Fantasy Camp

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A popular aphorism on this side of the great divide is a line from the poet T. S. Eliot who wrote “Humankind cannot bear very much reality.” Most of the time it is part of a general critique of the age, with regards to the human condition. Our betters, rather than face the reality of the human condition, concoct comfortable sounding fantasies to explain the inequality of man. The reason Johnny can’t read, for example, is because of some flaw in the schools, not the mating decisions of his ancestors.

Reality avoidance is a modern problem. In recent times it seems to have become something of a plague on society. Movies and television have shifted from fantastical tales of human achievement, like space travel, to comic book tales of god-like creatures saving the child-like humans from reality. Mainstream politics is one fantasy camp screaming at the other fantasy camp over their imaginary differences. The mass media makes fantasy literature look like a technical manual.

The election of Donald Trump has probably been the greatest catalyst for political fantasy in American history. Since he came down the escalator in 2015, few have bothered to look directly at the reality of this phenomenon. Instead, all sides have spent the last five years building elaborate, plausible explanations for what was happening around Trump, rather than accepting it at face value. Our politics the last five years has been a war between competing realities.

Those fantasy versions of Trump are not fixed. Take for example the alt-right crowd that jumped on the Trump train earlier than anyone. They convinced themselves he was the Pinochet they imagined, who would come to power and rescue them from the fringes of political reality. When the reality of Trump turned out to not be something other than the rise of the god-emperor, they turned the other way and created a fantasy world in which they have always been deeply skeptical of Trump.

In this version of reality, we see the use of a scapegoat character that is common to all of the political fantasy camps. The “boomer” is the uncritical believer in conservative politics that is the archenemy of the red-pilled realist. Whatever contradicts the fantasy is boomer politics. They heap onto this character all of the things they think are wrong with modern politics. Even their impotence is the fault of the boomer. For them, Trump is the king of the boomers, who refused to accept the red-pill.

Of course, fantasy has a kernel of reality. The people still convinced that Trump will make some last-minute move to deny Biden the election are delusional. They can accept that the election was rigged, but they cannot accept that this is the result of a deeply corrupt system that is beyond reform. They hold onto the fantasy that somehow, within the rules, there is a solution to the problem. They are now like a UFO cult waiting for January 6th to see the prophesy revealed.

Probably the most deluded people in this age are those fully invested in establishment politics, both Left and Right. The cranks and nutjobs embracing woke politics think they are fighting the man. The fact that the most powerful institutions on earth are backing them is lost in the fantasy. The racketeers of Conservative Inc., in contrast, are sure that once Trump is gone it is back to business. They will be out there selling Reagan and Buckley memorabilia to a new generation of conservatives.

Lost in all of this is the fact that Trump will waddle off the stage next month and no longer serve as the catalyst to these fantasies. The red-pilled crowd will need to come up with a new way to convince themselves they are special snowflakes. They won’t have the MAGA-hat wearing boomer as a foil. The true believers in MAGA world will not have Q or their god emperor to star in their fantasy. Both sides of this relationship will be looking for a new type of escapism.

The mainstream crowd will have it a bit easier, simply because they can plug into mass media and forgot about the world. Still, they will have to come to grips with the fact that they helped install a dementia patient in the White House. The people around the Pretender Biden are not interested in the colored revolution. They just want to steal as much as they can before it is too late. Those longer for a return to the old ways will have to find a new excuse for why things are not working.

Next month will kick off something of a triple witching hour in the fantasy camps of American politics. The three main camps have relied on Trump as a tent pole to hold up their preferred version of reality. With Trump headed off to retirement, those fantasy versions of realty are no longer tenable. The red-pilled will need a new way to pretend they are special snowflakes. The MAGA crowd will need a new banner around which to rally and the blue-pilled will need a new devil.

People may prefer fantasy to reality, but reality does not go away when you stop believing in it. In the coming months, lots of people are going to arrive at the end of a fantasy road. Maybe they come up with a new fantasy. Maybe the ruling class brings back the escapism of sports and consumerism. It’s also possible that people have run out of ways to avoid facing the reality of this age. Like all forms of escapism, the world of fantasy politics may be coming to an end.

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351 thoughts on “Fantasy Camp

  1. “….The people still convinced that Trump will make some last-minute move to deny Biden the election are delusional…They are now like a UFO cult waiting for January 6th to see the prophesy revealed.”

    I agree with this, but I am puzzled about why Trump is calling everyone to DC on the 6th. Why bring everyone in just to lose?

  2. This post is going the way of the Dodo-bird, but one last thought is that I do believe that different peoples can co-exist in basic harmony. But it’s (((the agitators))) that compel this arrangement under duress of charges of racism that need to be condemned. This minority group, which has the highest household income in the USA, dons it’s “oppressed mask” to tell all other minorities that they should be angry at the majority (White people) for holding them back (classic Cultural Marxism). But how is it that (((they))) have not been held back by the White majority?? Such hypocrisy … woe to you, hypocrites!

  3. I wish to God that the people behind Biden-Harris just wanted to steal — those kinds of people have been with, and sometimes in charge, of America since the beginning.
    I’m afraid stuff like mass immigration, the legalization of every sexual perversion, starting with homosexuality and which won’t end with pedophilia, the destruction of the national and, until recently, common culture (see the not new war on the Founders and Christmas), represents rather more than mere theft.
    Only two people really believed money was the source of all evil: Thomas More and Karl Marx — and both were wrong. So are you if you think what we’re facing are merely thieves.

  4. On the one hand, I am buoyed by the truth that God governs in the affairs of man, sets up kings and takes them down. On the other hand I am utterly depressed by the truth that God governs in the affairs of man, sets up kings and takes them down. Interesting times, no doubt ahead.

  5. Maybe it’s the beer talking, but this seems to be a perfect time to join arms with like-minded people in Europe. They know that we’ve suffered the election hoax, and we’re both still suffering from the Covid hoax. If we could somehow use these event to ally with our European brothers to form something of a unified US/Canadian/European resistance, or common declaration, that would give us some hope that we’re not entirely at the mercy of our Rulers. I know … probably naive, but just venting my spleen a bit.

  6. “In the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, the summer of 2020 produced riots the extent of which rivaled the week after the murder of Martin Luther King in 1968.”

    It is pap like this that makes Tacky mag a place to click away from.

  7. Trump served his purpose. He’s been a liability for two years. I would have preferred that he would have gone at least three or four while moving the ball in our direction. Clearly the writing was on the wall at the half way point. Nonetheless he did move the Overton window in the right direction through his rhetoric. Even if it was only a few inches. The omnibus bill yesterday was a case in point of how Congress found out he was full of shit after the failed shutdown and had been calling his bluff ever since.

  8. In nearly 300 comments so far, everyone claims to KNOW that Trump is defeated and finished. And yet, we are aware of some realities: We KNOW Trump won a historic landslide; we also know there was historic vote fraud to swing the election; and we know the country is sharply divided between those who support Trump very strongly and those who hate him (and us). What we DON’T KNOW is what’s going to happen on January 20th. Go ahead. Laugh. In the meantime, we wait.

  9. Fantasy politics will not end until fantasy politicians are hung. There must be consequences for the grift.

  10. Reality is gonna punch alot of delusional motherfuckers in the face once the dollar shits the bed. Comphy assholes with big lettuce in the bank will start shitting their pants….the guy in the tent eating cat food won’t seem so funny. Trump was a canary in the mine, all talk, no balls. The real ass kickers show up when destiny demands it.

  11. We have dope and video games. Dr. Fauci and Billy Gates love me and want to keep me safe just like mommygov.
    People who work in government do so for the good of the collective and the media would never lie to me.
    The all genders welcome bathroom sign (hecho en China) is sporty but the edges are sharp and we need a warning sign on the side.
    Loveable Ol’ Uncle Joe will charge up my EBT card because we’re all in this together, comrade.
    Let’s get some unity crackalackin’ down at the stripmall as there is a special on food imported from China.
    Don’t forget your obedience muzzle.
    Welcome to Costco, I love you.

  12. Watched a little football on the idiot box yesterday and between the players in the game and the advertising that dominated it I began to wonder how ended up in Nairobi without leaving the house.

  13. In reference to your taki essay Z , I imagine nothing much will happen domestically until something big happens with China. I start with the assumption that the CCP has a goal of destroying US influence in their immediate neighborhood. If you grant that premise, a dementia joe and willy brown’s hoe admin seems like a golden opportunity to strike. Our leadership class is manifestly weak and contemptible. On the other hand a terribly handled peer-war may be the catalyst needed to inspire some kind of revolt and overthrow of the criminals and parasites holding all the commanding heights in what we used to call the united states.

    • China and India nearly came to War over the Himalayas this summer. Their troops fought with shovels and knives as I understand it with the Chinese besting the Indians at close to 18,000 feet. China wants/needs the Himalayan watershed and thats the death blow for India.
      So China-backed Joe vs. Kamala the choice of Silicon Valley Guptas. A farcical yet deadly mirror to the confrontation on the roof of the world. Neither can allow their rival to gain control over the White House and each would be tempted to do anything control America’s military force against the other. Its like Canada where every politician has to pay homage to Sikhs despite them bombing an Air Canada jetliner.

  14. Typo?

    When the reality of Trump turned out to not be something other than the rise of the god-emperor,

    Double negative here that you probably didn’t intend,

    • I think Z has it correct

      “not be something” = something other than

      When they found Trump to be something other than the God Emperor they…

      IOW they had been hoping he’d be their God Emperor, but they later learned he wasn’t.

      How I read it anyway

  15. As I wait for approval, two fantasies I note are:

    1. Woke being able to rule even as well as the corrupt crowd around Biden/the Clintons.
    2. Electric Cars.

    Both are likely to be as disastrous as a Sioux Ghost Dance.

    • I have no idea why some of your posts end up in the suspected spam folder. There are a couple of others that get trapped like this too.

    • Dude, don’t harsh my buzz, I make a ton of money on TSLA options!

      (Yes, I know this all ends in tears.)

  16. Looks like the Woke are in full attack mode. Data points:

    1. The Vagina Monologues have been canceled because trannies object.
    2. Hillary Baldwin (Alec’s wife, he is the world’s greatest actor!) has been canceled for larping as a Mestizo.

    The driving force is the ambitious but stupid people of color who need to push out the old guard to gain power and income. They are targeting the liberal old guard first. Eve Ensler, and now Alec Baldwin. That is … interesting as it suggests he’s utterly dispensable now. And that even liberal White men have no real power compared to the Woke crowd.
    Its a fantasy that the Woke can rule as well as those they replace. Baldwin can be mildly entertaining at times. Woke scolds just remind Whitey they are occupied by aliens who hate them.
    The other fantasy is Electric Cars and autonomous vehicles. The latter are decades away as it would require local computing power orders of magnitude faster and better than what is available now, with redundant systems and sensors. Already Google had its self-driving car pulled from Arizona after a fatal crash (the POC “driver” was asleep as the vehicle ran over someone). Electric Cars? There is not enough electricity now to provide for air conditioning when its hot. Batteries might be marginally cheaper but energy density, charge times, battery life, battery hazards (lithium-ion batteries tend to explode and catch fire when exposed to oxygen or water) are still unsolved and likely to remain so without fundamental changes in battery technology. Yet I read investment analysis in the FT recommending this sector.

    • I posted this comment on a car magazine story singing hosannas about the glory of the electric car “revolution.”
      The responses by so-called “enthusiasts” were illogical and insulting.

      How can a glorified, sound-free golf cart be exciting for the driver? How can the grid handle millions of these chargers?

      I will never own or drive an EV and if our idiotic ruling class demands these for everyone, they can pry the keys of my ICE vehicle from my cold, dead fingers.

      EVs are a ticket to serfdom. It’s sickening that C&D is pushing this EV propaganda, because EVs will be the death of enthusiasm for cars since these vehicles are soulless appliances with no passion.

      Remember how Tesla routinely extends the range of its cars to allow owners to escape natural disasters? What’s stopping them from shutting your car down completely if there is an unconstitutional stay-at-home order? Until there is charging tech that takes a long as a fill up and the cars have a range of 500 miles, the sales rate of these expensive, soulless, glorified golf carts will be neglible at best.

  17. The fantasy ends when the Ponzi scheme economy collapses. One of the most blatant signs of collapse — and the one most often overlooked — is the fact that in 2000, our national debt was $5 trillion and we had an annual surplus. Today our national debt is pushing $30 trillion and this year’s deficit alone is $3 trillion.

    I remember how people freaked out in 1987 when the Dow “collapsed” from 2,500 down to 2,000. Today the Dow is trading over 30,000. Equity overvaluations have been driven almost entirely by Zero Interest Rate Policy and tax deferments through IRAs and 401(k) plans.

    Trump came into office calling out the fact that we were in a “big, fat bubble” and he’s leaving office praising the overvalued market, running a $3 trillion deficit and demanding that we print $2000 per person rather than $600.

