despite the voter fraud—for which Trump had plenty of time to prepare since seeing it unfold in the 2018 midterms—this is all on Trump. His dithering on the riots kept Minnesota blue and turned Wisconsin blue. However “real” the Covid threat was, his inability to push out more stimulus lost him the support of white men (who have been disproportionately affected by unemployment; black nurses are still twerking on Tiktok). Trump was handed every possible advantage and warning to boost white male support beyond the margins possible for voter fraud, and he blew it.

    The good news is that our movement is no longer tied to the future of Trump and we should prepare for an influx of disaffected white men.

    • i’ve heard the same, though i can’t figure out if it was trump’s actions that made white men not support him or the riots scaring them.

    • It will be interesting to see if Trump takes this to the courts. I have a feeling his twitter bluster is just that, and he will go more or less quietly by the end of the week.

      And there will be no right-wing rioting—there never has been; even Charlottesville was completely the fault of the left. There might be a few halfhearted rallies by hardcore Trump supporters, but for the most part the right will accept it quietly after a few days of moaning on social media.

      Then we’ll find out if the Harris era will be anti-White accelerationism, or if it’ll be a slackening off if anti-Whites retreat into Netflix and chill. In any case, the next 4 years would only have been time wasted (as if anyone would actually have “prepared” under a second term) interspersed with constant Trump betrayals on DACA and every other thing.

      • Maybe Trump fulfilled his duty to repay all the (((creditors))) who bailed him out. Having the election stolen from him would allow him to leave the field with a shred of dignity.

      • Go blow your beretta if the future is so unwinnable. Despair is a sin, and you are a profligate sinner.

    • Fact check: True. No “Platinum Plan” with spinning rims for the white man. No! But who buys the platinum for the platinum plan? The lineman and the plumber getting up at 3am.

      • Yeah, such pandering so close to the election might very well have turned off any number of White males struggling to make ends meet.

    • Trump did really well with Hispanics- apparently he came close to flipping some Texas border counties that went 3:1 or 4:1 for Clinton in 2016. Hispanics really hate BLM!

      Kushner was overeager- it looks like the moment in which the GOP will be able to completely abandon their white base to Oxycontin while they pander exclusively to the brown “family values” plurality is still 4 or 8 years away.

      The “abandon the white base to drugs and pander to everyone else” strategy juuuust didn’t make it in 2020, but by the next presidential election it will probably be a safe strategy.

      Problem is, the Democrats have the same strategy, so which party will win the hearts and minds of the new brown plurality? I think a comment below was prescient: the two parties will probably merge into one with dynastic rule for decades, like the PRI in Mexico.

      The PRI’s full name, the “Institutional Revolutionary Party,” actually describes the woke globalism of the GOP and Democrats to a tee.

      • Even if Trump loses, this will encourage the GOP survivors that hispandering works. I smell bipartisan amnesty.

      • Shocked when a commenter here mentioned “crucifixes banned in Mexico City, 1920s”.

        Whatever Trotsky brought, it got loose. They should’ve icepicked him sooner. Maybe the Azteca were trying to pin it in place.

    • He began losing me when he did nothing about the riots. He lost me completely when he didn’t slap down Fauci

      • I’m not sure he didn’t covertly sponsor the riots, which probably helped him. His confused and contradictory response to covid probably hurt him.

      • I don’t blame him for the riots – that was on the local Dem poles who let it burn, and they deserved it. Fuck them.

        The mask/Covid fraud was more on him, although for the most part he left it up to the states to decide.

        No, what did it in for him was the blatant POC pandering, without giving any support to his own battered supporters. Where was his “if I had another son he would be Cannon Hinnant” moment?

        • I get your point, but that said, I can’t get my head around an “America First” president who would let his country burn. Yes, I get the details of how it’s a local problem, but it was always bigger than that. He owed it to the country to do something real and concrete. My two cents

    • I remember at his rallies, he always talked about Hispanic and black and asian unemployment. But not white men. The 99% white male crowd cheered a bit.

      It would be funny if it was the alt-right guys who ended up sinking him. He did perform better with Hispanics.

        • I’m sure YOU have, but see, some of us don’t really like that sort of thing.

          The “trump hurt my feelings by not being literal hitler” crowd will realize their mistake soon enough anyway. Enjoy your support of president Kamala, I’m sure she has lots of nice things planned for you.

          • Sorry, I’m done with the least of two evils bit. It hasn’t been working out. Trump would be GWBs 2nd term on steroids anyway. President Kamala will be the most hated President in US history, bar none. Whatever her plans for me it can’t be worse than some orange fuck who eventually designates us all as terrorists anyway to appease rap stars.

          • Here’s some hard won life experience that my other hard won life experience tells me you will dismiss rather than heed…

            NEVER ever never EVER begin a sentence with “it can’t be worse”.

            Yes it absolutely can.

          • Perhaps it HAS to be worse. I still voted for Trump but with very low expectations given what’s happened and what always happens in a second term.

  39. The Republicans should start cheating back. Nevada says they won’t count any more ballots until Thursday for some reason. Why not just start printing up Trump ballots in the counties around Lake Tahoe like the Democrats did for Biden in Michigan and Wisconsin? If Trump wins Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Nevada he makes 270.

  40. “These disgusting piggish buffoons must meet the fate of all tyrants.”
    I’d like to thing this could happen but the prosperity our ancestors bequeathed to us has ruined us. We’ll get used to it.

  41. “These disgusting piggish buffoons must meet the fate of all tyrants.”
    A thousand times AMEN.

  42. Note that there was extremely little rioting and looting last night.

    It’s almost as if the people in charge knew that is a terrible look and called the whole thing off.

    The few scuffles in DC appear to be the work of the lunatics and true believers

    • I suspect riots were put on pause unless circumstances indicate a successful Trump legal challenge.

  43. I recommend white men to introduce themselves as trannies cause that’s the only way they’ll get to have a future from now on.(I’m half jokin’)

    US elects first transgender State Senator, as Sarah McBride takes Delaware for the Democrats

  44. If anyone needs some entertainment head to VD’s blog and watch the commenters slowly realize Trumpslide isn’t happening.

    • Heh.Heh.Heh.

      Cracks me up how Vox rags on J. Peterson for the cray-cray, but VD is always throwing out insane conspiracy predictions which he conveniently never follows up on (and bans commenters who do).

      His blog, his rules. But how anyone can follow the web he weaves for more than a month or two is beyond me.

      • Vox may have the worst personality and be the most insecure man who ever lived… but he’s OUR terrible personality insecure man and he takes some chances and makes moves that most wouldn’t – actively trying to create rightist pop culture products for example.

        What purpose does crapping on him and his fans serve?

    • To be fair, his cray-cray was not in calling a Trumpslide, but in thinking the Dems would allow a Trumpslide (particularly after the 2016 debacle). Had this been a truly free and fair election, Trumpslide would likely have happened. But we haven’t had a free and fair election around these parts in at least 100 years, 2016 being an aberration because the Dems thought, for once, they did not have to cheat much.

      • A close friend with an acquaintance involved in intelligence told her that Pres. Trump was ahead in 47 out of 50 states. So, in a free and fair election, a Trumpslide would have happened.

        • I guess that’s the cope they’re going with. It was rigged! Well, maybe in Michigan. But not in 47 states. Biden won the popular vote anyway. The cult is never defeated, it just regroups.

