The Parable Of Bob

Imagine someone living in a typical American city. We will call this guy Bob and Bob lives in the city of Metropolis. Bob is a single man living in the city, working at a job while he enjoys his youth, looks for a mate and figures out what to do with his life. Bob does not care all that much about anything else. After all, he has a decent apartment, enough money to go out on weekends and plenty of friends. Like most people starting out in the world, Bob is just a visitor passing through.

Now, Bob has a steady girl now and he is starting to think more seriously about things like where he should live, or maybe where they should live. He’s thinking about what he should do for a career, rather than a job. He’s also starting to notice the world around him a bit more. For example, the bus he takes to the subway stop is always dirty and it stinks a bit. The subway has bums and the toilets don’t work. The trash barrels are always overflowing, no matter the time of day.

Just as Bob is starting to think more about the world around him, the Mayor of Metropolis, let’s call him Mayor Dick, announces he is going to go on a listening tour around the city. He wants to know what is on people’s minds. Mayor Dick says it is time for the city listen to the people and address their issues. He will hold town hall style meetings in every neighborhood of the city. Bob decides he’s going to go to one of these meetings and tell the mayor about the transit system.

To Bob’s surprise, the first meeting has lots of familiar faces. He realizes that these familiar faces are his neighbors, people he sees every day, but knows little about, other than they seem to be around a lot. Even more surprising, he learns that they are there to talk about the transit system too. Like Bob, they don’t understand why the buses are dirty and why they let bums loiter in the subway station. When Mayor Dick arrives, they all take turns telling him about the problems with the transit system.

Now, Bob feels pretty good. For the first time in his life he is involved in his community and beginning to know his neighbors. He was never much for politics, he never voted, but this feels like a good thing. Bob is not naive though. He knows politicians love making promises, but rarely deliver. Still, this Mayor Dick guy seemed sincere and he seemed to understand what was being said about the transit system. He even said he had ridden the subway to their town hall meeting.

Not long after the listening tour ends, Mayor Dick holds a press conference where he announces changes to the transit system. After talking to the community, he has slashed the budget for cleaning the buses. He has had all of the trash barrels removed from the subway stops and he has given the city’s bum population free transit passes so they can ride the buses and subway as much as they like. The city’s main newspaper writes glowing articles about Mayor Dick’s new initiatives.

Bob and all of his neighbors are outraged. How could this be? He was at the meeting and no one said they wanted more bums in the subway. Everyone specifically said they wanted fewer bums. Bob starts to think that maybe people at other meetings may have confused the message. On the bus to work one day, as a naked hobo masturbates in the seat across from him, he hears on the radio that Mayor Dick, after the success of his last listening tour, will hold another next month.

Talking with his neighbors, they agree that they need to get the word out to the rest of the city about the transit problem. After all, there is no way they wanted things to be made worse with the buses and subway stations. Maybe they don’t use the system that much or had other priorities. They all agree to form a group to raise awareness around the city about the shabby condition of the transit system. They will attend every meeting and make their voices heard by everyone.

Along comes the next listening tour and Bob and his people are set. They show up at every meeting wearing red shirts with their slogan on it. “Bus Reform Now!” is their slogan and they bring hats and buttons to every meeting. To their delight, everyone is receptive and peppers Mayor Dick with questions about the problem. Mayor Dick tells the people he has heard what they have to say and he promises to address it. “Now is the time to build back better” he says.

Bob is feeling pretty good at this point. He organized a city wide campaign to raise awareness on the transit issue. He got people all over the city to tell the mayor they wanted the system cleaned up. Not long after, Mayor Dick holds a presser where he announces that the city’s lunatic asylum will be closed and the inmates released, with free passes, into the subway stations. All cleaning will cease, even inside the stations and the toilets will be abandoned to chance.

As Bob and his neighbors watch this, they are stunned. This Mayor Dick guy is either an idiot or up to something. No one could want more bums and no one has ever said they wanted lunatics in the subway stations. Theories begin to circulate about what is really behind the mayor’s action. Meanwhile, the media begins to talk ominously about a secret conspiracy to undermine the city government. They brand Bob’s organization as dangerous subversives trying to undermine the government.

Bob and his neighbor have had enough. There is an election coming up and they are going get Mayor Dick thrown out of office. They agree that Bob is the right man for the job, since he organized the transit awareness group and people now know him. Bob signs up to run for mayor. To his surprise, he is greeted with big crowds all around the city as he goes to speak about his plans for the city. A keystone of his campaign is to reverse Mayor Dick’s changes to the transit system.

Everyone is feeling pretty good about things. The media has mostly ignored Bob’s campaign, continuing to call him a dangerous subversive, but the crowds at his events say that the people want change. The election finally arrives and not only does Mayor Dick win, he wins rather handily. It was not very close at all. Bob and his neighbors can’t believe it. The media claims that Mayor Dick’s listening tour and transit reform was the key to his victory. They hint that maybe he could be president one day.

Days later, Bob is found dead in his apartment. He has two gunshots in the back of the head, so the media declares it was suicide. Bob’s girlfriend, now his fiancé, tells everyone that Bob was not suicidal and he did not own a gun. The media claims Bob had a serious midget porn problem and was mixed up with Russian gangsters, so even if he did not kill himself, he probably deserved it. It is another example of how democracy must always be vigilant against people like Bob.

–The End.

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482 thoughts on “The Parable Of Bob

  1. Nice parable, Z-man – I’d love to see more of this kind of writing.
    The lesson, as I see it? Stop seeing yourself as “inside the castle” on the defensive, where civility and rationality and muh-bill-of-rights reign, if only you remind everyone.
    You are on the outside now; going to inside meetings is a sucker’s game. Expecting positive results from reminding the people who want to cut your throat and f*ck your wife about “The Constitution” is delusion.

  2. Bob takes the red pill, quantum jumps into his Techno Bae persona, writes an algorithm code named Evening The Score for Amateurs that insures Mayor Dick loses every election. Mayor Dick booby traps his house to kill hallucinatory intruders, but triggers the trap and accidentally shoots himself twice in the back of the head. It was determined to be a suicide. Techno Bae moves on to bigger prey, and cancels the entire Democrat party by jacking their Twitter timelines. Deep fakes of them in blackface couldn’t be deleted. Jack Dorsey cried.

  3. Notice Bob doesn’t do any praying.. To most people, thats not action, organizing is..Mayb thats our problem!

  4. is carrying the latest from Moldbug.

    [Revolver being the replacement for Drudge, without the freak show. For now. ]
    This is not only the best but the clearest prescriptions Yarvin has ever given. Cross 5 Rubicon’s Trump and actually take power, instead of an empty office. Short, and well worth a read.
    For one thing he’s laying out what the Dems will do to us when they get in, disguised as prescriptive advice for Trump.
    He’s quite right, Trump would never do any such thing, not unless he’s convinced they actually will kill him. Even then.

    • I wrote Yarvin off after his Beer Flu take, but I gave this piece a chance. Total recovery from his Beer Flu mess.

      It’s a very well-reasoned, well-thought out take.

      The crux is that Trump is the catalyst and it will be back to business as usual in DC.

  5. Not to Fedpoast, but Z ..

    in ref to your Gab Quip –

    they are in fact driving us from our lands, starting again with the cities.

    To drive them from our lands is well ah it takes organization.

    And we can’t have that!!

    It’s the difference between shitposting and the wordpress code it rides on, over the transmission by ISP, powered by an electric grid … etc…

    This is all actually funny💩.

    Here’s what will happen; when the Ameriki Derp state delegitimizes a regime you get something between Libya and Ukraine, and without any great power to step in Libya, or even Mali. The American Derp state has just delegitimized ~ America. Now Trump will never find his inner Assad.

    This is gonna be one funny shit show. In about a year the Schumerrz of the world will realize Trump was doing them a favor.!

    • Bahahaha. I wish what you were saying were true, but you are delusional,sorry to be an asshole. This system sits on bajillions of barrels of petroleum still that will just change dozens or thousands of hands before it burns out. A year??? Hahahahaha. I wish.

  6. Boob was a moron and a sucker. He got all in a tizzy over the masturbating bum, who saw the absurdity of the entire system, and decided to mock it with his contemptuous uncivilized actions.The city had already started to reverse it’s upward trajectory, because the yankee Puritan class invited a bunch of racially incompatible folk. It was a lost cause before the masturbating bum showed up. The bum was more Bob’s ally than anyone in the parable. Bob was a race cuck, who was more triggered by the naked bums presence, than welfare queen Shanequa, her drug dealer boyfriend, or their upwardly mobile, college educated well spoken cousin Darius. Retarded conservatives. This entire parable hinges on an inescapable paradigm- Was the bum a bum because he was genetic garbage? A hereditarian argument. Or did he fall through the cracks because the Mayor chose to uplift people with little genetic fertile ground for potential? The environmental argument. Did the bum say screw the system, knowing people like the Mayor controlled it, and laugh his way into a masturbatory fit of insanity, mocking the whole charade? Or was he just some piece of shit that genomics will eventually match a certain allele or whatever to and eventually eugenics can eliminate? I think the answer lies in both Bob’s death, and the ultimate universal consequences of the bum’s public jacking, which are benign, except in a utopian homogeneous Euro society(Don’t take this the wrong way to the prudes who want to throw me in the oven because it sounds like I’m being an apologist for such anti-family degeneracy). Of course, perhaps the bum should have just been sent to Wakanda, or Siberia if he was a racist- with Shanequa, her drug dealer boyfriend, and articulate cousin Darius. It’s really anybody’s guess.

  7. If you think about it, Trump supporters are the real blacks. That is, we are actually treated how blacks are allegedly treated.

  8. I am sorry that I have not read the approximately 400 posts as this might have been talked about a lot and I don’t know it. BUT …

    The Democrats stole the election in blatant “in-your-face” style. Like the Russian Soviets of years past, they don’t care you know they stole it. In fact, that is one more weapon they have — you become demoralized knowing there is no hope. If they can elect the moron Biden, then they can elect any Dem they want.

    Why not Hillery Clinton? They were just over confident and not ready for needing to do anything. The polls had her up by 3,000%.

    Now comes the pain. Don’t do as you are told (for example … take a poison vaccine) and it is off to the gulag with you. FOR YOUR OWN GOOD of course. (or the good of decent people, whatever)

    After watching the USSR for 70 years we think we can do communism right this time. Heaven on earth even as our leaders worship Satan.

    I am real close to leaving this mortal plane. May God have mercy on the young folks.

    • Despair is natural, and everyone here feels it to some degree. In part, Zman’s podcast was an attempt to counteract that despair. Venting helps, but that is not enough. Here are some sound things anyone can do to make a difference. First, as you have done, recognize the seriousness of the brazen theft of a presidential election. The enemy is a real and present danger, no longer theoretical. Second, you will be targeted (one way or another), so go dark now. Third, focus on the real problem (the numbers of disease cells are actually quite small). Fourth, use your God given ability to innovate, but do it all inside your own head only and use what you already know. Fifth, be opportunistic and spontaneous like a bolt from the blue. You beat a cancer one cell at a time, and every little bit helps.

      • I see no light at the end of the tunnel in this decade. Thank God I have no social media, safe for this website. I suppose that’s enough to damn me, but not for some time.

      • Wise words. I for one am “withdrawing”. I’ve begun to examine and think upon how in all the small ways, I’ve kept this “shitshow” running. No more.

        I am now a disenfranchised alien in my own country. OK, I get it. It will take time to adjust, but adjust I will. As the philosophers are want to say, I’ll live in this world, be will not be of it.

        I don’t need to move to another country, this is another country—probably been so for a long time, but I’ve ben blind to that fact. Only question now is “How far does withdrawal go?”

        You suggested “going dark”. Does that mean not posting to blogs like this? That’s perhaps the last unanswered question I have left.

        • Going dark is a term of art from the world of tradecraft. It means learning how to disappear in a crowd, a neighborhood, a town/city, or any other type of environment that you may encounter. To learn, start by taking a long walk in your neighborhood or town and then ask yourself . . . what draws my eye or attention? Who stands out and who is hardly noticeable? Teach yourself to mimic the “hardly noticed.” After the visual test, move on to mannerisms, forms of speech, and occupational categories. Buy some used clothes in a Goodwill and try again. It takes time, but once you get this part down, it will influence your personal life. A quick pointer, the goal is bland and boring, not dirty street person.

    • What immediately struck me after the collapse of the USSR was how we became more like them and they became more like us

    • The Left is just flexing on us now.

      The TRS guys are totally correct the lawsuits are all Hail Marys and the effort to clean up elections should have happened years ago if the effort was real and not a fake op.

