Nice Guys Finish Last

One of the main battles within Western liberal democracies over the last seventy years has been the war between partisanship and objectivity. Those on the side of partisanship see politics as a war between interests, like labor versus capital or minorities versus the majority. Objectivists see politics as a battle about finding the best solution for the problems of society. For them, even their own narrow interests must take a back seat to the truth. Being right counts for everything.

The partisans have always had the advantage, because they correctly understand that the “right answer” or even the “best answer” is a matter of perspective. Your class or identity interests shape your ideology and you will always see as the correct answer that which fits your ideology. Put another way, it is human nature to root for your own team, whether you do so consciously or unconsciously. Those who think they are being objective are just flattering themselves.

Once free of the restraint of objectivity, partisans are free to press their interests through whatever means are available. They are not constrained by the rules, because like all things in politics, the rules are a means to an end. Forcing an opponent to abide by their rules, while you violate them, for example, is perfectly acceptable, as long as it advances your group interests. The most recent election is a great example of partisanship triumphing over objectivity.

A good example of how this clash of world views has been going on for a long time is this post from American Renaissance. A long lost interview of the great IQ researcher Arthur Jensen was discovered on YouTube or maybe re-posted to YouTube. It is from the old daytime chat show called The Phil Donahue Show. Long forgotten at this point, Donahue was the godfather of the modern daytime chat show. He was the first to involve the audience in a town hall style format.

If you watch just a few minutes of the interview, you see Jensen was trying to answer the questions about the facts in his work. Donahue, on the other hand, is not interested in the facts, but how he can use them to further the cause. Donahue was one of the smarmier television liberals at the time. He was the Bill Maher of the 80’s, infamous for tricking guests into coming on his show, only to put them in terrible positions, in which they inevitably looked foolish or disreputable.

Early in the interview, Donahue knows he cannot use the old liberal gag of dismissing an enemy as stupid, so he keeps shifting the focus from the facts in the book to the alleged motivations for writing about them. He wants the audience to come away thinking that Jensen is an immoral person for having an interest in the topic, so good people should therefore dismiss him out of hand. To the partisan mind, all disconfirmation is personalized and the person is then anathematized.

In that American Renaissance post, Jared Taylor adds some commentary about his personal interactions with Arthur Jensen. This comment is illustrative of that gap between partisans and objectivists. “I was struck by his mild and profoundly scientific reaction to his attackers. He wasn’t angry at them; he was baffled. Why couldn’t they just look at the data?” The partisan knows exactly why he is in the fight, while the objectivist is perpetually baffled as to why there is a fight.

The objectivist will counter that facts matter and eventually, factual reality must triumph over wishful thinking. In the case of IQ, for example, the diversity of intelligence and what it means for modern society is immutable. Gather up a bunch of 65-IQ Somalis and dump them into Minneapolis and before long the city is struggling with the sorts of social problems that come with a 65-IQ population. Intelligence is driven by genetics, not environment, so these experiments must fail.

The thing is though, while the results of the current experiments with diversity are certain to fail in the long run, there is no guarantee that the critics will be around to see their predictions proven correct. Another immutable truth is the future belongs to the winners of today, for better or worse. Being right, but losing the fight over who will shape the future simply guarantees you will be proven correct. That makes being right hardly worth the effort, unless you are a masochist.

This has been the story of all opposition to Progressive racialism in America since the middle of the last century. The opponents go on about facts and reason, while the radicals scheme to get around those objections. Maybe it is anathematizing an opponent by calling him a racist, as with IQ researchers. Maybe it is violating the rules, while forcing the other side to obey the rules. At every turn over the last three generations, the partisans have beaten the truth-speakers.

Interestingly, this is the one bit of objective reality that the objectivists always find a way to look past in their analysis. When it is pointed out to conservatives that they have managed to conserve nothing, they have no answer. The best they can muster is the weak claim that playing to win makes you no better than the Left, which is suggests they are not committed to the causes they claim to champion. Instead, it is about their personal honor. They want to lose with dignity.

Taylor finishes his commentary on Jensen with the following sentence. “He was a model of dignity, courage, and fair-mindedness for all dissidents.” On a personal level, this is a fine sentiment, but lousy advise. In this long twilight struggle to save the West, those concerned with dignity, courage, and fair-mindedness must be relegated to the drawing room to comfort the women, while those willing to do whatever is necessary go out and subvert the enemy on the field of partisan politics.

This should not be read to mean that the answer to Progressive radicalism is to ape their tactics. In fact, that is usually the wrong course. The Left deployed their street terrorist this year hoping to draw a response, which they were prepared to use in their election efforts. They can do this because they control the courts and the police, so the tactic is low cost for them. For dissidents, however, such a tactic is high cost and promises a small or even negative return.

Instead, the dissident must learn to view “dignity, courage, and fair-mindedness” as tools in his political toolkit. When they advance the cause, they can be deployed, but when they weaken the effort, use other tools. Like the craftsman, the partisan dissident uses his tools in furtherance of the project. No one cares if the master craftsman is dignified or fair-minded. He is judged on his work. The dissident right will be judged by its deeds, not by its adherence to abstract personal qualities.

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287 thoughts on “Nice Guys Finish Last

  1. My objection is that many on our side will and already have taken this lesson as a license to engage in deception and self-deception, thus alienating potential high-quality allies disgusted by the enemy’s cult of lies.

  2. Nice Guys Finish Last: Why the passive aggressive Republican invertebrates have to culled from the assymetrical playing field for us to take and hold the position of power.

    Only based assets need apply for this position. Most of them are democrats, in actuality, so they should be forced to GTHO.

    • The Achilles tendon of the left is that they’ve lived in a consequence free bubble for so long, they expect to not suffer consequences for their crimes. Ambushed by reality, and deprived of this protective bubble, they are easy prey for the opposition. Therein lies the opportunity.

      The only way to defeat these people is to out evolve them. Thought experiments like this further that means.

      • Opportunity? Ambush? Opposition? Consequences? Out evolve?
        I contend, that there is no opportunity, cuz there is no ambush, cuz there is no opposition, and thus no consequences. What does “out evolve” mean?

        • The current political situation could be defined as an evolutionary spur, urging those whose existence is being threatened to peel off the comforting layers of denial and address the reality of the threat.

          Acknowledging and understanding the threat, then taking action to support survival is a basic human instinct that has evolved over time. Continuing to do so instead of descending into a state of inertia will suffice to surpass our attackers in evolution, for the moment. (Their game plan is stuck in the twentieth century, their goals are unrealistic.) The challenge is ongoing.

  3. objectivity was always only a tool. be as gentle as doves, but as smart as snakes. eventually, by the fruits we shall all be known; faith alone doesn’t save.

    translated to politics, the facts alone don’t save, but their application does. thus, blogging about IQ objectively is nice and dignified; but without the shock caused by putting out pictures of all the mangled dead high-iq bodies at the hands of the low-iq criminals, and thus arriving at actual changes in public opinion and policy, there is no effective objective action from those facts.

    that said, sometimes dignified martyrdom works, provided the martyr’s blood feeds more future action that can objectively win. see Christendom.

  4. The communist’s stated objective is they hate us and want us dead . This includes the president and his family. With that in mind, now would be a good time to declare martial law and do as much damage as possible to the opposition.

    What’s the alternative?

  5. Reminds me of that simpsons episode where Chief Wiggem interrupts a conversation with his son to “talk some sense” into some babbling homeless guy.

    TBH, the right will never stop with pointing out the left’s hypocrisy, while losing.

    Gay marriage is a big one. Now that it has been lost, conservatives have just given up. So, does that mean that sodomy, just because it has won in the courts, has magically been elevated to a sacrament? And we just have to accept it? According to Fox News, we do. Plenty of faggots adn dykes on that channel.
    I think the time is getting short. I don’t think there is going to be a lot of witty DR tactics. I don’t think there will be time. I can’t imagine the country lasting another 10 years.

    The autonomous zone pub owner was a great start, however!

  6. Politics is the acquisition of wealth and power by means other than outright war. The Left understands it and so does the GOP.
    As for the GOP, it has always been the party of the rich and no one else. They hide their real agenda in a cloak of “conservationism” and make all the right sounds through millionaire talking heads like Hannity and Limbaugh selling the plebes sweet nothings.
    That said the DR can;t play their game because it’s rigged against us and we lack the money. We have to fight by rules which work for us. Small, localized, aimed at getting the biggest bang for the buck for the least investment. Attack where the ruling class is weakest.

