Our Abductive Mind

Note: I have a heretical post full of crime-think behind the green door. This is a post about the sitcom The Big bang Theory.

One of the odd experiences you have on this side of the great divide is you notice just how many ridiculous things people accept as true. It’s not just gullible and stupid people who walk around with heads full of nonsense. Lots of smart and thoughtful people cling to ideas that are superstitious and primitive. Often people who make the journey to this side of the great divide struggle with the fact that for most of their life they have believed things that are ridiculous or devoid of any truth content.

A good example of something most people think is true, but is complete nonsense is the claim that your diet determines your health. More specifically, the claim that the Standard American Diet, as recommended by the rulers, is the key to long life and healthy lifestyle. That means lots of carbohydrates, rather than proteins and fats, especially from meat. Not only is there no truth to these claims, the Standard American Diet is probably the exact opposite of the truth.

The fact is, outside of the extremes, like starvation or morbid obesity, diet has little to no impact on your health. All of the “evidence” trotted out in favor the SAD is based on nonsense studies that are easily refuted. Humans are omnivores, which means we can survive on a wide range of foods. The main problem for modern humans is too much food, so many become obese. Otherwise, the combination of foods you eat has no measurable impact on your health or your lifespan.

The thing is, you can carefully explain this to someone and they will nod along maybe, seeming to get what you’re saying, but as soon as they get the chance, they will repeat the approved lines about diet. A man who has seen every man in his family get colon cancer, despite their diet and lifestyle, will cling to the idea that he can prevent colon cancer by eating oatmeal for breakfast. It’s no different than thinking he can appease the gods by sacrificing a goat on the prescribed day.

Another great example is mass media. One of the funny things about this age is the more partisan you are, the more trusting you are of the media, despite the fact partisans on all sides are sure the media is covering up the truth. Trump haters have fallen for every race hoax perpetrated by the media over the last five years. The old alt-right, the guys sure the media is controlled by little men in volcanoes, accepted without question the media claims about the Covid pandemic.

The Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is one of those remarkable observations that gets to the heart of why mass propaganda works. It’s not that good propaganda tricks people into believing lies. It’s that in every population, there is a percentage that will believe the lies being spread. It is not always the same percentage, which is what makes this so useful to the propagandist. That percentage does the hard work of repeating the lie in private conversations to friends and family.

Joseph de Maistre said, “False opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing.” That right there is why so many people, even very smart people, believe some amount of nonsense. They get the nonsense from people they know and trust, so they are inclined to believe it. At the minimum, they play along with the nonsense, for the sake of social peace,

This is the great insight of the propagandist. The purveyors of the big lie don’t start with the big lie, but the small ones. Maybe the small lies undermine some authority figure in society or maybe they nibble away at some accepted truth. Other small lies offer alternatives to the official truth or suggest motivations for why the authority is not being honest with the people. Over time, the little lies accumulate to the point where some people are unwilling to believe their own eyes.

Again, the diet stuff is a great example of this. Everyone who goes to a new doctor has to answer tons of questions about health history and the health history of family members, maybe going back a generation or two. They do this because disease runs in the family and disease runs in families because it is genetic. Yet, the same doctor will tell you to eat more grains and vegetables and lose a few pounds. A lifetime of little lies about diet have conditioned him to doubt his own training.

The most likely reason for this strange willingness to accept pretty lies is that humans are natural story listeners. For a very long time, most of human history, in fact, humans passed around knowledge with stories and songs. Most likely, we are wired to be more receptive to a good tale, than the hard truth. A story about how eating the right food pleases the gods and brings good health is something our ancestors heard around the campfire when they first climbed out of the branches.

Our deductive mind is that which allows us to know important truths about the world, while our inductive mind allows us to think about how the world should be. That conflict between is and ought is resolved by the abductive mind, which resolves these conflicts with amusing tales and easily remembered sayings that let us ignore these conflicts and focus on the act of living. Trog angered the gods is more easily accepted than Trog was eaten by a bear, because that’s what bears do.

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333 thoughts on “Our Abductive Mind

  1. Trog angered God in no way, if he honestly was looking for a meal or some resource in the woods, and not just tempting the bear to do what bears do…

    optimal human diet is low carb omnivory, btw, at least if we compare our digestive tracts to similar animals. oatmeal probably causes more colon cancer than it doesn’t. the fantasies dieticians peddle in part come from the seculars’ need for replacement myths instead of divine truths, and in part because docs can be govcorp hucksters too. if your whole family has colon cancer, the doc’s whole family goes to college… if it spreads to more organs, they got a shot at the ivy league.

    there might be some differences in diet based on historical and/or racial development too. medis tolerate wheat better than northseas, while northseas tolerate lactose and alcohol more (mead > wine). both can be allergic to peanuts and other new world things that amerinds love, while amerinds can be very lactose intolerant because llama milk was not widely available. caucasoids did love transplanting potatoes, but they do gorge on them too much by now. amerinds and blacks had lots of fruit but no sugar nor bread and barely any alcohol, thus after the white man they became addicted to these things and prone to diabetes and heart disease (africanoids can withstand more due to size though). they did give the white man high blood pressure through coffee and tea… and syphilis. asiatics digest rice better than wheat, but their smaller frames require less food; and so on.

    the historical development of diet seems even more important, as most traditional foods were cooked in peasant times: when lots more energy was needed to work outside in a fierce environment, and lots more natural foods were available. after an industrial interregnum where our masters fed us industrial glop from cans to build the freemasonic world, today we live instead like pod hamsters: yet want to gorge like rats on every taste advertised as possible, yet also wanting to be as thin and fit as the magazines say is possible. so of course we are unhealthy and need govcorp pills, and all kinds of taxmoney for all kinds of public and private healthcare “programs”; just to get by, like the nwords say. and then you are told you need a mask for the flu 2.0, too… here’s hoping we wake up from secularist mysticism, so we don’t simply obey to what scientists do because they just do it.

  2. If you want the truth, you must be self-loving enough to see when you deserve more than what people think you should have but self hating to see where you deserve less than what they think you should have.

    To some extent, culture is a simulation. Math is real. Fiction is fiction. Culture is somewhere in the middle. It is half real and half pretend. Upward mobility lies more with what is pretend though, so that’s why people are oriented toward BS..

  3. The study cited in the article I have linked states a balance of carbs is optimal, and I am inclined to believe it over you because I trust they would factored out things not to do with diet. Outcomes are 50% genes and 50% environment in most things and probably in health too. Bad genes may override a good diet, but a good diet may extend your life a few years longer. It is not all genes as you seem to say. While genes can go a lot worse than diet by causing terminal cancer in children, a bad diet can kill you four years early. We notice the genetic problems more because they can be more obvious and dramatic–at least for an individual.


    People believe what makes them feel good. You think diet doesn’t matter because perhaps you have a heterodox one? Or because you don’t regulate yours?

    If you want to find someone who tells the truth, find someone who is self-hating and narcissistic in just the right combination so that they will believe things that make them feel good but also make them feel bad in just the right combination so they arrive at truth.

  4. There is a UK scientist who follows diet studies as a hobby. He has come to the conclusion that we only know two things about diet:

    1. Don’t eat too much

    2. Don’t eat just one thing

    I would add a third one (courtesy of Taleb in one of his saner moments)

    3. Don’t consume anything that hasn’t been consumed for 1000 years

  5. In the circles around me, everyone knows that excessive carbs are bad, and that being seriously overweight is very bad….Admittedly, a few don’t act on that knowledge, but I haven’t heard anyone advocating the SAD, and certainly none of my doctors…But Southern AZ is the center of alternative medicine, so is probably atypical…

  6. Now in case anyone is asking why there are so many nutrition and health cranks out there. well its profitable for one as many people are sicker than they should be and second, people need to make a living.
    Most work people do is useless and unnecessary and I suspect that we could get by with maybe 20% of people actually working and lose little to no wealth.
    Problem is that would essentially sterlize anyone with an IQ over 90 and Under 120 I.E , 80% of the population. Mouse Utopia always wins

  7. I’ve noticed lately, since this COVID bullshit, that people are constantly admitting to me that they gained weight without me even asking. I’ve lost weight. I’m not eating out anymore. I’m talking really out. Like in a transmission fluid stained parking lot out… I was getting pretty close to not eating out anymore before all this. Fellow dinners watching something on a dumb phone with the speaker on makes me want to stick a fork in their eye. Especially when its a kid watching the latest (((Pixar))) offering. Kid first, then dad and dad, I live in LA.
    cooking at home and letting myself be a little hungry at some point during the day seems to help. I’ve had to cut way back on the brewskis and meat because of gout. That sucks. But it’s sure helped. I don’t know if they allow fast food to be bought with food stamps in other parts of the country, they do here and sounds like a bad idea to me. Did any of you abducted minds see Giuliani’s press conference today ? He seemed to be melting. There was either hair dye or blood dripping down the side of his head onto his collar. He remained me of Simon-Bar-Sinister. I don’t know how anyone could take him even a little seriously.

  8. Agree 100% on the diet nonsense. I used to be a fatty (at 43 y/o I was 265+ @ just under 6’2″) and my labs showed that my health was not great-(LDLs in the 170s, HDLs in the teens, high BP, high fasting glucose, etc.)

