Mediocre Man

Notes: I have a new post up behind the green door. This time it is deep thoughts upon viewing the movie Timecop. Well, not exactly deep thoughts. Just some thoughts.

When trying to understand what has gone so terribly wrong with the Occident, observers often point to intelligence as the main driver. The populations of the West are getting dumber, so they are less capable than in the past. This is not to say there are no geniuses today or that there are fewer of them. It’s that their proportion of society is smaller than in the past. It is the smart fraction that is getting smaller. As a result, the progress of the West has slowed and may be in reverse.

The typical way this is explained is this way. Imagine a man dragging a sack of rocks down a road. If he is a large man and the sack has only a few rocks, he can drag the sack as fast as he could walk without it. If on the other hand, he is a small man and the sack has many rocks, he will move much smaller than his capacity. This will show up most prominently when his path is not clear. He may even come to a halt when he comes to a hill or a long incline.

Now, one reason for this decline in intelligence, is the mass invasion from outside the Occident over the last fifty years. Minneapolis is now a dysfunctional city because of the importation of sub-Saharan Africans. The sorts of people who think Ilhan Omar is a great leader will struggle with modernity. The reason these people are trapped in the Neolithic age is they lack the cognitive ability to go much further. California looks like Mexico because it is now full of Mexicans.

Another reason, and most likely the reason for the mass invasion from over the horizon, is white people are getting dumber. A quick look at what average students did in school a century ago makes that clear. Most college freshman would flunk this eighth grade exam or be so offended by it they would need counseling. Ed Dutton has written a book on this issue and continues to do videos explaining the topic. The short version is that white people have been in decline for a long time.

There is another aspect to this that does not get mentioned. That is, the smart fraction in the West may not have changed that much, but the middle fraction has grown rapidly over the last century. Better nutrition and education have swelled the ranks of the mediocre, changing the nature of our societies. Men who used to be supervisors on job sites now run offices. Women who volunteered in the community and kept a good house now run the nation’s human resource departments.

In other words, that man dragging the sack has not changed much. He is not as big and fit as before, but he is pretty close. His sack is larger and heavier, but he also has modern tools to mitigate much of it. He’s not moving anywhere near as fast as he could, but it is not the burden in the sack. It is the regulatory burden he must navigate to even pick up the sack. Around the superior man is an army of mediocrities with a myriad of rules and regulations governing the dragging of sacks.

Everywhere you go in the West, you are confronted with rules and regulations that make little sense at face value. Every business has to have people who spend their days keeping up with the rules, which change constantly. The “compliance officer” has taken the role of the ideological enforcer. Instead of making sure everyone is properly enthusiastic for the latest truth from the party, the compliance officer makes sure everyone is enthusiastic about following the rules.

These rules, of course, are the domain of the mediocre. Now, don’t confuse mediocre with average. Average people know they are average and accept their limitations, while the mediocrity imagines himself as an elite. Every “policy expert” in Washington is sure he knows more about his subject than the people who actually do the work. Every lawyer thinks he is Blackstone. Every politician thinks he is a great historical figure. The mediocrity does not know what he does not know.

This is the reason mediocrities love complex rules. The Mediocre Man loves rules for the same reason small children love large bulky toys. Just as the child lacks the fine dexterity and spatial awareness to manipulate small objects, Mediocre Man lacks the cognitive ability to act independently. He is a man who grasps the rail when going down a few steps, because that’s what you do. His mastery of the rules is proof that he is the smartest man in the room.

This is why the West is so burdened with elaborate and complicated rules that have no obvious point. It’s why Massachusetts now has a curfew to fight Covid. It’s not just that they think Covid is a night stalker, but that an army of mediocre men came up with a plausible sounding, but ultimately absurd, reason for the curfew. The mediocre men in politics, being mediocrities themselves, embraced it for the same reason a toddler picks up the big toy. It’s what makes sense to them.

Mediocre Man and his love of rulemaking is why we have a war on reason and observation in the West. Mediocre Man sees the rules against reading Table 43 of the Unified Crime Report and assumes anyone mentioning its contents broke the rules, which the worst possible crime. There are rules about what you can say about Covid, peace be upon him, so anyone not in full compliance, even if he is right, must be hounded out of polite society. The rules demand it.

None of this is to say that the mass invasion of stupid people and the decline of native intelligence are not factors. In fact, the domination of Mediocre Man may be another result of the Occidental decline. For the same reason we have allowed millions of barbarians to enter our lands, we have allowed Mediocre Man to take the controls of society and drive us into a jungle of rules. It is why Mediocre Man has locked himself in place by a form of regulatory capture.

Just as regulatory agencies are dominated by the industries or interests they are allegedly regulating, Western societies have been captured by those rule loving mediocrities they should be controlling. The smart fraction, like those in the classic science fiction story, find themselves the slaves of stupid people who think they are the masters of the universe. The problem in the West is that it has been taken over by Raskolnikov, who thinks he is Petrovich.

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425 thoughts on “Mediocre Man

  1. Busy all day yesterday and missed this post. Yes, the problems seem endless and insurmountable, but the solutions are not daunting and they are long overdue. What’s needed is to actually hit bottom, at which time people will wake up out of necessary. Real hunger is a powerful motivator. Until then, the sleepwalking will persist.

  2. The mediocrity does not know what he does not know.

    Worse yet, he/she cannot even conceive of the fact that he might not know something. The mediocrity measures everything by himself. If he can do it then anyone can. If he cannot do it then it cannot be done. He is so utterly bound by “the box” that he not only cannot think out of it he does not – CAN not – accept any solution derived from “out of the box” thinking. Nothing which does no occur to him can possibly exist – or if it does exist it cannot possibly be valid – because he is the measure of all things. His awareness (in his heart of hearts) of his own mediocrity sets up a cognitive dissonance which leads to him actively working against and even persecuting those individuals who – deep down – he recognizes as being his superiors. 

    The dominance of mediocrities leads to the suppression and even persecution of Alphas. Primitive (less complex) societies are, of necessity, meritocracies. Alpha individuals inevitably rise to positions of leadership and control by virtue of their being inherently superior is some respect. An alpha is a natural leader. He/she is generally bigger, stronger, faster, more intelligent and or some combination of these traits. True alphas also have the drive to dominate. In a primitive society alphas dominate BECAUSE of their gifts. This is good for the society because it helps ensure said society’s survival. The problem comes in a post-scarcity society such as we are living in now. Mediocrities – betas, gammas deltas etc. with a drive to dominate – come to dominate everywhere. The result is Dilbert’s “pointy haired manager” who dominates people who are clearly his intellectual superiors merely because of his position in the organization. Look closely and you can see this mediocrity actively suppressing his “superiors” often to the detriment of the organization.

  3. Imperfection is the engine of evolution. The intelligent observer changes consciousness to change reality, one that doesn’t include rock dragging dullards and violent evolutionary dead ends. Instagram accounts are the progeny of barren Karens, shadows nuked on the passage of time. They are stick figures on the cave walls, the ghost DNA in the kink of the hose of history.

    Maybe we are midway in a speciation event quantum jump.

  4. All good points but it should probably be called the rise of mediocre women and brown men. Women’s iq clusters in the middle. Women love, love rules. They love following them, love virtue signaling that they are following them and, especially, love making others follow rules. Brown men (of the non Asian persuasion) also have mediocre IQs. They differ from women in that they love cheating against the rules to get an edge over the people who follow the rules

  5. Have you seen the shit they ‘teach’ white kids at school? Stupid factories, creating drones to be financialized, ripped off till they drop dead. The fuckers making the rules don’t give a shit, their govt titty check still clears while the rest of us go broke, bankrupt, debilitated and insane from the shear illegitimacy of the whole corrupt, rotten head of the fish.

  6. The decline of the human race is not hard to understand. Stupid people are having lots of kids. Most smart people aren’t. Worse, stupid people used to die young. They fell down wells and drank poisonous water because they were stupid. Now smart people do everything possible to save them from their stupidity and to help them have stupid kids.

    • Humanity as a whole is growing stupider do to simply high African and MENA fertility. Keep them out of our societies and it self corrects.
      In the US you’d think this is also the case but its not actually true. Immigration has lowered the IQ and conscientiousness by a factor but the fertility rate also suffered.
      Every single group except non conformist religious types (Orthodox and Amish types) has low fertility. The Pacific Islanders are at roughly replacement or so
      Rates as of 2018 (with 2.1 or so required for replacement)
      White Not Hispanic 1.64 except in Utah where its 2.0 almost replacement
      Hispanic 1.9
      Black 1.79
      Asian 1.52
      Amerind 1.65
      Pacific Islander 2.10 with slight growth
      Religious Nonconformist estimated between 3 and 7 with the Amish doubling every 2 decades.
      This means to stabilize the non Mormon White not Hispanic not nonconformist population you need to increase the TFR by roughly 30% or get Utah a very slight bump, 5% for stability, 10% back to growth

  7. I think you missed;

    Mediocre Woman, but I repeat myself.

    No Balls Eunuch Man.

    Highly Intelligent Ashkenpatic Man.

    Sociopath Puritan Man.

    Our faults Horatio lie not in no brains, but no Balls.

    Now in fairness, this was a post on mediocrity. But the Mediocrities have courage, and this we lack.

    The rest and all other disorders follow, it is the fate of the weak to suffer the strong, in our case extreme weakness led to extremely weak groups dominating us, its just on courage we are so far on the end of the tail.

  8. It’s not only Whites whose roles have dramatically changed. Just three or four generations ago, there was rigid social and racial segregation. Despite this, perhaps there was better, at least more civil and stable, relations both between the races and within each race. Negroes and white trash Working class women found work as domestics. Live-in for the wealthy or the weekly or daily maid for the middle class. Berfore mass automation, jobs being exported, and cheap labor imported, virtually any man with an IQ above room temperature could find paying, if not glamourous, work. Then as now, those who learned a skill trade did even better. Often paid enough to support himself and even a family.
    That’s been mostly gone for decades. Today, cleaning job is done by a local franchise that hires illegals from Latin America, who’ll vacuum up the dust and any small high-value items that they find. Education has been so watered-down that it’s probably a waste of time for the majority of those who go through the mill.
    For all the purported Evil that existed in Jim Crow era, here are some interesting figures: Between 1886-1968, an average of 40 Blacks and 15 Whites were lynched yearly in the entire country. Today, 8 Blacks die daily, usually by Black perp. It’s especially relevant to note that great emphasis is put on America’s sordid White Supremacist history and all the various forms of lingering racism, despite 70 years of dismanting segregation. Virtually no emphasis, you’ll note, is put upon the ~ 3000 Blacks killed each year by other Blacks. In fact, it’s considered impolite to even bring up the topic.

  9. apologies for the off-topic question:

    Does anyone have a link to a clip of the woman reporter who accosted Clyburn about selling Dems selling us out to China and where he stopped and addressed her “Nothin’ I can do about that” or something like that.

    I watched it but didn’t save a link and can’t find it again. I didn’t realize until later that his implicit admission was an important datum. My recollection of his tone of voice was resigned unhappiness.

  10. If you could see the level of stupid here in So Cal, you’d fall out of your chairs. Basic stuff an apprentice could do are too difficult to get done for well certified people and we are a short period of time from not being able to have stable utilities even in affluent neighborhoods.
    And yes I am leaving.

    I’m going to forgo discussing immigration. Its effects are well documented but our probkems started when the US was 85% White.
    Simply, technology and innovation are counterproductive to reproduction.
    If you crowd people into cities and take away stable well paying jobs, less kids get born. It takes between eighteen and twenty two years of income to ensure that a baby becomes a functional adult and the less jobs there are for young people, the less young people.
    And yes female centric issues contribute, this problems first came up from the 30’s to the 40’s with the great depression. No female empowerment than . This was BTW a highly urban period .
    After the war the economy grew like crazy and the trend was reversed till 1972 or so. And note despite huge increases in female power, female work, rigged courts, the fertility rate stayed roughly at 1.8 declining to 1.6 with it now, ignoring COVID and changing metrics slightly it is at all time low.
    No money, no babies and in a non religious society, the bill must be paid, no freeloading off religious social capital. Pay or do without.
    To explain wage decline easiest, its about 1% of the GDP per year since 1973
    With the cost of living and all that , the whole fight for $15 that is causing such a furor is just putting the minimum wage back to what it was in 1968 and it doesn’t touch other pay.
    Libertarians are right to say the true minimum wage is zero but the true fertility rate never needs to be replacement. either. The lowest I’ve seen in my research is 0.7, roughly 1/3 replacement!
    The end result of this is lower IQ , less smart people and dumber people have more kids, life gets shabbier, society implodes and it will correct until the population meets the amount of work. As Captain Capitalist is want to say “Enjoy the Decline”

    • AB, I’m here in so cal too. I build things that have vertical transportation in them. The kids we get with a diploma from LAUSD can’t do basic math. We have to teach them division the first year of apprenticeship school. This leads too operating systems that a monkey could fix every 25 try’s. And now the new 20 bucks for every 100,000 property value tax just passed. Guess who voted for that ? People who don’t own property of course. I’m getting to old to move. I’m writing this in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. At least we have the great weather. Maybe we’ll run into each other in a boarded up coffee shop.

