The Rise of Gyno-Fascism

A dozen years ago, the neoconservative gadfly Jonah Goldberg wrote a book titled Liberal Fascism, in which he argued that it was the American left that had the love affair with fascism, rather than the right. Like everything that comes from neoconservatism, his tract was actually a left-wing polemic dressed up as a right-wing critique of the left, but it made a useful point.

That is, the American left has always been rhetorically opposed to fascism, hysterically so at times, but there has always been a great deal of overlap between Progressivism and fascism. The fascists a century ago borrowed from the American left. Over the past century, the American left has returned the favor. As a result, Progressivism has evolved into a strange hybrid form of fascism.

Of course, this does not mean that Progressives will be sporting arm bands and khaki outfits anytime soon. That cartoonish version of fascism that has been a staple of American pop culture for generations is not making a comeback. Even putting aside the absurd characterizations, early-20th-century fascism was a product of the industrial age and has no place in post-industrial, technological societies.

Instead, what we are seeing in America is a highly feminized, mutant form of fascism that is unconcerned with the practical aspects of governance and instead obsesses over the aesthetic and moral aspects or rule….Continue Reading

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  1. A good example of aesthetics having priority over pragmatics is Gov. Cuomo’s nomination for an Emmy. In a sane world he would be forced to resign (or worse) for choosing policies that predictably killed a few thousand of his constituents, but instead he’s celebrated for his tone and demeanor during press conferences. You have to laugh.

  2. Maybe the problem isn’t so much ‘liberal democracy’ as it is with the elimination of strict voting restrictions.

    • We don’t have a systems problem, we have a personnel problem.
      That’s like putting voting restrictions on cannibals.
      There isn’t any ‘system’ short of the grave or Supermax that could render our elites and their fellow traveling strivers safe.
      Not Democracy.
      Nor Aristocracy
      Not monarchy
      Not dictatorship
      Not Patchwork
      Not Communism
      Not Fascism
      Not neoliberalism
      Certainly not conservatism.
      ^by the way they have elements of all the above^

      When someone wants to use the school system to sexually groom children, when someone’s use of the border patrol is an escort service NGO for illegals, when someone sics the police on the citizen while having them stand aside for criminals and rioters…when someone steals trillions of dollars a year and calls it ‘economics’… when someone’s idea of commerce is burning down the business for the insurance money – there is no system or ‘restrictions’ on these people other than death, exile, or being imprisoned for life without any contact with the outside.
      Their lawyers can meet them in prison- and stay there.

      I mean I could settle for lobotomizing some of them and returning them to their place of origin, say at 3514 International Dr NW, Washington, DC 20008, or 11766 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025, or 800 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10017. That’s only to show the humanitarian side.
      I must now mention that in numbers the above addresses only cover certain problems and not all, for our intrinsic problems we must settle accounts. I bear those of no ill will or deed good will, but we cannot go on like this, their entire point being we don’t go on at all.
      And Whiskey is right. Whether overt or preferably sub rosa White Men must take back power here, the others aren’t up to it, even the decent ones. That was the great mistake: not sharing rights, sharing power. There can be no right to power, that is madness.

  3. Moar…

    The Ranked Choice Voting feature of Dominion Software was actually voted on ‘controversially’ in Maine, but at least they did vote it in on a referendum, instead of just installing it as a operator level admin feature like Dominion did LOL.

    It is sold as: Ranked voting is any election voting system in which voters use a ranked (or preferential) ballot to select more than one candidate (or other alternative being voted on) and to rank these choices in a sequence on the ordinal scale of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. 

    It is charitably Proportional Representation [see Brazil, Iraq].

    In however the Dominion system it’s a operator admin feature used to change the votes, and BTW no audit trail is generated in Dominion software LOLOZZ our guy wins yay.

  4. It’s all the AWFLs who lost their jobs as the Secretary’s and executive assistants, typists back in the 90s.
    Fascism was foreseen as coming as early as 1994 by Edward Luttwak, mind you AWFL fascism was a bit too far to see.

    Luttwak said in 1994 the dislocation of the managerial class would lead to fascism in the future. They were getting gutted at that time by automation, removing the need for clerical workers and their supervisors.

