Election Math

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An iron rule of the universe is that anything that has value will inevitably be forged or stolen, usually both. This is especially true of elections, because the election promises to bestow the most valuable thing of all to the ruling class. Elections give the ruling class legitimacy. As a result, every American election has had irregularities. Whether it is the Democrats calling out the dead vote or Democrats busing in illegal’s to vote in the suburbs, Democrats have been gaming elections since forever.

This most recent election may set a record for irregularities. It is hard to know if the claims being made by Trump are real. Trump’s track record on truth telling is not great, but even putting his claims aside, this election has more strange angles than any election in American history. Too many states have had ballots magically appear in the middle of the night or last minute rule changes that favor one side. When this happens in the third world, the West demands new election.

Here’s a bit of data that should jump off the page. In the modern era, no incumbent that has increased his vote total from the previous election has lost. Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton and Bush all won reelection by increasing their vote total from their first election victory. Obama saw a slight down turn in his vote total, but his 2008 victory was landslide. Trump increased his vote by 17% over his 2016 total, 73,763,979 versus 62,984,828, yet his vote share declined and he lost.

To call this unprecedented is a wild understatement. A contested election between two new candidates generates a lot of interest. Elections with an incumbent are referenda on the person holding the seat. If people are happy with him, his vote total goes up. The voters now have more certainty about the man. If the voters are not happy, then his vote total goes down, as people who voted for him sit out or vote against him.

What the vote totals are telling us this time is that millions of people who did not vote for Trump in 2016 either came out to vote for the first time in their life in 2020 or switched from opposing him to supporting him. Yet, despite millions being happy with his term in office, millions more were so outraged that they came out of nowhere to vote against Trump. The improbability of this is hard to overstate.

This brings up probably the most absurd anomaly in election history. According to the official narrative, Joe Biden brought in close to 15 million new voters. The last four elections saw the following vote totals: 121,056,394, 129,390,000, 126,035,116,   128,824,246. The vote total for 2020 was 153,548,144. If we net out the 11 million extra who voted for Trump, we are being told that the vibrant and exciting Joe Biden, a man who could not win a primary, added 15 million new voters.

Everywhere else in life, an extreme outlier is a red flag that warrants investigation, because it suggests something unexpected has happened. If a sprinter shows up at an international event and runs a sub-nine second 100-meters, his life will be torn apart on the assumption he is cheating. If it snows in July, people are going to wonder if the gods are angry at us for some reason. When things don’t follow the normal patterns, people naturally wonder why. Can you spot the oddity here?

 Election Year US Population Total Vote % of Population
1948      146,600,000      48,399,989 33%
1952      157,600,000      61,093,955 39%
1956      168,900,000      61,319,768 36%
1960      180,700,000      68,334,742 38%
1964      191,900,000      69,972,432 36%
1968      200,700,000      72,514,998 36%
1972      209,900,000      75,645,594 36%
1976      218,000,000      79,973,609 37%
1980      226,500,000      84,843,024 37%
1984      235,800,000      92,032,260 39%
1988      244,500,000      90,695,171 37%
1992      256,900,000    103,756,701 40%
1996      269,700,000      94,686,514 35%
2000      282,200,000    104,338,854 37%
2004      292,800,000    121,056,394 41%
2008      304,100,000    129,390,000 43%
2012      313,900,000    126,035,116 40%
2016      323,100,000    128,824,246 40%
2020      331,000,000    153,548,144 46%

Now, the claim will be that the public was so outraged over the terrible Donald Trump that people who had never voted came out to vote for Biden. The plausibility of that claim is undermined by the fact that we have no example of this. The pattern is that the unpopular incumbent sees his voters either stay home of vote against him. Carter lost 13% of his vote in 1976. Bush lost 20% of his vote in 1992. We’re supposed to believe that Trump increased his vote by 17% because people were angry?

Compounding all of this is the fact that exactly no one found evidence of this in their polling in the run-up to the election. It is one of the things that pollster try to gauge when doing a poll. How enthusiastic are the voters for each guy? Trump had a big lead in enthusiasm, which was obvious in the final weeks. He was speaking to massive rallies, while Biden was speaking to empty parking lots. Apparently, those enthusiastic Biden voters really went out of their way to conceal themselves.

Of course, the basic vote totals make the post-election analysis about why Trump lost sound rather ridiculous. You cannot seriously claim he failed to appeal to his voters in some way when he increased his vote total by 17%. That means we have to believe that an 80-year old dementia patient inspired millions to vote for the first time, because Trump did not appeal to his base enough. That’s the sort of logic you get from people who want attention, not answers.

Now, we will hear a lot about the “Tucker Carlson standard” where any questioning of the system must include incontrovertible proof. That is just an effort to create a false dichotomy in order to avoid explaining the weird anomalies about this election. Where the facts lead us is to shift the burden of proof. The principle of parsimony says that something very unusual went on during the voting and counting process. It is on the defenders of the process to explain what happened.

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319 thoughts on “Election Math

  1. “Election Math”… hmmmm? More like Erection Math. We the People have been getting that shaft since 1861.

    Forensic Accountants use Benford’s Law to find mathematical anomalies, aka as fraud. Take Pennsylvania ‘s 67 counties and insert the numbers into Benfor’s Law and see what you come up with. This is the starting point of the investigation. Next would come the actual physical examination of the voting process. Whether it was paper ballot, computer or optical reader. Most of US vote fraud (ooooops) is done via computer and optical reader.
    How many here know how to do a forensics recovery of a computer hard drive? How many here know how to use EnCase? You would then validate your recovery with Dc3dd. From there a good forensics examiner would be Linux trained/savvy and use Sleuthkit for analysis. This takes time.
    Sidebar: Oh, by the way back in 2017 Guidance Software, who is the distributor of EnCase, had their software hacked. So, it looks like somebody with better math skills figured out a flaw. Did EnCase ever fix the problem? Or fix it by just denying a problem even exists?
    Here is the problem – it takes hours to do a forensics recovery of a computer hard drive (I did not go into all the other details – chain of custody, evidence handling, data analysis etc… I have left sooooooo much out).
    Again this is how you know the Erection was a fraud: Thursday’s joint statement was released by the Election Infrastructure Government Co-ordinating Council – which is made up of senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security and the US Election Assistance Commission as well as state-level officials who oversee elections and representatives of the voting machine industry.
    “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history. Right now, across the country, election officials are reviewing and double checking the entire election process prior to finalizing the result,” the group said.
    This was reported by the BBC.

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  4. Biden was just needed to backfill all the grease that went unserved when Hillary lost. It was never about how it affects us. This is why they didn’t do much cheating for the House or Senate. How that affects us is we should have a majority in the Senate and a near stalemate in the House that will render Biden a lame duck. All he’ll be able to do is work up shady backroom deals to enrich himself. But he shouldn’t be able to enlist us all into too many wacky ruses. And I think we’re all too smart to fall for the drums of war again. In any case he won’t be Trump but he won’t be much of anything else either. A government that governs least governs best. Absent the best we’ll get the least. If that’s how it ends up it’s not the end of the world

  5. Another factor in the increasing percentage of total population voting is the aging of the population. The average agents been growing for decades and the baby boom demographic bulge is entering its terminal stage.

    Its long been known that young adults don’t vote – or vote in such low numbers that they essentially don’t matter. And that at the opposite end – every senior citizen votes (or almost all). With a gradual increase in between the two extremes.

    It would be interesting to see the chart with additional columns for average age and percent of the population over 65.

  6. Women are both mystified and enchanted by the elusive unicorn hypergamy. They are unlikely to dismount this divine trickster, even though it takes them to places wise men never tread. So goes the vote. How has the political landscape of the country changed since women had the right to vote?

  7. Why are we discussing this?

    The Dems and the Bush/Romney types agreed long ago that Trump would not get a second term under any circumstances. Probably at the time Drudge and Fox stopped pretending to be right wing. We saw what was happening over 4 years but did nothing to slow or reverse it. We lost, and we deserved to lose based on our performance.

    That doesnt matter, unless you think it matters if America was murdered or committed suicide. America is still dead.

    What just happened was the Battle of the Milvian Bridge. The new religion will be enshrined as law and you can only hope and pray that on some far distant fronteir of space that the spark of freedom will rise anew because on Earth this battle is over.

    PS the belief in a providential partisan deity, of which Qanon is a thinly disguised copy, also died. Neither this deity or any of his followers did a lick to stop this and infact retarded with false hopes the True Spirit needed to prosecute this war. The False Spirit is dead.

  8. on myth of the 20th century podcast – they think Obama is sort of the puppetman behind a lot of goings ons this year.
    I can definitely see that on some level but otoh, the CW was that Obama himself was a puppet. The timestamp for the video is at the 59:53 mark in the link below:

  9. Well, one thing that was different about this last election is that tens of millions of unsolicited mail in ballots were sent out. It is entirely possible that tens of millions of people that could bother to show up in person did mail their ballots back.

  10. Even there was no recoverable evidence or eye witness whistleblowers, it’s painfully obvious the election was stolen.

    A candidate who couldn’t fill a phone booth gets the most votes in Presidential history?


    Its hard to believe people could be that stupid.

  11. There was enormous vote fraud. If Sidney Powell’s assertions that Smartmatic/Dominion contains functionality allowing votes to be weighted and there being machine interfaces that allow batches of votes to be dragged to “trash”, if that’s true, we are living in political hell.

    what I find so weird is that so many of these alt-right personalities, who at one time referred to Trump as “God emperor”, appear to now hate him with such white hot intensity. Don’t ever disappoint the the purity of the alt-right.

