Year End Letter Show

We are running out of road for 2020 and it is fair to assume that most people will be happy to close the books on a very bad year. The thing is though, it is not unrealistic to think that maybe we will one day soon look back on 2020 with fondness. There are a lot of very dark clouds on the horizon. The collection of buffoons The Pretender is assembling promises more mayhem in 2021. He has avoided nominating a tranny, but otherwise it is a list of time serving party hacks.

No one discusses it, but there are some very bad things happening in the economy and with more Covid restrictions this winter, next year could be grim. The masters of the universe are forging ahead with their plans to build back better, but that mostly means the rest of us get poorer. Roughly half of small business is described as in crisis, meaning close to failure. Throw in the mandatory vaccines, the new tracking efforts and 2021 could turn out to be a lot worse than 2020.

There’s also the Trump factor. The man who went to Washington and broke a lot of things is now headed back to regular life to break a lot of things. It is unlikely that he stays quiet in retirement, which means he will be looking for an audience. All of those people who have been rallying against the election fraud will probably be his first target once he is out of office. Trump loved doing rallies, so we can expect the MAGA rally to be a feature of 2021, whether we like it or not.

It is also clear that The Pretender will be faced with a revolt from the Left, as the army of the woke is already making trouble. Ocasio-Cortez smells blood, looking at the collection of geezers leading her party. Our side jokes about them putting a pillow of Biden’s face after the inauguration, but the Left expects it to happen. They were promised a colored revolution and they are not getting it. Putting that genie back in the bottle may not be as easy as the Democrats assumed.

The point is that we are about to turn the page on the craziest year anyone can remember, but the next page could be even worse. It is sure to be different, now that Trump has been removed from office. The people in charge assume it will get back to normal, but that is not happening. Joe Biden may have no trouble forgetting 2020 and the Trump era, but the rest of us will not forget. It will inform our actions and that means it will cast a shadow over the next chapter of decline.

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258 thoughts on “Year End Letter Show

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  2. Wow just wow, this Dominion software is so feature rich!

    As a good citizen, I am going to read this 2019 Democracy Suite(R) Functionality manual. I find the Programming and network features in Chapter 3 to be most “Democratic” – money phrase “configurable by the user.”

    and yet they had to go through all the paper fraud crap…

    • One can hope for the best. But it may be a case of “a drowning man grasps at straws”. Z-man takes in the odds and writes accordingly.

  3. Nice Gab.

    Dissidents do not fight for personal military power, but they must fight for military power for the cause, for military power for the people. As a national war of resistance is going on, we must also fight for military power for the nation. Where there is naivete on the question of military power, nothing whatsoever can be achieved. It is very difficult for the laboring people, who have been deceived and intimidated by the ruling classes for decades, to awaken to the importance of having guns in their own hands. Now that globalist oppression and the nation-wide resistance to it have pushed our laboring people into the arena of war, Dissidents should prove themselves the most politically conscious leaders in this war. Every Dissident must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” 

    • OK. Now, that we agree, we being me and Scott Zedong Adams…

      There actually exists Constitutional and legal mandates for all men to band together. True Political Consciousness requires an acknowledgement of our constraints- directly the laws and the Constitution, not only still legitimate but an absolute straitjacket for our countrymen.

      A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

      This isn’t the individual right to bear arms, its a mandate for all men to be in a militia. This was a necessary duty we fell down on, its not about crime, self defense, or hunting. Nice GOP scam on that one NRA, an individual is nothing in war.

      All adult males 17-45 are in the militia, if National Guard organized militia, the rest in unorganized militia – which is in no way a prohibition from organizing to be “well regulated” that is organized and trained. 10USC, Section 246-the Militia.

      These aren’t rights. These are duties, and as Comrade Adams points out are now a necessity.
      He thinks for elections, I think for survival.

      If you want to ensure our survival and a future for our children; Form Ranks.

      • We have fallen down in these duties because of unprecedented lack of direct threat. No land enemies in our territory. The Indian wars kept us sharp. Since then, we’ve become complacent. We’ve grown used to mercenaries fighting our wars while we sleep in our beds safely at night.

    • From Mao’s Red Book, “Get a Big Knife”.

      ”Get a big knife. With a big knife, you can get a sword. With a sword, you can get a pistol. With a pistol, you can get a rifle. With a rifle, you can get anything!”

      Folks, we already have a rifle. Now it’s up to you to to figure the rest out.

      • It was already figured out about 15,000 years ago when man formed war bands and invented war. As it happens it was not only authorized but mandated in Constitution and Law, as noted above – in the 2A and 10 USC S.246. Yesterday this was for Liberty, today its survival.

        • Note – I agree with you on mao, but our actual problem is atomization. There are no folks, there is no we, and 100 million individual rifles are not an militia- they’re in the first instance a mob, and in the second instance an enemy supply depot.

          • I am more optimistic. There is no organization because people have not been directly threatened. When the time comes, there will be organization and there will be leadership from 10’s of thousands of trained ex-military. I’ve seen it in the field myself.

    • We are engaged in psychological warfare with the communists. We have to learn to assess threats by thinking multidimensionally in an assymetrical theatre of war. They hate us and want us dead, that’s the reality. The only way to survive is to out evolve them.

  4. 2021 heralds the Valley of Vaccines new utopia, the Mecca of mask-wearing cultists, a no exit dead end. Hard pass on Darwinian consequences.

  5. Nick Fuentes and America First are not Civic Nationalists. Nick is a race realist, is against interracial marriage, and is explicit in his pro-white attitude. He simply tones this rhetoric down at the MAGA rallies because anyone against the Deep State and the Satanist establishment is an ally.
    And that’s another thing- the movement is very strongly Christian. I’ve said this before, but what you call the Great Divide is essentially what C.S Lewis called the Great Divorce. This conflict is religious in nature, and race is but one of many fronts. Anyone who believes in Jesus is on our side.
    America First is definitely a pro-white cause, and civic nationalists oppose them. Nick Fuentes and the groypers actually booed Lady MAGA (a pro-Trump drag queen) off the stage at the last rally.

      • Do not paint with so wide a brush. Christianity has many congregations—not all pacifist fags. These variations are nothing less than the nuclear communities Z-man and others here exhort us to form—only formed around religious faith. They can be useful, indeed instrumental, if approached correctly.

    • I agree, read between the lines.

      He’s made his movement just palatable enough to attract normal white guys, instead of skinhead spergs.

      Frankly reading between the lines I hear everything I need to hear from his group.