  9. Welcome to Pravda and Tass ladies and gents,
    What the MSM did was Red Pill the Trump supporters. They now see the MSM and Fox as a pack liars who hate Trump.and who protected a senile crook and traitor as president.
    No one except party hacks believe Biden won legitimately. Not when he couldn’t attract more than 20 people at a time to his rallies.
    So if Trump can’t overturn the fraud, we will have our first fraudulently elected president who has no real standing at home or abroad. Expect things to get spicy.

  10. This is the end

    Beautiful friend

    This is the end

    My only friend, the end

    It hurts to set you free

    But you’ll never follow me

    The end of laughter and soft lies

    The end of nights we tried to die

    This is the end

    Our present predicament reminds me of the last days of my grandfather, whom I’m so glad didn’t live to see what his country has become.
    We in our family knew that the Alzheimer’s was claiming him, a piece of his mind at a time. He lasted almost 2 weeks in ICU before our family opted to pull the life support and let him go. We knew the end was near, yet when it happened, it still was a shock.
    Tuesday was very similar to me. I knew waiting an hour and a half in line to vote was pointless, but I did to thumb my nose at our overlords.
    Then the other side pulled out every stop and stole the election so brazenly that it was obvious that “getting away with it” gave them the satanic narcotic rush of knowing that they were so much better than the rest of us.
    Seeing the country I once loved die hurt badly and even though I knew this day was coming, when it arrived it still was shocking.

  11. After a long day of fishing on an awesome and unnaturally warm November day, I re-read this one. Freaking awesome We don’t yet know how this one ends, but the journey has been amazing the quite revealing, even for those of us already prone to cynicism.


  12. people who want voting out of this mess are clueless what’s happening now
    Maybe Biden won the election because the white population decreased to below 50 percent
    They want to believe the US will be a alright place for Whites to live in for the next 30-40 years and damn anyone else.
    After that they will simply die off and pass the explosive mess they created to the younger generations who won’t have the same privilege of living in a country that is 60% White.

    Despised minority? Think again, it’s subjected minority
    I see a lot of comments about running away to X country or Y Country of brown continent
    Jew gets eternal triumph thanks to the these Vote-Cuck
    Now parasites looting everything while takes us from any quality (dignity) of life

  13. …And the MSM has begun to walk back the Beer Flu narrative, with the WSJ posting an article about how awful, just awful remote work is for poor wittle corporations

    • I think we might find that “electing” Biden will miraculously cure covid. Dr. Fauci will pronounce it a miracle.

  14. By the way, has everyone noted what an outsized role “the media” plays in The Parable of Bob? In fact, the parable’s outcome would have been impossible without an incredibly powerful, thoroughly corrupted, lying, wholly-owned media. We must pay heed. (What should be DONE about the problem is a whole another question.)

  15. OT, got to swearing a couple days ago- my apologies, was ‘discussing’ with TDS best friend.

    Point then was, Kushner’s “peace deal” was selling the Gulf weapons, a Gulf NATO. Thanks, my 2 pfarthings.

  16. Some of you people have money. We could have this entire site transcripted,and printed on free bleached secondhand newspapers and create our own free newspaper in 100 cities, distributed in 100+ style newspaper dispensers at each city, with constantly changing locations to deal with infiltration. We need an old printing press, or we just need a warehouse of copy machines. After a period, when we saturate the market with wrongthink and get shy people out of their shells, we eventually become a legit for pay newspaper, to combat infiltrators who destroy our papers.From there we build up a legal army of dissident law experts. We recruit newly inspired dissidents to run for political office with the support of our legal team. If you people are so successful and good at life, step the hell up. I’m just a middling intelligent low energy loser who saw through this entire charade since my youth, but i will donate my brain to the cause.

    • OR, we don’t even fart around with the paper kiosk dispenser thingies, we just do direct mailouts to high honky demographic areas. There are so many ways to get people onto our thing and reach a critical mass, which is the real challenge. And the thing is, most Trumpees already basically are sympathetic to our views. They merely need a nudge. Did you guys see that viral video of the Asian guy in Arizona saying this is a no N-word zone? This isn’t even a question of support, we already have it. And getting more is just a question of an information campaign. This is a question of political and legal logistics. We have millions of vikings who are itching to get to dancing. This is a nerd system. Only the nerds can set it free.

      • Something like this will be necessary eventually. I also think this is an excellent idea. I don’t have the funds to help in a big way but I’d gladly give $25 to the effort. What to call this new “newspaper”. Well, Dissent comes to mind. Most people should get the get the idea just from the name.

        As for content? Well, anything the media won’t talk about – which gives us an ever expanding list of subjects now doesn’t it? It would be very heartening to see the Left being positioned as the enemies of free inquiry and free speech that they are. Along with flying the banner of whites in a positive light, reclaiming our Western culture and heritage is vital.

  17. Me and 6 million other people on Friday: “They’re going to Deem it Passed.”

    On Saturday: “Dagnabbit why didn’t I post that comment”

    MSM, Monday:





  18. Just out of curiosity, is Fox News the final arbiter as to who wins Presidential elections?

  19. Nice story. I think I get it. Anyhow I struck my colors just now and officially surrendered. I took down my “Trump/Pence 2020” yard sign and unhung my big “Trump 2020” flag I’ve had flying on my porch for a couple of years. Then I scraped off the little round “Trump 2020” and red “MAGA cap image” stickers I had been displaying on the rear window of my SUV for a couple of years.

    I have officially surrendered. I voted (early) this year but I suspect it will be the last time. Why bother to vote when your vote can be nullified with a bogus mail-in ballot or a “found” ballot or the vote of somebody born in 1886? From where I sit it isn’t worth the hassle. Sure the official line is “Every vote counts. Count every vote.” but the reality here and now is that the only votes which will count and which will be counted are those for Democrats. I fully expect to see the 22nd amendment repealed – at least the amendment repealing it being offered. The Left has been chafing under it since it was ratified in 1951. I fully expect them to try to rid themselves of it in the next 4 years. The only thing stopping them might be that they do not have a way to gin up a 2/3rds majority in the Senate (I figure there are enough RINOs in the House to get it passed there) and they might have a problem getting 2/3rds of the state legislatures to “call a convention for proposing amendments”. If they succeed in getting a ConCon called, Katie bar the door! Damned glad I don’t have to worry about actually living in the world where a Democrat can effectively be President for Life.

  20. Essay after essay, comment thread after comment thread, I read the same ideas and the same reactions. It’s become tiresome. What our times and our ideas (if you are willing to stand up with a backbone in support of them) call for is more action and less bloviating. Every time I read the same old comments and the same sycophantic chiming in what I see is an implicit admission that you are willing to let your children (if you have any) learn to speak Mandarin and you are practicing to touch your toes when you bend over as you come home with another case of KY ready for the day the Red Guard show up at your door.
    Just remember this: the idea of being “left alone” went really well for the Native Americans.

    • Another one. Red Dawn was a shitty movie for 12 year olds. It’s even worse in the Chinese version. The worst Mandarins are in city hall down the street.

  21. Zman: please, turn your blog into a discussion of military strategy and tactics to destroy the Deep State. We need a General Washington and you’ve got the right stuff.

    • Yes, great idea! Especially talk about specific details!11!. Names of targets, proper recipe ingredients to home brew explosives, counter insurgency tactics with topographical maps of target areas, etc.

      The whole nine Z, let it rip! This is Langley, signing off for today…

      • You found nothing but justification for your shame.

        The Feds should pay you guys,
        of course I think they actually do.

    • And Doug won the downvotes by pointing out the obvious.

      Doug; this is the Blvd of Broken Dreams. They wouldn’t stir to save their Mothers.

      Try Motus Mentis. He’s accepted the truth, and they’re waking up, people come here to die of despair.

  22. Trump cannot lose if the GOP backs him. Let’s say he loses in court. He’d then have to be backstabbed by the state legislatures in MI, WI, GA, AZ, PA, all Republican, who’d have to refuse to send a Trump slate to the electoral college despite the fraud. As a backstop, if the vote goes to the House because neither Trump nor Biden has a majority in the electoral college, the House is majority Republican when counting by state delegations, which is the way the vote would go. This is a life and death moment for the GOP. Trump will say to the party: come with me if you want to live. We’ll see what their answer is.

  23. When grandma dies and I get my money, hello nice cabin innawoods. Middle of nowhere. Its the only way, and even that isn’t forever

    • The problem with a cabin innawoods in the middle of nowhere is that you are living at a cabin innawoods in the effing middle of nowhere. It got old even for Ted Kaczynski.

      • What else is happening? Who’s going to do anything? I’ve passed out fliers, talked to people, attempted to set shit up. Minor successes followed by radio silence. I’m demoralized and I feel overmatched. I’d like to live among other dissidents and use the cabin as a last resort. Where the hell do we go from here? They’re only getting stronger…

        • Enlist in the military and hope for the best. Or the police.
          You have to have a gang.
          You have to have an organization.
          Or quit, they will probably leave you alone if you stay offline.
          You should probably choose soon. If you choose strife expect certain hardship, no family life, a high and increasingly higher likelihood of death, injury, prison.
          You would have to be comfortable with that choice.

          Here comes of course a lot of downvotes and evil cops (who will take away their chemical girlfriends).

        • The program of our enemies is so impractical, self contradictory and based on false assumptions that it will fail on it’s own. For example:

          1. A monetary system based on continuously increasing debt loads.
          2. Renewable energy can reliably and inexpensively power a modern world.
          3. The LEGO theory that all races are equally capable and that people are just different colored LEGO bricks that can be snapped together into a functional society.
          4. Technological progress must inexorably increase and sustain ever increasing numbers of people.
          5. That US military force can police the world even as it becomes a sandbox for social experiments.

          Your job is to survive and not let the collapse fall on you.

          • The trouble with castles in the air is that, when they collapse, they can kill a lot of innocents who were beneath the lofty structure 🙁

          • Don’t knock if if you haven’t tried it. Train station in Munich, 1984, waiting for the morning train back to base. As I recall, the “Herren” was heated unlike the rest of the building. Having partaken liberally of the Oktoberfest made the cool tile floor relatively inviting 🙂

      • But you can take up a hobby, like Mr. Kaczynski did. Er, well, perhaps best to stick to hunting and fishing… 🙂

  24. Doesn’t Bob get exposed as a White Nationalist at some point and have his bank account suspended?

    Here’s where Bob does have an advantage now. He doesn’t have to give a shit. And when Mayor Dick’s thugs do a false flag terrorist attack on the bus system, Bob and more people than would have in the past know it came straight out of Mayor Dick’s office.

  25. The story left me on the edge of my seat. It never said if Bob and his buddies were wearing their masks at the meetings. Could have been why he had his brains drained.

  26. BREAKING: At 11:30 am AP, CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC simultaneously called the Presidential election for Biden. It is an unfolding attempt at what historian Paul Johnson called a “media putsch.” We’ll see if it works as well as the last one.

    • Excuse me! Q says to trust the plan. Trump has this all in hand. They’re making arrests as we speak. Everything will be fine.

    • Actually Trump issued a statement saying see you in Court Monday, you stole the votes, the elections are not certified – and explicitly said The Voters decide, not the Media.

      • You have to admire them: (1) Keep Joe in the basement because voting doesn’t matter (the fix is in). (2) Blatantly use the vote fraud machinery you’ve put in place (show who’s in control). (3) Have all media assets, including Fox, prematurely declare Biden victorious so as to (4) get the idiots publicly celebrating the “win”, and then (5) dare the courts to enforce the law and be seen to “steal the election” for Trump. Masterful. America disintegrates either way. Only one question: What. Will. The. Courts. Do.

        • I think the Supremes will try to avoid getting involved. If they do, the Trump appointees will recuse themselves or vote against Trump.

      • Thank you. Way too many folks around here have OD’s on black pills . That’s a nasty addiction.
        Y’all need an antidote.
        John Ross’s Unintended Consequences is now public domain.
        Its about a man in the same dire straights we seem to be heading into and is exciting fiction about that , an authors note and warning as he put it.
        Fiction but a good read and good for the soul
        Now people around here seem to have come unglued at the idea that they may well have to make consequential lasting decisions in a couple of months.
        Y’all had years to prepare for God’s sake, to take Lineman’s advice and build community but you wanted easy street. That fear you feel is one you. You failed to prep when you could to build goals and dreams be ready to fight . Instead you ran and ran till they caught up with you.
        There is no easy street. Its all 100% war for what you want until you win and the Reds are gone from you land whoever big or small you die.
        Maybe it can be all be a political fight , maybe Trump will pull through in January but its never over till the Commies are gone.
        In the end you need to either haul ass to wherever you think you can go and live in peace or be prepared to fight.
        Sooner than later they will come for your job, your life and everything you care about.
        Instead of being a good little jew who hops on the train cause there will be showers, be the ones in Warsaw that win or lose made the enemy bleed.
        And if you die? So what? Many of us are at the age where in the near past the Reaper would sending you an annual reminder card. Embrace it.
        Right now you have till January 20th next year to get your shit together and as I always caution don’t do stupid illegal things. Use your remaining for sure time wisely.
        The next couple of months could be mild to outright civil war.
        Regardless be of good cheer, embrace fate and embrace the furor of your ancestors. You’ll need it in the coming days. Above all do not give into depair, That is the weapon of the enemy

        • Read it. It’s a good read, albeit long. But is it a “guide” to action or a “call”. Written when gunnies were in love with the fantasy of violent resistance. Not sure that it promotes a workable strategy today—or even 25 years ago when written.

