It appears that 2020 will go out with one last bit of madness in the form of what appears to be a random bombing in Nashville. On Christmas morning, according to the police and media, a camper van exploded on an empty downtown street. Supposedly, the police were warned there was a bomb in the area, so they cleared the streets and nearby buildings before the bomb went off. As unlikely as that sounds, it is the story they are currently pushing through the official media organs.

Obviously, the point of the bombing is the story. In a case like this, you have several possible motivations. One is political. The bomber is trying to make a political point that will eventually be revealed. Given the location, it seems unlikely. There is no government facility at the bombing sight. Nashville has not been a hotbed of radical unrest like Portland or Seattle. There has been little in the way of BLM activity or any made-up claims of right-wing activity.

That does not rule out politics, but it probably means the bomber or bombers are well outside the mainstream. In other words, they are crazies who found a reason to be crazy in this way. A lot of what gets classified as terrorism is in fact crazy people acting on something they picked up from the media. Dylann Roof is the media’s favorite terrorist, but in reality, he is a kid with severe psychological problems. Ted Kaczynski is probably the most famous case of crazy man politics.

You also have the more mundane explanations. The bomber could have been in a dispute with the owner of the building. He may have been romantically involved with someone that works in the building. The man responsible for the worst school shooting in American history was a guy who snapped after a local election. Andrew Kehoe went bonkers, killed his wife, burned down his farm and then went to the local school and killed 38 people before blowing himself up in a truck bomb.

Of course, the usual suspects will be flooding the internet with claims that the bomber is part of some wide-ranging secret conspiracy. He was sent by the deep state or maybe he was sent by Q to attack the deep state. This type of event is catnip for the sorts of people into conspiracy theories. Since it fits in well with the Q-grift and the plan-trusting grift, it will draw in the usual crowd. In fairness, the constant lying by people in authority is driving the rise in conspiracy mongering.

That is not to say there is no conspiracy behind this event. We still have no idea what really happened with the Las Vegas shooting. The assassination of Seth Rich on the streets of DC has never been explained. The truth of the FBI conspiracy to overturn the 2016 election has never been explained. You can make a long list of events over the last decade that have been covered up by the government or explained in a way that strains credulity. People are right to be skeptical.

This is the fruit of ruling class corruption. They refuse to abide by the rules and adequately enforce the rules. This lowers public trust. Then the ruling class tolerates an army of incompetents in the bureaucracy, which only makes the public more skeptical of their institutions. To remedy that problem, the media manufactures lies to explain it all, but those lies are rather easy to disprove. Our authoritarian overclass is a toxic blend of mendacity and mediocrity. They can no longer be trusted on anything.

The thing is it could very well be a sign of things to come. Make enough of the people miserable and some of them will respond. Unlike the old Soviet Union or modern China, the American ruling class is fully exposed. They do not live in guarded compounds surrounded by armed guards. They also rely on a managerial class to implement their rules and policies. Those credentialed managers live in easily accessed neighborhoods and travel around in public, totally unprotected.

Then you have the fact that America has tens of millions of people capable of making a decent truck bomb with common materials. How many people walking around in America have been trained by the military on the basics of this stuff? Think about how many guys saw how IED’s and car bombs were used in the Middle East. You do not even have to have had direct experience with these tactics. The use of car bombs and IED’s has been a staple of the mass media for a generation now.

It may seem farfetched but think about what has been normalized this year that was considered crazy talk in 2019. We have widescale lock downs of the population and official talk of internal passports and social credit systems. As America lurches into a high-tech prison state, expect the inmates to respond accordingly. The IRA made war on the support system of the British occupation this way. They used bombs to tell those people that the British could not protect them. It could happen here.

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203 thoughts on “Nashville

  1. From what I’ve seen online (granted it may be junk) it seems the bomber was a “Used White Guy” who was not recycled, per Reuters*. Working very part time doing minor PC work for a set of realtors, living in a crummy condo and/or RV, and probably fired by AT&T.
    I imagine this will only intensify the anti-White guy move to purge us all from nearly every part of society.
    *Reuters ran an article headlined “China Will Recycle Used White Guys” scare headline that CHINA will use older White guys fired for diversity quotas to hoover up tech secrets.

  2. Trump just cucked and signed the $900B pork-laden stimulus bill.

    It’s kayfabe all the way down.

    No one is coming to save us.

  3. We will never know who did the Nashville bombing. So, I will say with total media -like confidence, that an anonymous eye witness account claims it was “the same guy who shot up Las Vegas.” Arguments?Could be Hunter Biden.

  4. I’ve also read where the bomber was targeting 5G and the enhanced Surveillance State that it can create.

    But getting to a point that was made in the column, many of us don’t believe ANYTHING that we’re being told by big media. This does give easy rise to conspiracy theories. For instance, it could be that the FBI knew that this guy was slipping (in some forum) and egged him on to do something crazy. It just gives the FBI more power to snoop.

    This country is broken and that must be what our Rulers want.

