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Elections in America have become like a troublesome employee, who is never content to just do the job. Instead she is always creating drama, where none should exist, so that everyone has to stop what they are doing and tend to her drama. Things that should be mundane tasks inevitably become long drawn out affairs where trivial issues require meetings and discussion. While the work eventually gets done, everyone is exhausted by having to deal with the drama queen.

An election should be a simple affair. Eligible voters go to the voting place, verify that they are the person they claim, cast their lot and those lots are counted. American elections are first past the post, meaning the most votes win, so it is not as if we have complex apportionment issues to resolve. Despite the simplicity of the task, our elections have now become pointless drama that ropes in the public, like the story of little Timmy falling down the well. It’s exhausting.

America is a joke country now, well past the point of reform, but if one is looking for something that could be reformed, elections are a good start. A simple change could eliminate most of this drama. Jurisdictions have 12 hours to count their votes or the election is void. The incumbents get another term. In the case of House and Senate seats, the state loses that seat for the term. Right now Pennsylvania would be facing two years with no House members.

Of course, no such rule could be implemented. America is no longer able to patch potholes in roads or keep the schools functioning, so implementing even modest reform is well beyond the capacity of the kleptocrats. That means we are left with the drama that will surely get worse with each election. The only alternative is to tune it out and leave the drama to the drama queens. In fact, the right answer going forward is to just stop voting entirely. The votes don’t count anyway.

Just as feeding into the high drama employee validates her drama, participating in elections now validates the corruption. When the crooks rig the election, they plausibly claim that it was the will of the people. After all, the people were dumb enough to participate in the charade. They must like it. If in the next election, turnout is 30% and the Democrats win with 110% of the vote in Michigan, even the crooks will have to acknowledge that the whole thing is just a ridiculous sham.

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  2. … So, this feels like a gut-punch to me. If this election is stolen, I don’t see any reason to vote again, and neither will tens of millions of other White men. I don’t get this whistling past the graves attitude … this is the end of the American experiment … and yes, I’m trying to breath. But this is serious and can you imagine everything being renamed “Black Lives Matters” whatever?

  3. I’m taking exception with Zman’s cavalier, “awe shucks”, attitude towards this national travesty that’s unfolding before our very eyes. I know Trump isn’t perfect (H1B visas), but I really got the feeling that he was for us and I was really looking forward to his lame-duck term where he could really take the gloves off …

  4. I think that it’s this simple … the Small Hatters felt that Trump was going rogue, so they went the other way with it and rigged it for Joe. I still contend that Trump 2016 was not in the script.
    They had to pay alot of people to play ball, but money is no object.
    Expect to see Jared Kushner working for Biden in some capacity later.

  5. Please understand that without help from GOP, Dem can’t rigged the election
    All of American institution goes along with this, SC legitimize mail ballot, said no sign of shenanigans here
    And half of them were “Republican”
    Watch the senate and house, election results, GA, MI, WI goes to red
    They had “Deal”

    here’s what dissident should next to do

    1) Stop Voting
    2) Don’t Move to X country in Latin America/Y country In Asia
    -There’s no white people in there, and if white people exist, they are more degenerate than western shit lib
    3) Avoid the City and plugged off social media
    -should avoid every enemy’s whiteness detection radar
    4) Do not join the military and police
    5) Undermining every institution left in America if you can
    -I’m sorry to say that, but America is a problem that must be solved

    I believe if Federal government and Union dismantle, white people are far better off to live

  6. You said it best Zman what happened with immigration where no matter what it can never be discussed in a way to say less people coming in. Illegal immigration can never be discussed as bad, legal is even worse where reducing it is just heresy to these awful digusting elites. The 1965 law was actually supposed to stay at 300,000 a year until it was increased more and more and never since like the 11th commandment from God can it ever be lowered reduced for the betterment of the American people.

  7. Good Lord, people. As I type this on Friday night it’s only been three days since the election and some of ya’ll are ready to sail for Argentina. This process was always going to take weeks to sort out and you should have been expecting that.

    • the scale of corruption and buyin from the media ,the GOP, and the coordination of all the above demonstrates a scale of corruption utterly unimaginable prior to this , and I am a cynic.

  8. Anybody know anything about this “watermarked ballot” claim, and that all fake ballots can be identified? Somewhere I was reading that the Trump Admin had identified the possibility of fake ballots being introduced so they watermarked the authentic ballots.

  9. We’re ruled by corrupt and ignorant assholes…crooks, thieves, grifters and con men.. Fuck em, move forward with grace, integrity and passion.

  10. If all of this other baloney fails, which it will, at this point, the Orange Man’s only dignified and redeemable path, which is actually ambitious enough to match his ego and cement his legacy into history as the emperor king that he may be, would be to stage a military coup, assuming he hasn’t alienated everyone that matters in the military to pull off such. Anything else, is low energy loser shit. Come on Donald, you will have our full support.

    • His “only dignified and redeemable path?” Are you serious? A military coup is just one of the possibilities, but if it happens, it won’t be led by DJT.

      If all his legal recourses fail (which he should pursue to the fullest in the coming weeks and months), then he should step aside. Let the Biden/Harris administration hang themselves with their insane sh*t, including how they got into office.

      • Let the Biden/Harris administration hang themselves with their insane sh*t, including how they got into office.

        I don’t know if that will work.

        Biden could easily roll Fauci out on Covid and have him declare, “Well, we looked at the data again and….it’s just the flu bro! That young man on spring break was right all along! Everyone get back to work and having fun on the weekends! LOL!”

        The Fed could easily print QE to infinity to juice the markets and the Chicoms could manipulate the yuan-dollar peg in a fashion that initially supports the US economy.

        Biden would cancel all the Trump tariffs on China to spike the market to all-time highs. Normies would rejoice as their 401ks fattened up.

        • I thought it was obvious that the first problem with Trump “staging a military coup” is that Trump isn’t a military guy. Nominally, of course, he is ex cathedra head of the Armed Forces. But that’s to the extent he’s recognized as President. So what if he has exhausted all his legal options, and Biden is recognized as the new President by January 20? That would become a very risky proposition for Trump at that point to try to hold onto power with the military’s assistance. If it failed, it would discredit all his supporters. So at that point, it would be better to let the opposition take over, IMO.

          To the points you raised, it’s going to be a rough four years for anyone who holds the office because of the damage already inflicted on the economy. But I have faith in the Democrats to take a bad situation and make it much worse. Furthermore, this isn’t the 1980s; the issues we are facing aren’t just economic ones any more and if it’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the Democrats (or the uni-party if you prefer) aren’t going to heal the divisions in our society.

      • I understand your thought process, but the media will never the Biden administration “fail”. It’ll all be blamed on Evil Orange Man. We always have to remember that the media will create any narrative that’s necessary to have the blame fall on Trump. And the sheeple will (finally) believe it. History is written by the victor.

        • Media is openly pravda now, very much including fox. They manufacture narratives just for appearances sake but it doesn’t matter if anyone believes them or not and I honestly don’t think we’re even expected to. It seems more like some kind of flattery careerism they compete at in hopes of sinecures with future administrations.

          We now know government is not accountable to public opinion through votes. What if the CNN chiron read “F you white people, we’re stealing everything” what would even change?

          • Fox got paul ryan on their board of directors less than a year ago. he brought in Karl rove and the the rest of the never trump and democratic activist that was their election analysis team. fox is gone now too.

    • I like the “match his ego” stuff. I imagine that he’s considering his options. Media execs should be the first to be frog-marched into the gulag … after it calms down, then restore our Constitutional Republic with the 5th column removed. Things should go smoothly after that … like back in the 50s.

  11. Zman, good podcast but I think you are far too sanguine about what has happened. The Managerial elite, most who you note hate us and want us dead, won without votes. Just fraud. That means they don’t need to compromise the way Clinton did.
    Biden is not Bill Clinton — who I’d love to have back flaws and all. He’s the Paul von Hindenburg of a party run by Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Yes his family will be ripping everything off, but we can expect the following:

    1. A total lockdown for a year to bankrupt all small and medium business so they can be bought out by Wal Mart and Amazon.
    2. Reparations and ritual humiliations of White people in front of blacks.
    3. Sweeping gun confiscation and defunding the police, emptying prisons.
    4. Blowing up Mount Rushmore, the Washington Monument.

    I think the latter, will trigger the hot civil war. We can’t have elites in the religious frenzy of Awokening, because they will construct camps and try to kill all the Whites. Why do you think Latinos in Florida and Texas voted mostly for Trump? They’ve seen the movie already.

    • AOC and others are making purge lists of Trump associates and supporters.

      The AOC associated list already has sitting federal judges on it.

    • I think that you’ve got it about right … I’d add to your bullet list an “intangible property” tax to confiscate 401k funds that we’ve saved for our retirement. That’s White Privilege, my friend, and must be shared with the people that you’ve oppressed for centuries.

  12. Just finished the podcast. Two points. First, muddle through under Biden is a pipe dream. Expect to have your website banned next year under a new Federal internet czar. And once you’ve condoned Grand Theft by the DC elites, you better not bitch and whine when they come knocking on your door. Second, if you think community organizing is going to beat back the Jackboots, you best stop smoking the wacky tabaccy right now. We were built to be more than just smooth talkers. And bugging out to the Philippines when the going gets tough is just cowardice. Excuse the rant, but I’m sick of endless retreat. Fuck that. I’ll die in my boots first.

    • Haven’t even listened to the podcast, but the scenario that you envision seems pretty much on the mark to me. If Biden is declared the victor, this will be the last semblance of an election that I expect to see in my lifetime in this country … we will have crossed the Rubicon. Many of us will not see the point in voting since the outcome is rigged from the get-go. The only option at that point is open rebellion.

  13. Now on twatter:

    “The Trump Accountability Project” – By Michael Simon, former Obama analytics guy.

    If you donated $1000 or more to Trump in 2016 or 2020, you’re going to be put on a permanent, easily searchable list. Presumably for shadow employment banning and eventual government re-education, but who knows?

    Maybe it’s a searchable list for violence?

    All so you’ll be “held accountable for what you did.” (a.k.a. backed Trump)

    This is madness. Absolute insanity.

  14. Factoids of the Day:

    Stretching for about 150 miles along I-81 in In westerly Virginia are a succession or series of counties whose population of whites is at least 90%.

    Stretching for about 375 miles along the western boundary of Virginia are a succession or series of counties whose population of whites is at least 90%.

    Very useful website to bookmark for those dissidents looking to put POC in your rearview:

    • Very nice country too. Several universities scattered along I-81 and Shenandoah Valley. That’s good in some ways and bad in others.

      • Something about that area just gets me excited. I could be totally way off base. Never been there actually.

        I grew up in FL and thinking of moving back but just doesn’t pump me up. Like going on a date with your ex from 25 years ago. My daughter is excited to move there, so that’s great.

        But something about Virginia….. She’s calling me.

  15. One thing we have to do is understand how the enemy is organized.
    What follows is a rough sketch. It leaves out a lot.,
    At the top are the kleptocrats
    Then come the career Fed bosses and their underlings who run the federal agencies. inclduing the spook firms.This includes many federal judges. Don’t forget all the military generals and admirals are part of this club. They are just as twisted as Comey.
    Then comes the MSM and their leading talking heads who serve as the propaganda arm.
    Then come the state governors and big city mayors and their staffs. The Dem state legislatures are stooges for special interest groups and outside parties like Soros.
    Beneath them are the foot soldiers composed of local DA’s, judges and party apparatchicks and various legal groups, Their muscle are the local police and sheriffs.
    That’s who we are facing IMO, It’s not that many but they hold key positions and have access to unlimited sums of money.

    • I have found that comparison to the RC Church makes a lot of sense

      POTUS = Pope
      Congress = College of Cardinals
      Governors = Archbishops
      etc etc
      Campaign Volunteers = altar boys
      Antifa + pierce nosers + CivNats = laity

      Dissidents = apostates and/or heretics

    • I do like the idea of a rough sketch, or big picture, of the situation, but I’d like to suggest the following .. The kleptocrats are the billionaire class that have a God complex … really George Soros does … he admitted his Messianic complex.
      Their unlimited $$$ allows them to put in-place who they want at the Federal level. Their media stooges are in on the scheme and parrot the agenda 24/7. Anybody who gets in their way can be libeled or extorted into silence. Military honchos get kick-backs for defending Israel in endless wars. Big city DAs are bought and have $$$ to throw around to address any local issues.
      Blacks are told to hate Whites, our institutions are swimming in Cult Marx nonsense. Religion is mocked. And all of us little people fight each other while the Small Hatters wring their hands with glee.

  16. If in the next election, turnout is 30% and the Democrats win with 110% of the vote in Michigan, even the crooks will have to acknowledge that the whole thing is just a ridiculous sham.

    Why? Even back in 16 there were voting districts with more votes cast than there were registered voters. There were also documented instances of candidates (always Democrats, of course) receiving in excess of 99% of the votes. IIRC there was even one instance of some Democrat getting 100% of the votes. No big stink made of it. Most people are so bad at basic arithmetic they couldn’t see the problem of more votes being cast than there were registered voters. Nor are most people capable of grasping the extreme unlikelihood of ANY candidate – irrespective of where – receiving 100% of the votes. There’s ALWAYS at least one outlier.

    Oh, and let’s just get rid of this whole “rule of law” nonsense. The alleged “rule of law” is a myth; a gentle fiction we tell ourselves so we do not have to worry about falling under absolute despotism. If you believe in the so-called “rule of law” then I would expect you also to believe in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin. All there has ever been in all of history has been the “rule of men”. Some men comported themselves more closely to statutes while others did not. Laws are like rules and constitutions. All compliance – I say again ALL COMPLIANCE – be it to laws, constitutions, military orders or the bylaws of the Tuesday Afternoon Quilting and Literary – is voluntary. Compliance can be coerced but the one being coerced always has the option to disobey. But along with this comes the fact that the ratio of “Indians” to “Chiefs” has always and WILL always favor the “Indians” Rulers who forget that tend to do so at their peril. You see, as Stalin put it, quantity has a quality all its own. Piss off enough of the people badly enough, Mister Ruler and you just might find yourself swinging from a lamp post.

    • Not partaking in this process should objective no. 1

      Kamala winning presidency with 30% turnout makes her and her perceived political legitimacy a laughingstock

      I am not a mathematician, but I believe this is the correct proof to the formula:

      Kamala = laughingstock = good for YT

  17. I see now why so many riots have been encouraged and allowed: practice for any coming court decisions which go against the uniparty’s will. The Portland mayor called in the National Guard immediately after the elections. The rioters had not gotten the message yet about holding their fire until a court in a state across the country makes a orange-tinted ruling.

  18. Normies at the office are not too energetic about the election in either direction.

    Frustrating to listen to them discuss Beer Flu as though it is real.

    • Right there with you on this stupid Beer Flu … wow, what a hoax the (((media))) pulled on everyone! 24/7 lies and everyone wearing masks on TV. Feel like that I’m in an episode of the Twighlight Zone.

    • ”normies not energetic”

      Obviously unpossible. Don’t you know voters in battleground states turned out for Biden at absolutely unprecedented levels. Voters were the most energized for this election of any in history. Even centenarians voted in huge numbers!

  19. I do taxes in canada. All morning my clients are calling screaming about the election, about how Trump had it stolen and it’s so obvious. Again, these are canadians.
    If even the loyalists have lost faith in the yankee system, I can’t see it going on much longer

  20. It is difficult to win hearts and minds who have propagandized to think we are evil and everything we want is evil.
    I think this is why we fall into the trap of electoral politics and the election, whatever election it happens to be.
    The only advantage we have is that we are right and that only their big expensive propaganda campaigns keep people in the dark. Everyone who doesn’t buy it is always wondering if they are alone.

  21. Republicans got the wrong signal this election and have deluded themselves into a “we don’t need white people anymore” victory lap: after gaining a modest amount of Hispanic support and a statistically-insignificant handful of blacks, they’re currently making the media circuit by talking about how they have to pander to minorities even more.

