The Purpose Driven Life

An underappreciated aspect of human society is that humans in large communities need a set of common beliefs. Large society in this context means anything larger than the Dunbar number. Once you get to that number, law codes and a way to enforce them are a necessity. One tool to do this is a common set of beliefs held by most of the members. This provides a mechanism for those rules to become a habit of mind, a shared reality we would think of as culture.

A simple example of this is a taboo against an activity. Let’s say a poisonous berry grows in a part of the forest. The people may develop a taboo about eating anything or even entering that part of the forest. Perhaps they evolve a legend about one of their gods cursing the place or prohibiting people from entering it. Once enough people believe this, it becomes part of the law code of society and it is enforced by collective action against those who break the taboo about entering that area.

It is a crude example, but we have many such examples in the modern day that are not much different from that crude example. For example, Americans remain convinced that eating fat will anger the health gods. There is no science behind the Standard American Diet, but most Americans accept it as true. They don’t think about it. It is just part of the shared beliefs they grew up with and live within, so they accept it as true. We accept all sorts of behavior and environmental nonsense on faith.

Now, it should be noted that the shared beliefs do not have to be accepted by everyone in a society for them to work. Going back to our sacred bit of the forest example, it is not necessary that everyone accept the myth. It just has to be a critical mass that accept it and is willing to act on it. Unless there is an equally compelling reason to resist the myth and the reason is held by a sufficient number of people, a minority belief will become the majority belief in practice, if not spirit.

It is not too hard to find examples of this form of minoritarianism. American history is riddled with causes that were championed by a minority. The proliferating set of taboos related to the Covid beliefs held by the ruling class are a great example. A tiny number of people, relative to the population, deeply believes in these Covid taboos, so they have launched a crusade against Covid. America looks like a weird Muslim country now, because lots of people joined this new belief.

That is another aspect of shared belief. It appears that another prerequisite for large human society is a sense of shared purpose. The answer to why we are here and what is the purpose of our lives is answered within that shared set of beliefs. “My life has meaning because I am part of this great cause of my people” is a highly efficient way of enforcing group behavior. The best rules are those eagerly enforced by a set of true believers whose purpose in life is to enforce compliance.

Move backward through popular politics in America and you see one holy crusade after another driving the political debate. Today it is driven by Covidians. Before that it was driven by white liberals thinking Obama was Jesus. Before that it was driven by the war on terrorism. When the Baby Boomers had kids in school the crusade was to fix the schools so everyone could be educated. Go back further and we had a war on drugs and, of course, the great crusade against the evils of communism.

American history has been one crusade after another. The great battle between good whites and bad whites exists because it fills that need for a purpose. In the albescence of some external foe, the good whites keep their crusading skills sharp by going to war with the bad whites over some moral cause. This not only gives purpose to their lives, but it also reinforces those shared beliefs about who they are and why they exist. The reaction from the bad whites serves much the same purpose.

If you observe the Covidians for a bit, you see this need for purpose. The HBD community, for example, rushed to be the early adopters of the new faith, sensing it was a way back into the community of the respectable. It was not a conscious decision on their part. They did not vote on their secret e-mail list to become Covidians. It was the result of a shared desire to be rehabilitated and restored to polite society, along with the general sense that their purpose in life is to inform the rulers on the human sciences.

The same can be said for the women volunteering to be the mask police in every community in America. The natural role of women has been so reduced in status that this artificial role of Covidian den mother has become highly appealing. Mothers have been far less emotional about things like mask wearing and social distancing than the army of unattached, childless females. The reason is they have kids to scratch that maternal itch, so being a Covidian den mother has little appeal.

The fact is, human societies need shared beliefs. One aspect of that shared belief is a shared purpose. Most people, certainly not all, need that space labeled “purpose” to be filled by society. This is especially true of childless females. It is also true for males with no male role to play. Stripped of natural sex roles, this need for purpose is filled with causes that give purpose to life. The people wearing masks in their cars are not sheep following orders. They are believers looking for a god.

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325 thoughts on “The Purpose Driven Life

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  2. The response of the hbd folks surprised me the most. I get why all the Karens and the blue-hair weirdos went down that path. But Greg Cochran? I had to stop reading his blog.

  3. Steve Sailer posts the chart I’ve been asking to see: excess deaths. Looks as if the final toll will approach 500,000 dead in the United States. Sure, exploited by the ruling class, but normie gets that people are dying.

  4. The other day some cunt in a supermarket gave me shit for not pulling my mask up over my nose. It took every ounce of self control not to bash her face in.

    • I had a similar situation about 2 weeks ago. Wife asked me to pick up an item on way home and I went into the market without a mask – just forgot it. I even talked to the manager about where to find the item, he didn’t even mention the mask (knows I’m a regular) and we chatted. When I went to the aisle I heard loudly a Karen say “Some people just can’t follow the rules”. Just ignored and went about my business but Karen had to approach me. “You need to wear a mask”, I then asked Karen “is your mask working ?”. She said “of course” to which I replied “if your mask is so effective then why do I need one ?”. She then went into a tirade and I interrupted her and said “Karen, you might want to loosen that mask, it seems to be blocking oxygen to your brain.” Then husband “Ken” came over with the “you just can’t understand the science” to which I replied “well actually I have a PhD in Chemistry (true) and minored in microbiology and fully understand the science, that’s why I don’t wear a mask – but lets talk science Ken, where do we start ?”. They bee-lined it away from me but I just followed and calmly kept saying “But you wanted to talk science, so educate me Karen and Ken, I’m open for debate”. They abandoned their cart and walked out the door. Manager wasn’t happy so I pulled my T-shirt up over my mouth, bought my item and left.

  5. Wow. Lin Wood just totally redeemed himself in my eyes. I never thought that would be possible. In his effort to whore after the cameras he’s actually causing institutional damage to a branch of government that deserves it, likely without even knowing he’s doing it. It’s been a long time coming. And I can totally see Roberts on pedo Island. He has that look about him. I can’t put my finger on it.

  6. Several of my coworkers out west all got covid along with their parents and some elderly grandparents. Nobody died or had a difficult time at all it seems and I think they’re mostly against vaccines too.

    • This expose shows how the 1% have always deflected good whites’ anger onto bad whites, but the Loder example has me wondering why the most recent deflection happened. I think it started with Occupy Wall Street: during Obama’s reign OWS identified the 1% as the root cause of wealth inequality in America. Compare the clarity of OWS’s name and mission—the problem and solution were right in their name—with the ambiguity of the Antifa that replaced them. What is Antifa even fighting for, and what even is “fascist”? Well, they’re purposely ambiguous so they can be flexibly marshaled against anyone the 1% hates.

      Back in the OWS era, if we had gone as far as discussing reparation and expropriation, the discussions probably would have centered around seizing and redistributing the 1%’s assets, which terrified them. So the 1% steered attention away from their wildly lopsided wealth accumulation onto bad whites. I would urge any good white sycophant for the 1% to realize that there’s just not much blood to squeeze from the bad white stone.

      They’d do much better turning on people like Loder and squeezing assets and wealth from the 1%. If, for the sake of argument, we accept the legitimacy of reparations, much could be repatriated from the companies and dynasties that profited from the slave trade, such as Lloyds of London. Or assets could be repatriated from the richest “white” people profiled in the New York Times. Or from the Sackler family, among others—if anyone’s profited off black bodies (and white ones) it’s them.

      Even the 1%’s donations to BLM only filled the coffers of NGOs run by the same 1%, and never made it to African Americans. Why weren’t the billions raised in BLM’s name simply distributed to African Americans in the form of stimulus checks like the CARES Act? Why are these monies always laundered through “foundations” and “programs” that aren’t even managed by African Americans? The truth behind the donations, and the accompanying social media posturing, was that their purpose was to distract good whites away from expropriating and redistributing the 1%’s assets to reduce wealth inequality. The 1% would never allow that—for one, Loder would be obliged to give away all his wealth—which is why first tax revenue and then bad white pensions and 401Ks will be stripped for reparations and wealth redistribution instead.

      Today, rather than talking about the 1%, we only ever talk about bad whites. It was a successful deflection, and shows clearly how the left can be co-opted and derailed too, often even more so than the right.

  7. At the Grocery store, we are supposed to wait for the prior shopper to finish before putting our food on the conveyor. I deliberately over wait, thus making the attendant have to request me to load my food. I then say “Oh! I wasn’t sure; it’s different everywhere.” They typically agree. I add “I don’t want to make the covid god angry; the volcano could go off.”
    (The reason for for saying it’s different every where points out the capaciousness. Which I try to get them to agree to. )

  8. I embarrass myself. The Z-audience is correct that the social and physical is where the real action is.

    The metaphysical is a secondary phenomena generated by the living.

    I apologise when sometimes it seems I’m appealing to magic.

    Thanks much, Z-folk, for this needed reminder.

    What started me barking is that it seems whites only came up with the concept of Heaven. No other peoples have it.

    I say that’s so because it’s the physical reality. The rest are limited to the purgatorio within the ionosphere.

    Although the Creator is as mindless as an avalanche- “the Creator” refers to the face we put on the fundamental forces- we whites are made to go beyond the atmospheric constraints, whether to Heaven or to Mars.

    That, and to defeat Evil, caused suffering. Only the living can defeat evil. No one is coming to save us. Your focus on the practical and social is correct, mine is not.

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  10. The late Lawrence Auster used to say there are three kinds in the liberal script. Goodwhites, badwhites and blacks who aren’t moral agents, just objects for goodwhites to demonstrate their virture on.

