The Lessons Of Trump

An old bit of wisdom is that you should never try to con a con man. This advice is not aimed at con men, of course, but at honest people. Grifters are intuitively dishonest, which means they instinctively work every angle to some advantage. Normal people are simply unable to think like this, even when they are trying to do it. Their scruples get in the way of their scheming. This is something that Trump should have had in mind when he took office four years ago. It was his first mistake.

Trump came to Washington thinking he was smarter, more clever and more resilient than the people he had mocked for so long from his couch. There’s no question that most people in politics are stupid. Without a government grift, they would end up peddling replacement windows door-to-door. But politics in a liberal democracy does not select for smart people. It selects for clever and ruthless people. Washington is the major leagues for the most clever and ruthless.

To his credit, he did outfox them from time to time, but after a while, they began to get the measure of him and figured out how to out-clever him. The FBI scandal is a great example of how they simply outmaneuvered him to delay the process. More important, they got him to drop it as a campaign item. What should have been a key part of his campaign as a populist champion went unmentioned. Time after time Trump tried to play their game and every time he came up a loser.

Similarly, Trump came to Washington under the mistaken impression that his opponents would follow the rules and abide by their own rhetoric. After all, he won the election, the people have spoken, time for the winner to enjoy the fruits of victory. That’s how it is supposed to work in a democratic society. From the very beginning he assumed these people would play fair, despite the fact he knew they spied on him in the campaign and tried hard to cheat him out of his victory.

This is a great example of the civic nationalist disease. This is a malady that is most pronounced in men of Trump’s generation. The civic nationalist loves rules and fully expects his enemies to play by those rules. In reality, the ends justifies the means mentality of the Left has poisoned the entire ruling class. These are people devoid of honor and virtue. Playing by the rules, especially their rules, is a sucker’s play, one Trump never figured out in his four years.

No matter how many times the political class kicked him in the groin, he refused to accept this reality. The strange thing is he campaigned in the most unconventional way, preferring rallies to the formula popular with the political industrial complex. He was a refreshingly unconventional politician in his campaign, but he was thoroughly conventional in his governance. In office, he played by the rules of Washington, while Washington made the rules up as they went along.

Probably his biggest mistake in office was in not seeing the FBI scandal as a purely political affair, rather than a legal one. He was conned into thinking it should be handled by the courts as a criminal matter, when he should have used it as a political hammer to bludgeon official Washington. By the election, all of the classified information should have been leaked and revealed. This would have kept Washington petrified about what he may release if they got too aggressive with him.

This would have fed into the subplot of his campaign. It was always Trump the reformer against the political class. Instead of working with Republicans like he was one of them, he should have treated them as part of the problem. Trump needed to be Harry Truman running against a corrupt establishment. He would have accomplished more and he would have provided a clear reason to support him 2020. Instead he kept trying to be accepted by people who detested him.

Stylistically, Trump the salesman was an amusing bit of comic relief in the 2016 election that probably won him the benefit of the doubt. The trouble was, he kept selling his voters after he had won. The campaign is about promises, while governance is about delivering on those promises. Trump did some good things in office, but he never spoke of them, instead preferring to keep promising to look into new things and maybe do other things. It quickly rang hollow with his voters.

The great lesson to learn from the Trump era is that winning the crowd is useless if you don’t have a plan to put it to some purpose. Trump is not an ideologue, which allows him to be pragmatic. That’s a great asset in politics, as long as you have the secret list in your head of things you want to do in office. This is what makes the Left so powerful as a social force. They never lose focus on their goal. They know why they seek power, so they adapt and keep moving forward.

Trump never seemed to know what he wanted to do in office. Like all civic nationalists, he has this vague notion in his head of what America should be, but he was never able to translate it into policy. The closest he came was the many administrative changes made to the immigration process. He never spoke of those, because like all civic nationalist, he preferred to dream of the mythological America where everyone happily abides but the rules of the republic.

There are many other things that can be put in the list of mistakes by Trump over the last four years, but the overriding theme is this. Trump never rose above the petty and practical to grasp his historical moment. Like everyone else is Washington, he had no vision of the future. As a result, he got bogged down into the swamp he promised to drain, playing petty politics, squabbling over small issues. The moment called for a man of vision, but instead got a pitchman from Queens.

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321 thoughts on “The Lessons Of Trump

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  3. I read years ago that Trump doesn’t have to be another Solon or Alexander; it is sufficient that he be another Gorbachev, who failed to reform the Soviet Union but succeeded in killing it, something he never intended to do.

    Trump has provoked the Democrats into destroying forever the two-party political system established in 1788. Henceforth, America will be either a one-party conservative state under Trump, a one-party communist state under Harris, AOC, & company, or a no-party failed state ruled by several thousand local warlords.

    Trump has changed America beyond recognition since announcing his run for office, but 99% of that change happened in the wee hours of last Wednesday morning.

  4. Massive Copium-270 leak in the comments section. Trump took your advice on Covid — downplaying it, not wearing a mask, letting his allies claim seniors should die for the economy, etc. That advice cost him the election. There was no rigging of the vote. His decline in White votes was almost nation-wide. That’s his fault. That’s your fault, the fault of every keyboard warrior who told him to ignore Covid-19 and lie about it. He did, and that’s why he lost. Admitting Donald Trump legitimately lost means coming to accept responsibility for your failure, and that’s something some here can’t do.

    • The lockdowns and imposition of plague rules rather implies COVID was hardly ignored. We’re you in a coma the last 9 months?

    • Trump was stuck to play the COVID part, which he didn’t, after not firing Fauci before anyone even knew who he was. His name was just being heard when he told everyone to start wearing masks, after telling them not to wear masks. Within a couple weeks of that window, he became the learned, wise, irreproachable Dr. Fauci as projected by the media.

  5. Looking at a pretty bottle of white pills. The prescription reads “I blame 4chan.” It could work.

  6. He did’nt have Jack Kennedy’s balls. A veteran. He did what the jews told him to do, just like this next jerkoff, with his diaper and his mask. Sad day for America, honor the veterans who died, for freedom, which we gave up….and handed over to the scum of the earth.

  7. Key lessons from this election:

    a. Don’t waste your time sucking up to black rappers while ignoring the base that put you in office. Blacks will never vote republican as long as the GOP is seen as the party of the rich. It also makes you look tacky. Looking presidential is still important to some voters.

    b. “Criminal justice reform” is a non-issue. BLM might have cost the democrats votes, turning a landslide victory into a close race … so why play into that narrative? Tell blacks to go eff themselves and dogwhistle against them. The media will call you names, but nobody listens to them anymore.
    That strategy will get you Hispanic and poor / middle-class White votes. Atlanta-area Whites ran away from Donald Trump due to his rhetoric on race … but in the opposite direction from where the conventional wisdom said they’ll go: they fled Trump because they’re scared of blacks in the city and don’t want “criminal justice reform” types released into their neighborhoods.

    c. Populism works. Don’t run as a populist on economics only to deliver tax cuts for the rich when you’re in office. Don’t promise an infrastructure plan only to run Pelosi out of your office when she suggests paying for it by, you know, not cutting the taxes of the rich. Do something about healthcare — seriously, not rhetoric or sucking up to the interests of insurance companies. Do something about student loan debt and college affordability.
    Don’t run your campaign as a referendum on “muh socialism”, which Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have been doing since 2017. Trump even ran ads railing against socialism. The data says it didn’t work and even cost him votes.

    d. Don’t run on restricting immigration only to brag about how you want the “most legal immigrants in history” once you’re president. It makes you look like a con man.

    e. Don’t run against foreign interventions only to trash the JCPOA and rail against Iran endlessly, making people think you’re going to start a war with them in the second term.

    f. Don’t ignore your followers being censored, end net neutrality, and spend your time publicly sucking up to hated tech companies.

    g. The Jewish vote is practically irrelevant in politics, even in Florida. Jewish financing will only get you so far. So, don’t cause international controversy by moving our embassy to Jerusalem when you’ll get nothing out of it.
    *Note: Did you hear that Zion Don wanted to give Israel the F-22? That’s outrageous. The technology would’ve immediately ended up in China’s hands, representing the greatest loss to our security since the Rosenbergs. No wonder some in the military hated the guy. Makes me wonder if “Russiagate” wasn’t just the establishment’s code for “Israel”, because they would’ve had a point in that case.

    h. Don’t play into media narratives by constantly making a fool of yourself on Twitter.

    I. Don’t downplay pandemics that threaten key voter demographics. Wear a mask early. Ignore keyboard warriors who rail against the horror of having to wear the thing for a few moments while in the grocery store. Don’t let your followers claim seniors should die for the economy. Sweden isn’t the model. It’s not just the flu. Say it publicly and say it often, sending a message to your fringe followers to shut up on the subject.

    k. Personnel is policy. Don’t surround yourself with enemies and then expect to be able to regulate their behavior from your perch on Twitter (Law & Order! … is just a tv show to most people). Trump offered Mitt Romney the SOS position before his inauguration. Moron.

    l. Don’t promise to repeal and replace Obamacare if you’re not going to.

    m. Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep (the wall). Trump deported fewer immigrants than Obama did.

    n. If you suspect voter fraud is going to happen, have a coordinated strategy available beforehand. Trump didn’t. The idiot shut down the office that investigated voter fraud in 2018. Leading up to the election, his people didn’t bother challenging the efforts of democrats to deplatform Green Party candidates in key swing states while keeping libertarians on the ballot. His people didn’t coordinate with state republican legislatures to limit the ability of activist judges to make election law from the bench. His people didn’t have any kind of plan ready to go for this election.

  8. The best summation I have seen of Trump is that he was always ready for a fight but not a war.

    Trump is very easy to divert away from what is important. Just insult him and he goes to battle with you

  9. Well, I have a slightly different take. Trump’s Luck was being up against Hillary. And her people. And the various creatures in the Republican Party. What changed was around 2018, the Tech Oligarchs decided they would get rid of Trump. And unlike the brain dead Clinton cabal they have real smart people. They likely hired a bunch of ex CIA people to get this done.
    Does anyone think that the Biden Organization is anything but a disaster? They could not even get crowds out to see their guy. They couldn’t even cheat properly. Team Biden is a cokehead bagman and a New Age Weirdo. That’s it.
    Trump being able to add two and two and get four all day long ran rings around Hillary and the Republican field. Up against Jack Dorsey’s and Warren Buffetts and Bill Gates Crew however he was toast. Not to mention all the smart guys they hired.
    Biden is a disaster and the Derp State might be getting buyer’s remorse. The FT has an article on Carried Interest in the UK for Private Equity, as an aside they note that the Corona lockdown on the UK alone has increased the budget deficit by 400 billion pounds or so. The Treasury is desperate for cash and even here we are one Chinese missile sinking a carrier away from being basically Britain with decent food as far as reserve currency goes.
    Trump’s support was not doing anything for his supporters. No one expect that. It was NOT doing really bad stuff to his supporters and blocking the worst of it: meat taxes, bans on fossil fuels, White tax, years long lockdowns. Biden’s message is: “Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. I will lock you down for years!” Europe is already seeing anti lockdown riots.