  6. Dems win both Senate Seats in Georgia.
    Dems pass comprehensive amnesty of “11 million”. Number turns out to be 30 million. Those thirty million bring in on average 1 or 2 additional immigrants. You catch the drift. More alarming is that a large portion of the amnestied and new arrivals encouraged by the impending amnesty are from sub Saharan Africa.
    GOP realizing that white people aren’t a significant portion of the population morph into the Latino outreach party, not giving a shit that white people have boycotted/walked away from the party.
    USA sinks deeper into third world status.
    Boycotting the Georgia election is just as stupid an idea this week as it was last week.

    Also, the idea that Perdue is “open borders” is absurd. He was opposed to chain migration and for the border wall in 18. C+ from NumbersUSA. By the way, both GOPers are ahead in the polls.

  7. Well to recap 2020 elections: we already knew Dems could and did steal elections, they just scaled it nationally. No surprise.
    But we also know they can’t govern, COVID will not be enough, upon a virus they have built their new church. Not quite solid. They haven’t governed for decades and especially now since they’ve spent a year destroying order in their own political base cities, and have now utterly destroyed the intangible of legitimacy. Illegitimacy may become quite more tangible, even palpable after January 20th.

  8. I think this tactic from the DR and America First crowd may indeed work to burn the GOP down and withdraw consent from the system is legitimately scaring the Neocon establishment as well as the infighting with the woke POC leftists and the old guard is going to work in our favor. I I alot of pissed off conservative types that openly question if voting will work anymore here. I’m already seeing people forming up, asking questions, and outright refusal to obey lockdown laws at the local level. It seems that as this cou try heads down the proverbial toilet with this scamdemic and fake elections, there is ample ground for our thing. People I work with are making moves to shield themselves from the coming hard times. It’s like everyone around me woke up overnight. I’m not the right wing prepper conspiracy guy anymore, I’m the guy that people come to with questions, and I’m a young guy

    • The best possible outcome may be shaping up. For totally different reasons among widely disparate groups, a majority of Americans would not care if the Imperial Capitol were reduced to rubble and the human garbage who inhabit it flushed into the sewer and out to sea. Obviously that realized literally would carry unsustainable costs to all of us, but the delegitimization of the United States government, which is a totally self-inflicted wound, is an even bigger cause for celebration than Trump’s election in 2016. Look for big sacrificial lambs–Bill Gates and his foundation, for a hypothetical example–to be thrown into the volcano to try to stave off the masses. It won’t work but it will be a joy to watch.
      The idiots probably will try something like a false flag terror operation within the American heartland, but everyone will know it came straight out of the Deep State and respond accordingly. The rubes ain’t fooled any longer.
      The withdrawal of consent is real. It happened quicker than any of us could have anticipated. The first step was burning the fake opposition GOP to the ground.


  9. The Year of Living Dangerously (USA style) is indeed about to begin, and I expect it to be a blessing in disguise. Most of the country is sleepwalking into the future while tiptoeing on eggshells and drinking their lattes. When it gets real, as in real hardship and jackboots on everyone’s throat, the sleepwalking will end rather abruptly. Those will no integrity or skill will resort to whining at aircraft engine decibels. The sane will hone their contingency plans and add to the larder. Go dark, get fit, be patient, and act only when opportunity knocks.

    • Yes well if not organized into groups of men the knock will be the enemy, and all one can do alone is make a good death.
      And I doubt few will, if any.

  10. I’m continually impressed at how slow Cotto is in uploading the Z interviews. He spares no efforts in his mighty lethargy.

    • Ehhh, I looked into starting a YouTube channel.

      I stopped when I realized how much time and effort is needed to create a few minutes of quality video.

      On top of that, YT censorship algos have reached lunatic levels, so creators have to work around that or be demonetized.

      On the other hand, the C/G talks are not the sort of vids that require heavy-duty editing prior to release.

  11. Regarding the Fuentes question, it amazes people can think he’s a civic nationalist. You can watch ten minutes of his show and see that’s not the case.

  12. Trump is going to jail fairly soon. It would not surprise me to see him arrested and jailed in March. The FT had a big article on jailing Trump, Eric Holder and other Obama hold-overs are pushing for it. Biden is weak and old and does whatever the last person talking to him suggests. Ivanka too is going to jail.
    And its for emotional reasons. Holder, and the rest are just outraged by a White male President not cringing and assuming the fetal position whenever they start ranting. Worse he encourages Deplorables. Of course he and Ivanka will be Epsteined. [Ivanka is a blonde unapologetic woman even if terribly pozzed thus she creates rage/hatred in the Woke — I’ve seen it first hand]
    I also expect even more lockdowns and even more rebellion on the lockdowns. Every county in SoCal is in open rebellion on Newsom’s lockdown orders and a recall effort is well underway, with some Dems even signing on to it (ambition to replace him is high). We could have Hercules as Governor, Kevin Sorbo is perhaps wondering if he could copy Arnold if the recall election is held. Biden is likely to order a federal lockdown which will be like Prohibition. Moral crusades outside war always generate rebellion among non-Yankee populations. When Nancy said just say no, half of America’s youth or more said immediately, “yes.”

    • Vaccine: Just Say No
      My Body, My Choice

      Agree with Whiskey.
      They shot one, and had their media hounds run another out of town.

      Not to mention warning shots at both Ford and Reagan- well, one that missed being fatal.

      • Nah. Sidney Powell may be a loon, but her book on prosecutorial misconduct at the federal level (where she prosecuted for over a decade) conclusively demonstrates that if the feds want you in jail, you’re going to jail.

        Even “kangaroo courts” have a less than 99% conviction rating. Our federal “justice” system is right up there with FISA courts..a complete joke

  13. I am looking forward to Occupy Wall Street 2.0. Hopefully those smelly leftists give it to them good and hard.

    • Now that the “good guys” are back in power, I see Portland “Chaz” V 2.0 and “Chaz” 3.0 have not been allowed to stand.

      Still a craphole though.

      “The GOP must be destroyed”.

  14. What can you say about this? The NYT published an article several days ago that addressed who should get the “vaccine” first. Here’s what a professor of medical ethics at Penn thinks, “Older populations are whiter. Society is structured in a way that enables them to live longer. Instead of giving additional health benefits to those who already had more of them, we can start to level the playing field a bit.”

    An infectious disease professor at Harvard doesn’t think teachers should be considered essential workers because, “Teachers have middle-class salaries, are very often white, and they have college degrees, Of course they should be treated better, but they are not among the most mistreated of workers.”

