The Struggle Continues

In the business world, a regular topic of conversation is the cost-benefit analysis to solving business problems. It is easy to see that you don’t solve a fifty dollar problem with a million dollar solution, but most problems are not so simple. Figuring out the real cost of the problem is not so easy and then imagining the solution adds a whole new layer of complexity. One of the ironies of problem solving is figuring out the cause of the problem can cost more than the problem itself.

Watching the election shenanigans roll on, it seems that the ruling class may have created an expensive problem while trying to solve the Trump problem. The wholesale election fraud has created a very expensive problem for them. They cannot sit back and let Trump’s lawyers find examples of fraud or use those examples to overturn one of the disputed states, as that creates a big problem for them. Joe Biden becomes the Pretender Biden for most of the country.

On the other hand, the only way to prevent any of this is to double down on the shenanigans in all of these states. That means threatening judges, lawyers and election officials. It means more midnight capers to alter the rules and results. In other words, the way to prevent Trump from establishing his claims is to prove another set of claims. They will convince a large number of people that the whole system is rigged and controlled by thugs and crooks.

This is a managerial class feature. A group of experts identify a problem, real or imagined, then set about solving it. In the process, they create a whole new set of problems that require a new set of experts to solve. That new set of experts are conveniently the proteges of the first set of experts. This cycle has rolled through the culture since the middle of the last century. It now appears to be consuming the system that makes the managerial class possible.

It is remarkable, when you think back over the last five years. They could have easily co-opted Trump, by cutting some deals with him. He would have put the MAGA stamp of approval on things like DACA, higher immigration levels and big new administrative initiatives, in exchange for some trinkets like the wall project. Instead, they cut off their nose to spite their face. It is insane and suggests that maybe they are the victims of the same process that has consumed the Trump movement.

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354 thoughts on “The Struggle Continues

    • Late addition: the above is a wry example of the “Twilight Zone” that the mainstream media has become. I wouldn’t have believed it if the link (on Breitbart) didn’t show the actual interview. The host(ess) is interviewing “Rev.” Al Sharpton, and they are accusing the other side of being in an alternate universe? This is so psychotic, it’s humorous.
      In other news: Vdare’s Derbyshire epidose (11-21) mentioned that WordPress is de-platforming Conservative Treehouse (after ten years!) supposedly for violating their terms of service. Yeah, right. Another conservative also, but I didn’t catch that name. I fear the same is coming for Z-Man. I will send him a separate message on this topic. Speculation: WordPress is “cleaning up” so as to be all the better a subject for teh incoming Democrat administration. We can’t have any of that dissident stuff on our platform, no siree! Curious the timing however: if Treehouse was up for ten years, that was six years of Obama reign. Why the sudden change? Has covert censorship become the new norm all of a sudden? A lot has changed in 2020.
      The Internet is already fragmenting: conservatives and right-wingers are kicked off Twitter or Facebook and are migrating to Gab or Parler. About the only thing remaining, and there’s already been some incidents of this, I think, is further de-platforming by denying bank services (credit cards), ISP or DNS name registrations. Will the Internet eventually look like a virtual version of Ireland, with two virtual parallel societies, one for “Catholics” and one for “Protestants”? Possibly. But I’d guess on continuing dirty tricks, cutting off services. Yes, you have a right to free speech, but apparently not to a business’s providing your services.

  1. So, I guess everyone remembers the attack on the Boy Scouts by the pro-gay “you-know-who” lobby. Well, just a few days ago, CNN, CBS, and every other media outlet is saying that 92,000 boys are claiming abuse. “They” will get them to lawyer-up and bankrupt the Boy Scouts. Another American institution infiltrated and destroyed by the Usual Suspects. When are we going to learn?? Maybe its just too late … its just one blackpill after another.

    • Bottom line and a tough pill to swallow, but as long as they ((())) are around nothing good will come of it

      We owe to ourselves and posterity to do everything we can to disengage from them and their pets. It’s literally killing us by having to live among them.

    • The Kavanaugh lies, the Russian meddling hoax, the covid hoax, the election fraud, and more that I can’t remember … all in the last 4 yrs! “Woe to (((you))), hypocrites!”, is what Someone famously said … could that be more true??

      A quick warning for people who watch Newsmax. I see that they have hired Mark Halperin, so it looks like Newsmax has been compromised. I did some digging but I can’t determine the ancestry of the current ownership. Ahh, it’s probably the same old story … started off innocently enough but was later bought by “other interests” to serve as controlled opposition.

  2. I had an “ick” moment this morning. I’m not exactly a fan of Dave Rubin (for reasons that will become clear), but I still occasionally tune in to him as part of my spectrum of listening to what different people are thinking.

    Rubin advertises himself as a moderate classical liberal/libertarian type conservative. On some subjects, his opinions are unoffensive to me. I can agree with him on some straight-forward things. That is, of course, how they lure you in.

    Dave Rubin is also gay. I have long held a reticence toward any gay person on the right. I believe it is virtually inevitable that they eventually betray or embarrass the right in service to their deviant sexuality. I was utterly unsurprised when Milo crashed and burned.

    On the show I was listening to today, Rubin was doing a Q&A and it came out that he and his gay lover are “starting a family,” by which I mean donating sperm to some anonymous woman, and then taking the baby from her when it is born. Rubin credits Jordan Peterson with giving him this family-formation idea. This is also unsurprising, as Peterson himself is a dedicated underminer of the social conservatism he purports to espouse.

    So now I have to think about the fact that this child is going to be raised without a mother by two sexual deviants who are going to teach him or her that it’s just fine and normal for a guy to stick his dick in another guy’s ass. It’s a hideous parody of “family.”

    • According to left-libertarian researcher Jonathan Haidt, conservatives have a much stronger disgust response than liberals. Liberals pathologize conservatives for this, but I see it as society’s immune system.

      I don’t care about intellectual arguments, I simply don’t want to live in a society where I am forced to accept what disgusts me, like trannies, pedophiles, and open homosexuals.

      It’s simple: Just like I don’t want to accept shit being rubbed in my face, I don’t want to have to watch two men make out in public or raise a child. I don’t want to share a country with people who accept this.

      • The problem for me is the “nose of the camel”. We got here via “baby steps”. Gay’s for example were initially fighting for reasonable things, like the right to simply be left alone, or to leave a significant other join property, etc. Couple generations on, and we have these delusional people demanding the “right” to present their lifestyle as in every way equal to traditional family, and where obviously not—as in bearing children—the right to have society allow such to occur through surreptitious/artificial means.

        What we have here is Slouching Towards Gomorrah. As the famous book title from Robert Bork implies: We went from “intolerance”, to “tolerance”, then to “acceptance”, and now are demanded to engage in “celebration” of this travesty. 100k years of evolutionary trial and error producing the best manner for reproduction and survival of the human species—the family unit; one male, one female, each with specific roles and behavioral proclivities—turned on its head.

  3. Team Trump certainly didn’t help themselves with Guiliani sweating hair-dye down both sides of his face at that presser a day or two ago. That was awful and very embarrassing … how do you expect to receive any respect from a Judge after you pull that very public stunt? And then that stupid video with the honey-pot and Borat … doesn’t Guiliani have people to vet reporters, or does he sit down with any blonde hottie and go to the bedroom for “drinks” … wth? These things are inexplicable … are we being gaslighted from all sides now?

  4. Joggers In The Mist

    The first competitive mayoral race in two decades brought out some of Sumter’s heavy hitters, including its heaviest: 29-year-old Sabrina Belcher, a morbidly obese (and honestly, that term isn’t strong enough) BLM supporter, who ran in the name of bringing “racial justice” to her nearly 50% black city.

    Belcher is known around town for two things: her homemade “rap” videos, and her gravitational pull, which plays havoc with the tides at nearby Myrtle Beach. She was inspired to enter the race by the politician who had the greatest impact on her life—Mayor McCheese. She ran on a platform of keeping all-you-can-eat buffets open during COVID.

    She also had the benefit of being the only candidate based on a novel by Sapphire.

    Sadly, by August, polling showed that Belcher was trailing far behind local real estate agent Foxy Rae Campbell. Poor Belcher had not anticipated the presence of an even sassier black woman in the race. Now she’d have to get creative in her campaigning. But how? Must think, must think. Two hours and ten gallons of Dreyer’s later, Belcher hatched a plan: She’d fake her own kidnapping at the hands of MAGA racists acting on behalf of an opposing candidate! After all, Bubba Wallace’s silly string garnered national headlines for weeks, and a NASCAR parade in his honor. If Belcher could carry off a hate hoax, surely she’d get a parade as well (plus, she could act as her own float). She enlisted the help of her friend Christopher James Eaddy, who would play the part of the kidnapper.

    Belcher livestreamed her kidnapping because of course she did, and police wondered why she was livestreaming an “unexpected” kidnapping, because of course they did. After several days of the kind of grilling she doesn’t like, Belcher confessed to the ruse. She was charged with filing a false police report of a felony, and conspiracy. Eaddy was charged with conspiracy (his mug shot screams, “What was I supposed to do? She’d a’ sat on me if I refused to go along with the plan”).

    Yet Belcher stayed in the mayor’s race, hoping she could win the support of the people who still think Jussie Smollett was telling the truth. But with the votes now counted, it appears that “Bossie” Smollett came in dead last, with just 2.74% of the vote. Although the fact that anyone voted for her at all is rather astounding.

    It took a jogger like Belcher to make a dim bulb like FoxyRae Campbell look like a good choice.

  5. Looks like some bad news … 4 or 5 hours ago, the Obama assigned Pennsylvania Judge denied Team Trump’s request for Pennsylvania to not certify that state’s election results. I read that the Judge likened Team Trump’s case to a Frankenstein monster.
    Trying to put a good spin on it, Giuliani is reported saying that this should hasten their case being heard by the SCOTUS.

    In other bad news, the Georgia recount came out today with Biden winning by 12,000 votes … and Georgia has certified that result.
    However, Sydney Powell is still vowing to blow-up Georgia with the case she’s filing later this week.

    The saga continues …

    • The game plan was always to go to SCOTUS. But that won’t happen if recourse to local State courts is not done first. However, I suspect SCOTUS with not overturn the election “results”. Why? The Court will simply not plunge the country into CW II.

      • I agree that SCOTUS will be staring widespread violence in the face if they dare to overturn. But I’m sure that they are also considering the permanent damage done to the voting franchise if they do not overturn. I, for one, will never again humiliate myself by voting, if this fraud is allowed to stand.

  6. Insightful – of the mind of the managerial class.

    Their problem was never Trump, it was his voters. Remember Palin hatred? Same.

    They now have an even bigger problem with the , THE voters.

  7. Since this post is getting a little long in the teeth (I don’t want to hijack a more recent offer) I want to give a plug to Minter & Richter. I recently purchased a ring for my 10th anniversary and the results were much appreciated. And it feels very good to spend money supporting people on our side of the divide. They get a full recommendation from me.

  8. Once upon a time, life was a Mandelbrot Set of nuclear families, then a paradigm shift into chaos. How much was due to subliminal conditioning by media false narratives. Now our thoughts are surveilled and censored by social media moguls. Based on what I’m observing, I don’t like the direction we’re moving in. I’m not alone in reaching for the third alternative.
    Maybe this is part of our evolution to survive what comes next.

  9. The intelligentsia and experts are proven retards. In the old days, they’d be drawn and quartered , fed to the livestock. Shit for brains, rich, stupid motherfuckers.

  10. We are starting to see pushback globally on the great Reset. Even the Finnish PM with the great rack that Derb’s got a crush on spoke in the FT about how Populist parties will win based on not locking everyone down forever. Even she, a hot Karen, can see the danger to her side.
    Riots in Berlin over lockdown. In the UK. In Italy, Spain, and other places in Europe. Only the San Diego County Sheriff said he’d enforce CA Gov. Newsom’s curfew. The virus apparently can only infect you between 10 pm and 5 AM. Big shots violate the rules and flaunt it — not a recipe for social cohesion.
    And the Elites are betting institutional power is all that is required and legitimacy and cohesion are no longer needed because big data and drones can be used to algorhythmically punish us. That’s the bet anyway.

