Lift Up Your Eyes

It is hard to believe, but the British government is now into the fifth year of negotiations with the EU over withdrawing from the union. The Brexit referendum passed in June of 2016 and since then there have been two new Prime Ministers and one national election, all driven by the issue. Of course, there have been lots of promises to get the deal done, but it has been one delay after another. They have just announced another delay in order to keep negotiating a deal that will never come.

To provide some perspective on all of this, consider the Peace of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years War. The war was one of the most devastating and complex events in European history. After all sides were exhausted from war, a conference was arranged for the belligerents to hash out their differences. A total of 109 delegations arrived and it took two years. In other words, one of the most complex treaties in history took less time that these Brexit negotiations.

Of course, as Farage points out, this is all a ruse to prevent Brexit from ever happening, at least not in the way the people expected. They will keep dragging it out until they sense the political winds have changed, at which point they have a second referendum in which the vote is rigged and they get the vote they want. Alternatively, they will cook up a deal that is basically a sham. The Brits will be subject to all the same rules, just administered under the name of Brexit.

This should be familiar by now. The Trump administration was basically just a four-year delaying action as the ruling class engineered the election fraud. There was no legislation on any of Trump’s signature issues. He got no wall money and he got no deal on immigration. Of course, nothing happened with the FBI’s seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election. At every turn, both parties conspired to prevent the Trump administration from moving their agenda forward.

From the perspective of the people who actually run things, these tactics are wonderful displays of democracy. Sure, most people think democracy means the will of the people, as expressed at the ballot box, is enacted in legislation, but most people are wrong about this. In reality, democracy is where the people endorse the preferred option of the ruling class. That way, the people in charge don’t have to take responsibility for their actions and face the wrath of the mobs.

This is not just a right-wing complaint. The Pretender Biden is about to be installed and the Left is already grumbling. Instead of filling his administration with trannies, angry unmarried females and other assorted kooks from the valley of the woke, the new administration will be staffed by flunkies and coat holders there to do the bidding of global capital. All of those people who volunteered for the Colored Revolution in 2020 are going to find out they were conned.

This reality will not matter much, as the Republicans will wave the bloody shirt, demanding their voters support the party. The same people who spent five years penning “Never Trump” columns will shamelessly demand that you vote for some block of wood because she is less odious than the Democrat. You see that in Georgia where all of the usual toadies are claiming that the two Republican stiffs running for Senate are all that stand between freedom and communism.

At a certain level, you have to admire the shamelessness. One of those stiffs is an open borders fanatic who promises to turn the state of Georgia into a mix of Sinaloa and Africa by flooding the state with migrants. In other words, the guy who promises the exact opposite of what GOP voters have been demanding is supposed to be the last line of defense against the Democrats. While the GOP is begging for votes, they are literally promising to genocide their own voters.

All of this, of course, is the reality of liberal democracy. There is an old expression that no people have ever erected a statue in honor of a committee. The point being that it is bold men leading their people who are remembered. The corollary to that is no one has ever faced the wrath of the mob by voting present on a committee. A rule or policy that seems to appear ex nihilo from the liberal democratic system may infuriate the public, but they have no target onto whom they can focus their anger.

Think about it. How did we end up with pornography being pumped into the mobile devises of our children? When was this vote taken? Who decided that pornographers were a protected class, but pro-life advocates were not? How did we end up with tranny story time? You can go down the list of indignities imposed upon us and not find a single name you can attach to it. The truth is, the people responsible for it hide in the shadows of liberal democracy, so they never have to answer for it.

There is an old expression about the gold bugs that goes like this. “If your rulers are so corrupt that you need hard money to control them, your rulers are so corrupt that they will find a way around the hard money.” It is a nice corollary to the old expression, “Locks keep honest people honest.” In other words, good people need rules to help them avoid temptation and channel their good intentions. In contrast, bad people not only ignore the rules, they are constantly seeking to undermine them.

The old Joseph de Maistre line about people getting the government they deserve gets thrown around a lot in democracies, as a way to blame the people for the sins of their rulers, but there is another implication. The people can, if they can lift up their eyes and take a look at who is ruling over them, decide that they deserve better than the ruling class they have and take action. Numbers still matter and if enough of the public has had enough of their rulers, they can get new rulers.

Just as the slave must first look his master in the eye as an equal, before he can revolt against his condition, people must first come to terms with the fact that their rulers are rotten to the core. This is the prerequisite to getting new rulers. People need to see that it is not that they have the wrong rules to control their rulers. The problem is they have the wrong rulers. In other words, instead of focusing their wrath on the system, they focus their wrath on the people responsible.

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357 thoughts on “Lift Up Your Eyes

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  2. The people can, if they can lift up their eyes and take a look at who is ruling over them, decide that they deserve better than the ruling class they have and take action

    Well, it’s not like you gain visual acuity from a day to the next.
    Things are the way they are due to the average visual acuity of “the people”, and that’s why things will keep being about the same, as you well know.

  3. Z, your list of “indignities for which no one could be blamed” reminded me of the days when forced busing to integrate the schools appeared on the scene back in the early 1970’s. When I was a kid, you went to your neighborhood school. Suddenly, some anonymous federal judge decreed white kids must be bused across town to dangerous, dysfunctional ghetto schools. Parents grumbled, but with the notable exception of some South Boston Irish, no general uprising occurred. It was then I realized that if white people will take this, they’ll take anything! Nothing is now off the table. Not Tranny Story Hour. Not nothing! We have mostly ourselves to blame, since generations of soft living and TV-watching has turned us into the overweight, feminized, materialistic sheeple we’ve become. Is it any wonder that the predatory ruling class routinely shears us?

  4. One point worth noting. If China really has old Gropin, Mumbly Joe in their pocket (and they do), rival and fearful Russia is sure to intervene as well. Russia will not do well with China running the US. Japan is likely to make moves, as will other countries fearing a rival controlling the US Military and considerable resources.
    The US is still the world’s major grain exporter. A major military power. Has considerable oil reserves and no (for the moment) missiles raining down on refineries ala the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Trump put foreign control out of play, the US is likely to draw in rival powers the way the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire during the 30 Years War drew in Prussia, France, Sweden, Poland, Russia, and practically everyone else.

  5. This posting didn’t age well. Biden has appointed a guy wearing a dress and a guy married to a dude to his cabinet. A tranny and a kook from the valley of the woke, actually two of the latter. And what are the odds there won’t be an angry unmarried female in the mix somewhere. Couldn’t the guy in the dress double for that as well?

  6. OT the FT has a big article about how Biden must put Trump and his kids in jail. To protect democracy and smite the deplorables.

    When not if Trump is Epsteined will that be the balloon rising for the deplorables? Symbols matter. When Trump is Epsteined it’s only a Uighur labor camp for deplorables.

  7. While it is true that the Democrats won by Fraud, the GOP has been fraud for decades.

    Quibble; Trump has built 438 miles of new wall, with 700 some total contracted. By cheating of course, and rightly so.

  8. sometimes the rules are indeed wrong, as sometimes they have allowed the rulers to become corrupted easier. but indeed, one first must remove the poisoned elite, then deal with the rules to keep the replacement elite on the straight path. otherwise, the poisoned elite will also poison any potentially better rulemaking. after all, rulers enforce the rules, it’s in their name.

    another reason autocracy is more honest, is that the rules and the rulemaker tend to be the same; therefore both can be affected simultaneously if needed, as opposed to trying to chase and change one after the other.

    right wing politics needs to be all encompassing, not only regarding both rules and rulers, but in all fields: a real doctrine to compete with the left’s. just the same as we need some Machiavellian tactics under our Christian faces (“gentle as doves, smart as snakes”), just like we need Constantines and vanguards to work with the sheep and the martyrs.

    • I know that a lot of folks on this site are anti-accelerationist philosophy, but when you keep reading about government sanctioned and driven insanity (like the TGP article), how can anyone doubt that we are accelerating downward both politically and culturally? Is there any limit to the insanity, or any remaining feedback mechanism for correction?

  9. The arc of the White West crested at least a century ago. Voting, no voting, conflict or turning away, it’s over, there’s no “winning”. Whites were on top of the world for their moment in time, and in their staggering success lay the seeds for their decline. I know it’s tough, some of us here are old enough to think we glimpsed the golden age back behind us, just over the horizon. It’s over.

      • “Surrender”? You already lost. Are you gonna be like those Japanese soldiers after WWII on remote islands who supposedly kept hiding and fighting years after the surrender was signed and Japan was occupied? It’s over, it’s not surrender, it’s acceptance of reality.
        No hope? Billions of people over the history of humanity got up every day and lived their lives whether or not they were citizens of the current biggest empire on the planet, they still do. There are still things to hope for in life, it’s just that the illusion that America or the West or White people would always reign supreme has been shattered by the cycle of civilizations and empires – it happened to all the others, it’s our turn.

        • Actually, I misspoke when I said “You already lost”. It was lost before you even knew it was a fight, probably before you were even born. Not your fault, but still your burden.

    • Why Whites? I see our Civilization as a collection of Values spawned long ago and then slowly refined and time-tested starting in Ancient Greece, Rome, then Western Europe, finally Britain and America. Among the values are are Civic-mindedness, the Rule of Law, Individual rights and responsibilities, fair-dealing, and accountability to a Higher Power. Other Civilizations such as Mainland China appear not to care too much about those things, rather to care mostly about Winning At Any Cost, in the name of their Allegedly Superior People (cf also the past big problem of Aryan Superiority). IT’s a Clash of Civilizations per Samuel Huntington. We are in “Unrestricted Warfare” with the likes of China and don’t even recognize it, or the implications. Wake up and fight!

      • “Other Civilizations such as Mainland China appear not to care too much about those things, rather to care mostly about Winning At Any Cost”

        Agreed. That’s why they will win.

