Just Walk Away

If you are over the age of forty, you have been hearing, in one form or another, the argument that you must vote Republican to keep the Left from turning America into a socialist country. The pitch gets punched up with promises on certain issues, depending upon the audience, but the basic argument has never changed. The reason to vote for the Republicans is to prevent the Left from doing socialisms. About half the time, this is enough to win elections and keep the parties equal.

It is hard to pinpoint when this argument became the standard pitch for conservatives and the GOP, but the 1990’s is a good guess. After 12 years of Republican presidents, the degenerate Bill Clinton took the helm promising all sorts of Great Society style programs, like socialized medicine. Newt Gingrich responded with the Contract with America and the GOP took the House for the first time in generations. The reason is people wanted to stop those socialisms!

In fairness, from the perspective of the standard issue conservative, the Clinton years were a golden age. Clinton started no pointless wars of choice on behalf of unnamed people working for an unnamed country. Inflation adjusted per capita spending was flat for the first time in forever. The deficit declined and there were a few years in which there was a budget surplus. Clinton even signed off on welfare reform, a long-standing conservative goal going back to the 1960’s.

Then the conservatives told everyone that Bush was a slightly retarded Reagan, who would usher in a new conservative resolution. In the Bush years the Republicans had the House, Senate and White House. Spending skyrocketed, we got two pointless wars of choice on behalf of unnamed people working for an unnamed country and they added the foundations of a police state for good measure. From the perspective of the standard issue conservative, Bush was a disaster.

In 2006 and 2008, many sensible white people did the sensible thing and walked away from the Republicans. In 2006 and 2008, the Democrats had huge electoral victories, winning the House, Senate and White House. People forget that they had veto and filibuster proof majorities in both chambers in 2008. Again, we heard the cry from Republicans that the only way to stop the bogeyman from putting socialisms on you was to vote for them so they could stop the socialisms.

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen is you get what you want. This has been the case with both standard issue conservatives and the GOP. That old pitch about voting Republican worked and it kept working, but in the process, it hollowed out both conservatism and the Republican Party. They went from being a movement with a laundry list of reforms and goals to being a collection of mediocrities at the railyard yelling “stop” for some reason.

There are a many useful lessons for dissidents in the Trump era, but one of them is that the Republican Party is no longer a plausible agent of change. They have become a negative identity, that publicly opposes whatever their good friends in the other party are pitching at the moment, but privately despises the people they represent. Thirty years ago, the call to vote Republican to stop the rollback of the Reagan years was possibly sincere, but since then it has become just another grift.

In the comments of these stories at Breitbart, we are seeing regular people wake up and begin to look forward, rather than backward. That old plea to stick with the Republicans because socialism seems to be failing. After all, they ask, if the vote will be stolen and the Republicans do nothing, what is the point of voting? What is the point of the Republican Party if they cannot be bothered to defend the very system that allows them to exist as a political party?

Republicans and Conservatives have no answer for these questions. It is why they are carrying on as if concerns about election fraud are wild conspiracy theories. Their instinct is always to repeat what the Left is saying when they are in a jam. That alone should be enough to cause people to walk away from the party, but that is not always easy to notice. Conservatives have been conditioned for generations to embrace Progressive morality, so they don’t notice it.

Regardless, the only way forward is for people to abandon the GOP entirely and let them sink into obscurity. Georgia will be the big test. The comments on conservative sites like Breitbart suggest something has snapped. These people did everything they were told, and victory was stolen from them. Now they see the party that claims to represent them defending the theft. The 2020 election may have broken the civic nationalist spell, leading to a break with the GOP.

As risky as it may sound, it is the only way forward within the rules of the current electoral system. Consider it the Flight 93 option or perhaps the denouement to the Flight 93 election. With no other options available within the rules, this is a last effort to preserve the rules by forcing the parties to defend the rules. Otherwise, we are left with John F. Kennedy’s admonition. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

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340 thoughts on “Just Walk Away

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  2. Republicans have never done much of a damn thing to reduce government, taxes, IRS abuses, ATF abuses, protect the 2nd Amendment. It’s a constant stream of ‘compromise’ where the average guy gets screwed. The entire Republican senate has just passed S386 because everyone know that with million of Americans unemployed, we desperate need more green card holders to compete with American IT/tech workers.
    It’s lost on these bastards that for the most part Trump is the only thing keeping them in office.
    Laurence Vance has pointed out for years how worthless they are when ti come to anything limiting government.

  3. Z, this may be your most important post to date. Thank you.

    I think the biggest, hardest red pill to swallow is that the United States is done, and cannot be restored to its previous form. We must create something new. This will take generations of work, but we must begin now. We have to start planting trees whose shade we will never stand under. As Winston Smith said “We are the dead.” Let’s go into the darkness, and perhaps our grandchildren will be able to walk in the light.

  4. Pathetic. Clinton involved us in the Balkans and Somalia. The idiot was smart enough not to destroy Reagan’s economy, but he started the subprime loan policy at the end of his term. No need to look at his disastrous energy and economic policies that sent our factories overseas.

    Yes the Bushies were a disaster. But eunuchs run the GOP. What we see are the never Trumpers sticking the knife in today. Good for them, see how they like Biden.

    For me America is dead. It is not the People’s Republic with all that entails. Classification by race, gender, religion and sexual perversion.

  5. About the GOP. The GOP has never been about the white working class and is in fact despises them. The GOP is only incidentally white only because whites had nowhere else to go – especially after Clinton signed NAFTA.
    Who flipped CA? It was the GOP. They fully embraced GlohoHomo after Arnold left and promoted candidates that made Jerry Brown and Feinstein look good by comparison.
    They are the party that voted lock step for a illegal war in Iraq that cost us trillions and thousands maimed., And destroyed a country in the process.
    Oh yeah and they ran Romney that was evil incarnate and made Obama look good by comparison.
    They are the party the refuses to leave Afghanistan
    Prior to Trump winning the GOP under Ryan and McConnell were planning on betraying America. They had legislation preparred for Hillary to sign – Amnesty and TPP
    That is the GOP ladies and gents.

  6. An analysis of what the enemy must do, and can do.
    (as opposed to his intentions).

    Mirabilis 2020 must continue forever.

    Now politics is power, and that’s all. That’s my only lens for politics – power and it is correct.

    Short version of below: our worst problem as Americans is that we aren’t a one party state yet, and the one party must continuously go forward now after the stolen election or hang for what they’ve done: so they must repeat and increase 2020 until all our resistance both party and as peasants is crushed.

    The Uniparty must finish us off and crush utterly our peasant uprising – or we’ll hang them.
    They know this, but the peasants have just realized now that they exist.
    The Uniparty has a long road to climb, but it’s mostly over our corpses, a job they relish.
    Who can blame them? They need to hate us, considering what they must do it’s so much easier for them.

    The State itself is indeed entirely Democratic in interests, the entire government of some 19 million in all – 40 million if you count state run businesses such as utilities and hospitals. The Party of the State of course dominates and in actual practice rules.
    The problem is those pesky voters, who swept out thousands of Dem pols from the State level in 2010, and they have never recovered.
    You may recall that 2010 is when the bureaucracy and alphabet soup began to be employed against the Tea Party, later that became Trump and the GOP at large.

    Why it is worse, and so much worse for all of us that the GOP exists even in name?
    Not just that these pesky voters think they have a choice.
    No – Because this confuses the bureaucracy …oh not as to their loyalty, but to who has the power? Politicians can make trouble, especially women politicians because …women never quite know what’s going on in a man’s world, and actually believe some of this nonsense.
    Machiavelli wrote The Prince, he has no chapter for the Princess. Good God !

    The Democratic Party is the only current national level struggle.
    The only actual political struggle at the National level is internally among the Democratic party between the Neoliberals and the Progressives [or between old whites and old Jews and the new young Dusky Challengers, faced by ‘The Squad’].

    We have the worst of all worlds: a one party state that is have a fake external power struggle with the GOP that incredibly took on a life of it’s own in 2016, a headless potential opposition below the national level that is not dead but …being leaderless cannot be negotiated with and worse can’t surrender and doesn’t know it’s dead….against an internally conflicted and mortally threatened from within and without Uniparty.
    As far as the Democratic Party is concerned they’ve just decapitated the leader of the Peasant Revolt, they know well there are still plenty of peasants with plenty of fight left.

    What will they do? What worked this year, their very own Annus mirabilis. They must again finish off the peasant revolt and consolidate power at every level, which means they must, must get the State Houses back, or leave a host of angry, wounded foes all round.
    So their course is clear, but it will take time. To stop or try to relent is fatal, like Cortes they must go forward and win it all.
    Most likely Enemy Course of Action ~ also most Dangerous Course of Action
    1] A Generation of 2020’s: There must be constant economic, political and religious repression. COVID or equivalent must go on until victory, we cannot be allowed to gather or gain a breather. Andrew Cuomo knows this, he just smashed NY again. We must also have political show trials that never end, fortunately Trump and Co will volunteer.

    2] There must be at a minimum dozens but realistically hundreds of Nov 4’s Zero Dark Thirty electoral raids, the Dems must get back the state houses. Not because the GOP is real at the State level [laughter] but because the peasants don’t know that and worse the bureaucracy may waver, worse the security organs [that deeply hate the Dems and the Left at a visceral level for understandable reasons] would love to hang the Dems literally, or stand them to a wall literally. [should mention here that as a member of our extended security organs [milit@ry] there really isn’t a difference between the police and the milit@ry, same people…same families]. Please note this is the blunt force trauma security organs, as opposed to the lawyers that gave Trump so much trouble. It was the lawyers and the political appointees, not actual field people that pushed impeachment.

    3] Still worse: they cannot even relent but must increase markedly every thing they did in 2020 until final victory and the utter defeat or extinction of any potential opposition – or in their view, and it’s probably correct: They really will be hanging from nooses. Remember the person who said that knew best what they and she had done.

    They must continue the Annus mirabilis of 2020 until all resistance is crushed…and let us again note that in a Federated system such as ours there’s so much inertial resistance as to make this a long, slow, terrible process.

  7. Wow, seems like you really have to be careful talking about the Small Hatters here. Just had another comment go into the “bit bucket”! I was just mentioning how Rick Santelli (CNBC) went off on Andrew Whathisname and Steve Leisman. Joe Kernen got Rick started, though. But I used a couple of other descriptive terms (nothing derogatory) in my previous comment, which appears to have triggered something. It was either deleted or sent to purgatory! What a country!! Even here you can’t speak your mind.

  8. As Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) has stated, and I’m paraphrasing … “If the Republican observers were kicked out during ballot counting, then that’s all the fraud proof that we need … it should all be thrown out on that basis alone.” (Me talking now) I agree … we don’t need to get into the weeds and confuse people. I mean, the video in Georgia of the observers leaving due to a false water main break, and then the ballot counters pulling suitcases (they had handles on them) out from under the table should be enough to investigate everything in Georgia.

    • I’ve read several of the many affidavits, all of which are sworn under penalty of perjury. The Fraud was comprehensive brute force hack with paper, people and programs such as Dominion, and as Z pointed out weeks ago they are rubbing our faces in it.

      The election could be tossed in 28 states because of Dominion software issues such as Ranked Choice Voting [operator pick wins], could be tossed in the swing states because of paper and people fraud, etc. This will not happen.

