The Next Phase Of The War

Note: I have a movie review up behind the green door. This time it is #97 on the AFI top-100 list, Bringing Up Baby. I must admit, I’me finding it a lot of fun to sample these very old movies. Like reading old books, there is a lot of secondary cultural stuff to be learned from watching old movies.

Very bad people back in the cultural revolution of the 1960’s noticed that radicals were very good at the first phase of their project, but not the second. The radicals wanted to knock down the institutions of society and replace them with something better, but they never managed to pull off that last part. In fact, the thing they cooked up as the new and improved version of what they destroyed tended to create new problems, which required new solutions that created new problems and so on and so on.

An obvious example of this is family life. The nuclear family, with clear and natural roles for the sexes, worked pretty well. The radicals, on the other hand, could not understand why divorce laws and custody laws were as they were. They could not understand why those sex roles existed. They smashed them up and replaced them with family courts, liberal divorce and weird feminist ideas about sex roles. The result has been three generations of family and social dysfunction.

At some point, even the radicals realized that their project was not the best for their cause, so they simply took over the existing institutions. The long march through the institutions was largely over by the 1990’s. The Baby Boomers had taken over and pushed out their parent’s generation. Along the way they made sure that their generation had the right opinions. Those who did not were cast into the outer darkness of dissident exile. The radicals were in charge.

This is what makes the current revolution a shabby and ridiculous version of the cultural revolution of the 60’s. Today’s radicals are the sons and daughters of those radicals, who now are in charge of everything. The street fighters are not attacking “the man” as the man pays their allowance. They are attacking an avatar of the man their parents vanquished generations ago. It is one-part public theater and one-part cargo cult, put on as if it is an initiation ritual for young adults.

There is a more sinister aspect to it. Read what the young radicals in the academy, politics and even in business, are demanding and you see that their assault on the institutions is really an assault on knowledge itself. The radicals of yesteryear were content to embrace the logic of the institutions, just put to use for their purposes. The new radicals want to wreck the logic itself. They want to replace institutional logic with something different, something that does not exist and cannot exist.

This is the heart of the anti-whiteness stuff. When they claim that institutions suffer from whiteness or are Eurocentric, what they mean is the internal logic that operates the institution is coherent and rational. The STEM fields, for example, still abide by the rules of mathematics. Medicine is still rooted in the logic of Western medicine. Because these rules are barriers to all but the talented tenth of non-whites, these rules must be racist and therefore these rules have to be eliminated.

If one is over a certain age and a fan of dark humor, there is an amusing bit of irony to all of this. The people in charge are now getting the same treatment from their pets that they gave to the Occidentals, who they assaulted as youth. After all, the reason whiteness persists is the white Progressives, and white presenting Progressives, have maintained that whiteness for their benefit. It would take a heart of stone not to enjoy the sight of woke females of color screaming at the aging radicals.

Putting that aside, a medical system “disrupted and decolonized” in order to allow for the dominance of non-whites will result in something dangerous and primitive. A world with Africanized math is a world spinning off its axis. Allowing the wrong answer to stand alongside the right answer in the name of equity and equality will result in disorder and chaos within the institutions. In other words, it is not just a threat to the people in charge of the institutions, but the institutions themselves.

In order to maintain the simplest of things, you need to be able to make some simple predictions about the future. Predictions rely upon order, which in turn is the product of rules about the world and how people will act. Imagine a road with no rules. If you cannot know what other drivers will do or how the road surface will be around the next corner, the road becomes useless. You are better off walking through the woods than taking your life into your hands on the road.

This is what the woke revolution is promising and beginning to deliver. Consider the news media, for example. A generation ago it was predictably biased, but it contained some truth in the bias. If you knew the rules, you could watch a chat show or read a newspaper and get a sense of things. Today, in order to strip all that ugly whiteness from it, the news is a random nonsense with no truth value at all. The only point to it is to stimulate the true believers of the revolution.

What the woke revolution and its promise to decolonize Western societies is really promising is a return to a form of occasionalism. The formal definition of this is that created substances cannot be efficient causes of events. Humans are “created substances” which means they live in a world of miracles. There are no rules, only the whims of the creator. In a world without fixed rules, there is no point in knowing the rules and therefore no point in predicting what comes next.

This is a world of primitive oogily-boogily. It is why the people in charge are suddenly getting nervous about the golem they released on white people. The Democrat leaders in Washington are claiming their radicals have gone too far, while the Republicans are cheering them on, as they silently watch Trump be removed from office. Whether or not they can put the golem back into what holds a golem is unknown. The woke warriors are now everywhere in the institutions and they are not ready to quit.

What this means is the next phase of the revolution shifts from attacking normal white people going about their business, to a fight between the rulers and their pets. The political class can probably handle the people in their ranks, but what will they do about woke capital? How do they plan to contend with the suddenly woke intelligence agencies and the foreign-dominated foreign policy establishment? How will they reign in the woke mayors, governors and police departments?

None of this is to imply that the coast is clear for whites. Attacking whites is now an integral part of what makes the new radical. It’s just that the purpose of it will change from pleasing their masters to attacking their masters. The Pretender Biden does not know it, but Team Kamala has stocked up on My Pillows. The war did not end with the removal of the evil Trump. It was just the opening phase. The next phase is between the ideology of the woke and the cupidity of their masters.

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308 thoughts on “The Next Phase Of The War

  1. the Lord gave us order, and a will to pursue it, or not. of course, humans are created substances, and causes of things through pursuing God’s natural order with the will we may have. this process is imperfect of course because the created cannot rival the Uncaused. thus the created come in diverse, hierarchical forms, as they have to reflect the Uncaused’s power, without rivaling it.
    without the Uncaused’s order and our will to pursue it, however imperfectly due to our fallen spiritual/flawed physical nature,… indeed, we end up idolizing the occasionalism of the devil (another created substance, by the way, born higher than most others but fallen hardest). this is where we cannot help but sin and err and never get out of it, save for random genetic or environmental luck – because there is no God that forgives and lets you try again harder. whether it’s African folk animists or Jew foreskin tasters or Greek oracles or Viking wife-warriors or Indian wifeburners or (Amer)indian headshrinkers or aspie scientism or tranny wokeism… the result is the same false idolization.

    • Every once in a while some one posts “I know a lot of people here don’t particularly like Jordan Peterson” I wonder, when has anyone mentioned Jordan Peterson? Even when he was famous, his name never came up. Maybe some readers were into him back then, I don’t know, but he was never a topic of conversation here, one way or the other.

      • Probably related to the cross over of commenters to other sites. One sees a link for your site from person X’s site, reader is aware of the general feeling for Peterson at site X (where it has explicitly come up) and reasons that it is probably the same over here.

        I recently saw his 12 Rules for Life Book on a person’s shelf. I learned later from a mutual friend that said person’s life was off the rails… Make of that what you will.

  2. If you want to wake up Whitey, just bankrupt his business and demand he walk around with a jock on his face. Only yale and harvard grads could be this fucking stupid.

  3. Well, I think that I’ve officially given up on Tucker … he just said in his monologue tonight that “the election is over”. He said it in context of the “big tech monopoly”, but he said it, and any real Patriot would not say that … not now. Well, so that’s it … there is no cable media that hasn’t been absorbed by TPTB. If Biden prevails, then Texas & FL will soon be blue, with blacks & hispanics being voted-in at an ever-increasing rate. Whites will begin to flee to the heartland … the exodus will have begun.

    • “Well, I think that I’ve officially given up on Tucker …”

      My a-ha moment came Monday night, last week, when his show was all about “defund the police”, basically a ‘back the blue’ episode…. ignoring the election news. He got back on track the following night, but that Monday was seen as his moment of indecision. Fear. A normal response, protect his income and family.

      But not the behavior or the man of the hour. I felt the same way as Trump drove by with a wave, ‘on his way to play golf’ on Saturday. No address to his people. No bullhorn moment. While he golfed, the street soldiers of the leftists were closing in to pick off the strays like wolves after nightfall.

      I always warned others that he was a former CNN guy, geeky, and a bowtie ‘conservative’ at best. But as far as anointing him, ‘Tucker 2024’ …. no.

      And seeing normies ‘having dinner outside’ or ‘heading back to their hotels’ — waddling along with their signs and flags … sad, really. They had no idea they were in No Man’s Land? One cannot expect these people, still soft targets after all that has happened, to ‘rise up’ and fight. THEY are controlled opposition. Getting beat with their own Gadsen flags…sheesh.

      • They are running your out of business, your restaurants, ‘non essential’ places of work. They will beat you in public with impunity, and your sons will be locked up and the key thrown away at the merest self-desense.

        They will stand by as aggressive African-American women steal up and punch your wives in the back of their heads while the police look on and smirk.

        What they are doing now, setting the stage for is just the precursor to what is coming. Bringing your women folk, your children, daughters into a kill zone on the streets is proof that normies are lambs to the slaughter.

        Extreme vigilance is the only option. Situational awareness. Not fighting on the ground of the enemy’s choosing. The way forward now is SURVIVAL. You see the law of the jungle on the streets of the Capitol, major cities. You’d better be ready when it comes to your suburbs and give the cities, enemy strongholds, a wide birth.

        You do NOT ‘need’ that new furniture now. That new car. You need to gather all your resources, be watchful. Prayerful. And wise. Evil is afoot in the land.

