The Fanatic’s Ball

Note: I have a post up on Taki about the end of liberal democracy. As according to the new normal, I have posts up behind the green door on popular culture.

The great British evolutionary biologist, J. B. S. Haldane, famously said that fanaticism is man’s greatest invention. The obsessive, uncritical belief in an idea or cause is the opposite of the sober-minded and rational. The fanatic is intolerant of anything that contradicts his views, while the rational man is willing to update or even abandon his views when presented contradictory information. The fanatic sees only that which confirms his fanaticism and refuses to yield in his opinions.

The fanatic, of course, has been in the middle of every man-made social disaster since the French Revolution. It was fanatics who brought on the Reign of Terror and it was fanatics who brought on The Great Terror. Fanatics let loose by Mao in the Cultural Revolution terrorized the Chinese population. Man’s greatest invention turns out to be man’s most terrible invention. Once it is let loose, it is not easily put back on the leash, at least not until it runs out of things to smash.

This year has seen the fanatic set free to run wild in our streets. They were deliberately agitated and let loose by the petty men of the ruling class, frustrated that the people’s champion had not been vanquished. It’s hard for modern people to understand how the French radicals, for example, could have killed so many in the name of the revolution, but current events make this much easier to comprehend, even if we have not reached the bloodbath stage yet.

The thing is, fanaticism is not a well-defined group of people held in reserve and then deployed when needed. It’s more like a spiritual force that sweeps through a population, afflicting the weak minded and those desperate for a purpose. We see this with the election shenanigans. The desire to be part of the great fight against the bad man and his minions caused hundreds, maybe thousands to follow their fanatical rage and engage in thousands of acts of election fraud.

That is what is coming into focus as various parties look into what happened and whistle blowers step forward. The image that is emerging is of an orgy of corruption where the participants are free of any moral restraint. They were not working from a plan, but a belief that they were on the side of angels and therefore free to use any means necessary to help the cause. They were the righteous engaged in the great war against the wicked, unleashed by the ruling class.

The defenders of Trump will work hard to make it sound like a wide-ranging conspiracy, but that’s just how mass media culture works. Facts and observations cannot be presented as is. They have to be part of a narrative with a well-defined protagonist and an easy to hate villain. In reality, there is no grand conspiracy at work. The people involved in the election rigging are true believers. They believe what they are doing is for a just cause and they cannot see the corruption in it.

Fanatics in numbers are a lot like a flock of birds of a school of fish. They instinctively coordinate their efforts without needing to be told. Like fireflies at dusk, they are constantly signaling one another, which intensifies their fanaticism, making them more sensitive to the movements of the group. The people at the top cheered the fanatics in the streets, excused their behavior and reminded them that the evil Trump must be stopped by any means necessary. They were on a holy mission.

The thing is though, what motivates those unleashing the fanatics on the population also motivates the fanatic. That is a search for purpose. These are people who wish to be part of something bigger than themselves, but they lack the skill and ability to create anything but mayhem. This manifests as the smashing of whatever they see in their way, which can be anything. It is why they eventually turn on one another, because at some point they run out of things to smash.

That’s what makes this such a dangerous time. The petty and stupid people surrounding the corpse of Joe Biden are not going to be satisfied with expelling Trump from Washington. They will want vengeance. Part of that will be swinging wildly in what they perceive to be the opposite direction out of spite. It’s not hard to imagine them unleashing a Camp of the Saints event, for example, by reversing Trump’s immigration rules and inviting the world to their celebration.

It’s not that the people around the Pretender Biden want millions rushing the border in the hope of getting a promised amnesty. They are too stupid and short-sighted to think that far ahead. It’s that they will want the quick rush of smashing those rules and gloating over their work. Like the fanatics cheering the executioner holding up the head of his victim, they will simply be looking for the thrill of seeing their enemies, real and imagined, facing their holy wrath.

What the past tells us about times of terror is the fanatics are never satisfied with the blood of a few enemies of the revolution. The sight of the enemies blood just makes them hungry for more. There may be some in the ruling class sensing that they must first put their fanatics back on the leash, but most of too dull and self-loathing to grasp what they have unleashed. There is a good chance that the summer riots were just a taste of what lies ahead in the woke revolution.

It is tempting to assume that this revolution will eat itself, but that is not the pattern people think they see in the history book. People point to Robespierre as the example, but he seems more like an exception. Stalin’s terror campaign ended when Stalin died of natural causes. The Cultural Revolution ended when Mao died. Pol Pot lived to old age and according to his own words, died with a clear conscience. Perhaps this time will be an exception, but that is never the way to bet.

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344 thoughts on “The Fanatic’s Ball

  1. Gab is down.

    but I bet subscribestar is up, and at least you can bitch here.

    🤣 🤣 🙃 🤣 🤣 🤣

  2. I don’t know. There probably was independent fanatic fraud but stuff like the simultaneous pause in vote counts across multiple states makes me think there was a centralized conspiracy as well.

  3. well, that’s a cheerful outlook. I have one quibble, the election corruption was aided and abetted by FOX news , and there were numerous states involved. that take planning, coordination and financing.

  4. An observation. Democracy depends on either differences between parties to be so minor that stolen elections (1960, 1976) are more personality and patronage than anything else, or with major differences in parties relatively clean and honest elections so that compromise and one party not having it all their way is the requirement.
    One man, one vote, one time is a recipe for violent civil war. Always has been, always will be.
    The Biden Presidency is shaping up to be a flaming dumpster fire. Biden today guaranteed to the Japanese Prime Minister US treating any attack on the disputed Senkaku Islands as an acto of war by China. That’s incoherent. China reacted angrily. Biden did not stay bought. He’s appointed various Iranian and black women to the Treasury transition team and promises a White tax.
    Biden is not Clinton — a man vigorous and in charge. He’s senile, his team is a crackhead son and a New Age Hippie wife and a bunch of twenty something female staffers. A disaster.

  5. Somewhat ominous essay today!
    Off topic but too funny to omit. While scanning the New York Post tonight (11/16) an Erectus “Georgia Senate Hopeful: ‘US must repent for its worship of whiteness’.” Just a few items below we have a positive role model for the Black community: a Dad showing Junior how he earns his living. 😀
    I wish I could say this was the first instance in my general area of Florida, but no. A few years ago in Tampa there was a father-son carjacking team 🙁
    Speaking only for myself, I think I’ll continue worshipping Whiteness, thank you very much!

  6. so is the difference between this and Richard Daley sixty years ago is the sanctimony in which the fraud is done?

    • Sixty years ago, even the gangster was a bit concerned that even if nobody else caught him, God was watching. The criminal class today has no God.

  7. The Republican governor of Ohio is going all in with his moral crusade against COVID, announcing increased enforcement of mask-wearing in businesses. Businesses will be hounded, fined and closed even more aggressively than before if they fail to enforce the mask mandates.

    This gem of a quote:

    “Throughout our country’s history, each generation has faced unique sacrifices,” DeWine said in the statewide address. “Today, we all must do something far less dramatic but very important: wear a mask so your friends and family members can live.”

    You’re a sinner, a murderer if you don’t wear the masks! You’re killing your own family!

    I have no patience for this crap, but the new authoritarians are clever. They don’t come straight at me for not wearing a mask, they come at the guy who’s just trying to keep his business open. They have him over a barrel and they have no mercy about turning the screws on him, ruining him for daring to dissent, for refusing to be their enforcer.

    But the governor’s orders Wednesday were not as far-reaching as in March, when Ohio became one of the first states to go into lockdown. DeWine warned that if the number of Ohioans in hospitals and ICUs keeps rising, he will again close all bars, restaurants and fitness centers in the state. He said that next week the state will review whether to shut them down.

    “I am very well aware of the burden this will place on employees,” DeWine said. “I’m well aware of the burden this will place on the owners, but these are places where it’s difficult and impossible to maintain mask-wearing.”

    “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.”

    Months later, the state is still under that statewide mask order, although until Wednesday, DeWine and state officials had made no effort to enforce it. But what Ohio is seeing now is a peak unlike what happened in the spring and summer.

    This is completely untrue. There is a slight increase in deaths now, but the size and slope of the increase are nowhere near as big as even the small summer peak, no less the spring peak. This is simply coronadoom panic-mongering.

    Doctors across the state warned Monday of a dark winter to come if hospitalizations continue at this rate.

    “Dark winter” is obviously the approved new propaganda slogan the loyal operatives have been instructed to deploy.

    • And Fauci says even with a vaccine social distancing and mask will still be necessary…Which is good in a way because now the Normies will be less inclined to take the vaccine or want others too…

      • For we Dirt People, it’s global communism, all the way down.

        The Cloud People realized we had it too good and were having too much fun.

    • Note that he’s paying for enforcement through the BWC, the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation slush fund. The Repugs in the state house should find a way to work him over on this as he seemed bound and determined to take them down with him.
      Another interesting thing on this is that although he has completely alienated the GOP base with his Covid hysteria and his push for gun control, I’ve seen zero love (or hate) for him from the (very) small number of FB liberals on my feed.

    • This is their perfect eternal crisis. Just as there’s always war in the Middle East, we’ve always been amidst a medical crisis. The few doctors who can think independently fear for their finances, the women are all in on the moral crusade, and most men just go along to get along because they’re low T and have been conditioned that way. I see White toddlers wearing masks in the stores. Think of an entire generation raised to be afraid of unseen killer germs and accustomed to never seeing anyone’s face. I weep for what is left of White people.

        • I used to be ashamed of my country too Chris.
          But, once you get over the initial shock. Once you give up on the America you once loved, it goes easier for you. It then becomes a intellectual exercise. You try to figure out what went wrong. America 2.0, what, if anything could we do differently next time?
          Essentially it comes down to the material you have to work with. The American ppl. If you don’t have ppl with scruples, then there is no fix. Money corrupts and men without honor, integrity, pride become corrupt. In this case money from Russia, China, Google, FB, Amazon et al corrupted dishonorable men.

    • I’m not so harsh on these governors. They are petty tyrants and they do their thing. The problem is 97% of America that either LOVE this mask/shutdown nonsense, or claim they hate it and put on their mask.

      And these restaurants / businesses are no different. Someone needs to stand up to this. I havn’t put a mask on yet, and its cost me. If more people rebelled, it would go away.

      • People don’t rebel because they are unsure how dangerous this virus is.
        Its not just .Gov FUD though there is plenty of that but also the fact its a novel genetically engineered military rate of gain virus that could go from Flu+ which is what it is to now to “kills like SARS.”
        Also its not like our society is brave. We aren’t.

  8. The X factor presently is the third alternative, and how will those excluded from that reality function with low IQ and low impulse control. Are they resisting the force of their extinction in the only way they know how? Deplatformed, they don’t see themselves reflected in the mirror of the future. They will not go quietly.