    • By moral agents, does he mean that, because of their emotional/psychological/intellectual retardation as a race, they cannot be reasonably responsible for their behavior? My friend, who knew Auster, said that he would refuse to engage in debate with blacks.

      • the phrase he might have used is “moral actors.” I think he meant that in the white liberals mind they didn’t play a role as actors morally, they were just objects to serve the liberals moral vanity.

  11. Perhaps the best way to respond to the branch covidians would be to say, “this isn’t my religion and you shouldn’t try to impose it on me.” It gets right at the heart of it.

  12. The great battle between good whites and bad whites exists because it fills that need for a purpose. In the albescence of some external foe,
    This is either a typo, or a witticism so dry it makes the Sahara weep.

  13. Once upon a time, perhaps about 10,000 years ago or so, most people lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle and did not know what they were going to eat that day. They also lived an outdoor existence that exposed them to various natural hazards and threats. As such, they did not have the luxury of being bitchy about trivial things because just staying alive was a more urgent need. Those days are gone. And the arc of our specie’s evolution changed fundamentally when we became civilized and affluent.

    • I think much of our problems stem from there simply being too many people. So many in fact they begin repeating themselves as if the DNA ran out of combinations and starts creating replicas. So a person dies, well no biggie, there are plenty more where he came from. They begin looking and acting exactly the same. Strangely enough you can ask 500 of them what they think and can then extrapolate it to know how 100 million think. Politicians in turn seem them only as types of marketing cohorts: soccer moms, and so forth. All respond identically to the same stimuli. 31 kids to a classroom is based on the distribution of a similar number of personality types so you don’t get two class clowns or two bookworms in the same room

      But is there something more that truly make each individual unique? I think so, but without God in the mix we just become digits, and this has crept into the spirit of the age

  14. The people wearing masks in their cars are not sheep following orders. They are believers looking for a god.

    This is a lesson in combining perspicacity with brevity.

  15. And what’s worse, these believers discard the real God, and instead choose the false hollow pantheist/deist Universe-god idol, and Covid as a false hollow virus-demiurge idol.

  16. Christ was, is, and will be the answer. We are in this predicament because our culture has turned its back on Him. “Even if Adam never fell, the purpose of history would still be the incarnation.” John Zizioulas.

    • I think the problem is a private, between-your-own-two-ears Christ, apart from a societal Christ, like Europe had for 100- 150 centuries. Its freedom of religion, that, blasphemously, puts Christ and Mohammad or MLK on the same level

      • Mark Twain’s “Connecticut Yankee” allowed for freedom of conscience in the kingdom.
        The concept of allowing mutually antagonistic religions in the same space, however, would have been considered absurd.
        Per the Heartiste (PBUH), “Diversity + proximity = war”

  17. This is absolutely true. The worst mask-holes are barren women. In 19th Century they would have been the stern, finger-wagging Methodist church ladies who saw a teenager dance.

  18. A great example of the Zman’s topic is handicapped parking. Certainly it’s perhaps an American’s greatest daily goal to find a parking spot as close to the front door of the supermarket as possible. But some of those spots must be sacrificed to those with authenticated mobility problems related to health.
    Usually this health issue is related to some cardio-vascular problem or an injury. When one of these conditions present themselves medical treatments include therapy to alleviate the symptoms of a stroke, for instance. Patients are REQUIRED to exert themselves to the extent of discomfort or even pain in order to recover. Then, upon release, they are given special treatment at the shopping mall that minimizes the exercise that EVERY human needs for good health. This is ridiculous.
    If this made any sense, there would be MORE handicapped parking spaces everywhere because, inevitably, handicapped shoppers would often find all the spaces reserved for them already occupied. They would then be forced to sit, at a distance, and wait for one of the cripples to drive away, return to their home, or drive on to another shopping site. All of which would be very inconvenient.
    Furthermore, handicapped drivers would, in the event of an accident or vehicle problem, present a danger to themselves and others, being unable to effectively respond physically to an emergency and thus putting not only themselves but others at risk. The handicapped parking fiasco is a joke.

    • In most large Progressive cities, handicapped parking spaces are almost never available and are generally occupied by “hefty” black women who think of these spaces as their ancestral birthright. And many care not if they actually have an authorized handicapped placard to display on the rear view mirror. And God help the naive imbecile that dares to question their right to use the space nonetheless.

  19. I live in Los Angeles and am trying to escape here because of muh diversity

    But reading between the lines, is life really that bad in areas where whites are majority? It seems there are problems everywhere, where diversity is a problem here but that crazy mask-obsessed white people elsewhere might not be much better? I’d still rather take my chances on white areas but can anyone expound?

    • Hell, just move north a bit to Kern County, but stay out of Bakersfield. Concealed carry is trivial, and we don’t have a lot of other madness. Anywhere on the eastern front of the Sierras is probably good to go as far as that goes.

      • I know Kern County well. Even north of it are interesting places. But my personal tastes lean more toward SLO County

        • SLO county is Gone. I’ve fought the good fight here for 21 years. A local judge just disallowed our DA from prosecuting Tianna Arata and BLM team’s case. Likely the state will not pursue any of the charges either. SLO city itself has been destroyed this year.

    • worse among Whites for sure. I’ve been to the ghettos, no noggers wear a mask. They only wear them in White areas, Latins too

    • I’m in FL and things are relatively sane, with the exception of the mask brigade. The cult seems to be widespread and beyond hope at the moment, but I’m starting to see cracks in their armor. But we do have a sane Governor and a local sheriff that says, “if someone breaks in shoot ’em!
      Demo is 75%W, 10%B, 10%H, balance Mutts.
      It’s almost the other side of the coin here. Many are still asleep, like they don’t know why you think anything is wrong. Stealection may be an initial wake up call for this area.

  20. A society that allows fat flatulent fortyish childless harpies, onesie wearing Jaden Manbuns and ancient Fauntelroy fossil political hacks to boss them around will be erased from the history books.

    • I don’t know what the universe is saying, but I rented “Little Lord Fauntelroy” last night for my kids to re-watch this weekend. Unfortunately, the purple haired childless harpies run my state, county, town and local library, so I have to wait a few days for them to pull it from my mostly closed, fully funded, multimillion dollar library building… (“there’s COVID out there!!!)

    • Haha “female, fat, flatulent & forty” was how we described the typical patient having, what is called a HIDA scan in nuclear medicine.

  21. Mostly OT: The global ruling class does some truly laughable things. Everyone who even casually follows sports knows that PED and doping is widespread among Olympic athletes. Russia got caught and given the anti-Russian hysteria of our age from the globalists, they have been trying to drop the hammer on them. This ruling just announced Russian athletes can compete in Tokyo in next year’s summer Olympics and the 2022 games in Beijing but not under the Russian flag. Also they will not play the Russian national anthem for gold medal winners. Hopefully the impending collapse of the globalists will cause the end of this farce sooner rather than later.

    • So they can’t use their flag or their name, eh? I got an idea:

      Name: USSR
      Flag: Hammer & Sickle

      It’s been tried and tested over the years and seems to have a brand behind it. In fact, I’d wager the Soviet flag is even more recognizable than their current offering.

      • How is the Olympics still even a thing? There are entire classes of “women’s” sports – diving, gymnastics – that can only be done by pre-pubescents; all the rest will soon be dominated by men-in-dresses. Meanwhile, among the men’s sports, it’s better living through chemistry, and the winners are all Africans who use the podium to denounce the very countries who sponsor them. I know, I know – given all that, they’ll soon enough make watching the Olympics mandatory, but while anyone still has a choice I simply can’t imagine anyone caring.

          • I used to do that in sports bars. There’d be some UFC fight or something on, and I’d start cheering for the White guy. Or the football team with the White QB, whatever. Someone would invariably ask if I was a big fan of so-and-so, and I’d reply “nah, I just root for the White guy.” At first everyone thought I was a weirdo, but now I get lots of nods…

    • Does one expect Putin to allow this? Russia has shown before that it can boycott an Olympics, and I’m betting that the Russian population is not as craven as others of the West and will gladly refrain from participation.

  22. The Hong Kong flu of 1957 and 1968 was equally as bad but in that America sane men still made reasonable decisions and the Covid shit would have stayed in the medical section of the newspaper. That 1968 or 1957 world still had some cultural ether floating around of shared Christianity and shared reason left within it.
    The rise of feminism and decline in masculinity and the resulting Karen’s, the rise of a hostile media, and the resulting loss of any shared culture has contributed to bringing us the Branch Covidian crisis.
    How do we find meaning again? We find it in family or religion with the human genders playing their proper natural roles.
    Those are my thoughts at this point in time.

    • We labeled ’57 and ’68 as Asian and Hong Kong. Didn’t even get the one in ’68. Got the one in ’57. I was in elementary school and the whole 6th grade was on a one week trip to a camp. Half the kids started getting sick while there, so they packed us all up and took us home. As soon as you felt better you were back at school.
      Estimated US deaths vary from 70,000 to 115,000 but population was only 170 mil compared to the 330 mil of today. I don’t believe the fatality numbers were jacked in ’57 as they are today.

  23. Excellent piece. Only thing would add is that as we’ve become a society of abundance, the crusades become further and further disconnected from objective existential reality. The berry analogy, however wacky, kept people from dying. Now, as our Governor LIttle Il Douche demonstrated yesterday at a bill signing, the major threat to our existence is Confederate flags being displayed on government property or sold in state run gift shops..or something.