        Actually, it’s not China that will win, in the ultimate sense. The winners are not a nation; nations are so last Millennia.

  10. The Founding Fathers hated direct democracy claiming it was a tyranny of the people, but representative democracy hasn’t did any better. It’s proven to be a tyranny of the elites who capture, our small number of representatives, as soon as they get elected. If the opportunity ever comes we should make some basic changes.

    We could get rid of the house, give all it’s administrative duties to the Senate, and replace it’s legislative duties with direct democracy ballot initiatives. Let direct democracy be the counterweight to representative democracy.

  11. RE Vaccine comments. There are two vaccine classes mRNA and viral vector (latter a genetically engineered Adenovirus). Here are the problems:
    1. Not tested for sterilizing immunity  
    2. Not tested for reduction of transmission of covid.
    3. Not tested long term (e.g. 2 yrs) for currently unk longer term effects, e.g. auto-immune is but one
    4. All-new biotechnology with zero track record in the field save May 2020 release of an Ebola vax
    5. For covid vaccines using GMO DNA-based Ademnovirus viral vector – Unknown risk of massive vaccine deployments into several billion bio-reactors in the field (called vaccinated humans) that may lead accidentally to creation of a viable “Monstrous Hybrid” virus by exchanging engineered DNA fragments (viruses break easily – its why they mutate rapidly) with other viruses that on occasion also infect the host in parallel (successful genetic exchange may be very rare but there will be 2x 5×10*9 doses with billions of viruses in each dose of living Adenovirus (six of the vaccines I know that use Ad viral vectors) – seems likely to lead to trouble somewhere, soon).
    6.  If someone can genetically engineer a virus to create spike proteins, or an mRNA strand to do likewise, they can engineer the SAME virus to create other proteins. Thinking here “Sheople” proteins. Just sayin. Seriously, folks this is worrisome. Imagine the Demo Depot: “Oh you voted for Trump? This box has YOUR vaccine in it.”

  12. “One of those stiffs is an open borders fanatic who promises to turn the state of Georgia into a mix of Sinaloa and Africa by flooding the state with migrants.” Numbers USA has Perdue at C+. Not great but not an open borders fanatic. You can be assured that Rabbi Ossoff is far worse.
    I don’t care about us going kommunistic or socialistic. I just don’t want to live Mexico Norte any more than we already do.

  13. We had an interesting little test the other day when Google went down for a few hours after being hacked. This is a precursor to the big one: either the Grid or the Banks. Either one results in chaos. A week would be calamitous. Whatever the outcome it would surely stress the need for online security such that no web access would be possible without your very own trackable unique user-ID.

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  15. The problem isn’t the rulers. It’s the culture of the ruling class. Where are you going to find a sufficiency of educated people whose moral intuitions haven’t been formed by our culture? Essentially everybody with ambition and ability identifies from childhood with the ruling class they want to be a part of.

    Even if you could, you’ve still got the culture of the non-ruling classes.

    • Why I maintain that a proper role for our side should include we start up private academies — mainly for the young

      And that would mean we need to form a community of some sort

      I see community building as a vital part of all of even if it means simply moving to areas of likeminded people. Basically, it means whites moving to white areas and building up the numbers

    • This is our job. If you take power its your job to make the institutions serve your will.
      Your movement must become the center of political power and if you do that, people will follow.
      The worked very well for the Bolsheviks even though they had bad ideas. It would last longer and do better with good ones.

  16. Societies generally change because an era just sort of runs out of gas. They’re rattled by new externalities. There are some externalities out there right now, the egregious Covid lockdowns, the dicey third world election. But I think it needs more. If history is any indication a country doesn’t hit a bad year, it hits a bad set of years. Next year may just provide that external shock, whatever it is, to ignite real change.

  17. Once again, yes to all of this. But go deeper. A presidential election has been stolen via overt, in-your-face, voting fraud; and yet, no rebellion has ensued. Why is that? Because of the Comfort First Imperative. We have been too affluent for far too long and no one wants to rock the boat as long as the gravy train keeps running. Noting will change until real hardship returns. And if this happens as a result of collapse, then the change will come very fast indeed. Until then, get stronger and wiser.

    •  A presidential election has been stolen via overt, in-your-face, voting fraud; and yet, no rebellion has ensued. Why is that? We have been too affluent for far too long and no one wants to rock the boat as long as the gravy train keeps running.
      you’re too optimistic, affluence does not even matter, look at venezuela, a country which has hit rock bottom, maduro is still in charge despite all the starvation.

      • Venezuela has been a peasant country for most of it’s existence, and their people have been culturally adapted to living under authoritarian rule for centuries. They are now largely sheeple and not well suited to conduct the kind of rebellion necessary to overthrow a ruthless tyranny. The USA was largely founded by disenfranchised refugees that sought freedom with an existential passion. We are descended from the ilk of 1776, and many of us still possess the passion of liberty or death. Do not despair. Do not give them that easy victory.

        • “We are descended from the ilk of 1776,”

          There are far too many people in the US who have absolutely zero connection to either the founding stock or even just English.

          Swedes, Finns, Italians etc are European and white, but they ain’t us. This is(was) an English country at the founding. There is lots of “diversity” in the European races.

          • There are many common denominators shared by both diverse peoples and individuals, and love of liberty is often one of these. In times of war or great hardship, allies are more valuable than presumed enemies. And you might want to read up on English history. The English heritage is an amalgam of many historical peoples, like most of Europe.

    • it’s percolating

      starting with a mass of people coming to the same conclusion that the system is beyond fixing

      Change is in the air

  18. “Just as the slave must first look his master in the eye as an equal, before he can revolt against his condition, people must first come to terms with the fact that their rulers are rotten to the core.”

    What the people must do is understand that they are morally superior to the Power Structure. But for that to happen, they must hoist in the reality that the Power Structure constantly lies to them with results that are incredibly pernicious. In other words, the people, in their minds, must render the Power Structure illegitimate. Then they must set about trampling it under foot.

  19. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who has noticed that the Democrats, who swear up and down that the recent elections were clean as a whistle, have been acting like they believe they were in fact totally rigged—even before the election. 
    Remember when they said Trump would never leave office even after an election loss? (What the heck, of course he’d leave office if he lost—why wouldn’t he?) Then Biden bragged in a campaign speech to the effect that the Democrats had the biggest vote fraud operation ever. Following the election, their media minions have been crying bloody murder at any slight delay in the transition, demanding that every single Republican publicly acknowledge the great Democratic victory, and headlined the electoral college vote with “Biden Won—Trump Lost!”
    Meanwhile, Republicans (at least the ones who aren’t deliriously happy to see the backside of Mr Trump) are running around protesting that poll watchers were unlawfully barred from the count, ballot boxes openly stuffed, and the election absolutely stolen. And now they’ve got to get their voters out to win those two Georgia Senate races! And if Trump doesn’t get this overturned in the Supreme Court, he’ll just have to run again in 2024! They’re acting as if our elections were infallible.
    Think that’s why the Zman may be having a hard time convincing even acolytes of the need to step back from a process so badly corrupted. Conservatives, whose politics are substantially hard-wired (like that of liberals), have great difficulty wrapping their heads around something that isn’t based on fixed rules and traditions. That’s why Democrats are telling Republicans who challenge the results that they’re undermining the integrity of our elections—a principle they couldn’t care less about themselves, but use solely for the effect it may have on conservatives.

    • Conservatives are also avoiding the issue that the places where the most cheating occurred was the home of Latisha and Jamal. But they ignore that fact lest the word racist be uttered. Even Ann Coulter said these cities were once run by corrupt white organizations like Mayor Daly or Taminy Hall.
      Yes that’s right. But who runs and corrupts the vote in those cities like Detroit and Philly now?
      Not 60 years ago. Now?

      • Insofar as Breitbart and Freerepublic comment sections are the domain of Normie Con, the racial component to the vote theft is becoming front and center

        We here were always just ahead of the curve

    • If they thought the elections were clean, they’d gladly participate in any and all investigations in order to make Trump look foolish one last time.

    • Basically, the Dem’s—really Lefties—are doing what works, using our virtues against us. Some people (Republicans) never catch wise. Learn the rules of engagement from our enemy—or lose.
      Case in point, yesterday news blurbs of the Senate and the negotiation for another “relief bill”. McConnell discussing the technical aspects of the bill: costs, indemnity for lawsuits, and such. Schumer comes on next stating Republican holdup is “killing Americans”. Not a word on bail outs for blue state governments, unleashing a plague of covid lawsuits on small businesses, etc. Who won the hearts and minds of the public?

  20. It’s purely by coincidence, but right now I’m listening to the audio version of The Gulag Archipelago where (ca. 1950) the plight of the political prisoners was starting to improve. The political prisoners had long had a problem with stool pigeons. The arrival of new prisoners, Ukraine nationals I think quickly changed this. Rather than continue to be passive sheep, enough of the new prisoners decided it was time to make examples of actual or susected informers. As a result, selected prisoners started turning up dead, usualy of multiple stab wounds. Of course this led to reprisals by the administration, and even the “Thieves” (criminals who helped run things) squealed. But the culling of collaborators had the desired effect; the overall treatment of the inmates improved dramatically. By no means am I suggesting similar actions in the present time. I only cite this example as it shows that, sadly, sometimes blood must be spiled before matters improve.
    Z’s quote “In contrast, bad people not only ignore the rules, they are constantly seeking to undermine them.” needs further comment. In the context of a prison camp, or more relevant to what we discuss here, rules only work when everyone, or neary all, obey them. In the labor camp you either quickly learned the rules — of survival, not necessarily the posted rules — or you quickly weakened and died. Please note that at some point, everyone is forced to be “bad”, by the old normal world standards. Otherwise, if you were “good,” you quickly died. The present world is somewhat better, but as Z has often mentioned, those in power don’t play by the rules. Perhaps we too should stop. The old rules no longer work because they are flouted. So let’s make up some new rules of our own. And keep a sharp knife on hand.

