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Note: Schooner Creek Farm is in a legal battle with the corrupt mayor of the City of Bloomington. The city has allowed (probably encouraged) Antifa street gangsters to harass these people in order to ruin their business. I met Sarah Dye last winter and she is very nice person. She and her family are just trying to live and mind their own business, but they have been set upon by well-funded gangsters. If you have a few bucks to spare, donate here or here. Thank you.

When you tour around crazy land, one thing that jumps out is that these people are in denial about what has been happening. The stories about the election corruption, the few you will find on these sites, are just excuses to launch into paranoid theories about their old nemesis, Donald Trump. Otherwise they are slobbering over the corrupt stooge who will soon be installed in the White House. One gets the sense that the establishment is a little worried about what they have done.

The Republicans appear to be in a panic. Like their masters on the Left, they just assumed everyone hated Trump as much as they hated him. They were looking forward to a Trump loss, but holding the Senate by a seat or two. This would allow them to keep working the old grift on normal people. “You better support us or the bogeyman will come and make you socialism!’ You can tell they had this old scam all polished and ready to go for another round of grift whitey.

Things have gone sideways for them. There is a full-on revolt against the GOP by their voters, which could cost them the senate. Compounding matters is you have odious carbuncles like Mitt Romney carrying on like leftists. No decent person should support a party that tolerates a duplicitous traitor like Romney. Then the senate GOP stabbed their voters in the face by giving away half a million green cards to India. A thank you for Kamala Harris, probably.

America is about to descend into one-party rule like you see in all third world countries, which is what happens when you import the people of the third world. California is more like Mexico now than historic America. This is fine in a state, as people can just move to another state. When that happens in a country, people cannot just pickup and move, so things get a bit more complicated. Our rulers are realizing that the old Punch and Judy act is not going to work in New America.

Conservative Inc., always behind the times, because they are always focused on following the Left around, did the old coordinated hit piece on Lin Wood. They first had a flunky post a story on Breitbart, then the more “sober minded” poohbahs of the racket piled on with their own hit pieces. It is the old game of one guy lies and the rest swear to it that they used on Pat Buchanan a million years ago. Back then they accused him of being an anti-Semite. This time they are using the D-word.

The amusing part of this is seeing the comment section of Breitbart erupt in revolt against the post. The old gags are not working now. The readers of National Review are all in nursing homes, so they are unable to respond. A mental barrier has collapsed and these people are suddenly instinctively suspicious of the people and outlets they used to trust to do their thinking for them. It would take a heart of stone not to enjoy the suffering of Conservative Inc and the GOP right now.

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  • 37:00: Racial Vengeance (Link)
  • 47:00: Fashy Covid (Link) (Link)
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190 thoughts on “Electric Liberal Land

  1. IF the GOP wants me to believe that “this time” they will act as representatives of The People, rather than the corporate interests, START with kicking out:

    • Mittens
    • Collins
    • Murkowski
    • Blunt
    • Mike Lee
    • Portman
    • Wicker
    • Toomey
    • Rubio

    PUBLICLY identify them as turncoats. Better to accept that they will NEVER vote in the way that The People elected them to, and abandon them.
    Stop trying to pretend that the fix is not in.
    And, while we’re at it, set loose some investigators to find out WHAT, exactly, the Left has on them. Make it public – proof and all.
    That will give the governors of their states an excuse to pressure them to quit, and enable a replacement to be sent in their place.
    BEFORE they leave for Congress, warn them about their being likely targets for blackmail. Trust NO ONE. Not even those in the ‘same party’.

  2. Unless Trump has lost his mind, he will invoke the Insurrection Act against these States in rebellion, disqualify their electors, and rule by decree until the perps are rounded up and dealt with….Steps have already been taken, i.e. the takedown of the CIA/Dominion/China servers in Frankfurt and Spain, the dispatch of Gina Haspel, and (from Jim Kunstler)..On Wednesday, acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller announced that all special operations run by the CIA would henceforward report to the SecDef. In effect, the President has ordered the dismantling of the CIA’s troublemaking capabilities, reducing the agency to the task of intel analysis.

  3. Sorry for being off topic, but am I wrong in thinking that the scarcity of ammo is designed to obviate the need to repeal the 2A?

      • Supply and demand may explain the exorbitant prices – wait n see the new taxes imposed by the new regime – but tis suspicious how the supply is so consistent with their plans to disarm us.

    • Before I left California a number of years ago, the last range in my county closed because the county passed a law requiring that every time a person bought ammo there had to be a background check. This was the last straw for the owners. They told me that they just couldn’t operate under these conditions.

      Nominally the 2A was not infringed upon but in practice the effect was the same.

    • People don’t buy a just a box anymore for the range. They buy in bulk. 1000+. On credit! Then don’t shoot any of it, because it’s expensive.

      It’s crazy.

    • When I read this, I can’t stop wondering, “Where is the breaking point where the instinct of survival re-emerges?”

      But then I think of whites in South Africa.

  4. Man you can really not post anything Jewish. My comments being held up because I posted a quote from Eichmann in Jerusalem

  5. On the topic of anyone questioning the narrative being called a crazy person I want to post a longest quote from Eichmann in Jerusalem by Hannah Arendt

    “No one bothered to swear the Jewish officials to secrecy; they were voluntary “bearers of secrets,” either in order to assure quiet and prevent panic, as in Dr. Kastner’s case, or out of “humane” considerations, such as that “living in the expectation of death by gassing would only be the harder,” as in the case of Dr. Leo Baeck, former Chief Rabbi of Berlin. During the Eichmann trial, one witness pointed out the unfortunate consequences of this kind of “humanity”—people volunteered for deportation from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz and denounced those who tried to tell them the truth as being “not sane.”

  6. Capiraso said he was “grateful” for the opportunity to have led the organization in the NYRR statement, which thanked him for his years of service.

