The Power Of Bad Ideas

Dissidents tend to think of politics as the driver of social change. Elections have consequences, as the winners get to shape public policy, which guides the cultural evolution of society. There is some truth to it, but in reality, politics, as in elections and campaigns, are the product of social change. The real action is upstream where attitudes are formed and morality is structured. Convince people that something is morally wrong and this belief will turn up at the ballot box.

This is why the ruling class maintains a death grip on mass media. This is their primary vehicle for shaping public attitudes. Convince 70% of the public that wearing a rag over their face is a good idea and suddenly they are open to a wide range of claims by the politicians in the next election. They will support the side pushing for more restrictions and mandatory vaccines. It is the art of the nudge, which is the primary weapon in a modern liberal democracy. It’s rule by suggestion.

This is why success in dissident politics lies in getting people to question their assumptions about politics. The current example is the assumption that the only way to effect change is through voting. Lots of people who agree with dissidents on most things keep voting harder thinking that will get the result they want. These people are so convinced of this they often get angry when the truth is pointed out to them. The power of bad ideas is a wildly underestimated force in politics.

Another bad idea that has haunted the Right for generations now is the idea that the media should be independent. For as long as anyone reading this has been alive, conservatives have been moaning about liberal bias in the media. They are not wrong about this observation. Even media that positions itself on the Right tends to parrot the party line on important issues. Go on Fox News and suggest the restoration of free association and they have you arrested.

The thing is though, the issue is not bias. The real issue is the nutty idea that the media could or should ever be independent and neutral. This has never happened since the printing press and it never should happen. In liberal democratic politics, all participants are partisans, which means all media must be partisan as well. Therefore, independent and neutral media is media that does not exist. This is why right-wing media tends not to exist, as it is trying to be neutral and independent.

A similar problem exists with the courts. For generations the normal people in America have been lectured by conservatives that the courts must be independent of politics and be neutral in the application of the law. How an explicitly political institution, one defined by our politics and maintained by the political system, could be independent of our politics is never explained. The fact that the court has never been independent is an important fact often ignored by dissidents.

The truth is, what we really want as dissidents is a court packed by people who think we don’t go far enough in beating back the darkness of liberalism. The same is especially true of the mass media. This is one reason the Left has won every battle with conventional conservatism. They convinced their opponents to hold up independence as an ideal for media and the law, while they wage a savage partisan fight. A good bad idea is one that the other side accepts and you ignore.

Of course, this is the key bad idea that has been at the heart of American cultural decline for generations. The Left fully embraces partisan politics, while decorating it with the frosting of objectivity. The Right, in contrast, embraces objectivity while decorating it with the manure of righteous contempt for partisanship. One side appeals to reason, while promoting superstition. The other side works hard to make the reasonable side feel like a trip down to the local solid waste disposal plant.

Being right about things should matter, but what should always matter more in politics is advancing your interests at the expense of the other side. The ultimate goal of politics is to wipe them from the field. If that means being wrong, deliberately wrong, then that is the cost of being right in the end. This is how all right-wing politics should function, but instead it obsesses over minutiae and squabbles about how many angels can dance on the head of the free market utopia.

A simple mental exercise is to imagine what would happen if tomorrow 90% of white people saw freedom of association as a sacred and inviolable right. Your right to decide with whom you associate and with whom you do not associate is so important that speaking against it is a disqualifier. All of a sudden, racial set asides take on the morality of pederasty. Anti-racism sounds like mental illness. Simply correcting one terrible idea would radically alter our politics.

This is the power of bad ideas. One terrible idea, like anathematizing free association, can have enormous downstream consequences. It is why effective politics needs to aim further upstream and attack those bad ideas at the source. Getting people to question their assumptions about voting, for example, rattles the system at its foundation, because the foundation of the system is bad ideas. Start to erode the power of those bad ideas then suddenly politics becomes a different game.

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260 thoughts on “The Power Of Bad Ideas

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  2. good post. squabbling over the pinhead angels is for theology, not for politics. in fact, the sainted theologian who squabbled over said pinhead angels, was instead quite flexible when it came to politics: he knew that, as long as it did not induce to (greater) sin and/or danger, any system of government was valid. indeed, Saint Thomas Aquinas wouldn’t care if an autocrat ruled for 40 years and/or installed his own dynasty; as long as he kept the sodomites hidden, the laborers not defrauded of their wages, and the murderers executed. authority comes from above, ergo those above should be those who care for the below, lest they fall from above and lose their right to authority…

    also, it could be argued that the question about the rag would have less supporters if it was phrased differently, as in “do you believe you will be alright if you don’t wear your mask?” as opposed to “do you think the mask works” (which is less readily deniable). the power of the nudge, indeed. then again, some can be nudged harder than others… or rather, in different ways…

  3. May I suggest reading Nudge, by Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler?
    Normally, I despise the idea of giving any of those reptiles $, but, in this case, it’s vital to understand how they are ‘pushing’ you in the direction they want you to go, in most cases, without your knowledge or consent.
    Consider either buying it in hard copy or in loanable form, to expose as many people as you can to their pernicious methods, and innoculate them against falling for them.

  4. “It’s up to Illuminists alone. No one else is coming. We are against everyone. We are enormously outnumbered and surrounded, yet victory is certain to be ours … because we are the Gnostic Legion of Reason and Knowledge, and we shall command the cosmic forces that can defeat any odds.”

    Adam Weishaupt, Contra Mundum

  5. Everyone knows jews own the media. Unsaid, out of fear, but believed. Everyone knows jews own the politicians. Unsaid, out of fear, but believed. Everyone knows the election was rigged, the masks are meaningless, and we’re cattle being led down a chute. When the fuck do honor and integrity enter the satanic game planned for us? Courage, the will to live on your own terms?

  6. I disagree with people saying politics is down stream from culture. Take abortion. The nation was shocked when it was legalized in all 50 states. 47 years later, half the country is comfortable with it and some even want to abort living babies. All of that because we didnt have a vote. Some judges in DC decided for us, and it shaped our morality over the decades. In a democratic vote, It would have been rejected at the ballot box. Liberal ideas are going directly from the backroom orgies of academia to the federal courts, being forced into law, and then shaping our morality over time.
    No state would have passed affirmative action if it was on the ballot box. It was forced onto us by politicians at the behest of activists and now its created an obsession with black culture and manhating feminism. Gay marriage was passed by some gay activist judge in DC, and now theres a gay character in every kids cartoon and transgender therapy for children is coming as a “human right.”

    Im sure media helps the poison go down, but this is a liberal tyranny disguised as a republic thats dismantling our morality peace by peace and more right wing news will not stop it.

    • Abortion, like gay marriage, was imposed in accordance with the culture of the ruling class. This was expressed and manifested through the law. The ruling class of the 19th Century (or even pre-war) would never have countenanced such things.

  7. The problem of the Courts is just part of the larger problem of the religion of Law. This is our people’s failing, a childish faith in the Law that not even a Muslim would submit to….and their laws are literally God’s laws. But they never submit so much in soul and mind to the fools who pontificate to them.
    Muslims are smart: they only submit to force.

  8. As Mrs. Murphy’s literal grandson, I wholeheartedly support freedom of association being restored.
    Preferably at the point of bloody and busy bayonets, but any means is acceptable and utterly moral.

  9. One terrible idea that continues to float out there is the notion that “RINOs” or “GOPe” have to be exiled from the Republican Party. This notion assumes that if only a few bad apples can be purged, then somehow that Party can redeem itself.

    In actuality, 100% of Republicans are RINOs and GOPe. So if odious carbunkles like Crenshaw or Collins represent a unanimous Republican consensus, they’re not actually “betraying” anything. Not a single Republican is White positive or comfortable with acknowledging a Certain Kind of Person in any way.

    So if you want to get rid of “RINOs” and “GOPe”, this means you have to replace the entire Republican Party. Which just gets back to Z’s point that it’s time for White people to leave the Republican Party.

    • The Pajeet bonanza bill this month demonstrates that. Supported by Magic Underwear Mike Lee, and given UNANIMOUS CONSENT by the Senate. Not one little objection. Not one little cough from any of them. Including the two ghouls running in GA.

    • Already waiting with bated disgust at all the BLM-worshipping Republicans (that is, all Republicans) who will condemn the Proud Boys as they’re shipped off to prison:

      America has a tyrannical social credit system and it jails political dissidents, but Republicans would rather gaslight us over muh CCP.

      “If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.” – Corneliu Codreanu

      • Republicans: “Won’t anyone think of the poor Uighurs and Hong Kongers?! They’re being jailed! They’re being kicked off social media and denied banking and other services! They’re being rounded up at protests! Their cultural artifacts are being torn down! We must stand up to the evil CCP!”

        Us: “The same is happening to—“<instantly booted off Youtube and Paypal>

        Republicans: “That’s just the free market.”

        These people are scum.

        • I knew it was going to happen

          When Joe Normie Republican started wailing on about the Hong Kongers, I would say that’s fine, support their struggle but don’t get carried away b/c the likelihood is they are posing as rebels so they can get refugee status in the US.

