Emerging Lunacy

Emergent behavior is one of those things that people struggle to grasp, because it seems to violate the expected cause and effect relationship. Most people operate on the assumption that whatever we are seeing is caused by something that can also be seen or at least described. Of course, most people like to think there is some human actor behind everything, operating from the normal human motivations. It is always tempting to reduce things to the personal as it is relatable.

There are lots of examples in nature of emergent behavior. Cross-breeding of plants can result in a characteristic that does not exist in the two plants that have been crossbred by a curious gardener. Domestic animal breeders, from time to time, will bump into this. The Ocicat is a great example crossbreeding two animals and getting a result that has qualities not present in the parents. Insects colonies are a great example of emergent behavior.

Something similar can happen with human behavior. Put the right group of people in the right situation and you get behavior that seems to spring from nowhere. Some historians have argued this is what happened in Germany in the period after the Great War when the Nazi rose to power. The panic over witches and witchcraft in early New England is another cited example. All of a sudden, people began to act in ways that were not typical of their past behavior.

This is, in part, what we are experiencing today. The people in charge have unleashed forces they do not understand for short term gain. The massive wave of irregularities in the election are one result. The bizarre, superstitious behavior of the Covidians is another manifestation. These people have been swept up in a frenzy and have become untethered from the normal restraints. “Through any means necessary” has become a rallying cry for direct action against the imagined enemy.

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141 thoughts on “Emerging Lunacy

  1. Did anyone listen to Trump on the Maria Bartolomeo show this morning? I did and I was very disappointed in Trump. This was his big opportunity to lay out his case, tell us where things are going, etc., but, instead, he was woefully short on any details and just repeated himself alot.
    Maria tried to get the analysis going by using a state-by-state approach, but Trump went off on his own train of thought, which was short on details and anything that we could hope to hang our hats on. Probably millions of people watching and he just seems completely unprepared to defend his own case … very sad.

  2. You’re being signed up for a rigged game, with rules that favor the few. A new world order is for the rich. the working man is just soylent green.

  3. Now that the DNA banks are full thanks to all those fun-for-the whole family mail-in swabs, it will be interesting to see what kind of iterative evolution eugenics the globalists will cook up in their labs. Good to know there’s a backup plan in case they accidentally wipe out too many hominids.

  4. As posted on Unz.
    Meanwhile, back in the real world, is there any truth to the rumor (that I’ve just started) that Biden’s first official act will be the purchase of Epstein’s Lolita Island to be the new Camp David?

  5. In terms of how vicious these spiteful mutants are, Richard Meyer is a guy who got started on youtube creqting cheap videos in his car,on his phone that made light-hearted fun of the crappy comics these people make.
    They went berserk with rage, and tried to ruin his life. Fortunately, Meyer is doing just fine, and shrugged it off, and now creates his own comics for a living.
    Meyer was a soldier in Iraq. He fought honest to god real terrorists and fanatics. He said that none of the people he fought could match the viciousness, heartlessness and sheer vindictiveness of the social justice types. He thinks they are the most vile people he has ever had contact with.

  6. Here’s a white-pilled contrast to Whiskey’s last post, an affadavit that was posted on a thread over at ZeroHedge:


    This is supposedly one of dozens, possibly similar filings.

    If true, there are clear, documented signs that foreign powers were involved in and interfered with our federal elections. Those signs point to powers including Iran and China.

    Also, if this filing and its brethren are true, it points to military intelligence as Trump’s best and most powerful ally in battling the Swamp.

    • It would be called a wild goose chase, Goose. Evidence, points of law, trials, poof! Gone. The state can do whatever it wants to now. Arrest you, censor you, get you fired, lose your credit, take your money. Who is going to stop them?

  7. I would like to add that Trump was a predictable disaster. He made lefty furious and hungry for vengeance but did nothing to stop them. It was like taunting a pit bull behind a rickety fence.
    Trump will almost certainly die in prison after a show trial. And indeed there will be show trials and imprisonment for nearly all Trump voters. Tlaib and Omar are pushing a bill to abolish prison (but only for blacks) and its a likely slam dunk. After the Dems fake their way to power in Georgia, by stealing the election, its a packed court, gun confiscation, and prison and/or camps for pretty much most every average White guy. Someone like Spencer can avoid that by fleeing to Belize or something, he’s got money being rich. The rest of us not so much.
    The rich and powerful have decided to dispose of us. China seems to have purchased the military leadership and so has won without firing a shot — expect the military leadership to actively help in its disbanding under Biden/Harris.
    A smart DR would start circulating a modern day Zimmerman Telegram. China’s orders to the Pentagon brass to disband the military and send all the White officers and non-coms ESPECIALLY Special Forces to “re-education camps” modeled after theirs for the Uighurs.

  8. The same (((media))) that brought us non-stop, 24/7, “Russian-meddling in our 2016 election” for 4 years, also brought us non-stop, 24/7 ACTUAL-meddling in our 2020 election via non-stop lying about systemic racism, BLM, Antifa, the fraudulent election, etc.! How is it that we all don’t see that the main problem is the (((media)))?? There are other Deep-State problems, but I think that the media provides cover for all of the (((others))).

  9. Great podcast. I will say that liberal people of a certain background are reading the tea leaves which since the 1990s at least have been pointing towards a comprehensive solution of the Deplorable problem. So they are just getting on top of the wave hoping to surf it and avoid wipeout.
    I do agree with the emergent behavior, and the need to make elites fear us, but disagree that the emerging behavior is not predictable. I think Nietzche’s approach, of assigning the worst possible motive one can think of for behavior then assuming an even worse one upon consideration is correct.
    The Puritans hung witches, but they did not just hang any random woman around. They hung mostly old, cranky women with few influential relatives to exact revenge — so that the rich and powerful would not have to cough up money or resources to share in their care. The way Cuomo sent the beer infected to nursing homes. “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?”
    Of course, the hung did have some relatives. Who ended up siding with enemy Indians and led such Indians in the Metacomet war to various enemies, to great effect. And the trials abruptly stopped once the wife of the Governor of the Colony was accused.
    It is therefore vital for the DR to get involved with BLM. I am not being facetious. We need to point people like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib who are pushing a bill to free (only) black prisoners and make blacks exempt from jail/prison. We need Omar making bills to seize Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Wal-Mart etc. and make all black people owners, managers, etc. We need Tlaib to push to replace Tim Cook and Sundar Pinchai with Jacob Blake Sr. and one of George Floyd’s baby mamas. This is how the elites fear us, and it has the effect of forcing elites to either give up their power/position (yeah right) or de-blackify the nation.