  7. It’s not just about tactics or beliefs. There’s a third missing element for creating change, and that’s the time window. It doesn’t matter what you believe or what your tactics if the society isn’t ready to adopt what you’re thinking. For instance, I’m sure there were anti-drunk driving activists in 1950. They were likely not covered by the major press, maybe had little news letters, etc. It wasn’t until around 1980, where you had a group like MADD come around and completely turn over the prevailing morality. All kinds of externals had to lock in place beforehand. A new generation of controlling, harpy boomer women were squirting out their precious Kyles and Tiffanys and were busy softening society. The older women who had only one or two kids in the early 1960’s now had teenagers wrapping themselves around trees in the family Caprice and couldn’t get over the fact that their precious teenager didn’t come home one night. Women with only or two kids was now the norm. Previous generations knew to have three or four because, let’s face it, one may fall out of the nest. The aging WW2 generation was no longer in charge. Knowing real danger and hardship, they never paid much attention to drunk driving. Life was cheaper for them. Fast forward to today where the drunk driving industry is a complete racket that destroys lives, finances and careers, and is firmly ensconced in the court systems to a point where they’re a de-facto agency. We now need anti, anti drunk driving activists. But that’s likely years away.

    • The fourth element is the dimension portal happening now, compressing the time portal. Change can happen quickly now, for better or worse.

    • Just wait. Before this thing gets off the ground, you will be mandated to get a government subsidized forehead tattoo in order to signify fealty to the new Covidian religion. And if not that, then cattle branding will become the fallback option.

  8. On a personal level, this is a fine sentiment, but lousy advise. In this long twilight struggle to save the West, those concerned with dignity, courage, and fair-mindedness must be relegated to the drawing room to comfort the women, while those willing to do whatever is necessary go out and subvert the enemy on the field of partisan politics.

    Good advice. It is why even dissidents who opposed Trump must call out election fraud seen and unseen.

  9. Ivanka is going to jail. Over Inauguration funds. That might make Trump move. Daddy’s little princess

  10. Boiling down to its essence

    The lib arts majors beat the STEM guys

    I am as surprised by this as pretty much everyone. I think most of it STEMS from women have a greater and greater say in things, no pun intended 😉

    • Have the personal dignity to turn one’s back on this corrupt system and take life seriously enough where we start huddling into our own communities

      The system won’t be able to beat us if we start gaining numbers and if there are 100,000 of determined men and women living amongst each other

      I think it is going to happen organically. But good to get moving in that direction

      • a mean person’s life is miserable

        At some point we have to accept that “winning” at politics has a price, and that price is becoming a miserable person

        Which is why we need communities. The hard work of protecting the people within doesn’t make a person a mean. It also insulates the people from having to engage in the nastiness of politics so they can pursue their happiness and interests within that protective cocoon. That is what we should aspire to. Sure, there will be a few among us who are built for politics and the nastiness of it, but that shouldn’t ever be the model for everyone.

      • Meanness works a lot better when comfort is gone and your back’s against a wall. Your rights? Gone. Your vote? In some garbage can. Your business? Bankrupted by some government jerkoff who never worked in his life. Why not get mean, what’s left to lose?

    • If you’re fresh out of predator drones, groupthink like this is a viable option. Thought experimenting like this helps us to confront political realities while navigating the tarpits of time-wasting and perhaps fatal mistakes.

      A trustworthy leader like Z orchestrating the dissident section of the symphony is a must have.

  11. We are not far from having an American Republican Army, but the GOP will be the political arm – the question is who among us has the composure, background, and intelligence to serve as our Sinn Féin.


    Day before yesterday, I posted a “reply” to you by mistake, and I’ve just realized what I did. That “reply” (“Was that a code of some kind?”) was not intended for you or even for anybody on this site. It was for somebody at Epoch Times. I was navigating between here; two threads there; and two at Occidental Dissent, and I mistakenly posted a reply to you that was not meant for you. My apologies. It was a haste-makes-waste mistake, so I apologize if you took offense.

    By the way, here’s the subject that the thread at ET was about:

    Reading it is what I can describe only as “a soporific slog,” but it’s pretty interesting.

  13. Dignity, courage, fair-mindedness remind me of John Derbyshire, who is a much better (and necessary) narrator of our destruction than any activist. Yet, the TRS crowd, which is dead wrong on free lunch economics, but is mostly right, has the other tools in its toolbox, addressing this exact issue, but is mocked by the other dissidents. Nick Fuentes uses the tactics of the left almost exclusively, and is making a name for himself, but comes across as inauthentic and Kaufmanesque. Although he did such a beautiful job trolling Patches Crenshaw I’m willing to accept more of his downsides than I used to.

  14. This is the biggest psychological hurdle we must overcome if we are to survive.
    If nothing else, what Trump has clearly shown is that playing by the rules of the opponent will result in your failure.
    We in the west are being presented with challenges not only to our well being and happiness, but ultimately to our basic survival as humans. Will we summon the moral courage to fight for life?

    • For me, there is the urge to engage the other side, but on terms and in ways that confound them. Then there is the idea of not playing at all, and simply to not be on the field when they burn themselves down with the lived untruths and ignorance. Keep to myself and my own communities. I suspect, at the end of the day, some of each will be necessary to endure.

      • What about that guy setting up his bar as an autonomous zone? I see that happening more and more on bigger and bigger scales. There WILL be deaths.
        I’m not always a fan, but Scott Adams has even admitted that there could be a cause for war. What if a county set itself up as an autonomous zone from any new immigrants, any forsed integrated schools, 2a stuff. That may be what starts to happen

  15. This should not be read to mean that the answer to Progressive radicalism is to ape their tactics

    At this point largely sage advice. Particularly in optics , which are easily edited by the media. Mostly violent summer protests shown as largely peaceful and incredibly peaceful displays with tiki torches portrayed as the very heart of violent hate.

    Where we can ape them for now is in the very low-brow fields of meme war and pithy statements. We have the advantage in memes because imagery is powerful, and frankly, the Left does not do humor well. You can take the edge off of a spicy statement if you can actually make the viewer laugh.

    The other arena open to us is the short but powerful statement. Let your opponent bog down in sputtering facts and rhetoric. “Love wins” and “Hate doesn’t live here” are simply stupid but effective statements. We counter with “Blacks commit crime”. When the bait of providing percentages and variances is laid out, thr response is, “Too many.”

    • Also, to me the big one is being scared of the word “racist.” Ever since I was driven from my career by this word, I have been warming up to it more and more. Look at the OED definition. I see no immorality in it. So, the media playing tiki torches should elicit a warm hearted feeling, not a cringe! To me, not caring about being called a racist etc, is the biggest step anyone can make!

  16. Moreover, there is no objective point of view. There are objective facts but to assume an objective point of view about one’s own society is to assume, wrongly and somewhat conceitedly, that you have no dog in the fight of life. Well, if you don’t that means you’re dead. Otherwise you very much do have a dog in the fight. And Darwin only counts winners, not how they got there.

  17. I went into engineering because I thought it would be a numbers-driven field, largely free of emotion and office politics.

    In my early professional years I valued being right over playing the game.

    This is why I now have a job, rather than a career.

    • Engineering: A great profession but a lousy career. You will always be working for the lawyers and MBAs.

      • Yup, unless you are able to develop an idea you can patent and build a sizeable company around.

        I don’t blame all the STEM majors who got MBAs and cleaned up on Wall Street.

  18. Another essay filled with important insights: Being right but losing isn’t worth the effort. Those in love with ‘dignity, courage, and fair-mindedness’ must be sidelined in favor of those willing to do whatever is necessary to win in partisan politics. Dignity, courage, and fair-mindedness are tools. Use them only when they advance the cause; otherwise use other tools.

  19. The truth still matters, because not everyone is a partisan. Some people — not all, but some — will be brought up short by the FBI’s racial crime statistics, or the College Board’s breakdown of SAT scores by race, or a clear and unambiguous example of leftist anti-white hostility, and say “Wait. Really? I didn’t know that…” So it’s always worth looking for objectively convincing arguments, even if your primary goal is simply to win. (In addition, thinking objectively help you avoid getting locked into your own echo chamber, which is never a good thing).

  20. As usual, the discussion is as interesting as Z Man’s excellent essay. One observation, did anyone else notice that Ayn Rand called her philosophy “Objectivism”?

  21. This craftsman is going to use his tools to make himself a nice place in the country

    again, I don’t see the point of staying back if it means you can’t be free of blacks. What’s the point of “winning” in politics if that fact never changes? They’re never going anywhere. They’re stuck here. Are people losing sight of this reality?

  22. The vast majority of Whites (& perhaps most people) are decent and believe in following the rules and playing fair are the only way to go – the means justify the ends. That is our BIG problem – and the fact that there’s a sizable portion of our fellow pale faces that think the exact opposite – they’d sell their kids down the pike in order win. If these “things”, ie: politicians, ceos, media, antifa etc., aren’t dealt with soon, it’ll all truly be over. The joggers and other various pocs can be taken care of in the mopping up action. As many have said, the time is nigh – pretty close to now or never.

  23. Thresholds; Impossible and Immoral – coerce freedom. Humanity can live with contradictions, not that one.

    We just spent 2 decades proving it to ourselves (you know who we are, and who ourselves are).

    Possible and essential, and moral;

    Coerce Survival. We can and must do that for our people’s survival and our own.

    It is then our duty when the time comes to coerce survival.

