The Elect

Note: Lots of additional material this week. Over on Taki I have a post up about the great holiday movie It’s a Wonderful Movie. Behind the green door I have a post up about the YouTube/Livestream subculture. For those looking for some soothing sounds of reasonable analysis and conversation, here is some of that.

A recurring feature of the government Covid efforts is the people issuing various public health edicts violating those edicts. The self-righteous lectures about mask wearing from a sanctimonious politician are followed by pics of that politician going around without a mask at some swanky event. Restaurants all over the country have been closed, but special exceptions are always made for the politicians. These stories of official perfidy have become a staple of the outrage media.

One of the more amusing examples was from Rhode Island where the governess there has been carrying on like an overprotective mother, demanding that everyone stay home for the holidays. Meanwhile she is getting tanked up with other hens at a wine and paint party. The latest is the coordinator of the White House coronavirus response, who has been telling people to stay in hiding for the holidays. Meanwhile, she had a big family bash at one of her mansions over Thanksgiving.

Of course, these stories are waived around as examples of the hypocrisy and sense of entitlement common in the political class. There is an assumption that the people contradicting their own lectures know the lectures are nonsense. They know the mask wearing and other rules are ridiculous. They just like playing dictator. In contrast, these stories are sometimes presented as examples of how these people think they are above the rules, as if they are members of an aristocracy.

The latter is probably closer to the truth. The fact is, few people in elected office have the smarts to know if any of these policies make sense. It is monkey see, monkey do with these local politicians. They see a politician in another state getting noticed for an innovative torment and they race to match it. We live in the age of gesture politics, which means showing you care is all that matters. Covid allows these tiny tyrants to show they care by imposing restrictions on the rest of us.

What we are seeing is the results of the managerial class that formed up in the last century, having become class aware. These people see themselves as more than just experts tasked with managing society, the economy, education and so on. They are now an indispensable class, the fulcrum of society. There is no aspect of society that is off-limits to their machinations, because in their understanding of themselves and their role in society, no area of society can exist without their attention.

Therefore, you never hear any mention of constitutional liberties or constitutional rights when they are holding forth on their latest Covid edicts. You will also note that with some rare exceptions, political alignment has made no difference. Politicians of both parties have been participating in the orgy of rulemaking in response to Covid. What we have seen this year is the mask drop. The political divide in America is no longer Democrat and Republican, but the managerial class and the rest of us.

This new class awareness comes with a strong moral component. They see themselves as an elect, chosen by the people, based on merit, to manage society. It is why they often carry on as if what they are doing is a great burden. Like a mother saying “this will hurt me more than it will hurt you” when disciplining her child, the new elect carries on as if their duties are a great burden. Every new lecture, every new edict, comes with the sense that they are sacrificing for the community.

It is the old Calvinist concept of the predestination of the elect, secularized and democratized, into an obtuse form of entitlement. From the outside, these people look like self-important poseurs, oblivious to the damage they are causing. From inside the managerial class, they see themselves as heroes of a great cause. They are selflessly battling the Covid monster in order to save our democracy. The fact that no one voted for any of this is completely lost on them.

Another Christian element to this is the conflict over free will. On the managerial side, they no longer believe they are accountable in any formal sense. Governor Cuomo can cause the death of thousands of old people, but he is not responsible. On the other hand, some guy tries to keep his business open and he is accused of being a super-spreader, the angel of death. The elect has received grace, while the rest are condemned to suffer the torments that come for the damned.

There is also the old radical sensibility at work too. The radical always imagines herself as the vanguard of the people. She is free from responsibility, because her actions are intended to create the conditions for revolution. She can blow up women and children in a terrorist act, because her intentions are pure. She is not judged by the death and destruction she causes to the innocent, but by her fidelity to the cause and her willingness to sacrifice on behalf of it.

This turns up in the Covid edicts. These petty tyrants take pleasure in punishing the non-compliant, as it provides an opportunity to show how much they care. Like the radical bomber, they rationalize the damage they are doing, imagining themselves as the shock troops of social revolution. The great reset stuff and the build back better jabberwocky is the beacon on which they have fixed their gaze. They are leading us to salvation and nothing can stand in their way.

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249 thoughts on “The Elect

  1. Our Common Duty

    Men’s Duty is to Defend

    There actually exists Constitutional and legal mandates for all men to band together in local militias. 

    2D Amendment Mandate

    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

    This isn’t the individual right to bear arms, its a mandate for all men to be in a militia. This was a necessary duty we fell down on, its not about crime, self defense, or hunting. Nice GOP scam on that one NRA, an individual is nothing in war.

    Legal Mandated Militia Duty

    All adult males 17-45 are in the militia, if National Guard organized militia, the rest in unorganized militia – which is in no way a prohibition from organizing to be “well regulated” that is organized and trained. 10USC, Section 246-the Militia.

    These aren’t rights. 

    These are duties. 

    If you want to ensure our survival and a future for our children; Form Ranks. 

  2. They’re building a better Asshole, why not? The checks keep coming, paid by us, no matter how ridiculous the decrees become. Like the local bully, it won’t stop till somebody drops one of them in the dirt.

  3. Laughing at Sailer now.

    After wimping out non stop, he’s now aghast that they’re discriminating against old white guys for the vaccine distribution. Imagine my shock!

    Atheists must be terrified of death. He’ll throw everything away just to live an extra couple years.

    • It’s not just atheists. Tons of putative Christians will cling by their fingernails, at astronomical cost, to live via machine or on dozens of meds, because they’re terrified to die.

    • The financial types are stupid. Great reset means search ads are worthless in the West as everyone is too poor to buy anything. Google Facebook Twitter are worthless. Apple fails as people even on credit can’t buy iPhones. China is a closed market for search, phones and cars. So is India. So no opportunity there.

      Put everyone in a pod eating bugs on 600 a month the global economy collapse leaving autarchies like China and North Korea. And people would kill every African on the planet to keep eating meat not bugs.

      • They can adjust, just like the insurance companies have. When I quit my corporate job a few years ago, it took me two years to get health insurance, because the remnants of my corporate income hung around on my tax return long enough to put me in an income bracket that made me ineligible for any marketplace subsidies.

        I don’t know if you have ever gone on, but what you will find if you do is that all the insurance plans, even the most godawful, start at $1,300/month for a family of three which is outrageously high priced and in no way in line with the risk/reward prospect that the concept of “insurance” usually entails. All the policies have high deductibles, high co-pays and high max out-of-pocket limits to go along with that larcenous price tag.

        Why are they priced so high? Well, when your income gets low enough, below $80k or so, you start getting government subsidies for your insurance premiums, and at lower tiers, those subsidies go up to … come on, can you guess the number? Of course you can: about $1,300/month! Totally coincidental! (If you get poor enough, they stick you on Medicaid, which is a different sort of scam).

        Self-employed people who make more than $50-$60k are completely screwed, until they get rich enough not to care, but do the insurance companies care about that? No, because there are way more delicious working poor people and their guaranteed $1300/month subsidies than there are moderately prosperous middle-class business owners and self-employed. They don’t want you independent enough to be able to buy health insurance without coming hat-in-hand to the state.

