The End Of A Story

Note: I have a new post up behind the green door. This is a review of the next film on the top-100 greatest movies, Unforgiven. I’m a fan of Eastwood, so I’ll probably be doing more posts on his work.

One of the things that was debated on the fringes of politics the last few years is whether this period was a replay of the late-60’s and early 70’s or a replay of the early and mid-60’s. Were we heading to some new and much worse phase of radicalism or was this a rear guard action as this spasm of radicalism burned itself out? Put another way, was this the dawning of the age of Jonquarius or the sunset of the radical awakening that was kicked off in the 2000 election?

The outright theft of the 2020 election tells us that we are probably witnessing the end point of a radical phase, rather than a beginning. The reason, to stick with the historical comparison, is that Trump is clearly Nixon in this drama. The Left, which controls both the aesthetic and the cultural norms of official Washington, reacted to Trump just as their analogs reacted to Nixon a half century ago. They were willing to break every rule to get rid of him and finally did it.

The way they have rid themselves of Trump is interesting for a few reasons. One is that they did it in reverse order this time. For a backward age, in which everything is a deliberate attempt to reboot old franchises, running the old Nixon playbook in reverse suggests the cosmic forces have a sense of style. Instead of rigging an election to keep Nixon out and then impeaching him after he got into Washington, they impeached Trump first and then rigged the election to throw him out.

Those old enough to remember Nixon will recall that long after Nixon was gone, the Left still groused about the man. They made movies trying to portray him as worse than they painted him while in office. They used him as a pejorative when assaulting Republican political opponents. Everything that made lefty sad in the 1980’s was called Nixonian, as if Nixon was the face of evil in the world. Nixon was a great enemy that served them so well, they could not bear to let him go.

You can be sure this will be true of Trump. In order to keep their conservative toadies in line they will be calling them “Trumpian” whenever they dare speak out of turn or show any signs of life. Republicans, of course, will fully embrace the term to police their ranks for anyone that questions the oligarchs. For the political industrial complex, the Trump era will be like a brush with death. It will color their perspective on everything and modify their politics long after Trump has left their midst.

To further bolster the analogy is the fact that Biden is a vegetable. Carter came in after Nixon, but exactly no one in Washington respected carter. They laughed at him to his face and treated him like a servant. They were slightly embarrassed by him, but he was a necessary place holder, so he was tolerated. That’s Biden. He was installed as the nominee and now president because the political class does not know where they go from here, so they put in a place holder.

With Carter, the promise was that all the professional hacks would get their jobs back and begin to rebuild an activist foreign policy and continue remaking the post-industrial economy, while the establishment found some better front men. This is why the neocons were all on the Mumbly Joe bandwagon. They expect to slither back into the foreign policy side and begin preparing for war with Iran next decade. The bankers will get their men back in to restart the globalism process.

The thing to keep in mind with historical analogies is they are never perfect and only a fool gets hung up on that fact. They’re comparisons, not replications. The reason they are useful is people don’t change all that much from generation to generation. The people who pushed out Nixon in the 1970’s are not all that different from the people involved in the coup against Trump. Many were around back then. That means they will react to the aftermath in a similar way.

That said, the differences are important. There is no conservative movement brewing this time to be a useful gatekeeper for the establishment. Conservatism has been so discredited; few Trump supporters will be fooled by their efforts to legitimize the shenanigans that have gone on during Trump. They will try, of course, but the result will be a further discrediting of themselves. Too many people are wise to that game now for it to work on anyone but the extremely stupid.

Further, there is no new thing on the horizon this time. The reason Buckley-style conservatism got off the ground is the people in charge immediately saw it would be a useful foil for them in the charade of democracy. Buckley’s over-the-top Brahman act legitimized conservatism. A vulgar little dwarf like Ben Shapiro is never going to be able to pull that off. The fact is, the bench of Conservative Inc. is full of misfits and mediocrities, best suited for parody, not legitimacy.

The point here is this era is probably not the beginning of the end as many disappointed dissidents would have you believe. There will be no internment camps for racists or truth and reconciliation commissions. Instead of the beginning of the end it is just the end of a cycle of radicalism. Just as the New Left spent their last bit of fervor ejecting Nixon from Washington, our woke crazies of this age have spent themselves now. Their reason to exist is about to leave town.

Further, this may signal the end of another story. That story is the tale of the American Empire that began in the middle of the last century. After conquering Western Europe and much of Asia, the American Empire engaged in a long face-off with the Soviet Empire. Just as the Peloponnesian was a multi-generational affair, the Cold War spanned close to three generations. It changed the culture of America and cast a long shadow after it was over.

The first truly imperial generation rose up in the middle of the last century too. They remade the culture and economy in their image. The story of the last 70 years has been the story of that generation, but just as the empire is in decline, so is that generation. The weird backward-looking nature of modern politics, the endless cycle of reboots and remakes in Hollywood, the stalling of technological advance, all suggest we have reached an end point.

The multi-generational cycle that was kicked off with the start of the Cold War and the struggle between two global empires may be reaching its end. All the old purposes that drove that cycle are gone now. There are no communists. There are no Nazis to hunt as a reminder to remain vigilant. Every battle in the culture war has been won. There is nothing left to do, so the imperial generation has been replaying old fights in a politics of nostalgia, but now their time has come to an end.

That is probably what we are witnessing. The generation that made a fetish of free speech, good government and democracy, is now closing the show with censorship, corruption and now the undermining of democratic legitimacy. They are not doing this because of Trump or what he represents, but as one last replay of a drama that has outlived its reason to exist. It’s fitting that the capstone of this generation’s nostalgia politics will be a man who cannot remember yesterday.

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504 thoughts on “The End Of A Story

  1. What we’re witnessing is white America becoming non-white “America.” Ushered in by a fitting third-world style election.

  2. The point here is this era is probably not the beginning of the end as many disappointed dissidents would have you believe. 

    I could not disagree more. I think that many of you (I’ll likely have moved down the street from my folks at Ft Sam Houston Nat’l Cemetery) will look back on this year as the “good old days”. Biden has already vowed to renew the lockdown. I figure his people will use Boris Johnson’s current activities as a roadmap but will probably go even farther.

    There will be no internment camps for racists or truth and reconciliation commissions. 

    I wouldn’t bet my life and liberty on that. Oh wait. You are.

    Instead of the beginning of the end it is just the end of a cycle of radicalism. 

    Like @Felix Krull earlier, I think you are far off the mark. I suspect, to coin a phrase, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Instead, I expect the left to double down on everything they’ve tried/done to date. I would cast the incoming Democrat administration to emulate, Rehoboam, King Solomon’s son and heir, who declared, upon ascending to the throne, “My little finger is thicker than my father’s waist. My father laid on you a heavy yoke; I will make it even heavier. My father scourged you with whips; I will scourge you with scorpions.”

    Of course, for his declaration the 10 northern tribes of the Jewish Kingdom promptly rebelled and seceded leaving Rehoboam to reign over a tiny fragment of the empire over which his father reigned.

    our woke crazies of this age have spent themselves now. Their reason to exist is about to leave town.

    Horse hockey. just as the left used Nixon as a scourge and epithet on anybody who dared disagree with them, so I expect “Trumpian” to be an epithet and byword well into the 2030s and beyond.

    There are no communists. 

    Excuse me? Did the “People’s Republic of China and Chinese Communist Party suddenly cease to exist this week? If so, why did no one tell me of this?

    There are no Nazis to hunt as a reminder to remain vigilant. Every battle in the culture war has been won. 

    Hardly. Nowadays any and every non-believer in the progs’ definition/vision of utopia is a “fascist” and a “Nazi” and the culture “war” has only begun – or do you assert that all the allegedly “peaceful” demonstrations we’ve seen this year were mere anomalies?

  3. I’ve never heard the term “civ nat” before trump. Or normie con. My antenna are up now, thats for sure. But d ont’ think the Covid thing is going away. Maybe the cancelling will calm down. I just hope they do it steal my money.

  4. don’t forget that the CCP has long tentacles into the US and Europe. they are waiting in the wings to strip-mine what is left of our economy. the globalists at the world economic forum are using covid to destroy all liberty and resistance to authoritarianism

    • So what hold do they have over our elite? Do they have videos of our elite visiting Chinese hand job joints in strip malls ala Robert Kraft?


    The enemy is already calling out the evilness of “million of white people” 
    Joe Biden declares job market will be more apply to racial quota system
    Obama was president of wall street, redefined the economy as a financial Tech oligarchy
     In other words, Biden will nail the coffin of the middle class, small business manufacturing instead of helping

    The final blow was white men are state certified loser and scapegoat
    I think Enemy is confident enough to believe white men are so weak and pathetic can’t fight back
    And they are right about this, what the fuck White American
    I miss uncle Adolf very much, Orange man is another loser who can’t re-elected

  6. Z is right in bringing up the Nixon parallel but he is wrong in a lot of other things.
    This hysteria is a genie you aren’t getting back into the bottle.
    1. The baby boom isn’t a generation that is wildly radical either way. They first voted for Nixon with the youth vote (Nixon won the boomer vote) and were the generation most behind Trump. So we got shafted at the beginning and end
    2. About the time Nixon was booted there was the dawn of the holohoax religion with the mini series Holocaust. We have now had a half a century of nazi demonization 24/7
    3. We have also had 50 years of the tribe solidifying is control of the media and the lefts control of education
    4. The conspiracy against Nixon was masculine. The one against Trump is hysterical feminine like all of the left’s culture.
    5. The country was white and competent then.
    6. Anti white hatred was in its infancy as part of the overall culture. We now have 10s of millions of people who are in this country to get whities’ money, land, power and prestige.
    Pelosi et al are not going to be able to stop them for long. They are going to build and build their jihad. How this plays out is uncertain but the jihad hasn’t hit full speed yet.

  7. Z is right in bringing up the Nixon parallel but he is wrong in a lot of other things.
    This hysteria is a genie you aren’t getting back into the bottle.
    1. The baby boom isn’t a generation that is wildly radical either way. They first voted for Nixon with the youth vote (Nixon won the boomer vote) and were the generation most behind Trump. So we got shafted at the beginning and end
    2. About the time Nixon was booted there was the dawn of the holohoax religion with the mini series Holocaust. We have now had a half a century of nazi demonization 24/7
    3. We have also had 50 years of the tribe solidifying is control of the media and the lefts control of education
    4. The conspiracy against Nixon was masculine. The one against Trump is hysterical feminine like all of the left’s culture.
    5. The country was white and competent then.
    6. Anti white hatred was in its infancy as part of the overall culture. We now have 10s of millions of people who are in this country to get whities’ money, land, power and prestige.
    Pelosi et al are not going to be able to stop them for long. They are going to build and build their jihad. How this plays out is uncertain but the jihad hasn’t hit full speed yet.

  8. Here in Newton County Southwestern Missouri the vote was 81% Trump to 19% Biden. It is doubtful that Missouri which went for Trump will honor the ballot dumping in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania ZOGling Yankeedumb & Nuevo Niggeria. Time to split up the Mighty Evil ZOG/Babylonian Empire into Ten Thousand Warlords, using this fake [s]election as an excuse for secession and breakup.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Write-In White Supremacist Candidate for Governor of Missouri

  9. Only disagree on two points in today’s essay:
    (1) communists most certainly do exist, if not by name, by copycat ideology. Remember all those far-Left intellectuals that “marched through the institutions”? Well, they’re still there, and aren’t going away anytime soon. I’m grateful we don’t have the command economy or the gulags at least for now but we do have a lot of silliness that has done and will continue to do major damage (see next entry.)
    (2) “Every battle in the culture war has been won.” Oh really? The Egalitarians are still at war with biological reality, most obvious in the 70+ year attempt to make the Negro the equal of the White man, socially, economically, culturally. It has failed spectacularly. Probably other examples can be found, but race relations has to be one of, if not the biggest, example of ideology fighting Reality. Reality always wins if the theory is fatally flawed, and most of us here will probably agree that trying to bring Homo erectus up to speed was a losing bet.

    • Don’t panic. This was all a ploy to nab the democrats in a voter fraud sting. Vans rolling now. Hillary visa revoked. Charges being filed. Trust the plan. — Q

    • One of my buddies who is not a true “Q” believe (I’d classify him as “Q” curious) sent me a text a couple of hours ago with some nonsense about how the Trump administration had put a secret watermark on official ballots in 12 states. The National Guard is being dispatched to those states even now to take down the Democrat malefactors.

      He’s a bit of a Magatard and getting desperate at this point. We’re going to have to let the Magatards and CivNats work through the stages of grief, but then a lot of them will be ready.

  10. Z-man, respectfully you could not be more wrong. Indeed we are witnessing the birth of forced labor camps, show trials, and a brutal crackdown on the White middle and particularly working class.
    And this is for religious reasons. This is the First Great Awokening. Wokeness fills the Christianity shaped hole in White managerial class lives, and fills non-Whites with missionary zeal. Many of the most Woke are young Asian women filled with rage and disgust at their own lives (and White boyfriends) and wanting to cover it all with blood. They will get their way. They form the operational arm of the Tech Oligarchs and the political and corporate managers.
    This is because there is no check with fraudulent elections. No need to compromise, to find a middle ground, avoid the bloodshed. Biden is old, weak, and frail. His cokehead son and idiot wife are going to keep him under wraps and make deals with zealots in return for grafting as much as they can for “the big guy.” Even in his heyday Biden was an idiot. Now he’s a senile one.
    The Green New Deal is coming. Gas at $20 a gallon, no fracking, no meat as it is taxed out of existence (cows are farting, AOC is running things now). Beans and bugs for the deplorables. Beto Male O’Rourke is going to be in charge of seizing all guns. Abolish the police is a national policy now, as is socialism.
    The leaked conference call with House Democrats is instructive. Nancy checked out early to drink some more wine. One Nice White Lady Dem (a former CIA analyst) was crying as she almost lost save fraudulent votes “found” on a thumb drive. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar told her to shut up, she was White, and in so many words they were in charge now. And that explicitly, there was no need to “pander to certain people.”
    Because of the vagaries of some run-offs, the Senate will look 50-50 giving Vice President Harris control: Court Packing, abolishing the Electoral College, Open Borders, Green New Deal, labor camps for Whites is all part of the package. As is a total year down lockdown. So Amazon and Wal Mart are the only retail operations left standing and buy assets for pennies on the dollar.
    Corporate America is 100% behind this. They can crush all small business and run everything like a oligopoly. No need to compete on price or service or quality. Just greater and greater profits as there will be literally no alternative to anything.
    And I think you are not able to see the reason the elite HATE Trump. The Iran Deal. No there will not only be no war with Iran, the deal will be back on. Iran, like the Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Pakistan, and a bunch of other nations is rich in resources and their people impoverished because of total theft and graft. Usually through connected middlemen Oligarchs. Who then need to funnel and launder their money. [They can’t keep it at home, the big shot politicos will just seize it] Hence globalism, where connected Western Elites launder money for Third World Oligarchs. That’s all it is, in a nutshell. Iran was laundering money for the Revolutionary Guard and the Mullahs like crazy with the US, with spouses of the CIA and FBI heavily getting paid. That’s why they HATE Trump. He nixed the deal. Israel lobbies heavily but its nothing like the OCEAN of money coming from places like Ukraine or Iran. The Iran Deal was why Trump was doomed from the start, why the elite never bothered with coopting him. Everyone from Obama to McConnell to Paul Romney and Mitt Ryan was getting paid.
    TLDR: Great Awokening gives moral fervor to the idea that exterminating all White dudes is the only moral option — to nice White ladies, various non-White women, and a smattering of non-Whites. [Interesting a lot of Latinos figure they are White Adjacent and like Zimmerman will be next]. Add total corruption and the Squad driving the party without any need to moderate and you have a Russian Revolution Terror and likely even greater counter-terror.
    I am focused on making enough money to move out of the country. If I could move to Switzerland tomorrow I would and would never look back.