  10. OK, if I’ve seen this once, I’ve seen it a dozen times … if you put the word, “Jew”, in your comment, then it’ll will be set to “Awaiting Approval”. What is there to approve? Are those people ruling over this site, as well??

  11. “Recounts very seldom change anything”

    Except, of course, if it would favor the Democrat. Funny how that works.

  12. Saw a great banner on a barn driving through a rural area today.

    It read:

    Democrats for Trump-

    Stop China!

    Save the USA!

  13. “Some historians have argued this is what happened in Germany in the period after the Great War when the Nazi rose to power. The panic over witches and witchcraft in early New England is another cited example. All of a sudden, people began to act in ways that were not typical of their past behavior.”

    “Some historians” should just admit that the smartest, best educated people in Europe began to notice a problem and tried to fix it; no need for complex psycho-biological explanations.

    “If a nation wants to exterminate its pests, what business is it of any other nation?” — Revilo Oliver

    • No one could accuse the Nazi leadership of being smart. Indeed it was their inexhaustable supply of potent stupidity that led to their utter defeat from the most favorable position in 1938. Most of the Nazi leadership was on a par with anti-Fa. Child molesters, homosexuals, deviants, weirdos, mystics, and worse.
      The officer corps until the takeover was devoid of Nazis who were considered weirdo street brawlers. Until the takeover there were no Nazi professors, no doctors, no lawyers, no normal middle or upper class people. Afterwards yes ambitious people like Oscar Schindler joined the party for business advancement. But that was it — the top leadership remained filled with utter deviants, the most deviant and weird (a tightly closeted homosexual) the man at the top.

  14. Good podcasts. On the theme of things breaking down I really enjoyed Delta’s just total collapse on Thanksgiving Day. That was really something to see. When I was a little girl I used to fly by myself from time I was 6 on and always on Delta, the only Airline my parents trusted. Amazing

  15. Around 22:00, a reader asks for podcasts to listen to. I’ll offer some. Mostly via YouTube. Since almost every D-Right YouTuber has been purged, most the following fall under the vague category of Anti-PC. Well, you take what you can get when you’re stuck in traffic. I’m not including links, as I think that messes up the posting rules or something.

    Kieth Woods – Young Irish political philosopher. Anti capitalist. Both on YouTube and Bitchute. 27K subs

    Morgoth’s Review – Middle aged Scottish D-Righter. 34K subs

    Red Elephants – Vincent James – banned from YouTube. Bitchute. 47K subs

    Douglass Murray: Brit pub intellectual. No YouTube channel. But many YouTube interviews.

    James Delingpole – British public intellectual. Quirky, energetic. 

    Mike the Cop – Right leaning former cop’s take on cops, etc.

    Kiwi Farms

    Black Pigeon Speaks

    Modern Wisdom – Chris Williamson. 50K subs. Young Brit. Pop-Psy. Self Improvement. Not afraid to interview true Rightists.

    Critical Drinker – Skewers Lefty movies and Hollywood. 560K subs.

    Jimmy Dore Show – Socialist, anti Democratic Party. 836K subs. 

    President Sunday – Classic Liberal intellectual. Thoughts on the academy. 

    Nicholas DeOrio

    John Anderson – Middle aged Aussie. Interviews Conservative intellectuals. 

    Jamari – social commentary.  Neutral political. 570K subs

    John Polomny – Economy. Stocks. Friend of Kunstler.

    The Quartering – Movie reviews. Pop culture commentary. 960K subs

    • Continued: Some of these are just entertaining background listening. And at the very least not Prog.

      The Jolly Heretic – Prof. Edward Dutton. Evolutionary Psy. Eccentric, jumpy. 48K subs

      Mark Collett – British political activist.  95K subs

      Identity Dixie – Independent channel, no YT.

      Liberty Media – archived Nick Fuentes YT videos

      Liberal Hive Mind – Woke sarcastic clips. 340K subs

      Revenge of the Cis: ROTC – Regular Joes. Good time bar convo. Often annoying and adolescent. Subtle woke on race and bagels. 38K subs

      Salty Cracker – 30ish guy’s snarky take on topical stuff. 508K subs

      Awaken with J.P. – Skits about modern PC culture. 1.44M subs

      Officer 401 – Woke cop – 636K subs

      Styxhexenhammer666 – Dork libertarian. Convenient summary of daily politics. 477K subs

      Redbar: Mike David. Crazy mean neurotic bagel. Fun when object of derision is a Prog or Prog culture. Otherwise avoid.

      Luke Ford: Strange everything bagel. Good for sleep aid.

      Gavin McInness. Formerly funny guy when writing for Taki. Now a complete tool. But should always have our respect for fearless take-down of feminists, and career ending rant against Oprah.

  16. The podcast now running in the background, I completely agree w Z’s theory on how the fraud happened. There are fewer conspiracies (but there are still some) and more instinctively synchronized behavior than we often think.

  17. Around 22:00, a reader asks for podcasts to listen to. I’ll offer some. Mostly via YouTube. Since almost every D-Right YouTuber has been purged, most the following fall under the vague category of Anti-PC. Well, you take what you can get when you’re stuck in traffic. My list will be made over a few postings.

    Kieth Woods – Young Irish political philosopher. Anti capitalist. 27K subs
    YouTube – Keith

    Bitchute – Keith. 7K subs

    Morgoth’s Review – Middle aged Scottish D-Righter. 34K subs

    Red Elephants – Vincent James – banned from YouTube. Bitchute. 47K subs

    • I took Zs advice and looked up The Myth of the 20th Century podcast. I picked one that I know quite a bit about, but unfortunately clearly they didn’t. Thanks for the heads up on Gell-man amnesia. Fool me once…

    • Morgoth is not Scottish, he is an Englishman from the North-East. His channel is excellent and he is one of the best original thinkers anywhere.

