Dissident Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is considered the most American of holidays, as it is nothing like the typical holiday celebrated in the West. It has rather specific origins located in the founding of the country. Those origins are complete nonsense, of course, but that’s often the case with cultural traditions. Even so, since Lincoln imposed the holiday on the conquered nations of America, Thanksgiving has been the quintessential American holiday and probably most people’s favorite time of year.

The origins of the holiday may be nonsense and the reason we have it may be less than noble, but a time to count your blessings is a good thing. It is made more important in an age in which the ruling class is trying hard to destroy the social capital that is an essential part of human society. When everything is transactional and artificial, having a few days in which you are supposed to think the exact opposite looks a lot like leaving the back door of the Death Star open.

That may be especially true this year. According to current polling, more than half of American adults think the recent election was rigged. No one has asked, but there is a good bet that most of those people think the mass media, Wall Street and Silicon Valley were in on the caper. In other words, most adults right now have lost trust in the controlling institutions of our society. A holiday in which we are encouraged to think about what really matters could not come at a better time.

Of course, this year has seen our rulers go mad with power and inflict all sorts of indignities upon us. There are the absurd lock downs and costume requirements related to the Covid panic. In the states where the tyrants have arbitrarily banned the sale of alcohol and installed snitch lines for people to rat out their neighbors for enjoying themselves, this will be a special time of year. A few days to think about all of this is just what the doctor ordered.

For those in areas where the Left’s street thugs have been running wild for most of the year, something similar is at work. The point of civilized society is to provide leisure time, when you can enjoy the simple pleasures with those you love. That is a sharp contrast to what the wreckers who bankroll the street mobs think. Over turkey tomorrow, a lot of people are going to think about what those oligarchs are really trying to take from us with their street thugs and gangsters.

Most important, of course, those engaged in the fight against the gathering darkness will be fortified by a few days of good food, good friends and time with family. While the forces of darkness are driven by avatars of the promised land and envy at what they can never attain, the dissident it driven by the thoughts of home, community and the daily struggle to make those things possible. For the dissident right, this is the best holiday of the year, even more so in the current crisis.

The challenge, of course, will be the spiteful mutants who will try to wreck the good times with their politics. The wine aunt who wants to gloat about the election, the unstable uncle who thinks Hitler is hiding under his bed and the young person whose mind has been poisoned by the system will all think this is their time to be the wrecker they imagine themselves to be. Dissidents everywhere will have to find a way to deal with these people, but this is the nature of the struggle.

Probably the most important thing to take away from this year, the thing to contemplate over the next few days, is the fact that we are on the cusp of a new age. Those promises from the ruling class puppets, like the Pretender Biden, to “build back better” should not worry anyone, as these people are parasites. They are wreckers, unwittingly clearing a path for what comes next. Someone will build back better, but it comes after the reckoning that awaits every radical wrecker.

It may feel like a small consolation, but Thanksgiving has always been about looking forward, as much as looking back. You take the time to count your blessings and enjoy what you have, family, friends, your health and so on, but it is also about giving thanks for being in the great struggle of life. Whether it is carving a new society out of the wilderness or preserving the seeds of civilization in the great storms of the present, Thanksgiving is mostly about the promise of better days.

That is the thing that should keep the dissident going. The rage the other side has for what is good in life is rooted, to a great degree, in their fear of tomorrow. They know they are “always exposed to sudden unexpected destruction. As he that walks in slippery places is every moment liable to fall, he cannot foresee one moment whether he shall stand or fall the next.” This is the source of their rage. They know they stand upon the slippery stones of radicalism, while we stand on the firm ground of truth.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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178 thoughts on “Dissident Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Z, and thank you for the White Pill.

    I have noticed an odd serenity about living in post-America, and it was there and unspoken at dinner today with my family. The American people have decided to cut the United States loose, and aren’t particularly concerned about how that happens. It is indeed liberating.

    May they enjoy the wreckage. It won’t be rebuilt.

  2. Read Powell GA suit:
    Summing up: “Plaintiffs have no remedy at law.”

    No, we don’t. That completely encapsulates our situation.

  3. Reading Powell GA brief.

    Good Grief.

    They stole by paper, software, USB, illegal counting, and the burst pipe seems to have been a clogged toilet. 💩

    These people are lucky there’s a government, they couldn’t make a living by crime.

  4. I am thankful for this site and all of your hard work Z man. I am thankful for this comment section, it is far and away the most interesting and intelligent of all the others I follow. Both are my daily bread giving me strength in the knowledge that I am not alone. And the certainty that the logic & reason of our ideas will prevail.

  5. The Panther
    by Rilke
    His tired gaze — from passing endless bars —
    has turned into a vacant stare which nothing holds.
    To him there seem to be a thousand bars,
    and out beyond these bars exists no world.
    His supple gait, the smoothness of strong strides
    that gently turn in ever smaller circles
    perform a dance of strength, centered deep within
    a will, stunned, but untamed, indomitable.
    But sometimes the curtains of his eyelids part,
    the pupils of his eyes dilate as images
    of past encounters enter while through his limbs
    a tension strains in silence
    only to cease to be, to die within his heart.
    Oh Enemies, you have done America a Great Evil, and it will haunt you to the end of your blighted days.

  6. A bit OT, I realize, but if dissidents really wanted to make a statement, we’d organise National Open Carry Day. It’s legal in lots of states. One day, where everyone with a legal firearm just… walks around with it for a day. No big parades, no marches, no assemblies requiring municipal permits. He’ll, we’ll all wear our face diapers and maintain six feet of social distance. We’ll just do it carrying our guns. Let them see what 300 million (or whatever) legally owned firearms REALLY looks like.

  7. Hopefully, as a nation, maybe we can stop obsessing over what labels people have in their meat suits, and just have fun.