  11. Z is right in bringing up the Nixon parallel but he is wrong in a lot of other things.

    This hysteria is a genie you aren’t getting back into the bottle.

    1. The baby boom isn’t a generation that is wildly radical either way. They first voted for Nixon with the youth vote (Nixon won the boomer vote) and were the generation most behind Trump. So we got shafted at the beginning and end

    2. About the time Nixon was booted there was the dawn of the holohoax religion with the mini series Holocaust. We have now had a half a century of nazi demonization 24/7

    3. We have also had 50 years of the tribe solidifying is control of the media and the lefts control of education

    4. The conspiracy against Nixon was masculine. The one against Trump is hysterical feminine like all of the left’s culture.

    5. The country was white and competent then.

    6. Anti white hatred was in its infancy as part of the overall culture. We now have 10s of millions of people who are in this country to get whities’ money, land, power and prestige.

    Pelosi et al are not going to be able to stop them for long. They are going to build and build their jihad. How this plays out is uncertain but the jihad hasn’t hit full speed yet.

    Z is right in bringing up the Nixon parallel but he is wrong in a lot of other things.

    This hysteria is a genie you aren’t getting back into the bottle.

    1. The baby boom isn’t a generation that is wildly radical either way. They first voted for Nixon with the youth vote (Nixon won the boomer vote) and were the generation most behind Trump. So we got shafted at the beginning and end

    2. About the time Nixon was booted there was the dawn of the holohoax religion with the mini series Holocaust. We have now had a half a century of nazi demonization 24/7

    3. We have also had 50 years of the tribe solidifying is control of the media and the lefts control of education

    4. The conspiracy against Nixon was masculine. The one against Trump is hysterical feminine like all of the left’s culture.

    5. The country was white and competent then.

    6. Anti white hatred was in its infancy as part of the overall culture. We now have 10s of millions of people who are in this country to get whities’ money, land, power and prestige. White women have been told that they deserve what belongs to white men and they don’t take not being what they deserve lightly.

    7. The election theft this time was far more egregious and will have far more impact on the attitude of the right and the actions of the left in future elections.

    Pelosi et al are not going to be able to stop them for long. They are going to build and build their jihad. How this plays out is uncertain but the jihad hasn’t hit full speed yet.

  12. I just finished watching a very interesting German news presentation wanted to share this with anyone who’s curious about the German perspective on Biden vs Trump.

    To start with, 87% of Germans prefer Biden. The problem for Trump is his big mouth and aggressive attitude. While this approach may work for America, it doesn’t work for Europe and certainly not for Germans. He may be doing the right thing in many areas, but mouthing off doesn’t sit well. This is sort of like General Patton during WW2; he an excellent tactician and military commander, but his arrogance and big mouth ended up being is greatest undoing and lead to him being marginalized.

    Openly humiliating Germany for it’s lack of participation in NATO did not go over well. While we would agree we should have held up our end of the bargain, how he went about goes against good manners and professional statesmanship. While almost all Germans like American as individuals and would still welcome them to come visit, we simply don’t appreciate big loud mouths and braggarts. We’ve had enough of ranting Chancellors in the past and Trump brings back unpleasant memories of that past.

    One reason Germans (those polled in this report) want the US military out of Germany is because of the geographic position of Germany between the US and China. With 36,000 US troops still stationed here (still seen as occupiers by some) we are perceived as a potential “jumping off point” as the US moves troops from the US, to Europe and then to the middle-East and possibly China. Not unlike the opposition to nuclear missiles in Germany during the cold war. No one here wants to end up a target.

    And making North Korea’s Kim Jong his best buddy while snubbing Europe was probably not his smartest move. Especially if he wants to do business with Europe.

    Then there’s Germany’s business dealings with China. Leica makes the camera lens for Huawei smartphones which is worth billions. For Mercedes and other German automakers the largest growing market is in China. Germany’s automotive sector sees America as a declining market share as more and more Americans simply can’t afford German cars. China, with a growing middle and upper class still can and the demand there is growing.

    On moral grounds, what can one say to defend a President who’s been married three times, put a nude model in the White House and employed his daughter to perform work she is clearly not qualified to do. Nepotism doesn’t go over well with most people, especially those who take politics seriously.

    While I am not personally in favor of Biden, Trump didn’t do himself any favors with his foreign policies or his big mouth attitudes. His non-political position as a businessman might have been seen as a strength when he came into office, but it’s perceived that he really has no one to blame but himself and his lack of restraint with his Twitter account.

    • I don’t disagree with most of this, and could add that his opposition to Nordstream II was terrible, and his threats on that were unconscionable. However, as far as attitude, I can’t imagine not having his attitude when dealing with Schumer, Pelosi and a host of others. Does the Bundesrat have a Schumer? Or a Pelosi? These aren’t good people. They have no deferential qualities and they will mow you down even harder if you’re polite to them. Politicians playing war games with each other 24 hours a day. And don’t think you won’t have a ranting Chancellor in the future given that Merkel flung Germany’s doors open to the islamists.

      • The opposition to Nordstream is a US foreign policy Establishment hang up. Russia is not playing ball with us and the US is using natural gas exports to wean nations away from Russian natural gas as well as cripple Russian export earnings. Reagan got the Saudis to ramp up oil production to the point it cratered the US oil industry in the 1980s for the same reason. That and not Star Wars was what pulled the plug on the USSR.
        Biden will not significantly curtail natural gas production. There will be some restrictions and taxes, but these will be used as leverage for political horse trading and bribery.
        If anything curtails natural gas production it will be unsustainable debt loads of the frackers and low prices.

    • You sound like every liberal or normie faggot ever. We get it. Oh how we get it. The fact I used the F word repulsed 90% of you because of it’s boorish plebianism. We understand your argument tenfold. Twentyfold. One hundredfold. You can polite your way into nonexistence a million and one ways. You can be the the perfect statesman, saying all the right things. Everyone wants that. Those are insubstantial optics. A perfect world. Things must still be peachy in Germany. Thank you for your perspective. Why do we, as Americans, care about your perspective, unless it’s in line with the rightest of right?

    • TL;DR

      Has there been a German worth listening to since Ernst Junger? Defeat really messes with people. I sincerely hope you rediscover your traditional greatness someday.

  13. They’re not taking things well over at VD’s blog.
    There’s a rumor going around that the election was a sting operation for lack of a better word. Supposedly, there were water marks on real ballots. Fake ballots are being found in DC and several states. National Guard has been mobilized in those states to help. Hopefully, there is some truth to this. Hopefully, some people will be arrested.
    Do these idiots have no idea what kind of man the God Emperor is? After 4 years they still have no idea who they’re dealing with? I guess Q was right, these people really are stupid.
    I believe in God, I believe Q is real, and I believe in President Trump. Vox always has preached patience when it comes to TGE; we are going to win.
    Assuming “Q set a voter-fraud trap”, I wonder if the Democrats are going to qualify for prosecution via RICO? There’s plenty of evidence to get search warrants already floating around the internet …
    YEEEES!! God Emperor Trump will prevail.
    Q did say “all assets deployed” many times in reference to cabal operations. They are burning their sleeper cells in the hope that this is effectively the last American election (they thought it would be 2016 but those pesky Americans ruined it for them).

    Q might have been speculating, but it looks like inside info today.

    • Which is why I stopped reading VD years ago. He’s totally full of himself, and the kidz who read and comment there burn incense at his shrine. And he loves it. They can’t be taken seriously by or as adults.

      • Vox is massively annoying and may be the most personally unappealing individual on the right… but he does some great things that a lot of other people talk about. I admit the Q stuff made me wince though, it’s just absolutely credibility destroying for anyone

  14. If I am reading 3 U.S.C. 1-3 correctly, electors must be appointed by Tuesday. If the result of the election can’t be certified by Tuesday then the electors are appointed by the state legislature.

    In a normal election year the number of ballots subject to challenge is quite small. But with the mess the Democrats have created with the mass mailing of ballots and messing with deadlines and postmark requirements it’s not clear that WI, MI, PA, and GA can complete their count by Tuesday, much less complete a recount and deal with challenges. All four of these states have Republican majorities in their legislatures.

    Dems may have been too clever by half here.

  15. I mean no disrespect when I say this, it may just be a literal consequence of biology/IQ, and i do enjoy the content here, but the Zman gives me the same impression as our small hatted friends, of those that ‘know better’ than us, that are trying to explain reality for the rest of us dumb dumbs/ or even more nuanced, trying to hold our hands as they walk us from an old world into the new one, while not trying to dismiss our understandings of things explicitly.Like a companion on a journey of perception. I get that that might just be a more meta analysis of a better who looks kindly on a lesser, but there is something ‘other’ about him, and i get an impression of him trying to be understanding towards our more radical and baser instincts, yet trying to tame them. Please tell me I’m not crazy you guys. Much love to the Zman.

  16. Nothing about the massive vote fraud being perpetrated in several States? Like Michigan, where 138,000 ballots, all for Biden, no Trump, Jorgenson, or Green party, show up at the last moment?? Which probabilistically could not happen in a hundred lifetimes of the Universe….

    • From what I’ve seen, a large proportion of the vote counters belong to the IQ avg 85 population.
      The grasp of statistical probability is not likely to be a strong suit.

  17. A fascinating piece, Z-Man. However, I cannot fall in with your anti-dystopianism. You yourself used the term “political industrial complex,” and were right to do so. But that political industrial complex operates in the service of a specific cultural agenda, which is anti-white and black supremacist. In short, what we now have in “America” is classical fascism.

    Now what do fascists do when they’ve cleared the board of all enemy pieces? Do they just call it a day and leave everybody to their business? Of course not. They use their unalloyed power to impose the cultural agenda for which they fought. And that means bad news and hard times for whites. If you thought “America” was black-black-blackity black and killwhitey before, get ready for a whole lot of you-ain’t-seen-nothin’-yet.

    • Playing Devil’s advocate here, because i really want to understand, so I always Steel Man in my mind: Once whites are an official minority, what makes you think the same laws and internal policies that benefit the diverse, won’t benefit us? I really feel like these morons are trying to create their own evolutionary pressures against determinant whites, but not trying to genocide the race as it were per say.I mean, cordoning off determinant whites is genociding them effectively, don’t get me wrong. But these fools think they are just preserving the best of the white race with their liberal version of eugenics. Nonetheless, i am not cool with that agenda either. But I don’t believe it benefits us to straw man them

      • “Once whites are an official minority, what makes you think the same laws and internal policies that benefit the diverse, won’t benefit us?”

        Did the White minority of Zimbabwe benefit from losing power to the majority black population? There’s your answer. Whites are still more numerous and more successful than any black or brown demographic (minus only Indians … and they are small), and Whites have a heritage that greatly surpasses any other racial group on this earth by miles; thus, raceswaping White historical characters (because other groups don’t have any good ones of their own). What makes you think it will stop with raceswapping movie characters? Why wouldn’t they steal White wealth or property as soon as they have the votes? Isn’t that what reparations is about? And they are already talking about declaring any gap between Whites and non-whites as racism caused by Whites, requiring taking things from Whites to compensate. There’s plenty of room for black and brown resentment in that society. Being a minority offers practically no benefit for Whites and huge risks.

        • We are on the same team. I understand your sentiment.But the difference in perception is fodder for future problems.. African whites are not the perfect correlation. These American liberal white technocrat faggots are in class of their own.

      • Once whites are an official minority, what makes you think the same laws and internal policies that benefit the diverse, won’t benefit us?

        Yeah like how they have affirmative action and special protection for the small oppressed minority of whites in south africa?

        • Is there any example in history of any non-white majority giving ANY other minority, even another non-white minority, preferential treatment because of minority status?
          Remember that the minorities here for several generations have been told from birth that all their problems are due to the white man.

        • Basically, what the elites are pushing us toward, is the Jewish model- being a high functioning minority in a sea of ‘others’. Jews love operating like that and they don’t see it as any sort of handicap. This means effectively that 110IQ and up whites get to survive the coming system, and that they can even be racists if they do so behind closed doors, or mask it with tricky high IQ language, but they have to wave a smaller stick. I believe it’s important to understand and steel man the enemy, because they will just justify their positions by saying people like us have misunderstood everything because we are either stupid or evil or both.

  18. Guy named Arnon Mishkin was responsible for calling Arizona for Biden at Fox prematurely on election night. Now they’ve rescinded their prediction of an Arizona win for Biden.

    Arnon Mishkin. Sadly yet laughably predictable. Visualize for yourself the trips around his name, I don’t wanna get put in purgatory.

  19. The driving force of a Civ-Nat is to expect the “Hollywood ending” to the movie. The protagonist hero vanquishes the antagonist, and gets the girl. The movie that’s playing out in this election is very French, with a French ending. Good guy dies in vain…FIN. My Civ-nat relatives are sending texts with plot twists that expect a Trump victory. This is not good and the reality check will be very hard on them. I think it’s called the bargaining phase.

    • My civ nat normie relatives are already moving to the Vichy phase. “Oh well, the market is up” and “updating christmas card addresses…”

      I shit you not. So much for seeing normie ‘in the trenches…’ More like saving money on car insurance and getting eyes back on sportsball….

      • I assume you’re posting this comment from the trenches? ‘Cause you’re a man of decisive action and unlike those craven compromising normies and all.

    • I just got one saying the ballots all have a watermark that the cheating poll riggers didn’t know about, and all the fake copied ballots are about to be exposed. I responded, “Sure, and Durham will start prosecuting any day now.”

  20. Too bad Star Trek Federation San Francisco will look like 2020, not 1984.

    Calling Captain Jonquarius!

    And Spockina, or whatever xi identifies as today.

  21. I thought Trump would power through and win. So, hats off to the Z Man. He was right. There is no viable strategy of working with Republicans. I can pretty much guarantee you at this point that there will Islamic education introduced into American schools while Christianity is crushed where it remains in the United States. I am shocked the “deep state” was able to pull it off so flagrantly but… the white, heteronormative, christian america most of us grew up in is dead. Politics is not a path worth going down now since it’s all globalism and neo-liberalism from here on out. The America we knew has been defeated in an election wherein tens of millions of people expressed their beliefs clearly. We have no support at the institutional level.

    • Post 9/11 the Saudis gave millions to US school districts so they could “educate” students on “true” Islam. I’m only surprised it hasn’t reached your area yet.

  22. Conservatives considered Nixonian an insult. The New Right will consider Trumpian a compliment. We should use it as a gatekeeper in the opposite direction- anyone who ISN’T called Trumpian gets thrown out.

    • I don’t like the word Trumpian because it defines “all bark no bite” while platinum plans are created for people who will never in a thousand years show up for you. It also defines fiscal profligacy on a scale not even the thin gay man before him could contemplate.

  23. You’re wrong. This is not the end point. It is the beginning. There’s no Nazis to hunt and there were no real witches to hunt yet they did. They are not done crushing their enemies, it was too much fun. Assuming Trump loses, they will pack the courts, seize firearms, reeducate their enemies and grind the boot heel in as long as they can.

    • Historically, the progressives implemented only a small fraction of their constituents’ wish list. This time ’round, they have backed themselves into a corner and I take their wish list as an actual plan they will bend over backward, pun Kamala, to git ‘er done. The crazoids are eager to please their masters.