    • When I read the last part of your comment, I was reminded of how others have said years ago that as the Church declines in her importance in people’s lives that this void will be filled with devotion and obedience to The State. Younger people are less religious in the traditional sense and are therefore more zealously a proponent this new religion of State worship. It’s a type of Humanism, I think.

  11. have started abandoning the few political web sites i was still visiting. they all want ad money and are slyly shifting left (where they always wanted to be, anyways). left a comment at American Thinker calling the owner a cock sucker, and daring him to ban me. also said i wouldn’t read it any longer.
    stopped reading TheGatewayPundit because it is mindless cheerleading and no actual original reporting. and lastly, have decided that Ed Driscoll and the other hebes at Pjmedia are now a deal breaker, so won’t be going back there either. would like to take the opportunity now, to call Glen Reynolds a poseur and a cock sucker, not being able to do so over there (banned).

    there are going to be a lot of surprised faces over in “conservative” media land i think. can you really be said to have taken the red pill, if you are still attached to the “machine” in any way?

  12. It looks like the vote theft is about to get interesting.

    A realignment of supreme court justice oversight of the Federal Judicial circuits.
    MI – Brett M. Kavanaugh
    WI – Amy Coney Barrett
    PA – Samuel A. Alito
    GA – Clarence Thomas
    Should be good for a few titters,

    Dominion voting systems throws PA under the bus and lawyers up.

    And on the “The people are the enemy” front.
    Look who’s joined in

    “John Kerry Says ‘Great Reset’ Is Needed To Stop Rise Of Populism

    You must admit, we have all the right enemies.

    • The jackals have backed Trump (and everyone including those new justices that has given him one iota of support) up against the wall and given him no choice but to fight to the bitter. Let the whining on the traitorous left begin; let them be ignored and ridiculed by all sane people; let us prevail. Deus Vult.

    • Thanks for the encouraging first two links!

      Regarding the John Kerry statement, can we all guess who is really worried (or so they say) about populism, aka Nationalism??

      I think we all know who that is … always keep you eye on the ball.

  13. Another story that goes along with the Zman’s tale of unbelievable idiocy:

    University of Wisconsin declares large rock to be racist. Votes to remove.

    Summary: There’s a 70-ton rock at the university that bears a plaque in memory of a former university president. Someone discovered that once, in 1925, the Wisconsin State Journal referred to the rock as a “niggerhead” which was apparently a colloquial term at the time for such a large, dark rock.

    To be clear, this rock is not commonly or even subversively currently called “niggerhead.” It may never have been commonly called that — they can find only this one 1925 reference. The rock and the university president it commemorates have no connection to slavery or black people. Nobody would know this unless they were scouring old, forgotten back issues of the newspaper.

    But somehow the university’s black student union found out about it and demanded the rock’s removal. Because someone once called it a bad word.

    The real crime was committed by the university’s campus planning committee which voted unanimously to remove the rock.

    They’re going to remove a 70-ton rock dedicated to a respected university president because some forgotten writer 95 years ago once called the rock a “niggerhead,” and this supposedly causes black students pain today.

    This is sheer insanity, and I don’t mean that hyperbolically. The “arguments” and “reasoning” involved in this occurrence are not sane. It is like something Lewis Carroll would have made up as an absurd event in Alice in Wonderland.

    There are apparently no adults with brains and testicles at UW to simply say, “No. That’s ridiculous. Stop bothering us with this idiocy and go study.”

    • We should chopper that rock with the transponders off and drop it on local hillel during their group meeting. Die bucky die.

    • Another of my essay ideas languishing is on a similar topic:
      In their zeal to remove all traces of racism in US history, not merely content to topple statues, they are even trying to rename birds. Birds!!!
      Washington DC’s football team for a long time was named the Redskins. For decades this didn’t seem to cause any problems.
      In the 90s, the nascent Woke movement began to object to such racist names, there were proposals to rename it but it failed at the time. Jokingly (humor still being allowed), there was a suggestion the franchise move to the exurb of Martinsburg, WV and be named the Martinsburg Rednecks.
      Well, sure enough in 2020 the team was officially renamed “Washington’s Football Team.” Not a joke.
      [Now begins my satire…]
      But this cannot stand. “Washington” refers to a white male, a slave owner no less. So we must rename not only the Team, but also the Capital city, and a U.S. State… What shall the new name be? His favorite slave?
      And the very image of the football must be altered! Huge brutes do battle to possess a tiny, misshapen brown object. This clearly has racist overtones of the oppressed people of color (brown), as well as of the disabled (odd shapes), perhaps the obese. Perhaps the “football” used in the rest of the world, the soccer ball, can be substituted. At least it is a pleasing sphere covered with black and white shapes, recalling the eternal struggle of the oppressed against the white overlord.
      By the time the Woke revisionists are finished, there will be damned little left in the way of statues or historic names.

  14. Well, the bottom line is that anyone with a dark or semi-dark complexion who isn’t obviously some White gal going for a tan, needs to be expelled posthaste – xspecially the blabbermouths who refuse to STFU about their apparent lack of “privilege”. The joggers in particular should be on their knees thanking the lord god almighty their ancestors were brought here. On the other hand, we should be cursing some of our ancestors for bringing those accursed creatures here.

  15. I’ll say one thing, the humor is better on this side of the divide. Of course the other side doesn’t have any.

  16. RE: Xirl Science. All complaints from blacks, browns, and womyn regarding Western hetero-white-male oppressiveness in STEM and medical fields, no matter how obscurely written and meticulous referenced, boil down to three words: Math is hard.

    Coming to a hospital near you: Dr. DMV Lady!

  17. Some updated advice from Howard:

    I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It’s a depression. Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel’s worth; banks small business are going bust; shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter; punks antifa and BLM are running wild in the street, and there’s nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there’s no end to it.
    We know the covid air is unfit to breathe and our genetically modified food is unfit to eat. And we sit watching our TVs while some local cable newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides a total of 11 million infections and sixty-three violent crimes 253 thousand covid deaths, as if that’s the way it’s supposed to be!
    We all know things are bad — worse than bad — they’re crazy.
    It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don’t go out any more. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we’re living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, “Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster microwave and my cable TV and my steel-belted radials netflix, and I won’t say anything. Just leave us alone.”
    Well, I’m not going to leave you alone.
    I want you to get mad!
    I don’t want you to protest. I don’t want you to riot. I don’t want you to write to your Congressman, because I wouldn’t know what to tell you to write. I don’t know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street.
    All I know is that first, you’ve got to get mad.
    You’ve gotta say, “I’m a fucking NORMAL human being, goddammit! My life has value!”
    So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell,
    “I’m as mad as hell,
    and I’m not going to take this anymore!!”

  18. Possibly this is the last burst of insanity before system failure. The madness can’t continue forever because the system can’t sustain it.

  19. I too think Camp of the Saints is a disgusting book. It’s a book every thinking person should read, to be sure, but I could not finish it. It’s gross and uncomfortably black-pilling, but it’s also prophetic. It was written in 1973, and it is happening today. The oddest thing about this otherwise spot-on book is that in it the obtruders are (dot) Indians, whereas in real life they are African, Latinos, Muslims and East Asians–everyone except Indians!
    Edit: I’ve just been reminded that living near Silicon Valley I should know better than that last statement.

      • All the brahmins here want to be the raj — over us as their cattle. They are a vastly more complex issue to address compared with blacks.

      • So, worshipping one imaginary entity, or to be precise, a veritable multitude of them, is worse than worshipping another?

    • I don’t have a weak stomach, but I’m reading the part about the mothers trying to get their babies adopted and it’s almost too much.

    • I’ve read that in an interview Jean Raspail said that he had Africa in mind, but he felt that the racist angle would be too obvious and the plot needed time to show the reaction of various people as the flotilla got closer to Europe. Beginning the voyage in India solved both problems.

  20. Speaking of cost benefit analysis, how deep are we in the red on “solving” our negro problem, the gift that keeps on taking? Abe Lincoln’s repatriation plan seems very fiscally prudent in retrospect.

    • Our chief problem is deplatforming white womyn. The next problem our puritans in combination with the juice. After that the tens of millions of chinese male “immigrants” who are about to be shipped here. Then, the negro and squatemalan. This last category the easiest by far especially given skin is our uniform.

  21. I am so disheartened and bummed out about the state of our country. I know we’re in for another world-wide lockdown, and this time, it might not ever end. What the hell are we going to do?
    Lately, I’ve been engendered with a strange respect for certain types of Muslims…

    • Thats why its good to investigate what the heck happens when you die, and are their any religions that are true. not. Ones that you like, but that are true. I think truth is very low on most peoples radar.

      there is a true religion.

      • I get Jesus — grew up Catholic — but I think religious faith is genetic. I don’t seem to have that gene. I recognize the utility of Christianity in fostering virtue and repelling vice, but the metaphysical side eludes me.

        • I’m still an unrepentant sinner bound for Hell agnostic/atheist, but Buddhism (Hinduism) has a fascinating alternative: endless cycles of rebirth and death, past and future, because of ignorance. Karma is not, as commonly believed, merely getting what you deserve. That’s an over-simplification. Instead, karma accululates from deeds (good or bad) in a prior life, now affect you in the present life (for good or bad). In other words, right now you could be a thoroughly evil person yet still be blessed in all ways (because of postive karma from a prior existence), or vice versa. Buddhism, of course, advocates good conduct, so that the future karma will be good. This is a fascinating worldview. Clearly the teaching has moral value; guide people to be good, not only for their own benefit, but also for the group as a whole.
          Yet, even as a “worldling” I’m pretty sure in this life, the only one I know about, good deed usually gets good result, bad nets bad. Not 100% of the time, but that is how to bet.

        • There is something to be said for a “genetic” aspect to faith. The Christian Bible is clear that true Christians are predestined. Before the Arminians get up in arms, a close philosophical review of Arminianism and Calvanism come to the same conclusion. One thing does seems unavoidable is that there had to be a moment of Creation … St. Aquinas’ cosmological argument stands despite Kant’s critique, which is based on our “a priori categories” possibly not seeing things as they really are … kind of a return to the old “subject-object” problem that can never be “solved”.

  22. the military should step in and do their duty to protect the constitution. if they let this election get stolen, then no reason to keep funding them. or letting your kids sign up.

    • The “military” is a globohomo government jobs program, arms dealership, and currency regulator.

      What is required now is a “well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…”

      There is little reason to keep funding any of the institutions of a tyrannical State in its last gasps.

      There are many reasons to invest in local communities of right-minded people to build-up self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and community vigor.

      The 500 million guns here are mere artifacts without a community worth protecting – and to feed those who might use them to protect that community, if indeed that time ever comes.

      If you can see the chicken in the egg, you see the real task at hand.

        • The most offensive and ridiculous part of it is it is being hosted by an obvious Asian!
          WTF are Asians doing advocating against our interests?!
          This is why you MUST sink the ships. THEY MUST GO BACK.

      • Not a militia. Bigfoot Research Association. With a Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement.
        Be water.

      • A Well Regulated Militia..etc.

        Yes, the 500 million guns are useless. The point was being in militias. Well regulated meant organized and trained. We refused to organize, we’d rather blah blah blagh. Now we have nothing but an enemy supply depot ready to turn over to the enemy. No organization, no power, not even anything to resist them with, the 2A tards missed the point completely.

        All the powers of decision now rest with the enemy, because they organized. Fags, Pedoes, Hags, noggerz and soyboys have won Civil War 2 by default.