  12. The interesting story was the Democrat primaries. You don’t have to agree with any of them, but when the Party keeps changing the rules after each primary to include this candidate and exclude that one, you know they were pursuing their desired outcome, voters be damned.

    • The desired outcome was beating Trump. Period. And the Democratic voters were totally on board with that.

      Like the “greatest field of candidates in Republican history” in 2016, the variety and backgrounds of the Democratic candidates in 2020 didn’t matter. Governors, mayors of big cities, mayors of small cities, congressmen, senators and billionaire businessmen — all of them had to be measured against one standard: Will you beat Trump?

      As different competitors rose and fell, victory in November was the wall none showed they could hurdle. For instance in spite of his boomlet, Mayor Pete was never viable because of the “homophobia” of the black voting bloc, which was absolutely essential for winning. Only Biden was rock-solid with them, as well as acceptable to everyone else, including the white moderates and old liberals still in the party.

      So Old Joe got anointed and everyone else committed hari-kari for the good of the party — defined as Beating Trump.

  13. There is mathematical knowing and there is knowing in real life. I do not know in the former sense, the Pythagoras-Gauss sense, that the election was stolen. I do not have a chain of logic from which I can reach from established election facts to established election proof without some uncertainty. But I know in the real life sense that this was fraudulent and that this is the beginning of something very ominous. The most eerie thing is that they didnt bother to cover it up very well. When someone doesnt mind shooting someone else in broad daylight you know they are either insane or very, very powerful. And w the elite Im not sure which is worse. But I know this election was a historical turning point and I am still in that ‘what now?’ phase.

    • It was a scam run by Africans

      Of course they didn’t cover it up well

      But that’s our near-term future with these morons in charge of the state. And what else can go wrong?

      We all need the equivalent of a hard hat to get through these next few years in one piece

      • A lot of us will not come through the next few years in one piece. Reality is beginning to seep through the fluff

    • Wonderful, perhaps we have another philosopher in our midst. However, I must admit that I know next to nothing about the pre-Socratic philosophers, Hericlitus and Parmenides, notwithstanding somewhat. I agree that the “this thing could’ve happened” argument is a far cry from the “this thing did happen, and I can show you” argument. I hope that Sidney Powell can prove that vote totals could’ve only changed, in the way that they did, by virtue of some “manual intervention”. I’m assuming that she doesn’t have any computer logs that actually captured the intervention, and must have to show it by the process of elimination, i.e, no other explanation is able to account for the vote changes, so this only leaves some type of mischief as the cause.

  14. ”It is on the defenders to explain what happened”.

    No. They control the institutions. The burden of proof is always on us. At least, as long as we continue to play by peacetime rules.

  15. Well, I obviously agree that these data are very strange, and I agree with those who claim the ballot rejection rates are impossibly low. This election demands greater scrutiny. On the other hand, I looked at a fairly specific claim of fraud and came away disbelieving it.

    Trump’s team – sorry, an independent lawyer participating in Trump’s team’s press conferences – has claimed that Dominion altered vote totals in Michigan. To check this claim for plausibility I looked at county level vote data by Voting System. I found the Voting System data here:


    The first thing you’ll notice is that there are 3 Voting Systems in use in Michigan (notice that neither side mentions this), which greatly increases the difficulty of pulling off an algorithmic fraud without being detected. The second thing you’ll notice is that the systems are used in adjacent counties. For example, Wayne County uses Dominion while its neighbor Washtenaw uses Hart InterCivic. That further increases the difficulty.

    To cut to the chase, I looked at vote share in 2016 vs 2020 by county and how the heads-up race between Trump and Clinton differed from Trump and Biden. I asked a simple question: did turnout or vote changes in counties using Dominion differ in magnitude from changes in counties using the other vote systems?

    Dominion: ~2.9 million votes, Trump -0.9% in 2020 vs 2016 in the heads-up race vs. Biden

    Hart InterCivic: ~1.8 million votes processed, Trump -2.2% in 2020 vs 2016 in the heads-up race.

    Election S&S: 0.8 million, Trump -2.3% in the2020 vs 2016 in the heads-up race.

    So, Trump managed to lose both more total votes and a higher share of votes in counties using the other two vote systems. That’s evidence against Sidney Powell’s claims. Reasonable people can differ on how strong that evidence is given this cursory analysis, but I personally think it is quite strong, especially if you look at more granular data, e.g., Trump gained (!) in Wayne County vs 2016, where Dominion was used, but lost almost 2% in adjacent Washtenaw County where Hart InterCivic was used. That doesn’t look great for the theories circulating on the Right.

    Here’s a simple Google Sheet I threw together with the data: 


    Turnout is up everywhere and by roughly the same amount for each voting system. If fraud occurred, and it isn’t impossible that it did, it must have involved collusion on a very large scale to alter the election results in Michigan.

    • I will add here that I understand and endorse our blog host’s reasoning wrt leaning into fraud allegations regardless of their truth value. I get it.

      I still like to know who is FOS!

    • I agree. It was Trump’s to lose and he lost it. He could have done a thousand things to not lose it (see Ann Coulter postings) like putting the military on the border and pulling them from protecting goat fukers 10 times zones away. He failed for one simple reason. He thought his redneck base in the north was as dumb as niggers and would follow him anywhere. They’re not smart, but they’re not niggers.

      • Absolutely right.
        And here’s another reason — his love affair with blacks, which netted him all of 2% more of their votes.
        I’ve long criticized Buckley Conservatives for giving lip service to the base and room service to the donors.
        But with Trump it was the Platinum $500 billion Plan to the blacks and the fucking free market to the Rust Belt.
        The same free market that had abandoned that region to opioids and decline over 40 years. Trump trusted those malefactors of great wealth to fulfill his economic promises. Idiotic.
        The culpability of Trump’s libertarian economic advisors — Kudlow, Moore and Hassett — has not been highlighted enough as a cause for Trump’s defeats in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

    • Very interesting info .. and, yes, I had no idea that other voting systems were being used in adjacent counties.

      You stated that voter turnout was generally up across the board, and if that applies to the instances that you quoted, then that eliminates one of my explanations. The other explanation may be changes in the party registrations. Maybe these counties turned more blue over the past 4 years? 2% is not alot, right? However, If the number of Trump votes fell, given an equal number of registered Republicans in those counties, then that would take care of my 2nd explanation.

  16. Without Covid Trump wins. Without Covid-sanctioned easy voting Biden’s lack of appeal would have weakened the Trump-hate by denying it easy expression and Trump would have won. 

    It was the combination that cost him the election in a Republican year. 

    The lack of preparing for what easy voting would make possible is on the Trump campaign and Trump himself. Complaining about it now only illustrates their own lack of foresight and hard headedness. 

    In the end Trump lost the election himself. It was a winnable year for anyone but Trump. 

    Ironically, just as Trump was the only Republican who could have won in 2016, he was the only Republican who would have lost in 2020. 

    • Nonsense. Tell us what Trump should have done to ensure a fair and corruption free vote? Lots of gratuitous assertions here.

      • The state legislatures in PA, MI, GA and WI, all of them known battleground states, are all controlled or half-controlled by Republicans. They determine election law. They should have been organized to restrict mail-in balloting, something which was understood to help Democrats.
        The teams of lawyers Trump boasted about to Laura Ingraham well before the voting didn’t show up until it was too late. They should have been pushing and pressuring the local authorities much earlier for greater transparency or for limiting access. Everyone, not just Ingraham, knew trouble was coming.
        Here in Montgomery County volunteers got together and organized to watch ballot collection boxes on their own, their efforts promoted ad hoc by a local talk radio station WPHT-AM. But even that effort didn’t happen in Chester or Delaware Counties. Nobody in the campaign thought to pay for it.
        The Democrats invested millions in making mail-in work for them. We didn’t. So it’s no surprise who did better with it.
        But Brad Parscale got a new Maserati and Trump got an $11 million dollar one-minute ad during the Super Bowl in February, so there’s that.

        • All of those states, except Georgia, have Democrat governors who would have vetoed any attempts to clean up mail-in balloting.
          By the way, I grew up in Chester County and remember when Reagan would carry 65% of the vote. Too many urbanites and not enough Amish have moved in since.

    • The covid hoax was used to 1) blame Trump for everything, and 2) justify mail-in voting. This allowed for the hoax of Biden winning. There may be some Dominion s/w fraud that adds to the election hoax, as well. So, I agree … no covid equals Trump winning. The Dominion s/w fraud just wouldn’t be capable by itself, cuz the election would not even be close.

    • do whatever you did in this comment 🙂 it is broken into two lines (like after a paragraph ends).

    • I saw that yesterday. What struck me was that East Asians are still allowed to have opinions which, if uttered by Wypipo would have them un-personed. (BTW: Asians staged a similar protest when TPTB determined that admissions to Boston Latin and other exam schools would be more “fair.)

      • In my city, asians led the protest against homeless shelters being built in residential neighborhoods. They chartered busses to attend the county commissioners meeting and got the plan stopped. The white liberals were all upset.

  17. During the Trump era, 2017 to 2020, starting with the special election for Tom Price’s House seat in Georgia (Handel v Ossoff) the Democrats have outperformed their previous totals when they’ve highlighted opposition to Trump in the local race. 

    If you recall Handel barely won less than a year after Price easily did. You can probably remember other special elections that were far closer for Republicans than people expected, even though the GOP candidate was a competent choice who had won before. 

    In other words the Democrat didn’t matter, nor did the Republican. What especially energized voters was voting against Trump. 

    In no poll for 4 years did Trump’s favorability exceed 50% nor did it ever exceed his unfavorability rating.  Whether he pleased his base or not he was always more disliked than liked. 