  18. OK, just finished the podcast. We agree that the 2022 election cycle is a good opportunity to send a message to the Uniparty. But I don’t think your plan for community organizing a boycott of the GOPe is likely to be effective. If you really want to play to win this battle, then the fatal shiv is a new Trump political party that will actually rally all the diehard MAGA fanatics to a third party. Ross Perot proved that this is no trivial option. Not only would that crater many incumbent GOP dinosaurs, but more than a few new MAGA reps would likely win Congressional races. People are pissed and asking them to retreat to the sidelines is lame. But give them a noble cause and some hope, and now you’re talking real grassroots rebellion.

      • Trump leading and funding a Third Party challenge to the Uniparty would be deadly to the DC ruling class. Populism would explode because a Biden Administration will double-down on COVID restrictions, killing off almost all small businesses (think how popular that will be) and a rebirth of Obamacare will doom healthcare services just as the Boomers start to breakdown and really need it. But best of all, Biden will throw open the borders and outsiders will flood in by the tens of millions. The muddle-through believers will be the last to see doom in oncoming freight train. And Nero and his fiddle couldn’t hold a candle to what’s coming. But frankly, it’s long overdue.

        • Trump leading and funding a Third Party challenge to the Uniparty would be deadly to the DC ruling class.” Utter foolishness, Tom; the result would be permanent limitless Democrat/Socialist power. The emerging GOP IS the alternative to the Uniparty. Look at the Lincoln Project and so many other RINO’s jumping ship, sidelined, or eliminated: Paul Ryan, McCain, George Conway, Karl Rove, Corker, Christie, Whitman, Scarborough, Flake, the 55 House Republicans who retired in 2018, every Republican who has accepted Biden as the “winner”, the list goes on and on. And we’re just getting started.

          • Seriously? Still talking about elections?
            Our votes don’t exist. We didn’t vote.
            Our vote this month never happened.
            Just getting started? That’s nice. The other side is just mopping up.
            Our votes don’t exist.
            We keep believing in elections and laws and we won’t exist.
            More People’s have vanished from the Earth than survived.
            Let’s not join them.

          • The road to redemption does not run through the Republican Party. Only a grassroots rebellion by honest-to-God real and patriotic Americans can save us from the cancer of tyranny that infests all of DC. Rooting for the Republicans to have a Come-To-Jesus reincarnation is a fools errand and only delays the inevitable crash and rebirth.

  19. “…they are going to have to fear us a little…”
    I keep wondering how far they can push people around before people just get mad. These people are incredibly vulnerable. White people had all the money, power and guns in Haiti. Every last white person was either murdered or driven off of the island. Illiterate African slaves did this.
    The elite, by definition are a tiny minority. Our elite is way too big, but it is still maybe a couple percentage points. Their money and power can protect them from a lot, but not an angry determined population motivated to exact revenge on them. Just like how once in a while “BLM” has to remind the cops that compliance is voluntary, the so-called elite has completely forgotten just how vulnerable they are and may possibly need a reminder. Brexit and then Trump 4 months later should have been the kick in the ass they needed. Instead, they took those events as reasons to double down on repression. Now they have completely delegitimized their own power by screaming Russian interference for 4 years and then cheating in the election in such a blatant and apparently obvious way. We now have 2 elections in a row where the “losing” side thinks the loss is not legitimate.

    • The Foundations. Why do they exist, why are they protected? They’re the seed money and laundry of the deep state.

      • How soon you forget.
        Go have a look at the 1954 Reese Committee on Foundations and the Dodd report that summarized the findings.
        The Foundations were aiming for a system of global governance.

      • Pardon Snowden and Assange, declassify tons of documents going back to the JFK assassination, watch the fur fly, and the chips fall. What’s a bigger national security risk, the existing pace of corruption or the revelation of the truth?

        • I would like to see Trump pardon Rittenhouse that would be funnier than hell. Intellectually i understand that Trump or Biden doesn’t really make a difference to us. Nonetheless I find myself being pulled into being angry that these bastards are so blatantly stealing election.

    • >> White people had all the money, power and guns in Haiti. Every last white person was either murdered or driven off of the island. Illiterate African slaves did this.

      None of these statements are very accurate. Haiti had a substantial free mulatto population who were referred to as “colored” rather than “black” and who owned and operated their own slave plantations. The distinction between “colored” and “black” still survives in the Caribbean. The colored population vied with the white population for power in the colony.

      The black slaves who revolted got quite lucky and fell into a large pile of guns and ammo, so they wound up being quite well armed. Without these weapons the revolt would have been crushed. They also benefited from the fact that French soldiers died like flies from the Yellow Fever.

      And they did not kill all the whites. They killed all the French, but spared the Polish immigrants and the few English immigrants on the island.

      Mike Duncan did a series on the Haitian Revolution in his Revolutions podcast. It’s definitely worth a listen. As the Zman noted, Duncan is a lefty and his bias comes through loud and clear in his treatment of this bit of history, but it’s informative nonetheless.

      The Haitian Declaration of Independence is worth reading if you’re up for a good laugh. At the end of the day the Haitian revolution was little more than a successful slave revolt that led to a long history of governance by a series of competing warlords. This seems to have been lost on Duncan.

      • Hmm, I read a book called “Where Black Rules White,” which is either late 19th century or early 20th, basically before PC ran amok. It shows at length how dysfunctional Haiti became. I don’t recall whether I got information about the revolution in that book or somewhere else, but I am wanting to say it was somewhere else, so I might have some of the details wrong. (I pulled up that series. Thanks for recommending it)

        Still, I think it does illustrate that without voluntary compliance with social norms and laws, the police are very quickly overwhelmed. We see it every single time in riots and even mass shootings. Cops will literally sit outside of a school while our children are gunned down. Some of that is cowardice, but it also illustrates voluntary compliance. A tiny minority of the population could very quickly overwhelm police and they are the last line of defense for the so-called elite.
        I think we are still a long way from this kind of resistance, but I think we are closer than we were 5 years ago, and not just because linear time. Having had a large military for a long time, there are millions of well trained men in the civilian ranks. The thing they lack is the will to do it. Too many of these men are going down the track of despair and succumbing to drugs and suicide. But sooner or later the despair will turn to anger and hatred. They will realize the things that caused them despair did not just happen, but was done to them.