    4 yrs later and my morning weight now stays in the low to mid 180s, and I did it all eating mostly junk. Some days would be one large, solid meal mid morning, and then two pints of ice cream for dinner. Other days it was two double grease burger meals. Just depended on total calories. I kept it at 2650 to 2800 per day, and the weight fell off, no matter what I ate. If I was hungry, I’d snack on whatever I wanted and just make adjustments to the next meal or the next day. My health is now kick-ass (at least according to my labs) like I’m in the lowest possible heart attack risk group for my age, and my bone density, according to DEXA scan is way above average. I credit that to the barbell.

  9. Unusually polemic and must be critiqued today! in polite conversation, we are not supposed to discuss money, religion or politics. I say let us be real and let the chips fall where they may. If that makes me impolite, so be it.
    Um, for openers: Our side of the divide is immune to magical thinking? Oh really? You rightly note that “Lots of smart and thoughtful people cling to ideas that are superstitious and primitive.” Do you really believe in the inivisible man in the sky or some such magic? Many here claim to. Religion has many good aspects, but it has many more bad ones. Rather than condemn all religions, suffice it for me to say right here that many organized religions hold tenets that have real-world consequences, both good and evil. Frankly, I’m not impressed by the set of superstitions you learnt as a young child. On the other hand, if you have beliefs or theories that do or can affect the world we live in, and you can argue a persuasive case (Preferably without chopping my head off at dawn if I don’t agree), then I’d love to hear your arguments.
    Then Z asserts that the belief that our diet determines our health is “complete nonsense.” Granted, he does backpedal this a bit. But any categorical claim is a red-flag that must be carefully examined, as it has a high chance of being false.
    As is this one. I’m not a dietician, but clearly neither is Z. There is plenty to criticize in the standard American diet. Excess is probably the most salient. Too much of any category, or correspondignly too little of another, is a recipe for bad health. Or, do you really think humans can survive on an all-carb, or all-fat diet? How long do you think you will remain healthy without essential vitamins and minerals? Seriously, Z, perhaps you are being sarcastic and I fell for it, but if not, this is drivel unworthy of your usual high quality prose: “[D]iet has little to no impact on your health” … well if you choose to believe so. I’m sure glad I’m not your body, if you really live by those words.
    The rest of today’s essay is the more usual well-balanced thought that we’re used to.
    Ideas that claim to affect the real world should be tested precisely that way: How well, in practice, does this theory work in the real world? Yes, our enemies seem to wallow in fantasy, but our side is by no means immune. Nor should we necessarily condemn a man for one or two weird beliefs, if the bulk of his output is of high value. Now let’s go back to sparring about politics, sports and culture.

  10. Just my own experience. Several years ago my doctor was wanting me to lose weight and suggested I go gluten free, and recommended the book “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, M.D. I had come across that book previously but had dismissed it as just another fad diet. But I took my dr’s advice and went gluten free. Lost 20-30 pounds the first 6 months. A year later at a luncheon, I said what the hell and ate a serving of the chocolate cake they were serving for dessert. Well, I had diarrhea all afternoon. So I’ve made a point to remain gluten free ever since. Da is in his book seems to buy into the idea that today’s wheat is different from what was around 100 years ago. The big change came in the 1980’s when farmers began switching big time to planting recently developed hybrid strains. I for one don’t believe in forcing gluten free on anyone, but if the shoe fits, wear it. We are all different.

  11. “The old alt-right, the guys sure the media is controlled by little men in volcanoes, accepted without question the media claims about the Covid pandemic.”
    They sure did. Hilarious knee jerk reaction. Same phenomena is occurring now with their rather widespread rejection of the possibility that we are about to uncover the wildest pattern of vote fraud in US history.

    • Not only did they accept the Rona without question but they mocked anyone who didn’t. As they like to say, it made me do a “big think” about their agenda.

      • Yes, the mockery and condescension towards those who might disagree was the most infuriating part of their dumb act.

  12. “A good example of something most people think is true, but is complete nonsense is the claim that your diet determines your health”

    holy moly, holy cow, and holy smokes. I beg to disagree. Diet matters importantly. A high sugar, high carb diet is very unhealthy and it causes insulin intolerance which can lead to fatigue, diabetes, and more.
    i had a serious health scare and began to read up on this stuff, and have since been following the Keto diet. Feel much better – one of the smartest things i ever did to improve my health. Seriously, check it out guys.

    • I suspect we are taking Z-man’s missive to an extreme and knocking down straw men. Hard for me to believe Z-man would disagree that a diet extremely imbalanced toward empty calories like sugar is similar to a more balanced one with carb’s, fats and proteins. On the other hand, a Keto diet is pretty trendy these days and one in a long line of fads. If it works for you, fine—but that is anecdotal, isn’t it?

      • No. Do some homework. I did. I have nothing to gain here. Just trying to disperse the benefit of my study. Believe what you want.

        • keto is an extreme form of eating and is not anywhere near optimal for health. it was developed as a treatment for epileptic seizures.

  13. I suppose it would be Gell-Mann in reverse if I were to go from appreciating your insights on politics to trusting you on dietary matters. I was more intrigued by your bringing in the abductive mind, which I had to look up. It’s an interesting concept, but I’m not sure it’s anything more than an aspect of inductive reasoning.

  14. We still don’t understand human metabolism well. Technically, we cannot synthesize certain esential amino acids (protein) and certain essential lipids (fats); but there is apparently no corresponding requirement for exogenous carbohydrates, despite their abundance in the world and our ability to metabolize them. Orthorexia, which is a psychological disorder, has developed in the 21st century to fuel a billion-dollar industry parsing the merits of competing dietary claims that basically boils down to Team Meat versus Team Plant. As Zman suggests, it may be driven by a completely different agenda than health. Eat what you like in moderation. You are going to die of something and some degree of physical pain, varying as to duration or intensity, is inescable. You may as well enjoy something. Even those who are being executed get to choose their last meal.

  15. 95% of the time the Z Man is spot on, but using diet as a metaphor, in the case, was meh.

    yes if course genetics come into play. So does gender and a whole host of determinative things. Perhaps the absolute inequality of nature is the primary causal factor of poor health.


    everything in moderation. “Man cannot live on bread alone.” Even someone without a genetic predisposition to diabetes will destroy the insulin cells in their pancreas if they eat cake and ice cream for every meal instead of a reasonably balanced diet. Yes, we are omnivores, and as such, we require an omnivorous diet or else we will suffer Ill health.

    It isn’t superstitious to believe this. It is intuitive.

    The overarching message here is true, because fad diets only encourage wild swings in weight, muscle mass, and metabolic chaos. This doesn’t mean that diet has no bearing at all on health.

  16. There is simply too much information for any of us to mentally digest, and much of it gets streamlined into quick narratives, so we don’t end up on the floor in some sort of epileptic-like seizure from it all. The narratives require authoritative sources, but in a world of lies and manipulation, how do you do the screening? Furthermore, everyone has decided to pound the table about narratives they believe, so everyone is an “expert” about everything. What ever happened to “don’t know”, the cousin of “don’t know, don’t care”?

  17. This sort of thing comes about through “Marrying your Investment.” People invest in something and they forget that the investment had some other purpose to it not a lifelong relationship.

    This is especially true of ideas. Often times someone will propose an idea with assumptions and caveats that require testing. Other people then invest in the idea and either forget or don’t know about the original assumptions and caveats and the idea gains a life of it’s own. At that point you can’t tell them a thing about the original thought because it’s outside their current investment.

    Ronald Reagan said it best about people knowing things that just aren’t true. I think he meant that in a general sense too.

  18. Once again Z pontificates on a subject that we have no reason to believe he knows anything more about than anybody else. Diet is one of those issues that everybody has an opinion about because nobody has ever been able to get a real handle on it. Z has as much right to his opinion as anybody, but his Olympian dismissal of all disagreement damages his own credibility. He does this again and again, on topic after topic, and he doesn’t seem to know when he’s doing it.

    (My own opinion is that diet does not determine your health, but it can influence it. I’ve lost about 15 pounds over the past couple of years by emphasizing fruits and vegetables in my diet, and cutting back as much as possible on processed foods and baked goods. I know perfectly well there are no guarantees, but this still looks like an unqualified win to me).

    • Your mileage will vary greatly. For instance, as I got older my cholesterol got smoothly and progressively higher every year. Didn’t matter what I ate or what shape I was in, so to Z’s point it didn’t matter. My buddy on the other hand can rework his blood counts almost at will by changing what he eats.

  19. “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”
    Minister of Propaganda, Gauleiter of Berlin, NSDAP Golden Party Badge holder Joeseph Goebbels

  20. Z’s essays are always thought provoking, but as regards to food, I think he’s plainly wrong. Humans are for sure omnivores and can survive on diets ranging from just meat (and blubber) to a purely vegetarian diet. However, in evolutionary terms, we especially relish protein because we used to have to run pretty fast to catch (or to avoid) it—and sweets came only at the price of painful stings. The abundance of such foods today can be seen in the prevalence of the diseases afflicting modern man (as opposed to the diseases of malnutrition that our ancestors endured). He may factor out drugs and alcohol, but these are actually manifestations of the same thing. Pleasure-giving chemicals we used to receive in micro-doses as “rewards” are now available for a price. Indeed, his is an argument of extreme egalitarianism not unlike that of our rulers who claim that we humans are all interchangeable: an East African can simply be swapped out for a Scandinavian, and if you net out the loss of social cohesion, soaring crime rate and burned-out buildings, Minneapolis is still totally fine (just with better food).

    • my daughter’s boyfriend is a vegan

      He’s great young man and is into it b/c his mother died rather young and he’s hoping to not have a similar situation and is a believer in diet. Fine by me.