  10. The second term will right a lot of the wrongs identified by our esteemed blog host. Surrender is not an option. Genghis Khan has surrounded the city.

  11. and like all the blackpillers, nevertrumpers and leftards, you continue to let msm frame all your thinking.

      • Appreciate the reality check Z
        I’ve been following BAP and maybe taking too much hopium. If they can steal 5 million votes, surely they can stimy trump in court.

        I still think trump could overcome this, but it’s important to stay realistic.

  12. The great accomplishment of the Trump years is that he illuminated the divide for normies. For governing he was completely unprepared and there is no sign that this was going to change in the next four. Consider that second terms are almost always weaker terms, and all we have lost is lefty’s face exploding for a day or two. Jared amd Ivanka are gone, I am grateful.

  13. Good essay by the Z-man. My only add is the question of staffing. No man can do everything. Trump staffed mostly from the Swamp, so no one should be surprised that he had trouble draining the Swamp. Reagan understood the importance of staff: personnel is policy. Finding qualified and loyal staff is very difficut; Jessie Ventura had the problem when he won the governor’s race in Minnesota-he was an outsider and no one had much reason to support or help him. In Trump’s case, I think his reliance on his extended family was as a result of his feeling that they would be loyal to him, but I think that the results were disastrous.

    I readily admit I have no solution to the problem. People with government experience are likely to be at least partially assimilated into the Swamp and people outside the Swamp are not likely to understand how to get things changed within it.

  14. Trump was always a vessel, not a leader. and he thought the office would make him a leader – instead, the office cracked the vessel. specially after Bannon left, there was no one there to help him break from the swamp mold. at least he wasn’t that much like Truman, who without FDR was simply lame, and whose presidency was even less productive (other than the tva and atomic testing) – but who talked a good game like Trump.
    still, there will not be turning back the clock to 2015. even if Trump doesn’t win in court, at least the populace has had many overton windows shifted, cracked, and even broken by him. of course, since Trump was not populist enough, he could not save everyone. but still, i guess the civnats will eventually inevitably fade, as their cousin neocons did, as reality sets in.

  15. I was blackpilled decades ago. The white birth rate, creeping socialism, failed inner city policies that had no effect on IQ or crime. Then the Trump phenomena made me think we might one day be able to talk about these issues. Unfortunately it either escalated the left’s hatred for everything white & right, or maybe it just exposed them by infuriating them until their true colors had shown through. 70 million voters tells me there still is some kind of hope, via peaceful separation or a return to states’ rights, one day, but watching this election theft tells me that my original plan still makes more sense: make and save as much money as possible and GTFO

    • Gtfo where?
      All white countries except russia are pozzed. South America? Pretty easy to invade when globohomo wants to. No thanks to south east Asia, it’s a corrupt shithole just like canada at least the cold here means public spaces are vibrancy free for over half the year.

  16. I’m seeing massive copium on alt-right blogs that Trump can still pull this off. And as soon as you bring up reality they snap back with “muh stop blackpilling”

      • I’ve always liked the term “alt right” and I wish we could bring it back. It’s snappy. Furthermore, it’s a shorthand that many people use, mostly pejoratively, but why shouldn’t people on the “right” who aren’t Republicans and aren’t Libertarians be “alt”? So I say Roosh is alt-right. So is Mike Enoch and Nick Fuentes. Big tent.

        • Fighting reality is always a bad idea. Too many idiots associated with the label. I feel the same with white nationalist. In isolation, it is a good term, but in reality it brings to mind snaggle-toothed crazies with swastika tattoos on their neck.

    • At this point, Trump needs about a million things to go right to win
      via the legal process.

      The Left only needs a few of those things to go wrong for him to lose.

      As Z said, it’s not blackpilling, it’s reality.

    • Reality is reality. Barring some miracle outcome in several states, Biden will be installed as president. That’s just reality.

      • Trump has one card. Even liberal Justices like Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg liked being important. Being one of Nine judges is important. Being one of a hundred is like being a junior Congressman. From Nebraska.

        its only one card. But it’s one hell of a card.

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  18. All of Trump’s mistakes that Z-Man mentions are very real. How amazing then, that he won reelection in spite of them.

    • MAGA is a cult. Pure and simple. They don’t care about his actual policies, the mere presence of him in the White House is reason enough to vote for him.

  19. “…Trump came to Washington under the mistaken impression that his opponents would follow the rules and abide by their own rhetoric.”

    Traditional liberals and conservatives made the exact same mistake about the New Left in the 1960s. And CivNats are making that very mistake regarding the Power Structure to this day.

  20. When Trump said that he could “shoot.a gun down 5th Ave.” and his supporters would still support him, he was being absolutely serious. He treated his supporters like any sub-contractor he ever dealt with in his life. Some non-name contractor who celebrates getting “the big tile job” in a Manhattan high rise does a beautiful job, sends the invoice to Orange-fuk-face, who then doesn’t pay. Who actually has a strategy of tying all his bills up in litigation. He believes in the system because it’s ALWAYS WORKED FOR HIM. He’s used it like Stormy Daniels. This includes not being cut-off from his revolving credit in the early 90’s when he was basically a ruined man for a brief moment. For the first time in orange-man’s life, the system isn’t working for him. And just wait until he’s put in cuffs. And don’t think he won’t be perp walked after this. I look forward to it. It will be an incredibly animating red pill for millions. “Oh!!!! They play for keeps don’t they.” You think????

    • Not pay? When a small subcontractor called him- and was immediately sent to Trump’s own phone- the guy got a personal check, signed by Trump, by fedex mail the very next day.

      Shut it, Fredo.

  21. The lesson of Trump is that if provoked enough, the ruling elite are prepared to undermine their own legitimacy by rigging the vote in the most blatant manner. Here in Blighty, our own cunt class, despite over 3 years doing everything they could to try and prevent Brexit, nevertheless drew back from such extreme electoral fraud. Maybe the fact that they still had 12 months to nobble the buffoon Johnson and keep us tied to the EU was the key difference here.
    The legacy of Trump is that whoever emerges as the eventual winner from last week’s fiasco, will have massively reduced credibility, and America’s moral authority around the world will decline with it. All in all a good day’s work. Well done!

    • The moral authority was lost years ago. The only thing left is carrots and sticks, and we’re running out of carrots.

    • Trump exposed how vile, petty, mediocre, embedded, and powerful they are. There is value in exposing all of that.

    • “Is there more to a seat in Parliament, than sitting on your arse?”
      — Billy Bragg, “Ideologies Clashing”

  22. trump didn’t realize that the republicans hated him more than the democrats. the bush machine including karl rove and Paul Ryan were the coordinators of the FOX complicity in the election shenanigans . this shows they were big participants in the planning. also trump threatened a lot and didn’t act.
    He threatened several times to declassify everything if they didn’t cut the crap. which they never did. he should have been scorched earth from day one. firing comey and rosenstein at the first sigh of trouble. ending DACA on day one, as he promised instead of trying to let it go as a bargaining chip.

    • Trump always thought he could sell his way to the center of power in DC. He was so supremely confident in his sales skills that he even thought he could sell them on making his fake-titted daddy’s little girl the new power broker in town. What a loser.

    • Ending birthright citizenship, getting out of crapstanigan completely, and on and on with the unfulfilled threats.

  23. Pres. Trump and I were born within a month of one another and are both native NYers, I from Manhattan, he from Queens. One of the things I admired and admire about him is that he never tried to insinuate himself into the “old line” WASP “elite”, unlike many others who were intent on buying into it, something that just doesn’t happen, or at least didn’t when he and I were growing up. He stayed himself, an admirable trait. Sadly, however, he “teamed up” with the dishonorable parvenues who have destroyed a once great city and could be said to have done the same to a once great nation. Nevertheless, I wish him well in his struggle against them now; perhaps he has learned something from his fair-weather “friends” with respect to loyalty and the civnat codes of honor still held by many of our cohort, myself included. Duels to the death are part of that code, don’t forget. I haven’t and I suspect many of you haven’t either.

    • Trump, like most in the boomer generation, thinks loyalty is a one-way street with white arrow pointing towards them. At no time is there a lane that makes it a two way street. He may be the most disloyal man on earth. He hired mostly cruddy people but even the ones that weren’t so bad were actively rooting for his failure when they departed the West Wing. That should tell us all something. I really do hope he goes to jail. His perp walk would do more for the movement in 20 seconds than 20 years of podcasts and blog posts like this one. And the left is just bitter and mean enough to do it.

      • Thanks for your inspirational reply and carefully considered evaluation of an entire generation of citizens. May your wishes come to nothing.

        • I’ve only known what I’ve seen in corporate life. Sorry about that. That and nonsense programs about “taking ownership” and “inspirational leadership” that they pay thousands for.

      • Trump is divisive even among his supporters. Indeed he might be even more valuable to us if they continued to hound him after a defeat.

  24. This is a colossal pile of steaming BULLSHIT. You have ZERO clue as to what the President thought or thinks, in short, you’re just making shit up. Fuck you.

      • Yes, I think the straw has broken the camel’s back and he’s ready to go to war. I suspect that many on this site feel similarly. And venting helps mollify the rage somewhat. But I say, channel that rage into genuine and tangible actions. Go dark, get fit, get ready, and put your thinking cap on. We don’t have to just bend over and smile, or rant on a blog. We can do better.

        • There’s plenty of time to rant on blogs, just keep it below the level of priority of items mentioned in your posting.

      • The overthrow of the United States can do that to you. But no worries! You’ll have ample time to consider Trump’s tenure during your internment in Nevada, and draw your own conclusion.

      • Yes, and in his agitation loses an opportunity to make his case to the audience. There’s a reason to keep one’s cool—agitation, hate, TDS, and the like are all too often self-defeating and meaningless.

    • You have to understand that some people are helplessly superstitious

      If Z is anything like me, we are sometimes hesitant to say what we really think because we fear it might jinx things. My thought all along is that Trump was going to crush Biden and send him packing with his tail between his legs. It’s a vision that came to me. But I was a little scared to say it. But I did, and yet it may still come to pass!!! Because the ultimate humiliation would be for Trump to come back and win and show the world that Biden is nothing but a corrupt piece of garbage and send that bastard packing.

      • I haven’t told anyone what I think is going to happen, nor did I make a prediction on the election. I talk about what has happened and tell normies “let’s see”. I feel that it will jinx it too.