          That is my only caveat to potential readers, violence begets/justifies violent reaction and inevitably will produce a sympathetic case for the very oppressors you resist. The book ignores this and (IIRC) basically assumes the entire country is against TPTB. We are not there yet—not even within the White community.

          • That doesn’t really matter for determined bad guys.
            Only 2000’s bad guys noted here in the camera age.
            Two joggers with a car and rifle were able to turn D.C. inside out in 2002.
            Dorner another jogger, granted an ex cop and possibly this time rightly pissed off inflicted heavy loses in 2013.
            Back in 2014 a couple of guys with rifles took out a power substation in SF. Unlike the three men above they were never caught and do note there was at least if you believe the luggenpresse heavy video security.
            People have also robbed and killed agents of the press in Oakland California though I’m not actually sure if anyone cared.
            Its a target rich environment for bad guys and if things go south and let us pray they don’t, hunters whatever their beliefs can inflict a lot of damage if they so wish doubly so if they aren’t press hungry or share the Muslim view of Charlie Hebedo of the press.
            In an odd way stabilityas much vanity and self preservation President Trump fights for fair elections. Once things get to a certain point, any spark can turn the US into Bosnia in 1992

  27. Very good essay.
    I like the last line
    the End
    it truly is the end of people’s confidence in our system I think.
    I can only hope so.

      • Once a candidate makes “Ending DACA on day one” a campaign pledge, and the only barrier to him doing it is filing under the Administrative Procedure Act and waiting a certain number of days, then you begin to wonder what other forces are in play.

      • What would he be offered in return for a DACA amnesty? Funding for his Platinum Plan? Increasing annual aid to Israel to $10 billion a year?

    • Circumstantial is enough

      Add to it the whistleblowers

      Trump has a decent shot of winning it. Just speaking objectively. I’m indifferent about it.

      • Fraud carries a heavy legal burden of persuasion. You need clear and convincing evidence of illegal acts and materiality. A few million tainted ballots counted won’t suffice. Math modeling won’t suffice. Trump has a very low chance of winning in court. Which of course sucks.

        • They don’t need to prove fraud

          Just significant irregularities and inconsistencies. The job is not to jail the perps but to convince a judge that a recount is necessary

          • He’ll score recounts. The folks performing each recount to include the same operatives who did the original count. Which leaves fraud claims following the additional counting fraud. Or something extraordinary outside the courts.

        • Math modeling won’t suffice. 

          This is why Trump needs a clear, simple to understand smoking gun.

          People really think normies who slept through high school math with a C+ grade are going to grok Beneford’s Law?

          Do they understand how rhetoric works?

          • There are two courts: one is public opinion, the other the official court involving law and evidence and tradition and so forth—within the current political “system”.

            We have as a general rule here accepted that a corrupt system “can not repair itself”, so why do we care what is needed to get an acceptable ruling.

            The court of public opinion is all we can hope for, and that is strong. Stronger than say any of the current conspiracy theories like 9/11 or he JFK assassination. It will simply take us longer to spread the word. Hopefully Trump will bring some of those arguments to light in his formal court suits.

          • Sorry to butt in to this big brained convo with my riff raff POV, but-
            Unless Trump has a set of dried up raisins, he’d stage a military coup. WTF. Go out like a legend or this is all BS, and all of the Progs character assassinations of him were spot on. He’s a degenerate greedy ego driven POS who makes the world a worse place by his presence, or he is our retarded Emperor King, waiting to finally grab his balls and live up to his legacy. Most modern high functioning responsible productive white people are way too rational, conservative, and reserved to pull off any sort of useful revolution. The wet dream of the Prog Artificial Intelligence technocracy in other words.

          • We may have to settle for reasonable doubt in the court of public opinion over beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

    • Trump had 4 years, he disbanded his voter fraud commission, this happened in 2018 too, everyone knows what’s going on.

      They’ll recount everything including the fake ballots and trump will lose in a landslide, including GA and NC.

      It’s bad but trump apparently ignored this issue for years and now it’s catching up. We all know what’s coming be it 2020 or 2024.

      Right wingers will talk tough but just go back to sleep and do nothing as usual.

      • I think Biden presidency will be a hoot

        Watching them trying to keep this idiot propped up and then Kamala after she gets nabbed in all kinds of shady deals

        Fun while it lasted, but I am officially done with caring about the DC soap opera

        • You never know. A few MAGA people who protest this could realize that the “thin blue line” they worship and suck off will put the jack boot on their necks extra hard. As they fly that stupid ass flag with the blue stripe in front of their houses.

          • Now is a great time to abandon metropolitan politics. Including its modern instruments.
            Like it or not, the more we satisfy our need for a cognitive community on here, the more difficult it will be to do so in real life. Speaking about one’s goals to friends tricks the brain into thinking they’ve already been partially accomplished. Our goals are far from partially accomplished.

          • Good points, Lanky, but I do not think the people here are susceptible to the illusion of community vis a vis the internet

    • One of Karlin’s points is that “Conspiracies are hard and they leak”. Wrong. They are easy and it doesn’t matter if they leak if you own the whole casino. He is still assuming that both political parties are simply ideological adversaries. They are a good cop/bad cop sting operation.

      • People like Karlin also ignore the school of fish/herding effect.

        Not everything needs to be planned down to the individual foot soldier.

      • I agree I posted this in response to his piece.

        “Grow up.

        If they can do the three year long Russia-gate conspiracy, they can certainly do a three day long vote conspiracy.”

    • Interesting article. One thing stood out: Censorship by Big Tech and the utter lack of interest among their bought-and-paid-for minions Congressional Representatives to do anything about it other than put on a show on C-Span. Trump probably lost a number of voters when he said “just be good” to some of his most enthusiastic (deplatformed) supporters while he celebrated (M)icrosoft(A)pple(G)oogle(A)mazon as “MAGA” companies. Don’t put your faith in politicians or political parties.

    • That article is a good argument for the opposite case, that the election was legit and we should just shut up and hope for better luck next time. It doesn’t persuade me. I havent followed up hard but the claims of more votes than registered or even eligible voters in some districts, stopping and starting vote counting in the middle of the night on election night (that just cant be normal, everyone wants to know the results asap) and other things. But fraud in the election seems more congruent with the behavior of Trump opponents over the last four years than a clean election does. After trying everything and then some to take him down, Trump’s enemies across media, state and federal bureaucracies and agencies and many other places, were just going to let the election ‘take its course’?? That’s very hard to believe.

      The article did convince me that a polished Harvard lawyer is going to rip Trump’s chances of persuading SCOTUS from reversing any counts to shreds. Which means Biden will be inaugurated. My guess is, after that secession talk will get seriously underway in some of the white belt prairie and upper mountain states and maybe Alaska.

    • If you ask a prosecutor his opinion of circumstantial evidence as vs say, eye witness, he’ll tell you he prefers circumstantial. We seem to denigrate circumstantial. But that is not really the case. Circumstantial evidence can be strong and is mostly used. For example, a burglar whose house is searched and has your jewelry in it. Hell, no one saw him break into your house or haul the loot off to his. But he’s going to jail, 9 times out of 10.

      These articles are simply written to gaslight those who—with a little inductive reasoning and a bit of statistical knowledge—can see that this election is tainted to the point of illegality. Statistical analysis, as has been mentioned, is bearing this out.

  28. PART II
    Mayor Dick has been in office for many years. He knows the ropes. Mayor Dick’s one goal is to keep his patchwork of constituencies satiated and happy enough. One of these constituents is the Transit Workers United, which has been around a lot longer than mayor Dick. TWU has a union contract up for re-negotiation every four years. This particular contract, signed by mayor Dick, allowed transit workers to work from home. Many work from home in Orlando during the long Metropolis winters. The contract has many other perks. TWU workers no longer have to lift more than 10 pounds, as this may cause back strain and repetitive motion injuries. But the secret sauce of the contract is a pension that has a guaranteed 7% return. The contract didn’t always have this guarantee, but during the 1999 tech boom everyone just assumed that this a conservative estimate of market returns. Shortly after this was locked into the contract, the market returns fell to only 2-3% from many years. The difference had to be made up with city finances. Mayor Dick had a problem however. The city was already very expensive to run, as it has been slowly building up an alphabet soup bureaucracy of other constituents since 1932. So mayor Dick went to the (((bond dealers))) across town. The bond dealers agree to create bonds to finance the TWU shortfall, among 20 other shortfalls in the Metropolis budget. One of the main purchasers of these bonds is the TWU pension fund itself, as Mayor Dick holds cocktail parties at the Metropolis Four Seasons where all of these people mingle, including the bond dealers. It’s really all one big network of people. Mayor Dick is a lucky man because interest rates have been artificially low since 1988 and incredibly suppressed during the last 20 years. He’s never had to face off against a constituent due to lack of funds or rob Peter to pay Paul. Mayor Dick isn’t smart enough to see some future financial disaster from all of this. He just knows that the magic carpet of the bond market somehow works, and he wants to keep his meal ticket. His son is at Harvard Business School, and hopes to work for a bond dealer in the near future. He doesn’t need Bobs coming along and saying the subway stinks, when to him, and all of his constituents, it’s the sweet smell of money…or actually…credit.

    • But the sky hasn’t fallen, despite a half century of the Boy Who Cried Wolf; so it must be bullshit and we should all live in the moment and party like it’s 1929 all over again.

      • Recently the thought occurred to me* that our current situation is more like the boy cried “wolf” many times, there really was one or more wolves, but no one ever paid any heed to the danger. Eventually the boy moved away. Soon the wolves came and ate the villagers at their leisure.
        *My insights are probably a direct result of all the LSD taken in my formative years.

    • Long before the scheme fell apart, Mayor Dick was elected governor and then senator based on his great reputation as mayor – a man who got things done. When the state took over administration of Metropolis, people said this could never have happened if Dick were still the mayor.

  29. OT: Did anyone see the strange Joe “speech” last night? He was again speaking to an empty parking lot, full of brand new jeeps in red white and blue colors. And some grey dodge grand caravans far behind.

    However, joe wasnt even on stage, it was a video of him talking on the screen but no one was on stage. There was also an ambulance convoy that passes the road in the back.

    Anyone has any ideas? I’m thinking it must be some kind of color revolution symbolism.

    • Were they beeping their horns in approval at the senile potato’s utterances like the first time? I hope whoever thought up that dystopian gem runs his communication office.
      I am somewhat surprised at the speed at which they replaced potato Joe with virtual Joe but it had to be done eventually so might as well get on with it.

      • President Heels-Up Harris will be along in a few weeks!

        More seriously, time is on Trump’s side versus Biden for health reasons.

        No one likes used mattresses.

    • However, joe wasnt even on stage, it was a video of him talking on the screen but no one was on stage. 

      President Max Headroom, we salute you!

    • Is he even still alive, or RBGinsberged?

      “In a historic first, Biden died as a deposed Trump fled, Harris awarded office to prevent panic”

    • The moral of the story is that Bob’s parents were clearly as naive as Bob and never taught him the ways of the world, which ate him alive. And his girl was probably cheating on him and stealing a $20 out of his wallet every so often. Like the PA Republican legislature….

      • Ha. My favorite part of the tale was when Pennsylvania’s legislators stated openly they were too fearful of physical assault to call out the fraud. I hope people abroad laugh in the faces of the Banana Empire’s diplomats when they hector them about muh democracy.

  30. This bob sounds like he’s from the 90s

    In 2015-beyond most young men are living in their parents basement playing video games. The neighbours are all strange foreigners anyways, you can barely understand them let alone organize with them.

    No, I don’t like this story. Instead of being obvious and dying, bob slowly meets a network of like minded people who prepare for whatever is coming. Bob is a grey man. Bob also quietly and anonymously sabotages the system wherever he can – after all, it’s a 3rd world country now.

    • If you can trace your heritage to a people that evolved in the upper latitudes, then you are descended from the survivors of an environment that included harsh winters and serious food deprivation. To survive that, toughness and innovation are imperatives, and those traits persist in your DNA even now. The keys to survival in this Brave New World of soft tyranny and anything goes, is to resurrect those skills and apply them to the problem at hand. Think outside the box.

      • Exactly. Embrace the struggle and hardship. I will never give in. I smile and say “is that all you got?”. God used to be the one causing us hardship, now it’s man with his world systems.