        That’s where this is going. It’s been outlined in documents and articles by the World Economic Forum and related minions. “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.“Note that the headline in the article has changed. What I just put in the link text is the original title. I guess they realized that it was bad optics.

        The globalists can still get rich off a serf class, just dinging you one social credit at a time to pay for your serfdom.

        There will be a small market for luxury goods, as the ruling class has been for most of history, and a vast market for cheap mass peasant goods to keep them occupied and pacified. The 100% AI Factory is still a pipe dream and will remain so for centuries. They’re going to need peasant factory workers, sex workers, barbers, masseuses, office workers in the hive, etc. for a long time to come, and they want them completely controlled and owned by the state.

        Global communism.

        They may indeed fail, as you suggest, but they are definitely trying.

        • What you say about Marketplace insurance is true. I had the opportunity to “retire” in my early 40s albeit on a modest income, and I took it. Hate it if you must, but before Obamacare health insurance was iffy even for the healthy. My solution was to be a part-time “degree seeking” student for several years, ended up with a BS and eventually an MA. Also student loan debt 🙂 Partly, this was to qualify for a modest health plan. Even it got expensive. Once Marketplace rolled around, I qualified for the full subsidy and have every year since. Yes, the plan sucks, but better than nothing, and costs almost nothing.

          • and costs almost nothing.

            Costs *you* nothing, parasite.


            Note: I’m a parasite, too, now. They really didn’t leave us a lot of choice, did they?

            We had a government-controlled healthcare system even before Obamacare. Have had one since the late ’60s.


            Give a man a free house and he’ll bust out the windows

            Put his family on food stamps, now he’s a big spender

            no food on the table and the bills ain’t paid

            ‘Cause he spent it on cigarettes and P.G.A.

            They’ll turn us all into beggars ’cause they’re easier to please

            They’re feeding our people that Government Cheese

            Give a man free food and he’ll figure out a way

            To steal more than he can eat ’cause he doesn’t have to pay

            Give a woman free kids and you’ll find them in the dirt

            Learning how to carry on the family line of work

            It’s the man in the White House, the man under the steeple

            Passing out drugs to the American people

            I don’t believe in anything, nothing is free

            They’re feeding our people the Government Cheese

            Decline and fall, fall down baby

            Decline and fall, said fall way down now

            Decline and fall, fall down little mama

            Decline and fall, decline and fall

            Give a man a free ticket on a dead end ride

            And he’ll climb in the back even though nobody’s driving

            Too ******* lazy to crawl out of the wreck

            And he’ll rot there while he waits for the welfare check

            Going to hell in a handbag, can’t you see

            I ain’t gonna eat no Government Cheese

            I’m the living embodiment of the wisdom of Milton Friedman. Friedman used to talk about the four ways money gets spent:

            1. You spend your own money on yourself. You’re inclined to be careful because you have a stake in the costs and the outcome.
            2. You spend your money on others. You’re still inclined to be a bit careful, because you’re responsible to the costs and you may care about the people you’re spending money on, but if the outcome is less than optimal, well, you don’t have to live with it, and they shouldn’t complain, since you’re the one paying for it.
            3. You spend other peoples’ money on yourself. You’re not going to worry about the costs, but you may worry about the outcome, but not as much as if it was your own money. (This is us on Obamacare. Sure, it’s terrible insurance, but at least I’m not paying for it!)
            4. You spend other peoples’ money on different other people. You don’t give much of a damn about the costs or outcomes (this is every government bureaucrat ever).
      • The Chinese people seem in no danger of overthrowing Chinese autarchy. Our Western “betters” want some of that.

      • NGOs and multinationals with inexhaustible budgets buying the google ads. Multinationals selling cloud solutions to other multinationals. No need for main street at the process/

        • NGOs don’t have inexhaustible budgets. Even Xi is trying to replace his export model with Chinese consumerism. And the Fangs can’t compete in China as Xi won’t allow it.

      • yes, but they will make up for in volume

        rather than one white guy making $50,000 they will get three 3rd worlders making $20,000 and figure they’re up $10,000. Woo hoo. Let’s celebrate, gentlemen

        My thinking is that mass immigration is always the pretext for expanding the debt. Bean counters like Paul Ryan argue “Ok, $30 trillion is BAD, but if we increase the population to 400,000 million, we can spread it out over more people so it’s not so bad.”

        And when the Chamber of Commerce asks “So maybe we can shoot for 500 million people and increase the debt maybe a little more?”


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  5. Until there are direct consequences for cruel, arbitrary and capricious decisions, the Managerial Class will continue to strut and issue evermore insane and painful demands. People have pointed out that if their income were adversely impacted, the nonsense would end overnight. The truth is this would not happen in the first place if any financial pain even were possible for these types.
    The key is to find how to make the lives of the Ruling Class as miserable as possible. Locate that tool, inflict the pain, and things will start to get better or at least equally bad.

      • Sure you have. There is no end to the taxes they levy on you and most of it is not specific. Most public sector pensions are pay as you go. When you pay your property taxes you are paying for all of the retired teachers and administrators plus all the ones working now. Same for the city. Same for the public transit (plus all Illinois tax payers subsidize it).
        In my city we have “SEPTA,” which gets enormous amounts of money from the state to run the PT system that is mostly just a gibs program. Anyone who can afford to not take PT does not take PT. People sit in bumper to bumper traffic and pay enormous parking fees and outrageous insurance to drive to work to avoid PT. Anyone who can afford private school pays taxes for public school and pays tuition for their own children, even, possibly especially, teachers.
        The PD is at least twice as big as it needs to be because everything except merit is used to hire cops.

        It is just one big tax funded orgy. At least welfare recipients stay at home and do nothing. It is infinitely preferable to these busybodies.

    • Our Common Duty

      Men’s Duty is to Defend

      There actually exists Constitutional and legal mandates for all men to band together in local militias. 

      2D Amendment Mandate
      A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.
      This isn’t the individual right to bear arms, its a mandate for all men to be in a militia. This was a necessary duty we fell down on, its not about crime, self defense, or hunting. Nice GOP scam on that one NRA, an individual is nothing in war.

      Legal Mandated Militia Duty
      All adult males 17-45 are in the militia, if National Guard organized militia, the rest in unorganized militia – which is in no way a prohibition from organizing to be “well regulated” that is organized and trained. 10USC, Section 246-the Militia.

      These aren’t rights. 
      These are duties. 
      If you want to ensure our survival and a future for our children; Form Ranks. 

  6. These petty tyrants take pleasure in punishing the non-compliant, as it provides an opportunity to show how much they care. Like the radical bomber, they rationalize the damage they are doing, imagining themselves as the shock troops of social revolution.
    Well, to be fair, if the revolution started and a bunch of revolutionaries took these people out into a field…. Can’t say I wouldn’t be cheering.

    That’s the thing. Everyone thinks they are the good guy.

    • Doubt they would comprehend what they were doing wrong

      As blacks see white laws as arbitrary and silly and not applicable to them, these managerial elites might see our values in the same light.

      I came to realize that during the big LBGTQ debates that the reason the elites were so in favor of them is because it was personal. Example, Schumer’s daughter is a lez and married a woman. Homosexuality is rampant in DC, which stands to reason since a gay man is the ind of guy who takes pleasure and sexual gratification in bossing other men around as his pitcher to our collective catcher.