    The Black Swan that is going to greet the Harris Administration is the collapse of the dollar into Weimar funny money and massive inflation — probably right after the Democrats amnesty another 40 million Third World border-crashers demanding American welfare and they print another $20 trillion to buy 2024 votes with.

    Ammo will be the new currency. Make sure you have plenty of it; they will surely make it illegal to possess just before the SHTF.

    • They’ve been driven buy money printing, buybacks and the fact that the Fed is buying securities with the money they print. BTW: NOBODY VOTED FOR THIS.

    • I agree with most of what you say, but the Dems no longer need illegals when they can simply create fake ballots without fear of punishment.

    • There has been no “annual surplus” since 1958.
      Why people parrot this easily exposed lie is beyond me,
      Sheer, ignorant, gullible, stupidity I guess.

      • Yes, we’ve heard you state this—and perhaps soundly—before, but the way the official measures were computed then indicated such. In any event, the time referenced, *2000*, was a reasonable low point in deficit spending that is not unreasonable to point to.

        • The original source is the US Treasury Dept.
          They have a hundred plus years of history easy to find on line,
          The lie was originally spawned by the Left to make Clinton look good. Their lies should never be allowed to go uncorrected.
          “‘My other piece of advice, Copperfield,’ said Mr. Micawber, ‘you know. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds nought and six, result misery.”
          As People who go bankrupt know, there is all the difference in the world between deficit spending and a surplus.

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  19. As usual you pose as the wise man above the fray. If only us poor deluded creatures would for once grasp such knowledge and foresight then maybe the blind can see. Is it safe to assume you have family and friends that still reside in such an ignorant country? If so, are they worthy of your respect and compassion? Or maybe you are alone.

  20. And let’s not forget the other human fantasy, that life will and should fall into a pattern whereby the world around us is assumed to change noticeably on 12-month annual intervals, that a new year will bring change. My life has never worked that way. Calendar time is just an arbitrary construct. Sometimes things happen in phases that happen over multiple years or even months when things change dramatically. As far as I can tell in aspects of public life, life has not been or returned to “normal” since 9/11.

    • Time is time. It doesn’t really exist, we break it up into increments to make sense of it. (Yeah I know it can be proved with quantum physics but we don’t know much about that realm).

      “Enjoy high school!” “Your 20s are the best years of your life” “can’t wait for retirement!” “Wow these are the golden years” – oops they end up as a rotting corpse nonetheless, wasting time obsessing about meaningless upcoming milestones.

      This boomer progression is rapidly dying anyways.

      • Time is strange. The older I get the more I realize it. Sometimes it’s sideways, flat like a pancake, sometimes up and down, there are folds in it that remain hidden then reappear, memories of those times are uneven, etc. And there are things that happen that are outside of time seemingly; you may be able to identify their occurrence on a calendar, but they seem totally detached from other larger events of that same time. I was surprised that an old friend I had who just died, that our friendship came to be during Obama’s first year; it seemed to exist outside of that era in its own world. But I have always appreciated Shakespeare’s seven ages of man; I have a pewter model of it that is one of my favorite possessions.

    • The year 536 is probably the worst “year” in recorded history. The darkness lasted 18 months. Followed by the plague.

  21. The new fantasy may be those wishing to see it all burned to the ground vs those desiring to preserve the status quo, fire vs ice, Mercury vs Neptune

    Violent storm on the horizon

  22. I believe that core Americans, blacks as well as white, are the same stock as their parents’ or grandparents’ generations. The difference is what they’ve been taught at school, and to a lesser extent by their screens. (I am in the UK; we are one small stumble away from children denouncing their parents to the commissars.) You must wrest back control of your children’s education. Sort out your school boards and get good headteachers, start your own schools, home-schooling, whatever. In the next few months, enough of the election night antics will leak out that people are going to have red pills rammed down their throats like French geese are force fed corn. Use the rage to do something constructive.

    • In many ways, America is in a period of confusion that comes with mass immigration. I believe something similar happened in the Ellis Island era. Add to it the confusion borne of too long a period of domestic peace. We are probably going to see a schism where whites go one way in terms of their educational priorities for their kids (private, home school) and the mass of new arrivals glom onto the public option as it were. Two Americas, for sure. But if a war breaks out and all of these new arrivals are asked to go fight and die, could get interesting because they may be the only people around who still have some trust and working relationship with government, be it public assistance, schooling, etc.

    • If you’re in the UK then you must know the government is weak and literally believes that rhetoric is a sufficient basis for governance.
      Slogons, Think Tanks, Royal Commissions, Roll-outs and then…
      nothing. They don’t enforce their proclamations.
      British politics is a bad joke but ,for now, it is thankfully a joke.

  23. they cannot accept that this is the result of a deeply corrupt system that is beyond reform.

    I dont think anyone believes in government. Almost a hundred million americans dont vote each election. Most of us on these dissident sites had nothing to say about politics before trump and we can go back to ignoring it.

    • I got sucked into politics because I could devote maybe 10% of my brain to it while working my butt off for like 25 years and putting 90% of my best energies into that. It was a way to fill in the cracks when not working but also not giving too much of my energies to it. A small hobby I guess.

      Now that I am winding down my work life, I am looking forward to devoting my best energies to something new. And politics is not going to be even a small part of it. How I was as a young man and a teenager when I never gave politics even much of a passing thought.

      Gonna be fun !!!!

  24. Endless commenting on societal dysfunction is also a form of escapism. There is value in being the canary in the coal mine, but disgust alone won’t put food on the table. Hard times are both overdue and the necessary corrective. Role up your sleeves and meet the future head-on. Go dark, move to a safer environment, get fit, stock the larder, practice your aim, and if you don’t already have one, develop a root skill that may be of value to others.

  25. The last four years feel like the house gutting exercise we did fifteen years ago. All the 100 year old red brass plumbing, knob and tube wiring, water damage from 50 year old leaks, termite damage…all painfully visible. And had to be dealt with. Likewise, our kleptocracy has been stripped bare plus several trillion of debt has been piled on. Reckoning will come.

  26. MAGA won’t have Trump tin foil to wrap head with either.

    I can pun on; more like Triple Twitching hour.

    Still these Protestants Kingdom has always been of this world, their true religion Law, and their various political arrangements. They aren’t taking the toppling of the last gods very well.


    The last time this happened to Protestants is when the Second Reich fell.

    No one believed what they did next, because no one could believe it.

  27. ZMan wrote: For them, Trump is the king of the boomers, who refused to accept the red-pill.

    Deeply hypocritical for you to write this. Remember 2019? You sang a different song:

    Then there is the more personal aspect of it. In terms of popular culture, Trump really is the quintessential Baby Boomer male. He made a lot of money, but will never have much to show for his time. Everything about Trump is wrapped up Trump the person, the selfish, boorish oaf living for the moment. When the wife got too old, he traded her in for a new one. When he hit middle-age, he bought a sports car and started dating young women. His story will be one of endless self-indulgence.

    The Last Hurrah

    You were right then and are wrong now: Trump is a Boomer to the core. Billions for Our Greatest Ally, 500 HUNDRED BILLION to bribe blacks who still won’t vote for him in numbers above approx. 20% (and that’s from black men, the women won’t give him 10% of their vote), mindless deference to the tyrannical rule of judges, endless delusions that anyone can become an American through Magic Dirt, the list goes on and on. And it all would have been worth it, really, genuinely worth it, if only he could have kept the Woketrash out of the White House long enough for the Democratic party to fracture and the aging white leadership to lose power and be replaced by openly white hating radicals, the inevitable next step. But he couldn’t even do that. I set my expectations very low for the Donald, and he failed us all anyway. Dems will go full terrorist WHILE IN POWER and we will all face what has been done to Michigan and New York and California. Thanks Donald.

    • You seem to have a reading disability. Clearly, my use of the term Boomer is different from how you use it. You should see about getting that reading disability checked out. Maybe they have a drug for it.

      • Obviously you are lying. You can’t do better than this? All of the traits in both definitions of the Boomer are notoriously and obviously typical of their sort: the self-indulgent hedonism you rightly noted in 2019 and the conservitard civnat idiocy I and the dissident rightists you deceitfully pan in this post are BOTH essential elements of one observable human type: one stains their private lives and the other stains their public ones, but it is all characteristic of the same people. (You might as well claim that the word “Muslim” refers to two different types of religious persons when one is talking about jihadis and when someone else is talking about people who attend mosque and recite the Koran.) Why are you so emotionally invested in defending an oafish lout born in 1946 from the charge that he is a Boomer? Donald Trump failed you too.

        • Since you are clearly an idiot, this will be the last response to you. There is a boomer culture, which I have described in the past. Then there is the word you clowns use to create imaginary space between yourself and others. It’s part of your coping strategy to come to terms with Trump not being the god-emperor you imagined in 2016.

          • I hear hoofbeats. Unicorn hypergamy bearing down on logos with massive sh🤡t test. Take that, patriarchy.

        • Relatively speaking, how are boomers hedonist? Yen for pleasure and yen for comfort are not the same things.
          I don’t even think you’re serious. Maybe the minders are trying to see how to best get Z’s goat.

    • HRC and Tim Kane promised a strong intervention in Syria, basically meaning we were going to war with Russia. Trump only lobbed a few missiles and did nothing else. He started no new wars. All good things that would have been reversed if HRC would have won. He also did not sign a sweeping amnesty deal that HRC promised to give us in the first 100 days of her admin had she won. A very good thing. He failed us by not winning re-election but 2024 is still coming and who knows who the dems would have had in store for us by that time He bought us time. Your expectations were the problem, not Trump.

  28. Look at almost any internet discussion about Elon Musk. It is dominated by fanbois. I think Musk’s team is to be congratulated for demonstrating a reusable rocket but the rest of Musk’s accomplishments are quite dubious. In particular, his idea about martian colonies is nonsensical. I understand how fanatical techies might work on it or even believe it but I can’t explain the investors who sink money into an idea that has no rational purpose and can’t possibly be profitable. Personally, I think it is probably covertly funded by DARPA for some kind of pentagon program like Howard Hughes “Glomar Explorer” which was purported to be for mining the sea floor but was a covert CIA program to retrieve a sunken Soviet submarine.
    I think as the world has become more and more like a dystopian science fiction novel, some people are hoping for a science fiction antidote.

    • no idea if it will ever become a real business or who would really fund such venture but it is an astonishing engineering achievement.

    • I can’t explain the investors who sink money into an idea that has no rational purpose and can’t possibly be profitable.

      Never heard of the Greater Fool Theory?

    • Elon Musk is a government-made creation. He’s America’s response to state-backed Chinese companies. Musk proposes something redundant (rocket travel) but over promises with fanciful science-fiction claims to the public, backed with favorable interviews –> this is used as a cover to corner the market and develop new technolgies + attrack investors so these companies don’t look government-backed –> government finances his company through various covert means –> Musk becomes a billionaire that’s willing to back the government’s play –> he hires only Americans for much of what he does, unlike private companies, thus keeping the jobs and tech here –> the government gets a state-backed company that can’t be outsourced, looks cool, can be co-opted in an emergency, is poised to exploit new technologies through superior financing.

      Personally, I think Musk is the world’s biggest conman … but I’m also not opposed to this company model, either … as long as it remains limited to key industries and subject to market forces.

    • The fact that “Q” hasn’t been exposed should tell anybody with two of the little-grey-cells firing who’s behind the Op.

  29. I haven’t given up on Trump, yet. What keeps Pence from rejecting the Demonrat slate of electors and accepting the Trump electors from the swing states? This boils down to: Is Pence a traitor ? It could come down to a House vote by state delegations. Why would Trump replace Barr & Esper if something wasn’t up? The Pentagon is no longer supporting CIA operations. The almost empty Guantanamo Bay was greatly expanded. Special Operations Command now bypasses the service chiefs and reports to Chris Miller. Trump is not acting like he’s about to leave office.

    • If there is a photo of Pence at the Wailing Wall, you have your answer. It is a reliable litmus test of where their loyalties lie.

    • Tammy I agree with you. It isnt over yet but its damn close.
      I respect our host and the majority of the commentators here so its uncomfortable for me to see people I agree with on practically everything call President Trump a fraud and idiot. That said I come here to keep my expectations in check and enjoy the opinions. I agree with the idea if it goes to Biden and Trump taps out I will have some major issues to deal with. Have you guys ever considered how you will feel if Trump pulls this off? Humor me………
      How would you feel if the guy is 25% of what his most ardent supporters think he is? What if he is 100% ? If he is still the President? He will be the best guy we have ever had and you run him down? Half the comments seem to talk about what will it take to restore America or how it used to be.
      I wouldn’t want that guilt on my conscience. Plenty of time to Blackpill if Biden gets in. Whats the rush?

      Ill be in DC on the 5 and 6th. Wish me luck and hope its successful. Or dont and just snipe at the rest of us.

      • I think you’re overly optimistic, but if he pulls out all the stops to keep his job, and succeeds, I’ll be found with guns loaded and popcorn in the microwave.