  5. The motive seems to be coming into focus. Granted, this comes from federal law enforcement and is being filtered through the propaganda organs, so it may be disinformation. With that caveat:

    There are indications the bomber was into the 5G conspiracy theory. For those who don’t know, this is a belief fairly widely held by nutjobs in Britain that the coronavirus has been caused or transmitted by the towers and transmission lines of the newest generation of high speed broadband. Several hundred towers have been destroyed by fires and bombs in the UK by the believers. The conspiracy theory was initiated by the nihilists associated with several whacko environmental groups including Extinction Rebellion, which is a blend of Marxism with Climate Change as the state religion.

    Of course, given the Greenish nature of the theory, the Hollywood Left has embraced the psychosis. Woody Harrelson is one of the more vocal proponents.

    The FBI (yes, they easily may be lying) has asked associates of the suspected bomber, Anthony Quinn Warner, if they knew whether he embraced the 5G theory.

    If, in fact, 5G concerns based on environmental nonsense is the motive, it will be memoryholed and other aspects of the bomber, specifically his whiteness and maleness, will be played up.

    • That’s what the FEEBS want you to know. Fits their ‘White Christian Nationalist Trumpist Conspiracy Nut’ narrative well, doesn’t it?

      How about Occam’s Razor? Guy was forced out of his AT&T job and replaced with an H1-B el-cheapo, winds up doing grungy contract work on PC databases/comms for Realtors

      Finally says F*** AT&T and blows up their building..

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  7. I was driving yesterday for a holiday visit and I noticed a person running in the highway then getting hit by a speeding car and slung to the curve, I stopped to check on the person whom I found out was not badly hurt but as I also found out quickly a total nut job, this person was mentally deranged.
    They are out there.

    • Some crazy dude came from behind a building and charged at my buddy on his motorcycle to get himself hit deliberately

      Some crazies out there

  8. Actually there was something of value on that location. A telco center which the explosion took out. 911 in 3 states(roughly 100 miles in each direction) were/are knocked out as are police communications to a degree since they now rely on the same infrastructure as we do.
    Most folks have no clue how exposed our telco system is. Either the bomber was lucky or a telco person. BTW these are the last people the corporate world and feds should piss off. Because they can reduce both to being blind and out of commission.

  9. Elon is going to manufacturer RVs that are designed to be blown up. Save a ton on warranty costs….

  10. My guess is some intersection of AT&T and the stealection. But we’ll probably never know the truth, only the fiction.
    Wait, I’m sorry, we do have the FBI to sort it all out.

  11. It was a mall santa claus, laid off, tired of livin in his bago, down by the river. The country music awards sent him over the edge.

  12. Das teevee was all about collective, unity, togetherness after the Kabuki bomb theater.
    I checked the calendar and location but it wasn’t 1917 or Russia.
    AT&T? Don’t they do almost all of the comms for fedgov?
    Hmm…so hmm.

  13. The Paradox of modern Liberal Governance

    What is the point of governing your citizens through hate if 
    the government is what they hate the most?

    How messed up are you when the Nazbols (Nazis) think you’re Fascist?

  14. One of the iconic photos from the Vietnam War era was of a monk dousing himself with gasoline and then setting himself afire. As such, it was a protest heard round the world. Perhaps the Nashville incident is a similar act of desperation protest by someone who has had his life ruined by the COVID tyranny.

  15. This story was posted at 12:43 pm PST. This must be some sort of speed record:

    FBI at home of possible person of interest in Nashville bomb

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Federal investigators have identified a person of interest in connection with the explosion that rocked downtown Nashville on Christmas Day and were searching a home associated with that person, law enforcement officials said Saturday.

    • Can’t get past the brain dead Climate Changery. But the Citi ad at the beginning was a good dose of new reality.

  16. Surveillance camera down the street recorded audio for several minutes before the Nashville blast:
    People with explosives expertise have been saying this looks more like a meth lab or propane explosion than the usual fertilizer bomb. Noisy and relatively vertical blast field, but not nearly as destructive as it could have been.

    • One important step in figuring this out is the answer to the question of whether it was a deflagration (subsonic), or detonation (supersonic). Lots of prosaic everyday things from propane tanks, to gasoline vapor, to meth labs will deflagrate. They can certainly kill people and cause destruction but not as efficiently as detonations. The problem is that deflagration doesn’t rule out deliberate action while detonation (pretty much) rules out accident.

  17. Person of interest in Christmas Day Nashville bombing identified as 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner” – CBS Who knows?

  18. If whomever did this doesn’t leave a clear letter or other communication, the powers that be will use their media helpers to pin it on a ADL shortlist group.

  19. It’s amazing how clouded our epistemology has become. I do know that a place called Nashville, TN exists. But I don’t know if the videos of this event are real. I don’t know if the audio warnings were real, or merely inserted after the fact. And because I was not personally there when it (allegedly) happened, I cannot know if this bombing even occurred.
    Remember that part in 1984 where Winston finds the Edwardian-era room for rent in the old proletarian part of town? He rents the room in order to feel what it’s like to live in a place that is totally cut off from the fake world (there is no Telescreen there). Well, I am now contemplating turning my whole house into that “Edwardian room”.
    But I don’t know if that will make me more sane, or instead turn me into Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball.