    • We go after the “little” things because the “big” things are hard, and we are governed by mediocrities.

  24. Imagine a culture so thoroughly debauched that it believes a woman can find meaning in PowerPoint, travel, and riding the carousel. Well, of course they are going to lurch from one stupid idea to the next.

    • You know how many women, even good ones, who are always hoping to make a difference in whatever low level position they inhabit out in the world. How much damage do you think that inflicts on us, all from good intentions. Can’t just make and raise babies anymore.

      • In the early ’00s I knew the cutest, fittest redhead with degrees from Phillip-Exeter, Columbia, and UChicago.

        Her expressed dream was, “to get a director-level role to change the world making policy.”


    • Anyone remember the show Ally McBeal

      That sort of encapsulated all of this

      Man I hated that show. I remember girls at work talking about it and seeing their lives as episodes of it.

  25. Secular religions always have the highest body counts. More people were killed in the original Great Terror over a span of a couple of years than during the entirety of the Czarist rule, to cite one example. How many will die in the name of Anti-Racism?

    • It kills me how many lefties still recite the Crusades, which killed 1-3 million over a century, compared to 75-100 million under Mao and Stalin in just a few years.

  26. “Move backward through popular politics in America and you see one holy crusade after another driving the political debate. Today it is driven by Covidians.”

    AKA…’The Flu Cult’. 

  27. Males & females stripped of sex roles. I don’t know how young people of the “traditional” opposite sex get together anymore – well I do, but you know what I mean… with all of this covidian insanity going on including shutting down typical meeting venues, I don’t know. I’m sure as hell glad I’m at an age where I don’t have to worry about that or have young kids in this bizarre world we now find ourselves in. But I worry about our unattached younger son and our older one with a four year old. These are not happy times.

  28. I think the Covidians/Progs are going to have a very, very rough four years. It’s not just the old “They won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore” line. Trump became the center of their lives, the devil they shouted down, in the same way that old Solunar cults were convinced that they had to shout the moon away from the sun during an eclipse, lest the sun never shine again. America has been a one-party state for a long time, and the left has had all of the power, but with demographics (and more explicit fraud, helped by the intelligence community) making the machine fire on all cylinders, it’s going to be very hard for the left to do the usual thing, point and splutter at someone like a Palin or Trump and say, “If it wasn’t for them, we would have a paradise by now.” When you and only you are in charge, and things still suck (wars, greed, reduced quality of life, etc.) you’re sort of left holding the bag. I told my brother as much the other day. “I feel a weird relief that we don’t have to vote or pretend anymore. Let them feel the pressure that builds when we withdraw our consent to play along.” Trump’s leaked tapes or “racist” speeches are going to sound like the Gettysburg Address the first time Biden goes off-script (and he always gets overconfident and tries to do it, eventually).

    • Only matter of time before having to look at Biden’s white face every day sets them off on another rage episode

      Biden will not be spared.

    • Historical analogies are never perfect, but Trump as Nixon has always worked pretty well. Biden as Carter works well too. The trouble is, there is no Reagan and no silent majority for him to rally, even if he existed. The irony is that many of the MAGA people came to see Trump as a savior, but in reality he was probably the last best hope for the ruling class.

      • Good point. Trump was a steam valve and it has been closed even as the boiler gets ever hotter. If I had to hazard a guess, the Left will brutalize Harris after Biden fades and turn their fury on her corporate patrons (dump tech stock while you can). Most of us will be rooting for injuries. On the other side, the MAGA types walking away from the GOP as the Georgia run-offs take place indicates they have arrived at the place their left-wing counterparts soon will be.

        • Harris strikes me as an empty vessel willing to be a political “Schmoo” for whomever can offer her a bit of power. She’ll fit right in with the Leftists and if dumping tech into the abyss after Joe finally hits the neuron death event horizon, she’ll happily do that.

          • Revolutions always eat their own. I’m not optimistic, but my one consolation is that the Trotskyists, Leninists, Stalinists, and Maoists will probably be too busy show-trialing each other to get around to really sticking it to us. Watching Toothy McTits the Bartendress on either — meaning, eventually, both — ends of a New and Improved Moscow Show Trial will be comedy like no other.

          • I have hope, too, the mighty Tempest In A Teacup is just another reality show, the hijinks of the Puppet Empress and her court in the distant Imperial Capitol.

        • the left has to realize that Harris is very risky. Otoh, if Biden is incapacitated by 2024 – who else do the dems have? Tim Walz maybe? Inslee is probably too old to be an “up and comer”

      • I go with Trump as Teddy Roosevelt and Biden as Woodrow Wilson (we can simply skip over Taft). WW was followed by Harding and Coolidge, but that won’t happen this time around, with the vote all manipulated.

      • Overlapping 2020 with historical american contexts doesn’t work because the historic american people are now de facto a marginalized minority community.

        Nobody knows where the future is headed. Brazil is probably the very very best case.

      • Trump had to go as he threatened the core of the global economic order: the US and West provide cut-rate resources (food, raw materials) to China in return for cut-rate manufacturing made by cheap/slave labor and no environmental standards. THIS is why the hysterical reaction.
        Of course nearly all the ruling class from Biden to McConnell are in China’s pocket. Trumps rebasing manufacturing to the US threatened Xi’s Chinese Dream: 1. crush rival oligarchs, 2. micro-manage every tiny aspect of ordinary people’s lives in China by social credit, 3. have rising living standards, more and cheaper protein, cars, etc.
        This is why Civil War is inevitable and scary. The Great Reset is the result of the failure of the Belt/Road Project and the need to strip America of to send to China. Chinese can only eat better if we eat bugs and live in pods drinking sewage. That might work for Karens screaming at White men but it does not scale out to moral purpose for: Cops, Soldiers, etc. There is no moral purpose to shipping food to China and no legitimacy from a stolen election, and stupid rulers who violate their own rules and flaunt their privilege over proles.

    • They will find something as their new evil token. They always do. Probably McConnell will become the next Hitler, or the new Speaker when the GOP retakes the House in 2020. Look at how much hay they made out the white supremacist unicorn for the last four years.

  29. We can’t even say that “Judeo——-Christian. Values” (as noxious as that term is) Unites our society. So it might as well be the Covid that unites us….

    • Uncle Joe and Kamel Toe Harris will unite the ignorant dirt people, you deplorable dissident!!!
      We’re all in this together, dontchya know…!

    • Judeo-Christian is a contradiction in terms. Makes as much sense as Judeo-Islam (same roots, right?).

      Jews regard Christians as useful dupes. I’ve no problem with that…my prob is that Christians since the 1980s are stupid enough to buy into the trope which is just marketing and manipulation.

      Christ is either the son of God who redeemed the world through sacrifice (Christian), or a heretical unorthodox false prophet who the ruling Jews used state power to execute (Judaism).

      There’s no reconciliation. Doesn’t mean there has to be acrimony, but every time 2 passport little hat Bennie S says “Judeo Christian”, I just roll my eyes and wonder how this manipulation still works.

  30. Re: the childless women and their need for purpose, I used to joke that if Orange Man really was what they say he is, he’d found a Bund Deutscher Madel and enjoy the vote of 100% of young men – and 75% of all women – in perpetuity. (As for the purposeless young men, brown is a fetching color). Personally, I wonder if those “Promise Keeper” guys from the mid 1999s still have some of their organization manuals and by laws lying around…

  31. Sailer seems to be the best poster child for the HBD community seeking to adopt the beliefs of the ruling class. He fell hard for the coronavirus hoax then somewhat came back to reality with the Summer of Floyd. Now he is steadfastly refusing to see any election fraud in spite of all the statistical impossibilities being something that should be right up his alley.

    Curious if Z has any grand thoughts on Sailer

    • Sailer’s recent “suck it up, take the needle, and let’s get back to normal” article is a bridge too far for me. If 2019 was “normal”, I’m not interested.

    • A lot of those HBD guys are on the spectrum, that’s why they can get caught up in minutiae of analyzing the deaths of 80 year olds and not conceptualize that their entire world is being destroyed.

      Its ultimately why the entire HBD movement is a complete waste of time. You’re just attracting people like sailer, a guy who spend hours analyzing baseball stats for fun. You need artists and people who can speak to the soul.

    • He bothers me lately. All this time he’s talking about black tendencies toward criminality but then shuts his mind off to the possibility that their criminality may have manifested itself in their willingness to engage in a program of vote fraud

      • I was vexed by the random UK Paki rape gang article he barfed out the other day.

        Hey guy, most of us noticers were aware of that at least 5 years ago.

    • Most of the HBD people were inside the tent until they were either forced to walk back from their opinions (Murray) or they were shown the door. Some were hoping to be inside the tent. For these people, there is a deep desire to get back in the tent. If you look at their arguments, they are always appeals to the present ruling class to take a look at their evidence. Those who have remained inside the tent mute their HBD talk and instead virtue signal on things like orange man bad. For people who fashion themselves as moist robots, the quest for validation plays an enormous role in the actions.

      • Could be wrong, but I think Brimelow buying himself a “castle” speaks to his longing to be back in good stead with the loyalists

      • “If you look at their arguments, they are always appeals to the present ruling class to look at their evidence.”
        Describes Sailer to a T, and brings to mind Jared Taylor as well. Facts convince no one; almost all people of any IQ level are influenced by emotion and rhetoric.