  4. Another troubling essay, yet I can find nothing to fault. As an intellectual, at least pretentions thereto, I am most worried about the war on objective reality. Of course, this is nothing new, but I’m pretty sure that systematic censorship is relatively untried in the USA. For history, we would need look no further than the Soviet Union’s 70+ year history, although many other authoritarian regimes before, during or since would also serve up examples. Applied to our country, where will the censorship end? Right now the bogeyman is “Whiteness” and it’s the “antiracist” who leads the charge to rid institutions of this pox. This PowerLine article links a want ad. Harvard wants an “anti-racism Librarian.” This is certainly credible, in the current decidely chilly intellectual climate.
    Let’s assume the job title is real. If so, what are the duties of such a librarian? Will she produce an Index of prohibited works perhaps that contain now unacceptable words? Public schools banning classical works beause they contain a now-offensive word is nothing new. Surely, there are valid reasons to restict what young minds are exposed to. But adults? University scholars? Forbidden or restricted records are nothing new, either, of course. Dangerous knowledge that might yet be useful, say, how to make Plutonium, or poison your enemies, might be kept, but locked away and only allowed to cleared investigators. But what about what just a few decades ago were mostly harmless: non-fiction reference works, novels, historical documents? Will the new Censor lock these away, or will she find it easier to destroy (if hardcopies) or electronically edit (all too easy in the digital age)? Will each occurence of a word offensive to today’s sensitive reader, but perhaps not 200 years ago when the book was written, be rephrased or merely eliminated?
    What about history? How will Woke scholars learn anything about the troubling areas of history, of the history of chattel slavery in the West, of Nazi or Communist butchery, of a thousand ugly things that have happened in history? Point: a lot of history is at risk of being rewritten or, more likley, disappeared. Is this really a good thing? To the radical, it probably is.
    In the STEM subjects, I have no idea what they’ll attempt. Mathematics and other “hard” sciences will be most resillient against attempts to liberalize them, so the Radical will have to do the next best thing: remove the uncooperative old guard, aged White Men for the most part, who insisted on the supremacy of reason and science over magical thinking, and replace them with political appointees who will lecture students more about the evils of the prior Whiteness. Equations, science, and actual teaching of knowlede to keep all the plates spinning will fall by the wayside. If you want to bring on a new Dark Age, the Radicals’ program seems like a fine way to do so.

    • “As an intellectual, at least pretentions thereto, I am most worried about the war on objective reality.”

      That shit goes out the window when a shemale runs up and clocks your wife. We need welders, not thinkers.

  5. They smashed them up and replaced them with family courts, liberal divorce and weird feminist ideas about sex roles
    Don’t forget Free Sex, now enhanced (!!!) with Free Sex Identity of any flavor!!
    The Free Sex part was very well-executed, indeed. That is what sealed the doom of the black family beginning circa 1960 (see the Moynihan Report). The white family perseveres to a large degree–perhaps it’s more Socially Correct to preserve it?

    • I’m not sure this is true. Free love may have contributed its not causal. People often sought satisfaction outside of wedlock in the past . Its normal human behavior.
      Also note it took basically no effort to collapse the marriage system which suggest that it was far from robust and that lifetime marriage at a young age only made sense when people rarely lived to old age and lived mostly on farms.
      Another counterpoint, pre COVID here, despite living in the most free love society ever, abortion, unwed teen moms and actual fertility are at all time lows.
      People just stopped having as much sex. Whites are doing no better than any other group, caveat extreme traditionalists like the Amish.
      My guess is that we entered a behavioral sink about 1972 or so from a combination of technological development and overcrowding and that we are entering an effective collapse cycle.
      Economic factors and diversity also are contributing to what is known as a catabolic collapse which is ruining the material systems on a steady basis.
      In the end it will correct, modernity falls apart do to lack of suckers that want to sustain it and baring a hit by some meteor or genocide, the US will end up populated by highly religious people who are nonconformist with modernity.

  6. The left’s jihad can go on for a very long time. It is an endorphin high that only social media can even come close to equalling which is why the jihad and social media go hand in hand.

    Eventually they will turn on their masters but we have no idea what will be the result.

    Normally I would bet on the masters but if AI really does displace at least half of the work force, you will end up with an enormous amount of people with a lot of time on their hands who have been programed to hate and to for destroy society.

    • Yep, heard about that. Fits perfectly with how Grahamnesty got all teary-eyed when reminiscing about Biden in that video that I saw. Everyone should donate a few $$$ to Trump’s legal battle … we’re about ready to cross the Rubicon with this election … there ain’t no going back!

  7. Totally unrelated, but the UN is predicting a famine of “Biblical proportions” to strike Africa due to the fake covid virus where 99.97% of infected people live. Could be used as a pretext for massive immigration? Or food shortages in the West? Of course, the media is probably gas-lighting us because you can’t believe anything they say, but they’re preparing us for something.

    • Its not the COVID, tha’s bullshit and no doubt they’s love to push immigration from Africa but the Africans will take political power and may well kill them in a generation or so if they immigrate and they are well aware of that.
      However there are serious global food pressures do to water issues like dams , drought, soil erosion, and biblical sized locust swarms.
      China has serious food stress and here in So Cal instead of teaching kids the schools in places are being used as food banks.
      Its patially systemic collapses and partially actual ecology

  8. A quibble

    An obvious example of this is family life. The nuclear family, with clear and natural roles for the sexes, worked pretty well.

    Ah no, not at all. Gender roles, yes absolutely Our industrial age elite embraced the nuclear family because its the weakest , easiest to control but still stable configuration.
    The nuclear family is vulnerable to state fuckery in ways that a large extended family or linked village is not.
    A large enough clan or tribe can check the State to a very high degree , share resources (the elite hate this as it means less production and wealth for them) and deal with threats efficiently . Its very elastic especially with high functioning members.
    Yes granted a highly tribal society will develop less, oh well.
    More friends and family working together the better.

    • Um, a large enough family is the State.
      Do you really think yours would be anything other than what is now?
      And so it goes.

      • The State as it exists in the West, China, Japan, Eastern Europe does not exist at all in Africa, or most Muslim lands. It exists as a pretense in most of Latin America.
        Intense tribalism puts all power in clans save a big man like Assad, Saddam, MBS etc. See Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Tunisia. At best in a place like Algeria the Generals control done of the cities.

      • The modern State is not the family since it contains little genetic connection to you.
        A clan/tribe can be the State but this is natural for our species. Its about the largest stable social configuration as well.

  9. From a newsletter that I get:


    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) supports the recent calls to remove a Confederate marker in Collierville Town Square, according to a release.

    We–some of us here, anyway–have more dangerous enemies than Shaniqua. Let’s not overlook them. “I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies” (Ps. 139).

    • We had very few Muslims before 9/11. Someone brought them in and has been pushing to remove our history for centuries, long before CAIR joined in on the grift—

      During the height of the BLM riots in St. Louis, while most of us were distracted by the McCloskeys and “Remember David Dorn!”, Jewish NGOs and activists were working tirelessly to get rid of the statue of King Louis IX. They astroturfed local “interfaith” groups—token black and Muslim avatars directed by Jews—in their attempt to do so.

      Look behind the black and Muslim golems to see who’s really looking to strip White people of their identity. Left to their own devices, blacks and Muslims don’t really give a rat’s ass about eliminating White history. It’s only when Jewish NGOs inflame these golems when the fights start. Blacks have been walking past confederate and founding father statues across the US for over a century without caring until ADL, SPLC and the like told them they should care.

      So much for “Judeo-Christian values.”

  10. At the end of the day will a competent Marine Corp or Special Forces lay down their lives for a Kamala Harris mission when they see their kinfolk being abused back in the homeland? I think it was Jim Webb who wrote a book about where the real rank and file fighting men come from.
    Hint it’s rural southern and midwestern boys.
    Good luck fighting a real war with the Woke and Vibrant fighting force. Yes, they can drone goat herders using a video game console. Can they fight in the trenches and in the bloody battlefield China or Russia might have waiting for them?

      • Biden’s team cares. They gave Japan a guaranteed US declaration of war against China over the Senkaku islands. And are itching for war in Syria against Assad and Russia. Plans openly discussed.
        war fighter might be the only occupation left for deplorables

  11. ” The Pretender Biden does not know it, but Team Kamala has stocked up on My Pillows. ”

    ROFL. I’m dying!!!

    • Biden looks pretty weak.

      I think she can “Scalia” him to the wings of angles with just one pillow.

  12. This is a world of primitive oogily-boogily.

    It’s very disconcerting to realize that there’s probably more superstition in the west today than there ever was during the Salem witch trials. Imagine spending millions on a shiny new school building in the ghetto, replete with the latest digital equipment, thinking you could ever civilize these people:

    But that’s where we’re at. The Antiwhite religion of equity is more unhinged than any of the stuff we saw during the supposed “dark ages”. And we’re spending trillions on it. Can we really laugh at the primitive cargo cults of the South Pacific if our religions and cults are even more absurd and primitive?

    • (This is far more true than you probably know. Automated Air Traffic Control can’t come soon enough)

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  14. For both the doofus “woke” and their masters . . . careful what ya wish for cuz the “others” got lots of guns/ammo and know how to use it when pushed to far. The “Great Reckoning/Wrecking/Rendering”imminent? There is no reasoning w/ the Soros chump-change-funded, semi-literate/functional, NON-productive “woke” pukes. Guess who’s got the majority of the guns and the righteous resolve/training to use them when absolutely necessary/the final gun-grab attempt? Time to “square off and rumble”! Better sooner than later! This is it, baby, for all the marbles – it’s tyranny or liberty! Lock[ed] and load[ed]/”rock-n-roll”. NO Fear/Hate when,”… where two or three GATHER together …”, What/Who “abides”? “JC always before me/we” cuz … there are no atheists in foxholes or within defensive perimeters surrounded by gov Fast & Furious-armed roving gangs and/or desperate, displaced, UNrepenting/UNprepared “citYzens”! Bring it and send me Home! MAGA – “Make America Gracious/Grateful Again/Always”. Ooo-rah. 

  15. The “woke’s” assault on the institutions, which are controlled by White ex-radicals, is really an assault on the White ex-radicals, because the knowledge that has undergirded the institutions in the West and given them authority is wholly a White product. 

    “Imagine a road with no rules. If you cannot know what other drivers will do or how the road surface will be around the next corner, the road becomes useless to you. You are better off walking through the woods.” But what benefit do the people get who canceled all the traffic rules and stopped upkeep on the roads? What’s in it for them? It can’t be that they simply wanted you walking in the woods. After all, they can’t drive on those useless roads, either. 

    Also, as stated, without rules no one can predict the future with any confidence. Life becomes magical, ruled by chance and hopefully sacred propitiation. Knowledge itself ceases to exist.

    But maybe the answer is that the roads and the knowledge that constructed them are, like the people who did the work and devised the knowledge, living insults to the “woke” rule-breakers. Knowing deep down that they themselves devised nothing and built nothing, and that if left to their own devices they cannot even maintain the roads because they can’t master the knowledge, the “wokes’” assault on the rules is an understandable leveling strategy aimed at reducing the world to a place that will no longer humiliate them. 