  24. A day in the life of Joe Biden’s America.
    6:00 AM: You wake up due to the Islamic call to prayer blaring from speakers from the mosque four doors down from your suburban home. Groaning, you put the pillow over your ears and try to go back to sleep.8:00 AM: You wake up late because you have no job. Your job had been offshored to China, and when you ultimately received a replacement and inferior job (which you felt extremely lucky to get), an H1B Indian took it over for a fraction of the cost. You trained him before they fired you.
    8:15 AM: You’re on a tight budget (welfare still isn’t a lot of money to live on) so you eat some cheerios and drink a fresh cup of cheap coffee. It still cost $9 due to rampant consumer goods inflation. Prices are expected to rise further as President Biden unveils his fourth $2 trillion stimulus package to bail out Democrat states and reward their cronies.
    You watch some CNN — everything to the right of it has been banned — and are bored to watch former president Donald Trump on trial for the second time for payments to Stormy Daniels. The last trial was deadlocked because there was a Republican on the jury, but the latest jury makeup is all black women.
    8:30 AM: You apply for more jobs and email your recruiter for the 7th time. The job market is completely saturated due to the influx of twenty million immigrants into the country over the past two years.
    9:00 AM: You decide to go on a walk outside to get some fresh air — it’s hard to stay cooped up in unlimited lockdown. You don your government mandated mask. You look at your safe and consider bringing your gun, but decide against it. Your friend had shot an assailant six months ago, but because the attacker was black, your friend is now in prison for life.
    When you step outside it is like stepping into the demographics of the cantina scene from Star Wars. Next to the mosque four doors down from your house is a brand new $100 million housing project. Drugs and filth litter the street, with a homeless tent on the corner. You walk fast with your head up and hope you aren’t assaulted.
    9:15am: Cops stop and frisk you (and another pedestrian, a white male) and then demand to see your immunology papers. You had reluctantly received Bill Gates-mandated COVID shot, and you have had horrible cramps since then and severely declining testosterone levels. You wonder if you are infertile. You produce your papers and they let you through. Your smartphone tracks your every move to ensure your movements are only to government approved areas.
    12:00pm: You have a soy burger for lunch (this is a major luxury for you; all meat has been banned) as you casually browse Reddit’s suicide forum. The Z blog had been shut down years ago and many of its commentors outed and fired from their jobs; you wonder where they are now.
    In the background CNN blares about the latest casualties in the Syrian War of Greater Liberation. General Mattis is on air ranting about Assad but you tune him out.
    2:00pm: You get an angry call from your ex-wife demanding her alimony. She recently had lap-band surgery and dropped 50 lbs, and is now dating an ugly black man. You facetime with your two kids, who you havn’t seen in months because the divorce judge, an angry feminist, gave her sole custody, and both look to be in the process of transitioning to the opposite gender. They accuse you of white privilege.
    5:30pm: You hear shouting from outside and watch as a white male gets robbed for his shoes. You think about going out to help him, but decide otherwise. You glumly eat some gruel for dinner while watching CNN again. The Supreme Court has announced, with Roberts, Kavanaugh and ACB joining the liberals, that gun ownership is now illegal, and all citizens must turn in their firearms under penalty of imprisonment within thirty days.
    Your weight has gone up a lot but all gyms are closed so there is nothing for you to do about it.
    9pm: You take a hit of crack to dull the pain of your existence and pass out as the sounds of the night Islamic call to prayer fill your ears.

  25. What got me about the Biden rigging was the outrage and shock from everyone from Trump on down to his supporters. It’s like they can’t imagine the Democrats could be so brazen. Where the hell was the “preparing” the last 4 years, and especially after 2018?

    Democrats have been perfectly honest and explicit in their intentions: they were openly stating in the media the last few months what they were going to do. And the moment the Trump train chose to get outraged was the day after the election?

    Whatever happened to the Kobach-led election integrity commission? Where was the “time to prepare” after the rigged 2018 midterms? Where was the lesson-learning and note-taking after watching Democrats regularly rig their primaries to get the candidates they want?

    The shock and outrage from the grassroots is genuine, but no one can say they didn’t see this coming. But the shock and outrage from the Trump campaign is inexcusable: either they’re the most naive and incompetent boobs who didn’t know how to prepare, or their outrage is just performative bleating, an act they put on as they deliberately chose to slink out the door under an ass-covering cloud of plausible deniability.

    • This. Trump knew (or definitely should have known) that he had to “beat the cheat” in order to be able to win. He failed to do so and is going to have to rely on a Hail Mary play through the courts to win.

      Good luck with that.

  26. It’s simply the end of the first part of the trilogy. The middle act is always started with some tragedy.

    Even then, it could be argued that the anti Nixon left molded the establishment to avoid anyone as populist-right as he was again (which wasn’t much, but had the effect of burying Dixiecrats and John-Birchers/Goldwaterites). With Trump, the margin cuts even smaller, now anyone to the right of Mittens type neocons will be purged. I think radicalization on both ends is more likely, leaving the establishment middle to die with boomerdom. Younger civnats I think will make their proposals more realistic, including more populism/welfare even, and freedom of association. Reality will hit enough people in the face, God willing. And those already in the know of reality, should prepare and make community. Deus Vult.

  27. Nixon helped usher in the new era of progressive republicans. There was a wave of young neocons looking to make their mark on the GOP. But today the neocons are utterly disgraced and morally bankrupt.
    Assuming they get rid of Trump, can the young nationalists take the GOP baton from the old tired neocons or can the neocons hold onto the GOP and turn Trump’s rise into a mere bump in the road?
    Will the courts legitimize all the cheating and force Trump out?

    • My concern is, “Can we tell the new young nationalists from the tired old NeoCons.” Sounds silly, I know. But one gets pretty jaded these days with the new, improved pol’s claiming they’re not the old discredited pol’s. Also not certain that a new nationalist pol will not be a CivNat under the skin.

    • Given the silence of republican officials and elected office holders (who had their asses saved by Trump) regarding the election fraud, any registered republican who voted for Trump should change their party affiliation to NPA.

  28. I for one am looking forward to the further big neocon wars, possibly sooner than later, as a slap in the face to the morons I know who still were buying the “Trump can’t have access to the nuclear codes we’re all gonna die” line. Yes, people were still parroting this to me as of a week ago. Its hilarious what they believe. And you better believe when/if it happens, the war will be Trump’s fault.

    • Ironic, that they are now putting the nuclear codes into the hands of a guy who does not know for what office he’s running.

    • Yep, they will always find a way to blame their boogeyman for what their guy does. There will be some tortured logic that because Trump didn’t (or did) do something in 2017 that caused a whole chain or irrational causality that led their guy to do something horrific that would not “have to be” done had Trump acted in their preferred way earlier on. They did the same shit with Bush after the Democrats won the congress and presidency.
      Kind of like how Covid isn’t bad not because it’s not that bad, but because the authorities “acted’ early on. Or when they spend huge amounts of money on something and we told them before hand it wouldn’t work, when it fails to produce the desired effect, they say “imagine how bad it would be if we hadn’t “acted”” This is the hallmark of a partisan.

      • As to the Trump blaming after the fact, it’s the “look at what you made me do” response. The feminine argument.

      • They are still blaming “the Reagan budget cuts” of the 1980s for shit. Even though Reagan himself undid most of the “budget cuts” the very next year.

  29. I’m still trying to understand the Establishment hatred for Nixon who governed as a centrist. He was dutifully carrying out nuclear disarmament, reaching out to the Soviets and Chinese. Hell, he even saved Israel’s ass in 1973 and kept quiet about their nukes.
    But even Nixon got fairer media coverage than Trump.

    • Nixon was a proxy for elite racial hatred towards poor Southerners. they hated him because they hated those who voted for him. Same with Donald Trump. Rich West coast snobs hate him because they hate the people whom they think voted for him: smelly working class people. One those outed FBI guys investigated during the Russiagate hoax said the same. He went into a Walmart and said he “could smell the Trump support.”

    • Nixon, like Trump, was a formidable opponent who didn’t take crap and would fight dirty if he had to. Dems prefer opponents like Mitt Romney, who will not fight back and act civil while they do their passive-aggressive schtick.
      It didn’t matter what Nixon did after he got elected because Dems brand someone for life.

  30. As disappointed as I am with these results, I’m not throwing in the towel just yet. These bogus results have to be and will be challenged, so there still is some hope. That being said, Greg Hood over at Unz has written piece on how, win or lose it’s good for our side. I mean he makes some interesting points, but again, it just seems like the old, “hey we lost the most important election in our lifetimes but let’s look at the bright side…”. F that. What it really means is all those dirty rotten bastards and bitches (both political and not) are going to get away with all the BS they’ve put this former country through for the last four years. That alone is intolerably unacceptable.

      • Hard to argue with that, but an honest loss wasn’t in the cards. So the question is how much shit you have an appetite for.

    • You might wanna consider buying stock in firearms manufacturers. If Biden is declared the winner, firearms and ammunition sales will go through the roof. Local manufacturers will likely spring up all over the Midwest too. It would not surprise me if the number of firearms in the US doubles over the next 4 years, and a lot of it goes into secret safes and bunkers. Also next gen weapons may become a covert cottage industry. American ingenuity is not dead.

      • I always say, ban firearms libs, I know plenty of guys who can machine a decent gun in their shops if not their garages

      • I have been reading about periodic surges in firearms sales in the USA since just after 9/11. I am not saying you’re incorrect, but just what are the owners going to do with these huge reservoirs of guns and ammo? And when are they going to do it?

  31. I noticed the GOP pretty much kept the Senate and added some House seats. Not a single GOP apparatchik expressed support or sympathy for Trump either; the outrage has only been from grassroots people.

    Clearly the GOP cut a deal with the Dems to get rid of Trump so the party can go back to a comfortable living of bleating “repeal and replace!” from the back row under a Biden or Harris presidency.

    White voters handed the GOP power in 2016 and they did nothing with it. Why should white people show them a drop of loyalty ever again?

    • yep and then they dance on our graves by highlighting that Trump lost white men (aka white supremacists) so he can’t be racist like the liar media says. Cringe. They think thats a win. It should be for us tho.

    • I wrote the same above before seeing your comment.
      I am trying to see what Trump actually did that was so terrible. He was pretty ineffective, often due to his own terrible selection of appointees.
      I guess the Dealey Plaza option was out because they don’t want to make him a martyr.

  32. I happily voted for Trump twice. The first time as a middle finger to the establishment GOP. The second time as a delaying action on anti-white politics. I participated in the great meme war, but I never once thought Trump was Hitler or Pinochet or even “our guy”. He always talked like a boomer civ-nat. But he surprised me. He ended up being more than I had hoped. His presidency was a clarifying moment. A lot of normie cons I know have realized the system is broken and the elites hate them because of Trump. Whether this realization amounts to action, or whether they go back to sleep is yet to be seen but this was a valuable service to white people. For that reason I’m grateful to Trump.

    • The vast majority will attempt to negotiate favorable terms for re-plugging back into the matrix. Their clans will follow after seeing what happens to the resisters.

      • Severian over at Rotten Chestnuts has an interesting piece on the West and “rat utopias”. I think he is right that we are living in a rat utopia, and a lot of people, including many normies, are not uncomfortable with that. Normie will support Trump, to a point, and vote for him. But, if he must lay low, all to keep getting three squares a day and his own bunk to sleep in, it’s all ok with him.

      • Those terms that come with that juicy steak and no bad memories and a little bit of fortune will require them to turn on other people. Thats the insidious part of the exchange. Like progress itself, it demands moar. All those unconscious, passive little transactions where the sellout was downstream and out of view, some guy in some flyover town gets the bill no biggie he can learn to code, will be a thing of the past. The price of a pod in the cushy matrix is going up. Its probably a feature, but that doesn’t mean its easy or pleasant. Its a skins game after all.

    • I am terribly afraid that normie snaps when he realizes he’s cornered, that his passivity is the thin veneer of civilization he bitterly clings to. Much better to be called a racist nazi now than to have to come out like a psycho for your life. I don’t want to live in Road Warrior, you know?

    • If I could take a bullet to get him four more years I’d do it. Sure four years is just a reprieve and probably the country is doomed no matter what, but four years spread across hundreds of millions of people is millions of lifetimes. It’s absolutely a worthy and important thing just on its own terms. More consequential than anything I personally could ever dream of doing.

      Trump deserves respect for the sacrifices he made – even TRYING to stand between (((the sadistic powers that be))) and regular working white christians, even trying and FAILING. That effort alone should merit our loyalty and if we don’t recognize that we probably didn’t deserve anyone prominent taking our side anyway.

  33. Put this down on your calendar today so you can refer back to it: Trump won the election and he will prevail over his ruling class foes. Trump will be inaugurated in January.

    • While it likely won’t happen, there is an outside chance, say twenty percent, it could. Regardless, the State’s rush to steal this election via fraud has been good for us.

    • I said this down below. Trump has not conceded yet. He will eventually be declared the winner. But it’s going to come at a very heavy price. This may be the beginning of the kinetic phase of the struggle.

      • The crowdsourcing of some of this election data analysis is fascinating. How votes for Biden in contested states far outnumber the votes for the Dem senators and congresscritters, but he gets fewer votes than them in uncontested states. Trump’s ratios are consistent across the board. How overall voting swings way over any historical precedent in contested states, but not so in uncontested states. How voting patterns are completely anomalous in constested states, while they reliably hit the historical patterns in the other states. All, 100% of the anomalies, in Biden’s favor. I think if the courts entertain arguments, they may make a rather strong ruling here.

        I have also heard rumors that the real ballots are watermarked and have other invisible markers, and were printed up by the feds. If true, the evidence in court could be very interesting. Assuming that cheating didn’t first start in this election, the revelations over how much cheating has actually been going on could show a lot more than anyone knew (that is, even the historical baselines may have been skewed with cheating). Walking into court with the ability to discern “real” ballots from “fake” ballots would be a real “oh dayuum” moment.

        • This sounds good, but to me it sounds like a lot of wishful thinking. Of course I want a Trump win. But I suspect that the Feds have little to no jurisdiction on how a [corrupt] State conducts its elections.

          • Well, yes and no. The right to vote is Constitutional, to interfere with such *is* a Fed matter. So in a sense, certain laws the States make concerning election process is a local matter, but not if those laws prevent a Constitutional right.

            We used to have poll taxes and literacy tests, remember? Those were voided by the courts. That’s pretty much what these court cases are amounting to. In short, the people have a right to elect the candidate of their choice. Interference, say due to ballot stuffing, is an infringement of that right.

    • I pray you’re right, but I just don’t see it. It’s not like the fraud was some spur of the moment bright idea. They’ve been planning this for months if not years… an entire new legal framework and cover story about mail in ballots and THE DEADLY VIRUS(tm) was put in place.

      It’s not that they couldn’t be caught, but who will catch them? What judges? What outlet will report on it? Even the president is censored for so much as talking about it. A judge in michigan already ruled that although they were required to have video surveillance of drop off ballot locations THEY AREN’T REQUIRED TO SHOW ANYONE THE TAPES.

      But [marital act!] I sure hope you’re right

    • The strange thing is that the theft is so blatant but the dems are not even trying to rebut accusations of fraud and the republicans in the senate and congress who kept their jobs largely due to Trump have been curiously … silent.
      I am starting to wonder if some kind of deal was made. That would be consistent with the Uniparty view of US politics.

  34. The saddest aspect of a Biden victory is the knowledge that human trafficking will explode. Globohomo are pedophiles and depraved hedonists. Under Trump, the feds cracked down on trafficking and destroyed numerous kidnapping rings. With Biden-Harris installed, you’re going to want to keep your beautiful White children on a short leash so they do not go missing and end up as sex toys or organ donors.

  35. If this is the end of an era it is the end of the West as a demographically meaningful term. If you believe in HBD it is then the end of the West.