      • My take is that Trump was cheated but that if that’s the kind of government we have where most everyone in it is willing to cheat, then why even take part in it? If it is in fact that corrupt then there is ZERO chance in fixing it. For Trump or anyone else.

        And in light of that, what good is Trump really going to do? Have everyone arrested? Who’s going to do that?

        Bottom line, as long as there are lot of blacks in government and in society, as long as someone like George Floyd has as much say in society’s affairs as I do, whites are screwed. There is no other way around it. Doesn’t matter who’s President. Add in all the other non-whites and liberal crazies. Not my cup of tea. Trump can’t fix it or get anywhere close.

      • I’ll see you in DC KC80, just don’t be an unrequited martyr for Trump, and know what awaits you if you even have to defend yourself from Antifa.

        • Glad to hear from you Lawisdead.
          Hope you get in and out with no issues.
          I cant read the words “Anitfa” without remembering the PB chants of “Fuck Antifa”.
          Good stuff.

  30. The political fantasy is only one of many that is set to collapse. The economic fantasy — that the government can borrow and spend infinite amounts to produce very little — can[t go on much longer. Nor can the fantasy that all people are created exactly equal. Nor can the fantasy that automation creates as many or more jobs than are lost to robots, AI etc. The list of fantasies that shape our lives is a long one. When the sad truth begins to show through the cracks and holes in the Fantasy Wall, I would bet we are in for some serious upheavals. I would not be surprised to see the dominoes begin to fall early in the new year. Heaven help us.

    • Some other fantasies:
      Renewable energy can power a modern economy reliably and inexpensively.
      Negroes can fill in for whites in keeping the system going.
      The US military can effectively intervene while become a sandbox for social justice.
      People are simply differently colored Lego bricks that can be snapped together to form any social configuration desired.

      • Fantasies 2 and 4 in your list are corollaries of the fantasy that all people are created exactly equal. We are on exactly the same page there. I also agree about renewable energy and the hopeless degradation of the US military, and western militaries in general. And the list of fantasy bubbles that are ready to be popped just goes on and on.If a lot of them go “pop” at once, it is going to be a strange and violent awakening for millions. I have to confess, I am distinctly apprehensive about 2021.

    • . The economic fantasy — that the government can borrow and spend infinite amounts to produce very little — can[t go on much longer.

      As I wrote earlier, this is one delusion the Establishment Left does not share with the general population. Hence, the current looting of the financial sector of the United States is similar to all end stage empires of the past. This also is why the Establishment Left will start a new war under the banner of helping Our Greatest Ally–to plunder even more. The Establishment Left does share with the general population the delusion the United States can win or exit without them suffering horribly, too.

  31. Got to thinking about the West Point cheating and the cheaters that are going to be excused. I know scores of USMA graduates. They take pride in living up to their motto, which says they won’t cheat. I know a current two-star who is enraged about it.

    An exercise for the reader:
    A number of cadets have been caught cheating
    They are going to be excused and allowed to retain their commissions
    It was a math exam

    Query: What color were the cadets?

    • It has been thoroughly documented dat maff be rayciss and sheet.
      By the way, several months ago the WaPo had a story on military officials and officers who told the public how great things were going in Afghanistan while privately admitting it was a clusterfuck. Is this what rises to the top in the US military? We are supposed to believe that they ridk their lives to defend our freedom but not their careers, pensions or post-military gigs with defense contractors, think tanks or the media?

    • When you allow cheating on the basis of race, allowing murder isn’t far off.

      Our society is comically gay. Are they aware of just how thoroughly fucking stupid they are, objectively speaking?

  32. This post got long so I toplined it, apologies to purists. But Lanky said:

    Then again, I’m in my late 20s and only saw the briefest glimpse of what she was.”

    This is the definition of a double edged sword, both a blessing and a curse. The generation that feels the sting of this most acutely by far is Gen X. Boomers are largely responsible for it’s creation any strawman punching aside that Z mentioned there is objective truth in that statement.
    They were the peace & love hippy dippy let’s give away our birthright to 70 IQ foreigners as a generalization. Gen X was the first generation of cynics by comparison asking, “is this all there is?” And wondering why people who lived in the 50s would want to change that place.
    By the time Millennials entered the picture, the United States that beautiful pinup girl from the 50s was the ripped fishnet wearing, smeared lipstick, overweight gutter slag pig with the tattoos and the nose piercings.
    You’ve only heard about this place before it became an open air prison police state where the lunatics run the asylum. We’ve actually seen it disintegrate before our very eyes.
    If you transported the 1980s version of anyone in their 40s or early 50s today to 2020 they would weep in despair and put a gun in their mouth. Our most twisted dystopian nightmares pale in comparison to the reality. Blade Runner got the megacorporations that rule the government right, but most everything else wrong.

    We thought it would be corpo wage slaves, robots, and flying cars. It turned out to be complete dependence on the government by several decades of gutting the middle class including this doozy in 2020 that pretty much finished small biz off as the last firewall for complete megacorp take over. Instead of robots and flying cars we have handheld screens which double as a severe drug addiction allowing for easy manipulation of the population. We don’t have enhanced computer brains, we have dysgenic breeding which have lowered IQs across the board as we continue to muddy the DNA of our founding stock erasing 100s of thousands of years of genetic fitness.
    Instead of cybernetically enhanced humans who add to their body we have transsexuals that mutilate their genitals permanently. Instead of Asians dominating the upper echelon of corporations we have the Coalition of the Stupid who seized power with (((lots of help))) so the least fit amongst us now rule the most fit with an iron fist. And finally, we will soon became a despised minority in our own nation and many will willingly accept this yoke of oppression because of the ‘lots of help’ I just mentioned of decades of programming that you carry the Original Sin of Whiteness.
    Did I mention that a 1980s version of any Xer would swallow a bullet? Read all that back to yourself as someone who may have lived in the Reagan Years and you clearly understand why. No speculative fiction about dystopias of this time comes close to the grim reality.

    • That’s why I don’t necessarily look for an area to white flight to.

      Not only does it not make a difference long term, it’s almost worse to see white area after white area turn to mud. As Z says, might as well live in the present (or the future). I’d only move out for my future kids.

      Never forget what was, what could have been, and remember what will be again one day. Never forgive them for what they took from you. If that doesn’t light a fire of righteous anger under your ass then it might be hopeless.

      • As I walked along the seashore
        This young boy greeted me.
        He was tossing a stranded starfish back into the sea.
        I said, “Tell me why you bother.
        Why waste your time this way?
        There’s a million stranded starfish. Does it really make a difference?”
        And he said, “It does to this one.”

        cliche aside. There is an awful lot between the futility of rebuilding the ‘50’s or 80’s like some castles of sand and taking thoughtful action to secure a future for your children.

        Why is it that White destiny is always written as a foregone sunset while la raza hordes seem content to just take their chances with four kids on foreign soil?

        Think Dunbar, not Malthus.

        I have very little in terms of family. So while the future is indeed foreclosing around my DNA, I will always have Brothers of mutual choosing.

        The power of those brotherly bonds is something that has been greatly obscured, but is a long fucking way from being extinguished. Perhaps movement is not a flight away but a fight toward? I dunno.

        • I constantly come back to something Curtis Yarvin (Moldbug) said. Something along the lines of, dissidents always lose the battles, but they are determined warriors, and, in the end, are happy people, even among their losses. Collaborationists win all the battles, but are always and perpetually angry, because nothing ever works right.

          • We are happier people. I’ve read that libs suffer from more mental illness, even when you adjust for wealth and proximity to medical services. Probably because our belief system isn’t rooted in autoerotic abnegation.

    • As a late Xer this post really does hit home.

      I can remember the ’80s a bit. Reagan, with some help from the conservative movement, actually did manage to restore a ’50s-ish feel to many aspects and areas of the country.

      I managed to build myself a pretty smooth, lucrative, fun, and interesting life.

      I’m a bit blackpilled it’s never coming back.

    • I grew up mostly in a Canadian suburb in the 80s, reading about failed and collapsing civilizations, real and imagined. It took a long time before I realized I was living in one. That suburb is now heavily stained by blacks and browns, the high school I attended gone from less than a percent non-white to perhaps half. When I did worry about the end back then, it was the Yanks and Russkies immolating us all in nuclear hellfire. It would have been a better way to go than this dribbling away in cowardice.

      • Lemme guess, either Pickering/Ajax/Scarborough or Mississauga/Brampton.

        Now the mud is starting to grow in every other smaller city.

        I live in Toronto now and my area is only 30% white.

      • Canadian suburbs in the 80s make me think of “Subdivisions”. And every Molson, Labatt, and Carling commercial that featured generic rock music playing over scenes of all-white house parties or cottage country campfires.

        I’m an American and I still miss it terribly. Heartbreaking.

  33. Those longing for a return to the old ways will have to find a new excuse for why things are not working.”

    The biggest blind spot in modern federal politics is the postwar economic development of Europe in the 50s and 60s. A sizeable portion of the reason for America’s unprecedented economic boom through the 50s and 60s was due to selling a lot of stuff to rebuilding Europe, which itself was only possible because America’s industrial base was the only one intact after the war. Once Europe was rebuilt, demand for American goods naturally collapsed, and we have not been as prosperous sense. The reason why this can’t be discussed by politicians is because they can’t claim any credit for it. Instead, they attribute the economic growth of the period to their policies rather than good fortune, and have subsequently put a tremendous amount of effort into hiding the fact that American prosperity will not be so easily attained again, as evidenced by the sellout to China (the cheap goods masquerade falling wages, the result of decreased demand for American labor). This isn’t the whole story, of course, but it’s never spoken of by those in politics even though it’s a very significant factor in the economic history of the last 70 years.

    • Note how the controlled demolition of Western economies is being done using Covid as a cudgel.

      I believe this is being done intentionally to create an enormous economic vacuum for China to fill and become the global hyperpower.

      The uniform behavior of Western nations leads me to believe that there are an enormous number of paid CCP stooges, fellow travelers, and true believers in the West, far more than previously imagined.

      • It sure does look like planned destruction, rather than incompetence. Destroying the education system. Destruction of cities with mobs. “Elections” of DAs who legalize drugs and crime. Obviously the economic implosion caused by lockdowns.

        The scale of such a conspiracy is so vast though. It’s hard to believe that they could get the controlled people into power so effectively – especially the low verbal iq Chinese.

        Something is going on for sure and the CCP is certainly a possibility.

          • It’s not, and many Jews are quite paranoid about China, which is a new development.

            Possible there are many competing foreign influences.

          • I’ve also thought about this sudden attack of China by the media and how this involves the Jews … maybe the media is simply lying again and shifting focus to China … we can’t believe anything from the media.

          • Many of the unamed people have already made a mint selling the US and Europe out to China.

            The long-term game is their real China problem. They can’t pull the, “Hello, fellow YTs!” trick on the Han people. The Han are also immune to Holocaust guilt tripping, having had no hand in it.

            The South Asians have shown it is possible to play ethnic hardball and win against the unamed people by pushing them out of the diamond trade.

            The Han people know how to play ethnic hardball.

  34. So I’ve mentioned this before but I have a friend who worked in the UK Nato headquarters from 2014-2017. I’m a former Army Officer and he’s still serving. He was convinced (and by the way he’s normally v blue pill) that Hilary was going to start a war with Russia and from 2014 that’s what N was planning for. Remember that she campaigned to shoot down any Russian jets over Syria. I don’t believe they were planning to invade and occupy, just destroy the military and replace Putin with Yeltsin Mk2.
    Trump didn’t do this war, and it has given Russia time to develop weapons that would make a Nato war against Russia more untenable that it was back then.
    BTW his personal view was that we could beat them in Syria quite easily, but a conflict on their borders? We’d lose in about 72 hours and that was 4 years ago.
    Anyway, if all this is true and I believe it is (I’ve known this guy for almost 20 years), then Trump did take us out of the path of a bullet and for that I’m extremely grateful.
    My view is as per the recent Uncommon Knowledge interview with Douglas Murray, we now need to stop looking for a saviour politician. I see no saviour on the horizon, and so we have to start to work towards saving our nations ourselves.

    • There is little doubt Hillary was a bought-and-paid conduit to a proxy war in Syria. Now, if Biden tries to do the same–and his ventriloquists expect it–I’m not at all certain the empire will prevail, and all reluctance about mushroom clouds over Tel Aviv will be off the table. Then it gets serious;

      I’m going to make a prediction and this isn’t going out on a limb at all. The United States will decisively lose a war in the next year or so. It probably will start either in Syria or the Ukraine, and will rapidly escalate with serious threats of nuclear or biological weapons (the latter, probably, due to the Covid cowardice) being deployed against the Eastern seaboard. The United States will back down when the Karens amongst the Ruling Class whine the loudest. Initially the State will turn its fury on American citizens, the looting will accelerate, and then the opportunity will present for dissolutions and/or massive restructuring. The need for actual leadership to pull this off needs immediate attention.

