The New Corporatism

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In the industrial age, the power centers in Western societies were capital, the government and the workers in that order. Because money is power, the capitalists could exert influence over governments, so they were at the top of the power structure, but that had its limits. Government has the monopoly of force and must be responsive to the people, even in private government. Labor, of course, had numbers and even in the most repressive regimes, numbers count for a lot.

Of course, there was natural conflict between labor and capital. Then as now, capitalists wanted to exploit their workers as much as possible. One solution to this was tripartism, which is economic corporatism. Labor, government and employers work together to form economic policy. Labor would be organized into unions, whose leaders would sit at the table with representatives from the state and industry to fashion polices that maintained social stability and economic prosperity.

For most of Europe, this has been the explicit arrangement. In Scandinavia, what is often called socialism is actually corporatism. Workers get generous benefits, but the state protects business from competition. In other parts of Europe it is not as explicit, but the social contract is based on the cooperation of the government, business and labor unions. The irony is that this was the approach favored by fascist movements, but no one dares mention that bit of history.

In America, this arrangement was never formalized. Industrial unions flourished in the north, but never got traction in the rest of the country. Into the 20th century, the central government was too weak to bring labor and capital to the table. Instead we got an informal version of tripartism, with activist groups inside the political system negotiating on behalf of labor. The political class used regulation, rather than force, to bring business owners to the table.

For the most part, this system worked well enough through the 20th century. It was not perfect, nothing is, but all the measures of society improved. Even as the West moved into post-industrial economies, the system held up. That’s increasingly not the case, especially in America, as we move fully into the technological age. That old informal arrangement is falling apart and being replaced with a bipolar social order, centered on money and information.

You see this with the Democratic Party. A generation ago, Democratic politicians would court industrial labor unions and salt their platforms with promises to the middle and working class. They were the party of labor. Today, Democrat politicians would not be caught dead with a union boss. Instead they hang out at Davos with bankers and global titans of the information age. They salt their platforms with weird aspirational messages that resonate with bourgeoise bohemians.

The new system is an informal arrangement between Silicon Valley, Wall Street and the political class in Washington. Left out of this is not only labor, but the bulk of business, which does not operate globally. You see this with Covid. Exceptions were made for the giant corporations, but not the small and midsized business forced to knuckle under to draconian measures. A great transfer of power and money is underway from the middle-class to the elites.

Just as capital was able to exert influence over the state in the old industrial tripartite system, money and information is now able to push around the political class. You see this with the tech monopolies. Many in Washington know this is a serious problem, but they are powerless to stop it. Not only can the tech giants buy the votes they need, they get to read everyone’s e-mail and text messages. In the information age, control of information is as important as controlling the money.

What America is racing into is bipartism, an informal alliance between Silicon Valley and Wall Street, with Washington as junior partner. Silicon Valley controls the flow of information, while Wall Street controls the flow of money. When necessary, Washington supplies the force. There is no role for labor or even for the public at-large. In a world where elections are ceremonial, there is no need for Washington to appeal to the voters or even pretend to do so.

The problem with this emerging social arrangement is that it is not rooted in anything other than short-term greed. Corporatism of the industrial age was rooted in Catholic social teaching, where the parties had reciprocal duties. Human dignity and the common good were overriding concerns. The three parts of the system were bound by reciprocal duties to the other, but also bound by a duty to society. There was a clear moral component, rooted in 2000 years of history.

The system that is emerging is explicitly free of any moral duty to society, as it rejects the very notion of society. After all, society is about boundaries and the open society is about no boundaries, which is a contradiction in terms. The rhetoric is to disguise the fact that the whole point of this new order is to consume social capital, converting it into money and power for the two stake holders. Human dignity and the common good have been monetized to benefit the new ruling order.

The main flaw in this is that a world without social capital is a world without trust. This is why personal liberty is quickly shrinking. Prisons are low trust societies and they are controlled by limiting the choices available to inmates. The emerging social credit system and “freedom passes” are what the new ruling class thinks will replace the social capital they have devoured. Instead of a sense of community and an obligation to society, people will be motivated by their smartphone.

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270 thoughts on “The New Corporatism

  1. Silicon Valley controls the flow of information, while Wall Street controls the flow of money. When necessary, Washington supplies the force. There is no role for labor 

    Mike Lee’s green card bill passes unanimously, there’s obviously a role for labour, just not what I expected.

  2. Add on .. Macron is interesting. He was the great liberal anti-Populist international hope. After a near death with the Yellow Jackets protests over gas taxes he’s veered to the right accidentally against Muslims as he got into a slap fight with Erdogan over Libya (each has ambitions there). He’s outlawing Muslim organizations and deporting Muslim leaders.
    This could be an accident of his slap-fight with Erdogan. Or he could have inside info that his tax base has now collapsed and inside the Euro he must cut social spending that keeps Muslims relatively quiet and is readying himself for dumping them into someplace like Libya or Tunisia. He could solve a lot of his problems that way. He probably won’t but who knows?

  3. Several things that are interesting. One, Rick Wilson wants Trump voters identified and “humiliated” and put in prison, with the help of Big Tech. The model being Cultural Revolution China which retarded that nation’s progress for 30 + years.
    Two, one Biden official plans a national soda tax, which even Bernie rejected. To be paired with plan meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and cheese taxes. Abolition of gun ownership and prison for blacks, and abolition of the police. Obama noted Dems should not mention abolish the police and AOC and the Squad told him to … shut up. Dems plan to abolish the US energy industry wholesale and there are rumors Biden will extradite some Special Forces and Generals to Iran for trial.
    This suggests two things: First that the primary objective of the ruling class is to humiliate and debase the Dirt People which not even Stalin or Mao did formerly. Each brutal dictator paid lip service to the “people” and ordered them depicted them as cardboard cutout heroics in Socialist Realism. They are convinced big data and money can buy them control. Second the US really is running out of money and needs to scare up taxes just like France has under Macron.

    • Arguably, ever dictator in history was using or allied with lower class people in opposition to upper class people. There are a few notable exceptions, but only a few, and they all devolved back to upper class oligarchy along the way.

  4. This article immediately brought to mind the useless congressional hearings we see with FB, Twitter, and Google that never go anywhere.
    OT – We lost Walter Williams today, a slightly more down to earth version of Thomas Sowell. Bright POC.

  5. “The irony is that this was the approach favored by fascist movements, but no one dares mention that bit of history.”

    Because, like a lot of “fascism”, it’s just common sense. It’s no more essentially “fascist” than speaking German or Italian. Compare the way “progressives” promoted eugenics. (Canada has a Progressive Conservative party). It’s also “Christian socialism” hence the number of Euro parties with Christian in the name.
    In fact, it’s what any rational society would create; “liberalism” (Europe) or “libertarianism” (US) is the irrational outlier.

    Fun fact: I attended a Catholic college in Canada long before PC, but Canada still had lots of sensible socialism: strong unions, health insurance. I had a Hegel instructor who was an American draft dodger … from WWII. He was a German-American who had not wanted to fight his own people. I once asked him his politics, and he paused a bit and said with a sly grin: “Well, I was a Christian socialist, but eventual became a National Socialist.”

    Speaking of PC, in Europe, people can express their opinions without fear of losing their jobs (and thus their health insurance) thanks to labor unions, while American conservatives have been convinced (by whom?) that they are “freer” thanks to muh 1st Amendment and muh “right to work”. Outlets like American Spectator used to run articles about how sick people in the UK were dying by the 1000s in long lines for getting health care, and joking about no one working in France because no one could be fired. They’ll collapse any day now!

    • I mostly agree with this. And we now have the worst of both worlds on healthcare. We get to pay for health insurance now, without the actual care at the end. A $6k annual deductible for most people is not actual insurance. Either option, a socialist system or a full cash upfront system would be far superior. But instead let’s blow it all on F-22s to bomb Ay-rabs for Israel.

      • Trust me, socialism sucks regrading healthcare

        I know from Italy that you get all the africans and weirdoes plus the pensioners in the public system. These are hospitals fromMussolini days and the doctors tend to be the bottom of the barrel. Anyone with a decent job opts for private care, and any decent job one of the main perks is private health insurance. The best and newest facilities are private, and the best docs.

        The same would happen here. Unless someone thinks the Kardashians are going to be sharing their doctors with us and we’ll be bumping into them in the same waiting rooms.

        Never going to happen. The best Doctors will go where the money is. Everyone else will get the rungs below. The upper middle class will likely form some kind of consortium to get the above average docs. The poor as always will get the shit and the long waits and the rationed services

        I think we should consider forming a public system or clinics in poor areas to help with 90% of routine care. Put the docs on the federal payroll like with public defenders, etc. Young docs can cut their teeth there too, and allow nurses to take ouch of the burden.

