Thoughts On The Revolution

Sometimes it is good to take a pause from the action to reflect upon what has happened and how things have changed. Life is like being a bit of flotsam on a river, carried to some unknown destination. We all know that at some point we reach the big waterfall at the end, but the journey along the way is not so clear. Unlike the flotsam, we can create our own slow part of the river in order to rest and enjoy the view.

Ten years is not a long time in the life of a man. The older you get the more you appreciate this reality. Ten years ago, Barak Obama was the president and the ugly, brutish masses had just sent a message in the midterm election. The misty-eyed drunkard, John Boehner, was about to become Speaker of the House and the Tea Party movement was promising a bourgeois revolution from the top.

That seems like a lifetime ago. I doubt anyone would have predicted that we would be at this point, facing a world in which most of the country thinks our elections are rigged and we are headed for civil war. There were people way back then who thought we were headed for a civil war, but they thought it was a bad thing. Today, you get the sense that most people would welcome the final battle to settle things.

The French New Right theorist, Guillaume Fay, introduced the idea of an interregnum, an undefined period between the old age of the West and the new age. In this undefined and unsettled period, the West would lurch from crisis to crisis. The old order would rally to address the crisis, but not completely. Eventually, the natural order of man would prevail and a new order would emerge.

That is what we are facing now. It is clear that there is no return to the civic nationalist fantasy times of the 80’s and 90’s. Too much damage has been done to the institutions for such a return to be possible. That and the demographics would have to be fixed first and that’s not happening without a rebellion. There’s also the fact that people seem to be figuring this out and may no longer want to go back.

We live in the most interesting time any of us have seen. In the first phase of the cultural revolution in the middle of the last century, the institutions were strong enough to weather the assault. They were simply repurposed by the Left. In this phase, the institutions are too weak. Increasingly, the question on people’s minds will not be “how do we save them?”, but “how to we replace them?”

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Break The Conditioning
  • 12:00: Trump Was Never The Savior
  • 22:00: Politics Is Opportunity
  • 32:00: Our Reality
  • 42:00: Live In The Truth
  • 57:00: Closing

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351 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Revolution

  1. You are deeply depressed and your every thought is of pain and sorrow. How I envy you.

    Dieter from Sprockets

  2. Trump is certainly not the savior but a firewall to protect us from all out class warfare against us and the utter destruction of the U.S. I know Z hates him and considers him useless but he did do a lot like killing TPP, mass amnesty, Paris Accords, reforming NAFTA and correctly IDing China as our main enemy while smoking out the Deep State which DR could never dream of doing.
    That said many of the DR people want this to happen but they have no f**king clue what happens the oligarchs and Marxists take full control. They will declare war on us and there will be no one to stop them.
    This is not a game, this isn’t something that you can snark about with a bunch of other kool kids online because that will be gone.
    Even now they just deplatformed TCTH and you can bet sites like this will be next. Look at England and Scotland the laws you see enacted over there will become the norm over here.
    These people are no joke and they play for keeps and the DR failure in understanding them will be their undoing.

    • Here, Here … I’ll drink to all of that!! Can you just imagine what is the next historic icon or place to be prefixed with “Black Lives Matter”?? They will be rubbing our noses in it from here on out. People may think that I’m a tin-foil hat nutter, but the “usual suspects” need to stamp-out any talk and thus any possibility of White Nationalism occurring in this country. To some of them, there’s almost an eschatological significance to (((them))) ruling the world … for sure, not all of them get the eschatological angle, but the “ruling the world” part sounds OK to them.

    • I agree with almost all of your post, especially the part about the DR being clueless about what is coming fast, but Z doesn’t hate Trump at all. Quite the opposite, actually. He got pissed, as did many of us, when Trump appeared to be siding with Feinstein and Company over gun control, but overall he has been generous to Trump. I have tremendous respect for Trump even though he has disappointed me at times. It took remarkable courage, and, yes, a generous dose of narcissism, to withstand the assault on him and his family.

      The president is the best we could do under present circumstances, but those are shifting rapidly toward us. The election fraud has really awakened Normie. I, and probably you, have had people totally out of the blue rant about the illegitimacy not just of the election but of the State. Trump’s biggest achievement has been making people question their rulers and oppressors.

      Win/win. We will be able to further castrate the State regardless of how the election turns out.

  3. Great podcast. It actually tracks with how I have come down on the election, Trump, and the future. This was the Suez Crisis for the United States.

    I would add one other point. The State is vicious as all hell but desperately wants to maintain the illusion of legitimacy to try to keep the Empire intact (it is dead already but hopes, spring). The foreign audience is more important in this regard than the domestic one. The United States loves the moral crusade of spreading democracy throughout the world. Granted, the nation is a totalitarian hellscape now but TPTB still think it can run its morality grift abroad. With the imperial subjects increasingly convinced the election was fraudulent, in no small part because it was, this will become a much tougher task. Further, I suspect you can nearly double the 70 million Americans who realize the election was stolen. Probably that many on the Left and in the center feel that way as well, with the former approving of it and the latter disinterested or afraid to speak out.

    We should all hope the State continues to believe it can fool the rubes both foreign and domestic. If it ever realizes the gig is up, there will be no brakes on its evil and fast speed rather than slow cleanse genocide will be on the table.

    Finally, if the Empire had simply coopted Trump, all this would have worked out fine for them. Whether it was stupidity or hubris or fear doesn’t matter, the coup attempt and subsequent vote fraud has delegitimized the State in ways we or any one else never could. Again, the best scenario is the State doesn’t figure out people know.

  4. This election will be (((their))) master-stroke … the last nail in the coffin of America. I know that the demographics are already baked in the cake, but this will certainly accelerate the demise. They’ll be coming after our 401Ks soon with some intangible property tax. Might wanna buy real-estate to shelter that.

  5. But Z never wants to shine the light on the usual suspects. That’s a very curious thing to me. Maybe he just needs more time. I remember being very pro-W and pro-Israel back when “W” was elected … both times I was. Now, after years of looking at non-mainstream media, and researching Cultural Marxism, feminism, equal rights, immigration, gay rights, and Zionism, among others, it always leads back to an over-representation of the usual suspects.

    • Z and many of us see the pitfalls in white people forming an identity built around the ((())).

      It would be a negative identity you see with the blacks, where without white people around to blame for their problems they become lost. They’re slaves to whites spiritually and emotionally.

      Rather whites need to challenge ourselves and keep both ((())) and blacks out of sight out of mind if we are ever to have a life worth living and one our ancestors could be proud of. Easier said than done, but with some sacrifices and discipline it’s attainable and the rewards well worth it.

      • Thanks for the feedback, Falcone … I’ve also heard this reasoning from Z about developing a negative identity. I prefer to see this in terms of “oppressed and oppressor”, where Blacks blame Whites for oppressing them, and Whites blame Jews for oppressing them. But this dynamic assumes a “superiority” component, which, I think, does not hold when considering the White/Jew dynamic. I tend to hold to the Kevin MacDonald school where the Jews are consciously working together and, as such, able to over-achieve.

      • Falcone, I wrote a reply to your reply but I’m getting the “Awaiting for approval” orange warning for that reply … it may not post like many of my other posts. Must be because I used the wrong 3-letter word … not even in a derogatory way. This is getting very creepy. Why we have to walk on eggshells … even here. I think that Discus (this chat service) is run by you-know-who. The walls are closing in.

  6. Does anyone really think that the blacks are going to be able to organize a fake election of the scale that we just witnessed? Of course not … the usual suspects organized the whole thing, starting the day after Trump won in 2016. The black and brown poll workers were just doing what they were told to do … probably getting some $$$ for it. They’re the equivalent of the looters.

  7. I don’t care really care what Trump said during the last 4 years … he knew he’d be running again. This time, I think he’s ready to take off the gloves and shuck the corn right on down the cob! But Z is gaslighting us about things Trump said, “joking” our way through it, and blaming blacks for everything.

  8. I wish Z would talk about the MAGA march, the court cases being submitted, Sydney Powell’s interviews (she’s going to “Release the Kraken”?), Dominion s/w glitches, and many other things. We’ve all heard things, but it’d be good to get Z’s perspective.

  9. I really don’t understand the last few podcasts that Zman has made … he’s talking about things that are not directly relevant to this stolen election that is the watershed moment of our lives. If Biden is Prez, its only a matter of time before 30 million new democrats can vote … its game over! And this is not something to “meme” or “joke” our way through … make a donation to Trump’s legal team … we have to fight this!

  10. Jared Taylor is getting up there in years but check out his wife … he may have others reasons to be like the other neocons.

  11. If you want to pee off people say in corporate environment. Do the following.
    1) Get or duplicate the corporate letterhead. This is to make it look official.
    2) Use the name of some important but nasty manager or the reader thinks it’s legit.
    3) Have the topic about something that is important to the company exec or boss amd mock the shit out of in the format of a official business memo.
    It’s even better when the target is another boss type.
    When the management reads it they will go apeshit.

  12. Could the legislatures of Trump-won red states try to lead by example and pass a generically worded resolution like:
    “Due to the nationwide concert about overwhelming fraud, this legislature is exercising its Constitutional authority to directly select a slate of electors.”
    This would not change the electoral votes of a state that Trump already won, but if a cascade of identical resolutions like happened, it could help motivate the legislatures of critical swing states to do the same

  13. About a month ago, an account on Twitter appeared by “Klaus Shwab” WEF, a parody. I followed it when it had 10 followers. A few weeks later, it had about 2000. Basically taking the piss out of the NWO they have planned for us. Twitter suspended it then. They are very sensitive to mockery. One of our greatest weapons is graffiti, not mask refusal (which identifies you as a dissident)

    • I ddon’t wear a mask because its worthless and evil, not because I want to make a statement.stick your post it notes up your ass!