      • Z, do you think some of the genuflecting the HBD crowd is now doing to key Narratives is due to a desire to not get pushed off the economic field altogether more than their desire to get back on the tent?

        The demonitizations are just in their early stages. We don’t yet know how broad they will get but I imagine sailer really doesn’t want to rely on bitcoin donations to pay the bills.

        Z, do you think some of the genuflecting the HBD crowd is now doing to key Narratives is due to a desire to not get pushed off the economic field altogether more than their desire to get back on the tent?

        The demonitizations are just in their early stages. We don’t yet know how broad they will get but I imagine sailer really doesn’t want to rely on bitcoin donations to pay the bills.

        Also, our seems like the HBD and associated crowd are just as much herd animals as any other clique. They feed off each other in identifying what ideas demonstrate you are a smart person

    • Sounds just like Luke Ford. Z Man hit it out of the park on his critique of HBD-IQ fetishists.

    • Sailer is a case study in an otherwise intelligent person so concerned with peer pressure he yields with the slightest resistance. Whenever someone drones on about how our movement needs more in academia and high culture (true to an extent), think about people like Sailer and Murray and you realize what a dead end that is.

    • I started to lose respect for Sailer with his writings about Covid, but could cut him some slack because he’s a cancer survivor whose immune system is likely compromised due to chemo. I’ve lost all respect for Sailer since the election. He comes off like such a buffoon with the “what election fraud?” crap that I can’t even be bothered to read him anymore.

      I’m not sure who is worse, people like Sailer or the Republican normiecons at places like Powerline whose mantra seems to be “yes, those nasty Democrats stole this election, but we’ll vote harder and we’ll really get them next time around.” We need to make it crystal clear to them that there is no “next time around” in this story. This is the hill on which the Republican party fights and wins or dies.

      The mainstream conservative establishment is going into overdrive to shift the focus onto the Democrats. Don’t let them do it. The outcome of this election is entirely up to the Republicans in Congress. Hold their feet to the fire.

      • Had never heard him speak but recently have watched videos, and Sailer’s manner of speaking and tone of his voice is not what I had expected. He chews his words and has a pompous air

        I thought he would be more down to earth and less academic in style.

    • Hbd is a tool for bringing people over to our side. But the ideology itself is worthless

      “Oh, asians have high iq and low murder rates – I guess we just need to surrender our country to them!”

      “I’m not racist, asians and Jews are better than whites!” – jared taylor

      But it is a good stepping stone for normiecons who haven’t figured it all out yet. I don’t punch (dissident) right.

      • As Citizen of a Silly Country noted on a thread here the other week, being HBD aware is important, but not sufficient. Many who consider themselves HBD aware re noggers are tone deaf re Jevvs and Orientals. The important thing is to be pro-White.

    • Oddly signed into law in California by then Governor R Regan, then the rest of the states fell like dominoes.

  32. The masked dodos line up for injections of mystery genes while the annhilators among us plot to destroy the GOP with the stones of their own duplicity.

    Santa may deliver hacked document dumps for Christmas that once seen cannot be unseen.

    Christmas is going to be lit.

    • As a Canadian, I am confused. Many of the dissidents say it’s all over and have proclaimed Biden the winner. Others say that there are still bombs to fall and Trump isn’t out yet. I pray they are right. But… which is it?
      I am all over Alt Tech and there is all kinds of evidence of voter fraud right on video tape with sound, names and faces. If ever I have seen a place for the right to stand and fight, this right here is it. It’s why I get so frustrated with the dissidents walking away from voting. If you have to die… you might as well do it on a hill like this.

        • Just looking at numbers, bet is the f*ckery was a combo platter of emergent behavior and deliberate fraud. In exactly what proportion, not sure. But tell people that Literally Hitler is in office for four years and they are happy to hand over a blank ballot to a harvester or vote the mail ballot that was forwarded to the new address in a new state. Add in some triple scans of fraudulent ballots and there you go. But the real fun will happen if the folks tracking this down keep going and produce the level of proof needed after Jan. 20th. Could be an interesting “accelerant”.

          • This has been my opinion. Telling the faithful for four years that any means necessary is warranted to defat the orange man led to thousands of acts of fraud. Some of it may have been institutional, like the voting machine people. Most was probably independent local activists. My read in the political class is dumbfounded by what happened. They simply don’t understand the forces they are unleashing. It’s why I think we will see a mad rush to make everything normal again in 2021, but it is probably too late.

          • The next step, which is here today, is that John Q. Public can take all the evidence which is right in front of his eyes, and he can choke on it. The current reality is that right and wrong, evidence and affidavits, all mean nothing at all any more. That is the world we live in. The violations of the mechanics of the election process and the rule of law are now simply evidence that TPTB may have the power, and we do not. Or it is a culture simply spiraling out of control. Take your pick.

          • I vote for option A, the TPTB have the power, and we do not. 

            i see the Global Plantation with ‘citizens’ as house and field nigras,

            and dissidents and criminals as Uyghers in labor gulags (with unmentioned medical experimentation on the side.)

            On the “plus” side, this may be the Ice People unifying to oppose the Global South. A War of Two Hemispheres.

          • It’s why I think we will see a mad rush to make everything normal again in 2021, but it is probably too late.

            Exhibit A is the kabuki underway in Congress about the Covid Relief legislation. The propaganda organs are really playing it up and the concerniest concerns over the Lil’ People are being expressed by the likes of McConnell and Pelosi. The public gladly will pocket the money and then resume to wanting to see them all dead.

            Everyone finally goes a little too far. They did. It is too late. The intensity of anger is shocking. We are at a hinge point, or unhinged point based on perspective. While it is lucrative to whore your soul for the Ruling Class, you couldn’t pay me any amount of money now to be in D.C. for an extended period of time.

          • I don’t see a return to normal happening. No con artist is going to tell the world he lied to them and no True Believer would accept it if he did. Both would perpetuate the Covidism Cult just for ego defense. Not to mention all the power-tripping governors losing their superpowers.

            This is too big to be wrapped up by a quick game of ‘pin the blame upon the patsy’. And frankly, the underlying problems have been too long in coming.

          • Peter Navarro, who serves as an adviser to President Donald Trump, concluded in a report on the integrity of the 2020 election that the allegations of irregularities are serious enough to warrant an urgent probe and substantial enough to overturn the results.
            The findings of the report (pdf), released on Dec. 17 and titled “The Immaculate Deception,” support the claim that the election “may well have been stolen” from Trump. Navarro, who is director of the White House Office for Trade and Manufacturing Policy, produced the report in his capacity as a private citizen.

      • The black hats have a kamikaze mentality. These annhilators will gladly rip the brakes out of the government and burn it to the ground.

      • I recall the Durham report was just around the corner since early this year. But Barr turned out to be another swamp creature protecting the lair.

    • Mitch McConnell’s wife’s family, (Elaine Chao), is a front for the shipping container giant owned by the CCP.

      We forgot it was a Republican investment house, Touche and Deloitte, that sold China as an investment vehicle.

      And, corporate ‘privatized’ prisons.

      The Democrats supplied state pension funds for the Red Chips (Chinese ‘stocks’), and supplied the bodies for prison labor at 24 cents/hour, sold to corporations and the state governments.

      • Mr. Chao’s in-laws own him. The Twitter OSINT corner is nuking her bigly. The beginning of his end is just beginning.

  33. One aspect of that shared belief is a shared purpose. Most people, certainly not all, need that space labeled “purpose” to be filled by society. This is especially true of childless females. It is also true for males with no male role to play.

    It is remarkable to me, how many ills of society would go away – granted in generations, not days – if these purposeless males and females just had children. That’s all. The family is a shared belief of society, even in these times, it is just that these people cannot, must not, give into the biological imperative.

    I was thinking this morning that the concept of the family really does seem to be a very strong basis for civilization in general. That is a cause that can get people onside. Just point out the immense attacks on the ‘family ideal’ over the years and ask why anyone would want to screw something so good.

    Nice essay today. I am in awe, I must say, of your content output.

    • “… if these purposeless males and females just had children. That’s all.”
      Well, let’s not forget that joggers, Musloids, and Appalachian meth-heads have lots of kiddies and that – by itself – doesn’t do much for society. Added to your prescription is the need for government to stop subsidizing unwed motherhood, and the reestablishment of disapproval/shame upon deadbeat males. Then add a plethora of incentives for marriage and disincentives to divorce.

      I see too many “liberated” females dropping their kids off at day care to think that childbearing, alone, does anything positive for society. Our taboos need to be turned on their head: positive reinforcement for stay-at-home motherhood, negative reinforcement against Rosie-the-Riveter.

      • Added to your prescription is the need for government to stop subsidizing unwed motherhood, and the reestablishment of disapproval/shame upon deadbeat males. Then add a plethora of incentives for marriage and disincentives to divorce.

        Yes, yes and yes. Particularly on the second.

        I had the ‘day care’ talk with some friends over the weekend. I was heavily outgunned, with most not seeing the harm in dropping the child off in a stranger’s care. As if they had better things to do. I think that people are far too trusting. Perhaps I should have searched for the names of the carers, brought up some of their ‘likes’ and popular causes on Twitter, and then said ‘There people will influence your kids’.

          • Covid has really bore this “daycare” slight out. Hell, locally the media doesn’t even argue any more about “lost” education wrt online, remote instruction. The discussion between the people and the school authorities is “where do I park my kids while I go to work?”

            Heck, one school district opened up the cafeterias to allow drop off of students with *no* instruction! I can imagine what a hell hole that is.

