The Pretender’s Dilemma

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Critics of modern liberal democracy often repeat Juvenal’s line about the populace being pacified with bread and circuses. In the modern usage it means the public is easily bought off with free stuff and mindless entertainment. While the average guy is watching television sports and adding to his waistline, he does not care that the political class is looting the country. Just as long as he has a steady stream of new products, he is happy to abandon his duties as a citizen.

Juvenal had a different meaning, as he was writing in the second century. He was criticizing the Roman political class for their lack of heroism and virtue. They cared more for holding office than tackling the challenges of the day. They would corrupt the people with free grain and elaborate public spectacles, if that is what it took to win favor and gain power. The ruling class was mortgaging the civic virtue of Rome in order to get short term profit from the political system.

Of course, the culture of liberal democracy forbids the idea of a ruling class, so the blame must always fall on the people for the problems with the rulers. After all, the people picked the office holders. If they are unhappy with the choices, they should find new ones that they prefer. The civic religion of liberal democracy is like a spell cast on even the most jaded. It prevents them from accepting that there is not a democratic solution to the inherent defects of liberal democracy.

The irony is the cynical will often quote de Maistre and say that the people get the government they deserve. This is ironic in several ways. One is that de Maistre was no fan of democracy or popular government. He also meant that a people, as in a biologically connected people, will get the ruling class that reflects their temperament and talents, regardless of the system. This is something that no modern liberal democratic could possibly accept and remain a liberal democrat.

Putting that aside, the problem with the Juvenal quote is that bread and circuses is the only peaceful and predictable solution to the large society problem. Bringing large numbers of people together under a single ruler, whether it is the farce of democracy or the force of a despot, goes against man’s nature. Humans can only know and trust about 150 people at one time. Once a group breaks what is called the Dunbar number, no one person can know everyone well enough to trust them.

The solution long ago was a code, a set of rules for the group. A set of rules to govern relations between all people within the group solved this problem. The members did not have to trust one another or even know one another very well. They just had to trust that the rules made sense for the group and that the people enforcing the rules could be trusted to predictably enforce the rules. The proof of these two pillars of society would be the peace and prosperity of the group.

Of course, once you get to very large groups, like city-states and countries, you end up with lots of dissimilar people in the same society. A large group of related people will come with the habits of mind to make cooperation natural. Have a large diverse group of people and those habits of mind will inevitably conflict. This is the large society problem and we have just two solutions. One is a great mission to focus the public’s attention and the other is bread and circuses.

The great mission or crusade, like a war, comes with an expiry date. You can rally the most diverse and uncooperating people against some crisis. In a war, for example, people put aside their grievances to fight the common enemy. Yankee New England dropped their secession drive, for example, because of the War of 1812. The trouble is, people tire of war and every crisis losses its sense of urgency. Even the communists figured this out eventually.

This is the fork in the road the American ruling class faces now. The pretender Biden also adds the complication of being seen as illegitimate by most people. Many of those people may be glad Trump is gone, at least for now, but they also know that Biden has no business on the throne. He is just a shuffling corpse, animated by players operating in the shadows. Like all pretenders, Biden will be limited by the fact that the rest of the ruling class is looking to exploit him, rather than support him.

Compounding his dilemma is that the people who engineered his ascent to the throne want to start a new cold war with Russia and start a war with Iran. They also seek to impose the Chinese social model on Americans. Speech and movement will be sharply curtailed with the help of the corporate oligarchs. In other words, the new regime tilts heavily toward a holy crusade to rally the people, like a war against the virus and a war against Iran, rather than a new round of bread and circuses.

This is something that was overlooked in the Trump years. After eight years of the dreary preaching of Obama, Trump’s antics were a relief. His style was not everyone’s cup of tea, but he kept things lively. He also focused on the economy, which did rather well until the Covid panic. The stock market doubled in value during his time in office, which is something that matters a lot to people. In other words, Trump gave the people four years of bread and circuses.

Finally, the other dilemma for the Pretender Biden is that he will have Trump out there reminding people of how Biden got on the throne. In the old days, Biden’s first order of business would be to have Trump assassinated. By removing the old ruler, there was no chance for him to return to power. That’s unlikely to happen with Trump, although one cannot rule it out, so Biden will have to operate in the shadow of what many will view as the rightful President.

This is the dilemma facing the Pretender Biden. He cannot go for the bread and circuses route, as that would be a concession to the hated Trump. That means going along with the warmongers and scaremongers. The trouble there is that requires trust and exactly no one trusts a pretender. The only solution may be to forge ahead with a manufactured crisis like a war with Iran and hope the people are gullible enough to fall for it like they did in the Bush years.

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258 thoughts on “The Pretender’s Dilemma

  1. and well, the people as a whole may not be as gullible as 20 years ago…. but, enough individuals are. but again, Biden can simply throw enough media smoke and mirrors and pretend the augmented but still quite misapplied gibs will be enough to sustain the economy. it worked on enough Obama voters. add to that the few boomer idiots who think we need to stand up to Russia or some other neoconlib bs.

  2. they’re gonna do the guns bread and circuses. the greatest of the lbj legacy policies.

    war with iran and eventually russia, for demahcrazy. ubi, free trade deal with east asia and the americas, eventually africa. total banning of gasoline powered vehicles, nuclear power, eventually all non-govcorp oil uses; total banning of visitors to national parks, total open borders. nationalization of wealth following a nationalization of debt; lots of printing machine mishaps. a string of really great movies, concerts, and sport events. all from the comfort of your home, because forced masking and quarantine. ending with the inauguration of the third temple and the big reveal.

    of course, the majority of the population will wither horribly, but that’s not the elites’ problem.

    we need bread, throne, and altar.

  3. To add on to Weekend at Biden’s that never ends, restoring the Iran Deal to restart the gusher of money to be laundered (standard procedure with uncertain regimes where no one knows if a shift in favor can bring confiscation of wealth carefully stolen) also means sky high energy prices. As Iran and Russia conspire to keep their energy prices high to pay their security forces. This means the Silicon Valley Oligarchs achilles heel comes into play. Data Centers run on energy, and they can’t be just moved, and require a highly technical and skilled workforce. Profit can turn to loss quickly, more quickly than they can switch to low power ARM chips. Their greenwash is as phony as the green certification on whatever product you buy in the supermarket.
    Meanwhile the FT has article over the weekend about luxury apartments in NYC not selling or selling for rock-bottom prices. Even before Covid the article notes 2,600 people a day left NYC. No mention of the crime. In LA, the new Soros DA has opened all the jails, won’t prosecute under 18 as adults, won’t seek or allow the death penalty, won’t prosecute most crimes including felonies if the accused are black or hispanic. The Purge every day, basically. While the Mayor has no I’m not kidding made walking illegal (not consulting with Missing Persons front woman Dale Bozzio who sang that no one walks in LA). The Riverside County Sheriff gave a press conference calling Gov Newsom’s statewide lockdown for Christmas bullying and called Newsom a bully, said he would not enforce the edict, and noted real leaders don’t lead by fear and intimidation but example.
    Because Trump called for an end to lockdowns Dems are locked into lockdown forever. Here in SoCal even the media is tired of it.
    We must take advantage of these divisions where we can.

  4. The RINO war brides are fervently waving the CCP flag bearing Biden’s demented visage. Hell is a Trump second term, now or in 2024.

  5. “… the blame must always fall on the people [who] picked the office holders.”

    The office holders are ensconced in one of the least powerful of the nodes of civilizational control. Those who possess control over the manufacture and distribution of our fiat currency use it to ensure that a necessary majority of ‘office holders’ dance on their puppet strings. ” Little bag of gold for Little Marco Rubio?! Only a little bag for you, Little Marco, because you are after all only a little man-whore!”

    The puppet masters change out the office holders when they can no longer serve the masters’ interests. They control the institutions that serve both to train the office holders in the culture of subservient rule and to filter out the inadequately compliant.

    Democracy in a multicultural (much less multiracial) society is fake. If a people is both foolish enough to allow power to exist in unaccountable (to the people) institutions and foolish enough to let into their country hostile foreign tribes, then said tribes will naturally take over the unaccountable institutions, e.g. federal reserve, and make them serve their own interests rather than those of the foolish people.

  6. Once you get to very large groups you end up with lots of dissimilar people in the same society. This is the large society problem and we have just two solutions. One is a great mission to focus the public’s attention and the other is bread and circuses.

    Zman addresses the large-society problem we now face, but the real solution is “don’t cram lots of dissimilar people into the same society”. As he has written, the answer to the large-society problem is “a passive ethno-nationalism organized around group identity and rights.”

    • That is correct but it rules out out the current configuration of the US.
      I’m a hard right wing guy lifelong but my values are not congruent with Southron values in quite a few respects and I’m far from sure that I should share a polity with them.
      That’s the black pill, even if COVID strain AH14 somehow made the US a European derived nation, even with the homogenization of the TV age, we really don’t belong in one county and nor will federalism work.
      Worse as the mass media age ends the gap will grow worse.
      It seems to me that we ought to split the nation in ways that manage thingswe must share like water and that don’t leave us toys of the CCP.
      Alternately one faction can get strong enough to have it all but that’s not so easy, the US is full of terrain that can inflict too high a cost to take even with drones/tanks/planes whatever.

    • In my twenties (pre-red pill) I worked with a guy who’d cooly say about any disgruntled female “She just needs a little dick tonight.”

      Literally the first thing that went through my mind when I say that crazy cat lady.

      Appalling to pre-red pill 1990’s me; seems spot on the older I get.

  7. Regarding the Taki column the only solution the elites have is the Chinese one for Uighurs. Rick Wilson wants it. So does the Besos Post and NYT.
    There are enough diverse to at least give this a try. I expect t that Congress person who wanted South Dakota nuked will get his wish.

    • Factory slave workers? Experimental subjects for new biowar virus testing?
      I suspect we’re well on our way.