      But he has ZERO energy. In terms of doing anything physical like even sweeping the floor. Yes, he can type on the computer all day.

      I have noticed that red meat gives a man that boost and that power to do physical tasks and so forth. No wonder those Mexican field hands eat the burritos and work all day.

    • Yes. Zman is almost always right. But not on diet.
      Diet is everything. I say this from direct experience, not from theory or opinion. In fact, I denied the diet connection for most of my life until I fixed my diet which made it impossible for me to deny it.
      I’m only posting here because I want Zman to live a lot longer and more productively. I’m about Zman’s age and have getting healthier as I age merely from dietary changes (80% of health is diet in our age of processed food). I’ve a washboard stomach and the health metrics of a 25 year old and I never go to the doctor…and it’s 80% diet and 20% lifting weights/living active. That’s it. At this pace I’ll live productively past 100 yo.

      • Sleep is the other huge key to health.

        Every system in your body benefits from quality sleep.

      • The mistake you make is assuming your “correct” diet is everyone’s correct diet. If you feel better eating as you do, fine. However that probably is not the same for others—and if not, “diet” as you discuss will have to be much more strenuously defined. This conversation has been going on for decades and it seems every few years another diet book hits the stand and makes a scene, then dies out. Why? I suspect it’s because they don’t really work for all, but a few specific persons.

        I’ll admit to being quite jaded on the matter. Forty+ years of marriage to a person with body dysphoria will do that to you. I’ve suffered through every new trend that came along—and still do, although now we are moving into plastic surgery. 🙁

  21. I found that diet does have a significant effect, just not the way the experts claim. Eating more fats and meats helps me avoid sweets and snacking. Also less sweets keeps me from breaking out in horrible acne. It is almost as if the sweets and carbs increase my appetite. It’s a vicious circle.

    The epidemic of acne among teenagers could probably be mitigated by a lot if they would stop drinking soda and ate more of the fattier cuts of meat.

    Of course now our satanic elites want us eating bug paste. I think most of the nutrition advice is simply due to their hatred of us. Whole milk and high fat yogurt is just so much more delicious than the low fat high carb shit they insist on us eating.

    I’d also like to find a good source of real lard, not that shelf stable hydrogenated crap they keep pushing in the grocery stores.

    • the carbs spike your blood sugar, insulin is produced in excess, blood sugar crashes. brain sends out hunger signal. rinse and repeat.

      • This is nothing new. I think Atkin’s book was from the early 70s. I read his first one. He called it “insulin resistance.” In the 1980s there was a similar book by a Newbold. Avoid sugars. Avoid refined carbs. Eat like a caveman: unprocessed meats, fresh vegetables, fruits. Atkins was very anti-carb, even natural fruits, but these authors seem to have had quite the wise advice.

    • I make two pints of ghee every month from organic butter and that’s all we cook with. It’s easy and tastes great plus it smells like butterscotch.

    • I don’t see acne (or bad teeth) in teenagers anymore. In Gen X both were rampant. Maybe they just get effective treatment early now?

  22. When everything is a lie, news is narrative. Worse, we ourselves do it when reading or listening to it. Since everything is presented to us in narrative form, it is very easy to make subtle changes to their narrative while creating a new narrative which more closely follows our world view.

    • My mind rejects out of reflex any reporting that isn’t in bullet point or similar just-the-facts format

      Give me dates, time, exact location, coordinates, etc or I won’t read it

      I learned a long time ago watching the Bucs play live that what I see happening on the field with my own eyes bears ZERO resemblance to what the sportswriter would write about in the Monday paper on the game. Ever since, I never trust journalism. And I notice they rarely give you just simple facts. Even the final score is buried deep into the narrative.

      All journalism should have attached to the narrative a “box score” like we see in sports reporting

      • As folks have mention here, journalism schools changed a couple of generations ago with the emphasis on “advocacy” journalism in which their job is to shape—rather than inform—public opinion. Add to that a general decline in student quality in the schools and you have what we have today—thousands of budding Goebbels in our media.

        • It’s almost like they called some Soviet universities and asked for English translations of Pravda training course material.
          It has pervaded every aspect of “journalism,” not just the political stuff. It is difficult to find a news story on literally any subject that is not presented as a narrative and as advocacy. They seem to be incapable of doing it.

          Yuri Bezmenov said that a demoralized people would be absolutely incapable of thinking. I always took him with a major grain of salt. He is literally one guy with a minor job in India who after defection was very much useful to the CIA and other swamp creatures. But it is getting more and more difficult by the day to ignore what he said.

          • We have a cadre of students coming into adulthood who have been told their “greatest good” is to “change the world”—all before they have any experience of it. The brighter ones take law degrees and get into political positions. The average maybe, Journalism or “Grievance Studies”. The dullards join, BLM or AntiFA.

            I was lucky, no one ever told me I could change the world. Hell, the old man told me the University was bullshit and showed me his tax return for the current year—challenging me to make even half as much with a degree, but he never told me to go out and change the world.

          • Yes! This kind of egotistical thinking is pushed on young people. I have a friend whose bright young son quit his job at Google (good) because he ‘wanted to do make the world better’ (bad) by working on climate change or some other equally spurious virtue activity. I said how about he raise a couple good kids and do something actually productive with his life. My friend was not amused. Please God save us from this army of do-gooders.

  23. Diet is 90% of health. Eat toxic foods and you will pay a steep price. It’s not just that obese people eat too many calories (which they grotesquely do) they also eat lots of toxic industrial foods. I do agree humans are omnivores, and that eating a wide range of foods is a good idea. Things like the keto and paleo diets are clearly made up nonsense, but avoiding corn syrup and trans fats are just as clearly good things to do.

    There is a saying in the lifting community – you can’t outwork a bad diet. It applies more generally in life…

    • It’s 90% genetic

      No matter what you eat short f intentionally poisoning yourself

      and the 10% is because people have not been “trained” on how to eat properly

      • I have found in my later years a decline in food enjoyment. I eat, but have a much more natural tendency to fill up quickly and simply stop eating. Such was never the case in my younger years.

        When the family gets together at holidays, I notice a particular tendency for some (most?) of the older, more obese members to load up with second, and even third helpings. Often, even acknowledging such behavior with the statement, “Well, it’s (Thanksgiving, Christmas, whatever)”. As if this behavior is occasional. But obviously from their girth and health, not very rare at all. This is probably genetic as is much else we discuss.

  24. Food religion vs food porn: My breakfast, bacon, eggs fried in bacon grease, buttered grits and an orange. Definitely food porn.

    • If you are out doing physical labor, that kind of meal is what you need to give you energy throughout the day. Kind of stuff I eat if I have to work construction around the house.

      Different tasks often require different diets.

      But eating like that and typing on a computer all day is no bueno — I would think

      • Day off, so time to cook. Non-sedentary lifestyle. Tried to go back on keto during lockdown, but no meat or greens in the store. Nurturing my brain with fat, since it is fat.
        Wheat and sugar are the brain fog machine for me.

        • but no meat or greens in the store.”

          And Gov Nuisance wants to limit us to one family member, on one essential foraging trip per day- to stand in breadlines because “distancing” and “store limits”.

          Now the CDC is saying no holiday travel. It’s coming, folks.

          • He’s the Dr Strangelove of governors, for sure. But homeless people pooping in the food aisles is ok as long as they’re wearing a mask.

      • One plateful included in European hotels’ daily rate is enough to fuel me, happily, for the whole day. That is how a plowman or coal miner kept at it all day.

      • The bacon was the thick-sliced kind. The full English would set me back a couple of days of eating. The English win the breakfast food porn award.

  25. In Heels Up Harriss’ Homeland your choice of food is very important to your health .
    (And that of the food)

  26. Trog! I had that game. Around the time of Micro Machines. Played both relentlessly, never managed to beat either.

    JLP says make blacks feel something and you’ve got them. That sounds right. Seems to me Asians go for shiny things.

    To capture whites, capture our imaginations. I’m guessing it was all those long winters with nothing to do. Our greatest strength and our fatal weakness.

    • I recall a tale from long ago (’68, I believe) involving riots and of the city council’s ideas on how to deal with them. One councilman suggested that “jitterbug” music be played over loudspeakers because the blacks would begin dancing, seeing as they wouldn’t be able to stop themseves from doing so. The city was Cleveland, if memory serves.

      • This from news reports: in some places like train stations or other places where youths would loiter (not necessarily to be criminal), it was found that they were less likely to gather when classical music was played on the PA 🙂

  27. This post makes me suspect that Z is obese. Is he coping?

    Diet matters. Working out is important. Sure you can live to 80 on a medication cocktail and in a wheelchair as a fat person.

    Eat what your ancestors ate – as a white man that’s eggs, meat, potatoes, milk, fish. Stay away from PUFA and anything processed, and also put as little money as you can into the system (eat at home).

    • Yep

      I thank my parents for exposing me to Italy at a young age and how to eat properly and intelligently

      They have eating down to a science and it’s all so effortless and cultured

      America tried that in recent years, and at times has succeeded, but oftentimes it’s a poor facsimile of the European model

      • The southern Mediterranean has arguably the greatest produce in the world. I was blown away by how good something as simple as an apricot tasted in Turkey.

        • The tomatoes are to die for, and the cheeses, dairy, etc

          One thing I like about over there is they don’t pasteurize their creams and juices — at least where I get my food from local markets right off the farms, but the supermarkets may pasteurize their products. Flavor is maybe 2x to 3x better. Just have to eat it before it spoils.