  25. Like all of Zman’s essays, this one is filled with pungent ideas and assertions. Nevertheless, it is a clear miss. Zman, and many of the commenters here, see the massive vote fraud operation as a smoothly unfolding fait accompli. It is not. It is a desperation play, a plain-sight hail mary pass. If it unravels—as appears to be occurring—Trump will be President for four more years, and he will (he must) unleash a war against the Deep State. While the outcome will be uncertain, only such a conflict can save us.

    • No argument from me

      I can’t wait for the rallies to start

      He is going to REAM Biden and the establishment like no tomorrow

      And hopefully he fires Wray asap and uses that pos as a punching bag at the rallies. “White supremacy is our biggest threat”

      No, REGULAR white people are YOUR biggest threat lol

      And John Edwards called and wants his shampoo back

    • Trump is from New York. I like him but he is the guy who talks shit sitting at the end of the bar but rarely steps outside to take a punch that gives or brings blood.
      Trump has helped the nation by exposing the corruption in the media and the imperial city and he has done some things like reduce immigration to some degree but if you remember he was talking legalizing DACA just a few days ago? Trump was talking the “ platinum” plan just a few days ago?
      And Trump sat in the White House a few months ago while AntiFa spray painted the World War 2 monument. And did not do shit. Then he comes out a day later.
      Trump should have called in the military that day and don’t give us the bullshit that he had no power to do it. He IS the bully pulpit.
      Now we hear if Trump wins this he is gonna get real tough and the deep state will face their fate? I hope so. I will believe it when I see it and right now I ain’t seeing it yet.
      I am sitting here with my popcorn watching. I like Trump and want him to win but he is going to have to be a true bad ass to win and not a TV host.

      • Agree w/ DACA

        But the military is firmly in leftist hands. How humiliating if he called them in, and Esper refused. Also, calling the military in is standard colour revolution stuff. ‘Sniper’ kills some protestors, boom, trump is a violent dictator get him out.

        Trump prudently did the right thing.

      • “I like him but he is the guy who talks shit sitting at the end of the bar…”

        Yeah, er no. The guy threw up construction in the ultimate MAFIA and government and econmic cesspit years of NYC. Learned from his old man Fred, a tough character.

        Your analogy is likely more .. self descriptive?

      • Sure. Walk a mile in his shoes against the Deep State that murdered Kennedy and countless others and then let’s hear this pithy analysis.
        My guess, if you took the old SSH survey, you never got punched in the face nor served one up.

    • Certainly is a cliffhanger. I’m pretty sure it ain’t offially over till the Fat Lady (Electoral College) sings, December 14. Add Supreme Court or U.S. Congress as needed, stir gently.

    • Seriously, win or lose to see the host of this blog join RINO surrender monkeys before the fight even began …. pathetic. But as he is expanding his journo reach to other blogs, adding pitches for products .. entry into the club is underway. And with it a certain concomitant tone….

  26. Well put. Just a reminder though. Trump is an effect not a cause. The grifters that sell their office or use it to extort stuff are all still there. The military/industrial complex that wants to keep those endless wars going is still there.

  27. Trashing Trump while he’s down is beneath you Z. That’s an unnecessary cheap shot. He may not be your savior, but he made a fortune, is married to an extremely attractive woman despite being fat and old, ended NAFTA, stopped the endless wars, and actually made peace in the Middle East (not exactly trivial accomplishments). You have a blog and he won the presidency. Just saying. And he’s not done yet. If the Ds do succeed in the stealing the election, he may well start a third party; and if so, that will be the end of the Republican Party. Take it to the bank.

    • As mentioned in another comment,Pres. Trump and I are both 74 but we are not “old”; we are well-aged. And I’m not fat: six-three, 186 pounds! Hah! Don’t underestimate us leading-edge boomers; we remember when the world was our oyster and pearls abounded. I for one continue to seek them out.

      • I’m not far behind you, and I can still ride a mountain bike over 40 miles of single track, up a high mountain pass, and return home for a beer and a steak. And I might be inclined to cut that ride a little shorter if I had a wife like Melennia waiting for me when I got back. Kudos to Trump for the trifecta.

        • You’ve got me beat on the exercise, bro’! But I’ve got two lady friends, one 40, the other 45, and imho, they can give Melania a run for her money. Life is still good!

          • Continuing the honesty, one is half-English, half Spanish nobility, looks kind of like Audrey Hepburn, the other is Franco-Swiss and looks like a cross between Catherine Deneuve and Sybill Shepherd, if they were five three. Both are refugees from urban life, as am I, and I’m still pinching myself to make sure it’s not a delightful dream. Both are slender, however. My dtr-in-law, a mestiza (Spanish, Syrian and Guaraní), Mediterranean in appearance, meets your criterion even after three kids in six years (she’s 31), but believe me, she works at it. She’s also tiny (5′ 1″), but far more voluptuous than my lady friends. We have wonderful female variety here!

          • Write the novel with a book cover photo of the three of them and I’ll buy it. I too live in a rural mountainous region at 7500 feet. Once upon a time in my prior business life, I spent a few weeks San Vicente Bolivia and regret never having made the trip south into Argentina. Very remote, uniquely beautiful.

          • Forget novels: truth is stranger than fiction. If I could, I’d post photos. They’re truly quite dazzling for young and old alike. I’ve not been to Bolivia,won’t get the yellow fever vaccine, but I was right at the border on Lake Titicaca. My son likes it, went there to climb Huayana Potosí (nearly 20k feet).
            We live in a piedmont at 3000 ft.,the sierra de Comechingones rises to a bit under seven.
            Make the trip if travel is still possible.

          • You are putting in a good pitch for (?) Argentina. 🙂 Perhaps someday I will make use of that Spanish Lit MA after all 😀

          • You could do worse, but the Spanish spoken here might surprise you. My second wife, a Spaniard, had no small amount of difficulty with it. “Chuncano”, the local idiom, is “sung” not spoken.

        • Bragging in keeping with being a layabout. Late 50s, good enough health to be able to ride bike couple miles each way and have chesseburger & fries (big meal of day) at any of several local junk fooderies 🙂

    • Stop being butthurt. The Zman has said more often than I can count you learn more from your failures than your successes. He is trying trying to show what we need to learn, and probably learning himself in the process. Why take something personally that isn’t aimed at you.

      • Z-Man’s critique was fair. I don’t agree with all of it, but it presented a side one needs to be aware of. We all need a bit of a thicker skin here.

        • The critique is nonsensical. Either Trump lost through fraud or he lost because of Other Reasons. Since the Dems were committed to add as many fraudulent votes as it took to win, it didn’t matter what Trump did before the election.
          What he did before the election was work his ass off, hold multiple huge rallies every day, and win by a large majority, as well as boosting Rubs in House seats.
          But the Dems simply added votes at 4am, probably largely by software hacks, as well as flash-drive dumps and hand-filled back-up ballots, and stole the election.
          Z’s attitude is to blame the man whose house got robbed because he didn’t buy a third doberman and another Medeco lock for his door.
          He wuz robbed!
          My circumspect self thinks Z is functioning as a gatekeeper of sorts, but for his Gab feed, which is far more based. Here he seems to be simply “backing the strong horse.” One can, I suppose. One could also back the bolsheviks in 1917, seeing that the were “on the path to victory.”
          Sleeping with the enemy is always a popular cope.

    • LMAO at this typical MAGAtard take. How did he stop the wars? Where? He re-shuffled the troops and EXPANDED ME presence, if anything. Not to mention the arming of Saudis against Yemen.

      What “peace in the Middle East”? What are you on about? Lol.

      • I’m going to assume that Bubba is your real name. Here’s a clue. Proper names start with a capital letter. They teach that in elementary school.

      • Dead Americans from ME wars under Trump – maybe 30? Under BO – 2000. Under GW Bush – 5000. There is a difference there.
        Color revolutions and civil wars started under Trump? None that I can think of, maybe Yemen but Trump is by far the least interventionist president since Carter.

        • “What “peace in the Middle East”?”

          I thought trolling went out in the 90’s for your demographic?

          Yeah, really, basic logic. Basic math. Under Dubya and his twin Obama, thousands of dead and maimed Americans to no good end.

          The entire Middle East de-stabilized. Dirty dealings with former allies Saddam (kept Iraq in check), Mubarak (same role in Egypt), Quaddafi (after he agreed to surrender nukes). I can though in a few Bush wars if you like… stupid fuck.

          • ….And? What has Trump done to change any of that? He didn’t start NEW wars? Oh great! How about cornering Iran and giving Israel the green light to keep expanding.War games on Russia’s border. Threatening China. Hardly a “peace” President.

            Learn the facts, retard.

    • I have to agree. Was speaking with a good friend that turned me on to this blog some time back, tonight. He said, “I;m done with zee man ever since the election.”

      This response to “Van Helsing”:

      “No, you are simply a moron.”

      Also, IMO beneath the previous quality of the blogger’s discourse. I thought he bashes a certain prolific author and publisher of books like “SJW Always Lie” .,… for this kind of thing. Next, the banishing begins…??

  28. So did our friends on the left take a moment out of their celebration to inform their fellow travelers in the phone scam trade that the Do Not Call List would no longer be enforced/policed?

  29. I am afraid all the Never Trump talk here by Tappan Zee, uh, Mario Coumo Bridge man will be for nought when AOC checks his box on the enemy’s list and he is deplatformed.

    • I don’t think it’s a great idea to write Trump off.

      I mean, do we really want critical race theory immediately re-implemented?

      Do we want them to rapidly implement a permanent mask mandate, lockdown, and all the other joys of Flunaticism?

  30. If Trump lost because the election was stolen , does that invalidate the above analysis? Can we both blame trump and the rigging? If not fraud, then he lost because he ignored his base. He kept boosting Fox News, Fox and friends , and cucks such as bozoingo, Levin, Hannity, , black conservatives–everyone and everything but whites and things important to whites. once in power he coped the bush/Romney playbook and it given that it failed for them, in 2008 and 2012, there was no reason to expect it to work this time.

  31. A great reminder, Z. It’s all about ruthless exploitation of people.

    Con Man + Mark = Con Man Win.
    We can kill the Con Men, remove the Mark, drive off the Con Men, or ignore the whole equation. Eventually the Con Men run out of Marks.
    Then, the Con Men must be destroyed.
    Seems like violence is inevitable.

    • Seems like violence is inevitable.
      it is inevitable, if whites don’t do something about the israelites and the democrats, south africa 2.0 will happen on a larger scale.