  14.  TV news long ago, ’twas less reason to doubt,

    With correspondents like Sander Vanocur, but these days I would sooner gouge my own eyes out ,

    with a flaming red hot poker 😈

  15. Just to put this in print, 1st (nothing really new but..) always refer to Covid 19 as “China virus” and 2nd, always refer to the new (and 90+% effective) vaccine as the “Trump Vaccine”. I can guarantee that if Bid=n/harass make it into the WH they will try to jump in front of the parade and claim they had something to do with it because of DJT yada yada.

      • I seldom talk about the virus itself at all. I’ll talk about Covid panic or Covid hysteria though. After all, that’s the real threat. When forced to mention the actual hateful little balls of RNA themselves I just say Beer Flu or, if my audience doesn’t mind a little folksy racism, Chung Flu, Wu Tang Flu, etc…

        I have another post in this thread about media discipline. It’s sad that we still lag the Left in that regard. I hate to admit it, but at this point, we’re in a war, not a debate. One truism about war is that the truth is the first casualty. There’s another part to that which inferences I’ll leave to the reader. It’s not that I try to lie or tell half truths, but I won’t bring a knife to a gunfight either.

        Once the Left is crushed we can have sober and objective scientific debates about climate change, viruses, sexuality and many other things again.

  16. A video game world loving sibling surprised me with a this society is already destroyed comment.
    He found a deal on a gas efficient first car for a Gen Z magnificent Fauntelroy and there is zero interest in driving.
    At least the people know how to drive and a stoplight isn’t a major undertaking now that 50 million people have been moved into a small county as part of the Fundamental Transformation.

    • Driving is expensive and work . We haven’t lived in a car and dating culture for a couple of decades.
      Even ignoring COVID 19 almost no one is marrying, almost no one is dating and almost no one is having kids. No reason to drive other than chores and work.
      And frankly for a lot of young people just calling an service is better. This is going to become more common as people work at home and more things get delivered.
      And note unless its regulated away or there is a marriage/dating boom it will become cheaper and far more common to use Uber or Lyft or just rent a car when they are needed.
      This won’t change under a DR system even with mass repatriation. Tech has render people too antisocial and while that will correct over some decades , it may become too expensive to operate vehicles by then.

  17. Good show Z.

    It was a nice mix of levity and keeping people focused on the long- term issues.

    People need more humor to be honest as Lord knows no one gets out of this mess alive.

  18. You really need to go back to reading the news, because there’s no way, in the face of the mounting evidence, that Trump won’t be able to prove fraud in this election, oh ye of little faith.
    And I think that’s the root of the issue- your perspective lacks a supernatural sense. This struggle is not between mere men, but between the forces of Heaven and the forces of Hell. The demons will only be cast out through the Light of Christ.
    You’re a smart guy, but no one can come to the right conclusions with incomplete information. Try going to church sometime, try studying the Bible. Once you realize the Great Divide is actually the Great Divorce (C.S Lewis’ term for the rift between heaven and hell) politics make a lot more sense.

    • I sincerely hope you’re right, but hope alone won’t save us if the Democrats succeed in stealing this election. Yes, I agree that the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud should be enough to turn back the tide of criminality sweeping over the country; and in a perfect world, the Judiciary would assert itself and say . . . NO, not here, not now, and not ever. The rule of God may remain intact, but men are fallible and virtually every branch of our Federal Government is infested with treasonous men who would betray their honor in a heartbeat when the right bribe is offered. They may later burn in Hell, but in the present, they can, and likely will, do unmitigated harm to this country and it’s people.

    • Z is. Very smar and hard working, and experienced… But. You are dead on that he misses reality.. But vague protestant “Christianity” is just as mixed up as Z. In fact, its protestantism, a form of anarchy, that has produced this secular age.

  19. Broadly speaking, there are two archetypal paths forward. First is, we try to community organize our way to a majority consensus that may enable a peaceful separation. Second is, tangibly fight back now against the creeping cancer of tyranny that will inevitably arise now that the rule of law is dead and politics is anything goes (including rigging elections).

    What does history tell us? During the First Civil War, the South tried to separate peacefully and over 600,000 soldiers died during 4 years of hot war. In the Balkans, disparate “peoples” have been at each others throats for centuries and the body count is unmeasurable. There has to be a better solution than killing untold numbers of peons at the bottom of both social pyramids.

  20. At some point the media and elites are going to have to act like Biden’s 77 million votes were real

    Reminds of the 6 million

  21. #shower thought 2:

    A global revolution was tried before:

    The 60s.

    America, China, Africa,

    Southeast Asia, Europe

    Latin America in the 70s

    (It’s a religious war, Church of the UN)

  22. Great show Zman but they don’t need us. China and India are their markets and Chinese and Indian immigrants can do our work. This is already the case in Medicine and IT.
    We are utterly expendable.
    We need attrition economic warfare upon them Not funny jokes but global cultural judo of anti consumption for the planet.
    Globohomo runs on cheap stuff from China.

    • Starve the beast.

      First of all stop eating at restaurants. Stop taking debt to lease a car or appliances.

      Use as little as possible, spend as little as possible.

    • China fights war, and has interests, in a way we understand- so your premise that a war with China might cleanse the dross makes more and more sense.

      I told a Taiwanese lieutenant, spying in Boston, that the great fear is when the War comes between the Yellow and the White. He agreed.

      The best resolution? If China takes the Mideast in their own Pikes-Sycot moment. That might exactly what this battered world needs.

      Give them the Global South, the One Belt, and let us repair to and retake our Northern lands.

      How, how they will miss us!

  23. Americans and their guns…

    If it was only Americans that needed the second amendment, this wouldn’t even be a discussion. But in case you haven’t noticed, 13% of your country are African, and another 15% are South American.

    Were it only Americans you could absorb the occasional child shooting and other random attacks…but the addition of guns in this culture mean police treat everyone like they could be armed – and don’t even lie to yourselves about police brutality. Police are brutal to all, it’s only the low IQ and leftists that distort that little piece of reality.

    I’m sick of hearing Americans parrot on about guns. Your country is being taken over right now. If you don’t use them now you should throw them in the fuckin bin.

    • A lot here are not going to like this but facts are fact. Guns you won’t use are a talisman. Might as well have a teddy bear for all the good they’ll do.
      First thing though. Ideology, Have one, have a good one that takes into account reality and be willing to fight to impose it on others by force or you don’t have a society.
      You want an end to abortion and note I don’t, you must have enough political power to have the government (and that is you BTW) hang abortionists and if you want a good ideology, it must take into account real behavior and consequences. A ban on eugenic abortion means more Down’s Syndrome and other malformed babies that no one wants being sent up for adoption. Actions have consequences,
      Don’t like the local version of Pussy Riot or whatever Entartete Kunst the left vomits up this weak , you need to have political power to gulag them or flog them. A good ideology understand that there will be consequences for this too.
      And so on.
      No one will give you that power and if you run from it, you create a vacuum the other guy will fill. In other words, take power or lose.
      Before that, feel free to exhaust all remedies (we are at about 90% there now) and try the above broad ways . Most important is of course to actually have an ideology, a new and useful one, No looking backward , forward thinking year 2020 reality based.
      That is how you win, by being able to say “This is who we are, here is why its better, join us.” not hoarding guns or ammo.

      • Guns and ammo are the only check against genocide. A bunch of tribes in Dirtustan defeated the Soviets and us.
        terrain must be favorable. But it is the only reliable option.
        guns are the ideology. Self defense. Ie ourselves alone.

      • Please share how you think we should be using our guns, then, abprosper. Guys like me who haven’t shot anyone at all are basically cowards, I guess, so help us out.

    • <i>If you don’t use them now you should throw them in the fuckin bin.</i>

      As abprosper says below, guns are a comfort blanket, a pacifier. They allow you to tell yourself that politics doesn’t concern you, because you always have this idea of muh militia saving the day in the back of your mind.

      I’m not against gun ownership, but there’s an unhealthy cargo cult going on. The Swedes have plenty of guns, but guns are not part of the political debate, neither in the MSM or Swedish disright media.

      • You have not so much as held a firearm of your choosing, let alone become expert with the implement. If you had, it would change you, and you would appreciate facets that you are incapable of understanding now. You are not worthless, but you have nothing, zero, to contribute towards an informed firearms discussion, zero nada zip.

        • Does it seem to you, Bubba, that the magical properties of guns seem to be something people who don’t known anything about them believe in? I mean, the most basic concealed carry class for the newest gun owner spends a lot of time talking about how serious a thing it is to possess one and what using it means.

          Foreigners are like, “Start stackin’ bodies, ya cowards!”

          • Not what anyone is saying. Now is not the time for any illegal activity anyway don’t do it ,
            What they are saying is “If you are gonna shoot don’t talk.” and “Americans love to talk about guns and militias but they won’t organize to save their country or life.”
            Truth is revolution is coming , maybe started by the other side, maybe a month or two away.
            If you don’t get ready., get fucking organized and learn to leave your clock sucking rugged industrialism behind, you will lose.
            Euros may heave less guns and ammo but they can organize better by any measure,
            Now to be fair, the Right is getting better. Million MAGA March , possible truckers strike , militias, Bikers for Trump and so on but numbers are power.
            A bunch of individualistic blowhards all hat and no cattle are not to be feared, You need to be feared.

          • They seem to be. I’ve seen a lot of Christian/Pro Trump/Block the Steal elections here in California.

          • <i>Foreigners are like, “Start stackin’ bodies, ya cowards!”</i>

            More like “put up or shut up.” It’s embarrassing to listen to you woof about muh guns while your country is being stolen away, and the thieves are openly gloating about how they’re going to rub out your white asses.

            Guns are taking up an enormous amount of oxygen in the American political discussion and make normiecons easy to manipulate. A great number of them will vote for any Zionist war hog, as long as he promises he’ll let them keep their bump locks, oppressors and high-capacity barrels.

