Back in the Cold War, one of the unanswered questions that came up from time to time was why did the people in the Soviet Union put up with it? American propaganda said that the living conditions were terrible. They had to stand in line for essentials like toilet paper and meat. The secret police regularly hauled people away, sending them into exile in Siberia or worse. Despite it all, the people, including those in the captive nations never revolted against the state or the communist party.

It is a useful question to ponder now as America and the West slip into the abyss of soft totalitarianism. We don’t have cops busting down doors and hauling away dissidents, at least not yet. We do have ideologues armed with the power of the state pushing people around because they can. The Covid hassles are the result of petty pipsqueaks in government offices dreaming up new ways to torment us. Curfews and bans on alcohol are punitive measures, not palliative ones.

It brings up that old question. Why are people tolerating this? There were some flickers of resistance during the early stages of the lock downs, but governments sent out the cops to harass dissenters and the media revved up the fear campaign. Here we are in a second wave of pointless lock downs, more petty and stupid than the first, but no one is raising hell about it. Back in the Cold War, stories like this elicited oaths about how the tree of liberty needed to be fertilized with the blood of tyrants.

A popular answer, for why people willingly allow themselves to be stripped of their liberty and dignity, is our material prosperity. The Boomers care more about their stock portfolios and their kids care more about the game consoles. The reason everyone goes along with this stuff, according to popular thinking, is everyone feels like they have too much to lose. That material prosperity has made everyone lazy and cautious, so they are easily pushed around by the petty tyrants.

While there is some truth to it, that can’t be the answer for why the people living under communism never revolted. The stories about people waiting in line for bread were no doubt exaggerated by Western media, but there is no doubting that the people in the Soviet Union lived well below Western standards. The Soviets may have had great military gear, but their consumer goods were terrible. Only party members had access to the small luxuries taken for granted in the West at the time.

In retrospect, we now know that life for most people in the Soviet Empire was not the dystopian nightmare portrayed in the West. Once Stalin died, there was a brief period of reform and then communism fell into a long period of conservatism. That is, it was more about maintaining a set of rules and enforcing them. Ideological experimentation came to an end and the focus was on the basics of life. For most people this meant a predictable life, where they had the necessities.

There’s no doubt that material standards of living for people in communism were far below that of the West, but this was not something they saw everyday. They just knew that life was better under communism than in the past. They were also free of crime, disorder and the great uncertainty of the first half of the 20th century. In other words, lacking a plausible alternative that was clearly better, most people were willing to knuckle under to the ideologues in order to get on with life.

We see that in America now. An under appreciated subplot to the Trump phenomenon is that Trump represented disorder and uncertainty, while his establishment opponents became stability and order. They selected the Pretender Biden because no one could possibly see him as a revolutionary. To use the old movie concept, the election was about the blue bill of Biden or the red pill of Trump. Note that the old alt-right greedily gobbled down the blue pill of Biden.

Another historical parallel is important. The captive people of the Soviet Empire were not all willing to go along to get along. The Hungarians revolted in October of 1956 against the party and the Soviet occupation. In November the Soviets sent in the Red Army to crush the revolt. The Politburo was initially open to dealing with the leaders of the rebellion, but changed their mind and crushed the revolt. The reason was they did not want to encourage more rebellions.

In January 1968, the reformer, Alexander Dubček, was elected First Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. This set off what is known as the Prague Spring, which was an effort to liberalize Czech politics and economics. This reform effort did not go over well with the Soviets who sent in half a million Warsaw Pact troops to suppress the reform movement and restore the old order. The scenes from Freedom Plaza last Saturday had a Prague Spring vibe to them.

What the Hungarian Revolt and the Prague Spring showed is that raw power has an appeal that can never be underestimated. There is no question that the people of the captive nations were in support of their independence, but the raw power of the Soviet Empire was more than enough to counter popular support. When the rebels had no answer for the Soviet tanks, the people did what Osama bin Laden observed many years ago. They chose the strong horse.

This is a lesson the Poles learned and put to good use in the 1980’s. The Solidarity Movement was as much about making the Polish communist party look weak as it was about organizing the people. Instead of hoping the party would yield to popular will, they played a game of chess with the party, putting them in positions where they looked weak and indecisive. This allowed the people to trust that the cure for communism was not worse than the disease of communism.

This brings us back to the current time. One obvious failing of the populist movement that put Trump in the White House is it was never able to create a plausible alternative in the mind of the people. Was the goal a return to the past or was the goal the present with specific modifications? Was it some undefined future? Trump was not skilled enough to grasp this and lacked the imagination to articulate a plausible alternative, even if he recognized the historical moment.

This is something that the reformers and rebels in the late Soviet Empire did not fail to grasp when their time came. When the party tried to oust Yeltsin, for example, the public rallied to his side because he represented a clear alternative. The Solidarity movement in Poland had a clear set of goals, rather than a list of complaints. When the party tried to muscle them, they were opposing more than just a rebellious rabble, but a set of specific reforms popular with the people.

Getting back to the central question as to why people throughout the ages have been wiling to submit to the most terrible crimes against their liberty and dignity, the answer is that life is about trade-offs. Instinctively, people make their choices based on the options put before them. They do not rebel against the present arrangements because they fall short of some ideal. They rebel, either because the alternative is misery and death or they see some better option on the table.

This has been the magic of the two-party democracy, which is explicit in America and implicit in Europe. The options before the people are always the two faces of the establishment, Republican and Democrat, Liberal and Conservative. Unless and until that dynamic is broken, either with a third option or the discrediting of the two option system, the status quo remains the strong horse. Nothing will change until the trade-offs presented to the people change.

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363 thoughts on “Trade-Offs

  1. Reference the new directives: Out here in the middle of the country, many people just don’t care what the powers dictate. Perhaps a majority, or most) I note that in most activities managed by females, masks are more commonly worn. In those controlled and executed by men (construction, oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing), masks are hardly ever seen.

    Go to any medically oriented concern, and be prepared to wear a mask. Although I’ll admit that out here, even banking, and some female run professional offices I visit pay no homage to the latest control schemes.

    The school I attend follows the latest mandates and chatters constantly about COVID; in the 100% male program I’m involved with, no one spends any time worrying about the latest hysteria or mandate.

    Out here, many are telling them to pound sand and are accepting the risks themselves.

  2. Small businessmen being crushed by jewflu edicts are shot they’re gonna shuffle off to bankruptcy court, in old shoes, with their heads down., all that hard work and goodwill devastated by a governor with a summer home in the Hamptons, who gets a raise. When hyperinflation, like Germany, hits the comfortable douchebags and their precious pensions….they’ll be looking for Hitler, demanding him, as their false narratives, their world…turns to shit.

    • With all of the hoaxes that we’ve been forced to endure, I’m waiting for the “hyper-inflation hoax” to be next. Don’t bother yourself with trying to figure out how the media will justify it … they’ll come up with something that the sheeple will believe … probably tied to production of essential items being impacted by “The Covid”. Or, maybe the Covid stimulus causing it. Whatever it is, John Q. Public will nod acceptingly, and take it up the whazzoo, as per usual.

  3. Let me add, that Trump won. Biden’s team just cheated, massively. It was the Establishment doing to Trump what they did to Bernie Sanders.
    Trump was for the populace, at least most Whites and about half Latinos, the vote for stability. For NOT: constant riots, constant violence by blacks, constant racial hectoring, not being able to buy meat, eggs, or milk, not being able to gas up your car, not being thrown out of work. Trump was for ordinary people all of this which is why he won big. Working and Middle class income went up more in Trump’s term even with Covid lockdowns than for the past 20 years. Combined. That’s plenty of stability.
    But for the Elite, he was chaos. They need/want to debase the populace as they have no other way of feeling good about themselves unless ordinary people are miserable. Trump was stopping the Green New Deal. Stopping Reparations. Stopping Street Reparations.
    Is any ordinary person better off now, than they were three years ago? Two years ago? One year ago? Is Biden offering Good Times Rolling? Jobs and money and security and more stuff? Nope he’s offering misery with a moral crusade that appeals to blacks and blacks and blacks y’all and White Karens and various aggrieved young women of various colors. That’s it.
    Look at anti-Fa. All they can recruit are child molesters, domestic abusers, various criminals, and weirdos.

    • Seems to me, as of now at least, that Trump may be fine with ceding the election and just being a royal pain in the ass for Biden and looking to undermine him at every turn, with the drip drip drip of criminal fraud and voting activity coming from court cases a continual grinding away at Biden’s legitimacy

      • Respectfully, if Trump is not elected, the media will never let his criticism of Biden see the light of day. His Twitter will be censored and he’ll fade into the background. He’ll be painted as a sore loser, eating sour grapes. History (written by Simon-Schuster) will record him as some cartoonish buffoon … more fit for a cage than the Presidency. His legacy will be tainted so that no one every tries this again. That’s what our (((rulers))) will do.

        • Yeah, I can see that. But I’m thinking more along the lines of using the courts to keep his 73 million followers in a constant lather. And Trump can use right wing sites to get out the info along with newsmax. Stuff like that.

          it would the Tea Party from hell. Biden wouldn’t be able to handle it.

          • Sorry Falcone. Censorship is just going to get worse. Unorthodox thinking will not be tolerated. They already have files on us and they know who we are. The vice tightens.

          • I agree … some dissident sites may be tolerated but they’ll either be bait or riddled with Feds who will suggest crazy things to entrap people. Time to go back to CB radio … “breaker, breaker, good Buddy!”

          • C@de words. Intentional mess spellings. Euphemisms. Joggers. Misdirection. Did i say up? I meant down. To the extent that computers are tracking us, rather than humans, these tactics may not be a bad idea..

    • “Let me add, that Trump won”

      It’s over, mate. He lost. Fraud or no fraud, cheating or no cheating it’s done. Biden will be the next President. The sooner the DR accepts that, the better.

      • Ahh, don’t throw in the towel yet, bubba! Our Prez does not like to lose so I think that he’s got some tricks up his sleeve. If Biden does hold on, then the only upside that I see is the possibility of someone rising up from amongst our ranks to charismatically lead the charge. Many people will be stirred into action but the opposition will be fierce.

  4. The Soviets crumbled because they could not pay the border guards in first Hungary (where East Germans were able in late 1988 to cross into Austria) and then East Germany when the wall came down in 1989. And they ran out of money because Reagan crashed oil prices. Reagan’s team might not have been geniuses but they recognized the weakness of the Soviet System — it required economic surplus to keep the enforcers enforcing. Biden of course wants sky-high oil prices while he makes war with Russia in Syria, and with China in the South China Sea, etc.
    The Diverse are not very cohesive. The Left is already unhappy with Biden and set for confrontation, Team Biden is old, weak, and a senile leader and crackhead/airhead combo for his family.
    Meanwhile the Biden move will be to appease the left with ever greater anti-White street reparations ala Rick Moranis, a White Tax, a lockdown for Thanksgiving and Christmas, a lockdown extending 18-24 months they are talking while vaccines go to Africa. Even Sailer is alarmed at the wokeness. All while courting war with competent foreign powers. This is why Spencer etc. wanted Biden. They figured accurately that Biden would accelerate things and Trump delay them.
    Can the US pay Reparations with a White Tax while making 75% of America unemployed and imposing a meat tax and gas tax to make both unaffordable to those working (inflation for food is out of sight) after three years of continuous rising incomes? No. All while Whites personal physical security is ever more threatened with street reparations. And an election that was stolen with everyone knowing it. No legitimacy, inability to pay the military or police around the corner, military defeat fairly certain, rapidly declining living standards and personal safety.

  5. I was a HUGE gamer growing up, but by 19 I’d outgrown it. The real world was a lot more interesting. That people are still gaming into middle age is a head scratcher.

    • I still love gaming. Can’t wait for Hitman 3.

      But I don’t watch TV so it’s my only source of more mainstream entertainment

      I also love LEGO he he

      But nothing beats a good novel. But keep in mind back in the day grown men were considered a bit silly for reading fiction. “Real men” read history, was the idea.

      I guess I will never really grow up

      • Work, growing food, making wine, making bullets, read the odd history book when I have time, which isn’t often these days. How did I get here? 🙂

        • I hear ya

          I do all of that too, try to at least

          Games are my one source of entertainment and fraternity with a people I otherwise don’t have much in common with

  6. we need a plan, we need communication, coordination, organization; but we’re not pissed off enough -yet. getting’ closer.

  7. What happensd in Wayne County is a great case study as to why we always lose and won’t win. The left is free to threaten, dox, harass and physically attack us. Our side caves at the first sign of resistance. We aren’t willing to hurt our lives to win. This is why our only rebellion is buying guns. It is the only safe way to rebel because it is no threat to the ruling class.

  8. People are rebelling by buying guns. Gun sales are soaring. It is how the right always rebels and fits the overall culture by being retail therapy.

    Retail therapy poses no threat to our rulers but allows the populace to blow off steam and have fun

  9. They seem to have infinite money, total control of all media, and a willingness to cheat, lie, and steal to achieve their goals. This election fraud gives us a glimpse of the incredible reach that they have. They seem to have a majority control of the US Intelligence agencies. If they want you gone, they can make it happen. Our first revolution seemed to be about a lot less than what we have now.