      So lets stop asking ourselves what they did, we knew that by 0400 on Nov 4th. Lets ask ourselves what can they do next, what must they do to survive their choice to steal the election, and what can we do to survive them?

  9. Just saw a video excerpt on Gab where Rick Santelli just goes off on Andrew Jewish-Guy, and Steve Liesmen (spelling?) … Joe Kernen (spelling?) kind of got Rick Santelli started, but that’s pretty easy to do. But, there is was, two Goys at odds with the two Jews … every.single.time.

  10. Almost certainly the Democrats will steal the Georgia elections with the connivance of the Republican state officials. Who HATE HATE HATE Trump more than anti-Fa. BUT its not set in stone, and there are good reasons to vote for the otherwise awful candidates.
    One, the vote stealing could get sloppy and not be enough, two Biden’s people might prefer the Senate not in their hands to get one with urgent business — looting the treasury not SJW stuff which they don’t care about. Three, the energy and auto industries could be scared by a Dem Senate and put pressure to have divided government to keep the crazies at bay.
    Biden is … technically dead and Weekend at Biden’s scares people. Because while Harris is the cats-paw of the Silicon Valley oligarchs those dudes are mostly non-White and aligned with China. The Auto, Energy, Agricultural, and Retail industries fear a never-ending lockdown* and “green” BS from a Dem Senate too.
    *The lockdown in California has generated widespread disgust and open defiance. Newsom has seen county after county tell him they won’t arrest people unlike the first lockdown. Even the local news is negative. Lockdowns are a Dem policy because Trump opposed them. Right now Mitt Romney and Lindsay Graham are strutting around saying its their party. That can change, not the least of which is that the Dem party is very much no White men need apply least of all ambitious young or not so young White men. The impact of the lockdowns and local resistance should not be underestimated.
    Tactically, its better to offer a fighting retreat than surrender. Make the enemy expend time, money, and resources at least.

    • oh noooeesss, who will let in all the hindus, if we don’t have a gop senate?! guffaw who cares what the puppet’s name is, once you learn they are a puppet. no, the smart play now is to not vote at all, until a new party arises. let the wannabe heroes keep hitting the bar hoping for a pellet (why do you think they call him cocaine mitch?)…

  11. Re-reading the blog post, I miss the big energy of 2016. The flight 93 article was a powerful one that I sent to friends and family to get political for the first time in their lives. I remember cucks getting pressured or resigning in 2016-2018. Maybe it was fake but it felt like true populist uprising on the upswing and it was truly interesting to see people flail against it unsuccessfully. Say what you will but two of the largest political dynasties got shattered.

    Conversely, now we’re being told we have to vote and donate to these cuckservatives in Georgia or else Pelosi and AOC will run America. We’re seeing some pushback but for the most part the energy of 2020 is virtually indistinguishable from 2012 when it felt like all was lost and in the eyes of some, lost for good.

    Just missing the fun energy and potential that 2015-2018 had.

  12. Andrew Anglin (Daily Stormer) cited Zman in his column today. I sense that AA is considered to be alittle sketchy in some DR circles, but a lot of what he says seems pretty spot-on. I also recommend Real Jew News (Nathan Somebody). He’s a Messianic Jew and calls people out … he doesn’t seem to be controlled opposition. But he is quite colorful n his schtik might irk some people.

  13. Every major hoax perpetrated against this country … racial equality, feminism, gay rights, anti-patriotism, systemic whatever, immigration (diversity is our strength), COVID, denying election fraud, etc., … has been very over-represented by the 2%. As a result, China will be eating our lunch and popping the bag! Maybe that’s part of the plan??

    • Should have been done in early 2017 as part of following up on his campaign promise to drain the swamp. In December 2020 it’s too little, too late.

  14. There’s been a concerted effort by that faction to destroy the historical cultural fabric of this country since the 1960s … I just don’t know why this is not obvious to everyone.

  15. We go on and on about all of the symptoms but we don’t talk enough about the root cause. It’s the 98/2 rule … 98% of our problems are caused by 2% of the population … that is, of course, something of an exaggeration, but you get the point. That’s the national divorce that’s needed.

  16. I got interested in politics during the hostage crisis in 79. Over the decades I watched as the GOP begged people to vote for them. We gave them everything they wanted and yet things kept getting worse for us. We got more illegal immigration, rotten trade deals that benefited the super rich, we lost the culture war, a dying middle-class. A system rigged against the ordinary American. Lots of s senseless wars that cost us trillions. We saw the GOP was only interested in giving tax breaks to the rich and corporations.even as they curbed stomped the American worker.
    Now we see in GA the GOP turning on Trump and his base for opposing crooked elections.
    The GOP deserves to die.

  17. Regardless, the only way forward is for people to abandon the GOP entirely and let them sink into obscurity.
    Ok, what is “forward”? What happens after the collapse of the GOP that makes it a desirable goal?
    I don’t hold any brief for the GOP, but as I think we already all agree that we can’t vote our way out of this mess anyway, whether the GOP – or any other party – survives or not doesn’t seem to make a good deal of difference.

    • for a start, the dems won’t be able to blame anyone when their various schemes collapse. for another, it creates space for a new party. and finally, they just deserve to die – which is reason enough.

      • The problem with just letting it die is that the new party will be composed of the same elements as the old one. The Republicans themselves were not a radical departure from the Whigs they replaced.

        Alternatively, you end up splintering the right into several smaller minor parties. At which point you’ve given up on having any national influence.

        • Why is anyone talking about parties?
          You mean like…elections?
          Was that back in the days when they had churches Grandpa?

      • F— the GOP.
        But don’t delude yourself that Dem failures will create space for another party LOLZ.
        The Dem failures aren’t ‘failures.’
        They’ve crushed or intimidated, bribed their opposition, they now openly steal any office they like, rule the courts, the media acts as their retarded STASI, the small businessman has been crushed, the oligarchs are richer, we openly submit to face diapers, the churches are closed or begging to be let open.
        What failures? Everything they do accrues to their power and wealth and we flee or submit. That is not failure.
        As for this other party you mention – was it going to stand for elections and get voted in?
        Sir, stop deluding yourself about elections, laws…Constitutions…good grief.

  18. Yes, but.
    Politics is downstream from culture is downstream from religion is downstream from “the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.”
    And we haven’t really even started on the post-“reason and logic” “meaning of life” yet. That’s why the Republican Party has been the Outer Party since forever.

  19. Zman, you’re 100% right about the GOP as a whole—it’s useless and deserves to die. But what about the few brave, sincere individuals within it—should we support them? Also, walking away is only half the battle. whether we vote or not, we need to build some alternative political vessel, like a grassroots network of national populist cells who could field their own candidates. The history of third parties in the US isn’t encouraging, but right now enough people may be sufficiently fed up to make one viable.

    • “The history of third parties in the US isn’t encouraging, but right now enough people may be sufficiently fed up to make one viable.”

      You still think voting is the answer? You still think that if we can only get the right politicians in, everything will be fine.

      We are doomed by the Legions of people like you who cannot draw meaningful inferences. All of this has been obvious since Waco, but Legion still cannot understand.

    • you mean “good republican” like the supposed “good nazis”? maybe if one of these guys ever spilled the beans on the whole shit show and then resigned, i might consider supporting them…if they run 3rd party.

  20. divided government is good for my 401k and to loosely quote mark steyn, an empire in decline can be a very pleasant place to live.

  21. The Republicans just unanimously voted to give tech jobs to Indians instead of Americans in order to help the one industry in this country most committed to the erasure of the US as a sovereign, European based nation.

    They always come together as a party when it comes to defending the desires of their true masters.

  22. Most Republicans won’t abandon the party because most people want a team to root for no matter the issue. However, we may find that the gop is a minority sooner rather than later because people no longer care

    • Republicans or GOP, whatever you want to call them, they’re purpose is to lose every time … they’re controlled opposition … the other side of the kosher sandwich. It feels like we’re back to the Tea Party, but it was hi-jacked and subverted by the Usual Suspects and is now defunct. They do it Every.Single.Time. Start a new party and the cockroaches will come in. They’re probably trying to infiltrate the AF movement that Nick Fuentes is leading right now. He better be watching for (((them))).

    • I’m done with anything Republican. If Biden hangs on, I don’t see myself voting again unless something yuge happens … yes, I mean Martial Law. I’m not going to humiliate myself by standing in line for a ruse. This is the Rubicon … there’s no going back if Biden is Prez. “National Divorce” is fanciful, but does anyone think that a semi-Communist, Jew-ran government, is going to allow it?? In the succinct words of our Prez-Elect, “C’mon man!”.

  23. The GOP has doomed itself to go down the same deain they sent the Whigs, and for pretty much the same reasons.

  24. America has ONE political party….the JANUS party. A TWO FACED party. And the reason we need to vote for the GOP side onfthe coin is because there is no realistic alternative. There is no third party alternative that has any chance at accomplishing anything and the alternative to NOT voting for the stupid elephants allows the CRIMINAL communists posing as Dems access to power. And THEY are distilled evil seeking to destroy America and enslave us. Shitty choice but realistically it’s the only peaceful choice we’ve had. The only other alternative to the current paradigm is war……ugly, nasty civil war.

    • Use to be my sentiment, but maybe a no vote is a vote FOR something after all. I have voted for my entire adult life, maybe I;ll take a break for the 2nd half!

  25. As an after thought to my message below, walk away from the Republican Party and let the Dems open our southern border from hundreds of thousands of immigrants with no education and no skills to flood the country. Dems are running out of white people to vote for them, so they are looking south.

    Sure, walk away from the Republican Party and let China eat our lunch even more.

    Sure, walk away from the Republican Party and let Perdue and Loeffler go down and flames, and, with the new Democrat majority in the Senate, let them make D.C. and Puerto Rico new states. After that Dems will never be defeated in the lifetimes of most people reading this.

    This ‘idea is either insanity or mental masturbation.

    • The Republicans have worked to keep all borders open because that what ag lobbyists and the Chamber of Commerce pay them to do.

      • And any minute now those hordes of Central Americans and Caribbean islanders are going to majority vote for the Republicans! Hell, immigrants are more American than we are!

    • Senator Mike Lee of Utah is creating new legislation to allow companies to provide more green cards to foreign workers. Supposed to favor Indians in some way. It will pass the Senate with Unanimous Consent (UC) if no other Senator objects … and no one is objecting. Yayy! … that’s exactly what we need … more foreigners who could give a rat’s ass about this country. Wonder if this has anything to do with that new Indian VP-Elect and her (((husband))). Every single time.

  26. What an absolutely steaming crock.
    Sure, walk away from the Republican Party and let the Dems pack the Supreme Court with liberal activists.
    Sure, walk away from the Republican Party and let the Dems gut the 2nd Amendment.
    Sure, walk away from the Republican Party and let the Dems gut the military.
    Sure, walk away from the Republican Party and let the Dems do away with the filibuster and then run wild in Washington.
    Sure, walk away from the Republican Party and let the Dems spend the money on new welfare hand outs for the inner city.
    I could keep typing but I have always heard that it is pointless to try to teach a pig to sing. I would be wasting my time and will only annoy the pigs out there.