    “I understand what the board is saying, that they are making a decision after having listened to people,” Capiraso said in an interview with The New York Times.

    Firing is never enough with these people. They want to humiliate their victims and make them pretend that this is just the right and just thing to do and preferably cry in public showing your deep shame about your racism.

    But humiliation and “celebrating” your replacement won’t be enough for long. They will want you to commit suicide and if not, firing squad.

  7. Lin Wood and Sydney Powell have great intentions, but I do think they are distracting from the strongest argument in the election fraud hysteria, which is ballot harvesting. It was the perfect storm for ballot harvesting. Send out millions of unrequested ballots to inner cities. The local council members, who are affirmative action tokens with the avg IQ of a bonobo, will have their friends fill out tens of thousands of ballots across a 6 month time frame. They watch to see which swing states are losing, then ship the votes in at the end. Even without Covid, democrats spend hundreds of millions of dollars bussing elderly nursing home patients in democrat swag to voting booths. My aunt described this after volunteering for years. Ballot harvesting and fraud happen everywhere, but no one expected it to be this widespread. Well, we did, but apparently Trump didn’t. Point being, talking about venezuelan owners of software and servers pinging in germany is going to take years to prove, and the evil democrat judges are dismissing cases without even responding to the evidence claimed.

    • Lin Wood and Sydney Powell have great intentions, but I do think they are distracting from the strongest argument

      I am sure they do, but who makes what argument is not the point. Any one of the arguments has shown the election was stolen by Biden, and no one but the deluded and/or demented believe otherwise (regardless of what they may say in public). The point is, what is anyone going to do about it? We are in a high stakes Mexican standoff game of chicken with the Elites (Dem and GOP), Trump, Trump voters/deplorables, AntifaBLM and auxiliary AWFLS, and who knows what other groups pointing guns at each other waiting to see who blinks first.

  8. With respect to data regarding East Asians being imprecise, a similar issue exists with “hispanics” where the blond haired/blue-eyed Saxon from Buenos Aires is “just as hispanic” as the pure-blood Aztec from Juarez.

  9. $100 BTC to Sarah and her family farm. Put your money where your mouth is, gentlemen. Thanks Z.

    • Good catch.
      Basically they are a joke.
      And yeah they won’t be on the front lines enforcing Heel’s Up edicts. That is what the police and ANG troopies are for. Which will last as long as a fart in the whirlwind if the locals start getting WIA and KIA’s.
      If that happens, D.C. will be in big trouble because the Feebs are their primary enforcement arm.

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  11. In my experience, Jewish identity is highly encouraged and extremely strong. Jews think about being Jewish A LOT. My best friend’s brother made his foreign born Asian fiancee’ convert to Judaism because the thought of having kids who were not authentically Jewish (being born to a Jewish woman) was horrifying to him. This is a guy who has been in a synagogue maybe 5 times in his entire life. I don’t think I have ever met a Jew who was not self-consciously Jewish.

    • He must have been hopelessly attempting to save face or something. Heritage and bloodlines are axiomatic to Judaism– more essential than any dogmatic spiritual system. That’s why “secular Jew” isn’t a misnomer.

      If you told someone you wanted to convert to Judaism most would probably look at you weird and ask “why?” and then later mock you with a good ole “goyim” joke when you left. His kids will still be considered just half Jews, and since the Mom is Asian they’ll be second class Jews whether she “converts” or not.

      • It probably had more to do with the fact that she was Asian. I think had she been a white girl, it wouldn’t have been as big a deal. Without the Asian eyes, his friends probably wouldn’t even have asked and just assumed their mother was a tribe member in good standing. But this is one of the evils of interracial breeding. It invites questions.
        She took him to the cleaners too and stuck him with the kid. He didn’t have a lot of money, but what he had, she took. No child support either. He probably deserved it though. He is the biggest asshole I have ever met in my life.

    • There are a lot of (((WM)))/AF couples getting married these days.

      This seems to be their infiltration vector for China.

    • I tried to like Hendrix for decades. Didn’t work.

      I acknowledge his innovation, but he is in the service of enemy gods. Like Dylan.

  12. This is somewhat OT, so apologies in advance but this question is bugging me: what happens if Orange Bad Man refuses to concede?
    Can anyone here shed any light on this for me?

        • By the FBI. It seems that Ivanka and Trump will spend the rest of their days in jail to deter others. The DC AG is charging both with misuse of Inauguration funds.
          Camps for the rest of us. We all should know that.
          And Z is wrong.
          White people are not needed. Srinivas, Chen, and Pedro will do jyst fine replacing us at half the cost.

          • Okay, so the FBI will storm the White House if necessary, yes? What if Trump has a security detail or soldiers to stop them? What then?

          • T has a security detail, the Secret Service. You think they will stand in the way if the FBI comes knocking with an arrest warrant?

          • With Pedro come the cartels and they will be the shot callers. Not the Pajeets and Chens who lack the stomach for violence. The Armenians and Russians found that out the hard way in Los Angeles when they lost turf wars(drugs and car theft) with the Cholos.

          • How might we most effectively surrender, Whiskey?

            It seems like you have given this a lot of thought.

      • So he will be forcibly removed even if he does concede? Not much incentive for him to do so then.

  13. People who have faculty gigs at Loyola can live in adjacent neighborhoods of Roland Park or Guildford. That’s pretty posh, purely white (almost purely WASP), and pretty safe by anyone’s standards. I’m beginning to wonder whether you know anything about Baltimore.
    As for white solidarity, if you join the Elkridge Club, you feel tons of it.

  14. The idea that “everything will turn out ok” comes up with immigration too. Boomercons usually say stuff like “well, we had Italians and Lebanese, I’m sure everything is going to work out fine now [with our 3rd world hordes] too”.

    It’s mindboggling. They don’t seem to be capable of conceiving that things could be going wrong, or that they’re going to end up in poverty or worse.