    Im coming more and more around to the Jim view (of Jim’s blog); democracy is dead, the republic is dead, forget about that sentimental nonsense. Now if you want to survive in politics you’d better be a Franco or a Stalin. Stalin, according to Jim, was actually a ‘moderate bolchie’ and liquidated the extremists to his left. He did this b/c otherwise they would have killed him as well as well as themselves, before they imploded or a Napoleon type figure arose. Alternatively, Stalin was a coarse Napoleon. This evaluation of Stalin will probably be misunderstood and distract from my main point which is; it’s a race to jail the opponent, or worse, before he jails you, or worse. ‘Rule of law’, that was last year. Now it’s raw Machiavellian power struggles, no holds barred.

    Here’s where Trump has the disadvantage. He is not a Stalin and he is not a Franco and he is, ironically, certainly no Hitler. He’s a bloated plastic New York burger who thinks ‘being tough’ means firing or shouting at someone. And if you pull the constitutional rug that keeps this (mostly) nonviolent, such a man is easy prey. This is an environment where the entry level position is to be at least an Al Capone. And if you wanna live long there, you’d better be a cunning, sadistic devil like Steely, not Mumbling, Joe, ie the monster from the Caucasus. But I sure hope Im wrong.

  36. It’s no surprise the generation of which Z speaks would go scorched-earth on their way out.

    It has to be seen this way: there’s a new beginning on our plate. We’ve been forced to be free, like the pernicious Frenchman said. That includes the freedom to make the best of it.

    How that takes shape is a matter of will, which is how freedom works. Get excited, get motivated, and make your will reality. Work for the Good, for everyone’s sake!

  37. All the white suburban cucks are gonna look at this and say do I go to the range today? Who does Alabama play in jogger ball this weekend? And boy my 401k is growing! And if I oppose this voter fraud will I be called a racist?
    You know all the important things.

    • I can see the need for a firearm for home defense. But in a lot of cases, buying a gun really hasn’t done much to stop globohomo. Seems like a crutch. I wonder how many expecting CW2 have any training in first aid. And I don’t mean a 3 hour online Red Cross class.

      • Training you can pick up in the field, and there will be a lot of time for such. Physical conditioning and equipment is another matter. If you’re serious about getting down and dirty if/when the flag goes up, start with yourself and get in shape. If nothing comes about, hopefully, you’ll still be ahead of the game and a lot healthier.

  38. the bench of Conservative Inc. is full of misfits and mediocrities, best suited for parody, not legitimacy

    Z your clarity of thought and powers of observation have no equal

  39. My only suprise has been how ready almost every non-leftist is to gloat, “Trump only lost votes among white men—some ‘racist!'”

    I’d expect the typical Instapundit type quasi-libertarian R voter to wonder what deadly electoral error Trump committed to make him lose *only* his base. It’s unprecedented, but it’s not hard to figure out. Trump doesn’t hate us like real politicians do, but he’s made it clear he doesn’t want to be seen with us. We’re his fat girlfriend who realized her sad position and didn’t show up for the next secret hookup.

    But they don’t wonder. Not one of them. They just want to die with a Shapiro-like gotcha on their tongues—and all such gotchas are really pleas for liberal acceptance. They’re begging for a deathbed absolution.

    I thought they were naifs. They’re not. They’re enemies, and they deserve what we’re going to get.

  40. Both the Dem and GOP establishment can’t move forward because it would mean their demise.

    The Dem party’s future is POC socialists imposing racial “equity” policies on Whites and enacting South American-style economic policies. This isn’t what Pelosi and Schumer want. They want to run 1980s America, not Brazil. They also know that they have no place in that party.

    The GOP’s future is as the Heritage White Party, a party that vehemently opposes immigration and globalism, promotes very White values, and paints the Dems as the Black Party (thus attracting Hispanics and Asians). But the CivNat National Review types could never run that party.

    The establishment is stuck. The future of both parties doesn’t include them. So, they’ll stick with the past as long as they can, but it’s ultimately futile.

    • >  and paints the Dems as the Black Party
      This framing would give you 40+ percent of Hispanics and Asians.

      • It’s Steve Sailer’s idea, and he’s right. The GOP could remain in power if they did three things:

        1. Push hard to increase White turnout. (Trump proved this works.)
        2. Paint the Dems as the Black Party, thus attracting enough Hispanics and Asians to tip the balance
        3. Stop immigration

        This plan is very doable, but the GOP simply doesn’t want to enact it.

        • The narrative frame for 1 & 2 in the near-term is simple: joggers stole the election in Milwaukee, Detroit and Philadelphia.
          This focuses the MAGA people on Biden/Harris’s illegitimacy while always keeping race in the picture.

        • So far there has not been a Rep politician smart enough to work such “proWhite” emphasis into a meaningful movement/candidacy. They inevitably touch the tar baby, “racism”. We need smarter pol’s, but smart pol’s is somewhat of an oxymoron isn’t it?

      • It’s worth a shot.

        The freak behind the 1619 Project has already tweeted that, “whiteness,” can be expanded as needed and tarred Trump-voting Latinos with that brush.

  41. Hold on. There is nobody here that would take the amount of shit that Trump has, they called his wife a whore. All of us would have turned in our keys. He is what he is but I respect him for hanging around. America no longer exists, there is no longer a reason to lock the door and turn on the porch light. Before you tell me I am an idiot – they made meth legal in Oregon on tuesday.

    • Before you tell me I am an idiot – they made meth legal in Oregon on tuesday.
      forgot about that achievement, i’m sure their decision will reduce crime rate in their state.
      i’ve gotta give it to the globalists, they bring in drugs, crime rate explodes, then they advise population to decriminalize drugs in order for violence to stop, which makes it even worse. What a cancerous elite!

    • There is nobody here that would take the amount of shit that Trump has

      You win by giving shit, not taking it. There is no constitution, the other side prints phoney votes to match the phoney money they print. Trump is too soft, too attached to ‘America, the beautiful, land of the constitution and laws’, too bound by rules to operate in the environment that was just unveiled. I’m not even saying that to berate him. I’m too damn soft for that. This is a game where only Class A psychopaths can play now. The rest of us are bunnies and better scurry off into the hills and hope they kill each other before dining on us.

      • You said it better that I did, and they may very well dine on me, but I heard bunny bites can be quite painful and sometime get infected.

        • I feel hatred for what I just saw. My brain knew they would cheat. But that last crumble of naive hope in decency and ‘rules’ and ‘the constitution’ dying, being chopped away, that’s surprisingly painful.

          • I, too, have struggled with the idea that ordinary, decent people would condone lying and cheating, if it were for the “right reasons”. “Right reasons” they blindly buy into, can’t articulate, and don’t even seem to understand. My faith in the average person is simply shot. They can’t be bothered with the simple mental exercise of looking around them, discerning right from wrong, and understanding that the wrong actions are not justified by the “right reasons”.

          • Yeah Dutch faith in my fellow American is the real casualty here. The “its okay to punch a nazi, of you disagree with me you are a nazi” was a big telegraph of the movement toward darkness in that side of the divide. Relativism’s long march. For a while I had myself convinced it was limited to the youngins, being severely indoctrinated and thus having stunted capacities toward discernment. But given that my whole state went hedlong and most of my immediate neighborhood enthusiastically so, I have to accept it is top to bottom.

            The devil despises those who enter into his deals even more than those who have the mettle to turn him away. So I guess I will allow myself to embrace my own disdain for those who would invite such evil in order to quell their badfeelz and elevate their fiat status among the prog hive.

    • A bit of an overstatement. It’s decriminalized for personal use. Which probably was the reality for a while now. Let me know when the State sets up retail meth stores, like liquor stores.

      Not that I agree with Oregon, but it seems the Libertarians have won their point after 50 years. Now if they could only get rid of welfare…

      • I guess my point was, it was hard for me to see this as a way to improve Oregon or anybody living there.

        • That is correct. The last thing we need is to toss in the towel wrt even more drug use. Everybody who “turns on, and drops out” is another parasite on the system. In short, they’ve stopped pulling the cart and climbed into the wagon.

          I know there are those who’ll argue with me. My son does all the time. But as long as we are a welfare State—and we are—those folk cost money in the long run. I’ll just leave it there for now.

      • Is it an overstatement? You can’t legalize the use without legalizing the sale. Yes there are different spots on the slippery slope–a good friend of mine used to sell pot to Kamala, now she’s likely to be president and there are indeed retail pot stores–but it’s the same slope.

        • Truth, be known—I have not investigated. However, if someone actually can cite the law specifics, I’ll listen.

          Marijuana is an exception as here they have specifics as to potency, sale, growth and the like. So they regulate the product, not just decriminalize. And at that this stuff is powerfully potent.

          However, how does one regulate meth? That stuff is concocted, chemical shit produced in all sorts of seedy manner and chemicals. Additionally, it kills you fairly quickly with steady use. Google the police arrest photos taken over the (short) lifetime of some of their addicts.

          How a State can even begin to decriminalize the sale of such is beyond me—unless it’s just a gram or so from one addict to another addict. But somewhere up the line is a large amount going to some high level distribution source—and I can’t imagine that being in a traditional storefront in the nearby strip mall as is marijuana today.

  42. The victories of the left are blinding, yet brief. On the other hand, I’ve noticed that conservatives are a lot better at building joy that endures. That is something the other side will never have.
    Think about, on a personal level, how much more stable things are on our side. How little external gratification we need in comparison to our betters to be happy and thankful.

  43. trump’s reign was anticlimatic, nothing more than a fart in the wind.
    if neocons go to iran they’ll get embarrassed, usa is a bloated organism unable to function properly, next president after biden will be an open non-white homosexual.
    At this point I’m certain nothing good will ever come out of america, it will continue its miserable existence, ruining white lives as a hobby, my only worry is for europe, I sense america meddling in the affairs of poland and hungary, some good ol’ coups, white people are cursed.

    • White folks in much of South America are doing just fine, thanks. Bueno, those of us who speak Spanish and/or Portuguese. Down here’s the final frontier for white folks, but very few can see that, more’s the pity.

    • Regarding globohomo ruining the last EU redoubts, this is definitely a concern. Ireland has gone full poz in less than a generation and I’m sure they have the same plan for everywhere else.

      I read a book of Orthodox eschatology years ago that went into Russia being the Third Rome and the last defender of the faith. Seemed like jingoism and somewhat silly to me at the time… but lately I’m wondering if maybe that was (accidentally?) right. This is pretty similar to Doestoevsky in a lot of ways and he prophetically nailed the 20th century plus the 21st before they started [ever read “Demons”? you SHOULD read “Demons”!]

      If current trends continue indefinitely (they rarely do) I could absolutely see Russia as the last bastion of Christendom and european-ness… facing off in an apocalyptic struggle with a heathen global government (with special attachment to Israel and a particular deep hatred for Christ, mind you).

      Again, I don’t really go in for that sort of thing (a bit protestant for my taste) and who knows… but eh… I dunno man. Nowadays a lot of strange things become plausible.

  44. One on the consequences of this age of affluence is that the herd has not been culled for a very long time, and a lot of stupid people who would have died young in a prior age are now living among us. And more than a few are charge of society. This deadweight inevitably becomes parasitic, grows unchecked, and ultimately takes down the host. The national debt will go exponential under a Harris Administration. If you’re banking on another round of “muddle through”, evolution has a surprise coming for you.

  45. The 2020 election was, like the 2008 and 2012 elections, decided in 1965 with the passing of the Hart-Cellar act. Yes, Trump did better with minorities and white women than expected, but if we were demographically now what we were then, it would have been such a blowout that the Deep State would have needed a convoy of dump trucks to pull off an effective ballot-stuffing effort. An amusing side bit: The leftie rag Jacobin points out that because Trump actually garnered 3 percent more GOP votes this time, that the Never Trumpers have been discredited and will be quickly ushered out of the green rooms of cable news studios where they’ve been eating free for the last four years. Presumably because they were so disastrously wrong, they’re going to be punished. Just like when they got the War in Iraq wrong… Seriously, I dislike Ocasio-Cortez less than a Mitt Romney, a George Will, or a Bill Kristol.

  46. The current age is like the elite of 1788 or 1910, not realizing that the world is entirely different while they’re crystallized in amber. The reason you bring up the early 60s is because our elite is perpetually locked in that era. To Kill A Mockingbird is always in its first release with these people. They’re always about to march from Selma to Montgomery. An elite tends to crystallize itself where the country was at its high watermark in power. The end of the show, historically, has been a bloodbath.

    • Our British cousins know this better than anyone. A generation of Victorians could not adapt fast enough to the modernization and shift into an Edwardian world. They literally watched as cars and trucks replaced horses and wagons just as today, robotic automation replaces skilled human workers.
      They tried to carry on into the ’30’s and 40’s still believing it was all just “business as usual” while their established social order shifted and their old colonies and traditional empire slowly set into the sunset.
      It’s just as true today as then; politicians made horrible decisions for the present based on a world that existed in the past.

      • I don’t know about that. I’d say the Germans were past masters at not adapting to changing times.Germans thought you could wage 19th century wars with 20th century weapons and mass mobilization which is why the Kaiser ended up in the Netherlands and the Russians in Berlin. Then you have the depression where Germany did…not great. Post WW2 and you have Germany’s golden era where foreigners set the strategic context in which they could perform. Today, Germany just cannot make the EU work because it does not appreciate the utter unimportance of Europe. Imagine believing the EU will counterbalance China!

      • Karl, you really don’t like the Anglophone countries do you?
        If not lamenting the decline of the US, you sadly critique the British. Maybe you need to remember the only reason Doucheland exists at all is that the Allies were a damn sight more humane and wise than your dessicated country.
        You can write off the “Anglo Saxons” as much as you like but that does not change the fact that Germany is done.

  47. Given the direction America had been going for the past 40-years, I’m not sure even if Trump does win, the direction can be reversed. Too much has changed culturally and socially. Even bringing back a few thousand jobs here and there will not off-set the 20-million jobs lost since 2000 or undo the 40-years of industrial decline.

    I fear America is right behind Europe; a growing older population, declining economic clout, out numbered by foreigners who are well protected by the law (or by intentional lack of enforcement) and a significant decline in Christian beliefs/values by Millennials and Gen Z. All of which are leading to a growing decline in the middle class and growing disparity between the super rich ruling elites and the plebeian class.

    Despite our differences, I would never wish bad things for America. 2020 has been a horrible year for everyone, and I do hope things will work out in the long run.

    • I’m as Christian as they come when they say this, but 98% of Christianity in the west today is not worth its salt, and an actual detriment to our survival. Sending checks to some shady missionary in Ghana while their own congregants are foreclosed on. As a matter of fact, seminarians are worse than ever. I hate the term soy boy, but that’s what’s going on there. The best thing to happen to Christianity would be its near total collapse with a later rebuild. We have to be more…barbarian in this era.

    • Trumps boorishness directly correlates to his appeal, and his effectiveness. We all get that someone less boorish could be more effective. That isn’t lost on us. Forget all that nonsense. You are a German, it should be easy for you to focus on the utilitarian aspects of this thing. Honestly, Trump is like the conservative version of a shit test, to weed out faggots and weaklings. Your insistence on politeness directly correlates with the globalist’s agenda to eliminate a certain type of male/whitemale evolutionarily. That’s what this is. Evolution. Creating perfect men who never offend anyone. How’s that working in Germany/Europe ? It only works in all European 100+ IQ societies.

  48. “The bankers will get their men back in to restart the globalism process.”
    Huh? The bankers have had their men “in” all along. How many Goldman Sachs thugs have there been in the Trumpster’s administration? You can’t get to be a major party’s nominee for president unless the bankers approve.

  49. Carter came in after Nixon, but exactly no one in Washington respected carter. Ford was in between, and IIRC he got the same treatment.

  50. I voted for Trump as a middle finger to the DC establishment and this time around they are giving the middle finger right back

  51. The angry mob of milky BLM cretins harassing residential goodwhites in PDX, “here is my Biden sign! I am on your side” certainly suggests that radicalism has served its masters and may very well be pastured. Contrast that with my fone blowing up with texts from civnats and normies waking from a 401k dream to the realization that their sacred scantron didn’t save the empire.