    • Nonsense, the entire point of the commentary is that is doesn’t mean a hill of beans whether or not you vote, when the process is corrupt and the voting is rigged. You assume the game is fair and that not voting is to allow the opposition to win. The game is not fair. You can’t win, you can’t break even, and soon you’ll not even be allowed to quit. Your one chance to make a point in this shitshow is to withdrawn your support, i.e, your vote.

      Keep on voting. It took me the better part of 50 yers to discover, it did me no good. Hopefully, you’ll catch wise sooner than I.

      • If Joe Biden and a Democrat Congress succeeds in banning categories of firearms,
        If Joe Biden and a Democrat Congress succeeds in packing the Supreme Court,
        If Joe Biden and a Democrat Congress impose Obama-era budgetary cuts for the military,
        If Joe Biden and a Democrat Congress grant statehood to Puerto Rico and D.C.,
        If Joe Biden and a Democrat Congress gut fracking,
        If Joe Biden and a Democrat Congress open the border and welcome hundreds of thousands of ignorant, uneducated, and unskilled Central Americans into the country (and into the Democrat Party),
        If Joe Biden and a Democrat Congress remove the tariffs on Chinese imports,
        I will wait and let you try to explain why voting doesn’t matter. So far all you have given me is pompous conclusions with no factual support.
        You must be a Libertarian. In your mind you are just too pure and principled to engage in fray. That is just the way that Democrats like it.

        • It has nothing to do with libertarianism or principles. The GOP proved its uselessness in 2017/2018 when they held both houses of Congess all they accomplished was to sabotage the president. They did not do one thing they had promised for years to do if they got into power again.

        • Literally, the best case scenario for us is if the Dems do exactly as you have prophesized. This will bring real pain and hardship, which is the only antidote for the affluence-driven sleepwalking that currently locks us into docile sheeple mode. Once middle America actually experiences the boot of tyranny will they wake up, rise up, and tangibly fight back. The illusion of voting is the elixir of false hope (Soma for the masses) that prevents us from seeing reality as it is, and not the wishful thinking of a lazy mind.

        • why don’t you stop sucking dick for a month, and see if your view on things doesn’t change?

      • im tending to agree more and more. Also, were’t we told that there were Whites who had never voted, or rarely voted, who were inspired by trump to vote for the first time? Maybe thats the attitude to have:

        Not vote until there is some one to vote for

        • No, don’t vote until the process for balloting is cleaned up. Why is this so hard for some here to understand?

          I’ve never said that because my candidate did not win, I’m quitting the game. I said, and as I believe Z-man has said, that the current election process is a fraud.

          If the two candidates are twiddle dee and twiddle dum, then perhaps the your vote will be determinative, but meaningless. If your candidate is not acceptable to TPTB, the vote will be blatantly undermined as we saw in this last election. As has been noted, they’re not even trying hard to cover the fraud up—that’s how bad the situation is.

          In the case of a corrupt voting process, the only alternative one has is to withdraw one’s participation and thereby consent to the process—and that’s what I’m doing.

          Want me I return to he game, fix the voting process *first*!

    • So you are opting for the slow death option. It may be time to consider something radical. The Republicans are the gimpy sister to the Democrats… they just limp behind them by about 10 years. Same racetrack.

    • where is scotus when the election is stolen? or the military? or any institution or group that supposedly is meant to uphold the constitution? so what if the dems “get control” of the few levers they don’t already control? the system is in a state of collapse no matter who sits in the big seat…

      • I can understand this sentiment. The one small bit of solace that I can take from Biden gaining office is that it really doesn’t matter that much who’s Prez … there are others who are really in control. But then that helps me to understand why Trump was not able to do some things that he wanted to do. But I do think that he helped to hold back the worst of it. When he’s gone, there’s no resistance. If Trump is on our side, I hope that he has enough military support to declare Martial Law and seize control … that’s where we’re at now.

    • And you will obey all of it, every bit.

      Please, wear your mask at home when you socially distance during dinner, Survivormann.

    • There are 2 possible outcomes here … #1) Biden hangs on, and #2) Trump prevails. If Biden hangs on to this election, then I’m burning my Voter Registration card. If Trump prevails, then, hopefully he goes full Abe Lincoln, declares Martial Law, and writes arrest orders, like Abe Lincoln did, to take care of the (((troublemakers))) and their accomplices. We create laws that limit commerce with the (((troublemakers))) and remove their citizenship. We then prevent women from voting, and do the true Great Reset back to our former glory. Oh yeah, turn-over Roe v. Wade, too. I’m totally not kidding.

  27. Has anyone else noticed the extreme dichotomy of belief on this issue of voting for RINOs endlessly. The wise and sane have seen the light and physically shutter and retch at the thought of voting R once again. Conversely, people like Bongino will come to your house and beat you to death if you fail to vote R in the upcoming Georgia senate election theft. There is no common ground (or common sense) that can now unite these two disparate cohorts of the electorate. I pray that the Ds steal this state election by 100+ million votes.

    • let Bogino win elections without me. if it was really so important, he would start shooting people.

  28. Clinton left the Reagan tax cuts alone, while Bush raised taxes lol. Bush was pretty bad. We do need a new breed of conservative politicians and I thought 4 years of Trump would have facilitated that to some extent. I guess not.

  29. Great post. Last month I was BSing with some normiecons who were certain the real solution was moving further to the left and embracing even more based minorities. I broke from the normie facade and asked what is the purpose of conservatives who don’t conserve anything. They were unfazed and said the reason was ownin’ da libs.

    To many normiecons, beating Team Blue is their only real stance they take seriously. I suspect this is the case for a large chunk of voters because team blue represents so many things and people they don’t like that they don’t care how awful team red is. So they will keep voting for their demise because it’s the team that’s not AOC, Hillary, or the catlady HR analyst who shrieks in horror that someone isn’t properly socially distanced.

    Its why I’m very cautiously optimistic with what I’m seeing referenced here. If Boomerbart is starting to reject red vs blue politics it’s a good start; now we just need the viable third option and that’s not libertarianism or the national justice party. If there’s a need, one will form.

  30. There are a surprising number of commenters here who can’t seem to fathom doing anything other than continuing to vote GOP.

    This only shows how far the dissident right has to go if even some commenters on this site—who already know more than GOP normies—still can’t fathom doing anything other than voting.

    I mean, look at Lawnerd’s rationalizations. If this is the state of dissidents, we are a sorry bunch indeed. The first step in learning how to do our own thing is to dump the GOP.

    • Meh. I’m not going to dump on them that wanna vote still. Fine. Do so, for all the good it will do. There were those here that promoted not voting for Trump because he wasn’t really… Our guy. But, so many voted for him that the fix is glaring to all. If you want to vote, go ahead, just please start keeping track how much those Republicans actually conserve, actually cave, and actually enrich themselves. You should have been doing this already, but I understand some folks are kind of slow and can’t let go of shibboleths.

    • They aren’t regular readers. The Indian Comment Factory has been fired up again by National Review.

    • Lawnerd is a pussy and a cuck. He probably has a fat girl friend who smells like old grease. Fuck him and all the little white gloved conservatives he represents…

  31. Sorry, can’t ignore this vote. If the D’s win and pack the StCourt we will be f*cked. Zman your website will be considered Hate Speech and shut down or worse. Forget about your ARs as liberal judges will rule that 2nd amendment means the government can have a militia.

  32. I have a Pavlonian response after reading your columns where I check freedommunitions. com to buy (or try to buy) more ammo. With shipping, remanufactured .556 defensive rounds are now pushing $1.00 a shot. Price has doubled since this spring. You should be getting a commission.

    • Queen Ann says a lot of things. She told us Mitt Romney was the next Reagan. She thought that slob from New Jersey was the answer.

      • Lord she slobbered over Mitt. I listened to her one morning on talk radio and thought she would slide off the chair. She has a posse of gays with which she keeps court and will put up with being sadistically savaged in person/publicly by leftie notables… as long as they are paying attention to her. That is either insane or duplicitous. Either way, beware.

      • Go easy on Ann. Mitt fooled a lot of people. He was the original Proteus, a smooth, slick, successful, handsome, articulate businessman. Unfortunately he was a phony. To Ann’s credit, she has been one of our strongest, loudest, courageous advocates for immigration control.

    • Lord have mercy! Ann’s unicorn hypergamy, Kundalini Gone Wild, is always rode hard and put away wet.

  33. Republican’s voters are Dale Gribble. Republican politicans are a gay Johnny Redcorn. Everybody knows what’s going on. The only question is, is Dale just ignoring all this because he doesn’t want to bother resetting his life, or does he really not see it?

  34. Clinton started the business of pointless wars with Serbia, which cleared the war for sh!t like Iraq. His support for a balanced budget, criminal reform etc., only came into existence when the Republicans seized both houses of Congress in 1994. Clinton himself bitched that he had been turned into an Eisenhower Republican.
    It was the end of the Cold War and economic restructuring of the 1980s that resulted in the prosperous 1990s.
    Didn’t take long to screw that up…

    • How soon they forget. Clinton followed Bush the Wrinkled who had two jolly little adventures in Panama and Iraq. He, of course was following the example of Ronnie and his invasion of the existential threat that was Grenada.

      • Bile,

        Grenada was an existential threat. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t have sent Clint Eastwood there.

  35. Indeed, what is to be done?

    One thing I know for certain, nothing is changed by following the rules laid down by your opponent. I would suggest people start small in their own lives, in their own homes. Reduce your debt, buy from trusted local merchants, educate your children in the fashion you see fit. Educate yourself, learn to be more productive for yourself and your family only. Think local, act local, and stay local.

    They are all good first steps.

    • Another very important step for dissidents is to stop avoiding jury duty. That’s one place where a single individual can make a big difference. Especially today with political and racial prosecution on the horizon. Get on juries by hook or crook and vote your race and political identity.

      You just might save some poor white’s life from being ruined by a woke prosecutor.

  36. “Spending skyrocketed, we got two pointless wars of choice on behalf of unnamed people working for an unnamed country and they added the foundations of a police state for good measure.”

    Open borders too, and lectures about our moral failings for not liking it. That said, I never got why Bush made the left so crazy. His ideological godfathers were LBJ and Nixon, not Reagan, and his overt piety and sanctimoniousness was borrowed from the Jimmy Carter playbook.

    • Reagan wasn’t sanctimonious and open borders? Even his Challenger speech was overrated. Just another con man in a dogshit brown suit who was selling out the white middle class. The rot just wasn’t seen yet outside the rustbelt states.

      • I struggle with this take because Reagan did give some great speeches.

        However, when one looks at Reagan’s record on immigration and gun control, it’s pretty disappointing.

        I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because Reagan did spend a large portion of his life as a Democrat.

    • Reagan got the Amnesty ball rolling. Bush-the-elder doubled legal immigration, created H-1B and OPT out of thin air and lost his reelection bid. Back then they felt the need to pretend that after this latest amnesty, enforcement was coming. Pinky swear. They don’t even pretend anymore.

  37. This is the post of the year on the Z Blog. Once again, Z Man tells people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. I’m tired of the “but the Democrats are so much worse” or “we need to buy time” arguments from battered GOP housewives.

    Again, we heard the cry from Republicans that the only way to stop the bogeyman from putting socialisms on you was to vote for them so they could stop the socialisms.