        • You don’t know Felix Krull didn’t serve or hasn’t shot guns. Europe isn’t as gun crazy as the USA but guns are pretty common and military service with firearms training is mandatory in some places.
          Now I know how to shoot, scoot, sneak. Shot handguns and AR’s and shotguns. So I’m not gun phobic. Don’t much enjoy shooting but I’m as pro gun as a person can get,
          It doesn’t change jack shit. Its noble to protect your nuclear family but war and revolution are group activities for group goals.

          • The idea that you can’t have an opinion on gun culture unless you’ve completed ranger training, corresponds to the SJW notion that to have a valid opinion on black people, you need to be black yourself.

            And I actually owned a shotgun once – or rather a third of one. I lived on the Faroe Islands in my teens, and back then, buying one was as simple as buying a can of tuna, except you had to be sixteen. We would pester our skipper until he let us shoot puffins from the prow of the boat (or at least shoot at them.) I must have fired all of twenty shells before I dropped the gun in the sea, not having hit a single bird.

            My fellow gun owners were not amused.

    • Point well taken. But the call to arms (a call to violence) is never taken lightly. Until then, one prepares and does the necessary to insure skill at arms. That you or I feel the time is now, is not important. The time may or may not come, but if it does, no one will stand on a street corner and declare such. It will be organic and we will know.

    • It is distasteful that foreigners who, as near as I can tell, know nothing at all about guns, have such a willingness to mock us for not being quite ready to begin killing our countrymen with them.

      • The Communists , Corporatists Leftists , Intersectionalists are not your countrymen. They are people want you enslaved or dead.
        Now sure its not a race war . What it is is Americans, mostly Whites and Friends vs Reds and Allies
        I while no one would hold it against you for not wanting a war, ain’t your choice. Its going to happen whether you want it to or not.
        Best case scenario is Trump undoes the voter fraud and wins a second term, buying a few years of MAGA and a tiny chance for renewal.
        We are all praying for this
        Otherwise here is your future
        First, you’ll no longer be allowed the soap box as big tech will censor you and doxxing will make sure you don’t eat if you say or think the wrong thing
        Second and as you see right now, the ballot box doesn’t work as the other side cheats and always wins.
        That leaves you with what ?
        You don’t need to answer as everyone here knows the answer already.
        I’m not telling you to do anything except one thing, harden your mind. Its going to be ugly
        In a very short period of time, maybe a few months or years its resist ride the gulag train or maybe get a bullet .You have a little time so get ready.
        A last thing, when it goes bad you will be called upon to work with others to collective goals and do horrible things. The harder you get now, the easier it be.
        Be like Rafał Gan-Ganowicz When asked about all the awful things you do shrug and say “I wouldn’t know, I’ve only killed communists.”You’ll sleep better at night.

        • This quote comes to mind every time I hear excuses of why we can’t build Communities…If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may. come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.

          • I’m doing my part and I know you are too. I feel like I might be the only person out there harping ideology.
            I think the need its seeping through those thick overly Conservative skulls but its hard to know.
            We are starting to organize which is a fine thing and it takes little to turn Stop the Steal or Million MAGA into something more formidable.

      • You know little about Scandinavia. Much of Scandinavia has mandatory military service. Almost anyone from Sweden and Norway has basic training, many Danes, 80% of Finns and a smattering of everyone else does as well.
        Felix has certainly used a shotgun although he wasn’t a good shot as a lad.
        Personal firearms are very common in the religion, mostly for hunting and some target shooting.
        They do understand firearms quite well but what it looks like from outside is our reluctance is a paralyzing cowardice combined with a big mouth which is beneath us.
        They don’t mind the lack of desire to use force only the useless threats no one will follow up upon.
        TL;DR — Scandinavians do get it, the American Right needs to shut up. Threats you won’t carry out are useless. If you are willing to use force at some point, hopefully before its too late that keep you mouth shut anyway, Its bad opsec

  24. Increasingly, the question on people’s minds will not be “how do we save them?”, but “how to we replace them?”

    We need a great overall pithy branding shorthand like Pro-Choice/Pro-Life was. Where it made either side sensible and righteous. Because as the political center evaporates, it’s looking like both sides are wanting to replace the system now.
    “Build Back Better” may become the globalist shorthand. The anti-globalist should be “Return to Your Senses” or something like that.

  25. if you have a loaded handgun you carry around in your own domicile – isn’t that an effective self defense?

    Banning ARs I’m more ok with because not only is the right to self defense still there for handguns – but it’s more of a flipoff to the camo covered seat demo.

    • Banning ARs is not OK. ARs are militia weapons. They’re weapons you can use in a battle. The second amendment is not about muggers and home burglaries.

      Why would you be interested in flipping off the “camo covered seat” demo (AKA “working class White guys”)?

    • I really hope they replace all the cops with social workers and trannies trained in buddhist conflict resolution and mindful meditation so that we can move past this awkward phase of negotiating against ourselves to dictate the terms of our surrender. Maybe then the AR would make sense. You know, because its a much more accurate way to “just shootem in the leg” right? Lolz.

    • Pistols have half the muzzle energy as same caliber rifles. Pistols have more felt recoil when aligning for a follow up shot, thus increasing the odds of a miss. Drawn pistols have a smaller profile as compared with rifles and under stress the pistol might be overlooked and the attack pressed when with a rifle the criminal sees it and smartly opts to beat feet.

      Handguns don’t put folks down immediately, pistol shot criminals can have plenty of fight left in them even as the walking dead attack and kill you and yours.

      If you have a pistol and the criminals are attacking with rifles, you will probably lose. If you have an AR pattern rifle, you can be attacked by multiple assailants and still prevail. If you have a pistol, the guy with the AR pattern rifle, and almost certainly two guys with an AR pattern rifle, will defeat you (you’re dead).

      Criminals attack in packs, an AR pattern rifle can neutralize a group fast and keep you alive.

      Criminals will always be able to acquire AR pattern rifles. A year ago in Chimpcongo the exact train care transporting AR pattern Colt rifles through Chimpcongo was somehow intercepted by a black gang and the rifles stolen. Criminals know how to get the firepower, so we need counter fire.

      Ask yourself: why do police keep long-barreled firearms, most commonly AR pattern, in the trunk of their cruisers?

      • Light foot, well said. I might also add I’ve never been in a training exercise where a pistol was drawn to facilitate an advance, only retreat. The saying was always that a pistol was good to get you to your rifle.

  26. *shower thought:

    Firepits for outdoor dining?

    They’re prepping us for tent life or simply right back to the stone age

      • Thanks, I was listening to a discussion by LA’s premier hardcore Democrat on “Thanksgiving dining”.

        ‘Yams, never hams’, says the mighty Bill Handel. Yup, it’s about erasing our holidays, after our Padre Serra statues and Washington Elementary names are gone.

    • Because , money , cheap labor and more consumers they all that matter to the GOPe.
      They’ll never say it out loud but most of them hate social conservatives and consider them rubes and hicks.
      The economic nationalists are even more loathed as they demand a functional society and a lot less looting by oligarchs.

  27. Looks like GOP is throwing away the GA election, fake audits fake recounts. Rushing to certify by 5pm tommorow. Snakes all around, the GOP must be destroyed. Traitors are worse than enemies.

    As an aside, can anyone else immediately tell a traitor apart? I take one look at Brian Kemp and I can immediately tell he’s a fraud; a liar. Same with the GA SOS and other GA Republicans. I just instinctively know they’re crooked.

    • Yup, I get the feeling all of these “recounts” and “rulings” in MI, PA, and GA are just throwing out bones to take the hunting dogs off the scent.

      They are gestures without real world meaning, so the government employees and the judges can posture that they “did all they could”, but couldn’t get to some ephemeral low bar to actually see something get done. It’s how functionaries operate, survive, and thrive. Case in point, AG Barr.

      • Maybe but this is a President Trump run show and he isn’t going down without a fight. He also knows better than to trust these slugs.
        So long as he gets seated and he keeps the Senate sure some people will skate. Oh well.
        Ultimately it is as I always say about buying time. Its going to be on us to come up with an ideology, promote it til critical mass than shove it down as many throats as it takes till we get our Hallmark World.

    • The GOP anti-Trumpers see the election turnover as a way to eliminate Trump and regain control of the party. They are therefore as bad as the Dem’s wrt attempting to end the election challenges thrown up by Trump.

  28. No matter what Trump does from here on out, I love him like an Orthodox Christian loves his Czar, the father of his people, and Christ’s representative on earth. He fought and bled for us as best he could, given the limitations of his boomer worldview, and against such an array of satanic forces such as Nicholas the second fought against.
    Viva America!
    Viva President Trump!
    Viva Christ the King!

      • To imagine something I am entirely certain has been imagined by tptb: suppose the next 10,000 demonstration is by armed people and someone in authority points out that the entire city is filled with their mortal enemies who plan to enslave them. Then he says, “At them!”

        I can imagine it because the veneer of civilization is so thin and something like this has happened so many times in the past. It is a terrifying thought.

    • It was always preposterous that white liberals, lovers of niceties and walkable neighborhoods and farmers markets, were ever going to love the ghetto and the people who made it

    • Do people like the one who wrote that article ever think about what it’s like to be constantly harangued about not doing enough for ingrates? What can they possibly hope to accomplish?

    • Subtitle: “The Entitlement and Privilege Just Leaps Out, Huh?”

      Two sentences in and I know this is going to be so, so good!

      ps- the lady is holding her sign backwards

      pss- the dipchick who wrote this really, really wants a white boyfriend

    • From Identity Dixie:

      A Portland man finds his home surrounded by a BLM horde. He gestures towards the Biden sign as he pleads with them not to level the place. “Be peaceful!” he begs the mob. “You fucking white ass privileged old man!………. You ask for a peaceful protest. It’s white supremacy!” scream the lunatics.

    • Great reply:

      “This racist article is why I don’t pay for the privilege of reading articles on Medium. I can read this bile for free elsewhere.”

      I went him one better; I canceled my free account. Thanks for reminding me why!