    The message of this is clear: they think they don’t need white votes anymore. For anyone who held their nose and voted Republican “one more time” this election, I beg you: never throw them another vote again. They say they don’t need you anymore, so reciprocate.

    We don’t need Lindsey Grahams, Madison Cawthorns or Dan Crenshaws. We need to learn to let go of them instead of holding our noses and throwing them support “one more time” only for them to constantly throw us under the black flash mobs.

    • Agree in general, but I do think the results reveal a useful opportunity for us going forward. I think hispanics, and more specifically those who identify as white hispanic men (and their wives if they have them under control) can be a useful ally for us. They signaled they are somewhat open to a heritage America, and many are not buying into the “Trump hates hispanics and is racist” and all the other narratives thrown at them by the media.

      Additionally, they are repelled by joggers and disdain the BLM crap.

      I’d rather make an alliance with these types of hispanics to advance our political power as opposed to trying to salvage white Karens and soy-infused Chads, who are a lost cause. At a minimum, they are at least masculine.

      I’d also bet the types of hispanics I am thinking of have more children, stronger families, and would hopefully pass along certain values to their children. As opposed to the jogger-worshipping cultural marxism embracing Karens & Chads in the suburbs, who are ok with critical race theory being taught in their public schools.

      Of course, the useless GOP will not go down this path, to appeal to this nature of hispanics. They’ll decide we need more illegal immigrants to win more hispanics.

    • Anybody see the video of Lindsey Graham tearing-up when he was talking about Joe Biden while riding in the back of a car? Very weird.

  22. The Never ending End Times.

    About the 7th century the Church condemned and forbid end times preaching and apocalyptic cults, for good reason.  

    First they tend to go batshit.

    Second they are so drearily dramatic. 

    Thirdly it never happens. 

    Finally they’re crashing bores. 

    The protestants can’t figure this out. 

    If they did, they couldn’t admit it. 

    God spare us the end timers.

    Its enough to make you want it.

    • Being a Presbyterian by doctrine, I am familiar with End Times issues. I console myself a bit by adopting a Preterist position, but the recent vaccine rumors and current distress has given me reason for pause!

  23. I’m trying to shake this off and having difficulty for 2 reasons.

    1. I was Marine Infantry in the first Gulf War. After 9/11 I felt it my duty to return and spent another stretch in the Army National Guard. I fought for this?
    2. As people above mentioned, I have a son and hope to have grandkids someday. Now I have to spend the rest of my life preparing a refuge for them somewhere in the hills.
    • Imagine your compatriots laying under the ground either here or on foreign soil. Particularly those who suffered the (((banker))) wars of WW1 & WW2.

      If only we could call them up, en masse, like Aragorn in Return of the King. Because I can tell you with 100% certainty they’d do a Biblical level sweep across this nation for how grotesque and fallen it has become for their ultimate sacrifice.

      • I grew up going to an old church with a graveyard. Dozens of for-real Minute Men and veterans of the Continental Line. The Union Vets are buried in the “newer” cemetery on the other side of town.
        (Of course the church has been skin-suited now and has a lesbian feminist pastor)

      • I have a friend who jumped into Normandy with the 82nd the night before. He’s 95 and occupies a chair with his name on it every afternoon at the local, a chair our veterans club put there. He said to me yesterday, “I never thought I wouldn’t feel at home in the USA.”

    • No WE Sir did not fight for this…
      But we have to fight again. If we’re able.
      Look this is the eternal fate of man.
      They just found our Giant island called America [geographically it is an island] and we have to fight for it. This is man’s fate.

      The Good news is we’ve already faced longer odds, and you know what happened- we were not bested militarily, we just couldn’t make them white.
      I wish we had half the sand the Iraqis did.

  24. Remember the enemy is not large in numbers.This is why they resorted to in your face fraud and hide behind crooked cops and judges. Just a bunch of decrepit middle aged and geriatric Dems at the state level running vote scams in blue shit holes..That who we are afraid of.
    And they are relying on whitey to roll over. If we don’t they don’t have another option. They really don’t.
    Like send in the cops to arrest and kill whites who resist? Try it and it’s game on. The ratio of citizens to cops is like 1000 to up 10.000 to one, it won’t go well for team smurf and their paymasters.
    Karl Denninger has laid out what will happen if the cops are stupidenough to try..
    All whites need now is a backbone and balls and they can have their country back,

    • And this is why its crucial for trump to not give an inch. so far hes called everything the dems have thrown at him.

      Time for normiecon to realize that might = right and extralegal is the only way to go.

    • Bracken and some other people of that ilk have speculated about this scenario which is fedpoasty but I’ll give a simple version.

      The first night the SWAT teams and tac teams go out for their sweep they will grab up all the targets without issue. On night two once the element of surprise is lost they’d be lucky to even step out of their armored vehicles before taking withering fire from several long range positions that they may not even be aware of the location or direction.
      Night three, take bets on how many wanna-be tacticool spec-ops posers in SWAT show up when the people they actually go out to terrorize actually respond with the same level of force.

      Solzhenitsyn’s very famous phrase from the Gulag Archipelago states a similar version of this exact scenario. It is all fun in games when you are collaring docile sheep. When there is a potential rifle ‘behind every blade of grass’? Not so much…

  25. One silver lining is there are lots of normies waking up to the fact the badge gang are worthless order-followers that are only interested in saving their pensions.

    • Democrats, interestingly, are more ahead of the curve on this. Had they taken a more moderate stance about the egregious police abuse that does often happen they’d have gotten much more traction. Instead they turned it ‘all or none’ with the defund movement, and turned it racial even though whites are killed in significantly higher numbers by police overreach and often in much more questionable circumstances where no threat of force or resistance ever appears.

      I think you are far too optimistic about this. Normiecons are all ‘back the blue’ under any circumstance and that is an honor they no longer have the privilege of having. Those little ‘mask patrol’ sweeps of white people doing white people things like walking in parks, going to baseball games, going to church, etc. would have been the pivot point for slavish devotion to ‘the blue’. Nothing changed even after that.

      If you have one scintilla of evidence that the Breitbart crew understands that most cops are going to go along to get along, feel free to expand upon it. I’ve not seen any whatsoever.

  26. clearly the purple revolution was successful. I say that because when Hillary and bill came out for the first time a few days after her loss she was in a purple dress an he was in a purple suit.
    Its clear that the dem controlled states will keep fabricating votes until they have bidden in. When the “conservative ” supreme court ruled that they could continue counting votes that came in after election day, the die was cast. I your local post office can put any date they want on a piece of mail . I forgot to mail my tax return a few year back. I took it in a week later and the friendly clerk said ” I can help you with that ” and he set the date to april 15 and postmarked my return.
    so Ballots will trickle in until they have the senate too.
    there will never be another outsider elected. Trump did the best he could for the American people , god bless him for that.
    he will be luck if they don’t put him in prison.

    • Why, they’re going to “Trust the Plan!”

      Or is that VD? In that vein, loved Z’s sideways shiv at the ridiculous pretentiousness of certain bloggers who get wrapped up with dialectic v rhetorical forms of argument.

      • If there’s one glimmer of hope, it’s that whoever was most recently running the “Q” con can now return to (insert preferred pronoun here) day job.

        • Everyone will be surprised when it turns out that Wray has been working with Trump all along and thousands of Cabal members are arrested. Then your mind will totally be blown when Sessions comes out of retirement the be the Special Prosecutor that sends the ringleaders to gallows. Trust Wray. Activate Sessions.

  27. In “America,” the people can elect politicians, but only politicians approved by the AWR power structure. If you support a heretic, no matter how mild, such as Trump, you are disenfranchised. This is the message of the current electoral farce. The votes of half the voting public simply don’t count, often literally. So, if this shambling husk of a country still exists four years from now, I will join Z-Man in not voting. But I fervently hope we manage to rupture this whole rotten structure and cause it to tumble into the sea before then. Because, as Z-Man says, “America is a joke country now, well past the point of reform.” Therefore, it must die.

    • So it seems has most of this group’s. Z-man is not alone, nor is he some Svengali hypnotizing folks. He reflects.

  28. Yep, stop voting

    This turns the system into a more obvious joke, the system needs a winner and a loser, if the system is rigged don’t give them the loser, let them run one candidate who gets 99% of the vote

    They need your vote for the system to have any kind of legitimacy

    Alternative no2

    The Sinn Fein option, only vote for a candidate who refuses to take his seat if he wins, if you get enough of these people “elected” you can set up your own parallel alternative parliament

    • FFS, Sinn Fein is now advocating non-Irish immigration to the six counties. Back during the Troubles they were more than happy to murder and maim ordinary people going about their daily lives for “Ireland for the Irish.” In my hierarchy of contempt for gangsters masquerading as politicians Sinn Fein takes the cake.

      • Celtic nationalism was promoted because it has for at least 100 years been a creature of the Left.The Left is now calling in its favors.
        Funny thinking of all the rightwing Irish Americans who gave money to this hardcore Leftist group.

      • Yes… modern Ireland takes the cake for the absolute saddest and most precipitous fall of any nation.

        Gone from solidly catholic, nationalist, and traditional to a poo in loo, pee pee in poo poo leader… with crowds of slut walking lesbians cheering for abortion on demand.

        It really doesn’t bear thinking about. Most blackpilling thing I’m personally aware of

  29. Up to the state level it is still important to vote. During this Corona hoax you are much better off living in Florida or South Dakota than California or Michigan. But on the federal level Z is right. Let the Republicans see that no one supports them and let the country officially become a one party state like the socialist republic it wants to be

  30. Ah, yeah, that Luke Ford stream. That one wasn’t all that bad. You talked more than you remember, even bullying (your words) one of Ford’s little stream minions. Ford’s a weird dude, a convert to Judaism IIRC. He even had Mike Enoch on and it was amicable, somewhat. He has a talent for talking to just about anyone, but always had his humble hole (heh) in YT. Maybe the porn thing and converting it Jewville was too on the nose.

    • I could be wrong but Ford “converted” to Judaism so he could talk freely about the tribe

      “me an antisemite, what the hell are you talking about, I converted last year “

    • When Enoch was on, it was amusing to hear him openly telling Ford how crazy he was to convert to Judaism.

  31. I would just add that it’s a hell of a lot easier to be sanguine and relaxed and calm about things when you don’t have children or grandchildren who will have to live this shit show for their entire lives. They will have to live their lives subject to relentless propaganda about their intrinsic evil and bear the costs of living as a despised minority. Assuming they can avoid the genocidal impulses of our new democratic majority.

    So, there’s that.

    • “I would just add that it’s a hell of a lot easier to be sanguine and relaxed and calm about things when you don’t have children or grandchildren who will have to live this shit show for their entire lives.”

      Yep, if I didn’t have kids, I could just shrug it off too. “Oh, well.”

    • I imagine we have to be like the British Soldiers in Zulu. Externally relaxed and calm, all the while mowing down multitudes of our enemies.

      • For that you must build communities and interact with like minded folk. At Roark’s Drift, the British contingent fought for each other, as do all tightly knit detachments, that’s the whole idea. Whether you admit it or not, when the SHTF, you are not fighting for an abstract idea, you are living and dying for the buddy next to you. It’s been that way since recorded history.

    • I am a dissident primarily for the sake of my children, and my descendants yet to be born. Not to boast, but I am comfortably ensconced in the upper reaches of the upper middle class. The easy path would be to go full boomer and not care about what comes after me. However, I feel that I have a sacred duty to fight for my homeland, and prepare my children for the trials they will face. It pains me to have to be so honest with them about the bleak state of affairs, but it would be far worse to shield them from reality.

    • Yes. A lot of people here don’t understand this. Imagine someone with small defenseless totally trusting children looking out at this hellscape

      It’s an absolutely different thing.

  32. Two scenarios

    1. The dems didn’t expect Trump turnout to be so high. They panicked and the steal was obvious (+ run by low IQ blacks)

    2. The steal is a flex on white America. You voted but you’re powerless whitey, everyone knows what happened and you won’t do shit.

    Either way, Trump’s turnout was extremely impressive, near 08 Obama levels and he won in a landslide. It’s not over yet but it is one last gasp, a middle finger from middle America and I’m proud of my people.

  33. I agree – it isn’t fraud in Detroit that surprised me, it’s the brazenness and the new places. Atlanta, NC, Las Vegas, Philly, and Detroit all shut down their counting simultaneously. When they came back to finish, they all tossed out the election observers and proceeded to rig their counts big enough to swing entire states.
    This has to be the grandaddy of all red-pills.

    • Yes, and that in your face brazen theft HAS to wake up the civ Nats and normie cons doesn’t it? Well doesn’t it?

  34. 1. Will civnats change now that they realize they can’t vote their way out of this?

    2. Every institution is against us. We should have no problems throwing any sand into any gears.

    3. This is normal for a 3rd world country. USA is demographically 3rd world. It was just coasting on boomer and silent legacy for the past 2 decades.

    • This is all linked to “the long march through the institutions”.
      Everything has been killed or turned on it’s head.

      • Its you job to help flip it back.
        The Left is correct to say that the Old USA was formed on an ocean of blood . The error is in assuming it was wrong.
        Conquest and growth for your people is the highest moral good.
        The other side uses unclean methods to be sure but they aren’t bad at it and can have go full monster as required. So can we.
        If and only if you want something enough. Don’t be distracted by shiny things, we have plenty of those. Be ideological, think about the order you want and just accept as a cosmic joke the US will probably drowned in a ocean of blood for things that could have should have been easy to fix.
        Primal chaos is a bitch.

        • About the best I can do to flip it back is to leave a son and grandson here that have their heads screwed on right.
          Two big changes that should somehow be made are in education and strength of the family. Get the schools away from the government. Failing that, get the kids away from the schools. Teach them what they need to know to be independent and have a desire for a stable family with kids. Preferably LOTS of them. Rinse and repeat for the next generations. Easy, right?

  35. I don’t want to live my last years in a foreign country. This is my country. It isn’t the same country it was, but out where I live it still seems like it is.

    • Unfortunately, I see myself like Winston in the last chapter of 1984–sitting in a tavern, surrounded by other, lonely men, broken by Big Brother, awaiting their ultimate fate.

      • Gee Winston, go find a Julia and at least go get laid.

        Honestly there is no O’Brien.
        I would have met him by now.
        The O’Brien type material and the closest thing to O’Brien – well shit…friends of mine.

        They aren’t going to smack the people for these cuAnts.

        Really I think among their many mistakes was ever taking this into the courts. Trump lives in Court. He lives for PR.
        And Rudy Giuliani knows his way in the legal system.

        Sorry, its just a challenge, in the end Bush vs Gore with more drama. A lot more drama.

        They ain’t coming for you Compsci, unless you’re dumb enough to live near joggers. Sheeet that’s just the weekend for them anyway.

        Too much Drama, too little challenge. Its all so Boomer in the end.

        • Humor can and will get you to the other side (with a little work). I remember my first day in the Army, still in street clothes, having now been introduced to my drill sergeant. Old sarge asked if there were any questions, a guy raised his hand and asked if it was too late to get married. He went to Vietnam I don’t know what happened to him but he got us through that first day. White people have a great capacity to laugh at themselves it is how we get by during hard times.

        • No one said they were coming for me, you can look at my prior postings—and perhaps should—before making such statements. On the other hand, as your moniker “guest” suggests, you are probably a fly-by poster—perhaps only a step above a typical Troll.

          Internment camps and the like does not follow from fears of increased regulation, poorer economic conditions, force diversity, and just plain increases in the “misery index”. Those are reasonable concerns when considering policy recommendations floated by the opposition who have now obtained the highest office in the land by which to implement such.

          What I inferred with the 1984 reference was the thought that they (shitlibs) might simply have won totally and completely. A victory so complete and total, that what we think about the situation or whatever we might attempt to do about the situation is completely irrelevant to them—as it was for Big Brother and Winston Smith.

          I am not alone in this thinking, whether you agree with it or not, even Z-man notes, “…they’re not even trying…” WRT covering up the theft of the election process. That is a brash move which may indicate an inflated sense of power, or perhaps a realization of the true state of things?
          That is the sadness of the situation.