    Perhaps we can discuss freedom after, but if they remain inert we know that’s hopeless. Survival is not hopeless, coerced “freedom” and even coerced ordered liberties are not, we are not forsworn ~ they left us, not we them.

    You know who ourselves are, Habibbi’s.

  24. If I were a newly minted tyrannical regime, and had pulled off the coup of the millennium, but had to do so in a blatant in-your-face fashion which is blindingly obvious to even the most casual observer; then I would use all of my powers to try and persuade the gullible masses that 1. you cannot believe your lying eyes, 2. don’t feel bad because some bad stuff is happening to us too 3. we’re going to bribe you with a little more gravy so rejoice in your windfall, and 4. Get on board, bend over and smile, or we will kill you. The sleepwalking will continue until the gravy train derails.

    • Actually, I suspect they will smother any complaints by classifying anyone who challenges the election result as a white supremacist. That’ll shut everyone up.

      • Their game plan is to diffuse the righteous anger among the sane via memetic warfare. It will work on the weak-minded (which unfortunately is a large and growing cohort of our population). There are better ways to channel justifiable anger than a farting tantrum.

  25. For some of the conservatives, the means are the ends; that is, running the process of classically liberal politics is an end in itself.

    The problem is that they often don’t have any real goals beyond that. The fact that the real world is shitholing fast? Don’t care, as long as it was by the book.

    I remember a hard-right guy asking one of the “free spech” guys, “well, ok, let’s say you had the right of free speech–well, what would you say? What would you lobby for?” And the free speech guy had no answer, because that procedural right was the end in itself: he didn’t seem to have any real-world goals.

    And everybody knows the quote that democracy is “two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” The commitment of “conservatives” to process is such that, in the poition of the sheep, they would say, “well, they outvoted me fair and square, I guess I’ve got to accept it!”

  26. People are starting to catch on – Mayors and Governors issuing their lockdown orders from cabanas in Mexico or Hawaii are the current glaring examples.

    • Yes indeed. Just one look at these plonkers ‘leading from the front’ is enough to make normal people start to wonder. And then get angry.

    • A good dissident shenanigan would be to throw Covid blankets over the fences of elite residences. Even better, catapult an infected guy into an elite residence like the Mongols did with bubonic plague corpses.

  27. In this long twilight struggle to save the West, those concerned with dignity, courage, and fair-mindedness must be relegated to the drawing room to comfort the women, while those willing to do whatever is necessary go out and subvert the enemy on the field of partisan politics.
    Indeed….Fine piece of writing!

  28. Donahue knows he cannot use the old liberal gag of dismissing an enemy as stupid, so he keeps shifting the focus from the facts in the book to the alleged motivations for writing about him. He wants the audience to come away thinking that Jensen is an immoral person for having an interest in the topic

    Ad Hominem attacks are frequently used and disparaged by intellectuals but the thing is that they work. For a reason. It all comes down to trust. Should an uninformed person trust the source of new information? If not, if the new information is dishonestly presented then it can be dismissed out of hand. This is an evolutionarily driven survival heuristic. (BTW it’s related to the pathological honesty of some people)

    There is no way that everyone can equally evaluate all information they come across. There simply isn’t enough time to do so. So shortcuts are taken, including how the information comports with the individuals experience and patters of behavior, and whether the new presentation of information can be trusted.

    All of which means that ad hominem attacks are not exactly the logical fallacy that they are called by philosophers and intellectuals.

    Wrapping back to the episode with Jensen and Donahue, the only effective response to Donahues turn to discredit would be to discredit Donahue as an unserious entertainer. Respond to the ad hominem with ad hominem. Which probably wouldn’t have been effective with the studio audience, because they were a group selected specifically to trust Donahue, but it would be effective with the larger viewing audience and casual viewers.

    • Yes, don’t try to dispute the attack with more facts but point out you are aware of the dishonest tactic and ask why the person is doing it. Put them on the defensive. Watch them squirm.

      • To stop treating them as equals, or as fair or as Americans, is a start. I think we have to treat libs and foreigners as immediate, proximate mortal enemies.

  29. Another great column.

    And thanks for the Arthur Jensen-link. I notice that already in 1980, Donahue was able to talk about “people of color” – I thought that was a Millenial term.

    • GenX here – my grandparents referred to the black area of town as “colored town.” Or the polite grandparents anyway.

        • Yes. At the family burial ground where two of my great-great grandparents are buried, there is an adjacent slave burial ground, each grave marked with a carved granite marker reading “Dicey, Woman of Colour” or “Sam, Man of Colour.” Muscogee County, Georgia. Great-great-grandfather born in South Carolina in 1809; died 1872; gr-gr-grandmother born 1820 in Georgia; died in 1902. Slave graves pre-date the War to Prevent Southern Independence. “POC” is a very old term.

  30. What was interesting about Donahue was that he loved playing the high-minded pundit and at one point he lamented the fact that there was more interest in him talking to circus freaks than, say, ministers from foreign countries. One latent memory that sticks in my mind was a conversation that he had with a character named ‘Toby’ (I couldn’t find the Donahue segment, but apparently zhe made the daytime circuit: ). Like much of the bilge I caught on daytime TV it was an effort to plant ideas Inception-style into the audience that only meanies do not give circus freaks respect.

  31. Z, what you’re suggesting (and I think have suggested before) is our cause has to be rooted in moral arguments and not just truth/objectivity. We should be talking about the immorality of the democide of the European people(s).

    As a slight aside, I prefer “democide” to “genocide” because it is more likely to be accepted by normies and this is more important (for partisan purposes) than being objectively “correct” (both words are correct).

    • Right idea, wrong approach. Anything requiring people to understand Greek-origin etiomology isn’t right. Small words, preferably sufficiently maleable to fit many situations. Ie “great replacement.” Everyone knows what being replaced is, and doesn’t want it to happen to them. Genocide or democide (same thing to normie) means germans in black uniforms killing people in camps: “i see no camps, so you are lying” responds normie. Replacement means they’re moving Somalis into a neighborhood and tranny story hour, something the other side not only acknowledges, but brags about.

      • I tell normies they have outlived their usefulness to the THTB, and it seems to register

        Or I say you are being dumped for a new model like a husband dumping his first wife

        Those types of terms seem to make sense

      • Yes, even better! Thank you sir.

        I also like the term “dispossession” even better yet the phrase “demographic dispossession” (Wilmot Robertson’s “Dispossessed Majority”) but even that is maybe too academic sounding.

  32. It seems it would help the political right (objectivists) to at least understand and anticipate the tactics used by the left (partisans). For example, for months leading up to the election, dems were beating the drum about Trump not conceding, not leaving the white house after the election. A perfect example of Saul Alinsky’s ‘make it about the response’ rule. Demonize the other party for their reaction/response to your tactics, denying your own role.
    The democrat drum beating on Trump not conceding was loudly signaling an intent to cheat in the election. A more effective response would have been to organize and mobilize poll watchers/mobs at all polling places nationwide to be there throughout the ballot counting, not to scramble after the fact to try to piece it together. Trump fell into the trap, and if you listen to mainstream media today with their cries of ‘no evidence’ (denying the democrat role in the process), to them it is all about Trump stirring up trouble (the reaction to their tactic).
    One could say that the claims of intent to cheat via mail-in ballots was such a response, but I did not hear any such claim via mainstream news. Owning the megaphone sure helps. A commenter above suggesting martial law to take over the media…

  33. One thing I think the FAUXVID 19 ‘crisis’ shows is most people want to be told what and how to think so they can get on with their lives. “Masks, okay. I have to be locked down so hospitals are not overrun, okay. A lightspeed quick vaccine will fix it all, okay. Just tell me what to do so we can back to normal in 2021…2022, 2024??? Okay, whatever.”
    It seems to me the partisans have learned to appeal to emotions and make their explanations real simple. And most folks just follow because its easy. Dissidents talk big ideas which require synthesizing ideas and most simply lack the patience or brains to absorb it.

    • The big ideas, planning and fancy talk are for those in the know. For those who want to be told how to live, any propaganda will do – just make sure it is our propaganda.

      The trick is to make the propaganda appeal to normal people. That is why encouraging, say, family formation is such a good vector to get people onside. It sounds good, most people just instinctively know it is good – probably why there has been a wokist propaganda onslaught on the traditional family.

      • Getting people doing things that lead them in our direction is ultimately more effective than pamphlets and manifestos, particularly for the 90% of the population that is not particularly intellectual. The best way to preserve gun rights for instance, is to get people to go target shooting and taking training courses. It produces a feeling of vested interest and personal excellence that people naturally want to preserve.

        • This is very true, getting someone to the range is a radicalizing act, getting them to buy their first gun the most radicalizing and effective recruiting tactic employed.

          Ritual of sorts, not unlike the rituals the Left goes through, their protest cycles, etc.

    • There are many in society with a slave-mentality that have a deep need to love their chains.