          And look what we have going on now

    • There is a touch of sentimentality there, sort of like the internees in the Stalin-era Soviet Labor/Prison camps who would write letters to the Politburo to inform them of the harsh conditions 🙂

  10. Serious question: could a red state, say Texas or Nebraska, legally refuse to recognise Jo Bi Deng as President?

  11. As I said at Unz, the whole Beer flu thing is over in three months.
    When The Pretender is Inaugurated the first step is a brutal lock-down/mask-asphyxiation campaign, closely followed by the Not-a-Vaccine but that’s what gene altering is called nowadays rollout at large.
    The genius lies in the number of RT-PCR test cycles being reduced from the current 40-45 down to about 20.This, of course will greatly reduce the number of false positives and takes us through to the Spring when the magic of vitamin C generated by sunshine (except for the poor black’s- even the Sun is raycist- where do you think the word comes from?) wipes out the remnant.
    Pee-Pad Joe’s a hero (Unless by Spring the Knee-pad Ho’s in power). The middle class is gone, half the country on the breadline and gasping for a UBI and now it’s proven that sometimes brutal dictatorship is the only way.

      • Actually, it is. Part of what we define as race (unless it’s a social construct, of course 😀 ) is skin pigment, which is an evolutionary adaptation that regulates how much sunlight gets into your body so you can make Vitamin D. You could just as truthfully say Nature is racist, because she created races.

    • Except that the virus thing is simply too useful in keeping everyone atomized and not interacting IRL, and the corporate skim, without small business competition, is too rich. Masks and isolation forever, I’m afraid. You are assuming TPTB want the middle class up off of the mat, economically and socially. I’m not so sure about that, listen to what Bill Gates is saying…

    • I had previously thought they’d try a national lockdown once Biden was inaugurated, and perhaps they might try. But we are starting to see the limits of enforcement. For example, in the suburbs of a blue city in a very blue state where I live, the county sheriff has stated he will not enforce restaurant shutdowns, etc. The Governor has said he will have the State Police enforce this, but I have seen nothing of the sort in my area, and several restaurants still offer indoor dining and have since the Governor’s edict in in October. Nothing has happened to them.

      Take this to a federal level and consider how the federal government would enforce such mandates. The local police and local governments around here are not following through on state orders, so how would the feds get them to enforce their orders? At an extreme, the feds could use the armed forces, but would the armed forces follow through on such a mission? There aren’t enough FBI agents or marshals or whatever to enforce a nationwide lockdown.

      It would be quite embarrassing for the ruling class in DC to expose the limits of their power. Trying to enforce a national lockdown would fully reveal to everyone the limits of their power. I think the ruling class would rather not be revealed like Oz behind the curtain.

      • Defying the lockdown orders is a great opportunity for white guys to establish themselves as the cool factor rebels in popular culture and wrestle away the mantle from blacks. And watching blacks clumsily try to catch up is always amusing.

        Opportunities abound. Hot chicks will follow. I don’t like tattoos, but those were the thing for a while and was a white guy thing and they were riding high. What was that, maybe 10 years ago?

        Just spitballing, thinking out loud……

      • That is rich! Even in normal times, LA county can’t stop people from operating open-air restaurants, seating right in the front yards, out of their home in zoned residential neighborhoods.

      • Bi-Deng (whoever said that thanks, that’s brilliant) made a big point about legitimacy, yep he’s legitimate, oh so legit in his electoral college “victory” speech yesterday. The real polling on this issue must be catastrophic.

  12. This is a bit OT so apologies but I just had to share.
    Behold the actress who will shortly grace our British TV screens playing Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII.

    “We wuz queens and sheeit.”

    • If i was black I’d find this insulting. It’s basically saying “We are much more interesting than you blacks but as a token of our kindness we will pretend you all are just as interesting and had a major effect on our history”

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  14. he tale of three fools (or, the grasshopper and the ants re-imagined):

    One day a man from the government came to your place of business and said “from now on you must also employ three fools in order to satisfy the government’s new diversity vibrancy and inclusion requirements”. For our purposes we shall call them Nerak, Obsam, and Bruce-That-Was. Nerak most closely resembled an irritated parrot with Tourettes syndrome, it spent all day preening its feathers, trying to bite anyone who came near it, and uttering harsh cries repeatedly throughout the day. Obsam rarely showed up at work, but occasionally demanded attention to its highly unworkable and crudely illustrated processes that it insisted would help its kind “progress”. You were required to give its drawings your fullest attention and agree to implement them no matter what the cost. Obsam also expected extravagant praise for the tiniest accomplishments and sulked and pouted when it was not forthcoming. Bruce-that-was had not decided on a gender although it spent most of its time in its cubicle arguing on the phone with its mate, then sobbing for hours in whatever bathroom it had decided to use that day, and repairing its garish makeup. Later it would repeatedly swan down the office aisles seeking attention. Bruce-that-was frequently took many days off for plastic surgery. It was however very talented at decorating the office for the annual holiday celebration.

    Once the three fools had been hired, you were obligated to pay them the same amount as your other employees, as well as providing them with “accommodation” areas for whatever personal, dietary or religious observances that they practiced. You were also obliged to keep them separated from your productive staff as encounters between the two groups invariably resulted in tears, tensions, and wasted time. The government also demanded you keep records on how well the three fools were able to increase your profits so you now began seriously fudging your books. Your two most productive employees quit, and the rest began slowing down their production as they saw the three fools getting the same rate of pay for doing nothing. Then Obsam demanded that you add a sprocket onto the widgets you manufactured, claiming it would make them more useful. You were obliged to conform, the widgets were now completely unusable, and your largest purchasers began falling away. You could not however change back to your original product as this would have hurt Obsam’s feelings. You began going home nights with migraines and ulcers. You ended up filing for bankruptcy, losing your business and house, and you hanged yourself in the garage. Your family later became homeless. Nerak went on to become the regional manager for foster childrens services in Portland Oregon. Obsam received a degree from Harvard and became the cultural attache to the democratic republic of Skoobontog, and Bruce-that-was ended up as an alternate host on a weekday afternoon tv talk show. Your place of business later became a tempeh manufacturing facility employing illegal aliens.

    Moral of the story—sit on your hands and wait them out, do not produce, placate or protest.

    • I love the parody prose. It tells the essential truth of current events in common sense language that few can ignore. However, I prefer the version where the business owner feigns sincere fealty to the Wokeness and then goes on vacation for a few weeks. During this time, poor Nerak, Obsam, and Bruce-that-was tragically die in a freak industrial accident because they exercised their “new PC right” to refuse personal protective safety equipment while walking in the warehouse. Darwinian evolution can be a bitch sometimes.

      • When people with no discernable risk assessment skills routinely engage in risky behavior, the consequences are Darwinian.

    • Nice. Reminds me of the classic re-write of “The Little Red Hen” where she is working on a collective farm and at the end, when the fruits of her labor have been equitably redistributed, nobody can figure out why she never baked any more bread, in fact, she flees and all the other players starve.
      Not a perfect analogy but I see a link between Gulag Archipelago‘s description of abandoned villages, the population having been relocated to collective farms, with similar if slightly less dire results we’ve seen in the USA as a result of well-intentioned government actions: usually not entire cities, but often neighborhoods or even larger areas, that various, ahem, legal changes causes the productive to flee and the parasites to remain or move in. In the most extreme cases, these areas are sometimes actually deserted, derelict buildings, etc.
      In keeping with your story, you could add the abandoned office building or vacant lot where once stood the private business that was regulated into non-existence. In Soviet Union’s case, it was a planner and a platoon of soliders that emptied the village, in the USA’s it was a series of good intentions. And today the MSM bleats about “food deserts” and nobody inquires why there’s no stores.

  15. The dissident movement has no intellectual bridge or gateway between the traditional, Fox News scum who lie to normies and any dissident outlet. Almost by design. This includes any of the talk radio figurines like the dying Rush Limbaugh, etc. However, I have noticed recently that Daniel Horrowitz, is saying certain things on his podcast that mirror what dissidents have been saying about the police especially (they’re here to protect the establishment, not you) with a fantastic critique of the judiciary, but also the politicians. Now, he is……a Jew. A conservative Jew.. So don’t expect any movement on Israel or anything like that. There’s certain rabbit holes he won’t go down. For a purist he would be out of the question, but I’m no purist, I believe in exposure to arguments, using any facilitator around. I find him to be an ideal intellectual bridge that can get the normie from Hannity-land to dissident-land. Especially the just walk away from the GOP abusers angle. He at least drops you off in the right neighborhood, not across town, where you can easily walk to the dissident house. What do you think?

    • Conservative Jews are freaked. Maybe because they know that the ascendant minority coalitions hate israel too. They also no longer seem to be able to co-opt the right.

      Anyways, they’re not on my side but we are certainly not the only group who’s ears have perked up.

      • This is how I feel from what I’m listening to. And it’s definitely in his anti-immigration tone as well. I see this guy doing incalculable damage to the corporate right if he takes off, with dissidents being the primary beneficiaries.

      • Can confirm. I am FB freinds with a conservative Jew that I used to work with. Vociferous Trump supporter. I took a look at his feed today and he’s beside himself over this rigged election. Wants armed insurrection.

      • Smart ((())) know we are the only people worth anything that anyone with half a brain would ever want to be associated with. But they love their blacks so much, they are stuck with them.

    • With respect, I disagree. The civnat media is the bridgeway between the MSM and the more dissident-oriented media. Think of platforms like Powerline, Townhall, PJMedia, etc.