        Then leave everyone else out of it and alone. And treat healthcare as a form of income, so at least the poor pay taxes on it. You get $1,000 in health services, well that’s treated as income, and adjust the tax brackets to at least get something out of them.

        Free ride is over. We all pitch in.

        • The biggest issue is having a private path for when the socialism fails, which it does. In some countries it’s downright illegal for a doctor to just hang out his shingle for cash. In wealthy areas of CA many doctors are now on a cash basis already. What I don’t want is to share the same hospital with losers, which is what’s going on now. One person in one bed paying a million, the next one a homeless guy on Medicaid. I don’t want to see these people when I’m well, especially not when I’m sick. I remember seeing an Italian hospital getting off the Autostrade near Rome. I remember saying “whoa!, I would hate to be in the death trap.” Looked like a sad welfare project from the 50’s. Funny I remembered that when you brought that up.

          • JR. Exactly. Follow the money. When you can convince me that the rich and politically powerful will get the same health care you are planning for me (“free” of course), I’ll listen. But the reality is that TPTB will in some form, “opt out”, and get better care and better results than us surfs. All I want is the same chance.

            Of course, that costs money and not all of us have such money—but that is the way of the world, and always has been. I refuse to let egalitarian delusions be the death of me.

          • I hear ya.

            Why it’s becoming ever more apparent to me, and you all as well, that we need our own community. All we really need is a town doctor for 95% of the stuff. For the major stuff and how to handle that, I’ll leave that to the more intelligent among us.

            Even a medic who worked the war fields or a nurse are invaluable. They can handle pretty much everything except major surgeries.

            I live in CA too. I have health insurance but pay cash at the clinic in Burbank if I need something basic. It’s only like $150 for basic stuff.

          • Amen Brother glad people are waking up to that fact that as the situation deteriorates that having Community will be invaluable for a lot of different things…Take my doctor she doesn’t require me to wear a mask, actually cares about my health and offers things that big corp doesn’t for preventive care…

      • The health insurance system is fairly self-contained from a financial perspective. The money generated by the outrageous premiums and deductibles we suffer is being transferred to pay for free or extremely subsidized care for the ever-expanding pool of the poor. I used to be outraged by this, but the reality is that globalism has so completely destroyed the earning power of the working class that they simply can’t afford health insurance anymore.

        Biden has indicated that his “government option” will only be open to persons at income levels which would qualify them for medicaid under expanded Obamacare, but who live in states that did not expand medicaid. In other words, it effectively provides a federal override of a state’s decision not to expand medicaid under Obamacare. This will severely penalize the states that expanded their medicaid program, and I would expect them all to drop it.

        The Democratic hard left wants a government option open to all, which will crash the system. I’m growing increasingly in favor of this option.

        • If we can have toll lanes on highways where you can avoid traffic we should have a whole separate ‘Paying” unit at hospitals. We’ll NEVER just abandon government sponsored healthcare. So the best option is that once someone is stabilized in the ER, they go one of two separate wings. The private wing with the butterfly garden and concierge service and all the best doctors, and the “public wing” for all the losers who abused their bodies anyway. No different than a cruise ship with different areas for different people. Some hospitals have the corner suites you can pay for, but that sucks because you’re still served by the same people.

          • Good.
            Private health insurance is often as not no better than socialized medicine and is part of the reason many drugs are so damned expensive in the US as to be unaffordable and we spend a lot more for health care than other nations.
            Greedy financiers are poison.
            Hybrid systems that have both elements and State mitigation of costs work rather well though , solid life expectancy and cover everybody.
            However because the Supreme Court considers money to be speech we cannot do that and our government is up for the highest bidder.
            Its hoplessly broken until we get a new system.

      • > let’s blow it all on F-22s

        At least the F22s work, unlike the (((F35s))) we send to j00land for free.

  6. The emerging social credit system and “freedom passes” are what the new ruling class thinks will replace the social capital they have devoured.

    Ah, Boris Johnson. Never was there a conservative who didn’t happily stab his “principles” in the back. 

    • I believe Boris is as big a disappointment to me as the unbelievable results of our U.S. election. Any semblance of faith in the system and it’s figure heads has now been snuffed out. Black pills and self reliance…pass it on.

  7. At the end of the day we do indeed vote for all of this. It’s actually better to elect an AOC to burn this era down (unintentionally) than Susan Collins or some decrepit Dianne Feinstein. We keep electing the same people, and not because of Dominion voting systems, but because we’re stupid. Especially with Senators. They have a six year track record of betrayal and somehow at least 50.1% of the electorate sends them back, year after year. By people with nothing. They live in squalid apartments and trailer parks. People who now watch Newsmax instead of Fox. I watched it recently. Zero critical thinking. The same exact programming with a slightly different logo. Most of the country could be eating bark from trees in a desperate attempt to survive and never think once to change up their voting habits. Not that any vote matters on its own, but the collective stupidity is astounding. People are easily led and easily lied to. Maybe the middle class doesn’t deserve to be middle class. They sure as hell don’t act like they deserve anything more than poverty.

    • Exactly why I didn’t vote for McCain or Romney for president (but rest assured I did not vote for The One). Turn that burner up to high under that pot. Still yet, it’s taken all this time for the frogs to contemplate getting serious about noticing.

      • They’ll literally be foreclosed on, worse than 2009, with 401Ks vaporized, roaming the countryside and still be voting for these people. The problem with the white middle class is that it’s no longer middle class, as defined by Max Weber and his “middle class morality.” The middle class is now just as indebted as the poor, only with mortgages, has the morals of alley cats, popping pills and turning to the bottle. Their 15 year old daughters getting knocked up by the neck tatted 22 year old down the street who works on his motorcycle…or a black guy. Not that this wasn’t happening 40 years ago. That’s why they were rushed off to the abortion clinic, because a baby bump on your teenager still had a stigma. Binge watching Netflix shows that are borderline if not outright Satanic. Having to walk sideways through their living rooms from all the junk they’ve bought on credit. I really don’t like these people and no longer root for them. They need to hit the wall.

        • One only needs to read Charles Murray’s book: Coming Apart. Murray calls your description of the current middle class “Fish Town”. The middle class has been hollowed out and the pathologies are real—and his book is 15 years old!

    • NY14 went for AOC because it’s now a “Latinx” district. People want to ignore tribal voting, but it exists. The most hilarious example in recent years was this Cook County judicial election Guy couldn’t win as Phil Spiwak. Won as Shannon O’Malley.

  8. All true, now go deeper. Where does this lead? Two archetypal possibilities. One, the gravy train keeps rolling because we truly live in a post scarcity world in which production is on autopilot and boundless (beehive model, drones subsist & elites thrive). Or two, the economy crashes when governments run out of Other Peoples Money (but first, the elites hightail it out of town after grifting every possible dime of wealth). As in California and Illinois, what happens when those public pensions find that the cupboard is empty and all the 401ks also become worthless when the stock market crashes in unison? Yes, I know, more community organizing and voting will save the day!!!!

    • Going to be interesting when the boomers die off and there goes all that demand for stocks and real estate


      Who will keep it propped up? I’m looking forward to it. Get real estate for decent prices.

      • You assume the Boomers will take their money to the grave? Over $60T is estimated to be passed on through those 401K’s you decry. The Millennials will put it to good use in the economy.

        • The “value” will evaporate when the demand suddenly plummets

          Moral of the story: if boomers want their kids to inherit something, buy property and more the merrier. Sure, leave some stocks for liquidity, and cash if you can, but millennials make are the folks secure you some nice real property.

          You can thank me later

      • There is no Stock “Market.” A market implies concepts like “price discovery.” What we have now is “injection of liquidity” (aka “money printer go brrr”.) As for RE, as long as we import 3 Million people a year, you don’t have to worry about the portfolio value of RE going down. You only have to worry about citizens being able to afford homes.

        • It’s not so much a stock market as it is a holding pen for boomer retirement funds. They create the demand and keep the valuations propped up. once they go…..

    • Lol, you think people will still have 401(k)’s. At the first squeeze, those will be nationalized and redistributed faster than a big screen teevee in a Detroit Target.

      • There has been talk of such, wrt denomination/conversion to Treasuries. But I doubt it. Such would crash the economy and no one would keep paper currency or bank again. Everywhere this has been done, economic downturn has occurred.