          Rather than use the tired old ad hominem attack of “Boomer” to dismiss my concerns, perhaps you’d propose what the “challenge” as you see it is and what are the actions you’d take to meet such. Until then, you are simply blowing hot air because you have no plan as well, but dislike being reminded of such.

          I await.

          • Why Compsci !!

            I had a plan-organize.
            Or at least convince people of the necessity.
            No where was this so opposed as here.
            Nowhere was such hostility expressed.
            [Yes, it’s that same guy. ]

            How’s that 2025 option looking for ya?
            Galt’s Gulch up and running yet?

            ok…for old time’s sake…Organize.
            Now here except for the web traffic this scatters seeds amongst stones, but some are reading that may act.
            And seriously there’s no plan, because there’s no organization. We get to wing it.
            Totally, 100% wing it.

            Wheee! Been in worse spots.
            This is where training and mental flexibility, combined with humor and a fatalistic sense of mortality will pay off.

            Probably no plan violently executed is better than following a bad plan, to paraphrase a SAMS graduate Jedi Knight old Commander of mine….paraphrase mind you…

            Speaking of fly by night posters, what happened to the coked up, self hating half-J lawyer from LA? He hated intensely any concept except Galt’s Gulch as well. Must checked into rehab, or violated his parole.

            I’m just having some fun here, my problem before was caring about what happens to the nice people. The switch has flipped, now I don’t. > If that means anything, if experience means anything, it’s my body and self telling me that yes…this is probably it. Good luck y’all. It’s all you got now.

  36. If you don’t panic you may find it is kind of liberating that the old game is over. Position yourself as best as you can to make it and survive the POC/BLM/LBGTQP sh*t show that is coming. I know it won’t work, you know it won’t work, hell maybe they know it won’t work. This thing has momentum and can’t be stopped, in the military it is called “situational awareness” Not how you think it is, not how you wish it to be, but how it is. The people that visit this site and their family before them built this country. I have faith in that heritage. Good luck, keep your powder dry.

    • Agree on the situational awareness. I look around thinking this isn’t the way it should be, things shouldn’t be happening the way they are: 2+2 should equal 4. Then I realize for the umpteenth time this reality doesn’t give a shit what I think. What is, is…

      • Does not need to stay that way. If you don’t know by now there is no rule of law, well you have a problem. We need to stop helping the people that want us dead. They have momentum and no longer need to bargain in good faith. We need to stop assisting them in every way. People that help them are traitors even if they are in your family. When they report you for not social distancing or bad thinking you are going to feel very foolish. Today I know two things, these people hate me and Ben Shapiro has been confirmed as a “vulgar little dwarf”

    • 00:00: Opening
    • 02:00: Me Talking A Lot
    • 57:00: Closing

    Most excellent. Brought a grin to my face.

  37. As for Antifa, they don’t think the re-election of Ted Wheeler in Portland is so great.

    They’re also running around Denver saying, “No more USA!”

    Did the golem slip its chains or is there a larger agenda at play?

    • If all the violence suddenly stops upon a Biden win, Isn’t that a “tell” ? If I were a business owner in one of these areas I’d just get out. To rebuild would give assent to this fuckery.

  38. The problem is the presupposition of good faith that underlies the union. Presidential elections are run by individual states and the other states are obligated to accept their election results in good faith. The federal courts just don’t have any jurisdiction on this topic, only the state courts do, and 60 years ago Reynolds neutered the power of state governments to control the cities.

    The only true recourse that the other states have is to either change the terms of the union – which isn’t going to happen because changes need to be approved by an extra super majority – or just leaving the union altogether if you’ve determined that it’s no longer working out for you.

    Either way, the only choices we have are to sit back and take it or decide that we no longer want to be yoked to Milwaukee and Detroit and Philadelphia.

    There is no in between.

    If we think there are economic and cultural benefits that accrue from being part of the same country as those jungles cities, then we also have to accept that a crooked presidential election is the cost of doing so.

    • There is another recourse.

      Be unbound to law.

      Break the invisible chains of Law.

      Counter-Party treachery, betrayal voids all contracts. All Oaths.
      All Laws.

      Why should we be bound to small hat scribblings? They obey no laws, they admit nothing, give nothing. They only respond to fear. Mirror them.

      Then defeat them, by being not afraid.

      • Long has it been apparent we must choose between Law and Civilization. Now we must choose between being bound by laws and survival.

        Is this so hard?

        • Not at all. This conflict has been with us since the development of civilization.
          At its roots, this is Order vs Chaos, our side represents Order, the other side Chaos its a simple as that.
          We have Dragons to slay and honestly most us, me included are not hero’s . Not yet.
          Get there and be your own heros and when you stand before your maker or your ancestors, you’ll have tales of righteousness to share.

          • Nah, we’ll probably get killed and be forgotten. But listen it’s better than washing jogger feet.

    • I disagree. What happened to literacy tests, poll taxes and the like? All struck down by the Fed Courts. Same with process, even in this election Fed judges ruled how and when votes are recorded as valid. It is not a State process when the perceived denial of the right to vote is involved.

      Not that this will happen, but Congress could easily enact sweeping changes/control of the State election machines if they had the will. Of course, they want the current corruption to continue. They created the current corrupt process over the years—both parties. Hence the term uniparty. Any changes (I suspect there may be some) to the current system will only be to keep the rubes in line with the scam, but will not eliminate the corruption, just serve to mask it better.

        • Correct. I could have been clearer. If Congress was replaced by Angels, they have the power to correct the election failings at State level. Since this is not to happen, the Social Contract is broken. Now all we are arguing is the manner in which we now go our own ways. I have some ideas that I will start to implement immediately, but that is for another discussion, another day.

          • Share now please. I need some courses of action. I am renovating a house, and pay all the contractors with cash. They love me for it, and F the taxman.

  39. I’ve seen people I’ve known since nursery school go completely Woke.

    For whatever reason, I don’t hate them.

    When I think about these folks I experience emotions best described as sadness and resignation.

    • Boy do I know those feelings. The worst aspect of this whole debacle isn’t even stolen elections or recognition of the extent of the venality, incompetence, and cruelty of our overlords. It’s the willful ignorance of our own people actively supporting their own destruction. It’s almost unbearably discouraging to see how easy it was to maneuver them into this position.

      • They would rather their own children and grandchildren live a brutish, violent life as a hated and persecuted minority in their own country than make a MS-13 gang member from El Salvador, sneaking across the border, feel unwelcome.

      • Yes, it is quite discouraging.

        Yet, if I met these people in a Civil War type scenario I have no doubt I would simply feel more sadness and resignation when I came out the other side.

        • No doubt. Decent people are like that. And indeed, war breaks many decent people just because of such actions as they are forced to take. Their sacrifice is not just on the battlefield, but afterwards as well. The difference is in the legacy they leave behind for their prodigy—survival or extinction.

          • You have to meditate every day. Here are several you can try.
            The first is to think about how every day you wake up closer to death and to peace. Embrace that and remember that when you die all your problems are over. All that matters is what you do with this time. Do what you can and when the time comes, be glorious.
            This takes away a lot of the fear and despair and takes you away from being a hopeless helpless consumer to an actor in this world.
            The next most important one is daydreaming about that better world you want to make.
            Watch some Hallmark movies or something. Think about White people sea to sea, think about a happy, prosperous people with married families and a strong moral center.
            That will prime you for desire and with desire comes a will to action.
            There are other meditations on doing darker things, awakening the beast your need to win, putting the conscience to sleep for a bit that sort of thing. Rouse that when you need it, not before.
            Till then put in the head time and you’ll be able to shake off the sickness our society feeds you.

      • The last time I checked, Biden was over 2 million votes ahead of Trump. That’s a lot of deluded family and friends to deal with no matter what the outcome.

    • woke just means weak.

      They will go along to get along.

      That’s not a bad thing, should we win the day they’ll go along with us too,

        • I agree with you here they can never be trusted.
          Its more than just woke or weak, the method the other side uses and uses well is subversion. I don’t like it but I respect it as winning is what counts,
          Given this and the fact they ate totalitarian fanatics and will happily play weak and submissive and backbite later , they can never be trusted and may have to be dealt with.
          They would us.
          And note this doesn’t mean Normies here.

  40.  If in the next election, turnout is 30% and the Democrats win with 110% of the vote in Michigan, even the crooks will have to acknowledge that the whole thing is just a ridiculous sham.

    I don’t think so. They would just expand the number of voters who have ballots cast on their behalf. School boards and other municipal offices routinely have elections with below 20% turnout. They still act like they have the full authority of the people. The crooks will never admit it is a sham.

    • elections with below 20% turnout.

      The counter-argument is that people need to get out and vote, even though there are many games that can be played with higher turnouts, as we’ve just seen.

      It seems that elections hold value for the elite as a control mechanism for the masses that help the plebes mentally imprison themselves.

      • Every vote is another vote they have to fraud against.

        With normal turnout DJT would have “lost” fair and square on election night. They panicked with the massive margins in the midwest and exposed everything.

        GA and NC are easier to predict. They frauded those states much easier. Fl and oh clamped down.

        • I know Ohio purges its voter rolls periodically, every state should be doing that.

          What’s done is done.

          Trump needs a miracle smoking gun and he needs it soon.

          The MSM will relentlessly paint him as a sore loser, which doesn’t play well with normies. That will start chipping away at his popular support.

          • Trump has nothing to lose at this point. At this point, he has every right to find as many instances of election fraud he can. There might be outside chances of court challenges, recounts, perhaps even the House of Reps deciding the election. “Sore loser” he may be, but he can show the blatant fraud that was perpetrated on the People by the Democrats.

  41. Closer to the Heart — a perfect song. I dig all of their more esoteric stuff, but I think this is their best.

      • Don’t “Rush” to judgment! 🙂 I’d nominate “Witch Hunt.” For those not familiar, these titles are from Rush songs. Most times, the song can be found on YouTube. Lyrics various places, I usually can find them on
        “Those who know what’s best for us/Must rise and save us from ourselves.” — curiously the song is a liberal condeming a reactionary past, yet today the tables seem to have turned 180 degrees.

  42. You are right. The openness of the corruption is a good thing. This is the election outcome I thought most beneficial to dissidents, and damned if it didn’t play out. The United States will have lower social trust than Italy soon.

    • And yet “Italy” continues to stagger on. That’s what’s so vexing about our situation. The leftards are openly stealing this election and basically saying wtf are you going to do about it? And right on cue, most likely nothing will be done about it and we’ll grudgingly go back to our lives, such as they are, or more appropriately what they will be when the hammer comes down. I suppose at some point enough will be enough, but it seems like a lot of damn lines In the sand have been crossed.

      • Well they’ve literally been beating our people in the streets and they even through maybe the most decent all american kid around in the slammer for it. And what did we do about that? We have had our businesses confiscated and handed to the big donors at amazon all year on the most transparent pretext. What did we do about that? We’re told we must put panties on our face and that our kids cannot so much as play with one another. What did we do about that?

        Basically this whole year has been the left conclusively demonstrating to themselves and to us that there is no level of humiliation and injustice we won’t quietly submit to.

        So why on earth would they be worried what we think about the [s]election?

    • As @Emeriticus just tweeted “What do you call a system that arrays virtually every political, cultural, and social institution against popular movements, whether they are led by Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump?”
      The Dem inner party were just as determined to thwart Bernie and Tulsi as the Repub inner party were to thwart DJT. There are a lot of disaffected voters in this country. Whether anything comes of it remains to be seen.

  43. Jurisdictions have 12 hours to count their votes or the election is void. The incumbents get another term.

    Spot the problem. By definition, those in power have more opportunity to influence the speed of vote counting than challengers.
    How about: If the vote is not completed timely, all those in the chain of responsibility – elected and appointed, up to and including the Secretary of State lose their positions and are disqualified from any elected position or state government job.
    Cast them into the void.

  44. Oh gee whiz, Z: I think you got that one ass backward. The guys in the tricorn hats are right – there is nothing wrong with the system. It’s the people undermining it and destroying it from within.
    I am reminded of Monty Python’s terrorist group, “The People’s Front Of Judea”… the guys that endlessly talked and chattered and posed as a terrorist group.
    I suppose if you’re going to run to the Phillipines, taking it easy and not getting excited is okay… but what’s the point of being a dissident? What happens when your adopted retirement country falls under the rule of the same swine trying to eat us?
    This is your HOME, Z… and we are your people. I dunno if I am more disappointed in the election or with you. I’d really come to admire you, I suppose that’s what ya get for being a fan boy.
    Have a great weekend Z… and please re-think your retirement plans.

    • didn’t z man say to try your best to wake the people around you up?
      But what’s wrong with having a plan b?

        • Yeah they’re pathetically weak and the people who want to run from them might as well get castrated so they don’t have to deal with those vestigial feelings of pride and duty.

          They rule only because their weakness is surpassed by the public’s weakness.

        • Nonsense – recognizing that the Left is playing us as stooges isn’t “running from these people.” It simply means we cognitively (and politically) secede from the Left (and pansy-Right) and stop fighting their fight by their rules. Strategically, we need to recognize that Alinskyites have whipped us soundly. Tactically, we need to fight the Leftists in ever increasing concentric circles around our county seats. I’m all for taking Washington DC … after our rear is secured. But it’s not being a dink to recognize that our flanks are in the breeze.

          • Well said, Captain. And contra Glen Filthie, there’s everything wrong with the ‘system.’ After all this time, people still retreat to the magic constitution. I guess I really am an odd duck; I will never understand most people and their endless rationalizing and excuses and hopium.

          • Uh huh.
            They’re stealing your votes, they’re shutting down your free speech, and shortly they’re gonna try and grab your guns. And we are still bravely trying to wake up Normie and contemplating retirement in another country.
            Cowardice can be sold as pragmatism to some… but at the end of the day it is what it is. Perhaps I will leave it at that and STFU.

          • Been happening since 1860 dude. Leviathan ramped up in 1913. Ramped up again with the New Deal and National Firearms Act of 1934. Ramp went vertical with the Great Society. Nothing new here … now it’s just consequences. The tyranny ratchet has a history that predates Trumpism.

          • True.
            But yannow, Cappy? Maybe our esteemed blog host is right. Maybe when countries and people and cultures implode, maybe the best thing is to bail out, get away and seek what peace you can and live out your life.
            For me… I’m gonna stay, and when the time comes, I’m gonna make these fuckers bleed and die. They tried to emasculate me. They accused me of rape, of racism, of tyranizing and terrorizing people. They turned my daughter into a militant SJW lesbian. It isn’t right to run away from people that do these things. Say what you want about Trump… but at least he’s fighting.

      • Nah. My people have been buried here since we were colonies. Some inhabit cemeteries not far from where they fell in battle. My children and their children will be here.

        “…and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

    • there is no system they won’t undermine. There is no system that saves us from evil men but destroying them or driving them from us.

      We don’t have a system’s problem, we have a personnel problem.

      We don’t therefore have a systems solution either.

  45. “The only alternative is to tune it out and leave the drama to the drama queens. In fact, the right answer going forward is to just stop voting entirely. The votes don’t count anyway.”

    Men who have ears, let him hear. And let him read history, particularly American election history, and GOP history, of the last 60 years. And meditate on Dabney’s observations of conservatism 10x/day.

    We shall see though … I suspect the drama queens will be out in force in 2024, agitating dissidents with their Cotton/Haley bromides, shrieking “this is the most important election of the century.” Drama queens like to spit upon the hands, hoist the black flag … and vote. The results invariably suck.

    • Men who have ears, let him hear. And let him read history, particularly American election history, and GOP history, of the last 60 years. And meditate on Dabney’s observations of conservatism 10x/day. And get out there and build something more resilient and robust, like a family, a homestead, a business, a neighborhood. Men lead … pansies whine.

      Amen, brother. Let him meditate 10x/day on all of Dabney’s observations in that essay. Particularly that relevant to the inevitability of raising up a generation of sons more akin to devils than to men under our ludicrous system of “universal franchise.”

