Observations On The Drug War

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For generations now, libertarianism has been synonymous with the legalization of recreational drugs. It is probably a bit unfair, as libertarianism has a lot more to it than just legalizing weed, but there is no getting around the fact that they have been obsessed with the topic for a long time. Libertarians take the broadest possible view on what could be considered recreations drugs. Their belief is that people can figure out for themselves what drugs they should or should not take.

The libertarian case rests on a number of assumptions about the human condition and human organization. One is that people are rational and act in their best interests or what they believe to be their best interests. The other is that you are responsible only for you and you have no duty to your neighbors or community. Those unable to sort their best interests may kill themselves with drugs, but that’s their problem. You and the rest of society have no duty or right to stop them.

Again, there is more to libertarianism than the legalization of drugs, but it makes for a useful entry point to examine their claims about a wide range of things. Their arguments about drugs can be applied to many other areas of life. That is the stock response from libertarians when they are chided about their drug obsession. Although they are extremely careful to avoid being explicit, the same arguments about drugs could be applied to speech, assembly, personal defense and so on.

Unlike most of the claims from libertarians, we now have some real-world experiments in the drug realm to test their claims. Not only have we had drug prohibition, we now have a lot of experience with legalization. We even have the unofficial decriminalization of drugs in several cities now. If the cops are told to ignore open drug use in a city, that is de fact decriminalization. Generations of claims about the drug war can now be measured against the reality of drug legalization.

The easy stuff to look at are the claims about crime. In places that have legalized marijuana, overall crime rates have not changed much. Property crime rates have not changed significantly and violent crime has actually ticked up, but that has happened in areas that did not legalize weed. In the cities that have effectively decriminalized drug use, like Seattle and Portland, crime has gone up significantly, but there are other factors at work in these cities driving the rise in crime.

There are fewer people in the court system for possession charges now, but no reasonable person doubted that claim. If we stopped arresting people for murder, the courts would see a drop in murder cases. The argument for or against legalizing drugs was never about courts of prisons. It is about the overall quality of life. If a big robust criminal justice system is what we need in order to have a high quality of life, only crazy people will complain about that trade-off. Life is nothing but trade-offs.

When you look at what has been happening in the country in total since states began to experiment with drug legalization, a pattern emerges. We have seen a sharp rise in taxes at the state level, some owing to taxes on drug sales, but also a sharp decline in the rule of law. The Western states, where marijuana legalization first started, has seen a collapse in civil order. You have massive homeless camps in Los Angeles, anarchy in Seattle and Portland. Anarcho-tyranny is the rule out west now.

Another point worth mentioning is that the states rushing to legalize drugs have also been some of the worst offenders of Covid lockdowns. California is operating under a bizarre form of martial law. Criminals and bums can run wild in the streets, but normal businesses are being shuttered over Covid. Maine has wrecked their tourist industry over Covid, despite few cases. Massachusetts is operating under a curfew. Maybe these states did not legalize weed for libertarian reasons.


It is important to underscore that the collapse of civil order in drug legalizing states is not caused by drug fiends running the streets. The bums, drug fiends, petty criminals and bourgeois revolutionaries are symptoms of a larger decline in civil order. The image that is beginning to emerge is that drug legalization efforts correspond with a collapse in the willingness of state government to maintain order. The Covid hysteria is probably just another indicator of this collapse in civil order.

There is another angle to the drug legalization claims. For generations, the image of drug legalization promoted by libertarians was that potheads would be growing weed in their backyards and drugstores would be dispensing harder drugs just as they sell products for foot fungus and allergies. If you liked smoking pot, you could grow some plants in the backyard with your artisanal lettuce. If you had a heroin addiction, your doctor would provide a prescription for safe heroin.

On the latter point we have plenty of evidence that the libertarians were completely wrong about legalizing hard drugs. The opioid crisis in America was created by those benign drug companies. The claim for generations was that business would never try to kill its customer base. It turns out that was false. The Sackler family was perfectly willing to genocide the population for a quick buck. Just imagine if they did not have to work through the legal system in order to deliver drugs to people.

We won’t have to wait to learn what would have happened. The marijuana business is well on its way to becoming the marijuana industrial complex. Companies operating what amount to government monopolies in the growing of pot are now worth billions and growing rapidly. When the business plan for billion-dollar corporations with special access to government is built on getting your kids hooked on drugs, it is not hard to predict what will happen. Let a thousand Sacklers bloom.

As with the breakdown in order where drug legalization is popular, the abuses of global capital in the drug trade are a symptom. Former Speaker of the House John Boehner is a marijuana lobbyist now. Former Speaker Paul Ryan is an off-the-books lobbyist in Washington, as he gobbles up corporate donations in preparation for a 2024 presidential run. Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is Managing Director at Moelis & Company, where he lobbies for business deals.

Taken in total, what we will see from the supply side of drug legalization is the same thing we see everywhere with global capital. Instead of government regulating business, it is business regulating government. The state is always the junior partner. It is a form of post-national colonialism, where global corporations extract resources from communities with the support of local politicians. The opioid crisis was just the first wave of what is about to come in the normalization of drug taking.

There are two takeaways from the first wave of drug legalization. One is the results are nothing like what libertarians predicted. The states that are legalizing drugs are not experiencing empty prisons and courtrooms. Crime has not plummeted as the trade has moved from the streets to the strip malls. There may be fewer people in jail for marijuana possession, but that was always a false metric. Those people are now in jail for other crimes now that they cannot plead down to possession.

The other takeaway is that drug legalization is not the point of the libertarian spear, but the leading edge of anarcho-tyranny. The states rushing to legalize drugs are experiencing the most civil unrest. These state governments are not legalizing drugs because they love liberty. They are doing it because they no longer have the will or the desire to maintain order. In fact, drug legalization appears to be a traveling partner of a growing wave of illiberal authoritarianism.

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297 thoughts on “Observations On The Drug War

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  2. I know a bit about narcotics addiction (I wish I didn’t), and have to disagree with your assessment of cause. The Sacklers may have whetted our appetite for narcotics with their oxycontin, but the genocidal overdoses are caused by Chinese fentanyl and Mexican heroin.

  3. ass,gas,or grass,noe won gets free advice or words without spice for social media managers and drones,sit and spin on 5g phones bitch!

  4. An anesthetized society is much easier to control, hence a direct correlation between drug legalization and government overreach. QED.

  5. The Drug War. Little discussed is how cartels and specifically in Mexico both El Chapo and Sons and the New Generation Jalisco Cartels (at war with each other) have essentially taken over Mexico. As Pablo Escobar did with Columbia until the US sent Centre Spike to, well kill him. But as the great philosopher Emilio Estevez said, that was then. This is now.
    Anarcho Tyranny and various moral panics and drug wars are all well and good with tight borders and a hefty dose of “White Supremacy” keeping the lid on things in the 1920’s, up through the 1960s. But now … after decades of open borders and staggering wealth and the amount of soldiers available to cartels?
    Someone like Gavin Newsom is likely to be replaced by an overt Cartel Member who tells Biden what to do. Plomo y Plata.

  6. I must say that, although I have partaken in the smoking of weed back in the day, I really don’t have any strong feelings about the drug war. I think that drugs should be illegal, and it seems that usage has definitely gone down … we were tripping (no pun intended) over weed back in my day … and everyone in high school was growing it. Very few people took it any further than weed. In fact, you could say that weed prevented the use of worse drugs cuz you could get your mood altered without doing anything more dangerous.

  7. I’ll also say about libertarians, in a world where the average IQ is 130, we probably wouldn’t need many laws. However, once we created social programs that literally incentivize 75 IQ to have double the birth rates, there is NO ideology that will work on them. Look at africa or latin america. Eventually politicians will learn to promise the underclass free pizza and ice cream forever, and our whole country will move that direction. The same politicians willing to plunge us into debt to win elections will have no problem accepting millions from corporations to pass horrible laws restricting the ‘free’ market and subsidizing themselves.

    • Its not 1970 anymore, The African American TFR is 1.9 and the Hispanic TFR is 1.8 , Whites are at 1.6.
      Stop immigration, expel , execute or imprison the habitually criminal and repatriate non assimilated folks and some problems will diminish.
      That said, automation is as big an issue. If you have a society where people can’t afford kids because machines allow lower wages or eliminate jobs, you won’t have anyone with impulse control or a three digit IQ having children.
      You’ll get stupid people, spiteful mutants and religious nutters all of whom will end modernity and is what we have,

    • Well said. And that is why hot conflict is inevitable. Eventually you run out of other people;s money and the bill comes due. When that happens, the gravy train derails and survival of the fittest returns with a vengeance.

    • Spot on David.

      I believe it was Richard Lynn in his studies of nations’ average population IQ that said he found no country with a national average IQ below 90 that was a functional society as we in the 1st world would consider such!

  8. The reverse war on drugs movement was ALWAYS based on false data: Those “racist” marijuana convictions were plea bargains. Talk to any prosecuting attorney or inner city cop. Judges reduce the charges of violent felons to marijuana charges so their city appears to be safer and they win more government funding.

    I’m sure you’ll have potheads in the comments making the same tired case that they’re not addicted to weed, but we’ve all seen it completely consume people’s lives. I don’t blame the weed, I blame the genetics. Low IQ, badly-behaved genes are resurfacing in our gene pool and these maladaptive organisms can’t function in a high tech society. So they’re not interested in order or sobriety.

    They will eventually overpopulate us. Ed Dutton’s research seems pretty conclusive that dysgenics is real.

  9. Modern GMO weed in particular with the weak stuff being 22% active compounds is not daddy’s pot stash (or Grandpa’s Stash which is the actual commercial name for it) its an addictive and deadly substance masquerading as plant.

    People have used drugs since time immemorial. The Victorian era for example was packed with addicts and gin mills were a public menace from the 18th century.
    Miserable people use drugs lots of drugs all the time, whether its the New Weed, strong booze or something prescribed to them
    The fact that society is crumbling on the coasts and in large parts of the Midwest isn’t caused by the drugs. They do contribute to the decay but its caused by a miserable useless purposeless society.
    Fixing that is probably impossible under any kind of Republican or Democratic government as any attempt fix the three big issues (family formation, tradition and economics) would either be undermined by our own State or lobbyists from some vested interest.
    It basically has to die to be reborn unless some kind of DR movement can get enough momentum to take power and Fash the place up.