        • One of my strongest travel memories is walking by produce stands in Nice, France and being able to smell the gloriously fresh raspberries and strawberries for sale.

          • Ah, the Nice market. So many “gourmet” foods under the tents. The firehouse band playing and the sea nearby.

            Thanks for evoking good memories. If this virus fakery ever lifts, we are going back there asap. Rent a convertIble and drive to Ventimilia, sampling the little towns and their smells along the way.

  28. Literal joggers are my favorite. BDSMing your knees for an hour every day across dirty miles of uneven concrete

      • My wife had no cartilege in her knees after decades of running. We grew back a thin layer of anhylene, or “scar” cartilege, back so she’s no longer experiencing daily pain. But running frequently can in fact destroy your knees and hip joints. Humans were not designed to run tens of miles over hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete.

        • Particularly for women because of the angle between the hip and knee joints. You’ll notice that most elite female marathoners have a very small hip/knee angle.

          • For the milquetoasts among us, even light exercise is helpful. Walking the dog around the block. With any luck he’ll drop a steamer on the lawn of the house that had the Biden signs 🙂

          • i used to try and get my lab to dump in prairie dog burrows (through the access hole on the surface). imagined the little buggers heading out for a morning of standing around, and running head first into a log.

      • Everyone I know who has had their knees replaced *have never jogged*. Just stood up a lot on the job. Anecdotal to be sure, but would seem to have a place in the discussion.

  29. A clue to the Standard American Diet lies in the fact that it’s produced by the Department of Agriculture.
    The primary concern is the financial health of the American farmers not the physical health of the American people.
    In Heels Up Harriss’ Homeland your choice of food is very important to your health .
    (And that of the food)

    • Missed the link on the previous comment.
      Last couple of lines doesn’t make much sense without it.

      A clue to the Standard American Diet lies in the fact that it’s produced by the Department of Agriculture.
      The primary concern is the financial health of the American farmers not the physical health of the American people.
      In Heels Up Harris’ Homeland your choice of food is very important to your health .
      (And that of the food)

  30. People want (well, maybe not us realists) so badly to believe all humans, all races are the same. They see that cool, smart black guy on TV, or the guy they work with, or the smart GOP politician, and tend to project that guy on all black people. It makes them believe they can all be like that guy if only…(fill in remedial social program or anti-racist behavior by whites here) The huge, obvious differences like the sky-high crime rates, the no-go zones, the domination in certain sports, the abysmal school performances, and all around dysfunction are ignored or downplayed by their belief in themselves as a good person who believes in the highest ideal, which is all people are equal.

    • Omg. I think 50% of Hannity’s guests are black. The normiecon obsession with blacks is just as much as libs’. Conservative blacks are also narcissistic – look at me, a black womxn who is a conservative!

      • “…look at me, a black womxn who is a conservative!…”

        Or a grifter. Sorry to paint with such a broad brush, but really I can’t think of one that I seriously believe is not. They have no credibility with me.

      • Manosphere pundit Rollo Tomassi is friends with Hotep Jesus and just did a 3 hour show with Candace Owens.

        • Given Rollo’s looks these days, I’m starting to think his redpill is a LARP. No amount of game can overcome his unfortunate genetics as he’s aged.

          • Yeah, I wonder about some of those guys.

            I mean, WTF is with the sketchy male torso sculpture on Rich Cooper’s wall?

            That is way too Podesta-esque for me.

  31. It’s a FACT that my cat wards off nightmares

    If he’s sleeping next to me, never have them. In fact only good dreams. Nightmares occur only when the little fluff ball isn’t there protecting me.

    Scientists would obviously deny any relationship between the two

    Friggin morons

  32. Of course another good example is joggers. Up until 60-70 years ago, everyone knew the score and acted/treated them accordingly. Now, after 55 years of age incessant brainwashing that they’re just like us, bleed red blah, blah, blah, here we are. Joggers slaughtering each other and everyone else on a daily basis and the vast majority ignoring it or willfully turning a blind eye. Of course the main slimes media also willfully refuses to report on it. The purveyors of these lies hopefully will have much to answer for.

    • That’s the greatest part of the lie: Joe Average feels so free with his democracy he doesn’t believe that there is anything bad about it. He may even tacitly agree that he is not truly free, but when you start talking to these people about what the ‘elites’ are up to, well then ‘Surely! They wouldn’t do that! You’re being silly!’.

      The NPC mentality was once again brought home to me I think yesterday or the day before. A commenter here posted a video of two men resisting supermarket security in Bristol, UK. With the exception of the two legendary whites, dusky mask enforcers (I assume that is the reason for the beef) and the cameraman, most just go about their business – completely ignoring the event.

  33. Trog angered the gods is more easily accepted than Trog was eaten by a bear, because that’s what bears do.

    True, but the stories that lasted from the past were stories that provided a lesson that actually helped people avoid danger. German fairy tales are remarkably dark, but they did keep kids from doing things that could get them into trouble.

    Our current fairy tales won’t last because they make life worse for those who believe them.

    • I doubt witches like Kamala and Hillary would have gotten anywhere had enough children been exposed Grimm’s fairytales

      Thank God my grandma used to read them to me.

    • In my ongoing readings of Buddhism, this is (to me) one of the logical truths of Buddhism: the universailty of dukka, usually called “suffering” but more accurately “dissatisfaction” with the way things are. “Craving” ties in with suffering (I’m not fully up to speed on the distinction). Impermanence: everything arises and fades away. As you said, at least one commentary says that the fundamental problem of human existence is disappointment with the way the real world is (= dukka) and people live in “ignorance” of true reality, instead trying to change the world to reflect our desires (perhaps this is the craving). This is just another elaborate way of stating the eternal problem of mind vs. reality, of human wants vs. what reality is capable of delivering. I admire Buddha’s teachings, there is a lot of logic in them. On the other hand, there is much fantasy too. The moral teachings are impeccable, and the concept of karma has its place, as does sin in Christianity. But I have difficulty accepting that we all have had countless past lives, and are doomed to countless lives in the future (Samsara), unless we “extinguish” ourselves by finding Nirvana. Of the other worlds, there are three lower and several higher realms. Apparently the only realm in which a person can make spiritual progress is the Earthly realm. How convenient! 🙂

  34. Media is like standing in the cereal isle. Corn and sugar or wheat and sugar. How would you like your sugar? Both!? Ah, fair and balanced.

    My working theory is that we are in the final two months in a galactic feedlot. You know, when the alien ranchers and their deep state lizard hybrid ranch hands really put the weight on us and more importantly that corn-fed marbling. Thats all the flavor really.

    This whole hoof and snout wuhan thing is spooky though. Wouldn’t want to get “infected”.

  35. my grandfather used to tell us that doctors were the new priests and would eventually go overboard harping on one’s good health. I took it to mean that because the body is one’s temple that keeping it healthy was being a good Christian — thereby tying medicine and religion into a similar human enterprise.

    Notice how doctors today frown on you like a priest if you confess to having a few extra drinks.

    He also said in every town there is only one good doctor.

    Wise old doctor he was.

    • Notice how doctors today frown on you like a priest if you confess to having a few extra drinks.

      Indeed. The moral judgement comes thick and fast. A recent visit to the doctor for my wife, who had a bruise, led to the doctor (female rag head) initiating the following brief exchange:

      Doctor Rag Head: I have to ask, about the bruise… Does your husband abuse you?

      Wife: Only verbally.

      Apparently, the doctor did not get this joke; rather, she looked at my wife in a concerned manner.

      I told her later that this woman should not be joked with – they take these things seriously. In addition she is not ‘one of us’.

      • The mental health questionnaires are the most terrifying, along with the firearms question.
        Rest assured, we’ll all be considered mentally ill in twenty years.

        • I’ve can’t remember if I’ve ever had to fill out one of those, but suffice it to say that if you admit to depression or suicidal thoughts on those forms, you’re a moron. Suicidal thoughts, in particular, are grounds for involuntary mental health confinement and evaluation.

          • Yeah, here in FL I’ve seen that first-hand a couple times. What blows me away is that they keep the person for a maximum of three days. As if that is going to magically alleviate a true suicidal or other unhinged person.

          • I know someone who was kept a week just for a hearing, and then the magistrate decided, “Oh, our bad. You’re fine. Sorry about the inconvenience.”

      • Your selection criteria for doctors needs work.
        Step 1. Select only those who might be mistaken for yourcousin.
        Step 2. Rule out any that might be beneficiaries of affirmative action. Prominent relatives, Physical disabilities etc.
        Step 3. Check out who the co-authors are on any papers/studies that they have written. With whom do they associate and regard as their peers?

        Then a quick scan through the review sites..

      • No doubt !!!

        Never joke with those people. Look at how Trump joked about Russia getting Hillary’s emails and they took it seriously enough to impeach him.

        These progs have no humor and are dangerous

      • Wouldn’t know. I haven’t been to a doctor in six years, and I can’t remember how many years it was before that. I don’t go to doctors for opinions on my lifestyle. I go for specific issues that I need addressed.

      • I believe they are required to ask about abuse. I had a health scare that took me to the emergency room a few years ago. I was having heat exhaustion that felt like a heart attack. I recall the doctor asking me if my wife was abusive. I was completely puzzled about what that had to do with my symptoms.