      I think our values are simply foreign to them. Only just punishment would force them to live under their own rules and ideas they impose on the rest of us and force them to work for a living.

      • “Only just punishment would force them to live under their own rules and ideas they impose on the rest of us and force them to work for a living.”

        Nah. God has something better for justice.

  7. I was thinking the other day. I feel like the phrase “too liberal” is a metonym. It doesn’t mean too economically left wing. Usually it’s a metonym for too antiwhite, too solipsistic, too hormonal/crazy, too outspoken. For instance I liked Carl Levin when he was a senator. He had a liberal voting record but he was low key and was harder to pigeonhole. Meanwhile, the Bernie people were pissed off at someone like Neera Tanden or Tom Perez as not being liberal enough; yet that doesn’t mean they aren’t lightning rods for conservatives. Some of them instinctively see them as a hostile “other” but don’t have the right words to say it and call them “liberal” or “socialist” when that’s a misdiagnosis

  8. “They are leading us to salvation and nothing can stand in their way.” In their minds perhaps. I’m reminded of the cartoon character up a tree, sitting on a branch, with a saw, sawing away without a thought for what happens next.

  9. what I’m curious about is if there is way out to all this. I feel like there may only be a matter of time where roads become impossible to use and freeway overpasses start collapsing.

    • Reading that carjackings are up b/c criminals can hide behind masks

      May not subside until Fauci or someone in management gets carjacked or his kid does

      • By that point it will be far too late.

        As society degrades further and further, badwhites will get more breathing room, due to corruption/incompetence in the gyno ruling class and their diverse functionaries.

        At some point the critical mass of non whites will realize that those weak unarmed soys are a much easier target than the “racist” and armed rurals. At some point the musical chairs will stop and the urbans/good whites will be left without a chair to sit on, so to speak.

    • We are not quite there yet, but when it comes, we will see how realization of such changes us. Roads and other infrastructure disintegrate already in areas were the vibrancy are in political control.

      Whites have fled these areas, but soon there will be no place to flee to, for the ascendant vibrancy will set in place policies not bounded by local geography and the undertow of pathological egalitarian ideology in all aspects of political and corporate life will overwhelm the system.

      We have not reached peak stupidity yet.

      • Other day my son and I are watching a movie, Goldeneye. Pierce Brosnan as Bond

        Opening scene is Bond bungie-jumps off along a huge cement damn — in Russia I believe. Massive thing. The camera pans down it for a few seconds, that’s how massive it is. He’s dropping for a while. I joked that “Black people built that” and my son for a second had to screen his bad father’s words through his political correctness but the gears started moving and then he couldn’t stop laughing

        I didn’t even think it was that funny but for people who sorta have to buy into the diversity stuff it was pretty big

      • St. Cloud MN doesn’t need any more Somalians. The place is already toast.
        Luckily, the state has plenty of other small towns which will benefit from the added vibrancy and fed/state housing vouchers.

      • One of many anecdotes in Gulag 
        Archipelago is as follows. The authorities found far out in the Arctic Wilderness, Siberia I presume they found a small self-sufficient community that had virtually no contact with civilization. They wasted no time in deporting everybody and destroying what had been built.

        • I have heard such stories myself. It was said that some of these communities were from forced population “relocations” from earlier purges. These purges almost always resulted in the people driven out starving to death in Siberia (the main purpose being death, not relocation, so this was assumed)—but not always. Some villages were rumored to have survived and thrived unknown to Stalin’s henchmen.

  10. The “New Class” concept goes back at least as far as Milovan Djilas in 1957
    and the neocons of the 70s

    However, as you point out, the self-awareness of this class is a rather recent development, as is its open hatred of us “deplorables”. Until now it wasn’t quite acceptable to show that contempt openly, but rather simply shake one’s head and believe that those people might someday see the light and be redeemed. Now that we’ve proven we can’t be, it’s open war with their BLM and Antifa shock troops in the vanguard. They may not like the result.
    But not to worry. Relief is coming soon, what with dramatic drops in higher education (indoctrination) enrollments, the shuttering of many second-rate marginal schools, and the decline of yuppie type jobs
    Yes girls (and they are mostly girls these days), you’d better think twice about that expensive critical queer studies major at $50K per year when you find that that six-figure job with a major corporation as coordinator of diversity, sustainability, equity, and inclusion just ain’t there.

    • I’ve said and written in the past that the paleos never imagined how the managerial class would evolve after the Cold War. Not there fault as few people imagined how the Cold War would end.

  11. “you never hear any mention of constitutional liberties or constitutional rights when they are holding forth on their latest Covid edicts”

    Only thought criminals, a tiny percentage of the population, care about these issues. Our rulers live in a bubble where they never have to be confronted with their hypocrisy and the consequences of their actions. Noticing the hypocrisy can destroy your life so the overwhelming majority of people know not to publicly notice.

  12. Nice movie review. But I have always had a different take. While appreciating the positive things mentioned in the review, I always saw George Bailey as an arrogant whiner who let an incompetent relative handle the town’s money, and then was bailed out of his mistake with a big public handout.

  13. It is why they often carry on as if what they are doing is a great burden.

    When they prattle on about their “public service” as if they have been in a war zone, while in reality having the cushiest, most lucrative positions, way above their utility, I just want to punch them in the throat.

    • I take different insights where I can get them. One of Z’s great insights in language is how they rob us of language.
      I already knew the press, for example, just abused the crap out of language by describing large groups of people beating on a family as a “fight,” large groups of black people of unknown age, but not obviously senior citizens as “teens” and other such nonsense. But I never really put it together how they stole valor with the use of language by describing retail workers and nurses as “front line workers.” I thought it was an odd phrase, but I just am not cynical enough for our press and the managerial class.
      They use this language to steal the valor of the MEN who fought on the front lines of wars facing machine guns and hand it over to the karens in the ER making tik tok videos.

      It has reached a point where you have to read every single word in the press with such extreme cynicism that it’s just not worth reading it at all. Everything from what they are covering and not covering, the narratives therein and even the words they use are all designed to deceive us.

      • Exactly. The effort expended in consuming corporate media is inversely proportional to the amount of useful information you get out of it, and this point it’s become such a struggle that no one should be wasting one second on it.

      • Everybody seems today to be a hero or a victim. Thoughtless use of both words cheapen the long held understanding of their meaning. Orwell would be proud.

  14. There is a coordinated strategy currently underway to move very quickly in consolidating power by the new tyrannical class of politicians and oligarchs. You see this in the new wave of TV commercials that feature PC-approved archetypes in which every couple is now mixed race, token homosexuals are prominently displayed (including many gay black men now), all white men are boobs and idiots, and moralizing fealty to SJW philosophy is now mandatory. COVID is simply the vehicle for unleashing the Jackboots with a patina of legality. The pace of change is accelerating now and the new year promises to be quite interesting. There is a reason that Boot Camp is highly physical. It’s time to start whipping yourself into shape again.