      • My husband just shakes his head at his old co-workers who stuck with the fedgov, counting their pensions and stocks. They really think they get to live the next 25 years the way the silents/boomers have for the past 25 years. Regardless of voting/political machinations, demographics alone means they’re going to be wrung out and hung out to dry.

        • Yep, those 401Ks will be confiscated at some point in some form or fashion, be it taxes or what have you, with boomers at the tail end of the population curve getting hosed the worst

  9. For the political entity called the United States of Amercia, this is as good a synopsis as one is likely to read describing where we’ve been, currently are, and where we’re headed (barring the proverbial anvil falllng out of the sky on our collective heads).
    Otherwise, welcome to the gulag where it doesn’t matter much who the guards or prisoners are.

  10. At my age I don’t have too much longer to worry about the future. But boy howdy do the Boomers have a lot to answer for.

    • Especially the smug Texas Boomer couple celebrated ad nauseam Thanksgiving Day on the vaunted Newsmax for sending a life-size cutout of themselves to the grandkids in place of being personally with them for dinner. You couldn’t cut the irony with a chainsaw.

    • Lumping all ‘Boomers’ together to assert some allegation is as simplistic as any such broad generalizations. I’ve tried to live my life within Christian teachings, been married for over 50 years, served in the infantry in Viet Nam, enjoy my grandchildren, and am retired. What exactly is it that I have to answer for and to whom, other than my God?

      • You resist lumping people together, eh? What do you think of The Bell Curve, and all it entails? Are we all really just homoeconomicus atoms, floating around making our empowered consumer choices?
        You were in a group, your group lost, get over it and do better next time instead of insisting YOU didn’t lose, just your entire generation and civilization lost.

        • The Bell curve does the exact opposite of lumping folk together—it distributes them. Change your name to “Ignorant Redneck”. It would be more apropos.

      • Addendum: you can apologize to your grandkids for leaving them as a hated and oppressed minority in their own ancestral homeland.

        • This seems like counseling is in order. Can you show us on the doll where the boomer touched you?

          • Can you show us on the doll where the boomer touched you?

            Jesus H Christ, a JIDF j00 masquerading as a White boomer.

            Can it get any worse than that?

      • You can answer for thinking you’re such a special and individual snowflake. How many times have others posted NAXALT? How many times does it have to pointed out that everything is not all about you, personally? I may hate everything modern women and boomers stand for, but I’m a woman and a boomer, like it or not. Generational labels tend to be . . . generalizations. Deal with it and drop the passive/aggressive stance.

  11. As you’ve alluded to before, these elites increasingly live in insulated bubbles. In the olden days, the evil rich factory owners, still lived in town, albeit the nice part. Now they exist in completely separate enclaves with little or no contact with objects of their transactional desires. Was going back through some old private equity data for a project–at that snapshot, 14.5k industrial companies were under PE ownership and mostly are traded back and forth between PE investors. A “fix-it” focused firm buys a company, gets it running well and profitably, flips it to a “stripper” PE fund that takes the improved cash flow, levers it up, pays themselves large dividends until the firm is sucked dry, goes belly up and then gets “sold for salvage”, sometime with the remaining assets sold to another PE firm that specializes in bottom feeding. Impact on society a tertiary concern when everything is financialized.

      • He still lived in an age of “connection”. I know guys that work in all three categories. The first is pretty rare. Usually firms that specialize in a narrow industry sector and are very good at reviving stale companies. But not many of them. The middle category is the most dominant and it is pure financial engineering. But the “destruction” they engineer is not of the natural causes type, but rather intentional homicide.

    • Damn. At least the “robber barons” of the last two centuries left the country with a slew museums, art galleries and libraries.

  12. The New Yorker cover, roundly mocked by the right, is the future that the tech oligarchs want for us. A middle aged woman without children sitting next to her computer in a dilapidated small apartment, food strewn everywhere, pills next to her keyboard, wine glass in hand, pretending to be happy.

    • Looks like the present to me.

      Downtown Toronto is full of attractive young women… they all look miserable and lonely, but on the surface they’re “happy” which is the only level most people can interpret others at.

      • women are NEVER happy when young

        It’s a facade

        If God wanted them to be happy who wouldn’t make them bleed every month in pain

        Brings to mind another lie. The female “orgasm”. If women had an orgasm like a man has they’d be screwing every moment of the day. The fact they don’t says it all. Intense pleasure does not an orgasm make.

        • Odd but interesting topic.
          My understanding female orgasm can be so intense that Le Petit Morte , the little death which is essentially transitory unconsciousness after orgasm is associated with women far more than men.
          As for the menses, there are birth control pills that deal with that specially and according to Web MD for most women simply using active pill during the placebo week does the same. There are some risks though.
          Largely in this era its the presence of vibrators than end up desensitizing women that result in weaker orgasms. It also requires a bit more skill and effort for a woman to orgasm than a man and I suspect sometimes mechanical aid do to biology.
          As for reproduction itself, The most curious thing is that our human reproduction peak starts well below our mental development peak.
          Humans are “adults” mentally somewhere from 25 or 30 and this is well into a woman’s safe/efficacious reproduction years
          This suggests to me that our evolved reproduction strategy was more animal than evolved and meant to pop out enough offering for species continuance before we really thought through what we were doing.
          This matches at least some history in that in urban medieval Europe, marriage wasn’t common till the mid 20’s which meant that during many eras birth rates could not keep up with death rates.
          It also suggest that if at some point we need to encourage higher fertility, not only will we need social change but economic as well.
          We need people to be able to marry and start a family younger . It won’t be easy, ignoring social issues opportunity costs and hypergamy , making wages go up for younger workers is nigh impossible in the current system.

  13. I have been thinking that society’s borders are very important and show up everywhere in these reciprocal duties and obligations. These serve to create barriers to a dissolution, that thing which happens when everyone wants the same thing.

    One example is the old idea that nobles cold only marry other nobles. It’s a barrier, yes. It reduces freedom, yes. We view it as unjust. But that barrier acted to prevent the local alphas from taking the best commoner women, which absent that prohibition, they could do whenever they wanted. The prohibition acted as a restraint on the nobles, and also on women’s hypergamy.

    When you dissolve all barriers including the most primitive distinctions between male or female, you create a mass of undifferentiated and seething humanity. The problems that creates are considerable and solved only with the most brutal and primitive mechanisms.

    • That’s an important insight, the role that class divisions have in constraining hypergamy. Haven’t heard that angle before, kudos.

  14. Zman, i googled “Mary Sue Kicks A Ball” (with the double quotes) and google doesn’t find your article. thought you would want to know that…

  15. Thus the amazing, last-ditch phenomenon of Trump, who should not exist, or whose existence is impossible. Thus the example of Trump’s demand that Section 230 be overturned, or he won’t sign the bill in front of him. Like I said, last ditch effort.

    • Just a friendly reminder that Trump signed every Omnibus Spending Bill they sent to his desk. Including the one preventing him from building a wall using any prototype, and the one that prevented him from deporting any illegal with a minor in their household. Each time he could have signed a Continuing Resolution, but chose not to.

  16. It’s simple: TPTB have no ability to run the show. They’re very good at taking advantage of an existing community’s social trust for profit, but they can’t maintain communities (except their own parasitic community).

    Modern technology has allowed a concentration of power not possible before. No king in the middle ages could watch everyone. No banker could control cut themselves in on every deal. Society was just too diffuse.

    But computers, television, the internet, etc., allow a very small number of people to control society. The problem is that this small group has no ability nor desire to maintain or, heaven forbid, improve the community. They only know how to leech off of it.

    They will maintain their power in the short run first by propaganda and then by more hard power. But it won’t work. They’ll fail. Communities require social trust, and social trust can only be built and maintained by people who share a common heritage and culture and who feel a part of the community as a whole.

    Whites still feel this about our society even though that ship sailed long ago. And Whites are the only thing holding this society together. As Whites fall in power and numbers, so too will society. If Whites also start to wake up to their reality, society will fall even faster.

    Nothing can hold this society together because it relies on Whites acting as dopes. This can’t last either because they’ll start to run out of dopey Whites or Whites stop acting like dopes. No amount of smart phone propaganda can stop that.

    • Their calls of “it’s different this time” (a play of “real Communism has never been tried”) assures me that it is exactly the same this time.

      • This will be even faster. Think Rhodesia, not Russia. TPTB would like to stop Rhodesia from becoming Zimbabwe because, well, Rhodesia was a lot nicer and richer. Unfortunately, the mercenaries that they brought in to defeat us have other ideas.