  8. Great to see good news out of NV and PA today.

    Great to see LTG Flynn receive a much deserved pardon on Thanksgiving Eve, even though he is so honorable he didn’t want it.

    Feeling slightly less blackpilled now.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. This has always been one of my favorite holidays. Not sure anyone will show up tomorrow, but I’ve got a 20 pound turkey just in case, yams, stuffing and all the rest. Anyway, cooking the meal will be fun, and I can plate the leftovers in plastic containers and freeze if no one comes. Pets will get most of the dark meat, which is fine. They go a little crazy smelling the turkey baking.

    Here in So. MD it’s supposed to be the warmest thanksgiving on record, so I might have to open the windows having the oven on all day. We never know what we’re going to get weatherwise in this area.

    • Im in Europe where they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (and shouldn’t, it’s an American holiday, there are other good holidays here). I’ll be having a stuffed turkey w the missus and thank her for her terrible taste in men lol Have a great one buddy, hope you celebrate it w someones whose company lifts the spirit.

  10. I am very thankful I found this site this year. I found it searching for truth floating in the sea of madness that was (and is) coronachan back in March. A very fortunate silver lining.

  11. It’s good to have a white pill from Zman for Thanksgiving. And it’s not just hollow feel-good; there’s plenty of cause for thankfulness and even optimism.

    I read this blog every day, though rarely comment. Happy Thanksgiving to Zman and all his readers, especially those I’ve met in person. Our get-together in SoCal in January was excellent. We could not even imagine the shitstorm that was about to hit.

  12. I am thankful that I don’t live in nanny-mayors city of Boise where the DIMS (differently-ideologued members of society) are pushing out the original Boiseans. I am also very thankful 35 years ago I took steps to limit my breeding so I could educate my child. Today I get looks of jealousy because I have a nice car, nice house, no debt, and am happy. Schaudenfreude anyone?, but what they don’t see is the 35 years of hard work, good choices, and self denial it took to be able to have this good life today. God Bless America

  13. As the Preacher concluded:
    “…Of making many books there is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh.’
    Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all.
    For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil.”
    There is both solace in that bit of wisdom and also something to be thankful for.

  14. “… but it is also about giving thanks for being in the great struggle of life. Whether it is carving a new society out of the wilderness or preserving the seeds of civilization in the great storms of the present, Thanksgiving is mostly about the promise of better days…”

    Often I forget your written sentiment, taking for granted that I’m alive and that the “…great struggle of life..” is indeed a privilege, I agree with both options you quote above. I am fortunate. I live humbly in my double-wide (paid off), no other real debt and Federal reserves in the bank. I’ve got great commonfolk neighbors, mostly well-armed too.
    I feel bad for the normies in, say Portland, OR but I am thankful that they mulched and cultivated a local government and culture that allows me to tune in to see the shitshow from thousands of miles away.
    And Zman, I’m also thankful for your daily posts and weekly podcast. You keep me thinking, questioning, and mostly chuckling at the utter insanity of current American culture-as it is- and its leaders.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Z, Z-readers, and all (relish it cuz god knows what the next will be like)

  15. one of the best footballers ever just died. on one hand it’s hard to not to recognize sporting endeavors, even light mestizos like me do so and much more so whites. on the other, sport has degenerated into sportsball, and the deceased was a tabloid degenerate fit for sportsball. slightly darker mestizo too. split genes and split heart, i guess. but, if anything, a sobering reminder to stick to the nonslippery truth. he died at 60 and was doing drugs as late as a couple years ago…

  16. Happy Thanksgiving. Btw, am I the only one who’s watched videos of the assassination of JFK since 11/22? Somehow that just felt relevant. I guess I should feel thankful for many things but Im still trapped in that ‘just before X’ state of mind.To hell with our enemies.

  17. nice quote at the end. indeed, the degenerates are built on sand, fearful of tomorrow, perhaps because deep down they know the judgement awaits them; thus wanting to wreck and totalize today.

    the dissident instead stands for “the little ones” that will to stick to home and community and natural struggle as designed by God; keeping the faith in the holy warmth of what’s good and near and dear, until the Lord comes for all differing nations. these dissidents live knowing the judgement will come; yet instead of fear and rebellion, they accept their lives in peace with their brethren and nature.

    some dissidents may differ in their want of advancing in their knowledge and material development; but all want much more so to advance in holy wisdom to wield such knowledge and material goods. thus, to protect holiness and wisdom for the little ones that want to dwell in the world in peace, the dissidence must be standing against those wretches that want to bring demons on earth and ruin souls.

    for these demons do this because of their degenerate fear of the last days, and their sniveling envious desire to “build back better” false corrupted Edens and Babels for themselves. they will always have to be dealt with, if we have any hope not to fall to them ourselves.

    (and true, the Lord may come back eventually, but since we don’t know when, we cannot accelerate it either… got it, third temple zionists?)

  18. “Field Report”- Related to the topic.

    My day finds me in Baltimore today. I walked past a trendy new bakery that every white shitlib hipster is dutifully lined up in front of (like Bartleby mentioned here too). 6 feet apart masked up they are outside BTW. I walk by on the sidewalk maskless and there is a big line because the ‘hot new bakery!1!!” (insert male w/ beard and open mouth gaping nu-male face) So this long winding line and I casually stroll by maskless. They could not wrap their heads around it. I looked every one of them in the eye to see the utter FEAR of me simply passing by them, outdoors!, w/o a mask on. Several shifted position to push themselves against the wall away from me. Male and female shrunk away from me because there is no difference between them. Testosterone is close to zero in both cases.
    Can we start mass disposing of these pussies? I am literally a different species than these worms and I’m tired of them dictating to us as if they have any idea about life or how anything works. Even have to listen to them and share space with them fills me with loathing listening to their inane shit and total lack of awareness.