      • My main disagreement is timeframe.

        I can see many of your points coming to pass in the next 3 to 10 years.

        • The time frame for starting the war is within 18 months, six months out from the midterms. But, yes, the other aspects could take longer. My expectation is the proxy war, which is coming, will be over quickly and will be humiliating.

      • Perhaps, but I see things playing out a little differently. I think eventually a showdown with China will come. In the initial stages of conflict, China will score a huge and unexpected, but decisive, blow. This will require a monumental sacrifice of White males to compensate, and after years of president “Yeah but Whites” Harris, the military and public backs down, letting the Chinese win. The White element of the military simple refuses to fight. The establishment will be beside themselves asking “but how?” Answer: why would White males want to get themselves killed and maimed on behalf of a country that isn’t theirs anymore? The American military will one day be exposed for the jobs and welfare program that it is. People will give up their lives for God, King, and Country … but never for a paycheck they can’t use in the afterlife anyway (or for the family that doesn’t exist due to low birthrates).

        • I agree more with the China scenario than the Russian one. China could get very heavy-handed with HK … and then start flexing on Taiwan

      • For me the “tell” was the boast about lying to Trump about troop numbers in Syria. Have you heard so much as a peep from the WH? Congress? Just another unauthorized war at the expense of the American people.

      • The United States (and Nato) hasn’t fought a peer-military in decades, and has had air superiority for pretty much all of Nato’s existence. The UK fought the Falklands with air parity and I think that was about as close as we ever got to going up against a ‘peer-military’.
        Whilst Western militaries talk maneuver warfare (3rd generation), we actually do attrition warfare (2nd generation) which is why we keep loosing in the desert to insurgents (4th generation). A war with Russia or China will be against a 5th generation warfare enemy. Expect the power and cash machines to go down in the homeland whilst the guys are fighting overseas. There may even be some weapons caches for fellow travelers (I’d say Islamists) to take out critical infrastructure targets, and cause as much chaos as possible.
        We’ll get spanked, but it’s no more than we deserve. My issue is that I don’t want our govts to use such a war to kill off the most patriotic of our citizens.

        • Thanks for reminding me about getting out of NATO and/or making the members pony-up their fair share of the cost.

    • I get tired of people waiting for that saviour… Now they’re saying that china is the saviour who will take in rejected white workers from the usa. Ha ha.

      Russia is not a saviour. Putin looks out for Russians. If you’re not Russian then it’s untenable.

      It makes us no different than the indians running away from India instead of improving it.

      • Putin has had the black-hat Lubivitchers in his office. He’s no friend of ours. That doesn’t mean we should provoke him.

      • To quote a Syrian I was chatting with over coffee in Lebanon. ‘In Europe you are taking in our low educated, low IQ, country bumpkins’.

    • These conflicts seem to be about ensuring a monopoly on the United States currency. The minute countries have an alternative, the United States will be shown for a country with an infrastructure hollowed out to nothing whose only export is degeneracy.
      Our politicians and military leaders dare not say this outright for obvious reasons.

      • It will be interesting when the Fed/Treasury try to implement a digital Dollar. A digital Dollar will allow total control over how Dollars are used in transactions. Domestically, they can be prohibited for use in buying firearms, precious metals, vitamins, wrongthought books or funding dangerous organizations. However, foreign users will certainly balk at such controls and would have alternatives. It could level the playing field for national currencies in international transactions to the disadvantage of the Dollar. The fact that foreign users soak up so many Dollars is what allows so many Dollars to be created while managing to hide US inflation.

        • I’ve listened to a couple of conversations with economist Richard Werner and he believes that the Central Banks are forcing smaller banks to close via this ultra-low interest rate environment. He also said that cash will be removed in order to control and track every purchase …

        • … Maybe existing BitCoin accounts could survive in this situation but maybe no additional purchases of bitcoin would be allowed cuz that would seem to require a conventional exchange to get the new BitCoin. I’m not sure how ez it would be to block pure BitCoin exchanges, tho.

      • I’m not an economist, but it has always made me think that why is the EU currency, essentially Germany, stronger than the US dollar? Is the world saying that they have more faith in Germany than in the US?

        • When you get into “purchasing power” there are many factors involved (currency valuations, tariffs, etc.)

      • Yes, I think they will run out of road soon. Looking at it logically the US doesn’t control its own currency – in a real sense. Sure they can print and print and print and the inflation goes offshore, but when it comes back the dollar is dead.
        But they must know this, so I’m assuming they have a digital Amero lined up for when most people are completely broke.

        • Usually when it comes back, it goes into Treasury bonds, real estate or the stock market. Thus is gives the illusion of prosperity and keeps interest rates low.

    • I see no saviour on the horizon, and so we have to start to work towards saving our nations ourselves.
      the only way that would happen is if leftists, cops etc vaccinate themselves to death leaving only the white nationalists behind.

      • Which is why I have so magnanimously offered to defer my vaccination until ALL people of color, government employees, sexual minorities, undocumented residents and citizens of developing nations are vaccinated.
        It’s only fair.

      • Strangely if there is something seriously wrong with this vaccine it will leave behind those independently minded un-pozzed free thinkers.

    • I agree that we dodged the Hillary bullet with Trump’s election.

      I disagree we’d roll the Russians in Syria. This is based on the performance of their expeditionary force relative to the US-led forces.

      • Good point and I’ll rephrase what my friend said to me. His view (and this was his speculation as to how to get public support) was they they would attack Russia in Syria (because Assad is literally Hitler) in a stand-off way by taking out aircraft, bases, ships in the Med/Tartous and Russia’s ability to support troops that far from Russia itself. It wouldn’t be a ground invasion but a means of escalation. Hence OPCW had to say Assad did what he did.
        But any Russian response (or false flag) would be the pretext to continue the escalation on Russia’s borders.
        Also, Hilary said that any cyber attack against US infrastructure would be considered a conventional attack and they would respond ‘accordingly’, so another way to escalate.

  35. Trump has been a red pill for too many wrong reasons, unfortunately, but at least he did that much. Still bitterly disappointed by the weakness he showed this year especially.

    • Between his jellyfish reaction to the Wuhan flu, his refusal to jettison Fauci, Birx, et al., his supine reaction to the outright theft of the election, and the cherry on top of signing this bill, it’s hard to think of anyone who’s had a worse year.

      • Very good for the Jews. One of Trump’s pardons was for Philip Esformes, convicted last year for the worst count of Medicare fraud ever–over $1b. He was sentenced to twenty years in prison and served only one of them thanks to DJT.

  36. How long before house-to-house looting commences?
    Please don’t tell me that it has already started. Because it hasn’t — at least not in the suburbs.
    I’m asking because I’m almost out of the suburban north. I just need six more months. Six…more…months…

    • The serious looting is underway in the pork-laden “stimulus” bills and the cratering and salvaging of the financial sector, sometimes both within a matter of days. The house to house stuff will follow once everything that can be milked has been milked.

      • That happened with a combination of instituting Dodd-Frank, repealing Glass-Steagal, and general Fed fuckery. How many folks know that the Fed has a trading desk? How many know that it’s illegal for the Fed to buy Treasury Bills at auction, but not to buy them minutes later from banks that have been convicted of multiple felonies?

        • White just a few bucks, I personally benefitted when Jerome Powell handed off the bond buying spree to (((Blackrock))). What happened there would not withstand a nanosecond of scrutiny. As a matter of fact, it puts a new spin on an old cliché’: it is too corrupt to fail. Long story short, (((Blackrock))) was allowed to shore up its junk bond funds, and Powell was heavily invested in them. Some Senate Democrats, who wisely opposed Powell, remained silent over it and my assumption is they were given the heads up and bought into these junk bond funds as they imploded, knowing full well they would be salvaged by the Fed.

    • The real looting will be when they destroy your school district through busing or some other diversity initiative.

      • That happened years ago. I used to live in Palm Beach Gardens FL. FL runs schools at the county level so there is a lot more potential for busing since city lines are not a factor. We had a nice high school just down the street that was unusable because of the diversity that was bussed in.

      • But it doesn’t represent a tangible threat against my life. I can survive — for better or worse — loss of savings. I cannot survive the loss of shelter. I know, I know; one begets the other. But I have a list of “if-thens” for the former situation. There’s not much to do in the latter.

  37. The people around the Pretender Biden are not interested in the colored revolution. They just want to steal as much as they can before it is too late. 

    This would indicate to me the Establishment Left, or at least this particular sector, is the most realistic of the lot. The looting stage of a dying empire starts with those who run it and ends with those who invade it to pick up the scraps. These massive “stimulus” bills are the vehicle to get what can be got. Literal house to house looting will commence once it all crashes down.

    • The real base of the Democratic Party are public employee unions. They are a significant fraction of the voting public, always show up and are the floor soldiers of corruption.

      They’re motto is. Fuck you pay me! Not Workers of the world Unite!

  38. The American people by and large will strain to not see that the system doesn’t work and the media will be in a constant gas lighting mode telling us 24/7 that this was an honest election and we just need to vote more next time.
    Mike Pence is the answer. Yea Mike Pence!! That is where they are going.
    But more will see their way over to this side of the divide. Which is good in the long run.
    As for the alt right and their God Emperor and Boomer games? I got no idea what their narrative will morph into?

  39. From Z’s Taki piece:Trump was always an IQ test. The stupid either hated him unconditionally or loved him unconditionally. Now an army of dim-witted ronin will be roaming the countryside looking for a new master.
    Goes good with this piece.
    I obviously had an easier time dealing with those who had an irrational love of Trump rather than an irrational hate, but it was still off-putting.

    • Holy crap, that’s a good line. Actually laughed out loud. I’m off to Taki to read the whole thing.

      “Army of dim-witted ronin.” Repeating it just makes me smile.

    • Especially since Trumpism is mashup of Bill Clinton and Dick Gephardt’s policies from the late 80s-early 90s (before the dems were fully assimilated into globe-homo).

      • Exactly. And this is why I could never understand the dems’ hatred towards him. Why not be happy with 90% of what they would have wanted and got anyway; instead they went full bore to destroy him and everything around him and with that the Republic. How is this better? I know, I know, the Constitutional Republic was already in trouble, etc., still, it ain’t the same, even a smidgeon of legitimacy is gone now. What a catastrophe!

        • Exactly. And this is why I could never understand the dems’ hatred towards him.

          Trump is hated by the left because they see him as the champion of Whites and the working class.

          The left hated Nixon due to his Southern Strategy but voted Biden due to his BLM Strategy.

          W. Bush was from Texas, so we got lots of anit-cowboy /anti-rural movies & television shows in the 00s: The Simple Life, Wrong Turn, Brokeback Mountain, etc.

          The South voted Regan in the 80s, so we got Mississippi Burning from Hollywood.

          The South voted Nixon in the 70s, so we got The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

          White males voted Trump in 2016, so we got “The Cuck” just recently + diversity swaps in works of fiction we created for our demographic.

          See a pattern? Policy doesn’t matter to these people. They are simply bigots who hate or love things based on whether they think that thing has some loyalty to their tribe. They seek revenge when they lose elections. It shows up in movies, television, and politics.

          • It certainly took off after he got elected. Same with Trump. Same with W. Bush. All are good or bad based on whose side they are on, and the left certainly lets us know about it through the culture.

            LBJ is president: multiple television shows and movies about confederates.
            Nixon is elected: Deliverance. Roots was planned before Carter assumed office, back when Ford, hated for pardoning Nixon, was president.
            Jimmy Carter is elected: Confederate flags and Dukes of Hazard.
            Reagan dog whistles to Mississippi voters during the 1980 presidential campaign, which he later won: Mississippi Burning, Driving Miss Daisy, Southern Comfort, etc.
            Clinton is elected: Forest Gump
            Republicans take back congress in 1994: Wild Wild West
            Bush is elected: Wrong Turn (inbred West Virginia cannibals attack helpless uppermiddle class liberals), The Simple Life (sophisticated liberals mock dumb hicks in Arkansas), etc.
            “Muh Iraq War.”
            Trump is elected: W. Bush wasn’t so bad.
            Antebellum, Watchmen, Get Out …

            The left, which controls the culture, attacks whatever groups are seen as helping their enemies. Vote their way and you are portrayed positively in the press and movies. Vote the wrong way …

          • They are simply bigots who hate or love things based on whether they think that thing has some loyalty to their tribe. They seek revenge when they lose elections. It shows up in movies, television, and politics.

            (((They))) are simply bigots who hate or love things based on whether (((they))) think that thing has some loyalty to (((their tribe))). (((They))) seek revenge when (((they))) lose elections. It shows up in (((movies, television, and politics))).

        • IMO The hatred to Trump is personal and driven by two factors.

          1st he’s a caricature of an alpha male – which is hopelessly anachronistic in this feminized era. Worse, it highlights the emasculation of male “leaders” in comparison. Which they find intolerable.