        • People still believe in democracy so they won’t revolt. That is changing fast with this election though and if Biden gets anointed as President , all bets are off.
          Personally I think the purpose of the Q Anon psysop is to slow the repudiation of the system however we shall see in a few weeks I guess.

  20. I know that giving nick a chance, and assuming he’s going to act like a 20 year old and not holding that against him makes sense. This thing isn’t or shouldn’t be treated like hobby ( done once in awhile or on the weekends, or for a half hour every morning) we have to live it. And that’s going to require young blood. And every thing that comes with that. I just hope he doesn’t hang around with Alex Jones and his silver bullet snake oils to much. When I see that guy, I tune out. Unless it’s Saturday morning and I’m looking for a cartoon that’s not politically correct to watch and my classic looney toons Betamax has been eaten again.

  21. The problem with multiracial society is that it becomes much harder to have a common culture.

    An Englishman and a Belgian can both look up to King Leopold II, a Belgian and an African can’t. Or a Dutchman and a Black celebrating black face Santa in the Netherlands.

    The more multiracial, the more generic and weak your culture.

    • Partially correct. However mixing White cultures is little better, Englishmen naturally have little affinity for Leopold II, though certainly more than an African who may have a legitimate beef with stuff he did as ruler.
      The desire to rule over people who are not our own from birth is poison. I get the urge, it makes one richer and more powerful but it never a good idea.
      English Kings for English Men is the best way to go.

  22. The levels of violence and lack of impulse control might be an indication that regressive DNA is being activated. Perhaps a set of survival skills that would prove beneficial is the positive to that negative. Just when you think life isn’t an adventure anymore, it is.

    • The Zman has pointed out how hanging the bad seeds gave us nice, useful betas a chance to have the kids instead and build an Industrial Revolution.

      Now, prosperity has allowed sociopathy to breed again, since it was a mate-gathering strategy in the first place.

      Look at Mexico. No death penalty, so they end up ruled by Cartel broods.

      Tainter’s complexity theory needs to include mating biology. Ruthlessness is the oldest way to reach the top of the tree and get the largest harem.

      May the trees bend under their weight!

      • One possibility for the emerging new survival skill set is the acceptance of a future without the evolutionary dead ends presently fouling our world.

        • You’ll have to be ruthless about it. I’ve even seen soft headed liberals at the Atlantic getting squeamish about voluntary testing and voluntary eugenic abortion for things like Down’s Syndrome.

  23. Just got up. Haven’t had time to listen to podcast yet, but would like to add one more item to the list of bizarre emergent behaviors that could be in our offing. Colony collapse (and it’s variants) is observed in many species in nature where some underlying pathology runs rampant through the population and all of the normal checks & balances have failed to self-correct.

    • Great example: South Korea

      Total fertility rate in 2020: will be about 0.85 children per woman.

      Dont know anything about Korean culture. But I do know that this is an extinction level fertility as each generation will now be shrinking by over 60%.

  24. I question how well Jews were policing their own ranks 100 years ago. The ADL was formed about a hundred years ago and it was explicitly anti-white. It was basically formed to defend a Jew (Leo Frank)who raped and murdered a white child and then tried to pin it on a black and blamed antisemitism for his being blamed.
    The Leo Frank story is a pretty good example of why we live in our countries and why we should. This guy was probably just a pervert weirdo. But because he was an ethnic minority, his fellows saw his being blamed as just unreasonable antisemitism and the majority saw it as an outsider murdering one of their own children and using their (outsider) money and power to get away with it. Because of this one incident a hundred years ago, we are stuck with the modern ADL.

    • Yeeks. I’ve got a twitter thread somewhere about millenia of ritual child sacrifices, with a number of both biblical quotes and historical examples. Mary Phagan may have been such a ritual murder, like Indian Thuggees, thus the conspiracy to coverup.

      (And, the promotion of abortion products as an industry. Kosher and halal slaughter too.)

      This is something hidden in their culture that has been fought over for a very long time, since their beginning.

      The fight against it may have been an emergent movement. Thus, the existential battle against the Christ as the final sacrifice. No more feeding.

      • Not hatred.

        Pity. Pity for them all.

        We are resistant, they are vulnerable.

        Not their fault, not anybody’s fault, not even the blind Creator.

        (We are the palliative, the best the universe can do with the materials at hand.)

        We have the largest numbers who are born with natural resistance- due to our cold, slightly weird mechanical, frontal cortex brains. K-theory reinforces such a trait.

        The hot passions, the throbbing social focus of the insula dominant breeder-brains: they are more vulnerable, more susceptible.

        And our caloric, hygenic, and medical success has caused the explosion of the vulnerable r.

        • Oops. What am I referring to?

          The Infection.

          The ‘spiritual’ driver of Nature’s hungry ruthlessness, her expansions and collapses.

          We call it evil, but it is really merely mindless.

          (I’m thinking right now it’s a resonant wavefront below 6 Mhz, but that’s very tentative, as I am deeply ignorant with much to learn.)

  25. I used to think these past periods of behavior were really fascinating. People actually ran up the prices of tulip bulbs, at least some rare varieties to the price of a fine home.
    Our so-called leaders look at these old events and feel smug and superior, completely blind to their own madness. They have even gone as far as developing entire academic schools of thought designed to encourage mass delusion. It never even occurs to them that maybe the version of themselves 10 years ago who did not think a man in a dress was self-evidently a woman might have a point.

    • I think the lunacy today is greater than it has ever been before. The gender confusion would be exhibit #1 to support that.

      • Yeah screaming ‘trust the science!!’while denying biologic reality is near the top of schizophrenic behavior

      • No one’s cutting your balls off, slitting your throat and sticking your head on a stake. Lunacy has a presense, that you’ll be aware off, too late.

  26. “Put the right group of people in the right situation and you get behavior that seems to spring from nowhere.”

    Exactly right. The scolds, the cowards, and the barbarians don’t “spring from nowhere” … that behavioral DNA is part/parcel of humanity. But my family, community, and culture taught me, from breast to manhood, that busybodies, sissies, and lowlife knuckle-draggers were the scum of humanity – not to be tolerated, and certainly not to be emulated or celebrated. That’s what my culture did for me – transition me from selfish/prideful boy into a civilized man.

    Heaped on top of that was a healthy dose of southern gentility – it was understood that every village had their idiot, and while we must be charitable, we should never hire them for anything other than janitorial service.