    • Mandatory vax will be pushed as far as can be pushed without a violent rebellion.
      That said, it easy to simply not go to concerts and in a short time the entire rotting edifice will collapse.

  11. We’re basically living in Nietzsche’s warning of what would happen to us, and HL Mencken’s predictions as well. There were a lot of learned people a hundred years ago that laid out where we would be going. But I’m not sure they ever contemplated the scale, scope and duration of the degeneracy before it reaches its inevitable end. What we have today is a social implosion that already happened, but an economic system that hasn’t yet broken down and just sort of carries society along month after month.

    • Catabolic collapse can take centuries. Ours being sped up by tech is taking decades and you can see companies dying in real time with a simple web search. Warner layoffs, Disney layoffs, its all coming and its not going to reboot.

      All this nonsense about a Great Reset is pissing in the wind. They can hurt a lot of people and loot a lot but they can fix anything as the economy isn’t a machine that’s broken. As Hayek noted

      The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design

      The only economic fix is organic economic nationalism/ populism with social support to cover automation costs.
      If you don’t cover the automation costs and maintain stable social and economic systems modernity dies of hunger for profits and low birth rates. That is the Great Reset, done organically, going on real time right now.
      Go long on horses and buggies.

  12. Off today for Veterans Day, still a paid holiday for us “average “ builders of high rise buildings that are lucky enough to have a union that goes to bat for us and doesn’t steal ALL the money….yet. This is where I’m supposed to say thank you for your service or something like that and not really mean it. So I won’t. What I will say is that I had to run down the local Harley Davison shop to pick up a break line for my 30 year old bike and noticed lots of joggers out front on tangerine shit sleds with loud stereos playing songs about bitches,dope,guns,and money. One guy even had a prosthetic arm with images of cash ,mostly c notes on it. Could have been a veteran. There was also a big screen TVs inside flashing video adds with lots of joggers riding in the country. What there isn’t are any joggers with a wrench in his hand working on motorcycles in the shop. Amazing!

    • They’ve been doing this lately in the Old Town section of Chicago. Blacks flooding the place using FB organization. All-black motorcyclists blaring “rap” “music” that merely consists of expletives, literall non-sensical “fuck” “piss” “shit” streams without interesting connection. No way this is not targeted by a core somewhere.

  13. Excellent post. One thing you could add is the role of automation in this process. recently it has been fashionable in certain circles to refer to black people as, “obsolete farm equipment”, but, the point is that we’re all obsolete farm equipment, and obsolete mining and factory equipment too. This need to find gainful employment for an ever larger share of the population is likely a major factor in the increase in mediocre management roles. I used to joke that the British economy consisted largely of us selling our houses to each other for more than we paid for them, and spending the equity. The economy now mostly consists of people sitting in offices dreaming up annoying regulations for each other.

  14. Speaking of which, I’d like to welcome the next President: Douglas Emhoff.

    Who? Why, the Second Gentleman.

    Excuse me, ma’am- I mean the Second Spouse.

    Kamala Harris’ husband.

  15. Help me out fellas. Z rails against pointless regulations and offers two examples, covid curfews and the proscription on table 43.

    Typically when I hear a conservative decry regulations, he means that he wants businesses to be able to dump raw sewage into a river or build low income housing in your neighborhood. I think that these are good regulations.

    Let’s make this more concrete. Give me some examples of pointless regulations.

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      • …no decent man…

        I think I see the problem…

        But seriously, it’s almost up there with Deep Throat for fame – except more artsy – so just to let you know that I’m probably not the only one my age snickering.

        • Yeah, it is a deliberate gag. I think it is funny for all the same reasons. Years ago, I saw a restaurant named Behind The Green Door. It was just a normal restaurant, but it had green doors. I wondered if anyone was ever brave enough to ask about the name.

          • I almost added that I of course never saw it myself, but that would be a lie. I saw it a few years ago, and it’s VERY artsy.

            The whole world might have gone to shit since the seventies, but porn has definitely gotten better. I guess that’s the silver lining of being ruled by Jews…

          • I don’t think I ever saw it. I know it by reputation. It’s like the fat porn guy Jeremy-something. I know of him because he became a meme for a while.

      • Jackie Chan was watching Behind The Green Door while driving his car during The Cannonball Run, nearly totaling it. Nice foreshadowing of the ubiquitous man-killed-while-watching-porn-on-the-highway stories of today.

      • First porn flick I ever saw. Went with a contingent from the dorm. Great fun, it was all so new then. Little did I know the poison I was ingesting and from whom. Really was not a fair match for an 18 yo male with a group of other horny young males. Luckily the co-ed’s, of that time, had not caught up to the males’ level of depravity and I was lucky enough to meet my wife who had her head on straight.

  17. My turn to ‘fed poast’ so here goes: we are so overdue for a revolution to clean out the gunk. The sclerosis of mediocrity is killing us like clogged up coronaries.

    • What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

      We are long overdue.

    • Here’s a fedpoast for you ….

      “Some governor ought to make it legal to shoot looters…”


    • I’m not sure it is the same argument. He was responding to the decline of standards, the great leveling that comes with popular government. My focus here is on the rise of the sort who is views himself as an elite, while being a mediocrity. Ortega y Gasset was defending liberal meritocracy, while I would contend that the Mediocre Man is the result of liberal meritocracy.

      Still, excellent comment.

      • “My focus here is on the rise of the sort who is views himself as an elite, while being a mediocrity.”

        As in the apparent job the “elites” did in stealing an election.

      • I would contend that the Mediocre Man is the result of liberal meritocracy.

        That’s subtle point you make, and have made before. I wonder if it relies on an elision of what merit means. When I was in law school (obviously long ago) I started a group called Coalition for Merit, which was understood to be in opposition to the Coalition for Diversity. But this understanding was tacit: nobody went so far as to explicate what merit meant, everyone just “knew.”

        • It is a big topic, but the way too short answer is this. Honor is the spring of aristocracy. Virtue is the spring of republic and fear is the spring of despotism. In liberal democracy, morality is what motivates the people. Merit is therefore determined by the structure of society. In an aristocracy, merit is both blood and deed, as great men who serve their lord are rewarded with lands and titles. In a republic, merit is the selfless duty to the institutions of the republic. In liberal democracy, merit is piety, the commitment to the moral code.

          Since even a simpleton can be a moral man, the number of men who believe the are of high merit swells in a liberal democracy.

  18. …so anyone not in full compliance, even if he is right, must be hounded out of polite society. The rules demand it.

    Hounding is the first step to personal destruction in the Modern game. So, to Hell with them, I’m building an impolite society, starting with family. My achievements / luck / providence so far-
    Amazing marriage (and getting better) to a “reformed” SoCal woman, fully red pilled, who embraces traditional wifely and motherly duties, joyfully. She rejected much of her upbringing by a hippie SoCal feminist, recognizing the role and responsibility given to her by God, and she’s all in.
    Our children are respectful, smart, fun, confident, physically and mentally strong, raised in the Way they should go.They are a joy to be around. We only wish we had more but love our 3.
    Work has been time and location shifted since the book The 4 Hour Work Week was released. Yes, a salacious title but some great nuggets to live by in that book. Business is working in Clown World, so we’ll see how long that lasts.
    Sold the house at the peak of the market, now nomadic for a bit, having narrowed the state(s) we will eventually plant in.
    Developing a Family Enterprise plan to engage the family in durable family revenue generation, either by buying a durable business, or starting one.
    Work in progress, yes. Zman consistently provides amazing insight, forensics and reasoned evaluations of our predicaments. Now we need to work out what comes next.
    Join me! Revolution at your family level comes next.

    • If that’s the price of admission to polite society then a) it’s not worth it; and b) it’s is a sinking ship b/c no one of value is going to join

    • Yes 4 hour week was a fun read. I wonder how that suggestion to have a faceless third world hireling have access to your intimate personal data and manage your personal financial and other affairs worked out. I’ve never heard of anyone actually trying it. 😀

      • Yep, that offshore remote admin idea was not something we tried. We did find military spouse remote admin services that brought a lot of value.
        The stupid title did not detract from the author’s ideas of systems, weighing opportunity costs carefully, limited labor, and other process improvements.
        Probably the biggest was the idea we realized was systems could untether us from an office. That was 15 years ago.

  19. A great point about the Mediocre Man who loves the rules and gives no thought to what may be behind the rules, whether good or bad.
    In the construction trade, there are many, many rules about what conduit you can use and where, about how much load a particular member can bear, about how many footcandles of light must be at work-level in different areas. These are there partly for safety, and partly for parity in work. A poor contractor cannot get away with doing something against code in order to shave dollars off his costs. And yet, in the field, sometimes bending the rules a bit is necessary for a myriad of reasons.
    The Mediocre Man, acting in a code-compliance role, will obliterate what is deemed safe and necessary by competent professionals simply for the sake of “The Rules”, because he has no other metric.
    Oddly enough, the Mediocre Man is unconcerned with “The Rules” when they cut against his interests. For example, the simple rules that define what would constitute fair voting procedures. The Mediocre Man, seeing his man winning, will happily ignore The Rules against trucking pallets of votes fresh from a printing press if it means his pal, the Ur-Mediocre Man, gets in office.

    • The proliferation of rules, regulations, and standards are wholeheartedly welcomed by globohomo as the costs of implementation are easily absorbed by their corporations. Compliance by the little guy and the start-up is a much costlier investment and serves to strangle them in the womb.

  20. Brilliant people would go insane having to live around blacks

    Only the mediocre can endure it

    Stands to reason Mother Nature doesn’t want to go to the trouble of selecting for superior intelligence if it only means the poor soul is fated to a life among the likes of a Jontavious.

  21. His sack is larger and heavier, but he also has modern tools to mitigate much of it.

    In most cases the sack is much heavier:

    When coloreds mock “wypipo” for climbing mountains, exploring space or caring for dogs and other animals, just remember they’re complaining because they’d rather our money, resources and attention was spent on them. As the meme shows, western civilization has devolved into nothing more than using our immense birthright and the planet’s resources to dote on coloreds. As a global minority we will shoulder the white man’s burden to the bitter end.

    • I once saw a quote that went roughly like this: Every time man reaches for the stars, a big black hand appears and pulls him back to the ground.
      This is a very inaccurate paraphrasing of the original quote. If someone recognizes it and can provide the source and exact wording, I would appreciate it a lot.

      • Now, if you’re in charge of creation, are YOU going to go to the bother of making a great white man if you know that’s always going to be the outcome for the foreseeable future? A big black hand crushing his spirit?

        For those who buy into evolutionary theory, doesn’t it make sense that selecting for intelligence is also selecting for a person going insane from having to deal with blacks? So it selects for passive, go along to get along whites with no real talents or special qualities. Isn’t that what we see?

        It would truly be something if whites having to live among blacks is powerful enough to affect evolution. Holy smokes.

        • It selects for Negroids replacing the more intelligent, less sexually aggressive Khoi and San, which is what happened in Africa.

          The KhoiSan fled to the intractable Congo mountain jungles and the Kalahari desert to become Pygmies and Bushmen.

          KhoiSan have a bit of Neanderthal in them, as do all but Negroids. In Africa, a tiny band of Erectus survived the Neanderthal expansion (as did the Denisovians in the East).

          When the Ice melted, the Erectus Negroids exploded from their hiding place in Central Africa and replaced the K/S within 5000 years.

          They have an extra leg muscle, and produce more testosterone.

          They’re faster, and more physically and sexually aggressive- so they never had to get smart, in those temperate climes.

          • So, are we being punished?
            Is somebody directing the Negroids like pawns?

            No. Nature is above reason.
            The same people who DID use negro dog-soldiers to destroy the White civilization of Mesopotamia are the same ones who wrote priestly propaganda that we are lesser sinners who their god must rule.

            They think that by replacing us in their minds, they’ll become us.
            No. They can’t. There is a forced intellect, but no effortless Beauty in their souls.

            Not their fault. Not anybody’s fault- Nature’s pressure is only relentless.

            Nature is above morality and reason. But- by the pure pressure of the physical laws that comprise it- Nature must create a vessel of morality and reason.

            Us. The Whites. Creation’s pressure eventually leads to Us.

            Why? The Seeding.
            Only our kind of souls can fulfill the highest imperative, the Seeding of Life.

