The Dead Enders

When it comes to not getting it, there are few that can challenge the modern conservative for his obtuseness and proud indifference to the facts. For going on 30 years now, conservatives have refused to notice that America is rapidly changing in the exact opposite direction they predicted. That’s a remarkable run of wrongness that even the libertarians struggle to match. Whatever it once was, conservatism is now a fantasy camp of escapism, disconnected from reality.

A good example is this recent post on a once popular conservative website called National Review. The writer, like all so-called conservatives, is happily dreaming of the day when the terrible Donald Trump is sent packing. That’s when they can come out of hiding and everything will be put back to the way it was. The Janus Party, one face Democrat and one face Republican, will be back to the way it was before that mean old orange man stirred things up with his meanness.

The writer, like most so-called conservatives, has never thought too much about why Trump won in 2016 or why we have a crisis on our hands in 2020. Somewhere back in the 1990’s, after the end of the Cold War, they imagined what the world would be like in the future and reoriented themselves to it. They have not bothered to revisit that worldview since then. They have not thought much about why they instinctively embraced cosmopolitanism in the first place.

Like a long serving house slave, the conservative pundit never troubles his mind about his arrangements. The role of conservatism has always been the same as Dabny described a century ago. “Conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader.” This is a role the conservative was born into and he resents those who question those arrangements.

That is the atmosphere around conservatism these days. They hope this is finally the end of Trump and what he represents. Like that house slave after a revolt has been put down, they look forward to serving the master of the house again. In this case, it means they have that old 2012 postmortem out, thinking about how they can embrace the new diverse America. That has always been the hallmark of conservatism. They accept what the Left says about them at face value.

Of course, with any post from so-called conservatives, the first thing to do is hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard and start typing the word “immigration.” There are two hits, one for an ad and the other a mention about executive orders. The fact that immigration was what put Trump in the White House, or at least one of the things, has never registered with conservatives. Trump was the first candidate to speak frankly about the subject and it is what legitimized his campaign.

Immigration is also why the Republican Party is headed to permanent minority status in the very near future. Virginia is solidly Democrat because close to 15% of the population is foreign born. That’s the official number. North Carolina is following Virginia for the same reason. It now has an 8% foreign born population. Georgia is at 10% and will soon be a solidly Democrat state. Helping the Left import a new people was a bad idea, but conservatives never think about it.

A search on the words “race” and “white” yields a similar result. White people in America have been subjected to an unprecedented assault over the last year and this does not rate a single mention. Instead, it is blather about being the “party of Lincoln”, a phrase intended to tell the Left that conservatives will not be any trouble. Note too that Lincoln killed many of the ancestors of the GOP coalition. Peddling Lincolnism in the South is like selling Hitler memorabilia to Jews.

Now, the linked post does provide some insight as to why conservatism is a museum piece, sitting next to whiggism and the free silver movement. The writer makes the same call as other conservatives about the future of their thing. They need to be “a coalition of work and probity.” Later, he quotes Lincoln’s Independence Hall address to add authority to the claim. “In due time the weights should be lifted from the shoulders of all men, and that all should have an equal chance.”

Right there is why conservatism has never conserved anything. Probity requires honestly, which requires a sober minded acceptance of reality. To assert that there can ever be a world in which everyone has an equal chance is to deny the fundamental reality of the human condition. Nature does not distribute her gifts equally, so in the context of the social order, equality is a dangerous fantasy. Probity requires a frank acceptance of this reality of the human condition.

Obviously, in the mouth of the modern conservative, probity simply means adherence to the highest of ideals. In the context of modern American politics, that always means the ideals of the Left. Those are never questioned. As Dabny pointed out a century ago, conservative principles are always yesterday’s Progressive fad. When they say they seek to be the “party of Lincoln” that simply means they intend to be the party of whoever was the last Progressive icon.

Sadly though, conservatism does reflect the sentiments of white people, especially the older generations. Facing the promise of marginalization and possibly extermination, they seek to embrace those promising their demise. That slave’s mindset is so strong, no amount of beatings will break their loyalty to the master. In the case of whites and conservatives, the master is that 19th century radical dream of universal equality and fraternity between all men.

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264 thoughts on “The Dead Enders

  1. liberte, egalite, fraternite. bunch of satanic lies, pretty much. need the return of God, honor, fatherland.

  2. What does the Z Man think should happen next?
    Is the concept of ‘conservatism’ in America a lost cause? A dead end? What should replace it?

  3. The jews dumped all these scumbags on our doorstep. Send manufacturing to China, and bring in the beaners to crush Whitey. Fuck them, we create and maintain. Nothin works without us.

  4. The thing that amazed me most about the original print of THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS not only was the glowing reviews on the dust jacket, but where the accolades were published: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic. Just over two generations afterwards, those very same publications would dox and destroy anyone who offered kind words about the book. That, friends, is conservatism, even though the cited newspapers and magazines were left-wing publications even back then.

    Accelerating radicalism has made it difficult for True Conservatives to keep properly behind the curve. Publications such as National Review, hell, even the liberal New Republic for that matter, would love to be able to memory hole things they wrote even ten years ago. Even shadows are subject to the law of physics.

    Standing athwart, you say? How about trying being in the forefront? That’s not who we are!

  5. It wasn’t until I started listening and reading your work that I fully came to understand how I so fully bamboozled I was by these these guys for so many years.
    I started reading The National Review at age 8 0r so (late 50’s) because my father was charter subscriber. It was always stacked along with Time and Life.
    My first clue was Derbyshire

  6. “To assert that there can ever be a world in which everyone has an equal chance is to deny the fundamental reality of the human condition. Nature does not distribute her gifts equally, so in the context of the social order, equality is a dangerous fantasy.”

    This makes for one hell of a quote.

  7. Apropos of nothing, but funny: Here’s a piece in today’s Daily Mail that could be taken two ways.
    “Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed dismay Wednesday at the turnout in Los Angeles National Cemetery where veterans and certain eligible family members are buried.”
    It took me a moment to realize he was talking about Veteran’s Day, not the election just a week prior.

  8. Republicans- “we increased out vote share of (insert demo) from 36% to 39%!” In the meantime a million more of (insert demo) became naturalized. Are you gaining or losing ground? And if a party is that stupid, and that feckless, to a point where society is upended, should that party exist at all?

  9. Is anyone else verbally abusing pets and inanimate objects, or am I the only one having a weird week.

  10. O/T, a bit of breaking news, since 2020 has been The Year Where Nothing Happened:

    Israel is about to execute their strike on Iran, with UAE as the front base.

    It’ll be an airstrike on the IRGC HQ, a state-within-the-state. Apparently champagne corks were a’poppin’ in Tehran’s old wine country districts when Soleimani was capped, so this will be sold as a pro-democracy moment.

    Iran has one of the world’s largest missle arrays, but their massive South Pars gas field is nearing, but not quite, completion- so fuel and money will be their chokepoint.

    They’ll activate Hezbollah, but Israel has seen that before, and put Olmert and Lippy in jail for stopping Iz short.

    Russia is trying to wrap up Karabakh quickly, but may have their pants down as they back all sides- Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran- so Russian response status: unknown.

    The balloon might go up, while we’re being locked down because our holidays are to blame.

    The question is, will it be as Trump is going out, or when Biden is coming in? Who gets the “credit”?

    • Biden’s string pullers are whooping to make nice with Iran, probably planning to send another couple of 747 freighters loaded with pallets of unmarked hard currency bills. It would be no surprise if Israel took a preemptive whack at the Mullahs’ regime. Israel, unlike the USA, has its interests in mind at all times and doesn’t mind defending them.

  11. One point non-Marxists need to explicitly hammer commies on is that opposing free and fair elections is about the most un-American position there is.

    That holds if you believe that America is an actual nation, or if you just think it’s an, “idea.”

    So far I don’t see many making this point explicitly.

  12. Every age has it’s paradigm. The paradigm of the 1930’s was different from the 1980s which was different from the 2010’s. Politics generally doesn’t transcend paradigms, it follows them belatedly. Our current, very toxic paradigm, one in which Caitlyn Jenner would be nominated by the GOP if HE/she hit the right political notes, and would sashay onto the 2024 Convention Hall stage in a 1950’s cocktail dress, to the thunderous applause of the former Trumpians and evangelicals, will come to an ABRUPT end. And soon. They generally come to an end with either war or economic crisis, or a combination thereof.

    • *Caitlin Jenner, in a 1950’s cocktail dress*

      2055, in the ruins: “Hey look! I found a pin-up poster from the War!!”

      • That is a good meme of how times have changed in (nearly) fifty years. I had to google “Bruce Jenner” to find out when he was on the Wheaties box. 1976. Boy, have times changed.

  13. I work with a “Christian conservative” Boomer Trump supporter. A very good man, naive, but ultimately good. A little too good. He does missionary work that has opened his eyes to 3rd world socialism and corruption, but has also tainted his perceptions about the nature of immigrants. He’s in the “as long as it’s legal” camp.

    None of that bothers me. We share the same enemies and that’s what matters most.

    Nevertheless, I mentioned to him that while Trump may have gained votes from other demographics, he lost 5% of white men. He had incorrect rationalizations as to why white men would be more offended by Trump’s supposed white supremacy than black folks and jews. He agrees that Trump isn’t white supremacist, but he thinks that the media convinced a significant number of white men, and just white men, that he is.

    I brought up Trump’s pandering to blacks and argued that the small gains with blacks didn’t justify white men feeling taken for granted. He said if I’m correct that those men are “selfish”.