    • I think about epistemology a lot lately. How do we really know anything? Especially today, how do you know that anything you see in the media is real? I think in the future we’ll all be forced to be a lot more skeptical of what we are told about the world outside our line of sight much less events thousands of miles away. A few days ago someone here posted a question about mass shootings. How do we even know these things occurred? Nevermind the questions about whether the alleged shooters really did it. I think we might eventually be forced to adopt a few basic epistemic principles as the starting point for what we will believe.

      My answer, which I didn’t have time to post, to the question about the shooters was that while physical evidence can be faked or destroyed, it’s very difficult to create (and then kill) fake people. If you’re going to fake a mass shooting you will have to kill real people at least. This isn’t because the media has any integrity but because we don’t (yet) live in a society with enough “reality control” to make this level of fraud possible.

      As for the bombing, I’m going to apply my principle of extreme skepticism here and simply say that it appears that some sort of explosion occurred in the area of the AT&T building in Nashville. Everything else, the RV, the warning tape, even that it was a bomb and not a gas leak, needs to be held up to extreme scrutiny.

      • your last paragraph is how I approach events that others would say are made in with a green screen. I think the media spins events, but I don’t think they cooperate with a phony, invented event.

      • Taken to an extreme, how can we be sure anything is real. Google “brain in a vat” if you’d like to wide through the mire of philosophy 😀
        On a more practical level, one of the biggest boons of a “real” education is simply that it it’ll give you the power to decide on whether a given claim is probable or even possible. For example, sadly one person shooting one, ten, or fifty others is possible. Rare fortunately, but possible. A vehicle filled with explosives and blowing up is possible. A suicidal maniac willing to die in the vehicle is possible too. At the other extreme, I present you with many of the popular claims and beliefs of our era, and you can decide for yourself what is likely true and what isn’t. Hint: anything dealing with money, religion and politics rapidly wades into the swamp of irrationality.

  20. Credible reports are emerging implicating Hunter Biden in this explosion. Twitter and Facebook are censoring all these stories. Dr. Jill Biden has stated on the record that she was treating Hunter at the Biden-Fang-Fang Clinic at the time of the explosion.

  21. Zman writes as if the AT&T NOC is *not* a government facility? Puh-leeze.

    This whole deal is already as hinky as Las Vegas. Bad bad smell. Big, big coverup.

  22. Well I stopped giving a single shit about USA cucks and I feel alot better. My plan now is to move to eastern europe asap and hold the line as best I can there. USA is sinking ship anyway from the macro trends so there’s no real positive future for anyone here anyway. Your gov’t doesn’t even control your currency, the jews that run the Fed reserve do. Dollar will be worth half as much in 10 years if that. No social security for anyone under 50, it’s already spent. Get out now if you have half a brain. I am asap.

    • you are correct, even if let’s say through some miracle usa returns to peace and quiet, reality is you can’t be sure your descendents will end up white, more and more white american kids enter interracial relationships(assuming they copulate or that they’ll even be fertile in the future), it’s better to go to eastern europe, where whites are prevalent.

      • How do you know eastern europe will be ok though? Only Hungary and Russia seem trustworthy. And even then when Orban and Putin die or leave it could change.

        I don’t see how white flight works any longer, tbh.

        Re race mixing I know some american families where like half their line is now mongrelized. Quite sad. There is alot of race mixing in Toronto too – as much as wignats love to hate on white women, white men seem just as likely to mix. And I’m seeing increasing numbers of mixed couples where both partners are non-white.

        • i’m not a good news giver, no one is truly safe from global israel order, i’m just sayin’ usa population will probably suffer worse fate than eastern europeans.
          let me put it this way, in case american whites get wiped out or ruin their genes it’s better to have a white american diaspora out there that MIGHT not suffer the same fate as them, see it as a contingency plan.

        • The US is currently the hub of the globalist wheel. As long as it remains intact and remains pozzed it will continue to at least try to spread its poison everywhere. So yes, if the current ruling class stays in power here there is no place to run long term. Then again if they are overthrown there will be plenty of good places even in the US that will remain good for us. No more migrant camps, section 8 housing, welfare, affirmative action, federally driven LBGTQ agendas in the public schools… All those river of shit originate in DC. Stop them at the headwaters and the rest of the nation can recover if they want to. Some places like CA have their own regional poz-centers but these will be weakened as well and will probably lose control of their hinterlands. Rural CA in particular is chomping at the bit to get free of LA, SF, and Sacramento.

      • I should have made my myself clear: countries holding US debt; Countries using US dollars as their reserve currency. Also countries reliant upon remittances in US dollars. That’s a whole lot of pain right there.

      • Yes, 1000 times yes, some type of break up of the US would a great thing for Europe, the US is the strong horse that leads the West, without the US that role would then possibly fall to Russia and or Germany, not perfect, but better than the US as it is today

        Yes yes, I know that Germany is controlled by idiots and fags, but in the end I think thats because of the US/Globo homo

  23. Excellent article, Zman. But must take issue with you on one point: the British did not and do not “occupy” N.Ireland, it is part of the United Kingdom. Similarly, the USA does not “occupy” Alaska or Hawaii.

    • Given the recent fad for stolen land acknowledgments, there are a bunch of blue-haired misfits that would disagree with you about that!

    • The USA, in a very real sense, currently occupies Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Germany, South Korea and Japan. None of those places can make decisions or take actions that are considered inimical to the interests of the American ruling class.