    • Eh, if I were in the Boomer/Silent cohorts I’d also be terrified to contemplate, “the Day of the Pillow.”

      • I think it’s too grim to contemplate

        That said, it looks like Boomers are going to get fucked whether they like it or not. I always thought the consequences of their largesse would come home to roost after they had passed – on younger generations.

        They went from the most privileged and easy lives, to being smothered out by a pillow because Shaniq’ua was having a bad day. Not that things will be any better for us. But they will get a taste of their own medicine.

  15. Where I live you can see deep concern on the faces of progressives. They have lost that perkiness they had only a week or so ago. Our side seems calmer, though smoldering with an inner rage that can’t wait to leap out. This is going to get interesting in a hurry.

    • I’ve seen it too, Epaminondas. I spose many progressives who should be happy, for example, with the presidential “election” results are thinking “what the hell have we done?” Things seem to be going their way these days and it should be their time to really shine, but their uneasiness is all too evident. There is a sort of quietness on the right that even Lefty knows, or at least suspects, is not to be confused with resignation.

  16. Re woman playing college football.
    First, Sarah Fuller was not even the first to achieve this unremarkable ‘accomplishment’:
    “PORTLAND, Ore. — It was a historic weekend for college football, as Vanderbilt University’s Sarah Fuller became the first woman to play in a Power 5 conference football game. But it was more than 20 years ago when history was made at Willamette University in Salem. That’s when the first woman to ever play college football made headlines.”

    Second, as Z pointed out, below is the reality of a woman playing football with males:
    “Here’s what happened in 1989, when 17 year old Tawana Hammond was allowed to play high school football for the Francis Scott Key Eagles as a fullback, notoriously one of the most brutal positions in the game—the job requirements involve “shedding tackles.
    She was tackled in her first scrimmage, got internal injuries that required removal of her spleen and half of her pancreas and was in the intensive care unit for ten weeks, where she received 22 units of blood.
    She and her parents sued the school, on the theory that they “failed to warn” her that football was dangerous.”


    • In high school, one of my teammates, a big 250-pound lineman ironically nicknamed “Minnow”, went up in the trenches against a woman who, like Sarah, had fawning media coverage.
      The results were what you would expect.

  17. We’re making a list too. The Kens and Karens on it will virtue signal their way to the front of the “vaccine” line. No future in meat space for you.

  18. The Sarah Fuller situation could only happen at Vanderbilt. An article at USA Today says they have been talking about bringing back last year’s kicker, who was competent and left the team with a year of eligibility remaining to enroll the medical school. Think about that, he easily could have deferred medical school for a year and spent the fall kicking for the college football team while taking one worthless online class, but the Vanderbilt program is such a disaster he elected to get started on medical school instead. The interim coach also told them several players are considering opting out. This is what the rest of the team should do, shut down their season and refuse to play. They can blame it on Covid and blunt most the elite media criticism. Why let the school humiliate them like this.


    • he elected to get started on medical school instead

      Smart guy. He’d be an idiot to step back into that shitshow.

      • The game has now been postponed two weeks because Vanderbilt didn’t have enough players eligible due to Covid. I wonder if some opted out and they are refusing to report it. It will get canceled if Georgia ends up in the SEC Championship game. The only way that can happen is if Florida loses both their remaining games, which are against teams with losing records. I would bet this game gets canceled because Vandy players won’t play.
        Clay Travis is claiming he has talked to people in the program and former players who are disgusted by what they are doing with Fuller, but don’t want to speak publicly because of the blowback. It is safe to say the players are staging a defacto boycott of this game.

    • To be fair, though, if she was the women’s soccer team goalkeeper, she probably could kick farther than 30 yards. She was probably a decent punter too, as that is also a common activity for a goalkeeper. As you suggested, it was a deliberately designed shorter kick to avoid the risk of any physical confrontation between her and an opponent and some rather unpleasant headlines.

  19. The Schooner Creek Farms Family really need a real Community instead of the farcical one they are living in…I listened to Sarah the other day relating her experience with the farmer’s market and just made me sad that no one stood up for them and the people that they thought were friends threw them under the bus…This is why we need to be separating ourselves from these people that just want to suck our production and our talents and give nothing in return…I hope they win and then get out of that area because truthfully who wants to be around people that aren’t concerned about your welfare in the least and actively try to destroy you when they can…

    • “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.” – CS Lewis

      And here are productive and even enviro-conscious farmers in the heartland, red state, providing for themselves by feeding their community and yet they are openly attacked by cretins, pressed into defending their natural rights while their oppressors walk free.

      Without courage in the heart of every man, a community is nothing but opportunistic commerce; men without chests, in perpetual prostration to dark forces, begging for permission to transact for his own bread.

      These black hooded monsters are the future. All of us will be tested.

      The community we need is one of spiritual fortitude in the face of the devils agents, the bricks and sticks are nothing without this. Red zip code safety is a mirage; safety is earned by confronting the elements and bringing them to heel, not by hiding among like numbers.

      • I applaud them for staying in place and fighting back, as much as they are able. The reality for them is that they have been singled out and will never win or find any peace. Their opponents are too strong, too well organized, too well funded, and too fanatical. The farmers can either stay in place and serve as martyrs, soaking up enemy attention and resources as they fight their battle, or they can drop out, move, and start over in a new place with essentially new identities. Either way, they are one of us and are on our side, and deserve our full support. This stuff is not easy, and once Sauron’s Eye focuses on you, there are no good or easy choices.

        • As do I. Yet the fact that any of us can be – and likely will be, “singled out” is the very problem. Singled out from what? 

          Singled out because the black mobs know there is no herd, no stampede awaiting them if they encircle a calf. 

          The farmers are not picketing abortion clinics in SFO. They are serving their community. 

          So where is that community now? Where are their neighbors? Their fellow farmers and vendors? All the (R) voting, AR-lubing, church-going community members that populate the red? 