    The moment of truth came when I suggested that Trump talk a little about white male employment stats.

    my Boomer friend’s eyes got as big as saucers, his smile became a worried frown, and he exclaimed “OH NO HE CANT DO THAT!!”

    I have never seen anyone become so frightened by a thought that conflicted with his world view.

    I asked him why? He couldn’t give me a logical answer. Only a chuckle as he tucked his tail and sidestepped the entire thought.

    We have a lot of work cut out for us.

    • That’s why I was torn on Trump’s pandering to third world rabble: it seemed he did it to seal the deal with the boomer crowd that thinks the Coke commercial may yet come true.

      • I remember the commercial and sad to say I’ve begun to believe that demographics will likely make it come true in many cases. I have a college grad beauty queen mestiza dtr-in-law and three mestizo (totally white in appearance) grandchildren. She’s part Spanish, part Arab and part Guaraní, a dedicated mom of the sort that “white” (i.e. NW European) women once were. No tats, no piercings, doesn’t drink or smoke, says grace at the table, kids say prayers, anti-abort, children dressed well, polite, etc.). I suspect that white males with testosterone and common sense will now almost inevitably be drawn to such women. According to the publisher of Countercurrents (a sterile poof), however, my grandchildren are not “white”. Well, he won’t be having “white” children or grandchildren, so his opinion cuts no ice with me. Demographics is destiny, they say. Yep. And whether the workd learns to sing in perfect harmony or not, racial “purists” are increasingly likely to find themselves in danger of extinction, given that they barely breed at all.

    • That boomer (I’m a boomer myself) sounds like my former sis-in-law’s boomer “buttercup boy straight from the bunny school” (credit Sir-Miz-a-Lot) beta-male “companion”. This fellow lived with his mom until she died a few years back, but he still has her cats. He had to move out when the estate was probated, but he lives alone in a house bought with his share of the inheritance, which also provides his income. She (my almost lifelong pal) still works (but shares in the gilded NY Fed pension of my stepbrother, who ran off with his assistant) active in church, went to build orphanages in Haiti, etc., mother of two unlike sterile “companion”, but buys into the “narrative” 100%. Both dtrs are childless and will stay that way. I can do without the pop-‘n-fresh doughboy companion, but I love her and my “nieces” dearly and we never discuss politics among ourselves. It saddens me that the eunuch is the best she can do, because she’s a well-preserved, gracious and intelligent 71 yr old. Nevertheless, she lives in what amounts to a solidly umc enclave in which negros are routinely rousted if they appear there at night, but is unable to recognize the incongruity of her situation. Sigh.

    • The boomer christcucks are a huge detriment to our causes here yet they also make up a big chunk of the right white (big tent definition). I am a bit torn.

      Its like having that 7’ center who takes up a lot of space but is too soft to really own the paint and too slow to run the ball. Looks good coming off the bus but is just a poosy and so the rest of the guys gotta pick up fouls stepping into the lane to cover for his soft play.

      Its hard to say which is better for “winning” in the long run but I have personally had a lot more fun benching the big oafs and just running and gunning with scrappy undersized savages.

      In the end you know the other side is gonna dunk on you now and again regardless. Taking a loss for lack of size just feels better than getting beat because big man is dead weight.

      And when you do beat the bigger guys without the oaf in the middle you start to look at the game from a whole new perspective.

  14. On Instapundit, comments on the post

    MARCO RUBIO: The GOP is the working-class party now and needs to embrace it and rebrand.

    are trending heavily CivNat. The “Hispanics are natural conservatives” power is still strong. How many times can people take a kick to the balls and still believe the same lie? Jury is still out.

    On that thread, I post links to an old VDare article on the Sailer Strategy. It’s not that I think that can work — maybe 40 years ago it would have if implemented — but I want White people to read it and be exposed to the idea that they have racial interests.

    • Hispanics are natural fascists/strong men.

      They respect Big Man Trump.

      As soon as the GOP cucks and morons go in and start pandering the Hispanics will go right back to dems. Nobody likes a weak cuck except white weak cucks.

    • The thing would benefit working and middle-class Americans most is a tight labor market. Curtailing immigration and foreign work visas would help, as would eliminatimg programs like OPT which preference the hiring of foreigners over US citizens.

  15. I am seeing a bunch of assumptions here, by both the host and the commenters, that perhaps shouldn’t be assumed. The decline in the white majority over time is real, but we need to go a bit NAXALT too. This last election suggested that there are actually racial minorities and women who understand and vote our way (to the extent that voting for Trump is actually a step in our direction for Normie).

    Look at what your eyes and ears are telling you. The massive Trump crowds versus 10 people for Slow Joe. The fervor surrounding the orange guy. The way the vote consistently went our way in places not obviously rigged in their vote tabulations. Then start looking at all the ways the vote has indeed been rigged. Fake votes thrown in the local ballot boxes, 100k at a time or more. The way the voting machines “skew” the actual vote (the Dr. Shiva YT video is instructive). This stuff is nationwide and permeates the entire system. The question is not who votes and what they vote for, but who counts the vote and how the media squelch the truth 24/7. Not that I have any strategy for countering all this, but don’t blind yourself to the truth. As a side note, the Dr. Shiva video has an interesting angle. The two visible presenters are a dot-Indian registered independent, and a black guy registered Democrat. The subtext here is that they know Trump got screwed, and they are open about it, without actually saying it. There are a bunch of NAXALT allies of ours out there right now, who get it.

    Understanding that TPTB are comprehensively screwing us over, through the institutions, is a different understanding than that our “side” and sympathizers is not a huge majority, and that the things we believe are not universal, and that they don’t resonate with anyone but aware white males. Raw numbers and the truth of the matter are wholly on our side, and are not going away. But we are being gaslighted in our own way, to be made to believe that we represent some sort of minority viewpoint that only we can comprehend and understand. Ours is the place where people end up when they are honest with themselves.
    What to do with it? They are crushing us, day in and day out. We are not voting our way out of this, and they will come for us all, one by one and two by two, over time. We are captured in a moment in history that is a particularly ugly one, and I don’t see where the eagles come flying in from over the horizon, to create a happy ending. But that is a fundamentally different viewpoint than the one that we are all alone in this, or that most people, in their own way, don’t understand things as we do. We are all being gaslighted away from that understanding, and of that recognition of our raw numbers and fundamental understanding of what is right, that is universal and crosses over a lot of racial, gender, social, and economic boundaries. People get it. We are just divided, and the truth of our numbers and the universality of our understanding is obscured from our eyes. Don’t fall for what we are being sold, and don’t fall into the trap of selling the same lies to ourselves. Knowing this fixes nothing, but it clarifies things somewhat. We are on the right track, and we are not alone, but we still are going to be punished for it. Know that most people will not pile on, they get it, but the empowered dictatorial Leftist minority has all the juice now, so that’s how things will go for a while.
    Longest Z-man comment in history? OK, rant over.

    • To clarify, “conservatism”, as discussed by Z-man, is an arm of the Uniparty. It is the highly publicized view of a very small group of Romney Republicans. Most of us are not Uniparty, and are not part of the club. Don’t want to be. Never will be. The huge majorities are out here with us, not sitting inside at the Uniparty table, where they are carving out a fat hog on the carcass of our Republic.

    • The females and protected class Trump voters had thought they would benefit from a Trump victory by siding with him and openly embracing white supporters.

      Presupposing Trump lost and will step down, the females and protected class Trump voters will jump ship and align with the left. Just like Richard Spencer did. They will accept the massive election fraud and simply reposition themselves with the left. They will tout their vayjays and skin color.

      Protected class vote their own.

      And you must be a conservative or libertarian.

      • There are always people jumping on the latest bandwagon. But, bit by bit, people begin to realize that they are either sitting at the table, helping themselves to the spoils, or they are sitting outside in the cold. Economic and societal calamity is clarifying for that sort of thing. Spoils will be handed out EBT style, and participation certificates will be handed out to the wimmin and the POCs, but not all of them will buy what they are being sold. One of Trump’s tricks on TPTB was to show, in his rallies, that there are a lot of us, and not all of them are people jumping on the bandwagon. There are even a bunch of us that wouldn’t go to his rallies, but in our own ways, most of us “get it”. Then there is BLM/Antifa, and they will help clarify things as well. They have cut too good of a deal for themselves working the system; they are not going away.

      • Easy there, hand, even conservatives and libertarians don’t hate their own country.

        Point to you, though, the likely move is for protected classes to break left. We’re asking them to give up their current gains.

  16. If conservatism means looking out for the well-being of the Dirt People, then that’s intellectually coherent, but likely a political loser, b/c Cloud People (and Cloud People wanna-be’s) hate, hate, hate the Dirt People and will do anything to illustrate their distance from them, and this election reveals that there aren’t nearly enough white dirt people to win nationally. If conservatism means something like a political ideology stressing freedom, personal responsibility, etc. then that is also potentially intellectually coherent but also a political loser. Case in point – my mom and her man-friend are dyed-in-the-wool CivNats, but have 4 government pensions between them (military retirement, my dad’s military retirement, teacher pension, social security). They’re all for low taxes, etc. but they want their government checks! That version of conservatism is someone wearing a tri-corn hat at a tea party rally 10 years ago with a sign that says “Hands off my medicare.” Entirely incoherent. And certainly highly unpopular.

    • dyed-in-the-wool CivNats, but have 4 government pensions between them”

      As Hojo below notes with the protected classes, we’re also asking the CivNats to give up their current gains.