          • Why the Seeding, then?

            Why Life?

            Because information is incompressible.

            This incompressiblity is the engine of the Universe. We should rename the Big Bang the Big Diesel.

            A few collective radiant-genetic pools of ‘souls’, what we call the gods, (/our gods/ in Earth’s case), eventually achieve the transmission layer beyond the ionosphere barrier- we reach the Heaven.

            The Heavens spread the broadcast of the electromagnetic blueprint of Life across the uncrossable void, a panspermia wave spreading at lightspeed.

            This blueprint- the Word before the Body- is nested information encoded in energy forms, which will spark the creation of fleshly forms on young, fertile worlds. Seed, meet Egg.

            Only days ago was announced the thin tendrils of threads from the Big Bang- the Seed of a prior cycle. They account for the 40% of ‘missing’ or ‘dark’ matter.

            Evidence that as the cycle of expansion reaches its limits- wherein the pressure of energy is too widely spread to sustain expansion, the “heat death”, the great cooling- that latticed information retains yet its structure, as gravity overcomes energy and resumes its own pull back into the great contraction.

            The mounting density of these layers of information- of Life- is incompressible.

            At the ignition point, a new Universe will be born– yet not from a random stew of quarks, but on the bones of the cycle before it.

            Something does not come from nothing; Something builds upon that which comes before.

            That very density provides the counter-pressure against gravity that results in… a Big Bang.

          • Whence, then, intelligence? Consciousness? Morality?

            They are local- and necessary.

            As are our bodies, our souls, our gods, our Heaven.

            Because conscious intelligence and morality also serve the highest function- the Seeding.

            Without us, the Cycle ends.

            We are the filter of an Infected world, this precious dewdrop in a vast nothingness.

            And the eventual ends of that filter- a multiplexed frequency spectrum suitable for penetrating the barrier, and populating the Seeding transmission layer, Heaven, in the magnetosphere-

            That frequency, within us and without, we perceive as Beauty, as Love. Without Mercy, we cannot reach Heaven. The Cycle ends.

        • We DID live with them for 350 years, and things were just fine. Then the usual suspects decided that everybody should pretend that they are our equals, and here we are.

          • We lived alongside them, not with them. Segregation was the thing that kept white people from declining to black norms

        • Maybe b/c ((())) people are nominally white but different enough where they remain a question

          As for blacks, well, they’re simply a problem but one with no solution

          But who knows. Interesting observation

    • Despite the founding fathers’ intentions, America was fated to be nothing more than a mulatto stud farm.

        • Fine encapsulation of what globohomo intends for us, Sentry. Blacks are not the problem. It’s fun to comment on them but they are the easiest issue we face provided the will is there.

        • Slaves. They are slaves, given as loot to the Guterians by their Sea People masters.

          (These are the names they were known by in the destruction of Mesopotamia. They have brought down our civilization before.)

          The masters’ plantation keeps the uranium, the gold, the diamonds coming- and the overseers are are paid in white slaves.

    • If the photo is any guide. Once there was a saying, “If you can’t bring Mohammed to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammed.” In a simialr way, the Negress rather than climbing a mountain has worked to turn herself into one 🙁 Morbid obesity affects all races, Latinos and Blacks the worst in USA by race.

  22. The worst recent development has been mediocrities+smart phones+social media. Turned the slow march towards Idiocracy to a high octane race.

  23. Great insights. Over the course of just my lifetime, I’ve noticed mediocrity taking over in the corporate world too, not just in government.

    • US millennials cannot invent as well as their predecessors. Fortunately, the Europeans still produce talented young mainstream engineers. This has been a topic of lively discussion here in the patent community. We enjoy a front row seat as US native engineering quality craters except at the shrinking elite margin. MIT offers journalism and psychology majors dontcha know.

  24. And who opened the floodgates to the barbarians – why it was the high IQ Ivy League educated businessman on Wall Street. who jad went to college in the 1950’s when college was hard. And who gutted public education? A combination of business interests and Marxists.
    Public education has been a disaster since I attended grade school back in the mid 70’s. The textbooks were badly written and guaranteed to turn off kids from learning. Intellectuals bombarded us with new education fads like “New Math” all the time and making kids hate learning and reading.
    The school books were nothing like the Appleton Reader from the 1870 or the McGuffey Readers.
    At least up until the early 80’s the schools still had shop classes that taught rudiments of real world basic skills for young men. But the intellectuals did away with that.
    Plus lets factor in the dramatic drop in Testosterone levels in men over the last 40 years or so and sperm counts as well that are now half of what they were previously. And 300 T count is not a good leve. That is very low.
    Low T levels impact men and society on a variety of levels. Men lack the aggressiveness or drive to accomplish goals, they become more weak and passive. Witness their inability to even defend themselves from common bullies. Young men with a modicum of balls like Kyle Atkinsson are viewed as freaks and losers instead of real these low T modern day court eunuchs, Low T levels also impact mathematical reasoning related skills as well.

  25. Plants crave electrolytes. Meet me at the Time Masheen and we’ll smoke a Tarrlyton.
    Welcome to Costco, I love you.
    Where is your face diaper Covid-Sharia obedience muzzle?
    *(Alarms, Klaxon, sound in background)*

  26. Belloc got it right: “Europe is the Faith and the Faith is Europe.” Since Vatican II, the Faith has been crippled. In particular, women who used to have many children, because the Faith was the last redoubt of opposition to contraception and feminism, now clog the HR departments and become wine aunts. Protestants allowed contraception starting with the 1930 Lambeth Conference. Paul VI, the main perpetrator of Vatican II, did condemn contraception in 1968, but never enforced it. Neither did John Paul II and Benedict XVI. And the smarter people use contraception more efficiently than the dumber. No babies, no future. Paul VI also perpetrated the Novus Ordo desecration of the Mass. The Faith slowly is recovering — among traditionalists, maybe 2% of the faithful. Someday we will get a restorationist pope. Until then, crucifixion for the Faith, Europe and its extension, America.

  27. Totally related and David Wright mentioned it too here but not in this level of detail:
    The thing that is murdering creativity in the corporate space today is: credentialism

    And it is a very female thing. Why? Because women, by nature, are not confident enough to know their own worth or be assured in their intelligence. So to compensate for that, they force men into the same playing field they use to ‘prove’ themselves.

    Credentialism has risen exponentially in the past decade or two in the modern workforce. I see people with an alphabet soup of letters behind their names. Dr. Jane S. Know-Nothing, Esq. MPH MPS CCSW etc etc. And Dr. Jane is at best a mid-wit, and in some cases a total f-cking retard. What that string of letters means is that she can read books and regurgitate facts others have written well.

    Ask “Dr” Jane a question that is even a little outside the box or to color outside the lines and she usually turns into a gibbering idiot with lots of hand waving and excuses. Pose that same question to a man who was possibly a slacker in college because he was terminally bored by the mid-wittery and non-challenging nature of what he was presented with and he will run intellectual circles around ‘Dr’ Jane.
    But he is an evil white male and also can’t be arsed to spend 7 years collecting up useless pieces of paper so he remains at the bottom of the advancement ladder while the corporation shambles and stumbles forward with a board room full of “Dr” Janes. And so it goes…

    Anecdote: And I have many, one of the smartest motherf-ckers I ever knew had a WALL full of degrees. Literally. Medical doctor, cardiothoracic surgeon, MBA, several others. You know how this guy who was the Medical Director of an entire hospital system signed his email? Not with the 20 letters of his degrees. He signed it –Joe LMAO! That is what these wahmen desperately want, the level of respect and competence you get by signing ‘Joe’ and every single person in the company knows who you are and what you are capable of, and they will -never- get it. And it makes them angry & unhappy, which they then spread their ‘joy’ to everyone else around them making the workplace a sewing circle full of vipers.

    • A recent boss (lesbian) received a promotion and transfer. On her final day there I was informed I would be operating a skeleton crew, and the oncoming crew would be heavily delayed. She had ordered as many employees in to the home office as could be “spared.” People drove in from remote areas as far as 35 miles away. I assumed there was an emergency, and my skeleton crew took it in good spirits and limped on. Work was difficult that day and we suffered some unfortunate consequences due to lack of manpower. I asked the oncoming replacement crew when they arrived what the scuttlebutt was at the home office that had caused the need for such drastic reallocation of the men.

      “She wanted a group picture of her and all her former employees to place on her next office wall.”

    • I think cost of living also plays a part

      Since the rents and home prices in Los Angeles have skyrocketed, the creative artist types have had to pack up along with the interesting individuals you find among those who don’t spend 60 hours a week at a desk, and now it’s rife with corporate and tech drones as mainly the only ones who can afford it

    • “What that string of letters means is that she can read books and regurgitate facts others have written well.”

      Well, at least the first vice president elected by media acclimation before being incarcerated for Sedition took an alternate route that did not include books. Nor regurgitating anything.

      Pretty sure she swallowed whatever she was told to swallow.

    • Sounds like you work in healthcare. I do as well and the array of letters after many names is bewildering. There are now doctorates for almost every health field…pharmacy, physical therapy, nursing…it’s all credentialing bullshit. The schools get a few more years of guaranteed loan money and the Midwits get to advance one more rung up.

      Nursing doctorates… That has to be the biggest scam going… I have a bunch of credentials and degrees as well however I just sign my name. I figure if I have to put all that s*** after my name I’m trying to prove something that I’m not.

  28. Are we getting stupider, Z? Or are we just getting lazy? Some would say the two are the same but I disagree. Pain is an excellent cure for stupidity, and yet everywhere we look – stupid people are protected by law from the consequences of their actions.
    Example: home schooled kids. Properly done, home schooled kids will wipe the academic mat with kids “educated” in public schools – many of which no longer do their jobs at all. Home schooled kids advance grade levels faster, get more time for field trips, sports, and proper socialization. When they enter the real world, they face the mind rotting influences as adults. Unlike public schooled kids who get exposed to potentially lethal influences like drugs, homosexuality, feminism, marxism, and diversity as vulnerable children.
    The public school system is in the business of manufacturing morons and nut cases, not educated young adults.

    • I wonder how large that classroom was in Bullitt County, from the exam that Z linked to. I’ll bet it was around 10.
      My kid’s class is about 30, and therein is an wide variance of diversity and intelligence. The teacher, of course, is instructed to let the dumbest kid catch up to the normal or intelligent ones. My kid is regularly bored.
      I have a feeling that a lot of our problems could be mitigated by scaling everything down. Smaller communities based on freedom of association, instead of metro behemoths with state and federal oversight, would go a long way.
      I say let the cities be the cities. I was in New Orleans last weekend and that seems like the future of the American urban area, so stay the f*** away. Move to a place that has good demographics and a cleaner, quieter environment. If you have a young family, make sure there are kids….the RIGHT kids. I know this is much easier said that done, but the solution is right there if you want it.

      • Choosing the RIGHT kids (aka, school system) is wise certainly, but better is to homeschool your kids. Check your state laws and if favorable, sacrifice whatever it takes to educate your kids.
        And by whatever it takes, I mean WHATEVER it takes.

        • I did. Lots of sacrifice. I’ll be working until I drop dead. But it was the best decision I ever made.

  29. in the distant european past to be a student was an accomplishment in and of itself, the level of study required was brutal, highly educated men back then were polyglots, masters of their own language, experts in various mathematical fields, manly, distinguished, some even had artistic affinities.
    Today we have soy eatin’ autistic geeks specialized in a niche field, but the vast majority of students have no business attending university, they are not intellectually inclined, in fact they are degenerates and female/feminine which is the worst combination possible.
    I won’t even go into the subject matter that’s being taught nowadays.

    • Most white people just go for the party experience. Aka have sex and wreck their livers.

      Go to a STEM class these days and its a mix of Calcutta, Mecca, and Beijing.

      This year they get the added bonus of 100k debt, a useless degree, and no party experience, and can’t even meet girls in gender studies class LOL

      • Correct, but understated. With the current push to get minorities into STEM fields, we have the worse of both worlds. Standards are lowering to allow greater pass rates for minorities and specialty areas within STEM are being created, like “Engineering Management” where you need not take all that silly math to have a place in the field.

        • I see you, and raise you an Education Management degree.

          And you see my raise and call, with this hand:

          The new Chief Diversity Coordinator at Ohio State — whose 1st name is Jabbar — (the job pays $345,000 per year) gets the free use of a new car, plus $7000 yearly for gas.