          2nd he made a huge point of calling the establishment stupid and incompetent and loser. Which down deep they all know to be true and so hate him for pointing out the reality

          • There is no contradiction. The right bases its behavior on philosophies. The left acts based on naked self-interest and is willing to lie about it and change policies when it suits them. The right finds this mystifying, so they think the left are hypocrites … but they aren’t, not really.

            >JFK was on the left’s side in terms of tribal loyalty = he was good, regardless of philosophy.
            >Reagan was on “the other’s” side = he was bad, regardless of philosophy.

            Most of American culture since 1960 has been like this. The elite positions themselves against this other, changing their positions as it suits this opposition. It shows up in movies, television, and books.

            >The left, then: free speech!
            >The left, now that “the other” is using it against them: “free speech doesn’t mean hate speech” + safe spaces

            >The left, then: “Dissent is the highest form patriotism” + “Don’t trust the man or pigs” + “Joe McCarthy was the devil.”
            >The left, now: “Dissent means you’re a White Supremacist” + “How could you NOT believe the CIA on the fact that Russia stole the 2016 election?” + Russians under every rock.

            >The Left during the Cold War: “How dare you call me a disloyal communist. Russia isn’t all that bad anyway, warmonger.”
            >The Left, now: Russia stole the election! Attack them now! White Supremacist Christians! Reee….

            >The left, then: Foreign wars are bad because I may have to fight in them.
            >The left, now: Since we don’t have the draft anymore, only dumb Trump voters will die. Attack Russia!

            >Religion (Christianity) was bad in the 90s because evangelical Christians were a force to be reckoned with in Republican politics
            >Christianity is less overtly hated now that religious affiliation / importance to everyday Americans has declined ~30% since the late 90s + Trump is clearly non-religious

            >The South was good when they elected Clinton and Carter.
            >The South was bad when they voted for Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Newt Gingrich.

            >White males were okay during Obama’s first term.
            >White males were the devil after the Tea Party took back congress in 2010. Thus, the Great Awokening in ~2011 which has only intensified under Trump. White males have been swapped out of countless movies, books, and comic books with women and non-whites … even though White men wrote most of this stuff to begin with.

            >Rural people good under LBJ, a Texan = lots of shows about Confederates and the rural life on television (Green Acres).
            >Nixon gets elected: Deliverance, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
            >Carter gets elected: Dukes of Hazard, Sally Field movies where she plays a sympathetic Southerner.
            >Reagan gets elected: In the Heat of The Night.
            *Since the democrats controled congress for much of the Regan presidency, it wasn’t all bad. We got movies like Steel Magnolias.
            >Obama is elected and Whites reject his party in 2010 congressional elections. Sally Field then played Lincoln’s wife in an Oscar-winning movie. We also got movies like Django Unchained & The Hateful 8 where a racist Southern lady is literally lynched by the good whites.

            >Democrat FDR gets elected and is supported heavily by Southerners = Gone With The Wind.
            >Republican Trump is elected by Southerners = Gone With the Wind is almost banned, now has a trigger warning on it.

            >Trump is a democrat in the 1980s = “he’s a cool guy.”
            >Trump switches parties = “Bad Orange Man is the next Bad German Man.”

            >Hispanics vote Obama = “poor kids in cages.”
            >More Hispanics vote Trump = NYT says some Hispanics should be classified as White and discriminated against in response.

            The left is completely consistent in that they do whatever benefits them and harms you, “the other” they ally against.

  40. Trump signing that gigantic foreign aid bill will cement his legacy as nothing more than a bullshit artist.

    • Way back in the early days, I called him a bullshitter who got lucky. I took some grief for that line, but I was right.

    • Unfortunately yes. As usual, he blustered about not signing it and then signed it anyway. 1,000,000,000 to the Smithsonian for a new museum. 400,000,000 less to ICE. He kicked his die hard supporters in the nuts with this one.

      • The only explanations are an attempt at saving face instead of getting a veto override, or an exchange for support to contest on January 6th. Both are stupid, mind you, since the veto would have sent a resounding message about his presidency and the contested election drama is just a pipe dream now.

      • Trump has a weak chin

        What they say about men with weak chins, in my experience, has always proven true. At some point or another, when you need these guys most the weak chin syndrome shows itself

      • Did he even once push back and ask for a CR to sign? From the time he took office to declaring a border emergency in ’19, he signed 12 omnibus spending bills w/o wall funding.

      • They’ll still find a way to justify it. “If Trump only knew . . .” There’s never an end to a personality cult; not even death of their hero deters most worshippers.

  41. Fantasy reality is conjured in the crucible of media. The thought bandit (tv) is the crack pipe of the fantasy addict. The media is the Mandelbrot Set of false narratives. Breaching this false narrative will get one evicted from the twilight zone of Woke World, Inc., where we discover the movie screen of empty space alive with the perceptions of the universe of one, the source of all happiness.

    If you’re not happy, it’s not real.

  42. Does anyone believe that any measure of dissident thought can survive in postmodern America? Just look at the current state of half of our population! And if AI keeps improving — and it will — wouldn’t its stranglehold over our psychologies improve in tandem, leaving fewer and fewer people to see through the ruse?
    I favor the alternative — kinda something like The Taliban. Create our own territory and culture that is completely insufferable to them. A place that’s not even worth entering. Perhaps we could even devise a variant of English that makes it difficult for them to determine what we’re saying.
    People who think we can persevere here are wrong. For as long as we try to persevere where we are, we will sink back into the comforts (and therefore hypnosis) of the current system. And just because you aren’t hypnotized today doesn’t mean you won’t be hypnotized tomorrow.
    Guess I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said here already. But I look at the sophistication of shit like XKEYSCORE and Mockingbird (and that’s only what they’ve been forced to reveal) and I wonder if we’ll make it out okay.
    (Of course I’d have a six-month-old son during the actualization phase of a Bolshevik revolution…)

    • Trump was not Hitler reincarnated and Biden/Harris aren’t Lenin/Stalin reincarnated.

      Our country has truly lost its collective mind. Everyone, on all sides, craves some totalitarian evil to fight, to give their own pathetic lives meaning. Even as the culture continues to splinter in delusional, unpredictable ways.

      • Biden/Harris aren’t Lenin/Stalin reincarnated

        Biden & Harris don’t have much moar than three or four functioning brain cells between them, and if you throw in DOCTOR Jill Biden PHD then you might get a total of five functioning brain cells.

        But if Biden is installed as President, then this country will be run by Mr Kamaltoe Harris, (((Doug Emhoff))), who will be answering to an entire race of reptile-in-human-skin-suit genetic psychopaths.

        “Well, there is no famine.”

        • (((Meir Henoch Wallach Finklestein)))
        • Gareth Jones’s Diary, March 1933

        And (((Doug Emhoff))) will be the Maxim Litvinov of the 21st Century.

        PS: Kindly do not sully the name of Saint Joseph Djugashvili with the company of a monster like (((Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov))).

    • I guess is say that the reason they keep having to develop more psychological weapons, and more sophisticated ones at that, is because eventually they stop working and reality bleeds through. The various escapes from reality are partial and temporary at best, which is why people have to keep inventing new escape routes.

      • Netflix, porn, weed, and rap music seem to be the four main prongs used to control the younger masses.

        All have extremely negative psychological effects on young white people, men in particular. As somebody who basically partakes in 0/4 I feel like an alien among my peers at times.

        Basically it’s succeeded in turning young white men into soft, mentally weak, depressed, and passive sheep.

        • The other day some young guy behind the deli counter of a high end grocery store growled at me to pull my mask over my nose. At that moment I saw how easy it would be to conquer us with men like this for protection. Then I realized it was a silly thought since it’s already happened. Boomers, by and large, were the worst parents ever to create such weak men (and bitchy clueless women),

          • Boomers, by and large, were the worst parents ever to create such weak men (and bitchy clueless women)

            There is some good news, however: White shitlibs have largely unbred themselves right out of existence.

            Everything I’m seeing in the post-Griswold/post-Roe demographics indicates that the current 30s-ish bitchy clueless Millennial shitcunt females are the very last of their breed – and literally unironically so, because none of them are having any children whatsoever.

            In terms of 19-year generations:

            • 1908-1926: Greatest
            • 1927-1945: Silent
            • 1946-1964: Boomer
            • 1965: GRISWOLD-v-CONNECTICUT
            • 1973: ROE-v-WADE
            • 1965-1983: GenX
            • 1984-2002: GenY/Millennial
            • 2003-2021: Generation Zyklon

            We’re a solid two generations away from Griswold & Roe [coming up on three generations now], and statistically speaking, there just aren’t any White shitlib babies being birthed anymoar.

            PS: The working assumption here, of course, is that the personality type is determined at conception [by the choice of the particular ovum which merges with the particular spermatazoon].

            In particular, the Amygdala-dominant/Insula-submissive neuropsychiatric personality type of the Patriot is largely immune to attempts by the Frankfurt School to alter its personality, whereas the Insula-dominant/Amygdala-submissive neuropsychiatric personality type of the shitlib is DEFINED by its very malleability & alterability.

            I.e. the Insula-dominant/Amygdala-submissive neuropsychiatric personality type of the proto-shitlib is precisely the CLAY which the Frankfurt School sanhedrin mold into the GOLEM.

            But demographically speaking, as regards the White race, there’s just not any clay left for the Frankfurt School to mine.

            PS: The defining study, for those who haven’t seen it…

            Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans
            February 13, 2013
            “Democrats showed significantly greater activity in the left insula, while Republicans showed significantly greater activity in the right amygdala.”

          • “There is some good news, however: White shitlibs have largely unbred themselves right out of existence.”

            Do you imagine that Lenina may only become a Communist because Lenina’s parents taught her to be one?

            Bred themselves right out of existence? Have you never heard of Television, public schools, pop music, and ubiquitous, relentless social programming that incidentally advertises consumer products too?

            It sounds as though you really do not understand the mechanisms that propagate the mind virus, or how utterly and effortlessly minds are shaped and controlled in this Globalist Vanity Fair we are all trapped in.

          • That’s usually when I take it off completely. If you laugh at them and mock them for getting in your face, they back down pretty quick.

            telling one to mind their own business usually works.

        • (((Netflix, porn, weed, and rap music)))

          Basically it’s succeeded in turning young white men into soft, mentally weak, depressed, and passive sheep.

          Precisely as intended, and all are part of the greater War Against Boys.

          In particular, Marijuana was legalized through the financial backing of (((Peter Lewis and George Soros))).

          (((Soros))) also happens to fund the “” aggregator website, which openly admits that Marijuana causes the onset of Schizophrenia in at-risk neuro-psychiatric brain wirings.

          Which means that (((Soros))) was knowingly funding Marijuana legalization so as to drive the at-risk fully into violent uncontrollable insanity.

          These are the kinds of genetically psychopathic monsters we’re dealing with.

          “Well, there is no famine.”

          • (((Meir Henoch Wallach Finklestein)))
          • Gareth Jones’s Diary, March 1933

        • (((Netflix, porn, weed, and rap music)))

          Basically it’s succeeded in turning young white men into soft, mentally weak, depressed, and passive sheep.

          Speaking of the greater War Against Boys…

          My first guess is that “netflix, porn, weed, and rap music” are largely the province of boys being raised by single mothers [or young men who were raised by single mothers] – my guess is that most boys being raised in houses ruled by fathers are not allowed access to those poisons.

          Or at least that’s my hope.

          My second guess would be that the psychological cruelty of viciously passive-aggressive female teachers, inflicted upon defenseless little boys, in K-12 indoctrination centers, likely accounts for the greatest damage done to our males.

          And then of course the very worst scenario for a boy would be living in a home governed by a viciously passive-aggressive single mother, with concomittant indoctrination by viciously passive-aggressive female teachers throughout K-12 [and of course the poor kid is gonna end up being a Ritalin/Adderall addict by the age of 5 or 6].

          Hell, many of the battlecunts nowadays aren’t even passive-aggressive anymoar; they’re outright active-aggressors in their hatred of little boys and their desire to castrate them psychologically [if not physically].

          It cannot be emphasized strongly enough how important it is to defend your little boys from all of this Evil.

          • That’s why I’m an 8th-grade teacher. Gotta help the kids stay based.
            Even though I make a bit more than the average teacher, it’s not a high-paying job. Lots of libby ladies with sugar daddies and rich husbands poisoning minds.

          • From the beginning of homo sapiens’ tour on the earth until the day after tomorrow teen-age males have been the number one problem for all societies. That’s where conflict between families, clans, tribes and nations arise. It’s better to send hyper-testosterone destructive males after the neighbors than try to limit their damage around the house. Battles throughout history have been fought between masses of 20 year-olds, not middle-aged women or old men.
            Not so long ago, fathers encouraged their sons to stand up for their own rights and not take any crap from anybody. This is now passe’. Daddy and Mommy don’t want little Zach or Jake to get in any trouble, which is why sending him to a vast majority white school is such a priority. In reality they should send him to the toughest school in town so he can learn what the brown guys are like and be able to deal with these people effectively for the rest of their lives. If, indeed, little Tyler is genetically superior, at least in intelligence, to D’Andre and Tyrone, he should be able to hold his own. Learning to personally deal with the under class is more important than taking notes from a teacher reading paragraphs out of a sociology text.