      • Yep, and if they had so much they wouldn’t be begging for donations every cycle

        It’s all smoke and mirrors like so much about our economy

      • My thoughts on their infinite sums of money were targeted on the stock market. If they can organize a massive election fraud, in broad daylight, and get away with it, just imagine the manipulation that going on in the stock market. Computerized trading that responds to every orchestrated market announcement is like printing your own money, while the Chairman of the SEC looks the other way cuz they’re a member of the tribe too.

    • Trump had the perception of being anti-establishment. Those seeing him as the best opportunity for change, but with stability, voted for him. Not to go back to what was, but to say screw you to DC.
      Now it’s obvious that voting is not the answer that people thought it would be. TPTB are telling the people, screw you. They usually wait until they are actually in office to do that. So, people don’t know what to do now.
      I have a clear picture in my mind. TPTB world-wide have a goal, or an end. Just look at the pdf of Agenda 2030 and read about the WEF. We know they work with an end justifies the means mentality. They will do anything to steamroll the world into submission in “equality”, in a clean, thoughtless paradise, with few personal freedoms or rights. Destroying a US President that is a thorn in their side is a top priority.
      People need to be shown the harsh realities of what the future holds. The Globalist steamroller needs to be held in clear contrast to individual liberties. If the majority want the steamroller, heading for the hills would only buy us time.

      • I totally agree … 2030 World Economic Forum has an article on their website that is titled something to the effect of, “I Own Nothing and I’ve Never Been Happier!”. Basically, its this imagined utopian society where you share living spaces based on your schedules and many other crazy, never-will-happen, ideas are cast as marvelous. The implementation of these crazy notions would, of course, be dystopian, in the extreme!

  10. It seems clear to all that, barring a Trump win, this is the beginning of the end. With the game being rigged, White men will see no point in caring about this Nation, or its leaders. White flight will occur to the heartland due to states turning blue, but that will offer no escape from wealth confiscation. Feds will infiltrate every nook & cranny of any dissident content … some will be left open as bait …

    • White flight never solved anything, never will.

      The blatant steal is a flex – what are you gonna do about it whitey? Yeah, we shaved 2% off of every trump county with dominion. They don’t care if you know because if they get away with it it will never matter again.

      Republicans and many normiecons don’t seem to understand, if this fraud happens they will never win another election. Firstly due to fraud and secondly due to amnesty. There is no “regroup, and run Josh Hawley 2024!” – firstly he would lose anyways and secondly the system is rigged. Either Trump wins, by any means necessary, and the thieves are sent to jail – or we no longer have a nation.

      • Trump not leaving his vehicle to speak to the Million MAGA crowd looks like a huge missed opportunity.

        Maybe the FTN guys are right and it’s all just kayfabe…

        • Nice use of “kayfabe”. There’s a lot of wrestling carny that can be used when describing our world today.

      • I agree, B125 … I don’t see a “re-group”. The media will bleat non-stop that the Biden/Harris admin is the glorious future … any disagreement is racist and hateful! If Trump doesn’t prevail, White men will realize that elections are a joke and not vote in 2024. It’s game-set-match on that front. Our only hope is to use the JQ as a wedge issue within the progressive left. This is something of a fault-line with the Democratic Party …

      • … some of the higher profile Dems have made less than flattering remarks about our rulers. The media keeps a lid on this. We can fan those embers and try to create a fracture amongst them. I wish someone would’ve done this 2 years ago, but wishing doesn’t change anything. Its only when our (((enemy))) is exposed that we make progress. Its an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing.

  11. The one book I urge everyone to read (regardless of politics) is “The Forsaken” It’s the story of Americans during the Depression seeking a better life working in a Ford Factory in the USSR. It’s both horrible and compelling. (Also gives the lie to all the “wasn’t that bad” narratives.)

    • Excellent look at the Stalinist Purges. I also recommend Kolyma Stories by Varlam Shalamov, who spent most of his life in the Gulag.

  12. I thought _The Unbelievable Lightness of Being_ did a good job of showing how much ingenuity people will put into controlling other people.

    One would be called into the local police office and told to sign a confession, just a formality, it will never see the light of day. If you did not sign, you were not longer a doctor, you were a window washer, for the rest of your working life.

  13. I think ppl rebel against weakness not tyranny. Take the case of Russia; there were many partial rebellions and much terror (by ‘private initiative’, not the gov) under the last Czar, Nicholas II. Then the war came and he fell and then he was killed. His police and such were brutal enough but he was always seen as a weak, dithering dilettante. Later, under Stalin, there was to be little in the way of rebellion even though things were much worse in many ways.

    The same pattern earlier in France. Under Louis XVI, total revolution and poor King Louis lost his head. Under Napoleon, no such nonsense was tolerated even though his everlasting wars put at least equal strain on the population. Maybe it helped that most young men were in his uniform but the pattern, if it is a pattern, still holds; you rebel against a weakling government or leader. It is suicide under a genuine strongman. Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein etc. same thing. Saddam had rebellions but only after military disasters and even weathered them. It took ‘rebels’, neo-cons, in DC to get rid of him. But how to let loose the deluge of revolution is something we should be looking at. B/c reform from the inside will not happen.

    • Under Napoleon, no such nonsense was tolerated even though his everlasting wars put at least equal strain on the population.

      The French liked Napoleon because he was a winner.

      His only decisive loss was to the Russian known as General Winter.

      Even Wellington admitted he barely won at Waterloo.

      • I think you’re right, Napoleon was genuinely popular and there is much to admire about him although, ironically for an Italian Frenchman, he was a chump w the ladies lol But like a Stalin or Saddam, it is very hard to imagine a Napoleon being caught off guard by a popular rebellion and caving to it. He would not have gone quietly like a Louis XVI or Nicholas II. He would have crushed it like a bug. And maybe that was Trump’s problem, he was a Captain Hook, ie a cartoon tough guy. In a situation that called for real life tough.

  14. Incidentally, there is a “study” out saying that working from home makes people more racist. Believe it’s from England.

    But dovetails with something I noted a few months ago. If you have to work with blacks and so forth everyday, you become “programed” to want to take their side on things like BLM. The mind tends to shut off to anything remotely critical of blacks. For whatever reason. And so many white guys are in precisely that position, so getting them to see the light won’t work if it means it makes daily interactions with colleagues next to impossible.

    Ah, but once free…. There is nothing holding them back.

  15. There was a glaring difference between the Eastern European communists and the totalitarian monsters who run the United States.

    Yes, there were many Reds who wanted to elect a new people, but they were the exceptions and not the rule despite the shibboleths they mouthed about international socialism. Even Stalin, in his homicidal madness, loved the Russias. What we have here and now are people who literally hate and loathe White Americans, Canadians, Australians, Kiwis and Europeans and want them marginalized if not outright exterminated.

    The captive nations were able to end relatively peacefully. This will not happen here and in Europe because the aim is not just subjugation but elimination. Yes, things will stay calm until the United States has an economic collapse and/or suffers a humiliating military loss.
    ETA: Of course, everyone knows the election was stolen and no one, especially the State’s controlled opposition, will act to undo the theft because their bellies are full and bombs are not raining down. This is the interregnum before those things happen and people are not about to do anything to topple the applecart. But the applecart will be toppled.

  16. Isn’t the problem with the analogy with the Russians and the Czech s that Russians are not Czech s. Theres not way to send in the tanks on “them” because we are them.

  17. Goals? No more immigration. Segregation from minorities, programs to improve infrastructure and health care in rural areas, outlawing of abortion and sodomy, public executions of child abusers, outlaw divorce, outlaw women and minority voting, weighted voting depending on how long ancestors have been here, return to limited central gov, and free pizza.

  18. I tend to be of two minds on a lot of this stuff

    What I cannot get past is this. I simply don’t believe the likes of Hillary Clinton, Warren, Bernie, Kamala, etc are CAPABLE enough to bring about the future we fear. The can barely run a campaign. And although they are tyrannical by nature, they are shallow and pretty stupid. And they’re almost all dead.

    So part of me finds it implausible that they could accomplish much of anything. Yes, they are successful at the soft tyranny. But that’s easy. Just tell cops to harass people or be fired. Or corporations to hire trannies or have the IRS on their ass. So what I think I’m seeing is a situation where the natural opposition still doesn’t take the opposition seriously, hence the slumber.

    But….at the same time, the people who would be the natural opposition, say the patriotic sorts have really been dumbed down quite a bit. I remember growing up how the southerners were pretty effective at keeping the yankee transplants from taking over. I thought, sure, illegals can take over California, but wait until they try that crap in the south. But where are those same people I knew growing up? Why did their resolve weaken and they surrender? Illegals are rampant everywhere in the south now.

    So maybe we really are in a situation where we simply lack the stuff to fight off even idiots like the current Dems? Maybe the opposition itself has become just as stupid.

    Perplexing to say the least.

    • Was I the only one who saw Lindsey Graham fist bump Kamala in the well of the Senate a couple days ago? Meme of the century if someone makes one.

      • Part of me thinks all of these politicians and ideologues are just wannabes who have zero chance of creating their socialist utopia, and there has to be intelligent people out there in the world who are well aware of it. I doubt Putin or Xi take any of them very seriously and just humor them and get what they can out of them. No one in our country has been successful at really anything in the past 25 years. What have they done ? Obamacare? LOL. They couldn’t even do that with the entire insurance industry helping. Couldn’t win a war against goat herders. And the other big effort was the TSA, a total failure and one I even forgot the initials of and had to just look up.

        They succeed in their own way merely because no one challenges them. One man did, Trump, and it took every single last one of them working int total unison just to get him out of the way. Imagine if there were only 500 hundred dedicated people trying to thwart them.

        • I always like to define who “they” are. “They” are government contractors in most respects. The system itself is one big grift. “They” have never had to worry one minute about refilling the trough since this system was re-launched in 1946. “They” are the grandkids now of the ones who re-launched the place. Had their grandparents been alive today they would tap them on the shoulder and say “do you have any idea what we had to do to re-launch this shit?” “They” think they can have a “great reset” by moving numbers on balance sheets, using some fake ass virus because it’s always worked for them to just shift numbers. When this place fails, and we actually need a “great reset” “they” won’t know what to do.

        • They have turned America into Dystopia, and are now consolidating their grip.
          They have no interest in creating anything but more of what they have done.
          What people say is meaningless, only what they do.

    • A campaign is when you have to ask nicely. In office you can just order things to happen. It doesn’t follow that being bad at one means being bad at the other.

      • Ok, but the point was about their wealth as politicians. If they really had all this money they wouldn’t need to “ask nicely” or beg and in turn make themselves beholden to others. Unless, of course, they simply like or can’t help themselves from being whores. That could be a lot of it.

        Oh, the mind of a politician. What exactly goes on in their slutty little heads.

    • Obviously, the politicians that we have foisted upon us are promoted and selected by the party donors … Trump being the exception. I still contend that He wasn’t supposed to happen … a glitch in the matrix, if you will. The “others” either agree with the program, or know what they need to do. The #1 goal is to smash any chance of White Nationalism rising up in the USA. This would result in TPTB being exposed and ran out on a rail, a la pre-WWII Germany. And this would set-back their One World Government plans, which cannot be allowed to happen.

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  20. Zman, do you think Trump is part of a faction “at the table”? It strikes me that it is a category failure to see the election as one man against many. So if you think Trump is part of a faction, whom else is in there?

  21. “Moskwa chowa” was a Polish saying in the day. It has a double meaning as “chowa” could be “hides” or “buries” as in the dead. General Jaruzelski had this, and possible Soviet intervention in mind when imposing martial law in 1981. Surprisingly he held on, giving ground, until 1990.

  22. The CCP will wake the sleeping comfort whore zombies with the iron fist treatment.
    Dreams of dope smoking soundcloud rapping will be crushed in the workers collective utopia gulags.
    Jomala is CCP/CPUSA and a Zimbabwe/Venezuela hell hybrid is coming if John Roberts pushes them across the line.
    The Uniparty smoke and mirrors fraud has reached the end of the line as you can see by FAUX news joining Clowns Not News in the laughingstock status.

  23. Our system cannot be reformed. This has been obvious to the DR for years but Trump opened a great many of those eyes who were before insensible to the irredeemable nature of the anarcho-tyrannical regime that we are forced to live under. Now we’re headed down the hard road to revolution.

    Americans like to think of themselves as rebels willing to “water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants” but no, we are subject to the same forces that have shaped other lands and peoples. Thus most people in all times and places will tolerate just about anything to avoid disorder and we are no different. But Trump won’t be willing to do what is necessary, he just puts on a tough guy front. And Biden is even worse in the weak sister department. Either way, we’re headed down the hard road to revolution.

    Be adaptable. As Bruce Lee said (paraphrasing). One second be like water, the next second be like rock.