        Average whitey is so soft. And your $20/hour factory job going away is not a reason to despair and go on drugs either. We need a slap in the face and a big wakeup, from avoiding struggle to relishing it.

      • What will awaken those traits is hardship and hardship only

        If you want to awaken a trait borne of physical hardship, then physical hardship it must be

    • My late-20s nephew has just moved back into his parents’ CT home. Football stud at Princeton, tall, handsome, ripped and earns 200k/year with an interesting investment portfolio. Left Santa Monica CA. Couldn’t find a quality girl to marry and wants to settle down or attend law school and then settle down. I discourage law school but he perceives it as the only advanced degree worth collecting anymore. A gregarious kid by nature, he’s rather sullen these days. Yet he’s bought into The Narrative from what I can tell, hopefully it’s just his defensive screen.

        • I wouldn’t wish life as a lawyer upon anybody and at 200k now he’s near the compensation upper bound for the average lawyer. He has the charisma for politics but I would murder him before I let that happen, not that he is inclined. A law degree for business leadership is counterproductive insofar as it conditions you to be extremely cynical and cautious. If you want to succeed at business, learn the business. But I appreciate your thoughts.

      • I’m in a similar situation, albeit a few years out from him. Good advice on discouraging law school. Its incredibly difficult as well to find a quality woman who doesn’t reflexively call “racist” when you try and discuss these things we discuss here frankly with her.

  31. Here’s a black-pill comment from yesterday: A few weeks ago we had people around here saying Trump was going to win in a landslide and get more than 50% of the popular vote! There were people telling me blacks were going to vote for Trump in record numbers!” Umm, that would be me. Tap, tap, tap (sound of foot tapping as I wait to be proven right). Is all lost now?

      • Incidentally, if you believe that all is lost, it is because you have been conditioned to believe so by the media. Biden didn’t win Michigan, or Wisconsin, or Arizona, all states that have been “called for Biden” (by the media). Switch those states, and the current electoral college numbers are 251 for Trump and 227 for Biden. Add Pennsylvania to Trump’s column and he’s got 271. And those numbers are WITHOUT either Georgia, or North Carolina, or Nevada in the mix.

        • And keep in mind that Biden didn’t “lie” or “misspeak” when he said We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.He is senile, and—having been briefed on the plan—simply blurted out the truth in his confusion.

          • Oh, and speaking of statistical anomalies, what about THIS ONE? Could the ruling elites have overreached this time, and thus doomed themselves?

          • Tick tock jim, looks like I was right.

            You were right and there was mass fraud but in the end Trump isn’t getting his landslide. The elites don’t care because once trump is gone they will have permanent total control.

          • You may be right, B. The thing is, with the magnitude of the vote fraud operation, Trump may well have gotten his landslide (the down-ballot results everywhere suggest he did), but as you say it may not make any difference. Or maybe it will, dammit.

          • Yes. This. The blatant nature of the fraud is intentional. “You people shut up,” they said. The propaganda organs are no longer believed, but that’s fine with this crew, too (a huge, positive development courtesy of Trump, by the way, is the delegitimization of the media, which helped the process along). Hopefully the United States is recognized abroad as illegitimate now. I know many knew it before, and their leaders are just as corrupt, but at some point foreigners won’t depend that much on this country.

          • Are you done yet Jim?

            We aren’t voting our way out of this…

            …except by stealing the election on TV we may have been voted into a script deviation from color revolution.

      • Doubt any of that will matter

        Timing is everything. In a week if not already no one will care and just want it over with

        Trump mistimed his decision to give a care about the corrupt election process

        • Normie is already rolling over wanting to move on, justifying things to themselves. I’m seeing friends who showed promised change their entire tune in the 8 hours I haven’t heard from them. “Well, about the quick change in votes, I saw on CNN…”

          • Same here

            My mom too. All of a sudden all the things they weren’t quite crazy about, say Trump’s style or what have you, are justifications for not giving a crap what happens to him.

            “I was done with him anyway” is the refrain that pretty much sums it up

        • I’ve been castigated on other sites for saying this-

          Trump needs a smoking gun fast because the MSM will bludgeon normie with the idea Trump is just a sore loser.

          American normies hate, hate, hate sore losers more than anything.

      • My mistake was thinking that Trump would win landslide numbers that would overcome any foreseeable vote-fraud operation. But this is astonishing: NO majority, no matter how huge, could neutralize this attack at the outset. Very impressive. Might even work, but the outcome is still in doubt (with the advantage going to the criminals due to the stupidity and cowardice of non-Trump legacy Republicans). Exciting, isn’t it?

  32. OK, so what is the moral of this story Aesop? The ending is grim and defeatist, so are we to assume that all is lost and fighting back is pointless? Or how about a different ending. After the election, Bob leaves town and is never heard from again. He effectively disappears from the consciousness of Metropolis and becomes a nobody. One year later, Mayor Dick dies in a freak accident in which he is electrocuted by his toothbrush. Shit happens and the world keeps turning, only now with one less asshole in it.

    • The moral is politics in a political district beyond a small town is likely to be a losing game for an honest, sincere, productive person. If a town has its own “transit system”, it’s probably too big. The presence of bums is a telltale sign as well.

    • Bob’s supporters catch a “deadly” symptom free virus called Biget20. They are not able to go to work for quite a while. No one fixes the motors, debugs the code, drives the bus.

      The cure for Biget20 turns out to be Mayor Dick stepping down. Go figure.

  33. Good story, this is a realistic appraisal of where politics is now.

    A friend told me about a show, Mindhunter, or something where he had seen an episode on the serial killer Ted Bundy. He was fascinated, the way you are w evil people. I knew about Bundy and wasn’t fascinated. Ted Bundy was a pathetic loser. Not b/c he was evil, he certainly was. But b/c he had no impulse control and no ability to channel his sick urges in a way that profited him. When Florida’s electric chair fired him up, nothing fascinating or worthy of study was being cooked.

    Ted Bundy had exactly the right personality for modern politics except for two flaws; no impulse control, no ability to make a cold, rational strategy. Same personality but with those two traits, that’s the kind of person who will win in modern politics. ANY conscience, any scruples, any genuine (but not fake!!) empathy, they will get you killed.

    • Ted Bundy was advised to consider a career in politics. A former criminal profiler for the FBI said there was a large overlap between serial killers and politicians.

        • Perhaps.

          What I believe the case being made is that both Pol’s and Serial Killers are “psychopaths” or if you want to distinguish, sociopaths and psychopaths. Point is that these people are broken. They often function well in society, perhaps even better, because they simply don’t give a rat’s ass about you and your feelings. Somewhere around 5% of the population is estimated to be sociopaths. You can find interesting stories of such in the book, “The Sociopath Next Door”.

          You are nothing more to them than a tool to be used, then discarded. It’s all about themselves, but they are chameleon-like in that they can fake emotion and empathy, e.g., Clinton’s famous “I feel your pain” line. They can read you like a book and act accordingly to manipulate you to their benefit.

          Want to see a bit about a depiction of a psychopath killer (played however for fun) watch the Dexter series on NetFlix. It’s a hoot whenever they put Dexter into a situation that demands normal human feelings (he has none) and all Dexter can do is wonder…”What do I do now?”. That is to say, “How should I fake it?” Like when he’s kissed. If he hasn’t seen it on TV he’s clueless. 😉

          • I think the system always selects for these people, they have a natural advantage, by not giving a cr*p. But they are also low on fear. Once the stakes are mortal, normal people don’t want to play the game. And with rules being openly shat on, we are inching towards that situation I think. Especially considering the background story of Epstein, ‘Arkancides’, the FBI, media and others suppressing the Hunter laptop. I mean, not to be a ghost story teller but I see the conjectures of a way of politics involving murder, ‘anything to win’, full scale Machiavelli. An environment suited for a Stalin or Saddam Hussein. And maybe for a Hillary Clinton and a John Brennan although I suspect the latter is not at that level intellectually but possibly morally.

          • I’ve read Machiavelli’s (famous) books. Fascinating. One of my favorite quotes is from Roger Bacon (paraphrased): “We are much beholden to Machiavelli and others, for he writes what men do, not what men should do.”

          • A psychiatrist called Hare did a lot of work on psychopaths. I think his number was about 5%of the population.

            He put together a list of 20 character traits.
            You see a lot of them in successful politicians..

          • That’s also the difference between black and white. Blacks can read people like a book, while most whites can’t read others at all.

            Also strong in low empathy and self-centeredness. Social, narcissistic, uncaring of consequence- the breeder’s brain, hindbrain processing dominant.

        • Hillary was. Poor Willy- she had to arrange a speech coach for him, he was so terrified of speaking in public.

          Little known is his eidetic memory- Willy never forgets a name or a face.

  34. The only thing that I’d add to the parable is that Bob notices that, in addition to the neighbors that he aleady had, he sees more and more new people, of different races, wearing different clothes and speaking different languages. All of these people receive free passes to ride the transit system and all of them support Mayor Dick, who now refers to himself as Mayor Ricardo.
    I was watching French television and the commentator out and out admitted that immigration into Georgia had caused the state’s political orientation to change.
    Trump Won!

  35. O/T but I have to get it out

    IT”S RAINING !!!!!!


    First time in like 6 months !!!!!

    • If you’re like into the whole precipitation thing, man, you should visit Chicago. In February. We got two types then. Vertical and horizontal. Mostly the latter at highway speeds. You’re gonna be excited.

      • I do like moisture in the air, that’s for sure

        for months on end been having all kinds of skin ailments with the ash and dry air

      • At least your weather is somewhat predictable. Last week I was shovelling snow. Yesterday I took off the storms because it’s in the 70s!

  36. Bob’s death does not end matters. Public safety requires that we go after all his supporters and enablers, too. If you suspect that a neighbour or co-worker is or was or could be a Bob supporter, please inform Mayor Dick’s office. It’s about the children!

    • Fortunately, now that every idiot has a literal supercomputer at their fingertips, and public finance disclosure laws make searching for names/addresses/maps to find addresses a trivial matter, we can easily find anyone who donated money to Bob.

      (You know what we do to those who donated to Bob, right?)

      • I’ve actually considered utilizing those tools to reach out to those folks. A neighbor is a super donor and I never would have guessed it.

        It’s like the chaga tea Z Man discount. We’re all on that list.

        • Expect Portland to lead the way with targeted harassment/vandalism/violence towards individual houses with lists like this. With Trump gone it’s practically state sanctioned.

          Interesting times.

    • Bob’s supporters all caught a symptom free “deadly” virus called Biget20. They weren’t able to go to work for quite a while. No one fixed the motors. No one debugged the code. No one drove the bus.

      The cure for Biget20 turned out to be Mayor Dick stepping down. Go figure.

  37. Bob made the mistake of breaking cover. He should have organized online and anonymously, and spent his time productively shitposting instead of having picnics in meatspace.

    Great column, though.

  38. I’ve passed along this so-called article to Mayor Dick’s Director of Communications and Community Outreach. She will be holding a press conference at 3 PM to discuss the absurd and unconscionable distortions and meritless accusations that are rife in this slanderous hit piece.

    You can also contact the Director at City Hall, c/o Sarah Shapiro, 4th Floor.

  39. It seems like the main takeaway in Bob’s parable is the political dicks of the world continue to “dick” us backwards and forwards six ways from Sunday because they can and there are never and I mean never any serious consequences. Maybe a lost election here and there while moving on to the next gig in the system – big f-ing deal. This former country is a complete joke.

    • Anything made by man can be undone by man. Any political system will eventually be gamed then spoiled. There is an ancient repository divulging all instances and imstructing how to do it in the future. To gain access, you must wear a small hat.

    • As long as you play by Dicks rules(House rules) you will lose. You win by not playing by Dicks rules.Instead when Dick is driving to work he is broadsided by a cement truck and killed. The city councilmen who rubber stamped his edicts have accidents as well. Maybe one gets gruesomely whacked, others find their homes burned to the ground.. The local TV editor who white washed Dicks dirty laundry vanishes and is never seen again.
      The point being when one side plays hardball you better as well or you will end up like Ken Starr, Seth Rich or SEAL Team Six.

  40. “On the bus to work one day… a naked hobo masturbates in the seat across from him.” At least when a Weinstein does it, he has the decency to do it into a restaurant’s begonias and you get a role in a movie. Maybe Bob could pimp his girlfriend out to Hollywood, or, if he wants to get into politics, he could settle down with that little lady, have a kid, and if it’s a girl, in fourteen years he can send her to help Ghislaine Maxwell’s nonprofit fighting pollution? It’s called “Stella Mar.” That means beautiful ocean. Who could be against beauty or protecting the environment? You have to believe the science.

    • Bob and his girlfriends sex tape was found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Hunter teed up the money shot and then ruined it by passing out on his crack pipe.