    Yet today we have the right group of people (scolds, cowards, and barbarians – idiots all) in the right situation (where they are tolerated, emulated, and celebrated … and they RULE.)

    • Yes, and these idiots will continue to dominate the rest of us until some counter-force arises to change that. Some believe that community organizing is that force. While others believe that voting will eventually prevail. Yet others believe that we will simply “muddle through” this malaise and life goes on, so in the words of Alfred E. Neumann . . . What, Me Worry? My advice, anything thing worth having is worth fighting for, and if you’re not up to the task, what good are you really.

      • A counter-force is absolutely necessary and is under development; we have Trump to thank for adding many to our numbers. Still, our side has an unfortunate tendency to divide into impotent cliques … instead we desperately need alliances.

        It’s not in everyone’s DNA to be a 21st century minuteman, but if I’m going to pick up a rifle I want to know that there’s a community behind me, a church that’s praying for me, and that the muddle-through “neutrals” won’t be grassing on me. It seems we’re both pointy-end-of-the-spear types, but we also need some fellow travelers in the rear with the gear. And a well-networked and robust community for my family is crucial, as every combat vet knows.

        • Yes, living among like-minded people is a valuable resource and support system, which is why I advocate for moving into a rural community. Clans evolved in Europe because they “worked”, not because someone talked them into it. But a successful war against modern tyranny cannot be won the old fashioned way. A new paradigm is necessary. The paramount goal is to win, not die bravely.

          • “…which is why I advocate for moving into a rural community.”

            Couldn’t agree more. After military retirement I brought my brood to a small farm – best decision of my life. But relocation – in and of itself – isn’t enough. If we’d melded with my rural community my clan would be as lost and helpless as ever.

            Once settled in the heartland, our people need to remove their kids from the government schools – period. We need to raise young people that know how to shoot, grow food, cook, and amuse themselves without teevee. They need to hang with entrepreneurial parents and neighbors, learning a trade, and cultivating partnerships and alliances. I could go on, but the crux is that our people need to SECEDE from the existing paradigm before any possibility of a paradigm shift. I’m not interested in talk of war unless/until I see fellow patriots who are willing to endure some inconveniences – who are passionate about their walking the talk.

            Those who are unwilling or uneasy about yanking their beloved children from public schools are fundamentally incapable of pulling off a revolution against tyranny. The hearts and minds of our side just aren’t there yet.

  27. Cross-breeding of plants can result in a characteristic that does not exist in the two plants that have been crossbred by a curious gardener. Domestic animal breeders, from time to time, will bump into this. The Ocicat is a great example crossbreeding two animals and getting a result that has qualities not present in the parents. Insects colonies are a great example of emergent behavior.

    I’m gonna geek out a little bit b/c that stumbled on one of my interests, zoology and also I’m kinda enjoying a slight break from politics. So if this is too OT apologies and the host feel free to delete. Maybe I have a comment later on the politics of the show, who knows.
    Cross-breeding; there is a theory that the red wolf, which is a very rare form of wolf found primarily in North Carolina today, is actually a natural cross-breed between the grey (or ‘normal’) wolf and the coyote. This is different from, say, a mule or a liger (a cross between a male lion and female tiger) b/c it is not that every red wolf is a cross between a grey wolf and coyote but that they may have cross-bred thousands of years ago and that gradually gave rise to a new form of wolf, inbetween them in size and temper. Today tundra grizzlies are running into polar bears in Northern Canada and Alaska and they have also cross-bred. Possibly they will give give rise to a new bear suited for the high north??

    The more general point is that traditionally evolution is seen as species branching out from a parent species by random mutations that happen to confer some survival advantage. But the opposite process, species merging to form a new species, or if you will, branches on the tree of life, fusing, is probably also an important mechanism. It has happened in human history; all non-negroids have Neanderthal DNA to varying degrees. Modern man MAY be a merger between those that left Africa 150,000 yrs ago and Neanderthalers. If we view it thus, blacks are not technically ‘modern man’. But on the other hand, it seems Africa, the largest tropical region in the world (and tropics have the highest biodiversity and -density) is where things, from elephants over big cats (the lion in neolithic times was found all over the world outside Australia and maybe South America) to great apes and even superbugs ‘burst out from’. And we may be seeing that with humans again. I call this the ‘African pressure cooker’ theory and it may, or may not, be a general rule. Anyway this is getting too longwinded and whether anyone wants to draw any potential political implications from this I’ll leave to you guys. Thanks for reading this far to those who did lol 🙂

    • Hah, call you a nerd but well-meaning chiding doesn’t come across well via text. What got you interesting in zoology?

      • Haha I’ve always been interested in animals. I went to Africa as a student, that’s where I picked up my moniker. I think Africa is a must-see, it’s life w/o cushions or safety rails. But I believe ‘Africa’ should stay in Africa; there’s a reason they don’t ride zebras or raise African buffaloes for beef, they’re too wild.

        • You really should look into the origins of cows and probably wild horses and really ANY domesticated animal or even plant.
          If you found wolves in Africa (maybe you do, I don’t know), you could tell a GREAT story about how wolves are just too wild and too vicious for domestication.
          This is one of the dumbest arguments Jared Diamond makes in guns, germs and steel. No domesticated animals is proof that there were no animals suitable for domestication. We have all kinds of staple foods whose ancestors were basically not edible. Some Russians domesticated foxes in a few generations though changes to their coats made the domesticated animals useless. Looking at a wild version of some plant or animal and concluding that it is just not suitable for being domesticated is just a failure of imagination.

          • Hehe reality is always more complex than a brief comment on a blog allows for. I actually largely agree w you. But take bovines. Buffalo Bill killed thousands of American bison and was never harmed, many others had similar records. And this is in the black powder days, not modern cordite magnum rifles.Even today, w modern big game hunting rifles, PH’s (professional hunters) are wary of the African buffalo even though it is smaller than the American bison. Big game hunters during the Brit Empire were in the best position to judge b/c they could hunt African buffalo, Indian water buffalo and gaur and bison in Canada w/o ever leaving the empire. None of the others, w the partial exception of the Indian water buffalo, ever had a reputation even close to that of the African buffalo as dangerous quarry. Unless those British adventurers were somehow biased, we must conclude that empirically the African buffalo is more dangerous to antagonize than other bovines.