    • All the mechanisms for punishment of rule infractions and law breaking are still in place and very robust just unequally applied.

  21. The problem Z is not that we dont know who is responsible, or how to remove the problem;

    Normies remain stuck like deers in headlights wondering the extent to which the rulers are protected..

    If Antifa/BLM time taught us anything, its that the intelligence agencies are not on Normie’s side. They are tools of, or run, the deep state. Normie really couldnt believe this, so it took time to sink in.

    So not only does Normie have to take down the rulers, the dems and their attack dogs, he needs to come up with a plan to take on the fbi/cia.

    Is a perfect storm gathering that will produce a leader for which a future statute will be built? The hour is getting late.

  22. All of those people who volunteered for the Colored Revolution in 2020 are going to find out they were conned.

    Silver linings and all that. It will be amusing at least to scoff at these folks and say “duh.”

  23. An element easily overlooked presently is the digital coup underway to deplatform the controlled opposition on the right, who no longer have the luxury of the cover of classified information, their fate in the hands of the black hats holding the wild card.

    Asymmetrical warfare has taken on a new dimension.

  24. “One of those stiffs is an open borders fanatic who promises to turn the state of Georgia into a mix of Sinaloa and Africa by flooding the state with migrants. In other words, the guy who promises the exact opposite of what GOP voters have been demanding is supposed to be the last line of defense against the Democrats.”

    Thank you for this. I think you’ve won me over completely now. Fuck ’em.

  25. ” democracy is where the people endorse the preferred option of the ruling class.”

    Best one-liner ever.

    • “Would you prefer a sh** sandwich with gravy, or a sh** sandwich with cheese?”

      ”Um, I don’t want a sh** sandwich at all. Do you have any ham?”

      “Would you prefer a sh** sandwich with gravy, or a sh** sandwich with cheese?”

  26. You said something that made me think. In most states, an HOA exists to be the ‘enforcer’ of deed restrictions that otherwise would require an actual homeowner (or group of homeowners) to sue their neighbor in order to enforce a specific rule. The HOA is created by the powerful (original landowner/developer) to (1) ensure the developer gets to control everything until they have made all of their profit, and (2) make homeowners (and the developer) no longer responsible for enforcing the rules via lawsuit, instead allowing a professional manager and local busybodies to demand adherence to an increasingly bizarre and complex set of regulations. The owners get to ‘vote’ but virtually always vote in the way the managers want them to, and changing the core rules (the ‘declaration’) almost always requires far more engagement than is possible. Since there is a massive amount of hate of HOAs in general, one would think the people would stop them, but they don’t, because they’re good for those in charge.

    • I’ve had first-hand experience with this. Our HOA hasn’t had a quorum in 14 years!!! We can’t amend the declarations, we can’t even elect a board of directors. I’m not sure how they’ve managed to keep things running. In defense of HOAs, yes many people don’t like the regs, but unlike larger government entitites, they have absolutely no excuses. The rules are laid out in the governing documents available prior to purchase. Yes, they can sometimes change the rules, but not easily in our case!
      f you want to raise chickens in your backyard, park the RV on the grass, and paint your house purple, you are free to do so — elsewhere! (To be fair, that last example actually got past our Architure Review Committee somehow, not to everyone’s pleasure.) But yes, at some point, it’s time to let the HOA die, and that I think is provided for in State law too… Let it die, if the citizens don’t care enough to support it. Sort of like what we’re contemplating for the GOP due to its dismal performance at representing its voters.

      • HOA->one of the few sloppy and inefficient tools left open to white people to regulate their communities. Look for some future-HUD secretary to ban them outright.

  27. So you’re saying you want government like Iran, with a council that sits above the government ensuring that only people who share the values of the revolution are allowed to run or hold office

      • Think about that? Our “democracy” is so broken and our leaders so corrupt or feckless that Iran’s form of government seems like a better option. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

        • I’m surprised that the idea that Iran has cleaner elections than the US shocks you.
          Why would you think otherwise?

      • Touché. Ironically, the last few Russian elections also were far cleaner than this last one in the United States. The United States government is an international disgrace and other countries to need to distance as much as possible from this one. We as a people need to marginalize our government to the fullest extent possible.
        The Ruling Class has turned the United States into a version of the People’s Republic of China with trannies and kiddie porn.

    • We want to separate from people who hate our people and our values, meaning (most) non-whites and white liberals.

      Once separation is achieved and maintained, the council will probably not be needed.

  28. “You can go down the list of indignities imposed upon us and not find a single name you can attach to it. The truth is, the people responsible for it hide in the shadows of liberal democracy, so they never have to answer for it.”

    Generally agree, but recently there have been quite a few city councils, governors, AGs, DAs etc who have acted openly, and some might say with a “Fuck you, peasants.” attitude.

    • That is the challenge. I read (American Thinker, maybe) that one gets the feeling the reason the Right hasn’t started shooting is simply that they aren’t sure whom to target. You watch a video of some health dept. inspector coming to a restaurant to close him down because the state hates him and she is accompanied by a couple cops who point out to the owner that, sure his life will be ruined, but the health inspector lady is just doing her job, so no reason to get snippy.

      Everyone who bought a gun thought that, if it was ever to be used, it would be to target some bad guy who busted in your door at 2:00 am. Instead, the faces of the people who want you dead are the middle-aged cop who you called that time the neighbor’s kid had that loud party and the single mom who drives a Camry to her government job. It’s disorienting.

      • Local restaurant was threated by an assistant DA who came out to let them know they would be closed forcibly and lose their liquor license. I told boomer dad if the DA was a real patriot he would have refused to deliver that message. Boomer dad falls back on “Just doing their job.” Real disappointing to, at best, realize your own stock can’t keep up with the situation on the ground, to say the least.

  29. How did we end up with pornography being pumped into the mobile devises of our children, etc, etc…?
    Well, if it was true when written, it’s tru-er today: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  30. The theft of this election is an existential event for the Republican party as a national political power. It is wholly within the power of Republicans to stop this. If they fail to do so millions of Trump voters are going to walk away, as they well should.

    Republicans will lose the Senate in the GA runoff. In 2022 there are 20-40 competitive seats in the House and another 8-12 competitive seats in the Senate. Republicans will lose nearly all of them. Following the 2024 election cycle Republicans could easily fall to fewer than 180 seats in the House and 35 seats in the Senate.

    At that point the party simply becomes irrelevant. Democrats will be in complete control of the agenda and will be able to pass whatever legislation they want without input from the other side. Republicans can neither advance an agenda nor stop the Democrats, so there will be no reason for donors to contribute to the Republican party. Implosion follows.

    • Dems are those kinds of people who without opposition and someone to fight and hate they just sorta disintegrate and become impotent

      why I am not concerned at all if republicans become dust in the wind. In fact, it think it is advantageous

    • Republicans can neither advance an agenda nor stop the Democrats, so there will be no reason for donors to contribute to the Republican party. Implosion follows.
      the three globalist steps:
      1.turn entire usa into california(republicans become obsolete and diversity everywhere)
      2.guns are taken away
      3.usa turns into south africa

    • At this point, the best hope for a peaceful redemption is if Trump decides to create and fund a Third Party, which is a huge undertaking given that the Uniparty will likely attempt an assassination if he does. But should that occur, it will doom the Republican Party (much like the Whigs) and force the Deep State to become openly tyrannical. That, combined with an economic collapse, might just be enough to light the match.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think the RINOs will care if they lose their seats. They are all going to be handsomely rewarded with six or seven figure no show jobs for their support of the agenda.

      • I did have my son read it – loved it.
        I also loved Kenneth Roberts’ “Arundel” and “Rabble in Arms”.

    • I don’t recall seeing the movie but the book was required reading in my middle school. I grew up in the author’s (Esther Forbes) hometown, attend Forbes School in 6th grade, which is a block away from a cemetery full of revolutionary Minutemen. I seriously doubt they still have kids reading it now.

      • The movie was memorable in that it impressed upon me the revolutionary spirit. Everyone in my class remembers it too. Strange but we all remember it for different reasons. I tried watching it again as an adult and it wasn’t quite the same, as could be expected. I may try it again.
        edit, and let me add, it wasn’t a Hollywood production but a movie made for schools, if you know of that type of production

  31. A slave must look at his master in the eye as an equal before he can revolt against his condition.
    Exactly. We no longer walk with the pride we need to in America and recognize the elites and their toady politicians as our equals and demand that they represent our interests.
    We play the game. Just elect us and we won’t stab you in the back as many times as the other guy say our politicians to us and they stab us in the back three times instead of four times that the opponent would.
    Either way we are dead of stab wounds.
    Stop playing the same game as American blacks.
    Black identity in America depends on what white people think of them. They seek out the approval of whites for their identity, most of them do not look us in the eye as equals.
    Its about white guilt and gibs.
    So why do we care if the GOP cucks play the guilt game with us?

  32. How did we end up with pornography being pumped into the mobile devises of our children

    I’ve been thinking about this, free association, abortion, etc. Even conservatives would agree, perhaps, that some “truth” was discovered, that made these rights necessary. A truth that we were blind to in our more religious bigoted age. I wonder if people don’t point to the renaissance and then the enlightenment as the beginning of man pawing his way out of the horror of the Catholic world….

      • Reminds me of a salty quote attributed to a Civil War general (I think):

        ”A man who won’t fjuck, won’t fight”

        There’s a lot of wisdom in that. When I read about a generation of men who are so terrified of rejection and/or school/social/work social sanctions they won’t even pursue a primal male need…it’s a generation of men without chests.