    • How I felt during Obama era

      My take on Obama was always like this “Hey, I worked for my position in government, if you can’t make ends meet tough shit. Then start campaigning like I did”

      These people need to be knocked down a few pegs

      One of the better things Sailer has ever said or noted was that back in the day there were plenty of intelligent people i the lower and middle classes who could be competent and persuasive spokespeople for their people and their needs and outlook. But over time the system sucked them all up and they left their own towns and went to the big city for fancy jobs. I guess similar to the talented 10th abandoning their homies.

      • It is the bifurcation of society (based on societal reward for intellect) that the dreaded Charles Murray wrote about in his book, “Coming Apart” more than 18 years ago.

        • Not at all, and why if I were Trump I would take some pleasure in leaving Biden a total stink bomb (dealing with Covid, BLM, AOC, etc)

  15. Reverend Jim Baker can have sex with his massage therapist while preaching salvation.
    Jimmy Swaggart can look but not touch a naked woman in a motel room while preaching salvation.
    A Catholic priest can diddle servant boys in the back of the church then say holy mass.
    The corrupt rabbi is not as common in American media but we all know what tribe controls American media so no surprise there.
    The modern managerial state has all the failings of a religious system because it is a religious system.
    To realize this opens ones eyes to why the world functions as it does in our liberal democracy.

    • The abuse rate of rabbis is similar to Catholic priests, but their TV image is as funny and wise religious leaders. As for corruption, I have an orthodox jewish friend who admits the whole kosher food thing is a giant employment scam.

      • My cousin own a very small manufacturing facility that makes concentrated flavors for ice cream. She said the whole Kosher certification process was a massive pain in the ass.

        • “The whole Kosher certification process was a massive pain in the ass”. I dealt with this for years and its legalized extortion. Every city has its own Rabbinical group with its own “personal” requests. We had to fly in relatives (whole families) from overseas to aid in the approval process. But, if you make a mistake its solvable with clean-up under Rabbi supervision. With Halal, its a whole different ball game and its now becoming the norm. With Halal you get one mistake after which your facility is declared Haram and can never produce a Halal certified product. One of our competitors permanently shut down a customers entire factory for breaking Halal rules. Welcome to the new world order.

  16. Sorry, but I think this article is at least a century too late.

    Your “managerial class” created the Progressive Era at the beginning of the 1900’s, and shocked conservatives with their busybody ways.

    Your observations about prioritizing public health over the Constitution were repeated ad nauseam during the Spanish Influenza pandemic.

    And: “gesture politics” is something new??? Historians for centuries have pegged Nero as a legendary baddie NOT because he was a poor fiddle player. It’s because he didn’t act like he cared when Rome burned.

    • Funny you say that but there is a principal in some legal systems that remorse is a sign of innocence and lack of it a sign of guilt

      I remember when Amanda Knox was being tried in Italy that the people just couldn’t get past the fact that she seemed to have no remorse for what happened

    • Yup, the Progressives of a century ago. Brought us overt racism, the Sedition Act which jailed people for saying anything against the government, prohibition, our entry into WW1, women’s sufferage, unaccountable government, and economic decline. And Lefties want to identify themselves as Progressives? Well, they actually agree with most of it…

    • Spend a term in any graduate Public Administration program and you’ll see that the rot of governmental managerialism and their cult of Woodrow Wilson seem to line up very neatly.

      • That’s why I wasn’t upset when Woodrow Wilson became a target of the cancel culture earlier this year.

    • Not sure I read anywhere in Z-man’s posting a claim to *new* insight. Repeating what we should all know by now is not always a bad thing. We all need reminders from time to time.

  17. I have a couple of friends who know I’m anti-mask and a Covidan unbeliever. Good friends. They’re believers or at least go-along-to-get-along types. They’ve told me stories of people they know who’ve died or been hospitalized, not angrily, but just sort of in passing.
    After a decent interval where I express my condolences or concern, I’ve ask “so, how old were Mr. & Mrs. John Doe?”, or “So-and-so was diabetic, right?”. The answers are a reluctant, “yeah, and so-and-so had heart problems too”. Or, “they were both in their 70s”. To which I only say “Hmm.”
    The I mention my nephew who’s been robbed of their senior year of HS, no prom, no graduation, no parties, no coming of age experiences or rites of passing. Another nephew who had a full ride at college and graduated in ’20 with a degree in accounting, but could only find a job working the floor at Best Buy (and even that took months on end). And the response is “yeah, it’s so crazy. Glad I’m not young”.
    People don’t seem to be making the connecting between being a Branch Covidian with the economy tanking. Not really.

    • The completely callous attitude towards the youth is one of the most vexing parts of the Branch Covidian psyche, though it makes sense if you think of Covidianism as a death cult.

      Just a few weeks ago I was speaking with a 60ish woman and she was cackling with glee about recent news that a local college had banned its students from participating in Spring Break.

        • Chet, it is weird.

          When I was in my teens and twenties I, and all of my peers thought we were invincible.

          That has been a normal attitude for young people since the dawn of mankind.

          In contrast, it’s bizarre that most of today’s youth have internalized a hysterical, effeminate, and fearful response to Beer Flu.

          • I posted recently about the complete lack of recklessness in today’s youth. If 17 year old boys aren’t out sowing their wild oats, it’s indicative of a very unhealthy culture and a harbinger of worse things to come.

          • I always have said, at some point it comes out of a man. If he doesn’t sow his oats in his youth he will at some point and in every model one-woman husband is a man who’s going to cheat at some point

          • Yeah you are probably right, as much as I wish it weren’t true and that the tradcon view was correct.

            P*ssy gets boring after a while, I barely put in effort anymore for that kind of stuff because I’ve already been there. I have girls inviting me over during COVID but I don’t really care that much now.

            Looking for a nice girl to settle down with.

          • Not if you find the right gal.
            Which granted are not easily found now days.
            40 plus years married
            No regrets

          • But I presume she wasn’t your first ?

            I am glad I got it out of my system when young. Now I am also happily married for a long long time

          • Weed is a big one. As far as I can tell, the vast majority of white male youths are baked out of their mind non-stop. It saps all their drive. Just smoke and play video games, bro.

          • That, and they’re all on shit like Ritalin, SSRIs, etc. Or opiates. And why not? I saw a lot of young guys during my time in the ivory tower, from all socioeconomic backgrounds. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that the curriculum is actively designed to beat them down. Unless you’re Chad Thundercock — and if you have to wonder about it, even for a second, you aren’t — trying to get laid in college is like playing Russian Roulette. Why bother? Just stay stoned off your gourd and try to muddle through as best you can.

          • BTW Severian, just a tip of the hat

            I didn’t realize until recently that you were the man behind Rotten Chestnuts. I enjoy your blog.

          • Not just youths. In my late 50s. After two years of “medical recreational marijuana,” I’m done with it. Boring and did not help what it was tried for (anxiety.) Made it worse. I’ll save several hundred $/yr.

        • They tried to party on but schools and colleges are now literal prisons. The nadir was U of Colorado at Boulder eventually outlawing ALL socialization. Students weren’t allowed to be in the same room as another person, ever, even if living off-campus.

          A judge declared it inhumane.

          • I wonder if we will ever realize how little we need the ridiculous costs of the modern campus. Or if they have such a monopoly on the job accreditation process that it will go on forever.