          They are left begging to finance a schlomo debate club at the State courthouse. Which still wont remedy the underlying problem. 

          I am just so sick of weak men. Martyrs are wasted on them. 

          In fact its their weakness that creates these martyrs. They greedily graze upon the green grass tended by their clan but when the hyenas pluck one of their own from their midst they respond “well they shouldn’t have left the paddock like that.” 

          I am a flawed and fallen man. Plenty of weakness marks the path behind me – and haunts my idle hours to this day. Luckily my brothers here and elsewhere keep me in their trust and so I work to earn my keep.

          Racist/Nazi is the twine around the elephants leg. The chains of its youth long gone, but for a another handful of peanuts it will forget its own mass and strength.

          We must remember who we are and from whence we came.

          The only rainbow flags I want to see are what happens when 88 tons lands on a clown.

          We are many. If they single us out; they shall know our mass.

          okay, long post friday over!

      • I hate to say it, but the major cities in Indiana are shockingly libbed out for a red state.

        • Exactly. The red-state comfy blankie is rapidly becoming just that. So then what? 

          The vetting of geography for moves toward separation, away from hostiles, toward “our guys” is only part of it. 

          We need to find and vet brothers, test each other, hold to account for weakness, and reward tested strength and courage with mutual investment; iron sharpens iron. 

          Because none of us are exempt from the original sin of whiteness nor the many temptations toward weakness that our enemies will force upon us. 

          And the laurels of colored maps should give us about as much comfort as the “votes” that generate them. 

          This, a brotherhood of wolves among the sheeple, is our frontier to cut out of the zombie nation. Best get choppin. 

          • Even in my Idaho town that voted nearly 70% for Trump the Karen mayor and the Kens and Karens on the city council have been ratcheting up the Covid restrictions for months – canceling a 4th of July celebration that annually draws 10’s of thousands, a rodeo that has taken place every August for the past 108 years, the high school homecoming parade etc. This past week they upped the ante by criminalizing unauthorized gatherings with penalties that potentially include jail time. Of course the local police chief was interviewed and seemed absolutely giddy at the chance to bully and abuse normal law abiding citizens.

          • Thanks for sharing your story.

            Depressing to hear that flunatics are in control in a fine Western state like Idaho.

        • That’s everywhere. Cities are liberal cesspools. States only appear “red” on national electoral maps as long as the country mice outnumber the city mice. Once the urban population in a state hits 50% + 1, it’s only a matter of time. They got Virginia a decade ago. They got Georgia and Arizona this time. NC is on the bubble.

      • The community we need is one of spiritual fortitude in the face of the devils agents, the bricks and sticks are nothing without this. Red zip code safety is a mirage; safety is earned by confronting the elements and bringing them to heel, not by hiding among like numbers.
        Well yea that was my point Brother they needed to be around those who stand by them and not chuck them under the bus…Also Bloomington Indiana is hive of Commies so trying to build Community in that is going to be hard and I know they live outside of that but their livelyhood depends on that city and those in it…

    • It’s a bitter pill to realize that about half of the people you thought were friends would throw you under the bus for social media points. As one becomes more of a dissident, you see tell-tale signs and learn to disengage with those people.

      • Chet, the flip side is that there are all sorts of people, everywhere, with whom you share something important in common. You may not know them, and you may only pass them by, walking down the street (remember when we all used to be allowed to walk down the street?). But there is “the look”, and the “twinkle in the eye”. Lots of Brothers and Sisters out there.

    • Bloomington, Indiana is a college town. As such, it is a node of evil, and anything bad happening to a good person there can come as no surprise.

  20. Noticed that Fuckerberg has a new anti white policy for Facebook.
    In the meantime we have GOP Senator Mile Lee openly passing foreign labor laws for Google.
    The GOP and big tech are equally worthless.
    But until white people wake up to what is happening to them they will continue to be ruled by Morons.

  21. I was of an age — probably among the last cohort of such an age — raised with unabashed patriotism. As a child I was taught to admire the Pilgrims and other early settlers. My school lessons were infused with unabashed patriotism. We sang patriotic songs in choir and music class. As a break from lessons, we were screened films like 1776 and Johnny Tremaine. These were ordinary public schools across the country (we moved a lot).

    The idea that settlers would have been portrayed as cruel and genocidal would have shocked me. It’s not as if we never read anything negative about early America, but we were given to understand the negative in context with the positive and that our ancestors had bequeathed us a remarkable thing.

    That was part of my identity. In ’79 and ’80 my high school German class went on trips to Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The place felt like home. I was awed by the castle, cathedrals, art and architecture and by the land and the nature of the people themselves. It was an incredibly high-trust place back then. In Munich you were expected to buy a subway ticket, but there were no turnstiles or ticket-takers. It was almost entirely on the honor system. There were just rare random spot checks. That was all they needed in that time and place.

    We need to find a way to pass that reverence for Western Civilization on.

    My school years were very late ’60s through early ’80s. The speed with with that patriotism has been destroyed in the next generations is shocking.

    • December 2020 is the 400-year anniversary of the Pilgrims landing in Plymouth. Are any kids in school learning and celebrating one of milestones in American history?

      • Probably the only thing being taught about the Pilgrims in school these days is the Malcolm X quote “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on us”.

        • What an odd thing to say given that the first and last slave owners on the North American continent were the Native Americans who took slaves through raids and conquest. Chattel slavery was introduced by the Spanish in what is now FL, and by the French in the Louisiana Territory.

      • OTOH,the 57th anniversary of JFK’s elimination came and went without any mention on the TeeVee, so there’s that.

      • Actually, I’ve seen such. But now the narrative is not what it used to be, but rather how the Native American Indians taught the Pilgrims how to survive and thrive in the New World and as their reward were driven from *their* lands by the greedy Pilgrims.