    • Gary North is best known for his economic books. But in the 80s he did one about Envy (and economics, of course). Successful Investing in an Age of Envy (1981). Google books doesn’t have the text available, but North’s point was this: Jealousy is when a man says “You have it, I want it, I will try and take it for myself.” But Envy says “You have it. I want it, but I know I can never take it. So I, or someone I support, will destroy it, so that neither you nor I shall ever have it.” North may have re-defined these words slightly, but he makes his point. The Woke-ism infection is a form of such envy: As someone said earlier, the Radical doesn’t have a clue what’s to replace the old system. He just wants to tear it down. This is also called nihilism.

  16. The sustained attack on rationality and reason began in the 1930s and still proceeds apace. The Frankfurt School, playing off of Freud, viewed the rational ego as authoritarian and violent and the irrational id as a superior locus for human consciousness. Furthermore, the Frankfurters considered Enlightenment reason itself as an oppressive tool for the late capitalist status quo. Reason, according to them, is a monistic, totalitarian force that excludes all which falls outside of its aegis, and enslaves all people to the dictates of commodification and administration. And, of course, the postmodernists have made irrationality the very linchpin of their theory and ideology.

    Oddly enough, none of these Leftist intellectuals can say with any clarity what their irrational, post-Western world will look like. Their chief object is simply burning down the world white people have created.

    • I think they view it as a sort of African village but with electricity, running water, internet and iPhones. But they don’t seem real clear on who will be maintaining the running water, electricity, internet and iPhones….

      • The either believe their own equality rubbish or assume there are enough “others” to do the job.
        I hate to inform them but I live in So Cal and its not happening. Talent is fleeing and its increasingly hard to get any complex tasks done.
        At times this includes natural gas (soon to be banned or so I hear) electricity, fire protection and roads.
        Its getting worse by the month and of course Covidocy is ramping that up.
        And yes I’m leaving.
        This society will die and while our elite will gladly ruin everything for that last hit of dopamine, they really aren’t that smart and can’t fix anything.
        If we are lucky and get a second President Trump term, with no help from half our own side I might add, it only buys time. So get organized and prepared,

        • You’re welcome at my fire anytime Brother and glad you are getting out of that cesspool…It’s going to get much worse for those in CA in regards to electricity and water let me tell you…

          • This has been used in dystopian fiction: what happens to SoCal, heck, the whole Southwest, if all that irrigation ever failed in a major way? It could be due to terrorism, breakdown due to loss of technical competence, or even climate change where the winter snows either were absent or were instead winter rains. This is not an idle question; that part of the continent supports many times the population it could carry before the 1930s (more or less) when that fancy waterworks was built.

  17. The Tech oligarchs are testifying to Congress again today and their arrogance is over-the-top. They truly believe that they have saved the country by rigging the election and banning the Orange Man from politics, and they have no intention of limiting their censorship of social media, which they perceive as being their sole property. With Biden in office, they believe they now own the Federal Government as well, and they don’t need to take shit from anyone. This is not a trivial development. It’s only a matter of time until Z gets banned.

    • It’s only a matter of time before their wealth as oligarchs is looted. These people are a net-negative on the economy and there will be only cheering when they get taken down by some brown-type character screaming “gibs me dat”. They saw what happened to the oligarchs in Russia and learned all the wrong lessons.

    • Immediately after the 2016 election Silicon Valley said (on film) that they would not allow 2016 to happen again. Deplatforming and censorship only accelerated. And neither party (nor the president) raised an objection. Congressional theater is getting old.

  18. Z, sorry but you’re very wrong, deadly wrong.
    WOKE is better than WEAK.
    The next phase is young males kicking ass, because that’s the only card they have…and it’s one they love. Young men are attracted to the ultimate team sport: War. Or street violence.
    The Left has the young men because they’re the only game in town. The Right has no game, because the Right does not exist.
    The Right is the Ladies Lunch, or bitter old ladies in men’s bodies such as inhabit the internet, esp here.

    Young men love kicking ass that is doing violence as much or more as they love fukking, and the 2 are very connected, very primal. Pussy loves ass kicking men too.
    The current movement and frankly army that offers young men a chance to be better than their fathers, to not be weak whiners, to not wring their hands and say what happened cry baby bitches [read up or down on this page] is the Left.

    The only thing the Right needs to do to win it all is come into actual existence, and all the White young men will march cheerfully to it. In the meantime when staying put is slow, degrading Doom you take the first train out of shitsville, always.
    Esp if it’s teh ONLY train.

    The Left has the young men because it exists.
    IF the Right came into existence, it would have the men.
    Trump got 30% of the Hispanic vote because he’s a man, or at least talks like one.
    If the Right came into real existence, instead of grifters denouncing other grifters who grift better, the Right would get the young men…including the precious young white men.

    Otherwise whoever has the march, gets all the marchers.

    So decide whether you want to be Commissars or Gauleiters, and what you want your sons to be. All they know is they don’t want to be WEAK, like their Fathers.

    WOKE is better than WEAK.

    • Nah. You must be young. Read some books.

      Street thugs like Antifa always wind up in the same place when the new masters take power after the revolution….dead in mass graves, executed by state power, to the cheers of a grateful citizenry who just want a normal life back.

  19. YouTube keeps deleting this video, but copies keep popping up.
    I’ve always loved this song.

    Here’s a copy that appears to not be hosted by YouTube.

    The versions are different — the YouTube version includes a clip of a prayer service in the oval office at the beginning.

    Yeah, I know it’s just propaganda, but it’s our propaganda.

    I don’t worship Trump the man, but he’s a symbol for what we’re losing.

    ETA: Also, to be clear, I’m just linking the latter site because it has the video. I am not endorsing its opinions or otherwise recommending it.

    Found Bitchute link:

    • Trump is the flag to rally around, but we’re the cause. He knows that and has said as much. I wish more of his supporters knew it, but given the march this past weekend, it looks like they’re figuring it out.

      • Trump went woke.
        meaning $150B for noggers.
        Then he went Broke.
        ^We are not his cause^
        If you don’t think we’re expendable, ask General Flynn.

        And again; Woke is better than Weak. If White, Right whatever you are (I am white, but not weak) if you don’t get a gang together expect more defections of young white males to the only game in town; Woke.

        Woke is strong now, better than weak.

        • I hear you and share your frustration. Imo it’s the reason he’s in this mess. Pepe is a winner. Why change horses midstream?

          All the same if he’s the rally point, might as well make the best of it.

    • Well yeah. Its not going to work and there is always the resist with force option.
      In the end the elite either must learn to rule over Africans a people who will not hesitate to destroy when the need to and wisely do not trust them in any way or rule over a dying species. Even the highly fertile Indians are near to “no babies please we are …” like the rest of us.
      Mankind ain’t having babies and year after year our ablity to maintain this tech dystopia falters. If you heard about how it is here in So Cal, its crazy how stupid everyone is you’be be caught in that weird interstitial space between horrified and heartened.

  20. What if they just want revenge on normals following the lead of the all-time swindler RAT POS Karl Marx?
    There is no plan after burning it all down other than enrichment and retribution.

  21. Thank you for explaining and all but naming “The People in Charge.”

    Bad news; they are not in charge.

    They never were, its quite in the Old Testament. They’re not even in charge of themselves. Just High functioning Roma that raise Hell wherever they go, the rest of the world has long known this, we are just now dead last learning.

    Now very quickly The People In Charge will vanish; they will be on a plane to Isr@el. Or wherever.

    Its our fault we let them have freedom, even the Africans are better prepared (they can always kill off problems and have Big Man rule). The PIC/ People In Charge are going to raise Hell and steal until shown the Door, but then we have a bigger problem; woke Whites. You’ll learn that’s the biggest problem. Woke Young White Males who wanna kick ass and dominate. No, they will not tolerate or forgive working class whites, who “just want to be left alone.” For of all our weaknesses and they are Legion- that is the worst.

    It’s whining. Heavily armed, tatted, burly..cringers.

    The Woke White Youth are correct.

    Cringers are a threat to Humanity, but worst of all; a threat to young, aggressive White Males. Intolerable.

  22. At this point, I’m not blackpilled. I’m watching, and kind of enjoying, this collapse. The vibrants these libs brought in and empowered are absolutely going to collapse our society. The hilarious thing is that said libs have no idea why. The dangerous part is that they will just double down on their stupid idea that white racism is what’s causing it.

    How is the state going to enforce anything when it’s workers are vibrants. We already see in Ontario, the brown areas are hardest hit by COVID because they just don’t listen. You could probably be a dissident righter much more easily in India, the government just doesn’t have the capability of going after you.

    • So no blackpill – chin up, hit the gym. Become a more precise shot. Form communities. Read the bible. Have children. Us white men are kings.

      As society collapses there are more and more opportunities for us to make money, to increase our tribe. White libs are the biggest issue and their own vibrants are taking care of them. Enjoy all the challenges life throws at you.

  23. Yes, the ultra woke stuff will destroy white liberals. Before it destroys badwhites.

    I’m upper middle class white trash. High IQ, but with the wrong thoughts. I read the Bible, own guns, and stick to my own kind. I say all the right things in public and professional settings and so far they leave me alone. I smile as the neurotic and insane goodwhites destroy themselves over trans ideology, or get scammed by some vibrant, or now put themselves into a lockdown.

    Nobody messes with me, or really any badwhite. Us moderately tribal badwhites just need to keep ourselves safe, in shape and off drugs and form communities. And have babies. No need for Blackpill.

    • Don’t waste time trying to save them?

      Hmm. Ya know, that sounds purty darn efficient, and wastes a whole lot less breath. Why should I do all the work when they’re doing it for me?

      Bonus! They’ll wonder why I’m smiling so widely all the time. I seem way too happy.

    • They are not destroying themselves. They are destroying us. Never once did they destroy themselves, they destroyed us.
      Now after all the genocide is done, then yes a tiny number will get the axe.

      They no more destroyed themselves than the Nazis destroyed themselves in The Night of Long Knives.

      Thermidor, The Great Purge, The Cultural Revolution happen after total victory and our genocide.
      And in numbers they are tiny compared to the Vendee march of the infernal columns, The Holodmor, The Great Leap Forward.

      You are fools.

      • Horse shit. Our people, Whites and Friends dumped near half a million on the ground to support our President at the million MAGA march
        And unlike in 18th century France it takes a tiny handful of men to destroy a city these days.
        Ain’t no revolution when the EBT stops and the city is on fire.

    • Don’t denigrate yourself by calling yourself White trash. You are better than that.
      And note if it matters to you back when he was running the Apprentice DJT fired a guy for just that reason and rightly so.