    I’d go even further and say, bring on the socialism! Someone on Twitter pointed out that Republicans already dole out socialism to everyone except working white people. They eagerly print and shovel money at corporations, Wall Street bankers, military contractors, Israel and nonwhites, but when ordinary white people ask for some meager slops, suddenly that’s when the GOP insists on bootstrapping and frugality. Fuck you, GOP.

    White people need to learn to say gibsmedat. There is no relationship between tax revenue and the money that is printed and shoveled at corporations, banks and nonwhites. If they get to have socialism, we get to have it too.

    We’re in the looting stage of a dying empire. America is like a Target in Philadelphia or a Walgreens in San Francisco: the GOP’s corporate welfare dependents and nonwhites are stealing everything that isn’t nailed down. Omar’s extended family is milking the welfare system of Minnesota dry. Perdue and Loeffler got rich off insider trading for crissakes, then proposed gibs for nonwhites—just like Trump—and now have the nerve to ask poor white Georgians for their votes. The GOP just voted for more visa displacement of white people, meanwhile the other day the Full Haus podcast shared incidents of white men being laid off under corona to explicitly save those dwindling spots for women and POX. (One incident: “Tell your friend not to waste time reapplying; HR says they’re only considering resumes from women and POX right now.”)

    The GOP has conned white people into self-imposed frugality long enough. White people have been crippled on the GOP plantation far worse than blacks on any Democrat plantation, who actually got gibs for their loyalty. We need to learn to demand gibs and loot everything that isn’t nailed down, just like everyone else is doing.

    • Beautiful rant, and true. White people have to get over their ‘principles’ and ‘doing the right thing.’ America has been a dead man walking for years. Social trust and community capital are things for homogeneous societies, not a maggot-ridden corpse. We are the suckers if we don’t try to get what we can of what’s left and use it for our own people.

    • We’ve had socialisms for the very rich and very poor since I’ve been alive, and dog-eat-dog capitalism for the working- and middle- classes. If bailouts were justified, they should have come with massive strings attached to the benefit of the average American working stiff taxpayer.

  38. Unicorn hypergamy picks up the scent of dead men walking, the herd constellates, the stampede ensues. Gird your loins and prepare for the sh😶t test of the century.

  39. Mark Twain said it best-over 100 years ago:
    1)”If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”
    2)”There is no distinctly criminal class in America, except congress”

  40. The idea that if Republicans go, then everything will be fine is insane.
    Things can get far, far worse than they are now.
    Just look at England. No right of self defense at all. Muslims gangs can rape your daughter and you have no legal remedy. If you say politically incorrect things online you can go to jail.
    Quitting and accepting defeat is totally cucked up.
    If Zman isn’t fundamentally a cuck then he needs to put forth a better plan to fight back. I don’t see it. Rolling over and letting your enemies have their way with your country is totally cuckery. And it is Godless, demonic.

    Here’s Solzhenitsyn —
    “We should stop complaining that someone is suffocating us. We ourselves are doing it. Let us then bow down even more, let us wail, and out brothers the biologists will help to bring nearer the day when they are able to read our thoughts are worthless and hopeless.

    And if we get cold feet, even taking this step, then we are worthless and hopeless, and the scorn of Pushkin should be directed to us:

    Why should cattle have the gifts of freedom?
    Their heritage from generation to generation is the belled yoke and the lash.

    • Correct.
      Sure, dissident – walk away. That’ll learn ’em real good, won’t it. Just an offhand question though – what will you do once you ‘walk away’?
      When the left wins, you go from getting socialisms in a trickle to getting it in a torrent. I love the dissidents, but this is where they fall flat on their face. They have no plan whatsoever in moving forward. They are as nebulous and wishy-washy as Conservative Inc.
      I get it. The players are corrupt, and the game is rigged. What do we do to change the game? Because, without a game plan…you have nothing.

    • The idea that if Republicans go, then everything will be fine is insane.

      No one is saying that, so please restart your brain addressing what is being said, rather than what you wish was said.

        • Z’s plan is to lay low and build slow. All of you know this by now. But like children you keep asking the same question hoping you’ll force a different answer. Instead of continuing to ask, you should just state: “I have no patience for that. I want it fixed now!” Remember to stomp your feet as you type it.

          • That is a childish, deflecting reply. However, why lay out your plans for the enemy to stay two steps ahead? Our enemy knows us better than we do, so the only answer in an “anti fragile” system such as they have now developed, is the absolutely unplanned-for, perhaps organic, unthinkable response?

          • Building a infrastructure can only be done in a supportive environment something that is impossible under a regime of maniacs who hate our guts.

        • Maybe it is not the Z man’s job to come up with a plan. Maybe we should use a little personal responsibility and have our own plan. I have one you can too.

          • Nonsense.
            If you want me to join you in walking away from the game, you’d better have an alternative. If you want a voice in what comes next – you have to have something other than a shrug.
            I was afraid of this. Normies are coming out of hibernation, and all we can do is bitch about what happened while they slept…

          • I did not ask you to join anything. I said it is everyone’s job to take personal responsibility. I not walking away from anything. These bastards have been screwing us for decades. Since you do not know how I conduct myself you might show a little restraint. Yes we have trouble, but It may be less than helpful to mount that horse of superiority prematurely until you articulate your plan or reread what I wrote.

          • You sir are a gentleman and like you I am disappointed and worried. My plan involves taking my responsibility for my part of this mess. I make a real effort not to be helpful to those who wish me dead. You do not have to blow up the train to make it stop just stop lubricating it. Money is the 90 weight of much of this crap. If 70 million people that voted for trump stop going to a popular coffee shop they would not be wearing BLM tee shirts. I do not know what the future holds but I know they are addicted to money I try to step on every cent they get from me. Do what you can take care of your family and know you are not alone.

          • Well, that part of it, you could add football games, restaurants, school levy’s, property taxes etc, etc. How about pay off all of your debt. Or sit on our ass and do nothing. We lost and are in real trouble, you can blame who you want. I am going out of my way to Resist as often as I can.
            You can make fun of me but government really likes sales taxes. Maybe its a fools errand or may 70 plus million people can and will get their attention if they worked together a little. Voting did not work, maybe we should try something else. Got any good ideas?

          • Not a bad start, Jimmy. Getting your own house in order is a good place to begin. We must go further. Support white leaning organizations. Home school or challenge school boards. Sow distrust. Encourage Our boys to not opt for the military. Undermine and ostracize the woke in your neighborhood. Build community. Help Our people. Increase the pressure from embargoes to walkouts to whiteouts.

          • Exactly,but informed people need to point us in the right direction. I feel like a horses ass for supporting the NRA, big Wayne cannot find a suit in NY has to fly to LA.
            Causes that spend 90% on the cause not the management. We are in such a bad place of very little trust it is hard to get traction. That why I personally am an army of one till I find something worth following.
            We all can’t go to Montana, we might have to dig the fox hole where we are. There are so many bright people out there, when we stop looking back and stop blaming, maybe we can take back some of what we have lost.

          • At this point we are too atomized and are at a bottleneck w/regards to tech and media. Nothing happens quickly… until it does and we rarely see it coming. Don’t be an army of one, be self-sufficient as possible, but you must begin to reach out. You’ll run into flak, resistance and pushback. And you’ll also start to form community. Be an asset to your race. Find where you can be of help and where you can be an exemplar to others. We may get leaders at some point, and they probably won’t fit the exact bill you are looking for. Our litmus test must be simple: are they moving Our people in the right direction.. toward unity and self awareness? Have faith and patience, Brother.

          • The D.R. and rest of the actual Right is made up of too damn many individualists and too comfortable people. The very idea of what it will take to rid of this evil terrifies them.
            A quarter of so called Conservatives are Grima Wormtounge (Just vote Republican we’ll be fine) others are , another chunk are Denethor, made weak by comfort , memories and an easy life and the rest are just scared.
            We need more fighters who answer the call not by going Leeroy Jenkins but by building the idea that its not politics as usual but Freedom or Slavery.
            Lineman’s community building is a part and fine one, he’s a fighter but its beyond that. Its many communities organized against the evil that is globalism.

          • Keep playing the game, then. There are millions of fools who cannot be reasoned with; one more or less will make no difference.

            Vote harder!!

        • What is your ‘plan’ after voting repuke for decades has conserved NOTHING and has put the Dems in total control? Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results.

          • Given that elections including primaries don’t yield results do to corruption the only other options are BOHICA or Boog.
            I can’t blade anyone for being reluctant about the later.

          • Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results.

            so is practice

            If MJ had the dissident right’s ethos he would have quit basketball at 8yo when he missed two jump shots in a row.

          • We can do nothing on our own, even if we take “responsibility” which is no more than realising we have been complicit in this mess. The only way is “united” and not in the Biden/Globosystem sense. We need to have some way of recognising each other and being safe in a strong group that has a single mind – our survival. Our enemy knows this which is why they have spent decades undermining our families, our common identity, our religion, our celebrations, our government, our legal system, our entertainment, our education, our jobs, our way of life, our connection with the land. We helped them. Step one, we stop helping them do this.

      • What Zman is saying is Republicans losing forces them to change and address what they always ignore. Even Trickle down economics was said the GOP would stop if they lost some big national defeat. They need tough love to get better.

        • Helios is right, The Establishment Republicans don’t care if they lose so long as they can loot.
          The establishment must be replaced with incorruptible ideologues with our views or something close to them.
          If they can’t do to corruption and note legal or not money as speech is corruption than the system itself must be repudiated,
          This is hard for Conservative people to swallow but they are getting the red pill jammed down their throat bit by bit.
          Once that’s done, take power, use power and build the nation you want.A Whiter, Righter, Brighter future.

    • advocating for the party of cucking (GOP) kind of makes you the cuck, doesn’t it? Le Grande Cuque (in French)…

    • Ridding ourselves of the traitors IS the first and essential step that must be taken in order to fight back effectively. The reconquista is a process, not an event.

    • What would happen to you if you raised the topic of interracial crime stats,especially rape, in public and in front of some GOPe politician?
      Critical Race theory, Affirmative Action, Disparate Impact,BLM all began in the US. England’s cities weren’t being burnt down for months by BLM/Antifa with the support of local and national politicians. Mandatory racial awareness lessons in companies are a product of the American genius.The explicit calls in public for genociding whites,again,began in the US.
      This idea that the US is some Rightwing paradise versus the Leftist hellholes of Europe is cartoonish. Western countries are all declining but the degeneracy manifests acutely in different ways depending on the country. You’re just some civnat drunk on American Exceptionalism.
      I’m not sure you are aware of how much rape and violence is committed against whites in the US and how much of it goes unpunished. Pity white kids in public schools. If you look at interracial violence the US is worse than Europe -including England. Unless you think murder is less significant than rape!?
      Colin Flaherty is an interesting read, both his books and Twitter timeline.
      This article is intersting:https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/05/the_dishonest_politics_of_interracial_violence.html

      • They don’t care. You are a racist, a bigot, a deplorable etc etc. our enemy sees the race issue as a bludgeon against us, and one ridiculously easy to wield.

      • Trying to persuade the people in power is as useless as arguing with Cthulhu.
        Despite al the clickbait about Ben Shapiro demolishes X with facts and logic, its all B.S.
        Power and ststus are more addictive than Oxy , its not going to work. They have to be replaced and if the system is too corrupt to work than BOHICA or Boog your choice.

