The Kulak Solution

Note: There is a new post up on Taki about the emerging gyno-fascism and I have a new post behind the green door about what escapism is like in Wokanda.

One consequence of the Trump victory in 2016 was that many people were reassured that reform was still possible. Trump was an imperfect vessel for a reform movement, but he was just the guy to shake things up. He would be both a warning to the establishment and a catalyst for reform. The last four years proved that to be a false dawn, but people had hope for the 2020 election. The rigged election has probably put that idea to bed for most white people.

The question now is where do we go from here? If the Republican Party is a waste of energy and the Democrats are now the anti-white party, conventional politics looks like a pointless exercise. One way out of that is to either create a new party that transcends the GOP as the opposition or infiltrate the Republican party. The former solution is the dreaded third-party route and the latter is the “reform within” approach. Chris Roberts at American Renaissance points out that neither is a new idea.

Taking over the GOP has proven to be impossible for the same reason reforming Washington has proven to be impossible. If you have a leadership that is so corrupt it needs reform forced upon them, you have a leadership that is so corrupt they will find a way to thwart reform. It’s like forcing a lion to be vegan. It is so against its nature that it will just eat the keeper, rather than accept fake food. This has been the case for the Republican Party going back to Pat Buchanan.

The third-party route has the same problem. The system has been designed to prevent outside challenges. Both establishment parties take turns playing the loyal opposition, so that discontent with official policy is funneled into one side or the other. That way the discontent is recycled as fuel for the establishment. Generations of conditioning have made white people hostile to third parties. Even if a third party were to succeed, they would face what Trump faced as a reformer in Washington.

Roberts suggests a third option in which people focus on narrow interests and press those interests within the system. He points to various pressure groups that have had varying degrees of success. The NRA has probably been the most successful of the groups named, because it has influence within both parties. In this model, whites can press issues like immigration or economic reform in a bipartisan way, rather than hoping to make these platforms in one political party.

This approach could be described as the Kulak option. The Kulaks were peasants at the end of the Russian Empire who owned their own land. As the revolution rolled on, the term came to mean property holder, especially those who were hesitant to support the Bolsheviks, but were also unwilling to side with the peasants. The kulaks would chastise the peasants for not supporting the revolution, but they were never completely onboard with giving up their land in service of the revolution.

In this age, the Kulaks are those who view politics merely as a way to protect their diminishing economic and social status. These are people in the upper middle-class, economically and culturally. That last bit is vital to understanding the most bourgeois class in modern America. Flattery is the mother’s milk of this group. No people need to be told they are a good boy, a very good boy more than the white professional class. It is why they recoiled at Trump’s lower-class aesthetics.

These people are willing to embrace half measures in the same way the Kulaks were willing to meet the Bolsheviks halfway. It’s not that they hate white people or the cause of white people. It’s that they think it is icky to be seen on the same stage as people who shop at Walmart. This is the group that first fell for using grimy canvas sacks to tote their groceries and now wear their mask while driving their foreign sedan. For them, moderation in politics is a moral signifier.

This is where single issue politics comes into play. Some of these people can get behind immigration reform, not for racial reasons but for fairness reasons. It is unfair to current immigrants to leave the spigot open. They can back tough trade policy, because globalism is bad for minorities. Many of these people supported Trump as a social statement, but abandoned him in 2020 as a social statement. Like the Kulaks, they could not fully support the forces of change.

What this means is the people with the money to fund a reform movement will always want a firm hand on the leash. This is why the Republican Party is never willing to press their advantage or follow through with their promises. The people who they rely upon for funding resist anything that puts their interests at risk, but mostly they resist anything that offends their elevated sense of self. As a result, their politics are ceremonial. It is about where you stand on the stage, rather than what you do on it.

Of course, the dissident project is about bringing people over the great divide and part of that journey is the realization that dissidents are the radicals now. The people calling themselves radicals are just deluded tools of the establishment. Antifa and BLM should have corporate sponsors on their outfits like sports teams. The real radicals are those standing outside the prevailing moral and civic orthodoxy, questioning the very basics of the liberal democratic project.

Like those old Bolsheviks, who courted support from the Kulaks, and their urban analogs the intellects, dissidents need to appeal to upper middle-class whites in order to advance the cause. Because this group responds primarily to symbolism and moral signifiers, the appeal can and must be superficial. It is a means to an end. They want to be part of something that promises change, but never threatens their position. In time, they will be forced to choose or the choice will be made for them.

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247 thoughts on “The Kulak Solution

  1. The third alternative has already manifested in the form of a collective consciousness. The MAGA paradigm has enough momentum to crush the opposition, similar to tanks moving through the public square, or Delta forces seizing servers from black ops, taking no or few prisoners.

    Sublimated and synched, we all know what to do.

  2. “they think it is icky to be seen on the same stage as people who shop at Walmart.” If you read “the overspent american” and “millionaire next door,” these upper middle class people are all living WAY above their means, on credit, blowing their money on status, dying in debt and miserable, with their ex wives eventually taking everything.

      • Ambitious, purposeful, content.
        Lazy, purposeless, miserable.
        No one is happy. Joy is sporadic. Happy people become prey. The most we can hope for is contentedness and sporadic joy.

    • Bingo. The Strivers cannot afford principles, or even long term survival – they must grift for dollars on a daily basis. This BTW is mirrored in the Corporate World: they must get constant infusions of money to service debt. Hundreds of listed companies are zombies meaning they cannot even service debt – except by constant, near daily Fed bailputs. (Deliberate typo).

      The strivers cannot afford to do the right thing. They must do as told.

      This system of vast, many layered interlocking debts held up by minimum payments is exactly Ireland 1844 gents. Thats how it happened. There were massive aid and food shipments from all over the world; but the strivers took it all, and let their neighbors starve to avoid bankruptcy. It works.

      We’re not facing “Communists” we’re facing Bankers.

  3. Or maybe infiltration has failed to date because the infiltrators were nothing of the kind and instead openly talked about changing the party and getting rid of the powerful. Which if you think about it for a second is the most idiotic tactic that an insurgent can take. Instead, infiltrators should lay low, observe the operation, cause mischief anonymously and make sure the inc guys get the blame for failures. IOW treat it like a war and use deception instead of having idiotic faith in “the truth” – whatever that is.

    The really kicker here is that infiltration is much easier than building anything from scratch outside the system. And the same poossies who bail at the first setback will do that in any effort.

  4. I know this is off topic but I don’t buy the while playing with his dog cover story the authorities are using to explain Joe Biden’s limp.

  5. Rich White people are so comfortable and fuckin brainwashed, they lost any sense of self-preservation. Lost souls unaware of the dark clouds over their heads.

    • They’re not “rich”

      They have high paying jobs

      Why they are such wussies b/c they know one mistake and they’re in the poorhouse

      Not the kind of people who are going to take chances or rock the boat

      And they’re different than the Kulaks who actually pwned their land and had hard assets. Our Karen Kulaks may have enough home equity and savings to last maybe 12 months before they’re flipping burgers

  6. Always good to remember that they have the bulk of the money and all the institutions while we have the numbers. If it wasn’t for the fraud and mail in voting Trump would have won in a landslide. Unfortunately those numbers can’t enable us to vote our way out of this mess but they do increasingly open the door to single issue pressure groups (like the NRA), civil disobedience (like the truckers are starting to do), boycotts (like with pro sports) and forming communities with a supportive sheriff and DA.

    Granted having the money and the institutions make things a lot easier for their side but we have to deal with reality. Our side isn’t yet desperate enough for much of what we can do but if Biden does succeed in the theft and the lockdowns do continue people are increasingly going to be willing to take actions that bring them out of their comfort zones

    • Ask yourself what good would have come out of another Trump term. More MIGA, more tax breaks, and stalling on every major issue. I’m glad he’s out. Better have a sworn enemy facing me than a fake populist conman.

  7. The ruling class is now a needy girlfriend with a personality disorder, demanding we drop everything to hear about her day.”

    From Z man’s Taki column on Gyno Fascism. Great line in a fine piece.

  8. NRA is a great model for us because it has worked so far and it is built on a strategy that is the exact opposite of what Z is recommending. The NRA and its members are quite willing to be seen as evil by good whites and the powers that be. They are a single issue group that has worked the system to get what they want no matter how much they are hated.

    Good whites want status. We are low status. The NYT can convey status. We can’t. Good whites are starting to buy guns and support him ownership but not Bavaria of us. They are frightened by the consequences of what they voted for such as BLM looting their house. We just have to be there to provide an alternative

  9. My other comment mysteriously awaiting approval — the DR should not make memes or do anything political but point BLM full and direct at the jobs and property of the UMC to put an end to all that. The UMC will react with predictable fury if their power and status are threatened by BLM so its time to make that happen.

    • If badwhites start leaving the goodwhites behind en masse, the latter will soon see how horrible things are without that little bit of extra insulation that badwhites provide.

      IOW if that 60% white ratio all of a sudden gets to 15% after all the badwhites leave, I can pretty much assure anyone that good whites will be saying f–k it and following us to our enclaves.