  24. Maybe. If we are in a purity spiral, it seems to me that we need to go through the part where we kill everyone still living on the right before we move on to people left of Mitt Romney. Sure, Ol’ Joe gets the pillow sooner rather than later, but Nick Fuentes and Michelle Malkin are still breathing and Z-Man has not been publicly executed.

  25. Releasing the Golem on white people while not noticing they themselves are white is illogical. Their world, not mine.

    • Indeed. My thought is that the need to “virtue signal” is a stronger urge than the need to survive for these folk.

  26. I can imagine a world a century or two from now where “white privilege” becomes a sort of voodoo mentality. Whites will randomly be murdered and there body parts will be removed and sold on the black market because they contain “preevleej”.

    • Yea and having a AR15 would be a perfect deterrent to that which you want to ban which makes me wonder just what your purpose is on this site…Wonder if others can see that too…

      • Given the complete lack of compliance with gun laws even at risk of a felony I’d say yes.
        The real component though is willpower which Western Rifle Shooters noted in their page bumper today.

        Will is the decisive element. With it, the fight can begin with a rock or a piece of rebar. Without it, an atom bomb will not suffice.

        Oh and as for the drum magazines, personal opinion is they are cool range toys but less reliable than factory 30 rounders.
        They also take much longer to load and are heavier to carry so you are almost certainly better off with standard magazines and will probably get a higher rate of fire from them.
        You maybe could use the sixty rounders for an ersatz semi auto “SAW” or semi fixed defense position gun , some twenty or twenty four inch barrel job rigged up. I wouldn’t bother,.

    • Soooo scary, Krusty. We should all off ourselves before they can get to our valuable organs! You go first.

    • That’s right up there with the African “Men, have intercourse with a virgin and it will cure your AIDS”. (yeah, that is/was a thing)

      With Critical Race Theory invading all sciences, I’m fairly certain that asking for double-blind controlled studies on therapies/palliatives will be considered incredibly racist.

    • Nah.
      In two hundred years its far more likely the USA at least, current trends say baring a mass forced African immigration or successful genocide by the Left (highly unlikely) that the population will be almost entirely agrarian and highly religious Whites , mostly Amish and various conforming Christians.
      Modernity will be the casualty and its quite possible running water, electricity and rapid transit simply won’t exist in most places.

  27. This reminds me of that classic Southpark episode about the Underpants Gnomes and their business plan.
    Phase 1: Collect underpants
    Phase 2: ?
    Phase 3: Profit

    In this case, it’s:
    Phase 1: Destroy the white establishment and wipe out whiteness
    Phase 2: ?
    Phase 3: Techno-utopia like Star Trek.
    Speaking of the latter, I saw a pathetic meme that mocked the sane’s view of what the lunatics on the Left want for society. The top of the meme had communist propaganda and concentration camps and said “this is what Republicans think we want” and then below it had a picture of the cast of Star Trek TNG and said “this is what we really want.”
    So Quan’tavious and Shonequa are going to be able to come up with a solution to FTL travel that would make all of this possible? They can’t even pave the streets of inner cities or keep the infrastructure like water mains in repair without stealing everything bolted down. And who’d want to live in a Federation where you’re not paid anything to brave diseases, hostile aliens and other dangers to explore space?
    As for Antifa and their BLM allies, I really thought that there’d be a Night of the Long Knives where a Biden DOJ really went after these guys and put them out of business. I don’t know if I see that happening now. The consequences of not being able to put the radical nut genie back into the bottle are unknown.

    • That meme probably needs a third panel with a picture of CHAZ and the caption “This is what we will really end up with”.

    • Reminds me of some idiot on Instapundit posting about his father’s dream was that one day there would be no race, just one huge shade of brown, and peace would finally be achieved. Never minding the fact that there are plenty of places with only brown people and yet zero peace.

      • Didn’t South Park do that as well?

        Travelers from a Malthusian & dystopian future transported back in time to South Park because their “future” world was overpopulated, poor, and generally awful?

        I’m sure it will be different in 1 billion+ ‘Merica, however.

    • They forgot everyone serving on that ship had to get through the Starfleet Academy.

      Their desperate shot at the Academy was the only chance they had to escape whatever sh*thole ghetto they were stuck in.

  28. I’d argue that STEM is in better shape than the humanities but still long infected with the logic of psychology and sociology. More resistant to it, but it’ll fall too given enough time.

    Interesting discussion of occasionalism and the whims of a capricious creator. To that, there is third way: accept what you don’t know, but don’t assume you can’t know it or will never know it. The process of discovery could very well be a process of revelation, i.e., you don’t discover knowledge, it is revealed to you.

    For all its mystery, that the natural world hasn’t destroyed itself implies there is a consistent logic behind it. Basically the attitude scientists had in Newton’s day.

    • STEM is in better shape than the humanities but still long infected with the logic of psychology and sociology. More resistant to it, but it’ll fall too given enough time.

      Just about. Although in my STEM field one will find plenty of young recruits who believe all this wokist garbage. Fortunately, over here the trades seem to be holding out… there is something about working with your hands and being exposed directly to different sorts of people that forces reality to be shoved in your face.

      In general:

      The more a man spends sat on his arse in front of a monitor performing make-work, the higher the probability of him becoming a completely feminized ninny.

      • Stem isn’t really woke its just totally taken over by foreigners. Whites are about 30% of engineering classes in Canada, maybe 40% of other stem because more women do them.

        • Foreigners taking over STEM is the fault of Whites abandoning STEM. The foreigners we had were often better and harder working than the Whites we were used to. And of course, they were a lucrative market paying full tuition.

          The transition became most obvious during the Reagan era. We recruited less and less traditional (i.e. White, American students) and more Indian and Chinese. The knock on the White students was that they were more anxious to go into “symbol manipulation” studies—College of Business, and make the big bucks.

          Everyone wanted to be a Wall Street broker and what not. College of Business was full and charging extra tuition fees because of such demand. Our department still required some hard work to become degreed, and at that time we only offered graduate or advanced degrees.

          • STEM is almost low status in current society
            On top of that takes a minimum of 4 years hard work often more at college and a good chunk of cash to get a degree
            Given that American companies were cutting wages, outsourcing willy nilly , bringing in H1B’s firing research people and engineers at the slightest decline in profits, no wonder smart people avoided it.
            Money for pure research is so hard to get I know a PHD is Physics who became a game editor rather than chase tiny amounts of money. He made enough to get buy with much less stress.
            Another chum of mine, a very smarty, nerdy, bio research certified person would have been forced to give up all his friends in order to move 300 miles away and so decided “screw that” and went to work repairing meters for Pitney Bowes
            Its simply not worth it for many people which is also why we see so many P.A.s and so few GP’s in the US.
            We can’t or won’t pay the cost for STEM, nature reasserts itself and we do without. Et Viola.

    • I want to thank Painter.
      “Remember- first, the cross. Then, the empty tomb.”

      My breath caught in my throat.
      A moment of perfect Beauty.

    • For all his accomplishments, Newton spent much time studying Alchemy and “biblical chronology” whatever that is. A man may be a genius yet have his silly side. He also was an investor and lost badly. He is supposed to have said “I can predict the motion of the heavenly bodies but not the madness of crowds.” Point: genius in one area doesn’t mean even competence in all.

      • “I can predict the motion of the heavenly bodies but not the madness of crowds.”

        That’s the crucial point.

        Compare to Heisenberg: “When we speak of the picture of nature in the exact science of our age, we do not mean a picture of nature so much as a picture of our relationships with nature.”

        Imposing man on nature was a bad idea. It was done for lack of patience and wisdom. Witness the fruits of modernity.

        Ask and ye shall receive. Ask bad questions, get bad answers (as even Newton did).

  29. I read 1984 last weekend. He he had a clear eye about a lot of things. Prescient even. Here’s a quote

    “In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy”

    • Here’s something that struck me about 1984 that nobody seems to comment upon: at some point, Winston asks some old proles about how the past was like, since he knew the official history was bogus. He talks to 2-3 old timers and they tell him what it was like before the party, but Winston doesn’t even recognize freedom when he’s told about it.

      One of the stories was this: the prole was railing against the nobs, and described a situation where some upper class twit was being an upper class twit to him.

      Winston thinks that terrible, but one detail of the story is that the prole shouted obscenities and insults at the offender – yet, Winston doesn’t recognize the freedom this guy had, but concludes, after having spoken to a small handful of proles, that they are useless, that there is nothing to be learned from them.

      I fear the current generation is like Winston: unable to recognize freedom even when we tell them about it. “The Wild West of the Internet?” Grandpa is rambling again, give him his government-prescribed anti-ramble meds.

      And it’s been a few decades since I’ve read 1984, maybe you remember more about Winston’s interrogations of the proles?

      • I did notice that! And it drove me crazy! He talked about wearing a top hat which meant that there weren’t sumptuary laws and getting in a physical fight with a rich guy which meant he could do that. There was a lot Orwell got wrong in that and the whole interrogation the last third of the book I really felt like Winston was Orwell. Orwell could see what was wrong with the left but he still never left them. And in the end he sacrifices every and discovers he loves big brother

        • Yes – Orwell was a commie himself of course, and his main story was about a dissenter within the ranks, the proles – Normies – just bit players.

          Winston was disappointed in his hope that the proles would instigate a counter-revolution, and that seemed to be Orwell’s opinion as well. Quite a black pill.

          • Orwell was an honest commie. He believed the lie, and when he saw the truth, he lashed out through his writings: 1984 and Animal Farm. Not so sure I see any “Orwell’s” in the current progressive movement—just useful idiots and ideological/nihilistic grifters.

      • I have had these conversations with youngins. While they can pick up on the novelty of abstractions like freedom and personal liberty, they are unable to attach these concepts to their version of reality. The continuity of context has been broken, replaced, and reordered according to the grand inversion.
        Example. Talking about the olden days when phones were permanently attached to the wall. They can’t imagine what it was like to run around outside with friends and how time together entailed either purposeful effort or (wonderful) moments of serendipity. So while they can imagine the novelty of such an archaic device, they can’t fathom the freedom, only the inconvenience.
        And while that tool on the wall with the curly cord that we never even thought about as a thing in of itself worthy of a moments notice is loosely related to that thing permanently affixed to their hand, the continuity of context is gone; these are two entirely different objects sharing only a leftover name.
        Their phones are an extension of their very identities; not a tool, but a gateway through which their experience is guided, curated, and expressed.
        Progress has turned their reality back in upon itself. A product of all history being viewed through the current year lens of progress perhaps.
        So when their minds eye focuses on some abstract notion of liberty they can only see the discomfort, inconvenience, and of course some zero sum oppression or ikon of inequality. Which in their experience has been cured by Progress.