          • The quicker they destroy UCB, the better. A hive of scum and villany. The intermountain version of the other UCB (U. Cal. Berkeley).

        • Not really. My son is 20. They still socialize, it’s just more like going to a speak-easy in the 20’s than the backyard keggers I was attending at his age.

          • Same with my daughter

            The young will find a way to socialize. Might be different than they ways the parents did it.

            And usually they won’t let us in on exactly how they’re doing it. But I have noticed they head out into the country or mountains to hang out. However, in my day we did do something similar in throwing parties out in huge clearings with music pumped out by our cars

        • I have a college and high school student, and they are not so much taking it as they are enjoying the freedom and easiness of on-line classes. They have no fear of contracting it, and get together with groups of friends every chance they get.

      • My dad is older than a boomer, he just turned 80 in summer. I’m younger, turned 53 in the spring

        But he has always, like me, had fun mocking boomers. He couldnt stand the Beatles, and that was pretty much all he needed. I couldn’t stand the TV show Thirtysomething, all I pretty much needed. Not so much these shows and bands but the mindless conformity they seemed to represent. Like if you had a single word not in praise of the Beatles, you were exiled from the blob. Everyone probably has their own reason to have some level of dislike of the boomers, even boomers. And now Covidianism.

        As an aside, the boomers like millennials seem to indicate that whenever there is a mass generation of people of the same age group that extreme conformity arises and takes hold.

        • Like if you had a single word not in praise of the Beatles, you were exiled from the blob.

          Oh boy, been there. I could never get the obsession. I suspect part of it was related to how much people went on about them, being a twattish contrarian maybe I thought it was better to not like them. In any case, heard their songs and still thought The Outlaws and Lynyrd Skynyrd were better.

          But then again, I love punching it down an empty post-shamdemic M25 belting out Meat Loaf power ballads so…

        • The melodies of some of their earlier songs were catchy. But they lost me when they met “The Walrus”.

    • I took my mechanic Christmas brownies this morning, we’ve known each other for decades, he’s an anti masker, I wasn’t wearing a mask, but all the guys that work in his shop we’re all masked up. He hugged me for the brownies . I could tell they were all horrified. People touching!!

      • Yes, strange but there is definitely an element among the working class who are extreme maskers. Perhaps they aren’t educated enough to hold a contrary view that is at odds with the “educated” they see on TV. I know some of them and their attitude is “Ok, so you know more than Fauci, ok. Sure. So where you get your MD? “

        • I tend to cite published papers in medical journals. Shuts them up real fast, since that is too hard for them to do, i.e., read and comprehend. But for those who might be willing, I’ll give them some names of contrarians—with even better credentials, e.g., “Scott Atlas” of Stanford, who they can search for on YouTube and which is often a better choice for those who glean their knowledge primarily from MSM viewing. If they are of an even higher level, Brigg’s blog is good as well, but does require some statistical analytic ability.

          I would note that a good many of these sources were provided to *me* by the good folks who comment here on this blog. 🙂

          • Briggs is really one of the reasons I am comfortable with my attitude of mostly indifference. That guy is impressive and convincing and I doubt the harlots and scolds could comprehend him.

        • I know some of them and their attitude is “Ok, so you know more than Fauci, ok. Sure. So where you get your MD? “

          Indeed. It is an unfortunate side effect that people seem to think that ‘the science’ is all this is about. One need not be an expert in virology to know that some things can be used as political weapons.

          Usually in reply to such types, I ask them to think about the sorts of people who are politicians (and scientists, for that matter). This is far more important as one can then begin to draw decent conclusions. No MD required.

          As usual we must remember the golden rule about scientists: most are cowardly. If that Most Terrible of Yellow Viruses leapt up and said to Professor Lockemdown ‘I am not real’, there is a good chance that the event would be covered up. Because social status. Because everybody else does it. Because group-think. As Z has mentioned in his article, most people just do whatever their neighbours do.

      • I had to return something at Wally World the other night. Guy at the counter, who seemed a bit like a swish, masked up and standing behind a sheet of plexiglass that appeared borrowed from an ice rink, asks me if I have a mask. I say “yep.” About ten seconds go by before he finally says, “will you put it on?”. I smiled and firmly said, “I’d rather not.” “Then could you step back 6 feet?” We were probably 5’6″ apart, with the magic shield to boot, so I bobbed my head back slightly and smiled again. At that point he gave up. A small victory.

      • Bought some lovely, gently-used wooden furniture from a small local store run by a very White, country guy. Happily paid cash, he charged no tax, and he actually shook my hand! It’s just a natural reaction for me, but it’s the first time someone’s shaken my hand in months.

        • I remarked on this awhile back. Was in the last refuge of freedom, the local gun shop. You’d think nothing had happened in the outside world. The difference was so stark, I’m still amazed.

    • Yeah, people often ask me how I’m doing. I quickly switch the conversation to “I’m fine, it’s the least of us who are suffering with the tanked economy.” I know they mean well, but I’m the last person they should have the least concern with.

    • The Economy? Nah, the DJI is at historic highs, how can Ba’al, I mean, the Economy, be doing badly?
      We here have known for years that white males being unemployed has no negative impact on Wall Street, in fact it makes the banks even more profitable – some bank will get a cut for processing all those SSI and unemplow checks.

      • After a day out and about, I’ve decided that The Economy consists of stupid women rushing around buying Chinese-made junk. Was going to get a gift for a dear friend’s new grandchild, but the line was to the back of the store. Nothing but women and alien parasites in sight. I put what I had chosen down and walked out. I loathe Bezos, but I cannot stay sane and deal with the hordes, so it’s online ordering for me.

  18. The Calvinist notion of the elect is intriguing. Never looked into it much. I assume it comes from the idea that God is in control of everything, which I can buy. I’d like to think free will has a part in it, but predestination doesn’t seem too objectionable.

    Here’s the thing though: if we’re saved by grace alone, how can any of us know who’s saved and who’s damned? In other words, how can we have an idea of who’s the elect in the first place?

    • By their own self righteousness. I knew a Jehovah’s Witness who said they were absolutely one of the 144,000.
      How did they know? Their own self righteousness confirmed it.
      The managerial state operates on this same principle. Where I live the county commissioner actually believes he is saving countless lives by closing business and increasing unemployment.
      He is convinced of his own righteousness.
      Its a religion.

    • The Calvanist argument is that if God is all knowing and infallible and always just, then who is and is not saved was known at the dawn of Eden, even before The Fall. You have no power over your own salvation because God is all powerful. Very much like the Islamist ideas, actually, where all things do or do not happen because Allah wills it.
      And it is not for you to judge who is or is not elect; judge not, lest ye be judged. But you will know them by their fruits and their works. But don’t you dare judge that!

      • Yep I figured it was something like that. Seems like whitney is making a metaphysical argument. Prime mover, or something like that, which is interesting. I’m guessing that’s more of a Catholic perspective? Anyway they’re fun questions to ponder.

  19. Darwinian consequences heading their way. The Ungovernables are in sync and mobilizing, with a list of priorities (who gets it first). Our overlords overlook this X factor at their own peril.