  24. “You can make a long list of events over the last decade that have been covered up by the government or explained in a way that strains credulity”

    A 52 story solidly built concrete building with steel columns & girders experiences a few small fires from debris on a couple of floors. Several hours later with the fires still largely contained in small areas the entire building collapses neatly into it’s own footprint at free fall speed turning into a little pile of rubble from a couple of office fires.

    I’ll take: “Shit that doesn’t occur naturally according to the laws of physics for 1000 Alex.”

    WTC 7—> The Smoking Gun and to this day everyone just shrugs their shoulders like ‘meh, whatever’. The fuckery we are witnessing today is simply an extension of that as TPTB quickly realized just how absolutely retarded & uncaring your average American Sheeple was at that time. It is exponentially worse now in the Mobile Phone Zombie generation.

    • i totally get. The bad optics of those. Towers coming down. What i. Can’t get,,, is the number of people that HAD to know it was a demolition by the government, who could keep this secret. I get the optics, not the back story.

      • Or why WTC7 had to quietly come down hours after the money shots of the twin towers falling. Also, where were the explosions that precipitate a demolition?

        I just can’t get on the troofer train. The sheer complexity of it defies possibility.

        • Actually in some footage there does appear to be some odd looking small charges prior to building collapse.

          I’m not a ‘truther’ but unless you are a total fucking retard with no understanding of physics / thermodynamics it strains credulity past the breaking point that a perfectly good 52 story building collapsed at free fall speed into its footprint from a few office fires in a single section of the structure.

          I have no idea what actually happened but you appear to be on the ‘meh, whatever’ bandwagon of simply waving it off and not acknowledging it is bizarre in the extreme what happened to this building. Do you have even one shred of a plausible explanation for why that occurred besides swallowing the party line or mystical hand-waving? Feel free to share…

          • What are the tolerances of the building?
            Energy from the plane hit?
            Energy from the multiple floors burning?

  25. Though I don’t think it’s the case here, but this is how one could go about making people susceptible to revolt against a feckless, incompetent ruling class. Take innocuous seeming situations, an RV or school bus parked somewhere, and then blow it up. The ruling class as we currently have will then tell some lies about it, they can’t help themselves. The people then transfer their fear and anger to the ruling class instead of the perpetrators.

    Hell, that doesn’t even have to be the case, but it’s going to happen here. The FBI has shot their bolt, and they’ll make some sort of goofy statement which will further erode trust. Normally the BATFE would be the lead, but they blew all their credibility a long time ago so they won’t be saying a word.

  26. One oddity was from one good aerial shot of the blast site. No apparent cratering. Looks more like the gas explosions saw in the FD. More of a big “push”. Propane (nat gas is lighter than air) flows more like water and if all the outlets were sealed and the interior stripped out could create a good sized explosion with an ignition point at the ceiling of the vehicle. Nat gas problems usually come from the opposite–gas layers at the ceiling then descends to find a pilot light or electrical/static spark within the lower/upper explosive range. And a basement room filled with gas will level a single family dwelling.

  27. this very well, as Z said, not be politically motivated. Nonetheless I feel we are edging towards the era of the IRA, RAF, PLO, SLA and what not.

    • We should be so lucky that Joe Six Pack Ameri-tard Sheeple finally finds his sack and realizes that his country is a shambling corpse being pulled apart by vultures. There are some encouraging signs lately, let’s see if the fire is truly lit.

      • If this happens, and the fires are actually lit, the level of violence will be so extreme that even I shudder to think about it. Imagine Killdozer man / McVeigh / Tarrant x 40 million guys. White men are quite docile but when they go crazy they are extremely insane and violent, plus high iq and handy.

        We shall see. I do have the image of 40 million guys driving around bulldozers through DC lol.

        But it is quite easy to see scenarios where things do spiral badly out of control, quickly.

  28. The obvious one is that the dwarf Yid Shapiro recently moved to that neck of the woods and the FBI, now free of the onerous job of trying to overthrow The Orange Man, can go back to their regular day job of manufacturing exploding Mohamed’s.

  29. The only logical explanation I can think of is someone needed to disrupt cell service to commit a heist. Some security companies have switched their services to cellular in the last few years after previously requiring landlines. The location and warning before the explosion are odd, there is no reason to think this would be a crowded area on Christmas morning. It could have been a crazy person with no real motive too.

  30. Ah yes the IRA, as it happens news picked this gem off twitter and the point is: The Irish.

    See there was a warning, and a weirdo on Youtube put up some stuff about COVID Irish lockdowns and…and..only the IRA gives warnings [gave warnings, the IRA is gone for 20 years] but using CSI/QAnon ….
    Yes, the actual Irish, based on Apophenic induction.
    Apophenia- ‘is the tendency to perceive meaningful connections between unrelated things’, see Q et al.
    Now since I’m actually Irish American I can’t rule it out, except to say not me or mine.
    It was a tendency perhaps tis said for UK unsolved violence to be put down to Irish for a time, and I don’t blame them at all.
    Now no I don’t think it was the IRA by the way, if you tell me it was Irish laid off by AT&T and pissed off about COVID lockdown and the facts support the case, I would believe it.