  32. Trump lost because he did not and could not expand his support beyond those who voted for him in 2016. And the demographic reality meant that a re-run of 2016 would result in a loss. Why that was the case … I’d argue that Z’s assessment is largely correct. Faced with the complete and intractable opposition to every institution of state and cultural power in the western world, Trump needed to expand his support beyond the Dirt People. I think he believed he could attract significant Black support, which was always nonsense, b/c his argument to the Black voting bloc involved his imagining their being grateful to him, which is at best an exercise in wishful thinking, and at worst terribly naive.
    In short, the reason that Trump lost is … demographics! It’s not more complicated than that.The GOP should be mortified, states like Georgia should not be “battleground.” Every day Trump voters die and 18 year olds who marinated in 12-16 years of cultural marxism school curriculum enter the voting rolls. Virginia is now a solid-blue state not because its historic residents changed their minds, but because 20% of NoVA is made up of foreigners, and the rest of government bureaucrats. Yes 70 million people voted for Trump, but 73 million voted against him. In short, an election strategy of mobilizing the Dirt People doesn’t produce enough support to win elections. We’re running out of white people.
    By the way … I mentioned that to my mom’s man-friend, a 75 year old CivNat from rural Virginia. Told him that by 2030 white people will be a minority in the US. Told him that the Virginia he grew up in is gone, replaced by foreigners, carpetbaggers, and government bureaucrats. I think I might have finally got through his CivNat armor. We’ll see if he continues to shovel money to VMI, thinking that a state college can somehow carve out an independent identity from the state that owns it. I hope he comes around, but too much of his identity is tied up in an American culture which no longer exists.

    • Trump got the most votes ever, other than joe biden 2020.

      He got more votes than Obama 2008 in Pennsylvania. Trump won in a landslide, look at the numbers yourself. White men were appearing out of thin air to vote for Trump in the sticks.

      There is only one reason he lost and that’s fraud. I’m not saying this as a sore loser or as cope, I’m just trying to be accurate. He could get 6 million votes in Pennsylvania and philly would come up with 7 million for the dems.

      • Yeah, I’ll grant that. And it is an amazing accomplishment. And I certainly acknowledge that Trump is the victim of massive voter fraud. But the fact that the vote was close meant that fraud was an option. Trump had to have realized that fraud was going to happen (the democrats all but said they planned to cheat!) and should have had immediate, actionable plans to implement. It would appear that he did not, either b/c he thought he’d win “bigly” or naively trusted that the democrats would play by the rules.

        • He got his lawsuits on file pretty quickly after the election, so he had at least some inkling and preparation.

        • The vote was not close. That’s why they had to throw in over 100k votes per city in a naked grab. They wanted to do it on the sly, but Trumps voting margins were too big. They schlonged him anyway, but they had to tip their hand to do it. Not to worry, they’ll refine the process for next time.

    • IMHO, I think it was the specifically black pandering. They are a lost cause, and the smallest of the minorities anyway. There was some indication hispanics were getting black fatigue, and don’t like them anyway. The dems seemed to go out of their way to be the “black party.” Let them. Blandering probably turned off more white voters than hispandering.

  33. Good essay. I guess the question is can we get a leader or leaders back into power who are able to do the job without the other side pushing us into blood shed?
    We may never get a populist close to the executive branch again but if we do hopefully peacefull measures within the system might work to clean up the corruption through the work of ethical realist men.
    I only hope so because I love America but I don’t really think so. I think this probably ends badly at some point.
    We seem to be driven towards some kind of revolutionary phase of history.

    • The demographic situation still has yet to be fully understood

      Normally,I would say a return to a Cold War footing would get rid of the frivolous actors and allow only serious men to rise up.

      But with all the lower IQ POC, I haven’t the foggiest. If I had to take a guess it would be that the country is doomed. I don’t see how these newbs are going to MAGA

      • That’s the thing. There is no going back to normal, because “normal” requires a solid white, anglo-assimilated majority. Some Latinos and asians support maga and the white status quo but they can’t re-create or uphold it themselves.

        I see an increase in general chaos and dysfunction, more crime, more corruption, more religion, etc. Black areas: church on every block, shooting every weekend.

        Most white people are just totally ignorant of hbd or even demographics in general and don’t have any clue what’s coming. We’re just coasting on institutional inertia at this point.

    • What people forget is that this vote count forgery is getting permanently imbedded into the system. Every future president will be the Democratic choice. Wait and see, the election bookies will give you no payoff on the Dems winning (though if you want to lay money down on the Reps winning, you’ll get good terms). Instead betting will concentrate on what the winning Dem margin might be. Because voting, from here on out, will be nothing more than ornamentation.

      • Unless you have the ill fortune to be “liquidated” as they said a hundred years ago 🙂 because you were politically unfavored and/or there is a revolution, daily life will probably resemble much of Latin America. The system will be thoroghly corrupt it’s true, but will function sort of like Mafia domianted Italian neighborhoods in the old days used to do. At least at local level, everything runs more or less smoothly. Pay-offs, bribery and favoritism are standard procedure, but if you you play along you will survive.

  34. All true, but he’s a fighter. If nothing else, he’s gotten people to fight, and that’s the start we needed.

    Supposing he doesn’t pull a rabbit out of the hat, somebody will have to assume the mantle. Trump 2024 is a non-starter imo.

    • If Trump can avoid criminal prosecution (doubtful, although god only knows why..the libs really want this), he should channel his energies into a new “Fox” type media.

      Remember the days of old Fox when you’d watch it with the sound off and just look at the bevy of 20 year old “journalists” ladies with plunging necklines and tight sweaters?

      I’m pretty sure that formula is ready to be reinvented.

    • The fight—post Trump—will be for the soul of the Rep party. As we speak, the RINO’s or neocon civnats, are attempting to regain control and resume their place as the Washington Generals.

      Of course, many here are beyond politics at the organized party level. None-the-less, it won’t hurt to cheer on a post election change of the Rep Party to a populous, White nationalist party based upon the (former) Rep party. Easier to take over than build from scratch.

      • Definitely. It’s been happening since Trump came down the escalator. True to form, slower and less cutthroat than what’s happening to the Dems— and that’s a good thing. The timing kind of sucks though.

  35. At the end of the day, no matter what his foibles, he did one thing that is, and will remain,priceless.

    He prevented Hillary Clinton from being elected President.

    Worth it.

    • we forget about that

      and Paris Accord


      Taking it to China

      Loosened regs

      Energy independence

      ….I’m starting to sound like Hannity so best stop

      But Trump in many ways did one hell of a job, and we did get a lot of wall / barrier

      He will be missed

      • Even if we win the fight and we get another four years, he will still be missed too short a time.
        Ultimately though he did his job which was to buy us time and to open people eyes to how fracked the system is. President Trump did these things and did his best to try and build an economy that was good. I think he didn’t help Whites as much as I would have liked but he didn’t betray them either.
        In the end we used that time to buy guns and supplies which is good but no one even the President could have predicted the evil minded lunacy of the globalist elite.
        I’m not a Q guy but I’ll tell you what these people sure act like Q was gospel truth.
        Where failed wasn’t that but to make hard friends and assume we were occupied and war was inevitable, We are doing this now but its going to be harder even if there is a Trump term two.
        In the end though just as I have always said its going to come down to us to remove the elite and all their institutions and build ones that we want.
        Ideology first.
        And yes its kind of fashy, no looking backwards to demographics or tech bases that don’t exist , no cucking, no leave me alone, no Ayn Rand jihad capitalism nonsense.
        A whole lot pro family, pro civilization , populist , economic nationalism of do as we see or else living for a few decades till morality reboots.
        And you know the hell of it? The gains are really quite small. Maybe replacement White fertility, a slightly Whiter more more moral society and lower drug use and crime rates.
        But the alternative? Well its uglier. A Birkenstock on a human face forever.

      • Often mentioned here, but missed your list, is the very many things he did that showed up just how corrupt the Deep State is. That includes the ongoing election chicanery. As the old military saying put it, when you are up to your ass in alligators, it is hard to remember your mission was to drain the swamp.

    • That’s the big finish. It goes like this – Biden resigns or is 25thed out of office. Kamala is found ineligible due to citizenship requirements. Psyche! Nancy is 3rd in line. She appoints Hillary VP and resigns. Cue dramatic hamster.

  36. Disagree again.

    Trump lost for one reason: massive, unprecedented voter fraud. Loom at Trump’s turnout. He probably got the most support ever from white males, a false narrative.

    If trump were a sucker, hr would’ve been on his ass by 2017. He defeated the dnc and 17intelligence agencies and was not forced from office.

    • Trump beats the snot out of the establishment when it is him on stage

      They beat him and tangle him up when they gang up behind the scenes

      I think all these new rallies he has planned can turn all of this into the “real” campaign. He is going to shine on stage. During the pre-election (PE) campaign, Biden could hide his true colors and people, even me, would be too much in a fog to really make sense of it. But NOW ?! We can see what the hell Biden really wants to do because he has already started with his policies and hiring. Cheney on transition team lol? WTF? Paris accord? Iran deal?

      Whoa Nellie !!!!

      Trump is going to have a field day

      • Teddy Roosevelt would have understood what’s coming Trump’s way:
        “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

        • Yep, I often thought if Trump listened to me he’d have done better in office (a theme we hear variations of within this group constantly), but now I realize if Trump had listened to me, he’d never have been elected to that office in the first place.

          I am one of those timid souls that TR speaks about. Long after I’m dead and forgotten, historians will argue about the Trump era and write books about him. Teachers will add Trump’s name to the list of Presidents their class must memorize as a teaching exercise.

          • I fear you are rather optimistic about the intellectual capabilities of our present or future students, as well as the demands teachers would put upon them.

      • Just like a quarterback can have an awesome last half of the fourth quarter, once the ball game is out of reach. You still lost the game.

  37. Trump’s narcissistic qualities tend to override his frequently solid instincts. Additionally, something difficult to define is missing with the man — the “civic nationalist disease” is as accurate a way to put it as there is. Trump spoke like a populist (which is “fascist” according to his opposition) and mostly governed as a stereotypical milquetoast conservative. So he got all of the downside of being widely considered “fascist” while basically reaping no benefits from it. How could a man in his position fail to see that? He suffers from some fundamental blind spot.

    • Trump’s background is corporate negotiation. One works it by sending in the nastiest bulldog lawyers, that get up in the faces of their opponents, and go at it for hours, days, or weeks. But in the corporate world, there are clear boundaries. No physical stuff, no brandishing weapons, no threatening families, no locking someone in a room and setting it on fire. Trump forgot that the boundaries of corporate negotiation don’t apply in DC.