    • The only reason even to vote is if helps delegitimize the police state system, i.e., it forces a stolen election.

        • Agreed as to the candidates, but the illegitimated outcomes are the point. If not voting increases the illegitimacy, I’m down with that, too.

          • Voting has always been an implicit approval of the “Democratic Process”. The process has now been shown to me to be irretrievably corrupt.

            Therefore, I will no longer lend my approval to the process by voting. And no, this is not just 2020 elections. I can go back 20+ years here with election malfeasance accusations. Never quite the tipping point, but always creating doubt in an inquiring mind. My eyes are now opened.

    • Since the Republican Primaries are not completely corrupt (though we might get there next round), Men should vote for the most hard-core shitlord on that side, let the pundits shriek in horror, rally the troops, and put a modern day Bob Dole on the Republican ticket, then stay home at their guy gets massacred on election day.

  46. A good point Z about the way people form their opinions. Much time is spent talking about the media saturation that many people experience, but often forget about those they surround themselves with. At home, work or any social gathering.

    If these people just go in whichever direction the wind is blowing, then the most effective way to get them here is try and bring them into circles where they won’t feel bad about giving controversial opinions. As usual, we pick our targets and reason about easy a conversion will be. What can we use to persuade them?

    On the subject of persuasion, appealing to fairness can be a good tool to get people onside – the voting farce you’ve seen in the US must put a lot of backs up. Another great in, and many have mentioned it here so it bears repeating, is to point out the sorts of people that make up the left and juxtapose it with ‘family values’. Most normal people want that family, people implicitly appreciate this most noble of goals. So many wokists are utterly cretinous, childless and vindictive one can simply point to them and say: ‘You think they care about your family, or even their own?’.

    I know I am harping on about it again, but COVID has allowed me to direct two people to certain material. It turns out they are now quite willing to talk about other issues surrounding government lying and incompetence.

  47. Zman sounds like the TRS guys without blaming everything on the jooos. What kind of half-assed wignattery is going on here.

    • If you tuned out at the “Thank you mail” section, perhaps you missed Z’s final recap. This one election is simply one battle of many in a long war. It took progressives about 100 years of effort to get the US to this point, it is not going to be reversed with less effort. Funny how lesser breeds are criticized for having short time preference.

  48. I got the green door ref, but don’t you think it’s out of place here, a reference to an old porn in which the actual ivory snow mom literally worships a black cawk? Tsk tsk. /Clutches pearls.

  49. The right answer is whatever moves the people and yes our people esp from sheeple to MEN is to be done. If their vote being stolen enrages them into action then you bang that drum.

    Its utter incompetence to turn off and tune out what engages your audience, its political malpractice.

  50. Think how is it would be to let people vote from home, on a computer or at a polling place. The technology is available for voter certification and real-time counting.
    Just as well. Democracy doesn’t work that w ell. Fake democracy will end wide-spread belief in democracy.

    • And that is the saving Grace. Belief in fake democracy is what holds us back. One first needs to understand it’s all smoke and mirrors. A fairy tale that has been used to fool us as to who controls society and their interests—which are not ours.

    • The technology has never been the problem. The people are the problem. It’s the people involved in the process at all levels, from the voters to the lawmakers, to the vote counters, to the people who make the voting machines and design the ballots.

      Americans believe in democracy more devoutly, loudly, and simple-mindedly than anyone else on earth. They also take the fewest and laziest precautions to prevent corruption and convince anyone, themselves included, that the results have more integrity than a card game at one of Bugsy Seagal’s casinos. We seem to enjoy plastering superficial virtue on top of rapacious cynicism.

  51. ruling class just had declared of coloured revolution that White men’s vote doesn’t count
    do not participate voting is not enough
    America must be destroyed, that’s the only way to build healthy white community without interference/infiltration of the enemy

    • You do that by turning off the lights to the blue hives which are the power center of the ruling class. That;is all it takes. The city dwellers will fall up the white libs and that will be that.
      Remember our fight is with white Dems not the the ethnics whom they use as props to hide their activities.

      • This

        No need to blackpill the solutions are easy and everyone can take part – just a little oops here and there

        People are blackpilled because there is no solution in the muh constitution law and order framework and they can’t see beyond that.

  52. I have thought for a while that election boycotts and work strikes are tools that are available to our side. They would need to be used judiciously, but they are presumably still legal.

      • They will just ramp up the import of our replacements. Unfortunately for all concerned, our post-WASP ruling elites are waging existential war against the American people. Even if a decisive majority of them wanted to back down, is there a pathway for them to do so that would leave them in power?

      • Oh, they’ll start ‘caring’ when our $pending if away from sportsball for a few more years and they have to send their limp-wristed sons to fight the wars they profit from because right minded men counsel their sons to avoid the forever war industry.

    • The totalitarians are going to make voting mandatory. There will be no voting strikes. It really is just shocking. Here in Georgia they’re just counting votes until Biden wins. My own sister says this it’s just silly to think the election is being stolen but she’s lying, she has hates Trump and is just a terrible person anyway. What do you do with these people

      • My own sister says this it’s just silly to think the election is being stolen but she’s lying, she has hates Trump and is just a terrible person anyway. What do you do with these people

        Yes, these people are very trying. I have a similar issue with one of my siblings. The sibling in question was never really political to begin with, but as soon as it became a way to gain attention – they can’t stop talking about it.

        The solution, as brutal as it is, is to cut these people out. Slowly but surely.

        • The solution, as brutal as it is, is to cut these people out. Slowly but surely.

          That’s the way it used to be done, and the way some of us still operate. It’s also a big part of the reason the womenz fought so hard to become wards of the state back in the 1910s.

        • I just had another relative text me waxing theoretical about whether I thought Trump could still win. I told her he did win and it’s being blatantly stolen and when she asked for links to support my argument I told her it wasn’t worth my time to send her anything because if she couldn’t see it by now she never would. I am really reaching the end of my patience

          • when she asked for links to support my argument I told her it wasn’t worth my time to send her anything because if she couldn’t see it by now she never would.

            Indeed. What good are external links and statistics now anyhow. It is obvious from the signs that wokists give away that they were going to play dirty – it is a characteristic of those people, whatever position they hold.

            It is simply important to understand that people in many of your (and our) institutions hate Trump. Trump is a unifying symbol for these people; old hands in the administration from top to bottom will form an alliance to stop him.

            Although, is this a person that could be converted? Or is the interaction just one more waste of time?

          • I had a friend of forty-five years. We had a political discussion. He challenged my information. I later linked an article. He replied, too fast to have read it, that it was an untrustworthy source (probably Powerline or PJ or other such wuss/light-right organ). I said what about the contention (the details of which I’ve forgotten), the issue raised? He had no reply to that and we haven’t been on any more bike rides since. To be honest, my old roommate and classmate, f___ him. There are sixtysome million others who aren’t so obstreperous and ignorant in this country.

          • Call your friend and agree to not talk politics. Good friends are hard to find. I have several that are as lefty as can be, and if they veer into anything we will never agree on, I just shut them down fast. It’s not worth my time to debate their emotions. I have a younger friend who I shut down with, thanks for paying 7.65% of your income so I can retire early. For a friend with kids, I pull out the line I learned here about his kids living as hated minorities in about 25 years.

          • I have a relative who hates Trump and can only use the ‘grab them by the….’ remark as why he’s so terrible. I bring up the Bill Clinton/Lewinsky incident and her reply is, ‘well, that happened after he was elected!’ So you’re correct when you say there isn’t any way to reason with these people.

          • Just as with joggers, it’s TNB. With these psychos, it’s TDS. Institutionalization of the insane needs to be brought back with a vengeance.

          • Graphs of Trump leading key states when everybody went to bed, vertical lines for Biden while they slept. They’re out there.

            No words or ideas to confuse their simple minds.

            Also that nifty video of Biden bragging about building the largest and most sophisticated voter fraud organization ever.

          • Yeah – a friend who is inclined this way but still civnatty asked for a smoking gun. I told him the mere fact the count was stopped was the smoking gun.

            Imagine a girlfriend who goes out for a night with the girls suddenly turning her location sharing off. Nobody would think he needs some other smoking gun. But people want to believe things are ok.

          • As far as a smoking gun, I would say the vertical jumps in the Biden vote graph with really no movement in the Trump line would do it. I saw someone on FB who had posted the graphs and of course FB added their little “fact check” link to it as disclaimer. The funny thing is, apart from claiming that the Trump line had similar jumps, the fact checkers didn’t really have much to say other than to repeat the idea that most of the late counted ballots were mail-ins and thus probably leaned Biden. Of course we knew that but it’s provable mathematically that even with the lean the odds of seeing hundreds or thousands of Biden ballots without a single one for Trump are impossibly huge.

            Speaking of which, does anyone know where got the raw data to make those graphs? It would be interesting to import them into R and play around with the numbers. Not that reality and facts matter of course. That’s all that old-timey white guy linear thinking…

          • Wise move. These folk will drain you, even on a good day. There is an old saw: “A fool can ask more questions than a thousand wise men can answer.” And so it is.

            Whitney, we don’t need your relative—we need you in this fight. A word to the wise is sufficient. That said, move on. The seed is planted. Whether it grows or not is up to the other person.

          • Focus on redpilling normie cons or slight leaners towards our side. Trump doesn’t try to get wine aunt’s vote. It’s all about leaners and don’t waste time on the rest.

          • when she asked for links to support my argument 

            Whenever someone asks that I recall the scene from Trapped in Paradise where Dana Carvey (or Jon Lovitz?) explains about their recent incarceration “they didn’t have any evidence . . . except our fingerprints.”

          • It’s not just the endless counting and numerous red flags. The blatancy of the steal is the first indication about how serious the left is. I don’t see many people considering all the other indicators, though – McConnell and all the other repuke snakes are indicating zero support for Trump. I think this was worked out beforehand – the Dems wouldn’t steal the down-ticket races, but Trump had to go. Also note Twitter has indicated Trump is to be cut off on 20 Jan regardless. You really think the networks don’t plan to do the same? He’d be holed up in the White House and utterly cut off from all other communications. I’m just tired of the whole thing. It’s not worth fighting against these sorts of odds, and I gave up trying to talk to people literally years ago. Cut your losses and move on.
            The state has been a loss for decades. Many have to come to terms that their ‘families’ are a loss, too. Build small communities with people you can trust to always have your back and always put Whites first – that is your family.

          • Remember when Pelosi tore up the State of the Union address? When she smirked and clapped sideways?

            The fix was in, even then. In hindsight, it’s obvious that she knew it even then.

          • Its hilarious – we are now all being asked to produce links. My response has been, what good were all those links “documenting” how Russia interfered, did they make it more or less true? And, therefore, is it more or less likely a foreign power is trying to steal a US election, than an actual participant in that election?

            You can’t reason, you can’t debate. If someone is wavering, guide them. But Its clear those who are gone and need to be written off.

          • I think “Trump Won” could be a great dissident slogan. Should be an even more persistent “Epstein didn’t kill himself” and similarly provoke all the right people

        • The solution, as brutal as it is, is to cut these people out. Slowly but surely.”

          I came to the same conclusion during the rise of the Orange Man. I realized those with Trump Derangement Syndrome could never be counted on to stand by me during a tough time especially if there was a downside for them to be on my side

          • Absolutely. A lot of people here are in for a lot of pain because they cannot bear to do the hard thing and cut off those who cannot be trusted, because of blood ties. I think in times like these, blood is not always thicker than water. And for Christians, recall what Christ said about dividing fathers and sons and brothers from brothers.

          • The problem with Trump is that the only thing he was really good at accomplishing was irritating the establishment. He made a bunch of people crazy, but ultimately didn’t get much of substance done because he was busy pissing everyone off. While it’s nice to stick it to the elites that have ignored and/or exploited us, it would be far nicer if the government was reformed so that it served us, and on that count Trump was a complete failure. So, enjoy the memories of Trump sticking it to various swamp creatures, but don’t act like his defeat means very much.

        • Solid advice, Orange Frog. I’m all for family, but if one of your own siblings or parents wants a future that ultimately means death to your own children and posterity, how can you still call them family? How can you have a snake in your physical or emotional redoubt? My husband has a good friend who’s a solid guy, but he would not jettison his evil brother, and so he’s out as an ally as far as I’m concerned. Just can’t be trusted because he’d let in a scorpion in the name of ‘family.’

      • Ideally chuck them off a cliff, but life incarceration would be acceptable as well. It’s obvious now, and I suppose has been for a long time, that participating in elections is pointless. You want to believe it’s all on the up and up, but it’s patently clear that it’s not. It would seem that barring some cataclysmic event, the leftards are going to rule the roost and run roughshod over the rest of us one way or another. If they can get away with four years of treasonous hoaxes and now obvious election fraud, there’s apparently nothing to stop them from doing absolutely anything they want. There may be some glimmer of light in that Trump seems ready and willing to challenge the results, but it’ll probably just get sucked into the maw of the black bung hole of this former country. Sorry for the downbeat observation – exhaustion is really kicking in – TGIF…

        • Election fraud is nothing new in American history. Perhaps the current election is the worst example of it. An interesting question: Assume numerous verified examples of election fraud,  The Electoral College is compromised. Let the House of Representatives decide the election. It would not be the first time.

      • The totalitarians are going to make voting mandatory.

        A very important point: you will be forced to give your consent to be ruled by whatever sock puppet wins the popularity contest. You sign away your right to rebel under gunpoint.

        • In contract law, if one is compelled to agree, you pretty much don’t have a contract. In my former position, we faced this 25 years ago with those software “shrink wrapped” agreements, e.g. “…by opening this package, you agree to the terms and conditions therein…”. University lawyers back then laughed.

          I see little difference with an implied “social contract” where voting is made mandatory under penalty of law (like fines in some Western societies).

          • I’m not an attorney, but I have opened many software packages in my day. Usually the alternative is something like “If you don’t agree to the terms, return the product.” Hmmm, I wonder if we can do that with a government somehow???

      • Who cares if voting becomes mandatory?

        Write in Mickey Mouse. Spoil your own ballot “accidentally”, use a crayon, or use feces…your choice.

      • Funny how Georgia’s vote tally has been stuck on 99% for about three days now. Must be one helluva one percent.

    • BeeCee is at least thinking outside the vote/dont vote paradigm. I dont know if either side of the uniparty can maintain their monopoly. The R’s have become a joke and D’s won’t be able to keep all their diametrically opposed factions together as they garner more power. We may end up with the multiparty coalition/opposition arrangements as per Europe.

      Or maybe this just ends in a Brother/Traitors and their allies war.

      Either way, if you aren’t fleeing the country, find community and prepare yourself.

    • Useless. The elite don’t care now. Just imagine boxes of roofing nails falling onto major freeways leading into blue hives every morning holding up food and fuel deliveries.Or nails falling in front of city hall and roads leading to federal office buildings.
      Imagine trains being forced to wait half a day to deliver their goods into cities because of debris on the tracks.
      Imagine the cops being run ragged by people calling in suspicious packages found throughout the blue hives.
      Now all of these are simple screwups and the latter is just us being good citizens following orders.

    • When I first started my business, I hired a pair of helpers. It was pretty obvious by the end of the first week that it was not going to work, but it took me six weeks to fire them. Why? Because I kept look for signs of improvement, which I kept finding. I was essentially stringing myself along, defending my employees to myself, saying it wasn’t bad, that things were improving in small ways, and that they occasionally showed glimpses of excellence. After six weeks of this, I fired both, and things got better immediately.

      While you tell our esteemed host not to despair, you would do well to tell yourself not to fall into the trap of confirmation bias. Just because you can think of a way forward doesn’t mean it will come to fruition. It would be quite foolish to get so hung up on a wish that you stop dealing with reality.

          • That’s a great, underrated docudrama.

            The book Longitude is also excellent, and not a long read.

          • What is more notable about this than an A&E film is that is one of the thousands of absolutely critical pieces of technology invented by the horrible awful evil white male.
            There are so many examples of this throughout history it becomes comical to even begin to compare any other race with the except of some Asian inventions, but nothing comparable by volume.