        Its over. This is the price of cowardice.

    • We won’t have a say. MIC is an undefeatable racquet — until it loses a major conflict. Too many beneficiaries and private networks.

        • Exactly. The relationship between what our government takes in and what it spends is entirely mythical at this point.

          Taxes: A means of social control and punishing your enemies.
          Spending: A means of social control and rewarding your friends.
          Regulation: A means of social control, punishing your enemies and rewarding your friends.

    • I’ve been in the military 22+ years. I am now a relatively senior officer working in DC. Please believe me when I say this: what you are hoping for will *never* happen. Senior military leadership is primarily focused on obtaining and increasingly funding from Congress. Full stop. The idea that they will serve as a check on tyranny is TradCon fantasy.

      • They want someone, anyone, anyone ELSE to do their dirty work. The military, Chinese overlords, Musk, MS-13, anyone. Good for you Sir telling them this is fantasy, but this is fantasy Island.

        We can’t defend them, we certainly can’t defend their “Freedom.” We really could use some of the grit the Iraqis had.

        Or some Ugandans 😉

  23. They being such ingrates is just proof that diversity is not a strength. They are not comfortable in our societies and they want to make our societies more like their societies while keeping all the good parts of our society, which is impossible.

    They think our societies are a product of geography and simultaneously believe we stole our society from them. These things are embedded in the way they talk about it.
    They say things like we were just lucky to be born in the particular time and place that we were born and that they were the unfortunate recipients in a kind of galactic lottery of pure chance. If you don’t give even 20 seconds thought to those statements, they kind of make sense. But the reality is that our ancestors each worked at creating the society we were born in. While our ancestors were busy building the Occident, their ancestors were busy building the places they were born in. It’s not our fault our ancestors were just a lot better than their ancestors. Our place and time of birth is not an accident. The way it happened is the ONLY way it could have happened.

      • Indeed. By all rights they should already be back in Africa. The fact that we’ve tolerated these virulent social pests all of these decades should make their hearts swell with gratitude. But no…

      • I would just add that the situation is greatly agitated by the Usual Suspects who will whip up this racial animosity at each and every chance. If it weren’t for this 5th Column constantly telling blacks (and others!) how aggrieved and oppressed they are, then things would be much better.

        We need to tell the blacks and browns how Israel is severely oppressing their brothers in Palestine and other Muslim countries … and has been doing it for years!. Try to use this as a wedge issue inside the Left. Demand that Israel make concessions!

      • Just wanted to double-down on my last comment concerning racial animosity.

        This is exactly the reaction that the Jews are looking for … they want to foment this racial disharmony so that they can use it as fuel for more animosity. I caution people about falling into this trap of doing their bidding for them.

        White America fought a civil war to release Blacks from slavery. Everyone knows that things are perfect, but since the Jews started meddling in our society, it’s steadily gotten worse. Know where the problem comes from.

    • Well said, good summary! I’ll tell people that the way the multiculturalist think, they beleive that its just an accident of history and maybe the weather, that Anglo Whites created the Constitution, or the Federalist papers, and that there is no real substantial reason why Pakastani’s or Somali’s couldn’t just as easily have written them!

      • It is quite the experience listening to a guy like Sam Harris lay this out in very explict terms. His argument basically starts from a premise where we are pre-existing people that through nothing but pure luck just happened to be born in America or England or wherever.
        He has to be knowingly lying. He knows he is deceiving people. He is too smart to not know.
        It is such a ridiculously bad argument. It’s hard to believe anyone falls for it, even if it’s what they want to hear.

    • Al Buraq is obviously having nightmares of choppers landing on the roof of his mansion, so he hides behind his trick truck Mike when he sleeps.

  24. They could have easily co-opted Trump, by cutting some deals with him.”

    As Jim at Jim’s Blog repeatedly points out, the Left is not “agreement capable”. They’re in a leftway spinning holiness spiral.

    • Yeah – I think that’s an underestimated part of our current mess. The other side simply cannot make peace with us. They can turn off the riots at will, but the real, ongoing war is not something they can stop.

  25. The non-whites like Zubiha Haque really do hate us, and they make it easy for us to hate them. I’ve wondered why. But the Joe Sobran quote comes to mind. The simple existence of white people reminds them of their own inferiority – especially a white family, or white people having fun. The only way to fix this is to get rid of us.

    My response is to just be super attractive and happy.

    We can learn from these people though – learn from their tribalism, whites could use a little more primitive-ness.

    • But at this point they’re basically asking us to kick them out, it’s just like a woman asking to be slapped. Genetically we are just not supposed to live together, deep down in their collective psyche they know something is wrong too. Plus, the average westerner is miserable and pozzed these days and browns / arabs are no exception.

      • I don’t especially want to be the one who does it, nor do I have any training for it, but I observe that Whites are perfectly capable of being deliberate, cold-blooded killers if forced into it. In all probability we would put the same ingenuity and dedication into such a grisly enterprise that in the past had produced successes in happier endeavors.
        I would prefer our country not slip into such a state, but as someone has said elsewhere, sometimes we don’t get to choose what life hands us. I recall Mel Gibson’s character in his excellent The Patriot when he grimly recounts to his wife how his men, ah, “persuaded” the Indians it was not a good idea to attack Whites.

    • They’ve been told to hate us in accordance with the tenets of Cultural Marxism, which replaces ecomonic class distinctions with majority & minority distinctions. Classical Marxism teaches that the upper class exploits the lower class. Cultural Marxism teaches that the majority oppresses the minority, and so there is a social injustice in this arrangement. So, in so many words, Whites are the oppressors, and by definition, are evil in the exercise of said oppression. Of course, this dogma relies on people believing that Whites are basically evil and have been taking advantage of their majority status for hundreds of years.

  26. Nothing new here, this one is my favorite from long ago…
    Dark and lonely on the summer night.
    Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
    Watchdog barking – Do he bite?
    Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
    Slip in his window,
    Break his neck!
    Then his house
    I start to wreck!
    Got no reason —
    What the heck!
    Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
    C-I-L-L …
    My land – lord …

  27. I think our ability to solve problems is declining. Edward Dutton thinks that we are in a period of decline in intelligence that has been going on for about 200 years — since harsh evolutionary pressures eased with modern technology, accelarating in the last century.

    Not only can’t we solve new problems, we can’t even maintain what we have.

    The failure of that telescope was a failure of proper foresight, planning and maintenance.

    I worry that one day a 100-200 years from now, my descendants will be looking back on the days when we had radio observatories and global satellite networks with amazement.

    • So the Arecibo engineers basically doubled the load on a support cable and tower with no defined timeline and plan to shore it up or restore the second cable?

      Then they were surprised when the cable snapped?

      Looks like I get to use the word incompetent twice in one day.

      Article written by, “Neel Patel.”

      • Of course, if they were at all forward-thinking, there would have been studies of the MTBF of those cables and plans for replacing them well before that, plus emergency plans for quick replacement if a cable broke ahead of schedule, because that sort of planning ahead is, obviously, less expensive than the utter destruction of one of the world’s largest radio telescopes.

        It’s the same sort of planning our more “primitive” ancestors understood and detailed in the fable of the ants and the grasshopper. If you don’t prepare for winter, you’re going to suffer and it’s going to be nobody’s fault but your own.

        I wonder how many people think of that instead of a stupid soft-core porn TV series when they hear the phrase “Winter is coming?”

          • There’s some dispute on that, but no dispute on the installation (incorrect), the high ignorance as to the evident signs of pending failure—obvious to anyone with sufficient knowledge to be involved in such a project, and finally the absurd failure to close the road off to traffic during install.

    • The city view from “Idiocracy”, with the office towers being held up with giant rubber bands, comes to mind.

      • Yeah, I’ve read it. One of my favorites of hers. I was led to it like a lot of young men of my age by Rush, 2112.

        Heh, from Wikipedia entry on the album:

        Side one of the album is occupied by the 20-minute futuristic science fiction song “2112“. The seven-part track is based on a story by Peart, the band’s primary lyricist, who credits “the genius of Ayn Rand” in the album’s liner notes. Rand, a Russian-born, Jewish-American novelist, and inventor of the philosophy of Objectivism, wrote the 1937 dystopian fictional novella Anthem, the plot of which bears several similarities to 2112, and all members read the book.[18] Peart added the credit to avoid any legal action. The credit caused the band significant negative publicity, with many labelling them right-wing extremists.

        Those right-wing extremists, what won’t they get up to next? Songs about rebelling against a tyrannical state? Unacceptable!

        • Yes! I love Rush and 2112. I never made the Rand connection. Not the least reason being I didn’t read Anthem until a few years ago 😀 Much of Rush’s music has SF theme. On that same album, the Priests are of the Temple of Syrinx. Syrinx is a name dating to mythology’s Pan and his pipes. It may also refer to Samuel Delaney’s Nova where it’s a performing instrument, sort of a cross between a musical synthesizer and the Enterprise’s Holodeck. Rush’s choice of the name is perhaps intentional irony: in their song, the Priests are anti-music, belittling the hero’s discovery of an ancient guitar.
          Relevant to the election: the hero thinks he’s found a great truth, but the powers that be are unimpressed: “forget about your silly whim, it doesn’t fit the plan.”

    • The Mouse Utopia always wins.
      Any 95+ IQ group embracing modernity or modern tech without an almost cult like adherence to religion will not reach replacement fertility. Even Utah is below replacement. The only exception seems to be South Dakota which is at replacement and heavily rural.
      I think it is because human beings have biological cognitive limits and social requirements that cannot be met in high prosperity or advanced societies.
      Largely we have no way to show reproductive fitness and often as not the opportunities such society provides both encourage female hypergamy which damages mating, creates too much ineffective status competition and as Professor Dutton has noted creates bad breeding habits and weaker offspring.
      Larry Niven tangentially adressed this is his Ringworld series. This was a few years before low fertility kicked in so he’s not lazy for using overcrowding as an issue.
      Some spoilers but the book is 50 years old
      Basically people don’t age do to a drug, in order to have more than one child you either have to kill someone in an arena or win a lottery. Lottery winners are selectively bred with other lottery winners (its an alien plot) as luck in genetic in this setting,
      So gradually humanity becomes lucky and proficiency super soldiers for the ultra cowardly puppeteer aliens.

      Now as to how to beat a Mouse Utopia
      This is not meant to be serious and is unfeasible but it might in theory work.
      Start with a society with a tiered citizenship and IQ tests to go above #3
      Tier #4 Lowest on welfare for life (very few rights) paid extra to not breed.
      Tier #3 Works (has full rights though no office or votes)
      Tier #2 Own Property, Married, Children (rights and votes)
      Tier #1 As 2 and may hold public office
      To get to Tier #1 you have to kill in melee combat (your choice or weapons or unarmed for both sides) a criminal who is permitted to kill you no extra charges and reduces his sentence by 20% or 5 years each kill whichever is better.
      If you are Tier #3 and challenge you jump to Tier #1 anyway and unless you commit a degenerate crime retain that right.
      If you have children outside of marriage, you lose them and go to jail thus dropped to tier #4 after release though you can work you way back up.
      This would make higher tier men far more desirable and really the only sure way to raise status for a woman. She can’t vote unless married with children (adopted included own race only) or vote herself benefits or hold office.
      As an advantage married couples are almost always very Conservative so the society would be a rather Right Wing valuing IQ, stable marriage (divorce cause Status loss) and strength.
      Its also bloody improbable as it would require an ultra nationalist dictatorship to implement and would receive global condemnation as a human rights monster. The irony is of course, really its not.
      But the consumer society would not brook such opposition. The Mouse Utopia must FEED!

      • Sounds like a plan, but how to implement. What will hold us back is that folks will vote for mediocrity rather than a chance to the gold.