  9. Your skin is the uniform in the coming fun filled festivities.
    The Long March could have been stopped but soft weak men create hard times.
    The distorted lens Jonestown Kool-Aid drunk true believers will consume themselves as evil always does.
    Better to go out fighting than live in some third rate reheated Zimbabwe clone ruled over by screeching harpy wahmens always prattling on about how “historic” it all is.
    The po-leece have already checked out in Red State. Senators and judges get the service but Karens can only make bitter beer faces as they learn that they control nothing and no one is coming to save them.

  10. it kind of makes me wonder that if they don’t have a senate majority to expand the number of seats – they might try to “create” vacancies. Especially after Alito’s speech on thursday that was sort of a taunt.

    • Yes, they’re planning that, but first they have to get a Senate majority to pass it by admitting Puerto Rico and DC as states.

      Puerto Rico is an on-going disaster. The huge mistake we made by giving PR citizens US citizenship has been biting us back for decades. They’re a foreign country. They share nothing of the historic US nation.

      Meanwhile DC was explicitly designed to not be a state. If that’s not acceptable anymore, the land should revert to Maryland and Virginia. Statehood for DC is absolutely ridiculous.

  11. Z. I have to call you out here for some explanation. Just last week you wrote “The End of the Story” in which you speculated that this is (paraphrasing) the last hurrah of the woke. There will be no internment camps etc…Now you are writing this article likening our current predicament to the French revolution in which all constraints are lost and anything is possible. Maybe you are like me and vacillate between these extreme versions of the white and the black pill. But if so, you need to explain these apparently contradicting viewpoints or at least acknowledge your vacillating opinions. Or maybe there is some other explanation that reconciles these contradictory essays. What’s up Z?

    • I think it can go either way and maybe a third way. We get a little from column A and a little from column B. There are signs that the Left is about to go to war on itself, but that can easily spill over into the rest of society. There’s also the possibility to try to go ham on us, but manage to blow themselves up in the process. The future is not written.

      • That’s fair enough and is largely what I struggle with as well. That view might be incorporated better into a single article or podcast rather than in separate essays in which near opposite outcomes are expressed with confidence and separated by only days.

        • Sorry to go on again, but there is an aspect of trust to this. One could conclude that you are just writing whatever you think will get the most clicks and/or responses on any given day, so to hell with apparent contradictions. I don’t think you are doing this, so if there are contradictory thoughts, then it may be better to acknowledge them and do some ‘thinking out loud’ for the reader. In fact, I think you do this often (i.e. thinking out loud). But the difference between ‘their movement is spent’ and ‘they will sink the priests in the river’ is a large one.

          • I didnt listen to the podcast the week of the election cause the comments said it was a black pill. This weeks was a white.

  12. Reading posts on GAB and BB show that normie MAGA whites are waking up real fast. Lots of cop hate and realizing the MSM is really a nest of vipers who can’t be trusted. Not to mention that the Orcs are dangerous
    Now there are still a fair amount of idiot softheaded Christians who think they should never judge anyone for anything but they are going to learn fast when some BLM goon uses them for a punching bag or throws boiling coffee in their face.

  13. there is no grand conspiracy at work

    Well, yes and no – there is some obvious coordinated effort at the top, but the vast majority involved are not in on the coordination. I guess you can call it “coordination” instead of “conspiracy” if that sounds better. But unlike the useful idiots, the coordination is more conscious/deliberate at the top.
    As you say, they are like a school of fish that has been conditioned over generations to react. There are definitely folks at the top manipulating them to react for the elites’ own purposes, whatever those may be.

  14. From the Taki post:

    Of course, forcing reality to comport with the civic religion is not easy. This story, for example, is what happens when reality must give way to belief. The claim is that the closing of the schools due to COVID will shorten the life span of children. The study’s authors start with the well-documented correlation between educational attainment and life expectancy to make this bold conclusion.

    The trouble is, the causal agent for both educational attainment and life expectancy is intelligence, which is biological. Smart people go further in school, they are healthier, they make better decisions, and so on. The result is they tend to live longer than the stupid people. Since that’s forbidden knowledge in a liberal democracy, the authors end up with a magical relationship between school and life span.

    Stuff like this just makes me shake my head. But if you look at the comments on the Daily Mail, it’s obvious that everyone is starting to realize how ridiculous our academic and ruling class is. Nobody believes it anymore, they just don’t know how to stop it. From the comments:

    Utter rubbish

    What absolute garbage these people spout at times.

    The kids will be fine! This is just scaremongering. A year in lockdown and constant 2 week isolation due to close contacts Because case numbers wont go down will affect them Far more..

    I think reading this article shortened my lifespan

    Wtf! How on earth can they say this with a straight face? Statistics can only go so far, and trying to predict future lives based on a few weeks off school is complete and utter bunkum. Who on earth paid for all this? Let me guess, taxpayers or some serious loony lefties. Haha or both!

    And on and on.

    We’re in clown world, because we put the clowns in charge and now we don’t know what to do about it.

    • Just as the homosexuals captured Broadway, half-smart criminal clowns have captured our political system. It’s not that non-gays cannot work on Broadway or non-criminal clowns cannot run for office, it’s just that when such people get there they will have no friends, and they will not want to make any.

    • Viz, back when I could post at Instapundit I mentioned that I was routinely punished for the crime of “reading ahead.” That was in the 70s. Imagine how much worse it is now that the powers that be attribute all gaps in achievement (except music and athletics) to racism.

  15. Favorite meme right now: two women are having a conversation. Woman one, in a jeans and t-shirt, says, “I think there’s a wider agenda to this covid stuff.” Woman two, in a hazmat suit and surgical gloves, replies, “I think you’re being paranoid.” Perfect example of our social dynamic right now. If you’re not freaking out, well, then you must be insane.

  16. “In reality, there is no grand conspiracy.”

    Au contraire. Why did battle ground states stop counting at the same time? Why were the election laws illegally changed? Why were the computers programmed to flip votes? Why did Fox call AZ early for China Joe? Fox!? Why didn’t China Joe/Harris campaign much? Cuz the fix was in and they knew they didn’t need to.
    Yup, this was orchestrated, this was planned, this was a conspiracy.

      • Funny, how those that diss the right talk about LARPing.

        The DOJ, FBI, they are the ones LARPing. Their entire facade, a Potemkin ‘system’ that once in a while offers up some poor sap as a “white sooprem-a-cyst” but otherwise is the bodyguard of the elite.

        I have met a bunch of FBI guys. 100% clown central.

    • I’m generally suspicious of the software manipulation angle, but over the weekend I read an article quoting the President’s attorney, Sidney Powell. She claimed that they even identified the programmed algorithm to pull this off and more info would be forthcoming. This woman is a well know appellate attorney whom I highly respect. She did fantastic work on the Enron appeals, among others, and I was actually shocked that she would put her reputation on the line in making that claim. If this is true it’s a game changer whether it flips the election or not. Talk about a complete meltdown in system trust on the right (and actually it should be both sides but the left is blind these days). We’ll see what she has.

      • “Game changer?”

        Afraid not, JR. The stage has been set and we are too far along in the game. No game changers allowed. The media will lie, the courts will deny and delay. We are naked, alone, and friendless. No where to run. We stand and fight.

        • The evidence, or lack thereof, will speak for itself and be widely distributed online. No. It won’t be covered by CBS News.

          • Confusion for Normie, stop him in his tracks and disorient him so he doesn’t know what to do, or what to think. Part of the strategy.

        • Agreed. Just look at the judge handling the Flynn case. I respect Ms. Powell and find here sincere but all the evidence in the world will not move a Soros judge.

          Say, one like John Roberts…

          • It’s not about the judge or what he or she rules, or even the election results. It’s about the credibility of the evidence they supposedly have.

          • The evidence now being put forth might sway the court of public appeal.

            Not feeling confident about ‘the courts’ as savior, and thus the same feeling towards ‘evidence’, ‘smoking guns’ and all that.

      • Censorship. Nothing is real if it’s not communicated to anyone.

        All stops were pulled for this particular election. It took 4 years of nonstop hysterics from MSM, but they created an alternate reality for their viewers. And True Believers naturally acted to do “whatever it takes” to stop Literally Hitler. Any righteous person would. All the more so for those without any of their own morals, who strive for consuming and displaying as much manufactured virtue as possible. Even big tech went out farther on a limb than ever before.

        Apparently the left thought their Believers acting accordingly would create an adequate margin of fraud. But they still came up short.

        That’s when the count was stopped. Desperation and a lot of risk, but they HAD to go all the way and activate fallback plans. No point in having driven half the country out of their collective minds with every kind of hair-brained scheme if they didn’t go all the way. Besides, big tech would do their Believer part by simply censoring out anything unflattering. They didn’t want to “have” to fall back on riskier Plans D, E, and F but in their minds, it ensures they get to Heaven.

      • Have to wonder if Trump is now thinking lose the election but chip away at Biden’s legitimacy by revealing drip by drip in criminal proceedings how he stole the election

        • Well, that’s a hell of a way to do it. I don’t pay attention to Trump because he’s so self deluded, but I do pay attention to that attorney and what she said. I certainly wouldn’t say something like that unless I believed it was true.

      • Watched her for a long time. She generally only goes over her skis when she knows the terrain changes ahead. Plus, was about as pissed but desperately holding it under control as have ever seen. So maybe something there. But they are up against the Leviathan.

    • Look, every time I see and hear these speculations I murmur … that they have not looked into who left the pallets of bricks for rioters.

      If a crime that involved trucks dropping large loads in cities rife with cameras cannot be “solved”, the thought that there is some “evidence” just waiting to save the day is itself some form of cognitive disconnect.

      Let me shorten your collective trajectory on the human nature at work here. I have years of experience in a trade where I confronted people in person for non payment. A common encounter went like this:
      Person A: We didn’t get the stuff!
      Reply: Here are signed delivery receipts from your loading dock guys.
      Person A: It cam late!
      Reply: Here is the contract, signed by … you. And the terms were met timely, as per the signed receipts by your loading dock guys.
      Person A: There were defectives in there, we have returns!
      Reply: Ok, I have a manifest. Let’s go take a look at those returns.
      Person A makes Reply guy sit for 40 minutes … eventually ONE unit is proffered, brought in to the office by an underling.
      Reply: Ok, so you have one unit. We can deduct it from the bill, here is your new total.
      Person A: Sales are down, I can’t pay!
      Reply: Let’s discuss receivable and set up a payment plan.
      Person A: Rises angrily, “get him outta here”.. To Reply guy, snarls, “do what you gotta do!!”
      See, we are at the “do what you gotta do” phase and yet, bow tie principled folk think there is just one more piece of evidence.
      Just. One. More.