    • Civic nationalists who believe that voting is a form of meaningful political action in a system such as this is just…
      What kind of a cuck believes that the people who literally bent the knee to BLM are going to do anything for you just because you VOTED?
      Why it’s exactly the same as crosiing the Delaware at Christmas.
      Muscular voting for globalists will save the day.

    • That may be true, but then insanity is also repeating the same actions and expecting a different result. Where has repeatedly voting GOP gotten conservatives? To this point, that’s where. And it’s always the same argument: Next time, we’ll get REAL conservatives in. Like Eyepatch!

  41. The last thing Assange tweeted out before he was taken down is this:


    No one in mass media writes about the CFR anymore but they were the primary target of the John Birch society, and the CFR controls foreign policy to this day. That video where Biden bragged about getting the Burisma prosecutor fired? That was at a CFR event. Behind the CFR is the big banks – JPMorgan and Citibank – that control the Federal reserve.

    The intelligence agencies are rightly called the deep state, but the core of the deep state is the big banks. philosophically their biggest sin is fractional reserve banking, which is always prone to failure and always requires a sucker – the public – to bail them out.

    The whole system is rotten and needs to be torn down. Usury is a sin for a reason.

    If you get a chance, read The Shadows of Power by James Perloff. It is extensively documented and the logic in it is air tight. Written in the 1980s, it is as relevant now as it was then.

    There is very much an organized conspiracy going on, and it is by a couple of Jewish banking families to create a one world government. America has been too rich compared to other nations to allow it to come about, which is why they have an ongoing war against our country’s wealth.

    • If every nation develops in image of its people, then what is happening now reflects who the current elites are and it seems they think the ideal society should be urban, rootless, anonymous, selfish, isolated and paranoid. Just “healing the world” I suppose.

    • Fuuuudddgggeee..another book?

      Why not? I’m on so many “forbidden book” lists by now it’s not even funny.

      ”Camp of the Saints” for sale on Vdare for $150+. Bought it years ago for $15-ish. Should be equally cheap with on demand publishing.

      Want to know what the “banned” books are? Look for hard copy books that are $$$. That’s the source for forbidden ideas. It’s not “Mein Kamph”, “The Communist Manifesto”, or Mao’s “Little Red Book”. It’s stuff like this.

      This what your rulers fear.

  42. Trump always faced an uphill battle. I for one am grateful for all we got from him. Superhuman, really. He rode a bucking bronco for longer than anyone expected. He showed people how to fight against the odds. Has anyone learned anything?
    “Walk away” to what?
    “Regardless, the only way forward is for people to abandon the GOP entirely and let them sink into obscurity. ”
    This seems about as well thought out as the Antifa plan. Wreck everything and then the promised land will emerge.
    Burn it all down and then what? Wait for a savior? Kill yourself? This defeatism is pure cuckery. If I die, I would rather die on my feet than on my knees. The Repubs fight for us a lot of the time and give us some victories and a lot of decent defenses. The Dems are eliminationist toward us. This isn’t hard.
    Republicans gave us three conservative justices, decent border protection, protect the first and second amendments and supported the president the majority of the time. They wanted us to have freedom while the left wanted everyone but criminals locked in their homes.
    The Democrats are dead set on destroying speech rights, prosecute reasonable Second Amendment defense, and wish us harm. They prosecute our side for nothing at all and want us to be second class citizens.
    Trump is fighting in Georgia today. He is asking for his supporters help to keep the Senate. He is surely exhausted and has put in orders of magnitude more effort than it is fair to expect.
    The ‘conservative’ voters who won’t fight with him are insane.
    If you think by running from battle you are doing anything but losing, you aren’t seeing the world.
    How many get on the phone and call Republican Senators and Representatives to tell them what to do? How many have formed or even donated to PACs that help steer our side in the direction we want it to go?
    Just acting like a keyboard warrior and expecting a hero to save you when you won’t do the first thing to save yourself is insane.
    Our ancestors faced longer odds but they fought and fought.
    If an intruder wants to hurt your family, you fight however you can. You are a cuck if you acquiesce to your defeat.
    And that is what this is.

    • Trump’s only real or lasting legacy is that he becomes an avatar for the resistance; a sort of rallying cry or totem. It may not be justified based upon his actual real-world achievements but these things seldom are.

      • This is a very important point. Trump’s actual achievements were inadvertent but yuge, among them the illumination of how grubby and corrupt of a shithole the United States is. The failed coup attempt already had many people radicalized and this election theft has thrown fuel on the fire.

      • True. Richard the Lionheart, that most English of heroes, spoke only French and lived in England for only a handful months in his entire life. The reality is less important than the symbolism once time adds patina.

        • well, Britain had territory on the continent, during his reign. Look up who his mother was…

          • Whole mess is confusing isn’t it? Duke of Normandy subject to the King of France but in rivalry, Bretons under Enlish dominion, nobody in the “English” court actually being English or even speaking the language. It’s a fun dive if you like head-scratchers. All I know is Sean Connery (Richard Or’Leon) showing up at the end of Robin Hood talking about kissing the bride in a Scotish brogue probably wasn’t accurate… but was hilarious.

          • There was no Britain back then. Richard was a Plantagenet king, descended from William the Conquerer. He was Norman French, as were the entire ruling class.
            The Plantagenets were constantly fighting with each for territory in France.

          • Norman French is a misnomer. They were Vikings that had lived on the coast of France for a generation or two.

          • True that, I should have said to modern lore. Every Robin Hood movie ever has always made him the noble English king, coming home and setting things to right. Only he never made it home. His corpse did. His body to Anjou and his heart to Normandy. France.

    • Which borders?

      The gop was fighting to not flood the country with 3rd world scab h1b labour, in the middle of an economic pandemic?

      Oh wait…

      • Even if we have all the guns but aren’t hard enough to resist B.A.M.N. and worse aren’t willing to learn to do so in an organized fashion, we deserve what we get.
        The powerful do as they will, the weak suffer as they must.

    • I walked away after GW. I voted in 2000, watched him with his own COVID hoax, and continue to watch after he and ilk murdered 1 million plus Iraqi. Then came Trump, and Trump just gave no shits. No he is not brilliant but he is orders of magnitude better than the what he have had in my lifetime. Yesterday, in public, and again he called out the Gov. of Georgia publicly to do the right thing and at least call the legislature to session to order signature checks. I cannot think of any politician in my lifetime that would be to open, forward and blunt with his own party member. Trump represents incremental progress. He is only a ray of hope and it is only in slight increments can we hope to move forward.

  43. As to the Flight 93 aspects of the recent elections, it’s as if the plane is hijacked, you break into the cockpit, you find the Democrat in the pilot seat flying the plane, and there is the Republican, sitting in the co-pilot seat, doing nothing. He says, yes, it looks bad, but it’s not quite as bad as it looks. He tells you it will all work out, maybe next time for sure, just go back and sit in your seat, and have the stewardess bring you a stiff drink.

    • Alternatively….
      You and your Republican copilot had their throats slit because they were told to “trust the plan”. Then everyone else on board was murdered. 

      That’s it. That’s the Flight 93 story as told by the movie. There’s no happy ending, and the Flight 93 story is worse than you know or I can tell.

      Suffice to say when I saw the Flight 93 movie in the theater (movie used real pilots, real flight attendants, real controllers), I wept like a F-ing child. Anyone who was in commercial aviation on 9/11 would love to tell you more, but can’t.

      R Nader lobbied for years to get enhanced cockpit doors that added $10k to the cost of a $10-$200 million dollar airplane. Airlines balked. Republicans caved.
      No one batted an eye at ongoing trillions spent on foreign wars (murdering millions) or an oppressive surveillance police state. Then let hundreds of thousands of these very fine people of the Religion of Peace into the US
      Team “R” is awful. So is Team “D”. Shame on me for backing Trump, ever…he identified with Team R, which should be unforgivable.

  44. Scaring us with socialism will stop working at some point. The biggest capitalists–Gates, Buffet, Zuckerberg, the Google founders–are all Democrats. The stock market has done quite well since Biden was declared the President elect.
    That said, if I lived in Georgia, I would be voting for the two establishment Republican candidates. Keeping the Senate will keep the Democrats from packing the court and adding two more states. I know we can’t vote our way out of this mess, but we can use voting to slow down the total takeover by the left. 2022 will be a time to elect our type of candidates (remember 2010 and 2014) and then Trump or perhaps somebody more effective can be elected in 2024.

    • Oh, just stop with the useless GOP talking points already. If you lived in Utah, you sound like you would vote to re-elect H1B Lee.
      But you’re in Ohio, so I guess Kasich was your man.
      And 2024 won’t matter if the 2020 fraud is allowed to stand.

    • You’re still singing the same old song, the ‘conservative judges’ will save us. Like Amy Barrett and her Haitian chil’run and feeling ‘devastated’ by black saint whasisname’s death by the popo.

    • The stock market has been kept afloat by constant “injections of liquidity” or, as it’s more properly known “money printer go brrrr.”

      • The stock market will be propped up for a very long time.

        This is because the stock market, and the derivatives based on it are enomous money printers for the elite in their own right.

          • Brother, I figure if a schmuck like me that has has a few classes on probabilities and statistics under his belt can grift a low six-figure living out of the market, people with real capital who focus on this for a living are making millions, possibly billions every day.

  45. “These people did everything they were told, and victory was stolen from them”

    Blatantly stolen! And then told they’re crazy for noticing. It’s like somebody walked into your house, while you’re home and you have cameras, stole a bunch of stuff from you, you called the police, show them the video and they said “Oh no that didn’t happen”.

    I’m not so worried about the jackboots coming down because of too much diversity which will inevitably descend into tribalism. I think its just going to look like a game of whack a mole. Though it’s definitely going to hurt when you get the hammer

  46. The only exception I would recommend is local and state elections , It REALLY matters who your county sheriff and prosecutor are. The primaries are more important than the general election too. but for the house,senate and president, why perpetuate the lie that there is a choice.

    • Correct. It is why the communists now field DA candidates. They know. It is very important to have sheriffs and DA’s who openly despise the federal government.

    • I used to believe that – decades ago. But I quit voting even locally (made a stupid exception in 2016) after every bond issue I voted against won, and every pajeet and Han candidate won, and the idiot White women workers gushed over the black head of the local repukes. Perhaps if you live in a small, rural town, voting might still be useful, but not in the ‘burbs, particularly here in Texas. I despise electoral politics and faux democracy and want it all to burn.

  47. ” socialisms”

    Vintage Z right there.

    I actually could see the State stealing the Georgia run-offs FOR the Republicans to try to prop up the illusion the United States remains a functional democracy. The absolute fear on the faces of GOP leaders, along with all pillars of the State, tells the tale. Most people now realize the United States is an illegitimate, evil regime. There is a possible majority who actively hate the country now. Groups such as the hilariously named Lincoln Project are running commercials on freaking Fox, which has collapsed right along with support for the government, touting the legitimacy of “Biden.” The transparent attempt to fool the rubes shows how blatantly moronic these types are. Their breathtaking stupidity is cause for hope.

    Yes, this is the Flight 93 post-election although there are many, many angry survivors, and they are righteously pissed. The good folks in D.C. better pray there isn’t another 9/11 because it will be greeted with a significant amount of applause from those who they have used like whores.