  34. The objectivist will counter that facts matter and eventually, factual reality must triumph over wishful thinking.”

    The issue is one that G K Chesterton highlighted many years ago, regarding the docility of British politics. He said that the reason political opposition became tepid was not because political opponents were strong enough to restrain themselves, but because they were too weak fight each other. They paraded their weakness as a virtue.

    Modern American conservatives are cut from the same cloth. They claim that truth will triumph inevitably (i.e. as an unstoppable force), so knowing the truth is enough. This is nothing but a justification for the vice of passivity. The truth may always win out, but it requires an army of fighters to do so. Partisanship is simply a tactic, and it can and should be used in defense of truth. The way forward for conservatives and traditionalists is to be dogmatic about objective reality and to defend it as vociferously as leftists defend their lies.

  35. “the results of the current experiments with diversity are certain to fail in the long run”
    That’s because the diversification progressives aren’t engaged on a personal level. They admire the costumes and dances of exotic immigrants but when it comes to other aspects of diverse cultures the admiration is tempered, white suburban ladies with circumcised sons are offended by female genital mutilation. Their husbands think that cock fighting is barbaric but enjoy catch-and-release fishing. Hmong dresses are pretty but arranged marriages between 60-something geezers and 13-year-olds can’t be allowed.

    So for most Americanos, progressive or otherwise, diversity only goes so far. When little Jennifer comes home for dinner with Tyrone on her arm it’s time for a different high school.

    • A different school, yes… and after a semester, they’re back in the school board meetings, griping that the new district doesn’t have enough diversity.

      They never learn. I watched it happen – in the course of a decade, I saw them change a lovely safe little college town into mini Mogadishu. I watched the same tenured idiots move school districts two, three, four times, doing the same thing each time.

      Chemotherapy is the only cure.

    • The ideal GlobHom vision of the US is a collection of Third World slums, populated by Third World slum dwellers.

      Heritage Americans will be allowed reservations.

      Those who resist get camps.

  36. Peaceful resistance or violence is, seemingly, what it all boils down to. Embrace radicalism and the reputational toxicity that entails or cater to moderate fence sitters in order to get that critical mass going. Rockwell or Buckley.

    I recognize that in this, as in so many other pressing questions of our time, there are no easy answers. But speaking only for myself, I will say this: I have long since made up my mind about what *I* think needs to be done.

    I have bestowed upon myself a…robust…mandate. I am waiting for others to join me in this glorious enterprise. After all: we can only die once. So what are we waiting for?

    Embrace monstrosity…for these are monstrous times.

  37. So kwan dissidents are finally growing up and realizing rules of the game. Only thing left for them is not to attach themselves to young female ‘dissidents’ with big racks.

    • The movement has been hobbled by tradthots. But the tradthot is just another example of only half-believing what you believe: “Sure, I’m a realist about the women, but she’s not like the other girls.”

      • Tradthots are just another form of golem.

        Speaking of golem, anyone else notice Antifa and BLM have vanished like a fart in the wind?

        • No, quite the contrary. They are plaguing the Stop the Steal rallies. Mention of them in the Official Organs, however, has gone to complete zero.

  38. Rhymes with one of Plato’s dialogues. Would you rather be a man of virtue or thought to be a man of virtue? Most people are racist, in the sense that they know that average racial differences exist – too obvious to deny. They know, for example, that blacks are better athletes and are more criminal and that Jews are wiley & smarter. However, they don’t want to be known as the kind of person who holds such beliefs. So the truth is sublimated. Better to be thought well of than be ostracized for blasphemy. Then, what happens, the lie becomes true threw repetition.

  39. The usurpers claim that “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.”

    Heh. Keep your toolbox full. Before you start a proper job, make sure you have the proper tool. Their side will dismantle, our side will build. Mind you, that may involve some demo work to begin with but the demo is not the purpose of the exercise, as it would be for those toting that big 65 around with them.

    They just want to play in the ruins.

    • Z has pointed out repeatedly that a lot of issues just go away if white people start thinking of their own self interests first. On the other hand, if white people walk around in a “better dead than offend” stupor then they will get their wish no matter what tactics are employed.

      • No, you simply never suggest anything beyond vague conversations as moving forward, your criticisms however are always substantial.

        Your proscriptions many, your prescriptions few.

      1. Find and meet up with people like us in the real world. Start to form the nucleus of a community
      2. Do your best to help CivNats come to our side
      3. Get involved in local groups and even politics. We’re not voting our way out of this, but we can get some of our own guys in the system to push it our way locally.
      4. Support our guys with $. Send Z, Ramzpaul, etc. some cash to allow them to keep speaking out

      I could go on, but you get the point – or at least, you should get the point.

      • Money is a big one. Try your best to avoid the companies that hate us, and give a shekel to the ones that support us. We need Alaska Chaga to be the Lipton of the future.

        • Pay off all debt as soon as possible.

          Sell any excess or duplicate items you have now that will have little value in the future (electronics, jewelry, etc.)

          Support small business locally and electronically.

          If you have the capital and accept the risk, learn to grift money out of Wall Street while those tools are still available to plebes.

          Use your grifted funds to purchase real assets like hand tools, water filtration, packaged food, fishing lures, water filtration, ammo, and bullion.

          Start building a community where you are or move to a more suitable location.

          Learn new, practical skills – fishing, gardening, hunting, basic auto repair, home maintenance, etc. Plenty of free content out there.

          • I would add – duplicate and excess useful items may be worth hanging on to because they may appreciate in value and be useful for future barter.

            A good example is someone in a colder area with an extra down coat that could use some boxes of ammo trading with a new arrival from a warmer area who has plenty of ammo, but not so many winter coats.

        • Tough to do unless you try to stick with local run shops and even then, many have bought or been forced into the narrative. Even then, I agree it’s the best way to go as much as possible. Every national business is pozzed from top to bottom – if there’s one that isn’t, I haven’t heard about it.

          • And now nasdaq is going to require the BOD of all listed companies include either at least one poc, biotch or fag (or one of the lettered permutations). The wonders of 21st capitalism/wokism never cease to amaze.

      • I add that you should support NumbersUSA, which is the most effective group fighting mass immigration. (I am not employed by them but have been donating and participating in their activism for over almost 15 years.)

      • Proposal:

        The “You’re not going to vote your way out of this” needs to be slightly amended to

        “And you’re not going to shoot your way out of it either.”.

        The left figured this out in the 60’s and took over the institutions. It wasn’t easy. But they did it, and now they’re running the tables.

        • Lol. no.

          Not at all.

          Yer not worth it.

          Send money to Z , ramz paulx and keep talking, and ramble on that somebody (else) should do something, there’s a likelihood that somebody eventually will, mind you it will probably not be to your liking.

          And yes, I was saying that talk,?etc is quite useless; but you too in particular should remain true to yourselves – stay useless my friends.

  40. Instead, the dissident must learn to view “dignity, courage, and fair-mindedness” as tools in his political toolkit. When they advance the cause, they can be deployed, but when they weaken the effort, use other tools.

    That’s just it. Unfortunately, many conservative types I know like to have a solidified foundation of traits. Honour, dignity and the like, to such an extent they’ll just stick with them no matter what – even if the opponent is scum.

    I see a variant of this in the working world too, particularly with IT where people have ‘tried and tested’ methods they apply to everything, when really we always need to be learning and adapting because different problems require different solutions.

    A man would say to me: ‘I cannot do it, I am a decent man’. A younger me would have agreed. Be yourself. But an older me would say ‘Be decent to those who deserve it, and give the rest of the bastards hell’. He’ll then have to reason about who deserves decency, honour, respect or whatever you fancy – but that is not too hard. But for some that mindset can be painful to break.

    • Things get switched around. Meanings get perverted and changed and things that were once beneficial become your undoing. An example is the quote from the Gloria in Excelsis “on earth, peace to men of goodwill” that has been rewritten since King James time as “peace on Earth and goodwill to men. Vastly different meanings. One has you looking in group at people like you and the other has you looking outgroup

    • OrangeFrog, I think it has something to do with our mis-education. Many of us were never taught what obscure guys like Aristotle said about justice. Instead, we were taught that justice is treating everyone the same and playing by the rules. But that’s a recent and dishonest innovation; justice is treating everyone as they are due.

      In that framework, let’s talk about what is due a man who threatens to burn your city down, or commands you stay in your home, or shuts your business down, or desires to replace your people, or smashes your monuments. Now that is a dangerous line of thought. And who is Aristotle to stand in the way of globohomo, anyway?

      • In that framework, let’s talk about what is due a man who threatens to burn your city down, or commands you stay in your home, or shuts your business down, or desires to replace your people, or smashes your monuments.

        Great paragraph. I find this approach handy when discussing laws and justice with Joe Normal. So many have been conditioned to think that it ‘being the law’ makes it just and good. Not so.

        I recall speaking to a police officer some years back about Americans and their guns:

        Half-chat Copper: The Americans have so many guns. What do they need them for?

        Myself: I would venture self-defence, from personal as well as state operators – you know, defence against tyranny.

        Half-chat Copper: Tyranny!! Mate, what world do they live in!?