      Very few people are born dissidents. It’s a long path to get to the river, much less to cross it, and most people take that path one step at a time. If you bring someone from the MSM world, even Fox News, to a dissident site like this they will likely slam their mind shut and run back to the MSM. It’s just too big a gap to bridge in one step. You have to meet people where they are, not where you want them to be. Steer them to the civnat sites and ZeroHedge and give them a year or two. The civnat sites can open your mind and eyes to a lot, but because they are ultimately vested in maintaining the system they cannot offer much beyond Muh Constitution and Vote Harder. They can identify problems, but have no workable solutions.

      My path to this side of the river began following the September 11, 2001 attacks with a gradual transition from MSM sources to civnat platforms and ZeroHedge. I completely gave up on the MSM following the 2008 collapse. I’ve been here basically since the beginning in 2014. I’m almost 20 years into this and am probably still more of a civnat than most people here. It takes time.

      • I’ve seen the platforms you mention, Powerline, PJ Media and Town Hall, and they’re vapid and punch pulling. Sort of masturbating into a sock. Now keep in mind the last time I saw them was three or four years ago, so maybe they’ve changed, and now recognize the urgency of the situation. Zerohedge is great on the econ-level, and how we get screwed financially day-to-day, but their political content on domestic issues isn’t quite there. If anything, I’m wondering if they were recently bought by the CCP.

      • I came from Limbaugh, Coulter, and Malkin > Randroidism and PJMedia > Breitbart/MRA stuff > Molyneux and Murray > Vox Day, Zman*, & fundamentalist Christianity. Took about 15 years of intellectual progression, including hundreds of hours of reading several linear feet of books and hundreds of videos. Even then it took getting Culturally Enriched by Diversity to get all the way here (wherein they finally beat the civnattery out of me). There’s no express lane from Normieville to this side of the river, that’s for sure.
        *I also have a secret theory that VD and Zman have a WWE thing going on, where they each take turns “turning heel” to stir something up to keep the fires of interest burning, but they are on the same team.

      • That fine, and as you co-opt it you drive the bus full of normies into our neighborhood. If normies can just grab three or four concepts from it that’s fine. The most important concepts being 1) the judiciary is a one-way street and can do whatever it wants, and the whole independent judiciary is a fallacy. 2). the police do the bidding of the powerful (not for you) and will never be defunded by the left for that reason. 3) anarcho-tyranny exists NOW and exists to disenfranchise you, including the opening of doors to countless immigrants, and 4). It’s up to people to build their own communities on the ground, in favorable local jurisdictions. What you see as subversion I see as a gateway. You can’t get HERE unless you embrace the four concepts above. I have family and friends who can’t even get past what I listed above.

          • Any time you have an open police AND FBI investigation on you, that’s not winning, especially for something like this. One can only hope that they’re getting legal training in which they STFU and don’t say a peep to anyone. The old “we’d like you to come into the station for some questions” routine needs to be debunked.

          • Going to jail is like getting punched

            Once you’ve been to jail you realize it’s no biggie. Same with getting in a fight.

            It’s not the end of the world. I’ve been sued a number of times and it’s just a game. We can’t live in fear of this stuff

          • and let me add to the below b/c may not have come out right

            I am not advocating for no holds barred behavior, just that a lot fo what people are scared of isn’t the end of the world. It’s going end up that lots of guys on our side have done stupid things and had to pay a price. And guys without common fears are invaluable. A daredevil here, a guy who would throw punches there, they are good guys to have.

    • The religious right wing lawyer cohort, which involves Dan Horowitz, has come pretty far around. Lawfare from the right is a real thing now, and people like Mr. Horowitz are exposed through personal contacts to the anti-right oppression so prevalent today, including by the police. It’s a good thing for our nation.

      • He gets that there is no “right.” per-se. That’s the problem. The spectrum is only the left and their helpers. Anyone who attacks the helpers attacks their owners as well.

    • This is exactly what the DR needs since they won’t do the bridge building themselves.
      This has been my biggest gripe about the DR is their flat out refusal to provide a means to reach the other side. Be it with pamphlets, booklets, flyers, pod casts that do some intellectual hand holding, etc.
      But that’s only part of it. The other part is once they get here, it’s Quo Vadis. The DR lacks even a sense of direction which is poison for any movement. Generally it either gets hijacked or falls apart after a time.

  16. The beauty of this is that you can do it with no assistance, and no official sanction or approbation. Choose who you do business with and purchase from, and keep it to yourself. No one will even notice who you are willing to associate with if you don’t say anything about it.

    People need to stop looking for affirmation from others and simply act according to their beliefs. Change starts at home first.

  17. And none of this matters if a hard tyranny arises first and wins the revolution before community organizing can turn the tide by recruiting enough dissents to make a difference. IOW, there should be a Plan B because you can’t community organize very well if you have a Jackboot on your neck. Censorship is already happening, as is in-direct coercion and doxxing. And this will only escalate in the coming months. Persuasion alone will not save us from a thugocracy that would crack your head open if you resist indoctrination. Just ask the Uygurs.

    • I read that as “if a hard tranny arises first” on account of the prior comment. Ok, carry on.

  18. Pass this along to Katens: Disney has overt and subliminal messages to turn their kids gay. Congratulations to them for gay kids. Ask if they’ve had puberty blockers.Tell them it will soon be law. Again congratulate t hem.
    some granny no joke demands all (White) kids get hormone blockers

  19. First Rule of Holes: Stop Digging. Always good to keep in mind. Now What?? Put down the ‘vote!’ shovel & look elsewhere…. Point out the Truth. Be Patient. Be of Good Cheer. Survive to be here for the Long Haul. Resist the grift….
    Have a sense of humor. Remember: WWG1….. makes finding a parking spot close to the store easier….

  20. They’ve had a hammer lock on dialogue since Hearst and others started gobbling up all the media in the Victorian era. Notice that even in the Progressive era the nationwide newspaper conglomerates remained untouched. They were even able to push every war beginning with the Spanish American war. They were able to get us into Iraq the first time with ease. The pre-internet media was still locked down. The second one too, as the internet was still a teenager in the W years. The internet is the biggest white pill of all, and as old boomers shuffle off this mortal coil, the future of news is personal. Had they known just how transformative the internet would be in the early 90’s they would have made us all use it through government registered VPNs, carefully monitored, with no anonymity allowed in posting. The current banning and thought crimes on the internet is a post-haste effort, with hindsight, to do just such a thing. But it’s too damn late. They yearn for the days when their animatronic figure, Walter Cronkite could just dump toxic waste into people’s brains unchecked. Hannity and Maddow and others still do that, but there’s WAY more options now for anyone who cares. Anyone inquisitive.

  21. Sounds as though Z-Man had a seance’ with Machiavelli and Lenin this morning. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mark you…
    But seriously, to convince people of the value of freedom of association, is to persuade them that the so-called “Civil Rights Movement” was misbegotten, and ultimately must be rolled back. A worthy goal, but a monstrously difficult task.

    • I was just thinking about “rollbacks”. Its easy to march in the street to demand a phony “right.” But harder to take stuff away. But all of it WILL be taken away eventually, because the society (however that can be defined in an age of diversity) is being destroyed

    • Good point, Ostei, it will be hard. I find, in personal conversations, that the term “freedom of association” doesn’t always resonate. But framing it as “freedom of disassociation”, that is, my right to stay away from people I don’t like, and people really understand what I am getting at.

    • Not so sure, Ostei

      B/c blacks are already clamoring for separation. They’re leading the way in the popular culture. Whether normie whitey agrees with the idea or not he will be forced to abide by it. And won’t be long before he starts thinking “Know what? yeah, this separation thing ain’t so bad. In fact, I’m LOVING IT.”

      • I hope the black demand for separation results in a demand for political separation. As long as we’re living under the same government, there can be no true separation.

    • The what? Oh, that quaint thing that happened back decades before I was born? The so-called Civil Rights Movement faces the same but bigger problem as holocaustianity: it is so far in the past, and so detached from current experience or understanding, that it is purely intellectual, esoteric, and irrelevant to the real world. Soon, it will have as much political relevance as watery tarts lobbing scimitars at people.

      • Unfortunately, “civil rights” are reified in law. They may be a hazy intellectual relic of the past for most people (who couldn’t find their own state on a map, at any rate), but they are a concrete reality for all of us. Try denying blacks service at a restaurant and see what happens.

  22. Paul Craig Roberts:
    So much for “American democracy.” So much for the “American Rule of Law.” No such rule exists. Law exists only for the purposes of the ruling Establishment. Power, not law, rules in America. 

    • The corollary to this is that only fanatical Islam can beat fanatical Progressivism. Which is worse? The Progressive worship men in dresses, men competing in women’s sports and peeing in women’s bathrooms, and otherwise hate all white males with a swinging pair. Islam will defend patriarchy to the death and not be cucked like your average conservative forever loser. What’s wrong with letting the Karens duke it out with the Mohammeds?

  23. Critical thinking skills innoculate us against the disease of indoctrination. Human instinct can’t be indoctrinated, so we should scan our meat suits for the survival codes of our ancestors and act accordingly. They knew their survival depended on working together for the good of all. The God they worshipped was a projection of the power of their own enlightment and strength. This is why our churches have been closed. It also explains our fellowship here.

    We should resist the temptation of trying to rescue the trauma bonded GOP from its communist abuser, lest we share in her fate.