        • Young white men are openly hated, formally discriminated against, betrayed routinely by every leader of every institution, lied to about women and must compete against illegal immigrants for jobs.

          But the REAL problem with them is they use porn and music to cope instead of killing sprees..?

    • Lanky – God bless your little White son. Stay strong for him; try to provide him with whatever future you can.

      • I am very grateful for that, 3g. God bless your family, too. Being a dad is the best thing ever, even in these dark times.

          • Hahaha. Met her in school. I made her laugh, I did well in class, and I was her type. Mixture of luck and skill.
            Basically, be good and something publicly and don’t take anything too seriously (I think).

          • Any advice for finding a white wife?

            I used to think that intelligence was the rarest quality in a woman, but now I know that the rarest quality of all is actually the innate Inner Moral Compass. No woman fully possesses it – all women are innately amoral – but there’s a bell curve to their amorality, and you want to be targetting the ones at the far Right end of the bell curve [for amorality] – the ones who almost “get it” regarding morality – as the Mother of Your Children candidates.

            After the innate Inner Moral Compass, I would put all of my faith in True Natural Chemistry.

            TNC is so very very rare in this life, and even the slickest fast-talking-est chad-est of us Alphas are lucky to cross paths with it once per decade.

            TNC is the genetic memory of all your ancestors’ sacrifices saying to you, “This one you can trust; she’ll be good for you.”

            So IMC [Inner Moral Compass] and TNC [True Natural Chemistry].

            And when finally you do find IMC + TNC in a chick, you seize her for yourself and you move immediately for BUNZ -> OVEN.

            Because it could be an entire lifetime before you cross paths again with her equal.

            And her equal ain’t gonna wanna make babies with an impotent nonagenarian in a nursing home.

  43. I hate the idea that these deep state c*********s are going to get away with the most blatant election fraud in US history. But I guess it is what it is. I do still cling to the hope though that a day of severe reckoning is coming one way or another, and hopefully before I depart this mortal coil. I despise leftard b******s of all stripes.

    • If another guy can steal your girlfriend for cash then she was a wretched slag to begin with.
      Shitty analogy, but that’s how I feel about our nation now. It’s so fetid and shitty that I can’t even muster up a tear. Then again, I’m in my late 20s and only saw the briefest glimpse of what she was.

    • When they got away with the coup attempt, they realized that they had carte blanche to try anything.

      • I couldn’t agree more. The lack of response to the coup, and then the anti-white race riots, paved the way for the election fraud. The perception, and maybe it is correct, is they can literally do anything to the masses who populate the empire with impunity.

      • Try.

        oh The Presidency is theirs, but its like The President of Afghanistan; first the Soviets then the Americans called him The Mayor of Kabul.

    • They won’t get away with it, unless you mean they won’t go to jail. Destroying the system you lots over because of your capriciousness is a lot more brutal than going to jail. Jail is a minor punishment that exists to perpetuate the authority of the system and head catastrophes off at the pass. All but the most venal of criminals would prefer jail to chaos because jail is more merciful. The deep state will have their comeuppance eventually, even if they try to avoid the mercy of prison.

      • There will be no redemption if good men just stay on the sidelines and watch with fingers crossed. Your obligation is to act. We were built to move, not remain passive bystanders.

    • Turn your anger into resolve. They are trying to turn everyone into cowering victims, but you can choose to be a new Minuteman. Get fit, get capable, go into the shadows and become invisible. Your time will come.

      • My work requires a fair amount of travel within a couple of hundred miles of home. Am I the only one noticing easy ways to be sand in the gears on every drive? I doubt it.

  44. Z forgets another camp that will be lost without Trump – the Never Trumper conservatives.

    In their fantasy, they hunt down the heretics who sided with Trump, destroying their careers and socially ostracizing them, which, apparently, in Washington is considered horrible. The Never Trumpers then return the GOP to the Washington Generals of politics so they can all get back to losing gracefully and profitably.

    By accident, I stumbled upon this plan laid out by that silly little girl Jonah Goldberg.

        • IIf there is anything that we can laugh up Our Sleeve about in the next 4 years it is the bind the Democrats have put themselves in. To the extent that they hire a “Diverse” workforce (Woke Force?) they’re going to suffer a drop in quality. To the extent they hire Competence they’re going to alienate the socialist faction.

          • The problem is how long such a reduction in economic efficiency can be supported by the present system. Things like a bridge collapse are pretty noticeable, but there are a myriad of other things that go by under the radar so to speak. 4 years of Leftist ideology on steroids is bad, but I suspect won’t wake people up.

      • What I find disheartening is that there is an audience for these clowns.

        There is no natural audience for them.

        But the Frankfurt School controls the Federal Reserve, and the Federal Reserve invents infinite fake shekels that quickly find their way to the Frankfurt School’s Finance & Usury Industrial Complex, which then strategically sheds enough of the fake shekels to fuel the Frankfurt School’s Madison Avenue Industrial Complex, that then launders enough shekels to keep the lights on at the Frankfurt School’s Media Industrial Complex [to include all of Scrotial Media], so that Jonah Goldberg and his fat old yenta wife and their hideous hooknosed yenta-in-waiting daughter can laugh at the idiot goyim from now until the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse saddle up for their final ride.

        Chappy Chanukkah, goyische idiots!!!!

        Chappy Chanukkah!!!!

      • I don’t think too many middle-class Normies care about hunting down the heretics, but they do want to get back to “normal.” Trump’s existence kept pushing reality into their face, a reality that they don’t want to acknowledge.

        Acknowledging that we’re moving from the Ideological Age to the Demographic age is jarring. It means acknowledging that 1) your country is dead; 2) you’re about to become a despised minority; 3) you blew a lot of chances to stop this from happening; 4) nobody cares about your blessed Constitution; 5) violence may be on its way; etc., etc.

        This is not a pleasant reality to accept. I have family members who understand everything about the current world – everything – who still cling to hope that we can forge a people out of the ideals of individualism, free markets, good laws and institutions.

        • ‘Middle class’ doomed themselves with their love of mammon and civility. Looking down on rough, uncouth workers, delusions of climbing into the elite. No clue how much both groups have come to despise them.

          By middle class I mean those who think they’re hot shit because they’re making 6 or 7 figures

          • Not anymore. Hell I’ve got a bunch of friends from high school making 6 figures on their own. There are entire developments full of $500k + houses where I live. Tons of 6 figure households out there.

          • Yeah it obviously is where you are located. Making “six figures” in my area is definitely not upper class.

          • This. Here in the DFW burbs, 100k is solidly middle class, and if you want to send your kids to private school – Christian school, not prep school – it’s a huge strain. Meanwhile, there are also high school kids driving new beamers gifted by their parents who earn the high six figures. And for younger people starting out, rents are outrageously high because of the constant influx (immigrants from every foreign shithole and Americans from every sh$lib city/state).

          • I think ostei’s point was more that there are those who make 100k+ and are “above the line,” then there is a sharp drop down to the rest of the 90% of people, both in material as well as so-called moral terms.

          • I think he meant that too, and it’s true, but on the other hand the McMansion crowd are a dime a dozen these days. I think that can rightly be called middle class, and people like me who would’ve been middle class a generation ago are now working poor. The higher standard of living hides the fact because it’s all financed imo.

            Plus the fact that the rich are insanely rich now. I was thinking this morning if I made $1 mil every year for 200000 years I’d have as much as Bezos. Mind blowing.

          • Income and wealth are not the same, but there is a high correlation over time. $100k puts you on track, but does not guarantee it. Spend half of that income—after tax—money and save the rest and in 20 yrs you’re home free. But many don’t do this.

            My go to statistic is wealth distribution—and that’s on par with feudal times in my estimation. Too many folk with too much wealth and an urge to use it to extend authority and power over the rest of us.

          • Yep, and don’t forget to add a basement so that your children can continue to live with you in their 30’s after being raised by someone else and dumped into public schools—but hey, you made it in America!

        • we can forge a people out of the ideals of individualism, free markets, good laws and institutions

          A people called Nihilists.

          Is it Roman legalism which fuels this insanity?

          Spergtarded Alisa-Rosenbaum-ism?

          The Scofield Heresy?

          I guess I probably shouldn’t joke about a psycho-sociological phenomenon as powerful as this.

          The answer could very well be that there is an element of psychological [and spiritual] cowardice at work here. Or maybe just psychological [and spiritual] laziness? Maybe people don’t want to invest the intellectual elbow grease necessary to reverse-engineer the true history of the 20th Century and induce the (((Who)))-Whom equation?

          Too lazy, too cowardly, too many creature comforts to keep the warm-n-fuzzies from fading away?

          • Aspbergers.

            A lot of righties are high functioning autistics that want, need, the world to follow strict rules that they can navigate.

        • I see hundreds of comments, so they have an audience. Granted, the Persian billionaire financing them is paying a lot for each reader, but they have readers.

          • Yeah, I was curious about the comments as well, both how many and what they said. Nice to see the top two comments being critical of Goldberg, particularly, Goldberg’s failure to acknowledge the corruption of the Left, Deep State and the media.

            Even on their home turf, the grifters are running into resistance. That’s a good sign.

            The sad sign is that literally none of them seem to understand that demographic changes will doom the GOP one way or the other. The commenters still live mentally in the Ideological Age.

          • I read somewhere that the Dispatch is the most subscribed to “newsletter” on substack or whatever its platform is. Good grief.

          • Holy crap, that is depressing. But those numbers don’t make sense. Goldberg’s article, which wasn’t behind a pay wall, got ~400 comments and it’s been out for a bit. Yet, the Dispatch has tens of thousands of paying subscribers.

            How is that possible? Who are these people signing up for this?

            I just figured that Goldberg was being paid by a few of the usual suspects, not actual readers.

          • Can that figure be trusted? Theaters paper the crowd, Brian Epstein bought thousands of copies of “Love Me Do”, Covid deaths, etc.

          • Probably sock puppet accounts to inflate their totals. Political campaigns now regularly pay private companies to invent social media accounts to make politicians look more popular than they really are. Twitter purged about a million Obama bot accounts a few years ago. Newt Gingrich’s campaign paid a company to create Twitter accounts to make him look popular during the 2012 GOP primary. He lost to Mitt Romney anyway. Same here.

      • Is there? The National Review is subsidized by Google and other rich donors. What audience do these people really have once you strip away the veneer of authority?

      • An audience isn’t a necessity.

        What is a necessity is someone to finanically support the clowns and their propaganda efforts. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people willing to do this.

  45. I think a lot of conservatives have realized that the Republicans are just absolutely corrupt scum.

    I’ve also noticed that more and more women on social media are starting to wake up on the race issue and showing a real receptiveness to illiberal-right politics. And women are often a lagging indicator of social change.

    Maybe I’m grasping at straws here. I don’t know.

    • > And women are often a lagging indicator of social change.
      Women will not go against social trends unless they are positive there is some shift taking place they want to get in front of. Their instincts can be an interesting bellweather to predict the future. For example, given the number of women wearing masks while their husbands do not, the coronadoom is probably going to last at least another year.

      • I had a Merry Christmas call with my sister. I was determined not to take the bait when she expressed joy that Trump will be gone and ranted about climate change making the weather screwy. When she started on George Floyd I remarked that I was glad that PoS was dead and was only sorry that he either did not die anonymously in an alley or that his past victims could not see him die for closure. That was received with a verbal beatdown for racism and indifference to “people of color”. I was thinking, who uses that term in everyday conversation? Even my (u fortunately) liberal sons say they never use it and admitted that you have to walk on eggshells when dealing with non-whites. My guess is that she has CNN, MSNBC, Ellen or Oprah on the TV 24/7.

          • Agreed. I cut off my only brother (now a PC cuck married to a Karen) and my only sister (a screaming humorless PC bitch) many years ago. Today, I don’t know if either is still alive, and there hasn’t been even a moment of regret. In fact, I should have done it earlier. Life is too short to waste time with morons.

    • Not all, or even many women. But yes, there are a subsect of Gen X / millennial white women who are quite open to our ideas now.

      I was redpilling one about the lockdowns and the great reset. She was swallowing them so easily I almost felt bad, because now she’s scared.

      I still think white men are the bigger problem, they just care about booze, sportsball and poosy.

      • She was swallowing them so easily I almost felt bad, because now she’s scared.

        You break it, you own it.

        Time to man up and thrust WHITE BUNZ -> WHITE OVEN.

    • I wish there was a way to accurately gauge the real mood of the country right now. I get the feeling that there is a massive reservoir of untapped rage right now, based on conversations, but I can’t trust those instincts. Not yet, anyway.