  45. The wicked elites are about to set cities aflame by their reckless actions. It is inconceivable that Trump or Biden will graciously concede. We now know where this is headed. Eventually, the Supremes will decide in Trump’s favor. That’s when the dry brush of political corruption will explode. I am so happy I abandoned big urban areas 20 years ago.

    • I find Mexican elections to be interesting. You have to present an ID card with your thumbprint on it….in Mexico. Great immigration laws too. This clusterfuk was made in the USA.

    • I’ve spent way too much reading and learning about all this shit over the last few months so I’m going to go contrary to all the blackpilling here a bit. I actually don’t think Biden will get away with it in the end. Trump’s people have known they would try this. Trump probably had that “I know we won” speech prepared because he knew Creepy Joe would be giving a speech to set up the narrative of “count every vote – including the fake ones”. Trump is a bull-headed egomaniac who will not calmly allow himself to be bested by a zombie and a whore.

      Over the next weeks and months the recounts and court challenges will be fought out and by January Trump will be grudgingly declared the winner. That’s when the fun starts. Invest in fire suppression equipment companies.

      • You may be right. The democrats’ efforts seem so blatant. I’ve noticed that there has been (as of yet) no verbal pushback by the democrats and their shills in the media that this is just a conspiracy theory.

  46. The chaos in PA is absolutely intentional. A planned coup that’s taking place right in front of us.

    • We in Pennsylvania were forced to watch as a deranged man in a dress lectured us about “science“ all year. Pennsylvania has a governor who does not know what his job is, doesn’t care, and doesn’t care that you know.

    • Next will come prosecution of Trump and his few loyalists for dissent. We live in an authoritarian dystopia, in fact one so broad and on the nose it would be scarcely believable as fiction.

  47. I find it fascinating. It’s like an electoral hurricane that’s hitting land at just the right place for maximum political impact. Whether it spits out an illegitimate Alzheimer’s patient and his whore sidekick or the orange clown, either way, maximum impact. Obviously my own state CA has no future but that’s a given. We’ll be southern Italy in 10 years. Yet more incentive to move. I see moving vans being the big winner in this election.

    • I’m in CA as well. Our house hunting trip to FL is in January. I’ll be damned if I pay for the train to nowhere, public employee pensions and illegal alien health care.

      • I’m more than happy to leave soon, and now a felon can vote in my place. I love how we rejected the Prop that would have clamped down on shoplifting, as even chain stores are closing from rampant theft. Everyone will be ordering their groceries online soon as no one will physically be allowed in the stores. But the demographics, even in the 80s, pointed to this future.

        • I moved to CA from FL 22 years ago. When I lived in FL it was in south FL. Don’t recommend that as it is heavily jewish and diverse.
          I am looking at the Nocatee/Ponte Vedra area in St Johns County. Saw a promotional video and noticed it was filled with white people with one obligatory negro in the background. Definitely an under the radar appeal to whites. No large college or corporation either. Far enough north in the state for easy evacuation in event of hurricane.
          Check out the video:

          • Nocatee area. My old stomping ground. Lovely area but it will be expensive. Oh, and the new purple state of Florida just voted a $15 minimum wage. A hamburger’s gonna cost you thirty bucks soon.

        • Good, Falcone, heartened as I was going to urge you to buy FL because your heart is there.

          No place like home.

      • You won’t have to pay for it. We are moving into a cashless economy with a guaranteed basic income (digital), which will simply be “generated” by Big Tech, which is going to replace all banks. It’s already a done deal in Europe, and the Dems introduced the “enabling legislation” in September to move us to a cashless economy. Their target date remains 1 January, although the Trump Revolution (which is what it is) might delay that for “vote counting” and all the lawfare and whatnot. Then the forced vaccinations. Global famine is right over the horizon, too.

    • You should be so lucky to become southern Italy. No you are going to be southern Juarez in 10 years bud, sorry.

    • We were looking to move as well. Sadly for us the same type of New Yorker that ruined VT are snapping up properties all over the Berkshires, NH, and ME, sight unseen. (I’ve heard similar stories about Californians w/ TX, MT, and WY.)

      • I was in Bozeman recently. they’re calling it Boz-Angeles. Definitely the NW for me (and not Seattle or Portland metro).

        • I really like the Oregon coast and there are some red enclaves there. But the state has high income taxes. Also looked at Vancouver WA (no income tax) and right across the Columbia River from Oregon (no sales tax). But I am sure the area is flooded with Portlanders trying to recreate the mess they made on the other side of the river.
          So FL is the likely choice. Will have to get out of there between June and October.

          • Vancouver, or “the Couv” as it is known locally, is horrible. A sprawling ugly bedroom community filled with fast food joints, ersatz Mongolian and Thai restaurants, miles of tacky strip malls, insane drivers and clueless libtards that are just now starting to understand what it means to be blessed with vibrancy. Cross it off your list.

          • I’ll second what Peabody said. My job used to take me to Vancouver a lot. What most surprised me was the way it was just sort of a vast sprawl of strip malls surrounding a decrepit haunted-looking downtown area.

            I also don’t recommend OR. It’s hard to believe but our politics are actually even wackier than CA’s. The problem is that, while CA actually has quite a few based, heritage whites, everyone in Oregon seems to have moved here less than 20 years ago, precisely because it’s so Left wing. As a result the whites here are actually more liberal than the few minorities we have. It’s why it was white Antifa, not the blacks who burned Portland (and will soon be burning it again). They will keep on voting in wammen governors forever and those income taxes you mentioned will be paying for them to build more light rail in Portland to move “peaceful protesters” from riot, to weed shop, to microbrew pub, to rehab clinic. Oh, and the weather really is THAT bad. Portland only gets 39″ of rain a year but it all falls as drizzle and mist that drags on for weeks on end in the winter and spring. Yes, that’s right, even our famous rain here is fake and ghey.

          • The weather wouldn’t bother me. I grew up in upstate NY where the sun is a rumor. But I’ve concluded that Oregon is better to visit than live.

        • I was on Bozeman last year, but yeah it’s libbed out.

          I hear Boise, ID is also toast, as is Spokane, WA.

          Eastern Idaho might be okay for a bit.

          • Look at the Bitterroot Seriously…Look at the map of the recent elections…We put a Republican gov back in office first in 16 years…Also put Daines back in as well as Rosendale…Come build Community with me here in MT…

          • I love MT. Suits me well. Except it’s nearly as converged as CO. I appreciate there are vast swaths of free territory but if you go most places for supplies it is surprisingly blue. Which is messed up given heritage Montanans whom I could easily live next to.

          • So I ask myself WTF we can move. Until about three years ago, I went out into the Alaskan bush for ten days alone every other year. The real deal. My former jump buddy operates a float and bush pilot business there. But where he lives on the coast it is very very shit lib. So where to go. The Ozarks? Not the kind of winter I require. We are former patrons of Telluride CO but that place is now Cali-NY despite the altitude. We’re running out of territory for serious social distancing.

          • A lot of whites in Oklahoma have some Indian (feather, not dot) blood. And contrary to Elizabeth Warren’s claim, there is no shame in it. But culturally, they are redneck whites. So that 60% white is somewhat deceiving.

            There are pockets of negroes, but they are easily avoided. Outside of OKC and Tulsa, Oklahoma is hardcore redneck country.

          • One of these days, I have to research the “Black Wall Street” that supposedly existed in Tulsa. I am sure it is BS. Why haven’t they been able to recreate it elsewhere, especially given all the civil rights laws?