    • The best way to diffuse a legitimate investigation into widespread criminal conduct is to argue that the criminals are too numerous, too diffuse, and too unknown to warrant being subjected to legal pursuit. Call off the dogs, nothing to see here. No mastermind to find, just a lot of random unconnected acts in the fog of politics. Surrender is easier when you smear shit in your eyes.

  17. If fanatical revolution only expires with the death of its leader, what happens to revolutions that have no leader? The Woke Revolution doesn’t have a leader; it possesses a Power Structure.

    • The mob has no leader. They’re a Frankenstein’s monster that becomes the bane of the creators existance. Even Robespierre was horrified at some of the “excesses” of the French Rev. Namely the mass drownings.

    • Per the ZMan: “Fanatics in numbers are a lot like a flock of birds or a school of fish. They instinctively coordinate their efforts without needing to be told”
      I tend to agree with that, though not sure how long the effect will last as it relates to fanatics.

      • “They instinctively coordinate their efforts…”

        That’s bullshit and gets my controlled oppo radar humming here.

    • The leadership of the Elites that are the root of the problem are hiding in plain sight. They are visible and known and arrogantly self-confident while sitting on their perches looking down on us. It is not an amorphous secret society of unknowns. That is a charade used to discourage others for seeing what is in plain sight. Your willful blindness is a weakness that others will exploit if you continue to keep your eyes closed.

  18. Related re: The Cycle of History.

    You all should really check out this article from The Atlantic in the December issue. They interview Peter Turchin and he explains quite handily how things are going to go based on 10,000 years of history. He also explains to the interviewer in a VERY based fashion, you are the problem. The Elite. There are too many of you and require a culling.

    So the reaction to this news should be introspection, fear, or even care right? Nah… unconcerned handwaving because that is who these people are. The hubris in the article is off the charts, painting Turchin as perhaps a curiosity like Nostradamus because there is no way this liberal democracy party will ever end right guys?!1!?

    It would be nice if they all died with a smug little grin on their faces so the heads could be mounted in a row like that as a warning for future generations of elites.

    Long article, very good read to understand the myopic solipsism and general lack of concern of the people you are dealing with:

    • The caveats at the end of that piece are interesting, though I seem to recall Derb mentioning at various points that China’s frequent over-production of elites as being a constant headache, so it’s not as if his central thesis is all that radical (which makes it more believable).

  19. Eventually normal people will not be able to hold rallies in Washington DC. We are very close to that now. Another factor is that DC is a progressive black city. I live in a large Midwestern city run by a progressive white woman mayor and a black prosecuting attorney. It’s turning into a shit hole more than it already was before the woke crap became front and center.
    These mobs were already looking for the mayors house when a white couple stood on their front lawn with guns trying to protect their own property and got charges brought against them and it made national news.
    What happens when the mobs start looking for Senators and Presidents to harass and beat up?
    Yes, Go ahead and defund those police!
    Democracy is indeed becoming clown world.

    • Not if you understand that democracy is the political system whereby a well-organized minority rules over an unorganized majority.

      Elections are the democratic substitute for coronation ceremonies; they give the cloak of legitimacy to the “elected,” who are nothing more than the general population’s rubber-stamping of the candidates who have been put forward by the well-organized minority.

      Democracy has never been anything else. It was conceived and erected for this purpose. Democracy is not becoming clown world; rather, what we are seeing is the full flowering of democracy.

    • What meets no resistance does not stop. 

      Indeed. I think part of the interesting dynamic of today is how so many Republican pols want to go back to the pre-Trump era where their only job was to show up occasionally to run light interference on the left. However with the fraud on the line, their voters are looking to them to stand for something, i.e., if they cannot keep the left from blatantly stealing an election, why would anyone show up to vote for them? They won because of Trump, not in spite of him. Now, with not only “no Trump” but also having helped get rid of Trump, I think some repugs are slowly realizing that the party may indeed be over, one way or the other.

      • “What meets no resistance does not stop..”

        Exactly. Ghandi had this stupid idea on how to deal with the threat of Japanese aggression during the World War II period. He felt that no resistance should be offered, and that after shedding more and more blood, somehow the Japanese would tire of it.

        And boof, peace would break out!

  20. I like reality but this doom and gloom stuff often gets me down. I got four little fighters under the age of 7 to raise in this shit. But I think there’s hope. In the last few months I’ve seen at least two normie friends starting the wake up from the Matrix.

    • Educate your children or the state will “educate” your children.
      I’m paying blue state taxes to live in an area with “good schools”.
      Pulled kids two years ago for traditional Catholic (non-archdiocean) school 20 minutes away. Despite the cost and time, it was, bar none, the best decision I have ever made.
      FYI: “Catholic” is a brand now. Local Catholic school is just like the public school, only they go to mass once a month and have teachers who could not get a job at the government school…

      • We homeschool our cubs and we’re Catholic. But we try to be hardcore Catholic, the ones that oppose the leftist ideology.

        • His cubs need us. Redbeard, anybody f***s with your cubs, and I’ll go to jail- so you can stay home.

          I know you’d rather, but that’s not the world we live in. Got your back, brother, if I can.

          (Already been there, done that, and have less f’s to give now.)

      • One of my buddies (atheist, FWIW) taught at an RC school in Met Boston. What did he teach? Religon, of course.

    • I got four little fighters under the age of 7 to raise in this shit. But I think there’s hope. 

      Always hope. Your children need you.

    • Yes, your first obligation is the keep them safe and out of harm’s way. And to do that, you must remain alive and not incarcerated. And to do that, you must try to stay off the Fed radar. And most importantly, never make the mistake of assuming it can never happen here. Going dark does not mean sticking your head in the sand.

  21. Biden is definitely no Pol Pot or Robespierre. If anything the thin gay man he served under was closer to those models. One can possibly say that the system itself is one big amorphous Robespierre, but generally it comes down to a hand full of men leading things like that. What’s happening is a feature of late stage democracy not a bug, or a glitch in the voting system, and, assuming the other side begins turning off the hairball throated Neil Cavuto (I hope his cancer comes back and kills him) and turning on other sources, which I believe they are doing, the fanaticism will swing both ways. We’re at an age where “victory” or perceived victory becomes all or nothing. Because the left always had alley cat like morals to begin with, and are emotive in their thinking, that side is always the first to radicalize. We’ll have our urban black shirts like Mussolini and our version of the The March on Rome. The irony is that Trump was never the guy that should have frightened the left. But the next one, whomever it is, will be.

    • There’s someone, or a group of someones, in the government now that knows if they showed up and put all the mandarins and their supporters against the wall that they would enjoy wide support while never having to worry about running for re-election ever again. High risk, yes, but high reward. It probably won’t come to pass to be sure, but, I can hold out hope.

      • Sounds like a thriller, an American version of Mario Vargas Llosa’s La Fiesta del Chivo (“The Festival of the Goat”), a troubling historical fiction that revolves around leftist radicals who conspire to kill Trujillio, a right-wing dictator of the Dominican Republic, mid-20th century.

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  23. At this point the cops look like a pro-wrestling referee who misses the guy behind his back club our hero with a steel chair.

  24. It is tempting to assume that this revolution will eat itself, but that is not the pattern people think they see in the history book. People point to Robespierre as the example, but he seems more like an exception. Stalin’s terror campaign ended when Stalin died of natural causes. The Cultural Revolution ended when Mao died. Pol Pot lived to old age and according to his own words, died with a clear conscience. Perhaps this time will be an exception, but that is never the way to bet.

    Well, there have been more than three revolutions in history, many of which failed. What’s really strange is how so many people on this side of the great divide focus on what happened in the Russian and Chinese revolutions without really pausing to consider that a portion of the reason why those revolutions played out the way they did is because they happened to the Russian and Chinese people.

    To speak of revolution more broadly, there seems to be three broad archetypes: Eastern, Western and American. The great leap forward and Russian revolution are examples of Eastern, the English civil war and French revolutions are examples of western, and the Mexican and Bolivian revolutions are examples of American. If we’re looking for analogs to today’s situation, the Mexican and French revolutions are the closest. The Russian revolution is pretty much irrelevant because it’s driving force, Marxism, has been rendered irrelevant to all Western societies, including America. My bet would be that America splits up, relatively peacefully, and lots of federal officials end up dead. To use a metaphor, the engine of the federal government is running of gas, not overheating.

    • A relatively peaceful breakup makes the most sense to me as a reorganizing event after the empire has been sufficiently looted. A kind of entropy meets necessity separation once the dollar etc finally meets its end. This likely includes a massive status implosion of the so called “elite” class; a culling of the (now) useless credentialed and government tit-suckers. All things considered, sounds better than many other scenarios.

      • I’ve been listening to a history of the crusades, specifically the 3rd one. One thing that stood out was how Saladin was motivated to conquer with minimal violence. As a result, he really only fought with the especially stupid Latin leaders, whom he killed ruthlessly. But the non-combatants were spared because he knew he needed their productivity as a tax base. As a result, a lot of incompetent leaders were betrayed by the people they abused. If china came to take over the US, I’d imagine that a lot of locals would assist them.

    • It was Congress who voted to prevent Trump from completely drawing down the troops. A thing he ought to have done in 2017, before the Uniparty aligned against him. After a while one begins to suspect it’s all theater for the proles. Japan routinely asks the US to leave. The US hands them an impossible bill. Theater.

      • So what? The executive is commander in chief. Congress can pound sand. Trump should just leave, NOW. Hell, after we remove our guys, just bomb whatever is left behind if we’re afraid of them ‘using it against us’.

  25. Sounds like Reconstruction. To put it in perspective, Reconstruction was mostly reined in after 10-15 years, but it was never fully extinguished. It has and still does flare up from time to time. That seems to be the American way. It will be an American terror and an American reaction, and if I had to guess, not satisfying to either side.

    Unless the system collapses. Then all bets are off as whatever comes next takes shape.

  26. I believe This Thing (by that I mean the huge split in America between revolutionaries and Patriots) can only be settled by blood. I can’t see any other way. The left so hates the man Trump yet their answer was to put up a senile old corruptocrat and his commie whore to beat him. Either way half of America will not accept the results of this election. If we can’t find a peaceful separation then we will find ourselves killing each other. It seems killing each other grows closer. As a guy who did three tours in Nam I can tell you war is a very messy business. Especially civil war. I saw it up close and personal. I was just killing commies, they were killing their countrymen.