    • Another fascinating thing: prior to (probably) mid-20th century, university education was almost entirely pay-your-own-way. So either for the wealthy or someone who had to work his ass off to pay tuition. Very likely, much progress during the Enlightenment was done by rich white European males because they were almost the only fraction of the population who had time and money to afford higher education, indeed, any formal education at all. Pretty sure that even public-paid primary schooling is a quite modern invention, 18th, 19th century? In other words, two hundred years ago, if you wanted to study butterflies, you could, and get published in a journal. But you’d do it all at your own expense. Nowadays, there are probably grants for transsexual, lesbian humans of color to attend a culturally-aware university program, where Xe will study Wokeism, as well as biology and eventually, some Entomology with a specialization in Lepidoptera. Xe may eventually obtain a PhD, yet will be utterly unfit for most jobs in the real world.

  30. On target.

    That 8th grade exam looks like a 6th grade exam from my school days, but classes were divided by aptitude and achievement.

    Imagine a single-room schoolhouse, where brighter and older students have to carry the bag of rocks (younger, dimmer students). At the end of the process, the achievers have learned the material, as well as social/leadership skills. The slow have been brought along and probably have learned more and are more capable than they would’ve been if segregated in their own class.

    Muscles developed, burden lightened. Pretty nifty. Now how that fits in with multiculturalism and HBD is a completely different question.

    • That, and teaching is one of the best ways to learn. The one room schoolhouse had a serious positive feedback loop.

    • Unfortunately, in the modern school setting, mixed classes are not optimal for either the “slow” or the “quick” of mind. The slower students are more often in over their heads and the quick students held back as the slower students require more attention. Also, the type of teaching methodology that is conducive for the slower and quicker student is different. I’ve written about my own experience with this previously. Warne, in his new book, “35 Intelligence Myths” has a chapter on this with citations to recent studies.

      Since we are on the topic of “mediocrities” we should note that such a concept most aptly describes the typical K-12 school teachers we have in the classroom today. Any number of reasons for this, but the first cause was feminism in the 60’s. Prior to that, women had much less choice wrt careers outside the home. The teaching profession got a lot of smart, highly educated women—chea—prior to feminism opening up other career paths.

      • That’s why we need one house schools, one or several per neighborhood, like we do with nursery schools.

        Segregated, and where kids can walk to school, with beat cops as a neighbor.

        These large, corrupt school prisons need to be razed, and ‘high school’ needs to be returned to vocational training as it used to be.

        Let the 5% pay for college prep school, and go there, like they used to as well.

      • I quickly got bored at school, and was put in the gifted program, which still bored me. On the one hand, I got to take college courses in high school and got a big head start. On the other, I was pretty much a maladapted sperg when I got to college full time, which ended up holding me back in other ways.

        Then I think of the badasses who got in trouble and dropped out of high school because they hated it, which obviously made life more difficult for them.

        In my perfect world, it would be the one room schoolhouse up to 6th grade, for all the benefits of socialization, especially between age groups. Then 4 years of college prep for the college material. Limits off, as nerdy as they want to be.

        2 years of general trade school for the others, 2 years’ apprenticeship in their chosen trade, then a diploma and a journeyman’s salary at 16.

        There will always be outliers who have to find their own way, and in my experience the extremely bright figure things out on their own anyway, the extremely dim just want to get to work in any case, but I think it would work well for the majority. Exceptions for the handicapped of course.

        Again, in my perfect world 🙂

  31. There’s more food but not better nutrition. The jihad against meat and fat in favor of plant derivatives and synthetics is catastrophic, especially to brain health. The abundance of refined sugar and especially HFCS does tremendous damage. It’s hard to think when your pancreas and liver are shot to hell. Look up NAFLD. Even if you could exercise your way out of all that, and you can’t, you’re sitting in a windowless office all day doing a job that either shouldn’t exist or is in support of jobs that shouldn’t exist. If you listen to Official Truth on nutrition you have little chance of good health. And your kids are getting their school lunch from the same low-bid contractors that serve prisons.

    • Splendid comment, Technojunkie! My diet is “beef based” and I frequently have meals composed of grass-fed beef only, the fattiest available.

      • My diet: milk, eggs, potatoes, red meat, fish, chicken, plus a fruit and a veg every day.

        Dunno what the (((experts))) say but my people colonized like half the world on this diet, and survived hundreds of years in the Canadian winter with no electricity.

        Can’t be too harmful. I have no health problems and almost never get sick, not even a cold.

        • I have no health problems and almost never get sick, not even a cold.

          You may need to test for Covid. Apparently, this is one of the first symptoms.

        • The problem for much of the world is that we still eat as if we were going to work in the fields all day or suchlike physical exertion, when in fact the most labor we do is little more than shoveling the calories into our gob 🙂

        • Natural fats, cholesterol, and protein, protein, protein are THE basic building blocks of the body.

          Can’t build a sturdy house with sand bricks.

          Big Sugar, (paid off the FDA to substitute sugar because removing fat removed the taste),

          Big Corn (sucrose and the Iowa primaries),

          Big Lipitor (the cholesteral study based on 1% elevated cardiac risk in males over 300 pounds, destroys your liver),

          and Big Reg are all criminal cartels.

    • One of the few things the EU got right was banning hundreds of food additives that are A-okay in the US.

      The EU also seems to have far higher quality fruits and vegetables than the US.

      • Yes, people who can’t eat bread in the US because it gives them awful physical symptoms can eat bread to their hearts’ desire in Europe. That wheat that produces its own Round-up – ss there a mask for that?

    • the jihad against meat is dressed up as a vegan nutritional thing but really is simply a way to meet the massive demand for steaks from of a burgeoning Chinese middle class

      So they get our red meat and we get weeds and grass

      Veganism = Chinese funded propaganda

      • The West is being played for fools on so many levels and so few see the puppet strings.

      • Weeds and grass, that’s for the rich. Bugs and algae are all that’s on the menu for you dirtpeople.

  32. Western man has had Too Much Leisure Time, and thus he devolves as the Occident goes up in flames. Had he had to worry at least a little bit about survival the past 70 years, the mediocrities, who were mere pests to him in the twentieth- century faux boom times, would have been dealt with forthwith. The mass invasion of the Third World would not have been tolerated had there not been a ball game to watch, easily obtained T-bones to grill, or an episode of Married With Children to chortle at, as the media axiom of white-guys-are-idiots launched. “Roots” convinced white men that their sins would never be washed away, and any opposition to the Third World inundation died aborning, if it was ever conceived at all.
    And here we are, with Ihlan Omar winning re-election, and harridans with the whip hand lording it over HRdom. Although the lovely lady who runs HR where I work is a pickup-driving, alpha male-loving Oklahoma girl. And no, you can’t have her.

    • Eh, I mean look at western culture for young men. Basically a huge emphasis on casual sex, and partying, and experiences until you’re old and then oops, youre on your own. This has been going on a while, it was in the popular culture at least as far back as Hemingway (the sun also rises is a good example).

      I’m sure most on this blog even, have participated, to various extents.

      Too much leisure, yes, and in the meantime 3rd worlders and grifters take over.

      • This was one thing that that always grated on me at sites like Roosh’s. How the hell did they expect things to get better, and why would they lament the trashiness of women, when every day the advice was to screw yourself silly?

  33. Wish I could remember the historian’s name, but somebody back in the 1930s, I believe, looked into Rome’s decline and showed that there weren’t that many actual ethnic Romans left in Rome by the end. Low birthrates by the elite and an exodus of reasonably skilled Romans to the provinces left the functioning of the empire more and more to immigrants.

    By the end, the Roman Empire wasn’t particularly Roman. The Roman people and culture fell long before the empire.

    • Theodor Mommsen explained this clearly in his 1855 masterpiece, “The History of Rome”. By the time of Julius Caesar, Rome closely resembled modern NYC: a small number of white elites and an overwhelming number of minorities and immigrants. The ethnic Latin middle class had begun moving out of Rome in the 2nd century B.C. Most of them moved north into Etruria. Caesar conquered Gaul with an army comprised mainly of Romanized northern Italian Celts and German and Celtic cavalry units. Most of the true Romans in his army were in the officer corps. Does any of this sound familiar?

      • The historian that I’m thinking of looked tombstones and various other materials for birth and death names. Apparently, a lot of the immigrants would either keep the original non-Roman names or Romanize them but with little twists so you could see that they were different.

        The historian noted that over time more and more of the senate and higher officials were non-Roman so their ties to the old institutions and unwritten rules of governing and business were tenuous at best. This hastened Rome’s fall because no one really believed in the old ways since they weren’t “their” ways.

        There’s also the genetic side. A German or Phoenician will have different temperaments and innate morals than a Roman.

        People always compare the United States to Rome in geo-political or economic ways, but the demographic similarities are the best fit to me. England was still English when the British Empire fell. France was still French when they had their revolution.

        We’re following the Roman path. Death by demographics and dysgenics.

      • Yep. We’re following the Roman path, just in a way that different from what people normally point to. People always look at an over-stretched empire and other big picture things. But it’s the demographics and dysgenics where we’re truly walking in their footsteps.

    • I’m always amused when some Italian calls himself “Roman” or some Greek relates himself to Alexander.

    • The Roman Empire, the spirit of it, was passed off to the northern europeans and eventually to America. And now we’re seeking to destroy it once and for all in the name of diversity

      Sick and twisted world we live in

      • There is good evidence that the Romans themselves, and the Greeks–excepting Attica, were Teutonic in origin. The Romans were ended by some natural cycle and later German invasions while the Greeks unilaterally withdrew from the burden of maintaining an identity. Being white is less of an identity than being Scots, French, or German. That is a problem in America.

        • Makes you wonder if the whole idea of America and the “melting pot” wasn’t to take away a person’s ethic identity by breeding it out of him and hence the Heinz 57 American with no real ties to his lands and people of origin.

  34. Spandrell’s “IQ Shredders” thesis is also interesting. It’s similar to, but goes beyond, the familiar argument that “well-educated people have less kids.”

    It says that big, stable, rich cities systematically attract super-elite people from home and abroad, plug them into a competetive rat race which exploits their talents, but usually leaves them with a birth rate less than 1. This absolutely annihilates IQ in the long term. These metropolises are thus “IQ shredders.”

    • Is that even true anymore?

      Big western cities seem so packed with 3rd worlders now that they’re less attractive.

      Toronto, for instance, is overrun with refugees and blacks, Indians and arabs. Wealthy Chinese are buying condos like crazy, cool hangout spots are being torn down for 90 story condos. It’s not like the old days when a young professional could still get a pretty cheap place in a big city and go out every weekend. 2nd tier cities seem more attractive now.

      • The growth of glass towers along the lakefront Gardiner Expressway in the past 2 decades is astounding. Nearly a decade ago I was at a worksite my company had in Mississauga and many of the employees, who were making a decent, middle class wage, told me that they had moved to St. Catherine’s, braving the QEW parking lot each day, because that’s where they could afford a home.

        • Exactly… and it’s not young grads moving to the big city so much… mostly rich foreigners, rich Canadiands who are supporting their kids’ lifestyle, and AirBnb. 500k for a tiny 1 bedroom.

          Mississauga was a 3rd world sh-thole 15 years ago and believe me it’s only gotten worse. Its approaching that Muslim inflection point, 12% as of 2016.

          GTA must have been paradise in the 70s and 80s, shockingly it’s still alright but they are killing the golden goose with never ending immigration :(. St catharines is next.

          • Never been inside. It has a reputation of being full of drug dealers, and “escorts”/hookers. Then again, given the demographics, it’s hardly surprising. But not particularly dangerous, you won’t get shot (for now). Just seedy and uncomfortable for women.

            They market these condos as trendy and nice but it’s all the same, 3rd world mainly indians pakistanis and arabs. Condos everywhere. Slums by 2050. If you have to, choose an asian condo not a subcontinental one.

            Curvy glass exterior can’t overcome demographics (destiny).

          • It’s night time, Youssaf and Hamzah are rolling around in their 2012 bmw with black windows, vaping out the side.

            Broo,broo, wallah they run into another group of mystery mud/desert gold chain types driving an 04 impreza, no muffler.

            Nobody knows where they work or where they get their money from. They are nocturnal. Drugs? Gangs? Fakers? Who knows. Probably all 3.

            This is what those buildings are like. Sketchy but not overtly dangerous. Scarborough is pretty much the same.

  35. When I was a young entrepreneur, I had my own business. At one time, there were a dozen employees in my firm, which was in the service sector. After a harrowing incident in which I had to spend a lot of my own money to keep the business afloat, I realized how parasitical an employee could become. After dumping my partners, I attempted to keep my employees on until they could find another position. Everyone got at least a month of payroll checks beyond what they thought they would get. When the burden was off my shoulders, I vowed never to get into another thicket of clinging employees, tyrannical tax inspectors, and arcane accounting and labor rules. Eventually, I moved out of that terrible state and city and re-calibrated my business so that I would be the only employee. Today, I work solo and make more money than I ever did when I was dragging around a passle of mediocrities who constantly needed someone looking over their shoulder. In that sense, I’ve always been grateful for the computer revolution. I would never have been able to separate myself from the world of mediocre rule-makers had I not seized the opportunity offered by the digital revolution. Computerization may be hurting many, but it freed me.