      Someone has to lead

      • Exactly right Falcons which is why I advocate for what I do…Take our production somewhere where it’s helping our people and our Community not feeding the beast…

  10. I somewhat disagree. It is true that the Schwerpunkt, the hinge of battle is the Upper Middle class, the managers of corporations, mid-level government bureaucrats like Peter Strozhk, and the like. However for decades they have been able to engage in what Sailer calls the Hi-Low strategy: The UMC allied with poor non-Whites to screw over the middle.
    The DR must ally itself with BLM and turn that monster straight onwards to the UMC. The Salem Witch Trials were not a mystery. They happened because the UMC there wanted to get rid of their poor older women with few influential relatives and seized the first opportunity to do it. Once the Governor’s wife was accused of witchcraft the trials were shut down immediately. Of course said relatives enthusiastically led Indians to their enemies in King Philips War. So there was that, and why it was never repeated.
    We need to embed ourselves with BLM and point out that the UMC has lots and lots of nice property. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if BLM showed up in nice White neighborhoods with BLM signs and like the Moorish Nation in Oregon and Washington, demanded the White people inside turn over their houses with “eviction notices” ??? And wouldn’t it be also beautiful if BLM invaded Apple, and Google, and Twitter HQ with the help of Black employees and demanded all the Whites be fired and be replaced with blacks? It surely would.
    We at the DR need to take action to end the game of the Hi-Low alliance against the middle. We need to point BLM DIRECTLY at the UMC in jobs and property.

  11. This is bigger than Trump. This is 1776.
    If nothing is done EVERYTHING the country is about is GONE. Our forefathers would be riding by now. We need a movement and leadership.

  12. A tad off topic, but;

     “It is unfair to current immigrants to leave the spigot open.”

    Not Zman’s own position, of course. But consider that “rationally” immigrants, especially recent ones, should be anti-immigration. Why? Because if immigrants are “valuable” because of whatever, then they need to decrease the supply to maintain their special value. Like professions use credentialing and big business uses regulation. Indeed, the same reason blacks, and indeed any worker, should oppose immigration (Ask pre-2016 Bernie).
    In fact, immigrants don’t think that way. Apart from bringing over more family members, they support immigration tout court. Why? Because numbers mean power. Rather than merely being a higher paid gardener or nanny, they’d rather their group have the power, prestige and goodies of a politically powerful group.
    To paraphrase Nietzsche, people don’t try to maximize their economic value; only libertarian do.

    • people don’t try to maximize their economic value;

      For the economically marginal, political value is economic value.

  13. I suspect one reason why change from within the GOP has been effective is because the would-be change makers try to play by the rules. It might be a better idea to take a page out of the lefts playbook. It took them at least 50 years to capture the education system, which then paved the way to all the other fields, and they didn’t do it by playing by the rules. For starters, would-be GOP campaign volunteer might do better being the party man at the meetings, but when asked to distribute the flyers touting an eye patched veteran neocons war history his answer might be “yes sir with pleasure” on his way to drop them off at the nearest dump. I’m sure others can come up with more creative ways to put and in the gears

  14. “The NRA has probably been the most successful of the groups named, because it has influence within both parties.” Really, Z? While the “Home School Legal Defense Association” is new to me among the three groups named, surely AIPAC is the one organization to which all candidates, regarless of party, must support in the Stalinist fashion of not wanting to be seen clapping less enthusistically than your cohorts.

    • HSLDA has a very sympathetic cause, a niche market, and a smart litigation strategy. That being said, they’ve managed to operate under the radar and have not had the media demonization blitz to content with. Once the big guns start taking aim at homeschooling, like Harvard has just began, we’ll really see what they’re made of.

        • True.
          Parents who register with the HSLDA are fanatical in protecting their children from the poz that dwarves the most outspoken gun-advocate.
          I’d also take those parents to start a shooting war long before the NRA.

  15. Antifa and BLM should have corporate sponsors on their outfits like sports teams.

    Apple could release the new iPad ProTest. 

  16. Well done. I would not have thought it possible to discuss successful narrow interest groups in Washington with not a Yid in sight but you seem (at first skim) to have done it.

  17. People generally vote with their wallets. The reason that blacks vote 90% Democrat is that in a free and fair world, without a safety net, they would be net losers. Some so much that they would look like 80 pound Haitians eating bowls of rice. When you pin down just how many upper middle class whites work as executives in some Federal, state or local government, or some “public private partnership” thereof, or some “non-profit” executive, or some hospital executive dependent on Medicaid funding, or the vast, wasteful university systems, or one of the thousands of government contractors, including large defense companies, you find that the upper middle class whites who actually earn a living “turning a profit” for someone or even themselves has been a dying breed since the 80’s, or even the 70’s. What you have left is people who owe economic allegiance to the system. They’ll be the very last to accept dissident politics on team whitey. They’re like the human corporatist helpers in “They Live.” They know what’s going on. They don’t care because deep down they sort or recognize that the country died years ago anyway, and they just want to fill their Xanax prescriptions and buy the new Wusthof knife set to chop their Whole Foods persimmons. Don’t depend on these people. Go after the trades, or what’s left of them.

    • When the men who work for a living go to war, it’s a whole new ballgame. You can’t be a producer without working tangibly in sync with others. Tap into that instinctive loyalty and you can go from zero to millions in a heartbeat.

      • You would be amazed at the trades who require an apprenticeship who are already on our side they just don’t express since they are to busy to do so…The guys I’ve talked to about it are onboard they just needed some direction which I gladly provided…

  18. The Kulak option is just more distraction and delay in which the masses are afforded an illusion of reasserting control in lieu of going postal will hot rebellion. It’s just a different dance step designed to burn off anger in a sweat of rhythmic body/mind movements. Every Republican running in 2022 will shit his/her pants if Trump starts up a Third Party. They already will face a rigged election, and if a MAGA Party strips off another 20% of the normie Rs, it will become a bloodbath like never before. That will likely get McConnell’s attention, assuming he doesn’t get cucked by the Georgia senate races next month.

    • It would certainly get OUR attention, as going the third party route would result in a permanent communist Democrat globohomo overclass.

      • NOT permanent, but a real beginning to the end. Middle America is still sleepwalking through the endless of charades of the Uniparty. Only by revealing the true face of tyranny will they feel actual pain and wake up. The sooner this happens, the higher the bottom, and overall far less misery and devastation. Keep kicking the can down the road and you will wind up with the French Revolution redux.

  19. Taking over the GOP is not impossible! Trump came very close to doing it; he could have transformed the GOP in an extremely positive way if he were not such a moron. This is really the only practical way forward, the only way that actually has a chance of getting us where we need to go. The only thing is, we’re gonna need a better Trump!

    • Trump is both necessary and sufficient. He is the Grey Champion of this Fourth Turning crisis. No one else on the national political scene—no one—could have survived what he faced in the past four years.

        • Puma, you are touching on something important here. What can any of us actually do, versus what would be nice to have happen at the macro level? Press where you can close by, build relationships, and look carefully for ways to throw sand in the gears when the moment is right. Kulaks and third parties are interesting things to discuss, but they don’t get to the meat of the thing, which is what to do, when, and how. The rest of it is a grand pageant for our entertainment and edification.

    • Lindsey Graham won his primary, and then was re-elected to the Senate. This is a case study, one of many, as to why the electorate on the right is just as dim witted and incapable of rational decisions as on the left, and why, even in abject poverty they would sell the cow for magic beans like the good peasants they are. And from the same guy that ripped them off six years ago.

      • Yes. And this is why we need a president who is on our side and who is not dim witted and incapable of rational decisions. I don’t know who that might be, but it sure as hell isn’t Trump!

      • JR, the people that vote have been conditioned to believe “the other guy is worse” no matter which party they support. And yet policies that both parties enshrined in their platforms in 2016 (bring back Glass-Steagall) never made it to the floor, and very little changes. That should tell everyone who believes in voting something.

  20. Taking over the GOP has proven to be impossible for the same reason reforming Washington has proven to be impossible.” DISAGREE. The transmutation of the GOP under the leadership of Trump is happening before our very eyes. As with any revolutionary movement, it will take time to consolidate control and eliminate resistance. And whether Washington, DC can ever be reformed—as opposed to outright destroyed—is still an open question.

  21. O/T a bit, but have any of you looked at the fraud filing affidavits for the Dominion/Smartmatic software? This is a late 90s / early 2000s level hack. Its- cutting edge late 80s/early 90s level. Not for nothing are most of the techs swearing affidavits laying out the fraud are at youngest middle aged and in most cases retirement zone.

    The last boomer hack:

    This is as insulting to average intelligence as the paper votes trucked in at 4 AM.

    No, you don’t leave passwords and logins cleartext on the Internet of Things. And on and on…

    • All this was known wrt process changes in voting and tabulating two decade ago. Our political class was either too stupid or corrupt (or both) to care. And since it has worked so well (so far) I see no changes in the future.

      • The Hack is the plot- and cast- of the movie Sneakers. 1992.

        So BTW is the average age of the denouncers. Gerontocracy to the Bitter End.