      If it was just the election stuck in everyone’s craw, it probably wouldn’t be enough to breach the levee, but we’re closing in on one year of health-tyranny and the promise of continued beatings through 2021. The combination of the two may just prove the catalyst for major change, but at present I can’t imagine what it will be that will light the touch paper.

      Cometh the hour, cometh the man. But who?

      • The sudden rarity of public opinion poll results is noteworthy. Perhaps they are so unfavorable to the narrative that they can’t even be spun into anything of value to the narrative.

      • I’ve noticed that those out in the country are doing an awful lot of “Noticing” after the election debacle and the election and media rhetoric. Not explicit about who they are noticing, but they are realizing that there is a “they” and an “us.”

        • Here in the rustbelt it’s very similar, although most of us have been brought up with vibrancy in our midst, so it’s proving a bit harder for some to put into words what’s painfully obvious to their eyes.

          • Same, in rural Ontario there’s alot of angry white guys. The mental energy is there, I feel that I don’t need to say anything to understand them.

            There is a change in the city too. There may be more woke white guys than we realize.

            I’ve also noticed alot of despair in white men’s eyes in the diverse corner of my city. This is not so positive, they likely feel trapped and alienated unlike the rural folks who talk about this stuff more. But it’s a change nonetheless.

            Some guys just have that “twinkle” as I’ve said before. The guys who ascended past the depression / anger phase.

      • I am having difficulty with the masks and the shutdowns. THat there is no end being talke about is very demoralizing to me

    • I’ve also noticed that more and more women on social media are starting to wake up on the race issue and showing a real receptiveness to illiberal-right politics.

      Here’s a stat that will absolutely blow your mind: White women are more ethnocentric than White men. According to the polls I’ve seen, it’s true. More White women than White men say being White is important to their sense of identity. This is the real reason black women hate White women: they secretly suspect White women aren’t on their side.

      Females have much higher social IQs than men, so they are able to hide their true feelings. But their private lives (good schools) make it clear where their loyalties lie. White men, on the other hand, tend you tell you straight up how they feel. It was also that demographic that gave us mass immigration and Civil Rights.

      This fact should be obvious even without polling data. White men embraced deracinated libertarianism, racial egalitarianism, and sports ball, not White women. There are countless other examples. The right mistakenly thinks otherwise because women know less about politics on average and don’t vote republican as much. They assume (falsely) that republican = White identity … but it should be obvious by now that it does not.

      The reality is that some women are just following the bad example men set for them. BLM is run by a man, a White dude at that. The SPLC and ADL were run by men for the longest time. Corporations run by White males forced the Civil Rights Era onto the public. White men wrote all those movies like Driving Miss Daisy and Greenbook. If you want women to act differently, you need to set a better example and be a leader whom they can follow, one that is willing to play into their interests.

      You’re probably noticing more White women on this side because Trump has, to a very small degree, embraced economic and social policies that align with their sensibilities. They don’t want to be haters because they know the culture is against that and women have far higher social IQs, so dropping the anti-gay stuff has helped. Women also want money for their schools, so economic populism has helped attract some. Embracing a “big tent” for Whites is the way to get more White females embracing their identity as White. Also, black racism has helped drive some away.

      The mistake the right (civ nats) made was embracing “big tent” everyone. That’s a losing strategy because it leaves you powerless to respond to a group which plays naked racial politics, the democrats. Something beats nothing every time; organization beats atomization; concrete policies beat abstractions; identity beats civic nationalism.

      Women have competing interests (education spending, for example) that runs in the face of free market libertarianism. White men have driven that demographic away by forcing them to choose between competing priorities; women will always choose their families over abstract philosophical & economic dogma. Do you want more White women on your side? Economic populism and social moderation while embracing policies aimed at making them happy will do it. The problem is that too many White men refuse to abandon their long-held dogmas. They’d rather lose but, in their minds, be right on the issues. Personally, I’d rather win. There is no prize in life for second place “but right on the issues.”

      • The reality is that some women are just following the bad example men set for them. (((BLM))) is run by a man, a White dude at that. The (((SPLC))) and (((ADL))) were run by men for the longest time. Corporations run by White males forced the (((Civil Rights Era))) onto the public. White men wrote all those movies like (((Driving Miss Daisy and (((Greenbook))). If you want women to act differently, you need to set a better example and be a leader whom they can follow, one that is willing to play into their interest

        Who allowed the JIDF to sneak into the house and shit all over the carpets?


        There is a literal mountain of data on that link that absolutely refutes your claim. Across the board white women vote and think stupidly and in a pathologically altruistic manner. There is a long genetic precedent for why this is which I’m not going to write a mini-thesis on here, but you seem like a bright bulb ‘Major Lamp Light’ so I’m certain you know of what I speak.

        Women are always always going to vote popular opinion. There is nothing new under the sun in this regard they are genetically programmed to follow the herd. The zeitgeist right now states that blacks are the top of the totem pole and all others are beneath them. It would be fantastic if your statement was true that white females are developing some sort of racial consciousness but every iota of data states otherwise unless you are speaking of the statistical outliers in which case, what is the point? We want mass movements here, not rounding errors…

        • “ There is a literal mountain of data on that link that absolutely refutes your claim. Across the board white women vote and think stupidly”

          1) Wrong. Nothing there refutes my claim. I find it ironic that you resorted to using the same “well, they don’t vote republican so they must not like Whites” argument immediately after I brought it up.You clearly didn’t read or understand what I wrote. All you did was cite something without understanding it. Appeal to authority fallacy.

          Brad Griffin has published opinion polls showing White women are more likely to state being White is important to them than White men. Go to his website and look up his analysis of the various polls and groups that cost Trump the election. What I wrote should be obvious even without the polls considering how often men embrace idiocies like Libertarianism and sports ball. Just because White women vote their family’s interests (education spending) doesn’t mean they hate being White. Forcing them to choose between that and dumb ideologies is why you lose. How is that not obvious? This side of the aisle — and I hate to be blunt about this — are a bunch of losers. Women aren’t jumping onto a sinking ship. That same demographic was pro-war and anti-feminism in the early 1900s. It was draft-dodging White males who gave them the vote and told them to protest Vietnam.

          From Griffin’s website:

          “Strong feelings of White Solidarity by Demographic Traits”, Institute for Family Studies.

          White Female, all respondents: 40.37%
          White Male, all respondents: 34.65%

          How does it feel to have your world rocked, gentlemen? Turns out, you’re the problem. White Karens are merely the symptom, a desperate demographic trying to get out of the demographic tidal wave free market libertarian White males unleashed on this country. White Women are simply going with the strong horse so they won’t be harmed by the new boss.

          Show me where White women pushed for open borders more effectively than libertarian White men. Or job outsourcing or Civil Rights … all accomplished primarily by deracinated White males. Any other excuse is just a cope. White women act the way they do because they don’t have any other options.

          Vote republican = BLM, open borders, and cut social spending.
          Vote democrat = BLM, open borders, but some social spending.

          How exactly is this hard to understand?

          2) Literal mountain. Only if you’re watching The View.

        • Getting mad at women for following dominant social trends is like getting mad at a wolf for following the pack. It’s how they’re programmed.

          Until white men shape up, this situation will continue. The wolf pack will remain disorganized until an alpha shows up.

          White women are less likely to race mix than white men. They are also *more* aware of wokeness – however this is just expressed as submission to globohomo rather than resistance. Their men are saying muh NegroBall Playerz and watching porn instead of fucking them senseless and racepilling them.

          • Talk to a white woman about school districting and they are race realists. As a white husband it’s your job to gently push her further. They’re conflicted between reality and unthinkable bad think. Most white men are also cucks.

      • “This is the real reason black women hate White women: they secretly suspect White women aren’t on their side.”

        In everyday reality, I don’t think this is the main reason.
        The average black woman is a fairly shallow well. The main reason for the hatred is jealousy of hair texture and anger over the fact that black men are attracted to white women.

        • Black women are envious of White women, so they demand submission to soothe their hurt feelings, but White women are more ethnocentric than you’d think and great liars. Thus, black women suspect they are being deceived by a group they are deeply jealous of and resent as a result. This has led to a growing hatred of White females (and Asians / Hispanics) among black women. What you see printed about White women by black women in the NYT — “you’re lucky we don’t want revenge” — would have been unthinkable a generation ago. But websites like Twitter & Instagram — where pretty White women can brag about their various eye & hair colors & light skin — has really set them off. Now, they demand even higher levels of submission … which leads black women to even greater hurt feelings as they suspect they are being lied to.

          >WW: “X black woman is so beautiful.”

          >BB: “Then why do you want to look nothing like her?”

          Side note: Ask yourself who got Obama re-elected. It was the black church ladies. Even in the most recent election more black men than women switched to vote Trump. Women across all races are more ethnocentric than men. The fact that they’ll be more supportive of bad policies, according to the polls, only means they have higher social IQs than men. They know what the “right” answer is and are more easily manipulated by emotion, especially when it comes to children. Change the environment by altering your unpopular fiscal policies + provide a realistic strategy and prosepect for winning and you’ll see an appreciable increase in the numbers of White women on your side. Women are followers by nature, so give them something to follow instead of blaming them for your bad decisions.

        • Add the fact that the typical female jogger who doesn’t have some white blood somewhere in the lineage tends to resemble a simian more than anything else.

    • You’re probably an optimistic person by nature, which is good. However, I’m not at all optimistic about women, en masse, adopting any new attitudes towards race relations. Having just been forced to walk through a large shopping mall with the wife, I saw just as many White women with non-white partners, as White partners … maybe more.

    • I really don’t know if he believes his own bullshit or not.

      I find his videos fascinating for that reason (and only that reason.)

  46. A Biden victory means the complete loss of confidence in American institutions among at least half the population. This will have stunning repercussions in the coming years.

    • It’s not just that, our foreign adventures have always relied on an air of legitimacy that will no longer exist (to the extent that it still did). Who in their right mind (and is not getting bribed to the gills) would look at the gay-tranny parade of America being led by a dementia patient and prostitute via a stolen election and say “Yeah, I want some of that!”

      • Biden will put new conditions on the Iran Nuclear agreement that Iran will reject. This will be used as proof that Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon and must be stopped.

        • I am hoping it is China. Maybe we learn Russia’s lesson of 1905 and our revolution follows within a decade from the ensuing cost and turmoil. Imagine if the USA gets the “Kaiser at Versailles” treatment by the CCP. At least then I will fight instead of my progeny.

      • Harris will do for the “first woman President” what Obama did for the “first black President”. Which is to demonstrate basic incompetency and an angry, destructive personality to the table, as well as an obvious role reading the script of others.

        • Here in OR we have the hilariously evil and mendacious Kate Brown, In Michigan there’s Gretchen Witmer**, then of course there’s Queen K-Ho herself. I would say that perhaps the only the benefit of all these evil cunts is that the post-Revolution government will have little trouble banning women from public office above the dog catcher level and from the vote entirely.

          ** really? Gretchen? I’m starting to like the Simulation Hypothesis a bit more – and the idea that whoever runs it likes the Brothers Grimm and has a sense of humor.

    • Neither rain nor sleet nor Election Day deadlines will keep the postal union worker from his anointing rounds.

      • It begins now and builds in intensity. All that will be required is the Black Swan event that nobody can predict.

        • Black Swans are one of the few things that gives me a boost when I’ve OD’ed on the little black pills… and I think the skies will be full of the things in this decade. Pack an umbrella, and your gun of course.

    • Agreed. Awareness comes first. Then people must find the will to admit that the problem exists, it is serious, and that they must act rather than acquiesce. The latter will not happen in large numbers until real hardship arrives at their doorstep. That is the only corrective that can overcome the Comfort First Imperative.

      • Insult and humiliation can be a ready substitute for physical privation. “In Gaul, there are three tribes…”

    • Agreed … Trump is the most consequential President in the modern age and maybe since Lincoln. He completely revealed the Deep State with the election fraud and made “Fake News” a household phrase. This country has been fundamentally changed because of Trump.

      • Wait till the government and corporate media are met with a storm of laughter and derision. The social temperature will rise with the passage of every month.

        • I’ve been using a line about Michel de Montaigne who looked at Lies, dishonesty, falsehoods, untruthfulness etc in a couple of his essays. We all know what a liar is. Someone telling an untruth is repeating a falsehood that he believes to be true.
          The nuance is that the willingness to parrot known Media liars is not a falsehood: it makes you a liar.
          I roll it out whenever I hear the “PBS says…”
          It takes a couple of beats for them to understand they’ve just been called a liar but I’ve heard no effective comeback.

  47. Trump has been a crushing disappointment, but some of his Tweets shitting all over the legitimacy of our political system have been absolutely amazing.

    He really was, from beginning to end, the Twitter president: that’s all he did, but at least he did it well.

    A disappointment, but he did move tens of millions of people a few steps down Redpill Road.

    Is that enough? Dunno, but it’s something.

        • Rational analysis leads to the conclusion that the establishment doesn’t want an amnesty. Something that dissidents can’t wrap their heads around.