            That said, I think there are plenty of animals suited for domestication in Africa starting w the myriad of different antelopes, which are related to cattle. And I think it is due to neolithic HBD that they weren’t, probably b/c there was so much game around that it was easier to hunt than to domesticate.

          • That hunting bit is interesting. Seriously, do you run a blog or got some favorite zoology sites you like to visit?

          • Thanks. I dont actually have a blog, I don’t think I have the time which may be a lame excuse coz Im not saying those who do have too much time. But I think there are tons out there and some are good. And animals are fascinating, also b/c you can recognize animal behavior in us.

          • I was about to object and reference 10,000 year expllosion and some of gregory cochrans articles, but you steered in the right direction there at the end. It seems cold winters may have lead to the discovery of farming, domestication of animals, and even the gene for digesting milk, all of which controllled for higher intelligence and altruism, aka, the domestication of europeans. I read somewhere that besides a few aging birds, colorful eyes only exist in european descended humans and their domesticated animals. Coincidence.?

          • I don’t know about the color of eyes but I suspect that you wanted to object b/c it sounded Jared Diamond-like. And while I DO believe in the specific case of bovines than the African buffalo is more dangerous than aurochs or bison, based on what serious hunters say, the only control case I can think of is the Asian water buffalo. India has two giant bovines in the jungles, the gaur and the water buffalo. The wild water buffalo is far more feared than the gaur. But the water buffalo has also been domesticated. So maybe you COULD domesticate the African buffalo. But the first couple of generations, before you’ve bred out the angry streak, are not gonna be fun to handle, or maybe too much fun, depending on how much action you want lol

          • The cold winter excuse seems like BS because it was cold in North America and they never invented the wheel..

        • Haha, rich douchebag, if we want to see african animals we can go to detroit or philly Why deplete the trust fund to seek the real deal.card carrying banana cheiftan?

    • One thing I’ve been thinking through a lot lately are the dysgenic implications of permanent caloric surplus. Our emergent behaviors track pretty closely to the emergent behaviors in Calhoun’s “rat utopia,” which, though it was supposed to be about overcrowding, actually showed what happens when permanent caloric surplus sends all survival instincts haywire. Unless you’re a bodybuilder or distance runner, you’re carrying far more fat than the “natural” homo sap body is designed to handle (I speak as a fat guy). That has all kinds of interesting biochemical effects… and we’ve been in that state for a couple generations now, a truly unprecedented state in all of natural history.

      • Could very well be that caloric surplus is a situation that trips up our survival instincts. Anonymous Conservative argues that humans can transform from a K strategy suited for scarce resources (hierarchy, distinct male and female roles, competitive, strong distinction between in-group and out-group, aggressive territoriality) to an r strategy, suited for an environment where food is not a limiting resource and which is largely the opposite. He thinks ppl who instinctively favor a K strategy are ‘conservatives’ or ‘right wing’ and ppl who want an r strategy are leftists. I find the idea intriguing.

        • I’ve thought a lot on that as well, and I agree with him. I’m in the process of thinking this through, as any new political theory for the new age will have to take some basic biological facts into account (prior political theory assumes that human nature is unchanging, which is false).

      • Oh stop worrying about caloric surplus. That can easily be reversed by this one neat trick;

        $Dollar+Price Discovery=HUNGER

        You see the American food distribution system- not food itself but the distribution system requires money to function, or it collapses. With it goes ‘caloric surplus.’ Its also the next big repressive step, and so obvious. Hunger is classic repression, ask the Irish, Ukrainians, Ethiopians, the oldest Germans perhaps too.

        BTW $+Price Discovery=gasoline distribution breakdown as well. And without the trucks ain’t shit on the shelves either.

        So you can stop ninnying about surplus calories and start worrying about 2500 a day.
        Our Western White asses ain’t making it far on 1500 , as the Chinese discovered with our POWs in Korea.

        US prison system does same, the noggers are less nogging if just a bit hungry.

        • I think you’re missing the point, that caloric surplus for the last 100 yrs has dulled healthy tribal instincts. That seems quite plausible. That food distribution may break down in the future and that that may have some interesting effects on society, is true but a different issue.

          • I actually agree partially, only partially. I just don’t think its a particularly useful tack to take.
            What can be done?

            Will it continue?
            No. I think even if history is not obeyed – I mean history’s lessons and methods of repression for elites, not Marxist History – I think hunger happens because our finances are insane, and = hunger.

            Hunger putting it mildly will be a shock to Americans more than most. It hasn’t really happened since the 17th century. Isolated examples such as The Donner Party – good 19th C. SJWs that they were – are not encouraging.

            Since Severian is going on and on about this including at his blog, and he wants to worry overmuch try Severian to picture a America of widespread urban and white collar cannibalism ~ Severian I believe you mentioned you wanted to lose some weight?

            As for me I am not worried ~ both sides of my all Irish family came over years after the famine.

            Which means they fed.

            No worries here!

      • Yes, life form dynamics a very complex puzzle, and there are significant modal differences between ocean-based and land-based species’ dynamics. More significantly yet, for about a billion years, natural forces dominated evolutionary development. It ‘s only in the last few millennia (or even perhaps the last few generations) that artificial (man-made) evolutionary forces have come to dominate our path forward. Personally, I think we are now in a race between a natural colony collapse event and artificial DNA manipulation into an entirely novel neo-species.

      • Severian, I have been following your blogs for a while, and your rat utopia/permanent caloric surplus discussions caused me to think through the situations of all my known high school/college peers, as to their marriage and children status. Dozens of well-off white people, few marriages, almost no children. Less than 50% ever married, and perhaps 15% to 20% ever started a family. I don’t count post-college peers, because my own experience as married and a parent dictated almost all of those relationships. Question to the commentariat, is my tally one that you see as well?

        • When you start looking at it, it’s everywhere. The characteristic rat utopia behavior develops everywhere you get a group in permanent caloric surplus. It explains the instant weirdness of the Roman Empire’s elite much better than, say, lead in the water pipes.

      • I can remember reading one of the Taubes or Luestig books on diet and food where one of them made the point that fat tissue is self-perpetuating.

        Apparently fat tissue releases hormones that encourage a person to feel hungry and eat to fill the hunger.