  24. The country died morally and culturally decades ago (see the 1970’s) but not economically. We live in a dead society that has no future. The left is just maggots eating the corpse. Trump’s chance of failure was 100% even if he was a reformer, which he wasn’t. You can’t re-animate a corpse and just brush off the maggots that have already eaten most of it. Nature is just a set of fractals and the left is the human fractal of entropy. When the old, 1930s and 40’s era cogs of this machine finally fail, that will be the time when reform is even plausible. The automated kibble dispenser just has to run out of kibble. Then we’ll just be left staring at each other, and getting hungry. That’s when the magic will happen. It all come’s down to Say’s law. You can’t have something for nothing. There’s no free lunch.

    • Well. Said. I never hear a lot of dissidents talk about abortion, divorce, contraception, things that were unthinkable 100 years ago.

  25. The problem with Eastern Europeans is one of fatalism. “Well, it’s always been shitty so more shit.” Poverty isn’t just a disease of the stupid, but one of people with low expectations. For themselves. For their kids. For their neighbors. This is why leftism triumphs in most cultures. It’s an excuse making machine for failure. An endless one. Right down to ancestry, which makes it even more of a religion that worships tortured ancestors. The primary goal of leftists in this country, or any is to blow open the gates and let every squatter peasant in from every corner of the earth. We can ONLY hope that they system itself fails, this complex social bribery system from Medicaid to SNAP, to a thousand other things before we’re completely inundated. Many of these peasants will shuffle home to their broken cultures. God created inflation and national bankruptcy to stop this, which is ultimately what happened in Eastern Europe.

  26. “The Boomers care more about their stock portfolios and their kids care more about the game consoles.”
    Maybe that’s the case in Gringolándia, but it’s not ubiquitous. I’m a “Boomer”, don’t have a stock portfolio in spite of (or perhaps because of) the fact that I was at one time a succesful equities trader. I moved to productive tangibles long ago and at least up to the present, this strategy has proven itself small-scale effective, which is good enough for me. My younger (now 40) kid has made it so with the business in which we both invested. The game console has been left to the six year old grandson, who has fun with it between his schoolwork and farmlette chores. And his mom isn’t 100% white! Imagine that!

    • And you are going to be unreliable. Your kid is probably as “anti-racist” as any SJW. Is his identity wrapped around the x% that isn’t white? Because that is what happens with 95% of mixed kids. Even 1/4 black children of a white end up identifying with the 1/2 black absent father they don’t even know. The same thing happens with Asian mixes too. This is one of the major reasons race mixing is EVIL.

      This is exactly what makes Amy Barrett so bad. Her Haitian “children” are going to color everything she does in the SCOTUS.

      • “I just couldn’t look myself in the eyes if I let Drumpff get a second term – I want to black kids to grow up with an honorable, decent man as president.”

        Nothing is sadder than seeing an old white guy with his non-white wife, and all his kids/grandkids/extended family are foreigners. White blood is precious.

  27. Trump was no red pill. He was a sleeping pill. It would, however, be fantastic if it was proven in any way, shape or form that a computer algorithm robbed him of votes, even if this isn’t covered in our Pravda Press.
    “One obvious failing of the populist movement that put Trump in the White House is it was never able to create a plausible alternative in the mind of the people. Was the goal a return to the past or was the goal the present with specific modifications?” – Yes. It was. And it’s a loser. It was boomers who wanted to turn the clock back to 1986….Forever….
    “Trump was not skilled enough to grasp this and lacked the imagination to articulate a plausible alternative, even if he recognized the historical moment.” Even if Trump recognized it he would never have acted upon it because he is NOT a reformer. He was a guy who promised to be the repair man of a currently broken machine. He was never about repurposing the machine for other uses once it was up and running.

    • Trump is very normie in his politics and civics.
      He has extraordinary gifts and accomplishments, but his politics and civics are very normie.

  28. They may be petty, but they are not dumb nor are they incompetent. These people have won every single battle since the guns went silent in 1945. They won around the world. They have gotten everything they wanted.
    The first and only useful tool we ever had in fighting them has been lost because they took it away from us. It didn’t just break either. They saw what it could do and they took it from us. We bitched and complained and did NOTHING.
    At least they can get 100k people to show up somewhere. They can conjure up more drug addicts and criminals to attack us when we try to show up than we can muster good people to do something.
    True we are more effective online than in person, but we are not 1/10th as effective as we were 6 years ago online. The so-called alternatives are terrible. At best they are ghettos and at worst they are just as bad as twitter or FB.

    • There’s never been anything in their way.
      Nor is it likely that there will be.
      We’re cowards, we’re sheep, we’re We The Sheeple.
      And we deserve what we’re getting for it.
      Our only sin is cowardice.
      That’s mortal, the only actual mortal sin in life.

  29. I generally love your posts Z Man. This time I think you nailed at the beginning and then lost the thread. I am old enough to remember the cold war, which means I am completely irrelevant in modern America now, and yes we used to mostly despise communism because you had to wait in line to buy ordinary items and… they oppressed christians. Now that America has all but abandoned christianity and we are all waiting to get our groceries delivered (at least in the big city where I live), none of the arguments against communism really resonate anymore. I would love it if, all things being equal, my current daily life remained mostly the same AND the government just gave me free electricity and internet and sent me a check every month to cover my basic expenses. But we are actually living in a kind of communist state for Black people in that they are getting all of the upward mobility and we are just extra labor. So here’s why I disagree with your final paragraphs this time… We actually do want to play along with this bamboozlement of our culture because we really do want to void the check on the accusation of racism. In other words, why be the one guy who fighting against the ascension of “black power” that is rather comically playing out as basically just giving black people an easy lay-up in life. It’s like you are watching the special olympics and you are the one guy in the stands who keeps saying “these kids can’t run fast enough to really win a medal.” In other words, just like in the soviet system, we are all playing along. At a certain point we will get tired of playing along and the bamboozlement game will end. But right now young black people are loving the fact that they are sticking it to whitey. So what. It’s just a tv show. Stop watching it and I will bet your life is like mine in that almost nothing has really changed.

  30. Zman, don’t forget the very first revolt in the Soviet Empire: the uprising in Berlin of 1953.

    Thousands of brave Germans were murdered, yet they have no memorial. No movie has ever been made about. It was treated as a non-event in the West and deliberately ignored by ‘free’ governments. Most people today don’t even know it happened.

    Germans cannot be allowed to be seen as victims or heroes – especially in Germany.

    • I THINK the East German rebellion was at least partly instigated by German and Soviet commies and part of the power struggles after Stalin’s death that year.

  31. Sold out arms and ammo is the difference between us and them. The concept of resisting tyranny wasn’t as widespread there as it is here. Thought experiments abound on what to do in various scenarios. Election fraud incarcerations will reduce the threat, but not the vigilance.

  32. It’s even mentioned in the Declaration of Independence:
    “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”
    The amazing thing about the American Revolution, was that the people apparently did NOT choose the strong horse. I wonder if being heavily armed had some fortifying effect on their spirits? And guess what, we are still heavily armed…
    BTW, one has to question whether the people of eastern Europe really did in fact put up with tyranny. Yes, violent rejections of it were few and all unsuccessful, but there are other means to whittle away support for the regime.
    Also, on the point about people with nothing left to lose, there are plenty of those in any society, even rich societies. People rebel not only because of poverty, but also because of things like dual-standard justice, or predatory ruling class behavior.

    • This is more a philosophical comment. The old saying that there is nothing more dangerous than a man who knows he has nothing to lose, is probably true. What occurred to me:  almost as sad is the man who doesn’t realize what he stands to lose, and plunges headlong with his harebrained ideology. That last statement defines many in our government.

  33. We analyze and debate endlessly (which essentially functions as mental masturbation) because it’s easy to do in the internet age, it mollifies anxiety, and it creates a false sense of accomplishment. There won’t be a tangible alternative response until people are actually starving, living in misery, and have their back up against the wall. If, or when, the House of Cards economy ultimately crashes/burns/begets real hardship, the Elites will manufacture a war to distract the masses. History 101.

    • Paris, 1700’s: the news, the news! Men were mad for it, spending all day chasing gossip instead of working.
      Ask me, I should be working now.

  34. The Soviets may have had great military gear…

    They really didn’t. Small arms and mines were the few exceptions, but most of what the Red Army fielded was garbage.

    • Still was enough to beat Hitler. Meanwhile “the greatest military ever ever” got its ass whooped by Afghan desert people.

      • Still was enough to beat Hitler.

        Not really. Stalin’s inhuman ability to sacrifice bodies for maximum gain cannot be understated; plus it’s insulting to the Russian people to do so.

          • The apocryphal story about the West Point cadet who was taking an exam on WWII. The essay question: Who had the better army, USSR or Germany? Everyone begins writing magnums opus (magnum opuses?) on the question, but this one guy cranks out an answer in 1 minute and leaves. Turns out, he gets the high score in the class.

            His answer: “The Russians. They won.”

      • Meanwhile “the greatest military ever ever” got its ass whooped by Afghan desert people.

        Well that’s one thing the US and Russian militaries have in common, they were both humiliated by the Afghans.

    • They had the best tanks in the world for a long time. Their jets ran circles around our gear in the 50’s and 60’s. They also put men in space first.

      • and how much of that was based on stolen technology? and how does their weaponry stand up to ours, now?

      • The MiG-29 and Su-27/33/35 are spoken of very highly by Western pilots that have flown them or faced them in exercises.

        Russia also leads in hypersonic missiles and integrated air defence systems. The Kalibr cruise missile is also pretty good.

        Their GLONASS system is on par with GPS for most use cases.

        For a long time, US astronauts required Russian help with travel to and from the ISS.

        SpaceX is trying to end that dependency, but it will be a slow process because it seems like they are trying to get the engineering right.

        • Russia also leads in hypersonic missiles and integrated air defence systems. The Kalibr cruise missile is also pretty good.

          I suspect those are exaggerated claims made by US-based defense experts who have a vested interest in continuing the arms race. I don’t doubt Russia has the toys, but I highly doubt they have many of those toys nor can they make many of them. Also, any electronic counters the NSA (yes, they serve a function beyond spying on your porn habit) comes up with to those wonderful missiles will be kept as secret as possible.

      • All of that is true, but I was referring to the post-WW2 Soviet Red Army. Aerospace is something else altogether and it’s not a subject I have much knowledge nor interest in. I was infantry, so if it’s not man-portable I really don’t care about it.

    • They developed a helmet-mounted cueing system that enabled their jet pilots to take successful off-boresight shots during ACM. Germany united and we got an inside look at the technnology and also flew mock battles against it. Our pilots would have been massacred. We failed to field a comparable system until AIM-9X, which was several decades after the Soviets did.

      Don’t believe our MIC propaganda.

      • Love the screen name!

        I had forgotten about the Russian off-boresight missile aiming capability.

        I do recall that the Russians have been pushing FLIR (forward-looking infrared) sensors research as one of several technologies to counter stealth.

      • Honestly, I don’t know much about military aerospace in general. So you’d automatically know more than me. I was infantry my entire military career and man-portable systems is what I was familiar with and knew and thus comment on.

        • I built sh_t for you. I had been accepted into OCS/Navy- aviation until the physical to discover waiverable conditions, which divulged 20/40 left eye amidst glut of prospects. Not even eligible for b/n on A-6, which is the mission I had wanted.

          So for years I built sh_t, my specialty most efficient path in low-storage ordnance and then up from that .

          As a civilian aviation freak, I likely do know more that anybody here. This said, I am constantly learning from all of you. When I was growing up, the best compliment my family gave to a person was “I can learn from you.”

          Here I learn from you.

    • The Soviets did not have crappy military gear, certainly not in 1941 or WW2. The Germans were horrified when they ran into the T-34, never mind KV-1. They couldn’t touch it. They needed 88’s to knock them down.
      The Germans invaded with few Pnz IV’s, mostly Pnz III’s.
      They couldn’t take the T-34s, never mind the KV-1s.

      What defeated the Russians in 41 was disorganization and poor logistics, along with frankly bad leaders. Much of this can be laid to the purges, it was very heavy on logistics.
      The German Panzer Divisions in 1941 had far more trucks than the Russians, who’s tanks broke down or ran out of fuel and were destroyed by their crews. By 1944 thanks to Lend Lease the Russians had far better logistics- our most important contribution being trucks.
      Tactics are for battle, War is Logistics.

  35. “Despite it all, the people, including those in the captive nations never revolted against the state or the communist party,”

    Zman corrected this later in the post, but didn’t mention that East Germany also had a rebellion, in 1953. The Red Army showed up in force with the usual tanks to quash it.

  36. Only a completely enervated people could believe that a corrupt senile career politician would bring order and stability. So many White Americans have been beat down to the point they can’t even take their own side let alone accurately access the current situation. Sad beyond words.

    • And so many actually fight against taking their own side which is really sad… Building Community with our people is taking your own side but people want to stay atomized/weak for some reason…

      • Details, cousin, details.

        Salt the drum beat with small tips like you did above.

        “helping people relocate, find jobs, find housing and meeting people f2f” helped a lot, it really does. I can see what you mean.