            We really need to give these f-ckers what they want which is a world w/o white men. They would be back to lamp oil in a few decades and back to subsistence living scratching the dirt in a century or probably less.

          • Less. The remaining resources that have to be dug or pumped out of the ground are already out of the reach of vibrant ‘technology’. They won’t be living in the world our ancestors lived in, where coal, iron and oil were easy to get to when the need arose.

        • I hired them on a provisional basis; my mistake was not realizing that their first week was indicative of all the subsequent weeks.

      • “…they occasionally showed glimpses…”

        Oh they show glimpses alright. I once hired a young woman at my firm that needed tons of training. She turned out to be a total drag on office morale, debby downer x 1000. So she and her mother get in a fender bender, and she starts bragging about this bs lawsuit they bring for money. Back injuries and such.

        Boof. My partner agrees fire this person before she ‘slips on the stairs’ at our office.

        Another one, a youngish man. Hired him, he calls in sick on DAY ONE. He is diabetic, but never revealed that during the interview process. He also turns out to be a mope and is fired at the earliest opportunity.

        I could go on. Owning and running a business if not for the weak. And the trend against small business is taking that to the next level. I have no respect for surrender monkeys.

      • “Well now maybe things will get better,
         but a drowning man don’t get no wetter ,
        same rain falls on you that falls on me “

        Robin Trower, ” Same Rain Falls”

      • OT: Does anybody have any thoughts about this Steve Pieczenik and his claim that all good ballots were watermarked with blockchain technology and that it’s a gigantic sting operation? I thought that each state printed its own ballots. I find it a little hard to believe.

    • Don’t take the black pill. Consider that what the Ruling Class is now doing is an act of hysterical desperation. The scamdemic was launched and sustained worldwide with the sole purpose of justifying mail-in ballots. Just before the election, they floated the demand that each ballot to be mailed out was a real vote and must be counted days AFTER election day. Trump challenged this and was narrowly defeated by a 4/4 SC decision led by fink Roberts. Barrett had to recuse herself because Roberts rushed it through before she could participate in the discussion. And here we are. The four conservative justices wrote in their opinion that the issue would likely now have to be adjudicated because of the likely consequence. When it goes before the court again, Barrett will join Alito, Kavenaugh, and Gorsuch in striking down the legality of vote counting mail-in ballots after election day.

      However, before it even gets to court, there will be massive recounts in all contested states and Trump is likely to win without court intervention.

      • I find it hard not to blackpill because I see so many normies ready to capitulate who “just want to go back to normal.” I have also seen plenty who are also ready to make further steps this direction, but I am not sure its enough to help us stop the fraud from working.

          • Which Nixon?

            The Nixon who conceded the presidential election of 1960, or who left after impeachment in 1974 before waiting for the full-on impeachment by the Senate vote (which didn’t take place)?

            Trump is one man against millions. It’s time for him to negotiate what he can for the safety and freedom of himself and his progeny. After they ocean of ooffda that’s been shoveled his way for the past 5 years, I wouldn’t blame him.

          • his kids can take care of themselves, they know what they have gotten themselves into by becoming part of his admin either officially or not

            They don’t have much to worry about

        • Joe Lockhart: “Up until tonight, i’ve been very reluctant to push for prosecuting the President once he leaves office. It’s makes us look like a non-democratic country when we prosecute political enemies.Tonight changed my mind. Prosecute him the day he’s thrown out for crimes against democracy.”

          They’re very stupid to say this because now Trump and his friends have only one option: VICTORY.

      • We’ll see what happens when joe gets in. If borders are open by jan 2021 we will know that it was a worldwide scam to install voter fraud.

        Just as likely they will keep the lockdowns to impose the great reset. Who knows at this point tbh.

      • Call it a grey pill maybe. Best case is that Trump pulls this out, worst case is that the inner party invalidates itself to the remaining delusional normies all to install what is probably the most incompetent executive team any (nominal) democracy has ever seen. Popcorn will be required, and I ain’t talking about Biden’s buddy.

        • worst case is that the inner party invalidates itself to the remaining delusional normies 

          Which I guess would seem super bad for them if it also hadn’t just been revealed that popular opinion has no sway whatsoever

          I think it actually sweetens the deal for the true shitlibs and elites. They’re not just pushing us around but intentionally rubbing our face in our powerlessness

      • Trump got almost 70 million votes

        No way Biden beat him

        Trump needs to prevail just for general purposes

      • Yeah, the more I think about this week the less worried and blackpilled I get actually. The reason is that I see this as a kind of optimum outcome.

        Biden wins: they roll out a whole bunch of oppressive and stupid new laws that will get nowhere in the GOP dominated legislature. AR-15 “buy backs”? Nationwide mask mandates? Really Joe?

        Trump prevails: the Left goes even more insane, finishes burning down Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, purple-hairs are jumping off bridges everywhere…

        If either of them wins: almost complete destruction of the remaining shreds of legitimacy of the federal government, elections, the media, and just democracy in general. What’s not to like?

    • What’s wrong with FTN? They were spot on in predicting the millions of horrible deaths across the USA from Corona. And now they are more entertaining then ever as every other sentence uttered includes the word finkle-think. Also, they “know the shot”. It’s great stuff.

        • Thank you. Yes, there is virtually no spoken paragraph that does not include their handful of dumb phrases. “Money machine goes brrr”, was big for a while. “Stonks” were a favorite for a while. Then there was “big line”. Probably most awful is the weird giggling. A kind of Beevis Butthead giggle they both practice.
          i will listen now and then just to gauge the increasing awfulness of it.

        • FTN became crap without Halberstram. Autistic Man and FashBro just don’t fill his shoes.

          Anyway I really think they just picked up on the vibe from TDS, which was, ironically suffering from actual TDS as bad as any cat lady.

          They got so resentful about Trump they all completely disconnected from reality and sailed off into gay nazi LARP land with Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer.

          I’m not going to laugh when they get prosecuted by El Presidente Generalissimo Kamala for hate crimes… but I’m not going to not not laugh either

          Truthfully I was sad to see their whole thing go from amusing and spirited to self defeating irrelevance

    • z-man’s right, white nationalists should relax and look into philippines and honduras and take some spanish classes while they’re at it.

      • Why move to countries that have the people we don’t want in our country. Cheaper to live? Also they are more volatile than ours and finally they will see you as the rich whitey ex-pat they can rob and fleece.
        I’m not moving away from my own people, children and grandchildren because of standard of living metrics only. Social Security blackpilling has been a thing from even when I was young. We get it, something worse has been happening and will get worse but I draw the line here.

        BTW, nobody conceded anything yet so just hold on. If Trump stays it is at best a stop gap to the continuing poz and decline. It has always been that.

        • go to argentina then, which is whiter than us, if you’re lucky your grandkids will marry some nazi descendants.

          • You go first, give us a field report in ten years. That’s even if they will let you in. Most countries are not as dumb about race and immigration as the U.S. is. Ask Paul Ramsey how Hungary is working out.

          • No one needs a field report ‘in ten years’. Just go to (x)tube and you will find plenty of videos from ex-pats, with “advice” on how to manage the experience.

            Even if they are all in, if you possess a shred of discernment you will note that they are sybarites, usually with a hard look to their eyes. They pay $10.oo for Corn Flakes. They live in self-imposed ghettos to avoid crime and cannot travel in country freely.

            And they live without reference to children or grandchildren.

            Now as for someone claiming they are going to ‘leave the country because’ … well just how awesome is it to match the theatrics of aging thespians? Yeah, manning up, that.

          • They live in self-imposed ghettos to avoid crime and cannot travel in country freely.

            All Eastern European EU countries have crime rates much lower than the US. Most are safer than even Canada.
            Argentina homicide rate is similar to US, not counting this disastrous year, when the US is likely to become worse.

          • Those who left had children and lived good lives. Tens of millions who stayed died and are now forgotten with few or no descendants.

          • Have you ever read Solzhenitsyn? The “brave” russians who stayed and got thrown in camps turned on each other, the pretty women ended up as whores for the guards who murdered their husbands, they were beaten and robbed by common criminals (encouraged by the state) and an uncountable number turned stoolie and helped the (((bolsheviks))) torture and murder their fellows.

            That’s the bold nationalist future you want to emulate? By the way Solzhenitsyn himself ended up in VERMONT until the regime fell.

          • I take your point, but he will be forgotten in time while Russia will go on because of those who endured.

            They won their freedom, he criticized them across an ocean.

          • They pay $10.oo for Corn Flakes. They live in self-imposed ghettos to avoid crime and cannot travel in country freely. And they live without reference to children or grandchildren.

            You talking about white people in Argentina or in California? Sounds more like California.

          • has anyone said you had to go? point is us will become worse than soviet russia, you might regret not having a plan b, your choice.
            hungarians hate everyone and their language is brutal, eastern europe is tough place to integrate, but south america has whites all over the place(their numbers might grow if americans move there) and the language is simple to learn.

          • How about not being a coward at your nations greatest time of need?
            All you Runaway Joe’s care about is money and comfort and when it comes to ask you to genuinely do something for your nation, nope, heading to Brazil.
            Honestly its been said here and everywhere countless times, its going to come to war no matter what. All President Trump buys you is a dim hope and time to prep.
            Apparently none of you wanted to do the mental work, to toughen up and so when your election is stolen you punk and run.
            Maybe its better if you do go and don’t come back. You aren’t useful to anyone in a pinch anyway.

          • How about not being a coward at your nations greatest time of need? All you Runaway Joe’s care about is money and comfort and when it comes to ask you to genuinely do something for your nation, nope, heading to Brazil.

            They’re JIDF demoralization agents.

            Quite frankly, so is “ZMan”.

            Anyone & everyone spreading demoralization pr0n is JIDF.

            BTW, for the jews, the singularly most erotic demoralization pr0n is the “Gas Lighting” of current events, in particular their chutzpah-ic canard of “There is no evidence to support Orange Cheeto Goy’s assertions of voter fraud, no evidence whatsoever!”

            It’s Friday, and the sun is about to go down.

            Which means Gas-Lighting == massive little 3″ kosher circumcised erections as the Frankfurt School sanhedrin gather in their synagogues to clink their wine stems filled blood, in celebration of their ultimate victory over the goyim and that abomination of a false messiah which burns in a vat of excrement in hell.

          • Hey friend, what’s your great plan to recover the situation that we’re supposed to sacrifice our children’s futures to help with?


            so you actually don’t even HAVE one? Actually NO ONE even has one? Actually there is no plan and no organization whatsoever and if you even winked in that direction the feds would be at your door?

            We’ll just keep posting on message boards back and forth forever about how mad we are and about how hopeless everything is?

            Sounds like a good reason to throw little Timmy’s prospects in the garbage. I’m sure he’ll understand.

          • Hillary arrest warrant ready for execution. Pickup vans standing by. Feds roll at dawn. MAGA on its way. Trust the plan.” — Q

          • Running away won’t save Proverbial Timmy as the people that hate him are globalists and therefore the problem is global.
            Now I don’t have kids or prospects for them so I admit I have no skin in that game.
            What I can do is get people to understand the point you just made , there is no ideology and thus nothing to fight for until they change what’s inside themselves
            However once people do that and they are doing that, they can figure out how to deal with the issue.
            I am doing my meager part to make this place better but I’m not Spy Guy, Tactics Guy or Secure Comms Guy I’m get people thinking guy just like Z
            Plenty of you are Spy Guy or Tactics Guy or Secure Comms Guy and that part that falls on you once an ideology gets decided on for your group or for all of us or you just stop caring/
            And if you wonder why its so hard? Heritage Americans are individualistic assholes and are being asked to take mind boggling risks and very possible risk WW3 for what is essentially a rollback to 1980.

          • Now I don’t have kids or prospects for them so I admit I have no skin in that game.”

            Get crackin !!

          • Meet the women where I live and you’ll want to be a monk.
            Now if this makes you feel any better I gave up porn years ago too. MGTOW monk mode for the time being.

          • I hear ya. Not a lot of marriage material out there unless you want herpes and a ton of baggage.

            But good girls are out there. Just need to find the mating song that gets their attention. Packing up for a tour of Europe or South America might get some girls interested all of a sudden. A lot of good ones love to travel and love the excitement as much as we.

          • Dumbshits?

            You’re the one jumping to conclusions like only a dumbshit would

            Whoever said the goal is to outbreed third worlders? We are only gently trying to push our young people in a positive direction.

            Even if only one kid, better than none. Right?

          • Biologically? Yes we can. Amish TFR is among the highest in the world and the population doubles every 20 years.

          • They really need to open up just a little though. Eventually all the inbreeding will make them sterile.

          • They already did that actually.
            There was a surge in converts some decades ago along with paying males to be studs to Amish females which fixed the inbreeding problem a bit.
            We wouldn’t have that problem.

          • Running away won’t save Proverbial Timmy as the people that hate him are globalists

            Blah, blah, blah. More platitudes. More excuses because you don’t have any solutions. Staying when you can’t win does no one any good. 100% chance this guy lives no where near a place like Detroit while telling everyone else what they have to do. Keyboard warrior admits he doesn’t even have children or skin in the game, and you’re going to listen to this guy?

          • I’ve been around here a long time pal and with the same basic messages. More than I can say for you New Guy.
            Don’t live near feral Blacks. Its not hard they only make up less than 13% of the population.
            As it happens I live in So Cal and am surrounded by non Whites. Mexicans mostly.
            Happily they are mostly decent people and assimilating to a high degree. Hell they below replacement fertility too, a a tiny shade above Whites maybe, White sin may area are baby crazy
            They just aren’t my tribe if you catch my drift and I don’t want to join theirs even though we have lot in common.
            There are behaviors I hate but they aren’t a real danger to me or mine and despite what some people think, there isn’t going to be a race war. Its not good and we need to limit immigration but its not a crisis and adding some Mestizo won’t matter much since no one is having kids anyway.

          • Don’t even try to grow stones on this bunch brah.
            I actually think ZHQ is a Fusion Cell in PA filled with DHS bottom barrel myself, only bother cuz traffic comes here.

            Organize or die.
            Now, you may die anyway, but your otherwise meaningless death [and life] will be for something.

            PLAN RUNNERS: OK. The Irish ran because they were facing extermination, but…but..they always upon arriving in the foreign land signed up for the army, esp in wartime. If no war then the dirty, dangerous jobs such as transcontinental railroad, panama canal …etc. Also fire/police/Marines/even FBI here.
            But probably the smartest and certainly most consistent thing the Irish did was go right into military service in any and all of the various countries they found themselves.
            Nothing says loyalty like I will die for you.

            Since wherever you go they probably will doubt you, consider you a coward cur, that outside of America victim is low status, and they almost certainly have reason to hate Americans…

            You really think you’ll end up in some decent pad somewhere in Poland?
            Or Uruguay?
            LOL you’ll rot in shithole refugee camps, you’re children if they even live will despise you, you’ll probably not be allowed back into America ever.
            If you think UN camps are squalid, consider that they’ll be no UN.

          • You had it your way and you lost. Your side has been right on NOTHING. I’m sick of hearing your dumb insults. Stop imploring people to stay and lose even more just because your ego can’t take it that you don’t know what you’re doing. And that’s what this is really about. You people NEVER have any detailed plans, you don’t know jack shit about anything, and it’s obvious. Last week it was TRUMPSLIDE! Now, you’re telling people to be even more loyal to the regime because — magically — things will change? Please. You don’t know what you’re doing.

            Apparently none of you wanted to do the mental work, to toughen up and so when your election is stolen you punk and run.

            Yet another dumb exhortation to stay and lose from the crowd that’s never won a thing. You can’t even defend the girls bathroom from transgenders, but yet you’re going to “Make America Great Again”. Stupid keyboard bravado from a boomer who doesn’t want to lose his 401k and is willing to go down with the ship so he can die in peace thinking the next Reagan Era is around the corner. That’s all that is.

            I await your detailed plan on how you can realistically accomplish anything with these demographics and against the entirety of the federal government and media. Present a step-by-step plan. Don’t have one? Then STFU and let other people do what’s best for them.