      • I keep the digest coming so I can fairly say I am stepping out of my bubble and listening to what leftists are actually saying (as if I don’t get plenty of that in the MSM). Ironically, what they actually say is far crazier than anything I would have imagined them to say on my own.

  29. Trump might have been the savior but for the unprecedented hatred driven by the elite. Half of the electorate being emotion driven ignorant cat ladies and degenerates made it easy. The fact that this election has been obviously stolen has lit a fuse on a very large powder keg. Those who have seen the elephant have a pretty good idea what to do. No one wanted what is now inevitable. Living under criminal rule is not acceptable. I do not expect to see the other side.

  30. I have concluded that avoiding blacks is a key to our survival

    especially if being around them is tinkering with our very evolution and making whites stupid and inept and impotent

    Sorry blacks but we have to part ways. Don’t take it personally. It’s just business

    • First let me say that I have negative sympathy for blacks; even if they were aware that their actions made their situation worse they would still be for it so long as it made it worse for whites too. With that being said…
      A lot of what destroyed what communities did so to black communities as well. Instead of the black guy who owns the local gas station it’s some weird foreigner working a grift, and not that there are blacks to start gas stations since the “talented tenth” is constantly stripped away to serve as trophies at Good White companies.
      I’m all for giving them their own place, but they would have standing to say that the tools they need to properly form a working community have been stolen from them. Perhaps we can come to an agreement where they can take everything that Jeff Bezos and his ex-wife own to start their New Wakanda.

      • I’ve found that even talking about them, even in the abstract, is harmful to our survival

        all it does in a million ways big and small is weaken us

      • Blacks who were able to move out, did. The neighborhoods they moved to suffered, but the old neighborhood really suffered. Because they lost any stability the tenth provided.

    • Yep, as I’ve noted repeatedly, “Not all minorities are the same. The Black threat is existential.”

    • Not at all being argumentative because I’ve lived alongside chip-on-the-shoulder joggers. But where I currently live the “key to survival” is the elimination of white progressives. In rural white counties they’re the bane of our existence.

      • white progressives would be tolerable without ((())) and blacks

        they wouldn’t be so extreme. They never used to be. Seems they’ve become this way because our body politic has been infected by foreigners who are such a strain on the mind as to warp it. Their vastly different ways of thinking, being pushed on whites as normal, has caused a crack

        we need to escape and fast

  31. Agreed about the minority envy stuff. I live in an extremely minority heavy area. They love us but hate us at the same time. What they really want is to be white – and if not, then they want to get rid of us.

    They hate seeing happy white people, they hate seeing white people with families. They hate that they are not able to recreate our personality types.

    Ironically they become more out of place as their numbers grow – it’s basically impossible for their kids to assimilate any kind of whiteness when they’re in a 70% coloured area – and this just fuels the resentment even more.

    • I guess those glossy promotional ads of how great life is in the west never made the point that, yeah, but there’s LOTS of white people

      how dumb can you be not knowing you’d be having to deal with us

      Very dumb apparently. Borderline retarded.

    • One aspect of that “white privilege” unicorn is that our families and kids don’t need to spend all day cogitating about their skin color. So the powers-that-be are going to force us to do so. Since minority families are stuck in a mental box trying to reconcile their color with the ideal of being a white family, it all needs to be flipped so that we must fret over it as well. Then there are those who accrue wealth and power by stirring that pot, all day every day…

      • Yes, they are extremely self aware about their race. They try to do the same to us. It doesn’t really work on a well grounded white person, especially who grew up in a whiter area and have good family, social, or religious connections. Sadly for kids growing up in coloured areas they seem less confident and try to be ghetto.

        Just like the Karen’s, the browns just want to be validated and feel legitimate. I never give them anything, and generally cut right through their bullshit.

    • Funny thing about our relationship to our black tenants. It sometimes really feels like the “lord” in landlord. The wife handles the rent collection, and most of the tenants call her “Miss Vizzini” like a lady of the plantation.

      They get angry at her sometimes when she lays down the law, but the anger is impotent, because they know they need her, that they can’t do something as simple as own and maintain a home on their own.

    • At least they haven’t sunk to the depths of believing that by killing and eating you they can acquire your spirits and your capabilities. Yes that is really a belief of many primitive societies. 

  32. Z, you couldn’t remember one of the few states that are blacker than Maryland. It’s Louisiana. Ask me how I know.

    • Voodoo Nation- spooky, nuthin’ but teeth and eyeballs after dark.

      Oscar “Ironjaw”, a Creole boxer, told me his uncle lived in the bayou. He had 27 wives, had ridden in a car twice in his life, and had never been to a city.

      A Michiganite said it took three weeks for his Cajun kinfolk to vet him. They finally let him meet his cousin, who dressed in dockers and Polo golf shirts, with an accent so thick you can make one word in three. (True.)

      He took him to where they made their shine, and he saw the reason for the secrecy. A full size distillery, in the jungle, filling up tanker trucks with moonshine, mountain dew, white lightnin’.

      Naw, it warnt way up nort’ there by Shreepo’- that there’s Yankee territory.

      Zydeco, mudbugs, and boo-dan balls- yee haw, y’all!

  33. Prompted by your comment about Baltimore streets being like driving over the surface of the moon, I just spent a few minutes looking at Google Street View images of the neighborhoods just to the east Johns Hopkins. I was not surprised to find you were not exaggerating, but the quality of the housing on some streets was even worse than I was anticipating. This seems a like possibility to help some normies make it across the river. Suggest they look at these images of Baltimore or Detroit and think about why these places look that way.

      • we could also call this the Palestinian Plantation Plan

        4. Palestines Everywhere

        They get electricity

        We get cheap labor

        Bosses split the UNWRA proceeds

        (yes, Palestine has gated mansions and mega malls too)

      • *That’s what bugs me about conservative media; their whole job is to keep the Republican Party employed, to keep the Party going.

  34. The institutions of “American” society are simply part of the AWR Power Structure, which is the only power structure. There is no replacing them without formally abolishing the nation and starting de novo. Far more feasible for those who oppose the Power Structure is to separate. To form a breakaway nation. We either do this, or the AWRs smother us and render Western civilization a museum piece.

    • Good grief. I don’t recognize any of those names she mentions. Plus she looks like a greasy pig. Loretta Lynn she ain’t.

    • CMA has always been a joke, but it is amusing see them embrace being the teller and punchline, all-in-one. It’s like the occultist symbol of the wyvern swallowing it’s own tail. I mean, the symbology here could mean the music will cycle back to white trash standards, but in the meantime it’s just eating own ass.

    • Country radio is destroyed lol. It’s like R&B with southern accents. Nobody actually likes this crap – but then again their main goal is cultural destruction, not making a profit.

      Some radio stations have been adding more classics and 00s country into the mix which leads to improved ratings.

      • Yup, our “country” station started subscribing to a “country ‘90s” feed on the weekends. That stuff was never the real deal either, but it is so head-and-shoulders above the dreck that country radio is spitting out today. The difference is startling, to say nothing of being reminded that the ‘90s was 20 to 30 years ago now.

  35. Trump (inadvertently) did his job brilliantly and might pull off one last hurrah.

    The first Trump presidential campaign showed conservative Whites how much the media truly hated them and that the media would lie, cheat and steal.

    Trump’s early years as president show conservative Whites that the GOP was not their party and never actually cared about them.

    Trump’s later years as president, showed conservative Whites that 1) there was a Deep State (FBI, CIA, etc. working toward their own goals and survival) and 2) it hated us.

    Now, Trump legal efforts (if he pushes it) will show conservative Whites that elections are rigged and the courts don’t care.

    Without meaning to do it, Trump has ripped the mask off the establishment’s hatred for conservative Whites, which has led to millions of Whites losing confidence in the system.

    Not bad.

    • Between the Clinton Foundation and Hunter’s laptop, he exposed that our foreign policy was just a money-laundering scheme. The military-industrial complex is real and they are desperate to start some more meaningless wars.

      • Enough in fact to lie to the President face about troop withdrawals.
        Tim Pool
        While the behavior is outright seditious IMO , I do understand it. Even pre Covid the US economy was in free fall and there really isn’t much of a way to make a living.
        Now these guys have pensions but our “elite” have a terrible entitlement complex and think they ought to be upper class not middle.
        The rest of the economy is fracked beyond repair as well, no one getting married, very few kids born and no solution to any problems the nation is facing.
        The Swamp and friends will loot everything they can but its not going to help. The US will fall deeper into disrepair.
        Honestly the best and worse thing that can happen to the US right now are the same, civil war.

    • I don’t think it was inadvertent at all. He demonstrated a mastery of moving the system in his preferred direction, in the face of organized, concerted, and powerful institutional resistance. All without much help. He rallied public opinion to support his efforts, including people one would never expect to fall in line behind him. He did it his way.

      But, yeah, it appeared chaotic. His NYC in-your-face and double-down style hurt a bunch of people’s feewings, which gave his opponents the excuse to elevate mundane policy differences to life-or-death battles, and to paint his behavior as evidence of both specifically the reincarnation of Hitler, and more generally of someone fundamentally unhinged. I don’t buy any of that, and I believe quite a few other people don’t buy it either.

    • A tasty white pill for y’all.
      Rueters/Ipsos reports, source, young White Millennial men now favor Republicans 11 points.
      This is BTW a nearly unprecedented 23 point switch from 12 points favored Democrat.
      It means the Sailor Solution is becoming true, Republicans White, Democrats POC.
      The article blame identity politics which is true but aging also plays a roll (older Gen Y are almost 40 now) and urban flight.

  36. I’ll see your commentary on Baltimore and raise you Detroit.

    For a couple generations now, it has been majority black, and for at least 20-30 years 80%+ black. Now they are intentionally creating urban prairies in place of where the civilization used to be.

    And to your point, the only development and investment is from white businessmen who still believe, or at least want to believe, they can rebuild the city – the Ilitch Family (Little Caesars, Red Wings, Tigers), Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans), Ford, and GM.