          • Running to the wilderness is pointless. You will just die tired and alone. That being said, dont stay behind enemy lines – CA, OR, WA, NY, DC, Chicongo, etc are nonsurvival zones for Our People.

    • Those fleeing now have to forget about finding a like-minded state – you have to focus on rural counties to find pockets of sanity. Obviously steer well clear of urban areas. Ask prospectvive counties about their “master plan” for “progress and growth” … if they have one, run in another direction. Check for preferred demographics via census stats. Ditto for education and income. For those serious about moving, know in advance that everything is a trade off; e.g. want airport and interstate proximity? So do progressives. Want great public amenities? So do progressives. Wonderful restaurants and Starbucks? Etc. One thing about states though … find one that confiscates the least given your income and investment portfolio. I like TN; YMMV.

      Dissidents need to be prepared to go places where life is a little harder, a little colder, and/or a little more rustic. One thing I’ve learned in the boonies these last 10 years … joggers don’t like hard work. If you go where the demographics revolve around dirt-under-the-fingernail laborers – loggers, cowboys, fishermen and farmers – then you won’t find many joggers, lesbians, Marxist academics or skinny jean wearing girly-men with $100 hairdos.

      Last piece of advice – don’t move to the sticks and then commence to complain about crappy schools, crappy roads, crappy internet, etc. Coalition building will be key to your new move. Go somewhere where YOU can make things better. Have something to offer your new community. Your new neighbors won’t want to hear about how great the amenities were back in Wonderland.

      • You want to avoid any town with a university beyond a community college. Also no significant presence of large corporations. For demographic info, the census is probably no longer reliable. I didn’t even answer this year. What I do for local demographics is look at the local schools on greatschools.com. They are updated annually and since they think diversity is a virtue, they don’t hide it.

  48. Look, Amy Coney Barret is about to become the most powerful woman in the world. With the fate of a nation in her well-manicured hands. Hands filled with virtue. Mind filled with neutrality, objectivity.

    A saint.

    And IMO she no sooner was confirmed when she signaled to the real ‘big guy’ that she planned to revert to form. After all, she is a classic “liberal” as defined not very long ago.

    As a betting man, she ends up the pivotal ‘justice’ … she will screw the pooch. The media will sell you this crap sandwich and you’ll either have to eat it, and ask for more … or take to the forests.

    • The adoption of two Haitian kids and the retention of her maiden name are giveaways. Blacks use the surnames of both parents because the parents are unmarried. White women do it to strike against the patriarchy.

      • Yes, agreed all the way. A woman with a hyphenated last name is a red flag, in ALL settings and dealings.

        Saving the world two non Americans at a time is the working, rich woman’s version of what, the Peace Corps?

        • +1 million to you and skeptic16.

          I warned people that ACB would be all downhill from the blank notepad.

          • Yes, yes. Look at that ‘soccer mom’ skinsuit. Pure as the driven snow. Girlish voice, little smirk a she shows she is sooo very smart, no notes teacher!

            Women are warned to avoid men with the perfect coif. Perfect crease in their slacks. Too perfect means a nasty narcissist is inside, ready to devour another life for its “fuel”.

            Is it that even red-pilled men have no discernment? All the signs are there that this wahmen is going to luxuriate in a warm bath of coconut-scented bubbles. Don here robe with perfect hair and nails evident. And lavish herself with virtue as she crushes the hopes of Donald Trump and every person that was in a car, boat, truck caravan… and voting booth.

      • Her recounting how she cried over Fentanyl Floyd’s death with her two adopted Haitian children opened my eyes.

  49. The only upside to an overt theft of the election (and putting a dementia patient in charge of the sole remaining superpower) is that we hit bottom sooner. Then the real fun begins. There will be Jackboots and there will be real pain. Smarter now is imperative. Go dark, it’s pretend Walter Mitty time. Stay off the Fed radar. Be patient, ready, and focused. Simple, Secret, Solo, and Spontaneous. It’s the only way to be sure.

      • You can’t defeat what you never see coming, and didn’t even know it was there until after the fact. Or looks like an accident, equipment malfunction, bolt from the blue, or freakish Act of God. In our modern world, smarter beats braver every time. If you want to stay alive in either a soft or hard tyranny, learn to think outside the box.

        • The readers of the Armstrong Economics Blog have known for many months what was coming. And what IS coming. A regular commenter on this thread has recommended it numerous times. I add my recommendation.

          • Martin Armstrong has warned about The Great Reset. Destroy the economy and then rebuild it in the name of fighting climate change and the Chinese Flu. It’s the Green New Deal on steroids and will massively increase government power. People will lose their jobs and businesses and then be provided with a UBI to sit home and watch tv. The elites think that they won’t rebel because they won’t bite the hand that feeds them. The Great Reset is intended to be imposed on the entire world, but China and Russia won’t go along with it. Pres. Trump is blocking their plan to impose it on the United States, so he needs to go.
            Mr. Armstrong’s thinking is that history is cyclical, not linear. His computer software program “Socrates” projected that Pres. Trump would win re-election by a narrow margin and that 2020 would be the most corrupt and violent in American history. Civil war is here and 2024 may be the last election. WWIII may break out in the mid 2020s, China will become the world’s premier financial power in 2032 and the US may cease to exist after 2034.

          • When you step on a cockroach, you are not technically engaging in a fight. So, with due respect to Tzu, the supra-supreme art of war is to step on the cockroach when he doesn’t see it coming.

        • To be honest I don’t want to stay alive in a soft or hard tyranny. If it came to that I’d just be seriously contemplating the best most responsible place and time to draw a line in the sand and get killed rather than submit. They intentionally make it hard to develop that resolve though… it’s always only a little indignity here or a friendly face passing on government edicts there. Eventually you’re transformed from a man into a worm and stored away in a dark cold box somewhere.

          Everyone should read the gulag archipelago, it’s useful context for a lot of realistic futures we need to be personally and communally avoiding. We’re not the first or only people to face this situation

    • That’s just the thing: Biden will not be in charge of the sole remaining superpower anymore than post-stroke Wilson. Maybe we’re about to find out who the real government is.

      • Indeed. It certainly isn’t going to be Whorin’ Harris. Then again, maybe Harris will actually try to rule and fuck up in spectacular ways that further de-legitimize the system.

        • Would be nice, but we should understand that normie truth is filtered through a dozen layers of press manipulation.

          That’s how Trump went from funny, warm, avuncular and boisterous guy with a common touch… to insane orange man bad.

          Bland impersonal egotist Obama became a charismatic savior. Hell they even convinced nice white ladies that big mike is a glamorous graceful lady through constant repetition and liberal photoshop.

          Most people’s (read: most MSM consumers) sense of reality is stage managed to an almost unbelievable degree.

  50. Forgive me. I have read no MSM account of the election and my only exposure to what has been happening is here on Z man’s blog. By far the most reliable account. Already, in my UK based office I had one colleague sound off this morning about ‘another four more years of Trump’… I assume from comments here that it is as yet undecided but looking likely for Biden?

    In any case, the gloves are now off. If Biden has won, and we see a continuation of all the nonsense the last year has thrown at us; well, there is no nasty orange man to blame now. In a way, as much as it pains me to say it (and I regret saying it as I am not in the US – in the firing line) it is one step closer to linking madness and decline with Democrats and your whole system in general. I know it has been said billions of time before, but an event that hastens the exposure of the system has it’s silver lining.