  37. The fact that the Hungarians and Czechs and Poles rebelled against communist oppression while the Russians tolerated it, has much to do with innate nationalism. People can withstand bullying as long as the bully is one of them. However, when the oppressor is alien–in this case, Russian–the hegemony becomes insufferable. And this should provide whites in “America” with some hope. Increasingly, whites are being ruled by blacks and their proxies via an explicitly anti-white fascist Power Structure. At some point, and perhaps sooner rather than later, this dynamic will become so vexatious whites that they revolt in order to throw off the Negro Yoke. What form this revolt takes is anybody’s guess.

    • the more black faces in a sport, the lower the ratings. same with a political party. no other group likes or wants the nigs. maybe the jews do, they make noise like they do.

    • That’s another important point. The political structure increasingly simply lacks the human capital necessary to keep whitey oppressed. Hans could do it, but they have a very low birth rate and by about 2030 few will be leaving China… the asian/Indian importation seems to be trying to import intelligent people who could help the state function. Indians are basically their only possibility long term. But I question their abilities.

      • I also question their ruthlessness and their animus against whites. Of all the PoC, they are probably the most amenable to us.

  38. One reason Russians tolerated the misery of communism was that Russians were and are habituated to very hard times. Russian history, with its Mongol enslavement, its Time of Troubles, its poverty and serfdom, is a tale of almost unremitting hardship and political violence. Communism was simply one variation on a very old and well known theme.

  39. What were the people living under commie rule supposed to revolt WITH? They were UTTERLY defenseless. The first thing ALL dictators do is disarm their victims. And it’s the very first thing the left will attempt when they gain full control.

    • Yes, and they are well aware that a sudden and overt gun grab may trigger a grassroots hot civil war. As such, they prefer a longer game in which mass indoctrination attempts to persuade a majority to voluntarily disarm and then uses incremental restrictions and proscriptions on the diehards. Most of Europe was successfully disarmed in this fashion.

      • Europe was never armed with 400,000,000+ firearms and trillions of rounds with barren shelves at the gun stores amidst unquenchable demand.

        Go ahead and disarm us, I dare you. Ha ha ha ha hah …

          • Neither affecting me materially. I have surplus ammo for barter when SHTF. I will never register beyond my daily carry weapon. And I can roll my own without serial numbers.

        • They don’t have to disarm us.
          The guns are silent.
          They see it as bluff, and so far they’re right.

    • That’s great NRA sales pitch, but…not necessarily true.
      The Russian people had weapons. Just no organization.
      The Russians and the rest had no organization or leadership to defeat the Communists.
      The White Russians were an infighting train wreck.
      The Kadets were Holy Fools – Frankly our modern White Democrats are very much the Kadets.

      But the idea that the Russians lacked weapons isn’t true, the peasants all had guns. Not to mention the Cossacks.
      Weapons are not hard to make, and even easier to get if you are willing to fight and you win. There were multiple foreign armies in Russia until about 1922.

      The Communists won because they were better disciplined and organized than their opponents. They also in 1917 had a lot of German Gold to spread around, and the Imperial German Army attacked Kerensky’s troops but spared those who chose Lenin.

  40. “An under appreciated subplot to the Trump phenomenon is that Trump represented disorder and uncertainty, while his establishment opponents became stability and order.”

    I cannot agree. The establishment, with its BLM and Antifa brownshirts, its riots, looting and arson, represent disorder and uncertainty. This is why Trump didn’t send in the National Guard; he wanted to force the establishment to own its own chaos. Alas, it appears as though roughly half of voters in the US prefer social turmoil and mass violence to stability, security and order. Irrationality is a powerful force in human affairs.

    • The half that voted for Biden are the parasites that can only survive in a totalitarian environment in which the productive are fleeced in order to feed them. It’s basic survival instinct. Chaos and disorder are secondary to starvation.

      • True. But it requires a certain mentality to put up with constant chaos and disorder. Normal white people (and East Asians) don’t have it. The others do.

        • I posit that if you ever experienced real hunger you would find that your tolerance for chaos would be increased substantially. Hunger is far more primal than annoyance.

          • Starvation was never a widespread phenomenon in the US, even before the New Deal. The PoC aren’t acting from fear of starvation; they are acting in accordance with their innate chaotic tendencies and in response to their hatred of YT.

    • The turmoil and violence were controlled by the Left. Thus, the “offer” was vote Left, or it continues. It has the order and certainty of the Mafia.

      • The turmoil and violence were perpetrated by the Left, not controlled by it. The notion that Leftist elites were in charge is a delusion and/or an illusion.

    • They voted for order, feeling/knowing in the back of their head that the left will now “turn it off,” as well as the order they will feel is restored by not having a NYC real estate developer popping off on twitter. A shocking amount seem to feel its too hard to turn off the news cycle, and they can bury their head again now and leave it running in the background like the good old days. The amount of people who fatigued from the twittering and the storms it brought seems notable in my circles.

  41. Easy sell: stability. It’s pretty obvious the establishment is no longer capable of providing it.

    The hard part is speaking the hard truths and paying the price for it. Multiculturalism is a failure. Democracy can’t work for diverse populations with diverse interests. The less people have in common, the more they fight, the less freedom and stability.

    But yeah, the plan of action. Those mostly white Trump rallies in contrast to BLM/antifa riots speak loudly. Then the censorship to keep people from seeing them. That’s chess. Like Trump said in ‘16, we have to punch through the media lies.

  42. So you think you & others have the cahones to stand up. It’s worth a serious second thought:

  43. Alt-Right didn’t just gobble the Biden blue pill, they willingly plugged back in for the Matrix steak. Jokes on them because Kamala will go true African and usher in the cattle killing to make Newsome’s “all electric by 2035” look like a piker’s attempt at the green revolution. Mmmm, bug protein is tasy!
    Well, normie better wake up. You can’t chill and grill without beef. It’s what’s for dinner. (Brought to you by your friendly, overwhelmingly white, local cattlemen’s association.)

  44. One small quibble with your characterization of life in the old USSR – they most certainly did NOT have a low crime rate. According to Anatoly Karlin, who has worked extensively with Soviet statistics, the USSR consistently had a higher murder rate than did the US since 1940, and this is not including the “official” murders of Stalin. Of course, none of this was made public at the time. Here’s a link to some of Karlin’s research on this, who incidentally is NOT any kind of a Cold Warrior on these issues…

    • yah, organized crime had a weird role in the cccp. it acted like a kind of societal lubricant, doing some of what the communists couldn’t (like smuggle in consumer goods, etc). the media have been getting everything wrong since Gutenberg.

      • You could make the argument that organized crime, black markets, and corruption was the only thing that kept the USSR going the last twenty-five or so years of its existence. Makes you wonder if what really brought the system down was Gorby’s “Anti-Corruption” campaign.

    • To scratch my aviation fetish, I once deigned to parachute across Russia from west to east. Antanovs, Ilyushins, Mils and Sukhois galore.

      What I noticed was that my middle class hosts in every Russian city and burg, with money to burn on skydiving and drinks afterward, almost invariably skipped out on paying their bills. They knew where somebody had pried apart the iron fence bars and how to scurry over the tracks and climb up onto the platform to avoid a trivial train fair. Etc.

      I *know* the Russians have criminality hardwired into their DNA.

    • Surprising. Both obvious, true, and yet discarded. Not thought about even while those were the nastiest criminals on earth.

      All the former Communist citizens I’ve talked to lamented the “low crime”, the boisterous families, and the absence of bums. They had no homeless or diverse.

  45. I talked to some progressive acquaintances of mine both white and black and one of their greatest pet perves about Trump was his slogan Make America Great Again. The “Again” part was what really bothered them.
    If only Trump would drop the word “ Again” after all Obama was not only progressing us he was a black progressive. The idea of wanting to go back to America before Obama was anathema to them.
    So here we are in 2020 without a defined message for what we want going forward and staring at being subjects of soft totalitarianism. Finding that Solidarity like message is the key to gaining public support and we need public support not just a bunch of circle jerks like the alt right crowd turned into.

    • Trump has very little respect for his supporters. He even came up with two contradictory slogans knowing they wouldn’t notice the difference: MAGA and KAG. One implies America must be made great, and the other implies that it already is.

    • I talked to some progressive acquaintances” liars all, yet you believe them. they behave the way they do because that’s how they are wired. any other excuse is just made up nonsense…

    • If it wasn’t a slogan it would have been something else. That didn’t push them further away from us.

  46. Though I can agree the trade off applies to many people, I do not think it applies to most. I believe most are so befuddled due to years of prescription drugs, horrid educational system, and TV/Smartphone addiction, that they are unable to formulate a consistent lens of experience that would enable them to exist concurrently with but against the propaganda. With such short attention spans and limited ability to think critically, they are unable to sustain a personal narrative that says “This is a big lie” against the unending loudspeaker of fear.

    • To be clear – I mean people in the current, American system. Certainly material comforts have allowed this intellectual lassitude, but the problem as it manifests really comes down to inability to grasp a couple key concepts. First, you can present them with the words of our overlords, such as Schwab, that literally map out that they are parlaying any virus issue into an opportunity to reset the system. Books on esoterica, stuff I have been reading all my life, have long pointed out the desire to dissolve and re-coagulate society alchemically. However, most people (and I deal with hundred of people a day), simply lack the imagination that the people at the top see the world differently than us peons.
      However, what is additionally problematic, besides this lack of imagination, is the inability to hold onto internal truths despite external pressure. I can point out that masks probably do no good. They can agree. I can point out that if there was never a single news article on Covid, you wouldn’t know it even existed. This was not true of real pandemics. They can agree. I can point out that our rulers are inept. They can agree. I can point out that everyone they know who tested positive is 100 percent fine, at worst a mild fever. They can agree. However, when it comes to ‘can you carry that belief around consistently’, most cannot. Some do fear punishment, yes. But most simply passively accept it, largely ignore it, and repeat party slogans. The prospects are dim – way dimmer than if it is just a trade-off. Just take it – and take it till you accept it. Because people have spent so much of their life opening and shallowing themselves in social media, they do not have the internal fortitude to resist the insertion of propaganda into the mind and what’s left of a soul.

  47. And what is the positive, alternative, vision? Freedom of association is simply racist, strong families is code for misogynist and xenophobic haters (don’t you love your GDP, hater?)

    None of that changes the facts: the state is illegitimate, the elites are illegitimate. They have no rights. The ability to shift opinion is rapidly going away. “The people” didn’t rally to Yeltsin’s side so much as a commander of some battalion of tanks in Moscow decided to switch sides. There will never be a better time to force some mechanized infantry colonel in Maryland to make a hard choice than next month. That’s all that matters.

    • One of the blacks I have worked with for the last ten years,just quit & is now an apprentice electrician. He is to be trained to maintain power grids. There have been billboards in this area highlighting brown people and women for these positions for several years. This fella could be trained for repetitive tasks only. The electrical unions in this state must bend to the diversity gods if they want to maintain fat government contracts and the protections they currently have. Undoubtedly many of the older white guys in these jobs now know the grids will fail more frequently and take longer to repair. California type brown outs are just one consequence. There will be more. Acceleerationism anyone?
      Did earth first have an idea

      • I’ve done numerous home remodels and only once dealt with a black who worked for a mechanical subcontractor. His assignment was to move a gas line. It took 4 visits from the inspector until he finally got it approved. He had a good attitude and I felt sorry for him. The lies told to these people are as evil as the lies told about us.

        • My Dad just hired a black on recommendation from someone… What a clown crew. It eventually got worked out, but it reminded me of the scene in first part of Google Dead Souls of the peasants were trying to get a cart our of a ditch and making a hilarious mess things….One was jumping on top of it! Haha! Gogol is so fargin funny…

          Who is the Gogol of Ethiopia, I wonder?

          • Dude. Blacks truly are dumb and lazy. Never ever hire them. They WILL fail you. It’s sad.

          • Loved the book too

            The scene playing checkers with the fat guy cheating had me in stitches

            will have to read it again. Have it here in my little but growing library

      • It’s the “black tax” as Z calls it. These guys will be stuffed away somewhere to make a quota while the real work is done by others, but we all have to pay more for it as a result.

    • I see I’m not the only one thinking the Republic may come down to LTCs and Captains arresting Generals at gunpoint.

      • It will. Everything between now and then matters only because it will get them to act or not act. The more obvious the fraud is, the more likely they act. But it seems to me that Trump has to be the one to tell them to act. If not, then not.

    • It just can’t happen. The military is too politically mixed and there’s too much to lose by pulling that kind stunt. The French Algerian OAS example is pertinent. The French even had a recent history of coloring outside the lines, there were still guys running around who were in the resistance and Free French forces, supported by a rock ribbed civilian population who were more hardcore than Ulster Loyalists, as well as many sympathisers on the mainland. They just couldn’t pull it off.

      • Maybe. There are a lot of combat veterans at that level, who are less likely to get cold feet than your average bear.

      • A not-very-well written article on the possible impending genocide made a good point that the military will be made to sit this out. Even in a place like Venezuela the military is made to do make-work or prepare for an invisible enemy while street enforcers and occasionally the police do the dirt suppression work.