    • Not rescue it. Kill it, and wear its hide as a skin suit. The GOP skin suit comes with a good bit of infrastructure.

  24. Meeting normal people where they are at and calmly pointing out the reality of present day America is going to be much more effective than beating them over the head and calling them idiots. We have an unprecedented opportunity to move millions of normies into our way of thinking so let’s not waste itm. Sober minded discussions will win us huge rewards.

  25. There are so many times in recent years that I feel I’m on a raging river and people like me are just being swept down the rapids. Yeah, we might catch a good wave and surf it for a bit, but eventually the main current catches us and we continue to get carried downstream to oblivion. (I was a river guide to this type of metaphor comes naturally…)
    There are other times, like when I read essays such as this, that I begin to feel that I’m witnessing the beginning of a great movement. I’m our host’s age, so probably won’t be around to see how things turn out in the long run, but it sure is interesting to think about.

  26. Fox was never “fair and balanced” they were always Republican partisan (which isn’t a good thing for us). They had a few token progressives on (Combes) but MSNBC had Pat Buchanan on.

  27. What is amazing to me is the grifters now are advertising themselves as “Culture Warriors”. A culture war, as explained above, is explicitly *not* fought at the ballot box, but that’s all the grifters will agree to.

  28. > Being right about things should matter, but what should always matter more in politics is advancing your interests at the expense of the other side.
    Carl Schmitt succinctly stated politics was the distinction between friend and enemy.
    You don’t reason with your enemy when they are threatening what you love. Your goal is to put a boot on their face until they scream for mercy. At that point you decide whether to go for rehabilitation, exile, or execution.
    For the people on the right who are too squeamish for that, it’s your own fault for letting these freaks and degenerates gain so much power that such measures are necessary.

  29. This is why the ruling class maintains a death grip on mass media. This is their primary vehicle for shaping public attitudes.

    I have a somewhat different take although your general point is correct.

    The primary purpose of the death grip is to hide and filter information. Take, for example, the rampant black-on-White violent crime. It never sees the light of day. Whether they are telling the truth or not, about a fifth of the people who voted for Biden claim they would not have if they knew about his family’s corruption.

    Propaganda used to work, but it is far less effective now. Some of that is a credit to Trump (even his DR critics should acknowledge at least that). This has frightened the Ruling Class to a larger extent than we appreciate. I would submit propaganda is far, far less important to the Ruling Class now than is simple suppression. As dark as things are, this is one ray of light when you consider how difficult it is to control information dissemination–despite the examples I earlier cited.

    • Propaganda used to work, but it is far less effective now.
      propaganda will always work simply because of its quantity, media throws lies at plebs 24/7 till something sticks, like with trump for example, they actually tricked people into believing he actually cares for americans simply by giving him bad press all the time. We all thought Trump was an american maverick(most still do) when in fact he’s just a zionist shill.

      • Propaganda is for keeping the faithful in line. The man capable of thinking for himself will never be persuaded by it, and those too dumb to think will not understand it, but it keeps the bulk of the followers on the plantation and stops consideration of wrongthink.

        • propaganda works with everybody, but to different extents, even israelites get trolled by their own propaganda, pretty sure milo’s parents didn’t want his son to be a fag or for their daughters to date outside their race. just think of the huge number of people who watch porn, their mental health has definitely been affected.
          there’s also many churchians who believe trump is a saviour, Lord have mercy!
          then there’s the scientific/economic data we find on the internet which we’ve no clue if it’s fake or not, most of history is a fake narrative, there’s also many informed people around who turn their brains off to function in this wretched society, this again will fuck up their minds and their dignity(cause they’re cucks), otherwise they’d be a pariah, which again is troublesome for someone’s mental health.

  30. FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION? Egads man! That’s one of those icky libertarian ideas. Has Mr. Z gone over to the dark side?

    • Yeah, a “libertarian” idea that not one, single self-identified libertarian will stand up for or promote. Not one.

      • I’ve been a libertarian for almost fifty years and certainly support freedom of association. As does every libertarian I know.

          • I live in the UK and have never met Dr Paul. I think that he would support your right to exclude gay, black or Martian people from your business or, indeed, your right to only serve gays, blacks or Martians. Dr Paul would make his own, possibly different, decisions.

          • I live in Ron Paul’s old district and have heard him speak on that many times, in person. He, and I believe his son Rand, have both said things in support of FOA.

          • Yet, Ron Paul was accused of associating with Nazis- while the Republicans had shoehorned him into representing an all-black district in Texas, no less. He didn’t roll over and disavow the Nazi’s support, or backstab the black homeowners either.

            What did he do? Got a bit more money that actually went to some more cops in the hood, fixing potholes- literally- and an improved sewer system.

            I know, evil incarnate, right?

            ‘Replacing sewer pipes’ just screams of open borders, offshoring, and H1B labor.

        • One of my biggest beefs with libertarians is that they only ever stand up to right wing attempts “violate their sacred principles”

          For example there are countless federal mandates that usurp states rights that they remain silent on, yet when it was suggested that Trump use federal troops to put down the riots, the libertarians suddenly all come out of the woodwork.

          • That is a great and unnoticed point, Wasp.

            No wonder the conservatives bristle, because this is what they see.

            White libertarianism has indeed been gutted and repurposed in media to attack the right’s lawfulness- which has itself been gutted and repurposed.

            That’s wonderfully eye-opening. I’d always wondered at conservative vehemence.

            It’s the rumor-mongers whispering, “look what those libertarians are doing to you.” George Soros was heavily promoted as a libertarian philanthropist.

            Conservatives forget, of course, that they attacked the innocent for decades. They’re the Good Kids, why, their loyalty will make Uncle Sam love them!

            What they couldn’t see is that Uncle Sam is really the Big Bad Wolf wearing Grandma’s bedclothes.

            “Lolbertarians” can’t see the Wolf either. They posture and virtue-signal with the smug moral preening of “equality” for all- for aliens, for nonwhites, for corporations, for bureaucrats, for the corrupt rich and the degenerate dregs.

            Constitutional libertarians, long vanquished, dreamt of keeping power contained to its paper limits. No power to enforce, as the Zman says, because they don’t desire power to rule.

            We get another brother war. Conservatives and libertarians should be one and the same- white people promoting white people’s interests. Instead, the Left has them both begging for its approval, and disapproving of each other.

          • I call myself a little-L libertarian. I think you have it only partially right. The original Libertarian ideal was to maximize personal freedom — until it encroached on another’s rights. Of course, with any human ideal, the real world imposes limits of its own, whether we like it or not. In fact, one of my favorite libertarian writers (Harry Browne) said “There is no idea so good that someone won’t take it to an illogical extreme.” Indeed, I’ve never heard that piece of wisdom elsewhere. Isn’t this just another way of stating what’s Z’s topic of the day says?
            We like the old saw “The Liberals want to take away your money; the Conservatives want to take away your freedoms” was partially true. I can’t remember where I first read it, but at least in my lifetime, the “debate” between Left and Right was more on policies, e.g. who should rule, whereas the libertarian would argue that is a false dichotomy: if you are the condemned, does it really matter if the firing squad that is about to execute you is in a Communist dictatorship or a “right-wing” capitalist one such as were common in Latin America?
            Instead, the real debate should be on size of government and thus its power. At one extreme, tyranny at the other, anarchy. Most of us are happy somewhere in the middle. Adjust to taste.

        • Well, good for you. However, the libetarians of my acquaintance spend every scintilla of their intellectual energy on “muh open borders”. When I ask them if they also support freedom of association, they fall silent or run away.

        • “Libertarianism”, like science or a constitutional republic, has been made over into a skinsuit, you oldthinker, you. It was right when we were White.

          It’s been gutted by conservatives who cannot, ever, admit that they eagerly chase after the wrong targets. As do the Woke.

          Why? Because bad ideas, like universalism, are empowered by virtue signaling.

          So earnest are people to draw Daddy’s (“God”) and Mommy’s (“society”) approval, that we will beat the designated bad kids, safe targets who don’t or can’t hurt back.

          Thus, we prove to ourselves, that we are the good kids- because we enforce the Rules.

      • That’s not completely fair. Lew Rockwell-style libertarians unapologetically support freedom of association. Murray Rothbard was a proponent of it. Are there a lot of hypocritical libertarians who oppose it? Certainly. But let’s not paint with too broad a brush. I say that as a former libertarian who sees numerous problems with the overall ideology.

        • He can’t. God save the Queen, our mother country.

          (Blast! Give me brevity… and a Carlton’s at the pub! end of)

          • Pete, sorry! I meant to joke, “he can’t he’s on lockdown!”

            I’ve got to stop doing this while falling asleep. I kept changing it, lordy this is clumsy. My goof.

    • Would’ve preferred no immigration since 1965, but that train has left the station.

      FOA will happen on a practical level, laws or not. Like seeks like.

  31. Freedom of association is an idea that we should and could hammer at relentlessly. Of course, the usual suspects will shriek in horror but that will only help to broadcast the idea.
    Lolbertarians and “muh free market” types will oppose it bitterly but, fortunately, their numbers are dwindling.

    • It is ridiculous that some libertarians oppose freedom of association (FOA). FOA is about as libertarian an idea as there could be. But the spellbinding lure of Diversitopia has a way of seducing folks into abandoning their so-called principles.