    The Democrats capitalized on that dislike, in key areas of swing states that they control, to organize, thanks to new, looser mail-in balloting, a comprehensive “get out their vote” strategy that produced an increase in previous, pre-mail-in vote totals. 

    Trump’s campaign did something similar, in the old-fashioned way — by energizing their enthusiastic supporters to vote in greater numbers than previously as well. They used love; the Democrats harnessed hate. 

    The Democrats knew in what states they needed votes and concentrated on getting them, using the easy-to-vote rules that were introduced for Covid. 

    (In 2018 they concentrated on flipping Orange County and won several House seats there they’d never won before against good candidates, including incumbents. The story then was the same: the Republican seemed to win on Election Day, but as “harvested” votes were added in the GOPer lost.)

    I wasn’t planning to watch much of the Election Night coverage because I didn’t expect there to be a decision until the next day, if then. That was because of the delay of counting all the mail-in ballots. Democrats even warned their voters of a Red Mirage on election night, because they knew what their national strategy was. 

    If they cheated to accomplish that strategy by stuffing the ballot boxes some way, that has to be proven, not inferred by numbers and appeals to common sense. A “stuffing” of millions of votes is an extraordinary charge. Extraordinary charges, contra Zman, require extraordinary proof. 

    • Extraordinary charges, contra Zman, require extraordinary proof.

      This is typical left-wing rhetoric. You cannot explain the numbers, so you shift the focus to something else. Again, Trump increased his vote total by 17%. Name a single candidate to do that and lose reelection.

      • I’m not left wing. I’m a race-realist and a reader of yours for 5-almost-6 years. And the statement is not rhetoric. It’s a practical way of judging things, Z.

        And the answer to your question is that lucky bullshitter, Donald Trump. The reason is the mail-in balloting which, like Trump’s defeat, was unique in American presidential history.

        As I said later, Trump is the only Republican who could have won in 2016 and the only one who could have lost in 2020, much as I regret the latter.

          • I will take a stab at the answer. What I saw this year was increased turnout by everybody. I think Trump pulls voters out of the woodwork for him but I also think Trump pulls voters out of the woodwork against him too. And Covid made it easy for lazy incompetent voters to get their minute of Trump hate in the mail even if it was weeks early or days late.
            I saw wine lady people out with Vote signs in my neighborhood I have never seen before.
            I saw lines of voters I have never seen before.
            And after this fiasco I don’t expect to see again.
            Thats my take. Could be wrong, I just think Trump is that polarizing for the entire electorate.

          • I’ll give you seven reasons, Z:

            1. Easier voting because of newer mail-in balloting. It helped the Democrats more (especially where they concentrated on gathering the ballots), but it certainly increased Trump’s total, too;
            2. Trump is the greatest campaigner in American presidential history. Anyone who watched his unbelievable exertions in the final weeks of October had to be impressed and energized. I know I was. The evidence was in the results you cite;
            3. 2016 was a year of two negatives, a classic “lesser of two evils” for a lot of voters. That kind of electoral environment does not engender high turnout — and it was flat from 2012;
            4. The Libertarian candidate was a non-factor, unlike in 2016 when the Lib candidate was a two-time Republican governor who had been in the GOP field of 2016;
            5. There was no Evan McMullin candidacy taking votes from Trump, especially in Utah;
            6. Trump was considered to have done a good job before Covid and very few on the Right held him responsible for the pandemic; His supporters were happy with him. That and….
            7. The all-out, non-stop assault by the media and the Resistance over Trump’s entire term welded conservatives and Republicans to him. (We saw they not only hated him, they hated us.) Trump had 93% support among Republican voters, an historically high level of loyal backing, even for an incumbent.
          • You do raise some good arguments. My 24 year old son who is active in Republican politics agrees with you. However, I am convinced that most of those Biden mail in votes were fraudulent. How do you explain so many where only Biden was marked and not the other Democrat candidates?

          • Black inner-city voters told what would get them the cash from Zuckerberg’s “walk-around money” and delivering the bare minimum.
            They weren’t paid off for votes in non-battleground Cleveland — look at the normal-to-low turnout in that shit-hole.

          • There’s one more reason — Number 8 — which came to mind after I replied above.
            #8 It was the announced and deliberate policy of the Trump re-election campaign from the beginning to attract, contact and turn into new Trump voters people who attended his rallies. Parscale boasted about this constantly, how 20-to-25% of the people attending Trump events had not voted in 2016. There was a real outreach to deepening Trump support in his strongest support areas.
            The success of this strategy was reflected in the increases in Republican registration in many states, a fact noted several times in the mainstream media. Now, some of these new Republicans were doubtlessly former “Obama-Trump” Democrats making the formal switch; but at least some of the increase in Trump’s vote percentage that Z is baffled by is to me accounted for by this well-publicized effort.

    • A leftist in Michigan threatened the kids of someone concerned about the fraud; it’s pretty easy to believe that such an “upstanding” individual would be involved with fraud. Rinse-lather-repeat a couple million times and the fraud is easily explained all by itself.

      • Of course it’s easy to believe it happened. Lots of things are. It was easy for millions of people to believe that a “disreputable” individual like Donald Trump was a Russian asset.

        And the newspapers were full of the reasons why it was believable.

        So what?

        I’m pretty sure that there was some fraud here in Philly where I live. It’s the history of the place. But enough to overcome an 80,000 vote state-wide margin? No, neither I nor Judge Brann, whose decision I read, think that was remotely possible, especially given the evidence produced.

  18. I don’t find the 2020 election numbers to be convincing, especially comparing down ballot results to the presidential race, but turnout is less dispositive that you present, I think.
    In 1992, when George HW Bush lost to Clinton, turnout increased to 40% from the previous presidential election turnout of 37%. That makes the 46% turnout in 2020 over 40% in 1996 somewhat less startling.

    • In 1992, Ross Perot motivated many to vote for the first time running on Trump type issues. Bill Clinton seemed charismatic and a new type of Democrat (man, were we fooled). A 46% turnout in 2020 for Joe Biden is shocking indeed.

  19. An excellent analysis — really works for me because it is possible to check and verify. C’mon Tucker, do the friggin’ math and get on board. (Not holding my breath.)

  20. I could not agree with your essay more today. Like probably everyone here I think the election was probably stolen. But as somebody just said a few days ago, suspecting something and proving it to Legal standard are two very different things. In a similar vein I am one of those who believes that covid-19 is caused by a virus that escaped from a lab in Wuhan almost exactly one year ago. There is ample circumstantial evidence to support such a hypothesis. But again, proving that to a scientific standard will probably never happen.

    • “proving it to a Legal standard”
      That argument only has merit in a country where the rule of law still exists. As with voting, the illusion of a legitimate legal system is necessary to keep the masses from going postal.

    • Proving to a legal standard is not the be all and end all. Corruption aside, the SCOTUS is not bound to rule for the law. They may very well take into consideration the effect of any ruling. Chief Justice Roberts is accused of this in his ADA tie beaker vote. Brown vs The Board of Education deseg ruling was another. The discussion among the Justices centering more upon the civil effects of outlawing segregation, than its Constitutionality.

  21. If you believe the system is beyond repair and needs to be replaced with something not hostile toward our people, widespread voter fraud obvious even to the most obtuse was the best possible outcome. It took something of this magnitude to shake NormieCon out of his slumber. This did it.
    We were signaled for months that the unsolicited, mass-mailed ballots would be how the State made certain the outcome was acceptable to it. And indeed it happened. The same-day totals were determined, ballot counting stopped simultaneously in the four most corrupt cities in the swing states, and backdated ballots marked only with the presidential candidate choice were thrown into the mix. It was not a complicated steal. The only question is why only the presidential candidate choice was marked. Maybe it was in fact due to hurry.

    The bottom line is no quantum of evidence to prove the fraud will change anything. The judiciary will go through the motion, flap its arms, and tell the rubes all is well. They will not believe it.

    The same would have been done in 2016 if the State had a clue what was coming.

    We now have a Ruling Class so openly hostile to the populace that it cannot even pretend to have moral authority. It will be a bumpy ride until an economic crash coupled with a crushing, humiliating military defeat. With an Alzheimer’s patient poised to sign anything put in front of him, this could happen more rapidly than we though.

    • The taint of fraud will haunt Biden

      I think that is Trump’s plan. To lay a big fart in the elevator before exiting and leave Biden behind locked inside

    • Maybe I know lots of obtuse people. Even when you confront people with the numbers, you receive responses like “Well, everything is different now because of Trump.” It seems like a high IQ does not protect one from being deceived. I bet most Ivy League graduates believe the media that “claims of voter fraud are unsubstantiated.”

  22. Saying Trump was going to win because he filled stadiums is like saying that at least 51% of a city likes monster truck rallies because they fill the local stadium.

    Yes, Trump had a lot of support, but he animated the partisan left in a way I’ve never seen. It was his demeanor. They would have voted for a rock or a tree or anything else on the ballot against Trump. The irony is that Trump mostly governed as a left wing Chris Christie Republican.

  23. “This most recent election may set a record for irregularities. It is hard to know if the claims being made by Trump are real. Trump’s track record…”

    Part of the 1984 effect is getting you to not believe, trust your own eyes. And thus, trust your own ability to process.

    The apparent TDS of the bog host here leads to these limiting terms, “may”. If this election “may set a record” then that would mean there is some other more blatant, quantified election event it is competing against.

    “Claims being made by Trump…”

    In the words of Reagan, “there you go again” in terms of the TDS. An analogy: Trump like Hydroxy, Cuomo banned Hydroxy. The merits of Hydroxy were immaterial.

    Counting halted on election night, massive votes found for one candidate = election fraud. No weasel wording, limiting, or folderol changes that.

    Unless you are already muttering, “two plus two equals five….”