  8. I want to take issue with your idea of a “biologically connected people.”
    I maintain that all politics, after the transition from hunter-gather bands to agriculture, is “fake tribalism.” It is the artificial notion, probably instigated by a ruling class or priesthood, “we” are “one people.”
    In other words, humans believe what we are taught to believe. And there is nothing to make this easier than a nice big war in which all the young men are mixed together and made to stand in line with their “brothers.”
    That’s what Bismarck knew when he got the Germans into three nice little wars. He ended up with all German lands except Austria under one flag.
    That’s what FDR practiced when he led all the young Germans, Irish, Brits, Italians, Jews, etc. in America to become one nation fighting the dreaded Nazis and Japs. It kept us together for about 20 years until the Sixties.

  9. Z the war will be against us, never mind the Pretender it’s the Puppetmasters who are in trouble..

    Annus Mirabilis 2020 must continue forever.
    Now politics is power, and that’s all. That’s my only lens for politics – power and it is correct.
    Short version of below: our worst problem as Americans is that we aren’t a one party state yet, and the one party must continuously go forward now after the stolen election or hang for what they’ve done: so they must repeat and increase 2020 until all our resistance both party and as peasants is crushed.
    The Uniparty must finish us off and crush utterly our peasant uprising – or we’ll hang them.
    They know this, but the peasants have just realized now that they exist.
    The uniparty has a long road to climb, but it’s mostly over our corpses, a job they relish.
    Who can blame them? They need to hate us, considering what they must do it’s so much easier for them.
    longer version-
    The State itself is indeed entirely Democratic in interests, the entire government of some 19 million in all – 40 million if you count state run businesses such as utilities and hospitals. The Party of the State of course dominates and in actual practice rules.
    The problem is those pesky voters, who swept out thousands of Dem pols from the State level in 2010, and they have never recovered.
    You may recall that 2010 is when the bureaucracy and alphabet soup began to be employed against the Tea Party, later that became Trump and the GOP at large.

    Why it is worse, and so much worse for all of us that the GOP exists even in name?
    Not just that these pesky voters think they have a choice.
    No – Because this confuses the bureaucracy …oh not as to their loyalty, but to who has the power? Politicians can make trouble, especially women politicians because …women never quite know what’s going on in a man’s world, and actually believe some of this nonsense.
    Machiavelli wrote The Prince, he has no chapter for the Princess. Good God !

    The only actual political struggle at the National level is internally among the Democratic party between the Neoliberals and the Progressives [or between old whites and old Jews and the new young Dusky Challengers, faced by ‘The Squad’].
    The Democratic Party is the only national level political struggle. 

    We have the worst of all worlds: a one party state that is have a fake external power struggle with the GOP that incredibly took on a life of it’s own in 2016, a headless potential opposition below the national level that is not dead but …being leaderless cannot be negotiated with and worse can’t surrender and doesn’t know it’s dead….against an internally conflicted and mortally threatened from within and without Uniparty.

    As far as the Democratic Party is concerned they’ve just decaptiated the leader of the Peasant Revolt, they know well there are still plenty of peasants with plenty of fight left.

    What will they do? What worked this year, their very own annus mirabilis. They must again finish off the peasant revolt and consolidate power at every level, which means they must, must get the State Houses back, or leave a host of angry, wounded foes all round.

    So their course is clear, but it will take time. To stop or try to relent is fatal, like Cortes they must go forward and win it all.
    Most likely Enemy Course of Action ~ also most Dangerous Course of Action
    1] A Generation of 2020’s: There must be constant economic, political and religious repression. COVID or equivalent must go on until victory, we cannot be allowed to gather or gain a breather. Andrew Cuomo knows this, he just smashed NY again. We must also have political show trials that never end, fortunately Trump and Co will volunteer.

    2] There must be at a minimum dozens but realistically hundreds of Nov 4’s Zero Dark Thirty electoral raids, the Dems must get back the state houses. Not because the GOP is real at the State level [laughter] but because the peasants don’t know that and worse the bureaucracy may waver, worse the security organs [that deeply hate the Dems and the Left at a visceral level for understandable reasons] would love to hang the Dems literally, or stand them to a wall literally. [should mention here that as a member of er..our extended security organs [milit@ry] there really isn’t a difference between the police and the milit@ry, same people…same families]. Please note this is the blunt force trauma security organs, as opposed to the lawyers that gave Trump so much trouble. It was the lawyers and the political appointees, not actual field people.

    3] Still worse: they cannot even relent but must increase markedly every thing they did in 2020 until final victory and the utter defeat or extinction of any potential opposition – or in their view, and it’s probably correct: They really will be hanging from nooses. Remember the person who said that knew best what they and she had done.

    They must continue the annus mirabilis of 2020 until all resistance is crushed…and let us again note that in a Federated system such as ours there’s so much inertial resistance as to make this a long, slow, terrible process.

  10. With all due respect there is zero chance Biden will do anything but cozy up to Iran, restart the deal with nukes and get the money laundering ocean moving again into connected law and consulting firms.
    Russia yes because most of that money goes to London.

    • Syria is the likely place for a big new push. Or perhaps somewhere in North Africa so they can open an even bigger pipeline of Third World “refugees” to be dumped on unsuspecting American communities.

    • I’m seeing the Great Game at work here.

      Russia is a spoiler, being weak, and China wants the One Belt.

      Disrupting, not destroying, Iran would further hinder the Syrian-Cyprus offshore oil games and block Russia’s Southstream, while opening the way for further One Belt growth.

      In short, we’re not seeing a war for defensible territory, but sabre-rattling as a way to renegotiate the prices.

      And kill a few more Early Christians/Persians in the bargain. Yretz Israel and their brother Hagarite Emirs want to control the oil. All Semites look alike to me, and do business in their own strange way.

      • Addendum: Turkey wants control of the Bosphorus chokepoint and Syria’s Amman oilfields.

        The Saudis and Mossad want to keep their prosperous Kosovo-Albania-Afghanistan opium pipeline to Europe running.

        The Emirs want to weaken Iran’s grip on Hormuz, to expand their LNG ports without threat, and to get their cut of sweet Iraqi offshore oil pump stations.

        I seriously don’t get the Obama/Biden thing with Iran. Money laundering for a big cut is the only thing that makes sense- the Obama faction is building a war chest to complete its takeover of the Dem Party.

    • I think they want to break up Iran, like they did to Iraq, its not really the nukes that worry them, its the missile and drone tech Iran are supplying to Hezbollah and Syria, if Biden lifts the sanctions on Iran, their economy will recover a little and so they will continue working on long range missiles, Israel just can’t allow that to happen. But how will they start the war, they need Iran to attack first, but the Mullahs are too smart for that

      Biden saying he will stick with Barry’s Iran deal is BS IMO, under the deal Iran can continue to refine their missile/drone tech

      To attack Iran is crazy but they see no other choice, and in any case its only the goy who will die, who cares

  11. The solution to the “large society problem” is no large societies. Support secession always and everywhere.

  12. Problem with another war is that the military is worn out. And from what I can tell losing a lot of the experienced NCO corps that actually fought the last two + extracurricular romps in various third world hellholes. Meanwhile the Navy is so short of experienced personnel that it can’t navigate ships through known shipping lanes without running into something.

    • The military is very dependent on a small handful of elite units of soldiers and also automation. I would not rule them out, a squad of Seals commanding multiple wings of fighting drones and “suicide missiles” would make for a fearsome force. The problem is that if someone figures out a response to that then it’s game over.

    • Navy: Or maintain a adequate fire watch when parked in a USN harbor located at major metropolitan mega-city.

      Possibly arson, cause still under investigation. But it it was arson by anything except a WASP male, you’ll never hear anything more about it.

      Bonhomme Richard, we hardly knew ye, and you deserved so much better.

    • The problem with another war is that the normalization of war crimes is now so routine that the DC fuckers think they run the world.

  13. Super Off-Topic– What happened to Exile? I enjoyed his comments here and he used to comment often here and on Unz. Then he like vanished off the face of the earth a while back. Did the Commissars scoop him up?

    • He’s deep into the TRS stuff these days. Sad to see, but some people just get sucked into that world and never resurface.

        • The Right Stuff; wignats, remnants of the Alt Right. People with an unhealthy obsession with the JQ and a propensity to be photographed giving “Roman salutes” where the right arm is extended in an upward “heil” angle…

        • “The Right Stuff”- a paywall video blog from the good ol’ days. What are they up to lately?

          They were nearly as antisemitic as I am. Except, theirs was snarky while I am scientifical.

      • I’m deep into working with people who do IRL activism instead of just curating online content – and my only association with TRS remains my subscription, contra the ooga-booga.

        I’m over paleo-con edge-posting. It’s a dead end.

        The time I spent here is now spent researching how to implement stuff like crowd-funding for 5PT community projects and writing when I can on our forum site It’s not oriented to blog-style, topical or current events content but rather for info-sharing among people who already broadly agree on a 5PT approach.

        FWIW, up until last winter’s heel-turn here, a significant portion of the readership was part of “that world.” Talking about dissident lifestyle, the futility of normie politics etc…

        Z-Blog’s “America First” rebranding isn’t for me and I don’t share Z’s enthusiasm for guys like Fuentes & Casey. I’m a vanguardist, not an incrementalist.

        • I’m glad you are taking a more proactive approach but it is a ‘big tent’ at the end of the day so the America First Normie Brigade will have to crawl under it at some point. 🙂

          • I bet they will try to burn it down before they crawl under it and then turn around expecting the Commies to give them an attaboy for being such good little quislings only to get a bullet to their head…

        • I agree with Apex’s follow-up comment, but I’m curious, so I visited the site, and created an account. Now what?

        • Hey, Exile, I was curious like AP to know where you’d gone. Glad to see your not just alive but still kicking. I’ve missed your pungent and insightful commentary. Forgive my ignorance, but what is “5 PT?” My Google search yielded nothing. And good fortune with the mission.

        • Yea letting people know what the enemy is doing to them and has planned for them is hating on them… Wanting to have a Community for whites and to improve their quality of life is sure a whole lot of hating…So you are either part of the enemies camp or you’re not tall enough for what is coming at us…

  14. Final part:

    For those looking to relocate, check out Cullman, Alabama. Population 16,000:

    “During the 1890s, and still to this day, Cullman was reported to be a sundown town, where African Americans were not allowed to live.”,_Alabama#History

    Good schools:,_Alabama#Education

    Good demographics: “The racial makeup of the city is 94.6% White […]”:,_Alabama#Demographics

    Well-watered, well-drained, well-situated, long growing season:,_Alabama#Geography

    I have hope for Alabama, and Cullman is a very pleasant town. If the Commies do manage to force the universal basic income down our throats, I suspect Cullman might be a first-rate destination for members of Our Thing.