  10. Also, Libertarians were completely wrong about Prohibition. They’ve promoted this self-serving misconception in their efforts to legalize all drugs (marijuana is a debate IMHO, but decriminalizing heroine and the like is crazy). Turns out, alcohol consumption wasn’t nearly as ubiquitous as they’d have you believe during the era; it declined by over a third … and that was with primitive 1920s and 30s regulatory efforts.

    As Duke University economist Philip Cook explains in his carefully researched book “Paying the Tab,” the evidence shows that Prohibition had a clear effect in reducing overall alcohol consumption. Deaths from cirrhosis of the liver and alcoholism (which are proxies for alcohol consumption) fell dramatically. Life insurance companies reported declines in alcohol-related deaths. According to Harvard criminologist Mark Moore, the best estimates are that consumption fell by around 30-50 percent. Moore also notes that hospitalizations for alcohol psychosis and arrests for drunk and disorderly conduct also declined.

    Although consumption did start to rise towards the later years of Prohibition, per capita ethanol consumption rates remained lower than what they were at during the 1911-1914 baseline period used by most scholars. Consumption levels during Prohibition never exceeded pre-Prohibition levels—indeed, that did not occur until the 1970s, which is perhaps a testament to its lasting effects.


    Hard drug use would probably skyrocket with disastrous consequences should Libertarians get their wish with heroine, cocaine, and methamphetamine. Don’t believe the lie that the government can’t radically reduce supplies of anything on the streets if they wanted to. It’s equivalent to the left-wing argument that borders don’t work just because a handful of people can get over a barrier. The point is that the tide can be radically reduced to some tolerable level. That’s where we are now. Take down the barrier and watch your communities disintegrate under a tidal wave of drug abuse.

    • This kind of action requires a society that isn’t corrupt.
      Our is no more capable of stopping the flow of drugs than Mexico is as there are far too many people out there undermining any efforts. Whether its dope sellers, government black ops spooks using the funds, police departments on the take or living off seized funds or just the “open borders/free trade/cheap labor” crowd, the spice must flow.
      On those grounds the US is just another country in the Americas, Uruguay, Brail, Mexico whatever. We can’t and won’t do a damned thing about drug imports or drug use.

        • I’m not a user myself but drug use is a sane reaction to an insane society.
          And note, its not a personal ,moral issue as much as a societal one.
          Societies that work can apply social pressure to minimize it. Ours doesn’t and as such can only apply coercion which makes things worse.
          You want less drugs? Stably, purpose , tradition above all else and if you are smart with a hefty side chaser of homogeneity.

          • I disagree. A sane response is to find out what’s going wrong, and accept Jesus. Plus, gringos have been using drugs for a long time, starting in the 1960s.

          • That can be a part of stability and tradition
            I know a a crap ton of Jesus freaks who are drugged to the gills.
            Good old jailhouse Christianity is only marginally effective at the best of times and basically only works in a milieu which is already stable and in which society offers a purpose and something to return to. Otherwise like AA its just an cost cutting measure to avoid paying the cost for a functional society.
            Regardless in enough time you’ll get your Christendom anyway. The religious nutters like the Amish that serve as the flip side of the spiteful mutants will out breed everyone else. Modernity and any form of secularism will be gone though so if you were hoping for s a space future, forget it.
            Invest long in buggies.

  11. All this is happening with drugs, but God forbid you blow a .09 rather than a .07 into an uncalibrated device, at checkpoints legalized by the Supreme Court in 1989, a pure 4th Amendment violation, you can then watch as the state extracts thousands from you and sends you through a maze of bureaucracy and pointless installation of devices and class work to perfect your moral outlook on demon rum. All with the applause of greater society. How many DUIs would the founders have had? Hypocrisy abounds, as we drive past tweeters left and right.

    • I attended a seminar where the question was put directly to a state police director. “Why,” he was asked, “are there not checkpoints to check for drugged driving, too?” He bluntly replied “costs.”
      The number of people killed by drugged drivers is staggering, and largely ignored.

      • When I was 18, I drove stoned a few times. A cop pulled me over once. He knew I was high, but he couldn’t do a damn thing about it. All I had to do was respectfully refuse the sobriety tests and request to take the breathalyzer. I was also very courteous toward him, which probably helped my case.
        He searched my car, ran me for warrants, the whole nine yards. He threw up his hands in frustration and then his older partner sauntered over.
        We got to talking for a while. I told him that his partner was pleasant throughout our encounter, and I expressed gratitude for their overlooking my broken taillight. Just as I was about to inquire as to when I could leave, the older cop shined his flashlight at my jeans.
        “By the way, son, what’s that you got on your pants there?” I looked down and saw that it was a big bud of pot. I quickly swiped it off of me.
        “What pants, officer?”
        He laughed, handed me my license, and let me go. It was the last time I drove stoned.

        • Not sure this story is applicable in all jurisdictions. You are assuming a “level” of drug must be proven. Here, and most everywhere I know of, not so. You can be charged based upon driving behavior and “nothing” else. The law states that you can not be impaired to the “slightest degree”, drive like an ass and they will write up half a dozen tickets and “draw your blood”.

          That sample can not be refused (without the penalty of license revocation for the refusal) based upon the probable cause illustrated/supported by the citations issued. They then will do the alcohol and at least the marijuana sampling in the state lab on your blood. You’ll be charged for influence of one or the other, and if no drugs found, reckless driving. (That of course assumes the whole affair is not made up bullshit.)

          What you have illustrated is just a couple of cops, a bit lazy, looking for statutory impairment due to a level of alcohol content. You were lucky—and smart for never voluntarily taking an impairment test—and also that they were not incline to write bullshit tickets to justify further encroachment upon your rights.

    • Jews such as Ossoff thought they could suck up to the PRC and control it, too. That changed when the PRC made it plain they wouldn’t mind seeing the Tribe erased from the face of the planet.

      • Right?

        (((Their))) long-term plan seemed to be getting rich selling the productive capacity and intellectual property of the US and Europe to China while cozying up to the CCP as their banks wormed their way into China’s financial structure, eventually permitting them to pull up stakes from the US and move to China or the unamed country.

        Well, the CCP didn’t fall for it and grew filthy rich on the windfall of the West’s productive capacity falling into it’s lap. The CCP then used those profits to buy up vast swaths of Western assets and people, and here we are.

        • The (((people))) I know are freaking out about China and suddenly openly racist towards them (behind their backs).

          Oops. (((Their))) fate, like blacks’, is tied to the success and prosperity of the white gentile population, whether anybody likes it or not.

          They will go down on the ship with the rest of us.

          • (((They))) also seem to have missed the reality that China has no wealthy, influential evangelical Protestant set that is eager to place the unnamed country’s interests above all else.


  12. The central lie in Z-mans case is this:

    The other is that you are responsible only for you and you have no duty to your neighbors or community.

    His moral and ethical structure seems to be such that only Government force creates a Duty.
    Other people may recognize factors other than fear of State violence in determining their actions.

    • What is the end goal of government, if not the welfare of the citizens? This is why religious freedom is so wicked and condemned by the Catholic Church…

  13. (Was a libertarian when younger. It had nothing to do with wanting to get high, and mostly to do with a desire for consistency and principles in how society is organized. These days, society operating according to principles and respectful of rights seems like a cause so lost it’s a fairy tale. I just want to ensure the survival of my family as everyone goes mad and grasps for power.)
    As to the drugs: Have you ever noticed that the ones championed by the left (which includes the so-called-libertarians) are the useless drugs? The ones inducing stupor, passivity, and disengagement? No one is championing nicotine or benzedrine or adderall – those are still pretty underground and frowned on. (There are good reasons for social disapproval, but it seems society is in favor of promoting stupidity over lucidity.)
    I just want to be able to buy my migraine medicine along with asprin without a permission slip and slavery to a corporation for insurance.

    I recall a paper published a few years back: “How synthesize sudafed from methamphetamine”, with some statement in the abstract to the effect that sudafed is impossible to obtain, but you can get meth on every street corner.

      • It’s probably owned by a private real estate firm (maybe Simon Properties? … I’m serious) and they could have rules about masks, but it better be plainly visible at entry to the mall. On the other hand, there is the idea that the mall is open to the public, unlike, say, a private golf resort, that is also private, but requires membership to enter. The mall requires no membership, so it’s “public” in that regard.

  14. I’ve been wondering if the push to legalize drugs is part of the rulers’ plan to further erode our freedoms. Give the masses the stuff to anesthetize themselves, increase their apathy and decrease their motivation.

    • Give the masses the stuff to anesthetize themselves, increase their apathy and decrease their motivation.
      no doubt, same with women, who when seen(by a man) debauching themselves and turned feminist makes one give up on family and society.

    • I was saying almost the same thing below. These drugs are anesthetics, not stimulants. They’re intended to numb and pacify, not enable.

  15. Sam Francis wrote: “In reality, there is no foe in the war against drugs that could not be well met by a county sheriff armed with a wad of Red Man, a couple of .12-gauges, a local posse, and a few yards of strong rope.” His point was you can tell who’s really in charge in a society by looking at who controls addictive drugs. Control once was at the local or state level. Then the federal government took over with the War on Drugs, which nationalized the problem. Today, as Z writes, the same drugs are a profit center for oligarchs.

  16. I see it more as the low intelligence set trying to show how forward thinking they are. In real life important things require maintenance and repair to keep in good functioning order. That’s just boring and not very flashy. To really impress your neighbors you have to engage in an over the top light and sound show. Whether it makes sense to do it is not the point, the point for them is the display.

    It’s like the guy who buys a new car with all the bells and whistles. For him it’s not about whether it’s good transportation or not, it’s whether he can impress other people with the amount of money he spent on it. And that you will never change with some people.

  17. Dissolving the rule of law is having an overall effect of culling the herd. This appears to be the intent. Legalizing prostution and euthanasia will probably be next. Throw a few haplotype specific pandemics into the mix, and Mr. Gates won’t have to yell at anyone to get off his lawn.
    Dissolving the rule of law is having an overall effect of culling the herd. This appears to be the intent. Legalizing prostution and euthanasia will probably be next. Throw a few haplotype specific pandemics into the mix, and Mr. Gates won’t have to yell at anyone to get off his lawn.