        The more fat tissue, the more hormones and the stronger the sense of hunger.

        Rinse and repeat.

      • It can be both, those are two different things. Evoluton IS iterative, each generation is an iteration.

  28. Good podcast. I have to disagree (for now) that the establishment is just going to ignore Trump, for both practical reasons and fanatical reason. Ted Koppel had a point when he told the porcine, rubber-lipped lizard man from CNN (Brian Stelter) that Trump is good for the ratings. The news about Blumpf will technically be “soft” most of the time, but there will be so much sadism in the reporting (“Watch Blumpf the fat white Oaf miss this easy Putt on his Golf Course”) but that will harden more normie white hearts. That brings me to the fanatical aspect: These people are empty and would prefer to fire arrows into a corpse staked to a tree rather than run the risk of looking in the mirror. Look at how long they’ve been haunted by the ghost of Nixon (a guy who ended the War, normalized relations with China, floated “negative income tax” half a century before Andrew Yang, and created the first genuine opiate program in the country). Like most people who voted for Trump, I didn’t really like him. But these people have been so sadistic to him that they’ve managed to sort of do the impossible, beatifying this bloated real estate salesman into a whipping boy for all the sins of White America.
    Yes, it is a bit like Weimar. The left derived no end of satisfaction from the humiliation they visited upon the deposed royalty in Weimar Germany. They even had former royals performing in Kabaret shows for their amusement. I learned a simple lesson from that history and it’s the same as the lesson I learned in Iraq. Careful who you humiliate. Especially when they’re powerless.

    • Iraq, our “occupation” cough gag of Iraq has many lessons for us.
      For example the COVID restrictions are essentially a mild DeBaathification for whites, small business, etc. So are the constant humiliations and degradations.
      The loss of control of crime and gangs, political movements with guns in the cities, etc. There is something very wrong with our elites far deeper than ideology, the constant impulse to insult and degrade others is a defect.

      If only Stalin knew, he’d never let the Communists act this way, certainly not in public.
      *This was part of Stalin’s actual rule you know.*

    • Considering that German and Irish are the majority strains in the largest white tribe outside of Europe, combined with the outstanding traits and history of the rest, their militance and their savage treatment by other tribes-

      careful, that tinder is stacked high and deep.

      • “Considering that German and Irish are the majority strains in the largest white tribe outside of Europe.”
        No they’re not.

      • They’re probably going to regret awaking certain long buried traits. Probably. Of course they love to stir up trouble and poke animals [in their view] with sticks.
        Then cry out after they strike you. < diseased.

    • If I’m understanding you correctly, I agree that (((they’ve))) been able to make something of a martyr out of Trump with this non-stop 4-year harassment and criticism. There is no one but the (((media))) to blame for this situation. Sure, there are Whites who despise Trump, but were it not for the (((media))), their numbers would be a fraction of what they are now. (((They))) create their own problems and then cry anti-semitism when non-Jews shine a light on it.

    • The left is steadily drifting off like an iceberg into a sea of unreality…or, I should say, into a state of reality entirely of their own making.

      • Have to wonder if the upside down world we are having forced on us isn’t a manifestation of the paranoia and lunacy that goes on in (((their))) heads. They have remade the world in their image. And now we all know just how f—-ked up they all are.

  29. The based Jew, the based Korean, the based Nigerian or whatever you fancy, always causes me some suspicion. Seeing that race is a significant factor in loyalty, I’d rather not have to deal with these fifth columnists.

    Naturally, when we must live in other communities we will choose the based Jew as a neighbour over a soppy white middle class leftist; but when defining our own community, I am afraid I would consider Mr Solomon Goldstein a liability. This does not mean there can be no functional relationship between different communities – but exclusion of people not matching certain base criteria must be maintained. Being white would be necessary but not sufficient.

    • Separation/Segregation doesn’t need to imply no interchange or interaction. Since Tom Metzger died (Jim Goad’s eulogy is worth reading), there are all these old clips of him online. The Whoopi Goldberg interview was an enlightening reminder that America used to sort of take the free speech thing serious. Just like with Jared Taylor or Pat Buchanan, most of the times they tried to set him up, the interviewer came off liking him. There would be a lot less racial animosity if we weren’t foisted on each other against our will. They could visit and conduct business with us. I doubt they would want to do more.

      • Jim Goad is a grifter.
        I get that people aren’t where they are today last week. But I not believe for one moment that he thinks any different than he did 20 years ago about any subject any dissident cares about. In addition to being a grifter, he is just a gadfly.

        • Reporter, opportunist, grifter…mere synonyms in this context. Who cares. The guy wrote for a living for his entire professional life.

      • Yeah, I have plenty of nonwhite friends and acquaintances. At least you can call a brown person “faggot” without him calling the cops for hate speech.

        That said I’m highly aware of who is part of my group and never put positive experiences with other groups in front of it. My group is family, conservative Christians and generally any white person who is not woke and self hating. Other badwhites are starting to think tribally too – I dont even need to talk politics explicitly because we are smiling through unsaid words and it’s great. We’re on the same team.

      • Speaking of which, Pat Buchanan’s website (buchanan.org) has been “Suspended.” No explanation given.

    • Suspicion is healthy. There’s nothing abnormal about being such with people who aren’t similar to you. Privately, people who are quick to adopt new ideals (sometimes ideas) and accept outsiders quickly struck me as whores. Oh noes, the edginess.

    1. Is the Trump we wanted Emerging? Against all previous analysis and judgment – cold judgment – that Trump is purging DS all round (he just dumped a bunch of DS neocons including Kissinger from Defense policy board yesterday) I am beginning to whitepull on Trump. I hate to sound Q-ish, and I don’t think there’s a plan, but what he is doing are not the actions of concession. I am only looking at facts not consistent with concession. Not to mention the legal cases in GA and MI, and the nationwide PR disaster of using Dominion, the sub amateur vote dump at 0400, etc… I don’t think Trump will give up.

    Is Trump suddenly ‘emerging’ into the man we wanted all along? Driven by fear if nothing else?

    A House of Representatives election – 1 elector per state – is far from hopeless.

    • A U.S. House election is one option. Another is that GOP-led state legislatures appoint GOP electors after being shown massive vote fraud. Yet another is that one or more courts halt action by the electoral college. And still another is that several swing-state elections are outright reversed—either by court or state legislative action—giving wins to Trump. We are living through a stunning historical moment, with the outcome yet in doubt.