        • You don’t vote Right Wing crazy in. Its nigh impossible to vote in Right Wing anything even the tamest stuff in modernity.
          Heck President Trump is a centrist with mild conservative leanings and the elite are so incensed they are willing to commit unlimited voter fraud, destroy the system and maybe even risk a civil war they might very well lose to be rid of him.
          Now if you can get people behind some idea even that one and using some crazy but real means of getting power I leave to your imagination you can make such a society happen.
          It’ll end up an adult version of some teen dystopia but maybe it will recreate conditions for at least population stability.
          I think taking power by any means necessary and implementing marriage reform. default male custody and economic nationalism might be easier since your own people won’t think you’ve gone batshit insane and turn on you but who knows?
          My guess is that no matter what happens, modernity is doomed and the tech base will erode to a level that is sustainable.
          No space future, no Internet or computers for the most part , many fewer personal cars but maybe electricity, running water , trolleys and TV or radio.
          If we can sustain a few tech centers for medicine, dropping back to 1920’s tech won’t be that bad all in all though that too will probably drop back over years and in a century it won’t be Star Trek but more Little House on the Prairie meets a bit of Diesel Punk.

  28. I think that Z has missed a paradigm shift.

    Covering up the fraud to maintain the respectability of the system was the old paradigm – which required a lot of leg work, created unintended consequences and risked exposure.

    The new paradigm is just denying reality. It requires tight coordination of media and a high degree of gullibility for a large percentage of the general public. Both of which exist in America today.

    So the Dems flat out steal the election in a ham handed way and then their media jesters waiver their hands and say there’s nothing to see here, move along, and most people nod their heads and move along. The few who don’t are then mocked as conspiracy theorists cut off from mass media and ignored. There’s no need for further coverups or oppression – which risk blowback.

    Bottom line, a group of people that believe men can become women at will and vice a versa, will believe anything they’re told to believe.

    Welcome to the modern media village.

    • Both of which exist in America today.

      I was having thoughts along these lines last night.

      The American public is now so degenerate even proof of massive fraud won’t matter.

      This is why the laptop never got much traction. People just don’t care anymore because the Overton window had already been shifted so much by Clinton and Weinstein

      • At some level I don’t know why people on the left even bother to deny the fraud.

        If you thought your opponent was literally Hitler – which a lot of the useful idiots actually believe about Trump. Wouldn’t you be proud of getting rid of him with fraud, non violently?

      • “The American public is now so degenerate even proof of massive fraud won’t matter.”

        This. You nailed it. All the legal arguments in the world won’t matter when the deck is already stacked from the courts through the media to the public.

        I think most of the public does not care. Apathetic. They will be made to care, just wait.

        • My guess is, based on talking to some normies I know, that people know politics is kind of dirty. The relevant metric for them is not so much whether elections are fair, but whether political organs do a good enough job of serving their interests. Essentially it doesn’t matter so much who’s driving the bus as much as it matters where it’s going.

    • Covid and the 2020 election proved the rule: you can fool some of the people ALL of the time.
      Unfortunately, “some” of the people works out to tens of millions of American residents.

    • When ignoring the obvious fraud is part and parcel of “their side” regaining an additional measure of political power, there really is nothing to discuss or negotiate.

      Our political system was built on the quaint notions of truth and honesty having relevance in the political negotiation process. Sorry, suckers…

      • It (our political system) was designed by men of honor. You know, those silly folk who would challenge you to a duel if you called them a liar. Once men left honor behind, it was downhill from there.

  29. I’m going to submit this to the Atlanta poetry slam (and probably win):
    The Mona Lisa’s ugly
    Western ways’ll bug me
    I ain’t being colonized
    You got times tables memorized?
    Equations are white
    The forest gives me fright
    The wheel is overrated
    My hair demands you praise it
    My politics’ll freak ya
    Vote President Shaniqua
    (Drops mic)

    • I’m not sure how or why I remember it, but I distinctly remember having to read something in college freshman english class (25+ years ago) that reads a whole lot like your slam poetry. A few minutes digging through my bookshelf … found it: “Cultural Etiquette: A Guide” by Amoja Three Rivers. Published in Ms magazine in (!) 1991. What we are seeing now is a trailing edge of the cultural marxist slog through the institutions; this rot has been metastasizing for 30+ years. Anyway, what you offer as a joke has been academically celebrated for decades.

  30. they don’t think rationally that’s the problem,,like the little kid who spends an hour weaseling out of doing his homework when if he’d sat down and done it, it would have taken 10 minutes, they just have the con mans brain,,

  31. I used to bomb comments at Reason until the great exodus 4 years ago. I don’t even bother peeking in there any more. About that time, they lost a lot of their contributors and sold out to the Koch’s.

  32. Lmaooooo I was laughing too hard during the xirl science paper.

    But notice, most of the authors are hindu and “south asian”.

    Laughs aside, we are fucked, nobody hates you more than “brown people” and they’re our future doctors.

  33. Is anyone else finding themselves more or less indifferent to all this election stuff? Like, I haven’t been paying attention to it at all. I’m just numb to it. It all reeks of 4D chess, Qtards and other trust-the-plan types. The Four Seasons Landscaping debacle was cringe-inducing. I’m not holding my breath for a second. Downvote away, but I’m just being honest. Tucker apparently called out Powell for a crumb of evidence the other night and was rebuked. I’m beginning to understand why normies just want to chill and grill. It’s exhausting. Perhaps that’s the intent.

    • I’m starting to get this awful feeling this is all just the greatest kayfabe of all-time.

    • Yep. I don’t have a dog in the fight because I live in Commiefornia and Trump never lifted a finger against Sacramento’s open sedition against him when he had the chance. There is no escaping what’s coming.

      I want Biden to lose because he cheated, but that doesn’t give me any happy illusions about Mister Make Israel Great Again either.

        • My general fear as well, however such affects most everyone else as well, Dem supporters and Rep supporters. So that’s a countervailing point.

        • we don’t use heating oil here. my furnace went out last year and i went all winter without it 🙂 but that was an unusually mild winter…

          • Here in FL, I am in an all-electric home with an ageing heat pump. Like you, I rarely heat in the winter. Cooling is virtually the only system use, costing about 40% of total electric. Recently I considered replacing the system. I checked prices etc. I discovered two things: the higher cost for the higher efficiency SEER systems is not worth it (30 year payback time, for a system with a life expectancy of 10-15 years!); if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’ll keep my current fossil system, minor repairs as needed, until it dies a horrible death 🙂

    • I saw the Tucker broadcast you reference and it seems apparent to me Carlson is under pressure to roll over. Just look how blatant it is at Fox already.

      With multiple federal cases under my belt that dragged on 1+ years, I understand your mental fatigue. I also understand that there are far stronger people, have hired them, worked with them to prevail in the cases I dealt with in my business life. Usually I had to make judgement calls about who the weaklings were as they cannot be counted on under pressure.

      You really are better off being honest, as your focus limit has been reached and you take the word of a TV personality, one off for that matter, as conclusive. You are not worth me to down vote — there is no reason to. As a weak sister, you are being honest about where you are at. Good for you.
      Normies are weak, and never going to be the kind of people that one can count on in a stand up fight or the long haul. They are super cool with plunging their kids into six figure college load debt so they can put two new Subarus in the driveway. I notice women also think this way, “I just don’t want to hear about it any more, whine…cooking channel on.”

      Enjoy the NFL season and put a shrimp on the barbie at the gulag..

      • Tucker, it seems, is walking the tightrope. Laura Ingraham and Rush, too.

        Laura had the audacity to mention Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset, that conspiracy theory with its own book, articles, and department at the United Nations.

    • As soon as the counts were stopped, I stopped paying attention, thinking something like: *Ah, 1960. I read about this.* The big elections since then have been nearly legitimate, or at least looked that way. But traditionally they’re fake, and why pretend? Nobody can stop it.

      Even explaining what happened seems impossible now that we’ve been made stupid. Numerical arguments confuse even the people making them, the law is unknown even to judges, and speaking narratively—sharing a “conspiracy theory”—is forbidden.

      When I was a little kid we learned in school that Edgar Allan Poe’s death was an election-fraud-related mystery. Interesting stuff! Left a lasting impression, an *idea of America*. A teacher sharing that current-events-relevant story with his class today would be fired for it.

      • “Ah, 1960. I read about this…”

        This puts you ahead of 99% of the talking heads as they are coming at this as if Trump’s team is trying to prove something that never, ever, ever happened before. Instead of just a better run Joe Kennedy, Lydon Johnson election theft.

        Really, it’s all based on the lowest common denominator of the audience as being around a 2nd grade level. Maybe not that high.

    • When Z spoke of the perspective you gain with the passing years all I could think of are the Congressional hearings staged for clips that can be used by both parties’ candidates in their reelection bids w/o ever doing anything for their respective bases. Each party has had times where they controlled both Houses and the Presidency and never delivered for their constituents, but always deliver for the donors.

  34. Hatred, like love, will make you do things without exterior motivation. It will even make you bear great costs to either help or harm the object. We are completely beyond politics, here. We aren’t voting our way out of this, neither are we going to be able to retreat and regroup – the orcs will follow you to Helm’s Deep, frens.

    We are living in a revolutionary moment which, like the revolutionary movements of the 20th century, are driven by hatreds because they are the same. Instead of Washington, we have trump, which should give you an idea of just how degraded our culture has become.

  35. They could have easily co-opted Trump, by cutting some deals with him. 

    As you may have seen here in my comments and in pieces I have written elsewhere, this is what perplexes me most. Why didn’t they co-opt Trump? It would have made the movement he spawned so much less potent. He could have been easily manipulated but, nah bro, they made a really bad enemy in him.

    Perhaps they were afraid Trump would discover things he apparently never found out or revealed. Maybe it wasn’t a rational reason at all. Simple hubris, moral panic, or some other deranged motive may have led this cabal to so delegitimize itself. Regardless, trust in the system has evaporated because those actually in charge would not extend an olive branch to a man who loves flattery.

    The Establishment’s two puppets, Harris and her sidekick Joe, will receive the brunt of the blowback but those who control the strings also have put themselves into a very bad position. Many make the mistake and limit the no-longer-loyal opposition to 72 or whatever million people. It is more like two-thirds of the population now oppose their rules. It isn’t sustainable and the gasoline thrown on the fire ostensibly to get Trump will engulf the elite the next time something goes really south.

    It is inexplicable.

    • I think the reason they didn’t co-opt Trump is part of the reason the Never Trump issue of National Review was written. They truly hate both him and us. They think he is vulgar and doesn’t share their tastes. It was also embarrassing to them the way we rejected the establishment choices in 2016 and they were angry at the way Rubio and Jeb got humiliated. They want to crush us so it never happens again. They aren’t forward thinking enough to see what problems will develop from these choices.

    • They’re on the cusp of permanent control due to demographics anyways. Trump is pretty clueless, he wants to expand H1-B and legalize the DACA aliens.

      If I were running the Dems I would just lay low and take the L for 8 years, prevent any structural changes, and then with a little fraud beat whatever loser the GOP runs in 2024.

      But then again I’m smart enough to know that you don’t get Hispanic support by calling them Latinx Peoplx. The people running the Dems are stupid – but very powerful and dangerous.

  36. I am getting emails from a group I belonged to who meet for a recreational activity. We usually meet in the early summer/late spring. Now, because of the plague, they want to meet in July.

    Understand, thats 9 months away. a year and a half from the start of Covid mania. They all insist, on this email chain, of wearing masks, presenting testing proof, and even eating out doors and keeping the windows open for our activity (central atlantic state in july!).

    These are many DC area STEM people in this crowd. NIH, micro biologists, chemists, engineers. All are gaga for masks, but most strikingly, for long term covid acceptance. A new normal, as it were

    • These are many DC area STEM people in this crowd. NIH, micro biologists, chemists, engineers.