        Not sure that this is better than saying nothing.

    • In 1972 I remember in third grade our (literally) “old school” teacher have our class say the Lord’s Prayer every morning which was probably in violation of Federal law even then. No one thought twice about it though because it was just part of the common culture that all the kids shared at the time.

      • Carters creation of the Department of Education (1979?) and its subsequent actions marked the point at which the Federal Government was sufficiently involved in education in the several States for the First Amendment to be applied (even at a stretch) to the schools. As has been remarked here before, the States often had explicit official links to their preferred churches. The small hat wearers were far less of a problem before the decades of GOP ascendancy.- Remember it was Saint Ronny who shipped in all the Soviet Jews..

    • Vizzini, I am of a similar age (school from 1963-1980) and I remember, even in my extraordinarily ‘liberal’ school district, gustily singing the various armed-forces songs in first grade class. Our music teacher was more mushy (and her name matched) but there was never a hint of questioning the civic religion or founding myths.

      • Oh, yes. I can still sing a few bars of each of the armed force branch theme songs! I learned them in school and things like the Battle Hymn of the Republic as a normal American kid upbringing.

    • I would suspect the speed with which patriotism has been destroyed is directly proportional to the increase of non Whites in America—not to demean any minority wrt patriotism, but when great numbers of new “citizens” come on board with no background in such American national fundamentals, you get this.

    • I was thrilled by the Johnny Tremaine film as a young boy. I still remember my feelings of devotion and duty.

    • Sounds like I’m a few years younger than you, and I can fully corroborate your experiences. The place we now live in bears precious little resemblance to the one in which we grew up. Needless to say, virtually all of the change that has taken place has been deterioration.

    • You’re a lost soul in a dead empire heading for a cliff. The blackballers and mestizos don’t give a fuck about your plight. Wake up.

  22. GOP has to die, before things can start getting better. they might figure out eventually, that not fighting the election theft destroys all reasons (judges, senate, dog catcher) for supporting them in any way. guess the retards in the south will keep sending the turtle and the pillow biter back, term after term…

      • Trump IS the Republican Party at this point. The establishment Goopers don’t know it yet and will be quite surprised by the way things go if Trump loses his fight for the election. They are the train and Trump is the engine.

      • I hope he doesn’t because he will just keep all the normie-cons believing that ‘there’s only one race, the human race’ and ‘as long as they (the 3rd world hoards) come in ‘legally’ and ‘the left are the Real raciss’! And ‘I don’t do identity politics’, etc…

    • The GOP was already dying before Trump ran for POTUS. He gave a dying party a shot at life which they promptly pissed away. And when he leaves the party implodes for good. It will go the same way it did here in CA when the party committed suicide when Arnold left office.

      • Dont worry, the “Freedom Force” comprised of Hispanic, black, and wammin is here and is the GOP’s 2020 answer to take on the Squad!

      • The only people left in the GOP will be the Lincoln/Abolitionist patriots who know the Battle Hymn of the Republic by heart…all the verses.

      • The Republican Party was dead in CA before that. Arnold could have revitalized it with a serious reform campaign. But what he actually wanted was just some accolades – basically the same as Trump. With the difference that the national establishment went scorched earth on Trump and he’s reflexively a fighter.

  23. This is merely phase 1, the realization that we wuz had. Phase II -the fun part- is when we realize how dumb are the morons we wuz had by. The Simpsons had something on this.
    Cooter: No shame in being beaten by the best, boy.
    Spud: But he didn’t seem all that sm…
    Cooter: We was beaten by the best, boy!
    No shame in being beaten by the best, but we’ve been beaten, for years, by little more than self-propelled rutabagas. That’s the kind of realization that leads to murderous rage.

    • Losing to “self-propelled rutabagas”
      Pearls such a that make reading the comments on this blog is truly a joy.

    • The left may be rutabagas, but most of the voting base of conservatives are retarded fools who could loose to rutabagas.

      They like to make fun of the “soy boys” and men in dresses, but what does that say about the people who could loose to such decadence?

      • Because we played by their rules and as a consequence got our clocks cleaned.
        From now on we play BY OUR RULES not theirs.Because we know their game is rigged.

      • That’s how they win – we convince ourselves that there must be something they’re doing right, because we keep losing… But no. They are what they are. We may be superior creatures in every way but the will to see, but that’s enough to doom us. Beaten by men in dresses who make up their own pronouns – what an epitaph for Western Civilization.

    • “the fun part- is when we realize how dumb are the morons we wuz had by.”

      Oh we are finding out now! All it took to win Georgia was 4 suitcases of fake votes, scanned by four people in the middle of the night in 2.5 hours! Something, something, burst pipe, everyone go home, print necessary votes when everyone is gone. Lack of pushback from GA officials (who are mostly still republican) is insane. I don’t believe that they are this stupid. What kind of deal got done to for the republicans to not try to squash this sooner?

      Check the video:

      This operations looks about as complex as a making a few copies at kinkos or filling up a tank of gas. WTF, that’s all it take to steal an election in this country? Is it like this everywhere?

      • My guess is that the Republican governor is neck deep is some fraud himself and is afraid of it coming out. All this was set up by a consent decree that settled a lawsuit brought by the execrable Abrams. Odds are they uncovered something during that lawsuit and the governor is selling his state down the river to keep it covered up.

    • Apparently, Fox has suffered significant losses in viewership over the last week amongst all of its big name players, including Tucker. More than 50% in most cases.
      Maria Bartiromo is the only one not losing massive ground, at least from the numbers I saw.
      Hope switching to pitching for Biden on election night was worth it, because they are literally losing half their audience.

      • They don’t care. The thing too many never understood is they NEVER cared. Ideology and social standing has always been worth more than $, particularly to women – and it’s the wives of Murdoch’s sons who are driving things.

      • The only one I pay attention to at all is Aunt Maria in the mornings. The rest can go fuck themselves.