      • Having that many paths to victory is very Sun Tzu.

        So was disassociating from Sidney Powell and allowing her to operate independently.

        The Flynn pardon is strategic in the sense that it nullifies Judge Sullivan’s ability to use his lawfare campaign to distract Sidney and team from the all-important electoral fraud effort.

        Feeling a lot better about the Trump lawfare effort than I did last week.

        • LOL ProZ: That was then, this is now. Check out non-MSM newsfeeds re events in Pennsylvania over the the last 15 or 20 hours.

    • It’s as if our President is quickly following the path of enlightenment we have all taken (but four years too late, IMO). Perhaps the CivNatty President is dead and the dark side President is here. May it be so, and may it also be that he has four more years to exercise his new self.

    • One man is not a government.

      At least, not here. At least, not yet.

      The snakes in his own party have always been, and will forever be, his greatest Achilles heel.

      • Snakes can be eliminated, ProZ. It takes time, but everyone knows there is no place in the new GOP for snakes (not to mention other swamp creatures). True, we’ll never be rid of them entirely, but that doesn’t constitute an Achilles Heel, merely a problem to be managed.

    • Trump will do nothing to protect our rights to speak or assemble. Trump will not get us out of any foreign entanglements. Trump will do little about mass immigration.

      We are his booty call whom he calls when he has no one else. He spent all of his time trying to appeal to Javanka’s friends: global finance, jews, blacks, hispanics, and trannies.

      Only when his back is against the wall and no one else answers his calls does he do a small amount on immigration, border security, election fraud, free speech, or endless wars.

      Nonetheless, Trump is better than Biden.

      • Dear Sir,
        Even TNR/ The New Republic noted that under Trump there was an egalitarian economic revival, which of course COVID and the lockdowns reversed.
        We have 500 new miles of wall, BTW, and I can go on.
        Just ending TPP was a massive blow he spared us.
        He didn’t start any new wars, and did his best to end the ones we have. He tried in person to open North Korea.
        All this while fighting off coups, and now a stolen election- all for the little he did for us, which was quite more than a little until 2020 and the lockdowns.

        It’s true he reached out to people you hate, and who hate us. That’s not unstatesmanlike.
        As far as not going far enough…and what have you done? If it’s the line in the sand, me too. Recursively.
        Following orders weren’t we? Well Trump is following the Laws, he has all along. Foolishly in my view.

        The President is not a dictator, and as we now see he’s not even President…because above all else our enemies have completely and madly exposed all their machinations. The Deep State, the electoral fraud, the coup attempts by the Deep State, the media, tech…all unhinged, all taking power that will hang by the merest threads…those threads being our own inertia.

        You don’t even want a dictator, you want a God.
        Not even Stalin or Mao got there alone…and Trump is alone. We are in no position to criticize his tweets and his powerlessness when that is our own same choice- complain, but do nothing.

        • I was white pilled on these points until george floyd and the jogger riots. Blm did 2 billion in damage, killing 36 people at least, and every major entity excused it. Supported it. Economics dont mean shit when you see your race will be hunted by others with impunity. So yes i support trump, but now only because we need to buy time for a real awakening and a real leader.

  30. Such dishonest coverage of Groypers. They don’t claim to be right wing and fight with the left? YOU don’t like TRS for some reason. It seems to me that something personal happened behind the scenes and you are holding a grudge.

    Explain how the Groyper strategy of trying to infiltrate the GOP is going to work when you yourself have admitted that that strategy won’t work? These people are a year away from being TPUSA.

    • Not a fan of Fuentes personally. He seems like a little weiner who likes hanging out with sexual weirdos. The fact that he is able to stay on Youtube makes me suspicious that he might be controlled opposition. That being said, his people are essentially on our said, and the feuding between him and the TRS guys is silly. But this is something that is a two way street, and his group of freaks and irony bros are just as responsible for this feud as the TRS side. The thing that makes me lean towards the TRS side is they actually are trying to make a community and hook op with people of the opposite sex. But I am willing to admit have have no idea which side is better. It would be nice if this wasn’t a choice.

      • The fact that he is able to stay on Youtube makes me suspicious that he might be controlled opposition.” As far as I can tell his channel was banned from YouTube at the start of 2020. If you can still see him on YT it’s because other channels sometimes post his content.

    • I would imagine Z man correctly recognizes the TRS crew as a cult. There can be no disagreement with the cult’s positions. None will be tolerated. Their positions (or their “take or the “shot” as they refer to their opinions/facts) can also change dramatically. At one time, Trump was the “God emperor”. Now he is absolute scum and deserves to be jailed, or worse.

      • Agreed. I was a paywall subscriber until they started deleting any comments I made that didn’t fit their narrative but not in a cartoonish way that could be pointed and laughed at. When they deleted a comment about The White Hot Takes (saying it would be nice if they put out more content again), I walked away. By that time, Marcus Halberstram, Lauritz con Guildhausen, Larry Ridgeway, etc. had left so that decision was an easy one to make.

      • The content on TRS is bad:

        TDS – No real attempts to be funny, the slap fighting between Sven and Mike is tiring. They’re more or less stuck with each other and that’s likely why they haven’t split.

        FTN – Rarely covers the news, focuses their attention on how everyone and everything is controlled by the chosenites. Jazzhands is extremely arrogant, outright saying “we’ll tell you what to think” even though they lost serious credibility getting COVID wrong and never bothering to own up to it.

        Strike and Mike – Two Duginist/Strasserists rambling for three hours about Jews.

        The Third Rail – Revolving door of hosts, getting worse and worse each time. When it was Borzoi, Spectre, and Lauritz, it was a great underrated show. Now it’s entirely forgettable.

        The Paranormies were never good.

        • FTN is undoubtedly the worst. The arrogance is off the charts. Never seen anything quite like it. Third Rail used to be good with Borzoi. TDS remains somewhat listenable, due to Mike’s “gift of gab”. Otherwise, they are all very angry, hate their audience and probably hate that they can do nothing in life but do more and more nihilistic podcasts.
          I predict they will do either a mass shooting or group suicide. Or perhaps COVID will take them all out as predicted on FTN for several months.

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