    So many charts and memes and sternly worded op-eds. Suddenly everyone is a former specop sitting by his ham waiting for the call. But the enemy is where exactly? Meanwhile lawercunts lawyering away as two dead men walking pass in the night.

    A takeaway worth noting, that I add to the barrage of texts, is that still in the jaws of corruption and inevitable defeat, the GOP has the ink to celebrate how non-racist they are because Trump lost the white male vote but gained a couple of basis points in the brown stack. Take that media narrative!

    So I ask my pale stale male brothers who are now in the purgatory of ammo stacks and post-partum vote rocking, what are you gonna do about it?

    • Now that he was reelected and Biden was installed, for the first time ever Wheeler called the Oregon National Guard into Portland last night.

      You can bet they want to wrap up the rioting and lockdowns now that the fix is in. They might not be totally successful in quieting things down, but they did a good job wrapping up BLM the last time it finished serving their purposes.

    • Well….Here is what I’m going to do about it. I noticed that upright freezers are now finally available an in stock at Home Depot, so I’m going to buy one. I also noted that the Walking Woke have not yet confounded supply lines or have they threatened to terrorize my local supermarket, so I’m gonna stock that freezer just in case. Then I’ll sit back and enjoy the holidays and the show. I still support Trump and I’m delighted that he has filed lawsuits and that he is fighting voting results . I still believe Trump is the right guy at the right time no matter his shortcomings. Even if Trump loses the suits and subsequently the election, the further revelation of the corrupt judiciary will be on full display. One of my favorite Judges Emmet Sullivan has already inserted himself into the fray barking orders at the USPS. It is good to know where one stands.

      • Nice. Well Im gonna one-up ya and skip the freezer and just buy home depot stock and watch it grow. Its like my boomer buddies always tell me, “ya shoulda bought a house 30 years ago like I did and by now you’d own it outright!” Well lesson learned. Godspeed. Costco has great meat I hear.

        • You could have paid off that 30 year mortgage just in time for Joe Biden to fill your neighborhood with Section 8 Somalians.

  52. Building off of both yesterday’s and today’s essays, one thing to keep in mind is that the ruling class, the people trying to pull this off, are very incompetent and careless, which will end this era for them and sow their own destruction.

    For example, a Daley machine would have done a far better job covering its tracks than what we are seeing today. Lists of people voting in Michigan all born on 1/1/1900 is the perfect example. Any level of competence would have made these birthdates at least believable and randomized. Instead, the people doing this just carelessly left the default in there. Egregiously dropping 100k+ ballots, all for Biden, overnight in WI and MI is also rather careless. Perhaps they are arrogant enough to just shove this in our face and make us swallow it, but I lean more towards incompetence.

    To add to this, the ruling class is trusting execution of this plan to a bunch of 80 IQ kneegrows in Philly, Detroit, and Atlanta, who barely have the skills to “count” votes, let alone do much of anything else. I suspect they won’t ensure all loose ends are tied up.

    Ultimately, this is the ruling class fully delegitimizing themselves through their incompetence, arrogance, and insularity. This will cause their downfall at the end of this era, and require them to be replaced. Hell, their incompetence and arrogance will lead to their own destruction – but they may take all of us down with them.

    • They cultural preparation for a stolen election has been going on all year. And yet the smash-and-grab obviousness of it has literally stunned a lot of people, on both sides.

    • Many people believe the Empire loses wars on purpose and the seeming incompetence of the “intelligence services” is a ruse. No. These people cannot win the wars they start and cannot gather intelligence successfully. The hamhanded fuckery we are now witnessing domestically is the same as that these types do abroad. Again, a crushing, humiliating military defeat is in the near future.

      • Yes, and additionally there always comes a point where expansion becomes overextension, and it doesn’t matter how smart the leaders are. The federal debt is a case in point: they either have to destroy the dollar, the economy, or their credibility to deal with the debt. No matter how smart or dumb the people in charge are, these are the only inevitable choices.

      • The point of the endless wars is not to win them. The point is to use up missile inventory so that Lockheed, Raytheon and the rest can sell new ordnance.

  53. the New Left spent their last bit of fervor ejecting Nixon from Washington, our woke crazies of this age have spent themselves now. Their reason to exist is about to leave town.

    I hope so. But for the wokists, reality is always a source of new outrages and injustices.

  54. Excellent analogy to those times, and exceptions. Here’s another exception for today: There’s no Reagan waiting in the wings. From the time of his speech at the 1976 convention, conservatives rallied only to him through the dark Carter Years. When he won in 1980, even liberals accepted him as a necessary check on Soviet expansionism. Those aiming to run in 2024 only are clowns.

    • Liberals back then were of a different breed. I swear I’ve run across some names of screeching harpies who were nearly Cold War hawks back in the day.

    • Kristi Noem in SD seems okay, but the media will hammer her Beer Flu response and paint her as a flyover rube.

    • Let’s hope there’s no Reagan. If you look critically at Reagan’s policies, his positions would have been a clone of John McCain, who came into office in 1980 as a solid Reaganite. The last thing we need is another actor in a dog shit brown suit selling the country down the river as he projected patriotism. Instead of Reagan, let’s have something different.

  55. The dawning of the age of Jonquarius.

    Z Man comes up with some great lines, but this is one of the best ever.

  56. A pretty apt comparison though. It reminds me of Matt Groening’s weird hangup with Nixon, especially in Futurama where most of the viewers (myself included) were born after Nixon left office. And likewise, if Groening was put on the rack he’d be hard pressed to name one thing that they actually hated about the man’s policies.

    Also, it’s a little bit of a cope, but it’s a testament to Trump’s governmental incompetence that he’s getting played out of the job that is, nominally, given authority to control such a situation.

  57. You could have left a little room for the possibility of a fight to the finish on this as it is still going on.

    Most here are very aware where we are going and where we were always headed to. That’s the reason to join this part of the dissident movement. America and the rest of the West is toast for now until something we all generate brings back the good. That involves culture and morality.

    The hard part that really hurt me is seeing my wife who, being the based Polish American she is, so broken by the corruption and thievery on display here. She really believed good people would vote the right way and that the poll results would reflect that. She never cared about politics until Trump 2016 and now I hate those that did this and defend this coup. I’m a jaded person who came by it honestly but all those awakened “I voted” people are now never going to care.

    • Same with wife here. She was enthusiastic Trump supporter. Even took part in a Sunday 1000 car rally.

      Election night, she stayed up until the States stopped counting and TV went off the air. I had to shut things down while she slept on the couch. Next morning, before I got up, she was back at it. But something was different, she was broken, agitated. Seems she went to bed and Trump was winning all those close races, the poll counting stopped and she fell asleep, and when she woke up, Trump was losing. WTF.

      Still have not been able to get her quite back to normal, but as with any tragic and unexpected death in the family, time heals. She is now coming to the realization the system is irretrievably corrupt. I could not do this, would not do this, but the Dem machine did. Fuck them.

    • Your wife is Polish? What on earth are you still doing here? You have citizenship in a real nation at your fingertips!

  58. With the inevitable decline of Biden, do you think it’s possible they will try to get Kamala Harris elected ‘legitimately’ in 2024? That’d be unbearable.

    • Of course they will.

      An incumbent President has huge inherent advantages.

      Willie Brown’s mattress will also have the entire Left establishment on her side.

    • The Biden/Harris Administration will grant blanket administrative amnesty to illegal aliens, increase legal immigration and provide a fast track to citizenship for residents; Add that to the “natural” demographic changes and the reapportionment that the 2020 census will result in, and a “legitimate” Harris election in 2024 seems highly likely. It will be the end of the GOP.

      • No matter what, 2020 was the last election. The demographics and shenanigans guaranteed it. Now, it is certain. Just like California, the national GOP will wither and become nothing more than an ornament. At some point in a decade or so, the Democrat primary will move to a national plebiscite and that will be the real election.

        • I would argue 2012 was, and the assumption had been made in 2016 they didn’t have to steal the election. They are doing this in broad daylight because they know there will be no consequences and their controlled opposition approves of it.

        • Yep. I was wondering when the demographics would cement the WH for the Dems, but the voter fraud this time around has made that a mute point.

          The WH, the Supreme Court and the national intelligence/law enforcement agencies are now (or will be in time with the SC) controlled by the Dems.

          In surface fight now turns to the Dem establishment against their more rowdy POC minions, which will play out in future primaries.

          The below-the-surface fight is our purview.

        • My CA town in once reliably red Orange County has elected a SJW city council and mayor and re-elected the democrat single-mother to congress first elected in 2018. I knew there were a lot of shots on goal, but I didn’t expect this for another 5 years. Over the past 15 years, the population nearly doubled to 300,000, many of them renters because real estate is so expensive. While violent crime is still almost unheard of, there is a noticeable increase in traffic, graffiti, litter and property crime.
          The SJWs are keen to increase affordable housing.

          • It really is a shame what happened to Cali as a whole. You should’ve seen in the 60s and 70s, man. I mean, things were already starting to go downhill, but it wasn’t yet the quasi-Mexican/Chink colony it is today.

        • Eisenhower and Nixon tried pandering black with race-integration
          Majority black vote to Democratic party where Burn looting murder white people were granted
          Reagan and McCain tried Pandering plebs from Mayan society, but Majority Latino vote for Democratic party so they can join the looting operation
          Because Latinos and black knew white people are ethnic alien to them

          Everyone knows how Trump tries to pander brown people so hard with jobs and free jail card
          Laura Ingraham and Rest of Pimp and whore GOP talking about Universal Latino party
          They will realize next election that looting white people are more popular slogan than Big corporate bandwagon

    • You jest. There may never be another “legitimate election” in our lifetime in this country.

      Look into the Enabling Act of 1933 and tell me how it is different than what the governors have pulled in this country.

      I’ll wait.

    • Want some more black pill?

      If Harris only serves <2 years as President after succeeding a retiring Biden, she’s eligible to run for 2 full terms in her own right.

      10 years of President Kamala Harris. We may as well just ask Google what to do about everything, because Sundar Pichai will be the puppet master.

      • If they are going to be in charge, I want their figurehead puppet to be the most stupid, inarticulate, bubble-headed dipshit they can find. After Biden, she will likely fill the bill rather nicely. I don’t really want their inane malevolent junta headed by anyone obviously competent or sane.

        • They can’t be too stupid. Which is why nearly all the negroes that make it to the top levels in the federal government are not pure negroes. Jarret, Obama, Rice, Harris, Powell etc.

      • I am one of the rare birds who think they will take her out

        For one, she’s a nobody. Like Clinton and Nixon, each coming essentially from nothing, no family connections, they will try to throw her out. Trump is a nobody too but he had lots of money and loyal followers that made getting rid of him more hairy. Yes, the ((())) came to save Clinton and his wife, but came at the cost of eternal deference, and her kid had to marry one lol.

        one of Kamala’s sleazy little side deals she makes will be the pretext to get rid of her. She knows it too, which is why she has been so obedient and toeing the line. But no way she can control herself when she’s in power. They don’t want some cheap slut like her getting too full of herself. Can’t have that. She will the ruin of them if they let her go.

  59. A number of good things have come out of the Trump years so far, but one of the best is the utter discrediting of Conservatism, Inc. If shills like Andy McCarthy and Jonah Goldberg and David French are forced to get real jobs, it will all have been worth it.

    • One of the BEST things to come out of what Trump’s ascendance revealed was close to home for me. When the military came whistling around for my two sons, born a year apart and very qualified …. I made sure to counsel them NO.

      This also led to THEM becoming aware, and making their friends aware.

      I have civ nat normie relatives that spend a lot of time on socialist media bragging about their “Marines” with plenty of photos of snazzy uniforms and ceremonies mommy and daddy civ nat normie get to attend.

      Thanks to the awareness created by Donald J. Trump – MY SONS will never stare up at me from a bed in Walter Reed, legless and armless, with a searching look in their eyes asking me “why, Dad. Why?”

      Prior to the Trump era, and what it revealed, I was a civ nat “patriot”, football game flyovers and all.

      No more.

      • In truth, this is a valuable triumph. Good on you, and I know many like you, including multi-generational military families. The CivNats will get all hot and bothered when the State starts beating the war drums, but the people they expect to send their children as human sacrifices will be declining the invitation.

        • sure as shit hope so

          I can’t wait for Kamala starting a war and thinking a bunch of southern white boys will be just lining up

          Let the poc die for this place. They say how much they want it, so have at it

          Be a hero. Go die for diversity

          Silver lining will be 90% of illegals run home unwilling to die

          • “Be a hero. Go die for diversity”

            Or as that conservative hero Charlie Kirk puts it when he sees a rainbow flag, “our values…”

          • I made a late night run to a greasy fast food chicken restaurant lately (I know its bad)

            There was a large group of Arab yoofs there and some Indians. There was some kind of conflict about wearing masks, the Indians were complaining the arabs didnt have masks on.

            The Indians kept looking at me, cant you step in and do something! Neutral arbiter! I just smiled and looked away. Let the savages fight the savages I’ll focus on my own people.

          • I told a black friend the other day, point blank, the time for me worrying about your people, those days are over friend. Sure, I care about YOU, but that’s a personal relationship. He understood what I meant perfectly and that was that. I am sure he was a little upset, but everyone knows we are in a new era.

          • I’ve gone back and forth with affirmative action, black violence, black incompetence over the years, but I am finished with them. They have to WIN my respect now, and I wont be holding my breath

          • It’s interesting you raise this. I’ve experienced it in a corporate engineering environment back in the 90’s. The non-whites always turned their heads in synchronization at me once rancorous disputes erupted between two or more ethnic groups. As if I, a junior, was the father figure in the room. It happened several times, and I had forgotten about it.

        • And mine was/is one of those families, including my father.

          I see whom they are advertising the military to, new National Guard ad appeals to black single mothers. All about “education”.

          I will say, that what I have seen from African American females on airplanes and so on- they may be better at the hand to hand combat in the trenches ringing Tehran in the American Stalingrad than anyone thought. So the military brass may be on to something here.

          Just won’t be my boys. Even if they institute a draft.

      • One of life’s regrets is that I never got the chance to sit with any of the new inductees flying into Fort Jackson and try to talk him out of going through with it.
        In order to support the troops, you have to take them off the pedestal so there is no social praise for enlisting.

      • It was a cold feeling on a hot day by the Potomac when I realized that if I signed the slip and marched past the stand on the grinder, I signed my life away to those who hate me. One of the self-administered red pills that led me here. We must spread that one far and wide, it’s a non-refundable one-way ticket once you take it, and the people driving the train hate your guts and want you dead.

      • 100% this. Giving any sacrifice, especially life & limb, for people who utterly despise and want to erase you is a fool’s errand of the highest order.

        Let Tyrone, Shaniqua, Becky, Pajeet, Julio, and Rosalita go fight Persians & Chinese. I’m sure their Diversity Strength will easily crush such homogeneous armies. Spread the word & Let it burn…

        • “Spread the word & Let it burn…”

          From what I see, the word is already getting out there. Plus, those that once might sign up are needed to do the jobs that keep the lights on.

          Indeed, the POC vs. China/Iran war might be in the future.

        • I was in the Army when we sent 500 K troops to Saudi Arabia to defend our natural ally Kuwait. Although I joined them in the fun, before I deployed I spent my days in large part seeing national guard and reserves ‘soldiers’ who’d been called up for service and were trying to get out of it on pseudo-medical grounds. My usual approach was to listen to their story, examine them, and then ask them if they’d been cashing their monthly checks for military service. That was a lot of fun when it was a full colonel sitting there at my mercy.
          But I’m trying to imagine when that cohort of single black moms comes through to get out of their duty in the next war. “I’m the only one to visit my boys in juvey.”