    • Even some of the more sane Civil Rights supporters (mostly New Deal ethnics) had deep misgivings about negating the whole “Freedom of Association” thing, but they were tranquilized by being promised that it was only temporary; as we all know, restrictions on freedom of association will end the Monday after the promised Michigan election certification audit…

  32. I believe it starts in the schools. You have some teachers put in the class room spewing their values with no debate. As time progresses the student becomes more brain washed into thinking the teacher is correct the world is wrong.

    • Not objecting to the nut jobs teaching our children and the lying propaganda used to teach our children along with allowing the media to swallow our children’s minds is at the heart of western civilizations problems.
      This now requires great efforts in parenting because our cultural rot has progressed beyond just influencing our children. It is now about harming and possibly killing them.

        • Of course they are indoctrinating. And the liberal inertia of the structure will ensure it stays that way for the foreseeable future. If education stays under the government, get the kids educated at home or in private groups.

      • Nope. Like religion, like media, like international trade, like finanace, also education: we either impose order that benefits us or disorder emerges that attacks us. “Let them do what they want” in each of those fields (and many more) ends with the enemy killing you, enslaving your women, and raping your kids. Freedom is for the 5% capable of responsibly handling it, and you don’t make rules for the 100% based on what the 5% can do. We tried liberal freedom, and it has failed.

        • You won’t impose beneficial order in education as long as it is held by the government. You’ll get constant indoctrination.

  33. Moving beyond current politics, leaving the current GOP behind, change what we are looking at…I am starting to notice it more and more in normieville.
    Bill Whittle is a normie. I kinda like his turn the back Schtick.

  34. This is why right-wing media tends not to exist, as it is trying to be neutral and independent.

    This never made sense to me and it is a great example of the right surrendering before they even show up to the fight.

    • There’s a difference between being partisan and completely gaslighting your readers. Readers will forgive you for the former but not the latter.
      The issue is some right-wing pundits think it’s possible to sit on a mountaintop, being above it all, while being unaware that that idea is, in itself, a partisan view. Having no skin in the game just means you can bloviate whatever nonsense you want without consequence.

    • That is absolutely shocking. You know I am typical gen-x, growing up when the structures of society were falling apart and jaded and cynical by the time I got out of high school and so it’s always been really hard to shock me, like the rest of my cohort, but this year has been a doozy. Its like I’m being hit by a cattle prod every couple of weeks

    • Interestingly the Premier of Ontario is also a “conservative”. I guess never ending lockdowns are a conservative value.

      To his credit it’s not as bad as it could be – he’s actually kept rural areas and smaller cities open for the most part while locking down the “diverse” areas ie. Toronto that are actually spreading the most cases.

      But at the end of the day they’re all cowards.

    • They may be the only deaths assigned to Kovid-1984, while cynical beyond measure, that have merit. Just add “the diabolical response to” the diagnosis and you’ve got one of the few true statements uttered by “officials” in this evil production.

  35. Wouldn’t it be great if white people just walked away for a week. If all 200 million of us just took a vacation for one week it would be really eye-opening to the world but most importantly it would be really eye-opening to white people.

  36. Sounds counterintuitive

    but keep mentioning that Republican Party was the party of granting Laquisha freedom to steal your votes at Fulton county precinct and Tyrone to rape your neighbor’s daughter. At some point normie YT is going to get the message and RUN and want no part of it

    worked for me 😇

  37. The ultimate goal of politics is to wipe them from the field. If that means being wrong, deliberately wrong, then that is the cost of being right in the end.

    I never thought about this until I began reading this blog a few years ago

  38. Was the nightly TV news the beginning of the idea that the press were free from bias? I have still even recently read stupid Boomer comments online about how Walter Cronkite was objective and didn’t let his own bias influence his reporting. It seemed to previously be understood that newspapers were biased as most major cities had multiple papers and the one you read reflected the opinion you wanted to hear. Did this change with Woodward pushing Watergate promoted by TV or did something happen prior to that?

    • Yes. Everybody aged 65 and above loves and misses Cronkite. It’s been said that the post-WW2 generations, up until the 1990s or so, were the first and possibly the only generations to expect fair and balanced news. (That expectation is dying hard, and there are legions of peoples that still think CNN is middle-road.) I think the slide into “info-tainment” began in the 1990s. I could pinpoint it at the Clinton impeachment.
      I welcome the fact that our media is getting yellow again.

      • Heh. A project manager I used to know would constantly remind us of his worldliness; by referencing his time in the States. He would say things like: “You’ve got Fox News on on side and CNN on the other… Just extremes you know!”.

        I thought: “Mate, if you think that’s extreme get down to your local pub.”

  39. I still feel something/ anything big needs to happen to shake this evil foundation to its core. And it needs to happen soon. Many people need to be held to draconian account for the psychological damage done to this country’s citizenry the past few years and particularly this year. These evil leftists and compliant “conservative” lapdogs are strengthening their grip and gradually changing hearts, minds and assumptions may be too gradual to alter or save anything in time. They all need to somehow be removed from any positions of power and influence.

    • Removing somebody demands thuggish worldview. People, who obeyed law entire life, will never ever remove somebody. Actually, this time I disagree with Zman. It is not about the ideas, it is about willpower. In deep heart, most of the people probably understand that everything is wrong but they are to weak to take action

      • There is a lot of merit to Osama bin Laden’s strong horse/weak horse analogy. People will assent to lies when they realize the strong horse will punish them if they do not.

      • Well, as Z has at least intimated, playing by the left’s rules hasn’t been working out. The time for taking off the gloves and replacing them with something that can be held has come. Unfortunately, with the mass covid hysteria all around and not dying down, the will to do what needs to be done does seem far fetched.

      • They don’t know what to do anyway. Going Leeroy Jenkins is only useful when you plan to not be around anymore. Its best to stay within the law don’t do dumb illegal things as I often say doubly so for normies or those without the right skills.
        Now I’m a Hallmark Chanel World kind of guy and I think given its about the only thing on cable that’s doing really well, so are a lot of people.
        But till the Right gets behind an ideology like that and a new one and not My Struggle 2.0. mass action isn’t possible.
        No point in exerting yourself for no gains and while everyone extols the spirit of revolution, that isn’t how Americans got here,
        It was about money, tax cuts and breaking treaties for land grabs and faster immigration for growth tempered by religious zeal and
        Moving from this mess to “A peaceful good life.” will require dealing the large number of grifters out of the picture and in an odd way is a really large fundamental change.
        We are forced to grow into a developed nation and acknowledge that the frontier is closed, nobody gets rich easily if they are honest and we have to look out for one another.
        That’s not easy especially if it was started by war to knife, knife to the hilt.”

  40. The bad idea here is the idea that you can get people to question their assumptions. As far as Karen is concerned, her fate and that of civilization rides on whether or not you wear a mask. By casting you as the villain, she becomes a dramatic victim AND a hero and is legally entitled to make you miserable. So it goes for Tyrone. Were it not for your racism, he’d have all the good things in life. So it goes for the queers, the feminists, the latinos, the american natives, the welfare queens, etc.
    The system may be buggered. The solution is to fix it, not walk away from it and hope it explodes all over someone else. Hear me, fellas – all that stands between you and some nogger killing you and taking your shit – is the remnants of that system, and whatever bloody, brute force you have at your personal disposal.
    If you walk away and leave Leftie in charge, uncontested…don’t be surprised when you become a legal target and he sends his useful fools after you.
    Talking about bad ideas? Yes, the DR has them too, and this is the worst one yet.

    • Your remarks would make sense — if Republicans actually did anything to impede the Left. The GOP has proven worthless again and again. They had the Presidency and the Congress for two years beginning in 2017 and did precious nothing to reverse the rot in our civilization. Dissidents almost certainly suffered worse under Trump than they would have under Hillary. Electoral politics consistently shows itself to be a dead end. It sucks up tons of energy that could be more productively applied elsewhere. And it creates false hope that the wretched system can be salvaged from within. We need to operate on the outside. There is no seat for us at the table.

      • How can they get anything done, W?
        Trump at least got the people talking about immigration, censorship, and the swamp. You saw what happened to him when he tried to move against them. He only made small, inconsequential victories because he moved on his own – with absolutely no support from the people. Now he’s fighting an obviously rigged election, and you guys just want to shrug and walk away, and leave him fluttering in the breeze. Call that what it is: the dissidents don’t want to do any heavy lifting. Call it shirking. Call it cowardice. And if you think life would have been better with Hillary in charge – you aren’t worth talking to. The table is not the problem. The problem is the people around it.
        FFS – you need to get in the game, not out of it.

        • Glenfilthie,

          I enjoy reading your posts but I think you are wrong on this one. I’m not interested in voting harder. It’s time to let go the ever-slipping pretenses and disengage. Maybe Zman is right and they’ll court us. Maybe it’s just accelerating the inevitable. The thought of some four-eyed lisping tech nerd canceling my vote with a flick of his finger, or Lequesha stuffing a nursing home worth of stolen ballots and getting away with it… nah man. I’d rather take my chances with a chaotic freefall than the insult of pretending this is a fair system.

          • Seconded to Penitent. The Boomers tried voting harder, and we got Obama and the Coup. 12 years (40 years?) of trying the same failing strategy is enough. We are stuck on stupid. When the ratchet socket just wont turn the nut, put it back and get a different tool. The thing we do know is “voting harder” doesn’t work, let’s put that back and try something, ANYTHING, else that might work.