      • Don’t lay all the blame on the MD’s. Very likely they are required by law to ask those types of questions. I knew a woman (mid-50s) who was dopey on pills, slipped, fell and hit her eye against a table leg in a room full of witnesses. Fortunately, she wasn’t seriously harmed. She did get a black eye. Even so, she later said the police came to her home asking if there had been a domestic abuse incident. She was divorced and lived alone. And this, in a relatively sane part of the country.

    • On the questionnaire for new patients, they now ask if you are a gun owner. How long before they ask about your views on race, sex, immigration?

    • That’s why commies colonize the Medical Industrial Complex early and often. Not so much trauma care where it’s obvious whether you know what you’re doing or not but damn near everywhere else.

    • That has to do with the corporatization and financialization of medicine. The local independent doctor with an office attached to his/her home was denied admitting privileges and insurance compensation unless he joined a “network.” This was sold as a way to “keep costs and prices down.” Of course the opposite happened. You can’t even go to the ER anymore w/o prior network approval and premiums outpace inflation by a factor every enrollment period.

  36. Nutrition and diet is one of the areas that it’s most apparent the current consensus is based almost completely on inertia and not any sort of dispassionate analysis.
    The most laughable example is BMI measurement for reasons that should not have to be explained.
    The second most is the ‘carbs are good’ bandwagon. Truth is, the reason why atkins works is because you don’t spike your sugars, which makes you want to eat less, which makes you lose weight. I’ve had friends who went to atkins and then did a seven day fast like it was nothing. One lost 100 pounds in a year.
    There’s really no excuse anymore except that either our medical profession is incredibly lazy or there is an implicit goal of making us all weak and sick.
    Another field is fitness, where the industry still hasn’t wrapped their heads around the fact that exercise is ineffective for weight loss. What is can do is make you stronger and more useful through a basic barbell routine. That would only require a couple of hours of personal training and gyms would actually have to have decent equipment, so that’s a no-go though. There’s also the psychological edge that a confident, powerful man tends to be a right-wing man.

  37. We learn by stories, and all stories are, at their heart, a morality tale. Good vs evil. Protagonist vs antagonist.

    With food, it’s a tale of you (the protagonist) vs a bad diet or carbs or gluten (antagonist). They are trying to destroy you so you must overcome them.

    With Progressives, it’s a tale of them vs evil White racists.

    We must always remember to couch our arguments as stories placing the person that we are trying to convince in the role of the hero overcoming an evil antagonist. It’s how they learn and how they come to our side.

    • (((Carbs)))?

      I think gluten gets a bad rap. Gluten is the whyte supremes of modern food.

      <1% of people explode from the greatest threat to our GI’s. But suddenly everybody is “sensitive” and scouring the ingredients for clues of gluten supremacy and now bread and pasta must be made out of rice and garbanzos (“good carbs”) or some kid will blast his pants on the way to indoctrination camp.

      Meanwhile the real problem is not some protein found among many, the one that also happens to give bread all its structure and enjoyable texture, but its the fact that diet is still 90% processed carbohydrates (sugar) and fat (veg oil) because parental units are too busy to buy broccoli and chicken.

      Half-joking aside, good point: our side needs to constantly improve our own storytelling. Both to our own and those trapped in the dmz.

      • Argument over change I overheard yesterday between a black male and a cashier.
        “Man, you don’ understand: I’m a mathematician!”
        What was he buying, you ask?
        Lottery tickets.

      • Always funny to see products which never had any gluten in them anyway labeled GLUTEN FREE in big print on the packaging.

      • I’ve heard the gluten problem is from modern grains bred for maximum efficiency, or additives destroying the GI/gut biome. Both sound plausible.

        In any case additives sound like a bad idea to me, and I prefer cultivars from the preindustrial food supply. More like how nature intended.

          • And you’re not using your grandmother’s sourdough starter to ferment the dough. That also matters.

            Modern bread is just different from bread in the past. For some, it’s an issue. For others, it’s fine.

        • if you are sensitive to wheat, you will get digestive distress when you eat it. like bloating, and/or acid reflux. many women with bowel health problems are sensitive to wheat but not aware of the connection.

          • The idea is that the wheat is different today and that might be what’s causing the sensitivity. Different composition, different compounds or whatever— enough to throw off the biochemistry. No idea if it’s the cause, but it seems plausible, especially considering how unnatural a lot of these plants are nowadays.

            If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, you know?

          • I have read that and tend to think there is something to it. fucking food scientists have gotten their evil hands around all kinds of things, always making them worse. tomatoes are a classic case. and yah, don’t touch shit that’s working well! 🙂

          • Exactly. Also, factor bread doesn’t use sourdough to ferment. Sourdough helps break down the gluten, in essence doing some of the digestion for you.

            This is especially true of “no-knead” sourdough bread where you have very long fermentation. People with digestive distress from bread should try sourdough breads. It may help. (It also might not help, btw.)

          • agree that sourdough is less prone to cause (me) issues. kind of want to start making my own, too.

        • Modern factory bread has a lot more gluten than in the past due to changes in the wheat. In addition, they don’t use sourdough yeast, which helps in the digestion of gluten.

          Basically, even if you were eating the same amount of bread as someone in 1930, you’d be eating lot more gluten and it would be harder to digest. For some people, that’s an issue; for others, it’s not. But our bodies are having to deal with more gluten.

          • Very interesting. I wonder why they’d change the yeast. Another victim of efficiency?

            Also: does sourdough involve bacteria?

          • Whoops. Hold up on the increased gluten in modern wheat. My medical researcher says it may be more complicated than that. It might be the kind of gluten.

            Regardless, two definite issues are not using sourdough for fermentation and all crops lacking the micro-nutrients because they’ve been leeched from the soil.

            Your body is not getting a lot of the help that it once got to digest your bread (and other food). Again, bothers some people but not others.

          • Learn to make your own yeast bread. No-knead takes five minutes for really excellent bread. A six quart or larger cast iron pot with a tight-fitting lid is the perfect bread oven — you can buy Lodge for less than twenty bucks. Buy organic grains and flours from Bob’s Red Mill or King Arthur. So easy for such a great reward.

          • Yep. I used use the Lodge cast iron combo cooker. Drop the dough on the heated skillet portion and put the heated pot on top. Much easier than trying to drop into a single pot.

            Also, might I suggest cranberry pecan sourdough. Best toast you’ll ever have.

          • ok, when i was a kid (60’s) bread would go stale in a couple of days. now, it kind of never goes stale, it just gets moldy. so something is very different in the process.

        • Modern tech has given us genetically modified foodstuffs, built-in pesticides and so forth. Who knows what the long-term effects are? But gather round boys and girls, here’s a food tale from the days before it took a chemical engineer to bake bread!
          Did you ever wonder what the “enriched” in enriched white flour was? Several centuries back, white flour and the bread it made was a luxury. As technology improved, white flour became affordable. It was quickly discoverd, alas, that the peasants, who had previously survived on brown bread, tended to starve if they ate the white bread.
          So they learned to add back enough ingredients to reduce that problem. Sometimes additives are a good thing!
          Yet, as the post below notes, two wrongs don’t make a right. What is legally called “whole wheat” is anything but.

          • I never got that. All these nutrients get stripped during production, then they add chemicals to replace the nutrients. It seems silly and probably not as healthy, but I guess they can produce more and cheaper food that way. Gotta keep the workers fed so they can keep working!

            The fact that such a degraded food was seen as a luxury at one time is just stupid imo.

    • That is much easier said than done for people such as myself who at least try to draw conclusions based on evidence or reason. For instance I have one friend to whom I can talk about forbidden topics without getting screamed at. Yesterday I tried (for probably the 10th time) to explain why I know The Rona to be a scam. I said I know I have moles in the yard because I can see their hills. I know it’s been raining heavily because the river is over the bank, etc. I know there’s no pandemic because I don’t know one person who has died of it. And I personally know, by extension, thousands.
      She remains unconvinced because the known pathological liars on tv are telling a different story. How would you frame this situation as a story rather than observation and evidence to encourage a change in perspective?

      • Look, many folks whom you and I know are basically incapable of critical thinking, so they depend on others to do so for them. That’s probably genetic in basis. Accept it and accept them for who they are, which I hope are decent people in all the myriad ways we need decent fellow citizens. All have a place.

      • She remains unconvinced because the known pathological liars on tv are telling a different story.

        Whether they were lying or just wrong, everything we were told early on about corona was wildly, laughably inaccurate. People were going to be left to die in the hallways of hospitals. The crematoria and morgues weren’t going to be able to keep up with the bodies. In any sane society, the media, the “experts”, etc. would be laughingstocks and angry mobs armed with pitchforks and torches would be hunting them down. Yet, most people still listen to these clowns.

        • Whether they were lying or just wrong, everything we were told early on about corona was wildly, laughably inaccurate.

          The gaslighting was ridiculous.

          “It can live 6 million years on any surface in direct sunlight and is unaffected by summer heat!”

          • They’re still pushing that. Yesterday I ventured out to some stores for the first time in 6 months, in search of a few table lamps. Every location now has a greeter, like Walmart – a woman telling me that she has carts that have been freshly disinfected. I’ve blown past the Walmart mystery-meat greeters for years, and I did the same to these idiot White women. Boy does it irritate them. I’ve had managers reproach me and ban me because I won’t talk with greeters.

          • At my Wal*Mart I think the “greeters” priority is to reduce the amount of, er, unpaid merchandise that walks out the store 🙂

          • Also, the current mask religion is because they measured how far someone can spit in a laboratory, and determined people are dangerous at less than 20 feet away.