    But hold on, a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute counters that, “if you think generally about people who have jobs where they can’t telework, they are disproportionately Black and brown. They’ll have more of a challenge when child care is an issue.”

    Would it surprise you that two of these people definitely, and the third possibly, bear membership in a certain tribe?

    • It’s kind of funny that this article is from 12/5 but Ace just did a story on it this afternoon, a couple hours after I posted my comment above. Could just be a coincidence and he saw it somewhere else, but I wonder if he’s not a regular reader here. He’s certainly sounded more DR recently.

  15. But then:

    Star of Bethlehem visible.

    First time since the year 1226.

    Thank you, Christians, thank you for Christmas!

    • I’m not particularly religious, but I am hopeful this is a good sign.

      2020 has certainly felt like Hell is empty and the devils are all here.

  16. Yikes. Hoo boy.

    No virus was ever purified, not one intact virion was ever isolated. The alleged viral genome is a computer model. The alleged virus does not cause CPE in human cells. There is no virus. There is no disease. Robt Koch MD

    Then prove it’s been purified, prove it’s infectious in humans, prove the ‘nurses’ who died caught it and died from it. The elderly were abandoned in care homes, had their medical treatment withdrawn, family contact banned and DNRs slipped under their pillows 

    • My thinking is, this is H*l*caust-level horsesh*t.

      I asked the CEO of Pfizer, but he was busy lighting his menorah.

      Update: Proof!

      On Fox- “This has been a very Dark year, but this is the last night of Hanukkah, and Hanukkah symbolizes the coming of light to darkness” Spin it well, spellcasters.

  17. The Uniparty could not have done much more to get rid of Trump. Well, it’s their world now. I’m glad that at least, they’ll have to live in it. Who knows, maybe we’ll start seeing some serious lefty purges.

    As for Trump, I’m concerned they’ll arrest him and implement the Epstein Solution. I think he needs a break and should probably go abroad for a while. Someplace where a drone strike would be impossible or just so outrageous as to be off the table.

    • For the first time in my life, I didn’t even know the World Series was on TV, let alone watch it. I used to really enjoy watching baseball–even listening on the radio. I don’t hate it, but I’ve lost interest.

    • I wish I could quit but I never started. I only watch martial sports and those rarely.
      That said if the NewGov can toss the political class into a gladiator pit with hungry pitbulls I’ll tune in every week.

  18. We listen on youtube every Friday morning (I’m off work) on our smartTV. But we could listen on other platforms if you leave youtube -it’s mostly convenience.

  19. Good time to form small bands, trade groups that might discuss “current events” or boxing, driving clubs same method. It is many small groups of men we need, no less…and any more needed follows.

    • I’m thinking about opening a private club. Looking into it with a few guys and seeing how the laws work and what we can and can’t get away with. May not happen but something I have been thinking about for some time. I know I’d join one if it existed, and I’m sure demand will be strong. Plus can have live music acts, food, etc. Could be a blast

      • There were at the beginning of the nation Democratic-Republican Clubs for a generation. They were local and quite influential in accomplishing their goals. We can have ___x__ + American or whatever political indoctrination clubs. Half trades or fight club, or hunting club + politics. I’m quite certain our people esp young men are always looking to add to their skills, and banding together is natural and healthy instinct when in danger, and we are. We’re going to know more in the next 33-60 days- I think Biden’s handlers will want to resume the offensive. If they can’t they’re fucked, if they don’t they’re incompetent. 2020 will repeat until all resistance is crushed.

  20. Who is the singer for the closing “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” for this episode? Can’t seem to find her on the innerwebs.

  21. The press will follow orders – that is why it is called the Press Corps (the fourth branch of government).

  22. Interesting point about Trump being the elites’ last chance – reminds me of what faced Czar Nicolas and Louis XVI.

    • Yeah, I think that’s the irony of Trump. There’s nothing past Trump except the unthinkable. But we were always saying that in days to come, Trump will be seen as a moderate. That’s still true.

    • It is a complete mystery as to why the Establishment went this route. The True Believers are batshit crazy, so it is easy to get them. But all the Ruling Class had to do was flatter Trump and throw him a few bones and they could have co-opted him. As it is, they have made more internal enemies than even the last Czar and French king managed to produce.

      As an aside, this election turned out as I thought and hoped–a pretty obvious Trump win denied by off-the-charts cheating. It is absolutely the best thing that could have happened from our perspective.

      • Trump was a mortal threat to the China trade. We give them our resources and food at cut rate prices, they give us products at cut rate prices made by slave labor. Trump threatened that and the elite rake-off so he had to go.

        • HillaryBama bankrupted West Virginia coal so China could sell us theirs- that’s a heck of a lot of rake-off.

          • West Virginia coal was staffed by men of white male privilege, after all. People of Penis (and black lung).

        • I’ve considered this as well, but this goes much deeper, no? The breathtaking graft certainly is a part,, but there is/was an irrational component as well. It apparently was worth destroying the Empire to save it, in their twisted minds.

      • He rubbed their noses in it. And he appealed to the Deplorables. There was no way they were going to let him get away with that.

  23. Dear Zman,

    Can you either stop pounding on your desk, or isolate your microphone from your desk? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but the thump noise it generates is intensely irritating to me, and for whatever reason, the issue seems to be increasingly frequent in recent episodes.

    • Heh. One of the replies was from an actor called Kevin Sorbo. I remembered him from his role in some half-arsed Hercules TV series. He seems to be highly skeptical about the vaccine and the lack of dead bodies piling up everywhere.

      • Sorbo is a Christian in a stable marriage with three kids that supports Trump.

        By all accounts he is one of the few good guys in Hollyweird.

        • Just recently started following the guy. He’s one of the good ones. Not “dark web”, not “alt right”, just a normal guy wondering WTF happened to his country.

  24. I hope you will keep the YT channel. At 11:10am(Eastern) the video already has 277 views. Can’t imagine it’s been up more than an hour or so. I always watch on YT while keeping the blog open in another tab to follow the links.

  25. The HBD observation and analysis is interesting. That was, for many years, my professional academic field (evolutionary psychology) – and I too have been surprised and dismayed by (eg) Sailer and Cochran falling so hard for the scam (Taleb… not so surprised).

    My explanation is that these are *testing* times – Litmus Tests as I term them – and we get one after another test, coming thick and fast, raising the stakes; but if you fail one (which entails trusting the good intentions of the Global Establishment), then you start failing them all from then onwards.

    That’s what I think happened with the HBD folk. They began to trust, then love, Big Brother. Stockholm Syndrome.