        Porn has only made this worse.

        • Porn saps a man’s vitality

          There’s reason it has long been banned. Yes, it has been under the banner of religion but it was much more the that. As with marriage, something also subsumed by religion, there’s a good reason for it.

          • Can’t find the source, but apparently Aquinas, in one of his spicier takes, stated that masturbation was worse for a man’s soul than rape.

          • I recall a Jesuit professor I had in college who said this was because they thought the sperm contained human beings, and thus rape at least did not kill them.

          • Porn has been around forever and has some good effects in reducing rape and prostitution.
            Also “no porn” only works when people are coupling. As I noted elsewhere, fewer people want family formation or even coupling.
            Before you worry about people porn, worry about the more fundamental breakdown which trust me isn’t caused by erotica.

        • fjuck? What is this Ikea?

          This isn’t a male only problem. Psychology Today

          A just-released report from the Pew Research Center sends a dagger straight through the heart of a popular mythology—the one that insists that what single people want, more than anything else, is to become coupled. So untrue. The findings, based on a national, random sampling of nearly 5,000 adults in the U.S., showed that 50 percent of single people are not interested in a committed romantic relationship and they are not even interested in a date.

          Another 10 percent want nothing more than casual dates. About a quarter of single people, 26 percent, would be interested in casual dates or a committed romantic relationship. Just 14 percent are looking only for a serious romantic relationship.

          This Stereotype-Shattering Finding Has Been True for at Least 15 Years

          It would be tempting to assume that this is a testament to the growing numbers of single people. Just about every time the Census Bureau releases its latest figures, we learn that there are even more single people than there were the year before. A previous Pew report made the remarkable prediction that by the time today’s young adults reach the age of 50, about one in four of them will have been single their entire lives. That’s a cohort of 50-year-olds in which 25 percent have never been married.

          This is obviously not caused by video games, porn or anything else Its environmental .
          Now porn doesn’t help but it doesn’t really matter and I suspect porn use is way down. Pornhub got pushed off by the net by Visa and Matercard one of those choke point operations to a resounding ‘whatever”
          As far as relationships go, there is no benefit to following the old scripts. The only logical action for many maybe almost all men is MGTOW .
          Wiith #metoo and #believeallwomen along with the low quality of women these days, why bother dating?
          The risk reward ratio is terrible and you can completely forget online dating. Its only for the top ten percent of men and frankly most sites are a sausage fest anyway.
          Marriage is worse unless both of you are ultra religious. Otherwise marriage is like taking a revolver, loading 4 cylinders and shooting yourself with it. You will be state property.
          Until the situation is man who does his part can have a loyal woman with a low partner count and is feminine and kind , he shouldn’t bother.
          Also these days boys who act like boys get drugged up or arrested that is if they have the T level sat all .
          Do to a sea of chemicals we live in T levels are really low in men.
          Yes skinny soyboy liberal and all that but Buzzfeeds try guys all in their twenties went and got tested and they had the T level of an 80 year old! Oh except the Asian guy who has a 65 years old!
          This will in time correct as modernity comes to an end and the ultra religious mutants take over.

    • Yep, all evil stems from religion. Dang, now that the pews are empty every Sunday, we’re living in Paradise…not.

      • A fact that goes overlooked by the non believers

        We are in their world now, they got what they wanted, and it’s the worst of all

        But they’ll never admit it

      • Eh. The US has the highest church attendance in the West and may Eastern European nations are doubling down on religion.
        Its had no effect on regular folks since Christianity simply isn’t believed very much.
        Long term, in the US this will self repair and the US and possibly the West will become ultra religious the grim irony being that this level of religiousness is abnormal and may well result in all that evil the Left was prating about.
        But that is many lifetimes away if it happens.

  33. I am new here but this is one of your best pieces I’ve seen so far. Even as a gold bug I had not heard that gold bug line before.
    Something you said a little ways back has haunted me, that we should walk away because “they need us.” I am not at all certain they realize this. Zimbabwe needed its white farmers but killed them and took their land anyway.

    • The crops they dug up out of the ground were perfectly good to eat. They simply can’t understand why more didn’t magically appear in the ground the next growing season.

  34. What makes Koch hate so much the people who gave him everything? Is ripping off another $100 billion worth that?

    • He recently bought up the ERP company we use at work and so I sat through his keynote/interview. My impression was that he is a big time blank-slater, that the inputs just need to be controlled properly and everyone will be able to attain whatever they feel like working for. In his mind he’s doing us a favor: why just look at all the human capital Somalia is wasting! All he has to do is move them over here and through the wonders of magic dirt the nation is made even bigger and stronger!

    • As the result of a buyout, I was employed by one of the Koch subsidiary companies for a while. The Koch philosphy / indoctrination begins immediately, which will be embraced, or shall we say… things will not go well.
      It appeared to me that an extra $100 billion (or gazillion) didn’t matter all that much. The key driver was the Randian objectivist theory which was instilled by Fred Koch – the patricarch.
      If you’re suffciently interested, a fairly recent book – Kochland is a good treatise.

      • Omigosh. Rand was a blank-slater, wasn’t she?

        The core premise of my beloved libertarianism is terminally flawed. The Others can’t rule themselves as our kind do.

    • The libertarian belief is that people are assets. They have to produce more than they consume or they die. So more people equals more wealth. Works in theory. But with democracy and welfare, they don’t have to produce more. They only have to vote themselves more gibs until the gibs are gone.

  35. But you HAD a new ruler, Z. Trump had to move heaven and earth, and slay dragons just to get into a position where he could even talk about walls, immigration, the swamp, etc. All that was just to get into a position where he could start to REALLY fight.
    And now that fight is upon him and the DR is talking about walking away, leaving him to flutter in the breeze because he couldn’t fight the rest of that battle on his own.
    Can we assume that you are now endorsing the Boogaloo? Because that is the only other option for regime change at this point, if you are correct in saying the system is rotten to the core and cannot work.

    • I voted for Trump but Trump has yet to prove he really fights. He sits at the end of the bar and talks but he never goes outside and shed the blood.
      Trump just lets his son in law and the GOP hacks pick his staff and he talks about really getting at the deep state while he tolerates one hack after another for four years undermining him including Bill Barr who just got praised by another hack Pompeo.
      Trump is an entertainer and game show host not a man who can lead us out of this.
      Trump will bluster and talk and then disappear to Florida.
      And I like Trump.

      • I know. He picks all these losers then complains about them. You would think a New York businessman would be a good read of people, but time and again he gets played by Barr, Fauci, McConnell, even Ryan

        maybe “played” isn’t the right word. But it’s either a feature of his naïveté or his incompetence. And he did have four years and he didn’t seem to figure it out.

        but if his being around making trouble undermines Biden and the government then I’m all for it. Trump is great at pissing off the right people.

        • G-d dammit, I and many others were screaming at him to axe Fauci back in March and April. He could have totally changed the order of battle if he’d done it. It would have sent a clear message that we won’t be ruled by a tyranny of “experts”.

          • 100%.
            Several popular dissident sites like VoxDay appear to believe Trump is the second coming of Christ, or close to it.
            Trump gave Fauci a huge platform to help the establishment rationalize the destruction of multiple state economies and justify mask wearing outdoors.
            Trump could have pulled the plug on the Covid hysteria from day one, and put Fauci out to pasture by May 1st when it was clear the world was not going to end.
            And yet, Trump let Fauci weave his spell and mortally wound the U.S.
            Sorry, but that alone calls Trumps decision making skills into serious question.

      • Do you mean to say the Storm is not coming?!? That I shouldn’t “trust the plan”?

        Amazing more people didn’t figure this out by the second year in office. Kinda pathetic to believe it even still.

        It’s hope-as-fear, and a lack of desire to take responsibility, dreaming that a Mary Sue will arrive to slay the dragons.

        • And yet. He won the election, you know. With everything good and bad since 2016, he won the election and it was stolen. And the Republic was killed with that theft.

      • People are policy, and the people Trump put in power were spectacular failures. He is also strategically retarded with his picks. For example, Sessions: he took an established, powerful antiimmigrant Senator and ground him to dust, for no gain or purpose. He “elevated” the moderate centrist chief justice of my state supreme court to a fed appeals court, and now a left wing extremist is our state chief justice. Everything with this guy was two forward, three back. Or per Stonetoss, every time he played “4d chess” he kept saying “king me.” I hope he pulls it off or at least burns it down with his election rearguard defense, but if not, good riddance.

        • A man who walks in and starts moving managerial departments to the hinterlands. Let Nebraska host the agriculture department or Cleveland the labor department. If that does not work have them constantly moving around. Keep them busy worrying about where to find the coffee machine. Undermine the intelligence agencies by putting incompetents in charge……
          When Covid comes along tell Nancy and Chuck that Congress is too valuable to meet and they should stay home. Then do everything you can to undermine them and get rid of them.
          That is just some things a real fighter could do as President. Instead we get tweets and rallies.
          The rallies were cool but little follow up happened after the speeches.
          Yes, I wish we had Trump over Harris /Biden but we can do better.
          But probably not with our current system

        • “Not that” is a valid answer. Just because you don’t know the future leader of america doesn’t mean you cannot figure out who it will NOT be.

    • I believe Z-man has been clear on your point, Glen. There is more that one choice (boogaloo) here. Withdrawal of consent—with alternative community building, is another.