    Who shall they boss around? 🙁  

    The Managerial class’s fascism is here, it’s called ‘wokeness’.  That it is superficially left, and not so superficially post-theist Christian [neo-Puritian] will not help the proletariat needless to say. Unless losing their server gig because an AWFL gave them a bad rating on Yelp is ‘helping’ the Proletariat. 

    Lind sees the same thing now, although his conclusions are…how shall I put this…a bit occluded. Yes. He sees what he wants to see, not quite what is…

    They’re not Yankees, there’s more to that than going to Harvard or Yale. But Lind can’t of course say who it is…

    Mind you it’s not that those who destroyed the WASPs in the 1960s replaced them, they couldn’t. They could only steal, embezzle, opiate, pornify, but not Rule. Now they’re foisting the blame on the ghosts they buried.

    • Good take on Lind. Scapegoating seems to be the main point of his otherwise perceptive work- deflecting blame from the usual suspects. The shame is that the Puritans deserve it. Like Esau, they sold their birthright to Jacob.

  5. When I saw the title of the article I was intrigued. I had a fleeting hope it was gonna feature white women in their early 20’s wearing a unform involving gogo boots, mid-thigh skirts, fitted blouses, and armbands while marching in lockstep. Then reality reasserted itself.

    Also imagine if Karens were enforcing our standards, our customs, and our values.

  6. Until now, we have had a two-party system. At some periods and regions, one party has had overwhelming dominance, but generally the parties have alternated in the presidency. That is now changing. By flooding the nation with Third Worlders (in complicity with the employer class), and out-and-out cheating when required, the Dems will henceforth have permanent control of the presidency, and quite possibly the Congress, as well. That will certainly change how the citizenry will react to the political system. I certainly can’t see what form that change will take, but there will be a change. It will probably not be a change that increases social stability.

  7. The ruling class is now a needy girlfriend with a personality disorder, demanding we drop everything to hear about her day.”

    Absolutely friggin brilliant. And funny.

    • The spam filter seems to have certain words hard coded into it. That’s one. All of the epithets seems to be on the list. There are others that make no sense, but it is free and works well enough, so you accept the weirdness.

        • I’d say “hunter” was the oddest one. They change over time, so I suspect they have an algorithm that maintains the banned word list, but a human comes in at some point and cleans it up. I’ve seen websites blocked too. Anything with VDare in it wound up in spam, but then that stopped.

  8. I find that enormously hopeful. They’re not going to be able to maintain it which means it’s going to be a lot harder to keep us under their thumb. And if things collapse, they no longer have access to their antidepressants and I think everyone knows at this point that the withdrawal off those is absolutely debilitating. Picture all your enemies on the floor in a fetal position crying. It’s my happy place.

    But I’m reading Eichmann in Jerusalem right now and it is absolutely horrifying how the Jewish authorities led other jews to the camps. I could definitely see that happening in the white community.

    • Yes. I think that there is not too small a chance of them just crumbling under the weight of reality. It is just all so daft.

      At a friends place over the weekend, Sky Sports was on in the background – the football (soccer) was on. Every time there was a female commentator. Everyone in the room commented on how bizarre it was to see all these women shoe-horned into these roles. The subject quickly turned to how many joggers had recently been appearing in the adverts, and these were by normal people.

      I’m reading Eichmann in Jerusalem right now and it is absolutely horrifying how the Jewish authorities led other jews to the camps. I could definitely see that happening in the white community.

      Beware those turncoat whites. I suspect there are many at my place of employment. Despite this being the UK, the subject of Trump is on all GoodWhite lips… They won’t hesitate to signal their virtue.

      • Beware those turncoat whites. 

        Goodwhites will sell dissidents out for an extra ration of Victory gin faster than the speed of light.

  9. In most of America, the things that one expects from government, like maintaining roads, are being ignored in favor of moral causes. 

    This reminded me of something. Those functions are the macro scale version of doing the chores at home, of cleaning up and all that stuff. House cleaning, in addition to being necessary, is probably equivalent to some mild form of exercise as a workout. Go for a hike or even a mild jog is probably the same as most house work. But one is ‘fun’, the other is ‘work’. Ppl who can’t clean up, and Im not good at it, have something slightly infantile about them. This is the same d*mn thing in macro. It is ‘boring’ to fix roads and water supply and all that. It is ‘fun’ to ‘liberate’ freaks, weirdos and psychos. In an adult world the important gets done first, in an infantilized world the fun gets done first.