    Like I say though, I am in the relative safety of the UK, and don’t consider myself in immediate physical danger – from rogue as well as State operatives. Godspeed to all of you.

    Also, I am glad that many of the comments here so far express a will to continue and not mope about. Self pity is something that needs to be marshaled strongly.

    • The decline will not be linked to the powers, like the soviet union it will all be the fault of “wreckers” secret bad thinkers like you and me who must be rooted out by informants and crushed together with all of their families. Like how the corona always spreads, not because masks and lockdowns never worked, but because of the few dissenters who visited their grandma or didn’t wear a mask at the park.

      This is how authoritarianism works. The collapse will just be used as cause to inflict further suffering on the system’s enemies.

  51. What a shock that in the last couple hours, Wisconsin and Michigan have turned blue. I knew the election was going to be a farce but I’m still beyond irritated with it being carried out.

  52. For people not on Gab, the Zman’s Gab comment on the election is also very sharp:


    I must admit that even though I’ve been predicting a rigged election for months, it is still a let down to see it happening. It’s like the passing of an old friend who has been sick for a long time. You know what’s coming, but it still feels bad when it happens.

    America has been sick for a long time. Most here have known it. Some maybe hoped Trump was the miracle cure. Others thought they had reconciled themselves to the inevitable. Others thought Trump would buy some more time with our old friend America.

    Last night America died. Everyone is justified in feeling bad about it. Treat this like the loss of an old friend. Mourn now, but then use this reality to help your normie friends move past their civic nationalist nostalgia into the cold reality of now, just as you would help a friend mourn the loss of a parent.

  53. A contested election is bad for ending the Covid hysteria.

    A clear Biden win would have been a return to normalcy.

    A clear Trump victory could have been a mandate to end it.

    Now the face mask will be the required mark of obedience to the elite who were unable to gain a clear cut victory.

    • It’s going to be mandatory masks and vax all the way down, just like Melbourne, Australia.

      • The election results were never in question, the USA, russia, Belarus, Syria, and maybe poland/hungary are the only countries not in line with Globohomo plans. USA is the only consequential nation.

        So they really need USA under control. It will happen one way or the other.

        • It’s called a “Color Revolution”, and the color of ours is Black (how appropriate is that?). It is a combination of burning down the physical landscape, destroying the country’s political and social institutions from within, and turning the population against itself. They have practiced this stuff for a long time, mostly in Eastern Europe (to keep the newly freed Soviet satellite states from establishing themselves), and now it is our turn, the big enchilada.

        • Eventually it will get to the point where you need a current vaccine passport and DNA-verified loyalty oath to BLM to leave your sleeping tube and access your online Fedcoin account to check the balance.

  54. The sheer number of the foreign born alone in California is all the evidence you need that governments at every level in the USA have been absolutely begging for abolition for decades.

    The fact that the attorney general in Pennsylvania all but admitted he’s going to steal the result is another.

  55. Question, election related, not necessarily topic related: AL, MS and LA all have high diversity 27%+, yet quickly called for the red team. Do the whites there know what they’re in for if they don’t vote red, so fewer go blue? Based on % numbers MS voted along demographic lines… Can someone in one of these states provide feedback? Just curious…

    • AL, MS and LA all have high diversity 27%+, yet quickly called for the red team. Do the whites there know what they’re in for if they don’t vote red, so fewer go blue? … Can someone in one of these states provide feedback? 

      I’m a lifelong resident of Louisiana. Most whites are Republican/conservative. This is true even for upper middle class whites as well. I don’t think I can explain why because it’s all I have really known. In day to day life, you generally assume whites that you encounter are Republicans and blacks are Democrats. If you are dealing with a white person who has children (including women), it’s almost a certainty.
      Just as with terms like “joggers”, people will actually use the term “Democrats” to refer to blacks. For example, if a school is heavily black, you might say, “they’re are a lot of Democrats at that school.”
      I’ve many times encountered people (who aren’t from the most educated or worldly crowd) who will be genuinely surprised that majorities of whites vote Democrat in other parts of the country. It’s accepted as a fact of life that almost all blacks are Democrats and most whites are Republicans.

      • Thanks for the insight… I have customers in LA and MS in a very blue collar industry so I know how they’re skewed… I just don’t have insight as to why Suzie homemaker in suburban Dallas votes blue, but the same demo in AL, MS, LA votes red…
        We also make reference to Democrats (for the demographic), although sometimes the reference is Canadians… Only the really red-pilled (Is that right, I get my pill colors mixed up), get the jogger reference…

        • All of the states you referenced have large negro populations. So the white residents of those states deal with negroes on a regular basis.

          I attended a majority negro high school. Trust me, if you deal with negroes up close and personal on a daily basis for an extended period of time, you are immune from “white guilt” for life. You will not vote for an anti-white political party.

          I doubt many suburban housewives in Dallas have had much experience dealing with feral negroes in large numbers.

  56. All too true, Z.

    And, if they win this one… we will never win another one either. When one side decides the rules don’t matter anymore, and get away with it… it’s time to go to diplomacy by other means.

  57. Some in my family were mildly surprised at my lack of focus on “election night.” Despite me telling them all along there would be no “winner” on 3 November 2020.

    I did not consume one minute of TV. Why expose myself willingly to insurance scam ads, new pharma “medicines” I never heard of and the like. Plus, I already own a lot of pillows.

    The Democrats have been honing their art of stealing elections for generations. The biographer Robert Caro is on record, video record, as anti-Trump. In a wimpy, nerdy way, but a position nonetheless. However, he is also the author of the multi-volume biography of Lydnon Johnson. These books are practically a set of instructions on how to steal elections via LBJ, a truly corrupt human being, and his handlers.

    Especially of note in the Caro work is how Johnson was propped up but those behind the scenes. At one point, the lowly school teacher in rural Texas, Johnson, ‘needed money’ to not be ‘poor’ around powerful people. Poof, his handlers got him wealth.

    It’s all in the Caro LBJ books, I have read them all, they are a slog at times. But they tell you not only what you need to know, but notably nerdy biographer Caro never seems to condemn this behavior — yet he cannot seem to abide by Trump’s “new yorkness”, you know, mean tweets.

    • Read those books when they came out.

      My wife claimed to be related to LBJ in some manner.

      My response, “You know he was a real asshole, right?”

    • You can be certain every mid to high level cretin in government has read “The Power Broker” (by R. Caro) about Robert Moses. It’s like their bible. Robert who?

      Robert Moses was/is a god to central planners. He basically built modern New York, and was never once elected to office. Fascinating story, but just like Caro’s LBJ books, it gets into the essence of what TRUE power is when wielded by our men with no chests overlords.

      • Ah, yes, the Moses book. I own and read that one too but stayed on the topic of stealing elections. The State Park named after old Robert is a notorious homosexual haunt, BTW. Look it up. Proof that God has a sense of humor? New York baseball fans surely don’t have fond memories of Moses.

        And the point that geeky biographer Caro seems so put off by Donald Trump’s brash style, but never seemed put out by the bureaucrat/dictator Moses any more than the thought of LBJ’s breath as he cornered politicians as he “button holed” one of them… or the countless women he (blank) holed. Imagine giving it up to that ugly, jug-eared thing on both counts.

        • God has a sense of humor? Let us say, rather, a sense of the ridiculous. Ridiculous is far more common than funny. Just look around.

          • “Ridiculous is far more common than funny.”


            Oh, well shit. Guess you don’t find Benny Hill funny, er, ridiculous.