  41. Nowhere in this irresponsible hit piece does the author mention the new Otter exhibit at City Park.

  42. I hope the Dems are happy with their French Revolution style coup. It would be great if they quickly go to the part where they all guillotine each other, skipping over the middle parts.

    • I was looking forward to the part where they revise the calendar and change the names of the months. The month of Floydan, the month of Antiflon and so on. But the circular firing squads will also go down well.

      • You do realize that happens only after their enemies are dead, in prison, or fled right?

        More died in the Vendee -300,000- in about 6 weeks then the rest of the official Jacobin terror. The French ignore the Vendee’s Infernal Columns.
        Who killed all in their path, exterminating the province.
        Oh, and they lost too.

        • So? If it gets that way, fight back.
          Your average Deplorable has proportionately far more firepower than a Frenchman of that period being roughly as well and equipped as the infantry.
          And yes sure tanks all that, not gonna happen and frankly our equipment is falling apart anyway and won’t be impossible to counter.

  43. What happens if Trump refuses to accept the results of the rigged election? Even if ordered to by the courts? What if he calls on Americans to resist the coup?

    • By what channel would Trump communicate sedition? They’re all controlled. The FCC would it shut down within a day.

      Trump is a civnat. He doesn’t want to die in supermax. When he loses in court, he’ll concede.

        • Nah, he’ll pay someone else to mix for him, give the nom de geurre “Pompous Pilot” and send him forth decked out Trump style.

        • No. Trump is as repelled by Blood as he allegedly is by germs. Its in Art of the Deal, the collections at Levittown at Fred’s low rent properties repelled him. My heart sank when I read that part.

          Now to be fair, he always sold and delivered peace,

          He has multiple chances indeed obligation by duty to crack down, he did not.

          If he loses in courts, he walks away. He did more for us than anyone. He’s just not a war captain.

          Now mind you- he walks away with all the plotters exposed.
          That ultimately is his greatest achievement,

      • Interestingly, he will die in a Supermax anyways no matter if he concedes or not.
        Anglin has already stated, with I believe 100% accuracy, Trump will be ‘Roger Stoned’ along with select members of his family within 12 months or less of leaving office once his immunity expires.

        If anyone thinks otherwise they’ve been asleep for the past 4 years. The level of hatred & TDS these people suffer from is deeply clinical in nature and acuteness.
        Trump has humiliated the TPTB too long and too often, they will see him imprisoned and stripped of all his former glory before they can rest.
        No one will stop them because they control every single lever of power except for agencies with no ability to intervene like US Marshalls & Border Patrol, etc.

        • I doubt this. Too many of you underestimate the President and just how cunning he is.
          If he even thinks this is the case and no doubt he has considered it, he’ll either have a way out Israel has nukes for example or declare that the fraud states are in rebellion and Cross the Rubicon as more than a few are suggesting.
          He might well lose that fight and end up dead or in prison but he also might take the place down with him or win.
          He is if you’ll forgive some astrology for a moment a Leo rising and you don’t humiliate a lion and you don’t threaten a man like that’s family.
          Odds are though if he calls Gondor here for aid , few here will answer but that is too be expected,

        • That of course would be a shame. Trump aside however, such vindictiveness can only accrue to our benefit. Dragging Trump through the Courts will serve as a daily reminder to Normie just what the enemy has in store for he and his as well as a rallying point DR’s.

          It is an old understanding that martyrs of the opposition should not be made if it can be avoided.

      • Did he organize a single boat rally or truck rally, call for a single one? We know what to do.

        The country grinds to a halt. Just use all your sick days.

    • I wonder if it’s not to our advantage that Trump lost? Even without the presidency, he remains a wealthy and powerful man with the means to make plenty of trouble. And given that he knows he’s likely been cheated, I won’t be surprised if he makes a jihad over bringing down the establishment that shafted him.

      If he’s good and truly pissed off, he could be plenty more dangerous out of office than he ever could have been in it.

      • He lost pretty much everyone I know by refusing to be more hands on with the riots

        If a president doesn’t step in while American cities are burning, he’s not worth my time or energy

        And please no “Dude, not his jurisdiction. Civics is your friend”

          • I’m sure Jared has his exit strategy sorted. (BTW: if you wish to see what a toxic force Javanka was, go look at their political donations record.)

          • CNN reported that Jared is advising Trump to concede. I guess all the prep work for taking out Iran is done.
            If this whole thing is not some kind of charade and Trump does survive, he could be very based.

        • I suspect that’s why his share of white male vote went down, and why he lost Minnesota. Sure, the Dems in the state and city are to blame, but it’s not like Trump sent troops in and ran a clinic on how to curb civil unrest

          • If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Biden, then you ain’t White.

        • There was definitely a clear argument to be made that the Feds should step in where state and local officials had abandoned their duty to uphold the order required for civil society.

          I think that would have sold better to a lot of people.

        • I think he should have crushed the riots myself however and no offense here but your friends are retards if they abstain or wose voted Joe because he wanted to follow the law .
          Its no wonder we are in such shit, “Muh principles.” gets us the mess we are in.

          • Antifa is clearly an interstate criminal enterprise. Why aren’t any of their cells infiltrated?

          • Deep state shenanigans, people in high office who expect politics to be a certain way and will not comply with alternate views on how to do things.
            Antifa serves the people they like so it doesn’t get investigated.
            The US is flat out not a Republic or a Democracy, its a semi tyranny much like Turkey or the like, run by the permanent government.
            Democrats own the FBI basically and the Republicans resist this too as a huge chunk of the wealth they have is driven by the kind of spending.
            Fixing that isn’t easy but creating the smallest possible federal system while dealing with subversion si a challenge for when/if we get power, not now.

          • There really is no organized, coherent opposition. The alternative is for them to fail or break into factions and fight each other.

      • If Trump loses and walks away, he’s going to die in prison. The Left has never hated anyone the way they hate Trump, and those the Left hates end up dead. If he’s dumb enough to let that happen, then he deserves it. Meanwhile let’s all LARP some more about how we’re got all the guns and the military is behind us and anyway we can move to North Dakota. Hey, is the sequel to Cuties out on Netflix yet?

          • Well, at least we’d have confirmation of the things a lot of us have been saying about him in that case – he sure does Tweet a mean game, and can keep doing it from Vladivostok.
            Or he could, you know… pursue other remedies. The 101st Keyboard Commando Brigade is behind him all the way (from one side of mom’s basement, all the way to the other side).

        • Guns don;t matter when men lack the guts and brains to use them. And running won’t help one bit this time around. as the Dems have declared war on whites.
          What the whites here don’t get is everyone here is now a target for the Left as are the Trump supporters Like Severian states what the Left hates they murder.
          Get it folks? This is the reality of what we are facing down the line, not next month or next year but it’s coming once the ruling class feels it has the power to do so.

      • Oh, ok – so when he was president he just “exposed” corruption but as a private citizen with no political power he will somehow, “make a jihad over bringing down the establishment…”? Oh brother –

        • As a private citizen he’s free to establish his own media outlets, file lawsuits, and establish relationships that aren’t available to him as a president.

          If you haven’t noticed, yes as a media mogul he’d have quite a bit more power than he has as president, as far as influence goes. Look at which one just won the election. The president or the media?

          • I see what you’re saying. We’re just coming from two different places. You think the Left will let him BE a private citizen. I think China Joe’s executive order #1, signed five minutes after he’s sworn in, sends federal marshals too arrest Trump… who, tragically, will be so despondent over his fate that he’ll check out in the usual way: two slugs in the back of the head. Suicide, the coroner wrote. The only question then is, will President Harris have him exhumed in March and burned for heresy like a medieval pope?

          • She’ll have him stuffed and mounted at the Smithsonian. Then twerk exclaiming on live stream “Willie got it but you ain’t evah gonna grab THIS pu<>y!”

    • It wouldn’t be worth it. The lackluster response of the elected republicans suggests they will continue their passive-aggressive resistance. Best to let the whole system stink with the taint of fraud. Let Biden explain why the Green New Deal won’t happen and why we attacked Iran.

      • I’m sick, because I am eagerly awaiting the war with Iran so I can laugh hysterically at all the “trump as warmonger” assholes. Oh, and should really hardcore covid restrictions be implemented, I am ghoulishly looking forward to the small biz owners I know, already barely making it, winding up on the street when I told them not to vote for Biden for that exact reason and they did anyway.

        • The democrat’s haven’t had a war president since LBJ (neglecting Clinton’s adventure in the Balkans). It’s their turn.

        • Not sure you will get that. That is a Neo-con thing and while Kamala & Joe are J00 bootlickers the new ‘progressive’ left that is the actual rising star in the dem party is quite anti-semitic (Ilhan Omar, Rashida Taleeb, et. al.)

          Dems are a bit ahead of the curve it would appear on Naming the J00. 🙂

      • Which is why I always ask folks to reflect upon the question: Who always wins? No matter which way the vote goes, who always gets their agenda, on a plate, with flowers and a bow?

        • Perhaps by gutting the Iran deal and putting together a coalition of Arab states to recognize Israel, Trump carried the game as many innings as he could and Biden’s been called from the bullpen as a relief pitcher.

    • If what Epaminondas suggested happened it wouldn’t last long…. then Rod Serling would come on and say he hoped you liked that night’s episode –

    • If what Epaminondas suggested happened my first question would be what third-grader was in charge when it was made crystal-clear that cheating would be done to the highest order possible and why wasn’t anything done to prevent it? –

      • Maybe Trump the best thing for /ourguys/ would be to lose.

        Kick-starting the Awakening- anything else is fingers in the dike.

        • Trying to awaken the masses is pointless and we’ve been over it again and again and again.
          What’s needed is an ideology and will to power. At that point we can fix things.
          The people of the developed world and its not just us are just mice in a mouse utopia. We (and that again is not just the US) haven’t bothered to breed in any numbers in what 50 years?
          Its not a game over but any attempt “make the Saxon hate” or “wake them up” any of the other platitudes we have are useless.
          The people must gain something worth sacrificing for. We aren’t giving them that.
          We aren’t even trying to reach young kids burdened with non dischargeable college debt and poor job prospects.
          We cling ot the past like relics, wanting 1920 solutions in 2020 and frankly its cost us a lot of wins we should have.
          Fix that, create a pro future ideology and you can have power.

    • If his family were threatened I believe he would request assistance from the people, much like de Gaulle did when the French were near Civil War in the ’60s.

      I question how much support he has in the military and Leo communities.

      Obama and co had eight years to run their Stalinist purges and brainwashing techniques. They seem to have been quite effective.

    • All 70 Million of us call in sick to work for a few weeks and its over. We get recounts, we get re-votes. We win.

      You think this country runs without us?

    • “and are astonished when the same thing happens again….” I can’t wait to see what Portland turns into now that any and all drugs are now legal. Should be great entertainment. Would pay a subscription fee for live cam feeds.

      • I was looking at property in Oregon. The broker told me he along with a lot of others are now moving to Idaho.

        Oregon was the always that place for white Californians to escape to. Now those people are fleeing Oregon for Idaho.

        Just struck me as funny

        • Lived in Oregon from 1990 to 1993…. and oh yes, Californians are also discovering Idaho as a place to bring their disease to. Californians and yankees are a pathogen seeking out a new host to infect. And the first arrivers are the most virulent

          • They just bought a house called the Auburn Castle in Auburn, NY. Money from Phile.
            These cunts had better lay low politically.

            Its all of Western NY and Western PA. You can’t find a surveyor with less than a months backlog.

            These scumbags are the disease, the noggers are just a symptom, like Poz sarcoma.

          • If one of their first observations upon moving to the new paradise is any variation of “its so white here”, you know they are carriers of the mind virus and need to be destroyed for the good of the colony.

          • Example variations are statements like:

            “I miss being able to go for Indian and Thai.”

            “What do you mean there’s no independent theater in town?”

          • That’s my TDS best friend in coastal northern California!!

            Word for word, yesterday!


        • Running errands this morning in my Idaho town. There were California car tags everywhere. Too late for the Summer tourist season and too early for ski season.

        • It strikes me as prophetic & sad. The White Flight continues apace.
          In a few more decades there won’t be an Idaho or Oklahoma or wherever to flee to because the encroaching mud colored plague will come from all sides. Brazil North.
          The time to act was 2 decades ago. The time to REALLY act is now, but like South Africa or other suicidally altruistic whites we will continue to cede beliefs, physical ground, and eventually lives. So it goes…

          • Correct. Not much difference now between Boulder, Utah and Boulder, Colorado. Gia Lefties both. Cedar City has subdivisions for Kalifornians going up in all 4 directions. Overheard a man next to me in a restaurant say he just sold one of his properties in West Yellowstone and bought bench property overlooking the Bitterroot River in Montana. When you start hearing people in Mesquite talking about moving to Montana…..with cash in hand, that can outbid any local, there goes the neighborhood. Many can now outbid those whose money is tied up in their home.