    The linchpin of their existence, polarity reversal, is about to get flipped, leaving these old hens confined in their ideological chicken coops trying to figure out how to lay eggs without a government issued instruction manual.

      • The sexual polarity pendulum has reached the limit of potential energy and is reverting to kinetic energy, moving in the opposite direction.

        Dodos will be dodos, immobilized with awe as they rush for a front row seat, witnessing the forces of nature unfold………but their hearts were in “the right place”.

        • The sexual polarity pendulum has reached the limit of potential energy and is reverting to kinetic energy, moving in the opposite direction.

          Yeah, well I heard that 10 years ago when the manosphere was all the rage.

          Things have only gotten worse.

          The misandry bubble has kept on inflating.

          • Not sure if psyops are storm chasers. All cycles have a beginning and ending. Sooner or later women will figure out pets aren’t really children and making a difference isn’t the same as being happy.

  20. Pro Tip: acting like you are oblivious to the latest news and rules and just acting like a guy living in a cave has been working on the ladies

    seeing a number of guys playing it and it’s working big

        • Did you hear the story of the guy talking to the Amish guy asking them how they were handling the CoviDoom. The Amish guy said oh we’re immune. The other guy said how come. The Amish guy said because we don’t have TVs

    • *acting like*
      We had an issue of some sort with a letter or package and when my wife called to inquire they said “don’t you watch the news? The mail is backed up because of the WuFlu!”
      Umm, no, actually, I don’t.
      I should note though in this case it’s interesting as the current line is that since people cannot meet in person, or perhaps due to a lack of human contact in general, people are mailing everything, causing a backup. Of course for a government agency that loses money on everything they deliver this is super bad news.

      • I have now encountered a number of snorting cov-angelists who have sneered: ‘Don’t you watch the news?’. I now laugh in their faces and say ‘The Donald told me it was fake.’. Tends to irritate them considerably.

        Embrace your partisanship.

        • The thing is, if you watched the “news” about the Chinky Pox back in the middle of March, you’ve seen the news as it will be presented tonight. It’s been 9 solid months of unchanging panic porn.

  21. These people see themselves as more than just experts tasked with managing society, the economy, education and so on. They are now an indispensable class, the fulcrum of society.

    The idea that they were experts capable of managing society, the economy, education and so on was delusional in the first place.

    • decrying “rule by expert” misses the point. Of course you want experts in charge. The problem becomes when the experts are morons.

      • The experts are always idiots about most things, because most of us are idiots about most things. You don’t want to put me in charge of power plant maintenance on a nuclear submarine, for example, or have me do surgery on your brain tumor. I don’t even know what I don’t know about those specialties.

        But we have people like the Surgeon General, the head of the FDA and the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission who are just as ignorant as me about many of the technical aspects of the things they are supposed to regulate. They blindly accept the word of underlings, but they aren’t capable of knowing whether those underlings are actually right.

        The competent experts know their limitations. However, it is almost inevitable for experts to assume expertise in a narrow area translates to competence to make decisions in unrelated errors.

        Anthony Fauci may know some important things about viruses. However, I suspect you can put what he knows about economics, political philosophy and the psychology of crowds on a cocktail napkin. Likewise, his expertise on even subjects related to his expertise — the effectiveness of masks, lockdowns, social distancing — represent areas where he has done no direct research and is simply blindly relying on even more esoteric “experts.”

        The country has become too large and diverse for any experts to competently administrate. They’re all like the blind men and the elephant.

        I think the ongoing trainwreck of Western civilization indicates there is no overarching expertise that can effectively synthesize their various limitations.

      • I really don’t want experts “in charge.” To put it in terms of my life, when I’m feeling sick, I want an expert doctor available to advise and treat me. I don’t want him “in charge” over me, able to override my own choices. “Sorry, Vizzini, you are no longer allowed buy bourbon because I’ve decided it is bad for you.”
        When my car is broken down, I want a good mechanic available to advise and repair. I don’t want him “in charge” of my car. “Vizzini, I’ve decided that the best thing for your car is a complete overhaul, for $5k.” “But my car isn’t worth that much. I’d rather just get a new one.” “Well, I appreciate your opinion, Vizzini, but I’m in charge. Now cough up that money.”

        Government is increasingly assuming that role in ever-expanding areas of life. Do what you are told, citizen. The experts have decided.

  22. Let’s not forget the fetish element. As I’m fond of saying, these people don’t get *caught* breaking their own stupid rules, they get OFF breaking their own stupid rules. Thanks to three decades of Foucault in even (=”especially”) third rate cow colleges nationwide, we now have an “educated” citizenry that believes power is sex and sex is power, nothing else. The sure knowledge that they will be *filmed* breaking their rules grabs their gonads like nothing else, because it’s the ultimate confirmation that they have power and you don’t. What could be sexier?

      • This is like complaining about the youth degeneracy being wrought by Alice Cooper.

        Foucault has been rejected by the woke—for antifeminism, anticommunism, whiteness, being a libertarian sympathizer, being an outdated gay stereotype, supplying arguments to the right, etc.—for at least three decades now. His cancellation was in motion while he was alive and concluded as soon as he stopped being around to argue against it.

        By the time I got to Very Good School™ in the early ’90s his presence had been reduced to one vestigial reading, and literally all of the class time devoted to it was about how terrible it was that the only English printing of his book had the word “genius” on the cover, despite complaints from leftist professors. (It was soon corrected.)

        His work has no influence whatsoever on our overlords or assistant overlords or wannabe second assistant overlords. His name is taken in vain, yes—far more often by our guys than by theirs.

        • Extra upvote for Hemid’s comment. A lot of people on the right (and left too, I guess) confuse and conflate thinkers like Foucault, Derrida, and Marcuse. Foucault was a degenerate and a hit-or-miss philosopher, but he was also genuinely insightful and right about an awful lot that had sort of been hidden by Power for centuries. He can readily be used by either side, so they quietly sunsetted him in the academy.

          Derrida is the kind of dangerous, deconstructionist nonsense most are thinking of when they’re talking about Post-Modernism. Marcuse, of all of them, was the most wicked man. His ideas are intended to destroy western civilization and they seem to be fairly effective toward that end.

          Foucault is useful to us now and if I were raised to the throne I would allow his work to be taught at university by appropriately trained professors. Derrida and Marcuse would be under total and absolute interdict.

          When I was in school, the hot new thing was bell hooks, who, as a theorist, has no merit whatsoever. Which I think may have actually been the point. The permanent demoralization campaign continues everywhere and always.

      • Marcuse as well. He believed perversion was a liberating act, and one that could subvert an “oppressive” Dionysian society. Namely, of course, the West.

  23. We go to a Church that reminds us that mask wearing is required by the diocese, but at least half of the people there ignore it. Apparently some old ladies got upset and, instead of having a polite conversation with the staff, went straight to the Bishop to complain, and the Bishop in turned reamed out some our staff.
    What’s irritating are these busybodies don’t even have the gumption to stick their own necks out, but push the right buttons to bully people they don’t like for their own advantage.

    • Thats how women and feminized men deal with issues. Instead of straightforward and honest discussions they sneak around behind and stab people in the back

        • There is lots to learn from various non-whites.

          I’m a much better man and person since I’ve been studying how they are. Whites have forgotten many things.