        Myself: Imagine if someone came to take you away for saying something harmless, that they thought wrong. Leave your kids fatherless. Imagine criminalizing speech…

        Half-chat Copper:

        • We have a casus belli and we have an illegitimate and tyranical ruling class. They should be driven out, preferably through use of the loyalist armed forces.

          • But we have all year, longer had all that.

            And nothing.

            It will remain nothing until someone overreaches.

          • The legions didn’t cross the Rubicon of their own volition. The leader had to tell them to cross it.

    • Pathological honest – the compulsion to open state what and how you are going to accomplish some goal. It’s crazy, and self destructive and embraced as a princi paw by way too many YTs.

      Deception has been an integral part of the struggle for survival stretching back to the first multi called organisms in the primordial goo. But some how, it’s beneath some now.

  41. If our side wants to shake off the coils of objectivist defeatism, now is the time to do so. If Trump were to declare martial law and smash the leftist media machine, that would change world history.


    • That’s amusing. The same idea crossed my mind this morning at coffee. Why not declare marshal law because of Wuhan and a rigged election and immediately take over all news, social and media outlets? Then we can have a damn “conversation” with us controlling the narrative. Wonder how they’d like that?

      • Do you suspect that Trump would have the loyalty of large part of the armed forces? I would imagine there would be some ‘top-brass’ who wouldn’t like it very much, but what is the state of mind of the average soldier/National Guardsman?

        • “…….but what is the state of mind of the average soldier/National Guardsman?”
          Muh pension.

          • Maybe he has observed that the average military man has done nothing to protect freedom of association and that he has done nothing to stop the looting of the white man’s pockets by the military man’s paymasters.

          • The average “military man” does not unilaterally decide to do anything outside his immediate duty. That’s silly verbosity. Units of men, particularly under respected officers, can be made to “turn” and can be motivated to act outside the norm as a group. History has too many lessons for me to even begin citing for you.

          • Sigh. Armies and officers turn all the time. Whether it’s the Red Army backing Yeltsin, French generals attempting a putsch in the 60s over Algeria, Confederates that gave up their Federal commissions.. I won’t mention the 3rd world examples.

            To whit, I view the armed forces as dispassionately as I view police elements. They are societal institutions that can be manipulated or not depending on stimulus. Not saying they will, but by your own assertion that they will follow their pensions; it depends in who the paymaster is then, doesn’t it?

            If my post was naxalt yours was a childish broadbrush lacking any nuance and no small amount of personal angst about authority figures.

          • Your reply to my post only serves to bolster my assessment that your prior post constitutes a NAXALT assertion.

            Cops and soldiers do what they are told. The examples you cite are what Calvin Candie would describe as that “one in ten thousand [j]ogggers.”

          • Nope. Again. More slowly this time with smaller sentences. Soldiers tend toward Trad morality. Combat units tend to be less diverse and more Our people. Soldiers are capable of turning, but they will do so in a collective manner. They may begrudgingly follow orders contrary to their morality if presented by a “legitimate” authority… and they may not. They WILL follow orders with elan if it matches their ethics AND presented by a legitimate authority. Your argument that they are more concerned with their pensions (which the overwhelming majority are not interested in as they have no intention of serving as a career is categorically wrong). The majority of fighters actually do see their service as “protecting freedom” and don’t equate their service as looting a “white man’s pockets”… even if you do). So my argument isn’t naxalt, based on your criteria, I’d say my response is more Most X Are Not Like That.

            I really cannot be more clear than this.

          • This aint Napoleon meeting the legions on the road back to Paris. The organized forces always fracture and split numerous different ways, from the Soviet revolution to Spain in 1936 to Yeltsin to numerous other examples. Some go left, some go right, most go home.

          • Yeah, they turn tail and run when they realize that their ass has been kicked and / or when their paymasters may not be around.

          • LM here is trolling, and never served a day. Probably never kept a job long either.

            Don’t worry about the Big bad Army Mike, we’ll let you keep your weed.

          • It could be a good career. Ora good start of a careeer… Who knows, they wouldn’t let me in, haha! But I was pushing 40

          • No one is going to do that during what they perceive to be a deadly pandemic.
            I’m not defending the stupidity here but at first the USA was hit by a virus that appeared to be a rate of gain mutation virus. There was a legit fear this could turn into SARS 2 since they were closely related. This would have killed 10-20% of the infected population and would be highly contagious
            It also mutated enough to infect minks and humans simultaneously which meant you could have a permanent reservoir of a fast mutating disease potentially in the wild.
            They were wrong on nearly every account and measure and of course there was shenanigans and power grabs but our political class is stupid and evil in nearly every way. It is to be expected,
            Ultimately my guess is if it goes hot that you and by you I am mean YOU and your community will end having to make life a living hell for an occupying force using fake lockdowns to prevent a rebellion.
            This will only be in some areas (not enough troops) and will end after food runs out and the supply chain crashes , states rebel or resistance makes it too hot or soldiers refuse illegal orders.
            Don’t despair though. The only you were ever going to have the country you wanted was to take it, same as the Founding Fathers did.
            At that point, you get to run the immoral, the financiers (but I repeat myself) the foreigners and the grftters out of you town an make it Whiter Righter Better.

            Or you may well get POTUS for life Trump which well, God Help Us All.

          • I know this is anecdotal evidence, but whenever someone posts on a forum about joining the military, their concerns seem to be focused on pecuniary matters such as training. Now I don’t begrudge someone motivated as such, particularly since the schools and job markets suck. But don’t give me this crap about protecting freedom. And no, I am not going to thank them for their service.

          • Combat arms units are different animals. Largely white and Tejano-type hispanics. Those, given an air of legitimacy, are turnable units.

          • Maybe. The overwhelming majority of military personnel are not careerists. The officer Corp, is certainly more so, but it would be possible to obtain a large loyalist faction through either appeals to duty and the assurance that, post ugliness, pensions would be honored.

          • Most enlistees end up being short-timers like i was. There’s no pension on the line for them. Maybe the GI bill but that’s it.

            Thing is, you can talk about what common soldiers might or might not do till you’re blue in the face, but they are not really conditioned for independent action outside of their chain of command. They may refuse to fire on US civilians but that might be just about it. In that case the officers might just sit tight and let gov. secret police (FBI, DHS, etc.) do the dirty work.

          • Randian,

            That’s exactly my point. For military units and police forces authority and, more importantly, legitimacy is crucial. You have the right generals in your corner (or have made the right colonels into generals post haste) you can turn units. Troops (particularly the combat arms) are going to lean God and Country. They will act for a perceived legitimate authority. They will act enthusiastically if that authority mirrors their generally held belief system.

          • It is oh so true that legitimacy matters. The number one motivator is patriotism and a desire to serve, the main influencers and really the recruiting channel is family or friends serving. The few that really do join for the “benefits” 🤣🤣🤣 don’t stay long.

            Now the American people deserve better, but you’re going to have to either elect a President who ah actually can give orders to someone other than shady lawyers…or…perchance give we Patriots somewhere to “Turn” to…Turn? Turn where?

            You see. There’s nothing to turn to, internet romantic babble isn’t a real option.

          • 700K cops at peak is not enough for CONUS and if they take causalities at any significant rate which they will or someone takes the fight home to them, they’ll promptly stop being a problem.
            We see this right now with Antifa and its play acting and massive police retirement do to crime upticks
            While a hypothetical resistance won’t have as much amenable authority, the justice system is far from invulnerable.
            Also OpGov will have massive gang problem in areas they control to deal with not to mention ambitious Antifa,the real deal going actual CHAZ everywhere.
            Pimping ain’t easy
            For you if it comes to that, read Gulag Archipelago and don’t “burn in a FEMA camp.”

          • A rational and self-interested case can certainly be made to the military that President Kamala’s transexual Transylvania of a country will be so poorly managed that they will lose their pensions anyway. Perhaps just because hyperinflation will raise the price of a gallon of gas to what a retired soldier is paid in a year. White soldiers in particular could be made to understand that they will soon be removed from the services through all sorts of findings of “white supremacist activity”. Once that happens, bam! Dishonorable discharge and no pension. The same appeal can be made to police forces.

            The idea would need to be that siding with Trump means a return to peace, prosperity, and order. The obvious counter-argument is the past 9 months. The counter to that is that President for Life Trump would give them a free hand in dealing with rioters, antifags, and liberal mayors and municipalities. Can this be done? Is there enough testosterone still flowing in the military for this appeal to work? I have no idea.

          • And your example, overreaching purges conducted within the military by rabid Leftists… we couldn’t ask for a bigger gift.

