26 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Great song, though have always been partial to “City of New Orleans”

  2. happy thanksgiving brothers and sisters. thanks Zman. I’m sure glad i ran into you. went to the outdoor range this morning to shoot the new p08 (1937). man is that thing smooth. the little lady emptied a few clips. watching her i thought to myself, i got luxury problems today. big smile

  3. Not thankful for being unable to order a pizza today. Every single pizza parlour closed. Thanksgiving cares not for the single man. I ought to start a pizza chain called Lonely Man Pizza: “Open every goddamn day of the year.”

    • Hail Governor Awesome and Holy Garcetti, His Prophet!

      In Little Guadelajara, formerly known as City of Commerce, CA, the Mexican mechanics turned me on to Pandora.

      They said look up “EMD”, or Nazi Techno.

      Dang angelinos love nazi techno

      And korean fish tacos

      This is going Blade Runner, fast

    • We had to forgo our annual Thanksgiving pizza (the relations do not get it) so I sympathize. So long as you’re alone, however, you can learn to make your own. It is not hard (the dough is just flour and water and yeast) and the sauce can be made shorthand with grated parmesan, some dried basil and oregano, some garlic and onion powder, canned tomato paste, water, dry vermouth and a splash of red wine vinaigre. Use whole milk mozzarella, good dry Italian salami, and bacon for the toppings and you’re good to go.

      The trick is to cook the dough halfway at 500, then pull it out, layer your toppings and return to finish.

      With practice you can up your game with fresh ingredients, fancy crust treatments, a pizza stone, etc.

      But there’s no good reason to be denied the food of the gods on Thanksgiving of all days.

    • Mine too. He always has a different take on things, and he is a very organized thinker and writer. Cheers, all! Cheers to steady, breathless Zman! Raise your glass, if not your bitcoin!

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