  24. given that the left kills anything it gets ahold of, and also given that the left has demonstrably captured the federal government, it is only a matter of a few years before they bring that whole shit show down around their heads. now that the GOP has been thoroughly discredited (only the truly dim witted will still bother supporting them) the internecine fighting will start within the dem party to divvy up the spoils.

    further, they have radicalized a huge swath of the country to monkey wrench the prog project every chance they get, even if it just means slacking off on the job.

    military is going to be the biggest loser as they really will be defunded, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. it’s not like they have done anything to genuinely protect America since Hiroshima…

    • It seems like the AOC wing of the party would be in to the modern U.S. military as it turns into a giant make-work project for diversity outcasts who are unable to score enough to get a no-work corporate job, but she was out there calling for defunding again recently. I wonder then if maybe, just as conservatives hide their pro-white views behind railing against anti-Semitism, if leftists like AOC hide their anti-Jew views behind anti-white racism.

  25. Now connect the dots. We’ve just witnessed an overt, in-your-face, power grab via election theft on a scale never before seen in this country. The media is awash in propaganda and memetic warfare aimed at pacifying the masses and pushing the new Homogeneous Mankind model of social engineering. The rule of law is officially dead and there is no cavalry coming over the hill to save us. Hunker down, go dark, survive. If you appear feisty and smart, the jackboots will come for you first. Ancient wisdom.

    • Read “The Gulag Archipelago”; really should be required reading for dissident politics in the US.

      There’s no hunkering down, there’s no escaping, short of leaving the US.

      • Hunkering down is about basic survival and not cowering in the dark. You can’t fight back from a concentration camp or a grave. Don’t make it easy for them to target you. And if you think it can’t happen here in the Good Ol’ USA, then your DNA is of no use to the rest of the species. Die bravely on the barricades if you must, but your impact will be small and fleeting.

      • that book was written by a guy who got caught. look for works by the mice that didn’t get caught.

    • The “rule of law” hasn’t existed for some time now. What is commonly referred to as the “Law” is arbitrarily interpreted and selectively applied based upon the politics and characteristics of the parties involved.

    • Sports stadiums are empty.
      I propose a new boost to the economy-

      Lions and MAGA voters!

      Imagine, just imagine the pay-per-view!
      All proceeds, of course, will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

  26. Great post, as usual. One would think even the liberal media would acknowledge that the numbers are somewhat curious. Where did these 15M new Biden voters come from? Democrats need a large minority turnout to win. They achieved this in 2008 with Obama at the helm. A record 62% of registered voters turned out. (Wikapedia does not show the turnout for 2020, probably because it would be in the high 60’s.) In 2016, the minorities did not turn out for Hillary. Most Democrats blamed their loss on this (before the Russia collusion nonsense started). Now they want us to believe that more minorities turned out for Biden than for Obama. Even their own polls showed 22% of black men supporting Trump. The Donald did well with Hispanics as well. He even carried an all Mexican county in Texas this time around. This was definitely a stolen election. The Supremes, most likely though, will not have the courage to overturn it.

      • The Canadian government is already proving itself to be illegitimate based on its, and the peoples’ response to the COVID pandemic.

        Rural areas are completely ignoring everything (and not spreading it much either). Browns and blacks in the city are spreading it alot, they’re ignoring everything too. The government has been reduced to pathetically begging the brown people to please social distance. People seem to be learning what the Soviets did – do enough to not be noticed but basically ignore everything else.

        Another example is the Canadian government’s “assault weapon” ban. As far as I can tell the number of people who’ve turned in their now illegal guns is 0. Its a joke.

        • do enough to not be noticed but basically ignore everything else”

          That’s going to be my new thing

      • It could be, maybe dissidents are the real winners of this sh*tpie of an election. Civ nats are in cognitive dissonance meltdown now. Some of them will emerge from the other side of their stupor as hardline dissidents.

  27. We could see this coming a mile away yet we were powerless to stop it.
    I blame the GOP for being feckless and Trump was not on top of his game for smelling out a setup.
    It was clear with the hysteria over Covid at the beginning of the year that this was a ramming rod to bust up Trump’s front lines.
    Mail in ballots are notorious for their ability to be manipulated and conservative inc put up no opposition to them.
    Let alone any electronic fraud that also happened.
    The democrats and the black populated and controlled cities are built for fraud and think nothing of it.
    And some of us are shocked at the outcome?
    Why should we be shocked?
    it was inevitable.

    • IMO Trump thought he had the fraud covered by simply overwhelming the states with enthusiasm for his side. In an ordinary election, he would have been right. The Wuflu/mail-in ballot thing snuck up on him, as did the stretching out the vote count for days and weeks this time around. and also some states being willing to simply flip the voting machine switch to openly post millions of votes for the other guy. All of these elements came up unexpectedly in recent months, and caught him out.

      • “Caught him out’?
        The Bolshies were openly saying in the press they planned to steal the election. Biden was on film talking about ““most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

        Anyone who unironically voted, anyone who is dismayed and clucking over the results, is living in all-encompassing Denial. Didn’t they learn anything about the true nature of their ‘representative government’ when the whole Jeffrey Epstein debacle was eliminated from public consciousness?

  28. The moves on election night to simply stop counting votes were such that anyone with the common sense of a 5th grader could see that something was fishy.

  29. Just spitballing in light of the Tucker/Powell stuff and how the SC is stacking up.

    Hypothesis: Trump was offered a deal for a favorable SC in exchange for maintaining the facade of democracy. Hence talk of Dominion and the Germany raid being portrayed as Q conspiracies, Tucker’s outburst and the distancing from Powell. Can’t have people realizing how wide and deep the fraud goes.

    Art of the deal. Trump gets a second term, the left gets to mount a color revolution and try to unseat him, the deplorables get the shaft (again), the party goes on for a dying establishment.

    My hypothesis could be incorrect, or the deplorables might not play along. They’re certainly the wild card in all of this. At any rate, it looks to me to be a strong possibility this is what’s going on.

    • Maybe, something like that.

      I still think Don is going to win, somehow, or at least get close before a ruling in the SC sinks him.

      I’ve cooled off since the election and realized that I don’t really care either way, Trump is gonna legalize DACA as soon as he gets back in.

      Trump is good, but he’s no saviour. We are failing the course, Trump got us a 65% on the final exam when we needed a 95% to pass.

      • That’s about the only “cope”: things are going to get much worse over the next four years no matter what. It might work out that from a political and organizational standpoint that a Biden victory, and especially a Biden “victory” would work out slightly better for us (though certainly not enough to actually make me “want” Biden).

        • President Harris might spark a revolution. If it’s Trump the left can cry foul and stage their own revolution. Trump would actually be more advantageous to the left— especially an emasculated Trump who avoids conspiracy and other edgy topics.

          As for me I’m about sick of Trump rebuffing his supporters in favor of snakes. I was a willing pawn, but not simply so he can stay in office. Not in it to cover his ass if he won’t cover mine. Supported him to the extent I felt he was supporting me. Mustered what I could for the campaign but I’ve been a pretty indifferent supporter for a while.

          • He lost me by doing nothing about the rioting

            He didn’t have to send in the troops but he could have been on TV every night railing against it and how Dem politicians won’t let him do anything.


            But instead he sat by while America burned. He can go f00ck himself as far as I am concerned.

          • Charlottesville started the slow bleed for me. It was pretty obvious in the aftermath he was going to spend the rest of his term proving he was for everybody but white people. I like to finish what I start but that’s not license to take me for granted.

            Whatever. Best of luck to him I guess.

          • It makes me angry

            I understand your position. But it bothers me deeply that any American president would let our cities burn. It wouldn’t have killed him to stand up for civilization. But he decided to play politics, which he sucks at.

            At one point he was saying “Without borders, you have no country”

            Well, without law and order you don’t either, so pick a side Trump or GTFO

        • I think Biden is the one, not Trump, who are going to give us those additional four years we have all be wanting to get ready

          He’ll be a sufficient plug in the dyke for four years

          then get the hell out !!!

  30. Ray Charles could see it.
    The question is what are you going to do about it?
    They are their lists.
    I’ll make mine,
    Accountability on the rocks.

  31. Haven’t done the deep math, but it’s plausible the massive increase in voting absentee and mail-in cause some of the shift. It’s simply more convenient to not have to bother with election day lines.
    It goes without saying the mechanisms for eliminating fraud by these methods were neutered by design too.

    • they knew the number of mail ins gong in

      Pretty sure the massive increase is from purported in-person voting

    • This is the only argument they have on the left, that Mail in ballots are so successful, even a terrible candidate with no enthusiasm can earn more votes than anyone in history without even campaigning or being able to speak. Someone should really address this possibility or conservatives will never win again.

  32. It all stinks to high heaven, but what’s the point of arguing about it? This result has been predestined since November 9, 2016. There was no way Jose they were going to let Trump win again and there is no way Jose that this “election” gets overturned.
    Point being, I’d LOVE for it to somehow be proved and the skies to open up and it all become clear, but that will never happen. And since that will never happen, the media will just push the narrative and the Uniparty will move forward and be glad to be rid of that pesky Trump guy and the people will be expected to get on with their quarantining sad lives.
    Nothing is going to change until something drastic happens and our system is ended. I hate how that sounds like something a 21 year old ugly college girl would say, but it’s the by-God truth. There is no self determination anymore, just the ruling class trying to perpetuate and cater to recency bias among the citizens.
    The toads are entrenched and they control everything.
    Now put on your mask and express your love for Big Guy. Insufficient adoration will be noticed with prejudice.