        • They’ll never know or understand the freedom we had, back before the cell phone.

          When I was 10, I spent my spare time biking around the neighborhood with a friend, exploring building sites, derelict buildings and empty plots overgrown with nettles, thistles, elderberry and hawtorn. We collected clay pigeons from a skeet range and caught tadpoles, salamanders and frogs in the ditches of an (almost) disused rail line. We stole apples, pears and cherries from gardens and played football outside until 10 P.M.

          One time, my father caught us playing on the rail road tracks and I was Regulated upon. I didn’t even understand the problem, it’s not like you can miss a freight train coming at you, but apparently he’d seen a move where a man got his foot stuck in a switch. We moved 100 meters further down the tracks, were we couldn’t be spotted from the road.

          • That was back when kids explored the world as it was, took from it what was found, and suffered when nature chose to dole out a hard dose of reality. Now kids live under the conceit that they can actually shape the world around them, and believe that they are immune to any consequences of attempting such a thing.

          • Mine too though we had no firearms.
            We could just tell somebody “going for walk with the cousin.” and just go.
            Baring a deliberate forceful tech rollback that word is gone till collapse and rebuild though.
            That is because much of modernity precludes reproduction. Connectivity, urbanization and mobility prevent societies from forming organically and people from reproducing.
            This has lead the global fertility decline, the US since 1973 and others at different times has been below repalcment .Now every single developed and most partially developed nations on this planet no matter how prosperous are at that level.
            The US before COVID was at its lowest birth rate in history, lowest marriage rate and essentially in a collapse spiral.
            No policy can change that though maybe a DR one can stabilize the now more homogeneous population, maybe. Getting a 30% fertility surge even over time is daunting.

          • Community is where it’s at Brother always has been and always will be…Look at the Amish, Mennonites, Mormons, etc etc…Wish more people on the right would wake up to that fact instead of trying to be a political party…

          • Atomized people who have never experienced good community or people whose experiences with community have been very bad like more than a few people I know aren’t going to easily be able to create or necessarily want a community.
            People now don’t really have much in the way of family, most aren’t married and don’t want a lot of children if they want them at all.
            Hell I personally have never seen a high functioning long term marriage from anyone after the Silent Generation.
            Also most people in the US are no longer very religious me included and appeals to things like Mennonites or Amish will fall on deaf ears.
            The L.D.S too are barely holding the line. Utah, L.D.S HQ is just at replacement, barely and the church’s mania for growth has caused them to import Tongans who are disruptive even if highly Mormon.
            This tends to lead people in the direction of political solutions as a means to ameliorate the ongoing crash rather than run to a community of people that make take longer than they have to live to establish trust.

          • Well said.

            Speaking as a lapsed Protestant, I’m dismayed watching the creep of liberalism spreading throughout the LDS community.

            Moved to Utah hoping that the LDS would provide a bulwark against secularism. Alas, they’re one generation before becoming just like everyone else.

          • The US was founded on leftist ideals (free speech, freedom of religion, a broad franchise, anti monarchy , new traditions individual rights being paramount etc ) its natural that it will always move farther left,
            Part of the problem stems from churches deciding that not paying taxes was more important than proselytizing on moral issues but its certainly not the only cause.
            Christianity has run its course in the formerly Christian developed world and we are in a period of transition where some new animating force that increases stability hasn’t occured,
            If modernity survives and it likely won’t, the Christian faith will shrivel up with it and irony is that the Dissident Right, the only actual force that can save modernity and is pro Christian will probably lead to a post Christian society
            More likley modernity will die off and be replaced by a lower tech highly religious society mixing various conforming believers in a very Christian society.
            More or less its like this, a knowledgeable person may be religious a knowledgeable society can’t be. Otherwise knowledge stays constrained to facilitate passing of culture and societies that fail to do that, die.
            And yes this means humanity is doomed to ignorance. In theory Christianity is meant to bridge that knowledge/faith gap for society. In participle it can’t

          • Some of what is said above was still available to my children—notable exception being able to walk around with my BB gun, or blow off fireworks all year round. I can only believe it was much more restrictive in the denser urban areas that now contain the bulk of the population.

            Hard to single out one cause over another for our present predicament, but if I had to, it would be the cell phone.

          • I grew up in exurb in the 70’s and 80’s 30 miles from anywhere significant no way would be have been able to carry a BB gun or shoot off fireworks.
            In the US people stopped having many babies back in 1973, way before the cellphone and before easy divorce was ubiquitous.
            My guess is urbanization, cultural shifts away from community with social pressure to form a family combined with the continuous wage decline suppressed fertility.
            More tech does mean less babies though and cell phones are a huge contributor. They just aren’t the prime cause,
            Ultimately though it comes to the fact that US culture is too corporate, corrupt , individualistic and oligarchical to support family formation in any way. Now that the free/cheap religious social capital is gone in any group embracing modernity we are entering a natural population decline.
            Assuming we can avoid collapse and a genocidal civil war across the continent, so long as modernity exists, babies won’t.
            Every kiosk you put in to keep the cost of fast food down is basically an abortion waiting to happen as is every thing you use to automate anything but the worst jobs.
            Since we won’t change we can’t, the population will decline and reach a new lower equilibrium, probably with no ability to make most of the tech.
            This will take a century or more I’d guess, maybe less if there is a civil war or whatever.
            The closest to a fix would be a radically populist, economically nationalist socially Conservative, homogeneous state which maybe could stabilize the population . The caveat is even that might face so much passive resistance it won’t work.
            A nation of economic migrants can’t form a society period and nearly everyone, most Whites included were economic migrants. We got to fake it for a while in the 50’s do to the fear of the USSR but once that was gone, butt to nut peoples who have nothing in common compunuded by non Euro immigration means an end game.

      • I reread it during the troubles this past summer. It was a harder read than I anticipated from an emotional standpoint.

  30. Back in the ‘60’s the Left/hippies were all about “standing up to The Man”, fast forward several generations to where they’re now “The Man” & demand unfettered obedience & total conformity.
    Telling, n’est pas?

    • They either are the man or believe everything the current day man tells them. Whatever happened to our vaunted hippies? Worthless pricks.

  31. “Because these rules are barriers to all but the talented tenth of non-whites…..”

    They are a barrier to all but the talented tenth of Africans and Indians (feather) but not to all but the talented tenth of Asians and Indians (dot).

    • Not true. There is a reason India is India and China is China. Both societies depend on the Occident for their prosperity. There is a reason for that. The cognitive toolbox of Occidentals is more than just IQ.

      • Yes indeed. The Indian cotton industrialist Tata paid a visit to England and toured her factories in the latter half of the 19th century. He took the methods (mass industrialization) and used this as a blueprint for his own Indian setup – with excellent results.

        India is a great example of the rapid introduction of foreign technology completing changing a society that maybe wasn’t ready for it. For all the ability of (dot) Indians to be a smart set, I am always left asking people:

        Why are they all here? And why isn’t India a great place to live?

        Of course, we know the answer. Nobody needs IQ tests to see that these people are just different – and this stands to reason. This was understood by the Europeans of the age who spent time there. Naturally, it gets in the way of the blank slate juggernaut which upsets a fair few chaps and chapettes.

        • Dot Indians have no conception of the “commons”, and why it is a good idea to improve and protect the commons.

          • I question any religion that is cool with treating its most sacred river as an open sewer and mortuary.

          • We worry too much about economics and not enough about culture,

            India for many centuries was ruled by a basically .alt White elite and developed a high culture.
            However they’ve been invaded and occupied and other groups for centuries creating a large population of less productive people and a caste system to preserve the ethnic mix and culture.
            Modern India is simply too crowded, well over a billion people with huge levels of diversity crammed into that nation will inevitably lead to high dysfunction.
            Bluntly, the Malthusian Greens are right, the Earth cannot support its current numbers and the population will come down either by the current means (slow but sure fertility reduction) or by horrible means as billions die.
            They key though is population ratios. If the world is heavily White and High Asian , we can support 2 billion. The lower the White and High Asian percentage, the less people can be supported.
            Human extinction is unlikely unless Apophis or something like it hits the Earth in a bad way but we could easily decline to less than a billion.
            If White can maintain a 20-25% ratio best if Northern/Western European , our people will be fine.
            And note the ratio is manageable. Back in the early 16th century, not that long ago in historical terms, 3% of the human race was French!

          • Their diversity and resulting dysfunction gets expressed by trashing the common areas, which are as much places of culture as they are places of commerce. Too, the recent polyglot turn of our culture has destroyed any sense of our maintaining our own commons. We need to go back to our culturally homogenous roots in order to restore any of our commons now.

          • True on all counts but this won’t get people to have babies,
            The US dropped to below replacement in 1973 when it was over 80% White.
            Japan dropped way below when it was over 95% Japanese.
            Also the more people you have in a given area, the lower the quality of life. This is seen in every single nation and as an extreme example, some scholars believe the wealth level of many Africans is much lower than a medieval serf.
            In the end there are both physical and social carrying capacities, green revolution not withstanding we’ve begun to exceed the former and we’ve long exceeded the later,.
            And note to Libertarian minded types. Not all areas are the same and while its theoretically possible to move billion to the arid parts of Texas, there probably isn’t enough water much as with the quickly drying up Hoover dam in Nevada and its still a nasty place to live.

            There are reasons peopel don’t live in certain places.
            Also to those Libertarian minded people above we are not going to space and its not a numbers game but a ration one. So long as the White ratio is good, at least 25% the less people the better.
            Mankind would be fine at anywhere from 500 million to 2 billion not more.

          • Generally agree. Whenever the big dieoff starts, it will disproportionately affect people of color, as the Liberal would say. And indeed, the world is heavily dependent on technology created by the intelligent. Anything that disrupts that will have dire consequences for all, but especially those who can’t care for themselves in good times. Well yes and no. Those would survive best are the very few primitive societies that truly live in isolated stone age worlds, the hunter-gatherers of Africa or the headhunters of the South Sea Islands, if any remain.