    What is funny is that after a few generations of this, and 40 years of black mayors, the blacks actually elected a white mayor a few years back, something I never thought I would see in my lifetime. Maybe they have learned from their experience.

    • Years ago when I had a real job, I was asked to transfer to the Detroit office. They sent me out to meet with the person who would be my new boss if I accepted the transfer. I was in Boston at the time, so flew out in the morning and planned to return in the evening. The boss had an emergency, so we only spoke for an hour, so I had the day to kill. I drove around Detroit.

      I came upon a scene that was from a sci-fi movie. There was a stripped car in the middle of the intersection. the building were all collapsing. One had trees growing in the roof. This is something I learned was not uncommon. The dirt on the roof piled up and birds dropped seeds in the dirt. Voila! A roof forest.

      I passed on the “opportunity.”

      • people are actually farming in cleared areas of downtown detroit. must be what Rome was like, after the empire fell.

        • Exactly this. Rome lost 99% of its population after the fall of the Western Empire dropping from roughly one million to ten thousand.
          Michigan has better soil so it will probably drop to twenty thousand if it goes full agriculture or to maybe two hundred thousand if the US can manage simple industry.

      • Detroit was once our crown jewel, the best-funded city in America. And then it went on a jogging craze with joggers a’jogging everywhere.

        • When my puppy would tear up the bedroom, all proud of herself like she’s made something spectacular with bed stuffing here and knocked over cups there and chew marks on the furniture and the place in ruins, I would play off the interior decorator theme and call it Designs by Eva.

          Well, modern day Detroit is Designs by Lincoln

        • Several years ago Spiegel Magazine did a photo essay of Detroit before and after. For those capable of hoisting it in, Detroit as depicted in that essay is a microcosm of Western civilization under Leftist and third world assault.

    • They have learned nothing except they actually need a white mayor to fix things so they can go back to the normal shakedowns.

      Knowing what we know about elections, are you sure they voted for Mayor Duggan or the powers that be decided to put him in to plug the major leaks before going back to business as usual.

  37. An easy way to mock the system is to be healthy and vigorous while walking into a store without a mask and tell everyone who challenges you that you can’t wear a mask because of a health condition.
    If you think saying you have a health condition is a lie, remember that the powers in charge consider racism a public health crisis.

  38. When gun-grabbers go off on “assault-weapons” I ask them if hunting rifles are okay. When they say “yes”, I describe a bolt-action hunting rifle that can easily kill a man at 500 yards. I enjoy their horrified expressions.

    • you might ask them what specifically about an assault rifle makes them (the AR) “bad” compared to any other rifle.

      • 30 magazine clips for starters. That allows them to shoot about 30 magazines a second and 50 clips in a minute man. That ALONE requires a full ban.

        Then there are ‘ghost guns’ which literally turn invisible after firing and can be hidden right on your back because of this cloaking device.

        Armor piercing bullets that move at relativistic speeds easily able to penetrate an entire building, from one side to another or breach the armor on a main battle tank.

        Are you insane who would want this type of tech in civvy hands?1!1!!

    • This was always something that I found odd about our UK laws. We have a restriction on many types of firearms, but bolt action rifles are legal. Something that permits a skilled marksman to dispatch an entity at range.

      • Of course I cannot speak for all countries. But from some I’ve lived in or visited I know that Western European countries typically strictly restrict handguns. But rifles and similar long guns are legal for the citizens to own. I’m not a gun nut, but Common Sense tells me that any rifle capable of killing a medium to large animal is equally capable of killing a human.

        • It’s concealability that bureaucrats worry about. JFK-style assassinations just don’t happen anymore. Even that one only worked because he was riding in an open vehicle.

    • I’m well past explaining anything to these types. If its not guns its something else that they use to elevate themselves above you and the rest of us dirt people. That’s all it is to these people. Constant self-assurance that they are more evolved, that the reside across the great divide on the right side of history and all that.

      It has nothing to do with actual “Constitutional Law” or any other well-reasoned argument. They presume that we need to justify ourselves and our choices because that’s how they exist. They are prisoners, trapped by their own need for constant approval from extrinsic sources and fiat authorities made up of people just like them.

      It is all about status. They question those who possess self-assurance and self-determination because they are only able to extract their worth from compliance and submission. Its not just the guns but its your defiance that makes them uncomfortable.

      Thus I find the best approach to these feminine challenges is to just indict their (lack of) manhood, to reveal the fact that their status as a male is in a constant state of submissive and permissive compliance to other men.

      In essence, “I own guns because it is my god given duty as a man to protect my family and community. If you want to outsource your duty as a man to some other man employed by the State, well that’s your right. A lot of males outsource their duties these days so I am sure you have a lot of company.”

      Surprisingly, many of the honest ones will own up to this. Debating the esoteric constitutional origins or practical mechanics of various weaponry is always a waste of time. Its always a personal feeling to them anyhow. Might as well hit that nail straight away.

      • Top poast, needs about 50 more upvotes. Great minds think alike I could have wrote this myself.
        There is still WAY too much hand-waving not only on the right but also in the DR as evidenced in some of the replies here. They simply cannot break the mental conditioning to attempt logic, reason, and facts while arguing with the equivalent of emotional 5 year olds.

        Why do you need a… (assault rifle, giant gas guzzler, cigarette, confederate flag, <insert other lefty nanny state cause here). There is only one answer required:

    • I have such a beast. After prolonged usage, I fear the first man it will kill will be me but perhaps not, who can afford to go down to the range and put a hundred rounds through a 308 or creedmore nowadays.
      I like to tell them the concept was that in WWI (the war to end all wars- how’s that workin for ya?) it was deemed better to kill a horse loaded with ammo crates at 1000 yards than try to kill a sniper in a trench at 400. Their little PETA tears are a joy to watch.

      • I can guarantee there are few experiences finer than the ability to scoot, shoot, and hit a man sized target consistently at 300+ yards with an assault rifle. At that range a human figure is pretty small and seems remote. That’s just the distance I’d like to be away if he’s carrying a rifle. At my age, I have to hump with an ACOG scope, but those seem standard now in the sand box with 20 yo’s, so fine.

        • Hitting a squirrel in the head at 40 yards isn’t a bad experience either. With the added plus that they stew up great in the crock pot.

    • The thing about the left is they love telling people all about things they truly do not understand. I have noticed this does not exist nearly as much on the right, especially “this” right. I admit to the things I do not understand and try not to get caught in discussions on those issues. If I do, I just listen or try to frame it in a way where I can contribute based on a philosophical/ideological frame work. Or ask questions purely out of curiosity and a need to learn. I’m old enough that this should not surprise me and yet it continues to do so. I pretended to know everything when I was in high school, so I guess its further proof of the arrested development of the vaunted intellects we are dealing with.

  39. Speaking of reaching the normies, can I make a technical suggestion? Do you think you could release the podcast as individual segments?

    That makes it easier to send a “hey, watch this” link to people. Non-fans and first-timers who see the clips on Twitter or YouTube are also much more likely to listen to one 10-minute segment than a whole hour-long podcast.

    Also makes the content less dated: people can find old ones that seem relevant, but very few people will listen to a whole old podcast.

  40. The next “being white is ok” sign is simply a white sheet of paper. If you live near a college campus, take a few moments out of your day to staple a blank sheet of white paper to a buckle tin board. Why? Cause it’s funny

    • If this catches on someday, expect them to counter by ceasing to bleach paper on environmental grounds. Paper will be beige. They’ll then turn attention to white eraser boards ….

    • Thanks for the link. (FYI, this Twitter thread describes some elements of the PA voting software and speculates on how it might be manipulated). As most of it is well beyond my ken, my takeaway is to question why would a program designed to tally votes, a simple counting process, need such complexity? My old school code writing experience tells me that a simple ten or twenty line open source program could do the job correctly, with clarity, and with security.

    • If you want to be despressed go look up how many food companies in the U,.S. are owned by te CCP.
      They own our food supply.
      Make no mistake our business class sold out the country,
      Of course few know about this because well because it won’t go over well with the population.

      • Probably the only good thing the millennials did was bring back farmers markets and impress upon people the value of getting you foods from locals

        Other than that, millennials can go ahead and die already

        he he

        I kid I kid

      • I don’t know.

        I’ve tried to insert the CCP influence into meatspace conversation and normies don’t seem very bothered by it.

        • That is interesting. If the Chinese people themselves got word that the CCP was going to have a heavy hand in food distribution they would have their house stacked to the ceilings with shelf-stable foods before the day was out.

          • I should clarify the CCP hints I drop are more general in nature and not specifically focused on the food supply.

  41. We are fast approaching a white male “who is John Galt” moment. We need to encourage this to come quicker.

    • Only there’s no hidden valley we can retreat to to escape the looting dindus, (((tiny-round-hat-people))) and goodwhites.
      That said, I am a military retiree. My pension is adequate but not spectacular. I am still fairly young and could easily go to work for a corporation or government or educational institution – I’ve had many opportunities, but I just don’t want deal with the bullshit, so I guess you could say I have retired, or “Galt-ed”, while I am still able to make a contribution to the vaunted GDP. So I just do some independent contract work where I don’t have to answer to HR Ladies or go to WhiteyBad training.

      • I look at more as regrouping rather than retreat…You have to actually have an organization before you can retreat which we don’t have at the moment…We really are going to need one another for what is coming so why not be grouping up now and build those Communities while things are still held together by a thread…One day that door is going to be shut and then you are going to have to make do with where you are at and with those around you and if it’s sketchy then your chance at survival will on the lower end of the scale…

    • You just need the high voltage electricians who maintain the power grid to take a couple months off. And then watch the country descend into 1700’s.