    • There was so much spontaneous and organic support for Trump and literally none for Biden that this stolen election has to be obvious to anyone who is at least willing to open their eyes and tune out the pathetic msm. If this is allowed to stand, we are beyond hope. Maybe it’ll be a tipping point – if not, I don’t know what will shake people out of their stupor.

      • I think people, consciously or not, realize the country is split into two

        On one had there are the people outside of government, or all of us. And then it’s them, and everything they do is for the organization that is the government. We are the people in the stands, the audience.

        Why get upset with what goes on on stage? It’s their deal. Their problems.

        • The problem is that what goes on, on the stage eventually affects the audience, often in unpleasant ways. Everyone knows the dems are crooked from the word go. But after four solid years of colluding against and caterwauling about orange man bad, then to attempt and perhaps pull off this massive a fraud – talk about jumping the shark. But it looks like we’re gonna have to bend over and take it sans the k-y…

          • What’s going on onstage will affect the audience by the MAGA audience never voting again if the Dems get away with the steal. I know I won’t ever vote again. What’s the point?

          • I agree about voting. This will probably be it for me. I just loathe these lefturd progs with a white hot hatred. On top of it all we’ll have to constantly hear how legit the election was an how the people have spoken and all the other smarmy bs they can dredge up. Makes me sick.

          • I think the Biden admin is going to be hamstrung by a legitimacy problem

            Everyone knows he didn’t win

            Perhaps the Russia hoax was preparation for how to deal with a real hoax

            Who knows. But if Kamala thinks Trump voters are going to obey her dictates, she’s got another thing coming

        • Falcone, that’s right. They bought it, they own it. They get to name it and clean out the litter box. Make them own it like LBJ.

      • They want you to know it’s all lies and that you cannot change anything. That’s their thrill and why they do it.

    • Anyone with two brain cells can see that the steal has been proven conclusively. All this has done is confirm what we all already knew – the US is a Leftist dictatorship. Trump was simply an accidental intermission.
      But nothing (other than a few redpillings) will come of it.

    • The question is, what will Trump do with his enormous political swat in the coming years? Cadaver Joe will be the “official” president but Trump will be the shadow president. If he chooses to do so, he could gum up the works of this society by encouraging his recently disenfranchised supporters to engage in all sorts of disruptive behaviors, and most of them (us?) will go along with his injunctions. Trump could, in effect, be the tribune of an essentially separate nation from that ruled by Biden and the Power Structure.

      • Trump is a carnival barker. Most of us who supported him initially realize the hoop diameter is smaller than the overinflated basketball. His opportunity to scam us is past and we’re not gonna pay attention to him anymore.

        • A very wide range. Everything from refusing to pay taxes, to civil disobedience, to acts of infrastructure sabotage, to street violence, to–dare I say?–white national organization.

          Now, do I think Trump will push it that far? No. However, the opportunity exists for him to become one of the very most significant historical figures in America’s or post-America’s history. It is within his power to wreak fearful, possibly terminal damage upon the Power Structure. It’s simply a question of doing it and staying alive after the fact.

      • if trump couldn’t do anything to keep them from stealing a national election — while he was president — he won’t be able to do fuck all later.

  33. Bush 92 might be an anomaly because of the Ross Perot factor. But another good example making your case is Hoover 32, vote total down 24%. It’s also good because this year we also had an economic depression, with unemployment above 15%, the common definition of a depression, albeit briefly.

    • I went looking for an example at any level of a candidate increasing his vote total and losing re-election. I could not find a single example. That does not mean it never happens or has never happened. If it was common, examples would be easy to find. That means it is either exceedingly rare or it has never happened. My hunch was I’d find some examples in the South after Civil Rights, but I did not find any examples. Still, that would hardly fit what we are seeing today.

    • I am pretty sure the unemployment numbers are cooked to appear lower than they really are. They’ve been doing that all along, of course, but it is worse now.

      • Bogus unemployment numbers is nothing new. In the USA they only count people who are registered and actively looking for work. People who are disabled, able-bodied welfare recipients, retired or otherwise unemployed, people who work for volunteer activities, Etc are not counted. Even in the best of times the unemployment rate would probably be two or three times if a more realistic definition were used.

        • Nothing bogus about the figure commonly used for unemployment. It is traditional to use this number and has been for just about ever.

          There are other obtained figures for folks unemployed, but able to work. You can look these up, but they are not hidden, and are collected along with the unemployment figures you cite.

          The growing number of employable folks outside the “unemployed” category you decry as bogus was commonly discussed during the Obama era to dispute his recovery claims.

  34. Ok, so everyone knows the fix is in. I guess the real question is wtf is ever going to end this shit? If these cock******* actually get away with this blatant, fraudulent shit, there really may not be any hope. Great way to kick off T-giving week.

    • The fact that no one really cares the vote was stolen can only mean people know the country is bullshit and a joke and not worth getting upset over

      wait until they ask young people to die for it

      thats going to be interesting

        • You mean you and your family haven’t visited the Blessed Shrine outside Harrisburg dedicated to the mall cops who laid their life down in the course if duty? They have an Aunty Em’s pretzel shop…

        • As Darren Beattie once quipped “Imagine if an enormous shopping mall and a multi-trillion dollar casino had the world’s most powerful military.”

      • Why any sane white make would enlist in the military is beyond me. Let the alphabet fight and die for globohomo.

        • Desparation. National Service. The latter because the former. Unconnected young folks won’t be able to find work between the newly imported and children of the connected. Whites will be forced out from the trades. School will be pointless. National Service will offer a path towards social credit advancement. The food will be better. They’ll get out from the basement. Enough will take the deal and fight for their oppressor.

    • Do not despair, that is part of their strategy to defeat us. Go dark, survive, and be patient. The time to act will come, and it must be deployed in singular doses from the shadows.

      • Resistance will be crushed like the Palestinians. We will not just be fighting our oppressor but nearly all of our neighbors as well. And our neighbors will be literally drugged into compliance.

        This biotch ends with the collapse. Our kids won’t see the light. Their progeny won’t know how to run anything and our expectations lost.

      • Easy to say for those of us who already squeeked past Checkpoint Charlie into the land of milk and honey. That is a TALL order for a 20ish White Single Male in a blue city. Help where you can.

      • and whom exactly will be waiting for? there just aren’t enough people — of any color — that are willing to support a non-socialist form of government. use imperial Rome as an example; where/when/who rose up to do as you want here (and were successful)? Will the GOP lead us to Elsian fields? guffaw.

  35. It was blatant theft. He won by a landslide. All the new red seats they’re all riding his coattails. The only people I know denying it are legitimately terrible people. These are people that lie and steal and think nothing of it. They think they’re good people. And like we all know we’re not voting our way out of this

    • No one believes Biden crushed Obama

      watching ing them wiggle and squirm holding up the lie for the next four years at least promises some possible entertainment

      but could get ugly too if they play the double down game and claim it means a huge mandate. I can see Kamala sent out to make that case to the sheep. “The most popular president of all time with 77 million votes is a clear mandate to that America wants the green new deal and wants public option and wants…..”

      notice how ever since Clinton, it’s like everyone is auditioning for the Chutzpah Award?

      • Why would they wiggle and squirm to hold up anything? The lie is being cemented now. They will strut and shout from the rooftops, not wiggle and squirm.

        • Correct. Wiggling and squirming is for people who actually have some semblance of a conscience and shame.

    • You are absolutely correct, and this election is an IQ test for the masses. If you cannot see reality for what it is, then you deserve the consequences that are about to unfold. As others have commented, this attempt at election theft is an inflection point in our history. If they succeed, social trust will go negative with a vengeance. And that is no trivial thing.

  36. Obviously the fix is in.

    But, we live in a society where children can have other genders than “boy” and “girl”, and where blacks (and some muslims) are deified as sage people.

    Truth doesn’t matter anymore, Biden could get 6 billion votes and it would all be the same.

  37. What gets conflated here is “irregularity” vs. “fraud”. Seen plenty of frauds in my business career and can’t think of an example that did not begin with detection of “irregularity”. And no examples where the sort of multiple std. deviation variances you see here did not yield a fraud under careful examination. Problem is those frauds are complex “paper cases” that require careful examination of the documentary evidence and then usually turn on the willingness of some of perpetrators to cut a deal and provide direct testimonial evidence. The timeframes we’re dealing with here don’t afford that luxury. And the machines in these Democrat strongholds where the highest deviations occurred have decades of experience in obfuscation. If you add in the fact that these machines are so used to doing this that the behavior is more “school of fish” than hierarchical conspiracy, there is little chance of finding a kingpin that brings it all down.

    • Saml, I think we do the same, or similar work. Living in the realm of probability sets and expected outcomes, the BS detectors become rather sensitive. One gets anomalies all the time, but not patterns of anomalies, or whirlwinds of repeated, pat, and rather impossible anomalous outcomes, all in the same direction, in the same way, at the same time. As if one had four hurricanes hit Newfoundland in a weekend.

    • “The timeframes we’re dealing with here don’t afford that luxury.”

      That’s the biggest obstacle and one that team Trump simply won’t be able to overcome. Math is hard and trying to get most folks to understand all of the statistical variables so that they truly appreciate the amount of fraud is impossible in the time that remains before Biden’s inauguration day.

    • The problem is that our elections are not auditable. Recounting illegitimate votes won’t yield a different count. Even registering to vote is an honor system in most places, often requiring no more than a recent utility bill. In MA you have to actively and repeatedly decline to register to vote if you renew your driver’s license online. Uncreased mail-in ballots? How do you prove they’re frauds?

  38. Knowing the current vote count and how it was trending before we all went to bed and then waking to the new numbers, we knew the fix was in and worked.

  39. The strangest bit of election mathematics, by my estimation, is how Biden was able to pick up a few hundred thousand swing state votes in the hours after those states announced they would stop counting for the night.