        • Goodwhites belief is like this:

          The entire world of people is interchangeable, except with better cuisine. EXCEPT for European- descended whites, especially Christians, who are not Goodwhites. These people are evil and irredeemable. And they eat bland food.

          It’s nonsensical. And that’s why their society will fail, because people are not interchangeable. Unfortunately everything nice will be destroyed in the process, and we might even be destroyed with them.

          • I call that the “LEGO brick theory”. That people, regardless of race, religion etc. can be snapped together like a LEGO brick to build any society desired.

    • Yeah, I was just thinking the other day how goodwhite behaviors are only possible in a society maintained by badwhites.

      A strong wammin on the carousel in a big city… well it’s only possible when other hard working white men are holding society up. There are not many power women in Detroit, for instance.

      The whites at work break their back to keep things running… the non whites just shrug and pass whatever’s not done at the end of the day onto the white people. White people are suckers. But yeah, society is going to collapse because a) some white guys like myself have figured things out and b) we are a shrinking minority anyways.

      • Yep, the speed and manner that this society fails is unknowable. Could take decades or longer. Is our future Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Rhodesia or something else? Who knows.

        But the direction is assured so long as Whites keep falling as a percent of the population. Third world immigration and birthrates will cement the decline for the society as a whole, though your situation could be very different from the general fall.

        I think that Z is right. We’re probably looking at something like Spain at the end of the Roman Empire. State control will wain and individual areas will slowly take over more of the day to day running of things. Those areas could be very different from one another.

        • Those areas could be very different from one another.
          Oh they will definitely be different from one another so better be in one that is full of people like us and not of people like them…

  17. It’s not all corporatism, the Saturday after thanksgiving is small business day. Sponsored by American Express.

  18. In 1996 Christopher Lasch wrote “The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy.” Where we are today has been in the works for quite a while.

  19. I’ve resolved myself to being a slave; but I also think of myself as a wily peasant. This state of mind takes one away from any thought of being on top—or being frustrated when you figure out your effort within the system doesn’t get you to the brass ring. Let someone else chase credentials.
    Many of us white guys are smarter than average and perfectly capable to do just fine. You just need to quit negotiating with a rigged system and use your brain given the nasty circumstances. In my opinion this starts with doing the math of putting your labor through the W-2 system versus doing something else. I have the attitude that a few acres of cheap land in a rural area is a better deal. Make some stuff (meat and fermented products are always in demand), barter it where your labor isn’t skimmed, and at the same build a community through trading. Real labor eliminates all the fake labor supervisors in the HR office at the cube farm and you sleep better at night away from the grifters.   

    • i would advise young people to stay out of college (at least the four year kind) and go into one of the trades. make more money, and more opportunities for off the books graft. also, that kind of work can’t be sent overseas…

      • But even around here those guys get undercut by by cheap, unlicensed imported labor. Though on the positive side, a friend that owns a plumbing firm, does a good (and increasing) portion of his business cleaning up after the work of unlicensed, illegal contractors hired on the cheap. Often when the house is going to be sold and the home inspector hired by the buyer finds all sorts of non-code compliant hack work that he won’t pass.

        • And the trades are now being undercut by the Empire of COVID.
          I have a relative who thought he was taking care of his future by going to welding school. But he has been furloughed because there is no demand for the school buses he works on. Just when young men are catching on to the benefit of trade school over a college degree, China and our Ruling Class have found a way to come after them, too.

          • Bright side. Looks like we will need guys like him to up armor vehicles and young machinists for sten production. I jest….

          • Its not really a joke. This may be your reality in a few months.
            You also might get your chemist friends to help you figure out a way around the ammo shortage too. Do it the legal way for now but once things go hot, laws are meaningless.

          • Back in the Gulf War this was called Hillbilly Armor and was used on US think skinned vehicles too.
            It might not be of much help though. The weapon of choice right now is the bomb drone, half a kilo of explosives on a drone makes mince meat out of most vehicles including armored cars which have thin tops.
            The Armenians learned this last month when the Azerbaijanis deployed these things an inflicted in a couple of months more casualties than the entire USSR took in a decade of Afghan war.
            Drones aren’t super hard to make though so your smart machinist friends can learn to make crude ones with a payload just in case. Nice and legal socially distant delivery for the nonce of course.
            If you haven’t see it, go see Slaughterbots.
            That tech is about ten , fifteen years out and smart people can make cruder forms now.
            Think this

            THEY sent A SLAMHOUND on Turner’s trail in New Delhi, slotted it to his pheromones and the color of his hair. It caught up with him on a street called Chandni Chauk and came scrambling for his rented BMW through a forest of bare brown legs and pedicab tires. Its core was a kilogram of recrystallized hexogene and flaked TNT.

            He didn’t see it coming.

            See also the Lock On’s from Runaway
            Make sure that tech however crude is on your side. Its a huge force multiplier allowing whoever controls it to act remotely.
            No need for thrilling heroics

          • Just had an electrical job done, spoke with the master-e at inspection; they are doing just fine, if # of jobs is an indication. Tell your relative to look at moving to the oilfields, a blie collar man with skills can bring in 6 figures up there, last I heard.

        • That’s another eternal problem Zman didn’t really address – it’s not merely the global capitalists who want cheaper labor, it’s western Whites in general. That’s why capable White tradesmen are so few and so dear, and why Pablo not only cuts the grass but ‘repairs’ the cars and ‘builds’ the houses, which are designed and made to decay with 5-10 years. We need to learn to provide value for quality White service and think communally, not just of our own wallet.

          • Seeing a bit of the underbelly, capable white tradesmen tend to get snapped up by higher paying salaried jobs for developers and huge construction firms rather than stay on the line. Why fight tooth and nail in the cold and wind for 100-300k a year, when you can sit at a desk for $125k salary with benes for GloboDevCo?

          • Cheap labor has been a national obsession since the founding fathers day. Hell we had the military bombing people back in 1909 because they struck wanting better pay and benefits.
            If you are hoping for a small state, if you win forget it.
            Its going to require a lot of work and a large state to break people of that habit and even with that, a lot of hard labor sentences and firing squads along with a hermetically sealed border till the message is clear.
            Our Social Conservatives got gulled into thinking that economics and morality weren’t related.
            They really are and as distasteful as it is to admit the Communists are correct in that a new morality has to include the way we relate economically to others. In other words, business regulation must also be moral regulation.

        • well, if you aren’t going to declare the earnings, like illegals, then you can still get work and lower your rates.

        • Our side ought to consider holding people who hired illegals over citizens or encourage mass migration of cheap labor as enemies of the new State. I leave solutions to your imagination
          And I do mean that past tense, its not like the other guys wouldn’t screw Ex Post Facto, we should too if only because such people will never be good citizens and will always be ready to sell out neighbors for a pittance.

    • Homesteading on a property with a functional oil & gas well is looking real good these days.

  20. Welcome to the emerging trans human paradigm. AI is the new government. How will the criminal enterprise cope with being replaced by brain chips? Do they have the intellectual wherewithal to resist? I’m pretty sure they are outgunned, in that respect.

    • Transhuman paradigm which will be furthered along at a rapid clip by the nanotechnology in the vaccines.

  21. Everything you write is very good but this is exceptional. Reminds me a lot of Jim Kalb’s writing.

  22. Never understood why the people with the guns and the strong backs cower to money men and stalkers. Maybe because of public ignorance? Well, that’s changing fast. These really aren’t formidable people.

    • Because most of the people with guns of whom you speak are not yet (if ever) at a moral inflection point where they could actually shoot a money man (possibly you, or someone else here stated something like this recently). I have a sense, however, that if /when the tipping point where that barrier is breached – peope are gonna’ go all Jacoban on them

      • The way I’ve heard it described is that for the (((Left))) and its pets is that violence is like a volume knob from 1 to 10 they can adjust as needed.

        For conservatives violence is like a switch that can only flip from 1 to 10 with great difficulty.

        Once that switch flips though…

      • People are starting to ask me what to do. It’s coming soon.

        Plus government has lots of guns. Why should they be submissive to people who are making them irrelevant? Best I can tell they’re still worried about paying the bills. Much better for them to cut bait and make common cause with the people who don’t depend on them imo.

        In the near future, what’s left of government will make a strong ally. Cities will be ripe for retaking, and with them, civilization.

        • Cities will be ripe for retaking, and with them, civilization.
          Yep but you will have to be alive and how the manpower and resources to do that which you will only be able to do if you have Community before hand…

          • Community is spot on as always. Cities are not civilization though, They are a technology that allows strangers to live and work together to generate more wealth.
            Beyond energy costs they also come at a terrible social cost . They shred IQ and reduce population do to increased living costs and more opportunities.
            We are going to need a lot of population growth to afford the luxury of cities and that may not happen for decades.