          • The entire US armed forces are 1,3 million
            The reserves are around 800K.
            Of all those elements assuming they were 100% loyal , all in the US only 25% would be trigger pullers.
            600K is not a hige amount spread over the entire US especially against 10x or 20x their number.
            On top of that 20% of the entire officer core are women and like 30% of the whole thing are POC.
            This lowers reliability a lot
            The actual top tier fighting element is pretty damned small and of the best troops that remain, many are not friends of the regime.
            Also while OpGov can promise that they will pay pensions, they recently changed the system in ways many do not like and its more a 410K thing now than the old solid pensions system
            They may not be believed or even have an economy to spend it in, long or short term.
            If they are used to enforce lock downs , no economy, No lock-downs, guerilla war.
            If there is resistance the US cannot win and while some Mercs will be use we us a lot of them now , Red Dawn is very unlikely as US forces will not aid the Chinese simply because COVID hurt them too and they know where it came from.

          • We have been able to observe the mini-military (police forces) in action. They seem content to arrest people who don’t wear masks or social distance, and turn a blind eye to looters, rioters, murderers and arsonists. No reason to think the regular military would act differently.

          • Yes. In cities where the Left rules you are going to get dissatisfied, but compliant, police services doing their bidding. San Diego was an example where a different tact was taken. In 2016, while the San Jose Police Department at the behest of their mayor allowed Trump rally participants to get savaged, San Diego Police Department came down heavy on the Leftist agitators Look up the videos). In addition, SDPD has taken a very hands off approach to Covid enforcement.

          • That’s a pretty stupid thing to say, considering that most service members don’t stay in nearly long enough to retire. It’s a very small percentage that stay in 20 years or longer.

          • Eh, vast majority are far from 20. Most of them have real jobs, and families to think of. Muh pension yanks the chokechain for those who are fully bought in – LEOs and active mil.

          • If I were them, including cops, I wouldn’t necessarily be banking on a future pension. Most (perhaps not the military -yet) are in worse shape than SS, which is on life support. If things go hot, pensions are out the window anyway.

        • It isn’t clear how many he needs, especially if he uses the various insurrections acts, declaring the states of PA, MI, etc., have denied the civil rights of the people and failed to provide a republican form of government. Then, it’s legal, see? And if you are a soldier on the fence, you would have been given a legal order.

          Anyway, how many soldiers would you need to take D.C.?

        • I remember the best soldiers, special forces/ Seabees, etc. constantly used to get visits from CID because they circulated their own homemade newspapers which expressed very un-PC concerns. There is genuine right wing resistance in the military, though it obviously tilts toward the Combat Arms side of the house and away from logistics. Psy-Ops is very left-wing (though the military version of leafleting and mind-screwing can’t compare with the DNC). If Trump made that move, I think he would stand a good chance of winning in a coup . But I don’t think he would do it, because that Trump only exists in the minds of crazy left-wingers and delusional normie cons who aren’t ironic when they talk about the “God Emperor.” Trump is basically a Democrat before the party went insane. He only looks unreasonable if you’re brainwashed or really dumb, which almost everyone is.

          • Yep, despite all the bullshit, Trumps greatest error has been following the law too meticulously, playing by the rules when the other side never did.

          • Yep, despite all the bullshit, Trumps greatest error has been following the law too meticulously,
            if he wouldn’t follow it he’d be terminated, law might not apply to democrats but it does apply to trump

          • As President he is not acting illegally or unconstitutionally should he defend the Republic, arrest coup plotters, put down riots and insurrections. Trump would not be executing a coup, or “crossing the Rubicon”, or any such thing.

            He is actually failing in his basic duties to maintain the Republic, uphold the Constitution, maintain law and order. He wants his lawyers to take care of his duties. Not a Commander, not at all. Sad.

            Yet if you read this Sir- call and we’ll come, I’ll come.

          • Yes there is rather a lot of RW ism naturally about , and the soft Stasi-ism of being corrected over FB is the worst sort of repression; it earns contempt, not fear. Also realize the SJW in the military as opposed to those rote reciting platitudes are about 1/10,000. Compliance you get, belief no.

        • The armed forces have been pozzed for a reason. They don’t care about external enemies, but internal, and need their shock troops to take the pozzed side.

          • Have any of you nice folks looked at the various publications from Military Times lately? They are all-in on “rooting out the White Supremacists in the ranks”.
            Not too long ago I had to sign a Page 13 acknowledging that I would not participate in or support WS groups. Granted, there was no actual definition of those groups, and “support” specifically included posting, linking to, or “liking” their web pages.

          • The Military Times is no more representative of the military than the New York Times is representative of Oklahoma. Both are media; that’s all you need to know.

          • Do you know anyone who believes that shit?

            Speaking of which I hope you were stranded on the toilet without service to be reduced to reading “ Army Times”!

          • All this says is to me is “Wow a lot of white guys are WN/WS types, we best do something lest the others that are still CivNat flip.”

          • You’d be surprised at the number of combat arms individuals that despise the poz. The trick is converting the officers and senior NCOs. They’ll turn en masse, but not pel mel

          • I’d be surprised to find combat arms that was pozzed, I mean a true believer as opposed to mouthing platitudes.

            The bitches may, may if the goofy EO bitch believe in the Rape culture BS….but they’re bitches and females are led.

            But believe in the democrats or the Left? 🤣🤣🤣

          • From mil it is not poz to fear, but those higher officers who sold out for $$.

            Not that they’d have a following, but they can confuse, countermand, disrupt.

        • No, I think *.mil will sit this out. Maybe some red state national guards will get called out, but this will be a dispute between decidedly nonconventional forces, most likely Red Fed LEO and occasional red militia action versus Blue city police and antifa.

          • Initially inert on base- which are the default orders ala Stay on the FOB. If chaos and war happens outside the wire they’ll melt away to respective side, or go home, or go home and find a side.

        • Trump even now has only to ask the soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen serving and the 17 million veterans to defend the country and the Constitution and we will. We will, we would have at any moment, we would now. Not every single one, but the vast majority. He has not.

          Trump has no stomach for Blood. No stomach for violence – and it seems utterly beyond his ken. It is true he would have to make a direct appeal to the ranks and bypass his generals, certainly the corrupt civilians at DOD. But that call would be answered. He has had justification the entire attempted coup, during 2020, and yes now with a massively fraudulent election.

          He can once the fraud is proven, or we (not he) are denied our day in Court appeal directly to the men.

          I very much doubt he will.

          But if the call ever comes, we will answer.

          And for those who ask why we don’t just “do it” anyway… that is impossible and idiotic. A few weeks of service and you’d know how childish an idea that is…

          (And frankly any individual in conflict will soon learn how ragged the rugged is when you’re alone).

          If the people rose, the military will not harm them… but you will not. So we wait and see.

          • I agree, Puma. The idiots asking why all the gun nuts haven’t started shooting are entirely clueless.

      • Trump was raised in an America that had a more competent legal system and a modicum of due process. He believes in American due process. He talks like a poor man’s Caesar but is really just a boomercon out of his element.

    • I think everybody is talking this way now. I would approve because our enemies have done us a great service: they have made all of our claims that we aren’t voting our way out of this obvious, ultimately, to us. I’ve been saying we won’t vote ourselves out of our problem ever since Z convinced me of it, yet secretly I hoped – or maybe subconsciously I believed – that was not right. The brazenness of the stolen election has put a stake in that secret hope. I think it has done the same for lots of people.

    • Trump as Pinochet? Not gonna happen. As for the GOP, they are preparing Amnesty and H1B “reform” with the Rat Party at this very moment. Face it. America is dead.

        • Exactamundo. Ain’t no easy way out even if Trump pulls of his hat trick and he might, its not a win.
          Embrace that and be liberated . When the time comes and it hasn’t come yet all options are open to you. Righter/Whiter/Better B.A.M.N.

      • No but there is a Pinochet out there. We just don’t know who. Just as Pinochet in ’73 was a relative unknown and not seen as particularly political. Until he was.

        • I agree, Trump has probably just set the stage for the future… as the Gracchi brothers did in Rome. I just know that people’s earlier fantasies about Gen. Mattis being the next iteration couldn’t have been further from the truth. He’s more Pinnochio than Pinochet.

    • Trump contesting the election through courts and lawyers is worthless and the very American equivalent of “I’m going to tell my mom on you!” That’s the objectivist approach. If Trump and his supporters really think massive fraud happened, then show some f***ing force. Don’t let Rudy G stand in front of minor committees in Michigan and argue the fine points. Anyone with a brain knows that’ll go nowhere. Napoleon didn’t win by getting his legal team involved.

      • The combat forces who would have to carry out the order need to be convinced that the order is legal. The colonels who command brigades need to be convinced they will not be courtmartialed if they obey the legal order. It helps if the Supremes lend some legitimacy.

        • Exactly, It’s got to be done methodically and semi-secretly. Once the dominoes are in place the whole thing will happen over the course of a week or so. Rudy and his hair dye malfunction and all the other legal wrangling may yet prove to have been a clown show banging symbols to hide the rumble of tanks. I know the feeling here is that this is just Q fantasizing and it probably is.

          What I think people, even here, don’t factor in is that the precise way in which the election went has created unique circumstances that I don’t think anyone planned on.