        • Orange Frog, your friends all support daycare out of pure self interest and self justification. Many years ago I got absolutely piled on in a bible study because I wouldn’t consider daycare (I was desperate for a second child and my husband was concerned with costs and health insurance). Every other member of said bible study had their children and/or grandchildren in daycare, and they all accused me of being entitled and selfish for refusing to consider farming out my progeny to minimum-wage strangers.

        • “dropping the child off in a stranger’s care. As if they had better things to do.”

          Oh, that hurt, that really hit deep.

          Kudos to you and Capt S, a brood doth not society make.

          (And, note to dickheads- they beat the absolute living sh*t out them, too, so don’t give the booswash about that magic cure-all.)

      • Yes. Natural sexual polarity needs to be restored. Can’t happen until the war on boys and men is stopped.

        Natural male hierarchy needs to be restored. This can’t happen if men are forced to compete with women for status.

        Restoring natural feminine-driven status is only half the challenge. Men must be granted their natural status as well.

        Elevating trad motherhood alone won’t solve the issue of feral females. See: tradthots. Build up boys to become men worthy of female submission. Men lead; women follow. This is the biggest challenge on our side if a future for our children is indeed the goal.

        Ending egalitarianism may sum it up but I think it goes deeper because it is ultimately a spiritual question.

        Its easy to point to “leftism” or progs or the female vote as the culprit, but it is also our side’s capitulation to the material, “economic” status that has ushered in the sexual dystopia.

        All the conservatives I knew growing up abandoned faith in the natural order, in their own faith as fathers to lead, in fellow man to produce counterparts, and in sons everywhere to become men, in order to provide for the propagation of life oriented according to nature and/or the Bible.

        Ie “she can become anything she wants”, “she needs to be able to support herself”, “she is a strong independent woman”, “she is looking for an equal partner who can handle her strength”, “she is having a hard time finding a ‘good’ man”, “her career is going really well, she just bought her own condo”. And so on.

        When the inversion fails to produce having it all, well its those peter pan boys and other such excuses. So pile more on the boys. Make money and become a walking cogdis or she won’t pick you after she is done having salad years. Wtf.

        The primacy of female sexual selection and all the pretty lies must fall.

        If a man fails the W question he will never truly internalize the truth about anything else in “politic”. This is the question of the smallest form of government from which all else is built. Failing that he is thus incapable of living the dissident life for he will always be a trojan horse for progress to erode the very foundation.

        • Words of wisdom (but I expect nothing less from you, Screwtape). I still see those same lies and fallacies from online conservatards about their daughters (majoring in ‘x’ in college, strong, capable, independent, financially savvy, etc.) and yet they supposedly can’t find any worthy men. Why on earth would a genuine man want someone who would refuse his natural leadership and challenge his authority in every way?

        • Women like to submit.

          I’m just naturally redpilled. I’ve had feminists submit completely to me, and tell me they want to have kids with me and becoming like mother’s. After we break up, back to their same bitchy childless selves.

          It makes women happy to submit, they don’t actually like making big decisions. They’re also bad at seeing things clearly so they can’t figure out what they want.

          Part of the feminism problem is a white male problem. White men need to be worthy of submission.

          • This is all basic stuff going back at least to the Bible and probably well before. We have a crisis of masculinity in the west. And PUA/”redpill” of sleeping around isn’t a solution, it’s a fake solution.

          • What brought me back to believing, after spending much of my 20s as an atheist, was learning that Genesis contains irrefutable lessons about the differences between the sexes. Once I grasped how much wisdom there was in book one, I was able to overcome the intellectual resistance that atheists pride themselves on.

          • ever pick up a grown cat by the back/ scruff of the neck? It’s very interesting but they immediately assume and revert to the passiveness of a kitten, just hang there motionless as if a switch has been turned

            women very similar. They can be all feisty and whatever, in your face, but get them on the bed and get ready to put it in and they automatically revert to the submissive posture

            berry intwesting

        • until the war on boys and men is stopped. Natural male hierarchy needs to be restored. This can’t happen if men are forced to compete with women for status.”

          So good. Last line, perfect.
          Our enemies want us weak and gelded.

    • Generations? I don’t think so. Overnight

      Men change overnight when the wife starts smelling of vanilla when she’s knocked up

  34. I’m not sure about Americans negative views on fat in their diets. Something is making us all plus size. I see no aversion.

    You talk of one crusade after another looking for a cause explaining on how we got here and why the crazy reaction to covid. Europe is just as totalitarian now and as easily compliant to dictatorial orders. Lack of a traditional faithful population marks them as easy prey by despots, large and small. Covid den mother, I like that.

    • Well, there are the naturally occurring fats and oils in real food, which we’ve always eaten and have been prized in many Western cultures throughout history, and then there are the garbage fats and oils that are in all the processed foods that so many Americans consume daily.

      • Good! Now you’re thinking and noticing! We’ve been lied to about fat for over 70 years. You figure out the reasons.
        THEY knew when Vilhjalmur Steffanson returned from arctic exploration claiming he lived on whale-seal-walrus and assorted sundry other critters fat and meat, and he never looked or felt healthier. He was scoffed at, so he asserted to put him and a buddy in a New York hospital for a year eating fat and meat, and document his evidence. He then wrote The Fat of the Land. It’s online. THEY knew. This was in the 20’s-30’s.
        Ever wonder why French people were thin in the 50’s eating baguettes-croissants-cheese and lots of butter? Notice that Asian people eating 60% of their diet as polished rice and remained thin. Now it’s all upside down. China introduced soy bean oil to their food and Chinese folks are getting fatty fat. Kuwait and the middle east is fatter than Americans due to the change to “industrial” modern oils.
        Crisco, hydrogenated fat, was invented around 1912, and so it began. The big push to industrial oils—safflower, cotton seed, rape seed, soy bean, corn—came in the 50’s. Think back how people cooked in 1900. Beef fat (tallow-suet)-lard (pork fat)-saved bacon fat, and……butter-sour cream-heavy cream. Think ancestral food and what we evolved on for food.
        The study of the effects of linoleic acid (in industrial oils-slightly lesser in olive oil-and low in animal fat) is now cutting edge counter-culture research. It’s cutting edge like, bucking the Covidians, it’s edgy and the Karens and Vegans just scream at it. The Great Reset is attacking ranching and meat….gee..I wonder why. They don’t want healthy thinking people left standing. THEY want a bunch of Wally Worlds in fat carts with crapped up brains.
        Basic Husband and I dumped polyunsaturated fats (PUFA’s). Was it difficult? Yep. We’re both down to what a normal weight was in the 1930’s. He’s 72 and right now at this moment he’s out in basin-range Nevada climbing and exploring solo for miles a day old mining country, and rappelling down steep stuff. Occasionally falling off a cliff face yet living to tell the story. You try that at 72. He eats healthy ancestral carbs and no crap oil and lots of butter-ghee-sour cream, so he’s healthy and the weight comes off. I’m in the same boat, except my immune system was destroyed by lyme disease, it fires off at any plant I eat, so I eat beef-lamb and no plants at all. Wish I could but it’s the way it is. And no crap oil. You’ll have us around for a long time. No fat cart here. No arthritis. No joint pain. No degenerative diseases.
        Here’s the science on the crap fat. Deep stuff so screw your head on tight.
        Eating differently isn’t fun. Doing so sets you aside from the herd. Takes a spine of steel. So rewarding! It’s called having a life into old age. Do your homework. The information is quietly out there.  

        • Fake food so they can sell us fake medicine- and then sell us more fake medicine for the aftereffects.

          Economics, science, work, food, medicine, art, music, movies, stories, history, architecture, law, governance, religion, birth and motherhood-

          The Unnamed Ones take all we create and turn it into a twisted, degraded caricature. They cannot be us.

          • A practicing pediatic clinical doctor in Oregon collected 10 years of live datasets on his patients, categorized by unvaccinated, partially vaxed, and the full CDC schedule.

            He showed a hockey spike of chronic ailments that directly correlate with the amount of vaccination.

            Historical data correlates the skyrocketing chronic diseases in our children with increasing vaccinations.

            These usually become recurring lifetime ailments.

            He was shut down and delicensed 5 days after publishing his findings in a major peer-reviewed journal.

            We’re poisoned for continuing “profit” streams. This ain’t about real medicine, which is cure.

            Or real food, to nourish and heal.

        • saved bacon fat, and……butter-sour cream-heavy cream.”

          Please stop. Science shouldn’t make one drool, should it?

          • When I was on keto, I snacked on bacon dipped in sour cream. I felt great. Hope to get back on track in January.

        • Weaponizing hydrogenated corn and soybean oil from our Midwestern farmers…I like it. China, eat all you want!

    • I think you’re right about the fat, David. My diet is shite, and I don’t exercise much. Yes, I am overweight… but hell’s bells, there are people out there that make me look slim. Is it genetics? Or maybe metabolic issues?

      • Probably a multi-factored cause, but certainly genetics plays a part—in some races a *major* part. Take a look at any of our Native America peoples in AZ. Obese to an extreme, diabetic, and the dialysis clinics around the reservations full with them.

        Some time back a researcher dared to write a paper hypothesizing the cause as to genetic differences. He made good argument wrt the tribes’ HBD adaptation to scare food supplies and diabetes onset in a modern situation of plentiful supply of processed food and sugar. He was cast into the void as an example to others who dare break such taboo.