          • What the fuck will happen next you think?
            white men get subjected/isolated/scapegoating to death
            white women use their womanhood to voluntarily subordinate to another tribe
            The women knew they can survive mostly when they open the leg at occupied territories

            The financial – tech oligarchy will use the Americas endless plundering machine to the other healthy Sovereign nation
            I guarantee that whole right minded Humanity will curse and condemn White American for their cowardice
            We hope before that happened America collapse

        • Falcone, it isn’t funny for us folk living in Idaho. The Cali scum already elected a commie woman as mayor of Boise. I guess I will check out SD when my lease is close to ending.

          • Didn’t mean to rub salt in your wounds!

            The mountain states and Dakotas have lots of appeal, but they’re popular.

            I’m probably going to take a chance on Blue Ridge Mountains and westerly Virginia or thereabouts. It’s losing population so I probably won’t make money on a house but I like the fact that it’s NOT a magnet for newcomers and that every county around me for over 100 miles is 90%+ white.

          • My parents (both long dead) chose that precise area to retire to, ca. 1975-1999. The mountains are beautiful and isolated but it’s not the suburbs. Keep in mind my perspective was from a teen/young adult, isolation has its downsides. Personally, I never want to live somewhere the mailbox on the nearest state road is a twenty minute drive away 🙂 Also, did I mention that this rural property was all but unsaleable, and this during the 1990s, a time of economic boom? In the end, Mom bequeathed it to her Church.

        • My guess is that, if you were to live in very rural Oregon, it will probably be hardly changed. Speaking partly from first-hand experience, to a certain extent, rural life requires a certain amount of sobriety. Being drunk or high can (literally) put you in the ditch without much notice. Being a street person who can beg for spare change and buy his hit or shoot up in the alley probably works best in the big city. Soup kitchens and free medical care are relatively accessible. In a rural area where the nearest house is a mile or more away, where everybody knows each other and is armed, not so much.

    • Oh lord you couldn’t be more right….. All of Bob’s neighbors move South and vote more communist than they ever did and work to install Mayor Dicks everywhere –

    • Here in the enemy occupied mid-Atlantic the New York / New Jersey yankee invasion is unrelenting. And they’re convinced that the problems with the cesspits they’re leaving is that people didn’t vote hard left enough. The yankees that flee south are the worst Stalin worshipers out there –

        • Genuine ask: Has “Yankee” come to mean any resident of the northeast? Because if you look into the demographics, the Dutch and English populations are vanishing. The largest pop. is in Maine where they’re about 20%. Everywhere is dominated by some combination of Irish/Italian/Greek/Quebecois/Germans . . .

          • What I, personally, mean by “Yankee” is a presumptuous, loud, and arrogant know-it-all with an accent and who, very often, engages in conspicuous consumption and looks down on and sneers at anyone who likes animals and the countryside. You’ll know them when you meet them.

  44. Yeah Trump only has two choices make a deal with people that don’t honor deals or stay and fight because they are going to kill him and his and his children if he doesn’t. And I guess on the smaller scale that’s true of all of us

  45. At this point I’ve decided, like ZMan, that the only way to win at voting is not to play.

    I think we need to work out some form of sortition system. State legislatures and the US Congress should be selected by lot, with the bodies electing one of their own members to serve as governor/President.

    We think of the ancient Greeks as the founders of democracy, but they warned against elections. They considered them a step on the road to oligarchy.

    • Actually I hadn’t voted since Buchanan got taken down, twenty years. Then Trump came along and said what the hell even if it is just one stinking vote. I don’t even bother with local as I have experience and insight about all that.

      oh well, back to the old days.

      • Same. Trump was the first mainstream candidate to get a vote for me since Buchanan’s run. Electoral politics became pointless after Buchanan came up short (or did he?).

    • I think we need to think of some kind of ‘soft secession”. It would be a sort of passive aggressive resistance where certain federal laws are quietly ignored and cooperation with the federal government is selective. Just like the Left has done with drugs and immigration. For example, fair housing laws or affirmative action could be ignored. Forbidding military recruiters in public schools and selective cooperation with the FBI and Federal Marshalls would be good possibilities.
      Before any of this is done, it could be very useful to set up a state owned bank like North Dakota. Another matter to address is the federal government’s ability to activate a state’s National Guard without the governor’s consent.

    • Greeks didn’t need elections because the didn’t have universal suffrage—and obviously their City-state was much smaller. The key to our current problem is universal suffrage. Probably never fixable at this point, but can be traced back to where we first drifted off from the Founders intent.

    • The good news is, the Zman doesn’t need to figure out how to overcome democracy– it’s already dead.

      We have a collective Monarchy, believing itself Chosen by Divine Right;

      A hereditary aristocracy, entitled to privilege;

      A clerisy, focused on Court intrigue.

      We’re back to historical norms.

  46. Good Lord Z-Man! Agreed that we live in dark times, but The Parable of Bob really is dark. (Your intent, no doubt, and it certainly gets one’s attention.)
    A suggestion: how about a Parable of Tom at some future date, hinting at an effective way to actually reform the “transit system?” Only if it won’t land you in jail of course.
    Many of us are groping towards solutions — it is getting abundantly clear that traditional remedies don’t work. Thoughts about what might work appreciated.

      • Oh we’re reforming alright. Into China. It’s globohomo’s plan. Whites are the new uyghurs. More than half of America seems fine with it.

          • And once that catches on, the media will shift the scant coverage it does give the Uyghurs to none at all. Ask Afrikaners. Twofer, slogan becomes irrelevant and their Chineae masters approve.

            Only answer is to quiet the lying mouth. When journalists became propagandists they cashed in the neutral protection of truth speaker for active combatant. They should not think they can remain above the consequences of the war they fully engage in.

            I speak hypocritically here, of course.

          • Damn it. Thank you. Autocorrect. This is your last warning autocorrect. You’ve been spoken to about this before. Bastard.

          • I’ve posted before about rock songs that are about the press. Here’s a new “to me” one (I heard the Simply Red version.) Originally by The Kinks in 1966. This sounds remarkably like Z’s uncharitable opinon of journalists 🙂
            “The reason I am stupid,
            Is because I read you every day.
            You misquote all of the true things
            Because they rub you the wrong way.
            Hey, Mr. Reporter,
            How ’bout talking about yourself?
            Do you like what you’re doing,
            Or is it that you can do nothing else?

        • People are underestimating how much China hates yt. They are still mad about the opium war. They don’t distinguish between white nationalities, so white is white, to them English aggression = Americans.

          Joe and Kamala are anti-white, and are CCP puppets, so what does that say about CCP?

          The CCP is not your friend – at best we should be cautious about them until we know more about their intentions.

          • The Opium wars is an excuse. What did the Tibetans or for that matter the Formosan natives ever do to the Han?

          • Sure but that’s the narrative they use against us.

            Against the Tibetans, well they used to invade and rape Hans so that’s the justification.

            However the same demographic techniques used against Tibetans is also being used against us. Makes you wonder.

          • I’d say B125 understands that the Chinese have interests, not friends.

            Again, an enemy we can understand.
            Double-dealing is an old and acceptable strategy in balance-of-power.

          • I can believe they played some partial role, probably revenge for globohomo’s obsession over their satellite states (Hong Kong being the latest example), but it’s ridiculous to think they were be-all-end-all in this scheme. I suppose just as normie hides his nationalism behind Zionism, he hides his “anti-Semitism” behind Sinophobia.

          • The Chinese, at least, are an enemy we can understand. That other bunch use war tactics so alien to our mindset we don’t see them.

            More trouble is that white sociopaths do ‘get’ those tactics, and copy them successfully.

            But!- the white internal enemy is much easier to see, so I think it’s more effective to concentrate firepower on our own, despite my own strong bias.

          • What? The chinks are gonna hold the brack smoke against us now, like the darkies have been holding slavery over our heads? Is there never a statute of limitations for poor old YT??

        • Problem for them is I don’t have enough usable parts to make parting me out profitable. I would not wish my organs on anybody but a mud-slime jehadi.;)

          • Bill, I truly would enjoy eating your liver with fava beans and a fine chianti. Call me, babe. Ciao.

        • Oh we’re reforming alright. Into China. It’s globohomo’s plan. 


          The world has been remade in China’s image.

        • (Interesting but irrelevant, uyghurs were whites, descended from colonies before the asians got there.

          See Taurim Basin pyramids, 3000 BC. I think the Chinese are being encouraged by another bunch to further erase White traces by gulag. They make fine lab animals for vaccine experiments as well.)

        • Actually a lot less judging by how much voter fraud the Dems had to engage in. Hell without blacks and Hispanics the Dems would bea rump party.
          They only appear to be popular because of the MSM

      • Agreed, this shambles has gone beyond the possibility of reform. If the election debacle results in the conversion of millions of “normies” to our way of thinking, it won’t have been entirely in vain. Could happen.

        • If my experience is any guide, it’s the not the normies we will be getting but the young guys who were leaning left but now have seen the light

          Maybe we should be making outreach to them instead of to couch potato normie

          • 100% on point. Joe Normie wants to ride out his few remaining decades w/o losing his ‘stuff’ It was posted as such a few days ago that ‘stuff’ is the pinnacle of importance to Normie.

            You want to know who you should be recruiting? Incels. Not kidding. There are millions of young males Teens to early 20s, not all white in fact, who are sympathetic to our cause. Don’t believe the MSM crap regarding ‘incels’ these are not all maladjusted weirdos (though there are some like that). Many are just young men who in a more normal society wouldn’t get to f-ck the prom queen but they’d get an average looking frump woman, wife her up, and be a good beta provider. They have no vector for that life anymore due to the -isms. Feminism, modernism, racism, etc.

            Do you know another name for millions of angry & disaffected young men with no hope of a future and no prospect of landing an entitled turbo c-nt lefty women?

            An army. One with little to lose and just the right amount of youthful ‘caution to the wind’ to actually take risk unlike these fat f-cks glued to sportsball.

            What they need is to realize that they ARE in the millions and to be organized under a banner. Also that they can be effective in meatspace if they present as a united front.

            Incel Revolution 2021!

          • The analogy is very apt if we are being honest. Just as the Fremen were dismissed as a bunch of desert rabble and treated as trash, so the Forgotten Men & Boys are treated as such by an elite who are just as arrogant.
            They view them as gamers, fappers, losers, NEETs, whatever label you want to call them.
            When there are 500,000 (a trivial # to generate given they are legion) of them gathered together in meat space with the murd3rous intent in their eyes of being shut out from society, affection, economic opportunity, and quite frankly, their birthright- only then would the realization dawn on these Cloud dwellers that the Morlocks are real. And very pissed off…

          • Apex Predator your comment is spot on, and the best one I’ve read on this thread. I am the same age as The Z Man, 54, and recently FI so I have little incentive for hard-core activism (read between the lines). But if I were 30 years younger it would be a different story

          • The only time the “left” globohomo lost a culture war was against videogames. Just sayin’. Millions of men, no hope at getting a mate. Increasingly no careers, nerd careers are being given to h1b. It’s not just ugly fat guys struggling. I know lots of guys: social, ok looking, decent job, but they are single, let alone getting laid casually.

            I find dating a horrible slog, and I’m blessed with above average (not chad) Genes, as well as extremely redpilled and somewhat dark triad.

            Living in a gynocratic society, “undesirable” males are invisible to it. But they are very real. I’d say that this trend increased since 2015. So the guys affected are quite young and the effects are not yet felt.

          • They are ripe for recruitment. Think “fight club”. style, They need meaning and a goal. They need to hit the weights, learn some boxing and BJJ and they won’t be incels anymore. We would have a invisible army.if we did that.
            There is no reason we can’t fund low profile clubs where they can train and associate with like minded guys and not feel isolated.
            Hell look at Jordan Peterson who attracts young white men like flies on shit. Why because he speaks to them,

    • Likey all here know what’s likely to work: take a leaf from what’s working for Mayor Dick & Co. The thing is, there’s that jail caveat that gets in the way, as well it should until it no longer does.

    • it is getting abundantly clear that traditional remedies don’t work. Thoughts about what might work appreciated.

      The message I get from Zman is that traditional remedies do in fact work: they consist of us forming communities. This comment section is an example, but more in-person would be even better. It’s slow going at first but gains momentum. There is great power in the community and great weakness in the central government.

      • I agree up to a point. “Community” is great as a concept, but it is also hard to define as an entity, and potentially easy for our Masters to destroy. Real physical communities can be broken up by something as simple as a zoning law change, as ZMan has pointed out. On-line communities have no legal standing — they are useful rallying points perhaps, but essentially powerless. Don’t get me wrong — anything that moves the ball forward even an inch is valuable, but saying “form communities” is at best only part of the solution IMHO.