      All the people I know most easily hoodwinked by The Greatest Chinese Virus are from similar ‘educated’ professions. The biggest mistake we can make is assuming that anyone in these professions is immune to propaganda. They aren’t. Like most edu-ma-cated folks, they are cowardly. They don’t need to be leaned on too hard to toe the line; they will be frowned upon by their well heeled friends otherwise.

      Most working men I know called rubbish on this months back. It is true that these men are not edu-ma-cated in the same way as those other folks, but they are far less cowardly.

      emails from a group I belonged to

      Thank goodness for the use of the past tense. Good on you. True believers must be ditched at all costs.

      • Hear, hear. We have arrived at a place where its purported elite blindly obey and either outright believe ridiculous propaganda or pretend to do so. It is the hallmark of all totalitarian systems.

      • As they say in STEM, the fundamental forces of the universe are Gravity, Electromagnetism, Weak Force, Strong Force and Funding. And the greatest of these is Funding.

      • Spoken as a stem/legal hybrid myself, we learned to live with tunnel vision insofar as what was required to attain our pedigree compelled exclusion of the aspects of life deigned unnecessary, such as news outside our professional domains. Politics got thrown overboard and we simply adopted the political perspective of our mentors and peers for convenence rather than taking precious time to think through positions and engage. For many, it’s just easier to stay the course.

    • I know lots of medical people. They all know it’s bullshit. And yet, they do it anyway. STEM = nerds and nerds = the worst kind of wannabe conformists. Mask mandates are their chance — finally!!! — to be in the in crowd, so they’re jumping on it with both feet.

      • Maybe they’ll get invited to the French Laundry for a riotous dinner with Gov. Newsome- like the directors of California Medical Advisory Board were.

    • These are many DC area STEM people in this crowd. NIH, micro biologists, chemists, engineers. All are gaga for masks, but most strikingly, for long term covid acceptance.

      You could have just written, “incompetents.”

    • Yeah, I work in a medical LAB, full of people who otherwise know their stuff. And yes, they are all-in on the masks. Funny thing is, the more credentialed you are, the more faith you put in other people’s credentials.

        • Years ago I read of several studies after the Vietnam war looking at why the working class didn’t support the war as much as the edu-mah-cated. It is a generalization to be sure, but these people’s personal identities and self-worth were tied up in their being validated members of a successful system. If the system failed so badly, it gave them the feel-bads.

    • Neither. Team Trump claims they have loads of evidence of widespread fraud. He is offering them the biggest platform on cable TV to present it to the public.
      It is very close to time to shit or get off the pot.

      • Agreed. And I’m actually surprised someone as intelligent as Zman has bought into the “wholesale fraud” narrative.

        It’s basically the Russiagate of the DR.

        • Did I imagine 5 swing states where Trump had a commanding lead simultaneously shut down counting only to open up in the middle of the night to reveal the Cryptkeeper in the lead? Reality is getting harder to discern these days, I admit, but I do have a distinct memory of that peculiar unprecedented incident taking place.

          • I was listening live on the East coast at 4 a.m. when they announced a thumb drive with 126,000 Biden votes found in PA after their “nap”.

            Thumb drives. We all check the widdle boxes on the thumb drive.

        • So when they stopped counting together, then ‘found’ – Al Franken style, a mountain of ‘Biden votes’ in the wee hours …. nada? No suspicions raised on your part?

          As long as you want to question the intelligence of the host here — I ask: are you fucking brain dead?

        • It seams to me that multiple things are all true:

          1) There was widespread coordinated fraud to select Biden.

          2) Trumps lawyers sense that fraud and have some discoordinated evidence of it.

          3) Trumps lawyers do not want to reveal exactly what they have because doing so will sour their legal case in court and allow the fraudsters to engage in countermeasures to prevent more evidence from emerging.

          4) The legal case is actually very weak because of the intricacies of court proceedings around standing, evidenciary admissability and available relief.

          5) Tucker is being a whiny bitch more interested in ratings for covering the story than the outcome of the legal case.

        • Possibly, but the argument to the public is not what will change the results of the election. It’s the Courts that count. To release specifics which might identify witnesses and evidence is to give the opposition time to cover their tracks and “cancel” those witnesses. Tucker should know this. The rest of the media simply is working to extract opposition research.

      • What would be a good, clear piece of evidence?

        One of the ballots with a perfect, laser-printed circle for Biden?

        • It would be very time consuming to drive around Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit and Philadelphia finding every Shauntaveous and Shaniqua who cast ballots in this election for the first time in their lives and ask them to sign an affidavit that they never completed or returned their mail in ballots for the 2020 election. There is also the chance many of them would lie.

          • “It would be very time consuming…”

            — to fight World War II
            — to find a better plan than bury my children in college loan debt
            — to give a shit

        • The one defining feature of the Trump presidency has been that everything was ABOUT to happen…but never did. Whether it’s Hillary getting locked up, emails, the Durham report, the troop withdrawals etc.

          It’s like Trump left us with blue balls.

          • Energy independence — you credit Obama?

            I just paid $1.74.9 for Regular to fill up my truck. I filled my 500 gallon tank of home heating oil, lowest price in years, has been ongoing.

            Se we are to what, credit Obama? Maybe credit Biden? He said he ‘saved the auto industry…’ after all.

            Enerty independence didn’t happen with Bush ‘the oil man’. Nor Obama. And it did happen. Maybe your blue balls are simply because you have bad breath.

          • Bubba,
            I can’t tell of you are being sincere, are naive, or just having us on.

            I think less than 1% of the posters here think Trump was the answer or the white knight.

            I’m also quite open to the idea that the Progs, who have repeatedly told me that Our People are evil and need to be humiliated and replaced, aren’t entirely above fixing election results.

            But do carry on.

          • The AWRs attempted to depose Trump from the very moment he was elected. Could any reasonable person really believe those same people would cease and desist in a tight election where doing nothing might very well result in another four-year stint for the man they’ve spared no effort trying to topple?

      • Beautiful evidence. Perfect evidence. Evidence like nobody has ever seen before. Phenomenal evidence. Phenomenal. We are building a case. A big beautiful case. And you know what? The Democrats are gonna pay for it. We are building it right now. Its beautiful. And its big. Really really big. Bigger than any case ever before. Its gonna come out. And its gonna be big. And you will say thats not possible! But I’m telling you, we have so much evidence. Like everywhere. Just laying around. And we are picking that evidence up and building a case. Its big. Beautiful. Shocking really. How big.

      • From another blog:

        Maria Bartiromo: How did you respond to Tucker Carlson? Did you get angry with the show because they texted you and asked you to provide evidence of what you’re alleging?

        Sidney Powell: No, I didn’t get angry with the request to provide evidence in fact I sent an affidavit to Tucker that I had not even attached to a pleading yet to help him understand the situation and I offered him another witness who could explain the mathematics of the statistical evidence far better than I can. I’m not really a numbers person. But he was very insulting, demanding and rude and I told him not to contact me again in those terms.

      • To be fair, this is litigation. You don’t tip your hand until you have to. Fuck the press, including Tucker – why does he want them to tip their hands early? Read the court transcript like everybody else prick.
        On top of that, in particular with a situation as explosive as this, judges hate “trying a case in the media” which is exactly what Tucker is tempting them to do. It would be the perfect reason for a Court to dismiss a lot of things. With the establishment already against them, they cannot make any faux pas.
        The process is annoyingly slow, but they will have to put up or shut up at some point. Tucker’s show is not that point.

        • Exactly. Joe Normie that has never been in a courtroom nor directed a legal team has no clue. Let your opponents issue press releases. Your people grind them up with evidence, motions and arguing in open court. Nothing else matters.

          This focus on Rudy’s hair, or sweat is just a replay of how the general public was conned by the made for TV Kennedy-Nixon debate. Read THAT transcript. It was all about Nixon’s appearance.

          Before there was uninformed Joe Normie there was the sheep-like General Public.

          • It is, but you are asking them to make the fatal mistake of all non-lawyers (and even some lawyers) who get their legal education from Perry Mason re-runs: trying to get the other side’s witness to win the case for them. The media (including Tucker) is not their friend – it is the other side. The media belongs to the enemy. The only thing you can do with the enemy is discredit/sow doubt about them which Trump has already done. Why give them time to run a propaganda campaign against the evidence before it is even submitted? Save the evidence for court where it belongs.

          • Well said. Using my own experience in Federal Court proceedings again, and having seen what six figures in preparation buys — inches thick — for a plaintiff that gets the jump. The idea that dealing with this kind of thing is, as the Ellis lady lawyer put it, ‘not an episode of Law and Order…’

            The sad fact is most here, the public are ill informed, bordering on dumb. Tring to explain things to such stupid people as are in our midst, even on ‘our side’ is a fool errand.

            Back to case experience. These things take a LOT of time, not days or even weeks. Especially when the enemy has put millions, perhaps billions of dollars into their effort and countless hours and manpower.

            As a serious person I see the team out there as brave. Against the odds. I don’t focus on scatalogical things, could care less about someone’s sweat, hair gell. That puts me in the minority, apparently.

            Cannot tell if the commenters here are trolling, or a shift, like a school of fish, going with the Never Trump direction of this blog.

            I hate tea.

          • Disclaimer: I know almost nothing. For each State, isn’t the final decision the sole right of its legislature (to affirm the State’s electors to the electoral college?) If this is so, what can all the lawyering up accomplish? If this is true, then a crooked Legislature could vote for any electors they want, the popular vote be damned. Or, perhaps, a Legislature could vote being informed by proven fraud in their State’s elections. History offers some interesting outcomes: Supreme Court decides (2000), or US Congress elects Prez & VP. (19th century). We live in interesting times.

          • Bear in mind that the same people who pay Tucker also pay the two women who paused, listened, and got their orders to cut off Newt when he mentioned Soros.

          • Doc, there is a name for women that will do unsavory things at an order for pay. And it isn’t limited to women either.

      • But why? If you’re preparing a complex and lengthy court case, why on earth would you tip-off your opponent in advance about your evidence, thus enabling them to start preparing a rebuttal before the proceedings have even started?
        I don’t know whether Mr. Trump and his legal team are bluffing or serious but I am getting a bit suspicious about all these petulant demands to “show us the evidence now”.

    • Tucker called it straight. That press conference was a shit show. Horrible optics, and thin gruel backing sweeping allegations.

      Not that it isn’t all true, but once ballots are counted they are difficult to un-count. Circumstantial evidence, even statistical evidence, is not enough when all the institutions are lined up against you.

      The truth is, Tucker was never a big fan of Trump. He was a big fan of trumps agenda, at least the one he ran on in 2016.

      • Lin Wood claimed a few days ago that Trump won with 70% of the true vote and should have won over 400 electoral votes. The biggest blowouts of the 20th Century came in around 60%. These people are self discrediting so badly you wonder if they have been put up to it. I hope he doesn’t do this in Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense.

        • You don’t think that margin of victory is possible considering Biden is a creepy dementia case who represents a party that openly hates the country and the 60% of the population that is white?

          Maybe no one ever won by that margin before, because no one ever ran against an antiWhite, anti-American pedophile with dementia before..

      • Lin Wood and Sidney Powell seem extremely confident. What I keep thinking is why would they put their reputations at risk if they had nothing? They’ll be heroes in the history books if they can beat them.

        • These are not newbie nobody lawyers. Making claims like that, and coming up empty (in the sense you have no evidence, not in the sense of a Court ruling against you – courts are just as crooked as any other politician) is not the type of risk they would take, unless they intend this to be the swan song of their (and their firms’) careers.

          • Disbarred, imprisoned and pauperized. I try federal civil cases and can assure you these thoughts are in the back of my mind when I am up there. Which makes me wonder what Giuliani was thinking during the presser while his hair was leaking.

        • They may win in court, but the end game for a Trump win is to have several states throw out their electors votes and appoint their own directed delegates.