    Then I was waiting in another location overhearing other lefty city dweller shitlibs talking. The meek mild mannered bald guy with the loud aggressive wife both drinking wine at 11am. They were talking about how to move money around in their retirement portfolio and if they should buy real estate. Meanwhile, half the country has no idea where the next paycheck may come from. They live in rarified air in unreality. The only thing that remotely registered in their sheltered world is that crime is skyrocketing in Baltimore including violent crime, carjackings, robberies, etc. They literally had no idea why. “I don’t know I think people are just desparate.”
    Defund the police? Riots? Looting? Enabling of BLM / Antifa by the State? This is hidden from their view. Remember when you watch only CNN/MSNBC you truly live in a different reality.
    Split this dysfunctional nation soon before people simply lose their patience and start the mass extermination of one another. They want it for us, we want it for them. They will use the Badge Gang Enforcers to do it to us, and we will do it ourselves because that’s how we roll…

    • Kind of reminds me of when the wife and I lined up with our fellow geezers to get into Costco an hour early. All the goobs were dutifully six feet or more apart and all wearing their masks, including my wife – all that is, except me. I knew I had to don one once we entered the store, but I was damned if I’d wear one outside. No one said anything…

  19. I just saw a quote from Joe Biden from 2011. “If I had my way Jonathon Pollard would be in jail for the rest of his life.” It’s thin gruel but it’s something maybe to be thankful for. Maybe old Joe won’t be a bought and paid for stooge of the Israel lobby. In reality , if Biden would just drop the open borders /amnesty talk, I could live with this presidency. Of course, that’s like saying if a cobra would just stop the venomous bite thing, I could have it in my house.

    • If one pays attention to the Dem’s/Lefties, one can find lots of these Bidenisms. Basically, it simply is “If they’re for it, I’m against it!.


      Not a fan of releasing traitors, but Clinton released a shit-ton of PR terrorists if I recall correctly before he left. Seems the power of pardon is simply another political payoff technique to be used on the way out. Hopefully, Trump got something in return.

      • Pollard was serving a life sentence. The Israelis refused to return all the material he had stolen and while he was incarcerated Israel made him a citizen and began naming things after him. For whatever reason, Obama released him in 2015 and Pollard was given parole. Yet every recent article made it seem like all this happened under Trump.

    • Fraud pissed the republic away, I say all the time that the elections are simply fake, trump could win by 40 million but Biden would find 6 gorillion ballots and win.

    • I call bull on that. There is no known Biden depravity that would have dissuaded those voters, and if even if they were they would have said that they were voting for Harris.

  20. A special Thanksgiving to everyone here. At our house, we are going small in number but doing it up right. Seems most appropriate, all things considered. Keep the candles in the windows this time of year.

  21. .Thanks Zman, you too. I was burning the GPS in my pickup this morning parked next to a park in Korea town getting some paperwork done. When all of a sudden here comes around 40 Korean kids with 5 white (so called girls) and 10 joggers carrying signs with the usual text. It reminded me of the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade. The Koreans ( balloon rope handlers) were being guided on the sides by the joggers and the so called white girls ( Macy’s paid risk management strike force). Couldn’t resist slowly driving through the blocked street. The Koreans scattered right away prompting the (Macy’s strike force) to fill the gap in the middle of the street lockstep. I sat there staring with Wagner on KUSC ,medium volume level for about 30 seconds, blue Manson lamps turned on. Low and behold I was granted passage in peace and quiet. First time I’ve run up against something like that. WHAT DO WE WANT ? Underdog ! WHEN DO WE WANT HIM ? Now !

  22. I admit I held a small candle-flame of hope for a Trump win.

    I was sore and sad, the next day, thinking “this is it. We lost even such a paltry figurehead.”

    But today, I do give thanks!

    This is not my decision, but the Universe has chosen for me–

    Acceleration it is, then!

  23. Yesterday you lambasted me with cynicism and today you calm me with the thoughts of Thanksgiving and our future. This blog is a roller coaster ride sometimes. But it’s a fun roller coaster even with cognitive dissonance.
    When you say the traditional Thanksgiving lore is fake are you endorsing the 1619 Project or just sideling up to it? I can understand the moolinyams going full anti-Thanksgiving but a fellow resistor? We need to keep some of the lore of our Founders. What’s next, Independence Day? Anyway have a good Thanksgiving, no masks, plenty of friends and family. I’m having 12 at my home outside the People’s Republic of Philadelphia regardless of what the Fuhrer Tom Wolf decrees.

    • Many years ago, there was a PBS interview with Joseph Campbell on his book, “The Power of Myth” (popular at the time). Basically, he stated what Z-man stated…”It’s all bullshit”, but he extended it to state that the truth of the myth is not important, it is what the myth is intended to portray *and* how it sums up the aspirations and goals of the society which created such. In short, a society can be judged by its myths—are they uplifting and unifying in values? Or destructive and indicative of decline.

      Today, as I type this comment, the news blares on the radio. Leaders from all around the country decry that the American people are “ignoring their pleas” to not travel to family gatherings for this, the most unique of American holidays. Disease and death are sure to follow we are told.

      Those people are dead inside. They are not Americans, they follow no unifying myths, they have no soul, no understanding of primary importance in the scheme of things of renewing ties within the basic family unit and to giving thanks to a power greater than themselves. As long as there is a Thanksgiving holiday—in spirit and practice—there is an America.

      • At the risk of sounding like a woowoo ninny I think there is something to the Jungian archetypes and collective unconsciousness. I think he touched on something real as Campbell noted but only scratched at it. Like a caveman trying to describe a lightbulb. I’ve had too many experiences that spoke to a deeper primordial self to dismiss it all. Maybe that’s nutter talk, but there it is.