    Freshly minted victimology cards are dispersed with the dissolution of each law, passports to the destination inevitable for “victims” indoctrinated with the belief they will get what they expect and deserve.

  18. The marketing done to sell marijuana is interesting. Part of the strategy is to pretend that all of the various strains have all these varying positive effects, like this strain will spur creativity and this other strain will help with anxiety. It’s all pretty much the same.  Getting high, regardless of the strain, pretty much just results in you being stupid for awhile. Even more stupid than normal.

  19. The main argument I have always heard for legalization, especially marijuana legalization is that the prisons were full of “non-violent drug offenders” caught with personal use amounts of marijuana. This was always a lie. Prisons are filled with dangerous men who belong there.
    The biggest part of this lie is that prisons were filled with black men because of racist drug laws, especially marijuana laws. But in the big blue cities with large black populations, it’s pretty difficult to get sent to prison. You really have to screw up to get sent to prison. Nobody is/was going to prison for a joint in these cities. Everything you read about marijuana is a lie, including the biggest one, that all races use marijuana at around the same rates.

  20. “These state governments are not legalizing drugs because they love liberty. They are doing it because they no longer have the will or the desire to maintain order.”

    But that does not follow, Z-Man. As you yourself noted, legalizing states are positively zealous when it comes to enforcing order via Kovid Krackdowns. What we’re really seeing here is modern Leftism reified in the legal realm. Hence, the Leftists approve of destructive criminal activity because it harms the civilization they loathe and the crimes are disproportionately committed by their preferred people, namely blacks. Thus, various forms of crime are either formally decriminalized or tolerated. On the other hand, Leftists despise small business and normal, lawful white people. The Kovid Krackdowns are methods of punishing those groups who are guilty of absolutely nothing. The ultimate telos of this ideology is anarchical freedom for blacks and tyrannical oppression for lawful whites. That’s the anti-white racist end game.

    • Yeah but even with the crackdowns the pot shops remained open as “essential” businesses in CA

      From what I gather, seeing friends and just hearing the talk on the street, is that a lot of people were cool with the crackdowns as long as rent wasn’t due and they could get high all day. My sense is the claustrophobia is now taking over and people are starting to rebel for that general reason.

    • “You’re operating your business as a nonessential 5th class citizen!”
      “But officer, I’m also selling vice! See, marijuana. It’s not all sump pumps and compressors!”
      “A likely story!”

    • Since they lost the will to enforce the laws, they decided to get a cut of the action through taxes instead.
      Mess with their tax revenue and they will react with force.

    • Solzhenitsyn in Gulag Archipelago makes exactly that point. In the prison camps, the common criminals (“Thieves”) were considered (I forget exact term) “socially friendly elements” to the Marxists precisely because their crimes (such as theft) hurt the Burgeois (e.g. ordinary citizens like us.) In fact they were indeed “useful,” as Thieves got lighter sentences, were treated better in prisons, often having positions of authority, etc. It was the political prisoners who were treated worst, and continuied being victims of Thieves even inside.

    • And who is behind the anti white end game….come on you can say it, big nose, little hat, long walks on saturday. Thinks you’re cattle….wants you dead.

  21. I’m not sure I’m seeing the connection between legalized drugs and the breakdown of rule-of-law. Correlation versus causation.
    In the 1800’s laudanum was an over-the-counter drug but we somehow maintained law and order. It’s a loss of a willpower that’s been evident for a long time. I lived in Los Angeles in the 90’s and there were bums everywhere openly flouting laws against drug use and public drunkenness. It wasn’t punished then because the authorities lacked the will.

    • I do not think it is the rule of law so much breaking down but the mantle of and respect for authority that are. Let’s be honest, if the government is out there essentially promoting getting high that at some level a person determines the government is not an authority worth respecting. Who is going to respect that? People don’t always like being told what to do but they need it in their lives. Even criminals crave some semblance of a legitimate authority because it gives them that thing they are meant to fight against. Like Trump for the liberals.

  22. The house is on fire and you’re complaining about a leaking toilet valve. Voter fraud has just destroyed a foundational pillar of our country, and you think re-instituting the Drug War should now be our highest priority? The Dementia Patient is owned lock, stock, and barrel by Communist China, but first we need to start locking up potheads again? The FBI has become a full-fledged criminal enterprise, but the bum on the street corner soliciting change is Public Enemy No. 1? WTF?

    • I agree, TomA, that the election fraud is the most important event since the Civil War.
      However, we don’t come up with a new topic to write about every day as Mr. Z Man does. I appreciate the forum provided here and it certainly keeps more than a few of us sane and focused in a mad, mad world.

      • I’m not criticizing Z. His writing is among the best that can be found anywhere on the internet these days. But the pot is starting to boil and we can’t keep pretending that we have the luxury of yakking endlessly. It’s about to get real (as in 1776 real), and grousing about potheads is not a necessary survival skill when the Jackboots start marching.

  23. Another side effect we’re seeing in our 300,000 person hamlet in the Central Valley is the drug cartels moving in to take over the business. We’ve had six murders of young black men this month. I’m so old I don’t have to worry but it’s going to be interesting to see how mooks like Gavin Buzzwords handle being shoved aside by a cartel rep.

  24. This is a hell of an essay. You really had your dander up this morning, and put some real heat into it. But then, beating up the useless libertarians always does that for you. Going to email it to a bunch of people.

    • Meanwhile, even Z knows that the most consistent and outspoken voices against the lockdowns and mandatory mask orders have been libertarian voices.

      It has been the likes of Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Eric Peters, and Tom Dilorenzo who have, ab initio, recognized that the Church of Covid is demonic.

      It has also been the likes of small business owners, motivated by profits and furnishing good services to their patrons, who have courageously stood up to the tyrants and the Branch Covidians and the maskeratti.

  25. For Michiganders, looking at the billboards from Detroit to Grand Rapids is reading into a dystopian hellscape, incessant advertisements for pots (probably 1-in-3 billboards). Then you see billboards warning parents of their kids vaping, something far less dangerous than pot. Then you see the mask up signs, followed by a billboard of dark masked people in a black background thanking Whitmer for ‘keeping us safe’ and advertisements to sex shops to top it off.
    Good luck protecting your six year old kid who just learned to read.

    • Sounds like Oregon. There’s a big yellow billboard on one of the main roads out to the Coast that suggests your entire family will die if you don’t mask up. It enrages me every time I drive by. I shouldn’t let it since that, or shaming for the gullible, is the point.

  26. Comrade kommissar weepy Boehner and Obama’s beard Pauly Ryan are in on the big cash in?
    I quit. It’s trendy and uncool now.

  27. You raise some valid points but ignore many others. First is the overall issue of Prohibition. Even a cursory examination of the history of America’s alcohol prohibition of just a hundred years ago will reveal it was a monstrous failure, with knock-on effects of government regulation and organized crime that continue long after Prohibition was repealed (c. 1930). The opioid “epidemic” is little different from the dangers of hard drugs going back forever. You completely ignore the legitimate medical uses of drugs, hard or soft. Do we ignore valid medical needs just because there’s a risk of addiciton? If drugs are so horrible and must be outlawed or strictly controlled, why didn’t America collapse befoe 1917, the year of the Harrison Narcotics Act? Prior to that date, you could go into virtually any drug store in America and buy products or the pure substance, containing heroin, morphine, cocaine, marijuana, and probably many other odd substances. I hope you’re never in the position where you need a Schedule II Controlled Substance and are lucky enough to find a doctor willing to prescribe them, and find out the hoops you must jump through to get them, few days per fill (Just what every patient with severe pain needs: having to travel to the drug store every few days for his meds!), and a mess of other regulatory issues.
    Furthermore your analysis completely ignores the costs of illegality. Not the least is the cost of jailing drug offenders. It costs $50K/year, more or less, to house a criminal. That’s a very high price to pay to punish someone who was selling a product to someone who wanted it. Don’t you think the armed robber, the rapist, the murderer, is more deserving of that cell, than the guy selling loose joints in the alley, or even the crack dealer a block over?
    Finally, you’ve forgotten many other things that would likely exist in a Libertarian world. Not the least of those would be absolute freedom of association. At least on private property, the owner would have the right to refuse access to anyone, for any reason. And one of those reasons could be to exclude people who used or sold drugs. Since this last point remains unavaiable, I concede that having a city full of druggies, legal or otherwise, that can’t legally be shooed away from the decent folk, is perhaps the worst problem of the drug culture.

    • That’s a very high price to pay to punish someone who was selling a product to someone who wanted it.

      Where these libertarian arguments inevitably fall apart is in thinking that the criminal selling poison to kids is going to suddenly go into a legitimate line of work if the stuff that he sells is legalized.

      • I will go to jail if I sell alcohol to high school students at school. Alcohol is strictly regulated, taxed and its users subject many legal restrictions. Why would it be any different for legalized drugs?
        Your last point is valid. I’ve read that CA still has a booming pot black market, I’d guess to avoid the taxes and regs.
        I forgot to put into my earlier rant: Would you trade ALL drug (and alcohol) prohibition laws (but let’s allow limitations on where, when, and to whom sold) in exchange for a return to the level of freedom that the USA had in (say) 1916, the year before any Federal drug laws? I sure would! Just imagine how much more power local communities had to keep out the riffraff: Public vagrancy? You went to jail for 30 days or whatever. Freedom of association: Want to keep Negroes, Jews, Chinese, Irish, indeed anyone you chose to exclude for any reason whatsoever, out of your business, boarding house, or entirely? No problem; anti-discrimiantion laws didn’t exist. Want to buy a machine gun? Most places you could just pick one up at the store, no license required. Money was still gold and silver. Etc. Also women weren’t allowed to vote 😀

    • That’s my biggest fear, prevention of true therapeutic use due to the “drug war”. Having some recent issues involving doctors and hospitals, I’m nervous. 30 years without seeing a doctor, then needing one, I had to sign forms agreeing to such prohibition. For example, my current physician will not treat “chronic pain”. Surgery papers stated blankly—no pain medications given for longer than ten days—and to be prescribed and taken within the confines of the treatment facilities. Ad’s run on the radio simulating a doctor patient conversation where the patient asked for a refill of a pain medication after an operation and is told, “Tylenol only from now on”.