        • It indeed is a bitter end. I’m astounded at the surprise of folk who I believed should know better as they are highly educated and technical—and of a conservative bent. Die hard Rep. CivNats at the core I guess. Try again harder next election (which will be fair because we’ll fix the process). I lecture, but the refuse to understand. Psychological coping a it’s best.

    • The one that amused me (and there may have been more than one) was where Biden’s margin was set at a decided level and then kept there. As new results came in, the margin held steady even if that meant a percentage of a vote being recorded. Ooops.

      • As new results came in, the margin held steady even if that meant a percentage of a vote being recorded. Ooops.

        LOL, what the hell, did the programmers use floating point numbers to tally votes instead of integers?!

        I like to dabble with programming from time to time. I don’t know what type of programming language they used, but every one I know about categorizes numbers into integers and floating points. I would have thought that you’d represent a vote tally with just integers, since there’s no such thing as 1.37 votes. Oh well what do I know, I’ll just stick to the day job.

  22. The last four years proved that to be a false dawn, but people had hope for the 2020 election. The rigged election has probably put that idea to bed for most white people.Not necessarily. Everything is in flux, the forces of history are in play, and the outcome is in doubt. Sophisticates are betting on the corrupt elites to hold on. Just like many of them did in 1776. Or 1787. Or 1917. Or 1939 (Spain), 1949 (China), 1959 (Cuba), 1973 (Chile). We’ll see.

  23. I don’t know how it will all turn out but I do know that having Community will make it so I at least have a chance no matter what happens…So I will continue to build my Community up and not worry so much about what I have no control over…

  24. MSNBC is basically WWE for upper middle-class whites. That and charismatic low church theatrics, only instead of having some former meth head stand up in the tent and talk about how he got seduced by the devil’s dandruff, they get former Trump loyalists like Michael Cohen to come on and say, “Don’t touch that Trump stuff! It made me feel like God but then, brothers, it lay me low!” There is no hope with this class, and I think that behind their façade they are as crazy as the kids in the street who think they’re fighting racism by trying to pull random people (sometimes black) out of their cars. Yes, the NRA has a good model, but something tells me they are very high on the To-Do list of the people behind President Kamala Harris and the reanimated corpse of Joe Biden. I’m not sure exactly how they’ll do it, but they’ll probably start out with accusations of rape against Wayne La Pierre. Guns are right up there with speech in terms of being targeted. Biden said he’s not coming for your shotgun, just your “AR-14” (whatever the hell that is). But the people behind Kamala are calling the shots while Biden’s busy digging holes on the White House lawn, looking for treasure his grandma buried while waiting for Matlock episodes and a plate of steamed vegetables.

    • They have already taken shots at the NRA and they are in bad shape. Globohomo is trying to put the NRA out of business by not allowing them access to banking and insurance. The NRA had already significantly damaged itself through mismanagement as well. Republican politicians fear gun owners much more than they fear the NRA now. As long as they can communicate online, the organization isn’t that necessary anymore.

      • The biggest flaw in the NRA is not reading the fluxxing text.
        A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        Well regulated meant trained, organized units. Not an individual right to bear arms – an individuals chances in war are zero. Nearly zero are a mob of armed individuals.

        Now I support individual right to arms, but that completely missed the political point.

        • They aren’t missing the political point. The Founding Fathers were English men, who had the Right to Bear Arms in mind from the already existing English Bill of Rights. They may not have spelled it out in the text; they didn’t need to. It was already implicit in their cultural context. The verbiage about well regulated militia would have been them adding additional reasons for the right to bear arms.

        • ‘Regulated’ also meant SUPPLIED. You couldn’t have a militia (to which the state was not supplying weapons) composed of men who didn’t have their own weapons.

        • Puma. That’s the anti-gunner argument—refuted by SCOTUS no less.

          There was no difference in those days between the individual and the militia. All free male citizens of age were automatically enrolled in the State militia and were subject to being called to duty. They were expected to bring their own weapon and know how to use it. Therefore, they had a right to possess that weapon outside of direct militia activities, kind of like the Swiss today.

          If not so, then there would not have been need to write into the Constitution the 2nd Amendment, as the militiaman would simply go to the nearest armory to be issued their weapon and form up.

          The “well regulated militia” preamble is just verbiage to describe what the effect of allowing personal arms intends—men possessing individual weapons and skilled in their use—not men who understand tactics, read maps, and plan offensive attacks. That’s a modern interpretation not in line with the then current use of the term “well regulated”.

          As for the self defense and the need for weapons, that was simply understood at the time as an assumed right since there was steady and continuous conflict with the Indians along the frontier as well as no organized police force in extant.

    • Biden said he’s not coming for your shotgun, just your “AR-14” (whatever the hell that is).

      I don’t know what an AR-14 is, but I want one…

      Unfortunately my parents are pretty much modern kulaks. Can’t tell them nothing and they believe “orange man bad” and so on. After the fake pandemic hit and the civil unrest started my dad asked to borrow a pistol off me. After a while and things started to settle I took it back. I told him he needs to buy his own next time. He probably won’t though.

  25. We’re sort of rehabilitating the D3, aren’t we? Immigration is bad because it will hurt blacks (sorry, Blacks) and those spunky, freedom-seeking immigrants who are already here, see? Gun control is bad because it was the heroic Black sharecroppers who defended themselves against the Klan and who are most at risk from the current crop of white supremacists.

    I don’t know. Can we out-clown Clownworld? Can Globohomo be outflanked with cynical appeals to the shallow interests of the CivNats? tbh, even if it were possible, I’ve grown weary of lies.

    • Can Globohomo be outflanked with cynical appeals to the shallow interests of the CivNats?
      don’t waste your breath, oligarchs will stick to their agenda no matter what normies think, vaccines, massive immigration, chips, war with iran-russia, obligatory vegan diets etc are coming

      • obligatory vegan diets etc are coming

        May as well enjoy meat and alcohol now because it will be unavailable and unaffordable for anyone outside the top 0.001%.

    • Stop it, boomer. This is like when Jamaritarius tries to grab Officer Smith’s service revolver: one of them ends up with extra holes. Stop worrying about the Queensbury Rules and win before they shoot you first.
      If it advances our cause, good. If it doesn’t, then bad. That’s the only truth you need concern yourself with for many years.

  26. As noted, America’s upper middle class is much like the kulaks. Remember what happened to the kulaks. Today’s analogue would be BLM and Antifa rioting in upper-middle-class suburbs (as they have threatened). And that will be a good thing. Such eye-opening shock therapy will bring millions more across the great divide.

    • Frankly its a good thing period.
      For they are unfit, and their destruction means the fit can rise.

      No tears for them, they deserted us, they sold us out.

    • When the numbers allow it, the hammer will be lowered on the kulaks. As you point out, they probably will try harder to please their killers.

  27. So… everything ended up going great for the kulaks in the end, right?

    Because, y’know, if not, then this would be some pretty bad advice.

    • That is funny. There is something interesting about the Haitian revolution that is sorta similar. The French property owners on San Domingue were, in general, supporters of the French Revolution. In some part, this was due to the king doing things like insisting slaves have three days of liberty each week. Well, then the government started taking their slogans seriously and gave political rights to the mixed-race people on the island, who promptly organized the first slave insurrection.

      Anyway, our upper-middle class would never buy this line of argument. You can’t keep believing immigration restriction is justified by how it would help blacks when BLM says to open the borders. It’s the same reason DR3 fails – not just because it’s not true – because actual blacks say different.

  28. I don’t think the upper middle class will ever accept dissidents. Too icky for them. Let’s just wait until they’ve been taxed so much there is no middle class left.

    • They’ll probably be okay. But, their children will be paupers compared to them. Maybe that’s the way to approach them: show them the world they’re going to leave behind if they don’t knock it off.

  29. First, this is awesome:

    “.Antifa and BLM should have corporate sponsors on their outfits like sports teams.”

    I disagree with your basic premise, though. There is no rationalizing with upper middle class Whites. They live in a delusional fantasy world where everything can become perfect if they continue to improve themselves.

    The key is to make their lives freaking miserable and horrible. The upside is we probably will not have to do anything. The economic ruin about to be inflicted upon them, along with the intensifying racial bias and violence against Whites, will do the job. The Antifa and BLM costumes will go into the closet after that happens.

    You wrote a bit back about tuning in and dropping out. It is solid advice as far as politics. Relocate among your own, make government as marginal to your life as possible (outside taking whatever you can legally), and bide time. Participation in riots against the next war-for-profit may be an exception, but one of the few. There is no political solution at this point and one may not be required.

    • I fit in that economic category. Are you planning on making all of us miserable or just the ones you don’t like? And how will you make that distinction? I’d like to prepare myself if there’s nobody left on this planet who will admire someone who came from nothing and made good without lording it over anyone or being a clueless AWFL.

      • It will happen and I won’t have to do anything or sort the ones who should and should not suffer. Don’t assume your lifestyle is durable in any aspect now.