      • How would you frame this situation as a story rather than observation and evidence to encourage a change in perspective?
        You can’t. Just as you can’t grow crops in the desert – at least without irrigation. She’s getting hit with hours and hours of stories from the other side every day. Hard to break through with some people. Focus your energy on those who are somewhat receptive.

        The best that you can do with her is try to undermine her trust in the TV or really the system. That’s a hard job. Believe me, I understand. I have such people in my own house.

        Reading Covid, honestly, it’s become a cult. There’s no way to break through, especially, with women. It has everything for them. It’s scary, and women love security. It also allows them to nag, which they also love.

        Regarding TV and the hatred of Whites, one thing that won’t make you any friends but does seem to break the spell a bit is asking them what they’re going to do personally. For example, ask her what’s she’s doing about her own White privilege.

        White women love being on the side of angels, which in our current society means thinking of Whites as evil. They’re fine with that so long as it doesn’t mean any change in their own life, but when you start to push them on things in their own life.

        Will she move to a more diverse area?

        Will she give up half of her retirement savings to POC?

        Would she allow a black person to rob her?

        Is she okay with her kids getting passed over for jobs to make room for less qualified POC?

        They won’t like it and will say that’s just stupid. That’s when you have them, because you can honestly say that all of those things are what’s coming and things you deserve if you truly have White privilege.

        • That’s fun to do. Unfortunately, it does not change their minds in the slightest. But it does mock them, which is one of Zs suggested courses of action.

      • This is a variation of Gell-Mann amnesia. Most people do not know anyone who died of covid, but they believe the death counts anyway. And people who know someone who died with covid, also are close enough to the situation to know the real cause of death.

  38. I can’t remember exactly the subject but Joe Sobran writing about how embarrassingly long it took him to shake some belief in a system. We are indoctrinated formally and informally on many things with little chance to ponder the truth of something. Easier to just go along or repeat, usually unknowingly.

    This current madness we are going through exposes much of that with the people I know well. Many are not stupid but their behavior shows otherwise. Best I can do is constantly check my own premises.

  39. Trog deserved to be eaten. He was rayciss to the friendly, peace-loving vegetarian Neanderthal tribe on the other side of the river.

  40. Otherwise, the combination of foods you eat has no measurable impact on your health or your lifespan.”

    Say, didn’t sailors cure scurvy, of which many had died, by consuming citrus (i.e. alter their diet)? Or are you trolling? Asking for a friend…

    • Nutritional deficiencies have always caused problems (vit C and scurvy, iodine and goiter, calcium/magnesium and osteoporosis, etc.) Most recently the studies citing very low vitamin D levels in patients hospitalized for Covid-19. You’d think that’s what the gov’t should be promoting, wouldn’t you?

      • The RDA for various vitamins/minerals was established generations ago and is apparently the bare minimum to prevent things like scurvy or other nutritional diseases. The optimal amount for health/well being is generally a lot higher – but you still have people repeating the axiom that Americans pee is full of vitamins. And then you have people like my husband, who are convinced that all their over the counter vitamins will maintain health despite being primarily sedentary.

      • Encouraging Vitamin D consumption doesn’t induce humiliating subservience quite the way the mask diktats do, dontchaknow…

  41. The biggest fairy tale of all is the egalitarian argument. You’re seeing this equality nonsense fall apart as this election fraud comes into sharper focus. The biggest proponents of radical egalitarian policies are the ones perpetrating the voter fraud. And now the entire planet sees it. Interesting times.

    • But they are radical, they truly believe that all races are equal. What is causing this inequality? White racism, or systemic racism. They are getting more and more radical and anti-white, because white people keep white people-ing and black people keep black people-ing. Nothing has “fixed” it.

      Although, given gen z’s obsession with rap music maybe they will close the gap by forcing whitey down to blacks’ level.

      • White people stand as a stark reminder of the foolishness of their equality of the races proposition. Therefore, White people must be eliminated—either through genocide or through social/economic sanctions.

        • If your goal is equality, destroying superior specimens is a viable method. Not optimal, certainly by our point of view, but possible. 🙁

      • I’ve been working on an essay that among other points, argues that White Supremacy and Systemic Racism are so evil and powerful that they even affect the Negroid race in times and places where there are few or no Whites! Surely this is the cause when Blacks take over a city or a country, and the place goes to shit, it somehow must be the White man’s fault. He took the magic with him.
        Based on what I’ve read about sub-Saharan Africa, apparently the Caucasian race’s power was so malevolent that it kept the people in Africa living in paleolithic conditions even before the first European ever set foot there.

    • This has been a year of verifying stereotypes. Starting with Jussie Smollett , the Jig Jew Jessie. The Jew plans a racial hatred crime against Whites,the black screws it up and the shirt-lifter adds all the nice bits of artistic adornment.

    • Election fraud has always been a problem of course. What is new — to me — is this is the first time in my living memory (I’m late 50s) at least, that one side is vehemently challenging the counts. Like most of us here, I wish Trump the best. Even in the likley case he fails, he has still done a great service in highlighting the skullduggery of the other side. He has nothing to lose. Of course, the Liberals just call him a spoilsport, who would not accept the will of the people or some such rubbish. Yet another instance of NewThink pushing Reality off the stage. The elections were fair because we say they were!

  42. My late father thought that op-ed columns in the local paper had to contain only verifiable truths. When I asked him why he believed that he said because its in the paper and they had to always tell the truth.

    • It is always crushing when a lad figures out his father has been had at some point in his life. I don’t mind being made a fool of, but when I saw it happen to my own father… It’s painful. Particularly when you look up to them in so many other ways. Still, we’re only human.

      • Yep, but then our dad’s are only human, and we are dads too and my son I’m sure will say “Can’t believe my dad fell for all that dissident crap back in 2020, wtf was he thinking?”

        I remember my dad bought this self-inspiration cassette box “swimming with the sharks”. It was how to stay ahead in a cut-throat world. I thought it was all pretty retarded. But we are all susceptible to it.

      • Then there is the opposite: those of us who knew that our fathers were wastes, and yet here and there were glimmers of humanity. Both of my parents were addicted to crack. Mom did a complete 180; dad eventually died.
        The only good thing he did for himself was work out. A bodybuilder, in fact. I saw him shortly before he died, after a seven-year hiatus in our relationship. We went to our old crabbing dock and I untied the traps and threw one far out into the fog. Behind me, I hear “Wow, son. You don’t throw like a girl anymore!” I could hear that he was smiling.
        I turn over that memory pretty often.

      • A good going over of our views will cure us of any notion that we don’t hold any silly beliefs ourselves.
        We live in a world absolutely saturated in lies and distortions spread by some evil people, but also by very good people who do not know they are lies.
        I was having back trouble some years ago and I cannot tell you how many people who I interacted with in various capacities swore about the efficacy of magnet bracelets, chiropractors and other wacky so-called treatments. Probably all of them meant well.

        • I’m personally a believer in the magnet bracelets. Everybody is doing the best they can–if they could do better, they would. The point is we don’t judge people by their value, but by their values.

          • I’m not passing judgement in this case (though I have no problem passing judgement on people). My point is that everyone has been rendered incapable of rationally thinking about a topic. All of this advice was friend of a friend narrative (my best friend’s sister in law says it worked) and mostly was unsolicited. The other point was it’s not just politics and race and the stuff we are interested in. It is everything.

      • There but for the grace of God go we. Eventually it will be our turn. It’s happening to me and I am only in my 50’s. I sometimes do shit that is so stupid, I want to punch myself in the face afterward. Handle your fathers with love and discretion.

      • My father was wise. I miss being able to talk to him. We didn’t agree on everything, but he was always worth listening to. He was born in 1917, so his teen and young adult years were during the Great Depression, then he fought in World War 2. He was a product of privation and peril no American today can imagine — even my son with 5 combat deployments didn’t see the volume of slaughter my Dad endured — North Africa, Anzio, Monte Casino, the Po Valley and points in between — though my son did see a good bit.

        Seeing your friends blown up, picking pieces of them up off the road, that will teach you about what’s real and important right quick.

        • As difficult as life was for our parents and grandparents, etc. they had the benefit of knowing there was a family and close knit community that loved them no matter.

          The power that family and community give one to persevere in life is something we have all lost and need to get back. Pronto.

          Strange but when I go back home and am around my family, I feel close to invincible. The atomization of modern life is weakening us immensely.

          • That’s why they want us alone and atomized because we are easy pickings for them then…When you have a Community behind you it’s a lot harder for them to take you out… People want some big grand cause they can throw their life at but don’t want to do the small things that will make success more likely in a big event…

    • Given the history of the news industry, it is amazing they were able to convince so many of people they were objective truth tellers. In America, the news industry has been propaganda since the days of the Colonial pamphleteers. One of my favorite examples is from David McCullough’s book on the Wright Brothers. After their first successful flight they sent a short telegram to their family in Dayton so they could put a notice in the local newspaper of their success. The telegram operator asked if he could inform a friend was a reporter at the Norfolk Pilot-Union. The Wright Brothers said no, but he gave the reporter a copy of the telegram anyway. The reporter took a short telegram and turned into a huge story full of information he simply made up about both the Wright Brothers and their flight. Here is their correction 100 years later where they call the fabrications “a few errors.” This is truly an industry without ethics.


      • There is a theory that the push toward universal literacy was actually a ploy to make sure everybody fell under the sway of the media. The media–print media, anyway–is pretty worthless if nobody can read. Sounds pretty conspiratorial, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway.