  38. Trump still has one last hope

    but it will involve a human sacrifice of Kushner to the gods.

    here comes Trump’s Prince Hamlet moment

    • Hate twitter:

      “At least if Biden is President we’ll never have to hear about the lowest black unemployment again”


      It was Jared whose “historic black voters” strategy cost Trump in the white vote. He lost more of us than he gained of them. That undermining was deliberate, without doubt.

      • None of these things cost President Trump the election or more accurately caused the current election chaos.
        Democrat and Deep State fraud did.
        Also Republicans did very well this year, even gained seats in California.
        Without that fraud, the election would be mostly a Red Wave.

  39. Day 1, he should have ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to build the Wall – all of it. If they balked, he should have replaced all the generals. If the House impeached him — well, they did anyway.

  40. One of the more hilarious incidents is Trump unfollowing Bibi and AIPAC after they stabbed him in the back. Maybe he should have paid more attention to the snake parable.
    Celebrity Civnat Trump is dead and is never coming back. The only question that remains is whether Punished Trump takes the stage.

    • Something that has always struck me as a microcosm of Trump’s desire to be among the elite, cool kids that despise him, overriding an opportunity to actually stick it to the elite and their stranglehold on a system is his dedication to Twitter.

      He enjoyed being Twitter in Chief too much. He preferred to play the bad guy on their platform, tossing up his hands “they censor me, they don’t like me, whaddya gonna do”, as opposed to actually taking a simple action to de-legitimize a major leftist tool by joining a competitor.

      Admittedly I think all social media are fake and gay and uber feminized so his twitter war always struck me as weakness. But when you consider his larpy approach to the hostile platform wars it makes sense how he approached the actual government institutions as well.

      He preferred bitching about all the swamp creatures attacking him instead of shitcanning everyone and at least forcing sycophants to rise up in their place. He gave validity to the deep state platforms instead of showing just how useless (and dangerous) most of those institutions really are.

      And now he is back in court, playing by their rules again, appealing to the same cast of characters again. Thousands of sealed indictments; millions of fake votes. Talking tough on twitter. While twitter censors and disclaimers in real time.

      • I find it unbelievable that the President of the United States has no overt or covert means to “persuade” two twerps like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg to straighten up and fly right. Is a messaging app really more powerful than the executive branch of the Federal Government?

        • No, the two social media types you mention sided with the Dems and knew they’d be protected. They were a third arm of the Dem’s—and they won with this election. They’re powerful as long as they remain aligned with the Dem’s.

  41. “[Trump] had no vision of the future.”

    His vision of the future was a return to the ‘nice’ ruling elites of the 1950’s.

    “Instead he kept trying to be accepted by people who detested him.”

    Ruling elites that go bad can either be reformed or be destroyed. Reform had to be tried first, and be seen to be tried and be seen to have failed. Mission accomplished. Recognition is now substantially more widespread that our ruling elites are neither elite nor are they ours any longer.

    The people who detest him also detest Western Civilization and want it, and us, to die.

    “…secret list in your head of things you want to do in office.”
    His primary focus was economic and financial and he did accomplish much against bitter opposition. However, economics is downstream of politics which is downstream of culture. Victory in the culture war is necessary for stabilization and normalization of political and economic victories.

    I have zero doubt that the globalists already have detailed plans for overturning or circumventing every Trump accomplishment. That process and its inevitable consequences will further delegitimize globalist elites.

  42. Trump lost because he lacked self control. He could not control his temper or ego. It is who he is. He has many strong qualities, particularly courage, but they were overwhelmed by his lack of self control. He did many good things but they will be undone because of his lack of self control.
    That is a lesson all young men should learn from the Trump era.

    • Truth he was at times his own worst enemy. However, when it comes to dismantling Clown World, I’ll take the bull in the china shop over the milquetoast ¡Jeb! Bush or any other Republicuck that would have gotten in office.
      What it showed was that after decades of ‘playing nice’ it gets you nowhere, and in fact, will get you pissed on for the most part. The take home message for any would be Populist Savior (as Trump LARPed as) is this: Unleash your inner lion because you are going to need it to survive the packs of spineless hyenas nipping at your heels which is both D & R in the swamp.

      In fact, if I were Trump at this point, I would follow the Yarvin Protocol as outlined in his essay linked here a few days ago and declassify ALL documents, Wikileaks style. Tear down the columns like Samson on your way out. They won’t let you do it of course, but you can’t say you didn’t try. Go out on your feet like a man instead of with your tail between your legs liked a whipped cur.

      • I agree. Trump had great courage and did many good things. He should also order all troops out of Afghanistan by January and let Biden oppose that or try to put them back.
        I feel bad for Mike Flynn. Trump will have to pardon him rather than him being exonerated and his persecutors exposed in court.
        But Trump can still expose them. Declassify everything even if the media will ignore it.

        • He can’t. Congress made a law that he couldn’t draw down troops below a certain number. He didn’t veto it.

    • Trump certainly made mistakes but he lost because the election was stolen, if it’s a fair election he almost certainly wins and the process still isn’t over. They were so blatant and obvious with their fraud he still could manage to pull it out, it’s a long shot but there’s a chance

    • Zman nailed it. Trump didn’t understand that he was surrounded by apex level con men.

      Yesterday’s firing of the SecDef Espy shows that now, when the curtain is closing, that he finally gets it. Too little, too late.

  43. During this “transition,” I think a lot of what Trump did accomplish is going to be inadvertently highlighted by Biden.

    two quick examples. The Paris Accord. Biden wants back in. Two, Cindy McCain and Cheney are joining Team Biden, highlighting Trump’s break from neo-con foreign policy and that he didn’t get us into another war.

    going to be funny and strange if this transition becomes the real campaign that matters and Trump is able to overturn the cheated votes and win. And by then, everyone will have seen the real Biden and will be glad Trump came back and won.

    • No they won’t. Are you expecting rationality from the mob? If Trump manages to overturn that we’re back to round-the-clock riots in the streets. But again I don’t know what to hope for here because if we havr peace and quiet long enough for them to take the guns away, well we all know what comes after that.

      • I bet a lot of Biden voters and/or former Trump voters weren’t aware of his neo-con bent and had totally forgotten about the Paris Accord among others. All those white guys who didn’t vote this time around are going to remember why they voted last time.

        I don’t mean to include the crazy left in this. There’s no dealing with them except the hard way, and that is not going to change

    • Wait…Dick Cheney is joining Team Biden? If true, hahahahahaha. I plan to join with the truly anti-war Left in their rioting if troops get deployed.

  44. The most amazing part of all that is that Trump is NOT the grifter. But good luck trying to convince any leftist of that

    • Let me tell you about a story of a 60yo leftist in my life. Police showed up at her door recently because apparently she hit a parked car and did not leave the correct information. She did actually leave information because she saw someone see her hit the car so she left a note on the car with a fake number. She has Insurance there was absolutely no reason to do that. And you should see her car this is not the first time she’s done this. she is emblematic of the left

      • Every Corporate Office Environment on Both Coasts circa 2020. Why take responsibility & personal accountability when I can simply shift the blame. Or worst case, run to HR and file a sexual harassment claim pinning my incompetencies on some man by deflecting and potentially ruining him.
        Passive aggressiveness and blame shifting is faggotry & feminine in nature and it utterly rules all corporate spaces which is why we are circling the drain. Low T males, soyboys, and wahmen do well in this environment. Men, true men that is… not so much.

        • Why not join in?
          The wheels are falling off in real time at my globocorp, as goodwhites get more insane, and increased diversity efforts come in.

          Our shrieking xanax addled AWFL managers don’t understand why Tyrone and Abdullah have low performance. I help the process along of course, I tell them I don’t care and laugh at the bosses behind their back. I do enough work then quietly push the rest out to diversity and wammin. Pretty funny how stupid these people are lol. Guess you need some dark triad and sadism to enjoy it though.

          • More Hate twitter:
            “The elimination of SAT requirements are also a glaring indication of this future for higher ed, it’s as close as you’ll come to a tacit acknowledgement of lowered expectations for incoming students in the coming decades.

            China will now be the research juggernaut.”

          • Don’t see how you do it, but being young helps

            I had to quit corporate b/c of that crap, and this was in the year 2000 or so when things weren’t half as bad and it was still 80-90% a white boy and ((()))) club

      • AS Jack Cashill once said, “Although leftists are not uniquely guilty of lying, they are uniquely guilty of lying as a conscious strategy.” As you note, this does not only pertain to politics.

      • short of murder, women can break the law and nothing happens to them or they go to some dorm prison for a few months like Martha Stewart. men actually face the consequences of their actions

        • “Short of murder…”

          No, they get away with murder as well. They are absolutely immune to the dead sentence (one exception coming up, if not commuted), are often split out from male accomplices for lessor sentencing, and the first to receive plea deals ratting on male accomplices for the prosecution.

  45.  It was his first mistake.

    His first mistake was when, in a post-election interview with Leslie Stahl after he won, Trump told her he would not pursue Hillary for her crimes. It was the moment I knew he was a babe in the woods.

    I actually look at the Trump Administration as quite successful, largely inadvertently so. If you put aside the substantive things he did, and there were many, the attacks on Trump forced CivNats and many others to realize the “news” is pure propaganda, elections are fraudulent rituals, the FBI and DOJ are utterly corrupt secret police organizations, the military is a total grift and “fighting them over there” is to line pockets over here. That genie never will be put back into the bottle. The State is now loathed by huge swathes of the populace, and oppositional to it. D.C. easily is the most despised national capitol, and with good cause.

    I wish him Trump and look forward to litigation illustrating how completely illegitimate “Biden” is and electoral politics are.

    • Michael Tracey, the maverick leftist, said that Trump’s biggest mistake was outsourcing his legislative agenda to Ryan and Mc Connell in the first two years of his administration, when he controlled everything. They pissed it all away,and Trump was left playing catch-up his last two years. He actually did pretty well, but it was too late.

      Ol’ Mike may be a Commie, but he ain’t wrong…

    • Trump told her he would not pursue Hillary for her crimes.”

      Of course he wouldn’t. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. If you arrest the candidate you beat, what happens when you get beat? Deescalation is a good strategy in a lot of instances.

      • Except… he is going to be arrested anyways, so what were you saying again? He was -indicted- by the southern district of NY during his presidency. He was impeached. You think he isn’t getting an FBI raid within a few weeks of losing immunity you haven’t been paying attention.

        He should have been sweeping these people away like the tide w/ mass indictments & arrests because they will most certainly do that to him & his close people (Giuliani) and nobody will stop them. This type of cuckery ‘de-escalation’ only works on the sane and rational. They are neither.

        • Exactly. The bubble on the right doesn’t see this. Talk to a lefty and they’re convinced the only reason he’s not in prison right this instant is because of his POTUS immunity.

          It’s a bit shocking to hear them go on and on about it.