        • I don’t make any assumptions – just the opposite. I know that after the Bolsheviks killed off the aristocracy they went for the landowners which are the UMC/LUC equivalents today. It’s disturbing to read the glee over this eventuality from the DR. When we, the business owners who make actual products people need to survive, go down you all go down with us.

          • It’s not glee. I’ve been living around AWFL types, their occasional soy-boy husbands and the keep-their-mouths-shut others in the neighborhood for decades. Their hatred of people like me and their willingness – indeed, their joy – in seeing people destroyed is terrifying.

            When an enemy that hates you on such a level has bad things happen to them, yeah, you feel good. And bad things are coming their own over the next couple of decades.

            But you’re right, the White business owners and competent engineers, managers, etc., are going to get hurt right along with them. And without them, the whole system starts to go down.

            However, this is a system that hates us and will eventually turn us into helots. Our world is heading down regardless, might as well take the system with it. Then, we’ll stand a chance to fight back and rebuild.

          • Yep, modern Kulaks may be misguided and blind to the problems of those outside their immediate circle or economic class, but they are keeping this shitshow running. We need conversions, not executions.

          • I favor executions myself. Forgiveness is a gift you offer those with a soul. Deliberate blindness and/or toleration of evil you destroy.

          • If it came across as glee that was unintentional. There may be an element of vengeance there, unwittingly, but this is what is about to happen. I also am a business owner and do well, and see the handwriting on the wall.

            The step afterwards is to make the lives of the Cloud People horrible and miserable, and, yes, it can and will be done.

          • Your faith in the system’s stability would be touching, if I cared about said system’s longevity. And your pride in your achievements sounds more like arrogance. I’d happily trade my comfort for my eventual grandchildren to have a chance at survival. None of us are going to be able to avoid what’s coming – let it come for me rather than my children or grandchildren.

          • I’m of the same mind

            There is nothing worth reviving or reforming as long as the place is full of non whites

            My main thing now is setting up my kids so they have a chance at surviving if not thriving in this shithole world of ours. Where goes the GOP I could care less. It’s all about kin and the likeminded.

          • Sorry peabody, but it is the same for the LUC as the boomers. Your team lost, so while you may be one of the good ones who tried to resist the tide, you suffer the team’s fate, not an individual one. Get hard, get salty, and have a plan B for when your retirement account gets “redistributed” and your small business gets “appropriated,” either by the initial revolution on the far left or the counter revolution on the right.
            And PS, just because someone is telling you the earthquake is coming doesn’t mean it is their wish/fault/desire to see it occur.

    • The key is to make their lives freaking miserable and horrible.

      I would have thought the lack of easy travel, closed schools, and live event shutdown would have already started generating pushback from the bourgeoisie, but by and large they seem just fine with the ongoing, indefinite lockdown.

      • I work for a lot of these people, and can assure you they don’t like it very much at all. They tolerate it because the cost of fighting it is much higher than the cost of accommodating it. The upper middle class always supports whoever is in charge because it’s their key to their lifestyle. They only revolt when they lose status. It has always been thus and will always be thus. Only losers want change; winners want the status quo. Therefore, there will never be any convincing the kulaks. There is only forming a coalition of losers and hoping your numbers are sufficient for overthrowing the powers that be.

        * Losers here referring to those who lives are worse because of current policies.

        • I have noticed the UMC shift their lifestyle focus to home improvement, spending a lot on home offices and improved decks/patios for grillin’ n chillin’.

          One of the few bright spots in this mess has been the revival of the home-theater and high-end audio industry due to this UMC lifestyle shift.

      • What about the growing resistance, civil disobedience, protests and rioting against the lockdowns occurring in both the U.S. and Europe?

        • I’ve seen those.

          I believe those are driven by the lower-middle class, lower class, and working poor who are being absolutely destroyed by this mess.

          The WFH word-salad farmers and other remote service providers are doing just great.

          • The same. This soon will damage those who roll their eyes at legitimate dissent and only that will change their worldview.

      • I don’t think they really are fine with it. The Karens are prominent in this group and terrified, but also want their hair and nails looking nice. Right now, they can’t and don’t go due to the virus. When it becomes impossible for them to go due to economic circumstances, they will feel misery and pain, possibly for the first time in their lives.

      • Not only are they cloud creatures, but most likely covidians as well. All this mess is probably just nuts to most of them.

    • As one of those UMC pointy headed profs there are more of us than you would think. We do have a lot to lose so i am very careful of what i say and i doubt even my conservative friends nknow how much i agree with our proprietor. What our lives most lack is social connection where we dont have to constantly watch our step. Invite somebody out shooting and dont be an asshole when they suck. That will work better than you think.

  30. I don’t think Trump was a failure at all. He did a lot of the things he said he’d do, and 80 million people were more than satisfied. If he can beat this rigged election game, I think his second term is going to be ten times better, because he’ll have no reason to hold back.

      • I have a small hope the German server raid revealing the original data showing Trump with 410 electoral votes is true, but most of me believes that rumor is a discarded Rainbow Six plotline.

        • I don’t have the info tools to decide what Powell and the others have. Was listening to this, I ll say one thing, it’s a good spy novel plot. I don’t know if I’m listening to informed chat or total tinfoil. But Im not discarding it as the latter out of hand, unlike just a few days ago so I guess that’s being more optimistic

        • “Hope is an expression of weakness…and fear”. This whole story reeks of a deus ex machina plot device to save us all. That’s not real life.

          Yeah, I’ve listened to the interview of Lt. General McInerney. He says the 305th MI battalions informal nickname is “The Kracken”.

          It’s just so utterly fantastic it beggars belief. One one hand, 3 star generals aren’t exactly a dime a dozen. On the other hand, it’s millions of line of code and statistical models…maybe 1 in a million people in this country would even understand “the evidence”-and they’d split into predictable camps even with that.

          Whatever. Moldbug used to write about what a military coup would look like. Short answer: you ain’t gonna be a part of it, you’re not gonna like it even if they’re on “your” side, and even in the best of times it demonstrates a very failed state.

    • General McInerney alleges a gun battle – presumably – between US Army & the CIA during the taking of the server with people killed.
      Fact or fiction?

      • Who knows? The point of a “color revolution” is to use all press organs to pump out a certain story so opposing it sounds crazy.

        I’d say the color revolution (if it is indeed happening) is proceeding just fine.

      • He also alleged that space aliens are in contact with the upper echelons of the global elite. He is a fucking nutter and if you think a gun battle between spec ops and the CIA would not make the news of every single public news outlet on earth within 48 hours then get thee back to Infowars. Alex Jones has some chemtrails to show you…

        • You’re pulling me down to earth again. You’re right and I checked this general and he is a basket case. Powell and Wood are not I need to see results, not far out rumors.

        • I doubt very much that a fire fight happened between the CIA and US SF. But am absolutely certain that if one did happen the only way it might possibly be widely reported is if the bad guys won.

    • I’m trying not to be a jerk, but really, what did he do that he campaigned on? Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t kick-off a new war in the ME, but he increased our troop presence there. The one immigration category that declined was refugees (relatively not that big.) All the others increased, some by massive amounts. Now it turns out (acc. to BoL stats) that offshoring increased.

      • Not only did he not deliver but failed on every level. I’m currently reading 48 laws of power by Robert Greene and its hilarious how Trump violated EVERY SINGLE one of the laws lolz.

        How we fell for this conjob buffoon should be studied so we can avoid this in the future.

  31. In other words, the self-important fence sitters. There are ppl who would try to find ‘the moderate’ position between serial killers and their victims. “Well Jeff, if you could just eat his arm and not the whole body, maybe we could find some common ground here?”

    The left are like giant, diabolical toddlers. They will keep stamping around until the woods outside look more hospitable than the house. Compromise is just a slower way to feed the crocodile.

    • Having a strategy built on weathervane watchers is an excellent way to ensure a sharp object between your own shoulderblades.

      There is no going back to “normal” because the way out is local. Cities are cattle pens, and the time of slaughter is nigh.

      • The weathervanes are maybe 80% The side better at manipulating these blind sheep can build whatever system it wants.

        • you don’t need a weathvane to know which way the wind blows
          the answer my friend is blowing in the wind
          the wind cries Mary!
          a hard rain’s gonna fall
          when the levee breaks..

  32. What’s the point of reforming a society if, at the end of the day, you can’t be free of blacks?

    no amount of reform can change that.

    blacks are poison

    time for reform is over. It’s time for whites to self segregate en masse and let chips fall where they may.

    • Living and dealing with blacks 50 years ago was one thing. Since then they’ve been riding the wave of multicultural propaganda and indoctrination along with the importation of the world, at the same time that White-bashing is increasing. Now more than ever, is when Whites need to self segregate.

  33. The platonic ideal of the modern kukak is Sam Harris. He infamously declared that Trump offended him more than bin Laden.

    If Sam Harris invited Jesus Christ himself to a dinner party and Christ pissed in the bushes like some sort of Diogenes, Sam Harris would inflict such horrors upon him to shock an African child soldier. To fight the system requires you to be rude sometimes and obstinate in the face of your peers.