        • lol. Franco was sent to the Canary Islands after their election. Wanted to keep him far away from the loyal troops in Morocco.

  48. The point has been made, perhaps even here, that revolutions are the work of factions in the ruling elite. They may enlist the peasants, but they are really warring among themselves. The Soviet Union is a good example. Gorbachev started it, and he and everyone one else was a member of the Soviet elite.

    Trump failed not because the people didn’t follow him, they did (but not enough), but because he couldn’t recruit enough people from the elites. The true revolutionary and populist will have to arise in the Ruling Class.

    • he couldn’t recruit enough people from the elites.

      Since the beginning of Trump’s legal challenge to the election results I’ve had this awful feeling that his lack of friends among the political elite will be what ultimately undermines his effort.

      • I wonder if they realize they’d only be delaying the inevitable and making their downfall that much more complete when it comes.

        I suspect there’s been a lot of running out the clock going on, but the time keeps getting shorter. Everybody knows the piper gets paid but nobody wants to be the one to own up.

        • I suspect there’s been a lot of running out the clock going on

          I feel like all the, “release the kraken,” hype a few days ago was yet another clock-burning media op.

          Even normies are beginning to ask, “Hey, where’s the beef?!” about that op.

          Hell, even the Conservative Treehouse bunch is starting to notice the op.

          • I meant the establishment going full tyrant, but yeah the Trump campaign too. So sick of all the drama.

        • That’s okay. The birth rate is so low that the piper is going to get stiffed when he shows up collecting. 😶

      • Again, maybe a little tiny bit of a white pill, but it seems like others have seen what Trump has done and realized they could do the same, but better, but cannot while Trump is there (Ted Cruz comes to mind, but there are others). I certainly hope Trump pulls it out, but were I an ambitious pol I’d probably keep those cards close to the vest and probably not make much more than a cursory defense of Trump who is notoriously unreliable.
        If this is true, then the more likely it is that Trump doesn’t pull it out, the more spirited the defense from these contenders since they will want both cred and Trump gone.

        • The unreliability of Trump is a serious issue, I suspect. If you are a guy who matters, you see how Flynn was allowed to be treated – as well as al the other inexplicable personnel decisions – and you have to think twice about you level of support.

          • It began when he filled his admin with Obama holdovers, Neocons, and Never Trumpers, not to mention his lefty New-Yorker offspring: Javanka.

    • I’m not sure how well the inner party “rule by committee” will work out. They tried it in China, where culturally such an arrangement is more likely to work, and it didn’t even last but maybe a 1/3 a generation. For example, how far can Zuckerberg and Tim Cook trust the East Indian CEOs of Google and Microsoft with their Fellow East Indian running the show? For as much as those two are down with the POZ, they haven’t been 110% committed to the cause in the past.

    • bob sykes, you nailed it. Revolutions are factions of elites turning on each other. In the meantime, Normie sees no viable alternative to the status quo, the angry right can’t identify any targets, and some of us withdraw to our own communities. From our communities, we nurture our own, and watch and wait while the elites gin up Clownworld. When the elites begin to turn on each other, we will see our opportunity and do something to further things along. But not until then.

      • Then again, maybe we are just pawns with the unenviable ability to watch all this drama, impotently. Glad I’m a Catholic! Then I realize being persecuted is kinda a good, evern if its not directly for being a Christian.

        But my suspicion is all the White hatred is hatred of Catholicism, and the West it created. Our world came out of the medieval world, no? A world that was a unified Catholic empire. And, even though Catholicism is by definition, well, catholic, it was a White European phenomenon mostly.

  49. There are parallels to the soviet situation, but a lot of differences as well. Your average Russian hadn’t known any serious freedoms for decades, if not centuries. They also endured two catastrophic world wars and criminality vile dictatorships who as said didn’t hesitate to use maximum force to quell any disturbances. We’ve lived mostly the opposite situation here in the states – freedom, material wealth and pretty easy living for the most part – oh, and we’re also armed to the teeth for what it’s worth. And the deep state has thus far been loath to use any extreme force on any dissent factions other than picking off a few individuals here and there. It mostly seems to rely on deplatforming, doxing, social ostracization and now the covid to keep folks in line. I guess time will tell how long we put up with it – maybe forever.

      • The city-states of Novgorod and Pskov were quite free by late medieval standards. Ivan Groznyi ended all of that joy.

          • Serfdom was not advanced there. The economy was an early bourgeoisie trade economy closely tied to the Hanseatic League. Government had balancing nodes of power rather than being a pure dictatorship.

    • Anarcho-tyranny is its most effective tool. It barely even needs to deploy it – pour encourager les autres.

  50. We’re still living in the shadows of two wars: the Civil War and WWII. Remove those shadows and people will be able to see a little more clearly. The choices will also become highlighted.

  51. My $.02 on a solution…
    The current political structure relies on the two party system, and this will not change anytime soon. While taking over a political party is incredibly difficult, the outcome is at least a hand on the stick of state, which is immensely powerful.
    I suggest readers of this blog (and Zman has suggested this previously) become actively involved in their state’s Republican Party. Play the game. Support fundraising efforts. Become known as a useful and active participant. Invite other like minded people to do the same.
    After elections political parties revert to a bare-bones crew packed with party insiders and no one else. This is when you get the most leverage and are able to move things in the direction we think they can go. This is much easier than establishing a new party with a obviously nationalistic bent, especially in these times.

    • No. We cannot say both that the government is illegitimate and participate in its elections. We are not voting our way out of this. When Trump loses, the Dissident Right must forswear all of it – you don’t support an illegitimate government by being an activist in one of its parties.

    • I attempted this already. The head of our R party routinely wore Spock ears and dyed xer hair flourescent colors to match her nails. My coup failed because the Rs, despite making jokes, liked, supported and excused xer when it counted. I am done with cucks.

    • disagree 100%. don’t expect different results when you do the same thing over, and over, and over…

  52. Unless and until that dynamic is broken, either with a third option…

    A third party would just mean 33% more snouts in the trough – Globohomo successfully subvert European countries where you have anywhere between five and ten parties.

    Some dude once asked some African dude why they kept voting the same thieves into power again and again. The African dude argued that if he voted a new boss into office, the new boss would have to start enriching himself and his family from square one. The old boss was already rich, so he didn’t need to steal so much.

    • A third party would just mean 33% more snouts in the trough…

      That’d be 50%, before someone math checks me.

    • > . The African dude argued that if he voted a new boss into office, the new boss would have to start enriching himself and his family from square one. 
      That’s…. actually quite logical.
      If we were forced to just pay for the luxurious lifestyle of a random three percent of elites while, in return, those elites would promise to leave us alone, my bets are most would deem that acceptable compared to current circumstances.

      • If we were forced to just pay for the luxurious lifestyle of a random three percent of elites while

        Better yet: let’s just have one guy instead of literally thousands of grifters who need to get their kids through Swiss boarding schools.

      • African blacks have a certain simple practical attitude and simple real-world make-do way of going about things that is lost on the West. There is not much we can take from their culture, but plainly seeing what is in front of them and personally making it work for them, as much as possible, is one thing. Community (as defined by extended family) is a strong economic and physical protection strategy they practice as well.

    • We have been conditioned for generations to think a third party is a bad idea. The natural divide in new America was north and south, so there was no real need for a third party. After the Civil War, the new divide was between the two sides of the Yankee ruling elite. That has remained in place even as the Yankee ruling elite gave way to the Judeo-Puritan ruling elite. The trouble is. most whites have no representation in that elite and never will.

      • This is true…track the permutations of 3rd party politics from the Know-Nothings to the Populists to the Socialists to even people like George Wallace, Ralph Nader and Ron Paul and you hear the voice of the unwashed and unheard resounding through the ages.

      • We have been conditioned for generations to think a third party is a bad idea. 

        That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a bad idea.

        With proportional representation, it’s fairly easy to start a new party, get a platform. But long before your party reaches any significant size, there’ll be a knock on your door… I’m not even sure it’s more expensive to buy eight parties than to buy two. More players means more opportunities to pit them against each other, drive down the price.

        Also, with proportional representation, Trump would have lost bigly in 2016.

        • The problem is in thinking you can vote your way out of the problems of democracy. Once you grasp that, third party politics takes on a different color. A third party, for example, that was willing to endorse an official candidate that met their criteria, but otherwise sit out, turns the process on its head. This is what the Conservative Party of New York did for years. The Green Party pulled the Democrats far over to the Left.

          • A better paradigm is an organization like the NRA that supported people of whichever party supported their positions. There used to be a lot of democrats that received their endorsements and it was the reason they were so effective.

    • I worked in Iraq a couple of years back, and whilst in Erbil our local fixer said he’d run for power with the slogan ‘I’ll stop at $5m’. Made me laugh anyway.

    • Welcome to Argentina! “TIA” we used to say when I lived in Africa, and I say now in my country of residence (Argentina), save that we here know a trick or two to keep the “boss” from stealing quite so much from us! Let the sociopaths squabble among themselves and take care of business locally until the time comes (or doesn’t) to advance your cause.

  53. That strong horse is about to be hobbled and its back broken if this stolen election is allowed to stand. All legitimacy for our ruling class will be toast. First obviously for the Deplorables and then gradually for everyone else as our standard of living continues its march into the abyss. They’ll have to use Dominion to steal votes for the GOP in all future elections just to keep the charade somewhat believable since most true Americans will just stay home and refuse to play their game. The next true nationalist leader will not be elected but installed after much spilled blood.

    • Agree. Some seem to think that the phrase, “We’re not voting our way out of this,” means something like, “We’ll have to community organize our way out of this.”

      There is only revolution, and that probably only works if Trump calls for it. That’s why talk here about forming communities is missing the point. To steal from Rumsfeld, you go to revolution with the community you have not the one you eventually want to build.

      • GOPe are cowards, but Trumpers are not, they have a spine and won’t back down. Would Trump do this? I don’t know. But yes, his supporters would take any action for him, is requested. And I mean any.

        “What the hell do you have to lose??” – trump to black voters. But that stands now for his white voters too.

        • I think they had something like 1/2 million in D.C. on Saturday. All of them would approve Trump going Caesar on everyone; 1/5 would pick up a firearm to make it happen. Trump himself? Who knows?

        • I was at the dc. Stop the steal Rally,,, and despite reporters tying to make trumpets into “happy warriors”. As compared to Antifa. And. The blacks, many people were pissed. And if the police were not there, some Antifa might have been torn to shreds.

      • Then don’t do anything until Trump calls for it which he won’t so you won’t do anything… Using that as an excuse to not do anything is pretty lame…

        • BTP lives in Ontario, Canada. He won’t do a thing even if Trump implores. Canada has already accepted its fate and named its destructor.

          • Your call for revolution without any of the necessary things to make it successful is foolhardy and makes me wonder about your agenda here…

          • Dude, you are in the middle of a goddamn revolution. I don’t have to “call for” anything at all, the Left brought us a revolution without me asking for it even one time.

            There is a tiny chance Trump prevails in court and the crisis is averted. Otherwise this ends in exactly two ways: 1) Trump dies in jail, 2) Trump seizes power.

            If 1, then your community will be choked to death in its crib. If 2, the guys who showed up in Richmond for the gun rights demonstration might have some tiny role to play, but it’s all about the colonels who will or will not arrest some generals. That’s where we are and the idea that there is some sort of next phase where we regroup and get stronger and convince the normies what’s what is just wrong.

          • So again your just waiting on Trump before you do anything except of course rant online…I on the other hand have been advocating for Building Communities for over ten years and have been helping people relocate, find jobs, find housing and meeting people f2f so we can encourage and help one another…So that when the time comes to go to war we will be ready and be able to trust one another…

          • Every war needs its NCOs like you, Lineman.

            Chez Z is a bar, your friendly neighborhood watering hole.
            Samuel Adams chatted up the unemployed longshoremen in Boston’s bars, and ended up starting a Revolution.

          • And your couple dozen people are going to do, what, precisely? Take over the Cour d’Alene post office? Even that’s going to be impossible once the algorithms catch up with you and everyone you know can’t write a check or send an email or make a phone call.

          • BTP,

            I understand your sky is falling feeling. Who knows, you may be right and this was the exact moment future historians will mark as lynchpin that wasnt pulled… but those moments are much rarer in history than most people think, so probability says it is not. History is movement, accumulation, decay, erosion, gradient.

            I’ll put, and do place my marker on building community. Rescuing the like-minded and attracting others through an attractive alternative. Building redoubts that like decent little towns and counties. Places that can spread and eventually project power and change.

            You passed the first rule of combating an idea you dont care for by offering an alternative. That is respectable. I just think that all or nothing right now idea isn’t going to attract much in the way of followers and allows for no maneuver room if correction is required.

            Community building is a multigenerational endeavor and allows for those of us pursuing it and our descendants to maneuver and address issues and hurdles as they develop and from a position of ever growing strength and security.

          • Yes- Generals, that’s the word I was looking for.

            To Patton, or not to Patton.

            Hate him or not, Lincoln, we remember.