      • Yes, IQ is one thing. There’s also variation in things like creativity, conformity, high trust, low trust, in-group, out-group preference, time preference, verbal ability, spatial skills, reasoning skills, etc……

        • In the very earliest days of the formation of the concept of intelligence, folks like Galton conceived of human differences in terms of Health, Intelligence, and “Character”. Health is obvious. Intelligence was also obvious to superior intellects like Galton and other English notables of the time, but not adequately measurable as today. Character was understood and described as might today be termed “conscientiousness”.

          In short, HBD in its earliest days was never considered solely a matter of intelligence, or what we commonly call today, “IQ” (a misnomer). Persona logical differences play an important role when comparing races. Such as the “big 5” being described above.

  32. An article on Frontpage put it as “When the rules don’t matter, neither does the game.“. I thought it pretty remarkable coming from a big time normie-Jew website.

  33. “Occasionalism” is just a tarted up term for negrofication. Nothing works as it should (as Whites expect it to) so every transaction comes attached with some minor or major annoyance. We aren’t built to live like this and it will eventually drive us all nuts if allowed to reach full fruition. Somethings gotta give. And soon.

    • “Nothing works as it should (as Whites expect it to) so every transaction comes attached with some minor or major annoyance.”

      Yes, this ×10. Or more.

      Running our longstanding small business is more of a challenge now than it has ever been. There is stupidity, laziness and anti-white racism seemingly at every turn.

      In the stew that is dealing with USPS, Federal Express, Xfinity, suppliers … companies we rely on for shipping, business internet, and the manufacture of our goods… someone doing what would have passed, in the past, as the default setting, performance-wise, is now “amazing”.

      Even the well meaning are just so … stupid. Clueless. Then there are the ones that will just hang up, not to mention the “systems” they have in place where the low IQ work. You know, the “I can’t help you but you can call this number…” Can you connect me? “No.” You know how it goes from here.

      Feature or bug? It is an adventure keeping the business running, like never before. And getting worse. Nonetheless, we soldier on, and sometimes have fun with these people in ways that go over their heads but provide us some comic relief to preserve sanity.

  34. The New Radicals are simply following the logic that they’ve been taught and that literally every figure of authority tells them is true: All people are perfectly equal and any disparities are the result of White racism/sexism (conscious or unconscious).

    Unlike the Old Guard (which probably never truly believed that), they are following that logic to its natural conclusions. If there are wealth inequalities, money must be taken from Whites and given to non-Whites. Affirmative action at all levels must required by law. Blacks must be given houses in White neighborhoods. Etc.

    And when the disparities persist despite their increasingly stringent policies, they will reach their final conclusion: Whites must be either stripped of any power or simply eliminated. That’s the only way to stop the disparities.

    What’s coming couldn’t be more clear if it was written on a billboard.

    The question is what will Whites do.

    • That’s what I keep thinking and especially after watching that Kamala Harris cartoon about equality. What happens when the disparities persist after giving non-whites advantages? They’ll come up with reasons, and racial realities will not be mentioned, but blaming Whites will. At that point, there’s no limit how far they’ll go to equalizing outcomes. 401k, car, house…it’ll all be in play. So will criminalizing any open discussion and study of racial differences.

      • So will criminalizing any open discussion and study of racial differences.

        Progressives already have proposed bills to do just that. The Virginia AG wants to make give state police more power to monitor websites and groups (read any Whites getting together) for hate speech. The state will define “hate speech” and you can bet it will include discussion of racial differences.

        Btw, the next step is that a person or group convicted of hate speech will be deemed “dangerous” or a “terrorist” and not allowed to own a gun.

        That’s how states will come for guns. They won’t ban guns. They’ll ban “terrorists” from having guns. It’s just that terrorists will be anyone who openly – or privately if recorded or spied on – speaks of racial differences or a desire to live with Whites.

    • The question is what will Whites do.

      The wise whites will become hardened targets by living in communities of their own people.

      The woke whites, having encouraged their pets to attack approved bad whites for years, will find their pets have a taste for blood and they’ll serve the bloodlust bill in a pinch.

      • Non-whites see no difference between good and bad whites. They only see “target” and “might fight back”.

        Generally badwhites fall in the latter group. Why do you think blacks are scared of the country? Talk to any non-white, they think the kkk is hiding behind every corner out in the hills.

      • Find and stick with your own. Stay low. Only trust people whom you’ve known for years, spent time with their families, seen them at their job, etc., i.e. never speak openly with someone who you aren’t 100% sure is one of your own.

        (Z is right. Treat new members like biker gangs do. Only let them in very slowly. Get to know them. Get to know their life. Get to know their family. Get to know their past. Where did you grow up? Who are your siblings? What jobs have you had in the past and where. What do you do now and where. I’ll meet you at work. I’ll meet you at your house to meet the kids. Etc.)

        Things are going to get worse but will turn our way. These people can’t govern. They will be powerful for awhile because they’re inheriting a still functioning system that they can control. But as they run it into the ground, their power and reach will diminish.

    • The problem with such admirable idealism is always in the execution (in both senses of that word, alas.) For example, something must be done about these gross inequalities in crime. Apparently Blacks commit serious crimes at about 7x of Whites. Should we only arrest Blacks every seventh crime? This would be be even easier than “no cash bail,” and other Prog moves. On the other hand, if we have the resources, they could arrest seven times as many Whites. I’d guess they’ll go for option (A) since it will play well with both Blacks and Whites in the next election.

  35. Great column.

    The war did not end with the removal of the evil Trump. It was just the opening phase. The next phase is between the ideology of the woke and the cupidity of their masters.

    Yes. The radicals have played nice with the dems to get Team Biden into office, now they expect their righteous payback, the quid pro quo.

    • They’ll get a few bones thrown their way, but neither Biden nor Harris wants any change that would inconvenience TPTB. They are both bought and owned.

      They’ll propose policies that take from Whites and give to non-Whites but no structural changes to how Silicon Valley or Wall Street operate.

      • They’ll get a few bones thrown their way, but neither Biden nor Harris wants any change that would inconvenience TPTB. They are both bought and owned.

        Exactly. They’ll get more Tranny Story Hour and racial awareness bullshit, but they’ll not get reparations, and they’ll not get to burn white people in the town square.

        They’re going to turn on them, as Z-man says. Traitors are always more hated than enemies.

        • TPTB will work 24/7 to make sure all the different factions in our country continue to turn on each other, rather than pull back the curtain and point them out as the architects of all of this. If Trump has any value going forward, it is pulling back the curtain and short-circuiting their strategy.

  36. The left were never able to control the blacks they unleashed in the 1960s. I see no reason to believe they will be any more successful with the current crop of BLM and ANTIFA crazies. If you live in or near a big city, MOVE.

  37. Team Kamala has stocked up on My Pillows

    That made me laugh, but the truth is Kamala is far too white for the Woke, too, and married to a Jew to boot. She also would be advised to sleep sitting up. Her protection as Ruling Class Aunt Jemima only goes so far. The new One Percent Rule will not be her friend.

    • She is the face of the new class, so he is as safe as can be, as long as she does as she was told. The South Asian aristocracy in Silicon Valley did not have her installed just so she can be sidelined.

      • Yep. The Dems are hoping that Harris is the face of their future. She’s POC to keep the horde satisfied but takes her orders from the establishment.

        The whole set-up is pretty retro, really. Reminds of me of the Great Powers (and, later, the USA and USSR) installing local puppets in 3rd World countries to do their bidding. The puppet gets rich. The people think that they have one of their own in charge. The real power maintains control and steals the wealth.

        • In re 3rd world meddling: And yet it is shocking the amount of people who continue to clutch their pearls and claim IT CANNOT HAPPEN HERE! IT JUST CANT!

      • I have no doubt she will do as told, but still not certain about her safety. Haven’t thought about the Silicon Valley protection, though.

      • If one looks at Biden and Harris as the two who will do the bidding of others, without question, their nominations make sense. People such as Warren and Buttegeig had way too many ideas of their own. Add that the election fix was in, and the noxiousness of the chosen candidates was not a relevant issue.

    • Never understood the appeal of the ‘sassy fat black lady’ archetype in liberal politics, yet they’re everywhere now.

      • Probably because white men are instinctively both repelled by and defenseless against this type.

        They are defenseless against this type because “sassy fat black lady” is, technically and only in the academic sense, a woman, so white men have an instinct to hold back and not go Atilla on her.

        • You got it! Plus have you ever noticed fat black ladies can’t talk without screaming their ass off? My dear mother used to say that’s because where they grew up nobody listened to them unless they shouted.

          • They are always on their effin’ phones. They go everywhere in a pack. Feel sorry for their guys. No wonder they “look” elsewhere. Love the Chris Rock video “Why You Need a White Friend While Driving” — and leave the b@#%h home!

      • They subsist on government checks, so they have time to build up support and go campaigning?

  38. Without having any of our institutions having predictive capabilities, internal consistency, or truth value, the Left is doubling down on credentialism as ultimate authority. This is the crux of the recent push to forgive student debt and the medical establishment pushing yet more lockdowns.
    The medical establishment is using their institutional trust to try to remake society in the same way colleges have been doing for decades. Journals are now suppressing dissident studies in a clumsy bureaucratic way that doesn’t give the plausible deniability it used to, while breathlessly publishing knowingly falsified data.
    The institutions are going to be in lockstep praising the vaccine when it comes out, no matter how useless or even deadly it turns out to be. Maybe the angry uncle who hasn’t seen a doctor in forty years was on to something.

    • I think the medical community has frittered away much of their institutional trust over the last number of years. And it’ll really go down the toilet as diversity increases in its ranks. My doc has bought into the cult of covidian like most have, so when I get emails from him about “staying safe” and masks and social distancing, I just delete them. He/they just can’t or won’t break free of the orthodoxy.

      • You can thank the lawyers for that. Generally speaking, doctors practice defensive medicine, of the sort that’s defensible in a malpractice suit. They probably don’t believe in half the nonsense they prescribe or advise, but don’t want to be slapped with a lawsuit for not doing everything to cure a patient. They prescribe through the lens of liability, not resource-effectiveness. Unfortunately, most institutions make decisions through the lens of liability analysis, so it’s not just an issue with the medical profession.

      • Heh. Got an email from a ‘concerned’ superior this morning, who knows if he buys into Con-vid, but it used an array of buzzwords:

        Light at the end of the tunnel
        Challenging times
        Emerging from the crisis

        Flatten that curve!