    The trouble is, as you indicate earler in the podcast, passing the Litmus Tests (seeing through the various scams such as clmate change, antiracism, trans-agenda and now the virus and the election) means you end up with fewer and fewer friends, less power and status – and the new social-destruction policies make it ever harder to find new sources of private group personal support.

    I congratulate you on keeping your head so far – and helping the rest of us with your explanations! But as worldly sanctions against honesty and ‘common sense auditing of reality’ continue to ramp-up; I predict that (perhaps soon) only those with a sufficiently strong and hopeful un-worldly, next-worldly *faith* will be able to stay strong when there is nothing here-and-now to gain from it.

    I hope, when that time comes, you will make the best decision.

  26. >The masters of the universe are forging ahead with their plans to build back better, but that mostly means the rest of us get poorer.

    Those who lost their jobs due to covid got poorer but investors such as myself and others got richer. Similar to in 2008-2009 Wall St. is always the first to recover. It is just the lopsided/uneven system we have. 2021 will re a replay of 2020 with more covid restrictions and the finance, tech, and political élite continuing to pull ahead and away from everyone else.

      • It takes a long time to build up paper wealth and it can be destroyed in a single day, hours even.
        That’s the thing. When it’s working, everything looks great on paper. The only people who saw 2008 coming were people who had been predicting it ‘any day now’ since the 70s. Is there anyone anywhere who really and truly believes the real economy is 4 times the size it was in 2009? From a low in March 2009 of 6,469.95 on March 6, 2009, to 30k today.

      • Let’s make that a “wealth” tax, but you are right. There will be carve-outs for the Bezos’. The upside is the actual communist components of the Left, not the fakers like AOC and so forth, will come unglued and demand it include the donor class.

        • This could be interesting as the Right having been screwed over may not be very interested in protecting them from Commies.

          The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll whisper “no.”

          Rorschach of course/

    • There is probably going to be an unprecedented shake-out on Wall street some time in the next 10-20 years.
      It is difficult to see how the US economy can survive the economic headwinds facing us.
      Maybe they can unwind the gigantic bubbles and can deal with financing the HC costs and then losing the Boomers all while fending off China and losing the reserve currency status, but I have my doubts. Maybe they can keep the printing presses going to finance the empire indefinitely while the real economy continues the secular decline, but it is probably wishful thinking.
      The collective governments of the US spend more than a 1/3 of GDP (about 8 trillion). The states don’t have a printing press. The states are absolutely reliant on the stock market and bond bubble to stay solvent and pay their pensions and healthcare costs. Maybe ignoring basic infrastructure for over 50 years won’t cause any problems and they will fix it as we go. In my city, the average age of a water infrastructure is 78 years old with the oldest going back to 1824. All this and much more while Boomers retire and get very sick and then die and replaced by diversity on the bottom of the corporations and government.

    • And that will continue (it might even be the point) as long as money printer go brrr and the NY Fed’s trading desk continues to buy domestic securities at the rate of $billions per week. Sadly ‘Line Go Up’ rarely represents an increase in value these days.

  27. Sharp take on the HBD eminence grises but don’t discount the fear of their own mortality. As the first wave Boomers start to face their ends, look for more abandonment of reason even by people on our side.

    As for post-presidency Trump, this will reveal the massive divisions in the Left, which we only see from time to time. The corporate folks and their public servants know the nation is a powderkeg and will try to just memoryhole him. The activist Left will demand blood. We know which side will prevail, at least short-term, but the latter will turn their attention to the former. Yes, they require a devil.

    • Right, I thought Sailer’s reaction was fairly obviously a concern about his own health since he has had cancer and lives in the L.A. metro area. When he wrote a column earlier this month essentially mocking concerns about the vaccine I wrote a comment pointing out what was mentioned here, that nearly everything on Unz, including what Ron Unz writes himself is arguing that the government constantly lies to us and is untrustworthy. Yet Unz and Sailer agree that the Covid is a grave crisis and it is crazy to be concerned about taking the hastily produced vaccine. From what I have seen, they have not explained this glaring contradiction.

        • They have not changed their position on the government being trustworthy in any other area, just Covid lockdowns and the vaccine. Unz believes Covid was a CIA bioweapon attack against China that blew up in their faces. He is almost like the Mel Gibson character from the mid 90s Conspiracy Theory movie, only with money and functional skills.

    • Very cute. However I don’t recommend scrolling past the replies on the first link to the list of “more tweets” Twatter thinks we all need to see – bunch of moronic inanity written by a Joe Bidenmytime flunkie followed by more feather preening by the likes of stand-up guy Eric Swalwell and uberbigmouth Bradley “I played a party hack on tv so I feel qualified to lecture the dirt people” Whitman. A more insufferable lot is hard to imagine.

      • Someday, grant us our own groundhog moment…!


        Anybody else notice the Z-playlist?

        • Opening
        • Me Talking A lot
        • Closing


  28. Great show, Z. Merry Christmas to you and all the other dissidents as well.
    I am waiting eagerly for the wanks to do their usual Black Christmas Carols and specials and it seems they are holding back this year for some reason.

  29. Life outside of the day-to-day doesn’t seem real anymore. Q said we’re watching a movie, and I said to myself, yeah, we know it’s political theatre. Now I’m not sure. Hell, maybe the world is flat after all!

    As far as politics, looks to me Trump is set to play the White Russian and lead the populist revolt into irrelevance. People will wise up eventually, and there will be a larger and more successful revolt when they decouple the movement from him or build a new one from the wreckage. Find joy where you can for the time being.

    • When I was a kid I used to get deja vu often. I’d call them bouts, as they were strong enough to be physically uncomfortable, often stopping me in my tracks.

      I couldn’t articulate the feeling so it took a long time before I knew that it was normal and not some problem in my head.

      As I walk among the sheeple here I often have a similar bout. Not quite deja vu but more like lapsing into a surreal fog.

      Masks and distance and people carrying on as if normal but also as if the thin ice underfoot will give way in a blink.

      I’m not into the woo woo stuff but there is a shared “energy” in all animals, us included. Whether its some plain of existence stuff or just the near infinite nonverbal communication spinning in the hindbrain doesn’t really matter. Point is we can all feel it. The wrongness of it all. And carrying on as if its okay or normal is belied by the million subtle messages pinging off one another atop the more obvious ones.

      So I stop and look around. Study people a bit closer. Yes, I tell myself, this is actually happening.

      And like my childhood deja vu, it may be a while before I figure out what is normal. That it is not just me. But this time around I am not so sure it will all be okay.