          • They exist in a world immune from white nonsense, like they wear a shield that repels laser beams thrown by white people

            Yes, observing and learning from them is beneficial

        • The Chosen are right about loyalty.
          Islam is right about women.
          Now, joggers are right about snitches. I lol’d.

    • My local paper today had an article about the reactions various pastors and priests had to the SCOTUS ruling that said Cuomo can’t put limits on church gatherings. It’s enraging how most of them said, “yes, but with great rights come great responsibilities.” Implying that God should accede to the diktats of the Godless state.

      One of the parishes in my town has a large portrait of John Paul II hanging near the front, with the caption “Be Not Afraid”. I keep looking for a covid-shaped asterisk next to it but I come up empty.

    • The wife and I were regular church-goers until Covidiocy hit. We haven’t attended since March because we’re anti-maskers. Now masks are not actually required at our church, but there are lots of old folks there and I don’t want to terrify them by showing up without the Karen Kloth. So, we’ll just wait and hope the lunacy passes. Alas, I see little sign that it will.

  24. Our governor here in MA has taken to retailing transparently bogus stories about ‘friends of his’ who get the covid. Pathetic.

    • Yeah, that is the lamest form of virtue signaling. It’s right up there with twitter hens claiming their kid said something that just happens to correspond with their political beliefs at the moment. “Mommy, why is Hitler orange?”

    • I know a few Covidian women who told me that, that she knows someone who died (the implication is I’m being heartless)

      Even if we suspect it’s an exaggeration, we are supposed to sit back and believe it like it’s gospel . Hence the quasi religious aspects to this shit

      • I’m not a big fan of Islam, but the Muslims are spot on about the value of a woman’s testimony.

        • White women has so thoroughly betrayed white men, their civilization, their culture and their parents that they are going to deserve tenfold whatever is coming to them. It upsets me that I’m one of them but whatever

          • It’s the other way around. White men have a duty to stay on top of the hierarchy… It’s only natural for white women to push against it in a shit test. White men failed.

            We say how the native indians gave away their land for glass beads and trinkets.. well white men have away their land for a few $ bills, some stimulants, and the lure of easy p*ssy.

          • I agree

            White men abandoned their role. We lost confidence in ourselves. People may have heard me say this before, but younger people are sometimes amazed that white guys used to make great and easily the best dance music — a time when they had confidence.

            Just one of the cultural indications of a people with zero confidence

          • You aren’t the first to give that opinion, b125, but that is a false generalization. Interpersonal dynamics do not always translate to society-level dynamics. I’ve gotten along well with many minorities, but there should be differences in the law, public morality, and official policy based upon differing group characteristics. “Failed shittest” is a useful loose-fit rhetorical device to describe the broader issue of allowing inclusivity to overrun effective and moral government, not an actual event or mechanism.

          • White men, once hard and tough, got softer than a roll of Charmin (Do they still make that?) within a span of a few decades. And soft men can’t defend anything, let alone nations and a civilization.

          • One thing that I admit surprised me was how willing women are in politics to engage in lies and corruption

            No one even had to ask. They jumped at the opportunity. From standpoint of a man, it’s boggling. At least men will fight and resist to SOME extent. Women just happily spread their legs on cue, pardon the crudity

          • I would only add that the unamed people have spent a lot of time and effort propagandizing white women to turn against white men.

          • But as soon as white women don’t vote the “correct” way, the progs turn on them. White women’s place in the SJW hierarchy is very tenuous.

          • And add in the slowly shifting rules. Go tell a female coworker to quit her job to go raise children as God set as her imperative, as it is necessary to her mental, moral, and biological wellbeing. You’ll be unemployed by the time this thread dies down. When did that happen? (I don’t know, I doubt anyone knows; the sand just shifted under our feet, and here we are)

          • You tube ads for all the big companies have switched this month to white man/black woman pairing. It is as if on cue. Seriously, everything from the car commercials to diamonds. Just doing the rounds or something else?

          • I saw that on Black Pgeon Speaks. “Islam was right about women” signs posted all over town. Women’s heads were exploding. I laughed so hard at the woman who called the police. She knew some hate crime had been committed but couldn’t figure out exactly how, or who they were trying to offend.

            A must add to y’all’s post it note campaigns.

      • My response when I’m just fed up has been, I am very sorry to hear that, but unfortunately given that we are unwilling to enforce borders any time an illegal alien commits a crime, the decision to take action based on sad outcomes is not a basis for policy. The looks have been worth it.

      • There has been no context given with Covid deaths. For thousands of generations, 10s of thousands if not 100s of people have died of influenza every year, occasionally even young people that seemed otherwise healthy. These people are flushing the entirety of Western Civilization down the toilet because they feel like they must “do something” about a virus with a 99+% survival rate.

        • The problem comes from a rather Leftist view that life is of infinite value and that all lives are equal. Utter claptrap. Perhaps it’s the abundance of Boomers and females in power, but as I am fond of telling folks, “Don’t do me any favors, I’ll take care of myself, thanks.” It is painful to see the destruction of our society in this vainglorious pursuit of Covid-19 eradication.

    • The unverifiable shaming anecdotes are used because the managerial sociopaths know normies will fall for them every time.

      • Turn it around: well my uncle Joe got cancer and died during COVID because the mayor shut down the oncology ward when Joe’s treatment was scheduled: your lockdown is killing my family! (I have no Uncle Joe, just make it up: they’re making up their stories)

        • Even Fauci himself said that the shutdown of hospitals for diagnostics and treatment of non-covid patients would cause 10k deaths from undiagnosed breast cancer in the coming years.

    • Also the white liberal woman who has someone Asian in her family who was racially abused because “China flu”.

    • New Englander here too. I visited Canterbury Shaker Village in New Hampshire a few months ago and had dinner at a nearby seafood restaurant afterwards. Hardly any masks. Maybe I should move there.

  25. The problem is our petty managerial class only care about the covid and it’s “deadly” march through civilization. All the far worse collateral damage to the economy, finances, psyche and overall health, they apparently have no concern about whatsoever. One wonders if any of those issues even cross their feeble minds? The covid has become the be all end all issue of our time and there is nothing more important than saving us all, come hell or high water.

    • No, doesn’t cross their minds

      it won’t until someone from their own class makes an impassioned plea, speaking their language

      Robert Kennedy JR may be trying to assume that role

  26. When Ross Perot was campaigning for president in 1992, he would often say, “remember it’s YOUR country.” Even then the divide between the rulers and the people was big, but now to even think it’s our country is a ridiculous thought.

  27. There’s a saying about a dead horse that comes to mind more and more often these days. I suspect by now everyone has made up his mind one way or another with respect to masks, isolation and vaccines; I certainly have, quite some time back. Happily, those in “authority” locally have accepted the futility of trying to enforce regulations that even they know are impractical if not downright silly and perhaps even dangerous. Besides, I’m far from the only objector in town, albeit one of the more vocal.
    Less happily (for me), we’re about to see the opening of our tourist season, the village’s most important economic activity, one which brings us spending invaders who are disorderly, often loud and rude, and we’re an “upscale” place, at least during the nine months we are free of those who covet the peace and quiet they destroy with their presence.
    Speaking only for myself, I’d be thrilled if the emphasis here were shifted to topics less exhausted by repitition.