          • The cheap labor lobbies don’t want an amnesty. They like the black market for cheap labor. Democrats want the votes, but not enough to spend political capital on amnesty. Now that they can easily manufacture enough votes through the mail, they have no reason to push amnesty. That said, open borders is popular with the cheap labor side and the political class.

          • Open borders is popular with the political class because they increasingly realize that any opposition to their upcoming techno-totalitarianism will come from Whites.

        • Give the man his due, we had no TPP (yuge), no Paris accords, no new wars, existing ones kept at trickle, a good economy for 3 years.
          And yes 500 miles of new wall.

          His real problem is no one told him the President doesn’t call his lawyers.

          • According to DHS and CBP as of this month 423 miles of fencing have been installed. This includes replacement + new.

          • To be fair, the fencing that was replaced was in such bad shape that it was like putting in a new barrier. OTOH, the new wall/fencing will be meaningless with an administration that will not enforce immigration laws, as the new barriers were meant to funnel illegals to higher enforced chokepoints.

          • TPP and Paris were much bigger threats than most understand. Withdrawal from these was Trumps biggest achievement.

          • A wall would be great. But to be truly effective, we need to do the following:

            1. No hiring of Mexicans in border control. Even if they are U.S. citizens, a lot of them are still more loyal to Mexico than to the U.S. They are also highly susceptible to taking bribes from the cartels. They speak the language and and come from a culture where bribery is part of life.

            2. Put U.S. military snipers on the border with orders to shoot to kill.

            The cartels will continue to send people and drugs to our country (with or without a wall) unless extreme measures are taken.

            If we can spend billions of dollars and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq (and other middle-eastern countries) to please Israel, surely we can expend resources to protect ourselves from the drug and human smuggling cartels south of the border.

        • With all due respect, you can’t have it both ways. As you mentioned, Trump probably knew that amnesty would fail cuz of the increased labor costs. He could’ve been trolling them but the media will never tell us the full story. To be honest, I don’t actually remember any concerted effort other than some DACA talk.

      • Agreed, and he also didn’t start a new for-profit forever war. Biden will have to do so to accelerate the end stage looting underway.

        Most of Trump’s accomplishments were inadvertent, in that his election exposed the utter corruption and vacuity of the empire.

        • Its not like he didn’t try to start a war, he droned the head of the Iranian military, the most powerful man in the country after the supreme leader, the Iranians clearly don’t want war, but war is what they will get

          • That fucker deserved it if you’d cleaned up after an EFP you might know what your talking about. If it benefited the jews so be it.

        • He had something going on in Yemen to accommodate our Saudi friends. But yeah, an improvement over the last several presidents.

          • He droned Syria because Ivanka got the sads about a photo. Apparently Jared never shows her the photos of starving Yemenis.

      • He signed a de facto amnesty in the Feb ’19 omnibus spending bill. Which in section 224(a) prohibits the deportation of anyone who is sponsoring an “unaccompanied” minor illegal alien or lives in a household with a UAC, or a household that potentially might sponsor a UAC. This was also the bill that prevented him from building a wall or using any of the wall/fence prototypes and could only use existing bollard fencing. On another note this bill doubled the number of H-2B visas.

    • Trump has been a crushing disappointment
      trump was a fart in the wind
      what i hate about him is his boasting, when you know you are powerless then stfu and stop promising shit, at the end of the day there was no big loss, he was an israelite puppet who had some fondness for the good ol’ times when being wasp meant something..

    • Trump knew what we all know, which is that the current system, as it is, is thoroughly corrupt and non-functional. Trump exposed so much of it. More accurately, he got others to expose it in themselves. And that is his contribution to the clown-show of modern America.

    • He’s a septuagenarian entertainer , hotelier and real estate developer, not a Caesar. What did you expect?
      It appears to me President Trump expected to be roughly Clinton 2 , patch up the Middle class a bit so his type of enterprise can prosper, do a term, maybe two and to go back to TV.
      It was a reasonable assumption since he had no idea that our economy was dying of syphilis and that the disease had made the entire ruling class insane.
      Ultimately he is out of his depths, anyone would be and as such it falls on us, not some maybe later leader but us to say no more.
      This means no more vote harder since the soap box is mostly censored and the ammo box rigged it means well you know exactly what it means.
      We’ve got till January 20th roughly to figure things out.
      With extraordinary luck if President Trump pulls his hat trick and manages to fix the elections, we can relax a few more years.
      Otherwise if the theft of a nations future, the US becoming a tyranny, and worse can’t motivate you than you deserve to burn in the camps.
      It is on all of us. And no, while its great to be in January on the 6th, you don’t need to be. You need to understand its fight or perish and probably no one is showing up to lead you or save you.

  48. Driving through mid-Missouri yesterday and there was a giant TRUMP 2024 sign. There’s your answer for the MAGA fantasy crowd.

      • Boxer work harder
        Boxer fight Harder
        Napoleon is always right

        Napoleon is Rule of Law
        Somebody tell the Prots Napoleon is Jewish.

      • LOL!! We should make that the slogan of the Hannity/Bongino crowd . . . More cowbell people, more cowbell. It works on so many levels.

      • “We just gotta vote these people out.”

        What people, though? They all agree; it’s just a matter of degree, not kind. Further, it’s impossible to change the GOP establishment leadership. Third parties won’t work, they never have before (they’ll get co-opted or the regime’s media will attack them). And we’ve changed governments multiple times and nothing improves. Republicans get the House & Senate = amnesty, policies that benefit their donors, absolutely nothing done for their supporters.

        The right seems to be falling into three camps now:

        (1) Delusional “battered wife” types who still cling to the notion of an America that has long since ceased to be — civic nationalist MAGA types. They don’t realize the old rules apply only to the old country, which is now no more. They think long established trends don’t exist or will change if only they stick with it.

        (2) Boomer rebellion / gun club people. These types think revolution is right around the corner … fought successfully by an army of grannies with their .38 specials against an army of trained professionals with air support and all the letter agencies on their side. They think (wrongly) that guns can’t be banned or confiscated. They don’t want to upset the applecart, so they embrace doomer fantasies of other people doing things so they don’t have to do anything themselves. They’ll call you a defeatist or a blackpiller if you point this out. The reality is that they are what they criticize. Upsetting their psychological cope sets them off because they can’t accept a future where things won’t turn out well after some magical rebellion over guns or taxes.

        (3) Welfare queens who don’t want to take action because they imagine the federal government paying for their universal basic income in a post scarcity techo-utopia. These are the opposite of the doomers, although with the same result. These people don’t care about the current state of things because they think everything will be solved by a combination of technological advancement and economic populism.

        These people don’t take action because they think the Singularity is around the corner and everything will be like Star Trek soon after, and within their lifetimes.

        But that won’t happen within their lifetimes. Just consult the ruling class’s treatment of Andrew Yang when he tried it. These types are happy to let every red state become blue while repeating “if we don’t get rid of these people (free market republicans) then …” then what?

        You aren’t getting rid of these people. The last 4 years should have made that clear. The rich control this country through and through. Democrats will NEVER embrace White identity with so many envious, racist minorities becoming a larger share of the population.Casting your lot with the losing party is stupid, and they won’t fall it. The ruling class cares first and foremost about preserving their status. That means pitting those who would take it away (minorities) against you, whitey, as a distraction. You can’t break bread with people like that. They have no incentive to be nice to you.

        Third parties won’t work, either. They’ll be co-opted like the tea party or destroyed by the controlled media like the alt-right was. The financial sector will deplatform your payment processor. You’ll be banned from social media. Some regime supporter at NBC “News” will doxx you. The woke military and police will be sent after your leaders and made examples of for the rest. The party will quickly dissolve or appoint a Ben Shapiro type as leader to stem the flood of exiting members and negative press.

        Techno-utopia nonsense is an overblown marketing scheme promoted by Silicon Valley conmen seeking sweet sweet DARPA funding. Remember how we were supposed to have driverless cars by now? that’s what Elon Musk and company wanted us to believe just a few years ago. Futurist Ray Kurzweil said we’d need nanobot protocols in place by 2020.

        Well, we’re nowhere near that. Turns out, technological advancement is more difficult, more expensive, and slower than some naively assumed. Nanobots may even be impossible (or very difficult) according to recent research.

        And Driverless cars require a huge amount of compute power, way more than what’s economical today; then there’s all the other concerns like insurance, cost, and forcing some minimum percentage of consumers to adopt the technology to make it viable. Driverless cars will probably take another 30 years to be seen on the streets with any regularity.

        Technology isn’t going to save you.

        If you want things to truly change, you’ll need to get your own country, one where you’re in charge and make all the rules. There is no other solution. You’re welcome to articulate one if you can. I’ve never seen one. All I’ve seen are excuses. They mostl fall into delusion and fantasy (vote out a social class that controls everything or techno-utopia / welfare queenism).

        >American colonists 1775: “Please stop taxing us.”
        >King George III: “No”
        >Brad Griffin: “And that was then end of it. Nothing ever happened after that point. Now, maybe if we’re lucky we can get that bag from the king. Yay, free money. 100 years from now they’ll be flying horse carriages, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

        • You can free yourself. Not even be an individualist necessarily. The man who conquers himself is greater than he who conquers a city.

      • There have been repeated attempts here in OR to recall our wretched governor Kate Brown. I occasionally post in a FB group devoted to just that. This is what I hear all the time. We gotta get rid of Brown. The problem is that the next in the chain of command is someone called Shemia Fagan. Fagan is everything Brown is and worse.

        Oregon has been a vote-by-mail state for 20 years and this is believed by many to be the reason it’s so solidly Blue. Some even think that if you could get a real vote here with real people going to real polls and filling out real ballots this would be a Red State. Who knows. You’ll never get an honest poll here and until vote-by-mail ends there will never be another real election. Periodically the voters will recall the worst of the ruling class’ mistakes but there will always be another one waiting like the next round in a magazine.

        The Dems and media will try, and probably succeed, in institutionalizing vote-by-mail across the nation. Maybe a few Red states will still have real elections but I suspect the Presidency will now be pure theatrics (instead of 92%) to rubber-stamp whatever goon the Corpo-media class picks.

        • Washington is as bad, hell mail in only and dominion type machines with obviously stolen elections for the last twenty years.

    • It’s easy to laugh at their need to believe in an unworthy fellow like trump.

      But people do need to believe, and these decent, hard-working people deserve so much better.

      It’s disgusting that there’s no real, strong, and non-scummy leader to represent their interests in a forthright way.

        • Amen.

          White people of all socio-economic backgrounds are so reticent to give up (perceived) freedom to be degenerates in exchange for Christ, order, morality, and love.

          In fact the Bible tells us there is no savior who is of this world. A man like Trump could do us some good, but will ultimately disappoint. The only true salvation is in Christ – we need to do the work ourselves down here until that day.

          • Not only is there no savior of this world, we will be actively persecuted for our faith. It is happening now, and is part of the road to Christ.

        • He’s not here to run Planet Earth and even Christians admit they don’t know when he’ll show up.
          Its well and good to take care of your spiritual matters. You still have a body to take care of well and that requires a functional society.
          It is up to us to make that happen in the here and now or you can suffer an be broken. Chose wisely.

      • I really wish Trump hadn’t cucked. But what really gets me is people excusing the cucking. Congress had a veto-proof majority? So what? Make them exercise it.
        This is the perfect time to pretend you have principles. If it’s going to pass no matter what you do, pose a little. Say “I am not going to sign this abomination of a bill!” Ron Paul had this down to a science. There are many bills Ron Paul cast the single “nay” vote for. It cost him nothing to do that and he got to home and say “Look how principled I am!” Paul always made sure there were goodies for his district in those bills.

        I will be SHOCKED if Trump doesn’t cuck for whatever new plan he has to not get booted out of office and then harrassed by the justice department.

  49. Maybe the members of the Justice League will right all wrongs for us. A great man like Tony Stark is what we need.

    • The rise of the comic book movie is yet another indictment of our culture. The Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill etc are all indictments of our culture. Popeye, the Flintstones etc made into movies.

      Is it really any surprise that in a world with all these cartoons as mainstream culture, we got abominations like a mental patient running a state health department because of their mental health condition?

      Just keep all this mind the next time some neckbeard starts trashing Christianity and talking about sky daddies.

    • Tony Stark was replaced by a sassy 15 year-old black woman in the comics. Thor was replaced by a White woman who wanted people to “ask her about her feminist agenda” and Nick Furry is a black guy. DC is making Batman black, and they already made a White, redheaded Batwoman a black lesbian; Spider-Man is a black guy in the newest Sony Spider-Man game; Starlord was made bisexual to spite Chris Pratt; Wonder Woman was brought in to endorse AOC in a special election year issue where they celebrated RBG and Elizabeth Warren; Spider-Man endorsed Barack Obama when he was elected. These figures might as well be government propaganda at this point. I think you should look elsewhere for inspiration.

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