      • Well, they do follow unifying myths, just new and sinister ones. Their myths are a council of fear, obedience, cowardice, and distrust for all except “the experts”. It seems to me an attempt to create a cult of personality and authoritarian compliance but on the part of people with absolutely no charisma or persona. Joe Biden? Kamala Harris? These people fail to inspire even their most partisan supporters. Trump was at least plausible as a strongman figure. He hasn’t lived up to it so far but at least there seemed to be enough of a man there to make it possible. Harris/Biden will be like having a rather nasty HOA running the country and sending federal agents to make sure everyone paints their house exactly the right shade of grey.

  24. And the uncle in the Q t shirt who thinks Trump has this wrapped up. It will only be a matter of days now.

    Happy Thanksgiving

    • Yeah, it’s not looking good for the Donald at all.

      Supposed rightist Newsmax called the election for China Joe.

      James conceded the MI Senate race despite evidence of cheating in that state.

      • Maybe that was the real point of arresting Manafort, stone, Flynn (and scaring off Bannon and gorka). Get rid of anybody smart enough to be proactive about fraud.

        Giuliani belongs in a nursing home. Trump is surrounded by traitors and retards.

        • Yeah ol’ Drippin’ Giuliani is not exactly the guy I’d run out to a skeptical public. And when the public hears “algorithms” they rightfully tune out.

  25. Happy Thanksgiving, Yanks! Especially to our esteemed blog host, and his filthy, stinking dissident rabble!
    If the shitlibs show up to make a farce – give them one. They either STFU and stow their politics – or you leave. If they are at your house, THEY leave.
    There is no “dealing” with these people. It’s go time. Beans and toast at home beats a dinner with al the trimmings with leftist shit heads.

  26. Thanks for everything you do here. I have no idea how you manage to turn it out day after day, at such a high level, but I’m thankful that you do. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  27. Why would go to any gathering where you know wine aunt, unstable uncle, purple-haired niece or ear-gauged nephew are going to be in attendance?

    I’ll be thankful for being able to avoid them completely.


    • This could become a tradition for us dissidents to meet with each other for T-day instead of our increasingly worthless and parasitic relatives. A good way to put them on notice that we know what they’re up to and we are up to our own stuff too. That’s sort of what I was getting at above with my T-day 0 post.

      • Perhaps if we insist every T-Giving attendee recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag (without a telepromter) before entering, followed by swearing an oath to defend the Constitution. That might discourage scores of unwelcome relatives and other riff raff.

  28. Dissidents everywhere will have to find a way to deal with these people. They are wreckers, unwittingly clearing a path for what comes next. Someone will build back better, but it comes only after the reckoning that awaits every radical wrecker. Unfortunately, the outcome is in doubt. If wreckers prevail there will be no “building back better”. America will be Brazil. Permanently. Thus the dire need to crush the wreckers. Always.

    • The one maybe interesting thing is that the western ideal of a “nation”, which was born of the French revolution, has been something that has been pushed relentlessly by the west and the U.S. in particular. Point being that without the nation-state framework it’s doubtful that Brazil would be be Brazil. It pays for everyone to play the game now, but in the event of upheaval that probably goes away in a lot of places.

  29. Happy Thanksgiving from the Old World to Z-man and all the commenters. I’m thankful that we still can read Z-man and hope that we will still be able to do so in a year.

  30. The one silver lining of a Rona Thanksgiving is not having to break bread with my increasingly unbearable AWR in-laws. Small mercies. Best to you Z-man on our day of giving thanks.

  31. I’m thankful for the Z-Man’s writings, including the subscription ones. You’re the true heir of those we’ve lost: Sam Francis, Joe Sobran, Col. Hackworth, Charlie Reese and others; as well as of Pat Buchanan, still with us. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Well said. I miss those sensible writers and would love to hear their thoughts on today’s madness. Happy Thanksgiving to Zman and all of the comment section who help confirm that not everyone’s insane.

      • Too true Mr. Wolf. This blog and its comment gang are an island of sanity we can return to to regain our bearings when those in charge seem bent on burning the ship of state down to the waterline.

  32. Who is included in the dissident tribe? Well, most of us are the skilled laborers who built this country through manual and vocational hard work. Ditto for the maintenance men that keep things running and repair what’s broken. And we number in the tens of millions. And that is no trivial thing. Yes, the spoiled brats of Antifa can burn things down when the cops are ordered stand by and watch. But when the men who work for a living go to war, that is a whole new ball game. Be fit, be ready, and enjoy Turkey Day one and all.

    • Hmm, I paused reading at “Turkey Day 1”. Perhaps this is the start of the Turkey Revolution. 11-16-2020 as the start of a new calendar. Tomorrow is AT (after turkey) zero!

  33. Good sermon! Fire and brimstone yeah!

    I like this. Sometimes things are just so obvious.

    “The devil stands ready to fall upon them, and seize them as his own, at what moment God shall permit him. They belong to him; he has their souls in his possession, and under his dominion”

    Dominion! Of course. It’s like the Church of Satan being such staunch advocates for pro-choice rights because of course Satanists are into baby killing.

    Many times in the Bible it says that you will go through the fire and come out like refined silver. I think we’re in the fire

  34. I can’t say I am in a particularly grateful mood, but I’m not in a black pill mood either. Not overly worried about the future of the country, since I have no control over it. Try and stay in a kind of zen state of detachment, which I am mostly successful at.

  35. Hrrrmm. ~2/3s of Biden’s planned cabinet picks so far, and 100% of the posts that actually matter, sport tiny hats. Nikki’s token make-work position at the UN is going to a blaque woman.
    Trump and family getting Romanov’ed, literally or legally, when? Somebody reboot the Matrix. It’s landed in 2018 again.