    • Yep. After the Tet offensive, Hue was retaken—a large and historic city. It was a few days before the mass grave were unearthed. There were many and they contained hundreds of bodies. All the officials and prominent citizens who were immediately executed by the Viet Cong. And yet, all the news outlets here could only exclaim the same old tired lines wrt to we’ve lost the war, why are we still there, yada, yada.

    • I think we’ve pretty much crossed the rubicon with respect to any peaceful reconciliation let alone separation. The only thing that remains is the spark that’ll light the conflagration.

  27. stands to reason that federal bailouts is what motivated the people in power. All those government employees needing paychecks, vendors needing payment,

    that stark reality made it morally acceptable in their minds to take any means necessary. So the orders come down from on high. The easy part was getting precinct captains Laquisha, who hates whitey, and Karen, who hates men, on board to commit massive fraud. Perfectly trained little monkeys.

  28. Since we’re on the topic of reality, has anyone one noticed that there has been absolutely no push back against the tsunami of criminality that is washing over the USA? Presidential coup, unrestrained riots, election fraud/theft, Manchurian president-elect, DC double standard, no indictments or prosecutions, COVID driven pandemic to exterminate small business, fake news, in-your-face censorship, etc. If think the Jackboots aren’t coming soon, evolution has a dead-end for you and you get what your stupidity earns.

    • Hey, Karen, ready to get back to normal?

      Hey, Boomer, ready to get back to normal?

      They just wanna go to brunch, grill, watch NFL and not be the evil white racist guy. That will all go away when mean orange man is gone, right? Right??

      I for one am looking forward to our “back to normal” but then again I’m kind of a masochist.

      • Yes, it appeared the Dem strategy was to keep beating the US people until they stopped trying to slip their chains.

        Sadly, it seems to have worked on a disturbingly high number of people.

        • True, but it didn’t work on at least 70 million people

          You and I are smart enough to know back to normal is a lie and a mirage but many people aren’t.

    • If think the Jackboots aren’t coming soon, evolution has a dead-end for you and you get what your stupidity earns.
      I agree and add only that if you think you are going to face the Jackboots by yourself and win the same thing applys…

      • I wholeheartedly agree that fighting the Jackboots is stupid on steroids. My admonition is “do not paint a target on your back and make it easy for them to round you up.” Go dark. Just because DOJ/FBI never prosecutes DC criminals doesn’t mean they won’t come after you. Quite the opposite. They would fry Kyle Rittenhouse in the chair while letting Hunter Biden skate on treason, corruption, and pedophilia. That is the nature of the enemy we face. Do not underestimate the evil they can do.

        • You must not have a family because if you did you would know that there is no hiding from evil the only way to beat it is to stand and confront it…

          • I do have children, all grown now. And I also advocate confronting evil is all it’s manifestations. And to be successful in this day and age, you must do so intelligently. Smart beats brave when confronting a ruthless tyranny.

    • Who or where to push back is the challenge (and this is by design, I think). We face a faceless enemy, who is overwhelming our side with all sorts of attacks and also chaff. It’s like pushing back against a string.

      • Not faceless. They are well known and relatively few in number. Wealth hath it’s privileges, and one of those is that you don’t have to get your hands dirty personally. You simply hire mercenaries and surrogates to do your dirty work for you. Your enemy is not the useful idiots, that’s a distraction and the road to failure. Focus.

  29. “The fanatic, of course, has been in the middle of every man-made social disaster since the French Revolution”.
    One might say it goes back +/- 1800 years before that if you consider the God-man Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans at the behest of some…fanatics

    • Heh- and don’t forget Barabbas was antifa, on trial for inciting a riot that murdered a Roman soldier.

  30. I was fascinated by the article below. It’s about a mob boss who simply filled out fake ballots for money.

    You have to take it with a big grain of salt. I suspect it’s untrue, and that the guy is just angling for publicity and a pardon.

    But if it’s true, it only proves Z’s thesis, in a way: that a guy who rigged an election merely for money would much more readily rat out the scam than a true believer.

    And the Democrats surely know that, which is why they would probably never go outside their left-wing “religion” for ballot fixing.

    • Buying votes is as old as Tammany Hall or the (insert big city immigrant mob boss name here) administration.

      • But back in those days most people wouldn’t give a shit what was going on in New Orleans, New York or wherever – now it’s national and it’s affecting everyone. It’s getting real close to crap or get off the pot.

  31. It’s not hard to imagine them unleashing a Camp of the Saints event, for example, by reversing Trump’s immigration rules and inviting the world to their celebration.

    This is exactly what is intended. Everyone should take note of whether any of the candidates in the Georgia run-off address the issue, either side. Biden only can do so much via Executive Order. My guess is the issue goes unaddressed, the Left wanting to fool the rubes one more time, the Republicans too fearful of their personal consequences of promising immigration control. The most important thing to emerge from the Wikileaks emails was the least discussed: Hillary wanted a borderless Western Hemisphere, with free movement of people and goods from Cape Froward to Nome. It is coming fast.

    There may be some in the ruling class sensing that they must first put their fanatics back on the leash, but most of too dull and self-loathing to grasp what they have unleashed. There is a good chance that the summer riots were just a taste of what lies ahead in the woke revolution.

    The Left has learned terrorism works. The violence to come, ironically, may put the brakes on the Ruling Class plans for our Brave New World. The world will pull away from the United States once it is totally in the grips of madness, which will happen soon.

  32. AltHype has a good video on fanatics, whom he interestingly labels “causy people”–i.e., a certain personality type which is attracted to causes.

    The thing that unsettles me is that (1) there will always be causy people; it seems to be an intergenerational human type. And (2) causy people often win, by virtue of their very fanaticism.

    It strikes me that perhaps the thing is not simply to defeat them–the fanatics, the causy people–as such, but to get some of them on our side and weaponize them for our thing.

    I don’t want to go into bad optics territory (*caugh*), but there was one right-wing movement of the 20th century that did seem to attrack some of the fanatics/causy–and did win the domestic political battle; before, of course, losing to almost insurmountable external force later.

    Obviously, we will need a better-optics rebrand, but I reckon we will need some of the fanatics on our side if we really want to win.

  33. I am beginning to lose count of the number of people who think that the old fanaticism of times gone by ‘can never happen here’. In what turns out to be of very little surprise, such people also claim that they ‘would have never gone along with all that’…

    Recent events have demonstrated to me who will turn at the drop of a mask hat.

    • I watched (former) female friends go into actual fits of rage at the mere mention of Trump and that was a year before he got elected. There’s been a virus unleashed on the populace alright but it doesn’t cause respiratory problems, it makes people insane. I agree with another commenter about getting clear of the blast zone as I’ve been witness too many times to the fanaticism.

      • Fortunately, I keep no females as friends but I know what you mean. Had a colleague the other day railing about Trump – she made a strong threat against the man. She then got annoyed at me because I did not ‘know’ that Biden was the new Prez… allegedly.

        This colleague just seems to have too much time on her hands. Most girls don’t have any decent hobbies or interests, so they latch on to politics to signal their virtue. Having actual interests exterior to work is a must for any man, keeps the mind clear, keeps the leftist out.

    • Excellent point. The average person’s lack of self awareness and foresight combined with ignorance and arrogance assures that whatever has happened before will happen again. I have always counted a very small number of people as my ‘friends’ because I have very high standards for genuine friendship – i.e. people I can trust who would never turn on me. Most people’s credulity will be repaid with exponential cruelty. And afterwards, the usual self-inflicted ‘fog of memory.’

      • Heh. ‘fog of memory’, I’ll have to use that one in future.

        Your stance regarding friendship is all too true. I am the same. I have many acquaintances and the like, but friends? They’re much harder to find. In fact, the first question I ask when I meet someone new is: ‘How easily would this bloke shop me?’. I find white working class types to be far more resilient than educated middle class types. It’s not an ironclad test, but what can you do?

        True friendship is something that very few experience. And so few experience it because they never look for, or cultivate it. But then again, for the average person the bar for friendship is just so low. Having said that, if we’re really looking for good friends, then hard times are the only things that can forge those bonds. I guess we’re getting those.

        As I mentioned above, I believe that women are particularly susceptible to ‘the need for many friends’ due to having less interest in the world around them. I don’t know what your thoughts are on this?

        • Can’t help you there – I’ve never understood most people, nor most woman in particular (despite being one). I’ve always been someone who was independent and contrary minded, and I’m not afraid of solitude. Constant socializing or constant noise (recall acquaintances throughout school years who could not do anything without background radio noise on) drives me nuts. That said, I’m not a hermit. The idea of a tight-knit, rural White community sounds heavenly to me. Just have to keep working on my husband that the time is NOW.

  34. You don’t stop counting ballots in five states simultaneously without some sort of co-ordination. You don’t need tanks in the streets and video of fat generals in white suits wearing a chest full of medals to understand that we are watching an attempted coup in real time.

    These people are capable of anything. The Ruling Class wants us dead or enslaved.

    • Yea but we have known that for a long time Brother but it’s like Watership Down as long as it’s comfortable in the cage it doesn’t matter if one or two disappear every once in awhile…

      • Precisely. More prescient people have been warning of this (war on White people, culture, history, etc.) for decades now, and a few normies are just now becoming a bit more . . . cynical. And everyone here thinks that’s grounds for celebration. Most people will choose comfort over self reliance under any circumstances. There’s nothing new under the sun.

      • I see it every day, all day.

        Insulate, isolate and, then, let the moral preening begin.

        • The sad thing is that we do have the history to look to that we can see how it all plays out and still we have those either in denial that it can’t happen here or those just too apathetic to do what is need to stop it…What Solzhenitsyn said about Stalin not being able to do what he did if people would of banded together and stood against him comes to mind…

    • The coup has been going on for 50 years. There’s very little practice difference between stuffing ballot boxes with forged ballots and importing million of non-Whites who will vote 2-1 in your favor.

      In a democracy, immigration is a legal form of voter fraud.

  35. Immigration has almost always been about obtaining 3 things; profit, power and punishment. The last is overlooked by many but the need to punish enemies is the strongest need of the three. Some years ago a high ranking UK official in the labor party publicly revealed that the reason labor was so in favor of endless 3rd world immigration was to rub their opponents noses in diversity and multiculturalism.
    of course multiculturalism is an interesting word. It is a seven syllable word with a simple seven syllable definition.

    mul ti cul tur a lis m

    Definition: Get ting rid of white peo ple.

    • Yup. Contrary to American Mythology, the primary motivation of immigration has always been cheap labor and diluting the political power of undesirables.
      The story of Irish immigration fits this perfectly, especially as they were cannon fodder for the North in the Civil War.

    • UK official in the labor party publicly revealed that the reason labor was so in favor of endless 3rd world immigration was to rub their opponents noses in diversity and multiculturalism.