          • This little argument between Lineman and BTP inspired me to a maxim: never let your hopes or expectations or even plans for the macro level get in the way of your preparations on the micro level.

            I used the terms ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ the way economists use them, macro is the national, or out of personal sphere level, micro is the private or personal sphere. Lineman is saying ‘get busy at the micro level’, BTP is talking about the macro level. We all have hopes and desires at the macro level. But that should not cause us to neglect preparations at the micro level.

        • It’s a perfectly warranted excuse. Who is going to show up on the battlefield to defend a lord who is just going to surrender and allow the enemy to send them off to prison? If he’s going to do nothing about this then it would be better if he actually did go away.

        • I’m sorry, Lineman, but that IS the way it works. We can do our small things, but this is a national Moment, not a lifestyle.

    • Dominion–what a name. It says what they seek. And, FWIW, one of the five Exorcist films is named Dominion.

  54. They rebel, either because the alternative is misery and death or they see some better option on the table.

    That’s the key. In most political debates I’ve been witness to, most people – who were in fact right – never really presented anything that was tangible enough to Mr Normal to get him onside. The status quo was better. This is also the problem with daft phrases like ‘left’ and ‘right’ or when someone identifies as a ‘social conservative’ – they don’t mean that much to people.

    But there are points that we can rally around, that don’t send people running for the hills. Many of them. First, family. The average person wants any family they have to at least be in a safe area; which leads to the next point – law and order. You note that the Soviets had minimal petty crime (certainly no happy slapping or head bricking from joggers) and to be fair this is, as we know, not something to scoff at. I use to know a few older Russians, I guess they’d now be in their 70s, and all of them were staggered at the amount of ‘ethnic’ crime – and street crime in general – in the UK. It was almost like they couldn’t even understand it.

    For me, the priority remains increasing my skill set and looking to purchase land in decent areas, having a family, followed by warning others. It is true that in both our countries the political system is screwed, but at times what remains of the functioning institutions can still be helpful. But as always, the number one question on my mind is: ‘When is enough enough? What am I prepared to die for?’. I may still be found out to be coward yet, but plug on regardless.

    Good essay.

    • Good for you! You will not prove to be a coward, but some may see a prudent man that way. Ignore them! Once you have a family, it will all become wonderfully clear to you what truly counts and what doesn’t. Hint: blood counts and all else is secondary, even “racial purity”, although it’s pleasant that your posterity looks and acts like you. Values, you see, don’t entirely depend upon skin color; just look at what the USA has become to see the truth of this.

      • This is war, not marriage; it’s happening too fast for decent people to work the slow magic of gradual merge. Too fast for decency.

        Well said, Montefrio. South American refinement and Continental manners remain such an elegant surprise. Would that such were reinforced, rather the crude, crass vulgarity of our current betters.

    • What we need, most of all, is for the boys and girls to have their chance and the time to simply soak up the influence of men doing men things, and women doing women things.

      I cannot begrudge the need for stability above all else. Our culture is a continuous assault on stability.

  55. one thing you can always count on with conservatives, is that they will never have your back. look at how even Trump allows his supporters to be attacked with impunity. notice how KR-15 has been abandoned. and that is why the left is going to succeed in their cause – the absolute cowardice of everyone else. note i include myself in this group, as doing anything meaningful on your own (e.g. shoot a judge is a guaranteed end to your life) without any support from the rest of the sheep.

    what will change things is when a new faction arises within the dem party. the gop is now effectively dead. if they can’t protect election results then what the hell do all those judges matter? where are they now? no, the game is over; the left wins because it gets power, and the right gets what it loves most – a good excuse to quit without fighting.

    as people here know, I am a big Trump supporter, but letting the election be stolen when you have 4 years to stop it, disqualifies anyone for my support. what would have stopped it is killing in custody a dozen or so perps leading up to the election. and arresting the supposed coup plotters. no, Trump played 4D chess a little too long and now the game is over for him (and his family). sadly, they will be forced into exile.

          • So strange. Cells of the 9-11 crew lived in both Atlanta and Oklahoma City at pertinent times. Thank gosh the eagle-eyed agencies were on both cases, ‘cuz they protect the Murrican people.

            Rudolph blew an empty abortion clinic after hours to save Fetal-American lives, of course this committed Christian would toss pipe bombs at sports events. Sure. I even saw it on TV shows, that’s what they’re really like.

            Klan and Christians, they both use crosses, and they talk funny.

          • Additionally, to your point. Rudolph had been hunted for years by the FBI at great expense. He avoided their dragnet by living the hardscrabble hand to mouth existence of a hybrid mountain man/hobo. He fared poorly and often resorted to dumpster diving to survive (warning to all you “I’ll Rambo it all alone in the mountains when it hits the fan” types).

            It wasnt the vaunted FBI that bagged him. It was a newbie cop of a small department that sensed something weird about the bum he was watching and realized he’d gotten THE guy. I remember watching the press conference. It was clear the local police chief (Sheriff?) didnt like the Feds and the FBI and made sure his young hick cop got all the credit. The newbie cop was clearly uncomfortable and almost goofy looking but his story definitely excluded the FBI as having any part of the apprehension.

          • Americans who have done like Rudolph so often go after the cape not the matador and think they can use the press to their advantage. Not smart.
            President Clinton understood that , in wartime any member of the press or person who speaks against you in a public way is the enemy and a lawful target.
            We are not at war as of yet of course and thus must respect the rights of such assholes to say their paid words but if it should go to guns , be smart.
            For now, stay frosty and as always Don’t Do Stupid Illegal Things (DDS IT)

      • Disclaimer , don’t do illegal stuff obviously but all men die and selling one’s life for a greater good whatever that is might be worth it to some men.
        Always save a bullet for yourself though.

        • you would expect a few people with a terminal illness would go for a politician or bureaucrat. hasn’t happened to my knowledge.

          • It happens occasionally, c.f the Killfdozer incident though that guy was healthy and didn’t kill people only destroyed a small town but otherwise you wouldn’t hear about it if they did,
            Also while NABALT Baby Boomers are highly narcissistic and self absorbed as a generation , think the world orbits around them.
            A few are in the past caring stage however a wealthy generation that basically decided that family marriage and children was not for them (1.8 TFR , 50% divorce latchkey kids etc) is not going to be willing to do anything pro civic for the most part.

    • I’ve been working on my family members over the years with some very modest success, and these are people who already agree with probably 85% of what I have to say. When it comes to my neighbors, they’re pretty hopeless. They’re good people, and that’s probably the issue, a more dark-hearted cynical lot would be easier to work with.
      And then there’s an experience the missus and I had last week. We had stopped to help a young white woman who was having a severe car issue. Always looking for a chance to proselytize:
      Me: “Have any brothers or sisters?”
      Her: “Oh yeah, seven, but they’re from different mothers and fathers and my mom abando…”
      Me: [Never F’n mind, we’re doomed]
      And it’s not like she was a true hillbilly, her dad is a local white-collar professional of some sort.

      • They’re good people, and that’s probably the issue, a more dark-hearted cynical lot would be easier to work with.

        Yes. That’s certainly been my experience. The nicer the folk, the less amenable they are to my conversion attempts. Of course, by now I can spot them a mile off.

        Always looking for a chance to proselytize

        As we should all be. It is if anything the most basic duty.

        • Therein lines some of the problem pointed out in the article. The combination of “Nice people” with too much material comforts to lose, effectively dooms any attempt at…reform? Realignment? I saw this with my close friends who have an abundance of material comforts combined with young children. They were outraged at the election theft, and 48 hours later were rationalizing. They couldn’t stomach it longer than that.

        • I’m a Christian, but I realize as practiced it has been terribly dysgenic for European peoples. It seems to select for the most naive and undiscriminating niceness possible.

          • As practiced since Scofield and the social gospel, true.

            Another believer elsewhere pointed out: the older message was first, to Fight Evil- so that then, we could practice Good.

          • right, but the end goal, is, after all, Heaven. I need reminding of that once in a while. Yes, we have a right to a homeland, but not at the expense of our eternal salvation. And it aint once saved always saved. Crossing the goal line the real struggle!

          • I have respect for the missionary that treads heathen lands spreading the gospel and delivering comfort. I despise the Churchianites that grab every wretch from those places and drags them to my country like it’s a lifeboat and not a nation… garners the attaboy from the rest of the congregation and then conveniently turns the hordes loose to infest our cities. You can help many more people in their homelands for the same dollar or effort than is spent to help one “refugee.”

      • Don’t give up. Here is my anecdote from Saturday night at gas station. Young Navy Guy (YNG).

        Me: I noticed the Trump sticker on your truck. Think they’re going to cheat this from us?

        YNG: They’re gonna try. It’s bulls**t. I’m in the Navy and I can’t f***ing believe that there are so many people in the military who HATE him! Most don’t but waaaaay more than I thought.

        Me: Did you notice they were mostly minorities?

        YNG: Huh? Um… yeah. Actually, you are right. Uh… yeah.

        Me: Have a good night and thank you for your service.

      • I know a lot of local hillbillies that are like you describe, but just as many that are about ready to start up the guerrilla warfare.

    • Yes exactly. That the communists would attempt to steal the election was known and preventable years in advance. The fact that the Trump team allowed it happen will go down as one of the great political blunders of our time.

      • Can’t disagree with this. The theft of the election couldn’t have been telegraphed any more. That the Trump team appears to have been caught with its pants down doesn’t speak well for its ability to enact the measures this country, our people need.

  56. They rebel, either because the alternative is misery and death or they see some better option on the table.

    anyone honestly assessing the situation can see these things are coming for the white man in the future USA. The soviet union was not openly pushing an anti-white agenda, nor were they importing millions of hostile foreigners. They had no African demographic – mainly Russians, eastern euros and asiatics under their power.

    a better comparison might be South Africa, or Rhodesia. The dems are trying to lull people to sleep, back to normal, but our only option is to not let them win. The chips are down.

    • anyone honestly assessing the situation can see these things are coming for the white man in the future USA.

      If this were true, people like Dinesh D’Souza and Dan Bongino would not have audience 1000x larger than the biggest names on the dissident right. What’s obvious to us is not obvious to most people.

      • One of the goals of the dissident right is to find boomercons who can be pushed to our side and take their audience with them.
        Dinesh is useless, but people like Bongino, Jesse Kelly, and even Walsh have potential to be useful.
        I don’t care if they receive the message from Fuentes, Casey, or Bongino. Just that they hear the message.

        • So they get the same message from Bongino? Seems like the message from that camp is vote harder, pray harder and don’t look over the wall.

          • The only pundit I know of with relevance who has not shifted into a more dissident position in the last four years is Shapiro, and that’s only because of the inertia of a massive years long propaganda network propping him up. Beck is now a circus clown, Levin has gone hardline voter fraud where it will be hard to backpedal without destroying his credibility, and Limbaugh is essentially a corpse to be replaced by a new guard.
            If Bongino starts to get mogged on his own platform(Parler) with dissident viewpoints, he’ll see where the wind is blowing and start shifting.
            Some of these guys have enough money and ego where they will not tolerate being forced to echo the same weak mantras from their masters.

          • Shapiro and Levin are the thin end of the “Jews are just white guys” wedge that the mainstream media is pushing now. Since their fellow tribalists ultimately want to cement that status, they are given a much longer rope than most ordinary white people would be given.

          • “Seems like the message from that camp is vote harder, pray harder and don’t look over the wall.”
            On the left, this is presented as a morality play. Z-you pointed this out. White people falling on their knees waving their arms in the air to the black and brown deity, and that’s just part of the morality play. Plus Gia worship. Lefty morality from all 4 directions. The secular zombies are empty souls, stuffing their deep void with the globalist inverted morality. Z wrote about fanatics and the fanatics spring from the globohomo Gia religion of the global left.
            We offer pushback…not morality. Holding on to The Family is pushback, blocking immigration is pushback. Until a more attractive Dissident morality play arises, we lose and stagger along.
            White People will have to descend into great suffering and loss, witness the globohomo religion fail to protect them, face danger and persecution, and witness the religion of the left fail to fill them before reality forces their hand.
            I’m grateful that Trump smashed up the structure. That’s a good starting point. 70 million people watched the election get stolen and will remember. Destruction before creation.
            Work to keep your gyroscope spinning and aligned for you and your family. Be strong and lead by wisdom. Keep to your own. Now is not our We shall inherit The World time. People struggle in our DR to create dissident structure, and it is not yet its time. Have hope for they become more Stupid, literally, by the day, and over time it will be obvious they can’t keep the wheels from coming off or fix their chit and stuff. Reality will return but not in the timeline you wish for or imagine. You will know. Now we walk in stress and anxiety, and must cultivate patience to keep living and moving forward. You will recognize when the time is ripe and the tide turns.That by which men think, we create the world around us.

          • Bongino wears his heart on his sleeve and that resonates with a quietly raging Middle America in need of a champion. And he’s cashing in big time. What is truly scary about his message is that if the Elites succeed in stealing the election for Biden, Bongino thinks he can change the next election by more and better community organizing. How do you do that when rigging elections becomes the new normal? Stupid is as stupid does.