    Thank you for indulging my prolixity.

    I’ll be here on Saturday:

      • Not really convenient. I am blind, so it takes a long time to “write” things because it has to be done aurally and orally. But thanks for the idea.

          • No I’m not, I’m rude to everyone; just ask the Jesus-freaks in here.

            “I’m blind” is as useful a preamble as “speaking as a Jew/tranny/Latinx/etc.” It does not exonerate you from bad commenting etiquette, it’s a passive-aggressive bullying strategy, and you are falling for it.

          • I did not care for his post at all. The Z man provides a place where you can actually learn a thing or two. I am not sure that acting like a hard on all the time adds to that learning.

  15. First, the rule of law is effectively dead, and that is no trivial thing. Second, the war on police will have far-reaching consequences when it comes time to put the boot of tyranny on everyone’s throat. Third, lots of bubbles are poised to burst, and the magic of the printing press is not going to work forever. And last, once the coup is finalized, there will be real and serious talk of rebellion all across the US. How far will it go? Time will tell. All forest fires start with a spark.

  16. Part 7:

    Georgians—real ones—don’t give a good God-damn about the GOP. Well, let me say, rather, that I personally do not know anybody who does. The Chamber of Commerce types obviously do, but probably not for the reasons you might think. And this is why I say that it is wrong to try to punish the Georgia GOPes at the present moment for being such pigs. First of all, they are pigs that we know, and that is better than getting new pigs that we don’t know, but that is a secondary reason.

    The main reason is that, along with a six-year term—SIX, not two, as for the House—comes the money, the connections, and the power to erect a functioning MACHINE, which will burrow into every facet of every life in every county in Georgia. THAT is why these seats MUST be kept in GOPe hands. For if they fall to that Jew, Ossoff, and to that jigaboo, Warnock (and he’s a “Reverend”), then white Georgia is well and truly f***ed. Because once in, they will NEVER be removed, except by death. Their machine WOULD turn Georgia into a gigantic Unitarian Sunday School—FOR-EV-AH.

    And what would that machine spawn? Her Excellency, Stacy Abrams, Governor of Georgia. THAT is what machines do, and THAT is why South Carolinians continue to “elect” Lindsey Graham and that Scott nigra: They have MACHINES. Well-entrenched machines. It is ABSURD to think that South Carolinians “re-elect” Lindsey Graham. That just HAPPENS every six years like clockwork. That’s how the “system” IS.

    And THAT is why it is absurd to think of indulging our pique at the filthy GOPe’s most recent betrayals by walking away from the Senate runoff in January. No, that Loeffler chick is not one of us, and yes, Perdue, that smirkin’ Judas, springs from a family of well-known liars, but they are NOT Stacy Abrams or the carpetbaggin’ Jew Jon Ossoff or the jigaboo Raphael (can you even believe it?) Warnock. Loeffler and Perdue are NOT what my grandmother used to call “godless Bolsheviks” like the revolting trio just mentioned. But Stacy Abrams IS what my father would have described as “an Alabama cornfield nigger.” Of course, we might end up with her as governor anyway, things being what they are nowadays, but she would be kept out of the US Senate, where she could do us FAR more harm than Loeffler and Purdue.

    Therefore, NO. This is NOT the time to punish the Georgia GOP, however richly they deserve to have their eyes gouged out and fed to buzzards. The stakes are FAR too high. With the death of Socialism & the Great Reset (a single event continuum) now underway, and with the Grand Solar Minimum, a permanent political machine set up by Bolshevik niggers and Jews is too high a price to pay just so that we can indulge our undisciplined emotions, however attractive that might seem. They can pay for their betrayals later. Indeed, they MUST pay. But not now.

    • I respectfully disagree with this analysis. The essential fight is not between electing less worse corrupt politicians or more worse corrupt politicians, but whether we can long endure being led by corrupt politicians in perpetuity. At some point, you have to give up the false hope that a non-corrupt politician will magically appear someday and be elected, and then hallelujah, redemption occurs. Have you forgotten that vote rigging virtually assures that that will never happen? Better to hit bottom quickly and force everyone to take an existential stand.

    • This is a very Joe Hunt attitude Sir.
      It will work out as well this time as last time, but thanks for the heads up.
      = GA is to be treated as a maneuver area, with no fire restrictions.

  17.  Perhaps I should forgo the usual post here and cross post the Taki post on Monday so people can comment upon it. Let me know.

    Personally I’m not worried about commenting on your articles, but I don’t want you to burn yourself out, so you should do what you feel is best for yourself.

  18. Part 6:

    So what if he sold the Senate seat? None of us wanted the damned thing. It would have been preferable had he sold it to a native Georgian or at least a Southerner, but how many native Georgians are married to the president of the New York Stock Exchange? Exactly none. So I’m sure he got a very attractive price for it. And that is why it doesn’t matter one whit that he has made such a complete fool of himself recently. It doesn’t matter now whether he is re-elected or not, does it? But he probably will be because he doesn’t lecture and harangue us with the puritanical drivel that we hear from governors in places like Michigan and Minnesota and Massachusetts. If he is there only for the graft, at least he doesn’t try to turn our state into a gigantic Unitarian Sunday School. He is no bother at all, and that is what we want.

    But van der Meer is quite wrong in thinking that these rotten specimens want Biden to win. They don’t want that any more than I do, which is why Kemp has changed his tune more than once of late. People are paying attention to him, and that is bad. He doesn’t like it, and neither do we. Silence is what we require from our elected officials, which is why South Carolinians despise Lindsey Graham and Nikki Haley and, to a lesser degree, Tim Scott, for he doesn’t make nearly the nuisance of himself that Nikki and Lindsey do.

    Then WHY, you will ask, do they continue electing them? Which brings us back to ProZNov’s question: “How can you fight for a party that won’t even fight for itself? That’s the question everyone asks and the “SAVE THE SENATE” people have no good answer.”

    Well, these “save-the-Senate people” don’t have an answer because, first, they are mongoloid idiots, and second, because it is the wrong question.

  19. I do not know what joe and what’s her name have planned, but what if “Little Rocket Man” gets a new rocket for Christmas or China puts a sold sign on Taiwan. Not going to talk your way out of trouble with those two. War or peace in the ME is the same thing, is it not? Just because America got snookered doesn’t mean the rest of the bad boys will be going on vacation. The situation looks ripe with opportunity.

    • As for Taiwan “sold” sign – wasn’t Joe China’s real estate agent in the deal? Joe would only complain if he doesn’t get his commission.

      • You are right, but the kids that live there will get cranky. Putting that down might be a problem. Maybe I don’t get it but joe has a lot to do, free medical for the whole world, open borders, reparations, lbgtqp super rights, shut down the bad white people.
        Telling China ” No, you are a bad boy could force an overtime situation, especially if you don’t know where you are. All of the chickens have not hatched yet. I would not feel too good about Jan. 20th if I were him. CNN can only spin so fast.

  20. Part 5:

    Governor Kemp is one of these New South “Chamber of Commerce types,” although he understands the white Georgia voter very well, or at least his campaign manager did, but it was probably Kemp himself. Like all of his type, he has a certain shrewdness that is born of greed and avarice. Like Nancy Pelosi. These are not smart people, but they do possess a certain shrewdness. And Kemp has made us a very satisfactory governor. Southerners do not mind—have never minded, even under the ancien régime—that elected officials skim money from the public treasury. We require only two things: Do not wreck the state, and do not bother us. Kemp does an admirable job at both of those highly valued skills. In his two years as governor thus far, we have not heard a peep out of him, which, in our world, is more desirable than anything else. He was the first governor to “re-open” a state after a lockdown (three weeks), and I’m sure y’all remember how the pearl-clutching class clutched their pearls at that. He has not issued any silly “mandates” concerning the chinkypox and, in fact, is now suing the nigger mayors of Atlanta and Augusta for issuing such mandates—simply because they wanted to feel “big.” (It’s a thing with niggers.)

  21. This is OT, although not as OT as I had expected it to be, given today’s outstanding article. but I hope that y’all will indulge me. I was physically unable to reply when this topic was the subject, but I had to speak on it, and the whole world seems to be waiting to see what will happen here in Georgia so, again, I beg to be indulged.

    I read with much interest the Z-Man’s insightful article of Saturday, the 5th: “Just Walk Away.” But I was disappointed in the general tenor of many of the comments and in the main idea of the article itself, showing, as they did, a lack either of political experience and understanding or of disciplined emotions, which is a luxury that we simply cannot afford at present.

    The desire to hasten the demise of the GOP is perfectly understandable, and I agree wholeheartedly, but the timing is wrong. This is NOT the time for Georgians to walk away from the pigs, as much as we’d like to do so and as much as they deserve it. Z-Man and numerous others are quite right about that. But it fails to take account of the true situation and of the true nature of American politics in general and of Southern politics in particular. Several commenters made the right points about not walking away just yet, so I shall not repeat that. But others raised some good questions that must be answered. And as a native Georgian who WILL vote for the two GOPe pigs on offer (let’s call them “Porky” and “Petunia,” shall we?), I have those answers.  

    • ProZNov said, “How can you fight for a party that won’t even fight for itself?”

      To which WOPR said, “That’s the question everyone asks and the “SAVE THE SENATE” people have no good answer.”

      Exactly so. But immaterial to the issue at hand because it is the wrong question. We shall return to this presently.

      J. van der Meer mentioned that “ […] the Republican party in Georgia (the rotten crew who want Biden to win) and South Carolina (Lindsay Graham, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, et al.) don’t seem to be conservative in any way.”

      No, they are not conservative in any way, but here—because we are talking about the South—we must refer to history. Unlike the rootless American with no feeling for the place where he was born, we actually have a history and, as Faulkner pointed out, not only is it not forgotten, it’s not even past. Nor will the current Bolshevik craze for erasing our history be any more successful than was the vicious attempt of their swinish ancestors to eradicate us in the 19th century. When they are rotting in Hell, we shall still be here, and we shall still know exactly who we are. But I digress.