      So yes brother, find joy! You handle prompted me to respond as I have dragged out my old stale paint and put a bit on canvas. Terrible atrophy of middling talent aside, it feeds the soul. Along with baking Christmas cookies and handcrafted gifts for friends and neighbors. If its all just the yellow submarine in my head I might as well grab the helm. Cheers.

      • When I was a kid I used have bouts where, if the environment was just a certain way, I’d be instantly brought back to a place I’d been before. One time I was walking the dogs through the forest and the smells, light, mood was right..I was reliving a memory of hunting in the northern Arizona backcountry with my father. In fact, I recall turning around looking for the old man. These bouts are infrequent and years apart, and only last a few seconds, but they’re powerful.

        The last time was last spring I finally finished a Cologno road bike I’d been dicking with as funds allowed. Got the wheels built and was doing a test ride up a nearby hill and wham! I was back cycling with my then-future wife just outside her hometown. Again, a few seconds, but powerful.

        I’ve had the noggin checked out but nothing wrong, in fact the head doc said “don’t complain, at least you’re not seeing demons!” lol.

        • Thats real nice. I have a handful of those as well. Mostly tied to smell. Scent is wired close to memory and emotion in the brain so that proximity can cut a quick path thru the fog of time to those precious nuggets. Even bad/odd smells. For me a certain cheap cigarette smell teleports me to a fond memory in France, while the scent of damp earth and overripe apples takes me to a fond memory of my dad and I grinding apples by hand in an old cider press to make cider. I found a litter of kittens in the barn. Off I go. Surfboard wax is another. My salad years arrive in waves. Easy to get lost in the current year woes. Its nice to remember that we are much more than the overcast and cold today.

    • Maybe but President Trump has surprised the crap out of me many many times. He may pull off the incredible and stay in office. This buys time but nothing else/
      Ultimately though the developed world is doomed no matter what. Its materially pretty nice but no one wants to have families or now even mate. Pre Covid here I’ve seen Rasmussen surveys that just over half don’t even want to have an SO.
      With low fertility in nearly every category, its game over and if politicians were held to the standards of zookeepers they’d all be out of work and blacklisted,
      And sure they can bring in immigrants, Either the immigrants assimilate or are assimilated to some greed in which case they don’t breed either (Latino TFR is where White were in the 80’s and in a shorter time frame) or are immune to modernity and destroy it.
      Its understandable but WW1 baked the cake for us. Its destroyed aristocracy, stablity and faith and as soon as our social capital depleted, it was the endgame.
      Its shockingly fast too, just a shade over a century and with maybe two more before we look like 1910 again.

      Horace Smith’s “Ozymandias”

      In Egypt’s sandy silence, all alone,

      Stands a gigantic Leg, which far off throws

      The only shadow that the Desert knows:—

      “I am great OZYMANDIAS,” saith the stone,

      “The King of Kings; this mighty City shows

      The wonders of my hand.”— The City’s gone,—

      Naught but the Leg remaining to disclose

      The site of this forgotten Babylon.

      We wonder,—and some Hunter may express

      Wonder like ours, when thro’ the wilderness

      Where London stood, holding the Wolf in chace,

      He meets some fragment huge, and stops to guess

      What powerful but unrecorded race

      Once dwelt in that annihilated place.[12]

      • Looks like it would take military action at this point, yet there’s a part of me that hopes he does. But I can’t shake the feeling it’s a setup. All the dictator talk, comparisons to Caesar, etc. I hear people saying all legal avenues have to be exhausted, presumably to give such an action legitimacy. If he’s firm on that TPTB can tie him up with endless legal rabbit holes and run out the clock, forcing his hand or pushing him and MAGA into irrelevance.

        IDK, I’m a nobody with an opinion, but IMO he should’ve gone after the censorship and let the fringes destroy Biden and sound the alarm on fraud. It’s those same fringes that broke through in ‘16 and they would’ve done the same this time. That would’ve been a different can of worms, certainly. Maybe it’s time for a different tactic.

        As it stands, his probable electoral victory is moot, the courts aren’t going to do a damned thing, and people are saying a military coup will restore the republic. 4D chess? I’m not seeing it. Then again maybe it’s time to have it out and deal with the aftermath. I will say this: I saw Trump’s main utility in discrediting the institutions, and at that he’s outperformed my wildest expectations.

      • I agree the Great War was the beginning of the end.

        I’ll go with Shelley’s version:

        Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

        Question is, whose works?

    • Wouldn’t it be great to have 20K watching the inauguration and 2 million watching Trump’s carnival barking.

      • Physical opposition to the Left is certainly on our list of options. However, those contemplating it should bear in mind that there will be serious consequences for so doing.

        • Never do it on the enemy’s turf. Instead prank the SOB’s leave backpacks with a pressue cooker in them around and let the police go nuts.
          If you really want to create a mass panic in a crowd, have 5 or so people feign illness and collapse. When the others see it they will; freak.
          The Karens will immediately buy into it and their simps will do as well.

  30. Does anyone know if Z’s appearance with Cotto is going to be reposted anywhere? I missed some of the live stream.

  31. I’m seeing indications that Justice John Roberts has been targeted for a takedown. He seems to have never met a piece of bait he didn’t like.

    • Lin Wood’s tweet on Roberts was pretty incredible.

      It’s hard to imagine a lawyer that’s been around that long would open himself to a defamation lawsuit, but these are strange days.

      • Roberts is a major public figure. Defamation suits aren’t technically impossible for someone like him, but they’re the next thing to it.

      • Lin is in his face, baiting and gloating. Can’t help but wonder what Amy Coney “assassin eyes” Barrett is up to these days.

  32. The impatient Dems stupidly pushed forward the political dominance that was coming their way four years from now, but regardless, it has arrived. Now, the next phase begins.

    Establishment Dems (Jews and White Puritans) who control the money and the organization will battle with the POC and Bernie Bro Leftists/Racialists who control a lot of votes and their side’s moral high ground.

    Heritage Whites will slowly realize that they have no place in the new system, indeed, that they will be severely discriminated against. They will need to decide whether to live under that system, leave or fight back.

    • I’ve had success with longtime Democrats pointing out that their party no longer gives a shit about the working man, labor unions, or even the environment, (because of mass immigration) and are now all about race, all the time. Not that those Dems are about to cross the river to our side, but they typically have a blank look and are unable to refute what I say. It’s a start.

      • White Dems will be an interesting group going forward. The older ones will just ride it out by hiding – both physically and mentally. But the other White Dems won’t have that luxury.