        • Unless you’re on the team that’s supposed to arrest him, I don’t see how you can talk with that much certainty. Nonetheless, if he had Hillary arrested, it would undoubtedly be a certainty that he’d be arrested as soon as he was out of office. As it stands, it is merely probable. Thats not nothing.

  46. MAGAs, including many dissidents who frankly should know better, are having trouble accepting what’s happened in a way not seen since Germany 102 years ago this week.

    Yes, November Criminals exist, but let’s not pretend the MAGA army was making an orderly retreat to the Hindenburg Line.

    Trump lost, as I said he would, for the reasons Z outlined above, and also because he pandered to people that hated him. Had he pandered to his base instead, he’d have won.

    Credit to Z for moving on.

    • It is not an either or world. Trump made many mistakes and the system robbed him of the election. Humorously, the people hooting about “light switch brain” are the worst offenders of it. Of course, those people never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

        • Yes, there does appear to be a contradiction there. None-the-less, we have enough brain power in his group to entertain such ideas and move forward. Two opposing ideas does not cause lockup. We are not computer programs.

        • We aren’t voting our way out of this. That’s the point. We just got reminded of that. No matter what Trump did or didn’t do, or how he governed, and no matter how many votes he could have racked up, the Left was going to cheat themselves to a higher count (they even still have NC, GA, and NV waiting in the wings now, if necessary). If Trump had done some things differently, he might have more fervid support right now. But overcoming the vote fraud was never going to be possible, this time around. They would have gone to 200% turnout with 100% for Biden in every precinct if they had to.

      • Humorously, the people hooting about “light switch brain” are the worst offenders of it. Of course, those people never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”
        speaking of “light switch brains”, I listened to the sour patch kid’s Sunday podcast. They are deep in celebration over a Trump defeat. The smugness was off the charts, even by their elevated standards. For people who have accomplished nothing in their lives, they sure are convinced of their superiority. A really loathsome duo.

      • Z, do you think that the Dems would have stolen the election no matter what Trump had done? Can you envision a scenario where they would have simply shrugged their shoulders and said, “nah, Trump is too popular, we can’t steal this one.”
        It’s a coup, Z. You seem to be engaged in eliding that central fact.
        You are saying, “yeah, there was fraud, but Trump was a flawed guy, so let’s move on.”
        Are you not saying that exact thing?

        • No, they set about rigging this election in 2000. The Left has been at war on our election processes for a long time. This is just a new front in the war.

  47. He kept giving tax cuts and economic perquisites to people who naturally would devote all of their resources to destroying him. He was never as rich as he pretended to be (he even made sure this was a no-go zone during his television roast) but if you make the measure of a man merely his net worth, then you find yourself forced to look up to a strange little walleyed homunculus like Jeff Bezos or even worse, the ectomorphic extraterrestrial boy-child Mark Zuckerberg. Making manhood about martial glory was the typical method, but when instead of a caparisoned steed you have an unmanned aerial vehicle, this is also a dead end. At least Trump struck terror into the hearts of our enemies, which is something. And because they are deranged, weak and frankly lack purpose, he will haunt their dreams long after he exits the stage.

    • True, but the part of the tax bill that was most widely despised was the one that benefitted the country and nationalists the most: the reduction of the corporate tax rate from one of the world’s highest to an acceptable level. Corporations, to the surprise of many, came back and employed Americans. Of course, this will be the first thing Biden will attempt to undo if he is able.

      The second most despised section of that bill also was important for National Populists. Capping property tax deductions for the uber rich in Blue cities and states was a very good thing for us.

      With those caveats, those on the Right should make common cause with the Left to support a punitive wealth tax. The Biden types absolutely oppose it and will betray their base, as will Republicans, but just a little pressure and it could happen. Again, that would be a win.

      • Exactly, affluent white liberals in blue states ended up paying 10,000s more per year in taxes. Of course that just meant more of them fled to red states.

        • Affluent White conservatives in blue states ended up paying 10Ks more in taxes too. We do exist. But small price to pay for sticking it to the preening gutless progs I guess. Plus Oregon is gonna miss those tax $s when we leave the state next year.
          We have prog neighbor who built up a business over 40 years in Portland which was wiped out by onerous and punitive regulations. They did everything “right”: sustainable this and that, high wages, virtue signaling about all the acceptable things and still they got fucked. And they are STILL shitlibs. Unless one lives around these people it’s hard to imagine how irrational their worldview is.

        • Well, if they fled to Texas, they were up for a rude awakening. Texas does not have an income tax, but it screws you over with property tax. California, even though (because?) it has an income tax actually does two things that make property tax lower – (1) their rates are almost half of most Texas areas, and (2) you are taxed based on the value of the property when purchased. Texas taxes you on “appraised” value every year, which is total BS and a license to steal. This allows them to raise taxes every year without raising the rate, thereby fraudulently claiming they did not “raise” your taxes.

      • How many trillions are floating around the tax-free world of the foundations? I like the thought of that!

        • Harvard has $40billions in endowments;
          it’s time to use that to pay down students’ debt.
          Federal legislation would be needed to enable that, or maybe just a handful of lawsuits claiming a defective product was sold to students. The courts may be an easier path than legislation.

        • Yep, those foundations must be destroyed. Example, Gates Foundation. Folks keep thinking Gates is like one of the top richest people in the world. BS, he sold/donated his MS stock, years ago. Guess where his gazillions are—Gates Foundation. He now runs the Gates Foundation where he funds his mischief from. He discovered how to have his cake and eat it too. Little different than the Clinton “Foundation” in function.

      • Thanks for reminding me of the good things about Trump’s tax bill. That being said, I think he got too little in return for it.
        IMO, Trump’s first year in office he should have told Congress he wanted three things:— A border wall
        — Mandatory E-Verify
        — Some sort of revenue tariff

        If I get those he should have told the Congressional GOP, we’ll tinker with taxes.

        He didnt do that though. He went tor taxes before immigration and trade, and not only Democrats opposed him, but I think many in the Congressional GOP felt little incentive to support him further.

  48. I still feel like they might have threatened him with something.

    Like they really do have pictures of him doing something, or they told him that they would ruin his kids.

    How else can you explain how he just totally abandoned his signature 2016 campaign issue, immigration, when he really had serious mojo after the election?

    Another possibility is that he didn’t really want to be president, that running was just something to boost his career, and that he expected to lose, like Pat Sajak or something. Then when he actually won he was happy to engage in pro-wrestling style political theater but not actually do anything substantive.

    The one thing I really can’t forgive him for is not sticking up for his supporters who were wrongly imprisoned or murdered. That is betrayal on a personal level, on the level where you simply have to be a man. Totally unforgivable. Democrats defend literal murderous psychopaths and pedophiles, but Trump didn’t even defend good and normal people who supported him. I know that for practical political reasons it would be better for Trump to win, but in my heart I actually kind of hate him.

    • “he kept trying to be accepted by people who detested him”

      This is the conservative disease, right there. One of the reasons that Trump was successful at times was that he actually suffered from this syndrome far, far less than most Republicans. Trump most certainly has his limitations, but compared to your average Republican, he’s a combination of Patton, Tailgunner Joe, and Bolsonaro.

      • I think it’s more accurate to say the conservative disease is continuing negotiate and operate in good faith after your opponent has made it clear that are acting in bad faith. It seems like conservatives believe that the federal system of government has such a robust organization that it automatically precludes bad-faith efforts from succeeding by the nature of the structure of government itself.

        • One of the problems that the US in general,and Republicans in particular have, is that our Founders did such a good job writing our constitution (yeah, it had its faults, but it took the Left over 200 years to destroy), our continent is so rich, our people so generally competent and hardworking, and our military so powerful, our “leaders”have gotten used to the idea that they can get away with being stupid, and profligate,and not pay any price. They will be disabused of this idea in the very near future.

        • I think you are giving most conservatives way too much credit, at least the politician and mainstream pundit ones. These guys know their roles, and they play them without deviation. The Washington Generals, in the end, also get paid.

    • Trump did do ok on immigration,he gutted the refugee program, and allowed communities to veto resettlement. The number of international “students” is dropping. In fact total immigration is dropping too. 400 miles of improved wall have bern built.

      Keep in mind that nearly every single person in Congress wants completely open borders.

      Z has gone over this before. You can’t just stop it all at once, realistically. Trump is not a 14 guy. But starting the process of slowing it down is important.

      • Killed federal level Critical Race Theory classes as well, which is an existential threat to Western Civilization.

        Imagine, for a moment, being unable to sit on a jury because you’re white/male/hetero and the defendant is black/female/homo. Imagine the reverse not being true.

        Imagine engineering and medical degrees being awarded based on race/class/identity affiliation instead of merit.

        Scary stuff.

        • Canceling CRT is enough to gain my complete support.

          Some hardcore dissidents want President Richard Spencer running with VP Hitler. Guess what it’s not happening.

          Trump is the best thing to happen to us for a long time. We need to not be dependant on the system, we know trump is not a savior. But there is a guy working the system somewhat to our favour while redpilling normiecons, and we should support him, while still focusing on our thing.

        • It’s coming right back under Joe Biden. Maybe winning the election was more important than owning the libs over Covid? Well, that’s the hill you wanted to die on. You got your wish. Conservatives have NO ability to think critically, plan ahead, or rank priorities and act upon that priority ranking.

      • imagine how big of a cuck a “white nationalist” has to be to prefer biden after what trump did against immigration.
        i can almost hear them sniveling about trump lowering black unemployment, now that trump won’t offend their sensibilities any longer they can have fun with the migrants.

      • The latest numbers available for student visas is that there’s been a 1.7% decrease for F-1 & M-1 and a 1.7% increase in J-1. Full report here:
        For most other categories the most recent numbers are from FY18.
        Here’s the southern border #s
        MPP (remain in Mexico) has been effective against Central Americans, but doesn’t apply to Mexicans, UACs, or extra-continentals who are still getting in.

    • Maybe he was a globalist plant from the beginning, meant to corral nationalist voters into a safe space, keeping them away from actual nationalists? As someone noted downthread, Trump got all the downsides of playing the nationalist, but none of the upsides, i.e. the votes in pandering directly to white Americans.

      Granted, it doesn’t make much sense, since there was no credible nationalist candidate on the Cuckservative shortlists, but nothing much about Trump makes sense.

      • No. Trump is just an old-fashioned CivNat, a man of his time living in a new time.

        We’ll never be saved via the system anyway, but it was fun to watch Trump.

      • Trump is a Civ Nat nationalist, typical of his era

        My dad is exactly the same.

        Yes, there is some overlap with us, the more “hardcore” nationalist types, but there is also a lot of the civ nat stuff.