    • The ruling class is now a needy girlfriend with a personality disorder, demanding we drop everything to hear about her day.

      Okay this one keeps on giving lol I love women and I do not want them in power. No society would survive that.

    • The material prosperity that flows from liberal democracy softens society, allowing for the swapping of the sexual poles, where women take on the role traditionally played by males. The result is the emergence of a neurotic, authoritarian ruling ideology obsessed with soft issues and wholly negligent of the practical aspects of running a country.

      And BINGO! You’re overstacking this one w ready-to-shoot quotes lol

  10. Trump hated is driven if large part by his overt masculinity and posturing as a caricature of an alpha male. It’s completely against the grain of today’s feminized culture. A direct rebuke that threatens the matriarchy’s messaging and enrages self loathing beta and gamma males who fall pathetically short compared to his masculinity.

    • Men who are comfortable with themselves react with respect (and maybe envy) for a man like Trump.

      Feminized men and soys react with hatred (a negative form of envy or jealousy).

    • There’s a lot of truth to this. Fundamentally, the road to serfdom is travelled by those who want someone else to provide them with security (or, more precisely, the feeling of security). The reason why white conservatives keep laying down in response to federal tyranny is because they are mostly corporate men. They won’t fight the onslaught because they are already part of it, but in denial about their role. If you’re an employee and live in the suburbs, you can’t be dissident in any meaningful sense. You can talk, but your lifestyle betrays you. As such, the system will continue as long as a majority of people living in it feel secure, but it won’t fall before then. The correct play for dissidents is to covert withdrawal, not overt rebellion.

  11. Is there no self respecting dictator out there that can put this former country (now cuntry) out of its pathetic misery? Xi, Un – anyone?

    • Not exactly dictators, but close enough – Lee Kuan Yew is dead, but his kid Lee Hsien Loong now runs the show in Singapore.
      I’d sooner take my chances with them running the show in the US a la’ Singapore vs. whatever big Estogen Harpy Inc has in store.

  12. Behold the rider of the pale horse, unicorn hypergamy, basking in the attention and comfort of Beta Bae until unicorn hypergamy picks up the scent of Sniper Bae and bolts, racing through any hellscape to get to his lair.

    Feminist fascists have social engineered their mitochondrial DNA out of the perimeter of the circle of life, creating a future in which they themselves can’t exist in the form of descendants.

    Can’t wait to see what kind of meat suits female trans humans will be sporting.

  13. I note in passing that the voters in Georgia’s upcoming senatorial race have a choice between a liberal woman and a radical black man. The cynicism of the ruling class knows no bounds.

  14. The difference is between Direct and Indirect authoritarianism. Direct authoritarianism is straight forward and personalised. You know who is in charge, the rules are direct and clear and there is someone who embodies authority. Direct authoritarian societies want you to know that you are are ruled and who is in power. It is the authority of the overbearing Father.
    Indirect authoritarianism is depersonalised. There is no one person or structure to embody authority. Rules are complex and unclear. Power is maintained through gaslighting, psychological manipulation and social pressure. Systems of indirect authoritarianism try to hide power and deny being powerful. It is the authority of the overbearing Mother.
    Lets say you have a line in a field and want someone to walk it. The Direct authoritarian would point a gun at your back and tell you to walk it. The indirect authoritarian would place fences and mines on both sides of the line then tell you that you are free to go where you wish.

  15. At the risk of sounding ridiculous, when sex is the only outlet men have left, they’ll put up with anything to get it.

    • Sex is also why white men put up with immivasion more than they should… having a “diversity” of women around makes it easier for white guys to get laid, especially beta guys. It’s a release valve. They’d rather have hapa kids than fight to fix society.

      If I was a brown woman I’d fuck white men too they are hideous especially Pakistanis.

      This is one of the “benefits” to living in a 70% non white area. Well it would be if I wasn’t racially aware.