        • Everyone is in a really fragile place right now, including us. Think about it, twenty five years ago, there was no broadly operating internet. It was all telephone, paper, face-to-face. Now, everyone’s lives and well being, including ours, depends on the net. That is a whole new layer of fragility, both because we need that system to be functional for us to operate, and because everyone’s ability to function away from the net, IRL, has withered.

          I suspect the day we are all screwed is when TPTB simply switch off the internet. We won’t know what is going on, we will have trouble communicating, and all the supply channels and commerce fails.

          I think this is the plan, as they are letting way too much stay posted up, like all of this voting fraud knowledge. They could block it, but they don’t. Why? Because it sucks us in, keeps us wired into the net, so that when they pull the plug, we are well and truly screwed. So we know a lot, they don’t care. When the system shuts down, superior knowledge about what is going on is worth bupkis. Instead it is a matter of survival IRL. Our hyper focus on the net, and the way it makes us more fragile, is worth having a bit of knowledge contrary to the best interests of TPTB posted up, in their eyes.

          • Great points. I’ve got a friend about 20 miles away that’s steering a few of the like-minded toward a ham radio network. As for getting national news, we can get a lot via shortwave. On the bright side, this friend’s young teenage kid is quickly becoming the comms expert … he got his ham license at 12 and he’s a whiz. But you’re right – when crisis arrives the cell network and internet are likely to either be down hard or unavailable to dissidents with poor social credit scores.

    • The only escape is to burrow inside. We are already in the gulag. We just didn’t know it yet.

      Tools you’ll need include meditative helps, like 26%THC Indica hybrids (top flower, of course). Your guns are useless here.

    • This has already happened though its less “Going to Galt’s Gulch.” and more retiring and not leaving anyone behind with the needed skill base.

  42. I was reminiscing recently with some old shipmates about Clinton’s “Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell” policy for gays in the military. Today it seems quaint, kind of like an Andy Griffith show. Then I see Biden bringing a transvestite onboard to “advise” on military policy. Talk about decaying institutions … the DoD’s warrior class is on life support.

  43. The thing with Jared Taylor, Derbyshire, Buchanan, and the like is they’re ancient. Buchanan and Derb are past that point where even looks are a reliable indicator of age. I’ve noticed as I hit my sixties and coming upon 70 that, despite a concerted effort to maintain mental and physical acuity, I began to hold a disdain for change. Some times I long for the “simpler” days when I just came of age and it was all sunshine, bunnies, and unicorn farts. No, in reality coming of age for me was the military, swamps, and jungles. Then Ranger school, then special forces selection (didn’t make it), then the ‘80s and all sorts of swampy adventures under Reagan.
    I think as men become geriatrics there’s a cognitive degenerative process that tries to frame your reality to be comforting. It’s hard to counter it.

    • Respect. Esp. for the special forces attempt back when they were truly hard corps special.

      There’s a fair amount of longitudinal studies that show men’s overall happiness declines steadily from 20-50, then for most men, the trend turns around and they become happier and more content over time up until their 70’s. At which point, it can go either way.

      (Good broad discussion for curious old farts here:

      Something I remind myself when I hear Buchanan, the Derb, and Taylor who seem pretty content even when their topics are bleak. They’re following a perfectly normal life arc.

    • I have read Buchanan every week for decades but now it is too hard to see the old boy phoning it in and acting like it is the conservative/liberal framework of 1985 still.

      Even with Jared Taylor’s dense takes on politics it is obvious younger men need to lead the battle. The older dissidents have done heroic work but keep them under advisement.

    • I have only the highest respect for Jared, Pat, Perot, etc. but yes, times are changing.

      And that’s healthy, it’s why we have other dissidents like Z who are gaining popularity. It will be an inter-generational struggle.

      • A couple months ago Taylor had a one-off guest cohost on the AR podcast, a younger righty who’s more up on things, who tried to lead into a riff on the crowd of Ivy Leaguers, NGO lawyers, politicians’ kids, etc., who were arrested along with the stereotypical homeless tranny tweakers during the antifa riots. Taylor wouldn’t hear of it. Only “losers”—throughgoing bad-family bad-genes born losers—could possibly be involved.

        It’s easy to forget Taylor’s not a dissident or outsider or extremist or whatever, since almost everything he says is forbidden. He’s just an old conservative who never changed—a personification of old-conservatism, in strength and weakness alike.

        He’ll probably ironically outlive us.

        • Amren’s been featuring various “How I Became a Race Realist” posts each week, and almost all of them are from non-Whites. The other week he featured the guy who used to comment around the web as “Jewamongyou,” a dark-skinned Sephardic Jew in America who, per Amren, “proudly” identifies as a Jew. My very brief comment, without any slurs or curses, asking why, in that case, he didn’t go live in Israel among his own people, was banned. Amren’s commenters increasingly identify as ‘non-racist.” I no longer share all the ‘respect’ for Taylor.

          • AmRen banned me from commenting there when some whiney white asshat wrote an article about his unhappy relationship with a black woman seeking advice on how to get out of that relationship. I suggested suicide. So I got the boot. Fine. They can do without my patronage. Greg Hood was easily the best writer there and I can read him at Unz. Jared Taylor is not the kind of guy we will need in the coming fight. It’s going to get vicious. Gentlemen are not going to cut it.

    • There is a scene in the movie The Postman I think it was where the rebels tap an elderly man (Vietnam vet in that case) to help train the new recruits. Don’t write yourself off yet Soldier, you maybe over the hill but your know how might be valuable in the future

    • Yep, the aspect of endless struggle/change at our advanced age is not a prospect to look forward to. On the other hand, who here commenting can settle for a life of watching TV and hammering down a half dozen beers each night? It seems not possible to “turn out the lights” mentally after a lifetime of avoiding such.

  44. it will be interesting to see where the anti-prog anger goes, over the next year. even when Trump is sworn in for his second term, there is residual anger, and lots of it. I see sports taking it in the ass (even more so), as well as woke entertainment. Fox is already in a death spiral.

      • While I obviously do not think this happens, I’m not going to be bowled over if it happens either. The simulation is broken, so nothing makes sense anymore.

          • Whether there was voter fraud or not, Trump has convinced normie cons that there was. In fact normie cons are now tied at the hip with Trump.

            When the Republican state legislatures ultimately do not appoint Republican electors, the normiecons will see it as the Republicans selling out Trump and failing to stand up for them, *whether or not* there was actually fraud!

            Its genius, the GOP will be destroyed. No more donations and they will have no voters. He’s doing what we here at Z always said must be done.

  45. This website shows world population growth presently…of course, it’s approximate but it’s the closest I could find…Question: How can we be in a PANDEMIC if the world population keeps going UP !! You can be assured that in 1918-1920 during Spanish Flu (approx. 68 million deaths), the population DROPPED ( look it up)…. The powers to be are just racking up positive (flawed) tests and not ABSOLUTE FACTS (dead people)….just sayin’

    • In Northern Virginia with ~2 million people, deaths with Covid – not from Covid but with Covid – have been averaging about one per day since July. More recently, it’s less than one per day.

      So, ~300 people a year would die with Covid (so maybe it accelerated their deaths slightly) out of 2 million or 0.015% of the population or 1 out of ~7,500 people.

      For this, we impose lock downs. The word madness doesn’t do this justice.

      • I’m not even looking for Covid deaths!! Just TOTAL BODY COUNT (to remove cause of death “errors”) !!

        • Yeah, CDC excess death numbers show the virus doing exactly what you’d expect: slowly burning out.

          It would burned out quickly but the lock downs slowed it down, but the path is the same. The vaccines – assuming they even work – will “stop” a virus that was already nearly done.

          • Shoving the vaccine down our throats is their next agenda item, probably through employers being required to have all their cattle employees vaccinated. We need to be working every legal angle to challenge these efforts before they even start. Worker’s rights and civil rights should be used to tie this shit up in court as long as possible.

          • HIPAA law as a possibility? If I can’t ask why the Box Wine Auntie has her “medical comfort dog” eating off her table in a restaurant then my level of vaccination should be protected too.

          • There’s the religion angle too. I think the Jehovah’s Witnesses or maybe it was the Adventists who are against vaccines and get a pass on vaccination. If there isn’t a religion that forbids Beer flu vaccines I’ll invent one myself. Maybe I’ll become the L. Ron Hubbard of the Church of Vaccinology.

          • Our rulers hate religion and won’t accept that though some States mostly in the South will protect the faithful.
            As for why the ruling class fawns over Islam. Disrespect these guys religon and they’ll kill. If Christians behaved this way, we’d be a much more moral albeit boring culture.

        • Strategy for what ends, though?

          Here in Ontario only the shitlib Toronto, and brown/asian suburbs are locked down. They seem to be harming their own base the most.

          I’m genuinely curious what the plan is.

          • Klaus Schwab, “The Great Reset”.

            They are always confident and arrogant enough to brag about what they are up to, and to broadcast it out.

          • It’s a good question. I can think of at least a few plausible answers. First, lockdowns concentrate economic power in Leftist corporations at the expense of small businesses, which cannot withstand the long-term loss of revenue. Second, government accrues new and hitherto unthinkable–except in totalitarian states–powers, which they will not relinquish once the “pandemic” is declared over. Third, in forcing the masses to wear Karen Kloths, and engage in other idiotic behaviors, they habituate people to the life of livestock, which is exactly how the Power Structure views them.

          • Heh, I mentioned Klosh Shelbb and “The Grack Rest” (work it out) in an otherwise anodyne comment word choice, and the system flagged me for manual approval. Interesting.

          • The plan is to destroy any independent small operators (colloquially, mom and pop businesses). By consolidating and conglomerating, control over the economy becomes that much easier, and the populace that more dependent on government edicts (permission). Easier to deal with one Bezos or Fuckerberg who own 90% of the market than a million of them running around out there sharing that 90% more equally.

          • Also note the push for all digital currency, which is meant to kill the cash economy and prevent the Dirt People from using it as a tool to avoid taxation and control.

          • It is a puzzler. The riots here were intended to have the same effect, but the question, “to what end?”, never has been answered.