      • I have not tried to make any points, C. I’ve asked pointed questions and only gotten vague answers. May I ask you?
        What is your community going to look like? Where will you set it up? How will you defend it? Who will lead it? How will it govern itself?
        I get that the dissidents hate the current system and don’t blame them one bit. But that seems to be all they are at the moment. Dissidents. To survive your community is going to need leaders, fighters, bureaucrats, procedures laws, law enforcement, etc etc… all the stuff you bitch about now.
        If you are going to walk away from the current system and set up your own you really need to have this stuff figured out beforehand or you’ll go the way the alt right and the tea party did.
        I’d hate to see that; there are some really good thinkers here.
        But whadda I know? I am a washed up yesterday man…

        • I’m with you, G. Look, in Spain there was no Benedict Option for the simple reason that the people who waned to opt out were the very targets of the regime. “You’re our victims! No, we’re not going to let you leave.”

          So, all this talk about setting up competing institutions and communities is – not nonsense, but not going to be effective. Literally those very communities are the targets of our enemies. Their destruction is the entire point of all this. The model is not the Mormons fleeing to Utah, the model is Sicilian Vespers and the IRA. New institutions don’t need schools or newspapers, they need safehouses.

          • Correct. How many times has Gab been run into the boards by them? 4, now? Hell – that’s another thing… have the dissidents thought about an alternate banking institution?

    • Stop it. One thing Trump could have done, on his own, was implement E-verify in his businesses. (His sons trialed it in 5% of the businesses, then he reversed his position.) When it came to “ending DACA on day one,” the 9th circ said he could, but had to do it under the Administrative Procedure Act. Then he goes on Telemundo saying he always supported amnesty.

      • Not trying to start anything, R. I am not familiar with the ‘ins-and-outs’ of what your talking about. And yeah – I get that the guy is not perfect, and he has made blunders. But let us be fair: how would you do if you had the entire Swamp and the might of the courts, the media, and law enforcement arrayed against you?
        And I get that you guys hate all that un-American shit he’s done. I hate it. But the stuff you hate in Trump that got passed him… you are now going to get that in a torrent.. With Trump out of the way, a lot of us will now become sitting ducks. The anti-gun shite that was a mere trickle, will now become a torrent. Hmmmm…. where IS Wayne Lapierre and the NRA these days? Are you guys going to leave the 2A guys fluttering in the breeze too?
        Look – this is EXACTLY what Leftie wants you to do. Take your vote, take your voice, and sod off. But, by God, you’ll hand in your guns and hand over your wallets first. Do you have any plans to deal with that?
        Not trying to be a dink or pish in your corn flakes… but these are the things we have to worry about now.
        Shit’s gonna get real, real soon fellas. I sincerely hope you’re ready.

  36. They do what they always were going to do by any means necessary.

    Whitmer in Michigan got shot down by the state supreme court on her lock down measures only to decide to let use the health department to cover for her. Now she wants the legislature to vote on lockdown. Why you ask is this necessary? She said it would send a postive message to the sheep that this is supported on all sides.

    Me thinks she just wants cover. See, they voted for it also. There are so many layers of obstruction and blocking the general will. We even allow mayors to lock us down and shut down businesses. Is there any way possible in our system of government that this is even legal or constitutional. Well take it to the courts and wait years to find out I guess.

    • How can it be legal for a mayor, a lowly mayor, to shut down billions of dollars in economic activity. It’s not and can never be in our system

      but it is. I have to think this is the other added benefit with having one third of the nation foreign born. They haven’t quite caught on and have no idea how our system is supposed to work so just sit there and shut up. Then you have another third being brain dead or ghetto rats. The only ones who see the problems are voices in the wind.

      • Yeah their motto is basically shut up and don’t rock the boat. Which is understandable, if I moved somewhere I would also try to follow the rules. Unfortunately we’re in a weird place where the rulers are crazy and evil, so complying with their rules is bad in the long run.

        Anyways. Lockdown in america, with gibs, is still better than Saturday in yemen. Might as well just shut up and try to not be noticed.

        • Looking like the establishment will use the immigrants as their soldiers against us

          already happening in various ways

          the hate whitey thing being inculcated into the new immigrants is part of it

          Pajeets & Asians & blacks vs whites and probably Mexicans

    • Well take it to the courts and wait years to find out I guess.”

      With all respect David, that’s the thinking we are trying to expunge. The Courts will not save us—unless it’s a sop to the masses allowed by TPTB. The SCOTUS decisions to date have shown this very clearly. The Constitution is whatever 5 clever lawyers say it is. SCOTUS has clearly shown that it will not side with the people in any matter that threatens its sinecure.

      • Boy you couldn’t see my obvious sarcasm? Take it to the courts is like the phantom zone, never to be heard from again. Yes, most here don’t need your following explanation about how scotus works presently.

  37. This is why Congress roles all of its spending into one bill. If you can’t tell who’s voting for which part of the bill, then every legislator has some level plausible deniability as to his actual reasons for voting “yea.”

    What’s interesting is that this policy is fanned as a way to break partisan gridlock because the line is that “voting on each spending issue is too cumbersome, and subject to partisanism.” Then, when Congress roles out a huge spending bill (months or years too late), they tell us how great of a bipartisan victory this was.

    Words mean nothing to these people, the public will means nothing to these people.

  38. The truth is, the people responsible for it hide in the shadows of liberal democracy, so they never have to answer for it.

    Faceless bureaucrats have almost always had this luxury. The elected were much more accessible. Sure, Kennedy’s picadillos were hidden by the media but that was more decency than political cover. Now the media hides entire D.C. juntas conducting overthrows. And have you noticed, prior to Covid, even minor elected officials were conducting fewer and fewer townhall meetings?

    They are becoming a separate species, this ruling class, and they are invasive and parasitic.

    • They are becoming a separate species, this ruling class, and they are invasive and parasitic.”

      Agree, they are marching to a different drummer.

  39. It’s mind boggling to think how quickly and how far the British have fallen. A few generations ago you had literal genius Oxford dons willing to man Vickers guns in cold trenches until either they died or all the enemy died. Now when people find out luxury items might cost a couple pounds more, they balk at leaving the EU. It isn’t that men were once made of iron and are now made of wood. They were made of iron and are now made of marshmallow. And the Muslims, from Mayor Sadiq Khan on down to the local monobrowed Rapefugee, are in the mood for S’mores.

      • Just to play devil’s advocate, what made the effects of those wars on the gene pool any more devastating than the centuries of continental wars that preceded them? I think it’s more than just the death toll; something else switched off.

      • The point of WW1 was to destroy the existing ruling class’ sons in European countries so they would not inherit the power centers. Killing 10 million young men was a bonus.
        WW2 was to devastate the general populations. hence the switch to total warfare.

    • Joey Junger, there’s a reason for that. Yes, in 1914 we had Oxford professors who were prepared to die in the trenches in France and Belgium. And they did and we are now living with the melancholy legacy. Britain lost its best and brightest. The future scientists, entrepreneurs, statesmen, writers, philosophers, engineers, artists, thinkers and warriors were sent over to Europe to be turned into rat food.
      The loss of that talent pool has done incalculable and irreversible damage to us. Britain died in that war, truth be told.

  40. Yes. Like so many decisions of all consequence, Brexit will be delayed. And delayed again. But of course, it makes no real difference. Most of the people charged with pushing Brexit through were never really keen on doing it. Many were probably wholly sympathetic to the EU.

    I have just been at Peter Hitchen’s blog, and some commenters their are jostling back and forth regarding the different treaties, what Brexit means for the ‘economy’ (whatever that is) and so forth. As I said to friends over the weekend, none of this matters if the people pushing it are the same people who tell you that there are more than two genders, that gay marriage is normal, that you’re a white supremacist.

    In this day and age the only economy I can truly get my head around is my family’s economy. I know the price of bread. The price of rennet. The price of new soles for my shoes. Thankfully, more and more people (in my circles at least) are coming around to the scam. Government is so bent, there is no way to reform it. We must begin forming parallel communities and networks.

    • After the farce of the election here I’m actually wondering why doesn’t the UK ruling class have a handle of their elections? Apparently you can get the vote you want without too much trouble

      • People here say it doesn’t matter much who you vote for: Conservative, Labour, Liberal, Green, you’ll get the same. And that same thing is wokism. I suspect that because so many of these people (cross-party) are the same, they do get the result they want.

        A quick survey a politicians across all the parties I mentioned will show that they have similar backgrounds: educational establishments, class ties, parents with similar jobs and the like. I cannot remember anyone of these people openly and seriously discussing:

        1. The problems with governmental control of the money/credit supply.
        2. The problems with telling children ‘they can be whatever they want’.
        3. The problems of multiculturalism and mass third world immigration (both legal and illegal).
        4. The problems with telling people to derive value from rapidly valueless employment (what happens when you are on UBI or realise you’re in ‘make-work).
        5. The severe limitations of women in many roles they have been propagander’d into.

        It is human nature to avoid hard questions, and especially hard answers.

  41. Our current ruling class is so corrupt, so ignorant, and so arrogant, they are going to push the American people into a violent revolution, even though it’s obvious that that is the last thing your average American wants. All our rulers had to do was keep the economy and sportsball rolling, and they could have salami-sliced us into a totalitarian dictatorship in a few years. But that would have meant leaving Normie fat and happy, and they just couldn’t bear it, not when the WuFlu gave them such a golden opportunity to immiserate the people they hate. I expect the bombs to start going off in about three months.

    • If there is a revolution, we better use the chaos as cover so that while people are fighting on the fringes a number of people are instead marching into DC to burn it down

      • Screw DC, take the media, the newspapers, the TV stations and most of all hang the oligarchs at Tweet, YouTube and Google.

      • There seems to be a grass roots group organizing an armed rally in DC on jan. 4th. They are looking for a leader and are hoping for Flynn. Keep ears to the ground, this may fizzle, or it may blow up into a real deal. It could in fact turn into Patriots throwing down the gauntlet.

    • We were already killing ourselves off. If not directly through opioids, white people were sport balling, birth controlling, careering, educating, and transgendering themselves to a slow death.