            Props for not spelling it “rediculous”.

    • yet he cannot seem to abide by Trump’s “new yorkness”, you know, mean tweets.

      And that is what sums up most whites who don’t like him, at least. I had forgotten, but in days lately innocuously asking those in my life what was wrong with Trump, what had he done that was so horrific, it basically boiled down to mean tweets. It always amazes me how soft people are. But then again it took me sometime to bust out of that mold as well, being raised in the same middle class enclave, although I was never as far gone as these folks.

      • At least you busted out of the wet paper bag of feelz. Looking back, I owe a massive debt of gratitude to every man I worked for, from a young age not to go all ok boomhauer and attract trolls BUT … to every one of them that busted my ass. For leaving grease in the ‘a’ of a Craftsman wrench. Fucking something up on a job site when the boss came by.

        It no longer amazes me how many of the ‘men’ I come across that basically process along the emotional lines of a teenage girl. Affluent men, ‘successful’ yet total cunt nerd city.

        Yet these weaklings are watching their country be stolen right before their eyes by more devious people of their own ilk.

        Ask a ‘man’ why he hates Trump and he’ll screw up his widdle face and spit out something womanly.

    • White Pill Time.First, President Trump is a fighter and not out yet.

      More important and this will sound like a Black Pill, its not.

      US society is immiserated to the point that no one who participates in it wants to have children. The fertility rate is at an all time low and has been lower every year for year after year, Replacement is 2.1
      The Latino TFR is now 1.8 which while a tiny bit higher than White at 1.6 is below replacement, so is the Black, Asian, Amerind and every group except Pacific Islanders (2.1) highly religious who are at about 3 or more for Orthodox and the Amish at around 7 who double every 2 decades!
      Even during the Trump Microboom , the TFR went down again and again.
      We live in a a failed society and no candidate has a plan to fix it because frankly it can’t be .
      The population will decline and eventually only the faithful will remain. And yes its possible that we could try to bring in more Nigerians. I suspect they are too intractable for the Elite and frankly while they will say the opposite, the Woke are very racist as are the Left.
      This tell me that if the DR grabs some land during the inevitable chaos and can goose fertility up a bit over time, they can win.
      A 35% fertility increase will not be easy but its doable and in time with effort you can pull your own Reconqusita and have the nation you want.
      Get an ideology that works first and apply the requires long term thinking and effort while not despairing at the drop of a hat and you can have it.

  58. I really thought that a middle finger would stab a hole through the sheet of corruption; guess that’s on me. Btw, what’s going on in MI is just jaw-dropping.

    • As soon as those fine folks in Philly got tired of counting votes and called it quits for the evening went to manufacture more votes last night the writing was on the wall. All that remains to be seen is if Trump is just Gore with orange hair or somebody who was ever worth supporting.

      • I agree. We will soon if Trump’s balls are as big as his bluster. I actually think they are. His gigantic ego and obsession with “winning”, which have gotten him into trouble so often, will also drive him to fight the theft tooth and nail.

  59. The American mastodon, trapped in the tar pits, expired some time ago. The question now is how long before the vultures feeding on the carcass run out of rotted meat.

  60. Somehow markets are gapped way up and volatility has vanished like tears in rain.

    What does Wall Street know that we don’t.

    • “What does Wall Street know that we don’t.”
      How to pump and dump. They choose the timing of both.

    • I suspect they are betting on two things: Quick end to COVID BS, and pork laden infrastructure package. Or in short, a return to the normal looting of the nation.

    • They’ll probably have Biden wearing a mask with a little recorder in it projecting his voice as if he’s talking live during the oath taking because there’s no way that potato makes it thru the all day ceremonies with enough active brain cells left to carry it off. No ball either which will be blamed on The Rona but it’s really cause it will be way past his bedtime.

  61. This is completely the result I expected. From a dissident perspective, it is the best result possible. Even the thickest, fattest, burger-grilling BoomerCon is watching his vote being stolen. It is very important to delegitimize the United States’ existing government before it can be dismantled or, if it is even possible, reformed. We are about to have tens of millions of NormieCons radicalized to an extent unprecedented in American history. I cannot emphasize what a good thing this is. My guess about the best-selling gift this Christmas? DVD sets of the televised reporting last night and the events about to take place. Give them to someone you love.

    • Might’ve shifted the Overton Window some, but that’s about it. Your millions of radicalized Americans will stay in such a state so long until the next excuse to hunch over their smart phone avails itself. So about five minutes, tops.

      • Disagree. There are millions radicalized now. How they react will depend on the degree of oppression. My guess is “Biden” backs off a bit because of the rage, and makes symbolic arrests of “white supremacists.” Still, an economic downturn or loss in war, both likely, and the country comes apart at the seams. Dissidents are in a far better position today than yesterday.

        The United States is a dead empire walking now.

    • Yes, but they need guidance in how to properly focus their rage and motivation. Do not join a militia, there will always be a Fed turd in the punch bowl. Don’t make it easy for them to target you. The elites want the coming battles to be pleb-on-pleb, patriots vs LEOs; a decimation among the peons. Focus/Focus/Focus. The real disease is actually few in number and a very manageable problem. And technology is your friend and a great equalizer.

      • Fully agree. People need to be smart. Violence is something to be studiously avoided. The State has delegitimized itself. Help that along and make it continue to do so. You are right. Their bench is shallow and they are a manageable problem.

        My guess is the Deep State conducts a false flag terrorist attack in a Red area and blames Muslims, or, more likely, a false flag terrorist attack in a Blue area and blame “white supremacists.” Everyone will know the terror emanated from D.C., regardless of which approach they take.

        We now have a D.C. government and a local government dichotomy, and not in a federal sense. Be as loyal as circumstances allow to your local government, and if that is not possible, move to where it is possible. The D.C. government is your enemy and will leap at any excuse to oppress you, or manufacture an excuse. Keep that squarely in mind.

      • Yes. Learn from Afghanistan as to how to bleed an empire dry. There’s no need for organized resistance. In fact, disorganized resistance is more effective at taking the federal government down. I’d recommend looking up how to make caltrops and molotov cocktails. Look for ways to reduce your taxable income and taxable economic activity. Sell all federal bonds. Move away from urban population centers, and make sure that you have a wood burning stove. Sand is better than thermite when it comes to ruining the gears of the federal government, especially if everyone does autonomously.

  62. Worse case scenario, the timeline to trying times is now shorter. So be it. Deus Vult. Heart hardened.

    • No matter the outcome, the presidency is now a poisoned chalice. Globo won that battle already. Whatever happens from here in the presidential battle is irrelevant to us now.

      • correct, no civic nationalist will ever get near the white house, while white nationalists won’t even be allowed to speak without getting banned from society.

        • True, but my point is that the presidency itself has been destroyed by this process, and whoever holds the position will be tied in knots by all the factions that refuse to acknowledge, coordinate, or comply with the mandates and directives of the President, no matter who fills the seat. This is part of the Color Revolution playbook, which has just been achieved, no matter how things play out from here.

  63. Is this going to be the moment where white people finally stand up for themselves? It’s now or never. If Democrats succeed in stealing the election, their first steps are going to make sure it can’t be done to them. So lots of executive orders to grant all but amnesty, “anti-voter suppression” measures that make voting a joke, and harsh internet crackdowns to make sure nobody can question it.