          1. We all knew the Democrats and media kept banging the Covid drum so they could get their vote-by-mail scam in place. I don’t think anyone counted on the fraud being done quite so incompetently though. They created a situation where, even for most Democrats, saying the election was legitimate amounted to asserting that 2 + 2 is 5. People will participate in lies to a point but even the dullest realize that abandoning reality this completely is a road to a cliff.
          2. Biden and Harris themselves: basically you can’t imagine a more ridiculous pair of usurpers. By contrast a team composed of Michael Dukakis driving his tank around with Jane Fonda riding on top wearing a North Vietnamese Army uniform would be the essence of gravitas and statemanship.
          3. They have backed Trump into a corner. Trump’s courage and commitment have been (rightly) called into question on many occasions. However, a man watching a line of enemy soldiers advance on the burned out house he’s taken cover in may decide that his sub-machine gun and last couple magazines is enough to charge that line, especially if he knows they will execute him. Trump may realize that right now he’s still somewhat dangerous but will be hunted for sport after leaving office.
          4. The Democrats have long been associated with some sort of vaguely un-American program of socialism, weak foreign policy, and coddling of criminals. Previously though, the public face of the party has always been sober looking, reasonably intelligent and well dressed people. The public face of the new administration is now a black-clad heroin addict with a molotov cocktail.

          What I’m suggesting is that while Trump invoking the Insurrection Act and going full Pinochet is a sort of 3rd or 4th standard deviation from the mean event, the unique horrors of 2020 have been a parade of just such far outside the norm events. Every time we’ve thought this year could not get worse or weirder – it has.

          • You are onto something here; taking away the elections is like shutting down the economy over COVID -~ we just don’t know what the effects will be.

            They have however delegitimized the existing order~ all of it.

            We can have no idea what the results will be.

          • I think a lot of serious people have decided that the government lacks legitimacy and is a tyranny and that it, therefore, has no rights.

            That’s a hell of a mental Rubicon to cross. And it doesn’t get fixed with time.

    • I love these Trump fantasies. I guess 4 years of Q bullshit hasn’t beaten that out of people…

      Trump will do nothing. It’s all just a show, at best. He can’t do anything, because he is not the one who owns the system.

        • Brett Stevens lives on another planet.

          Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be great if the fantasies turned into reality, assuming Trump would follow up and actually drained the swamp instead of just being the catalyst that puts the other side into frenzy. I’m not holding my breath.

          • A lot of black pillers here. That’s nothing new mind you, this site attracts them like a light does moths.
            FWIW the President now has servers and voting machines with proof of voter fraud.
            Where that goes, who knows?
            No matter what though, it can always be on us and if all the gloom and doomers would make some effort to decide on what kind of society they want, they can than learn to organize and to take what they want B.A.M.N.
            If they can’t truly decide, revenge is always enough and man is there along list.
            Till the time comes though, don’t do dumb and illegal things and stay frosty.

          • I’m not a Q guy. I think its a psyop to keep the Right slow to organize as the USG undergoes a serious legitimacy crisis.

      • The next cope, once Biden is sworn in, is “muh Trump will start his own media company and run again in 2024”. This time it’ll be different, you watch!

  42. I always go back to what someone said about the Vietcong (sort of related to what you said about defeating the state’s “compound eye”): a people using tire rubber for shoes and shoelaces for tourniquets beat a people who had just put a man on the Moon. Not only is playing fair not going to win it; “rugged individualism” is suicide. We’re termites in the house of someone trying to kill us. Let’s go build some mounds.

    • They never won a major battle against American forces. They just persisted by staying in the field until we got fed up and went home.

      • It wasn’t the field. It was that they were underground. So many battles have been lost because those doing the bombing did not understand that it had negligible effect on the enemy below-ground. We bombed the hell out of Tarawa and Betio in the Pacific and when our marines landed they were overrun by Japanese who had been yawning in dugouts made of coral. Same thing happened in the Great War. The Allies thought the bombing that worked in Belgian soil would work in Picardy and Artois, but the Germans in those chalk pits were playing cards while we wasted ammo. Ditto in Vietnam. The Vietcong were in mobile surgical units underground and their scalpels didn’t even judder while we were dropping literally millions of tons of ordinance on the countryside.

        • “So many battles have been lost because those doing the bombing did not understand that it had negligible effect on the enemy below-ground.”

          The current CCP, in unleashing the Biological Weapon — can afford to lose a few million people to meet their ends in war. Following the theory, that is why they show the West their gleeful concerts and mass gatherings, all as Potemkin as the fake factories shown to Nixon during his visit.

          Dictators care not about millions of dead citizens. The females that have been running the West for many years destroy their own countries ‘if even one person can be saved…’

          tl;dr The Communists could care less how many of their people died. That was their power. See: Afghanistan at war vs. three ‘great powers’.

        • They didn’t win by hiding in holes.

          They fought hard, didn’t give in and didn’t follow the same rules of war that US did. We weren’t willing to match them in these areas so they got the outcome they wanted and we went home.

      • Correct. The Viet Nam conflict was lost at home in America, by the same shitlibs that produced the Donahue show and The View today.
        Ditto for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is fair to say that as long as liberals have a say in military affairs – they will lose whatever conflict they are engaged in.
        Western shitlibs operate in an artificial bubble of civility which is why they win. I think our esteemed blog host may be mistaken in thinking that their courts and police and media will save them if this culture war goes hot. It will depend on the military and what they do. Will they take orders from neoliberals that hate them, and have proven it time and time again? Or will they side with the patriots?
        One of the other dissident bloggers is of the opinion that there is a power vacuum in Washington now, and that Trump has to invoke the insurrection act and use it to kill the nastier shitlibs – or they will do it to him after the election.
        Those people are rigging elections, cancelling lawful dissidents, censoring free speech and trying to disarm the populace. They’re only going to get worse. It’s time to take the gloves off, Z.

          • What evidence do you have to support your statement?

            What have the good soldiers done to:

            (1) stop BLM from burning, looting, and murdering;

            (2) stop Antifa from burning, looting, and murdering;

            (3) stop the New York sheriffs’ office from arresting the Staten Island pub owner;

            (4) stop the city of NY from shutting down the Staten Island pub;

            (5) stop Lori Lightfoot from imposing travel restrictions upon residents of Chicago;

            (6) stop Andrew Cuomo from murdering thousands of elderly nursing home residents;

            (7) stop Big Bird Bill DeBlasio from shutting down NYC restaurants;

            (8) stop Phil Murphy from shutting down NJ gyms;

            (9) stop negro youngsters from playing the “knock-out” game in Atlanta, Baltimore, and NYC; and

            (10) stop the on-going looting of the white man’s pockets by the good soldiers’ paymasters.

          • We’re obviously not talking about good soldiers functioning in the present chain of command, but what they will do when all hell has broken loose and traditional authority, including that of the generals, has collapsed. In the latter environment I predict the soldiers will behave very differently and much to our advantage.

          • When did the soldiers get any of those orders?


            You’re a moron.

            As for “Liberty” – that can’t be enforced on cowards by any army.

          • Not many of them, Ostei. My son is in the military. Our current forces are a bunch of foreigners intermixed with home boys and probably soon outnumbered

          • Historically in the U.S. the military has always sided with the government and has no compunction in shooting Americans dead.

        • When you talk to Normies, most cannot believe that if/when Trump is deposed, he will be hunted down like a dog with the rest of his family and be executed on live TV.

          • Not going to be executed but he will be raided by an FBI SWAT Team within 12 months of losing presidential immunity.

            That guy burned a LOT of bridges with TPTB and especially the Deep State. Comey and Clapper still have all their cronies in the high halls of power and they are more than willing to use political force unlike the pussy Repubs. Roger Stone was a ‘preview’ of what is coming for Trump.

            12 months or less, you heard it hear first…

          • Executed on TV is the obvious silly part. Yes, it is entirely likely that he will be persecuted and prosecuted.

          • Ignore the media disinfo. We are very very far from alone.
            President Trump is well aware of that as he has people that read sites like this and has seen what happened to General Flynn.
            I mean we live in a time in which a that same persecuted General is advising a beleaguered President to declare martial law as are his own attorneys and the Tea Party!
            And for those who don’t know what the Tea Party is, it was the ultimate Boomercon political LARP, a bunch of anti tax country clubbers often seen wearing Tricorn hats.
            They got subversted by the GOPe and apparently regrouped into something else entirely.
            Also note the media quotes here”nations largest militia” the 3% have said they will consider Biden not to be a lawful President because the fraud. Doesn’t mean they will go hot but there are a lot of these folks, many quietly still in service, all armed, all formerly trained.
            On top of that the Joint Chiefs stated clearly “The military will have no part in the election.” which means nothing other than a lot of troops are very reluctant to do anything,
            How this all plays out is Magic 8 Ball territory but as I said we are not alone and it appears a lot of normies are radicalized.

          • Seems a bit far fetched… but wouldn’t be the worse thing in world. Martyrs are good. Disruption of the norm is good. Both are fertile fields for change.

          • Less – a lot less. So he might as well go down with guns (metaphorically of course) blazing. He has to know the score.