      For…what? One dream for another, except that they should remember Our dream came true.

      Heck, Our dream birthed them and gave them all they have- yet they couldn’t stop the tide.

  17. >Immigration is also why the Republican Party is headed to permanent minority status in the very near future. Virginia is solidly Democrat because close to 15% of the population is foreign born. That’s the official number. North Carolina is following Virginia for the same reason. It now has an 8% foreign born population. Georgia is at 10% and will soon be a solidly Democrat state. Helping the Left import a new people was a bad idea, but conservatives never think about it.

    Didn’t trump make gains with Hispanics, versus Romney and McCain.

    The Republican party has always been ‘cucked’ . it is not worth saving. BY turning back the hands of time , what many on the right really mean is a return to Dixiecrat era and party.

  18. Conservatism never conserves anything because it is an incoherent position. If you accept insane dogmas as freedom, equality, democracy and the ideology of the Founding Fathers, you cannot argue against the last innovation of the Left, because these innovations are the logical consequence of these insane dogmas.

    Cthulthu swims left because the Left finds an unprincipled exception to these foundational dogmas (let’s say “gays cannot get married”). (See about unprincipled exceptions here:

    Then the Left justifies the abolishment of this exception in a logical way starting from these foundational dogmas. “Why can’t gays get married? Isn’t this against freedom? Isn’t this against equality?”.

    The logical answer of the Right should be: “Yes, it is against freedom and equality, because freedom and equality are completely imaginary and perverse fantasies.”

    The answer of the conservatism is “No, the fact that gays cannot be married is not against freedom and equality because <insert convoluted explanation that uses some hidden fallacies and that 80% of people cannot even understand>”. The reply of the Left is “of course, it is against freedom and equality”. And the Left is right and everybody can see it.

    So you have lost the debate before even engaging in it, because you have accepted the leftist dogmas so you cannot stop accepting the conclusions that derive from leftist dogmas.

    Conservatives are only leftists with problems of anxiety. They want the revolution not to be that fast. They want to keep the revolution just at the point the revolution was when they were young.

    • Another example is the following one: if you accept equality and freedom, you have to accept the freedom of foreigners moving to your country and the equality of foreigners and nationals.

      • In a democracy, when anything becomes lawful, it must be accepted by ALL because, simply by virtue of being made lawful, something automatically becomes “the will of the people.” So in a democracy, law = morality = right. That is, I think, what ZMan has been getting at with the “morality is the engine of democracy, etc.” remarks of late. It is why, now that same-sex marriage is lawful, it is not only acceptable, but inviolable. EVERYBODY must “celebrate” it. It is “the will of the people.”

  19. Fixed this for you:
    Peddling Lincolnism in the South is like selling Hitler memorabilia to Jews yarmulkes to Palestinians.

  20. Bauer is stupid, too. In “Returning to the Party of Lincoln,” he writes of Trump, “He lost the popular vote by a significant percentage….” Lincoln 1860: 39.8%. Trump 2016: 46.1%. Trump 2020: 47.4%.
    In 1864, Lincoln did get 55%, but that was because the Southern states had seceded. If they had been part of the vote, he would have gotten perhaps 30% total.

    • Jeebus Fookin Cripes, Geese

      “A document co-written by CIA InQTel Luciana Borio, recently appointed to Biden’s Covid-19 taskforce, recommends linking Covid-19 vaccination with food security and rent assistance.

      Want to not be homeless or feed your family? Guess you’ll have to get an experimental vaccine”

      On the radio:

      “we could [get a loan] finance stimulus payments for a 4 to 6 week lockdown”-

      Looks like the US just got sold on the auction block.

      • America is too important for Americans to decide things.

        -a British fellow, my computer science grad degree mentor, from Oxbridge

      • From CHS report: ” Minority serving institutions are well-placed for partnering with communities in which hyper-localized understanding of vaccine access and acceptance issues is very much needed.”

        No vaccine? Well, there goes your section eight housing, your ebt card, free schhol lunches (breakfasts too, when applicable), that cell phone and access to Mogen David (Mad Dog 20-20), Colt 45 tall boys, medical marijuana… Get the picha? Stick out your arm, won’t hurt at all, promise.
        Dass hyper-localized understandin’!
        “Minority communities confidently accept the vaccionation at a rate well above that of retrograde rurals”, just wait for it.

  21. Their “equal chance” invariably simplifies to blank slate. You can’t say “equal chance given an equal starting point”, and that starting point is wholly dependent on family and upbringing. For example, there is a reason the Head Start program pretty much doesn’t work. You cannot overcome the profound negative consequences of a dysfunctional family with a government program.
    We also for damn sure can’t point out that certain types of familial structure doom children. Mustn’t rain on the parade it might make them feel bad about harming children.

  22. Political Conservatives were never really conservatives to begin with. Most were just rapacious businessmen and their shills pretending to be something they were not to the general public. I saw that when Reagan was in office and a bunch of “conservatives” were cheerleading Milkin’s LBO’s that were destroying American industry and the middle-class.
    How the f**k could any conservative white support that LBO crap is beyond me. It was and is a method of modern day piracy and pillage that kills companies and impoverishes the tens of millions.
    Conservatism was something complexly different to old school whites. I’m not talking about some desiccated intellectuals getting high off their own farts. It meant traditional values and protecting things worth protecting. Problem is these people never had any voice in politics. TR and Trump are the closet they ever got.
    The amusing thing in all this is that the DR offers nothing to whites as a replacement.

    • The amusing thing in all this is that the DR offers nothing to whites as a replacement.”

      DR has plenty of “if I were king for a day” lawmakers, but no economists.

      Credentialed economics began in TR’s time, as a political steering effort.
      Possibly we could mine the ‘metal as money’ past for ideas, but I surely am not up to it- not with today’s convoluted financialism.

      I think JR Wirth, just above with his ‘lily communities’ is on to something.

      They have the economics, the institutions, the money, the thinkers-*ahem*- if you get past their carny barker guard dogs- and are successfully living the Conquest Dream for now.

      Rwc, you’re right, Con Inc. was placed to smother the rising cries of panicked peasants. We’re behind, surrounded, outnumbered, and outgunned.

      Looks like nowhere but up from here!

  23. Looking at your average white conservative and your average white liberal, the conservatives have so much rhetorical baggage to let go of that I wonder if many future dissidents won’t really come from people who once considered themselves “progressives.” This is especially true, looking at certain progressive communities around me, how lily white they are. Sure, it takes a lot of money to live in these places, but there’s a strong effort, using building permits, open space laws, etc., to self select for white only places. It’s like carefully crafted progressive sundown laws. Even with a brown multitude a few freeway exists away. Their ideal “diversity” would be a Japanese couple next door. Everyone in these places has a Marie Kondo book, as if required by law. Do people with Marie Kondo books really want the beaner next door working on his car? Or the Shanequa wanting a safer environment for her troublesome teenagers? Today’s conservative would be more tolerant of that than the liberal.

      • Same in CA, same in TX- same everywhere, I think.

        We’re seeing the Replacement Immigration economy.

        Extortion taxes for Goodwhites.

        Asset-stripping for Badwhites.

      • The developers are getting ready to jump on Senile Joe’s Section 8 gravy train. Guaranteed rent money forever, courtesy of Uncle Sam. These affordable housing efforts might have have some merit if they were designed to help young people that were born and raised in the community. Instead, these new apartments will be filled with ghetto rats from dysfunctional cities like NYC and Chicago and Third World economic refugees.

        • That happened in my town (our first “project”.) It was sold as “so our teachers and young people can stay here,” but it ended up being NO preference for locals.

        • Because you can earn a lot of money in those places vice the cost of (urban) living, thus saving more and acquiring appreciating assets, and some of them hold world class of a more enriched lifestyle. Self-improvement in a nutshell appeals to some of use.

          Can you take lunch at the world’s greatest collection of impressionist painters, or a short shared ride to dinosaurs or submarines, or on a nice day to a promontory or river ride to view a great skyline? Or in A^2’s place, decent museum exhibits, excellent music and classic Shakespearen superior to what you might find, if you try, elsewhere? Good cider this time of year in Kerrytown A^2, formerly the place of good football and good hockey, it’s not that anymore, and top notch food at a decent pricepoint. Lectures, etc. An arboretum.

          Aside from the fact A^2 is disintegrating and reducing to the lowest common denominator, it was a pretty fine place to spend time, and Chicago, while it has died, was the best city in N. America in which to live for a time.

          That’s why some of us relocated from picture-perfect tourist towns on Lake Michigan, for example, and pushed ourselves to get away.

          • Indeed. As always. Though pleasure such as obtained from lyric opera, digging out dinosaurs with paleontologist friends, taking lunch to consider impressionists, hanging out with a jazz band with your ES-135, self taught, and feeling and nailing it — then grabbing drinks at 4 a.m. — does have its appeal. Better yet with ability to hop on a commercial airliner and backpacking Alaska solo for two weeks with your former jump buddy air dropping the second weeks food while telling pax, “it’s gonna get a little cold for a moment,” as he kicks your meals and batteries out the open door.

            Find that for us where you live. Not comparable, just different.

          • Well maybe someday we will meet and we will discuss it…I have lived that life in Chicago, LA, Seattle, Denver and found at the end of the day there was something lacking so I looked elsewhere and found something better…

      • Osmosis will cure us. Proximal living substituting for hard decisions. They believe.