      • A couple of people at work tested positive. Nobody is worried they’ll die. I asked why the lockdowns and masks. Crickets.

          • Because the slaves love their chains.

            I only have that feeling when commanded by my dominatrix.

          • god damn do they ever. it’s been a real revelation. all this time i thought my cynicism was at 11, and now i find it was really 1.1 ?! i live in socal, and there are so many borg-ready people here, voluntarily wearing masks outside while exdercising?! WTF. sigh. too bad it’s not legal to shoot them…

    • It is better to examine the age cohorts that represent the world population. You can google such. The world population increases more to sharply reduced death rates as opposed to sharply increasing birth rates. African of course is a head case, but everyone else is slated to drop in population shortly as the oldsters die off. Last prediction I saw was a leveling and decline at 9B+.

  46. I can honestly say I don’t consume any MSM content at all anymore. Reading that stuff is like being insulted by 12 year old girls. STUPID 12 year old girls.
    Alt tech is where it’s at!😊👍

    • Mainstream news is junk food from the candy aisle

      The internet is more like a Vegas buffet and if you know where to look can get good quality eats

    • For any reasonably intelligent person, life in the Western world is a gratuitous insult to one’s dignity and self-respect. Alas, reasonably intelligent people are in increasingly short supply.

    • Absolutely. The weakest majors on the college campus, now dominated by hyper emotional little girls are setting the national agenda. Just never look at the MSM.

    • Unfortunately, I’ve felt compelled in recent months to at least gloss over the mainstream news. It’s not to be “informed” about anything but just to learn what the latest lies and half-truths the dumber people are going to be made to believe for the next week or so. If you are forced to live around zombies it helps to know where they’ll be shambling off to next in search of brainzzz.

      it surprises even me just how overt and heavy handed the bias has become. There’s no longer any attempt to be subtle at all, particularly when it comes to all things pertaining to the Orange One.

    • I’ve also removed the Ace of Spades morning news update, Breitbart, Frontpage, etc. from my morning news scans. Their “Judeo-Christian” take is for the benefit of the former playing the latter as fools.

      • Ahead of you by a few years. I just recently removed Unz except for Linh Dinh. Ron Unz himself has declined materially but Sailor et al. have nothing interesting to contribute. Older articles which are archived there and valuable but the covid and messicun stuff in recent times is fetid trash. It goes without saying that Fred Reed has been dead to me for years.

        • it’s funny watching the boy Reynolds pretend he isn’t Bezos’ organ grinder monkey; larking it up for peanuts and spare change.

      • ACE shits himself and screams every time the wind changes direction. he sounds like a physically disgusting individual, too.

  47. When you mentioned Trump saying “We’re going to have to look into assault weapons” I was reminded of an amusing response from a former colleague. We had just been talking about firearms in England, and then he brought up the ‘assault weapons’ thing (he was one of those that had to slam Trump and the US given any chance)…

    Says he:

    Assault weapons are stupid. The Americans think they need them for home defence. But with an assault rifle you may fire and hit your target, but with the trigger depressed constantly, the recoil may drive your aim up into the ceiling and the bullets could hit your sleeping wife.

    Of course, the exact words escape me. But this is pretty much what he said. I asked him if he thought responsible gun owners with appropriate training could stop this event from happening…

    Says he:

    Why do you need guns anyway?

    I know very little about guns. But this man seemed to ‘know’ an awful lot which brings me onto the conditioning you mention Z Man: when it comes to guns, many in the UK have been primed to hate them. And we already have severe restrictions on them. Next it’ll be knives then the cheese grater and finally the salad bowl.

    • This is where some history on “shall not be infringed” regulations is helpful. Prior to the 1934 National Firearms Act, everyday people (particularly vets) owned untaxed/unregulated machine guns … there were no reported incidents of any sleeping wives being shot.

      There’s a reason our enemies are against “assault weapons.” They’re very effective against 2-legged pests.

    • When your knife attacks are on the rise, UK public figures actually do discuss mandatory rounding of the knife point and confiscation of the non-compliants. This is a real thing over there.

      • Heavens, it is all so embarrassing. It seems to stem from the need to ‘do something’. If it ain’t guns, it’s knives. Not knives it’s pencils.

        At primary school (I count myself just about old enough to have avoided the dire feminization of the last 20 years), we all used to wrestle on the playing field. It was great fun. Furthermore, a handful of us use to have mock ‘knife fights’ with lead pencils – stabbing at the arms and legs. Like I say… they’ll come for the pencils soon!

        One lad migrated to the Parker ball-point pen. He liked giving a slight jab under the armpit with it – effective is all I can say.

        • I’ll post in it’s entirety something I wrote on a different site some of us here are also on.

          Eventually I’m sure everyone, not just police, will be wearing personal bodycams at all times anywhere there are likely to be interactions with other hominids. Think of it as the logical extension of social distancing but not because people might give you an imaginary virus. It will be just because you need to have them on film when they start acting like total shits, perhaps because they’re social distancing fanatics and are incensed that you violated their 6′ bubble. It’s the endgame of forced diversity combined with universal snowflakeism and entitlement I suppose. Universal surveillance becomes the counter for the near-universal shitheadedness of vibrants, wammen, mask police (both official and self-appointed), and all the other easily enraged vermin you are forced to deal with.

          In this utopia everyone will be able to livestream their interactions with everyone else just to make sure they get their side of every encounter up on YouTube as fast as possible. Eventually every 60 seconds of inter-human interactions will result in several man-years of legal action, video and audio analysis, and of course testimony from medical and ballistics experts when the situation inevitably turns into a violent bloodbath.

          Next step of course is the personal mobile armored body casing that incorporates air filtration, cameras, motion sensors, listening devices, manipulator arms… Basically everyone will become a Dalek and all human interactions will finally cease.

          It sounds like England may be 2/3 of the way there with the US at 1/2 and galloping to catch up. For those occasional times it’s necessary to leave the suit, a padded and sterilized room will be available. There will be a few sheets of paper (with lamination on the edges to prevent paper cuts) and crayons for writing and coloring…

          • “Basically everyone will become a Dalek and all human interactions will finally cease.”

            Hopefully Dalek tipping will replace cow and portapotty tipping for rebellious teens.

          • It’s been said that if God didn’t exist, man would have to invent him. It used to be that people were mocked as dumb and superstitious for believing that an invisible man in the sky was watching their every move, so they should be on their best behavior. Since that belief has been mocked out of existence, people don’t behave anymore, so now we need cameras everywhere. It appears that religious belief really cuts down on the need to buy surveillance equipment.

          • Very true. It’s a hallmark of Western man that he monitors himself through “guilt” culture, which is distinct from the “shame” culture of the Orient, which says ‘don’t get caught.’

            Western civilization is the only one that has risen to this height but it looks like it’s giving way in favor of a primitive “power” culture where neither shame nor guilt are strong but instead the ethic is ‘don’t be insignificant if you get caught.’

        • Don’t be embarassed. Almost nothing is worse than being governed by Mayor Lightfoot. Except being governed by Gov. Pritzker. And protectd by AG Foxx.

          Although I am secure in the knowledge that it will all grow much worse.

        • Give me a grinder and some 1ft long pieces of 1/8″ steel and I can make knifes all day.
          Give me a lathe and a metal brake and I can make you a Sten gun.

        • Having accidently inhaled and choked on a miniature plastic Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile whistle as a small kid, and being saved because I swung upside down on the cannon I’d been playing on and landed on all fours, thus compressing my lungs on impact and expelling said Wiener Mobile to … a whistle … I must say that I am somewhat empathetic to banning chocolate coated small toys. I’d hafta learn more about Kinder Eggs and the default is not to ban before I cast my chocolaty opinion. Are the toys cool?

      • That’s because they can’t do what we can’t do, which is to discuss the reason these weapons are such a big problem. Brits could buy drain cleaner for as long its been around. The biggest problem with drain cleaner was accidental exposure. But now, people who come from lands without plumbing use it a weapon.
        America doesn’t have a gun problem and Britain doesn’t have a knife or acid problem. We both have an African, Mestizo and Pakistani problem. White America’s homicide rate is about the same as in Europe. Strip out blacks and latinos and we look just like the lands we came from. The only thing making Baltimore a 2nd world city and not an African city is the whites that are left and the surrounding counties and state. That is all that keeps Philadelphia running at all as well.

    • Exactly. And breaking that conditioning is remarkably easy: take them to the range. Take them skeet shooting.
      Look – your instincts, hard wired in at the genetic level – is to BE armed. If your plane crashes in the jungle, the first three things you do are food, water, shelter. Then you arm yourself against predators that want to make a meal of you.
      i recommend doing as our host advises with gun grabbers. Mock them, deride them and laugh at them if you can’t reason with them.

      • Yep. Take any gun grabber into the forest or mountains and see how long before they are begging for a rifle or pistol.

        • People that timid shouldn’t vote.
          I go deep in the woods with a stick and a knife, often just a pocket knife without fear, caveat two legged vermin.

      • Spot on. I can personally attest to no less than half a dozen former “Ew guns” folks that I’ve converted by that means. 4 out of 6 now own at least one gun.

    • These arguments pull you into the weeds. Don’t go there.

      The Founding Fathers wanted the government to afraid of the people, not the other way around. The best way to do that was to have an armed citizenry that could band together and threaten rebellion.

      Assault rifles are exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

    • Idiot is talking about muzzle climb. It’s where each little kick of recoil pushes the weapon up a bit on your fully automatic weapon. Those are actually still (sort of) legal here but they won’t let us make any new ones and the remainder of the registered legal ones are getting expensive, like $50,000 and up. What most gun control nutters think is an assault weapon is just a semi-auto like the notorious AR-15. They look a lot like the US Army’s M4A1, which can switch to full auto mode using a selector switch.