    If the Democrats succeed in stealing the election and boomercons just mutter, grumble, and go back to consooming and grilling, America isn’t worth saving at this point and we’re going to have to figure out where to go from here.

    It’s now or never.

    • “Is this going to be the moment where white people finally stand up for themselves?”
      The answer is most likely no, that’s why it is/was important for trump to win.
      I don’t think white nationalists realize how docile most white people have become.

      • Normie whites are basically sheep.

        Even the ones out at the riots pretty much let the vibrants and fellow whites lead them around by the nose.

        • Nonsense.

          The people you are talking about are the ones with things to lose.

          The diverse, the people in charge, what they have to lose they do not have to risk.

          • Yes, they have things to lose in ‘the battle’. Material comfort, ‘stuff’, social standing, etc.

            What they don’t realize is, they are also losing the war, by avoiding the battle. So all those things they think they are ‘keeping’ they are going to lose anyway as they are stripped of all rights & disenfranchised.

            This is not the first time in history this has happened BTW. Attempting to ‘sit it out’ because you fear losing all your ‘stuff’ has a lot of historical precedent and it always ends the same. You lose it anyways. But your average person has zero historical memory, so the rhyming of the historic cycle continues apace…

          • I’m not going to disagree with any of that.

            But the idea that so many are “sheep“ strikes me as… Well, childish. As in, big words from the basement.

            The people we are talking about have children and houses and employers.

            they are not district attorneys who can ramp up the anarchic-tyranny at will. They are not “journalists,“ people with the morals of child molesters, who can say and do anything they damn please anytime they want. They are not brainless college students, who carry-on as though they will be forever insulated from their own stupidity.

            The people who threaten them pay no price for abusing their power, pay no price for attacking them physically, for doxxing them, for malicious prosecution, or anything else you can think of that threatens them.

            They did what they were supposed to do, e.g., go to work, raise their children, stay out of trouble, and vote.

            If that proves not to be enough, they will not sacrifice their children and what remains of their future. They will simply curl inward and take up defensive positions.

          • They will simply curl inward and take up defensive positions.

            Kind of like… wait for it…



          • Well…it does, actually. Nobody posting pseudonymously should burn too many calories about people being reticent to risk their children and livelihoods in the Meat Space.

          • This is a rhetorical non advocational , question so please do not answer it.
            Its cheap and easy to complain about others not doing stuff but If this goes wrong, will YOU hunt?
            If you won’t, stop whining when others won’t.
            As for me? I can answer it. I’m not in a position where I need to do illegal things and still have free speech to a solid degree.
            My role for now is to remind you slugs to build a G-Damned ideology before even thinking about doing stupid /illegal things.
            Have you ducks in a row, your friends close, ideas in order and a heart like frozen iron.
            Guns are great and useful but they are useless without skills. a plan and a goal and maybe friends.
            Defense might be the tactic right now but until you start thinking about offense and what kind of society you’ll build you’ll keep losing and deserve it.

          • “What they don’t realize is, they are also losing the war, by avoiding the battle. So all those things they think they are ‘keeping’ they are going to lose anyway as they are stripped of all rights & disenfranchised.”

            The cost benefit analysis is really simple. If you fight now, you lose your stuff now. If you don’t fight now, there’s a slight chance to keep it. Obviously it’s better to not fight now.

            Alternatively, if fighting is inevitable and you lose your stuff once the fight begins, the choice becomes, do you want to stop enjoying what you have now, or do you want to enjoy it for a little while longer? Complicating things, are you ready to fight now, or do you need time to prepare?

            Normies aren’t irrational, they’re mostly unprepared, and see little reason to stop enjoying good stuff before it’s absolutely necessary. Remember: just because a fight is inevitable doesn’t mean timing doesn’t matter.

      • The awakening won’t occur until real pain becomes a reality as opposed to anxious anticipation. Yes, we have become soft as a result of a half-century of affluence, but that can change fast when the ancient animal within is triggered. There are habits buried in our DNA that can, and will, re-emerge.

        • I hope the best for you personally, but america is gone, every single american institution belongs to the enemy, the young gens are mostly non-white, a good portion of the white youth is trash.
          Historically when this has happened the native population would move and settle someplace else, I said this on a previous article, but white people are not tied to dirt, find a latino country and move there, become a nomad like the israelites.

          • I think this logic is inevitable but even out here on the DR where we traffic in unpleasant truth… most people can’t bring themselves to accept it. Yet.

            People will gnash their teeth, but it will be easier the sooner they come around. At some point it will simply be too late.

          • I live in South America, am bilingual, well-travelled and will presume to tell anyone who cares to hear that there is no such thing as a “latino”. The MesoAmericans who are usually thought of as “latinos” have less in common with, say, Argentines than, say, a Gujarati with a Madrasi. A common language is not enough to define a very diverse group of folks sharing large bodies of land.
            I did as you suggested 22 years ago and am now very much tied to my own three acres of dirt however.
            A caveat: moving south of the Río Grande, no matter how far, is not easy unless one speaks the language of the host country.

          • I was wondering how you were doing, Montefrio! Welcome, many blessings to your grandchildren I hope. Please keep us informed.

          • Thank you! Yes, we’re all well and the grandchildren have thrived in this “remote schooling” year. Hope the same is true for you and yours!

        • I don’t know how many of you have played Fallout New Vegas but you need to be more like this guy, Legate Lanius , the Monster of the East since imposing the morals of say 1960 would be regarded about the same as imposing slavery via the Legion
          Slight paraphrase here
          Perhaps, in time, we will be granted the honor of conquering the land known as California. But for now, we rest.
          Know that your efforts are appreciated and will not go unrewarded. But we can speak of that later.
          For now, come, we must see to the burning of the dead.

          • The only thing I recall about the Legion is spraying and praying the HQ with a minigun and the annoying assassin patrols.

          • If you can stand YouTube , there are plenty of Fallout New Vegas clips of the Legate who is a scary scary dude.
            And generally the assassin patrols were great , once you get to a decent level, they becomes as a buddy of mine out it “free equipment delivery guys”
            Glass the patrol walk or fast travel to the nearest vendor (there are two close typically) dump the loot, buy more ammo and up a lot of ammo and caps.
            At low levels though? Them and the NCR patrols are nasty.
            Anyway off FNV , the Legate is unyielding, determined and within his cruel ideology honest. Most importantly, feared. That is a good things to aspire too.
            Minus the whole “monster” part anyway.

      • Is it docility or that the sane Whites understand we are the only ones keeping this severely listing country afloat. The only ones who can keep good water flowing into your home and bad water treated to prevent actual plagues. The only ones who can grow enough food and manage the complicated distribution systems to keep the nation well fed. The only ones who can safely design and build bridges and other infrastructure. We understand that if we get up to half the antics of the left we get dumped into camps or outright shot where we stand all that goes with us.
        How are there even enough traitorous, corrupt, imbecilic Whites voting for a senile old man with one foot in the grave and a vicious commie whore to make it close enough to steal? How do they not understand our contribution to making and keeping everything they take for granted possible?
        it’s not fun living around zombies. I’ve made my arrangements to remove myself from these ungrateful parasite brains and live among people who will fight to the end. Hope everyone here has the time and resources to do the same. It’s Galt’s Gulch time for all good Whites.

        • lots of eastern europeans left their countries when commies took over, no one blames them.
          Good whites can eat popcorns and relax from a far away place, they can return after the american state crumbles, if they wish to do so.
          White americans are in no shape to fight such a high level tyranical apparatus. White life is more important than dirt, the american state will fall on its own, no reason for good whites to suffer.
          Lot was unable to save Sodom & Gomorrah, he took his family and LEFT.