        My frat roomie stayed behind in A^2, choosing to manage his notorious dad’s gold plated hotel under the bell tower (cough). A good man, truly.

        I was a student for a long while in the A^2. So glad I move on to the Bay Area, SoCal and then Chicago. As a Hillsdale R from birth.

        Must be the water. In A^2, there is actually a scary bloom in the water table, slowly but surely creeping toward the potable water supply. More self-destruction, but at least they moved rowing to a lake. Good luck, I don’t miss A^2 at all, and I meet my friend in Barton Hills for suppers out.

      • In MA they allow “affordable housing” developers to bypass zoning, density, and certain environmental laws in a program known as 40B. “Affordable” is defined as those making 80% or less of the community’s average income–even if the average income is in the 6-7 figure range. It’s a total scam.

    • Interesting point. The liberal, like the cradle Catholic or those born to the upper class, wears his ideology lightly, as a natural part of himself, always willing to make accommodations (esp. those favoring himself). The conservative is like a convert, or a newly rich bourgeois, always trying too hard to impress others and himself. The conservative trying to be “anti-racist” would never even try to oppose moving Section 8 housing next door.

  24. Nature does not distribute her gifts equally, so in the context of the social order, equality is a dangerous fantasy. Probity requires a frank acceptance of this reality of the human condition.

    undoubtedly true.

    But, unfortunately, America was largely founded in opposition to that reality. And White America has always been a levelers culture.

  25. Ben Shapiro says brown people are the future of conservatism…as a moving van backs up to his CA house because the brown people elected politicians who were using a steeply progressive tax code to crush his balls. And where did he go? A state, TN, which for now, has just enough red necks to keep a lid on the tax code. And then he sets up his new studio, spouts the same DISinformation as before. And this won’t register with even a hundred people who listen to him. Because they’re stupid.

    • Ben Shapiro says

      He’s an epic weasally wankerish cretin who apologizes for his existence?

      Sorry, for some reason that little helmet pisses me off something silly. Actions speak louder than words, as usual.

    • J00s are the ultimate dindus when you think about it. Rabble rousing nation wreckers who turn a place upside down either through active subversion / agitation or simply through passive myopic kumbaya f-ckery like Shapiro. He KNOWS the truth, he is simply too craven to say it out loud.

      Once the entire society melts down that is when the Dindu Nuffins kicks in. “Who me?, what did I do?” 109 countries later…

      • Agreed and further say that the little hat/big nose crew would be easier to deal with initially than the joggers. My ideal plan would be to remove every single one from any position of power and/or influence in the corporate world, politics, academia, media – everywhere. Their assets would confiscated and used to pay down (LOL) the national debt. They’d be allowed a pittance and one way ticket to Israel. The remainder rank and file could stay, but no positions of power whatsoever and no complaining. I know I sounds really mean, but one can dream…

          • Look, I get what you’re saying, or at least implying, but in reality nothing is going to change (or allow a change to occur) our current situation other than some sort of cataclysmic event. Something that completely upends it all – a small nuke, preferably NYC or DC, a mag 9 quake centered in LA, or perhaps the Yellowstone caldera. Whites have completely lost the ability to advocate for ourselves on a group basis. So either we hunker down in our little groups where we can, or we righteously reclaim our status as it should be when the S(truly)HTF.

          • I think we do both Brother…Build Community where we can right now so when it does hit the fan we will be able to reclaim our lands in full…

  26. Apparently Trump did fairly well with the Cubans in Florida this election and also surprisingly well in those two counties along the border in Texas. That’s great and all, but that confirms to GOP Inc to go all out in chasing the minority vote. Meanwhile, the term “white voter”(60% of voters) is never mentioned.

    • Cubans do not translate to Mexicans. Mexico is a second world narco state, so Mexicans think the US is a cleaner safer version without the cartels. They don’t care if we end up like a slighter better Mexico. Cuba is a third world horror show. Cubans do not want that here.

      • But Cubans love to visit their family back in Cuba, they show me the Christmas pix.

        One told me he was thinking about retiring and collecting his SS in Cuba, for the free healthcare. I guess “free” meant more to him than “existing”.

        • Allow me to describe the Cuba I visited only a few years ago north x south, east x west.

          Cuba sucks. <— a period

          I bought my way into all of the best experiences offered there. While I did appreciate the uber make up and fishnet stockings on the security enforcement gals, the entire population are imbeciles. Dumb as rocks. Fo’ real.

          They did know how to suck up and make payments to their politicians, as with here in the US.

        • That’s very common. I know a Dominican family that bought a multi-family that they filled up w/ sec. 8 family members. As soon as they got their ss quarters in they moved back to the DR so they collect SS and section 8 rental income.

        • Haven’t you seen Michael Moore’s 2007 “documentary” Sicko in which he makes the persuasive case that Cuba’s health care system is better than the USA’s? 😀

      • That may be so, but about 50% of Hispanics in the USA are Mexican, either here for centuries, just hopped off the back of the semi after the door was opened, or in between.

    • Dead wrong. The GOP is intent on wooing the white upper middle-class and upper class voters back to the fold. The very same whites who promote wokeness, antifa and BLM and globohomo.,
      Trumps base is mostly working and middle-class folk across the spectrum. Something the GOP destests as does the DR people.
      The whites here fail to understand the real enemy are the upper middle and upper class whites who have been ramming all this nihilistic Marxism and equality shit down our throats for the last 40 years.
      When you start pilling them up like cordwood then you can talk about reform or peaceful separation.

      • Can’t send ’em ‘back to Israel’, either.

        Yes, Big Nose Tribe perfected the techniques, but other tribes can watch and learn from the experts. The Conquest Dream.

        Heck, we’ve been doing that since Gutenberg.

  27. The key takeaway from the 2020 election is that there is not a single solidly blue state that the GOP has any prospect of turning red, but, as the Z-man notes, several once red states are now in the blue column, with little to no prospect of them ever returning to red status. Even if Trump somehow pulls a win out of this, by 2024, with reapportionment after the 2020 census, the situation will be hopeless. The GOP is probably on the way to the fate of the Whig Party in the late 1840s. It would be nice if the GOP could be replaced by a white identitarian party, but that would probably be outlawed as a terrorist organization.

    • Hopeless unless you factor in a breakup of the union after a long, drawn out low grade civil conflict, once the bills come due on our debt ridden, hollowed out mess of an economy that can only survive on stimulus.

      • My impression is that absolutely everyone on the right will refuse to seriously consider separation, no less act on it, until it is far too late.

        • I’d guess that at least 1/3 of whites are ready and open to it

          and numbers are growing by the day, especially among the young

          • A primary obstacle to separation is Whites know we pioneered and prevailed, and they don’t want to yield. I have these inclinations as well. Some of my family were here just a bit after Jamestown. Why should I give it up to a jogger or new arrival, like the Irish whom I would kill on sight, the cretins.

          • I would say it’s like having a foot with gangrene and you can either cut it off and get a metal or plastic one but you’re still alive or keep your foot so you are whole in your coffin…

        • It’s already being considered out here Brother and not just a small group either…I can’t say much but out here at least we are awake on the matter…

        • The official cuck-Right sure. My feeling is that maybe 1/2 the working class Right can already see that the ultimate solution is separation. The election shitshow alone has probably added 10% more to that.

    • To get those formerly red states now turned blue back to red, the GOP will no doubt turn up the Dems R the Real Racists rhetoric to 11, and run a Nikki Haley/Candace Owens ticket based on “Socialism Sucks.”

      • Even a presidential race in 2024 that pitted Nikki Haley against Kamala Harris wouldn’t wake Normie up to the fact that the United States has ceased to exist.

        • wouldn’t wake Normie up”

          Proof? Hamza Yousef, Justice Secretary in Scotland, a Paki proposing that it be illegal for Scots to speak in their own homes.

          • SNP policy.
            Scottish,Irish and Welsh nationalism are owned by the Left.
            Leftists used their hatred of the English to mainstream hardcore Leftist “values” and now the chickens are coming home to roost.
            I wonder if all the Irish and Scottish communities in the US,Canada and Australia who provided funding and political support are happy with the result.

    • Even if Trump manages to pull this out, the long term trend for the GOP is terrible, certainly at the national level. Let’s put it this way: the last presidential election that the GOP won convincingly; that is, a presidential election where you knew the republican won before you went to bed was GHWB in 1988. The only state that has trended from consistently Democrat to consistently Republican is WV. But every election cycle there seems to be another state that is revealed to be slowly, inexorably trending the wrong way. The GOP is at the very bitter end of its rope … it cannot afford to lose any more states. The idea that Georgia is a toss-up state is horrifying, and I see nothing that will restrict that trend, much less turn a large democrat state towards the GOP.

      • Real Clear Politics consistently showed Texas as a toss-up state. I haven’t checked to see how the vote went in Texas, but once Texas is even in play the GOP is well and truly screwed.

  28. What’s the difference between a Conservative and a Progressive?
    Ten years.
    The gay marriage issue is the perfect example.

    • The conservative draws a line in the dirt and dares the progressive to cross it. The progressive fearlessly crosses it, and the conservative backs up and draws another line in the dirt. The progressive again crosses it and the process repeats over and over…..

    • The gay marriage issue is the perfect example.

      The acid test. Seen this many times, and it is a perfect example of how people just ‘go with the flow’… because. For most of these ‘conservatives’ the gay marriage issue is a best trivial and at worst of zero consequence. But what hope do these people have when it is all they’re spoon fed?