      • I was counting them distributively for each state, but yes you are correct. I suppose gaining a million or so votes by means other than addition is an even stranger mathematical phenomenon!

  40. Like I say, I will at least get some amusement at watching the establishment act like Biden really did get 77 million votes. How they going to frame that when it makes Obama look bad? I guess it was a massive vote for Obama 2.0? That might be the narrative they have planned.

    but also when universities and intellectuals have to analyze the success of campaigns. How is anyone seriously going to be able to state that Biden ran the most successful campaign in the nation’s history.

    at some point the schism will have to appear between what really happened and what they have to say is true.

    but never stopped them wrt to the “6 million”

    • I mean White Men are just better than Blacks and Women. Duh. Democrats just have to never run a non-white or a female again and they’ll get 80 million votes and up and up from now on.

      To turn serious, when Kamala loses in 2024, that will legitimately be where the evidence points.

    • President Kamala will be happening much sooner than anticipated. Joe Biden will be in a wheelchair soon, his dementia is bad.

      I don’t believe trump lost any white male support, or old folks support. The election is just entirely false. Trump had great support but as I said he could win by 50 million and Biden would find 90 million more ballots.

      We live in the clown world, 3rd world now.

      • Throwing little lies like “Trump lost white male votes” is part of Screwtapes method. The blackpill may be magnified in Z-Man’s virtual hall, but sorry guys: we are NOT representative of Joe 6 Pack or Tommy White Wine Spritzer.
        I may have a small social circuit, but all of the Trump ambivalent in 2016 were Trump fanatics in 2020.

        • I didn’t vote this year

          First time in my adult life that I didn’t vote.

          I live in CA, so myTrump vote wouldn’t mean anything, but even so I didn’t feel Trump was worth my time.

          And my ambivalence may speak for many.

          • same for me (not voting this year; live in CA). had a mail in ballot but just couldn’t get it done. the lack of any convictions the previous 4x years, and the total worthlessness of the GOP, smothered any enthusiasm i might have had.

          • Im a white guy and didn’t vote either. I understand Trump supporters, but you could give the guy a complete dictatorship, get rid of congress and the supreme Court and he still wouldn’t get much done because the problems in America are past the point of correction, and because their would still be massive resistance by leftists. As such, I just don’t see any point in voting for Trump because the best case scenario is not much different than the worst. If you’re still focusing on voting rather than preparing for problems, you’re crazy.

          • Fag.

            “I only care about low taxes.” You deserve what you get, traitor.

            Enjoy that goddamn fine cuisine!

      • True enough. 
         The voting in the USA is no longer legitimate. 
        It is now obviously manufactured to deep state requirements -probably since Ovomit in 2008, at least.
        I confess, I saw the excitement across Michigan & Wisconsin over the summer and I voted.
         Never again. All done voting. Losing a real election is one thing, but being a chump is another matter.
        It took me a long time to get here, but I now realize I am no longer a citizen in a republic. Your votes are stolen here, ergo, there is no vote.
        I am now officially a dissident.
        Very curious as to see what comes next.

        • Yep, we are merely the audience to the show that is politics. People in the stands cheering on our team but otherwise have no control of the play calling, who gets hired, fired, traded.

          Our vote is like buying a ticket for admission

          • Your “vote” is meaningless, but your “abstention” from the process perhaps not so. We will see, but in any event it would seem less gut wrenching to abstain.

          • I’m definitely abstaining

            They don’t want me around, fine by me. Done voting for their stupid little drama games and their bull.

    • The establishment will have no difficulty talking about Biden getting 77 million votes. Lying and talking themselves into ridiculous ideas are what they do. Their minds have been in a constant state of cognitive dissonance for a long time.

      • The establishment and the actual useful fools that voted for the Cryptkeeper. I’ve already decided not to be drawn into any arguments with the people I know or suspect who voted for Dementia Joe. It’s just not worth it.

        • Nonsense. The propaganda potential is huge. “Wow, that old white guy was wayyyy more popular than Obama, huh?” Make them live up to their own standards, convert the normie. Ours is an evangelical task, to redpill those that might still be reached.

          • You think anyone who voted for a man with obvious dementia is actually reachable? I know these people. They aren’t. They will go down with the Good Ship Progressive and blame it on Trump. Not that a good mocking isn’t warranted but only for the squirm factor.

          • Do what makes it fun for us and ours. Mocking them is fun, especially when it’s phrased such that they have to squirm between the Scylla and Charibdis of their cogdis. And remember, the arguments between V and Chancellor Sutler are for the audience; what the characters say or does not change the end result of the conflict between them (the movie ends the same each time!), but are there to inform each successive viewer.

      • I can see the politicians and MSM keeping up the lie with a straight face but I can’t see it in the graduate school classrooms at places like the Harvard Kennedy School where they do their case studies on the do’s and don’ts of campaigns, where they train the future campaign operatives on tactics and marketing and so forth.

        Unless stealing the election is now part of the learning

    • Everybody knows the vote was faked, even the Dems and the media. The next step for the Dems and the media is to claim “this is dogcrap and we are going to make you eat it”. It’s all part of the long game. Humiliating their enemies is part of their strategy. As a side benefit for them, it corrupts and destroys yet another western institution, to their benefit.

  41. The most useful math course – well beyond algebra, trig, or calculus – is Probability & Statistics. Maybe there’s a strategic reason the education establishment ignores it. Trig and Calculus are relatively benign, but a basic understanding of Prob/Stats is the reddest of red-pills.

    • Make my living in that world. And believe me if we got this sort of unexpected variance our quants would be defenestrating themselves.

    • Heresy! NR says every Mid must take Calc & Calc-based physics! How dare you suggest that some other math might be more important! If Nuclear power admiral says it is important, then it *is* important. So it is right and good that Stats is relatively ignored.

  42. My guess is Trump’s numbers are bogus too. Inflated a few million. He got maybe somewhere in the range of 68-70

    they were inflated so Biden’s massive fakery wouldn’t be so obvious

    but it’s obvious even so

    • It’s possible. The GOP does not have a good vote rigging history, so I’m less inclined to think they tried to fix the election. Hiding a scheme inside of incompetence has been the go-to move by our elites since the 1990’s. Remember when the Clinton’s gained access to GOP FBI files? The excuse was that it was just a mistake due to bad procedures. That was 30 years ago. My guess is we see flunkies sent out to push the “bad process and procedure” line in the coming months.

      • My thinking is that the Dems were the ones who inflated Trump’s numbers while also inflating Biden’s. As if dominion told them it would more mathematically plausible if they did it this way and created the “algorithm” to do it

        • I’m not so sure it was that organized. My sense is lots of independent actors, large and small, simply responded to the call from their party leaders. Remove Trump “By any means necessary.” The spike in Trump votes is not unprecedented, by the way. Bush saw his vote jump by 20%. Reagan jumped by 23%. Trump 17% is a little low, which makes complete sense.

          • It was organized as several smaller scale operations. I still think they sent flunkies around target cities in September and October collecting discarded/unwanted mail in ballots. They filled out the ballots in mass in advance and showed up with these ballots when the count was stopped in the middle of the night.

          • Trump votes make sense in that way on a percentage basis but they don’t make sense in raw numbers where he got 10 million more votes than last time. That’s a lot of people. Who are they? Where did they come from? On top of the 15 million for Biden, like you say.

            Put it this way, if there is some truth to an algorithm being used to manufacture fake votes, then I bet that the algorithm was made to increase Trump votes too just so it came across as mathematically more plausible

          • but they don’t make sense in raw numbers where he got 10 million more votes than last time.
            democrats don’t dominate cause they are loved by the people, they dominate cause they’re the main globalist party, communists didn’t rule over eastern europe cause majority of people loved them.
            as time goes by more people start despising leftists, democrats are very unlikable because each year their policies are getting worse.

          • Yeah, but then Trump was way more popular than Obama.

            Just seems fishy to me that he got 73 mm. My guess is Biden got a little more than Hillary.

            I could be wrong. Just my gut.

          • Biden never campaigned.

            Also Biden :”We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

            A politician making a flub on camera is just them accidentally telling the truth. Personally, I think Biden was briefed about the efforts a year ago, then let it slip when the dementia hit.

            The fix was in on this election for a very long time. One wonders if Obama didn’t benefit from much the same thing.

            Always thought Pelosi’s tearing up the copy of the SOTU address along with the sideways “clap” was over the top arrogant, even for her. It’s like she knew what was coming.

          • what did Pelosi know was coming?
            reduced control in the house and a minority or tied senate?
            They should have let Trump win so they could take back the senate easily in 2022

          • There were multiple concurrent irregularities during each of multiple concurrent inflections. Unpossible to account for it other than massive, centrally-coordinated actions.

      • Republicans couldn’t manage a vote fraud campaign to literally save their lives. You can’t keep secrets when your party’s schtick is betraying their own. The Left is practically monolithic compared to that batch of Benedict Arnolds.

        • I think the problem that a lot of Republicans have, especially the rural ones, is the the one the royalists faced in the French revolution. They try to preserve the integrity of the system by abiding by the rules because they know if the system loses its integrity violence and chaos rules. They’re trying to use the social machine to correct itself, since that’s the only path to preserve things peaceably. I don’t think it will work, but the attempt is noble

          • I don’t think it’s that complicated. Most conservatives simply remain convinced that playing by the rules, doing the right thing, etc. will produce a good outcome, bc … reasons. It’s a lot like my approach to dating in my 20’s … be nice, do the right thing, good behavior will eventually be recognized/rewarded. Same results too.