      Somehow this is not right.

  28. “The libertarian case rests on a number of assumptions about the human condition and human organization. One is that people are rational and act in their best interests or what they believe to be their best interests. The other is that you are responsible only for you and you have no duty to your neighbors or community.”

    In fairness to them, the opposite extreme is way worse. There is no tyranny worse than that which is exercised for the benefit of the tyrannized. Moreover, the lie of democracy is that you are responsible for your neighbor’s actions, which is why you have to vote on how best to regulate their behavior. That said, it is probably best to find a balance between the two extremes: we ought neither to ignore or neighbors nor micromanage them.

    “These state governments are not legalizing drugs because they love liberty. They are doing it because they no longer have the will or the desire to maintain order”

    That, and drug-addled people are easier to hold down.

  29. The opioid crisis was just the first wave of what is about to come in the normalization of drug taking.

    The opioid crisis was the trailing edge of the normalization of pharmaceutical drug taking – which is a much worse social crisis than recreational drug use.

    America survived the pot and heroin surges of the 60s – 70s, the cocaine surge of the 70s-80s and the meth mania of the 80s-90s.

    Im not sure we’re going to survive the Ritalin surge of the last twenty five years – that has upward of half the adolescent population on one or another prescription drugs with psychotropic effects. And older people on a daily cocktail of maintenance meds.

    In fact, it seams likely that our current age of insanity is at least partially fueled by pharmaceuticals.

    • Don’t forget all the drug cocktail in the water supply that has effects no one is talking about.

    • One only has to look at the strong correlation between anti-psychotics and political disposition to see the truth of this.

  30. I think your analysis overlooks the cause-effect relationship of the fact that a lot of states that are being run by Woke people are explicitly trying to undermine “White Male Normative Culture”, which means they see your desire for orderly, clean streets and rational principles as being merely an expression of your racism. Legalizing/decriminalization is an effect of that ideology. Similarly with legalizing/decriminalizing shoplifting and vagrancy and homeless encampments. The fanatical Woke Elite are pushing for a new set of norms. Whatever ends up offending your sensibility will be the new norm because they want to define everything to be the exact opposite of what an olden days white man would think life should be like. I say all of this as someone who is currently living in one of America’s very diversely enriched major cities. I see the dynamic play out all the time. If we complain about anything… garbage collection for example… it’s ignored as being merely us pushing for white people to get privileges when everyone else has to live with garbage. Etc Etc. We are being punished by our overlords for white people having voted for Trump and also past injustices.

  31. Former Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle has also been lobbying to legalize pot. I assume the primary methods to go after those who sell pot outside the government system will be tax evasion charges. In most states where it has been legalized, it has been by popular vote. People are contributing to the anarcho-tyranny of their own states.

  32. Portugal decriminalized hard drugs a long time ago and I don’t think they became much worse. Only third world immigration has had a negative impact. Czech Republic has de-facto legalized marijuana and it’s a safer and more orderly country than most, if not all of the US. Poland decriminalized marijuana and it’s considered “based”…

    The real problem is cultural. In the US, money is god. All problems stem from this attitude.

    • My take on subtle but major differences between Europe and here.

      1. They treat you like an adult over there. Here they treat you like a child who needs his hand held.
      2. Then in taking that paternalistic attitude, they pull a fast one over here. While pretending to be your dad, they move in for the kill and profit over you poisoning yourself.

      Bottom line, and it can never be said enough, the real difference is that in America we are run by a foreign tribe who has no regard for our welfare and sees us only as a crop to be harvested. It may be changing in Europe, but seems like the “natives” still have considerable influence over how things are run.

    • Removing the taboo factor and focusing on education and rehab really seems to have worked for Portugal.

      However, they are tiny with a somewhat homogeneous population of 10 million. I don’t think their experience extrapolates to the US.

      • Precisely, but that is the point. US culture values money and business above everything and the country is flooded with aliens. That is the root of its problems and not marijuana legalization, which is really just a distraction.
        (In case anybody’s wondering – I don’t smoke, nor do I consume any drugs)

    • “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Probably not all, but certaily a large portion of them.

      • The US is 13% Black many of which are in custody at any given time.
        If you igniore the folk who are decent and work for a living , probably a quarter at the minimum and the ones in prison , the actual jogger population is probably 8% nationally at least twice this in the South.

        • You are far too optimistic. 25% of noggers decent and working for a living? Try 5-10, at best. They’re constantly finding, via modern DNA tests, ‘respectable’ nogger grandfathers who raped and murdered decades ago and got away with it until now. I’ve said for years the only noggers without a criminal record are those who’ve yet to be caught, and I stand by that statement still.

  33. Setting aside all of the horrible optics and brain washing propoganda against it a Third Position sounds somewhat attractive. That being said I’m not overly familiar with the politics but it is seemingly a good counter to the pitfalls of unfettered liberal democracy and market capitalism and communism.

    • I’d be for whatever works with the caveat that it’s only white people I have to deal with

      I don’t see how a country full of blacks can ever work for white people. I’m like Dr Strange with his head whizzing around contemplating all the millions of possible outcomes, and t the end of it I can only see one solution

  34. The drug issue (like many others) is a symptom of our nation’s spiritual cancer. Having spent a career at the pointy-end of the “drug war” I can’t emphasize enough that federal efforts are worse than ineffective. I’m no libertarian but I’m also wise enough to recognize we can’t legislate or imprison our way out of the drug problem. What we really need is a benevolent monarch to make pushing/distribution a capital crime … then hang all the lobbyists. Democracy is for chumps and dope smokers.

    But fixing spiritual symptoms is like squeezing a balloon … the cancer is going to manifest itself one way or another until we completely eradicate Bolshevism.

    • My brother in law had a serious drug problem. The courts and cops merely fed off of him and people like him. He was noting but a cash crop.

      It’s just a sad state of affairs. But this insatiable hunger for money at whatever the cost has destroyed any semblance of a normal society.

      Only thing that saved my bother in law was his family. Same as it ever was.

      • He was noting but a cash crop.

        Same thing in healthcare, which is more correctly called, “sickcare.”

        We’re all just profit centers for Big Medicine and Insurance.

  35. I was just stunned. Canada legalized dope and outwardly, around here, not much has changed. In my former workplace, back before it was legal, out of 12 employees only me and two others didn’t smoke. One day we had problems with a lady in our cal lab who came to work high as a kite. She was promptly fired – and then she sued us because it was ‘medical marijuana’. We had to hire her back and document her mistakes and problems out the wazzoo before we were able to get rid of her. It was the damnedest thing I ever saw.
    The problem here is that people aren’t buying gov’t weed. It’s expensive, it’s of inferior quality and the druggies aren’t buying it. I’d be interested in their sales numbers amidst the economic crash due to Covid.
    As far as I’m concerned there never really was any war on drugs except for the grifters and actors involved. Phillip Duterte fought a war on drugs with great success. You get caught with drugs or high – and you get shot on the spot. I don’t blame him one bit either. Drugs are for degenerates.

    • I think it’s more that degenerates take drugs

      I know lots of people who would blame their asshole-ness on “I was addicted, I wasn’t myself”

      Then they became sober and were still assholes. And I realized it was always the other way around with these people

      • Back when I was using, I seemed to be the exception to this. I was just easily bored despite having plenty of hobbies. Maybe it’s because I was drugged by doctors as a young boy.
        Sometimes, I feel like there’s a missing section of my soul that I will never recapture.

        • I hear ya. I was thinking more along the lines of people who use drugs as an excuse for being assholes

          • Yeah, well aside from a beer now and again, I’m not a user and people still think I’m and asshole. 😉

  36. Legal weed by state looks to be somewhat negatively correlated with how much personal liberty that state allows. Seems strange on the surface, but the super-blue, devout Branch-Covidian states have largely legalized weed. (CA, MA, OR, WA, now NJ, etc.) Whereas the less-pozzed, less in-thrall-of-Covid states still want to be able to arrest dirty hippies for being dirty hippies.

    It’s of a piece with the self-conception of leftists as being super-tolerant, when in reality they’re super-tyrannical. I wonder too if its a way to numb and enstupidate (a perfectly cromulent word!) the population so as to make them more accepting of the petty tyrannies imposed by the Governor. Supposedly in SF it’s illegal to smoke tobacco inside your home, but legal to smoke dope.

  37. It is a form of post-national colonialism, where global corporations extract resources from communities with the support of local politicians. 

    Exactly, brilliant insight and beautifully described.

    The Libertarians’ greatest argument for legalization was that criminalization led to grotesque civil rights violations and an intrusive nanny state. True, true and true. The reality, as you point out, is that state oppression has intensified against normal people. With the focus off crime-prone addicts, the State now can turn its full fury and power against the kulaks. Covid fascism is a taste of things to to come. As always, they will be doing it for your health.

    Decriminalization simply has diverted attention toward more effective means to deliver anarcho-tyranny. “We are doing it for your health,” they said as they emptied your bank account after you were spotted unmasked. Expect new variations as state-defined racism is listed as a public health issue. If you don’t like that, smoke your joint, kulak, and watch Tranny Hour with Steve.

    • “We’re doing it for the people’s health,” the federal police will say right before they put a bullet in your head for not wearing a mask during a sunny 85F day on the beach.

  38. “Decriminalization” is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve heard. A very large part of “crime” is, quite simply, habit. One becomes accustomed to breaking laws. “Decriminalization” allows that habit to form. I favor drug legalization simply because we probably lack the resources, and definitely lack the will, to enforce the laws consistently, and thus reinforce bad habits. Having a law you won’t enforce is the worst possible situation.

    • You don’t think that a government that allows people to f-ck themselves up is a government that is going to be able to last and maintain respect ?

      Government has an obligation, even if it is something of a pose, to be the bad guy in matters like this. Ideally, the government is supposed to know what’s best for the people. Or maybe that’s just in theory, but it used to work well enough in this country. Now what we have is no one trusts or respects anyone else. No bueno.