    • When the burden was off my shoulders, I vowed never to get into another thicket of clinging employees, tyrannical tax inspectors, and arcane accounting and labor rules.

      Yeah. I had often thought about branching out and starting my own business, but this side of things just looked too tedious. You simply wish to provide a service but quickly get taken over by the laborious detail.

      In that sense, I’ve always been grateful for the computer revolution.

      It is an enemy sometimes, but mostly it is a friend and probably the best tool that we have.

    • Up here in Canada it has gotten ridiculous. We had a young woman in our calibration lab with a fondness for weed. She’d come to work, literally higher than a kite and I finally lost my shit. I told the manager to either fire that slug or I’d call the CEO and have him do it. She was given the boot that afternoon.
      She came back with lawyers. Her pot was “medicinal”, dontchya know. Since the company had no stated drug policy in the employee’s handbook, we had to hire her back, institute a clear cut drug policy, THEN fire her the next time she showed up high.
      The best answer to this is to not hire women, noggers, and other types that are fond of drama.

      • If only… then when they DON’T get hired they bring the same army of lawyers this bitch used to get re-hired and sue you for discrimination. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. This is why this whole thing needs a giant reset. There is no way out of this feedback loop of poz.

        • No way to reform the system for sure. The challenge is continuing to feed yourself and family while it shakes itself apart. And avoid getting any of it on you.
          They don’t make sanitizer that can kill the current modern virus.

    • You should read “Starving the Monkeys” by Tom Baugh. He had the same experience. Outstanding book.

    • Employee problems come in all flavors, from all directions. In the third world (and third world enclaves around us), employees are extended family only. It is the recipe for survival, employee disciplinary leverage, and account book engineering (for the tax man). Even in the third world, enterprises adapt to conditions and situations on the ground.

  36. Every now and then when I have no patience for even nominally wearing the face diaper (I don’t wear it over my nose – how the hell people breath all covered in those things is a mystery) I order groceries on-line. The last time I ordered 8 items and 2 items were missing when the (White, I think) guy dropped them at my porch and scuttled back to his car. This is the state of things. Amazon society under Rona is revealing how quickly things can fall apart when the general population is not just dumb as a stump but cowardly and weak as well. God help us.

    • I wear my mask under my nose and mouth (down around my chin) along with sunglasses and a steely-eyed, pinch-mouthed stare, daring anyone to say anything. I considered ordering groceries but a friend mentioned that half of what you order will be missing or substituted, and they never check expiration dates. So I’ll keep making my dreaded trips until they require proof of vaccination, and then I’ll have to get more creative.

      • 3g4me,

        Mrs. P started using the ordered groceries app because she has been forced into helping our teens do online schooling all day, with no end in sight. The substitutions are a bit of a problem but overall she is so happy with the saved time and she may stick with it if they continue to offer it post-covid. If that’s helpful to you.

      • When I go to Walmart I carry the fag rag in my hand and make a pretense at fumbling with it at the door, as they try to hand me a disposable one. As soon as I get past them, it goes right into my pocket and then I’m in They Live world.

        • It’s none of my bloody business, of course, but unless you just really need to save money, I’d shop anywhere but Walmart. Bear in mind that the larger the corporation, the more evil it is.

      • I enter the store about 20 minutes before they close and race around with the cart. Helps me to either not wear the mask or wear it under my nose, depending on the number and rank of the face diaper police on door duty.

        • My line is very simple:
          “If your mask works why are you worried about mine?”
          Usually results in shuffling off.

          The next step is asking for their full name, and the full name of the manager. Then, “Can you call Mr so-and-so” please.
          I need a witness to your discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act”.

          I do have a next line but have never had to use it.
          (It’s illegal under HIPPA to ask about, or require documentation of, a medical condition)

          The condition is, of course, oppositional defiance disorder, just ask the wife,

      • Yeah I only do it when I’m super cranky. Invariably I wind up with brown lettuce, juiceless oranges, limp celery and missing items/bad subs. What a complete shitshow this scam has been.

  37. Degeneration by regulation. Year after year, decade after decade, new rules and laws are added to the existing monumental pile – it never decreases in size. In many ways, the threat of litigation has been a prime instigator. Just look at the idiotic warning labels on literally any product you purchase. At least back in the day, the majority of mediocrities were White. Now they’re being overtaken by sub-mediocre muds, many of whom have it out for YT and our society, exponentially compounding the problem of rule by the mediocre.

    • When I was in Russia, an odd feeling crept over me. I felt more free than I did at home. At first I did not know what to make of it. Walking along a river, it struck me. There were no signs telling me to be careful. There were no rails and barriers to prevent me from falling into the river. I saw very few cops.

      Here in the West, we cannot move an inch without being confronted by a minder or one of the contrivances.

      • Out here in Insanifornia, dumb voters in 1986 passed Proposition 65. On every public building must be posted a “Prop. 65 warning” about how chemicals there might cause cancer. Because it’s on every building (except homes, so far), everyone ignores it. It’s pointless. But a feast for the lawyers who swindled voters into passing it.

      • When I was living abroad, I remember the distinct lack of police cars.
        I also remembered that to get “justice”, if you needed it, you’d need to know somebody powerful. So you traded the nanny state for basically the mafia state. Which is better? Dunno.

        • Mafia state. The Nanny state sees itself on the side of angels, so is completely unfettered and undeterred by its own excesses. The Mafia state knows it is illegitimate and knows it can be overthrown at any time, so acts with more restraint.

      • Yeah, but careful.

        I noticed this in mexico, you are certainly “free” in day to day life.

        But if you cross the cartel? A crooked cop throws you in jail? Need something done? Need anything?? Not so free anymore.

        • Not to be glib, but crossing any sort of organized crime seems a bad idea regardless of where you are. Maybe police here are better at mopping up the scene? Police do seem to prevent joggers from burning down their own neighborhoods for sure at least (when they are allowed to do so).

      • What was that study from the Netherlands, where they removed road signs in smallish towns and the accident rate went *down*! Seems folk paid more attention than when signs did all the “thinking” for them.

        Of course, if we had such a policy, what would the burocrats in traffic safety do?

        Case in point. In my neighborhood, we have street signs that were installed decades ago by the builder. These signs are smallish and fit in with the theme of the development. As happens, some late night accident knocked one of the street signs over. A homeowner called the county and told them to come by and stick it back in the ground. County came over and said, “Hey it’s not our sign!”

        So far so good, homeowner’s association took care of it. But then things went south. The County said, if these street signs are not ours, then your neighborhood *has no street signage*. So they sent in a crew and added County street signs next to all the neighborhood street signs. Now we have a ridiculous duplication of street signs on every corner—one nice looking and one garish and ugly. And so it goes.

      • In Europe they treat you like an adult

        I felt the same thing

        I remember buying a beer in Italy and asking the clerk to put it in a brown bag so I could drink it walking around

        “Why you need a bag? It’s a nice day and you’re walking around drinking a beer. ”

        How refreshing

        • The open container thing is a sure tell. When I lived in the Far East I always felt a twinge of unease when I’d open a beer in public, but seconds later I’d remember I wasn’t in a nanny state anymore and then a feeling of relief and shame (for my own country) would take over. Hell, you can still buy a Kirin out of a vending machine in Japan.

          • People forget that the Puritans that moved to the north east didn’t do so to establish religious freedom, they did it to establish a Puritan State Monopoly. All that’s happened is that the State has replaced the Church and the Woke has replaced the religion.
            It’s no accident that the NE is the source of so much of this nonsense,Genes will out.

            “What’s bred in the bone will out in the flesh”
            Preceded the discovery of DNA by 400 years.

          • …you can still buy a Kirin out of a vending machine in Japan.

            Sadly, Those are pretty rare these days. Older areas of cities that haven’t had some revitalization effort or shopping center put in, you can still find them. Cigarettes machines, too, though those require a a special card.

        • Europe and Russia went through this, England and America didn’t.

          The Whitepill is the enemy is the mangiest lot of defectives ever assembled in human history. No, it won’t fix itself.
          But if we find our balls at last, its very fixable.

          The kinda grey pill is the Left via the Dems may have pushed too far at last, and if they haven’t they’ll keep pushing.

      • Indeed. One walks into a grocery store and is hectored by a disembodied female voice over the intercom to wash one’s hands. I sometimes think the intent is to humiliate. Unfortunately, most “Americans” no longer seem able to feel humiliation.

      • Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote that in Soviet Russia, only the people in the Gulags were really free.

        A testament to the fact that they no longer lived in fear that a wrong thought/word/letter would get them turned in by loved ones and sent off. In the Gulag, all that was gone.

        • Back in the cold war days, an American comedian had a joke. Remember the American Express motto “Don’t leave home without it?” He offered Russian Express: “Don’t leave home.” Remarkably well adapted to the pandemic lockdowns.

    • I know. I know. It is everywhere in the femosphere countries. Eastern European countries may be slightly better. If these people were really concerned about my safety, I’d like some signs that really help me:

      • You are now entering a black area
      • Warning: Joggers
      • Attention: Traveller’s site nearby. Remove valuables.

      I suppose I must be grateful for increased signage, in a way it tells me who is my enemy.

      I am reminded of a story I read some years back relating to I think China Airlines. They got in trouble because they provided leaflets to Chinese tourists pointing out unsafe places in London. Except they didn’t name the places, instead preferring to tell the tourists to avoid areas with large numbers of Pakistanis and blicks. Classic.

      • A few years ago I read about an app for travelers you could get on your phone that would map high crime areas on your route. Of course it was immediately noticed that it inevitably highlighted black areas and was deemed racist. I believe it was discontinued though dont know for sure. Those are the kind of railings and barriers I’m interested in. I can pretty much manage to not walk of cliffs on my own. Once I was driving through L.A. and because the freeways are completely lined with sound barrier walls and the neighborhoods are hidden, I exited into what could only be described as Mogadishu on the Pacific. App would have been nice.

        • Having lived there pre-navigation, nothing was more terrifying than getting off on the wrong exit from the LA freeway system. It gets dark & scary fast.

  38. The mediocre men in politics, being mediocrities themselves, embraced it for the same reason a toddler picks up the big toy. It’s what makes sense to them.

    These people naturally believe in the system. They also seem to encourage the same beliefs in their children. I am hoping that this surplus of mediocrity does mean that men who can do practical things are going to be highly sought after.

    I am losing count of people that are having their kids shipped off to university for one of the many ‘studies’ and other valueless career prospects. It seems the number of potentially useless people are legion, and when they find out they’ve been had… depression and hate.

  39. Could it be that the managerial roles typically played by competents in the past are now being flooded with midwittery, and that their clear lack of vision, as a result, stifles the intelligence of people who would have once been considered as having the necessary aptitude? What I’m thinking is that bureaucratic red tape reduces the number of instances in which competent people are able to apply their intelligence. And in a way, intelligence is no good if it is a merely latent intelligence; one needs to practically apply his intelligence if he is to be counted as intelligent in the proper sense of the word.

    It might also be that higher intelligence tracks to docility and that people who are otherwise intelligent merely go along with the aforementioned midwittery. In other words, intelligence needs an occasion to shine, but our regulatory state actively selects against it. If this were true, it’d be a strange paradox.

    This is all speculative, of course.

    • What I’m thinking is that bureaucratic red tape reduces the number of instances in which competent people are able to apply their intelligence.

      I would say this is definitely true. As The Z Man say, there are people who love the rules outright. Typically, new and innovative things may break rules so if you organization consists of red tape totalitarians, they may see such intelligent innovation as a threat.

      It might also be that higher intelligence tracks to docility

      In England, I believe that this is on the money. Most very smart people (also those who are highly credentialed) often are very docile and most notably, quite cowardly.

      • In England, I believe that this is on the money.”
        Probably something to do with those 300,000+ non-docile very smart people from England who are currently residing in war graves in France and the lowlands. It always comes back to the genetics, guys. If you kill off your prime breeding stock, you get sub-prime progeny.

    • All of this makes me think of Sears and Amazon. Sears could have been Amazon so easily. They just weren’t as smart as Bezos.

      • Sears was a victim of its history. They never could switch from paper catalogs and USPS to internet web browsers and UPS. Amazon had no such baggage. Creative destruction at its finest.