    But seriously, Z and dissident frens, Happy Thanksgiving. Peace and joy be upon all your livers this weekend.

    • who is this Jen O’Malley Dillon character? I would think that when it comes to the actual serious stuff in politics like campaigning – you don’t hire an AWFL. You hire someone like an Axelrod or Emanuel who know how to grease the skids.

  36. That was one of your best. It was a clarion call for firm resistance to the demonic power of the ruling class. I, for one, am going to give thanks tomorrow that we have Zman to help guide us and shore up our morale. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here! Onward!

  37. The question I have yet to see seriously discussed at length on any blog is the scenario under which Biden is eliminated. Don’t rule out assassination BEFORE January 20 since that will be sufficient reason to round up Trump and his administration and conduct show trials. The “softer” way would be the “Scalia treatment” that he dies peacefully in his sleep. That way Jill and Kamalatoe get to rule the roost in peace. I’m sure the arguments on both sides are flying fast and furious at the pedo-orgies in Davos about now.

    • Sentiments like that could get you vanned by the Secret Service in better times; now it’s just pure idiocy.

    • That’s pure absurdity.
      Now will he be put to the side via the 25th Amendment? They’ve already telegraphed that punch, as Pelosi did and we thought she was talking about Trump. I think the deal the Scranton Sniffer made with Kamala likely includes him stepping aside after his first year or so in office. “Health reasons” or the always flaccid excuse “to spend more time with my family” are the two likely reasons for him resigning.

  38. Somewhat related: The CEO of Sanford Health in South Dakota was shoved into early retirement. He had already announced he would be leaving in 18 months, but because he wrote an email to staff explaining he wasn’t going to participate in mask theater because he had Covid early in November and it is impossible for him to contract or spread it right now. Health system employees were enraged by his email and helped push him out after an incredibly successful 25 year career there. The masses truly are insane, and the elites aren’t any better.


    • The (((media))) have also turned the Eye of Sauron on SD governor Noem for refusing to issue a mask edict.

      It’s clear they are trying to undermine her national political ambitions.

      • The mask stance is helping her. The right wants somebody who has combat experience fighting the woke mob, and she’s passing with flying colors.
        If she cucks, she’s done, and she knows it.

      • She is up for reelection in 2022. They are trying to damage her for that, even though the state Democratic Party in South Dakota is in shambles. There are a lot of establishment Republicans who don’t like what she has been doing either. Her Covid response has helped her, she was at 57% approval in a poll just before the election.

        • Meanwhile flunatics like Cuomo are scoring in the 60-70% approval range depending on which poll you consult.

        • Alas, Barnard,
          We’ve just seen that a 57% approval is no longer beyond the scope of vote fraud available to the left.
          They have the machines, the mail-in, and, as with tradition, the institutionalized and the dead vote.
          Voting now is just a stamp of approval on the fraud process.
          Nevertheless, I hope she wins, somehow.

    • Keep a list of the mask zealots. In five years it will be common knowledge they are not useless, but actually detrimental.

      • Those who assisted in any way, no matter how small, will be held accountable. Neighbors, relatives. Let not your heart be troubled. Brazen evil must be met ruthlessly. It is cancer
        Make lists.

  39. Regarding thanks, Sobran related a story of a simple woman near him when hearing an atheist rant about the non existence of God, she remarked, “then who do we thank”.

    • Sorry about the whole War of 1812 thing. 🙂

      Just as well you won and we lost…there might be an escape to Canada for quite a few of us …if you’ll have us!

  40. Most people already know who the busybodies are in their neighborhoods. The difference is, now people who normally wouldn’t care either way will find reasons to dislike the nosey parkers. I think this is one of the silver linings in covidian theater.

  41. I’m thankful to live in Georgia where the Covid panic rests relatively lightly. Relatively. If my ancestors of “The Greatest Generation” were still alive, we’d still be having those big, multi-generational Thanksgiving gatherings where we drew names for the big, multi-generational Christmas gatherings to come.

    • How does it feel to have your state turn blue with fake ballots? Are your fellow Georgians over it, or ready to break out the pitchforks? Do you expect the same cheating in the two senate runoffs?

        • Not DLS obviously but it feels good .
          I know this sounds nuts but the more people outside our little niche realize that the system is rigged the better.
          I’m not an accelerationist mind you but we as Dissidents know but of course don’t want to admit it but the only way out is through.
          There can be only one ideology per land and only at most 20% diversity.
          The Left understands the ideology part, we refuse too. We understand the latter part but the Left doesn’t and its screw-head ideology in fact demand more diversity which is suicide. The smarter Left masks this in patronizing racism of low expectations.
          This won’t work but the people pulling teh strings want to keep the power, prestige and money being associated with the current nomenklatura at any cost.
          This too will fail, the US is failing and I’m fine with it
          And no you won’t hear about the anger or how people who while not us are like us really feel or are thinking
          Its censored and the COVID outbreak is being used to stop or slow face meeting simply so the left can consolidate power in the State.
          This won’t work either, Human nature is too strong.
          In the end, so its either separation, conquest or cleansing at this point and failing elections cement that notion.

          • Excellent analysis. Face to face meetings will resume eventually whether legal or not and when they do a lot of people will bring a lot of anger to them. That anger can be a spark for the ideology part. I’d say the kernel of that ideology is freedom of association, self defense, a stable society not overrun with endless aliens, freedom of religion, freedom from arbitrary and autocratic rule by “experts” and the people who own them, and responsibility for your own health and safety even when that doesn’t work out for you.