    The upper middle class doesn’t have IT. The only way to get IT is to not be upper middle class. Luckily, the Davos set is working hard to give IT to them good and hard.

    • To fight the system requires you to be rude sometimes and obstinate in the face of your peers.

      Sure, but fighting the system openly is the wrong strategy when dissidents are so disorganized and atomized.

      The drop-out/anonymous sand-in-the-gears strategy is the way to go for now.

    • He infamously declared that Trump offended him more than bin Laden.

      After Charlottesville, he also said “in the year 2017, all identity politics is despicable, but surely white identity politics is the most despicable of all.”

      That set the twitter-crowd a-twit, so he appended a caveat: “The context of course, being the last 200 years of human history.”

      And drama, drama, drama, so Sam, inveterate egocentric, decided it was a big deal and called on Douglas Murray to validate his über-racist tweet, but Douglas brutally set him straight with that unflappable English patience of his. (6:00)

      A reminder that they all hate us, even goodjews like Sam.

  34. I see you’ve met my Chevy Chase neighbors!
    The way to get the modern Kulaks onboard is to make them feel the pain of their own policies. My neighbors love, love, love diversity (just look in their yards “hate has no home here” signs everywhere) but they freak when the true-believer SJW school board starts looking to bus their precious children to Silver Spring to open up Magic Dirt seats for the Diverse. My neighbors, all of them, are convinced that the next iteration of this summer’s rioting won’t make the 3 mile trek from DC to our suburb, because … they just can’t! They really do see their public virtue as their private security screen. Unless that screen is pierced, and painfully, they will remain strongly aligned with whatever identity they see as aligned with the Dirt People/people of walmart.

    • The way to get the modern Kulaks onboard is to make them feel the pain of their own policies.”

      Exactly. Their lives have to be made miserable as any precondition to alliance. We actually may not have to do anything given the dicey economic realities and intensifying oppression against Whites.

      • The easier way is the carrot, not the stick. Sticks wind up breaking right when you need them. Give the bourgeois a new channel for virtue signaling that aligns with our goals: “champions of the working man” got the rich & famous onboard in the 1930’s, something similar could work again.

    • Agreed. I live in a slightly less well-off but very similar DC suburb. The Achilles Heel of these people is their complete and utter lack of belief in what they say and fear of having to live anything like what they support.

      Turning them to our side is not possible but undermining their beliefs are by simply pushing their rhetoric beyond, well, rhetoric. If they support BLM, agree with them and then start pushing them to have affordable housing in their area. Push them for refugee resettlement in the area. Busing. Wealth tax. White priviledge meetings. Force to them to live by their own rules.

        • The level of daily propaganda that these people – especially the women – ingest is mind-boggling. They live in a fantasyland, but it’s real to them. They live in their own Truman Show. We need to remember that.

          You have to pierce that bubble. Show them that it’s fake. But unlike Truman, they don’t want to discover the truth. They’re happy where they are.

          The only way to pierce the bubble is to show them what’s coming, that they may not be as safe as they think.

          • The level of daily propaganda that these people – especially the women – ingest is mind-boggling.

            There’s a large TV in the cafeteria where I work.

            Even 30 seconds of viewing is enough to convince me TV programming is horrifically infantile Soviet agitprop.

          • Trump’s biggest triumph was taking the propaganda organs down several notches. More people, even those who want to believe, pay little attention to their lies.

          • I literally haven’t sat down and watched a t.v. show in years. I went to the gym the other day (first time in almost a year, that’s a whole other story) and even glancing up at the damn tube was mind-boggling – the digital world is about 95% ‘diverse.’ Just hearing it (as I do at home) is bad enough, but the rapidity of change in the visuals is staggering.

          • It used to be enough to mute commercials. No more, they are now so visually offensive that you must actually turn off the boob toob.

          • One program that is worth watching is

            Homestead Rescue

            on Animal Planet.

            Huge amount of useful ideas and practical information in that program.

          • The DC UMC libs are soooooo insulated. I know these people and live among them. I don’t feel confident that conservatives can affect them enough to get them to change their minds. At least on the timeframe that I desire.

          • I disagree. The idea that showing people “the facts of reality” will lead them to your side will not, and has never worked, for 95%+ of the population. This is the same trope the whignats fall into, where if only you “Name Them,” suddenly reality will come crashing into everyone’s consciousness and they will awake to the True Reality. The vast majority of people only understand narrative, fantasy, and storytelling. They DO NOT CARE about your “facts,” only whether or not they get the role of “good guy” in the storyline they perceive you to be weaving. If the reality of diversity could cure the leftist mindvirus, Sweden, S.A., England, Angola, etc would all be very different. They aren’t. Waiting for reality to check your enemies is a false cope, a lie to lull yourself into submission. Look at Detroit: did one of the most prosperous US cities of the 1950’s “wake up” when they became “Detroitified?” Nope, still haven’t. Repeating the same process now will have the same result.

          • I agree that it won’t work the vast, vast majority of time. I was only saying that if you’re in that spot and want to try, this is probably the best way.

            That said, I don’t think that we should spend out energy on this. Instead, find people who share our views, quietly build communities, stay low and get ready for things to get way worse before they start getting better.

          • Sweden, S.A., England, Angola, etc would all be very different.
            No room for the US? Or Canada?
            I like the random Angola thrown on to the list.
            It would probably be easier to list Western countries not being destroyed by the Left. Even Italy now is becoming Woke; Salvini facing prosecution with a sentence of up to 15 years.

          • I disagree, the working class ‘burbs of Detroit are quite racist. The rich virtue signaling areas are not, though.

      • I live in a rapidly shit-libbing village in Ohio. 98% white as Duke’s Mayo, about 50% Biden voters with the BLM stuff and the “We believe in this house…” signs. High property values have led to the town becoming more economically homogenous; used to be more of a mix.
        One surefire way to introduce some dissonance in these bozos is to point that no one lied to these people about the demographics of where they chose to live. They literally can’t stand it when their hypocrisy is cheerfully and laughingly pointed out to them.

        • Yeah, like I told Educated Redneck above, I don’t believe that I’ll change any minds. I might pick off the occasional White guy who is quietly sitting on the fence listening to the conversation, but other than that, I just think that it’s fun to tweak these people.

    • I’ll take Walmart said Winston.

      Why asked Julia?

      Because they actually exist, said Winston.

      “You are already dead, and not worth actually arresting” said a quavering voice behind them.

      Winston and Julia and saw a man in a Flower Print dress, washing a befuddled noggers feet. *

      “Who are you?!” exclaimed Winston and Julia.

      “I’m Fellatia O’Brien, O’Briens grandaughter. I was born male, but self identify as his grandaughter.”

      “ Yo white peeples are weird, I’m outta here” said the Jogger disgustedly.

      *The people you seek to convert live above all other zip codes in Bethesda MD, and yes they knelt and footwashed BLM this summer.

      ^These are what you wish to convert.^

      • Yep. Just like their soviet predecessors, we need them to pressure their group and the socioeceonmic groups subject to them into supporting our goals. They are a bus that we ride to our destination. Once we are there, the bus is useless, and disposed of accordingly.

    • The kulaks were eventually liquidated in the Soviet Union and I fear it will take something similar (or at least substantial losses of life and property) to wake up the kulaks described in Z-man’s post.

      • My tendency is towards the slightly pessimistic, so I tend to agree. Virtue signaling is these people’s religion.
        A few years ago, I quipped to a friend that I thought the US Navy would rather lose a war than admit that women on ships is a bad idea. He immediately responded “of course,” paired with a facial expression that made it known that he thought what I said was so obvious that it wasn’t worth commenting on. That’s the level of derangement that we’re dealing with, the corrective event being so painful as to threaten the group’s core identity still might not alone prove sufficient to move the needle.

        • Your friend was right. But as I mentioned above, the US Navy losing a war wouldn’t actually hurt the Navy brass. They would still keep their jobs, live in their nice neighborhoods and keep their huge pensions.

          If any member of the Navy elite challenged women on ships, he’d lose all of that. Part of this is core identity and part of it is protecting what they have.

        • They will run at machinegun nests, believing that diversity makes them stronger than bullets. Don’t be around for the opening act, but be there to seize the pieces in the final act.

          • Uh, no they won’t.
            What machine gun nests?

            But no, if there were machine gun nests, no they’d just stay home.

      • The problem is that the modern Kulaks are not simply people who own land and hire peasants to work it. They are your doctors, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, business owners, farmers, ranchers, and the like. You shut them down, you close up the economy.

        • Killing the kulaks in the 30’s (so-called “socializing the agriculture”) led to the greatest mass starvation in European history.

        • There is a surplus of lawyers buddy, we could send 3/4 of them into orbit and be none the worse off for it. Ditto for Pajeet Doctors.
          Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Small Biz Owners, and Farmers are key and worth keeping.

          Moral of the Story? #NotAllKulaks

        • Eh, 75,000,000 people is a large group, and probably includes numerous such professionals. Heck, there are enough members of the Learn’d Professions on this humble comment section to serve a small town…

          • Agreed. But here-to-fore, we were talking “Kulaks”, not “good Kulaks” vs “bad Kulaks” and worse, we were simply selecting our bad Kulaks from an amorphous upper SES percentage of the population.