    • I only hate communists and mooslems so I can’t hate Trump. I never expected the perfect president, leader or even man. I only expected him to do everything opposite what the Democommies would do. I was not disappointed so far.

  49. Sometimes the con men go too far. Real Clear Politics just announced Pennsylvania up for grabs. This isn’t over.

    • It ain’t over by a long shot. Nevada, AZ, GA, and NC are heading to the Trump column. If PA flips, Trump wins. The problem Biden has there is that a state judge took it on himself to illegally change the election rules to allow ballot counting after election day. Only the state legislature is allowed to write the election laws in PA. Judge Alito is very interested in this. Throw in the statistically impossible idea that 700,000 ballots have magically shown up for Biden and you begin to see the staggering scale of this fraud. GOP observers were physically prevented from overseeing the process. There is other evidence. If this ends up before the five conservative Supreme Court justices, Biden is toast.

      • Kunstler:
        Then there are the janky numbers in all those other states where the Dominion vote tabulation software was used: 130,000 here… 27,000 there… et cetera. By the way, the company that puts out this Dominion product is partly owned by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband, Richard C. Blum; one of its top executives is Nancy Pelosi’s former chief-of-staff; and the software’s development was funded by the Clinton Global Initiative in 2014.”

        • I’m shocked, SHOCKED to find that gambling is going on in here! Your winnings sir – oh, thank you very much…

        • You know how they always call Trump supporters “inbred”? One of the real finds of this whole RussiaGate/UkraineGate/BallotGate mess is how literally incestuous the Swamp is. There is apparently only a very tiny number of “qualified” people in DC and so they all wind up working for each other, just by coincidence. Mueller hires 14 lawyers and 12 are Democrat operatives. Trump appoints Barr as AG, whose father just happens to have given Epstein his start. Etc. So of course the ballots are counted by software funded by the Clintons, written by Pelosi’s chief of staff and owned by Feinstein’s husband. And of course anyone who points this out is a “conspiracy nut”.

        • That would be fun. Especially for J.Roberts.

          Doubt it will happen though. If anything would make the public reconsider Marbury v. Madison from 1803, SCOTUS ruling in Trump’s favor would do it.

          They know it, too. Andrew Jackson was the only President wily enough to take on SCOTUS and win. (“The court has made their decision, now let them try to enforce it”)

          • What Trump, being a “boss,” never understood, but workers do, is that it’s unwritten rules that make organizations work. Hence, the use of “work to rule” as a strike technique: Hey, we’re just following your rules to the letter, boss.” Marbury only works because everyone pretends they have to follow it; if they ignore it, it becomes a dead letter. Bush tore up the Constitution with the Patriot Act and, as Dole would say, where’s the outrage? Bush was right to call the Constitution “a goddam piece of paper.” It only has as much say in things as people give it. The Democrats ran a coup, but no one is convicted, tried or even arrested, so “it’s a coup” is just “fake news”. Why? “Treason doth never prosper/What’s the reason?/If it prosper, none dare call it treason.”

        • Best if it doesn’t go to SC. Most muscular, physical win possible is the best win. As we descend into the misty depths it’s good for normal ppl to feel they can overpower lefty thru thumotic effort w/o relying on the courts.

        • Maybe. Maybe not. I imagine even a Wise Latina would rather be the one stalwart holding back the barbarian Trump at cocktail parties than one of a 100 judges, sort of a super junior congresswoman.
          Ginsburg did not resign even when it was wise to her side — she liked the attention and power too much.

      • PA Governor? Democrat.
        Philadelphia mayor? Democrat.
        District Attorney of Philadelphia? Democrat.
        PA Attorney General? Democrat.
        Philadelphia City Council? Democrat.
        PA Supreme Court? Democrat.
        Last Republican mayor Philadelphia? 1952.
        Philadelphia, a sanctuary city, has had over 400 murders this year.
        Moving to Philly? Caveat Emptor

    • With Trump, it usually pays to wait a couple of days to see what happens.

      Mitch McConnell is now backing Trumps fraud claims. He would not have done so if Trump had nothing to show for it.

      Who outconned who is still unclear imo.

      • mitch know that without the trump supporters he loses both Georgia runnoffs . he has sabotaged trump for 4 years, but he has to look for like he is helping.

      • In regards to M. McConnell

        “Listen, I’m a politician, which means I’m a cheat and a liar, and when I’m not kissing babies I’m stealing their lollipops. But it also means I keep my options open

        From the Hunt for Red October

    • As our esteemed blog host says – the left is focused while we are not. Trump had many weaknesses and we need to look in the mirror: I don’t think he got all the support from us that he could have. Even if we’d had is back and supported him 110%… we’d still end up here. Like it or not, roughly half the nation still thinks we’re nazis, and they themselves are angels.
      Focus. Half the country hates you. They can’t be trusted to run an honest election. They can’t balance a cheque book. Most of them are employed by gov’t, and dedicate their working lives to put public sector citizens out of business or harassing them with needless bureaucracy. They are paid very well to do it. Most of them can’t name the three branches of gov’t, describe their function or name their local representatives. How reasonable is it to expect Trump to deal effectively with people like that?
      The writing is on the wall fellas. Not to fed poast, but there will be no peace with these people. You guys need to seriously start discussing peaceful secession or civil war at this point.

      • “Most of them are employed by gov’t, and dedicate their working lives to put public sector citizens out of business or harassing them with needless bureaucracy.” 

        I believe you intended to write “private sector”. If so, you’re entirely right!

      • I don’t know about “focus”.

        imo “The right wing” in general is a negative identity. It self identifies as non-left. That is a major problem.

      • Even if we’d had is back and supported him 110%… we’d still end up here.

        That’s because if we go 110%, Dems find 115%.

      • Look if half the nation hated Trump and us there would be no reason for the Dems to commit voter fraud on a massive scake,
        Most of the Left’s base is upper class whites who are also compose most of the fanatics and shit stirrers. Heck they are so few of them they depend on Blacks and Mexicans to get enough votes. Even then it’s not enough hence the endemic fraud.

    • I don’t have much faith in the voting system, nor do I have much faith in the Supremes not to cuck out. But you’re right. Not over til it’s over

      • Or the state legislatures that’ll have to “overturn” the media’s call. You know someone will be whispering in their ears “do you realize if you invalidate the election “results”, cities will burn and many will die. Do you want all that on your hands? Better just go along, or else”. There’ll probably have to be a LOT of brass balls to make things right.

        • What’s busted on a little election fraud compared to being outed for whole terms of villainy, crime and sedition?

        • True, but then we’re in a holding pattern of “Let us win every election or we burn down cities” forever.

        • What would scare them more is “do you realize if you support the media’s bogus call you will never win an election the rest of your life”

          These GOP state legislatures know if they screw Trump over it will the end of all their political careers. It’d be the end of the GOP as a party actually.

          • While painful in the short term, it might actually be in our best longterm interest if the GOPe sells Trump down the river and permanently alienates 20% of their base. GOP will splinter and the actual right will have a chance for something new.

          • It would be far more than 20%. Of those who voted for Trump, I dare say that close to 80% are more loyal to Trump than to the GOP. If the GOP subverts Trump’s attempts to reverse the coup, he could easily destroy the GOP by creating a third party. And I wouldn’t put it past him to make that very threat. Hell, I would. But if Trump does go down that road, I hope he sleeps in Kevlar and builds a moat filled with Great Whites around the White House.

          • It is high time we decentralize DC. Maybe the executive branch can move to Missouri or Kansas. Fort Knox seems to be in line with Trump’ style….
            But as for the splintering, the problem is the state and locals. A separate national party might form, but for most counties and states it would still be red spy v blue spy. It would be enlightening to see what local or state parties dump the GOP and turn into the MAGA Party.

          • He sleeps in kevlar now, so no big deal!
            Doesn’t Mar Lago alredy have a moat? Hell, it’s in FLA which is already half underwater!

          • For RINOs it’s lose by losing bigly, even when you got a great shot to win! (Then sneak over to “K” street and take that $750K/yr. lobbying job you were promised!)

          • I think even a lot of the smarter cowards, cucks, and traitors, whether Dems or GOP, may start to realize that their treason has actually gone a bit too far this time and that they are in a tighter spot than they think. In other words, maybe there’s something to this 4-D chess stuff after all.

            If it turns out that the evidence of fraud is overwhelming and they still decide to fink on Trump they avoid rioting by the usual suspects in the cities. On the other hand, people on the Right, and not just us “Nazis” are really at their limit. There’s a sizeable group, I think who will do some combination of taking to the streets, pushing for secession, or outright warfare on the local Leftists. If that happens the traitors may find themselves getting run out of the country, killed, or just find that they finally killed the Golden Goose called America and won’t be cashing in anymore golden eggs.

            They could well find themselves in charge of a Blue Union composed of the West Coast and the Northeast and packed with all the most useless, parasitic, violent, stupid, and unproductive people in the country, while the New Confederacy attracts everyone, of all races, who just wants freedom, law and order, and prosperity back.

            They may actually decide to “do the right thing” (for entirely cynical reasons) and back Trump. Antifa and BLM were useful in the runup to the election to terrorize people into voting for Biden but they’ve become a liability. Let’s face it, corporate America, while it kisses their asses in public, would probably not mind a bit if the Guard came in and machine-gunned the lot of them.

            There’s also the matter of all that juicy urban real estate that is now selling cheap and could be put back to use again if people felt safe again. Finally, there’s the chance for these traitors to land on their feet politically and make lots of pompous speeches about muh Constitution and muh Rule of Law, and muh Right Thing To Do…

          • There’s over 8,000 counties in this country. DEMs only win about 30-40 or so; but those 30-40 are huge in population. As on wag said, “There are NO Blue States, just Red States with big Blue Cities!”

        • fair enough about the extortion threat from antifa to burn it all down… but, if those same red state legislatures allow the national guard in their states as soon as they invalidate the 700k fake votes, then we could avoid a floydian winter without as much damage to normal people. if anything, this chance could be used to crack open enough soy skulls. obviously, assuming everyone does the right thing.

          • The problem is the rot at the head. What if Trumpists get all Francoist up in here, but the DoD brass turns against America and sides with the globalists? You think that pudgy Ukrainian colonel or Maddog “Sedition” Mattis is going to order a wiff of grapeshot for the joggers – or to round up muh not-sees? If the spicytimes are upon us, pray that the *.mil boys stay home.

          • Pentagon brass is already sorted into pro- and anti-Trump; Obama saw to that.
            Question comes down to who has the favor of the troops?
            That $500 billion pay-off to blacks was aimed in a big way to those boys in the military, not just the street riff-raff.

      • No matter, I all accrues to the cause. Win/lose the process is under scrutiny. Normie wakes…and seethes.