            Leaving the racial angle implicit rather than explicit will also allow for the creation of the “whites and friends” coalition you’ve talked about. I know some here will object and say that we need explicit racial rules but a lot of “white values” really do only seem to appeal to whites and a minority of minorities. Minorities mostly don’t really want in to be near whites but just to take their stuff. Free association and robust self-defense is the answer to that.

      • As a Georgian for the better part of a quarter century, I’m mad as hell about it. And a lot of folks I know are as well.
        The problem is we have a ton of Yankee invaders from the Blue states who are like locusts, destroying their home states by voting in destructive, lunatic policies and then moving here and doing the same thing. It shouldn’t have been close enough for fraud if not for the Yankees and foreign-born in the ATL metro area. Counties that were once reliable Republican strongholds
        People thought I lost my mind adding an hour to my commute by fleeing north to the Blue Ridge and living in the woods.
        My Prius commuter car that I bought for pennies costs nearly nothing to operate, has a very nice stereo and a comfortable ride. And it’s the first car with a cloaking device, making it invisible to leftist mobs and cops. They think I’m one of them!
        I say when everything breaks down, a commute will be the least of your worries.
        I’ll vote in the runoffs, but I feel it’s more a force of habit than anything else. Maybe also a small way to spite our rulers.

        • Sad to report that the same infestation is happening in Idaho. Ada County, which contains Boise, voted Trump 50%, Biden 47%. The female mayor of Boise wants to make it a sanctuary city.

          • Fight sanctuary city status with all your might. It’s one thing to have illegal aliens living among you laying low, generally trying to blend in and fly straight. Once they know they are no longer amenable to deportation they become comfortable, set up enclaves, and behave in the same way they did in their third world countries of origin. It is a death knell… beware.

        • It seems to me that part of the problem is your SoS, Brad Raffensperger (R). He seems to think that signature verification on mail in ballots is a privacy concern. Doesn’t he understand that verification would check the data on the ENVELOPE to the voter’s registration card and the secret ballot is in no way compromised?

        • I empathize.

          My wife and I together had over 60 years in GA.

          Now live in a VERY liberal part of UT; most of the neighborhood is talking about how much they’re going to donate to defeat Republicans in the GA runoff.

          It’s sickening. Federalism is dead, and for the Senate, and the 17th Amendment killed it.

  42. A COUPLE days off?!? What the hell kind of soft white collar place is this? One day off for us beloved “essential workers”.

    • The job I have now is the first one to have the Friday after Thanksgiving as a paid holiday, every other one had it either as unpaid or (more likely) a working day (and yes some of those were what would be considered “white collar” jobs).

    • You could always take an unpaid day off. Or maybe even the rest of the year. Like 20 million non-essential Americans.

      • No I couldn’t and the non essentials can come work with the rest of us they expected to keep the system running while they watched Netflix and ordered takeout. I’m no libertarian but at some point they’ll have to go get a job again. And yes, those jobs are out there even if they aren’t particularly personally fulfilling.

          • Both my current job and my last one were “essential” jobs. At the previous job someone said that to me as well. I felt both uncomfortable and resentful. Uncomfortable because what I was doing was hardly “service” especially in light of what that used to imply. Resentful because I knew my heroic phony service was helping pay her to stay home and post on Facebook about her phony heroic struggle that day to actually go outside in the mean old sunlight and interact with random and possibly contagious strangers like me.

            At least it used to get me $2/hr “hazard pay”. The hazard part is to your mental health from thinking about it too much.

    • When I worked for now-defunct F500 company they insisted on at least 50% IT coverage any time the market was open. So the Friday after Thanksgiving (or anytime a holiday fell on a Tuesday or Thursday people would put in for the interim day to extend their weekend). The atmosphere in the office on those days I would describe as “on the job absenteeism.” 😉

  43. Excellent essay; my kind of optimism – the realistic kind.

    but it is also about giving thanks for being in the great struggle of life.

    Been dwelling on this because of my faith – a belief in eternal grace, eternal justice, and the fact that I was purposefully granted life at this specific point in history. We humans aren’t cosmic accidents – we’re here with a mission, a purpose … and a duty. And I’m thankful that I can come to this site and find others who are honorably dutiful.

    • Blessed are those for whom God has placed hardship and obstacles in his life’s path. For it is only through these trials that we grow strong and wise, and thereby tangibly earn our self esteem and dignity. Pity those who never experience this gauntlet, for that is the road to perdition.

    • That’s why being Christian has never really been comforting to me – more like the opposite. Imagine the conversation:

      “So, getting to the great crisis of your lifetime… How do you think that went?”

      “Well, I made it out with my skin!”

      “Do you remember Our story about the talents? What makes you think that’s good enough?”

      • Not trying to be preachy here, but dwell on the aspect of grace, i.e. there’s nothing man can accomplish in the metaphysical, eternal realm that earns mercy. Grace is unmerited. For me, this is what Thanksgiving revolves around – I work to serve a God who’s been merciful and gracious to me – an otherwise absolute lost cause.

        You may have met a variety of “Christians” espousing their sanctimony and righteousness – you’re right to run away from their religion.

    • Thank you, CAPT S, for your inspiring words. Remembering that I ultimately serve a higher purpose helped me expunge, however briefly, some of the pent up aggravation from the tax that we’ve all been levied this year.

      • Guns – we’re still serving brother!

        But yeah, would’ve been nice to share a cup of joe on the fantail, eh? That shipmate bond is special … no other human relationship rivals it in my experience.

    • “Their foot shall slide in due time.”
      Giving thanks I don’t live near them anymore.
      Happy Thanksgiving all.

    • I applaud you having a sense of purpose and direction in your life, even if I disapprove of how you come by it 😀 On a more serious tone, too many people, whether a believer or not, go through their life without any clear sense of purpose.