        • Seriously. The government really does not care about you any more than they are forced to, and they are continuously working on ways they aren’t forced.
          And assuming they know what is “best” for you is a whole other canard.

        • So then what’s its purpose? When the society and government are on the same page, the government is really just an extension of your family writ large. And family cares about its members. That’s how it used to work when I was growing up. And that is the kind of government I am referring to, one that grows naturally and organically from the people. Not this crape have today. I say let it burn. It’s not “my” government, not my people.

          • Who are the type of people attracted to government?
            Who wants to be in law enforcement?
            Who wants to be assistant commissioner of public health?
            Who wants to be deputy chief of diversity and inclusion?
            Who wants to be a county covid compliance officer?

            Not the best and the brightest.


          • Sure, but I am being more reflective of a time when things actually worked

            I have seen government both good and bad. Perhaps it goes in cycles. But today’s government is something I want nothing to do with.

          • you are right. People organize, the\y rely on tradition, for what type of society is best for their community. There has always been government, and it is wholly for the citizens good. There is no other point

        • Whether they care or not is really not the issue. The issue is whether they are able and willing to enforce prohibition wrt pot use, and whether this is a good in society.

        • I discussed what I meant above. My fault, as it were, may have been that I grew up in a town where the government was comprised of people I knew, and I respected them and their authority, as did everyone else except perhaps for blacks and criminals. Can’t win them all.

      • I’d criminalize not substances, but behavior. Driving under the influence of *anything* gets you jail time. Public intox – on *anything* – ditto. It seems counterproductive to ban substances, when the behavior is the issue.

    •  Having a law you won’t enforce is the worst possible situation.

      I can’t think of a good way to enforce sodomy laws either. But what I do know is that as long as they were in effect, gay marriage and trannies in the lady’s room were off of the table. Along with the accompanying civil rights lawsuits.

      Here’s the problem. Once you’ve legalized something, you’ve legitimized it. And once you’ve legitimized it, it’s a small step to framing it as a behavior people have a “right” to indulge in. And once we’ve established the “right”, the government has an obligation to protect it. And my observation has been that it’s likewise a small step from “protect” to “promote”.

      So no, I disagree having a law you won’t enforce is the worst possible situation. Even if you don’t enforce it, you’ve at least established the specified behavior isn’t a “right”. Keep the camel’s nose out from under the tent!

      • That’s why I favor criminalizing behavior, not substances. I don’t care what caused you to drive impaired; I care that you’re driving impaired. Similarly, I don’t care what specific acts you commit behind closed doors; I don’t want anyone having sex of any kind in public. For marriage specifically, I’d rather reserve the word for a religious union, but I don’t care if two homos want to play house together, designate each other as their insurance beneficiary, etc. That can easily be done with private contracts, and it’s none of my business.

  39. One thing I’ve noticed is that these legalization movements are always presented as a libertarianish “live and let live” proposition. That is almost never what happens. My Body, My Choice always seems to morph into My Body, My Choice and Your Wallet as soon as the ink is dry on the legislation. And don’t forget to bake that cake, comrade!

    The problem isn’t the legalization, it’s what’s going to come through the door with it. Expect drugs to be promoted from a personal choice to a Human Right, which will of course will need to be supported with taxpayer subsidies, anti-discrimination laws being passed to prevent firing or not hiring loaded employees, and the Mayor of NYC leading the Junkie Pride Parade through Times Square. “Live and let live” has a way of morphing into “that which is not prohibited is mandatory”.

    The libertarian argument is that your drug use is your own business. I agree, therefore I support keeping them illegal so you have an incentive to make sure your business stays your business. Experience tells me that once legalized, your business ends up becoming all of our business, whether we like it or not.

    • A government that profits from me poisoning my body is not something I think is worth keeping. When I say “I” I mean it rhetorically.

      I don’t see how the system can last when the government has an adversarial relationship with the people. It’s just a time bomb waiting to explode.

      • Whites are not going to explodeover anything.
        After the LBO’s and NAFTA I expected to see whites go postal on the corporate execs and investment bankers but it didn’t happen
        When the Sackler family was exposed comitting genocide against blue collar whites again I expected whites to bring some fire. It didn’t happen.
        They won’t fight for anything anymore.

    • I understand that most legalization states are very disappointed in the tax revenues they thought (and anticipated) would occur. The black market adjusts price and quality, and is able to undercut the “legal” price which has to carry the burden of all the taxes and fees that were supposed to be such a windfall to state governments.

      • Of course. Legalizations also gives the black market additional breathing room they will certainly take advantage of.

      • Somehow people also seem to think that drug “taxes” are the final tax to fix everything.

        That incremental government revenue generated from weed would be spent better than say that from gasoline, cigarettes, gambling, 8.75% general sales, telecom, energy, toll roads, hotel stays, and sept. 11th security surcharges.

        Que shock when roads still have potholes, school districts with 54 different languages spoken are still full of illiterates, infrastructure is crumbling and must be pub-private bond funded to get fixed, and that $3T L3 pork scanner you just walked thru still requires a team of nigerian retards to grope and wand you to locate that contraband nickel in your pocket.

        Meanwhile, hand rubbing ensues. Nothing invites the snakes into town quite like a black market going “white”.

      • Of course states are disappointed with their tax revenue. Just about every bill I’ve seen legalizing pot is the same—and from the same source. They all allow private growing of pot. Who the hell will pay $200 dollars plus the state tax for an oz of crap they can grow in their back yard for a buck? And of course, the Black Market will crawl in and sell you your stuff for less than the State stores. Cartels now are stopping smuggling across the border for illegal growing within States, or smuggling between States.

        • Unless you enjoy growing weed, why bother ? I havent smoked weed for decades, but if I wanted to, i’d go down the street to the pot shop and choose from the several hundred different varieties they stock. I could buy a gram of excellent weed for 10 – 25 bucks. and thats more than I could smoke in an evening. No more expensive than one or two six packs.
          Growing your own will take 8 or 10 weeks minimum and thats if you buy clones, plus the hundreds of dollars (thousands if you want to get serious) of equipment required. If you grow outside, you’ll be waiting all summer and fall before you have any weed to smoke and how many different varieties can you grow ? Way easier to buy than grow your own, and probably less expensive in the long run unless you smoke tons of weed.

    • “My body, my choice,” only applies to birthing people carrying clumps of cells and trannies.

    • You cite perfectly the point I made in my above harrangue 🙂 What’s missing is the freedom of association. Live and let live yes, but we should have the right to live far away from those who don’t live as we want to live and to screen anyone who would enter our sphere. And also we shouldn’t be obligated to provide any support to others.

    • Addiction treatment and support plus the associated social services to deal with the family destruction is already a multi-hundred-billion business almost exclusively controlled by the left, heavily funded with government grants. You don’t think they want all those drug counselors and social workers to be out of jobs, do you?

      • And sadly, addiction treatment has a poor success, or call it recidivism ? rate. Even in AA, perhpas one of the more successful (and, may I note, non-money-grubbing!) options out there, we only claim about a 5% success rate.

    • I imagine another side effect of legalization is AWR entrenchment. AWRs view legalized drugs as a sign of regnant Leftism and the locale that has done it as a place where they would want to live. Legalization is a lure for AWRs. Thus, any place that legalizes drugs will be fast-tracked to Portland status.

    • My Body, My Choice and Your Wallet” how true. Yesterday the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts overrode the Governor’s veto and legalized infanticide until the end of full 9 months, and of course all to be paid by taxes for the indigent and who is not counted as such when the need arrives?

  40. I noticed in the small town where I grew up that the car dealership and machine shop are closing January 1st but a brand new Marijuana producing factory is opening up.
    May the libertarians and the Sackler family get their just rewards in the coming years.

          • You do realize without business you’d be using leaves to wipe your ass after taking a dump and using mud as a wound dressing.Food will be what you could grow. Forget about hunting. There isn’t enough game to sustain anything near our current population.

        • Most corporate gigs don’t destroy your way of life the way drugs can and do. Unless it’s Amazon or Walmart.
          Most small businesses or corps are beneficial to a community.

    • It truly is despicable that the Sacklers (as well as many others who profited) may never be held accountable for the fact that 10% of babies born in towns throughout Appalachia are addicted to opioids. These communities were targeted by Purdue.

      • Also by the Feds who allowed this to happen. The current Fentanyl epidemic is directly caused by China who sell all the chemical precurors to Mexican cartels who then turn it into opioids.
        BTW you can even order the precursors yourself as well as bulk chemicals for almost every other illicit drug out there from designer Steroids to Pink.
        I wish white Americans had enough guts and brains to make the Sacklers and others pay for what they did to the country.
        The fact whites have become a obscene joke is why the country is dying.

  41. What to you think all those heavily-armed cops in MRAPs are going to do when drugs are legalized? Answer: the War on Drugs is going to become the War on Guns.

    There is a very high positive correlation between states and jurisdictions legalizing dope on the one hand, and cracking down on gun ownership with the other.

    Just as cops would bust you for paraphernalia or rolling papers or residue even if you didn’t actually have any weed, they’re going to start busting you for having a 15-round magazine or “unregistered ammunition” or the like.

    It’s already happening — in New York and new Jersey it’s a FELONY to have a magazine that can hold more then 10 rounds. Even if you don’t have a gun.

    The informants and longhaired undercover types furloughed from the narcotics squad are going to start hanging out in gun shows trying to entrap people into doing private transfers (Biden had vowed to make private transfers illegal nationwide) and hanging out at ranges looking for unregistered AR-15s after Biden demands they all get registered with the federal government.

    The Libertarian argument for dope AND guns is completely bogus. The Government wants you BOTH stoned AND disarmed — it’s easier to control you that way.

    • I know two people recently who got text messages saying ” it’s your last day to apply for your carry permit. Click on this link to fill out your information.” Both of them were smart enough to just delete the whole thing but that was an obvious fishing expedition to find out who had guns

      • Pretty sure “they” already know who has the guns. Didn’t Facebook get caught data basing gun-“selfies” a few years ago? Right up to recording serial numbers combined with facial recognition matching.