      Nikki Haley is a grotesque opportunist, and she was elected governor of South Carolina during a season when she really was the “best” choice. It was a dismal season indeed. Both she and that Scott nigra are the direct result of the catastrophe that Clyde Wilson correctly calls “the War to Prevent Southern Independence.” The old ruling class that arose in the 17th-century South was utterly cast down by that disastrous war, although they certainly survived, and their descendants populate the South to this day. But they were replaced by a new class—an upstart political class—that was completely without the roots that had produced the old ruling class: roots almost literally in the soil.

      • The old ruling class had been a slave-holding landed gentry, and their rule was rooted in their sense of duty to, and their responsibility for, the people below them: the white “plain folk” and the African slaves. Those people had erected a well-functioning aristocratic republic that produced Jefferson and Washington and Madison and Calhoun and Lee and Jackson and, well, Z’s readers know. But the upstart class that replaced them in Henry Grady’s “New South” had no such roots; no such sense of duty and responsibility. They were—and are—opportunists. Many of us call them “the Chamber of Commerce types.” THAT accounts for Nikki Haley and Tim Scott. And who is this “Mr Nikki Haley” anyway? Haley is not a South Carolina name, trust me. Lord knows where he came from or how he met this dusky foreigner. How many governors of South Carolina during the past 350 years have gone from Charleston or Columbia to the United Nations at the behest of a vulgar blowhard from Queens, New York? So there you are. That’s who and what she is. She is an exemplar of the only thing that the present system is capable of producing. In that regard, she’s a more attractive and cheerful Angela Merkel.

        And Tim Scott is where he is precisely because “the Chamber of Commerce types” like having him as a kind of “cover.” He really IS cover in a way, but it also flatters their cringe-inducing vanity to think of themselves as “progressive men of the New South.” They can be heard yammering about “education” and “development” and similar blather. You know the type. They’re as common as pig tracks. They infest every state. It is THAT class about which H.L. Mencken wrote with such brutal (and delicious!) accuracy, NOT the old landed gentry that ruled before the disastrous War. It is indispensable to understand this about the political class of the South today. And it is indispensable to understand the deleterious effects that Carpetbaggers have had on politics in Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, and Texas.

        • We have a functioning culture and civilization here—still—and an excellent climate, so these jumped-up nouveaux riches descend upon us from the Frozen North and they love it, but they can never be civilized, let alone integrated, during what remains of their wretched lifespans, and they vote, so they are net negatives. We shall return to Lindsey Graham presently. (And about our still-functioning culture and civilization, I highly recommend this article, which is TRULY fascinating: )

          Now, van der Meer is right to call the Georgia Republicans “rotten,” for so they are. That Loeffler chick—and that’s exactly what she is—is a Carpetbaggin’ Yankee from Iowa who is married to a rich New York Jew, and she literally bought that Senate seat from Governor Kemp when the decrepit Johnny Isaaksson finally resigned, and he was only marginally better than Kemp or Loeffler or Perdue, who comes from a family of well-known liars, one of whom, Sonny Perdue, now Trump’s Agriculture Secretary, lied his way into becoming the first Republican governor ever elected in Georgia, and that was in 2002. He promised to let us have a referendum on the design of the Georgia flag, a furiously contentious issue at that time, so we made him the first elected Republican governor ever, and that was Really Something because the GOPe somehow never tires of calling itself “the Party of Lincoln.” Go figure. Anyway, Sonny Perdue wasted nary a minute in stabbing us in the back, of course, and got some big-city Atlanta nigger in the General Assembly to design a “compromise” flag that was so ridiculous that Georgians called it “the Denny’s placemat flag.” It’s life was mercifully short, and then we returned to the current design, the Stars and Bars, which had been replaced in 1956 by the “offensive” one, but the carpetbaggers and niggers who infest Atlanta are too stupid to know that, so it could have been worse.

  22. At this point I say let’s go to war with Iran. We’ll get way more than we bargained for as our newly minted tranny midshipmen and diverse HR Types (Latinx) at the Pentagon lead us to disaster. Just as it took WW1 to shatter the previous consensus. Let’s go to war and show the world just how incapable we are.

    • Unfortunately, the consequences of military incompetence might be the resort to nuclear weapons in an attempt to retrieve the situation.

      • At this point would bringing us back to the stone age be a bad thing…Who could survive such a thing? We could and our future might just be brighter than the path we are on now…Now it probably wouldn’t be good for those in the blue hives but we have warned time and time again to be vacating them and if people haven’t done it yet or the very least set up an alternate location to go to if something happens then that’s on them…

        • Plus you’re in an area that would have minimal fallout. I on the other hand will welcome the white flash from my deck, surveying the city below, like the scene in Terminator 2.

      • If the Ayatohllah nuked NYC and Washington DCC, would our lives improve or get worse from that? Perhaps we can convince the world that our military intelligence agencies all moved to Palo Alto…

    • I take it you’ve never buried someone who served in the bullshit wars. I don’t wish it on anyone.

      • Actually anyone in the military today, I’m talking 2020, not even 2000, is complicit. Mostly because they’re too brain dead to even contemplate the current ethical situation. So, I don’t mind.

    • Do you Americans ever consider how your victims feel? Does Iran really have to be bombarded from distance just to “own the trannies”?

  23. I vote for the additional content of Taki along with the normal ZBlog. The ZBlog is one of the top blogs and sources of daily thoughts on our side of the divide. But I get it if you need a break or want us to just focus on the Taki article on Monday’s.
    Great Taki article today by the way.

    • I neglected to thank the Zman for his Thanksgiving paen to the Puritans

      Also not to be missed is Ann Coulter’s companion article, “A Historically Accurate Thanksgiving.”

      Stiff, stern Yankees or hot-headed Southrons, they are all, our people, and our people are remarkable.

  24. The ruling class prefers cleansing the population of steerage like us. So they have purchased billions of rounds and have reduced the supply. It’s going to be a blood bath. Happens every time.

  25. They probably won’t assassinate Trump, but they will probably imprison him. And bread-and-circuses and crusades aren’t mutually exclusive. There will be plenty of gibs for the usual suspects and whatever crusades the globalists want.

    • Agree. I think Trump will be forced into silence by investigations, audits and prosecutions of him and his family. I wouldn’t rule out exile somewhere as the price of salvaging some of his fortune.
      Uniting a country by provoking a war has a dangerous downside: the other side. I wonder what the loss of an aircraft carrier or the annihilation of a sizeable Marine or Army unit might have on the temporary unity of a war.
      Unlike Z-man, I think the War of 1812, which was not a military success for the United States until after the Treaty of Ghent, had the effect of increasing dissatisfaction within New England. The Hartford Convention of 1814 did not call for succession, but successionist sentiment led up to it. James Madison and the War Hawks were lucky the British were more worried about Napoleon Bonaparte and agreed to end the war before secessionist sentiment could increase.

    • More effectively demoralizing that way.

      Would you rather be shot by a firing squad after “last words”, or die an old man, forgotten, in a federal prison?

  26. The regime is rallying the people to a war…

    against the people themselves

    and the people themselves are going along with it.

    Sickening times.

    • That worked for 80 years for the virtue-signaling parents of the Woke: the drug warriors. No, they’ll never own up to it either.

      80 years of Woke? Welp, how long did the USSR last?

  27. The fomenting dogs will be thrown some bones. On the circus side, Zuckerberg and Dorsey will probably be made examples of, providing some release for the dirt people and reminding the cloud people what happens if they go too far.

    The X factor in play here will likely result in the bottom falling out of leftie’s platform with a loud bang.

  28. The economy is based on interest. We have to have either growth or inflation or some combination of the two to the exclusion of anything else. But “the economy” as we talk about it is retarded. By the measure of GDP, if all international trade involving the US stopped, the economy would expand. Or if a hurricane flattens Miami or any other city, it would expand. War would make it expand. If production were to double, the economy, as we measure it would barely move.

    • I think the coup is incremental and has been happening for some time. Think of the illegal BS that Assange and Snowden exposed.

      • Trump should pardon those two immediately. They were good little old-school leftists – they spoke truth to power! Funny how the current-day dems don’t take a shine to that.
        He should also pardon himself on the way out the door not only for any crimes he might have committed in the past, but for any he might commit in the future. That should tie up the courts for years.

        • Whatever happened to all those “Question Authority” bumper stickers we used to see on all those Volvos back in the aughts?

  29. I think we are going to be rapidly entering the looting/gibs phase of this thing.

    Every news channel I turn on all they are talking about it’s most Die-verse administration evah!1!! And all the Gibs Groups are lobbying hard to get their people into positions of power. We need a black female as Solicitor General because… black. female. Her other (lack of) qualifications matter f-ck all. The Latino coalition is lobbying hard for their peeps to be installed. Wall to wall stronk wahmen and mystery meats as far as the eye can see. Not to mention Janet Yellen and the other ((())))s from the Obama years.

    Every single identity group is pushing hard and chomping at the bit except who? You know the answer. “Those who shall not be named.” Trump, literally, couldn’t bring himself to say the word white for 4 years. You damn sure will NEVER hear it now. You are the Forgotten Men and your country is being carved up by paper americans and diversity hires while the ‘opposition’ party sits on their hands like good little cucks.

    • We’re just moving to the open looting phase.

      The unnamed people from the unnamed country have been covertly looting for years.

    • Not to worry, we got guys like Dan Crenshaw and Madison Cawthorn looking out for us. Next election those based minorities are finally going to show up after decades of not doing so. Trust the plan.

    • Of course Whites won’t be mentioned, but the overt discussion of which racial group gets which positions is great for our side. The more open our elite our about everything being a game of diving up the pie among our societies various ethnic and religious groups, the more Joe Normie understands that no other group is playing the “We’re all just Americans” game and that Whites are suckers.

    • Directly that stoned mandrill St. George got his chips while resisting arrest in Minny I knew dam’ well the blak blak blakkity blak was going to be cranked up to 11, and that is exactly what has happened. With the Thief-in-Chief installed by the Power Structure, it will now be cranked to 12 or even 13! Peak diversity means no white people, and that is the obvious plan of action.