    • Work itself has evolved in GloboCorp, from complex problem solving, to basically filling in the boxes. It is a function of calibrating the tasks to the capabilities of the people tasked to fill in those boxes. Then you have management following everyone around, making sure all the boxes are filled in properly. The smart ones, instead of solving real problems, are devising new matrices of boxes that can more effectively capture market share, cash flow, and profits. This is all based on “consumer satisfaction” and “customer capture”, and success is measured by the scores on these metrics. It is a recipe for success in a system operated by mediocrities, pitching to mediocrities. It is why there are three gazillion varieties of small silver and grey SUV’s, all built and sold in order to capture that last tenth of one percent of market share. Middlemaning gone wild. It accommodates all the employees, all the customers, and raises Yelp reviews to the driver of corporate success. That’s the system we are pushing back against. What could possibly go wrong?

      • The post-economy economy.
        It isn’t about “number of widgets in inventory” anymore.

        Perhaps ‘the post-reality’ economy would be more accurate.

        How do we measure such a thing? Political science?

        • Some good points above. The USA, the West, have largely lost the ability to make widgets. As luck would have it, we can import widgets from China, as long as we are on good terms and the world still accepts our paper. The widgets aren’t quite up to the quality that America made at her best, but they are a lot cheaper so we really have no right to complain. Besides, nobody knows how to make widgets here any more. They don’t teach how in trade schools any more. Fortunately, we have an abundance of highly degreed people who can lecture us, can write books, about how patriarchal the widget companies were, how racist their hiring, and how exploitative of the worker and callous to the environmental damage caused. But nobody will be able to make a widget, or even import one, when we will need one. Mental midgets can’t make widgets.

      • At the end of the day the work must get done, that’s my sweet spot.

        I’ve ignored all but the important fill in the boxes for years.

        I’m basically a pleasant, helpful and get it done Dick, but it gets done.

    • That’s not a bad speculation. Dutton writes and talks about true genius as pretty anti-social and are loners in the main. I know the universities have efforts to bring in these types. They are set up with resources and few responsibilities other than to pursue whatever bug up the ass they may have and once in awhile be trotted out for publicity purposes.

      The hope of course is that they will in the end bring prestige to the organization that the typical faculty member can not. Often, they already come with a Nobel under their belt. Sometimes, not, but are “in line” for one. Of course, there’s risk. My former university spent no small amount on a guy who *one* year before he got the Nobel, moved to a rival university, thereby giving them the credit for his work, which we had sponsored for years. 😉

  40. The rise of the mediocre pretty much tracks withe expansion of voting rights. The problem with democracy is that most people are unwilling or unable to consider secondary and tertiary consequences, as well as unintended consequences, to decisions that they make. Conversely, wise people consider short and long term consequences, intended and unintended consequences, and the costs and benefits of a decision. Consequently, giving a larger number of dumb people a voice in running things has led to the reduction of social discipline, most notably in education and health care, since most dumb people hate being disciplined in behavior and thus have removed the limits and demands placed on them to their own detriment. Most people aren’t capable of ruling themselves wisely, and therefore should have little say in their governance.

  41. Dysgenics play a role here too. As far as I can tell, liberal whites have a fertility below 1, when you go to the city there are all kinds of childless empowered wimmin and soy men. Or maybe they have 1 kid in their mid 30s.

    Christian and rural whites are close to replacement. This makes a big difference over time.

    White liberals are the higher IQ ones, but they’re also fucking insane and don’t reproduce in 2020, so at the end of the day conservative whites are smarter.

    • As far as I can tell, liberal whites have a fertility below 1, when you go to the city there are all kinds of childless empowered wimmin and soy men.

      I must say I find this to be true from the sample set available to me. Each time I used to be confronted by a leftist soyite, if they riled me to anger, I used to think ‘Yes, but they have no kids… they don’t want kids’.

      This makes a big difference over time.

      I just wish old time would hurry along.

    • My neighbor is early 40’s single mom. College-educated yoga teacher that lives off of an inheritance and occasional child support from “deadbeat” babydaddy who stocks shelves at local grocery store and who was too “abusive” to have around anymore but not so much as to prevent a pregnancy at 39.5 after ten years of abusive cohabitation.

      She was beaming the other day as she showed me a video of her two year old son saying “down with the patriarchy!”, no doubt posted to her socials reaping many likes. She said she also taught her nephew the same. She has no shortage of friends, all just variations of her. The TDS is also strong in her, which goes without saying, which also says a lot. So yeah, it all needs to collapse now because weak men have made feral women into sacred cows.

      • I am Faceberg friends with a goodwhite woman I grew up with.

        She lives in a Libtard Whitopia.

        She has two sons with her husband.

        She regularly crows how she is indoctrinating them with critical race theory.

        I want to tell her that joggers will Rob and murder her sons before they graduate high school.

        • I ended a long-term, heading for marriage relationship when I realized my good white partner would force my children to hate me with that garbage. Watching her interact with her father and the latent (and not so latent) disrespect she had for him because he was male was enough for me to bolt once I sat and was honest with myself about what I was witnessing. Trying to find another long-term partner who I do not have the same concerns about has been troubling to say the least. The fears are real.

          • Grateful to hear you got out in time. Smart man to watch how she interacts with her father, although sometimes it’s in response to the father being weak and letting his wife rule the roost – then the disrespect is warranted. Find a girlfriend who doesn’t constantly push back against your leadership even in the small things. There are still some out there – best of luck.

          • This time I did. Previous Valley wife was a year into our marriage when she decided she was going to become a full time gamer to fight the patriarchy, or something. Needless to say we did not last long after I refused to stop calling her out for this complete 180 degree change from our dating and engagement where she couldn’t stand to be in a room with a lib. Which leads to my anecdotal conclusion that most of these lib woman are sociopaths at best.

          • I too had a goodwhite fiancée.

            I watched her try to MeToo a young man similar to myself.

            She tried to MeToo me when I grabbed the eject handle after many red flags were flown.

            No regrets about leaving her.

        • I would equally blame the idiot male who chose to marry and procreate with the harridan. Pump and dump if you must, but don’t choose disrespectful and entitled wahmen to bear your sons.

        • And to think these lunatics bitch endlessly about Biblical guidelines.

          Worse yet, they dream of teaching the rest of us, willing or not.

      • That poor little boy. We can hope that he’ll wake up one day to the damage that his mom did to him. Statistically, it’s not likely he will.

      • >>College-educated yoga teacher that lives off of an inheritance<<

        Good God. This is the reason Colorado turned from solid red to solid blue within one decade from arriving trust-funders. If we could just keep them on the coasts but as one can see the dysgenia is spreading into the heartland. I hate to sound like a commie but it’s a good case for a steep inheritance tax.

        • You’re speaking to my heart, directly. First, had friends flee to CO specifically because it was red. We’ve been saying for years I would join them. Now we’re wondering what would the point be? Second, the branch of my family that wound up with a sizeable inheritance absolutely has made me rethink views on inheritance. I am not proud of that either, because its not like the government is going to use it any better, but yikes. Truly props up their BS lib lifestyle.

          • If you inherit from them use the funds to create a large healthy white family for yourself. Or use it to help Our People in whatever way you see fit. Some would argue that is fruit if the poisonous tree. I’d say it is righting the ship.

          • I get the impression that a lot of our current problems are due to the fact that there are large amounts of wealth out there that were accumulated decades ago while very little innovation or wealth creation is going on currently. It’s probably why the idea of putting an entire society under house arrest wasn’t immediately laughed out of polite society. People eager to build their own wealth wouldn’t have tolerated it. If you just live on a trust fund anyway it doesn’t matter much if everything is shut down. Then add in all the people who had low paying shit jobs anyway and were able to get paid to sit at home and play video games and you’ve got a sizeable group willing to LARP about a horrible pandemic for months on end. Once those people are forced to go back to work and can’t find any you’ll see some anger rising.

          • Yes, the problem of welfare discouraging work of the poor, can be broadened to include the trustafarians, or even the retired. From one point of view, if you are able bodied and not working, you are not pulling your weight and are surplus. Having large numbers of such people is a “luxury” that over long periods of time is probably unsustainable. To be fair, of course many of these people do give something back perhaps volutunteering or helping care for family. It’s hardly a new problem. I’m reminded by Voltaire describing how in 18th century, virtually all of France’s taxes were paid by the poor farmers. The nobles, the Church, lived off their rents. This was a contributor to Le Revolution eventually. History tends to move in cycles. My guess is we are still at the happy locusts feeding on the crops stage…

        • Happens to be CO. Libertarians, good whites, easy living, and thick insulation from the immediacy of multi-culti diversity tolls primed the pump to blue. Also a really feminized population in the urban centers. I actually came from CA and was surprised at how soft and ghey the males are here as well as how hard and aggressive the women are. At least in the front range. For a good example of this, take up rock climbing. Makes sense that the state bird is the colorado yellow-bellied cuck.

          • Screwtape, similar experience but different result. Figured a battleground state was less likely to get carpet bombed with diversity imports like more rural northwestern areas (you’ll notice the Enemy understands you don’t defecate where you eat), and where you can do some good. You should get out of the Dvr-Bldr corridor, maybe? Moving from the pit of Sodom to frontrange was a magical experience of seeing women who look like women and men who look like men. Blondes that didn’t come out of a bottle. Yts that not just look, but act yt. Sure, there are too many tatted up divorcees and blue hairs, and maybe my expectations had simply atrophied so low that I’m over-perceiving, but it is still worth fighting for here, and there’s still a chance here.

          • Well ER, I managed to get out of the DEN/Boulder metroplex to a more sane county and smaller city this past spring. Much better but not by as much as I had hoped. After seeing my home states in the PNW and CA go full retard I see the same red tide here. There is still some high ground but economics are an issue. The plandemic has of course amplified the issues of shitlib State governments pissing down county and other considerations vis a vis feverish shitlib proximity in general as well. Then there is the recent election where CO went hard Biden. This after going hard Hillary. Suicidal and/or dumb. Either way long term is suspect. So I am spending a lot of time looking for my next move. Have a great lady who is all in so no issues there. But sorting the various trade-offs in income and “quality of life” considerations that is seemingly tied to affordable locales is a tough one. There is a nationwide land grab underway and unless you are income mobile or a trustfunder or pensioner it is a jam. I am none of the above and aside from maybe punching people in the throat my skills are urban clownworld nonsense in a decaying orbit of an aging pale male.

          • I’m a non-native myself. Moved from Texas but originally came from the South (TX is not the South). But I married a Colorado native so it would be hard to leave. Maybe move out of the blue county we’re in to a red county. There are too many spear administrators moving in here for comfort so we have to do it before long.

        • If they lose daddy’s largesse in the form of inheritance, they’ll just vote themselves largesse from society. Ever notice the moonshot increase in social programs post-sufferage?

          • But what is “society?” If there are too many rocks in the bag, then the bag has to spring a few holes for the mediocrities to continue the carry. Everybody pretends that the bag is hole-free and then the rocks litter up the landscape with all the homeless rocks. The beautiful cats start stubbing their toes on all the rocks lying around and complaining about the “greatest country in the history of the world.” Meanwhile, the rocks are oblivious.

          • I prefer the “barnacles on the ship” analogy. Every so often the ship must be dry docked and the barnacles scraped off.

        • Nah, wealth tax, not inheritance tax. No one needs to have literally more money than they can count; history shows it never ends well for society.
          And no, Colorado is failing because the local GOPe loves nothing more than slathering on the KY and grabbing their own ankles for the Polis Pole. They are the epitome of “muh principals” and “reaching across the aisle.” Stapleton and Gardner make Lindsay-Whimsy Graham look like John Wayne. This election was extremely frustrating.

          • Nah, wealth tax, not inheritance tax.”

            And make ALL income equal, not segregated into patronage categories like ‘passive’ so the Kapitalist rich can’t buy a take over.

            of course, if we could enforce our will, we’d get rid of the income tax entirely.
            1913 is when we were nuked.

          • If you think making me poor will make your life better, you are sorely mistaken. Commies and socialists have been coming at this problem with the same ass-backward approach for more than a century.

      • She’ll be registering her two year old for transition in a few years. These women need to be terminated.

        • Sadly chances are. These people are sick. And yet these are the heroes of the dominant culture.

          The war on boys is real. Destroying a couple of generations of men in the cradle is going to bring the inheritance that we really should be most worried about.

          There are many ways to “dumb-down” a people. Stunting the testosterone-fueled generative potential of entire generations cannot be underestimated.

          Sure, they all won’t be stem coders or whatever the latest hardon for IQ proxy is, but God’s gifts to man are as infinite as his love. These boys are being abused into keeping their light behind the bushel, as the old song goes, and the impact will be immeasurable.

          Its hard not to get biblical with these things, women, gardens and snakes and whatnot. And I’m a mediocre Christian at best. But when moms telling their boys how to embrace becoming enslaved to an evil ideology is lauded as progress, a dark reckoning as you propose doesn’t seem to far fetched – or overreaching.