    • They’re being used like rubes because they are rubes. Half of them decamped to Newsmax, which is a FNC clone, but with different names for the talking heads. And they skew older. Once someone is over 40, he or she is generally locked into place for life, politically speaking. God created grim death to change things up.

      • I’ll have to say some of these types in my circles have been quite radicalized by both the lockdowns and this election theft. And they are a bit on the old side, too.

        • I know a jew in New York, a normiecon ben Shapiro Erick Erickson watcher who suddenly went to 100 since the election and now supports the militias being called out in favour of trump. Idk what that means exactly. But if it’s any indication even milquetoast conservatives are mad as hell

          • The Democrats are catering to various of their pets that despise Israel… Mussies, self-loathing Tribe, and Academics… it scares your New York acquaintance. He’s probably just doing the old “let’s you and him fight ” routine. Never trust anyone who does a 180 overnight. They’re either angling or lunatics.

      • That isn’t true. Most of it is institutional brainwashing/advertising. A lot of young people just reflect the popular politics around them when they are young just to fit in. When I finally embraced my people and understood that their achievements / social structures / boring whitebreadery were a reflection of us I felt a great relief and sense of homecoming. The previous decades of being a stupid, knee jerk, wooly headed “leftist” were shed with ease and relief. The final obstacle, the hardest lie to dislodge was the one about the plucky (almost Christian!) defenders of “democracy” in the Middle East.

    • I made this comment above.

      When Loeffler wins it will be even more proof that elections are entirely fake. Her husband is connected to China and she bought a Mao portrait.

    • I actually could see the State stealing the Georgia run-offs FOR the Republicans to try to prop up the illusion the United States remains a functional democracy.

      Might as well. It’s not as if they would rule any differently.

  48. There’s still a huge amount of denial. Which will be gone by February. We’re used to Hollywood endings. Bruce Willis at the end of Die Hard with the blanket over him and some coffee. That’s not how the world works. The world is more of a European art film with no epilogue. Biden wins…FIN. I’m actually enjoying the torture of the Trumpians. The carefully crafted Fox News matrix is flickering around them. They’re seeing two black cats. Laws of physics being violated. Did Trump sign the Mike Lee half million new pajeet bill? If I could drive to Vegas and put money on that I would. What a nice capstone that would be for that fraudulent administration. As fake as his daughter’s tits.

  49. Exactly. It’s not easy stepping out of the comforts of the GOP and it’s Shaun Hannities and Rush Limbaugh’s. I even like Rush, he is a good guy, but the GOP as constituted now with few exceptions has the mindset of Funeral Directors and Insurance Salesmen.
    And we are going to need Atilla the Hun or Braveheart as we go forward.
    Until we get such men? I am going to withdraw from the theatre.

    • I still have the AM talk radio station on in my car, out of habit. As I drive I hear snippets of Rush Limbaugh, the people filling in for him as he dies, not to mention to little kike Shapiro and the other one Levin. When I was listening to these people in the 90’s, were they saying basically the same thing or has my own mindset changed so radically over the past 20 years that I see through every platitude and lie? Just yesterday the five minutes I heard from the Limbaugh fill in was going on and on about how the Democrats were bullying these women election workers in MI. He went on about the woman aspect. He basically was using the tired Dem misogyny angle. You see how conservatives are just better at empowering women? The whole take on it was mentally ill and completely beside the point. How can anyone root for these losers?

    • What is amazing is how much hatred it has engendered in Normies. I was talking to some very white bread family members last night and they make us here seem quite tame.

    • As a young kid, i had a job i didn’t like. It got worse. I began to hate my job. It took a while to find another, but i did, and i liked my new job. Lesson here. If you want to keep eating, don’t quit your job until you find another.

  50. White people are on the Republican plantation.

    Raffensberger, Kemp, and Loeffler (at least) are crooked.

    The H1B giveaway in the middle of a “pandemic” is the last straw. The era of fighting at the ballot box is over.

    • Mark it: that will be remembered (not reported, but remembered) as one of the greatest political mistakes in history. It was the last straw even for some cucks.

    • Can someone explain to me why Utah isn’t tar and feathering Mike Lee for spearheading the H1B treason?

      Some of the Mormons that I know are civic nationalist universalists and have said to me that we should fill up all the empty spaces in flyover country with people, immigrants presumably. I guess it’s all about more conversions to Christ.

      • And Lee will be reelected. And Romney too. Because the magic LDS de-coder ring will tell them to do it. Because they are that stupid. Half the women in porn are ex-mormons. It’s easy for them as they’re used to getting a load in the mouth from UT politicians all the time.

        • I live amongst the LDS. You are correct about their open border stance.

          That said, other than the Amish, they’re the last remnant of the Olde Worlde in the US that has anything left that approximates real community…pro and con.

          As their primary state (UT) is rapidly being taken over by fleeing Californians, their young men are figuring it out.

          Too little, too late? Probably. Secularism and modern control (internet, mostly) is relentless.

      • Fun fact: If a person converts from: Orthhodox/Anglican/Lutheran//Roman Catholic(prob. others also) to another they don’t have to be re-baptised because It’s considered to be the baptism of Christ. Mormonism is considered a cult and their baptisms aren’t recognized.

      • I used to give Mormons a pass despite their heresy because at least they were white, and more importantly whites that bred. Now, their Councilors (Prophets, Apostles, whatevers) can join the Pope and Southern Baptist Conventioneers in hell.

    • The corruption is aggravating, but the stupid! A smart GOP senate play would have been to rig the vote so that it passed but fell two shy (“missed it by *that* much”). With that unanimous vote they’re basically saying that they don’t even have it in them to try and pretend anymore, which doesn’t seem like a very wise play.

  51. Immigration: the only issue I’ve consistently cared about for 35 years. Democrats are honest about it. They want to replace you. They’re actually honest about their whole platform, and they push it relentlessly.

    Republicans are just awful.

    • Republicans are awful no doubt. But what didn’t happen under Trump is very important. We didn’t get 30 million amnesty that Biden is proposing. For the life of me, I will never understand perfectionists spergs that think since Trump didnt build the wall then the whole presidency was a disaster. Effing spergs. Many comment on this site.

  52. Once again the trope that Clinton created a budget surplus. He did not. Government debt increased very year for the last eighty years.
    The so-called surplus under Clinton was achieved only by lumping together Social Security revenue and payments with government revenue and spending. Federal spending still was larger then federal revenue, but the Social Security revenue excess over SS payments made the combination of the two appear to be a “budget surplus.”

  53. The problem is – in “walking away” – you give the Dems/Left the opening they’ve been waiting for to clamp down, install permanent one party rule, & put their jackboot on the necks of all of us. We all know how radical they’ve become. They were bad before but the advent of Trump really drove them insane.
    Yeah – I get it – the Rep’s are a bunch of cuck, limp-wristed pussies who can’t fight, but freedom lost is seldom ever regained. They’ve denied us the soap box thru social media, denied us the ballot box vis-a-vis a stolen election, all we’re really left with is the cartridge box.
    Guess that’s what it’s coming to?

    • There are a lot of options before the cartridge box. The most basic example is mass civil disobedience. If every restaurant opened tomorrow, good luck closing them all down, regardless of how many guns they have.

      • Chet is right. We have options in the interim. Build optional movements, embrace the persecution, organize disruption, encourage their infighting, and BUILD COMMUNITY.

        Some movie I watched years ago had a rapist telling a woman that she was going to be raped. She could lay back and it could be quick and easy or if she put up a token fight… brutal and protracted. It was creepy and honestly I dont remember what her choice was. Don’t think I finished it.

        At this point, we are going to get raped. “This is going to happen…” is what the villain said. The Left will exhaust themselves. They will leave us energy for revenge. I can’t stomach this slow rape of betrayal the Republicans have perpetrated against us. Creepy lying surrender-monkey f**ks that they are. Acceleration it is.

        • don’t forget priority number # 1. have a family. if you don’t , nothing else matters .Nothing else.

      • Overall, people suffer from “normalcy bias”. You still hear this “after Covid” talk from otherwise sane conservative people. They aren’t familiar enough with totalitarianism to realize that “after Covid” there will be the drumbeat to force the vaccine on us, then the refrain with be “the virus has mutated” (ignoring the fact that viruses ALWAYS mutate). Then there’s Covid-21, 22, and 157…

        Most of us here have been reading about politics and history for years and recognize what’s going on. The average small businessman doesn’t have this background. So there’s still time for a lot of people to get radicalized and start fighting back before going to the cartridge box, especially with the obvious election theft.

        There’s also the fact that SB does not have the special interest groups that big industry has. If they did they could have called emergency meetings at the start of the virus panic and organized resistance against the lockdowns. It is not too late to form such alliances though. Eventually, stationing militia men outside businesses (perhaps with the winking cooperation of red county sheriffs) could begin to spark resistance in less Red areas. This is not exactly the cartridge box but is a big blatant hint in that direction. Eventually you go back to the old default rule that masks are not only not required but forbidden.

        • I live and run a SB in Z-Man’s Lagos on the Chesapeake. While we were shut down for 3 months, we are open now (and barely making it). The funny thing, however, almost ALL of the SB’s in this area are happily WANTING lockdowns. No lie.

          There is a laughable merchant’s association, here, and the leadership actively works to discourage people from coming to the neighborhood to shop…again, no lie. They want everyone to “be safe.” It is really a hard thing to get my head around. My business relies on foot traffic, not Web, so their actions are in direct opposition to my livelihood.

          Thinking that SB’s are all about getting up and making a stand may only hold in true Red areas. In this deep Blue (-haired) zone, it is the direct opposite. Everyone -wants- a face diaper. Everyone -wants- to be spanked and locked down. It is puzzling, for a transplant like me. It is very, very hard, therefore, to build community.

          • This. In the SB restaurants I go to I’ve been unable to squeeze even a guarded criticism of the lockdowns out of the owners/management (as opposed to a national chain place that we frequent where lockdown talk elicits eye rolls). It seems like a goodly number, perhaps even a majority, are True Believers.

      • ive been saying this since march. We have to laugh at masks, kick out the health inspectors, create some autonomous zones.

      • Exactly. Even when walking away we can exact a toll; a big ole rainbow trout hidden in the HVAC duct.

        How about every morning over coffee, reading Zman and other hate sites, contact one of the tattle resources for “reporting businesses that are violating the current Covid-19 restrictions” in your AO and log in a few “businesses” for them to track down?

        Some of my favorites include the HQ offices of my blue state senators, immigration law firms, and the coffee shops that were handing out BLM signs all summer.

        I only have so many burner emails so Shaneequa probably has me marked as spam but still its gums up their gears and sends a message – and warms my heart. Win/win.

        • A lot of us talk about this being war, by which most people mean some flashy and noisy business with lots of explosions and gunfire. Well, we’ll probably get to that eventually but petty harassment, name calling, vandalism, and sabotage are all tactics in war as well. At some point, you’re going to have to do something that makes that coworker with the multicolored hair just outright hate you anyway. Getting his faggy little coffee house shut down for Covid nonsense is a way to convey to him that, just as he and his Lefty friends will not leave you alone, neither will you leave them alone. Up till now the Leftists have been able to dish out this stuff while living in peace themselves. We need to make them understand that we want them gone and are willing to drive them out by any means necessary.