      Yes. This mans name was Andrew Neather. I also believe that Peter Hitchens used this quote multiple times, particularly on BBC leftist talk show Question Time, I am not sure if the ramifications of the statement hit home.

      The simple reason is that many of these New Labour types do truly hate The Isles and her history. If you talk to them about the British Empire it is bad. Full stop. Nothing good ever came from it. Whenever faced with such a person and talking about just this, I would often repeat (like a fanatic) quote I heard from Peter Hitchens:

      You either have your own empire, or you’re part of somebody else’s.

  36. What do you guys make of the computer voting thing? Fanatics? Centrally coordinated plan? Multiple local efforts? Actually a glitch? Psy-op to distract from fraud elsewhere?

    • Apparently, it was carried out on a massive scale at the last minute because the people who were plotting the coup realized that Trump’s lead was enormous and growing. Fraudulent mail-in ballots might not be enough. Voilá! They pushed the button on the counting machines. And now, they have been caught. You know what comes next. Naked force.

    • The hack peeps just need a secret backdoor to log in as root/ admin
      During the course of a few minutes,
      Insert a small code function.
      Restart. Good to go.

      The code is probably already there. Just needs a PIN entered to fire it up. A good remote scenario could probably do all the machines at once from joetard’s basement.
      The algorithm is doing a simple thing for 6% Biden bonus or so:
      Increase counter +1
      IF counter > 11 
           THEN ( Trump -1) AND (Biden +1)
            SET Counter = 0

    • There’s no such thing as a “glitch”. Computers only do what they are told to do by a programmer. So far.

    • They had the system set to steal what they thought were enough votes in the key states, but around 9:00 they figured out that they had underestimated the size of the theft necessary. So, they stopped counting and scrambled to load up the Chevy Impala with enough fake votes to win. It was never a glitch, it was a weighting scheme to gradually deliver 1.06 votes to Biden for each 1.0 votes cast for Trump.

      • From what attorney Sidney Powell is saying, the algorithm has been reverse engineered by Trump’s people, so that some semblance of the degree of computer algorithmic cheating can be determined. Then there is the mail-in ballot issue, the “losing” of ballots marked for Trump, etc. I suspect that if you found a way to nullify all the cheating, this would be one of the electoral blowouts of all time. Frenzied political rallies at over-capacity, versus ten or twenty people turning out, consistently, is some sort of indicator of what the real world actually looks like…

    • Anyone who has (or knows a coworker) attended a Hacker’s Conference knows that the voting machine hack is a regular event. Most companies send their machines because they’re eager to discover undetected hardware and software vulnerabilities. IIRC Dominion doesn’t participate. The truth is that we could have a secure voting system, but neither branch of the Uniparty wants it.

  37. Well, if fanaticism is truly behind all of this election fraud as well as the covtardedness and all the other BS we’ve seen this year, no amount of provable fraud brought out by trump’s legal team will make damn bit of difference. The way to deal with it would be for Trump to go full dictator, declare the results invalid and start arresting and prosecuting the fanatics. I doubt he has the stones for that as he’ll be told if he does, the country would be consumed in fire – besides, who other than possibly us deplorables would back him up?

    • It’s the only option.

      I say only a 3% chance of happening. Trump isn’t really a dictator type, or a violent guy. Despite what the left says.

      He should go for it though, they’re gonna either kill him and his family or at least throw them in jail when he loses.

      • I agree that the enemy will never let him and the family ride quietly off into the sunset. The more fanatic factions will demand blood or some other retribution. He might as well see it for what it is, start loading magazines, manning the ramparts and go out swinging, just like so many of the colonists in the British empire had to do in far flung lands when the natives rebelled – it was do or die – maybe both. Maybe he can see that now is this (former) country’s last stand and act accordingly.

  38. I think you over estimate the motivation on the other side, Z. The minute ANTIFA or BLM run into determined resistance, they run, or they get their lights punched out. Watch the noggers playing the Knock Out Game: every time they attack, it’s an ambush, even on relatively easy targets. Any time they are chimping out en masse – the second a shot is fired, they take to their heels.
    I am betting that soon after your side actually fires that angry shot, everyone will be wishing we had done it sooner.

    • Yes indeed. Joggers always seem to be ambush predators. Naturally in London, where ‘local Londoners’ shank each other with abandon, many of these things are caught on CCTV. All too often the pattern is the same: the victim rushed by a horde which then flees in multiple directions.

      From personal experience, a most joggerly move is to distract an opponent and then have another of your number sucker punch the victim. I should note that when I say ‘personal experience’, I was not the victim, but rather an observer who needed to pass through dodgy areas in the small hours. And was we know, when you turn the diversity up to 10, violence is always sure to break out. Although the good news is that the victim – as usual in these parts – was also a jogger.

    • The challenge is how to avoid the real muscle on the Antifa or BLM side: the cops, who exist merely to protect them from us. And the cops are not likely to scatter at the sound of the first shot. And the po-po have shown time and again that, while they have no interest in keeping BLM from burning down your house, they are keenly interested in making sure you can’t stop them.

      One of the biggest results of the Million MAGA March was the Normie realization that the thin blue line is on the other side. The Normies who have taken to fed-posting in the aftermath about the cops has been rather amazing.

      • Normie is never going to figure out the cops ain’t on their side. It is one of the things that defines a person as normal. Normal people don’t see police as the enemy.
        What I don’t get is why anyone, especially Proud Boys types, thought they could go into liberal cities and fight with the local antifa types. How many times does a person need to see the same movie to learn how it ends?

        • Dead wrong dude. The Normies are waking up to the reality that the police are in league with the BLM Antifa types. What happened in D.C. was a major wake up call for them.
          Same with the summer riots. They all saw the cops stand and do nothing. That was also a major wake up call.

          • People were saying the same thing after LA.
            Our cultural response to 9/11 was to prove how not-Islamophobic we are and to invite more Muslims. Our very first foreign war was against Islam.

          • The state and the people are separate entities. Problem is the people aren’t in control of the state. Media too.

          • The issue is control. Our people are unwilling to take control and still under the delusion that a complex society can live without very tight controls.
            Hell half our guys will shoot at their own side for daring to suggest that we need economic regulation or State enforced social norms.
            Its the reason I think the American people would be best served breaking the US into smaller polities, each ethnically, religiously and culturally homogeneous with rigid border controls not so much to keep people in, you can leave any time but you can’t come back but to keep the rootless crowd away.
            We don’t need people who aren’t grownded in a nation, a culture, State maybe a neighborhood.
            The big open USA made some sense before steam trains and could be kind of sustained till the early 60’s but after that? Nope,
            Ideally people can live in one neighborhood, marry there, have kids there and die and be buried there.
            Getting that stability won’t be easy as it will mean tackling economies of scale, automation and keep parasitic globalists looking for the next place to loot away.

          • Perhaps if we are to be a serious movement we need a more dispassionate view of policing. For myself, I look at them as an institution in a neutral light. They might as well be the postal service or the road service department. If you have a society you will have to have policing. I’m pretty sure we’ve either rooted out or converted all the libertarians here on this site. Or Zman has. Whichever.

            Let’s be adults. You can show me on the doll where the bad policeman thumped you or tell me about Officer DoRight saving your kitty from the tree. I dont care. Some are good, others not. It’s about control.

            On the realistic side, you must control those who control your policing services. The cities are lost, so forget about it. Smaller burgs, where you can influence the town or county council, you have options. Control.

            Yes. Metropolitan services have shown they will follow orders to harass Normie defending himself and pass on collaring Antifa/BLM. I imagine most cops hate it, but again, that’s not important. Short of a collective “Aha, why back the blue that doesn’t back us!” moment, you are spinning your wheels.

            Maybe normie wises and rises up, maybe not. Maybe police forces start to see the writing on the wall in terms of loss support… but if you are asking that institution to lead from the front, you are going to be disappointed. They are reactionary in nature, rule enforcers not makers (in simple terms). I doubt this scenario.

            Worse case scenario: hostility toward them isolates them and their general sense of the “public good” erodes to the point where they really are just hired guns for globohomo. One positive side in that is they lose that shiny halo the more they conduct political persecution and become fair game. Not having the monopoly on violence is clarifying to say the least.

            Best to avoid the whole bad batch of options. Go to where you and like-minded whites can control policing via community. Make sure your town/county council is fully aware that cooperation with federal authorities will be viewed negatively.

            In the interim, neither blindly support the police nor engage in unnecessarily antagonizing them. You are verbally attacking the horse that the marauder is riding to pillage your town. Sure, spread dissatisfaction with political policing to normies, but ultimately place your focus and efforts where they will have real world results.

        • Normie is figuring that out very fast, especially considering the amount of pro police agitprop “copaganda” they’ve been fed for decades.

      • Rural living makes it easy to avoid cops. You typically deal with sheriffs, who are elected, and their deputies. Cops are an urban thing.

        • I listened to one of those true crime podcasts a few month ago, maybe a year. This one was about a genuine child abduction and murder in Minnesota or Wisconsin or some place. Genuine nightmare shit, and the guy got away with it for a couple decades.

          Anyhow, the last couple episodes shift from a description of the event and how the local sheriff’s department failed to a general indictment of local sheriff’s departments in general. They’re generally incompetent and corrupt, see? And the only proper response in this podcast’s hallucinations was to replace them with administrative police who are famously neither corrupt nor incompetent.

          It took me a minute to think on how anyone could be this stupid, but it became obvious that sheriffs are locally elected and, therefore, accountable to the locals for enforcement while the police are not. How odd, I thought, that this weirdness should find itself in a spooky podcast, but then, the hatred goes deep with our enemies.

          • Lol, that’s pretty stupid. The problem with most rural law enforcement is not having enough resources to do detailed investigations of horrific crimes. Somehow this never occurs to urbanites, so failure is chalked up to incompetence instead.

          • Sheriffs are no better than cops. Congress is full of people “accountable” to the voters too. The only real difference between the two is once in a while a good sheriff gets elected, just as there is the occasional Ron Paul in Congress.
            I think the real difference is that way out in rural areas, the cops have a different mindset. Mindset is the problem with cops. Everything they do, including, really, especially training makes things worse. They view themselves as a distinct and separate “we” from the pesky tax-paying American. They view their job as extremely dangerous (it’s not) and they view every interaction they have with us as potentially life threatening for them. There are plenty of videos on YT of cops punching old women in the face. Treating a 75YO woman in the burbs as the same level of threat as a 20yo man in the hood is insane, yet we do it.
            Aside from the fact that noticing differences is officially not allowed, a combination of the war on drugs and female cops has fundamentally changed policing in America. Even when the cops are not actively viewing us as threats, they run rackets. The cops actually target drivers, especially out of state drivers to take their money if they have any. They even write you a receipt and send you on your way without your money. You can’t get it back. They get to spend most of it on themselves. The sheriffs do it too.