  47. Boy, that cheered me up. A happy ending always does.

    – boris & natasha

    must get moose and squirrel!

    • He’s done so much for the children. I talk with my son’s teachers and they all love him. He’s done so much for the teachers.

      These spoiled millennials like Bob need to stop thinking the world revolves around them. I understand the subway system is dirty. So

      BUY A CAR


          • Is there perhaps a correlation in the fact that some, perhaps most, “public transit” systems were privately owned and operated in the days of segregation? Rosa Parks and all the other crusaders have now earned the right to sit anywhere on any bus or train. The problem is, the quality of the people who ride on such transit continues to hit all-time lows. And, I suspect, there are few or no privately owned mass transit services in the USA these many decades. I suppose that, just like with the problems that afflicted public education for largely the same reasons, governments are convinced that if they just spend more money for new and shiny buildings or infrastructure, that the quality of the users will magically upgrade itself to the standards of yore!

  48. ”TRUMP WON”

    Should be dissident graffiti and posted in bathrooms, colleges, every internet space still open. It’s concise, punchy, and literally everyone will understand what it means and the implications.

    that would be absolutely devastating as normie meme appealing to the DR and normie boomers too.

    Doesn’t matter if you even LIKE Trump, we need to effectively spread and normalize the simple readily understandable idea that the system is now fundamentally illegitimate – and that plenty of us KNOW it.

      • “Trump won. Get over it.”

        That hasn’t worked the past 4 years; why would you suppose it work now?

    • Monkey wrench, monkey wrench. No one will be “devastated” by a meme. If Bob & Co. took Mayor Dick’s policies one step further and “cancelled” bus service through maintainence sabotage (not something I’d ever do, seeing as how it’s illegal), that might draw some attention, including unwanted attention, but then maybe Mayor Dick might consider suicide himself. How many times must Bob be kicked in the balls before it begins to hurt?

      • Yeah so people are scared to write a political slogan with a sharpie but are going to launch commando raids to sabotage public transport?

        Is this the time we all just go ahead and announce this whole dissident thing was a total LARP all along? That we like netflicks and lattes as much as any silicon valley drone?

        Spending the day with a bunch of boomer waffen types and they’re drinking beer among their trump flags and looking forward to the big negro feetsball game tonight. They’ve got the safes full of guns and the MREs and the whole bit and they’re spending their energy arranging chairs to best watch jaquan try to knock down shamarcus with the whole thing funding professor goldblatt’s diversity initiatives…

        I hear those MAGA people getting constantly dogged out by us edgy radicals over here and maybe they deserve it… but can someone tell me what anyone HERE is concretely doing that these beer gut MAGA types are not?

        NB4 “building community” because these people have an actual IRL community – a big and tight knit one. They’re using their community to tell jokes about those crazy dems and watch their town fill up with Guatemalans. Is anyone doing ANYTHING but that?

        • I live in South America, out of USA for 22 years and am not up to speed on its mores, but still don’t wish to believe all are gelded save for faggots (not necessarily gays, just limp noodles unwilling to bestir themselves beyond whining) who will simply bend over and take it.
          I’m a boomer (74) and don’t know any “waffen” types, don’t watch sportsball and am 6’3″, 186 lbs, no gut, and sensible discretion prevents me from saying what I might or might not be doing from afar.
          Nevertheless, if my stay-behind relatives and friends are any indication, you’ve made a very valid point, more’s the pity. To quote a profound USA philopspher (James Brown, r.i.p.): “Like a dull knife/Juss ain’t cuttin’/Juss talkin’ loud/And sayin’ nuthin”. Hopefully, that will change now, but I’m not holding my breath.
          Ah yes, I have no armory other than aged testicles, an ancient sawed-off and yellowed, dog-eared copies of The Anarchist’s Cookbook and The Poor Man’s James Bond. I can only hope there are “normies” who, in the words of their enemies, “don’t need a weatherman to see which way the wind is blowing”.

          • Well, unless they are raggin’ on Boomers. After all … Original Sin is a Boomer product.

          • Wow! Am now watching you folks argue about being either 1) a stupid civnat patriot uslessly squatting/hunkering in to fight and die for country, or 2) a stupid idiot traitor who cut and run when the going gets tough. We don’t want you anyway, traitor!  
            There are some other things to consider for the near future. Some folks have studied and prepared as best as possible for decline, what it looks like and how to prepare.


            Lots of folks in the prepper world believe there are only two options when it comes to survival: bugging out or hunkering down. In fact, there are loads of gray areas that include a combination of those strategies as well as altogether different tactics. People think there’s only bugging in and bugging out, but there’s a third option – being nomadic.” Nomadic is a choice, and not being a refugee buffeted by the wind. The more options you have with regard to preparedness, the better off you’ll be. Depending on your financial situation, you may be able to have all three routes easily available to you. You might have a primary location that is also a homestead, a secondary location that is more remote, and the ability to simply pick up and go where the danger is not. That’s the best of all worlds. IT’S ABOUT GROWING A MENTAL RESILIENCE.
            Also, consider facing the fact that we are a soft bobo-clown people. Most people in the world outside of the US walk a lot. Had a friend live in Paris for a summer and put on 8-10 miles every day. Face it and start small, start somewhere. Think about how to change your personal culture of convenience. (For me, deep Carnivore keto gave me back, from lyme disease, my quality of life with no body pain, it is really handy when hungry and avoids brain fog and mental hangry down. Running on fat not glucose allows the brain to be in alert functioning when hungry and fasting. We all have fat blobs on our bodies we can live on. The other day I last ate at 5 pm; the next day I got busy…rushed into town and didn’t get around to eating until 2pm, with no brain drop or hangry. Basic Husband is grateful for a non-hangry wife.)
            Lastly, this chit’s moving with a quickness. The gal who runs Organic Prepper yesterday blogged that her facebook site for prepping is threatened with shutdown by Mr. Z. Facebook. She quickly saved and moved to a personal server after planning ahead and working with another European prepper blogger for strategy. So she said Screw You Zuck and dropped out to another location.
            There’s more than just hanging in there and surviving. So much more. Switch your mindset and even have a good time becoming resilient. Attitude not victim.

          • PS Once you become attitude resilient and list your options, after that you have time to figure out whether to fight, monkeywrench or amscray.

          • Good advice and well said,oh Lady of the Range. My town in SW 90% white and conservative, all public offices held by Republicans. They’ll have to parachute Chinese troops in here to upset the apple art. Of course now we wait and see what decrees come down from the new kids in D.C.

          • Oh, and please, Range, pull back on the “trai…” word, Montefrio is an early adopter, a trail maker for the amscray.

            He started his prepping a tad sooner, is all- thanks.

            Overall, useful and excellent advice, too. Thanks again.

          • Good grief! Alzae…you’re sounding like girls! If you guys are getting testy like fat Mormon women then time to drive that T up and eat some beef! Was speaking generalities about the two options being batted about, and no finger was pointing. Good for Montefrio. He can teach us. Now let’s saddle up and start sticking together. There was no time for this as they walked into the OK corral.

          • The Beef is TALKING

            I suggest that we do not discuss her flatulence online as it is impolite.

          • Ha! There is none eating beef-salt-water. Plants gas you up.Plants gas cows up. I EAT those critters only.
            Ribeye tonight.

          • AB….that compliment means a lot. Thanks. Moving beyond victim brings one options and enjoyment.

          • cut and run when the going gets tough. “? I left 22 years ago for purely financial motives. And what is “bugging out”, pray tell? “Cut and run” is synonymous with bugging out!
            “the ability to simply pick up and go where the danger is not.”
            Sounds like cutting and running as well.
            Guess that’s okay with you as long as it’s done within the USA at some future date that may never come.

        • Ah, yes. Those wretched Boomers again. Of course.

          Will the Guatemalans be Boomers, too?

        • If you have anything to suggest that will not result in “life without parole,” I’m all ears.

      • If you are more Libertarian inclined you might read Sara Hoyt.
        She has been discussing the issues we face a lot and solution of all kinds in the comments. she’s not “one of us.” but its good to break from the echo chamber and to see that yes “not us” people are pissed off but being rational about it.

        • Love ya abprosper. But I absolutely loathe Sara Hoyt on a number of grounds. LIKE ALL CAPS AD INFINITUM. Sara has a room temperature g IQ.

          Nope. Nada. Never. Is that you, Sara?

          • I’m not a fan either but she has been almost tolerable lately.
            Also just seeing her crew talk about the issues is interesting. Even Libertarian types are pissed off.

        • Thhanks for the tip. Checked it out and not a fit for me, but then I’m drifting further and further away from the computer. Spring is here where I live and I’ve become re-engaged with our farmlette and caring for plants. I find it very refreshing!

      • This won’t fit Z’s excellent allegory, but it will address your suggestion: Real world public transit is slowly being sabotaged by the very people employed to maintain it. What passes for long-range “planning” these days by government bureacracies guarantees a few things. First, that replacement of equipment will not be accurately planned, nor will ongoing maintenance be done. You see, making sure you hire a “diverse” work force and feather fat union salaries or pensions takes priority. Second, all this is run by “equal opportunity” employees. Now, maybe administration can absorb sub-optimal manpower, but operations and maintenance alas must interface with that Real World, which doesn’t make any allowance for current political fashions. In so many words, the transit system is in a constant state of deterioration and will in relatively short time become just as dysfuncitonal as the city that it was built to serve.

    • It’s okay to be White.
      Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.
      Trump won.

      …yep, I can practically feel the world changing as I type.

      • In flyover territory, some nice person will spy the graffiti, remove a wet wipe, scrub the expression clear, and never read the message.

      • …the FBI is investigating these hate crimes. Just awful Diana. Frightening. Coming up next, [local franchise] is two games out of first place, highlights of their last second win…

        • What level of a risk do you consider acceptably low in order to allow you to take ANY action EVER?

          I hear all this talk about civil wars, population exchange, partition… but we think the government is so all powerful and it has cowed us to the extent that an IRL post-it note is a suicide mission?

          It’s cool to call this stuff “samizdat” lately. Some people ever know the role of samizdat in delegitimizing the regime and helping drag it down. Do you think the soviet intelligence agencies laughed off participation in that?

          Anyway you’re posting on a website monitored by intelligence agencies and non governmental proxies. Hate to break this to you, but by virtue of you reading this they ALREADY know who you are.

          • You gotta be pretty short for that to go over your head.

            Look lady, I know its emotional times. But making those kinds of assumptions about others here based on a single lolpost is unbecoming.

            Also, post it notes are gay office boi material. Get yourself a Brother QL-800 and design and print your own. You see, thats how you add to the discussion. You’re welcome, soldier.

          • Hey man, no hate. Although the specifics of your idea don’t invigorate me, because they frankly seem to limp dikked, no offense, the concept of influencing perception, which is what you are saying, appeals to me. Many of the things that annoy us, this gaslighting bullshit, where these people hold up this weird mirror that reflects all these fake things back at you-Hacking that, or using that mirror to reflect reality back at us, is something i personally am very interested in, but i think we can aim even higher than post it notes. The question that most interests me is logistically-How?? Where do people who aren’t retarded impulsive degenerates of our kind congregate online, where we can have private conversations? Don’t answer that. For all I can tell, and Godbless the Zman, he’s a bright guy with a lot of thought provoking content, this site and others like it, are just psyops for keeping tabs on us or flushing out crazies and retards: It’s accessible to everyone, it has these weird plus/minus comment tabulating system, IDK, I don’t want to sound paranoid, but the whole thing is suspect, even if innocently through it’s accessibility. I just don’t trust the internet.
            So, the way many of you talk, you’re not burned out losers, your Zman’s target audience apparently, quality DNA Humans who have succeeded in life. Some of you are lawyers and successful business people.Some of you own large pieces of land and are wealthy, and are networked in to other successful normies. I have a well of very legal and non violent ideas at hacking perception, but obviously, a forum like this is no place to discuss everything.
            I don’t even know what I’m saying or asking. It’s almost pointless to talk here, except to say, hey, i hate joggers,immigration and globohomo diversity too whiteman, fistpump, can I get a witness, Amen.

          • Dude most people are not fighty types but sheep. The American Revolution was fought by 3% of the population.
            Even most cops aren’t fighters. Most are are out of their minds when dealing with active shooters. Read up on a lot recent cases and you will see it.
            It gets worse the more educated people become because they have more invested in the status quo. To find the men who can step up you need to look at those professions where hard work and danger are part of the job.
            There are a few fighty types on this blog but they will never brag or say so because they practice good Comsec.