  24. The football girl reminds me of radio school in the Marines. Back when I joined in the 80s, Boot Camp was completely separated by sex and all the men went to the MCT which was a physically brutal short infantry course. The guys with Infantry jobs stayed on for the full infantry course while everyone else went to the their tech schools.
    I went to radio school where there were some women. We were supposed to believe that they were our equals. But they literally couldn’t carry their gear up the steps of the barracks in one trip – the same gear I had been carrying 20 to 40 miles at a time at MCT. And every time we had company physical training, all the chicks dropped out of the run about halfway.

    • The psychologist Jeanine Chasseguet-Smirgel argues that before every great political upheaval, irrationality spikes. The US is fast approaching peak irrationality.

      • I hope that’s true but I still have women literally tripping over themselves to get away from me when they see my nose sticking out above my face diaper in the grocery store. I feel there’s a bottomless pit of irrationally still to tap in this country but that may be a function of living in Portardia.

        • The US has grown ever nuttier since the mid-60s. However, since the advent of meaux “marriage” and the denial of the fundamental differences between men and women, the irrationality has rocketed skyward. I think we’re approaching the tipping point and the implosion will soon follow.

  25. Then the senate GOP stabbed their voters in the face

    Stabbed in the face? For a moment I thought, “Doesn’t Z Man mean stabbed in the back?” No, he doesn’t.

    • The coup that is underway is a blatant, in-your-face, we don’t care if you know exactly what we’re doing, cock walk of a insult to the plebs. They want to rub our noses in it and show everyone who’s boss. It is the power move of a tyrannical regime that has pushed all the chips into the pot and is now openly and arrogantly playing for keeps. Things change slowly until they change very fast. The rule of law is dead. Societal trust is dead. The spring is winding tighter every day. Just as they planned all along.

      • They simply spun the web of lies and deceit until the scales fell from everyone’s eyes. Now comes the hammer, in which they throw their weight around and don’t care who sees what. Doubling down on every fake thing, accompanied by extreme violence on anyone singled out. A dangerous and interesting historical moment, for sure.

        • Agreed. We are about the enter our Year of Living Dangerously. The first overt act of resistance (by anyone other than the Left) will be labeled as a tsunami of white supremacist extremism and get the WACO/Ruby Ridge treatment. The Feds are chomping at the bit to unleash Holy Hell upon whatever sad sack gets in their cross-hairs. Don’t become an easy target. There is a better way to fight back. It works, they know it, and have nothing in their arsenal to stop it. The idea is to actually defeat tyranny, not die bravely and vainly.

          • Courage is both a virtue and an asset, and we both hold it in high regard. Nothing I’ve written implies otherwise. The Deep State is well prepared to smash a conventional rebellion, so a better paradigm is needed. The Feds burned children alive at Waco and rifle shot an unarmed mother holding her child at Ruby Ridge. That is what we are up against. You have to take this seriously. It’s not a macho contest.

      • They want to rub our noses in it and show everyone who’s boss. 

        Nailed it.

        They’re just flexing on us now.

        Or, if you like movies, Biff just called Marty a chicken.

        • “The illusion of freedom (in America) will continue as long as it is profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater”. Frank Zappa

          • Unfortunately, and as the Covidiocy amply demonstrates, the vast majority of “Americans” will shuffle obliviously into the slave barracoons to be fitted for their manacles. There’s no longer any need to maintain the fiction of freedom because “Americans” are no longer Americans.

          • “There’s no longer any need to maintain the fiction of freedom because “Americans” are no longer Americans”.

            Most people on the right can’t seem to comprehend this either..How often do we hear those on the right talk about ‘Americans being this way or that way’ or ‘kids now-a-days are this way or that way’. To which I think-which ‘Americans’ or which ‘kids’ are you even talking about??

          • The Comfort First Imperative guarantees the middle America will continue sleepwalking until real hardship returns. And the sooner that motivation arrives the better for everyone. Nothing will change until the environment changes.

      • I think part of the plan is to evoke a reaction from white men so they can have some ‘huwhite supreemacist terrorists’ to point to to justify their totalitarianism..

        • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. That is exactly their plan. And if they cannot entice someone into the trap via covert instigators (like they did in Michigan earlier this Fall), they will manufacture a false flag OP and pin it on some sap. As soon as the wheels come off, they will be seriously ginning up a diversion and scapegoat. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had Hollywood screenwriters working on this right now.

      • Our ruling class is what Ann Barnhardt calls “diabolical narcissists.” One if the features of this disorder of the soul is that they not only want to be caught in the act, but require it. By getting caught and escaping punishment, it validates that the diabolical narcissist is a higher order of being to whom the rules and mores don’t apply.

    • No more passes for anyone who is purportedly ‘too busy’ to ‘pay attention to politics.’ Politics is disagreeing over how to achieve or fund a particular goal. Clownworld is NOT politics – we are talking about LIFE here. No, I won’t be ‘friends’ with someone who wants boys mutilated and muzzled, and who wants savage semi-sentient humanoids ruling over me. No, I won’t accept anymore excuses about deliberate ignorance. And all those normie pleas about holding the senate – no f%&s left to give, ever.

      • The nonsense about fighting to hold the Senate for the Republicans is a smoke screen designed to distract people from the emergence of a real tyranny here in the US. It’s secondary purpose is to create false hope on Mainstreet USA as a mitigation for the growing anger over the coup. Presumably, this illusion of false hope will keep the pitchforks at bay and abate the need for the Jackboots to reveal themselves too early. The new Covidian religion will provide the Jackboots with the moral authority to begin the crackdown after the inauguration.

        • It makes no difference wether the republi-frauds maintain 52 seats in the senate or not as there are plenty of them who will side with the left on every important issue anyway…

      • It seems to me that there’s a difference between following the politics of national “elections” and following the politics of the Donors, the Intelligence Agencies, the MIC, and the Banksters. The voting public never wins.