      • The problem is multifaceted. Genetics, as always, plays some role. But you should be able to be reasonably healthy. Most of it is (1) the replacement of naturally occurring fats and meats with processed crap, (2) the disparaging of meat (esp. red meat), (3) the increase of sugar and carb intake over natural fats. No. 3 probably the biggest offender.

    • Excessive carbohydrates make people fat. Fat and protein in your stomach signal your brain that “you’re full”. Carbohydrates don’t. They also trigger insulin spikes and troughs that create a vicious cycle of over consumption.

      All of that is probably an adaptive response to times when excessive carbohydrates were only available for a short period of time, followed by a relative scarcity. So our bodies instinctively over consume them when they are available to store fat to be drawn down in the coming lean months,

      Except that in the modern world there are no lean months.

      • Exactly. See my comment above. In fact, elimination of fat from the diet leads people to overeat and become obese.

        • Except vegetable oil. To be avoided at all costs and it’s hidden in almost all low quality processed food. It’s unnatural presence in our pantry is one of the main reasons Americans are a fat and sick people.

          • And corn syrup sweetener, or sugar (simple carbs)- same effects as Dinodoxie relates, and snuck into all food.

            Side note- over 50% of our food supply pays the kosher tax- who the fqk are these jacked-up foreigners to demand that we obey their laws and pay their tribute?

        • These healthy, low-fat diets are turning us into a nation of obese diabetics. Fattening the cattle, heh.

      • Yup. Unless you have tertiary health issues it’s fairly simple at any age.

        Animal fats good. Protein consumption with copious amounts of water good. Either of the above with an overage of carbohydrates bad. Sugar above regular trace amounts bad. Occasional (rare) sugar carb treat okay. Processed soy bad for men and teen girls. Processed foods almost universally bad. If your food looks approximately like it did in nature good. Green veggies and vitamins C and D good.


    • I must say, David, and I understand the negative votes this may invite, but Covid has been good for me. I save money, don’t drink, lost weight, look great, complexion fresh, do yard work an read to fill the time gaps. And my work hasn’t suffered.

    • There is little to no correlation between fat intake and obesity. A celery calories has the same effect as a carrot calorie. Also, one of the biggest lies foisted on us involved fat intake and cholesterol levels, to take it further. You literally can eat your body weight in cholesterol-rich food and it will not raise your blood cholesterol level a single digit. Now, if you did eat your body weight in any food, the obesity thing would kick in.

      The cholesterol lie is a great study in how the old religions are slow to die, too. The complete lack of correlation started to be documented about two decades ago, and for no reason other than political concerns, peer-reviewed journals refused to publish the studies. The evidence became so overwhelming that eventually the journals and researchers admitted there was no correlation between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels. Even then, the journals and researchers claimed there were rare cases where there was cause and effect. This, too, was an abject lie but a way not to lose face totally. Today, and probably thirty years from now, physicians tell their heart and hypertension patients to avoid dietary cholesterol.

        • Exactly. Both are low in calories per ounce, too. Much of the obesity epidemic, first here and then throughout the world, resulted from this mis/disinformation.

        • Eggs are a good example. If you go back decade by decade, you will see wax and wane in the published articles wrt “are they good or bad”. Coffee is another one.

          Basically, eat what you want in moderation, exercise, get your 8 hours sleep. You’re welcome.

          • Few breads, eat less, more slowly, in bites (give the tummy 7 minutes it takes to tell the brain ‘something’s in here’.)

            I forget I was eating or hungry halfway through. So simple. It just disappears.

    • The fundamental problem is that US foodstuffs are literally loaded to the gills with sugar.

      I’ve seen packages of ground beef that list HFCS and added sugar as ingredients.


      • The US has no real economy and is highly corrupt.
        No one in charge gives a real crap about the American people only the grift. The Facklers and their Oxy are not unusual in any way.
        The only way to deal with it is ruthless application of power and given the attitude of many of these people, we are talking Stalin with a migraine after an assassination attempt level nasty just to keep them from burning it all down out of spite.
        Also if we do get power and are smart, for good sake decentralize it. America needs victory garden and small farms all over the place, not 3% of the US population feeds everyone.
        Even if we weren’t overrun with a-holes, that’s really unstable.

    • Read “The Big Fat Suprise” by Nina Teicholz. “Starting in the 1970’s, Congress intervened in the question of what Americans ought to eat, and this involvement by government propelled the low-fat diet down a new path, taking it out of the realm of science and into the world of politics and government”.
      One more giant Red Pill.

      • Yup, Big Sugar lobby paid our gov mouthpieces to replace tasty fats with sugar- to mask the loss of taste from removing the gram of fat.

      • Have to add- Good Calories, Bad Calories…”Diseases of Civilization” is well documented by the British back to the 17th c.

    • Modern obesity is probably just the result of a certain market logic of efficiency taking hold. If you start with low quality ingredients and want to improve the flavor you can take two approaches.

      One tactic is to replace some of the low quality stuff with better quality things of the same type. Swap out those tasteless hothouse tomatoes for ripe ones for instance. Try organic carrots and celery in that soup instead of the over-fertilized conventional ones. The other approach is to take advantage of the human body’s ancestral “flavor hacks”. In other words, don’t change a thing in the recipe – except add a cheap source of sugar or fat. If you’re trying to achieve a given “flavor rating” guess which approach nets higher profit margins at a given “flavor point”?

      • Entemann’s Bakery tankers- these guys told me they used to bring in loads of milk, butter, cream- now they bring in chemicals.

        Must be a new board of directors, ya think?

    • I’m not sure about Americans negative views on fat in their diets.”

      Go easy on Wright, here, folks, he’s being his delightfully subtle self again!

      David W., you simply are too civilized for these barbarians.

  35. “The same can be said for the women volunteering to be the mask police in every community in America. The natural role of women has been so reduced in status that this artificial role of Covidian den mother has become highly appealing.”

    After decades of trying to figure out exactly what is destroying the Western world, I have come to the conclusion that the most devastating blow to a normal reasonable thriving culture in the West was extending the franchise to women and encouraging them to find their fulfillment outside the family.

    • Yes we live in a matriarchy. I’ve had this patriarchy/matriarchy debate with women a lot over the past couple of years. Where they tend to win is that they state (I live in the UK) that something like 95% of rape accusations never get to court. Therefore patriarchy.
      Now, I have a very good friend who has spent 20 years as a detective in the metropolitan police – 8 years of that dealing with rape victims. I was drinking with him the other day and asked him about that stat. What I wanted to know was if there was a trend with this statistic or not. He told me that the vast, vast majority of this 95% are women who meet and go home with a man that they hooked up with in a nightclub.
      I then asked if there was a demographic trend of the accused rapists. His reply: ‘They are all black’. I said ‘so most are black then?’ He replied; ‘No they are all black men’. Apparently going back to his flat at 2am and finding the bed to be a mattress on the floor with no sheet, mould on the bathroom taps, and dishes piled high in the kitchen sink – tends to give them second thoughts. But they are in an area they don’t know, in a housing estate they don’t know how to get out of, with a horny buck who looks like he may get a tad angry.
      Anyway, my point being that the feminists keep pointing to that statistic, blaming ‘men’ and the patriarchy – but it’s not ‘men’. It’s a sub-set of men, who the women willingly go home with because it’s edgy and the adverts condition her to do it. The nice guys can wait until she hits the wall. This just wouldn’t be allowed in a patriarchy or if it was, the women would be ex-communicated from the ‘relationship market place’.
      A bit off topic I know but just wanted to bolster your franchise thing. Anyway, this is what a matriarchy looks like. Ramble over.

      • This corresponds with the religious aspect of these movements, in this case the War on Patriarchy. When we kept statistics, the most falsely reported crime, and there wasn’t even a close second, was rape. The FBI once compiled detailed statistics on falsely reported crimes, and then certain aspects were de-emphasized. Guess which ones. Police used to be circumspect in investigating rape claims and now, as a matter of policy, believe all women. The gods demand belief despite a rich history of deception and lies and thousands of years of recorded history

        What your friend described is highly amusing because the coal burning aspect clashes with the newest, greatest religion, Anti-Racism. New wins. Maybe black rapists aren’t really black? That’s how these things are handled now.

        • Yes, political correctness is a war on noticing. And humans are really good at two things: comparing our status to that of others, and recognising patterns. So the stats have to go, lest we recognise the patterns.
          And just like the feminists were silent over the hundreds of thousands of white working class women who were groomed, drugged and raped by predominantly Pakistani gangs; they are silent about the coal burners burning coal and paying a toll. I feel extremely sorry for the groomed teenage girls, less so for the club sluts.

          • I don’t think hell is a big enough price to pay for both the muslims doing the grooming and the whites who looked the other way.

            They need to suffer hell in this life, before their eternal damnation. I pray one day we get the opportunity.

      • good rule of thumb is whether a tribe refers to the ancestral homeland as a fatherland vs a motherland

        • Hmm. Mother Russia dominated by based leader Putin. The Glorious Fatherland of Germany awash in the filth of Merkel’s millions. This rule of thumb does not pass the smell check as a useful generalization.

        • Germans were the only ones with a fatherland (that I know of), and all we got is a crappy homeland – and home to every Tom, Dick and Harry shade of mud to boot.