  30. Kams would need to stage a dirty nuke false flag in Des Moines to have any hope of mustering any support for war with Iran.

  31. The struggle with a manufactured crisis is what we saw during the Obama years with the Arab Spring and Syria: the appetite for endless wars in the Middle East is now gone. The elites will get increasingly frustrated at the lack of enthusiasm to die for people who hate them. Same goes for Russia. In the end, Iran and Russia are going to be beyond their grasp. The working class if they want to create conflict at all wants it with China and good luck with that!

    I suspect that once the elites get frustrated at their cannon fodder not wanting to die for them, that’s when the screws will really get put on to the working class. The cattle are getting uppity and the powers that be are going to want to crush what little spirit they have left. I see the anti-white rhetoric and laws simmering down until that point and after that point, it will be worse than ever.

    • “the appetite for endless wars in the Middle East is now gone”
      Among the public it’s gone, but when you stack the wishes of the public against the wishes of the MIC, the ne*c*ns, and a certain country which shall go nameless, who always wins?

    • Agree about cross posting here for comments (in the manner of Steve Sailer). I appreciate Taki’s lineup of writers (and Z-man is a strong addition), but the user experience on that site has traditionally been terrible, and commenting there is fruitless.

      Z-man, re comments: I do wish comments here worked like they do on Unz, where you can search for and find the whole history of a given commenter (or oneself). I find that to be a useful function that encourages quality comments.

      • the user experience on that site has traditionally been terrible, and commenting there is fruitless.

        Agreed. I don’t know if they still have comments at Taki’s but when they did, they were unreadable. Z Man’s comment section here is excellent.

  32. Someone pointed out that if 9-11 were to happen today, there isn’t enough vestigial social capital left for anyone to care, let alone get roped into another War on behalf of G_d’s Chosen People. You see that with Dan Crenshaw’s Lee Greenwood antics not working even on college kids (Groypers, or whatever you call them). To be honest, if some Hajjis with monobrows were to ram a couple planes into Manhattan tomorrow I’d be looking for the silver lining (how many stockbrokers, statue-destroyers, and media people who work around 30 Rock went up in flames along with the construction workers, janitors, and other normies?). I think the official right is dead so now the battle is between the young and brown portion of the left vs. the old and white version. Biden’s greatest foe at this point is ascending a flight of stairs without a handrail, so I don’t think he’s going to be around for the long haul. They dumped Feinstein’s wheelchair off a cliff, too. Watching someone like Ilhan Omar make life hell for Bill Kristol, or Ocasio-Cortez ruffling Bezos’s feathers, should be fun. It’s evil vs. evil, so it should be encouraged.

    • If 9/11 happened today, the side out of power would accuse the side in power of a false flag attack. And they’d probably be right.

  33. The real question is what happens when every president is seen as a pretender by half the population. That already happened with Trump four years ago.

    No one claimed that he didn’t win the election, though they complained about the popular vote. Yet, half the people didn’t accept his legitimacy, which is one of the reasons why you saw voter fraud this time around.

    As Z says, democracy doesn’t rely on the legitimacy of the ruling class but of the people. However, once a part of the population no longer accepts the legitimacy of population – either because they are considered a different tribe or have different values – the legitimacy of the democracy disappears.

    Being oppressed by leaders legally elected by a foreign people isn’t different from being oppressed by leaders physically installed.

    That’s why the Dems and the media push so hard the narrative that we’re all Americans. It’s the only way to keep a large number of Whites from losing faith in democracy and realizing that they’re being ruled by a foreign people.

    • It’s going to be part and parcel of American regimes moving forward: the loser will never concede, the winning side is considered illegitimate due to ballot stuffing or international hacking cartels, articles of impeachment will be drafted against the sitting president, and grifting, lots and lots of grifting.

      We all know this is just theater for the uniparty but the public demands bloodsports as living standards continue to drop and people get increasingly desperate. Everything, especially the Georgia elections currently feel scripted. I could see the powers that be let the GOP win just to keep the #StopTheSteal voting population strung along and it provides an excuse why progressive economic policies won’t be implemented. Mitch the Turtle will willingly play the bad guy as everyone votes in a bipartisan measure to give Israel more aid.

    • That happened with Bush v. Gore, too. Both of whom were feckless rich-kid mid-wits, and everybody behaved as if it were the most important decision ever.

  34. Under a Biden regime, war is inevitable. A war against Iran, maybe. A war against Whites, no doubt about it.

    • Just let Iran have the Middle East. Christ.

      Some people want a time machine to go back and kill Hitler, Mao, Stalin. ( Good choices. )

      I’d like to add one more: Whoever the asshat was that came up with the slogan “Judeo-Christian”. That abomination of a slogan will be the end of US

    • If Biden does attack Iran, I would not be too upset to see our ass get kicked. The down side is that it would be used as justification to “rebuild our defenses” and shovel even more money to the MIC. Plus we would have to listen to conservatives whine about our military heroes having to “fight with one hand tied behind our back” for the next 30 years. We would also have to take in all the Iranians at risk because they sided with us.

      • Serious have you read anything? The Obama restoration will restore the Iran deal and maybe even give them nuke tech to nuke Israel to restore the flood of money laundering.
        the way it works is corrupt third world nations like Ukraine or Malaysia 1MDB Jho Low use people like the Biden’s or Do Caprio to launder billions and keep it safe. The launderers get their cut.

        • Biden’s not going to get the JCPOA restored. His jewish handlers will insist on so many extra conditions that Iran will reject it. Don’t worry you and your zionist buddies will get your war.

  35. who would biden and his backers fight? all the potential opponents are actually pulling the strings of the dnc. and iran as a target?! for obama II?

  36. On the circuses side of the coin, there was a kerfuffle in England this past weekend when fans of Millwall (in the second (Championship) division) booed the ritual player kneeling before the game. Millwall fans, even among the old-fashioned standards of soccer hooliganism, retain a strong reputation for being Cockney troglodytes, so of course the usual suspects have clutched their pearls over this. But look at the comments on this video that addresses the incident. Like Z-man pointing out that the Breitbartarians are starting to come around, the people commenting here have had it to their back teeth with these rituals. Yes, many of them bring up the “why should we support groups with ties to communists” trope, but it’s still an incident that touches the third rail of racism. Not long ago, most normies wouldn’t have dared voice any opinion that supported the boos.

    • “retain a strong reputation for being Cockney troglodytes”-Who determines the reputation and why do you believe them?
      They are the same people who descibe you and your family as evil scum.

      • I didn’t say I believe the reputation is warranted, but it’s certainly out there. The supporters’ anthem is “No One Likes Us!”. I was only trying to add some context.

        One other bit of context to this story is that the pre-game kneel began this summer but it wasn’t until this weekend that fans were allowed to attend games, so this was the first chance anyone had to voice their opinion on the matter.

        • It’s out there because the media push it out there.Why even engage the Left’s lies?
          How many people have been killed by Millwall supporters over the last 30 years and how many people in England have been killed by Islamists in the last 30 months?
          It’s all framing.

    • There was always going to be a tipping point. The only questions were where it is and would it come too late. Although briefly reading through the comments of the video, most are still caught in the moral framework of whether the actions of the fans are “racist.” It’s true that things have changed where many now support the booing fans, but they’re still stuck inside that box, by deciding the fans aren’t racist. That needs to change. The term “anti-white” needs to spread. Racist is our enemies’ word.

      • I totally agree. A couple years ago I would have been arguing from the same perspective. But it’s encouraging that so many are willing to push back on negrophilic narrative, however they justify it.

      • The term “anti-white” needs to spread. Racist is our enemies’ word.

        This. I frequently use this term to describe my feeling toward ANTIFA, BLM and the like. They are, as so many other entities have come to be, anti-white.

      • Eh, disagree but no downvote. In a rhetorical public dispute, definition shifting works. See, e.g., “I’m not racist because racism requires institutional support.” The people on the left bought that because they wanted to excuse the anti-whites, not because it makes logical sense. Ditto the “I’m not being racist, I’m being anti-communist, what are you saying, all blacks have to be communists?” Our side, esp the old boomers and x’ers, buy that, even if it is logical poopytalk. End result: people on our team get to have fun by publicly booing and shaming people on their side, raising our morale. Therefore its a WIN.

  37. Just got the notice that they are trying to make employees in my agency/branch/whatever “high priority” for this untested, experimental coof vaccine. I’m just left praying they are so incompetent (they are even for govt standards) and I’m so unimportant that they will let me fall through the cracks. Very scary stuff. High percentage of people polled say they don’t want it, but I’m guessing that with any pressure the vast majority will fold. If you got a wife and kids- hard choices.

    • My position went to full-time work-from-home (previously only 1 day a week in the office for the previous 6-7 months). Can’t see a reasonable rationale, even though I work in healthcare IT, for making me take the vaccine. Or even take the previously mandatory annual flu vaccine any more.

    • Same.

      A “vaccine “ that doesn’t prevent infection, and doesn’t even stop you from being a non-symptomatic carrier who can infect others.

      What, exactly, is the point of this thing?

      • A vaccine so safe

        They have to threaten you to make you take it

        For a disease so deadly

        You have to be tested to know if you have it

      • I still claim the point is to have a purported “fix” to a disease that has been blown out of all rationality. At first, it was used as a political weapon against Trump, but now is a liability to a non-Trump administration. Biden and Harris need a thriving economy to loot, although they will play along after Jan 20th inauguration into the Spring so they can claim they rid us of this horrible disease while riding the expected decline in cases of this seasonal virus.

        The vaccine need not have great effectiveness nor be long lasting—only that it is believed effective. A magic talisman so to speak. At this point, there is good reason to believe we are approaching heard immunity. In short, the disease has burned through the susceptible population.

        Folks will get the vaccine, just as the disease goes into its summertime doldrums, future spikes will be well within typical flu season spikes (there is reason now to believe this) and viola, case closed. Both the MSM and hospitals will play down all future cases and the CDC will blame such cases on the crazies who refuse vaccination (so it’s their fault, just like the flu).