      This kind of sloppy misidentification and misunderstanding of weapons is chronic here in our libtard population. The term “assault weapon” itself was invented by them to demonize the most popular rifle type in the country. Inventing neologisms is a standard propaganda technique wherein a relatively neutral term, say “handgun” or “pistol” is replaced by something with negative or suspect emotional connotations such as “Saturday Night Special”. They tried that back in the 1970s and 1980s to associate cheap revolvers with the epidemic of black crime. It was clever as it repurposed legitimate racism to mainly disarm poorer whites. You seldom hear this term anymore. The Left is, after all, progressive you know.

      • Well, remembering my past training in using fully auto hand held weapons, we were taught to control muzzle rise. Indeed, that was the purpose of the exercises. Now at a certain point, say some big bruiser, .308 or better, you’d have a hard time. But in those cases you fire in short bursts so as not to lose control. Heck, you fire in bursts most all the time. Empty magazines present a problem all of their own. 😉

    • You may know little but your friend knows less.
      “Assault Weapons” are, as he says, fully automatic. They require a special license which is very difficult to obtain. I am not aware of an unlawful killing with an “Assault Weapon” fire on full auto in the US but I’m sure there’s been one. What the dipshit liberals in the US call assault weapons are no such thing, They refer typically to AR15’s and similar which, like most modern rifles are semi-automatic. One pull of the trigger fires one shot and ejects and reloads ready for the next.Some share some outward appearances with some automatics (bayonet attachments seem to particularly terrify).
      You might mention that four times as many people in the US are murdered with knives as with long guns.

      • Assault weapons are difficult *and* expensive to obtain. Thanks to Reagan, an M16 will set you back $30-40K to legally register and own one—your State permitting such ownership. The ubiquitous H&K MP5–used in all those TV shows and bad guy movies, $40K+. The official registry for fully auto weapons allowed in civilian ownership is something like 200k+ (IIRC). A drop in the bucket given the millions and millions of semi-auto’s in use.

    • The only particular use I can think of for fully automatic fire (to which your interlocutor appears to have been alluding) is to provide suppressive cover for an advance on hardened positions (or to defend against same). The vast majority of “assault rifles” in the hands of law abiding US citizens is semi-automatic, meaning the round will fire, eject and the next one will load with pulling the trigger, but keeping the trigger depressed will not cause the next round to fire. To own a fully auto (legally) requires a lot of additional red tape and taxes, so few own them (legally).
      Plus, with civies having to pay for their own ammo, fully auto fire can get expensive quickly.

    • Anyone who lives near London has to understand. As a denizen of Lagos on the Delaware, people around here instinctively understand the need for firearms.
      To be honest, I always thought gun control was about blacks, that the Democrats living in these urban warzones didn’t want the natives to have guns. But even if that was once true, the justification has drifted to “we hate the people who love guns!”
      That is what gun control is all about. The rural white absolutely loves guns. That is all they need to know about guns. They hate guns for the same reason we hate tofu.

  48. We want an independent judiciary!

    Independent has now become one of those annoying buzzwords, always considered good no matter what it is attached to. A bit like AWS (Amazon Web Services).

  49. It’s weird, but as chaotic as this year has been, it’s been one of the most productive of my life. This decade is going to be a wild ride, that’s for sure.

    • Same here. I know a lot of people are suffering and despairing, but this has without doubt been the best year of my life.

    • Agreed, here. Knowing myself, it may be due to the perceived threat — a great motivator that has a past track record with similar outcomes.

      Another reason may be the reduction of distractions and opportunities for them. The hallmark of the Trump era has been the knowing. Also, with the government actions, a term I prefer instead of ‘due to covid’ as the latter is passive and lacks accountability, distractions, costs and behaviors have been reduced, modified and eliminated outright.

      Look, two states respond to covid differently. One locks down hard. One does not. So is your business going under in one state, while remaining in existence in another ‘because of covid?’ No, that’s the childish, stupid low-brow rationale we have come to expect from the 3rd grade teachers in government.

      Before heading further into tl;dr land… my time above ground no longer includes the following:
      >> going to restaurants (at least twice a week, plus business lunches 2-3 times a week)
      >> consuming ANY sportsball
      >> consuming ANY TV programming
      >> Interacting with the stupider/liberal people in my life that I do not have to deal with in business
      >> Attending church services
      >> Watching the stock market, I cashed out when I could lock in gains and never looked back at that time suck

      Most here know the saying about God ‘closing a door, opening a window’ so here is what has been added, in the vacuum of deleting the above:
      >> Home cooking/baking 95% of all food consumed, from scratch
      >> Completing one longstanding project after another, home improvements, etc. —- not trivial, talking BIG projects that bring real quality of life enhancements and property value increase
      >> More time for people worth my time, that bring something to my life, including an improvement on an already great marriage relationship through sharing the projects
      >> Adding a new personal sport that I share with two of my adult children, is not affected by covid lockdowns whatsoever
      >> Added a hobby, also shared
      >> Tons more done at work in my role as business owner
      >> A massive increase in learning and skills acquisition
      >> Personal religious growth and moral support of others in my circle

      • Arcadian,
        Bravo to you and the others. I often sense my enthusiasm and unbounded faith in Our People on this site annoys and irritates some. It doesn’t stem from naivete. Things are off kilter in this world and dark days are ahead. So what? We will abide and eventually thrive. If ever there was a race astride this earth that could adapt to adversity and create improvements in the interim; it is Our People. Other groups shellac their failings in long past real or imagined wrongs. Lay in the swill of failure and despair pointing accusatory fingers at those daring to walk out of the muck.

        Enough allusion. In short. Thanks to you Sir, and the others for posting about your resilience. It made my morning a happy one. My unbounded faith in Us is an article of faith for me. Thank you, many times over.

      • Also, with the government actions, a term I prefer instead of ‘due to covid’ as the latter is passive and lacks accountability, distractions, costs and behaviors have been reduced, modified and eliminated outright.

        As soon as this madness began in the Spring I noted that the perpetrators had already gotten all the news and corporate mouthpieces using the same terminology about it. Everything was “because of Covid”. This is clearly a coordinated propaganda effort that was in motion at the very beginning.

        It was obvious to me that people were losing jobs and businesses were failing, not because of the silly virus, but due to the outrageous rules and shutdowns imposed politically. Even today, I still hear well meaning people using the “because of Covid” language. I don’t understand why the Right, including the DR for the most part, doesn’t grasp the need to start the resistance to tyranny by resisting the tyrant’s language.

        From the beginning I used the phrase “because of the Covid hysteria” with people on the DR and milder versions like “because of the Covid panic/reaction” with normies. To my recollection, I NEVER slipped up and used the enemy’s terminology. No one in my circle ever “corrected” me about this. Now this could be due to the fact that I don’t work as any sort of corporate mouthpiece and those who know me are aware of what a combative dick I am too. I’m sure that if people who opposed the Covid madness had used the same linguistic warfare discipline as I did there would have been numerous “corrections” delivered to them – and that would have started a fight – and that would have been a very healthy thing.

        There’s a thread here pounding on the gun topic of course. Maybe I’ll chime in there too if I have time later. The thing is, if more people would refuse the language of the oppressors, consistently and right at the start of their little “initiatives”, we might not be at the point where we need to think about shooting it out with our enemies. Modern warfare is carried out on many levels, political, legal, linguistic/propaganda, and yes, militarily and paramilitarily. Our enemies rank and file may be stupid and functionally illiterate but their leaders seem to grasp this intuitively. We largely do not, either at the level of opinion leaders or rank and file. It’s always “guns are the whole thing, we don’t need no steenking politics” or contrarily “guns are nothing, it should all be political actions/ethnic organization”.

        Look at the UK, for instance. The gun laws there are ridiculous so the Brits are just slightly fucked in my opinion. Ultimately, they’ve got no credible violent ultimatums they can deliver to the political class. At the same time, they seem to have been out in force lately making a lot of noise about Boris’ latest lockdown. Americans, by contrast, have much greater access to guns and a lot more of us are skilled in their use and care. American right wing white people are a credible threat to the ruling class – but where are the protests? I can’t find them. Where I live (Oregon) there is outright fury online even on FB at our communist degenerate tyrant governor. There have been a few marches in Salem about the lockdowns and it looks like, finally, people may have reached their limit with Brown’s latest royal edict.

        It’s not just that. I, personally, using my own real name and my more moderate online persona of civnat MAGAtard, have been trying to organize events like target shooting meets and other vaguely Trump adjacent stuff. No one responds and the few people who sign up won’t show up. Then there’s the legal angle. Where have the lawyers been? It’s not like there are no attorneys on the Right. Hell, even old school civil libertarian ACLU types should have been all over this shit from day one.

        • Hell, even old school civil libertarian ACLU types should have been all over this shit from day one.

          Except they weren’t.

          So what does that tell you about (((old school civil libertarian ACLU types)))?

        • Oh, YES! It’s too easy to blame COVID for problems caused by OTHER factors.
          The disease has given cover to many different problems (all caused by Leftists, or their corporate enablers).
          Hang on – it WILL get worse after January 20. No matter who prevails, the Leftists will go all-in to destroy our country.

    • In some people, stress and strain generate creative energy. For others, it triggers debilitating depression.

    • Agree. A little nervous but excited to see what happens next. With volatility comes opportunity for our thing.

    • Not me, I got doxed/cancelled or whatever its called. Not only may I never work in my field again, I’m concerned about working at all! Oh well, it was worth it, hehe

    • Same. I got incredibly lucky- I joined the army and shipped out right at the start of the year. Instead of college, I’ve been saving money and I’m now richer than I’ve ever been, in better shape, and am completely covered on rent, food, electricity, water, and healthcare. This has honestly been one of the best years of my life.

      • since retiring, i have been availing myself with the fruit of the cactus, combined with the green goddess. not only does this provide a sublime state of being (happiness at the cellular level) it also is neuro protective. at least in theory. i couldn’t imagine trying to traverse 2020 sober. not if you can afford not to.

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