            The system is fundamentally broken like just about everything else in clownworld. It ain’t getting fixed by voting in the right clown.

          • Literally the only law enforcement on our side is that which happens to have been directly elected by the various counties. So, there’s that.

        • I’m tired of being pushed out of living in urban areas and into the country lie I’m a damned Kulak.
          Given that 80% of our population is either urban or suburban , maybe we should consider making cities livable and functional as part of the DR platform.

      • Challenge accepted. It’s time for the urban sniper and the rural militias to team up and form an insurgency. The signs are there, and Lefty is shitting his pants. People are bailing out of Twitter and Facebook and OyTube for Gab, Bitchute, and Parler. Mark Dice had an excellent piece up on CNN as they melt down over the fact that nobody’s listening anymore – even Normie has had enough of their shite.
        If the cops are going to let noggers burn down Normie’s neighbourhoods – Normie will start shooting cops AND noggers.

        • You’re not wrong. I think some of the caution is that these guys always envisioned a use of force that involved a carjacking or home invasion or armed robbery or active shooter. I’ve been in plenty of training classes where we spend time talking about what we should say to police after a defensive shooting (I was in fear of my life & acted to stop the threat, etc.) and how to not get shot when they show up.

          I’ve never taken a class that discussed urban evasion techniques.

        • Fedposting is when guys write things that would make the FBI want to entrap them. Normie talking about how cops have made their choice and now have to pay the price – or some such thing – is a classic example.

          • I thought almost the same thing: Fed agent provacateurs posting to try and get people to act out. Even on these anonymous forums, we need to be careful. You can get arrrested for saying the wrong thing. Incitement to riot, etc. A non-violent example of “criminal solicitation.” It’s not illegal to say “I want someone to [verb] my [noun.]” But you can go to prison in some Southern states for saying “I want you to [verb] my [noun].”

    • There’s a huge LARP factor here: they’re less the fanatical ideologue of old and more of just a person playing at being a fanatical ideologue. While there are no consequences for their actions, they’re all on board, but you’d have trouble getting them to show up for a protest if their favorite TV show was premiering that night.

    • Yes indeed. One of the telling differences between the BLM/SJW crowd of today and the leninists of early 20th century is that the former never venture into rural areas at all, whereas the latter were constantly speaking to rural peasants to stir up revolution, even though they got beaten or injured on many occasions. Until the woke crowd starts venturing into the armed rural areas, my judgment of them will remain the same: paper tigers.

      • There are rural Leftists, the John Brown Gun Club and Redneck Revolt are out there,
        This isn’t the era of big unions and wobblies though so the message isn’t doing that well.

    • True, the murmurations of hordes can be scattered with buckshot but the nature of those impulses nor the landscape in which they scatter and reform at will can’t be altered by just angry shots.

      Some kid is still sitting in jail while his one-armed attacker is fattening his go fund me account.

      No doubt that when force is met with force the spines of the dark starlings will reveal to be predictably hollow. But is the enemy really just packs of feral “teens”?

      While these thought exercises give comfort to the patriots in wait. I think they overlook important factors repeated throughout historical conflicts that trend toward genocide. I.e. the fact that the knockout game etc. is allowed to exist (New York Times: “there is no such thing as ‘knockout game’”) is indicative of actual power, control, and messaging that are far more dangerous than the individual mettle among the twitching masses.

      • Genocide is my fear. You can’t wind up people for years on end and making the opposition look like sub-human creatures who need to be put down for the good of society without it turning to mass bloodshed.

        • Its almost certainly inevitable at this point . Even if somehow both sides manage to avoid deliberate genocide , the systemic collapse of widespread warfare in a vastly urban society will result in tens of millions or more dead of violent crime , hunger , disease and now no longer treatable conditions.
          The trick is to as I’ve said before toughen your mind up.

  39. My experience with the leftists in my life is that they are immoral and incompetent and they hate and fear the superior person who is both of those things and want to create a world where they feel Superior

    • It seems liberals (and I only include whites as liberals, I honestly assume non-whites are just gaming the system for their advantage even if they express some b.s. political theory for their beliefs) are bifurcated. The middle-class and wealthier liberals tend to live completely isolated from diversity so postulate their moral stance from a safe bird cage. Poorer liberals, that live among the diversity seem to be shattered, mentally unstable, obese, self-mutilating, diseased wrecks. For the latter, I have no idea why that seems to be the case.

      • I think its in large part because the cognitive dissonance of “not seeing color” and being treated like crap because they’re “whitey” cannot be processed, so they breakdown. When egalitarianism attacks, so to speak, the nervous system goes first.

        • At least in part, we mustn’t blame all of the way Afro-Americans treat us as mere “Hate Whitey.” Yes, the inter-tribal enmity felt for the “Other” is always operative, but the fact is, on the average, they treat their own kind rather abominably by our standards. This is supported by the Black violent crime rate, multiples of Whites (about 7x) and that the vast majority of violence is intra-racial. We really are at least two very divergent cultures.

  40. I read something about Minneapolis yesterday that said 2020 had the highest murder rate of all time, breaking the record set in 1991. BLM, liberal misrule, and Somali immigration has done what Jeffrey Dahmer (killed 13 that year), AIDs, and the crack epidemic couldn’t do. The article of course blamed corona for the murders. They had the virus part right, at least, although it’s more like what drove the rage-infected monkeys nuts in “28 Days Later.”

    • Milwaukee is the proud owner of the Dahmer legacy. Not MPLS.
      Minneapolis was (mostly) pre-somali in 1991. A few Ethiopians – but that is a different sort of cat altogether.

      • Ah, I got those mixed up. The title of the article I read reads: “Milwaukee Just Broke Its Yearly Homicide Record. It’s Only November.”Thank you for the correction. The funny part is I had a friend in the Army who came from Minnesota and told me his mom worked at a diner near a chocolate factory and all the workers would come in there before or after shift. One was Jeffrey, a poor tipper who had a bad vibe. I guess since Dahmer liked to drill holes in peoples’ head to control their thoughts the left would have at least had some use for him, if they could reorient him from trying to make homosexual slaves to making antiracist allies.

          • And he wasn’t racist. That sounds like satire, but I actually saw that in a documentary. Someone asked him if so many of his victims were minorities because he was racist and he answered that No, it was just a matter of opportunistic predation. He was not racist. Cannibalism is better than racism in the eyes of our rulers. It’s crazy but I’m saying this with no irony.

          • Eating someone is something you shouldn’t do. But eating someone because of their race would be beyond the pale.

    • Nit: Can’t peg the 1990’s murder count in Minneapolis to Dahmer. Dahmer was a Milwaukee boy. Minneapolis and Milwaukee are cut from the same cloth, but each have their separate issues…

      • But crime is a GOOD thing. It is revolutionary transgression against systemic racism, dontchaknow…

      • Some years ago, a Minnesotan told me the Norwegian Electrolux factory was now staffed by Somalis.

        I hear the same story from Maine to North Dakota. They started in Atlanta, but then sent letters to their relatives saying the welfare benefits were better in Newburg, Maine, and the white people much less scary than the tribal African-Atlantans.

  41. Several months ago went back and re-read “Eichmann in Jerusalem”. One takeaway was what happens when masses of underlings are given broad “hints” about desired outcomes but few direct orders. Add in that all are in competition with each other to climb the greasy pole of power and you end up with a flock of birds mimicking increasingly immoral and monstrous behavior.

    • That is what I suspect happened in this election. The people in charge removed the moral restraints by repeatedly insisting that Trump had to be removed by any means necessary. Suddenly, breaking the election system became a moral duty to these people.

      • A few days ago I quoted General Washington from his farewell speech concerning this very problem, to wit:

        ‘Let it simply be asked, where is the security for life, for liberty, for property, when the sense of religious obligation deserts the oaths, which are the instruments of investigation in the courts of justice?’

        The answer of course is obvious.

        • The obnoxiousness of quoting the Founding Fathers is in using the pomposity of the prose and verbiage as unnecessary rationalization.

      • “This isn’t Vietnam, Smokey. This is bowling. There are rules”. But just highlights the inability of Leftists to engage in any second order thinking. One great amusement is when these people find out it’s a “two way range” and squeal like stuck pigs.

      • Is it possible that fanatics are really bi-polars in a prolonged manic stage?
        Hollywood has a proportionately higher number of manic-depressives than regular population, and most of them ARE fanatically against Trump and pro-Biden.

        • Hollywood has a higher number of somethings in higher up positions… though memory fails me what those are exactly. I do remember those somethings tend to corrupt what is good, entice the prurience present in all men, litigate against moral pushback, use their talents and treasure to foment decay, and leave a trail of broken and sexually used up goy behind them like a child drops candy wrappers. What were those called? Lord, but my memory. Must be getting older.

    • One takeaway was what happens when masses of underlings are given broad “hints” about desired outcomes but few direct orders.

      That is why there is not one single official document about the Holocaust: it was organized by “a melding of minds”, as Raul Hilberg explained: nobody said anything, they didn’t talk about it in their letters or put it in their diaries, but somehow all Nazis knew that WWII was about killing Jews, so they all started building gas chambers more or less spontaneously, without any government orders.

      And if you believe otherwise, you’re a Nazi.

        • The Holocaust Exploitation Corps wannsee the evidence if it undermines their reparations mining.

        • At the Wannsee conference there was a reference to a “final solution” – a term you might have heard before. The Nazis planned on expelling the Jews from Germany – initially to Madagascar but as the war increasingly made that improbable, to rump Russia, whatever that entity might be once the smoke cleared.

          Nowhere in the Wannsee minutes does it say anything about killing Jews, never mind gassing them. It is another of those Hilbergian mind-meld things, where everybody knew it was really about exterminating Jews, but they were all using coded language because, well, just because.

  42. It’s not that the people around the Pretender Biden want millions rushing the border in the hope of getting a promised amnesty. They are too stupid and short-sighted to think that far ahead

    To be fair, depending on how high up most of these people are in the chain, it is highly unlikely they’ll ever face the consequences of a direct diversity injection. For the others, as they are fanatics they’ll be singing it’s praises even when forced to do the most debauched and terrible things by these new ‘citizens’.

    • True only in part. The consequences will come in the form of international ostracism. Russia’s attitude toward our crumbling empire is about to become more widespread. It is hard to make a buck when investors and customers aren’t sure you can deliver the goods.