      The lockdowns have caused alot of people to take a hard look at their lives. And those without strong family, community, or religious ties, have been left out in the cold. Getting wasted at buddy’s condo to watch africans run a ball up the field isn’t actually a substitute for life, many have discovered ..

    • All our rulers had to do was keep the economy and sportsball rolling, and they could have salami-sliced us into a totalitarian dictatorship in a few years.
      I don’t understand this either. They could passed a massive amnesty with Trump. They may have needed to agree to a few border enforcement rules, but they could safely ignore those in a few years, and kept the illegals flowing. They could have easily set themselves up as the 60% party forever. Maybe they got impatient, and don’t really want more illegals than they need. Maybe the election cheating makes up for it and can continue forever. Maybe not. Still, it seems like they undershot the mark.

  42. There is a bitterness and deep resentment out there I see coming from people I would have considered normals a year ago. I’ve gone from thinking violent civil war was a possibility years from now to thinking 2021 could be it.

    • I have been amazed at the way normal people I know who are Christian, conservatives have been talking. They are forming groups and are fed posting like crazy. I had to tell some of them to keep it quiet out in public. We are living in amazing times.

      • Same. Some Christian conservatives have gone from 0-100 in a month. I could practically feel the *whoosh* as they were talking, like a giant truck speeding past on the dissident highway

      • Yep – the normal white working guys I see at the gym. In normal times they might complain about liberal social nonsense but are otherwise not political. Now… the left should be terrified but they aren’t. Because they live in bubbles?

      • Half a billion guns in America and at least a trillion rounds of ammo out there. None of it under coordination or control like CW I.

        Mass civil unrest would be a catastrophe. No sane person would wish it. (Not implying anyone here is)

        Some good books about the civilian, ground eye perspectives of the Yugoslavian Wars. They were beyond awful.

        • A lot of the people I know talking this way, it feels like a poorly thought out LARP. I am not referring to the majority here, but those as mentioned who have suddenly had the scales fall from their eyes. I am not sure they really understand the horror they’re so cavalier about. Maybe they do, but I am skeptical.

          • Most of us here are well past the anger phase. And we passed through the phases over a long period of time. It must be a big jolt to former normies, I said a few days ago I’m worried for a boomer I know, I’m worried he’ll get fired after ranting about immigrants at an inopportune time.

            Do not be arrogant. They can be defeated but it’s not easy and maybe not even likely.

          • The question is whether or not it’s better to encourage them to act out while their blood is up or wait until they internalize the state of affairs?

            For me, it was difficult to accept the truth of where we are. But am I less willing to fight over it, now that I’ve moved on to the next stage of grief? Not really.

          • We cannot live like this, and these sadists will arrange our death one way or another.

            OTOH, they can be beaten, and we have more allies than we can know; everyone who’s sane.

          • It doesn’t matter, whatever gets our people moving is whats important, encourage them.

            Its all LARP until you’re a veteran, even if trained.
            as for the horrors; the horrors of shameful peace are worse than war, and I went through wars plural and will again.
            At no time did Al qaeda, the old communists or the Nazis, the British, the fucking Mongols want to block childrens puberty, tranny story hour, and the looting of all those conquerors does not approach the rapacity or madness of our rulers.

            There is no memory of war as horrifying as the rule of these degenerates – as we sit here with 400 million guns, 12 trillion rounds, and the army and police come from our people, and have their own reasons to hate the Dems and the elites.

            no war, no death compares to the shame of living in peace and submission to these vile weaklings- who have only narrative, lawyers and funny money to back it up.

            When this is over our children will ask why we waited so long,
            the only answer we can give is we had no leaders, and no one wanted to go first.

            No peace.

          • If I believed that were true, I’d be out of this country in a heartbeat.

            Timing, as they say, is everything. Going to be tricky timing on this one. The pot boils the frog slowly and all that.

    • It’s weird for me… I’m in canada, in an urban area. And yet, when I go to the store, I see alot of white men who are quietly thinking… something. I get the feeling I could go up and start talking dissident politics in a reasonable, calm tone and have them quietly in agreement.

      Rural areas are another matter, I don’t think I need to say anything at all, they’ve caught up to where I am at.

      I can’t tell if I’m crazy, or if this is a real shift. Something is blowing in the wind and alot of white guys are picking it up.

      • You’re not crazy. You’re white. Your good instincts and good mind is taking over. As it is among other people of our persuasion. We are individuals but also part of a large tribe whose thoughts often work in sync

        quick aside, My brother and I can be playing Pictionary and we know what the other is thinking.

        • I was at a national park. We were waiting for the shuttle bus. Previously a bright sunny day, a huge black cloud was rolling in with thunder and lightning. Every single white guy, was looking up at the clouds, transfixed. Watching, and waiting. There were some vibrant tourists too, they were peering at the white guys curiously who were staring at the sky. I never noticed this before. But suddenly I noticed it and was in awe, I was doing it without thinking, as were the other guys. Purely a subconscious reaction.

          Kind of what’s happening now. Our mental network between white men seems to be coming back. It’s beautiful.

          • After the balloon goes up, I request that during the, er, “culling,” that, absent bad conduct to the contrary, Partisans would spare the non-citizens who actually can produce a valid Tourist visa 😀

          • Forgive me the weirdness, please, but this ‘mental network’ is EXACTLY what I mean when I speak of “the gods”. This is why I say each people have their own gods.

            This is why white people don’t need to be told what to do. We already know what to do.

            I believe it’s a real, measurable phenomena. Now you give me hope that it can be amplified… and weaponized. We are truly an order different from the rest.

            They are the demon Infected, and we… we are the Creator’s penicillin.

          • And no, the Infected creatures, those high-IQs you’re thinking of, are not, although they believe so. Why?

            Because they looked upon our mighty works, and swore that if they replaced us, they would become us.

            They are focused, they have uplifted themselves, they are very smart in a very few ways. Sadly, all they ape becomes but a evil, ugly, twisted caricature.

            They cannot be us. They can destroy, but they cannot rule, any more than our own stunted Infected can.

            I cannot hate, any more than I would hate a dog with rabies. What we feel, is sorrow. And, implacable necessity.

          • This somewhat reminds of the homily my fairly based, Polish born priest gave recently. It was on “the stone the builders rejected”. He didn’t, of course, bring up the JQ but he was pretty explicit in pointing out that it was (((the tribe))) that rejected Jesus and it was white Christians who then used their faith in Christ to build the modern world.

          • Every priest is one homily away from being exiled to the worst assignment in the diocese. The man is pretty bold to speak that way.

        • You’re not crazy. You’re white.

          For some reason, when I read this, I read it in the voice of The Simpson’s character Troy McClure. This made it immensely funny to me. Alas, regarding The Simpsons, it has plummeted in quality since the glory decade 89-99.

          • in all honesty, I hang my head in shame for never having watched the Simpsons. I tried in college (wow, that’s how old it is) but couldn’t get into it.

            So I am going to have to look up Troy McClure to get a feel for what you’re saying

            EDIT: just looked him up. I get it lolol

            Good one !

          • Hi! I’m Troy McClure, you may remember me from such films as ‘Christmas Ape’ and ‘Christmas Ape Goes To Summer Camp’.

            According to his CV, he was also in ‘such educational films’ as:

            Lead Paint: Delicious but Deadly
            Smoke Yourself Thin
            Whoa! Don’t Touch Me There

      • From your keys to God’s ears.
        Ottawa delenda est. Also some Toronto delenda est, while we’re at it.

      • The rural thing for sure. Every conversation i have struck up (since Covid started) with a stranger (hardware stores, feed store, gun store, etc) has led to borderline fedpoasting from complete strangers. Neighbors… Wheh lad.

    • Walking the dog yesterday I was listening to Rush Limbaugh while waiting for the Howie Carr program to come on. A guy called in and wa HOT- he said he was sick of Rhinos and people like Limbaugh who refuse to fight- a small ray of hope?

      • There is always frustration with the lack of leadership. We search for a leader to step forward. I suspect most of the old guard are not equipped for such as they have deep roots in the system—but that’s not to say they have not made progress or moved forward or are simple grifters. Limbaugh as well. I’ve commented before on Rush’s current discussions on the times. He is definitely not the CivNat he was in the past and now commonly talks about White interests.

        Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt and for 40 years in the desert, but was not allowed to step into the “promised land”, only to see it from a distance.

        • However, for all the good things Rush has said and done in his 30 odd years of broadcasting, he sure as hell hasn’t changed the arc of our cultural, societal or political dive into the deep end of the sewer one iota. May have converted lots of people to civnat and he surely has made a gazillion dollars doing it, but not much else when you get down to it.

      • Curious as to Limbaugh’s response?
        Same conversation I have with my boomer father when I just cannot help it. Stop telling me “we’re going to hold the senate and take back the house!” as if that is enough.

    • I got an email the other day from a friend I hadn’t seen in a while informing her numerous acquaintances that she and her partner are packing up to live off-grid in Idaho. They are currently inhabitants of the hulking remains of Portland. The email was a long, deeply satisfying to read, scorched earth essay about Kovid tyranny, masked-up zomboids and our commie overlords. She’s a brilliant writer and that email no doubt got more than few brains whirring. It made my day.

        • Seconded. With redaction, it’d make great reading. Come along old chap, I need something to stimulate the mind during the hour long ‘health and safety briefing’.