          • The better route would be to declare “democratic voting” a fraud, promote boycott, and then challenge TPTB to completely overall the system to prove otherwise.

            This of course will never happen, but it will “cover” his move to the dissident right and pull a lot of his questioning viewers over who follow him. He’s one of the few who could believably make this work. The question is, does he believe such in his heart?

          • What choice does he have? DB is plugged into the system and makes his living on the system. So do the others.
            Also let me ask you directly? Are you actually revolution ready?
            Didn’t think so. Ultimately we all know that the system doesn’t work, can’t be fixed under almost any circumstances other than a Pinochet or DR takeover and will break down at some point into a much less complex one.
            The only other option is to impose our ideology on people just like the Woke are trying to do.
            What they are trying to accomplish is wrong because its chaotic and dishonest but what they are trying to do , create a new order by force is morally sound.
            Bad ideas, right action.
            And note to recovering Libertarians, the goal isn’t freedom. The goal is a stable order for families and that means less freedom.
            Until we get an ideology and hard enough to do the unthinkable, that is to force people to behave the way we want them to, we have no other choice than to vote harder.
            And to note in case anyone doesn’t get this, unless we get that Pinochet,a bottom up revolution will be an immediate atrocity spiral leading to millions dead in the US, a global famine and probably a Chinese hegemon.
            The DR can win, can rebuildb after but its a long difficult multi generational slog and not to put to fine a point on it, we are far too soft, lazy and accustomed to peace. Its not going to be easy to go Ultra-Nationalist or Authoritarian Right.

        • Something has changed with Walsh. Maybe it has to do with the Groypers confronting him awhile back. I’m not saying he’s “our guy” but he’s much closer to us than he used to be.

          • They embarrassed him by making him look like a toady for Shapiro, which he was. Have a feeling he always had those thoughts but was afraid of angering his paymaster, and was forced to choose between possible blowback from Shapiro or being an internet joke.

        • Stop living in 1999 please, The youngest Boomers are well over 50 and while they can be a benefit on an individual basis, they aren’t that important as a group. Most are like 70+ BTW old in other words and not that long till they are all gone.
          Who matters are the newly turning White Millennial’s (now +11% Republican) and the Zeds who are what 18 now? They are the future not the aging Boomers.
          Honestly sometimes I think our movement needs 40K style Commissars, some dude in a Tricorn Hat and a Frock Coat or something armed with a cattle prod yelling “Focus on the future you want to build.” “no looking backwards to the past” “its 2020, current year numbskull .” and anyone not looking forward, building forward gets a zap in the nuts “Face forward dipshit.”
          And yes I get this is the Right,we like tradition. Things have changed and we need to build something that works not try to raise a dead society from its grave.
          Its not coming back, the people that built it are all dead . What we can do is build a society based on proven principles for the people that live here now.
          It will be gayer, more porny, a bit more beclowned and less Christian for quite some time but it will be Whiter/Righter and work well enough. In time we can make it even better and fertility alone will make it more religious.
          So face forward troops. A bright tomorrow awaits. Or something.

      • I know a White Xennial who is a living caricature of a Southern deplorable.

        He loves Bongino and the Hodge twins.

        Best of all, he just signed his name on the birth certificate of an orclet that isn’t even his.

        • This isn’t a race war at least not yet,
          Besides Civ Nattery is just less scary for most people its easier to assume you can maybe deport a few people, lock up some others and have a common culture than assume you have to go Serbo-Croatia on everyone who looks too different than you.
          Honestly even I think a Whites and Friends (10-20% max) nation would be able to work to some degree without habitual criminals, and immigration.
          Problem is to get there requires our current elite be removed from power, mass repatriation and strong force be used to control institutions of all sorts.
          The idea of being an ideology monitor for under 21 education , arresting business leaders for promoting illegal ideologies or running a labor camp may seem appalling but unless you have the ability to make it happen and are willing to do this, you will get subverted.
          Changing from the Liberty minded BS we have to outright authoritarianism won’t be easy. Its theoretically possible to win elections for this but with the vote rigging? Mass immigration?
          Now Civ Nats think there is some magic Non Aggression Principle or well of good will that will allow a higher functioning society. This is a definitive no.You make people behave. You don’t want drug dealers? You hang the 19 year old kid dealing drugs at the local college, sorry Madison , Middle Class White Girl or Not its the noose or at the very least give them 5 years hard labor.
          Woke isn’t strong the way the Black Piller Guest in the last thread thought, it does understand this very point. Power is Truth and while Power isn’t The Truth, you can make a lot of people swallow lies. Used for Truth? Its even stronger.
          Our job if we were willing to accept it is to rebuild a moral order largely by forcing people to behave morally and honestly for an interregnum.
          20-40 years of ‘do as I say asshole.” so long as its a decently correct thing would lead to a functional society. It doesn’t promise more kids being born or happiness but its clean, safe, orderly and functional if you can pull it off.
          When we embrace this by whatever means, elections preferred and are willing to think on those lines, we’ll be able to play offense if we wish . If we can’t or won’t than the best we can do is survive as the system falls apart.

          • abprosper,

            Draconian, but workable. I don’t even know if your ratcheted down society would even be wearisome to people after they became accustomed to it. They don’t seem particularly put out now by their loss of free elections, privacy or economic choice.

            They may just appreciate a country without the crime, decay, obvious racial tension, corporate anti-white propaganda, general ugliness, clown universities, etc.

            You’ve essentially laid out a reboot of the 1950s minus the civnat/civic rights pitfall Our predecessors fell into. Americans time-machined from the 1950s wouldn’t see it as an all that strange future. Better gadgets, check. Still ferreting out commies and degenerates, check. Civil misbehavior gets you hauled before a judge, check. Refer addicts and their peddlers are a menace rarely seen but be on the look out(!), check.

            There’s even room for a small controlled number of approved and time tested amenable amount of digestible diversity.

            The only notable thing that your 1950s future travelers might mention is that they really thought we’d have flying cars and silver onesies by now.

          • Good catches there. I try to think in terms of older established law when possible and the doctrine of En Loco Parentis allows tight ideological control over colleges without violating the 1st amendment.
            Marriage is also easy to fix, easy divorce with no kids but little to no alimony, default to male custody and hard divorce with kids.
            A couple of say 23 year olds with no children or some people with grown children really shouldn’t need to jump through hoops.
            Really the only moral issues that can’t be fixed by a cram down rollback are porn, which is ubiquitous (99% of guys, 85% of women admit to using it) and weed,
            I’m not sure porn is actually a moral issue but it any case it is too widely used to do anything about.
            Modern high potency weed which is legal here in Cali among other places is a health menace though and needs to go. I think simply allowing fairly safe stuff like ditch weed , maybe X and a few others would serve to reduce harm.
            I don’t like it, I’d really like all drugs except beer wine and soft liquor gone but I’m sane enough to know that failed last time and nothing is crazier than trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
            The trick though is puting ot together and getting Free-Dumb loving Merikans to help with the cram down.
            I have only one tiny quibble with your post, People are extremely pissed about the elections. There were like 400K Trump supporters on the ground for the Million Maga March and I see pop up protests here in Cali all the time.
            The media is as usual covering it up.
            Right now its the “let the courts sort it out” phase which is fine because the only other options are take it up the backside or “safeties off, weapon’s hot.”
            The last options is certainly preferable to just taking it but we really aren’t ready for the costs.

          • You may be right on the election fraud. Time will tell. It’s a draw in my mind as to whether American’s 60 day memory loss will kick in or this has corroded the franchise institution permanently. I don’t see it as the spark that sets it off now, but I’ll admit that in a past thread I argued contemporaries rarely ever see the spark when it occurs.

            I’ll disagree on two points. Pornography, which I think you and I went around with before so no need to hash that fully again. I admit that it will be present, but I’d make any new producers, purveyors and participants such a hunted and persecuted species that Torquemada would say chill zealot. Possesion of anything produced prior to a certain date would be amenable to fines and probably rarely enforced. Any new production would meet the draconian level of decades long incarceration. The sinful portion doesn’t really concern me, that’s between the consumer and God, and can be forgiven. My concern is keeping young white men and women away from that industry and the lifelong destruction it inevitably causes.

            Second, hard liquor. In your world, I’ll be running booze so may end up in the clink. I have a genetic weakness to scotch. Not drunkenness, it’s just that smooth warm taste is worth the risk of ending up in a cell.

          • These differences are why we can’t legislate some things.
            And I remember our porn discussion but sufice it to say you have not a single police officer or soldier willing to enforce that edict . Its a lost cause and frankly I’m not sold in its harmfulness anyway,
            The “ick” reflex , aka instinctive revulsion is strong in many Conservatives but that isn’t a rational reason to ban anything.
            I loathe scotch and the effect of hard liquor and it sometimes causes harm but the harm level is low enough, value of adult choice and the enforcement cost high enough that the greater good is served by not having laws against it.
            I mercifully forgot about abortion as an issue earlier. My personal preference is that medical and eugenic abortion and non hormonal birth control be strongly encouraged and free but hormonal birth control and birth control abortions banned , the later at least after the first trimester if not entirely
            This sounds cruel but the fewer Down’s Syndrome or other deformed babies in the gene pool the better.

          • There are plenty of cops that make arrests for child pornography, production and possession, worldwide. I am not equating adult pornography and child porn in its level of pure evil, rather saying it is prosecuted.

          • This is more for anyone else reading this. You and I enjoyed a good scrap over this before.
            You are unintentionally promoting a categorization fallacy. Sure they are both about sexual stimulation but no one frowns on adults doing it.
            CP is illegal not only because its disgusting but because no matter what pedos think children cannot consent to the acts portrayed and such acts harm the child and society. Its rape.
            Normal porn OTOH almost no one thinks its disgusting enough to ban , adult performers can in fact consent and have agency to do so. Also there isn’t proof that porn causes harm and may even reduce adult rape.
            Also important quite a few nations have banned or controlled porn of late with exactly zero effect on fertility.
            Simply the harm from a law against something everyone uses greatly outweighs any possible gains especially in a secular society.
            And while there were a couple of arrests under obscenity laws under Bush JR both were involved tangentially with CP , one involving a porn movie scene in a gonzo flick joking about bringing on an under age performer and the other a women writing child porn.
            Her case never went to trial and was plead as a misdemeanor no sex offense and temp ban from the Internet, She didn’t even do time.
            That was more than ten years ago, closer to 20 and porn is even more acceptable now.
            More importantly, if the DR takes over a huge chunk of the population will probably have guerilla warfare experience. It may even be difficult to enforce homicide or theft laws in some cases. Hell it may be nigh impossible to enforce victimless crime laws even as say making and arrest may end up with brutal retaliation against the police.
            Pedophiles will just end up dead in a ditch
            A blooded population of killers won’t be lawless but you can’t police them without consent either at least not a high cost.
            That is why societies always try to disarm former militants and why militants should always refuse that request.
            A well trained well armed people with a taste for self governance is freer than most.

          • This is a good discussion. I think AB here is focusing a bit too much on the “crackdown” aspects of the change we want though. As I see it the main problems in our society are not so much created by “freedom” as by perverse incentives, particularly those directed at women.

            The porn discussion is a good example. Porn is one aspect of a much wider problem, which is that we’ve built a society that allows young women, particularly if they are at all attractive, to basically glide through life. They start by “earning” worthless college degrees, financed through government backed loans (IOW, taxes collected from productive men). The corporate and governmental worlds then reward them with makework jobs that pay vastly better than the work available to most young men. Finally, the immense online sex industry provides many with a lucrative side or even main income on top of all this. For women unwilling to actually perform sex acts there is now also a quasi-porn industry of Twitch, OnlyFans, Instagram, etc… where women become “influencers” paid by thirsty simps to cavort in skimpy outfits or pretend interest in them.

            When he’s done with that, he goes off to his “essential” job earning shit wages at Amazon or some other giant company. They lavish a lot of the profit they make from his labor on women they hire as HR or marketing drones whose job it is to think up ways to oppress or humiliate him. Finally, he drives home over potholed roads that his taxes should be paying to fix. Instead the government is spending money paying women to staff “Departments of Diversity” or, nowadays, to just “work from home”. Other women are paid by the government to mis-educate and indoctrinate children in the nation’s decrepit public schools.

            All across the society, you see the same phenomenon. There is a small core of mostly male productive workers, laboring either with hands or brains or both, supporting a vast army of females engaged in activities that are at best frivolous and at worst hugely destructive.

            The phenomenon also has had a runaway positive feedback aspect to it. As more women have been “empowered” in the workplace, their natural hypergamy has made average men “essentially non-essential” for them. The coercive side of this game (state and corporation working together) is further amplified by the non-coercive process where lonely men essentially pay for virtual prostitutes through the internet. This of course, provides even more wealth for women with which to become even more aloof from all but the most “alpha” men.

            The ultimate problem is not that people have too much freedom but that they lack the freedom to operate outside this system of perverse incentives. Even the drug problem can be seen as an attempt by young men to look for a tax-free income that is also free of the ever increasing humiliations of “legitimate” work. Drug consumption also provides a form of cheap recreation in a society that has become increasingly totalitarian.