  31. Unlike the old Soviet Union or modern China, the American ruling class is fully exposed. 

    I’ve been saying for awhile that our rulers are laughably soft compared to past oppressors. The Bolsheviks, the Chinese communists, etc. imposed their will in an up close and personal way. They were also willing in the early days to put themselves on the line for their cause.

    Basically, they could both give and take a punch. What’s more, they knew what it felt like to be in the ring, the blood, the screams, the ugliness of it all.

    Our rulers have huge advantages over previous tyrants. Their surveillance abilities would bring a tear of joy to any Stasis agent worth his salt. They also can destroy a life with the push of a button. No need for expensive and bad optics gulags.

    So, yeah, our rulers can give a punch – though, importantly, they don’t have guts to use their own fists. But our rulers most definitely can’t take take a punch. They might want to remember that as they begin destroying life after life and creating more and more people who have nothing left to lose.

    • It is probably the same crack squad of 15 agents they sent to Daytona to investigate a garage door pull down rope.

    • That was my thought. A drug dealer tried to relocate his meth lab during a raid, police dogged him, he got trapped on the streets of downtown Nashville and a standoff happened with him threatening to light a match. That would explain the swift police presence, evacuation orders and giant kaboom… but not the swift FBI presence.

      The aftermath isn’t fitting that possibility. Sad. I was going to do a “Walter White Christmas” post.

    • I wasn’t gonna bring this up, because I’m fairly sure that dozens of these types of random incidents get reported around major news events like this, but an RV looking exactly like the one they’ve been showing in the news passed me 2 days before Christmas. It whipped around me as I turned onto our residential street from the major arterial I was on. Guy(?) was honking his horn at me while passing at a high rate of speed, almost tipping over onto his left side. I was thinking “F*ck U Jesse Pinkman.” Anyway, I don’t live anywhere near Nashville.

    • There are very few meth labs in this country anymore. In the last 7 years as a defense attorney, I have not seen one case that involved a charge of manufacturing meth. There used to be a lot of them.

      The meth trade is now run by the cartels and the stuff comes right over the wide open border. The stuff is much higher quality and cheaper than hillbilly meth. Plus, the cartels don’t like competitors and will kill anyone who interferes with their markets. Local producers are few and far between.

  32. I think whatever amount of terrorism we have coming (and I think it’s coming) it will pale in comparison to the horror of infrastructure collapse. Because politicians have to obey lobbyists, they have to veto as much sensible “roads and bridges” legislation as they can. Look up the “Morandi Bridge” collapse in 2018. Italy has the excuse of being a truly ancient civilization. The Baltimore Gas & Electric explosion in your neck of the woods, and the indifference to lead in the water in Flint, are partially a result of vibrancy scaring away productivity, but it’s also the fact that no one cares. And since Whites are well below Negroes in the current dispensation, you can expect the rulers’ war against us to claim a hell of lot more of us in coming years. Factor in the Percocet and Fentanyl and they’ve got quite a big head start on whitey. The IRA had it easy.

    • and the government has to rely on their frontline protection by Laquisha and Tyrone

      I wonder at what point do they become race realists?

      • The people at the top are all race realists, they know everything about race that you know, and maybe they know a little extra, but they want to keep their seats at the top table, so they push the lies and pretend to believe, no different to the USSR or and ideological system, even religions are the same, I bet at leat 50% of the priests in the Vatican are atheists, an even higher number are homo

  33. I always thought Zman’s prediction that civil unrest in the US would look like The Troubles more than Bosnia to be spot on.

  34. Okay, does anyone else have that page from Google that’s just a list of links ‘you might be interested in’ sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. Like for some reason I got a lot of sports and then you can say I’m not interested in that but they keep pushing the sports or degeneracy anyway. they really love pushing that. Anyway for the last week it’s been solid RV stuff. I don’t know why And I just find it weird.

    • I was talking with my BIL last night about how RV dealers are probably having their best year ever since people still want/need to travel but refuse to suffer the indignities of the current flying situation. Would anyone be surprised if some contrivance arose to crush that mode of travel?

    • In California, a lot of people were recently buying or renting RVs in order to visit family while observing quarantines. That could explain the Big Tech staffers thinking about RVs.

      God, I hate the quarantines. There’s so many True Believers here… so many Baby Boomers willing to sacrifice the world just to avoid the 5% worst-case mortality rate of a Coof-death. Face it, Gramps, when you’re 70 and in remission from cancer, every year has a 5% mortality rate.

      • So many True Believers! Or even if they’re not true believers they’re halfway there. I know 0 people like me in real life who think this is essentially a bad flu and whatever is happening is Sinister

    • Google knows everything you do and probably predicted your upcoming actions and subsequent needs. Obviously, given what happened to your last RV, they knew you’d be in the market for a new one!

  35. I was involved in some of the very early post-911 collaboration between AT&T and the NSA (the list of people who know more about the  Narus STA 6400 than me is pretty short). I was a contractor doing work deeply involved in the effort but not “need to know” so there was always squirrelly stuff going on just out of earshot of me. It was very spooky at times. I’ve been in some of those AT&T NOCs.

    The idea that the choice of this AT&T building was a political one is extremely plausible.

    • I had not seen the AT&T part until now. Yeah, that could be nothing or it could be something. We have a lot of unguarded telecom stuff in this country.