        • If self destruction is the inevitable result of democrat rule, than what do whites need to do besides clear the proverbial blast radius?

      • As long as my cave has nice curtains… This is fine.
        “The System” is unrecognizable as any system at all, the black-pill has lost its luster.

        • From Helena Handbasket, “If women ran things, we’d still be living in caves… but they’d have really nice curtains!”

          • Alzae….did you ever read Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, specifically the story of Mr. and Mrs. Malloy, during the 1930s, living in a vacant lot in a discarded boiler from the Hediondo Cannery. Great story on the forever eyerolling space alien differences between men and women. And a woman’s need for curtains. And order from chaos.
            Now women hate curtains and create chaos.

    • “Is this going to be the moment where white people finally stand up for themselves?”

      You’re making a (common) mistake in thinking that “white people” are a single unified entity.

      Young whites of both genders are the product of the public schools communist education/propaganda machine and are therefore stupid beyond belief. Frankly, private schools are only negligibly better at this point.

      White women are still women, and thus completely unreliable.

      Boomers, are, well, Boomers…

      I would guess neo-cucks make up somewhere around a third or more of middle-aged white men. 

    • The Dems now have a lock on the presidency – and, eventually, the Supreme Court. It’s there country now.

      Heritage Whites are going to learn what it’s like to live as a despised minority. How many will push back is hard to say, but the DR will start to find more friendly faces as time goes on.

    • It’s hard not to think that, but “the insouciant American people,” as Paul Craig Roberts calls them/us, are ALWAYS the last to know ANYTHING. Once it is made glaringly obvious to them what is happening–and what is GOING to happen–then, and only then, will they awaken. But that time has not yet come.

  64. “Back in the days of mechanical voting machines and paper ballots, the vote was counted in hours. If the polls in a state closed at seven, the vote was known by nine.”

    Yep. The only reason for this to have changed is to make fraud easier to perpetrate.

      • It is…amusing that in the time since the Florida election imbroglio of 2000 that voting management and procedures that were supposedly meant to address the issues have continually made the situation worse, not better.

        • That is also intentional.

          Some Leftist, one of the Naomis I think, wrote an entire book about disaster as political opportunities back in the GWB administration.

        • Most solutions conceal new problems. And that is why I’m skeptical of the notion of progress.

          • That is wise.
            Progressive thought is kind of baked into the cake since our original eschatology is linear and assumes a happy ending.
            Same with its toned down cousin,the Whig theory of history.
            I have a more Buddhist POV myself and assume while a person or occasionally a group of people may achieve whatever enlightenment is, groups and societies do not.
            History doesn’t exactly repeat or rhyme but it will play out the same themes over and over till the end of days.

        • The American system has perfected a sort of ritualistic “dance of reform”. It works like this:

          X isn’t working!

          This step can then be followed by one or both of; throw more money at X! or throw whizbang technology at X!

          It later turns out that the money got stolen somehow and/or the technology turned out to be a perpetual motion machine hooked to a Rube Goldberg mousetrap and a random number generator.

          A few years later we start to hear… X isn’t working! We need more….

  65. Welp, we wanted the system delegitimized. Now we’re getting it, good and hard.
    It will mean strife and uncertainty for the rest of many of our lives, but the potential for our children to live in a society that doesn’t hate them.

    • Regions which cannot run an election honestly should be expelled from the union. Who decides? A constitutional convention to add ballot security measures to the constitution. Let states who can’t abide rules GTFO.

      A split would require replacing the dollar anyway, which is another catastrophe soon to happen, and perhaps best done while a bit of advantage can be gained – let the blue states keep all that debt based currency while we switch to a commodity based $ and refuse to take the old $ ? This could be done so that some very deserving entities get screwed – China, fed reserve banks, most of the “financial elite” wealthy … the only bond holders I’d care about is the social security “lockbox”, and we’d soon be paying tax dollars into that mess anyway.

  66. It’s just so aggravating all the tension leading up to one day and splat, it’s now going to go on for months.

    • The fact that the results are being rigged in broad daylight now is where we need to focus. Normal patriotic white people need to come away from this thinking the election was stolen and the ruling class is beyond reform.

      • I’m already there but the truth is I’v known for months that there was going to be no result on Election Day and yet still I’m disappointed. It just proves I’m living in a fantasy world also

        • I agree. I’ve been saying for months that they would rig the election even if Trump turns out a big vote. They simply don’t care anymore who knows. Still, it is a let down to finally see it happening. But, we signed up knowing it was a long fight.

          • Yeah. I’m going back to my original mantra. Whatever happens is the best result for white people

          • That’s the right attitude, Whitney. Brief disappointment is acceptable. A Trump victory should never have been an integral part of any of Our individual or movement planning. Simply one of a number of possibilities that need to be accounted for. Gird your loins, stay physically and mentally fit, and pivot when necessary.

          • As men of European heritage we don’t have the luxury of wallowing in despair. We shake it off and get to work.

          • Yes sir. You couldn’t be more correct. Knowing nothing about you, but on the merit of your many comments here alone, I’d gladly share a foxhole with you.

          • This is a long war that we have joined late. Our enemies have been waging this war since the middle of the last century. We have a lot of ground to make up, so there is no time for self-pity.

          • Yeah, our side forgets how long this fight has been going on. It took a good 75 years to get to where we are. It could easily take as long to get us where we want to go.

          • I just saw a demographic breakdown showing blacks went 90% for Biden. This after Trump’s letting a bunch of criminals out of jail, and endless pandering to rappers and such. Can we please just give up on thinking blacks will ever be anything but Democratic pets?

          • Whoa, whoa … you think that the Joggers are able to pull this off by themselves? They may be involved with some manual labor, but the planning is way above them. Just like the looting.

            Go on Gab and you’ll a video of some guy who sounds White’ish … maybe hispanic … lighting Trump ballots on fire in the woods. ITS NOT JUST JOGGERS.

          • If Trump wins and it turns out that his pandering to negroes and hispanics worked, it would negate many of the reasons for voting for him. He would probably amnesty the dreamers for starters.

          • That’s one of my worries too. If the eventual analysis of a Trump victory shows that his fawning over blacks and hispanics put him over the top, he might easily draw the conclusion that those populations are the key to success. It will become gospel for the GOP and cucks.

            Conversely, any evidence that whites were less enthusiastic for him than in ’16 could mean that Trump is less committed to whites in his second term.

          • The Donald will negotiate an exit at our expense. It will include Javanka and their future interests. We are about to be sold down the river, quite possibly.

          • That’s Jared’s doing.
            He wants to reach out to the diverse.
            Something he sanely cut off for the Palestinians.

            And BTW all the money went to urban outreach. Nothing for rural talk radio, and no newspaper ads in white rural areas either.

          • It’s recently occurred to me that blacks don’t actually vote 90% for dems. But instead that the dem machine that controls the vote counting in their localities uses their apathy as a blank check for fraud.

            Not that your larger point is wrong.

          • Kevin Macdonald has an interesting theory of Europeans ruling the World just a century ago and now looking like we cannot survive this. He thinks the Chinese would not have succumb to the propaganda of our enemies but we did. I never know what would have happened but say the same people that took over our institutions tried this same thing in China or India? Would it have worked there??