        • The email is twice as long as Z’s blog post so out of respect I won’t do that, but here’s a taste:
          . . . the sheer soul-sucking lunacy of this global “Covid 1984” debacle and the sociopathic, dehumanizing impositions of elected officials throughout the West Coast and most of the country have left us with no choice other than to flee this madness . . . to [move] . . where small, nearby local communities continue to live in relative normalcy, without smothering, unhealthy and identity-obliterating masks, and without irrational fear of one another, in mutually supportive ways . . . where local sheriffs still honor their constitutional oath of office to “serve and protect” the inalienable freedoms and sovereignty of the citizens that elected them.
          This city has become unsafe and mentally ill on so many levels that it is almost incomprehensible. Basic human rights and freedoms have been yanked away with breathtaking speed and with shockingly little opposition. Current and soon to be (constitutionally illegal, dangerous and scientifically baseless) mandates portend a dystopia far beyond anything the likes of George Orwell ever would have imagined.
          Seemingly everyone around us has swilled so much Covid fear porn from the grand theatrical spigot of the corporately/technocratically controlled mainstream media that everyone seems drunk–drunk with hysteria, irrational fear of their fellow humans and unquestioning acquiescence and boundless obedience to a clearly psychopathic “nanny” State.  
          This person is not a normie, so it’s not like the scales just fell from her eyes. She’s on the same page as posters like Lineman and TomA believing that community is what will allow us to survive (or surthrive as she puts it) and is actively doing something about it even though she’s very sad (as I am) to leave behind the Portland that once was and fell so quickly.

    • First one must come to the conclusion that the system can not repair itself. That is what I am now working on with any normies I have contact with. The concept that they have a say (vote) in their government runs deep—the drowning man grasping at straws analogy come to mind. 2020 election is a very good argument in support of our position.

      Whether or not this leads to a violent revolution at this point is not certain to me and perhaps a bridge too far for them at this time. For all we know, such a movement might only cause a correction in matters to lure those folk back into the “game”. Baby steps.

      • You take them

        NO, you take them

        No, YOU TAKE THEM


        WELL EITHER AM I, SO….

        ….KABOOM – war breaks out, again, over them

      • Lol. My wife & I won’t get divorced because neither of us want the kids.
        Blacks, the albatross around America’s neck.

    • I think you’re overly optimistic, but I would feel comfortable betting a significant amount of money (which I don’t currently have, of course!) that there is civil war and/or a break up of the US by 2030 at the latest. So all those counting on their pensions or 401ks need to start extracting $ as well as preparing alternative locales and supplies.

  43. I guess the real question is when are enough people in this former country going to decide they’ve had it with our corrupt rulers and take the decisive action needed? And will there be enough unafraid of catching the dreaded Covid bug to get things rolling?

    • it may be that right now it’s not about what we can and will do but what we can’t and won’t do. I can’t and won’t ever support, donate or vote GOP or support any of the government’s wars of profit and convenience. And I won’t shed a tear when McConnell is sent back to being minority leader of the senate and all of those goofballls in the GOP who betrayed me get their asses handed to them

      • Exactly. The timidity and gullibility of the masses is the essential proof that the USA is stone-cold dead.

    • If you’re terrified of the Kovid, you dam’ sure don’t have the guts to take up arms against the Power Structure.

  44. I hope loeffler 10 foot tranny and Perdue lose. I really do. On a number of levels it will be highly gratifying.

    • Noticed that even the Con-inc. pundits are having trouble selling this turd sandwich. The new talking point is “Keep the senate until we can primary some people and get real Republicans in”.
      At this point even they must realize how pathetic they sound.

        • Best R in Senate is probably Cotton, maybe Hawley, and of those two best neither came out against Lee’s Pajeet Sweepstakes

          • Devin Nunes in the House. He must really have a clean background, or the “intelligence” agencies would have set him up a long time ago.

        • Does it matter? At this point in my level of understanding, “real Republicans” are really the same problem we are trying to overcome as whatever other type of Republicans you care to define. Not sure you can subscribe to the general thinking of this group and discuss, good vs bad Republicans. This would be a distinction without a difference.

    • Cato the Censor, Senator of the Republic of Rome ended every speech, no matter what the topic, with “Carthage must be destroyed.”

      The GOP must be destroyed.

      • Is our best immediate future destroying the GOP and getting the most conservative Dem elected? At least they would no longer feel the need to replace us. Or would the fixers just stuff the ballot box for the most liberal Dem, which would accelerate us to where we need to go? Either way, it can’t be much worse than letting the worthless GOP sucker us again and again.

      • What does “Good Republican” even mean? When the cucks has both houses and Trump in the House, nothing happened. The Turtles begging other Rs to accept the election disqualified the party from existing, in my opinion.
        A question that is never asked either party is why do they have a hardon for American Citizens, and tongue bathe illegal immigrants? I would love to see that.

  45. “The truth is, the people responsible for it hide in the shadows of liberal democracy, so they never have to answer for it.”

    Hey, hey, hey, knock off the anti-Semitism, wouldja?

  46. The current process is for the courts to strike down reasonable legislation that helps heritage American while legislating from the bench for progressive ideas, then have the same courts state ‘precedent’ based on a rogue ruling. This, of course, is the last resort if they can’t kill it through a thousand cuts of bureaucratic shenanigans.
    For those keeping score at home, the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal where a judge threw out a requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote. The Supreme Court also refused to reject a lower court mandate requiring hospitals to put two mothers on a birth certificate.

    • Voting for non-citizens is transparently stupid.

      If everyone is a US citizen, no one is.

      Put another way, the decision reduces the value of a US passport to zero.

      • except if leave the the IRS will track you down like prey

        They’ll let everyone in but let no one ever leave

        Hotel California lol

      • You mean voting *by* noncitizens. That started with the GreenCard craze and the abracadabra of turning non-immigrant, temporary visas into immigrant visas. You lied on your visa appplication? No problem! Change your status.

      • That decision (and all the court rulings that go along with it) was taken years ago. The value of a US passport is practically nil, if you are White.

    • Elaine Chao’s husband determines which SCOTUS candidates got a hearing from the list provided by the Federalist Society during the Trump administration. I suppose that’s why the one remaining originalist on the court is Clarence Thomas.

  47. …[C]onsider the Peace of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years War…

    We’ve been in Afghanistan for 20 years. I don’t think intelligent visitors from outer space could extract us from that morass.

      • (((Brookings))) published a strategy paper in 2009 titled “Which Path to Persia”, who’s authors predictably worked hard to find a way to kill more White Americans for Israel. They and others have stated that an Iranian invasion would take 5-6x as many troops as the Iraq War – ie, a draft must take place. Even jignat Max “US troops shouldn’t be afraid to lose blood” Boot knows that will not happen….so the jignats are left assassinating generals/nuclear scientists and imposing sanctions.
        The tribe and their butt goys could do the hackneyed false flag bit. Some theorize that the tribe has pre-positioned nukes in US cities for just such a helpful crisis. But in any event, a war with Iran would likely be the final push that tips the barely functional US Coke machine over for good. May it rust in peace when that happens.

      • Yes. I started to read it. And then I felt the weakness, the lameness. Much like when one picks up a copy of The Guardian.

      • Sailer’s readers are ripping into him for it. I wonder if he will be able to keep going at this. His Covid hysteria has to be impacting his donations.

        • He was in the hysterical mob early on for a few months, then dropped it like a hot potato over the summer. Ever since the vaccine crap popped up he’s back on it big time. It’s good he’s getting torn a new one.

      • I’m not a fan but let’s assume for the sake of argument that the vaccine Sailer is pushing really is the greatest thing ever. Why would we listen to him now?
        Sailer and his ilk were forecasting The Black Death 2.0 and we got a bad flu season. They told us “15 days to flatten the curve” and now we are working on a year of lockdowns. No consideration was given to the consequences. Fanaticism has been the rule.
        It’s been all overreaction, panic, and lies. Now, if they told me fire is hot, I’d be skeptical.

        • It is an interesting take by Sailer. He is a guy who has often noted that the Left never acknowledges that they have been in charge of things like race for generations now. They complain about institutional racism, without noticing they are in charge of the institutions and have been for generations. Yet in the case of Covid, he has no interest in revisiting his own past assertions. It is a good example of how escapism is a powerful narcotic.

          • Similar to Cochran. He has pretty much dried up wrt his COVID-19 panic, albeit I’m sure he’ll never admit to being wrong, nor correct himself for such. That is a bad sign for an intellect. In any event, I only visit infrequently to his blog to see if he’s still batshit crazy. He seems to date to be very sedate.

          • a very bad sign

            the spirit of the intellectual always has start with the acknowledgement that learning never stops. The world is simply too big and vast and full of unknowns that you are only ever going to catch glimpses of what makes it tick

            Otherwise you fall into that eternal trap known as hubris

    • If you view Steve Sailer as a stats geek with poor social skills, his behavior makes a lot more sense. He’s the type that analyzes data instead of questioning it, and wonders why you can’t be completely honest about certain analyses. He’s not really conservative in a political sense, just obtuse.

      • Sure, but a stats guy that’s been around as long as Sailer should understand when the data is bunk.

    • Yeah, his recent “parody “ of a Biden speech quote was vulgar and beneath him.
      One of the most interesting and under appreciated writers on many subjects for at least a decade. Punches way above his weight for a guy who works for see his subversive thoughts bubbling up in other writers work who won’t attribute it to him.

    • Sailer doesn’t seem to get the fact Big Pharma is gaming the PCR tests to produce their, “95% effective, ” vaccines.

      He should ride off into the sunset with the shill account that is tone-policing every single WuFlu comment thread on Unz.

      • I’ll need to read the Sailor piece, but the efficacy (not safety) of the vaccine is pretty meaningless. Just like masks, it is a talisman which is needed by TPTB to convince the hyped up masses that it’s now safe to once again leave home and restart society. An attempt to “get off the tiger” without being eaten, now that the Covid-19 scare has performed its primary functions of looting the treasury and deposing orange man.

        Yes, I understand many of you argue for the “great reset”, I’m just not their yet. But your points are well taken.