          • If normie’s waking up all over like he’s waking up around here, community will take care of itself. It’s mind blowing.

        • The city issue will be a bit strange as many of them will have to be partially demolished and scavanged for resources.
          The reason for this is we will have had horrendous losses on all sides and we have a far too efficient and thus fragile food generation system.
          We’ll need to go back to nasty things like urban slaughterhouses and taking large chunks of arable land now in cities and making small farms of it.
          This might lead to larger family sizes but as we recover, any such bubble will be an illusion. Once people no longer need kids as labor or decide instead of the kids running the family greasy spoon (franchises are liable to be banned) you’d rather your IQ 120 son go to college, the TFR will than decline.
          This is predicated on a recovery being possible though. At the end of this mess almost everyone even if physically healthy will have serious trauma and things like hording food, distrust of strangers and fear of novelty will become normal.
          An armed society is a polite society but a society in which most people have PTSD is going to be very slow to recover.
          We know all this from the fall of the USSR, its still nowhere near recovery after several decades and something nice like the US bailing out Europe after WW2 isn’t going to happen. China isn’t us.

          • Cities are already emptying out. Hopefully it plays out without a lot of bloodshed.

            While I prefer rural living cities are centers of law culture and commerce. Unless we want to be Mongols we need them 🙂

          • If we retain our technolgy and the beneficial previous works like good law of the past, granted both questionable assumptions, we won’t need cities nearly as much.
            More people will be in agriculture do to the economic collapse and what factories we retain can be out nearer to smaller towns.
            As for culture, cities are again no longer needed as incubators with the tech for production and sharing of information being democratized,

  23. The system that is emerging is explicitly free of any moral duty to society, as it rejects the very notion of society.

    Yes, a strange one this. No moral duty to society as measured by actions, say: building houses for workers, encouraging family development etc. But the proponents of the system are indeed moral people – they signal their moral virtue in every dimension possible. Like everything in our modern age, style over substance has reached – and I think will continue to reach – ever greater heights.

    Put simply, we now have population that loves to invite government into it’s business. But, as the old adage goes: If you expect the government to wipe your arse, don’t be surprised when it starts jerking you off, too. Apologies for vulgarity, but you get the point.

    • I dunno Orange Frog. Global Corp Inc. buys your politicians. Said politicians then extract your output and redirect it to housing, EBT, employment set asides and preferred access to academia for Shenequa and Guadalupe’s offspring. Then Mega-Corp and Media-Corp force feed you diversity ads and programming like you are a goose being prepared for foie gras.

      They have their moral obligations… they just dont involve you or your family at all.

  24. What’s beyond the black pill? I’ve come out on the other side, gone through all the Kubler-Ross, emerged with eerie Zenlike calm, because I’ve realized: people want this. For every fraudulent Biden vote, there was a real Biden vote, because universal prosperity is a blind alley of human evolution. Homo twitterus. Now I know his the Neanderthals felt.

      • One of the many reasons I retired from the professing biz was that I no longer saw the point. I loved teaching. I was one of those stereotypes who felt like it was almost a calling. If I could just reach *one* student… But one can only act like King Canute for so long. My blood pressure couldn’t take it anymore. Trust me: the 2020 graduating class *loves* Big Brother.

        • Teaching IS a holy profession. Unfortunately, the left has turned teaching into factory work where the end product is indoctrinated morons.

      • Strangely enough, European descendants with Neaderthal gene markers overwhelmingly draw their Neanderthal genes from male Neanderthal/female homosapien couplings.

        I guess there were a lot of fat ugly cromagnon chicks acting as baby-momma for Tay-Grok.

          • So they didn’t go extinct so much as they “married up”

            Unlikely. She was left to fend for herself or live on charity from the rest of the homosapien tribe. You see, Tay-Grok wasn’t bout to marry and get saddled wit providing bison meat for some kid he was pretty sure actually belonged to Jamal-Narg. And unfortunately, Jamal-Narg got shanked two seasons ago while doing a stretch up in Pangaea for a home-cave invasion.

  25. Add it all up, and seems to me we are in a place similar to early 20th century where the only option is to blow it all up in the war to end all wars

    arguments I would have with LIbs went this way. I would argue that Yes, you can have gay men marrying, but then you upset a lot of people who are left steaming and stewing in private. As these things layer up thicker, people either say screw it, blow it all up, or find me a strongman. If the libs would have just taken things slow, let things develop more naturally.

    • It seems the leftard takeover and corruption of society and our culture was fairly gradual up until the last decade or so. Since, the degradation has gone into overdrive and a lot of people are looking around, thinking WTF and perhaps getting closer to a screw it all mentality and hoisting the black flag.

    • If the libs would have just taken things slow, let things develop more naturally.

      I see your point. There is a safe, natural rhythm to ‘progress’. Start changing things too quick and then tell people they cannot say anything about it does no one any favours in the long run. I think there was a Taki’s article by Jim Goad where he spoke about the possible reasons that so many mass shooters left behind lengthy manifestos.

      Problem is, as we know, the average wokist is pissed off that you:

      1. Are happy
      2. Have different opinions
      3. Both of the above
      • there’s “progress” which is today’s world is forced on people

        then there’s “change” which comes naturally and is a feature of life

        Notice how the left has co-opted the concept of change and a person’s willingness to embrace it for political ends. Man loves and needs change, say the change of seasons, the rolling of the world that brings new life. But then these bastards stole even that form of trust and politicized it.

  26. We’re truly in the Age of Quicksand. Justice has been replaced with emotional oscillation, beauty sullied by vile ugliness, harmony shattered by discord and all of it is permeated by a sense of frantic fleetingness.

    I’m feeling a definite animus out there that nothing is concrete anymore, everything relative & arbitrary. What was a safe bet yesterday will get you in trouble today, solutions that used to be effective are now risky, to say the least.

    And so…we vanish into the quicksand, sink into a quagmire of nihilism and horror. I think the order of the day is camouflage and diving deep. Staying in the game, I think, is currently the best that can be hoped for…

    • We’re moving from a Western moral code to an Eastern one. The only pleasures to be had in the bazaar come from haggling and getting one over on the other guy. Since this isn’t something decent people enjoy, all our joys and pleasures will have to come far away from the madding agora where all these monsters thrive.

      • We’ve also been separated from any higher moral meaning. The last line of all those horrible BLM signs are ‘kindness is everything’ and a lot of people believe that but it is empty sentimentality that will not hold up under duress

        • If central authority breaks down (I mean it has, but once it becomes obvious and people realize it and start taking greater advantage of it), I’m not sure I’d want one of those signs in my yard…or even to be remembered as someone who once had one in their yard.

          • I’m all for compiling a roster of addresses right now.

            I don’t know if anything like this happened where you live, but I know several people who got anonymous letters in the mail this year that basically said “Thank you for having a Trump sign in your yard. We now know where the racists live.” There’s no reason a similar letter couldn’t be sent to the COEXIST crowd.

          • My future dream job. Immigration officer for urban hordes trying to get away from their nightmare cityscapes. During the interview, as I question suspected woke whites trying to flee, I occasionally pinch the tech weenie assigned to me to bring up their “deleted” Facebook accounts and peruse their past posts. I can smell the nervous sweat emanating from them and hear the fearful wavering in their responses as they realize they aren’t going to make the cut. Back to Diversitopia for you my woke lad.

          • Penitent man, we share the same fantasy job! Seriously, I’ve constructed so many similar scenarios in my mind, being visa interviewer for the White ethnostate or potential refugee sorter for a smaller enclave. I developed a hardline reputation on the visa line in Jamaica and ended up with the applications most thoroughly coated in obeah (voodoo) powder. Didn’t help them a bit.

          • Aye. Back to the humanoid wood chippers. They are responsible for the mudslide; they can drown in it.

          • Don’t.
            There is every reason in the world NOT to send that letter to the “We Believe…” types. In anarcho tyranny world, the BLM-ANTIFA-XYZ can threaten, riot and attack all they want. You and the Kyle Rittenhouse’s of the world will be destroyed.

          • I’m always open to arguments about the strategic value in attacking the other side, but this bed-wetting insistence that we forever cede the field to our enemies really needs to stop. Sooner or later we need to fight, even if it’s rear guard action.

        • When they say they’re for kindness, it’s pure cynicism. It’s like saying you’re against kicking puppies. The whole goal is try to reframe their hideous ideology as just and kind.