          • One of my coworkers in an Army tech field (mid-1980s) was a skinny no-nonsense black single mom from NJ, mid-20s, who had the AA or whatever jump qualification on her BDUs. She must have reclassified because my MOS did not normally jump out of aircraft 😀

      • Your post reminds me of my own upbringing, where even though i hungered for some masculine meaning to life, and in a better world, would have gladly enlisted, i saw through the absurdity of the Neo-con forever wars even as a teen, because my parents were ‘woke’ unpatriotic Christians. In hindsight, i wish I had used the military to hone myself. I hope your kids don’t repeat my story.

  60. I have followed the last 2 days with The Band playing The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down as the soundtrack on repeat. The version from The Last Waltz of course

    • The first song that came to my mind was, “Is That All There Is” by Peggy Lee. As in, is that all there is to a communist insurrection…

        • “If that’s all there is …. let’s break out the booze and have … a ball. If that’s all. There is.”

          I am pulling for DJT. If the leftists end up with what they want, they’ll pull each other apart like they rip infants to shreds for parts to sell.

      • Also “Burn Georgia, Burn” by Alabama

        I think it’s a song about Gone with the Wind? But either way, you can’t get the words “Burn Georgia, burn” out of your head.

        • Song, song of the South
          Sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth
          Gone, gone with the wind
          There ain’t nobody looking back again

  61. So it’s true: you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

    On a serious note, while these times are analogous to the Nixon administration, it’s important to note that while the Dems are running the same playbook as before, Trump seems to have come up with new one. Much like a football team that rolls out an old game script against an opponent they’ve previously beaten, they will probably be surprised to discover that their opponent has changed from the losing tactics used before. A repeat of the Carter administration is not assured.

    • I just hope the murder turtle has the balls to resist from the Senate. He sure showed some with the last two Supreme Court maneuvers.

      • I will be pleasantly surprised if any good comes from Kavenaugh or ACB. Trump has been awful on personnel selection.

  62. It’s gonna be cool to see Biden strolling to the podium for the state of the union with a walker or a cane. Maybe he can do the full FDR and have Kamala carry him on her back?
    What a clown show.

    • Thanks for the visual Mr Giddy. ls SNL talented enough to be able to satarize to the reality of Joe Biden as president? Will they hide him like he was hidden in the campaign? Will they use a body-double until the expiration date has been reached? How long can the real joe’s body put up with the chemicals they have been pumping into him to keep him “presidential.” The last sentence of Zman post is just perfect.

      • SNL is certainly talented enough but will they cut diwn one of their own? At least Alec Baldwin will be out of a job.

  63. For arguments’ sake, let us accept that Trump is done.
    Unless the incoming Biden Administration makes it very clear that they will preserve tradition and protect the outgoing president from any form of retribution……we have a real situation on our hands.

    • They will threaten Trump’s kids and that will force Trump to remain silent. If that does not work, they have the Epstein solution.

      • Part of me wonders if this isn’t exactly what happened when Trump beat Hillary. A behind-the-scenes agreement not to prosecute that extended to any and all of her enablers in the “deep state.”

        Makes me think this is exactly the kind of posturing going on right now. Contest the election until Trump’s certain he and his kids will be free from kangaroo court trials.

      • I’m not sure that “Trump” and “Biden” aren’t simply representatives of two factions of jews. Same general objective, different tactics. Kind of like Likud and Labour.

      • I think that’s the right ballpark for how the left does politics now, probably has been for a while while we’re slow learners.

      • There’s a (slim) possibility that he’ll just say fuck it. Dude is old and going to die soon, obviously has a big ego. So how does he want to go down? Late 70s is a great age to rip the cord from the wall.
        Not to say that I think this will happen. With Trump, nothing ever happens.

        • If Trump does any one thing on the way out, he had better pardon Kyle Rittenhouse. If he doesn’t do that, I lose all respect for the man.

          • Trump can pardon federal offenses. St. Kyle will be tried for state crimes. Trump’s only influence is to investigate Wisconsin officials for violations of federal laws and pressure them into a pre-trial release or gubernatorial commutation or pardon. With a D governor, Kyle is in a bad place.

          • Trump has no authority to issue pardons for State crimes. That’s the prerogative of the State governor. Last I heard, Rittenhouse was charged with State crimes.

          • As long as we’re being jail house lawyers here, may I ask: Doesn’t a person have to be convicted before he could be pardoned?

          • The answer is no…look up Richard Nixon.

            “Jail House Lawyer” is a pretty tired old quip. Folks have simply cited what should be common knowledge to most everyone here. But as with COVID developments, there are some who never bother to learn.

        • When I look in his eyes, it’s a man who will fight to the end. At one point he might have given in but I don’t believe he’s afraid of death and I do personally believe that Trump has found God, regardless of his earlier personal life. He’s come face to face with unspeakable evil in the globalist elites.

          • Totally agree.

            I think Trump is fearless because he believes he’s been called by a higher power. I think it’s why he waited so late in life to run for President.

            I look at him and I see a man who will win or die trying.

          • I mean the man is a billionaire, banged dozens of top models, has 5 kids, and over a dozen grandkids and counting. Oh yeah and he’s POTUS.

            Don’t see why he’d be afraid of dying tbh. Hes not a filthy degenerate pedo like the rest of the elites, hes pretty clean, so he doesn’t have to fear hell.

            Go don, give em hell

      • Trump’s most admirable trait is that he really loves his family. It wouldn’t surprise me if that “solution” has not already been employed. A recent article by a guy who got the unredacted Epstein “little black book” off the dark web called every number in the book. Some of them were dead numbers. Some people hung up on him. Surprisingly some people were willing to talk to him. Some numbers had no names associated with them. When he called one of them it went to Melania’s personal phone.

  64. I’m counting China as the biggest winner here. China owns Biden. He is so compromised that the Chinese essentially have the golden ticket to disregard American positions and interests. Look for China to make significant moves on Taiwan during the Biden administration. The US will bark, but we’ll do nothing.

    • Honestly, China can have Asia. I don’t care. The Russians can have Europe. Don’t care about that either. Iran can and probably should nuke Israel. Don’t care about that either. I’m not chasing those sticks.

          • Why not? Not minding our own business got us in this mess. African slaves, foreign entanglements, mass immigration, etc. It WOULD be a luxury to be more inward-looking for a while.

      • Yes. And all these countries have big problems of their own. Big countries have big problems. We’re terrified of minding our own business and taking care of our own problems.

        • We’re terrified of minding our own business and taking care of our own problems.

          That’s the stuff. Many a wokist would have been stifled if they’d just thought along these lines. Works for a country, works for a person.

      • Yeah, I can’t understand people’s obsession (even around here) with China and Russia.

        Are the Chinese going to put blacks down the street from me?

        Are the Russians going to force me to admit my White privilege in order to keep my job?

        Are Iranians going to flood my land with 3rd world trash?

        • This is one of many reasons the civic nationalist right always fails.

          The GOP always leads Big Truck guy astray so he’s distracted with “CCP out of Americuh!” instead of paying attention to what his daughter is doing in college, why his church is moving in the Somalians down the block, which “nonprofit” is making him take CRT at work, which corporation is pushing Oxycontin on him, and who is pushing for war—and the resulting refugees—with Iran.

        • No but China will normalize and mainstream a shoddy work product. That’s what pisses me off about China to no end. They have no SHAME about making cheap crap that breaks in a few weeks. I can’t stand them

          • So buy American. Or European if you prefer. Quality products are always for sale, just not always in the bargain stores.

          • Or buy less, a lot less!

            Hunters, get those gatherers and their instincts under control.

            -“Honey, we’re suffocating, we need more room. How can you and the girls help get us there”

            -“Hey honey, instead of shopping, let’s go see the balloon parade”

            “I got the u-haul, we can drop off all the goodwill stuff and the rest to the dump so we never have to mess with it again”

            “Write it down on the list, the maybe later list”

          • The Chinese are good at getting their shit into the supply chain using fake branding. Made in America means Probably Made in America these days. The Chinese degrade the quality of everything this way in the same way counterfeit undermines currency.

          • Ditto, The Chinese are evil, dog eating heathens. I ‘hate’ them racially, personally, even if I like them better than joggers, Puerto Rican’s, and white liberals. Like the Muslims, they have a lot of pro masculine world views, and I will ally with them in 4d chess, but they are disgusting heathens when it comes down to it. They make me throw up in my mouth, as a nation.

        • Every time some normiecon starts railing about what China is doing to the Uighurs, I tell them, “I don’t care about the Uighurs. I don’t know any. They’re half a world away. What I do know is that at the current pace, in a 100 years, China will still be China and full of Chinese, but the US as we know it will be gone and in its place will be some shitty country run by brown people and the descendants of the founders will be a despised minority. Worry about what’s happening here, not there.”

          • The treatment of the Uighurs and the Social Credit System to tyrannize people in China is cited by a model by the Super Woke, Anti-Fa, Soros, Robert Reich, Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Chucky Schemer for what they can do to you.

          • All we have do do then is not be China, not let China own us and have an enormous trade deficit with us, not meddle in China.

        • China wishes to be the only maker of things. China is your enemy as it wants to construct its own East Asia Co Prosperity Sphere and reduce all other places to colonial status with no other industrial power existing on the planet. They are quite clear on this.
          China is objectively bad for us as the camps for the Uighurs are cited as a model by people who will be running things in a few months. Like Robert Reich. China gives people unhealthy ideas like the social credit system. Communist Tyranny? There’s an app for that!
          Putin is positioned to be the Good Savior Emperor of Europe, inheritor of Charlemagne and Napoleon and Caesar Augustus and Santa Claus (who conquered the Martians). Shrug. However to get there they are partnering with Iran to put the monopoly play on oil and gas. So yes the Saudis and such like are horrible people. But they keep my gas at below $5 a gallon, mostly.

          • Putin should announce an amnesty for conservative Christian whites fleeing persecution following a coup. Would make liberal heads explode and I think there’s a few that would take him up on it.

      • Except for immigration, I appreciated then-candidate Trump’s line about “Why are we still in NATO when the USSR collapsed 25 years ago?” more than any other policy position.

        It’s infantalized Europe and made them incredibly weak, feminized, and unserious. I don’t want the US to go to war for them now, and I sure won’t want the US to go to war for them in 30 years when they’re just another Muslim sheet-hole conglomeration of ex-nations.

        • Why are we defending Europe’s borders when Europe is allowing unchecked immigration while at the same time we are not defending our own borders against similar unchecked immigration?

          • The causality is the other way around. There would be no unchecked immigration to Europe if it weren’t for US/NATO presence on the continent.

          • Why are we defending Europe’s borders when Europe…
            cause israelites hate russia, they want it surrounded by enemies and they want to stop russians from influencing european politics.

        • America and Europe have a weird and very unhealthy symbiosis. American Leftist look at Europe’s socialism and try to adopt it here. They take ideas like socialized medicine and apply them to the US without taking race, ethnicity, or the huge influence of the pharma industry into account. Then you end up with disasters like Obamacare. At the same time, European globalists open their borders like America did thinking they’ll get access to cheap labor. This didn’t exactly work well here where we got millions of unskilled Latin peasants, drugs, and AOC. When they do this same trick, they get Jihaddis from the ME and rapey Africans. It’s a transcontinental cross-fertilization of bad ideas that produces hybrids with the worst possible traits of both parents.

        • Western Europe (except France) is under de facto US military occupation. If you want to allow us to defend ourselves (like France does), we’re going to need nukes. (Like France). Lots of them.

          Is that a price you’re willing to pay for not “defending” Europe?

          For the monies Denmark send to the US military-industrial complex, we could field a handful of subs with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and we’d be inviolate from any attack.

          If you ask me, I prefer the old, non-proliferation world order, even if it means having to rely on the US nuclear umbrella and listen to Americans go on about how they “saved” us two times, and how they’re paying for the “protection” of Europe against whatever.

          All things said, I’d rather be ruled from Washington than from Moscow.

          • Nukes are more trouble than they are worth. If you think you can blow up, say Russian cities, because they had a division roll over your border, then you’ve simply signed a suicide pact. The numbers will never work out in your favor.

            But I like the idea of US leaving Europe.

          • <i>you’ve simply signed a suicide pact.</i>

            That’s how a nuclear deterrent work. It’s not about winning, it’s about making sure the other guy loses as well.

      • You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

        Question is, are we prepared to live with China on both our Northern and Southern borders?

          • Suddenly, lots of people seem to think living in a CCP vassal state would be great while denying how much they are meddling via the Dems.

            Totally bizarre.

          • Maybe one of the thousands of chinks attending grad school here at the uni can teach me? Or perhaps one of the millions who own real estate here? Or work in our labs? Maybe the hundreds of thousands who purchased residency totally legally by investing in a “corporation”… get a grip cowboy. There is a war afoot alright but its nothing like when Hitler bombed pearl harbor.

        • Just stop. Stop with the China fetish. Or stop astroturfing and gaslighting the right, whichever the case may be.

        • “No borders, no walls, no USA at all!” – Antifa
          “No borders, no walls, no USA at all!” – Apple, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Walmart, Google, Sony, JP Morgan Chase, Boeing, Northrop-Grumman, Twitter, Uber, Nestle, Mondelez International, Heinz, Shell, BP, Ford…

          China has never sung the false song of globalism. They meddle, but they’re not the real problem.

          • Chinese communism, like Vietnamese communism, is nationalist. It always was. If our communism was nationalist like theirs, I would support it over globalism. Alas, our communism is of the anti-white judeo-internationalist variety.

            It might not stay that way, though. When Republican-flavored globalists have purged civnat Trumpists from the Republican Party, it will cease to be a contender for power in country-level institutions. The real elections will be Democratic Party primaries, with communists constantly attempting to dethrone the Democrat-flavored globalists. The communists WILL notice the game eventually, and their movement will change.

        • Why not? China already has a big Fifth Column in D.C. The PRC at our southern border is the least of our concerns. Want to break apart social media? Let China outright buy the platforms and steal their intellectual property.

      • Totally agreed. It is time to laugh at military adventurism and, if bored, join with the Left when they riot over wars.

        • What gets me is the remarkable pattern:
          We use our military to “liberate” a country.
          The military gets bogged down in an indecisive war or burdensome occupation.
          We spend billions to rebuild the “liberated” country.
          We end up leaving with our tail between our legs.
          We end up taking in half the population of the liberated country because their lives are in danger for collaborating with us.
          The conservatives bitch about the politicians “tying the hands of the generals”, “all the foreigners here” and how “ungrateful” the liberated country is.
          We later learn that the reason for the intervention was bogus and that we have been lied to all along.
          Rinse and repeat.

          • All true. The Neoliberal Elite is about to overreach and start a proxy war, perhaps with Russia and/or Iran, and lose in a crushing and humiliating way. This will mark the beginning of their rapid decline. I will laugh my ass off if Hungary and/or Poland realize where it is going and decide to either exit NATO or, more likely, become friendlier

      • Don’t care about Asia either. But the question is once China gets Asia, will they stop there?

        To some extent, we are part of their Ponzi scheme. They need us to buy their crap for now. But, once the Yuan becomes the world reserve currency, then what? Will they simply lose interest in us? Hope so.

        • Will they simply lose interest in us? 

          China will never lose interest in the U.S., with our fabulous rivers, ports, agricultural and mining resources. But if you mean lose interest in us people, yes, we’ll be Uighered.

          • China has a muli-millenium history of not giving a fuck about anything outside it’s immediate borders.