          • Cowards especially and selfish. Backing each other up in thick or thing, taking a stand cuts into “I got mine.” and subjects them to risk. That they can’t have.
            All they want is money. Frankly outside a few poor and working class/dissidents/militia types , there isn’t a Conservative I’d trust in a real pinch or to not hop right on to the boxcars, you can get a shower when you get there.
            And no, the Left aren’t the good guys but getting power for your own ends is a noble goal at least and while their views are utterly crazy (parasphrasing the Big Lebowski) Say what you want about woke, at least its an ethos.

  43. Q is in control whether Trump retains the presidency or not. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. The Storm is coming.

      • You mean Mossad, right Z? FBI couldn’t put something like this off, is purposely made to target gullible boomercons.

        • The FUD has been their stock-in-trade going back to the Red Scare. It is the one thing they do well, as it is easy from a position of authority.

      • Anyone have a guess as to why this week’s coordinated news updates are heavy on the “hospitals are full of covid sufferers that dont believe they have it”? I see the coordination (the catch phrases are almost identical no matter the news source) but the why is baffling me.

        • Last week CNN had a nurse from nowhere South Dakota saying she had wards of dying folks in pure disbelief and anger that Covid was killing them. Like anything else, this campaign seems like the body shots meant to set up a major blow. Perhaps to get everyone psychologically on board with all these vaccines and their miracle level efficacy?

          • If a factual rebuttal comes two days after the headline, does it actually make a sound? Science says “no.”

          • I think the “white men last” schtick is a psy-op to make white men want the vaccine more. Boomers and MAGAtards will soon be protesting for “equal access” to a vaccine. I personally don’t care, I will generously donate my dose to an oppressed POC.

          • I think the sterilants in the vaccine only work on females (which is all that is needed to accomplish their goals)

            They just can’t come right out and say that only women should get the vaccine, because then it would be obvious.

            However the “White males last” line furthers their goals without raising too many eyebrows.

          • Actually, Daily Stormer suggested bribing a diversity doctor to sign a doc claiming you’ve had the vaccine without actually getting the shot. Worth a try. I certainly won’t be getting any government vaccines.

          • That’s not a terrible back-up plan. Of course if mandatory vaccinations do not produce revolt it’s over, the verdict of history will be that we dared not refuse the imposition of serfdom over us.

          • Plausible. I really dont have any good theories on this one. I just hear the same weird news updates with the same verbiage from disparate news entities. These pigs have brought me to the point where I assume everything is lies and subterfuge. Another thing they’ll have to pay for when the reckoning comes.

          • The SD nurse was just a fantasist who was confirming the media’s biases. None of her nurse colleagues said they’d ever had or heard of a similar incident as the nameless one the nurse averred.

          • Something similar in Canada. Per the CBC report the staff was “triaging in the parking lot”. Some curious local drove over and found the parking lot and ER nearly empty.

          • If CBC says it, expect the exact opposite to be true. Rule #1 when trying to understand Canadian media.

        • My husband spoke yesterday with an old friend who still lives in El Paso. He said that, besides the fact that no infrastructure or morgues have been built in over 40 years, the hospitals are overrun by Mexicans. Not all the magic paper ‘murrican Mexicans, but Mexican Mexicans, for whom they’ve opened the border and taken to the hospital. If someone collapses after stepping one foot onto the bridge into the country, they send the American EMTs to get them and take them to American hospitals. So take the ‘tragedy’ in El Paso stories with a full container of salt.

        • The media has been toying with the idea of “secret Covid” since this thing began. You can have IT and not even know you have IT and you can spread IT and all your friends and family will DIE!!! I think the idea is just to lay the groundwork for blaming essentially any death or illness anywhere on Covid.

          The thing is that there’ a lot of truth in the secret Covid meme. I’m not convinced, for instance, that the recent “spike” in deaths isn’t just the return of seasonal colds and flu combined with an atmosphere of hysteria that didn’t exist a year ago. As Z has pointed out, the flu has mysteriously disappeared this year. Well, isn’t that interesting? What a coincidence.

          So you get flu-like symptoms today and instead of staying home for a few days and eating chicken soup you rush off to the hospital. Of course, the medical mafia, fully on board with the Cult of Covid, then give you a Covid test. Well, don’t you know, it was positive!! OMG, another case of Covid. If you die, it’s another Covid death. No one ever suggests that people can test positive for Covid and yet their symptoms, and even death, can be from boring old flu or even just a bad cold if you were already sick.

    • Q is the biggest scam since Obama’s long form birth certificate and is designed to deflect attention from the real goings on. There is no “Storm” coming because the reprobates who really run this dying husk of a nation have won a complete victory. Hunter’s laptop will disappear like a fart in the wind and the plotters of this bloodless coup will get promoted instead of doing hard time as they deserve.
      The problem is voting fraud, even on this level, is impossible to prove in court. You can easily counter numerous sworn affidavits as anecdotal and not proving a large-scale conspiracy. Statistical anomalies (and boy, are there plenty looking at the numbers from this election) aren’t admissible as evidence.
      The old joke used to be among Republicans that you had to win beyond the margin of fraud. If the plotters who pulled this off get away with it and install the Scranton Sniffer and Willie Brown’s Chinese Finger Cuffs in office, there is no longer any margin big enough that can’t be defeated with ballot stuffing, both physical and with these vote counting machines.
      I think we’ll see in the presidential election in 2024 that voter participation will shrink to 35 percent or maybe less than that. Then the ones in charge will institute mandatory voting as in Australia to take away another strike against their “legitimacy.”

      • Agreed. Add this:

        Pre-Civil War, states & their citizens thought of themselves first, and the national union second. Hence their jealous guarding of their privileges for appointing electors specifically enumerated in the Constitution.

        Fast forward today: States are just economic zones with different tax rates. No state legislature is going to invalidate the popular vote and appoint their own directed delegates. The legislators have kids they want to go to Ivy league schools, many have their own personal climb-the-greasy pole ambitions for national office, and so on.

        They’re not going to let themselves (and their families) be branded as lepers by the uniparty; doxed, harassed, fired from jobs with private companies, doors to career progression closed forever.

        Federalism is dead; The Civil War mortally wounded it, and it staggered on it’s old forms through for another 100+ years. But it’s gone now, now and forever.

        • Meh, Federalism based on the historical state boundaries may be dead but if enough people get angry enough those can be redrawn too. Here in Oregon, there’s a pretty large and growing movement called “Greater Idaho” which is for the conservative counties to just join Idaho and let the commies and Antifags have a much diminished state centered on Portland and Salem. The glue holding “America” together is getting weaker by the day. Not only are internal forces pushing to explode it from the inside but external ones are also trying to tear it apart.

      • The QAnon psyop is especially hilarious given that “Q” said himself (?) that he was deliberately posting disinformation to throw off the scent of the opposition. When someone tells you he’s going to lie, there’s just no point in paying attention any more.

        • A while back (right around the 2016 election) there were “dueling Q’s” accusing each other of being deep-state frauds. The fact stands that none of Trump’s AGs pursued corruption in the intel agencies or anywhere else when it came to “Russigate.”

      • And this is why physicians should stay in their lane. “Anecdotal” evidence is relevant, admissible direct evidence. FRE 401, 402. There is no FRE allowing exclusion of “anecdotal” evidence. Eye witness testimony of a murder is “anecdotal,” yet I doubt the good physician would claim an eye witness is “not evidence” for a murder trial. In fact, all non-statistical testimony will by definition be anecdotal.
        But if “anecdotal” unaggregated evidence is insufficient, surely aggregated statistical evidence meets your version of the burden of proof? No, says the physician. IRL, statistical evidence meets Daubert all the time, and is frequently not only admissible, but dispositive. Most here have heard of Griggs v Duke Power, a very important ruling turning on this very issue of statistical evidence. I believe Dr Tobaggan is having some Gell Mann amnesia here; they lie about my learn’d profession as much, if not moreso, than yours, mon frer.

        • I think he’s saying that the courts are not going to bite. Do you disagree w that prognosis b/c I think he’s right.

      • Mandatory voting means little if you turn in a blank form—unless of course they decide to simply fake your vote as well. 🙁

    • I now favor war, revolution, chaos, burning the house down. When you enter that sphere, the one thing you don’t want, is lunatics who believe in voodoo, magic juju or howl at the moon. Which means that ‘trust the plan’ Q-monkeys are the last thing I want. But I say again, this cannot be reformed.

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  45. I am pretty sure that Sydney Powell is paid opposition who will talk about election fraud being likely and then somehow find none. Or she will only find small batches of fraud that are inconsequential. You cannot be too cynical, as ZMan says.

    • There’s no such thing as “paid opposition.” She is simply bitten by the narcotic of minor celebrity.

      • There’s no such thing as “paid opposition.”

        All conservative pundits are paid opposition. I thought that was obvious to everybody here.

      • ZMan,
        Do you think Sidney Powell is in it for the grift (she has set up her own grifter website) or do you think she has truly gone insane? I’m inclined toward the former but you can’t rule out the latter.

        Also, does the Right suffer from a higher degree of grifters than the Left? My guess is yes but not sure if people have any other thoughts.

      • What’s Lin Wood’s excuse? He’s now actively undermining the two GOP Senate candidates for their lack of fealty to Wood and Powell’s delusional ravings.

        Is he a secret Democrat or just publicity-crazed.

        If the latter it won’t end well for him.

        • She claimed that Trump broke the algorithm and that there was a raid on a server in Germany and “our guys” got it. The libel suits by Dominion are going to be astronomical. Maybe she truly went insane?

    • My hunch is she may have been gaslit on purpose. Her history is not of getting over her skis. Taking her out as legitimate opposition would be a very smart move by the Leftists.