      • The big red wall built in front of the ATT building you see all the pictures is a blast wall. Built specifically to protect the building from just what happened. Sorta worked.

        • We live 35 miles south of Nashville. At 11:03 AM Christmas Day our internet went down, along with landline phone, cable TV followed a short time later and our new AT&T service cell phones quit, too. Went to a friend’s to use her Verizon mobile phone to call relatives out-of-state to wish them a Merry Xmas and to tell them we were OK. Emergency services like 9-1-1 were kaboloxed, not sure for how long. The outage got as far as KY and AL. It was almost 48 hours later that we got the cell phones back, followed by the rest of the stuff.
          Very weird and stressful to be out of communication with the rest of the world. One humorous thing happened: saw on Facebook that the police had stopped an old boxy RV traveling south on Rte 231 from Lebanon TN where some joker was playing a recording of the “Evacuate Now” message on some sort of audio system in the van. It was a hoax of course, but when I read it it made me laugh.
          People, we’ve been ground down to almost nothing this past year. We need to rise up and just make fun of our supposed betters. Laugh at the Bidens, the Muellers, Bill Barr and so on. Susan Rice a National Security Adviser to the President-Elect. What a riot! See what I mean? Refuse to take them seriously. The joke is not on us if we stand up to these doofusses and their media sidekicks.

    • Wasn’t there a quite sophisticated “attack” on communication hub or electrical station out in California a few years ago? I thought former navy seal Matt Bracken commented that it had all the hallmarks of a dry run or proof of concept attack? Interesting speculation.

      • Yes, a sniper hit on the cooling system of a transformer substation in South San Jose. Coolant leaked, expensive equipment fried.

  36. Tasty piece of mind candy here. Etched into the minds of all now is the potential of all RV’s being bombs, something security operations at the inauguration will no doubt be losing their sh🤡t over. Meanwhile, the C-4 packed saintmobile Prius (plural?) escapes the attention of the dc police and slips unnoticed into the secured zone.

  37. Weird thing is the warning to evacuate. To me it rules out Islamists, and makes a demonstration of some kind, either politically domestic, or a foreign country telling intelligence agencies to F off. Anon conspiracies are out in full force, tying it to the ATT building, and thence to the Georgia runoff. Seems unlikely that something like this could be assembled that quickly, but what do I know.
    What I do feel confident about is that this is our future. The Left are the ones who have crossed the Rubicon, engaged in sedition against an elected president, and now brazenly stealing an election. Given the number of scoped deer and sporting rifles in this country, there are going to be consequences. Stay away for crowds.

  38. Given the sophistication, warning, and target, the most likely explanation is that this was a warning and/or test regarding the vulnerability of communications infrastructure. An outside possibility is that it was a false flag, but the narrative is moving kinda slowly for that one. The mundane explanations (e.g. ex-employee mad at AT&T) don’t make sense. So who would want to send such a warning or conduct such a test? The conspiracy theories here do fit the attack. It could be one faction or the other in the deep state. These factions exist, and they see their conflict as existential. Rogers and Flynn are not part of the same culture as Clapper and Brennan. It could also be someone external, though likely not Russia or China because they could do something smarter. Iran would also be incredibly dumb to do this. By elimination, the internal warning/test hypothesis* should be a leading candidate.
    *(what Z calls the “conspiracy theory,” a term means to enstupify the sheep)

    • Rectification of names: “conspiracy theory” is a bad name for the internal warning/test hypothesis because it’s emotional, and because it mischaracterizes the likely mechanism. The likely mechanism is emergent behavior by lower-level members of a patriotic or globalist faction with current or past ties to the security establishment.

      • The thing is, there are conspiracies. The 2016 FBI scandal is a perfect example. The role people like Alex Jones plays though is to make all thoughts of conspiracy seem deranged, thus no one asks too many questions.

        • I agree but the stigma of being called a “conspiracy” theorist is losing it’s sting and alot of normal people believe one now.

          • Americans ought to know better than to NOT believe in Conspiracies . After all their nation was founded by a conspiracy called the Committees of Correspondence and by a bunch of guys clandestinely meeting in coffee houses.

          • I agree but the stigma of being called a “conspiracy” theorist is losing it’s sting and alot of normal people believe one now.

            At this point, how can anyone NOT believe in the underlying truth of these conspiracies which are unfolding right in front of their noses?

            Can Fauci & Gates manufacture a vaccine which renders sterile everyone EXCEPT the tiny handful who still fail to see the conspiracies?

            Preserve the bloodlines of the pathologically clueless so that they can continue to work as the house servants of the oligarchs after the great depopulation of the Earth to only 500 million inhabitants?

            1 million oligarchs and 499 million Stepford Wives to wait on them?

        • Jones is interesting because he correctly calls so much of what is going on, then proceeds to tank his credibility by interviewing Dave Icke and talking about the lizard people for 1/2 an hour.

    • ‘Zactly–a proof-of-concept demolition of AT&T network center. Leaves BLM, Antifa, Deep State or Mohammedans as primary suspects except for that warning tape thing.

      • Religion of peace wouldn’t set off a bomb like this. They’re smarter since 2016 and have toned down the terrorism (for now). If they were to do something, they wouldn’t let you know in advance. Honestly this demonstrates a level of thinking that is too high for the average Mohammedan.