      • “No more passes for anyone who is purportedly ‘too busy’ to ‘pay attention to politics.’…Clownworld is NOT politics – we are talking about LIFE here.”
        Couldn’t agree more. I hate that this is the case, but I have reached the same conclusion.
        One of my brothers just had a baby. I’ve slowly, subtly politely tried to breadcrumb him into our way of thinking for years. He doesn’t take it seriously. I hope having a kid will help wake him up to the urgency of our circumstances. But I fear that’s a few years away, and obviously by then it will be too late for him to do anything about it.

  26. One gets the sense that the establishment is a little worried about what they have done.

    Tangentially, is anyone talking about a possible end to this covid nonsense this next year? For me, that’s been the worst part – no one seems interested in finally giving some hope to getting back on the road. I had three great-grandchildren born this year past fall and I couldn’t get out to see them. Well, I could, but the cost and hassle of traveling from overseas is, I hate to say it, not worth it. What do you do? Every time I see someone trying to justify these half-assed wartime conditions they’re always morons without kids. Or gay. Or some LGBT whack-a-doodle. Seeing your adult kids over Facetime or Skype is one thing, but seeing your newest addition held up to a camera…not the same as seeing with your own eyes. And I hate the people who try to tell me otherwise, that I have to grin and bare it, because we’re all in this together. I don’t want to hate these people, I don’t even know them, I just want them to f*ck off.

    • Congratulations on the great grandchildren, Templar. Sounds like they’re blessed to have a great grandfather like you. Hope you get to hold them soon.

    • What do you do?

      For me, I chose peaceful non-compliance with the illegal edicts of tyrants over the Thanksgiving holiday.

      Granted, I only had to drive rather than fly.

      At this point, most of the illegal edicts are wholly unenforceable if one uses secondary and tertiary roads.

  27. Speaking of National Review, the editors wrote an editorial celebrating their 65th anniversary by declaring victory over the left. It starts off with the following:

    This magazine was founded 65 years ago to protest — no, to overthrow — a stultifying liberal consensus that viewed history as a train and itself as the destination. The universities, the newspapers and the networks, the Democratic Party and much of the Republican Party were united in believing that centralized rule by benevolent experts was our inevitable fate.

    We won. 

    Satire is truly dead. After some bragging about defeating the Soviet Union, they admit this hasn’t been a total victory for them. They still have work to do. As long as their are dissident thinkers on the right, they will work tirelessly to purge them, or at least as long as the left lets them do that. To take the Schooner Creek Farm family as an example, do they think that would have happened in 1955?

      • The motto of the grifter: without work to do, no need to give them your money. The worst thing that can happen to a political organisation, is winning.

        • Between this bizarre claim of victory and the lack of a year end begathon, I wonder if they picked up some low key corporate funding. The fundraiser they ran in October was a disaster for them, it is currently listed on their website as $8,718 in donations and they had a $250k goal when they started. Their geriatric readers appear to finally be realizing they have been giving their money to the political equivalent of TV evangelists. The only reason I can think of for them to be this smug is that they don’t need the donations anymore.

    • It would take a heart of stone not to enjoy the suffering of Conservative Inc and the GOP right now.

      It has been glorious. Even the sequencing has been glorious:

      1. Trump contests the massive voter fraud operation. Conservative, Inc., would love to hammer him but…
      2. The same fraud machine has led to a run-off in the Georgia Senate race that will determine which grifters control the body. Trump’s GOP critics have to be somewhat muted.
      3. As soon as the ink dries on their election certifications, Graham and Cornyn begin to tout a massive new amnesty.
      4. Lee rams through a mass expansion of green cards for Pajeet tech workers.
      5. The rubes notice.

      I have been told, and trust the person since I’ve known him to be reliable and honest for four decades, the Republicans are not getting donations to fund the Georgia Senate run-off. This is particularly true among those who donated to Trump although even more traditional types are withholding funds.

      Destruction of the GOP is the first step toward liberation from the State. It appears well underway. This is the end of the beginning.

      • And they don’t deserve funding.

        I saw logic in the better of 2 evils argument… but the h1b giveaway seals the deal. Fuck em, burn them all down and God will handle things.

        “Trumpism without trump” looks an awful like business as usual… open borders, anti white policies.

        • I never saw the logic in the ‘lesser of two evils’ argument. Good to see others finally realizing that it’s a never ending scam, and all you get by that type of thinking is . . . more evil. End them all; God will know his own.

        • The H1B giveaway was a huge middle finger to Heritage America.

          I bet Miss Lindsay gave Heels Up another elbow bump after that vote.

    • National Review has been irrelevant for about two decades now, so satire is the next logical and final stage. It is as ludicrous as the blue-haired heiresses who fund it and Constitution-clutching nostalgists who read it. It would be hard to think of an ideology that failed as spectacularly, and that would include Marxism, than Buckleyite conservatism.

      • Whether they failed or not depends on what their true goals were. You could say they were a spectacular success if their goals were libertarianism on taxes and corporate governance, open borders for corporations, endless wars to support Israel and the military industrial complex, and to purge true dissenters from polite society. They did fail spectacularly on abortion, but had success with the cold war and not allowing 2A to be totally gutted. But yes, from our goals they failed spectacularly.

        • Arguably, the principal achievement of ConInc was in steering our emergent socialism toward corporatism, and away from more radical forms like syndicalism.

          But who would have thought that the liberal utopia would look like the hybrid state in Rollerball (1975)?

          We anxiously await our Jonathan E…

      • The Buckleyites’ fatal mistake was their failure to recognize that the American New Left was far more dangerous to America than the Bolsheviks. The only question is, was that failure understandable?