      This particular brand of ‘conservative’ usually never ruminates on what he ought to really conserve, and they are rarely well read on their own history. I think all of this helps the MSM as it chips away at their belief system with it’s constant droning. And before you know it: progressive!

      • Yea more like this. I think the line in the sand stuff still gives too much credit. Maybe back in the olden times. But at some point the culture was surrendered and all the sand was given up. No history, no people.

        Conservatism was hitched onto the progressive train; its the caboose. It provides shelter, food, safety, and looks out for danger. Its where crew go for comfort. It also has brakes that are applied to keep all the cars taught and slow the whole thing down on occasion. But its a long way from the engine. And its along for the ride.

        Gay marriage is a good example of going along but also of the end-run that helped to bury our cultural identity beneath the leftist moral hierarchy.

        Faggotry ran out of the closet naked in war paint and whiteness went in head hanging low.

        Conservatives, comfortable in the caboose, will openly celebrate gayness just slightly less enthusiastically than their opposition, but will avoid “whiteness” like its the covid reaper at their door.

    • What’s the difference between a conservative and a genuine dissident righter? Up to 50 years and nonstop beatings from reality, if most of you are any example.

    • This has to end somewhere doesn’t it? You can already have sex with almost anything anywhere anytime. Once pedophilia is legitimized, what further deviancy is left?

      • We’ll be forced to participate or our social credit score will inform the grocery store that we are not to eat.

        • That “social credit score” comment just triggered me. I live in the mid South. Many of the normies, i.e. better class of people here are still loyal Democrats, family history and all being important. Probably would have been cut out of the will if they voted Republican etc. Still snarl about Yankees etc.
          So, here’s what could happen: another post-Civil War Reconstruction (demanded by Radical Republicans in Congress back then!) that lasted a little over 10 years, but that goes NATIONWIDE.
          There was a fuss about the 1876 Presidential Election and Republican Ohio Gov/Civil War General Rutherford B. Hayes (who did not win the popular vote) was allowed to serve ONE term with the agreement that during his term the troops and occupying Yankees were to leave the eleven states of the defeated Confederacy. Black Republican officeholders were thrown out and the Democrats came back in a big way, established Jim Crow, Ku Klux Klan, lynchings and the rest of the awful stuff that lasted for a full century. The proudly Solid South delegations in Congress worked happily with urban political machines in Boston, NYC, Chicago etc. and even had US Navy aircraft carriers named for them!
          Something similar could be enacted by radical lawmakers using Virus shutdowns, shortages, wokeness “sharing” BS etc., removal of Bill of Rights protections with a figurehead President Biden unable to stop them. See President Andrew Johnson.

    • “Tolerance.” I tolerated and then they and their causes dominated. Now I have to bake them a cake at gunpoint.

    • Old expression also comes to mind:

      Democrats wants socialism yesterday. Republicans want it in two weeks.

  29. There is nothing wrong with Lincoln’s seeking of the ideal “that all should have an equal chance.” The problem is that “equal chance” always and everywhere is interpreted as “equal result.” The difference is as stark as white and black (figuratively and literally).

    • My experience has been that they will recoil in horror if accused of being “blank slaters” due to the leftist connotation of the characterization, but will then define their ideology as being exactly that. The issue of course being that if they believe that everyone is equally capable then they concede the entire playing field, the game, and the rules to the left since only their twisted ideology has an explanation and plan for why such equal capability does not manifest itself in equal results.

    • BS. The ‘equal chance’ fallacy is used by people claiming that those who come from dysfunctional families, or the ‘illness’ of addiction, or the taint of systemic racism or antisemitism, are ‘unfairly’ disadvantaged from the start. It’s a catchphrase for destruction of the family and any hierarchy. I detest the word equality in any context now.

      • We are saying the same thing. Because you can never measure “unfairness disadvantaging people from the start”, the theory of equal opportunity is always the practice of mandating equal results.

        • Funny too, is how unwelcome any discussion of the causes of the very real inequalities that exist: absent fathers, bastard children popped out by multi-generation welfare sows, criminal activity the only source of income for many, “schools” that would be better described as holding pens, at best cafeterias for one or two meals per day (what do they eat the other 180 days of the year?), the corrosion and erosion of what once passed for a civilized environment, and so on. “But if we throw more money and resources at the problems, we’re sure we’ll be able to fix it this time!” 🙁

      • You know I never really thought about it like that before, but you’re right. Since everybody is born under different circumstances, ‘equal opportunity’ is just cover for handicapping Whites. In practice, it can’t even exist in the law except as a legal fiction, which is where it should remain.

    • “that all should have an equal chance.”
      That’s just as toxic. How can you give an equal chance to a kid born from two crackheads?

    • There really is no such thing as “equal chance” and the government certainly has no legitimate role in trying to create one. The government’s only role should be to enforce rules of the game without bias, but not create chances that the participants have not created for themselves. If someone’s ancestors labored for generations so their current progeny has certain opportunities available that a FOB does not have, it is not the government’s role to correct that situation in any way, shape or form. Ditto if the ancestors of another fritted away what chances presented themselves such that their progeny is left with an uphill struggle.

      The best analogy I can think of is sports – the referees’ job is not to make the game close, entertaining or otherwise affect the outcome. He is there to enforce the rules, and let the team with better management/coaching/players do their thing.

    • “Equality” as used historically meant equality before the law. Then the Left hijacked it and now it means a Cadillac in every driveway.

      • I don’t want that. I want my govt. to represent me and people like me. I want the same for blacks. So I’ll have something to laugh at.

  30. “Peddling Lincolnism in the South is like selling Hitler memorabilia to Jews.”
    Something which has always set my teeth on edge on Gab is the CivNats and BoomerCons going on about “muh Linkon!” Hey, asshole: Lincoln destroyed my country and killed my ancestors for his insane belief about “the Union,” so stick it up your ass.

    • Reminds me of that Iraqi kid, in an interview:

      “You want to give me money now?
      (Or democracy)
      You killed my family, you think I’ll forget that?!”

  31. “…Probity requires honestly, which requires a sober minded acceptance of reality. To assert that there can ever be a world in which everyone has an equal chance is to deny the fundamental reality of the human condition. Nature does not distribute her gifts equally, so in the context of the social order, equality is a dangerous fantasy. Probity requires a frank acceptance of this reality of the human condition…
    Amazing how those few sentences are at once so full of truth, and yet so full of heresy in today’s political milieu.

  32. The air of total placid unreality that permeates Mr. Bauers’ essay makes me want to visit him with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers, to calmly discuss the wisdom of Dr. Pangloss and the certainty of the best of all possible worlds.

    • Yes. Yes. Thinking outside the box is the essence of innovation. Solutions, by their very nature, must be tangible in order to be consequential.

  33. Yes, the problems are legion and can seem overwhelming, and even hopeless at times. But the solutions are also readily available and can be implemented as soon the motivation arises. What we lack is the precursor to motivation. Crash, chaos, and real hunger are highly effective instigators of motivation. The fat ass can no longer remain on the sofa if there is no money with which to buy more Cheetos at the 7-11. All hail the coming Cheetos Rebellion.

    • It all seems so close doesn’t it, the return to when people are honest about race and speak it publicly

      It’s just right there at the tips of our fingers. You can just now start to begin to feel it

      We are the first there, but the momentum is definitely building

  34. Let the beatings of the house slave begin.
    Unless Trump pulls this out of his hat the center of the democratic line that replaces Trump will eventually be flanked. All those Wall Street and Media Generals defending that line better get out the mustache man’s night of the long knives old plan for brown shirts lest they by flanked.
    The conservative house negroes on our side and the suburban women deserve the F#*?k they seem to desire.
    Unfortunately my family and my people live among these idiots. Therefore I have to die with them.
    Or fight. Non violently if possible that is always the first option.

  35. A problem I observe with these so-called conservatives is that many of them cling doggedly to the idea that American liberalism can, on its own, offset whatever issues arise on its watch. In other words, they see the American republic as an infallible corrective measure, even when the issues are entirely novel and unacquainted with. They also fail to consider that American liberalism may well cause many of these issues in the first place, i.e., that the whole system is self-defeating if carried out long enough.

    They seem to think Trump mucked up the democratic system by threatening “traditional” institutions and processes. So they are now happy that a “return to sanity” is in order. If we just allow the original process to proceed unhindered, we can squash the mean ole left with a heavy dose of reason and civic virtue. Of course, these people are often as deluded as your garden variety college graduate who hasn’t stopped to think just how we are going to pay for all this nice stuff.

    But this a one of my favorite take aways from reading Aristotle (regarding his take-down of the Platonic academy). People aren’t moralized by ideas alone, and there isn’t some detached notion of “The Good” to which we can point as an exemplar of excellent functioning in nature, society or otherwise. Ideas alone won’t get the job done, but of course it is the idea of democracy that will set us on the right path, according to the so-called conservative.

  36. I hate to give NR clicks, but I had to see….the writer’s chief example of a Republican to emulate? Susan Collins….
    The writer noted that householders and the “local gentry class” have been the base of the Republican Party. There is a reason that people like Collins, Langford in OK, and Lyndsey Graham keep getting elected. But it’s a good question…what is going to be the base of the GOP going forward and is it going to survive as a party.

    The best of the civnat lot, like Mollie Hemingway, are trying to push the idea of a multiracial working class base. that’s going to swim against the tide, I think. The base for the party to be of any use, is middle and working class white, perhaps not explicitly in your face, but it has to represent that group. Otherwise, the party system is going to implode.