        Mask wearing might continue as the population has shown themselves to be pathetically compliant in that regard. One only can hope it will not be a mandate at the local level. In a year, we will simply be hearing about the approaching “flu and covid” season and to get our shots.

        Covid has outlived its political usefulness.

        • Old Joe’s gonna get a dose of covid sprayed on his nose jock. That fucker will be dead 2 weeks after putting his grifter, child molester puppet hand on a bible.

        • No, COVID is the most successful tool of repression politically and economically in America ever, and its not going anywhere. You see besides destroying your opposition and shuttering those pesky churches- COVID is the greatest election machine in history; THAT goes nowhere.

          • For COVID to disappear it would have to lose Dems elections- and that won’t happen.

            COVID=Vote by Mail = Victory.

  38. “The great mission or crusade, like a war, comes with an expiry date. You can rally the most diverse and uncooperating people against some crisis. In a war, for example, people put aside their grievances to fight the common enemy. Yankee New England dropped their secession drive, for example, because of the War of 1812. The trouble is, people tire of war and every crisis losses its sense of urgency. Even the communists figured this out eventually.”
    The first order of business of a true right wing leader is to strip NASA of their current leadership, get our guys in there, and use 100 billion of our spending slotted in the defense budget for getting to Mars.

      • A cohesive dream to rally the nation. No nation can exist long-term without long-term goals that go beyond material comfort.
        Better than finding some other country to bomb.

        • Gotta capture some resource rich asteroids and put them in earth orbit first. Great fiction book came out about this a few years ago.

          Love the direction you’re thinking though.

          • If the asteroid is resource-rich enough, it could throw world markets into a tailspin, unless the chokepoint is controlled, like with the diamond concessions. Imagine if someone who believed what we believed but kept it quiet managed to finance a SpaceX-like private venture, and all of a sudden they got their hands on a rock filled with tungsten and platinum lodes? Pretty sure cutting off paypal accounts wouldn’t be enough to stop that movement’s momentum or deplete its war chest.

          • That’s small thinking. Platinum, for example, is $$ because it’s rare. But if it were cheap, the commercial applications would be fantastic (hydrogen fuel cells, for example)

            The real dream is space based infrastructure and manufacturing. Launching stuff into space is very energy intensive: there’s a huge payoff if all the materials are ALREADY in space.

            A one-off mission to Mars is a stunt, very expensive, and there’s no real reason to do it if you can just send robots.

            Hell, China is going to win this race, if they want to. The US produces bankers, lawyers, regulations, and not much else.

          • You are thinking like a consumer, no a citizen. You need to break that habit and think in terms of the social culture that facilitates families with kids, not more stuff,
            Any American with a decent job even now can fill his home with more than a family can use and enough to spill over into storage rooms.
            Used carefully there is no shortage of any basic materials, certainly not enough to merit huge expanses for asteroid mining.
            After deportation and a boot on the neck of finance, even housing will be pretty learnable.
            What’s needed is social capital. That is reasons to marry young stay married and have kids.
            Moon mining isn’t one as it won’t create many jobs or a purpose.

        • A cohesive dream to rally the nation?

          What nation? How many blacks, muslims, hispanics, LGBTs, etc, etc, etc are interested in spending the hundreds of trillions of dollars required to make Mars habitable for a few thousand white people in a hundred years time?

          • Why should I care either?
            Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids, in fact its cold as hell (apologies to Elton John)
            Not to mention nearly airless with little if any free standing water and soil heavily made of percolate which is a deadly toxin.
            More importantly after DR takeover, the US population will be in decline for many decades.
            Millions of deportations, a wrecked economy and an uncertain future.
            Those conditions of the Space Ear fantastic optimism, massive wealth increase and population growth might come under a DR Republic, its possible in time .
            But the assumption is right after social reforms we’ll go back to the baby boom is risible.
            Its very possible that there isn’t a baby demand anyway and we’ll not get past 1.8 till the Amish take over.
            No space for many decades if ever. Sorry.

          • Right Wing Whites don’t care either.
            Progress Driven Space Bugs are a tiny subgroup these days and no offense to fellow dissidents here, what you want while well meaning is dumb and impractical.

        • Even if you mange the Whitey on the Moon problem we already have discussed with other groups , today’s Whites aren’t interested in Space nearly as much.
          Truth is virtually no one is interested in space these days, only cyber space .
          Also the space program was a product of the 60’s culture, the faux homogeneity and highly centralized culture.
          That country is long gone, tech and immigration and the long march killed it and spending tax dollars isn’t going to ignite that ideal.
          Frankly you first few decades after you get power will be a mix of rebuilding an industrial society, if we can, building the ability to make our own computers and sending subversives who don’t qualify for helicopter rides to Sheriff Joe Arpaio Correction Through Labor and Education Centers.
          After a few decades of that, if, big if, people decide family formation is the thing and the economy supports a surplus , we can try a research program. Maybe.
          Otherwise, it all down in dirt work from here.

          • I can safely assume it will be spent.
            I can safely say that $100 Billion will be spent by the Feds alone by Dec 17, 2020, ten days from now. Most likely more.

            I would rather spend it on advancing our race and nation – White America – than on plutocrats stock swindles and noggers glass pipes. Speaking of pipes ~ what are you smoking? It smells libertarian from here…
            $100 Billion is merely a larger pittance, indeed that is average 10 days of Federal spending of $10B daily.

            Wise up, even Reason is kept afloat by stock swindlers, er plutocrats.

            Space is one of those things that you can’t affirmatively action, if you try you die.
            Same it seems with air travel, ask Boeing.
            Whites take humanity into space, or it doesn’t happen. Therefore Space should happen, which of course it should anyway.

        • I’d rather spend it on national health care or putting in sewers in the impoverished White or Black parts of Alabama or on jails or nearly anything else than a useless space program.

          • Welp. The sun’s gonna turn into a red giant here directly, so we might as well get crackin’ on that li’l complication.

          • We spend too much on both already. We have no shortage of shit, sewers, jails, and gimmedats.

            Or useless moochers.

          • It ain’t 1960. Machines gut wages now and make the value of the 90% of the population who aren’t techie types lower year after year.
            This means every bit of automation is either a future moocher or an abortion.
            No jobs means either socialism or no economy. Choose wisely.
            and note Clownfornia where I live is going socialist, The State is now the main lender for housing.
            Funny enough, it works
            Optionally you can spend tons on cops and live with homeless camps and the constant risk that millions could be become radicalized or join gangs. Enjoy cartel Mexico.
            Well alright you can pay people not have children and enjoy a constant decline in the urban population. It won’t be quite as bad if you combine it with a child beneficent for the married and employed but you’ll notice that no one has gone down this route.
            Its not much of an economy with less customers year after year nor much of a society with a median age of a retirement home,

    • That Mars project is about as useful as tits on a boar hog.
      First, tech isn’t the solution to our problems but the cause of them,
      Second, even if you expel fifty million people or so, you haven’t solved the problems the county faces.
      Not my people exactly but the problem are still there from Whitey on the Moon which is blackity black as you would expect.

      A rat done bit my sister Nell.

      (with Whitey on the moon)

      Her face and arms began to swell.

      (and Whitey’s on the moon)

      I can’t pay no doctor bill.

      (but Whitey’s on the moon)

      Ten years from now I’ll be paying still.

      (while Whitey’s on the moon)

      Also being able to blow billions on a vanity project implies we have billions to spend and the intellectual prowess to do this.
      That is a big no. Our GDP will probably be 1/5 of what it is now and it will take decades to restore the nations foundations and , wealth distribution and intellectual capital.
      Beyond that setting a wealthy floor, set a wealth ceiling and making sure things work will eat every single dime we have.
      Maybe if we are insanely lucky we can manage a probe or two in a few decades on but otherwise no. Post Revolution US will be second tier for many years if not indefinitely and in no condition for nonsense like Mars shots.

  39. “Bringing large numbers of people together under a single ruler, whether it is the farce of democracy or the force of a despot, goes against man’s nature.”

    I think this is backwards. I think this is the norm as people congregate. From Asia to Russia which was basically an Asiatic despotism for a thousand years after the Mongol invasion and even look at South America the Aztecs and the Incas in particular. The Incas ruled for 200 years and they kept a firm grip on everyone and it was only the Conquistadors that broke it up but even they were amazed at the culture of organization and plenty.

    • I believe the Incas were in the midst of a civil war between 2 or 3 factions when the Spanish showed up. The Spanish allied themselves with one of the factions, then beat out the others.
      After that was done, they naturally betrayed their ally & finished the conquest of the Inca.
      If the Inca were not fighting amongst themselves, they would have had a good chance of turning back (for a while, at least) the Spanish invasion.

        • What constitutes “contested?” Is it like in legal-land where the plaintiff must have “standing?”

    • Yeah! He is going to clean house, TRUST THE PLAN Q!
      That tweet is from October 23rd. Every single swamp creature and government bureaucrat still has their job in spite of this ‘ZOMG!!1!, Trump is going to eliminate protections and drain the swamp’. This is more gaslighting and bullsh-t from the people who are positioned to perform just that service for the plebes. You aren’t helping BTW by positioning this 6 week old stale tweet as some 4D chess move…

    • The engine of General Flynn’s revenge is barely warm yet. The Beautiful Black Sky is dark with unshed communist tears.

    • A business friend was one of the people that did the storming. Garrett, btw is a crazy lefty, though has done good work on pandemic disease, “The Coming Plague” written twenty years ago was prescient.

    • Why didn’t he realize he was President until the last month?

      Mind you, taking away government employees ‘we can’t be fired’ status is a good thing and long overdue, but where has this man been the last 4 years?

      My God, it’s as if in the last month, watching how brazenly criminal our bureaucracy and elites are …the Normie scales fell from his CivNat eyes, and the POTUS saw the truth.

      • Part of it was staffing. There’re no “feeder” institutions for a Populist administration the way the Federalist Society/Heritage/Cato/TPUSA provide for the GOPe. Also Javanka. Key posts went to establishment subversives.

        • Yup. There was no “art of the deal” handbook called “Mr. Outsider Goes to Washington, Does and Don’ts”..