          I can confidently predict this will never happen. The uniparty, and the mass media, has spoken. Trump is out, Kamala is in.

          Discussing the electoral college is too much for the average citizen; getting into the weeds with too much inside baseball about never exercised parts of the Constitution isn’t going to fly with the average:

          “But…’muh popular vote!!” citizen.

          Brings me no pleasure to say it, but Trump is toast.

      • Tucker believes he has more “power” than he does. He is meaningless in any attempt to change the election results and he can’t seem to accept that. I also suspect he seems to think he’s being slighted. It’s the Courts that count, Tucker and 10 more like him can’t do shit.

    • Simple:

      Tucker wants to lead the “nationalist-populist” “movement” with an expanded fox news show and maybe run in 2024.

      Once trump is out of the way he feels he can play a leading role.

      He’s wrong, of course, but that’s where he’s coming from.

      • He just revealed himself as a bowtie nerd, with that girly giggle. He isn’t “leading” anything.

        3-2-1 he is about to roll over to protect his paycheck. You, sir, and yours are somewhere far, far down the food chain from his paycheck.

        • Yeah. Tucker wants to get a nice paycheck to play controlled opposition . As such he ends up as Cucker Carlson rather quickly.

      • Your Tucker scenario would not surprise me. We also see such a misunderstanding with other supposed “Conservative” pundits attempting to put to bed this election and move on to the “great turnaround of 2024”—where conservative values will once again prevail over an awakened public.

        • Yup, the Republicans are already trying to tempt Trump into a political show-career. “He could come back in 2024!”

      1. Joe Biden was so popular he received more votes than any President in history
      2. Democrats lost seats in the House and every “contested” house seat went to Republicans.

      Both can’t be true. Fraud is obvious.

      There’s what you know, and what you can prove, however. Looks like the mechanisms to resolve this are broken beyond belief. A voting Republic only works if good citizens man it: this is clearly gone, and only going to get worse.

  37. Dunning-Kruger for the win. They remind me of nothing so much as professional academics, who consider themselves brilliant but whose ignorance of common life is so vast, it’s terrifying… and hilarious.

    One of my favorite grad school moments was listening to some very very very big name scholar lady going off on the military. Oh, she had grand plans, this armchair general. I couldn’t help bursting into laughter. When the pissed off broads in the room demanded to know what I found so funny, all I could say is “logistics.”

    None of them had any idea what that meant. Ladies and gentlemen, our best and brightest.

    • What were here plans, if you don’t mind me asking?

      When the pissed off broads in the room demanded to know what I found so funny, all I could say is “logistics.”

      Did these women claim that your answer was misogynistic? Or that it was full of toxic masculinity? Anyway, good on you for saying it, I’d imagine it would have been immensely satisfying!

      • I forget the details, but it was something to do with the role of women in the new Soviet Union. The Bolsheviks, of course, were all about “empowering” women (at least until the Bolshies secured power, after which Stalin told them to get back in the kitchen via a pimp hand that would make Iceberg Slim jealous, but that’s a tale for another day). So, you know, pretty much anything to do with military operations in Russia.

        They couldn’t claim my answer was misogynistic, because they had no idea what I was talking about. What could the difficulties of moving anything across the vast steppes possibly have to do with anything? The important thing was, the waaaaahmens was empowered.

        • Severian,

          Funny you should say the “moving anything across the vast steppes” comment. Two days ago a couple of guys with no prior service were asking me why I didnt think women should be infantry. It was pointed out that there are women body-builders that could lift more than the average man and female UFC fighters that can subdue some men, marksmen females, etc. It was good natured questioning.

          Simple. An infantryman doesn’t need to be the best shot, muscled hulk, mixed martial arts, juggling 105mm howitzer shells… he needs to move with vigor and elan while being adequate at all the above mentioned challenges.

          An average young man of good mental health and moderate conditioning in the infantry can be expected to move 75 lbs. of kit 12-20 miles over rough terrain, in cohesion with other men while maintaining communication and proper security and awareness, through inclement weather, enduring filth and unhygienic conditions, orderly arrive at the objective in condition to reign a hateful death upon the enemy in a professional manner and with a mind that this may have to be repeated the next day. But mostly it’s carrying and moving shit.

          • Penitent, it would not surprise me had you read Caesar’s commentaries, which I got around to this year. Those guys didn’t just do all of the things you mentioned every day, after marching those twenty miles they built an entire camp with stockade and ditch EVERY DAY, having to hew all of the logs themselves, which they then destroyed before they started marching again the next morning.

          • Hello Doc,

            Hope you are well and the blood pressure issue you mentioned above is all taken care of.

            We’ve met, you and I. You know that I am not a large or impressive specimen of a man by any stretch. And yet as a fit 150 lb. younger version of me I was able to do all the above regularly. Add in the repeated and extended unhygienic and under supplied conditions I endured and I know that only a man can and should serve as an infantryman.

            Yessir, very familiar with the post Marion reformed legions. And those nightly camps were perfectly arranged fortified mini-towns with specialty legionaries setting up their workshops for armor repair, medical service, weapon production etc. Nightly!

          • I admire such who are true soldiers. For the rest of us, there was duty indoors, air conditioned, albeit at a primary nuclear target 😀

          • Nothing wrong with indoor AC, I might even argue you were smarter for having chosen that route. My point was that I was an average young man who became adequate at the tasks given me, but it was a myriad of tasks that would likely be unmanageable or survivable for 99% of women when the tasks were tallied as a whole. An insignificant number of females would be capable so as to render having them serve as infantry wouldn’t be worth the legion of disruption and problems that would go along with that. And like Zman says, “What kind of barbarians send their women to go to war?”

    • “…all I could say is “logistics.”

      Well, there are those times. But there are other times as well, and sometimes they are both scary and depressing. Back around 15-20 years ago, there was great discussion among the CS folk wrt computerized “voting”. We had those very folk who are now in academe and recognized as experts come and present seminars on the topic.

      At that time, they were all *against* such voting methods without some serious precautions. The pratfalls were numerous *and* predictable—even then. To make a long story short, everything they said would come to pass has come to pass. Sometimes the “experts” know their shit.

  38. The still sputtering struggle over the contested election, as Z notes, offers up continuing and even more dramatic proof that The Swamp will stop at nothing to get their way. Their frauds, trickery and deceptions are now so obvious that all but the Woke true believers cannot but see the rampant corruption of the system. I don’t know whether or not they will prevail. But the current crop of shenanigans will only further polarize the opposing factions, to cement the divide between Red and Blue, and will only accelerate whatever discord or worse that may lie our country’s future.

  39. I am only a few minutes into the podcast and that first segment on taking over the master’s house is a chilling reminder of what “health care” is going to be like in about five years. Holy crap.

    • Words to the wise Z-Man readers: unless you can’t stop the bleeding DO NOT GO TO A HOSPITAL.
      Voltaire said it best, “Dr.’s are here to keep the patient entertained until they recover on their own or the Dr. kills them.”

      • Admittedly, in Voltaire’s time this may well have been sage advice.

        But yes, I take your point, medicine as practiced by the current crop is most probably on a decline – if for no other reason than the fact that there are simply too many people now, at least over here anyway.

      • Last June my brother received a call from the doctor about my 90 yo mother. She had dangerously low red blood cell count and needed to go the the hospital immediately. So he immediately hustled her off to the hospital because he trusts the medical system.

        Where she was isolated because of Covid restrictions. They decided to do some exploratory scope procedure which necessitated ending the blood thinners that she had been on for 15 years. Which “unexpectedly” led to a major stroke that left her paralyzed.

        Following that they decided that the low red blood count that had required her admission was now a secondary issue that would be put off. She was sent to a rehab facility and was making progress for the 30 days allowed by Medicare. But when that ended she was sent to a long term nursing home.

        Where she was unable to receive further rehab because of Covid restrictions. And was basically locked in with no visitors allowed. After about a month she developed pneumonia and was sent back to hospital. Where she was presumptively diagnosed with CoVid and relegated to palative care only do to her age – which resulted in her death after a few days.

        She was recorded as another Covid Death – even though it was the medical system that initiated the sequence of events that led to her death. And my brother blames irrationally Blames Trump for it.

        • Sorry for your loss. Similar pattern for my late dad except in his instance a cascading chain of proved medical errors. State has a 250k cap on awards and after the lawyers got their cuts my stepmother received enough to subsist on for a few months while the medical industry still muddles along.

      • Not to mention pick your pocket.

        Anyone who’s dealt with elder care knows: they’re caring right up until the bills stop getting paid. Then it’s GTFO

      • No joke. At least as applied to military field medicine, I have always heard it wasn’t until well into the 20th century (WW II maybe?) that a wounded soldier’s odds of survival were better if he did not see the field medic. From what little I know of medical history, this has more than a ring of truth: It took a century or more to convince Doctors to wash their hands between patients, for crying out loud, this after the germ theory had been validated…

      • Do we have to test to go see a dentist or doctor?

        If the test is positive, do we have to quarantine for 14 days and re-test, despite the level of pain or bleeding?

        Or can we just walk in, superspreading deplorability everywhere?

    • Once, I was grandfathered into the care of a female orc PCP.

      Don’t let it happen to you.

      • It’s a brutal thing to say but – anything taken over by women goes to complete shit. Most people know they’ve taken over the medical profession in recent years but a lesser known issue is that many are being guided into fields like epidemiology and “bio-informatics”. Whenever you hear an “expert” predicting that 6 gorillion people are going to die in your town of 10,000 next month chances are it’s a young chick who’s sorta-kinda good at math but is really good at making scary looking graphs on the computer.

        • It’s a brutal thing to say but – anything taken over by women goes to complete shit.

          This is a giant elephant in the room. The ancients of all nations knew this from hard won experience, but the west has once again decided that this time it will be different.

          • This is one of the three big red pills, that women can’t do men’s roles anymore than men can give birth. It is often the hardest of the three.

        • The 90s Twilight Zone series had an episode named “Lithia.” It was both feminist and yet a dose of realism: Imagine a post-apocalyse world that has only female humans (babies made by machine). Civilization is peaceful but low level of tech, no innovation. A man is discovered alive and thawed from suspended animation. Other than romantic interests, things seem to go well until Man begins to hook up the electric grid. The women are troubled. The episode ends with Man being forced back into suspension because reviving the old tech frightened the women, who believed that while it would be progress, it had been high tech that had caused the apocalypse.

      • Here’s my story. I was visiting relatives and found out my blood pressure was really high (180/110). I went o an urgent care that said it was affiliated with the medical school I attended, so I felt good about that. The doctor never got without 12 feet of me, standing in the doorway. (This was pre-Covid.) She ordered an EKG and then told me I needed to start taking meds. Never examined me except the way you can examine anyone you are talking to. I must have used a word or phrase that caused her to say, “What do you do?” I said, “I’m an internist, and I went to (name on clinic).”
        At that point I thought shame would kick in and she’d examine me.
        She raised her arms and did a little hip-sway dance while snapping her fingers and saying, “Ooooh, oooh! I love seeing sick doctors.”
        No points on this site for guessing what color she was.
        Soon as I got home I saw a white male doctor who was thorough and discovered a bruit (abnormal noise) in my carotid indicating that I needed surgery PDQ – it turned out to be critical, and both carotids.
        I call this the Home Depot issue. If you want help, find a white male.

        • My wife was admitted to emergency care for a blood clot. I had zero discretion selecting the doctor.

          We happened to lottery Xir Vibrant MD. QueenishaLatrinus queried my wife, the whole time tapping her exposed fake fingernails on her teeth. And then touching my wife on the affected leg.

          I objected and was nearly thrown out. The hospital has a recording ban posted but I whipped out the phone and recorded video anyway. Despite her requests to cease I continued to video while reciting her past unhygenic practices. She treated my wife without saying another thing to me, permitted me to continue recording, and we left to visit another MD.