        • They already shut down the economy, the part that wasn’t theirs. They create as much money as they need.
          They wait us out.
          And all of 2020 proves they’re right.

    • @Milestone, @Citizen
      Old article, but still accurate:
      Red state/MAGA types underestimate the depth of resistance among the DC adjacent UMC. The vitriol focused towards conservatives in the DC burbs is amazing to experience. Its like living inside a propaganda machine with the BLM, Biden and RGB “Rest In Power” yard signs dotting lawns everywhere. Who are these people? Why are they doing this? Where is the empathy towards other perspectives? It a lonely experience living here despite all the people.

      • If anything, your comments and the linked article understate the level of animosity felt by the inside the bet way types for trump & the Dirt People. I’d guess the majority of adults on my street hold graduate degrees but my wife instinctively agreed with me that putting a Trump sign in our yard would get our car key’d. And we figured that the reaction from the cops would be something like “what did you expect?” By the way … when trying to understand Chief Justice John Robert’s decisions, conservatives will often ask “what do they have on him?” Of course, that misses the point entirely … Robert’s lives in the *really* exclusive part of Chevy Chase and he’s no more interested in being socially ostracized than anyone else is. To be politically heterodox here is to be, as Mr. Z might say, cast into the outer void.
        I’ve often wished that Z would do a podcast on the real DC, not the federal Disneyland of TradCon spring break tourists, but the reality of the culture here, especially in contrast with the rest of the country. It’s utterly irredeemable and I hope to move back South as soon as my wife and I can fully secure our luxurious pensions.

        • The level of hatred toward flyover Whites – especially Southerners – is astounding. Close-in suburban liberal Whites openly hate these people. They don’t hide it in any way.

          They truly view them as some insanely dangerous cartoon Nazi-Deliverance hybrid. Destroying this pestilence can’t come too soon in their minds.

        • Thanks for the insight regarding John Roberts. I think what you say is accurate and likely accounts for the leftward drift of nearly everyone appointed to the Supreme Court. Churches and affiliated schools super pozed here which is an interesting vulnerability for our church going supremes (when and how did this happen?). As you say, there is no letup from the social pressure. In particular, wears women down.
          BTW, I live in Bethesda. In my neighborhood you can maybe guess who the conservatives are because they don’t have BLM signs in front of their houses.
          Recent sign trends:
          Garrett Park has posted “Please Wear a Mask in Garrett Park” at all entrances to the neighborhood and in their parks. Fun. I’ve also seen three transgender pride flags flying locally (two in Kensington, one in Garrett Park). The big push for tranny rights is on deck. Brace yourself!
          Its a good idea for the Z man to do more episodes on inside looks of the federal government. He should be able to find people that know how it really works to give him material. One of the biggest disappointment of the Trump admin IMO was how he was crushed by the deep state. People need to know more about them to beat them!

          • I think we might be neighbors. I’m in the Bethesda/Kensington area now, near the Prog Temple (aka Unitarian church). (Used to live closer to CC, in a small apt) BLM/Biden/Hate Has No Home Here signs everywhere. Gay flags, now with triangles added for effect, I assume it’s in reference to the tranny ascendency. Anyway, this is the most superficially nice neighborhood I’ve ever lived in. It’s a paradise, unlike anything in the normal American experience. I have one neighbor who conceded that most residents here have no idea/concern of how different their existence is to most Americans. My neighbors lost their minds when MCPS proposed school redistricting. I quipped to my neighbor with two middle school kids that Wheaton is the future. They are in total denial.

          • Yeah, you live close. I take my daughter to the playground at Beach Dr and Cedar Ln all the time.
            And yes, getting zoned into Wheaton will be the real red pill for our neighbors. 20% drop in Garrett Park property valuations if this happens. I voted against all this stuff and all the guys I voted for got crushed.
            We should hang out some time. E-mail if interested. @Citizen you are invited too if you can hazard the drive to Maryland.

          • Grew up in Wheaton. Was talking with some FB group (back when I was on it) about the old home town and how, golly, is anyone else worried that MS13 is leaving chopped up informants at Wheaton Regional Park? I wonder if it’s related to the fact that 50% of everyone living there was not born in the US?

            They were like, “FOAD, loser! Can’t you see this shiny new high-rise condo where the crappy Safeway used to be! Wheaton has passed you by, bigot!”

            I’d imagine where Connecticut breaks to University Boulevard is where the wire is, these days. Wheaton Plaza: outside the wire.

        • Well, that’s just great. Old fashioned things like rules, upholding the law and really old fashioned things like the constitution are far less important than staying in the good graces of your neighbors and the rest of polite society.
          This is exactly why there almost has to be some sort of black swan event so the cleansed Phoenix can rise from the ashes.

      • I’m a little farther out so it’s not so bad for me, but in the closer in suburbs such as Arlington or Alexandria, you would absolutely have neighbors openly attack you (verbally) if you admitted to supporting Trump. If you put a Trump sign in your yard, it would be stolen in a day or two.

        What’s more, you’d get no backing from the few Republican neighbors that you have. They are establishment GOP types – might even work for an organization connected to the GOP, conservative think tanks, etc. – who dislike Trump and feel threatened by him.

        Yes, you would be socially ostracized to some degree or another. And they would not forget after the election. You are now not a part of their world. You are the enemy to liberals and not trustworthy to the conservatives.

        Particularly with liberal Whites, politics is very personal. It completely engrosses their life. Those inner suburb liberal Whites truly believe that they’re in a fight against the cartoon-version of Nazis. They have no moral issue attacking you as much as they feel they can get away with.

        • Can we be honest? With these numbers, you just carpet-bomb the place. I’m reminded that Abraham spent a while bargaining with the Lord over Sodom – “Ok, what if I can find, like, five guys who don’t deserve to get greased?” – and was, ultimately, unable to find sufficient numbers to save the day for them.

      • They are communists. You can’t negotiate or compromise with commies. I think it was Chang Ka-Shek who said that you just have to kill them. It’s a religion for them, blah blah blah. It’s been said many times. They are fanatics just like their New England Puritan ancestors. Terrible people.

      • Simple; they hate us.
        They bear us boundless malice.
        That is their ‘Empathy.’

        Because we are a threat to their power and status, that is all.
        Mind you~~ it’s they themselves that created this mess, and profit from our suffering. They fear an accounting for all the dirty things they’ve done.
        Fear drives them, whips them into desperate madness.

        That is why they want us dead, our children raped, and they think it is funny.

        Come January you’ll see their true nature, unleashed.

    • The way to get the modern Kulaks onboard is to make them feel the pain of their own policies.

      Wouldn’t take much. Look at how the Swedes virtue masturbate about open borders, open hearts and open doors, affirming that OF COURSE they would be ready to house an “unaccompanied minor” in their own home, if called upon.

      And watch their faces when the interviewer says, “so happy to hear you say that. Come over here, Ali, I’ve found you a new home!”

    • I’m not sure I’d want those types on my/our side regardless of whether their views can be modified. I understand the agitprop has been strong, but it’s hard to believe a reasonably intelligent person can look around and not see that things are terribly F’D up. Sure, you’ve got your trophy wife, six figure income and nice place in the burbs – but how long do you think that shit is going to last with the direction we’re headed? People that delusional at this stage of the game may make useful future manual laborers – maybe. Not much else.

  35. Z- we are to embrace Kulak tactics or Kulak strategy?

    Well there’s an attractive marketing slogan!

    Both failed, and whatever its called will fail for the reasons you so cogently lay out.

    People like that at best, at best will follow the prevailing winds. Their minds Sir are already made up; they are determined weathervanes. There is no fight, struggle or use in these people.

    Sir for people to follow anyone or anything requires leader and followers be strong, as men, as a movement. DR in fact the entire right do not offer strength; Nor do those you wish to sway have it within themselves.

    You have nothing and seek something from the most nothing of all, mere ciphers, the Jeb Bush followers.

    Get something, build something and yes a something of solid men and then see who follows.

    One cannot make bricks from castles in the air.

    • When you have to cross a river in Africa it is better to walk on idiots than swim in the water w the crocs and hippos. I think the idea is to use the weathervanes in the same way.

      • The Imaginary seeking the non existent.

        Those you would use: They walk on us, and we are in the river with the Africans, crocs and hippos, and we the villages of idiots.

        • Do you always surrender before the fight or is it just now? The lefties, from bolchies to today, have shown that it can be done. If they can why not us? Better to be planning the rebound than to sit around waiting to be liquidated which is what your premature surrender mentality ends in.

          • The lefties, from bolchies to today, have shown that it can be done. If they can why not us?

            This. The Long March took the Commies 100 years, and that’s the kind of timeline we need to mentally prepare ourselves for.

            How easy it would be if it were just a matter of voting for the right guy or shooting a couple of civil servants.

            …premature surrender mentality…

            I am quite convinced that demoralizing and defeatism is a deliberate cornerstone of globohomo agitprop.