      • I’d say that Thanksgiving is probably the best symbol of America’s civic religion that there is. There’s no specific creed though all the rituals imply the existence of some sort of generic creator to thank for our lives and blessings. Even the language of it – (blessings) is quasi-religious. I think celebrating these kinds of traditions may eventually be the catalyst to get people to recognize the importance of religious freedom and with it, all the other kinds of freedom too.

        A lot of people here and around me have told me they have very pozzed families that will not be meeting this year “because of Covid”. My trainer at the new job is one. He’s quite based himself and I’ve been trying to get a sense of his openness to the Red Pill. He can’t do a normal Thanksgiving though because his relatives are hiding in their Biden-holes for fear of the Coof. He is, however, getting together with enough friends to be defying our evil Queen’s edict about not having more than 6 people over for T-day. That made me smile.

        Happy Thanksgiving everyone

  44. My family has cancelled Thanksgiving because the nice scientists and media personalities on TV told them to. It may be a blessing in disguise, though, because I couldn’t bear the conversation which would inevitably turn political. I’ll take a relaxing four-day weekend instead.

    • Take your pleasures where you can. Take the time to know a few things off the to-do list and give yourself a little boost in the process.

    • An acquaintance usually has the big holiday get-together, but they live in a communist city in a communist state so everyone is staying away so that they do not get rounded up in some sweep (they do hate it there, but it pays the bills).

    • That brings up an interesting point to which I have no answer—what does one do if ones entire family is so poz’d? Our family has not even discussed a variation from traditional get together. COVID concerns are only mentioned because one member has caught—most likely—a cold. Has been tested and if results don’t come back negative will stay home. But if the “ties that bind” are so loose that the family preemptively cancels…we’ll, I’m at a loss.

  45. Kinda think Easter is the most important of holy-days, but I know I’m among the educated atheists here! The Catholic Church’s whole years is replete with holidays that combat the forces of evil.
    Maybe look into the! We are coming up on Advent. Maybe look into what thats about! Its a penitential season, but penance can be good for us!

    God bless you, Zman, and happy thanksgiving! You are always thought provoking!

    • That’s interesting, Sam. The readings for the first weeks in Advent are from The Apocalypse, the idea being that part of the preparation for the celebration of The Incarnation is a mediation about His return. The thing about the Apocalypse is that it’s, well, a complete shitshow, what with all the panic and death and stars falling. Feels very now, tbh.

      And that connection is right. The baby in the manger with choirs of angels and amazed shepherds and the wise men bearing odd gifts ends with the horses trampling the winepress of the rage of the Lord. The two are connected because they must be; it’s the nature of things that the one protects the other and is in turn justified by it. Advent is for preparation.

  46. Thanks for the upbeat message to kick off the holiday weekend! I was getting a little concerned after the previous two posts. At any rate, looking forward to a unpardoned turkey dinner mañana and a weekend spent with good friends. Have great holiday everyone.

    • Just don’t wash the turkey. Seriously, driving home I heard the latest bit of Covid-related stupidity. The Oregon heath department has put out a PSA about how you should not wash your raw turkey for Thanksgiving as this can splash bacteria-laden water around on other foods like salad or pie. It seems all their previous hysterical PSAs about the need to obsessively wash everything has motivated a lot of stupid people (known in Oregon as “Oregonians”) to just wash the fuck out of everything now to stop “Covid”. Apparently the Covid is such a crafty little fellow that he has mutated all the way from a virus to a bacterium.

      It’s not every day that I get to laugh out loud at a completely serious government PSA while coming home from work.

  47. Strangely enough, my own mood matches the upbeat note of your post. These times put me in the mind of my ancestors, that fought the Brits, settled the frontiers, and donned the grey and butternut. They were in dark times too and survived. Have a happy Thanksgiving Zman.

      • I shouldn’t worry too much. I think that there is a very good chance of them diversity hiring themselves into incompetence and then oblivion. It’s not certain of course, but the pushes to ‘equalize’ fields like STEM don’t bode well for these people. I still think we’ve yet to go full Idiocracy.

        I suppose we can take heart knowing that life should really be a struggle anyhow, it seems to be man’s natural state. We’ve had a good run for near on 80 years so we’ll see what’s next.

        • 80 years ago my father was in the middle of war torn, occupied Europe. Today—thanks to his perseverance and effort—his only child is a citizen of the what at that time was the only beacon of hope left in that hell hole of strife, destruction and death, America.

          How could I claim my current situation is worse—or even comparable to his? And if not, how can I complain? This will be my Thanksgiving message to family and friends tomorrow.

          Thanks Z-man for the timely reminder of our duties at this time.

        • I spent a good part of today on an investing website, reading an interesting article about how Natural Gas is soon to be obsolete. You see, apparently wind, solar and other “green” energy will supply the entire world’s needs by 2050. No, I’m being sardonic, but only by a little But the point is, this is a frequent writer in a respectable financial publication. He is not some raving lunatic. He holds an advanced degree, in a STEM-my field. The crazy goes really deep. It’s not just in politics.
          The article had a lively comments section, relatively intelligent (it’s moderated) and basically they demolished the author’s arguments. Moral of my long-winded post and today’s reading: natural gas is probably a good long term investment.
          Happy turkey day to all.

          • I’ve also seen such writings and strange conclusions from otherwise knowledgeable people. For example, many authors completely deny genetic influence on human cognitive ability—even after reams of data and studies published. And they are themselves well published academics.

            I simply chalk it up to a form of irresistible cognitive dissonance. They want this to be true beyond a desire to change their thinking in light of evidence to the contrary.

          • I wonder about this too sometimes. I think you might be right about the cogdis but part of the scenario might go like this.