        Dozens of ways for Big Brother to find the firearms. Range cameras, online ammo purchases, accessory reviews, that sort of thing.

        • Back in 1970s in California (?) there was some anti-gun initiative being promoted. 2A proponents wanted to get a mailing list to agitate against it. How to compile a list of likely donors? Somebody hit upon the idea of a database of pickup owners. At the time, the motor vehicle records were public, but could only be inspected in person. So they hired a bunch of old ladies to hand copy the records, they got their database, and were successful.

    • Expect them to use the tax hammer, especially on ammo and all its constituent elements.

      Things like cartridge brass and primers will get slapped with 1000% tax increases they sneak through as riders on some bill, “for the children.”

      • soon we will be seeing “Eric Garner” selling Albanian made illegally imported single bullets from open boxes tax free on the corner of 43rd street.

      • A black market would pop up faster than you’d believe. I’d bet there already is one with the ridiculous ammo shortage right now.

    • The correlation between broader drug rights and narrower gun rights has a real-world tether. American gun owners, by and large, are disciplined and responsible with their weapons. Drug users, by and large, are less stable, less responsible, and tend to “go off” more frequently. We are all better off not seeing gun ownership crossed with illegal drug use. Red states emphasize one side of the gun-drug ledger at the expense of the other, and blue states flip the equation.

    • This is a very interesting correlation “…jurisdictions legalizing dope on the one hand, and cracking down on gun ownership,,, ” Actually I believe you are right in that “The Government wants you BOTH stoned AND disarmed” but is it really true?

      • Yes. Thatcher did it to the working class in England after she gutted the country’s industrial sector and turned millions of blue collar brits into wards of the state.
        They got subsidized housing, all the booze and pot they could handle and their kids turned into complete degenerates.
        What the promoters of drugs on this blog want is the same thing.
        There is no upside for mass drug use in a society.

        • Plus gun control. The rifle confiscation of 1986 was accomplished under the “conservative” Thatcher, and the handgun confiscation of 1997 under the “conservative” John Major.

          Just wait for the Romney wing of the Re-pube-lickins to ally with the Harris administration to enact national gun control.

          Bet money on it.

  42. If we were to examine this drug legalization trend (formal and de facto), we would see a startling contrast on a county-by-county basis. The map shown above would more closely resemble those red and blue election maps showing how counties voted. And in turn, this would also reveal where the Historic American Nation still lives and exerts its influence. As the drug culture seeps into these red counties, as it already has been slowly doing, you are going to see some startling results. Demographic transformation is also trending with drug use. This is no way to run a serious nation. But as Z has noted before, we are no longer ruled by a sane elite. They simply hate us.

    • i’m not sure whether it’s hatred or apathy. Profits, man. They need us. They need us to buy their stuff, perform their menial labor. You can’t have a aristocracy without peasants.

      • No, a clear decision has been made they do not want us.
        They cannot afford us and our threat to their power no matter how latent. White people have strange ideas about Liberty and Dignity they cannot afford, latent and armed if atomized and presently cowardly force.
        This would be an intolerable risk if they needed us. They don’t.
        They need money, not customers. Money comes from the Central Bank, from Finance, from Woke Capital- which is really Woke Finance. MMT is our actual death warrant.

        They need only money- MMT- Brown domestic servants and guards, and some Asian coders.

        No Whites need apply, no whites need survive. Machines, Coders and Bugmen can then extract enormous resources from the richest treasure chest of resources on earth- North America.

        Truly Woke Capital’s and Elites Destiny is Manifest, so is their plan.

        • They want power and immortality. Money, sex, whatever, are just the trappings of power. They think they don’t need us anymore because of tech. They also think tech is the vessel of immortality. They are insane and satanic.

    • That historic American nation was hooked on drugs before the more recent waves of mass immigration.

      in fact, everyone being drunk and high is mostly what prodded employers to look for immigrant labor, from what I remember. I know it was that way in the 1980s

      in Los Angeles where there are pot stores on every corner, I’m not seeing anything too crazy. In fact, seems to be going in opposite direction where there is social pressure not to get high in public. Strange how it works but people seem to have this sense that getting high in public is just not acceptable. Where that idea comes from I don’t know.

      • But that is my point. Blue counties are that way for a reason, just as Zman pointed out. Liberal governments in those counties were/are a reflection of those people, drugs or not. Back when we enjoyed rights of association, we didn’t care what idiots did in their own neighborhood. Then “their” neighborhood expanded to become the entire county, and its government simply absorbed the new culture and went on with its vision of tolerance. Over time, places like Portland have become toxic. So far, red counties want no part of this. How much longer they/we can hold off the tide is the only question in my mind.

        • I think I get your point but back in the day, as you know, there was no red America vs blue America. It was one big blob with regional differences. But it was still a blob. I could travel the country and no matter where I went, people were pretty much the same. If you had basic manners, you’d go anywhere and be accepted.

          I don’t know what happened, but at some point politics took over. And I have always seen a correlation between that and a certain (((people))) gaining in influence, but not to beat a dead horse

          • Your experience was one frame of a two hour movie. Back in the early 1770’s, the nation was split between revolutionaries and Tories. The Tories lost the battle of “burn out your neighbor” and fled to Canada or back to England.
            And of course, we had our little neighborhood spat between 1860-1865, which actually extended for decades or more both before and after. Some would say it is continuing today, and based on what I see, I’m in that cohort.
            And there was terrible labor unrest in the late 1800’s through around 1920. The Wobblies out west, the West Virginia coal miner wars, the Pinkerton massacre of steelworkers in Pittsburgh.
            The 1960’s and the Weather Underground, the SDS, the SLA.
            Now we have BLM, the New Black Panthers, etc.
            Idyllic society? Not really.

          • Sure, but for 100- 200 years you could be born in Maine and move to California and find that everyone was pretty much the same. I am not a historian and do not see life through the prism of battles or family feuds. Just a guy who looks at life from the standpoint of a person living it, and who has travelled a lot, and I know people much older and younger than me who moved to my area from different parts of the country and we all are all pretty much the same on the things that matter most, such as the do’s and don’ts.

            I knew my great grandmother, and she and I cold have a conversation; you would think that would be impossible b/c life has changed so much? But t really hasn’t except superficially. We could readily communicate with each other b/c there are the basics of life we both share. Even in Europe I found the same to be true. My point being is there is enough long-standing commonality between white people that we can all sort of find our place among ourselves without some huge immutable nature or feature making that impossible.

            This is something to be celebrated if you ask me.

        • South Dakota voted for legalization of pot in this election 54-46%. Over half of the counties voted for legalization even though Biden only won one non Indian reservation county in the state. People really don’t understand this issue and what they are inviting into their communities when they do this.

          • Montana supposedly did too, by a similar margin.
            Funny how the FOR margin was mostly in the techie-and-hippie counties where there’s already circumstantial evidence of Democrats committing bulk voter fraud (counts that don’t show up til the whole rest of the state is counted, then with just enough tilt ensure the margin of victory… I’m lookin’ at you, Jon Tester).

        • The example of my beloved Lancaster County:

          It started with tourism. Then retirement homes for tourists who wanted to die someplace nice. Then trendy BS to make Lancaster liveable for urbanites and commuters. Then locust developers started buying up the farms, and many locals encouraged it because, hey, it’s easy prosperity and we’re on the map! Then it’s ‘affordable housing’ in your town and obnoxious shitlibs crowing about their divine mission to civilize the racist hicks.

          Control the real estate. Never let it get in the hands of anyone who isn’t rooted there.

          • Yes after 70 years or so it seems. When you build an economy that depends on people bringing their money to you it’s more efficient to simply bring them and let them consume in situ.

          • Somehow, don’t you think we can have a world in which people are proud of their area and promote that for tourism purposes while simultaneously prohibiting affordable housing and anti-racist rubbish?

            Its an America, to some degree, that once existed. At least my elders told me that.

          • I hear you but I’m confident that’s how it started here. Florida is an entire state where that process played out.

            There are always people willing to sell out.

          • It depends upon the place in question. Cape May, NJ has been a resort community for well over 100 years and its population has remained steady. Indeed, from the 90s to the present, the population has been declining. I guess that’s the main reason it’s still such a nice place.

          • That’s interesting. Haven’t been there since I was a kid. Do they have strict zoning regs? Or maybe it’s the location.

            I know our problem is location. 4 hours or less to any spot from NYC to DC. Great for tourism, not so much otherwise. Actually all of south central PA is getting hit. Frankly if it weren’t for the plain sects, a good zoning master plan, and farmland preservation we’d have been screwed long ago.

          • We’re seeing this in Canada too. Shitlibs are fleeing Toronto and moving to smaller, whiter towns, cities and suburbs.

            “Gun violence”, “bad schools”, “unaffordable rents”, are all caused by their own anti-white diversity agenda at the end of the day. But they keep spreading it.

            If philly wasn’t a dangerous shithole they would leave other areas alone.

          • I imagine the zoning regs are pretty strict, but, of course, if the will was there, they could loosen them. Note also that Cape May is a very short jaunt from Philthadelphia, while NY, Bawlmer and DC are also not too far away.

          • I’ve visited (c. 1980). Was a pretty area. A region that has both Blue Balls and Intercourse can’t be all bad. Problem and remedy! 😀

      • You are right that it began long before marijuana legalization. The drug legalization movement started back in 1933 and what is happening now is just the logical progression from that bit of legislation.
        The Anheusers and the Coors have destroyed a hell of a lot more lives than the Sacklers and street pushers could ever dream of, yet for some reason they get a pass.

        • totally agree, and why I actually see some wisdom in the Prohibition laws

          In fact, I wouldn’t mind moving to a dry county because I need that extra roadblock to over-drinking because I often lack the willpower on my own. I don’t drink a ton, but sometimes I wish it were next to impossible to get a drink because I know I’d be better off for it. In fact the Covid lockdowns of bars and so forth have been a great thing for my personal health and fitness. A man has to know his limitations.

          • The correlation suggested about blue and red counties applies equally well to dry and non-dry counties. It turns out that if you make alcohol harder to get, you get a lot less alcohol related social damage. Drug warriors never seem to include this incredibly dangerous drug in their views though.