          Although “kindness” is now looked at more skeptically since Ellen DeGenerate liked using that word often and now she’s known as the total opposite. A very small silver lining is that the left has fewer tricks in their bag since a lot of their own words they like to use are tainted.

          • It’s like the cult of ancestor guilt. You feel Noble and pure for empty gestures of recognizing the sins of your ancestors but never do the meaningful job of looking at yourself and repenting of your own

          • When a house has a sign saying “Hate has no home here,” you can be certain that hate particularly has a home there.

          • Hatred of evil is a Christian virtue. Hatred for the invaders is a sign of patriot pride. Hate gets a bad rap.

          • I saw the worst one today in front of one of our commie run local grocery chain stores. It had BLM in big letters then underneath 2 lines:
            We Are Listening
            We Will Do Better
            How is it possible to be this debased and craven? It gave me sign rage.

      • Meaning don’t cross the new social lines, or politically correct dogma, publicly. Doing so can get you unpersoned, unemployed, and unemployable.

  27. It’s funny how tech utopists want to create a walled garden of limited choices. It sounds rather Edenic, but for some reason humans have consistently chosen to operate outside the confines of utopian limits. Because human nature is immutable in this way, the attempt by tech companies to control people by their smartphones will eventually run into the issue of enforcing compliance. People on the margins will only be motivated by violence, not ostracism, and as more people are marginalized more violence is needed to maintain order, which becomes increasingly expensive and less effective. But yes, knowing how to code and manipulate patent law makes you an infallible genius.

  28.    There are many platforms which encourage/require their users to spend their own social capital, ostensibly for their own benefit, but also for the benefit of the platform’s owners.
       DonorsChoose is one such place; it’s a place where teachers can post projects that they want funded, which the school system won’t fund. For example, an art teacher wants to give crayons and paper to the students but it’s not in the school’s budget. The teacher doesn’t want to spend their own hard earned cash, so they go begging to the general public by posting a funding request on DonorsChoose. The website will skim 25% of whatever you raise, and require you to buy from their vendor list. The Donors get to choose which projects they donate to; all donations are also anonymous.
       They encourage you to get your friends and family to donate, to use up your social capital, so they can skim their bit. What a racket.

    • Sounds like those cookie sales they used to have where you donate and have to buy the vendors option of cookies

    • I’m not totally clear on this “social capital.” Is it the value that people give you, as you? So, someone like Scott Adams (just to use an example) is trusted by so much of society, that he has the ability to say something that people will believe, is THAT “social capital?”

      • It’s a lot more than just “trust”; it’s whether or not others are willing to help you out, lend you money, bail you out. Or do they blow you off because you’re not worth it to them. Did you buy at their kid’s lemonade stand?? then they’ll help push your car when you’re stuck in the snow. Donate money towards your students’ supplies? Did you spend hours listening to them bitch about their life? Quid pro Quod.

        • Another example is that of people cashing out their character and that of their family for Internet celebrity and maybe some cash. Everyone knows of Only Fans, but even something as minor as some woman I was watching on youtube who was supposed to be talking about chicken fencing and yet she felt driven to exploit her own kids for…I dunno, Youtube follows?

      • One really granular example. Over the Thanksgiving holiday one my kids found a binder clip with a guys operating engineer and contractors licenses, his CCW and D/L in the house we were renting for the holiday. Turns out he was out on the island doing some work for the owners the week before. Made sure tracked him down and took the time to FedEx back to him on the mainland–since clearly he was “one of our guys”.

      • Social capital is the value people give you, as you, based on what you have provided to the community to date. Have you given your extra veggies from your garden to the community church pantry? Donated your experience mentoring someone? Helped out the neighbors by watching their place, changing their tire, cutting the old lady’s lawn, etc. Leveraging whatever experience and abilities you have now to assist with no current expectation of return is how to bank that social capital for when you need it.

        • Exactly right which is why I stress building up your Community by doing those things you mentioned and if you live around people that it would be a waste on then move to somewhere it wouldn’t…

          • Sorry for delayed reply Lineman. You’re absolutely correct and as an aside I always enjoy your posts.

      • We used to call in “chits” but better way is to this of it as “chips”

        Call in your chips. IOW favors owed. You help Tom fix his car over the summer. He owes you now. At some point you cash in. If he balks, you then say “remember the time I helped you with your car? You owe me, don’t you think” And he agrees.

        Basically, being neighborly and friends. And writ large society-wide

        • Basically, being neighborly and friends. And writ large society-wide

          A wokist’s worst nightmare. Why worry about neighbours and the immediate family when bigger issues need to be tackled… Go Climate Change!

          • As another example of what you’re talking about, in the US after 9/11 you saw lots of “God Bless America” bumper stickers. This outraged the AWRs who responded with “God Bless All Nations” bumper stickers. The AWRs hate locally and love globally, which is moral perversion.

          • The hardest thing in the world is to fix yourself, It’s far easier to know how to fix the wife and siblings (If only the bastards would listen) . The further you go out, the easier it is.That’s why the most fucked up people want to fix the world.

          • And why I am on a hair trigger when I encounter someone who works as a psychologist or psychiatrist. Sick f***ing puppies most, in my experience.

      • DoDo you trust your neighbors enough that you don’t lock your doors. Do you CC because the street crime is unchecked and unpredictable, such that you cant trust the cops and judges to keep order? Are you able to use that multi-billion dollar public trans system after dark? Can you give money to a local charity without thinking you are being scammed?

    • ANY project that involves public schools will never get a penny from me. All dissident rightists need to bear in mind that the public school population in the US is about 65% nonWhite, particularly elementary age children. Don’t fund your replacements! They’re not going hungry; they are grifters and idiot emotionally incontinent White women are the stooges who financially support them.

      • I don’t give anything to my alma maters nor any of the big national charities such as United Way. However, I will contribute to my rural community food bank as the vast majority look like me – well not exactly – same color though.

        • The Red Cross never got another drop of blood out of me after I discovered in 1996 they were paying Elizabeth Dole., wife of then Presidential candidate $500k.
          Fuck them all.

          • Lineman,

            Have you looked into any condemned or even movable older buildings for a school house? Also, Mrs. Penitent has some good knowledge about which homeschooling programs (essentially services individuals purchase into like a charter). Some are great, and help parents coordinate learning for groups of homeschool families and create environments and schedules so the kids from different families can get together… and some are scams.

          • We have the old one room schoolhouse up the road from us it’s just trying to bring it up to standards to actually be able to hold classes there…We would also have to put a restroom in since it had an outhouse…

          • Wow. Have any plumbers in your group/community? There are also composting toilets that aren’t bad.

          • Yea we do the problem isn’t what has to be done with it it’s convincing all the people on our road since it’s a Community owned property to let us do something like that…

  29. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The New Corporatism

  30. In a society where we’re a plurality among minorities (probably headed toward minority status too, and faster than any official calculations estimate), any power we’ll have will basically be like that of Chechen clans or Afghani warlords, which is to say we can be a thorn in the side of our rulers to the point where they’re forced to withdraw, go around us, or make concessions to go through our territories. We’ll have a much harder row to hoe than some goatherds, though, as most of us lack basic skills (the worship of college here in the Anglosphere really hobbled us), and we also have a government which will once again be given free hand to send out settlers from the inner city to pacify our settlements and act as commissars and spies and damage our social capital (it’s hard to focus on anything productive when you have to worry about your kid getting his face mauled off by some ghetto pitbull every time he rides his bike). And Biden (who just broke his ankle playing fetch with his dog) will soon be replaced by Kamala, who will probably do this even faster than Obama did. HUD is basically going to be our Bureau of Indian Affairs, and we’re going to be getting a big bundle of blankets here soon. At least Sackler, the makers of the firewater, were recently punished in court.

    • We’ll have a much harder row to hoe than some goatherds, though, as most of us lack basic skills (the worship of college here in the Anglosphere really hobbled us),

      Still. If it spares me from diversity and it’s hateful, slothful, vengeful commissars, I wouldn’t mind. Each day brings a new realization of the daftness of unrestrained modernity. I think I’d happily give up a lot of these ‘benefits’ that make me far more reliant on a centralized system in order for a break away from diversi-tyrants. Don’t mind being governed by a warlord (within reason), as long as he’s got my back I’ll pay tribute.

      • Not to shill for anyone, but you may be interested in John Mosby of Mountain Guerilla. He discusses beating the rush and collapsing now, as well as the importance of building our tribes of choice. He is behind patreon now, but his old blog is still up and a wealth of free info. Worth reading as it relates to our likely future.