    • I’m sure republican leadership will ruin that effort with tax cuts, libertarian rhetoric, neoconservative ranting, Israel worship, and cringe appeals to blacks (which turn off Hispanics). Trump only did better with that latter group due to democrat overreach on BLM. The democrats currently use blacks as a battering ram against Heartland Whites in order to advance their interests. Republicans will have to become unscrupulous and do the same, pitting Hispanics against the black sacred cow through dog whistling against them — write books like “Black Fragility” and “Black Crime” and “Black Supremacy” while avoiding associating with them (dump the Tim Scotts of the world) and actively promote based Hispanics to positions of power. They’ll have to make it obvious what they’re doing. If they can’t do that, then they’ll lose Hispanics while not having enough Whites to win. I’m sure that’s what will happen because republican leadership is so awful. Prepare yourselves. One party ANC incoming.

      • The GOP will never employ the Sailer Strategy, which proposes that the GOP would appeal to white voters (still the largest group) while painting the Dems as the party of blacks. The Asians and Hispanics would then naturally flee the blackety-black Dem party to the GOP, without having to pander to them.

  37. Right on! Too damn many people including too damn many “conservatives” just won’t let go of the “equality” of and for ALL people regardless of the reality slapping them upside the head on a daily basis. We all know and recognize children aren’t equal to adults except in the most basic sense and yet we persist in conferring equality among all adult humans, again despite the reality of situation. I don’t know what will change this – we may be too far down the road to perdition – but if it’s going to happen, it better be pretty damn soon.

  38. Seriously, what’s up with the Lincoln obsession among Neocons and celebrity conservatives? It’s like Lincoln and is the real founding father and not Washington and his pals.

    • They consider the American Civil War the second founding. The Constitution was modified in order to achieve the ideals of the Declaration of Independence.

    • When they bring up Lincoln, always remember to bring up Lincoln’s plan in 1857 to send blacks back to Africa. It’s fun to watch the response.

      • Because DR3 ? That worked so well . . . I cannot comprehend the mindset of the vast majority of you still posting here – still counting senate seats and thinking judges appointed by repukes make a difference. No matter how many times reality demonstrates the vaunted ‘system’ is irretrievably broken and trying to work within it is a fool’s game, you still keep on keeping on. Talk about irrelevance.

        • The only people who care about Lincoln are civnat Republicans or Liberals trying to shame republicans. It’s equivalent to laughing in their face.

        • And yet you kool kids offer whites nothing. Maybe the DR kool kids ought to stop navel gazing and figure out a better alternative for whites.
          And forget about the “peaceful separation” crap okay. It’s not gonna happen short of a “The Road: Scenario coming to pass.
          This is why I respect the Muslims far more than any DR white.
          The Muzzies despite being morons stick together and help each other. This allows them to punch way above their weight class.Heck even the Irish Travelers and Gypsies do better than the DR.
          We could learn alot from them, but I suspect never will.

          • “Gypsies do better than the DR. We could learn alot from them, but I suspect never will.”

            Gypsies are nothing. No influence, widely hated, no homeland of their own, no relevance, no future. Jews. Now they are the ones we can truly learn from. What did they do? They embraced the idea you dismissed (separation) without offering an alternative. Jews have Israel all for their own. What do you have? You don’t even have the girls bathroom for your daughters anymore.

            Conservatives are just complainers who are,ultimately, still loyal to the system they complain about. There is nowhere to go for those people. They’ll dismiss any idea that could work but might also upset their system, so it’s hopeless. To quote Ivan Drago: you will lose. Conservatives are finished, and it’s their own fault. Lack of human capital did them in.

      • Or to be extra baleful, give a sketch of the history of Liberia, 1847-present. In fairness, no more than perhaps 13,000 American Negroes ever colonized Liberia, a fraction of the native populace. But the experiment didn’t really turn out very well…

    • That is essentially what they claim. Lincoln, in his devotion to freeing the slaves, remade the founding to include all Americans, not just the white men who were included in the original founding. I have read something like this from David French. It is totally incorrect historically, but they don’t care about that.

    • It’s been said that Lincoln and the Union win was the “second founding”. Also, liking Lincoln is like an anti-racist defense shield, with hat tips for the Empire…er I mean, Union.
      If someone says to me Lincoln is their favorite president, I know immediately the kind of intellect I’m dealing with. Similar to someone telling me that they read Jordan Peterson’s book.

    • Lincoln/Gettysburg Address was routinely represented as a “second founding” during my Public Admin grad school program.

        • We had to memorize and give the Gettysburg Address in seventh grade, and understood it to be the second founding – it says new birth right there in the text. This was in Montgomery, Alabama, the Cradle of the Confederacy, when George Wallace was governor of the state for the first time, in the sixties. There was no escape from this crap, even then and there in a middle school that was 100% white – wait, I take that back. There was a half-Japanese girl, Air Force dad having brought home a bride.

    • Anti-Racism is a religion now and the worship of Lincoln, who freed the slaves, is to signal they aren’t racists.

    • Lincoln the war criminal who caused the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. He’s right up there with Mao for “blood on his hands.”

      • Lincoln was a man of contradictions. Much like another great American Saint of the crusades to cleanse original white sin: Obama.

        It is fitting then how Obama’s post-racial nation has fallen asunder to the tyranny of identity politik and anti-racism cult of white hatred – and the Heritage Americans, the targets of this hate, should then shield themselves behind the post-slavery president who elevated the ideal of a union and its duty toward Progress above that of her citizens to whom she is bound to serve.

        Lincoln: “The ballot is stronger than the bullet.”
        Obama: “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”
        Lincoln: “How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”
        Obama: “You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone for 25 years and nothings replaced them…and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigration sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”
        Lincoln: “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.”

  39. It’s simple. Conservatives find discussing race “icky” so they refuse to do it.

    In the Demographic Age, not being willing to discuss race makes your utterly irrelevant.

      • I forget the plot exactly, wasn’t it posited on massive Indian sub continent immigration into Europe? Let’s adapt the screenplay to America: it was planeloads of cheap IT specialists on H1B visas who came to the West Coast, obtained citizenship, imported their extended families, set up their caste systems, and did to much of America what the British (for a time) did to the mother land 😀

    • Alot of it is just denial, it’s most certainly icky to realize how deep we’re in it. Makes me feel icky too, but I confront it and realize what needs to be done. Easier to just turn on sportsball (or pop pills which alot of white guys are apparently doing these days).

      But I can totally see why they’re in denial, especially people over 40. To accept the problem they need to accept 1) their whole system of living and life is a lie and 2) the there are millions of aliens in their country who want to wipe us off the face of the planet.

      • Agreed. I felt it myself. You can even see that denial over at the comments for someone like Steve Sailer. These people are fully HBD aware; yet, they can’t take that final step. Hell, even Sailer can’t.

        It’s hard to let go and face the grim reality.

        • Two minor points, Citizen. Many of Sailer’s readers claim to be HBD aware, but they merely accept the reality of black dysfunction, while entirely ignoring or denying their own ethnic issues (Jack D re Jevvs or Twinkie re Koreans/Asians and numerous other examples I won’t give). Second, being HBD aware is quite distinct from being pro-White, and the majority of Sailer’s readers will never take that step.

          • Hbd is true but it doesn’t mean it’s right. Jared Taylor and others turn it into another DR3: japan and China and ashkenazim have a *higher IQ* than whites, heh, see I’m not a racist! (And let’s let them flood our country, low crime rates and high IQ!)

            Personally I don’t give a damn about IQ or crime rates, I want a homeland for my people. The Bantus in South Africa and Rhodesia never said, hey this white man has a higher IQ, let him in! Guess who owns those countries today.

          • So far as I know Jared Taylor never said anything of the sort. I recall a discussion someone had with him regarding the Japanese, a people he has a lot of experience with. He spoke very fondly of them but in the end he said the issue was that they’re not us.

      • No one living in CA is in denial

        orIdaho even for that matter, Arizona, etc

        It’s the delicate sensibilities of the east coast that are in denial

        • You know, you’re completely correct about the delicate sensibilities of the east coast. I’ve read some old Arizona newspapers from the 1870’s when the Apache wars were in full force. They were evil, murderous sob’s and were treated as such by the citizens and the military. But the easterners were horrified – not by the Apache slaughter of Whites, but by the tough treatment of the poor old injuns. Those east coast fuc**** were fuc*** up a150 fuc**** years ago. WTF

    • James Delingpole nailed it a few days back:

      Cuckservatives… “are treating President Trump a bit like teenagers treat their Dad when he’s taken them to a restaurant and he complains about the service and the food. Sure the waiters have been slow and rude and the food has tasted like pigswill — and if customers don’t take a stand on this then the waiters will carry on being slow and rude and the food will go on tasting like pigswill forever. But as far as those sassy teenagers are concerned, it’s Dad who is the problem here. He’s embarrassing them by making a scene.

      • I can relate – literally.

        Anderson completely screwed up the ending of The Emperor’s New Clothes. If he was true to life, Anderson would have had the crowd turn on the boy and the emperor call his guards to take the boy to prison.

        People don’t want to hear hard truths while the lights still work and food is in the fridge.

        • Just so.

          And it’s Andersen – H.C. Andersen, not Hans Christian Andersen. For some reason, Danes named Hans Christian are invariably called H.C., even in official documents. Likewise, Hans Peter is H.P., Hans Niels is H.N., Jens Christian is I.C., Jens Peter is I.P. and Jens Niels is… Jens Niels.