          You can imagine what I posted to healthgrades and similar rating agencies. All posts deleted by ???

  40. Dismantling the Master’s House: New Ways of Knowing for Equity and Social Justice in Health Profession Education

    That paper’s title sounds very high brow… but when I see it I just imagine getting scammed that little bit harder in future.

    • Anything that contains the phrase “new ways of knowing” is going to be some serious New Age woo-woo shit or some serious SJW shit. It’s the same airhead upper class white women that consume both too.

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  42. The Kraken is a massive sting operation. Digital black hat hired guns infiltrated cyber space and are now taking down targets. Its over.

      • When I hear about the “Kraken” being released, I automatically think of an old saying:
        If you suspect cheating is going on and you can’t determine who the mark is…. you are the mark.

        I truly hope I am mistaken.

        • i try not to think about any of it right now. all this talk of secret stings and so forth is safely ignored. catching people cheating in real time, and shooting them down on the spot would have worked better.

        • I first read that as ‘if you can’t determine who the MASK is…’ Oh god Im getting brainwashed…

      • Hi, Karl
        I posted a reply from work on my I phone that seems to have gotten lost in the twilight zone. Perhaps one of the Feds lurking on the site would be kind enough to explain the logistics.

        • A tech support tip, if I may: I’m not a fed, but if you use an Android phone to post: I have nothing but weirdness (I use Firefox) with this WordPress interface. My workaround: Use Google Docs (or some other app), to do your editing, then copy & paste into the window here. No fuss, no muss, and the Mother Ship has a copy of your thoughts, but no context for them 🙂

    • There have been leaked documents, and this is getting very serious indeed. They are trying to pull some next level shit on us.

      • Yes. This is Trotskyist dream of slave society. As much we fight, corona is not going away, so sooner or later entire economy is bankrupt and we all are unemployed. But somehow we must keep things running. So Government creates a huge corona free camps. There are harsh conditions because of isolation. You must wear mask and can`t communicate with others. In the morning special corona free transport brings people to corona free workplace and in the evening back to the camp. To avoid corona spreading, you can not have personal items, camp will supply you with all necessary. Also harsh collective living discipline. Any break of rules will be punished because it is easier to shoot one but is hard to save everybody when corona is already here. And so on. Communism is wonderful.

      • Have you ever been to Australia? It isn’t unbelievable at all. Forget the media images. These are for the most part the most cucked people on the planet.

        • Myth’s aside Australia was always the closes thing on earth to a space colony in that it was never really self sufficient and did not organically develop. Instead, from the beginning it was a colony entirely dependent on the mother country. It started as literal prison for christ sake.

          That general dependency continued even as it became economically viable. It’s always been an urbanized colonial enclave in a foreign land.

          • I ask what’s worse, slavery in 1800 or prison in 2020

            and prison is a form of slavery

            I can only surmise that because blacks like going to prison so much and welfare dependency they never lost the slave mentality. Probably why they are always angry, the knowledge of their true selves at war with what they want the world to believe about them only wanting freedom


            And makes sense that people in a former penal colony never gave up their slave mentality

          • (I’m assuming) at least Australia has relatively few of African origin. Alas, from my scattered reading, apparently their Aboriginals pick up much of the slack.

          • I know little about Australia’s aboriginals, however I note that they are in many analyses of races, differentiated from “negros” of the major population, Bantus, of Africa. Perhaps they are some significant differences between the two.

          • Have never visited. I’m sure it’s a fascinating country. I recall a pictoral article about a small factory (mining?) town way out in the middle of the desert, nothing else visible in all directions to the horizon, save by the coming and going of the rail line, its sole connection to the outside world. You’d be hard pressed to find something as isolated even in America’s desert west.

          • I did a bike tour through the outback in 1994? 1995, have to check that passport stamp, but I’d have loved to live there myself. The Australian people, like anywhere else in the civilized world are mostly decent and not well represented by their media (((m)))(((a)))(((s)))(((t)))(((e)))(((r)))(((s))). That was nearly 30 years ago, but still, same principle applies today.

        • One of my daughters has a friend down in Australia. The girl seems to be mostly dependent on the state and nobody seems to think it is unusual. She lives like a child — no particular responsibilities, needs met through no effort of her own, enough money from somewhere to go out and have some fun occasionally. I think that’s the way they want us.

          • Very common.

            They have a sketchy “workfare” program where no one goes to work. It is UBI, more or less, with a phantom job attached to it. This is coming here fast, too, if things don’t implode beforehand.

          • This is a huge problem in modernity. The kind of jobs being created are often so low wage that an apartment much less family formation simply isn’t possible.
            Its not wonder there are so many junk jobs and so much state spending. Too much trade and too much automation for society to work.
            However the damnable efficiency trap will self correct in time, less people born, less smarts out there and society will Arecibo telescope itself back to a sustainable position.

          • I saw the same in Norway. The white people mostly live off welfare

            and Muslims serve a similar role that illegals do here and do all the teenager jobs

          • Kicking out the cheap labor certainly will open up jobs and ought to be done. However the numbers might not be as great in some countries.
            First the number of teens who want a job for some purpose is in decline.
            Second, higher wages don’t pencil out for some things like restaraunts unless that society is willing to let wages go up across the board. This is something that needs to happen, wages exceeding inflation by a hefty margin if we ever want to see above replacement fertility but there are a lot of reasons it can’t happen.
            I’m not sure what the solution is, maybe getting rid of economies of scale and closing a lot of trade but I’m loathe to suggest things as not only do I lack the knowledge, I also tend to run to Austrian School economics.

        • Nope and not looking like I’ll get there anytime soon. I guess I was thinking more along the line of the “diggers” from the WW1 era. Obviously they’ve wimpified like everyone else over the last several generations – maybe more.

          • The most dramatic change occurred after the Port Arthur shooting was used as a pretext for door-to-door gun confiscation. It got quite nasty at times and the propaganda outlets there had a total blackout on what was going on although word got out.

            Gun ownership was quite common prior to the mid-Nineties. After those confiscations, it is near zero outside of places here and there. The people became utterly cowed and submission in short order. It is among the reasons the Covid compliance here has bothered me so much.

          • Australia isn’t a total loss. Foster’s lager (for us in USA it’s now brewed in Canada so they can still claim “imported”, it does taste ok.) Music, some intersting acts reach our shores. Paul Kelly is nice, sort of Australia’s answer to Bruce Springsteen.

          • My understanding is that actual compliance with the orders was fairly low.
            That said like the USA the will to use said weapons and of course the organization to use them effectively isn’t there.
            Its the poison of democracy, you have the illusion you can change things at some point and the very twisted idea that tolerating other people’s bad ideas is a positive ideal.
            Now Howard actually thought people would rebel with force as he was openly wearing a rather heavy bulletproof during some speeches from half grandstanding and half fear I’d guess.
            Now my impression of OZ is its a really laid back kind of culture so that was never going to happen.
            Also like us another poison of Democracy we haven’t got a single idea on how to do things differently.
            You see this in bleats about authoritarianism being so terrible.
            Its not at least so long as the State shares your most important values and is honest and somewhat conscientious.

      • Canadians give them a good run for their money. And yet, there is a huge urban-rural divide here, our cities are full of Karens wrecking themselves to stop the China flu – in the rural areas things are hopping, churches are full, boomers are packing restaurants.

        But the level of cucking from white urbans is unbelievable. Our diversity is almost saving us from covid lunacy, the paper Canadians are completely ignoring any rules and badwhites are following along.

      • Dunno, the kiwi’s version seems worse to me as it is repleat with a bony childless unmarried middle aged Karen (Jacinda) larping as a Mother Teresa with her own personal police enforcers.

        • I know some Kiwis. It’s literally a country of Karens and woke White guys. It’s bizarre.

          At the moment, the whole country is the equivalent of a gated community, which, of course, is why the silliness can flourish. But they seem intent on following the rest of Western world down the toilet by opening the immigrant fire hose, though they likely will import an over class (Chinese and Indians) than an underclass, so there’s that.

          • Some years back, a Danish back-bencher was sent on some cross-planet junket where she visited a New Zealand naval base. As she arrived, she was treated to a “traditional New Zealand Welcome” – her native guide admonishing her in advance not to laugh.

            When she came back, she wrote a humorous little fluff piece about how she’d experience the “uncivilized and grotesque” spectacle of half-naked navy personnel jumping around, screaming at her and sticking their tongues out.

            The story got back to NZ and the Kiwi internet exploded in offense-taking. It was troll heaven. The amazing part was that so many white NZ’ers insisted that this was a traditional New Zealand ritual, not a heathen, Maori thing at all, and that she should feel honored, since tourists normally paid money for the performance.


          • Seeing white men willingly join in a Haka is a sorry sight. There’s a reason the British traveled halfway around the world and took the Maori’s land and not vice-versa.

          • Yes. Their rugby* team does it, despite such pre-game antics being disallowed for other teams. One time, the Welsh team responded by turning their backs and mooning them and got a three-game suspension.

            I mean, just look that those fucking clowns:


            *Like football, only without body armor.

          • LOL. Former NE Patriot Nate Ebner played both sports at the elite level. (He’ll prob’ly be bionic by the time he’s 50.) But the truth is there aren’t many +250 lbs. Rugby players, so you’re mostly getting hit by somebody your own size or close to it. In American Football you can be mowed down by someone double your size. That’s gotta hurt.

          • But the truth is there aren’t many +250 lbs. Rugby players

            That’s because rugby involves running.

            Also, there’s the spandex-thing. Not gay at all, I’m sure, but still….

    • To think, some colleagues of mine think that they will ‘escape’ to Australia. Quite frankly, these days you may have a better chance of a new life if you had been a transported convict on the First Fleet back in 1788.

      They’ve gone nuts. One can only hope the ‘bogan’ settlements in the interior don’t get infected with the poz. We ought not to be surprised: most people in the cities love the poz with all their hearts. Rural community, Urban evacuation is a must for those sane folk who can.

      • Keep this in mind when someone here again mentions the best country to bug out to. There is no escape, stay and fight.

        • People ask why we’re staying put in The Chicongo. I don’t say it outloud very often, but it’s a target-rich environment here. Target effing rich. You rural folks will just end up shooting squirrels.

        • Somewhere else in this comment section, a link to a Zero Hedge article was included that discussed “The Great Reset”, which, I suppose, is a euphemism for “White replacement”. This is all over the Western world. So, I have to wonder, how does China play into all of this? I understand that our Rulers are actively destroying Western civilization via mass immigration, but where does China fit in to all of this? Will war with China be inevitable, or is China already part of the cabal?

      • The Northern Territories have resisted incorporation into the Australian federal system for this very reason. They largely have been successful but their numbers are few.

      • In contrast to the media images, Oz is one of the most urbanized countries on the planet.

      • I know how Britain is, but Australia is infinitely worse. Part of it is that the country is so highly urbanized. Everything people in the States and the UK know think they know about Australia comes from pop culture and it is wrong.

      • A Coronavirus is simply a cold that happens every season. Covid 19 was literally just a bad cold strain. A vaccine will probably only solve a particular strain and be useless for the rest going forward.
        There is no feasible end-game to this mess because everyone is insane.

        • This is exactly the problem. The media and politicians have spent a whole year destroying the global economy, hyping the arrival of Vaccine Jesus, and yet – next year there’ll be another one, and another one…

          I found this whole panic very alarming from the beginning because I realized that there was no feasible way for the ruling class to walk the whole thing back. They now must drag the increasingly massive ball and chain of Covid with them everywhere.

          We should offer them a ride – to the pier.

          • next year there’ll be another one, and another one…
            My worry as well. With all the damage that has been done, authorities can never admit they made mistakes. The only direction is forward and doubling down. It seems like we are on about the 4th round of doubling down now with no end in sight.