      • None of the above. The BLM folks are too stupid as are the Muzzies. The feds could do it but it exposes the how fragile our telco system is. That is not something they want people to know since the authorities are utterly dependent on it.

    • To me, once one enters conspiracyland, this is an obvious shot across the bow to inhibit a pardon for Edward Snowden, who spilled the beans on how AT&T shares data with the feds. A false flag. “How can you even think about pardoning Snowden when his buddies are blowing up buildings?”

      • Alternatively, it is an excuse to selectively shut down both the internet and the other government communication networks at will, going forward for the next few weeks, if Trump has ideas and some factions of the government might be in league with him. See, once you enter conspiracyland, the sky’s the limit. We live in such interesting times…

        • Trump couldn’t order a ham sandwich from the White House kitchen and have the request honored at this point.

          Sad but true.

  39. Supposedly, the police were warned there was a bomb in the area, so they cleared the streets and nearby buildings before the bomb went off. As unlikely as that sounds…

    The IRA did that in Britain. If the story is legit, it’s most likely white guys.

      • The media is now fully memory-holing anything related to white men. There are thousands of people protesting in Toronto every week against lockdowns – you wouldn’t even know it happened unless you saw it live.

        They are scared of us… But they are also going ramp up the “unpersoning” of us I think. We need to be atomized, and feel that we’re alone in thinking bad thoughts.

        • The media will ignore the threat until their tracheas are ripped out and fashioned into wearable art sold on Etsy.

          • Basically yes.
            In war there is now something called the Clinton Doctrine which in a nutshell is “The press is an enemy asset and a primary legitimate target in wartime.”
            And note this will be Sinaloa Style “You either shut up or report how we, whover we is, want or else.”

      • The videos of the warning and initial news reports had the tape of the weird warning and countdown.
        As the observed media tendency over decades is the truth slips out the first hour and then is suppressed*, I actually believe the recorded warning and countdown legit. Not to mention the low casualties in comparison to damage to what was partially a residential area support same.

        *see among many examples the Columbine Shooting:
        The first news hour was ‘OMG that’s the *Gay* trench coat mafia” after the first hour it became the Trenchcoat Mafia. Gay got the Spike, as Arnaud DeBorcharave described it.

      • Apparently it took out a major local AT&T network node. Power out, switches destroyed, basement flooded. So it may have been an infrastructure attack with no intended loss of life.

    • A couple of years ago I would have agreed with you but Z is correct that nothing coming from the official media or the government can be believed.

    • The British establishment was much tougher than our rulers. The American Troubles wouldn’t last very long.

      As I noted in my comment, our rulers can give a punch – though they prefer to do so electronically than physically which is telling – but they can’t take a punch. I’m surprised how exposed they are. You’d think that they’d know their weakness and get behind some serious walls.

      • That’s the downside (from their point of view) to all the censorship. They go on Twitter and nobody disagrees with them. They think their opinions are mainstream and everyone agrees with them.

        All the clowns of clown-world live without the fear of reprisals. They think they are perfectly safe and normal, that their kids are safe and that their spouses are safe. Perhaps they are. Who knows?

    • IRA Progression:

      1. Demand self rule
      2. Bomb, murder and maim
      3. Win self rule
      4. xxxx yyy xxxk hduenv?!?
      5. Voluntarily give up self rule to join EU, go really gay, embrace abortion, eradicate the church that made steps 1-3 possible, all-in on globohomo

      Something went seriously amiss at step 4.

      • Great point. What was the point of all the troubles if they were just going to let blacks in and allow trannnies to teach their kids?

      • Right after the 2017 inauguration, Ireland sent an envoy to plead not to deport the Irish illegals who send hundreds of millions a year back home.

      • Something went seriously amiss at step 4.

        There’s a dark black emptiness in the heart of the Southern Irish potato n!ggerz which is very difficult for Christians to understand.

        I imagine the same is true of the Sicilians, although I don’t have nearly as much personal experience with the Sicilians as I have with the Southern Irish.

        When the Vatican lost its mojo in the early 1960s, and ceased to believe in its own legalisms, the Southern Irish were left without anything to prop up their underlying emptiness.

        And now they wander the earth purposelessly, as the soullless ghouls which they always were.

        The legalisms had simply given them a facade of humanity to hide behind.

        PS: Any Southern Irish who wish to object to this analysis are welcome to review the Hunter O’Biden laptop documentation of Hunter’s affair with his niece, Natalie, and to watch all the j00t00b videos of Hunter’s Dad molesting little girls in broad daylight, and to read about the millions?/tens-of-millions??/hundreds-of-millions??? of dollars in bribes which Hunter & his Dad & his Uncle Jim O’Biden took from the Chicoms.

        Empty. Soulless. Ghouls.

        • Tiocfaidh ár lá 🙂

          Also just how Irish is Joe Biden, Trump would have a better claim, his mother was a Gael from Scotland

        • Us sicilians get a bad rap, but we have a history of being conquered and colonized by literally everybody. No doubt the dna of pirates and rebels runs through our veins. Other Europeans may look down on us but we are definitely not woke progressive liberals. The mafia might even come in handy if the politicians are too cowardly to stop immigration one day.