          I have no idea why these particular names (and none other) are abbreviated or why the “J” in Jens is abbreviated to an “I”, but that’s the rules – so now you are equipped to lit-fag on anyone calling him Hans Christian.

          As an aside, Andersen is not only the best Danish writer in history, but his stories are really short, typically 3-5 pages, and out of copyright, so there is no excuse not to read at least a couple of them.

          One of his best, The Little Match Girl is one page long, a masterpiece of Nordic Noir:

          • Dang, I used Anderson. I did actually know the correct spelling. Just habit. However, I didn’t know about the abbreviations.

            The story is very Nordic. Americans have a difficult time appreciating that style.

          • It is rather maudlin, even for Andersen or contemporary Danes, but entire in accordance with what children’s tales were in the bad, old days – think of the (aptly named) brothers Grimm, with a dose of sugar on top. It is probably no coincidence that The Little Mermaid is the only Andersen-story Disney ever made into a feature film – and they still had to change the ending.

            Which reminds me that they’re going to make a live-action remake with Ariel cast as a black actor, because of course. This prompted Devon Tracey to note that yes, The Little Mermaid did in fact have a fat ass:

          • H.C.must have known someone who had a near-death experience, for I have had patients who went through them tell of something very much like this – an enticing prospect just out of reach. She happened to reach it.

    • I never found conservatives to think discussing race as icky. It was always among the educated set in their comfy homes who avoided the topic like the plague. Then again the conservatives I knew worked in factories and mills of various sorts and not some gelded office drone. I always hated the office environment it was only good producing one thing – human veal.

      • I live in the DC area. My conservatives might as well work for the National Review.

        They are CivNats to the core. They truly find identity politics to be abhorrent.

  40. Any article you write that quotes Dabney is T. Morris approved.

    Now that [p*ssy grabbing] Orange Man has been defeated at the polls, we can get on with 2020 being The Year of the Resolute Conservative Woman:

    Look out Leftist turds; 2020 is The Year of the Resolute Conservative Woman:

    Evans: I know I’m such a nerd. I love the House Freedom Caucus, and I just can’t wait for the day where we do conversations with conservatives at The Daily Signal and with The Heritage Foundation.

    And that’s where the House Freedom Caucus comes and do a press conference, and I just can’t wait for the day I show up and it’s half women, half men, and women are represented there. It’s just going to be such a … I don’t know, a “proud lady moment” for me.

    Anderson: A proud … lady moment. I mean, that’s an awesome way to think about it, right? Conservative women are resolute, and it seems like we’ve finally come to the other side of the very harsh and extreme feminist movement of the last 30 years, and we’re ready to reclaim the original type of feminism that started in Seneca Falls [in New York] and take it back for conservative women and be what it’s really supposed to be about, which is providing opportunity and advancement for all women, not just a specific type of women.

    And I think that’s why so many people are so excited about Justice Barrett, about these 13 new House members, about Senator Lummis. I mean, these are a lot of reasons to be proud of the movement right now.

  41. A day in the life of Joe Biden’s America.

    6:00 AM: You wake up due to the Islamic call to prayer blaring from speakers from the mosque four doors down from your suburban home. Groaning, you put the pillow over your ears and try to go back to sleep.8:00 AM: You wake up late because you have no job. Your job had been offshored to China, and when you ultimately received a replacement and inferior job (which you felt extremely lucky to get), an H1B Indian took it over for a fraction of the cost. You trained him before they fired you.
    8:15 AM: You’re on a tight budget (welfare still isn’t a lot of money to live on) so you eat some cheerios and drink a fresh cup of cheap coffee. It still cost $9 due to rampant consumer goods inflation. Prices are expected to rise further as President Biden unveils his fourth $2 trillion stimulus package to bail out Democrat states and reward their cronies.
    You watch some CNN — everything to the right of it has been banned — and are bored to watch former president Donald Trump on trial for the second time for payments to Stormy Daniels. The last trial was deadlocked because there was a Republican on the jury, but the latest jury makeup is all black women.
    8:30 AM: You apply for more jobs and email your recruiter for the 7th time. The job market is completely saturated due to the influx of twenty million immigrants into the country over the past two years.
    9:00 AM: You decide to go on a walk outside to get some fresh air — it’s hard to stay cooped up in unlimited lockdown. You don your government mandated mask. You look at your safe and consider bringing your gun, but decide against it. Your friend had shot an assailant six months ago, but because the attacker was black, your friend is now in prison for life.
    When you step outside it is like stepping into the demographics of the cantina scene from Star Wars. Next to the mosque four doors down from your house is a brand new $100 million housing project. Drugs and filth litter the street, with a homeless tent on the corner. You walk fast with your head up and hope you aren’t assaulted.
    9:15am: Cops stop and frisk you (and another pedestrian, a white male) and then demand to see your immunology papers. You had reluctantly received Bill Gates-mandated COVID shot, and you have had horrible cramps since then and severely declining testosterone levels. You wonder if you are infertile. You produce your papers and they let you through. Your smartphone tracks your every move to ensure your movements are only to government approved areas.
    12:00pm: You have a soy burger for lunch (this is a major luxury for you; all meat has been banned) as you casually browse Reddit’s suicide forum. Zman’s blog had been shut down years ago and many of its posters outed and fired from their jobs; you wonder where they are now.
    In the background CNN blares about the latest casualties in the Syrian War of Greater Liberation. General Mattis is on air ranting about Assad but you tune him out.
    2:00pm: You get an angry call from your ex-wife demanding her alimony. She recently had lap-band surgery and dropped 50 lbs, and is now dating an ugly black man. You facetime with your two kids, who you havn’t seen in months because the divorce judge, an angry feminist, gave her sole custody, and both look to be in the process of transitioning to the opposite gender. They accuse you of white privilege.
    5:30pm: You hear shouting from outside and watch as a white male gets robbed for his shoes. You think about going out to help him, but decide otherwise. You glumly eat some gruel for dinner while watching CNN again. The Supreme Court has announced, with Roberts, Kavanaugh and ACB joining the liberals, that gun ownership is now illegal, and all citizens must turn in their firearms under penalty of imprisonment within thirty days.
    Your weight has gone up a lot but all gyms are closed so there is nothing for you to do about it.
    9pm: You take a bunch of opiates to dull the pain of your existence and pass out as the sounds of the night Islamic call to prayer fill your ears.

  42. Sadly though, conservatism does reflect the sentiments of white people, especially the older generations. Facing the promise of marginalization and possibly extermination, they seek to embrace those promising their demise. That slave’s mindset is so strong, no amount of beatings will break their loyalty to the master. In the case of whites and conservatives, the master is that 19th century radical dream of universal equality and fraternity between all men

    Yeah. I see this with many people I know. One man is very based on a whole range of issues, but takes great pride in always obeying the law. He rails against government corruption and incompetence but for some reason never thinks that the same extends to law enforcement – which he sees as honorable.

    Your last paragraph prompts me to think of the question that I feel is most relevant to anyone who truly wants to conserve something. What are you willing to die for? And what are you willing to be socially ostracized for? If you don’t want to go with the flow, you’re seen as a heretic and many can’t resist even the tepid social pressure to go along (see maskism), let alone standing up for something to the point of violence.

    • I can clearly see the future planned for us by the Cloud People.

      I have no interest in experiencing it.

      • If you want a chance at not experiencing it then you really need to be Building Community and if you can’t do it where you are at move to somewhere you can…

    • “Your last paragraph prompts me to think of the question that I feel is most relevant to anyone who truly wants to conserve something. What are you willing to die for? And what are you willing to be socially ostracized for? If you don’t want to go with the flow, you’re seen as a heretic and many can’t resist even the tepid social pressure to go along (see maskism), let alone standing up for something to the point of violence”

      The real problem with conservatives is that they try to conserve anything at all. Conservation is a tactic used in times of deprivation (like famine or a siege) to ensure that the current stores of consumables are stretched as far as possible. You can’t “conserve” culture, per se, because it’s not a consumable. You can perpetuate culture or tamp it down, but you can’t conserve it.

      The solution to a lot of social ills is to work to offset them and plant something new in their place. To this end (where possible) exclude trans and homos from your social circles, as well as other degenerates. Furthermore, if you want to see future generations of straight white Christian people, start by making places where your own children can socialize with others and find a mate. Help them financially, particularly with buying property and helping pay for their children’s birth and health care, if necessary. Paying for land that your children can live on is a lot more practical than dying over the gay marriage issue. Perhaps it would be better to ask not what people will die or be ostracized for, but what they’ll work and pay for, especially since the latter is far more practical and beats more fruit.

      At the risk of being verbose, let me just say that cultural leftists are engaged in a suicide mission. The goal is not to stop them, but to get away from them. Their really is no point in stopping your enemy from destroying himself, since if you do you will then have to destroy him yourself. Get out of the way and leave him to his end.

      • Paying for land that your children can live on is a lot more practical than dying over the gay marriage issue.

        This. Already taking of it, old son. Very strong advice. Although, it lasts only as long as either you (or a government) is willing to defend the concept of private property. I take your point about the issue with conserving things… but there are some things that I feel ought to be conserved; private property is one of those things.

        I feel that there are a list of things that we ought to conserve, but also a list of things that can be permitted to adapt organically. The leftist forced progress hates both of these things.

        At the risk of being verbose, let me just say that cultural leftists are engaged in a suicide mission. The goal is not to stop them, but to get away from them.