          • Oh it will end.
            Europe is already seeing riots and protests over lockdowns and Americans have simply decided to not obey the laws this Thanksgiving and the police decided not to enforce them.
            After a few more years of this, nothing will work , the money will be gone and likley someone sane will come along and try and fix this mess.
            If they don’t I suspect Europeans actually do have the will to act up and deal with the issues. Arms are there as well and frankly aren’t as needed.
            As WRSA noted a few days ago , its about Will. War can start with a rock or a piece of rebar, a homemade gun an old buried weapon from ages ago.
            The US may even get a boogaloo over the election shenanigans won’t that be fun? (sarcasm in case you didn’t catch it)
            If this doesn’t happen , no Great Reset will Work. COVID lockdowns have destroyed the economic foundation of every nation and gradually will destroy the currency itself everywhere. No digital dollar is going to help.
            The reaction to COVID 19 killed consumerism, wiped out a lot of players that the establishment count on (Disney and Warner among others) and will drag everything down with it.
            If somehow they keep this dystopia alive after that? well no one is having babies. No people, no society.

        • Great. Hyperventilating Americans will then become deluged with having to know all about the different “strains.” Karens will evolve into experts of the latest info on shades of boogeyman to further imperiously scold us.

          September 10, 2001 most Americans couldn’t point to a single Middle Eastern country on a map with confidence. Words like jihad, Sunni, Shia, Wahhabi, etc are recognizable terms for the average person now.

          Like Covidese, these are terms that should never have entered our lexicon. Globohomo has much to answer for, and when a reckoning occurs I hope it involves red hot tongs.

          • I subscribe to the Next Door website only because it is a good source for finding out about burglaries, car break-ins/thefts, and spotting’s of suspicious characters in the neighborhood. Last night a Karen posted about her trip to a local small business. She was stunned how neither the staff or customers were wearing masks. She was outraged how in the midst of a “global pandemic” people are making masking wearing political. This set off a thread with over 200 hundred comments and counting. Over 80% were pro-mask histrionics (we are all going to die!). It was really disappointing to see how even in supposedly a deep red state like Idaho, the mental defectives are everywhere. These are largely upper middle class people who post and they and/or their spouses have important positions in the community.

          • Nextdoor bans mask deniers.
            Got a four day ban for being un-neighborly by calmly and politely posting several stories that refuted the narrative.
            Meanwhile, the woman who responded by calling me an a-hole didn’t seem to get any punishment.

          • Nextdoor is a scream. Whenever I feel my faith in humanity rising, I login there to come back to reality.

          • I briefly gave Nextdoor a try earlier in the year. After I saw a couple of censorings of comments (not even mine!) that I thought were over the top (the censorship, not the speech that got suppressed), I posted my final message, denouncing said censorship and tendering my resignation 🙂

          • Great. You have the modern version of the village spinster pointing out witches in the hamlet. Find out who she is and set to work ostracizing her.

      • It’s insidious because it’s asymptomatic. We can’t know how many innocents are now afflicted with this horrific version of this disease without any symptoms whatsoever.

      • Twitter is even worse.

        It’s infinite Corona-Karens chanting:

        “You just want to kill grandma, selfish pig!”

        “Lockdowns are saving lives, selfish pig!”

        • For the first time in their lives, they have a purpose and feel they have a meaningful existence.

          At work it’s become a competition – the more sacrifice you make to “stop COVID” the more virtuous you are.

          New age religion shit, personally I much prefer the Bible to the Covidian religion!

          • And conversely, a pozzitive test in their household is a scarlet letter. Oh the shame! They must have failed to mask hard enough, to distance far enough, so you need to do more. 6’ is not enough!

            The testing protocols with baked in pozzes coupled
            with cold and flu season is driving them deeper into the cult. “But I was doing everything they told me to do…” they lament.

            And indeed they have been pious to the covidian way of life, walking the dog alone with mask avoiding even other dogs and squirrels.

            Never does it occur to them that the rituals have little to do with the pozz swab which has little to do with actual illness which has little to do with death.

            No, its a sign from Gaia that humans have been very bad and should be punished. Stay safe, under his eye.

          • I doubt that lasts long. If someone in their house gets it, it was probably because some deplorable didn’t wear a mask around them or got within 5’8″. Blaming other people is what leftists do.

          • Indeed. And rather than being a mark of shame, contracting Kovid is a symbol of victimhood, which they prize above all else.

          • Exactly.

            I’ve heard multiple interviews over the months wrt COVID-19 deaths within families. Always they end with, “If only others wore ‘the mask’…”. Never any mention of the “victims” behavior—not that I’m blaming the the unfortunate soul who perished—only that it seems odd.

            Every COVID case I directly had contact with, or direct knowledge of, has had a vector that they’ve welcomed into the victim’s presence. For example, the last one a couple weeks ago was a grandson visiting grandma (90 y/o) in grandma’s home—when he was running a fever! No mask obviously, but also obviously a very stupid behavior on both their parts!

          • “If only others had worn the mask.” Right. 99.6% of the population has been wearing these idiotic Karen Kloths, not to mention social distancing and sanitizing their skins off, 24/7 since March, and the fault lies with the .4% who exhibit common sense. What is bloody well clear to any reasonable person is that all of these measures don’t accomplish dicksquat except to further transform the masses into mindless livestock.

          • The repressed Danish study has finally been released—as if all here have not heard. Long and short—no statistical difference between contraction wearing mask and not wearing mask (1.8% vs 2.1%).

            However, we seem to be our own worse enemy wrt over-stating the results. The study does not address the effect of an “infected” person transmitting the disease while wearing the mask—and that really is the objection we all have here.

          • Very true. I have to tip my hat to the Covidians, this whole “my mask protects you” mantra was a stroke of genius. There’s essentially no way to do a DANMASK study that measures how true that is since, with very few exceptions, no one knows from whence their infection came.

            The other day, I saw this article that stated 900 Mayo Clinic employees in the upper Midwest had tested positive. Mayo got the credulous reporter to include this fact, though: “Most of the exposure — about 93% — happened in the community, not at work.” In wrestling parlance, that’s a worked number. They can’t possibly have any confidence that they know the true source of 900 transmissions, much less with such accuracy. You can see what they’re doing, though. Because they’ve surely enforced mask wearing with a religious rigidity at work, and at the same time sold it to the public, they can’t allow anyone to believe that the juju mask is anything but effective. Instead, one of the elite medical organizations in the world demands that we believe “even though we all caught the same bug, and even though we spend long hours together each day, we all contracted it outside work. It’s the damnedest thing!” Fake medicine and fake news working in concert.


          • I can share your sorrow at whoever died, but feel compelled to add that 90 years is a damned long, full life. Not seeing or hugging your own grandchildren to live another year or two of an isolated, ‘safe’ existence seems to me a waste of everyone’s time and effort. God help me but I never want to be a hysterical little old lady.

          • Also worth mentioning is that if Granny had died of flu or pneumonia complications a year or more ago, it would have been tragic for the family but utterly normal as far as normal medicine was concerned.
            Trivia: it’s hard to fix the exact date due to the cover-ups, but today is more or less the first anniversary of the (your choice) a wild bat in Hubei province infected Patient Zero, during the cold part of the year when bats are hibernating, most remarkable really! — or — soemthing escaped the lab in Wuhan. Happy birthday, COVID.

          • No disagreement here. I’ve always stated that death wrt oldsters should be evaluated in “lost years” of remaining anticipated life. So that infections and death may be put into proper societal perspective. A human life is *not* of infinite value, and *all* human life is not equal. (And like I’m really old here, so I have skin in this game. 😉 )

            This is not unlike wrongful death torts where a dead father of a young family is worth significantly more $$$ in compensation than a young child or an old retiree.

            What I was getting at was that folks have to take responsibility for their actions, if they are to rightfully claim liberty and freedom of action. That grandma wants/needs to see grandson is perfectly acceptable to me. I certainly would never allow myself to be restricted from visitation of my wife for example—our relationship exceeds the risk of death, or it has no meaning.

            That I must wear a mask, restrict myself to quarantine, become a ward of the State due to unemployment for “your” (perceived) benefit is entirely another matter. I guess that’s why I read and post here—I’m a hopeless contrarian.

          • Exactly. Vizz. Their shame quickly converts to anger. They did everything right but “some people!” refuse to follow the rules, wear a mask, etc. they are, after all, the goodwhites. Its all too convenient that the kkkovid kompliance delineation tracks the goodwhite-deplorable divide. Thus more rules, more punishments for the deplorables. Their suffering is worth it if it means we suffer more. They are noble, selfless victims, we are ignorant, selfish oppressors. Their leftist world is still ordered accordingly. Which is really what matters most.

        • I suggest responding with the rapidly increasing suicide and declining mental health statistics for children across the western world. Shove those down these harpies throats with a bit of their favorite mantra, “What about the children… they are our most precious resource you hag.”

          • Communist mindset is different. All ills are caused from people resisting communism. So those suicides are caused not by lockdowns but by people resisting lockdowns. Without resistance , the transforming phase would be passed already and we would live in the Orwellian Gulag paradise, where everybody is happy and nobody commits suicide. Communism is always good and all bad things are caused by people who do not let communists do what they want.

        • In refutation of all the Karens out there my wife and I are hosting a Christmas open house next month. We live in a retirement community which normally features parties all the time for whatever reason. This will be the first since pop went the Wuhan.
          We thought to invite people directly, not through any electronic means. Started with the church friends, then the vets and the neighbors. So far we’ve had nothing but enthusiastic agreement and delight to attend.
          We’ve decided that if anyone we invite expresses any reservations whatsoever or starts to lecture we will say, “You are off the list. Forget you were invited.” And they won’t be invited to anything in the future.
          It’s a way to flush ‘em out.

          • Being an “asshole”, I’m looking forward to going over to the kids’ house and asking pointed questions wrt numbers of families present, their current health conditions, masks, sanitizing techniques, and finally ball busting the couple of in-laws who have recovered from COVID-19 who are said to be attending. 😉

      • “circuit breaker”. I find it especially infuriating the way they have corrupted the language by co-opting legitimate technical terms into their sick religious cult.

        • Um, have you not been paying attention to the climate science movement of the last 20 years? Climate science, that can’t predict a single hurricane or produce an honest model but is chock full of sciency sounding terminology. Oh, and we are informed it is “settled science” to boot.

          • Oh, and we are informed it is “settled science” to boot.”

            And if we don’t censor dissident scientists, people will die! Now people will die if we don’t censor scientists speaking out against lockdowns. Same game plan.

      • [insert currently fashionable adjective] racism is, in my opinion, just the Egalitarians tip-toeing around the elephant in the room, the we-dare-not-speak-of-it fact, that yes racism exists, it’s a fundamental aspect of human nature, and (worst of all for them!) race is real, racial differences are real, and ultimately, inequality at the outset makes the goal of equality impossible.

        • In the US racism exists alright. Almost all of it is directed at whites. But, Leftist intellectuals, going at least as far back as Marx, have made a habit of generating new theory to explain the failure of people or discrete groups of people to behave in the manner they predict or prescribe. The notion of “false consciousness” (and systemic racism) are prime examples. Leftists hate it when people are happy and content when they “should” be miserable and outraged.

    • Weren’t these falsely linked to a fake pizza joint? I saw something on Drudge about that this morning.

    • They are calling the strain “particularly nasty” because its really hard to identify because people don’t have symptoms. WTF

      It’s a stealthy sneaker, like institutional racism

    • Yea, that one takes the cake …

      I guess that many of us heard about the lady being arrested at her home for trying to organize a protest against virus restrictions … maybe 2 months ago. Her husband (or significant other) captured the arrest on his phone and posted the video. The police said on the video that she was being arrested for organizing the rally … it was all quite surreal.

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