      • No appreciation for the patriarchy of her ancestors that provided the inheritance that allows her sit on her ass all day a pretend that she “works” as a yoga instructor.

          • Undoubtedly. But I have noticed that a psychology or urban planning degree seem to be requirements for all baristas. There must be a special class in those fields that teach you to pour hot liquids and push the “froth” button.

          • It’s a supply and demand problem. Degreed folk—especially in faux study fields—are in over supply and as cheap as non degreed folk. Their degree is a proxy for a type of complacent behavior which tells the employer they can be depended upon to do as told and arrive on time for work, perhaps have some numerical and verbal skills—and of course the work required can be taught to a monkey, so that’s no problem.

            Used to be the other way around, if you had a degree, an employer would turn you down for a job that did not require such as he had good reason to suspect you’d be gone as soon as a suitable alternative White collar position opened up.

            Heck, I even remember being turned down for White collar positions and told such directly. Luckily, there at least was the university scam to retreat to.

          • “People with sleeve tattoos used to make me scared. Now they make me lattes.” Forget where I heard that one…

          • So many tattoos these days. You have to learn to read them. Is the guy bearing the gadsden snake or kitschy 50s art? Viking iconography and military tattoos or nihilistic imagery and Buddhist crap. It’s like a road map to a person’s belief system once you look. Some hate them. I don’t. I enjoy watching folks and trying to figure them out.

      • Maybe. Plausible that many don’t have what it takes to overcome their education.

        OTOH I know a lot formerly-liberal hard righties who are quite intelligent.

      • Liberal/woke attitudes should be thought of as the modern equivalent of the foppish clothes that the Dandies of an earlier age wore, totally impractical for any kind of work, which was the whole point. Liberal attitudes state clearly that, ” I don’t have to deal with those people in my day to day life”.

        • OMG. I wondered how the truly outlandish freaks made a living.

          The point of such display is- they don’t have to!

          Freak is the new status symbol.

          This does not bode well. This does not bode well at all.

      • High intelligence does not imply common sense. In fact, it may be true that mental illness is more common in the brilliant. Ted Kacyznski, for example.

    • The quality of the sperm and egg go down as one ages

      If you want the best and healthiest children, you start having them when young and you build a society to help young parents make it through. Which is how we did it for centuries. And it worked pretty darn well, no?

      • Too well, it seems. But is there a better way? I can’t think of one off the top of my head.

        Just our luck to witness the destruction/renewal part of it.

        • I think the only way is getting back to basics and that means forming tight knit communities and where extended families live close by

          We have tried everything else and doesn’t work

        • As Falcone says, the non-dispersal of families by keeping them in a community is key. Raising younguns without family is much harder. There are other hidden obstacles, too, such as car seat laws. Unless you planned it out years ago to have a family, you’re limited to 2 kids in car seats (which is 12 years old generally) at a time unless you’ve got a spare $40,000 floating around to buy a new minivan or large SUV. Suburbans cost $60,000 plus these days…
          But we simply need progenic policies back. The current tax benefits per child are a joke unless you are a single mother living on welfare. The $3500 deduction doesn’t even cover the increase in health insurance premiums that middle class and up white couples pay to bump up to “family” coverage. Meaningful and substantial tax and other breaks for starting and expanding families (with restrictions for necessary elements, such as non-felons, married cohabitating couple living in a detached SFH) is key to regaining lost ground, coupled with reduced benefits for a two-earner household. This has been tried successfully in other countries such as Russia and Germany.

          • Give me a break. Our ancestors regularly were starving in their 200 sq ft cabin, and had 10-15 kids. They lived on a GDP per capita about a tenth of ours today. People don’t want to sacrifice anything if it means less Marvel, less vacations or a lack of a new car every 5 years. This society is spoiled rotten and people are addicted to consumerist crap.
            And those policies haven’t worked. Europe, with all those policies, has a far below replacement TFR. Russia has a TFR far below replacement, as does Germany- far below even the sub 2 United States.
            We have a spiritual and meaning problem, and all people can do is give us materialistic answers and tinkering with economics.

      • The solution, like so many solutions, can be found in tradition.

        Return the age laws back to what they were, let girls be girls. Make puberty legal again.

        In Granma’s day, you were an “old maid” if you weren’t married by 18.

        Married 14 year olds were common. Sixteen year olds married, working, and traveling was a norm even as recently as the 60s.

        The Dick Van Dyke show had an episode where his wife revealed that she had lied on their marriage certificate, that she had really been 15, not the legal 16. (His reply: he choked, sputtering “Fif…fif…ahem!”)

        • Short version: people knew and expected that girls became fertile, and built a whole society to accommodate that fact.

          Now, we try try to make the girls into men, and wonder at the poor results.

      • And our country isn’t doing this? It’s my understanding that many urban high schools, even middle schools, have day care services. We certainly have the “having them while young” down pat. Building a stable society looks like a tough sell… 😡

        • If our country was going something even remotely like this we’d be growing our numbers

          I don’t find Laquisha getting her free childcare in the public schools to be anything close to what our ancestors did to promote and sustain a healthy and growing population

    • Eh, you’re buying their narrative in part there, my man. There’s a sweet spot on the IQ curve for liberals, around 105-115. Typical college educated MC/UMC. Smart enough to convince themselves they are smarter than everyone else, but not smart enough to figure out they’re wrong about that. Dunning-Krueger, in other words. “Midwits” per some. “Above average,” but short of “gifted.” Once you get up to the part of the tail that looks flat at normal resolution, it’s all libertarian spergs and the hard right.

    • Amy Coney Barrett 5
      Elena Kagan 0

      Bill Clinton 3
      Mitt Romney 18

      Michelle Duggar 19
      Sandra Fluke 0

      Donald Trump 5
      Hillary Clinton 1

      further scores available on request

    • Idiocracy.

      Thing is, even with “perfect” citizens, the Constitutional Republic was never designed to be infinitely scaleable. At some point, it became too big, and it’s been ad-hoc fixes ever since.

      No “serious” person wants to discuss a peaceful parting of the ways between groups of states. No, instead the thought is lets crank it up to 11 and bring in a billion people..because we’re a big country, right?


    • No, we don’t… but Nature does. We will all be sitting down with Darwin and Murphy when the current order goes into collapse. Wars are an excellent way of culling populations… and Lefty will have legions of expendable cannon fodder to be dealt with.

      • “excellent”- that’s like saying forest fires are an excellent way of clearing deadwood.

        The great battle to come will be who controls the forest husbandry program.

        • that’s like saying forest fires are an excellent way of clearing deadwood.

          Actually, they kinda are. Kali’s recurrent problems with wildfires is a direct result of their failure to clean out the brush. Keep enough tinder lying around and sooner or later you’re gonna have a wildfire. Also, wildfires are nature’s way of returning nutrients to the soil. Nature does a lot of stuff we humans don’t fancy.

    • Methinks the globalist elites know all this. Methinks the covid was a dry run? (Methinks too much, heh heh.)

    • Neither. The rule of the mediocrities will produce a civilization crash which will effect a culling of disgenic lines. One bright spot is that mud-slimes will suffer disproportionately. (heh, heh) Currently no mud-slime nation feeds itself (something about being stuck in the 7th century keeps ’em from it) so when the global transportation web collapses those bastards are gonna STARVE! Damned skippy. Too good for ’em in my book.

  42. The tragedy of human societies is we have never figured out how to keep dysgenic people from reproducing. As societies flourish, people are more insulated from the realities of nature, and weak, parasitic people learn how to take resources from a society and reproduce more people like themselves, or indoctrinate their genetically more gifted peers through mass social shaming. What they lack in intellect they make up for in bulk.
    There is a plausible theory that Britain became civilized because they executed so many of the low IQ, high impulse people over centuries. Taking this queue, as societies become more advanced, the difficulty of living in such a society and reproducing should get harder, not easier. Today it’s the opposite, largely thanks to misplaced empathy.

    • I had a similar reaction. The two long-term solutions to the problem ably set forth by the Z-man are eugenics and restoration of patriarchy. Unfortunately, there will have to be a collapse of the present society, with lots of hardship and loss of life, before those solutions will assert themselves.

        • “Nature is above morality”- that’s my religious foundation, because it was told to me by a dead man, who was telling me about the Other Side.

          A tough nut to crack. It would be easier if I had a guide that dealt with more immediate, practical conditions, like other people.

          • It is a tough one, because nature has laws. Or probabilities if I remember my physics education correctly.

            There’s a chance, though impossibly small, if you let go of a marble you’re holding, it’ll do something other than fall. It won’t do that, of course, but you have to account for it or the equations won’t work. Or something like that, it’s been a long time.

            Too much for me. I accept the mystery of it.

          • You’ll do better in life, believe me, I know. It’s so hard to focus on the real world because it’s so… transient.

            Even my endless shortcomings are unimportant. Abysmal failure is my most outstanding feature- yet I am ever, eternally grateful just to have this chance.

          • Science shook my faith. Then unknowable unknowns shook my faith in science. Then 10 years of quasi-atheism and failure and existential loneliness. One aimless morning I woke up and wondered why I woke up, not expecting to figure it out, and it occurred to me it was because I was supposed to. It wasn’t my choice to make, and why should I question it?

            Everybody’s on their journey. I had to hit a bottom of sorts, because I guess I had a big ego that needed to be humbled. (Still do but at least I’m aware of it now.) Maybe there are more bottoms in the future. The big things are out of my hands. My friendly two cents is ask but don’t expect an answer. You never know what’ll happen.

            Anyway, good luck.

          • I have not heard that one. I recall one science book gave this example: Assume you are in an enclosed room right now. There is a finite chance that all the air molecules will randomly migrate to one side of the room, leaving you to asphyxiate. Of course, the odds of that happening are really, really, remote 🙂

          • Yeah it was definitely quantum mechanics. Subatomic particles and all, you had to account for the possibility they behave in strange and unexpected ways. Even ways you can’t conceive of, if I remember. Probability being the point of it.

            The marble would be the accumulation of all these probabilities— effectively impossible to behave other than what you’d expect— yet there had to be some uncertainty to it or the model didn’t work.

            So I’m studying the laws of the universe and I’m having to deal with unknowable unknowns, and that struck me as the antithesis of all I’d been taught about science and knowledge up to that point. It was very disillusioning.

            But again, as hard as that hit me and as confident I am that I’m remembering it fairly accurately, it depends on my memory. It’s possible I’m full of it, but it was my best subject in college 🙂

    • This is one of the reasons I’ve always been a fan of the space program. There won’t be much use for the weak and parasitic on Mars or the Moon, probably for decades or centuries you’ll need to be a highly trained specialist to even book the trip. Any affirmative action hires would likely quickly Darwin themselves out the gene pool.

      I figure space will provide the last great filter, in the way oceans used to on earth. Of course, the question is whether we can develop the technology to make colonization viable before we’re overwhelmed with our Marching Morons.

      • Fascist space colonization program. Mars forced breeding program.

        Once the colony is set up no more shuttles are allowed and the brown masses will starve by the billions.

        Space is the white man’s next domain and I would love to see us try it.

        • Assuming we are still “White enough” to solve some of the more pesky problems of interstellar flight. Otherwise, we’ll never leave the earth—colony-wise.

          • We had our chance. Given that abundant fossil fuels will never be abundant again, this timeline never made it out.

          • Drink much cool-aide? The best evidence is that petroleum is NOT a “fossil fuel” (such as coal) at all but is the result of ongoing processes deep within the crust. I always wondered how so damned much organic material wound up miles under the surface in the first place.

          • True that. We already do not have the expertise needed to build an F1 rocket engine (first stage engines for the Saturn V booster) even though we have all the original blueprints.

      • space will provide the last great filter, in the way oceans used to on earth.”

        Arrogant, as a kid of the Apollo Age, that is one of the most profound thoughts I’ve ever seen.

        This is all pressure to make us flee the nest.

      • Escape into space to avoid a poisoned Earth is a perinneal SF narrative, just a tarted-up version of Noah’s Ark story, when you think about it. Sometimes it is the riff-raff shipped off, space age version of the penal colony. Technologically, any realistic colonization of space of any type is a pipe dream. And, even if we magically got Star Trek like technology, we have that old problem of human nature. Does anyone honestly believe that humans would do any better, say, if they colonized a suitable planet in another star system? Of course not. You cannot escape your nature. At best, you can learn to manage it, to allow for its ideosyncrasies.

      • You assume the cucks and Karens – mediocrities – will even allow there to BE a “Mars Program”. Their kind cannot understand the need for a horizon and people to explore what lies beyond it. They do not understand what naturally happens to a culture in a petri dish. We were supposed to have had colonies on Luna and Mars by now but a mediocrity called by some “Tricky Dick” killed the space program. He would’ve cut the Apollo program back further but too much was already too far in the pipeline to economically cut it. He had to be satisfied with cutting what he could. Nixon was a small man; the very definition of a mediocrity, a beta with delusions of alpha-hood. Bad as Nixon was, I suspect that Hubert H. Humphrey would have been worse. And George Wallace – Brrrrrr. Doesn’t bear thinking about. In 72 I don’t even want to consider what McGovern would have done to NASA and suchlike. Progs admit of no horizon and thus nothing over it.