          • That is not even remotely true. The Tibetans would beg to differ. So would the Indians, the Vietnamese, the Cambodians, the Burmese, and much of Central Asia. Until the Great Khans broke the Song, much of Central Asia was under Chinese not Muslim Control.
            And explicitly, China has said over and over again that North America is its lebensraum. The place to be cleared of its people (that means you) and settled with Chinese. The same old dream of Adolf and why WWII started in the first place in Europe (Japan started it in Manchuria in 1936 for the same reason).
            I have long suspected Soros of being the funnel for China’s money. The cats paw to disable its only rival with a non stop Woke Cultural Revolution

          • Lebensraum? North America?

            Might consult a map again. Russian Siberia is China’s expansion space. They border it. Their population is massive against a sparse Russian population settlement. There are immense riches right next door for the taking—certainly no more difficult an enterprise as expanding into the lower 48.

      • When Kamala opens the immigration floodgates again, and since there won’t be any stopping it, I’ll be rooting for boatloads of White South African expats. Imagine the optics.

      • A problem is that Biden-Harris will encourage ten million excess chinamen to relocate here. I’ve had plenty of dealings with them, enough to vehemently want them not to come over. Essentially we’ll import the invading army that eventually will come after Whites.

        • Nonsense. How about worrying about the tens of millions of Hispanics, Africans and Arabians/Indians that are already here before fretting over any hypothetical dump of Chinamen?

          Except for Tibet and Xinjiang, China is one of the few self-confident ethnicities that doesn’t seek world hegemony through population replacement. Remember when Jews in Ireland proposed importing the whole of Hong Kong into Ireland to “save” the Cantonese? China snidely asked them if it would be wise importing 7 million Cantonese into a nation of only 5 million Irishmen, and if said Jews had even asked the Irish permission first.

          China herself isn’t interested in a demographic flood of the US. Rather, Biden-Harris’s (((handlers))) are. And those same handlers had Trump on their leash too.

      • Do you like driving? Do you like the ability to not live in Lagos West? Iran’s play is not just nuke Israel. Its to be the only player besides Russia for oil and gas. Biden promises to end fracking and tax oil and gas to oblivion to save the planet. Make his twenty something staffers happy.
        There is zero possibility of the industrial world running on unicorn farts and rainbows. Iran matters because of oil. Cheap oil makes “social distancing” from vibrancy possible. Sky high oil makes D’Quanishakwaaaaaa your neighbor.

    • Good

      Who the hell cares about China and Taiwan

      It’s the war with Iran that you should focus on

      • Taiwan’s semiconductor and electronics industry is hugely valuable.

        Losing it completely to China would be a blow to the West.

          • As I understand it, some of the precious metals needed for modern electronics are extremely damaging to the environment when extracted.

            We’ve off shored the pollution costs to China and Africa. To do it here would be possible, but much more expensive.

          • Not at all, but off shoring pollution has had real benefits.

            If we do all that mineral extraction in an “eco-friendly” way it might mean a new smart phone costs $2000 instead of $800, the pentagon’s new toys would be exponentially higher.

            Personally happy to see China befoul it’s own nest to provide this stuff cheap to the US. But that obviously has huge potential downsides.

          • Yes, and even recycling is off-shored to Africa for same reasons. I’m too lazy to look up the cite, but several years ago, it was actually a recycling business to grind up obsolete cell phones or other electronics and refine the gold and other metals out of them.

          • So you want continents of planet earth literally poisoned so you can get cheap i-phones?

            How about to hell with China and its irresponsible destruction of a big slice of the one and only glorious creation we’ll ever have. How about buy less crap, have american workers earn a family supporting living, and we can develop an authentic culture not mediated by corporate marketing

          • ”I” don’t. I use a land line at home (vastly better sound quality) a flip phone for work, and a busted up cracked screen iPad for browsing. I use an atlas to navigate in the manual transmission 1997 car and haven’t gotten a new tv for at least a decade. Ebooks (alterable and deleteable by big tech without warning) disgust me

            .This is not, however, the direction most Americans are willing to go. Americans love electronic gadgets, and they want them “cheap”.

        • Their facilities will be obsolete in a few years. For all their intelligence, the Chinese really don’t innovate. Their spacecraft are Russian derivatives. Without transfers/theft from the West, they really produce nothing new.

        • Nonsense. China would not destroy billion dollar Fabs. Nor would they stop selling us our finished goods. I don’t care what the do in asia. Not minding our own business got us in Afghanistan defending pederasts for two decades.

          • It’s about having the fabs in your physical territory for complete control, not destroying them.

            A Harris administration will cede Taiwan to the CCP as a thanks for their assist.

        • I would think the US could pull a Saddam Hussein trick and simply bomb the Taiwanese fabs if it looked like they could not be saved from advancing Chinese forces.

      • The United States’ utter, humiliating defeat in a war against Iran would be such a wonderful moment.

        • Yes I can see that, but while it clearly has a silver lining I hate seeing so many dead Americans, I think it’s coming too

          War with Iran is what (((they))) want

          • I think Trump’s getting Arab nations to recognize Israel is part of building a coalition of the willing for a military strike on Iran. If Biden gets in, there will be a half-hearted effort to revive the Iran nuclear agreement but it will be made unpalatable to the Iranians. Biden has been a lifelong suck up to Israel as much as Trump.

          • It’s about giving control of the Hormuz and the former Anglo-Persian fields and offshore to Eretz Ysrael, and away from our White brothers up north- so China can take Khazakstan.


          • I think Trump’s getting Arab nations to recognize Israel is part of building a coalition of the willing for a military strike on Iran.
            lucky for iran, saudi arabia(closest arab ally of united states of israel) is surrounded by shia muslims who hate israel, sunni muslims and america, those muslims identify themselves with iranians, when america attacks iran they’ll ignite a shitshow beyond irak invasion disaster.
            the second problem israel-america will have is turkey, who are proven traitors, they don’t give a fuck about globalist agenda, but America needs them if they wish to assault iran.
            the third problem for israel owned america is that iran is militarily allied with russia and china.
            fourth problem is american military being a mess.
            Point being usa is destined to lose the war with iran, this won’t stop them from starting it though.

          • Well, if Our People are paying attention, then hopefully the cannon fodder of the next war in 2025 or so will no longer be Heritage but the new, improved version of paper-americans. If the Army of Diversity gets sent into the field to fight our Imperial Waterloo Part Deux, it’s win-win for our nation. We should all be encouraging young people of our Nation to not join the US armed forces, or the police, or any other state apparatus of force-projection.

          • Skipping the military is fine, but no presence in police or any other state apparatus of force-projection? I don’t think that’s a very good idea. The opposite is probably what should happen.

          • This should be a big push, decent boomer civnats just witnessed their country stolen from them in real time, they need to get over their masculine virtue being channeled into vestigial patriotism by the leftist [homosexual individuals].

            Tough white christian southern boys have been the tip of the spear for a long time. To hell with that now, keep out own best people for our own community interests. MAGA types would understand this right now

          • I saw a discussion suggesting that the military ballots yet to be counted would put Trump over the top. It was pointed out that the demographics of today’s US military are significantly “diverse”. So as long as the fighting stays “over there”, I wouldn’t mind a crushing US military debacle. Kill two birds with one stone.

          • There will be no war with Iran. Biden will re-instate the Iran Deal.
            Sorry, you have no idea of how the world really works. The primary problem Iran has is how to launder the money that the Guard and Mullahs steal from the people, and put it safely in the West so if there is regime change the billions and hundreds of billions are safe. Now of course, that laundering involves lots of firms: lawyers to set up shell corporations to hide ownership of mansions, super cars, yachts, etc. Financial accountants, funds transfer specialists, all sorts of services but mostly lawyers then accountants.
            THAT is why Trump was hated. He cut into the sweet, sweet Iran money that everyone was getting.
            Iran certainly could nuke Israel and the Sauds to shut off world oil from the Gulf. And make themselves and ally of convenience Putin the only suppliers. Our elites would jump for joy! More money to launder.

        • The United States’ utter, humiliating defeat in a war against Iran would be such a wonderful moment.

          Don’t wish death upon thousands or tens of thousands of young men. When you talk like this, you’re no better than the (((neocons))) who want to send our sons to their deaths in the service of Israel.

          • Indeed!
            If only the young men who go to war could live, and the dirtbag banker thugs who send them off to fight could be the ones to lie dying on the battlefield. But that’s just a wet dream.

          • Don’t we often get into the (philosophical?) discussion of the last two great wars and the numbers of men who fought and died and left lessor “men” as replacements?

            Can’t see where killing off the few remaining warriors we have while the cucks stay home is helpful to the cause. As someone above suggested, we need them here.

          • Have you looked at the demographic composition and character of tge US military lately? This isn’t your father’s military anymore.

    • China has based their economy around the universe’s largest ever vendor finance scheme. If they can pull it off, well then good for them, but it’s incredibly doubtful though and highly risky, to say the least.

      • Ops like Whu Flu always have many objectives. Tanking the economy served to weaken the chance of an unstealable Trump victory as did cynical yapping about him being personally responsible for “200,000” deaths. Unfortunately, ousting Trump is only one of infinitely more unsavory results awaiting us if Cryptkeeper Joe and his ubiquitous Black Mask of Death is any indication.

    • What is it with the chunk of the right obsessed with China, China, China, CCP, CCP, CCP? Turn off War Room Pandemic.

      Yeah, China is a rich nation that interferes in our affairs, just like we do to them. It’s part of the game. But at least China doesn’t try to get us to fight their middle east wars for them, like a certain other interfering nation never discussed on War Room Pandemic.

      • Maybe because the CCP is a few electoral votes from installing their controlled executive team in the White House?

        • And Jerusalem lost their best-ever controlled executive team. Biden will be controlled by them too, but perhaps ornerier like Obama was.

          The obsession with CCP is a controlled deflection and distraction. Of all the nations and ethnic groups that have and continue to exert outsize influence on US politics, the CCP is the only one that ever gets flak. Interesting…

        • Agree with wild geese on the China question.

          They hate whitey… they are quiet about it but they are still angry and bitter about the opium wars. Look at their fentanyl production today.

          I would not ever trust the ccp until we know better what their plan is. They own joe biden and he is anti-white. China is not our friend.

          • Sad to see so many here missing the larger picture of what is going on right now.

          • Joe Biden is not anti white. Joe Biden is a avaricious toad and a marionette that does his (((masters))) bidding. Does anyone believe he’s in charge of deciding his own positions on ANYTHING?

    • Or better yet, our invulnerable diverse navy takes on the PRC and we end up with a nuclear version of the Russian-Japanese war. Maybe we get a two-fer, the collapse of globalism as Chinese ICBMs finish the job that Marse Lee failed to complete.

    • With the federal government’s financial situation, it’s simply a very short matter of time before every country can disregard the federal government, regardless of who’s in charge. Besides, who cares? Being the world’s policeman sucks.

      • There’s about 25MM people in Taiwan. Even if you don’t care about Taiwan, you’re going to care when millions of Taiwanese refugees show up in our airports and harbors demanding to be given asylum. And you know damn well that the Biden/Harris administration will grant citizenship to every single one of them, probably with the support of the Republican Establishment.

        Gotta think about second-order effects.

        • That’s entirely unrealistic and totally an excuse to shift the conversation back to unproductive China bashing. FAR more non- Taiwanese will move here under Biden. Taiwanese immigration as it is now is practically nil. That nonsense is a diversion from placing blame on the left and an attempt to sow loyalty to the regime among the right through inventing a common enemy. It’s a distraction. Meanwhile, the regime continues acting against your interests here.

          China isn’t censoring you or calling you a deplorable or racially discriminating against you or flooding your country with foreigners or stealing your votes. Practically everything I’ve heard about that country from the normie right is just excuse making for the left. Please stop. Any other excuse you might have (like product quality) is small potatoes. Who cares? Buy elsewhere.

        • The reason China regards Taiwan as part of China is because, ethnically, they are Chinese. Biological realities will simply outlast any intervention of fleeting civnat democracies.
          The only way that Taiwan can remain outside of China is if they were isolated long enough to become ethnically distinct. Not happening.

        • I was a nuclear engineering major in the late 1970s. Even then, there were a significant number of international students in STEM. In nuclear engineering, most of the foreign students were from, Iran, Taiwan and Korea.
          Taiwan is perfectly capable of building nuclear weapons. I would assume that they have at least the components ready to go.

    • What compelling interest does the USA have to defend Taiwan? I’m sure we have a treaty somehwere. What was that Washington (?) said about “entangling alliances”? Years ago, some other author posed a China takes Taiwan scenario thus: China invades Taiwan. The USA grumbles. China inquires how many West Coast cities we are prepared to lose, in a military confrontation over Taiwan. End of scenario.

      • No nukes will be exchanged. If West coast gets nuked, *all* China potentially gets nuked. China need not do such to take over Taiwan. Tactical nukes perhaps at sea, but a US population center attack could destroy China via retaliation.

        Of course, we may have a wussie administration that might start a tit for tat situation—like we hit every military target and a couple of cities in exchange for San Francisco or so. Those clowns might even virtue signal in the midst of a nuclear exchange. Who knows.

  65. Not as blackpilled, as this battle is not over yet.
    If Trump takes the battle to the bitter end, cajoling the State Legislatures to reject the results and put in Trump electors due to an outright theft and wins, he will be seen as a figure on par with the founding fathers.
    It would be fitting too, since it would be a new American Revolution.
    This is a PR battle now, and the media is far more discredited than the 70’s, and no one is under the illusion Big Tech is playing fair.

    • Trump can, and should, bring down executive-level violence on to the faudsters. My safe bet is that he won’t; he has a strong track record of talking big and then going in to hiding so that his followers can take the full brunt of the system’s wrath. If he puts some people against the wall here my ears might perk up, but otherwise it’s…all so tiresome.

      • Exactly Trump has had his chance to actually actt against his enemies.Trump is like the guy at the end of the bar who just continues to talk. A lot of what he says is right but when it comes time to go outside and put up the fists he folds.

        • I am torn over whether Trump appoints swamp people who betray him, because they are the only “experts” available, or if he is all talk, while living swampy himself (see “if only the Czar knew”).

        • Trump catches more slings and arrows in a single hour than you or I do in an entire lifetime, and yet he’s still in the White House and giving it his best. Don’t be such an ingrate.

      • His followers do pretty much the same: humph-phoomph. To quote social commentater supreme and immortal James Brown: “Like a dull knife, just ain’t cuttin´’/ just talkin’ loud and sayin’ nothin'”.

      • There are positive signs right now. For instance the flash mobs they’re putting up in philly and phoenix.

        However in the end of this election arc you’re most likely right.

        In the long run normiecons will become blackpilled though, until november 4 at 3am they still believed in the legitimacy of the system, hence reducing their desire for violence.

      • There is no place to hide and this is a zero sum game. Don’t underestimate what Trump might do when backed into a corner

    • I’m just going keep saying “President Trump” for the next 4 years no matter what. I think we also need to put together a small pamphlet sized “Chronicle of The Fraud of 2020”. As Creepy Joe said, this is the largest vote fraud ever and is operating in multiple states. We need a few simple talking points for normies. I’m already getting the different counties, names, and states mixed up and the crimes are still going on of course. Perception is everything. We need to de-legitimize Biden from the start and keep telling people that Trump is President.

    • Say whatever you like about Trump, but he’s pugnacious as hell. He will fight this coup with every means at his disposal and will probably invent a few of his own. And, if all else fails, he may just call us out into the streets with our AKs and Molotov cocktails. I’m simply awaiting the go signal.

  66. Andy McCarthy doing his best to serve his new overlords at National Review today.
    He wasn’t the one I would have bet money on to make “The Conservative Case for Voter Fraud” at National Review. If you can’t prove fraud equal to or exceeding the margin of victory, it is no big deal to Andy. I’m sure Rich Lowry gave him a pat on the head and said, “good boy” after he submitted this one.