        • But don’t you think it’s worse than that? It’s not just the vaccine but a regimen of them

          That just doesn’t seem right

          • According to Dr. Webster, this concoction doesn’t meet the definition of a “vaccine”. Particularly as it in no way promises to provide immunity of any sort.

          • Yes, of course. When I had small children, I believe the number of “recommended” vaccines was 32 before a child reached grade school. Even today, physicians will state unabashedly that the younger, the better for these vaccines to be administered.

          • Thanks for the info

            I was under the idea it was always one and done, like the vaccines I have had in the past

            EDIT: one and done for each disease. Yes, multiple for multiple diseases, etc

          • Back in the ’70s we got MMR, DPT, and Polio. (Three vaccines. There may have been boosters at some point.) Despite the vaccine I still contracted Mumps and German Measles-go figure. As for “younger,” a breastfeeding infant shares the mother’s immunity until weaning.

          • I mean, $100 a pop, 4 pops per person, 330 million people, for 3 years… I can think of 300+ billion reasons why this is happening.

        • Get back to me this time next year when masks, social distancing, and mandatory closures are still being enforced despite the purported vaccine.

      • They turn down the number of cycles, they get a reduced number of “positives”.
        People can go back to dying of the disease that killed them.

    • A vaccine that didn’t do animal trials (well humans are animals I guess). Rushed out faster than any other vaccine in memory. One could go on and on, but just look at the multitude of medical and scientific brains across the world questioning this so called vaccine.
      Sailer is really only useful doing basic graphs and noticing some trends not noticed by others. Nice guy, but I find him useless in all of this.

      • Not a particular supporter of our current Covid-19 vaccine program, but 1) the technique has been in use for treating other disease in humans, e.g., cancer, and 2) there were human safety trials—so why do I care about animals.

        But I agree this current program is a great leap considering the former process for such things.

        • there is also a cloud of mistrust and political games hanging over all this. And I don’t see how anyone can trust Fauci. He’s a political person first and foremost a careerist yes-man bureaucrat second and a “doctor” in distant third place. And now Biden is pushing it? That retard?

          I am not going to get the vaccine. If it means I have to drive to Florida this Christmas then so be it.

          • I have to drive to Florida this Christmas then so be it.

            Heh. Long car journeys could be a thing to relish: your own choice of route, choice of music and as many pit stops as you like. But most of all: no mask-mandarins!

          • Yes, I am quietly looking forward to it. Straight haul down I-10 L.A. to Florida then down to Tampa. Pit stop in my old haunts in New Orleans.

          • The vaccine is going to have a high casualty rate, because its a machine for giving your body allergic reactions on a scale never before seen.

          • I am getting over covid now, had most of the symptoms lasted about a week.
            My sense of smell hasn’t fully returned.
            No worse than a mild flu. I’m glad I finally got it. I trusted my immune system in this case. I am not an anti vaxxer. There are definitely certain diseases that will kill or maim. I had whooping cough in early twenties after having been vaccinated as a kid.
            That was bad & I seriously doubt surviving it again pushing sixty, Its out there as well as a disease similar to polio and a form of diphtheria as well. Not to mention drug resistant tuberculosis.
            In my opinion these diseases or forms of them are a direct result of open boarders and especially importing in mass, street kids from Guatemala & Honduras every one of them is a human petri dish.

          • Glad you are getting well. Agree 100% most of this is due to open borders and White Americans being exposed to alien pathogens – we’re the ‘injuns’ this time. Most of the children stricken with Accute Flaccid Myelitis (like Polio) are Whites from the heartland. All due to immigrants, as well as all the TB.

        • When someone says, “I want to reduce the global population by 10-15% using Widgits,” then says “here, let me inject you with this Widgit,” then you are a fudging moron if you take it. This is “walk into the underground gas chamber” stupid.

          • Nonsense. What you say is simply unsupported paranoia. But one has a right to be skeptical and avoid any particular vaccine. Your body, your right. There is no argument here from me.

          • Unfortunately, if things regarding this bs keep trending in this direction, it may be your body, but everyone else’s right, like it or not.

          • I thought the phrase was “My body, my choice”? Or is that just for murdering unborn kids?

          • Bill Gates, 2010 TED talk:
            “First, we’ve got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent. But there, we see an increase of about 1.3.”

            Sure, maybe he didn’t mean it, maybe it’s out of context. Maybe he really doesn’t want to use vaccines and reproductive health services to lower global population; maybe he doesn’t see a peon dirt-man like you and me as “world population.”
            Gates has the megaphone and approval of the Enemy, with videos and posts on NYT, CNN, and The Financial Times. He’s one of the big public figureheads leading the charge for the mRNA gene therapy for Covid that they are labeling a “vaccine” for some reason. I’m a simple man, but I know this: If you still believe a shred of what TPTB tell you, you’re a few fries short of a happy meal and should probably wear a helmet when you go outside by yourself. I am morally certain, from years of 100% consistent experience, that whatever the cloud people on the MSM are telling me is a damnable lie.

          • Wait wait!! You mean TPTB lie to us constantly, but this time we’re not supposed to believe them? I’m so confused…

      • Valid worries. Another I haven’t seen in the MSM: Who will be priority to receive the vaccines? At least in part, critical employees. And, if the vaccine has worse than forecast side effects, it’ll most impact whom?

        • Wall Street Journal had an article a few days ago that I’ve not yet seen confirmed that actually said the plan is to inoculate oldsters *last*. 1st responders and nursing homes first, yes, but then essential workers, then non-essential, then the 65 or older types.

          I was puzzled at first, but then assumed it was merely a confirmation of what we have heard repeatedly from the dissident medical types—“the only *cure* to COVID-19 is to build herd immunity, and learn to live with it”. Herd immunity is most quickly built in this priority.

        • This may be the only instance in the last 50 years where it is good to be a normal white man. Chances are we’ll be at the tail end of the vax hit list.

      • The pfizer covid shot isn’t a vaccine, it is gene therapy. It’s making you a gmo. Tell that to your normie friends who buy “rbgh free” dairy, watch the cogdis whirr.

        • That is essentially correct. mRNA treatment is a new way of creating vaccines. But the treatment use itself is not completely new. Papers on such theoretical therapy date back to the 70’s or 80’s. Whether or not it stands the test of time in large use situations, or that it has a back door use is not known. And I don’t argue that those taking the vaccine are venturing into a great unknown. What is problematic is that surely this vaccine will be given to children—who are least (as in statistically, zero) risk.

          • Not only are they least at risk, they will have no say-so about the matter. Just like poor children adopted by heaumeaux.

        • Viruses are themselves “gene therapy,” in that they hijack the genetic mechanism of your cells in order to make more copies of themselves. So the Pfizer vaccine really isn’t any worse in that regard. I won’t be first in line to take it, but I will at some point take it.

          • Gene therapy is technically the use of some vector (usually itself a virus) to introduce novel DNA into the genome itself. At that point it becomes a permanent part of the genome and will be passed on to offspring as well. As I understand the Covid vaccine it’s a bunch of mRNA that codes for viral proteins so as to produce an immune response. Essentially, they’re using your own ribosomes to translate the viral mRNA into proteins. mRNA itself does not replicate and is consumed eventually by enzymes that break it down over time.

            My take on all this as a former student of biotech is that it’s a frivolous and potentially dangerous use of a new technique to deal with something that poses a very tiny risk.

            I don’t place much stock in the talk that floats around the Right-wingosphere about secret microchips in the shots. That’s only because it would still be difficult to get enough circuitry in a chip that small to be much more than a tag of some kind. If some nanotech zombification chip were possible, our ruling class and medical establishment, is plenty corrupt enough to try to use it on us.

            I used to be an optimist when it came to medical advancements and generally thought anti-vaxers were daft. The specific things they worried about such as mercury in vaccines might not have been valid but their overall attitude of skepticism of the motives and probity of the medical establishment certainly is.

      • Up until the Covid hysteria broke out, I was a long time, dedicated reader of Sailer’s blog.
        He absolutely lost his mind over it, and I lost a great deal of respect for the guy, and try as I might, I can’t generate the old enthusiasm I had for Steve.
        Now he’s trying to tell all of us to “man up” and get the vaccine so we can get back to normal.
        I find his willful gullibility to be both endearing and pathetic, at this point.
        Our rulers absolutely DO NOT have our best interests in mind when rolling out these lockdowns or the vaccines that will supposedly, but probably not, end them.
        We are not going to be allowed to go back to normal unless, and until, we scare the shit out of the ruling class, and they are loooong overdue for a good scare.

        • We may have to make an example of some members of the Power Structure in order to scare it sufficiently.

        • Steve is 62 sickly and non religious. Men of that sort even when they are willing to tell the truth grow increasingly risk adverse as time goes on.
          Its the younger peeps that matter, the increasingly Conservative millennial men (they shifted to +11% Republican) and the Gen Z kids who are as Right Wing in some areas as 40 years olds from other generations and of course the younger/fitter/crazy Gen X types.
          And yes a grew truly exceptional younger Boomers.
          The guys like Sailer, decent people with a rare appetite for truth simply don’t matter any more, Time to move on.

        • I do not understand this fear of death from the getting on in years. My Father was fearless, joking to the end, being the Patriarch as he choked to death (naturally) being our father and grandfather of 8 to the end.

          he said after 70 there was no fear, it was expected.

          He would have laughed at these cowards.

          • Past the age of 50, you’re on the down hill side of life. Before that, one doesn’t think much about mortality. After that you do, but in the context of the cycle of life. You hope to live longer, but figure the odds are getting greater that something will take you out sooner or later and you just live with it. Maybe you don’t haul out the extension ladder to climb on the roof – hire someone to do that job to minimize risk and maybe you’ll last a few more years.

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