            My point here isn’t that everything is economics and will be fixed by muh free market. It is that the root problem is the system of incentives we have created. Cracking down on the ways people deal with the problems those incentives create is likely to fail. The crackdown part should NOT be phase 1 but phase 2.

            Phase 1 should focus on getting creative about finding ways for men to build strength, character, skills, and income outside the State-Corporation. This will weaken these entities and lead to fewer avenues for women to find easy employment within them. Initially, this will expand the porn/quasi-porn industries but will also cause the already low prices for those things to crash. This will lead increasing numbers of young women to strongly re-consider marriage and family.

            By the way, you may notice that I haven’t used much of a WN angle here. The reason for that is that really anything that applies to women can apply to minorities as well. There’s a reason white women are the political allies of blacks and Jewish totalitarians trying to build a coercive utopia. All of them together thrive when white men are enslaved and made to work to support them. I’d also like to say that AB’s “whites and friends” idea can be integrated into this framework too. With strict immigration controls and the abolition of affirmative action there’s no reason productive, law abiding, property owning blacks and hispanics can’t have a place as long as freedom of association is part of the deal too. I welcome your thoughts on all this.

          • Glad you joined in. I’ve ignored the economic problem simply because imposing the kind of regulation required to stop it is incredibly destructive and would probably be resisted.
            Simply put, do to automation driven efficiency and the Internet and the demand barrier (one can only use so much stuff) there isn’t that much productive work to do.
            And yes we can gradually cut off trade and return to the way it was a century agowhere everything is made, sold and bought here, it will take time. The reason being simply we lack the ability to make a lot of things.
            While there is a lot of work for us cleaning up the previous societies proverbial and actual messes, its not enough.
            Nor do I think any pretty young girls are going to get married young even if well heeled men are there unless we outright dictate from above certain kinds of jobs not exist.
            A last think, freedom of association only makes sense when you have overwhelming political control. Otherwise revanchist White Cucks will use it on you.

          • Oh, and weed. Agree on the hyper-potent stuff. My alter ego is a pagan enthusiast and a proponent of herbalists. I’ve seen the medical and recreational benefits of marijuana for some people.

            Believe it or not, I do not want a theocracy and view most sin/grace as a very personal thing. My litmus tests are, does that sin realistically reach beyond the participant and inhibit the good in others, and is it destructive for My People.

          • Exactly.
            Normal potency weed is a decent medical/recreational plant though personally even though legal I won’t touch it with a ten foot stick.
            Same with shrooms, mescaline and the like. Not harmful enough to prohibit and the old “must be sober for the factory state” argument of the past is highly deprecated. These days half of all jobs you coudl come in frying in acid and no one would notice a decline in productivity.

      • D’Souza, Bongino, et al. are the prozac of CivNats. Easier to drift in a stupor of colorblind hope that assimilation and Western values will turn these dusky fellows into khaki-wearing Whites in dark face than accept reality.

        And the reality is harsh. Not only have you been wrong your entire life. Your mistake – caused some combination of hubris and sloth – has doomed your country, your children and grandchildren and your people. It’s not surprising that most CivNat Whites prefer to stay in denial and turn to various voices tell them that they’re going to be okay.

        • Yeah, when you bring that up to civnats they give some vague answer like “well, I think it will work out” or “well, when I was young we had italian/lebanese/polish immigrants and yeah, there was some conflict but now they’re just like us”.

          • Ah, the CivNat/Boomer shrug. I’ve seen it many times. It’s a physical “washing of their hands” of facing the reality.

            That said, I do believe that it stings and they can’t quite forget it when I tell them, “You’re grandchildren are going to be a hated minority in this country. And they’re not going to be treated nearly as nicely as blacks in Jim Crow.”

          • The time to worry is when the highly capable start emigrating from the country.

            An in-between warning sign is when there are capital controls where you are free to leave your country but your money must stay at home. This is exactly what Cuba and South Africa did.

             The time to really worry is when the host government makes departure impossible or very difficult to do so. By that point we are full on Soviet Union.

          • Pray tell, where would the highly capable Whites emigrate to? I assume no non-White nation. But few to none, White nations are less than a few years behind us.

          • There are plenty, if not most, a few years ahead. I doubt there’s any White dominated country that isn’t more converged than we are.

          • The highly capable are not going to immigrate, There is nowhere to go except parts of Europe.
            What the are doing right now is going Galt in the form of not being capable.
            Many Boomer’s didn’t pass on their skills nor did Gen X since the were being H1B’s out of a job so new “engineers” are often quite useless and general dysfunction means more and more projects that 20 years ago would have been basic are at best daunting.
            The is defualt in California and will spread across the USA year by year.
            Its the Mexican Moonshot problem writ large
            Such a thing is technically quite possible, socially and actually possible. Hell No.
            Multiply this by everything and the US slowly goes 3rd world.

          • I’m so sorry to quibble, but they have a secret weapon, an answer to “your grandchildren are going to be a hated minority”.

            My TDS bestie’s grandchildren are brown.

            His arch-conservative minister brother even has a little orclet from daughter’s short-lived rebelliion.

            Now what? The womb is their weapon.

            Girls are designed to be scared when there’s a threat to the kids, their cries bring the men running… and CNN is amping up the full-on Doomer message 24/7! Eleven!ty!! Save us Uncle Joe!

            Of course there’s pu**y involved, the wimmen and their secured health insurance, pension, or welfare benefits, so there’s another nuclear weapon too.

            The closest I can come up with is a marketing strategy: “you want to live in a white world”- but that is a frickin’ locust magnet in itself.

            Sorry to be the wet blanket, we’re asking to protect our women and kids from… our women and kids.

          • There are a few mixed grandkids out there but the vast, vast majority of Whites prefer to breed with their own. The ones that don’t aren’t enough to matter, at least at the moment, and may be helpful to cull the herd.

            I’ve always believed that we’ll “lose” at least half of American Whites in one way or the other (no kids or mixing) over the next century or so. But the Whites remaining will be far more genetically conservative and ethnocentric. They’ll also have known the pain of ethnic oppression.

            They’ll be a much smaller but far tougher cohort.

          • They also have the highest fertility. The Amish double every 20 years and show little sign of slowing down Other groups what I call “conforming Christians.” along with a few Jews and others have large families more than enough to cover loses to the secular society.
            Mexican TFR by the way is at repalcment and below it in America as is every other group but the above. Oh and Pacific Islander who are stable.
            Its only immigration that is a threat long term that is if you don’t mind secualr modernity being taken out behind the proverbial chemical shed and shot.
            Future USA after the ethnic mess is done will be super weird and its plausible that it may have a plurality of Old German speaking, low tech agrarian Whites with a decent size of all other groups especially very devout Christians.
            What you aren’t getting , bar a Dissident Right takeover is a space future. We probably won;t have cheap energy anyway and technology and the corresponding population to maintain it will decline.

        • And there’s a substantial portion of the purported dissident right made up of not-quite-reformed civnats. Yeah, they’ll criticize blogger dysfunction and give a nod to the long march through the institutions, but underneath it all they still think things can be salvaged. They still think the courts or public pressure or sheer moral nobility will somehow win the day. I see this every day among the comments, and I’m so over these people.

          • I’m not against trying to get into local political parties or institutions, but not because I think they or the system can be reformed. It can’t.

            But having some ability to control an organization or institution could be useful as other organizations or institutions start to falter. Use every tool available.

            But, yes, the current system – at least as it relates to Whites – is doomed.

          • Any who are nominally on our side who think the courts will come though for them is going to get a hard slap when Trump loses his voter fraud cases.
            Those cases are entirely correct and contain all the proof anyone should need to overturn the election results. But that will not happen.

          • We shall see. Ultimately even a second Trump term won’t save the nation. It requires us the DR to find a road to take power and to use it for good ends,
            Even that may not work, catabolic collapse and behavioral sinks are incredibly hard to stop in any manner.
            We could end up with a DR republic that is sane but still dying, just slower at a great cost.

        • We’re only doomed if we remain passive.

          The difference between shit posting to victory and death on the enemy’s schedule is…nothing.

      • The establishment is more accepting of them and therefore magnifies them. DR is still underground but the message gets out, fight club style. The day will come when it breaks through.

          • Has Bongino shared his medical reports?

            Hodgkins Lymphoma does not metastasize — it’s already circulating throughout the body affected. Treatment and how the body responds is the key. Every case is “unique.” Scary as hell but defeatable for years and an ordinary lifespan. My business partner is still alive after five years and he’s doing great.

    • The soviet union was not openly pushing an anti-white agenda, nor were they importing millions of hostile foreigners. 

      They were doing both.

      They burned down Christian churches while synagogues were protected.

      And while they might not have imported millions of foreigners, they had enough poc inside the Soviet Union to effect the same; Stalin deliberately drew regional borders that went across traditional ethnic territories, and he moved tribes around in an effort to forge the Homo Sovietticus. That’s why the ‘stans are a mess today and why you have a substantial Korean population living north of the Black Sea.

      • Thor and Jormundgandr. Thor pummeled the world snake to death and in turn staggered to his death from a hundred poisoned wounds.

        The Soviets were behind every bad actor stemming from the Frankfurt School to the Rosenbergs to MLK. This last 30 year victory lap over the Soviets was actually us staggering in circles from that long ago injection of poison.

        Our economy is fiat, our navy crashes their own destroyers, our “free” elections are media picks and our kids don’t know what gender they are.

        Actually, bad Ragnarök analogy. This Jormagander lived. Russia has always been a less than ideal place to live rife with unfairness but the Russians abide essentially unchanged. Tsar, Soviets or oligarchs… Russia still looks like Russia.

        Thor is dying while dressed in drag.

        • The Soviets were behind every bad actor stemming from the Frankfurt School to the Rosenbergs to MLK.

          Thanks for the laugh.

          The “soviets” were merely the vehicle. It would behoove you to inquire into who was behind the “soviets”.
          The Frankfurt School for example wasn’t financed by “soviets”. A two minute search should be sufficient to disabuse you of that notion.

          • Roger that. A very specific type was behind the scenes and utilized here as bad actors. It’s conflated AND I was quite tired of getting my comments hung up in the triple parenthetical auto-filter.

      • True. However, there was no unremitting anti-white propaganda campaign as there is in the US. The Soviets attacked tradition, which was ipso facto white, in order to cement communist power. The AWRs attack whites qua whites, in order to subjugate them and elevate PoC, particularly blacks. The two are quite different in their methods and goals.

  57. totalitarianism 2.8 is not going to be the same mostly because of diversity. They’re too many competing Dynamics going on. Somehow or other we’re going to have to figure out how to work them to our advantage and deprogram a bunch of young white guys. But the strong arm of the state is coming down on us alone pretty much

    • They’re too many competing Dynamics going on.

      I know we ought not to put all our eggs in one basket, but this is something that will be interesting to watch play out.

      Ethnic warring, with too few people to maintain basic amenities is going to be quite something…

    • Yes, it’s less about generic oppression and more about allowing an invading army to conquer your lands. The normalcy bias still persists though, with normie-cons dreaming, much to their doom, of turning all of Somalia into a liberal, law abiding republic.

    • Depends on who is wielding the totalitarianism. If it’s the Washington establishment, then we get a pretty incompetent totalitarianism which we can live with, and exploit if necessary. If it’s the private sector, which is populated with more intelligent people, then there’s more to be concerned about.

    • just the whites? racist troll much? have you been to the Democrat controlled public schools, especially the urban ones like Detroit and Baltimore? Deprogramming will be needed for millions of youth and young adults, regardless of their skin color.

        • A genuine crack-town black guy that I follow on FB said that he never met president who cared two licks for his community and that they care more about some village in Afghanistan then his own. Point being, they do have people within their community who have a clue, they do have agency and can help themselves if they so desire. We have enough issues with our own people without having to worry about others who are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

          • And if they aren’t, that’s their problem. But, if they cause problems because it, well that’s a horse of a different color as the mayor (wizard) of Oz said…

      • The point is, ladies and gentleman, that racism, for lack of a better word, is goodRacismis right, racismworks. Racismclarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Racism, in all of its forms; racismin life, in love, in knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind.

        Gordon Gekko, Wall Street

      • Son, you must be new around here – anyone who calls whitney a racist troll is undoubtedly one him/zer self. No one gives a shit about reprogramming pocs. They’re to be separated or otherwise from us.

    • that’s the ironic part of all this. communism eliminates (literally in most cases) all diversity. everyone is on a 1:1 basis with the state, to the exclusion of all other allegiances and relationships. it is like acid being spread across a society, breaking all bonds between individuals.

      • Yeah, but I seriously doubt even the commies were so deluded to think (or even propagandize) that joggers were anywhere near “equal” to normal human beings.

        • The goal there was International Socialism aka Socialism in many countries as vs one size fits all. Each kind of Commie gets his own Commie country.
          Its by any means smarter than what we have now which is terrifying.

    • No young while man should ever serve in the military or even in local law enforcement. They should never put their lives on the line for a country that puts them last.

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