    • Many dissidents fantasize about giving shit-libs the rope. I can’t imagine the punishment they fantasize for guys like this.

      • National Review comments are limited to subscribers. Even their subscribers aren’t buying this BS. Fox News is going to become totally dependent on globohomo corporate after this election. In the event Trump does lose, I would look for him to start some independent streaming service and watch the FOX talent that is loyal to him, Hannity, Kilmeade, Ingraham eventually leave to join it. Tucker owns his own studio in Maine and can do his own thing if he doesn’t want to join, Fox will have CNN level ratings by the time the 2024 election comes around, but at least no one in advertising will have to talk to Mike Lindell anymore.

        • Has anyone else been disappointed in the direction Tucker has been heading lately? Or am I wrong on this observation?

          • He’s an employee of a network who loves his family. He understands how this world works. He’s crossed the divide from Libertarian Civ-Nat to Populist-Nationalist. TBH, maybe that’s a good thing. Most people dip their toe in the water before they dive into the deep end.

          • Yeah, it’s possible to massively overdose on red pills. Owen Benjamin (who I actually like a lot, despite his excesses) was nibbling around the edges for a bit, bringing along a huge audience… but then jumped right off a cliff into maximum badthink and got unpersoned.

            There’s a very rare sort of person that is willing to follow the truth the absolute bitter end without any psychological self defense mechanism

          • Has anyone else been disappointed in the direction Tucker has been heading lately?

            Last night, Tucker was magnificent for about 90 seconds during his monologue.

            Then he handed off the ball to existential boomer meta-cuck Victor Davis Hansen, and the Frankfurt School sanhedrin [tasked by the Mossad with keeping an eye on Tucker] started laughing so hard that they began choking on the blood which they were sipping from their wine stems.

            For Christ’s sake, Tucker is [or “was”] BFFs with child-raping crack-cocaine-smoking international-money-laundering Hunter Biden.

            I might glance at his show tonight, but as far as I can tell, the Victor Davis Hansen segment was Cucker Tarlson raising the white flag and surrendering to his Frankfurt School overlords.

          • VDH sounded like Biden. He rambled. I was talking with someone today about Fox. If Fox was part of the scam, tucker either has to change, in which case I’ll stop watching, or he will have to leave. Either way, his career may over soon

      • Trigger these people, lay it on them. “You chose a dementia patient for the job, you own the results. All of it. It’s all because of you, it is on your shoulders”. Don’t let them forget it.

        Or put another way, “You rejected a capable and competent guy who was full of himself and a bit of an ass, for an incompetent dementia patient who doesn’t send out rude tweets at midnight. Nice to see where your priorities lie”.

        • Yep. I say the same thing. Trump was at least a capable and competent executive or captain of the ship. Obama and now Biden/Harris are going to run the ship into the ground, stalling the economy, no clue how to get back into the open water. and maybe the Titanic analogy will come into play.

          • Interesting question re: incompetence vs malice

            It is easy to jump to the malice explanation. But I look at how insane and out of touch the goodwhites at work are, for instance. Them running a country would be a disaster just like Obama.

            I think it’s a mix of both, its also just what happens when you neuter your alpha males.

          • Agreed. Never attribute to malice what can reasonably (and easily) be attributed to simple incompetence and/or stupidity.

          • The economy is not the problem, every billionaire in the tank for Biden (aka: all billionaires) will happily join some advisory board or other and give sensible enough advice to keep corporate profits flowing and the market up.

            The thing that’s going to bring it all down is multiculturalism and degeneracy in general.

            I supported Trump but truthfully America has been steaming towards an iceberg regardless of who is in charge. If every member of the screen actors guild, and all mainstream journalists were expelled or hung we might get back on track. But in terms of realistic human alternatives, there are none anymore.

          • They’ll run it aground on purpose, not due to incompetence. Well, not in Harris’ case, at least. Subversion and revolution is their goal not a byproduct.

        • After this coup settles down and the initial stock market bump, due to unrealistic optimism at regime change flares… I’ll be moving the 401k to conservative positions. I suggest y’all do the same. The economy is going to get rocky. Get your house in order. Eliminate debt. Maintain your health. Make the moves you need to make now. “I’ll do it a little later” isn’t wise.

          • I’d add, if possible, have a little cash or commodities to exchange in case SHTF and you need to get out of Dodge quickly. In a crisis, you may either not have access to bank accounts, credit, etc., or such will simply not get you anything useful.

          • I’ve always been a fan of silver. Smaller transactions and even the unfamiliar with a cell phone can check the daily value. Always keep a fair amount in hand.

          • Penitent Man, hope you and yours are well. My husband has expressed a different view re debt. In a homogeneous world of honorable White men, no question. In clownworld, why hurry? Pay your mortgage or on a car that could be repossessed, but use your credit to buy necessary preparations. When the economy truly gets rocky, what are they going to ‘repossess’? That type of thrift is another White habit that doesn’t apply where everyone is getting what they can from the dying corpse of the economy.

          • 3g4me,

            We are well Ma’am, thanks for the inquiry. The teens need to be back in school, they’ve been champs but quasi-isolation has been a trial for them and Mrs. P. My work puts me out in the back-country so I dont get the covid cabin fever. I’m away in nature, and largely wonderfully alone, so when I go into a store in town I inevitably have to walk back to my car and grab the forgotten mask because the pandemic nonsense is so much background noise. God is good to me.

            About your husband’s theory. I’ve encountered its like before. There is certainly a time and a place for it, but it is a bit of “the end of times is nigh ” approach. I’ve heard people go so far as to say max your cards to pay for precious metals, guns, and usually unaffordable preps. Who is going to call in the credit if there is a civil war? If your husband thinks that the time is short til it all blows up, then the strategy isn’t bad, perhaps not as extreme as the example I gave though.

            I’m more of a “Hells a’comin” theorist. We dont know the when and the how but we can see the rocky times ahead, and the steep decline of our society. Atop that, while I have to operate just like all the other folks here in this world, I despise interest as the domain of the little hat crowd. It is to be eschewed and avoided. I’d rather not pay them their ‘tax’ when I can afford the actual price or do without.

            But what if, the rocky times are prolonged, but TPTB can keep the can kicked down the road for a prolonged period? You can declare bankruptcy once but then you shut yourself off from what might be a necessity loan? If you have enough to cover your mortgage and cars in the case of job losses then why not pay them down now? Unless of course you think the time when you are more worried about roving bands of cannibal bikers than debt collectors, is upon you?

            Not criticizing your husband’s theory. He may be right. Our plan is to have my remote homestead paid off in full the day I early retire, and that is rapidly approaching. We are on track. All we’ll ever owe is the tax man. We’ve done without a lot of the finer things to get here. Mrs. P has been a champ and never once complained to me when our friends tell us about trips to NYC, Hawaii, Cancun, France, etc.. and she has my love for it.

            I was paratrooper and I came into adulthood with the ‘one is none’ and if you can’t carry it with you it might as well not exist mentality. Hardship and difficulty are the natural state of man’s existence. I could be totally wrong and your husband on to something. And I suppose each person should determine their own risk and plan based on their circumstances.

            Main thing is I want Our People as prepared mentally, physically and fiscally as possible because they have my love too.

            My regards to you and your man.

          • With regard to debt. Consider the national debt and it’s profligate printing of money. Isn’t rampant inflation sure to follow? In which case a 30 year mortgage at 3% looks like a good idea. You can get a 5 year car loan now for 0%.

      • [i]I can’t imagine the punishment they fantasize for guys like this.[/i]

        That’s correct. You can’t.

        And until existential meta-cucks such as yourself spend some quality time in That Dark Place, and rework your Inner Frames to those of a psychopathic Stone Cold Killer, your ancestors’ bloodlines will continue their collapse into extinction.

        PS: It’s not a fantasy. It either happens, and happens soon, or else the entire White race goes extinct.

        • That’s a little dramatic. There’s kind of a big gap between (((globalists))) want white [christians] eliminated and it happening.

          Even if the country collapses and even if the entire west collapses we are an incredibly resourceful and hard people (once a little chaff burns off). They intend the worst but they won’t succeed. It’s just a question of how miserable we will get before we turn it around.

          Your ancestors didn’t stand astride the world by accident. What have their ancestors done? Grasped at gold coins and little schemes? They’re no match for us and they never have been, that’s why they always rely on subversion and crypsis

          Their pets don’t merit mentioning in this context. The whites left in south africa could retake it militarily in a month if there wasn’t (((international pressure))) on them to acquiesce

          • There’s kind of a big gap between (((globalists))) want white [christians] eliminated and it happening.

            (((The Tribe))) starved to death 10 MILLION White Christians in the Holodomor without even blinking an eye.

            “Well, there is no famine.”

            So either you’re JIDF, or else you’re a 70-some-odd-year-old existential boomer metacuck who has about 24 hours to stop being the worthless teenager he was back in the 1960s and instead grow some nads and start thinking about how the he11 he’s gonna protect his b1oodlines in the coming s1aughter.

          • You’re going past carried away and edging towards full wignat stupid now. Are you a teenager? If so the excess is excusable.

            I’m ABSOLUTELY aware of (((their))) crimes both current and historical. I’ve been banned from just about every normie tier site for saying as much.

            But pointless blackpilling and demoralization is a different thing. Of course (((bolsheviks))) murdered millions of christians. But who got expelled and who rules Russia today?

            Thinking of them as invincible and omniscient is both mistaken and self defeating. They’re clever and absolutely unprincipled, the Book says their father is the devil and they are the enemies of all men. Of course they work devilish mischief, but we’ve gotten wise to it EVENTUALLY literally dozens of times and WE’RE STILL HERE. They will cause much more suffering but they are on borrowed time and only capable of as much mischief as we are foolish enough to tolerate. They’re notoriously cowardly people and the game is over when we stand up and say it is.

            Use your energy to help more people reach this point, not to do the whole crazed comment section Cassandra bit.

    • I have not even thought to check for news or opinion from National Review since their “Against Cheeto Hitler” issue. Kind of sad: my “Alex P. Keaton” preppy self and opinions were formed by those people.
      It can’t be said enough: thank you, Mr. Z-Man for your writing and hosting of this site.

      • I started reading National Review when I was 13. And then I grew up and Jonah Goldberg took over. Years ago he replied to a complaint of mine with a very nasty email. Later I found out that Nat’l Review as a false front all along.

    • The silverlining in an overt, in-your-face, theft of a presidential election is that everyone knows that the rule of law is officially dead and it’s anything goes from now on. The ends justifies the means is the new USA anthem. Yes, the elites will use Jackboots to try to keep this as a DC only entitlement, but that just means that the plebs must get smarter. It’s one thing for Antifa losers to go rogue and burn down a few cities. But turn loose the average working Joe to reek havoc and it’s a whole new ballgame. Let the games begin.

      • Been thinking the same, the US government is fundamentally illegitimate now. Interested in laws only to the extent that they incidentally correspond with my personal morality or when the potential punishment cost is a practical consideration.

        Encouraging family to think along same lines. It’s time decent white people stopped being the only ones bound by the rules.

        • > Been thinking the same, the US government is fundamentally illegitimate now.

          Once you get beyond the tragic aspect, it’s remarkably liberating to embrace the Truth of it all: We don’t have to play by the Marquess of Queensberry rules anymore!

          Finally, we get to take off the gloves.


    • Interesting. Fraud, even the obvious potential for fraud, in any election is deadly. It robs the election of perceived legitimacy. When the election results are not perceived as legitimate, there are no longer any grounds for public cooperation with the results. Anyone disputing that simple fact is a disingenuous grifter, but then what else are we to expect from the National Review?

      To attempt to “prove” the validity of the election by arguing “too little” fraud to make a difference. Is the equivalent of arguing how much dog shit spoils your store bought ice cream. Truly only intellectual lightweights write for the NR these days.

      • Even if the uncovered fraud wasn’t enough to change the results, there is likely double the amount that was well hidden. It’s like my Dad said after he spanked me for something that he later found out wasn’t my fault, “Well, I’m sure you got away with something else I don’t know about.”

  67. The point here is this era is probably not the beginning of the end as many disappointed dissidents would have you believe. 

    No, it’s the end of the beginning.

    • I’d agree. Everyone here and the thousands (maybe millions) of Whites who are beginning to wake up are proof.

      Our waking up to the absurdity of our CivNat fantasy and the coming destruction of our people and culture was the opening chapter to this story. That chapter ended Tuesday night.

      The next chapter will be DR Whites finding each other and beginning to form groups, however small and seemingly inconsequential. It’s going to be a long, long fight, and it’s only just begun.

      • Trump was the pied piper, seducing away our people from tribalism by promising a civnat solution, keeping them from looking at reality and coming up with actual alternatives.

        But Trump served a purpose. Now the masks are off, now we see the enemy.

          • Yeah, nearly everybody here wears the face diaper, whether at home while sleeping alone with her dog or driving solo with the windows up. Karens are everywhere here now, they look positioned to enforce all the new edicts.

          • I’m sure the working class “essential” workers will not mind at all the thought of their taxes going to keep a vast class of masked Karens and fancy soybois in their Amazon packages and grocery deliveries.

            Then again, those of us who do have those “essential” jobs will have a new derisive term for our useless neighbors.

          • Or an old term. “Eloi.” I hope they’re tasty.

            H.G. Wells was wrong. The Morlocks were the good guys.

          • H.G. Wells was wrong. The Morlocks were the good guys.

            Agreed. The Eloi were beautiful – but so is a ripe apple.

          • We surely could use more neighbors like you and yours here in Southern Utah. About 30% not masked up in stores and rare to see and old fart or Karen masked up in car. If masked up strolling along the canyon, then walking while Asian.
            Like all the Intermountain West, we are being overrun with Californicates.
            Would love to start the following advertising campaign: Remember the Church didn’t let blacks in until 1978 (picture of Bull Connor)….we haven’t changed. Women are kept barefoot and pregnant and canning food. Forget about the booze. Follow the Prophet. This is sheep country. The Avenging Angles still exist. The Warren Jeffs polygamists have moved all throughout the Wasatch spine, will kidnap your wife and daughter and orgy them into white slavery.
            Maybe that advert campaign will hold back the human tide. Wishful thinking. Move here anyway. At least the neighborhood is clean and quiet. What do you want….eggs in your beer!

          • This post has boomer fed written all over it. Is that you Lineman?

            “We surely could use more neighbors like you and yours here in Southern Utah.”

            “Remember the Church didn’t let blacks in until 1978 (picture of Bull Connor)….we haven’t changed. Women are kept barefoot and pregnant and canning food.”

            “Maybe that advert campaign will hold back the human tide. Wishful thinking. Move here anyway.”

            How many stereotypes can you fit into one post?

          • <i>Is that you Lineman?</i>


            Welcome to Z-Man, fren. Take your time, make yourself at home, get to know people, that sort of thing.

          • Z is very smart and well read, but there has beeen nothing like Covid, except a war. Maybe it will fade out and we can take off these masks. I dont wear one and am limited to only a few places. A Karen called me an ass hole the other day. I told her to mind her business.

          • Maybe [Covid] will fade out and we can take off these masks. 

            Not a chance. Biden has already promised to put us back into total lockdown. Figure on the lefts following Boris Johnson’s current recipe but aiming to make him look like a moderate.

        • Yes, Trump was the ultimate colorblind CivNat, though a CivNat with a nationalist, populist heart, much like so many American Whites.

          And he was hated with a white-hot passion by the establishment on both sides and, ultimately, driven from office.

          That was Trump’s great service to our cause. Millions of American Whites finally saw how much they are hated by the elite, how the GOP is not their party and how far the other side will go to destroy them.

          • The engineering of his destruction and ultimate defeat also forced Whites to realize how impotent they are and how fraudulent the system is that oppresses them.