        So, who are the non-old White Dems? I haven’t studied that, but here’s my guess as to who they are and their situation:
        Karens (and their cuck Kens)

        Currently, they’re safe in their White suburbs. They also get their marching orders from the media (what they consider to be society’s mores and Karen are biologically built to stay in good with society). And, of course, they love to get to preach.

        These women don’t follow politics or policy debates at all. POC Dem politicians could say that they’re going to throw Whites into gulags and the Karens would ignore it or, in truth, never hear it from the media.

        The Karens will remain staunch Dems until the brown horde literally shows up at their door. That will happen but it’ll take a long time, though each year lower tier Karens will get picked off and look elsewhere.

        Bernie Bros/Young Whites

        Ideological and brainwashed by a lifetime of propaganda. They’re more leftists, than racialists because, you know, they’re White. As it becomes clear that the Establishment Dems don’t want any real change and POC Dems are just using leftist rhetoric and policies to put it to Whitey, they’ll find themselves pushed out.

        As the massive betrayal and lifetime of lies becomes apparent, this group might be ripe for the picking.

        Single White Women/Gays

        Hopeless. Fuck em.

        Other Whites

        The few remaining working class Whites and not completely cucked normal suburban Whites will quickly figure out that they aren’t wanted in the Dem party and then that the Dems actually hate them and want their stuff.

        They won’t last a decade as Dems.

        Anyway, just my best guess.

        • Millennial me now poll +11% Republican and I’d guess Trump had a lot to do with that.
          Gen Z is by some measures as Conservative as 40 year olds in the past.
          This makes the Democratic position untenable unless they go full populist which they can’t.
          This means its the Sailer Strategy the default which combined with inevitable rolling economic Armageddon of the next few years makes things difficult.
          The caveats are a general sense that elections are fraudulent , the GOPE having less spine that a jellyfish and no loyalty and the Dems going too far and starting a boog.
          My guess is that baring a miracle correction or war the US will be full 3rd world Brazil by 2023 and beyond recovery by 2025. Of course I might be off by a few years but its pretty inevitable at this point.
          The fix BTW would be a DR dictatorship basically and a cram down of nationalist economics.

    • I remember the show Electric Company, or even Sesame Street on PBC

      alwasy Puerto Ricans on it and poc. Government programming was pretty much saying “the only place for you people is with the government.”

      and that’s what’s happened. They flooded into it. I never saw those shows as catering to me or involving me. And now that’s what happened with me and the government.

      • Never thought of it, but that’s true. Growing up in a (then) mostly white city, Sesame Street and The Electric Company had an urbanity to them that seemed foreign to me.

          • Early Nickelodeon bears no resemblance to what it is today. I still have VHS tapes from the mid-80s of Nickelodeon broadcasting documentaries on trains, U2 Live at Red Rocks, etc.

            What did they have on from Canada? DeGrassi? Mr. Dressup? The New Zoo Revue?

        • And there was another called “Villa Allegre.” Gov’t was pushing the pro-POC, anti-white narrative at least as early as the early 70s. Why Republicans didn’t pull the plug on PBS is anybody’s guess. Actually, it’s not–they’ve always been cowards.

      • I can forgive inclusion of the Puerto Ricans . They are at least American in the sense that their land is our territory.
        Same with the American Blacks who are our nationals, like them or not.
        These shows were meant for the poor urban kids mostly, to give them a leg up into mainstream society which many desperately needed.
        That is why the first episode of Sesame Street was essentially a guy slow chanting cow, cow, cow like he was stoned off his gourd. The target audience had never seen a cow and had no idea what existed outisde their block.
        The spread over time to become more inclusive but these shows were harmless well into the 80’s.
        Also trying to integrate the urban and other cultures was a huge part of the society at that time. Fat Albert was another such example showing Blacks are different but not so much as to be foreign.

        • You must not live around Puerto Ricans. My town is overrun with them and I can assure you they’re not American by any metric.

          • My encounters mean I’m not a fan either but PR is a US territory and we haven’t been able to be rid of them so they are our problem.
            Maybe the collapse of Arecibo Telescope will remove the remaining strategic value of the place and we can cut them loose.If our guys get power, we can send them back.
            All that aside the fertility rate 1.2 there is terrible around that of Japan so in time the problem with self correct or at least we’ll get a lot less immigrants

    • Professional managerial, heritage whites around Toronto loved to buy mcmansions out in the country on large lots. Many of these lots are no longer in the country; the never ending dense suburban construction continues, to house never ending quantities of brown imports. Many of these areas are just getting paved right around.

      I keep hoping that they’ll wake up but wealthy heritage whites have a mental block when it comes to self preservation.

      • Check out my response above. This group, which I call the “Karens and their cuck Kens”, will be the last group of Whites to wake up – outside, of course, single White women and gays who are hopeless.

        They will mentally resist waking up until the brown horde literally shows up at their door.

      • They haven’t ever had to fight for it, fight for survival, seen war. Most still only saw the riots on TV.

        They will learn or perish.

    • Live under it as we simultaneously fight back. In the short term the war will be fought with spanner wrenches into reduction gears. Meanwhile, sharpen up the skills and tools, because the enemy is using 21st century siege warfare; e.g. if you don’t bow and receive the holy vaccination, you don’t get to travel and shop. I’ve been reading this comment section for a long time – all the advice and counsel has been given … now it’s Action-Stations.

      • The EEOC just stated it’s okay for businesses not to hire anyone who isn’t vaccinated according to Revolver News.
        IOW you either comply or go homeless and eventually perish.
        It’s coming hard and fast.

        • The mistake there is that goes from “do as I say or starve ” to “You want it that way ? Fine your kids, pets, friends, friends kids, kids friends are now all legit targets.” and often “soft targets are better targets.”
          No one wants this but its historically a known recipe for all out, war to the knife, knife to the hilt and if i am sure of anything, the US is over at that point.
          And if you don’t fight? You deserve what you get as itc lear you didn’t want freedom enough to risk your life for it.”

    • Maybe not so stupid. Maybe Trump forced their hand by exposing their game, by ending the gravy train, by revealing the fraud and corruption, forcing them to push forward prematurely. You wait to attack, the moon phase, the tides, the weather just right, it may be too late.

  33. I was going to add my two cents about Richard Spencer, then suddenly couldn’t muster any enthusiasm for a thoughtful comment. He’s pretty much in the rear view mirror now, so why bother?

  34. “The point is that we are about to turn the page on the craziest year anyone can remember, but the next page could be even worse.”