          • Voting was never the issue. But when you have billion dollar corporations who have senators on speed dial that renders our votes moot.
            And what did these corps do? They raped our country. Destroyed communities, towns, even cities to make a buck. They turned China into a mortal threat to the U.S.
            We’d be better off declaring war on big business rather than wasting our time bellyaching about how bad liberal democracy when we are surrounded by the black hats who ruined it for us.

          • I’ve said all I can say, PM. I’m a Yesterday Man, slightly older than our blog host. I fear my time has come and gone.
            perhaps you young ones are right, and the current mess is irredeemable and must be burned down.
            make ready to fight, guys. If you walk away, the Cold War will go hot sooner rather than later.

          • So, you’ve given up. Are you sure there’s nothing you can’t do? The system is doing enough to burn itself down without the youngins’ needing to “do something” to accelerate the process. The younger guys would do well to sit by the side and protect their own. You could get involved in that somehow. TRS had a decent thing going with the pool party network, then shat the bed and neglected it when covid hit. But their model still has merit.

        • When you stop voting, when you stop participating in the system, it allows you to think differently, to reach for solutions they were outside your grasp when you were in the system. This is not going to be easy

      • Dissidents almost certainly suffered worse under Trump than they would have under Hillary.

        Kind of like a slave saying if you don’t piss off the master, you won’t get beat.

        • You’re putting words in my mouth. I think that it was good to vote Trump in for no other reason than he forced our enemies to show their fangs. I’m not suggesting that we should lay down and let the civilization wreckers do whatever they please. I am merely saying that the electoral route has not accomplished anything worthwhile. Feel free to demonstrate otherwise. When the slaves no longer countenance the legitimacy of the masters, things may begin to change.

          • The reason to not involve yourself in electoral politics is that it doesn’t accomplish any of the stated goals, not that dissidents will suffer more if you do. But your point is taken.
            I also thought it was funny.

      • Hillary would have a**raped us and probably gotten us into WWIII with Russia.
        Considering Trump had near zero support in the House and Senate GOP he did as well as can be expected.
        Do you even realize Ryan and McConnell actively campaigned against him and colluded with dems?

    • I like every other good American obviously do not want leftists to take my shit. But the problem is we have a limited time frame before they take our shit anyway no matter what.
      We need the white normie to be a bit fearful right now and to feel some pain right now while we have the numbers for a possible counter attack in our culture. The left will give us that pain but the GOP is incapable of counterattacking as currently constructed.
      To have people capable of a counterattack in this current American culture we need them to have a reason to fight. The GOP currently is like a reefer. It just makes them calm and compliant making them think the GOP is fighting for them.
      If we let the GOP get away with their cuckery now they will just lull us into Californication and by the time it happens our counter attack will not have the strength to overcome it.
      Take the pain now.
      No I am with the Z on this, walk away.

      • I am seeing 2A guys foaming at the mouth and brandishing guns at Leftie politicians. I am seeing businesses and families failing because of lockdowns. I’d say that if Normie hasn’t ‘noticed’ by now… he won’t until he is personally on that cattle car headed for the gulags. Usually the time to strike is when the iron is hot. But the DR is going to walk away…? He is looking at you to take charge just as you look at him the same way.
        Leftie is screaming about gun grabbing, white hatred, censorship, crushing taxes, social credit… and the DR is going to walk away…?
        Give my regards to the Alt Right when you see them. You’ll be irrelevant; and you will have earned it.
        At least Trump got in the middle of those guys and started breaking their toys. I see walking away as cowardly… and I will bet dollars to donuts Leftie sees it the same way… and he will act accordingly.

        • No I am not saying walk away from the normie harmed by the current age. I am saying the GOP and the current political landscape will not protect nor fight for him. There are options for opposing the left that do not include staying inside our current political system.
          We in the dissident right are on the side of the current normal person who looks to the GOP to fight for him. We just think the current GOP will not fight or fight in a way that does any good other than keep the normal person from seeing other means of fighting besides listening to Shaun Hannity and voting GOP.

          • My fear is that nobody will define that, G. What do you mean by “stepping outside the system”?
            I think some guys on Our Side think that they can step in and out at their leisure and that may not be the case.
            I’ll say it again and leave it: our countries don’t have a systemic problem. We have a people problem. If you hope to have any way forward, you will have to have a clear plan to identify the problem people and deal with them…and simply walking away will do neither. It’ll just make it easier Joe and The Hoe to sell you out.

        • Normie is well aware of what’s going on. If he wasn’t the media and Google and everybody else wouldn’t be blocking the posting of things contrary to the narrative.
          The problem we face is not being able to tell people “we can’t return to normal, we need something different.”
          This is the lingering infection of Liberalism and its cousin Libertarianism. They think they crave freedom but as we’ve seen from the reaction to COVID , they neither want it nor need it.
          Frankly telling people to do a whole lot of things and not do others is the solution. and yes I cab hear the bleats “Its what the Left does!” well yeah. Its what they are supposed to do and what we are supposed to do. Build a society that functions. The problem the Left faces is that the society they think they want to build can’t work, not that they are trying to build it,
          Its obvious that people need to basically roll the culture back a few decades , repatriate and block immigration among other things but unless someone has power, they can’t do make it happen.
          The Left is inherently chaotic like a mob of orcs or some Skaven Vermintide from Warhammer but they can be lashed in some direction.
          The Right when they aren’t driven entirely by selfishness are like Mitch McConnel unwilling to show the slightest shred of loyalty to anyone or take smallest risk for the greater good, Men like that don’t care of the US turns into a abattoir or becomes as Communist satrapy so long as they can keep their position.
          This is why the Dissident Right has to become an authoritarian movement and take power.
          No one else will put the nation to order and make people behave in a pro civic fashion.
          Frankly I will say the COVID issue does prove one thing. Given what they perceptive to be reasonable orders (seemingly deadly disease, mask up) and even to a degree unreasonable ones (though that is coming to an end) suggest that that Normie can be lead back to a sane position.
          That is a good thing if you ask me.

      • When your brakes lock up and you go into a skid, you lift off the brake. It is counterintuitive and hard to do, but it is the only way you get control back.
        We all know we are the frog in the boiling pot. If we can’t knock the pot off the stove, let’s make them turn the heat up so high that we can jump out.

    • My city burned and was looted this summer. The mother of my children was trapped at a standstill on a freeway alone as a swarm of BLM protestors wove through the lanes and broke her car mirror off. Scared the daylights out of her. I pulled the lever for the Republicans in 2016. What did that do to allay these things? These worthless Republicucks aren’t even capable of a rearguard defense when they’re in charge. Pulling the lever for them again won’t do anything but slightly delay the time when people start pulling triggers.

      • Please – I mean no disrespect to you, your wife, our esteemed blog host or any of his evil dissident henchmen…
        But do you seriously think that handing the only legitimate battlefield we have to the guys that terrorized your wife… will improve things?
        On a personal aside – please make sure your wife is armed at all times and comptetent.
        I know I am not going to be heard. It is easier to walk away and claim victory in doing so and if that works for you, so be it. But if your going to do that, at least be men when you do. Send a letter to that cuck, tell him in reasonable and certain terms why he is not going to get your vote, and make sure anyone else walking away does the same.
        Not to frivolously invoke You Know Who – but guys like that rise when good men don’t stand up. Mind you, the way things are going, I suppose it could be argued that the wrong guys won the last world war…
        Start prepping and arming up, fellas.

        • “the only legitimate battlefield”
          Ah, there is the point of disagreement. Politics is downstream of morality. The reason the GOPe cucks keep losing is because our culture accepts progressive morality: racism is bad, umkay? Morality is our legitimate battlefield. We must influence the culture to see our side as moral, or more moral than the enemy. When Karen believes that it is more moral to look out for her childrens’ futures than Jaquanda’s childrens’ futures, then we have a chance at winning.
          Then, the question is do we lend moral authority to progressive morality by voting in this environment (esp in a rigged game)? If yes, stop doing it. Same for charity: does the church you give money to encourage child rape, idol worship, and satanism (“pope” Francis)? Then stop giving them money and your membership.

          • We will never convince Karen of anything. But, sooner or later, Jaquanda and her enablers will. Tweak those enablers to turn up the heat, as soon and as much as possible. A form of accelerationism, I suppose.

          • The Karen is defined by her school-of-fish morality: she will follow whatever the Good and Beautiful people tell her, even if it’s as inane as “put a diaper on your face” or idiotic as “carry grungy burlap sacks to the grocery store.” If our ideas come from the Good and Beautiful, Karen will stridently and with complete moral certainty condemn that which we condemn. Remember, 80% of any group get out of the way when it is time to “lead, follow, or get out of the way,” 15% follow, and 5% lead. Figure out to be that leader, and we’ll get there in a few years.

          • The problem is one of selection. If you understand how pols are selected then it won’t surprise you why we have moral lepers in D.C. doing tricks for the Kochs. Silicon Valley and CofC.
            What do? I’d still vote locally. But nationally we need to do something about the elephant in the room that even Z won’t mention. And that is big business who calls the shots behind the scene and who owns congress.