          • when Trump is deposed, he will be hunted down like a dog with the rest of his family and be executed on live TV
            that’s when kushner becomes useful

        • I think it goes beyond that to a more fundamental aspect of human nature

          The shitlibs at home got traction because the Vietcong never attacked us on our home soil, so we didn’t have the fire in the belly to finish them off. We instead projected our power onto a foreign people who had done nothing to us here at home. You are not going to win a war that way. It’s been proven time and again. You end up questioning why the hell you are even fighting, and that’s when you lose. Afghan the same thing. We gun in guns blazing but in time lose sight and reason for the purpose of it.

          America is not going to truly fight until people attack us here. That’s human nature.

          • Perhaps.

            I met a young vet at the rod and gun cub and the boy broke my heart. He had just gotten home from Afghanistan when the Canadians were drawing their troop levels down. He talked about how they were building schools and hospitals and making a difference, while our media fuckheads were screaming about quagmires. He worried about the friends they had made, and how they would be wide open for the Taliban when they returned – and they would return as soon as the good guys were gone.
            So it went for Vietnam. Everyone knows that 58,000 soldiers died for nothing over there. Very few of the sanctimonious flower children and self righteous shitlibs could tell you that approximately 2 million friendly Vietnamese were mass murdered after the Americans withdrew.
            Contrary to the shitlib stereotype, the squaddies today are not the pot headed, illiterate slobs of the 60’s. Most are dedicated patriots who are academically competent (far more so than the average neoliberal) and they will fight and win wherever you put them. People forget that in Iraq, America lost ‘only’ 4000 people. Yet they inflicted losses and casualties the Iraqies are still trying to recover from.
            Perhaps I am biased, but the average American squaddie is a far better human being than the average democrat.

          • No joke, I’ve met gangbangers who are far better people than our political class and far more trustworthy.

          • Uh, yeah. I guess.

            Except these same soldiers are accepting orders and turning blind eye to homosexual child rape, along with watching the opium fields grow.

            For 20 years. Not like they don’t know what they’re signing up for.

            Seriously, who joins an Army like this unless they just want to blow shit up and kill people (hoist the black flag and all that..I get it.)?

        • Glenfilthie said: “The Viet Nam conflict was lost at home in America, by the same shitlibs that produced the Donahue show and The View today. Ditto for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”
          No no no. All western imperial conquests of uncivilized other genetic groups, except for punitive expeditions that extract tribute and then completely leave, will always fail. Our empire didn’t flop because of insufficient gumption and sticktoitiveness, it failed because playing Imperial World Police is against the laws of nature. We cannot win our imperial expeditions for the exact same reason that somalis cannot run Minneapolis: genetics and their downstream effects. You will never make obedient, willing subjects of a first world empire out of people who grunt and click to eachother. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, how big the bombs, or how great the propaganda.

          • Hogwash.
            I think it was Pershing, in the Phillipine war, who was having unending problems with moslems. The lore I have says that they’d captured 50 of their militants, and were asking the General what to do.
            He had 49 executed and buried with pig entrails – and left one alive to go back to his fellows with the tale. They never had a problem with them after that.
            Race realities – when properly enforced and applied, are usually a good thing for everyone including the vibrants themselves. History shows that it only takes a tiny minority of whites to control vast swaths of vibrants. South Africa and it’s negroes spring to mind. Whitey was not forcibly deposed in Africa – he abdicated.
            You need to crack a history book my friend.

      • The Cong and NVA relied on their supporters in the USA to undermine the government, and force “public opinion” in their direction. They could not win without the ‘anti war’ movement, made up of leftists, some of whom are still in government.

        The instructive approach is to look at what took place in the year prior to, and after the fall of Saigon. When they launched the Easter Offensive with 200,000 or so regulars, armed to the teeth with the latest Soviet weaponry, they could not defeat the ARVN.

        The North Vietnamese had to rely on a locus of leftists street agitators, Hollywood leftists, and music industry leftists — COMBINED with the rat traitor Kissinger to ‘suggest’ to Nixon that, after being unable to defeat us militarily, we should hand the victory to the North for political expediency and to appease Wall Street and pimp the Dow.

        Nixon promised to protect South Vietnam.a lie. Saigon fell, countless South Vietnamese died at the hands of the Northern Communists. The stage was set for the Khmer Rouge (Red Khmers) to genocide a couple of million people.

        So “fed up” might be a bit of oversimplification ….

        As it does not detail the actions of leftists here, and Kissinger’s role.

        tl;dr Kissinger and the leftists 5th Column in the USA defeated the USA.

        • No, see above. We lost Vietnam because you cannot win at empire. We lost for the same reason Rome lost to the goths, England, USSR, and thr USA lost in Afganistan, why Belgium lost the Congo, etc etc. Stop thinking you can play stupid games and get anything but stupid prizes. Empire is a stupid, bloody game, and ends only one way.

          • The Roman Empire lasted close to five centuries, and almost 15 centuries if you count Byzantium. The Mongol Empire lasted 2 1/2 centuries. The Ottoman persisted for close to six centuries, and the British for three. I’m not a fan of empire, but the claim that empire cannot succeed in most respects is simply false.

      • That’s JJ’s point. Doesn’t matter if they never won a “major battle”. They won the war, and that is what mattered to the Vietnamese leaders.

        • It’s not correct to say the Cong “won” the war. It is far more correct to say that America lost it. The difference is subtle for people unfamiliar with the history of the conflict.

      • They never won a major battle against American forces because they knew they could not win such a battle, therefore never engaged in one voluntarily. Thus, the Viet-Cong beat the American forces in ways they knew they could compete. Jack Sparrow approach: if you can’t win a fair fight, that’s not much incentive to fight fairly.

      • Isn’t that winning?

        Isn’t that the old expression, it’s not the size of the dog it’s the fight in the dog? We were the bigger badder dog but didn’t have the will to win.

        Which is what I found with the Afghan war. They never attacked us so we never had that killer instinct to finish them off completely, so we just hung around and they will outlast us because they have the greater will. Their land.

        • They also have high fertility and population growth well beyond casualties or early death. Remember in less developed cultures, early death while unwanted is nit relevant as long as you have plenty off offspring.
          You have four or five kids but die at sixty instead of seventy five? Oh well.

      • pretty much. Vietnam was lost partly due to liberal-left crying over any war against noble savage browns and rousing up annoying student hordes; partly due to military-industrial wastefulness over any war, caring more about budgets than legit strategy. stuck in the middle were the pragmatics that wanted peace but victory, and the realists that knew that the only way to keep Vietnam close to the West was to colonize it or otherwise offer a legit nationalist solution that outflanked the commies. Ho Chi Minh had the advantage in the latter, he posed as a nationalist first and a commie second, making Thuc and the South Vietnamese seem like Western pawns. in short, it was unwinnable; the real solution was to offer Minh the same deal Tito was offered, so he’d stay out of both the Soviet and Chinese spheres – which is what was worked out in the end years later.

      • Note how he doesn’t repeat the dissident daydream that “we” were the superior force and were only defeated by “leftists” at home.

        The Vietcong kicked Greenberg beret ass.

    • “rugged individualism” means being largely self-reliant and is the literal opposite of being a welfare mooch. It is not, as you imply, about being stupid or inept in mortal combat. If you doubt this, try attacking a highly self-reliant man sometime and then let us know how that worked out for you. That is, assuming you can still type after the encounter.

      • I’m sure the frontiers of America are still crawling with ornery John Waynes just waiting for me to get within striking distance of their “don’t tread on me” rattlers. Sorry, I’m not impressed. Killing someone is as easy as operating a remote control on a television. Unless by “attacking” you mean getting into a hand to hand encounter with one of your self-reliant men. In which case, yes Jeremiah Johnson, I yield to your superior grizz wrasslin’ skills.

        • My point, in case you missed it, is that we need more “rugged individualists” in our tribe and not more whiny, cucked, limp-wristed, community organizing eunuchs in the mold of Obamy.

          • Quite true. Too many fail to undersand war has been declared on us – economically, socially, and demographically, you name it.
            The ruling class could not have achieved what they had without our passivity even after they repeatedly curbed stomped us.over the last 40 years.
            By all rights Purdue Pharma and the homes of the Sackler family haven’t been burned down along with the PR firm that promoted Oxy. for what they did to us. Instead nothing.
            BigTech went crazy because they have no worries from our ramming a shit sandwich down their geek freak throats.

      • Lemme tell you about starvation and fire… Oh look, the emaciated charred remains of that rugged individual.

    • The Army and the Marines had next to nothing Battlefield Intelligence, so they basically walked around until they ran into the VC or NVA. Not a good way to fight.

    • Like in Afghanistan, the US lost the war because they were up against an enemy who didn’t mind living in squalor and hiding in caves. Romans simply used to butcher such enemies, and I can’t see how you can “win” against them otherwise.
      By contrast, the French surrendered to the Germans to avoid their civilized country getting wrecked.

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