      • Not only that, but white women are the most “diverse” Asian women within their groups, all look alike. It is difficult to tell one Chinese woman from a 100k others.

        I have always found the average white woman to be way more attractive than even the top 10% of other women, with maybe only the very top 1% of other women being able to compete with our average women.

  16. Z… thanks for reminding me why I quit going to Taki’s Magazine years ago. I had to stop reading your article halfway through because of those incessant, intrusive, flashing ads all over the page. It was utterly impossible to concentrate. I do enjoy your point of view, just not on THIS format!

    • Not sure what browser you’re on but the uBlock Origin extension will kill most ads.

      AdBlocker is pretty good as well.

      • I use the Brave browser also. This is the pop-up I get.
        Thanks for visiting TakiMag! We’ve detected that you’re using an ad blocker. We depend on ad revenue to keep creating quality content for you to enjoy for free, so if you like our work, please consider supporting us by either:
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        I open Firefox just for Taki because a few of the authors are that good.

      • Brave is also noticeably faster than Chrome. How much of this is due to a better codebase and how much to blocking ads I can’t say but unless the sites you like are among the few that don’t work on Brave you should probably use it.

    • use Firefox with Ublock.
      Swisscows as a search engine is pretty good and unlike Duckduckgo doesn’t have servers in Israel.

  17. This insightful post reminded me of the Biblical narrative of the fall, found in Genesis, Chapter 3. Eve was easily seduced by “the Serpent,” because her feminine nature desired seduction and she failed to apply objective (i.e., “masculine”) analysis, relying on the emotional appeal of becoming “as gods.” Adam, for his part, understood the ramifications of joining her in this act of rebellion, but deliberately chose to do so out of his natural inclination to protect his weakerfemale companion from the isolation and ultimate death of his partner.
    History abounds with similar examples of chilvaric sacrifice. That’s really all you need to know to understand how we got here.

  18. After Stalin’s death, European communism was much more benign than this. As long as you didn’t actively undermine the Party, you were left alone.

    • I think I can live with this.

      The CCP has a social credit score that penalizes, but will also allow you to debase yourself and be “made right” in the eyes of the CCP.

      Not so, with the US corporatization of “approved” social policy. Fall from grace once, and you’re fooked, forever.

  19. Women (and womanly men) instinctively conceive of the world as a giant kindergarten where some nice elderly lady forces everyone to share and be nice. The “r” in “r/K.” As long as there are independent men in the world, this vision is impossible.

    I don’t want to share with Africa, India, Mexico or any non-white country. As Blake said: One law for the lion and ox is oppression. I refuse to be forced to be equal with the civilizationally incompetent.

    How I long for Nature to reassert herself even if She sweeps away my personal comforts.

  20. Just before I read this piece I saw a news announcement that Joe Biden’s entire “communications team” will be women (and all with Y chromosomes). And there’ll be a female secretary of defense. The results might be entertaining if they weren’t so tragic. Unfortunately, it will probably require something close to societal collapse before men will finally be able to reinstitute a patriarchy, and it may take the form of conversion to Islam. The increasing dominance of women, and Chateau Heartiste’s Six Sirens of the Sexual Apocalypse may be a greater problem than racial differences.

    • Joe Biden’s entire “communications team” will be women (and all with Y chromosomes).

      Equality is grand, isn’t it.

      plus, Afghans will now be given a stern lecture to respect women’s right to abortion.

      • Pashtuns are all boy lovers anyway; not much need for abortions in their culture.

        US Military just turns a blind eye to all the pedophilia in Afghanistan as a matter of policy. It’s well documented.

        Long as the wymenz get to learn how to read though.

    • Can’t wait for Obamao retread Jen Psaki to field powder puff questions about what China Joe had for lunch.

      Actually, yes, yes I can.


    • all with Y chromosomes

      Jen Psaki and Kate Bedingfield are trans women?

      I guess, especially looking at that jaw on Bedingfield, I’m not surprised.