          Mr. Trump may have wanted, sincerely, to “drain the swamp” … but no one lent him a yardstick to measure its depth.

        • This is a very good point. President Trump was woefully unprepared for the resistance he’s facing if he even thought he’d win in the first place
          Its understandable though, he’s basically Bubba Bill 2 and in normal times would have been seen as a centrist and easy to work with.
          These days? Even with C19 things are nuts
          This problem of institutional subversion is also why if there ever is a DR takeover the institutions will either be completly subverted to our ends or removed from power B.A.M.N.
          One of the militia blogs suggested the New State bulldozing some of the uglier building as a starter but it won’t go far enough.
          Our side being dirt people don’t have anywhere near enough intellectuals so either we do without anything that isn’t STEM or Blue Collar we appoint our own commissars or we get subverted.

        • No doubt, Trump had a lot of trouble finding anyone who was: competent, loyal, sane.
          It was like that Hot/Crazy chart for Girls from a few years ago. Maybe it was a 3 body problem – Hot/Crazy is a 2 body problem, Competent/Loyal/Sane is a 3 body problem.
          Even the West Point Mafia guys Pompeo bought with him suffer from the GOP disease: Every GOP-er from Town Alderman to DC staffer, never mind Senator wants to be POTUS, none of them focus on the job at hand.

          Frankly Trump had a choice of smashing the government at the outset or trying to get good for the populace from said govt.
          It was more like he went around them after learning how useless they were.
          Think of all the good things Trump did, there were many.
          Now think how many of them came through govt channels….

          The lesson learned here is we must not drain the swamp (a fucxing idiotic, woman phrase) Mongol them and the entire area.

  40. The bad guys may want to curtail our rights and freedoms… but they certainly don’t have the wherewithal to do it. Talk to any 2A guy and he will start foaming at the mouth and rattling about cold dead fingers. The neoliberals hate the military, and the rank and file hate them right back. Pozzed officers that drag the troops into unnecessary and unconscionable conflicts will be fragged in short order.
    The revolt is just starting to germinate. County Sheriffs are refusing to enforce idiotic gun bans or COVID lockdowns. Guys like our esteemed blog hose and the wanks at Gab and other alt tech sites are gaining credibility every day. Watching Mark Dice punk CNN is the stuff of high comedy.
    Gentlemen: we have a power vacuum in our state capitols. Much as I despise Jim The Blogger – he is right about the fact that someone is inevitably step in to fill that void – and whoever it is, he will not be kind to the Silicon Valley Oligarchs or buffoons like Biden and his fart catchers. In all likelihood he will kill or arrest them and take their stuff. Things will either go very well or very badly for the middle class, with no in-between.

    • “Talk to any 2A guy and he will start foaming at the mouth and rattling about cold dead fingers….”

      Yeah, and then they rush out to get those concealed permits in blue shitlib states, putting themselves squarely on the list for confiscation when a $200.00 12 gauge in the hands of every citizen would be a better choice IMO.

      When your local, just doing his yob sheriff pulls up with two cars in your driveway, with a list in his hands bearing YOUR name, then whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

        • Yeah, well I would not turn your back on the so-called blue”.

          Watch your back. They don’t have your back. Never had your back. Will Elvis ever be back?

          Probably before the blue will have your back.

      • When your local, just doing his yob sheriff pulls up with two cars in your driveway, with a list in his hands bearing YOUR name, then whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
        Well that’s why Community is so important because then your Sheriff will be fighting for you instead of against you…

        • “Well that’s why Community is so important because then your Sheriff will be fighting for you instead of against you…”

          When there is a fight and I see proof about this “fighting for you” I might believe it. Until then, speed traps, ‘enforcement’ against low-hanging fruit soccer moms in Audi SUVs while illegals wander about un-molested doing illegal things. That is what I see now, so what indication do I have that these attitudes will somehow change when the SHTF?

          I am personally acquainted with one of my local Sheriffs but my hopes along the lines you mention are NOT a plan. I like the guy, and I know other current and retired LEO, NYPD, SWAT and Secret Service for what it’s worth.

          They make comments my ears register and my mind files away. I have personally developed a TON of information … asking innocuous questions that give me insight into how the NYPD are going about their business regarding Antifa/BLM, codes put on their police reports for blatant crimes they now choose not to prosecute, and so on. They are on strike when it comes to crime, from the horse’s mouth, sorry. A recent comment, “as long as the checks keep coming in” from a retired NYPD, still in touch with his buddies at the xxx Precinct.

          Cordiality rules for now, and that’s great. I do not seek to make enemies but am not subject to magical nor child-like thinking.

          • If people want to know how it will truly play out, they can see how Virginia went. Strong anti-gun laws, a protest that celebrated gays and minorities, and the bills passed after watering them down a little but still getting about 90% of what they want. How did the 2A set respond? They declared victory because they mostly lost out over totally losing out.

            Thats how I see this playing out. Only reason we didn’t see more Virginia-style legislation was because it was close to election season. Rest assured more states are going to push – maybe some former red states to twist the knife a little more.

            The second amendment will go the way of the fourth amendment by 2025.

          • Hmmm. When I think “Virginia”, besides avoiding the place like the PLAGUE — as long as we are talking about “the blue” … due to their highway robbers in uniform … I think Charlottesville.

            Legal permit, our heroes in the LEO ‘community’ there herd rioters INTO THE MIDST of the men protesting the removal of one of the most hallowed sons of the state, Robert E. Lee. Sure, the uniforms were ‘just following orders’ … as the local politicians created a riot, a kill zone.

            And an enduring leftist myth that continues to this day.

            So please, don’t get me started about Virginia. For the record, I never got a ticket there but have people I know that have. I used to bring business to the State, book hotels, run events. No more, would not spend a cent there.

            So I have been there quite a few times, attended and ran events at Mason, Madison, U. Richmond, VCU, etc. etc. The cordon one has to run, sans radar detector (the only place in the USA one cannot pick up these radio waves except filth-sty D.C.) as one is surveiled by law enforcement.

            Virginia is lost. It’s a shithole.They have Josef Mengele in the State House.

          • Hmmm. When I think “Virginia”, besides avoiding the place like the PLAGUE — as long as we are talking about “the blue” … due to their highway robbers in uniform … I think Charlottesville.
            Legal permit, our heroes in the LEO ‘community’ there herd rioters INTO THE MIDST of the men protesting the removal of one of the most hallowed sons of the state, Robert E. Lee. Sure, the uniforms were ‘just following orders’ … as the local politicians created a riot, a kill zone.
            And an enduring leftist myth that continues to this day.
            So please, don’t get me started about Virginia. For the record, I never got a ticket there but have people I know that have. I used to bring business to the State, book hotels, run events. No more, would not spend a cent there.
            So I have been there quite a few times, attended and ran events at Mason, Madison, U. Richmond, VCU, etc. etc. The cordon one has to run, sans radar detector (the only place in the USA one cannot pick up these radio waves except filth-sty D.C.) as one is surveiled by law enforcement.
            Virginia is lost. It’s a shith-le.They have Josef in the State House.

          • You make a good point. I will detail some of my agreement with you.

            Like many, I settled near where I was born. Married a girl I met young, settled around family and raised our own. Now that we are on our own again, the discussion is 100% on, “where to go?” We never were cut and run people, but when an area changes around you …

            This is not to say that I do not have great friends, only do business with my people – no leftists get my patronage nor that of my business. Yes, too many leftists in my area, with all their arrogance, stupidity, and $50,000 custom kitchen cabinets.

            With these great leftists come their detritus. And that means our annual taxes, all in when we bought, were $2300.00 a year or so. Make that now $15,000.00 a year and you can just bet it feels good to fork over our earnings to the slobs that are ensconced in local government.

            I will share this vignette. I went riding, discovered some new roads a ways from home, did my thing on 2 wheels and with focus on ROAD, failed to notice the quantity of “Biden/Harris” lawn signs in those towns. Took my wife on a ride on a fall sunny day, out into the country … and we bailed off the route as there were just too many of these ugly signs of liberal infiltration into what was once a more rural area. There were no people about, just these signs. Did we need to know who and what was lurking inside these homes? Affluent people, no diversity around, signaling their virtue for one another.

            What I have noticed is economic frailty in small towns north of us … lead to people snapping up everything on the cheap. Out come the signs of virtuosity … rainbow flags, ‘free range’ farms replace the farms…. and a proliferation of the signs mentioned above. Oh, and middle aged men in spandex tights on $250-0.00 bikes with their valuable finance minds protected by $500.00 helmets.

            *The double post, with minor edits was due to first being disappeared, like night and fog into moderation.

      • I’ll do what they did in Pennsylvania. Give him the 200 hundred dollar duck gun.
        Then make a few phone calls, dig out the $900.00 AR15, and go down to the police station with the boys and get it back. If there are any problems, the police will be disarmed, relieved of duty and incarcerated in their own cells.
        Yes, it may come to that. Buddy – your president is getting muscled as we speak. Do you see him bowing down to those assholes?
        You shouldn’t either. American gun owners are not fwench or Roman peasants. They are citizens, and if you fuck with them, you do so at your peril.

        • “If there are any problems, the police will be disarmed, relieved of duty and incarcerated in their own cells.”

          This is a movie inside head or a Fedpost?

          • Things like this have happened before near to living memory (Battle of Athens 1946) but those were different times and a harder people.

          • I like the trajectory of The Whisky Rebellion more me self. However it also is a reminder how soon the Feds got into the over-reach in the history of our country…

          • I figured you meant that. The Whiskey Rebellion teaches simply “be sneaky” instead of gung ho at least until you have enough force.

          • “…be sneaky” instead of gung ho at least until you have enough force.”
            That would be quoting Ho Chi Minh right there, irregular warfare until you are strong enough for open warfare.

      • Sheriffs won’t be sent to enforce unpopular laws. They answer to county voters, and in less populated counties they are generally just another citizen more than an overlord. Typically, despots bring in foreign ringers to enforce unpopular laws because they have no camaraderie with the people they are policing. If you want to black pill, at least have the courtesy to not be completely ignorant of basic human politics.