          • Hit a nerve did I?
            The regime is not the land nor the American people and if you don’t believe in anything larger than you and your family enough to fight for it or you don’t want anything enough to try take it, go and run.

            If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

            ― Samuel Adams

            Oh and for the record, I’m not a MAGA guy or a Q guy.
            Its always been my opinion that President Trump is a delaying action and civil war possibly global war is inevitable by the 2030’s if not sooner.

          • Me: present your plan if you have one.

            You: blah blah blah, some quote that means nothing.

            That pretty much sums of the intellectual ability of this side of the political aisle.

          • You are new here so you may not know anything and I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt
            My message is and always has been
            Don’t do stupid illegal things, create an ideology people can agree on and get it out there , get hard mentally and physically and trained and willing to take power. After that we can discuss the next phase.
            We are just barely entering the early parts now.

          • The problem is THERE IS NO WAY TO FIGHT NOW.

            I keep hearing people telling me to go fight. Okay I actually DO fight and I’m up for that. So…

            Where exactly am I supposed to go fight? Give me the GPS coordinates and the officer I need to report to serve under. Suggest a plan that leads to something other than jail and a news story about some evil racist nut’s cowardly assault on a brave public servant. A news story that is in turn used to tighten the screws just a touch more on other decent white people who are trying to somehow live in this jewish toilet of a dystopia…

            If there’s a fight, sign me up. As it stands I have to drive past illegals just to wear a maxipad on my face so I can buy food at the grocery store. We’re being ritually humiliated and unmanned both in mundane and constant ways and in amazing huge ways (the “election”). Should I choke out the store manager at walmart? The pleasant white guy who was at my local polling location? He’s just trying to feed his family same as me.

            When is this fight kicking off by the way. We’ve been beaten in the streets by jogger mobs, we’ve been prosecuted for self defense… the nearest thing to an actual leader we had is currently pleading with me via text to donate a hundred dollars so he can continue the fruitless legal battle against every middle eastern lawyer in the sewer. We had little white boys shot in the face and thrown off balconies and not only did it not create rage it barely got noticed.

            Look I get what you’re saying, I’M just saying it’s unreasonable to insist people stake their children’s future on a nonexistent plan for a nonexistent fight with nonexistent brothers in arms against an enemy who is entirely real.

          • Have to do what’s right for your family and right in your heart

            If that means pulling stakes, then so be it

            And often times people saying “Stay here to fight!” is just another way of them saying “don’t leave me behind!”

          • Literately no one here is suggesting you shoot anyone or engage in any illegal acts.
            If you really need a leader though, join a militia.

          • “Liten up” … “your”

            Lack. Of. Human. Capital.

            I’m talking to hayseeds. That’s why the left won. It’s the only explanation. The right has almost no intellectual talent. It’s filled with cranks and imbeciles — the Trumpslide and Qanon crowd. They’re lazy and stupid, making excuses to do nothing while NEVER having a plan of their own. They are individualists, meaning they will lose all battles with more ethnocentric groups. They are imperious to reason; they’ll just keep doing the same old stupid shit until they are dead. They have no ability to plan. Half of the ones who do think are ‘spergs who imagine the way forward is telling women to get involved in an unwinabble breeding contest with thirdworlders.

            You guys lost, and you deserved to lose. It’s hard to feel sorry for such unworthy people. Genetically superior types like Asian and Jews don’t have to worry about the things we go through. They have their own homes because they are genetically superior to this crowd. That’s why they won the battle of civilizations and Whites lost. They’re just better than you genetically. It’s as simple as that.

          • AMEN

            Maybe its better if you do go and don’t come back. You aren’t useful to anyone in a pinch anyway.


          • You can probably find employment merely teaching English. Don’t expect to be paid very much, however. My biggest concern would be what to do with my “retirement” money. Mine isn’t portable (e.g. stuck in USA). Even if you control it, very few countries you might move to have a financial system or legal system that inspires confidence. This isn’t to say you couldn’t be happy in a foreign land, just that it’s not as easy as it might first appear. For one thing, the cost of living is cheaper “for a reason” !!!

          • Trust me. You don’t want to do it. If you leave this country America acts like a woman scorned. They will fuck you up banking-wise and have the IRS on your ass like white on rice. And if you want them go away, you have to officially part ways and renounce your citizenship, and they go extra berserk until the divorce is official. America DOES NOT take kindly to losing its taxpayers. They think they own you.

            I know your question wasn’t aimed at me, but wanted to reply

          • Yep, running is not the answer.
            The situation with social security isn’t fair because you have been paying all your life and all that money could have gone into your own retirement account.
            Thinking about money and what is the best move for any one person or corporation is how we got here. Everyone was always trying to maximize self-benefit regardless of the cost imposed on everyone else. We need to think about what is important to society and to our people.

          • I imagine social security will be defunct in less than 25 years anyway, so losing benefits shouldn’t embargo forceful action by the youngs.

          • As long as the fed can print money without end social security will be payed. May not actually buy anything, but you’ll get your check.

          • I don’t have a quote, but there was an exchange in Congress in 1970s almost verbatim for what you just posted.

          • Decent white people moving to decent white nations maximizes our well being. In what way does working to fund a country that hates it help anyone… Except joggers who live off our taxes and middle easterners who live off our interest payments?

            You’re all claiming to be realists, so why so indulge this doe eyed optimism about this country’s prospects. Isn’t “demography destiny” anymore?

            We’re all going to band together and DO WHAT EXACTLY? Did you happen to notice that the country was just stolen? And not only can we not do so much as a single thing about it, we can’t even really TALK ABOUT IT PUBLICLY?

            What action do you think you’re taking when you’re down to 40% of the population and even the vestigial second and first amendments are dispensed with?

          • Retreating to a defensible position is a hallmark of good military leadership. This country is no longer defensible, so we should relocate and defend from a position of strength. When deluded conservatives turn this option down, it reveals that they are relics from a bygone age who simply don’t know how to win or don’t want to win, preferring to die in peace thinking the next Reagan Era is around the corner; they can’t admit it’s over, so they lash out.

            But notice they NEVER have a plan of their own. It’s just keyboard bravado calling other people names. We’re supposed to believe the people who can’t defend the girls bathroom are going to take this country back with these demographics? They certainly couldn’t in California, and republicans there are wealthier and better educated than they are in most other places. Remember, these people are the same ones who thought we were going to win in a Trumpslide just last week. These are the same people who bought into that Qanon conspiracy nonsense. And they are the ones who are going to lead us to victory? Don’t make me laugh.

          • “Yep, running is not the answer.”

            Says who? It got the Jews Israel. Standing and fighting until all was lost got Napoleon exile. Where’s your plan for victory?

          • Where’s your plan? What’s your “defensible” position, general? I guess we’ve just been waiting breathlessly for a leader of your obvious capability.

          • If you have anything on the ball it’s easy to get into many countries. White people with resources are welcomed all over the world.

            Not sure what the crabs in a bucket attitude helps. Why should whites stay in America? So Detroit joggers have to fill in a few more ballots next time if there ever was a consequential election again?

            Should white people have stayed on in Detroit too? Guess having your family there would give the local joggers more convenient targets of opportunity next time they be wile’in out yo

          • The problem with Argentina, even though heavily white, is they seem to have too many SJWs and periodically f*ck up their country, start trying to crawl back, and then f*ck it up again. Nice people, hot women, but insane. In many ways, they remind me of Africa (great natural resources) but without the HBD excuse.

          • I give you two examples of Argentina as less than ideal. The “time of sweet money” 2000-2001 crash and the (anti)Pope Francis.

          • It makes perfect sense with hbd. Its settled by sicilians and Spaniards, with some germanic and indio mixed in.

            Without the eu money Italy and Spain would be much more unstable. Not the worst place to live either though. The entire industrial revolution and post period is driven by anglo/Germanic blue banana whites.

          • anglo demographic infusion can fix their mediterranean tendencies.
            what are you talking about, venezuela is like africa not argentina, you guys are too black pilled about the world.

          • Yes, Argentina is a hot mess. A century ago it was the 7th richest country in the world (!). While mostly of European immigrant stock, Italian and Spanish dominate. This may help explain their political performance throughout their history 😀

          • Chile is far more stable than Argentina. There are German villages throughout southern Chile. It also happen to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

          • A few weeks ago we had people around here saying Trump was going to win in a landslide and get more than 50% of the popular vote. Now, we have to move to Argentina and marry Nazis. Lol. Over on Unz, there were people for years saying Trump was going to win. They refused to listen to reason when I pointed out he got lucky the first time and should recognize that and work towards smartly building his coalition of Whites and some Latinos through dog whistling against Black degeneracy (i.e. go easy on non-violent crime rhetoric to benefit Latinos but go heavy on anti-violent crime rhetoric to signal against blacks + defend America monuments from BLM instead of giving them yet another holiday), not sucking up to dumb black rappers.

            Me: Blacks will never vote republican because they are intensely tribal and not amenable to policy or even common sense. There are more than enough White Karen scolds in the media to make sure they never cross that line even if they are thinking about it. So, it’s a waste of time sucking up to them. The better strategy is to ignore them.

            You: Lowest black unemployment! Blexit! Candace Owens said! That cuck Charlie Kirk said!

            Seriously. There were people telling me Blacks were going to vote for Trump in record numbers. Well, not enough to win. Only a tiny portion more blacks voted for him after all that pandering — promises of a half trillion dollars of free gibs. How sad … and predictable. Now, those posters all have egg on their faces. “I believe Trump is going to win. I love my country. God bless America.” Seriously. That was a real comment a few weeks ago over on Unz. Pathetic.

            I hate to say this but … I told ya so! That’s is for mass downvoting my comments predicting this situation. You were wrong, and I was right (as usual).

            Hunter Wallace has a working thread on his website detailing the demographics of why Trump lost. In short, it was Whexit. Trump lost because he got an even smaller share of the White vote than he got last time. That was the difference. Apparently, sucking up to black rappers and going full Mitt Romney on economics while embracing Tim Wise anti-racism pushed away enough Whites for him to lose. This was a winnable election for Trump and he threw it away by listening to cuck GOP campaign advisers. That’s how he’ll be remembered.

          • The current election fraud is still playing out, of course. Trump isn’t giving in gracefully, nor should he. If he does nothing more than shine a few spotlights on the rampant fraud and incompetence in some of the key states, he will have done a great service, before handing the keys to the dementia patient and the housekeeper.

        • Google on McAfee the anti-virus tech mogul. He has a pretty harrowing tale of living abroad in South/Central America. Yeah, he’s a bit of a head case, but his tale rings true. Basically he was threatened and shaken down by every petty corrupt politician living there—as is the nature of the society. He fled in the night and was happy to escape with his life, while losing all his holdings in the country. Having money does not buy you security, only makes you a target of opportunity.

          That is what being an ex-pat entails in turd-world countries. The grass is always greener elsewhere.

          • Central America is very different from the Southern Cone. Central America really feels like Africa, while Southern Cone is a bit like rundown Southern Europe.

          • There are plenty of nice places for Whites around the world if you have the finances and skills. Don’t misrepresent one man’s experience to scare off the rest, which is certainly what you’re trying to do. Let’s face it, you had things your way and you lost. The chances that your side will ever win anything is basically zero at this point. Now, it’s time for a new way. Fleeing has to be an option considering what’s coming. There are others like secession. Waiting around to be put into a gulag isn’t defensible, and anyone dumb enough to go that route isn’t brave but rather a fool.

          • In my experience, it takes a lot of guts to pull up stakes and leave everything you’ve known and try your luck in a new country or place. It’s a lot of work, and finding a comfort level takes years. At first you are surviving on your wits alone, regardless of how much money you have. Not easy.

            The flip side is to stay around and fight. I understand the sentiments here, and If one is actually fighting, then that shows guts. But how many people are doing that? Meanwhile, we have been getting steamrolled and cleansed out of our neighborhoods. It does appear that the decision to stick around is not borne of bravery but of complacency intermixed with fear. Fear of leaving everything you’ve ever known and venturing into the a new world.

            Although no one has asked, but if I had to judge, I’d say the guys willing to ditch the USA o in fact rank way higher in the guts department and have more of the adventurous and daring spirit that is a hallmark of our best people.

            Regardless of what people might say and believe, there is no denying there is a “been there done that” quality to so much of what it means to be a white person in present day America. There are really no challenges. The place is a fucking tedious and tired bore if you’ve only been living here for 30 years or so. It used to be fun and exciting. But now it’s nothing but the same old shit day after day. That will kill one’s spirit.

            So for you young men willing to reinvigorate yourselves by venturing out into the unknown, go for it. And be proud.

          • “The flip side is to stay around and fight.”

            Fight what and how? What are your chances of success (practically zero)? You did fight and you lost. There’s a scene at the end of the Battlestar Galactica miniseries that sums this up: the Commander wants to return to the fight but is reminded by the president that the war is over and … “we lost.” It’s time to run and survive. He eventually comes to his senses and does exactly that. It was the right choice when faced with insurmountable odds and a remnant civilization to protect. You cannot win, so staying and fighting (whatever that means) will certainly result in your destruction. I have over the years challenged lots of people to present their ideas, their plan for victory. They never did. That says all you need to know. There is no plan.

          • There doesn’t have to be a grand plan. But if people in their hearts think that maybe trying their luck in life elsewhere and it gets their blood pumping, then go for it.

            Each person can have his own plan. No need for some plan to satisfy everyone.

            Right now for millions our people a future life in America looks, acts, smells, and sounds like a dead end.

            Older people had an entire vast American country to explore. The thrill of adventure and exploration is what animated and motivated tens of millions of our people to head west or wherever it was. That’s gone.

            Whatever stirs the adventurous and daring spirit of younger white men I’m all for it. Just don’t go marrying darkies.

          • “There doesn’t have to be a grand plan.”

            Yes, there does need to be a plan of some sort. Otherwise, you’re talking pie-in-the-sky delusional copes and disorganized individuals fighting hopelessly outmatched single battles on their own. How exactly do you think the other side won? It certainly wasn’t for lack of organization, which they have and you don’t.

            That was the obvious difference: they had a realistic strategy, not hopes and prayers for a miracle from the sky, and acted upon it until they achieved victory. So, again. Where is your plan? What exactly do you people want to do? What’s your goal and how can it be realistically achieved? Where is the historical precedent for your plan working? Why can other groups like Jews have a plan (Israel) and have it work for them but somehow you don’t need a plan of your own? If you can’t answer those basic questions without deflecting, then your other suggestions should probably be ignored because they are likely just as poorly thought out.

        • If you can hold out and survive, go for it. Don’t pitch bitch at other people for doing what they feel the need to do.

        • TBH, I wouldn’t move anyplace where everybody (even the rural poor) must have burglar bars on the ground floor windows of their homes. Talk about low-trust societies! (I get it in affluent neighborhoods of big cities.)

          • This is a common misconception. Yes, much of Latin America has barred windows and doors. Much of the mother countries in Europe do too. Going back centuries. Partly decoration, partly funcitonal. It’s the racial/cultural make-up of a society that drives the crime rate, not the wrought iron. In the Whiter countries/areas, yes there will be crime, but if you could check statistics I think you’d find violent crime rates pleasantly low compared to the USA’s. Much of the crime is of the non-violent, relatively petty variety.

          • Lots of places in Spain have bars on their windows because they are only occupied for a few months every year. It’s just common sense, even though the country is extremely safe.

        • “Why move to countries that have the people we don’t want in our country.”

          Because those countries like our demographic and aren’t cursed with a certain other demographic that ruins everything. Besides, what does it matter? That demographic you refer to is coming here no matter what we do now, so here or there doesn’t matter.

          • Bruh! “That certain demographic” has been in Argentina since the founding of that country, much like the US. From Wikipedia: “The ****** population in Argentina is the largest in Latin America, the third largest in the Americas, and the world’s seventh largest outside Israel.”

      • You want to abandon your (magnificent) homeland to live as a guest worker in the third world?

        That’s the most Jewish thing I’ve heard all day.