            It is channeled by outfits like Breitbart which daily pushes stories about whites being humiliated by blacks or Mohammadans, the theme being that the tsunami of diversity ravaging out countries is an unstoppable force of nature, that our fates are sealed.

          • One of the key triggers about Trump was he gave the masses hope, no matter how false. Demoralization is a big tool and the reason the Ruling Class is disturbed that people have begun to tune them out. Yes, they will become more assertive but it will not stop the exodus of caring.

          • and yet the bolchies for all their efforts and time really haven’t accomplished shit

            One Trump comes along and their whole world collapses. Oooh. Big wow. I’m so impressed with their 100 years of planning.

            Fuck them. I am not planning shit for 100 years. I am living my life and we all need to break away from liberal democracy in some form or fashion and let it collapse, either literally or functionally. Because self sufficient guys with an ounce of toughness will thrive in that environment and come out on top. That’s the plan. Doesn’t take 100 years. Maybe 2

          • One Trump comes along and their whole world collapses.

            Trump did nothing to even rock their power base. If anything, he affirmed them in their worldview.

            Because self sufficient guys with an ounce of toughness will thrive in that environment and come out on top.

            The people who will thrive are those with the strongest social networks, not the rugged individualist.

          • The people who will thrive are those with the strongest social networks, not the rugged individualist.
            Ding ding ding we have a winner…The problem is Felix how do we overcome the brainwashing that has went on by them to keep us isolated and easily overcome…

          • It’s not brainwashing.

            it’s genetic. That poster is descended from a long line of people that ran away from fights. Which works out well as long as there’s some where to run to.

            We need to treat them the way that the continental army treated the militia. Useful but mercurial allies. Use their strengths as they are and they will provide a critical mass when victory is in sight. But they won’t carry the fight through bitter winters.

          • Having strong social networks is part and parcel of being self sufficient, which is what I meant. Self sufficient as a community.

            Trump did nothing to rock their power base? Ok, if you say so.

          • How is that Amazon stock doing? Are the plutocrats grinding us to dust harder and making more money than they were 5 years ago? AMZN is doing great, and the billionaires made more in the last 9 months than ever before. I think Felix has the right of it here.

          • Covid is one period of Trump’s time in office. Ignore that for a moment.

            Amazon is also the Washington Post which has been trying to squash Trump since the start. And now look at how hard they are trying to get rid of him. He rocked their world. They are willing to destroy the voting process in order to get rid of him. Pretty big deal.

            As for Amazon, he’d be doing great with or without Trump. The fact that bezos is trying to destroy the guy says something.

          • Trump did nothing to rock their power base? Ok, if you say so.

            Sorry, I forgot that he discontinued mandatory white struggle sessions in federal institutions, owning the Libs like a boss.

          • So your argument is that had someone like Jeb been elected to go against Biden that the establishment would be willing to destroy the voting process just to beat him?

          • Ehh… No?

            I don’t even understand how you get there from what I wrote. What I’m trying to say is that the regressives are embedded at all levels of the political power structure, from the school board to the federal reserve.

            Trump has put a few good judges in place, but their world has by no means collapsed, it’s barely even dented.

  36. If you put George Soros and Jeff Bezos wealth together how would it compared to the entire upper middle class?

    On the Friday after Thanksgiving Whole Foods sent out an email to people in several southern states that had purchased a turkey telling them it was not up to their standards though it was safe to eat and they would be giving everyone $50 gift certificate. No reason was given. I really think that Jeff Bezos just played a malicious joke on everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving because he can and he hates those people. Now you have bad memories of Thanksgiving and you don’t get any turkey sandwiches eff off peasant

    • Just a friendly reminder that yes, the overlords know who you are, they know you aren’t doing as you are told, they have your email address and transaction information. They hope you don’t meet with any unfortunate accidents at the hands of their footsoldiers…

      • Yes indeed, and two can play that game. God bless all the new (and cheap) technologies that are now commonly available to the untermenschen.

        • Yep. I notice that the media doesn’t show pictures of Muhammed anymore, despite their protests that they would never be silenced.

          In Sweden, they allow Muslim prayers in schools when Muslims started attacking school administrators.

          TPTB are a paper tiger. They can give a punch, but they can’t take one.

          • TPTB are glorified gangsters and naturally have a kinship with violent assholes

            Blacks showed us how to deal with them. Get out the streets and start breaking stuff. Same with Muslims

            The TPTB have zero respect for us. Sure, we protest en masse, but they don’t care. They only respect violence.

            I ask, would you respect a people, whites in this case, whom you lie to every two years during elections and they keep coming back for more? If someone in your personal life kept doing that, do you think they would ave any respect for you or just see you as a doormat?

            That said, is this society worth getting violent over? I don’t think so. I say let them have it and we form something new.

          • When I say “America” I mean the entity that is the government, etc. I could care less about that anymore. Not worth fighting to maintain it imo.

            Not the land I love. I will fight for that, no question. I am going to do what I can to put myself in the best position to fight for that for when the time comes.

    • Don’t assume the Bezos and Waldens—or even Soros—of the world have all the wealth. They have a concentration of wealth that they can focus, 20%—we call them the upper 1%, but the upper middle class as defined by those people in next 9 percent of the country economically, have 60% of the wealth. Yep, the rest of the country (America) can squabble over the remaining 20%.

      Now we can argue around the edges as to the upper middle class percent—10%, 15%, 20%? The result remains, the “Kulaks” as Z-man describes us are a force that must be dealt with to move forward.

  37. The problem we got is that this approach is going to be boring. These upper middle class whites are boring and snooty. It’s no fun dealing with them in any sort of alliance for very long.
    I much prefer the truck driver who loves Trump while Trump says some crazy thing that drives the beautiful people nuts.
    That was kinda fun and I prefer down to earth rubes over the wine and cheese crowd anyway.
    I think I will just withdraw after Trump and stay out of politics. Watch from sidelines for awhile.

    • I’m an all of the above sort of guy. Maintaining good optics for the booshie types is okay and speaking frankly to the converted is fine too. The one thing the old commie got right was to never lose sight of the goal.

      • they were driven, some may say diabolically so. and smart enough to know that the mensheviks, social democrats, rich fabianist donors, girondins, whig progressives, freemasons, etc were key to gaining power. without them, the old order would have simply dealt with things, rightly or wrongly but dealt with them.

        the right also used to know this the few times it won, see Franco uniting Falange with the agrarian tradcaths and royalists, Hitler going democratic and getting the support from Catholic Zentrum and the Prussian Junkers.

        of course, you run the risk of getting backstabbed, but happens to the other side too: see Gorby, or the Clintons. in America you don’t see this balancing act that often, because there is only two parties that take the steam off each other; instead of multiparty coalitions where at least the factions may have more say as they could break ranks if pissed off.

        so what is to be done? simple, politics is about getting the most people to agree with you, so appeal to normies trying to infiltrate the GOP, but also build movements outside to appeal to the hip and edgy. leftists have known how to do this since the days of Che in the jungle and Dylan strumming at a hip cafe simultaneously.

        the American left in particular did this trick well in the past couple decades, as it grew both a neoliberal front and a “democratic”-socialist wing with even its own kinda institutional autonomy. this wing also had the intellectual and logistic power within the coalition that could swing the neoliberal front, which on the other hand uses them as guard and attack dogs. much more so under Obama, who completely fused the front and the wing into the crazed leftborg we eventually had to expect was gonna come.

        republicans meanwhile lost time disavowing the Buchanan Brigades and pretending to stage phony non-nationalist grassroots reactions under compassionate conservatism and the tea party. the lesson is that the outside street-agrarian populist wing needs to have its own ideals and power to drive them, and thus push the bourgeois normiecon front forward and into the light. otherwise, normie cucking is inevitable, dissidence never breaks the magic 15-20% needed to take over, and the relatively more united left wins.

        to beat this paradigm, and if the GOP seems hellbent on suicide, it may take a third party. even a temporary one would help to bring new realignments or coalitions, which are bound to happen in large nations with a lot of voting blocs anyway. for example, the late 19th century populists were coopted by the dems, but enough of their ideals lived on some degrees among rural dems (who would eventually go rep later). likewise the bullmoose republicans or the dixiecrats, although those were coopted by their opposing parties. and like you say, the single issue movements all get absorbed into both sides of the establishment – but at least they have so much drive that they power through and install at least a plank or two of larger party platforms.

        all that said, leaders and vanguards are needed to communicate the platform and unite the factions. if not Trump, someone else will have to step up…

    • Live in this weird netherworld…am from the rubes, but live in the Wall Street world. Find myself despising the latter more each year. Really are the self absorbed batch of virtue signaling assholes portrayed by populist right. Live a version of JD Vance every day. Fought a re-shoring fight a couple years ago with a consultant (Brand “M”) quality in India sucked, costs really were not that much better b/c had throw three locals at a problem one American could solve. Zero ability to pivot or come up with unguided solutions…the mantra was “Americans suck, off-shore good” and suspected there were all sorts of undisclosed financial interests in the recommenced non-US firms. This has been a massive grift.