        • When your local, just doing his yob sheriff pulls up with two cars in your driveway, with a list in his hands bearing YOUR name

          Which was Arcasians original scenario, only a nindless dipshit would assume they are bringing you the 308 ammo that’s so hard to get nowadays.
          You seem to qualify.

        • “…at least have the courtesy to not be completely ignorant…’

          Good laugh, that. See my previous post in terms of whom I know and what I know, Officer.

          • “…basic human politics…”

            Our recent Sheriffs Dept. top man was a crook, cost the taxpayers $6 figures in fines, and brought in terrible people on his force. Sure, he eventually was ousted.

            Sorry, Officer, we have a different perspective.

        • How about looking at what happened and what is happening, instead of fantasies either way?

          The Police are not seizing guns, with rare exceptions where family members and neighbors called the police to say this or that person is dangerous….in which case it’s lose/lose…either your family, friends, neighbors are shitbirds or they were right about the person they ratted.

          now to me ratting is always wrong, except never no exceptions.

          But lets deal with what is happening and what happened, instead of fantasy lands about shooting cops …or rebellions that didn’t happen either.

          • “But lets deal with what is happening and what happened,…”

            Agreed. The Journal News in Westchester County, NY once posted the names and addresses of EVERY licensed gun owner in that county.

          • And all those gun owners sat there and took it good and hard.

            A few squeaked about it, but none of them put the fear of God into the newspaper staff that did that.

          • On THAT paper….

            Funny you say that. Some years ago, that paper had an unmoderated comments policy for its youth sports. That opened the door for some egregious defamation against some young athletes that were under my wing. A lot of pain was caused to minors by a handful of miscreants, but like “Covid” is not responsible for travails, but government policy, it was the policy of the paper that was at fault. Human nature is the constant and youth sports can be very nasty. They simply would not remove clearly defamatory posts aimed at minors and created an environment for locals to attack others..

            These same virtue signalers that felt the need to dox EVERY licensed gun owner in Westchester County.

            I contacted that paper, and found my way to a worm, <male> variety, that was in charge of the online communications.

            After he was all smarmy about “nothing he could do” I let hotshot know I would be coming down to his office personally, at Gannett Plaza in White Plains. Working the phone relentlessly, I made him plenty aware of my desire to meet and discuss this matter.

            The coward soon changed direction, and comments became moderated, then no more. I am not speaking of child man Josh T. from there back then, but the nerd behind the web operations back then. Now that paper looks more like a pamphlet on the newstand and lives behind a paywall for their dozen remaining readers. Good riddance.

            Being a professional debt collector at the time, grinding up lesser men, worms, old hat. This worm at this paper was meat FOR the worm. I would have been happy to go there, my damn collection agency client list included HIS fucking company, for unpaid display advertising and I lunched M. T. and her staff sumptuosly, many times. on my company dime. They never failed to bring every assisstant to the assistant credit manager for free food and booze.

            Now, of course, his kind are more deeply embedded, think they are beyond arm’s reach. I am surprised simple techniques of persuasion are not rendered when people are de-platformed and such. Some things are best communicated in person, although it takes legwork.

            Refer to Solzhenitsyn’s thoughts on letting evildoers think they can harm others scot-free. Imagine some geek comes out to his car and you are there, arms folded, for a nice, friendly chat.

          • And home burglaries went up by 80% as a result. The sword cut both ways though, one enterprising individual managed to lay his hands on the home address of the editor in chief of the paper who green-lighted the idea in the first place. Not only did the death threats begin rolling in, but a few upset individuals did show up at her house and her and her family were literally forced to flee in the night.

          • Every miscreant leftist claims they receive “death threats…” It is their go-to victimhood whiny lie.

            If you seek to harm me and my loved ones, you better count on me seeking your out in person for a discussion. See, the psychology of debt collection is simple: you do not want to meet me or meet me again once you meet me. Most people cannot handle conflict, so it does not take much to rattle them.

            No need to kill them, harm them. Nothing illegal whatsoever. Just good, direct communication of your position. Best in person, without breaking any laws.

            They shit their pants in fear, and maybe move on to another victim not named you or your children…

          • You’re basically here to Blackpill and piss on everything right Arcadian?

            Let us know how life works out for you, 2021 should be interesting.

        • Useless. A gun you won’t use is a gun you don’t have serves the system well.
          And to note the UK and OZ have many unregistered guns and ammo galore, it ain’t used when banned, its banned anyway.

          • You can keep your shooters both hidden and easily accessible. Also maintain two ammo caches. One for when you really need it and one for target practice. I suspect govt. is working to keep supply low and costs high. Try buying any 9 mm lately?

          • Maybe. Personally I think this is just natural supply and demand . TP is also unavailable too and even Clownfornia where I live wants that to be plentiful.
            Truth is we don’t make all the components we need for all the ammo and reloading supplies we’ve been hoarding.
            We’ve also had demand surges and ammo droughts before.
            Right now demand is so great with everyone arming up I don’t think anyone could keep up with it.

      • The local sheriff isn’t going to come and seize your guns.
        The Plan (they have already done it in NY and CA) is to outlaw the sale of the stuff you want, like ARs and hi-cap mags. Then they demand registration of the stuff you already have. If you’re ballsy enough to ignore the registration edict, they’ll pick you off one-by-one when you get pulled over for speeding with the “illegal” gun in the trunk, or they show up at your house for a domestic or a medical call or a fire. Or when your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend rats you out because of sheer spite. Or when the Fudds and cop-worshipers at your local gun club rat you out. Or when you doctor reports you as “mentally ill.”

        They’ll bust you on felony unregistered gun charges incidentally, when you least expect it and you and your buddies — assuming they they will leave their jobs and families and run to your house to shoot the cops, which is pure fantasy — aren’t prepared to go Full Rambo.

        That’s the way it’s going to go down — 99% enforcement at the retail level, and make a few examples out of people so that the rest bury their guns and never dig them up. Or turn them in during a “buyback.”

        In the rare cases when they know or suspect exactly what you have and are coming to get it, they’re not gonna trust your local anti-gun control sheriff. SWAT is going to roll up in an MRAP, shoot your dog, snatch your five-year-old and put him in foster care, drag your naked, screaming wife from the shower at gunpoint and charge her as an accessory, and if they don’t give you a double-tap to the chest and one to the head they’ll drag you out in cuffs and manacles and charge you with shit that could get you fifty years in prison — while the Negroes and Antifa get charges dropped for arson and looting.

        That’s the way it’s gonna go down. That’s the way it already goes down. People like to talk a lot of shit on the Internet but this isn’t 1775 anymore and your buddies are not going to come and shoot the king’s troops and get charged with capital murder when they come for YOUR gun.

        Look at how those morons in Texas, parading around last summer with rifles (in front of a bar that had been closed due to the COVID “lockdown”) collapsed like a house of cards when the morbidly obese cops rolled up in an MRAP and waddled up pointing guns. They were “fighting for freedom” — until they dropped their weapons and got on their knees and the Blob Squad cuffed them and charged them with felonies. Not a shot was fired. Real heroic.

        To be sure, there will be a few hardy souls who will not take this shit and will go down blazing, but they will die lonely deaths as martyrs and they will know it and accept it. Look around you at the douchebags living in $400,000 houses with swimming pools and boats and $50,000 SUVs and trucks and football and porn on cable TV. They’re not coming to your aid — they’ll denounce you and choose Barabbas as the people of Jerusalem did to Christ.

        They killed Sammy Weaver and blew Vicki Weaver’s head off as she was holding an infant — and that was way back in 1992. Almost 30 years later, they’re a lot bolder, much more heavily armed and equipped, and a LOT less afraid of us…

        • I cannot fathom why your detailed, accurate prognostication did not receive more up votes. I cannot take exception with anything you say.

        • All of us are busting ass to prevent it but if such a things happening and I’m suggesting possible results not advocating here,
          Those D.B.s are facing the same dying economy the rest of us are and are rather vulnerable to reprisal. Snitches known or suspect always get worse than stitches.
          Right now 40% of US Homicides go unsolved. Making bad people or soft targets go away for good isn’t hard if there is no connection to you, just ask any serial killer or Middle East Vet.
          Also people kind of learned to avoid hard targets after the Weaver debacle .
          Go read Sipsey Street Irregulars for details on non gun fights or remember the salutary effects of OKC or any other resistance you like.
          Here in 2020 a simple lack of support along with a small increase in risk is enough to make police quit in droves They’ll be harder in the future but they want to go home to the famliy and live a life in an orderly society not be in constant terror or reprisal.
          Such a fight is a winnable fight but one we all need to work to avoid.

    • Oi! Shut up, you! You had your vote!!!!
      Bloody dirt people… they are so tiresome, aren’t they?


      • Yes, yes, with my dirt law degree, and two other undergraduate degress and additional useless credentials so I can scrape shekels in credential-land while blending in with the almighty people of the moral high ground.

        Problem is, I was born loud. Remain loud. Your emoticon, pull of the ripcord noted. I like that, like texting your waff, “you look as fat as a cow in that outfit… jess kidding!”

    • My computer algorithm voted for me at least 250 times, as best I can tell. Shame, shame on you algorithm for breaking the rules.

      • Yes, that was just a “glitch”, a bug not a feature. And why sell oneself short, better to steal 25,000 votes at a clip, not 250.

        I do see the Governor of Georgia, Kemp is putting his lady-parts driven FEEEELZ before evidence, law, the voters. His FEEELZ were hurt by the Mean Tweeter In Chief so he/she is gonna show that big mean Mean Tweeter.

        No sex for a month, oops, that’s from his personal life. I mean, Obama-esque ‘doubling down’, facts, party affiliation, my FEEELZ she said.

        My FEEELZ are hurted.

        Isn’t it amazing how POTUS Trump sizes up these wusses and triggers them to out themselves.

        • New term, “twat-hurt” — aka “Kemp-hurt” insted of “butthurt”.

          More accurate.

          My FEEELZ she cried.

      • I just Iearned that there is such a thing as Fractional Vote tallying. And I can’t find an explanation for this anywhere.

    • Why is anyone talking about parties?
      You mean like…elections?
      Was that back in the days when they had churches Grandpa?

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