    • No one can escape the diversity injection

      in my experience, one of the biggest misunderstandings of the past few years is that the elites can just run away and hide behind in their gated communities — sheltered from the effects of their decisions. In reality, the elites only live maybe a few blocks from the homeless and decay on the streets, at least in Los Angeles and nyc. They can’t escape anymore than we can. Their only escape is in their own heads. Perhaps why they’re going crazy. The wreckage they’ve caused, not just on the streets but in a rotten culture, is so massive It may be humanly impassible for any of them to get their heads around much less take even a little responsibility.

      • They think they can escape it, until they can’t.

        Now they’re escaping states and cities like California and NYC. Turning their new states into blue shitholes too.

        Eventually, all the states will be shitholes. You can escape it, until you can’t. That goes for conservatives too btw, who think they can just move to a farm and grill.

        • I think conservatives moving now know they can’t just grill and farm but they still are mostly only using voting to make their point so we have a ways to go…Look at what happened in MT we turned it around and elected our first republican governor in 16 years…

          • You cannot buy 556 or primers in a 50 mile radius of me, which includes all your big box “outdoors” stores as well as indy’s and local chains, and haven’t been able to for months (I’ve checked). They aren’t just voting and hoping. Everyone is scared and sees a Big Bad on the horizon.

          • They don’t have that ideology I’m always on about is why.
            Also Americans have been conditioned to be hyper individualists and to eschew even private social clubs and the like, too old school, too ethic and low class.
            Its changing though. I see MAGA/Trump is God’s Servant marches and stuff here in Cali quite often.
            There are also a great many glimmers out there of organization and action.
            The Left and Media (redundant I know) does everything it can to keep us from seeing it and to make even our most peaceful large scale actions seem wicked but if we get power we can deal with than. Fear not though that spell is being shook off.
            Its so bad Warner Media wants to sell CNN .
            Now I don’t know if its enough I’m not plugged into the Dissident Right offline these days but its happening and so long as folks like you, me and the guys here keep up, it will happen more.

        • That’s the glorious future, the goal:
          Palestines from sea to sea,

          From the Atlantic to the Pacific,
          From the North Sea to the Mediterranean,

          Fractuous tribes fighting for their slices, with none powerful enough to challenge the Davos class.

      • Niece lives in Jackson Hole. Estimated 30,000 people escaping California. Packed to the brim. Kanye and Kim bringing that diversity to Wyoming!

        • In a recent podcast Jim Kunstler had a great quip that Aspen, CO is now, “….a village of 7500 Ian Fleming villains.”

          • I rate this claim Very True. If a Bastille moment comes from the commie left or the hard right, I would NOT want to be anywhere near that area… Unless you’re part of the redistribution teams, who will do very well.

          • In the 19th century, some wag (I have not found the souce) noted “Kansas City has a population of ten thousand souls inhabiting twenty thousand bodies.” 🙂 Disclaimer: this humor does not endorse KCMO as a locale to move to.

        • Jackson Hole wants to be the new Aspen, a lux getaway for the stars.
          Good to hear that not only the Dirts are subject to Affordable Housing programs- unless we see the Cali refugees as advance scouts for the Horde.

          • Perhaps we need to begin installing an approved percentage of Section 8 housing in Jackson Hole. We could then have a lottery in Somalia and Nigeria and provide the winners with a roof and indoor plumbing in beautiful Jackson Hole. And, because they arrived as disadvantaged people, every one would get free skiing lessons in addition to medical care, and tuition-free college.

      • Diversity damages society in myriad ways–aesthetically, socially, economically–and the damage creates ripples that eventually will be felt throughout society. Nobody is totally immune. But, the wealthier you are, the less direct the impact.

    • The Pretender Biden” – I almost spit my morning coffee out.

      That’s some classic Zman right there.

  43. This faux revolutionary spasm ends with woke white womyn being raped by the vibrants they champion.

    That ending is not too far off at this point.

    • The novel Camp of the Saints ended with the government forcing white women to marry foreigners.
      We’re seeing the first steps in social engineering already where it is seen as fascism to marry a man of one’s own race.

    • If only. Countless tales of globetrotting strong independent women spreading democracy or christian values or building schools for girls have found themselves in the cold harsh grip of vibrancy.

      And it almost always ends up reinforcing their fanaticism in some twisted leftist logic. Well the ones that get to keep their heads anyhow.

      You see these animals are merely acting out their oppression from generations of colonialism and various injustices thrust upon them by white males.

      The fanaticism they subscribe to provides for the forgiveness for all matters of violence and barbarism of invaders or distant exotics.

      What it does not forgive, however, is weakness. White men taking a knee instills a seething hatred that is likely only tempered by a corresponding level of violence; war.

      Related. So if the reigns of terror ends with the death of
      some leader, who must meet their end this time around? We have “the deep state” or some bag a bones billionaire or some cabal of globohomo tech nerds but no Mao. Must this tragic chapter run its course until someone rises to the occasion?

      • The twisted leftist logic of the globetrotting strong independent women is based on a set of notions that will not be moved or shaken by reality. To address or contradict their notions of how things work is to run into a brick wall of rationalizations, logical jumps, and plain denial and twisting of reality. They are a lost cause.

        As to identifying and attacking the ruler or figurehead of our opponents, IMHO there will be none to identify or attack. It will remain an amorphous leaderless movement, by design, and attacking it will be like trying to stab jello. That is the innovation and peculiar genius of our opponents this time around.

        • No they have a structure and a command element. Now this segment is generally unreachable without a serious team effort… That said their functionaries who make this hell possible are all out there and easy to touch. From the talking head in media to their lawyers, foundation heads and corporate execs, bankers, academics etc.
          Matt Bracken detailed this out in one of his stories and written about in the book “Unintended Consequences”
          By the way it’s same tactic used by organized crime in 3rd world countries.

        • This is where the overused 1984 example works perfectly. Who was Big Brother specifically? Did he really exist? It did not matter ultimately – the party/ ideology would endure regardless.

          • The thing in 1984 though was that everyone else on the planet was on board with the same scheme. When a crisis hits control by “jello man” isn’t going o swing it.

      • Spreading democracy? How about just indulging in their own hedonistic fantasies, Eay-Pray-Loving their way to their magical brown man? That woman made bank from her whirlwind tour of gluttony, pride, and lust. Now, right on schedule, she’s a Lesbian.

    • revolutionary spasm ends with woke white womyn being raped by the vibrants they champion.

      Its already happening. Black-on-white rapes are already a thing. Why do people on this side continuously cling to the cope to a circumstance they imagine will happen is just around the pike when it’s already present?

      • Black-on-white rape seems to have been a thing since the days of the Reconstruction. It’s just what the Nuggras do.

      • You are correct.
        Among blacks, there is pervasive hatred of Whites – ALL Whites – Woke or Deplorable. If a black is fixing to rape a White woman, he doesn’t care if she is Biden or Trump supporter. Her crime is that she is White.
        White liberals don’t realize this and think things will go well for them in an America that is majority-minority. After all, they’re Good White liberals. No it won’t.

        • Meh. I wouldn’t say he hates her. He’s horny, and she’s hot. Let that guy in the future deal with the consequences – he lives in the ever present NOW, and he wants some.

          The percentage that hate whites overlap somewhat here, but not as much as you might think, I’m betting.

        • Thus the magic blm signs in the front yard along with carefully painted blm rocks out by the mailbox. These stupid f*** actually believe their intense virtue signaling will confer immunity when the jogger rabble comes rumbling into their hood. It’s going to be a painful and most likely fatal lesson. It’ll be hard to have any sympathy or offer any protection – I certainly wouldn’t. Karma will be a bitch, bitchez…

        • While overall Blacks commit violent crime at about 7x the White rate, I find it fascinating that to look at inter-racial crime, even adjusting for the differential shares of the total population, black-on-white violent crime is 20-30 times that of white-on-black. The rape stats are even more lopsided; white-on-black rape is almost unknown.

      • Aryan Brotherhood (a prison gang) got started because rape in Florida prisons were 96% black-on-white.

    • I disagree. So many are so deep in cognitive dissonance that they will just see it as a bizarre form of reparations. Similar to those people who chain themselves and prostrate before wakanda.

      • Minneapolis voted bluer than ever before in 2020.

        Of course we don’t know how much voter fraud there was. But there was clearly no great pushback. Many white people are sick and mentally ill

        • Then again, many whites have fled Minneapolis. Those who remain are the most demented of all demented whites.

          • Those who remain are the most demented of all demented whites.

            Chilling. I like to think that I have been unfortunate enough to witness the depths of wokism first hand… but then again this bunch may be so wrathful they can only be destroyed in the fires of Mt Doom.

        • I heard it was 80,000 purchased votes in the Somali neighborhoods of Minneapolis (“Somali neighborhoods of Minneapolis”, how fundamentally weird is that?), at $800 a pop. That’s $64 million for a bought election, not exactly chump change. Just another dimension of the Medusa of voting fraud.

          • (“Somali neighborhoods of Minneapolis”, how fundamentally weird is that?)

            True. Regular American blacks are one thing. We know how they got here and it was probably never realistic that we were going to “send them back.”
            But the insanity of very recently importing large numbers of Somalis in recent times boggles the mind. Could anyone come up with a worse group of people to bring to America?

          • Its. So weird. I just read somewhere that what passes for the Catholic Church has been a big part of migration. 40K per every Somali head they import

          • Not a bad thing.
            A reminder of why having power is nice.
            You get power, you can ban an organization you don’t like and punish people hell whole groups where appropriate for wronging you.

      • The “cause” control freaks believe that Whites colonizing stone age people is unforgivable but them doing to us right now is the height of morality. There’s no reasoning with this level of deranged piety.

        • In a very real sense, the once Colonized come with time to colonize their onetime Master. Happened with once-Great Britain, and all its commonwealth countries around the world. USA began with both a domestic and imported Stone Age populations, and for extra flavor followed much the same strategy as the mother country.

      • Bizzare form of reparations? Nah. It is a very traditional, time-tested form of tribute and war reparations from the conquered to the victor.

    • I say expect senseless violent attacks on isolated whites ala Rhodesia and S.A.. Not necessarily farms but where whites can be targeted and help isn’t coming quickly from the police or neighbors. The media will hide it as best they can and when they must cover some atrocious attack, they will promote the attackers claim that the victims had used racially insensitive taunts to cover for their pets.

      If you haven’t moved, or are in the process of moving, to a community of your own people… I don’t know what to tell you. Lineman is 100% correct.

      • “…expect senseless violent attacks on isolated whites…”

        You mean, “…expect *more* senseless violent attacks on isolated whites…”. I’m not aware there is a shortage of such attacks anywhere Blacks bump up to Whites.