        • i thought you loved being ruled by juw infested washington?
          i am currently living near an ultra orthodox ukrainian community called lipovans. I’ll pay them to teach my kid russian. When time comes I’ll send him on his way to mother russia.
          In regards to me, i don’t care where i’ll live in the future.

          • i thought you loved being ruled by juw infested washington?

            I said I preferred it to either uncontrolled nuclear proliferation or being ruled from Moscow.

            I’ll pay them to teach my kid russian.

            Of course you will. Paying people to educate your children is what Jews do.

          • Of course you will. Paying people to educate your children is what Jews do.
            yes, i am juw like for not knowing russian, you figured me out.

          • You are better than that.
            I know Euros and others don’t feel this way but it is YOUR job as a parent to educate your kids in social and moral values. Even in functional societies State education is only useful for STEM and similar subjects the parents don’t know.
            Its more incumbent than ever that you don’t outsource this to SJW’s and Reds.
            Take away institutions and you take away ruling power.
            Now with technology like it is we don’t need State schools for basically anything since the information can be had at the touch of a button and smaller private concerns can handle things lie lab work.
            Even when that can’t be done and you can’t get homeschooling or a compatible private school, you need to push passing on your culture. Otherwise you lose your kids and all your effort at fertility just goes to feed the parasite culture.

          • Homeschooling will become illegal. They’ve already been nibbling around the edges there and it’s a clear target in their so far 100% successful culture war. They would be fools NOT to cut off the source of the best educated most hardcore anti globohomo cadre there is. If the 4am “election” results taught us anything it should be that they are NOT fools.

            Do you even HAVE kids? You really think you reliably deprogram the 8-10 hours a day of government school plus the additional hours of media consumption and peer influence… with a little fifteen minute heart to heart over the dinner table?

            How about giving your kids a peer group that’s not tyrone, mudsharks, and trans kids on ritalin?

          • I don’t have kids, probably never will nor honestly do I want them enough to deal with relationship drama. Hell I don’t sex enough to bother with a girlfriend.
            So on those grounds I have no skin in the game.
            However as I have said countless times, there is NO peaceful out. President Trump was a nice delay.
            Decent people face a global problem and those people will have to fight or be enslaved by the Reds.
            There is nowhere on Earth to run from globalists other than maybe deep Siberia. Maybe.
            Eventually it will collapse, this is starting but they can do a lot of damage before going down,
            For now though homeschooling is more common and easier than it was in the 80’s and with a broader coalition to support it. Its going to be around in the US and when its not?
            No reason yet to do stupid illegal things but its close.
            Come to it, you decide when to fight and in the meantime? Don’t be a nice family man, become the sneakiest nastiest hardest bastard you can with an eye for what you want and how to get it
            Call it what you want, I’ll go with Ragnarök for now but the turning is coming and as the Volva said

            Brothers will fight and kill each other, sisters’ children will defile kinship. It is harsh in the world.

            Whoredom rife —an axe age, a sword age —shields are riven—

            A wind age, a wolf age— before the world goes headlong.

            No man will have mercy on another.

        • To be fair, he didn’t say go to another country as a guest, make up stories how you were there the whole time, and then dedicate 90% of your efforts to undermining the natives of the place.

          • Never said he did, but that’s beside the point. It’s about abandoning your country – and your people – for a life as an exile and a minority in a foreign country, just because you can’t even.

          • It’s about abandoning your country
            do you even know how the northern people were formed?
            they moved north to get away from the roman empire, which means you’re descended from cowardly israelite type people.
            heck, finns aren’t even europeans.

          • dacia was conquered by the romans, afterwards some of them migrated north.
            denmark was called dacia by the pope before lutheranism took over
            the first swedish author was named Petrus de Dacia
            wulfila , a dacian,wrote the gothic bible which was later used to spread christianity to the germanic people

          • You’re compounding your Jewry by obsessing over genetics and Bronze Age history – only people unsure of their heritage and identity do that.

            When you have actual Vikings in your family tree and your children look like a Lebensborn recruitment poster, you don’t give a shit about haplogroups and whatnot.

          • So let me see… we should live in a majority mestizo, black, and asian country to be loyal to our people.

            Although our actual ancestors lived where we are actually moving for a few thousand years before the US even existed?

            Is it disloyal to move apartments too? Or am I sworn to fight to the death the preserve the block I lived on for the last six months? When does this need for undying loyalty kick in exactly?

          • So let me see… we should live in a majority mestizo, black, and asian country to be loyal to our people.

            What’s the alternative?

            I’d rather be majority-minority in my own country than live like an expat in someone else’s country.

          • You are operating on a false assumption

            the USA is not “our” country.

            We are the distant children of people who were hired to develop and build a frontier for the benefit of rich people, and now that the work is done we have outlived our usefulness, are a burden, and they want to bring in new staff and take the “company” in a new direction.

            We are really just laid off staff looking for new gig. The company fired us. Why should be loyal to it? Time to move on.

          • We are the distant children of people who were hired to develop and build a frontier for the benefit of rich people

            So what?

            Most Europeans are descendants of indentured servants: scullery maids, stable boys and harvest hands. Some of my ancestors were most likely slaves.

            Why should be loyal to it?

            Shame on you for calling America a “company.” America is not an idea, it’s not a piece of paper with fine words on it, it’s a country: rivers, mountains, forests, fields, and you’ve made it yours by generations of sweat, toil, tears and blood. That’s what you should be loyal to, not the $CurrentYear management.

            So it’s been taken over by hostile foreigners? Hate to sound eurosnooty, but it happens all the time, it doesn’t mean America no longer exists, and you need to take it back.

          • Felix, it if were “my” country we wouldn’t be having this discussion b/c there would be only white people. The fact that America looks and acts NOTHING like I or anyone one in here want should make that point abundantly clear.

            The lands and rivers and streams and so forth feel in one’s heart like one’s land. A tenant too will eventually feel that same sense of ownership in his apartment unit. But it’s not. He can be evicted. We can be replaced.

            Been taken over by hostile foreigners? Not really. They have just been hired to replace the white people. I accept that as purely a business decision. Sucks, but I’ve been fired before. Don’t really give a shit tbh.

            But you seem to avoid the real question at play here. Ask me why should I want to live in a land with tens of millions of different tribes? I am sick of looking at them. Yet they are not going anywhere. Nothing any of us in here can do is going to make them go away. Well, there is one thing that might work; agitate for a war that sends them off to be killed or has them running home so they don’t have to fight for a gringo war. And that’s not being a very nice and conscientious citizen! Tsk tsk, Falcone. Slap that wrist.

          • Ask me why should I want to live in a land with tens of millions of different tribes?

            Because it is the only land you have and because the alternative is to live among foreign tribes in a country that is not yours.
            I can sympathize with your plight, even if I may not be able to empathize, because as I said downthread, you’re not the only people who are having your country stolen from out under you. Fleeing to Europe will give you fifty years of respite at most.

          • “That’s right Juan, this has always been an Anglo-Honduran country. Those “Mayan” pyramids were really built by King Arthur’s stone masons Nigel and Ian.”

          • Given how lousy the culture there is this would be in impovement which is of course exactly what the other guys are thinking.
            Its also why its immoral.
            People must be allowed their own culture without interference or worse subversion.
            Of course removing Globalist , Anglo-Zionist and Bankster influence (I’m riffing Dimitri Orlof here) won’t be easy but its needful.

          • German banking/fiscal war in Europe is not so good.
            Teutons and the Franks could teach the Anglos a few things about Banksterism.

          • Fair point.
            A ban on interest is something that will have to be considered in a DR republic.
            This will gut a lot of fake growth and you had best have a deadly deadly security and military force to keep globalists, banksters and other parasites out but it might well be worth it.

          • You need SOME interest or no one will loan a dime

            And if borrowers get money for “free” or free of interest they are less apt to pay it back b/c the whole process seems lacking in seriousness and urgency. Because of human nature, a loan has to have a weight about it that causes both unceasing disquiet in the borrower and a feeling of accomplishment by working hard to pay it back. Interest speaks to the formal seriousness of the matter, which creates pressure, and pressure creates action, and action creates repayment and everyone happy.

            Not saying that lenders don’t and won’t take advantage of a borrower with high interest rates. But that is another matter. In and of itself, charging a reasonable rate of interest lends the process and the matter an air of seriousness and formality that for whatever reason stirs something deep in a person to be faithful to their end of the bargain. It’s better than threatening to break their legs.

          • This entirely academic discussion, drum-roll please is about ideology.
            Once we figure this stuff out we can put the best out there and use it to teach how motivate people a lot better. So that is what I am fighting for.
            Interest causes fake money Its why wisely the Catholic Church banned it back in the day.

            A gold standard strangles an economy since gold is scarce and this only benefits the oligarchs
            Thus money needs to be backed by gold, silver and maybe copper and palladium or whatever
            Also useful is a ban on fractional reserve banking and interest replaced with capped fees.
            Want to buy a 250k (2020 money) house, you’ll pay say 300k for it instead of 500k plus with fees and interest. If no one wants to lend and foreign ownership is banned so be it.
            People are expected to live beneath their means and save for the house or get friends/family to chip. Most important national zoning will prevent wealth flight and rust belts and ensure people can buckle down and form a community.
            This grossly reduces inflation and so long as there is enough specie for the money supply , the velocity will represent the actual production of goods and services as will stock values.
            No faking it, no social media companies being worth more than real manufacturing.
            Hell I’m fine with limiting advertising as needed to push resources into goods.
            If this means a lot less lending ,slow but real growth ,a no B.S. and cash on barrel head economy that is a win on my book.

        • C’mon, Felix. Now my first objective is to carve Whiteland out of America’s sorry carcass, but I can certainly understand why many of us are thinking about leaving this cultural wasteland. If you were living here, you’d be doing the same.

          • If you were living here, you’d be doing the same.

            I most fervently hope not, and I would most definitely never emigrate to another country permanently if it meant raising my children as members of a foreign tribe.

            White Americans constitute the largest European nation on earth and you have the birthright to a country to match that distinction.

            The apparent levity with which many of ourguys consider abandoning it is alien to me – and my country is little more than a potato patch the size of an average Australian cattle station.

            Your country is the United Motherfucking States of America.

          • Well said Felix. Hey you tail tuckers, remember how you like those movies where the people facing adversity run to the exits of their communities and live happily ever after.

            Oh, never seen those movies right? It’s always some version of stand and fight or endure heroically, but in real life you have no stomach for it. Also we aren’t even at that point.

          • Yes. And supposing these clowns don’t end up whiffing on Trump for the nth time, congress looks like a disaster for Dems, as a Harris/Biden administration would also be.

            (Not that I’d trust Republicans to do more than make a big show of continuing gridlock…)

            Point being nothing is fucked. The defeatism and blackpilling is unreasonable and needs to stop. AND there’s still plenty chance to untangle this cluster.

          • Damn right. Even if Trump’s lawsuits fail and he loses the situation in Congress is going to be terrible for Creepy Joe and whorin’ Harris. They’re going to try to ram through all kinds of freakish shit that most Americans don’t even know about yet. The new Congress though is full of newly minted right wingers spoiling for a fight. The media here has spent almost all its time this year telling spooky, scary Halloween stories about Corona virus and vilifying Trump. They just haven’t had time to enlighten us dumb rubes about all the wonderful things JoeKamala (Joke if you will) are going to do for us. Most people barely even know what the Green New Deal is or how they plan to “buy back” that new AR they bought during the riots. It’ll be like opening your Christmas presents and finding they are all just hobo shit and used needles.

          • Remember, there is a backstop on the unlimited immigration. Once the Demonrats have enough diversity to ensure one-party rule, they will stop. They don’t actually want it any more than we do. It’s a means to an end. It still sucks, but we are not about to become Brazil.

          • Not so sure. These things have their own momentum which is why only incredibly short sighted and/or stupid people start them in the first place. I think the chaos created by AOC and the rest of her little rainbow rat pack was unintentional. The old Jews and WASPs who lit the fuse on all this diversity are realizing now that they’re way too close to ground zero to survive the coming explosion. Ironically it was their own racism and class bias that made them think their alien pets were too dumb to get out of their cages and eat them too.

          • One of my favorite bits was some Eastern European referring to the area as “white joggerton” on 4chan (it being 4chan, they of course did not use the term “jogger”) and that it was foolish to rely on them to save western civ. Point being: the Poz is everywhere. My bet would be that if you were to fly down to a two-person shack at the South Pole that it would have a “Diversity is our Strength” poster hanging in it.

          • That remains to be seen, as Eastern Europe gets smaller and smaller…
            Poland went all in on Trump/USA, but were hedging against that bet for awhile and now are in full reverse… Kind of makes sense when you think about what Biden would have in store for them. Besides that, many still can’t forgive Trump that Jiu hugging Ambassador…
            Belarus is getting in Ukraine mode and Ukraine is a Pale of Settlement rebooted.
            Orban is still kicking, but after Poland his turn will come…
            That’s destiny… Given certain amount of affluence and prolonged period of safety people, actually, even animals lose instincts… That’s the endgame of civilizations…
            Russia will make the last stand unless something big happens…

          • The folks here fail to realize that what passes for the enemy are just a bunch of flabby state level Dem party hacks who rigged elections because they have no real public support,
            That is the bulk of the enemy we face. And without them the elite in D.C. and Silicon Valley have no power over us.
            And the Dems hide behind roid guzzling cops and crooked judges to make themselves look legit and make us compliant. But what happens when we don’t comply?

          • Well, if we’re gonna cease complying, we better get on the stick. We’ve been talking a mean game for a mighty long time now. We either put our ammo where our mouths are or we go under. Permanently.

          • A lot of otherwise placid people are thinking about the cartridge box option.
            I doubt it will happen myself but the feeling is out there and its possible.
            For now best not to worry about it or the political system. You can’t prep much for KABOOM more than you already should have and frankly its best to leave politics to people already dealing with it.
            There are things you can do , all legal and in the system include sending President Trump a few bucks for his legal , contacting politely and courteously wobbly Republicans and the like.
            Go do those if you feel like it.
            Otherwise one day at a time Amigos.

          • You’re not fighting you’re posting bravado anonymously on message boards. No one here is fighting anything and no one here has any plans to fight anything. It’s all just talk.

            The country was stolen in the last twenty four hours and no one is fighting. No one is GOING TO fight.

            And yet everyone should feel obliged to hang around because ANY TIME NOW white america is going to close pornhub, put down their lattes and meth and pick up bayonets


            I don’t blame you. The tiny minority of us who actually realize the problem and even care have no actual idea how to even start. Our “thought leaders” only repeat vacuous slogans about “building community” as if 1) that’s actually happening rather than increased atomization and 2) as if tiny white below neighborhood size communities have some means to stand up to globoschlomo.

            None of that’s your fault, not at all the fault of anyone here (except the couple ADL/NSA watchers who read all this). But some number of us are recognizing the state of play and opting out of the whole charade on the best terms we’re likely to ever get.

          • Have you been paying attention? Even a little? What used to be America is a colossal Cluster F and it gets worse every day. White people are a despised plurality in this country and are en route to becoming a despised minority. There is no future for whites in America. Full stop. Time to abandon this dewy-eyed CivNat patriotism for a nation that no longer exists and move on to Plan B. Plan B is creating our own nation in North America. If Plan B fails, Plan C is seeking another home with people who share our beliefs, if not our language and history.

          • Playing a little Devil’s Advocate here, but you mean to say there are no situations, be they natural disasters or famine or a war specific to Denmark, where you wouldn’t consider moving to Norway?

            Seems a bit farfetched and runs counter to everyday human behavior and history.

            Felix in Norway wouldn’t exactly be you finding yourself amongst a new tribe. You’d blend in enough, and my guess is there are many a Dane who have done just that over the years. And the Schengen Zone allows for it today regardless of motivation, I would think.
            That said, I do agree with you that the best options for Americans would be our trying to make a go of it here in these lands we know well and among our own kind. Even it means we have to claim a religion for ourselves to gain rights of religious expression and choosing our own members, which in turn allows us to build our own exclusive communities. Z alluded to this tangentially.