    • Yeah I have to be careful riding the motorcycle down here in FL during “snowbird” season, when all the idiots from up north start clogging up the roads. None of them should be driving.

  28. I’ve always said, they want all these illiterate immigrants so they can feel superior. Notice that it has always been the average or mediocre lefty in our lives who desires immigrants, so this way they can feel smarter and better educated in comparison. They could never match up against the intelligent, successful, gifted.

    now we know why the politicians love the immigrants. Because they aren’t smart and educated enough to see though their b.s.

    • Talk to an average non-white about politics and you’ll see that they are simply not fit to live in a democracy or have any say in our politics.

      “Trudeau is good looking, famous around the world, and he comes to the mosque so we forgive his mistakes”.

      It’s like whites voting GOP for silly reasons but x100.

    • Yeah, you are probably on to something. But never underestimate their desire to be the savior white to these poor oppressed POCs. It is almost like a PC version of colonialism 2.0.

      Funny that, if you think about it. These people who hate the actual Messiah and all his yucky adherents have a severe case of messianic complex.

  29. “We live in the age of gesture politics, which means showing you care is all that matters.”
    Perfect. You should copyright the term “gesture politics.”

    • “Gesture politics” perfectly encapsulates our times. Of course, that will change, though whether that’s a year or a decade from now, I have no idea. But it will change.

    • I believe it was Lionel Trilling who once said conservatism was nothing more than a system of irritable gestures.

  30. I have dealt with the local government variant many times. They simply ape what the other comparable institutions do. Cities implement new codes and ordinances because their neighbors do.

    These governors, mayors and health officials are our commissars now. These people also have the legion of volunteers ready to scold and report us. I am reminded ot Winston Smith’s neighbor’s child gleefully checking everything about Smith’s adherence to the rules. Karens and then some. They really do need to fear us and soon.

    • Amen.
      I was having a discussion with a much loved but ditzy friend and I brought up the point about this – that these people are just getting started, and how we will soon have another vibrant and diverse layer of bureaucracy to make sure we all have our shots and enforce the new commandments.
      She just scoffed and said she was all for it. After all, there are such things to make sure her dog has his vaccinations.
      “Your DOG,” I said. She just gawped and stuttered and then started flipping out about Orange Hitler.
      The self awareness of their disciples is as vacuous as their faith.

    • Saw a piece about a PhD Harald Schmidt, medical ethics guy from U Penn. Going on about how elderly whites should fall in behind younger health care workers in the vaccination line because the older demographic is predominantly white while the younger health care workers more diverse. Plus whites have “disproportionate access” to medical services. The backlash has made him hem and haw about being misunderstood. When the revolution comes, these odious traitors really should be given special attention.

      • This is very, very good. No, really, it is. Don’t want to take your mandatory government goop shot? Make a huge production about how you’re heroically refusing vaccination until EVERY LAST POC, worldwide, has theirs. I’ll submit to the needle when and only when every pygmy in the deepest jungles of furthest Borneo has been vaccinated, because social justice.

          • Blacks are consequences of “our” evolution. Soviet Union was put up without corona or blacks or public education In the French revolution, there was no TV and video games. And in the Medieval racist Nazi witch hunt, there were not even Jews. Our own genetically mad fellow whites bring us one disaster after another.

          • I have to give you credit. At least for genocides and/or deadly wars and body counts, Caucasians rank at the top. Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, French Revolution, Europe religious persecutions (ex-Crusades), etc. Asiatic race up there too: China’s Mao, Genghis Khan, and probably more I don’t know of. Of course all races have their massacres, but could it be that higher IQ makes certain races more skillful in all matters, including mass killings? 🙁

          • “…. more skillful …”

            That’s exactly it. It is an error of sample bias to think that Europeans are anomalous in this area.

            It’s not that other peoples, especially Africans, don’t attempt to slaughter each other. It’s that they are not nearly as good at it due to low intelligence and social cooperativity.

            The exception in lack of competence is high-IQ Asians, on whom we have nothing when it comes to civilizational slaughter. China in the Great Forward and Cultural Revolution alone may have killed upwards of a World War 2’s number of people, and these were incidental deaths. Killing was not the actual objective.

          • trying to please them is making white people insane

            Mr Kipling nailed it:

            Take up the White Man’s burden –
            The savage wars of peace –
            Fill full the mouth of Famine,
            And bid the sickness cease;
            And when your goal is nearest
            The end for others sought,
            Watch Sloth and heathen Folly,
            Bring all your hope to nought.

        • Agreed. I am happy to let them be the guinea pigs. But once the side effects start to appear, it will be all about how POC have been hit the hardest.

        • Yeah, I see the silver lining if you are anti-vax. That doesn’t really figure into my point though. I want a list kept of every one of these bastards (particularly among Our own) that think it’s okay to denigrate, despise, or harm Our people.

      • Schmidt is an anti-white racist, just like every member of the Power Structure. I’m not the least bit surprised, although these people are usually a bit more circumspect about their AWR. They’re getting bolder, which may be a good thing. Perhaps the uber-obtuse Grillers will finally get the photo.

        • Zero Hedge is having a field day about NYC Dalton school. It’s getting silly when the faculty had gone too Woke for uber Liberals 😆

        • Right now they have a pack of sirloins and case of Pabst Blue Ribbon. They’ll worry about this silly genocide talk another day.

      • It’s almost as if there’s some collective guilt by the woke medical community for the old Tuskegee Study. Good luck getting blacks to line up for a medical experiment involving an untested vaccine. Wiser to be a white who voluntarily shun flying on commercial airlines. First they’ll try the carrot, then they’ll resort to the stick.

        • I’m distrustful of this vaccine and will be eschewing it. Not in an at-risk demographic anyway. As to what the black folk do, if it’s bad I hope they dont take it either. Don’t wish em harm, just dont want to live around them as a rule. These endless good whites bug me more than them though. I can understand that my enemy hates me. I cannot wrap my head around these traitors though.

        • It’ll have to be word of mouth because the media sure as shit aren’t going to bad talk the vaccine with Uncle Joe as the sugar daddy passing it out.

          We’ve seen they can be powerfully obtuse when it comes to hiding something they don’t want known for their side.

          • I just read a comment on a message board from a guy who was shocked that these “vaccines” don’t actually promise to stop the spread at all. I guess I thought everyone knew that, but if he’s getting his news from the MSM I’m sure they’ve been leaving that part out.

    • I remember when every community college professor in BFE would ape whatever newfangled thing they were doing at Harvard.

      I guess government works the same way

      • At least when those community colleges start running a fever & coughing we now know who to call.

    • They really do need to fear us and soon.”

      No they don’t. They have no reason to fear us. Having guns doesn’t make us a threat. Using them does and we won’t use them because of the consequences. The right needs to abandon its fantasies if it wants to win.

    • We haven’t yet reached that stage in AZ, but they will receive a warm reception if and when we do….As far as I’m concerned, Covid is a scam until proven otherwise, and I’ll believe they are concerned about our welfare when I see Cuomo and Whitmer hanging from lampposts with signs on their chests…

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