          • Let loose some roaches or mice if it is a eatery and call the health dept. Drop some roofing nails in their parking lot.
            Put up white power meet up flyers specifying the business in question.
            Or maybe some “free food” for the Homeless flyers.and on the local craigslist.

      • You never have to shut “all” down and they know it. You make a crushing example of a few, even one, and some will crumble. You need just a crack in the wall.

    • Actually, you are not getting it. You keep falling for the same con and you keep repeating the same chant. Re-read the post.

    • “……& put their jackboot on the necks of all of us.” Maybe true but it appears that the Republicans will do nothing to stop this anyway and may well join in.

      • Nah. The Republicans will bend low and whisper in your ear how the boot on your throat isn’t all that bad for you. But if you vote for them, they’ll see about getting the pressure lifted a bit.

      • Yep. We saw the collective silence of the GOP over Anti-fa and BLM riots.
        BTW I remember the 2018 Orange County elections where the Dems using ballot harvesting flipped Red Orange County Blue. What was the GOP and Trump response? Nothing.
        Remember Kris Kobach and his effort to get rid of voter fraud in 2017? The GOP turned on him and Trump kicked the man to the curb.
        The point is the GOP DOES HAS NOT EVER cared about voter fraud

    •  in “walking away” – you give the Dems/Left the opening they’ve been waiting for to clamp down, install permanent one party rule,
      trump had no impact in stopping that, what are you expecting from republicans with him gone?

    • With one limp wrist in the kickbacks and bribes cookie jar and the other one pointing at Trump, the only thing these losers can win is the Darwin award.

    • If the republi-frauds have a small advantage in the senate, it won’t matter anyway as there are plenty of them who will vote with the leftists on virtually every major issue anyway..

    • That’s the point, Poindexter. The only way to Heaven is through Hell. Otherwise, get used to being f@cked in the ass forever, and ever, and ever… I’m a relatively well-off middle-aged man, and I’m resigned to dying via gunshot. Took a long time to come around to this understanding, I’m no hero and I’d much rather die in my own bed, preferably next to a hot redhead. But the writing is on the wall. I have no children of my own, and I have no intention of going out like a punk. It’s actually kind of invigorating when I ponder the options. All men die, not every man truly lives. (That’s right, I’m goddamn hero!)

    • We have been a uniparty since Reagan left office. And the uniparty has worked hard at stripping us of our rights, our future our culture and dignity since then.
      What is happening in GA is the same thing that happened here in CA where the GOP turned on it’s base and pushed a bunch of loathsome globohomo crooks on the people. This is how CA went from Red to Blue.
      And yes only the bullet box is left to us.

  54. “The deficit declined and there were a few years in which there was a budget surplus”
    But the national debt went from $4trillion to $6trillion,
    far outstripping any “declines” in the deficit. Sleight of hand, substituting a huge long term debt for smaller short term deficits.

    • Nunnya,

      I think your take is closer to reality. But with the uniparty running it up to… what is it, 24T? Sort of picking nits?

    • Temporary increases in tax receipts due to the internet bubble. That popping at the end of Clinton’s second term was inevitable.

      • I provided a graph showing inflation adjusted per capita spending. Government simply did not grow under Clinton.

        • Your per capita graph introduces a few moving variables like population growth and inflation that can fuzzy the point. Here are the raw figures for receipts and outlays under Clinton and the first few years of Bush the Lesser. You can clearly see the three years of surplus under Clinton (1998-2000) were due to receipts rising faster than outlays, but in no year did spending decrease. You can then see the deficits reappear under Bush when the internet bubble burst, and tax receipts dropped. Spending growth was higher under Bush, but that was when the pointless wars started, not some kind of dramatic domestic spending increase compared to Clinton. We can blame Bush for pissing away money in the Middle East, but that is a different point.
          Receipts Outlays Deficit
          1992 1,091,208 1,381,529 -290,321
          1993 1,154,334 1,409,386 -255,051
          1994 1,258,566 1,461,752 -203,186
          1995 1,351,790 1,515,742 -163,952
          1996 1,453,053 1,560,484 -107,431
          1997 1,579,232 1,601,116 -21,884
          1998 1,721,728 1,652,458 69,270
          1999 1,827,452 1,701,842 125,610
          2000 2,025,191 1,788,950 236,241
          2001 1,991,082 1,862,846 128,236
          2002 1,853,136 2,010,894 -157,758
          2003 1,782,314 2,159,899 -377,585
          Source: https://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/historical-tables/

  55. Contempt is the greatest weapon we have at our disposal.
    As David Burge said back when he was less cucked, the left kills a fine institution, guts it, then wears it as a skin suit demanding respect. Another corollary is Aslan in The Last Battle when an obvious usurper tries to con the Narnians with an obvious fraud.
    The right is starting to realize an institution is just people, and not some metaphysical entity, and the level of respect it should be given is equivalent to the quality of people inside said institution.
    The last domino to fall is when the right starts to flaunt the judges in the same way the left has done for decades. If judges feel their rulings will just be ignored and will not be enforced, they will change their rulings to maintain the illusion of legitimacy, just as they have deal with their dealing with the left.

    • “Aslan in The Last Battle.” I fear we are more likely to experience “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” People will forget about Aslan. It will always be winter, but Christmas will never come.

      Lord have mercy on us. Help us to be ready for the final battle.

      • I’m not a very religious person, but Kamala is the Whore of Babylon.

        The plans for the vax are eerily reminiscent of the Mark of the Beast.

    • The right is starting to realize an institution is just people, and not some metaphysical entity…

      Excellent point. This is the big take-away I have had. Actually, the institution has never been anything but the people.

  56. Many of the “Republicans” now seem to be straight-up left-wing infiltrators. Not even “cucks” or special-interest whores, but literal leftists who simply pretended to be Republicans. In particular, the Republican party in Georgia (the rotten crew who want Biden to win) and South Carolina (Lindsay Graham, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, et al.) don’t seem to be conservative in any way. The eyepatch guy is another obvious infiltrator.

    Once the infiltation is complete, then your choice is just two left-wing parties. Then you start to see things like unanimous votes to allow in infinity Indians and unpersoning our southern ancestors.

    The only ray of hope is that people are starting to see through the illusion of choice, because it’s becoming so obvious now.

    England, too. People voted for the “Conservative” party because they were sick of dilly-dallying on Brexit. And what did they get with that 80 seat conservative majority? Brutal left-wing totalitarianism, people locked in their homes, allowing leftists to rampage but locking up white people for the smallest infraction, and a daily stream of African 65 IQ-ers ferried to the port by the navy and bussed straight into comfortable hotels. And it looks like Johnson is even going to sell England out on Brexit, the very issue that brought him to power.

    • “Many of the ‘Republicans’ now seem to be straight-up left-wing infiltrators.”
      Mayor Bloomberg ran as a Republican, but had previously been a Democrat. Many of his policies were left-wing .. like his nanny-state rules about soft drinks, trans-fats, & smoking restrictons.
      That was nearly twenty years ago.

    • Old expression from an old and old school LA radio personality, George Putnam:

      “Democrats want socialism yesterday, Republicans want it two weeks”

    • Perdue already basically said he was looking forward to working with Biden, but somehow these clowns losing will bring in socialism. Even the most right wing nitwit can see this as a con.
      Like Z said, when Breitbart is lost, you’re in serious trouble.

    • The eye patch man – a former SEAL officer, is another McCain in the making. He’s anti-2A, belongs to the WEF, taught at Harvard. One can see he’s been groomed.

  57. It’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” for politics.

    The question for the awakening of normiecon is whether he will convert the self-loathing from years of putting others first, following the rules, and lying to himself that subordinating his needs is about upholding his “principles” – and still never getting the girl, into self-determination and prioritizing his needs and those of his people ahead of all else, to be secured at any cost. Its a mind f$ck. Many do not make it to the other side. But its a start.

  58. Actually I walked away after Buchanan got shafted, didn’t vote again until 2016. Now I am done for sure. You can hate your enemies so much but for traitors in your midst I have a loathing on a whole new level.

    They just got done shafting us again on immigration visas and backing away from fighting the tech oligarchs and they want our vote still? Even a few average conservatives I know have explicitly said they hope the country breaks down so we can do a rebuild. Let them all eat shyte. Let the chips fall where they may.

    • Well the newly hatched “let it burn so we can rebuild” folks best fully complete the circuit: …a future for our children.

      The SA-Rhodesia-Brazil-Venezuela-Yugoslavia future that will unfold after 100M newly minted paperwork American hyphen mexicans, indians, chiners, and africans stake their claim in the woke land grab of globoequality, the ability and opportunity to build anything will hinge upon capable white men forging robust tribal bonds and savagely defending them against both the remanent of a hostile State and the locust appetites of our paperwork citizens.

      The institutional tentacles of national party politics revealing its head may be the tipping point but the real reckoning will come a lot closer to home.

      • paperwork citizens, good one, I’m totally stealing that… Those scum were the bulk of my clients. They thought they owned this coutry They thought they had a RIGHT to be here.

        • Gumdrop,

          Stick around. You are arriving on the far shore. It’s a little disturbing at first, I can attest. Truth is on this side… and it is a warm bright beacon.

    • Given how fake the 2020 presidential election was, I could see them rigging races for Republicans in the future to maintain the illusion of choice and partisanship.

      We live in a clown age where nothing is real.

      • This would explain why the republi-frauds seemingly do not care about being re-elected..

        A backdoor deal of this sort is the only thing that makes sense in this regard..

      • We live in a clown age where nothing is real.

        Politics are now a greater sports-entertainment spectacle than WWE pro-wrestling.

        It’s kayfabe, all the way down.

      • That’s the question everyone asks and the “SAVE THE SENATE” people have no good answer. They tried saying that the Repukes will stop the excesses of Pelosi and Schumer. The Repukes then proceeded to flood the country with H1B’s. They were left sputtering. One thing I have noticed is that the trolls are the pro-Repukes.

    • reconsider voting locally, even democratic primaries if they are dominant players in your area , there degrees of evil.

      • I have experience dealing with local politicians while being on various committees, the fix is always in. They pretend to ask for your input, vote or ideas, then they do what they always were going to do. No thanks.

        • David,

          I have to disargee with you for a change. Local participation for those of us that are of the community building endeavor is a necessary evil.

      • wasn’t the first Gulf war under Bush I?

        Clinton was roasted for the somalia debacle shown in the movie “Blackhawk Down”.

        • Clinton bombed Iraq in ’93,’96 and ’98. He also bombed Afghanistan in ’98 but people tend to forget that.

          • didn’t he bomb egypt or something immediately after the lewinsky thing? First time I heard the phrase “wag the dog”

          • That was the August ’98 bombings of Sudan and Afghanistan during his grand jury testimony in the Lewinsky affair.

          • He destroyed one of the very few pharmacuetical plants in Sudan. That’s a war crime therefore it must have been a war.

        • Bush I. Dick Cheney was Sec Def or Army Sec for that one. Can’t remember which, I was a young NCO and it was above my pay grade. I know now it’s always the same villains though.

        • Of course, the First Gulf War was under Bush. American history is almost ignored in schools today.

      • Wait, wasn’t Gulf War I a George Bush the Elder production? Something about blatant “babies thrown out of incubators in hospitals” propaganda?