          • Yeah man, IDK, I’m both profoundly naive, and hugely cynical and skeptical at the same time. It makes interpreting people’s behavior and words much more difficult than if I were a mere unapologetic cynic or someone who was just smarter in general. I can’t even fathom what percentage of the posters here are legit dissidents. If I had a blog like this, and I weren’t a fed, i’d unapologetically micromanage the hell out of the comment section. I understand deeply that whole paradigm of censorship and what not. I wouldn’t give a fart about liberals posting, but fed/Israeli/foreign psyops posters, I would at least try to develop a system to censor them. And this whole upvoting comment system is extremely suspect. But apparently the Zman isn’t just some agent in a Washington/Israeli basement, but a real white guy, with a real life, and he’s not a loser like me, he’s part of the good dna productive class of whites, so he’s letting internet evolution take its course. Whatever bro. This shit’s stupid. I’m racially and gender conscious now. I was always politically and systemically conscious. Talking like a fag on here is becoming dumber to me. Need to go get a productive hobby and try to find a decent white girl to sire a litter with, or not.

          • “and I weren’t a fed” Ha ha! Hope not, but as noted right above, They either already know who we are or could easily find out. Of course it is possible to cover the trail, perhaps perfectly, but I suspect that few of us take such measures.
            In all matters I tend to be the powerless pessimist, so to speak. And, sadly, that applies to a lot of what we discuss here. The government/Jewish Kabbala/whatever may indeed be more powerful, but nothing is all powerful. And yes, we are tiny fish in a huge pond. But we are not powerless. We can share our dreams, but in the end we must tailor them to our individual realities.
            Similarly, there is a chasm between being able to describe or define a problem and being able to do anything about it.

          • I don’t care who knows what as far as the G men are concerned, I’m just a citizen expressing my free speech, my nose is clean and I have zero criminal intent. What bothers me is how such entities could use mediums like this to either manipulate people, or harvest data or feel the lay of the land amongst people who think this way.

          • I don’t care who knows what as far as the G men are concerned, I’m just a citizen expressing my free speech, my nose is clean and I have zero criminal intent. What bothers me is how such entities could use mediums like this to either manipulate people, or harvest data or feel the lay of the land amongst people who think this way.

          • Just my two cents, but I don’t think most people aren’t in for the fight because government it too powerful. I think the bigger issue is that the vast majority of people are too comfortable. Until Democrat policies really effect the daily lives and pockets substantially for most normies, there won’t be enough ground swell for anything. For example, if we were to see record, Venezuelan or 1920s Germany type inflation because of out of control spending. That’s literally what it will take.

      • Is you jerking off publicly changing the world?

        Shitlibs burn cities and attack police when a fat guy in panties is called by his legal name… right wing just got the most powerful office in the world stolen from them. But we’re playing too cool for school like OMG LOL CRINGE?

        How about you propose some useful practical action that can or even COULD actually be taken. Then someone can be too cool for that and propose their own instead. And instead of trying any or ALL of those incremental things we can all point in a hundred different directions at once – do literally nothing and pose for biggest hipster dissident title.

        Because we’re not shooting anyone we’re not even in the streets and we can’t actually be bothered to stop being ironic long enough to launch a modest propaganda campaign. So what’s the point of this thing other than collecting up votes like we’re on bizarro reddit

        • Practical action?

          Drop out. Sell your stuff, buy a place cash, do cash only work or hide your money in a mattress.

          Deny them one more taxpayer. If enough do just that, the system starts to buckle. About all we can do in practical terms.

          Otherwise, leave the country. I know people say that’s cutting and running, but having dealt with the government enough I know what makes them tic. If, say, one million of America’s brightest white boys decide the country offers them no future and they leave en masse, the government is going freak out. That is a public relations disaster coupled with a sudden depletion of tax money. That gives us leverage. Staying put and playing their game is a mug’s game. Keep in mind that a billion dollars is one thousand million or ten thousand one hundred thousands. Get only 10,000 young people worth potentially $100,000 to leave is a big deal and could cripple a large city or even a state. That’s leverage.

          • Cashless economy dead ahead. Travel restrictions without vaccination passport, and even then you’ll have to travel without using the dreaded fossil fuels.

          • That is a really smart and practical suggestion. I am already long gone and won’t be coming back, but I totally applaud the idea. Leave the USS Woke to sink and watch the left flail as they realize what’s happened

          • Hey Falcone, first off, I like you based on your comments sir. Your advice though, is lacking virility, and won’t make any difference, not to mention assuming a million of the brightest, who are embedded in the establishment like ticks, and already well rewarded monetarily, therefore compromised, will jump ship, is completely delusional. I foresaw this shitshow, minus the racial element, a long time ago, or maybe i’m just a nutty loser, I could be either i suppose, either way, it only matters if people that truly matter to the system drop out, not fringe kooks like me. It’s easy to import a million dot heads and dog eaters to replace them anyway. Vikings, white thugs and nerds must unite. The Zman is a not a true racialist, because he just throws out those he finds distasteful, exactly as the left does, because he is part small hat. Either we are a fucking tribe, or we aren’t. A tribe has no throwaways, for all intents and purposes, unless you are completely crazy or handicapped. Everyone else serves a purpose somehow.

        • First off every shitlib riot is protected by the police and mayor’s office. This is why they can get away with it. Trump is almost universally hated by most Republicans and that is why they let the fraud happen. He has no allies outside of his MAGA supporters,
          Secondly,. If we dare to openly organize ourselves the Feds or local po po will crush us. If we openly resist antifa thugs it is heritage whites who do prison time. Just ask the Rise Above Movement kids or the Proud Boys(who are mostly ethnics and gays).
          Right now we are limited to actions that look like screw ups and gags like Pepe and Okay to be white posters, Now the latter is good because the cops will waste costly man hours investigating flyers and posters mocking the status quo. BTW it will often get local news exposure as well.

          • Err, Trump has no support “outside of MAGA”…which is, at 70 million votes, the largest voting block in the history of the country. (Biget’s 4am pre-filled in scan tron forms not withstanding.) And its working people.

            All we have to do is call in sick to work on the same days (cause Covid, ya know). Do it for a week. Everyone of us. Not very complicated. The system breaks down. And we become the “supreme court”.

          • Great idea. I always taught a mass walk out would grab their attention

            Another thing is for white tradesmen to deny services to liberals. “Nope, don’t work that area. Sorry.”

            Let the liberals hire their beloved POC and have everything fail on them

          • If you have the chance, tie the garage door opener cord of a Black person into a noose shape, and it will take several hundred man-hours of FBI time too 😀

      • what have our guns netted us so far? You think maybe once we hit 400 million they’ll gain sentience and take back the country for us?

        people talking about guns like they’re about to start a shooting war and yet too scared to put up a flyer?

        • Hey bro, I dont know what you’re talking about. I was talking about deer season.

          On a serious note, you’re right, and I’ve made this point myself. But right now, every sentient being knows the system is a tyrannical regime. I guess Im hoping against hope that that changes something.

          • When do we do it? How can we be sure everybody will do it at the same time? Organization is the key. And if the Power Structure attempts to crush us when we organized, that’s just a chance we’ll have to take. But all of this paralysis by analysis and treating the Power Structure as if it has godlike puissance must end.

        • people talking about guns like they’re about to start a shooting war and yet too scared to put up a flyer?

          That’s what it’s like being on the dissident right in the SF Bay Area.

        • Nobody wants to stick their neck out. Conservatives are pragmatic, but they lack the suicidal monomania of the left.

          • Or perhaps they just still have something to lose. The Leftists in the street are losers sharing an apartment with more losers. To them, protesting (rioting) is a lark and a good night out.

            To a typical Normie/conservative such behavior is precisely what they decry and consider bad behavior. However, they are not adverse to public displays in a legal, peaceful, and orderly manner.

            Case in point. Last Sunday, the Trumpists organized a car rally for Trump supporters in this, the most liberal of AZ cities. 900+ cars organized at a far North shopping mall and drove all across the city. So large that no police dared to demand a parade permit—nor impede the caravan! They passed by all the major malls to crowds of hundreds standing along the streets (onlookers/supporters had parked at the malls).

            This was not quite a spontaneous demonstration, but was organized mostly via phone communication from person to person, friend to friend. Word of mouth. I did not hear a word of this on any public radio or TV in advance, and little was mentioned by the MSM afterwards. What’s new.

            The point is that there is an alternative force to the Leftists out there. Trump brought this into being. They showed up that day and there was never an event like that in the history of this city. You don’t need guns to prove a point. And if you think these people are going to forget the events of this so called “election”, you are mistaken.

            There’s a seething mass out there waiting. Poke the bear at you’re own risk.

          • Conservatives are supposed to be smarter than leftists right? How smart is it to wait until the wolves are at your own door before doing something?

            The virtue signalling from conservatives about how they are so above all of the leftist in the streets taking action, is nothing but cowardliness.

            Politics is like a football game played in the rain and snow. If you are only cutout to play tennis in the warm sunshine by youself-with no teammates, you are going to get BTFO real quick…which is exactly the story of the right, at the present time.

          • Very true, but there’s also the problem of the vastness of the country. And whom would anybody attack anyway? Getting to D.C. is a non-starter, since they’d know people were coming and would stop them in Oklahoma or someplace.

          • I guess you haven’t seen rush-hour (hell, even non-rush hour) traffic around DC. Cops would just walk up to your car while stuck in traffic and write you a summons for unlawful assembly or something 🙂

        • I agree that a gun is useful for home defense if you survive the legal challenges afterwards. But there is unlikely to be a Red Dawn type scenario. But buying a gun or several guns does give you the feeling that you are doing something.

          • buying a gun or several guns does give you the feeling that you are doing something.

            Not me. I have Age-related Macular Degeneration in my dominant eye. This past February may well have been the last time that eye could be corrected to 20/40. If I am essentially legally blind in my dominant eye then the prudent thing for me to do is to sell everything but the 12gau pump. If my shooting eye is blind all I can reliably hit anything with is a scattergun. Besides, I can use the cash just now. Reckon how long it’ll take Kameltoe to gut the VA and Medicare?

        • The 2A crowd does nothing but sit around and polish their guns (and their dicks) and blabber about not letting the gubment take their guns…all as the gubment is locking people for simply defending themselves. When the gubment actually does come to take their guns, they will hand them over just like they’ve handed their nation over to every shitstain that’s crawled in from the 3rd world…

          Bunch of gas-bags..

          • I concur. Have witnessed with friends when the laws shifted. Moreso, consider Oz and Kiwiland. Too much to risk losing and “let’s have faith in our government.” Dumbarses.

          • And you and yours have done what to date? Be specific, we all would like to follow your lead. Gas bags seem to be on your side as well.

      • Very true. Trump was flat out stupid and gutlless to fire the only man trying to keep our elections honest. FWIW Kobach is hated by mainstream GOP pols. Do you they resisted him just as much as the Dems when it came to voter fraud.

    • If some degenerate wrote a bunch of degenerate graffiti, he gets an art contract with the city’s beautification program. But if Bob writes “Trump won,” they will hunt him down like a dog and hit him with hate crime charges and send him to prison under the maximum sentence.

      The law has been weaponized and politicized. The bums masturbating on the subway are left alone. The “teens” can jump the turnstile (fare) and break stuff.

        • Yep, they have been doing it a long time. But frankly I think it “feels” different now. Like maybe it was the exception then and not anymore. It has been dialed to 11 for 5 years now. “Mostly peaceful protest” has become a meme in the same way “teens” became a meme.
          Whatever is going on, I think we might very well get an answer very shortly. The theft of the election and the widespread cheating is so blatant and so in your face that it cannot be plausibly denied. Will Trump’s supporters do more than bitch online about the election fraud? I hope so. No matter how peaceful they are, they will still be hysterically denounced as white supremacist terrorists by the lying press.

          • The over-the-top open fraud is a flex, a taunt, a ” and what’re ya gonna do about it, punk?”

            A dominance display.

            (And, multiple Moishes have announced, yes indeedy, they’re making lists.)

          • While the odds are very much against, the Electoral College does not convene until December 14. A lot can happen in five weeks. It ain’t over until it’s over.

        • Excellent article. Thanks. I find it ironic that the original Sam Francis article spends a great deal of time discussing the terrible consequences of releasing violent felons back into the public. Welcome to “criminal justice reform” 2020 by way of 1994. That is one of the problems Biden’s 1994 crime bill was written to address — and it did.

          If Biden 2020 agreed with Biden 1994, I would approve.

          ETA: Of course, as Francis goes on to mention, the federalization of what should be personal and local responsibilities are paving stones on the road to tell we have been walking.

      • What if Bob and his friends, who obviously do all the real work in this town, call in sick?

        And cause there is a symptom free deadly “Biget” virus afoot (the media says so), Bob’s people don’t do any essential work till Biget is cured?

    • ”TRUMP WON”

      Should be dissident graffiti and posted in bathrooms, colleges, every internet space still open.

      The problem is that the proggies’ comeback would only be “Okay. So?”