        • I just read about that from Mortimer Adler’s How to Read a Book (great book, btw). He said exactly that. That those who can only read at an elementary level, are VERY susceptible to propaganda.

        • I beg to differ. I like Mark Twain’s comment: “The man who does not read books, has no advantage over the man who cannot read books.” Perhaps it is relevant that he said “books,” not “newspapers.” And this advice, from a man known for his tall tales.

      • It’s hard to believe that’s true any longer. Everybody notices that when the “papers” describe some crime witnessed by multiple people and the only description of the perps is the clothing they were wearing (sneakers, jeans, hoodie) — well, even the wokest of the woke knows what that means, whether they admit it publicly or not.

    • I looked up “tautology” in the dictionary and saw a picture of a man that had to have been your pappy. RIP.

  43. Awareness of reality matters, but you must practice in order to get good at it. On the topic of the obesity epidemic, go to a McDonalds (or the grocery store if you prefer) and make an assessment based upon your own visual data input. Do this with a simply count by category (trim/fit, hefty, and fat). Don’t forget to include young children. The results with shock you.

    • The obesity epidemic is another exaggeration. Yeah, people are fatter, but when you net out death from despair (drugs, alcohol, suicide) life expectancy has not changed.

      • True, but what would life expectancy be is people were as thin as they were in 1920s? Also, would their lives be better, i.e. less joint pain, etc.

        But the deaths from despair for Whites, which, of course, is completely ignored by TPTB, is a far more important issue. White men are acting more and more like Native Americans (though we lack their almost complete vulnerability to alcoholism, Irish excepted), which is what happens to a defeated people.

        • We can’t know that, but we do know that as people have grown fatter, we have not seen life expectancy decline. Medicine has also improved along with the food supply. We have lower amounts of interpersonal violence. In the 1920’s, highway bandits were still a real thing. The fact is, within the extremes of malnutrition and morbid obesity, diet is a trivial matter physiologically. It is, however, a paramount issue morally. It’s why religions have dietary laws.

          • There are very many fat old people who you would think would be dead. I mean 75 plus age. Modern medicine keeps them going but a bunch of obese related maladies hound them and keep them on scripts. Quality of life suffers indeed.

            Do you ever just look at historical bios on past generations and even actors on IMDB. So many died of heart attacks, strokes and the like at an early age and mostly all of them were thin. I’m sure smoking helps that for sure.

          • More so in post 65 but we age groups as we know are so. What was it that I heard, the average woman weighs more than the average man from 1965. Exaggeration maybe but not by much.

          • I’ve watched any number of Army training videos from the early 60’s and the Viet Nam era. Even though we are seeing 18 to 20 somethings in action, these guys look like they are from another planet—bone thin, lanky, etc. they don’t look like any grouping of American soldiers I see today. Perhaps today we live longer, but it’s hard for me to believe we live as well given our current food choices/recommendations.

          • It’s not just diet/food choices, but all the chemical additives. I go through the grocery ads and everything is junk filled with high fructose corn syrup and enough preservatives to embalm a corpse. If you generally stick to the perimeter (meat, fruit/veg/dairy) you’re much better off.

          • I was in high school in the sixties. Half the people would be described today as very skinny if not too thin. Some of the ones we sported with because of their weight would be below-average in my local (heavily mestizo) middle school.

          • oh people are bigger and heavier than they used to be, that is not in doubt. i just don’t see *any* old + obese people. fat yes, but not obese.

          • partly smoking was much more widespread, but also i bet their quality of life was much better while thin. usually heart disease didn’t last decades, like it does now. wonder if the tradeoff is worth it.

          • All I know is lots of red meat and green vegetables make me feel fantastic! Listen to your body, not the nutritionists.

          • That is my experience as well. I can tell after I eat something whether it was good for me based on how I feel. Too many carbs and I get spacey and sleepy, but not enough and I get fidgety. A large breakfast with eggs and lean meat start the day solidly. Mixed nuts and pistachios mid-afternoon give me a nice energy boost and my curb appetite. I try to have one big meal for lunch or dinner, and one smaller lean one. It’s all about balance and being mindful of how foods make you feel. I think Zman is right that you can tune all the other crap out, to which I would include cholesterol. But I do believe sugar can’t be good for you because it is empty calories. An average man burns about 2500 calories a day. Stay under that and you will maintain or lose weight.

          • Yep, you body tells your brain what it needs

            We have to learn to interpret it. That should be everyone’s life goal to learn to interpret it. It’s what they call “the art of living”

          • Actually, if you are eating unprocessed meats and fresh fruits and vegetables, you are probably 95% of the way to the best diet humanly possible. I’ve never heard credible claims that highly refined carbs (flour, etc), sugar in its various forms, and chemical additives are good for us, especially in the quantities the average person consumes them. In fact, some doctors (Atkins, etc.) point out that much of what humans eat now wasn’t even an option pre-civilization (cereal grains, domesticated animals). Ten thousand years sounds like a long time, but it’s nothing by evolution’s standards. Of course natural selection is still culling, but it doesn’t work that fast. Consider that a sizeable portion of humanity even today cannot digest cow’s milk, because they lack an enzyme.
            If these authorities are correct, then humans shouldn’t eat cereal grains in the amounts they do. On their side is hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution.
            An all-meat diet is “expensive” in terms of resource usage, which is one reason so many of the save-the-Earth types oppose it, and prefer you would grains and tofu.
            That said, I like my white breads, my sugary snacks and so forth. But they shouldn’t be the majority of one’s diet.

          • I think Sailer had it right. Look at your relatives that lived a long time and do what they did.

          • Smoke cigarettes and screw the family goat when they aren’t diddling one another. Drive without a seatbelt and down ten white lightening shots before hopping behind the wheel. Work in the mines without a respirator and hock up black soot. Yet somehow they persisted into their late 90’s. No foolin’.

          • Long life is mostly genetic as is resistance the world killing you for all kinds of dumb things you did out of stupidity or necessity.
            For those with less resistance , a healthy diet reduces the need for medicine or surgery later on.
            Since no matter what people tell you we don’t yet understand how the body works enough to custom tailor nutritional regimens understand we live in a profoundly unnatural circumstances for our species take a good multivitamin for most plenty of Vitamin D as well eat the healthiest food you can and that is all you can do.

          • Take away the metformin and insulin these fat diabetics are using and you’ll see the mortality rate skyrocket.

          • food brings both pleasure and nourishment, so of course it’s a moral issue. feed the starving. don’t be a glutton. have some discipline and don’t eat meat Fridays for our Lord. and so on.

            that said, both extremes can be too populated at times, either in the older malthusian famine days, or the postmodern empty gluttony days. the latter may live longer, but quality of life doesn’t follow along always… white deaths of despair do include the obese white hinterland fatsos as well as mostly white anorexic girls. the ones in the middle are also affected though, as the schizo culture tells them it’s okay to be fat and glutton but also that they should have a gym-to-instagram lifestyle. hamsters gotta spin those wheels, you know.

            if there’s one diet truth, is that vegetarians and vegans are hormonally imbalanced and thus all turn into commie poz. Adolph shouldn’t have tried it out after Geli died, it messed him up. thus he went too far after Chamberlain and Munich.

        • My daughter does a lot of surgeries — limb amputations — on obese diabetics who let their diabetes get out of control. She hates those surgeries, because it’s literally chopping off dead parts one at a time until the person finally dies. The only reason this happens is because the diabetic does not do what it takes to control their blood sugar and this has to do with diet and lifestyle as well as medicine. You almost never see skinny diabetics needing limbs cut off.

        • I don’t think the Irish are more prone to alcoholism than anyone else at least on a genetic level since most of them are heavily Scandinavian in ethnic makeup, not Celt .
          Its the culture for which you can in part blame the Catholic Church. And note too alcohol use in Ireland is way down among Whites. My guess is they are using X instead.
          Now as to despair, its not just us. Its every group with an IQ above 90 or so who isn’t extremely religious is at most replacement.
          Modernity and Consumerism sterilize mankind. That means everywhere even Brazil and Mexico
          This suggests to me that we have a species wide social carrying capacity and that once our numbers get to large, we stop having babies
          After that the population falls and the material conditions of the purposeless Mouse Utopia we live in and is killing us come to end.
          We go back to more biologically suited ways of living albeit more difficult ones and stabilize at some much lower number.
          I don’t think there is anything that can be done. Every single government effort has failed and even pimping religion and “traditional values” never seems t have any lasting effect.
          Near complete hermitage ala North Korea gets you 1.94 under replacement and only a shade more than Sweden!
          Only thing that might work is to get the stupid out of government so that say the new system doesn’t commit civic suicide over a slightly dangerous flu.
          Maybe, maybe a DR state can get the population up a bit. It will take some headspace changes so that measures like bringing back difficult divorce for people with kids aren’t thought of as “draconian.”
          If we can shake off the Leftist spell than maybe.
          Even so its just that, maybe. 2.1 TFR may be flat out impossible.

      • What would it be with the current obesity rate, minus modern pills and chemicals and surgeries? Lots of people spend 10 years on the brink as medical zombies until their obesity finally kills them.

        But absolutely, alcohol and opioids are our worst killer. The scale of the opioid crisis is staggering and nothing has been done. Also, casual alcoholism is quite common. People just brush it off as funny or a few drinks but they are addicts. At least whitey can handle alcohol a bit better.