        • I voted for Trump. I will continue to vote in local elections. As for national elections? The system has proven over and over that the national policies are controlled by the powerful elites whom will do what they want in the current uniparty system.
          The thing that helped me was to start viewing Washington DC as an aristocracy with a uniparty.
          The national republicans as currently constituted in this system serve the role of pacifying the right leaning part of the population while serving the same elite as the democrats.
          Breaking free from this means creating a different paradigm. How do we do that?
          We got to brainstorm and find a way.
          That is what whites bring to the table.

        • Glenfilthie,

          Thank you for your concern and all was well with her. My city made it through the 68 and 93 riots without a scratch even though it is a short hop from Los Angeles. It wasnt bad here but they ALLOWED looting and the burning of parts of La Mesa. It was never tolerated before. They ALLOWED mobs to take over the freeways. And forget about guns here in Cali… only Twitter execs can carry legally.

          My point is they dont care YET if we check out. I don’t think checking out “will improve things”. As a matter of fact I expect them to get much worse for awhile. That’s the point. I’d rather this tooth be pulled now. Slow death is good for me but worse for my kids. For Our kids. They are all that matters now.

        • Frankly while I will go on voting to maintain the high ground after this election I just assume its rigged either directly or by the GOP party establishment will do whatever it can to avoid candidates who cut into their cheap labor utopia or force them to make a moral stand.
          My guess is that many if not most maybe almost all establishment Republicans don’t care about the common folk like us not even if the client/patron way the Left does.
          They care only about money and the minute they think we aren’t exploitable or that they’ll have the slightest discomfort and have to help us out, they’ll throw Americans under the proverbial bus.
          We need something new which means one or both parties have to go and the establishment removed from power for good B.A.M.N.
          Ultimately even if Trump pulls off a win, unless he Crosses the Rubicon and chucks the various bankers and small hats well away from him, something BTW I am seeing him make baby steps into we just lose slower.
          More time to prep and learn to organize while welcome isn’t a solution.
          Power is a solution. Guys like us putting boots in necks till the nation gets sane again. Nothing else will suffice.

      • Sir,
        Ever since I got interested in politics over 40 years ago. One thing stood out. Neither party gives a shit about us.The GOP was always the party of big business and old money.
        Outside of Trump the GOP has worked against the interests of America and it’s people as long as I have been alive.
        That said, as long as we let powerful interests dominate our political landscape, it doesn’t matter what we do. We first have to clear the playing field of them before we can achieve anything meaningful.

  41. Interesting Z brings this up. Just yesterday I wanted to read up on Perdue. In his wiki there are three photos of him, each with a different Supreme Court pick, Gorsuch, who looked actually a little frail to my surprise, and Kvanaugh and Amy Coney. Everyone is all smiles and chummy and clubby like they’re at a social mixer It becomes impossible to escape the idea that these are not the people who would ever challenge or buck the system.

    and incidentally. Why do all portraits of politicians have them smiling. Like they’re supposed to be our best friends or something.

    • Speaking of the courts, rumors are flying around that they are all squishing because they are getting death threats.

      Probably just another angle to this whole worked shoot.

      • yeah, when Amy was playing with her Barbie SCOTUS set and having justice Ken over for tea and Betty Crocker cookies, with two nutmegs in strollers to serve as her future adopted children, no crazed antifa doll was anywhere around.

      • They always get death threats. They are getting “squishy” because they are getting paid to get squishy. Do you think Soros money stops at the local and state?

        • Wait a second sir.

          you mean girls softball coach Kavanaugh is not tough enough to stand up to Soros?

          but in all seriousness, the way he went acted like a wronged woman at those hearings should have been a major hint

          • Well they are all Ivies and they are not noted for standing up to anyone. I doubt if any of the males on the court ever had even a schoolyard fist fight.

        • Oh, I’d love to see the Deep State’s financial records for the past 25 years.

          I bet there are many interesting payment sources and accounts out there.

      • It is possible, but there is no reason to threaten the courts. They will do exactly what the State commands of them for no reason other than, as Z pointed out, they are political organizations. People just need to ridicule and ignore the courts to the greatest extent possible. The days of the cuck cries about “muh Supreme Court” went up in flames yesterday.

      • Speaking of the courts, rumors are flying around that they are all squishing because they are getting death threats.
        they were probably accused of racism, the pressure of being called a racist was too much for them to handle

    • In Stalin’s photos, Stalin is the only politician smiling.
      Speaking of which: we need a leader the government fears.
      The government does not fear the people, so we have tyranny.
      We need a tyrant over government, to make the government fear him the tyrant. This will ease the oppression over the people.
      That being of course Stalin’s Great Purge in a nutshell.
      Yes dear hearts, America needs a Stalin. Our Stalin, one to make our oligarchical oppressors feel fear at last.
      And yes, this was indeed part of Stalin’s sales pitch, see “Ivan the Terrible” the movie.

      • Be careful if you wish for a despot, you may get one.
        If you read a history of Soviet Union (I’m slogging through Gulag Archipelago) Yes Stalin was a monster, but so was Lenin. But what must not be overlooked is that the most charismatic and powerful ruler, whether he was a Stalin, a Ghengis Khan, a Hitler or [insert your hero here] did not run things in a vacuum. In the Soviet Union’s case, the Party in its various guises, of course composed of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of willing minions, were the ones who did the real dirty work, and at least some of the time, they did it for noble, pure ideological reasons. The only problem is that in the worst of these excesses, hundreds of millions of (mostly) innocent people were killed, maimed or otherwise gravely harmed.

  42. I think a savvy campaigned aimed at cord cutting among normies would probably detoxify them at least as much as convincing them to withdraw their consent via voting. Some of those ‘useless’ graphic design degrees could see service in pamphlets drafted by the kinds of kids who came up with the “It’s Okay to Be White” idea to highlight the benefits of escaping from cable. It needn’t be “negative identity” 1.0 stuff about how the Jew is teaching our daughters to date Negroes (obviously true, but it’s unsavory for normies to hear that stuff unvarnished). Show the other things that people could do with their time (learn an instrument, another language) and use the lockdown to our benefit by pointing out that we’ve mostly lived without sports lately and we haven’t gone through fatal withdraw. And in an era where whites are actively discriminated against in hiring and education, you cannot afford to waste time on the couch. Sam Dickson pointed out on a podcast with Jared Taylor that the white ability toward deep creative abstraction is what gave us our true advantage over everyone else, that people literally wept when they read of Lil Nell’s death in Dickens’ “The Old Curiosity Shop.” It’s true: order flows from that ability and it’s the reason why authority can only be non-corrupt in white societies. An Asian man sees an officer trying to enforce a law and thinks of how to bribe him. A black or Hispanic think that if they can take the officer in a fight, they shouldn’t have to listen to him. As much as we dump on normies, the ability to ignore the man and recognize his rank/office/purpose helps get a lot of things done when that order is not intentionally corrupted.

    • I’ve wondered how much damage a generation of fathers and brothers idolizing african sports players on the TV has done to white women’s psyche.

      I remember growing up, in my mind, blacks were the cool guys who made rap music and were good at sports, and white guys were the dweebs. I barely knew any blacks, I don’t know how it got there! Turning off the TV is a great way to cut out this pernicious influence.

      • There is no question whatsoever that the integration of sportsball proved a critical salient for Hutuphilia. The fact that this phenomenon occurred primarily in the 60s and 70s proves that it was a part of the the radical agenda both as cause and effect.

      • There is absolutely no question that sportsball and the conversion of all popular music into some form of rap, soul, or R&B has been hugely destructive programming for the white psyche.
        On the flip side, note how there are zero rock, hard rock, or metal bands in the spotlight or on the charts these days….

      • And it didn’t help matters that the guy on the Wheaties box in the 1970s decided later in life to be a woman 🙂 He wasn’t even the first…who was the tennis player? Renee Richards? In pop music, there was the hit “Switched on Bach” (1968) by Walter Carlos, later Wendy Carlos 😀

    • This is why im here. It seemed freedom worked great on a population who were naturally altruistic, intelligent and forward thinking. Brown people, on average, seem to only avoid chaos when heavily policed and jailed frequently. Their minds cant process the fight of ideas in a debate, only physical fighting and power. Seeing this in american politics is a sign that we’ve reached the tipping point.

  43. Someone once said that the Republican party was nothing but the trailing shadow of radicalism. You’re seeing this play out right in front of your noses.

    • I always liked this one:

      democrats want socialism yesterday, republicans want it in two weeks

      never gets old

      or the old German expression speaking of the Green movement, “:the green tree has red roots”

  44. Nobody challenges much of anything anymore. That’s why the despotic push keeps doubling down, the mass compliance encourages it. I just had a conversation with the gas company workers outside changing all the lines in the neighborhood. I asked why are they wearing their masks outside while digging. They said it keeps them warm and since this has been going on since March, they are used to it. God help us, working white men no less.

    We have a long road ahead of us.

    • Here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, we’re required by law ($300 fine) to wear masks outside, even if we’re 6 feet from people. Needless to say, I don’t comply when walking my dog. However, at work we very much have to follow the rule.

      • The strange thing is that white areas seem way more covid neurotic than shitholes like Los Angeles

        which makes me think that whitey is going to have a very hard time ever keeping control of non whites. I remember when the mask orders first started and I was filling up at a gas station and it was usually me and pear ass Laquisha in spandex getting out of her beater to buy smokes as the only ones not wearing masks. Still seems to hold true.