        • The only effective counter to the lunacy seems to be agree and amplify.
          “I agree. If we need lockdown for five years to stop Covid and use the military to invade homes to forcibly give the vaccine to every family, by God we should do it. No price is too high”

          • You haven’t amplified enough. I guarantee you most White women would agree with forcibly vaccinating people at gunpoint. A friend mentioned that England has said they can and will vaccinate children without parental consent.

          • Vaccines? Here in the land of the MAsshole the legislature just passed an amendment to the budget whereby children can get abortion without parental consent, and the same for crazed & confused kids getting hormone therapy and/or surgery. I admit never believed to live to see this; what a bizarre world!

          • Amen, Lineman. I judge men by the simple things that I can observe. If your mouth say’s “We must sacrifice” but you are throwing your children to the Globoschlomo Indoctrination Center (aka ALL public education and most private education) because MUH CAREER, you deserve scorn at best.
            Sadly, your children will pay for your weakness. As adults, they will blame you for their own misery.

          • A gen X prog offspring of idiot hippies used to live in my neighborhood. Over an argument about fluoridation in the public water supply I said it violated personal sovereignty. She said personal sovereignty is a red herring. I was thunderstruck. These people are tyrants. Make no mistake.

        • The exit strategy for the Covid hoax is the worthless vaccines. They are claiming 95% effectiveness, which is nonsense. Flu shots, for example, are about 40% effective. Polio is 99% effective and exactly no one thinks we understand Covid as well as polio or that coronaviruses are as easily handled as polio. The poliovirus is widely regarded as the simplest significant virus.

          Since the risk of Covid is well below that 5% threshold, they can write-off those cases to the 5% for whom the magic virus is not effective. This is why the vaccine will be mandatory. Otherwise, the story does not hold up. Once everyone gets the fake vaccine and is required to get a shot every year, the great climb down from the panic moves ahead full speed.

          The corporate state has more power and lost of connected people get rich. Build back better!

          • Literally everyone who does everything is a hero, don’t you know?

            Except white men. They’re awful.

          • The mandatory vax is about population control.

            Control in the sense of tracking where everyone goes AND reducing headcount.

            If you get the shot plan on being sterile or dead from a wasting disease in less than 5 years.

          • The covid scare is kept alive because they need it to circumvent special tests for (m)RNA s-called “vaccins”.

            Once a single (m)RNA is approved, they will open up the floodgates and create a mass of RNA based medicines. None of which be fully tested.

          • The mRNA angle is disturbing.

            It truly is a new type of vaccine…in a normal world there would be DECADES of longitudinal studies before they were released to the masses.

          • The flunatics in Sailer’s comments are even worse.

            I’m more than happy to donate my vax dose to them.

          • Yeah what the heck is up with that. In any other post on any other subject they put on their hat of stone-cold analysis, but then he posts something about Covid and they break out the propeller beanie.

          • There will Be No release from lockdown. It’s permanent. Biden’s team is floating 18 months and putting Africans ahead of the US.
            lockdown is a soft gulag. A kinder, gentler Katyn Forest.

          • I can hardly wait til we get 72 vaccines, like the kids. We’ll be glowing with health like they are!

          • Flu shots are scatter gun affairs where the medical industry tries to guess the nature of next year’s diseases. They would have a much higher rate of effectiveness if they knew the exact strain they were combating.

      • My wife made the mistake of allowing our daughter to stay home from school last Thursday with a case of sniffles that miraculously cleared up after 8AM. Well, you can’t do that right now because her options were to make an appointment with a doctor, get the swab, or stay home for 10 days. Option 3 was a non-starter, and there’s no way I’m allowing my healthy daughter to have a stick shoved into her cranium, so I got in at the pediatrician’s on Friday. He signed off on her return to school after some cursory questions, but at least the nurse who saw us first was quite open about the fraud of masks and the need to open back up, especially schools because of the low risk to kids.

        I contrast that with the visit I had to my GP in September. I had the mask down around my mouth when he opened the door to the exam room and he froze as if I were radioactive. “What, do you think you’re Donald Trump?” I said that some of us had maintained our sanity. He wouldn’t come in until I had pulled it up over my nose. So the other day I learned that recently he, another doctor in his office, and a few staff members had caught the dreaded Wuhan flu. I can’t wait till my next visit so that I can ask him how that was possible given the religious adherence they all had to the juju masks.

        But more concerning is that if he can’t even get the mask wearing thing right, how can I trust him with anything related to health? It’s the Gell-Mann amnesia effect with very real-world consequences to me.

        • yeah if you want to blow anything off right now you need to claim you pulled out your back or sprained something. Pain but no illness

        • Agree with 3G why are you letting your kids be at the mercy of the state because it will get worse like you will be vaccinated before you will be allowed in school and when you pull them out because of it well then social services will show up and take them because of child abuse…Also if my doctor did that it would be time to get a new doctor…Mine won’t though because I talked to them beforehand about all things like that so I wouldn’t have to switch care…

  39. Well, Trump hasn’t technically lost yet, so we’ll see about that. As mentioned yesterday, he has to see the writing on the wall that the woke fanatics & golem aren’t going to let him go peacefully into the night should he actually lose, so he’d better be getting ready to pull out the stops and slam this down – in whatever form it takes – sooner rather than later. I don’t think any of this s*** is ever gonna get stuffed back in the bottle or box w/o taking serious action.

    • I have no idea how true the charges of election fraud are, and I don’t really care. If Trump decides to declare himself Emperor or unleashes some other mayhem, that’s fine with me. Let him hang up the process as long as possible.
      At this point I’ve given up on reform, the best I can hope for is revenge. Trump may yet have another service or two to perform for his country.

      • I get the feeling we are approaching a critical mass of people who would be ok with Trump taking power by force.If he leaves office, I think he has 18 months to live.

      • He will concede. The lawsuits are theater and word is he’s just doing it so the base won’t see him as a total loser. The guys at Fash the Nation did a great job exposing how Trump and his team are milking the MAGA movement for every penny as a way to pay off campaign debts.

          • Hate all you want. They do great exposes on Trump, his family, and his nefarious connections and business activities. (and Biden).

        • Apparently the RNC reneged on paying the expenses of the lawyers issuing the challeneges so they’re (the lawyers) quitting en masse. Anyone who still believes the Republicans have their backs is delusional.

    • Yes they might put golem on ice but they will not reign in the religion of the death cult. They would need to bring God back to life, among other measures deemed oppressive and boring. What happens then when the leftist boomer brigade finally goes to pasture – or is wheeled to the wolves by their basement spawn? When the entitled and delusional inherit what’s left of Boomer, Inc. it’s hard to imagine them conjuring up the character necessary to keep all the maths from Africanizing and then releasing the envious locusts of woke to realize their natural end phase: an orgy of equality that reduces everyone to zero. The mind virus sans governor is a vector of singular purpose and thus requires a singular remedy. Which is the other question: will there be enough “remedy” to go around or are well all on a course toward year zero?

      • An intellectual tidbit I picked up on another site this morning, speaking of the Age of God and the Age of Man. “The Age of Man always ends in lies”.

    • The troop withdrawl is an interesting diversion. I still am rooting for him to declassify a lot of political hot potatoes if/when he decides to concede. Hillary’s email server, FISA gate and the likley electoral fraud of 2020, plus might as well spill some dirt on the traitorous GOP, there must be a wealth of adverse information on The Swamp. Frankly, he probably lacks the resources to do any of this, even in the unlikely case he would think to do so.

  40. There is a certain lure to “just sit back and enjoy the show”. Even for whites. Sure we are watching the demise of our own institutions, but let’s be honest, they are already ‘gone’.

    Lean back, take some popcorn, and just wait until we can clean up this mess, if you can…

    • As long as the institutions survive we are at their mercy. It’s the best for us as a group that they all fall

    • They will take you down first. Study Russia and Maoist China. They destroyed the social fabric of those countries to such a extent they don’t even resemble what they were previously. In China the Maoists basically wiped out 2000 years of Chinese culture. Sure they have bits and pieces but that’s it
      Here’s what will happen here;
      Whites will end up economically and socially smashed.
      Clean water, reliable power will vanish for all but the rich.
      Food will become scare.
      Medical care will become increasingly dodgy and expensive.

        • For my family personally, we were living in the woods and the dirt farms of frigid Canada long before electricity and plumbing. It wouldn’t be fun, but we can survive.

          Many, many whites would unfortunately die off.

          • “You are better off walking in the woods than taking your life into your hands on the road”. Which is exactly what quite a few of us are doing, as we withdraw to our own communities in our own places…

          • Your Community is only those like you and what you can defend so no the whole country isn’t our Community right now… Maybe if we wake up and take the power back it can be ours again but as long as everyone stays atomized we won’t be able to swing it…

          • The paradox of BTP laid bare. So the whole country is yours but they won’t let me build up a small, rural and durable community?
            I’d respect you more if you picked a lane.

          • My point is the entire country is ours, it is under existential assault that cannot be solved by any further retreat.

            This is the goddamn hill to die on. Retreating to enclaves, literal or metaphorical, is not a winning strategy.

          • Ok, so where is your hill? Who’s with you on that action? Are you operating from a position of strength, resources and strategy? Perhaps you are the mystery leader I’ve heard so much about?
            Let’s hear it..
            Perhaps you do have the right mix to take the hill. Maybe you are in the middle of the community I hope to find a remnant of, or build from scratch, in the coming months.
            Retreating and regrouping is, in fact, a well documented strategy for long term success.
            So what do you have, BTP? Your rhetoric is sharp, it’s time to put up or shut up.

          • The hill is this particular moment. I think Z is incorrect to he extent the thinks the Left will begin to eat their own. Rather, I think they will complete what they have started. It won’t matter that you have five good friends who think the same way you do – you will all be unemployed. A federal agent backed, implicitly, by a federal swat team will show up in Lineman’s hamlet and tell him how he is going to change. Lineman may tell him to shog off; if so, Lineman will go to jail.

            You don’t get to retreat when you are surrounded. You either win or lose with what you have immediately at hand. Talk of forming dissident communities is simply a cope. Dissident communities are not a rival elite that can compete with our current, sadistic elites. They will have no ability to tell the Feds to get lost when the Feds come to cut their schools down. They have no ability to operate in an economy away from the Feds’ eyes.

            So this idea you can ride this out is nuts.