        I hope that you’re right. But I have a feeling that these people will smoke me out wherever, so that just getting out of their way is not really an option. As I said, in this instance – and with a horrific state overseeing things – it really is prudent for a man to consider what he will die for. A parcel of land, with room for my own family and perhaps and small community of like minds would, to me, be worth that price… cheesy as it sounds.

        • “Cheesy”? Nah, not cheesy at all. It’s what I set out to do and in large measure have accomplished. Next step, with luck, is to purchase one or both of the adjacent hectares so that each of my three grandchildren (all under six and a half yrs) will have property and a house.
          Medical marijuana was legalized today in Argentina and we will prepare accordingly. We have fruit trees, many veggie beds and are closer and closer to having a fish pond as well.
          All that is worth dying for to defend.

        • Re property rights. I think the following is from the book Blood in the Streets by Davidson & Rees-Mogg. Imperfectly, from memory:
          Property suitable for growing cotton can be had for $2000 an acre in Mississippi. Yet virtually identical land sells for just $20 an acre in Argentina. Why? Because in the latter case your proporty rights may change with the next stiff breeze. You can buy a whole mountainside in [place name] Argentina for what a condo in [City], Switzerland would cost you.
          His point, obviously is that it is the reliability of the government that gives value to property. Argentina has never been known for its stable government. And pessimistically, Argentina is about 86% European caucasian ancestry, something we haven’t been for half a century.

          • That’s interesting. Thanks for the (rough) quote, I had a look at the book. The front cover has this quote:

            The time to buy is when blood is running in the streets.

            To no surprise, I looked to see who said it: Nathan Rothschild.

            And pessimistically, Argentina is about 86% European caucasian ancestry

            I had never really given Argentina much thought – this is pessimistic.

      • “At the risk of being verbose, let me just say that cultural leftists are engaged in a suicide mission.”

        Wrong. It’s a murder/suicide operation. And the suicide never comes first.

        • Perhaps it might be more accurate to say it’s a crusade. They hope to conquer or convert all in their path, but the goal toward which they are marching is total annihilation. They don’t see their goal that way, of course, but it doesn’t change what it is. Again, the main thing is to stay out of their path and let them go on to their own destruction.

          • “Avoid the crusaders.” Gee, why didn’t the Kulaks just stay out of the way of the NKVD and let the soviets self-destruct? Why didn’t Chang Kaishek just stay out of the way of Mao and let the commies self-destruct?
            They. Want. You. Dead. There is a path of destruction because the elephant is stampeding towards you to kill you. You hoping that he trips and falls on his own before he gores you to death is irrational wishful thinking.

      • Amen on that Brother and then once you have your family secure then start building out from there so your children can find a mate that fits with your family…

      • You keep running, but you will only die tired. They clearly and manifestly aren’t self destructing (witness the billions of profits made and countries ruled by the Enemy just this year). They are a few years out from total global hegemony. Waiting for the “libs to self-goal” is as silly and childish of a cope as “the free market will stop the government gibs programs.”
        They want us dead and are willing to climb ove piles of bodies of their own to achieve that.

        • Of course they want us dead so which is better making it easy for them to do that or making it so there is a pile of them as well if they try…

          • Which is why you need to be in a community of like minded people. If such isn’t available where you are now, find a place where you can make it happen. That’s your sermon, lineman, but I just felt like preaching it.

  43. there’s sort of a cognitive dissonance. On one hand I keep hearing about the “emerging democratic majority”. On the other hand, it seems the GOP still is dominant at the state level and might have a lock on the senate/high court. So when does the democratic majority finally arrive?

    • There’s no cognitive dissonance. Once Georgia goes blue, that’s two more Senate seats to the democrats. Texas and North Carolina after that means the GOP will lose the Senate forever. They’ve just barely kept it this time. By 2030, it’ll be gone for good. Republicans don’t have a lock on anything.

      Once the left controls the White House and the Senate permanently, the courts will soon follow because there will never be another republican judge appointed again. The Democrats also still have the House as it is, and the total number of votes they get regularly exceeds the number of votes republicans get nationwide. The GOP is only hanging on there due to gerrymandering. That can’t last forever.

      The state-level stuff is mostly overblown. Democrats control most of the important states. Republicans currently have a 24 – 15 advantage in terms of “total control”, but that figure has fluctuated in the recent past and probably will again as the demographics change. What does it matter if the republicans currently control the fast-going-blue Arizona state legislature if the democrats control the national legislature, the federal courts, and the executive branch and all its myriad law enforcement agencies (and the biggest, most powerful state legislatures)?

      “Heading into the 2020 elections, Republicans held 21 state government trifectas to Democrats’ 15, majority control of 59 state legislative chambers to Democrats’ 39, and control of 26 governors’ offices to Democrats’ 24. Changes in chamber partisan control, 2010 to 2019,_2020

      • Not to mention, they’ll make PR a state (+2 dem senators), and flood red states with refugees, it doesn’t take much in absolute numbers to flip Idaho or Wyoming. The Republicans are absolutely finished.

        If Trump hangs on here they’ll have a decade more of competitiveness, due to white working class + marginally increased latino support. If not, R’s will lose both Georgia seats and 2020 will mark the last time the GOP ever held a majority in the senate, or house.

        Trump is just a speed bump in the long term view.

      • Wait until R donors realize their contributions won’t buy them anything worthwhile. Donations will dry up and the R’s will become a ridiculed facade. Everything to be decided by top bidder of the D plebecite. The new normal.

        • If R donors haven’t realized it by now, they ain’t ever gonna realize it. They will fully segue into Stockholm Syndrome and start sending their money to whomever Wall Street tells them, which will be Joe Biden Democrats, who are anyone to the right, even just a smidgen, of Bernie.
          And I wish Trump would quit invoking Lincoln. He needs to sit down and have a long talk with Thomas DiLorenzo.

      • Other, probably blue and northern states will go red. CA will go red when enough trendies flee to the New South.

        It starts with the squishes (think Bush) who move to a place with potential, build a political machine, develop it, and invite the lefties in, who then devour the place like locusts.

        This is all assuming elections are a thing in the future.

        • what the dems should worry about is WV, MT, OH, MI, WI and PA. That’s seven senate seats right there. ME and NH are probably solid for dems going forward but it has rustbelt demographics in some areas.

      • It’s important to remember that not all blue states are true blue. Blue states that border mexico are brown-blue. Blue states that are close to canada are white-blue. This difference will be a bigger deal once demographics matters more than ideology.

      • Once Georgia goes blue, that’s two more Senate seats to the democrats.

        Dem carpetbaggers are currently flooding the state to make this happen.

      • Republicans/Conservatives are a dying breed most likely, I must gloomily agree. We often have talked about the rifts on the conservative side. Rarely have we considered the factions in the Democrats. Already there is the old guard against the Progressives, the Squad, whatever you’d like to call them. I’m already seeing news items about how Biden has dissed BLM. Salient point: this is only going to get worse with time. To me, it seems to be there are irreconcilable difference among the groups Democrats claim as their own. This has implications for the political process. Exactly how they’ll play out is not for me to know. European multi-party democracies might be a guide, but the USA’s political system is not well set up to handle more than two parties.

    • Never. The democrats and republicans are both essential elements of the system. Neither is going to disappear entirely. What will happen is that both will evolve over time mirroring one other. The party’s are like two boxers tethered to each other by a short rope. They shift about for temporary advantage, each landing blows in turn. But fast forward a video of the bout and it resembles a piroutting dance as the circle one another at a fixed distance.

      Fofty years from now the republicans could well be the party of brown socialism and the dems the party of white globalism, or any other inconceivable permutation. The only certainty is that they will both be here and fighting for the middle 5%.

        • Check out this Pew survey from last year: It’s a longitudinal study showing that a majority of Democrats surveyed want their party to move in a more moderate direction, and a majority of Republicans want their party to move in a more conservative direction. So why is the opposite happening?

      • “The Conservative Case for a Non-White Majority.” Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s already been written.

        “The Conservative Case for the Disenfranchisement of White People” forthcoming.

    • White people are still the dominant voting group and will be for a fairly long time. The problem is huge numbers of white people vote leftist. There is an untapped, large reserve of white people who don’t vote at all which is why the GOP should be worried about whites and not winning over Ice Cube.
      Yes, immigrants push us over the edge but it’s leftist white people voting these bastards into office too.

      • The same position that summoned the white non-voter in the past—a not really principled, pointedly unphilosophical, manly almost-libertarianism—the attidunal American-ness that brought Jesse Ventura and Trump their shock victories—would get Ice Cube’s vote, too.

        To the “donor class” [cough], repressing and eventually demographically swamping that resistant tendency in us is more valuable than any electoral victory.

        Now they’ve won, mostly by losing.

      • Z man made this point about a year ago, It’s not about getting more Vibrant votes, its about getting more White votes. If one still believes in elections.

    • CA was a red state in 1990s and had a republican governor

      Now it’s bluer than blue

      It’s arriving state by state

      • Yes. My fiend has been haranguing me to move to GA because of California being what it is. I asked him “why? BA will be Blue soon enough”.

    • But what are republivans doing? Appealing to blacks and hispanics. Covid has just decimated a large swath of conservative support: small business people and sales people. Lock down orders are diabolical, in that regard.
      and no one in the republican party dares advocate for whites. No one. Everyone but whites have that right. Such morons and cowards will be singing about brotherhood as their daughters are raped and their sons castrated and sold as house boys.

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