    • There are solutions to the government’s resettlement policies, it’s just that those solutions remind people of a class of people they don’t like. But it is the nature of things that society is supported by unpleasant people doing unpleasant things.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if we’re already minorities… well aside from the Boomers and Silents we are.

      This is exacerbated by the fact that urban white liberals under 40 have basically stopped having kids. I know a Boomer lib couple with 4 kids – none of them have kids and the eldest daughter is like 36 now and not married.

      Unfortunately when all of society has gone crazy there’s not much you can do individually… just have families and create networks of trusted people, and throw sand in the gears of the system in any way possible.

      • he eldest daughter is like 36 now and not married.

        Don’t worry, I am sure that partnership at Cohen, Goldstein & Lifshitz was worth it for her.

        Indeed. Breeding more based whites is a must.

        • Her career of making powerpoints for 60k was certainly fulfilling.

          And after the wall? Lots of younger, prettier goyim for Mr. Cohen to hire.

          • Lotsa proud boomer fathers left to enjoy the sunset with their grandpets.

            The elimination of moral duty to society at the most fundamental level was to subordinate creating more of that society to that of corporate service.

            Credentials over children. Building brands over building families.

            On the individual level, the fruit of the tree of progress promised boundless opportunities and freedom from moral duty to society; humility in favor of pride and status; self-actualization over grace.

            In globocorp society this means serving a husband is low status; serving a higher-ranking man in corporate office, however, is high status.

            Parents encouraged this path. Better to be self-sufficient than to be left at the mercy of a man’s ability to earn his keep.

            So the pretty lies of progress obscured the ruthlessness of trading naked options with nature. The wall indeed.

            Lawyerbishes bloomed and family formation wilted.

            Courtship became a social credit application; marriage a corporate merger. Children are liabilities but like good credit, one card is high status, three is prolish irresponsibility. Besides, there is plenty of time for that later.

            All the liberation, all the pride, is just a prison where credentialed inmates search for love through an app on their phones between competitions with those same men for status.

            The same men who couldn’t be trusted with their futures twenty years ago because equality or something.

            Instead of a wide open future with her people it is a narrowing path toward isolation and loneliness. Self-sufficiency is now wage-slavery. The alternative is to go backward, something the religion of progress forbids. They press on.

            Prying some away from the machine to embrace backward badwhiteness is a tall order. I tried for years. The only way is to build young men up – and away from the soul-harvesting combine of progress and pride.

            In defense of it all, French bulldogs do kind of look like babies.

          • There’s still hope, Scewtape, even in what now seems to be an even bluer state than CA.

        • Yeah that’s the thing – most of these single ladies will never sniff a management job. They bounce around from entry level job to entry level job. Which makes their excuse for not having a family all the flimsier.

          I’m in my early 30s and yeah, it’s pretty bleak out there even if you are physically fit and earn six figures. These ladies have been taught that something better is always going to come along…until it doesn’t and it often doesn’t.

          A coworker’s daughter had a mental breakdown recently when she found out she couldn’t have kids. She was beautiful and is now in her late 30s and simply waited too long.

          I’m guessing there’s a lot more going on like this than we realize. Even though female journalists like to share everything about their lives and are obsessed with their genitals, this is a story they’re going to keep a lid on it until it’s too late for millennials as they enter middle age.

          • This. Coworker from way back when had the exacy same thing, spent 10 years climbing partner track, only to find out mid-30’d she had low fertility. Smart, attractive, somewhat traditional minded but wanted to chase the boomer path and now she’s an evolutionary dead end. At least she’s married and happy with her cats…

          • some guy, look much younger and not college degreed . and do it NOW. you aren’t getting any younger . a religous background or openness to it is also a priority.

      • Urban white liberals not having kids . . . That’s a good thing, if conservative young people take up the slack. Unfortunately, the Fed’s assassination of the dollar has made it difficult financially to have a large family.

        • My son and daughter-in-law are anxious to have children. It’s going to be financially very difficult for them, and we’re going to help in any way possible. And the first way is NOT providing ‘free’ daycare so my daughter-in-law can go back to work – it will be to offer $ so SHE can stay home and be mother to her own children. A few half days a week watching the child/ren to give her some free time would be fine, but I don’t want to be mother to my grandchildren. I want to be granny.

          • A poster somewhere here asked about another’s definition of social capital. You statement of intent is a great answer to it. Nowadays, even social capital within family units has eroded – it is always good to see people reviving it. Good for you and best of luck.

          • How you help your children depends on alot of things. My advice based on recent experience:

            1. Helps when grandparents are clear about what they are willing to contribute. My sister, friends and myself have been surprised (after babies arrive) at the limits of grandparents to help after years of them asking/begging us to have kids. Feels like a bait and switch.
            2. Its hard these days, especially on the coasts, for women to entirely drop career for kids. Takes two salaries to sustain a family here.
            3. Young people need to be realistic regarding career and child rearing trade offs. Earlier they think this through the better. Careers that require grad degrees, lengthy training, narrow specialization etc are especially bad for starting families. I advise people to study things/do things that let them get paid with no more than an undergrad degree. Teaching, nursing, comp sci, engineering, accounting make sense from this perspective.
          • My sister became an M.D. and did well financially, also had five children. How did she do it? She got married, got pregnant, didn’t get an abortion, got pregnant again, etc. In real life doctors don’t get fired for getting pregnant. Kids are a lot of work but well worth it; this is true whether or not women have professional careers.

          • My experience with MD degrees is that its a risky prospect for alot of people due to time required to get through program, uncertainty with admissions (med school, then residency) and financing of degrees. All these uncertainties combine to delay decision to have kids for most.

            Timeline might look like: complete undergrad (graduate at 21). Typically people do something to buff resume for a few years before med school (average entrance age 24). Then four year med school (age 28). Then 3 to 7 year residency (age 31 to 35). I know women that didn’t have serious relationships (i.e., date around but no real commitment) prior to residency as the unknowns regarding living situation made it difficult for stable partner relationship. If woman starts dating partner in late 20s, early 30s, when will they have first kid and how many kids will they have?

            1. Move away from the coast.
            2. It is bait and switch. Limit said parents’ influence over the grandchildren they only wanted as status accessories.
            3. It is possible to turn your back on advanced degrees for family (I did) and to survive on one salary (we did) but it means no ‘ladies who lunch, no fancy vacations, and none of the newest latest gadgets – children come first.
          • That’s why the trades are a great option for young men because they get paid while they are going through their training in an apprenticeship…Then when they are done they can go anywhere and be able to support a family with just their income…

          • I’m encouraging both my grandchildren (who are nearing high-school leaving age) to take up a trade.

          • If they love the outdoors, don’t mind heights, hard work, or working with electricity then they should definitely look at my trade for a career…

          • Guide her to a soft landing, start with getting her a WFH situation (easy with COVID) and then, well, nag her into quitting that; talk about the costs of still working, how stress from work makes healthy pregnancy harder, how taxes and regulations are such that it Just Makes Sense for her to stop, etc. Office minion straight to stay at home mom is a rough path.

          • Oh, she’s more than ready to stay at home – it’s just a question of how much we can contribute financially and how much my son can earn. He just got a new job at significantly higher pay, so we’ll see if her ‘worrier’ personality helps them save more money than his ‘it will all work out’ spending personality.

          • @3g4me, small tips to consider. I have found child care (daycare) cost scales with rent in my city. If your son ends up grandchild in daycare, I would suggest looking for childcare in lower rent neighborhood. Can save some money that way… Also, get son to read or listen to Dave Ramsey. His approach to money management helped my wife out alot.

          • There is no way in hell my son would put a child in daycare, particularly not in a low-rent neighborhood. Why on earth would you want the lowest-paid people watching your progeny? Our children never went to daycare (Mother’s Day Out starting at age 3, but that’s quite different) and they appreciate that their school day ended, whereas too many of their classmates, even at Christian school, had to remain for ‘after-school care’ until 6 or 7 PM. We did without plenty of things for me to stay home and our sons to grow at home in our care, not that of minimum-wage strangers.
            The money management issue is out of my hands, but my daughter-in-law is more frugal than my son and already seems to have influenced him more than I can. Dave Ramsey has some good ideas, and some that are ludicrously out of date (the cost to buy, operate, and repair a banged up car are far more than he seems to think).

          • If your child is in daycare in my city, the people watching them are the same regardless of the neighborhood. You just pay alot more for this service where the rent is higher. Good people can be found anywhere, but it requires interviews and close attention.

            What you suggest is ideal of course. I am suggesting alternatives if solutions that fall short of the ideal are necessary.

          • I appreciate the sentiments but you are completely wrong about not helping your family.