      • I feel your pain. In almost every company I have worked for, and I am not even in my 40s yet, off-shoring has been seen as the solution to everything. One project manager even came in and told us (three engineering staff with a lot of experience running our legacy system) that ‘I could just get a bunch of Indians in to migrate the system’. He seemed like the sort of man who took cost seriously, but having worked with many Indians I wonder if, in the long run, it is ever worth it. And this is before we count the social costs of having a neigbourhood infested with pajeets.

        This has been a massive grift.

        No doubt. No doubt.

        • Similar things happened in California

          But this was regarding the trades. If you needed some grunt or basic work done the guys running the company would just say “just go get a bunch of Mexicans”

          Well, then soon enough the Mexicans are taking over the trades and nothing gets done right. And you end up having to call in a white guy, but there are very few of them left. Armenians and Russians are still around but their work product is not very good; up to Soviet standards I guess but not white American.

          Bottom line, there is no solution as long as it means we have to live with non whites. We are just two different breeds who all never find a happy medium unless whites are willing to give up on quality for the sake of sanity. I for one can.t do that. It goes against everything I believe in. I hate half ass work, whether it be in trades, or construction, or art, or whatever.

          • Re trades, now what you pay for is warranty. The workmanship will suck and will need fixing regardless of what you pay, so you pay extra to make sure the inevitable repairs go better.

          • You want good work, you pay for it.
            Whites from the time of the Founding Fathers have lusted for cheap labor like a dragon wants gold and they got exactly what they paid for. Blin.

          • Whites in big business

            Regular white people are just happy to do a good job because that’s who they are and charge a reasonable price. Even to this day in CA.

            And the one’s who cannot afford the rising cost of living just leave, and most have. They would rather be dead than do shit work. I know hundreds of them. Whites have pride. I don’t know another race/breed who is similar. It’s our thing.

            Embrace it and stay among your own and be a part of something great and better than the crap around us. Your ancestors would be proud.

          • That pride is a side effect of Christendom , not our race.
            Other groups don’t integrate that value set as well though and it is more common to North/West Europeans than even other European groups.

          • The Japanese have an even greater pride and appreciation for a job well done. They’re not Christian and the level of quality in Asia falls dramatically within a short distance of Japan.

            Likewise, Spain, Italy and Greece are all very Christian. And lazy with an expectation of sloppy work and good enough is good enough.

        • The good news was I won that particular battle. And we moved the IT work back to a midwestern city next to a Big-10 university that churned more engineers than we’d ever want who didn’t want to move to Silicon Valley. But the victories are few.

        • Tech outsourcing is the new plantation: pick your own damned cotton, as the true cost is much higher than the price offered.

        •  One project manager even came in and told us (three engineering staff with a lot of experience running our legacy system) that ‘I could just get a bunch of Indians in to migrate the system’.”
          Reminds me of the guy who, supposedly, used Alec Baldwin’s monologue from Glengarry Glenn Ross as a motivational film.

  38. We need to get to the point where a real choice has to be made or will be made, like it or not. This election farce and/or vaccine “mandate” could be two such choice issues. Will the DR and a good portion of the rest of this (former) country accept a blatantly stolen election or roll up their sleeves in order to live a “normal” life? Something wicked this way comes…

    • Correct. We are at an inflection point in history (just like 1776) and we can either rise to the occasion or grovel in the dirt like good little PC cucked eunuchs.

    • Just be prepared when the answer is to just grill and consume into oblivion. The future of America isn’t Brazil but South Africa. In South Africa, there is a dwindling share of whites, many who now live in slums, but will accept their shrinking slice of the pie until there’s nothing left. Right now they’re clinging onto their few crumbs left.

      In America, we are likely 10-20 years out from South African style-politics. We all know it’s coming but it’s easier today to just grill n’ chill. Even when roaming packs of blacks tell them it’s time to get out of their house and by the way their teenaged daughter is now going to be property of the local BLM warlord, the boomercon jokes that at least he can still watch sportsball on his phone as he gets scuttled off to a holding cell for not denouncing his whiteness enough.

      • Whites are like 10% of the population of SA. I very much doubt that the US will have 10% white and 90% black. The more realistic projection is that whites and hispanics end up at even percentages of the population, say 30-35% each. The rest is black and other minorities. So our future is indeed Brazil, though a whiter Brazil.

        • We will be something new & different. An amalgamation of these two archetypes because our situation, like theirs, is unique to our time & place in history.

          We most certainly will -not- be Brazil north because the ‘whites’ in Brazil are not race cucks who worship blacks. South Africans were beaten into submission decades ago to worship blacks even when being tyred or having their throats cut. We have ample evidence that goodwhites are willing to suffer beatings, rape, and death to wash away the sin of Whiteness.

          Hence, we will actually be some weird combo of Brazil / SA but with a peculiar malady that is all our own. Which also means we may be able to come up with a novel solution before the grim reality comes to pass. Lots of eyes are opening lately, I could see a ‘soft’ ethno-state forming. I.E. No formal proclamation of boundaries. Think the ‘Good Schools’ euphemism written across an entire State or perhaps several states.

          • another difference is the strand of whites. the Portuguese were hardened by centuries of fighting heathen Moors. also, their enterprise contained a more hierarchical Catholic credo, which allowed at least soft segregation to persist to this day.

            South Africa is weird, it has the usual Anglo cucking and the fiercer Boer that however is always a minority and thus rather flees, as in the end the North Sea peoples are wont to do. the US probably has some more spine from the Scotch-Irish and Bavarian influences, and some based Medis like some Italians and Greeks; but there is always the Yankees and the Nordics ruining the North and West specially with their Prot and/or freemasonic liberalism. on the other hand, the South has minorities invading too, and the East has the establishment from where the errors originally spread. so, it will be weird how the lines eventually form.

          • Minorities have a stronghold in every inner city, thanks to gov housing and welfare. States need to start banning it and we’ll see some serious migration.

          • We could achieve an ethnostate in 6 months just by banning government housing. Blacks use so much welfare per capita, they don’t even pay enough into taxes to cover the cost of their welfare consumption. They’d migrate to some liberal state and live on their dole, I promise. The homeless in California are mostly from some republican city that put them on a bus. We can do the same with the hunter-gatherers and liberal states would LOVE to play hero lol.

      • All fertility other than Pacific Islander (which is holding) and the the ultra religious (Amish and highly conformist) in the US is below replacement and assuming immigration is controlled , the US will will end up a bit more Latino.
        If not it will get a bit more Latino until as is happening, the immigrant supply dries up.
        Don’t expect even the Democrats to go for mass African immigration. It scares them and the White Democrats already hemorrhaging older millennial don’t want to be replaced by ethnics they can’t control
        This scenario assumes Whites never decide to have more children and things never changes the US doesn’t just fall apart , there aren’t deportations or mass death from war.
        A couple of centuries you’ll see New America which will be very very different, mainly Amish, very religious White Christian, Orthodox Jews, some Pacific Islanders and a smattering of everyone else

        • the scenario also assumes everyone stops having kids, not just whites. which i don’t think will necessarily happen. perhaps the invading people ascendant in cultural terms will want, if not to breed more of themselves, then get their trophy native white women and create a new breed.

          of course, there will be fierce fruitful redoubts of pure races, as enough will notice what is coming and try to avoid the blending. but, there are increasing numbers of “mixeds” around these pure islands. culture will need to reassert nature so races can survive and miscegenation can remain for the few who can’t deal with their own heh.

          and even among these mixed populations that can’t deal, they tend to follow a color scale too, even if more diffuse. for example, many latins and even some middle easterners will write “white” if simply light enough. whatever the size of the groupings, such populations tend to be unstable if too integrated; as they are currently thanks to the spread of “freedom and democracy”, and the atomization of groups into something the secular govcorp elites can control easy.

          • Another perspective is Ed Dutton’s theory on religion being genetic. The christian whites are having the most children, of all whites. So in a generation or two, we’ll have fewer lefties running arouund, since they’ve removed themselves from the gene pool.

          • The secular government is growing incapable of keeping shelves stocked, electricity or running water working.
            Its only essentially direct intervention by the States combined with a nationwide coverup that has keep the US from entering a visible housing and food crisis.
            LA Schools for example are not often as not used as food banks instead of schools.
            This means over time the state will rapidly hollow out and the elite “Great Reset.” or whatever other nonsense they promulgate will fail. The current system has no future.
            The question is do you and yours?

        • I can see a latino-white alliance based around christianity. Blacks are not treated well or trusted in latin america. I dont see latinos keeping quite about their murder rates or welfare consumption. I know a farrrr left very white looking ‘latina’ who works in politics. She hates blacks lol, but only after we’ve had some drinks. The latinos are sick of BLM, obama, harris, and all the crying. Hell, I can imagine latinos deporting blacks before whites would.

      • I’ve debated some south africa whites, pleading for them to leave. They don’t get it. The guy kept saying ‘are you going to give me a free house and a job?’ No, but your children and grandchildren will be genocided because you were too scared to start over in a white majority society when you had the chance.

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