      • My comment was directed at learning to become reality aware, and the obesity experiment is an easy opportunity. But you can substitute other criteria if you prefer. For example, learning to “track” is simply a matter of observing people in motion on soft ground and then carefully examining their footprints as you follow behind them. You will soon learn that you can quickly approximate size and weight from the shape and indentation of the print, and also correlate other behaviors with orientation and spacing. Learn a new skill today!!

        • We tracked IA’s in the desert here for about 3 yr’s. Great fun—until they figured it out. Now they manufacture “booties” from carpet scraps and heavy felt. The prints they leave are pretty undetectable and ground disturbances blow over quickly. Once they leave the washes, they are undetectable.

          • O/T One Reaper with a infrared camera can track illegals in real-time over an area of in excess of 300 square miles. In wartime, this can be used to fix fire coordinates with devastating accuracy. Or alternately, could enable near immediate interdiction by Border Patrol if authorized. But learning to track is primarily about teaching your brain to focus on reality with a purpose. That’s a skill that may come in handy in a few months.

    • people who exercise all the time are often miserable

      any benefit from excessive working out is negated by a lousy attitude

      in my experience

          • Biggest benefit I detect at advanced age is in keeping the joints flexible. Much of what I learned in rehab was basically Yoga. Not to be denigrated.

          • Yep

            Playing basketball (shooting mainly) is great exercise too. Getting the arms up, stretching them, a little jump.

          • Yoga is excellent

            And pretty much is the workout all anyone needs

            or something similar to yoga. Swimming is probably the best exercise of all. And it’s incredibly useful in real life. Gardening, st bending over picking up things and working the arms and lower back.

            Just be active. I think too much time in the gym is counterproductive. Plus better to be outside when exercising

          • My wife teaches yoga, or she did until the coronadoom. But me, I can’t do just exercise for the point of exercise. Instead I arrange my life so I’m carrying hay bales, buckets of grain, wrangling calves and goats, walking fences and doing other stuff that gets me out and moving.

            Fifty reps with a t-post driver will get you feeling it in your arms and chest.

          • Fifty reps with a t-post driver will get you feeling it in your arms and chest.
            Yes it will Brother along with digging with a post hole digger… Splitting all your firewood with a 8 or 10 pound maul will help keep you healthy as well…

          • I’ve always been the same – couldn’t exercise just for the sake of exercise. I always got mine from playing multiple sports – basketball, football, handball, racquetball, tennis etc. The competition was the main reason with the added benefit of exercise! These days, since I’ve been working from home, I’ve taken to walking three days a week, usually totaling around 20 miles/week. We also live a pretty hilly area, so there’s good cardio to boot.

          • 1. fence walk warmup
            2. 10 grain bucket lifts
            3. 5 feed bag carries
            4. 20 shovel digs
            5. 20 hay bale tosses
            6. barb wire pull
            7. 1 calf chase
            8. cow patty frisbee cooldown

          • Y’all have your preferences for what you think is important: core exercise, stretching, flexibility, cardio, etc.

            My focus area for well being is to exercise wherever the three covid trapped teens in my house aren’t.

          • I’m the same way

            I can’t do exercise just for exercise. I need a sport to play or a chore.

            I hope to have a little farm soon enough and get myself out there doing real work

          • I bought a small farm a while back. I decided to plant an orchard because, hey, you plant it and forget it!

            uh huh

            buying the trees;
            digging holes;
            setting a deer fence;
            pruning-a lot of pruning!
            you get the idea.

            There is no such thing as a laid back farmer, especially if you want to sell or be self sustaining.

            next are chickens and goats.

            If you can, do it. It is very rewarding.

            (Forgive me for not capitalizing)

          • If none of these work, or even if they do, try this: The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies. It is the best investment I have ever made. I bought a 120 acre farm at age 54 and spent plenty of time riving t-posts, digging holes for trees and fence posts, irrigation trenches, etc, etc. This book shows how to deal with injuries to muscles and soft tissue that often manifest as joint injuries in a way that you can treat yourself. Saved me thousands in physical therapy and kept me on the job.

        • Too much working out makes Jack a dull boy

          Just exercise outside playing sports and do yard work and chores. Swim as much as possible. Play hoops at the park. Throw a football. Hit tennis balls. Too much time in the gym is not good for a person and gives you muscle where you really don’t need it and isolates muscle groups that should be working in unison. I have yet to meet a buffed up gym rat who can pick up and move a piece of furniture or last 30 minutes doing gardening or anything resembling farming. It’s almost like ornamental strength.

          And have you seen older people who worked out with weights when younger? The are disgusting looking with flab and tits bigger than most women. Check out Arnold Schwarzenegger lately. His disgusting upper body should scare the bejesus out of anyone.

          • I always enjoy it when bodybuilder types show up at indoor climbing gyms.

            They break their wrists high-fiving each other for completing 5.4 grade routes that are no more difficult than a ladder.

      • Makes sense that it would be possible to become addicted to endorphins so that they lose their effectiveness.

      • excessive working out will do permanent wear on your body. people can get compulsive about anything, but exercise can produce a genuine euphoric high feeling, so that draws in the dopamine seekers.

        it’s good practice to have a goal in mind, and then make a training plan to achieve that goal. and not just camp out a Planet Fitness for 2 hours every evening after work…

        • All that muscle turns into disgusting flab you can NEVER get rid if you worked out a lot with weights when younger.

          Check out Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s got bigger boobs than Kamala

          • Muscle cells are muscle cells. Fat cells are fat cells. They don’t swap out. Fun fact: you will never have more muscle cells than you were born with. You can make them bigger, but you can’t make more of them. Not like bone or skin cells replenishing.

          • Well, then something happens to these old weightlifter guys

            I have no man boobs but I see lots of guys who do, especially guys who used to bench press a lot

            Maybe it’s drugs in the water too or something. IDK TBH

          • excess muscle tissue turning to flab isn’t a problem i need to worry about 🙂 just want to signal my body to hold onto the muscle i already have 🙂

            but yeah, arnold looks terrible. plus he jacked up his organs with steroids.

      • I neither agree nor disagree, but I will note that in my younger days I’d exercise and be sore a little bit the next day and then would be able to dodge being sore at all if I had to do anything strenuous (a ton of yard work for example). As I got older that got to be less and less the case and soon I was starting to not be sore as I went to the gym to be sore again. I figured that it was probably making me more miserable than I cared to be: sure without exercise I’d now be sore after doing yard work, but I also would now not be sore the rest of the week.

        • Problem as I see it is basically, “Use it or lose it!” Sore is the price you pay for keeping your strength, balance, and flexibility. Doesn’t need to be excessively strenuous, but sitting around does not produce positive benefits at advanced age.

          • Living the Truth and strength are both achieved through embracing discomfort.

            First step is to orient the mind toward that discomfort.

            Without first converting the habitual aversion to discomfort into a habitual need to seek discomfort, the rest is just debating the style of roofline on a house built on sand. Pretty lies lurk.

            When you seek strength you will come to know what type of fuel beat serves this.

            Individuation matters. Know thyself.

            I like to nerd out on nutrition and physiology but this notion is the one I return to when the noise in the system gets cranked up.

            Also: walk before run, form before mass, precision before speed, function before fight. And my body is a hot mess. If I can do it…

          • do body weight exercises, they are less likely to cause muscle soreness. not training is going to do more than make you sore…

          • I was in the process of putting together an “old man exercise routine”, but then Covid hit and my gym closed down. The next closest gym if a Planet Fitness where I’d have to dress in a hazmat suit to exercise or an LA Fitness which, for some reason, is stocked with roid freaks. I gotta plan though for some outdoor fitness, we’ll see how it goes…

          • you can do a lot with B/W and no equipment. or a pair of dumb bells. but if you want an all around great training tool get a kettlebell. probably the only decent thing to come out of russia…

          • I always found weightlifting awkward, painful, and not very productive. Then I had a personal trainer for a roommate and he showed me a powerlifting book that went over the body’s mechanics and how strength is generated.

            It was a revelation that had me loving the weight room. Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. Highly recommended.


          • yah, have the book, and the DVD! i always liked lifting, but when i moved off the machines to free weights, i started *loving* lifting. there is a sensual aspect to moving steel 🙂

        • Yeah I get where yo are coming from

          All I am trying to do is impress upon younger guys that working out with weights can be harmful long term, and those muscles turn to hideous flab and man boobs.

          Better to exercise, outdoors preferably, and do things where all muscles and so forth work together rather than isolating muscle groups for purely aesthetic results.

          • Just stop.

            Its fine if you don’t lift but stop trying to bend the truth around your preferences (and grossly misinformed opinions and assumptions).

            Some roided up body-builder turned actor is not representative of weight training as a practice. Muscle doesn’t “turn to hideous flab”. You have it reversed.

            Well rounded activity is great. Outdoor activity is great.

            Resistance training within the confines of proper form, periods of rest, and nutrition is one of the most beneficial physical activities a man can do for overall wellness.

            If only we had the problem of men wearing themselves out from lifting. Sheesh. 25% of army recruits are too fat or too weak to make the cut. And the bar is low already.

            Speaking of. How low must T levels go before its okay to tell our boys to pick up heavy objects again? Or is the goal mulatto grandkids and well-behaved grandpets?

          • Yes, low T among white guys is a definite problem

            But again, I have yet to meet a gym rat who can pick up a sofa 😉

            Or swim fast

            Or even have hand eye coordination to catch a football without being a total klutz

            Other ways to cure the Low T problem

          • The boobs on bodybuilders are a result of the steroids they take messing up their hormones. Same as how women on steroids end up with genitalia like a hyena.

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