            As a new father who lives several states away from all our family’s relatives, it’s a challenge to raise kids without help. This is a big reason why urban liberals who want to have kids, rare they are, don’t have many kids – they are often transplants and daycare is pricey.

            Caring for infants is a challenge and humans evolved in clans/villages where childcare was a shared responsibility. You put your family at an evolutionary disadvantage and are likely lowering the number of your progeny.

          • I have no clue how you interpreted my comment to mean ‘not helping my family.’ I have cared for others’ infants since I was 12 years old, and know well how much love and care and work they require. I fully expect to assist my son and daughter-in-law, but equally expect them to be the parents and primary caregivers. I will assist when asked and however possible, with the exception of watching the children myself full-time so she can return to work – that’s where gifting them $ comes in instead.

          • …but… with the exception of…

            There’s no reasoning with Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder [PAPD].

            It’s like trying to talk sense into a drug addict.

            A complete waste of time.

        • Oh boy, the financial thing is just the doormat to a whole skyscraper of obsticals for UMC-YTs to have kids.

        • Not at all wrong but in modernity its opportunity costs as much as actual costs. You can have a large family if you want one but most anything beyond the very basics is not available.
          Oddly enough Reason Magazine got it correct for once “maybe people don’t have many kids because they don’t want them.”
          If you have many kids , you had best be the type of person who wants to bust his butt for them and gets his satisfaction there since all the nice things, trips, movies (in the past) new vehicles, expensive hobbies aren’t available for you. You work for the kids alone basically.
          Most people don’t do this but instead White’s K selected strategy says have a couple of kids maybe three which most Right leaning people do and give them the best of everything.
          Ths is fine if immigration is managed, as humanity in the broad sense is grossly past its social and physical carrying capacity.
          What’s wrong is not “low fertility” but economic migration into White lands and ratios. A healthy European derived ratio is around 25% of the human race, maybe a bit more. If we drop by one or six billion people, it matters not so long as our lands are ours, and we stabilize at that ratio or better.
          In terms of economics, I’d suggest reading Leftist economic critiques prior to critical race theory (CRT) Nearly every critique has a degree of merit though few solutions they proffer are workable.
          We will have to make productivity over finance and working/middle wealth distributions a cornerstone of anything we do. If we fail to do this , we lose.
          That will not be simple, the money boys will need to be removed from any source of power and I fear they’d use China as a stalking horse to destroy upstarts and CRT/mass repatriation as the Evils of Nazism pretext.
          It still remains an utter necessity though to give warning , it may not increase the fertility rate by much if at all. That if it happens at all may well take a lot of time. This is about ratios and a foundation, not immediate results.

          • The poor get a lot of assistance in the developed world and even than don’t have as high a fertility as you think.
            Using African American as proxy for poor the US TFR is 1.9 . Its above White and Latino but below replacement.
            Ultimately if you cram people into cities, you must learn to live with less babies.
            In order to change that you need large scale economic and social reforms and to move people into smaller homogeneous towns where they can be born, live and be buried without leaving unless they want to and society should discourage it,
            To do this you must have stable well remunerated work for all IQ levels , heavy nearly extreme controls on finance and lower housing costs among other things.
            Socially you need to make sure marriage is stable and the status bump from family formation is worth than the opportunity costs.
            That isn’t easy and if it cannot be done, work on making sure the US is Whiter/Righter/Better with closed borders until the economy and social changes support stability.

      • There are 8 boomer siblings between my husband and I. The various marriages produced 13 offspring. The offspring, save 1, are of childbearing age, with several in their 30s. There are 4 children between them (plus a trendy adoption – don’t ask). We might get 2 or 3 more out of the mix, but most of them can’t even find mates. Catastrophic.

        • Yeah its nuts, the urban white fertility is about 0.5, as you mentioned.

          When you look at general white fertility it’s about 1.6 across the USA, which means somebody is picking up the slack. Lots of white trash, Christians, and rural people must be having kids because its certainly not happening in my circles either.

          • The bulk of US White fertility is rural and observant religious folks especially Amish who double every twenty years!
            Its not Church Evangelicals though , they no longer have retention.
            Now where I live cheap California. I see a fair number of White babies but overall the TFR is low for all races.
            I know a some faithful LDS people who had 3 kids, oldest now 30 , youngest like 25, no grand kids A Latino lady who went from being one of three with adult age kids and not wanting any, preferring her daughter have more “Free-dumb”
            Now this is not new at all. While the Baby Boomers has a higher TFR than we do and overall fertility rate, they tanked it in 1973 going to 1.8 and and sans immigration never going above that. That near half a century of low fertility.
            An example I know, One Lost/Silent generation with 3 Boomer kids . Among those, three Gen X kids and among those zero grandchildren any generation.
            A fertile number would have been 9 Gen X kids with 9 Kids Gen Y each and 9 More Z kids (these were older Gen X)
            A healthy number would have been 6 or 7 Gen X, 7 or so Gen Y and 6 or 7 Gen Z kids,
            This loss is some parts economic, cultural ,opportunity costs, and partially the fact that modern life serves no purpose. You exist as a consumer in a dead culture atomized from history and tradition and faith,
            Apparently consumers while good for the short and mid term bottom line stop having kids and in the long term result in social annihilation. Who’da Thunk?
            In the end if they aren’t annihilated, the faithful will prevail though and The Amish/Christian/Orthodox wars of 2200 will be lit!

          • > white trash

            Jesus H Christ you people are insufferable.

            Might as well prepare for your trip to meet Massah Lucifer along with all the confounded & maledicted souls of your [at that point] extinct family.

            White trash.


            You parasites can’t burn in hell soon enough.

        • I am younger than you, but NONE of the smart kids (perfect SAT/ACT) in my class had kids. Zero. Partners in law firms, the guy who developed commercially viable fracking: big flubbing brains. The next group (90% on the bell curve): two kids, max.

          “Idiocracy” was a documentary.

          • Dumb people aren’t really having kids in the developed world either.
            The only exception is the first generation of immigrants which is why Rubio et all are pushing an amnesty. They have run out of suckers to keep the system afloat and they’d rather burn in hell than raise wages.
            Ultimately though big brains, the 140 type and their 120+ allies are risking all our lives anyway. If its not AI, nukes, a microbe much worse than COVID, nano tech, bad vaccines or something else these assholes are endangering all of humanity and if it takes a bit of a dumber species to spare the species, so be it.
            As for your point, in any developed society being smart carries a heavy cost. Not only do children themselves cost time, money and opportunity to do other things smart people are socially isolated from the rest of humanity.
            Anyone 2 or more std deviations above the mainstream is treated as some kind of monster. This amplifies the fact that smart people tend to have the wrong psychological traits for reproduction.
            I’m in that category myself and even my average level of conscientiousness is a hinderance since it means a low chance of accidental reproduction.
            If we really want a lot more smart people and this is really not a good idea, there are three ways to get it.
            #1 A cultural shift to arranged marriages between smart families. This is jarring but safe,
            #2 Genetic engineering ala GATTACA where fetuses are selected by intelligence markers and health. We obviously aren’t there yet but its doable,
            #3 State arranged marriages based on algorithmic selection with egg and sperm harvesting used when individuals do not cooperate. Such children would have to be had by surrogates and raised by either the surrogate or adopted families not state agencies in order to lower the risk of sociopaths.

          • I once read that Rubio’s GPA was 2.7. In Public School. In Florida. If his name were “Smith,” he wouldn’t be where he is.

          • Other groups tend to vote on an ethnic basis except for White Republicans who are on the Civ Nat lithium lick.

          • If his name were “Smith,” he wouldn’t be where he is.

            That’s because “Smiths” aren’t crypto-j00z with a familial background of selling red gemstones which are almost as precious as the more famous White gemstones.

        • Natural for an urban society.
          Fertility in the US dropped every year since industrialism charting roughly as the US got more urban. The big trigger was the Great Depression where we hit modern fertility levels and didn’t get high until the economic boom of the late 40’s and 50’s
          This boom was the best economy the US ever had and dovetailed beautifully with the faux ruralization of the suburbs where you could spread out and have some kids. We got briefly as high as an average of four,
          It wasn’t sustainable, that economy was gone by 1973 and that culture with it.
          So you get a natural rate exacerbated by the computer age.

      • my kids are 20 somethings . almost none of their friends have children. The catholics in the group beion the only exception. I have one grandchild and will get a few more I hope. As many of the girls in their age group have married girls as has married males. seriously despondent over where their age group is going.

    • there was another alternative available to the russians, to keep the chechens in line. it could be used here, as well.

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