      • “Yes we live in a matriarchy”
        Last night my husband was reading an article about ‘effective management traits’ and the second recommendation was ‘treating people with kindness and dignity’ or some such feel good tripe. I said that sounds very feminine and not at all what I experienced in 30 years of working. He was surprised by that statement, but after discussion had to admit its validity. The sneaky social engineering bastards are quite good at low key wedging this type of feminizing crap into every nook and cranny of our lives. Hell must be run by woke feminists.

        • Classic masculine traits are; honour and reputation. Classic feminine traits are; protecting the (perceived) weak, and ensuring no one is offended. Hence the ‘kindness and dignity’. When I joined the Army in 1997 (as an Officer) it was simply: ‘lead by example, and be consistent with your men’. UK military is completely pozzed now though!

        • any how-to guide or listacle is bullshit. My view has always been results. Everybody has a different way to create a successful business model. Everything else is gravy.

      • The fake French woman mayor of Paris is being sued by the French government filling 60% of the Parisian government with women, which is a violation of France’s federal gender equality law.

        You just can’t make this stuff up.

      • Restrictions on promiscuity are designed to protect women, primarily, despite feminists’ assertions to the contrary. These same restrictions also help beta males as you mentioned. Basically the vast majority of society benefits from more traditional gender roles.

        • It used to be the psychopath 2% got the harems, and their kids ruled.

          Civilization happens when the betas have all the kids instead, and build a society.

          Hypergamy demands she bears the bad boys offspring, and gets the nice guy to raise them- so the ‘path 2% lines return to power.

          She’ll vote for the ‘paths, while men vote for their hunting band- so, sorry, ladies, we tried, but no, limited franchises only.

          That hold true for races and classes as well, so at least the girls aren’t the only ones limited.

        • 2000 years of tradition can’t be wrong. And common sense. What is interesting that has happened since, well, maybe the enlightenement, is all these common sense traditions are thrown out, when some smarty-pants discovered “rights”.

          THen, the rest of society is dumbfounded, and speachless and defenseless. These rights are continuing to be discovered, like scientific discoveries.

          Discovering rights is then suppose to make society better. Now that its not, its surely because of bigotry.

    • On. The. Nose. Women ruling men, having a marriage be a political battleground is a disaster for a culture/ society. I blame all of our problems on women’s suffrage

      • movies sure didn’t help in their glorification of the sexuality of women. Putting god-size beauties on a screen the size of a barn has had its consequences

        • People have slobbered over Godlike beauties since those Venus statues back in the neolithic.
          Now giving women the vote? That had consequences.

      • A couple of years ago I had hoped to blame women’s suffrage for the creation of the Fed but alas the Fed had preceded the 19A by a half dozen years.

    • universal suffrage in general is a mistake.

      ISTM that society began to fall apart when women entered the labor market work force in mass numbers. Ironically, that first happened in WWII. The “women’s” movement and permanent move of women to the labor force was driven by lesbians in the late 50s and on who looked back with nostalgia on WWII, and had no maternal instinct.

      • and the irony is that even with women working no one can afford a house for the most part

        If all of a sudden women left the work force the wages of men would double to compensate for the lost income but then you’d save a ton on daycare, education, food

        Win win

        • My 20-year-old daughter working on the floor of a big hardware/home improvement store can afford a house. I don’t know where this “nobody can afford a house” bit comes from.

          • In most urban and semi-urban areas, if you don’t want to live around joggers you will have to pay through the nose for even a modest bungalow. The fewer joggers, the more outrageous the price. Conversely, if you can tolerate even a small number of joggers and some random gunfire there are many deals to be had.

          • Believe me, I am well-aware. What I hear with “nobody can afford a house” is “nobody can afford a first house that meets their unrealistic standards.”

          • “First house”- “starter home”- the diversity is turning us into a nation of house flippers, refugees, and Army brats. One can only run so many times before the kids start to fall apart.

            Good on you and good on that 20-something, by the way. That used to be normal. Now it’s something worth celebrating.

          • One of the most loathsome species of whites are house-flippers who buy houses in decent white nabes and then rent them to Hutus, thus destroying nice parts of town. A classic case of the wages of greed. Slavery was another.

          • Starter homes have always been a thing. My daughter’s little two-bedroom house isn’t spacious. Maybe OK for a couple and their first kid.

          • did you co-sign?

            Making a loan to a girl with maybe 3 years experience in a low wage retail job is not a loan most lenders will make

            But good for her. She’s not the norm

          • No, we didn’t co-sign.

            All five of my kids except the 14-year-old own at least one home now (oldest daughter, 31, owns three). The middle boy’s home knocks my socks off, it’s nicer than my house, nicer than many weathy urbanites I know. We did help with the down payment on that one, but he has his own loan, and he and his wife also work retail jobs, but in rural Missouri, out in the Ozarks.

        • Women, on balance, perform negative work in the workplace. That is, they get nothing done themselves and wreck the stuff the men are trying to do. Removing most of them would immensely boost productivity.

      • Very true- the expansion of the GI Bill to civilian society was pushed by lesbians and yenta radicals.

        They correctly saw it as a path to opportunities and power. The nose under the tent, a raiding base to grab more territory.

    • It’s the essence of Satan’s lie, going all the way back to the garden. Our culture has been reinforcing the lie for decades. A good exercise is to read T. Roosevelt’s Mother’s Day speech; today that speech is anathema to the “liberated” female.

      • “It’s just a clump of cells.”

        I believe Leftists are dehumanizing the fetus as part of their obsessive drive to separate getting off, their highest aspiration, from natural reproduction, their most hated feature of human life.

        Rather, the true Leftist prefers to reproduce it’s kind through one of several available cycles of abuse, be it mental, physical, or a mixture of both.

        This form of reproduction is why Leftists are such miserable, hate-filled people.

      • Abortion was one of the many weapons to bring about anomie.

        Anomie: a societal condition defined by an uprooting or breakdown of any moral values, standards, or guidance for individuals to follow.

        Thus follows the building ground of ashes they desire for the Glorious New Future.

        The latest (and possibly final) iteration is the normalization and acceptance of pedophilia. I’m not talking about the spirit cooking conspiracies, Qanon all government officials are pederasts, et al.

        There has been a massive increase in the promulgation of “academic research” lately trying to destigmatize adult-child intercourse. California has just pushed forward legislation removing sex offender status for pedophilia between 14 year olds and 24 year olds. This was done as a nod to the homosexual lobby as pedophilia is a major recruitment tool. The “Born this way” argument doesn’t hold up when you place it against the statistics of homosexual men that were molested as children.

        I don’t actually think that the forces driving these massive societal changes really want a world where children are being molested. They simply desire blank slate to build their nebulous utopia. Breaking down that final moral barrier where society doesn’t care about their children being sexualized brings about anomie.

          • Certainly some do. But to not see it as one among many weapons attempting to break the bonds of the traditional, the moral, the beautiful, the true is short-sighted. That’s the big conspiracy. That these things become enshrined in law despite a majority of people desiring they be made illegal. Not whether Leon Podesta is a pervert. Though he probably is.

          • In grad school (the Imperial Capital) I rented a room from a stool pusher. All his friends were queers and they were all randy as jack rabbits. They were junkies for gay sex. I have my suspicions that at the very least they liked looking at younger boys. I believe there are some that love the fact that an ancillary benefit to their degeneracy is the breakdown of traditional society, but in the main they just wanted to nut in some guy’s ass.

        • No doubt

          denying natural bodily responses always has consequences, often deeply psychological

          Denying the body its food, say, through bulimia,look at the mental problems that causes or feeds or is a reflection of. Now try denying the body the urge to reproduce, something not good is going to happen to one’s mind and spirit

      • Plenty of work in the home if they’re doing it right. Doubly so if there are kids, and again if they’re home schooling (honestly, who wouldn’t homeschool just to avoid our degenerate public schools?)

        • My Mother did not work outside the home or even get a drivers license until well into her 40s, my Father taught her to drive when he was given a terminal cancer diagnosis. She cleaned our house, did laundry, and cooked meals every day and generally shepherded two troublemaking boys to adulthood while my Father worked overtime and weekends at an East Coast shipyard.

          My Brother and I often remark to each other how lucky we were to have that kind of childhood and marvel at how younger generations and even many of our peers seem to lack resilience, competence, confidence, and determination.

  36. Covid is a religion. Maybe thats the way to unite a non-society like those living in the borders of these United States….

    • Covid is a religion.

      Yes, perhaps this can be the basis of a new belief system replete with holidays: Merry Chrismask!

      On a more serious note it has united a certain bunch of people. They can’t get enough of ‘the covids’.

      • If it our masters want to keep Covid going, there is plenty of Z’s mask den-mothers to enforce. Its possible , there will really never be a return to normal life, maybe, but maybe not!

        • My strategic political thinking is that turning men against these kinds of women would be something to unite men across all races, except (((them))) of course who have muh matriarchy

          • It is.

            No man of any race can stand AWFL bitches, especially not at work. It’s the only thing we have in common lol. A few white soys are on the AWFL side but most are not.

          • It seems even Jewish men don’t much like Jewish women.
            In the US only half of all Jewish people are married and of them less than half to other Jews.
            I some Orthodox synagogues up to 1/5 of the members are married to non Jews.

          • An Israeli friend becomes visibly upset, bordering on violent, when you suggest he should date a JAP.

          • They don’t get married by state standards so they can get welfare and food stamps. They’re married within their cult by a rabbi.

        • The unmarried, childless Den Mothers are too psychologically damaged to continue any endeavor. Excuse the crudity, but all of them are just one good horsefucking away from following a new guru. The poor guru soon learns mentally deranged followers become stalkers.