      • Don’t underestimate the SCOTUS members of all political stripes chucking this to Biden no matter if a mountain of evidence points otherwise. If they think that their reputations as the high priests of the republic will suffer from ruling for Trump, they will place their position above any one man. Besides, if their ruling is unpopular with TPTB in D.C., who will ever invite them to all the societal shindigs again? I’m convinced, voting and legal wrangling are dead ends. Blood is the only way anything changes I fear.

    • And if all else fails and the courts and the rinos finally go along with the coup and cheat the American people once again (who here is certain that the recount and judicial process will be truly fair and transparent?)….

      …Trump can and should rise to the occasion.

      He should prove once and for all that he is a real defender of his people and a man up to the task that History has set upon him.

      He should declare that, in the light of the monstrous and overarching conspiracy involving foreign and domestic agents set up to subvert the electoral process designed by the Founders and submit the United States to foreign rule, he has decided to adopt emergency powers, invoke the insurrection act of 1807, certain sections of the 14th amendment, etc… (Whatever it takes really, at this point, given the sham shit show US Democracy has become it just has to sound legal and legit, not much more is required, any legalese mumbo jumbo will do) and refuse to transfer power peacefully.

      Then the shooting will begin. If only 5 or 10% of the 71 million people that voted for him are able bodied men willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of their children´s future, they have a shot.

      As I said not long ago on this board: they, these men, will clearly be the underdog given the strategic advantage the other side enjoys. And it will be the toughest struggle any of them has ever been in. But their cause is a just one.

      And, anyway, if nothing is done and they submit, they´ll be erased from the face of the Earth, slowly, methodically, in the most humiliating manner.

      And their children and grandchildren will be turned into enslaved eunuchs and prostitutes that have to “bend the knee”.

      Might as well go down swinging, be up to their ancestor´s legacy and do noble deeds worthy of being sung in the sagas.

      And who knows, Providence might smile upon them and then… they will be the ones installing a New World Order…

      Plus, if Trump ends up pulling the trigger and crossing the Rubicon, this is probably the best window of opportunity these men will ever have. With the still sitting President and his apparatus behind them, they will have access to resources they couldn’t have dreamed of even a few weeks ago.

      To be completely honest: I don´t think any of this will come to pass… but many a commenter on this board said they were ready for such a scenario… Well, perhaps soon will be the time where they will have to put their money where their mouth was.

      • All would depend on the military. All recent comparisons depended on an *existing* force in place to back up the would be “strong man” authoritarian. Sometimes it’s a general in current command. Sometimes it’s an organized and functioning militia. Not sure Trump can call upon either force. I’d bet he’d simply be arrested by Secret Service in his bedroom on inauguration day.

        • Yes, of course, because if Trump decides to start the second civil war he´ll do so from the Oval Office and then stay in the middle of the Swamp with his routine and security detail unchanged for several weeks without taking any particular precautions.

          This instead of, for instance, finding safe haven weeks in advance amongst his people and partisans in the depths of the blood red ocean between the two blue coasts after having made sure he already has a solid core of 1000´s of armed people ready to die for the cause and securing a perimeter 300 miles (at least) wide in every direction around him. Sure.

          Any congoid warlord in Africa or Mullah in Afghanistan manages to implement rear area and command security, but Trump and the Deplorables (many of them military and ex-military people), nah, not a chance.

          • AS noted above, there are NO Blue states. Only Red states within which are located Blue cities!. Cities are dependent on everyplace else for food and fuel!

            Sure PA has fracking but all the refineries are in the South in Red areas and those boutique farms in the NE have run into winter right about now!

      • With the still sitting President and his apparatus behind them

        What apparatus? The one that has been stabbing him in the back the past four years?

        • Think much the same of the “Declassify Everything!” crowd.

          No 3-letter agency is going to stick their neck out for an outgoing President, no matter what legal authority he has to do it.

        • What apparatus?

          I don´t know, billions of dollars, the nuclear football (at least for some time until (((they))) deactivate it), great pompadour hair, the loyalty of every single truly patriotic American (including active duty personnel with access to some serious hardware and even some deep state patriots, yes) many of whom are not of the Dissident Right but share the same enemies and are eager and willing to die in order to cleanse the scourge infecting their nation, the diplomatic recognition of dozens of countries, access to top secret files, Putin´s phone number, and last but not least, Melania´s pretty face?

          Basically, you want a revolution in which victory is assured and risk is non-existent. Poker, yes, but only with a straight flush in your hand.

          Well, I´ll make it easy for ya: odds are this never happens, and if it does happen, odds are it ends just as well as it ended for the Confederate.

          If the moment comes, the choice will be between “dying on your feet or living on your knees”. And the whole idea will be something about “the Tree of Liberty and the blood of tyrants and patriots” or something like that.

          Each man will have to look in the mirror and decide for himself.

          And I shall add: the Left and it´s minions, the entire System, might back down this time and let Trump have his second term if they feel that the Sleeping Giant is about to go “Wrath of the Saxons” on them… but if they sense that even hardcore HBD people are already bending over and blackpilling… well, then they´ll go all the way and they´ll be right in doing so.

          The good news is that “normies” are mobilizing all over the US, planning rallies and showing up, gathering where it matters, in meat space.

      • In the eventuality that there’s good evidence of fraud and the courts and legislatures sell him out anyway, I’m actually giving this a fair chance of happening. It’s not that I think Trump will even need to have great courage to do this. All he really needs is the realization that he’s pretty old and his enemies will want him dead or in prison after this anyway. I suspect Trump is one of the people who knows what really happened to Epstein. He knows what these mofos are capable of. Why not just roll the dice, invoke the Insurrection Act, and go full Pinochet on their asses?

        • Of course the courts and the legislatures are going to sell Trump out. They will make some noises like they are doing their job, let it all go, and say that things were not right, but the proof of wrongness came in just slightly under some threshold of doing something about it. Bank on it.

          • I’m sure that will be the first instinct of most of these swamp things that roam the halls of power these days. I wonder how many will reconsider if they fully understand the potential chaos they could be unleashing if they go through with essentially the complete discrediting of US elections. The rank and file Lefties may believe in all that shit about minorities, wammen, etc… The swamp creatures mostly just believe in their own power and comfort. If they need to, they may well be willing to throw Antifa under the bus (or the tank treads as the case may be) and re-invent themselves as Trumpists. This is more likely for GOP establishment types than Democraps. Many of the latter may well roll on Trump but then leave the country “on sabbatical” for a while to see what transpires.

        • Yeah, and many right wingers have awakened… I’m seeing lots of pissed of normiecons and boomers. If right wing rage ever grows into action it will be so severe and destructive that the USA would be torn apart, literally. The elites are playing with fire, I’m not sure if they realize it.

          While the left has tempter tantrums, the right wingers moderate themselves. Deep down we know what we’re capable of and would rather not have to do it. Our leftist opponents are not even impoverished desperate people like in russia.

          • This is actually what I was hinting at above. As it stands we in the DR are used to the idea that the Constitution is dead. There are millions of normiecons and 2A types though who are going to be genuinely outraged and are not yet as cynical as we are about the system.

      • Just what “strategic advantage” do the Orcs hold?
        That Pentagon crew, generals and admirals, in place after the Obama Purge were mostly “STAFF” officers who play palace intrigue games and suck cock to advance their careers!
        The real military is run at a lower level by Colonels and Commanders with field commands or ship command; I’d bet a good portion of them would go Trump!

    • I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see the news from PA. Trump may yet have the Trump card it seems! This would also be an optimal outcome for those of us who enjoy the Schadenfreude of Lefty freakouts. Oh, they will be so butthurt…

        • can’t wait for Trump to kickstart the rallies again

          No holds barred total mayhem, and the Left is going to freak

          and now he has actual Biden policy to lambaste. Paris, Iran, brining on McCain’s wife. Not sure the Left is going to like that one. She’s a war whore

          • … can’t wait for Trump to kickstart the rallies again
            No holds barred total mayhem, and the Left is going to freak

            That’s a tempting idea. He is the president till late January (at least) and no one can stop him from launching rallies again. With evidence of vote counting fraud, he will have a momentous, emotionally strong pitch to deliver instead of the pre-election campaign’s mumbling about “lowest black unemployment ever.”

            It might work if Trump can understand the dynamics at play. But as our host says, he has not succeeded in the past four years at thinking big. If a new round of rallies only prompts him to cry, “Wah, wah, they tried to steal the election!” while recycling his standard petty talking points, it won’t inspire a new wave of support.

          • “lowest black unemployment ever.”
            I wish he was as concerned about White unemployment. Between that and letting blacks out of federal prisons he ended up trading a lot of White male votes for a few minority votes. Democrats probably think that was, for them, a pretty good deal.

          • Maybe he could’ve won over more White male votes if he’d bragged about “lowest jogger/blackity black unemployment”. Kushner should have tuned in to Mr. Derbyshire.

          • Biden may go down in history as the first American President to start a war before even taking office and then never actually taking office on top of that whether due to the court rulings, his health, or Kamala’s pillow, which I’m sure she’s been practicing with.

        • Best outcome is if the left tries violence and gets shut down. That will boost the right wing’s confidence moving forward to future match-ups.

          Worst outcome is if right instigates violence AND loses.

    • Everyone involved in these shenanigans should be worried. the public is aware of what went on . The GOP was stupid as usual. It is clear they were in on it. that’s why the bad vote in Michigan were marked biden instead of democrat straight ticket.
      then price for GOP going on alon was the dems wouldn’t mess with other races. but once the dems had the trump votes in the system, they brought in votes for the down ticket races . brilliant really, what are the gop gonna do, say ” but we had a deal!” . that is why they are now starting to try tom mount pushback. they are looking at being completely pushed out , for good.

        • Trump and our Achilles Heel is that federal elections depend on state and local processes. Let the states do whatever they want to run an election for the people in the state, but depending on this fraud-ridden process for federal positions (Pres/VP/Senate/H of R) is ludicrous. For those offices, a federal ballot, process, and monitoring should be in place, nationwide. But, yeah, I’m just pissing into the wind here.

          • Or just go go back to early days. I think each State Legislature voted for Pres. and VP, why not also U.S. Reps and Senators? State can have as corrupt a State governemnent as it wishes, and send the reps the honchos choose.

    • Does Trump winning really matter? He is a long way from being effective. The Left believes winning is all that matters. So-called conservatives believe in the rule of law. If the left loses, there will be another public distraction, like RussiaGate.
      just look at what is happening to Kyle Rittenhouse. No criminal history, willingly surrendered to the police, and yet he has a $2m bail, in a case of self-defense. Why is the Democratic Mayor of Kenosha or the Democratic Governor of Wisconsin not brought up on charges for endangering public safety for failing to quell the riot?

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