            If asked, I’d help write the religious manifesto. I would definitely be up for organizing the monthly fish fry.

          • I have created a theoretical religion which i believe serves us well. Well, it’s in outline form. I need to devote more energy to it, but i think it’s got potential.

          • Playing a little Devil’s Advocate here, but you mean to say there are no situations, be they natural disasters or famine or a war specific to Denmark, where you wouldn’t consider moving to Norway?

            Hard to say before you try it, but no, I don’t think so – at least not on a permanent basis.

            And I am quite convinced I’d find it easier to assimilate in the United States than in Norway. The Norwegians are similiar to Danes in many ways, but they’re also culturally exclusive to foreigners, much unlike Americans.

          • “at least not a permanent basis”

            That is pretty much what we are saying here. Part of the American experience, as it were, is an undercurrent of feeling or sense that we are visitors in this land. Temporary workers. The moment you feel it’s yours, it’s taken away.

            I think one thing you may not appreciate is that in America this is a constant concern for our rulers. They cannot have us feeling like we own the place. The system has developed to constantly nip that feeling in the bud. When we get too comfortable they bring in immigrants. It may be cruel, but it’s the way things work here. America is a money making enterprise first and foremost. Deny it all you want. Gloss over it. But it’s true. It’s not a country insofar as the people are tenants rather than owners. The anxiety this creates on such a large scale may be uniquely American. We are not hooked on dope for no reason. And same can be said for people in Europe starting to experience the same feelings of dispossession. You can thank America for that btw !!

            You cannot compare this to what you have in Europe when after generations upon generations of family living in the same general location the place does in fact become yours. Enough so where you will die for it.

            If Americans truly and deeply felt the country was theirs, would they have allowed it to be taken over so easily? The fact that we never put up much of a fight should answer that question.

          • Well said Amicus.
            The reason that they feel this way is that the US is B.S nation that has no real roots. Even if Corona Chan wiped the slate clean and got rid of everyone who isn’t overwhelmingly White, this would not change.
            Damn Yankees, Westerners, Midwesterners, and Southerners are entirely different people much less Blacks, Inner Cities Blacks, and the myraid of Asian and Hispanic peoples.
            Truth is the nation should be broken up into smaller pieces that are homogeneous and highly independent.
            We can’t bring ourselves to do this. Worse what is being asked of Americans is roughly “A brutal monstrous civil war many tens of millions dead or broken and a dead economy in exchange for marriage reform and economic nationalism”
            And yes its much deeper than that but the fire of faith, of ideology isn’t lit and worse everytime somene tries to light it, our own guys , the mice people come and piss on it.
            We need that fire to proceed and we need it badly.

          • I don’t know how long you’ve been watching American politics but this is a ritual here at election time. Every 4 years you will hear wails of “that’s it, I’m tired of this shit! I’m not living in a country that would elect XXX as President, I’m moving to YYY right away!”

            This year is unusual because you get a chance to hear both sides saying it. I tried to have a serious talk with my wife recently about making some plans for what to do if there’s serious chaos around us. It was just going to be “ops” stuff. — This is where the rifles are, this where the pistols are, what to put in the bug out bag, what routes to take depending on where we’re going….” She wasn’t having any of it. Instead she said, “I won’t stay in a country in a civil war, I’ll just move to Russia!” Now, I’m the one who actually speaks and can read a bit of Russian and knows quite a bit about the country but she has been watching a lot of videos about Putin lately. She likes the way he contrasts with our clownish presidential candidates.

            My point? Well, she’s a great girl but in many ways also a typical upper middle class American from a little suburban town. The point being that Americans will do almost anything to avoid thinking seriously** about what is actually happening to their country or what might be required to deal with it. They also have a totally warped idea of how emigration works based on how people get here from other countries. Moving to most countries is not just a matter of paying a guy with a panel truck a few pesos to let you ride in the back and then going to a welfare office on the other side (where they helpfully post everything in your native language for you) and signing up for benefits. This is a failing of people from all parts of the political spectrum.

            One note about the “aging thespians” mentioned above. American celebrities certainly have the money to just buy their way into other countries but somehow almost all of them insist on staying here even after we elect George Hitler Bush or Donald Hitler Trump. I think the real reason they stay is that they don’t get the slavish worship their borderline personalities require in any other nation.

            ** I probably could have just ended the sentence right at the stars…

          • The point being that Americans will do almost anything to avoid thinking seriously** about what is actually happening to their country or what might be required to deal with it. 

            No offense but I’d say she’s thinking a lot more seriously than you are. She has an actionable plan.

          • The point is no one in this (admittedly) former country ever had to really think about jumping ship – what place was seriously better? Now? Where can you go that isn’t as pozzed as this dump, if not worse?

          • The pozz stuff is just a phase that will pass

            What will not pass are the different races and “tribes” currently installed here. Their seeds have been planted. Their flowers will grow in my garden forever and ever.

            The real issue is there a place where someone can live a more fulfilling life?

            And fulfillment comes only when you are around your own kind and do not have to constantly find yourself at odds with people whose attitudes, and preferences, and beliefs, and behavioral tendencies are utterly foreign and always will be to some degree. The energy spent there robs you of the time and energy you could be spending getting to know the natural world around you and the mysteries and depths of your own people which becomes a form self-knowledge and perhaps life’s greatest allure.

            I don’t see how anyone can find happiness in a multi-cultural situation. At best over time you find acceptance borne of resignation. IOW you die inside. And you think God looks kindly on that?

          • I’ve been in places where self-preservation and fear dictated I would be better off anywhere else at that moment. But then you look at your comrades and out of love for them and your own sense of honor: you realize you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

          • If where we’re supposed to be means somewhere on the North American landmass with fellow badwhite brethren as a distinct state, I wholeheartedly agree.

          • Let the cowards run. They are useless anyway.
            They don’t even realize that our enemy is mostly white middle aged and geriatric Dems at the state level pulling this crap. Deal with them and the machine falls apart.
            They expect us to roll over and die and they have no real option if we don’t.

          • Ultimately, dealing with Dems requires the same strategies as dealing successfully with a woman, the two being largely the same and the same one-way-street demands and bottomless hunger for attention.

            Starve them of it. When they want to talk and engage on their terms only, ignore them. Turn your back. Walk away.

            Watch them wilt. Some may freak out of course, but so what.

            And watch the machine fall apart, as you say

          • Walk away? How? Not buying into panic, but also being reasonable.

            You think I care if crazies wear masks or chant “diversity is our strength”. No. But they mandate—through their control of most institutions—that I wear the mask, that I hire the diversity.

            The current take over of the highest position in government now puts them in power by simple Executive Order and Cabinet control to integrate formally White enclaves with public housing. Raise energy pricing through mandates for “clean” energy. Allow my neighborhood schools to be awash in illegal immigrants’ children. and so forth.

          • I’ll second that. I was told to wear the mask at work a few months back, and I offered my resignation. They told me it was the law, I told them it wasn’t. They asked me why I was being unreasonable, I told them it was unreasonable to make me wear a mask, because I’m not sick. We compromised. I wear a bandana around my neck, and I’m left alone.

            Government is the same but the stakes are higher and you need to risk more.

          • I mean more along the lines of dropping out of the political process and denying them their necessary legitimacy

            That is to the political process what ignoring a woman is to a relationship

            I should have been more clear but I wanted to keep things short

          • It’s a valid question. I think, going forward, it will become necessary to employ a variety of strategies to sabotage things like new public housing, refugee settlements, etc… Sure get on the planning board and oppose all that shit but… Well it’s time to get creative too. Paperwork gets “lost”, construction equipment “broken”… A lot of right wing Americans are still locked into a very legalistic and law and order mentality. It used to be a strength but is now becoming a weakness.

            The Left simply never cared about the law. That’s why dead people voting in Chicago has been a joke for generations. The law is what can be realistically enforced. Again the Left has always gotten this. That’s why all my friends back in MD and NY have been smoking weed for decades even though it’s still illegal there.

            Mask rules? Fuck ’em – but be smart about it. If you live outside the most pozzed and Karen’d places it’s not too hard to just brazen it out. Sometimes I go around wearing a bandanna or keffiyah around my neck. I leave it there though. If I get hassled, I pull it up over my face, then let it drop when the busybodies aren’t looking again.

            There are also things we could do in a more organized way like infiltrating a strip mall in small groups and just going to the stores either unmasked or take the thing off after you’re there and make sure people outside can see you. It’s a way to psychologically re-normalize people and jar them back to their senses. Again, the Left seems to understand this stuff intuitively (although their takeover of the psychological profession helps them a lot). Most of modern Leftism is just a mindfuck and psy-op. Today’s soyboys don’t have the mettle of the old commies. Even Antifa is scared to go places the cops don’t protect them. The Bolsheviks had Joe Stalin, the American Left has Joe Sniffer.

            I’d recommend everyone on the DR learn as much as they can about psychology too. It’s become highly pozzed and detached from reality lately but a lot of the older research and even some newer stuff reveals tricks anyone can use. Perhaps every DR group or activity needs a “Mindfuck Commissar” who stays up on the latest psyops techniques.

          • A few years ago in LA some of the Mexican gangs showed their dislike of Negroes moving in their community by fire-bombing certain residences. The authorities, of course, were not amused, and consequently some people are doing hard time. Still, you gotta admire those guys’ initiative! They got cojones 😀

          • It’s actually the opposite of cajones because they know in jail they will be totally protected by their homies and cartel members

            It’s just a game to them

            If white people had no fear of getting whacked in prison, things would be a lot different, but is what it is

          • And so you get whacked. Its sucks but you gave your life for a damned good cause.
            I’m mean shit our guys willingly sign up for The Neo Cons wars and come home without arms or legs for what ? Israel? A meager pension and medical? The almighty dollar?
            Anyway in Southern California prisons there is Aryan Brotherhood (and no the AB in my name has jack to do with that , my real name or with Social Credit) and often as not Mexicans hang with Whites anyway.
            Difference here is the gangsters care about their community in ways that no urban White does,
            Rural and small town whites do, Klamath or Kyle but city Whites our guys or Lefties and suburban Whites don’t give two shits about the cities they live in.
            Cities are poison for our people and when we get power, we need to deal them out of the picture. After repatriation and the political regime comes the zoning and the spreading out of city population.
            And its not a new idea, they talked it out during the Cold war and hell Kipling discussed the idea back in the turn of the 20th century in his ABC Novels

          • You make good points, but oftentimes these bombings and the like are merely initiations. These kids are often cowards. And it isn’t their neighborhood. They are moving in and cleaning out the natives.

            I live out in this shithole called Los Angeles. Anyone with any guts and smarts in a gang rises up and won’t be involved in fire bombings. You will run across some these guys; they are pretty intelligent. In fact many of the smartest Mexicans I have ever met were these guys. They get the newbies for the dirty work.

            But that said, if someone knows he can go bomb some house and be protected in jail, so there is effectively no REAL punishment, I don’t think it takes a lot of balls.

          • It worked too. California is mostly Mexican/Latino with a pretty solid number of Whites and off Whites.
            This is not optimum but you know what, its also not terrible. They aren’t for the most part our enemies. Globohomo is.

          • Tonight I ate a light dinner at a local Rikki Tiki Bar here in God’s Waiting Room Florida’s Nature Coast, one of a crowd of shriveled retirees watching the sunset on the Gulf. Chatting with the ex-New Yorkers to my side, I mentioned how odd it was that we are to wear masks when entering the restaurant, but we are allowed to keep them off while eating or drinking. I also mentioned that in CA one is supposed to wear the mask between bites. Plant the seeds where and when you can. There is fertile soil in many places.

          • Right. But the days of asking are all gone. It is time to do. All we need is a nudge. Trump could provide it, if he has the courage and the will. He is the closest thing to a point d’appui the Dissident Right has. And, after being dispossessed of the presidency, God knows he has motive.
            I’m ready to fight. How ’bout you?

          • He’s talking about the spirit of the thing not forming a team to perform illegal acts on a public forum.
            Talking up being ready for a fight doesn’t make you a Fed Poster any more than this Raconteur Report post which uses much harder language.
            Eventually though it will come to a fight, likely some group of terminally ill crazies will form a cancer club and go ballistic or it will start in drips and drabs after some event pisses people off enough that they prefer vengeance to life.
            We won’t be discussing it or any illegal acts on an open forum in any case and nor do I advocate for them.
            This place is for theory, for changing hearts and minds and becoming what we need to be.
            Maybe we can even come up with an ideology and get it out there. Lord knows I’ve done my part.
            We get that “big dumb book of goals.” and enough people behind it and we have a chance.
            No ideology though and its all defense till it goes into chaos.

          • Get to it keyboard warrior. Your side has been doing great racking up the victories so far. I have every confidence that will continue. … but honestly, you can’t even protect the girls bathroom.

            They expect us to roll over and die

            Present your plan. Seriously. I’m calling you keyboard warriors out. Let’s see your detailed plan that realistically brings us to victory. I keep asking this question and not getting a response. Could it be that you don’t have a plan and don’t know what you’re doing? Well, in that case there is no reason to do as you suggest. It’s probably just as ill conceived as everything else you people have advocated (breeding contests with third worlders).

        • want to abandon your (magnificent) homeland

          If you have the means, you really have no excuse to stay. Muh cultural heritage will only last as long as it takes for federal forces to start counter-insurgency operations in the States.

          • Guess what happens when they they start murdering us by the thousands then all bets are off.
            BTW the following is all talked about on various sites and is open knowledge for any of us techies who have done telco or HV work.
            You do realize the country’s power grid and transportation system is like one giant exposed nervous system that a dozen men could cripple large parts of it,
            We were just lucky the Muzzies prefer to openly murder people instead of going for the money shot.
            Making the East Coast go dark wouldn’t be hard. Just ask some sparky who does work on the grid,.
            Oh lets not forget what would happen if some nefarious whites took out cell phone towers that not only business relies on but so do LEOs and Big Tech. Talk about blinding Big Brother.
            Point is the system is vulbernable and without working the elites and their little army of ex-military attack dogs become little more than street gang that you can find in Juarez.

        • You want to abandon your (magnificent) homeland to live as a guest worker in the third world?
          I’m on the fence in terms of fight or flight.
          My genetic tests and ancestry, investigated anonymously through legal counsel, disclose that my homeland(s) is a narrow south-to-north strip of northwestern europe save switzerland. I am 100% albionic, scot, scot-irish, viking and swiss-german. I have represented the government of switzerland and swiss companies for a couple of decades and developed helpful friendships. I am one-eighth swiss-german mennonite, the family arriving shortly after jamestown and until my mother’s generation acquiring wooded tracts, converting them into farms, selling at a good price and moving westward to rinse, lather and repeat thus building up monetary wealth. I have lived temporarily in the berner oberland, a place to which I am quite attached. I have actively worked toward swiss residency and, possibly, citizenship for twenty years. But where is my actual people given that I am an american mutt/mongrel? Anywhere in northwestern europe? As for work, I can ply my trade until I renounce my US citizenship, US IP law dissolves, or I revert to engineering. Heck yea I might move to switzerland.
          OTOH there is that slice of scot-irish demanding that I stand and fight. I observe that slice got spanked at culloden which is materially how they came to live in northern ireland. I am in rage mode currently, nobody steals nothin’ from me without consequence, although in actuality they did steal my former lifestyle and much more. If I am to fight, as a lawyer or a gunner, it will be for n’west europeans. But I am truly tempted to leave for switzerland if I must live under socialism.
          I’ve visited argentina and costa rica, the former along with uruguay being quite nice if you know where to live there and you bring a few hundred thousand dollars worth of liquid assets with you. I could manage well there and believe you can as well.

          I have zero small hat in my bloodline fwiw.

          • Europe is not a homeland, it’s a continent. Sort of.

            Your homeland is USA – for good and for ill. You can no more decide not to be an American than I can decide I’m a girl just by donning a wig and a bra.

            You can move to a European country but the best you can hope for is for your grandchildren to become European, and that would require you to actively try and eradicate their American heritage.