        • Yes. Humans can only learn from the past,not the future. It makes sense to focus on the battle you just fought, to learn from it (like the way coaches study film of their opponents). Plus, the opponent wasn’t going around highlighting the new things they were doing, they worked in secret. So yes, the failure is understandable because it would take a perceptive, intelligent person to figure out what was coming next and the Buckleyites were definitely not smart enough.

          • The Buckleyites main mistake was in not recognising that Buckley, a member and tool of the deep state was the greatest danger.
            His Big Government to fight the Soviets, who were never a threat to the American people, are what has led to the serfdom we are now facing.

          • The left’s long March through the institutions began generations ago and Buckley’s first book was all about the fertile ground they were encountering at Yale seventy odd years ago.

            Now, it’s fair to say that he and his successors failed to realize how mind numbing lay stupid they would become. But the nihilism, tactics and strategy were there all along.

        • They didn’t learn from it because magazine wasn’t at any point in the last I don’t know 3 decades and change maybe, actually Conservative. It is a Conservative is an Attitude not a Policy magazine for bow tied looter cucks.
          What they espouse, Neo Liberal/Corporatist Economics doesn’t conserve the traditional American yeomanry and therefore are not Conservative at all.
          Social Conservationism was banned from that magazine by the early 90’s about the time pat Buchanan as his ilk were shown the door by the Republicans. The watered down Liberalism they espouse, yesterdays Leftism really Conserves nothing and therefor isn’t Conservatism either.
          Actual Conservatism is driven by tradition and stability and a sense of continuity of culture which rules out almost everything the Republicans do.

        • I agree with Drew. The Buckleyites didn’t really understand how dangerous the Progressives were (a mistake they repeated with the NeoCons). Buckley admitted he was with the Progs in an alliance to defeat the Marxists. As a man who served in World War II, he should have learned from the alliance with Stalin where such arrangements can lead. Then again, it was a different time and Buckley couldn’t imagine his countrymen were as vicious as the Soviets. He certainly didn’t foresee his movement would become indistinguishable from the Left.

          Anyhow, we are in a new, post-ConInc era. It will be unpleasant but with the chains lifted it is possible to “win” as we now have to define it, which is outside electoral politics and in service of our people.

        • Yale jerkoffs never understand what happens on the ground beneath them. They live in a trust fund sky, where the stars always shine.

        • Buckley himself got a dose of the New Left when Gore Vidal insinuated that he was a Nazi during an infamous debate. Instead of waking up to the new threat, Buckley and his followers engaged in an orgy of the we’re-better-than-that-ism that has perpetually hamstrung conservatism.

          • Being called a Nazi with WW2 fresh off the plate was hell of a thought stopper at that time.
            Beyond that its thought that Buckley knew that Vidal knew he was anotherhomosexual and thus was hamstrung in his responses,
            Also the Eastern upper class speech police shirtsleeves like Scandinavian S.J.W. out of fear of losing status for being rude.
            Now had Vidal who oddly I respect as an intellectual though not a person tried that stuff with the DR at the time , he’d have gotten a politer version “stuff it, if we were really Nazis you’d be whiffing Tabun by now, yet here you are which is why he didn’t interact with muscular conservatives much.

      • The National Review might as well be the oxymoronic Woke Right for all the actual conserving it does.

    • I wasn’t aware of this whole Schooner Creek Farm dustup. More degenerates tearing down anything good.

      What their enemies have to say about them speaks well of them: “The idea of working hard and bettering yourself is central to this particular iteration of Neo-Nazism … Her gardening, cooking, and herbal remedies are all an important facet of her white supremacist identity.”

      If that’s Neo-Nazism, count me in.

      The author of this FrontPage mag article seems entirely too enamored of his own victim narrative to be trustworthy, and to him, this qualifies as bravery:

      After I read the New York Times article about protests against Schooner Creek Farm at the Bloomington, Indiana, Farmers Market, I did something that might seem incomprehensible for someone whose own flesh and blood has been harmed by various incarnations of racists, white supremacists, Nativists and the original Nazis. I went to the Facebook page for Schooner Creek Farms and I “liked” it.  

      Gosh, a Facebook like. Stunning and brave!

      As you go through the article, you realize that he’s the kind of civnat that will make harumphing noises about what is being done to the farm owners, but he will ultimately sacrifice them on the altar of egalitarianism and diversity. Because, ultimately, he thinks Dye’s beliefs are wrong, that she needs fixing or changing.

      Here’s some gaslighting about cancel culture: “Cancel culture selects human sacrifices and tells us that that victim can never be any more than their worst act. Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, Dave Chappelle, Roseanne Barr, Roman Polanski, Chick-Fil-A, Covington Catholic schoolboys, Schooner Creek Farm, the list is endless.”

      Some of those people are child rapists. Some said things people don’t like (or made facial expressions people didn’t like). Those are not the same thing.

      • Gosh, a Facebook like. Stunning and brave!

        It’s his Omaha, Gold, Sword and the rest all rolled into one. A real trooper.

        His statements do seem like the sort today’s immensely weak males make, expecting a pat on the back.

      • The people foaming at the mouth about Schooner Creek Farm needed their frontal lobes clipped the day before yesterday.

      • The author of the FrontPage mag article, Danusha V. Goska, is a woman.
        This not to say that your critique of her writing wasn’t valid (e.g. Polanski is grown man who drugged and raped a child. Roseanne and Chappelle said some stuff in public that pissed off the far Left. As you point out, Goska should be able tell the difference.)

  28. I remember my first ‘authentic Jewish experience’… Watching my gentile father, in a trade dominated by these folk, do business with them. Even for a young lad, that was an eye opener.

    • My first “authentic jewish experience” was at the tender age of 1.5 days old, in the neonatal ward at the hospital.

      Not that there’s not enough blame to go around, and include the Medical Establishment, and the failure of American patriarchy. But mostly the aforementioned.

    • “What’d I tell you? Hold onto your cock when you negotiate with these desert people.” Corrado “Junior” Soprano

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