            Soros Agent: We need you (Dr. Random) to write a puff piece on how “the science” tells us that there are NO cognitive differences between the sexes and races.

            Dr. Random: Well that’s not really my area, I’m a chemist. and besides it’s my understanding that what you’re saying isn’t really true.

            Soros Agent: That’s precisely why we need YOU to write the article. If the mainstream view changes years from now, you can always say exactly that. You can say it wasn’t really your area and you were just going along with the fashionable views of the day since we can’t all be experts in everything.

            Dr. Random: I don’t know… It still seems like lying in a very public way. Also, some of these talking points you’re showing me on your laptop are things even I know aren’t true.

            Soros Agent: It’s not my laptop, it’s yours actually.

            Dr. Random: Hmm…. Well, I still don’t know… <winks several times>

            Soros Agent: Look, I don’t have all day and neither do you. Isn’t it time for you to go teach your Organic 101 class? Look at your watch there: (points to a very expensive Rolex that has mysteriously appeared on the professor’s desk.)

            Dr. Random: <noticing the watch> Well, you’re right. Look at the time! I’ll just go over these talking points and flesh out that article for you. When do you need it by?

      • Nah, more blunt, brazen, craven…beyond that they’ve shown as much sophistication as a hopped-up retard with a sledgehammer. Don’t give them praise where it’s not due.

      • Interestingly, I was searching for a primary care physician for my daughter. The (few) White doctors on her plan charged a fee of $1800 per year (up front, not part of the plan) for the honor of being their patient, AND they had a waiting list of six months to share in that honor. I guess this is the price of avoiding diversity.

        • If you were up in my neck of the woods you might have to wait a couple of weeks to get a new patient appointment but you wouldn’t have to pay anything extra…

          • I’d have to agree. Shame to have to pay twice, so to speak, but that’s the way it is. If your primary care physician is a good one (worth the surcharge), he’ll open doors and direct you to all sorts of competent specialists. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of your insurance company in these matters. Also, if he is adding value to the arrangement, you’ll receive much more attention than if he is required to see—and treat—minimum numbers of patients per hour.

        • I expect medicine is going to be another of those things you will have the privilege of paying for twice if you actually want competency and quality. First you pay taxes to support the pozzed and worthless public school in your area, then you pay taxes for the expanded O’Bidencare program where you make a Zoom appointment for your severed artery with Dr. Pajeet. She was always hard to understand and now mumbles her broken English at you through her Karen cloth over the glitched out video link. If you want doctors who speak English and do more good than harm or teachers who won’t turn your kid into a brainwashed trisexual drug addict you then pay again for the real thing, perhaps having to go out of the country to get it.

          Whatever else the elite have in store for us I think it’s going to be this. There will be shabby or even outright fake versions of everything that you will be forced to pay for and take part in. Each of these compulsory systems will be described as a “benefit”.

          It will always be possible to know if someone is a member of the elite by asking them if their personal physician is a white male and whether or not their kids go to private school. If the Harris/Biden people get their way and outlaw suburbs, that cheap ranch house will soon cost a million even if it’s not in CA but Kansas. A tiny piece of shit electric car will eventually carry the status of a Mercedes SUV. So basically what used to be just ordinary lower middle class stuff becomes the prerogative of the upper middle class. Meanwhile, an endless series of lockdowns every time someone in China fucks a bat keeps small business from recovering and production becomes centralized in a few quasi-government run corporations. If you think this sounds like the old Soviet system, that’s because it is.

          There’s a lot of talk among both the elite and their enemies about the Great Reset. Now, it’s always hard to know what these elite shitbags are really motivated by but if we assume that they really do take the whole climate-change and resource scarcity thing seriously, then all this chaos may make a certain amount of sense. It may simply be a form of deliberate wealth destruction to reduce the society’s overall energy and resource footprint. They will shift everyone down a class or two and reduce expectations while keeping the good stuff for themselves.

          Note that I don’t think the GR will work. If they win, Harris and Biden will get less done than Obummer. The Soviet system began with great energy and idealism and still had trouble controlling an ethnically homogeneous society. By 1985 everyone had become thoroughly cynical and opportunistic. America today is a chaotic, mutlicult cesspool and already has 1985 levels of cynicism. On top of that there’s a real undercurrent of just plain virulent hatred that the decaying Soviet Union lacked. I see this thing going Yugoslav in the end. So lose that weight and pack that heat. This movie ends with a trillion dollars worth of pyrotechnics. No need for CGI.

      • ….more sophisticated, and soft as puppy shit. A line of “goodwhites” was lined up, six feet apart, diapers on faces, outside in the rain this morning in front of my favorite bakery. I arrived to pick up my prepaid Swedish Flop (a decadent reminder that civilization is still breathing). Rather than wait an hour or more to enter said establishment, I simply walked in, went to the counter, and asked for my order. Not one peep came from the sheep in line. The owner was happy to see me and we chatted for a bit. He said that the line formed organically, without prompting from him. So the sheep actually put themselves in line.
        i often wonder if groups of people will pack a small bag and get on the boxcars willingly when ordered to.

        Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all on this board. I confess that as much as I enjoy Z, the comments are the icing on the cake.

        God bless you all.

      • No they’re far more pathetic and wizened, evil, twisted – which the British were not. But they do not begin to approach the sophistication of the British.

      • Yup. The British. Or are we being pedantic today, Bile? Should I have said the redcoats? Great Britain? The English? I can also show you the photo of my G-grandfather minus his leg after the Yankees blew it off at the Wilderness. Or should I refer to them as the Union? The Federals?

        One wonders about some folk’s penchant for ankle biting.

        • Last time I looked The Revolution was over whether the country should be ruled by the German and his British in Britain (with help from the Germans here) or the British here.Or did Washington have a Somali passport hidden somewhere?

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