    • Of course, one issue is that as a society becomes more inbred, it becomes more dysgenic, so weeding out the dumb ones from society and leaving the smart ones to breed results in…more dumb people.

      • Nature has no more Reason than an avalanche or tidal wave.

        We do, it is our burden and our joy.
        And of all the peoples, the Whites have the greatest amount- our burden, and our joy.

        • Nature has its reasons for doing what it does, especially if one adheres to evolutionary theory.

          Or better word I should have used, Nature has a “purpose” for doing what it does. That purpose is obviously to keep the species alive and functioning. And to that end stupid people are a part of the species for a purpose.

    • Execution explains criminality reduction primarily (IIRC). Good reference here is, “The Better Angels of Our Nature”, by Steven Pinker.
      The rich outbred the poor—at least to the effect of having more surviving offspring. Being “rich” used as a proxy for IQ. The classic book to read on this, “The Son Also Rises” by Gregory Clark.

    • Yes, I have read that hypothesis elsewhere. It certainly is plausible. Britain for a time hung (nay, “hanged”, I beg thee, forgive my wayward grammar) men for what we’d consider minor crimes today — stealing, petty theft, I’d guess minor assaults and such. Hell, we don’t even make those offenders post bond in a lot of cases. To the extent that crime may have a genetic element, this Draconian policy certainly culled the gene pool.
      When Man won’t do the job (Eugenics by any name), then Nature will do the culling. Ironically in true stone age conditions, high intelligence was actually dysgenic because a brain can be “too big” and in evolutionary terms, they are expensive. Evolution demands optimization, and the brain only needs to be big enough to deal with the typical environment. In ancient, and apparently, modern Africa, being too intelligent may actually be maladaptive to survival. Thus sayeth Fuerle (Erectus Walks Amongs Us). Sounds plausible, even in modern society. Let’s face it: by and large, it’s not PhD’s running around selling drugs, burning down buildings, robbing people and shooting each other.

      • I have maintained for years that if high intelligence were survival positive it wouldn’t be so rare.

    • All that means is that evolution is not operative in civilized societies. Our species ceased to evolve when we created civilization. Dysgenics = DE-evolution. Heaven help our species because mother nature sure as shit won’t.

      Of course when our current civilization falls and a new dark age descends, there will be a little time for evolution to occur. Or at least for some of the really unfit lines to die out. I especially like the outlook for the “Islamic world”. Currently NO MUD-SLIME NATION feeds itself. Once the global transportation network crashes mud-slimes are gonna starve en masse! I expect future historians to refer to the immediate post-fall times as the “Great Culling”. Mud-slimes – as a people – are rightly considered “culls” (reference the Duke’s line in “McLintock!”).

  43. Increasingly in social media the “smart” women let you know they are just that. Always with a Dr. or Phd. with their name.
    Useful and reasonably intelligent people are having their noses rubbed in it from their mediocre or AA hired betters. Usually it’s the boss or the government overlord you have to submit to that drives one to despair at the unfairness of it all. I deal with all the time, like many here and muse that those clowns make way more than me and live nice upper middle class lives. And for what?

      • That is a classic. It is a great example of Mediocre Man. Everyone involved just assumed they were right, because they are the smartest people they know, so no one checked her work. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” ― Bertrand Russel

        • The craziest part is it would have been easily found by anyone who spent ten minutes looking at the source. Sure, “Death Recorded” was misleading, but was still well-defined what it meant to anyone who bothered to look.
          And these same schmucks want us all to believe peer review means anything other than gatekeeping.

        • Yeats said it better
          “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

          If I weren’t such a lazy bastard I’d look it up rather than just assume that Yeats was first.

      • “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of the night.” – A.G.

      • Anybody who expects this to affect sales of Wolf’s book (OR its use to support progressive causes) is invited to bid on one or more parcels of that choice bottom land I am offering a scant 5 miles from beautiful downtown South Padre Island, Texas. Cash only, please and in small, unmarked bills.

    • I pointed out to a feminist the other day that women will not achieve equality with men until they quit childishly pointing out every “She is the first woman to . . . ” This was pursuant to her yodeling about Kamala Taturk being the first elected female vice-president. I don’t recall a response.

      • Just remember that great legal mind Amy Comey Barrett
        said in the grilling that anything boys can do, girls can do better.

        • Brings to mind the smug ‘Ginger Rodgers did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in heals.’ Well he was still leading wasn’t he?

          • Anyone who says that hasn’t really watched the Astaire/Rogers movies. Besides, what I wouldn’t give for a culture full of Ginger Rogers, instead of the Harpies currently despoiling our peace and leisure.

        • My present work project deals with architectural monographs. Looking at these books, I am truly astonished by the lack of noteworthy female architects. Must be the fault of the Patriarchy…

          • Julia Morgan made some good use of the art nouveau movement incorporated into Victorian architecture. Just dont look at Hearst’s Castle. It’s an abortion of style. Then again, she was either kowtowing to a narcissist or just plain greedy. Hearst was a philistine in every sense of the word.

        • Amy said that? Well, that disappoints me greatly. Must have been angling for the Susan Collins vote. Fat lot of good that did.

      • I can’t wait to read the histories that will be written after we finally get our own version of Sharia law – “Kate Brown was the LAST female governor of Oregon. Allahu akbar!”

      • As a formula for war and conquest Islam has only perhaps a near peer in Communism.

        We would be wise to learn from this enemy, truly much to teach us. For example; HALAL. It means “that which you can take.” It means loot, and Booty, pillage. For a more precise formula;

        “All that is Woke is Halal.”

        And we take it.

        This would require adopting other facets and pillars of Islam- I don’t mean the faith. I mean The War. Much to admire; they consider Shirking a mortal sin.

        Truly, they may have shown us the way. They certainly showed a generation of soldiers.

        Happy Veterans Day, Brothers if any are reading.

    • Had an AA Jogger Nurse Practitioner damned near kill me (well, let me die) back in ’10. She saw some very troubling stuff in my bloodwork and didn’t say a damned word. I had to be seen for something else and this time drew a P.A. (white) who looked at my records and asked me if I was aware of some very troubling results in my last bloodwork. I naturally answered in the negative. She referred me to the actual Doctor who took one look at the bloodwork and started ordering more tests including an ultrasound of my liver. After the test results came back he gave me the long face and mumbled something about my “greatly reduced” lifespan. Then he referred me to a “Hepatologist” (liver specialist – not to be confused with “Herpatologist” which is a specialist in politicians) who ultimately pronounced me suffering from “autoimmune hepatitis”. AH is pretty much invariably fatal although the symptoms can be treated to improve quality of life. Somehow it went into remission and I am still around to make trouble. Had I not been seen by that (white) P.A. I would likely simply died without ever knowing why or from what.

  44. Women who volunteered in the community and kept a good house now run the nation’s human resource departments.

    Heh. I’m feeling that heat right now. They should have just stayed at home, instead I must navigate the daily terrain of emotion, crying, gossiping and the like.

    • If you want to see a progressive short-circuit, point out that women’s liberation has led to overall female happiness dropping sharply and 20% being on antidepressants.

      • To their minds, this is progress. It is a safer world with far more care for the precious darlings. Plenty of the women I have worked with just seemed like they were pretending to like work. They’d bought it hook, line and sinker: that you must be passionate about your work. When the sham is revealed, it can be crushing to them.

        • I can literally smell the boxed wine, xanax, depression, hollowness, and kitty litter (maybe BPD for good measure) when dealing with these corporate drones. There is no such thing as a career man – man’s duty is to have a career, and there’s also no such thing as a career woman.

          Sometimes it sucks being redpilled, as a normie it was nice not being “aware” of things like female dynamics and the harsh realities of life. I read people too well now.

          • The best way to show that you’re one of those enthusiastic woman-haters who came to our movement from the manosphere is by using “BPD” instead of “borderline”.
            Borderline personality disorder is nothing new, and people were talking about it long before any of the mid-IQs who read Roosh or Heartiste ever heard of the thing. They’re the only ones to use the abbreviation, however.

        • This whole Covid episode has revealed that most people prefer perceived safety above all else.

          These people wish they could crawl back into the womb.

          In lieu of that, they are fine with infinite chains and slavery from the State because they feel, “safe.”

      • Not to go all game but it turns out women are happier being feminine women, w masculine men to make them whole, than ‘womyn’ who are ‘men w ginas’. Nature had it right before ‘we’ started to think ‘we’ knew better. What a surprise…

        • In the 80’s, I worked in large office settings of mostly women, and nearly all of them just wanted to be home- with their kids, or trying for kids, or finding a man to have some kids with.

    • I think women’s propensities for petty tyranny come from their role of taking care of children.

      Women are basically evolved to scold, nag, and punish children all day, every day for many years. And that’s a good thing.

      But when this instinct is weaponized for political ends, it becomes an unbearable social toxin.

      • No. Trust me, that is not a good thing. It destroys childhoods and destroys marriages. Nagging and scolding are female vices, not virtues.

        • And old as time
          Proverbs 25:24
          It is better to live in a corner of the roof Than in a house shared with a contentious woman.

          • I once told an Aunt about mud-slime heaven being 72 virgins. She opined that eternity with 72 women didn’t sound much like heaven to her.

          • One verse compared a quarrelsome wife to the dripping of a leaky roof. One translation of Prov. 25:24 said that it was better to live on a corner of a roof than in a mansion with a quarrelsome wife. However you translate it the principle is clear. To my eternal dismay, when we first marriage I jokingly suggested to my wife (of 48 years, now) that I might – occasionally – need a bit of nagging. Unfortunately, she took it to heart and completely to seed. She has no idea when to nag and when to refrain. Somedays I understand (and envy) the furry critter which gnaws off its own leg. If only it were so simple.

      • Exactly, as their neurosis, which some manage to control but others let run free, was installed to help them perceive threats to their children. Quite useful in that context, but very disruptive at the office when triggered by every perceived slight in a competitive environment.

        • but very disruptive at the office when triggered by every perceived slight in a competitive environment.

          Ahem. I believe the term you’re looking for is ‘Strong Empowered & Independent Woman’.

          • Helen Reddy (or whoever wrote that piece of dog squat) has much to answer for… While there was a lot of good music in the 70’s, there was a whole bunch of crap as well, and that song was right up near the top.

          • I had a liberal white male friend who used to sing, “I am woman, hear me bitch, and I can’t even sew a stitch.” Even the liberal men know. Or at least knew.

          • According to the Wikipedia entry, “I Am Woman” was written by Australian musicians Helen Reddy and Ray Burton. Hope that bastard Burton got his just disserts for that monstrosity. No accounting for all the trouble he caused with that one “song”.

          • Do they still do productions of The Taming of the Shrew? I imagine your average young actress is so woke she’d convince herself she was acting out the female Holocaust.

          • Do they still do productions of “The Taming of the Shrew”?

            Probably not. WAY too politically incorrect for today’s times.

        • Female empowerment/liberation has played no small role in the infantilization of society. Je suis nursery school inmates.

    • Just took a new job. It turns out that, due to covid hysteria, the HR dept now gets to interrogate everyone who goes on vacation and is supposed to tell them whether they need to “quarantine” for 14 days when they get back. Of course it would never occur to me to be honest with these bitches about where I’m going but there are lots of sucks and soys here. I’m sure they will cooperate fully with this ridiculous policy and rat out anyone who is foolish enough to tell them where they’re really going. Another nail in the coffin of socializing with co-workers like they were normal human beings.

      • Don’t worry, they know where you’ve been.

        You do know they can track your cell phone, don’t you?

        You did read all 675 pages (As amended) of the latest employment contract, didn’t you?

      • If they’ll give you 14 days of mandatory sick or other paid leave, why not? Who cares about productivity and critical workers? Most workers poeple paid to be somewhere are decoration or diversity pawns. The bigger the corporate office, or the more government [contractor] the office is, the less essential is any randomly chosen worker.
        Actually, I know how the system really works: any organization, no matter how hard it tries to avoid it, will have a few positions that are truly critical. So much so HR is often backed into the proverbial corner and must hire the hated white male to fill the slot, preferably a temporary contractor or consutant, that helps minimize HR’s shame. And if that is the person who just came back from vacation, or even if he justed tested positive for COVID-19, he must come in and at least do the minimum to keep the shop runnning. He will be expected to wear a dust mask and to maintain social distancing, however.

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