    • She knows the vote is ginned up, and is trying to get out front in showing how it was done. Whether or not she can make a case, we will see. I have doubts she can get there in time, if at all.

      • The Trump team have already decided on a path to victory via the mail-in ballot fraud. It’s good to have strong statistical evidence the computers are rigged, but since they don’t have time for a thorough software/hardware investigation, the Trump team is going to let Powell keep pursuing it on her own. She understands and agrees with the plan. Those computers are definitely a problem. Steve Cortez gave a great explanation this morning on Newsmax.

    • Powell is a clear and present danger to the GOPe because she intends to expose their culpability in the coup and election theft. People like Romney will go to prison if she succeeds. Trump’s legal team is trying to finesse things so that these treasonous bastards can skate and still recover the election.

      • One lawyer, or a small group of lawyers, funded by donations, cannot possibly go against the establishment uniparty.

        I wish it were not so.

        • The SPLC would like a word with you. And the NRDF, Sierra, NAACP, Greenpeace, blah blah ad nauseum. Lawfare works, stop being a jackass of doom.

          • The SPLC has something like a half billion dollar endowment.
            They’ve (as well as the other grifters you’ve mentioned) been at it for decades, and half, if not more, of the political establishment backs them without question.

            But yeah, send Sydney Powel $20. That should work. Money well spent.

          • You think they started with 300 attorneys at 1/2 a billion? Or do you think they started back in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, and worked for decades to build up what are no extreme left institutions with huge cultural and legal power? You seem to be falling into the “I can’t get total victory in 6 months, let’s just not try” category there. Despair is a sin, my man.
            Send Powel $20, go ahead; not being sarcastic. We raised $2,000,000 for Saint Kyle of Kenosha’s bail – USDC filing fees are what, $450? $2k a deposition? You can do some real damage with $20 a pop from a couple thousand people.

          • All of those groups are basically in cahoots with elements of the deep state. They’re not winning against hard competition. They’re one side of a kabuki show.

            Which, come to think of it may also be the case with Powell.

      • IMO Trump would rather bow out somewhat gracefully than burn the house down. He actually loves the country, in the old-school CivNatty way, and will only go so far to take things down, not because somebody has something on him, but because he does not want to see the country burn. If a good case can be made in his favor on the vote, he will keep going. But he isn’t pushing things. I think he has all the goods on a lot of things, and has seen all the treachery in DC, and is measuring his response as to how much to show and when. Underneath the bluster, he is a kind, old-school patriot, and is playing in a political sandbox in which the other players are way out in front of him, and way too mercenary and have no scruples.

        • I wish he would burn it down. Release all classified materials on USS Liberty, JFK, 9/11, Ukraine, financial bailouts, Israeli spying, Epstein. I don’t care if it outs CIA or FBI agents or operations.

        • Yep, I’ve been saying for a while that Trump isn’t a Sulla or Pinochet – and that’s exactly what we need.

    • It seams to me that unless she drops some huge bombshell by friday, that she is evidence of some vector causing insanity. She is a former federal prosecutor that became a crusading defense attorney, won a number of cases and exposed the corruption of the DoJ along the way. She’s not a nut job or gadfly.

  46. “It is on the defenders of the process to explain what happened.”
    Just so. Will an explanation be provided? Not looking to go Guiness for longest-held-breath.
    Unless Sidney Powell does have very convincing evidence re Dominion, the dem steamroller is likely to pancake her and many, many others. Should this take place, my faith in the solidity of USA as a nation will be lost.

      • I’ve been in South America for a long time and will continue to be. I should have written “faith in human decency in the USA”, a faith that in spite of everything I contined to hold, shaky though it has become. The USA has clearly changed more than I understood. I imagine I’d have lost it earlier were I there.

  47. Another anomaly of the election is that the Democrats lost seats in the House of Representatives in the same election as a Democrat won the presidency. That’s very unusual–the normal pattern is for a candidate to have “coattails” that help his party’s candidates to win. Presidents tend to lose seats in off-year elections. The lack of coattails might be explained if a very charismatic candidate won an election even though his party’s policies were not popular, but that’s clearly not the case with Biden/Harris. The most likely explantion is that the ballot stuffing and miscounting that went on were directed solely with the objective of getting Biden/Harris into office. It appears, sadly enough, as if it is likely to work–the persons who organized the fraud are mostly in charge of access to the evidence and the media is so obviously biased it’s nauseating to watch.

    • I think stealing the election only for Biden was a deliberate part of the plan. The Dems knew that the nut-less wonders in the GOPe would immediately get onboard with the theft as long as a few of their beaks stay wet. It will be interesting to see if the Left openly steals these Senate seats in GA now. If they get away with stealing the Presidency there’s little to stop them from going all out to steal the Senate.

      • Stealing both of these Senate seats is a best case scenario for the fast collapse outcome. It will be like a junkie going on his last bender, the descent to the bottom will be quick and definitive. Very likely all of the debt bubbles will explode in quick succession and DC will then tax the dead corpse of the economy into final submission. Real hardship will return and then it’s either World War time or the Fall of the US Empire. Fitness selection coming on like a freight train. Are you ready?

        • If I lived in georgia I would vote Democrat just as a middle finger to the corrupt and traitorous Republicans.

          However, if they could rig the election for Biden, theres no reason they couldn’t rig the election for a GOP senator, to keep the illusion of a 2 party democracy going.

          • Yeah, that would be 4D chess kind of shit indeed. Either way, any sane person now knows that voting is a fools errand. But habits die hard and plenty of normies will flock to polls to appease their conscience.

          • I will continue to vote in every election because even if they cancel or reverse my ballot decisions then I will still be a consideration they must account for.

            If I do not vote, I am empty space, a non-entity, and a zero they do not have to account for any longer.

            Hold your nose and make them work for it. Showing up in person to vote can indirectly influence events; sitting around with one thumb up your arse and the other scrolling here contributes zero influence.

          • Fair enough, but the other side of the coin is a reasonable response as well—voting implies consent. To me consent can only be given in a “fair game”.

            It is obvious the game is rigged—you can’t win, you can’t break even, hell, you can’t even quit the game (if folks who are touting democracy are to be believed).

            Well, I quit. No more. Want to get me back in the game Republicans (and any honest Dem’s)? Then make substantive and demonstrable changes to the present system of voting. Just that simple.

            Of course, this will never happen as long as one side feels they have the advantage of the current corrupt system.

          • Very well said. I do not consent to participate in a rigged game of pretend voting. I do not consent to being part of the ‘polity’ of Weimerica. I do not consent to living in clownworld.

          • The leftists that rule over us would like nothing better than having conservatives not vote.
            You can vote and understand that it is only one avenue of several to pursue.
            It feels like a bunch of incels over here, hating women because they got rejected a few times.
            Those men who are successful (and everyone for that matter) have racked up tons of rejection.
            Trump did win the presidency. He appointed three actual conservatives to the Supreme Court. He stayed the hell out of wars, had a successful economy and imposed considerable rule of law with the border.
            If people refrain from voting the system doesn’t just collapse. That just gives the left more power to step harder on the faces of their opponents.

          • I think the way this works in corrupt third world states is that if you have any ambition you work on buying off the local party bosses in your area and can then set about ignoring the law.

            So the system here would be that the Democratic Institutional Revolutionary Party gives the Karens and soyboys their mask rules for instance, and then businesses and individuals just pay someone off to go about their normal lives sans masks. It just turns into an informal tax system where local thugs get a cut of the prosperity that can actually only exist in defiance of the system.

            I can see this system developing quite naturally in vibrant areas but nowadays I’m not sure it would work among whites. Even the Italians seem to have forgotten how to mafia.

            It makes me sad to observe this but the vibrants often seem to embrace a more “American” attitude of resistance to petty tyranny than the whites I meet. It’s not a pleasant fact to contemplate but something we need to take into account in building out Whiteopia. Of course, I live in a pretty pozzed area so my viewpoint is skewed. Still, it’s worth asking how and why white people have become so effeminate and soft while other races haven’t.

          • Yea, immigrants have a lot of first hand experience dealing with corrupt destructive governments.

            YT still thinks “the government is us”

          • Voting doesn’t imply consent. If you don’t vote, you are accepting your lot.

            The best answer is not to throw away all remaining power. The best answer is to try your best with voting and also other avenues. Protests, legal action, building communities, supporting important voices, all of it. I try to do all I can.

            You aren’t guaranteed to win, but the surest way to lose is not to show up.

            Would Trump have a win right now if every conservative had voted for him? Of course.

            Folks imagine they are ruled over and hopeless. This is pathetic. Republicans have given conservatives tons of wins.

          • You are apparently new here and unfamiliar with my recommendations for making an actual difference. When you show up to vote and think you are forcing them to cheap to an ever increasing degree, you are not really deterring them, you are making them into better cheaters.

          • nah, got to kill the GOP to have a chance at getting rid of the dem crime machine. enjoy your stay in the matrix…

          • If the nationalist right refuses to vote they cede the conservative party to the Mitt Romneys of the world. I just threw up a little in my mouth thinking about that.

          • Voting has stopped many harebrained immigration schemes in over the years. What would America look like without that?

          • The GOP has fought for real conservatives many times. They allowed Trump to be their candidate and their President, for goodness sake. Throwing in the towel is pathetic. I’ll keep voting and keep trying. If Trump can give so much effort every day, we can do so much less.

    • I thought that the dems losing house seats even as they won the presidency was sure evidence of fraud. So I looked at the past 50 years worth of house results in presidential election years. And was surprised to see that the winning presidential candidate party lost house seats about half the time.

  48. The thing about mathematics is that it is non-partisan. Strangely enough, the left keeps trying to enlist math. The numbers seem to be resolutely resisting their progressive charms.

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