          • Probably varies by State just as alcohol laws do, but I’ve seen in articles that complain that in CA most counties don’t license legal marijuana sales. So even in fruitcake state, there is widespread — most rural and Red, no doubt — opposition to marilized legalwana.

          • In CA, I’ve heard that the problem is that legal pot is taxed so heavily that illegal pot is still worth the risk.
            “Why aren’t the addicts willing to pay a 15% excise rate, 80% markup rate, $3 per leaf cultivation tax and 10.25% sales tax on our cannabis? Are they addicted to it or not?”

          • You may be on the right path. For some of us there is AA or other programs.What you’ve described in AA is jokingly called the “Geographical cure.” The drunk still wants a drink. He may be far away from booze now, but he’s liable to drink later unless… The ideal outcome is a former-drunk who has lost the urge to imbibe, who can safely live down the block from a bar or liquor store and think nothing of it.

          • how about no alcohol advertising? And “drink responsibly?” Uh, our product is a deadly, addictive poison, but its YOUR responsibility to drink in a way that it doesn’t hurt you?

            THats disgusting

      • My state legalized weed several years ago. Now everywhere you smell skunk, if you look around 99% of the time its blax getting high in public, driving etc. Everything that was promised not to happen.
        Funny story. A couple years ago I was in a local sporting goods store looking at ammunition, (none to be had now) black dude reaking of weed and wine comes up looks for a minute, says to me
        Shiiiiiit man day ain’t got no bullets fo my gun man. I ask him what gun he has dude reaches down into his shorts and whips out a Hi point 9, there was several choices. I helped him pick a box out. He staggered away I assume to pay but more likely to shoplift it.
        If he at least put one bullet to good use I did a good deed helping him out.

    • Does it? From what I can tell, white people from all regions and socio-economic statues use far more drugs than non whites (with maybe the exception of blacks). Most of the opioid crisis regions are Trump country.

      I think it’s part spiritual problem, part curiosity. Rich white kids “experiment” and often end up ok, poor white kids get hooked, it’s all the same in the end.

      I’ve never had a taste for drugs or psychedelic experiences myself. But many many white acquaintances cannot enjoy themselves if they’re not f*cked up.

  43. My feeling was always that a government that allows marijuana use is a government that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. government is supposed to be the square boring nerd that tells you what you can and can’t do. Life is always about the cat and mouse. Government is not supposed to be the drug pusher.

    legalizing drugs is just one more facet in how government has become increasingly a criminal enterprise. And pretty much everything they used to arrest the mafia for the government is now involved in.

    • While it sounds cynical, one definition of government is it is supposed to have the monopoly on use of force, typically to enforce contracts or other standards of behavior (laws, regulations, rules). Unless you are a total anarchist, any legitimate government must have at least some coercive powers: the power to tax (e.g. “protection money”), charge fees and regulate entry to professions (e.g. licensing, certifications), to punish (take property, freedom, sometimes life) for violations of its rules, etc. A good government, or local mob for that matter, not just be a taker, but also a giver: provide security, some form of arbitration of disputes (courts, etc.), some form of predictability and stability.
      It’s not sarcasm, just stating facts, that many of the functions of a government and a local mafia are interchangeable.

    • Personally don’t take any drugs (including alcohol)…. more damage is done by alcohol then all the other drugs combined…if that drug came upon the scene now, it would be banished immediately

        • It’s genetic. Nearly all addicts have a certain copy of a certain kind of gene. That’s why one should avoid drugs; not because doing it a little bit would be a bad thing, but because one might not be able to resist doing more. That goes for booze, too.
          I have this aforementioned gene. (Strangely, though, I never liked alcohol.) Clean off all drugs now, but do you know who introduced me to speed? Why, good old elementary school councilors and the school doctor, that’s who!

          • Perhaps, but the strength an potency of alcohol are known and can not be exceeded. The marijuana of today is waaay more potent than in flower child times and its current uses—like in candy and such—problematic. Also, as with alcohol, there is indication of potential mental impairment.

        • from what I’ve read, alcohol is far more damaging than all other drugs. BUT like you said, in small amounts its not that harmful.
          But look at the ad money sunk into selling alcohol. Apparently, “wine coolers” were deliberately aimed at teens.

          • Alcohol is indeed the most destructive drug. While it does plenty of damage at the individual level (I have first-hand experience), I think alcohol being “worst” means in overall damage to society as a whole.
            In other words, at the individual level, there are far worse drug habits than alcohol (meth, herion, crack, maybe coke.) but, to my knowledge, these are drugs that you either leave alone, or you become a slave to them, often unto death. There rarely, if ever, is the option for a middle setting. I’ve never heard of a “recreational” or “moderate” crack or meth head 🙁
            “I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do it so a little got more and more”
            Guns ‘n’ Roses, “Mr. Brownstone”

    • Part of the problem is that we live in clownworld where everything has been turned into a racket.
      We now have cops robbing people on the side of the road all under the guise of the war on drugs. Cops literally take your money, hand you a receipt and send you on your way. There are PDs that spend the majority of their time riding up and down the interstate looking for out of state plates to pull over. It is so offensive and so anti-American that most people don’t even believe you when you tell them this happens in America.

      “I smell marijuana” is now a universal excuse to search your vehicle. The drug laws (I do not support full legalization) have fundamentally changed policing. Police became an occupying army during drug prohibition. That was the intention of the drug laws in the first place. That is why when Nixon started the drug war he tied all kinds of money to the drug war. That is why he started new agencies in the governmenet (nothing is more permanent than a gov agency). He wanted to make sure this never went away.

    • weed & lotteries now.
      Hard drugs and prostitution soon enough.
      Idiocracy is the goal, almost there.

    • Marijuana was legalized in AZ through public initiative this year. That makes it the equivalent of a constitutional amendment in AZ. There is a current attempt to have the courts invalidate, but the fact remains—the people voted for it. So the people asked for what they deserve I guess. But the “government” had little to do with it.

  44. In the beginning, the people ran the government. Then the government begins to run the people. Then the corporations begin to run the government, which runs the people. Who runs the corporations, that run the government that run the people? Let’s ask Adam Smith.

    “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own self interest. We address ourselves not to their humanity but to their self love, and never talk to them of our own necessities, but to their advantages”

    • Best bakers, brewers, etc are the ones who do it out of love for their customers, seeing everyone happy enjoying their food and beer. Making a profit is the cherry on top.

        • That’s bull

          yiure going to make money if you do a good job making people happy.

          if profit is your sole motivator, you’ve already failed

          • The requires a strong community
            Community is not a thing to be encouraged under Capitalism.
            As a matter if fact it has to be destroyed to maximize profits in the short run.
            The fact that this increases the size of the state is irrelevant as many busineses prefer state money to market money anyway.

          • How many people own a building and loan business? Should society be run in the interests of a tiny minority or the overwhelming majority?

          • If you are in biz to make ppl happy, then you won’t be in biz long. Profits, my good man, and if you deliver a high quality product at a fair price then you can stay in biz and your customers will be happy. Maybe give your workers a Christmas bonus and make them happy too!

          • I’ve done great in business and my primary concern was keeping my clients happy

            The money followed and was the cherry on top

            I see you point, but putting money first and foremost is a big turnoff to clients and you won’t be very successful over the long haul. Anyone can do that. Anyone can read textbooks on how to manage money. But going the extra mile for the client / customer is what separates the men from the boys

          • Suppose you could make more money if your customers were UNHAPPY…..would you continue to want to make customers happy??
            Honesty to yourself is VERY important..

          • Honesty to myself is I get a form of pleasure in doing a job well done and being appreciated for it by happy clients. It’s a symbiotic relationship, as it were.

          • Just sayin’ that you make more money doing it your way….that’s a lot of the satisfaction….I’m on your side (but I see it)

          • Hollywood has made billions from self-hate propaganda and horror movies. People love to hate and be afraid. There’s definitely money in it. … but is that good for society, having Michael Moore tell Whites to hate themselves? China would never permit self-hating propaganda to be distributed in their society. Thus, they don’t have a situation where half the population hates and wants to destroy the other half.

          • The armchair free market economist says: “As long as the transaction is voluntary (customers are not forced to buy from him; your point is valid if seller was a monopoly perhaps), the good or service was sold without deception or fraud, the feelings of the customer are irrelevant.”
            The armchair psychologist says: “Given a choice, people seek to maximize their happiness. Therefore, it is possible, but unlikley that a rational customer would choose to be unhappy, if he had the alternative to be happy.”

          • The mom and pop businesses, mostly bar and grill type pubs, now have realtor signs on the property. A lifetime of sacrifice down the tubes and the quality of life further diminished for the community.

          • The appropriate price would be for him to be discredited in his lifetime, but don’t hold your breath. He’ll be long dead before the historians catch up to him. It’s a shame.

            Well, at least Hillary got what she deserved in her lifetime. And it gets better when KH becomes President.

          • This is my town. It used to be safe and beautiful. The left has destroyed it. Fauci should not be allowed to walk away from this laughing as a warning to the others.

          • Our garbage government is going to find out the hard way what happens when desperate people become ungovernable.

          • Eventually—hopefully—profits come. But in the meantime, bills always come. Most companies fold before they grow big enough to make *profits*. Can’t see what we are arguing over. The wife loved her job/business, it was the best days of her life—but 10+ hour days for no wages is unsustainable.

            There were times that one hoped for $300 in sales in a day. In the end, some days were pulling in $10-15k, but it was a long, long haul.

          • There’s more to life than profit. If you build a society where money is all that matters, don’t complain when corporations outsource key industries to competitors and flood your country with cheap labor. Putting material concerns above all else is why things are the way they are.

            Why would any (unregulated) company want to reduce its potential customer base by promoting exclusionary, non LGBTQ ideology? They wouldn’t, so now it’s actively promoted. Why would any company solely concerned with profit invest in a community when they can just push to immigrate a poorer, more pliant one? They wouldn’t; thus, Boeing moved its HQ to Chicago and outsourced jobs to India. Why would any company want to harm its brand name by associating with politically incorrect identities? They wouldn’t, thus Atlanta-based Coca-Cola led the desegregation charge during the Civil Rights Era …. and on and on.