  21. Women are, for the most part, socialists and fascists by nature. America’s founding fathers knew this, and wisely refused them the vote or positions of authority.
    “The result is the emergence of a neurotic, authoritarian ruling ideology obsessed with soft issues and wholly negligent of the practical aspects of running a country.”
    They can’t even hold their families together. With soaring divorce rates and dysfunctional families, the community collapses. When enough communities collapse, the state collapses. We are seeing this now in California and several blue states. Shitlib women are cancer.

    • Democracy and the Republic itself are the problem since the system can’t adapt to new problems because vested interests pay to prevent needed change.
      The old document and systems can provide a useful starting point, it was written for a world in which even trains and telegraphy did not exist and was agrarian. And all that is ignoring demography and moral shifts.
      We need a new system that meets the real world we live in, with its computers, cars , planes, genetic engineering and all the good and ill tech can bring.
      if you think you don’t, look at the effects of the Flu Plus COVID 19 virus on the globe. Now imagine that it was as dearly for mankind as it is for minks (its the Captain Trips of the mink world). Yep. That tech isn’t even that hard. Genetic engineering is a small lab thing now.
      Seen Slaughter Bots? You should.
      Those are getting cheaper too and have been tested in war in the recent Armenia, Azerbaijan conflict. The Armenians unprepared died like flies to bomb drones. Smarter more autonomous drones are not far out.
      Any complaints about the system can only be solved by control and lots of it. Taking away suffrage is fine and dandy but of little use and any hearkening back to the era of the Founding Fathers is just ghost dancing. Change or die.

  22. Agreed, and that will not work out well against traditional patriarchal societies. China, for one. President Xi is a practical man. So is Putin. So too is the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. None of these groups are likely to be impressed with safe spaces and strident demands in the media. Much less deranged men in dresses.
    Indeed, the very weakness of female-led societies invites attack. Like a wounded herd animal draws a wolf-pack or lions or hyenas.

    • When you see how many incompetent yet tyrannical gyno-morons there are in the corporate world (almost always white/Jewish), the immivasion starts to make sense.

      My globocorp inc is ripe for a takeover, or will simply be put out of business, because even mediocre brown men could run a company more efficiently than these Karens.

      In general our society is ripe for a takeover. And until white men stand up and take charge, we will continue to be invaded and plundered.

      • If Biden is installed it’s going to be hilarious (for all the wrong reasons) watching the Karens in the USSA care-ocracy attempt to start and sustain major wars.

        • Yes, this is probably going to be the next big blunder. It seems the Karens are now Carin’ a lot about Syria and it just so happens that the Russians do too.

  23. None of this will be written into the law or reviewable by a court. After all, you have a right to a bank account or access to a public event. This is not communism.

    “The thing that he was about to do was to open a diary. This was not illegal (nothing was illegal, since there were no longer any laws), but if detected it was reasonably certain that it would be punished…”


    • Someone does not know, what the communism means. Communism by the nature is illegal tyranny. Almost every last communist repression was and is illegal by their own laws. Entire communism operates outside the laws and by unwritten rules. This is how tyranny must operate. When you follow whatever laws, then people learn fast to live with those laws and you do not have total tyranny anymore. Like you today, people in Soviet Union were repressed mostly outside law system.

      • This is rather Anglo-American sort of bias.
        What is illegal is whatever the State codifies as such.
        Communist societies are rife with laws and often as not the people sent to gulag were guilty of some kind of crime against those laws and often even given a trial under the modified Napoleonic Code most such states used.
        Obliviously “annoyed the dictator.” is not specially a law but Lèse-majesté has a long history in our societies and don’t anger powerful people is universal in all human societies.The small state, limited laws is a conceit of modernity or during collapse periods when enforcement was simply not possible.
        If you want that sort of society now you will have to have to run the State and as such you will be responsible for problem solving and bringing a system built for a word with more in common with King Arthur than 21st Century America, up to date.
        This means controlling corporations so they can’t be used to outsource tyranny, making sure that automation doesn’t destroy fertility, immigration is permanently restricted, morals are enforced since the free social capital from a Christian society is gone and more. Its a big change from Live and Let Live but its similar enough in its better bits to at least be comfortable to us.

      • Communism by the nature is illegal tyranny.

        No more than Democracy is. The tyranny of “The People” is no more tyrannical than that of the few.
        The Constitution of the USSR was a far more equitable document than that of the US.

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