    I’ve seen what happens when gasoline is put on a fire. Inferno dead ahead – constant bearing, decreasing range.

      • A bit before my time but even the Days of Rage historically didn’t come close.
        The difference is that that our leaders were not Chinese property , Foreigners or raging Lunatics but mostly sane, White males with different views of policy ruling over a White country in the midst of a cold war they feared losing.
        Also multiculturalism and cultural Marxism while they existed were very mild . Everyone wanted order and few of the terrorist or anarchist would find amenable authority.
        If someone tried one of these autonomous zones caveat they were in the country on their own property , they’d be arrested or killed.

      • I remember going to a couple of anti-war protests in Manhattan, must’ve been 2 hundred thousand people at least.
        Also remember a newspaper headline about a protest somewhere .. Washington probably .. 11,000 people arrested.
        Crazy times, but I think this is much worse; what with rioting in dozens of cities every day practically..

      • Yeah, but the jewtube had 3 channels, there wasn’t 300 million jerkoffs with smart phones, tv’s, computers and i pads. You could walk out of the circus tent and have some fuckin peace and quiet.

  35. “Death to amerikkka!
    Death to amerikkka!”
    ..cries the persian.
    I agree ..death to amerikkka!

  36. Re: the constant MAGA rallies, I can’t imagine Trump walking around as a free man in 2021. Jan 7 he’s arrested for treason; by Feb 7 he finds out firsthand what really happened to Epstein. The Great Steal revealed what we all instinctively knew: the Left can do whatever the f*ck they want. I do not anticipate them holding back much.

    • Trump is too valuable alive to be killed. He is also more valuable free but in a lot of never ending legal trouble, than in jail. The show must go on.

      • Making Trump a martyr is the best thing for our side. A rational elite would just find a modern way to exile him, but we do not have a rational elite.

          • Yes it does. Its called being a martyr
            A recent American historical example,a mixed race freeman named Crispius Attucks became the lighting rod nearly a casus belli for the revolution.
            That said after what happened to General Flynn, President Trump is well aware of what may await him.
            He is trying to avoid crossing that big river but may well not be able to avoid it.

          • Good idea, go for it and see if anyone remembers in a month.
            What was the name of the guy assassinated on the street by Antifa?
            No googling….from memory.

            ^See what I mean?^

          • Do you even understand the point?
            I suppose 1700’s isn’t really recent but Crispius Attucks was remembered at the time and served nicely in that role at that time.
            The fact we don’t care about him or need to is irrelevant.
            We’ll have our own martyrs, perhaps Kyle Rittenhauer, but more likely someone else.
            And no I wouldn’t worry about the press. If things get that hot, they’ll be living and working under armed guard 24-7. That job will be about as popular as licking clean a bathroom stall in a very short time.

      • As long as he claims being a Republican and working within the system, he’s a valuable lightning rod. But if he goes Huey Long and starts threatening a third-party run, which would be very popular, then the assassin’s gun will appear.

        • I think y’all are guilty of the same thing I’m guilty of: Underestimating just how much they really, truly, viscerally loathe the man. At some point, all of us have asked “What’s the big hurry? The Left could get everything they want, with no muss or fuss, if they just pretended to not be completely insane for a few more years.” But they don’t, because a) they ARE completely insane, and b) they really, truly, viscerally hate us. They can’t have Trump around to remind them of our continued existence, so they won’t.

          • I don’t know. The American Left moves on from enemies quickly. The arc is they the warn about the bogeyman. Then they rally to fight the bogeyman, followed by fighting and defeating the bogeyman. Then they condemn the bogeyman to eternal silence. They forgot their hatred of Bush hours after Black Jesus arrived on the scene.

            I will not shocked if Trump finds himself completely ignored. They ban his Twitter, Fox is told to black list him. That will be his damnation.

          • I think that Z is right and you’re right.

            The Dems will attempt to banish him, but Trump and his sons will build a new America First media empire.

            What that means for us is difficult to know. Trump is still a CivNat at heart.

          • Trump is both predictable and unpredictable. The globalists predictive programming makes it easy for him to counter their plans.

          • Sun news in canada already tried this a decade ago. They were basically a fox news spin off. The CRTC just screwed them and refused to let them be on basic cable packages. Eventually they closed because they couldn’t make a profit.

            Ezra levant then started rebel news, but even that seems at risk since youtube could ban him at any time.

          • They haven’t succeeded yet, but they will no doubt keep trying. Working to his advantage is their failure to grasp the concept of consequences, and their denial of the reality that he is, in fact, the president with the executive powers of that office. They are not bulletproof and he is not powerless.

          • If the Left allows Trump to slink away into retirement, I think that confirms it’s all just kayfabe.

          • What can they do?
            What must they do?
            What can’t they do?
            Those are constraints.

            However the Dems lack positive administrative control, and also don’t know limits- this is a problem with the insane, and being in coalition with the insane.

          • The poetic justice part is that the GOP, which really want to move past Trump, is now stuck with him as the nominee in 2024.

          • In eight years the dems and media will be callinng the republican presidential candidate a vile monster. Who should act like a statesman as Trump did, or something to that effect.

          • I feel it’s too early to tell on this and several other items.

            There are signs that China Joe may impose harsher lockdowns.

            There are also signs he may say, “it’s just the flu, bro,” so everyone can go back to grillin’ and chillin’ while the most epic looting operations are commenced.

          • I think you are missing the larger point and most important. They truly loathe and hate us.
            No matter what, Trump is super rich and connected. He will be fine. It’s all of us that are screwed.

    • Are you unfamiliar with WWF?
      Trump is the caped hero geting stiffed by the guy with the fold up chair and the ref does nothing. He is part of the show and nothing is going to happen to him.
      He is there to delegitimize the presidency for a transition to some parliamentary system with a Governor’s council as a supplementary power structure The Globohomo love committees.
      Instant reduction of 1 branch of possible independent elected power. Job done. Trump retires off stage.
      It will take about 2 weeks for Trump to be memory holed by the coordinated news and the NPCs will have a vague echo of some one in what passes for their minds but will be focused on the next target vector and will not care.
      There is no past for these people there is just now, and now is controlled by whatever the dominant coordinated message is.

    • They won’t kill Trump for the same reason a sadistic little kid doesn’t kill the fly once he’s pulled the wings off. The fun’s just beginning. Now comes “magnifying glass in the sun” time. It’s too much work to just go around tormenting every normal white person in America one by one, so Trump works as a whipping boy for all our sins.