      • I just. Moved out of big blue suburb to the middle of nowhere. I went to the Million MAGA thing and DC, a place I use to go to all the time, was unrecognizable. A fleet of bicyclists taking up all lanes of traffic near Dupont slowly rode flipping people off. All the places I use to know are boarded up. I use to walk from down near the White House accross Lafayette park to an activity every Sunday. It was like a foreign country. Good riddance I say. I love the country. I’ll listen to symphony’s and opera on the record player rather than spend $100 on tickets and parking.

        • Good for you Chris! Now get to know the people around you. You may not like all of them but there will be good ones. We won’t ever build utopian communities, this world is fallen, but we can build ones that are decent and have a future that is livable.

    • Young white hipster women flock to universities and blue cities to willingly consort with Negro bucks.

      They don’t need to get raped…

      • But we’re talking about white women in general, not just pierced, green-haired shrews with deep down daddy issues.

      • Then they go back home and pop out their mulattos. Virtually every town in my state, no matter how small, has mulattos and even adopted trophies now. The mothers of the adopted ones, love telling tails of horrible racism that their beloved has been subjected to. It’s always some BS unprovable story of someone saying something-bla, bla..women are destroyers of civilization, they say..

      • Then they go back home and pop out their mulattos. Virtually every town in my state, no matter how small, has mulattos and even adopted trophies now. The mothers of the adopted ones, love telling tails of horrible racism that their beloved has been subjected to. It’s always some BS unprovable story of someone saying something-bla, bla..women are destroyers of civilization, they say..

  44. An interesting observation after the brawls in D.C. in the conclusion of the Maga rally was the cop-hate and fedposting on the normie conservative side. When average Joe realizes the Proud Boys are doing a better job at keeping order than the police, you’ve turned a corner. Fanatics tend to change their ideology when they get punched in the face. Arguably, it’s the only way.
    Disclaimer: It still stands you should stay in large groups and not brawl with Antifa. What the Proud Boys did was dumb, but at least it was dumb in a way that benefits us.

    • Zman is right. The left is going to lash out blindly and wildly. It is best for us not to be in their blast radius.

      • Goodwhites actually believe that they are ending racism by letting in millions of non-whites and making us into a minority.

        In a way it’s funny, the leftists/shitlibs demand open borders to punish badwhites, and now all the art stores, coffee shops and homo bars in Toronto are being torn down to build mega condos for rich foreigners. The anti-car agenda is less respected as more non whites come in.

        Of course in the end we all suffer, but shitlibs suffer more because they don’t even have families or a community to fall back on.

        • Hello fellow Toronto resident. Grew up in what is now Asiancourt. Lived in the Beach for 20 years got pissed with the nose in the air attitude also a divorce and now live in leaside. 60 years, seen a lot of change. Looking to get out soon.

      • You do realize there is no hiding from these fanatics once they get going. You’re white male and that makes you a target.

    • The State will continue to delegitimize itself at an accelerating rate. When Normie turns totally against their beloved military, the worm will have turned. That is coming soon. Granted, Normie will barely be able to speak above the din of the Invited Invaders.

    • The people who wave “Back the Blue” signs finally realize that the cops aren’t backing them.
      We’ve discussed the question of which side the police will back in the case of civil unrest and come to the conclusion that the cops are loyal to whoever pays their salaries. They’re not our friends.

      • I’ll add that cops are loyal to who pays their salaries, pensions and the comp time they cash in at retirement. If told, they won’t hesitate to stomp our heads to preserve those benes.

      • Ris,
        Nailed the core of the issue. The continued use of the police by Prog mayors to ignore rioters and antifa and round up Normie for isolated acts of self defense will force the worm to turn. It hasn’t yet, and I think there is still a a way to go before that occurs. For police forces, burning up good will at an enormous rate, it will come to decision time. Continue and eventually be seen as thugs for Progs. Individual officers bucking the mayor will be isolated and punished, so the only solution for the police that will alleviate that degradation of support would be collective action such as “blue flu” sickouts.

        • There might be a difference in the way Joe Normie sees cops in urban v rural settings. I live in a small town on the outskirts of a big urban area and saw a lot of “We Support the Police” signs in yards.

          • Rural areas and directly elected sheriffs are not really in a dynamic wherein they must enforce political arrests (or lack of arrest). Yet. Reason 137,295 to surrender to cities to the hordes, if you need another one.

          • I live in a small town and know where our cops live, what their families look like. That’s why our cops aren’t militant.

      • They may eventually be, but are not now. In blue areas, they (appropriately enough) are on Team Blue. Enemy territory has the Blue gendarmes protecting the blue Resistance fighters. In red areas, they’re muh equal protection and respekt muh authoritay… For now. Cops go where the money and status lead them, and there is hope that as red ares get partisan, the sheriffs will follow.

        • Perhaps. More likely cops go where they are ordered. So either control the people who control the cops (good luck in the cities) or go where you can control them such as the aforementioned smaller towns and rural counties.

          • You’d think with all the recent attacks on cops by blm & antifags as well as reflexively getting thrown under the bus as soon as the wrong colored dude gets whacked, these turds would get a clue about which way the wind is blowing. You’d think. When those pensions inevitably get cut if not eliminated and/or you’re one incident away from sharing a cell with bubba the butt ranger, you better start thinking a little clearer. And as previously mentioned, county sheriffs are a different breed from your run of the mill big city cop.

          • I imagine the prevalence of cameras deter any righteous retribution by decent cops. Antifa/BLM know this and thus you see the sea of arms holding up their phones to catch that one instant when a still frame shot will appear to show a cop getting too heavy handed with them. Hell, it is in the leftist play book to aggravate the cops then film the response.

            Ultimately, the police will slip further into an us vs. everyone mentality if they are assaulted on one side by aggitants and betrayed by the election choices of the people they are supposed to protect. A middle ground approach serves better when dealing with them.

          • The best play here for the urban cops will eventually become to just run away and let the Leftists do what they want. This may also include a tacit hand-off approach to counter-Leftist groups like the Proud Boys too though. The idea being to simply let the core areas of the cities fall into the hands of whatever gang is strongest. If a PB kills an Antifag or vice-versa, oh well, we didn’t see nuthin’.

          • That’s the Chicago de-policing method in response to shootings from a few years ago and often cited as the reason for the dramatic escalation in murders. Let the natives do what they do.

    • From Twatter:

      Some dude supposedly from Venezuela saying that the right carefully documented and reported every violent abuse the leftist street thugs committed against peaceful demonstrators.

      It did zero good; the left won. Force needs to meet force to be stopped. The state job is to have a monopoly on force, and they’re contracting it out to the crazy left. The right doesn’t know what to do.

      I certainly don’t.

      • They were also able to prove that Chavez cheated using statistical analysis. I think though that every situation would be slightly different. For a Venezuelan they automatically think “well if it goes south here I’ll go to Columbia, etc.”, same as Californians escaping to other states or even Russian dissidents escaping the Soviet Union. In the modern era I’m hard pressed to think of a totalitarian government that didn’t use other states as escape valves for possible troublemakers. So when Biden and his cronies talk about putting the screws to us with no possibility of escape, well, I guess we’ll see then.

    • Anyone fighting with Antifa, especially in a liberal city is a moron. Across the nation men are in state prisons with long sentences for defending themselves from Antifa attacks. Very few, if any Antifa are sitting in prison for attacking the right wingers. Even the bike lock guy got probation. Had someone on the right done what he did, they would be in prison for attempted murder. Steel to the head is deadly force by any reasonable definition (that force likely to cause serious bodily injury and or death). It was an unprovoked attack on a stranger he had no interaction with.
      If anyone should know this, it’s the Proud Boys. There are Proud Boys in multiple states sitting in state prison for defending themselves. DC is not full of my or yours or Proud Boy’s peers. You don’t get a jury of your peers, you get a jury of Antifa’s peers.

      • And pacifism in the face of a beat down by thugs will get you a trip to the morgue or be disabled for life smartypants.
        Now if you’re gonna fight in the streets with BLM do what they do. Dress for it. Wear a hoodie, and beneath a large mask that obscures most of your face. Wear gloves.
        And beneath the hoodie wear another shirt, so after a tussle you dump the black hoodie and you’re just another peep.

        • I didn’t say waive a white flag of surrender. What you do is you don’t put yourself in impossible situations where the ONLY option is to set yourself up for a nice long state prison visit.
          Every single time a bunch of people on the right get attacked and arrested if they fight back is in a big liberal city.
          General Pickett had his yes men and cheerleaders too. He also was “doing something” and certainly displayed a lot of bravery. A lot of good men died for nothing.

      • I agree but the problem lies with the DA’s and Judges rather than Juries.
        That will likely continue until a couple of the more outrageous DA’s end up dead.

        • DAs enjoy near total immunity. They can withhold exculpatory evidence, lie about you, get witnesses to lie. More or less anything. It is near impossible to get them prosecuted. Judges are even harder and have almost perfect immunity. They will get in trouble once in a while, but almost never for poisoning a case against a person. Recently some Michigan judge got sent to prison, but it was for stuff she did to help herself (IIRC, in a divorce case).

    • I’m tired of DRs incessantly terming self defense by white people “dumb.” To the extent we appear weak and emasculated, we have negative charisma. To the extent that we fight back, we magnify our charisma. And if that means some of us are martyrs, so be it. Martyrs–God love them–are almost necessary for any successful movement.

      • No, going into deep blue territory (blue cops, blue politicians, blue DA’s, blue journalists, blue militias) and getting in street brawls is dumb, as in high risk and low reward. If you have the will and way to do that, go do something more intelligent: rallies in red areas, large and organized demonstrations in DC or areas outside of the Blue Hive (ie not Berkeley, LA, Portland, Chicago, NYC).

        • Rallies nobody will ever hear about and will do us absolutely no good. Meanwhile everybody sees us getting stomped in the streets. Nobody is going to sign up for Team Pussy, and “do something smart” is merely code for “sit on your ass in front of a computer and type valiantly.”

    • I hesitate to say this…not fedpoasting…but given the number of deer rifles, and well appointed sporting rifles in this country, someone is going to decide at some point in time, no need to be a martyr, just take care of business. I am not advocating this, but given the aggressive and tyrannical mode of the left, it will happen.

      • Jeff Cooper recommended a version of this when dealing with rioters in one his books. He advocated using a ..22 cal rifle because they aren’t loud, and with all the noise the BLM crowd makes they won’t hear it. I noticed a similar tactic from the Rooftop Koreans using what looked like ,22 cal rifles. Great way of not calling attention to oneself.
        That said it will probably come to this if Biden wins. ,There won’t be any safe places for the DR squishes to hide.

      • Matt Bracken wrote a short story titled “What I Saw at the Coup”. Due to the MSM helping the antagonistic party in the story, the protagonists start picking off members of the media. It starts the worm turning. Check it out. It’s a good, fast read.

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