        • They only made it to step 3 by allying with the Left which meant step 5 was inevitable. The Left is good at politics and will always call in its favors.Step 5 negates step 3.

      • Part of Irish rebellion is just being anti-English. (A “negative identity” as our esteemed author says). So, the ardent embrace of Papism was party as a middle finger to the English and their Church of England.
        Once they had self rule after The Troubles, they didn’t really know what to do with it. They could sense in the air that the English were skeptical of the EU and their Euro, so the Irish were all for it.
        If Globohomo and the Poz are the price for giving the middle finger to the English, so be it.

  40. The first thing I thought when I heard about the bombing was the bomber had about a 98% chance of being named Muhammad something-or-other. Christmas day. Truck bomb. Yeah, Muhammad.

      • I’ll take those odds!

        I heard about it right when it happened, before all the recorded warning message stuff was coming out.

        • I thought the same as you T. But… the mudflaps typically don’t warn people before they detonate. This is not the work of a pisslamic loon.
          The Patriots are likely off the suspect list too. If you push them into situations where suicidal terrorism is on the menu… they tend to go “killdozer”. They will have a strategic target.
          The nogs of BLM don’t have the smarts for this, and the spaghetti armed soys of ANTIFA dont have the discipline or the motivation for it.
          We are either dealing with a new player or an incredibly focused but deranged nutter.

          • Lots of coal and other mining in TN (=relatively easy access to explosives). My judgment, based on just a few headlines: lone redneck/white trash pushed over edge, ANFO bomb (easily made, this was what they used at Oklahoma City in 1995 (?)), suicide attack. Choice of target, date, and reported warnings consistent with wanting to (pardon the expression) go out with a bang, but not take innocents with him.

      • I think most folks involved in Antifa are too nihilistic and narcissistic to go to great lengths to warn people.

        • Antifa doesn’t even exist outside Globohomo’s support. They are the muscle of the ruling class to make it more difficult for patriots to gather. And throw fits / cause destruction to pressure politicians and judges.

          Unless globohomo wanted this random bomb set off I don’t think Antifa did it. When they’re not on call they’re smoking weed and dilating.

          • Antifa are GlobHom’s expendable auxiliaries for softening up patriots before regime forces roll in heavy and mop up.

            Antifa would be the first up against the wall or chucked in a ditch on the other side of any armed conflict where GlobHom won.

        • Apparently, it may have been bought at an auction. Hard to visualize antifa showing up at a vehicle auction to buy a camper van.

      • I heard about it pretty early. None of the details that came out later were known to me. I think it was around 9:45 or so when I heard it. I just figured major Christian holiday, car bomb, must be the religion of peace.

        • no chance. they have never and i do mean never warned ahead of time to avoid deaths . the muslims didn’t do it .

          • I was just saying I didn’t know that. The jump to the religion of peace was my natural reaction to a truck bomb on a major Christian holiday. But as more details came out, it seemed less certain that it was them.

      • Can’t be ANTIFA. No free gender reassignment surgery yet in Tennessee. And no Soros DAs in there to issue get out of jail free cards.

      • Thought the same. The bulldozer/tank guy years ago was pretty good case example of how some white guys get irrationally angry and spend months plotting revenge and going out in a blaze of property damaging “glory” (in their minds, anyway)

        This looks much the same, but who knows? No one will ever believe the official explanation, no matter how much evidence they uncover.

    • 1) Claims are circulating to the effect that AT&T Nashville [Bell South] had a contract to examine Dominion voting machines:

      Apparently s/p the bombing, AT&T Nashville is in tatters & has been flooded with Fire Department water spray.

      2) The FAA has classified airspace around the Nashville bombing scene as “National Defense Airspace”, and has invoked the term “May Use Deadly Force”:

      And one final reminder – is anyone here old enough to remember the bomb which killed the prospective son-in-law of Georgia Gubner Brian Kemp?

      I realize it was decades & decades ago, but perhaps some of the oldph@gs might remember the story.

      The kid’s name was Harrison Deal…×720/iXJ40LYrf844VAPR.mp4

      • I have no idea how this sh!t-for-software decides to support [or not support] text formatting.

      • The Harrison Deal car explosion was on 12/4/20. It was heard a mile away and the engine block was thrown 50 – 60 yds. from the car. Don’t think he got an audio warning.

    • Mo wouldn’t use a recorded warning and would be going for mass casualties.
      Possibles include A wannabe Hans Gruber. the CIA taking out an NSA asset that they think has election info they don’t want in play (or as a warning) or some misguided types.

      • the CIA taking out an NSA asset that they think has election info they don’t want in play

        The CIA [and the brass of the DOD] versus the NSA is the only explanation which makes sense anymoar.

        The explanation also has the added benefit of satisfying the demands of Occam’s Razor.

        I don’t know much about the fellows in the DOD below the level of the top brass, although everything I’m reading indicates that the USN is now GLBT central command & control, and that the USN can no longer be counted on in an Happening.

        Oddly enough, though, the USN’s USMC subsidiary is one of the few organizations which probably still can be trusted.

        But I doubt the USMC has access to the nuke codes on the submarines – those codes are now firmly in the hands of GLBT.

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