        • I see no light at the end of the Kovid tunnel. Anybody hoping the vaxes herald a return to normalcy is in for a rude awakening.

          • couldn’t that lead to a sort of “general strike” among the workforce. Or are we all compliant sheeple?

          • I’d rather no go down this road but it may take a wall of lead to fix things. This won’t bring back normalcy or stability for a long time but enough bullets and nooses will bring back sanity.
            Ultimately the US has been bat-crap insane long before COVID 19. I’d guess it started 2009 or so with the election of Obama.

          • The ease at which our institutions up and died suggest they were quite weak in many ways.
            Some of this was the unending war that ‘capital” waged on anything that could improve workers lives and some of it was the states absolute terror of private organizations like unions, grange halls, club. anything bigger than the easily controlled nuclear family.
            In some sense to defeat the USSR and our race issues we became too much like the USSR and that resulted in our society coming to an end,
            Now in fairness people stopped wanting large families in 1972 if not before. Its understandable, children come at an material and opportunity cost and despite what many of the Dissident Right thing, many people don’t really like having kids that much.
            Humanity is a funny species, many of our peak reproductive years(16 for girls to 25 or so) come well before our mental development and maturation is complete (26 or so) and within 10 years of completion women enter a low fertility spiral.
            This suggest that humanity evolved for fast reproduction by people not thinking it through to make up for high infant mortality and that modernity is dissonant with that.
            It also suggest that humans simply can’t become a more advanced civilization without genetic modification or some other tech to increase lifespan and the fertile period,
            Worse even these mods wouldn’t help much unless female options are heavily contained so as to prevent promiscuity and excess singledom which makes stable family formation near impossible.
            So if we truly wanted a space future, it wil end up with enforced highly traditional roles for men and women. This will make some people miserable to be sure but overall the midery index would be lower.
            Not that this can be done mind you.

          • This will make some people miserable to be sure but overall the midery index would be lower.

            Another weird aspect of human nature is the proclivity to chase after some goal or activity at great effort only to discover that the effort was wasted upon attaining it.

            The modern desire for career and property over family being a prime example. Modern women freed from childbearing and motherhood are almost universally miserable. And seek an endless stream of things to fulfill their sublimated maternal instinct.

          • For the bulk of mankind space travel is also one such thing.
            Big goals give the elite a hit of dopamine and maybe a little pride to those in that society who see them but its fleeting. Most big goals save those like the Hoover Dam or the TVA which have material benefit are worthless in the long term.
            Religious goals are exempt from this but religion is not a big part of our society right now.
            As for motherhood, there were and are plenty of women who are no happier with kids than without them.
            The only way to increase the social benefit of child rearing benefit is to remove a lot of the wasted effort in child rearing.
            And note this is not the feed em, change them, love em effort. That has been well handled. Its the “take little Junior to soccer so he can sustain his social status.”
            Our society simply has too many elites and so has become a misery trap.
            This will self correct during the crash but what it corrects too is up in the air. If people get rid of the elite entirely and replace them with something Actual Right we will have good recovery.
            Otherwise it will just get worse and worse until total collapse.

          • Rebellion with a goal is pointless. we don’t have goals and won’t start to have them till early January and the elections is decided.

          • This was meant to be without not with.
            As an aside, “get rid of the people in charge is a good starter goal.

          • The goal, with regard to Kovid, is mass defiance which makes enforcement of the Power Structure’s idiotic diktats impossible.

          • I see some in my area, A few people playing loosey goosey with masks and more than a few stores ignoring capacity limits since it does not appear that they are being enforced.

          • i’ve heard different things from true believers: one said, spring is when its over, others say its never going to be over. They will change their tune only when they are told to do so….

      • I have a conversation with someone yesterday who started talking about tents that were full and people on ventilators. I honestly did not know what she was talking about but I don’t watch the news or anything and all I said was I can’t trust the media, she agreed, and what I see around me is zero deaths. She was sad she couldn’t get the vaccine right away

        • zero deaths

          You’re clearly ignorant. Covid has chalked up huge numbers of fatalities. I am reminded of the decorator who slipped off his ladder and broke his neck due to Covid. Furthermore, it is a well known fact that Major General Charles Gordon, was speared to death during his last stand at Khartoum, due to Covid.

          I jest, of course. Yeah, nowadays, whenever someone in ‘real life’ speaks about Covid, I just nod and occasionally ask a question or two. Then go on my way. I know what my eyes tell me, and they tell me I am being scammed. So it goes.

          On the plus side I watched The Good, The Bad and The Ugly the other day and was relieved to see that neither Tuco, Blondie nor Angel Eyes wore masks.

          • Or a woman I saw interviewed that flatly stated that when her elderly father had a fatal heart attack in their home that the death would be classified as COVID since all bills would be covered and none left to his estate. Otherwise they would be on the hook for whatever Medicare did not cover in ICU in the 24 hours it took him to expire.

          • This is one of those handy pieces of information I’d love to be able to get on demand. Just when someone is banging on about ‘government statistics’…

          • neither Tuco, Blondie nor Angel Eyes wore masks.”

            Just give it time. I note that a decade or so ago, Spielberg went back to the movie “E.T.” and changed the government agents handguns to radios in the chase scenes for anti-gun virtue signaling.

        • Saw a piece on the news this morning about number of hospitalizations here in NY for COVID. Only 10% of the peak number and mortality is confined to the very old and/or those with severe co-mobidities. But this has morphed from “flatten the curve” to “control society”. Cuomo almost sounded disappointed that he’s going to be shipped more vaccine than they can administer. Am sure he has a task force working on a “four corners” strategy to slow it down.

          • Cuomo is a narcissistic, selfish, and arrogant pig, i.e., typical pol. Note that he was lambasting Trump in April and demanding *all* available ventilators from the government stock pile for NY (40k or so). Of course, he said when he was done with them, he’d return them to the stockpile for distribution to other states. Trump told him to take a hike and the result was that there were no cases of excess deaths from lack of ventilators in NY. Hell, NYC didn’t even fill the hospital beds they were provided.

            Also, we now know that the standard prescription of ventilators as treatment were actually detrimental and the *cause* of excess COVID-19 mortality. So Trump probably saved some lives there.

          • NYC was ventilating people to death in the spring.

            Cuomo wanted all the vents to really spike the death toll.

        • She was talking about the “outdoor dining” restaurant sidewalk tents in New York City. They’re full of the homeless who took them over.

        • Yes Dear.”

          then laugh.
          if she gets angry become more amused. This worked for 2 million years, until the 20th century.

        • Well Whitney, for what it’s worth, when this whole shitstorm started, in downtown Chicago, the G took over a hotel across the street from Northwestern Hospital. It has 176 rooms. It would be used for the overflow from NW. They used a total of 4 rooms.
          in addition, McCormack Place had a 3,000 bed emergency hospital set up, ready to go, for when the shit hit the fan.
          Not one bed was used.
          The good news is quite a few Government contractors got paid, and in the end, that’s all that really matters.

    • One of many alternative beliefs offered up by the Left. A raceless society. Mother Gaia. A nation-less future. I f**king love science. All forms of human coupling is stunning and brave. Sacrifice your future offspring to fight overpopulation. Slut walk. Etc.

      None of these beliefs have to be coherent. They can even be counter to each other. Their purpose is to weaponize against the traditional: Destroy the Before to make the new and glorious After. Utopia must be achieved on a level ground of ashes.

      Their Covid is a lovely weapon. With a somber (masked) angelic face of a protective mother we can, in one fell swoop: turn us against each other, destroy the economy, and put a stop to every social event and bond we have.

      • Contradictions are rapidly accommodated. To cite one example, to adjust for Anti-Racism, Climate Change had to embrace mass migration despite the obvious environmental degradation that ensues. It is, in part, why outdoors activities now are criticized. Can’t have White folks enjoying nature when it might impede their Great Replacement.

        • Contradictions are rapidly accommodated. 

          Absolutely. And where strained tangential logic won’t accommodate voodoo will serve. Priveledge theory as example. Given comparable starting points in America whites will outperform blacks and therefore it must be white privilege in society… tangential logic.

          Subcontinent and Southeast Asians in America outperform white and blacks… Priviledge theory meets the end of logic and voodoo ensues.

      • Excellent post. I’d never really thought of it quite that way before, but Kovid really is the perfect weapon to destroy a society the AWRs despise. Alas, they may not like the society that emerges from the ashes they produced.

      • None of these beliefs have to be coherent.

        Its like an anti Christianity, or a parody of Christianity. The trinity is mysterious. We beleive it, becuase of the the authority which gave it to us. We trust the authority. Somethings can be said about it coherently, but mostly, it is a mystery we cannot understand while on earth.

        ,Covid and the rest of your examples are absurd, and cannot be defended intellectually, But they can be defended emotionally. “slut shaming” is mean so we shouldnt’ do it. It doesn’t take to many logical steps to see that sluts destroy a society, by destroying marraige, and shaming them is good for everyone.

        So the slogans remain. They are part of the dogma of, like you said, a year zero

    • It might be more accurate to describe it as unchrsitianity V. 16.8.1. It’s just the current flavor of the anyone-but-christ rationalist/atheist crowd, where you can believe anything as long as it’s not Christian.

      • This atheist totally agrees with you.

        It’s war on the Whites and their Christian culture- and on no one else.

        The denominations, even secular denominations, are turned against one another; the intent is to bring low the whole of the people.

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