    • No. Whatever happens the Left can’t stop, the dems can’t stop if they want to.

      Only we it seems remain a constant- inert, if bitchy.
      If that doesn’t change we’ll be silently inert, then in the dirt.
      At room temperature.

      • If that doesn’t change we’ll be silently inert, then in the dirt.” Didn’t you used to write speeches for Johnny Cochran and Jesse Jackson?

        • I may be practicing for my new Job as a Blackface Preacher in the Inner City. It’s a tough economy out there.

  37. I don’t watch cable news except where I can’t help it, like at the airport. Yesterday I was at the gym and saw one of Trump’s cabinet picks was the possum-faced catamite Pete Bootygig. Looking into this kid’s background is very strange. From what I can tell he held a “rank equivalent to” title in the military. This is what happens when, say, someone is old but they are valuable enough to the military that they get a commission even though they’re not fit to be a soldier (say, an ageing surgeon or something like that). His enlisted record brief shows that he didn’t go to basic training or to Officer Candidate School. He has the same sort of soulless sycophant/sociopath energy as an Adam Schiff or James Comey type, so if the intelligence community is actually having someone keep tabs to make sure Biden gets tossed out soon (maybe they’ll start trying to find more evidence of his pay-to-pay hustles he had going on with Hunter in the Ukraine and China), Buttigieg will be the mole. Also, because he is a catamite he can be a solid asset to trade sex for intel. It is a very, very simple process. Years ago I read a book by a CIA operative who told a woman, “I want you to go to that rocket scientist’s hotel room. I want you to give him a blowjob. And then I want you to ask him, ‘Say, how does that new rocket work?'” Something tells me Pete takes pride in his work.

    • Remember when 4 or five Democratic Presidental hopefuls pulled out of the race within 48 hours? Either Pete B or A Yang came out and said they were offered cabinet positions with Biden if they withdrew?

      Everyone gasped because you just don’t say that out loud!
      That’s all this is. It’s just political payback machine politics.

      • Peter Strzok looks like a Pete Buttplug in 20 years with the kind of face and nostril flare and soulless eyes AnonymousConservative used to write about

  38. By all means opt for the ‘three tiers’ of zerohedge. Here in The Isles we’re well versed with tiers already. The window cleaner says that our illustrious leaders are considering a fourth tier. We can’t get enough.

      • Mr W. Cleaner, who I consider a valuable primary source, told me that certain pubs in ‘lower tier’ areas were being flooded by ‘the infected’ from ‘higher tier’ zones. Says he, of one pub near him:

        The guv’nor, I know ‘im, told me it was packed. People was phonin’ ‘im up and askin’ what tier ‘e’s in. Comin’ in from miles away…

        Good old England. Bless her and her BadWhite seed.

      • That is because the politicians know that businesses will all start putting up signs and staying in adverts (commercials) something along these lines:
        ‘No vaccination proof,no entry,no job,no service’. The Elite(s) are determined to sheep dip us and they are sly enough to let business do their dirty work and take any heat off them from the public.

        • Sheep dip…that’s a term I haven’t heard in a long time, let alone used in its original context. Spy novels your forte (because they’re mine!) or actual work in the security services?
          (edit) And I only ask for own edification because I like espionage junk and you’d be surprised who you meet IRL in this thing.

        • ‘No vaccination proof,no entry,no job,no service’.

          Just like how in America, we technically still have free speech. For the most part, there are no laws prohibiting you from expressing a heretical opinion. Sure, you’ll be unemployable, bankrupted, deplatformed, harassed, and possibly subjected to physical violence but go ahead and say whatever you want.

          • So fucking many doom pills around here and so many people seem to enoy their misery
            Maybe y’all need to understand that if true this means life or death.
            Given you personally and everyone you love will suffer terribly or will die under this scenario maybe you need to find ways to resist, legal if possible otherwise B.A.M.N.
            Right now the best thing you can do is get mentally hard and embrace the new reality.
            Ultimately its the age of old terrors, collective punishment, corruption of the blood, nits make lice, three generation liability for political crimes , and the fake peace of modernity that cripples action.
            This is a product of the upcoming collapse of civilization happening at a terrifying few centuries ahead speed, started back in 1914 and is accelerating fast enough to see but societies ability to dodge it crippled by a hundred means.
            There is nothing we can do about this and frankly unless we have many descendants, no need to worry about it either.
            What you need to worry about is the immediate and middle term and clawing back the rest of your life if you can ot making it possible for others to do so if you can’t.

          • Right now the best thing you can do is get mentally hard and embrace the new reality.

            Absolutely spot on. You can’t help others unless you are in the proper place. Hardened hearts, sharpened minds, attentive ears, resilient finances (as much as possible), sufficiently healthy bodies for your role, building community and contacts and souls shriven.

            Remember you are not alone. There are many places like this on the internet and meat space. As “the old age of terrors” returns and intensifies… with increased attacks so too will come greater dissidence.

        • Here in Ohio, we’re seeing the reinvention of the speakeasy — unlicensed after hours bars. Except this time what is being criminalized isn’t the alcohol, it’s the freedom of assembly.

          I am starting to have warm, fuzzy feelings about Al Capone: gangster or freedom fighter?

      • I believe that is simply a signal to the corporations that they will have free reign to impose any vax restrictions they choose.

        • Instead of back alley abortionists, we’ll have back alley vaccination paper forgers.

          I figure I should start looking around word-of-mouth to see if I can find a doctor willing to squirt the vaccine into the sink when nobody’s looking for a reasonable cash gratuity.

          • I figure I should start looking around word-of-mouth to see if I can find a doctor willing to squirt the vaccine into the sink when nobody’s looking for a reasonable cash gratuity.

            In our new multi-culti heaven, you can rest assured knowing that Dr Gupta, Dr Chatterjee, Dr Ramirez or Dr Okigbo will gladly oblige.

            One of the consequences of heavy 3rd world diversification will be corruption. This corruption can definitely be used to our advantage.

    • Yes, 2021 may indeed make this year look like Europe 1913. With their power firmly consolidated the last four years, I’m afraid 21 will be the year the FAGAT Five as I disaffectionally call them (Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter), begin to flex that power. Call it the Year (Decade?) of the Oligarchs.
    • To “build back” they first must destroy. Alas, their capacity for destruction is much greater than their ability to build anything, let alone build it better.

  39. 2020 was strange, and horrible. Its a valley of tears, however… god bless z, and all his intelligent fans! Fruitful advent! Gueranger says to contemplate our lord in his weakness, before he returns in power and fear.

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