        • In the Toronto area, the spread of the virus is almost uniquely attributed to the ‘black and brown’ populations. Latino, South Asian, and black neighborhoods perfectly overlap with the heavy cases of COVID. And in all honesty I say good for them, I know that none of them care about this horseshit.

          Badwhites, rednecks, christian conservatives and country folks also seem to be ignoring the rules which brings me hope.

          They are going to lose control of their monster, no question – the only concern is that they might destroy us along with themselves.

      • Don’t you love the way people will jump off the sidewalk when you walk their way maskless? Out here in the 413 we have masked bikers, drivers, walkers, joggers, and even golfers. My gym has just said one has to wear masks on the aerobic machines. I cut two slits in mine, one for the nose and one for the mouth.
        Oh- and did you catch “Tall Deval’s” obviously made-up story about the couple that caught the Covid?

      • What a sad state of affairs that a man walking his dog alone is an act of defiance. My hatred for these rulers burns brighter every day.

        • Last night I was recalling the “obey” posters which were ubiquitous a few years back. Everyone had a bit of a giggle about it and went on with their day. If someone started posting them around town today, it would be a federal case, and that person would be found and thrown in jail.

    • I will say I jerk my mask off at every opportunity but yesterday I walked outside into a stiff cold wind and thought boy this thing actually feels good in this wind.
      But I get the point.

    • I keep seeing this sentiment expressed as a regret, when it really should be a divine opportunity. If the average white person will accept things this unquestioningly it means they’re ripe for herding onto our side. Many of us, myself included, instinctively cling to the idea that we can rationally convince the left and the normies to come down from the clouds. This year has proven once and for all that the hard work of making our case is unnecessary. Once the trickle becomes a torrent, they will willingly go with the flow

  45. Being right about things should matter, but what should always matter more in politics is advancing your interests at the expense of the other side. The ultimate goal of politics is to wipe them from the field. If that means being wrong, deliberately wrong, then that is the cost of being right in the end. 
    Indeed. Yesterday, I was idly wondering when the media will begin to pump out “of course the Democrats cheated; this was a struggle against OrangeMan. OrangeMan!” stories.
    How long before we see these? A year? 5 years?

    • I think the cheating will become manifestly obvious by the spring; everyone I know accepts that the outcome was complete and utter horseshit. People are openly joking about the election in a more or less resigned fashion. Can the media actually admit to the cheating though? A lot of consequences to that.
      The next step is shoving Biden aside. There’s a reason why there’s reporting all of sudden on the Biden Family’s criminal behavior.

      • Biden’s speech after the Electoral College vote indicates they will never admit it. He is pushing the narrative people rose up in record numbers to support him and vote out Trump.

          • Not sure why people are downvoting you. Of course Biden has to claim he was legitimately elected. If he claimed to cheat, how could anyone other than rabid Trump-haters say his claim is legitimate?

        • Joe Biden got 4000 views of his speech on CSPAN after the states’ electoral votes were counted . . . but he got the most votes in electoral history . . .

      • I’m just waiting for the media to start acting like Biden crushed obama in vote totals. My guess is they have had a meeting with Obama saying Look, just go along with it.

        but even so, it’s got to sting Obama to have the world led to believe it. He might in fact slip up and out come the truth. And the universities will have to act like it’s true and have classes on the most amazing campaign ever and how to replicate it 😂

        could be beginning of the end of something. You can only lie so much.

          • If Obama really wants to run things, he’ll keep Biden around as long as possible. Obama’s people are all over Biden’s appointments. Harris is a tool of Silicon Valley, another power center in the Dem constellation.
            Biden is like some kind of retired Latin American Supreme Court judge a military junta puts in “charge” after a coup.

          • Obama was pretty lazy when he actually did run things. I see him more of flitting in periodically to get some attention but ultimately he’s too slothful to do the work of “power behind the throne” guy. He’s more schtick than substance.

          • Absolutely. When I was a normie years ago and read one of Woodward’s books, the one take away was Obama was incredibly lazy and Biden of all people put a lot more effort into the political work of things.

          • Yeah considering on paper obama followed the military industrial complex’s commands like their errand boy, Biden probablly has more foreign interests in mind.

          • Just think of the optics of Sleepy Joe trying to stammer through his first State of the Union address backed by the two radical San Francisco cunts.

          • Biden is Al Buraq’s compliant mouthpiece. Harris won’t be. Biden will be kept on life support as long as possible.

        • “You can only lie so much.”

          May itself be a lie. If freedom is the freedom to say 2 plus 2 is 4, then we no longer have much freedom. 2 plus 2 is 5 and diversity is our strength. Truth is whatever the Ministry of Truth says it is. Biden won the election, you can keep your insurance if you like your insurance, no new taxes. BLM, WLM – not.

          • Granted, but these thoughts are a luxury of an easy life where one can avoid reality.

            “Nothing lasts forever” is probably a better uses of words for what I was trying to say

        • That is amusing now that you mention it. Right or wrong, previous Dem presidential victories had takeaways on how to run a winning campaign. What’s the lesson here? Always choose a corrupt, senile derelict and snooze your way to victory?

        • As the MSM and other institutions credibility continues to wane, the propagandizing is going to be nakedly obvious. The next step will be open mockery of the BS by more and more, one hopes; these guys can’t STAND being laughed at.

  46. “If liberty of speech is to be untrammeled from the grosser forms of constraint, the uniformity of opinion will be secured by a moral terrorism to which the respectability of society will give its thorough approval.”

    -Charles Peirce

    • I hope you didn’t mean Charles P. Pierce, the ex-sportswriter now-shitlib hack! But that doesn’t sound like him.

      • I may be wrong, but it sounds like he is saying if you go with free speech absolutism, society itself will turn to PC speech codes to police it anyway, and it will be even more restrictive because it will have a moral impetus behind it.

        • Yup, thanks to Cal, I had to read it again, and c.matt is correct.

          Yet, this fine-sounding pomposity is both right, and wrong.

          If Cardi B is free speech absolutism, why is Cardi B also the moral terrorist setting speech codes?

          This illustrates that the power of who can ruin your life is more important than some bland, universal philosophy of ‘freedom’.

          3rd reading: wait, I got it.

          If zealots are allowed to lie without fearing for their life and the lives of all their family line, they will become the overseers and masters.

      • In a way, it explains why the right rarely persuade. An over the top way of saying:

        If people can’t force you into their bullshit group think with violence and other brutal methods (grosser forms of constraint), then they’ll guilt trip the hell out of you (moral terrorism) – ‘You don’t believe all women! Monster’, ‘How dare you say we shouldn’t wear masks! Monster’… Naturally, if you want to be considered part of polite society and not shunned, buy our bullshit (uniformity of opinion to be secured).

        • Right. Peirce is saying majoritarian opinion, whether confected through suppression of free speech or via more organic processes, is ultimately coercive and hegemonic. I’m not certain I agree with him, but that’s the crux of his argument.

          • The method of authority has its virtues, Peirce admits. If the soul of a nation is healthy and has found out a great deal about how to live successfully, it’s probably a good thing that dissenters have a bit of social pressure put on them. The method just isn’t rationally comprehensive. This is why Peirce prefers the method of science for most intellectual endeavours.

          • True. Authority in America up through the 50s served to marginalize Marxism and drive it underground, which was a very good thing and was reflective of a sound society. Nowadays, in this deranged land, I’m not certain there is an authority. There is, however, a censorious Power Structure which uses its might to crush white identity and transfigure blacks (and perversion). There can be no question regarding which society is healthier.

            PS–I have little faith in science’s ability to ascertain and assert social truth because I do not believe human beings are entirely materially determined, and I know we are not entirely rational.

          • Some philosophers, David Hume for one, would agree. One of his contributions is the claim (and proof, I suppose) that you cannot derive an “ought” from an “is.” Science is all about describing and predicting the material world, thus it deals with “is”. Stated another way, Hume and his kin will say that you cannot determine a moral claim from Nature. I’m assuming you mean morality by “social truth.” Morality and (Human created) law must be understood as being created by Man, for (or against) Man. If one can accept that morality is basically arbitrary, then one will udnerstand why there are so many arguments about what is “best” or “right.” None of this is to claim that we cannot arrive at optimal moralities, but only that Science won’t help you much.
            Finally, you’re darned right we aren’t completely rational. But science is (or should be, when not twisted for nefarious ends.)

          • You won’t like it, Ben, but there is such a thing as divine law. Morality is not arbitrary. I agree with everything else you–and Hume–said.

        • GroupThink goes by many other names, such as “jump on the bandwagon,” or slightly more formally, social proof.

      • In this passage, Peirce was detailing a particular method of fixing belief, viz., the method of authority. He had just departed from laying out the preceding method, viz., the method tenacity, of which he says cannot survive as a method for guiding inquiry because “the social impulse is against it.” The method of authority is more effective as a belief-fixing method due to man’s natural propensity for fixing his opinions according to those held by his neighbors. When top-down enforcement of opinions fails (which happens because, he supposes, governments cannot police every bit of speech), the social impulse takes over and what you are left with is neighbor policing neighbor, in essence. This form of “moral terrorism” is particularly potent because it plays on the man’s need to belong to a majority. Most of us are susceptible to this to some degree or another. No man wants his mother to think he is an idiot, and because he respects her, he gives more weight to her opinion, for example.

        Of course, Peirce goes on to reject the method of authority and one other method before settling on the method of science as the crown jewel of belief-fixing methods.

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