          • I don’t think so. China had a very outward looking position in the 1400s. They had fleets of ships that were far larger than the caravels of Spain and Portugal. They dispatched these ships to the east coast of Africa and Arabia. Theoretically, these ships could have reached to west coast of North America.
            Then suddenly, the entire fleet was scrapped. Maybe they got a taste of diversity and decided it was not their cup of tea.

          •  Maybe they got a taste of diversity and decided it was not their cup of tea.”

            I hope that was a pun.

          • Yes, it was. Incidentally, the British stole tea plants from China to grow them in British-controlled areas like India.
            As far as I know, there is no agreed upon explanation why China scrapped its treasure ships. If they hadn’t, they could have easily reached North America decades before Spain.

          • It’s worthy of note that the Chinese had also developed the fore-and-aft rig centuries ahead of the West but never became a true seafaring nation. If memory serves, they did so during the T’ang dynasty, maybe 8th century.

          • A new Emperor took power is why. He didn’t want foreign pollution of his power, so he beheaded the eunuch captains and burned the Treasure Fleet.

            And, they did reach North America. An ambassador loyal to the previous dynasty smuggled out a Zheng Ho map of Cuba, including latitude tables.

            He gave it to the Pope-in-Exile, who gave it to Ferdinand of Spain, who sent out the call for explorers to find this place, answered by Columbus.

          • “they could have easily reached North America decades before Spain.”
            -the Loser’s Lament.

          • The explanation is above.
            China’s natural state is to look inward (it’s a full time job) – not to expand, conquer, go on adventures.
            That’s actually the accepted explanation of why they recalled the fleets in 1400. It’s their nature.

          • China looked inward, and bought the Fleet home. China naturally throughout it’s history looks inward.
            They probably have little warlike urges or impulses beyond Taiwan – but again to them Taiwan is a rebel province.
            China always looks inward, it’s a full time job. They are only interested in China and their bordering neighbors, mostly to protect China.

          • It DID work there. Chinese succumbed to commie propaganda in a big way to the tune of 60 million plus dead before they righted the ship finally. So I’m going to say it can work on any population if the enemy is patient enough for the ‘long march’.
            The more relevant question is, can Europeans on all continents take the hard steps to cut the cancer out as the Chinese had to do before it is too late?

          • Mao was a nobody, a tool of his (((foreign advisors)))- and now his grandsons are the Red Princes, the hidden masters of the Chinese slave plantation.

          • Absolutely it did.
            And before the communists was the taiping rebellion, semi-christian in motives.
            20 million dead.

          • Speaking of the propaganda of our enemies, see the post I just added down at the end of the thread.

          • I’m doubtful that it would work there. The Chinese have never been told to be guilty of the holocaust … that grievance cannot be used to silence them as they see their institutions slowly but methodically overtaken by another ethnic group bent on changing the very fabric of their country … as has been done here over the past decades.

          • “Three hundred thousand Yankees is stiff in Southern dust.
            We got three hundred thousand before they conquered us.
            They died of Southern fever; of Southern steel and shot;
            I wish it was three million instead of what we got.”

          • The Long War when it comes to it will be relatively brief, either way.
            And we’re not fighting yet, just becoming aware.
            The White response still is to run, in this case these urbanites are buying up land in my rural paradise, which will raise my taxes.
            I have no intention of selling.

          • See those rallies? The rescue efforts in disasters? Who the heck says we can’t organize at a drop of the hat?

          • We certainly can.
            Let me ask this semi rhetorical entirely theoretical question.
            Answer if you like but feel free to not answer as OPSEC may matter.
            What happens if President Trump calls the militia to his aid claiming a coup?
            He has the legal right to do this and a Constitutional obligation to do so as well.
            This means outright civil war with half or so of the military basically all the USMC some Fed Leos plus Militia groups from bikers and truckers to actual militia vs Antifa, Deep State and some of the rest of the military and maybe some foreign mercs.
            Will you be ready at the proverbial minutes notice? Will you even go?
            And sure I know Trump isn’t our guy but what is the option? Communism, perpetual election fraud?
            Its something worth considering even meditating on as it might happen very soon.

          • I like the MagaTruck rallies.
            In 1941 the Germans beat the Russians with inferior numbers and tanks…because they had more trucks. They could logistically support their Panzers, the Russian tanks broke down en masse and were abandoned. The Russian tanks the equal [BT-7] or far superior T-34s or KV-1s to the German tanks.

            In 1944 the USSR had far more trucks – thanks to Detroit, and lend lease.

            Having said that Alzaebo – this won’t be a ‘rally’. But showing up for work is the first essential part of any job.

          • White American heritage. Been around long enough we can stop acting like we owe the Euros anything. Your basic premise still applies, though.

          • Like Whitney, I woke up disappointed though knowing this was rigged. Surprised myself still wishing for fluffy bunnies and unicorns.
            Good….now done with Wah! and back up in the saddle. “We signed up knowing it was a long fight.”
            And the Senate didn’t flip. Maybe it should have. Pragmatism either way.

          • For the hate that Our people are about to receive, let us be truly thankful. Eyes will be pryed open and opportunities abound.

          • I find it unfathomable that half the country would vote in a dementia sufferer and a communist social climber.

            They bought it, they own it. They will choke on it. Nature and fate do not look kindly upon such things.

            The madness will now go up a notch or six. As Ol’ Remus used to say, “stay away from crowds”.

          • Wait til our co-ethnics get a load of Madam President Harris. She may be a boon to Our movement like no other.

          • Deus Vult! I like that. Seared into my brain. Always a pleasure, Penitent. God Speed!
            PS…Yes, Heels Up is so good for our side. The more the mask slips….
            For those renewing moments, pick up a copy of People’s Republic by Schlicter. Life imitates art imitates life.

          • Dutch pondered how half his countrymen could vote for an alzheimer patient and a harlot. Easy: we aren’t a country in any meaningful way other than under force monopoly. And the polyglot hordes are not his countrymen. No need for surprise or shock.

            Schlicter, Braken, and Pournelle are all good primers for what is to come. Study, rinse and repeat.

            Deus Vult. I read that phrase when I was a kid and fascinated with knights. God’s Will. Crusader battle cry, yes, but more powerful when whispered to remind oneself to listen, obey, endure, and trust in triumph. I am a little saddened that phrase has become solely associated with a single internet personality. They are words of power and transcendent.

            Ol Remus’ wisdom is and will be missed going forward. I am glad his suffering is over.

          • Miss Ol’ Remus. Stay Away From Crowds. Dutch friend…back in the saddle with you, laddie. As Basic Husband has said since pre-Cambrian rocks were forming, 50% of all people are morons. Big difference between desire and expectation. Desire pushes us to invent stuff…expectations is delusional horse crap. You’re in the belly of the beast so stay well and watch your back.

          • Maybe we should hate them back. They seem quite formidable, but what if it is a facade. Just veneer. Stop cooperating every way you can. Pay off your debt , yes it is sacrifice but how much suffering is ahead if we do nothing. These sneaky little sh*ts that work to subvert America are cowards.

          • “Maybe we should hate them back.” Done and done.

            Paying off debt is great advice. Add refusing to cooperate with any but positive elements in your local government is a must.

            Raise awareness, support, and comradery with your fellow Whites without sounding bitter. Recruit by example.

          • Thank you for your reply. We don’t need a shooting war we need a spending war. Yea it is called “maff” and I know it is all about white privilege, but it is real. Stop supporting people that want to see you broke or dead or both.