            China has this right. They make profit … but the national government heavily regulates what they are allowed to promote base on the national & Han ethnic interest. Their HR departments are filled with nationalist party ideologues who promote a China-first policy. Our unregulated, free-market HR departments are left-wing inquisitions run by authoritarians seeking to expose heretics against wokeness. End result: less profit, worse communities.

            Corporate China demands foreigners import jobs and technology to their market as a condition for entry. Corporate America outsources everything that isn’t nailed down. Corporate China supports Han Chinese identity. Corporate America supports BLM …

            “A society that cares solely about profit over community will end up with neither and get the worst of both.” — Fake Benjamin Franklin

          • “not from their benevolence” and out of “self interest” pretty much rules out everything but making money as the sole motivator, especially the language of that day and how it has been interpreted by every economist since then

            Unless you’d care to explain

          • Profit is the first thing libertarians run to without consideration for anything else. You get the impression that it’s the only thing they care about.

          • He never said sole motivator. Don’t move the goal posts.

            This JIDF troll ,MLL,appeared here recently and moving the goal posts is what (((they))) do best. Juuuuuust enough convincing language to make rational people give it a 2nd thought but the more insidious agenda lies just beneath.

            Notice this (((agent))) never identifies WHY companies need to pander to LGBT, poor immigrants, etc. because all his skin suit wearing cohort torpedoed the nation that use to be like the Han Chinese where ethics and ‘community’ were at least partially baked into the cake.

            I’d advise taking anything this troll says with a large boulder of salt. This is the same guy that claimed with 100% certitude that white women have a ‘racial consciousness’ that far exceeds white males which flies in the face of not only genetic reality, but nearly every piece of evidence/data collected over the past few decades.
            Beware disinformation agents like this that appear here they are here for a very specific reason…

      • Wrong, wrong, wrong. Unless you were being deliberately facetious, this attitude is precisely why people believe in socialism and communism. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” sounds high and noble. The only problem is it doesn’t work in the real world and never has. If such is really the law, then most people will want to be consumers with a “need,” to be supplied, presumably, by the workhorse willing to work 12-hour days seven days a week with nothing more than bread and water for a salary.
        Why would a person expend any effort, take any risk, unless he stood to profit somehow from the effort? And yes, the profit motive can lead to excesses too. But that is well tempered if competition is allowed.
        Finally, in a truly free world, you and anyone else are free to produce and sell goods and services at cost, or even at a loss, in hopes that it’ll make your customers “happy.” But you are not free to force other people to do the same.

        • What does socialism have to do with a guy who finds joy and meaning in life in seeing others happy and appreciative of his work?

          Give me a break lol

          • Falcone – Perhaps consider a synthesis of the two. I absolutely believe you enjoy your work and pleasing your customers, but in exchange you were able to make a good living and provide for your family. The folks who refer to “It’s a Wonderful Life” have points on both sides. George was a solid, decent human being who sacrificed many of his hopes and dreams for others, made them happy, and was repaid by their friendship and kindness. In other ways, George was the classic ‘goy’ – he helped others prosper but at his own expense – and in real life, unfortunately, one cannot rely on being repaid in similar coin.
            A solid community needs both types of people. Those only concerned with profit at the expense of friends and community are Jevvs. Those only concerned with meeting customers’ needs at the expense of profit are, eventually, out of business. Anything in excess leads to ruin of one sort or another.

        • And yes, the profit motive can lead to excesses too. But that is well tempered if competition is allowed.

          Corporations naturally seek to lower competition through various means to increase their bottom lines — mergers, illegal business practices, theft, etc. When those same corporations control the government regulatory bodies (which they certainly do now), you’re not getting any competition. That’s the logical endpoint of libertarian dogma, regardless of how you sugar-coat it:

          >Libertarians: “Small government, little regulation”
          >Corporations rig the market by manipulating weak regulatory bodies
          >Result: less innovation, less competition
          >Libertarians: “we need less regulation to fix this problem of monopolies”

          You are the source of the problem you’re trying to fix. This is where your ideology leads. Period. How do I know this? Because it’s already happened.

          That ideology is based on the same misunderstanding of human nature Soviet Communism was with the same end result: a concentration of power in the hands of a few unscrupulous people who use it to their advantage and to the detriment of society at large.

          this attitude is precisely why people believe in socialism and communism.

          The failure of free-market dogma is why people turn to those ideologies. Wealth disparities, outsourcing, monopolies, higher prices (corporate America colluded with the government to ban cheaper but high quality Huawei smart phones so their profits aren’t reduced), etc.

          My local libertarian candidate ran on the following platform this year: 1. small government, no regulation, lower taxes 2. mass immigration and cheap labor.

          So, uh … what happens when all those low wage immigrants vote for the communist to get more money for themselves? Libertarian: buT HoW aRE ComMIES winNinG?

          • Much of what you say is valid. One of my favorite LIbertarian authors (Browne) would say: “There is no idea too good that it can’t be taken to a logical extreme.” Surely this would apply to the opposite polls of anarchic capitalism vs. state-controlled socialism/communism? And I agree with you on some points. For example, I never joined the Libertarian Party because even as a teen I saw the folly of unrestricted immigration. A monopoly or moving jobs overseas are worth a quick look too. We all know monopolies are “evil.” Or are they? A monopoly rarely is enforceable unless there are legal barriers to entry of competitors — something that a libertarian state would abhor. Simiarly, jobs being shipped overseas could happen (the right of the owner to his property), but perhaps less incentive to do so if there are no minimum wage laws. Actually, the Libertarian’s support for open immigration would have worked to keep the factories here, but even worse than what happened: the factory would stay here, the Americans would be fired, and third-world wage slaves would replace them. 🙁

        • “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”
          that was always complete and total bullshit

          • We agree.

            So, don’t give the IRS another dime.

            Don’t pay any more property taxes.

            And, only buy black market weed.

          • When bankruptcy, revolution, or my ascension to the the throne happens. I know which one I’m rooting for.

          • So, don’t give the IRS another dime.

            Don’t pay any more property taxes.

            Live selfishly, don’t contribute to your communities. I’m sure that will turn out well in the face of united opposition.

            >The Left: More immigration from communist countries.
            >Libertarians: “Okay, it benefits me personally in the short term. I made it in life and have zero sense of ethnic or community solidarity, so what’s it to me? Also, natural conservatives or whatever.”
            >Democrats win all elections.
            >Libertarians: “Hey, why are communists winning all the elections all of a sudden and why are they campaigning to raise my taxes to pay for reparations and seize my house and give it to Black Lives Matter? This doesn’t make any sense to me.”

          • How does opposition to the confiscation of wealth by parasites constitute living selfishly and not contributing to one’s community?

          • It is not the tool, it is the purpose to which it is put. Unless your name is Rosenbaum or you’re some whackadoodle AnCap, you understand taxes are necessary to a functioning government. The uses to which the taxing power is used is our gripe, not the existence of taxation. Get off the lolbertarian plantation.

          • The power to tax is the power to destroy.
            The tool need not be part of a high functioning society.

          • Globalism and cheap wages are also parasitism.
            You have reciprocal obligation to your fellow nationals and this comes at a cost to you in taxes, in higher cost for some goods and in limits on your personal; behavior.
            In exchange you get stability, a good level of prosperity, public safety, a moral right to punish offenders (that is not a given such things must be earned) and a future where your people, presumably White can afford to have kids and are encouraged to do so.
            I know modernity is expensive I get that and there are a lot of people who are are not our countrymen but if somehow you can get past the me me me to do something about that , you still have to pay.
            No cheap labor, less freedom of licentiousness and society over consumerism.
            If you aren’t the kind that would find that worthwhile why are you here?

        • No community gets you this dystopia we live in.
          Oh, sorry, gotta move that plant to Africa so the CEO can have another 10 mil bonus.
          Too bad your city is now in the rust belt, wages dropped by 75% and half the city is on meth,
          Oh I won’t make working at that job safe or pay a decent wage. Nah, I’ll bring in immigrants illegals are even better since they are cheaper and can’t complain.
          Your community now looks like Brazil or Lagos. Well not my problem I got mine.
          People who put economy entirely before the needs of society are the other end of the two headed coin that;s wrecking the nation with the other side being the Marxists.
          Ya have to choices, dissolution of the union, Brazil or Economic Nationalism meets Populism. Choose wisely.

    • In the beginning, the people ran the government. Then the government begins to run the people.
      government ruled by the people!?
      britain was ruled by an absolute monarch until parliament revolted and brought israelites back into the country.
      150 years later
      Current days
      I’m curious, at what point were THE PEOPLE in charge?

      the blueprint is similar in many other western countries

    • Zman: (((The Sackler family))) was perfectly willing to genocide the population for a quick buck.

      WCiv: (((Who))) runs the corporations, that run the government that run the people?

      The Marijuana legalization drive was funded almost entirely by (((Peter Lewis and George Soros))).

      (((Soros))) in particular also happens to fund the “schizophrenia.com” aggregator website, which openly acknowledges that Marijuana use causes the onset of Schizophrenia in at-risk neuro-psychiatric personality types:

      (((Soros))) knows damned well that increased Marijuana use will cause increased psychosis which will accelerate societal breakdown & disintegration, and that’s precisely why he and the sanhedrin of the Frankfurt School want all of the goyische idiots on weed.

      To pretend that these events are happening organically & spontaneously [rather than being engineered externally & intentionally] is to submit to a form of psychological naivete which is gonna get you & your ancestors’ bloodlines vanquished into extinction.

      Either you fools wake up and realize (((what the hell))) you’re dealing with in (((modernity))), else you’re all going the way of the Romanovs.


    • “Let’s ask Adam Smith.”

      Why bother? As Pat Buchanan pointed out, Britain was the world’s unrivaled superpower back when they embraced tariffs and mercantilism. They only started declining once they foolishly allowed freer trade with lower-wage America. Seems familiar, almost like there is some other modern day equivalent I can think of …

      Maybe we should consult the Chinese example instead of quoting a guy who lived and died before indoor toilets (lavatories) were popular. The 2020s will be the decade when nationalist, heavily regulated Corporate China destroys atomized, greedy Corporate America in international competition.

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