        • nly The Strong. Gawd what crap is that,
          The ones who will survive are those with strong community and family ties. Why do you think the Muzzies and groups like the Gypsies and Irish Travellers stick together because it’s easier to survive in broken societies.

      • In China the Maoists basically wiped out 2000 years of Chinese culture.

        To be fair, it was more like they wiped out a culture that had stuck around for 2000 years. Still bad, yes, but a lot of that was crap.

        • What the Chinese experience also teaches is that even after spectacular ravages you can come back to global power status in about two generations once you seriously reverse course.

      • Or, the strong whites will regroup and reorganize. They will preserve infrastructure or build primitive versions of what’s lost. All the while defending the seedling communities.
        Rinse and repeat.

        • He’s always been a Debbie Downer Moss…I don’t know if he has just given up on life and wants everyone just to join him being miserable or what…Sad thing is a lot of people get easily discouraged but takes a lot of effort to make them hopeful…

          • I merely opined and you guts get triggered. Sheesh.
            BTW I want no one to join me,
            I’m just a old blue collar Paleocon and Reform party member that took a lot of grief over the decades trying to inform whites of what was coming.And it cost me a lot of friends and a nice job as well. Whites just don’t care as long as their little world is intact..
            In closing. Be of good cheer and stout heart. What will come to pass will come to pass. Our goal is to come out the other side intact.

          • Rwc1963,

            It’s late and not sure you’ll get this. I offer unsolicited advice so do what you will with it.

            We need smart and dedicated men; youth for vigor and because they are the inheritors, and older ones for wisdom.

            It’s okay to point out hurdles and problems. Realistic accounting is necessary. Only demonstrably insane ideas should be nipped. Everything below that bar should be examined and wargamed for possibilities and never proffered without solutions.

            I personally am uninterested in hearing “can’t” unless it is accompanied by the twins of “why” and “what if instead we…” I am uninterested in odds and overwhelming numbers because I know what My People are capable of. Personal despair displayed publicly should be on par with exposing your darkest sins. Keep those between you and your God. Every question has an answer awaiting and every obstacle a solution. Enthusiasm and hope need not be mindless cheerleading because they are true and eternal as long as one of us lives. Opine with all these rules in mind and what was once useless hot air will always be the breath of life.

            Be of good cheer and stout of heart. Yes. Then do so in all ways or stand aside. You are a smart man so always be of use to us. The world has enough antipathy and doubt to share in full measure, we needn’t add to it. I don’t know your story or sacrifices, nor you mine. I do know that no matter what or how many, we still haven’t sacrificed enough. And we will bear more, and with great aplomb and elan because that is who we are.

          • So are you saying that your life depends on them allowing you to breath and if they say quit breathing you will??? Where is the fight in people anymore seriously how do you guys live with yourselves…

          • I’m saying there is no limiting factor on their hatred. People who think we can retreat and get stronger are underestimating the motivation level of our enemies. A community in the middle of nowhere is exactly the same threat to them as any other community of our people, and will come under the same unblinking eye

          • Which is why you should be forming Communities because they will hate you no matter what and at least with Community you have the chance to stand against their Agenda…If you are alone and spread out you are easy pickings for them or do you really think you are going to hide well enough that they will leave you alone…Damn Brother we have a fight coming do you want to win or not…

          • Amish have carved out a decent niche for themselves.

            Traditional values, supportive community, not interested in expanding, small enough/hard working(!!) enough to stay under the radar.

            For now, anyway.

            Maybe the only way to win is not to play.

          • The Amish rely on White people with guns to defend their way of life. Once those people are gone, the Amish will find pacifism a failing long-term strategy.

          • Here we go with this “allow” shit again. The bastards control you only to the extent that you regard yourself as helpless. Grow a sack.

          • Tell that to Kyle Rittenhouse. You cannot retreat anywhere and those who are recommending building some sort of community now are delusional.

            It’s on right this minute. If we lose this immediate crisis, you will not be allowed to form any sort of legal community.

    • Because it is a mix of Maoism and the super rich working together. Tucker keeps trying to point this out that it is class warfare at it’s core. Sure we see the racial component but we’re ignoring the fact that the ruling class is quietly re-engineering society. Like banning ICE vehicles by 2030(Newsom already made it law) banning new NG power plants, banning fracking and coal fire plants.
      In a few years rolling black outs across the country will be the norm along with sky high energy prices because we have to rely on Green energy. Whites living up North will be truly f**ked when they start paying a $1000 a month keep the lights on and the house livable.
      Oh yeah and say good bye to meat. You’ll all be eating soy based fake meat. Oh we will still be raising livestock but it will all be going to China. Ties right in with the Chinese owning most of our food production..
      And it gets worse from there, much worse if the Great Reset comes to pass.

      • Whites up North will setting pretty because all theirs come from hydro it will be you boys in Socal that will be paying out the ass for electric that gets shut down every time there is a breeze…Oh and there’s more good news for you the grid can barely handle the load right now and Nuisance wants to go all electric cars by 2035 which will make it third world for sure…

        • I’m well aware of how fragile the power grid is.
          The point is there is no place to hide once Biden gets in.and implements the Great Reset.
          Just wait when you find the Feds settling large numbers of Somalis and Arabs across MT and WY at gun point. BTW the Left has been telegraphing this for years.
          I don;t’want to see that because I know first hand what that sort of human trash will do,., Not to mention I have family in Great Falls.
          In the end it boils down to this. Do we want our grand children growing up with a boot on their necks and chains on their feet or do we want them to grow up as free men and women.
          How we answer that question will determine our course of action.

      • Slightly OT but perhaps germaine to the coalition of the fringes eating itself… a school district in Washington state has ejected Asians from what they recognize as “People of Color”. POC cannibalism works in Our favor whether that means a weakened enemy or possible allies, I’ll leave you to decide. Opportunities abound though.

        • Doesn’t matter when they have the police to provide them with extra muscle to keep uppity whites in line.,
          If whites get uppity the cops roll in heavy and that is that.
          Doubt that? Every day we see police standing by as BLM beats whites to a bloody pulp and burn down city blocks. But if you harm a blackshirt they roll hot and heavy. These are bad men.

      • Whites have noticed. But being nice trumps dealing with it. Now it’s only a function of how messy with the cleanup be. And if we will have enough of us around to build Phase II White America.

      • Its not that serious for the vast bulk of White people, many of whom have fled cities with large Black populations.

    • Jamal can manage the physics of an AK trigger. I can triangulate fire from mortars and register a 155mm gun battery for precision fire. If God wills, and the opportunity presents itself, I’d love to place my white man’s math against his.

        • I don’t think so. The cops are getting wise to the Donks and shitlibs that want them defunded. The Donks hate the military and their only use for it is as an affirmative action farm. The Donks want to rule by fear.
          Be courageous and just – and hold those buggers to the same standard.

        • Seriously you are smoking crack if you think they have the brains to operate a reaper drone let alone do the maintenance on one of them which you have to show proficiency in before they let you call the shots…

          • Yup.

            Anyone who is not a White male is largely incapable of handling regular preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of any complex equipment or system.

          • Being White improves your odds yes, but is no guarantee. About 15% of White applicants are too stupid for the military (ASVAB, AFQT),

          • Lineman, there’s nothing to be done about those who live life in the fetal position. They’re a waste of our time.

      • This right to bear arms things is getting out of control 🙂
        But yes, in a pinch there might be a need for someone with artillery (?) experience.

  41. Imagine a road with no rules. If you cannot know what other drivers will do or how the road surface will be around the next corner, the road becomes useless.

    No need to imagine. We have a North London road referred to as ‘The North Circular’, it is the place to go to be cut up by mystery meat and rammed by scamming Nigerians. I’d imagine you boys in the States do it even better than us, if VDH’s laments about California’s roadways are any indication. Diversity is our strength.

  42. Africanized math

    Future examination question?

    Jerome owes his dealer, TaiQuarius, 5,000 government currency units (GCU) and has 24 hours to pay him. He knows of 6 liquor stores and 2 pawn shops within jogging distance. On average, a liquor store holds about 200 GCU in it’s register and a pawn shop 1,200 GCU. Write an algorithm that permits Jerome to optimize his spree and pay off TaiQuarius as quickly as possible.

  43. The street fighters are not attacking “the man” as the man pays their allowance. They are attacking an avatar of the man their parents vanquished generations ago. It is one-part public theater and one-part cargo cult, put on as if it is an initiation ritual for young adults.


    They’re LARPing the revolution. And the older elites are LARPing an apocalypse movie with CoVid.

    • This folk look like Titanic infamous band. Let`s do something to avoid thinking and looking the inevitable. Donald is the only thing what keep this hate coalition from ripping itself apart.

      • I think Trump is the only thing keeping them from focusing on the fact that there are 1,000 photo-Trumps living unmolested in their own neighborhoods! Who, until recently, were punished only by being banned on Twitter or being forced to go through a racial sensitivity training session.

    • There is fake and there is not fake. When they are willing to shoot or beat whites into the morgue or ER. it’s not LARPing anymore. Our side’s resident bad asses need to recognize it and stop muttering about LARPing. It’s moved way beyond out that.
      If you doubt it walk into a BLM demo with a MAGA hat and tell us how LARPy it really it.

      • They are Larping at having an ideology at a sustainable ethos, but you are right, the violence is real. It’s real because it is a natural thing for urban blacks, lesbians (look up violence stats for that group), detached young men and bi-polar individuals. The elites organizing them have just given them a feasible ideological excuse to do what comes naturally to them.

        • Yes, exactly, and ultimately encouraged, behind the scenes, by shadowy entities. No, not those, but the ones out of Beijing.

    • Its not revolution, its simulated revolution, hyperreality expressed through fake activism, paid for by fake charities for fake ideals in the interest of very real power.

      • We found out in Colorado that messing with them can get you killed. Not fake. Maybe to some SEAL Team dude it is. But even they are not bullet proof.
        It’s quite evident they have plenty of psychopaths and sadists in their ranks who enjoy hurting people.
        We’ve seen them put whites into the ER. Not fake. Our side better wake the f**k up and realize the old rules don’t apply anymore, If you’re white and not part of the GoodWhiteClub you are fair game for these cretins.

      • That, or maybe this is real, the SCOTUS goes rogue too, the election theft is blessed, and we are all told to learn Mandarin so we can quote from that Little Red Book.

    • Older white people around here are ignoring the mask stuff for the most part. Its young people whop are masked up.

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