        • The propaganda was a “Nurse” testifying before Congress about the “babies thrown out of incubators in hospitals” and the incubators taken to Iraq. The Nurse was the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador. Theperjury was orchestrated by Hill and Knowlton a New York PR firm.
          They suffered no penalties for this felony, an obvious case treason.
          They just won a contract with the WHO.

    • I bumped into some young Serb fighters at a social event shortly after that cluster. They had been more militia than soldiers.

      They were dumbfounded as to why they were attacked. Weren’t they part of the West now, having chucked the Communists? Didn’t we know how dangerous Islam is? Didnt we know Turkey was just going to once again expand into their lands and flood them with foreign Muslims?

      I offered that extermination camps make for bad optics. Again they were shocked, they said neither side had taken prisoners in the fighting. They had no qualms about their own personal actions in killing wounded enemy combatants, but strenuously denied extermination sites. I still don’t know the veracity on that either way.

      I remember privately thinking they were naive as to how the Western world works. Fast forward a few years and I am wholeheartedly backing that odious cretin Bush on his War on Terror, believing in WMDs, “nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan”, turning a blind eye to the masses of Somalis and Iraqis showing up in my city, cheering Israeli shenanigans in Iraq, etc.

      Those Serbs were absolutely correct. I wish I understood blood and soil back then. Who was the naive fool?

      • The extreme violence headed for the West due to Islamic immigration alone is off the charts and so big that most normies cannot comprehend it. Especially in Europe. Take a look at Israel, and how harsh they have to be on Muslims. Same with China.

        The only “hope” is that these muslims get pozzed from liberalism and globohomo, ironically.

        • report from Michigan , they’re not being pozzed here and they have been here for a few generations now.

          • OT: or they poz for a brief time. OBL had his time as a playboy and France has noted that their “radicalized” Muslims are being drawn from the ranks of western-raised young men rejecting French society. Saint Augustus syndrome… use yourself up in the fleshpots and then go zealot.

        • western elites always had a soft spot for muslims,
          I recall some pope proposing to one of the Mehmed sultans that the muslims should join hands with catholics against orthodox christianity, said he’ll help the sultan become the greatest man beneath God, but those pesky eastern europeans thought otherwise and saved western asses countless times. british empire kept the ottoman empire alive, american empire protects turkey from russia.
          fortunately this time around western elites bypassed the eastern countries and brought muslims directly into their homelands. Happy days!

          • The British empire destroyed the Ottoman empire:World War One is a subject worthy of your attention. Turks are still very bitter about this to this day.
            France under Francis 1st allied with the Ottomans. The Kaiser in his book explaining the German defeat of 1918 blames Germany’s blocking(via the Berlin conference) of Russia’s advance on Istanbul to be a cause of Russian alignment with France.
            The Janissaries in the Ottoman armies were more likely to be Eastern Europeans.
            The Americans are latecomers to the party but have not gone out of their way to enhance Turkish power the way the French and Germans have over the centuries.Turkey was used primarily to block further Russian expansion into Europe and part of a campaign to weaken Russian control of Eastern Europeans’ countries.
            Do you just pull these “facts” out of your backside?

          • that happened in 1914, which was very late.
            there were seven great powers in the 19th century, british empire was typically allied with ottoman empire during that period, the british kept them floating.
            The Crimean War was a military conflict fought from October 1853 to February 1856 in which Russia lost to an alliance made up of the Ottoman Empire, the United Kingdom, Sardinia and France. 
            during first world war turkish grip over eastern europe was already gone, meaning british empire didn’t help orthodox christians one bit, also usa which is brit empire extension picked up the mantle and continues to support turkey.
            The Janissaries were kidnapped kids and indoctrinated, ofc they would act like that, just look at modern sjw indoctrination.

          • The Crusader era became a confusing mess of loyalties and personal aggrandizement. The Templars executed some military actions on behalf the Sultan in Egypt, and El Cid fought for both Christian and Muslim warlords intermittently.

          • if you look at it objectively you would notice western europe made the ottoman empire into what it was.
            crusaders sacked constantinopole instead of fighting muslims, which led to the weakening of the byzantine empire and its subsequent defeat at the hands of muslims.
            eastern europeans warriors(dracula was among them) gave catholics the opportunity to destroy ottoman empire several times, but catholics refused, choosing instead to backstab eastern europeans.
            british empire kept ottoman empire floating during 19th century.
            usa protects turkey from russia nowadays and they destroyed yugoslavia on the behalf of muslims.
            but what can one expect from demented western elites, freakin’ venetians(many israelites among them) sold eastern europeans to north africans.
            nowadays western elites decided to sell their own people to muslims and african subspecies, which might be their lowest point yet.

          • OT again: we tend to view the Crusaders and Christians of that period with a modern eye. The Crusades were a Norman endeavor. These were the second and third generation (at most) from Norse pagans gone a-Viking. Illiterate warlords just beginning to surrender cousin marriage and polygamy, whose kith and kin a few hundred miles to the east were still practicing pagans. You don’t get a lot of subtlety and nuance with this kind. If Pope says the Eastern Orthodox are heretics worse than heathen Saracens, I can snatch some loot and land… well where do I sign up? That sort of thing.

          • western elites always had a soft spot for muslims,

            I believe it because the ideology still strongly discourages questioning authority and is just fine with grinding poverty, which are exactly the circumstances the elite want for the Great Reset.

        • Mosques are enemy bases for plotting, storing and trafficking arms, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and laundering money.

          And the First and Fourth Amendment ensure all those pro-American activities will continue undisturbed forever.

      • The wars against our fellow Whites in Serbia opened my eyes to the extent of the internal propaganda operations in the United States. It was the first time I fully realized how evil “our” nation is. But, hey, we can enjoy the hell out of rioting the next time our kids are told to die for our Greatest Ally, right?

        • No more Brother Wars. Except against the Woke. They have chosen a different kind of “brutha” against their own.

          • Tell the Germans and Dutch-they seem to be squaring up to the Poles and Hungarians via the EU.
            German economic and demographic warfare against the southern European countries countinues.
            Whenever the Germans become relatively powerful they start attacking other European countries. It is considered progress when they only do it via economic and political coercion even if the strategic effects are arguably more devastating over the longterm.

          • Mark, I understand and see the problem. The same goes for the Germans as it does here. They, as we, must support the right kind of groups that put Our people first. Foment dissent against the globohomo. Make enforcement costly and reject their authority. None of this will be easy or assured.

          • Make enforcement costly and reject their authority. 

            At present it seems peaceful non-compliance, anonymous sand in the gears, and building community with the like-minded are the ways to go.

          • Agreed but that is strictly “for now” until we build a foundation for what kind of state we want.
            Its fine to do “A Righter, Whiter, Brighter Future” as rhetoric or a meme but you need meat on those bones to win.

            The Bow Tied Looter Cucks s like to say that Conservatism is an attitude, that is an outright Satanic lie.
            Real Conservatism is a policy for life against the living death of globalism and consumerism.

        • Last year I spent some time with a Serbian woman of around 40. She told the story of being a little girl during the war when one day the soldiers came and told her family they had 10 minutes to get out. They were shuffled on to buses along with other families. The ones who tried to bring their pets watched them shot to death. She had relatives in Denmark so was able to stay there during the war. When she came back the Serbian government helped her family rebuild as the only thing left of their home was the foundation. 30 years later and she still had tears in her eyes at the retelling.
          I asked an older Croatian man several years ago what that war was all about. He said nobody really knows.

          • Oh that older croatian man knew the answer, it was a payback for ww2. Not a nice thing to admit in this time and age

      • After 911, I remember hearing “sadam hussain” and thinking, “wha?” But then I just trusted away. Must be what is right…

      • <i>strenuously denied extermination sites. I still don’t know the veracity on that either way.</i>

        It is utterly fictional.

        The International Criminal Tribunal found no mass graves. It was concluded that less than 2,000 people were killed in the ten years leading up to the Kosovo intervention, this number counting both Serbian and Kosovars, and both civilians and combattants.

        • That’s kind of what I’ve seen as well. The whole Milosevic thing became so convoluted, I lost track. Honestly, as an American I was guilty of the whole “foreigners doing foreign shit, what do I care” mentality. I’ve since then seen the errors of my ways with regard to the globalists, and am now playing catch up.

          • …as an American…

            Europeans don’t know FA about Kosovo either and didn’t back then.

            And how many Europeans do you think could give a coherent account of what goes on in South America?

            I lost track.

            Not by coincidence; if they want you to not pay attention, they convolute their stories.
            Uncle Milo, for all his flaws, fought for his country and its independence from both Russia and America.

      • I think about this every time I hear the latest thing the media and government are trying to get US citizens outraged about, whether it’s Belarus, Iran or Uighurs in China.

        I am not saying I have the correct scoop about any of those things, but I am surprised how many “conservatives” let their Gell-Mann run wild:

        One minute they’ll be complaining about the dishonest media and the corrupt deep state in thrall to globalist interests, the next they’ll be parroting the latest fire and brimstone about how we have to “do something” about Iran or the fascist dictator in Belarus or whatever outrage the media and the deep state are currently peddling.

        I don’t believe any of it anymore. I may not know the truth, but I know better than to trust proven liars.

        • Vizz,

          Yeah, the roar of lies is deafening. It’s hard enough shrugging off my classic American attitude of not giving a crap about other countries.. and playing catch up trying to educate myself… compound it with the blatant prevarication and angling, it is even harder. My general rule of thumb now is to see who is angling for what. Neocons, Israeli lobby, Bush cabal figures, EU ministries, Mitt Romney… probably a shitty deal for Our People.

      • Who cares?

        Us Europeans.

        The US-UK (and German) intervention in the Balkans created two new Mohammadan states in Europe: Bosnia and Kosovo. Together with Albania, they constitute the major bridgeheads for the Islamic mafias on the Continent.

        • Quite a few Albanians in NYC;
          some are Christians, many are moslem.
          There are several car theft rings on Staten Island run by albanians.

          • I guess there must not be a single country that doesn’t have representation on this land mass. A purge of epic proportions is needed. Unfortunately and sadly, it is extremely unlikely to be forthcoming.

    • Yes.

      A big red pill moment for me, personally. I was studying international politics at the time and confidently told everyone I knew that there would never be a war because there was no Security Council resolution, that, in fact, the UN observers had reported no “genocide” up until the point where they were withdrawn from Kosovo at US insistence.

      Apart from creating another Mohammadan state in Europe the Serbian War made moot the UN charter about not waging aggressive wars and simultaneously changed NATO from a defense pact into a vehicle of globalist imperialism.

      Clinton was the first Neocon.

    • Clinton’s war against Christian Serbia just happened to be run by (((Cohen))), (((Albright))), and (((Clark)))), while (((Lewinsky))) was giving him head.

      Just sayin’.

    • Yeah, I was going to bring that up as well. As I recall, our intervention had something to do with “ethnic cleansing” the Serbs were doing. Seen any Cherokees or Choctaws in Georgia lately? I always marvel at how the hypocrites in high places can spout this stuff with a straight face!

    • Yeah I confess to not paying too much attention after that. Even granting that point (which shouldn’t be granted) the best that could be said is that Clinton started no pointless wars against foreign enemies; domestic enemies on the other hand, well that’s a big part of why W won.

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